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First off, this takes place after EOTW, and Liz has NOT yet told max. uuuhh...Max and everyone else are in california cuz I like that place. *wink* and yea that's it.

Title: Forever
Author: Crazeesmilee
Email: jualweff⊕
Rating: Pg-13 (some language?)
Disclaimer: Them everything - Me zilch
Summary: It's Liz and Serena's second year at Harvard. Max and Tess are roommates as friends. Something goes wrong while Liz and Max are trying to move on.
Category: Max/Liz Future
Author's Notes: Still has all the other characters! FEEDBACK! GOOD OR BAD

Part 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tess – I’m going out now okay?

Max has fallen asleep while studying in front of the TV, so his only response is a snort. Tess walks over and gives him a whack on the head.

Tess – Wake up.

Max – Wha? Oh. Did I fall asleep again?

Tess – Yea. I think you should just go to bed. I’m going out.

Max – Again? Kyle huh?

Tess blushes and looks away, causing Max to chuckle.

Max – Well have fun. Good night.

Tess – Right. Um….I’ll see ya. ‘nite.


Liz – I am SO tired.

Liz slumps her bag onto the couch in the apartment. Serena has already gotten take out and is digging in. It’s not much of a surprise, as she is relatively full figured and rosy cheeked. He shoulder length chestnut colored hair falls back as she looks up.

Serena – You want some food?

Liz – No way. I’m too tired to even eat.

She waves off the food offering and trudges toward the bedroom.

Serena – It’s only six! Aren’t you even gonna go over your notes or something? What happened to the innocent Liz that was always studying?

Liz – She went to bed. And I plan on joining her. So good night.

Serena – Well, okay. G’nite.


Tess has been out all night. Knowing that Max is asleep already, she tries to sneak in quietly. She slips in the key soundlessly, but cringes when the door creaks. Hopefully, Max didn’t hear that. *Darn, too late* There is the sound of rustling bedsheets in the distance, and she quietly goes to investigate. Apparently, Max is having a horrible nightmare.

Tess – Max? Max!

Tess takes Max by the shoulders and gives him a good shake.

Tess – Wake up! It’s a nightmare Max!

Max sits up suddenly and gasps. He is covered in sweat and his hair slightly resembles a bird’s nest.

Max – Liz!

Tess – What’s wrong?

Max – I don’t know. I…had a nightmare.

Tess – Yea I know. What happened? It looked pretty bad.

The two of them were not on the best of terms in high school, but living together brought them closer. Close enough for them to share their nightmares.

Max – I…I don’t remember what happened. I just….I just remember Liz.

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Okay...taking too long to post each part separately. here's the rest!

Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Liz and Serena are in class together. The professor is droning on and on, oblivious to the blank stares he is receiving.

Liz – (whisper) He is so boring!

Serena – (whisper) What? He was your favorite professor last week!

Liz – (whisper) I know. I just can’t focus. Maybe I’ll just take a nap.

Serena gasps in feigned surprise and clutches her chest.

Serena – (whisper) What? Liz? Sleeping in class? No way!

Liz doesn’t hear the last remark. She is already asleep.

Serena – Well fine then!

A couple of minutes later, Liz wakes up with an ear-piercing scream that echoes through the lecture hall. Everybody turns to look, including the professor.

Professor – Miss? Are you all right?

Liz is at a loss for words, having just woken up with everyone staring at her. She merely gapes at the professor.

Serena – She’s okay. She thought she saw a spider. Right?

Liz manages a nod, and everyone returns to the lecture.

Serena – (whisper) Are you okay?

Liz – (whisper) Yea…I just had this dream.

She turns away, signaling the end of the conversation. Serena takes the hint and also returns to the lecture. She cannot help but give a suspicious look at Liz.


Class is over and everyoone is leaving the lecture hall.

Serena – Liz, what was that? Are you okay?

Liz – Yea, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I just had this freakishly weird dream.

Serena – What was it about?

Liz – Well, I -- I can’t remember.

Serena – None of it?

