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Author: TD DreamerBehr

Rating: PG 13

Category: M/L who else? M/M and A/I too

Summary: Liz and Kyle just broke up but Max is still with tess BUT has always loved Liz and always will, when Max and Liz have a little conversation at a party Liz realizes something and gives Max advice but doesn't know it's about her, well I've given enough the rest you'll find out if you read on....

Author's Note: when you see this* it means someone is thinking*

Part 1

It was late afternoon as Liz walked into the house of her friend Jessica who was throwing a party. She was waiting for Maria, kyle and her had broken up the day before and Maria thought it would be a good idea if they go out and 'have themselves some fun and find some reall men' was how Maria put it, Liz was up for the idea but she didn't really see Kyle as a boyfriend enough to look at him as one. Truth is she never really did.She wanted to find someone better someone who would make her knees go weak and send butterflies to her stomach. But maybe it was just wishful thinking

"Hey Liz"
Liz turned to see Jessica "Hey Jess"

"How are you"

"Good, you?"

"Great, so I heard about you and Kyle"

*Great* "Ya well , it doesn't really matter"

"You'll find someone else anyways huh?, someone better this time"

"Hope so"

"Come on, of course you will, you have the Parker charm"

"Well if ya put it that way" Liz laughed

"I do, anyways I gotta go, have fun Liz, who knows maybe you'll find someone here" Jess said "you know what they say god works in mysterious ways"

"Maybe" Liz said as she watched Jessica's retreating figure, she decided she needed some air so she walked outside the patio door and a bench with someone sitting there, She walked up to him and sat down he was staring up at the stars *Is he crying?* Liz thought

"Are you ok?"

"Ya" He said in a soft voice

"I'm Liz" She said as she held out her hand

"Liz?" He asked as he turned to look at her

"Max?" *Why is Max here crying"

"Ya, what are you doing here?" *Liz Parker*

"Oh just getting some air, you?"


"Are you sure"


"OK" They sat there for a few minutes sneaking glances at each other

"So I heard about you and Kyle" Max said even though it wasn't his favorite subject, liz and kyle, he needed something to say "I'm sorry"

"Why does everybody say that? Don't be, I don't care, I broke up with himand he's telling everyone that he broke up with me. WHAT AN ASS!" Liz said "sorry"

Max smiled "Don't be"

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Hey Guy's Thanx for the awesome feedback I thought I'd post part2 today so here it is
By the way Iwas planning on posting part 3 tonight or tommorrow

Part 2

"you know what?" Liz asked

"what?" Max asked

"It really feels good to talk to someone about it, and I'm glad it wasyou Max, your a really good listener"

"Why thank you Liz, and you know what?" Max asked

"What?" Liz asked

"Your a really good talker" Max joked, Liz laughed *God I love her laugh*

"So um...why were you crying beforewhen I came to sit here?"

"Nothing really"

"A girl?" Liz asked


"Well tell me about herjust, you know, you don't have to tell me her name, I mean I can still help you know"

"Well I wasn't really crying just sad because I really like this girl since as long as I can remember , and she just broke up with her boyfriend and I didn't want her hurting so I was just sad for her and I want to ask her out but I'm not sure"

''Oh wow, I mean do you ever talk to her?"

"Not much" Max answered "just casually sometimes"

"Well you know you should try to talk to her more often and you know Max, try asking her out ya never know she might say yes now that her boyfriend broke up with her, I mean I'd go out with you"

Max's whole face lit up "you would?" he asked smiling

"Ya I mean your a great guy,smart,funny,good at listening, you are the perfect boyfriend" listening to her words she realized that Max was the perfect guy and she found that she might've had a crush on him all along, maybe she never really got over him?hen Liz realized what she had just said and starting blushing "Oh My God!" Max I'm so sorry"

"It's ok, you know I might just ask her out after all, thanks to you" he said, Liz smiled "But there's just one problem"

*I'm so stupid I might have just made Max ask out some other girl while I like him* "What?"


Well that's part 2 hope you liked it, Please leave your feedback good/bad anything and you can also give me some ideas for what you guys think should happen
and don't worry I would never make Max cry over Tess.

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You guys thanx soooo much for the wonderful feedback and did you even doubt for a minute that I'd make Max cry over tess? Come on who do you think I am? I'm not coldhearted here. Don't worry not much m/l part here but there will be next time, trust me

Part 3

"Tess? why would she be a probl...oh that's right your dating her already"

"Ya but I don't want to, I never really did it just happened kind of"

"Ya I know what you mean"

"it's just that I really love this other girl, and I always have,it's just that I never thought I had a chance, 'till now, how did you do it liz?"

"Do what?"

"Dump Kyle"

"Well I just said enough is enough and did it"Liz said, it was more like a spur of the moment type of thing"

"I wish I had your self-esteem"

"Plus I think I liked someone else"



"Do I know him?"

"Ya I'm pretty sure you do" Liz looked at the time "Oh uh Maria should be here now, Ill go check, knowing her she's probably going bananas looking for me"

"Oh,ok" Max said barely hiding his dissapointment

"Are you coming?"

"Ya I'll be there in a few minutes, but I think I'll sit here for a while"

"Ok well I'll save you a dance or two then?"

"Ya that'd be great" Max smiled *me dancing with Liz Parker*

"Ok then, dance with ya later" Liz joked, * I wonder who he likes*

Max smiled *I wonder who she likes*

Maria walked through the crowds of people in the hallways and basically everywhere else. As she finally walked outside she saw what seemed to be Liz sittingon a bench pretty close to a boy, *wait a minute isn't that?.....MAX! MAX EVANS!! YAY, Well it's about damn time!As she walked back in to find Alex who was probably with Isabel Michael drove down the street and could already hear the loud music over his engine *I wonder if Maria's there* and then he saw her, walking into the house, he quickly parked his bike and ran to the front door, where he last saw her.


