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Title: See No Evil 2: The Sequel
Author: Sugarplum17
Disclaimer: All the kids are mine. The parents, don’t belong to me because if they did they wouldn’t be so jacked up on the show right now.
Author’s Note: Ok, so this is the sequel to See No Evil. I wasn’t going to do one but this came to me today, and so I’m writing it. It’s going to be more about Jacob and Eva than any of the parents or other kids. Although they’ll all be making cameos in it. I apologize for the retarded name of the fic, but I couldn’t come up with anything better. You don’t have to read that one to understand this one, but if you want to, go for it. This is AU, there’s no aliens, Max is from Boston, Liz is psychic.
- - -
Rolling over in bed Jacob slammed his hand down on the buzzing alarm clock. He groaned as he rolled over off the bed and onto the floor to do his daily pushups. When he couldn’t do any more he collapsed onto his stomach and laid there for a few seconds before rolling onto his back to do his crunches. He hated school. He hated waking up so early. It was beyond his comprehension why his mom loved it so much when she was his age, even despite the fact that she was an outcast in high school.

He was sort of an outcast too, but unlike his mother he wasn’t an outcast because of his gift. He was an outcast because of what happened to him when he was eight years old. Everyone knew about it. For a year he couldn’t walk down the street without getting stared at. The other kids were put off by him. They didn’t know how to respond. “That poor boy...” he would hear adults say. “He must be so traumatized.” And they were right. His ordeal did traumatize him. He had to go to therapy two times a week for two years just to stop the nightmares that it gave him. Eva had gone with him to every single session. She’d never missed one, because she too was having nightmares about it. Her parents had wanted her to go to sessions by herself but she clung to Jacob’s side like he was her life line. And the thing that none of them seemed to realize was that, he was.

Pushing himself up from the floor he walked over to his door and threw it open, rushing into the bathroom. Locking the door behind him he flicked on the light and turned to look at himself in the mirror. He sighed, asking his reflection what he was going to do without her. His best friend was going to graduate this year, and while she was only going to the University of New Mexico in Santa Fe, he was going to miss her terribly. She was one of his only friends.

Their group was small. It consisted of them and two other kids. Benny Rodriguez, who had an unhealthy preoccupation with psychos and why they do the things that they do. While most kids shied away from them for it, Benny was their friend solely because of what happened to them when they were small children. He knew no one else who had been abducted and almost killed. Their other friend was Amber-Lynne, who wore black nail polish and lip stick, dyed her hair black and wore black clothes every day to school. A gothic punk, was what she liked to call herself. She listened to loud, angry rock music, and marched to the beat of her own drum in her nice big black combat boots. She never did anything just because the other kids were doing it. She acted mean in school but when Jake, Eva and Benny were alone with her, she was a regular happy, laughing, joke-telling kid.

He’d been in the bathroom staring at his own reflection for a good two minutes before the expected pounding was heard on the door. “Hurry up Jacob! There are other people in this house too, you know! Daddy didn’t build this extra bathroom just for you!”

He picked up his toothbrush and applied the toothpaste as he listened to the pounding on the door continue. “Shut up Camille!” He called from inside the bathroom. “Go away!”
“Are you rubbing one out in there Jake?” She asked pounding a little harder. “Because if you are, I’m telling mom!”

Toothbrush in hand he turned around and threw open the door to glare at his sister. “Give me ten minutes you little turd. Then it’s all yours.”
“Ten minutes?!” She asked incredulously. “You’re a guy! You can be ready in four!”
“Ten minutes Camille, and if you knock on the door, I’m gonna take even longer and use up all the hot water while I’m at it.” Jacob said before slamming the door in his little sister’s face and locking it again. She stood there staring at the bathroom door for a few seconds before a mischievous smile lit up her face.

She stood beside the door until she heard the shower running. Running downstairs she threw open the door to her parents’ room - knowing that she wasn’t going to be walking in on anything nasty seeing as how her mom was in the kitchen making breakfast - and hurried into their bathroom. Her smile got even bigger as she reached her hand out to touch the handle on the back of the toilet.

“Cami, don’t even think about it.” She heard her dad groan from underneath the covers.
“Daddy!” She screeched, jumping up and pulling her hand back from the handle. “You scared me!”
“Yeah, I’m sure I did.” He said as he rolled over to face the opposite direction.
“I wasn’t going to...I mean...I was just gonna-”
“Go help your mom in the kitchen sweetie.” He said, trying to sound stern and not let on for a second that he was amused by the whole thing. But it was too late, Camille had already heard the laughter in his voice. Flipping her dark brown hair over her shoulder, she smiled at her father’s blanket covered back.
“Yes daddy.” She said as she reached her hand back to the handle and pressed it down.

Liz smiled to herself in the kitchen as she heard her son’s surprised scream and seconds later, the laughter of her husband and daughter. She thanked God every single day for being able to hear the constant bickering, laughter and screams from the practical jokes Jacob and Camille played on each other. Nine years ago, she’d almost lost it. When her son was kidnaped by a mad man, and had a gun held to his head, she’d almost lost today and all the other days in between. Days where Camille played practical jokes on her older brother, and where Jacob swore that he would get her back for it. Liz Evans couldn’t imagine her life without those days.

Flipping the French toast she sighed as the sounds of crying came from upstairs. She couldn’t even imagine life without those days when their practical jokes woke up the twins. “Camille, Max! The twins are calling your names!” She called from the kitchen. She smiled as she heard them both stop laughing and groan. Max was still in bed, this being his day off, and Camille was without a doubt going to bring them into the kitchen mumbling about how she isn’t their mother.

Camille stomped up the stairs behind her father, on their way to retrieve her brother and sister. “Daddy, I have to get ready for school.” She complained from behind him. Raising his arm he pointed to her bedroom and waved her off letting her know that he would get the twins by himself. Walking into the nursery, he immediately headed toward Paul’s crib.

“Good morning baby.” He cooed to his two-year-old son before picking him up and scrunching up his face. “Let’s check that diaper pal...I’m smelling something foul.”
As he changed Paul’s diaper, he began talking to his daughter Jenna from across the room, soothing her with his voice. Sitting Paul down on the floor on his play rug, Max walked over to Jenna’s crib and touched her brown silky curls. He had no idea how Jenna got naturally curly hair when he and Liz both had straight hair.
“Good morning my precious little angel. Do you need your diaper changed too?” He asked her, in his thick Boston accent, as he lifted her up and smelled her diaper-covered butt. “Oh yeah! Definitely!”


