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Title: Has to Be
Author: RosWool
Rating: PG-13,Language.
Disclaimer: I don't own any rights to Roswell or it's characters.
Has to be ~ By Madonna is copyrighted cause I didn't right this beautiful song.
Summary: It's a totally different take on how max and Liz first meet. I hope you enjoy it. It's my first fanfic and I dedicate this to Leona (Hib), cause she helped a lot.

Prolouge ~ Has to be

Breath in...Breath out...
I say a little prayer.
How the God’s above..
Could be so unfair....

It's June 2nd, I'm Liz Parker, and it's funny how one incident can change your whole life completely.

Two hours ago, I came back from my mothers funeral. Janice Parker died of complications due to internal injuries. It was a week ago, we all were in that car when another vechile swerved into us. We left that scene with nothing more than cuts, bruises, and mild concussions. I guess you can call us lucky. However that night my father and I lost our best friend. Everything is still quite surreal and I’m still wondering if it really happen.

Now my dear old dad; is in front of me waiting for a response to his sudden announcement that we
will be leaving Boston, Massachsettes. He will sell his sub shop and help run this restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico. My father is now the new co-owner of the Crashdown Cafe. His partner is some lady named Nancy Lewis. He answered her ad that she put on the Internet. (Without even discussing it with me first!)

Nancy was looking for someone who'll help backs her Restaurant venture. She went into this project solo about a year ago. Not realizing what she got her into! Things were looking pretty grim, but she’s the type of person I guess that doesn’t give up easy. I’m all about seeing a woman succeed in a man’s world, by following her dream.

However when my life gets messed up in the process it’s me against her! So I guess she liked what my dad had to offer cause well we’re moving.

Okay so who in the hell does shit like this?! What if this Nancy Person is a friggin Psycho! I mean maybe she’s looking for helpless victims to rob blind then bury in the desert somewhere!

Then again I know we’re not Psycho’s, but she doesn’t know that! I mean what if she didn't pick us and end up picking someone whom was! This whole situation is just messed!

"Liz, I just can't live here anymore," Jeff Parker replied his sadness was so overwhelming, it made me want to cry. "I see your mother everywhere, and I just need to start fresh, go somewhere where she wont haunt me"

How can I tell my father without upsetting him. That I don't want to fucking go! I don't want to say good-bye to my friends. I don't want to tell my boyfriend Jason of two years; that we're going to be in a long distance relationship now. I so don’t want to start all over again in a brand new high school. I'm known at John F. Kennedy high. I'll end up being hated and unpopular, why is this happening to me?

I don't want to move to a city I know nothing about. Well except that it's claim to fame is that
some alien aircraft "Supposedly”, crashed landed near their way back in 1947. So it's a friggin tourist trap, to a bunch of nutballs who go there to find themselves aliens.. Whatever, I am not going!

“Liz, do you have anything at all to say about this?" My Dad asked me. I looked up at him and stared him down. He knew right then I didn't want to go. I mean what did he expect me to do. Jump up and down and be all happy go lucky about it! I don’t think so. I mean I know I have to go. I have no where else to live! But I’ll be kicking and screaming all the way down there!

"Liz, Please, say something" He pleaded with me, sitting on my bed. Nervously putting his arm went around my shoulder. I love my dad. I just hate what he's doing to my life!

"Dad," I replied taking a deep breath and willing myself not to get all-emotional about it. "I don't want to leave
Boston. I don't think going to another friggin state will make things better! You are thinking about yourself. Have you even once considered how I’d feel about all this! Well I want to stay here with my friends. I want to stay with Jason. I like my school. I like this city. I like my life the way it is!"

He started to talk, but I raised my hand up to silence him, "But I have to go where you go. You ARE my family, and I may not be happy about this situation.." I paused for a moment not really wanting to say the next sentence, but I did anyway. "So...I have to give it a chance..’ I let out a sigh,” I guess!"

Oh but I didn't let him get off the hook that easy, I added, " So help me, if I become the most unpopular kid in this school, I'm never talking to you ever again!"

My dad hugged me. I hate him and love him all at once. So much for telling him like it is. So much for me not going. Damn, I'm such a chicken shit!

Roswell friggen New Mexico here we come!

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Araxie HRH originally wrote:
OMG!!!! When I saw your "Author" name I just about died laughing!!!!!!! I'm assuming that you took it from the "Roswell High" books when Liz tells Elsevan DuPris that she wasn't healed, it was because the Crashdown uniforms are made of RosWool, (sheeps wool from sheep grazing at the crash site) and that she would have died had she been wearing polyester. That part always stayed in my mind because I always thought that it was soooo Damn funny! So if thats where you got it from we must share the same weird sense of humor!!! LOL!!

BTW your story has a great start, I can't wait till she meets everyone! Post again soon....

OMG Yes I totally got my name from the books!
Part one is coming up!
Peace RosWool

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Part One ~ Has To Be ~ By Carolyn Sawyers

I should be glad....
That I‘m alive...
It could have been much worse.
I might have never all.
and never known what I am worth........

Well it's Moving day. Yipppeee, I'm off to live in friggin HELL!!!

So I’m sitting in the back seat of the car moping and missing my friends. Julia Philips ,my best friend; who’ll I’ll miss the most left but minutes ago. I swear to god if I lose touch with her, because of this damn move. I'm never talking to my father ever again. I told him that to. Maybe if I make him feel guilty enough he'll change his mind...Yeah I know wishful thinking on my part. Both the house and sub shop is sold.

The main moving truck left an hour ago. They'll be there way before us. Whatever didn't go on the truck is packed and loaded in the enclosed trailer that we'll be hauling to our new home.. the desert!

So we're pretty much ready to go. Yeah I think changing his mind would probably be unrealistic. Did I tell you Jason broke up with me! That was two weeks ago.....

The day it happens I yelled at my dad about this and screamed, "This is your fault!" I didn't talk to
him for three days. I mean I know my dad felt bad. I did finally realize that if Jason really loved me; he would've waited. Instead when I told him, he broke up with me right then and there! Talk about being a chicken shit. I think I would've been a lot less upset if Jason broke up with me after I got out there. Then if he decided it didn't work out. Well then I would've been cool about it.
Yeah I'd be sad, but at least he tried.

NO, the bastard told me breaking up would be best thing. "Obviously our lives our going in two different directions Liz," He told me this without even once looking in my eyes! "I think we're kidding ourselves to think this could work"

Before leaving, Jason looked at me and I knew something was up. He gave me a quick hug. Said good luck. Jumped in his car and drove away
from my life forever!

Well he was right about going in two different directions. Mine was a do not pass go directly to Roswell, New Mexico...Jason decided to go directly into the arms of Vicky Nelson! What an asshole! And Vicky, well she's a god damn slut!

Julia told me he broke up with me to be with Vicky, and if I wasn’t moving he would’ve broken up with me anyway.

I apologized to my dad, but told him I was still upset about moving! He gave me a hug, and said he understood. God how do they do that! Do parents have the power of the Jedi mine trick. I mean his guilt turned into mine, Right before my eyes!

So where was I? Oh yeah Moping in the back seat of the car, writing in my journal and hoping to god, my life isn't about to go down the shitter!

My dad came into the car and put the things he had in his hands on the passenger seat. He looked at me in the rear view mirror. I think he was upset that I wasn't sitting in the front with him.

"You need anything?" he asked while he turning the car on.

"No!" I blurted out, moving my head away from the rear view mirror. Trying to concentrate enough to write something in the journal before me (but without much luck).

"Just let me know if you do," He said backing the car out of the driveway.

"Whatever," I replied putting on my headphones. I pressed play and Madonna blared in my head.
I looked at the rear view window and for the last time saw the house I grew up in.

When on Sundays my mom would wake up and make us chocolate chip waffles. I remember how she loved sitting outside on the deck. Dad built it for her a few years back. I remembered she'd take her coffee out there every morning. Sitting down on her favorite patio chair and just bask in the newness of the day!

One day I was sick of looking at my room. I went to my mom and asked if we could redecorate it. She was so excited to be involved. We shopped for wallpaper and curtains and not once did my mom tell me if she hated anything that I picked out. It was "Whatever you want Hun," If I asked about something I knew wasn't her style. I kind of figured she'd say no. It was such a great day!

Man we had so much fun! That was a month ago. It was the last big mom and daughter bonding session we had.
We we're planning to go shopping on Newbury Street. It was the day of her funeral. Go figure!

Instead of shopping and getting latte's at Starbucks. We buried her ,now three weeks later we’re heading to another state. So my dad can start over! This was all happening way too fast for my tastes.

I don't understand why he wants to forget her! One of the best memories I had of the two of them. Was when I came home from a date with Jason. I entered the house and it was dark well dimly lit, and I heard soft music. I was about to turn on the lights, but stopped. Cause I see my Mom and dad dancing in the middle of the living room. If they heard me they didn't care. It was
just that moment that mattered.

Standing there; watching the two of them dance made me realize that, I wanted something like that! True love. Look into my eyes soulmate kind of love! I smiled and went to my room in the dark. Hoping one day I could find that.

Well I thought at first that it was Jason. Who'd of thought he'd turn out to be a dud! I'm far from giving up on love! In fact I'm vowing to find the love my mom and dad shared. I’m just going to take a little sabbatical from it for a while first! It's kind of upsetting that my mother will never meet whom I will love for the rest of my days...

Well maybe she will. I mean I kind of hope she's looking down at us right now. What if this is her doing? Sending us to Roswell. Yeah silly, but I don't care. I'll do whatever it takes to make this move some what tolerable.

I look at my house disappearing and when I don't see it any more. I close my eyes and dream about my Mom.. making me chocolate chip waffles.
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

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Araxie HRH originally wrote:
Hey Chica, hope you had a polyesterless Christmas, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone else ever caught onto the origin of your web name? Too Funny!!!

Not any laughs on that last chapter **sniffle** loosing mom, and having had plans together the day after the funeral **hiccup** then leaving the home filled with memories of her parents love and Mom's Chocolate chip waffles. **sob**

Keep going must get to Roswell and Max.......Soon.

I'm glad you're liking the story. On my name people either know or they're like What kind of name is RosWool,and so I tell them.
Okay I'm hoping to put up Chapter two tonight!
thanks for evryone who reads my attempt on fanfiction!
Peace RosWool
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Part Two ~ Has to Be ~ By Carolyn Sawyers
(Has to be ~ By Madonna ~ Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song)

I know there’s someone out there...
Waiting for me,
There must be someone out there,
There just Has To Be......

It's June 28th, I'm Max Evans, and I really hate it when the crashdown festival comes around!

Not only do the freaks come out of the woodwork, from all over the world. I get to be humiliated every year, by my Boss Brody Davis!

He makes me wear this god awful Alien costume! It's a green and silver jumpsuit, with this horrendous green glass like belt buckle. Then I get to put on this green alien mask! Not only is it huge, but it's quite awkward to wear. It's funny what people perceive what an alien looks like! According to this costume. Aliens are 6ft tall, green, with an oversize head and black colorless oval shape eyes. I don't think so!

So it's like 98 degrees out and I am in my own personal sauna! I guess I grin and bear it and won't complain to Brody that I despise passing out the flyers in this getup. Cause, well he more than makes it up to me! Let me explain...

Brody to this day is the richest man in Roswell, NM. He's pretty much the sponsor of the weeks festivities. And I'm glad for it! The previous owner Milton Ross was a nice guy. But not quite generous in the payment department.

Two years ago, my eccentric boss with the English accent bought Milton out. I didn't blame him for taking the money and getting the hell out of Roswell! At first I was surprise cause the UFO center was his life! However the more I think about it. The more I realize why Milton left. He knew the place was a tourist trap. Pretty much everything he made went into his research.

Now the man is financially set, thanks to Brody. Milton’s ambitions to find aliens are a lot easier, and wish him much success.

So let me tell you about Brody Davis... He use to co-own this software company on the Internet. The man thinks aliens abducted him! Plus he really wasn't shy telling the public about it either. His fellow partners thought it be best for the company to buy him out. For a lot of money I may add! Lets just say Broody doesn't have to EVER work in his entire life again! He
Just took the money and ran to Roswell, NM!

So now he figures he's that much closer to finding his abdutee’s. Good luck pal! I personally think he should've moved to Australia, Italy or even Paris. I mean that's what I would've done. That is if I wasn't stuck in Roswell!

So you're probably wondering what's my story.

Well I'm 17 years old and I’ve lived in Roswell all my life. My sister Isabel and I we're adopted by Diana and Philip Evens.

My best friend is Michael Lewis, who was adopted by this awesome lady named Nancy Lewis. She owns the Crashdown cafe. Well she got it last year from her ex-husband. He wanted nothing more to do with it. So Nancy took it off his hands.

The divorce was actually quite civil and everything was divided without much fanfare. What she didn't realize was how much went into running the restaurant financially. Her husband Eric, was pretty much the behind the scenes man, while Nancy took care of the customer service aspect of the establishment. She never had to order food, pay bills, or the employees, etc.... Eric did all that.

So Nancy was smacked with a huge dose of reality when things started to spiral out of her control. She however was not one to quit. So she put an ad over the Internet; in hopes to find someone who could help her with the business side of her restaurant. Then Nancy wouldn't have to start looking for something else to do so the bills can get paid.

Michael told me they arrive today. They're from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s not really a people person like his mom. Michael has trust issues.

"What if they're a bunch of psychos!" Michael exclaimed one night in my room. He was laying on my bedroom floor. I have a sleeping bag that pretty much belongs to Michael.

When things are stressing him out. He makes three o'clock in the morning visits to my room. We
talk all night, and I ‘m pretty much a walking Zombie the next day.

Michael's my friend so I deal with it cause I want to be there for him. It's bad enough he's not an emotional person. Well he can do things that blow up in his face cause he doesn't think through things at times. I guess that can be emotional. However, what I mean by he's not an emotional person is. You just can't read him.
There's stuff going on inside his head that only Michael understands. And let me tell you! It's pretty freighting to think he can snap any moment. The guys a loner who doesn't communicate well. And that can be pretty scary.

I guess it's good that he doesn’t have emotional ties, especially in our situation. Though Maria Deluca is giving him a run for his money(You’ll meet her later.)

See Michael, my sister Isabel, our other friend Tess Harding, her guardian Ed Harding and I are
Aliens. There it's out. We crashed landed here in 1947! So why do we all (except for Mr. Harding), look like teenagers, instead of adults in our 50's. Well let me explain.....

We are hybrids. Basically you take a little alien DNA, and mix it with some human DNA...and well you got us! We hatched out of these incubation pods 11 years ago. Looking pretty much like normal 6 year old humans.

However are life is pretty much far from normal.

Nasedo, that's what we call Mr. Harding in private. He prefers it to Ed Harding, The name was given to him by this Indian Shaman named River Dog. He saved Nasedo's life years ago, and trusted him with his secret. He had to or die. For in order to live. Nasedo needed the younger Riverdog to use these healing stones from our homeworld. When used properly, they bring him
back to his balance. Riverdog’s tribe was doing some meditation ritual that required being in sauna like conditions. Since Nasedo is pretty much all alien. The cleansing, as Riverdog likes to call it, was too much for Nasedo and he ran off to a cave to die. Riverdog ran after him and learned who he was. Riverdog, has been loyal to him and us ever since.

So any way Nasedo has told us we lived before. WE have a whole other destiny waiting for us!

We we're killed in a revolution started by this nasty guy named Kivar. Antar(our home planet) is under his tyrannized rule now. He killed the four of us on my wedding day. I was married to Tess.

I was suppose to be head over heals in love with this girl, but I don't remember it. And even if I did.
I have this feeling that a whole brand new destiny awaits me with someone else. I just haven't
found her yet!

I must say though that Tess isn't a quitter and tries ever chance she gets, to show me how much in love we are suppose to be in. Nasedo wants our past relationships to resurface also! My sister Isabel and Michael in our other life we're engaged to be married. Michael and I actually agree( for once) that what was in the past is the past.

Yes we'll learn how to use our powers and free our homeworld. I mean they went to the trouble to save our lives. Plus we'll finally one day get to meet our real parents!

Not that the Evans aren't wonderful . I guess just like humans that we're adopted, you just want to learn about your heritage. See what it would've been
like to have lived with them your whole lives. However everything doesn't have to happen exactly as it did before. We are not going to change just because someone told us so.

Earth has been home for me for 11 years. I won't just forget about my parents, my human friends or the place I now call home because of some other life. So there it is..kind of a water down version of who I am. And the people I now.

"Evans, Hot enough for you," replied a familiar voice followed by a very hard slap on the back.

"Kyle," Came my muffled reply from behind the alien mask!

Kyle Valenti, Football, Basketball, and Wrestling Jock. Of recent a dabbler in Buddhism(he's still in the closet about that to his jock friends. I won't say anything to them.
He along with Riverdog, Maria Deluca & Alex Whitman(Again you’ll meet everyone in our little circle soon)Are members of the I-Know-an-alien-club. (This nick name given to them lovingly by of all people Nasedo. Who'd of thought a we have hardly time to laugh, joke and have or make any emotional ties kind of alien would've been the one to come up with something pretty funny.)

I won't spill the beans, cause Kyle hasn't gone to his father, or the FBI about our little secret. Sheriff Jim Valenti has followed in his father's footsteps and became the protector of Roswell. The Sheriff is also quite obsessed in finding a certain alien we all know well. The Sheriff’s father started the hunt, about 40 years ago.
It was Nasedo trying to cover our tracks and of course trying to stay alive to live another day.

Our protector killed a bunch of FBI agents who we're involved with this special alien unit, or as Nasedo lovingly calls them, "alien hunters." Well least to say, Jim Valenti Sr. Cracked up a few years back and is in a nursing home. Now Jim is talking up where his father left off, and it’s basically effecting his relationship with Kyle. Just like it did to Jim and his fathers’ relationship
years ago. You'd think they'd learn from their mistakes. Anyway back to Kyle....

"What, you don't have a game to be at?" I replied wondering what alien question he's got to ask
me now. I should have never saved him. He's more annoying than ever....I know that was mean
and Kyle's a great guy, but I'm just tired with all this alien stuff. It's bad enough I have to deal with it when Nasedo puts us through those dumb Unannounced lessons that I hate so much.

"Very funny, Evans" Kyle snickered, "And here I thought that with that pickle you have shoved up that ass of yours, you could never have a sense of humor."

I just sighed and decided I better just give up answered his dumb question. So the throbbing in my head would just go away. "Is there a reason you're here Kyle? Or do you just feel like harassing someone and I'm next on your list"

Kyle, with his arms across chest feigning he was deep in thought over that question; just took a deep breath and replied, "Well as much as being a pain in your ass sounds like fun. I however am looking for Tess" Kyle said bearing this huge grin.

If only she'd give up on me and hook up with
Kyle. The two of them hounding me all the time is getting unbearable.

"I only know she's working at the Boutique sometime today. Have you checked there?" I answered handing him a flyer. He took it and then slapped me hard Yet again on my back.

"Thanks Evans, I didn't think of that" And thankfully he ran off to pursue the curly blonde, blue eyed vixen. I pray one day will look at me as only a friend.

Not soon after Kyle left. I saw Michael come out of the Crashdown, strolling my way. I can tell just by his walk that he wasn't happy. Must be that the Parker’s will be arriving today. and he'll have to play nicey nice to them.

"Maxwell, you look fucking ridiculous" Michael Scowled, his hands we're shoved in his jean pockets. A black cloud over his head.. Yeah he's NOT in a good mood.

"Well hello to you too Michael," I replied wishing I could take the mask off. "I have to feed the
monkey somehow. And since I don't want to work at my fathers law firm. This is what I have chosen to do."

"Whatever," he replied quickly changing the subject, "What time are you off?”

"Four o'clock,Why?" I asked my interest was peeked. He wanted me to do something.

"Come by the Crashdown and keep me company, while I play babysitter to my mom's new partner's daughter" He pleaded.

Whoa.. thats was new from Michael. He usually never asks for help.

"Is she really that bad?" Looking past him at the Crashdown. I didn't even realize they we're here

"No they didn't arrive yet, but I really don't feel like doing the whole talk and bond thing. I hate
talking. You're so much better at that whole communication stuff then me. So will you do it?"
Michael asked, he was starting to getting antsy. He began to run his hand through his spiky brown hair, and his left foot was moving a mile a minute.

"Yeah okay I'll be there." I agreed, handing him a flyer.
"Cool" he replied snatching the flyer from my hands and left as quickly as he got here.

“You're welcome", I mumbled, shaking my head. And wishing it was four. I asked a passer-buyer
the time.. and he stopped looked at his watch and said 3:30..then added something I've heard like four million times.

"What you got a spaceship to catch to take you home?” the man asked walking off laughing with his buddies. If you only knew pal. I thought to my self. Only 30 minutes left. And then another day of humiliation will be over with. Then I'm free tomorrow. It’s my only day off before
preparations begin for the festival. I'll just be happy when this whole thing is over with.

Suddenly a car with a u-haul trailer behind it pulled up to the crashdown. Looks like the Parker’s have arrived.

What seemed like five minutes went by and out came who I believe was Jeff Parker. He talk to the open window at who I assume was his daughter. Then went inside the restaurant. Another five minutes went by before his daughter exited the car. She stretch her travel weary limbs for awhile. I for some reason couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

She seemed very petie, her shoulder length hair was a chocolate brown.. I couldn’t really make out her features because of the distance.. but I'll get a upclose view a little after four.

Then She looked my way, or maybe the UFO centers way. Glanced behind her shoulder at the crashdown
and then back towards the center. It looked like she was making a decision. That was when she
started to walk across the street and I began to see her face a lot better.

Everything began to move in slow motion, my heart stopped and all I could think was how beautiful she is. Her oval face was lightly tanned, I bet her skin was soft to the touch. And even if it was all that possible that I
couldn’t sweat anymore. One look in those brown eyes of hers. Cause the temperature in my suit to
rise a few degrees higher.

I kept willing myself not to fall to my knees. She was a few feet from where I stood. Looking at the building with mild interest. I wonder if she was considering on
entering the building. I handed her a flyer. She took it with a thanks and the most beautiful smile.

"So is this festival any fun?" She asked looking at the weeks events Brody had printed up on the flyer.

Okay Evans just breath; talk normal and don't say anything stupid. "In all honesty I only started
going to the festival about two years ago when I started working at the UFO center. working the
festival doesn’t really leave you much time to actually enjoy it." I replied, amazed that I actually talked cause my heart was lodged in my throat. Is that strawberries I smell.

"Hmm" She said taking in what I just said, while glancing at the flyer. Then looked up at me and said "Well maybe I'll check it out" Then turned to me and said, "I'm Liz Parker, My dad is the new co-owner of the crashdown"

"Oh yeah My best friend's mother is Nancy Lewis. He told me you guys we're coming today."

"Really, well then maybe I'll actually see what you look like under that mask." She replied flashing a smile that sent me reeling.

"Well then I'll see you at Four ,cause Michael asked me to come by and meet you," Now this next part is a total lie. Well, I don't want her to think I'm just some excuse Michael arranged, because he thought she was just a nuisance.

"He thought that maybe you'd like to meet some new friends. Since I'm sure you're upset about having to leave the ones you made back home."

Damn it that was the dumbest thin I could say. Looking at Liz get a little sad at the mention of her friends broke my heart.

However she kind of shrugged it off and just smile at me by saying, "That was nice of him, I'll be looking forward to our conversation at four then,” She looked back at the car and saw that her father was looking her way.

"Liz, we can site see later, come on Nancy and Michael wants to meet you" He said waving his daughter towards the cafe.

"I'll see ya," Liz shyly replied, and left me standing there. With my mouth agape! I guess it’s a good thing I’m wearing the mask.

It's funny how in a matter of minutes your life totally goes from okay to totally amazing. I knew that there was someone special that I was waiting for. Let's hope
Liz Parker will feel that way too. Four O'clock will never come fast enough.

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful feed back! This is what keeps me posting more!
**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** *****
Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Three ~ Has To Be ~ By Carolyn Sawyer
I know there’s some one out there,
waiting for me.
There’s got to be someone out there,
There just has to be....

It’s June 28th,I’m Liz Parker, and it’s funny how you perceive something in your mind. You have these expectations of what you think something is going to be. Then you realize almost too late that things are just not that bad.

Like this journey to our new home.

I was so set on just moping in the backseat of the car; protesting my father’s sudden need to have a clean slate. His silly notion that he needs to forget about my mother, and leave the place where I knew her. The memories of her “haunted him.” I for one was not ready or even willing to embrace my father’s new vision of what he wants for a new life. I missed my mom. I wanted to be in the place where I knew her, the
memories that we’re made and cherished. Well I was in for a big reality check.

So it’s like Roswell or Bust. I’m moping out back thinking that being a jerk to my father in some way would make me feel better. In reality though it was just making the trip, that could’ve been fun, a miserable event. It was however not a total waste.

Let me explain.....

We we’re at this rest stop. I had to go to the bathroom in the worst way!. Plus when the chance arises during road trips. Always get in a good leg stretch. So okay we’re at the rest stop, and that’s when I took the surrounding scenery in. It was gorgeous. I
think we were in Virginia. It makes you stop and think how beautiful nature is. It hit me that I should be enjoying the view. I, however felt kind of empty looking at it.

That’s when I began to realize how silly I was acting. Wasting my energy being angry with my dad. We should be enjoying this brush with nature together. Instead I’m letting stupid stuff, to tell you the truth that doesn’t really even matter.

I didn’t get my way. I’m not saying that I’m not mad at my dad for drastically changing my life. I know I’ll get over it....eventually. Just like I got over everything else I decided to blame on him. I was just in denial over the fact that; everything happens for a reason. I know there’s this whole other destiny waiting for me. So here’s where our reconciliation begins...

So I’m staring at the scenery. Surrounded by these beautiful mountains. I’m thinking I even saw a Eagle. I just wish I had a camera. So I’m caught up in this amazing view, When I hear my dad say something behind me...

“It’s gorgeous huh!?” he asked, I nodded in response, and then he added, ”Here I got something for you,” I turned around and took the plastic bag he handed to me from his hands.

I took a peek inside to see a couple of bottled Starbucks mocha drinks; I like so much, A bag of gummy bears, and a couple of disposable cameras.

“Thanks,” I replied feeling bad he’s being nice to me. When I was nothing but evil, since he told me our plans of moving.

“I know you’re not talking to me, but I thought maybe you’d like to take some pictures. You know, start documenting what you write down in that journal of yours, ”My dad said, hoping I wouldn’t flip out because of something he probably might’ve said wrong.

“I was kind of thinking about doing that; thank you,” I meekly replied. Boy do I feel like an ass. Well he got to me. The guilt trip definitely worked. I even believe that it wasn’t intentionally suppose to be a “guilt trip.” Which makes me feel even more like a jerk.

“Dad, can I apologize for acting like a three year old taking a tantrum,” I asked throwing myself in his arms and giving him a big hug. I missed my dad a lot. “I know I was wrong. I just hope you can forgive me.”

“yeah ,I’ll forgive you,” My dad replied pulling away from
me,” But I need you to forgive me.”

I looked at him quite confused by what he just asked. ”Forgive you!?” What is going on?” Why would I need to forgive you?”

“Well I feel you had every right in being mad,” He replied
taking a camera out of the bag to open it.” I should’ve asked how you felt about moving to a completely different state. It was wrong of me to not realize how difficult all of this would be for you. Uprooting you from a place you’ve known all your life. Not knowing when you’ll see your friends again, and the fact that Jason broke up with you because of this...I just.. I’m sorry Liz
honey, cause the last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

I don’t know why but I began to cry. I hugged him again and muffled against his chest,” I forgive you to dad, and don’t forget that I love you, even if I’m pissed off at you. Cause dad I won’t lie to you. I’m still not a big fan of this adventure of yours, but then again, Things happen for a reason. So let’s see what fate has in store for us,”

I felt my dad’s chest move in laughter, I also heard him
sniffle, so I’m sure he was crying too. How pathetic are we. sobbing like a bunch of babies.

