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Title: I'm Your Angel
Rating: PG-13, there will be some NC-17
Disclaimer: I dont own Roswell,though I wish I did!!
Summary: This is a fic challenge by Faith. Basically Liz is an clutzy angel, that gets in trouble from her most recent mistake. As her punishment, she's sent to earth to perform a miracle on Max Evans, a cold hearted business tycoon.
Feedback: Please guys....This is my first fic so be gentle...

>>>>>>Part 1<<<<<<<<

No Mountians to high for You to climb,
All You have to do is have some climbing faith....oh yeah
No rivers to wide for You to make it through.
All you have to do is believe it when you prey.

"You are a complete disgrass to all angels!!!" screamed St. Patrick.
"You can't do anything right, how could you screw up a simple assignment like helping Santa's elves make toys for the children on earth!!"
"No thanks to you Liz, I have to ask your sister and Micheal to rebuild Santa's workshop, return the elves to their original height and help regrow Santa's beard to it's full length!! Patrick screached again.
"What do You have to say for yourself Liz??" he asked after he finished screaming.

Liz Parker was born an angel in training, she was the daugther of Jeff and Nancy Parker, two of heavens most admired angels. Liz's Younger sister Maria had just got her wings, where as Liz couldn't even walk right much less fly!! Maria was engaged to Micheal, heavens "worrior angel" he was brave, smart, cunning and, was one of Liz's bestfriends, since angel preschool.

"I'm sssooo Sorry Patrick, please forgive me, but the elves were all around the workshop and I tripped over one of their robes, and the toy rocking chair I was holding caugth on fire, and I dropped it and then when every1 was evacuating I accidentally zapped Santa's beard and now I'm babbling..and...and..and I'm really sorry" Liz sobbed

Patrick stoned himself against her plee for forgiveness, the truth was he liked Liz, she was a good girl, he knew she had a good heart but, this was the tenth time, this year alone, that she almost messed up christmas for the earth people. Liz was somewhat of a clutz and prior to this meeting with her, he spoke with "THE BOSS" about her test, punishment as it was called by the young angels or field assignment as the older angels called it. Liz would have to perform a christmas miracle, she would be sent to earth, to break the ice cold heart of one of earths people, only then would she be able to return to heaven. He only hoped she would pass this test and not mess it up. He would tell her tomorrow when she got a good sleep and has calmed down".

"I know your sorry child" he paused "Why don't you get some sleep we'll talk about this tommorrow.""
"Thank you" breathed Liz, her face was red from cring, she smiled a small smile before she left Patrickes office in the clouds.

"I hope she does this well, I should hope she spends the night well, for this will be her last night with her family before she leaves on assignment, I wish I had the permission to tell her this though." as he looked towards the house of Maxwell Evens, who stould by his fire place staring at the picture of his dead wife and sons.
"She has her work cut out for her, this will definately be a miricle" he thought

ok people be bruitely honest ok I really want to know if it's good..cuz if u guys think so then I'll continue..k
And then You will see the morning will come,and everyday
You'll be bright as the sun
all of your fears cast them on me,
I just want you to see

>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 2<<<<<<<<<<<<


"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!" screamed an exhausted Nicole
"We can see the crown, just alittle more......PUSH!!!!"
"AAAAHHHH!!!!!" "no more I can't do this" sobbed Nicole Evans..."AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"
"OK!!!! we've got him, now ready for round 2" "deep breaths Mrs Evans ....Okay.... Mrs PUSH!!!!"

(switch scene to hospital waiting room)

"I'm sorry Mr Evans, but your wife and twin sons didn't make it"
"She was a haemophilic, we didn't find out until it was to late"
"They were both still born"
"I've never been through this in all my years of medical practise"

"NO!!" Max Evans screamed as he woke with a start.
He was soaked in sweat and his face was wet with what seemed like tears. At this realization, he replayed his nightmare.
He could still hear her scream his name, before the doctors dragged him out of the emergency room. It was pained and tortured, it ripped at his very soul.
He used to love this time of year, until he lost his wife and children.

Max got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, he needed some hot, strong coffee. He walked down the stairs, He could still hear her laugther all through the house, smell her the air, it was as if she were mocking him.

The bell of the expensive clock chimed and he remembered........
(Christmas 5 years prior, Max and Nicole's wedding night,their on the balcony,the churchbells ring, to signify the end of midnight mass.)

Nicole: "Do you know that Everytime a bell rings an angel get's it's wings, but Everytime a whistle sounds an angel falls from heaven."
she said with a small smile
Max: " If this is true, then I will hear bells for all eternity, for you my love, is my angel sent from heaven" he smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lip
>>>>>( End flashback)<<<<<

"Damn her for leaving him", he thought, "Damn her for punishing him and crushing his world"
Max sat at his overly expensive kitchen table, with his hot cup of coffee, he looked out his kitchen window and saw a beautiful star brighten the sky. He sipped his coffee and felt his heart harden.
"Damn You Nicole for leaving me with all this pain and sorrow, it was sopposed to be eternity!!" He yeld to himself in the cold, empty kitchen. In his rage Max slammed the scorching hot cup of coffee onto the table, brakeing it into many pieces, the hot liquid seeped into the expensive table cloth and onto his now bruised hand. He welcomed it's pain, it matched his mood.

after he sobbed his life away for afew minutes he gave himself a mental lecture on men and crying, he got a hold of himself quickly, wiped the remaining tears off his face and set about dressing his wound.

