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Title: What I’m Not
Rating: PG-13
Genre: I can’t say, it’ll give too much away. M/L and Liz-centered is all I’ll say. But there', ok, just read.

Kyle and Liz sat in silence, each staring at the floor, the ceiling, anywhere but at each other. Liz had told him everything that had happened to the group after she had been shot. He had taken it amazingly well actually, surprising Liz.

Yeah, amazingly well except for the fact he seemed not to be able to form words, or look at her. Liz couldn’t really blame him. She had almost laughed as she was telling her story. It was almost funny, the whole situation. “My alien boyfriend is the King of some planet he’s never heard of.”

Finally Kyle spoke, “You dumped me for an Alien?” He smiled at her, a smile of friendship, “I don’t know if I should be happy or even more upset about this.”

Liz’s heart stopped. Max. She felt nauseous every time she thought back to earlier, when she left him on the rocks. It was the right thing to do, and she knew it. But it didn’t stop it from hurting.

That was one thing that Liz had learned in the past 12 hours. That even if something is the right thing to do, is the only thing to do, it doesn’t stop a person from feeling it, from being in pain.

She stood up abruptly, surprising Kyle. “I’m sorry’s just that...” She stammered, making her way to the door.

“I understand Liz, really. It’s ok. You wanna ride home?”

She smiled, but the smile was a fake one, “No thanks, I want to walk. The Crash isn’t all that far.”

He nodded, “Bye Liz.”

“Bye Kyle.”

She sighed, and closed her eyes after Kyle shut the door. All she wanted to do is run to the Evan’s house and into Max’s arms. She rolled her shoulders and began to walk at a fast pace. That wasn’t possible. Max needed to find out who he was, about his destiny...about everything before they could try a relationship. They both deserved that. She just wished she didn’t have to leave him right after everything that had happened in the White Room.

The squealing of tires made Liz spin around sharply, eyes wide. Three men jumped out of the back van, heading towards her, fast. An arm went around her waist, pulling her into the van. Another hand covered her mouth, so she couldn’t make a noise. Liz panicked, trying to get free, kicking the men who were holding her. She felt the cold feel of a needle pressing into her arm, and then she knew nothing.


The room was bright. When he had been brought in here, there was a girl laying on the other side of the floor, slightly bruised, dressed in the same shit he was. She was unconscious, but breathing fine. She was beautiful.

Funny, he had never really thought of a girl as beautiful before. They were hot, do-able. Sexy. But this girl was beautiful. The kind you feel like you should be a fucking gentleman in front of.

That was definitely something he had never felt like before.

She was moving, slowly waking up. She looked like she was drugged or something. The uniform she was in was the same as his, only for a female. Obviously. Black pants, black boots, and a black tank top, with a, you guessed it, a fitted black jacket covering the tank. Her hair was pulled back off her face completely, into a bun. They looked...military-ish. He wondered if her back hurt as much as his.

She murmured a name, “Max” before opening her eyes. Her eyes matched her hair, dark brown. She looked at him for a moment, a variety of emotions playing on her face.

Finally she seemed to find her voice, “Who the HELL are you?!” She had her back to the wall, and was standing up slowly.

Well, that wasn’t what he was expecting. He stood up as well, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’m Zan.”

He almost didn’t hear her when she began talking, “You look exactly like Max.” She looked him over, “Sound like him too, except for the accent.’

Oh, ok. Zan was getting it now. ‘Max’ must be his dupe, the one his protectors told him about. He looked at the girl, right in the eye. “Alien?”

She nodded her head.

He took a breath. “Are you an...”

She shook her head, “No, I’m human. Max is my...was my...”

“Your his bitch.”

“Excuse me!?!” The petite girl’s eyes flashed

Zan’s eyes widened, he didn’t expect her to have a temper, “Hey! I was just kiddin’ and shit.” He took a breath, “You know we came from pods?”

The as-of-yet unnamed girl nodded her head.

“Well, there's was two sets. Ours, New York. The others...”

