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Title: Eternity
Author: ChrissyP47 aka Piper aka Shannon
Disclaimer: I don't own um. Just borrowing them.
Catagory: Max/Liz ( Even if it doesn't seem like it for awhile )
Rating: PG-13 and up
Summary: The events that take place in the Crashdown Cafe in September are a little different sending us into an Alternate Universe that all lead up to Eternity.

Author's Note: This fic is a little... weird. I started writing it not to long ago and it takes place during the beginning of the pilot. It's not going to seem like it is M/L at all through the beginning of the fic, but please have faith in me. I am a dreamer and I do hate Season 3. This is kind of my fixing of Season 3 and you'll see how I do that later. Please as always leave comments. Bad, good, whatever. Just as long as you leave them.

Part 1

Max Evans couldn’t take his eyes off her. That’s why they were at the Crashdown in the first place, so that he could get a glimpse of her. He knew it could never be, but it was nice to dream about it. This was the closest he could ever get to his goddess, Liz Parker.

“Maxwell, you are hopeless.” His friend Michael Guerin said, but Max was oblivious to anything when he was in the presence of her. She was his world even if she didn’t know it. Max would do anything for her. Something inside him let him know that he would risk it all for the petite brown haired girl.

Suddenly, Liz turned to look at him and he quickly looked away hearing a snicker come from Michael. Max just kept this head down trying to hide the blush that was coming on his face as he studied the French fries in front of him. They were now the most important thing to him. Anything was important if it meant Liz didn’t see him staring.

Max could hear her laugher and desperately wanted to look up to see her bright and shining face filled with laughter, but he didn’t dare.

“You know I should have listened to Isabel and kept you away from here.”

“Shut up Michael.” Max shot out.

“Hey chill. I’m no the one who’s obsessed with a girl he can’t be with.” Max was about to counter attack when the sound of yelling and breaking glass made him draw his attention to the other side of the café. There stood two fairly large men fighting. One pulled out a gun and Max, Michael and the rest of the customers hit the ground. Everyone in the café was on the floor, but one person. Liz Parker.

“LIZ!” Max felt a chill go down his spine at the sound of Liz’s best friend calling out her name.


A few people screamed and there were more sounds of crashing plates, the sound of glass breaking and the little bell on the front door as the gunmen fled the scene of their vicious crime. Not even knowing how horrible their actions had actually turned out to be.

Max heard the people begin to calm and get up from their spots on the floor.

“Liz.” He heard Maria call out in a near whisper. That’s when he turned his head to look for Liz. He figured she had tucked behind the counter or something. The sight he saw turned him shades of pale that he didn’t even know was possible. Liz’s body was barely visible from its spot from behind the counter, but there she lay. Not moving a single muscle.

On reflex, Max crawled up off the floor and began to make his way towards Liz, until he felt an arm pulling him back.

“What do you think you are doing?” Michael asked sternly.

“What I have to.” Max responded.

“I don’t think so Max.” Michael lowered his voice so only Max could hear him.

“She might be dying.” Max replied in the same hushed tone.

“Max, you can’t use your powers on her.”

“I can’t let Liz die.”

“You can’t risk your existence for Liz Parker.”

“Maybe I can.” Max began to pull away, but Michael held him tighter.

“Well, I won’t and I sure know Isabel won’t. You heal Liz you kill us all.” The words filled Max’s brain, but he wanted to ignore them. Ignore them because he knew in some ways Michael was right.

Max pulled away from him and crawled over to Liz, where Maria was now crawling too.

“Call an ambulance.” He told her. Maria crawled up off the floor and ran to the phone behind the counter. Max could hear her in the back, her trembled voice calling 911 and explaining what happened. It was then that Max looked down. He wished he hadn’t.

Liz Parker, his beauty, his goddess, now had a whole in her chest and was covered with crimson blood. Max had never seen a color that red before. It was so red and Liz began to go pale. Her skin had gone dull, but as Max placed two of his fingers on the cool skin of her neck he could feel a very weak pulse.

“Come on Liz, stay with me.” Max grabbed a towel that was laying next to her and placed it over the wound. The second it was on, the cloth and then his own hand were covered in the red life that was spilling from Liz’s near dead body.


Max looked at her not sure if the words had come from her or not, but when he saw her eyes open he knew she had spoken them. Liz’s beautiful brown eyes, where now dull and beginning to lose there luster, but she looked at his, her eyes opened only half way.


“Shhh… Liz don’t talk. You’ll be ok. The ambulance will be here soon. Just hang on.” He said to her. Please God let her hang on.

Max kept his eyes on her and pressure on the wound. He didn’t dare turn around when he heard a scream and the sound of more breaking plates. That sound had been Maria fainting and falling to the ground. If Max were to turn around his decision would be made and he would heal Liz before it was too late. Max looked into her eyes again and saw now how she began to fade away from him even more. Her head tilted to the side and she coughed out more of her life. Her crimson life. It spilled onto the floor of the Crashdown and stayed on her lips and trickled down from her nose.

“Damn it Liz! Stay with me.” Max practically yelled. He placed both hands over the wound now and tried to connect, but Michael’s voice ringing in his head kept keeping him from making the connection to heal her.

“Max.” Her voice was a mire whisper now. He could hear the sounds of the ambulance pulling up, but he knew it was too late. Max could feel the last bit of Liz Parker’s full life slip into his fingers and then she was gone. Her skin felt cold and clammy. Lifeless.

“Please move sir.” They pushed Max out of the way, but he didn’t feel it. He knew Michael had then lifted him off the ground, but Max couldn’t stop staring at his hands. The hands that had the gift to give life, the hands that held the last of Liz’s life.

“Poor girl. Didn’t have a chance.” One of the other paramedics said. The three of them stood at looked at each other and then one of them ran out to get the body bag. The other carefully closed Liz’s eyelids and placed a sheet over her body while the last stared at the clock.

“Time of death. 4:34 PM.”


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*Author's Note*

Wow! I was totally not expecting the kind of response I got. In fact I wasn't really expecting a response at all so this was a pleasant surprise.

I don't want to be the barror of bad news, but I am the writer so that kind of makes me the bad guy with all of this.

All I can say, is if you are reading this fic you have to have faith in me. I have the whole story planned out in my head and its a little interesting. Just keep remembering absence makes the heart grow fonder and yes, this is a Max and Liz fic. I wouldn't have it any other way.

That being said I thought I would post part 2.

Part 2

Gorgeous was the wrong word to describe the flower arrangement, but it seemed to be the only word Max could come up with. They were breath taking. Mostly white long stem roses, but there were a few pink ones and some water lilies for balance.

Liz would love them. Of course if Liz were here to see them they wouldn’t be here at all.

The white flowers stood out in perfect contrast with her dark black casket. They rested on the casket perfectly. Not moving an inch even though there was a slight breeze in the air on this September morning. Max stood still fumbling with the white rose he had in his hand. He tried to listen to what the minister was saying, but he couldn’t concentrate. He kept looking at the flowers and listened to the mumbled cries that were coming from Maria, who was standing locked in her mothers embrace right in front of him.

Michael and Isabel had told him not to go. That it wasn’t his place. He could almost hear their words again.

“Max, her whole family is going to be there. You can’t just go to the funeral.”

“Yeah Maxwell. She’s right. It’s not like you knew Liz. It’ll look weird if you go there.”

They were both wrong. He did know Liz. He had known her since 3rd grade and had been in love with her since then. The least he could do was go to her funeral, considering if he hadn’t listen to Michael in the first place, nobody would be at her funeral because she would be alive and well and going on with her life.
The soft sound of music began to play and the people around him began to step forward to place flowers on the casket before it was lowered into the ground. Max waited until most of the people had left. All that was there now were Maria and her mom, Alex and his parents and then of course the Parkers.

Max slowly stepped forward and placed his white rose on top of all the others.

“I’m sorry Liz.” He whispered softly so that none of the others could hear him.

Thunder clashed somewhere in the background and he knew a storm was coming. He could see it in the sky and feel the charge in the air. Max just kept standing there. Staring down at the black case that now enclosed the body of the one that he knew he loved. It wasn’t until he felt an arm come down on his should that he moved. He turned around to she Liz’s other best friend Alex Whitman standing there.

“Max, umm… everyone’s going back to the Crashdown now.” Alex said quietly.

It was then that Max noticed everyone else had gone, it was only him and Alex standing near Liz’s grave.

“Oh. Right. I probably should just-” Max started to say he should just go, but Alex stopped him.

“Come on. We’ll give you a ride there.”


Max stood around while people, mostly Liz’s relatives, walked around talking about nothing really. Just talking, trying to fill the space. The Parker’s had seated themselves at one end of the room. Others would come up to them and give their condolences, the Parker’s would thank them and that was the most they would say. Max decided against going over to the Parker’s. One look at her parents and Max knew we would have broken down so he sat himself in his favorite booth and sat alone.

“Hi Max.” A soft voice said from behind him. Max turned to see Maria. She gave as much as a smile as she could and sat down across from Max. He wasn’t sure what to say. Sure he knew Maria, they had History together, but what to you say to a person after their best friend died. “We are the only two people in the world who understand each other right now.”

“Huh?” That was definitely not something he was expecting.

“We were both here Max. We both watched her die.” Max lowered his head and began to poke at the tabletop. “That’s why you came today wasn’t it.” Max nodded. That was part of the reason. “Come on.” She reached out her hand across the table for his. Without really understanding, Max took her hand and she led him out of the booth and through the back room. They took off up a flight of stairs taking each step slowly. She led him through a living room. The Parker’s living room and then down a hallway. At the end of the hallway there were two doors. Maria placed her hand on the one doorknob and began to turn it slowly. It creaked a little and the room smelled musty and was completely dark. The room gave off that feeling that no one had opened it in awhile. That’s when he realized, they were now in Liz’s room.
“I hadn’t been up here since-” She stuttered. “Since it happened.” Maria flicked the light switch and suddenly the room was filled with light and for this first time Max was seeing Liz’s room. He had always imagined what it would be like to be in her room. This is not how he pictured finally stepping into her world.

“I wanted to talk to you Max.” Maria said sitting on the bed.

“What is it?” Max asked sitting beside her. Before she could answer the door swung open. It was Alex.

“I thought I saw you come up here.” He said quickly. “Maria, I thought we talked about this. Now come on let’s go back down stairs.”

“Damn it Alex!” She jumped off the bed and started crying like a switch had been turned on. Max just sat there completely clueless and completely quite.

“Maria!” He shut the door and walked over to her, pulling her body into a tight embrace. “I lost her too you know, but you can’t do this.” As quickly has he pulled her in she pulled out.

“Alex I’m not deaf. I know what I heard.” Maria dropped down on the ground in front of Max and with her saddened eyes she looked into him. He could feel her sorrow. “Max could you have done something to save Liz?”

“What?” He responded quickly in shock. How could she-?

“Maria, you can’t keep doing this. Alright now let’s just-”

“You didn’t know I heard you.” Maria said cutting Alex off, but never looking away. “You and Michael were talking in whispers, but I heard you talking about how you wanted to do something and then he was saying that you couldn’t risk his and Isabel’s life for Liz’s. Max, could you have done something to save Liz?” Her plea bore into him and he wanted to spill all to her. Her eyes were begging for an answer, an answer that was truth.

“Maria, come on. Let’s get you home. I’m really sorry Max.” Alex lifted Maria up off the ground and began to walk her out the room. She kept looking at Max and wouldn’t turn away from him. They had almost made it out the door when Max’s own voice betrayed him.


It was one word and came out barely in a whisper, but it stopped both teenagers dead in their tracks. Alex and Maria turn around simultaneously to look at Max, while he looked out the window, hoping for an escape.


Please don't everyone hate me at once. This fic is going somewhere I swear. Have faith, isn't that what the dream is made up of. All of us having faith in Max and Liz. Well, have faith.

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Title: Eternity
Author: ChrissyP47

*Author's note* Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you've been giving me. I'm glad I hooked some of you. Things are going to keep getting interesting. Trust me. *wink* Also, I take my last final tomorrow so that means I have all vacation to work on this fic. I know that's got to be exciting for you guys.

Part 3

Max could see raindrops beginning to fall as he stared outside of Liz’s window. How could he have been so stupid to open his mouth and say what he said? The burning gazes from Alex and Maria were starting to eat into the back of his head. He was afraid to turn and face them. To face the truth. To tell them that he had let their best friend die. That he could have saved Liz’s life, but he didn’t.

He caught something in the corner of his eye and turned away from the window towards Liz’s desk. There on her desk sat a picture frame and inside the frame was a picture of herself and Maria and Alex. Liz looked so happy in the picture. Max felt tears form in his eyes, but he pushed them down. It was now that he turned back to Maria and Alex. Both of which were still just staring at him.

“I need to go.” Max got up from Liz’s soft bed and without saying another word he pushed past them and tore down the stairs. He didn’t bother going through the front door, he just went into the back alley and found himself caught in a downpour for his long walk home. Not that he minded. The rain washed away his tears.


Max stared at the front door of his house for a while. Debating on whether he was better off standing in the rain or going in and seeing his family. Seeing Isabel.

His chill and the loud crack of thunder made up the decision for him and he opened the door. Once in, he found three pairs of eyes staring at him. Four if he counted Michael who was sitting in the armchair, but Max didn’t really count Michael for anything anymore.

“Max honey, you’re soaked.” His mother said in one of those caring mothering tones. She made a motion to get up from the chair, but Max stopped her.

“I’m fine.” His voice had taken on a dull and emotionless tone. “I’m just-” He stopped trying to figure out what to say. “What does it matter anyway?” His comment had been meant for only himself, but everyone heard it. Max didn’t bother trying to say anything else. He just walked over into his room and slammed the door shut, locking it.

Once in the safety of his room he took off his wet suit jacket and undid his black tie and threw it on the floor. He knew he should pick it up and hang it properly, but at this point he just didn’t care. Max stripped off the rest of his wet clothes and put on his sweat pants and a long black sweater. His body felt a little better now that he was in warm clothes, but his soul was still in pain. With that he collapsed onto the bed and used his powers to turn off all the lights.

His powers. His damn special powers. His powers that he could just to turn off a light, but not save Liz Parker from death.


He ignored the voice that he recognized has his sister.

“Don’t make us open this door.”

Michael and his regal ‘I don’t give a shit voice.’

“Come on Max, we just want to talk to you.”

Max rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. Maybe if they thought he was asleep that would just leave.


Fat chance.

Max heard Isabel use her powers to unlock the door and both Michael and Isabel walked into the room. Isabel turned on the small lamp and Max had the urge to blow the lamp to kingdom come, but he knew his parents would hear that and that’s all he needed was for his parents to be suspicious of him.

“Max you can’t ignore us forever.” Isabel’s voice rang out in the silence. “I mean, you can’t be like this, we didn’t do anything.”

Max rolled over to bear his tortured look onto her. Michael seeing that this was going to get ugly, thoughtfully shut the door.

“I watched a family bury their only daughter today because I didn’t use my gift to save her. A girl died because I did nothing and I did that nothing because of the two of you. Liz Parker died because I saved your asses, so I’m sorry If I’m not chipper and happy right now, but Liz didn’t deserve to die and I really don’t want to know either one of you right now. Goodbye.” Max rolled over and closed his eyes praying they would both just leave.

“Max you can’t deny who we are. You’re making it out to be like we pulled the trigger or something!” Isabel cried out.

“Might as well have.” Max mumbled, but he knew they heard him.

“Max I-!” Isabel was starting to yell, but Michael pulled her back.

“Isabel, come on let’s go.” He started pulling Isabel out of the room. Michael made one last look at Max with one last remark before shutting the door. “Max you can blame us all you want for what happened, but that doesn’t change anything. Liz Parker died.”

Max squeezed his eyes shut and clenched his blanket feeling the words etch into his heart forever. He quickly turned over and used his powers to turn off the light swearing it being the last time he used his powers again. Max lay flat on his bed his eyes closed tight trying to force Michael’s words out of his head.

Liz Parker died.


A few weeks had passed and life seemed to be getting back to normal for everyone, or almost everyone.

Max hadn’t seen Alex or Maria since his little announcement after Liz’s funeral. He had seen them at school, but hadn’t talked to them and he was actually glad for that. He had no idea what he would say to them if they confronted him.

He saw Isabel at home, but never talked to her and avoided Michael as much as possible, but Michael kept wanted to go search the desert for signs of who they were and where they came from. Max could care less and made that very well known to everyone. Life cease to matter anymore for Max Evans and everyday just seemed like another painful torturous day that Liz Parker was being missing from. It was this day in the middle of October that things seemed to change.

Max was sitting at lunch, alone again, when both Maria and Alex came and sat by him.

“Hey Max.” Maria said in an almost cheerful mood.

“Yeah, hey.” Alex then said.

“Hi, guys.” Max responded back a little worried as to why they were sitting with him. “How- How’s it going?”

“Pretty good.” Maria answered. “I failed my Geometry test, but Alex promised to help tutor me and make me smart again.”

“I said I would help tutor, no one can help with the last part.” He smirked and she threw a potato chip right as his head. Max couldn’t help but laugh at the way they were acting. They were so alive and happy. Doing much better than he was doing.

“Max, umm…” Maria started and the tone of the conversation suddenly got heavy and serious. “Can we ask you something?”

“Yeah sure.” Max stammered. This is what he had been afraid of for weeks.

“It’s about what you said at Liz’s.” Maria started.

“We’re just a little confused.” Alex helped.

Max stared blankly at both of them. Was it safer to lie or to them the truth? Something inside his heart told him to tell them the truth. That they would understand him and help him through all of his guilt.

“Well, I- I don’t know how to explain this.” He started.

“Could you have saved Liz’s life?” Maria quickly jumped in.

“Yes.” He answered quickly and honestly.

“How?” Alex asked.

Max searched for a way to explain this and then, as if on cue, the bell signaling lunch was over rang and students began filing back into school all around them. The three stood still staring at one another.

“This is going to take longer than three seconds.” He looked around and saw Michael and Isabel staring right at him. He leaned forward and whispered to them. “Meet me at my jeep right after school.” And with that he grabbed his books and hurried off to English.


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Title: Eternity
Author: ChrissyP47 aka Piper aka Shannon

*Note* Ok this is like one of my favorite parts. I love the way this part came out. This fic has been pretty depressing so far, but there is definitely some humor in this part. Also, if anyone in here as see 'Smallville' you might notice something familar in this part.

Part 4

The bell rang loudly signaling the end of last period. Max quickly grabbed his books off his desk and made a beeline for the door, but was quickly stopped by his biology teacher.

“Max, I know it’s been a few weeks and I was going to ask you earlier, but I never seemed to find the right time.” Ms. Hardy started out.

