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Title: The Unexpected Changes
Author: Kat7581568 aka *Katie*
Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswell
Summary: M/L CC AU
Rating: PG

Liz smiled. She was finally leaving. She boarded the train without a second thought. She didn't really wanna second guess her self because if she did she knew she would end up back at her fathers house begging for him to forgive her.
"Train #665 for Roswell is now leaving." a voice came over a speaker.
"Roswell here I come." she whipered. She picked a seat near the back of the train. She didn't think anyone would notice her if she just sat silently by a window and watched the scenery go by. Boy was she wrong.
"Wait!! Wait!!" a blonde girl said chasing the train. Someone helped her on and she loooked for a seat. The only one open was next to Liz.
'Oh God I get stuck with the pixie' she thought as the girl made her way to the back.
"Hi I'm Maria Deluca! Whats your name?" the girl asked with a sugary sweet voice.
'Oh NO!' Liz thought.

Should I finish?

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Ignore this story! I just realized how bad that Prolouge is. Oh well......
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Sorry double post

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I might finish this now that someone has told me I should finish it though it will be a few days,
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Thank you to who ever read the Prolouge I just wanna say I will be continuing but not untill after the holiday season, cause I'm going to be outta of town meaning I'll be away from the computer for a while *sad* but as soon as I can I'll be back! *wink*
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Part One coming soon..... hopefully.

I'm writing it right now and hope to have it done by later today or tommorow. It will be longer I promise. Maybe later I willl post the first 2 paragraphs or something to give you a preview. Plus if anyone would like to help me out with this fic I could use the help since I just found out that I will be in and out of the states for the next few months. AHHHH... sorry but I hate traveling atleast on air planes. But oh well I'm gonna end this because I know it doesn't make any sense. Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes I'm typing to fast and I left my brain in a airport somewhere, to prove that theory I put my cousins gift in a box with my pen in it, was going to right his name on the little gift tag and couldn't find my till yesterday. Oh well I'm blabbering again. Bye!


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By the way I picked a title. The expected changes its after a song I think I'm gonna make Maria sing later on, not sure yet . Bye.... again!! *tongue*
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Part 1

"So like this guy I like, Micheal is so weird, I mean we've
been going out for weeks now but to him were not a real 'couple'......."
Liz let th other girl's voice fade into the back round. She kept her eyes on the cars outside stopping because of the train. Before she knew it her mind had wandered back to the last day. She had gotten home from dance just wanting to go to sleep, but her father insisted that she go do her lay up's.
"No!" she had screamed.
"Young lady don't you ever say no to me." Jeff Parker had commanded.
"Don't tell me what to do!" she had yelled.
"While you are living under this roof you will.." he had started but Liz interupted him.
"Fine I won't live under this roof anymore!" she had screamed. She stormed up to her room and grabbed a suitcase. She now understood why Rose her sister had killed herslf. She hadn't wanted to live her life like Liz had to now. That was why she had to leave, there wasn't any other way, and Liz wasn't about to kill herself. She could stay and try to wwork it out but she knew it wasn't worth it. So she pulled all of her money from the bank to get a train ticket to Roswell where her last living caring relative lived. Or atleast she hoped she still was. It had been six years since she had seen her grandmother but she could still remember the kind old lady's face and gigcantic hugs. Liz knewjust by memories that Roswell was the place to be.


When the train pulled into the station it was nearly midnight. The girl that once had talked non-stop was now fast asleep like most of the other passengers.
Careful not to wake her up she carefully climbed over the girl and got off the train with the other awake passengers. She hadn't been to Roswell in years so she she really didn't know where things were. She walked around for an hour trying to find something that was familair. Then she saw it. It was just a park but she knew it some how. She walked into the small park. She sat on a bench next to a swing set when she remembered. She remembered sitting on that same bench years ago. She had been sitting with her grandma watching Rose go high. Liz had been to scared of heights to get on. She got up fron the bench and slowly approached the swing set. She fingered the chain before sitting down to find out why Rose had liked the swings so much. She mimicked the leg pumping she had seen her sister do so long ago. Suddenly she knew why Rose had liked it. The wind flying in your face and you feet never touching the ground ,ade her feel free Liz thought. She brought the swing to a stopand went back to the bench. She layed down curled into a ball waiting for sleep to come. Right before her eyes drifted close she promised her self that tommorrow no matter what the future held, tommorrowwas going to be a better day, she just couldn't have imagined just how good.

