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Hi, this is my first fic on this board, and my first really serious one. I hope everyone likes it, here's a bit of background on it. It takes place after departure, everything that's happened in the show has happened. Alex is dead, max slept with tess, tess is gone.Bob however is not blown up. It's been about two or three weeks since the departure, but before busted.

Title: Class Ring
Author: Not Like I love you
email: i_shall_believe⊕
Rating: not sure yet
subject: m/l and cc
descripton:takes place after departure, and m/l and their finding their way back to each other.

Part 1
Max Evans sat in his usual booth at the Crashdown, admiring Liz Parker, only now it wasn't from a far.
"Max, Max, where are you?"
"Hrmm, oh sorry."
"So anyways, what movie do you want to see?"
"um, what's playing?"
"tomb raider, and oh I want to see.. "
"I can't go,"
"oh, well maybe we could rent a movie,"
"rent a movie?"
"yeah, you could come over around 7."
"your house, 7?"
"yeah, I can move the tv and vcr into my room, so we can be alone."
"um, okay,"
Liz popped up out of her seat, and gave him a quick kiss. "well my break is over, so I have to go back to work, so be here at 7, with a movie," she kissed him again , and headed into the back of the kitchen.Max stared long after her.

"Maxwell, snap out of it."
"Huh, what Michael?"
"God Maxwell, could you be anymore pathetic?"
"excuse me"
"you've got Liz back but you're still doing the sad puppy dog thing,"
"Michael, she invited me over to watch a movie tonight, alone in her room."
"go maxwell,"
"we can't though, because is we do, it would literally be the end of the world,"
"Did you ever think that just maybe you did enough to stop that from happening?"
"I hope that every day, but I can't do that to you and isabel, I mean what if we haven't changed anything, I can't be so selfish,"
"Listen, Maximillon,you already risked everything the day you saved Liz, don't make everything we have all been through for nothing. atleast make her happy."
"michael, it's just not that simple,"
"it should be,"
"anyways what should I do about tonight?"
"I think you should do whatever Liz wants,"
"oh thanks Michael,"
"No problem Maxwell, hey there's Maria,"
"Hey Michael," Maria as she approached them.
"Hi Honey," Michael replied as he kissed her softly.
"honey?" Max asked amused, "and to think it all started in the nookie hotel."
"Hi Max, " Maria replied.
"What are we doing tonight, Michael?"
"Um, you know, the usual."
Maria snickered, "Michael,"
"you are so bad, "
"but you like it right?"
"you guys are disgusting," Max interupted.
"Yeah, well now you know what our sophmore year was like watching you and liz." Michael commented.
"yeah, so I am going to go pick a movie."
"what for?" Maria asked.
"Max and Liz have a date," Michael answered.
"it's not a date," Max replied defensively.
"maxwell, you, liz, alone in her room, on her bed, hey wait you're right that's so not a date," Michael sarcastically replied.
"I'm leaving," Max answered back. He got up and turned for the door.
"Hey Max, wait I am going with you," Maria called.
Max turned around and Michael gave him a strange look. Max just looked back in confusion.
"Bye Mikey,"
And with that Max and Maria left the Crashdown.

"Hey Michael,sorry it took me so long,can I get you anything?" liz asked.
"um, a coke, hey can we talk?", Michael asked.
"well it's kinda busy right now, but I get off at 6."
"okay I should still be here then so." and with that Liz Parker was gone.

The door of the crashdown opened and Isabel Evans walked in. All the males in the room turned and looked at her. She looked beautiful, as always. She quickly
looked around and joined Micahel.

"Hey Iz," Michael gently said. She sat there silently for a minute and ran into the bathroom. Michael knew that she was having a bad Alex day. Some days were harder than others for Isabel Evans. Some days she was fine, laughing and hanging out with friends. and somedays she didn't leave the house.
The fact that Alex was really gone had hit her, and she was devastated. It was bad enough the man she was inlove with was dead, and then to find out she was
partly responsible. That because of her, he was dead. So once again Isabel Evans sat in the ladies room of the crashdown cafe crying her eyes out.

Part 2

"Hey Michael, where did Isabel go?" Liz asked as she brought him his coke. "bathroom, I think she's having a bad,ale...a uh bad day," he replied. Liz fought the tears as them came rushing towards her.She blinked them
back quickly,"I'll go check on her,"
"Isabel, are you in there?" Liz asked concerned.
"Yeah, I'll be right out," Isabel replied.
"Do you need to talk to someone, would that make you feel a little bit better?"
"I'm fine," Isabel asked opening the door. Liz immediately noticed her red eyes, wet still from crying. She took Isabel into her arms. "Isabel, you're not okay, here come with me," liz offered her hand, and Isabel took it, following her into the back of the crashdown.
Moments later Liz was convincing Michael to cover for her, he stubbornly agreed,as liz handed him her apron and ran upstairs to her room. She handed Isabel a box of tissues, and sat down next to her on the bed. "God,look at me Liz, I'm such a mess." Liz smiled lightly as Isabel, "Isabel, you look fine, and besides after everything you've been through, you're entitled to a few
bad hairdays,"
Isabel laughed lightly, choking back her tears. "I just keep thinking there was something I could have done. That it's my fault that Alex is de.."
Isabel once again broke into tears. Liz put her arm around Isabel's shoulder, "Shush, Isabel,it's not your fault, none of this is your fault."
''Liz, you have no idea how much I want to believe that, but I can't." The two girls sat there silently on Liz's bed, crying for their lost friend.
"Isabel, you loved him, and I think we both know he loved you." Isabel let out a sob, "I keep seeing him Liz, like he's really here.And he told me what you just said. and we danced, but he wasn't really there."
"Oh my god, Isabel," Liz wrapped her arms around Isabel, into a comforting embrace.