"Liz Hey! what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean?" Liz asked

"Well shouldn't you be outside with um... let's say Max Evans??"

"Maria stop it we were just...Wait you saw us?"Liz frowned

"Yuuuup"Maria smiled *Ha I love this*

"And for how long?"

"I just passed by and saw you with him so I left, Why did anything else happen??" Maria got a little too excited there "Did you finally kiss???"

"No!Maria we didn't"

"But you wish you did?" It was more of a statement than an answer

"No..." Liz hesitated

"Oh come one Liz, who am I?" Maria said

"Your Maria Deluca...."

"Exactly" Maria cut in

"The chatterbox" Liz finished

"Hey!"Maria swatted her arm playfully. Looking a bit further than Liz she saw Max watching them
"Well he's interested"

"What?, who?" Liz turned around and caught Max watching her "Your tripping"

"Ha, no I'm not"

"Max Evans, This?" Liz said pointing to herself "No way"

"What? Yes way you are gorgeous and those cheeks! Preciosita Tan Linda! Go"Maria told Lizas she swatted her away. Maria felt someone gently tap her shoulder, she turned arounf to see Michael Guerin

"Hi Maria"

"Michael, Hi"

"Dance?" He said as he looked at the dance floor and then at her helplessly *OH God she's gonna say no, What was I thinking?*

"Uh...Ya sure"


I hope this was good
and just because I'm nice I'll tell you what happens on the next part
This is for all the dreamers, Max and Liz Dance to a song and here's where I need a little help there's two options

1) Max and Liz walk outside because it's too crowded and liz's heel gets stuck and she falls ontop of Max
2) Max and Liz walk upstairs and find kyle and tess making out

Tell me what you think and you can give me other ideas too so I'll have some options and tell me soon 'cuz the sooner I decide the sooner you get the next part

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Ok I hope this is good, I wrote this in kind of a rush becase I really wanted to post it today so tell me if it's good.k? Oh by the way your going to know why I chose this title for the fic in this part and Part 5 will have the action, so your gonna have to wait one more day or longer I have mid-terms this week *sad*

Part 4

"Hey Isabel"

"Alex, What's up?"

"Nothing much, um...shall we dance my lady?"

Isabel laughed "Yes we shall" she said as Alex took arm and led her to the living room and also catching Michael and Maria dancing and laughing and it brought a smile to his face.

"Hey" Liz said as she reached Max

"Hey" Max said smiling

"So.." Liz said "Wanna dance?"


Max led them to the dance floor as the next song came on

Cry from Mandy Moore

I'll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended too soon
You were all by yourself
Staring up at a dark gray sky
I was changed

Max felt Liz rest her head on his shoulders and snuggled closer *God this is a miracle* as they swayed to the music in harmony *nothing can ruin this moment* Liz thought *It feels so natural, like we were meant for each other*

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

The moment that I saw you cry

As the song got a little faster Max took Liz's hands pushed her away gently and pulled her back, He spinned her a few times and was thinking of what it would be like to kiss her *I got to get rid of Tess, But I can't do it alone I'll never get the courage to, I'll need Liz's help*

It was late in september
And I've seen you before (and you were)
You were always the cold one
But I was never that sure
You were all by yourself
Staring at a dark gray sky
I was changed

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

*I'll try and get the courage to ask Liz out, after all there's got to be some hope for me I mean she did say that she would go out with me*

I wanted to hold you
I wanted to make it go away
I wanted to know you
I wanted to make your everything, all right....

I'll always remember...
It was late afternoon...
In places no one would find...

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

*Oh my god, this is amazing, I can't believe that all this time passed and I still have feelings for him and tons*

Baby Cry
Moment that I saw you cry
Oh no no
I think I saw you cry

The moment I saw you cry
I wanted to know you
I wanted to know you

Liz felt Max grow tense and as she looked up to him she noticed he had his worried eyes fixated on something behind her, she followed his gaze and found Tess at the door watching them.

Ok this part was to clear up the reason of why I used this as a title actually I was listening to this song and I got the idea of making this story
I hope you like this part
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Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting I had Mid-terms and I have been studying with my friends and now they're finally over and I can post I'll try today I know it's christmas eve but I have an hour before I baby sit my cousin ( they have satelite and they taped tihs weeks roswell so I'M GOING!) well I'll see if I can today and if not I'll post wednesday for sure!

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Ok guys I just typed itt at 1:30 in the morning and now I wanna go to sleep. Oh and Strawberry Shortcake- the eppy I just saw was Samuel rising where Max meets a boy who he thinks is communicating by his son and it has a real cute dreamer ending!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so here it is! What you've all been waiting for and I better get some feedback on this part!

Part 5-The brake up

She looked really pist, ROYALLY pist. Liz knew that that Tess harding for some reason never liked her and would try and make her life miserable any time she could. But she didn't care 'cuz truth be told she totally hated Tess her and Maria both, they both even had a hunch that the only reason Isabel Evans talked to her was because Max and that Gerbil were dating. Gerbil to them was her middle name Tess Gerbil harding they came up with a few others here and there but that really stood out, That and bitch.
When Kyle went up to her, she practically dragged him away sending the dirtiest glare towards them. Liz turned back to Max who was looking down partially because he saw the look Tess gave to Liz, he knew that she left with Kyle to get back at Liz.

"Max?" Liz asked


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I don't care if she goes off with Kyle, then I'd be free"

"Let's go somewhere else, I don't really feel like dancing"


Liz started to lead them upstairs and in the progress nearly tripping flat on her face over someone but got steadied by Max. When they reached the top of the stairs they looked for an empty room and this house wasn't small there were about 7 roomseach being occupied and they accidently walked into a walk-in closet
to find Michael and Maria "talking" *Ya Right* Liz thought. They checked two more roomsand then the last one. As they opened the door the heard a sound but both shrugged it off thinking the coast was clear.
They both walked into the room hearing a bit of shuffling and turned towards what seemed to be the bathroom to see two people in a heavy duty make out session and the girl had her top off. Liz almost ran out of the room but before she did she caught a glimpse of the girl * God what a tramp* Is that................TESS!!