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I will probabley post more by Thursday, I hope..... I'm working on another story so.... Well if anyone is reading Part 2 is coming in the next week check back soon. Bye!*happy*

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I'm posting more tommorrow so those intrested stya tuned. Sorry if I made you wait a few days more then I said my little sister broke her arm and its my fault so I have been waiting on her hand and foot for a day or so.
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Disclaimer: I already posted this crap so.....

Part 2:
Liz woke to someone tapping her sholder. When she saw it was police officer she became nervous. Had her father already called the police?
"Yes officer" she slowly questioned.
"Miss this is public property your going to to leave. Do you have a place to go? If not their is a homeless shelter..."
"I have a place to go." she interupted.
"Okay. Good, do you need a ride?"
"Can you take me to Claudia Parker? I'm her Grandaughter."
"Yeah sure, get in"
"No problem"
So I've been standing outside "her" restraunt for like ten minutes since the sheriff dropped me off. I'm to nervous to go in. 'What if I dreamed her sweetness up and she was some mean old hag? What if....'
"Um could you like move ? We need to get in." a tall blonde asked. Liz quickley moved and watched the blonde and a tall thin dark haired teen follow. I was about to walk away when Miss I HAVE to talk alot from the train spotted me.
"Liz! Hi again chica" she greeted.
"Meet Mikie G here." she said pointing to a tall crazy haired boy behind her.
"Micheal." he corrected. He held out jhis hand and Liz silently shook it.
"Can you tell me if Claudia Parker is in there?" Liz asked.
"Miss Parker? She's there everyday." Maria responded. Maria started to the door but Mikie... Micheal beat her
to it. He held it open.
"Coming?" he asked Liz.
"Might as well get it over with..." Liz said as she walked into the diner. It was.....cute. Strange but cute.
"Do you like? My Mom decorated it." Maria explained.
'Guess that explains it' Liz thought.
"Um could you just tell me where she is?" Liz said getting really anxious.
"Yeah sure I'll go get her." Maria said starting to wander why she wanted to talk to Miss Parker so bad. She walked around the counter into the back room.
"Ms. Parker there is a girl out there waiting to talk to you, her name is Liz."
"Liz?" Ms. Parker asked

Mean while Liz was waiting outside in the restraunt. Starting to doubt her decision she left. She had gotten across the street when she haerd her name.
"Liz? Lizzie?" Claudia Parker called. When the small girl turned around it was a face from the past. The small girl sort of waved and started back across the the street.
"Honey Bear?" Claudia questioned not beliving. But how could it not be, she looked just like Rose. The perfect blend of Jeff and Nancy.
"Granma Claudia?" Liz responded. It was to much to hope for. The small old lady looked just like she rememberes. She had soft kind green eyes, smooth peach skin with only a few wrinkles around her mouth and eyes. Her gray hair was the onlyclue of her actual age. She was exactley the woman that Liz remembered.
Claudia reached out and the girls hair out of her face. She inspected the girl. She was small like Nancy. Her was the color of Jeff's.
'Jeff' Claudia thought sadly. She continued her inspection. The girl had pale skin
'Probabley from all the hours in the gym' she thought bitterly. The girl had large doe eyes just like Rose had. She also had the nose, the nose of Nancy's family passed on.
'All in all shes lovely, in some ways plain but she was beautiful' Claudia concluded.
"Hi Grandma, I'm back." Liz said softly.
"Oh honey bear." Claudia said as she wrapped her armas around the granddaughter she hadn't seen for so long.
"Honey bear, your home."

P.S Do you like? Might be a while before I get to write again with my sister problem and grades coming out soon I might be to grounded for a long time.

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To short I know. God I hate posting. I will indent like a good little english student and it doesn't end up working. Its so frustrating.
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If you looked closely you could see Liz has already had an encounter with some other charecters such as Isabel and............?*tongue*
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abbs007 originally wrote:
So the blonde was Isabel and the tall lanky guy Alex?