“Roswell.” The girl looked at his face and seemed to come to a decision. “I’m Liz. Liz Parker.”


Liz wasn’t afraid of Zan. Shocked maybe, but not scared. He was almost...comforting. Here she was, stuck in a version of the White Room, with Max’s...whatever.

She didn’t know what was going on. She wanted Max. She knew it was selfish and stupid, but she wished he was here. The weird thing was, she wasn’t terrified.

She was scared, and who wouldn’t be. But she was holding herself together fine. It was almost felt like it was, inevitable or something. And besides from being a little sore and her lower back was KILLING her, she was fine.

A door appeared in the wall she was leaning on, right next to her. She hurried around so she was facing the people. Zan came up behind her, stopping behind her left shoulder.

They were all men, none of them were the ones who had taken her. They stopped when they saw her. All three were NOT human. All of them except for the man in front, dropped to their knees, heads bowed.

The man that hadn’t dropped to his knees smiled directly at Liz, standing at attention. “It is an honor to meet you Elizabeth Parker. Welcome back to the fight.”

Um, Kay.

Part Two

The man who had spoken to Liz dismissed the people who had come in with him before turning back to Zan and Liz. “My name is Larek.”

Liz looked at him blankly, “That’s nice. Why are we here?”

“I am not going to hurt you.” He held out his hands to show he wasn’t carrying anything.

Zan spoke up, “Yeahs we got that. What we want to know is what the fuck is going on.”

Larek nodded, “You are in a ship orbiting Earth-”

Liz cut him off, “A spaceship? I’m in a spaceship?” She muttered, looking slightly pale.

Zan moved in closer, in case she passed out or something. “Tell us what’s going on, now.”

“I will, with the promise you will not interrupt.”

Liz looked at Larek warily, “Fine. Go on.”

Larek looked from Zan and Liz once before speaking. “The Royal Four have just learned who they are, through the orbs. They have revealed themselves to their enemies. Obviously, they need to be protected.” Larek stopped then, and looked expectantly at Liz and Zan.

Zan snorted, “Your kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not. We want you to train with us, learn how to fight your, their enemies. You, Liz, are right in their inner circle, and Zan, you carry the King’s DNA. It’s perfect.”

Liz stared, “What about Nasedo and all that?”

“ not as much as an asset as he seems. And I think you promised not to interrupt.”

Liz glared, “You want to turn me into Liz the Alien Slayer, you can answer a few questions.”

Larek looked at Liz, completely confused. Zan laughed behind Liz, “It’s a TV show.”

Larek’s eyes brightened, “Ah, yes! Television. One of my favorite things made by humans. I particularly enjoy the...soaps.”

Zan’s eyebrows shot up, “Do you watch ‘Days of Our Lives?’”

Liz whirled around to face him, “Do you?” Zan’s ears went pink.

Larek continued before Zan had a chance to answer. “You will stay with us for two months, the summer if you accept. We will take care of your absences.”

Zan looked at him, “How?”

“Make two of our people look like you, and give excuses for your absences.”

Liz shook her head and crossed her arms, “No, that's not going to work. Max will know.”

Larek nodded, “We’ll keep all contact to a minimum.”

Zan crossed his arms, “Why the hell don’t you do it?”

“This ship that we are on now is the only one able to make the trip from Antar to Earth in such a short amount of time. The only people who know how to run it are highly advanced scientist needed at home. Passengers, besides you two, are not allowed for safety. As soon as you two are done training, we will return you back to Earth, and go back to assist Antar.”

Larek sighed when he saw Zan and Liz’s doubtful faces. “Zan...Liz, you have to understand the importance of all this. You both will be a key figure in fighting Khivar.” Larek was relieved when he saw Zan straighten up at the mention of the man who killed his predecessor. He turned to Liz, but she was still looking full of doubt.

“Liz, you would be protecting your friends. I know how important that is to you.” He knew he had her convinced after that. But then Liz spoke up again, crossing her arms.

“They might not accept it you know? I mean, Max would try and protect ME.”