"Tess?" Max asked

They both turned away from each other to see Max and Liz watching them.

"Max! OMG Max" Tess ran to him "Thank God your here, he said he'd hurt me if I didn't sleep with him!"

"What a load of crap!" Liz muttered

"No one was talking to you, and what are you doing here with MY boyfriend?!"

"Tess" Max said "get a life"


"I think he's saying your through" Liz said *what a dense blonde! I'm loving this!*

"I said NO ONE was talking to you bitch!!!"

Max grabbed her arm "Don't you dare call her that EVER!" You could see the anger and hate in his eyes "Your
the bitch tess and WE are HISTORY!" Max turned on his heel took Liz's small hand in his and led her down the stairs and outside, leaving a stunned tess behind.

They ran outside laughing.

"OMG! Did you see her face?!?" Liz asked

"Ya" Max said "It was priceless"

"I know" Liz said as they calmed down "So what are you gonna do now?"

Max was still in front of her a few feet he turned around to answer her as he stopped walking to let her catch up and saw her stop.

"What's wrong?" He said walking to her

"My heel is stuck in the ground" Liz said "Damn it!" she exclaimed trying to get it out

Max bent down to help her get it out "pull" he said. Liz twisted her foot and pulled hard, her foot immediatly got out sending her flying forward......on Max!

"Oh Shit"

"Liz!" Liz was completly ontop of him, he couldn't believe it!

"Max.......I'm....I just.......urg, OMG! I'm so sorry!"

"It's ok, as long as you didn't get hurt"

Liz chuckled "I'm fine"

"Besides if you wanted to be ontop of me all you had to do was ask" Max laughed along with Liz

"Where on earth could she be?" Maria asked Michael, Alex and Isabel

"They couldn't have gotten that far" Isabel said, she was happy Max finally spent some alone time with Liz

"OH...MY...GOD" Alex said slowly

They all turned to see what Alex was shocked at and it brought smiles to all their faces for diffrent reasons. There across the street were Max with Liz on top of him and it looked like slowly they were getting closer and closer to eachother.

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Well ya I thiught you guys would say that, I mean that goes without saying, ok I'm thinking

1)Tess runs out and catches them but 'the gang' stops her
2) (you might not like this) they don't kiss and I prolonge the kiss 'till the next chapter

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Here's what you've all been waiting for!

Part 6- The Kiss!

As they grew closer together the smiles grew larger.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss" Isabel chanted quietly

"Yeah come on!" Maria agrees

"Pull her closer Max....." Alex said
"Where's your guts" Michael finished

Alex nodded at him *took the words right out of my mouth*


"Liz" Max whispered as he pulled her closer by her waist *What am I thinking*

*Kiss me* Liz thought, then he slowly pushed her away * what is he doing*

They slowly got up each one dealing with internal decisions

"Liz.....we can't" He whispered "You can't kiss someone you don't like in the spur of the moment and I won't forc...."

"Max, no"

"What?" *What am I thinking? am I crazy, I'm so close to kissing the girl I have loved since forever and I stop her? I'm so stupid!*

"You can't lead a girl on and then just push her away.If you want to kiss me then don't back down at the last friggin second" Liz stopped to catch her breath *Did I just say that*

Max was shocked * Did I just get the 3rd degree...... Liz? Did Liz just yell at me? Wait a minute she wants me to kiss her???*

"Wimp" Liz added *what is going on with me?.......HA that felt good*

*She's right* Max thought "your right"

Max slowly pulled her closerto him and as their lips touched they both felt sparks as if something inside them had just awakened


"Yes!" Maria loudly whispered

"They kissed! They kissed!" Isabel jumped up and down then she grabbed Alex and pulled him to her kissed her and hugged him. Alex was shocked and Isabel pulled away surprised at what she didherself, she blushed furiously. Michael glanced at Maria * should I kiss her?*
Just then someone screamed, well actually it was more like a shriek, right behind him. The gang turned to look at whoever made that awful noise, even though they kind of had an idea of who it was. Tess!

"Is there something wrong?" Isabel asked her coldly *there's no way your getting anywhere close to my brother again, bitch*

" that..."Tess tried to speak pointing at Max and Liz who weren't even fazed by the sound

"Here let me help you" Michael said "It's Max, yes, with Liz Parker"

"Nooooooo!!!" she shrieked

"Easy there, I'd like to have my hearing still intact for my 18th birthday"Alex said

Kyle approached them "is that Liz?" he said the jealousy evident in his voice.

"Yup!" Maria said proudly "thats my girl"

"And my brother!" Isabel added proudly "Whooo!!"

I hope you like this part. Tell me what you think!
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Thanx for the feedback and if you have any suggestions bring it on! I'm gonna try and make Liz and tess fight or max and kyle or both! like someone mentioned earlier

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Hey here it is!

Part 7

Max and Liz pulled apart slowly, when they realized they couldn't go on without air much longer.