"Wow, never thought you to for the whole lesbian thing." Kyle commented as he walked in on the two girls. Isabel and Liz looked up at him. Liz threw a pillow at him. Isabel laughed softly, wiping the tears away. Liz smiled happy to see Isabel smile. "So is there room for me too?" Kyle asked seriously. "Kyle?" liz asked.
"Yeah liz?"
"go get enlightened."
"Good one Parker, " Sean commented as he entered the room.
"Sean," Liz replied suprised to see him.
"So Isabel are you ready to go?" Kyle asked.
"Yeah," she replied.
Liz leaned in and whispered into her ear, as the boys shared amused looks,"it's not your fault Isabel,"
"thank you," she replied sincerely. Isabel drifted into her thoughts for a moment. For the first time she saw in Liz Parker what her brother had. Liz really did care, she did accept them. "Isabel?" Kyle asked. "Oh, yeah let's go," she replied. The two left leaving Sean and Liz behind.
"So Parker, wanna go bowling tonight?"
"I already have plans Sean,"
"Oh, well I am sure Maria will understand,"
"Actually I have a date... with Max,"
"the guy who broke your heart?"
"Sean, listen, it's just, well he's ,"
"Max Evans, I know blah blah blah, love of your life, blah Maria filled me in."
"Sean,you don't know him,"
"I know he keeps breaking your heart."
"trust me, it won't happen again,"
"whatever Parker, just know I won't wait forever." and with that Sean left the room. Liz sat there for a moment realizing the one major difference between Sean Deluca and Max Evans, besides the czechoslovakian thing, was that Max had been willing to wait forever.

Part 3
"Maria, it's Michael, he does not do chickflicks,"
"Max, it's Liz, she does do chick flicks," Maria replied.
Finally an older women who had been listening cut in, "Um let me help,switch movies, and pick a horror," she suggested.
"Why," they asked.
"Well you're boyfriend likes 'Braveheart', but you probably won't. So pick a horror, he'll chose it, because he'll think you'll be scared and he'll get to hold you."
"Um where's the horror section?" Max asked.

As the two were driving back to the crashdown Max began to speak,"I really hope she picks the horror, I can't watch Ben Affleck be mushy,"
"Watch Gwyneth," Maria replied.
"She's to thin, not my type."
"You so get brownie points for that Max, you are so the smartest man alive,"
"nevermind Max, you aren't quite as smart as I thought,"
Max chuckled, thankful for having Maria in his life, thankful for her being in Michael's life.

"Okay Kyle, first touch the coke, and in your mind imagine it being a sprite. see the particles changing in your mind.Vision the change."
"Isabel, this isn't working," kyle replied frustrated.
"Kyle, for being buddhist, you are so not patient, try again,"

"Michael, thanks so much for covering for me," Liz thanked him."No problem, is Isabel okay?" his voice full of concern.
"She will be,"
"so what did you want to talk about?"
"Max?" Liz asked suprised.
"he's afraid to get close to you,"
"We already are close again,"
"I mean physically," Michael said seriously.
Immediately Liz's face blushed, "Liz, he's afraid it will be the end of the world,"
"God Michael, he keeps telling me that he just doesn't want to rush into things,"
"Well that's true, but he's also afraid that me and Iz will die, if you two are together, and that he won't make you happy,"
"he can be so.." Liz paused searching for the right words,
"selfless?" Michael offered.
"Listen Liz, Iz and I want him to risk being with you, You both deserve to be happy,"
"Thanks Michael," Liz reached out her hand, as a final peace offering,but instead she was met by Michael's protective embrace.
"Liz," Michael whispered.
"Yeah Michael?"
"thanks for giving me another reason to envy Max Evans,"
Liz smiled up at him, thinking back to the day when he returned her journal to her. "Michael, you don't have to envy Max anymore, you have Maria,"
"I know."