Tommorrow would make it 14 days before christmas and families were coming to spend Christmas with their other relatives, this was the time where he could cash in majorly on his hotels, after all "If they don't stay, I don't get paid" as he usually told his staff.
Naturally his staff would want Christmas day off..."should he give it to them." He thought, he would figure this out tommorrow.

"As for these stupid dreams" he muttered " I'll get some sleeping pills" Max Evans smirked...."Another day, another paycheck" he thought as he walked back to his room for the rest of the night, what he didn't know was tommorrow, would be the day that would change Max Evans's life agian, this time for the better.

Thank You ssssssoooooooo!!!!! much for the feedback, thanks for u're sopport Faith I really appreiciated it
I should have some new parts up tommorrow and during the weekend, but it would probabely be really short cuz my finals r on monday and tuesday and I have to pass world anyhoo thanks agian all u people for reading


I'll be your cloud up in the sky, I'll be your shoulder when you cry,
I'll hear your voices when you call me,
I am your angel,
And when all hope is gone I'm here
No matter how far you are I'm here, it makes no difference who you are I am your angel
>>>>>>>>>>>Part 3<<<<<<<<<<

The next morning Liz stummbled into Patricks office,she had, had the worst night, first off when she told Maria and Micheal about the mess she got them into, her parents overheard, that really didn't go so well there was a huge aguement, then when she finally calmed them down and was seated for dinner her clumsy-Liz-alterego kicked in, she knocked over a table,threw red juice on Micheal's white robe, she stepped on Maria's cat,fluffy in the process of sending the entire 4 corse meal to oblivion. She could safely say that things couldn't get worst then this.

Liz finally got to Patricks office, she knocked on the door, and when she heard the yell of permission from the other side, she opened it." Hello Patrick" she said upon entering," Have You come to a conclusion about my mistake" Liz asked patiently.
"Welcome back Liz" said Patrick "I have spoken to THE BOSS and we have come to a conclusion as to what we should do about your little diasater yesterday" he stould up from his bid fluffy cloud desk and walked around it, coming face to face with her. "Why don't you sit, I think that would be best."

Liz sat on the cloud chair, but couldn't sit without some difficultly, she was nervous. "What is the answer Patrick" she asked getting very scared, this was different, he was being morbid.
"Liz THE BOSS and I have come to the conclusion that you should be sent to earth on assignment" Liz gasped and was about to protest when Patrick raised his hand, "Now Liz it's not a punishment, this is a test, something to ensure you get your wings, The BOSS thinks that it's time you got your wings, don't you."
"What do I have to do" asked Liz as she stould up, she was scared but she would love her wings she'd do anything for that honor.

"See that man?" asked Patrick as he parted the clouds, "You have to save his soul" he said. Liz looked at the man, he was very attractive, black hair, hazel eyes, tall, dark, but there was something very cold about his aura. "How will I do this" she asked tearing her eyes away from the man. " This is your choice you have to make him live, feel again, you may do this anyway you like, but you have to succeed at his of else you wouldn't get your wings, this also has to be accumplished before the 26th of this month" he said simply. "The 26th, but that's 2 earth weeks away, and I don't even know where to begin!!" Liz screamed histerically.
"Now Liz I do have a suggestion for you, mister Evans has just put out an add in the newspaper for a live in housekeeper, you may start there, I would if I was in your place that is." " When do I leave for this mission?" asked Liz. "Actually you leave now." Patrick snapped his fingers.

The clouds opened from beneth her and Liz was falling, falling,falling, until she landed with a great big OOMPH!!!! on Max's door step. "Patrick you better tell my sister and fiancce where I am so they wouldn't worry. "No problem Liz they'll find out." she heard Patricks voice in her head. She got up, and was alittle wobbably, what are these she asked herself as she stared at her feet, "There shoes." she heard Patrick again. She looked up towards the sky and rang the doorbell.
"Well here goes nothing." she muttered to herself.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>part 4<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Max sat at his kitchen table as he did every morning, he had just called his secretary and told her to cancel all his appointments today, he had put the ad out lastnight while he was up from his nightmare, it was short notice but he desided to get a housekeeper. He would need one becouse his house was beginning to get dusty agian and he wanted a hot meal when he got home from work. Max put down his cup of coffee, lastnight's dream was very real too him, it felt so real, but he just brushed it off as a part of the flu that was going around. Max sat deep in thought when he heard a knock on his door, "Ah first person to answer the ad, and the morning begins" he muttered to himself as he got up and went to the door.
Liz stould outside and wiated for her new "BOSS" to open the door,"What was takeing him so long." she asked herself as she went right up to the door and attempted to open it but it was stuck, just as she was about to shake the door open, Max swung it open and then all went black.