"Wanna go dance?"Max asked her mentally kicking himself

"Sure"Liz said. They started wlking back

"There's a festival this friday in Albuquerque, I mean we could go if you want to, together

Liz smiled at his nervousness "yeah, I'd love to

Max smiled *that was easy, I I sweating?*

Then as they both looked up they noticed Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex and Kyle and Tess *Oh no*they thought

"Hey Guys" Maria said cheerfully

"Did you finally get the need for air?" Alex joked and Isabel, Maria and Micheal laughed, Max and Liz blushed furiously and Tess and kyle were secretly fuming. Max continued to lead Liz back into the party ignoring all comments.
He lead Liz to the dance floor and she told him to wait as she went to request a song. She came back a few minutes later and they danced to the song that was playing.The song ended and the request came on
Max listened intently to the lyrics and smiled

Eden's Crush- Love this way

I wanna run into someones arms
Lie on a bed of roses
I wanna feel just like juliet
I wanna fall in love
I've got a feeling

Everybody wants someone to love
Somebody they can trust
Somebody they can touch
Everybody wants to give their heart away
Everybody needs a little tenderness
To feel understood
To feel passionate
Everybody wants to be in love this way

They swayed to the music and enjoyed their time together in each others arms, taking in each others exotic scents. It was heaven.

I know I do what about you?

I wanna be somebody's baby
I want to cry and still feel beautiful
Maybe I really just wanna be myself
I'm not the only one
I got a feeling

Everybody wants someonne to love
Somebody they can trust
Somebody they can touch
Everybody wants to give their heart away
Everybody needs a little tenderness
To feel understood
To feel passionate
Everybody wants to be in love this way
Everybody wants to be in love this way
I know I do
What about you

I do I do doesn't everybody wanna give their heart away

I do I do dosen't everybody wanna be in love this way
Cause I do

I wanna feel like an angel
I want to fly on a beam of moonlight
I wanna see heaven from the inside
I wanna feel just like juliet
Juliet juliet

When Liz glanced up Max made his move and leant down and gently kissed her."I do"

"Max would never betray me like that, not with someone else" Tess said to the gang

"Well I kinda think he made it clear that he wants to be with Liz and not you by leaving you here and going with Liz just about now" Alex said

"No Liz wouldn't do that to me, she can't!"Kyle said

"Hello!?! Newsflash! just in case you forgot, Liz dumped your sorry ass yesterday!" Maria said

Tess and Kyle huffed off steaming to go find Max and Liz

"What retards" Michael said

"The perfect couple" Isabel added as Alex put his arm around her waist

Ok I hope this was good and now I gotta go to the hospitalit's my best friends grandmothers b-day and she's in the hospital so I'm going with her

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what do u guys think should happen

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I'm so sorry it took so long. I thought no one was reading it so I stopped. Well here's Part 8

Ok here's Part 8 Finally ( Sorry it took so long)

Tess and Kyle were walking back to the house both deciding that they would help eachother to get Max and Liz back.

"I'll do whatever it takes" Tess said "Whatever it takes, I'll make that bitch pay!" she murmured as they walked into the house and went seperate ways.


"I'll go get us drinks"Max said

"I'll be outside waiting" Liz chanted, making him smile "On the bench" she knew he knew which bench she was talking about.

"Ok" Max said giving her a kiss


Max turned around hearing his sisters voice


"Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm real happy for you"


"About you and Liz" Izzy said

"Wow news spreads real quick"

"Well were in Roswell little bro, and here ppl hve no lives, they'll feed on any information they can get" Izzy smiled "Oh and I've got some more good news"



"Ummm...............Tess is moving to Japan to live with the monks there?!?!"

"No! But that would be great" Isabel said "though Tess wants to kill Liz so you better watch her"

"I know"

"Ok I'll tell you Alex and I are dating" Isabel jumped into his arms all cheerful

"Wow that's great Izzy! It'z about time"

Isabel smiled "I gotta go okay"

"Ok See ya"

Max turned to go get the drinks he saidhe was going to get as he saw Kyle.....following Liz out

Soooooooooooooorrrrryyyyyy itz so short but I gtg to my grams house I'll write the rest there and I'll try posting it when I get back



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part 9


"Calm down"

"Calm down! calm down?? Why should I calm down? I know what she's gonna try to do. She is gonna do everything she can to split Max and Liz up! and I will not let that happenI'll stop her, I will not let her ruin what they have!"

"And what do they have?"

"Happiness" she said with a smile

"And how do you know that GENIUS?!?"

"Because I do"

"For god sake, Sniff some oil maria!!" Alex exclaimed, tired of their yapping

"Ya" Michael agreed

Maria took out her vile of cedar oil and Micahel and Alex comtinued talking

"How can she not get high on that shit?" Michael itz calming"

"Sure doesn't look like it to me"

"Well you should get your eyes checked then"


Max followed Kyle through the crowds of ppl. *He is not gonna get his hands on Liz if that's the last thing I do*

"Hey Max"

*Oh No* Max turned to see who it was and sure enough she was there.


"What's wrong?"

"Your annoying that's what" Normally he wouldn't say that to anyone, at least not to their face but he made an exception for tess, seeing s Izzy and Michael and him always called her gerbil

"Max! Why are you talking like this?She did sopmething to you I know it"

"What are you talking aboutMax said

"I'm gonna get her back" Tess said" she mindwarped you"

"Grow a brain Tess" Max said


Liz walked to the bench and sat down, She look up at the stars and remembered her conversation with Max.

/// "Well I wasn't really crying just sad because I really like this girl since as long as I can remember , and she just broke up with her boyfriend and I didn't want her hurting so I was just sad for her and I want to ask her out but I'm not sure"

''Oh wow, I mean do you ever talk to her?"

"Not much" Max answered "just casually sometimes"

"Well you know you should try to talk to her more often and you know Max, try asking her out ya never know she might say yes now that her boyfriend broke up with her, I mean I'd go out with you"

Max's whole face lit up "you would?" he asked smiling

"Ya I mean your a great guy,smart,funny,good at listening, you are the perfect boyfriend" listening to her words she realized that Max was the perfect guy and she found that she might've had a crush on him all along, maybe she never really got over him?hen Liz realized what she had just said and starting blushing "Oh My God!" Max I'm so sorry"

"It's ok, you know I might just ask her out after all, thanks to you" he said///

To think that he was talking about her the whole time and she didn't even have a clue! Suddenly she felt arms wrap around her and it brought a smile to her lips, wait a minute, something was wrong, she turned around and saw one of the two least peopleshe wanted to see.

