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Chapter 3
Max walked through the swinging doors like nothing had happened. He searched for Liz and found her sitting next to Isabel in a booth. He quickly made his was over to the group.
“Hey, are you guys ready to go yet?” Max questioned impatiently. He wanted to talk to Liz and ask her what was up. They had a connection; they could feel each other’s feelings, hear each other thoughts. When Liz had crumbled to the ground, he had felt like he was about to explode. When Liz was in pain, so was he. He wouldn’t trade a second of it, though. He knew what he and Liz had was special and he wasn’t about to let anything or ANYONE get in the way of that.
When Jake looked up he was shocked. He hadn’t expected a guy like this. He had hoped for a guy that was short, maybe a little acne, your basic nerd. But this guy was anything but a nerd. He was tall, dark hair, and he had dark, intense eyes. He was staring at Liz and when he looked at her, Jake saw his eyes visibly soften.
“Yeah, almost ready. Max, this is Jake, Lily’s brother. Jake, this is Max, my brother.” Isabel finished with a tight smile. She really wanted to get out of here and talk to Liz in private. Something was up, Liz was acting strange. She was going to get to the bottom of this, with Maria’s help of coarse.
“Nice to meet you.” Max mumbled not looking up from his study of Liz. She was looking everywhere but up at Max, and he knew something was up.
“Same to you, Lil, have a good time. It was nice to meet you all.” Jake finished hastily. This Max guy was making him uncomfortable. He really wanted to get out of there, as soon as he could. He began to move from his seat against the wall. With that, Maria and Michael got up to let Jake leave. Once they had heard the entrance bells of the reseraunt door jingle, everyone took a seat. Isabel and Alex proceeded to get up, letting Max slide in next to Liz. Isabel and Alex took Maria and Michael’s places on the other side of the booth, earning them dirty looks from each both them. Maria Took a seat next to Alex, Michael next to Max. Kyle felt a little left out a pulled up a chair. Lily didn’t have anywhere to sit, she had gotten up to see her brother off. She was about to grab a chair from a neighboring table, but people went to sit in it before she could make her move. Every other table was taken. When Kyle noticed this, he quickly got up and offered her his chair.
“Oh, I couldn’t. You had it first, and I can stand.” She replied with a smile. She was beginning to enjoy this day of events.
“No way, I have an idea, how about we share it?” He asked politely.
‘SURE!!!!!!!!!’ she thought excitedly. “I suppose so, if you’re ok with it…” She replied out loud sheepishly.
Kyle flashed her a grin and slid over for her to sit down. She hesitantly sat down next to him trying not to meet anyone’s eyes.
When she heard Isabel mention her name, she had to face the music. She began to look up and caught Maria shooting Kyle a questioning smile and she quickly turned to look at Isabel.
“Now that that drama is over with, I think we should head out. It is already noon and if we want to get to everything important before dark, we better start as soon as possible.” Isabel spoke as she looked around the table stopping at Lily who had her head down, staring at her feet. Isabel smiled warmly at this. She could tell that this new girl had made Kyle rethink his ‘never get involved’ attitude, and she didn’t even know it. The girl was pretty, and she defiantly had caught Kyle’s attention. ‘How sweet! Kyle really does deserve some happiness!” Isabel contemplation silently.
“Lily, I can join you for most of the tour, but, unfortunately, Liz, Maria and I have something really important to take care of, right girls?” Isabel questioned with a knowing glance toward her two best friends.
“Oh Yeah! I had almost forgotten!” Maria exclaimed with a wave of her hand. “I’m really sorry Lily, maybe someone else could finish showing you around. Your not busy, as you Kyle?”
“Yeah Kyle, you mentioned earlier that you had nothing to do today, maybe you could help us out and show Lily around, you know, just the basic places she’ll need to know about.” Liz finished with a weak smile.
“Yeah Kyle. We can’t join you either; Michael, Max and I were planning on going to stop by Mrs. Lanski’s house to go get her some groceries. You know after her stroke, she doesn’t feel up for travel.” Alex put in with a smile. He was just discovering the plan his little matchmaker Izzy was whipping up. ‘The least I could do is help…’ he thought with a grin.
Isabel leaned back into Alex to show her thanks and rested her head on his shoulder.
“Yeah, you’re the only one free, so what do you say Kyle?” Liz asked making her eyes look big and innocent.
Kyle sighed inwardly to himself. He was catching on to the act his friends were pulling. He knew they just wanted him to be happy, and he loved them for it.
“What the hey, I’m game if you are Lily.” He finally met her eyes. They were sparkling with thanks.
“Sure, I would love to, Lets go.” She responded with a gentle smile. On the inside she couldn’t wait to be alone with Kyle, but she tried her hardest to put up a cool front as the all headed for the door.
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