Liz – None of it.

Thye stand up to leave, but Liz plops right back down into her seat. Serena gives her a concerned look.

Liz – Don’t worry. Just a head rush. Keep moving.

Together they start to leave again. Before they reach the door, Liz collapses on the floor.

Serena – Liz! Omigosh! Liz!


Two weeks later….

Tess – What did Michael wear?

Kyle – I made him dress properly if that’s what you’re asking.

Tess – What did he wear?

Kyle – Nice slacks, a shirt and a tie alright?

Tess – Did you make him get roses?

Kyle – YES!

Tess – Fine, fine. I just wanna make sure this double date goes smoothly.

Kyle – Well you shouldn’t have asked Michael and Maria to come then.

Tess – Well who was I supposed to ask?!

Kyle – Sorry! It’s just that this is Michael we’re talking about. You can’t fix him. And his dates NEVER go smoothly.

Tess gives a snort of superiority and opens the restaurant door, not wanting to admit that Kyle was right. The two of them freeze when they see Michael, who was indeed dressed quite nicely – WAS-, and Maria making out in a booth.

Kyle – See? I told you I dressed him up.

Tess – Well, I guess it worked then.

They walk up to the booth.

Kyle - Ahem…. AHEM! GUYS!

Michael and Maria jump apart at the sound of Kyle’s voice. Michael’s hair is no longer nice and slicked back and Maria is obviously flushed. Tess and Kyle take their seats across from Maria and Michael.

Maria – Hey guys! We got here a little early. We were wondering when you two would show up! Almost came to thinking you wouldn’t come at all! But you wouldn’t do that now would—

Tess – Waiter!

Part 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After a traditional date of dinner and a movie, the two couples are walking leisurely to their cars. The guys have their arms protectively around their respective others as they chat.

Maria – I can’t remember when I had this much fun!

Kyle – It’s been a while huh?

Michael –(snorts)

Maria – Well it was definitely better than the last time we went on a double date.

Kyle – But last time you guys went with Liz and….oh.

There is a moment of tension as Kyle touches on this sore subject. But Tess comes to the rescue.

Tess – So how is Liz anyway?

Maria – Oh she’s great!

Kyle – You still talk to her?

Maria – Well, duh! She’s my best bud. We don’t go a week without a phone call. Oh crap! She was gonna call tonight too! I havta get home!

Kyle – Calm down. Liz is a sensible and understanding person. You can tell her about your wonderful date tomorrow.

Maria – It’s not just that! She sounded really bad the last time I called. I swear she was giving off these…..these VIBES!

Tess – Vibes?

Maria – Yes vibes! I could totally tell something was wrong. Now come on spaceboy. We’re going to pay a little visit to my phone. You can say hi to Liz too.

Michael – Uh….

Kyle – You sure this isn’t really a visit to your bed?

Maria – Shut up!

Maria grabs Michael and runs to her car.

Michael – You know, if you wanted me that bad you coulda just said so.

Maria – It’s not funny! I mean it. I’ve had this feeling that something bad is gonna happen. It just slipped my mind because I was having such a good time. But now I need to talk to Liz.


The sound of a key turning in a lock is heard and the door to Maria’s apartment is thrown open.

Michael – You know, I bet Liz was just tired from studying so much! Take it easy! I bet she left a message for you on the answering machine too.

The answering machine is indeed blinking. Michael immediately points it out. The Maria sensors kicked in during the last part of their date, and Michael definitely does not want to get caught in the crossfire.

Michael – See? That’s gotta be her. I know it. So stop worrying! I’m going to the bathroom, and when I come out, I want you to tell me everything is all right now, okay?

Michael quickly makes his escape to the bathroom. Maria proceeds to play her messages and take off her coat and shoes.

Solicitor – Hello Miss Deluca. We’re from your local newspaper and we’ve got an offer—


Serena’s voice was next. She sounded shaken and probably was crying. Maria walked over to the machine and stared worriedly at it.