"Hi Honey, your coming with me" He said as he took her by the arms hard and lead her away by force.

*Max! Help!*

Hey! I promised that I'd post a longer part and I did so I really hope you like it

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I'm trying to cram as many parts as I can this week because I won't be asle to on spring break, I'm going to stay with my cousins. I hope you enjoy the next part, I'll give you some hints

1) max or michael or alex will save Liz (not sure who yet)

2)tess will fight with Liz (probably not in the next part)

3) someone they never expect comes to roswell and helps kyle get Liz for his own reasons

Well hope you liked part 9 *big*

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I hope you guys like this part

Ok here's Part 10

As Max walked outside it felt like something was wrong,but he shrugged it off. He walked to the bench and noticed Liz wasn't there. *Where is she?? She wouldn't have left, she told him she'd be waiting, Did something happen??*Max panicked
Suddenly an arm slid onto Max's shoulder, he smiled turned around and saw Maria

"Hey" she said "what's wrong you don't wanna see me?"


"You didn't seem right from over there so I came over to see what was wrong and your smile faded"

"No itz not that, I just--"

"You just expected someone else" Maria cut in, Max nodded" Well sorry for that but I could have been Tess so be grateful"

"I am for that, but it's just that Liz said she'd be hereand when she was walking out I saw Kyle following her and I was go to her but I was stopped by the gerbil"

Maria burst out laughing "The gerbil! That's a good one! But wait a minute, then where's Liz?"

The both stood there in shock when they heard screams, not just any screams, Liz's screams

"Liz" Max whispered

"I'll go get the guys"

Max frantically searched for the area where he heard Liz's cry.. *There's too much damn wood* he thought as he took off anywhere


"Kyle stop!"

"If I can't have you willingly then I'll have you by force" Kyle said as he tried to unbutton her top but she punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomach and now she had started running for her life in any direction,

Liz screamed as loud as she can and she kept on screaming hoping that someone would hear her before Kyle caught up with her, she turned around and saw that he was not that far behing. As she turned back to run she collided with someone


She looked up to see Alex

"Alex! OMG! You gotta help me...Kyle....he...I just..I don't know what's wrong with him...he..."

"Liz what are you saying?"Alex siad his heart breaking for his best friend, Liz looked like she had seen a ghost"Was that you screaming?"

"Kyle, he tried to molest me!"Liz said "He's trying to kill me!"

"What?!?" Isabel said, she had been watching Liz the whole time, the poor girl, she looked like she had seen a ghost. Alex and her were in the middle of a make out session and they both heard screams and Alex said he thought it sounded like Liz, and she ran right into him while he tried to steady her.

"He's gonna come, he wasn't that far away, I don't know where he is now" Liz said, she turned around and jus tin time to see a move mentbehind one of the trees.

"Damn this girl for having a forest as a backyard" Isabel said

They all turned around hearing footsteps behind Isabel. Alex was read to knock him unconcious and beat him to a pulp.


Max ran into the directions where he heard the screams as fast as he could, he hoped nothing happened to Liz, He'd kill Kyle. All of a sudden he was hit by something over the head. Everything went black.


I hope that part satisfied you guys, I managed to sqeeze this part in seeing as I might now be able to post in the next days. Anyways I hope you like this part, I feel like I'm writing a soap opera,, this night is lasting me more than 10 parts! Ok Well, I gtg

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Ok I really hope you guys enjoy this new part and I hope I get feedback for it! andI hope to read what you guys think.

Part 11

"Max!" Max heard the voice of an angel

"Max please! Wake up!"You gotta wake up, you have to!" Max finally gave in to the angelic voice,he couldn't quite place his finger on that vioce but he recognized it

It sounds so familiar


Liz! It's Liz! My Liz!

Max's eyes fluttered open and then he saw he, his angel

"OMG! Max! you're okay, are you okay??" Liz said, she was so scared that he had gotten a concussion or worse, she hugged him tightly and he didn't know why, not that he was complaining

"Are you okay? where'd you go?" He suddenly remembered her terrifying screams

"Max Alex knocked you out with a tree stickby accident, he thought you were Kyle"Isabel said, she was so scared for him"Yeah, sorry man"

"Why were you gonna hit Kyle, what did he do?"

Everyone went silent


Oh No,this is bad

"He.....ummmm.......he....well.....he tried to....."Liz couldn't get the sentence out, it was too wierd to say that Kyle Valenti her ex-boyfriend had tried to rape her

"rape her" Alex finished noticing that Liz was having trouble coming to terms with it

Silence again

what was he thinking?

What was he gonna do?

What am I expecting him to do?

Is he gonna say soething or just stare at me with a totally blank expression


"He did what?!?" Max exploded

"He tried, I stopped him and I ran but now I don't know where he is"

I'm gonna kill Kyle Valenti


Michael and Maria ran through the forest as soon as they heard her

What was happening?

They were walking outside just in time to see Kyle dragging Liz into the forest and when they went in to find them, they were no where to be found. Maria ran to get Michael when she was with Max and couldn't find no one else and as they started to walk slowly catching their breath about 2 minutes later Maria heard it agin along with Michael

A cry for help

Liz's screams

And now here they were running like crazy looking for her each praying that she was ok


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ok here's part 12 A
I'm sorry itz short but I don't have time to finish writing it so I made it 12A and tonight I will hopefully post 12B

Part 12A

Tess looked around outside at the forest that surrounded her.
*how can this girl bear to live here, It's all wood!*

Suddenly something caught her attention at the corner of her eye, a movement. She turned to
check it out and there stood Kyle

"OMG! Kyle are you trying to kill me by a heart attack?"