He pulled away from me and gave me this huge smile.” I guess that’s all I can ask,” He replied, squishing his head together next to mine and setting the camera up in front of us to take a picture. It came out perfect, my very first picture for my journal entry. It was of my dad and I in front of the most beautiful mountain scenery I ever seen.

From that day forward I haven’t stopped taking pictures. Now I have got a bag full of used camera’s waiting to be developed and a journal full of memories of our drive to Roswell. It was like we were on vacation. I’m glad we had this time in getting to reknow each other again.

So Roswell, New Mexico will be my new home...yeah I’m really excited about that.(Can you feel the sarcasm.)I still wish we lived in Massachusetts. Where all my friends lived.

Then again I meet this alien.. Ah well a guy dressed up in a alien costume. It’s just we were talking and I felt like I knew him forever. As if we we’re old friends. Yeah sounds silly, I know. How could a short conversation with a guy in an oversized alien mask make me feel like I knew this guy all my life. I Just couldn’t tell you.
I just knew that I had a new friend in this town. It felt kind of nice and comfortable talking to this masked guy. I can’t wait till I see him at four. Let’s hope he looks as cute as he sounds.

I turned my head before entering the crashdown with my dad. I smiled when I saw Max the alien looking my way. Four O’clock just won’t come soon enough.

Enjoy guys! Peace carolyn

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Okay so I got really bored and decide to add another part this evening. I hope you enjoy it. I do want to warn you there is some language.It's also a bit long.
Peace Carolyn

Part Four ~ Has To Be ~ By Carolyn Sawyers
(Madonna’s Beautiful Stranger & Has to be is copyrighted because I didn’t write those songs. Madonna did.

Go on....Go....
don’t just sit there like a fool.
You’ve graduated from...
A different kind of school.

I know there’s someone out there.
Waiting for Me..
There has to be someone out there,
There just has to be....

I’m sitting in this booth at the crashdown with Michael Lewis. I have one word to describe him....Quiet.....I guess I should explain...

So my father and I enter the crashdown and was greeted by Nancy and her son. I look at Michael’s demeanor and instantly realize, he’s definitely got better things to do than be here with us.

Makes me understand why Max was invited to join this one sided conversation.

“Michael, this is Liz,” Nancy replied excitedly, she has her hands on his shoulders and kind of nudges him my way.

“Hey,” Michael mumbled, reluctantly taking my outstretched hand for a millisecond. Then he quickly puts it back in his pockets. Okay this is going to be interesting.

I’m also getting the feeling that Nancy knew this meeting was going to be difficult. She looked really embarrassed by her son’s behavior. Taking her son aside, Nancy kind of whispered something in his ear. It probably went something like ”You WILL hang out with this girl and enjoy her company or I swear that I WILL kill you!”

Well It’s only what I assume was said. But she did tell him something. I really can’t be mad at him for doing something he doesn’t want to do. He’s being forced. I totally feel his pain! However, I for one will not give up on being his friend. I will get him to like me before school starts. You just mark my words!

“Let’s go get a booth and eat something I’m starved,” Michael suggested giving his mom a see-I’m-being-a-good-little-host-look. Then not caring if I fallow him or not. Walked to an empty booth and hid behind a menu.

“Liz, I’m sorry he’s just a little um.. bit shy with new
people,” She said uneasily.

Shy, I don’t think so. More like anti-social. I don’t even think Nancy believed anything she said. Am I buying this excuse so I don’t think her son was rude....not a bit.

” Just order what you like and of course it’s on the house, you just have a nice time with Michael,” She added biting her lip. Nancy’s probably trying not to laugh from that last statement.

I knew it was pretty difficult for me.

So I decided to be the little trooper and not make a big
stink about Michael’s behavior. I see my dad’s worried look on his face. We just started talking again. And With Michael not hiding the fact that he doesn’t want to “Hang” out with me. Had him thinking I’ll do a Jerry maguire on him and flip out. I’m not going to flip out. So in one sentence I eased Nancy’s mind that her son’s “shyness” didn’t bother me, and shocked my dad that I’m not going to get mad. Even though I made it clear that I would earlier.

”You know, I am a little hungry, dinner sounds great,” I replied kissing my shocked father’s cheek. Then without skipping a beat bounced myself over to the booth that Mr. gloom and doomed pick out for us.

I slide into the other side of the booth with out even so
much as a glance from Mr. Cactus head. I took out my glasses from my backpack next to me. I hate these things, and I’m glad I only need them to read. Now for the fun part. To start a conversation up with Mr. sunshine.

“So, do you ever help out your mother here at the cafe,” I asked looking at the menu and wondering what a Alien Blood Smoothie tastes like?

“Sometimes,” Replied the menu with hair. I’m looking at
the sight before me, and stifled my laughter. Staring at
me I see an silver alien face with black oval colorless eyes.

Your typical assumption of what an alien looks like. What
makes this whole image surreal. Is that Michael’s spike hair is sticking from the top of the menu, making it look like the alien has this hairdo.

“I use to take orders and ring register at my dad’s sub shop,” I replied taking my glasses off and putting them back in their case. I know what I want, and I think I will go for the Alien Blood smoothie. I love strawberries. Hopefully it’s not a waste of my time.” Maybe I can help out here also,”

“I guess you will,” he replied, Oh don’t hurt yourself there pal. That was more than one word.

“So having a tough time making up your mind,” I asked, really getting tired of looking at that tacking looking menu. The Neon green letters, is freaking out my eyes. Brown eyes peaked over the menu long enough for him to say,” Yes,” Then it was just the menu with hair again. Okay, this is getting old real fast. It’s time for this yuck feast to end right now.

“So are you always this entertaining, or do you just.. I don’t all this craziness for special occasions, cause man you’re just way too much,” I replied, wondering if maybe it wasn’t a good idea to tell him like it is right now.

I mean I just only got here. And I’m hardly the person to be poking fun at him like this. But I’ve got a feeling people walk around him, like their walking on eggshells. So I don’t care what he thinks. Besides I’m having too much fun.

“I mean you’re just a regular chatterbox,” I said wondering how long it’ll take before the menu goes down, if at all. I really want and hope he starts giving it too me. As long as we’re starting to converse. I hate to be the only one trying here! “How can I get a word in edge wise, with you just constantly yapping, yap, yap, yap. Do you ever stop talking?” Well I think that got his attention; I couldn’t help but smile. I could see the smoke billow out of his ears. Well out of the Aliens ears on the menu.

“Very funny Liz,” Michael stated from behind the menu, it slowly went down. Revealing this kind half attempt of a smirk on his face.

Whoa, did Michael almost smile there. However the smirk faded from his face as he stretched his arms across the back of the booth. It was replace with a icy stare. OOOO I’m shaking in my platforms.

“No, you know what’s funny, this tacky menu!” I replied
picking up the lamented paper; shaking it in the air for
emphasize. I slapped it back down on the table,” This
situation that we’ve been forced into, is also pretty fuckin hilarious.”

“Yeah, well wait until you see the rest of the town; it’s
pretty friggin sidesplitting, but you know what, Who gives a shit.” Michael proclaimed. My God he can speak in complete sentences; I’m impressed.

“Listen, I’m almost certain that your mom volunteered you into babysitting duty, while my dad gets the grand tour of the place. I feel for you okay, I really do,” I professed leaning in closer, trying not to announce our problems to the general public, ”I for one would rather be back in Massachusetts still, However my dad’s little mind was set on this trip. So why don’t you just deal with it, cause I’ve come to accept it.”

Michael continued to look at me. I think I got him
thinking. I hope he realizes that he’s not the only one
getting screwed in this deal.

“We’re stuck with each other Michael, and as much as you don’t like it. We have much more in common than you know. So could you at least feign some interest and have a conversation with me that involves more than a one word response,” I asked hoping that maybe we can be friends.

I really like to know why Michael is the way he is? However I’m thinking he’ll need to trust me a whole lot. So I’m not going to pry to much about him...for now. With the way he’s looking at me however, I’m sure he’ll be the one doing the revealing, if that day were to ever happen. Cause, he seems to be a person that won’t crack easily. I sighed in frustration, but was far from giving up, ”I’m not that bad of a person once you get to know me.”

“I’m sure, but I already have enough friends, thank you,”
Michael countered picking up his knife and twirling it
between his fingers.

“Well, I was always told you can never have enough friends,” I said hoping he didn’t realize that last statement hurt me just a little bit. I mean we just met and all. But somewhere deep inside, I knew we could be friends and have a great time hanging out together. The two of us looked at each other, and after awhile, Michael kind of squirmed in his seat.

Instead of saying anything to my last comment, he just blurted out, ”Where’s Maria? I’m starving here.”

As if one cue. Our waitress maria, I assume came up and
asked us if we’re ready to order. Maria was this fair skin beauty, with expressive green eyes, and very pouty lips. Her light brown hair was cropped short and gelled to her face; it kind of reminded me of a Pixie cut. This silly looking headband with springy alien antennas adorned it. The silver balls bounced with every head movement. They looked so top heavy. I wondered if they ever smacked her in the face.

Her uniform was a powder blue Mini dress. The collar and
short sleeve cuffs were silver. The alien face apron(Which looked like the one on the menu) finished off the ensemble. Dear god, I just realize something. I’m pretty much going to have to wear this when I start working here. Maybe I should look into some new
uniforms......then again. I bet the tips are great from the guys.

“Saturn rings with a cherry coke, and I need another bottle of Tabasco sauce, the one here’s almost empty.” Michael said rudely. I hope she spits in his drink. Then again, he’s yet to look at her. Her presence is making him a little antsy. That’s not a bad thing either in my humble opinion.

Maria too looked like she rather wait on anyone then Mr.
grump. She wrote his order down, then turned and smiled genuinely at me, and asked, ”And what would you like today?”

Well let’s see, I guess the cosmic burger, an order of out of this world fries, and the Alien blood smoothie please,” I replied smiling back at Maria.

“So you must be Liz Parker, the new co-big huncho’s
daughter?” She asked when she finished writing down our order.

"Yes and you’re Maria....,”I paused waiting for her last
name. “Maria, Maria Deluca,” She replied sitting down next to me in the booth. Well that pretty much shocked the hell out of me. I mean in a good way. I like this gutsy girl so far. ”So you must have a lot of unpacking to do.”

“Yeah a bit, we just got here, and I’m so not looking
forward too it,” I said thinking that this was a breath of
fresh air. Someone who actually likes to talk.

"Well, I’ve never had to move before. Since I’ve lived here all my life,” She replied ignoring a customer who wanted a coffee refill. ”But here’s an idea. I get out at 6:00. So what if I meet you here, then I’ll come over and help you with some of the unpacking. It’ll be fun; I’ll bring over some Ben & Jerry’s. And if you don’t mind my friend Alex Whitman, you’ll like him by the way, he’s hoot,” she’s not taking a breath, and far from turning blue yet.” So we’ll get to know each other, eat some ice cream we don’t need, and you won’t be totally bored by unpacking by yourself.” Maria suggested, man was this chick a card. She’s going to be a lot of fun to be around with.

I loved that this is all happening. The idea of unpacking alone was not what I had in mind.

“Sure that sounds great thank you,” then quickly
added, ”Bring your friend Alex, the less I have to do the
better,” We both giggled.

It was amazing how I started feeling a bond with Maria. I know she’s going to be a great friend. I started to feel Michael’s impatience across the booth. I’m wondering if these two had a thing before. It surprises me that Michael could actually be in a relationship. Especially with those wonderful communication skills he’s got going on.

“Here’s an idea,” Michael scoffed indignantly,” Why don’t
you stop your yammering, get off your ass, and get our order in.”

Jesus H. Christ, I don’t know about Maria. But my Jaw dropped to the floor in absolutely horror. My god, but he was such a fuckin asshole!

Maria slowly raised from the booth. Her body raked with
anger. She leaned in towards Michael and said just loud
enough so no one else in the restaurant could hear her.

I however heard and laughed my ass off (well in the inside of course) when she whispered through her teeth, ”Fuck you Michael, you prick,” She raised her head high as she walked to the back of the restaurant.

Good for her, I would’ve punched him right in the face. Michael tried to play it all cool, like Maria was nothing to him. However I knew he regretted what he said. I don’t understand why he said that to her, when it’s obvious he likes her.

“Well, did that feel good?” I asked looking at Michael with my own icy stare.

“Liz, I really don’t think you have any right to comment on my life,” He replied sternly, slapping the knife he still had in his hands down. Some people looked our way from the sound. But we pretty much ignored them.

“Well, I think I do,” I whispered leaning in so we don’t get more stares from the patrons,” That was the rudest thing I ever heard, and she’s you friend. What is your problem?”

“Getting the third degree from a person who has no clue in what’s going. So butt out.” He sneered. Oh I was so ready to make a comment, when the bell to the Crashdown entrance rang to announce someone had arrive.

Michael turned to see who it was, and relief filled his
face. max must’ve finally arrived. I looked down at my
watch. It was five O’clock already. Man, did time just fly by or what! I wonder why Max was late?

I looked in the direction of the entrance and my heart
skipped a beat. Hell I think It actually stopped pounding
all together. For my mystery man in an alien costume. had to be the most stunning man, I have ever seen. I don’t think in the two years Jason and I went together, did he make me feel this way.

Haven’t we met,
You’re some kind of Beautiful stranger.
You could be good for me,
I’ve had the taste for danger.

Max, looked around the restaurant for Michael and myself. His eyes caught mine, and he smiled. I held my breath as he started walking our way. I think everything started to move in slow motion. Was it wrong of me to think I’m glad he didn’t turn out to be some ugly geek.

Well I felt bad about it for like a second and enjoyed Max.’s journey to our table.

If I’m smart then I’ll run away,
But I’m not so I guess I’ll stay. Heaven forbid,
I’ll take my chance on a beautiful stranger.

Okay I know I told myself I needed a sabbatical on looking for the perfect guy. But as I looked into those amber eyes. I just knew I had to have him in my arms. I just met him today, but I felt I knew him all my life. I knew this even before I saw him out of the Alien suit. I have a feeling I’m going to be in over my head with this one. But you know what...I don’t care.

I looked into your eyes,
And my world came tumbling down.
You’re the devil in disguise.
That’s why I’m singing this song.

So he reaches the table, and I’m looking up at tall dark and Damn this boy is handsome! I’m probably looking a little too much into this, but since finding our booth. Max Evans has yet to take his eyes off me. However I could be wishing a little too hard and seeing something that isn’t there. It’ll be sweet to have him feel the same way as me.

Alright can I just say that I would LOVE to run my fingers through that dark hair of his right now.

“Maxwell, Where the hell have you been?” Michael blurted out. Totally killing the mood of course. I almost forgot he was there.

“Hey, nice to see you too Michael,” Max replied taking his hands out of his jean pockets, before sliding into the seat next to Michael,” Brody started talking to me about UFO stuff. You know how he gets sometimes,”

“Who cares, the guys a loon,” Michael stated.

Whoa HO, it takes one to know one you freak. I thought to myself. He began to relax now that most of the attention has been taken off of him.

” So anyway, this is Liz Parker,” He replied giving me an evil look before saying, ”and Liz this is Max Evans,”

We shook hands and I felt this electric surge coarse
through my body. I think he felt it too. We shyly stared
into each other’s eyes, and things began to disappear around us again. I think even Michael, the densest man I know so far. Realize something crazy is happening between us.

I looked into your face;
my heart was dancing all over the place.
I’d like to change my point of view. If I could forget about you......

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting something here?” Michael asked irritated. He directed his evil stare at his friend.

Max quickly took his hand back and turned bright red. I think we just need to get rid of Michael. I’m really beginning to get tired of his mood breaking ways!
I really wish I was still holding his hand. I think I
actually saw him sneak a glance at me. He saw me catch his stare and gave me this really sexy smile. Hello! I’ve never seen a more gorgeous smile, those dimples we’re really something.

“No, it’s just we kind of...ah.. meet each other earlier
today,” He replied to a confuse Michael. Who looked at me and was wondering why he wasn’t informed about this.

“I kind of went wandering over to the UFO center, when dad went inside, and for some reason, we just started
talking, However he was in an alien costume at the time,” I explained enjoying Michael’s stare of disbelief. “He told me he was going over that at four to meet me, when he realize who I was. Max told me where he was heading later, saying you wanted me to meet new people, that was just soo sweet,” That made Michael a little jumpy, cause before Max entered the Crashdown, we were far from being friendly.

“Whatever,” Michael said rolling his eyes. Why did I get
the feeling max was going to get an ear full from Michael.

God he was just so infuriating.

Maria came back with our drinks and squealed in delight
when she saw Max. He got up and hugged her after her hands were free.

“Max, darling you just get out of work?!” Maria asked after stepping out of his hug.

“Thank God, I even get tomorrow off,” Max answered, sitting back down, and looking again toward my direction. I really want to take that man in my arms and kiss those sexy lips of his. Okay it’s quite toasty in here. Time for a drink. I took a huge sip of my smoothie. OOO tasty, I love Strawberries.

“If you got tomorrow off, you should come by Liz’s house tonight and join Alex and I in her welcome to Roswell, let’s unpack her stuff party,” Maria proclaimed excitedly.

“So Alex is coming,” I asked stirring my drink with a

“Yes I called him but minutes ago,” Maria said again
taking the seat next to me,” He just got out of band
practice. So he’s free this evening, for manual labor,”

“That’s cool, and he’s in a band neat,” I said with

“Yeah he plays bass, they call themselves the Whit’s with an ‘H’,” Maria said, beaming with such pride for her
friend.” However, the singer they got is such a premadonna, I’m soo much better than Wendy Felman is.”

“You sing, wow that’s cool,” I replied taking another glance at max who still is looking at me. Sweet.

“So you coming over or what Max?” Maria asked, getting
up, before she got busted for not working. Her customers we’re starting to get antsy.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” Max replied still looking
at me with such intensity. Which made Maria raise one of her eyebrows with much interest.

”So you want a cherry coke,” She asked giving max a knowing smile.

“Yeah and an order of Saturn rings with an extra bottle
of...”he was interrupted by Maria immediately.

”With an extra bottle of Tabasco sauce, got it.” She said before bouncing off.

What’s with Tabasco sauce and Saturn rings. Ketchup not good enough or something. Oh well I guess everyone’s got their quirks.

“So you coming Michael?” Max asked looking at
Mr. brooding, pouting in his little part of the booth. I so
already knew the answer to that question.

“Don’t think so,” Michael answered really wanting to be
anywhere but here. ”Braveheart’s playing tonight, I’m gonna check it out”

“Again,” Max asked in disbelief, ”How many times can you watch that movie?”

“This coming from someone who’s seen Crouching Tiger and hidden dragon, just as much.” Michael explains shaking his head.

“Hey, don’t dis that movie man,” Max warned

“Fairs fair dude, besides it’s nothing but a chick flick
with kung fu, BOR-ING,” he counterd feigning a yawn.

“There’s more to it then that, it’s about loyalty, honor
Duty,” Max replied the two of them are quite stubborn. I have to agree with Max, though Braveheart is a pretty good movie.

“Yeah well so is Braveheart, but it has a nice mix of
violence, bloodshed, and a body count over 200,”Michael said with a smile. Whoa he can smile. Wouldn’t that hurt his face or something!

“You’re still trying to count the dead bodies, that's just sick Michael," Max exclaimed laughing, This is when Maria came back with our food. Shaking her head by what conversation she came into.

“Not this conversation again,” she replied rolling her
eyes. ”You guys should just call it a draw and argue about something new. Neither of you will give in, I’ve never seen you two agree on anything.”

“Oh but that’s not true, we both agreed that the Kevin
Smith movies are genius,” Max replied pointing to Michael who was nodding his head in agreement.

“Our lives are better because of them,” Michael said, okay, It was actually very weird seeing him smiling.

The crashdown bell announced another visitor. Maria
squealed and ran toward the lanky kid with black hair.

“That’s Alex,” Max explained covering his rings with
Tabasco sauce. Michael did the same.

“Good day in the morning, you actually can eat it like
that,” I asked looking at them shovel the rings in their
mouth, without so much as tear in their eyes. The two of them looked up and shrugged their shoulders like it was nothing.

“We’ve been doing this for years,” Michael replied

“I guess we’re just use to it now,” Max replied a bit
sheepish. I don’t know that’s still an un-human task.

That’s when Maria and Alex came strolling back to the table.

She made the introductions.

“Liz Parker, this is Alex Whitman, Alex, meet Liz Parker,” She replied with much glee.

“Hello,” I said taking Alex’s outstretch hand.

“Charmed my lady,” he replied clicking his heals and then bowed down so he could kiss my hand. I giggled and thought what a sweet little weirdo he is.

“You better not let Isabel catch you doing that,” Maria
squealed jokingly.

Alex laughed as he sat down next to me in the booth.

“Isabel?” I asked rather confused. The numbers to this group keeps rising.

“Isabel is Max.’s sister,” Maria informed me, while pointing her thumb towards Max. Who waved and gave me this real smoky smile.

“And Isabel is my girlfriend, who gets rather jealous,” Alex laughed, ordering a orange soda and Saturn rings from Maria, who went back to work after writing down Alex’s order. Her customers were getting rather antsy.

SO it’s time to do some major Ass kissing, if she still wants to get some good tips.

“I’ll see ya at 6:oo,”were the last thing she said, before
bouncing off. What a day! I went from not knowing if I’d ever fit in. To actually racking up a bunch of friends who actually volunteered to help me unpack.

Then there’s meeting max. The man puts butterflies in my stomach, and a constant smile on my face! The thought that he’ll leave sometime tonight, saddens me.
It’s funny suddenly I feel that this is what the fates had in store for me all along. That this is where I belong. Like maybe Roswell New Mexico wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Only time will tell....

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posted on 30-Dec-2001 10:02:53 PM by RosWool
Wow thanks everyone for the wondeful praise! I'm glad people like it. Before posting this story I was afraid no one would like it. Well here's part 5. I'll tell you this one was a tough sucker to write. I hope it comes out okay?
Enjoy Carolyn

Fanart COver~By Leery's Lover

Dreaming your dreams~By Hybrid~This song is copyrighted
cause I didn’t write it.

Part five~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers

Cause when you’re going,
I’ll fallow you,fallow you.
And what you’re feeling.
I’ll feel for you,feel for you.
And what you’re hearing
I’m singing for you.
And when you’re sleeping,
I’m dreaming your dreams for you....

