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Author: Isabella and Victoria. She does most of the detailed descriptions The lame descriptions are mine ; )
Title: ~Trespassing Fate~
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Disclaimer: We don't own anything but two crappy computers. Do you really think suing ( I don't know how to spell but luckily my computer does) two teenage girls who own practically nothing is a good idea? (Well one of us has a little bro.... wanna buy him? For the low low price of..... 1 buck!! Actually for free if you want!) Yeah, see, I didn't think so. This is kind of base after the story "Both Sides of Time"
Summary: Liz somehow travels back in time. No, not like how future Max travels back in time. She travels back to the beginning of the twentieth century where there are no such things as cars, radios, and even cereal. She somehow stumbles across the centuries and winds up meeting Max, Isabelle, Maria, Tess, and Michael. The learns that true love really exists but she is forced to choose "LOVE" or her "FAMILY" But will she really have a choice? How will she get home? Why is she even here? You have to read to find out!! (oh yeah, there are no aliens; just an old fashion love story with a little time travel twist)
Category: Max and Liz of course
Rating: PG-13
Author's note: This is our first fanfic so be nice! Feedbacks PLEASE!

Chapter 1:

Okay, let me tell you about Liz's "so called" boyfriend, Kyle. He was handsome, but the dullest boy who ever lived. While sitting on a chair, Liz would look over Kyle's shoulder when he was fixing one of the car's engines until she wanted to go home because she was bored out of her mind. They didn't usually converse except for the occasional "how's it going?", "wassup?", "bye", and of course "can you pass me the (insert tool's name here). At the beginning, Liz would take a stab in the dark and just pick out a tool, but after six months, she pretty much got the hang of things.

Like any other girl, she wanted something glamorous; something that would sweep her off her feet and make her breathless. Was it something or did she want someone? No, that wasn't it. Her heart was closed off to any love. Any true love that is. True love was something that didn't exist except in fairytales. Her mother, Nancy Parker, thought that she had once experienced it once and where did that leave her? She was abandoned by her husband and stripped of what remained of her life. He had only left her three things: Alex, Liz, and heartache. Nancy occupied her time by pining over him and wasted her life on alcohol. In Liz's mind, love was a cliché and it was too big of a risk to open your heart. Yup, love was totally overrated.

But why was she dating Kyle? Because even though he might not know what to say or do at the right time, he was stable and considerate. She guessed that was why she was dating Kyle. The fact is, he bored her to death, but he was someone that wouldn?t throw her away like dirty trash. Someone who would always be there to comfort her, even though she didn't need it. Yes, her life was perfect. She was smart, beautiful, and had someone who truly cared for her. Nothing could go wrong.

She arrived at the mansion looking for Kyle. Finally, she spotted him and slowly approached him coming to a stop in front of his next project: an old beat up jeep. Liz said her usual ?Hey! How?s it going? and stood there staring at the hunk of metal that fascinated Kyle so much. Her boyfriend didn?t really look up at her, but wiped his hands on a dirty oil rag and moved to another part of the car. Liz sighed in disgust but stood there patiently, hoping he would remember their plans for the day.

?What was it with men and cars?!' she thought bitterly.

After several minutes of watching Kyle fix his car, Liz looked at the surrounding area with interest. There wasn?t much left of the old Valenti home except the huge mansion looming over the couple. Its many stories looked over the city angrily; somehow knowing it was betrayed and would die in several days. Its lovely gardens were now in ruins after being unattended to after so many years. Weeds sprouted everywhere, taking up more room than all of the beautiful flowers. Broken bottles and wrinkled pieces of papers lay between the dying plants. The brick-laid pathways were overrun with crabgrass and grime. Mothers were afraid to let their children play in the public park; afraid the old structure would collapse at any moment. But the owners adamantly refused to tear it down, claiming they would restore it someday. It never happened though, and every week something came tumbling off the roof.
Finally, several real estate agencies suddenly wanted the rolling lands and advised its owners to build a large condo complex over the ruined building. Investors were flocking from all over, urging Kyle?s family to sell to them. Since there didn?t seemed to be any further use of the antique building, the Valentis readily agreed and scheduled a date for the wrecking crew to do their work. It pained Liz to see the tarnished mansion turned into firewood. It had been a big part of the city?s history and caused it to expand so quickly.

?I?ll be back later okay? I want to check out something? Liz told Kyle, though she knew he wouldn?t listen. Strangely, he tossed back his dark hair and glanced at her curiously. His dark eyes gleamed in the bright sunlight as he looked her over. His eyes raked over her casual tank top and skirt that accentuated her curves. She had worn it especially for today so that even he would notice her. He grinned boyishly at her. Her stomach did several flip-flops as he blew a kiss and resumed his work. Although she didn?t love him, he was still incredibly gorgeous.

She strolled into the beat up and half torn down building that had once been an exotic manor. It had belonged to Max and Isabel Evans, heir and heiress of Philip Evans' fortune. After his father's death, Max had disappeared without a trace. Mourning over her missing family members, Isabel slowly wasted away. A dull and lifeless young woman soon replaced her cheerful and rebellious manner. One glorious spring day, she too, vanished in to thin air, leaving her painful life behind. Many rumors floated about after the torn family, some thought she had committed suicide in one of the beautiful gardens. Some of the servants swore that she left that day in a strange carriage without horses drawing it. The talk soon died down as people realized that the large amount of money lay unclaimed in banks all over the world.

Liz remembered how interested she had been in the tragic story as she walked along the library shelves, hungrily devouring every single detail she could. She had spent hours delving into newspaper archives and dusty old tomes. The more she read, the more enraged she was at Maxwell Evans. How could he just abandon his sister so soon after his father's death? Some say he held a playboy image going from country to country seducing beautiful, rich women and dumping them after he got what he wanted from them. But people still wondered why he needed money or maybe it was just lust. As intrigued as she was about this family, she despised Max. He was so much like her own father in many ways. They both left their family to start a new life. A life that had three things every man wanted: sex, money, and women.

As she explored the dirtied residence, she occasionally wandered into rooms once filled with life and laughter. The chipped walls and cracked glass littered the dusty marble tiles, making her footsteps resound even more loudly. Once, she could have sworn she had she had heard the caw of a black raven. Glancing up with interest, she noted with interest the beautiful domed ceilings were slowly caving in. Many of the stairwells were filling with gaping holes, adding even more to the building state of poor condition. Some of the walls were streaked and marked with graffiti after being used as a public housing for many years. Most of the valuable assets such as portraits, smiling stone goblins, and china silverware, had been stolen over the decades. Her delicate fingers slid over the dusty walls, leaving a clear mark of where she had graced the object with her touch. The open holes where windows once showed a remarkable view of thee state gaped openly at the intruder. Liz shivered at the silence; even the sound of clanking gears and a roaring engine could not be heard. As usual, Kyle didn?t seem to have noticed her prolonged, more involved in his repairs.

?At least he?s handsome and rich.? She thought to herself dryly. Her glossy pink lips curled into an ironic smile. She unconsciously tucked several renegade strands behind her ear and kneeled down to examine a fallen object. Strangely, it still seemed to be full of life and had been carelessly thrown onto the floor. It had appeared to have been there for years as dust had collected around it. She gently picked up the item and observed it carefully. It was a white rose, a faded pink ribbon still carefully tied to its blackened stem. Liz ran her hand along the curious flower before wincing in pain. She glanced down at her bloody finger and the single thorn that had caused it. Several drops spilled onto the floor in a splash of red.