Serena – Hey Maria…um….I know you’re probably wondering why I’m calling and not Liz. Um...yea, well see Liz is sleeping and well she’s sick. She’s always sleeping and throwing up. She gets these nightmares. The doctors have run every test imaginable but they don’t know what’s wrong...and I don't know what to do.

She pauses to catch her breath after spewing that long string of words into the phone reciever.

Serena - I think you should visit her. You and Alex, ‘cuz well, you guys are her best friends. But don’t tell the others. I don’t think Liz is up to seeing them right now….especially Max ‘cuz of the whole…thing….and I dunno….well yea. Bye.

Maria stands stunned by Serena’s words until Michael returned. **Could Liz really be that bad?**

Michael – Did she call?

Maria managed a nod and a weak smile.

Michael – What’d she say? Everything’s fine right?

Maria – Just peachy. In fact…she wants me to come visit her. Me and Alex.

Michael – See? Just fine. I told you so.

Maria smiles tight-lippedly and tries to act cheerful for Michael's sake

Part 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Serena – Maria! Alex!

She gave her friends a warm welcome and a hug, even if they were more Liz’s friends than hers. She knows all of Liz’s friends, but they never got to really know each other. There were obvious lines of stress on her face.

Maria – How’s Liz?

Alex – Is she any better?

Serena’s happy demeanor dropped quite suddenly. She shook her head no. Their moment of silence was broken by loud screams coming from the back of the apartment.

Liz – NO! Stay AWAY! NOOOO!

The trio dashed to the bedroom, leaving their luggage at the open door.

Maria – Liz! Liz it’s me! Maria! It’s okay Liz. Calm down, it’s only a nightmare.

Liz – Maria?

Maria – Yea it’s me babe.

Liz - You came.

Maria - Of course.

Liz – I’m scared.

Maria – What is it chica? You can tell Maria.

Liz – Th--they want to hurt me. They’re coming for me.

Maria – Shhh. It’s okay. I won’t let them hurt you. Alex is here too, he’ll protect you.

Maria cradles Liz’s head and holds her until she falls asleep again. The tear tracks leave a sticky film on their faces, including those of Alex and Serena, who are watching at the door.


Tess is trying to study, but Max’s loud hacking coughs are distracting her.

Tess – Max, I know I shouldn’t say this.…

Max – What?

Tess – It’s just…you’ve been different lately.

Max quirks an eyebrow at her.

Max – What do you mean…different?

Tess – I know this is wrong, but…it seems like you’re sick.

Max – What?! You know we don’t get sick Tess!

Tess holds her hands up defensively and shrinks back slightly.

Tess – I know! But you’ve been coughing and tired. I can see the bags under your eyes!

Max – It’s just stress. Don’t worry.

Tess give Max a wary look, and decides to leave the matter for now. If Max doesn’t want to admit it, then it’s his own fault.



Liz’s dreams are getting more violent and more frequent. Everyone rushes to Liz’s room to wake her up. Liz is buried under a pile of blankets and is hopelessly flailing her arms. Together, Alex and Maria pin her arms down in a fierce hug.

Maria – SSHHhhhh. It’s ok Liz. It’s ok. No one’s coming after you.

Suddenly Liz is thrashing wildly again. She tosses off Maria’s and Alex’s arms and dashes to the bathroom, where she promptly empties her stomach. When she returns, she sobs into Alex’s chest.

Alex – Tell Alex what’s wrong. We’re here for you. The three musketeers forever remember?

Liz is trembling and crying, but she is able to whisper out a shaky response.

Liz – Max. Max. I need Max.

The others share a look. Liz and Max have not seen each other in over a year...and now she is screaming and crying for him?...

Part 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Tess – (groan)


Tess – Please pick up. Please pick up. Please pick up.


Tess practically growls as she snatches up the phone by her bed.

Tess – Hello?

Maria – hello?

Tess – Hello?

Maria – Tess?

Tess – Maria? What are you doing calling at this time?!

Maria – Can I talk to Max?