Liz Parker has now become a permanent fixture in my
head. I’m still pretty blown away about how she just came into my life. Was it only just yesterday that liz took the flyer from my hands and smiled at me for the first time. To me,I feel like I’ve known her much longer than that. Like she’s always been part of the group. I myself can’t explain it.
Liz, Maria,and Alex have pretty much bonded last night.
I’m wondering what my place will be in her life. Friends
More than just friends,absoultely nothing at all.
Could she see herself wrapped in my arms,cuddling in
front of the T.V. Watching a movie we’ve rented.Ocassionally we’ll steal kisses from each other....Um..... I’m sounding pretty sappy huh!? I guess you can call me a dreamer. I tell you this though! I wouldn’t have it any other way!
After I left Liz at the crashdown late last night. I went
across the street to the UFO center to where my jeep sat waiting for me. Michael was also there. I knew this
conversation was going to happen.
“Hey,” I said,getting into my jeep.
“So did you have fun tonight?”Michael said,talk about not
beating around the bush.
“Yes,I did.”I said knowing where this conversation was
going,and decided to initiate it before he does,”So you
don’t want me to hang around Liz?”
“I don’t care who you hang around with;it’s just I think you should be careful in who you trust these
days.”Michael replied looking straight ahead into the street,probably staring at nothing.
“I haven’t told or am I planning on telling Liz anything,I
hardly know her,I’m just trying to be a friend to someone
who obviously needs one michael,god but you can be so
paranoid,” I exclaimed,rolling my eyes in fustration.
“Well Maxwell someone has to be,”He sputtered finally
glaring at me,”You say you won’t,but I see how you act
around her,I know I’m the last person to tell you getting
involed with a human is abad thing,but I’ve already done
it,and you know I wish it didn’t happen.”
“Michael,Maria saw you use your powers of course you had no choice,I’m not going to let that happen,” I assured him,holding the steering wheel.
“Yeah,well if you get involed with her you better belive
she’ll find out,and when that happens you know her life
won’t be the same,”He replied,then quickly added,”I have no doubt Liz can be trusted,the thing is can we protect her,we can bearly protect ourselves and with Alex almost getting
kidnapped by those FBI agents last year I think It’ll be unfair to get her invole,”
“michael,trust me I have no intention of telling Liz,”I
assured him,but somehow I didn’t belive the words I
spoke;and neither did Michael.
We just stared at each other in silence for a few minutes and then he hopped out of the jeep,but not before saying his final peace.
“Whatever Maxwell,I know your a big boy and whatever I say is just advice,I am all about living your life,but look who you’ll have to deal with. Nasedo is already on the warpath with us,just think things through thats all I’m trying to say.”
He walked away leaving me to think about alot.The thing is What am I going to do about it? Michael was right about one thing. I’ve got both Nasedo and Tess breathing down my neck about our destiny.There’s no way Liz and I can Be a couple.
Especially with Tess still holding on to all kinds of hope
that we’ll be together.Like I’d change my mind all of a
sudden. I’ll just slap my hand on my head one day and
say..You know I’m just silly to think I can have a life of
my own. I mean who needs love.I want to spend the rest of my life with a girl who totally doesn’t do it for me.Right that’s definately not going to happen.
I’m not stupid. I know what she does to the girls who dared try to go out with me. Tess has these amazing Mind controlling powers. I’m afraid when Tess gets wind of my affection for Liz;she’ll do something I won’t be able to talk myself out of. I actually would be upset;If Liz wouldn’t want to see me. I’ve got to make her see reason. Both her and Nasedo.
Our protector wasn’t thrilled about Michael and Isabel
defying destiny by hooking up with humans.
Though lately I have observe Michael and maria being cold towards each other. I wonder what Michael said or did this time? I for one don’t understand the two of them! I mean what does Maria see in him? It’s not like Michael is the most romantic of guys! Plus he’s got them wonderful communication skills(and I say this with the up most sarcasm). However with thier on again off again
relationship. I think it’s a little to early to say that
they’re totally over! I’ll give them a couple of days,untill
they’re together again.Especially when I see how much Maria Loves him. I know Michael loves her too. I mean he doesn’t give off the Love vibes,but I see it!
Maria has done wonders for my friend. You have to look real close,but the changes are there. So I have to thank Maria for all the good that’s been done to him.God knows she’s got a lot of work ahead of her. Bless her little heart!
Then there’s Isabel and Alex. Now there’s a match none of us thought would happen. We all knew how much Alex adores Isabel.She just didn’t think it’d be wise to get involed. Nasedo’s mention of our enemies was the main reason for her decision.“They’ll do whatever it takes to get at us,and that could mean using your little human friends as pawns,in thier game,”
Isabel was mortified when She heard Nasedo’s little speech after Micahel and Maria’s relationship was revealed.
“He’s the sweetest guy I know. I just can’t get him mixed up in all this!”Isabel explained to me one night. Alex had just came by her window. He seranded her; while a mariachi band accompying him. Very Cheezy,but Michael should take notes. For it was very romantic!
Maria of course;couldn’t stop talking to him about it for
weeks. “Why can’t you be like that! I swear my boyfreind has no heart!”For weeks Michael gave Alex the evil eye.
“Thanks Alex,now I’m getting the squeeze to do mushy
stuff,because of you!”Michael blurted out.
“Would it hurt you to take her out once in awhile,maybe
write some poerty,”Alex retored back,”It won’t kill you.
see,I’m still alive.”
Anyway,I could see how torn she was about the Alex
situation. SO I decided to give her some advice. Whether she fallows it or not is all up to her,”Isabel,I for one know that Michael and yourself have your own minds. Nasedo is from our past. All he can do is think what was. Don’t let him scare you into being alone. We have to make our own destinies. Not repeat what got us here in the first place. ALex makes you laugh. Very few people can do that.If you look real hard you’ll realize you and Alex have more in common than you think.It’s not that complicated Isabel,just fallow your heart.”
I can see Isabel’s mind at work. What I was saying was
sinking in. Though the uncertainy was pouring from her
eyes.I could also see the need to be a normal teenage girl. Who wants to be loved for who she is. And I think Alex could be that someone.
Well with a little more convincing on Alex’s part.
It was a week after our conversation that Isabel finally
succumbed to Alex’s Wooing. It’s funny when all this
started. Alex was the only one who was confident enough to belive Isabel and himself would get together. Nothing like being persistant. He got the girl and the rest of us was left with our jaws on the floor. Not that we weren’t happy.
WE just that ought it’d never happen. Alex showed us didn’t he!
Even the “In crowd” people that Isabel tends to hang around with,kind of were snooty about them at first. But they do make a rather gorgeous couple. Hey,last year Alex was even in the running for harvest king. It would’ve been pretty cool If he actually won.
Nasedo of course wasn’t thrilled. However he realize what he said tends to be ignored. That doesn’t mean he’ll stop giving us lectures.I would think something was wrong if that ever happen!
“I’m just your protector,not your leader,”He announced one day at one of our lessons at his home.”Max has that job thank god. But don’t you realize the seriousness in all
“Hey we’re not going to be bullied into something we don’t want to do!”Michael replied shaking his head in
disgust,”We’ve already agreed that helping our planet was the main objective here,so I don’t see what our
relationships have to do with this,”
“We’ve been living the best way we could nasedo. You’ve only just entered into our lives.”Isabel added just a little more calmly than Michael.
“I’ll be damned If I have anyone tell me how I should feel
or who I should be with,It’s not going to happen!”Michael
said getting up from his usual faraway little corner from
the group. And actually getting up to Nasedo’s face. I got up just in case things started to get hairy.Remebering all this made me wonder why he was acting like Nasedo last night?
“Michael,”Nasedo said staring back at him.”the three of you don’t realize;that when the time comes. You will be leaving Earth and your human friends to be freeing your people. They are nothing but a distraction to us,they will only be in the way of things.”
“Of course we know the seriousness of our situation. You
tell us about it every fucking single day! WE free our
people,and we come back home,it’s not that complicated!”
Michael said raising his voice the longer he talked. Nasedo just stood there waiting for him to get everything off his chest.
“If your through,I like to ask you,who do you think is
going to run the planet when you guys decide to come back to earth?” Nasedo replied throwing something new in the ring,”Not by itself I’m afraid,they will be looking to you for leadership. The ones who have freed them from Kivars rule. Antar is yout reponsibility,not earth or the humans you leave behind.”
“Hey,you yourself said Max is the leader right,”Michael
replied storming to the door,”than that leaves me off the
hook;I’m so not in the mood to be here right now,”and
stormed out of the house slamming the door behind him and peeling off in his motorcycle.
“Well I guess class is dismissed,”Nasedo said sitting down
on his recliner and rubbing his temples,”I guess we can try this again later when everyone’s calmed down a bit.”
Isabel and I looked at each other. Wondering if maybe nasedo had a point. Later that night I went into Isabels room and told her that maybe she should stay behind when the time comes.
“No I will not leave you behind, you heard Nasedo’s lessons,we all need to fight to defeat Kivar,a complete unit,besides Max you and Michael are my family;I could not just leave you,”Isabel said almost in tears,”Maybe Alex can come with us,I mean I know it’s risky,but I can’t bear not being with him.”
“I don’t know Isabel,” I replied my mind working a mile
a minute.”I promise you I’ll think of something,we will not
be scared into something we don’t want to do.”
“Do you think you and Tess will get together?” She asked taking a tissue from her dresser. After drying her eyes she realize her makeup was all smudge. She waved her hand over her face and her alien powers did the rest. Isabels makeup was perfect once again.
“I’ll tell you this Iz,”I said getting up from the bed”I may
have been in love with her in the past,but that’s what it
will remain in the past. When and if we get back to antar,It will remain that way. I don’t know who’ll I’ll be with but it won’t be her.”
It may of reasured her a little. But I can still see her
worried about her future with Alex.
Which brings me back to Liz Parker. I feel so alive whenever she’s around. Is she my destiny that I’ve been waiting for? Will she be able to remain by my side when the time comes for us to leave? Will she even want me? And if she does. How will she react to me being from another planet? I'm probaly jumping the gun a little,but I can't help it. I honestly belive Liz is who I've been looking for all my life.
So I’m lying on my bed. Reliving the wonderful time I had
last night when Isabel comes into my room. It was locked,but she must’ve used her powers to unlock my door.
“You my brother are in much trouble with Nasedo,”she
annonced sitting on the chair next to my bed. She didn’t
look very happy.
“Well good morning to you too!”I replied sitting up while
rubbing the sleep from my eyes.. I for one don’t care how
angry nasedo is with me. No one will damper my good mood.
“Max I’m serious here,”Isabel said nervously. She was
changing the fingernail polish pastel blue from the pastel
purple she first decided on.:Nasedo called another
“unannounced meeting last night. When you didn’t show and Michael told you where you we’re he kind of freaked. He did stick up for you and basically said you we’re just
relaxing after work. And had no idea a meeting would be
Okay this had me a bit confuse. Michael was defending me in my absence with Nasedo,yet he was lecturing me about not getting invole with Liz. I swear he can drive a person to insanity.I know one thing though. I’m tired of everyone getting into my business.
“Who cares Isabel,I’m not going to jump everytime Nasedo says so.”I replied getting up to go to my closet.”I take a break and Nasedo has a meltdown,Is it wrong for me to pretend that I’m not an alien for one night.”
“No Max it’s not wrong,and you of all people deserve a
break,”Isabel replied twirling her long blond hair.”but it
got back that you were hanging with a new girl in town,and you know how insecure Tess is for she started freaking out.” I laughed wishing I could’ve been there to have seen that. I mean nothing happen,but what if something did. I’m not married to her and both Nasedo and Tess need to know that I plan my own destiny.
“I’ll deal with them later,I’m in too much of a good mood to let them ruin it,”I picked out a shirt I would be wearing,then made a beeline to my dresser for some pants.
“Well you’re going to have to “Deal” with them. Cause
Nasedo’s called a meeting,so you got to get ready asap. I don’t think he’ll take no for an answer,”Isabel said getting up from her seat and walked next to me.
“Great,my one day off for god knows how long and I have to do damage control with Nasedo and Tess,I swear one day I’m just going to not care and they can find someone else to be a leader!” I Said giving Isabel a frustrated look. Upon looking at me for the first time today. She put her hand
over her mouth and gasped”OH MY GOD Max,You do have feelings for this girl. You love her,this Liz Parker don’t you?” Well I guess it’s obvious. My sister knows me well so I have to realize I can’t keep it from her. However Maria and Alex could see it too. Last night they kept giving me these knowing glances. So whether it’s today or tomorrow. I have to meet with Nasedo and he’ll probably see it too.. And the funny is I really don’t care.
“It’s really too early to tell Iz,but she’s amazing. I never
realize someone could make me feel this alive,I’m just so
happy when she’s around.”I replied sighing at the thought of seeing her again. Isabel grinned at me,however behind that I’m-so-happy-for-you-grin,I could feel the uneasiness from her.
“you didn’t tell her about who we really are did you?”She asked a little panicked.
“Oh good lord no Iz, It’s definately too early for that.I
don’t even know if she’ll even go out with me knowing I’m
just a regular teenager.” I replied feeling
happy,fustratede angry and sad all at once.Am I setting
myself up for a major fall?
“Well I for one will not tell you what to do. Nasedo does
that enough for you,” She said palcing her hand on my
shoulder,”Just be careful Max,Liz is still a outsider we no
nothing about her. For all we know she could be-”
“One of our enemies,” I finished with anger,but quickly
realize that maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at her, It’s not
her who’s filling my head with my suppose destiny. I hardly think Liz is evil. But I do see Isabel’s point and was quick to apologize to her,”Look I’m sorry for yelling at you. I know you’re just looking out for me. It’s just for the first time I finally found.....”
“Love”it was Isabel’s turn to finish my sentence. I nodded
and she gave me a hug.”Brother,You know I’ll support you. And I’ll quote what you told me before,fallow your heart,but can I just say to be careful.”
“I will,” I said pulling away from her hug.Isabel smiled and
was about to walk away when she asked” so what should we do about Nasedo’s gathering,”
“I can’t run away from him forever,”I replied,choosing a
pair of tan khaki’s then closed the dresser drawer with a
sigh,”I guess I’ll just feel his rath now,so I can enjoy the
rest of my day,”
Isabel smiled at my commet and left. Leaving me to ponder my situation with Nasedo and Tess. This is one meeting I am not looking forward to attending. However,I want to make it clear that I will NOT be told what to do. No matter what the outcome is with Liz. I will make my own destiny.. I just hope Liz is in it.

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Araxie HRH originally wrote:
Hey Chica~
Good God! you posted the 3rd chapter on the 27th! How the hell did I miss it! I've been glued here because I've got a cold, since Wed. afternoon! Although I must say it is totally cool to read 3 new chapters at once!!
I am so pleased with the way you had Liz apologize to her dad, it seems a little more in character for her, she seemed a little on the attitude side in the first two chapters. But I am glad that she gave Michael some attitude, he more than deserved it! I'm loving the way they're all coming together! Love it post again soon!!!

Thanks Araxie for all your constant feedback! I hope you're feeling better.I hope to post more soon.
Peace Carolyn*bounce*
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Thanks everyone for all you feedbackAraxie I'm glad you're feeling better!LovinroswellThanks for coming by and reading my story. Well here's the latest edition. Enjoy Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Six~Has To Be~BY Carolyn Sawyers
(24/7~By KEVON EDMOND Is copyrighted~Cause I didn’t create this song)

I think about you all the time.
24/7 babe.
The love I have inside for you,
Is more than any words can say....

It’s June 29th,I’m Liz Parker,and last night had to be the
greatest time I ever had! My room,thanks to Maria,Alex and Max,is pretty much unpacked. Can I say that all I wanted to do was throw my self at Max and kiss him like he’s never been kissed before! It didn’t help that he kept stealing looks at me. I only knew this because I was stealing looks at him. Many times,I was rewarded with his amber gaze. Can I just sigh dreamily right now! “sigh”
Well,It was like 12:30 am;when my dad came in to tell
everyone it was time to go home.It was getting really late. Plus he didn’t want a bunch of complaints from concern parents. I could also tell he was a bit concern for me. The trip here was long,hectic and quite tiring.I’m sure he thinks I need some bedrest.
Everyone agreed,and said our goodbyes.Maria promised she’ll call tomorrow;well later today. So we can hang out some more. I told her that I would like that. I wondered to myself If Max would hang out with us also? Yeah I’m
delsional,but a girl can dream can’t she?
Well,can I say the highlight of the night was Max’s
good-bye hug! Swoon,Swoon,swoon! I was amazed that I didn’t pass out!
With his arms wrapped around me,and my face buried in his chest,I was so intoxicated by how great he smelled and how wonderful he felt;that if I died right now. I’d be the happiest girl alive! I wish he didn’t have to go.
“Tonight was fun,”he said at the Crashdown entrance.
“Yes,It was fun,and it was also nice that you guys helped me unpack. You saved me days of boring work,”I shyly replied not realizing we were holding hands,that is not untill I felt his thumbs stoking the top of my hands. I could feel the Goose bumps spread excitedly over my body.
“Well we aim to please,of course we did it out of pure
selfishness,”Max replied,causing me to lift an eyebrow in
confusion. He laughed seeing the expression on my face then further explained himself by adding,”It would’ve taken you days to do all that by yourself. Now that you’re pretty much settled in, mean we all...ah you know Maria and everyone else can see more of you,hanging out...I mean you know all of us together.” he said stumbbling on alot of the words.God he was soo cute being all akward.I like what he originally
meant.However,I understood why he was covering his tracks. Thats okay I did the same thing.
“That would be great.I can’t wait to hang out with you
again.oh..and as well as everyone else of course,ah
yeah,”yup I sounded like a total moran.I probably would’ve been mortified,but the fact that Max did the same thing,made me realize that we both have one track minds. WE like each other. Though we’re still not quite sure if we should admit it to the other person. Both Max and I know that our feeling are very strong for one another. But I have a feeling he’s probably waiting for me to make the first move. While I’m waiting for him. It’s a communication thing that’ll be worked out eventually. Right now I’m having fun with the waiting. It’s really quite exciting.
Max smiled at me and said,”I’d really like that.” and
then,he was gone. I floated my way upstairs causing my dad to give me this look. I know he’s not stupid. Something’s up,but he’s respecting my space.”They seem real nice.”He said wiping a mess on the stove.
“Yeah they are,”I replied taking a can of pepsi from the
fridge,then added,”Can you belive after only being here one day,I made friends,and they helped he unpack!”
My father laughed at this and said,”Well,I’m glad you had fun tonight.”
“I did,”I replied giving him a kiss on the cheek and
“Well so far the fates are on our side,you have sweet dreams and I’ll see you in the morning.”He replied with a grin on his face.I gave him a smile back and floated up to my room.
He was glad that I was making friends. Plus it seems my
break up with Jason isn’t the end of the world after all.
It’s great that he’s keeping the questions about Max to
himself right now. I mean he’ll bring up tall dark and
handsome later,but it’s cool he’s keeping his distance. I
myself really don’t know what’s up with us yet. And can I tell you that I had the most amazing dream about him last night!
I was lying on my bed. I think I was listening to the
radio. And I heard someone knocking on my window. I look to see Max standing there. He waved at me as I crossed over to the window. “What are you doing here Max?”I asked after opening the window. Not that I’d care if he didn’t have one(an excuse that is).I was happy just to see him.
“I couldn’t sleep,I hope you don’t mind that I came
over,”Max asked shlyly. Did I mind. Hell no I didn’t mind. In fact I’m doing an Irish jig in my mind right now I’m soo happy!
“No,not at all,”I quickly answered”Hold on I’m coming
out,don’t want to wake up the dad.” I stepped on my chair that was postioned in front of the window.And with his assitance climbed saftly to my porch.
Well technically I don’t think it was suppose to be a porch. I think It’s the crashdown’s roof.It could definately
be used as a porch. My Mom would’ve loved it.I’m planning on putting my telescope out here. Maria said that she has a couple of old lawn chairs that I could have..Oh the possiblities,but I’m totally going off on a tangent,My Max dream.....
So anywho,we are leaning on the roofs wall,it came up to our waist,and we’re looking up at the stars. He’s got his arms around my shoulders. We we’re standing this way for about five minutes;then I decided to speak.“It’s really quite a beautiful night,”I sighed enjoying the view.
“Yes it is,but I in my mind there’s nothing more gorgeous
than you,”He said kissing the top of my head.”I love that
you smell like strawberries.”Okay,so I have cheesy
dreams,sue me!
“Ah,Thank you,”I said pulling away from his embrace to look at him.”So is there something on your mind Max,”I
asked,boldly pushing a piece of his black hair away from his eyes. Max took my hand and smiled as he kissed each tip of my fingers;not once taking his eyes off mine.
I took a quick intake of air,as his lips on my fingers did
crazy warm fuzzies to my insides,
“I actually would like to kiss you,”He asked enfolding me in his arms,and painstakingly inched his way slowly towards my face. Max stopped about a half of inch away from my lips.I swallowed as I felt his breath on my face.I think he was waiting for permission.
“I would like that very much actually,”I mangaged to get out,but it was bearly a whisper.Max smiled as he closed in the final distance between our lips. I felt his hands cup my face. I drapped my arms around his neck. Enjoying the feel of his hair,it was so silky smooth.
I felt the air around us,the world was spinnig,music was
playing,and all was right in my world. I couldn’t tell up
from down,were we still standing up? Somehow we mangaed to get on my bed. This was a dream so things like this can happen. I felt his hands slide down my sides. Max moaned my name”Liz,”
“Max,”I huskily replied kissing his neck. I felt him bury
his face in my hair and heard my name again.
“Liz,”said my father-MY FATHER!? Wait a minute my father’s voice.This woke me up.It was better than a cold shower.
My father was knocking on my door. I looked at my clock. Jesus, was it 12:00pm! Damn I slept the morning away!
“Liz,are you up?”He asked again,well I am now.
“Yeah,I am,”I replied sleep still racked through my body and in my voice,I yawned while I said”hold on I’m coming.”
I stretched and yawned again before getting out of bed. I put my bathrobe on as I walked to the door. Opening it to revealed my dad holding our cordless phone.
“It’s Maria’s,” He replied handing me the phone. My dad
immediately took a sip from his cup that was in his other
hand. He must’ve been up for a while. He was dressed andsmiling. The coffee was working. It’s probably good I slept in. Nothing like dealing with a grumpy dad in the morning without his dose of caffinee.
“Thanks Dad,I’m sorry I overslept,”I apologize,taking the
phone and covering the receiver with my hand.
“It’s okay hun,you need it,You've had quite the day and
night,”he said,kissing my cheek,I made a face,and he
laughed;knowing I hated the smell of coffee.”What’s on the agenda today.”
“I’ll probably be with Maria,”I said but quickly added,”If
that’s okay,” I didn’t want to think he wasn’t doing his
parental duties.
“No,not at all,though let’s not make it another late
night,okay;you’re starting work tomorrow,”He said taking
another chug of that horendous liquid.I made a face about working tomorrow,but nodded my head under- standing that it was going to happen whether I like it or not.
“Good,I’ll be downstairs in the resturant with Nancy.She’s
going to be showing me the books today.”Jeff parker
said,giving me a smile and saying “I love you Liz” before
making his way toward our front door,that’ll take him to the resturant downstairs.
“I love you too dad,” I screamed back at him before closing my bedroom door and plopping on my bed,”Hello chica,”I said into the reciver;as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes.
“Good afternoon,or should I say good morning in your
case,”Maria giggled on the other line.
“I know,It’s crazy but I never overslept this late
before,plus I was having this amazing dream before-”
Maria interupted me by squealing in my ear,”OOOO,You had a naughty dream with Max in it!,”I knew the subject of Max would came up. She got me to reveal that I thought he was cute,Maria also was sneaky enough to get me to reveal how much I would really like to go out with him.
“Do you think it’s silly of me to have feelings for a guy I
hardly know?”I asked after Maria got the goods on me,she actually told me we would look cute together.
“Girlfriend,I totally belive in love at first sight,”Maria gushed looking dreamily somewhere,”However for me and
Michael It was hate at first sight.”
“OOO,I’m not suprised,he’s got quite the pleasent
attitude,”I said sarcatically,we both laughed causing Max
and Alex to look at our way strangley.We didn’t care and
continued with our girl talk.
Anyway,I’m starying to far from the present. My coveration with Maria....
“Yes,Yes, It was a naughty dream with Max,”I said rolling my eyes,but quickly continued,”untill your wake up call interupted when things we’re starting to get intresting,”The two of us laughed,and I hugged my pillow to me. Then Maria got all serious on me by telling me something about this girl named Tess Harding. Another member of the gang.
“Listen,I should probably tell you that she really wants
Max,but he doesn’t want anything to do with her,”She said reassuringly,”But I tell ya she’s very sneaky and pretty much has gotten every girl in Roswell scared of her skanky ass,”I can almost bet ya that maria is making a gagging face.
“So she has no claims on Max,” I asked listening to
everything Maria had to say carefully,
“No,” Maria said
“But she’s making Max off limits by being a bully so
probably eventually he’ll have to give in cause no one wants to deal with her,”I said pretty much confirming evrything Maria told me.
“Yes,”she confirmed
“Well this Tess girl can bring it on,cause no one tells me
what to do!”I challenged and heard Maria grin on the other line.
“I knew you’d say that girlfriend,but be careful she is
actually tougher than she looks,”Maria said and added,”But I’ll do what I can to cover your back,”
“I knew I could count on you,”I replied,happy that Maria and I are getting closer every day.”So when are you going to show me where the Mall is,I need to get a killer offit to wow Max’s Socks off.”
“I can do that,”Maria replied excitedly,”give me a few
hours.I’m at my mom’s store,covering for the curly blond ho herself.”
“She works for your mom!?”I replied in suprise.The boutique is Amy Deluca’s pride and Joy. It sells clothes,newage products and alien tourist soviners. Yeah I thought it was an odd mix,but I guess it does wonderful business.
“Yeah,I got her the job.”Maria replied not to thrilled aboutit.”The cool thing about it is that we’ll know where she’ll be while you make the moves on max.”
Oo,but the girl was good. I can’t belive she’s already got a plan hatched out!
“Maria,I love you,”I replied,so lucky to have her as a
freind and not an enemy.
“And I love you too,”Maria replied then she quickly
added,”Listen,Tess maybe part of our group,but the girl is
pure evil okay!I don’t say anything cause I KNOW she’ll
screw it up for herself eventually. That girl has been
nothing but an unreasonable amount of stress for Max and I for one thank you for putting the rain on Tess’s parade;now let me state for the record that I still would’ve hanged out with you even if you didn’t like max and made Tess’s life a living hell!”We both laughed and yet again maria continued to talk,”Tess is a pain in the ass,and max has been dealing with her for way too long,besides he obviously likes you so much more then shirly temple,”
“He likes me,”I asked,my sprit soared to the sky.
“Oh come on you know he does,”Maria giggled before
adding,”The two of you have that whole soulmate vibe going on,besides,She’s just so fake with them blond curls and evil blue eyes,You my friend are ten times more beautiful then she’ll ever be.And our boy Max sees that.”
“Girl I’m keeping you,You’re great for the ego,”I replied
laughing,I can’t wait to meet this Tess.
“Hey that’s what freinds are for!”She replied
laughing,”Listen,I’m out at two,why don’t you come by my mom’s store,not only will you have a chance to browse, you’ll get the chance to meet the hellbeast,kind of check out the comp-I really can’t say compitetion cause Max doesn’t want to be with her,let’s just call her someone that’s going to make your life a living hell! Come on I know you want to.”Maria replied oozing with evilness.
My grin widen as I said,”Girl,you are the evil one,but your
running around my mind cause you’re thinking what I’m
thinking!”Man the two of us laughed so hard I’m suprised we didn’t wet ourselves”So is your mom’s store far?”
“No it’s actually on the same side as the crashdown.”She
instructed,”Just take a left when you go outside the
crashdown,and it’s a couple of stores down.”
“That sounds easy enough,I see you in a few then,”I
replied,we talked a little more,that is untill a bunch of
customers came into the store.So she had to hang up. I went to my dresser to find some clothes to wear. Oh this is going to be fun. This Tess girl better hold onto those blond curls of hers,cause I’ll be damned to have someone tell me what to do! She may have scared those other girls away,but Tess never had to deal with Liz parker before. My mom told me never to
back down if I wanted something bad enough. Max Evans is definately someone I want in my life.
AS I stepped out of my room to go to the bathroom,all I
can hear was Marias words...”.....Besides he likes you
This day just can’t get any better.


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Okay so I got really inspired and did two chapters! I hope you guys like it!?
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Seven~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers
(My Enemies~By Crash Test Dummies~Copyrighted cause I didn’t
write the song.)

I Sit and concentrate,and try hard not to hate my enemies.
I try to picture them dressed up as furry little bunnies,
But when I look into thier glass eyes...
I can see they’re cold and hard and Pink

Hopping around,hopping around on thier two legs.
Cute little leg,hoping around.....