Larek hesitated, “They won’t know...”


The two figures watched the exchange on a view screen. Both let out a breath they’ve been holding at the final words.

“They’ve agreed.”

“A good thing too. We don’t know when they will be called back. Sir...forgive me, but I must voice my opinion again. I don’t think this deception is a prudent plan.”

“They are the chosen King and Queen. They need to learn about their enemies first, their fighting styles. Those two will lead us to victory over the skins, someday soon.”

“But lying to them...”

“They will learn better this way, without the pressure. We will tell them when it is time, and no sooner. They would resist their destiny if we told them now. Later though, when they are called back to fight, they will understand the severity of the situation, and be able to lead more efficiently.” The man paused before asking his next question. “The implants.”

“Working perfectly. Their backs are tender, but other than that, all vitals are normal.”

Larek entered the room, “I’ve sent them to rooms for the night. They’ve agreed to start training tomorrow.”

The man who had spoken first nodded, “Good. They’ll need their rest while they can still have it.”

Author's Note: I know, I know...Zzzzz. But now at least you know whats going on. Thanks for all the feedback on the first part everyone, I really appreciated it. Please, PLEASE keep it up. Next part will be up much sooner than this one is, and is pretty much Z/L. Did I mention they share a room?


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Part Three

“This is fucked up.”

Liz grinned over at Zan. He was so different from Max she almost forgot that they were clones. Almost. They both had the same amazing bodies. She nodded her head in agreement to his statement.

“Yeah, but I don’t know. It’s almost...”

“Orgasm inspiring.” Zan finished for her, watching her back as she turned and looked at the room she had been given. He had been to his own earlier, and found this one much more comforting. And much more full of Liz.

She burst out laughing. “Exactly.” Walking around the corner, she kept on exploring her new home. He followed after her, grinning. She was so different than Lonnie or Ava.

“Seen the view yet?” Liz looked over at him, surprised that he was right behind her.

“No...” Her voice trailed off.

“C’mon.” He grabbed her hand and pulled at the curtain Liz hadn’t noticed back in the room they had come from.

“Oh my God.” Liz stood riveted at the view. “Have you ever...I mean-”

“I know.”

Earth. That’s what Liz was looking at. Everything else was forgotten for a moment. Even her back pain. She placed her hand on the glass, watching North America. She grasped Zan’s hand tight before she remembered herself. “Sorry.” She muttered, her eyes still glued to her planet below her.

Zan tried to shrug off her reaction to him, and looked for where New York would be. “There’s my place. New York babe. Nothings like it.”

“You’ll take me someday?”

“’Course. Now...wave to Rath, Lonnie, and Ava.” He waved at the glass, trying to get a smile out of her. It worked.

Zan squinted, “And there’s Roswell. Look, yous can see the dent the ship made. Wave Lizzie.”

“Don’t call me Lizzie.” Her voice had changed, tightened. He looked over at her.

“What...” He figured it out before he even finished his next word. “Max?”

Liz nodded, her eyes fixed on where New Mexico was. “He’d love this you know.” Voice soft, her hand curled into a fist on the glass. “He’s...” She shook her head and walked away from the window.

“Have you seen the clothes they have for us? I feel like a protector of Royal Aliens just by looking at them.” Her voice was uneven, and Zan lowered his eyes.

“You love Evans?” It was a statement, but Liz answered it all the same.

“Yeah, more than...well, than anything. But with Tess, and...and destiny.” She laughed harshly, “And now this.”

Zan crossed his arms and tried to look comforting at the same time. “Well...”

She looked over at him. “Well?”




They looked at each other for about a second before bursting out laughing. Liz got her breath first, kinda. “I’m sitting in space...with...with...” She sat down on the floor, doubling over laughing, “My ex-boyfriend's clone, talking about said clones and mine’s relationship!!” She tried to compose herself to no use, she was soon giggling like a maniac again.

“Yeahs, its not so much fucking fun over here either babe. The only chick that has parts to her I recognize is hung up on an Alien King.”