She was very attractive, he thought as to he stared at the attractive woman on his sofa, she got hit in the head with his oak door as he was opening it, she had long brown hair, and even with her eyes closed, he could tell that she had big dark eyes. He was kneeled beside the leather sofa in a trance, then it hit him like a ton of bricks, " You fool!!!" he yelled at himself in his head "she's here for a job not your libido" he lectured himself in his head "besides she's to small for me" he said as he snapped out of his trance. "Jeez I have to get a hobby" he scrawled too himself and he cleaned the blood stained cut on her head.

>>>>>>>>>Part 5<<<<<<<<<

The woman was beginning too stir, Max looked at the clock, it was almost 6 p.m. "A whole 8 hrs" he thought to himself "that's most of the damn day" Max thought as he looked at her.

Liz stirred she was on something soft, not a cloud, what is it???....A chair, where was she.."oooohhh!!" Liz moaned "Why does my head hurt?" she moaned again as she opened her eyes, and was promptly facing a pair of hard hazel eyes. " You got hit in the head, Your lucky I...sit down and don't move..Your lucky I didn't have to send for a doctor, I saved alot of money." he sneared...
"Could the room get any colder" Liz asked herself. "Thank You for your help, it was very kind of you" Said Liz. "I should have left you on the sidewalk, but I didn't want anyone to sue me." he scowled. "Um....I'm here for the job," said Liz evenly "although I'm sure I wouldn't get it now." she thought to herself.

"Well your the only person who answered it today." he sneard "and I hope you have a resume and recommendations, Miss...." looked at her "Parker...Elizabeth Parker and yes I do have a resume and recommendations" she looked at him steadily as she tried to sit up, "Miss Parker, well since you refuse to lie back you could follow me into the kitchen so I could look them over." Max threw over his shoulder as he walked into the kitchen. "Thanks for helping me up Mr Evans" she muttered sarcasticly as she unsteadily stould up, "Omph!!" she fell flat on her face as she realised that she was wearing shoes and wasn't quite familiar with them. "Are you going to join me anytime this year Miss Parker" she heard Max from the kitchen, he sounded smug. "Yea Mr Evans I should join you in there before December 31st." she replied sarcasticly. This is going to be impossible" she thought to herself.

"Jeez but she is very beautiful, now that he'd seen her eyes he was lost....OKAY what the hell is he thinking, beautiful was his wife, this Liz Parker is..cute, yea cute." Max debated in the kitchen, he'd never felt this confused in his life, it was easy to brush off desperate women, he'd had 4 years of practise, now this Liz walks into his house rephrase that injured in his house and turned his life upside down in 8 hours!!!!!. Max was busy arguing with himself until he realised that there was a loud noise in the livingroom, and thought with a smirk she fell off the chair. Max snapped back into reality, "I'd better get over her quick because she is not going to get this job, even if she begged" " Are you going to join me anytime this year Miss Parker??" he asked, trying to be stern, but couldn't hide his amusement at the thought of her on the floor of his livingroom, with that thought his mind took him to other things that would have her on his floor, many of which wasn't very innocent. " get your head out of the gutter Maxwell, your in love with your wife" he lectured and scowled to himslf. She was going to be trouble.

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>>>>>>>>>Part 6<<<<<<<<<<<

"It's been three days' Kyle!!!!" screamed Liz Parker to her best friend Kyle, Kyle was a fallen angel, he was now a human man and Liz was staying with him at his home "How am I sopposed to change him if I haven't seen him in three days!!!" "Calm down Parker, trust me you'll see him soon" said Kyle, just at that moment the phone rang. "Who know's maybe that's him right now so could you please let me pick up the phone. " Hello?, Mr Evans, yes she's here, Lizzie Mr Evans would like to speak with you." Kyle said grining, "see I told you that it could be him." he whispered "Shut up, you knew that he was gonna call, it's your former angel instincts, as she picked up the phone. " Hello Mr Evans, I got the job!, thanks you so much Mr Evans, I can start tommorrow if you like, a Christmas diner party? uumm yea I can have your home spick and span before you get home. Okay thanks you again, have a nice day Mr Evans." Liz said as she put down the phone." "Yes!!!!!, It' show time Kyle, Angel wings here I come!!" Liz screamed and jumped around, "she is too cute" thought Kyle then winced as he heard the tell-tale crash in the livingroom, "Liz you okay?" Yea I'll...ah... I'll buy you some new ornaments for that tree later Kyle." Liz answered, then continued her "happy dance" around Kyle's livingroom.