Oh, this can’t be good.

“What is it Ms. Hardy?” He asked.

“I was wondering if you wanted to get a new lab partner. Or if you wanted to pair up with another group in the class so you don’t have to work alone.”

Like it wasn’t painful enough for Max to have to sit next to an empty seat. A seat that Liz used to occupy, now his teacher wanted to replace it. Replace her.

“No. I’m doing just fine on my own.” He said as calmly as possible. “I need go. I’ll see you on Monday Ms. Hardy.” Before she could respond he took off out of the classroom and headed for the parking lot.


Max was nearly to his jeep where Maria and Alex were already standing, when someone grabbed him by the arm and spun him around. He found himself face to face with a very unhappy Michael and Isabel.

“Max, what the hell is going on?” Isabel asked angrily.

Max thought for a moment about just walking off and leaving them both, but he then saw pain and sorrow in his sister’s eyes. For the past few weeks he had been treating her like a killer. Some evil person he didn’t want in his life and Max really didn’t feel that way about her. He sure as hell felt that way about Michael.

“Nothing’s going on.” Max said calmly and slowly.

“Then where are you going with the humanoids?” Michael asked in his rough voice.

“Well, I like most people give a rats ass about how I do in school and since we have midterms in a few weeks, Maria, Alex and I decided to go study. Is that ok with you?” Max didn’t like the tone he was using, but he had so much anger towards Michael that he didn’t really care how mean and cruel he sounded.

Max could see that Michael was about to come up with a response, but Isabel stopped him.

“Ok Max. We were just wondering. I’ll see you at home.” And with that she dragged Michael away and Max walked over to the jeep, with anger still pumping through his veins.


They were silent the whole ride to Fraiser Woods. Max kept thinking over and over again how he was going to tell them the truth.

What if they don’t understand? What if they hate me and tell someone about me? What if they blame me for killing Liz?

What if after what if ran through his head till he finally came to a stop in the main entrance of the woods. Max slowly pulled the key out the ignition and watched as it shook do to his trembling hands.

Don’t worry. They’ll understand.

That’s what his heart kept telling him. Telling him that Maria and Alex would understand, but he wasn’t sure. His mind told him no, but his heart told him yes.


What if they blame me for Liz dying?


They won’t I promise.

“Max!” Max spun his head around as Maria screamed his name. “Finally, now what are we doing out here?”

“I…I thought we should talk without a crowd.” Max climbed out of the jeep followed by Maria and Alex. They walked for a while till they finally found a small picnic table away from everyone. Away from anyone who might hear them scream out what he really was.

Max’s heart began to pound as he felt their glare beating into him.

Max. It’s ok. Just tell them.

“I didn’t want her to die.” Max suddenly said filling the silence that had enveloped them all. “I didn’t want her to die.” He repeated.

“Max, you said you could have saved her, now what the hell is going on?!” Maria yelled and Alex put his arm around her to keep her from getting out of control.

“I…If I tell you. You have to promise that you won’t say anything to anyone. This is important. Now can I trust you?” Max asked forcing out every word.

Somewhere in his heart he knew he could trust them. He didn’t really know them, but he got this overwhelming feeling of trust and it was something he just couldn’t ignore.

“We promise.” Alex answered for the both of them.

“Ok.” Max responded.

He got up from his seat on the table and started pacing.

“I don’t really know how to say this, so I’m just going to say it and we’ll go from there.” He paused to look at both of them to see if they were both paying attention. Their eyes were fully on him.

“I-I’m an alien. I was in the ship that crashed in 1947 and I was in this pod thing till I came out looking like a 6 year-old boy. I…I have powers. Powers to heal and I could have saved Liz that day when she got shot but… but I couldn’t. I… was stopped, but I’m not here to hurt anyone. I’m just normal. Like every other teenager. I just have special powers.” Max stopped then to look at them. Maria looked lost and Alex looked shocked.

“So, you’re like a real alien. Like 3 feet tall and green?” Alex asked, actually serious.

“No. I… I just look like me. No green skin, no black almond shaped eyes.” Max took in a deep breath. “Just me.”

“You let Liz die.” Maria said coldly. Max had expected this or at least in his mind he did, but some how those words pierced his heart.

“I…I didn’t want to. I wish I hadn’t but I did. I let her die. I-” Max didn’t have time to finish his sentence. Maria had jumped off the table and was punching Max. Hard.

“You Bastard!” She screamed and punched him hard in the gut and then right in the left eye. Alex finally pulled and crying and frantic Maria off of Max.

Max slowly got up from where he had fallen on the ground to see Alex holding the crying and hysterical Maria. He was about to say something, but Alex cut him off.

“Max, you’ve said enough today. We aren’t too far from my house so I’m just going to walk there and then drive Maria home. We’ll see you after we’ve let this all sink in.” Alex took a deep breath and started to walk away.

Max felt his heart squeeze and then pop. He didn’t care now if Alex and Maria went and told the whole government who he was. He wanted to be dead. To be cut piece by piece and to be studied as the creature he was. That’s what it came down to. He was now a true creature. His heart, this live beating organ was now dead from the pain and numb from all feeling.

Suddenly, Alex spun around to look at him again.

“Don’t worry Max. We aren’t going to say anything about you. Somehow I know if Liz was here she would trust you, so… you have our trust.” With that Alex and Maria walked out of sight.

Max felt slightly better, but Maria’s words still hit hard. They blamed him for killing Liz.

Give them time. They’ll understand. I promise.


Max was driving now. Not to anywhere exactly, but he was just driving. Driving kept him from thinking too much. It also kept him from having to go home. Home was where Isabel was and probably Michael. Michael had made himself a permanent resident these days.

The cool October wind blew through Max’s hair and he remembered that he needed to put the top up. It was getting too cold to have it down and he didn’t want that cold air making him sick. Ok, he couldn’t get sick, but the cold air wasn’t good from his body. It made him feel worse than he already was.

On impulse, Max pulled over and hopped out to put the top on. It was then he noticed where he was. The entrance for the cemetery. The place he dreaded, the place that held Liz’s lifeless body.

Without thinking, he walked away from the car and headed on instinct towards her grave. Max wanted to talk to her, he couldn’t really do that, but this was the closest thing he had right now. Only having seen her grave once he seemed to know exactly where it was. Slowly, he crossed the hundreds of hard pieces of marble that had names carved into them. Names of loved ones no longer around, loved ones that weren’t here, but their memory never forgotten.

Finally, Max reached the one he was looking for. Liz’s was by itself mostly. Under a giant tree to shade it from the sun. Her name looked so lonely and misplaced against the other stone names of people long since past. He sat down beside her head stone and carefully traced the letters of her name. ELIZABETH MARIE PARKER.

“Elizabeth Marie. That’s a beautiful name.” Max said to himself, but he wanted to pretend he was talking to Liz.

“I know you hated your middle name. I heard you tell Maria that once, but its really beautiful it goes well with the rest of your name.”

Just get to the point Max. He thought to himself.

“Liz, I know you can’t answer me, but I just…” Max stuttered a bit, trying to keep from breaking down again. He did that a lot lately. “I don’t want you to hate me because of what I did. Because I didn’t save you.”

Max shifted a bit so he was more comfortable and then started again.

“I didn’t want you to die. It’s just what Michael said made sense. If I healed you I would have risked his and my sister, Isabel’s life as well. I would have risked everything for you, but I just couldn’t make that decision for them. I couldn’t risk their lives for yours even though I should have, Liz. You didn’t deserve to die.”

Max gently placed his hand on head stone again.

Beloved Friend and Daughter


“Oh god! I think I screwed things up with your friends. Maria and Alex. I told them today. I told them about what I did, and somehow I thought they might trust me. Might understand and help me, because I can’t do this alone anymore. I am so scared right now, Liz. I don’t have anyone because I let you die and now they act like a deliberately killed you. Liz, I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Max fell over laying his head in the grass that was right above her and trying to hide his crying. A soft hand came down on his shoulder and his head shot up. His eyes came into contact with the eyes of one Maria Deluca.

Max expected another blow. He hadn’t healed his black eye that he now had from her and probably wouldn’t. Max expected her to deck him, for being by Liz’s grave. For talking to her.

The killer has no right to talk to the person they murdered.

“Sorry. I’ll go.” Max said softly and started to get up, but Maria stopped him.

“No Max. Stay. We can talk to Liz together. I know she would like that. She likes when I come to talk to her and I bet she is glad that we are both here and would like it a lot more if we talked to her together.”

“Ok.” That was all Max could respond.

“Buenos Noches, Liz. Lo siento yo era tarde. Mi madre quise mi lavar los platos.” Maria gave a soft giggle. “Me lavo los platos.” She laughed even harder and Max felt very awkward. He had no idea what she was saying.

“Sorry Max. I kind of forgot you probably don’t know Spanish. I was just telling Liz that I was late because my mom wanted me to wash dishes. If you get to know me then you know I don’t wash dishes.” Maria laughed again and this caused Max to give a little giggle.

“What’s that?” Maria suddenly asked and leaned into Liz’s head stone. “Ah… Liz says she likes your laugh and that you don’t smile enough.”

A blush began to creep onto Max’s face and he turned away from Maria to stare at the stars.

“So, you’re really from up there?” Maria asked pointing to the sky.

“Yeah I am.” Max responded.

“That’s so cool.” Max laughed and looked at her. Here was the girl who hours before decked him for not saving Liz and now she thought that what he was, was cool. “Alex and I talked and we both agreed. It wasn’t fair what I said. After hearing you talk to Liz I realized Alex was right. You’re in your own hell right now because of not saving Liz and you don’t need me to add to it.”

Max’s face went solemn. He didn’t know how to respond to any of this. Max had been so sure that Maria would hate him forever and that he was alone in his misery.

All she needed was time. Max heard his heart say.

“Thank you Maria.” He finally said, his voice was full of more emotion than he wanted to show.

“De Nada.” And then she did something he did wasn’t expecting. She hugged him, tightly and he hugged her back.


*Ok, in case I don't post again I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to everyone and have a safe vacation.*
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*Author's Note*

Boy of boy, this is going to be interesting. First let me start off slow then work my way to my big speech.

AvengingAngelIQ I'd love to hear so of those theories you've got. I love reading everyone's feedback because its so interesting to see what everyone thinks is going to happen.

Ok, now since Heather put it so nicely, I do have up till part 10 written. Of course, I'm kind of a nit picker, so don't expect part 10 anytime soon. I took me about 3 weeks before I even posted part 1. I don't post anything till I'm sure I'm happy with it.

On to my speech.

I was all set to post part 5 yesterday, but then I didn't want to ruin anyone's Christmas. This might be the hardest part to read, but you also have to read into it. Catch some of the hidden things in it.

Also, there is something you should know about the next 5 parts. They are a little hard on the heart. The next 5 parts are the journey. The first 4 were the starting point, where you get to see the effects of Liz's death. Now the next 5 parts are the journey that Max takes through life without her. Things are rough, Max is going to start to question what he's doing, where he's going and if it was all worth it. ( And you're going to question my sanity and why you bothered to read this fic in the first place. ) After part 10 it gets better I promise, but you just gotta make it through the next 5 parts without killing me. *wink*

Well, without keeping you waiting anymore here is part 5.

Part 5

Max Evans couldn’t believe when he looked at his calendar that it was already March. It seemed like only yesterday it had been that cold day in October when he finally told Maria and Alex the truth about what happened.

Max had been sure they wouldn’t understand, but in the end they did. Now the three of them were inseparable. They did everything together. This new arrangement sealed the war between Max and Michael. They never talked anymore. Michael was off doing god knows what trying to find out where he came from and Isabel supported him. She tried hard to get through to Max, but he would have nothing of it.

Over the past few weeks they hadn’t said much of anything to each other. He had hardly seen Isabel. She was either off trying to help Michael with whatever he was after or spending time with her new friend from school. Of course, Max could never remember the blonde’s name. Not that he cared. She was annoying and made it blatantly obvious that she wanted Max. Maria had thought it was funny.

The phone started ringing causing Max to fall out of his thoughts of the past as he snapped into the present.


“Hi Max!” The squeaky blonde said.

“Oh. Hi…ummm…”

“It’s Tess.”

“Tess that’s right.” The blonde had a name now. He’d try to remember it this time. Max didn’t want to be completely rude to her.

“Is Isabel home? Her and Michael and I are going out tonight and I haven’t heard from either one of them. You know Max, you should really come with us.” Tess said. Max hated how much she would come on to him. Maria had told him that he needed to get over Liz. Max, had dumbly one night professed his love for Liz and Maria told him that he needed to look for love else where now. Tess was not else where. She was a dead end.

“I have other plans tonight. Sorry. Isabel’s not here either. You might want to try her on her cell phone.” Max told her.

“All right.” Max could hear her disappointment through the phone. “I will do. Thanks Max. Bye.” He hung up the phone quickly and grabbed his coat. Every Friday, Max would go out to Liz’s grave and talk to her. He trusted Liz with everything, even if she was gone he always felt like she might be right there listening to him.

“He’s not going to understand, just let it go.”

“I’m not going to let it go.”

“You know she’s right, he’s too stubborn. Can’t we just forget about him.”

“NO! I’m not giving him up. I belong with him and nothing is going to keep me from being with him. Not even some damn dead girl.”


“-Tess, I finally remembered her name, anyway Tess wanted me to go out with her and Michael and Isabel tonight. I guess she doesn’t understand that my heart belongs to someone already. And even if I was ready to move on to someone other than you, it would definitely not be her. I hate blondes.”

“Hey! I’m a blonde.” Max spun around and saw Maria standing right behind him.

“I didn’t mean you Maria. I mean, like Tess blondes.”

“Ick. I hate that girl. I was so pissed when Ms. Hardy made her your partner.” Maria sat down next to Liz’s grave by Max and placed new white roses in front of it.

“How do you think I feel? She always tries to touch me and stuff in class. It's so gross.” Maria had to suppress her giggle.

“So, what are you and Liz talking about tonight?” Maria asked quickly trying to switch topics off of Tess.

“Oh the usual.” Max grinned and Maria playfully hit him.

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone then.” Maria got up and brushed herself off.

“I think Liz and I are done for tonight. Why don’t I go with you?” Max said standing up next to her.

“All right.” Maria started to walk away while Max looked at the grave again.

“I love you Liz.” He whispered softly. Max turned around and started to follow Maria, when he stopped dead in his tracks.

I love you, too.

“Max? You All right?” Maria asked noticing that Max stopped and wasn’t moving.

“Did you just hear that?” He asked.

“Hear what?”

“Oh. Nothing. It must have been my imagination. Let’s go.” Somehow Max knew that wasn’t true. He had heard Liz Parker’s voice and she said ‘I love you, too’.


“We do this tonight. I’m tired of waiting.”

“We can’t just say it. He won’t understand. I am telling the both of you that he isn’t going to understand and he isn’t going to side with us.”

“He doesn’t have a choice. This is his destiny and he’s going to have to live with it whether he wants to or not. Max was born to be the king and there is no changing that.”


Max slowly turned the key in the lock and opened the front door. It wasn’t too late and anyway his parents weren’t home, but in the chance that Isabel was in her room with Tess he didn’t want to be known.

Maria had convinced him to go out for ice cream and they dragged Alex along. They talked most of the night about the gig Alex had with his band next week and about how they couldn’t wait for summer. It was then that Maria made the big plan.

“We should all go to Santa Fe this summer. Just for like a week or something. Get out of Roswell. I need to get out of this town for awhile.”

They had laughed about it for a while, but it was a good idea. Max did want a break. Especially now that Max was going insane. He couldn’t have possibly heard Liz’s voice earlier. Could he?

With slow precision he opened the door and hopped no one at home heard him. Of course they probably wouldn’t have heard him if they hadn’t been sitting in the living room near the front door.

There on the couch sat Isabel, Michael and Tess. All three, whose eyes were now focused on his.

“Hi.” Max said and no one responded. They just looked at him, which was beginning to give Max the creeps.

“Ok, I’ll see you guys later.” Max began to walk towards his room until his sister called out to him.

“Max wait. I need to talk to you.” Isabel got up from her spot on the couch and followed him into his room. Shutting the door slowly.

Max didn’t like this. He got a really weird feeling that something was wrong. That some very bad news was coming his way.

“Isabel, what is it?” Max asked trying to stay calm, but his heart just couldn’t rest. It was beating a mile a minute.

“I wanted to ask you something.” Isabel said.

“All right.” Max sat down on his bed, but Isabel kept standing right in front of him.

“You haven’t told Maria and Alex about us, have you?” She asked.

“No.” Max lied.


Isabel didn’t seem to notice though. It was then that the door opened and Tess and Michael walked in. Isabel lowered her head, almost in shame and Max’s heart sped up. If that was even possible.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Max, I haven’t been very honest to you.” Isabel started out, but stopped. Max noted that Isabel sort of backed off and Tess stepped forward. Almost like she was in charge of something. A leader or something.

“What Isabel is having troubles saying is that her and Michael having been digging into their pasts.” Tess said calmly like it was nothing.

“You told TESS!” Max shouted. He couldn’t believe that they had been hounding him for months about how he couldn’t tell Maria and Alex, yet they went and told some blonde idiot.

“They didn’t have to tell me anything Max. I’m just like you.”

“What?” That wasn’t what Max was expecting. Tess was an alien just like him, just like Isabel and Michael too. There was someone else like them.

“I’m half human, half alien. Just like you. I was born in a pod. Crashed in 1947. Any of this sound familiar?” Tess asked.

“You were with us.” It wasn’t really a question, but Tess answered it like it was.

“Yes. We will together on another planet Max. We all knew each other once. Loved each other once.” Her last statement stabbed him. Something was very wrong.

“What are you talking about?”

“Let me handle this.” Tess said back to Michael and Isabel. They both sort of nodded and left the room. Leaving Max and Tess now alone.

“Max, we lived before. On another planet. You… you were the king of another planet Max. Our leader, our ruler. The one who was going to save us from the hell we were in until you were killed. You are our savior.”

This was some kind of sick joke. It wasn’t possible was it? He couldn’t be the leader of a planet that he didn’t even know. That wasn’t possible. It just couldn’t be.

“You were the king. And I… I was your queen.” Tess ran her hand slowly down Max’s cheek. “We were meant to be together. Don’t you remember our love? I do.”

Max gently took her hand off of his own face. The contact was making him sick. He didn’t want to be anywhere near this girl. Not now and not ever.

“No. You may think I am some king and maybe I was, but I’m not now. I’m not the leader of a planet and I don’t love you. I don’t even know you! Now get out!” Max yelled at her.

