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Title: NOT SO EASY ( Sequel to True Heir)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell. So Please don’t sue
Summary: Liz and Ryan must go back to earth to save, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Kyle. And also end up saving two people that they wasn’t expecting . When coming face to face with these two people, will Ryan still find it so easy to forgive ? Or would Liz for that matter? This is the sequel to my short story ( True Heir) If you haven’t read it , you will be a little lost . If you want to read it , you can find it on the repost board.

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It’s December 12, 2012, And my name is Ryan Michael Parker. First off I will like to stress That writing my feelings and thoughts down was not my ideal, it was my mother’s. So this is all very new to me. But am willing to give it a try, if your willing to listen.

Well where to start ? I guess the beginning, would be a good start , now wouldn’t it ?

Well you already know my name so we’ll just skip that part. I was born in Roswell New Mexico , On December 13, 2001. And yes, yes tomorrow is my birthday, WooHOOOOOO !!! I’ll be eleven years old. (I AM THE MAN ). Now let’s all say at once shell we? RYAN IS THE MAN!!!! Ok now that I got that out of my system , we can continue . Ok I was born to Elizabeth Ann Parker, A mother who loves me more then her own life. And Maxwell Philip Evens, A father who could care less if I was to live or die. At lease that’s the feeling I get any way. Who knows , he could be a pretty deceit guy. (NOT!!!!)

I know what your thinking . Your thinking, now Ryan. Aren’t you being just a little bit hard on Max ? Well let me tell you a little about mine and my mom’s life, and then you can decide if am still being to tough on dear old dad.

Ok, first off. Max left my mom when she was just five mouths pregnant with me, for another planet. to save is other son. By another woman name Tess, or gerbil, which ever one you want to call her. So now that you know this. Do you still think am being to hard on Max?

You do ? Well there’s more. You see Tess, Also killed my mom’s best friend, Alex . And yep, you heard me right. She killed Alex. Mind warped him to death . And not only that, she also was going to hand Max, my aunt Isabel, and my uncle Michael over to Khivar, our enemy or he was our enemy. But I’ll get to that part later in the story.
So where were we? Oh right . Well Tess was going to hand them right over to Khivar, But My mom saved the day and their lives. She figured out that Tess mind warped Alex into translating the destiny book. But his mind couldn’t take it when she tried to do it again, and ended up killing him. I don’t care how much you try to sugar coat it, by saying that she didn’t mean to, The point of the matter is that she was playing around in someone’s head without a good reason, resulting in that person death . Just because her and Max was married in their past lives, didn’t mean that she have a claim on him in this one. Now I see why humans are so afraid of cloning , just look what happen in this case. and they don’t even know about it.

Well A little while after Tess left the planet , my mom and Max got back together. And not soon after that I was conceived.

And for you all who are wondering why I don’t call Max dad, It’s because I don’t feel computable , with it. I mean , he’s really not a dad to me. A dad is always around, a dad is there when you hit your first home run in base ball, or when you start liking girls. Max wasn’t here for any of that. Max is just a sperm donor.

Ok back to my story . Max left my mom five mouth pregnant with me, knowing full well that I would die without that connection to him . I know what your saying . How can I know this if I wasn’t even born yet. well your going to have to wait to find out.

I was born on the 13th of December, at 5A.m. A happy day soon turned into a sad one, when I stopped breathing. My aunt Isabel saved me that day. She also found out that I couldn’t survive without a connection to my Max. I needed a connection to one of my parents , and since my mom was pretty much human, her brain couldn’t handle that strong of a connection. So that met that I needed Max to live. I was pretty much sick all the time. I was always tired, and I got real bad headaches . Uncle Michael and aunt Isabel was there to heal them most of the time. But not all could be heal. My mom was great, she always made sure that I had fun, and that a laughed a lot , and she always made sure that a felt loved. I had a feeling that she was trying to make up for Max not being there. She also made sure that I never saw her cry, even though I heard her At night when she thought that I was asleep.

I guess the end came on my fifth birthday. My mind tried one last time to reach out to Max, but he was still blocking me. Oh so now your starting to get it? it’s about time. You see Max never had to be near me, he didn’t even need to be on the same planet, he just needed to open up to me. and he choose not to. He choose to let me die. And that is how I knew that he knew that I needed him before he left. Are you still thinking am being to tough on him now?

After Max wouldn’t open up to me that last time, my mind and body just shut down. Michael and Isabel couldn’t heal me , or maybe they could, and I just didn’t want them to. Maybe I just didn’t want to hear my mom cry herself to sleep anymore. Maybe I thought If I just let go, If I just died, she could move on and be happy. Is that so wrong?

But let me tell you now, never under estimate a mother’s love for her child. Or maybe it’s just my mother. Her mind wasn’t strong enough for the connection. But that didn’t stop her from reaching out with her mind for someone to help. Or hoping that Max would hear her pleas and come running home.

That’s where Larek comes in. Because he’s the one who heard her calls for help, and came. And he was almost to late.

My mom was about to take her own life because she thought she lost me. Lark had to use his power to knock her out. He came and got me from my room and took us to a hotel out side of Roswell. He then went back to the house, and mind warp our family into thinking that we had died.

When he got back and what he told us . would change my mom’s life forever.

You see it seems that there were, a way to save me, but it would cost my mom so much.

You see when Max saved her he left some of his energy, in her body. That energy change some her own cells to match his. So it seems that my mom could take the connection. But and that’s a big but, Larek had to kill all her human cell, and let the antarin ones take over. Meaning that my mom would be completely alien, no human left in her.