"Hi Mrs. Parker, do you know where Liz is?"
"She was in her room Max,"
Max Evans walked back through the crashdown, and outside to the alleyway.He climbed up her ladder to her balcony. He climbed through her window as Liz stepped out of her bathroom. She was singing,"it's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog, but when I come home to you I know the things that you do will make me feel alright...Max!" Liz yelled as she noticed him watching her,her towel dropping to the floor.Max stood there frozen, admiring Liz Parker's beautiful glistening wet naked body. Liz stood there in complete shock for atleast a minute before she picked up her towel and
backed back into the bathroom. A few minutes later she returned, clothed this time, her face still flushed. She found Max still standing there, but the movies had been strategically placed infront of his arousal.

"Hi Max," was all she could get out. And he only smiled back shyly,but it was one of those goofy grins she loved so much. "What movies did you get?" she managed to ask. "Oh the usual, a chickflick, 'Bounce', and 'an alien
ate my baby'." he answered.
"cute, hopefully we'll have an alien blast."
"so do you want to keep those movies, or should we watch one?"
"um, yeah sorry, which one?"
"the classic horror, is it really 'An Alien Ate My Baby'?"
"okay so I lied, it's really 'Halloween' "
"nice, a true horror classic."
"Maria said you'd like it," Max commented.
Liz laughed gently, "Maria has wonderful taste, speaking of taste,"Liz slowly walked towards Max. He gulped as she stood directly infront of him.
"Would you like something to eat or drink?" She finished, takingthe movies. Max let out a big breath of air he had been holding in. "Yeah that would be good,"
"anything in particular, the kitchen is still open."
"some fries, and a drink."
Liz put the movie in and said,"I'll be back in a few minutes, make yourself comfortable." and with that Liz left the room happily. Max sat down on the end of her bed, looking around the room trying to get comfortable. But he was nervous. He walked into her bathroom to find her things thrown around the little room. Her bra laying on the sink, her bath oils on the counter. He looked
at himself in the mirror *I'm beyond pathetic* he thought to himself, before splashing water on himself. And returned to Liz's room.
"Hey girl, how's it going up there?"
"he saw me naked Maria," Liz replied.
"Oh my God! Isn't that part of having sex," she replied sarcasticly.
"Maria, we didn't make love.I was coming from the bathroom after my shower,and he startled me and I dropped my towel."
"Yet another reason to envy Max Evans," Michael commented as he walked up from behind them.
"Michael," Maria replied before hitting him on the arm.
"Maria, relax, it's an inside joke," Liz said.
"great, now you two have an inside joke,"
"Maria! Relax, I'm not trying to seduce Michael, I'm interested in another space boy."
"Oh right sorry,"
"Liz my advice," Michael offered.
"you, Michael Guerin, the former world's worst boyfriend, have advice for Liz Parker, on how to seduce Max Evans?" Maria commented.
"Maria, breathe," he replied
"yeah right sorry,"
"anyways, Liz bfsms" Michael said.
"bfsms?" the girls asked
"Let me explain, Max saw you naked. He goings to be well thinking of your shimmering wet naked..."
"michael," maria said annoyed.
"anyways he'll have sex on the brain"
"bfsms, what's that?" Liz asked
"bare flesh scary movie snuggle,"
"I don't understand Michael," Liz replied
"Okay, go upstairs and sorta distance yourself from him.Tell him you are going to put something more comfy one. Wear very little, like a tank top, and shorts. Then sit away from him, and he'll no doubt admire you from afar,Then when a scary part comes on, jump into his arms and he'll hold you,"
"that might work," maria added
"of course it will maria, max and I made it up,"
"Okay, I'll try it," liz said as he got her food and went back upstairs."Max, here's your cherrycoke and other goodies.I'm just going to change into something a little more comfortable"
"thanks, okay," he replied.
Liz grabbed something out of her dresser and went into the bathroom.Max picked up his food, and sat as the head of the bed, leaning against the headboard. A
few minutes later Liz reappeared wearing a white sheer tanktop and khaki cut-offs. Max looked up, his gaze drifting from her beautiful eyes down to her perky
little breasts as she walked over to the bed, and lightly bounced on to it. Her breasts following her movement. Max grabbed a pillow and placed it on his lap. Liz smiled over at him, as the movie started. *I think the plan is working* she thought. She smiled to herself. *God does she know what she does to me?* max thought. Max ever so slightly tried to position himself to ease the tension building in his pants, but moving only caused him to grow harder.
Liz layed on her stomach, she ate her french fries and drank her coke. Max sat silently for a minute, watching the movie.
*I never really noticed before but liz has really nice legs* max thought.
"Max, this isn't scary," Liz said as she looked back at Max.
"Hrmm, yeah," he replied
Suddenly Liz screamed loudly and leaped into Max's strong arms, burying her face safely in his chest.
"You're right, this isn't scary," Max said seriously, grinning down at her.She hit him softly on the arm.
"Ouch, " Max replied hurt. She smiled up at him
"Liz, you are ticklish right?" max asked
"why?" she questioned.
"Well I wouldn't want to waste my time if you weren't,"
"what?" Liz looked at him confused for a moment, but her eyes grew wide and her head fell back with laughter the moment his fingers reached her stomach.
"Max, stop it , please,"
Max was now on top of Liz straddling her, still tickling her."Give me one good reason to," he replied.
She was breathing hard, and between giggles she managed to reply, "because I know your weak stop Max Evans,"
"Who told you?" he replied seriously. Liz immediately reached around and tickled the back of his knee. He started laughing and when he could take no more he collapsed beside her. They both lay next to one another laughing, and still breathing loudly. Max had pulled him self up so his upper body was propped on a pillow. Liz turned on her side too, so she was facing him."Truce?" she offered her hand.He took and it replied, "For
now," They smiled at each other. *Max can be so fun sometimes* Liz thought to herself.
"Do you you think you can take the rest of the movie, or is it to scary?" Max asked.
"I think I can handle it," she replied.
"are you sure, or do you want me to hold your hand?" he asked half kidding.
"I'm sure, but you can hold my hand anyways," she replied shyly.
*good move evans, now not only do you have to look at liz's beautiful body,
you get to touch it,* max thought sarcasticly.
"okay," he replied.
Liz moved over close to Max, resting against him. He put one arm around her. She had no choice but to rest her hand on his abs. He placed his other hand on top of hers.
"Comfy?" he asked.
"very," she replied.
*This is perfection at it's best. I feel to safe and at home in his arm's, this is where I belong* Liz thought.
*This feels so perfect* Max thought
*This feels so right, how could it lead to the end of the world,* they both thought.

