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I'm so sorry but it looks like it might be a while before I can update this fic along with Ever After. I just started college and I am having SO much trouble managing my time. I've been pulling all-nighters all week just to do my homework and seem to throw all my time into useless stuff. This weekend I might try to add a little more to one of my fics but it looks doubtful. I'm sorry once again!


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Okay, I promise that a part will be out within the next week! You guys are so awesome, I feel so bad for not updating this more!
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So when I should have been studying or writing a new part for this fic, I decided I just HAD to have a banner... hehe... It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to but c'est la vie. I hope you guys like it.

I have midterms right now but they should be done by next week. Look for a new part possibly in a week to two weeks. This is being good from me! I know how frustrating it is not to have new parts often and I'm trying to change that for me. I'm so happy that you guys like this fic and I just want to thank everyone for all the fb and bumps!! Thank you!!!
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Ack! I'm sorry! I know I promised a new part but RL is kicking me in the booty. I'll try to have a part over Thanksgiving but I have a big paper due after break so we'll see. Thank you so much for your support!
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new part should be up within the next few days. Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!
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wenhaver originally wrote:
Hi. Ok.

So, there's some really, really bad news. It is almost an exact certainty that this board as we know it will close on March 1. See, the calendars didn't make us any money... I think we lost some. More than that, the host has upped our monthly fees to $500. And. We've been having freaking "overage" charges for the last 2 months as well. Personally, I think we're being hosed by the host people. They have new management, and "our" guy isn't there anymore. We have had nothing but problems with them. I have asked repeatly for a bandwidth report for the whole box, and they simply will not give it to us. In short, we've gone through about 2 grand since the begining of the year. All of the donations you guys have contributed have been vanished.

Now, there are some options. Wendy and I have been scrambling to figure out what to do. We can move (again) to a different host, and rework everything to be on a UNIX platform instead of a Windows platform. That means more stability, and less board downtime (ask anyone who knows computers.. UNIX = good. Windows = buggy as hell). We can move over all the users and the stories. The stories would be staic and non-updatable, but still searchable (with a search function that works!), and linkable from other pages.

Other things that the new system would have:
1. upload your own icons
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4. instead of $500 per month, it's $500 for 5 months.

Now, we do have other options. We screwed up. We know that. So, we can let the board go. We can try moving back to EZBoard but we will more than likely get kicked off because of our bandwith usage. Wendy and I can step down, and let someone else take over the money and the server and try to fix things. The board will more than likely close for a few weeks while that happens (money and such switches hand). Know that we don't want to step down, but feel that we can't keep going the way things are. We love this site, and are very upset by this situation.

In our opinon, the server isn't fixable without a complete reinstall of the OS, which we can't really do remotely. We'd have to pay tech support $100 an hour to do it. We only have about $300 left right now.

So anyway, there it is. We want to take action as soon as we can. There's a poll where you can vote for what you would like done. Your input will decide the future of Roswell Fanatics.

Thank you,


Hi, guys, I'm taking up Sansucry's example and hoping that some more of you will learn about the horrible news. I'm encouraging you all to leave your thoughts and support on this thread. I also really hope that you can help out as best you can with donations. I'm a broke college student as well but I'm going to be sacrificing one dinner out wtih friends and sending $20. Even if everyone sends in $1, it will make a world of difference. PLEASE.

P.S. I should have a short part out sometime this weekend/early next week.
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Part 10
The light was just beginning to peek over the hills as Max headed toward the stable, leading his horse gently after him. The air was crisp and cool and felt good on Max’s heated face. Max’s horse whinnied softly as he was led into his stall. “Good job today, Bob. Good job,” Max soothed as he brushed him down. Max was extremely pleased, he had just taken Bob for a ride around the manor and felt energized for the day to come.

“If we ride like we did today, we’ll be sure to win the cup,” he said to Bob cheerfully. “And we’d like that, wouldn’t we, boy?”

Max also had another ulterior motive for going out this morning. Yesterday, he was almost certain that he had seen Liz riding around on a horse as well but when he tried to catch up to her, she had disappeared. But Max reasoned to himself that he must have seen someone else. After all, Liz’s arm had been taken out of the sling only a few days before and she couldn’t have ridden a horse so soon.

