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Okay here we go...First of all here is a link to ALL of Reality, Parts 1-29 Complete...Please let me know if you are missing any parts, you can email me at Kristin80⊕ and I will be more than happy to email them to you. Please let me know also if you have any trouble with links..Okay back now to the story! Thanks again for reading!
Part 29

Liz Parker stood looking at herself in the full length mirror for a moment. Here it was her Wedding day. It may not be just as she had always imagined it but it was still perfect. She had Max and that was what was important to her.

“Oh My God, this is it” Liz said aloud. Maria and Isabel responded with smiles.

“This is it” Maria said taking Liz into a warm hug.

“This is it” Max said pointing at a small white gold band with three small diamonds.

“I thought that you already got Liz a ring?” Michael questioned with some boardom.

Max smiled “I did, but that is her engagement ring and this is her wedding band, and this will fit perfectly around the ring, so they look just like one ring. Like us joining our lives together, it is symbolism Michael”

“Right Symbolism, well Max symbolize this, if we don’t get going you are not going to have time for your little Liz surprise.”

“I’ll take this” Max said to the salesman wondering how he had been so lucky to end up with Liz through all of the mistakes that he had made over the years.

Liz, Maria and Isabel gathered around the counter as they gathered money for their dresses. Liz couldn’t help but smile, everything was happening just as the fates had meant for it to.

Maria picked up the dresses while digging her car keys out of her pocket. “Liz you stop by and pick up Max’s band and me and Isabel are going to take care of some last minute details. Don’t you worry about anything except getting yourself and Max’s wedding band there. We will meet you at the courthouse. We called and they have changing rooms there.” With that Maria kissed Liz on the cheek and they were off.

Max walked to the front desk of Hotel looking around in amazement. It was beautiful, this is where he wanted to be with Liz on their first night as man and wife, a beautiful place where they could just concentrate on each other.

“Excuse me, I would like to rent your bridal suite for the night” Max said to the young man in a suit at the desk.

“That room is available for this evening, it is at the rate of five hundred dollars plus tax. I will just need to see some Identification please” The man said as Max handed him his Credit Card and Driver’s Licence. Max had gotten the Credit Card right after he turned 18 and had never used it until now. He was saving it for something important and he didn’t know what was more important than being with Liz.

Liz walked into the small Jewlery store in downtown Roswell. She walked up to the man at the counter, grateful that he did not know her or her parents, the last thing that she needed right now was someone asking her parents why she was buying a wedding band.

Liz had wandered through this store many times before, picking out the perfect ring for her and Max. It had all just been merly fantasy then but now it was more than that. It was for real.

She walked straight over to the Men’s selection, eyeing all of the band even though she knew which one she wanted. She had seen it before and it just looked right. It was a plain White Gold Band. She signaled to the man.

“I would like this ring, and how fast can you engrave it?”

Max and Michael were silent in the elevator on the way to check out the suite. Max spoke first. “So the man at the desk said that he was having the flowers delivered to the room in about 10 minutes. I want everything to be perfect. Can you and Maria handle your part of the plan?”

Michael looked over to Max. “Max, you can trust me, It will be perfect.”

Liz walked quickly out of the store and into Maria’s Jetta. Maria and Isabel had taken Mrs. Evans car so Liz wouldn’t have to take her parents car or worry about having a car later. She smiled at the small bag that she was holding. Everything seemed to be falling into place now.

Liz flipped on the radio as she sped onto the Highway. The sound of Lifehouse filled her ears. Maria had left the CD in the car. Liz smiled as she listened to the words. “Me and you Max, me and you” she said outloud as Roswell faded in her rear view mirror.


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Okay wow Part 30 already...when did I start this fic and where is it going. I think that sometimes Fic's just start to have a life of their own...this is one of those fics...well thanks as always for reading and the feedback!

Part 30

Liz pulled up to the courthouse with her heart pounding. Her eyes scanned for Max, knowing that he wasn’t supposed to see her, but still wanting to see him. She couldn’t stand being away from him if only to plan their wedding.

Maria and Isabel were just finishing up their makeup when Liz stuck her head into the small room. It wasn’t much, just a small room with a counter and mirror, but for her it was enough.

“Here comes the bride!” Maria giggled pulling Liz into the room. “Max didn’t see you did he?!” Maria shrieked slamming the door behind them. “Relax Maria, I don’t even think that they are here yet.” Liz answered

Isabel walked over to them. “Relax all of you, I just talked to Michael and the boys are on their way. They should be here In about 15 minutes, I told them not to drive to fast because I didn’t want them to catch you on the way it.”