“Oh please, I’m sure your not that picky. Just pick one and try her out!”

Zan managed to get out one word over Liz’s and his own laughter. “Well.”


“So tell me about Ava.”

Zan looked up from his food. “Ava?”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Short, blonde, yaps on and on about destiny.” Zan raised his eyebrows, and Liz looked down at her ice cream, “Well, on my end anyway.”

Zan burst on laughing, he had never smiled so much in his life. “But no tension there, right?”

“Absolutely none.”

“The whore.”

Liz grinned up at Zan. They were both sitting on her couch and eating. “Don’t be mean.”

“Cut the shit, you know you’ve called her that.”

“Not outloud.” Zan smirked, “Besides, its been more on the ‘bitch’ and ‘slut’ side.”

Zan nodded, but didn’t say anything else on the subject. It seemed whenever Max, Tess, Michael, Isabel or any words starting with ‘De’ came up, she got depressed. And he didn’t like that. She should be smiling all the time. Well, not all the time. That would be weird.

“So...we’ve talked about everyone I’ve ever known. Now you go.” She pierced him with her dark eyes. Damn, he thought he had gotten out of it. “Yeah, nice try.”

“I don’t know...they's my family. Lonnie, Ava, Rath and me. Wes all cool. We stick together, you know?”

Liz smiled, and tried to cover a yawn. “I’m glad you had people growing up.”

“Your tired.”

“No...just sleepy. I want to know more about you.”

“Tomorrow. We both need to sleep, we’s got ‘training’ in the morning.”

Liz smirked, “Hey, watch yourself. Training’s fun.”

“Like you knows. Rah rah.”

Without thinking, Liz rested her head on Zan’s shoulder and closed her eyes, smelling his scent. So not Max. Zan looped his arm around her and concentrated on her. Within seconds she was asleep. Stretching out, he was careful to pull her on top of him and put his arms around her, so her head rested on his chest. Closing his eyes, he inhaled the scent of strawberries, his last thought being that a fruit had never been so sexy.

Author’s Note: Well, I bet all of you thought this fic was gone, didn’t you? Don’t lie. I know you did. Anyway, updates will be much more frequent, as long as you all want me to keep writing. Please review, and tell me what you think. Training starts in the next part, and the whole “what's up with their back pain” is answered. Thanks for reading!
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Part Four

“I want to try it again.”

Zan looked over at the petite brunette as her voice echoed across the gym. Her hair was a mess, face was red, and she had more than a few scrapes and bruises.

She looked thrilled.

Liz was having the time of her life. She had taken kick-boxing classes with Maria awhile back, and had loved them. They had stopped just around the time she had gotten shot, and had missed the physical activity, but couldn’t start up again because of all the stuff that had happened with Max, and the other aliens.

Max. What the hell was wrong with her? She loved him, her feelings definitely hadn’t changed. But Zan...she had never felt more comfortable with someone. She wasn’t in love with him, but...she loved him.

Max and Zan. In love with one, loved the other. So bizarre. And the fact that her feelings for both had sprung up overnight was just...weird. The whole situation was weird. Weird, weird, totally weird. But they weren’t the same people. Not at all. It was just so wei-

“Ooff!” She found herself on her butt looking up at the trainer. “Hey!”

“You were loosing concentration, your form was degrading.”

“Hey! Yous alright there Lizzie?” Zan was watching her from the other side of the gym, looking half concerned, half amused.

Did those tattoos have to be so damn sexy?

“Fine,” she grumbled, sitting up. “And its Liz!” She threw over her shoulder.

Her trained smiled, or at least lost the “I’m a bad ass, don’t mess with me” look for a second. “Concentrate Elizabeth, you have to keep your mind on whats at hand.”

“I know, I know...” She tightened her pony-tail and began to go through the routine of kicks and punches Caylak had shown her.






“Well, that wasn’t what I expected.” Liz studied herself in the handheld mirror as she talked to Zan who was sprawled out on the couch across from her.

“What were yous expecting? Learning how to serve some tea?”