Even at five years old, I knew what that meant. I knew what she would be giving up. I remember pleading with her not to do it. telling her that I wasn’t worth it. I also remember her looking me in the eyes and telling me that I was worth more to her. I knew then and there that when I grew up I wanted to be just like my mom. well not just like her since she is a girl and all, and do girlie things. Yo never mind you know what I mean. If not who cares , your just A book.

So I sit there for four days, watching over my mom. Watching her be in so much pain as the alien cells took over her body. In those for days a watch my mom almost die twice, and thinking that if she would had just walked away from Max after Tess Left she wouldn’t have known of this much pain. Yes I know if that would have happened , I would have never been born, but sometimes when am in my room all alone, I can’t help but to think that would have been better for her. But I can never tell her that, If she even knew that I let that cross my mind, she would bit my head off. Don’t get me wrong, My mom is still the same sweet, caring , loving, and giving person she always was, just with a little changes . And I love her for that. I love her for always letting me know how much she loves me, or for always telling me how grateful she is that am in her life. I love her for knowing how much I really need to hear those thing with out me needing to tell her, that I do. My mom is my world, she’s my heart. And I will do any thing to protect her.

Well back to my story. On the fifth day I felt the connection to my mom . I felt her energy and her strength running though me. I felt her emotion and saw her memories. I felt how much hope she had that Max would come back and save me and then stay so that we could be a family. I felt how much Max had let her down, when she realized that he wasn’t going to come back to help me. That maybe he never had plan on coming back. And last I felt her love for me, it was so over powering that it almost knocked me over. That’s when I knew what I had to do.

I walked over to my mom and placed my hand on her head, trying not to notice how warm she felt. I close my eyes and pictured my father. I could since that he was asleep, I could also since that he was on earth. I would be lying if I told you that that information didn’t hurt. I would be lying if I told you that it didn’t hurt me to know that the Man that could have saved me was asleep on the same planet , That I was. He was a sleep while my mother the woman he supposedly loved more then his own life, was giving up every thing that she has ever known even being human, to save her son, their son , to save me. She was giving all this up when the only thing he had to do was to open up to me. If he didn’t what to be my father then I think he should have kept his little soldier in camp.

Now I was forcibly making a connection to him though my mother. To take something away from him that I felt he had no right to any longer, and giving it to my mother. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I took the V imprint of his brain and scan it into my moms. Giving her the rightful title as queen of Antar and the ruler of the granolith, and the planet of Antar and it’s people. I striped Max of the V imprint and his title as king all at the same time. Meaning Max is now no more then another alien on earth. Oh yea , I also left Max with a little present from me, inform of I big oh headache, That most likely took him a week to heal. All I have too say for that it , Ha, Ha ( How are you Liking me now Max !!!)

When I was done giving my mom her new title, that I know that she have every right to. I looked down to see that she was still asleep, but she wasn’t in any pain any more, and that was good. I then looked over to Larek, fully expecting to see shame written all over his face. But all I saw was understanding, and I was grateful for that.

Larek had got into the castle some how to use the granolith to teleport him to earth. But we couldn’t get back that way. he didn’t want to chance mother and I being found in the castle while Khivar and Tess was still on the throne. So we had to wait a year for a ship to get here to take us back. And let me tell you now, that year didn’t go to waste . Larek had us working on our powers every chance that we had. And believe me now when I say that was a lot. within a year mom and I had learned every power Larek had and then some he didn’t even know . And when mom and I combine our powers, lets just say it’s a whole lot of energy. Energy that scared even us. So we had to learn, As Larek always say, control , control, control.

We left earth on my sixth birthday. And let me tell you a year on a space ship is no fun for a six year old. Especially with people bowing to you all the time. Mom had to get use to it to.

On the ship mom had it harder then I did. Since she was queen she had to go to war debriefings. And go though combat training . After a while I got lonely and started to go with her. I mean am going to be king some day, I might as well start training early. Any way once my body got use to it. it started to be fun , and at least I got to spend the days with my mom.

When we got to Antar we had to go to a underground rebel base. When the people of Antar heard that the queen and the heir was on their way back, to take the throne. They rebelled and took back their planet. But it was still up to mom to take back the castle . And that meant she had to take down Tess and Khivar.

I really don’t know how my mom and Larek, took back the castle , I wasn’t there. so I just have second hand information on that. But hey! I’ll tell you what I know.

They over took the castle a night while Tess and Khivar was asleep. From what I heard it was pretty easy to over take them since most of the skins was taken care of before we even reach the planet. I remember mom coming back to the base, her face was so pale, and she looked like she had aged a few years. I remember running to find Larek, to see what had happened. to see what was wrong with my mom.

What he told me made my heart ache for her. You see they had captured Tess and Khivar without that much of a problem. But when they went to take them away, I guess Tess started using her mind warp. And her and Khivar tried to escape, but it went wrong . Tess got away and my mom ended up killing Khivar. My mom had to take another living being’s life, something that she never wanted to do. They looked every where for Tess, but couldn’t find her. So in the end they concluded they she was no longer on the planet.

It took a while and a lot of power but things are finally starting to look ok. The once died planet is looking alive again. It’s really beautiful here, the colors are so much brighter here, and the air is so much cleaner then it is on earth . Mom and I really love it here, this is our home and these are our people.

Mom and I are finally happy, she’s happy being queen to people that she love and that love her. And am getting use to being the heir to the throne. Maybe now I can start being a kid. But something is telling me that’s a wish that am not going to be getting just yet.

Let me ask you something? Have you ever had this nagging feeling that something is about to happen? Something that’s going to turn your peaceful world upside down, because I have that feeling . I have a feeling that the past is about to come back and bit me and my mom in the butt. But who knows, I could be wrong. But every thing in my being is telling me that am not.