When I arrived at Maria’s Mom’s Store,The Boutique.
I was totally blown away by how amazing the place was.
She had everything.I don’t know if “the dress” Is here. Butmark my words;I’ll be back to do some shopping later!
Maria was with a customer when I arrived. As soon as she saw me,Maria waved hello.I acknowledge her with a wave back.Then she continued to deal with what appears to be the most needy customer on earth. I decided to check the place out a littlemore thoroughly.I looked at my watch. It was 1:45;I wonder when the enemy will arrive?
As if on cue,the door chimed and in struted a tornado of
blond curls and a attitude. Tess walked out back without somuch as a hello to Maria. I looked at Maria who rolled her eyes and mouthed the word “Bitch”. I smiled and gave her this impatient look. Maria smiled and gave me
this-be-patient-grasshopper-You’ll-have-your-fun-soon-enough stare. I wonder if she even knows who I am yet? Sometimes it’s nice to have the element of suprise.
“Maria,”replied Tess’s voice from behind.Causing her
to pretty much jump out of the stool she sat in.Maria was gasping in fear as she clutch her chest.
“Jesus Tess!”Maria said wheezing”Could ya warn a person
before you do that,”
“Sorry,I guess,”Tess replied,giving her this whatever
look,”Anyway,thanks for covering me;Dad had some kind ofissue so thanks,”
“Well that’s why I’m here,”Maria said,then She clapped her hands together and added,”Anyway here’s your FYI,I put the order away,the birthday favors for the fergusen party is out back in a marked box,which leaves you to dust the crystal case and mark down the rack of clothes,also out back to 50%
off,”Maria handed her a piece of paper,which probably was a to do list written by her mother.
Tess took the paper and gave a disgusted look,”I hate
dusting,”She said sticking out her tounge.
“Oh don’t complain Tess,”Maria said,putting both of her
hands on her hips as she gave Tess a you’ve-got-to-be-
kidding-me-look.”We all know you’ll have this done in no
Maria handed Tess the keys to the store,and walked out back.
“So you doing something special today,”Tess screamed hoping Maria heard her.
“Yeah,” Came maria’s voice form behind the wooden beaded curtain that seperated the front from the back.”Shopping at the mall.”Must be getting her things. I decided it’s time to announce myself.It now or never.So I made my way to the front of the store and began looking at the ring display located near the checkout.
“Can I help you,”Tess asked snottedly,I looked up and
“No actually I’m just waiting for Maria,”I replied looking
back down at the rings,pretending to be intrested.
“Okay,”I heard her say. Then I swear I could hear Tess’s
mind putting two and two together. She must be staring
daggers at me. I swear I could feel littled pricks in my
“YOu must be that new girl,Liz Parker. I’ve been hearing
alot about you!”She exclaimed,totally plastering a smile on her face when I looked up. Well I guess word spreads faster in this town then I thought.Cause Damn, the girl already wants to kill me.
“Yes,I’m Liz..I’m sorry you are?”I asked noticing Maria
through the beaded curtain. She gave me a thumbs up. I guess she approved on how I’m approaching the subject.
“I’m Tess,Tess harding,”She replied through her fake smile. Honey your face is so going to freeze up that way,especially if you’re not use to making that expression.It’s so good having the upper hand.
“Tess harding,yes,Maria mention you last night,It’s nice to meet you,”I said holding out my hands. There’s no way I’m going to be a bitch here. Kill them with kindness. My mom always told me to do that, especially when a customer at the sub shop was being rude.
Tess reluctantly took my hand. I think she actually held it less than michael when he first met me;if that’s even
“well it was nice of Maria to help you last night,So Who
else in our little group have you met so far?,”She asked
through gritted teeth. Oh come on,like she didn’t know I saw Max last night. It was totally tatooed on her face.I wonder if she thinks I’m actually buying all this fake kindess. I can so tell she wants to kill me.
“Well let’s see,” I said pretending not to notice her
obvious facade,”There was Alex,man he had me laughing all night,of course maria,and Michael,He didn’t say much,and then there’s Max...”I replied,getting all dreamy, I could almost see the smoke coming out of her ear. Though I was quite impress that she was still smiling.I continued ”....he was so very nice;I really enjoy hanging out with him,I can’t wait to see him again,”I made sure the dreamy gaze remain in my eyes.Like it was hard to be all crazy over him anyway.
In the corner if my eye,I saw Maria out back,both of her hands covered her mouth. The poor girl was busting from not laughing.. Looking at Maria trying not to crack up;almost caused me to laugh myself. I’m very proud I had my game face still on. However,I will be laughing my ass off as soon as we leave this store.
“Well it’s so nice that you’re making friends so quickly;
and with only being in town for such a short period of
time,”Tess said dripping on the sarcasm. Oh I have a funning feeling I’m going to be hearing a “but” coming out of her mouth.
“But,”told ya,“Max Evans is off limits Okay,”She said
giving me this you-better-watch-out-look. Talk about not
wasting anytime.
Maria rolled her eyes as she shook her head. I got a
feeling she knew this was going to happen. Kind of makes me wonder how often it happens. Well Max is pretty damn hot,so I’m not suprise. I’m just glad drusilla kept everyone I can have my soulmate. Well that’s what I feel like when I look in his eyes. Like I found My other half.
“Really,taken is he,” I asked pretending to get all nervous.
Tess crossed her arms across her very endowed chest and shook her head,”Yes he’s mine.”She said actually thinking I was going to belive this.
“well,that’s not what I hear Tess,I hear he’s quite
available,” I replied crossing my arms across my own chest and gave her a I-don’t-think-so-toots-stare.
Tess got very indignet,her blue eyes got eerily huge in
anger. She looked at me with such hatred and said,”You have some nerve coming here to this town,thinking you know what’s going on. You best stay away from Max if you know what’s good for you,”
“Oh can you see me shaking in fear Tess cause I’m
not,What right do you have acting like you’re Queen Of Roswell!”I slammed both my hands on the counter. Tess didn’t jump but she look a little suprised”I won’t be bullied into not doing something. Whether Max and I are friends or more than just friends is none of your fucking business,IS THAT CLEAR!”
“You know nothing about MAX!”She replied screaming,I’m kind of glad there’s no customers in the store right now,”I’ve known him way before you showed up in this town.”I think she totally wants to hit me. Bring it,I will knock her out!
“Whatever Tess,I give you that,However,it’s pretty obvious you’re threaten by me if you’re making such a stink about me innocently hanging out with him last night,”I said ”Admit it Tess,You can’t handle the fact that Max doesn’t want your skanky ass,that I may actually have a chance with him,So just get over yourself and leave me alone.”
Maria In the background was dying. I think she couldn’t
belive I was saying half the stuff to Tess. If she could
only see the look on Tess’s face when I called her Ass
“I can’t belive you actually have the nerve...”
I interupted her cause I was already bore d”Are you still
talking to me,cuase it’s getting really old,” I replied
putting up my hand to emphize that I really can’t deal with her,”See Max has a mind of his own” I said slowing acting like maybe Tess wouldn’t understand what I said endless I did.”It doesn’t make a diffrence if I want max or if you want max,what matters is who Max wants. And the fact that the two of you are not together after being friends for awhile makes me think you just can’t get a clue,” I smuggly replied my words we’re just endless smacks in her face and she wasn’t happy.Her blue evil eyes have yet to stop bugging out and her hands we’re balled into fists. I think she’s concerning on jumping the counter to “Try” and beat me up. I
like to see her try. I stared at her with my bring it eyes.
I think Tess was pretty much ready to go when Maria decided it was best to come in now.
“Okay,we’ve sooo got to do something about that Bathroom door lock,”MAria replied pretending like she didn’t hear our conversation.She closed the beaded curtain behind her as she contiued to say,I was like trying to get out for like ten minutes or something.”She looked up and saw that the two of us we’re talking.”Oh My god Liz,Tess did you guys go and bond while I was in the bathroom.”
“Something like that,”I replied trying to stay
composed,Maria is some actress.
“That’s wonderful,”Maria replied putting on her
jacket.”Well Tess you should come by my house after work tonight,I’m throwing Liz a welcome to Roswell
party,everyones coming.”
Party!?This was the first I heard of it. What’s going
on in Maria’s little mind? Sometimes she worries me. I would never want to be on her bad side.Tess and I still had locked stares. I grinned as she replied sweetly With a hint of acid”I wouldn’t miss it for the world,”
“It would be so wonderful to have you,”I said making sure
that her coming would be a fabulous idea.The two of us still wouldn’t take our eyes off of each other. We could probably be like this for hours. However I think Maria would rather be going to the mall.
“Great,then we’ll see you there,”She replied walking to my side and sliping her arm through mine.”You have a good night Tess” Maria said steering me away from the front counter towards the entrance;before the two of us did something Maria couldn’t control.
WE walked towards Maria’s Red Jetta in silence. When both doors of the car we’re closed I let out this long agonizng scream before shouting”Damn that girl is SUCH A BITCH!!!”
“So tell me how you really feel liz,”MAria replied giving
me this I-told-you-she-was-look.She turned on her car,and immedately U2’s beautiful day came on the radio
“She had some nerve man,I was so ready to slap her face,”I replied slamming the passenger side airbag cover.
“That I would like to have seen,”She replied laughing,but
got all serious on me by adding”However Liz, be careful,
like I said before,Tess is tougher than she looks,Though I
must admit you handled yourself pretty well back there.”
“PPPLLLEEAASSE,”I replied rolling my eyes,”I’m so not
afraid of her,I for one will NOT back down,because she
thinks she’s all hollier that tho cause she threaten by me.
Liz Parker don’t play that way,”I said pointing a finger to
“Well you know I got your back,cause I’ve been waiting for Tess to get what’s coming to her for a long time,”Maria replied smiling,It was weird I felt maria was hiding something,but it briefly went away and I just blew it off as me being tired.
“What really get’s me is she very well knew who I was,and what happen last night at my house,”I screamed realizing I didn’t put my seat belt on yet and did so.
”Well when you and Max we’re making goo goo eyes at each other at the Crasgdowm yesterday,things like that spread like wild fire in a small town such as Roswell,of course Tess is going to know,”Maria explained stopping at a traffic light.
“so did you invite Max,”I asked deciding to change the
“you know I did,”She replied with a big old smile on her
Despite the fact that Tess will be there. I was overjoyed
with the prospect of seeing Max again. I just hope Tess and I don’t get in a cat fight and kill each other. I really
just want tonight to be special

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Eight~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers

(Questions By INXS~Copyrighted because I didn’t write this

How do you know when it’s time for you to go?
How can you stop when you don’t know how to start?
How can you go back when you don’t know why you’re here?
How can you see when your eyes begin to fade?
How will you hear when you’ve heard it all before?
How do you do all the things you want to do?
How Much can you take when you’ve taken all you can?
How can you act when you’ve never seen the script?
How can you choose when you don’t know which is right?
How far can you go if you’ve been there before?
How can you shine if you never seen the sun?
How does a child become a man without a child?
How can you heal someone who doesn’t want to heal.....

I’m glad I went to this meeting Nasedo called. Granted I didn’t like the twenty minute lecture in the beginning. I bearly walked through the door when Nasedo and Tess wasted no time about tag teaming me about my intrest with“the human”(that’s what the called Liz). I totally didn’t say yes or no,but they could tell I was smitten;and it wasn’t with Tess.
After the unpleasentries were over with. I’d say this
training session had to be the best one to date. We actually got stuff done. I just wanted them to realize I can make my own decisions.
“It’s one thing that Michael and Isabel continue to ignore my advise,but Max I can’t belive you’re actually thinking about getting involed with this girl!”Nasedo said
fuming,he’s still pacing back and forth on that same area in front of his recliner. I think there’s a path starting to
form in the carpet,where he’s constantly pacing.
“Okay for one thing,nothing has happen. I was only being a friend to someone who’s new in town,and her name is Liz by the way. You can actually say it safely without turning into a pillar of salt,”I said getting up from my seat and started pacing myself.I angrily put my hand through my hair and excalimed”God! You guys are unbelivable,could you please for once not hyperventilate everytime I look at a girl.” I said stopping in front of nasedo throwing my hands on my hips and rolling my eyes irritaed with the whole thing.
Tess who was sitting on the couch directly across from me decided to add her two cents.“Max for god sakes,it’s written all over your damn face!”She whinned,Tess was close to tears. Talk about being melodramatic. Damn but I hate the sound of her voice when she starts acting like a child!”How could you do this to Me.”
Here we go again. I’m tired of hearing this were-suppose-to-be-together-Bullshit!”Tess PLLLEEAASSSEE,I’ve been nothing but honest with you!”I said looking straight at her.”We are NOT together,nor will we ever! I can’t seem to stress enough for you!”
“But I’m your wife Max!”She cried,throwing her face in her hands. Great not this agian. This is ridiculious!
“Tess YOU WERE MY WIFE,as in past tense,as in not
anymore,” I screamed slamming my fist into the wall in back of the couch.Leaving a gapping hole and causing everyone in the room to jump and kind of look at me in shock. I even suprised myself. I don’t think I even once raised my voice or got even remotely mad during Nasedo’s daily-Let’s-bash-our-human-friends-sessions before.I’ve always been the level headed one,the voice of reason. The one who stood in between Michael and Nasedo’s arguements;so they wouldn’t kill each other. However in all honesty. I was upset that they we’re attacking Liz,without even getting to know her first! I just snapped I guess. Okay so maybe my true feelings for Liz are written all over my face. So what! Let them see it,I for one don’t care! I’d be damned if I succumbed to Nasedo’s scared tatics,and Tess’s constant guilty trip melt downs! I’d also be damned to spend the rest of my life with someone I don’t love. I took a deep breath and calmly added,”I just want you guys to stop hassling us.
I think we heard enough about our destiny and quite frankly it’s getting old!” Nasdeo was about to say something,but I decided I wasn’t finsih yet. It’s time to set some ground rules,”Nasedo Please.”I said holding up my hand for him to be quiet,”I understand you think you’re protecting our feelings. We’re going to get attached and it’s a good chance we’ll probably get hurt. You may not admit it yourself,but I honestly think deep down inside you don’t want the humans to get hurt either,”
“Max this is totally rid--”I quickly interuted Nasedo by
saying “I’m not through Nasedo please shut up,”I asked
sternly causing him to quickly shut his mouth. Suprised by my sudden burst of authority.”Do you think we don’t
understand what we’re being trained for? Do you think we
don’t know the seriousness of our situation? We do,you know. Every fucking day I think about it! We’re being train to fight a war. And it’s not going to be pretty! I of all people know this. The thing is Nasedo we don’t know when we’re going to get there.You yourself don’t know how to get off this planet or we would’ve been gone by now.” I paused to look around the room daring anyone to interupt me. I looked at all the faces staring at me. I have thier undivided attention,this is good”For 11 years we’ve been living on this planet trying to blend in and not have our true identites discovered by the wrong people,who’ll do god knows what to us. The last thing we want to do and pardon the pun is to alienate the human alies we have and could have.I agree we could be setting ourselves up for a fall getting involed romantically with our human friends,but you
know what! They’re not stupid as you make them out to be. Do you not think they know what eventually will happen? So let’s just shut up about this consatant badgering of our destiny. Cause we damn well know what we have to do. Just let us handle our own judgements that we make and let us
deal with the consequences,Okay” I said finally finishing my long winded speech. Everyone looked at me not quite sure if they should say anything. I almost laughed at the grin Michael had on his face.
“I’m done,” I announced,causing everyone to relax. However no one said anything for awhile,that is untill Nasedo decide he’d be the one to speak first.
“Well..ah I guess we should start todays lesson by seeing if you’ve been working on the excerises I’ve assigned you the last time we got together,”Nasedo announced, Okay so he’s avoiding the subject now,however I know It’ll be broached again. I think he’ll be a lot more open minded in the experiences we want to explore..I could only hope anyway. However I know Nasedo all to well. He will not give up on Tess and I getting together.
Tess couldn’t contain her disappointment.”Nasedo,I can’t belive you’re just going to let-”She started to whine,but nasedo just raised his hand to stop her assult on my ears.
“Tess you can be the first to go,”he said volunteering Tess as his first victim.
“But I don’t understand-”She started to say obviously she didn’t want to wait,she jump out of her seat only to be interupted by Nasedo again.
“Any discussion other than training will occur afterward
from now on,”He announced. Okay so what I said mattered a little,but I did catch the look he gave her. It was a we’ll- discuss-this-later-stare. So of course I was right to think that it was far from over. They’ll work together to hatch some kind of plan,I’m quite certain of it.
It started immediately after the meeting when Tess came up to me acting all sweet and innocent. Probably doing some damage control per order of Nasedo.
“I’m sorry I got a little crazy earlier,It’s just I can’t
shut off my feelings Max,I love you,”She said touching my arm lovingly. I didn’t flinch away. I did however stood my ground with her.
“I understand this Tess,cause I too can’t just turn on
feelings for someone I don’t love,So I think we should just be friends and go on with our lives,”I said kind of wishing I manage to escape before she got a hold of me. cause I know she’ll try and “convince me” of my true calling.
“And what am I suppose to do Max,settle down with a human? Is that what you’re saying,” I don’t care who she settles down with,as long as it isn’t me.
“There’s many who wouldn’t mind the chance to get to know you better Tess,”I said thinking about Kyle,who obviouisly likes her.
“Well that’s not going to happen,”She said getting angry
again. How did I know this wouldn’t sit well with her,”Humans are so beneath us Max. You need to realize that in the end we need to stick together.When we leave,they won’t matter.We’ll be on antar and they’ll be left here heartbroken.”Tess grabbed on to my hands and smiled with such longing at me,I pulled away causing her to get mad. But I want to make it clear to her,we have no chance together.
“Tess what you need to realize is that there’s more to life
than fallowing a destiny that someone maps out for you,”I said getting ready to leave but I paused,turned around and said,”You’ve been a great friend to us Tess,I just hope you realize that you can learn so much from them.The two of you need to have an open mind and realize there not that bad.”
I left leaving her with a very satisfying puzzled look on
her face. I also know that I’m not naieve to think this is
not over.
I sat in my jeep waiting for michael.His motorcycle crapped out again so I’m playing chauffer.
I went into my glove compartment and pulled out my cell
phone. I wanted to check and see if anyone called me. I was kind of hoping maybe Liz left a message. There was one from Maria that did put a smile on my face.
“Hey Max,it’s Maria. Listen I’m throwing a little soiree for
Liz tonight. Thought we make her welcome to Roswell offical by inviting the entire gang,I’m even going to ask Tess to come. So I bet the meeting with nasedo was intresting” Maria asked,Intresting wasn’t the word for it.”Anywho I just got off the phone with Liz,” A huge grin appeared on my face and my heart went insane.”I knew you’d like that,”How in the hell does she do that. It’s like she can read my mind.”So just an FYI for ya,Liz and I will be making our way to the mall about the same time you’ll be getting out of alien detention. So why don’t you and if you can drag spaceboy along;conveniently stop by and run into us. The new Live
albums out so you can use that as an excuse,”Okay she’s got this all planned out too well. And nasedo thinks they’re not useful. I think we could use Maria for planning strategies against our enemies.”I really miss him Max. Maybe you can do something about his unromantic ways,cause I don’t know what to do anymore.”And she thinks I can do any better?”SOO here’s the thing. Don’t park at the food entrance,the jetta’s going to be there. Don’t want Michael freaking out, You know he’ll think it’s for his benifit,He can just be so vain. Anywho we’ll meet you near Mcdonalds. I know he’ll probably want to eat some dead animal flesh. He lives on that crap.”It’s scary how Maria knows michael so well. I don’t know why she thinks I’d be any help?”So I’ll see ya there,gotta go,Chow.”I shook my head as I deleted her message. I swear what would I do without her? It’s a good
thing to have maria on your side. I would never want Maria angry with me.
“That maxwell was the best time I ever had.”Micahel said scaring the Hell out of me as he jumped into the jeep. damn I didn’t even see him leave the house.”Who’d of thought that you’d actually grow some balls.I’m proud of you.’He whapped my shoulder. Then procedeed to take out a chocolate bar and some tabasco sauce,for a snack.
I laughed and shook my head. Michael is quite the
character.”Thank you,I think.” I said starting up the jeep
and pulling out of my parallel parking space.”It’s just that
you’ve got me a little bit confused,Cause only just
yesterday you wanted me to “think” about not getting invole with Liz”
“Maxwell,when have you ever listen to what I said,”He
replied with a grin.I started to say something but he
stopped me,”I know what I said,and I truly mean it,I just
want you to understand that Liz’s life is going to be
effected in a major way. Tess and nasedo are heartless,I
just don’t want her to get hurt,you know what I mean.”
I shook my head totally understanding.Plus,it goes to show
that he actually liked Liz,he slapped me on my shoulder again and exclaimed,”You my friend, suprised the hell out of me this evening maxwell,you were brillant,I never knew Nasedo could actually be speechless. You got him to not once talk about our destiny and the mistakes we have made all night! Could it be possible that he actually will leave us alone?” He said turning on the radio and playing with the dial untill he found a station he liked.
“well he’ll definately more leant with us,but I hardly think
our “Suppose” destiny will be far from his mind.Belive me
Michael;he’ll be hatching some plan with the only one of us who’ll be willing to listen,”I replied taking a left at the
end of nasedo’s street instead of a right that’ll take us to
the Crashdown.
“You mean Tess,”Micahel said taking out a second candy bar and munched happily as he listen to me.
“Exactly,So we should be on guard,’I advised letting a
mother with a stroller cross the street,”I mean I’m not
saying Nasedo will harm us. We’re too important,I just think he’ll come up with some situation that’ll lead us no choice but to fallow his idea of “Destiny.”
“Okay so we need to stay focus when it comes to frick and frack,Got it.”Michael said,then he realized that we weren’t going to the Crashdown. That’s where we usally go to eat and talk about movies for a couple of hours after...well Maria said it best Alien detention. He’s probably wondering what’s up?”Uh Maxwell,where the hell are we going?”
“I’m sorry,I should’ve said something right away,”I said
apologetically,”I’m going to the mall,the new Live album is
out,I’d thought we do something diffrent maybe eat at
mcDonalds.” This suggestion(Especially Mcdonald) had Michael shaking his head in agreement with the change of plans.
“I can live with that.I need to replace a couple of my
Metallica Cd’s that Maria Destroyed from our last
argument.”Michael said, Well I couldn’t have done it any
better myself. At least now I don’t have to find a way to
broach the subject of Maria and his date with her last
night,he’s done it all for me.
“What did you do that made her mad enough to destroy your Metallica CD’s,”I asked bearly getting into the left lane before some asshole cute me off. I honked my horn angrily at him.
“Oh I don’t know,You name it I did it,”He replied shaking
his head in defeat,”Actually it was probably what went
totally wrong a few nights back.”
“What did you do?”I asked quite intrested on how the
ill-fated date turned out. It was comman knowledge that the event was going to take place. However very little was known about it,well except that it was quite the mess. When asked Michael tend to change the subject,hoping maybe it was all a bad dream. Maria and I really haven’t been able to get together and hang;because of our conflicting work schedules, plus Liz’s whirlwind entrance into our lives. I think though
that Michael is ready to reveal all.
“I don’t know I’m sure I did something to upset her. You
know me,forever clueless in Maria’s eyes. If I’m such a
sucky boyfriend,then why does she even bother with me?” He replied shaking his head in distress.
“Well Michael it’s obvious what your problem is.”I said
pausing on purpose. Causing Michael to give me this Well-you can-tell-me-anytime-gaze.”If you act less like a hypocrite maybe you and Maria wouldn’t have so many issues.”I said bluntly,causing Michael to choke on his candy bar. Hey If Michael can do it. Why can’t I give him a bit of his own medicine.
“What did you say Max?!”He said quite outrage. I’ve just
been full of suprises for him today.
“Michael You’re constantly sending off mix singles. Pick a
side and stick with it!”I replied looking at a pretty
stunned and pissed off Michael. Hey he has got to know.
Better me his best friend to tell him,than someone else.
“one minute you’re totally in Nasedo’s face screaming about how you’re your own person and you’ll be damned if you’re going to let anyone tell you how to run your life.” Michael just gave me this blank stare. Which kind of scared me. I wasn’t sure if he was thinking of ways to hurt me,or if he was actually listening to what I’ve got to say.”The next minute you’re treating Maria like shit. Totally not commiting yourself to her. Of course she’s going to be angry.Maria’s fustrated Michael and I for one don’t know why she put’s up with you!?”
Michael remain silent for a few minutes. Hopefully he’s
lettting what I say sink in. He shook his head and this kind of sheepish grin appeared on his face,”Maxwell you’re right,what can I say everything you told me is true! But what if everything Nasedo says is true,what if we can’t get back,or worse I get killed. I just can’t so that to Maria,I love her too much.”
“Whoa Micahel did I hear you right,did you just admit that you love Maria!?”I asked Looking at my friend in shock,he also wore the same expression on his face.
“Yeah I do.”Michael said sounding a little scared at
first,but now that it’s out in the open, Michael actually
looked more relaxed with the idea. His grin grew as he
confirmed his feeelings once more,”I love Maria Deluca,but I think it’s too late now. I totally fucked it up with her. Maybe it’s a good thing that we stay apart.” I actually heard saddness in his statement. Not that I want Michael to be sad,but it’s good to see that Michael can actually have feelings,instead of being mr. tough guy all the time.
“Michael,it doesn’t matter what’s going to happen,because it hasn’t. So don’t live your life on a possiblity. Don’t for once doubt what you and Maria have. Live in the moment,don’t be afraid to listen to your heart! If you love her than fight for her! Don’t you think she’s worth it?” I asked stopping at a red light. It was my turn to patiently wait for an answer.
“Well yeah she’s worth it,but how do I fix what happen on friday. Maria’s not talking to me anymore.” Michael asked. Clearly he wanted to do good by Maria,and luckily I knew she has every intention of making this relationship work. This is going to be easier than I thought.
“Michael,”I said taking the exit that’ll lead us to the
Mall.”Why don’t you just tell me what happen,Maybe I can help”
Michael had his head leaned back against the car seat,his eyes closed. Than after a heavy sigh Michael went into his night from hell with Maria.....


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Okay this part is short,but I'm proud of it! I was gong to dedicate a whole part to both the mall and the date,but it just didn't work. However you'll know what happens(kind of) in the next couple of chapters! Thanks guys for all your feedback. This is why I continue to post*big*
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Nine~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Only Time~By Enya copyrighted
cause I didn’t write these songs!

Only Time
Who Can say Where the road goes,
Where the day flows,
-Only Time...

And who can say,
If your Love grows,
As your Heart Chose,
-Only Time.....

(Night of the party)

I couldn’t belive I saw Max at the mall today! Maria and I
had just found our perfect party dresses for tonight’s
shing-ding. It wasn’t easy either! Five diffrent stores and
trying on god knows how many offit’s later. A black Lacey
mini dress with emroided roses and spagehtti straps was
found. It would’ve been totally see through if not for the
red slip underneath; Which gave the flowers a colorful
dimension. A pair of Black sling back shoes were also
purchase that day to complete the ensamble.
Maria took one look at me and decreed that,”Max is going to be a puddle on my living room floor after he see’s you in that!”
Well that’s kind of the plan. Let’s just hope Tess doesn’t
ruin it for me. But of course I just Jinxed it for myself by
actually saying it.
So it has been decided that we would be getting ready at Maria’s. Since I was sleeping over anyway. Why make more trips that wasn’t necessary.
Maria was trying to tell me about her date with Michael,that happen a week earlier. Even without really hearing everything She had to say. I got the impression that it didn’t really turn out that well. I know,I know not being the supportive friend here. I just couldn’t concentrate. Max the dark haired mystery man kept creeping into my reality.
“Are you even paying attention Liz?”I heard Maria Asked. I quickly jolted out of my Max induced thoughts to look up and see Maria look at me with hands on hips and a somewhat irrated look on her face. I totally didn’t blame her one bit.
“I’m sorry Maria,”I said putting down my make-up bag and added,”I’d be lying if I told you I was paying attetion to every word you were saying,but..well...I got Max on the brain.”
Maria Kind of frowned in thought then gave me this smile of forgiveness. She plopped down on the bed next to me and replied,”It’s okay I understand,”Maria put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a hug. As she pulled away she added,”Max did look HOT today in that leather jacket and those jeans of his.”
“MARIA!”I exclaimed,jokingly slapping her on the arm.
She laughed and replied,”I think it’s great that you and Max dig each other,Hey I’m not one to pry into one’s personal lives,”She announced giving me this grin.
I darted her this look of disbelif as I interupeted her by saying”Right Maria,and Ricky Martin’s going to be popping out of a cake shaking his Bon Bon at my party tonight!”
“Liz,”She giggled,it was her turn to slap me in the arm,”No I’m trying to be serious here! What you and Max share is amazing. THe two of you have this whole soulmate vibe emminating from the two of you! It’s what I dream Michael and will have someday.”
“Well Michael was actually acting very out of character
when we saw him at the mall.”I said choosing a firecracker red nail polish from my bag.
“Yes,indeed he was,let’s hope he’ll stay that way,”Maria
said shaking her head and giving me the biggest grin I ever seen. Then it dawn on me...
“You knew they we’re going to be there,didn’t you!?”I asked putting two and two together.
“Well...Maybe I did leave a little message on Max’s cell
phone.”Maria smiled knowingly,”I mean,I knew Max would come by with Michael hoping to run into you,he’s so
predictable.”Maria got off her bed and walked toward her
dresser.”When an opportunity presents itself,I take it. I
needed Max to teach Michael some much need lesson’s in the romance department;and in return you and Max got in some major longing to be with each other eye staring action,So we both got what we wanted.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head as Maria laughed while rummaging through her dresser drawers for something.
“I don’t know Maria,Michael seems to be kind of high
maintence to me,Why do you even bother?”I asked, while I began painting my fingernails.
“I know it seems like Michael doesn’t want to be with
me,but it’s all an act,to hide how he truly feels,”She
explained sitting back down next to me clutching a pair of
black nylons.”Granted our date on friday was a total
disaster and I gave him hell for it,but the fact that he
actually made an effort prove to me that Michael actually
“So why don’t you tell me what happen on friday,I
promise I’ll listen,”I swore to Maria,as I looked down at my nails to see if there were any smudges.
“It’s what he didn’t do,that’s the problem!”Maria said
tossing the nylons aside so she could root through her own make-up bag.”He showed up a total slob,and I showed up in the most amazing dress,but I shouldn’t have even bothered cause he even didn’t notice. And the fact that he came empty handed;no flowers,no candy,no card.I would’ve been happy if he gave me a poorly written poem on a crashdown napkin! It
was our first offical date since we got together,he amazes me sometimes.” Both maria and I giggled then she continued with her tale.”So where was I ahh... Oh yeah so we get outside,(and may I add he didn’t even open the door for me or held my hand or anything,just said we got 7:00 reservatons let’s go,and that in itself was impressive,)so he expects me to ride his loud dirty motorcycle that breaks down more than it runs in my brand new dress,and all he could say was..’Gee Maria we’ll just go in the Jetta,god you can be so Melodramtic,can you belive he said that to me!”
Well actually it didn’t suprise me at all,and with Maria
being Melodramtic,I won’t say this to her face,but she can be,but that’s what’s fun about her.
“So anyway we arrive at the resturant and and we ordered our food and we talked and things we’re okay...”
“I hear a but coming on,” I replied and she shook her head yes.
“....But he didn’t ask me to dance,or if I wanted to hear a song,there was a pool table,and a dart board,but no we just sat there eating our food doing what we always do but in a diffrent scenery,”Maria replied turning very red in anger as she relived her night with Michael,”Oh,but you know what just made the night even more nightmarish,”She paused and looked at me to see if I would guess the answer.
I thought for a moment,then excalimed in horror,”He didn’t make you pay did he?!”
Maria pointed her finger to her nose as if we were playing a game of charades and I got the word correct,”Michael ‘Left’ the wallet at his house,”
“What did you do?”I asked blowing on my nails
“The only thing I could do,I made the Bastard walk home,”She annonced smuggly
“YOU did not,”I exclaimed laughing
“I so did,tossed all his junk he left in my car out in
the street too,’Maria said grininng from ear to ear”I mean I was expecting something amazingly diffrent;If I wanted
boring then I’d have eatten at the crashdown then watch
another one of michaels dumb ass action flicks in his living room,”
“So Maria,What’s his deal anyway?” I asked,While begining to paint my nails on the other hand.”I mean if he wants to be with you,then why does he act like he doesn’t”
“Michael feels Roswell is a temporily situation.”Maria
replied kind of sad. I looked at her with a look to explain
further. With a sullen sigh she continued,”One day Michael will leave this town,I’m sure of it. SO he feels that getting attached wouldn’t be such a good idea..The problem is that I know he’s already“attached”;whether Michael wants to belive it or not.It’s just I’m afraid he’ll realize this too late,”Maria said,giving me the most depress look I’ve ever did see,she gave a sigh and looked down at the assortment of nail polishes she put on the bedspread. After a moment of just staring at thme,Maria decided on the pastel purple one.
“Are you okay Maria?”I asked stopping what I was doing. It was obvious she wasn’t okay,but of course we are so program to say it anyway. I always found it kind of odd.
“No I’m not,and it’s funny Michael is doing this cause he
doesn’t want me to get hurt,but what he’s failed to see is that him saying we don’t have a future together is
“Do you honestly think Michael is worth all this
craziness?”I asked,again stating the obvious.
“Well yeah,”Maria said not pausing a second with her
answer,she grinned brightly and added “I’ll take whatever I can get out of him,whether he actually leaves or not,I love him and would do this all over again.”
“What confuses me is why can’t he take you to wherever he’s going?”I asked blowing on my nails wishing they would dry faster.
“It’s a long and complicated story,which I really don’t want to get into right now,”Maria replied in fustration,then just put on a happy face and added,”Besides it’s your night,enough with all my gloom and doom,we got a party to get ready for.”
I’d be lying of course if I wasn’t even the slightest bit
intrested in hearing about the continuing saga of Maria and Michael,however it’s obvious she doesn’t want to talk about it,and I’m not in the position yet to pry. She’s right about one thing. We have exactly an hour and a half before we make our grand entrance.
“God,I wish Isabel and her magic fingers were here,”Maria said taking a Q-tip with nail polish remover to a very smudged up nail,”The girl is amazing;I’d kill for her powers in the make-up applying.” Maria looked at her handy work and decided it was going to have to do. She began to work on the next nail.
“I hope she likes me?”I asked feeling I’ve blown long enough on the nails and decided to brush my hair.”I mean it’s hardly set in stone that Max and I will be something,but having a family mamber hate you without even being together is always bad news.”
“Don’t worry Liz,Isabel can be vain at times,but she’s
good people,”Maria said giving me a reasurring
smile,”Besides,I’m almost positive Max has already been
raving about you to Isabel,the two are extremly close and tend to support each other.”
“Gee Maria,I feel sooo much better,”I said with my voice
full of sarcasm.
“Liz,hun,just be yourself,”Maria replied then assured me
futher by adding”Isabel is good at making people feel at
ease. If you’re a big fake;she’ll know. Besides you’re one
of the realest people I know,So don’t worry you’ll be find.”
“Thanks,but I still have this need to be nervous,”I
replied looking at the alarm clock. There’s no way we’re
going to be ready on time.
“Well do what you want,but know this,”She said blowing on her own nails,”Max will be there and that’s who’s opinion matters the most,and we all pretty much know how he feels about you,so relax.”
I gave her a smile and realized Maria was right. Knowing that Max will be there did calm me down a little. It doesn’t mean I’m suddenly nervous free about how this evening will end. I think the thing that bugs me the most is going through the motions of being the new girl. Introducing myself to all these people who know everyone else but me. I hate feeling out of place. This is the reason I didn’t want to move in the first place.
Well I can only hope tonight will go without to much drama. Then again,I could trip over something and fall flat on my face..There I go Jinxing myself again....

