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>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 2<<<<<<<<<<<<


"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" screamed an exhausted Nicole
"We can see the crown, just alittle more......PUSH!!!!"
"AAAAHHHH!!!!!" "no more I can't do this" sobbed Nicole Evans..."AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"
"OK!!!! we've got him, now ready for round 2" "deep breaths Mrs Evans ....Okay.... Mrs PUSH!!!!"

(switch scene to hospital waiting room)

"I'm sorry Mr Evans, but your wife and twin sons didn't make it"
"She was a haemophilic, we didn't find out until it was to late"
"They were both still born"
"I've never been through this in all my years of medical practise"

"NO!!" Max Evans screamed as he woke with a start.
He was soaked in sweat and his face was wet with what seemed like tears. At this realization, he replayed his nightmare.
He could still hear her scream his name, before the doctors dragged him out of the emergency room. It was pained and tortured, it ripped at his very soul.
He used to love this time of year, until he lost his wife and children.

Max got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, he needed some hot, strong coffee. He walked down the stairs, He could still hear her laugther all through the house, smell her the air, it was as if she were mocking him.

The bell of the expensive clock chimed and he remembered........
(Christmas 5 years prior, Max and Nicole's wedding night,their on the balcony,the churchbells ring, to signify the end of midnight mass.)

Nicole: "Do you know that Everytime a bell rings an angel get's it's wings, but Everytime a whistle sounds an angel falls from heaven."
she said with a small smile
Max: " If this is true, then I will hear bells for all eternity, for you my love, is my angel sent from heaven" he smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lip
>>>>>( End flashback)<<<<<

"Damn her for leaving him", he thought, "Damn her for punishing him and crushing his world"
Max sat at his overly expensive kitchen table, with his hot cup of coffee, he looked out his kitchen window and saw a beautiful star brighten the sky. He sipped his coffee and felt his heart harden.
"Damn You Nicole for leaving me with all this pain and sorrow, it was sopposed to be eternity!!" He yeld to himself in the cold, empty kitchen. In his rage Max slammed the scorching hot cup of coffee onto the table, brakeing it into many pieces, the hot liquid seeped into the expensive table cloth and onto his now bruised hand. He welcomed it's pain, it matched his mood.

after he sobbed his life away for afew minutes he gave himself a mental lecture on men and crying, he got a hold of himself quickly, wiped the remaining tears off his face and set about dressing his wound.

Tommorrow would make it 14 days before christmas and families were coming to spend Christmas with their other relatives, this was the time where he could cash in majorly on his hotels, after all "If they don't stay, I don't get paid" as he usually told his staff.
Naturally his staff would want Christmas day off..."should he give it to them." He thought, he would figure this out tommorrow.

"As for these stupid dreams" he muttered " I'll get some sleeping pills" Max Evans smirked...."Another day, another paycheck" he thought as he walked back to his room for the rest of the night, what he didn't know was tommorrow, would be the day that would change Max Evans's life agian, this time for the better.

Thank You ssssssoooooooo!!!!! much for the feedback, thanks for u're sopport Faith I really appreiciated it
I should have some new parts up tommorrow and during the weekend, but it would probabely be really short cuz my finals r on monday and tuesday and I have to pass world anyhoo thanks agian all u people for reading


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new part's 3 and 4 r up, sorry guys but these 2 post will have to hold u guys up for the next 2 day cuz I finals on monday and tuesday so I have to study. thanks for u're support on this story.

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>>>>>>>>>>>Part 3<<<<<<<<<<

The next morning Liz stummbled into Patricks office,she had, had the worst night, first off when she told Maria and Micheal about the mess she got them into, her parents overheard, that really didn't go so well there was a huge aguement, then when she finally calmed them down and was seated for dinner her clumsy-Liz-alterego kicked in, she knocked over a table,threw red juice on Micheal's white robe, she stepped on Maria's cat,fluffy in the process of sending the entire 4 corse meal to oblivion. She could safely say that things couldn't get worst then this.

Liz finally got to Patricks office, she knocked on the door, and when she heard the yell of permission from the other side, she opened it." Hello Patrick" she said upon entering," Have You come to a conclusion about my mistake" Liz asked patiently.
"Welcome back Liz" said Patrick "I have spoken to THE BOSS and we have come to a conclusion as to what we should do about your little diasater yesterday" he stould up from his bid fluffy cloud desk and walked around it, coming face to face with her. "Why don't you sit, I think that would be best."

Liz sat on the cloud chair, but couldn't sit without some difficultly, she was nervous. "What is the answer Patrick" she asked getting very scared, this was different, he was being morbid.
"Liz THE BOSS and I have come to the conclusion that you should be sent to earth on assignment" Liz gasped and was about to protest when Patrick raised his hand, "Now Liz it's not a punishment, this is a test, something to ensure you get your wings, The BOSS thinks that it's time you got your wings, don't you."
"What do I have to do" asked Liz as she stould up, she was scared but she would love her wings she'd do anything for that honor.

