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**Sorry I haven't written in sooo long I've been so busy. Here's the last chapter for a refresher and parts pro-6 are on the repost board. Hopefully some new material will be up sometime soon, so keep a look out!
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Part 6:

Liz tried her hardest to keep up with the gyrating Max. I mean the routine he was performing was hard enough for any fit person, but in a fifty pound fat suit it was a million times harder. Not to mention the fact that the fat suit kept riding up, exposing her tiny ankles. Every time they did she had to look around quickly, making sure no one noticed, and quickly readjusting the suit.

She also made sure to work on her report. She hadn't written yesterday, and when she got home she'd need to do a full updated report for the boss. She knew with the excercise class today and the reunion yesterday she'd have plenty of data to report to the psychiatric unit for compilation and analysis.

As she drifted off thinking of her report she completely forgot about the fact that her suit had ridden up exposing both ankles. This time it hadn't gone unnoticed by Max either. As he moved back and forth he looked at her confused. How could a person that big have ankles that tiny? That was too weird. He had just gotten a glimpse at Liz's ankles, and they were much to small for a person her size. Now that he began to think about he realized some other inconsistencies.

For example, Liz's gorgeous face was not fat. Either was her neck. That was weird, he'd never seen anythign like it before. Usually people carrying that much fat over the rest of their body had more fat in their faces and necks. He knew from the daily classes he taught. It was all becoming very strange to him. He made a mental note to talk to Liz after class, and continued shouting at the class and kicking left and right.
After an hour of pure hell the class finally ended. Max thanked the class for enduring the session with him and told them all to come back again for more. There was a mumbled chorus of "no thank you's" to which Max laughed heartily, knowingly thinking 'I told you so.'

Just as Liz was about to leave Max ran up to her. She had prayed he wouldn't ask about the ankles, she knew he had seen them from the funny looks he had given her during class. Still she knew it was bound to come up. Once she had come back to reality she had seen him staring at them, a contemplative look on his face. A million thoughts raced through her head, and seeing him here in front of her now she raced through a check list of possible excuses. None seeming even remotely believable.

"Hey Liz, what'd you think about my class?" he asked innocently enough.

Relieved Liz let out a deep breath and answered, hoping the ankle issue wouldn't come up, but the sinking feeling returned to her stomach, knowing it would sooner or later.

"Personally I thought it wasn't that bad. I'm pretty fit for a fat girl. But you sure did give those poor people a run for their money in there,"she replied sweetly.

Taken aback by her candidness Max deciced to query about just that. He also wanted to set the record straight about last night.

"Yah, you were pretty great out there. But the whole fat girl thing I just don't get it. I mean I saw you out there and when your sweat pants came up a bit I saw that you have really, really skinny ankles. And that got me thinking you know," Liz began to sweat. Uh oh she thought, "I mean your face isn't fat at all either and that's really odd. What's up with that?" Before Liz could respond, luckily for her he continued on. "And by the way Liz I'm really sorry about last night. I know we haven't talked much and all but I didn't mean to get that look on my face last night. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't mean it at all, I was a jerk and shouldn't have looked at you that way. It's just I think you're really beautiful, I always have, and just seeing you like this I feel bad. I mean, not that I think the weight issue matters at all. Honestly, it's what the inside that counts, always remember that. It's what got me through all four years of junior high,"he finished with a chuckle, but quickly stopped to try and gage her reaction to what he had just said.

Liz bit her lip as a million emotions flooded through her head. His apology had been so sweet and sincere, and the way he talked about beauty coming from within was beautiful, too. But at that moment her cynical side had to come out. 'Stupid Liz. You know he's just saying that to get you in bed. Oh wait, nevermind. What's that again? Oh yah, YOU'RE FAT! Max would never want to take a fat girl to bed. He's just saying that to make himself feel better because he was a jerk to you last night. I mean he didn't even talk to you. What were you thinking, wanting to believe that everything he said was unplanned and sincere. He doesn't really mean what he says.' Liz mentally slapped herself, trying to quiet the commotion going on inside her head.

She tried to speak, but all that came out was a quick stammer of, "Thanks, I guess."

Max felt his heart drop, he knew he deserved this but it still felt bad seeing her look so apathetic with hurt and confusion plastered all over her pretty face. Then he remembered she still hadn't answered his question, so he tried again.

"Wait, so do you have a medical condition?"

Damn. That incorigible question. 'Think Parker' she said to herself.

"Umm, yah. I'm on a medication that makes my fat deposits uneven. Kind of like that thing that happens to people on those AIDS medications," she lied erratically. Oh lord she thought. She must have sounded so dumb, but once she started she had just wung it. It wasn't the best she could come up with but at least it wasn't too stupid sounding. Or was it? Liz just wanted to go hide and never come out. But then she remembered that Max was standing not two feet in front of her, and she quickly regained her composure.

"Oh, wow," said Max, a look of hurt and compassion engulfing his face, "I'm so sorry Liz, I had no idea." Awwww she thought he was too sweet. She gave him a small smile and his whole face lit up. Cute moment number two she thought. She took the sweaty towel from around her neck and playfully used it to "lasso" Max in.

"It's alright, I'm used to it. Well I'm gonna go take a quick shower and get my stuff together. Why don't I meet you and Michael at the registration desk in fifteen minutes?"

Max nodded fervently and watched Liz walk away. Then he realized he hadn't seen Michael since class ended. The room was now totally deserted. Where did that boy get off to now?


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