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It took me forever to get here! But I did it! This is a long one! I hope you enjoy it!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Part Ten~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers
(Only Time ~By Enya Copyrighted cause I didn’t write this

only Time

Who can say~why your heart sighs,
As your love flies~Only time.

And who can say~Why your heart cries,
When your love lies~Only time.......

I rang the doorbel to Maria’s house. Michael stood next to me all fidgety.”You’ll do find,”I said happy to see that
he’s put on a clean black dress shirt and a pair of khaki’s;
instead of his usual jeans and Metallica t-shirt.The guy’s
got a diffrent one to wear everyday for a month.
“You my friend have more faith in me than I do,”Michael said skeptically;juggling with the two body shop packages in both of his hands. We had a busy yet eventful time at the mall.
He bought Maria the-I’m-sorry-for-being-such-a-sucky-
boyfriend-gift,and then the other one is for Liz. YOu can
call it the-Hey- was-I-was-a-jerk-welcome-to-Roswell
After seeing the girls at the Mall today. Michael
suprised me by deciding to go back to the store and get
something for Liz.
“It is after all her welcome to Roswell party,I couldn’t
very well show up empty handed,”he replied picking out some hair products for Liz’s basket.
“This is true,”I replied laughing in disbelif,”It’s good
to see that you’re actually paying attention to what I’m
“Hey,I can if I put my mind to it,”Michael said,while
watching the sales clerk happily ring up his purchases. I
think we actually helped her reach her sales goal for the
Michael and I quickly put on our game faces as the front
door swung open. There stood Maria’s mother. Amy Deluca instantly smiled when she saw me. Michael however was
rewarded with a death glare. Mother and daughter are very close. So he’s got some major damage control to do this evening.
The two of us fallowed her into the house. On entering the living room. We saw that Kyle and Alex were already
there.They we’re sitting on the couch dicussing intensly
about The Jay and Silent Bob Strike back movie.
Kyle looked up when he heard us come in. He glanced behind us to see if maybe perhaps Tess might’ve come with us. The boy has got it bad. You could tell by his face he was disappointment,there was no sign of the object of his affection with us. Isabel and Tess have decided to arrive together. They were at my house getting ready.
However If Tess had her way she’d have arrived with me.
Probably wanting Liz to assume we were a couple. Isabel My sister who I love very much;talked her into getting ready with her.
“Please Tess,”Isabel asked Innocently,decideing to take
matters into her own hands,”It’ll be fun to have a girls
night together;and besides I won’t have to hear my mom tell me what I shouldn’t wear.”
I must say Isabel’s quite the talented Talker. I’m still
confuse in how she convinced Tess to stay. Maybe she thought it’ll be nice to make a late grand entrance.
“The girls will be down shortly,they’re still getting
ready,”Mrs Deluca announced taking our jackets.”Help
yourself to a soda,it’s by the bar with the Ice.”
“Thanks Mrs Deluca,”Michael replied trying his best to play the perfect gentleman,”and may I say it was nice of you to let us use your home this evening.”
Amy smiled,but was still a bit suspicious of Michael’s
intentions,”Well michael it’s no problem at all,and if you
need anything I’ll be in my room watching T.V.”
Mrs. Deluca wasn’t stupid. Michael nervously smiled at
her.The message came in loud and clear.Basically it was
There better be no funny buisness cause she’ll have no
problem ending the party as quickly as it started.
“We will thank you Mrs. Deluca,”I said putting Liz’s gift
on the coffee table. She nodded and then went off to put our coats somewhere.
“Evans,Lewis,where’s the rest of the pod squad?”He
asked,basically inquiring the whereabouts of Tess.
“They’re still at the house getting ready,”I said hoping
that something would happen tonight to change Tess’s opinion on humans,especially with Kyle.I added “Let’s hope they arrive sometime tonight.”
I planted myself on the recliner chair across from the
couch. Michael left only one of the body shop bags on the table;before going to the bar to get himself a drink.Maria’s present was still clutched in his hands. The poor guy just wanted tonight to be over with.However I knew he hoped things to go well also.Not the usual It’s just going to blow up in his face senerio.
“Man Chicks are so weird,why does it take them centuries to get ready anyway?”Kyle asked shaking his head in confusion.
“To keep you constantly guessing Kyle,”Maria announced at the entranceway. It leads from the upstairs to the living room. All eyes went straight to Maria and Liz. The two looked absolutely stunning in thier new dresses. I’m almost Positive they were purchase at thier mall outing today.
Michael and Maria locked stares at each other. The
expression of shock on her face was priceless. His effort in dressing up most certainly impressed her. AND with the way Michael was staring at Maria,I knew he was enjoying the view also!
Maria strolled over to the bar and Liz looked my way and
decided to walk over to the couch.
“You look nice today,”I heard Maria tell Michael. She took a plastic cup and started to fill it with ice.
“Yeah...ahh...well Max thought I should dress up on special occassions once in awhile.”he replied pouring cherry coke in her cup. Maria smiled cause this was her favorite.
“Thank you,”she said when he finished
“ you something,”Michael stammered handing her the gift bag,then added”I hope you like it.”
“Michael that was so thoughtful,”Maria cooed taking the bag and looking inside to see what was the contents,she
excitedly added,”Lavendar,Michael it’s my favorite!”
“I know,uh tell me what you think of the body lotion,they just got it in today.”He replied remebering the sales clerks words.
“You picked these out yourself!?”Maria replied in
suprise,but also impressed that Michael went out of his way to do this for her.
“Well,I can’t take all the credit,Maxwell was quite helpful
too,he..ah helped me out with a lot of things today,”he
replied feeling a bit uncomfortable in not being so abrupt
and mean. Not like he wanted to be that way of course.
Michael just thought it was better not to get attach. But
since he really wanted Maria to be happy,he decide to just go for it. And I’m proud of his efforts.
”Listen,Maria..ah I know I haven’t been the perfect boyfriend and all. I mean I know I tend to screw up alot,but I hope maybe you can give me a second chance,maybe try senor chow’s again,I was thinking about tomorrow.”
“I would like that alot Michael,”Maria replied rewarding
him with a kiss. Michael smiled and took her in his arms,and gave her one right back,perhaps one she’ll never forget.
“Get a room,”Alex exclaimed laughing so hard he was
holding his stomach. Kyle was clapping,Liz was grinning
happily for her friend shaking her her head in amazement. I just stood there kind of embaressed by the whole ordeal.However I knew all to well these two kids would’ve gotten back together sooner or later.
They tore from each other decideding too many eyes were on them. Maria took Michael’s hand and asked to help him to help her out in the kitchen.
“That was pretty intresting,”Liz said to me;her eyes held mine and for awhile we just stared at each other.
“Well,I knew it would happen,It was just a matter of
when.”I said scratching the back of my head. Now I’m feeling a little nervous. Liz was absolutely gorgeous sitting there. Her long brown hair was up in a french twist,with red butterfly clips spread aimlessly over her head. I prefered her hair down;but it still drove me crazy to see her sitting there. Liz was wearing a lacy mini-dress,it bearly covered her knees. I found myself staring at her legs,then I slowly looked back up to her face. Our eyes locked and once again we shared another one of our unspoken moments.
“So Evan’s,are you going to introduce us or what?”Kyle
asked breaking the mood. Okay I know I saved his life and all.So is it wrong of me to want to kill him?! I plastered a smile on my face,trying not to look annoyed as I said, “Well you of course know Alex.”
“Hey,”Alex replied at hearing his name,looking
uncomfortable sandwiched inbetween Kyle and Liz clutching his cup of orange soda for dear life.
“Nice to see you again,”Liz said giving him this shy little
wave of acknowledgment.
Then I gestured towards Kyle and finsihed off my welcome wagon duties by saying,”Liz Parker,meet Kyle Valenti,he’s the Sheriff’s son.
“Nice to finally meet you Liz,”He replied holding out his
head and nearly elbowing Alex in the face.
“Same,”Liz replied taking his hand graciously and
adding,”So your father’s the sheriff.” Liz winced after
realizing that What Kyle’s father did for employment was
already establish. However Kyle really didn’t seem to
“Yeah,My family has been protecting this city for four
generations,”Kyle answered back;it’s hard to tell if he was actually proud or embaressed by it.
“So are you planning on becoming sheriff one day too?”Liz asked trying hard to act intrested.
“Good lord no,I’m going to break that family curse,”He
exclaimed mortified,Well I guess that means he’s embaress by it.Kyle then defended his life not doomed of law enforcement by quickly adding,”I hope to one day be left fielder of the Huston Astros.”
“Baseball really!?”Liz asked making quite the effort in
getting to know new people. Liz seems akward,I would be too if I was surrounded by strangers and having to play the-get -to-know-you game.
“Kyle is the Jock of the group,”Alex annonced taking a sip of his soda.
“Whatever,so what do you think of Roswell so far?”Kyle
asked,genuinelly trying to get to know her better.
“Well to be honest I haven’t seen much of the place yet,But so far It’s not as bad as I expected to be,I mean the people here have been uh..really nice,”Liz replied giving me this amazing smile. I return it with one of my own. We locked stares again causing Alex and Kyle to kind of knowingly look at us. Kyle I bet Is doing cartwheels in his head.
The doorbel rang and Kyle jumped up from the couch to
answer it. I’m pretty certain it’s Isabel and Tess. Well
this is going to be one intresting night;let the games
I heard about Liz’s “Meeting” with Tess. Maria told me
while we were at the mall. Liz went to get some napkins and so she quickly gave me the low down of what happen at her mothers shop so there wouldn’t be any suprises later.
“Try to control Drusilla okay,I really think messing with
Liz’s mind wouldn’t be a good thing.”Maria pleaded with me quickly,before she came back.
I nodded my promise just as Liz sat down. She kind of gave us this weird expression. Like she knew we were talking about her,of course Liz was right. However she just blew it off and began to talk about how she wasn’t looking forward to starting work at the crashdown tomorrow.
Kyle came back in the living room first. He had the most
distress look on his face. Uh-oh somethings not right here. When Isabel and Tess came in the living room,we all knew why.
Liz and Tess had decided to wear the exact same dress. This of course wasn’t good. Evryone had no clue what to do, or even say for that matter. So we all just kept silent. It was inevitable that the two would see each other eventually.
Tess made a direct beeline in my direction,upon seeing me. a Liz immediately notice her dress and rolled her eyes and said beaneth her breath,”Just perfect.” I hardly doubt Tess heard,she was too wrapped up at the moment in seeing me.
“Hey max,”Tess replied sweetly;hating the fact that Liz got here first.
“Tess,”I replied tensley;waiting for the fireworks to
begin. Then the inevitable happen.Tess turned around to probably give Liz a death glare;when her jaw dropped in pure horror.
Liz gave her this I-totally-agree-with-you-look. Hey at
least they can now say they have something in comman.
I knew maria came into the room cause I heard her say,”No way,who would’ve thought.”
Who would’ve thought indeed! All I can say is this is an
akward moment. I know I’m bias,being in love with Liz and
all. But I like to state for the record that I think she
looks ten times better in that dress then Tess.
Alex who when he saw my sister jumped to her side was
taking her coat and applied a hello kiss on her lips,”Well
this is some party so far,wonder when the real fun
begins,”He said, trying so hard not to laugh;but it was
apparent to everyone. so his attempt was feeble.
“Alex!” Isabel whispered mortified as she jabbed him hard in the ribs.
“Ow,” he exclaimed rubbing the sore part,”well it’s true.”
Isabel just gave him this look of warning daring him to say anything more. So Alex decided to find the room with the coats in it. I myself wish I had an excuse to run away too. I’m scared,but curious just like eveyone else to see what happens next.
All eyes were on Tess;which made her feel a little uneasy and a bit pissed off. I like Liz,and I didn’t hide it all too well. So pretty much everyone knew this,and that just angered her more.
“Well Liz,that’s a nice dress.”Tess said her voice dripping
with hate.
“Like wise,” Liz said in return. She let out this
fustrated sigh and got up from her spot on the couch and
addded reluctantly,”Thanks for coming,I’m glad you could
make it.” you could tell this was a total lie.
“Well we had to welcome you properly,”Tess replied her
smile was pretty much plastered to her face. I could see a plan of revenge forming in her mind.
“Well..umm....I think I need to get myself a drink,excuse
me.”Liz replied walking to the bar. Maria was there so the
two of them will definately have lots to talk about. Now I
get to be alone with Tess..Yippee!
If only I was old enough to drink,and even if I could
partake of some alcoholic beverage;Us aliens have a very
week tolarence to the stuff. Nasedo told us that just one
sip would knock us on our ass for days. So he advised us
highly not to drink any form of it. However,if that meant I
wouldn’t have to deal with Tess,I’d do it in a heartbeat!
“I’m really sorry I couldn’t ride in with you,”Tess
announced loud enough for the entire room to hear.So it
begins! Tess is trying to hurt Liz by making it seem it was
my idea and not hers that she arrived late with Isabel. I
knew she wanted to do some Alien voodoo mindwarp on Liz. However theres a few of us here who would prevent any such thing. So Tess went with plan B,to hurt her with words. Too bad she didn’t realize Maria warned Liz about Tess’s obsession with me and my lack of intrest in her.”But your sister and I wanted to bond,you know how us girls can be.”
God I wish she wasn’t here. I know that sounds just awful. All I wanted to do was look into Liz’s brown eyes. I enjoyed getting lost in them so much.Instead I get to see the piercing blue stare of Tess. Why did Maria have to invite her? All I could see was Liz’s back when I looked over by the bar. Was she beliving all of Tess’s Bullshit? All I could do was hope that she wasn’t.
Tess still continued talking and I did my best to act as
disintrested as possilbe. I occasionally would say “yea” and a Uh huh’,hoping she’d get the message that I rather be anywhere but here. However Tess is quite comfortable in delusional land. Nasedo’s gotten her head so jammed packed with our past lives,she can’t seem to look past it.
Kyle sat down next to her and started to make
conversation. Thank god I really needed a break.
“Here I got you a drink,”He replied holding a cup in both
of his hands,”It’s ginger ale with lots of sugar,just the
way you like it.”
“Thank you Kyle,That was thoughtful,”Tess replied bearly acknowledging his exsistance.She took the cup and placed it on the coffee table.
I feel sorry for the guy. He’s trying so hard and getting
no where. I looked at Liz again. Tess caught this and got
very flushed with anger. She was trying so hard not to make a scene. I’m almost positive Nasedo told her not to make one. I could almost hear him say “Your time will come Tess,this human girl is just a distraction,Max will come to his senses,what you need to do is not driving him away with jealously.”
In all honesty I could give a shit what those two thought. Hurting Tess is not what I wanted to do. It’s not like I told her I wanted to be with her. More like the opposite. Tess Is the one doing the pursuing.
“So did you so anything intresting today?”She asked,hoping to bring my attention back to her.
“I hanged out with Michael,”I said wondering if going to
the bar would be a good idea. I mean that is where the
drinks are.
“I was at the the UFO center today,”Kyle said trying to
get into the conversation.
“Really,what exhibit did you like?”I asked glad to bring
the spotlight over to Kyle. What I wouldn’t do to be the fly on the wall over by the bar where Maria and Liz were at. I just wish I knew what they were talking about?
“I’m totally going to burn this dress when I get home,”I
told maria throwing ice cubes in my glass fallowed by some DR.Pepper,”Can you belive she wore the exact same thing!”
“I know,and look at her;doesn’t she not realize Max’s
totally not intrested.”Maria whispered rolling her eyes.
“What’s he doing,”I asked tyring so hard not to look his
way. I’m glad Maria warned me about Tess. I probably
would’ve been seathing with anger and would’ve given up any notion that Max and I could be together.
“Totally wishing he was talking to you,”Maria said with a
“Really,” I said beaming so brightly that if you put me
outside I could light the whole city of Roswell.”Maria,I’m
so confused,What should I do?”
“To not let her get the best of you.”said a voice,we both turned aroud to see Isabel standing there. She began fixing herself a drink and gave me a reasurring smile.
Maria and I looked at her not really knowing what to say or do next.
“Hi,I’m Isabel Evans by the way.”She said holding out her
“Liz Parker,nice to met you,”I said taking her outstrech
hand and knowing that introducing myself was probably
useless. Since I’m sure Isabel knows exactly who I am. It
was weird cause I did fee a little better. Maria was right
about Isabel putting people at ease.
“Listen liz,I may be crossing the line here,but let me
give you some advice.”Isabel whispered not really wanting to share her conversation with the entire room,”My brother is crazy about you;he’s not one to just lay out his feelings for everyone to notice.”
Well what Isabel was saying petty much confirmed what I suspected. It made my heart soar listening to Isabel tell
me,I shouldn’t give up on being with Max. He feels the same way,and that felt pretty damn good. Isabel notice my smile
and continued,”Tess is not a bad person;Yes she’s devious at times and pretty much likes to get what she
wants....well,yes,I guess she can be a bitch,but the girl
needs to be taught you can’t always get what you want. So let me tell you what I know,One;don’t give up no matter what,Two;don’t always belive everything you see,” Then she walked back to Alex. He was talking to Kyle,but was kind of scoping out the drama between Tess,Max,maria and myself.Kyle was not totally focus on the conversation either. He pretty much was invole with what Tess had to say. Even though in Tess’s eyes,Kyle could be nothing more than the throw pillows on the couch. In my humble opinon. He could do so much better,however I had a feeling Kyle is not the person
to give up so easily.
Michael was happily guarding the food,dumping tons of
tabasco sauce on whatever finger food he chosen to consume. His demeanor told me Michael was ready to jump in if anything should start to hit the fan. That is something I would rather not happen.
For the first time since running over to see Maria. I looked over at Max and Tess. She was happily chatting away,probably talking about herself. Then I melted when I saw Max. He looked like he was sitting in a dentist office hoping the pain would end soon. I really don’t have to tell you how happy this made me.
“Well,I’m tired of just standing around doing nothing,” I
replied leaning against the counter,my hands propping up my chin. Maria saw my face and smiled,when she realized that I had some kind of plan forming in my head.
“Girlfriend,what are you up to?”She asked egar to do her part if I asked.
“Well,I’ve got a plan;but I need your help,”I replied
knowing all to well I didn’t have to ask Maria twice.
“You got it,”Maria replied scooting closer to
me,anticipating what I had to say next.
“Okay,this is what we’re going to do,”I whispered,laying
out my paln in Maria’s ear on what needed to be done.


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Okay Capter 11 again.
12 will be up shortly!
Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter Eleven~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Not Enough Time~By INXS(A copyrighted song,cause I didn’t
write it!)
“.......So that’s how I handled that customer,”Tess replied finishing her rather long and boring story. I hardly paid attention to a word she said,I just nodded hopefully at the right parts. All I kept thinking about was Liz. Is she okay? Is she mad at me? If she’s not angry,is she thinking about me at all? Where the hell is she? I was suprise to no longer see Liz and Maria at the bar. They were there five minutes ago,the last time I glanced over there.
Micahel came over with a chair from the kitchen in one
hand and a tray of food in the other. He than proceeded to sit down next to me.
“Jalopeno popper,”He said shoving the tray in my face. When I declined he just shrugged his shoulders,placed the tray on the table and continued to eat.
“This has been quite the entertaining evening thus far,”He replied dosing a popper with tabasco sauce and proceeded to shove it in his mouth. If Maria had witness this; she’d be all over him about his nasty eatting habits.
I nodded in agreement,and before I could ask Micahel if he knew where MAria and Liz were.Music filled the living room. I think it was INXS.

And I was lost for words,
in your arms.
Attempting to make sense,
of my aching heart.
If I could just be,
everything and everyone to you.
This life would just be so easy.....

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around to see liz standing there. She flashed me one of her smiles that always seem to numb my mind. “Hi,”I said my whole face lighting up with joy. This probably didn’t sit all to well with Tess. It really didn’t matter.She,along with everyone else in the room disappeared..

Not enough time for all,
that I want from you.
Not enough time for every kiss,
And every touch and all the nights,
I wanna be inside you......

“I’m sorry to interupt you,but I thought perhaps you’d like
to dance,”Liz asked holding her hand out to me.
“Liz,as you can see Max and I-”
“Sure,” I said,cutting off what Tess had to say. I’d be
stupid to think she wouldn’t try to keep Liz and I from
being in contact with each other. I took her hand as I stood up. She lead me to an empty part of the living room behind the couch. I guess this is the dance floor. Liz drapped her arms around my neck. While my arms wrapped themselves around her waist. I let out a sigh of contentment,This showed her I pretty much was thrilled by her “Interuption.”

We will make time stop,
For the two of us,
make time stop,and listen for our sighs.....

not enough time for all,
that I want from you.
Not enough time for every kiss..
and every touch and all the nights...
I want to be inside you......

“So I was wondering,if I could ask you asomething?”Liz
asked,caressing the back of my neck with her hands.
Okay so this is very nice.Couldn’t I just stay like this
“Sure,” I manages to say,glad that no squeak eeked out of my mouth.
“I think we’d be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit the
attraction that we have for each one another,”Liz Whispered in my ear.This cause goose bumps to spread all over my body.
“Yes,I belive you’re right,”I said moving my hand to the
small of her back. Wishing her hair was down. I wonder how long it’ll take me to remove those butterfly clips from her hair? I heard liz sigh happily with my answer. She lean real close to my ear and whispered,”I know Tess will be making my
life from now on pretty unbearable,”Liz placed her head on my chest as the music continued to play....

In our fight against the end,
making love,we are immortal...
We are the last two left on earth.
and I was lost for words in your arms..
attempting to make sense of,
my aching heart.
If I could just be everything,
and everyone to you........

I breathed deep and felt totally intoxicated by how
wonderful she smelled. I kissed the top of her head and
said,”Yeah well Tess seems to get what she wants. I don’t think she’ll treat you any diffrently from all the other girls that she considers threats.”I know, kind of harsh,but it had to be told. I had a feeling though that Liz was up for the challenge. Mindwarp or no mindwarp. Tess is not dealing with just some ordinary girl. I know that’s one of the reasons I’m so attracted to her.
“I don’t care,” She replied sternly,I was so glad Liz said
that. She suprised me by stopping suddenly and looked so deep in my eyes that,I nearly stopped breathing,”I don’t scare easily,”liz continued,”Nor do I like bullies,” That’s when In front of everyone,she planted the most softest yet arousing kiss on my lips. Even her kisses tasted like strawberries. It wasn’t deep or long,but it served it’s purpose.

Not enough time,
for all that I want from you.
Not enough time for every kiss,
Not enough time for all my love,
Not enough time for every touch.....

I pulled away and looked down at liz. She was smiling at me. Was Liz thinking exactly what I was thinking? I know Maria’s living room was starting to become a little to crowded for my tastes.
“Maria,”I announced making sure everyone heard what I had to say,especially Tess. My eyes have yet to leave Liz’s. I continued after a short pause,”I’m sorry,but Liz and I will have to be going for a little while.”I said, taking her hand and leading her to he front door. I didn’t know what expressions the gang had on thier faces. Whatever,I really didn’t care. All that mattered was Liz.
“Just make sure you have her home at a reasonable hour;she starts work tomorrow.So I don’t want to be picking up the slack,”I heard Maria jokingly reply.
“Wait,Max are you crazy?!”I heard Tess scream in
disbelif,”Where do you think you’re going?”
“Tess,” I heard my sister shout,”I think you ought to stay for awhile.”
I knew my sister would intervene.I had a feeling however we’ll be getting an earful from Nasedo,because of this.
I had no reculation of what happen afterward.Only that we were suddenly outside near my jeep. With our gazes still locked. I’m amazed we haven’t triped over our own feet and stumbled to the ground.
“Have fun storming the castle,” I heard Alex scream from the front door.
“God Alex,must everything be a joke-”that’s when I heard the front door slam shut. Blocking out the rest of my sister’s sentence.
I helped Liz get in the passegers side of the jeep.
“Thank you,”She replied shyly,watching me get into the
drivers side of my vechile,”Where are we going?”Liz asked as I started the engine and pulled out of my parking space;in front of Maria’s.
“You’ll find out when we get there,”I replied
mysteriously. I’m taking her to a little place that the rest
of the gang has never been to before. Well not when I was around anyway. It’s like my little getaway from reality.Kind of like a fortress of solitude,but not so cold. I go there to think,heck when I need to hide from Tess and anything alien. It’s in frasier woods by the lake. The stars are amazing to look at when the night is clear.
I pulled into my usual spot and I could see that Liz Loved
it! The moon was full and the stars were shinning brightly. I couldn’t have planned it better myself. It was quite the romantic sight.
“This place is beautiful Max,”Liz said in awe. I placed my
hand on her knee and then Liz’s hand went over mine. Our eyes locked and we smiled shlyly at each other.
“I’m glad you like it,”I said with pride;then added,”I’m
sorry I took you away from the party;I just had to be alone with you.”
“It’s okay,I’m glad you did,”Liz replied gazing at me with
those hypnotic brown eyes.
“Liz,I’m not going to lie to you;it’s not going to be easy
being together-”I started to say.
“You want us to be together?”Liz smiled as she interupted me.
“Yes,Yes I do,”I said taking her hands in both of
mine,”Listen,I have secrets,not bad ones or anything,but
they’re pretty big and...well...ah..I want to promise you
that in time you WILL know them all.”
“I understand Max that you can’t tell me everything all at once,”Liz replied taking one of her hands out of my grip to touch my cheek.”It’s important sometimes to keep things intresting.”
‘Intresting is hardly the word for it,’I thought to
myself,cupping her face with my hands. I heard her take a deep breath when I touched her skin and then I asked,”Can I Kiss you Liz?” I found myself inching slowly towrds her mouth. God,but she’s so intoxicating!why am I so drawn to her?
“I think you better,”Liz huskily replied;taking her
tounge and lightly licking my bottom lip. That pretty much did me in. I claimed her mouth. Our kisses were
deep,hard,and filled with an insane amount of passion. I
couldn’t belive how intense things got between us so
quickly. Our hands began to travel aimlessly over our
bodies. Jackets were quickly removed,with very little
effort. We knew this would never be enough. Eventually we would need to be closer and with as little cothing on as possible. However,now wasn’t really the right time or place. That doesn’t mean we’ve yet to reach the point where stopping is necessary either.
As our emotions grew intense by the minute. I began to get flashes from what’s was inside Liz’s head. Whenever our emotions get heighten,us aliens can see what the other person is feeling,wanting,even get glimpes from thier past. Isabel has gotten further in her training than any of us. She can see peoples futures. Isabel is also know for “visting” peoples dreams.
(flash)I saw Liz as a young girl all decked out in this horrible pink drss with cupcakes all over it. Liz hated the dress to the point of embaressment. However it was the first thing her mother made. So she wore the dress so her mothers feelings wouldn’t get hurt.
(flash)I saw Liz playing jumprope with a buch of her friends. I enjoyed hearing her girlish laugh.
(flash)I see Liz looking like what she is now. Hugging some guy.I think his name was Jason. At one time the two of them were together.I felt myself getting jealous,but realize I was being silly.
(flash)Liz and her mother flashed before me now. They were shopping,laughing and drinking Lattes in some coffee shop.
(flash)Then My heart broke as I saw Liz and her father crying over her mothers grave.
(flash)Liz and her father were then sitting in a car,singing to some Beatle song on the radio. I think they were on there way to Roswell.
(flash)Then I see myself walking in the crashdown. It was the first time she saw me without the Alien costume on. Liz thought I was the most handsome guy she’s ever seen. I made her feel special,safe;something she’s been longing for since her mother died. This made me feel pretty good,and I swore
to myself I would never ever let her down.