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Oh and for those that would like to read See No Evil, it's on the repost board and on the Work By Author board underneath Sugarplum17's fics! Just thought I'd let ya know.

Thanks angelbaby for the fb! *happy*

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I had to give them more kids AAngel. I knew you were disappointed that they didn't have more when I ended the last one. So Jenna and Paul were created just for you buddy. *wink*

Thanks for the fb everyone!

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- - -
Part 2
- - -

Jacob kissed his mom’s cheek and hugged his dad before going to the back door to grab his back pack that sat on the chair beside it. “All right, I’m leaving.”
“Jake, wait for your sister.” Liz said wiping off Jenna’s syrup-covered hands.
“WAIT!” They heard Camille call from upstairs. “I’M ALMOST READY!”
Grabbing his keys off of the key rack he opened the door behind him. “I’m walking out the door! Heading to my jeep, about to leave you to take the bus!”

He shrugged his shoulders when his mom gave him that look. “I’m not really gonna leave her. I’m just trying to get her to haul ass. We’re gonna be late again if she keeps dicking around up there.”
Just then Camille came bounding down the stairs and into the kitchen where she gave both her parents a hug and kiss before running to grab her back pack and coat. “Bye! See you after school.”

As the door closed behind them, Max and Liz could still hear their children bickering. “It’s your fault we’re always late anyway Jake. If you wouldn’t take so much time in the bathroom, maybe we wouldn’t be late all the time you jerk!”
“I get up 15 minutes earlier than I have to so that we won’t be, but you always have to have your stupid outfit perfect. Are you trying to impress someone Cami? Is there a certain boy at school that you’re trying to impress?” He asked mockingly, knowing how much it got under her skin.
“Shut up Jacob!” She said throwing open the door to his jeep and getting in, slamming it closed hard.

“Be careful!” He yelled, reaching over and punching her in the arm. “My baby is old! It can’t take the abuse you give it.”
She looked on in disgust as he gently caressed his old army jeep that their dad had found for him when he got his license. “Boys and their cars. Morons.”
- - -

After dropping Camille off at the middle school, Jacob made his way to the high school and finally into class, late as usual. He looked over to see Benny already sleeping on his desk, a puddle of drool starting to form. Amber-Lynne was turned in her desk, resting her back on the bar and her feet on Benny’s lap while she applied her black nail polish. She was looking as pale as ever, with her black hair and black lip stick. He looked around for Eva’s familiar head of sandy blonde hair but she was no where insight.

“Where’s Eva?” He whispered as he leaned over Benny to ask Amber-Lynne.
Amber looked around the room and shrugged before going back to painting her nails. “She’s probably finishing her lab in Mr. Ross’s room. You know how she likes to make the best of Student Resource Time.”

Leaning back in his seat, Jacob reached into his bag to take out his unfinished math homework from the class before. He’d had a day to do his homework from math, but always saved it for 5th period SRT, Student Resource Time. The block scheduling equivalent to study hall. On A days he had four classes. History, Mythology, Government, and English Lit. On B days he had the other four. SRT, Geometry, Gym, and Art. Benny had history and English Lit with him, and Amber had Mythology with him on A days. They all had lucked out and gotten the same SRT teacher on B days. Jacob and Eva only shared the same lunch hour on A days, while on B days they had SRT, gym, lunch, and art together.

Twenty minutes later, Eva walked into class and signed back into SRT. She smiled at Jacob before taking her seat in front of Amber and pulling some homework from her bag. Every so often he would abandon his math homework and look in her direction. She would be diligently working on her homework or turned around in her seat, her back to him, quietly talking to Amber-Lynne and letting her paint her fingernails black as well.
- - -
“Hey you guys are coming to my cousin Hope’s birthday party right?” Jacob asked as they walked down the hall of West Roswell, on their way to the cafeteria.
“I don’t know man, I think I got stuff to do.” Benny said as he cut across the hall to his locker.
“Come on Benny man, you gotta go. Hope is in love with you.” Jacob said as he leaned back against the locker. “Amber you’re coming right?”

“I scare your little brother.” She said, glaring at some random kid.
“I’ll be there.” Eva said leaning on the locker next to Jacob, but immediately pushing herself off the locker when Benny had his lunch.
“I know that.” Jacob said, pushing himself off the locker as well. “But I figured having Benny and Amber there would be better than hanging out with a bunch of little kids all night.”
“I don’t mind hanging out with a bunch of little kids.” Eva said flipping her long sandy blonde hair over her shoulder as they pushed through the cafeteria doors.

“Hey did you guys hear were got a new kid?” Benny asked tossing his bagged lunch on a table and sitting down.
“Oh yeah, his name is Ethan or something. Ethan...Hunter I think.” Amber said opening up Benny’s bag and taking out his chips. “What kind of a name is that?”
“The name of a psychopath.” Benny said, snatching his chips out of her hands. “Why do you always gotta take my food Amber? You have your own lunch, why you gotta be a moocher and eat most of mine?”
“I don’t know.” She answered shrugging and reaching for the chips again. “You know you love it Rodriguez, so just fork over the chips.”

Eva rolled her eyes as they continued to fight about the chips and turned to talk to Jacob, who had put his arm around her shoulders while laughing at his friends. “So what did you get Hope?”
“Oh I got her this Barbie doll thing. I don’t really know what it is, but I figured she would. What’d you get her?”
“A doll.” Eva said before taking a sip of her juice box. When Benny and Amber finally stopped fighting over the chips, which Amber had won they immersed themselves in conversation about the new guy, all the stupid people in Roswell, and about what they were getting their families for Christmas.
- - -
“Finally!” Jacob said as he plopped down onto his stool next to Eva. “I thought this day was never gonna end.”
Patting him on the head with one hand, she readied her station with the other. “Well it’s not over yet Jake. We just have one more class to go, and then we’re home free for two weeks.”
Groaning he dropped his head to his forearms, resting on the table. “Will this day ever end?!”

Rolling his head to the side he looked at Eva. “Have I ever told you how much I hate school?”
She nodded her head and laughed at him. “About a million times a day.”
When she poked him in the side, he sat up and started to get his station ready to do some work. He was at least grateful that art was his last class of the day. On B days, he always went home feeling happy. Not only because he shared the class with Eva, but also because his art teacher, Mrs. Waverley, was a complete nutcase. She was his favorite teacher. She said off the wall things, she only wore colors on the color chart, she wore crazy jewelry that she liked to call little works of art. She was a real character.