Tess – WHAT? The stupid idiot doesn’t want to pick up the phone and I have to personally wake him up? No way! You tell me now and I’ll deliver the message tomorrow.

Maria – I need to talk to Max now.

Tess – Why?

Maria – It’s important.

Tess – Important enough to wake me up at one?

Maria – I’m sorry! I just – Let me talk to Max.

Tess – If it’s so important I’m sure you can tell me.

Maria – Fine! You wanna know? Well here it is. My best friend in the whole entire world is…is DYING and I can’t stop it. She won’t stop having these cryptic nightmares at all hours of the night and now she’s delirious and asking for Max and if you don’t give him the damn phone I’m going over there RIGHT NOW to drag his sorry ass over here!

Tess – Umm….oh…..ok then. MAX!!


Max – No.

Isabel – Awww. C’mon Max! Alex and Maria are there. That’s all the reason we need to go! And Liz is our friend too! She’s not just your friend.

Max – You’re not coming.

Isabel – What about tickets? How do plan on getting tickets at this time of year? It’s CHRISTMAS!

Max – I’ll find a way.

Isabel – No you won’t. You need breasts to get tickets. I don’t suppose you have any do you?

Isabel pokes her finger at Max’s chest.

Isabel – No. I didn’t think so. Now see I have breasts. I can get us tickets.

She stuck her chest out to prove her point, knowing that this will hit a nerve with Max.

Max – AUGH! Alright, alright you can go! But I’m buying the tickets.

Isabel – Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Isabel gives her brother a peck on the cheek before bounding out of the room to tell Michael and Tess the good news.

Part 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Isabel – It’s only a couple days. A week at the most.

Isabel skeptically tries to make peace with Max. It doesn’t work.

Max – This wasn’t supposed to happen! I have to get to Liz!

The four “pod people” are stuck in New York. Their flight from LAX made an emergency landing due to a freak snow storm.

Isabel – Listen. Me and Michael are just going to make a phone call ok? We’ll be right back. In the meantime, try and calm down.

She talks to Max like he is a little child. She gives Tess a look that says ‘watch him’ and then leaves.

Tess – It’ll be okay. Really.

Max – No it won’t! There isn’t enough time! We have to leave now!

Tess – But we can’t.

Max – It doesn’t matter. We’ll rent a car.

Max starts to leave, leaving a bewildered Tess.

Tess – What? Wait! What about Michael and Isabel?

Max – Fine. We’ll leave them a note.

Max pulls out a pen and scribbles a note on the back of his plane ticket.

Max – Grab your stuff we’re leaving.

Tess looks back in the direction Isabel and Michael left, but follows Max anyway. It’s safer not to leave Max alone in the state he is in…


Isabel – Hello? ALEX!

Alex - Hey Izzy. Where are you?! Liz is going berserk waiting for Max.

Isabel – She’s not the only one going berserk. We’re stuck in New York in a snowstorm.

Alex – I was hoping it wouldn’t stop you. When will you guys be here then? Please tell me soon.

Isabel – We have no id –

There’s a tussle on the other end and apparently some fighting.

Isabel – Hello?...Hello?

Liz – Isabel? Is Max there? I need to talk to Max. Please! Let me talk to Max!

Isabel had heard that Liz was becoming more and more hysterical. But this Liz didn’t sound crazy. She sounded scared; she sounded desperate.

Isabel – Of course. He’s right here. I’ll make Michael go get him right now.

Isabel – (to Michael) Go get Max. Now.

Isabel – Michael went to get him okay? Just hang on.

Liz – I need to talk to him. I need to tell him. Before it’s too late…

Liz’s voice trails off, like she is afraid of the possibility.

Isabel – Too late for what?

Liz – To tell him about Kyle. To tell him…I love him…

Instead of Max, Michael returns with the ticket.

Isabel – What is…? Oh my…..Liz I hate to tell you this…

Liz – What? Max has to be there. Tell me he is. I just need to talk to him for one minute!

Liz is getting more and more desperate by the second.

Isabel – He went to rent a car. He’s driving out to find you.

