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Title: It Only Took A Minute
Author: Stacy~
Category: M/L
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing!
Background: After the last eppie of the 2nd season
Summary: The way I envisioned the 3rd season (written back in this past summer... not exactly what I feel now)
*wink* INTRO will give you a feeling of where it's going.
Author's Note: FB please!


Their summer went by quickly, and as the past summers were, nothing threatening or evil took place. Isabel still missed Alex but found friendly comfort in Kyle. Maria and Michael were inseparatable, as were Max and Liz.

Max’s relationship with Liz gained that special trust back, slowly, but it did return. At times, Liz secretly doubted Max. It wasn’t that she didn’t believe Max, but she was still trying to understand the reasons behind Max’s past actions. Liz couldn’t help wondering whether Tess mind-warped Max that night, or if Max was genuine with his actions.

She knew Max didn’t love Tess the way he did her, but if not that way, which way? Max had put everything behind him, but it was bound to come up soon. The only thing that he truly focused on was how to get his baby son back to him. He spent his days and nights with Liz, trying to figure out how to get Max up to Antar. Nothing had come up so far. Although Liz knew Max never thought about it, she worried what Max would do with his child when he got him back. Wouldn’t it be just a little weird if Max suddenly appeared with his baby son? The Evan’s still didn’t know about the alien factor of their household – Valenti never gave them the tape. Liz also thought about whether Tess would come for Isabel, Max, and Michael.

The day after Tess left, Liz broke off the thing with Sean. Sean actually took it quite well too. He turned out to be a reliable friend to Liz. He was never pulled into the group as Alex was, but it was better that way. Sean thought the alien thing was a big joke, so no one told him otherwise.

Maria and Michael shared a special bond ever since that night. Luckily, Amy hadn’t found out, and Maria eventually told Liz everything once things quieted down. Maria even got Michael to go shopping a couple of times! Michael didn’t know what was happening – he was turning into a softie! He thought he was almost as bad as Max. Maria was still working (and gossiping with Liz) at the Crashdown. Michael was still the cook. He was often found at the Deluca’s after Alex’s death.

Kyle and Amy still suffered from the finger-tapping habit (which drove everyone crazy), but neither had relapsed from the mind-warp again. Kyle loved to spend his time with Buddha but also shared it with Isabel. He found his time with her relaxing. It was a mutual relationship– Isabel found comfort in being around him too. Isabel tried to keep herself busy over the summer; she tried to keep herself from thinking about Alex. Even though no one outside of the group could see how devastated Isabel really was, the group saw through her act and occasionally comforted her.

Amy and Jim had moved forward with their relationship –they were now engaged. Maria and Kyle even liked the situation. Jim never forgot about Tess, even if she had backstabbed them, he had the daughter he always wanted, for a short time. That had meant a lot to him. Jim also still hadn’t taken his sheriff position back; he was still undecided over it.

Alex was never forgotten. Liz had his band’s CD playing all the time at Crashdown. Maria often kept a picture of Alex with her and looked at it as much as she took out her cedar oil. Isabel visited Alex’s grave often, always putting flowers down, sweetly talking to his spirit, and sometimes, she danced with him. Max felt guilty for Alex’s death but took great care of everyone to try to make up for it. Kyle secretly visited Alex’s tombstone sometimes, telling him that he missed his corny jokes. Valenti wasn’t quick to forget Alex either. He visited all the time. He didn’t quite know what to do or say, but instead, he stood there silently remembering Alex. Tear stains were often seen on Valenti’s shirt, as well as all of the others’, from late night visits, but no one said anything.


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Part 1

“Hey, Max,” Maria greeted Max as he sat down at the counter in the Crashdown. To her dismay, Max didn’t answer her back; he was too distracted by something, or rather, someone. Max was dreamily staring at his beautiful Liz when she looked back at him, flashed a smile, and unknowingly, licked her lips.

‘Sick,’ Maria silently thought.

Max shook his head and tardily said, “Hi, Maria.” His cheeks flared to a red color.

“So, Max, any new developments?” asked Maria.

Max’s expression instantly grew grim at the Maria’s words. “Uhh…no, Maria,” Max solemnly said as his sad eyes fell to the table.

“Sorry, Max. I’m sure something will come up,” Maria assured him. Max made himself smile at Maria’s attempt at trying to cheer him up. Just then, warm, comforting arms wrapped around his shoulders, and he felt a sweet kiss on his neck. He looked up to find Liz’s sympathetic eyes gazing into his own eyes. He sincerely smiled at her, thanking her for her comfort.

The chimes rang at the entrance of the Crashdown, and Isabel and Kyle walked in. They took seats at the stools next to Max.

“Max, I think we found something,” Isabel said referring to the information she obtained from the Alien Book. Max’s face immediately perked up with hope.

“What does it say, Iz?” Max impatiently asked his sister, using his nickname for her.

“Well, Kyle found a part in the translation which says there’s a hidden ship somewhere in the Pod Chamber. It was put there for emergencies. It uses alien blood to work.”

“You mean it needs my blood? How much?” Max panicked.

“Calm down, alien boy,” Kyle responded, “it only needs a drop so it can identify you.” Kyle laughed at Max’s relief-washed face.

“How does it work?” an eager Max questioned.

