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Title: Paranoia
Author: Shell
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims. Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, they both belong to UPN. Angel also belongs to Joss but he belongs to the Frog
Summary: 1. Liz leaves not being able to handle Tess(yuck!) and Max
2. Faith dies
3. Liz goes to either LA or Sunnydale
4. Liz is next slayer
5. Returns to Roswell changed
6. Wears revealing clothes, has pierced belly button, and alien symbol tattoo
7. LA and Sunnydale gang all comes to Roswell to help Liz with some big badie
8. Max jealous of Liz and male member of above people
9. Tess to be revealed as a murderous tramp and bad guy
10. Must have a happy M/L ending
Feedback: Yes


In every generation there is a Chosen One
She alone will stand against the
The Demons,
and the Forces of Darkness
She is The Slayer....

8 years ago Buffy Summers died even though it was only for a few seconds her successor Kendra was called.

7 years ago Kendra died. She was replaced by Faith.

2 years ago Faith died. Now there is a new Slayer.

Today is September 23, 2003 I am Liz Parker The Chosen One, I am...The Slayer....

Liz puts her pen down and looks out the window at the WELCOME TO THE STATE OF ARIZONA sign as the Bus passes it.

Liz picks her pen back up and continues to write

...Today's an anniversary of sorts for me 3 years and 5 days ago I died...It's a day I'll never forget. Me and my Best Fri...Maria DeLuca were waiting table at my parents Diner The Crashdown when 2 men started arguing one of them had a gun and I was shot...then I was saved by the most beautiful man in the world, The love of my life, when I looked into his eyes I was able to see his soul and he mines. I bet you're saying if we were so much in love why am I on a bus all alone right? Well you see the reason Max was able to save me was because he, his sister Isabel and best friend Michael were aliens...that's how Max was able to heal me. And after some conflict with our friends and with each other we finally got together, our friends even got together and it was the happiest time in my life...until she came along, Tess Harding Max's destined mate. In the beginning we were fine Max assured me I was his Destiny...I was the one he chose and I was even foolish enough to believe him. We survived Sheriff Valenti and he became an ally, we survived the FBI got Max away from the White Room killed Pierce and put Nasedo their protector in his place everything was fine until we saw the message. The message from his mother making everything Tess said real for real I was not only standing in the front of Max's destiny with Tess he had a whole planet to worry I walked away, he tried to stop me but I walked away. I left Roswell for the summer hoping my time away would help Max realize his Destiny, but I was really hoping the time away would help me get over Max.

When I returned in the fall I had convinced myself it was over him, that I could be around him with out my pulse quickening, look into his eyes with out melting...but just in case instead of taking my job back at the Crashdown I tired out for the assistant job to Congress-Women Vanessa Whittaker. Even then I was standing there minding my own business waiting for Vanessa to show up and here he comes walking down the freakin street...Thank God Vanessa showed up before he had a chance to say anything. For there on I ignored him as best I could, I was lucky to only have 2 class with him so if he tried to stop me I would rush to my next class, and when I saw him in the halls I would go the other way, And since I didn't work at the Crashdown anymore I didn't see him after school. But of course Destiny had to prove to be the bitch that she was and have the very woman I was working for be one of Max's enemies again pulling me into the Alien Conspiracy. But it was handled and went on doing what I was doing Max never gave up though he even began to wear me down, and I couldn't have that. Maria on high because her relationship with Michael was going great dragged me and my other best friend Alex to some psychic named Madame Vivian....

Liz stopped writing to wipe a tear off the page.

...Madame Vivian told me that the man I love would chose me, that's all I needed to hear to break the rest of the barriers I had up against Max...and she was right. Max chose me...and it lead to our deaths, the deaths of our friends...everyone. You see a Max from 14 years in the future came to me telling me our future though happy at first it would eventually lead up to The End of the World. So I had to make present Max, my Max fall out of love with me which would push him to Tess. So I arranged for Max to see me in bed with Kyle my ex-boyfriend and it broke his heart, but it didn't push him part of him knew I would never betray him that way so I had to continue to lie to him and he finally gave up...he finally gave up and he moved to her.

But put of me still had hope that we would find our way back to each other. I knew it was wrong but I still hoped, as the months passed we became friends or tried to we just seemed to get farther and farther apart and him closer to Tess because of what I did. But a part of me still had hope that same part of me wanted to tell him the truth, tell him it was all a set-up and I almost did in Vegas ironically enough I almost told him in the place we would have gotten married...but I didn't I was good Lil Lizzie Parker and kept my secret to keep the world safe no matter what it was doing to me. But I still kept hope that some how he would find out the truth I even hoped that Maria would slip and he would come to me and tell me everything would be ok...but that hope was shattered when I saw him kissing Tess at the Prom...A prom he went to with me!!! That when I realized it was over that we would never get back what we had, he had excepted his destiny, we could only be friends. Seeing him with her drove me insane but I was willing to deal if I couldn't have him they way I wanted I would try to be his friend. But all of that was shattered...when Alex was killed. The Police said it was suicide, I knew Alex would never commit suicide, I knew something was wrong, I tried to convince Valenti but he didn't believe me, so I ran to the only person I knew would believe I ran Max, and he believed me, he knew Alex would never commit suicide. I also knew it wasn't an accident Put I couldn't prove it then I found the tickets, the tickets to a Beth Orton concerts the day of his funeral.

So I called a meeting telling everyone that Valenti and Hanson were going to declare Alex's death a suicide and like me the group knew it was truth, but then HE turned on me saying maybe it was truth maybe Alex did kill himself. I told him I thought he was MURDERED, murdered by one of HIS enemies. Then Michael and Isabel turned not wanting to except they were the cause, Maria my own best friend didn't even back me up. I showed them the Beth Orton tickets Tess said they didn't mean anything, and he agreed with her. HE took that BITCHES side over MINE. That was it for me our friendship was over. My friendship with all of them was over. I investigated Alex's death, I found out what ever happened it happened during his supposed trip to Sweden. It was on my way to Sweden when I found out he had never gone. I gotten take it to Max, Michael, or Isabel because they probably still wouldn't have believed me. I couldn't take it to Maria cause she thought I should be crying and mopping like she was. So I was on my own and I intended to find out what happened to my best friend. That was until I found out what happened while I was on my way to Sweden investigating the death of Alex, Max was busy fucking that bitch and that broke me, After all he said all he did I still loved him...and I couldn't go on...So I left Roswell...I couldn't deal with them, I couldn't deal with anything...Not even finding out the truth about what happened to Alex...

Liz put down her pen and looked out the window. The bus passed by a WELCOME to TUCSON sign

"Almost there" Liz said to herself

Liz begins to write again.

...So I ran, I took the near $3,000 I took out the bank to go to Sweden, and ran. I had to find a place where no one would fine me...not even my parents which meant Florida was out, So I went to LA I didn't know why at the time something just pulled me there. I changed my name, I rented a dirty little rat infested apartment, not that I couldn't afford better I just didn't care. I even started working at a dingy little dive 2 blocks away from it...You probably think I'm some kind of idiot trying to run away from my past yet work in a Diner and your probably right. But sometime it felt like the walls were closing in I needed some where to go, besides Joe the owner was nice he took care of me and didn't ask any question.