“Max it doesn’t matter what you say. It is your destiny and you don’t have a choice!” She spat back.

“Get out or I’ll throw you out!” Max said standing up to stare her down. Tess stepped as close as she could to him with their faces nearly touching.

“I’ll have you one way or another. It’s meant to be, but you’re just too hung over on some stupid dead bitch!”

Max pushed Tess away with a hard shove that she fell to the ground.

“Go to hell!” He screamed to her and ran out of the room. Max didn’t bother to stop when he saw Isabel and Michael standing there. He just kept going.

Max ran out the front door and kept running. He ran to the only person who he could talk to right now. Someone he could trust and say anything to. Someone who would talk back. He ran for Maria’s house.


“I told you he wouldn’t listen. He’ll never listen.”

“And I told you, he doesn’t have a choice. He’ll have to come around eventually. It’s his destiny.”

“Do we really need Maxwell, I mean the guy doesn’t give a shit?”

“Yes we need him. He is everything.”

“I don’t think so. I think you just want him. I think we should leave him alone. He’s happy now. I want to feel that again. Ever since we found you and Nasado I’ve been miserable. I want out!”

“Maybe if I decode the book.”

“What book?!”


Max slowly walked across the grass of her front yard up to her bedroom window. He knocked once softly, then twice a little louder, then once soft again. It was their code. Alex had come up with it and Max never thought they would need it until now. The code was incase one of them needed the other one and it was life or death. Max never thought he would have to use it.

A curtain and then window beads flew in all directions, till Max saw Maria standing on the other side. She slowly opened the window to be able to speak to him.

“Max, what is it? What happened?” She asked, worry filling her voice.

“I just really need someone to talk to right now. Can I come in?”

“Of course. Hang on.”

Moments later Max was sitting on her bed pouring out everything that had happened. Everything Tess had said and done.

“I can’t do this anymore Maria, I just can’t. I mean that look in her eyes. I can’t even describe it. Something about the way she looked at me and the way she spoke to me. I just felt this… like this evil. Like she was evil. I don’t understand any of this. I’m so confused.” Max placed his head in his hands to hold his crying. He had thought he was done with crying, he thought his pain was over, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

“Shhh… Max, it’s going to be ok.” Maria sat next to him and wrapped his arms around him, holding him in a tight embrace. Max quickly wrapped his arms around her. Holding on to her for dear life. Like she was his only life line right now. Like if he let go he would fall apart.

“I’m just going to have to kick bimbo bitch’s ass, aren’t I?” Maria said and Max laughed. Maria was one of the few people who ever got him to laugh. Even when things were bad, she could make everything right again.

“Thank you Maria.” Max said, pulling away slowly, but not too far away. His face was right in front of her own now.

“What are friends for.” Maria said lowering her voice to a whisper. They were both close to each other now and their eyes had become locked. It was then suddenly that Max’s lips went crashing onto hers. Max didn’t know what possessed him to kiss Maria, she was his best friend, but he just had to. He needed to feel something and she was that something.

Max had never kissed anyone before, Maria was his first kiss and the kiss was long and very heated. He opened his mouth slightly and so did she, giving him room to enter her mouth and he did so. Even though, he had no idea what he was doing he knew it felt good. Then something unexpected happened.


Max and Maria, about 25, sitting at a table talking.

Max kissing Liz under a tree.

An older Maria and Liz talking somewhere and laughing.

//End Flash//

Max and Maria both pulled apart and stared at each other. Trying to take in what just happened between them. Not just the kiss, but the flashes as well.

They stared at each other for a moment and then both broke out laughing. Max wiped away the tear that was trailing down her face from laughing too hard and then she leaned her head against his shoulder.
After a moment or so, their laughing died down and Maria got semi serious.

“What do you think that all meant Max?” Maria asked

“I’m not sure. Maybe, we were seeing stuff stored inside of ourselves.” Max said, even though he knew it sounded crazy.

“Or maybe, someone is having us see something. Kind of like seeing the future.” Maria stated staring up at the ceiling. “I mean, no offence Max, but I didn’t really want to kiss you, its just there was like this… this…”

“Force that made me do it.”

“Yeah.” Maria said. “It’s kind of like someone wanted us to kiss so that we would see all of that. See, like the future or something.”

“There are only two problems with that theory.” Maria stared at him waiting for the reasons.

“One, who is forcing us together? And two, Liz was in two of those flashes. It can’t possibly be the future since Liz is dead.”

“Then maybe there is something else going on. Or maybe this is all just wishful thinking.” Maria closed her eyes and Max put his arm around her.

“I don’t know. Maybe we both just want Liz to be here with us so much that we made all of that happen.”

“Yeah.” Maria agreed. With a yawn she closed her eyes and started to dose of on his shoulder. Max leaned back so he was laying on the bed and Maria did the same.

“You don’t mind if I stay here? I can’t go home yet. They’ll be there.”

“You can stay.” Maria said sleepily and the both drifted off to sleep unaware that the future was to be confusing, full of answers to the questions they didn’t even know they had.


That wasn't too bad. Was it?

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*Author's Note* Wow ::blushes:: I didn't expect to get such a response. This is great. I'm glad you liked that part dispite that I brought Tess into it and had Max and Maria kiss.

Anyhoo, this is probably one of the best parts of the five part run. Actually its kind of funny. Alex has some great lines right in the beginning. Let's just say as a little spoiler, cherish everything Alex says and does. It'll be awhile before we hear his voice again.

Now, since you were all so good and gave me feedback. I bring you part six.

Oh and I use lyrics from the songs 'Blown Away' by Bachelor Girl and 'Zombie' by The Cranberries

Part 6

I’m so tired
So tired of playin' in the water
I can't be
Don't wanna be your saint, your martyr
So sorry babe
So sorry baby it's my mistake

The years have blown away

It was Senior year. Almost in possible for Max and his friends to believe, but in two whole months high school would be over and they would have to plan for the rest of their lives.

“So, Max. What are you going to do for the rest of your life?” Maria said mocking the councilors that had been bugging them for the past three months.

“Maria, you know better. Max is going to be a professional body builder.” Alex shout our before Max could even attempt to respond.

“Oh, god that’s right. I forgot.” Maria took a bite out of her ice cream sundae. Max found it funny. The Alien Blast Ice Cream Shop had become their hang out two years ago and they still couldn’t stop going there.

“Seriously though, Max you’re going to college right?” Maria asked again.

“I already told you Maria. My mom freaked out after Isabel went off and graduated early and took off for New York never to speak to us again. I’m just going to go to Roswell Community College till I get enough money to go to Las Cruses.”

“Yes, because we all know that the UFO Center has been paying good.” Alex mocked.

“At least it’s a job.” Max said.

“I don’t know if I should take that has an insult or not.” Alex responded back. “Anyway, in case your curious minds wanted to know. I got my letter from Las Cruces today. Full scholarship for their computer program.” Alex gloated.

“Oh My GOD! Congratulations Alex!” Maria practically jumped out her chair to hug Alex who had the hugest grin on his face as he hugged Maria.

“Max, aren’t you a little jealous that your girlfriend is like hanging all over me?” Alex asked.

“Ex-girlfriend.” Was all Max said.

“You guys broke up. Again.” Alex said almost annoyed.

“Yeah.” Maria said moving back to her seat. “I don’t understand why we keep getting back together. I mean, Max, I love you, but you’re my friend. It would be like dating and kissing Alex or something.” Alex and Maria turned to look at each other and they both made ‘ewwww’ sounds.

Max had to suppress his giggle. Of course truth being, he didn’t understand why he kept getting together with Maria either.

“You two are the weirdest people I know. Was it that creepy force thing again or what?” Alex asked.

“Kind of.” Maria responded.

“Yeah.” Max added. “I mean, I guess that’s what it is.”

“Did you get any flashes this time?” Alex asked

“Well, yeah. I did, but I didn’t understand it at all. I was holding this crystal thing. It was weird.” Max told the table.

“You never told me you had a flash!” Maria yelled as she glared at him from across the table.

“Oops.” Max gave a little half smile. Maria just glared at him more and then they all broke into laughter.

“So. Prom.” Alex started after the laughter died down. “Am I the lonely soul without a date this year or are you going to go with me, Maria?”

“Sorry Alex. I have a date already.” Maria replied.

“Thanks Max.”

“Hey! I didn’t ask her.” Defending himself.

Maria looked down at the table as both guys stared at her. “What?”

“Who are you going with?” Alex asked first before Max could.

Maria mumbled something under her breath and they both stared at her more.


“Michael! As in like my ex-friend Michael? The one you hate more than anything?” Max pounded on her with his words in disbelief.

“Yeah. Well… he asked real nice and I know he is a jack ass, but I thought why not.” Both guys slouched back and shook their heads.

“I knew you’d end up like dating him or something. I’ve seen the way the two of you fight.” Alex finally said.

“We are so not dating. We’re just going to prom.” Maria said standing her ground.

“Whatever.” Alex replied.

Max went silent as they talked about who Alex should ask to prom and what Maria should wear. Max didn’t want them to know that all he could think about is what Liz would wear if she was here and if he would have had the nerve to finally ask her to a school dance. What it would be like to hold her in his arms as the swayed together to the slow music.



“Are you going to prom with anyone?” Maria asked.

“Well, Tess asked me to go-” Before Max could get out that he had told her no he was hit by a crumbled up napkin from Alex and a bunch of insults from Maria.

“And furthermore, that blonde bitch-”

“Maria. I told her no. Calm down.” Max said throwing up his hands to stop Maria from continuing. “Did you really think I was stupid enough to say yes to her?”

“No, but still. You’ve been really weird lately. What’s been going on with you?” Maria asked in a concerned voice.

“I don’t know. I don’t really understand what is going on.” Max replies truthfully.

“You know we never took the trip to Santa Fe that we talked about.” Alex said out of the blue. “I think we should make a pact. Soon as high school gets out we take a road trip to Santa Fe. Just the three of us like we always said it would be.”

Everyone got quiet for a moment to think about it.

“Let’s do it.” Max and Maria said at the same time and immediately the plans for their summer of fun began. It would probably be the last time they would get to do it again.


“I’m not giving up on this.”

“Would you just let it go? You can’t decode the book, no evil aliens are here and Max hates you. Let it go.”

“I can’t he belongs to me and I’m going to make sure he is mine. I want my crown back damn it and Max Evans is not keeping it away from me.”

“Well, keep me out of this. I’m not a part of this anymore. Max and I might not be the best of friends, but I refuse to be a part of you and your twisted mind. Why don’t you grow up and move on.”

“I can’t he belongs to me and I’ll make him see that. And I will decode that book. I will do whatever it takes to make Max mine again.”


The main ballroom of the nicest hotel in all of Roswell was decorated with streamers and more colorful balloons that Max had ever seen. Everyone in the whole Senior class was there, dressed in their best and hoping for that once chance to dance with the one they had watched all through high school. Girls were laughing each with smiles from ear to ear. The guys watched their girls with hopeful looks glistening in their eyes. All hoping for tonight to be the night that everything would change.

Of course, Max Evans sat alone at a table. Maria was dancing with Michael, which just didn’t seem right. They looked really good together, but they always seemed to hate each other. Didn’t they?

Alex asked some girl from his AP Computer class and they both looked like they were having the best nights of their entire life. All Max could do was watch and think about Liz. Then something happened.

Max looked up and it seemed like the crowds began to part as very happy Liz Parker walked through the crowd over to where Max was sitting. She looked gorgeous and was wearing a beautiful black thin-strapped dress.

“Max thank you so much for coming with me. I know you don’t like dances, but this means so much to me.”

“Wha-?” Max could barely talk. Music began to come from one of the speakers and Liz’s eyes lit up.

“Come on. They’re playing our song. Max? Max?”

“Max?” Max blinked his eyes and she was gone. Like she had never been there. He spun around hoping she was still there, but instead he saw Tess.

Max rubbed his forehead and prayed that Tess would just go away and leave him to his misery.

Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken

“Max, can I talk to you for a minute?” He looked her over. She didn’t look that bad in her silver dress.

Max gave up on his fighting.


And the violence caused such silence
Who are we mistaken?

They walked slowly out of the main room and into one of the many private rooms. Max had to use his powers to open the door. Once inside Max stood against one of the walls in the small room while Tess stood at the other side staring at him. They could still hear the music from the main ballroom leaking into where they were.

But You see it's not me,
It’s not my family

“What is it Tess?”

In your head, in your
Head they are fighting

“I want to know why you hate me so much?” Tess asked with a lot of conviction. Max had to give her credit. She had done practically everything, put drop to her knees and beg to be with him and now she was asking him a very valid question.

With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their guns

“I don’t hate you Tess. It’s just. You threw yourself onto me. How was I supposed to act? You can’t just come into someone’s life and say you are meant to be with them.”

In your head,
In your head they are cryin'

“Max, you have to realize. I was brought up with always knowing that you were the one for me. I spent my entire life waiting to get you back. To get back to the life we once had. To fight the war that is fighting because of us.”

In your head
What's in your head, in your head

“Tess, that’s just the thing. I don’t really care about that. I don’t understand it and I don’t want to. I like this life and I don’t want to change it.”

“Max!” Tess shouted at him and he was pretty sure she was going to start to cry. Or at least he thought so.

“Millions of people are dying because of us. You can’t turn your back on that!”


Another mother's breakin'
Heart is taking over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken

Her words hit him heart. People were dying because of him. Liz died because of him. He couldn’t just let another people die because of his stupid mistakes.

Tess took a step closer to him and then another. Max followed suit. Bringing himself closer to the one person that sent chills down his spine. After another moment Max was so close to Tess he could feel her breath on his face.

“Don’t you see Max? We need to be together.” He didn’t answer her. He just lowered his head closer to her and she brought hers closer to him. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw it. Not it. He saw her.

Liz stood completely bathed in white light shaking her head no.

No Max. Don’t do what you’ll regret. You can’t trust her.

Liz hadn’t moved her lips, but Max heard her words in his heart and he pulled away from Tess.

It's the same old theme since 1916
In your head,
In your head they're still fightin'
With their tanks
In your head they are dying

“No Tess. I can’t do this with you. I’m not the king they think I am or that you think I am. You’re going to have to figure something else out. I’m sorry Tess. Maybe we could have been friends, but I can’t love you. And I won’t. Goodbye.”

In your head, in your head
What's in your head, in your head

With that being said Max walked out of the room and back into the ballroom. He saw Alex with dancing happily with the girl and Maria with her arms around Michael.
Max couldn’t take it anymore. He fled from the dance and got into his jeep. He drove for hours trying to forget Prom and what happened. He made a pact with himself to never tell anyone what happened between him and Tess. How he had almost given into her.

Max kept driving. He couldn’t wait till he was out of high school. Away from all the people he disliked. And all the things that would remind him of Liz Parker.


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*Author's Note*

I was going to post this part before I left on my little weekend vacation, but then I ran out of time so I'm back now with an update.

Only two more parts after this one till things get better. These next three parts are pretty bad, but this is all going somewhere I swear. Don't kill me for this part, but some things are unavoidable. Some things no matter what time line you are in are just ( pardon the pun ) destined to happen.

Max doesn't sleep with Tess. Don't worry. I'm crazy but not stupid. Well, before I scare you out of reading, how about I just post it.

Part 7

So tired of playin' in the water
Don't wanna be your saint, your daughter
So sorry babe
So sorry baby it's my mistake

The years have blown away

“Max, get in here and help me put this angel on top of the tree!” Max could hear Maria yelling even though he was all the way in the kitchen. It had been so long now. So long. Maria’s 25th birthday was coming up soon. He couldn’t believe it. It felt like yesterday he had entered collage and was starting things on his own. That’s when he bought the house he was in and then after Maria’s very bad break up with Michael she moved in with him. They had been living together like brother and sister for almost 5 years now.

“Max! This is the last time!” Max got up from the kitchen table and walked all the way to the living room where Maria was just getting the angel on top of their Christmas tree.

“See, you got it up there.”

“No thanks to you.” Maria climbed down from her latter and walked over to the coffee table. “I though you would want to open this.” She handed him a letter that was addressed to both of them, but the return address clearly said that he should be the one to open it.

The letter was from one, Isabel Evans.

“Wow, it’s been seven years and she finally remembers she has a brother. I’m not opening this. Pretend it never came.” Max threw the letter down on the table and headed back to the kitchen. Maria was close behind him.

“Max, you haven’t talk to her in years. What if it’s important?” Maria asked sitting at the table with him.

“Then she would have called. It’s not important trust me. She probably felt bad for ignoring her brother at Christmas and felt the need to send a card.”

“Max you don’t know that you-” Maria stopped speaking and they both took note of their current situation. They were sitting at the kitchen table. Max was 25 and Maria would be soon. They were talking.


Max and Maria, about 25, sitting at the kitchen table talking.

//End Flash//

“No way.” Maria finally said after the flash past.

“That’s not possible. I mean, we both agreed those flashes were just nothing.” Max quickly followed up.

“Yeah, but Max, this is real. We saw this exact moment. We saw this. It means something. You can’t ignore that. Something is happening.” Maria said her eyes staring right at him with that look.


“Maybe! That’s all you can say is ‘Maybe’.”

“I don’t know what else to say.” They were both quiet for a while and then Max stood up and started to leave the kitchen.

“Where are you going?” Maria called after him.

“Out. I’ll be back in time for midnight mass I promise.”


“Come on damn it! I’ve almost got this thing done. Just a few more months that’s all it’ll take. Just a few more. You better hold out till then. This better not back fire on me.”


Max lit the white candle that he had placed on top of Liz’s head stone a few weeks ago. He loved this candle, it smelled just like white roses and he knew she would like it.
No one came to see Liz anymore. Maria claimed to not have time and Alex, well, he never really came anyway, but he was so busy at Las Cruces. He didn’t even call. It was like he wasn’t even there. Max had tried to call him a few times, but no one ever answered and he didn’t return his messages or e-mails. Max was beginning to worry.

“You remember how I told you about those flashes Maria had been having, well, one of them came true. It actually happened. Maria and I, sitting at our kitchen table together. It was so weird. I’m having a hard time admitting anything happened though, because, well… Liz. It scares me.”

Max wrapped his coat around him tighter and laid down more on his blanket he had brought with him.

“I mean, will they all come true, because if so that means soon I’ll be kissing you. How is that possible? That isn’t possible right? I mean…”

He closed his eyes as the wind blew in and snow began to fall. It was snowing in Roswell. A rarity. It never snowed.

“I hope wherever you are you can see this. The snow is absolutely beautiful. You’d love it I just know it.”


April 29th, 2008


“What?!” Max ran into the living room where he’d left Maria. He’d only left her for five minutes. What could possibly go wrong in five minutes?

