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~*Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year
The autumn days swung soft around me, like cotton on my skin
But as the embers of the summer lost their breath and disappeared
My heart went cold and only hollow rhythms resounded from within*~

September 18, 2003
Dear Journal: Well, here it is... the anniversay of the day I should have died. Only I didn't, I was saved by some miracle. But at what cost? I lost my innocence that night, and not in the sense of losing my virginity. That's a different story, but as much as I wanted to be a woman, and leave the nicely planned out life that was expected of me... the thrill of my scientific research, the thrill of helping the man who had saved my life got worse and worse. When we connected and I found out the truth about him, I was a little frightened but extremely flattered to say the least. Max, a quiet and shy man had so much within him. He was hiding so much, and I wanted to be let in to his life, to help him. To love him, the way he loved me. Now I am left with nothing, not even a glimmer of what Max used to be. I don't even know how he feels about me, he won't let me in anymore. There was a time when we trusted each other, there was a time when we were so close... so close to becoming one in every way. But now.. every time it's September and it approaches the day I should have died, I get depressed. I feel numb inside, like I can't move or talk on my own.. like I'm some robot, completely emotionless.

Max stood outside the Crashdown, staring in through the window at Liz Parker with longing eyes. He had hurt her so much, and it killed him inside. She was the last person on earth he had ever wanted to hurt, but he did. In a horrible way. He slept with the enemy. He didn't even know why he slept with her... it was like some force was pulling him to do it. He hardly remembered how it happened. He did know that it wasn't a special memory in his heart. When he was with her, it didn't even compare to the way he felt in his heart, mind, and soul, to the way he felt whenever he kissed Liz Parker. Then, making the matter even worse, he had gotten her pregnant. As much as he wanted to forget that it happened, he couldn't. The ever dutiful King had to live up to his standards, protect the Royal 4, and his son. He wished so badly that there was a way he could change it all.. go back in time to when he didn't lose hope in Liz. Then again, maybe he never really knew her. If he had, he would have known that she would never betray him and sleep with Kyle. But then again... he had done it to her in an act of confusion... loss.. not really sure of what it was.
He slowly put his hand on the glass of the window, as his eyes gazed into Liz's, tearing up at her beauty and grace. She deserved so much more than he could ever give her. How stupid he had been to expect her to come back into his arms like nothing had happened. He should have known, this was Liz Parker, she wouldn't give in so easily, she was special. He was determined to talk to her and have her listen. All summer long he had given her space, time to look within herself. It seemed like forever, but he had done it. Now he needed to clear things up. He still had questions for her... why had she lied to him about sleeping with Kyle? Maybe he would never know, but he at least owed her the truth of what happened with Tess.

That night he did something he hadn't done in a long time. Climbed up her balcony, and saw her curled up in a chair writing in her journal. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing game out. He just gazed at her beauty in awe. She was so strong, so determined as she kept her mind on the journal. Maybe she hadn't noticed him climb up here, maybe if he just crept away silently he wouldn't have to tell her.. maybe he'd hold it off a little longer..
"Max," Liz said firmly as he turned back around, "is there something you wanted?" Max turned back around to look at her, seeing that she never even looked up. She knew he was there, maybe there was hope that she still loved him.
"Liz..." He spoke silently, walking towards her and kneeling down, grabbing her hands and clasping them in his in an attempt to get her to look into his eyes. "Liz, please. I need you to listen to me. I... I want you to know.." She continued to look away from his gaze, "Liz, can I connect with you? Please" Liz's eyes shot up for a moment, her heart skipped a beat as she remembered when he first connected with her. His tenderness, his love for her shining. Liz nodded her answer. Max gently removed his hands from hers and placed them on the sides of her head, comforting finger light touches that she barely felt. She closed her eyes, and cleared her mind and then saw it..

Max feeling betrayed because Liz had slept with Kyle.
Tess attempting to comfort him.
Max feeling alone because of the fight with Michael and Isabel.
Max's confusion as he found Tess in the observatory..
Max's mind drifting from his body...

Liz opened her eyes in amazement. "Max... she controlled your mind." She looked into his eyes, with a determined crinkle in her forehead, clearly showing she was thinking... "Then you never...". Before she could get another word out Max leaned forward, dropping his fingers down, caressing her cheek and cupping her face, kissing her slowly and tentatively at first, unable to resist. Liz was in shock at first, but absorbed what was happening when she felt Max gliding his tongue along her lower lip. She slowly opened her mouth a little, and given the chance, Max let his tongue into her mouth, travelling to the farthest recesses, letting her feel all the tension he had felt when they weren't together. Liz didn't hesitate to kiss him back, massaging her tongue against his.. and then it happened.

Liz talking to a man looking like Max, only he had longer hair and was wearing leather.
The man telling Liz he had come from the future and that she had to help Max fall out of love with her because Michael and Isabel would die if they stayed together.
The Man telling her Tess was a special unit of the Royal 4.
The Future version of himself mentioning them eloping at the Elvis chappel.
Liz crying as she sat by the Future version of himself, stressing how she couldn't bear telling him she wouldn't die for him
Liz, in desperation turning to Kyle for help.
Liz and the Future him dancing...

Max slowly pulled away and looked into Liz's eyes. "You.. lied to save the world?" Liz's eyes welled up with tears and she nodded, "I'm sorry Max.." "Shhhh", Max said soothingly as he gently put his finger to her lips. "I saw how much you loved me, Liz. I saw what it took from you to have done that. You are so much stronger than I am, I could have never done that. I love you so much Liz, how can I ever show you that?" Liz smiled shyly, took his hand and kissed his palm, before looking back into his eyes, and standing up, she guiding him hand in hand towards the door to her bedroom.