As the months passed I became less and less like the Liz Parker I use to be. I started wearing chopped shirts and tight leather pants, My attitude changed the slim balls that frequented the Diner stopped hounding I was no longer the frightened little girl they picked on. I even got a tattoo shaped like the swirl on the neck lace I found with the Pod- Squad kinda like a good bye to sweet little Liz funny thing about that was I got it over my heart :evil. I also got a guitar on my right shoulder blade in honor of Alex it was the less I could do since I let him down.

A year passed I had buried all my feeling away, the betray, the pain. All that Destiny crap was far away from me until my own slapped me in the face...

One night while I was working home from the diner all of a sudden I started getting these cramps I didn't understand why my period wasn't for another 2 weeks before I had a chance to think about it I was attacked by these guys. They had ridges on there faces and fangs...I was freaked. I threw something at them and ran but they were to fast and I ran into an alley it was I Dead End, It was like it came out of no where, I could have sworn that alley lead to the street but it didn't matter they had me trapped. I couldn't believe my freakin eyes these guys were vampires and they were about to BITE ME, In all my fright the old Liz Parker kicked in and said If there were Aliens why couldn't there be vampires. But my thoughts were cut short when one of them bit me as the blood drained out my body my life began to flashes before my eyes. Me and, Maria, and Alex...Me and Max...Max just as I was about to loss consciousness I felt the vampire ripped off me. A tall brown haired girl ran over to me she introduced herself as Cordelia as she tended my wound I watched as 3 guys fought off the vampires that attacked me. I went to thank them 2 of the guys introduced themselves as Gunn and Wesley the other had his back to me. I went over to thank him Cordelia, Gunn, and Wesley tried to stop me but I pulled away. He told me to leave him only but I refused to...when I got him to face me I found out why he was like the guys who attacked me...A vampire...and I fainted.

When I woke up I was in an old run down room at first I thought I was in my apartment and what happen was all a dream. Then I found a matchbook on the dresser that said Hyperion Hotel. Everything about that night came rushing back...VAMPIRES I had to get out of there but those damn cramps came back and I was doubled over in pain when Cordelia came into the room she called for Wesley and Gunn to help me down the stairs, as I went the more my stomach hurt.

When we got downstairs Gunn and Wesley helped me to a chair and Cordelia went to get me some water the other guy was standing in the corner without the ridges and the fangs he was kinda cute. After I drank my water the old rational Liz Parker kicked in and started asking question. According to Wesley I was something called a Vampire Slayer and though Angel was an Vampire he had a soul...Of course I didn't believe a word he said that was until Angel attacked me and I sent him flying half way across the room. In shock I listened as Wesley told me about my heritage telling me about Faith my successor who had issues and betrayed her calling but was killed in Jail before she really had a chance to repent for the things she did. He told me about Kendra the Slayer before Faith who was killed like all Slayers were in the line of duty. And then her told me about Buffy Summers whose death for a few seconds is the reason why there are 2 Slayers now and even though she recently died and was resurrected the Slayer line no longer runs thorough her so no new Slayer would come from her death.

And I believed them like I said If Aliens are real why can't Vampire, Demons, and the forces of Darkness be. So I quite my job at the Diner and moved into the Hotel with Angel so I could begin my training. At first I was a little closed off I excepted my Destiny but that didn't mean I had to be friends with any of them but after awhile they got to me and we all became good friends. Eventually some Big Apocalypse thing was going down and I finally got a chance to meet Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander, Tara, Anya, and Spike who are affectionately known as the Scooby Gang except for Spike who swears he doesn't like any of us

Buffy, Cordy, Wills, Tara, and Anya are like my sisters now. Angel, Xander, Wesley, Gunn, and Spike are like my over protective big Brothers and Giles is a father to us all. But out of all of then me and Buffy are the closes not just because were both Slayers. We've both been in love with tall, dark, handsome, brooding men and were hurt by it. Our relationship is kinda like what mines and Maria was but closer. Buffy was the one that told me Carpe diem... Seize the moment, 'cause tomorrow you might be dead. And she was right that when I got my belly ring it wasn't for Max, it wasn't for Alex, It was for me. I had moved on pass Roswell, left all those so called friend behind to my family. I even got my GED I said good-bye to the LA gang, thanked them for everything and moved to Sunnydale since Buffy mom died and then she died she felt alone, Even though Willow and Tara lived there they didn't understand. So me and Buffy became like real sisters I started at UC Sunnydale and Buffy was in a majority of my class since she quite after her Mom's death, Giles trained and was like a father to both of us everything was peaches and cream, as Buffy would say.

But even though Giles was like a Father to me I still missed my parents and Buffy knew it so she tried to convince me to go see them, The whole gang would come so if something went down with the Pod-Squad they would be there. Spike even threaten to kill them if they tried anything...or "Kill the bloody wankers" as Spike would put it. But I declined....

Liz looks up to see the WELCOME TO ROSWELL sign pass her window.

...That was until I found out my parents were killed in a car accident...So what was the point in going now. But Buffy some how convinced me to face my past so I could finally get over it...Buffy wasn't going to let it go, she might I have been sweet blonde, bubbly, cheerleader type on the outside, but she was the Vampire Slayer way more powerful then me so I packed, everyone offered to come but I said no this was something I needed to deal with. Before I left Angel gave me this very Journal I'm writing in now. I had stopped writing in my Journal a long time ago don't ask me how he knew. I'm glad he did though this is something I have missed...

"Here we are Roswell, New Mexico Home of the Alien Cover up" the Bus Driver bellowed.

Liz smiled to herself "You don't know the half of it"

...So here I am back in Roswell, No longer Lil Lizzie Parker from the Diner, I'm Liz Parker The Vampire Slayer.

Liz closed her journal, picked up her bags and got off the Bus.

TBC~ So what do you think...and Yes I know I was rambling

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Part 1


The Pod-Sqaud all dressed in black have gathered at the Crashdown to mourn the deaths of Jeff & Nancy Parker.

"I still can't believe they're gone" Maria whispers quitely to herself as she picks up a rag and begins to wipe of the counter.
"It's gonna to be ok" Michael said as he hugs Maria
"What am I supposed to do?...I can't run this place without them" she said turning into Michael's hug.

"I wish Liz were here she didn't get a chance to say good-bye" Valenti says to no one in particular
"Liz Parker!! No longer deserves to be here..."
"Maria she's you best friend" Valenti said to his step-daughter

"...she left us!!! She left her parents, they died a long time ago and it's all HER fault" Maria yelled pulling away from Michael

"It's our fault..." a voice behind Maria whispers

Maria turns around to look at Max "What?"

Lifting his head to look at Maria "It's out fault...we drove her away...I drove her away"
"Max it's not your fault" Tess said lying her hand on Max's shoulder
"Isn't it..." shrugging her hand of as he gets up "She told Alex was murdered and we didn't believe her...I didn't believe her because I couldn't handle Alex...any of you being killed cause you knew me"
"But she just ran out on us when we needed her, she ran out on me..." Maria yells.