“I tried calling Alex and some guy answered saying Alex was no longer attending the school.” Maria said frantically.

“What!?” Max yelled in shock.

“I don’t get it, why wouldn’t he be there anymore?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you call the Whitman’s in a bit? I’ve got to go to work now or Milton is going to kill me.”

“I thought you were the stupid manager of that museum now? Can’t you make your own hours?” She asked.

“I wish.” Max threw on his light coat and headed out the door. Time seemed to be flying by. He made the long walk to the UFO Center, taking his time of course. He really did enjoy his job, but he had this feeling that he should be at home. That he needed to be at home right now instead of at work.

Max pushed through the double doors and headed towards the back room.

“Evans, I never thought you’d get here.” Milton said in this frantic mode.

“Sorry, Maria was freaking out this morning.” Max told him as he slipped his work vest on.

“Well, I’m sure that is. Now we got in this new supply of books…” Milton kept rambling on about UFO books and documents, but Max just couldn’t concentrate. Something was calling for him to be at home. That he was needed.

“Evans? Are you listening?”

“Ummm… sorry I wasn’t. You know I should call Maria. I don’t think I should have left her alone today.” Max ignored whatever Milton said and he picked up the phone and started dialing.


“Damn it!” He cursed as he slammed the phone back home.

“Evans, if there’s trouble, maybe you shouldn’t be here right now.”

“Yeah.” Max responded as he fled the museum. He ran, ran faster than he ever had in his whole life. Something was screaming in his heart that he had to get home. That something was wrong.

Hurry Max. She needs you.

He quickened his run, if that was, possible and nearly broke down the door trying to get in.

“MARIA!” He yelled. Max didn’t bother to shut the door, he just ran through the house screaming her name.

Then he thought he heard something. A muffled cry coming from her bedroom. He opened the door slowly fearing what might be behind the door itself.

“Maria?” He said in a hushed whisper. Once the door was fully opened he saw pieces of what looked like the phone and parts of the wall scattered on the floor. He could see a hole in the wall where the phone line use to come out of. His eyes followed the white line of the cord through the mass of little wires and drywall, till he found Maria crumbled on the floor with the phone to her ear. She was crying.

“Maria.” Max dropped down to her side and took the phone out of her hand. She didn’t look hurt, but she was crying so hard he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“Maria, please calm down and tell me what happened.”

“I…I called… Mr. Whitman. Oh God Max. Alex is dead.” Maria cried. “He… driving… truck… car accident… dead. DEAD!” She screamed and cried harder. Max pulled her body towards his and held her tight as her tears spilled out of her and everywhere. Max too had to hold back his tears, but it wasn’t any use.

They had lost another.

Alex Charles Whitman was dead.

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*Author's Note*

I'm not even going to say anything I don't think. I'm just going to post this.

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Part 8

The air was cold. Too cold for a day in April, but it might have been fates way so showing sorrow as everyone gathered in the Roswell Cemetery.

Max just stared down at the grave in front of him. Not to long ago he was doing the exact same thing. Staring down at a casket and ignoring whatever the minister might have been saying.

There weren’t white roses this time. They were red. Beautiful red roses. The red had been Maria’s idea. She had told them that Alex like red roses, so that’s what the funeral home had used and now Max and Maria stood next to each other, red rose in hand, burying another loved one into the hard Roswell desert.

Music began to play and people started to leave. Of course Max and Maria stood in place. Maria wasn’t crying anymore, she had stopped in the car after saying something about how Alex hated it when she cried.

Max watched has Maria bravely stepped forward and placed her rose onto Alex’s casket and then placed a folded piece of paper onto it. She whispered something that no on could hear and stepped back to Max’s side. Now it was his turn.

As if in slow motion, Max moved forward and placed his rose along with the many others. He cursed fate for having taken not one, but two of the people he cared about away from him.

How can fate be so evil? Does fate think this is funny? Does it get some kind of sick pleasure out of this?

Slowly, he stepped back by Maria and placed his arm around her. They stood like that for a while. Just watching, not wanting to leave yet. If they left, then it would be real, he would be gone from their lives. Just like how Liz was gone.

After a few minutes some men pushed past them and began to lower his casket into the grave. Maria gave out a strangled cry and Max held her tighter. Neither one was able to move, all they could do was watch their friend being lowered underground and taken away from them.


“Maria, I’ve got to go into work for a while. I’ll be back later.” Max said walking into the living room where Maria was sitting.

It had been almost three months since Alex had died and Maria hardly spoke. She went about the house doing different things and it always looked like she was thinking really hard. Contemplating something, of course she never wanted to talk about it.


“Yeah Max. I’ll see you when you get home.” Maria hadn’t turned to look at him, she just said the words as if they were forced because her mind was too busy thinking about other things.

“All right. I’ll be home soon.” Max watched her closely, he could see something was different about Maria, she wasn’t bright and shinning anymore. She looked much older too. She was barely over 25, but she looked older than that. Almost like all the pain in her world had aged her.

He closed his eyes and let out a large sigh.

Please, if you can help us at all, help Maria. She’s scared and she needs someone right now.

With that thought Max turned around and headed for work.


Max placed yet another book all about the truth behind aliens on the shelve. This was the worst part about his job. It was so boring, and he really didn’t want to leave Maria today. She seemed so off and it had him worried.

“They’re everywhere.” A soft voice said from behind him. Max spun around and saw a young girl, about 21, long brown hair and was dressed in a short lavender summer dress.

“What’s everywhere?” Max asked intrigued by the mysterious girl in the museum.

“Them. They’re all around us. Sometimes if we’re quite we can hear them.” The girl went silent and leaned forward, looking around the museum. Max followed her eyes, his curiosity was getting to him as to where this girl came from and what her deal was.

“Ah-HA! Did you hear that?” The girl yelled as she stepped back.

“Hear what?” Max had to ask. This girl, whoever she was, had him questioning a lot of things.

“A girl. I distinctly heard a girls voice and she said.” The girl closed her eyes as if trying hard to remember something. Max tried hard not to laugh at her antics.

“Don’t worry. He’s all right.” Max paled at her words and stiffened. Her face changed as well. The playful hints were gone and she looked really serious.

“I’m Serena. See you around Max.” She turned on her heal and walked out of the museum. Max was left stunned, but went back to work. Looking down at his nametag briefly. His tag read M. Evans. Manager. She had called him Max.


Max threw his keys onto the coffee table and tossed his coat on the couch. Work had gone by even slower do to the fact that he couldn’t get that girl out of his head. They way she had acted and looked. It had him thinking too much.

Give it up Max. You’ve seen enough whacked UFO nuts trying to sell you on theories about aliens living in the center of the Earth. It’s no big deal.

Of course to Max this was a big deal. Something about the way the girl spoke. Could she have heard Liz? Now Max knew he was crazy.

It was then that he noticed something was wrong. Where was Maria?


“In the kitchen?” Maria called out in a surprisingly chipper voice.

Max walked into the kitchen to see her baking cookies.

“Hey, Liz said that with being gone and everything it was ok for me to stay here and I thought since I was here I could do something with my time. They’ll be done in a few minutes.” She said and went back to her baking.

“Ok.” Max turned to leave the kitchen and then stopped in his tracks.

Liz said?

“Maria, what did you say?” He asked her, making sure he hadn’t heard her wrong. He had to have heard her wrong.

“About the cookies being done in a few minutes?”

“Before that.” Maria stared at her and then a dawning expression came on her face.

“Oh. I thought Liz told you. She’s going to be gone for a few days some business thing. Also, before I forget we’re meeting Alex tomorrow for lunch and he said to bring the wedding pictures. He wants to see the one of all of us at your wedding. You and Liz looked so cute and…”

Max lost track of what Maria was saying. His entire body went into lock down and he felt physically sick. His head got heavy and his vision blurred. He was pretty sure he was going to faint any moment.

“Maria.” He said in a whisper and she spun around to look at him

“Max, oh my god. Sit down.” She grabbed his hand and helped him into one of the kitchen chairs.

Max felt clammy and didn’t even notice when Maria went to the sink to get him a glass of water. This was a joke some sick joke.

“Here Max. Drink this.” Max took the glass and it shook with his trembling hands. The cool water cascaded down his dry and hot throat cooling it off. His vision began to come back to normal, but there was a definite ache in his heart.

Max studied Maria for a moment and she stared right at him. Her eyes didn’t look hurt by the years of pain and he couldn’t see loss in them. He saw worry, because of his almost fainting, but no signs that she had lost both of her best friends to tragic deaths.

“Do you want me to call Liz?” Max stared at her more. Her eyes didn’t hold a lie in them. If he said yes he was pretty sure Maria would pick up the phone and trying call Liz. There was only one problem. Liz Parker was dead, she had been dead for years and Alex was dead too. There wasn’t anyone to call. There wasn’t anyone to help and as Max looked into her eyes and realized that in a way Maria was dead too. She wasn’t there any longer, she was gone from this life and in a completely different one.

“No, thanks Maria. I think I’m just going to get some rest. I probably worked too hard.”

“All right Max.” Maria smiled at him and went back to her baking. He slowly got out of the chair and made the painful walk to his room.

He’d lost Liz before he even had her, had Alex slip out of his life when Alex was barely there and now, his only lifeline, his only friend. Maria Deluca was gone.


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*Author's Note* Ok. Good news and bad news. Good news. This is like last bad part. Bad news. It's going to be short lived. It will get bad again. ( Did you think I would give you a break? *wink* )

CEO Shaft This part is going to clear some things up, but be looking for part 11 for the big explaination. I think. *wink*

Ok, so on with the story. Oh and I used the lyrics from 'Fade' by Staind. I love that song. *big*

Part 9

Max hated white. Ok, that wasn’t true. He did like the color white, but this kind of white gave him the chills. Made him feel like things were dead. Definitely a dead feeling.

Max walked slowly down the halls of the Albuquerque Mental Institution. He hated himself for all of this. He’d had to put Maria in here about a week after her ‘leaving reality’ as the doctor had called it. He didn’t want to put her away, but it was just too painful. To have to look into her eyes day after day as she talked about Liz and how perfect their lives were. He just couldn’t take it anymore. He had to put her somewhere safe.

“Please sign here.” Max signed in at the visitor’s booth and then made his way to the recreational room where he knew Maria would be.

The room smelled like medicine and of cleaning products. Max hated that smell. He also hated all the white, he didn’t know how anyone could ever stay sane in a place like this, but then again, if you were here you weren’t really sane.

Maria was in her same place as always. Sitting by the one window, looking out through the metal bars. She turned her head when he walked in the room and a huge smile formed on her face.

“Hi Max.”

“Hey Maria.” He walked up to her and gave her a hug, then they sat at her usual table.

“How are you doing?” He asked her.

“Fine. How’s Liz?”

Max had to hold back from screaming at her. The doctors had told him that the best thing to do was be honest with her every time. If she brought up Alex or Liz just to let her know that they had ‘passed on’.

“Liz is fine.” Of course Max couldn’t do it. He couldn’t crush Maria like that, watch the pain fill her eyes again, watch her sorrow and depression like he had after Alex died. Max just couldn’t do it again.

“That’s good. She came to see me you know?” Maria looked so happy. Max wished he could be that happy again.


“Yup. She said that you wanted her to watch over me. That’s so sweet of you Max.”

“Well, you know I worry about you.” Max smiled.

“You better.” Maria smiled back.

Their conversation went on like that for a few more hours. They talked about Liz and the life that really wasn’t going on. They talked about high school memories that didn’t exist and plans for the future that would never happen. Max hadn’t felt that good in a while. Until he signed out his name at the visitor’s booth, then all the pain return and he made his long retreat back to sorrow.


Now I’m older and I feel
That I could let some of this
Anger fade

Max had been home a mire 15 minutes and there was already someone at the door. Ringing the bell like there was no tomorrow.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Max flew the door open quickly.

“Wha-?” His words caught in his throat as he saw the blonde who stood in front of him. “Tess?”

“Hi Max.” She looked older now, a little prettier, but she had this aura now. Something about her seemed different, she seemed more mature and it felt like she had seen many things.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” He asked slowly getting over the shock of seeing Tess again after all these years.

“It’s been awhile Max. I just wanted to come talk. Can I come in?”


“Su-sure.” He stuttered and stepped back giving her a silent invitation to come in. Once inside he shut the door quietly behind him. They walked silently into the living room and Tess seated herself on the couch. Max positioned himself across from her on his chair.

Moments passed of silence, neither one knowing what to say. Finally Max spoke.

“So, where’ve you been?”

“Oh. I was at Las Cruces. I was majoring in computers, but something came up recently and I dropped out.” Tess said in a weird tone. Max looked her over, she really did look different and he couldn’t quite place what it was.

“Max. There’s a reason I came back.” He stared at her as she pulled a metallic book out of her bag.

“I found this book out where our pods were, in this cave out past mile marker 87. I knew it was important and I just had to find out what it said.” Tess passed the book over to Max and he took it reluctantly, almost afraid that the book itself would kill him. The book carried death with it, he could feel it.

“After what you said at Prom I knew more than ever I had to convince you. I could see that you didn’t believe what I was saying so I thought maybe, maybe if I could decode the book that maybe you’d believe me.” She paused and Max noticed that she was staring at him.

He glanced down at the book for a moment hating the feeling of it. It felt evil and felt like something that wasn’t right.

“That’s why I went to Las Cruces.” She continued. “I had to find out what it said and I got some help. Some help. After a few years I finally got it Max. I decoded the book.” She stopped again and he watched her as she dug into her bag and pulled out a stack of papers. She handed them to him and he stared at them for a moment before finally taking them.

“That’s everything Max. Everything about who we are.”

Max flipped through the pages reading a few things out loud.

“You are the royal four… Zan the king, Ava his Queen, Vilandra his sister, Rath his advisor… The granolith is an enormous source of energy and a religious symbol… once the key is inserted the granolith will take 24 hours to prepare itself for the journey…” Max stopped trying to take everything in. Process all of this.

“You have a name Max. Your name was Zan and I… I was Ava. Our home has a name too. Antar. That’s where we belong. This has everything. It’s our way home.”

Max stood silently and Tess followed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of hers. They looked different. Death was reflected from them. Death and Betrayal.

He handed the metal book back to her and she took it with a surprised look on her face.

“Tess. Leave now. Go home if you want, but I’m not going with you. Goodbye.” Max hoped Tess would finally get the picture and let herself out so he headed towards the kitchen away from her and her life.

“You are coming with me! I didn’t mind warp that computer geek, you dared to call a friend just to have you walk away from me!”

Those words stopped Max dead in his tracks. He spun around to look at her and her face had taken on a different quality now.

“What the fuck did you just say?” His fury evident in his voice.

“You heard me. That moron wouldn’t help me with my plan so I mind warped him. Took me a few years, but he was almost done with it until his pathetic little body gave out. He died right in my hands. I carried his pathetic body out to his car and rammed it right into a semi. All to make sure that you saw the truth. You killed him Max. I had to kill him because you have been such a damn selfish boy! Now you are coming with me!”

Max stared at her, angry and fury forcing him to fling all the papers at her. He walked straight up to Tess and he saw her expression change from anger to fear in an instant.

“Go home Tess and don’t you dare come back.” Moments passed where neither of them moved. Finally, in defeat Tess left the house.

Rage took over and Max began throwing things. For the first time in nearly ten years he used his powers to throw lamps and other useless things around.

Max collapsed onto the ground as he was hit with flashes. Memories began to invade his mind as his life began to drift away.

I try to breathe
Memories overtaking me


"Time of death. 4:34 PM."


"You and Michael were talking in whispers, but I heard you talking about how you wanted to do something and then he was saying that you couldn't risk his and Isabel's life for Liz's. Max, could you have done something to save Liz?"


I try to face them but,
The thought is too
Much to conceive


"Max you can't deny who we are. You're making it out to be like we pulled the trigger or something!"

"Might as well have."


"I-I'm an alien. I was in the ship that crashed in 1947 and I was in this pod thing till I came out looking like a 6 year-old boy. I…I have powers. Powers to heal and I could have saved Liz that day when she got shot but… but I couldn't. I… was stopped, but I'm not here to hurt anyone. I'm just normal. Like every other teenager. I just have special powers."


"You let Liz die."

"I…I didn't want to. I wish I hadn't but I did. I let her die. I-"

"You Bastard!"


I only know that I can change
Everything else just stays the same


Max crawled off the floor as the flashes kept hitting him. He needed Liz, he had to get to her. Even if she was gone she was the only person he could talk to right now.


So now I step out of the darkness
That my life became 'cause


He grabbed his coat and headed out the door not bothering to shut it. He had to get to Liz.


I just needed someone to talk to
You were just too busy with yourself
You were never there for me to
Express how I felt


"No Max. Stay. We can talk to Liz together. I know she would like that. She likes when I come to talk to her and I bet she is glad that we are both here and would like it a lot more if we talked to her together."


"-Tess, I finally remembered her name, anyway Tess wanted me to go out with her and Michael and Isabel tonight. I guess she doesn't understand that my heart belongs to someone already. And even if I was ready to move on to someone other than you, it would definitely not be her. I hate blondes."


I just stuffed it down


"You were the king. And I… I was your queen."

"No. You may think I am some king and maybe I was, but I'm not now. I'm not the leader of a planet and I don't love you. I don't even know you! Now get out!"

"Max it doesn't matter what you say. It is your destiny and you don't have a choice!"


Now I'm older and I feel like
I could let some of this anger fade


"Or maybe, someone is having us see something. Kind of like seeing the future. I mean, no offence Max, but I didn't really want to kiss you, its just there was like this… this…"

"Force that made me do it."


"Anyway, in case your curious minds wanted to know. I got my letter from Las Cruces today. Full scholarship for their computer program."


"I think we should make a pact. Soon as high school gets out we take a road trip to Santa Fe. Just the three of us like we always said it would be."


But it seems the surface
I am scratching
Is the bed that I have made


Max started the car and drove on autopilot. He could barely think. All he knew was that he needed to get to Liz. He needed to be near her right now. His life was ending, better yet, he was planning on ending his life. Max had caused so much pain, caused so much death. First he had to talk to Liz. And say goodbye.


"No Tess. I can't do this with you. I'm not the king they think I am or that you think I am. You're going to have to figure something else out. I'm sorry Tess. Maybe we could have been friends, but I can't love you. And I won't. Goodbye."


"You remember how I told you about those flashes Maria had been having, well, one of them came true..."


"I…I called… Mr. Whitman. Oh God Max. Alex is dead. He… driving… truck… car accident… dead. DEAD!"


"Ah-HA! Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"A girl. I distinctly heard a girls voice and she said. Don't worry. He's all right."