Suddenly everything around her became hazy. The room seemed to twist and in the distance she could almost hear glass clinking. Something held her down paralyzing her from moving escaping. Color swirled around her and her hair lashed against her eyes from the violent wind. Once again she tried with all her might to fight something that was more on an internal than external conflict. Her mind screamed in protest as the battle raged about her. Unseen claws reached out and tried to pull her apart in different directions. She could almost feel the talons sinking into her flesh releasing scarlet liquid. She was losing whatever battle she was trying so hard to win. Voices droned on and on in her mind; one slowly, the other babbling insanely. Trepidation spread through her body as she realized that this was one encounter she couldn?t get past. She let out a shriek that was muffled by the rustling winds. The white rose was released from her tight grasp. Its petals slowly fell to the ground like white angel feathers, but created a large impact. The ground somehow opened up and the unseen force pulled her down into the dark abyss.

Another Author's note: I know the beginning is kind of crappy. But please leave feedbacks anyway. I promise there will be M&L interaction next chapter!

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Author's note sorry for the delay! We were really really caught up with h/w. Plus the tragic event made us cry our eyes out so we didn't really have time to do much.


soypet, Robyn, bojettajo, Strawbehrry shortcake, Crazy 4 Max

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But anyway, this part is pretty long! Hope you enjoy it!

The long awaited..

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Max felt a chill breeze in the room. Puzzled, he brushed back his dark hair and threw his long legs over the side of the bed. His dark eyes looked around the room for the source of the cold air but both the wooden door and ornate windows were closed. Suddenly he saw a flash of brown and dark eyes staring into his own. He gasped in surprise and stumbled back onto the bed. As quickly as it came, the vision cleared and the large room was empty again. The young man examined his quarters again, hoping it was just his imagination. As he turned to flop onto his canopied bed, the room flickered again. This time, Max could make the figure of a young woman fearfully looking at him. Something within him seemed to writhe and twist for a moment, as he stared dumbfounded at the figure. She disappeared again, leaving him gaping into space. Shaking his dark brown hair furiously, he walked over to the windows, hoping the sunrays would relieve him of his strange hallucinations.
As Liz fell into the gap, time seemed to slowly freeze and the darkness interweaved with light. Sometimes, she could almost see a dark-haired man, watching her but unable to do anything. Her body felt as if it had spent hours pushing a rock up a hill. She was so tired of falling. Her eyes squeezed shut, unable to stare at the cavernous gloom anymore. Sometimes, a scream filled with pain invaded her numbed mind. Her brown eyes snapped open only to be blinded by a bright radiance that chased away the shadows. She saw another flash of the young man’s face before falling unconscious.
Her body hit the ground with a loud thud. Max’s mouth was open wide in fear as thousands of questions ran through his mind.
‘Who is she? How did she get here? Where did she come from? Is she still alive?’
She had just appeared suddenly. There had been no warning; no sign that anyone was anywhere near his room. The door was tightly shut and there was no gaping hole in the whitewashed ceiling. Trying to think logically, his mind sized up that she was probably a thief, trying to steal their most prized possession. The young man walked over to the heavy wooden door, blocking her only exit. The strange girl stirred a bit as her eyes fluttered open. She rubbed her eyes for several moments as she looked around the lavish room. Max was still gaping at her openly as she sat up.
Liz was shocked to see someone standing by the freshly painted door that had just a moment ago been faded and worn away. The sunlight danced the glass-paned windows, filtering onto her pale face and clearing her vision. Her eyes scrutinized the room rapidly, trying to figure out where she was. Several quiet moments passed as she looked over the cherry wood dresser, the lush king-sized bed, the old-fashioned chairs and nightstands. She was really afraid. What had happened? Why was she here? Why did he look so familiar? He reluctantly approached her, almost afraid of the young woman. She stood up and took several steps back, afraid he might’ve kidnapped her and brought her to his strange place.

“Hey!” Max exclaimed. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
She remained silent, unsure of what to do. Her thoughts were slightly hindered by some unknown block as she strained to keep her calm. She massaged her temples gingerly, hoping that would help the leaden weight in her mind. She glanced up at the young man again, trying to figure out where she had seen her before. He tried to walk several steps closer but she only backed away in response. He sighed and scratched his head.
“What are you doing in my room?” he asked again.
At that moment, all she wanted to do was run away. The world seemed to be closing in on her and there was nowhere to hide and escape. She uneasily glanced at the door behind him, but the strange man was still blocking the exit. Liz frantically searched the room for a means of escape and discovered a glass door leading to the balcony. More afraid of what he would do with her, she dashed towards it and struggled with the gold handle. Momentarily, the young woman disappeared from the room and outside in the warm weather. Max followed steadily behind chuckling.

“Hahah! You can’t get out. It’s a balcony you dirty wench.”

Liz bit her lip nervously and glanced back at the advancing young man. Her head had cleared a bit as she breathed in the fresh spring air. Again, she was forced to look for an alternative route away from the danger. She spotted a tree nearby, its branches easily within reach. Breathing in severely, she backed away and gave a running start. Several seconds later, she was recklessly clinging to the rough trunk, as green leaves tickled her face. Realizing that she might be planning to jump down the three stories, Max rushed out of the balcony. The delicate glass door banged noisily behind him as he swore darkly. The unfamiliar arrival was nowhere to be seen as he restlessly looked down, hoping not to see a dead corpse. To his surprise and amazement, Liz was full out sprinting across the dewy, green lawn. Seeing the leafy tree, Max too leaped onto the branches and swiftly slid down.
She ran as quickly as she could, occasionally swerving around groups of people and workers. Knowing she had a very large head start on the young man, she looked back only to find him rapidly catching up to her. He seemed to be in top physical shape, she noted to her disappointment. She tried to use the distance between them as an advantage and ducked into the dense forest. This place also looked horribly familiar. Maybe she wasn’t far from home and could escape to the run-down and mansion. But the branches and roots threatened to trap her in the wooded area. Her hair and skirt was forever being caught on thorns and undergrowth as she struggled to free herself. Roots and large stones were everywhere and soon she had to carefully pay attention to where she was going. Thankfully, she couldn’t hear anything but the sound of her on harsh breathing and pounding footsteps. Her lungs were about to burst from the overexertion as she slowed down to rest.
Shit! He thought as he chased the thief into the nearby woods. At times, he could see her pink figure, other times he was simply trying not to trip over or crash into anything. Much to his relief, the young woman had stopped to breathe. She was half bent over, her dark hair loose and spilling around her face. Max carefully crept up behind her, making his presence known as he grasped her arm forcefully. She glanced up at him, fear in her brown eyes. Suddenly, her face changed into an angry look and she opened her mouth to speak.
“Where the hell am I?”
At first, he was surprised at her language. Young ladies were hardly supposed to be this rude, and she didn’t seem to recognize him at all. Frustrated, Max said, “Don’t play that little game with me. I know all about you thieves. You steal, but when you get caught, you play the ‘I’m going crazy’ card.”
Aware that he still had her captured, he blatantly lectured her on his knowledge of common household robbers. He looked at her disgustedly as she looked around for some kind of help. She was constantly smoothing her skirt and avoiding his eyes as he glared at her.
“Are you listening? You’re being charged for a very serious crime.”
“Let go of my arm you bastard. Who the hell are you? And what makes you think I stole anything!?” said Liz angrily. She tried to wrench her arm away, but Max stubbornly held on. He only tightened his grip as she stared at him fiercely. She seemed to be trying holding back another retort or insult. In response, he shook his head and smiled charmingly.
“No. And in answer to your question, I am Maxwell Evans in the flesh. I’m surprised you couldn’t identify me. You should be honored that the son of the richest man in New York is turning you in to the police.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t know how I got here or what I’m doing here. One minute I was in this old, wrecked mansion and the next I was in your room,” replied Liz feverishly, she was rather surprised at how insane he was. Maxwell Evans had disappeared hundreds of years ago; he should be buried 3 feet under by now. Now she was becoming frightened. They were too deep into the secluded forest. No one would be around to save her or hear her scream if he murdered her, or worse yet, raped her. She hysterically tried to console and bargain with him, but the man had already started to ignore her rants and complaints. He forcefully started pulling her out of the forest but was met by an obstinate defense. He turned around and glared at her again. Even knowing who he was, she was still remaining extremely bad mannered. She stared back at him and considering her few options. There seemed to be no way to get out of this situation alive without violence. Seeing no other alternative, she brought up her other hand and slapped him hard across the face. A red handprint appeared on the handsome face as he stared down at her in shock.
‘Who the hell does this girl think she is? No one slaps Maxwell Evans and gets away from it. What am I talking about? No one slaps Maxwell Evans. Period. Especially some skimpily dressed whore that appeared out of nowhere. She is kind of pretty though…. What the hell?? Where the fuck did that come from? She just slapped you… remember?’
Shocked that she had slapped him, Max released his hold on her arm. Liz fell several steps back and suddenly tripped over a protruding rock. With a small yelp of pain, she fell to the ground with a sick crack and remained still. Although he was still dazed from her attack, Max immediately rushed over to examine the young woman. Apparently, she had accidentally hit her head against the large, stony rock. Blood had already begun to seep out of the wound and onto the forest floor. Her pulse was still throbbing miraculously. Sighing heavily, he carefully picked up the small form, grunting under her weight. Although he despised her attitude, he couldn’t afford to let her die. His father would lash him ten hundred fold if he found out that his son had been involved in some ghastly murder.
Shifting unsteadily on the forest floor, Max tried to bring the unconscious body into civilization. Although it had taken close to ten minutes to run into the wooded area, it would take longer to find his way out, especially since he was carrying the strange young woman. The towering branches and unseen roots hindered him in every way possible. No matter where he went, nothing looked familiar and everything was the same. The leafy branches didn’t often shed light onto the green undergrowth, but soon it began to turn a dull red. The sun was setting and soon it would be nighttime. The dark-haired man had camped in Yosemite with his friends before, but then he was sheltered in a warm, comfortable, brightly lit log cabin. Who knew what creatures lurked about in the dark? As a young boy, his nurse had always scared him from exploring the forest by telling him of ogres and strange animals that would kill him on sight. Isabelle of course had chided him for being so naïve and wanted to see what the fairy tale monsters looked like. But being a girl, she wasn’t even allowed out of the summer abode without an escort. To his immense relief, he was able to exit the forest after three minutes of wandering around. He groaned inwardly, kicking himself for overreacting…. Again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So I was carrying her and all I could think about was…