The two of us simultaneously moan in ecstacy as this
surge of energy began to course through our bodies. It only made us want each other more. Something crazy was happening to us. It was very diffrent and exciting and I for one am going to enjoy finding out what it is.
Then out of the blue this loud boom made me tear away from Liz. I looked up at the sky and saw this glowy blue,very aien looking lighting fill the night sky. A familar alien symbol from Nasedos teachings formed in the stars above. It was a V formation that represented the five planets in our solar system. The bottom one shine the brightest. This I knew was the planet I originally came from. It disappered suddenly as it appeared. Seeing this made me feel rather uneasy,like this was a bad sign or something.
“MAX,what the hell is going on here?”Liz asked,making me jump. Good god;I forgot she was there. Liz has seen what I saw. What should I tell her? All that I could think about was how to pour my heart out and tell Liz everything. Just be done with it. I had my doubts too.I hardly knew her.What if she exposes us? I know it sounds crazy,Liz wouldn’t do that. Then again she could just freak out and not want to be around me again,”MAX,I saw that V image in your head,or my
head whatever,I mean I saw it and then IT’s there up in the night sky.”
“You saw flashes of me in your head?”I asked pretty stunned by this revelation,and pretty much cursing myself for not putting up my blockers. Liz shook her head to my question.
Damn,does she know? I mean I do see some disbelif in her eyes. They’re telling me if she should belive all this or
not. Okay hell with all this,I’m just going to tell her
everything,”Liz,I think I should explain,”I started to
say,but then fate decided to step in via my cell phone as it rang with urgency in my glove compartment. I knew it had to be Isabel. I looked at Liz wanting to tell her who I was and to hell with whoever is on the phone had to say.
“Max,I think you better answer that,”Liz said gesturing
her head toward the compartment with out taking her eyes off of mine. She had this whole new perspective of me in those eyes of hers. I knew Liz wasn’t scared,just a little confused. I reluctantly took the phone out and answered it,”Hello,”I said,not taking my eyes of of her. Thankfully she looked back at me. I swear I’m going to tell her everything when I get the chance. I’m just hoping she doesn’t freak out.
“Max,” Well I was right,Isabel was on the other
end.”Uh...Sorry for the interuption,but..ah..Nasedo came by with Riverdog this evening,it seems there was some blue alien looking lighting in the sky tonight.”
“Yeah,I saw it,”I replied wincing;Well that cinches
everything. When riverdog comes out of hiding from the
saftey of the meskaliko indian reservation;you know
something was up.
“Well you need to come by the cave ASAP, Things are about to hit the fan!”Then she abruptly hung up. I kind of looked at the phone a bit puzzled,then just put it in my coat pocket. Liz was looking at me knowing something was up and I was involed. She sighed and said,”I don’t care if you tell me whats going on,but it seems you need to be somewhere else right now,so just take me back to Maria’s and do what you have to do.”
I was amazed by her total contol of emotions. I wonder whats going through her head right now? What does she think of me with these sudden change of events?
I started the car,but before backing out I turned to her and promised,”I swear Liz,We’ll talk about things later.”
She nodded as I put the jeep into reverse. As we headed back to Maria’s;not a single word was spoken between us. Liz suprised me by suddenly putting her hand on my leg.I think this was her way of reassuring me that I’m stuck with her no matter how weird things get.
I gave her a smile of utter relif. Maybe Liz Will be cool
about who I am after all. Then again I’m going to have to
prepare myself that she’ll be the complete opposite. No
matter what I think I’m going to tell her. Nasedo is going
to be pissed off when I tell him I revealed all to her. No
matter,right now we’ve got bigger problems to deal with. Of all nights,our enemies have decided to land in Roswell.
Peace Carolyn

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But it's kind of cool to have it as a whole post!*happy*

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 12~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Colorblind~By Counting Crows~(Copyrighted cause I didn’t
write this song).

I am Colorblind,
Coffee black and egg white.
Pull me out from inside.
I am ready,I am ready...I am~

Taffy stuck and tounge tied,
pull me out from inside,
I am ready,I am ready,I am ready,
I am fine.....

I am covered in skin,
No one gets to come in.
Pull me out from inside,
I am folded.and unfolding,and

I am colorblind,
Coffee black and egg white.
Pull me out from inside.
I am ready,I am ready,I am ready,
I am fine......

Maria’s house alot later that night...

So I’m sitting on Maria’s couch. Trying so very hard to
decipher what has to be the most insane night I’ve ever
experience. I saw things that I knew came from Max’s
head.I’m still quite unsure how I should take it all in. My
heart is telling me to belive what I saw. That it’s not such a bad thing to embrace,what I found out about
Max....However,my mind keeps insisting that I have a very active imagination.That I should save myself alot of
confusion and just chalk it all up as me totally getting
caught up in the moment. The kiss Max and I shared caused so many emotions to stir inside me. That I just assume these images were how I dealt with the intensity that overwhelmed me. I know it sounds pretty dumb now. At the time it did seem like the perfect conclusion...That is untill I saw the V formation in the night sky. It looked exactly like the symbol I “Supposedly” created in my head;minutes before Max
pulled away from me.
Driving back to Maria’s was quiet and just a bit akward.
Occasionally Max would look my way to see how I was handling myself. I was calm,which suprised me. I gave him a smile,deciding now wasn’t the time to freak out or pry. Max did promise he’d tell me everything later. Plus I pretty much told him I wouldn’t ask questions either.
When we pulled in front of Maria’s house. The two of us
just sat there is silence,wondering if we should say
anything. Max stared nervously ahead,tapping the steering wheel. I could tell alot was going through his head. Whatever the deal is with the blue alien ligthening and strange symbol’s that appear in the night sky;Max wished it wasn’t happening. I also think he was worried that I wanted to do nothing more than run away screaming;ending anything that happen between us now and be done with him. In all honesty.I did want to run away screaming. End it all before things got complicated. Then again all I wanted to do was
feel his arms wrapped around me. I knew Max would harm or let anyone else harm me.
“Well...I guess I should go inside,”I said deciding to
break the silence.
“Ah...Yeah,I guess you should,”Max replied pulling out
from whatever was invading his thoughts. He looked over my way and I could see the love in his eyes. However that didn’t the distress in them either. I was beginning to get the feeling that Max’s little secret was alot bigger than he wanted it to be.
I leaned over and gave him a kiss. I hoped it would
reassure him that I’m not going anywhere.
“You better call me tomorrow,”I said getting out of his
jeep. I felt Max’s eyes fallow me,as I walked over to the
driver’s side. I gave him another kiss to re-emphasize the
first one.
“Promise me max,”I asked him,boldly brushing a piece of
his black hair away from his eyes. Just like in the dream I
had this morning.
Max smiled and shook his head yes while he said,”I will,I promise.”
“Good,”I said feeling reassured. I touched his cheek
before I walked away. I knew he was watching me,making sure I was safely inside before driving off.
Maria open the door and that’s when I heard Max start up his jeep and drive away.
I was quickly engulfed in a hug. Then Maria lead me inside the house.I’ve been sitting in her living room ever since. Isabel,Michael and Tess have long since left. Way before I even got here. Kyle and Alex were ther when I arrived,but left about an hour ago. Probably feeling a bit akward.
Maria came back from the kitchen making tea for us. She placed the steaming cups next to a bunch of body shop bags. Maria earlier told me that both Max and Michael got me some presents. That was very thoughtful,I’ve got to remeber to thank them later.
“Drink some tea,Chamomile’s suppose to help you
relax,”Maria said anxiously,I thanked her,but the cup remain untouched,slowly becoming cold. I don’t think anything can help me relax right now.
The story Maria gave me of why the party suddenly came to a halting stop. I guess not to long after Max and I left. Isabel got a call on her cell phone from the parents. It seems there was some kind of family emergancy.(Hence why max got summon by her via his cell phone,when he was with me).
Michael took Tess home in the Jetta,not to long after
that. It seems tess was “supposedly” grounded. Her father called upset looking for her;when she didn’t come straight home from work. So michael,decided to volunteered to play chauffeur.
I however knew the stories were a cover. Something for my benefit. I knid of had a feeling why. I’m still deciding if
I should stay in the land of denial. It seems at the moment to be a very good place to be.
Maria knew what was going on. I have a feeling Kyle and Alex were in on it too. I wonder if I should ask her to tell me if it’s true? Though I probably shouldn’t;Max already told me he wants to “talk” about what happen. No it’s not Maria’s secret to tell,”I keep telling myself. Besides she’s probably been sworn to secercy. It would be wrong of me to have her break her promise.
“Are yo okay Liz?”Maria asked with concern,picking up her cup.Then for the first time this evening since coming back from being with Max. The two of us looked squared into each other’s eyes. Maria’s widen and her entire body tensed up. She nearly dropped the cup on the floor.”Oh my god,you know,don’t you?” much for Max telling me himself.However I’m glad that I’ll be getting the full story from maria. It’s always good to know what you’re getting yourself into.
“Yeah,I know,but no one told me,I kind of figured out
myself,”I replied realizing I was right in assuming that I’d
be in over my head when I first saw Max at the
crashdown...God help me,I’m in love with Max Evans..Who happens to be an Alien.
“Figured it out!?”Maria Asked a bit confused,”I think an
explaination’s in order Liz.”
I sighed and told her what I saw when Max kissed me at the lake. Then the blue lightening and the V formation in the stars,I witness after he pushed me away.
“You got flashes from Max?”Maria exclaimed,totally blown away by my revelation.I shook my head yes. I was nervously wringing my hands together then added,”I didn’t think anything by it at the time.”I picked up my cup,but I just held it enjoying the warmth. Plus it was something to keep my hands busy. I continued with my tale,”It’s when I saw it alive and in color that I began doubting my own sanity.I just don’t know what to think,this whole night has just been so sureal.”I finally took a sip of my tea. It was very good.However I didn’t feel relax drinking it. I think a seditive is what I need.
“What did you see?”Maria asked practially sitting on the
edge of the sofa in anticipation.
“It was so weird Maria,I was watching a watered down
version of Max’s Life. The images came at me so fast
and blurry,but I could tell who they were still,his
emotions they were so intense. I felt what Max felt,his
love for me and how he wanted to make sure I would
always be safe..”I said kind of blushing a little.
Maria grinned dreamily at me.I smiled then kind of got
this serious look on my face as I continued,”Maria,he
feels so scared,lonely and afraid for himself and
Isabel,Michael and even Tess;they’re from this other
planet and they’ve got all these diffrent people after
them,”Maria looked at me dumbfounded,and was
suprisingly speechless.I continued kind of looking
straight ahead remebering what I’ve seen,”I saw what he
could do with his hands,they all have powers,he healed
Kyle from a gunshot wound,he could’ve died and Max risk
alot to save his life.”
“Yes he did,”Maria replied shaking his head.
“It’s kind of ironic that Kyle is keeping this secret,since it’s his father Max fears the most,”I said,Maria nodded.Then all of a sudden I started to tear up. Maria took the cup from my head and palced it on the table.Then she took me in her arms in a nice
comforting hug.All this was suddenly becoming very
overwhelming. To finally say what I saw and have Maria
confirm everything;just blew my mind.
“I know this is all kind of crazy to dechiper at
first,but I’ve been there,and it will get better.”Maria
said pulling away and smiled reassuringly at me.
“Then tell me this Maria,”I asked hoping she’ll be
able to answer some of questions that’s been running
around in my head,”Why do they look like normal 17 year
old humans,if they crashed here in 1947?”
“Okay,about 50 years ago,Max was king of this planet
Antar.Kivar was his right hand man.A few of his
supporters found out Kivar was planning on killing him
and his family so he could take over the throne. Well
They tried to warn Max,but he didn’t belive his friend
would do that. So this scientist guy found a way to
harbor thier essence. I don’t know how,but it worked
cause well they’re here.So I guess they had some human
DNA,which explains the countless abduction stories we
hear,so they mixed the two together and got themselves
four alien hybrids.The Royal four,”Maria replied,she
looked at me to see how I was handling myself.I nodded
a silent okay so she continued,”So Kivar kills
Max,Isabel,Michael and Tess,tells everyone it was some
kind of assination ploy by some other warring planet
that was currently under some peace treaty agreement
with them. Kivar is currently on the throne pissing
alot of people off. However he’s quite powerful,so
that’s why Max and the rest of the pod squad were sent
here.Nasedo was sent with them he’s kind of thier
protector and teacher.So when the time comes when he
feels they’re ready,they will take back Max’s throne
and end Kivar’s evil tyranny.”
“Wait,they’ve got to leave one day,”I asked,starting to
feel very depress.I don’t want Max to leave me.
“Yes,Liz they do.”Maria replied getting depress
herself.She will lose Michael,it explains alot. He acts
like a total asshole,cause Michael fears the day he’ll
leave Maria.Cause he knows they may never return.
“Well,this is intresting,I finally find someone I feel
totally connected to,but I have to constantly fear that
he’ll just be gone one day,cause he’s a king of another
planet,”I replied trying so very hard not to freak out.
That is something I like to do in the sancitity of my
“Liz,I know it’s crazy,but if you love someone,isn’t it
worth the risk,I know I wouldn’t change a single moment
that Michael and I shared,both bad and good.”She
replied with a dreamy smile.
“I hear what you’re saying,but what if they’re gone
right now,what if that blue lightening is a message
from home telling them it’s time,you’ll never see him
again,”I said tearing up again.
“Then so be it,but Liz things happen for a reason.We
met these people for a reason,honestly I belive we play
some part in all this call me crazy,but our destiny is
what we make it,not what happen in the past.I mean Max
and Tess were married,but he totally loves you,I mean
that’s got to mean something.”Marai replied,then
realized she said something to me that probably was a
faux pa on her part. She nervously bit her bottom lip
as she saw the look of horror on my face.
“Max and Tess were married,”I replied just a little bit
to calmly.My insides were starting to get all knotty
and I started to take deep cleasing breaths. Willing
myself to NOT throw up. It explains why Tess was all
possesive when it came to Max.The hussy still belived
they we’re husband and wife.”Married the two of
them,I-I-really don’t know what to really say.”
“Liz,come on I-I-I really shouldn’t have told you
that,Max should’ve done that,but hun it was his past,He
loves you,look at how he treated her tonight.”maria
replied,trying so hard to right the huge wrong she made
this evening,”Think about how Max made you feel when he kissed you,Liz think about what you told me when you
felt his emotions,you said yourself Max loved you,did
you feel his love for Tess.”
Maria was right,and I knew Max loved me and his only
feelings for Tess were concern for his safty. However
that could all change when he gets back to Antar.Old
feelings could stir again. Max could decide he wants to
be with Tess. Long distance relationships were hard as
it is when the distance between couple were states.
However an entire solar system is pretty much
impossible,I wouldn’t even know how to call him. Do
they even have phones there?
I will help Max and the others in anyway I can to
protect thier identity.Untill he goes back to
Antar(that is if he isn’t already there).Friendship is
the only thing I’m going to be able to offer him right
now.I’m just not strong like enough to give him my
heart only to have it on another planet.Knowing that he
could be with someone else.
“Liz,are you going to be okay?”Maria asked,pulling me
out of my thoughts.
“No Maria,and I have a feeling I never will be.”

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter Thirteen~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
(Enjoy the silence~By depeche Mode~Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song)

Words like weapons,
Break the silence,
Come crashing in,
into my little world.
Painful to me,
Pierce right through me,
Can’t you understand,
Oh my little girl.
All I ever wanted.
All I ever need,
Is here in my arms.
Words are very unnecessary,
They can only do harm.....

Vows are spoken,
To be broken.
Feelings are intense.
Words are trival
Pleasures remain.
So does the pain.
Words are meaningless
And forgettable,
All I ever wanted,
Enjoy the silence...

“Evans,”Broady shouted,waking me up from my little
power nap.I was sleeping standing up while I was fixing
the weather balloon exhibt at the UFO center.In the
last three days I’ve been living on a couple of hours
of sleep. It’s finally taking it’s toll.
“Brody,uh I’m sorry,”I mumbled with a yawn.”I’ve been
having a roughcouple of days.”
“Well,it shows,you look like crap Max,”Brody replied
sternly standing there with his fists on his sides,and
a not so happy look on his face.
“Look,it won’t happen again,I’ll get this exhibit up
and running by today,”I replied picking up the wrench
that obviously fell to the floor when I decdied to take
an unscheduled nap.
“I’m sorry no you won’t”Brody said taking the wrench
from my hands. Shit,I’m going to get fired.
“Look Brody I’m-”
“You’re going to go home and rest up,I need you here
for when the festival begins,”He replied interupting
me.I was suprised by what I was hearing.Brody is all
about work,work,work. You slack off and you will get
fired. I’ve witness the demise of many who have gotten
his bad side.
“I don’t understand,you’re not firing me?”I asked
utterly confused,maybe I’m hearing things from the lack
of sleep.
“Max,you’re a good worker,”Brody began to say,”You
always come in early,leave late,have on numerous
occassions come in on days off,you do my errands and
not once have you called out sick,It’s slow and Carlos
asked for some extra hours,so I think I can let you off
the hook,it’s the least I could do for all that you’ve
done for me.”
“Thanks Brody,this is very kind of you,”I said,still
not convinced this was happening.
“No problem,now get out of here before I change my mind
and decide to fire you,”He replied wapping my back
laughing.I grinned sheepishly at his before I made my
way to the employees break room. I took my jacket out
of my locker and replaced it with my smock. I walked
back out into the exhibit hall and notice Carlos was
working on the Weather Balloon exhibit.I climbed up the
stairs to the main room and happily exited out the
center. I will go home and sleep I will not be good to
anyone dead on my feet. However,I’m going to make a
detour and stop by the crashdown. I really need to see
The Bell to the door announced my arrival.It looks like
the UFO center wasn’t the only place dead this
afternoon.There was about a total of six customer in
the whole resturant. Four of them were a party. I
looked around and notice only two waitresses.
Gladyas,an older woman who takes more cigarette breaks
than actually works. Then I spotted Maria over by the
waitress station filling drink orders. I made a beeline
towards her.
“Hey,maria,”I said,nearly causing her to spill a
coke on the floor.Ooops,didn’t mean to scare her.
“Jesus Max,”Maria shouted,putting down the driping
coke glass on the tray with the others,”You nearly gave
me a heart attack!
“Sorry,I was just saying Hi,”I replied with a
chuckle. Maria was a beat red,and holding her chest
from the “Near heart attack” I almost gave her.
“yeah,whatever,I’m on to you Mister,”She said
jokingly,Then gave me a quick hug and asked as she
pulled away.”So you on lunch break?”
“Actually no,”I replied,sitting on a step stool that
was near by,”Brody sent me home.”
Maria gave me a confused look and I explained myself
further,”With all the commotion going on these couple
of days,sleep hasn’t been a top priority in my life.”I
started to yawn then added,”Brody caught me sleeping
standing up on one of the exhibit’s I was working on.”
“He didn’t fire you?”Maria asked suprised.She was
leaning against the counter.Her arms folded across her
“No he didn’t,”I said rubbing my eyes. I was having a
tough time staying conscious,”I was ready to get the
boot,when he totally blew my mind by telling me since I
was a such a good worker and it being dead and all that
he’ll allow me to go home.”
“Needs you all rested up for the festival,”maria
added with a smile.
I shook my head and Maria excused her self so she could
deliver the tray of drinks to Maria’s one and only
party.I decided that I was hungry and got up to get a
booth hopefully in maria’s section. I was suppose to
Wait and be seated,but with it being so dead. I didn’t
really think no one would mind.
I watched as Maria went to the cooks window and placed
her order. she then made her way to my booth and sat
across from me.
“Okay,so what happen last night,”Maria asked in a
“Michael hasn’t told you anything yet?”I replied with
a question.
“Michael’s shift doesn’t start for another hour. I
tried calling him earlier,but he unlike you is fast
asleep,now spill already.”Maria exclaimed leaning in
“well it was a message from home,”I started to say.
Maria’s eyes widen as she waited for me to
continue,”You remeber those communication orbs we found
a couple of years ago,”
Maria shook her head.Isabel one day started getting
visions of the crash.They were not fun for her cause
the visions came with mind splitting headaches.They did
manage to figure out that they were trying to tell us
something.The last painful vision Isabel had was of
something burried out by the old radio tower,near
highway 42.That was about two miles from the crash
site. So they all piled in the jeep and drove to the
“Where do we start?”Michael asked surveying the
amount of ground surrounding the radio tower.
“I don’t know,they weren’t specific in the
visions,”Isabel replied fustrated.
“Let’s just split up and start digging,”I replied
taking a sholve and began to dig the spot before me. It
was Maria who found the orbs,the whole time digging she
was complaining about how her favorite boots are
completely ruin,when her sholve struck something hard.
she went down on her hands and knees to remove some
more dirt,when out came a blue light.Maria stood there
in shock.”Ahhh,guys I belive this is what you’ve been
looking for.”
Everyone came running towards Maria. She handed me the
two oval shaped rocks. They were still glowing and for
a few minutes no one could say anything.
“What do you think they do?”Alex asked leaning on his
“I don’t know,but they’re going to the pod chamber
untill we do.”I said wrapping the two orbs in a
“so what did they have to say?”Maria asked,bringing me
back to the present.
“Well,they were kind of pissed off that we used the
orbs too soon.”I replied kicking myself for not
listening to Nasedo when he warned us of who we might
aleart if we took it upon ourselves to use the devices
before the proper time.
“Damn,”was all Maria could say.
“Damn indeed,”I said leaning my forehead on the
table,”I guess Kivar thought we were dead,but by using
those orbs he realize we are alive and kicking and he’s
sending some alien hitmen to finish the job.”
“Damn,”Maria replied again shaking her head in
disbelif.then added”So they’re coming to Roswell.”
“Not exactly,”I replied lifting my head off the
table,Maria gave me this please explain further look.
“Not only did we get this message,but in order to maybe
confuse them a bit,they sent it to diffrent targets
across the world,so it buys us a little time for now.”I
replied trying to stiffle a yawn with very little
“So what’s going to happen?”Maria asked feeling a
little uneasy by this revealtion.
“Well the plan for now is to go about like nothings
happen,”I said streching my tired limbs.”Nasedo is
going to call a meeting for everyone later to set some
ground rules,but for now don’t act like an alien,which
means don’t use your powers.”
“Damn,”Maria replied again,getting up when she heard
the order up bell.”You want something to eat?”
“Sure,I’ll take my usual.”I replied giving her a
“You got it,”Maris replied bouncing her way to the
pick up window.
What is really going through my mind is Liz.I didn’t
tell Nasedo that she saw everything. He’s already up in
arms about having to protect the humans.Tess was not
happy about what happen last night between Liz and I.
During the meeting at the pod chamber that was one of
the many things that were talked about.I could tell
this new snag was in the back of Nasedo’s mind and
though not important right now. I knew it would be
discuss with me being ordered to put a break on my
growing feelings for her.
“I put your order in,”Maria replied taking me away
from my thoughts. She palced a cherry coke and a bottle
of tabasco sauce on the table.
“Thanks,”I replied taking a sip of my drink,”So
where’s Liz”
I have yet to see any sight of her. I really miss being
with Liz. Last night was so amazing.Yet so much has
happen,I’m afraid she’ll look at me diffrently.
“Downstairs doing a can inventory with her dad,”She
replied motioning toward the double doors in the back
of the resturant,”I must say in the short time Mr.
parker has been here he’s totally turning this palce
“I really need to see Liz,”I replied looking at the
double doors.
“Yes,I totally agree,Liz is quite confused at the
moment about what she found out about last night.”Maria
said sitting back down in the booth with me.
“So she knows,”I said playing with the tabasco sauce
label.I had a sneaking feeling she had a clue,but I
wasn’t sure.
“Yes she does,but I didn’t tell her,”Maria replied
defending herself,”she’s pretty smart and figured it
out on her own.”
“I kind of figured she did,I guess she got flashes when
we kissed,”I said putting down the bottle.I looked up
at Maria with a very grim face.
“I don’t want to sound like Nasedo,but I think you
should of remeber to put up your blockers.”Maria
replied with her own grim look on her face,”I mean,the
two of you have this amazing connection,but she had
alot to take in last night.”
“I know,I know,that’s why I really need to talk to
her.”I said not really liking the way Maria’s voice
“Listen,I can put your order to go,cause It’s going to
be awhile before their done.”Maria suggested then
added.”Liz’s shift gets over at six,go home get some
sleep,I tell her you stopped by.”
“Come back at seven,go to her roof,I’ll make sure she’s
there,”Maria replied interupting me.She palced her hand
over mine reassuringly.
“Okay,Thanks Maria your’re the best.”I said feeling a
little bit better. However I’ve got a weird feeling
that things with Liz will get worse before they get

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 14~Has to be~By carolyn Sawyers

I won’t walk away~By Jewel(Copyrighted cause I didn’t
write this song)

“It’s not going to hurt if you just talk to him,”I
heard Maria’s words from an hour ago echo in my head.
“I’m not quite sure if I’m ready to see him yet,”I
answered back. We were filling sugar containers at the
waitress station.
“Well,when will you be ready?”Maria asked me,tossing
the scoop back in the sugar tub. With both fists on her
hips,she stood before me with a very determine look on
her face.”Max is just as confused by all this too you
“Yeah,well I think it’s just a tad diffrent Maria,”I
said screwing a lid back on the sugar dispenser,”He’s
had his whole life to deal with it,I had one night to
let it all sink in.”
“yeah well,belive me Liz,It’ll never will,” Maria
replied speaking from experience. she covered the sugar
tub and went out back to put it away.
“Well what do you suggest I say?”I asked fallowing her
out back.
“Whatever you want,just talk to him.”Maria said
turning around to face me,she put both her hands on my
shoulders and added sternly,”Just because you find out
Max is a little diffrent,doesn’t mean he’s any less of
a decent person.”
“I didn’t think that at all Maria,I know Max is
wondeful but-”
“But nothing,Love knows no bounds hun,just listen to
what he’s got to say,”Maria replied,it was painfully
clear she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
I let out a sigh and asked,”Well what time is he coming
“Seven O’clock,he’ll meet you on the roof.”Maria said
joyfully clapping her hands in delight.
“That’s in an hour!”I exclaimed totally hating the
way I look,and wondering why I cared.
“So hurry up already,”Maria said pusihing me in the
direction of the stairs that leads to the
apartments.”times a wasting.”