"She was resisting me"


"Liz I tried to seduce her and she told me to stop but I didn't and then she hit me and

"You tried to rape her" Tess said wryly, smiling "poor girl" she added sarcastically

"I gotta get out of here"

"What? Why?" Tess asked

"Because this is gonna ruin my rep! and Max is gonna kill me"

"Your afraid of max?evans? My boyfriend Max? Kyle Valenti is afraid of Max Evans, there's a first"

"First of all, Max isn't your BF anymore and 2nd Max is strong and with Michael and Alex
they're gonna kill me!"

"Never knew you as a wimp"

"Shut Up!"


Max held Liz in his arms while she let out a few last quiet sobs

"I don't understand why he would do this"

"Shhhh. Don't worry, everything is going be okay"

"They abruptly got off the the ground when they heard footsteps, running.

Alex was ready to attack and Max pulled Liz closer protectively.

To their great relief they found those footsteps belonged to Michael and Maria

They all stood there in silence not knowing what to do. But silently completinga new circle of friends


Ok again sorry itz short but I gotta go

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posted on 2-Apr-2002 10:35:36 PM by TD DreamerBehr
Ok I typed this real fast so don't mind me if you no understand k? k

Part 12A

To their great relief they found those footsteps belonged to Michael and Maria

They all stood there in silence not knowing what to do. But silently completing
a new circle of friends

Part 12B

Then Maria suddenly lurched forward causing everyone to jump a little and pulled Liz into
a bear hug "OMG Liz! I was soooo terrified!I heard you screaming and I was shocked and
Chika what happened? Why were you here alone? Was it Tess? I swear I'm gonna kill that bitch!
I heard you screaming and my heart fell! were you with Max? Did...."

Everyone stood there looking at her as she rambled on

*How does she talk so much?* Michael thought with a smile

"Maria!" Liz shouted trying to stop her from rambling on any longer
When Maria gave her a questioning look she continued "calm down we'll talk about it later,
right now I just want to go home"

"Ok I'll bring you!" Maria said

"Actually, I was wondering if maybe Max wouldn't mind bringing me?" she turned to Max.

*Wouldn't mind? I was about to offer but Maria beat me to it, I swear the girl doesn't
need air like the rest of us do*
"Yeah no problem"

"Ok, fine" Maria said

"I'll get a ride from Alex?" Isabel looked at him

"Actually, Maria's bringing me"

"Don't worry about it girl, I got your back, your house is on the way to mine anyway
just a small detour actually" Maria smiled

"Ok thanx" Izzy smiled back to her shyly

"Ok, can we get out of here?"Liz shuddered

"Yeah Let's go" Michael said

"Oh uh Liz?" Maria said as she wrapped her arm around Michael's waist

"Yeah Maria"

"Tonight 11:30, me, you , Ben and Jerry"

Max and Michael looked at them

"Itz Ice Cream" Liz explained

"Oh" They said

"I'll call you before I leave just to make sure your not busy "Maria said "Alone"
Maria quietly whispered to her in a knowing way sending a glance toward Max who was
just looking aroundto make sure they were safe. And pulled Liz closer if it was possible,
not that Liz minded.


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Spicy trini1

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Ok enough of my blabbering I'll post the new Part

Part 13

Max parked in the back alley and watched Liz climb up. Liz turned around and looked down.

"Aren't you gonna come up?" Liz asked Max, when she noticed that he didn't look like he was following her.

"Ya sure" Max said as he climbed up the ladded.
He looked aroun and saw a chair and lights all around with a telescope and a plant.

"I spend a lot of time here as you noticed" Liz smiled.

"Ya I did" Max said "Liz what are you gonna do about tonight?"

"Nothing" she replied quickly.

"What!" Max raied his voice a little

"Why? liz you have to I mean..."

"Max, I know.ok. I know you don't have to say it, I know what he did , I don't want to be reminded, ok" Max saw that she looked like she was gonna cry and he pulled her closer and let her sob.

"I just don't want to go to the police because then I would be admitting it, and I don't want to because it's to weird thinking that Kyle, my ex-boyfriend tried that. And if I went to the cops I'd be telling his father what he did" Liz explained

"It's ok I understand what your saying" Max said not wanting to cause her any more trouble "Let's talk about something else"

""OK" Liz said" So are you still tking me to the Festival Friday?" She asked

"Yeah" Max smiled "I wouldn't miss it for the world"



"Where does that kiss leave us?"

"I don't know, where do you want it to leave us"

"I don't know" Liz said *I want us to be together*
"On the bench were you talking about me?"

"Yeah" Max said hesitantly

Liz smiled "Thank you"

"For what?" Max frowned

"For loving me" She said

"It was only natural"

"We didn't finish dancing" Liz said as she walked to the radio and turned it on.

I believe we all have one true love
Somewhere in this world I do
When it seemed all my dreams were falling through
That's when I found you
I believe for every heart that whispers in the dark
There's a ray of light somewhere shining through
If I sink or swim when the tide came in
I found myself when I found you

Max smiled at Liz and pulled her close, taking in her scent, Mmmm Strawberries, this is the life Max thought.

I found the closest thing to heaven
Yes in you
I found the deepest love I knew
ooh, I believe, yes it's true
I found myself when I found you

I wish we could stay like this forever, Liz thought, Why does life have to be so complicating?

I believe for every door that's closing
For every heartbreak there's hope for something new
From the ashes rise a glimpse of paradise
Yes, It flickered in your eyes

I found the closest thing to heaven
Yes in you
I found the deepest love I knew
ooh, I believe, yes it's true
I found myself when I found you

Isn't it Ironic when there's one song that describes the way you feel exactly? Where it just takes the words right out of your mind?