“That’s the problem; we’re not sure on how any of it works,” Isabel answered. Again, Max’s face was left with a hopeless look.
Liz walked up behind the three and asked what was going on. Max recited Isabel and Kyle’s explanation. Instead of having a look of no hope, Liz got an excited gleam in her eyes, and it was apparent that the scientist in Liz was ready to find the ship and examine it.

Later on that day the six of them entered the Pod Chamber. Each was ready to look for the ship. They knew it was going to be hard. They didn’t even have a clue what it looked like! And inside, each was scared of finding it, scared that one of them would have to leave, that one of them might never return. Every single one knew how much getting his son back meant to Max, so no one ever objected.

Cautiously, Liz ran her fingers along the walls to look for a secret door. Michael searched for a trap door in the floor. Isabel searched the area where she had found the granolith many months before. Kyle’s eyes searched the most obvious places, making sure that they weren’t missed. Maria stood next to Michael, trying to help, but instead, sniffing her cedar oil. Max moved from one place to another, covering everything.

“I found it!! I found it!!” a voice rang out in the middle of the chamber. Everyone rushed toward where the voice came from. Each asked questions; they tried to think of the positive. Once they all reached Kyle, he pointed up. Their heads shot up to see what Kyle was talking about.

‘Yep, that’s definitely it,’ Liz sadly thought. ‘But how can Max go?’

Afterhours of trying to figure a way to get the spaceship down, which was hidden in clear site in a raise in the ceiling, they finally got smart and used their powers. Each examined the ship, but no more than Liz. Liz ran her hand over it, taking in the feeling of the metal. She checked for doors, which she so oddly didn’t find. Little did any of the teenagers know, it would take weeks to find out anything.


“Sorry, I haven’t seen any possibilities of figuring this out,” Liz solemnly said. Max nodded, wishing Liz was wrong.

“Wow, Isabel, I can’t believe we start school in a week,” Kyle stated.

“You’re starting school in a week,” Isabel quickly corrected him, “I start in two weeks.” Isabel sarcastically smiled at Kyle.

“Lucky,” Kyle muttered back.


Max stood next to Liz’s locker as Liz explained what she had finally found. “Max, I found this disfigured piece of material on the underside of the ship. It’s not the same material the ships is made of; it’s different.”

“Are you serious?” Max’s eyes lit up when Liz vigorously nodded.

“We can check it after school.”

“Great idea! I’ll tell everybody to meet at the Pod Chamber.”


“Killer day!” Maria exclaimed referring to her first day of her senior year. The other four seniors nodded in agreement.

“Umm… how does this work?” Kyle asked, pointing at the disfigured piece.

“Well…umm… Iz, didn’t you say this ship needed alien blood to work?” Liz referred back to Isabel’s earlier explanation in theCrashdown. When Liz saw Isabel nod her head, Liz continued. “In that case, I was thinking this piece might be where you place the drop of alien blood.”

No one was surprised to see Liz come up with the excellent theory; instead, they smiled simultaneously, thanking Liz.

“The question is, who’s blood does it need?” Kyle contemplated.

Max used a sharp fragment of a nearby rock to prick his finger. He carefully placed his blood in the center of the piece, and waited for something, anything, to happen. When nothing did, Michael poked himself and added his blood next to Max’s. Again, absolutely nothing happened. Five young people turned toward Isabel, who shook her head, the fear showing in her eyes.Max silently pleaded with Isabel, and she caved in. She reluctantly put her blood next to Michael’s. When nothing happened, Kyle, Maria, and Liz contributed too. As if on cue, sparks flew, and the blood rearranged itself into the same swirl on Liz’s pendant. Max and Liz’s blood was in the middle with one side of the curving swirl made from Isabel and Michael’s blood, and the other side made of Kyle and Maria’s.

“Does this mean… I’m alien?” Liz panicked, “Max?”

“Liz,” he hesitated, not wanting to totally scare her, “All of you HAVE to be at least PART alien. This thing only needed alien blood, and nothing happened until everyone’s blood was on there.”

Liz slowly reached for Max’s hand as she stared at the ground in disbelief.

“Maybe it’s because I healed both you and Kyle,” Max spoke to Liz.

“That still doesn’t explain Maria,” Liz replied.

“Well, did any of us,” Max started while looking at Michael and Isabel, “have a life changing experience with Maria?”

“Don’t look at me,” Isabel gave her obvious answer.


“Max,” Michael blushed, “I might have.” Michael looked towards Maria and smiled.

“Like what?” an oblivious Max questioned.

Liz nudged Max with her elbow, and when Max looked down at her, she raised her right eyebrow at him, hinting at what the life changing event between Michael and Maria was.

After a couple long, silent seconds, Max finally exclaimed, “Ohhhh!!!”

Oh - and about the happy dreamer ending - there's no assurance of that - basically b/c right at this moment there's no ending in sight - I only intially wrote about 8 chapters or so - and then stopped writing all together. If this gets enough FB and if I have enough time (being a high school sophomore is a pain!) then I might finish it. *big*
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“So, I could have powers?” Maria suggested to Michael as she waited for him to finish cooking the burgers for her customers.

“Sure, Maria,” Michael answered while flipping the burgers. “Here, try to cook this burger.”

“What?!” Maria burst after she looked at the raw burger on a plate on the counter.

“Try to cook this burger,” Michael repeated himself.

“And how do you suggest I do that?”