Part 4

"Oh Maria, it was perfect,"
"So you and Max finally, wow."
"No, no, no, we didn't. We just laughed and snuggled and it was nice,"
"You snuggled," Maria snorted, as Liz shot her a glance.
"Sorry, but after all these months, you and Max are back together, no Tess,alone in your room, and you snuggle?"
"Maria, it was sweet,"
"Okay, it was, but after Michael and I, things are so great. I mean it was incredible. He finally opened up to me."
"Yeah, he stayed for you!" Liz exclaimed.
"I know, I know. How great is he."
Liz suddenly became quiet,
"Liz, oh I'm sorry babe,"
"Don't be Maria, I'm really happy for you. I just don't understand. I mean Max is supposed to be my soulmate, how could he leave me?"
"Liz, Max very rarely put himself first. The one major time he did, it caused the world to end. I think we both know he never wanted to leave you."

"So, Isabel are you free tonight?"
"Kyle, I'm not going out with you."
"Okay, anyways I only wanted to work on my powers some more,"
"Oh, um sure, 6:00 okay?"
"how about my place?"
"okay Kyle," and Isabel hung up the phone.

"God Max, you need to make up your damn mind!"
"I know, I know. But Michael, she pulled a BFSMS,"
"and you fell for it, God Maxwell,"
"I know,"
"You have to admit she's persistant,"
"I know, it's so cute,"
"Maxwell!" Michael yelled passing the basketball to him.
"What's going on in that head of yours?"
"excuse me?"
"one second you're all. Liz is bad, then she's cute."
"I know, I'm just confused,"
"Yeah you must be.I just beat you 37 to 3."

"So what happened between you and Michael?"
"well I pulled the little trick he suggested"
"Yeah, only it didn't stand for snuggle."
"what's it like?"
"great, it's just so.."
"yeah, and talk about Michael being blessed!"
"Maria," Liz blushed.
"Well he is. Hey do you think Max will be?" Maria asked.
"Maria," Liz grew redder.
"I know, sorry. But you will find out one day."
"I can only hope."
"Well well well, speaking of the little devils, or should I say big," maria said. The two girls broke into giggles as Max and Michael entered the crashdown. "I wonder what they are giggling about." Michael commented.

Michael walked over and kissed Maria. "eww, you're all sweaty," she said.
"I was playing basketball with Max," he answered.
"You better shower before our date tonight," she ordered.
"Maybe that should be our date." Michael smirked.

"Hi Max," Liz said
"Hi," he replied.
"Do you want to do something tonight?"
"Um, well Michael and I have plans,"
"Oh, well I thought he had a date with Maria,"
"Oh yeah, Maria. Max and I made plans,I hope that's okay." michael added.
"Michael, is there something I should know?" Maria asked?
"Um," michael murmered.
"Okay, first you hit on Liz.." maria started
"You hit on Liz?" Max interupted.
They all smiled at his confusion.
maria continued," and then you've made 'plans' with Max,"
"Maria, I'll explain later" Michael replied.
"You better," she said with warning. Michael and Maria went into the kitchen. Max sat down at the bar.
"So, Max, can I get you anything?" Liz asked
*She looks so cute in her uniform* he thought.
"Um, I'll have an Alien Blast,"
"Me too,"
"Excuse me?"
*this sounds really familiar* they both thought.
"Here you go, so what are you and michael doing tonight?" liz asked.
"Another braveheart bodycount,"
"It's tradition,"
"Yeah," liz smiled.
"Have you ever scene it?" max asked.
"well it's not exactly my type of movie,"
"well you should see it,"
"Yeah, maybe we could have a braveheart body count," she replied. Before max could reply, Michael and Maria returned and disrupted the conversation.

