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Pt 2

Tess walked down the crowded halls of
West Roswell High with her new boyfriend holding her loosely around her waist.
"Hey Tess, who's your friend?" Pam Troy called from outside her English Class. Tess smiled at her, she was thankful that Pam had brought attention to the couple.
"You know....." Tess let her words trail off, she wanted everyone to know about her and Chris but she was starting to feel alittle embarrassed by everyone's stares. Tess took Chris's strong hand and
lead him slowly towards the 3rd floor Eraser Room. She smiled devilishly at the sight of Pam Troy who was now red cheeked. When she reached the door handle
a look of hurt crossed Tess Harding's face.
"The janitor probably locked it" Chris sighed still looking at the woman infront of him. Tess saw the hungry passion burning in his dark eyes.
"It's not locked" Tess said, while passing her hand over the lock on the door, there was a soft click.
"Cool" Chris replied, again taking Tess's small hand. He gave her a quick wink before placing his hand on the door's handle and turning it. As they walked into the dim room Tess and Chris realised they weren't alone. Tess flicked
the light switch, and as a husky light filled the small room a look of disgust replaced the smile on Chris's face.
"Max?" Tess asked, she couldn't make out who the entwined figures were but she knew those shoulders.
Max and Liz broke apart once more and turned to look at the intruders. Liz shivered as she recognised the young man next to Tess.
"Chris? Chris Fordham?"


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AUTHORS NOTE JB was once IN Dawson's Creek. in which he played Chris (Andi's friend) and he was also in Buffy the vampire as Billy Fordham. So I combined the names. Hope that helps.*bounce*