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Title: Threat
Author: Donnie
Summary: Lets pretend that S2 & S3 never happened so it is the end of Destiny, and Tess is Liz and Liz is Tess. So they are switched lets also just say Nassdo never came back from working at the speacil Unit he is gone away forever. OK
Disclaimer: Roswell and it’s characters are not mine

It has been 2 months since I got to town and they have finally seen the message from there mother. They have got to believe me now accept me. But no, they don’t and Tess is brave strong, she walks down the mountain leaving us to our destiny and...of course Max follows and then Isabel, and Michael, and they leave on the ravine contemplating if I jumped off right now would they care? I think not I would be another problem they would not have to leave with.
Then I hear my voice call out. Never have I hated him but now it is so easy to.

“Fine Max Evans go and live your human life, without me! I really don’t give a shit, I hope you and Tessa have a nice white house with a white picket fine, and 2 fucking kids that make the damn honor roll! But wait see I wanted that too! Oh well What Liz wants doesn’t mean anything. Max Evans Never in my life have I not cared out a threat, and this is a threat. I will get you back!”

I swirl on to my “brother” since I am done with my “husband”

“And you! Whatever happened to I will always protect you Avarine? Huh? Well you really don’t give a shit about me now do you? Would you care if I went home and slit my fucking wrist? Would you or would it be ok since you have Tess here for a baby sister! And two brothers, oh and to top it off A chic too! Yeah I guess I am just not good enough to be apart of your defective family. You to will pay brother dear!”

Now done with the two men I thought would always love me I turn to my best friend.

“I was the only one who never blamed you. Who kept your secrets. You think you can go off and tell Maria and Tessa your secrets? No you can’t. You try so damn hard to be Human Isabel but guess what hun you’re not, and for betraying me you two will pay!”

Then I am off. Off to no were and to every were. Nassdo is gone left to go work in the Special Unit. So I am alone and cold, and dead.

I walk back to town tears half blinding my vison but I am the only hope my people have left. I am the only one that knows all my powers and what they can be used for, good and bad.

Then I find myself in front of a door that leads to a empty house, and all of a sudden I don’t want to be alone. I want the confort of my brothers arms, and my husbands kisses, but that is a meomry that is quickly being forgotten. So I walk into the dark and lonely house and let the music flow through me.

Transforming me. And now I need a change, I walk into my room and touch the walls gently, They become dark red, rage red it mirrors my aura. Then elegant golden spirals appear every so often and a spiral carves itself over my bed. My fingers grace over to my Tall for poster bed, making it darker wood. Cherry red. wood, the comforter is my next victim. It turns from whit cotton to red silk and black sheets. They pillows are red with a signal red pillow in the middle with a gold spiral in the middle. I touch the canopy that is draped along my room and it id red with a gold shimmer. Then the painting behind my bed is turned into a gold background with a red spiral. The Carpet is a soft egg shell.

Next I look into my closet turning everything to three colors.

1. Black
2. Red
3. Hot Pink.

Then my colors are transformed to have soft pink strands. That are braided, with black beds on the end. I count 26 in total. All over my head. But I missed a couple.

And now for my powers. All they know I can do is mind wrap, but that is one of my many powers. I have mastered 10 out of my 14.

1. Mind Wrap
2.Dream Walk
3. Heal
4. Blow Things Up

5.Read Minds
6.Mind Rape
7. I can touch things and make them catch fire.
8. Look into a persons heart. To see there intent.
9. Astral Project
10. Crack codes by just looking at them.

I need to master

1. Opening portals for longer then 5 minutes.
2. Contacting Antar
3. Memory recreating even though I almost have that.
4. Shooting beams from my hand like Michael

This is going to be so easy.

And for that hole summer I never came out in the light of day. Only the moon say me as I would creep to the Gypsy cavern that was here for a while. Slowly I began to pick up traits. I never brushed my hair in artificial light anymore. And my face was washed with morning dew every morning.

My powers were all mastered, and MY army was growing swiftly. My appearance has changed a bit my makeup is darker and heavier, and boobs finally grew, I am just as tall as Isobel now, and from so many night dancing to the beat of the moon I hair is dark brown almost black and the pink strands are still brained and in my hair, my eyes have changed, they are blue, bluer then Tess’ and they slant a little bit.

Then I find my self Parking my Eclipse in the school parking lot, with Kittie blaring out of my speakers. I step out of the car, and feel them looking at me. All of them. Good. I walk by I and hear everyone gasp. I don’t think they approve of my outfit. Bright pink skin tight boot leg pants that shimmer when I walk, and Ciss cross tie all the way from the bottom to the top. With a gauzy black see through shirt, that shows my Pink bra underneath. And bunches up under my Brest, and comes off the shoulder, and stops a inch above my belly bottom. My two girls are at both sides of me in a minute. Catrina in a black dress that is much like shirt only it goes all the way to the ground., and, Roxy in a short black skirt and shirt like mine.

“Eliza! There is word!” Catrina shouts.

“Word about?” I know good and well what about I just love to tease her. Roxy catches on to my antics and bust out laughing.

“Don’t act as if you don’t know!”

“I don’t word that you will be marrying Jaco.”


We have had this hole convo in front of the pod squad and I see Max and Michael Flinch. Oh this is going to be so fun, and yes I do intend to marry Jaco. We first saw each other when I was getting my cards read, by Mazara, one of my other friends, he was apart of my army General infact, many of the soldier lived with the cavern. They found their ways common. He walked over and I was whisked off my feet, into the night air, with Mazara starring after me with a knowing smile, as she held up my final card princess of cups. Meaning Love and dreams. SCORE!