“Channel you powers onto the burger.”

“Whatever, Guerin. Here goes nothing,” Maria babbled as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the burger with her outstretched hand.

“Oh my gosh!!!” Michael exclaimed when he saw the raw patty of meat turn well done.

“What?” Maria questioned, her eyes still tightly shut.

“Look! Maria, you did it!”

Maria slowly opened one eye, and then, the other. She walked up to the plate, examined the burger, poked at it, and started jumping up and down. “I did it!! I really did it!” she excitedly whispered while making sure no one saw anything. Mike nodded and smiled at her. Maria quickly picked up the burger and went to serve her customer. She heard Michael say something about how she shouldn’t do that, but she ignored him and went on her way.

“Taste it,” Maria prompted the older man.

The man took a small bite and cried, “That’s nasty!” as he spit out the meat in his mouth into a napkin.

“Sorry, sir,” Maria politely apologized, “let me get you another.”

She stomped off to where Michael witnessed the exchange. Michael laughed at Maria’s face and told her, “You definitely got your powers from me,” as he remembered tasting the food he first experimented his powers on.

Sorry!! I didn't realize how short this part was until I came to post it!! I'll post another one soon though - don't worry!! LOL - like you guys are worrying - LOL.*big*
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Once again - THANKS!! LOL.'s part 3!! Be happy - I combined two parts to make this!!

“Isabel! Wait up!” Kyle yelled from across the hallway at West Roswell High. Isabel slowed down but continued to walk. Kyle came up behind her, going on about how Maria had powers.

“Isn’t it cool?!” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know, Kyle. This could put us at a greater risk of exposure. I mean, now there’s six of us instead of three or four. We’re liable to get caught easier,” Isabel worried.

“There’s always been six or eight of us; even if half of us didn’t have powers, we still knew. What’s the difference?”

“I've got to go to class,” Isabel quickly said as she excused herself from the conversation.

Liz sat in the Pod Chamber alone. She had Maria drop her off, and then asked Maria if she could be alone. At first, Maria objected. She didn’t want to leave Liz alone because of the risk of enemies. Liz told Maria that she was talking nonsense. Since Tess left, they’ve been fine. Maria had reluctantly agreed and started to walk out. Right before she had stepped out, she turned to Liz and opened her mouth to speak, but before any words came out, Liz answered Maria’s unvoiced question, “Yes, Maria. I have my cell phone. Don’t worry.”

And with that, Liz was left alone. She originally went to the Pod Chamber to check on the ship, but found herself thinking of the consequences that finding the ship would cause.

“Max can’t leave. I need him too much. What if he can’t come back? What if Tess makes him stay? What if he doesn’t want to come back? What if he wants to stay with Tess? I mean, he is “destined” to be with that murderer. But Max would come back, right? He wouldn’t turn on us,” Liz questioned out loud.

Liz started to circle the little ship, which didn’t seem big enough to hold a gerbil. No one had seen it since they had put their blood onto it. She noticed some slight differences. Now there was a small, rectangular screen on the top. Also, a button sat on the side. She told herself that she had to tell Max when she got back home.

Max walked up to the entrance of the Chamber. He wanted to check on the ship. He was curious if any new developments came up.


Liz heard footsteps outside the Chamber’s door and fear grew in the pit of her stomach. She resourcefully picked up a rock and hid beside the door.

As a figure came through the door, Liz launched the rock at the stranger, hitting his head with a thud.
“Ouch!” Max cried out as he turned toward the person who threw the rock. “Liz? What are you doing?”

“Oh, Max!! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” he replied, rubbing his head.

“I thought you were a stranger. Gosh! You scared me!”

“What are you doing here? And how did you get here?” Max interrogated Liz.

“I just came to look at the ship. Maria dropped me off. How about you?”

“Same thing. By the way, why are you alone? You should of know better, Liz.”

“Max…” Liz started, “I can take care of myself.”

“Oh, sorry. I never knew that rocks would get you somewhere,” Max laughed.

“Hey, I have powers too. I don’t know what they are, but I’m sure I could use them when I have to,” Liz said while pointedly looking at Max.

“Ok...ok, what’s going on with the ship?”

“Well, now, there’s a small screen on the top and this button here.” Liz pointed at it. “I want to push the button so badly,” the scientist in Liz said.

“Why don’t you? I’m sure it won’t take off,” Max joked as he looked at Liz.

He suddenly saw fear wash over her doe eyes. “What’s wrong, Liz?” he softly asked while pulling Liz into a hug. He looked down at her watery eyes and realized what it was. “You’re afraid of me leaving, aren’t you?”
Liz nodded slowly, tears freely rolling down her cheeks.

There were times in the beginning when you were there,

“Liz, I’m coming right back,” he tried to assure her.

“Max, what if you can’t? What if you don’t want to?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to? Look at the beauty right in front of me. I have so much to come back to.”

When I needed you the most, we’d sit and talk about the future and laugh about us getting old

“You’re still destined to be with her!” Liz screamed. “She has your son!”

“You don’t understand. I can’t live without you. Why is it so hard for you to except that?”

Do you know how it feels, I hope you know that it matters

“I don’t know,” Liz said holding tightly to Max, “I guess there’s a part of me that wonders how I deserved you, how I could have such a wonderful person in my life. Sometimes, that part thinks it’s just some sick joke, that it was just a mistake. But then, the other part of me worries that you’ll go back to your destiny.”