"What's next?" Kyle asked.
"Okay, now focus on the ketchup,"
Kyle chuckled, "Sorry, it's just, I'm focusing on ketchup,"
"Kyle, I'm so gong to leave, you can't focus on anything, I've been here for over an hour!" Isabel replied with frustration.
"Hey, just calm down."
You are the royal four. You are created from the genetic materials of your alien predecessors and human subjects...
"Oh my god," Isabel cried.
"Isabel, what is it?"
"I have to go, I can't be here," she replied.
Kyle reached out his hand to grab her.
you ruined my life
Isabel fell to the floor and broke into tears, "Alex, oh my god, I'm so sorry, it's all my fault, I'm so sorry."
Part 5

"So Maria, what should we do tonight?" Liz asked.
"We are going to Michaels," maria answered
"because Michael had the brilliant idea of throwing you and Max together."
"because we are both determined to ger you guys together, you deserve to be happy."
"It's pretty bad, when you need help seducing a 17 year old boy."
"We aren't helping you, we're presenting more opportunities,"
"well thanks Maria,"

Max opened the door to Michael's apartment. "Liz? What are you doing here?"
"um, well"
"where's Michael?" Max asked.
Liz motioned towards the bedroom.
"What's he doing in there?" Then suddenly realizing the answer, "nevermind,"
"Yeah, so we are at 69 so far,"
"excuse me?" Max said clearing his throat.
"The body count,"
"Oh right,"
"It's a pretty good movie,"
"yeah,um I'm gonna gom do you need a ride?"

"Max, do you want to come inside?"
"Well, I should be going,"
"Okay," liz sighed disappointedly.Liz got out of the jeep, and went inside the crashdown. Max sat there for a moment. He looked down to where she had been siting. He saw something shimmer. Liz's earring. *I should probably fo give this to her, No it can wait until tomorrow* Max goes home.

Max lie awake in his bed, thinking about Liz, which was an uncommon event. He couldn't help thinking about that night in Liz's room, everything had been so perfect. Holding Liz in his arms had felt so right, he couldn't understand how that could be so wrong. Suddenly he heard a loud noise outside of his window he got up and opened the window to see an older version of Liz looking at him.

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Part 6

Future Liz,"Max, I came back because I love you. You need to know the truth."
Max,"I don't understand,"
Future Liz," On the day we graduated, you gave me your class ring, and you kissed me. But it was too late, we could never go back. You were always afraid that if we did, the world would end. "
"what happened, did it?"
"you broke my heart for the last time, about a week from now, I tried to seduce you,"
"seduce me?" he chuckled.
"I though it would bring us closer and keep us together forever. But instead,it threw us apart. We almost did, make love I mean. I was lying there, waiting for you to make love to make the next move, so inlove with you, " she looked away.
"are you still?" he asked curiously.
She looked back at him sadly,"secretly, more so everyday."
"because when you healed me, and I asked you why, you simply said 'it was you', as if it were the most natural thing in the world to say."
Max thought back to that day.
"Anyways, I was lying there, so voluneerable, completelt naked, holding nothing back from you. And you merely stood up, and put your clothes back on and told me calmly that it was over, that we could never ever be together. I told you that you weren't being funny, that I loved you, and you looked at me for a long moment, and then you left. You crawled out of my window, and down my ladder for the last time. After that, you avoided me all summer. I never saw you. At school you ignored me completely. For the next two years, we rarely spoke. Meanwhile Kyle was there to comfort me. I think secretly I chose him because he knew our secret, and he would make a good man, something you once told me, well another version of you. I was so angry at you that I slept with Kyle very soon after you broke my heart. I think at that time I regretted using kyle more than betraying you. But when you gave me your ring, I felt all the guilt, and hurt I'd been supressing since I slept with him. For not waiting for you forever,"
"You slept with kyle?"
"Ironic, isn't it?"
"What happened next?"
"We all went our seperate ways. Michael and Maria moved in together, they wanted to start a family, they wanted kids."
Max could imagine little crosses of them running around.
"and Isabel?"
"She left Roswell. She moved to New York and attended New York University. She studied and became a grief conselor, oddly enough she never got over Alex."
"what happened to me,"
"Ava," she whispered sadly.
"Ava?" he asked.
"She came back, and for one reason or another, you married her two years after high school. It wasn't a good marriage, and that was common knowledge. You were planning on leaving her, but it ended up she was pregnant , so you stayed."
"I had children," he commented.
"No Max, you never got to see that day,"
"Well after you married her, you started having problems. Your enemies were to great and to many. And even after Isabel came to help, it still didn't help. Your powers weren't strong enough. The only one of you who's power ever came near it's potential was Michael."
"Michael?" Max asked disbelievingly.
"What you guys didn't know was that inorder for your powers to develope completely you needed your soulmate."
"you," he whispered
She nodded.
"how do you know this?" he asked.
"The seven years from now until the end of the world, I never stopped trying to learn things that would help you. And then one day near the end. Your mother appeared to me in a vision. She apologized for your behavior, and asked me to forgive you. To go back to this night, and fix things. She told me everything I need to know,"
"So, the world ended becaise I pushed you away?"
"How do I stop this from happening?"
"Don't push me away Max,"
"And if I make love to you, what will happen to you?"
"I suppose I'll disappear like you did,"