I walk through the double doors as Roxy and Catrina chat about god know what, swiftly remembering. Remembering the night when Jaco became apart of my life. It was a starry night and we danced our way into the grassy part of the desert......

I need to know if I should keep going.

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I feel so unloved :( only one person liked the it? :( Veronica u gte to count as 2 ppl lol! thanks!
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YAYA I fell loved again! lol I should have a new part out tonight, like areound 11.
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Part 2

He swiftly stole a Kiss, and begged my pardon for not asking. Of course I did not give a rat’s ass btu I had to tease him, it was in my nature! So I softly chinned him for being so ungentle with me. What I did not expect was for him to steal another kiss as soon as I shut up.

I looked up into his amused eyes. Then he was next to my ear bending down whispering. “You know you liked it.”

“Well yeah!”

And the god before me laughed, and I knew I had died, and gone to hell becuz a pleasure such as this had to be a sin.

(THE SAP IN ME CAME OUT! Lol never happen again unless you want it yo! Lol)

I was brought out of lala land by my hubby, also know as dick head. Ok yeah it was Max. I spent a little over 4 days pinning over Max until I relised I did not give a monkey shit about him. Then I came to relies he was not worth it. If he wanted Tess then fine, his loss some other guys gain.

“So how are you.”

He was doing to hovering thingy the thing I hate, Yes I had grown but he still hovered. Damn tallness. Note to self wear bigger boots when around Dick Head.

“I am great Max peachy! How is Tess?” HA thought I forgot about that didn’t you! Well I didn’t

“We broke up.”

“Oh how sad for you. “ Double Ha bitch! See I could have made you happy and stood beside you btu you are a dick head, and I have Jaco. So screw you! And your pretty too! Got to stop watching Wizard of Oz.

“Liz you know you do not give a shit.” Since when did King Solomon over here learn that word? Yeah I really don’t care. He knows me so well. Sike, So now he is giving me the soulful look the one I saw him used to stare at Tess with why I sat in the corner of the booth chewing my hair.

“Yeah you are right Max I don’t give a shit, and my threat still stands you asswipe, now stay the fuck outta my way. I made my grand leave. To go to 6 period I was almost out oh here. First day of school and I had around 2 hours of homework. Damn teachers. I am a queen of another plant and I have to do homework, life is so great!

Then I see brotherly love come up toward me. Oh lord

“What is up with the look?”

“Fuck of MoFo.”

“Is that anyway to talk to your brother sis?” He gives me that grin. I hate the grin as much as I hate towering! Brother? Did he call me his sister. Oh he is going to get a sisterly welcome.

“Michael stop breathing on me! Not only does your breath stink. I hate being this close to me it makes me paranoid that I am going to catch something! Now listen you stupid ass little boy if I so much as see you look at me in a way that I don’t like you will wish that Hank was still around!”

I saw him flinch. Oh did I hit a soft spot? Well fuck him he left me to be eaten by the world and spit back out.

Toss hair, check lip gloss, and strut what ya mama gave ya! All the while leaving Michael looking at you. I have mad skill baby! I pass a girl giving me the bitch eye. You know that on I mean, You are not hot stuff so stop thinking you are. She is wrong about that though. I know I am all that and a bag of white cheddar popcorn.

“Don’t be mad cuz you can’t get no action bitch!”

Catrina and Tina have joined me and have tunned themselves into the land of Liza. Also know as my head, there for they know my little whit cheddar moment. And bust out laughing at not only my thoughts but the look on the girls face that I left standing there.

“Girl you are so bad!” Roxy smiles

“Oh and you aren’t! Hello am I not talking to the girl that caught a guy looking at her ass, and went up to him and told him you were going to deck him in the balls if he did not unglue his eyes from your perfection also know as a ass?”

“My ass is perfect!”

By this time we have made a scene between me and Catrina’s laughter, and Roxy starring at us hurt that we do not think her ass is perfect.

“Yes Roxy your ass is perfect!” Catrina puts in

“Well I know that!”

Then I hear her voice. She is doing to sweet thing! I hate the sweet thing as much as towering and grinning!

“Hello Liz, who are your friends?” Isabel says.

“Not your friends.” Roxy and Catrina say at once There are my sassy girls that I know and love!

“You did not have to be a bitch about it!”

The words are flowing before I can stop myself.

“Screw you! You are such a noise asa bitch! What are you going to ask them next what planet they come from? It is not Earth, well not for Catrina anyway. Roxy here is a gypsy , and to know hat I think of you? Ah hell I am telling you any damn way! I think you are a snobby bitch who has a tentacle shoved up her ass, and I also think that you have something green in your teeth. EW go away I can not be seen with you!”

Roxy bust out laughing looking at her like she is the biggest joke in all of Roswell witch she is, But she does not know that, and Catrina gives her, her all famous judgmental stare. We have now caused a big scene, With everyone gaping at the three chicks that dare cross Isabel Evans. Of course Isabel cowers probably going to go run off and spill how hurt her feeling are to Dick Head.

See this is what happens when You mix a alien war queen a female alien soldier and a gypsy you get trouble.

I need Fb. I am nto sure about this part! Was it to much bashing? Also I need to know if you want her to be with Max or Jaco. HINT HINT I feel better when I have FB and when I feel good I write faster.! lol
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Hey Guys! I think I figured out who she is going to be with, the next part should be out in either 3 hours or later on today. K thanks everyone that left FB!

Um Vibes does that mean um Max?

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