“Ok class.” Mrs. Waverley said clapping her hands together to get the attention of the class. “We’re going to do a demonstration today, so gather round the center table.”
When everyone was standing around the center table, Mrs. Waverley asked Eva to be her model.
“Ok, now Eva is going to be my model, and I’m going to draw her with charcoal.” She said, getting out a big, clean, white sheet of paper and her charcoal pencils. She made a few swipes with the pencil on the paper here and there. “Yes, now do you see how I’m doing this class? I’m not looking at the paper, I’m looking at Eva, kind of like I’m studying her. My eyes are never looking at the paper.”

Making a few more swipes and squiggly lines on the paper, she smiled glancing over at Jacob. “Isn’t charcoal just yummy? I love it. Look at the yummy charcoal class.”
A few of the students laughed, some even asking her how yummy it was, and Jacob couldn’t resist smiling back at her. The woman was absolutely crazy, always going on about how yummy charcoal was, and how tasty water colors were. Going on and on and on about water colors, pastels, abstract drawings, charcoal, clay and origami like she was talking about food at her favorite restaurant.

“Ok, now I want you to find a partner and take turns drawing each other.” She said after she was done with the demonstration. “That’s all we’re doing for the day. You can use whatever drawing utensil you want, so long as your eyes never look at your paper.”

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Hi guys. I need a little help here. I need someone to bounce my ideas off of for this fic. You know, to get an opinion from someone else on how I was planning to do it. I don't need a beta or anything, just someone to bounce the general concept off of. Anyone interested?
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Dedication: This part goes out to LTL! Thanks again for letting me bounce my ideas off of you!
- - -
Part 3
- - -
Amber burst through the school doors and scanned the parking lot. It was crowded, but luckily she could see Jacob’s head of dark hair over the mass of students. At 17, he was just as tall as his dad. She pushed kids out of her way as she ran, not caring that some of them fell down or dropped their papers and books. When she was close enough, she jumped and threw herself onto Benny’s strong back wrapping her legs around his narrow waist. He was just a couple inches shy of being Jacob’s height, coming in at 5'8.

“So are you giving me a ride or what Benito?” Amber asked, as she situated herself on Benny’s back. Shrugging Benny readjusted her. “I suppose.”
“Alright, well I’ll catch you guys later.” Jacob said they departed for Benny’s truck, they turned around and waved before heading off to climb into Benny’s beat up Ford. “You want a ride?”
“No thanks.” Eva answered, securing her scarf around her neck. “My shift starts at three, so I’m just gonna walk to the Crashdown.”
“Are you sure? It’s kind of chilly out. I could drop you off.”
Reaching up to ruffle his hair, she smiled before pushing on his head. “You’re so sweet to me. But no thanks, I don’t want Camille to have a heart attack because you’re late again.”
“Alright, I’ll see you later then.” He said waving in her direction before walking off to his jeep.
- - -
It was a chilly day for December in New Mexico. People thought it was warm all year round but that was definitely not the case. Tightening her scarf around her neck, she turned the corner, eyes downcast thinking of how much it sucked not having a car of her own. She was brought out of her thoughts when she bumped into someone.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I wasn’t...” As she looked up from the sidewalk to the person she had a head on collision with, she trailed off. Momentarily caught up in his beautiful green eyes. “Paying attention.” She finished, shaking her head slightly.
“Oh that’s too bad.” He said, sounding disappointed. “Because I was.”

She smiled shyly at him before looking down at the ground. “ must be Ethan right?”
“Yeah.” He answered, wondering how she already knew who he was.
“Small town. Word of a new kid travels fast.” She said, as if reading his mind. “We don’t get many visitors to town this time of year.”
“And who might you be?” He asked, staring intently at her.
“Oh you haven’t heard?” She asked playfully. She was secretly pleased that there was finally a person who didn’t know her life story. “I’m Eva Valenti.”

She extended her hand and waited with bated breath for him to take it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ethan.” They stood there hand in hand and staring at each other for a few seconds before she finally pulled her hand away. “Well, I should get going. My shift starts in 15 minutes.”
“Oh yeah. Right.” He said, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “Oh and Eva? The pleasure was all mine.”
She smiled shyly at him again before walking past him to continue on her way to the Crashdown.
- - -
“So he was hot?” Amber asked as she stood at her locker in the back of the Crashdown taking out her nose and eyebrow ring. Amber-Lynne was definitely a sight to see in uniform. Benny was constantly making fun of her for choosing to work in a place where she had to wear a teal dress as a uniform, which definitely clashed with her black hair and makeup, pale skin, black combat boots and fishnet stalkings. She’d been allowed to keep the heavy black eye liner that she applied, as well as the lipstick, stalkings and boots. But Mr. Parker told her that the piercings definitely had to go. At first he told her that if she wanted to work in his restaurant she had to look normal, but finally after a lengthy conversation about how he was stifling her creativity, and taking away her right to be different and to be her own person, he’d agreed to let part of the look she had going stay.

“God yes Amber. He had these...eyes and this head of blonde hair! He was tall, and I couldn’t tell because of the coat and stuff but I bet he has muscles too!”
“Is he taller than Jacob?” Amber asked, shutting her locker and tying on her apron.
“I don’t know, maybe Jake is a little taller. Why?” She asked following Amber out into the main dining area.
“So you think Jacob could take him?”
“I don’t know.” Eva said, shrugging her shoulders. “Why?”
Amber watched as some people came in and sat in her section. Readying her order pad she turned to her friend, “Because that’s probably what’s gonna happen when Jacob finds out about you and this guy.”

“Amber. We bumped into each other. We introduced ourselves. It’s not like we threw off all our clothes and did it right there on the side walk. He didn’t ask me to marry him or even to go to prom with him.” Eva explained as she helped Amber fill the new table’s drink order.
“Yeah, but from what you said, you’re already feelin him and he’s already feelin you. Something is bound to happen between the two of you.”
“Ok, even if something does, why would Jake care?” Eva asked putting the drinks on the tray. “It’s not like he’s my boyfriend or anything.”
“No.” Amber said in agreement before picking up the tray. “But I bet he secretly wants to be.”
“Eva, orders up.” Benny said placing an order on the service window.
- - -
“Oh yeah I loved that part!” Eva laughed before taking a bite of her burger. “We were like the only two people in the whole entire theater laughing at that.”
“Dude, that was so childish. ‘Jakey, Jakey about to make a...mistakey?’ That was stupid.” Benny said, stuffing a fry into his mouth. “And you guys were stupid for laughing at it!”
“We can’t help it if we thought it was funny!” They replied defensively at the same time.