I was kinda hoping you would think it was Max but yeah it was Alex it might be a day or so but I think I'm goin to post by Thursday which is when I leave the country to vist my Grandma and Grandpa (oh joy, hear my sarcasm) Sorry bout the spelling mistakes and knowing me I made them so.... till next time*wink*
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I am so sorry I haven't updated, Part 3 should come in the next week for anyone who was wandering. Kay? Bye for now.
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Guess what? I'm coming back! I plan to fionish all of the stories I have started this summer. I hope you'll keep reading and thank you for all that rea my story back in the beginning of the year and I hope you'll continue reading
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Part Three~A

Liz smiled as she buried her nose into the old women sholder. She smelled like peppermints and coffee. Just like what she remembered. Her memories were all she had of happiness and here was the one person she could remember that actually wanted her to be happy.

"Lizzie, where's Jeff did he come with you?" Claudia asked already knowing what the answer would be.

"No Grandma" she said with a small frown.

"Ok, come on in. There's a table and some pancakes with your name on them." She said with a smile


"No problem honey bear no problem at all."

They entered the restraunt again with their arms around one another. And suddenly Liz knew. She suddenly realised that for the first time in her life she was home.

I know its really short and all but Part 3B will be up later.
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Part 3b

Liz smiled. She felt insanely happy. Not only was she with a very loving person, but she was actually starting to like Maria and her endless chit chat. It was reassuring in away. Maybe that was because she just kept hugging me saying "Welcome to Roswell".

But I was mostly happy by watching Grandma. She was nice to everyone. She always smiled. Liz wanted that. She wanted to live where someone loved her. Where someone loved her for who she was not her amazing athletic abitlites.

She looked over where Micheal was sitting with the tall girl and guy. Just then another teen walked in. He was clad in a leather jacket , black shirt, and jeans. He was everyone any girl could ever dream of. He noticed she was looking at him. He kind of smiled but... didn't. Liz just looked away. It was the only thing she could do to stop herself going over there and jumping on him.

Liz looked back over at her Grandma. She smiled. She loved it here. Here with Grandma Claudia, here with chatter box Maria, she even liked Spiky haired Micheal. But she was sure she would like it even more if she knew him. *wink*
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Part 4

"Well we'll have to get you registered in school hear, but it shouldn't be a real problem. The thing that will be a problem is your papers."

"What papers?" Liz asked confused about what her grandma was saying. She didn't bring anything but clothes with her.

"Yes Liz. Your papers. I will have to file a custody claim. It's illegal for you to live here with out them." she explained watching Liz closely.

"But I won't have to go back, right? I don't think I could handel going back there." Liz said tears welling up in her eyes.

"Not if I can help it you won't. But sweetie I'm not your gaurdain and untill I am there could be some problems. Knowing Jeff he won't give up you that easy." she said but when she saw the tears she added. "Don't worry princess. I have a good lawyer friend who can help you out. Well see him first thing tomorrow." she said reassuring her.


"Alright, lets finish eating." They had closed the Crashdown about three hours ago. She had brought her to her home. It was a victorian house in a quiet neigboorhood. It was big, but Claudia's little touches made it feel cozy.

She showed Liz her room. And once again Liz was swept up in memories. She had slept on this bed with Rose. She knew it. She remembered:

Her grandmother gave her a room down the hall from Rose's. But while the house was cozy, Liz still got scared so at night she would sneak past her granma's room to Rose's and climbed in. They layed under the white canopy for hours while the balcony doors were open letting in the New Mexico night breeze.

She remembered Rose hugging her while sitting on the bed. She remembered falling off this bed then Rose kissing her "bobo" to make it better. But the best memory was the fun one. Rose had always been hard so Liz took a pillow and hit her with it. Rose woke up they started to play. Jumping up and dpwn letting the feathes fly. Their grandma had come in a laughed. She had swooped them up in her arms and gave them kisses.

Liz smiled. She knew her grandma knew she loved this room. That's why this one was hers. It held the good memories, while the room she was supposed to have stayed in at night was never used.

She walked to the bed and layed down. She burried her nose into the pillos. And picked up a smeel. It was barely there but it was present. It smelled like...... Rose's

Do you like?