(you’d think that the pompous son of the richest man in New York would compliment on how beautiful her eyes were or how I could see myself reflected in her eyes right? REALITY CHECK!!)

Do you think carrying a person 300 yards is easy?!

{{{Max hears snickering from the reader. “Hehehe, what a WIMP!” }}}

“You in the back! What did you say?!”

“Oh… nothing,” the person rolls their eyes and mutters a word sounding suspiciously like “wimp”.

“You want to carry 2/3 of your weight for 300 yards?! HUH? I dare you to try!!? ”

::silence reigned over the reader’s room::

“Not Mister big shot anymore now are you? I thought so.”

As I was saying before I was SO RUDELY interrupted she was kind of pretty in a weird way, but whatever. All I was thinking is how can I get past Isabel and Tess when I get home. Isabel is okay, but once she tells Tess then I’m never going to hear the end of it. (Sshh! Tess is my girlfriend, but she annoys the CRAP out of me. SHHH! So don’t tell her anything. Not a word.)


I’m wandering along the grounds and suddenly the ice princess spots me and comes running up to me. I can just imagine my tombstone now….


Maxwell Evans

“May he never be forced
to hear Tess’ high-pitched whines
and see her long red talons
ever… again”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tess gawked at the strange couple as her blue eyes raked over him. Max was near the point of exhaustion and his mind could barely contemplate the blonde’s presence. She was about to open her lips to comment but the young woman quickly rushed away, hoping she wouldn’t chase after him because of her tight girdle. His girlfriend stared after him before realizing what was happening. Instead of chasing after him and wasting her limited energy, she immediately told her handmaid to deliver a message to Isabelle about her brother’s latest mistake. The servant bowed deeply before sprinting across the grass and into the mansion. Knowing Max would be delayed by the naked girl in his arms, the maid would arrive and inform his sister first.


Liz still hadn’t awakened although the bleeding had stopped. He desperately hoped that she didn’t have anything more serious than a minor concussion or another small ailment. It wouldn’t do any good to the Evans name is a carcass had been found in his arms. In fact, there would probably be two corpses to deal with once his father found out. He walked across the three hundred yards to the huge mansion, looking around suspiciously for any spying eyes. Max darted across the courtyard and neared heavy, oak doors. He was about to breath a sigh of relief when the entrance opened to reveal his Isabelle rushing out, ruffling her heavy skirts.
Isabel was Max’s younger sister and only other sibling. A beautiful young lady who had many admirers, but all she ever wanted was a real friend, not someone after her fortune or looks Her curious mind always wanted to know everything that went on about their huge estate. Even if it wasn’t ladylike, Isabel asked all kinds of awkward questions and demanded answers. Usually Max would just give her a pat on the head and say that she shouldn’t worry her pretty little self about anything. But right now he wasn’t in the mood for her questions. If Isabel knew about this incident it would be only a matter of time before Tess knew and he would never hear the end of it from both his father and mother. His father wanted Tess to be part of the family because of her vast riches. His mother was fooled into thinking that Tess was just a sweet, lovely little girl, but what does she know?! Now if carrying the thief’s unconscious body wasn’t enough, he needed to find a way to bribe or blackmail Isabelle so she wouldn’t repeat the scene to another soul.
“Hey Max! Tess said you ran after some screwy dressed girl so she was really worried. Eew what’s that girl wearing? Excuse me I meant, what isn’t that girl wearing? My god! She looks like a… a prositute! Max… She doesn’t look so good!”

Damn! Tess knew. Too late for the ‘ Not enough air gets to my brain because of my girdle’ or ‘You’re just a woman… Don’t worry about it’ plan!

“She fell and hit her head pretty hard. Be a dear and get some smelling salts or something, okay?”
With this mystery girl in his arms, he quickly ascended the stairs. Her weight was threatening his grip as he tried to get a better grip. Her eyes fluttered and for a moment Max thought she had finally awoken. But she soon drifted back into unconsciousness and he was forced to carry her to the top. The lush red carpeting that covered the stairs was soon matted with a collection of dried mud and leaves from his shoes. He sighed deeply once he reached the safety of the second floor and walked through the beautiful crafted and decorated hallway. The sunlight streamed through the clean windows, lessening his fatigue and weariness. After several narrow twists and turns, he made a final right into his bedroom. There, he laid her comfortably down on his bed. Her body was splayed across the covers in a lustful fashion, her face still calm from her deep sleep. A few strands of hair tumbled on her face and Max reached out to brush them away softly. His hand lingered there for a few seconds and he studied her with his dark eyes. Although he had a very nice view when he chased her, she was even prettier than he thought. Her eyes were curved into slim ovals and her nose was dusted with light freckles that he could barely see under the power she wore. His eyes trailed slowly down and her glossy pink lips caught his attention.

What would it be like to kiss her?… What the hell are you saying Max! Father would kill you! You need to be a good little boy and marry Tess so you can get her fortune.

Then he hears a fake sugary voice interrupting his thoughts. Annoyed he looked up to see who just intruded him. Not to his surprise, Tess was standing right in front of him, breathing heavily for her traipse back to the mansion.

Why the did God punish him by letting her live with his family? Just because she was this orphan girl who was so rich she could buy her own country didn’t change his opinion whatsoever! Yeah yeah, so she was his girlfriend, but what’s with her constant nagging about them getting married. Please don’t say anything. For once just let her shut her trap.