"If I was her I would have ran out on us to..." Isabel said speaking up for the first time "I was never really good friends with Liz but she was always there for us and we turned our backs on her...we probably still wouldn't' have believed her if Tess didn't find out Nikolas killed Alex, and killed him for before he could get to you or Kyle"

Maria turns towards Tess "I never thanked you for that, I know we've never been like friends because of Liz, but Thank you"
"No prob...Maria you shouldn't blame Liz she did the only thing she could at the time"
"Yeah and that was leave town without telling anyone, not calling anyone not even her own parents, worrying everyone to death thinking she might be died" Maria say bitterly
"No Dad Maria's right, Liz just ran away like Buddha said "To conquer..."
"Kyle please spare us the freakin Buddhist crap"

Everyone turned towards to the familiar voice to find Liz Parker standing at the door wearing tight black jeans, with a white baby tee and a leather jacket and what seems to be a belly ring.

"Liz?" Max whispered


"After I got off the bus, I headed to Philip Evans office. I knew if my parents left me any papers Philip Evans would have them.

As I made my way there, I had to deal with the whispers of the townspeople and with my Slayer hearing it was kinda hard to ignore. I kept hearing things like....

'Is that Liz Parker?...What has she done to herself?...How dare she come back after all this time...'

All I had to say was shove off you bloody wankers...ok I've been hanging out with Spike waaay to long...I thought to myself smiling

Philip Evans was surprised to see me like everyone else, Luckily he kept it short and sweet and business like...Telling me since I was around my parents left the Crashdown to Maria...

<Oh that was going to change> I thought to myself

...But Maria was only in charge to I returned so now that I'm back, Phil handed me the deed told me everything I needed to know. And I headed to the Crashdown already knowing what I was going to do with it...

I got to the Crashdown to find the whole Pod-Squad there as Buff would say <just peachy> And with my Slayer hearing I could hear the topic of conversation was me <even peachier>. I listened for awhile as Maria had the nerve to say I turned my back on her, and that I was right and that little bastard Nikolas killed Alex, but I still was wrong for leaving.

And just as Kyle was about to spew some Buddhist crap, I walked in wearing tight black pants, white baby tee, and the black leather jacket Angel gave me, totally not something old Liz Parker would wear.

They turned around shocked to see me...shocked to see how I've changed.

He whispers my name, God how I've missed that voice.


"Liz" Max whispers as he gets up to embrace her

Liz decks him and sends him flying into the near by table. Everyone is shocked, I grin.

"Max!!" Tess yells running over to him

Pushing her away as he rubs his jaw "Liz...what?.."

Before he could finish his sentence Liz cuts

"Thanks for watching the Crashdown while I was gone, you can leave now" Liz said unemotionally

"Who the hell do you think you are!!!..."

Liz turns to Maria

"...You show up after 3 years, without any word that you were alive, punch Max and take charge"
"Is your last name Parker?"

They look at her silently

"Then leave" she turning around and heading towards the back

"Who the hell was that" Michael said as they all watch her leave

TBC~ So I sorta ramble again deal *tongue*, I know I said the Scoobies and LA gang were coming in this part. Sorry they will be in next part.
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Part 2

One week later

It seems where ever a Slayer goes the forces of darkness follow. In the last week there had been 4 missing people reports, rumor had it was just a bunch of teens playing around, But something didn't seem right so Liz had Willow hack into the Roswell PD computer system. It seems all 4 bodies were found with 2 deep punctures wounds in their necks and all the blood drained from their bodies, 2 of the bodies also mysteriously disappeared from the morgue.

Which meant Liz had some patrolling to do, the Scooby Gang offered to come down. Liz told then there was no reason to have a wiggin just a couple of vamps she could handle it on her own.

So here she was roaming around the bad side of town with stake in hand.

It was an hour or so after sunset Liz had checked all the warehouses and old abandoned building within the city limits to see if she could catch the vamps before they had risen but she was to late, so she decided to check out UFOnics if the vamps were anywhere it was there trying to get there meal for the night.


Heads turned as she entered the club.

...Put me in the hospital for nerves
And then they had to commit me
You told them all I was crazy
They cut off my legs now I'm an amputee, god damn you

Liz was clad in traditional slay wear, black pants, tank top, leather jacket. Eyes watched her as she walked up to the bar.

I'm not sick but I'm not well
And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell
I'm not sick but I'm not well
And it's a sin to live so well

"What's your drink?" the bartender asked
"Strawberry Margarita" Liz said absently to the bartender as she scanned the room for any vamps
"Here you go" the bartender said handing her, her drink
"Thanks" she said as she took a sip it was non-alcoholic she didn't need a buzz while she was on patrol.

I wanna publish zines
And rage against machines
I wanna pierce my tongue
It doesn't hurt, it feels fine
The trivial sublime
I'd like to turn off time
And kill my mind
You kill my mind

Liz missed bronzin it with the Scoobies. The music was ok but UFOnics wasn't nothing like the Bronze. That's why she decided to turn the Crashdown into a club. It wouldn't take much take the booths out, gets some different table's, different lighting...Liz stopped in mid thought when her spider sense went off.

Paranoia paranoia
Everybody's coming to get me
Just say you never met me
I'm going underground with the moles
Hear the voices in my head
I swear to god it sounds like they're snoring
But if you're bored then you're boring
The agony and the irony, they're killing me

Liz turned around just in time to see a group of vampires leave with some girls 2 of the vamps she recognized as the missing bodies Jeremy Miller and Scott March. She finished her drink and went after them. A pair of eyes that hadn't stopped watching her since she came in followed her out.

I'm not sick but I'm not well
And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell
I'm not sick but I'm not well
And it's a sin to live so well

Harvey Danger- Flagpole Sitta

Alley Behind the Bar

Liz got there just as the vampires were about to feed on the girls.

She grabs one of the vampires and throws him against a wall, The other 3 turn towards her.

"Hey I hope I'm not missing all the fun"
"Slayer" One of the vampires growled as they attack her

The vampires circle Liz, forgetting about the girls. Jeremy roars from behind Liz, she pulls a stake from inside her shirt. He attacks but Liz neatly jams the stake through his heart, he falls back and turns to dust.

The 3 vampires left and the 4 girls stand shocked.

"He was young and stupid" Said one of the bigger vampires who Liz guessed was the leader.
"Go" Liz said to the girls
"Don't go far" The Leader said to girls as the ran out the alley

The Leader of the vampires attacked Liz first, Liz sends him staggering with a roundhouse kick.

Scott and the other vampire attack. She sends the vamp flying against the wall with a punch and stakes Scott.

The Leader Vamp growls comes at her and swings, Liz ducks the punch and comes up behind him. He tries to back handed her, but Liz blocks and grabs his arm giving him 3 swift kicks to the stomach.

The other vamp seeing that Liz is winning runs out of the alley leaving his buddy behind.

"Awww looks like you've ran out of friends" Liz taunts

He growls angrily at her and lunges Liz sends a stake to his heart turning him to dust.


The vamp is running through the streets trying to escape Liz who he knows is chasing after him when he runs into someone.

"Follow me" the person says
"Who are you?"
"Do you wanna live?"

The vamp looks behind him scared and follows the mysterious person .

Liz stops in the middle and looks around trying to sense the vamp.

"Damn I lost him" She takes one last look around and heads back home.


X takes the vamp to an abandoned factory.

The vamp still in no longer in game face looks around the factory then at the person who brought him there.