"I'm Serena. See you around Max."


"Hey, Liz said that with being gone and everything it was ok for me to stay here and I thought since I was here I could do something with my time. They'll be done in a few minutes."


So where were you
When all this I was going through
You never took the time to ask me
Just what you could do

Max walked slowly up to Liz’s grave and collapsed in front of it. All the pain all the memories washing over him in a fluid motion and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Everything was falling part. He had no one left. Everyone was gone, he had ruined so many lives. Destroyed so much as he placed his hand slowly on Liz’s grave.

“How do I start to say goodbye?”

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*Author's Note*

I would just like to thank every single person reading this fic. You guys have put up with a lot. This hasn't been the easiest fic to read and there is still a lot that has to happen. I working on writing part 11 right now and I'm having some problems with it so after I post today it might be awhile till I can update again. Plus I have school starting again soon and that is going to take up most of my time. So we'll see how it goes. I am trying though and my goal is to have part 11 done by next week. I hope. *wink*

Ok, without keeping you all waiting anymore I'm going to post part 10. I hope you won't be too disappointed in me. I know how hard the past few parts have been and so I hope you won't be upset with this part.

Oh yeah and for disclaimer issues I use the lyrics from 'Breathing' by Lifehouse.

Let the fun begin.

Part 10

I want nothing more
Then to sit outside heaven’s door
And listen to you breathing
It’s where I want to be

Max sat himself down next to Liz’s grave and tried to wipe the anguish and defeat off his face. He knew after tonight he may never be able to speak to her again. He was giving up and people who give up don’t go to where ever Liz was. He would never be with her and this was the only goodbye he would have.

“I wish I could say all of this in person, but I guess this is going to be the best it’s going to get.”

He picked a blade of grass and rolled it between in fingers.

“I know your sick of hearing me apologize. I’ve been doing it since you died, but this is probably the last time you will hear me say it.”

Max dropped the blade of grass he had after it crumbled into little pieces. He picked another one and then began to repeat the process. He needed to be doing something, anything, to keep him from breaking down anymore than he was. He needed to get all of this out.

“I’m sorry I let you die. Maybe, maybe if I had saved you none of this would have happened. Regardless, I should never have gotten Maria and Alex involved. Look what I did to them. I hurt everyone I care about. Everyone that has ever meant anything to me I have either driven away or… or they have… died.”

Max threw the blade of grass down and swallowed hard trying to remove the lump that now had a permanent home in his throat. It was now or never. All he had to do was say goodbye. Tell her how much he loved her and would always love her and then get up and leave, but he couldn’t. His legs refused to move and he just sat there. Staring at the name carved into the cool stone.

“Liz… I don’t know what else to say. I… I guess this is goodbye. I… I don’t want to, but Liz I don’t know what else to do. I feel so lost, there’s nothing left for me. No where to go. No where to be. I’m lost, so lost. I just…” And then the words tumbled out of his mouth quicker than ever before.

“I need you here. I need to hear your voice again, I need to tell you I love you and have you actually hear it. So I know you’ve heard it. I want to see you, really see you. I want to know your smell and your touch. I need you Liz. I need you so much.”

Max lowered his head and stared at the ground. All he had to do was move his feet. All he had to do was get up and it would all be over. All he needed…


“I need you too.”

Max’s head shot up and he spun his head to the side. There next to him, on his right, was one Liz Parker.

She looked absolutely breathtaking. She was dressed in a beautiful white gown that seemed to just flow right off her body and her hair. Her hair was down to the middle of her back and it swayed in the light breeze.

Max watched her figuring his mind was playing games on him. She was staring up at the stars watching them. And crying. Crying?


Max expected her to disappear. To be gone like all the times before, but this time was different. This time was special. She brought her head down and their eyes locked together.

Time seemed to stand still as each one stared into the other one. Silence was everywhere, but it was a good silence. Max finally found his voice and spoke.

“Is it really you?” He asked her a tear trailing down his face.

“I… I didn’t think they would let me see you. I thought I was going to lose you.” Liz said and then a smile crossed her face mixing with her now tears of joy. “Oh god Max! Yes it’s me!”

Max went to throw his arms around her in an embrace, but then remembered. She was dead. You couldn’t hug a dead person.

“Max.” Liz said in a near whisper as she brought her hand near his face, never touching it, but just grazing over it. “I’ve wanted to talk to you for soon long. I kept trying and I thought a few times you might have heard me. Heard what I was saying, but I was never sure. Until now.”

They couldn’t stop looking at each other. This was the moment they had both wanted for so long, a chance to be together again.

“There is so much I want to say to you, about the shooting, about Alex-”

Liz placed her hand in front of Max’s face to stop him.

“Max, its ok. I already know. I’ve been here with you always. Every time. I’ve been through everything with you. I stood beside you when you first told Maria and Alex the truth. I was there when you first met Tess. I’ve been with you for everything. I’ve been trying to protect you, keep you safe. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do.”

“Why?” Max had to ask. “How can you care so much for the monster that killed you?”

Liz’s expression changed from that of joy to horror.

“You’re not a killer. You didn’t kill me and you’re not a monster. You are the most incredible person I have ever met. Max I have stood by you and watched you and listened to everything you have ever said.” She paused and looked right into his eyes.

Her face was literally glowing and Max felt something start up inside of him.

“I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you.” Tears began to stream down her face as she looked at him.

“I love you so much Liz.” Both of their hearts came alive in that single moment. Their declaration of love to each other so strong and pure that it changed everything. Changed them and changed the minds of a few people.

They need just one moment. On moment till eternity.

Max moved his hand slightly and it collided with something. Something warm and alive. Both Liz and Max moved their eyes from each other down to where Max’s hand was now covering Liz’s.



“We don’t have much time. They’re going to take me away soon.”

“Don’t speak then.” Max moved his hands to the side of her face and he began to caress her cheek. Her skin was so smooth. He moved his hands and threaded them into her hair, all while she moved her hands around his neck, into his hair.

Their bodies moved closer and Max lowered his head to Liz’s suddenly they both had a flash.


Max and Liz kissing under a tree

//End Flash//

“The flash.” Max choked out. His face a mire few inches from Liz’s.

“Max, remember. Don’t speak.” The both smiled a smile that quickly faded when for the first time they did the one thing they longed for. Max’s lips fell upon Liz’s in the sweetest most passionate kiss ever. A kiss that set off feeling neither one thought they were capable of feeling.

Liz parted her lips slowly inviting Max to deepen the kiss. It had been so long since either one had felt alive again and as soon as Max let his tongue drift into her warm inviting mouth they both knew what they wanted more than anything.

Each other.



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*Author's Note*

Miss me. *wink*

I have been trying to get this part out, but I've been having a hard time writing and having problems with the board and what not.

Anyway, I would just like to thank Nikki who helped me write this part. If you have not read her fic 'Bonding Eight' than I suggest you do so.

Hmmm... let's see. This part as a bit of NC-17 in it just as a warning oh and most of your questions shall be answered in this.

Part 11

Max couldn’t get himself under control. His mind was in disarray as he laid Liz down on the cool grass and climbed onto of her. Their bodies touched everywhere and Max refused to break their kiss, even when he knew he needed air. Finally, Liz broke the kiss knowing they both needed to even if they didn’t want to.

Each took in gulps of breath, their chest heaving violently from their lack of breathing. It was then that Max realized where they were. They were just laying under a tree next to Liz’s grave.

She’s been dead over 10 years and we’re just laying near her grave. She deserves so much better than this.

Anywhere with you is perfect.

Max’s eyes widened as he heard her voice ring into his head. His breathing was beginning to go back to a normal rate as he stared at her angelic face.


“Max, by now nothing should surprise you.” She responded looking back up at him.

“You’re right, but that still doesn’t change that you deserve better than this.” Just then rain began to fall from the skies soaking them both.

“See, even they know we should be somewhere else.” Max said pointing upwards and Liz laughed as Max stood put and pulled her up off the ground. The both ran, hand in hand towards Max’s car trying to escape the rain. Once inside Max started the engine and they took off out of the cemetery.

“So where are we going Max?” Liz asked looking at him as he drove. Max turned to look at her and again their eyes met. He just loved her eyes. He loved every bit of her.

“Somewhere.” He looked serious, but then a smile crossed his face and a similar smile formed on Liz’s.



Liz stepped through the front door of Max’s house. She knew this house probably better than he did. She loved ever window, every crack and every wall. This house was where he lived for so many years and it was the house that she would sit at with him. Even if he didn’t know it. She would sit next to him at dinner and sleep next to him at night. She had been told not to spend too much time near him. It would only make time seem to go slower, but she couldn’t help it. She loved being near Max even if he never knew she was there.

Of course now the house was in disarray. Things were thrown all over the living room and all the lights were off. The house didn’t have the same glow that it always had. Liz proceeded to fix that.

With a wave of her hand, all the broken glass and objects were back in their places and the candles that Maria had bought to fill the house were now lit.

“Much better.” Liz said with satisfaction. Liz felt two strong arms come around her waist and pull her towards one hard body. She closed her eyes. It had been too long since she really felt anything. Of course, she felt things up there, but she spent so much time near Max and since she was on Earth with Max she couldn’t really touch or feel anything. Until now that is.

Thank you so much. Liz sent up to her friend who she knew had done all of this.

You deserve a little bit a happiness. You’ve been so depressed lately. Have fun and remember, just till morning.

I know. Thank you.

Liz took in a deep breath and then spun around in Max’s arms so she could look at him. She’d seen hundreds of pairs of eyes, but no ones eyes looked as deep as Max’s. And now they were filled with love, love for her and only her.

“Do you know how much I love this house?” She finally said smiling.

“You like the house huh?” He said smiling back.

Liz was so beautiful in this moment. He’d almost forgotten how beautiful she had been. Almost. Her eyes were looking into his, brightly shining and it was his dream come true. Max never thought Liz would look at him this way when she was alive. Let alone dead, but she was. She was looking at him as though she was in love.

Liz pulled away from his embrace to walk near the mantle.

“I was with you when you picked it out. I picked it as the perfect house for us to have bought if we were married and together. It was just perfect for us.” Liz ran her hand sadly along the top of the mantle looking at the pictures of the faces of friends she had once known.

A picture of Maria, Alex and Max sitting at their favorite ice cream shop. Next to that one was a picture again of the three of them at graduation. Over to the right was a picture of Max and his parents at graduation. Isabel having not come. Liz picked up the picture and touched the faces lightly. Max came up and stood beside her.

“I know how upset you were that your sister wasn’t there Max.” He didn’t respond so she kept going.

“She wanted to be there, but she was scared. Scared to come back, to see you after everything that had happened. She was afraid of who she had become. She traded your relationship for someone she didn’t even know and she regretted it. Isabel hated herself for that. You need to talk to her Max.” Liz placed the picture back on the mantel and went to the next one. It was of herself with Alex and Maria.

Liz smiled lightly at the memories and turned back to Max who was looking on her with so much emotion.

“Max there is so much I need to tell you. So much you need to understand before I leave, but…” She paused to stare into his eyes, into his soul.

“But?” He pushed on taking a step closer to her, bringing them as close as possible. Their noses were nearly touching and their breath began to run together.

“But… I need to feel you right now Max. Feel every bit of you.” She ran her hands along the sides of his arms bringing them behind his neck pulling his face a little closer to her own still without letting their lips touch.

“I need the same thing.” Max responded huskily as he starred into her eyes. They both stared at each other for what felt like for an eternity.

Then the spell was broken. Lips fused together and hands latched onto each other. If anyone had been watching they wouldn’t have been able to tell where Liz ended and Max began.

Max’s hands ran up and down Liz’s gown-covered body as they stumbled into his room. Liz’s hands were holding onto Max’s neck for support. She’d wanted this for so long. She needed this and it was finally going to happen.

As Max’s hands traveled down her back, his fingers slowly and gently started to lift the white gown as his hands traveled back up. Liz could feel his hands traveling up her body and knew that he was pulling her gown up with him. She slowly broke this kiss off and lifted her arms up to help Max rid her of her gown. Before Max took the final step, he looked into her eyes to ask the simple yet most important question.

"Are you sure?" He whispered. She almost didn’t hear him his voice was so soft.

She stared right back, not blinking not moving. She finally nodded her head. Max let out the breath that he hadn’t realized he was holding. Here in front of him was the girl he loved, in the flesh and he was going to make love to her. He needed to know that she was going to be okay with it. When she had nodded, letting the breath rush out of him was all he could do to restrain himself from throwing her on the bed and attacking her with everything he had.

"Max… hurry." Liz pleaded softly.

Max nodded his head as he finally pulled the white gown over her head. His hands came to his sides and he let the gown drop from his hand. They just stood there staring. Max had never seen anything so beautiful. Liz hadn’t been wearing anything underneath the gown and now she was standing in front of Max naked.

Liz started to blush under Max’s intense gaze and tried to fight the instinct to cover herself up.

"You’re so beautiful. Just like I knew you would be." Max whispered as his right hand reached out and his fingers started to run down her arm softly. His fingers reached hers and before he could latch their hands together, he moved his hand up to her collarbone and with his thumb, he softly ran it down to the hollow of her neck. His index finger then took over as it slowly moved down through the valley between her breasts. His thumb took control again as it brushed the skin under one of Liz’s breasts. A gasp escaped her lips as her eyes closed.

Max smiled softly. His other hand reached up to her other breast to do the same but before it reached its destination, he felt two hands on his chest clawing at his clothes.

Liz had had enough of the torture he was inflicting on her. Her hands quickly moved to his shirt and started to unbutton it as fast as she could. When she struggled with one of the buttons she pulled the shirt apart and the buttons that were left went flying in every direction. She slipped the shirt off his shoulders and let it drop to the ground behind him.

"Max… I need you." Liz breathed out as her hands moved to the button on his pants.

"Liz…" Max said placing his hands on hers to stop her movements. "Wait… slow down." Max said with a smile.

Liz breathed in and then slowly let her breath out trying to calm down. After she had calmed down a little, her hands reached out for the button on Max’s pants again. This time she wasn’t in such a hurry. She undid the button and then slowly unzipped his zipper.

Max gasped as he felt his zipper being pulled down. She was making him feel things that he never imagined anyone making him feel, ever. In an effort to help her, he slipped off his shoes and then started to pull down his pants. Liz stepped back to watch as Max stripped himself of most of his clothes. While pulling his pants off, Max also discarded his socks. As he stood back up to look at Liz, he was only wearing his boxer shorts.
Liz reached for them and as she hooked her index finger into them, she started to walk backwards towards the bed pulling Max with her. When she felt the bed at the back off her legs, her other hand came up and wrapped itself around Max’s neck pulling his face close to hers.

"I want to see all of you." She whispered against his lips. He nodded slightly as his hands reached for his boxers and started to pull them down and step out of them.

Liz’s gaze shifted down. "Oh God." She breathed out in a sigh. Max just smiled slightly.

"Liz? Are you sure?" Max asked. She looked up at him again and nodded. He searched her eyes in an effort to see the truth behind her silent action. Desire. Need. Want. Anticipation. Love. These were the feelings he saw in her eyes. He knew the truth.

He stepped closer to her and their bodies were flush against each other. Max’s right arm came around Liz’s waist and held her firmly there. Liz’s arms wrapped around Max’s neck to hold herself steady as he gently lifted her on the bed and laid them down.

They were staring intently into each other’s eyes as Max helped to move them up the bed. He gently laid them down and Liz’s head softly hit the pillow underneath her. Max’s lips curled up at the corners as a shy smile lit up his face. Liz blushed in response. Max moved his hands to her sides. He started to move them down her waist and to her thighs. He gently nudged them apart so he could lay between her legs.

Liz moaned at the sensation of Max’s hands on her thighs. Her eyes closed and she threw her head back as she felt Max’s fingers touch her soft curls. Max’s eyes watched her as his fingers slowly parted her lips. One of his fingers reached out and was met with her heat. His finger started to explore her.

"Oh God…" Liz moaned softly as she felt Max’s finger brush against her clit. His finger disappeared but then she felt it again, this time at her entrance. She moved her hips to try and get closer to his finger. Max smiled as he slowly pushed his finger up inside her.

"Max…" Liz moaned. His finger slipped out again and his hands traveled to grasp her waist.

"Are you ok? Are you ready? Are you sure?" Max asked in a hurry while his eyes danced over her face.

"Max…yes, yes and hell yes." Liz replied breathing heavily while smiling.

Max paused and then nodded. His right hand reached down between his legs and grabbed himself. He paused at her entrance. He looked up at her again. She nodded slightly. Max started to slowly enter her. They both moaned. Liz moaned as she felt him start to fill her. Max moaned because he was finally where he wanted to be in his life. Somewhere he never thought was possible to be. Inside Liz Parker.

Max reached her barrier and he stopped. Liz knew why he stopped. Before Max could ask if she was sure once again, her nails dug into his backside and pushed him inside her. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and bit her lower lip in pain. Max grunted.

"Liz, you shouldn’t, you – why did you do that?" Max asked ready to pull out.

"Because I knew you wouldn’t. Max… please." Liz moaned as she moved her hips in experimentation. Pleasure ripped through her.

"Liz…" Max moaned when he felt Liz move her hips.
Max took his cue from Liz and started to move in and out of her. He started out slow, setting a rhythm for them. He was teasing her with his slow penetrations. Liz’s hips moved with Max’s meeting him thrust for slow thrust. She needed more; the slow torture wasn’t enough.

"More Max… I need more." Liz breathed out as her nails dug into Max’s back.

Max started to quicken his pace. Their bodies were covered in a thin sheen of sweat, their bodies gliding against each other. Moans escaped their lips as they were both driven to the point of no return. Max’s hand moved down between them and his fingers found her clit between thrusts. He knew he was near and he wanted Liz to go over the edge first. She deserved it.

His index finger started to flick over Liz’s clit. "Oh… My… God…" Liz moaned as she started to move her hips faster as she felt herself nearing the top. She needed the release. Max felt her inner muscles clench around him. She was so close. Max started to flick and thrust faster. She met him thrust for thrust trying to get closer to his finger at the same time.

Her muscles started to contract and her body shook with slight convulsions. "MAX!" Liz screamed as her body trembled with orgasm. As her muscles clenched around Max it trigged his. His body went rigid and he moaned her name. He collapsed on top of Liz in exhaustion.
When they had recovered from their high, Max rolled off Liz and slipped out of her. They both felt the loss. For those few seconds they were going over the edge, they had felt whole. One. Home.

They both turned on their sides facing each other. Max’s hand reached out and brushed her wet hair away from her face. He started to run his fingers through it as he starred at Liz.