Any way, I guess that's all I have to say for now. I think my mom was right it does help to write your feeling down. It’s been so long since I let my feelings out, that it feels kind of freeing now. I guess having a journal isn’t going to so bad after all. As long as no one finds out about it.




Where the heck am I ? I mean I've had some really weirded out dreams before, but this crap is really freaky. And why the heck is every thing all white? You would think that I’d have a little more imagination , with me being a kid and all. Man every things all whacked . First off my mom have me writing in a journal, like some girl. Now I can’t even dream like a normal kid. And might I add “ What the heck is that in the corner !?!”

Ok , am just going to walk over there, nice and slow... Oh what am I doing? This is just stupid. I have nothing to be afraid right? This is just some dumb dream, and I am the man! Am just going to walk over there and kick the damn thing. And then run like hell. yap, yap, sound like a plan.

Ok now am getting worried, that looks like a guy, and not just any guy. it’s a guy in a dress or what looks like a dress any way. And right now I don’t know what I should be worried about more, the fact that am talking to myself in a dream, or that am dreaming of some guy, or that am dreaming of a guy in a dress. You know something tells me that am going to be having some serious problems when I grow up. “ Hey dude!?! I...I don’t know what you want, or who you are . But I think you jumped into the wrong dream, man. because am not into that kinky stuff.”

Yeah , nice going Ryan. Your eleven years old your not into any stuff. But hey , he don’t know that. Stand your ground. show no fear, show no fear, remember this is your dream , and you’ll be damned if you let some pervert try to molest you in it.

Mi: “ Am not a pervert. And this is not your dream it’s mine.”

Oh yeah !!!! I think that the past just found me. “MICHAEL!?!”

Mi: “Max?”

Am not mad, am not mad. Am just going to let that go, with him not being in the right frame of mind and all . “ Am not Max. Am Ryan so get that right!”

Mi : “ Your crazy ! I only know of one Ryan, and he’s dead. And I doubt that dead people age.”

“ Am crazy? are you trying to say that am crazy ? This coming from a grown man wearing a dress in his own dream. Am thinking your going to need some serious professional help, and a long talk with aunt Maria. Come on uncle Michael . Snap out of it and look at me, really look at me. Am not crazy , and I sure as hell am not Max !”

Oh god ! I think am going to be sick. I never thought I would see any one look so bad especially not my uncle Michael. there’s not a spot on his body that isn’t marred with cuts and bruises. And his face looks like some one used it as their punching bag. his hair is all matted down with his own blood. I look away because it’s all I can do , to keep from throwing up my dinner.... Stop it Ryan.. Just stop it. Be strong , this is the man who was there for you when you need him. This is the man who you’ve wish on more then one occasion was your father. he put his life on hold to help you and your mother. Now it’s your turn to be strong for him. It must be bad for him to let you see him like this, for him to call out for help. “ Uncle Michael. What happened to you? what’s wrong?”

Mi: “ FBI, Tess.”

What! Did he just say Tess? My god , that woman like a fucking roach. And I know your all saying that I have a potty mouth, but by god. If you lived my life you’ll have one to. “ That can’t be right. she couldn’t have gotten back to earth, could she?”

Oh I think I said something wrong, because he’s looking at me. And I don’t mean one of those, As am pasting you by looks either . he’s looking at me with one of those, where the hell are you looks. Am thinking I have two choices here. I can one tell him the truth, or two, and am really liking this one, I can lie my butt off. Don’t get me wrong am not a liar and I don’t do it, Much. But am thinking if I tell him every thing now, there’s a good chance that I want be walking up again. He may look hurt but I don’t think I want to take any chances . Plus we have more important matters to talk about like , How the hell did he bring me here, and who the hell beat the shit out of him. “ Look uncle Michael, I know you most likely have a sh.... I mean a tone of questions. But can we skip that for know . and you just tell me what’s going on?”

Mi : “ My god you look so much like Max. ”

Ok now that was just rude. You don’t see me calling him names. Ok ,so I did say he was a pervert in a dress. But what he said was just mean. I think am hurt, ( NOT!!!!!) . Ok so let me describe myself to all of you, so that you can know what I look like, am five feet three inches tall, I have bonze skin, and brown hair with blue streaks, my eyes are a mix of brown and gold. My mom says they glow when I laugh or smile , which isn’t much. my ears stick out just a little. and my mom says that am more built now then, Max was at sixteen. I guess it’s something in the water. In other words am just a shorter version of Max. But don’t let the looks fool you , Am nothing like dear old dad. I may be eleven but I don’t look it, nor do I act like a eleven year old . I had to grow up fast, I really don’t have time to be a kid. If I stop and think about it, I don’t even think I would know how to be a kid if I was even given the chance to be one. I have a temper, and I don’t like change. But I have a feeling that what Michael is about to tell me is going to have every thing change. and as much as I would love to just run and hide from It, I can’t, because I am a king . And a king would never turn his back on one of his own. And as am saying this I know my own words are going to come back and bit me in the ass latter.

I want to believe it’s not true, that he’s not really here, that it’s just one of Tess’s mind games again. But I know that he’s real and that by some miracle he’s still alive, and that I brought him here.

God I feel so a shamed, to let him see me like this. He looks so much like Max, That I can’t help but to stand here and wait for the disapproving comments. For him to tell me how much of a disappointment I am, or that am a failure for not protecting my family , by letting them fall in the hands of Tess and the FBI. I wait but they don’t come.