"What was wrong with me!!" thought Max, "I promised myself that she wouldn't get the job, and what do I do? I give her the job" Argued Max to his best friend Alex Whitman "Well Max I think that you like this chick" said Alex who then shut up when he saw Max's glare "or maybe I'm wrong" said Alex again who burst out into laughter at the look on Max's face. Nicole Whitman was Alex's baby sister, Alex was Max's bestfriend and thus how Max met Nicole, after Nicole died Alex went into meltdown and Max, being Max thought it was his fault, they both took Nicole's death hard but unlike Max, Alex was trying to move on with his life, his sister would have wanted this. Max on the other hand, never even took Nicole's clothes out of her side of the wardrobe!, or put away all her things, he was holding on to the past and it was wearing him down, Max's hotel empire was at it's peak and Max was the man of the hour, but at home, millionarie Maxwell Evans was a complete wreak, and Alex Whitman knew this even thought Max was trying to hide it.
"No, I don't like her, she's a complete nut job, Alex, seeing Alex's smirk, she sat at MY kitchen counter lecturing ME about MY use of language!!" Max scowled "It's not funny!!" "Yes it is Maxwell, the girl has, how do you say it "Balls" if she lectured the mighty Maxwell Evans!!! Alex laughed. "Anyway I gotta go Max, I'm takeing the little munchkins to pick out a Christmas tree, see ya at the dinner party tomorrow night, and I hope you don't kill the new housekeeper before I get to meet her." Alex winked as he left MAx's office.
"Yea right, I don't think she'll be alive to meet you tommorrow Alex, with all the work she has to do for tommorrow night." Max thought confidently as he picked up his morning paper, " yes the fiesty Liz Parker, will have her hands full" he laughed to himself.


>>>>>>>>>>Part 7<<<<<<<<

"Kyle look at this place!, this is not what I saw the day of the interview." Liz screamed to her friend. "I mean, there's boxes all over the place, dishes, dust, were in the world did he get all this dirt?" Liz asked in a half sob."Don't worry Lizzie we'll get this place in tip top shape before Evans get's home," Kyle said as he tried to sooth Liz down," Max did this on purpose this I know for sure" Kyle thought to himself "Liz and I will teach you Maxwell Evans, or my name ain't Kyle Velentine" he thought angrily as he gave Liz orders on what they were gonna do. "Lizzie you take the kitchen and the livingroom, and I'll take the bedrooms and outside, then we can go out and bye the biggest and best tree and ornaments and show Max a thing or two about angels." Kyle stated with purpose. "But what about food Kyle?" Liz asked wipeing her eyes dry,
"You'll have to use your angel mumbo jumbo on the tree, and then I'll help you cook." Kyle said, winking to Liz,
"I know a couple really tasty dishes, Cathrine thought me, I wish you could have met her Liz,she has the kindest heart, too bad you wouldn't since your leaveing on the 26th." Kyle said dreamily as he thought about his wife Cathrine. "Yea so am I Kyle but it's time for us to start work, it's already 8:30." stated Liz with regret, this was gonna be a long day.

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Um I'd like to thank every1 for the feedback, but I'm not so sure if I should continue this story, I've already thinking about a new story that's on my terms instead of a challenge. Anywho....Merry Christmas To Everyone!!!!!!!!!! I hope ya'll have a good one. bye *bounce**bounce**angel**angel**bounce**bounce*
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Ok, due to the feedback I've received, I may continue this story, I'll try to get it finished by the 28th if I really try, but for the next couple days I've got to help my dad do his last minute shopping, and that in itself is a whole different, anyway the faith of this story all depends on the feedback I recieve. I'd like to thank all of u who have read the story and enjoyed it...*happy*

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 8<<<<<<<<

Liz Parker was exhausted, she had scrubed Maxwell Evans' house from top to bottom, with the help of Kyle she cleaned the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom,his garden, outside, she baked, broiled, fried and steamed every type of food imaginable not to mention the Christmas tree and decorations. Liz walked slowly around the livingroom, she and Kyle had perchaced a huge Christmas tree, it was atleast 10 feet and the ornaments that adorned it were beautiful, she gazed upon the blue and silver ornaments, the crystal icicles hung on almost every branch, and the star was a lovely silver star, it was very big and very classy. As she walked to the front of the house, she gazed towards the staircase, he had a magnificant staircase, the balcany at the top led to his master bedroom and the guest quarters, his living chambers were isolated from the guest quarters, "for more privacy", she thought, but, they both led down to the now beautively decorated marble staircase. Liz smiled to herself, she and Kyle did a wonderful job, she was proud.