“Good job Is.” Maria said giving Isabel a high-five obviously impressed by her work. Maria was used to being the one who was worried about everything but not she felt as if Isabel was joining her too.

“So..” Maria said slyly taking Liz by the hand. “It is time for hair and makeup!” Isabel finished.

Liz smiled nervously. “Okay you guys, you know that I love you and trust you and all but please nothing too bad. I just want something simple.”

Maria looked slightly offended. “Girl I know you, and trust me I know your wedding look!”

Liz smiled saying the only thing on her mind. “Do you guys think that Max is here yet?”

Max and Michael pulled into the parking lot with Michael driving. Max seemed to focused, to distracted to drive so Michael had taken the wheel after their corndog stop.

Michael took the last bite of his third corndog just as they pulled into a parking space next to the Jetta.

“Earth to Max, Earth to Max, is anyone home!” Michael yelled at the straighfaced Max.

Max replied saying only one thing. ‘Do you think that Liz is here yet?” Michael rolled his eyes as he climbed out of the jeep.

Maria and Isabel worked non stop on Liz until they were done. Maria had pulled her long hair into a french twist at the top of her head and had curls cascading all down her neck.

Isabel had applied soft brown eye liner to Liz’s eyes and a soft white shadow over her eye lids. She had light blush over her cheeks and a soft pink lipstick to top it off.

“I’m done” Maria said after spraying Liz’s head with a light spray of hairspray. “Me too” Isabel answered.

“Okay can I look then” Liz said shyly.

“First the dress, I want you to see the complete look” Maria said leading Liz away from the mirror.

Max walked pacing the floor in his rented tux. “Nervous?” Michael asked as he ate the french fries leftover from the car ride. “No, I mean I am just nervous that Liz might be nervous.” Max answered without skipping a step.

Michael laughed. “Trust me Max, Liz isn’t nervous, she loves you. Trust me, she has proved that to all of us over and over again. Max smiled hoping that Michael was right. He loved Liz with all of his heart, he wanted nothing more than to have her as his wife.

Liz stood still for a moment before turning to face the mirror. If Liz had not known it was her own reflections she might not have recognized herself. Her own jaw dropped at the way she looked. If Liz could have imagined how she would look at her wedding this would be it. She felt a tear start to form in her eye.

“Liz don’t cry, you don’t like it?” Isabel asked. “No, I, I just it is all coming true everything that I have dreamed about. And I look just like I imagined that I would.”

Maria, Isabel and Liz all stood quiet for a moment all thinking about what it had taken to get Max and Liz here and grateful all for their own reasons that they had gotten here after all.

Maria spoke first “Well honey we don’t have too long, so we still have to get some tradition out of the way! First of all I picked up your shoes. White plain ballet slippers, very Liz!” Maria said helping Liz into the plain shoes.

“And then just a few minor details!” Isabels said. “Such as…”

“Something old” Maria said holding out a small box for Liz to take.

Liz opened the small lid peering inside. It was the diamond necklace that her Grandma Claudia had given to her when she was a young girl. It lay simply on a silver chain. Grandma Claudia’s father had made it years and years ago and now Liz had it for her wedding day. She only wore it on special occasions.”

“Maria you remembered. Thank you so much.”

Maria smiled “We went by your house, I knew that you were saving it for today, besides that is what best friends, and sister in laws are for.”

“Something New” Isabel said handing Liz a Victoria’s Secret bag. Inside lay a simply lace white garder. Liz smiled before sitting down to put it on. “Well I guess that one is more for Max!” Isabel joked.

“Something borrowed” Maria said reaching out her hand and giving Liz her favorite diamond earrings.

“And last but not least, something Blue” Isabel said reaching behind her back and handing Liz a single dyed Baby Blue Rose. “It was short notice and what else could we do short of dying you hair?” Maria joked.

Liz smiled thinking of all of the wonderful people in her life. Max, Maria, Isabel, Michael. They meant so much to her and having them there made this so special for her.

Just as Liz was smiling deep in though a knock on the door broke her concentration.

Maria opened the door to an anxious Michael waiting outside. “Well ladies we are lucky today, the only wedding, we are ready whenever you are, Max is waiting in place and trying not to pace around. Maria you can just come out and they will start the music on your cue.”

“Okay, thanks baby” Maria said giving Michael a light kiss before shutting the door on him.

Maria turned to Liz. “Are you ready?” she asked softly.

“I have been ready for a long time” Liz replied.

With that Maria and Isabel stepped out the door. Liz stood in the doorway behind them. The music began and Liz couldn’t help but smile. This was it, her one true dream coming true. And who said that it was never logical to be a dreamer?


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