Max was looking Future Liz over, she looked so tired, and sad.
"So, you want me to help you?" Max commented.
"No, I came to help you," Future Liz replied.
"I'm not here so we'll be together, I'm here because I know that I, or she won't be able to watch Maria die, and Michael, I won't let their children go through that again,"
"What's the first step?" Max asked.
"you have to let yourself change,"
"change how?"
"I did, now you have to, you'll figure it out," she turned to crawl out of the window.
"where are you going?" he asked.
"There's a few things I want to see. I'll be back."

Part 7

Future Max," Ava! You are not going after her!"
"Yes I am Max, She's not going to mess this up for me. I've worked to hard!"
"I won't let you stop her,"
"Dammit Max! Get out my way or I'll..."
"What, you'll kill me?"
"If I have too,"
"I can't believe I ever loved you,"
"Well, you're certainly not bright in that category. Falling for me 3 times, can't get it through your head that your beloved queen is the traitor. But then again you always were a sucker for a pretty face,"
"I bet it's hard knowing you were never my first choice," Max said calmly.
"Go to hell Max!"
"I'd rather go to hell than spend another lifetime with you,"
Ava smacked him hard across the face.

Part 8
"Sorry about last night, Michael just looked so cute,"
"It's okay Maria,"Liz replied.
"Yeah, so what happened between you and Max last night?"
"He took me home,"
"home?" Maria asked?
"Yeah, home, but there was some obvious sexual tension. I even left my earring in the jeep in the off chance he would find it and decide to bring it in."
"sexual tension, good start, speaking of Max,"
"Hi Liz, Maria,"Max said as he walked towards them.
"Hi Max," the both answered.
"Here's your earring Liz, it fell off in the jeep,"
The girls snickered, sharing a knowing look. "Oh thanks Max," Liz said.
"No problem, are you busy tonight?"
Liz's mouth dropped open. "I thought maybe we could go for Chinese," he continued.
"Um, sure, yes. I'm free," Liz replied.
"I'll pick you up at eight,"
"See you later," he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He walked off and left the Crashdown. "Bye Max" the girls called after.

"Oh my God, Liz!"
"Yeah, um , what just happened?"
"I think Max had a change of heart,"
"I think so," liz replied still in suprise.

Part 9

“Hey Michael,”
“Hey Maxwell,”
“What’s up?”
“Not to much, hey sorry about last night, Maria just showed up with Liz and uh Maria was looking..”
“Hey, don’t worry about it,”
“You wanna hang out tonight?”
“Can’t, I have plans,”
“plans?” Michael asked curiously.
“A date, with Liz,” Max replied.
“So you finally gave in,” Michael replied smugly.
“Actually, I asked her out,”
“Oh, why the sudden change?”
“Well you remember the Future Max story? Well last night Future Liz paid me a visit.”
“No ⊕#%$,”
“Yes ⊕#%$, she said if I kept pushing Liz away,” Max started.

“Hi Jim,”
“Amy, Hello, how are you?”
“I’m fine Jim,”
“Good, “
“Do you want to some over for some pie tonight?”
“pie sounds good, Amy.”
“around 6:30,”
“I’ll be there,”
“Bye Jim,”

Isabel Evans sat infront of her mirror. The girl starring back at her was definitely not the Isabel Evans that struck lust in the male population of Roswell. And Envy in the females. No the person starring back at her was a frightened and confused woman. Her gaze shifted to a pile of college pamphlets. She picked them up and read over the titles, UCLA, Harvard, University of Arizona, Miami, NYU, *I’ll have to apply to that one. Las Cruces. * Las Cruces, that’s where Alex decoded the book* and once again the tears began to flow. She crawled back into bed, and cried his name, sobbing uncontrollably.

Part 10

“Liz! Are you up there?” Max climbed up the ladder, and onto her balcony. Liz was standing infront of her mirror. She was looking at her reflection. She stood in her jean skirt, that came to right above her knee, and a bra. Holding up a red sweater, and black sweater. He climbed in , “The red one,” he suggested. Liz jumped, caught off guard, “What Max?” “I like the red one,” “Okay,” she threw the black sweater on the floor, and went to put on the red one, but Max quickly put his hands around her waist, pulling her towards him, kissing her. He threw her sweater on the floor, and ran his hands down her back. They kissed passionately as Max made their way to the wall. He pushed her up against it. Kissing her neck, “Max,” Liz moaned. They stumbled to the bed, and Liz fell on top of him. She quickly started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing him hungrily. They hadn’t touched like this in so long. They were starved for each others flesh.