“Isabel told me to give you the salt.” Tess looked from him to the unconscious girl with piercing blue eyes. Her lips pursed when she noticed his hand was still tenderly cupping her face. Max followed her gaze before realizing what he was doing. He quickly jerked away the guilty palm and glanced at the blonde woman. He crossed the room and almost snatched the small vile from her hands. He smiled tightly at her and kneeled by his bed again.

“So what happened to her?” The blonde hair girl asked jealousy in her tone. Her silk dress rasped across the carpeting as she took several steps towards him. Max swallowed loudly and tried to maintain his composure. It still irked him to hear her voice full of fake concern. He hastily unscrewed the top and waved it under the strange girl’s nose.

“Nothing, she just fell and hit her head pretty hard that’s all. Is there something you want Tess?” Max said coldly. His dark eyes met her blue ones as he looked up. The blonde woman immediately backed away under his glare. Her face was sketched with be anxiousness and a tinge of… fear? Suddenly, she smiled brightly again and she quickly recovered from her shock.

“Ooooh, I just came up with a wonderful idea. How about we let Maria to take care of her? Then we can continue with our plans for the day! We can watch the sun set and go on a midnight stroll in the park. Have a little picnic, and be back just in time for the banquet your dad is holding. What do you say?” Tess queried trying to get his attention away from the scanty girl lying on the bed. Both her arms were exposed and her legs were only partially covered by a blue material.

If I just leaned down I could see right up her skirt. What a SLUT! But if that’s what Max wants…that can be arranged

Max knew that if he didn’t go with Tess, it’ll be no time before Tess faked her tears in front of his mother and that will be when he’ll keep hearing the same “Why did you break Tess’s heart?” “How can you do that?” “Son, you should know better than that” “You need to get married. Tess is the perfect girl for you.” Then, his mother would tell his father and…. His father would loom over him with his beady eyes. Somehow he knew that he would always be afraid of his father, even when he was in his grave. He shivered to think of all the complications that could arise just because he didn’t accept his girlfriend’s change of plans.

“Yeah sure whatever Tess. Just call Maria up.”

Tess happily left the room, contented with the knowledge that Max would still do whatever she wanted. After she left, he leaned over and let her sniff the smelling salts again. Through the glassy windows, he watched the sun slowly dipping into the horizon, darkening the room considerably. Leaning over her still form, he switched on his beside light. It flickered dimly before illuminating the room and casting shadows. As he pulled back, he noticed his face was merely inches away from her. He maintained his position and enjoyed the close view as her eyes slowly opened. At first she was completely unaware of where she was and what happened to her, but the shards of memories slowly filled the spaces

. the mansion, the arms grabbing her, her fall ….the flashes What did they mean?

Suddenly, her vision sharpened to the face of the young man leaning over. Still dazed, it didn’t register in her mind for several moments. But suddenly…

“OH MY GOD!! What the hell are you doing! Get off of me!” Liz frantically grabbed a pillow and pounded at him. Max threw up his arms in defense but continued to attack him mercilessly. All the while Liz started to sob and yell. “Did you just rape me?”

. What are you so surprised about? She hit you before, who is to say she isn’t going to hit you again
“What! Oh god NO! I saved your life. For all I know you could have had a concussion.”
“If you weren’t holding on to my arm –“
“If you weren’t jerking it away, you wouldn’t have fallen,” Max cut her off. “Now again, who the hell are you? You say you aren’t a burglar, but how did you just suddenly appeared in my rooom?”
“I don’t – ”
The door opened revealing two blonde girls. For several moments, they gaped at the scene before the shorter girl ran over putting his arms around Max’s waist immediately almost as if writing MINE on his forehead. Each of her locks of light blonde hair was curled up and pulled back in a very careful manner. Her long evening gown matched her cold blue eyes perfectly, making a wonderful ensemble. The other girl had darker blonde hair and it was also curled, but in a more loosely manner. Her light green dress matched her soft pearly eyes as she gazed in astonishment. After the surprise had worn off, Liz stopped hitting Max and slid away from the group. Her dark eyes stared at their strange clothing for the first time and her mind was overrun with different explanations for their behavior.

These people… what if I’m in some mental institution or something? Maybe there was an underground lab in the mansion and I fell through the floor and…

“Where are you from?” Tess asked in a solemn tone.


“She doesn’t know,” Max interrupted.

“Max dearest, she can talk”

“I’m from Roswell” Liz answered.
“Roswell. Where is that?” The girl with the green eyes asked.
“Poor little girl. You don’t even know where you’re from. It’s okay, you did injure your head rather badly. What’s your name?”
“Liz Parker.”

“little girl”, who does that BITCH think she is?!?

“Elizabeth Parker…” Max repeated in a softer tone.

“yeah….” Their eyes met. Max then began to realize just how beautiful the girl was. Her long, brown hair cascaded down like a waterfall and blended with her dark chocolate eyes. They stared at each other, Liz angrily, Max mesmerized by her beauty. Their gazes held for several silent moments before Tess broke the uncomfortable silence.

“Anyway, Max, we should get going.”

“Maria, please show Miss Parker to the guest room. Perhaps she’ll remember something in the morning. She should rest comfortably,” Max informed Maria.

“Gladly,” Maria cheerily replied. She crossed the room and gently took Liz’s arm and led her out. Max looked after her with an expression Tess couldn’t place. His dark amber eyes were glazed over as he stared into space, silent and brooding. Tired of waiting, Tess forcefully grabbed Max’s arm and dragged him out of the bedroom.

What kind of name is Liz Parker? Who introduced themselves like that?! Tess cooed Max’s name “Max we really should be going.” Reluctantly Max reverted his attention to the blonde woman after seeing the long flight of stairs. Although he seemed to be listening to Tess’ blabbering, his thoughts were elsewhere on … Liz….

“So Miss Elizabeth—”

“Just Liz would be fine.”

“Okay then, Liz, are you sure you don’t remember anything?”
“If I tell you, you’ll think I’m crazy.”
“Try me,” Maria answered quickly very intrigued by the young woman. Although she knew Tess drove the poor young man mad, how could he resort to … this level? She admitted the strange girl was rather pretty but in very odd clothing. She had none of the common necessities, her hair was limply hanging in her face, and she was practically naked. It shocked her to see that one of the most prominent families in New York had such immense power. At least, Phillip Evan’s son seemed to think so. Her eyes studied the dark-haired woman again. Like the saying went, “Whatever he wants, he gets.”

“I remember everything, but I don’t…this is so weird. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“Come on. I promise I won’t tell anyone. People think I’m a little tipsy-turvy too.”

“Well you see, I came from the year 2001 and I’m guess this isn’t—”

“Really?” Maria said in a half believing tone. “Is that why you dress like that?”
“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“A little bit TOO revealing I believe. Anyway, maybe you should go to the ball we’re at the mansion today. You might recognize someone there. Mr. Evans is inviting almost everyone in New York.”

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me,” Liz said softly, “Yeah, okay I’ll go. I don’t have anything to wear though.”
Maria studied her again with her mischievous eyes before grinning at Liz. Grasping her companion’s thin wrist, she pulled her up from the luxurious bed and across the room. A chandelier hung high in the domed roof, its mirror light splashed across the thick carpet. Liz openly gaped at the richness of the room and the large bed. All of the furniture seemed to be imported from exotic places such as India and China, even the velvety rug seemed to be an authentic. Her dark eyes took in the silky covers of the bed and the paneled doors. The stained windows seemed to have been freshly cleaned that morning and filtered the last rays of sunshine into the bright room. Liz abandoned her dirtied shoes and reveled the feel of the lush flooring against her tired feet. Curiously, Maria didn’t seem to be affected by the beautiful environment at all. She merely slid the white doors away to reveal enormous bathroom.
Dim candles lit the interior, creating a warm atmosphere. She padded softly across the marble tiles and looked around more carefully while Maria drew a bath. The faucets and sinks seemed to made of pure gold and sparkled. Liz felt the smooth marble counters and wandered about, examining the painted walls. Although the marble bathtub was gigantic, it was soon filled the top with bubbles. Maria smiled at her accomplishment.