"See that man?" asked Patrick as he parted the clouds, "You have to save his soul" he said. Liz looked at the man, he was very attractive, black hair, hazel eyes, tall, dark, but there was something very cold about his aura. "How will I do this" she asked tearing her eyes away from the man. " This is your choice you have to make him live, feel again, you may do this anyway you like, but you have to succeed at his of else you wouldn't get your wings, this also has to be accumplished before the 26th of this month" he said simply. "The 26th, but that's 2 earth weeks away, and I don't even know where to begin!!" Liz screamed histerically.
"Now Liz I do have a suggestion for you, mister Evans has just put out an add in the newspaper for a live in housekeeper, you may start there, I would if I was in your place that is." " When do I leave for this mission?" asked Liz. "Actually you leave now." Patrick snapped his fingers.

The clouds opened from beneth her and Liz was falling, falling,falling, until she landed with a great big OOMPH!!!! on Max's door step. "Patrick you better tell my sister and fiancce where I am so they wouldn't worry. "No problem Liz they'll find out." she heard Patricks voice in her head. She got up, and was alittle wobbably, what are these she asked herself as she stared at her feet, "There shoes." she heard Patrick again. She looked up towards the sky and rang the doorbell.
"Well here goes nothing." she muttered to herself.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>part 4<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Max sat at his kitchen table as he did every morning, he had just called his secretary and told her to cancel all his appointments today, he had put the ad out lastnight while he was up from his nightmare, it was short notice but he desided to get a housekeeper. He would need one becouse his house was beginning to get dusty agian and he wanted a hot meal when he got home from work. Max put down his cup of coffee, lastnight's dream was very real too him, it felt so real, but he just brushed it off as a part of the flu that was going around. Max sat deep in thought when he heard a knock on his door, "Ah first person to answer the ad, and the morning begins" he muttered to himself as he got up and went to the door.
Liz stould outside and wiated for her new "BOSS" to open the door,"What was takeing him so long." she asked herself as she went right up to the door and attempted to open it but it was stuck, just as she was about to shake the door open, Max swung it open and then all went black.

She was very attractive, he thought as to he stared at the attractive woman on his sofa, she got hit in the head with his oak door as he was opening it, she had long brown hair, and even with her eyes closed, he could tell that she had big dark eyes. He was kneeled beside the leather sofa in a trance, then it hit him like a ton of bricks, " You fool!!!" he yelled at himself in his head "she's here for a job not your libido" he lectured himself in his head "besides she's to small for me" he said as he snapped out of his trance. "Jeez I have to get a hobby" he scrawled too himself and he cleaned the blood stained cut on her head.

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>>>>>>>>>Part 5<<<<<<<<<

The woman was beginning too stir, Max looked at the clock, it was almost 6 p.m. "A whole 8 hrs" he thought to himself "that's most of the damn day" Max thought as he looked at her.

Liz stirred she was on something soft, not a cloud, what is it???....A chair, where was she.."oooohhh!!" Liz moaned "Why does my head hurt?" she moaned again as she opened her eyes, and was promptly facing a pair of hard hazel eyes. " You got hit in the head, Your lucky I...sit down and don't move..Your lucky I didn't have to send for a doctor, I saved alot of money." he sneared...
"Could the room get any colder" Liz asked herself. "Thank You for your help, it was very kind of you" Said Liz. "I should have left you on the sidewalk, but I didn't want anyone to sue me." he scowled. "Um....I'm here for the job," said Liz evenly "although I'm sure I wouldn't get it now." she thought to herself.

"Well your the only person who answered it today." he sneard "and I hope you have a resume and recommendations, Miss...." looked at her "Parker...Elizabeth Parker and yes I do have a resume and recommendations" she looked at him steadily as she tried to sit up, "Miss Parker, well since you refuse to lie back you could follow me into the kitchen so I could look them over." Max threw over his shoulder as he walked into the kitchen. "Thanks for helping me up Mr Evans" she muttered sarcasticly as she unsteadily stould up, "Omph!!" she fell flat on her face as she realised that she was wearing shoes and wasn't quite familiar with them. "Are you going to join me anytime this year Miss Parker" she heard Max from the kitchen, he sounded smug. "Yea Mr Evans I should join you in there before December 31st." she replied sarcasticly. This is going to be impossible" she thought to herself.

"Jeez but she is very beautiful, now that he'd seen her eyes he was lost....OKAY what the hell is he thinking, beautiful was his wife, this Liz Parker is..cute, yea cute." Max debated in the kitchen, he'd never felt this confused in his life, it was easy to brush off desperate women, he'd had 4 years of practise, now this Liz walks into his house rephrase that injured in his house and turned his life upside down in 8 hours!!!!!. Max was busy arguing with himself until he realised that there was a loud noise in the livingroom, and thought with a smirk she fell off the chair. Max snapped back into reality, "I'd better get over her quick because she is not going to get this job, even if she begged" " Are you going to join me anytime this year Miss Parker??" he asked, trying to be stern, but couldn't hide his amusement at the thought of her on the floor of his livingroom, with that thought his mind took him to other things that would have her on his floor, many of which wasn't very innocent. " get your head out of the gutter Maxwell, your in love with your wife" he lectured and scowled to himslf. She was going to be trouble.

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