--------------1 hour later------

"Kyle are you done putting the finishing touches on the cake, and pastries?" asked a impatient Liz Parker, it was almost time for Maxwell to get home, he rang her up a half hour ago and told her that she was to wear a maids outfit, although she tryed to hide the fact that he wanted her to wear the ugly thing she couldn'y hide it from Kyle, she blew up, after she put down the phone, Kyle just snickered and desided to help her with the final touches on the food before he left. "Yea Liz, and I'm ready to leave now, I'm gonna have a nice bath, then I'll call Cathy before I go to bed, I'm beat." he said as he kissed Liz and her cheek and whispered "go get em tiger" as he smiled at the small smack he recived for his troubles. "Thanks Kyle, I promise I'll make it up to you." Liz said as her friend left. Just then she heard the front door open and the long pause before she heard the very male footsteps coming down the hall towards the kitchen, "This is it Parker, let the games begin." she whispered to herself before she came face to face with very beautiful hazel eyes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>part 9<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Max Evans got home at exactely ten minutes before 8, great he had ten minutes to get dressed before his guests arrived. He walked up the pathway toward the front door, fished his keyes out of his pant pocket, opened the door and promptly droped his briefcase, the house was beautiful, he stared at the staircase for a long minute, then looked around, candles were lit al around the livingroom, a fire was ablaze and the tree, he'd never seen one like it in his life, it was beautiful he had to admit, he looked through the dinning room and noticed the china was layed out with extreame care and the candles in the middle made it look very classy. Max was dumbfounded, he had never known his home could be so very magnificent, he liked it.
Then it hit him, he had guests arriving and he was going to have to get ready quick but, not before he saw the lady herself, he knew she had been pised off about the call he had given her earlyer,and he marveled at her self control,anyone else whould have told him to f*** off, he admired her for keeping her cool. Max turned towards the kitchen and saw the light luminate in there, she was there, probabely preparing the food or something, he hadn't given her a menu to follow, he let her have free rein on whatever she wanted to cook just to see if she could cook, but the sweet aroma of freshly baked pies told him everything he needed to know, she was definaltly a good cook.

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lol.thanks avengingangel.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>part 10<<<<<<<<<<<<<

"Oh dear god on heaven, she looks so beautiful", Max thought as he looked at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. There in his kitchen stood Liz Parker wearing a beautiful black form fitting dress, it hugged her in all the right places, it almost looked like a second skin.
"Why the hell are you not in uniform??" Max bellowed, "I asked you to wear your uniform, and this little act is grounds for you to be fired!!" he grunted,
"I'm sorry Mr Evans but I had no idea I was your maid, just housekepper and since when did housekepper mean the same a MAID" she said calmly this was no time argue with the man, "Now I believe your guests should be here any moment and you haven't dressed yet" she snubbed him and left the kitchen with the cream and chesse puffs. Max stood in the kitchen dumbfounded, no one spoked to him like that, "I'm impressed Ms Parker, but can you handle all my business cronies with that sophisticated mouth of yours." he asked to himself as he headed up the kitchen stairs towards his bedroom to change.

..........................10 minutes later......................

Liz stood in the livingroom, "Oh dear what have I done?" she asked herself as she set about putting together the final touches on the livingroom before the guests arrived, " but he had pissed her off, she was not gonna allow Maxwell Evans push her around, even if she was working for him" just then the doorbell rang, and here's the first guest arrived. Liz headed for the door, she opened it and there stood, a tall, lanky man, and a beautiful, blond woman.
"Hello," said the man," You must be Elizabeth Parker, Max spoke about you, I'm Alex Whitman and this is my wife Amanda" said the man. "I'm pleased to meet you Mr and Mrs Whitman, yes I am Elizabeth Parker, but you may call me Liz, wouldn't you plase come in." Liz said with a smile. "They seem very friendly" thought Liz to herself. "Ah the place looks gorgious Liz, I persume you decorated, because Max couldn't decorate a table without screwing it up." laughted Alex, "Liz I love your dress, oh and the back, it's so unique." said Amanda Whitman, "Thank you Mrs Whitman" said Liz with a small smile, "Oh no dear call me Amanda, Mrs Whitman makes me sound older than my 28 years." she laughted softly. "No probleam Amanda, come now Alex Amanda into the livingroom, Mr Evans should be down in a sec...." just then Max entered the room, he looked mouthwatering, Liz thought, then promtly shut her mouth becouse she was drooling, "what on earth is wrong with me, I'm supposed to help the man not drool over him." she screamed in her head, as she raked over him from his expensive Armani Shoes, to his black Armani dinner suit to his handsome face." Like she thought again, " he's mouth watering"
"I see you've met Liz, I hope she kept your company well" he said smugly, as he winked at her obviousely red, angry face. "This was gonna be fun" he thought to himself as he joined his friends, leaving Liz to get the door for the other guests who had arrived.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 11<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It's now 11:30 and the party was a complete success, everyone left a couple minuted ago and only Alex, Manda, Max and herself were left. Dinner went smoothly, and she stayed pretty much to herself in the kitchen, only Alex seemed to drag her into the party when he thought that she wasn't anywhere to be seen. He and Amanda were becomeing fast freinds and already she seemed to cherish them, Amanda had invited her to lunch and Alex had told her alot about his business and children. They were quite enjoyable and friendly. "Liz get over here your missing all the fun" called Alex from the livingroom. "I'll be right there Alex"
she heard a loud shreak from the livingroom and the sound of a very sexy male laughter, "Max? laughing?" she asked herself, "this I have to see",