“You’re doing it again. Stop it.”
“Doing what?” They asked in unison.
“That!” He said with a dramatic shiver. “That answering in unison thing you guys do. It’s weird. You get the same facial expressions and everything. Creeps me out.”
He wanted to reach over the table and smack them both when they looked down at their plates and mumbled sorry at the exact same time.

“Miss?!” Benny called out to their waitress. “Miss, could you get your fat lazy ass over here and refill my drink please?”
“Fat?!” Amber yelled stalking over to their booth. “Get it yourself!”
“You’re my waitress Amber. You’re supposed to do it.” He said, looking up at her from the booth, giving her the puppy dog face.
She begrudgingly grabbed the cup out of his hand. “You’re on break Benny and there are customers I have to serve. You better just thank your lucky stars that I love you so damn much.”
He smiled as she stalked off to the pop machine, mumbling under her breath about how she was the only one that did any damn work around the stupid place and how she get a raise.

Jacob sat next to Eva in the booth, his arm loosely resting on her shoulder, laughing at Benny and Amber. Over the years, Jacob had developed the habit of resting his arm over her shoulder while she was eating and he wasn’t. For some reason, he now felt uncomfortable when he tried to sit any other way. It would start off with Jacob sitting beside her, arms resting on the table while she ate her food, but his arm somehow always found its way onto her shoulder, no matter what. Maybe it was his need to protect her?

An unfamiliar voice, caused Jacob’s laughter to quickly die out. “Hi Eva...”
“Hi Ethan!” Eva said sounding entirely too happy to see this guy. She noticed his green eyes flicker back and forth from her to Jacob, and she unconsciously shrugged her shoulders. Eva wasn’t the only one to notice the movement of his eyes. Jacob caught it too, and he for wanted to pull her into his side. Marking his territory and staking his claim as her best friend.

Removing his arm from around her shoulders, he leaned on the table, noting the way that she was looking at this Ethan clown. He shivered as he felt an unsettling emotion start to creep in. “Hey.”

The sound of Jacob’s voice finally broke her from her Ethan-induced stupor, making her turn her head to look at her friend with a curious expression. Jacob was one of the nicest people that she knew, and it was surprising how mean he’d just made one syllable sound.

“I’m Jacob.” He said pointing to himself. “That’s Benny.”
Picking up on the fact that they weren’t going to play nice with this guy, Benny looked up from his plate and in Ethan’s direction, tipped his chin up and then turned back to his food.
“Hey...guys.” Ethan said sounding somewhat uneasy while unconsciously backing up from their table. Looking over at Benny, Eva was once again surprised at how mean her friend was being. Considering the fact that Benny was the second nicest guy she knew.

“Well, I can’t stay...I just saw you through the window and thought I’d say hi.” He said, backing up a little more before turning to leave.
“Bye. Sorry you can’t stay longer.” She called out, turned around halfway in her seat. She smiled at him as he turned around to wave at her before exiting the building.

“Wow guys.” Eva admonished as she settled herself back in her seat. “That was really...what’s the word I’m looking for here?”
“Rude?” Amber offered, setting the sprite down in front of Benny before walking away.
“Yeah. That was really rude.”

“Man what a stalker.” Jacob said, casually putting his arm back in its rightful place.
“I know! ‘I just saw you through the window.’ Who says that?” Benny asked. “Psycho stalkers. That’s who.”
“Or you know, people who happen to be walking down the street and who happen to see people that they happen to know through a window. Sometimes they say that.” Eva said as she pushed her plate away from her.


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Thanks Veronica!

The parents are going to come into the story during the next part. Just thought I'd let people know. *happy*
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Okay, I'm not really happy with this part, but here it is. It's as good as it's gonna get.
- - -
Part 4
- - -
“Whatever.” Jacob said, waving off her comment. “We better get going if we want to make it to Hope’s party. You should probably go change.”
“Benny, take care of my plate and stuff? Please?” She asked sweetly as she rose from the booth and started to walk toward the back room to change. “I’ll be your best friend.”
“Fine.” He answered with a shrug. He didn’t mind picking up Eva’s stuff.

“You want her.” Benny announced as he picked up his cheese burger.
“What?” Jacob asked three minutes later when the statement registered in his brain.
“You. Want. Her.” He said making sure that Jacob heard every word.
Jacob scoffed at his friend’s announcement before turning away to see where Amber was. “It’s not like that Benny.”

“Sure it is.” He said picking up his sprite. “You want her but you keep it to yourself.”
“Yeah, if I want Eva then you want Amber.” Jacob said, his finger pointed in the little gothic’s direction.
Jacob laughed as Benny almost spit his pop out. “Dude. It’s not like that.”
“Riiight.” Jacob countered as he laughed. “I believe you Benny.”
- - -
The ride out to M&M’s Bar and Grill was a silent one. Jacob was lost in thought as he drove. He’d completely dismissed what Benny had said earlier in the Crashdown, but he couldn’t shake that feeling he’d gotten when looking at Ethan. He couldn’t decide what that feeling was. Was it just a bad vibe he was picking up from his gift or was it something else entirely?

Eva sat on her side of the jeep thinking about Jacob and Benny and how mean they were to Ethan. She couldn’t get over it, it’d just been down right rude, and they were two guys who were hardly ever rude. Even if someone was being rude to them, they were still nice. ‘Kill them with kindness.’ They always said to Amber. It absolutely baffled her why they’d been so mean. ‘But I bet he secretly wants to be.’ Kept floating through her mind every so often, and she wondered if that was really it. If that had been the reason, Jacob had been so mean to Ethan. Out of jealousy, because he sensed something between them. It would explain his reaction to Ethan, she thought to herself. As well as Benny’s, because all Jacob had to do was say the word and set the tone and Benny was right there with him, agreeing with whatever he did or said. But something about that just didn’t sit well with Eva. Things just weren’t that way between the two of them. She couldn’t see why everyone else thought that they were.