“Liz! Maria is on the phone,” Her father’s voice called, before he knocked on the door. Liz was knocked back to reality and replied. “Just a minute Dad!” She threw Max into the bathroom, and wrapped herself up in her robe. She opened the door, and stuck her hand out. He handed her the phone, and left.

“Maria?” Liz asked.
“Hi Liz,”
“Hey, Maria, is this important, cause I’m kinda in the middle of something.”
“middle of something?”
“Oh my god, I am so sorry, you and Max are doing the alien tango,”
“No, no , well not yet.”
“I have to go, bye Liz,”
Liz hung up the phone, and Max entered the room.
“Hi,” he whispered.
“Hi, um, we should probably go, before..”
“This goes any further..” he replied
“Yeah, So Max what just happened here. Why the change of heart?”
He stepped closer, taking her by the hand, forming the connection.

“Oh my God Max!”
“I didn’t want to keep it from you. I don’t want anymore secrets between us,”
“us,” Liz whispered happily.
Max stared down at her.
“I should probably change, huh Max?”
“Liz, wait, one thing I never wanted to do was leave you high and dry.”
“Max, the word dry doesn’t exactly sum up the situation.”
He smiled at her and took her in his arms. They kissed and his hands ran down her sides. Unzipping her skirt, it fell to the floor. Liz gasped, and then Max stood back admiring her. She was wearing a matching white bra and panties. He sat her down on the bed, and she lied back. Max sat down next to where she was lying, waiting for a signal. His finger began flirting with the line of her panties. “Max, touch me already,” she whispered as she took his hand and lead it inside of her underwear. Max popped himself upon one elbow, kissing her neck, and his other hand was receiving a guided tour of Liz’s tropics.
She arched up against their hands, and they moaned together, as his hand came into contact with her warm wetness. She took his finger and glided it inside herself. She took her finger and brought it to her mouth, licking the sweetness off. Max grew extremely hard at this sight. And his finger began to move in and out of her at a slowly growing pace. “Max, faster,” he obliged and began to move his finger in and out of her faster until she came again all over his hand. He removed his finger, and brought it to his lips. Licking her wetness of his covered hand. She leaned over and kissed him.
“Max, thank you, that was wow..”
He smiled at her. He leaned up against her, and she noticed his hardness. “Max, let me,” she offered.
“It’s okay Liz, you don’t have to, I’m used to it, because every time I see you it’s constantly there.”
Liz blushed. “Anyways, we’re late, and I think we should go,” max added.
“Alright,” Liz whispered. Max buttoned up his shirt as he watched Liz change. “I’ll go downstairs and wait in the Jeep,” “Okay, Max, I’ll be down in a few minutes,” Liz replied. She kissed him before he left.

Part 11

“Wanna play pool?” Liz asked. “Sure, but just to warn you, I haven’t improved,” they laughed.
“Okay first you, well here let me show you,” Liz said as she put herself between the pool table and Max. Max groaned and Liz smiled to herself.
“Here are your fortune cookies.”
“Thank you ,” Liz replied to the young waiter.
* She’s mine sucker* Max thought.
Liz could tell that Max was a little bit jealous that the waiter kept coming back every five minutes. “Max, you go first,”
“Okay,” he replied, breaking open the fortune cookie.
“What does it say?” Liz asked curiously.
“It says ‘ this is the best night of your life,”
“Is that really what is says?”
They both thought back to their first date. “Yes it really says that, your turn.” Liz couldn’t help think how nice it was to see Max smile. It wasn’t something he did often, which was a shame, because he had a beautiful smile. Liz opened her fortune cookie, “it says, ‘ask a guy to dance with you’”
“Is that really what is says?”
“Depends on your answer,”
“yes, “
“then that’s really what it says,” they laughed thinking back to this familiar conversation, it hurt them both to realize how long ago that had actual been. How much had happened. So much pain from Destiny to Dupes, future Max to future Liz, Miracles to Duprees. And Alex to Tess’s pregnancy.
*All this is because of me they both thought. Liz grabbed Max’s hand and led him to the dance floor. They were dancing when “ I shall Believe” came on the radio. Max and Liz shared a knowing look. “ I think fate is working a little magic here Max,” Liz whispered.
“As long as we make our own destiny,”
“always,” she whispered as she leaned in against his chest.