“How YOU deserved ME? I think you’ve got it wrong. How did I deserve YOU? You’ve always been there; you’ve sacrificed your happiness,and I stabbed you in the back by sleeping with Tess. Why would I want to go back to that murderer? She killed Alex; she took one of our best friends. I can and will never forgive her for that.”

Max hugged Liz even closer and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

“There’s no way I’m not coming back. No way.”

I want you to know everything that I am, Don’t want to know what life would be without you (When I Talk to You, Mandy Moore, 2001)

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Cinder- Isabel is just worried about the safety of everyone. *wink*
woodwinds- Liz is part alien now. *happy*

Here's part 4:

“Lizzie, do you know what time it is?” Mr. Parker scolded his daughter. “It’s past one in the morning,” he answered his own question.

“Sorry, dad,” Liz apologized to her worried father. She had lost track of time while at the Pod Chamber with Max.

“Who were you with?”

Before Liz answered, her mother came to stand beside her father. “Well… I was with Max.”

“Liz, I think this is getting to be out of hand. You’ve been spending late nights out with Max. I strongly suggest that you two take a break from each other. You have us worried that something might happen,” Liz’s mother explained.

Liz looked to her dad to object Mrs. Parker’s thinking.

“Sorry, Lizzie, I agree with your mother. These late nights aren’t doing any of us a favor.”

“Dad, that isn’t fair! We haven’t done anything wrong!”

“I’ll call the Evan’s tomorrow, and let them in on this,” Nancy continued.

Liz looked toward Jeff, and his eyes immediately softened.

“It’ll be all right, honey. This is only temporary. We just need you to get out of the habit of coming home so late. You still have Maria and the rest of your friends.”

“It’s not the same,” Liz moped.

“I know, Liz. It’s not fair, but what can we do?” Max disappointedly said.

“What’s going to happen? What about the ship?”

“They said you couldn’t be with me.That doesn’t mean you can’t be with Kyle, Maria, Iz, or Michael.”

“But I’d rather be with you.”

“Liz,” Max warned Liz not to go there.

“I’m gonna miss your…”

Max quickly interrupted, “Come on, Liz. Don’t make me feel any worse. This is hard on me too.”

“Your kisses and embraces,” Liz continued, “I’m gonna miss the way you tuck my hair behind my ear and when you look into my eyes.”

“Why did you have to go there?” Max melted.

Liz giggled, “Sorry, but it’s the truth.”

“Ok, this is what we’ll do,” Max planned, “We’ll get Maria to take you somewhere, like shopping, and instead, Maria will actually drive you to meet me. Maria can cover for us, and when our date is over, you can call her cell. She’ll come pick you up, and our parents will never know.”

“Never knew you were so sneaky, Mr. Evans.”

Max laughed.

“I’ll call Maria tomorrow morning and plan out tomorrow’s events. Where are we going to meet?”

“Pod Chamber,” Max simply replied.

“All right. Goodnight, Max. I’ll call you.”

“Okay. Goodnight, sweetie.”

“Hey Maria. How are you?”

“Cut the small talk. I heard about you and Max. Now, what did you need me to do?”

Liz smiled at her eager-to-help friend. “Thanks, Maria.”

Max was packing his jeep for his date with Liz. Luckily, his dad was at work, and his mom was trying new recipes and doing the laundry. He told Isabel to tell his parents he was out with Michael. He picked up a small picnic basket, which contained two turkey breast sandwiches, two water bottles,a bowl of sweet strawberries, and a container of chocolate dipping sauce.

“This could definitely be fun,” Max accidentally said out loud.

“What could be fun?” a voice behind him asked.

Max spun around to see Michael grinning at him.

“No…nothing,” Max stuttered.

“Sure, Maxwell. Whatever.”

“Ready to go?”


Max planned on exchanging Michael for Liz with Maria. While Max and Liz had their date, Michael and Maria would have one of their own while covering for them.
“I’ll be right back,” Max said as he ran back into the house.

Max pulled up to the Pod Chamber to find that Liz and Maria sitting on the trunk of the Jetta. He parked next to them, instantly hopped out, and took Liz’s hand. Just when they were walking away, Maria called out, “Hey! What do I get in exchange for Liz?”

“Me,” Michael said from behind her.
She giggled, turned around, kissed Michael on the lips, and announced, “Good deal!”
Liz smiled at Maria’s comment.

“We’ll see you in about four hours. So, at eight o’clock, be here,” Max warned Maria and Michael.

“Got it,” Maria assured him.

Liz and Max entered the Pod Chamber, holding hands. Liz looked at Max and said, “I’m glad you’re sneaky ‘cause I’m not.”

“Yeah, well, you sort of get use to it when you’re alien,” Max tried to joke.

“Guess I’ll be more like you soon,” Liz referred to her being alien.

“I’m sorry,” Max started.

Liz interrupted, “No, Max. Don’t be sorry. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Max smiled and gently kissed Liz. “Come on; let’s go figure this ship out.”

“Mom, Max went with Michael. I’m going out now too, okay?”

“Sure, Iz. Don’t be too late.”
Isabel nodded and walked out the door.

“Dad, I’m gonna go out, okay?” Kyle asked the Sheriff.

“No problem, son. Have fun.”


