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Title: “The World Still Ended”
Author: Juliana
E-mail: julzparkerevans⊕
Disclaimer: the Roswell characters aren't mine, so don't sue!
Category: M/L (sorry to all the other couple worshippers!)
Rating: I have no idea... R? I think so... Or maybe PG13...
Summary: Well, it takes place after ARCC/EOTW... Another future visitor shows up to prevent another end of the world...
Author notes: I just wanna tell you that this is my second fic, my first not AU fic, so it’s probably not that good... Also, I wanna thank Gaudy (for supporting me) and Kerry (for being such a great friend). Oh, and Ambrosia337 (the idea for this just got into my mind after I read “Sacrifice”), thank you!
Feedback: yes, feedback PLEASE! You know, NO feedback, NO new parts...
Dedication: to my Spoiler Buds, who have always supported me, trusted me, and never given up on our friendship. I love ya!!
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***I know, it's been too long... My life's a mess! School, stupid teachers, work... Anyways, here's part 10! It's kinda a transitional part, but next part will be better... and sooner! *happy* If anyone still reads this, Enjoy! Oh, and sorry for my stupid English!***



Liz and Kyle had gotten to Liz's house in almost no time. They were already inside Liz's bedroom - Kyle taking his clothes off in the bedroom, Liz, worried about the whereabouts of Future Max, getting undressed inside the bathroom - when Future Max arrived.

"What now?" Future Max thought as he caught a glimpse of Liz's bedroom lights lit up. He had to warn Future Liz he hadn't been able to stop Liz... But at the same time, he was worried about the chances of getting in contact with the present Max. Looking around for something, anything, and idea formed in Future Max's mind as he saw the public telephone right across the street...

* * * * *

Future Liz opened her eyes, not knowing at what point she had closed them. Max's eyes were still closed though, as if... as if he was still lingering everything he had seen, he had felt, he had learned.

And it was hard. Oh, it was hard. Gaining the acknowledge of a lifetime, of happenings, actions and reactions to things he didn't know would happen, didn't know could happen, it was just too much. And these information only got deeper, more overwhelming with the feelings Future Liz shared with him. Pain, so much pain... Agony, sadness, regret, and anger, fear... and love. SO much love, it felt like... something else. Like it was an even deeper and bigger feeling. A stronger feeling. And that's when it hit him. It was a love larger than life, any life.

Trying to keep herself standing was hard after... After knowing everything Max felt, after feeling everything he felt... She knew that feeling, and at the same time, she didn't. It was something else, something new, something... more. It was bigger, stronger, sweeter, deeper, more comfortable, more wonderful... It was his love for her, for her past and his present Liz.

But not only the love Future Liz felt from Max. She also felt his pain, his sufferance, from not being with her, for not completely feeling Liz's love back to him. He knew she loved him as much as he did, but he was feeling like she was avoiding him... like her love was ceasing to exist, for she was giving up on it because of that stupid destiny story. Future Liz could feel his fear of losing Liz, losing her love, losing his own love for her, for that love kept him alive. He was afraid for his 'other planet' and for the other aliens too, but the very thought of Liz was what kept him strong and focused on doing the right thin. Liz was his balance, his everything. It might sound a bit, or a lot selfish, yes, but Max didn't remember life without Liz, and now that he knew life with loving and being loved back from her, he didn't think he could live without it. Future Liz sadly smiled at the thought of what had happened, of everything that had happened... Of the love Max disguised as hate in order of keeping himself from suffering... And she shed a tear at the remembrance that he didn't indeed live without her... He died without her. Would her presence have made a difference?

For her sake, her thoughts were interrupted by Max's voice. He was still in... awe, as much as in shock of everything he'd experienced in so short time, but he did find the voice to speak.

"Was that... the future? Is that.. our future?" He had to be sure, he had to hear it from Liz, from that Liz. 'How could that be?'

Max saw the flashes coming back to his mind, the flashes about that night. About a future version of himself that, as he learned through Future Liz's thoughts, had come to keep the world from ending, but it happened again. He only caused more pain, and gave the world another ending. He had failed. Max's thoughts were confused, really messed up. He felt fear, regret, sadness, relief and happiness at the same time. Liz loved him, and hadn't given up on him; he - future version or not - had made Liz suffer just way too much, he'd made her feel bad, sad... he'd made her pretend she had stopped loving him... made her deny her feelings, deny herself. And he judged her, pushed her into telling him what himself had told her not to do so. He made her go through years of lies, of pain, and now... there she was. Playing the same part he had played in the future/past, the same part that almost shattered her heart. Destiny's part.

And it was not fair she had to go through all of that again; she didn't deserve it. She was putting herself through more and more sufferance, and once again because of him, in all sorts of ways.

No, he couldn't allow that, couldn't allow her suffer any more. He was gonna help her, no matter what. Whatever she needed him to, he'd do it. Not for him, for her. Forever for her.

Max slowly raised his eyes confidently, coming to a stop as they met hers. And with all the certainty ever experienced, he spoke with her.

"Whatever you want to, I'll do it. I'm with you till the end of this. And I think I know what to do..."

* * * * *

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