Liz laid there for a few more minutes just looking at Max. She didn’t want to speak for fear that it would break the spell she was under.

Of course, she couldn’t keep wasting time, because time was definitely something they didn’t have.
After shivering, Max grabbed the blanket that had been thrown off his bed in the haste and covered their now cold bodies.

“Max?” Liz started, but Max cut her off.

“Shh… Liz don’t speak.” Max said as he covered her lips again. They were both pulled into the swirl of passion and Max was about to climb back on top of Liz, when she pushed him back down.

“Max, as much as I would love to make love to you all night I don’t have much time. I have to tell you everything. I want to explain things to you so you understand better.” Liz said quickly and painfully. Max took that opportunity to lay back next to her and starting rubbing his hand down her arm.

“Liz, you have my full attention.”

“Ok.” Liz started. “How do I begin to explain all of this. It’s really confusing and I know it will make more sense to you later, when you’re up there.” Liz said staring into his beautiful eyes.

“Where’s up there?” Max asked, taking every word she said for what it was worth. She would be gone soon and he wanted to soak up the sound of her voice and burn it into his mind and into his heart.

“This is the part that’s confusing. Your planet as this system, much like the Greeks did. There is like this hierarchy that lives in the after life. Most people go into this after life. It’s kind of like what we would take as heaven, but its different. The hierarchy selects its rulers and selects who has a higher status in this ‘heaven’. It’s like being reborn I guess is what they told me.” Liz stopped for a minute making sure he was still following her. The weird thing to him was that he completely understood.

“Anyway, I don’t know why, but they selected me to go into their after life. I can’t tell you anything else, but what I can tell you is that we’ll be able to live for eternity if we choose. We can live there, create our own world for each other up there. Once you’re life is over, once you’ve lived your life, that’s when we’ll be together again.” Liz said with a smile as she brought her hand up and caressed Max’s cheek.

“I know this seems unbelievable, and maybe a little confusing, but this is the way it should be. The six of us will reunite up there and be connected as one.”

“Six?” Max questioned, finally saying something after all this time.

“You, me, Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria. That’s where Alex is now. We’re all connected together, but…” Liz paused and looked at him. “I can’t really tell you anything else, but I can tell you that you need to fix things with your sister and with Michael. There are always two sides to every story Max. You need to hear that other side now.”

Max took in what she said. He knew she was right. She was always right. He needed to try and fix things with them, but a part of him didn’t want to. A part of him wanted to forget they ever existed and just stay where he was, in Liz’s arms.

“Max, I know you may not want to, but trust me. It’ll be for the best.”

He nodded to show he agreed with her.

They starred at each other for a moment longer and then Liz yawned breaking their spell.

“I’m so tired.” She said in a sleepy voice. She hadn’t been tired in such a long time and loved the fact that she was tired again. Except for the fact that it was taking time away from her being with Max.

Max pulled her body flush against his and wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly.

“I’m afraid to sleep and wake up without you.” Max said holding her. Liz held onto him just as tightly.

“I know Max. I feel the same way, but I promise you I will always be with you and we will be together again someday.” The both went quiet as Liz closed her eyes, trying to fight sleep, but losing.

“I love you Max. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Liz. So much.”

Max felt the sun beginning to beat on his face as the new day arose. When he opened his eyes he winced and quickly shut them again to keep the light from coming in.

Just five more minutes.

Max thought to himself as he laid there and tried to fall back asleep, but then his alarm blared to life causing him to sit straight up out of bed.

His body hurt and he was completely tired. He was trying to remember when he had gone to bed and how he had gotten where he was.

Then as if someone had flipped a switch it all came flooding back to him. Every detail of the evening, finding out what Tess had done, going to see Liz, actually seeing Liz. Kissing Liz, loving Liz.

“Liz.” Max turned his head in hopes, praying to someone that she was still there next to him, but the bed was empty. It was apparent someone had been there by the crumbled sheets and the sunken pillow. Max could also smell her scent all around him.

He rolled over and placed his head in her pillow to take in her sweet scent. Tears cascading down his face. He felt as thought she had died all over again, he’d lost her again.

Someday, we’ll be together again. Someday.


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*Author's note*

Alien614 originally wrote:
I just found this fic today and caught up and I have to say its amazing! Never read a fic with quite a twist that you have put into this story. Does this mean max has to die in order for liz and him to be together again. I kind of thought you were going to use the granilith as a way to change the course of history. Max would go back in time and save liz. Well I guess I will have to wait and see. Can't wait to read more.*happy*

I'm glad you joined the group of people reading my fic. I just want to say I about died when I read your post today. I guess you'll see what I mean after you read this post.

Oh, and anyone ever heard of the calm before the storm?

Well, I believe that's what the last part was.

For disclaimer purposes I use the lyrics from 'I Shall Believe' by Sheryl Crow and 'Dear Joan' by Tabitha's Secret?

Well on with the show. OH! and pay attention to the lyrics. I'm big on song lyrics and there meanings and there is a bit of foreshadowing done in this part.

Part 12

Max collapsed on the couch feeling the weight of the day bearing down on him, and he had just gotten up.

The first week hadn’t been bad. He could feel Liz near him now. She was always near him and he could smell her scent in the air, like a reminder of what was to come.

Now, three weeks later Max could barely get out of bed in the morning. He knew Liz was trying, he really did, but he almost didn’t want her around. That wasn’t right, he wanted her around, but in the flesh. He wanted to hold her and see her, but all he had was her scent and the occasional sound of her voice.

Liz took control of the house, she would do little things and at first Max thought it was funny, but now he just wished she wasn’t there. Her mere presence made him wish death would come already.

That’s why she hadn’t been around, he hadn’t felt her near by in almost a week, every once and awhile he’d feel something, not really her being near, but almost what she was feeling. Like he could feel her feelings, but he could never make it out. Max was so confused and his patience was wearing low.

Max grabbed the remote for this CD player and flipped it on. ‘I Shall Believe’ was the first thing that came on and he immediately remembered how even though she hadn’t said it, she had told him this was their song.
Using the remote Max went to the next CD in the player.

Dear Joan I wanted to say,
That I’m sorry for the screaming last night
And the nights before
And I wanted more from this
Then anything I’ve ever known

Max threw his remote back on the table and leaned back letting the song drift through the entire cold and dark house.

Once I forget,
Twice I’m a fool,
Three times I wrap my hands around your neck.

He was about to close his eyes and try to get some much needed sleep, when he felt her enter the room.

Max sat up on the couch and looked around the room. Something was wrong, very wrong. He could feel it. Feel it from her.

Then Max jumped as his CD changed. The soft music of ‘I Shall Believe’ began to play.

“Liz’s I’m not in the mood.” Max said, picking up his remote and putting it back to what he had.

Before he even got a chance to enjoy having his music back on Liz changed it again, except this time the song sent chills down his spine as it began to repeat.

…not everything is gonna be the way,
You think it ought to be.
Seems like every time I try to make it right,
It all comes down on me.
Please say honestly,
You won’t give up on me an-

Please say honestly,
You won’t give up on me an-

Max got up from the couch and walked towards the CD player.


Please say honestly,
You won’t give up on me an-

Please say honestly,
You won’t give up on me an-

“Liz?” Max asked again, but he wasn’t getting any type of response.

Please say honestly,
You won’t give up on me,
And I Shall Believe.

It was after that last time that the CD player went off leaving the house in complete silence and Max could tell she was gone again.

Max then turned a perfect shade of white as the doorbell rang. He contemplated not answering the door. Just pretend he wasn’t home, but then the bell rang again and again.

Slowly, Max walked over to his front door, turned the knob and swung the door open.

There on the other side stood a girl not much younger than Max. She looked familiar, really familiar, but Max couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Can I help you?” Max asked, surprised he could actually speak.

“No. But maybe I can help you.” Max stared at the girl in surprise.

What is she talking about?

“Serena. Remember Max? I came here to help you. I thought you might need it.”

“Serena. That’s right. I remember now.” She was the girl he had run into so long ago at the UFO Center. “Why are you here?” He asked. This girl made him nervous, but at the same time he trusted her.

“Max you and I go way back.” She made a gesture with her hands and smiled. “I know you don’t remember exactly who I am, but we don’t really have time for that. They’re going to get mad soon so we don’t have much time.”

Max just stared at the girl again. Her hair was purple now. It hadn’t been purple the last time he saw her and oddly enough it looked natural.

The girl rummaged through her bag and pulled out a long, clear crystal. She held it out in front of Max to take.

Max stared at the crystal for a moment. He could almost feel a force begging him to take it, so he did. As soon as his hand came around the rough crystal he was hit with the beginning of a flash.


Maria and Liz older and laughing.



“I’m sorry about everything that happened.”

“Hey Liz, it isn’t you’re fault you died.”
“I’m just glad we’re together no-”

//End Flash//

Max could tell the flash had been cut short because of the way it ended and the way another flash invaded his mind taking over the other flash.


Max holding the crystal in his hand.

Max forcing the crystal into the opening of some metal contraption.

//End Flash//

The flashes were gone and he was left with the crystal in his hand and Serena smiling at him.

“Max that crystal is the key to everything you have ever wanted.” They both stared at each other as she lowered her voice.

“That crystal can change the past.” With those simple words Max completely understood what she meant. He could go back and save Liz with the simple crystal in his hands.


Max drove fast out into the New Mexico desert. He was barely paying attention to his driving and somewhere in the back of his mind he was hoping he wouldn’t run into a cactus or something.

His mind was fixated on one thing and one thing only. Saving Liz.

The plan was set, Serena had explained it all in great detail, and if that didn’t help he still had the plans Tess had given him. He just had to get to the ‘pod chamber’ go to the ‘granolith’ place the crystal inside the bottom rim of the ‘granolith’ towards the front of it. Serena had promised that she had already changed all the settings. It would transport him right back in the Crashdown, right before Liz was shot and this time he would be able to heal her and he would be with her. She wouldn’t die. They would be together and everything would be perfect.

He didn’t know how mistaken he was.

Max quickly stopped his car when we reached the oddly shaped rock. It looked just like how Serena had described. The rock seemed to be pointing towards the heavens. Towards the outer reaches of space. And inside that weird shaped rock formation was his salvation.

He climbed the out of the car, crystal and papers in hand, as he climbed up the trail on the side of the rock and up to where the entrance was at.

Just like Serena had said, he knew where the entrance was without actually knowing it was there.

Max waved his hand over the flat rock and a luminous silver handprint appeared beneath his fingertips. He would have been shocked if his emotions hadn’t been blocked by the fact that soon he would be seeing his Liz. His beautiful Liz and she would be alive again and he would get to hold her in his arms for a lifetime instead of a moment.

He placed his hand on the silver one and a section of the rock began to move, giving him entrance. Again, he should have been taken back by the sight of the pods he had been born from or from the weird shaped cone that he stumbled upon, but nothing seemed to matter. All he could think about was getting that crystal into the ‘granolith’ and saving his Liz.

“Max, you don’t have to save me.”

Max spun around to see Liz standing behind him, slow tears falling down her face.

“Yes I do Liz, you don’t understand, I let you die, I need to bring you back so we can be together.” Max said fast and with little emotion in his voice. He needed to do this and he needed to do it now.

He turned his gaze away from her. Max couldn’t bear to see her cry.

“Max, I think it’s you who doesn’t understand.” She paused a moment before stepping closer to him. In turn he stepped closer to the granolith and still wouldn’t meet her gaze.

“Max, you don’t understand what’ll happen if you change things. I’ll-” Liz was about to tell him that she knew the future, she knew the life they would live if he changed things, if she had lived, but he cut her off.

“You’ll live. You’ll be alive and we can be together for real. End of story.” Max finally looked at her.

This was the time for Liz to tell him. The horrible fate that awaited them, but she couldn’t her voice seemed to vanish in her fear of what would happen and she couldn’t find the words.

Then in an instant, Liz fell to her knees and Max placed the ‘key’ into the ‘granolith’.

A flash of light shot out of the top and sucked Max inside of it.

Liz tried to let scream after scream out and after the light had lifted her voice came rushing back to her. Just in time, Max was able to hear her final words before shooting off.

“I’ll die anyway!”

Then, she was alone with only her tears filling the silence.

“MAX!” She cried.

“You said it would be ok! You said I could stop him!” She screamed through her tears.

“I said you could try.” A woman, who had appeared, said behind her.

“But we can’t let this happen.” Liz said wiping at her tears. “Can’t you fix this Kindra?” Liz intended to ask, but it came out more like a beg.

“I can, but I think I’m going to let that timeline go for awhile. Maybe it’ll help the both of you understand a little better how important being together actually is.” With that Kindra was gone and Liz sat in the granolith chamber waiting for the bright light that would freeze this timeline and let the other one be dominant. Tears where still streaming down her face and froze as time stopped and began in an alternate universe that would now be reality.

The last thing Liz heard before it all went dark was the familiar sound of a gun going off.


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*Author's Note*

BLS40 I apologize in advance.

CEO Shaft Nice to have you back. I missed having your feedback.

Ok. So this part is a little confusing. So I'm going to explain it right now and hope it makes sense.

We have now be rocketed to the show's timeline via the granolith thanks to Serena throwing the idea in Max's head that he could 'fix' everything by going back in time.

Well, he saved Liz, but like I said, we're in show timeline, so everything in Season 1, 2 and 3 up to episode number 5 'Control'. That's where this picks up, right after Max and Liz's 'lovely' conversation at the end of that episode.

Did I mention that I hate Season 3 and was really pissed off by the end of that episode? Max sheds a few tears and Liz just forgives me for being an ass. No way. If that had been me, Max would have had to beg for weeks to get me to forgive him. He would be lucky if I forgave him, but no, Liz has no backbone in the beginning of Season 3 so its all ok. She can just forgive Max because Max is king, he's allowed to screw up royally ( pun intended )

Well, now that my rant is over I can post the new part.

Lyrics from 'In The End' by Linkin Park.

On an OT from the fic, for those who know what's going to happen this Tuesday on Roswell I really want them to play 'Goodbye To You' by Michelle Branch at the end of the episode. Anybody think I'm lucky enough that they will?

Part 13

Liz slammed her bedroom door creating a sound that echoed through the entire house. Not that anyone was home for it to matter. She was alone in the house. Which was prefect. Of course she had lied to Max about her being alone. She had made him leave in fear that her parents would come down. He left easily, not before kissing her a thousand times making her forget why she was mad at him.

“Damn you Max Evans.” Liz said as she started walking around her room. “You know, you take off for California for days and don’t call, then you come back with this sad story about your son being lost and I’m suppose to feel all bad for you and you know what! I did!” Liz was practically screaming now pacing around her room and through clothes everywhere.

“You fucked up and I just forgive you. You bastard!” She picked up a picture of her and Max off her dresser and threw it against the wall watching it shatter into thousands of little shards of glass.

“Hmmph.” Liz turned her head and walked over to her CD player which she hadn’t used in such a long time it had a pile of dust coated on the top of it.

“What was the last thing I listened to?” She asked herself and hit play. The next thing she knew the soft beats of ‘I Shall Believe’ started to come through the speakers and fill the room.

“What the hell is this?” Liz quickly hit stop and took the CD out of the player and threw it in the trash. She then grabbed her Linkin Park CD and popped that in. Turning it to her favorite song. ‘In The End’

“Much better.” With that the music pounded through her room and she started to move to the beat.

It starts with one thing
I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try

“Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme, to explain in due time, all I know.” Liz sang along with the music as the words and the feel began to actually make her feel better.

Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so unreal

Liz stumbled over her clothes that were on the ground and walked over to her closet. She rummaged through for something and found a black leather skirt and red halter top that Maria made her buy over the summer. Then it didn’t seem right, but now it fit her personality.

Didn't look out below
Watch the time go right out the window
Trying to hold on, but didn't even know
Wasted it all just to watch you go

Suddenly, Liz dropped the clothes in her hand. She had never listened to the lyrics of this song before, but now that she was she realized how much this song was about her relationship with Max.

“I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart. What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when…”

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

“God this song is perfect.” Liz said as she started undressing to the beat and slipping on her new clothes.

I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

“One thing, I don't know why, it doesn’t even matter how hard you try, keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme, to remind myself how I tried so hard.”

In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me

Liz was hit with flashes of all the past fighting. Remembering now how Max seemed to think she was just there for him, that he didn’t really have to be there for her. She had never been so angry in her life, but she loved him and couldn’t stop.

“I'm surprised it got so far.” Liz sang the lyrics trying to force away her angry and the sudden sadness she felt.

Liz walked over to the mirror and took a good look at herself. She wore more make-up now and she looked for much older. Older and rougher.

Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then

“I don’t even recognize myself.” Liz whispered while looking at her reflection and hating what she saw.

“But it all comes back to me in the end. You kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all fell apart. What it meant to me will eventually be a memory of a time when…”

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

Liz ran away from the window throwing whatever she could find. She didn’t cry anymore. Crying was weak and Liz Parker wasn’t weak anymore. Liz Parker wasn’t Liz Parker anymore. She was just a shell of the person she once was. No wonder her parents hated her so much, she wasn’t who she use to be.

“I’ve put my trust in you. Pushed as far as I can go. And for all this, there's only one thing you should know!” Liz shouted the lyrics wishing she was yelling at Max. Yelling at him for the life he took away from her. For turning her into someone she hated.

“You really feel that way.” Liz spun around as the music faded away and in her room stood a woman. She didn’t look much older than Liz, but she was dressed in a long white gown. Liz was amazed by her beauty, but immediately shoved that away at the fear that came up inside of her.

“You know in another life time you would have been happy to see me and not trying to run in fear.”

Liz starred at the woman for a minute, not really sensing that she needed to fear this beautiful woman, but still.

Then what the woman had just said hit a part of Liz’s memory.


“Dear god no. That woman starts more trouble than she’s worth.” The mysterious woman said. “I’m Kindra, but I don’t expect you to remember that name.”

“No I’m sorry I don’t know who you are.” Liz answered back. Her fear was gone, but she was still on high alert.

“God you have changed so much, not that I didn’t know you would change, its just weird. This must not make any sense to you.” Kindra said sitting on Liz’s bed.

“None what so ever.” Liz retorted. “Why are you here? And where are you from?” Liz practically demanded.

“You told me to come.”

“Excuse me.”

Kindra got up off the bed and walked closer to Liz. On instinct Liz stepped back.

“Well, now that’s different.” Kindra stopped where she was and so did Liz.

“Now as to explain. We’ll just say for simplistic terms that I’m from the future. Well, no now that’s not right. I can’t really explain exactly. Wait yes I can. I’m from all time. You see, I can watch over every timeline there is. There are many, many timelines in our life, but only one of them is dominant. You can only truly live in one. The living only live in one timeline at a time, even if there are many going on…”

“Wait a second.” Liz said cutting her off. “I want to make sure I have this right.” Liz said down on the bed and Kindra sat next to her.