How life unfolds no one knows
I thought love was just a tingling of the skin
I felt so alone, all alone, more than you could ever know
You show deeper love, sweeter love, when I found you

Well this song says it all for me, exactly how I feel.

I found the closest thing to heaven
I found the deepest love I knew
I found the closest thing to heaven
I found myself when I found you

They danced until the song ended and they continued to sway to the music still in their heads. Both not wanting to move from the position they were in but finally Max left because it was getting late.


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I'm so sorry it took so long, Pweese forgive me *big*. Tank u! Ok so here's part 14!

Part 14

A few minutes after Max left, Maria came over and , naturally, she freaked when Liz told her she wasn't going to the cops but she eventually cooled off and said it's her decision, a bad one, but hers none the less. After discussing Max over some Ben and Jerry's ice cream Maria left and Liz took a hot bath and went to bed in comfy pajamees.


Liz woke up to find herself not in her own bed. She sat up abruptly and looked around, she was in a dark room, colours swirling around her, Dark blue, light yellow, dark red, orange flashy red in a far corner drawing closer. As liz looked at it intently, waiting to see what it was as it was apparently getting closer to her.

Fire! It's Fire!

Liz turned around and jumped off the bed, but she noticed there was no floor beneath her, too late as she started to fall, really fast, she was flying downwards, scared and shocked at what was happening. Then she felt like she was slowing down, lightly touching the floor. she slowly stood up and looked at her surroundings.

It was night, there was a lot of trees around her. She noticed a house a little while away. Turning to go towards it, she hears music, growing nearer. Then something caught her eye, she turns around and sees something.

Herself with.......Max.

They were getting closer and closer.

Max woke up with a smile on his face. He looked at his clock, 9:46am. He turned off his bed and fell on the floor doing 55 push-ups. His way of staying in shape. When Max was done he got up and went to get some clothes seeing as he was only wearing addidas shorts and an undershirt (lol, sorry, drooling a tad here)


20 minutes later

Max pulled up in front of the crashdown and walked to the door. Through the window, he could see Liz and Maria talking at the counter. He walked in and towards them.


"Hey Max!" Liz said.

Maria looked at the two of them " Oh look, my customer needs....some....customering"
*What the hell did I just say??!*. She walked away

"Maria!" Maria stopped and turned around


"There's no one here."

Maria looked around. Liz was right, there was no one in sight.

"Right....then I'll...uh... catch up on my sleep!" She fakes a yawn

"ahhhh, before they do come."

Liz and Max laugh, "She's such a faker."

"I'm not complainig." Max said as he pulled her into a hug.

"I still think that you should go to the cops."

"No" Max sighed



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Hey guys! I'm sorry I couldn't post it yesterday, but I'm posting it today and I really hope you like it! Thanks to:
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Ok here's Part 15

Part 15

Liz felt like she was in heaven. She and Max were in the famous Eraser Room. Liz had English class right now and Max had Trig, not that either of them cared in the least.

Knock Knock Knock

Someone banged on the door *Shit*

"Oh crap" Max said, as he tried to smooth Liz's hair down

"Max were in so much shit"

"Don't worry" He whispered, *did Liz just say shit?*

Knock Knock Knock

"Don't make me come in there and find you guys all messed up!"

"Who is that?" Liz whispered

"I dunno" Max answered, opening the door

They slowly walked out and looked up to find a teacher they've never seen before.

"Go to your classes now, I'm leaving you with a warning this time but don't make me catch you two together in there again"

"Thank you" Liz said sweetly as Max walked by her he whispered "Don't forget the carnival tonight" Liz smiled How could I? She watched him as he disappeared into a classroom and then rushed of toward her English class

I'm going to be in so much shit! But it was worth it at least she smiled

The teacher looked at them and slowly smiled. Ah to be young and in love


Max walked into Trig 15 minutes late. Not that he minded if it meant being with Liz, but his teacher gave him a detention which meant he'd have to rush home and get ready fast, he was picking Liz up at 6:30 and he'd get out of detetion at 4:30 leaving him only 2 hours to take a shower, get dressed, and eat his mom's food before he could pick her up. Damn


Maria walked up to Liz getting someone's order

"So, I heard you and Max were going to the carnival tonight"

"Yeah we are" Liz smiled

"Cool, so are me and Mickey G, hey mind if we all go together?" Maria said getting excited

"Where are we going with who?" Alex said approaching them

"The festival tonight Liz, Max, Michael and me you going?" Maria asked

"I was planning on asking Isabel but I didn't see her all day today"

"Well We'll go all of us then!"

"Sure!" Liz agreed "And Maria it's a carnival"

"It's all the same, carnival, festival, besides only analystes like you would even realize that!"

Liz smiled " Well, I'm going to take a shower and then sleep a bit before Max gets here. I want to have a real good time tonight!" Liz said excitedly "My shifts off"

"That we will my friend, that we will" Maria grinned after her "Come on Alex" Maria said dragging Alex away

"Where are we going?"

"To Isabel's house, your going to ask her to come with us and then we are going to get some food!"

"For what?"

"Picnic, a few sandwhiches with chips, candies, sodas, you know, the healthy stuff"

The laughed as they got into Maria's jetta and sped off to Isabel's.


"I got it!" Isabel yelled as she opened the door "Alex, Maria?"

"Hey Iz" Maria said "Alex just wanted to ask you something" Isabel looked at Alex

"Isabel, do you have anything planned for tonight?"

"No" Isabel smiled

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the festival--"

"Carnival" Maria grinned

"Whatever, I wanted to know if you wanted to escort me to the carnival tonight?"

"Sure" Isabel said as she pulled him into a hug

"Great, when do you want me to come pick you up?"