She made a face at him, “I was talking about the bruise moron. It turned out more oval than I expected.”

Zan lifted his head and his eyes softened. “Its grown?”

She looked at him over the mirror, “Calm down. It doesn’t hurt. The pain thingy took care of it. All we have to do now if figure out the appearance changer thingamabob.”

Zan looked at her in disbelief, “You know, yous supposed to be the smart one.”

“I am.”

Zan decided to stop before he got his foot shoved down his throat, he had seen her move at training today. “I still can’t believe that we have to learn how to use the...the...”


“Right. By ourselves.”

“Well, they thought it was best if we learned ourselves.”

“Yeahs, but why?”

“I don’t know.”

Zan opened his mouth again to argue about it, but stopped when Liz sighed and put down her mirror, “Sorry I’s can’t heal that.”

Liz shrugged, “I really don’t care. I’ve had bruises before, and this one doesn’t even hurt.”


“Zan. Shut up.”

“Lizzie. Relax some.”


Zan smirked, “Zan what?”

Liz rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at him, “I couldn’t think of anything.”

They laughed and Liz got up, walking towards her bathroom. “I’m going to take a shower.”

Without me? Zan smiled at the thought.

Liz whirled around, “What?!”

Author's Note: Ugh, guys...I am so sorry this took so long. Midterms and Research Papers. Fuuuuuun. I promise, promise, promise that I'll update as often as I can. Thanks for the feedback!
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This didn't take too long, right guys?

Seriously, thanks for all the bumps, and especially to Venus_Star for getting my butt writing again. Hope you enjoy!

Part Four B

Zan looked at her, miffed. “What what?”

Liz cringed, because at that moment he looked more like Max then ever. “I thought I had heard you uh, mention joining me in the shower.”

Zan’s eyes widened, “Shit. Woah...I mean...whoa.” Zan’s mouth curved up on one side, “Cool.”

Liz crossed her arms, “Zan?”

Zan started pacing back and forth, “What? Oh right. Yeah, yous read my mind.”

“Oh.” Liz looked satisfied for a moment, “Wait...what?”


“Ok, what number am I thinking of now?” Liz asked, giggling.


Liz smiled. “This is so cool.”

Zan laughed and stretched out his long legs on the table in front of him. “Can you tell what I’m thinking now?”

Liz narrowed her eyes and looked put out, “No. Why are you so much better at blocking your thoughts than me?”

“Because I’ve known I was a fucking alien my whole life. You only just found out now.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “I’m not an alien. Human. Huuumannn. Say it with me now. Hu-”

Zan leaned forward, “Max changed you when he healed you Liz. He brought you back to the world of the living with otherworldly powers.”

Liz looked over at him, puzzled. “Nasedo told us they weren’t alien powers, but effects of the evolution of the human brain the scientists preformed on you guys.”

Zan sighed and rubbed his eyes, “Lizzie. Whatever. You’ve been changed whether you like it or not.”

Liz crossed her arms, “I’m not an alien. I’ll accept that I can see what your thinking, and that maybe it has something to do with Max healing me, but that's where it ends. I don’t have powers, and I never will.”

Zan opened his mouth to argue with her, but based on his posture, not to mention her panicked thoughts, decided against it. “Well, we’ll see how it plays out.”


Zan stared her down. She was his prey. His enemy. His-

Liz knocked him on the floor. She smirked down at him, a habit she had picked up from him in the past week that he found particularly annoying when he was on the flat of his back. “Sorry hunter boy. Nice try though, you almost had me with that last kick.”

Caylak signaled it was time for a break and Liz helped Zan to his feet, but instead, ended up on top of him. Liz’s legs slammed down on either side of Zan’s waist, and she found herself suddenly very aware of both her and Zan’s bodies. She saw Zan swallow heavily as he looked up at her. Neither one moved for a moment, but then Zan’s hand reached up to Liz’s arm.

Both jumped up when they heard Caylak’s voice ring through the gym. “Zan, Elizabeth! Water! Now!”