she smiled as she entered the livingroom where she found everyone playing. "I love this game" laughted Amanda as she rested her right hand on red in the game of twister. Liz stood by the door watching Amanda, Alex and Max play the game of twister, "it seemed like fun" she thought, she didn't even see the handsome man in black leave his place in front of the fireplace. "Come on Liz it's fun" shreaked Manda as she fell flat on her face and laughed.
"She'll join you in a minute Manda, I'd just like to have a word with her." said the husky barratone voice from behind her. A toned hand found itself on her arm and turned her around to face him. "I'd like to thank you Liz for all the work that you did with the house, it's very impressive and to tell you the truth I've never had this much fun since.....well since a long time" he said softly. His eyes held hers for along moment, oblivious to his friends just a few feet away, "Hey Maxwell, you and Liz are standing under the Misteltoe." said Alex who just couldn't hold in the smile that was present on his face as well as his voice. "Doesn't that mean that you guys have to kiss?" smiled Manda, catching on to Alex's game. Max's face turned bright red as did Liz's, the look in his face was smoldering and intense as he studyed hers, "Oh dear he was gonna kiss me" she thought " I've never kissed anyone before." she screamed to herself as she stared at his soft, lips then he bent his head and.....

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Merry Christmas U all, thank u soooo much for the'll try to write it alittle longer AvengingAngel, but I have to keep u on u're toes for awhile!!!!! the next part should be posted later on today, Anyway I hope u guys have a great day!!!!

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Acadamy Award baby!!, Josh(Danny) was exellent!!!....the movie was very good. The ending sucked but it was a rather interesting film, especially if it's a history film. Well back to the subject at hand, part will be hopefully long since avenging angel made a special

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.part 12<<<<<<<<<<<<

Max bent his head, and brushed his lips, softly, against hers. His kiss was so sweet and gentle. It lasted for only a moment before they both heard Alex trip over something and the burst of giggles from Amanda. They then saw Alex flat on his face smack in the middle of the livingroom, husband and wife cracking up. Max and Liz both laughed nervously, then Max excused himself, for some fresh air. Alex and Amanda both noticed the small nod at Liz before Max left the room, and desided to leave the two alone to talk or "SOMETHING"
Alex: "Well since I've embaressed myself, I think Amanda and I will call it a night, our children are probabely missing us" he grinned and to Liz's surprise hugged her and said his goodbye, then he waited for his wife, who also gave Liz a hug and told her were to meet for lunch the next day. "Bye Liz and tell Max to call me tomorrow would ya?" asked Alex before the Whitman's left.

...................On the balcony...................

Max stood on the balcony, looking at the sky, he loved the sky at night, the stars were bright and there was a a full moon tonight, Max loved to come out here to think, thinking that was something he needed to do, he was supposed to drive Liz away not kiss her and LIKE it. Max thought back to that kiss, if Alex hadn't interrupted he would have deeped that kiss, Liz's lip's were so soft and sweet and all he wanted to do was ravish her, he stopped that thought ,and then thought about his wife, his beautiful wife with her long blond hair, and brighy grey eyes. Without even acknowlegeing it, he started to cry, heartwrenching sobs, he didn't even realise that Liz was on the balcony with him, until she wrapped her hands around his waist, he rested his head on her shoulder and cryed.
Liz sank to the floor, bringing Max down with her, her chest ached with sympathy, he sobbed, sobbed and sobbed for a full 5 minutes and all she could do was brush his hair off his forhead and lightly rock him back and forth like a baby, Max held on to her like a lifeline. When Max finally stoped crying, he held on to Liz, basking in her touch, his head nestled on her shoulder, and she gentlely smoothing his hair on his head, his eyes closed as he relaxed in her embrase, he hadn't been held like this for years and he was enjoying the feeling, even if for alittle while.
It was getting cold out and Liz desided to take him inside to warm up, she'd never seen him cry before, Max Evans was heartbroken and had been for years, she wondered what cracked his protective wall, she looked up at the stars and saw a new star shine brightly, with a sigh she began to stir letting him know to let go for awhile, she lay a soft kiss on the crown of his head and got up, signaling him to rise as well, she then took his freezeing cold hand and guilded him into the house, he followed willingly, they walked into his room silentely.
Upon entering his room Liz turned to him, his eyes were so vulnerable, sad and hurt, his hold on her hand tightend as if to say, "don't leave me" she saw the plea in his eyes and nodded, she then gently pulled his head down, she brushed her lips arcoss his head and whispered to him " go get dresses for bed, I'll try to get this room worm" she said with a small smile. He gave her a small smile in return and told her where the remote for the fireplace was.(the remote controlled fireplace, from