“This shouldn’t even surprise me.” Eva said looking out her window at M&M’s Bar and Grill. “But for some reason it does.”
Jacob turned his head to see balloons decorating the parking lot, a pony munching on some hay, and some goats, lambs and even pigs walking around. A wide smile broke out across his face as he looked at the bar. “I bet she even got clowns.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if Hope had to invite all the kids from her class.” Eva said turning to smile at Jacob.

Pulling into the parking lot, he found a spot and turned off the ignition. As they got out of the car and started to walk up to the bar, Eva hooked her arm around his and sauntered into the building.

It was just as they thought it would be. Three clowns were running around making balloon animals and chasing the kids around. It looked like there were well over twenty kids in the place, and up to ten parents chaperoning the event.
“Jake! Eva!” Tess called from across the room as she hurried over to greet them.
“Hi mom.” Eva said as she pulled her arm away from Jacob to hug her mother. “Did you guys bring Hope’s gift for me?”
“Yeah sweetie it’s on the gift table.” Tess said as she pointed to the table with a pile of gifts. “Come here Jacob!”

“Hi Mrs. Valenti.” He said as she wrapped him up into a big hug.
“How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Tess sweetie.” She said patting his back. “I haven’t seen you all week honey. Where have you been hiding yourself?”
“Uh, work mostly.” He said, scratching the side of his head. “Gotta bring home the bucks so I can get presents for everyone.”
“Mom where’s daddy?” Eva asked, breaking in on their little conversation.
Tess pointed to the television where Kyle, Michael and Max were currently trying to watch a hockey game. “Well sweetheart, I better let you go find your grandparents. They’ve been asking for you ever since the party started.”
Looking around, he finally spotted his Grandma and Grandpa Evans, who had flown down from Boston to be with Hope on her birthday. “Well, I’m gonna go over there then.”
- - -
“I wanna ride the pony mom! I wanna ride the pony!” Megan yelled as she jumped up and down tugging on her mother’s arm. “Can I ride the pony? Because I really, really, really, REALLY wanna ride the pony!”
Maria sighed, tiredly rubbing her hand across her eyes before looking down at her excited daughter. She wondered briefly if she was as exhausting when she was a child. “Sweetie. Light of my life, can you just chill out for like a minute?”

“But mom, I want to ride the pony!” Megan yelled, standing with her hands on her hips as she stomped her foot on the ground. Her almond-shaped green eyes sparkling with anger. “I didn’t have a pony at my eighth birthday. I’ve never ridden on a pony before!”
“Don’t get that tone with me young lady.” Maria said pulling out her cedar oil and taking a big whiff. “Alright, let’s go ride the damn pony.”

“Mom, don’t say bad words. It’s bad.” Megan scolded shaking her finger at her mom. “Jacob and Eva don’t say bad words.”
“Oh they don’t huh? Well, why don’t you just go and ask one of them to take you out to ride the frickin pony?” She asked, sitting back down in her seat. She watched her daughter scamper off, thinking of how difficult she was going to be as a teenager.
- - -
“Jacob!” Megan yelled running up to where he was helping Eva teach a group of kids the Hokey-Pokey. She pulled on his arm to get him to follow her away from the group of kids.
“Down on your level munchkin?” When she nodded her blonde head, he sank down to his knees to be level with her. “What is it?”
“Will you take me out to ride the pony?” She whispered into his ear. Not wanting the other kids to overhear her and make the line longer by running out there.
“Sure.” He said rising to his feet and taking her hand before leaning down to whisper in her ear. “Let’s go before the other kids find out and want to do it too.”
He turned back to wave in Eva’s direction before spinning Megan around by her hand and swooping her up into his arms.

“I want you to ride with me Jake.” Megan said after he’d set her on the pony.
“Can I?” He asked the pony’s care-taker skeptically, thinking he’d be too heavy for the poor horse. When he got the go ahead, he held up a finger and told her to hold on for just a second, he had to get something.
- - -
“No Hope don’t!” Isabel yelled, pulling her daughter away from the pig. “Don’t touch the pigs baby.”
“But I thought you wanted me to pet the animals?” Hope asked, looking up at her mother in confusion. Wanting only to please her mother. Truth be told, she would’ve been content just having a small party in her kitchen. No clowns, no petting zoo animals, but maybe the pony out in the back yard. She didn’t really care about all the kids that were there, or about the presents they brought her. But she had put a smile on her face and faked it all, just to please her mother.

People were confused with the Whitman family. Isabel fell all over herself to please her miracle baby while Hope and Alex fell all over themselves to please Isabel. “No baby, not the pigs. The other animals but not the pigs. They’re dirty. But if you want to touch the pigs I suppose we could always wash your hands immediately afterwards.”
“Do you want me to touch them?”
“Only if you want to baby.”

As Eva walked out of the bar she could hardly contain her laughter. There riding the pony was her cousin Megan, with Jacob right behind her. He’d taken her father’s cowboy hat out of his car and perched it haphazardly on the top of his head, occasionally taking it off and whirling it around while whooping and hollering before putting it on top of Megan’s head.

The wink he sent in Eva’s direction was not lost on Liz or Tess, who had taken their children out to pet the goats.
“So how long do we have?” Tess asked leaning in Liz’s direction, nodding her head in their direction.
Smiling at her, Liz shrugged her shoulders before turning around to focus on her twins. She knew it wouldn’t be long. She’d been watching them for most of the night, just observing them together. Watching as Jacob would say something that made Eva laugh, or the way that Eva would watch him, with rapt attention, as he talked and played with the children.

She noticed the little things that everybody else saw but them. She noticed all the totally unconscious things that they did. Like, how Jake would put his arm around her, or how she would hook her arm around his, or even how she would grab his hand out of the blue and hold it for a few seconds before rushing off to help Isabel with something.

“Seriously, how long do we have?” Max asked as he came up behind her wrapping his arms around her shoulders and kissing her temple.
“Not much longer.” She said wrapping her hands around his forearm. Looking over at her son again, she knew that it definitely wouldn’t be easy for them. She wondered briefly if he was having the same dreams that she was. It saddened her to know that after his ordeal nine years ago, he’d stopped using his gifts. But she knew that he couldn’t block the dreams. She would have to talk to him about it later.