Instead he stands in front of me with his arms folded across his chest . Looking nothing like a eleven year old kid. And I can’t help but to wonder , what he has went thru. What could have happen to harden, the sweet little boy that I use to know. And am hurt and relieved at the same time. Am relieved to know that Ryan and Liz are alive and well, and am hurt that they wouldn’t tell us, that they chose not to. But as much as I want to know what’s going on and how is it that he’s still alive. I know that there’s more important things to tell him. So I look him in the eyes and preceded to tell him what happened.

Oh shit ! I knew Tess was an evil bitch, but even this is a low for her. I stand here listening to my uncle Michael , tell me how Tess posed as an FBI agent and had the special unit reopened. I stand here and listen to how she had them captured a week ago and had them all experimented on like some fucking lab rat. I stand here listening to all this, trying to keep the tears at bay. I haven’t cried since I got to Antar, and I know Larek says that it’s ok for men to cry, that it doesn't make us weak. But I found out at a really young age that crying doesn’t get you what you want. It sure as hell didn’t make Max love me. I feel myself starting to wake, as am telling him to hang on that mom and I are coming for them. As am fading I could barely her him say.

Mi: “ As much as you may not what to believe it, you are more like your father then you think.”

I woke feeling sick to my stomach, not sure if it’s because of what I found out from uncle Michael or that he said that I was like Max, am thinking the latter. But as I lye here am shocked , because I still have the feeling that something is coming. I thought for sure that it would be gone once I woke. And I know two thing right now. one, mom and I will be going back to earth to get our family back, and two, what ever is coming may just break down my walls that I spent so along putting up. And all I can say is “ Happy birthday to me !!!!!!!!”

Hey guys , next stop earth. So please leave feedback.

Ok, that went well. are you guys noticing the sarcasm in my voice? If not, I most be losing my touch. How about I do you guys one up? Let’s flash back, shall we.

~ “ MOM!!, MOM!! We have a little problem . I think we’re going to have to go to earth.”~

~ “ WHAT! Ryan, honey just slow down. And start from the beginning.”~

~ “ OK, slow down ,yeah right.. I knew to do that. Ok, it started when uncle Michael contacted me , in my dream....”~

' “ Wait , Just wait a minute! What do you mean when Michael contacted you? How is that even possible? He doesn’t know that we’re, that we’re still alive. Larek told me that he took care of that.”~

~ “ Believe me mom I was ready to dump in my pants to, when I figured out who he was. And if he didn’t know that we’re alive before, he sure as hell know now.”~

~ “ RYAN MICHAEL PARKER ! This not a time to joke or be a smart ass. So start talking.”~

~ “ Their in trouble, mom. Michael, Kyle, Maria , and Isabel, was captured by the FBI and Tess.”~

~ “ TESS!?! What the hell do she have to do with all this?”~

~ “ That’s what I was trying to tell you if you would just let me finish. You see Tess is on earth, and she is posing as an FBI agent . She had the special unit reopened and had them all captured. MOM, you didn’t see Michael. He looked bad, even in his mind he looked bad. Mom, that sick BITCH broke him.”~

~ “ Ok , am thinking. Just hold on. Ok Ryan go telecom Larek. It looks like we’re going to earth.”~

~ “ Mom don’t worry, we’ll get them all back safe. And then am going to make Tess go away for good.”~

~ “ Ryan sweetie Tess is the least of our problems. Am more concerned about what your aunt Maria is going to do to us, once she finds out that we’re still alive.”~

And now we’re here in the granolith room. Larek is trying to tell mom that she should send some warrior’s . That her and I shouldn’t do this at all , let alone do it alone. I watch the emotions play on her face like a movie, and even I know that he is fighting a losing battle, with this one .

Let me tell you all a little about Larek . You see he gets a boner every time he’s in the same room as my mother. My god the poor guy starts to stutter every time her name is mentioned . Mom thinks it’s cute . I think it’s sickening . Now don’t you guys go miss understanding me , I love Larek like he was my play father . But the guy is married with children , three in fact. Larek is a great guy, I just wish he would get over it already, am sure the help are getting tired of mopping up his drool every time his comes to visit.

Any way where were we ? Oh yeah, Mom and I need to connect to the granolith . See the plan is to go to the base and teleport all of us back here. Mom doesn’t think there's a place on earth safe enough for them to stay, so (SHE) decided to bring them here. Do you see me jumping for joy, NOT. I want them to be safe , I just don’t want to bring them here. I guess am just not ready to share just yet. And no I don’t mean the planet or the castle, I mean my mom. am not ready to share my moms time with them. I guess am just use to having her mostly to myself. You can call me a momma’s boy if you like, I can’t argue with what’s true, I’ll do any thing for my mom. Here pride in me is what makes my world turn, and it is what is going to make me a great king some day. No am not conceded , just stating a fact.

We’re in the granolith right now, And let me tell you this is kick ass. I look down to see what my mom is looking at and my eyes catch Larek. Oh my all that is holy , is he crying? Oh shit he is crying. My goodness , come on Larek. Suck it up. be a men , grow some balls. I don’t care what he does as long as he stops with the fucking water works. My mom is giving me a stern look , because am holding my crotch in my hand , mouthing to Larek to get a pair. Oh well she may be a little upset with me right now, but I think it was wroth it , since it got Larek to stop with all the damn crying,. Don’t you?

Woohoo!!! This shit feels good. You all must get you one of these granolith things, because there’s not a better way to travel. all a board, next stop Eagle range Air Force Base, Location , EARTH.

Mom and I hide behind a rock formation right outside the base . we look at each other smile and knock knacks. what can I say? This shit is exciting . After years of boredom, I finally get to get off my ass and do something. granted I my die on this mission, but my goodness this is the shit. Am finally doing what I was born to do, be a king, a warrior , the protector of my people. Do you smell the maleness level raising? Come on people smell it ! Smell it god damn it !