Maria and Michael drove away from the Pod Chamber.
“Maybe we shouldn’t go back. I mean, what if Max or Liz’s parents see us without them?”

“Michael, if we don’t go back, where do we go? It’s deserted out here.”

“What’s so wrong with that?” Michael asked as he caressed her face.
Maria quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road.

“Right here is fine with me,” she said as she pulled Michael in for a kiss of a lifetime.

Uhhh...I just realized that I'm running out of parts to post! Sorry!! I'll try to post the rest before I have to start school again...but after that...I can't promise anything. *sad* I'll really try to write some more. Sorry again! I spent this whole break with my family for once - so don't blame me!! *big*

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Thanks for the FB - I appreciate it so much!

Ok - so I really don't know what I'm gonna do after all the written parts are posted. I go back to school on time. Hopefully I'll update though.

The lyrics aren't mine...this fic is inspired by many songs. *big*


Isabel silently waited to see him. She carried an arrangement of flowers. She missed him, even if it hadn’t been a day since she last saw him. Isabel yearned for him. Finally, he arrived, wearing a smile.

I wanna run into someone’s arms,
Lie on a bed of roses,
I wanna feel just like Juliet,
I wanna fall in love,
I’ve got a feeling
Everybody wants someone to love, somebody they can trust, somebody they can touch

Isabel smiled back. She placed the flowers on the ground. He took her hand and pulled her close.

Everybody wants to give their heart away,
Everybody needs a little tenderness, to feel understood, to feel passionate
Everybody wants to be in love this way
Everybody wants to be in love this way
I know I do, what about you?

They swayed back and forth, even though no music could be heard. Each took in the other’s presence; happy they were there.

I wanna be somebody’s baby,
I want to cry and still feel beautiful,
Maybe I really just wanna be myself,
I’m not the only one

I wanna feel like an angel,
I want to fly on a beam of moonlight,
I wanna see heaven from the inside,
I wanna feel just like Juliet
(Love This Way, Eden’s Crush, 2001)


Kyle got out of his dad’s car. He started to walk towards where Isabel was standing. But suddenly, he frowned. There in front of him, Isabel was dancing alone. He looked at the ground and saw the flowers placed on Alex’s grave.


“Liz, how about we finish examining the ship later? I have a surprise. Wait here.” Max ran back to the jeep.
He returned carrying the small picnic basket and a CD player.


“Yeah, honey?”

“Umm…what’s this for?”

“You ask way too many questions,” Max observed and pecked Liz on her cheek. He unpacked the picnic basket.
Liz stood smiling at the sight in front of her. ‘Thank goodness I have a romantic alien,’ she thought to herself.

Max turned to Liz, motioning that she should have a seat. She obediently sat down next to him.

“I made a picnic for us,” Max finally answered Liz’s question. He handed her one sandwich and bit into his own.

“This is awesome. Thanks. This was sweet of you.”
Max nodded.
Once they finished their sandwiches, Max stood up, turned on the CD player, selected the song he wanted, and offered his hand to Liz. “Care to join me for a dance?”

“Yep,” Liz quickly accepted the offer and took his hand.

If seen from afar, one could tell how perfect they were for each other.

Max’s eyes were locked on to Liz’s, and vice-versa. Liz listened intently to the lyrics of the song.

Some people tell me,
That you’re not my kind,
And I’d believe them,
But I can’t get you off of my mind,
Some people tell me,
That I should stay away,
Maybe I’ll do that,
Some other day,
Cause it feels right,
And it feels good,
And I don’t always do what I should,
And I know what makes me happy,
And in my heart,
You are it exactly

She pulled Max closer when she realized the song said exactly what she was feeling and going through.

I don’t wanna do right,
I just want you tonight,
Not just only in my dreams,
Save my best behavior,
For a little later,
Cause I’m only 17,
Think I made my mind up,
I got time to grow up,
Face responsibility,
Livin’ in the moment,
Keepin’ my heart open,
While I’m only 17

Liz smiled warmly, thanking Max.

I’ll learn my lessons,
And I’ll make mistakes,
And if I get burned,
Well it’s my heart to break,
It isn’t easy,
Hearing what they say,
Sometimes you’ve gotta,
Take a leap of faith,
Because it feels right,
And it feels good,
And I’m not gonna do somethin’ stupid,
Just this once I wanna feel like,
I can do what I want,
When I hold tight

Who’s ever been,
In love,
Has got to know,
What it means,
To have a dream,
And no one can,
Say anything,
To change my mind,
No, not this time
(17, Mandy Moore, 2001)


“Mmm…Michael, what time is it?” Maria asked between kisses.

“We’ve got time,” he answered as Maria moved into his lap.

“There is a God,” Maria said.


Ok - that's it for now!! How do you like it?? *big*

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Geeeezzzzz oh Pete!!! LOL - man!! I've had a freakin' hard time getting to this fic!! Well... I have been writing a LITTLE's another part!!

“Isabel?” Kyle said as he walked towards her. He wanted to make sure it was Isabel. She turned around, stunned that Kyle was there. Her eyes got wide, and her expression was scared.

“It’s only me, Iz,” Kyle tried to calm her.

“What did you see?” Isabel defensively asked.

“Well,” Kyle hesitated, “it looked like you were dancing with someone, but you were alone.”

