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Title: I'm Your Angel
Rating: PG-13, there will be some NC-17
Disclaimer: I dont own Roswell,though I wish I did!!
Summary: This is a fic challenge by Faith. Basically Liz is an clutzy angel, that gets in trouble from her most recent mistake. As her punishment, she's sent to earth to perform a miracle on Max Evans, a cold hearted business tycoon.
Feedback: Please guys....This is my first fic so be gentle...*happy*

No Mountians to high for You to climb,
All You have to do is have some climbing faith....oh yeah
No rivers to wide for You to make it through.
All you have to do is believe it when you prey.

"You are a complete disgrass to all angels!!!" screamed St. Patrick.
"You can't do anything right, how could you screw up a simple assignment like helping Santa's elves make toys for the children on earth!!"
"No thanks to you Liz, I have to ask your sister and Micheal to rebuild Santa's workshop, return the elves to their original height and help regrow Santa's beard to it's full length!! Patrick screached again.
"What do You have to say for yourself Liz??" he asked after he finished screaming.

Liz Parker was born an angel in training, she was the daugther of Jeff and Nancy Parker, two of heavens most admired angels. Liz's Younger sister Maria had just got her wings, where as Liz couldn't even walk right much less fly!! Maria was engaged to Micheal, heavens "worrior angel" he was brave, smart, cunning and, was one of Liz's bestfriends, since angel preschool.

"I'm sssooo Sorry Patrick, please forgive me, but the elves were all around the workshop and I tripped over one of their robes, and the toy rocking chair I was holding caugth on fire, and I dropped it and then when every1 was evacuating I accidentally zapped Santa's beard and now I'm babbling..and...and..and I'm really sorry" Liz sobbed

Patrick stoned himself against her plee for forgiveness, the truth was he liked Liz, she was a good girl, he knew she had a good heart but, this was the tenth time, this year alone, that she almost messed up christmas for the earth people. Liz was somewhat of a clutz and prior to this meeting with her, he spoke with "THE BOSS" about her test, punishment as it was called by the young angels or field assignment as the older angels called it. Liz would have to perform a christmas miracle, she would be sent to earth, to break the ice cold heart of one of earths people, only then would she be able to return to heaven. He only hoped she would pass this test and not mess it up. He would tell her tomorrow when she got a good sleep and has calmed down".

"I know your sorry child" he paused "Why don't you get some sleep we'll talk about this tommorrow.""
"Thank you" breathed Liz, her face was red from cring, she smiled a small smile before she left Patrickes office in the clouds.

"I hope she does this well, I should hope she spends the night well, for this will be her last night with her family before she leaves on assignment, I wish I had the permission to tell her this though." as he looked towards the house of Maxwell Evens, who stould by his fire place staring at the picture of his dead wife and sons.
"She has her work cut out for her, this will definately be a miricle" he thought

ok people be bruitely honest ok I really want to know if it's good..cuz if u guys think so then I'll continue..k*happy**angel*
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>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 2<<<<<<<<<<<<


"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" screamed an exhausted Nicole
"We can see the crown, just alittle more......PUSH!!!!"
"AAAAHHHH!!!!!" "no more I can't do this" sobbed Nicole Evans..."AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"
"OK!!!! we've got him, now ready for round 2" "deep breaths Mrs Evans ....Okay.... Mrs PUSH!!!!"

(switch scene to hospital waiting room)

"I'm sorry Mr Evans, but your wife and twin sons didn't make it"
"She was a haemophilic, we didn't find out until it was to late"
"They were both still born"
"I've never been through this in all my years of medical practise"

"NO!!" Max Evans screamed as he woke with a start.
He was soaked in sweat and his face was wet with what seemed like tears. At this realization, he replayed his nightmare.
He could still hear her scream his name, before the doctors dragged him out of the emergency room. It was pained and tortured, it ripped at his very soul.
He used to love this time of year, until he lost his wife and children.

Max got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, he needed some hot, strong coffee. He walked down the stairs, He could still hear her laugther all through the house, smell her the air, it was as if she were mocking him.

The bell of the expensive clock chimed and he remembered........
(Christmas 5 years prior, Max and Nicole's wedding night,their on the balcony,the churchbells ring, to signify the end of midnight mass.)

Nicole: "Do you know that Everytime a bell rings an angel get's it's wings, but Everytime a whistle sounds an angel falls from heaven."
she said with a small smile
Max: " If this is true, then I will hear bells for all eternity, for you my love, is my angel sent from heaven" he smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lip
>>>>>( End flashback)<<<<<

"Damn her for leaving him", he thought, "Damn her for punishing him and crushing his world"
Max sat at his overly expensive kitchen table, with his hot cup of coffee, he looked out his kitchen window and saw a beautiful star brighten the sky. He sipped his coffee and felt his heart harden.
"Damn You Nicole for leaving me with all this pain and sorrow, it was sopposed to be eternity!!" He yeld to himself in the cold, empty kitchen. In his rage Max slammed the scorching hot cup of coffee onto the table, brakeing it into many pieces, the hot liquid seeped into the expensive table cloth and onto his now bruised hand. He welcomed it's pain, it matched his mood.

after he sobbed his life away for afew minutes he gave himself a mental lecture on men and crying, he got a hold of himself quickly, wiped the remaining tears off his face and set about dressing his wound.

Tommorrow was Christmas Eve and families were coming to spend Christmas with their other relatives, this was the time where he could cash in majorly on his hotels, after all "If they don't stay, I don't get paid" as he usually told his staff.
Naturally his staff would want Christmas day off..."should he give it to them." He thought, he would figure this out tommorrow.

"As for these stupid dreams" he muttered " I'll get some sleeping pills" Max Evans smirked...."Another day, another paycheck" he thought as he walked back to his room for the rest of the night, what he didn't know was tommorrow, would be the day that would change Max Evans's life agian, this time for the better.

Thank You ssssssoooooooo!!!!! much for the feedback, thanks for u're sopport Faith I really appreiciated it*happy*
I should have some new parts up tommorrow and during the weekend, but it would probabely be really short cuz my finals r on monday and tuesday and I have to pass world*tongue**big* anyhoo thanks agian all u people for reading

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