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This part is all about Amber and Benny...just to let you know. I'm starting to feel kind of stupid because this isn't really a Roswell fic...
- - -
Part 5
- - -
Tess smiled to herself as laughter filtered out from Eva’s room. They’d been there all day, watching movies, listening to music, and even painting each other’s toe nails. Occasionally they came out for something to eat or drink. Despite Amber-Lynne’s appearance, Tess really did like her. She was a good friend to Eva, and anyone that made her daughter happy made her happy.
- - -
“No way!” Amber said incredulously, pounding her hand on the bed. “He was on the horse? In your dad’s hat?”
Eva nodded her head through her fit of giggles. “Yeah. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!”
“Man! I wish I would’ve taken off work and went!” She said as she recapped the red nail polish. She looked down at her toe thoughtfully before looking up at Eva. “Do you think I should integrate red into my wardrobe?”

Eva leaned over on the bed and studied the red toe carefully. “Yeah. Red looks good on you.”
Getting up from the bed, she walked over to stand in front of Amber, running her hands through her friend’s straight black hair. “Maybe you should put some red streaks in your hair too?”
“Yeah.” Amber said, smiling at Eva. “I’ll think about it.”

Eva waddled over to her desk, careful not to mess up the polish on her toes, to retrieve her drink. After sipping it she looked at Amber thoughtfully. “Why the sudden interest in color?”
Avoiding eye contact with Eva, Amber shrugged and turned her back toward her. “I don’t know. Time for a change I guess.”
Paying close attention to her friend’s posture, she waddled back over to the bed and settled back into her spot, with a slight smile on her face. “Who is he?”

“Who’s who?” Amber-Lynne asked, snapping her head up, a surprised expression on her face.
“I knew it!” Eva yelled excitedly, jumping up and down on the bed. “There is a ‘he’! Tell me who!”
Amber shrugged again trying to feign ignorance, “I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.”
“Right.” She said, leaning forward. “So tell me who he is.”

“Amber.” She continued when she got no answer. “I know that you have a crush on someone, so just tell me already!”
“Amber-Lynne Palmer does not have crushes Eva.” She said as she began a staring contest with her friend. They played the game for ten whole minutes before Amber blinked. “Fine!” She said on a sigh. “I kind of have this...little thing for...”

“For...?!” Eva said, waving her hands back and forth.
Dropping her head into her hands and covering her face, she mumbled, “Benny.”
“Benny?!” Eva yelled, nearly jumping off her bed and feigning shock. “You don’t say?”
“Shut up.” Amber said reaching over to smack her arm. “I know it’s stupid. He doesn’t think of me that way...and our looks definitely don’t mesh well.”
“No, it’s not stupid.” Eva said earnestly. “And sure...your 5'3" to his 5'8" would look a little weird, but it’d be cute.”

“His mom hates me. She’s deeply religious, she feels my appearance makes me a devil worshiper.” Amber said gesturing to her hair, makeup and clothes. “My pale skin would look ridiculous next to his tan skin. I have these hideous bluish-green eyes and his are brown. My black hair, with my soon to be red streaks would look ridiculous next to his brown hair.”

“Wow Amber...when did you get so insecure?” Eva asked as Amber laid her head down on the bed next to Eva’s knees. “You never care what anyone thinks of you.”
“I know...but it’s different with Benny. I care what he thinks of me and even what his mom thinks of me. I was hoping...that maybe if I added the red...”
“That he’d notice you?” Eva finished, looking down at her friend and stroking her hair. Feeling her heart constrict in her chest when Amber’s eyes got teary and she nodded yes.

“Hey...I have an idea.” Eva said pulling her friend to sit up.
“What?” Amber asked, blinking rapidly.
Eva struck a pose and picked up some make up. “Make over!” She yelled in a valley girl voice.
- - -
Two hours later, Eva was in the alley beside the Crashdown trying to coax Amber-Lynne out of Tess’s car. “Come on Amber, you said you would!”

Amber shook her head no, holding onto the side of the seat for dear life. “Amber, you’re not the only one who got a make over here. We’ll go in through the back door.”

Finally, twenty minutes later, Eva managed to pry her hands loose and pulled her from the car. She cautiously opened up the back door and poked her head in, all the while never releasing her grip on Amber-Lynne’s hand. When she was sure that nobody was in there, she opened the door a little wider and stepped in, yanking on Amber’s arm to make her follow.

Just as they turned to close the door, they heard a deep, rich laughter coming from behind them. Benny and Jacob were standing in both door ways, the one leading to the kitchen and the one leading to the main dining area. Benny looked at them, with an unreadable expression on his face while Jacob stood there laughing.

“Ok Jacob, har-de-har-har. Yuck it up.” She said throwing her hands into the air.
“No Ev, you look...nice.” He’d barely managed to push the words out of his mouth before another onslaught of laughter erupted. “You is definitely your color.”

Giving him the finger, the blonde wearing Amber’s fishnets, combat boots, and make-up turned to Benny. “What do you think?”
He tore his eyes away from Amber long enough to look Eva over, before his gaze landed back on Amber again. “’s nice, but I liked you both the way you were.”

Jacob moved past them, still laughing, and into the bathroom. Leaving Amber, Eva and Benny standing in the break room. “I’m gonna go...up to the office and check out my schedule.” Eva said as she removed her hand from Amber’s arm and turned to head up the stairs, to give them a little privacy.

“So you don’t like it?” Amber said, fidgeting nervously. Her straight black hair had been left down but curled under at the ends, and she was wearing pink makeup and an old out fit that didn’t fit Eva anymore. Also, in the shade of pink.
“You look so...normal.” He finished lamely, turning back to head into the kitchen. “What was wrong with how you looked before?”
Part of her sighed with relief that he didn’t like it, because she wanted Benny to like her for her, and the look was all Eva. On the other hand part of her sighed with disappointment.

“Yeah I know.” She said, trying to shrug off her feelings as she followed him into the kitchen. “It was Eva’s idea...we just decided to trade places for a day.”
He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she hoisted herself up onto the counter. “It doesn’t look bad. It’s just not you.”
“I know.” She said, slipping a little and letting her disappointment show.

Burgers forgotten, he turned to her with the spatula in hand. “Why did you want to change?”
“I don’t know.” She said with a small shrug. “There’s this guy...and I thought it would make him notice me I guess.”
“Oh.” He said, turning around to flip the burgers and hide the strange feeling of disappointment that he suddenly felt. “Who?”

He wondered, immediately after it came out of his mouth, if it made him sound disappointed. He waited, unconsciously holding his breath in, for her answer. He hadn’t even heard her jump down off the counter, but he felt her presence right behind him. “...You.”