"Who are you?" The vamp asked
"Doesn't matter...all that matter is that we want the same thing" X looks at the vamp strangely
"The Slayer...she killed Marcus and the fledglings"
X looks taken a back for a moment then continues "Yeah well I want her dead...and the only one that can tell me about...whatever she is, is you...what is your name?" X demanded

" mean you don't know what she is?...You don't smell human and all demons know about the Slayer"
"Slayer...right" X said still not knowing what Thomas was talking about

X silently tries to absorb everything.

"Well how do will stop her? You friends were...turned to...dust, and you ran scared so can't stop her"
"Well there is one way...But why should I even help you, you don't even know what a Slayer is, You don't even know what I you?" Thomas said vamping out as he walks threateningly towards X.

X backs up as Thomas advances.

"Your make a nice little snack since Slayer made me miss my dinner"

X seeing a piece of wood on the floor sends it flying at Thomas chest.

Thomas looks down at his chest shocked.

X regaining composure says "Don't EVER underestimate me"

Thomas looks at X is fear and defangs.

"Now how can I get rid of the Slayer?" X said turning the tables on Thomas and walking threateningly towards him.
"The...the...Or...Order...of Taraka" Thomas stutters in fear
"What!?!" X now has Thomas up against the wall
Thomas shrinks back in fear "The Order of Taraka...they're a group of bounty hunter no matter how many the Slayer kills they...they will keep coming after her.
"Perfect" X said smiling

One week later

Las Cruces University

Maria was sitting in the Quad waiting for the rest of the Pod-Squad to show up.

Max just getting out of his Business Law class and Michael from his Art class, They head over to Maria.

"What's going on?" Michael said bending down to give Maria a kiss
"Wait to the rest of the gang gets here"

Max and Michael exchanged looks.

Isabel finally reached the Quad just getting out of her Media Class, then Kyle from his Mysticism: East & West class , and finally Tess from her Theater class.

Tess sits down next to Max, he stiffens his shoulders "Something wrong Tess" he says dryly
"Mr, Stewart said my acting 'lacked depth'"
"So what's the problem Maria what's up?" Max asked
"Liz has gone TO far"
"Maria...don't start this again" Michael warned
"Do you know what she's doing?" she asked

They group looks at her silently

Isabel takes the plunge "What is she doing Maria"

"She turning it into a night club!!! The CrashDown..."
"What!?!" exclaimed the group
"...she's been missing for 3 years with no word and has the nerve to change the place we've been hanging out at since like the womb to a Night Club"
"She can't do that..." Isabel jumps up from her sit
"...there...there are to many memories" Isabel starting crying her thoughts on Alex
"Yeah we've been hanging out there forever" Tess said adding her 2 cents like she mattered
"She can do what she wants" Max whispered
"What!! Maxwell how can you even say that, you of all people should be upset about this"
"What are we supposed to do about it! It's her Diner!!!" Max said his voice filled with emotion
"Girl-friend can't we like do something, Your the Lawyer...Isn't there some way to like stop her since she liked cause her parents emotional damage or something"

Max looks at her "Maria the Parkers willed the Crashdown to Liz with the stipulation that if she never came back or died it would go to you, Liz is back there's nothing we can do about"
"I wish she never came back"
"Maria she's your best friend" Max told her
"Best Friends don't leave" Maria said standing up

Max stands up to "Look I'll talk to her"
"Whatever girlfriend" Maria said pushing pass Max

Michael follows her.

"See you back at the dorm Kyle" Max said putting his arm around a quite Isabel and walking in the separate direction

"So you wanna grab something to eat?" Kyle asked Tess

Tess is staring off into space.

"What!?!...oh sorry Buddha Boy, I have to go to the library to research something" Tess said leaving Kyle by himself.
"Ok then" Kyle says to the air.

Later that day

Max pulled up in front of the Crashdown or what use to be the Crashdown. Instead of the glowing spaceship Crashdown sign he grew up seeing, there was a purple Neon sign that just said Crash. The glass windows and door were replaced with wood and metal.

Max made his way into the Crashdown, there were still alien mementos here and there but it was no longer the place he knew and loved. The walls were being painted black, the booth he use to sit in to watch Liz were gone they all were.

The counter has been pushed back to the window Michael use to work at to what now seemed to be a bar.

Max's thoughts were broken when he heard music coming from the basement

CRASH- Basement

You can't look but you can't touch
I don't think I like you much
Heaven knows what a girl can do
Heaven knows what you've got to prove

Liz was in the basement doing her daily calisthenics before patrol, she didn't know why but she had been having a bad feeling all week. All week it felt like someone was watching her on patrol but she never so anyone. It was giving her the wiggins as Buffy would say.

I think I'm paranoid
and complicated
I think I'm paranoid
manipulate it

She had just finished her push-ups and was about to go into some jumping jacks when she noticed Max watching her from the door.

"What are you doing here Max?"
"I came to say I'm sorry, You ran away because of me, All of these..." Referring to the Crashdown " because of me...You don't have to do this Liz"
"Could you ponder getting over yourself for a minute...yeah maybe my leaving had something to do with you, But I got over all your alien shit along time ago, Anything I do has nothing to do with aliens, or YOU"

Bend me,break me
Anyway you need me all I want is you
Bend me break me
breaking down is easy all I want is you

Liz turned around and started hitting the punching bag

Max was quite for a moment

"I also wanted to tell you I'm sorry about everything that happened with Alex, You were right he was murdered by my enemies"
"Thanks for that font of nothing" Liz said continuing to punch the bag

Max just stared at her

I fall down just to give you a thrill
Prop me up with another pill
If I should fail, if I should fold
I nailed my faith to the sticking pole

"Can I just talk to you for a minute" Max said grabbing her arm

Liz whirled on him "Don't touch me!!" She said knocking him backwards

Max staggers back shocked at the force

"Fine I'll leave you alone then" Max said sadly as he turned to leave.

Liz watched him go

I think I'm paranoid..............
Steal me, deal me, anyway you heal me
Maim me, take me you can never change me
Love me like me, come ahead and fight me
Please me tease me, go ahead and leave me
Bend me break me, anyway you need me
As long as I want you baby it's all right

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid

Liz sent the punching bag flying across the room with a roundhouse, Then collapsed to the floor in tears.

SunnyDale- Willy's Bar

A tall bleached blond man in a black shirt, leather pants, and long leather trench coat entered the bar.

"'s it going there Spike" stuttered Willy
"Don't go getting your knickers into bunch, I'm just here for bit of whiskey"
"Yeah cause I heard those commando guys from awhile back didn't something to ya, No bite just bark...ain't that right Spike" Willy said trying to make nice

Spike grabs him

"I might be able to kill you, but I sure can beat to a bloody pulp so give me my whiskey before I get miffed"
"Sure...sure thing Spike" Willy said giving him the bottle and a glass instead of pouring it for him.

Weren't too many Demons in the club tonight, just a couple of Bracken Demons, Prio Motu Demons, and a couple from the Miquot Clan.

To Spike they were just about of bloody poofs not worth his time so he took his whiskey to one of the empty table.

Spike was casually sipping his whiskey when he over heard the Miquot Clan talking.

"So Kulak went to kill the Slayer huh?"
"Yep Kulak was always pissed at the Slayer for killing his brother Mulak, he doesn't even care about the reward The Order of Taraka will give him he just wants the revenge"

"Well it seems like Slayer gotten another bounty, poor bastards" Spike smiles to himself smugly thinking the demons were talking about Buffy.

