Title: The Surrogate
Author: Sugarplum17
Disclaimer: None of it’s mine, please don’t sue.
Author’s Note: This is a challenge that I responded to a really, really long time ago. It’s one of the very first fics that I ever wrote, so of course I had to improve on it. I honestly don’t remember who gave the challenge, sorry. It’s never been posted before.

Thank god everything is better! I thought Max was going to kill us all. The look in his eyes when he came home and found me four months pregnant and living with Michael, I thought I’d die right there. Eventually everything was worked out. You don’t know what happened do you? Well, I’ll fill you in. Max, Isabel, and Tess went back to their home planet to fight in the war, but Michael wouldn’t leave. It was weird to everyone because you know its Michael. He’s been the one that wanted to leave all his life, he’s never wanted to be here on this planet, he always wondered what was up there, you know, what was waiting for him. Well, anyway, it was just weird. I don’t think I’ll ever know the exact real reason he stayed, but I’m guessing that it had something, or everything, to do with you.

Two long years passed Maria, two. I was without Max and feeling so lonely, but you and Alex were there for me, every single day. I would’ve been lost without the two of you! Then we found out you were pregnant, boy I’ll tell you, that was a shock! None of us really thought that it was possible, you know? But you and Michael proved us all wrong. It had been a month since we all found out, and you were on your way home from the store, you were window shopping for things for the baby, when a dog ran out into the street and you swerved to miss hitting it. God Maria I was so scared. We saw it happen, it was on your street. I thought for sure that you were dead. There was never a time that I missed Max more than I did that day, I wanted him to be here so badly so he could run over, place his hand on you and heal everything. The accident was so bad! You lost control of the car and instead of putting your foot on the break you just pressed harder on the accelerator and hit a car head on, you were going pretty fast...you know how you like to speed.

Michael was afraid that the baby was alien, he was so frightened. He was worried about you, the baby and himself, I don’t know exactly how he did it but when he saw the ambulance coming down the street, he placed his hand over your stomach, he couldn’t heal you of course. He doesn’t have that power, we knew that, but he could at least try to save the baby. Anyway, he placed his hand over your stomach, and then he called me to his side and placed the other on mine. He doesn’t really know how he did it, but somehow the baby transferred from your womb to mine. It was so weird, I can’t imagine what you felt, it must’ve been loss because I know that I suddenly felt full, and felt something growing inside of me.

They took you to the hospital and you were in a coma. You had broken ribs, your legs were broken, there were deep gashes on your forehead, and you had fractured wrists...you were pretty banged up. We were really scared. I started to have difficulties with the pregnancy, the baby wasn’t taking to me and my body wasn’t taking to the baby. So Michael convinced me to move in with him, so he could make sure everything went smoothly. I mean it’s not exactly like I could walk into the doctors you know, we had...concerns that the baby wasn’t...“normal”. He found out that you hadn’t just been pregnant with one baby, it was two! You are having twins and I am carrying them! I’m four months pregnant with your babies and feeling like a cow! Not to mention looking like one! The maternity clothes that Michael brought home were just so not flattering! Couldn’t he find anything prettier than some pee green moo moos? No, of course he couldn’t because like you’d say, he’s Michael.

So anyway, it was four months after the accident and everything was going smoothly, the doctors were telling us that you were progressing, everything was healing nicely, and that you were drifting in and out of consciousness starting to come out of the coma. They said as soon as you did you could start with physical therapy and stuff like that. We were really excited, especially Michael. He couldn’t wait to get you home and help out with everything, like regaining your muscles, removing scars, and making your hair longer. They had to cut it because of the stitches in your head.

Michael and I were sitting around the Crashdown one night, man Maria; I had a hell of a time explaining the pregnancy to my parents! I thought my dad was gonna choke Michael for impregnating his little girl, but then Michael just told them the truth, well it wasn’t the exact truth, but I hadn’t expected that from him.
“Mr. Parker...Maria can’t have kids, so Liz knowing how much Maria wants children agreed to have one of Maria’s egg’s implanted in her and my...” My dad didn’t need to hear the rest, he stopped Michael, and I’m glad he did. I didn’t want my dad hearing that kind of stuff, even if it wasn’t exactly true. They pretty much accepted it but like I was saying, we were sitting in the Crashdown and I was shoveling food into my mouth, I went through 4 Tabasco bottles! Michael was just kind of watching in disgust, but you know, unable to turn away. Maria, I swear I almost choked when I saw who had just walked into the Crashdown. I didn’t know what to do. I just kind of sat there, looking at the door, kind of shocked and not really believing what my eyes were seeing.