“My room is right next door. If you ever need anything just run over, okay? As for the dress, I have the perfect one for you. After you take a bath, and wash out all the blood from your hair, I’ll help you get dressed.”

The blonde woman left and closed the doors behind her, letting Liz have her privacy. The dark-haired woman sighed but soon sank into the bathtub tiredly. The warm water soothed her fatigue as she mulled over what happened that day. After several minutes of splashing about the water, Liz emerged clean and no longer saddened by the state of events. She quickly dressed in a bathrobe and opened the sliding doors to reveal an impatient Maria. The other woman’s face visibly brightened as she grabbed Liz’s arm and led her across the hall and into her own room. With a slight movement of her hand, she turned on the light switch. The bright light filled all the dark, shadowy corners revealing another version of Liz’s room. She placed her hand on a gold colored handled and opened the closet door. Maria disappeared into its dark depths and emerged holding a beautiful frilly dress.

“Wow! It’s… so wonderful!”

The gown easily reached the floor with its light blue fabric. The sleeves were large and billowy, covered with a sheer material. As she examined it even further, she noticed that the dress was composed of several layers. Liz glanced warily at the small waistline and the large skirt. It showed a fair amount of cleavage Liz noted, as she felt the fabric. It was very soft and smooth like silk. As she turned it around, she found that a white silk shawl complete the ensemble. It seemed like something a fairy tale princess would wear to dance with her prince.

But we all know fairy tales don’t exist…

“Thanks! I have wonderful taste… don’t you think so?”

“Yes! Thank you for letting me borrow this dress!” said Liz as she twirled around with it in front of the large golden mirror. She could almost image herself wearing it now, waltzing about the ballroom and every man there would look at her as if she was the most beautiful one in the world. “ So why do you live here Maria? Are you part of the family?”

“Well, not exactly. You see, I’m Isabel’s friend. Isabel is Max’s sister.”

“Oh I see. Poor Isabel… She has such an arrogant brother.”

“Yeah, arrogant is a very good way to describe him. Anyway, I can’t find a place to live because I just moved here from California so I’m living here until I find one. By the way, the girl with the blonde hair is Max’s girlfriend. Here is a good warning, don’t get in her way. Firstly, she’ll fry you alive. Second, she has a lot of connections. I saw the way Evans was looking at you. Not something you want to get involved in if I were you. First of all, Tess never wants to lose anything. Especially Max. He is the only person who refuses to her property and she’ll isn’t going to give up without a fight.”

Liz looked at her confused while Maria continued on with her blabbering. “Second, Max breaks girls’ hearts all the time. The only reason Tess is staying so long is because he is both handsome and rich!" The door creaked and suddenly a tall, blonde girl appeared at the door. Her elegant dark purple dress flowed around her ankles gracefully. Her neck was covered in a gorgeous diamond necklace that jingled softly as she flipped her long hair behind her bare shoulders. The young woman glanced suspiciously at Liz first and then Maria. Although she was dressed appropriately for the ball, she had no make-up and her hair had not been touched. Her high-heels sank deeply into the rich carpet as she crossed the room to the other girls.
“Excuse my friend here. She gets carried away and you’ll never get her to stop.” With that, a pillow flew at the tall, blonde girl’s face. Maria giggled and clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter.

“I can introduce myself you know. Hey, my name is Isabel Evans.”

Author's note: ending for this chapter is pretty stupid, but maybe if I finsh studying, I'll add another part to it to make the ending for chapter 2 better.

LyLaZnAnG3L: you forgot to thank ME you dork! and remember Dream...
"yen = nice" *big* I'm just gonna change this a little bit cuz I wasn't satisfied with it... Gonna redescribe the dress... sorry it was so sparse with the description.. I didn't know what to say!! And I hafta describe Isabel... oh durn! heheh :grin: Thanks for all the feedbacks!

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I can't write it tonight. I'm loaded down with school work, tutoring homework, and projects, etc. *sad* Maybe you can get like part 3A out.


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Okay, sorry about that. Here you go!!

Chapter 3: Part A
Liz gasped in shock as she recognized the name. She faltered in her response and gazed at the young woman. She looked exactly like the photos she had seen in the newspaper, the same mischievous smile, the same warm brown eyes, the same cascade of blonde hair. Was this really happening to her? What if this was all just a dream… what if the old mansion had collapsed in her and she was unconscious and… She nodded her head faintly. She was just a hallucination; Kyle would come rescue her once he saw the mansion fall. He knew she had been inside. But as long as she buried under a pile of rubble, she might as well enjoy herself. She smiled as best as she could before answering.

"Liz Parker, it's nice to meet you."

"Liz Parker as in Elizabeth Parker of the PARKER INDUSTRIES?!?!" Isabel's eyes opened wide in astonishment. She studied the strange girl's outfit and bit her lip suspiciously. Liz looked at the girl in the purple dress with confusion written etched on her face. Her limp brown hair dripped conspicuously onto the floor as she tried to tuck it into her fluffy bathrobe.


"What are you doing here? Isn't your corporation in Florida?"

"Isabel, Miss Parker had a little accident a while back," started Maria. She glanced at Liz and tried to reassure the confused young woman with a tight smile. The two friends walked several steps away and suddenly began a verbal battle. Their voices were low and Liz could only catch a few words such as: ‘whore’ ‘Tess’ and ‘Max is an idiot’ before ignoring the hurtful comments. Maria and Isabelle whispered furiously to each other with Maria waving her arms about occasionally. All the while, Liz nervously shuffled on the floor, suddenly aware of her state of clothing. Finally, the two stopped their short-lived argument and faced their third companion. Isabelle glared at her but remained silent. Maria approached her carefully before grinning endearingly.

“Let’s get you dressed.”

There were several short jerks and Liz noticed she could no longer breathe correctly. Isabelle seemed to be reveling in the fact that her new friend could barely stand the pain as she tugged on the tightly laced girdle. She was about to bend over from the pain but realized too late that would only make the situation worse. Maria stood several feet away, seemingly preparing the rest of her outfit. She gave a sharp yelp of pain as the material chafed her skin and her ribs cracked under the pressure. The blonde woman smirked as she tightened the strings and tied a neat knot. Liz massaged her sore side and stared at her angrily. Apparently, Max’s sister did not enjoy her company and made it a point of making it clear. She had always pitied the young woman because of her cruel past, but it seemed she didn’t need her sympathy at all. She was independent and strong; she didn’t want or need anyone’s help. Liz tried to sigh but only managed to choke on the air as Isabelle giggled softly at her discomfort. She patted her waist and was amazed to find it had indeed become several inches smaller.

‘The girdle… America’s original Slim Fast…’she thought to herself bitterly as she watched the two other girls. Isabelle was admiring her silky dress and was impatiently waiting for Maria to finish. The other blonde woman had long since disappeared into the gigantic closet; the only sign of life were the clothes being thrown out. The small pile grew tremendously in a few moments before she emerged, looking wildly exhilarated.

“…I… can’t… breathe…” Liz said breathlessly. Both Isabelle and Maria laughed humorously as the dark-haired woman struggled to inhale and exhale. She glared at them fixedly and leaned against the bed post from lack of air. Her head had steadily grown lighter and lighter and she felt as if she were floating in the air. Their laughter echoed strangely across the lavish bedroom before reaching her ears.

“Of course you can Miss Parker,” replied Maria as she smiled widely. “You must remember to breathe evenly with shallow breaths. I’m surprised you forgot how to. You must’ve worn girdles all your life!”