So it’s ten of seven and I’m in front of my mirror
fight an ever losing war with my hair. It’s not like
it’s a big deal or anything. I need to be firm and to
the point. We’re going to be friends. Nothing More!
I put my hair up in a ponytail and made a face. Okay so
maybe I’ll leave it down. I put some gloss on my lips
and decided that I spent enough time in front of the
mirror. I got up and went straight to the only window
in my room. It leads to the roof that could pass for a
porch. I open the window and enjoyed the breeze that
touched my flushed face. I don’t know why I’m nervous.
I’m talking to him so he know’s we’re only going to be
just friends! Maybe if I say it long enough I’ll belive
I carefully climbed out into the night air onto my
roof. It was turning out quite nicely. Maria brought
over the lawn chairs before work. I had a few end
tables that really didn’t go any where inside. I turned
the radio on that was placed on one of them.I strung
white christmas lights along the brick wall outside my
bedroom window,they were turned on. Plus I lit some
candles that were place randomly across the porch. As I
a omce over,I realize it was alot more romantic than I
had anticipated.
“Liz,”replied a voice from down below. I went over
to the edge and looked at the street below. There stood
Max standing next to a street lamp;looking all handsome
and irresistable.

A lonely street light,
I’m out on the street walking home.
a small pale blur,
leaving trails like a snail.
I move so slow. Time can bruise,
violent indigo,
rush home to your arms.
You soothe my weary soul....

“Hello Max,”I said down to him.
“Can I come up?”He asked,being the perfect gentleman.
Max’s hands were stuffed in his jean pockets,he had
this amazing smile on his face.
“Yeah,you can come up,”I replied walking away from the
edge;taking deep breaths,hoping to calm my erratic
heart beat.
Max was on the roof in seconds,he jumped over the edge
and landed with a soft thud.
“Impressive,”I said raising my eyebrow at the sight.
“I try,”Max said shyly, his hands back in the pockets
again. It’s obcious I wasn’t the only one nervous
around here.

Wrong or right,
Be mine tonight.
Harsh world be damned
We’ll make a stand.
Love can bind,
But mine is blind.
Others stray but I won’t
Walk away....Walk away...

“Do you want a drink or something,I asked making my way to the window,preparing to go inside for a kitchen run.
“No actually,I’m find.”Max said as he gently grabbed
my arm.I turned to face him and knew he’d be hard to
“Okay,”I whispered exhaling slowly,willing myself
not to look in his amber eyes,but you know I did
anyway. My insides quickly turned to mush and it was so
hard resisting the need to close the space between our
faces I wanted to kiss him so badly.I could feel his
breath on my face daring me to let down my guard,daring
me to make the connection that could never truly be
broken. We stared into each others eyes,letting the
silence sing to us.It seemed like hours since he came
up the fire escape,but I knew only minutes passed. Time
didn’t matter with us.
“I know you’re a bit freaked out about last
night,”max said deciding to be the first one to
speak.He released his grasp on my arm and decided to
sit down. I planted myself on the lounge chair across
from him.
“Yes,just a little,and I’m still going through the
motions of denial,Maria told me alot and well I’m
feeling rather overwhlemed.”I replied intertwining my
hands and palcing them between my knees. I need to not
touch him.
“I too am still working it out myself belive it or
not,”Max said probably wondering exactly how much Maria told me,”I’m a king of another planet and I was sent here to hide and train for the day that I’ll go back
and free my people from my enemy Kivar.”
‘Yes,I know this,and I guess Tess your wife will be by
your side through all this too.
Max grimace as he heard those words escape my lips.I’m
sure Max wanted to break this news to me himself. I
knew he wasn’t intrested In her anymore. However,he
will return to antar,and his people are expecting both
thier King and Queen,not some earth girl.
“I’m sorry you had to hear thatLiz,I-I-can’t tell you
how much I wish all that wasn’t true,but that happen a
long time ago Liz,people change and so do feelings,I
know with every onuce of my being you are my now
Liz.”Max said getting up then went and kneeled before
me,I don’t love her Liz,I love you.”
“Max you’ve only known me for three days,you can’t
Love someone in such a short period of time,”I said
knowing what I said to be untrue,for I loved Max also.I
knew it when I first saw him walk towards me in the
crashdown,god help me I had it soo bad for him.I turned
my face away.I began to think to myself,”We’re just
going to be friends,we’re just going to be friends.”
His hand went to my face and I melted into his touch
enjoying the tingling sensations our contact caused.Max
msde me look at him,and my heart went to my throat.
“I knew I loved you when I saw you walk towards the UFO center on the day you arrived,”Max said with a smile
remebering that day,”Your hair was down and you were
looking at my town for the first time,I’ve seen so many
people that day,but it was you my eyes locked on. My
heart stopped,the world ceased to exsit and I didn’t
know why untill you started talking to me,I found my
other half.”
“I see,”I said exhaling again,happy to know that I
was still alive and breathing.
“Tell me you don’t feel the same way,tell me you
knew you loved me when our eyes locked at the
crashdown.Something amazing was happening,and we
weren’t the only ones who sensed that.”Max replied
huskily,he cupped my face in his hands and I knew he
was going to kiss me,I had no intention of stopping him

The clubs are full,
of couples resisting being one.
They wear their youth,
Like badges that tarnish too soon.
We’ll be a team.
Our two will be one.
Love will be our fortress,
When all else comes undone.

All the emotions that I tried to hide came flooding
out,willing themselves over me. Begging for me to
listen to their cries.My arms went around his neck and
his arms went around my waist. Max lifted me off the
chair so we were both standing up.I moan as our kisses
deepen,I couldn’t feel enough skin,I wanted Max so much
I ached with need. Then reality poked in the back of my
mind. This shouldn’t be happening. This is not what
friends do. I need to pull away before stopping wasn’t
an option anymore.
No,Max,please,”I replied pulling myself away,”We
can’t do this,it’s wrong.”
“Why,”He asked taking my face in his hands to kiss me
“Max,please listen,”I said walking away from him,he
had quite the distracting force.”I-I-can’t do this,I
can’t get involed.It will hurt more in the long run. I
can’t bear to fall in love with you only to have it
ripped away,I can’t bear that,I will not commit myself
to you,I’ve got to walk away from this.”
“But you mean everything to me Liz,theres got to be a
way to make you see that.”Max exclaimed walking to
where I stood. He turned me around to face him. I was
crying and he gently wiped the tears from my cheek.”Why do you resist,I know you love me too.”
“I do love you,but-I-I-cant’,I won’t Max,I think
It’ll be better if we just be firends.”I replied
stepping back and crossed my arms across my
chest,hoping to make a barrier between us.
“I won’t accept this Liz,I WILL not give up on us!”Max
said sternly,taking my arms apart so he could hold my
hands. I didn’t stop him,but I knew my mind was made.

Wrong or right,
Be mine tonight.
Harsh world be damned,
We’ll make a stand!
Love can bind,
But mine is blind.
Others stray,but I won’t..
Walk away...Walk away...

“Please,tell me you won’t give up!”He asked his amber
eyes pleading with desperation.His gaze was turning my
insides out. making me hate myself for my
weakness,making me hate myself for the mistake I knew I
was about to make. I’m not going to give in. I will
hold my ground here!
“I can’t Max,If you can’t be my friend,then please
don’t come around.”I said regretting the words I said.
Max looked as if I slapped him in the face. I tried so
very hard not to touch his face.
“This is not over Liz,”He said letting go of my hands.I
looked down at my feet,cause I couldn’t bear the hurt
expression on his face.
“Good night max,”I replied as I walked to my bedroom
window. It took every fiber inside me not to look his
way. I could feel his amber stare on my back,willing me
too look at him. I knew if I looked at him I would
throw myself in his arms and tell him I changed my
mind.Regrettfully,I stood my ground and by the time I
went inside my room and turned to close the window. Max Evans was no where to be seen.
I threw myself on the bed and cried untill I fell
asleep,with Max Evans face burned permantly in my

Sometimes the world don’t make sense.
Small children filled with violence.
Let our Light shine through thme tonight..

Wrong or right,
Be mine tonight,
Harsh world be damned,
We’ll make a stand.
Love can bind,
But mine is blind,
Others stray,but I won’t
Walk away...Walk away..


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Peace Carolyn
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Okay after much delay here is chapter 15!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 15~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Don’t tell me~By Madonna(Copyrighted cause I didn’t
write this song).

Don’t tell me to stop,
tell the rain not to drop.
Tell the wind not to blow,
Cause you said so..hmm..mmm

I drove aimlessly around Roswell for hours. Even went
to the desert and back. I found myself parked by the
lake out at Frasier woods. I began to relive that
amazing night,remebering the most amazing kiss Liz and
I shared together.God sometimes I wish that I wasn’t an
alien king. That I was a normal teenager.Then Liz and I
would be together. Instead I have to live out this
Present senerio and hating ever second of it.
I just couldn’t make myself belive the words Liz told
me up on her balcony. They hurt,and I found myself
temporaryily taken aback. I reluctantly left,knowing I
was going nowhere with her. I needed to step back and
think of a plan.I needed to let her know I had no
intention of giving up on us. Deep down I knew we were
meant to be together.
“I do love you Max,but I-I-I-can’t,I think it would
be better if we just remain friends,”echoed Liz’s words
in my head.

That prove to me there was a chance. Liz loved me,but
was scared. Hell,I’m even scared. What scares me,is not
ever kissing her,holding her,touching Liz’s skin.

Tell the sun not to shine,
not to give up this time.
Let it fall by the way,
But don’t leave me where I lay down~

It frustrated enough to have both Nasedo and Tess
telling me who I should and shouldn’t love. I’ll be
damned if Liz becomes part of that group.
I looked at the digital clock velcroed to my dashboard.
It told me it was 10:55pm. The Crashdown would be
closing soon.I needed to talk to someone. Michael for
some odd reason was the first person that came to mind.
I know he’s hardly Mr. sensitive in these matters.
However,I needed to talk to a guy. Michael also does
have experiences in ALien/human interrealtions.Plus
it’s pretty late;he’ll be the only on up.I started up
my Jeep and pulled out of my spot by the lake.
It was 11:30pm when I finally pulled up in front of
the Crashdown.I went to the entrance door and notice
that the lights were still on. I rapped on the glass
with my knuckles.Mr.parker sitting at one of the
talbes,looked up from doing the days receipts. I waved
and he waved back. I think he recongize me as one of
Michael’s friends.Liz’s father got up to unlocked the
door.He swung it open and greeted me.
“It’s max right?”He said closing the door after I
came in.
“Yes,it is,how are you Mr.Parker?”I asked shaking my
head yes,I nervously stuck my hands in my pockets. I
suddenly felt a bit akward talking to Liz’s dad.
“I’m okay,”He replied with a smile. then motion towards
the double doors in the back of the resturant,”Michael
is out back washing dishes,I’m almost certain he’s
nearly done.”
”Thanks,um sorry if I bothered you,”I replied starting
to make my way out back but Mr.Parker stopped me.
“Oh Max could I talk to you for a minute?”He asked
suddenly making me feel very nervous.”I wanted to thank you for helping Liz unpack the other night.”
I felt relived,I didn’t think for a moment that Liz
would tell him anything.I know I’m acting a bit
paranoid,it’s just that maybe certain vibes of how I
felt about his daughter might be apparent.Though at the
moment Liz and I are far from being together. It’s just
parents can kind of be...well nosey. I just didn’t want
to be getting “What are you attentions towards my
daughter?”When Liz at this moment isn’t accepting my
”Ah,no problem,I was glad to help,”I said remebering
the intense stares we gave each other that entire

Tell me Love isn’t true,
It’s just something that we do..
tell me everything I’m not but~
Please don’t tell me too stop.

“It’s been a tough time for us both,after her mother
died we kind of dealt with our loss diffrently.Liz was
constantly angry,and well I just kept doing things to
inflame that anger,”He replied with a grimace.Mr.Parker
let out a frustrated sigh and placed his hands on his
“Like moving out here,”I said knowingly.Man I feeling
just a little bit weird listening to all this.
“Yeah,Liz loved Boston,and well she left alot behind
reluctantly to make me happy,I’m just relived Liz made
new friends so quickly;It’s been awhile since I’ve seen
her this happy.”He said kind of giving me this weird
“Well,your daughter makes it easy,she’s quite the
extraordinary person,”I replied,at least(it seems)Liz’s
father likes me.I think he wouldn’t be telling me all
this personal stuff if he didn’t.
“Yeah she is,”Mr.Parker said proudly,then after
loosing his tie,he sat back down to his paperwork,”Well
breaks over,back to the grindstone.You have a good
night Max.”
“You too Mr.Parker,”I said before going through the
doors. Kind of happy that that conversation was over.
Not that I didn’t enjoy talking to him. It’s just alot
of crazy shit is happening between Liz and I. I just
didn’t want to him to pick up on my uneasiness.
I saw Michael putting some clean pans on shelves over
the sink.I kind of startled him by announcing my
pressence. I really got to stop doing that.
“Jesus.Maxwell,”Michael exclaimed turning around in
suprise,he wiped his hands on his apron and asked,”What
the hell are you doing here?”
“Geez,I feel all warm and fuzzie inside.”I replied
sarcastically.I took my jacket off and put it on a step
stool nearby.”What I can’t come by and talk to my
“So are we going to talk about Liz?”Michael
asked,leaning against the prep table waiting for the
conversation regarding Liz to proceed. I guess Maria
told Michael what was going on.
“Yeah so,”I replied hating myself for being so
“So nothing,”Michael said crossing his arms over his
chest.”I’m not Dr.Ruth,go talk to your sister.”
“Come on Michael I came to talk to you,”I said pleading
to him before I added,”Besides,I need an ear now,can
you see me waking Iz at thias hour!She’ll kill me.”
“Whatever,”Michael exclaimed sighing in frustration,he
took off his apron and the bandana off his head and
threw then on the table,”Let’s go,but just to let you
konw WE ARE playing video games.”
“I can live with that,”I replied watching Michael go to
the pick up window and shouted to Mr.Parker that he was done.
“Great Michael,I’ll see you tomorrow,”shouted
Mr.Parkers voice from out in the dinning area.
“Come on,mom’s out on a date,so we can talk freely,”He
mummbled going to the stairs.
“On a date,with who?”I asked fallowing Michael,but
not before I grabbed my jacket off the stool.
“Some Lawyer guy,I hate him,”Michael replied in
“Who do you Like Michael?”I replied with a chuckle.
“Do you want me to help you?”He replied giving me a
death glare as we reached the landing of the
apartments. I grinned at him as he dug through his
pockets for the house key.
I glanced at Liz’s door at the other end of the
hallway.Wishing I was there. Instead of angsting to
Michael that I wish that I was there.

Tell the bed not to lay,
like a open mouth of a grave.
not to stare up at me,
Like a calf down on his knees...

Michael finally got the door open.As we enetered the
apartment He turned the lights on,then palce his keys
on the table to the right as soon as you walked in.
“Want a snapple?”He asked going straight to the
“Sure,”I said putting my jacket on the couch before
sitting down.I anxiously waited for Michael’s return.
“So,what’s on your mind Maxwell?”He asked knowing what I was here to talk about.I catch the bottle he threw at me with ease.He sat down on the recliner that was across from the couch.Michael took a sip of his drink
while he waited for me to speak.
“Well,I don’t know how I should make Liz understand
that we should be together.”I replied making a face
after dinking the peach Ice tea snapple. I much prefer
the Raspberry myself. I snatched the tabasco sauce
bottle from the coffee table and poured a healthy
amount inside.I took another sip and decided it was
going to just have to do.”I mean,I know for a fact she
wants to be with me,I could see it in her eyes!it’s
just that she made a point to drive me away,I just
don’t know what to do?”
“Maxwell,You’re just going to have to wait untill she
comes around,”Michael said with a sigh,knowing all to
well this wasn’t what I wanted to hear.
“What if she never comes around?”I asked frustrated.
“Then seranade her with a fuckin Mariachi band like
Alex,”Michael said angrily.I looked at him obviosly
upset,he sighed before adding,”Look Maxwell,YOu love
Liz,Liz loves you,the whole town knows it.It’s just you
got to understand when she found out about who you
are,you can’t expect her to just say,”Oh you’re an
alien king of a troubled planet and one day you’ll hop
in a spaceship to save the day;with your alien bride
who’s the bitchest person on two planets,but that’s
okay lets’ make out,’No it’s freak out time!”
He was right of course.As totally off the wall
Michael’s comments were It all made total sense,”Just
give her time to let it sink in.She’ll come around,I
know she will.”
“Dr.Ruth you’re not,but you’re right,”I said conceding.
“Of course I am,”He said with a grin.He finish off his
drink before getting up and asking,”So are we going to
play video games or what?”
“Sure,”I replied taking this as Michael’s way of saying
the doctor is out.I’m glad I talked to Michael.I kind
of knew he would sugar coat it.YOu can always count on
Michael being blunt and straight to the point. I knew
waiting would be the best thing to do. However a part
of me wanted to make her see that we can get through
all this alien bullshit..together. I could talk to
Isabel tomorrow,see what she has to say.Maybe get some tips from Alex in how to woo Liz.Then again,the both could come to the same conclusion as Michael.
“Ready to kill some people?”Michael announced plopping
on the couch handing me a remote game controller.
While I was deep in thought,he must of turn on all the
electronic gadgets required to play the game.
“What are we playing?”I asked taking the controller.
“Grand theft auto 3,I picked it up when we wne to the
mall the other day,It kicks ass!”He exclaimed
“Does your mom know you have this?”I asked suprised
that Nancy Lewis allowed a violent video game to get
past the front door.
“Of course not,but Who cares,she’s dating a lawyer!”He
replied pressing a button to start the game.
”Okay then,”I said thinking nothing like a mindless
video game to forget ones troubles.
Though I hardly doubt that even this could help me
forget that just down the hall;Liz Parker was fast
asleep. I would like nothing more that to crawl in bed
next to her and hold Liz in my arms till the sun came

(don’t you ever)
Tell me love isn’t true,
it’s just something that we dooo.
(Don’t you ever)
Tell me everything I’m not
Don’t ever tell me to stop
Please don’t tell me too stop.


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Peace Carolyn
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Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 17~Has to be~By carolyn sawyers
Firece Flawless~By Ani Difranco(Copyrighted because I didn’t
write this song)
she was cuffed to the truth like the truth was a chair
bright interrogation light in her eyes
her conscience lit a cigarette and just stood there
waiting for her to crack
waiting for her to cry
his face scampered through her mind
like a roach across a wall
it made her heart soar
it made her skin crawl
they said, we got this confession we just need for you to sign
why don't you just cooperate and make this easier on us all

It’s August 1st,I’m Liz Parker and the Crashdown was frantically busy this afternoon. With two
days to go untill the renowed Festival;It’ll only get worse.Today two waitresses called out(Hey if
I could get away with it,I would to).My father at one point donned on one of those silly alien
antenna headbands and started waiting on tables. God,but he looked goofy in them. However,If I
started getting overwhelmed with stress,by the many RUDE FREAKS that I was forced to wait
on.Or if a certain dark haired mystery man from an excotic location,came creeping into my mind.
I’d just look over at my dad,and that would put a smile on my face. Speaking of Max;it’s been
two days since that night on my balcony. That kiss has been kind of hard to forget. Sometimes
I’m like;Why am I doing this?It’s obvious you love him! Just forget about all those stupid fears
and take a chance! However,reasoning and rationality always seem to pushed themselves through
that shadow of doubt. Whenever I thought about throwning myself into his arms. They would
start screaming into my head loudly,”Are you crazy? Do you want to lose another piece of your
heart again? He’s married to that Bitch Tess! Did you just forget about that? Okay so I couldn’t.I
will also be the first person to admit that I was jealous.I’m pretty sure his marriage is far from
binding here. Still just the thought of it eats at me to the point of insanity!
“Liz,this is the last time I’m going to tell you that your orders up!”Michael screamed interupting
my battle of inner wills.
“Sorry,I’m coming.”I said realizing I’m standing in front of the soda machine.The glass under the
ice tea dispenser still empty.I quickly filled up the cup,then went to the pick up window to get my
orders.Maria was there to also pick up her food.
“Are you okay?”She asked giving me this look of concern.
I shook my head no as I gave her this do-I-look-okay-look while I took my plates;to the booth of
hungry patrons. They’re dressed up like Star Trek characters.”Okay,we’ve got the Klingon
special,”I replied palcing the plate in front of well the Klingon. The lady dresses like a Vuclan had
the Vulcan veggie delight.Those ears were pretty realistic. A Sigorny weaver with extra
cheddar,went to the guy who was the mirror image of Riker before he sported the beard and
mustache.I’m sure if we had a burger named after the next generations first officer.He’d have
ordered it.
”Can I get you anything else?”I asked,when three heads shook no. I went back to the waitress
station to finish up my drink order;that I bearly started before my thoughts drifted back to Max.
there was light and then there was darkness
but there was no line in between
and asking her heart for guidance
was like pleading with a machine
cuz joy, it has its own justice
and dreams are languid and lawless
and everything bows to beauty
when it is fierce
and when it is flawless
Maria stood besides me waiting for her turn at the soda machine. I could tell she wanted to hound
me about Max.With a sigh she decided to tell me what was on her mind,”You know,I think you
should stop all this foolishness and just be with Max.”
Well,you can always count on her being straight to the point.I placed a glass of Cherry Coke a
little hard on my tray,causing some of it to spill over the sides,”MARIA,Please,not now!”I said
angrily picking up my tray and leaving her shocked and probably a little pissed off. Well I’m angry
too! It’s not like Maria has been helpful or supportive in my decision to stop things with Max
before they started.She has become his ally.
“YOU DID WHAT!?”She screamed loudly,I pulled the phone away so it wouldn’t cause
permanent damage to my ear.Two days earlier and about two hours after Max left me. She woke
me up from an uneasy sleep.
“You heard me Maria,I told Max I couldn’t commit to anything more than being his friend,I just
can’t deal with his situation right now,”I said knowing all to well this wouldn’t sit right with
her.As an afterthought I added,”Besides,I’m still dealing with issues that came with me from
Boston,So my emotional stability is pretty fragile right now.”
“You keep telling yourself that,”Maria said,I could feel her eyes roll from the other end of the
line.”You’re going to regret this Liz.”
I closed my eyes as I shook my head while I willed myself not to retort back with something that
I’ll regret later,”Yeah,well maybe I will,but I’m quite content in my safe warm little bubble of
regrets,So can you Please just accept my decision and not try to throw guilt trips my way.”
“Sorry,I can’t promise you that girlfriend,”Maria replied than added accusingly,”Didn’t anything
we talk about last night sink in that prety little head of yours?”
“Maria,”I said my voice was warning her not to go there.
“Liz,”Maria said sacrcastically back,obviously not caring what I thought.Cause since
then,Whenever Max came to the Crashdown.He always seem to be at my section of the
resturant.Looking all handsome and irresistable.Maria,I have no doubt was behind this.God but
the girl is nothing but determine.The encounters that Max and I did have were a bit akward and
fustrating. Most of the time I’d be looking at my pad.Trying to focus on the doodles I made on
the paper.Looking directly in his eyes would be the end of me. I always left his table feeling both
relief and regret.I’m just not sure how long I can take all this.

“Liz,there you are,”replied my fathers voice dragging me out of my thoughts.I could tell my dad
was concern for me.Throughout the day he’d glance worried looks my way.At the moment I was
resting on the couch in the employee break room.It was the first time today I was actually able to
sit down.
“I’m sorry dad,it died down a little so I thought I could take a little-”I started to say as I began
to get up.
“No,don’t get up Liz you’re find,”My father said cutting me off,I plopped back down with an
exhausted sigh. I really need to get better shoes. These platforms were stunning,but not the most
comfortable things to wear.”I just need you to make a delivery over at the UFO center in about
ten minutes,”
I didn’t like that idea at all.Max works at the UFO center.I could run into him.I so am not wanting
to go there right now.”Oh,no that’s okay I’m sure Maria will be more than willing to go,I-”
Again my father cut off my sentence,”Actually it was her idea,you’ve been cooped up in here all
day;working hard,I think a change of scenery might do you some good.”
“How thoughtful of her,”I replied through grit teeth,a forced smile on my face and thoughts of
me reaming Maria out in my head.
“Yes,Maria is a good friend,I like her alot,”Jeff parker said with a smile. Well someones got
to.Cause right now I’m pretty irritaed with her,”You just sit here untill Michael has that order
ready for you.”Then he disappeared back out int the dinning area,but not before I heard him greet
Maria. I bolted out of the couch,quickly walked out of the employee room and spotted Maria near
the walk-in.
“Maria,what are you trying to do to me!”I exclaimed tapping my foot angrily,my fists on my hips.
“Hey Liz,what a crazy day huh?”She said with the hugest grin on her face.Maria flung open the
heavy door and entered the walk-in.
“When are you going to give this whole Matchmaking thing a rest?”I asked fallowing maria
“When you and Max are together,”Maria replied reaching for the cans of whipcream on the top
shelf,”You need to chill.”
“Maria I gave you my reasons why I didn’t want to be with max,”I replied holding out my hands
in fustration.
“Yes I know,and when you give me better ones,then maybe perhaps I’ll take it in
concideration”Maria countered leaving me standing inside the walk-in very pissed off.I stepped
outside and slammed the door shut.
“God,why can’t she just leave well enough alone,”I said to no one in perticular.
“Maria has this crazy notion that she’s always right,so don’t expect her to give up on this mission
of hers.”Michael replied I turned around to see him leaning against the doorframe. His arms
crossed over his chest and a smile on his face,”She never gave up on us,and I’m glad she didn’t”
“Yeah well I didn’t ask her to interfer.”I replied sitting down on a stepstool in defeat.
“Maria just wants to see you happy,it’s obvious to her that you want to be with Max.”He replied
walking over to me. I realize he was carrying two plastic bags.Probably the UFO’s food order.
“Yeah,well I know she means well,but it’s aggervating,”I exclaimed getting up from the stool and
walked back to a section of the back room where the lockers are located.
“It’ll be okay Liz,”He said giving me this reassuring smile.Michael and I have come a long way
since that first day I arrived to Roswell.We kind of bonded the morning after the Max
incident.Turns out Max went over there for some advice. From Michael of all people! I’m kind of
glad I didn’t know Max was there. I might of actually found some excuse to go over to
Michael’s.So,I was actually sitting on the employee couch,exhausted from my sleepless night of
Max obsessing.I wished I didn’t switch shifts with Maria. However,I promised her I’d work the
breakfast rush.Nasedo called a meeting that included the humans in on the secret.I guess with all
that happen.Nasedo wanted to inform them of what’s going on and set up some new ground rules
regarding what not to say or do when it comes to the “Czechoslovakins.”That’s the new code
word when discussing the aliens in public. I was also discussed that morning.Michael told me
before leaving that he’ll be telling thier uptight protector,that I witness Michael using his
powers.Michael,Isabel and Max thought it’d be better this way. God knows Nasedo would still be
pissed off cause he’ll have to worry about yet another human.However,if the real way was
discovered;not only will Max be hearing it from Nasedo,but Tess too.He just didn’t need that
aggravation right now.He never really told me what happen,and I didn’t pry.Michael just said that
he understood that I need to step back and think things through.That if I ever needed someone to
talk to,he’d be there for me.I know,I was suprised too.
“I don’t know Michael,I feel like I’m in this losing battle,I don’t want to just give in,but with
Maria and Max breathing down my neck,they make it kind of hard.”I replied putting on my
sweater,”I’m just not strong enough to invest all this emotional commitment and then have it all
be for nothing.”
“Belive me Liz,you’re talking to someone who’s been there,”Michael said leaning against the
lockers,”However,you know what;s best for you,just be sure that your reasoning isn’t clouded up
by things from your past,every path’s diffrent.”
I kind of gave him this shocked looked. Michael was right,as crazy as it sounds. Alot of my
reluctance to pursue anything with Max dose invole my past,I’ll admit to that.Take for insistance
Jason. At one point of my he was the love of my life!How did I know he’d end up and asshole
leaving me hurt and betrayed.I could never forget what he did to me! I mean my mom was dead
and he leaves me for another,I know it wasn’t her fault dying,but I was angry she left me. I
needed her,I needed the both of them and they left me.I sound selfish,but I can’t help how I feel. I
WILL NOT subject myself to the pain again.SO maybe I am copping out. In the end I’ll probably
be thinking whar would’ve happen if I did go through with it?So Max’s an Alien,that doesn’t
bother me.It’s the destiny he has to fulfill,that’s freaking me out.Max is a king to a far off planet
that he has to go and save one day. You can’t do that here. So what importance would being with
me a human girl have in this whole scheme of things? Nothing as far as I can tell.What good
would it be for me to be with him and love him to only have him go?Again nothing that would
make me think all this would end with Happily ever after.
I slammed shut my locker and as I took a deep breath I turned to Michael,who stood silently
beside me.He just looked at me with reassurance as he handed me the bag.No weird concern
looks came from his direction. Michael knew I was fighting with some kind of emotional inner
demon.It was good to have someone on my side.Someone who’s not pushing me,then again
Michael does think Max and I are good together.It would be wrong to disagree with him,cause
well I think we’d be good together also.
“Here,”He said handing me the two huge bags of sandwiches,
“Thank you,”I replied refering not him handing me the bags but for all the encourament he has
given me these last couple of days.
“Anytime,now I’ve got to get back to work and you you’ve got to fullfil your own
destiny,”Michael replied with a grin before walking away to the grill.
Fullfill my destiny,that’s a weird thing to say.I never really knew what my palce in life was.
Though I know I would love to have Max be part of that.Max,I’ve treated him wrongly
these past couple of days.I told him we would be friends,but I’ve hardly been friendly.I
know now that I should really talk to Max. Tell him what’s been going on in my head.Tell
him that it’s not him that I’m mad at.As I open the door to the crashdown and walked into
the fresh summer air.Alot of things started to make sense.I knew what had to be done.
The thing is will I be brave enough to fallow through with it?