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- - -
Part six
- - -

“Why did you want to change?” Eva heard Benny ask as she walked past the kitchen on her way back from the office. Crossing her fingers, she hoped that Amber-Lynne would tell him the truth as she pushed through the door separating the break room from the main dining area. Paying no attention to the customers that were in the restaurant, staring at her in funny ways, she walked behind the counter to make herself a pop.

She almost dropped her glass when she heard his voice behind her. “ that you?”
“Ethan! Hi.” She said whirling around, spilling some of her pop onto the linoleum floor.
“ I mean...what happened to you?” He hesitantly asked her, amusement playing on his features as he gestured to her hair, makeup and clothes.
“Oh.” She breathed on a sigh of relief. “My friend, Amber and I decided to swap looks for the day.”

Walking around the counter, she sat down on the stool next to the one he stood behind. “Do you like it?”
“Uh...yeah.” He said, forcing a smile.
He laughed alittle before hesitantly replying, “...No...”
A small smile appeared on her black lips. “I don’t either. It looks good on Amber, but it’s definitely not me.”

He looked her over quickly. “I don’t know. I like the stockings and skirt.” He said with a sly smile. “And the makeup too. I mean, not the lipstick but that black stuff on your eyes, it really makes them jump out at you. Like, whoa! They’re...beautiful.”
“Thank you...” She said, giving him a small shy smile. “You have beautiful eyes too.”
“Oh do you really think so?” He asked in a prissy high pitched girly voice as he fluttered his eyes.

Eva tipped her head back and laughed at his antics. “Yes, I really think so.”
Leaning on the counter, he looked her square in the face. “You’ve got a nice laugh. I’d love to hear it more often.”
Tipping her head down, she smiled shyly and thanked him. Unfortunately before she could say anything else to him, Jacob was at her side. Unbeknownst to Eva and Ethan, he’d been standing just in front of the door to the back room ever since she’d laughed at Ethan’s stupid girl impression, and he was most definitely not happy with what he saw. Before he knew what he was doing, he found himself right beside her, staring at Ethan.

“Hey. Eugene right?” He asked coldly, knowing full well that his name was Ethan.
“Ethan.” Eva corrected, from her seat. Immediately after correcting Jacob on his intentional mistake, she turned her back to him to take a sip of her pop.
“Oh. Right. Ethan.” He said with a hint of mockery.
“Hi Jake.” Ethan said with a polite smile as he extended his hand.
Eva turned around on her stool then, looking from the hand being offered to the smiling face of its owner to Jacob. He looked at the hand that was offered to him, as if it didn’t interest him in the least. Stuffing his hands in the pockets of his khaki pants, he looked back up into Ethan’s face. “Jacob.” He corrected.

Taking his hand back, Ethan and Jacob seemed to sit there sizing each other up and staring each other down. Sighing, Eva turned back around away from both of them, and Ethan relented when his number was called.
“Well my food is ready, I better take it and go or it’ll be cold and my dad will be pissed.” He said backing away from Eva and Jacob. “Bye Eva, it was nice seeing you.” As he looked at Jacob, the softness that had been on his features moments before when he’d been looking at Eva had disappeared. “Later Jake.”

Paying for his order, he left the restaurant smiling to himself. He’d had the last word with Jacob Maxwell Evans and was damn proud of himself for it too.
- - -
After he disappeared, Eva turned on her stool to face straight ahead and slammed her empty cup down on the counter and pushed herself. Taking an arm in her firm grip she pulled him into the break room. “Stop it Jake.”
“Stop what?” He asked raising his empty palms and shrugging his shoulders, feigning ignorance.
“Oh don’t even play that game with me.” She said walking away from him toward the kitchen. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Amber, are you ready to go?” She called into the kitchen as she peered in seeing no one. “Amber?”

Moments later, her friends black head of hair popped up from behind the counter that stood in the center of the room. “Yeah?” She asked, her pale face flushed and breathing heavily.
“Um...are you ready to leave?” Eva asked, trying to conceal her amusement, as she finally noticed Benny’s legs poking out from the side. “Benito, you’re...uh...burning the burgers buddy.”

“Yeah, I know.” He said, his voice sounding husky. “ distracted.” He said from the floor, making no move to get up.
“Um...yeah...I’m ready to go.” Amber said, as she stood up and brushed herself off. “I’ in the...” She said pointing toward the back door. “You know. In the car.”

As Amber scurried past them, looking down at the floor they saw Benny still making no move to get up. “You ok Beno?” Jacob asked as he leaned against the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest.
“Never better man.” They heard Benny say seriously, from the floor. “I have never been better.”
“Ok...well bye Benny.” Eva said turning away from the kitchen. “I meant what I said Jacob.”

“And that was?” He asked, turning in her direction. She fixed him with an admonishing stare before shaking her head and walking to the back door. Leaving without so much as a word to him.


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AN: I don’t know how happy I am with this part. I kind of wasn’t even really focusing on it until the very end, but here it is anyways.

Part 7

The first week of Christmas vacation was passing by slowly for Jacob. He’d been seeing less and less of Benny and Amber ever since that day in the Crashdown, and even less of Eva. She was still mad at him for a reason that Jacob couldn’t quite comprehend. He was sure it had something to do with Ethan, and his attitude toward him, but what he couldn’t figure out was why Eva cared so much. His mind wouldn’t even entertain the notion that she might possibly care how Jacob treated this clown, because she had a thing for him. To Jacob, it just wasn’t possible.

He hoped, against hope, with all the hope that he had that he wasn’t the only guy in Roswell who’d been seeing less and less of her. He hoped that Ethan hadn’t been seeing more of her.

- - -

“So tell me what it’s like.” Eva said as she flung herself down on Amber’s black velvety comforter.
Amber looked up, momentarily startled by the voice. “Hmm?”

“You know. Being in love.” She explained, rolling her head to the side and looking at her friend. “It must be cool because you’ve smiled at a few customers AND be courteous to a few kids from school when they come into the Crashdown! I’ve heard you sigh more times than I can count, and never sigh. You’re just not the sighing type of girl. You’ve had this, dare I say it, dreamy look on your face for the past week. There’s this weird sparkle in your eye now days, and Amber...your cheeks even look rosy.”

Amber smiled at her friend and flopped down next to her on the bed. “Well, you know. It’s just like...and it’s...and he’s great...and Benny is just...”

The girls shared a few giggles before a peaceful silence settled over Amber’s room.