Liz tried to keep up her fake charade of actually remembering and stood up straight. Isabelle frowned at this and the room became silent again as Maria shuffled through the garments. She chatted lightly before finally becoming quiet. She whirled about triumphantly holding up a silky undergarment. It was a pale ivory color and ran over her fingers in soft waves. She was amazed at how wonderful it felt against her skin as she slid into it and seemed to soothe her aches. It was worth not having oxygen just to wear it. The two other girls piled on some more layers on before she was actually able to see the final blue gown she was about to put on. An hour later, she stood in front of the golden mirror and stared at herself in awe.

Her long brown hair had been pulled up into intricate rings, each looping in and out in masses of dark silk. Several strands curved around her face and neck in soft curls. Liz twirled in front of the mirror, relishing the smooth satin of the dress as it flowed around her ankles. The lace tickled her as she stared at the looking glass. Was she really lying in a crippled bloody heap under the broken mansion? Or was this really real? She placed her hand against the smooth surface and was almost surprised to feel its coldness under her fingertips. Liz wrenched her palm away and looked at it. It was as she always remembered it pale and delicate. She remembered hating herself for having hands that bled easily and ached from hours of working. But now... now it all fit. She was Elizabeth Parker now. Not Liz or Lizzy the Lizard as Alex always called her. She was part of an elite society and was about to attend one of the most wonderful balls of the century. Liz was about to laugh at herself but instead coughed and choked once the corset did its job.

She turned around and watched as the maid finished her job of dressing Maria. The blonde woman calmly bid the servant to leave as she inspected herself in front of the mirror. Liz almost smiled as immediately after the heavy doors closed, Maria stumbled and winced. She was wearing a strapless green gown, complete with a silky white shawl. Her own hair had been clipped back into a neatly styled bun. The young woman smiled weakly at her companions.

"Well... we should get going." ****************************************************************************
She gracefully walked down the oak stairs next to Maria and Isabel, careful not to trip over her long gown. Already, the sound of music floated through the air accompanied by cheerful voices. As she entered, the room steadily grew silent. Liz smiled nervously as everyone's eyes slid towards her. Women leaned into their groups, furiously whispering, "Who is she?" "Have you ever seen her before?", while the men glanced at her with desire burning in their eyes. Liz had always wanted to be like Cinderella when she was a young girl, for everyone to know her and respect her for what she had done. She was the poor peasant girl who would marry her rich prince. But she had never thought it would feel like this. After several tense moments, conversation began again and Maria touched Liz's arm gently and gestured towards the two people who seemed to be the center of attention. A middle-aged woman with blonde hair and the girl she had seen earlier were conversing casually together.

'What was her name again? Jess?? Tass?? Oh yeah, Tess'

“Yes I agree, Max and I should be married by the end of this year.”

“ That would be wonderful, I really would like to see my son settle down with someone like you.”

“Perhaps we'll have the wedding in--” Tess turned her attention to Maria as they approached. Her blue eyes widened in surprise and disgust as she recognized Liz. She was about to turn around and try to distract her companion before Maria could try and interrupt their conversation. But to her disappointment, she was too late.

"Mrs. Evans, I would like to introduce you to Miss Elizabeth Parker," she said enthusiastically. The dark-haired woman by her side smiled tightly and tried to curtsy neatly. Tess almost snorted as Liz nearly fell over from her attempt. Unfortunately, Mrs. Evans didn't seem to notice the embarrassing incident but was intently listening to Maria.

“I hope it isn't too much trouble Mrs. Evans, but can Miss Parker stay here for the time being? She had an atrocious accident at the park earlier and--” Maria asked. Tess glared at the other blonde woman but recovered herself in time. She immediately retaliated to prevent the whore from ever gracing the mansion with her presence again. Max wouldn't get the chance to look at her the way he did. She silently promised herself that. Liz was going down and nothing could stop Tess from seeing to it.

“Why of course not here was no incident at the park. For all we know, she is a beggar passing through, trying to find a few scraps of food!”

“Tess she injured her head! Mr. Evans witnessed it? Are you saying Maxwell is a liar?”

“My poor child, are you alright?" asked Mrs. Evans anxiously.

“I’m fine-”stared Liz but she was immediately cut off by the older woman.

“Of course you can stay here my dear. Since you are my guest, I’ll have to introduce to everyone.”

“But Mother, I wanted to show Miss Parker around,” Isabel pleaded. There were so many possibilities for the dark-haired wench. If she really was a part of the Parker Industries as she thought, that meant she was much wealthier than Tess was. Her father would heartily approve of her marriage to Max and she would have his good graces for being a wonderful matchmaker. She narrowed her brown eyes at Liz as she planned it out carefully. First, she would make Maria distract Tess and then properly introduce Max to Miss Parker. Of course, Maria wouldn't know her true intentions but...

”Oh... Please wait for me! I do love you, no matter what Father says” she picked up her dress and ran after him, but he had already became a figure disappearing into the setting sun Slowly Isabel came back to reality.

She bit her lip and watched her mother carefully. At first, Diane Evans looked thoughtful for a moment and glanced at her daughter in surprise. Tess eagerly looked on, hoping that she had changed her mind about Miss Parker's stay. But instead, Mrs. Evans threw up her hands nonchalantly and smiled.

“Oh, if that’s what you want sweetheart, go ahead.”

Liz’s POV
When Isabel said she was going to introduce me to everyone in the ballroom, I thought I would meet about a few choice couples. No. I was introduced to EVERYONE in the ballroom. EVERYONE. I even memorized their names thanks to Isabel's elbowing and insulting words. There are over a hundred people jammed into the ballroom. Did she have to introduce me to EVERYONE? The answer is... YES. I can barely breathe anymore!!

But dancing…ah, dancing would be fun. Too bad I’ve spent so much time walking around and not breathing instead of dancing. Okay, Lizzy, all you have to do is stand in a corner by yourself. Someone will definitely ask you to dance. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully? Nah....

An hour had passed before she had finally been able to ditch Isabel in a tide of overenthusiastic dancers. She smiled at the thought of the young woman being crushed under their quick feet. She had long since given up on the notion of someone asking her to dance. It was too wild a fantasy to even think about. Liz chuckled to herself and gazed out the window again. She almost wished someone was there to share the beautiful view with her. Outside, tiny twinkling lights were pasted across the heavens and soon more could be seen winking at her. It would've been nice even if Kyle were there watching the blue waves lap against the beach and retreat again. They could walk barefooted next to each other, his arm over her shoulder, the moon dancing off her splendid face, a soft melody playing. Liz, this isn’t the movies. Real life isn’t like that.

She leaned against the window pain and remembered not to sigh at the last moment. Maybe it wasn’t real…but it was really beautiful...

"May I have this dance Miss Parker?"
Author's Notes:
uh... we'll have Part B up by Tuesday at the latest. Sorry this part was soooo short... Isabel had writer's block! And she wrote really bad stuff and I had to make it all better! ^.^ And LOOK Dream! O_O I updated! HAH!

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Author's note If anything is messed up in this sotry, blame Vicky, she is the one who sent me the wrong version!! *big* So here you go, Chapter 3B

Chapter 3B

“May I have this dance, Miss Parker?”

The sound of “dance” was like a sweet melody to her. How she wanted to dance so much! Her thoughts soon turned to a picture of Kyle garbed in a black tuxedo with a complete set of coat tails and white gloves. Her pink lips curled up into a wide grin as she thought of who could be asking her. She watched her reflection in the window and made sure there were no loose strands upon her face. She smiled prettily and prepared to turn around slowly, careful not to strain her corset.