I make a move to walk from behind the rock, when I get this buzzing feeling in the back of my head, I push my mom back just in time, because at that moment someone crashed right into my chest, almost knocking me on my ass. I raise my hand ready to blast the person, but when I look down, I meet a pair of eyes that match my own. The boy is way shorter then I., am a good 3 to4 inches taller then him, his hair is a blondish brown color. And I know now that this is Philip. This is my older brother. The son that Max left me and mom for, the son that he loves . And if he’s here that can only mean that Max isn’t that far behind. And that’s a meeting am not ready for just yet. I grab for my mom’s hand and started to back up , but she wouldn’t move .I look around me just to see what the hell was wrong with her only to look up into the face of my teller, older mirror image. That’s right people, am looking right at one Maxwell Philip Evans, sperm donor extraordinaire .


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Thanks, you guys for the feedback, I really love it. Here is part four, it's been posted on the old board for some time now, but I never got around to posting it here. So here it is. Part five will be out on sunday.


HA! HA! I bet you guys thought would crack, when put face to face with Max. Didn’t you? Well you all was wrong , HA! But what is freaking me out is the way he’s looking at me, I mean I can feel the love coming off him in waves. But that can’t be right, Hasn’t he proven time and time again that he doesn’t love me? Hasn’t he made it perfectly clear that he wanted nothing to do with me? Come guys help me out here! It’s stress, yeah That’s it. It’s just stress, it’s making me see things that aren’t even there. Most be that fucking inerchild of mine, that still holds out hope that his daddy loves him. Remind me to give him a wake up call when I get back home.

Well back to the problem at hand. I should say something , but before I could Phillip bet me to it. And you won’t believe what he did. That little fucker yell out “ Liz !” then preceded to run into her arms. But the little ass hole ran into my shield that I had up around us , and flew backwards landing right on is ass . The look on his and Max’s face was almost enough to make me laugh , almost being the key word here. I mean how dumb can they get? did they really think that I would come here and leave mom and myself unprotected, I mean really, get a clue. Or maybe it was the fact that unlike Max you can’t see my shield and it don’t take any of my energy to keep it up. But all that doesn’t matter to me right now. All that matter to me is how the hell did small fry over there, know my mom and what has he been smoking to think that she would be happy to see someone that she has no clue of who he is. I look over to Max, and he has this big goofy grin on his face as he looks at Philip, mom and I. I don’t know how he knew, but some how he knew that mom and I was alive, and he’s been fulling Philip’s head with stories of how much of a happy little family we would be once they found as. Oh PLEASE!!!!!! Would someone hand me a bag? Because I think am going to puke . And before you ask me yes I can read minds.

After I pick that up in Max’s head, I don’t know what came over me, It’s like my fist got a mind of it’s own, because be fore I knew what I was doing I had hit Max in his eye. I think he got out “ Ryan! what the fuc....?” Before I let all my anger I had for him out. I couldn’t stop hitting him even if I wanted to , it took my moms yelling for me to stop before I even realize that not only was I fighting Max , but I was taking on Philip as well. I finally came back to my senses , and notice the dark purple glow that was surrounding me. I let Max and Philip drop to the ground and stumble back, I get my anger under control and the glowing stopped. I walk over to my mom and grabbed her hand and start walking to the compound.

Yes! I have a new plan. You want to know what it is? to bad am going to tell you any way. Here it goes, are you ready ? We’re just going to walk into that base and get our family back. And who ever get in my way will pay with their lives . Am not evil and I don’t want to kill any one, but I will if I have to. They started this war not me, All I what is to get my family out and take them home. No matter how many lives are taken here today, the ending will still be the same, I WILL WIN!!!!!! And it got to be fast, because I just want to get my family back and get the hell off this planet , and away from Max. I know Larek told me that I should start developing new power since am getting older, but what happen back there with Max and Philip just scared the hell out of me. And the faster I get away from them the faster I can forget this new power of mine.

Ok I know my plan isn't great , But I don’t know what else to do other then Leave without getting my family out. And that just isn’t an option.

When we reach the base I tell mom to do her thing, I turn around only to see that Max and Philip was standing there with their mouths hanging open. You know, if they keep doing that every time they see something new a bug is going to fly in there. I turn around and precede to walk past the frozen guard . I know mom froze all the humans on the base, but that still leave the she devil Tess. And I can’t wait to get my fucking hands around that bitches neck. As we’re walking to the room where I can feel Isabel’s energy , Philip decides that he wants to be leader and tries to walk ahead, That is until he hits the shield that I have up around all us. And now we have to stop because the poor baby is on the ground crying in pain. “ Oh come on you big baby!!!!! Get the hell up. It didn’t hurt that fucking much. If you can’t handle this like a man, maybe you and ( YOUR) Daddy should wait out side where it’s safe. We wouldn’t want you breaking a nail you fucking girl. I came here to get my family back, you and Max wasn’t in that plan. So if you keep slowing me down, I will take you out myself, without shedding one tear.” I can see Max try to get mom to do something , but he should know she won’t. unlike him mom will always have my back. I know what I said to Philip was a little hard, but am on a mission here, I can’t be slowed down. Any way it worked he’s back on his feet and we’re moving again. When we reach the room where I know that their in I use my powers to unlock the door. When I open the door I can’t help the laugh that comes out of my mouth . I guess I forgot about Maria and Kyle being human so when mom froze all the humans she also got them, and Isabel is slapping them both. At hearing my laugh she turns from what she doing , before I know what the hell going on she has me in this tight ass hug. am guessing Michael told them about mom and I being alive. I look around for Michael as mom and is unfrozen Maria and Kyle, And this when I notice that I didn’t feel Michael, I felt Isabel but I never felt Michael. The other most have notice me looking because Maria came up to and said “ They took him this morning. and I stop feeling him an hour later.” Am confuse for a second trying to see how she could feel Michael, That is until a finally look at her to see that she’s big with child. I back up shaking my head , This can’t be happening Michael can’t be dead. I look at them and tell them that he’s not dead, now their all looking at me like I’ve lost it, I guess I should explain. “ I have a connection to Michael. I have since I was one. It went away when mom and I left , now that Am back I would feel it if he was dead . Because I imprinted myself in his mind when I was one I knew he couldn’t save me but I wanted him to be my dad. So he let me imprint him even knowing that he would feel the same pain that I was in, he still let me do it. so you see he not dead.” I didn’t miss the hurt look that was on Max’s face when I said that I wanted Michael as my dad , but his feelings are the last of my worries right know.