“So what about you?” Amber asked, rolling over onto her side, and propping her head up.
“What about me?” Eva countered, staring up at Amber’s white ceiling.
“Well, you currently have two guys vying for your love and affection...who’s it gonna be Ev? Our boy Jacob? Or the new comer Ethan?”

“Amber? Have you been eating paint chips or something? Nobody is vying for my love and affection.”
“God what are you blind?” Amber asked rolling onto her back and throwing her hands up. “Jacob is like...all mad with jealousy over this whole you and Ethan business. He keeps talking Benny’s ear off about how this guy is no good, and how he gets this weird vibe from him. Every time he sees Ethan he’s got this whole macho, ‘you’re on my turf, she’s mine, I’ve already lifted my leg and marked my territory so go away’ kind of thing going on. And Ethan is just like, there with his pretty eyes and being all nice with his comments about your laugh and your eyes. They did that whole stand off, staring contest thing in the Crash last week. They are definitely competing Eva, and you are the golden prize my dear.”

- - -

“So has she seen him since last week?” Jacob asked into the mouth piece.
“Not that I’m aware of.” Benny answered, in a some what distracted tone of voice. “Maybe you should try calling her or something?”

From the other end of the line, Jacob could hear skin slapping skin. “Look man, I can’t talk right now, I gotta finish getting ready. I’ll catch you later alright?”

He was about to say bye, when he heard a click and finally the dial tone. He was definitely going to have a talk with Benny later. He’d been blowing him off for Amber all week, and Jacob wasn’t liking it one bit. He was fine with Amber-Lynne/Benny thing, but not when it caused his best friend to start neglecting his best friend duties.

- - -

“Thanks a bunch you guys.” Eva said as she got out of the truck. “I really appreciate this.”
Benny smiled warmly at her from the driver’s seat. “It’s not a problem Eva. Trust me.”

She closed the door and walked slowly up the pathway that lead to the porch of the Evans house. Reaching a hand out, she turned at the waist to wave her at her friends as they backed out of the driveway. Amber hadn’t moved from her spot in the middle of the truck, and it made Eva smile as her hand made contact with the knob and she turned it.

Walking into the house she was bombarded with the smell of cookies baking. Gingerbread if she wasn’t mistaken. Nana Evans was at it again. She could already tell, without having set foot in their home in over a week, that Liz was already wanting to pull her hair out. It wasn’t that Liz didn’t like Jacob’s grandmother, but the woman was a lot to handle. Every time she came down for a visit she all but invaded their home, and over took their kitchen completely to cook up her absurd recipes. It was as if Nana Evans was cooking for an army, and with the way that Jacob, his dad, and Grandpa Evans devoured the food, she was.

“Oh Eva!” Diane said, wiping her hands on her apron. “I haven’t seen you since Hope’s party, how are you dear?”
“I’m fine Nana, how are you?” Eva asked, returning the old woman’s hug. She’d always been close to Jacob’s grandparents, both sets. They were as much her grandparents as they were his.
“I’m fine sweetheart. Are you here to see Jacob?” She asked, bringing the young woman under her right arm and leading her into the kitchen. “Because he had to run Camille into town. He should be back any minute though. Why don’t you come in here and help me decorate these gingerbread men?”

And that was just how Jacob found them fifteen minutes later when he walked in through the back door. From the living room he could hear the angry shouts of his dad and his grandpa, they were watching football while the women were in the kitchen, slaving away, as they liked to say.

Making his rounds he hugged and kissed the cheek of every woman in the room. Including his baby sister Jenna, who was sticky with frosting.

“Well, I see she’s already started on the cookie.” Jacob laughed as he looked down at his sister’s cookie. The gingerbread man had no face, no left leg, his right foot was missing and being clutched in between two chubby little fingers, and he had no arm.

“She just couldn’t wait for the frosting.” His mom said as she hugged him and pressed a kiss to her hand before reaching up and pressing her fingertips to his forehead. She was far too short to be kissing his forehead like she used to do when he was a little boy. So she would kiss her hand and then press the kiss that lingered on her fingertips to it’s desired destination, usually either his fore head or his temple, sometimes even his cheek.

“Where’s Paul?” He asked innocently, already knowing the answer. “Shouldn’t he be in on the cookie baking fun too?”
“Oh goodness no sweetie, Paul is a boy! Paul shouldn’t be doing prissy things like baking cookies darling. Paul should be watching football, a man’s sport.” Diane said, patting her grandson’s shoulder. “Or at least that’s what that old fart in the living room says.”

“What are you doing here?” He asked Eva, finally turning around to look at her.
“I just came to visit with you. I haven’t really seen you this week.” She said glancing down at her watch. “But it’s getting wanna take me home?”

- - -

She sat completely still on her side of the jeep. So still that her muscles were cramping up with the need to move. She was frozen with embarrassment. She silently cursed herself for listening to Amber. How could she have been so stupid? How could she think for the slightest moment, that Jacob was going to kiss her? And how could she be disappointed when he didn’t?

They’d talked during the ride to her house. Jacob had told her that he didn’t like Ethan and Eva had said that he was just jealous. He had said that he wasn’t, he said that he got a weird vibe from Ethan, and that Eva should stay away from him. She had told Jacob not to tell her what to do and that had been the end of that conversation. The rest of the ride was spent in silence, with the exception of the music that filtered through the speakers.

For two full minutes they sat in Eva’s driveway before he finally turned at the waist in his seat and grabbed her head with both hands and turned it toward him. She was so sure that he was going to kiss her, that her eyes had a mind of their own and closed. Her lips parted and she felt her tongue dart out to moisten them. Her breathing started to pick up as she unconsciously readied herself for what she was sure, would change their friendship forever.

But then she’d felt his finger gently swipe against her cheek, and she’d opened her eyes to see him bring that finger to his mouth and suck off the frosting. She’d wondered where it came from.

“Sorry.” He’d said to her. “That frosting was just really bothering me. How did you manage to get it on your cheek?”

She’d felt an odd sense of relief and disappointment at that very moment, as she brought her hand up to her cheek. “I-I don-...I don’t know.” She stuttered, feeling completely stupid.

He looked at her strangely, cocked his head to the side and asked her if she was ok, and she’d turned herself back to her original position and nodded stiffly. “Fine.”

And they’d sat there, exactly like that for what seemed like an hour, but was actually three minutes.
“Ok well, I’m gonna go now.” She said as she threw open the door to the jeep. “Thanks for the ride Jake.”

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