“I would love—” whirling around from the view of the sandy beach, she expected to see a dark, handsome and tall mysterious man reaching out to her. But much to her surprise…All she saw was a wrinkly, old, and worst yet, cross-eyed man staring back at her gleefully. She almost flinched and stumbled back several steps, shocked and disgusted by the sight. He was dutifully dressed in a grey suit, rolls of fat seen clearly through the white pressed shirt. He smiled at her cordially, showing off his display of gold and silver teeth. Liz returned his smile tightly, wracking her brain thoroughly for some explanation for not being able to dance.

SHIT!! This sure as hell not at all like my imagination .See, if I don’t dance, I hurt his feelings…If I do dance… ack… let’s just say I won’t be able to eat for a LOOONG time….damn… I just HAVE to be a nice person don’t I?!?!

“Uh….”she started hesitantly. Her brown eyes flickered to the awaiting gentlemen, as he patiently stood on the balls of his feet. She kept smiling nervously but her thoughts were mangled with mixes of prayers to God to not force her to dance and how much she wished she could die right this instant.


Max stood by himself by another set of large windows, gazing carelessly out at the stars. Why did he have to keep thinking about that girl? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen anyone like her before…She wasn’t even that pretty. He sighed again as he spotted Liz’s face, mirrored in the ocean. Finally, he gave up the spot to a meandering couple and walked back into the crowd, rejoicing in the fact that Tess still hadn’t been able to find him. He suddenly caught view of the blonde woman, happily chatting with her group of gawking friends. Max quickly ducked behind a trio of old ladies, and hid behind a fruit bowl. He bent over in relief and waited for his next chance to avoid her line of view before an arm suddenly grabbed his own.


Just then someone came up from behind and put a hand possessively around her waist. Liz almost cried, silently thanking whoever had come to her rescue. Her gratitude was quickly replaced by anger when she realized who her savior actually was. She tried to writhe from his strong grip, but he only pulled her closer, as if pointing out to the old man that they were together.

“Now, Miss Parker, you promised me a dance,” he whispered softly and –– just loud enough for cross-eyed man to hear. “I’m so sorry Mr. Kennel, maybe later. I’m not going to lose a chance with this beautiful woman.” He gave Liz a gallant smile. She recoiled and bitterly frowned at him. The well-built young man only chuckled as Mr. Kennel shuffled away, severely disappointed. A few strands of hair tousled on his forehead; but besides that, every other strand was combed and in its place. His black tuxedo was perfectly iron, his crisp collar upright and proper. He looked every inch the young man who was supposed to be one of the richest in the world.

As Max looked at the mysterious girl that had just appeared out of no where; he was mesmerized. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. There was something else about her; something that he didn’t see in other young woman that tried to win his admiration. How many ladies slapped gentlemen?! How many dared to call him a bastard? But no… it was her eyes. There was boldness in them—a twinkle of mischievousness and courage. He couldn’t help but look deep into the dark chocolate and become lost. Her eyes flashed angrily at him, but it was too late… He was captivated and couldn’t pull away.


Maria sat on a luxurious couch in the corner of the room, watching the scene before her curiously. She giggled quietly as Liz suddenly lost her temper. Many couples blocked her view of who she was actually talking to and this annoyed her to no end. As another rush of dancers came about, curiosity overwhelmed her good judgment and she craned her neck to see. This didn’t seem to do any good at all and only resulted her falling into another person’s lap. The man beside her chuckled at her and watched cheerfully as she blushed. He wrapped a comforting arm around her and together they watched the ballroom waltz.

“Oooh, who is the pretty new girl?” he queried when Liz turned her face briefly in their direction. Maria gave him a death glare before punching his shoulder.

“Ow! Sorry! Sorry!” He rubbed the spot tenderly as he apologized profusely to the young woman sitting beside him. She out rightly ignored him as she rolled her eyes disgustedly. His constant line of words was soon muffled as the music started up again. People all around them talked joyfully about events happening around the world, their concerns were nothing more important than how to hire good servants.

Men like Michael shouldn’t even be allowed to be rich…she thought resentfully. She glanced at the young man beside her and noticed that he had already moved onto watching other woman dancing on the smooth marble floors. She was about to hit him again to remind him of her presence when she caught a glimpse of a dark figure next to the girl in the blue dress.

“Hmm, wonder who that is next to Liz?”


Isabel stood next to Tess in the corner sipping her champagne. Tess was busily talking about things she obviously didn’t know about but didn’t seem to be aware that the other blonde had stopped listening. She waved her pale hands around, carelessly splashing her wine onto the clean tiles. Isabel hid her revulsion by taking a long draught from her glass before setting her plan in motion.

Maxwell… prepare to see what sisterly wrath can do to you…

“Tessie, my dear, looks like your so called ‘fiancé’ is trying to get a fling,” she said nonchalantly. She pointedly glanced at a tall dark figure and the smaller outline of Liz. Tess followed her gaze but waved it off carelessly.

“I think you’re quiet mistaken Isabel, that isn’t Max.”


Max leaned down and whispered huskily into Liz’s ear, “You owe me big time Miss Parker.” She groaned inaudibly but happily watched Mr. Kennel’s large form disappear into another crowd of young ladies. She almost smiled to see that there were old farts just about everywhere. She turned around to face the blonde man again and ask him what he wanted from her.


“Max is too much of a gentleman to ask some other girl to dance with him. Especially since he didn’t even ask his girlfriend first. I mean, he still has to hold up the image of his father’s company.”

“Yeah, keep convincing yourself with that stupid explanation Tess,” Isabel let out a victorious laugh. She was bubbling over with delight. (Either that or it was the champagne) This was working perfectly, Tess had already started to twitch nervously under her blue gaze. The first sign that the blonde woman had started to break down was her strange worried shudders. “But if you’re right, then where is your boyfriend now?”


“Why would I owe you anything? I would’ve had the chance to dance if you hadn’t butted in.”

Max grinned down at her and pointed to the retreating outline of the cross-eyed man. He watched her shudder involuntarily before catching herself and glaring at him. His smile only widened and he began to laugh uncontrollably.


“There must be some reasonable explanation! He might have had an errand to run for Mr. Evans,” stated Tess. Her face visibly brightened as if some notion had actually come to her. She readily changed the subject and tried to get around the fact that Max had disappeared. “But anyway, whoever that man next to the brown hair girl is, he is very kind. He saved her from the embarrassment of dancing with Mr. Kennel!!”

“Yeah, um-hum,” Isabel replied in a half-believing tone. Even Tess didn’t seem to believe herself as she twisted her fingers awkwardly. She hid her smile by taking another sip of the warming liquid. She allowed herself to savor the feel of the champagne sliding down her throat and warming her entire body. Finally, it was time to place the last step of plan into motion. Absolute perfection. Nothing could go wrong. Max would pay for what he did to her.

“I’m sure that isn’t Max.” Isabel let out a hearty laugh and relished Tess’s nervousness. Yes. Nothing could go wrong. She glanced around the roomy ballroom before letting her eyes fall on two figures. Her blue eyes narrowed as she smiled wickedly.


“From what?” She asked getting annoyed. Her slippers tapped against the marble as she waited impatiently for a response. There was just something about him… Something that just royally pissed her off…

Why do I get so angry when I’m around him?! Oh yeah, because of the fact that he dumped his family after his father died!! And his voice! AGHH! His stupid, arrogant voice and the way he … Forget it. I don’t want to even think about him…But this was a dream…right? Here is this handsome man standing right in front of me and I’m getting pissed... Yes… there is something definitely wrong with me…

“I did save you the embarrassment of having to dance with Mr. Kennel!” Max exclaimed making up a reason so she would do him a favor. “And plus… he is a wrinkly, old fart.” He said in an off-hand way, making sure to emphasize old and wrinkly.

“….What’s your point?”