“If I get what you’re saying, we all live in one timeline, but there are different ones going on around us.”

“Exactly.” Kindra said with a smile. “There is a timeline out there in which you and Max get married, but it ends with the world ending.”

Liz’s eyes widened at this remark.

“That was the actual timeline for awhile, but again Serena sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong. I guess it was for the good that time. I mean you were all going to die, but if she hadn’t gotten involved in the first place, none of this would have happened and you wouldn’t be in danger.”

“I’m in danger.” Liz said worry filling her voice.

“Yes my sweet you are.” Kindra said in a caring voice. “That’s why I came here. I wasn’t going to, but before this timeline came to be reality you asked me if I could change things.”

“Change things? Wait. I’m really, really confused.” Liz said. It wasn’t making sense to Liz, but it was at the same time. Somehow this life had become reality and she had lived in another one in which she didn’t want this to be true.

“In this other timeline, you were happy. I mean for a while you weren’t, but for the most part you were. Things were going just the way they should and you and Max were going to be together for eternity, but Max couldn’t wait any longer. Serena got involved and now you’re here. Standing where you are, realizing Max isn’t doing you any good, but never being able to break free. That will be your downfall.”

“My downfall?” Liz felt her stomach twitch. “I… I don’t understand. What’s going to happen?”

“Liz, I’m here to give you a choice.” Kindra stood up and instead of standing she was floating a little bit of the ground.

“The life that you came from was completely different from this one. You and Max were destined to end up in our afterlife. Once you were both dead you would be in our afterlife together and live together for eternity with your friends. You would all be together, that was your true destiny. To all live as one in the afterlife.”

“So we would never be together in life. Is that what you’re saying?” Liz asked in disbelief. There was something this woman wasn’t telling her.

“Liz. In that life you died in the shooting at the Crashdown.”

“WHAT?!” Liz screamed at Kindra jumping off the bed.

“You want me to go back to a time where I’m dead! You must be crazy. I would never EVER want to live in a life where I’m not alive to begin with!” Liz shouted in aggregation.

“Well, then that’s your choice. Of course I’m suppose to do everything in my power to convince you otherwise. You see, in that life, the one where you are dead, your friends were pretty safe. They cared about you and you and Max were so much in love. You all were to live such good lives and in the end you would all be together. Forever. And your and Max’s love would be so pure and eternal that no one could break it. As for this life, you only have a year left to live anyway and its not a pretty life.”

Liz’s knees went out and she fell back onto the bed. Dead. She was going to die in a year.

“Also, if you keep this timeline going, none of you will end up in the afterlife and death will be the end. Your and Max’s love will never be whole, it will never be pure and everyone will be in torment till their deaths.”

Liz was having a hard time listening to her. She was going to die. Soon. It was either die soon and be dead already. Somehow it just wasn’t fair to her.

“Trust me sweetheart, I know you are confused and upset by all of this, but… I am a friend of yours. We were very close and I never wanted you to even know about this life, let alone live it.”

“What’s going to happen?” Liz asked through unshed tears.

“You really want to know?” Kindra asked.

“Yes? If I’m going to make this decision I think I should know both my options.”

“All right.” Before Liz could move she was hit with an onslaught of flashes that would forever change her life.


Isabel being married to Jesse even when Max wouldn’t let her.

Isabel never speaking to anyone, but Liz.

Maria telling Liz and Michael that they were holding her back from her future success.

Maria leaving for New York with out even a simple goodbye.

Max trying to find his son.

Max dragging Liz across state lines to find more information.

Max hitting Liz when she wouldn’t help.

Michael taking off for Seattle leaving Liz with a warning that she should be careful.

Kyle trying to help Liz, but Liz brushing him off.

Hundreds of fights between Max and Liz that always left a mark or two on Liz’s face.

Isabel trying to be there for Liz knowing she needed it.

Max and Liz in Liz’s room on her bed.

Max kissing Liz harshly.

Max taking away Liz’s virginity even though she never said he could.

Isabel telling Liz she had to leave Max.

Kyle and Liz making love in her room.

Kyle admitting he still loved Liz.

Liz admitting being with Kyle had been a mistake.

Liz getting word that Kyle had killed himself.

Liz, Isabel and Jesse at Kyle’s funeral.

Max yelling at Liz for going to the funeral.

Liz sitting on her balcony with a gun in her hand, planning on taking her life.

Max’s angry voice coming from the latter.

Max coming onto the balcony.

Liz shooting and killing Max.

Liz shooting herself in the head.//

Liz felt the hot tears stream down her face as the memories over took her mind. She felt everything she would feel in the next year and it was horribly painful. She would have never imagined Max doing those things, but there they were, in her mind. Max would hit her and Max would rape her. Right on the bed she was sitting on now.

“Isabel and Jesse would be the only ones to come to your funeral. Michael sent a card, but when Isabel called Maria and told her Maria just hung up on Isabel and they would never hear from her again. Not until her mother called and said that Maria had been mugged and killed in some back alley in New York. Liz.”

Kindra knelt before Liz and placed both hands on the side of her face.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, but it’s time for you to make a choice.”

“What’s going to happen to Kyle in that other life?” Liz asked in between tears.

“He moves to California and marries this really nice girl who gives him two children. One boy, one girl.”

“Does he know about the alien stuff?”

“No.” Kindra responded wiping away one of Liz’s tears. “Liz I don’t want to push you, but you need to make a decision soon. You can choose to stay in this life, or go back to the way things were, but I need a choice now.”

Now was the moment of truth. Liz had to go on a lot of faith. Was what Kindra saying true or was everything a lie? Just a ploy to make her go into another timeline? It was then that Liz made her choice. One she would have to live with for the rest of her life.


Oh this just keeps getting better and better.

Now for the intercative portion of this fic. I want you guys to make Liz's choice for her. We're going to have a little vote. Should she stay in the timeline she's in, in the off chance that Kindra is lying or go back to the fic timeline.

It's up to you. I plan to write both, but just as a warning. One of the choices will then end this fic in two parts. The other choice will end this fic in about 4 parts. So sadly the fic is coming to an end shortly.

Well, I'm leaving it up to you. The fate of Max and Liz is in your hands now.

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*Author's Note*

SciFiNut111 You are right. Kindra could be lying, but keep in mind that she is the one that made it so Liz and Max could actually have a bit of time together.

I did write both choices although I'm only posting one. Maybe when the fic is over I will post the other one so you can see how things would have gone.

I apologize for the beginning of this part. It is a little rough, but it explains a few things.

Well, onward. And I haven't seen Roswell yet, but I heard it's going to be good.

Oh and Heather I almost have the part you want written so be on the look out.

P.S. After this part there is about 3 parts of this fic.

Part 14

Liz stared at Kindra, her mind made up. She couldn’t do it. Some girl she doesn’t know comes here and tells her she’s going to die in the future. Liz didn’t believe her one bit. Or at least that’s what she kept telling herself.

“I sorry, but I’m going to sta-” Liz never had a chance to finish her sentence. Her mind was invaded with a memory that she couldn’t stop and was forced to see.

Liz sat on her bed wishing her parents were home. She left so alone in the room and knowing they were gone was driving her nuts. She knew she should have gone with them, but Max would have been so upset with her. He would have hit her and yelled at her for hours for even thinking about leaving. So she stayed and now she feared that Max would come by.

“Liz!” She heard Max shout and she closed her eyes, praying that he thought she was gone. That her parents had made her go or something like that. Before she had time to realize he was in the room, her back was on the bed and Max was on top of her, kissing her fiercely.

“Finally, we get some peace from those overbearing parents of yours.” Liz wanted to cry as he spoke those words into her ear.

“Max please…” She was going to tell him to stop. She didn’t want this. She wasn’t ready. Liz didn’t want to give herself to Max, not now at least. Maybe someday, when he wasn’t looking for his son. When he was able to have time to love her all the way. Right now his life was all about his son.

Of course, Max had taken her plea as one of passion and not of fear as he pulled her shirt over her head.

Liz lost all words. How could she tell him no? She didn’t want this, but Max would hate her if she said no. That wasn’t it though, she was sure she could handle the hitting and screaming. She just didn’t think she would be able to handle it if Max decided not to take no for an answer.

Her heart closed off and tears screamed down her face. She would never remember the hard kisses. She would wake up in the morning alone and not remember how he had torn apart both their clothes and how her tears of pain were mistaken for tears of joy and lust.

All she would remember would be his hard thrusts full of pain, the pain of him breaking through her barrier and the way he screamed Tess’s name when he came inside of her.

Liz collapsed on the ground, sobbing harder than she had in months.

“No… no that’s not possible. It can’t be real. Max would never do something like that to me. You’re forcing me to see this! You’re making it up!” Liz screamed through her tears.

“Liz, he isn’t Max anymore. When he consummated with Tess he became someone else. He became Zan. Your Max is dead and soon you will be dead as well. Liz, I don’t want you to have to go through that again. I don’t. I’m trying to help you I promise.” Kindra crouched down beside Liz, placing her arm around her shoulder.

“Change it.” Liz said looking up at her. “I don’t want to be in this life anymore. I don’t want to go through all of this again.”

Kindra smiled and wiped away her tears. Then in an instant she was gone and Liz was left alone.

Liz cried harder now, until her tears froze on her face, her cries went silent and the world stopped spinning. Then everything went black and fell into the background.


Liz felt her tears falling down her face again.
She opened her eyes and saw that she was still in the granolith chamber. Alone.

Just then from behind her appeared Kindra.

“Well?” Liz asked with anticipation.

“I can only give you one more chance. Don’t blow it this time or else you’re going to have to live with that life.” Kindra said seriously.

Liz nodded her thanks and then Liz was looking at Max standing near the granolith with the crystal in hand. He was just about to place it in the front of the granolith when Liz screamed out.

“I’ll die anyway!”

Max spun around looking at her crouched on the floor.

“Liz what are you talking about?” Max asked looking at her in disbelief. She must be crazy.

“Liz, if I go back I’ll save you and we’ll be together.”

“Yes Max. We’ll be together.” Liz agreed. “But not the way you think.” Liz got up off the floor and walked up to him.

“We’ll be together for awhile, but then Tess will drive a wedge between us. Nothing will be the same after we find her.” She paused to make sure he was listening to every word.

As always, he was.

“She’ll push destiny on us and push us apart. I’ll have to force you away to keep her from leaving. Enemies will come and try to destroy the group. No enemy was strong enough to destroy us, but we ended up destroying ourselves. You kissed Tess at prom and that was the end of us. I didn’t think we would ever be together again. Then Alex would die.”

Max looked horrified by this and Liz couldn’t blame him. She felt it herself.

“I was the only one that though an alien had killed him. We stopped talking. Our friendship fell apart. You would… you would sleep with Tess and she would get pregnant. You would all plan to return home, only to find out it had been Tess who killed Alex.”

Max’s eyes widened and a sick feeling came over him.

“I guess some things never change.” Max said in a whisper.

“Tess would go home and you would be determined to save your son. We would be together, but not really. Maria would leave accusing Michael and I of holding her back. Isabel would marry, but you would never accept it. Michael would leave. You would…” Tears began to fall down her face. “Beat me and finally one night while my parents were gone you would… you would rape me. Finally, I would take your life and my own and there would be no ever after.” Liz couldn’t stop the tears now and Max just stood there with the crystal in hand.

After a moment, Max let the crystal fall from his hand, shattering on the floor as her grabbed Liz and pulled her to him, holding her as tightly as possible.

She held him just as tightly, tears of joy mixing with tears of pain that were never to be now.

“Shhh… Liz. Don’t worry. I’m staying right here.” Max could barely comprehend what had happened in that other life, but all that matter was that he had hurt Liz. In more ways than one, and there was no way he could ever put her through that again.

“I’m not going anywhere and we’ll be together whenever they say its time.”

Liz smiled and pulled back in order to kiss him.

“I love you so much Max.” Liz said pulling back just slightly.

“I love you too.”


Max opened his front door and walked in throwing the keys on the coffee table and heading to the kitchen.

Things seemed better now. Better than they had earlier that day. Life almost seemed to be singing to him. He had a second chance now and this time he would do things right. Max planned on taking his advice. He was going to call his parents and get in touch with Isabel. After that he was going to go on a search for Michael. He owed both of them an apologize and he planned on making up every lost second of it to them both.

Max walked over to his phone and noticed that the answering machine was beeping.

He hit the button and the first message rang out in a very familiar voice.

“Max. It’s Isabel… I know it’s been awhile, but.” Max distinctly heard her crying. She never cried. “I really miss you. I know I screwed up big time and I would completely understand if you hate me, but… well… I’m going to be visiting Mom and Dad and I would really like to get together with you. My cell number is 555-7381. I miss you Max and I love you.”

The message ended abruptly and Max couldn’t believe her timing. He was just about to pick up the phone again when another familiar voice came out of the small black machine. For this one Max had to sit down.

“Hey there Maxwell. It’s been along time. A really long time…… I know that you don’t owe me anything, but I’ve been really busy the past few years and well… I wanted to tell you about it. I don’t want to say it on the machine, but I wanted to… well… I wanted to apologize. There I said it are you happy.” Max couldn’t help but laugh. Michael was still Michael. “Anyway, I wanted to get together with you and Isabel. For old time sake. So yeah. My cell number is 555-5604. Just call or don’t or whatever.”
The beep sounded louder than it was. Max didn’t know who to call first, but after a few minutes he decided on his sister. He missed her a lot and she had called first.

After punching in the numbers he listened to the phone ring, till he heard her distinct, sweet voice.

“Isabel Evans.”

“What no hello for your brother?” Max said jokingly.

“MAX!” Isabel screamed into the phone and Max had to pull away.

“Oh my god. I never thought you would call.” He heard her start to cry again.

“Well, I had no intention of calling, but… I guess you can say I had a change of heart.” Max smiled as he thought of Liz and how persistent she was.

“I’m glad you did Max. I wanted to… well that is.” Before she could get into it Max stopped her.

“Isabel, let’s save all that for tomorrow ok. How about lunch?” Max asked her and there was silence.

“I would love that.” Isabel finally responded.

“Good. I’ll meet you at the little bakery on citrus at noon. Is that ok?”

“That’s perfect.” Isabel said and Max could practically see her smile.

“Alright. I’ll see you then Iz.”

“Bye Max.” She said sniffling and hanging up the phone.

Max placed the phone on the counter and took a deep breath. He always knew it would be easy to call her. To talk to her again. She was his sister and that held them together. As for Michael, Max was afraid of this one.

Is anything ever easy with Michael?

“No.” Max said out loud to Liz.

Max reached for the phone again and punched in the numbers.

“Michael Guerin. Investigator.”

“Investigator?” Max couldn’t help it. He couldn’t say hello, he couldn’t say anything. Michael was an investigator?

“Maxwell?” Michael’s voice traveled through the phone, full of surprise.

“I bet you’re as surprised to hear from me as I am to hear you’re an investigator.” Max responded.

“I’m full of surprises.” Michael retorted.

“You always were.” Then there was silence.

“Look. Thank you for calling. I actually heard from Isabel today and we’re meeting for lunch tomorrow and I want you to join us.” Max finally said.

“Where?” Was all that came from Michael.

“The little bakery on Citrus. You know the one where-”

“The one where my first job was at.” Michael finished for him.

“That’s the one. We’re meeting at noon.”

“I’ll be there.” The both hung up at the same time with nothing left to say.

“Well tomorrow is going to be interesting.”

You’ll be fine Max. Everything will be perfect. You may even learn things that you never thought possible. Remember, two sides to every story.


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*Author's Note*

I'm in a good mood today so I thought I would post another part. I think I only have 2 parts left to write, which is kind of depressing, but once I'm done with this fic I plan on picking up on some of my other ones that I've been wanting to write.

Oh and incase anyone was wonder, I didn't think last nights episode was too bad. A little sad, but done pretty well. I actually got the weirdest idea for a fic from it.

Part 15

Max sat in the little booth at the café drinking a warm cup of coffee. His entire stomach was doing flip flops.

What do you say to the people you haven’t seen in years? Max asked himself.

“Why don’t you start with hello?” Liz said sitting down next to him.

“I guess that’s a good place to start.” He said in a whisper. Max didn’t need people thinking he was crazy talking to no one.

“I’m not no one.” Liz said pretending to be hurt.

“I know sweetheart, but I’m the only one who can see you. I don’t need the people in this little café to have me put away.” Max thought as he took a sip of his coffee.

“Yeah. I know. I know.” Liz smiled and got out of the booth to stand by him.

“You’ll be fine and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Love you.” With that she disappeared.

“Love you too.” He whispered.

Another five minutes went by till Max heard the ring of the door, knowing someone had walked in.

He looked up from his coffee to see both Michael and Isabel had walked in together.

On reflex, Max got up from the booth and walked over to the both of them. Silence enveloped them all. None of them knowing what to say. Then, Max smiled remembering Liz.

“Hey.” Max said to both of them. “I guess it’s been a long time.”

“Too long.” Isabel said while looking at the ground. It took her a few minutes, but she finally looked back up at him. “I’m so sorry Max.” Tears fell down her face and Max had just enough time, before she truly broke down, to hug her.

“It’s ok Izzy. I think we all have a lot to be sorry for.” Max whispered to her and rubbed his hands down her back to get her to calm down. It worked when she was little and it still worked now.

“Come on. Let’s sit down.” Michael said and the three of them walked over to the table. Michael and Isabel sat in the same side, while Max sat across from them. It was now that he got a good look at them.

Michael was clean cut and dressed in a suit. Something completely out of place for Michael. His face also showed age, like he had seen it all and come back to tell the tale.

Isabel looked older as well. Not the same high school super model that she was. Her once long blond hair was now cut to her chin and she looked more intellectual. She was actually wearing glasses. The old Isabel Evans never would have done that. Contacts all the way for her, but the glasses seemed to suit her well.

“Can I get you two anything?” The young waitress said.

“Coffee. Black.” Typical Michael order.

“Tea please. Thanks.” Proper Isabel.

The waitress wrote it down and then walked away.

“Well, it’s been a long while. I guess maybe we should get caught up.” Max started.

“After high school I decided to stay in Roswell. For many reasons. I guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Maria was staying so she helped me pick out this really nice house and with my promotion at the UFO Center things were looking really well.” Max took a sip of his coffee and tried to figure out how to continue.

“It wasn’t too long later that Maria moved in with me. It really helped having her there. She took care of a lot of things and was a really good friend. She was always there when I needed her.” Max noticed the pain reflected in Michael’s eyes.