Liz – NO! I have to tell him! He’ll never know! I’ll die and he’ll never know!

On the other end, Liz starts crying while Serena takes over the phone.

Serena – I’m sorry about her. She’s been getting worse. Again.

Isabel – (sigh) I hope Max drives fast.

Part 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tess – Maybe we should turn back

Max – NO! Driving is faster than sitting around waiting for a snowstorm to lift.

Tess – But how’re you supposed to drive in snow?!

Max – It doesn’t matter. I’ll get chains.

Tess – What if you get tired?

Max – Well then you better get to sleep.

Tess – What?

Max – If I get tired you’re driving.


Tess, who has been asleep, awakes to find Max gripping the wheel tightly, still driving.

Tess – You’re still driving?

Max – What’s it look like?

Tess – You want me to drive?

Max – No.

Tess – How do you know how to get there?

Max – I just know.

Tess decides to leave the topic alone for now, but she the situation just seems to be getting weirder and weirder.


Liz – No Maria! No! Let me go! There isn’t time! I have to find Max!

Maria, Alex and Serena are desperately trying to hold down a frantic Liz. Liz is worse than ever. Her skin is pale and pasty, there are bags under her eyes, and its evident she lost a lot of weight.

Maria – Max’ll be here any minute now. And….if you really want….we can tell him for you….

Liz – NO! It’s not just that! They’re here! He’s right there in the corner! He’s gonna kill me!

In the corner, there is a malicious looking man, slowly advancing towards Liz. When the others look, however, they cannot see him.


Tess – Is this the right place? Can you make it?

Max’s health has deteriorated. He’s weak and has trouble walking properly.

Max – Yes. Just hurry. Time….

Somehow Max manages to drag himself into the hall and starts punching at the elevator buttons. A man walks by and sees the two of them waiting.

Man – Hey um…sorry but the elevators are down today.

Max – Damn!

Tess – How many floors up?

Max is already heading to the stairs.

Max – Three.


Liz – Let go of me!

Serena – She’s hallucinating. We can’t let her go. She could go anywhere!

Liz – NO! I’m not hallucinating! I know exactly where I’m going!

Alex – Please Liz…

Liz looks back at the man, who is now grinning evilly and advancing even more.

Liz – No! MAX!

She somehow rips herself away from all three of them and bolts for the door.

Maria – Jeez! I thought she was sick!

Serena – We need to stop her.

Alex – LIZ!


Tess – We’re here. Which room?

Max – This one.

Sounds of screaming and banging can be heard inside the room. Max opens the door and rushes toward the bedroom.

Liz – Max!

Liz comes flying from the bedrooms. She throws herself at Max and they fall to the floor. Instantly they bury their heads in each other’s necks.

Liz – You came. I was so scared. I thought it would be too late.

Max – Of course I came.

Liz – I love you.

Max – I love you too.

Part 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Serena, Alex, and Maria come to a screeching halt when they see Liz, Max, and Tess all in the living room.

Serena – You guys are here!

Tess – That’s some welcome party you guys got here.

Alex – Thank God you guys came.

Maria – I thought we were going to lose her for sure. She was about to leave.

Maria is crying, partially from relief and partially from the thought of losing her best friend.

Tess – Do you guys know what’s going?

Alex – Not a clue.

Tess – I think Max knew, but he wouldn’t tell me anything.

All four of them look at Max and Liz, who are now asleep in each other’s arms. Even in their sleep, they clutch at each other like it is the end of the world.

Maria – Maybe we should take them to bed. We’ll find out what happened tomorrow.


Our two lovebirds are asleep in Liz’s room. The sound of their friends in the next room awakens Max. He stares at Liz’s peaceful face, glad that she is finally getting some real sleep. Apparently, Liz also hears the voices and starts waking up.

Liz – Hey there….your majesty.

Max – I wouldn’t be talking, my queen.

Liz – I can’t believe it.

Max – Well believe it, because I’m yours. Forever.

Liz – ooo. My own king. I wonder if he’s potty trained.