“Well… many young ladies with excellent matters have died of embarrassment before. It’s actually been proven that anyone who dances with Mr. Kennel will forever be humiLizted,” Max stated in matter-a-fact voice. He brushed his dark hair back and smiled at his little joke. Liz raised one eyebrow with loathing and sighed.

dim-witted, cocky SON OF A BITCH!!

“So Miss Parker, I believe you do owe me a dance.”

* * * * * *

Didn’t I already give him a piece of my mind?!?! And he still wants to flirt with me… My god… Well since I don’t remember who my father really is either…I guess I wanted to take it out of Max…But then… I AM unconscious…it’s not like anything I do will really matter… right? The only thing is, it doesn’t feel like a dream… Everything… I can feel everything…

Especially the no air thing. I can barely breathe…maybe it’s because I’m was buried alive and I’m suffocating underneath the mansion. Oh well… might as well enjoy this as long as my brain is still crazy and whacked… Wait! Didn’t he have a girlfriend or something? …with what’s her name…That weird girl….?

* * * * * * * * * *

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“What you mean Tess? Don’t worry Miss Parker, she won’t mind at all. In fact she would love for you to do me the honors.”

In your DREAMS Max smug bastard… Evans who dumps his family! What kind of a boyfriend is he? I mean Kyle…he at least wouldn’t go off on me with another girl.

Or at least I hope he didn’t…..

“Well she doesn’t look so happy right now…” Liz quickly glances in Tess’s direction, catching the young woman studying them intently. Her blue eyes were furrowed in concentration as she watched Liz and the dark-haired man. Isabel was still smiling a small smile at her victory. Tess was now very suspicious and soon she would abandon all her pretenses and try to find out if that was really Max dancing with another girl.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like the end of the world. She’ll be fine. Come on. One dance, I won’t bother you again. Please?”

“Only one dance?”

“One dance.”

“Oh … alright,” Liz said rather reluctantly. Max took Liz’s hand and led her across the dance floor. With that simple gesture, they both felt a warm feeling shoot through the palms of their hands. She looked up at him with surprise as he stared down at her. There was something in his eyes that she could not understand. Something she hadn’t seen since this night.

The pianist began playing the soft melody of “Eyes on Me” while being accompanied by the soft strings of several violins. It all seemed so wonderful at that moment as the chandeliers were dimmed into a soft hue. The chatter quickly died down and was replaced by soft, affectionate whispers. Her thoughts were fuzzy and strangled along with images of his dark eyes. A beautiful voice began to sing.

“Whenever sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
Whenever said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real or just my fantasy
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar”

He give her a half smile as they slowly waltzed to the music. She seemed to avoiding his eyes and was carefully looking away and at the brightened stage. Max was suddenly annoyed at being ignored, no matter how beautiful she was. His eyes twinkled as he thought of a plan to really exasperate her.

“Wow, Miss Parker, you look so different. I didn’t even recognize you for a second there,” he gushed. His manners clearly effusive. It had the desired effect as she glanced at him suspiciously. She wasn’t really pretty?! YEAH RIGHT!! **sarcasm** *big* The soft lights seemed to illuminate her beauty. Her eyes reflected the stars as she looked away and up at the glassy ceiling.

“Is that a compliment?” she finally said as she reverted her gaze.

“Well…” he said slowly. He was really enjoying this. She was already steadily becoming irritated and it pleased him
to see what she would do. He only shrugged and gave another smile that revealed nothing.

“Well what?” frustration shone clearly in her voice.

“Well, yes…?” his words a little precarious as if afraid of something. He triumphantly watched her expression change to one of self-satisfaction.

hehehe, he’s afraid of me!! HAHAHA she thought happily.

Yup… I really should become an actor he thought cheerfully.


Tess was absolutely infuriated by Isabel now. The blonde woman had been edging her and pushing her but she knew what her plan was. But she wasn’t about to give in, she trusted Max… He was always so courteous and kind. He couldn’t possibly betray her now when they were so close to getting married… Or could he? She took another glance at the couple that Isabel kept pointing out and suddenly she wasn’t so sure anymore. She rubbed her eyes again and tried to think clearly.

What is Isabel’s problem? I mean, that isn’t Max!! He couldn’t be dancing with another girl! He WOULDN’T!! Especially not in a crowded ballroom where anyone can see them.. She stated in her mind trying to convince herself once again.


“Miss Parker, I wanted to apologize about before. I didn’t mean to get so mad. One minute I was sitting on my bed and the next you appeared. How did you get here?” he asked curiously. It was terribly frightening to think about more people appearing the way she did. She had just appeared out of thin air. As if it were some kind of witchcraft or something of that sort. He shook his head subtly. No… No she could never be a witch. Not someone as beautiful as she. He smirked and watched her reaction to the question. Perhaps her head still hurt from that accident in the park…

“Um…” SHIT! Think Liz, think!

“I don’t remember.”

“I know. I didn’t mean to let you fall; I tried to catch you, but you fell before I could,” Max answered apologetically.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“So you don’t remember anything at all?”


“My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know?
That I had mine on you”

“Ouch!” cried Max as Liz stepped on his foot. She blushed vividly but refused to apologize. The dark-haired man contemplated her for a moment or two before whispering. “You don’t know how to dance do you?”

“What do you mean? Of course I know how to dance!” she replied and tried to do a simple twirl. This resulted in a near tragedy as she tripped over her lacey dress and would’ve fallen to the floor if Max didn’t place his hands on her waist to steady her. He grinned down at her as she threw off his hands and tried to dust herself off. “Ok, ok… so I don’t know how to dance. Does that have to do with anything?”

“I could teach you….”

“Absolutely NOT!”

“Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure
If frown is shown then
I will know that you are no dreamer”

“Well…” said Max as he flung her out. She stumbled again and only barely escaped bumping into another couple. She crashed back into the dark-haired man and he chuckled at her mistake. She swore darkly, but luckily no one heard her except for her dance partner. He looked down at her in shock, although he had already heard her use of language before. He dismissed the thought quickly, and concentrated on his efforts to annoy her. “If you can’t dance… one dance won’t make up for me saving you from Mr. Kennel. You’ll have to dance with me again if you won’t let me teach you.”

“What?!?” cried Liz indignantly. Her voice was heard clearly across the ballroom and cut through the soft whispers that filled it. She immediately blushed again as everyone glanced at her oddly. Luckily, the music beckoned to them more strongly then the desire to humiLizte another human being and soon they were content with dancing slowly to the music. She lowered her voice to an audible whisper, afraid to arouse their suspicions again. “Fine… Fine… Teach me how to dance.”

“So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you”


“That is NOT Max. I even go prove it to you Isabel,” Tess stated confidently. Isabel almost snorted into her drink but nodded slowly to her blonde companion. The young woman pompously turned around and headed towards the dark-haired man and his dancing partner. If there ever were a time for Max to shrivel up and die, it would be now. Tess headed across the ballroom, rudely interrupting waltzing couples to reach them, her blue skirt flowing around her.


It had been several minutes and apparently, Liz was a very fast learner. Already she knew half of the moves and was expertly twirling around in circles. She raised her arms triumphantly and circled him while he scanned the ballroom. He knew that Tess was probably becoming apprehensive of his long disappearance. Although she was slow at times, she always knew when she was missing anything she owned. And she believed that he was her property.

Might someone else recognize him not dancing with his girlfriend?

Of course not, I mean they expect little good boy Max Evans to be with his girlfriend. They’ll never know it’s me on the dance floor with another girl. No one ever suspects me to do anything bad. Except for those stupid rumors that keep floating about… I’ll be in trouble though if someone sees me…

Is that Tess? Oh my god it is! Does she know it’s me?
OkayOkayOkay do something fast Max or else you’ll never ever hear the end of it… Oh umm… I GOT IT!


“What—“ said Liz as she was suddenly dipped. The dark-haired man suddenly swooped down on her and their lips met in a soft kiss.

To be continued….

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