What the-?

Didn’t I tell you. Two sides to every story. You need to start listening to me.

I do listen to you.

“Anyway, Alex died a few years ago which was really hard on the both of us.”

The waitress brought their drinks and then walked away. Max looked at his sister then and saw the tear trailing down her face as she drank her tea.

See… two sides-

To every story. I got it now.

“Well, it wasn’t to short after that… that well… I… I had to have Maria put away… she ummm…. She couldn’t handle everything anymore I guess. It was just too hard on her. She lost both of her best friends to tragic events. I guess it was just the end for her.” Max paused now. Here was the hard part. The part of his life he wished he could ignore.

“Tess came back.” Both Isabel and Michael gasped as they stared right at Max, full attention on him.

“She ummm…. She wanted me to go back to our home planet with her. When I told her no she ‘slipped’ so to speak and confessed to killing Alex.”

“What!?” Isabel shouted and half the café looked at her. “Sorry.” Isabel apologized and lowered her voice.

“Tess did what?” Isabel asked in disbelief.

“She killed Alex. I got so mad at her. I… I didn’t know what to do. But, after I sent her away things started getting better. I sort of saw things in a new light I guess you can say. That’s why when I got your phone calls I called you back. There’s always two sides to every story and I wanted to hear yours.” Max finished up sitting back in the booth.

Why didn’t you tell them about us?

I want that to be just our little secret. For now at least. I like having you all to myself.


Isabel took a sip of her tea and cleared her throat.

“Well, I guess my life began in the airport they day I left. I know I didn’t say anything till I was gone, but I was just so. Trapped. I guess you can say. Everything with Tess and you, I just didn’t want to be here anymore. So I finished high school early and I was at the airport walking towards my terminal. All I kept thinking about was if I was making the right choice or not. Then I ran into the best thing ever."

“Oh god. I am so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Isabel said after running into someone. She bent down to start picking up all the things they had both dropped when a familiar voice spoke.

“Isabel Evans?”

Isabel looked up right into the most incredible eyes she had ever seen. Never in her life had she seen eyes like that. They were so pure and deep. She was having a hard time looking away.

“Yeah that’s me. You’re Alex right? Max’s friend.” Isabel finally said.

“Yeah that’s me. What are you doing here?” He asked standing up with her. She didn’t know what to do. Lie to him or tell him the truth.

“I’m… I’m going to New York. For good.” Isabel said before her options had even been weighed. She knew she should have lied to him, but she felt this connected. Like no matter what she couldn’t lie.

“Really? I’ve always wanted to go to New York, but sadly, I’m here picking up my cousin who is already an hour late and will probably be another hour.” Alex responded. He didn’t even call her on it to her relief.

“Yeah, my flight’s running late as well. How about we get out of the way off all these people and get some coffee?” Isabel asked pointed to the little café they just happened to be standing in front of.

“Love to.” They walked into the little café, got a booth and both ordered a cup of coffee before he started talking again.

“So why are you going to New York?” He asked.

“Well, Roswell seemed just a little small for me. I’m going to NYU. I got this really great opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up so I decided to take it. A little change of scenery.”

“Hmmm…” Their coffee came and Alex took a quick drink of his. “Max never said you were leaving.”

“That’s because he doesn’t know yet.” Isabel said in a near whisper, but he had heard her clearly.

They sat in silence for a moment long. Neither one knew exactly what to say.

After a few minutes they enveloped themselves in conversation. Talking about everything from the weather to their deepest secrets. It was then that Isabel learned about how Max had told Alex and Maria their secret. Not that she was upset about it. She was some what relieved to know someone else knew what she was and didn’t want to turn her in and study her like a creature.

“Flight 124 for New York now boarding.” The attendant called through her microphone.

“Well, that’s me. So you have my address and you promise to write?” Isabel said grabbing her bag and walking with Alex to the gate.

“I promise to write you.” Alex responded.

“Thank you and good luck with your senior year.” Isabel said with a smile. He smiled right back with caused little flutters in her stomach.

“You too.” Alex said quickly and before anything else was said his lips pressed against hers. Isabel had been shocked at first, but instead of pulling away she kissed him back. She had never felt like this in her entire life. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

Then, before she knew it the kiss was over and Alex was standing there looking at her.

They both took a deep breath and Isabel smiled, a true warm hearted smile.

“I’ll call you when I get to New York.”

“Good.” Alex responded and then she turned away from him. A pull in her heart that she never expected to ever feel. Her heart told her to screw New York and stay with him, but she couldn’t. She had to go. She needed to find herself.

With one last look she boarded the plane. A small tear falling from her eyes.

Isabel brushed the tear away from her face and let a little silence fill them before continuing. With a deep breath she started up.

“We wrote each other for a year. Talking about little things like class and deep things like how we felt in our hearts. I saved every letter he wrote me and held closely to the one when he wrote me about prom. He told me all about how nice the girl he had asked was, but the entire time all he could think about was me. Then the letters stopped.”

Isabel paused again and all eyes were on her.

“I thought he was just busy with college. It wasn’t until I finally called Mr. Whitman to find out Alex had been dead for two months already. A car accident. I never forgave myself for that, but I always thought that it was an accident. I never knew I was actually responsible for his dead.”

Max reached across the table to take her hand and squeeze it.

“Iz, its not your fault Alex died. It’s no one’s fault and if he was here right now he would tell you the exact same thing.”

He’s right you know.

Why didn’t you ever tell me it was Tess that killed you?

Because. I didn’t want you to blame yourself like you are now. It isn’t your fault at all so please don’t think that way.

Isabel smiled at her brother.

“You’re right.”

They sat in silence for a bit longer until Michael spoke freezing them all.

“But it’s my fault Liz died.”

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*Author's Note*

Tear. I can't believe it. After this part that's it. It's so sad. I know I'll have part 17 done within the next few days. *I* can't believe its almost over. I've been in love with my own story. It's my baby. Just ask Heather. It's all I would talk about before I started writing it and it kept me from working on all my other ideas. I blocked everything out except for this.


Anyway, Heather this part is dedicated to you.

Part 16

Michael let his words hang in the air for a minute. No one was stepping in to agree with him, but also, no one was defending him. Not that Michael thought for a second that Max didn’t blame him. He knew he did. That’s why they had lost touch.

“Michael-” Max started, but Michael cut him off. This was too important and Michael didn’t want Max to be all ‘saint’ like and say it wasn’t anyone’s fault even though it was his.

“This is important. I’ve been waiting three months to come back here and tell you this you I would like to do it with out interruptions.” Michael received a nod from both Isabel and Max.

“Ok. It all started right before prom. I had started working at the Crashdown to make ends meet. You have no idea how weird it was when I thought back on it. Of course it never meant anything to me then, but eventually it would. I mean, I use to get stuck nights sweeping right where Liz’s body had lain.” Michael stopped when he saw Max turning pale.

“Anyway, it started when I started getting to know Maria. She was feisty and a royal pain in my ass, but… there was something there. The two of you should know better than anyone, that I’m not one to get all mushy about a girl, but with Maria it was different.”

Michael hated working closing. It was an awful experience. Unless Maria was working with him, which hardly ever happened, except for tonight.

Sure they fought, but it was more like a flirting fighting. He loved it, practically lived for those few minutes everyday when he could drive her crazy. He loved the way her eyes seemed to turn a deeper shade of green and how she would get flushed on the upper part of her cheeks right before she let loose on him.

For right now he was just enjoying the view. He was lucky enough to have the pleasure of wiping down the counter while Maria was sweeping. Every so often her back would turn to him and she’s bend over just slightly and he would have the perfect view of her rear. And what a rear it was.

This night was special. Michael was trying to be extra nice to her, which never happened, but he wanted to show her that he wasn’t just the jerk she though he was.

“Michael, are you just going to stare at my ass all night or are you going to clean?” Maria asked looking right at him. He hadn’t even known he was staring.

“Sorry.” He mumbled.

“Wait, what was that? Was that an apology? Michael are you feeling ok?” Maria said in that sarcastic tone that he loved.

“Fine.” He replied wiping at the counter again.

“Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you.” Michael stopped cleaning and Maria stopped sweeping. She turned to look at him with that aggravated look she always had even working nights and he kept her from getting home early.


“Well, I wanted to know if… well… if you don’t have a date or anything… if you… wanted to go to prom with me?” Michael said the last part in a whisper, but he knew she had heard him from the way her eyes lit up.

“What was that? I don’t think I heard you.” Maria said with a huge grin.

Michael grinned back and her and walked from behind the counter over to stand right in front of her.

“I said.” He leaned his head in to whisper into her ear. “Would you give me the honor of being my date for prom?”

“I though you would never ask.” Maria responded and kissed him, in the sweetest kiss he had ever experienced.

“After prom Maria and I started dating.” Every person at the table was hanging on every word coming from Michael’s mouth.

“I didn’t things could be any more perfect. Then something happened. I have to tell you that at that point in my life I didn’t know what guilt was. Never felt it, experienced it, nothing. Until that moment.”

“Michael come here a minute.” Maria yelled from her bedroom.

Michael had offered to help Maria’s mom and Maria pack. Amy was planning on moving into a bigger house with her shop doing so well now.

“What is it?” He said popping into her room. He still had way too much to pack. If he didn’t do it these Deluca girls were never going to get out of this teeny house.

“I found all my old photo albums.” Maria said sitting down on her bed. Michael went to sit next to her to see what she was looking at. He recognized the little blond in the picture right away. It was totally Maria, but he didn’t know who the little brunette was.

“Who’s that?” Michael said touching the photo. After he had asked the question it would haunt him for years. The eyes of the little brunette slamming into his brain. It would take him years before he would forget those eyes. Before they would stop claiming him of sleep.

“That’s Liz. It’s from when we were 5. We use to play at the park all the time.” Michael saw the tears falling down Maria’s face and put his arm around her in comfort.

“I had never felt that sick before in my life.” Michael took a gulp of his coffee and put it back down.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks so to speak. I always knew that Liz dying had affected her parents. I had seen it while working at the Crashdown. And I saw what it did to you Max, but somehow I never let it hit home.”

Now was the moment Michael had always hated.

“I couldn’t leave it like that. I had to do something. I had to clear my conscious and it was one of the hardest things in my entire life. Knowing I had to leave my Maria behind.

“Michael, what are you doing here? It’s late.” Maria said standing in her room while Michael climbed through her bedroom window.

“I had to see you Maria. I had to tell you that… that I’m leaving.” His voice was beginning to falter as his emotions came to the surface.

“Leaving? I… I don’t understand.” Maria questioned him. Her eyes were slicing into him and he was pretty sure he was going to die from her look.

“I have to go Maria. There’s something I have to do. I don’t want to leave, but I need to. I screwed up, big time. I didn’t want to tell you, because I didn’t want to hurt you, I didn’t want you to hate me. I owe this to you and to Max. And to of all people Liz. Please Maria, I need you to understand. I have to go and I don’t know when I’ll be back.” Michael took a step towards her, but then stopped he was so afraid.

“You blame yourself for Liz’s death.” He wasn’t a question, but he had to answer it.


“Michael-” Michael had to stop her before she continued.

“Maria, I have to do this. You can say that it’s not my fault and I can agree with you and stay here and we could have the best life ever, but somewhere inside I would still be dying because of it. I need you to let me go. I promise that I will come back.”

“When? When you finally forgive yourself for what happened or when you realize that you left everything that ever mattered to you and you come back to find its gone.” Maria spat out, her words permanently burning his heart.

“Maria. That’s not. What this is about? I need to do this. I can’t sleep anymore. All I see is myself stopping Max from saving her. Please Maria. I love you and if you loved me and all you’ll help me.” Michael said with more conviction and love than he ever thought possible.

Maria walked up to him slowly with tears falling down her face.

“I love you Michael. So much. Come back as soon as you can.” Maria said in a whisper and kissed him lightly.

“Please don’t tell Max.” Michael whispered.

“I won’t. I promise.” Maria replied.

“I love you and I am coming back for you.”

“You better.”

“And I would have gone back to her. I spent the next how many odd years traveling. I became an investigator, I was determined to find out who had shot and killed Liz that day. Finally, after one small lead we found the bastards. They were wanted in almost every state in the west for different things. The murder of Liz Parker being the worst and they are going to be sent here to Roswell with in the next few months for trial.” Michael and Max stared at each other. Michael wasn’t sure what Max was going to say or do at this point, he just hoped it would be ok.

“I can’t believe you did all that for her.” Max finally said.

“It was the least I could do, considering she practically died because I stopped you.” Michael responded.

“Michael, its in the past now. All of it is.” Max said taking his sisters hand. “I think its time we looked forward to a future.”

“You’re right, I just wish I had gotten back sooner. I heard about Maria. Is she doing any better?” Michael asked with hope.

“No.” Max responded sadly. “Last I heard they were doing a few tests and found a tumor on her heart. I’m not sure how much longer she has.”

“Would I be able to see her?” Michael said trying to keep his voice from breaking with emotion.

“I’m sure that would be fine.”

The rest of the conversation went smoothly as plans for the future were made and set, while two pairs of eyes watched with smiles.

“Whitman you owe me a foot rub.”

“Hey no fair. I was just kidding about the whole they would never work things out. I knew they would.” Alex said disappearing before Liz could respond.

“Oh! Whitman you’re going to get it!” Liz looked at the three as they laughed and smiled. This was the way it should be and soon they would all be together. With that she disappeared in search of Alex.

TBC... for the conclusion.

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*Author's Note*

Ok, with a sore throat, coughing and possible fever, I come to you with the conclusion of Eternity. It's not very long and it gets to the point. I kind of set it up for a sequel even though I'm not sure if I'm going to go along with it. I don't know. It depends on how my other stories are going.

I just want to thank you all for your kind words and support with this fic. I wasn't too sure how it was going to go, I didn't know if it would get a response or not. This isn't your typical dreamer story and I'm glad that I intrigued you all enough to stay along with it for as long as you have.

This part is dedicated to every reader of this fic. Even the lurkers who haven't ever left any feedback.

I hope you all have enjoyed this one as much as I have.

Be on the look out for my restarting and 'Fight The Future' my two new fics 'Small Town' and 'Unkind' and then hopefully and update on 'The Rebellion'

Thank you guys and I'll be hoping to get to do this again soon.

P.S. Heather, there is a line in here just for you. *wink*

Part 17

The house was dark now. For the past few months it seemed to always get darker and darker earlier. Tired and weary bones needed sleep sooner than when they had been young and strong.

Even in the dark of the evening the objects and pictures from past adventures could been seen. Along the mantle was now placed a picture of Max and Isabel from when they went to Paris for their 30th birthday. They had saved for two years for the trip and it had been well worth it.
Next to that one was one of the three of them. Michael, Isabel and Max on a little road trip of California. That had been one of the best weekends Max had ever had. They had been so carefree and so laid back.

At night sometimes he would dream of that weekend, and how much fun it had been sitting at the beach at night watching the moon over the ocean.

He had especially thought of that night at Isabel’s funeral and then two years later at Michael’s.

Next to the picture of the three of them was a picture of Michael and Maria. Max had found it when going through all of Michael’s things and Max thought it would be a perfect addition in the house. He was right. It looked perfect.

Of course at the end of the mantel was a picture of himself, Maria and Alex from high school. A picture he would always enjoy looking at.

Then the very last picture, being a picture of Liz. Always Liz and never anyone else had ever filled that picture frame.

Liz had tried to talk him into dating again, but he couldn’t, he was waiting for Liz. He was always going to be waiting for his Liz and now the time was coming. Life was changing for him while he slept. The years of pain and joy were slipping away and he was entering a world that he would only begin to discover.


Max blinked open his eyes and was completely entranced by the white light that surrounded him.

The place he was in felt empty. He wasn’t sure if he was awake or if he was in the middle of some very strange dream. Mostly likely a dream, stuff like this wasn’t reality.

Max then took note of his attire. He was wearing some sort of white cloak and he was younger. From what he could tell he was about 25 again, not that he minded, but this definitely meant he was dreaming.

It was then that he felt someone come up behind him and start stroking his arm.

“You don’t know my name, but I know a thousand ways to make you scream mine.”

“What the-?” Max spun around and Maria was standing behind him, a huge grin plastered on her face. She was dressed in the same kind of white gown that he was wearing.

“Maria?” He asked in confusion. She just smiled and then she hugged him.

“Oh, I have missed you so much.” She squealed.

“Ok. I think you’ve hugged him enough.” Michael said coming up to them. He too, dressed in white and looked about 25.


“Long time no see huh Max?”

“Where am I?”

“Entrar.” Another voice answered. Max spun around again and saw Alex and Isabel standing behind him. They all appeared to be about 25, a good age. And they were all dressed in white to match the area that they were in.

“It’s like the Antar heaven.” Isabel replied trying to ease Max’s confusing.

“Oh and if you were wondering, the white, its only for when we’re in the crossing room. Otherwise we get to wear whatever we want.” Maria through in.

“Yeah, you should see my closet.” Max was only half listening to his friends who had since died and gone. Moment out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. As he turned his head his eyes locked with familiar brown eyes.

“-oh and the swimming pool.” Michael put his arm around Maria’s shoulder trying to get her to stop.

“I think Max is a little busy.”

Max didn’t really hear what anyone else said as he broke away from the little circle and walked painfully slowly towards Liz.

“Hey.” Max said when he finally reached her.

“Hey.” Liz responded.

“Is this a dream?” Max asked.

“No.” Liz smiled. “Welcome to eternity. I’ve been waiting for this for so long now Max.” Liz closed her eyes and let out a breath as she fell into his embrace.

Max held onto her tightly, fearing that if he let go she would be gone and he would be alone again.

“Me too Liz. Me too.”

None of the six knew what there futures would be like. They didn’t know that along the line they would be asked to give up eternity and lead lives again in which battles would be fought and pain would again settle on them. The only thing that would stay the same would be that they were connected. Nothing would ever tear them apart again and the love that Max and Liz shared would live forever from lifetime to lifetime growing stronger with every breath they took and every moment they shared. As long as they were together, there was no stopping them.

The End.

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*Author's Note*

Well, I decided I am going to write a kind of long epiloge. It's going to be of them in Eternity. It's actually going to be very humorous which is a switch from the life that we have all seen in this fic.

As for the sequel. If and when I find time there will be a sequel. And it will be there lives which will start over again when they have to be reborn and live again to save a planet from destruction. Because of their strong bond they are the only ones would will be able to save the millions of lives that will parish.

My hopes is to *start* that this summer. I am just way to busy right now and it'll take me awhile to even get ideas started for that.

But if you are interested I did start one of my other fics and it is posted here:


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