>>>>>>>>>>>>10 minutes later<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Liz got the fire started, and turned the bed sheets down, she was just going to tuck him in like her mother used to then leave, but then Max came into the room and sent all thought's of makeing a clean escape out the window. He looked so innocent, like a little boy. He wiped his eyes again, and she thought she saw his eyes well up again as he looked around the room, she knew that he was thinking of his wife, after all the room must still remind him of her, especially with all the pictures around it. She slowly walked up to him,held his big hand into hers an led him to his bed, he slid into it and she bought the comforter over his big form, he snuggled in contently and closed his eyes, she lightly brushed his hair off his forhead, and kissed the spot tenderly. He sighed at this and opened his eyes at the loss of her touch, she was getting off the bed, and he knew that she was leaving.
"Liz wait" he said, in a weak, resigned voice, "I know that I'm probabely acting like a baby, but I don't want to be alone, please Liz" he pleaded, "stay with me tonight, I promise I wouldn't try anything funny, I would just like to hold on to you" his eyes were bright with uncertainty "Please Liz, just one night, I promise I wouldn't ask this of you agian, and we could get back to normal tommorrow."
"Okay Mr Evans...." "Max" he interuppted "Max, I'll stay with you" she smiled nervousely. He lifted the comforter for her to snuggle in, she nervously slid in and with out a word he fixed her into a spoon fashion on the bed, they were back to chest, under the covers. He picked up on her anxiety and whispered, "Don't worry I wouldn't tell anyone you slept in my bed" he joked and she laughed softly, " I wouldn't tell anyone that the mighty Maxwell Evans cried" she whispered back. She relaxed against him.

"His breathing is even" she thought "he must be asleep," Liz thought about her predicament, she was in Max's bed, where she was from, this was a sin, and she hoped that she wouldn't be punished for this, then she thought about Max, just at the thought of him her heart beat alittle faster, she then thought about Maria, she missed her sister, she remembered Maria telling her about Micheal, and how Maria said that she got butterflies in her stomach when she thought about him. Maria was in love with Micheal. "Was she falling in love with Max?" she thought, "and if she was, would she be able to be with him." it was Liz's last thought before sleep overcame her.

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*tongue* avengeing angel, so sue me for being alittle forgetful, it's my boyfriends fault, blame*big**big* Oh and be4 I forget my new idea for a fic is up, it's on the discussion page, the name of the story is called "MISTRESS BY CONTRACT" so please go to that page to find out the plot and leave me some*bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

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>>>>>>>>>>>Part 13<<<<<<<<<<<<<< finally!!!!....*big**wink*

Max sat in his office, the hotel was packed and he was very busy, he ws on the computer when his secretary buzzed him, she told him to call Liz about Alex and Amanda's visit tonight for Christmas Eve dinner tonight, he smiled at this and let his mind drift.
It had been a week since the night of the party, Max and Liz had started a friendship, they laughed and cried together. Max had never felt this way about anyone this fast, it was somewhat frightning as well as excited, he met a woman who didn't ask much from him but gave everything she had in return, he hadn't laught in years, it felt different, the only thing that bothered him about her was that she refused to talk about herself, where she's from and such. He frowned sligthly but dismissed the idea, amybe she didn't want to talk about it, maybe it was something bad about her past. Then he had an idea as to what he should get for her for christmas, over the week he had found out all the things that she liked, what he had in mind, he knew that she would love it, it was one of the little things he knew about her.

Liz looked one last time at the table, everything was perfect. She had just got off the phone with Kyle a few minutes ago, she found that here on earth she wasn't as clumzy as she was home, she enjoyed the fact that she wasn't a complete screw up as she was home. Liz and Kyle had become even better friends than they were before, he became sorta like a big brother, she had spoken to his wife on the phone a few days ago, she seemed perfect for Kyle, sweet and kind, they had talked like they'd known eachother forever, it was great. Liz then thought about two other people that were also her friends, Amanda and Alex Whitman had become fast friends too, Amanda had taken her to lunch earlier this week.

>>>>>>Flashback to Amanda and Liz at a cafe<<<<<<<

"You love him don't you" asked Amanda after she sipped her latte.
"I like him yes, but I've never really experienced love before, so I wouldn't know how it feels." she replied truthfully.
"I think you both are idiots, I mean, he likes you but refuses to acknowledge the fact that he does, and you, your another story entirely." she said,
"How do you know that he likes me?" Liz asked in a small voice.
"I've known the man for almost ten years, believe me I know how he thinks." she smiled, amused

>>>>>>>>>>End Flashback<<<<<<<<<<<<

Hey Liz, called Mandy ans she and Alex entered the house, both with a child in hand, the twins where 1 and a half and there oldest son was almost ten, they are so cute Liz thought.
Hey Mandy, Hey Alex, she smiled as she hugged both her freinds, she laughed when the baby Amber got a hold of her hair, and tugged alittle. "Amber Whitman, you let Lizzies hair go" cooed Mandy to her duaghter, "I'm sorry Liz," she apologised.
"No probs Mandy" she said quickly as she gave a small kiss on the babies hand.
"Why don't you guys have a seat in the livingroom while I get you guys something to drink." "Hey Liz, where's Maxwell?" asked Alex as he sat his kids on the floor to play.
"Oh he called a while ago, and he should be home soon."
she said from the kitchen.