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe

“I had a wonderful time tonight Max,”
“Me too,” he replied.
“Would you like to come inside?”
“I would but I probably shouldn’t,”
“You’re probably right,” she smiled.
He leaned in across the Jeep, and wiped a piece of hair from her face. She looked deeply into his eyes. “Max,” he leaned into her lips, as his hands cupped her face. They kissed lightly, and then the kiss became a hungry, passionately one. Liz climbed out of her seat, and straddled Max. She rapidly ran her fingers through his hair, as they shared wet hungry kisses, with a raw sexualness. 'Astounded' by Van Bran 3000 came on the radio

All I want to do is love you
I just want to take you there

Baby, I don’t want to argue
Don’t even want to fight
I just want to love you
And hold you all the night

Liz started to kiss Max's neck as she unbottoned his shirt. 'Liz, Liz, wait," he mumbled.
"I'm tired of waiting Max," she replied her voice full of desire.
"I know, me too, but we're in the middle of the street,"
Liz laughed as she became aware of their surroundings, and the fact that she was straddling him in his jeep, "Oh yeah, good point," He smiled lovingly at her. "Max, it's just, when you kiss me, it's like you awake this drive inside of me, that instinctively needs your touch, it's like I suddenly need to be near you, to touch you, hold you. To feel my skin against yours. It's like for that one moment when you kiss me, I no longer need air, I need you."
"I know what you mean," he replied kissing her.She kissed him back as she crawled off of him, and back to the passenger side. They stared across the jeep at one another. Almost ad if the small distance were miles. "Liz," "yeah max?"
"I think I could stay for just a minute,"
"Yeah, alright,"
"Meet you in your room?"
They both got out of the jeep. Max went around to the ladder and climbed up to the balcony. Liz went inside the crashdown to let her parents know she was home. "Max?" Liz whispered as she entered her room.He was sitting on the edge of her bed. He smiled as she walked over to him. She kissed him gently, pushing him back onto the bed. "maybe I should set the alarm," "what?" max asked.
"My alarm clock, so it will go off in twenty minutes incase we get carried away." Liz replied.
Max chuckled, thinking, *my little scientist*
Liz quickly set the alarm, and laid down next to max. Max rolled on top of her, and then kissed her passionately. Liz's hands ran wildly down his back and through his hair. Max's hands ran up and down her sides. Running under her red sweater, their bodies untangled long enough for him to remove it. "You're so beautiful, liz,"
"Max, I think it's only fair if you remove yours aswell." He quickly began unbuttoning his shirt, and it soon landed next to her red sweater. Liz laughed," Max, you're so beautiful,"
"Shut up, and kiss me," he replied, and she did. Once again their hands began to explore each other, sharing fierce kisses.

"Liz honey, your alarm has been going off for twenty minutes," Mr. Parker said as he entered his daughter's room. "Liz!"
"Dad, oh my god!"
Max jumped about ten feet away from liz, "Mr. Parker,"
Mr. Parker stood quietly shocked, not sure how he should handle this. "Max, it's late you should be getting home,"
"yes Sir, Mr. Parker. Sir," Max picked up his shirt, putting it on. "Liz, um, come down into the living room, once you've dressed yourself properly. "Yes dad,"
"Uh max, wait, on second thought, maybe you should join us."

Part 12
Moments later the couple sat on the couch across from Mr. Parker. "Mr. Parker, I can explain,"
"Max, " mr. parker replied
"Yes Mr. Parker,"
"Shut Up"
It was silent for a minute and then Mr. Parker began to speak.
"For the past two years you've been in and out of my daughter's life, but the one this that's always remained evident, was your love. Even when you weren't on speaking terms, it was still obvious. In the past two years, you've broken my daughter's heart more than once. But I've always supported the two of you. Nancy eoulf have forbiddean your relationship long ago. But I've convinced her that you'd always be ther for lizzie, that you would be good to her. Nancy has always questioned why I held you so highly in my book. And I've always told her that it was your character. Because it was your character that saved Liz's life that fateful day in September, two years ago."
"Mr. Parker, I can explain, " Max offered
"Daddy," Liz whispered.
"Shh, I'm a lot of things, however stupid is not one of them. I don't know how you did, nor do I care to. I don't know what or who you are, but Liz does, and I trust her judgement. She wouldn't fall inlove with a bad person. Now, as for tongiht, I won't tell your mother. I won't try to keep you away from Max either. You're truly inlove, and I refuse to be the cause of tainting something so pure. I do suggest talking to your mother I don't think any of us want baby lizzies running around."
Max and Liz sat there hand in hand silently. Max because he felt accepted by Liz's father,and because he helf their relationship with such value. Liz because her father seemed like a different man, a changed man. Both because he regarded the sex they would have one day as something that shouldn't be dirty and sleazy, but beautiful. And something was was right. Liz stood up and went over to her father, and they shared a tender hug."Thank you, " she whispered in his ear. Liz kissed Max goodnight, and headed to her room. Max Evans held out his hand to Jeff Parker. "Thank you, Mr. Parker."
"Jeff," Jeff Parker, corrected Max.
"Thank you Jeff," He nodded, as he turned to follow after Liz.
Max, use the front door,"
they laughed lightly.
"oh, and max, if you hurt her again, I'll break your face."
"Mr. Parker If I hurt her again, I'll break it for you,"
"Thank you Max,"
"For what?"
"For being someone I'm proud to know, and for respecting Liz as much as you love her. "
"Mr.. Jeff. Thanks for bringing her into the world, so I could love her."
Jeff Parker smiled, " Goodnight, Max."

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