However, this didn’t keep Max riding around for an extra amount of time in hopes that it was her and that they could ride together. After not seeing anyone, Max had given up and headed back. Now in the stables, he finished making Bob comfortable and headed out toward the house. Max was almost at the front stoop before looking down and realizing that his boots were caked with mud. Not wanting to create a mess, he turned around and headed toward the back of the house to enter through the kitchen.

As he turned the corner, he was there just in time to see Liz quietly coming out the door with a large basket in her hands. He was about to greet her when he saw how careful she was trying to be quiet. She quickly made her way down the path towards the thickets and Max, unable to stop himself, followed her.

Max was curious as to what Liz was doing walking by herself so early in the morning. She was walking briskly and Max had to be cautious in not making his presence known to her. She obviously had a destination and a purpose and Max was eager to know what it was. Also, a part of him knew that he was following her just to ensure her safety. Max shuddered to think of the remote possibility that some harm could come to Liz and that was why he was here.

They had been walking for a little distance when Liz suddenly stopped. Max was so caught off guard that he almost continued walking toward her but he luckily recovered and hid behind a tree. Peeking out, he felt almost foolish for spying on Liz and for prying into her activities. He knew he had no right to do so except for this constant emotion inside when he thought of her.

Max knew what this feeling was but he continued to deny it to himself. He had resigned himself long ago that he would never feel this way again but it seemed to him now that he was wrong.

He watched with concern as Liz put the basket on the ground and gingerly moved her sore shoulder around to try and loosen it. He debated whether or not he should come out from hiding and offer his assistance. Her package obviously was causing her discomfort but then again, she might not appreciate his arrival. Just as he was about to move forward to help her, she picked up the basket and started on her way again.

It wasn’t more than a minute later when she arrived at a small cottage. Knocking on the door, she made her way inside. Meanwhile, Max waited until she was in the door before rushing to the edge of an open window. Peering through, he saw a very modest one bedroom cottage with an older woman in bed. Liz was leaning over her, gently helping the woman sit up. “How are you this morning, Mrs. Whitman?”

“I’m good now that you’re here, Lizzie. But you really should stop coming so often so early in the morning. You need your rest, dear.”

“Nonsense. If you insist on being up this early, I’ll keep you company,” Liz said cheerfully as she took out the contents of the basket. “I brought you some more bread and some fresh fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to try the strawberries; they’re delicious this time of the season.”

“You should eat the strawberries,” Mrs. Whitman protested. “They’re your favorite. Remember when you were younger here with Alex, you used to bowls of them at a time.” A smile came over her tired face as she reminisced.

“All the more reason for you to have some since I ate so much when I was younger,” Liz teased. She settled herself in the rocking chair by the side of the bed and opened a book. “Now where we?”

“Heathcliff and Cathy were out on the moor,” Mrs. Whitman prompted. “But before we begin, how has Alex been doing?”

“Alex is good, Mrs. Whitman. He wants to come back to see you, he does, but he has been so busy with all his work, he just hasn’t had the chance.”

“Alex is a good boy, I know that. It does my heart good to know that the DeLucas are taking care of my child.”

Liz smiled. “I suppose they feel the same way for you being Maria’s nurse when she was a baby.”

“And I left her in good hands with you. But I happen to know that it’s because of Maria’s uncle that I’m still here on this property.”

“Maria’s uncle?” Liz questioned. “Oh, you mean Mr. DeLuca’s older brother who died abroad. What does this have to do with him?”

“Everything,” Mrs. Whitman said carefully. “When my husband was alive, he was the older Mr. DeLuca’s butler as well as confidant.” She sighed, thinking about her husband. It had been so many years but the pain of the loss was still ever-present.

Liz sensed her sadness and fatigue. “Come, Mrs. Whitman, rest now and I’ll read a little to you.” But before she could even open the book, Mrs. Whitman spoke up again.

“But you will watch Alex carefully, won’t you, Liz? The last time he was here, I felt… I don’t know. But I felt as if there was something that might have been bothering him,” the old woman hedged. She was not telling Liz the whole truth. She was more than a little worried about her son. He had spoken with such bitterness about the rich that she was frightened. She had thought that by having the DeLucas hire him, he would be happy in having something to do and earning money. But being surrounded by the luxuries had seemed to strike a cord in him. She was worried that perhaps Alex would do something foolish and wanted to try and prevent that at all costs.

The only thing that he had spoken with genuine happiness about was his time with Liz. His mother worried because she saw something more than just friendship growing in him towards Liz. She knew that as goods friends as they were, they could never be anything more than that.