“What’s wrong Liz?” Michael asked me, he noticed the change and when he turned around to see Isabel, Max, and Tess standing at the door he too just sat there looking shocked, like me.
“Long time no see.” Isabel said smiling. They all looked so different, but yet the same. She was happy that she was back but at the same time, I just know she was reveling in the fact that we were so shocked to see them. Tess noticed it first. She walked over to the table to get a better look. Her exact words were, “God Liz, you got fat!”

I instinctively put my hand on my stomach and said, “Nice to see you too Tess.” I didn’t want to get up, but I knew that sooner or later I’d have to. I didn’t want to see the look of hurt on Max’s face and the pain in his eyes, because I had moved on and gotten pregnant. He must’ve been zoning on my brain waves or something because he walked over to the table, looked at my stomach and said, “I couldn’t expect you to wait forever...who’s the lucky guy?”
Then he noticed that I had a Tabasco bottle in my hand. I knew I should’ve said something before he started to think about why I was eating Tabasco on my pancakes with pickles at night but I just couldn’t speak. You know how that is? You want to say something but the words just won’t leave your mouth? Well he’s a smart guy, so he immediately put two and two together, he started looking from me to Michael, and in his eyes I saw a mixture of pain and anger. Eventually the anger over took the pain and he punched Michael! Michael just sat there in shock. He wasn’t expecting Max to be so physical, after all Max always has been a push over, so it was an unexpected thing! He practically dragged Michael out of the booth...I thought he was gonna kill him. Or at least try his hardest. Finally my dad, Isabel and Tess managed to pull Max off of him. He was crying! I wanted to reach out and just take him into my arms but I knew the way he was feeling right now, that he would probably knock me to the floor. He looked disgusted...with me, with Michael, and he just turned around and walked out the door.

I stood there shocked for a second but my feet started to move and before I knew it I was out the door and calling his name. He stopped and waited for me to catch up and then we started to walk. For a little while we walked in silence. The explanation was so easy but for some reason I couldn’t think of the words to say. So finally I just blurted out, “Max...it’s not what you think.”
He looked at me, with so much hurt in his eyes Maria! His tone of voice and his words were so cold.
“Really Liz? It’s not? Then tell me what it is. Tell me why you’re carrying the child of the man that was my best friend? Is it even his? Or did you just get lonely and hook up with some random stranger? Are you living with him? Did you two have feelings for each other before I left? And how’s Maria dealing with this?” He bum rushed me with so many questions. Again all I could manage to say was, it’s not what you think. He stopped, turned to me with tears in his eyes and yelled, “THEN TELL ME LIZ!” I only saw this sort of reaction from him one other time, during the whole Future Max/Kyle thing.

I took a deep breath, “Ok Max, yes...I’m carrying Michael’s children but they aren’t mine.” He looked confused, so we walked to the park and sat down on a bench. Nobody was around so I told him. “Maria was in a really bad accident, she crashed head on into another car and she was going really fast. She was pregnant Max.” I paused for a little while to let this all sink in before continuing.
“Michael and I saw it happen. She’s ok, well I mean she’s not ok because she’s still in a coma but she’s alive. She’s been drifting in and out of consciousness and her healing is coming along nicely. But Michael couldn’t risk the babies’ lives...you know they’re not normal, and he didn’t want the hospital finding out, or the babies to die. So somehow he transferred the babies from Maria’s womb to mine. I’m living with Michael so that he can make sure that everything goes all right.” I stopped talking again to give him even more time to digest the information he had been given.
“I’ve waited for you since the day you left. I never stopped loving you Max. I told you it wasn’t what you thought, there is nothing between Michael and me...he can’t wait till Maria is able to come home from the hospital. You jumped to the wrong conclusion.” He looked stunned but so relieved.

At the same time I was filling in Max, Michael was hearing it from Iz and getting comments left and right from Tess. When he could get a word in between their comments and insults he finally began to explain. So everything is back to normal, I have Max back, and soon I’m sure I’ll have you back too. I’m very confident that this will be the last drift into unconsciousness. Tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll stay awake and we can get you home!

*Liz kisses Maria’s forehead, lets go of her hand, and leaves the hospital room.*