Before I know what's happing I get this light buzzing in my head, it’s weak but I know it’s Michael. Am on my feet running the hall in seconds . I can hear the others behind me so I know their safe . I reach the door To the room that I know Michael’s in, I don’t even worrying about unlocking the door I just blast it open. And when I walk in the door, The purple glow that surrounded me earlier was back and darker then before. Because there strapped to a table
with his chest opened and about six frozen FBI doctor's around him is ( MY) uncle Michael.

posted on 12-Feb-2002 5:17:50 PM by honeybee

OH MY GOD ! What the hell have I done ? Why can’t I control this power? I don’t know what happened after the glowing started, I must have blanked out again. Because am now in the corner, with my mom and she has her shield up in full power to keep me from getting out.

I look around at my surroundings and notice that Michael is now healed and is on the other side of the room with the rest of the group . When the hell did that happen ? I look around to the other side of the room, mom tries to block my view, but she’s to late. I saw, I saw all the blood on the floor. In that blood were the doctors that had cut open my uncle. I looked down at myself and saw that I was covered in blood. Not just any blood, their blood. I killed them. I killed defenseless people, and that makes me no better then them.

I shake my head and back away from mom , before bending over and losing what was left of my breakfast. I look up to see her staring at Max and Phillip. And so it begins, Am losing my mom to Max and his son. Well I guess I can’t blame her, who would want I cold blooded killer for I child. I put my emotions in check before the tears came, Am a king and I’ll be damned if I let them see me cry.

Mom’s head snaps my way when she feels the connection that we share stop. I look into her confuse eyes and my own softens. I can’t hate her, I can’t even blame her for finally wanting to get away from me, I’ve been nothing but problems for her since I was born. She has done so much for me, given up so much just so that I could live. So if being with Max and Phillip is what's going to make her happy, Then am not going to make her feel bad about it, because all I ever want is for her to happy . God I sound like an old man. I look at my mom with a force smile and tell her to “ go to them.”

She grabs me by the chin so that I was looking into her eyes, and says “ Never ! I would never chose anyone over you Ryan. I don’t think of you as a killer. God, sweetness if you wouldn’t have killed them I would have. I was looking at Max to see if he had any ideal, of what was happening to you. I know what your going though Ryan, you know that I do. I felt the seem way after I killed Khavir. You held me then. So let me hold you now. you are my little king , my child , my son, You will always come first to me. I will never leave you Ryan, I will always be by your side. And when the time comes for when I must leave this life, you can rest assured that even know you won’t be able to see me , That I will still be standing beside you.”

I drop to my knees taking her with me. I feel her arms wrap around me as she starts to rock me back and forth, and humming you are my sunshine to me. And as much as I would love to stay wrapped up in the safety of my mother’s arms, I know that I can’t. My family needs me to get them home safe, and I am not going to let them down.

So here we are.,all out side again. no one saying any thing , hell ! none of them will even look my way, I guess their all scared that I would get mad and turn into the living glow stick again. Am starting to think it only happens when my emotions are really high, so am standing here wondering, do you think when I have sex, That Ryan JR will glow to? Hell who am I kidding, , when the time comes for me to get some, am pretty sure that I won’t be caring a damn about if my dick is glowing or not . hell I won’t care if her shit was to glow .

Well am starting to get hungry, so I guess it time for mom and I to hand home. What !?! What did you guys think? That I was going to stay and wait for Tess to show up. Do you guys not know me at all ? Look here is the deal, you all know that if Tess was any where on this base, she would have showed her evil little face by now. And I for one am not going to look around this whole planet for her ass . I put my hand into my mom’s and the blue glow of the granolith surrounds us. And wouldn’t you know it , That’s when Max decide to say something. Are you guys ready for this ? Ok here’s his big Line. “ LIZ ! , RYAN ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Oh , a son couldn’t be more proud, he thought of that line all by his little old self . And you guys are wondering why I don’t want to be known as his son because ? Ok I rest my case.

I turn to face the group “ Mom and I don’t know about the rest of you but, we have had all the fun that we can handle for one day, so we are going home. You all are welcome to come along if you what, but if not guess we’ll see you when we see you..”

Michael is the first one to step up and grab mom’s hand , slowly the rest of the group joined . Max and Phillip were the last to ones, I was really hoping that they wouldn’t come, But like always when do I get what I want. Oh well, it should be fun to watch Max learn that he and Phillip are of no importance on Antar. I smile when I hear Michael ask “ So where is home for you two?” My smile get bigger as I look at Max and answer Michael. “ Antar.” Short , simple, and to the point. I said it once and I’ll say it again. If their mouths drop open with every thing new that they find out or see, then something is going to fly in there.