"It's perfect, get revenge on the Slayer by killing her Slayer friend"

Spike almost spits out his drink <Liz gotta tell the Slayer>


Buffy, Willow, and Tara playing 'Anywhere but Here'

"I'm on a beach, but not one of those American beaches, one of those island beaches where the water's way too blue, and I'm laying on my towel, and it's just before sunset, and Antonio Sabato Jr is massaging my feet!" Buffy says to them
"Oh, that's good!..." Willow said Tara gives her a look
"...If I was like straight and all" she covers

Xander shows up

"Hey what are you ladies up to?"
"Just playing a quick game of 'Anywhere But Here'" Buffy answered
"Oooohhh Amy Yip at the Waterslide Park"

Buffy and Willow look at him

"Xander it's like 7 years and you still haven't come up with anything new" Willow says
"I'm just not fickle like you guys, okay? I'm constant in my affections. Amy Yip at the Waterslide Park!"

"So where's the blushing bride?" Buffy asks
"Oh Anya...I left her at the Magic Box with Giles"
"Honeymoon's over huh?" Buffy replies

Before Xander could say anything Spike finally catches up to Buffy.

"Come on Slayer there's evil afoot. Vampires! Grrr! Nasty, and all that. We have to get to Roswell so we can annihilate them and stuff" Spike said pulling Buffy along as he talked.
"Spike what the hell are you talking about? And get off of me" Buffy said pulling her arm away

"Look pet we don't have time for this, Some bloke sent the Order of Taraka after Lizzie, remember them don't you? Those guys I sent after you a few years back and they only reason they stop was because they thought I was dead"
"Oh this is not good, this is so not good" Buffy said
"Yeah and the news gets better love, One them is from the Miquot Clan, if he kills her he'll get the bounty and revenge on you from killing his brother, so I think we should be hoofin it to Roswell now"
"Miquot Clan?....That was so 5 years ago" Buffy said

"Look Buff that doesn't matter now we have to round up Giles and Anya and get to Roswell" Xander says
Spike looks at him like he was insane "Have you fallen off your trolley? That's what I just said you blithering idiot"

Xander was about to say something, but Buffy got between them

"Oh, that's good! You two start bickering. When Liz needs us" She walks away
"Feel ashamed" Willow said as she and Tara follow Buffy
"Slayers right" Spike said as he follows the girls
"Yeah but this is over Spike" Xander said following after him
"Oh I'm real scared now" Spike replied

And they bicker back and forth all the way to the Magic Box.

TBC~ Liz starts getting her first attacks from the Order of Taraka, and Angel enters the game
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*big*Thanks feedback guys, I'll post Part 3 tomorrow.

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Part 3

Los Angeles- Hyperion Hotel

Angel was in his office reading and brooding as usual. Wesley and Gunn were sparring across the room, and Cordelia was at the computer typing up some files.

Phone Rings

Cordelia picks it up "Angel Investigation, Cordelia Chase speaking how may I...I...I...AAAH" Cordelia drops the phone screaming, grabbing her head in pain.

Angel, Gunn, and Wesley run over to her.

"Cordelia!!!, Cordelia!!!, What is it? What do you see?" Angel asked grabbing her
"We're call you back" Gunn said into the phone then hangs it up


Liz is fighting 5 green skinned demons with red jewels in the middle of their foreheads. And she isn't fairing to well.

~End Flash.

Cordelia breathing hard "'s Liz, she fighting this Demons, Moya...Mari, the ones with the little jewel you fought them before..."
"Mohra Demons..." Angel says worried
"Yeah...and she's not doing to good" Cordelia said looking up at them
"Settle up we're going to Roswell"

[Mohra Demon remember that episode when Angel became human, that Demon he and Buffy were fighting is the Mohra Demon, for those of you that don't have a clue what I'm talking about watch more B and A *tongue*]

Back in Roswell

Liz is walking through the cemetery at a relaxed pace. She pauses for at moment, but continues on, scanning the graveyard around her as she goes. She stops again when she hears a twig snap behind her.

She whirls around to find a big green, scaly monster. If she remembers correctly it was called a Vahrall Demon [Demon Giles turned into that time you guys remember] and it could only be killed by silver.

She pulls out her knife "This is going to be to easy"

Before she could kill the Demon she senses another one behind her. She turns around and kicks him in the gut, then the jaw. The first one comes up behind her and she stabs him with her knife. The second one takes a swing at her but she spins around grabs his arm and punches him twice in the face. He swings at her with his other arm, but she ducks and catches it to, she yanks is back and snaps it. While she has him leaning back she stabs him in the heart.

Takes a deep breath "Like I said easy...what's this" Liz sees one of the Demons wearing a ring with a symbol on.

She picks it up and looks at it "Hmm have to scan it to Willow so Giles could check it out"

She walks off, A pair of eyes are watching her.

Slay-Space Airlines- Flight 251

The Scooby Gang were sitting on a plane heading to Roswell. Willow sat next to Tara, Xander next to Anya, and Buffy next to Giles.

"I wonder how Spike is doing in the cargo bay" Willow said to the group
"I think I speak for everyone when I say who cares" Xander replies


"Oh Instant Message" Willow said taking out her laptop

SlayBear- Hey Wills
WiccaGirl- Hey Liz *happy*

"Hey Guys it's Liz" Willow said to the group
"Hey Liz" Came from the group

WiccaGirl- The gangs says hey...What's up?
SlayBear- Tell them I said Hey *happy*...I need Giles to check out this file I'm about to send, I found it on a Vahrall Demon that attacked me tonight.
WiccaGirl- Ok send it through

"What's the what?" Buffy asks
"Oh she was attacked by a Vahrall Demon, and she want's Giles to check out something she found out it"
Hearing that Giles perks his head up "Oh really...what is it?" he said getting out of his sit and looks over Willow's shoulder
"She's uploading it now" Willow said

File Done

"All I see is a blurry thing" Giles says still computer illiterate as always
"It hasn't finish loading yet" Willow said smiling
"Yeah but...the bloody thing just said it was done"
"Giles calm down your pretty picture we be here in a minute" Buffy said teasing her Watcher
"Oh don't patronize me Buffy" Giles said removing his glasses and cleaning them
"But you make it so easy"
"Oh!! Here it is!!"

The whole gang looks over her shoulder

"It's the Mark of Taraka, Willow didn't you tell her we were coming" Giles said to her taking off his glasses again
"Oh that's right Got all excited about the IM and all"
"That's ok honey, we all know how you get with computers. I think you love them more then me" Tara said patting her arm
"Oh no Tara honey that's...that's not true" Willow said turning towards her girlfriend
"Excuse me Wills hate to break up this Love Fest but what about Liz" Xander said
"Oh right"
"Don't worry I got it" Buffy said taking the laptop from Willow

WiccaGirl- Hey Liz it's Buffy
SlayBear- Hey Buff...what's going on?
WiccaGirl- Someone sent the Order Of Taraka after you, we're on a plane to Roswell now
SlayBear- Order of Taraka?
WiccaGirl- Yeah there these Demon Bounty Hunter, Spike sent them after me a few years back
SlayBear- Ok so what's the problem? Why are you all coming to Roswell, I think I can handle it
WiccaGirl- They only way the Order stops coming after someone is if that person is dead, or the person who but the bounty out is dead, so unless you know who that person it we have a problem.
SlayBear- Ok now I'm having a wiggin
WiccaGirl- Sorry didn't mean to give you the big wig, just wanted you to be careful
SlayBear- So when are you guys getting here?
WiccaGirl- We should be there within the hour...