Max – C’mere you.

Max starts to tickle Liz. She squirms and squeals under his touch. It seems like this is the first time they have truly loosened up since high school let out. Eventually her screams for mercy reach the people outside and they rush in.

Maria – Oh God no! Is it starting all over again?!

Alex – Is she alright?

Isabel – What’s happening?

Max freezes and the two look at their friends with the classic “deer caught in headlights” look.

Michael – (chuckling) What were you doing to her Maxwell?

Max – What are guys you doing here?

Michael – Well honestly, we heard you and Liz here doing the rabbit thing and thought something was up.

Max – No. I meant here in Boston.

Isabel – Well you and Tess deserted us in New York. You don’t think we’d come that far to just turn back would you?

Max – Well…no.

Tess – Are you guys…. all right?

Liz – Never been better.

Maria – Well then that’s good because you can explain exactly what’s been going one here.

Max and Liz share a sheepish grin and hold hands.

Liz – We’re married.

Alex – What?! I’m sorry I must have extreme earwax buildup because it sounded like you guys are married. Married as in tied the knot, jumped the bandwagon, got hitched kinda married.

Max – It’s true.

Maria – This has nothing to do with Vegas does it Liz?

Max – Vegas? Liz what’s Maria talking about?

Liz – Umm…it’s kind of a long story.

Max – I think you need to tell me what’s going on before we tell them how we got “hitched”

Liz – Ok.


Isabel – So like, you saved the world?

Alex – Hell yea! Me and her and Kyle!

Isabel – Yes you did. And I love you all the more for it.

Isabel tweaked Alex’s nose and gave him a kiss. The others turned their heads and their attention back to the couple in bed.

Tess – Well except for them, we all want to know how you two, being apart for over a year, are married.

Liz – We’ve been married…since—since Max healed me.

This brought yelps of surprise from the group, as well as a hug to Liz from Maria, and a clap on the back from Michael.

Isabel – Wait. You didn’t, officially get married right?

Max – No. It was more, a joining of the souls. On our home planet, that’s considered a marriage.

Liz – We didn’t know, until now, because we had always been together. Always been near each other. When I left, the people back – back there

She punctuated this statement with an upward finger, much to Max’s amusement.

Liz – they got mad. They rebelled by trying to…um…

Maria – To kill you??

When Liz nodded imperceptibly Maria went into hysterics.

Maria – Omigosh! I can’t believe it! I KNEW you shouldn’t have gone! I should have tied you down when you said you were leaving! But then, it’s college! And, it’s Harvard! And…and…

Max – Maria. Calm down. It’s ok. I’m here now, we’re together, nothings going to happen.

Michael – Sure. But Maxwell, you still have school. Liz still has school. You are guys or on different ends of the country.

Max – I’ll move.

Liz – NO! Don’t. Just come visit me often ok?

Of course, Max was going to object, until Liz interrupted him with a kiss.

Liz – You’re staying there. No arguments.

Max – ok.

Alex – (laughing) I guess even Kings bow down to their wives.

Epilogue ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Max and Liz lived a hectic life, flying back and forth to visit each other. When they graduated, they got married – in Vegas. Maria, Michael, Alex, Isabel, Kyle, and Tess were there to celebrate the day as well. Max and Liz danced happily through the night, finally finishing with one special song…

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it’s a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe

Broken in two
And I know you’re on to me
That I only come home
When I’m so all alone
That I can believe

That not everything is going to be
The way you think it ought to be
Seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you wont give up on me
And I shall believe
I Shall Believe….

~Sheryl Crow, I Shall Believe

~Juliet *tongue*

Jon~All of us have a destiny Garfield

I wonder what my place in history will be?

Garfield~Somewhere between Floyd the Whistling Snake and crab grass

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I just started to post it on this board....hope you like!

~Juliet *tongue*

Jon~All of us have a destiny Garfield

I wonder what my place in history will be?

Garfield~Somewhere between Floyd the Whistling Snake and crab grass

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