Catagory~ M/L with a lil of everyone else
Rated~R to NC-17
Summery~ AU. Okay Max, Michael, Maria, and Isabel are BIG actors and actress's... Liz is just one of there friends...she has a HUGE crush on Max....always had...they all live in LA..Michael and Maria are together and Max is currently with the actress Tess Harding...that won't last long we all know :-) Anyway Max is not as nice as he is in the show so behr with me.
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Part 1
I'm probably the most stupidest girl alive. Love Maxwell Evans. The Maxwell Evans. Big time Actor. I've known him all my life. And for 19 years I've loved him sercretly. 19 years of pain watching him go out with girls. 19 years of being lonely. Its a long time. As much as I would LOVE to come out and tell him that I've loved him all my life I can't. Hes Max Evans the star and I'm just Liz Parker the scientist. I'm in my second year of college. Biology. I love science. Always have.****

"Max Evans! Please one autograph!" A teenager asked as Max walked by. He stopped gave a smirk and gave her a autograph. "Oh thank you! Thank you!" She screamed and ran away. Max walked up to the small apartment and knocked. The door opened and a groggy Isabel opened.

"Max its 11 in the morning I have a photo shoot in 4 hours," She said. Max gave his famous smirk. "Come to lunch with me sis. Mom and dad are in town today. Something about a big thing. But she said to invite everyone. So get up, get dressed," He said and left. Putting on his sunglasses he turned the counter to the next person.**************

Liz ran through her apartment looking for her shoes. 'Come on Parker get it together. You need to stop wasting your damn time thinking about Evans' She thought. She tripped as she ran and fell on her hands and knees. "Shit. Now I can't wear my favorite skirt!" A knock at the door made her jump. She got up straightened her skit out and walked to the door. She opened it and held back a happy jump.

"Hey Lizzie. My Mom and dad are in town for a few hours and she told me to invite everyone to some lunch. You gonna go right?" He asked. Liz smiled a lil. "Sure," She said. "Great see you at China Staz at the corner of Lomas," He said, he kissed her cheek and walked off. "OK," She said and shut her door. "What am I gonna wear?" Liz asked herself.*********

Liz seated her self at their table. She gave a smile to Mrs.Evans. Liz smoothed down her black skirt and straightened her Purple sweater.

"So Mom whats the big news? I would be sleeping right now and I have a photo shoot with TeenMagazine in 2 hours," Isabel asked.

"Well, its more about Max. But I wanted everyone here to hear it. Max whats the most thing you want in the world?" She asked.

Max smiled. "To be the king of England," Max smirked. "Well, I don't think thats possible but you know that movie you wanted to be in? Cruel Intentions?(sorry I forgot the other name!! SORRY)" She asked him.

Max nodded. "Well, your agent gave me and your dad a call this morning tell us that," She started.

"Nah I don't think I should tell u," She said with a grin. "Mom!!" Max yelled. "Well, YOUR IN IT! With your cost star Tess Harding!! Isn't that great!" She smiled giving her son a big hug. Max smiled a real smile and hugged her back.

"Thats great Maxwell," Michael said.

"Yeah Max congrats," Alex said.

"Way to go Maxie!" Maria smiled.

"My brother working with Tess Harding? Thats unbelievable," Isabel said.

Liz sat there for a moment. Swallowing past the lump in her throat. She cleared her throat. "Y-Yeah thats great Max I'm really happy for you," She said. She stoof from her seat. "Excuse me," Liz said and left to the girls bathroom.*************

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