"Ladies and Gentlemen there is a storm heading our way, So we will be landing in Arizona until it passes" The Captain announces

WiccaGirl- Ok maybe not, there's a storm coming...hold on given yay back to Wills
WiccaGirl- Hey's Willow again *happy* *happy*
SlayBear- Ok Wills spill...even on the computer you're a little to chipper.
WiccaGirl- It was the extra smile wasn't it?
SlayBear- Wills
WiccaGirl- Ok ok...Giles said since we don't know how long it will take for the storm to pass, we going to drive...So it's going to take us about a day to make it to Roswell. But don't worry you're be fine *happy* *big*
SlayBear- Willow your being chipper again, how much of a chance do I have to beat these guys on my own.
WiccaGirl- We it took all of us plus Kendra to fight off the couple of demons that were after Buffy, then Spike kinda died
SlayBear- So basically I don't stand a chance unless I find out who sent them
WiccaGirl- Look I gotta go the planes landing, every things going to be ok, we're be there soon
SlayBear- Right no wig
WiccaGirl- Ok see you soon
SlayBear- Later

"How is she doing?" Xander says to Willow as they get their bags and make their way off the plane
"Well how would you be doing if you just found out demon bounty hunters are being sent after you by an invisible enemy, and the only way they are going to go away is if you die or the person who sent them dies and as I said before that person's invisible. So basically your going to die" The Scoobies stare at Anya
"I so love the colorfully way you put everything Dear" Xander says to his wife
"What!?!...It's not like I'm lying, I like Liz, I'm just trying to keep things in perspective...I mean if she can't find out who put the bounty on her head she will die"

The group-reminded silent as they got off the plane, Anya's words ringing in there mind.

Back In Roswell

Liz had to get away from the Crash with all the construction going on she couldn't concentrate. So she decided to go for a walk.

In a Van across the Street

"Is that the her?" One of the guys in the car asked looking through a pair of binoculars at Liz
The second guy takes the binoculars from the first "Yeah that's her"
"She doesn't look that tough, we can take her" The 1st guy says
"I orders are to watch her, find her weakness" the 2nd guys says

Back On Street

Liz was having a full-blown wiggin, she didn't know what she was going to do about The Order of Taraka, a few Demons here and there she knew she could handle. But one after the other...

"Hey Liz!!!"

Her thoughts were interrupted when she hears someone calling her.

It was Michael.

"Michael...Hey" Liz said pushing a strand of hair out her face
" how are you?"
"Fine everything...fine" Liz replies
"Good" Michael said crossing his arms
"Yeah" Liz said nodding her head
"Look Liz..."
"Wondering when you were going to get to the point"
"Right...Look I'm not to thrilled about what you did to Maria and Maxwell...but I understand, I mean we weren't being good friends we should have listened to you instead of jumping down your throat, Hell I probably would have left all our asses to"
Liz smiled "Since I know that is the best apology I'm going to get from you, I except...but Nikolas or not what you guys said and did still hurt and it's going to take me some time to get over it"
"Good so let's start at that" Michael said holding his head out to her
"Ok" Liz said shaking it
"Well I gotta go...class and all...see you later Liz"
"Bye Michael"

Back In Van

"Hmmm looks like we have one of her friends, follow him" 2nd guy said

Las Cruces University

Michael was leaving his act class when he heard someone call him, It was Maria.

"Hey" he said bending down to kiss her but not getting far
"Don't hey me Space Boy"
"What did I do now Maria?"
"Tess told me she saw you talking to Liz this morning"
"Maria she's your best friend"
"Ex-Best Friend Michael Gurien...which means if I'm not talking to her neither are you"
"One...Maria you don't tell me who my friends are, Two...can you fathom getting over yourself and think about how Liz feel...her friends, her best friend turn their backs on her. And I know it was all a trick by Nikolas to break the group apart, but at the time like us she didn't, So put yourself in her shoes" Michael said and stormed off

Maria watched him leave "What have I done?"

Later that day

Valenti House or should I say DeLuca-Valenti House

Maria had called a meeting to talk about Liz.

"I already told you how I feel Maria" Michael said after everyone settled down
"Yeah I know and your right...I totally should have given Liz a chance, I'm still upset that she like disappear for 3 years without word. But it's not like I was listening when she tried talking to me...What kind of friend am I" Maria said putting her head in her hands

Michael went over and gave her a hug

"It's going to be alright" he said to her
"Yeah but what about how she treated Max, and how she just came into town all of a sudden and turns to Crashdown into a nightclub" Tess said to the group
"It's not like I treated her any better!!" Max yelled getting up from his sit and stalking across the room
"Why don't we all just go over and talk to her" Kyle said speaking up for the first time
"Kyle's a night club sounds like a cool idea, it's not like UFOnics was all that great, we could help out" Isabel said

Everyone agreed and got up to go, Except Tess.

"Tess aren't you coming?" Kyle said

Tess was staring out into space

"Earth to Tess, come in Tess" Maria said
"Aren't you coming" Kyle said
"Ahh no, I'm probably the cause of half her issues anyway you guys go"
"Ok" Kyle said as he and Maria left, Max and the others had already left to start the car.

Tess watched as the drove down the street, then closed the door a black van followed them.

Outside CRASH

The Genie and Bob pull up in front of Crash.

[a moment of silence for good ole Bob]

The gang get out their vehicles and walk up to the club.

They don't see the Van pull up front.


The gang looks around the club in awe, there was still things that needed to be done here and there. Like the stage needed to be finished and some electrical stuff that needed to be patched up but all in all. It looked great.

"This is going to be like the best, I can sooo see myself singing on that stage" Maria squealed
"I know this place is going to be so cool, Liz has a bit of a gothic decor going on but other then that, this place his fantastic" Isabel said with yawn
"Whew excuse I don't know where that came from I just became really tired all of a sudden" Isabel said yawning again.

Isabel takes a sit in one of the sofa's

"Yeah like me to" Maria yawned sitting down next to Isabel
"What's wrong with you two?" Kyle said yawning himself

Soon the whole gang was yawning.

All of a sudden 5 green creatures with red jewels on their foreheads came crashing into the club.

The girls screams. Two of green skinned creatures walk over to them, they try to fight but were to tried and collapse. The two creatures carry them out.

Max, Michael, and Kyle try to go after them. But are pushed back by the men.

Kyle is knocked unconscious and carried out. Leaving Max and Michael with the 2 remaining creatures.

The Two creatures stalk towards Max and Michael.

"Who are these guys?" Michael says
"I don't know...trying using your powers" Max replies.

Michael rises his hand to send a power blast at the creatures but nothing happens.

"What the hell it's not working" Michael said looking at his hand

Max tries putting up a shield and nothing happens.

"We're going to have to do this the hard way" Max said picking up two of the wooden boards near the stage and handing one to Michael
"I thought we already tried that" Michael said as he and Max swing the boards at the heads of the two creatures.

