I am actually posting this for a friend of mine Terri. She asked me to post this for her. This is her first attempt at writing like this...so please be kind. Thanks...Stormy!!

Title: S2 Liz's Journal Entry (After FM visit)
Rating G
Couple: Max and Liz...sorta
Summary: A journal exerpt from Liz's journal after Fm visits her.
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My life has changed so much on a very ordinary day, it all seemed so normal, but then you looked my way.
In a split second, things had all went black, you risked everything, just to bring me back.
The connection between us instant and strong, like a warm safe place, somehow the bond lasted...no matter if we're miles apart,..or standing face to face.
Things have been so crazy since we knew our love was there, I was told I can not have you,.. God, thats just not fair!
I know you feel betrayed and hurt beyond repair,... giving you up to save all of our lives, it's almost more than I can bare!.
Seeing the pain in your face makes my breah catch in my chest, will you ever understand I did it for you, Michael, Isabel,.. and the rest?.
I still see your face, and hear your voice in everything I do,...how will I accept this, when I believe my destiny is you?.
All things come full circle, or so they seem to say,..how can I go on with this,...there has to be another way!.
I look up at the stars at night and pray for some sort of sign, "what do I do now?", ...will we stand the test of time?.
I wish you would not have healed me, tho it pains me so to say,....for without you,... my one true love, I'm dead inside anyway.
I know you chose love once, in a different dimension and time,...it's my only sanity,..my only peace of mind.
I ask myself the same question a million times a day,.. "did I do the right thing?.. or was there any other way?".
I wonder if things were reversed,.. would you do what I had to do?,...
but I already know you would die for me,..... just like I would die for you.

end of Journal entry