Isabel stood with a blank expression and dark eyes. Kyle searched them for a clue.

Suddenly, Isabel was in Kyle’s arms, bawling. “I miss him so much,” Isabel shared her feelings between sobs, “he visits me sometimes. I’m…”

Kyle interrupted her, “It’s all right. You don’t owe me an explanation.”

“Thanks,” Isabel sadly smiled at him and leaned her head on his comforting shoulder. She was so blessed to have him, to have both of them.


“It’s wonderful to be alone with you,” Max expressed his happiness.

“Don’t I know it?”

Max reached for the basket in front of him. He took out the bowl of strawberries, the container filled with chocolate dipping sauce, and lastly, the two bottles of water. He set one bottle in front of Liz and the other beside himself. Max carefully opened the chocolate and uncovered the sweet, red strawberries. Slowly, as Liz watched him, Max dipped a strawberry in the chocolate and hand-fed Liz the delicious treat. Liz gladly chewed it up and gave Max a satisfied smile. She immediately returned the favor to Max. Many strawberries later, Max picked up the second-to-last one. He covered the whole berry in the rich chocolate and let it drip. His hand teased Liz’s mouth with it, swinging it above her. She sat impatiently with her mouth open. When she was about to close her mouth, Max hit her lips with the luscious berry. Chocolate covered Liz’s mouth and chin. Efficiently, Max’s tongue peeked out of his mischievous smile and licked up all of it.

Liz reached for the last strawberry, knowing what Max wanted. She repeated what Max had done, but when Max waited for her to lick up the sauce on his face, she widely grinned. Curiously, Max asked, “Aren’t you going to help me out?”

“Uh-huh,” Liz mysteriously answered, “You would like that, wouldn’t you?”

Max vigorously nodded. Liz laughed at how silly Max looked. Hesitantly, Liz slid her tongue out of her mouth for Max to see. She started to lean forward, and Max closed his eyes in anticipation. At the last second, Liz quickly grabbed her water bottle and sprayed Max’s chocolate-covered face.

“Hey! That wasn’t very fair, Ms. Parker!”

Liz laughed whole-heartedly. She had fooled Max Evans. Practically in tears, Liz apologized, “Sorry, honey. It was just too easy.”
Liz noticed that Max was being way too calm. Backing away from Max, Liz turned to run, but Max had already caught her in his arms. She squirmed a little to try to get away but didn’t succeed. Max raised the water bottle above her head and let the cold liquid run down onto her.


“It was just too easy,” Max used Liz’s words as a comeback.

Next thing they knew, they were having a full-out water and chocolate war.


“Michael, what time is it?”

Quickly checking his watch, Michael answered, “Only 8:30.”

“Ok,” Maria absently replied at first, but then did a double take.

“Did you say EIGHT-thirty??”

“Oh my gosh!” Michael finally realized.

And the Jetta was already speeding down the road back to the Chamber.


Kyle held Isabel for hours while standing at Alex’s solemn grave before finally getting the courage to tenderly ask Isabel, “Is he really here? Does he really come? Wait… you don’t have to answer me. Like I said, you don’t owe me an explanation.”

“Yeah, he does come. He misses all of us. He tells me of your visits and the others’ as well. Alex wishes he could be with us.”

“What else does he say? What does he do?”

“He tells me to watch over all of you. He knows I will, but he always reminds me.” Isabel smiled. “That’s Alex for you – always worrying about his friends. Sometimes, he dances with me,” Isabel paused and continued after a deep breath,“This must sound so crazy.”

“No, no. It doesn’t. There’s something peaceful about knowing Alex is watching over us.”

“Yeah,”she agreed.

“But why can you see him, and the rest of us can’t?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it’s a power of mine, or it could be that I had a close connection to him before he passed.”
Kyle shrugged his shoulders. It was just nice to know Alex was still with them.


“Max!” Liz playfully yelled, “Stop!”

Both of them were having the time of their lives.
Ignoring Liz’s giggled request, Max raced to the container of chocolate. Scooping what was left of it, he chased Liz down and smothered her face with chocolate. To Max’s dismay, Liz didn’t find it as entertaining or amusing as he did. She cameup to him, rubbed her chocolate face against his semi-clean one, leaving most of the sweet dip on his face.

“Now, who’s laughing?” Liz teased.

With that comment, Max couldn’t hold back any longer. Liz was just too darn cute. He pulled Liz to him and stole a passionate, mind-blowing kiss. She was left shocked, to say the least. She stood staring and shaking. Max noticed this, and softly nibbled at her lip and silently apologized.


Maria and Michael bolted into the Pod Chamber. They both came to a halt when they saw the sight in front of them.

“Oh my gosh! What’s going on?” Maria seriously asked a surprised Max and Liz, who were on the ground.


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Part 7

“You know, I’m a little worried about you,” Amy said while sitting in her car with Jim.

“Why’s that?” Jim asked.

“Because you’re being so calm about the wedding.”

“Why worry about it? It’s still like seven months away.”

“Jim Valenti! You don’t even know when it is. We haven’t set a date!”

“Well, Ms. Deluca, I was thinking March.”

“What?! I thought we agreed on a December wedding.”

“But that’s soon!” Jim panicked.

“That’s why I was wondering why you were being so calm.” Amy pecked Jim on the cheek and laughed at Jim’s expression. Jim grimaced at his sweetheart.