( Sorry guys, for no mad Ryan in this part. Part six Max and Phillip will find out their place on Antar. And Maria will find out first hand, just how mad Ryan can get, when you hurt his mother.)

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Hey guys here is part six. It's can of rushed so forgive me for the mistakes. hope you like it.


So here we are in the granolith room, we landed about fifteen minutes ago, but we’re here waiting for Larek and the guards to come and unlock the door. am about to say fuck it and unlock the door myself, when the door flies open and in walks Larek and about twenty guards. I mean , come on now! He looks like he’s about to go off to war or something. I don’t think he really needed to bring that many guards, do you?

Everybody’s in the room are all tense up, but mom and I. Michael ‘s got Maria behind him, and Isabel is blocking Kyle. am about to step up and put every body to rest when Max pushes mom and I back and him and Phillip put their selves in front of us. I should be the bigger man and tell them that they shouldn’t do what their about to do. I should take them aside and tell them myself what their roll on Antar is now, but what would the fun in that be. I mean they have to find out sooner or later, right? Then why shouldn’t I get a laugh out of it?

It happened so fast that if you would have blinked you would have missed it . Phillip walked forward to tell the guards to lower their weapons, and before he knew what was happening they had him on the floor, Max tried to help him but the guards had him eating floor dirt to. Max is pined to the floor yelling “ I AM THE KING! I AM ZAN!” not knowing that they know who he is and still not giving a fuck. Larek looks my way to see what they should do next , but am laughing so hard I just wave telling him to go ahead . so he bins to tell them of their new title on Antar “ Max I am telling you here and now that you and Phillip are of no importance on Antar. Your title and your power over the granolith has been taken from you.” He points to me “ That is the heir to the throne and the controller of the granolith.” He then turns and points to mom “ That is the queen of Antar and the controller of the granolith and together they are our ruler . You and Phillip are just like any body on the streets of Antar.” And the look on Max and Phillip faces are just to much if I don’t stop laughing am going to piss myself. I get a hold of myself and look Max right in the eye “ Welcome to Antar. I am the heir to the throne and the lady to my right is my mother and also the queen of Antar. And we will be your tour guides today.”

We are now in the war room. Everyone is looking at mom and I like we grow a second head or something. Mom start to talk but is cut off by Maria “ YOU BITCH!!! You had us thinking that Ryan had die and you had killed yourself. When all this time you two have been alive and well living it up on another planet . We turned our backs on Max for you, Isabel’s brother , Michael’s best friend. Now I see why Max Picked Tess over you! You are nothing but a selfish Bitch who thinks of no one but herself.” Mom runs out the room , but not before I saw the tears running down her face. All I saw was red as I pin Maria against the wall by her throat.

“ You listen now and you listen good! No one will treat my mother the way you have just treated her just now ! Am sorry if my life means Shit to you, but it means every thing to her and I thank what ever god their is who bless me with her! I would have died that day and mom would have taken her own life, but Larek come and stop it. He told mom away to save my life and she took it, And it didn’t come without a price . Larek had to destroy all moms human cell and let the little Antaren cell she had in her from max saving her take over. She almost died twice, just so that I can live! mom gave up being human . And she had to leave her home and her planet. she gave all this up for me without even thinking twice about it. Am sorry that you are to selfish to see past your own face. because if you would have thought before you open your big trap. you would have known that she didn’t tell you guys because she wanted to gave you guys back your life. she knew that every one of you put your life on hold so that you can help her with me. am sorry if she thought to much of you to ask you to go fight a war on another planet. to gave your life for people that you don’t know. Am sorry that she wanted you all to be happy again. And I tell you this and I tell now ! that if my mom drop just one tear again because of your hurtful words I will have no remorse in ordering your death !!!!” I let go and let her drop to the floor roughly. I step back . the guards let the others ago. as am walking to the door I see Michael rush to be by her side , I know that I didn’t hurt her or the baby but I wanted to and I could have. Like I said before my mom is my every thing and to see her cry is just to much for me. Am about to walk out the door when I turn to look them all in the eye to let them know that what I say is the truth “ You all call her selfish! But when I told her that you all need help, she didn’t think twice about putting her comfortable and peaceful life at risk to save you. And this is how you repay her. By putting her down, just because she put the life of her child before you. why don’t you take a long look at yourself before you call someone selfish. Because the only selfish people I see here are you all and me! because I can tell you now that I would have let you all die , just so I wouldn’t have had to see the hurt in my mom’s eyes from the words that you have spoken to her today.”

With that said I exit the room. And I ask you guys this because maybe you can help me find him. Where is that lovable little boy that I use to be, that little boy that found it so easy to forgive.

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So it’s been about two weeks since we been back from earth , mom and I throw ourselves into work for the first week, before we told ourselves that enough was enough, this was our planet our people, why should we hide out from the others or walk on eggs shells around them. So mom decided that if they are going to treat her like shit after every thing we did for them, then she was going to act like Pam Troy to them. I have no ideal who this Pam Troy girl was but she must have been a world class bitch.

But for the last two days every things been kind of quit . And I find myself following Phillip around, Something just doesn’t feel right . I mean come on, the boys my brother shouldn’t I have some kind of connection to him, something that would tell me that he is some part of me, but I don’t not even a little drop. I know he’s Max’s son because they have the same eyes, and lets not forget the ear, the ears are a dead give away. but something isn’t right I should have a connection to him , like Max has with Isabel and like a lot of the siblings have here. But no, all I have are sore feet and a numb ass from sitting to long , could he get any more boring? I think not.