The boards break

"Told you that wasn't going to work" Michael said finally falling victim to whatever was making the group tired and passes out.

"Michael!!!, Michael wake up!!" Max yells as he catches his friend
"Give it up only the Slayer can save you know" One of the creatures said
"What?" Max said before being knocked unconscious.
"And she won't even be able to save herself" They other creature said as he picked up Michael

They other picked up Max and left a note on the bar.

TBC~ I know long and lame, But next up Liz goes to rescue the Pod-Squad. The Scooby Gang, and LA Team meet up at Crash, a major kicking of the ass will ensue.

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Thanks guys this is the first CrossOver I've every done, and my first Buffy/Angel envolved fic.

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Part 4

During her walk Liz decided to take quick sweep of the town couldn't let innocent people get killed cause her life was in danger. Everything was quite so she decided to head back to the Crash.


Liz walks into the Crash to find it in more of a mess then when she left.

She finds a note on the floor.


We have your friends come to the Out of this World Salt Factory, If you want to save them.

"Friends? What Friends?" Liz said as she walks around the Crash to check out the damages. That when she see's a piece of fabric on the floor.

She picks it up

"Michael" she runs to her room to grab some weapons then heads to the Salt Factory.

A few minutes later

A black van pulls up in front of Crash, The Scooby Gang get out and run inside.


"Liz!! LIZ" Buffy calls

No answer

"Xander...Spike you to check the back" Buffy orders

A few minutes later

"She's not back there" Xander said as he and Spike come from the back.
"What IS it with you Slayers, Don't you ever listen to a bloody thing any tells you" Spike
"Shut up Spike...Ok where could she have gone?" Buffy said
"She went to the Salt Factory" Anya said sitting on one of the bar stool

Everyone turns to look at her

"And you knows this how?" Buffy says to her

Anya shows them the note "There was a note...'Slayer...We have your friends come to the Out of this World Salt Factory, If you want to save them'...It was on the floor"
"And you didn't tell us this because?" Buffy said
"Well you didn't ask"

Buffy takes a threaten step towards her, Xander holds her back.

"I got this one Buff...Anya honey next to you find important information feel free to share with the rest of us"
"Look we so don't have time for this, we have to get to that Salt Factory" Buffy said to the group

Angel, Gunn, Cordy, and Wesley come through the door.

"Angel? What are you doing here?" Buffy says to him
"Cordelia had a vision, Liz's is in trouble where is she?...Wait what are you doing here?"
"Someone sent the Order of Taraka after Liz, she went to the Salt Factory to save those so called friends or hers" Buffy answers showing Angel the note
"That makes since Cordelia saw Liz fighting some Mohra Demons they live off salt"
"Ok we have to get to her fast" Buffy says to him
"Right lets go" Angel says back
"Ok are the rest of us even here" Cordelia says
"Cordelia!!!" Angel and Buffy say

The Scoobies and the LA Gang follow them.

"What I was just saying, I mean every time those two get together it's like they're in their own little world"
"Ok ok"

Salt Factory

Liz comes into the warehouse through a side door.

Liz sees the Pod-Squad tied up to some chairs in the middle of the factory no demons in sight.

Liz looks around once more and sneaks over to them, Max sees her first.

"Liz?...Liz what are you doing here?"
"I came to get you out of here"
"Liz you have to get out of here, these...things are stronger then us"
"No...They're stronger then you now shut up before they come back"
"You mean like now"

Liz turns around and comes face to face with one of the demons.

"You Slayers are all the same biting off more then you can chew"
"Yeah...Yeah" Liz said taking out her cross bow and shooting him with it.

The Demon staggers back a bit by the hit. Then pulls out the arrow laughing. As soon as he pulls out the arrow the wound disappears.

"Oh my God" Maria says from behind her.
"Hope that's not all you've got Slayer cause I have company"

Four more Demons appear, and they all have swords.

Liz is surrounded.

All of a sudden two figures crash through the ceiling, It was Buffy and Angel. Both are donning swords.

"Nope she has us" Angel said
"Hey" Buffy said hugging her then handing her a sword.
"Buff you don't know how happy I am to see you" Liz says to her
"I bet"
"Hey don't we get a hug" Xander says from the door the rest of the Scoobies and the LA Gang behind him.

The Demons attack

"Ok maybe later" Xander said as everyone spread out.

Two of the Demon head towards the Scoobies and LA Gang the other 3 come at Buffy, Liz, and Angel.

One of the Demons thrusts at Liz with his sword, but she parries and swings around with a thrust of her own, which he also parries.

"What are these guys? I shot one with an arrow and the wound disappeared" Liz yelled

Angel and one of the demons clash blades several times, and Angel ducks a wide arcing swing from him, and kicks him away.

"Their called Mohra demons, the only way you can kill them is by smashing the jewel on their forehead...Oh and try not to get any of there blood on you" Angel yells back at her
"He makes it sound so easy" Buffy said sarcastically as she came to stand next to Liz
"Yeah right" Liz said as she and Buffy begin to fight the demons off together

The two demons knock the swords out of their hands.

"And it just became easier" Liz said as she and Buffy roll over a crate out of the way of the demons sword thrust.

Buffy looks up to see one of the demons going for the Pod-Squad

"Willow...Tara protect them...Xander...Gunn make sure no one get's to them" Buffy said talking about the Pod-Squad

WILLOW & TARA standing in front of the Pod-Squad

"Enemies, fly and fall. Circling arms, raise a wall."

An invisible barrier rises around them and the Pod-Squad

Buffy looks at Liz "Ready?"

Liz and Buffy power kick the crate sending one of the demon headfirst into a wall smashing his jewel.

"Today's your lucky day" Buffy says as she and Liz pick up a sledgehammer.
"Two Slayers..." Buffy says hitting the Demon in the gut forcing it to double over
"No waiting" Liz finished smashing his jewel

Buffy and Liz looked around the factory, Angel was now going hand to hand with the demon he was fighting. Spike was holding his own with the demon he was fighting. So Buffy and Liz go over to help Cordy, Wesley, and Anya.

Spike ducks a punch and lands four of his own in a row. The Demon grabs his arm and shoves him into the wall. He slides down it quickly, and the Mohra Demons next punch goes through the wall. Spike gets behind him and kicks him high and hard in the neck.

"Yeah that's right I'm Spike...the big bad is back in the game, And I’m a BLOODY ANIMAL!" Spike said congratulating himself and getting knocked flat on his ass by the Mohra

The Demon heads towards the Pod-Squad. But Angel intervenes he has one of the sledgehammers and slams it into the Demons forehead killing the last one.

"Spike what have I told you about leaving yourself open like that" Angel said helping him up
"Oh sod off you bloody poof"


"Hear, hear my plea circling arms protecting me"

The barrier falls.