“How about I bring you home?” Kyle asked.

It had gotten dark, and Isabel was pretty sure that her mom was already worrying about her.

“Sure,” Isabel accepted.

Kyle pulled up to the Evans’ home. Isabel unbuckled her seatbelt and stepped out of the car, but turned back around and embraced Kyle.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“It wasn’t a problem. It’s my dad’s car anyway.”

“No. I mean for everything. You held me, consoled me. I hated keeping Alex a secret. I thought everyone would criticize me. I should have known that you would always be there for me. Now I know.”

Kyle smiled. “It wasn’t a problem. I miss Alex too. It’s nice to be with someone who understands that.” He kissed Isabel on the cheek.

Isabel stepped out of the car and walked toward the front door. Before she stepped into her home, she looked back at Kyle and smiled.


“Maria!” Liz stood up in her water and chocolate- drenched clothes.

Max still laid on the floor where Liz had been peppering him with her kisses. He laughed at the sight of Liz, and then suddenly, realized that he looked the same as she did.

“It’s 8:45, chica. We’re late, and you’re a complete mess! Your mom is going to kill us!”

“Maria, calm down.”

“How can I calm down when I know I’ll be dead in an hour?”

“I can just go to your house, change into some of your clothes, and tell my mom we were stuck talking to your mom and Jim.”

“All right,” Maria agreed. She took a deep breath. “Let’s go!”

Max finally got up and kissed Liz. “I’ll call you later.”
Liz nodded. Maria dragged her out of the Chamber.

“Now, I know what you were thinking when you said this could be fun,” Mike understood after looking at Max.

“Shut-up.” Max slapped Michael on the arm. “Let’s go too.”



“Hi, Amy. Have you seen Liz and Maria?”

“Sorry, Nancy. I just got home and haven’t seen them.”

“Thanks. Could you let me know if you do see them?”



“Okay, it looks like my mom is home, so, I’ll distract her while you go change,” Maria said as she stopped in front of her house.

“Sounds good, but how am I getting back home?”

“Well, I’ll tell my mom that you left something in my car, and I have to get it to you. While I’m talking, you take your seat in the car. I’ll drive you home then.”

“Okay. I’m ready to go. It’s not getting any earlier.”


“So, Maxwell, did you have fun?” Michael asked on their way back home.

“Uh…a little bit,” Max replied, trying to hide his giddiness.
Michael skeptically looked at Max.

“Okay.Tons of fun,” Max finally admitted.

“That’s what I thought.”


“Hey, Mom,” Maria casually greeted Amy.

“Hi, honey. Liz’s mom just called, wondering if I had seen you two.”

“Oh, yeah. We were a little late, but she’s home now.”
Amy turned her back, and Maria waved Liz to go to her room.

“Maybe I should call her back just in case,” Amy said as she turned back around, just missing Liz’s figure.

“Uh, no, Mom,” Maria panicked. “She’s home, and Mrs. Parker doesn’t need you to call.”

“All right,” Amy said after a long pause.
Maria hurried up to her room.


“Max, where have you been?” Isabel questioned her brother.

“Out with Michael.”

“You’ve been gone forever. You weren’t just out with Michael. Where were you really?”

‘She knows me too well,’ Max thought to himself.

“Max?” Isabel interrupted his thoughts. “I want the truth.”

“I was with Liz.”

“But, I thought-“

“Yeah,I wasn’t supposed to be with her. Iz, how would you feel if you couldn’t hold the person you love?”
Isabel’s eyes turned dark and tears filled them as she thought of Alex.

“Oh, Iz, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-" Max tried to apologize.

“Max, it’s fine. I know you didn’t mean to bring that up.”

Max walked up to his sister and kissed her forehead. “Please don’t tell Mom and Dad.”

“I won’t.”


“I’ll be right back. Liz left something in my purse that she’ll probably need, so I have to get it to her,” Maria explained as Liz snuck outside behind Amy’s back.

“Be fast,” Amy cautioned her daughter.

“No problem.”

With that, Liz was home free, or was she?


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Part 8

"Thanks 'Ria, I owe you!" Liz hugged her friend. She then rushed towards the balcony ladder outside of her room.

"Liz!" Maria tried to warn her about the chocolate that was on her shirt from the seat. Liz only turned around with her finger on her lips, shushing her friend.
"You're on you own now," Maria muttered under her breath.

Liz had successfully reached her room when she heard her name.
"Elizabeth Parker!"

She whirled around to find her mom n the shadows by the window she had just come in by.

"Mom!" Liz almost screamed.

"Downstairs, now!"

"I can explain."

"Now!" Nancy insisted.


Isabel looked up at her door when she heard a knock. "Come in; it's open."

"Hi, sweetheart," Diane said as she entered.

"Hi, Mom. Did you need something?"

"Oh, no, sweetie. I was just coming to say goodnight."

"Goodnight," Isabel told her mom.

"Night, Isabel," Diane finished as she started back towards the door. "Wait," she said as she made her way back to Isabel. "You seemed in such a good mood when you came home. Mind if I ask why?"

"I have an awesome friend," Isabel simply stated.

"Well, that's great, honey. I'm glad."

"Me too."


Liz took a seat in front of her mom and dad. She looked down at her sweaty palms, then back up at her angry parents.