So today I find myself sitting here in my room trying to from some kind of connection to him, am about to say fuck it and go play some ball. When I find myself out side of his door, don’t even ask how the fuck I got here because your guess is as good as mine. And don’t you know when I go to knock I fall face first on the floor in his room and what's worst is I don’t think he’s alone because I hear him talking to someone, it would be my luck that it’s Max, so not only would I have made of fool of myself in front of Phillip, but why stop there when Max can see how much of an ass I am. I lift my head up ready to spit out some manly words to him and his guest, and I can’t help the gasp that come out. But just as fast as I got there am back in my room faster.

I run to the war room not even trying to hide my surprise, when I see the rest of the gang here with mom. hopefully their here to beg for her forgiveness , but I don’t have the time to think about that right at the moment. I look around the room hoping to spot Phillip some where in there, and hoping beyond hope that what I saw was some sick dream. But when I don’t see him anywhere I grab mom’s hand and take off toward his room, I can hear the other’s footsteps behind us. We are a few halls from the room,, when mom pulls her hand from mine and stop causing the others to run into her .

“ Ryan!?! What’s wrong with you honey?”

I take a step to her and grab her hand in to mine again “ Tess! Tess is here. And she is in Phillip’s room with him right now.” All I feel is a big gust of wind past me as Max runs to Phillip’s room. We all take off after him when he blast his way into Phillip’s room. Now you all know how much I dislike Max , but That was kick ass. when the smoke clears away , sure enough there is Tess hiding be hide her own son, do the woman not have shame? because that is low even for her. Max pulls Phillip away from her, leaving her wide open to me. I called up ever ounce of power from the granolith. Leaving me surrounded in a purplish black glow, This power is the shit once you get the hang of it. I raise my hand to Tess, and would you believe she is crying and pleading with me for her life. I don’t think so bitch. I aim my hand at her and fire, Then every thing seem to go into slow motion, as Max runs and put his body in front of Tess’s. And that damn inner child of mine is going crazy , I raise my hand to call back the energy, as soon as I do I know that am about to die. I look over to mom and see her running toward me I surround her with my shield to stop her, because I know if I don’t she would gladly give her life for mine, and just like I couldn’t kill Max I can’t and I won’t let her die for me, she has already lose to much because of me, and it stops here and now. I mouth the words “ I love you” to her just before the energy I called back, the energy that should have killed Tess and ended this for good hit me, I feel a shit load pain and I do mean I shit load before every thing goes black.

I open my eyes and am surrounded by nothing but stars, Who would have thought Larek would be right. He always said that if I didn’t learn better control of my power that I was going to blast myself to outer space . “ Well goddamn , holy fuck !”

“ Now is that any way for a king to talk?”

I look up to see who said that, only to come face to face with a cooler looking Max. Ok , now I know am dead, am dead and in hell. Hell being that I have to live out eternity with no one to talk to but Max. OH GOD! Please, where is the pitch fork ? Where is the fire? Please any thing but this. Where the hell is the big red guy with horns? because this just will not do.

Max stops right in front of me and swipes his hand over my cheat and my shirt is gone. Oh this shit just went from bad to a hella lot worst. Come on red guy, I know your sick , but this is just nasty. I will kill myself again before I live out eternity being Max’s sex toy. He reaches his hand out to touch me when I cross my arms over my chest , his head snaps up to look at me, he looks me right in the eyes and do you want to know what he did next, he laughed . Not any laugh , he fell over laughing so hard.

“ Am.... am not Max”

I look at him “ Then who are you?”

“ Am Zan.”

Ha, ha, ha, he must think am some kind of stupid “ Zan? As in Max’s dupe Zan? That’s funny because last I heard you was dead.” I look around again before I realize that I am some kind of stupid, because as far as I know am dead to. His face is turning red from trying not to laugh. “ Ok so maybe you are Zan. So what are you? Like my after life sprit guide or something?” And that was all it took before the laughing started up again. “ What!?! Do I look like some goddamn comedian to you!?!” I turn around and start walking away, I have no clue to where am going but any where has to be better then staying here listening to him snort like a fucking pig , but what he says next froze me where I stand.
“ Your not dead Ryan. And Phillip isn’t your brother,”

Ok now my interest is pecked I turn around “ Explain.”

“ I will but first you must let me heal you. I can feel your life force slipping .”

I can feel the warmth as his healing energy flows through me. When he pull his hand back I notice that I was once again wearing my shirt. “ EXPLAIN”

“ Ok, Ok. Pushy much? Your not dead because I took some of the energy . Not very much of it, but enough so that you wouldn’t die long enough so that I could heal you.”

“ But where are we?”

“ We are in between. Not dead , but not alive either . But you don’t belong here any more, You need to go back Ryan. Your mother needs you, your planet and people need you as well.”

“ NO ! I can’t..... I won’t . Not until you tell me how Phillip is not my brother. Because you can’t tell me Max is not his father . because I see, I see it every time I look at him. I see it every..... every time Max looks at him. only a father can have that much love and pride for a child.”

“ Am not saying Max isn’t Phillip's old man. He just isn’t yours.”

“ What !?! That can’t be. Am a mirror of him. Well in looks any way.”

“ Ryan , Max isn’t your father. I know you want to hate him. I know you want to blame him for leaving you , but he isn’t the one you should be blaming.”

“ Then who? Enlighten me Oh he who seems to know every ones business. If Max isn’t daddy dearest then who is? Come on , oh great one, tell me , who should I hate, who should I be blaming.”

“ You should blame me. You should hate me. Because am the one who left you. I am your father , Ryan.”