Liz was startled by the hidden urgency she heard in her voice and studied her face carefully, hoping to gleam some information as to what was worrying Mrs. Whitman. “Of course I will,” she reassured her.

Mrs. Whitman visibly relaxed at her words and leaned back into the pillows. “You were saying something about reading?” she teased gently. “I want to get back to our young lovers.”

Max leaned against the side of the humble home and looked toward the giant manor that was in the distance. Such a big difference of worlds in such a small difference. He had of course known of this – he wasn’t blind. And though he made large donations to charities, he had never tried to ease someone’s life like Liz had. There was so much he felt he could learn from her. He just hoped he would continue to have that chance.

He stayed there for a while, just listening to Liz’s voice.

“Lizzie, you’re late again,” Alex sang out as Liz finally walked into the kitchen. “I was afraid I was going to have to eat your share of breakfast.”

“Hoping was more like it,” Liz teased back as she took her plateful of food from Cora while giving the cook a warm smile of appreciation. “It’s a good thing I know Cora will always protect my food from you.”

“Not like he didn’t try though,” Cora informed her, causing all three to laugh. The various other maids and butlers there in the kitchen chuckled along with them. There was a quiet camaraderie between all of them. Just then, Amy walked in. Immediately, everyone straightened up and became quiet. It was rare for Amy to join them in the mornings though occasionally Jim had stopped by. “Good morning, ma’am,” all in the room murmured to her, wondering why she was there. It was not that she was unwelcome, just very unexpected.

“Good morning,” Amy replied cheerfully. “I would like to introduce you all to someone. She will be here as the new maid. Isabel, come in please.”

Alex leaned over and whispered to Liz, “I guarantee you that she’ll be old and ugly to make sure that nothing like Pam happens aga…” However, Alex never got to finish his sentence when he saw Isabel walk in.

His jaw dropped and eyes slightly bulged. Liz noticed his reaction to the new girl and said, “You were saying?” with a twinkle in her eye. She then turned to carefully study the new girl. She was an attractive blonde but something in her face and posture indicated aloofness in her. However, Liz looked more closely in her eyes and noticed a mask fear, perhaps at the thought of starting in a new position. Determined to make the girl feel welcome, she was the first to go up to her and introduce herself.

“Hi, Isabel. I’m Liz and welcome. I know you’ll like it here very much,” she greeted her warmly. She could see a little of the tension in the girl dissipate and smiled.

“Excellent!” Amy exclaimed. “I have to go back upstairs but, Liz, why don’t you introduce Isabel to everyone. Then you can hand her over to Kathleen who will show her what to do today.” On her way out of the kitchen, Amy paused and hesitated for a moment. Then she turned to Cora and said, “Thank you for all your wonderful cooking, Cora.”

A look of pure surprised passed over the cook’s face and she beamed. “Why it’s nothing, Mrs. DeLuca. I’m just happy you like my food.”

Meanwhile, Liz was introducing Isabel to the various other household help but purposely saved Alex’s introduction for last. “And, finally, this is my dear friend, Alex.” Inside she was laughing heartily at the immediate blush that spread over Alex’s face. “Alex, this is Isabel.”

“Nice to meet you,” Alex managed to squeak out. He immediately coughed and tried to regain his composure. “Sorry, I must have had something in my throat,” he trailed off, blushing even more.

Isabel merely said, “Nice to meet you also,” but the way she smiled made Liz think there was hope for her friend.

Well, I finished this part a little sooner than I thought. I'm gonna be busy for the next month or so and that means I probably won't even be able to start a new chapter for a little bit. I'm sorry. *sad* I've been finding myself doing a lot of fanart lately instead of writing so I guess that's taking away from the story. But I do want to thank everyone - EVERYONE - who has left fb and encouraging words. This chapter is for LttleMrmade for the deal we made. *wink* Thanks again! Hope you enjoyed!
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With the new scandals in plagarism, I realized all too clearly how my work classifies as that as well. I've taken all but the last part down and plan on possibly revising them. However, that is not a guarantee. What I do need to know is if you want me to continue. I planned out the rest of the story to take a different path from the book and movie so please tell me what you think.

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I don't mind if others distribute my fic but I could only post here at Roswell Fanatics. It's my home even if we are having problems at the moment. I will try and revise when I have time and hopefully I can continue on with the fic.