"Lizzie, where were you? You're over an hour late."

Liz couldn't help but notice how her father still used his nickname for her even though she was in trouble.

"I was with Maria, just like I told you," she lied.

"Why were you late, Elizabeth?"

She cringed when she heard her mother use her full first name. "Well, you know, we lost track of time."

"Doing what?" Nancy continued to interrogate her daughter.

"We… we were just… just," Liz stuttered," just out dancing."

"What's this then?" Nancy finger-scooped chocolate off the back of the shirt Liz was wearing and held it in front of her.

"You know how Maria and I can get when we're together," Liz tried to make a believable lie. "I'm sorry."

"Why don't you go to bed, Lizzie. We can discuss this tomorrow."

"Thanks." Liz kissed her father and started up the first couple of steps.

"Hold on," she surprisingly stated, turning back towards Jeff and Nancy. "I have something to say to you."


"Hey, Maria. Can you do me a favor?"

"What is it, Max?"

"I have a feeling that Liz is in trouble. Can you call her for me?"

"Sure. I'll call you back."

"Thanks, Maria."

"Anytime, hun."


Jim sat restless on his bed. He just couldn't fall asleep.
"The wedding is in three months. Three months… the wedding… three months."


Amy was also going sleepless.
"The wedding is in three months! I'm so excited. I can't wait! Maybe we could move it up a month." She envisioned Jim's reaction and laughed. "Nah."


Maria nervously thumbed the necklace she wore. One shoulder was hugging the phone to her ear. No one was picking up at the Parker's. She expressed her dread in a frustrated huff. "This can't be good."


Michael walked toward his refrigerator, looking for food. Finally, he found decent milk and semi-stale cereal. "This will do." He poured the cereal and milk, and then, sat at the counter. Even though he considered Earth and Maria his permanent home, he still wondered about the infamous Antar. What would he be eating? Seeing? Michael shoved those thoughts out of his head. He was content where he was, and he wouldn't change that for the world.



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Part 9

"I've been a good daughter, right? I've always had good grades and a nice personality, right? I haven't gotten into trouble, right?" Liz waited for her parents to agree. When they nodded in unison, she continued. "What's so wrong with me being with Max? Is it wrong that we love each other? Is it wrong that we want to spend time together? Do you not trust my judgment? What do you think we're doing?"

Nancy and Jeff didn't know what hit them. Jeff slightly shook his head and tried to find a place to start. Before he could, Nancy beat him.

"Honey, it's not that we don't trust your judgment-"

"Then what is it?" Liz almost yelled.

"Well, it's… it's," Nancy stumbled with her words.

"I knew it!" Liz exclaimed. "You don't trust that I'll make the right decisions. Understand this: I was brought up right. I was raised to have morals. I grew up knowing what I wanted. If you don't trust that, then I don't know who you are."

With that, Liz stormed upstairs to her room, leaving her parents with something to reconsider.


Liz entered her room just in time to catch Maria's 30th call.

"Hello?" Liz answered.

"Liz!" Maria replied back.


"Yeah, yeah. It's me. What's been going on? You're in trouble, aren't you? Oh geez, I'm sorry Lizzie! It was all my fault!"

"Calm down, chica! My mom was in my room when I got home. My dad and mom started a lecture, but my dad saved me. I was coming up to my room, but I turned around and gave them a piece of my mind. Lastly, you are not to blame."

"Are you in trouble?"

"I'm not sure. After I finished lecturing them, I just came up here. I think they're sitting down there in shock." Liz laughed.

Maria giggled at the scene she imagined in her mind. "Well, I gotta call Max back to tell him what happened," Maria said. "I'll talk to you later; that's if you're not grounded."

"Yep. Bye 'Ria."


Max picked up his phone halfway through the first ring. "Is she alive?"

"Yep, alive and kicking!" Maria answered on the other side.

Max breathed a sigh of relief.

"And it seems as though her parents have something to think about."

"What?! Why? What did Liz say?"

"It's not too clear, but she said that she gave them a piece of her mind."


"Don't worry, she'll be fine. Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna get some sleep. Goodnight."

"Thanks. 'Night."


"What are we going to do?"

"I'm not sure. Lizzie had a point. It seems as if we don't trust our responsible daughter."

"I do, Jeff. I really do. Maybe I'm scared that Max is going to take her away from me."

"She's not a little girl anymore, Nancy. She can make her own decisions, and she's willing to accept the consequences."


The next morning, Max woke up and went straight to the Pod Chamber.
"I need to figure this out," her thought out loud as he circled the small ship. "Okay, we have a timer screen and a small button. Would Liz be mad if I push the button without her being here?" Max paused. "No, she wants to figure this out as soon as possible." Hesitantly, Max reached forward and slowly pushed the button. At first, nothing happened. Disappointment showed through Max's facial expression. He turned to leave when he heard the ship making unfamiliar sounds. Max turned back around and jumped back. The ship in front of him was no longer miniature-sized; it was full size. It was big enough to fit three people. Max's eyes grew wide when he saw the timer screen counting down from 72 hours. He turned and ran towards his jeep as if the Chamber was going to explode. Max needed to tell everybody everything.


"Lizzie? Are you awake?" Jeff asked as he knocked on his daughter's door.

"Yeah," Liz plainly answered.

"We've come to a decision," he said as he sat on the end of Liz's bed.


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