~*But then he rose, brilliant as the moon in full
And sank in the burrows of my keep*~

"Max, I know you love me. I felt it too, when we kissed. I love you in every way, and I want you.. I want to feel you, every part of you, Max. I want to caress you, and kiss you, and love you in a way no other woman has."
Max was surprised by Liz's words, never had he imagined her being so straightforward. He walked towards her and kissed her slowly, trying to hold on to this moment forever. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed against him, wanting to be as close as she could... he felt her chest rubbing against his and lowered his hands to the hem of her shirt. Slowly he brought it up and over her head, and she moved out of his embrace only to let the shirt fall to the ground. Max gently trailed his faingers down the smooth skin of her back, wanting to feel her body and make sure he wasn't dreaming. He wanted this to be real. Liz sighed in pleasure as his hands trailed around her waist and skimmed over her navel, only to come up towards her bra. He cupped one breast in his hand, massaging it through the material of her bra, until finally he reached behind her and unclasped her bra. He walked a step back to regain his control, as she slowly let the bra straps slide down her shoulders and drop to the floor. Max took a deep breath before returning to her, and kissing her with hunger, his hands wandering everywhere, tangling through her long silky hair, skimming down her spine, grazing over her stomach until he finally reached her jeans. He unbuttoned them, and Liz stepped back and out of her jeans.

~*And all my armour falling down
In a pile at my feet
And my winter giving way too warm
As I'm singing him to sleep*~

This time it was Liz who approached Max, kissing him tenderly, as she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, feeling his rippling pectorals as her fingers glided down his chest, and back up to slide his shirt off his shoulders. Max dipped Liz back so he could divulge her neck, licking his way down towards her breasts. He skillfully licked one nipple while molding the other with a hand, until Liz gasped her pleasure, which only aroused him more. Liz scratched her nails down his back in an attempt to gain some sort of level, and he stood her back up, only for her to reach her arms up around his neck, teasing him as her nipples grazed his chest sending shudders of delight to course through his body. Electricity sparked as she skimmed her nails down his chest to his jeans, unzipping them and letting them, along with his boxers, all fall to the floor at once urgently grabbing his throbbing manhood which elicited a shock of pleasure through Max. He completely ravished her neck, kissing his way down and stopping at her collar bone, while his fingers hastily pulled down her panties. He cupped her between her creamy thighs, feeling wetness leaking onto him. "Liz.." He quickly picked her up and layed her on her bed, delighting in her beauty.

Her eyes glazed back in passion, her hair fanning out over the pillow, and her beautiful body glowing in the moonlight shining in through her window. He slipped two fingers inside her heat, and she bucked up against him... he revelled in her loss of control, knowing that he could pleasure her so much. "Max... I need.. please". Liz begged. Max then leaned down and kissed Liz with all the passion and hunger he could manage, showing her he wanted her as much as she wanted him. He positioned himself over her, when Liz bent her right leg up, and unknowingly grazed her thigh against his bulging manhood. That did it, Max lost his control. He began lowering himself on top of her, stopping at her entrance. "Liz..?" "Max, yes, please."

~*It goes along just as a water lilly
Gentle on the surface of his thoughts his body floats
Unweighed down by passion or intensity
Yet unaware of the depth upon which he coasts*~

He gently broke through her barrier, almost stopping at the sharp intake of breath wince took. He lowered his lips to hers and kissed her with a deep, penetrating soul-searching kiss which went beyond what they had known. As he kissed her, he set his pace. Slow and deep, moving in and out so much that the tension within their bodies rose.. "Max.. mmm.. Max, faster.." Max pulled out, only to impale himself back inside her, and she screamed in pleasure "Yes".. Liz wound her legs around Max's waist, which only set him spiralling into her deeper. She thrashed her body upwards as he went faster and faster inside of her. Then they saw it, flashes of the time he saved her.. exactly a year ago that day... flashes of their first kiss... flashes of their feelings for one another, their love finally embracing eachother and completing eachother, flashes of all their memories etched into one body, one mind, and one soul.

~*And he finds a home in me
For what misfortune sows, he knows my touch will reap*~

Liz came as Max thrust deep inside her, his hand rubbing against her nub, and as her hips bucked up against his, he came.. joining her along in their ride to paradise. Slowly they regained their regular breathing patterns, and Max collapsed on Liz, his sweat-soaked body mingling with hers. When Max realized his weight on her, her rolled onto his back and gathered her into his arms. "Liz, I love yo.." "Shhhh.". This time it was it was Liz silencing Max with a finger to his lips. "I know." She smiled, and he kissed her forehead, her eyelids,her cheek, and finally her lips.

~*And all my armour falling down
In a pile at my feet
And my winter giving way too warm
As I'm singing him to sleep.....*~

Dear Journal: September 19, 2001.
Max is back.. Max is himself. He never stopped loving me, he wasn't even in control of his own mind. I missed him so much. But being apart from him made me realize how much I loved him. I gave him my body, and he gave me his. Our first time.. I'll never forget this day. The day he saved my life, and then 2 years later, the day we became one in every way. I'm breathing again, I'm alive again, I feel like myself. Liz Parker, small-town girl with a soul-mate.

Please ignore the spelling and grammar errors. Hehe. Written fast.

~*The song is Pale September by Fiona Apple*~ A VEDY VEDY GOOD SONG!