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Okay, okay. I KNOW I already have two stories going right now and I really should stop writing them but this is one that's been in my head forever and I FINALLY figured out how to put it into words.

It's based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespear. I have studied Romeo and Juliet and because of that I know small details most people over look.

Like the fact that Romeo had a girlfriend, Rosaline, that his best friend was in love with.

Also, I might want to add that this is going to have drugs and alcohol in it.

This is going to have both UC and CC couples

Here's how I switched the characters:

Juliet: Liz
Romeo: Max
Tybalt: Michael
Rosaline: Maria
Prince: Kyle
Romeo's best friend: Alex

Anyways, it's going to be rated R/NC-17 (depends on how detailed I make the honey moon scene) and is obviously AU.

I would adore feedback, thanks.



This is the story of love.

And death.

And pain.

And passion.

This is the story of star-crossed love and what comes from giving all of yourself.

And in the end, tears will fall and grudges will momentarly be put aside.

But the ending is not the important part, nor is the beginning.

It's the path, the journey and the struggle that impacts our lives.

It's the struggle that makes the story.

So read on and learn what path these two lovers took.

And learn of their passion and family and friends.

Learn of all they hid and all they screamed into the night.

Just dont' expect a happily ever after for these two.

True love and passion never end with tears of joy.


Part One

He loved the beach.

With it's tides and white sands.

And the quiet, you couldn't forget the quiet.

"Damn her," Max hissed, kicking the sand with his foot in anger. "Damn her to hell."

"Who the hell does Maria DeLuca think she is?" Max demanded, to the night air that feel around him.

Maria, his love, his everything, had just shattered his heart to pieces.

The tears that Max had been holding back overpowered him and he feel to the sandy ground.

His body began to shake as he wept, not bothering to even try holding back his emotions.

He had loved Maria.

He always would.

But she refused to be with, for he was a Evans.

And the blood of the Parker's ran threw her veins.

So she had forsaken him for her family name.

"Damn her," Max whispered, between sobs as the night wrapped around him.

//\\//Liz laid perfectly still, staring up at ceiling in a half daze.

Michael had given her several pills, purple and blue, earlier that week and she was enjoying them.

They made her ceiling swim in circles and voices sing in her head.


Voices that sounded very much like her mother.

"Liz Parker!"

A voice that was her mother.

Liz shot up in bed, gasping for breath.

"Shit," she whispered, feeling her bed for the bathroom.

After splashing several handfuls of ice cold water on her face, and several more cries from her mother, Liz was able to respond.

"In my room!" Liz cried, drying her face with a soft towel.

"Dear, why didn't you answer me sooner?" her mother asked, as she drifted into the bedroom.

"I was in the bathroom," Liz lied. "I didn't hear you. I'm very sorry, mother."

"No worries, no worries," she laughed, running her hands over her silk skirt.

"Why did you come calling?" Liz asked, sitting down on her bed.

The water had helped, but her had was still swimming.

"The party of course," her mother replied, lightly.

"What of it," Liz asked, looking out the window.

Tomorrow night would be the festival of light.

It was a celebration her family had every year.

Everyone that was anyone would be there.

Everyone but the Evans at least.

"I have wonderful news," her mother said.

"What?" she asked, trying to sound full of life. Her mother's idea of wonderful news often was about herself.

"Kyle will be there," her mother said, excitement dancing across her eyes.

"And this concerns me how?" she asked, locking eyes with her mothers.

"You know how powerful his farther is in our fair city and he seems to have taken an interest in you," her mother said, turning towards the door.

"But I haven't taken an interest in him, I haven't even spoken words." Liz said, as her mother walked out the door.

"Words mean nothing in our world, dear daughter," her mother answered, without turning.

"Do they not?" Liz asked, daring her mother to answer.

"No," she answered.

And then she was gone, and Liz was alone in her room again.

"Why must words be empty?" Liz asked the night.


Okay, that was part one.

So, what do you guys think?

SHould I continue.

And yeah,I know Juliet never got high but I thought it worked.


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Not one person wants me to cotinue :(

Come on, one post and I'll write more tonight.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for all the feedback.

I'm working on Part Two and hopefully it will be up later this week. Maybe even tonight.

But I warn you know, this story isn't going to have a happily ever after. This story will have heartbreak, tears and death.