"Liz" Willow said running over to hug Liz
"Hey Wills" Liz said hugging her back
"What still no hugs for Xander"
"Hey Xan" Liz said hugging
"Oh yeah now I feel the love"
"And trying to cop a feel...Xander stop being gross" Cordelia said pushing Xander out the way to get a hug
"Cordy" Liz said hugging her
"Oh oh me next me next" Xander said trying to get another hug
"You just got a hug...Giles"
"How are you Liz?" Giles said hugging the girl he considered a daughter
"Now pet didn't we tell you not to be going off by yourself...What the hell am I talking about I had fun kicking them around I leave the scolding to Watcher over here...Now come on and give me a hug Lil bit"

They hug

"I missed you guys" Liz said as she gave hugs to Gunn and Wesley
"I'm not really into hugs...but I've missed you a lot" Anya said patting Liz on the shoulder

She turned to Angel not sure if he hugged or not

Angel walked over and pulled her into a hug.

"Wow Angel showing actual emotion to some besides Buffy I'm shocked" Cordelia said

Everyone laughed

"I would suggest wild, crazy dance party at the Bronze to celebrate, but it seems we're bronze-less" Xander said to the group
"Not necessarily Xan, We have Liz's club it needs a little fixin up here and there but totally Bronze-like" Buffy said
"Nothing I can't handle, I'm construction guy remember" Xander said
"Excuse me, Did you guys like totally forget about us...and who ARE you people" Maria said with a twig of angry and jealous in her voice.

The Scoobies and LA Gang turn around to see the Pod-Squad still tied up.

TBC~ Whew I'm tired, hope you guys liked it. Next part all the Paranoia starts.
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Part 5


The Scoobies and LA Gang let Giles do all the explaining, since he liked doing the one in each generation speech so much.

The Scoobies and LA Gang now stood facing the Pod-Squad waiting for their reaction.

"Ok so let me like get this straight..." Maria started
"...Muffy over here"
"Buffy" Buffy corrected
"Whatever" Maria replied

Buffy jumped off the bar

"Buff" Angel warned
"Oh let the Slayer rip her apart" Spike said

Michael came up behind Maria

"Oh looks it's the boyfriend, If it's a rumble your lookin for I'm sure we'd be happy to oblige...right mates" Spike said

Without a word the Scooby and LA men get up.

"Ok would everyone just stop" Liz said standing up
"And what is with that nancy boy hair do" Spike said to Michael not paying attention to Liz
"Oh like you have the nerve to talk with that peroxide hair of your's" Maria said
"Oh and you have a keen fashion sense at least his clothes match" Cordelia replied
"Will everyone just STOP!!!"

Everyone turns and looks at Liz

"Spike, Angel, Gunn, Xander sit down....Cordy stop talking about people outfits..."
"Oh come on Liz, Lets take a minute and deal with THAT outfit"

Maria was about to say something else but Liz glares at her.

Just then Tess came into CRASH.

"Hey guys what's going on?"
"Oh nothing much Tess, Liz has just spent the last 3 years fighting vampire, demons, and the forces of darkness because she is the Slayer with these people" came sarcastically from Maria
"Tess? So you're the little tart Maxie Boy slept with, My God you remind me of a Chaos Demon" Spike says disgusted
"Spike!!!" Liz warns

The Scoobies and LA laugh, The Pod-Squad stand confused.

"A Chaos Demon with bad hair on top of that out-fit"

Liz sat down putting her head in her hands

Tess get's a hurt look and hides behind Max, Max moves leaving Tess next to Kyle.

"We everybody just come down" Max said seeing how stressed Liz was

"Max is right, this is a simple case of Mass Delusion, Liz left Roswell in grief feeling betrayed and was pulled in by these people, Liz we are your friends you have to believe us when we say vampires aren't real" Kyle says
"Oh great Buddha Boys taking Psych now" Liz said rolling her eyes
"What the hell are you talking about?...So I guess it was all just some Mass Delusion that captured you guys tonight, And has you all thinking there are Aliens Among Us...I mean this IS Roswell after all" Buffy said sarcastically

The Pod-Squad looked at Buffy then Liz.

"You told them? Liz could you do that?...That was a secret between us between friends" Maria said
"Oh you mean the same friends that kinda didn't believe her when she said one of you were murdered, the same friends that turned on her. Gee I wonder why she would leave and find friends who really trusted and believed in her" Willow said

"You have no RIGHT to say that to US!!" Maria yelled getting in Willow's face
"Well if you have a fight your gonna have to deal with me" Buffy said coming between
"Oooh and what are you going to do Slay me"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Liz said coming between the groups
"...I'm not going to let you talk to my friends that way"
"Girlfriend thank god your still in there, Come on we're go talk to Jim and get them put away" Maria said putting her hand on Liz's shoulder

Liz shrugged her off

"Get out!!"
"Get out Maria...all of you"
"Liz we're your friends we're not going just leave you" Tess said
"Friends!!! You little bit..."

Looking at the Pod-Squad "Are you leaving? Or Am I going to have to put you out?" Liz said
"Can we throw them out" Spike said
Liz ignored him
"Just one of them"

Maria was about to say something but Max interrupted her

"Let's go"
"But Max..."
"Isabel this is her property she has the right to tell us to leave"

The Pod-Squad turn to leave

"That's right listen to your poof of a King, run along children play time is over" Spike said walking after them and tripping on one of the boards

Liz runs to the back crying

"Lil' Bit" Spike said as the gang goes to follow her
"We're handle this, you guys stay here" Buffy said
"We're not just going to stand here while she cries" Angel said
"Buffy's right she needs a little girl time" Cordy said

Buffy, Willow, Cordy, Tara, and Anya head to the back, Xander follows.

Everyone looks at him

"What? I've been in on many of a Girl Talk. Chocolate, ice cream, chips, chick flicks the whole 9, I'm the Xander shaped friend remember"
"Xan as much of a girlfriend you are I think she needs some girl girl time" Buffy said

Xander nods "Just tell her we're here for her"
"We will" Buffy said

The girls go upstairs

"Well tell her I've got Passions taped, Tim Tims out the well and is mixin a martimmy" Spike yelled after them

The guys look at him

"Nothin, I was just thinking how that Tess chick reminds of me of Kay" Gunn said
"You know I was just thinking that myself, And Maxie Boy is an awful lot like that idiot Miguel" Spike replied
"You said you got taped right?" Gunn asked
"Yeah there in the truck" Spike said as he and Gunn go to get the tapes

Spike comes back for Xander, Giles, Wesley and Angel.

"Comes on mate, I know you watch it to"
"Did Timmy really get out the well?" Angel asked
"That Timmy is something?" Giles said
"Yes he is quite resourceful" Wesley said

TBC~ Sorry guys had to put the Passions thing in. For the non Buff people who didn't get it. What have I told you about watching more Buffy.

posted on 19-Dec-2001 6:56:42 AM by MoonliteLizz
Yes there's one more demons left were 2 but Kulak will only be there for like a second. The last demon is going to be trouble because he will times infinity everyone's issues. Had to keep up with the Joss traditon and have a happy has nothing really to do with the story part, plus you know it's like Timmy
posted on 20-Dec-2001 6:20:33 AM by MoonliteLizz
bhoney originally wrote:
BTW--the Scoobs blurted the bit about Max sleeping with Tess. Did everyone already know that? Cuz I'd have thought that if they did, they would've understood better why Liz left, and not be so mad. Especially Maria.

I didn't get into it fully but according to lil Miss Hardup...I mean Harding, Nikolas was the one who killed Alex and was messing with everyones heads. So Max and Tess sleeping together was a mind wrap by Nikolas. And when Tess found this out she killed Niko before he had a chance to kill anyone esle.