The dinner had gone great, Max had gotten home exactly 5 minutes after Alex had asked for him. The conversation was light and friendly at the table, everyone in high spirits, which was a first for Max and his friends in years. Afterwards they sat and talked and opened a few presents, before the children fell asleep. "Looks like it's bedtime for us to,"Alex said as he smoothed over some of his wifes hair, "Is it, well then I guess it's time to leave." she smiled at his tactics. He grinned and gave Max and Liz a hug, before makeing their way to the door. After telling their friends goodbye, Max and Liz set about cleaning up, Max took the kitchen and Liz had the livingroom, both seperated silently.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>10 minutes later<<<<<<<<<<<

Max emerged from the kitchen, everything was spotless and put away, now he had to go find Liz, and as expected he found her putting the final touches in the livingroom, she was a perfectionist, like him. He looked at her, she was a very beautiful woman, he thought as he felt his insides contract. "Ya know I got you something" he said suddenly, she jumped in surprise. "Oh did you," she said smiling
"Yea I did," he said picking up on her good natured teasing."
"well may I open it now?" she laughed as he sat down on the floor and gave her his best angel look.
"No" he replied, smiling as her face dropped and she gave pout.
"Why not" she pouted
"Becouse I have a story to tell you about it"
"Oh, do tell" she listen intently
"Well, when I was a boy my mother told me the story, or angels, it loved the stories she told, and since you like angels too I bought this for you, Merry Christmas Liz"
she opened the package and there nestled in paper, was a crystal angel."
"AAWW Max this is so beautiful" she smiled touching it and admireing it's craftsmanship.
"AAWW I love it thanks you." she scweeled as she perpelled herself into his arms.
She gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Taken back by the sudden boldness, he smiled,"Your welcome." he acknowleged. They were so close and she was so beautiful, he couldn't resist. He moved her hand that was on his chest around his neck, he saw her surprise and whispered, " You can stop this now if you'd like" he said. "No don't stop, I have an idea where this is taking us, but I've never......." she trailed off at the intense look in his eyes.
"May I be your first?" he asked as he softly kissed her hair. "Please" she pleaded, she'd never felt this way.
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Hey guy thanks for the feedback on this fic, it was great working on it, but, I have at least 4 more posts before this fic is over, I warn u the end may be a cliffhanger, but that's not for awhile yet, so just sit back and enjoy the part that u've been waiting for.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>Part 14<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Max's head started to spin, just one word had him spinning out of control, this slip of a woman was gonna be the death of him. He thought, as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, he liked teaching her what to do, it was a complete turn on. He smiled as she moaned her dismay as he left her side. "I'll be right back" he whispered then went to the fireplace to put some more wood in, he'd never done the whole romantic thing in years, he wanted this night to be magical. He walked back to her, she was shivering, "are you cold I can get you a blanke.........'
'ssshh I don't need a blanket, I need you, Max please kiss me again.' he was only to happy to oblige, he kissed her mouth, unable to bring himself to break intoxicating kiss, he picked her up from off the couch and placed her on the floor next to him, his hands moving to her tee shirt, he sliped his hands, under her shirt and cressed the skin there. She moaned as he broke the kiss to allow her shirt to come off, his hands moving slowly to her breasts as he cressed it to a quivering peak, he smiled as he heard her intake of breath as he dipped his head to take the peak into his mouth.
'Oh dear', she thought as he suckled on her left breast, her body writhing with the sensation, with her head thrown back she groaned as he suckled, licked and kissed the peak, it throbbed with pleasure almost painful, then he moved his head and took the other and treated it the same. He was wearing to much clothes, she thought when he lifted his head to take her mouth again in a passionate kiss that had her seeing stars, her hands following his lead, she lifted his shirt over his head and sucked on the pulse point at his neck before disposing his shirt somewhere. Her hands moving over his chest,
'teach me' she whispered when he opened his eyes to look at her. With his hands guilding hers he set about teaching her, her hands moving over his chest, arms and back in small cresses
'your doing just fine' he moaned, then groaned when she started kissing his chest as he did hers.
His groans and sighs led Liz, her body in tuned with his every breath, she followed instinct as her kisses went south. No he moaned as he felt her breath on his stomach, he flipped her on the floor he was poused over her, his hands moving to her pants, he guilded them off her shapely legs,he kissed her neck, then moved back to her breasts, she groaned, he smiled at her quiver of need. his mouth moving to her navel, he dipped his toung into her navel and smiled as she screamed her pleasure, 'MMMMaaaaxxxxx' she moaned, Max stop, please. 'Do you really want me to stop he asked, as he kissed her thighs, then laughed when she said no, he then proceaded to suck at her core, as he bought her, to her first orgasm. In the aftermath, he kissed his way back up her body and kissed her as she quieted down, he was rock hard, but she looked spent and tired, he would let her sleep.

But before u have the love scene I think I'll make u

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