Title: Runaway (Hybrid Theory Series)
Author: Jasper711
Email: Jasper7132⊕hotmail.com
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Category: Liz POV / Songfic
Rating: NC-17 (sexual content and language.)
Spoilers: All the way through busted. Anything else is just coincidental.
Summary: This is a series of Liz POVs. Imagine that Liz decided to go with Max when he offers to bust her out of jail.
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Author’s Note: For anyone reading my other fics, be forewarned that this is a far cry my cheese. This series is a little dark. Basically, it’s a little writing experiment for me. Rest assured, I’m still working on my other fics too. *wink* All songs used in this series are by Linkin Park.

New Note: Hope this part gives you guys a little insight as to why Liz is staying with Max. Also, no guarantees of a dreamer friendly ending. This M/L is based on the ones we saw on our screens during Busted. Max is my least favorite character these days, right along with Isabel, but that's a whole 'nother story. LOL. I haven't seen any other episode of season 3 other than the aforementioned. I just can't stomach it.

Anyways, I know some people are waiting on new parts to my other stories, but this one just isn't letting me sleep.

So here goes.....

With You. 1/11



Graffiti decorations

“Liz, wake up.”

Underneath a sky of dust

My tousled head peaks from beneath the blanket covering my body.

The room is so dark with the drapes pulled tight, but I can see the light seeping in from under the door.

A constant wave of tension

“It’s time to go.”

On top of broken trust

I see him standing by the edge of the bed, bags packed and ready to go.

I guess hicktown USA didn’t get us any closer to his sacred heir.

I sit up, not bothering with modesty as my naked breasts bounce against my chest.

His eyes are riveted to my small assets, his jaw grinding as he fights to focus.

It amazes me that he can still get horny when he’s so consumed by this search leading nowhere.

“You should eat.”

I look at the half eaten bagel and lukewarm coffee swimming in a styrofoam cup.

You’d think that with super alien powers, he could at least do something useful like make us some money.

But Max would never do that. He still has morals.

You have to wonder why though.

What’s the point?

After all we’ve been through, you’d think that lying and cheating would come easily for him.

The lessons that you taught me

I eat every morsel of the stale bagel, pretending it’s a banquet, rather than the piece of shit that it is.

I feel his eyes on me, watching me.

I pretend I don’t notice.

I learn were never true

He kneels down in front of me, placing his hands on my naked knees.

“I’m sorry that things turned out this way. That we ended up here.”

I hear tears in his voice, but I’m a stonewall.

Now I find myself in question

He pleads with me to look at him.

And I do just to shut him up.

I feel a little tug in my heart, but I bite down on it.

I can’t get sucked in again.

They point the finger at me again

“Do you want us to stop?” He chokes on his sob, his nose dripping. “Just say the word and we will.”


He wants it to be me to hold him back.

He doesn’t want to be held responsible for his actions when he’s finally grown tired of looking.

Guilty by association

Everything will be all my fault again.

You point the finger at me again

And even as he says these words, I know he’ll hold me to blame if something happened to his son.

I’m his scapegoat.

Paper bags and angry voices

I feel a hum inside my heart, a hint of feeling. Something that’s been absent for so long.

I want to give him a piece of my mind.

But I won’t.

Under a sky of dust

This is a sick sequence.

Another wave of tension

One we’re bound to do repeat in every timeline.

Has more than filled me up

In every single universe that we’ve lived, he uses me.

He uses my love for him against me.

All my talk of taking action

But I’m not going to let him win this time.

I am not going to be his downfall again.

These words were never true

I shake my head and he releases a shuddering breath.

I don’t know if it’s from relief or from sorrow.

But either way, I don’t care.

Now I find myself in question

This isn’t about us.

This isn’t about him.

It’s about me and how I’m going to make sure he gets back to his planet.

To his son.

They point the finger at me again

They won’t be able to blame me again.

Guilty by association

I’m making sure he gets home.

You point the finger at me again

It’s not going to be my fault that the world will end.

It’s not going to be my fault that the king screws up.

I wanna run away

After this, I’m done.

Never say goodbye

I’m washing my hands of everything that’s alien.

Everything that is Max Evans.

I wanna know the truth

I want to remember what it was to be Elizabeth Parker, small town girl with big dreams.

Instead of wondering why

I want to break this vicious cycle.

I wanna know the answers

I want to be me again.

No more lies

When this over, it’ll just be me.

No more half truths, no more twisted perceptions.

I wanna shut the door

He wraps his arms around me, and I let him.

It’s just another step closer to burning a bridge.

And open up my mind

Another step to free myself.

Gonna run away...


Transperant Clear - My December was a song they recorded for the annual KROQ Christmas album. I'm thinking about using it in this fic also, so it all depends on where this all leads.

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