"Actually I think Max is going to pick Liz up so I'll ride with him to the crashdown"

"k sure" Alex grinned "see ya soon!" He turned around and walked to the car

"I was wondering when he was going to ask me, I was even starting to think that he wasn't gonna at all, un til now"

"Isabel ,Isabel, Isabel, you must learn that it takes our poor Mr. Whitman a while to get up the courage" Maria and Isabel laughed "See ya later Is"

"Bye 'Ria"


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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the great feedback! I love you all! I hope you like Part 16, Part 17 is the Carnival though. I'll try and post it this week but I can't promise anything. I have my end of the year exams in a week and I have to study for them. again, thanx for the fb and hope you like it!

Part 16

Liz shot up in bed.

The dream

She had the dream again but more vivid. She was in a huge place, actually it was quite small, but the mirrors made it look huge. There was smoke everywhere. Liz was trapped inside and all she could hear was crackling and someone screaming.

I don't have time for this

She looked at the clock. 5:15. She got up and went to take a shower


Isabel rushed around
"MAX!" She called out. I have to tell him that he is droping me off at the Crashdown before he leaves

"What?" Max said from the bathroom. Isabel walked to him. Max was in a towel brushing his teeth with water dripping down his chest (I'm making myself drool. LOL)

"I'm coming with you to The Crashdown"

"Since when?"

"Since Alex asked me to go to the festival with him"

"Carnival" Max corrected

"Whatever it's all the same, besides only you would realize something like that"

"Alright, but if you make me late, I'm leaving without you"

"Yes Mr. Analyst" Isabel ran out as Max threw toothpaste at her.


1 hour later

Liz walked into The Crashdown from the backroom. She went to take a seat where Alex and Michael were already sitting.

"Hey guys"

"Hey" Alex said

"Hi" Michael said gruffly

"Where's Maria?" Liz asked

"I dunno, She said she had to go get her clothes for tonight"


"Did she come in here naked and then realize that she forgot her clothes when she felt a little breezy"Alex and Liz laughed, Michael chuckled

"To sleepover"

"She's sleeping over?"

"I guess so"

Max and Isabel walked into The Crashdown. The bell rang, signaling their arrival.

"I hate that bell, everyone turns around when that bell rings" Isabel commented

"Max, Hey!" Liz got up from her seat and wrapped her arms around his neck

"You look great"

"Thanx" Liz was wearing dark blue capri's with a mahogany halter top. Isabel was wearing black pants wih a red stripe down the side with a red tank top


Tess was ready to put her plan into action. Everything was going her way. The gang (including Liz) were all going to the Carnival tonight and she was going to get her sweet revenge once and for all.
Thank god Kyle isn't here, he'd flip if he knew what I was doing


I hope you like this part.

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I'm Back! I'm so sorry for making you guys wait so long!!! I thought I'd post a new part before I leave. I'm driving to Toronto with my mom and bro and sis, and my cousins and aunt and uncle, I might stay there by myself at my cousins house for two weeks and they don't have a computer. Them I'm going to Italy in three weeks with my grand parents and older cousins 'till August and I doubt any of them have computers (their modern ppl) lol
Ok well enough of me talking, I'll try posting as much as I can today before I leave, On with the next part.....

Part 17

They all arrived at the carnival at the same time. Obviously, they were in two cars and a
motorcycle all one after another.
Once they all got to the Carnival there was loads of people everywhere and all the girls got

"Ooooo The Monster!!!" Maria yelled

"Maria I'm not going on some rollercoaster made of wood!" Michael told her

"The Ferris Wheel!!" Isabel shouted

"Alright we'll go on the Monster and then the Ferris Wheel" Alex said as they all walked in
after paying their tickets. Max stood watching Liz, she had been quiet the whole time

"What are you thinking?" He asked her

"This is beautiful" she said as she stood there in awe of the place there were lights that were
a little dim and only lighting the passage to see where you were going. There were people
running after their children and clowns were roaming around giving kids and others cartoons
and animals made up of balloons.

Max smiled at her " Do you want to go on the Monster?"

"We're already there, why are you scared??"Liz smiled at him

"No, I just thought you would be"

"Uh huh...well good 'cause were next"

"O-Kay" Liz smiled at him

They all stepped into the two-seating cart. Each of them silently a little frightened. The ride
started and slowly went up. Max and Liz were in the first cart and Michael and Maria were in
the last, those are the worst seats. Alex and Isabel were in the second cart right behind Max
and Liz. As the ride got to the end of climbing up Liz inched closer to Max. Max smiled

"Not scared huh?" Max asked her

"Well I may have bent the truth a little"

The rollercoaster started going down and Liz started to scream along with all the other girls
and some guys were yelling 'Whoo!'


"Max I think you have won me enough" She said as she looked at her white tiger, pink dolphin,
Tweety bird, a teddy bear holding a blue heart, and a cute little dog.

"Well, never is enough for you" Max replied, Liz smiled "Besides you ran all over the place
because you wanted all of those, So what are you gonna name them??

"Well the tiger is going to be named Zan--"


"Because it's a strong name don't you think?" Max nodded

"Then the dolphin is going to be named ummm....flipper! And Tweety is of course going to be
named Tweety" Liz said matter of factly nodding her head with her eyebrows raised "And the
Teddy Bear is going to be named dreamer because she looks dreamy and the cute little dog is
going to be named Max"

Max smiled "Why?"

"Well because...." Liz paused thinking "I see a resemblance" She said holding the dog close to
Max's face

"Hey!" Liz laughed

"I'm just kidding, because I'll have something to hold on to at night" Max kissed her softly

As they walked along the path Max saw 'The Vampire’ he looked at Liz


"Oh come on Liz!"

"I've never been on it before!" Liz said trying to look really innocent

"Well there's a first time for everything" Max said leading her away

"Fine, but I'm choosing the next one" Liz mumbled


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