on the table were two ziploc baggies
containing her eyes and her smile
they said, we're keeping these as evidence
'til this thing goes to trial
meanwhile anguish was fingering solace
in another room down the hall
both were love's accomplices
but solace took the fall

now look at her book of days
it's the same on every page
and she's got a little tin cup with her heart in it
to bang along the bars of her rib cage
bang along the bars of her rib cage


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Sorry guys it took soo long. I hope you guys think it's worth the wait.
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 18~Has To Be~Carolyn Sawyers’

Nice work Evans,you really came through for me
today,”Brody exclaimed scaring the shit out of me. I
was so involed with trying to get my locker open for
the fifth millionth time.I didn’t hear him come in the
employee locker room.
“Ah,thanks Brody,”I replied a bit suprised by this.
All day you had to treat him as if you were walking
through a mine field. One wrong move and you’re
history.Poor carlos must’ve gotten fired and rehired
four times today.I too wasn’t immune from the wrath of
Brody. During the Celebrity Q&A;the mic went dead in
Patrick Stewart’s hand.The look on Brody’s face sent
chills down my spine. I knew trying to fix the problem
the old fashion way would’ve taken too long. So I
discreetly used my powers.The rest of the show went on
with out a hitch. I’m just glad William Shanter wasn’t
talking when it happen. I knew I’d never hear the end
of it.
“Rest up Evans,”He exclaimed as he whapped me on the
shoulder.How is it the man has so much energy.He runs
his own business,almost signle handedly ran this
convention,plus take care of his young daughter at
home.I shook my head as I stifled a yawn and he
added,”Tomorrow is going to be even worse.”
“Yippee,”I said sarcastically,causing him to laugh as
he walked away.I finally manage to get my locker open.
I exchanged my work vest for my green army jacket.
Another yawn escaped my mouth as I slammed shut the
door.I then notice a piece of paper with my name on it
taped to the door.I pulled it off and thought to myself
how I managed to miss it while I was fiddling with my
lock.I must be really exhausted.I recongnized it as a
check from the crashdown.I unfolded the letter and I
smiled as I realize who the letter is from.

I came by today on a delivery.I wanted to talk to
you,but as you know it was pretty nuts.Carlos was kind
enough to give you this for me.I know I’ve been distant
and wanted to apologize for not being a friend like I
promise you I’d be.The Crashdown is staying open later
because of the festival.I thought maybe you’d like to
come by after work to talk;that is if you can.I’d even
by you a drink,maybe a piece of Man in Blackberry pie.
Hope to see ya soon.

Now this is the best thing that happen to me all day.
Liz wanted to talk to me.Michael was right,she is
coming to me.Well,It’s way too soon to start jumping to
conclusions.There’s no talk about being more than
friends in her note. However,at least she’s not
ignoring me anymore.So I got that going for me.Now all
I need to do (without scaring Liz off)Is to convince
her that we belong together,In the more than friends
sense.I’ve got to talk to Maria;she’ll know what to do.
I shoved the note in my pocket and left the employee
room.I took the steps up to the lobby three at a time.I
couldn’t wait to see Liz again.
“Max,”Carlos shouted from the gift shop.He was mopping
the floor .He stopped what he was doing and leaned on
the handel as he asked,”Did you get the note?”
I did thank you,Carlos.”I replied with a wave.
Good,”He said taking the mop and putting it in the
yellow bucket,”You have a good night Max.”
YOu too carlos.”I exclaimed as I let myself out of the
UFO center.I took my keys from my jacket pocket and
locked the door behind me.I walked into the deserted
street of downtown Roswell.About eleven blocks of the
main strip is closed down for the duration of the
festival.Vendors from all over the world would sell
Jewerly,clothes,Alien merchendise. Tomorrow this place
will be packed with boothe,thiers owners,tourists and
townspeople alike.At the west side of the blocked strip
a stage is set up.Local bands play each night of the
festival out.Except on the last day.A more semi-famous
band closes out the festival. This year it’s
sensefield.THey’re very good and I’m hoping to catch a
part of thier act.I stood in front of the crashdown and
looked up at the sign.It was a spaceship half embedded
into the resturant.THe blinking red,white and blue
lights beckon me to come inside.It was actually pretty
convient that the Crashdown stayed open long after the
other businesses have closed down.This way if they
didn’t get a chance too during the course of the busy
festival working day,employees and vendors could
grab a bite to eat or just get a drink to unwind before
going home.I open the door and stepped away to let a
couple walk out. They thanked me as they exited the
resturant.Whne I headed inside,I notice that Maria was
playing hostess. I patiently waited untill she came
back from sitting a small party down.Maria smiled in
delight when she saw me.
“Well,Good evening Mr.Evans,”She asked giving me this
knowing look.Something told me she knows about Liz’s
note.In fact I’m pretty sure she was the nagging voice
that was behind Liz’s consent on talking to me.Maria
grabbed two menus out of a wooden slot located on the
side of the hostess counter,she then asked”Table for
“That would be fine Ms Deluca,”I replied displaying my
own huge ass grin.
“Then fallow me please,”Maria announced as she walked
into the main dinning room.I did as I was told and was
two steps behind her.MAria stopped suddenly when she
reached the booth in the back of the resturant(I almost
ran into her).I was very happy that it was very seclude
and private.Maria turned around to face me to say,”Liz
is upstairs,and I was told to get her if you showed
“Thanks Maria,”I said taking off my jacket before I
slid into the booth.I picked up the menu and looked
over the heart attack causing entees on the lamenated
paper.I already knew that I was getting Man in
Blackberry pie,I was just trying to distract myself
from looking over at the backroom door.I didn’t want to
look anxious.I’m trying so hard not to rehearse
anything ahead of time.I didn’t want to overkill it.I
just want tonight to be perfect.It was really quiet
tonight.Before I sat down. I only notice two other
occupied tables. I was the only one in maria’s
section.Then I heard my name being called and I put
down my menu and closed my eyes in futration.
“Evans,what are you doing here all by yourself
for,”Kyle valenti screamed taking of course the seat
acroos from me. God I hope the entire football team
isn’t with him.I jumped in suprise when Tess of all
people planted herself next to me.Oh for the love of
good and evil,why of all nights did frick and frack
have to be here.Liz is so going to take this the wrong
“So is Shanter really an asshole,”Asked Alex from
behind me,I turned around and notice that Isabel is
with him.Great the gang’s all here.Okay,even if Tess
wasn’t an issue,I still would never have time alone
with Liz.They always seem to find me when I wanted a
moment of solitude.
“He had his moments,”I muttered suddenly feeling a
aneurysm coming on.
“Did you get his autograph?”Tess asked sweetly sitting
way too close for comfort.
“Ah..No,I really didn’t talk to him that much,”I said
praying this was all just a bad dream.I looked over at
Kyle who was not happy to be back burnner boy again.
Maria at this moment came from the backroom.Her face
paled when she saw the convention going on in my
booth.I gave her a look that made her realize this
wasn’t my idea.I was kind of relived that Liz wasn’t
behind her.However I knew whe’d be down soon.I had a
feeling Kyle and co. would still be here.
“Excuse me,Can we please pay,”exclaimed loudly one of
the patrons impatienly.He began waving the check in
case we didn’t hear him that he wanted to pay for his
check.People sometimes!
Reluctantly Maria went back over to the hostess station
I knew she was flipping out.Maria hated when her plans
don’t go as planned.Right now I’m flipping out cause I
know Liz is going to take one look at Tess hanging on
me for dear life and she’s just going to turn around
and go back upstairs.
“So,was work busy?”Tess asked scooting closer to me.I
was starting to feel very antsy.
“Extremly busy,”I said looking at the back
door,dreading Liz’s entrance and seein the three ring
circus that was going on here.I than added”I actually
came here to meet up with Liz,”Thought I’m pretty sure
I’ll never have another chance to talk to her again.
“Oh,”Tess replied quite annoyed.I knew she was thrilled
when Liz and I weren’t on speaking terms.Kyle however
was thrilled about the late breaking news and was
beaming brighter than the fluoresent lights.
“Well,what do we have here?”Liz exclaimed very upset.
Her arms were across her chest and if looks could kill
we’d be all dead.Tess if all possible snuggled even
more closer to the point where I didn’t even think that
jaws of life could seperate us.Kyle thankfully came to
my rescue.
“We just got here,and seeing max all by himself when we
walked in we decided to keep him company,”Kyle replied
quickly,not wanting his chances with Tess ruin;because
she jumped to the wrong conclusion.
Liz saw me sigh in relief and when she stared in my
eyes,she knew I had no Idea everyone would be here.Liz
sighed and with a smile turn to Tess and asked
sweetly,”Ah,excuse me Tess,but I belive you’re in my
“Well if you excuse me,I belive you weren’t sitting in
it,”Tess countered rolling her eyes in
annoyance,wearing a smug look on her face.
Liz stayed calm and then firmly recountered
with,”True,but my father owns half of this place,so
kindly get out of my seat.
I could hear Alex stifle a laugh,while Kyle hid his
delight behind the menu,My jaw fell to the table in
shock and Tess,well she was mortified,she glared a how
dare you embaress me look at Liz before haughtily
getting up and saying,”Whatever,it’s just a seat.”Kyle
was delighted that she chose to sit next to him.I knew
that the reason for this is so that tess could keep
tabs on us.I however don’t think he cared.
“Thank you Tess,”Liz excalimed,giving her own smug look
before sliding into her seat.Liz in fact sat pretty
tingles go up and down my spine.I turned to look at her
and was happy and suprise that she was looking at me
too.I smiled and manage to whisper out a greeting.Liz
mouthed a “Hi” back.Tess was probably fumming
mad.However,I said this before and I’ll say it as many
times as needed.I just really don’t care.I was with
liz,and she is all that matters.
“All right people heres the deal!”Maria announced glad
to Liz besides me.I could see that she was wondering
what happen in her absence,however Liz will no doubt
fill her in later,she finished her annoucement by
adding,”You freaks are the only ones left in the
resturant,sooo sorry to say the kitchen’s closed,drinks
and desert are you’re only option--Alex what is it.”
Alex had his hand raised,as if he wanted to ask the
teacher a question.”If there’s any leftover fries can I
have them?”
“We’ll see,”Maria answered taking out her order pad. So
with the help of Liz. Four cherrycokes,a gingerale,and
a orange soda were placed in front of thier owners.Alex
got his fries,that he split with Isabel.Kyle and Tess
simultaneously ordered Out of this World cheesecake,Liz
and I of course each had a piece of man in Blackberry
When Michael and Maria were down with cleaning up,they
joined in on the festivities.A radio was placed on the
ledge of the take out window.It was on WKROZ,a popular
radio station in Roswell.Everyone was having a grand
time.That is untill Liz’s father came in,and he was
very pissed off.
“what the Hell is going on in here!?”He
screamed,causing everyone to sstop what they were
doing.We all looked nervously at the extreemly mad
parental figure.Michael got off of the counter top he
was sitting on to handle the situation.
“It’s okay Mr.Parker,Me and my friends sometimes hang
out after hours during the summertime,My mom knows this
you can ask her if you like.”
“Oh I will,”Replied Mr. Parker,a little less pissed
off.However he will definatley be knocking on
Mrs.Lewis’s door.In the end he’ll know of course we
were telling the truth.
“I better not find a mess here tomorrow,”Mr.parker
exclaimed palcing his hands on his hips.
“You won’t Mr.Parker,”Maria Promised getting up and
walking to Mr.parker.”I should’ve told you what was
going on,were all just use to doing it that I forgot
that you weren’t in on the going on’s”
It’s okay maria,”He replied looking at Liz before
adding,”Just don’t stay up too late,some of you have
morning shifts tomorrow.”
“we won’t dad,”Liz promised,totally suprising me by
taking my hand.
“Fine,You all have a good night,”Jeff parker said,then
looked around the place one more time expecting
something not kosher to pop up.When nothing appeared he
looked at us one final time before going to his office
in the backroom(OR nancy’s apartment)After the backroom
door closed we waited a little while before everyone
busted out laughing.Liz started to blush and said
apologetically,”I’m sorry guys,”She covered her face
with her free hand.
“It’s cool,my mom will take care of things,”Michael
excalaimed touching her shoulder.
Suddenly Tasha Vega’s~Be yourself blarred out of the
“OHHH I LOVE THIS SONG,”Exclaimed Isabel,she got up and
dragged Alex with her to the dance floor.Maria joined
them minus Michael knowing this wasn’t his type of
“Come on Tess,let’s dance,”Kyle asked wanting to join
the fun.Plus I think he kind of figured we wanted to be
“I don’t think so Kyle,”She said,not wanting us to be
alone.Lucky for us Kyle wouldn’t take no for an answer.
“Oh come on Tess,you know you want to,”Kyle excalimed
nudging her,”It’s total snoozville here,let’s go to
where the real party is.”
I could feel Tesses eyes move to the dance floor.I
could see she really did rather be out on the dance
floor.Kyle worked it some more,he could be very
charming.”How about one dance,it’s not going to kill
you to be away for five minutes.”
Tess looked at Kyle and smiled before saying,”Okay,”She
slid out of the booth and before exiting he gave us a
thumbs up and a wink and joined in on the festivities.
“That was nice if Kyle,”I said rubbing the top of her
hand with my thumb.
“Yeah it was,”She said with a sigh,I felt her tense
up,but I don’t think it was because she didn’t want to
talk to me.It’s just now that the distractions are
gone,we can finally talk honestly about what’s going or
not going on with us.
“I missed you,”I said hoping I wasn’t rushing things
for her. I knew I wasn’t the minute she turned to me
and gave me a shy smile.
“I missed you too,”Liz replied,then nervously added,”I
know I’m probably confusing you ,It’s just-”
“It’s okay,you had a lot to think about,I totally
understand,”I said finishing her sentence.
“No,I was a real-”
I didn’t hear the rest of her sentence,cause things
went black.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for reading. I guess I can tell you a little about the next part.The lights didn't go out.Max passed out.So you'll have to wait for the next part to see why.
Thanks for the FB!
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Okay so the next part will be up by weeks end!
My local bridge caught on fire causing phone and cable lines to become destroyed!
I have post the newest part to nobody knowsFor those of you who read that!
thanks for reading!
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Peace Carolyn
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Well this is not very long,but I feel this helps the story move just a little. It's been very hard trying to get it the way I like it. I hope I didn't disappoint anyone!
Thanks for reading
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 19~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers

The place was a complete mad house.All four aliens
suddenly passed out leaving thier humans friends
speechless. Well except for Maria who bawled
uncontrollably as she held a bunch of blood soaked
napkins on Michael’a forehead. He took a nice swan dive
from his usual position on top of the counter.Kyle
looked quite akward holding a lifeless Tess in his
arms. Alex was crouched over Isabel trying to wake her
up without much sucess. I was wiping Man in blackberry goo from Max’s face first dive into his pie. when
all this started happening.I had a bad feeling about
what was going on and decided to spring into action.I don't why,it was like something took control over me.
“Alex,I need you to close all the blinds in the
resturant,”I ordered,suprising him but he did what he
was told.”Kyle,start bringing them into the employee
break room,we don’t want a parent coming into
this,”Kyle nodded as he lifted Tess up into both of his
arms.I shouted to Alex as he pulled one blind shut
after another,”Help him when your through.”
I grabbed a first aid kit and plenty of napkins from
the waitrsses station;I proceeded to gently grab the
napkins from Maria’s hand and began to fix up the
“What’s going on Liz?”Maria wailed putting her face in
her hands.
“I don’t know Maria,”I replied looking at the newly
cleaned gash on Michael’s forehead. I’m no doctor but I
think Michael will be fine,the cut didn’t look like it
needed any stitches.Which was good ;cause we couldn’t
very well bring Michael or the others anywhere near a
Michael was the last person to be lifted into the
employee room. Kyle grabbed under his arms while Alex
took his legs. Hopefully we’re not making things worse
by moving him around.
“Maria,”I said shaking her a little,she was still on
the floor crying into her hands. She looked up at me
and the poor girls face was red and puffy from
crying.”I need you to call Nasedo,he may know what’s
going on.”
I began to start cleaning up the mess and Maria got up
and nervously asked,”What if he’s out like a light
“Let’s hope he isn’t,cause I’ve no Idea what I’m going
to do next,”I said taking a sanitize bucket behind the
counter with some rags and trashbags and began to tidy
up the booths. Luckily Maria and I used paper cups and
plates so we wouldn’t have to wash dishes later on.
Maria just stood there looking at me shove things in a
“What are you doing?”Maria asked wiping her face with
the back of her hand.
“Would you like to explain to my dad and Nancy why the
place is trashed and there’s blood on the floor?”I
asked wiping a booth with a wet rag.
“Oh,I guess not,”She said finally getting what I was
doing,I pointed to the back doors and said,”Now go call
Maria shook her head as she walked to the back. Alex
came out front a few minutes later obviously spent by
carrying a couple of bodies.He had a weird expression
on his face.
“What?”I asked waiting to be told some bad news.I was
on my hands and knees scrubbing Michael’s blood off the
“Nasedo is here,”He replied stuffing his hands in both
of his jean pockets.
“Already,”I asked clearly confused,Maria Left no more
than five minutes ago.
“He came in from the back door,”Alex relpied taking one
of his hands out to gesture behind him,”It was pretty
obvious he knew what happen,scared the hell out of
Maria standing there trying to call him when snuck in.”
“Damn,”I replied throwing the used rags in the trash
bag beside me.”Can you take that out back for me,”
Alex shook his head as he grabbed the trash bag I was
pointing to. I took one final glance over the resturant
and was satisfied with the end result.I went out back
to dump the dirty water in the sink,rinsed the bucket
out and left it on the floor,I then shut of all the
lights in the Crashdown and went to the closed door of
the employee break room. I turned the handle and was
happy the door was locked. I knocked on the door and
announced myself.Klye was the one who let me in.
Nasedo had his hand on Michael’s forehead,it looked
like he was healing his cut. Alex was explaining what
“Well I guess we finally meet Liz Parker,”Nasedo
replied looking up in my direction.
“What’s going on here?”I asked crossing my arms across
my chest.No time for being social. I wanted some
Nasedo took a breath and replied,”They were being dream walked,the protective walls I set up in thier heads
“Dream walked,they weren’t even sleeping.”I stated
utterly confused.
“Any unauthorized attempt to enter thier minds in
anyway triggers them uncouncious,or if they’re asleep
blocks any acecess to thier gives me time to find them,if captured,luckily they were among friends,so I’m glad to say thieridenties,for now are stillsafe.”Nasedo explain impaitently.
“Can this happen during the day?”Alex asked he was
sitting beside Isabel on the floor,his sweat shirt
under her head as a makeshift pillow.
“Yes,but it is a big risk to them too,”Nasedo said
going to the door to make sure it was locked.”They want
to know who they are,then find a way to capture them,so they’re not discovered also.”
“So are they going to keep passing out like this every
night?”I asked looking at Max on the floor beside his
sister,looking pale and defenseless.
“Maybe,maybe not,”He said looking all pensive,”They can
do this anywhere in the world,I’m sure some of Nicholas
men are here,waiting to see if anything out of the
ordinaray happens.”
“So what’s our next move?”Kyle asked he looked very
overwhelmed by all this information,he wasn’t the only
one. I was just beginning to realize the insanity of
being involed with aliens,and to tell you the truth I
was scared. I still didn’t like the idea of my normal
life(If you can call it that)being suddenly turned
upside down.However looking at Max lying there all
defenseless made me realize that I would’ve regretted
not telling him how I really felt about him. Life is so
short and my stupid fears and insecurities are nothing
compared to what Max and the others have to face
everyday. I want to be with Max. I’m pretty sure Max
wants to be with me too.Once things calm down a bit,I
hope we can finish our little talk. I’m at the point
where I don’t care if I have only one day or one year
to be with him. All that matters is that I love Max and
hope to acculmate some special memories to hold onto
when he does finally leave.
“Well,Max of course will have to be inform of what happen,Untill then, it’ll be too risky to leave
the resturant,”Nasedo said pacing behind the
couch,”Everyone will have to stay here tonight.”
“Well they can’t stay here,”I explain shaking my head
in disbelif,”At five in the morning people will start
coming to work for breakfast,we have to move them.”
Nasedo shook his head in agreement,for a while the room
was silent. No one had any idea what to do.He them
looked at me and said.”I have an idea,but I will need
all of your help.”
“You got it.”Kyle replied,speaking for all of us in the
"Then this is what we will do."Nasedo announced,I think he was feeling a little weird to have humans actually responeable for his charges.As I listen I realize that
my new life has offically begun.

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I usually pre-write my story before putting it here. When I wrote the last chapter it started out totally diffrent.
Then as I puched in the words what you saw emerged. I'm glad people are intrested in reading what I've created.
As I stated before I would be happy if only one person read my story. Thanks to everyone for thier support.
Peace Carolyn
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Strawbehrry Shortcake originally wrote:
Well I also guess that them passing out is a blessing and a curse*sad*! I hope that Nesado starts to realize how valuable the humans really are!! I can't wait to see what plan they have come up with!! Post more soon!!*bounce**angel**bounce*
ps- I love that picture!!*angel*

I'm glad you're reading my mind. I wanted Nasedo to realize that not everyone's out to get them and that there are humans who want to help.Thanks to everyone who took time out to read my story!*happy*
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Here's the next chapter,not my best,but it keeps the story moving at least a little. Enjoy!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 20~Has To Be~By Carolyn Sawyers
So Nasedo suggested that his charges had to stay here.
It’d be unwise to try and leave the Crashdown with four
very unconcious aliens. Who knows what may be lurking
outside? Right now I’m happy to say that the four are
safely tucked in bed. The cover is of course an
impromptu sleep over.So Alex,Maria,Kyle and myself,with
the help of Nasedo’s very handy alien mindwarpping
powers,dragged first Max and Michael up to his(Michael's)
apartment;then Isabel and Tess up to mine.Down in the
employee break Room,Nasedo was making the parents
belive(that is if they decided to take a nightly
stroll)that the apartment was very much empty.
“It’s absoultely important that you don’t speak,and
please try and move as quickly as possible to the
bedroom,we don’t want to risk a break in the
connection.”Nasedo advised,before we started our task.
Fortuately for us,the parents remain asleep in thier
beds. It was good to see something actually work with
out a single hitch.
Exhausted from carrying dead weight aliens,I quietly
left my room leaving Maria to her stress releaving
sniffing of Cedar oil.The poor girl was freaking out!I
was suprise to find myself calm and clear headed still
though,I’m pretty sure when all of this chaos was done
and I’m in my bed thinking about what happen
tonight,I’m sure I’ll be sniffing Maria’s cedar oil
bottle.I made my way downstairs, avoiding a few of
the creaky stairs,when I reached the door to the
breakroom,I softly tapped on the door,knowing all to
well it’ll be locked.
“It’s Liz Nasedo,”I replied in a whisper. About a
minute later the door swung open and I went inside. I
closed and locked the door behind me.
“Well,we did it,everyone’s where thier suppose to be.”I
said crossing my arms across my chest. I was suddenly
feeling werid being alone with Nasedo,he was very
intimidating,even when he didn’t say anything.
“Excellant,”Nasedo said very pleased with the
outcome,then he reached inside his inside jacket pocket
and pulled out a cell phone.
“Who are you calling now?”I asked confused.Who did he
know that required a 1:00 am phone call?
“The Evans,”Nasedo explained,”Knowing Diana,she’d be
pacing in the living room with worry,now be quiet.”
I shook my head and watched on as Nasedo waited
patiently for someone to pick up at the Evan’s
“Mom hi,”he said in a perfect imitation of Max’s voice
that it was just a little too creepy,”Yeah I know it’s
late,but we totally lost track of time,I’m sorry to
have worried you,”He paused waiting for Diana Evans to
finish her third degree,”We’re staying here tonight,I’m
just way to tired to drive,everyone is cool with it,”He
paused again obviously getting a little antsy with this
conversation,”Don’t worry mom,I’m at Michael’s, Isabel
will be at Liz’s,listen I’ve got to go,”He stopped and
shook his head,listen for a few more seconds
then said,”I love you too mom,see ya tomorrow.”Then hehung up with a sigh of total expiration.”that woman is
“She’s just worried about her children,”Liz replied
Rolling her eyes in disbelief,He can be so heartless.
He ignored her response and put away his cell phone.
“What you did was pretty handy,If you couldn’t do what
you did,I was positive we would’ve gotten caught,”
“I’m thier protector Liz,It’s what I do.”He said acting
as if this happen everyday,after a moment of silence he
turned to me and said,”You also did well tonight,”
“Thank you,I was just helping out my friends,”I said
suprise by his praise.
“You were quick on your feet,Alex said you just started
taking control of the situation,moving them away from
the windows,cleaning up the scene,it impressed me,”He
said showing just a little bit of humanity.
“Well,I’m suprise myself something just took over me,”I
said with a half smile.
“I’m glad to know we have people like you on our
side,”Nasedo paused for a moment and added,”I will make
an effort to be nicer,”
I stood thier a bit shocked and speechless,what could I
say,the alien always seem to suprise you when you least
suspect it,and I hardly know him.Then I thought of
something and decided to ask”Ah Nasedo,”
“Yes,Liz,”He replied
“What are you going to do about you know,them passing
out,eventually this could be a problem,”I asked hating
to relive tonight’s little episode again.”I know you
say it’ll be even too risky for the skins to try and
dream walk them during the day,but what if they get
“I’ve been thinking about that,and the easy thing would
be for them to lay low for a few weeks so I can figure
out a plan but..”He started to say but left the
sentence unfinish.
“You certain that the four of them won’t go for it,”I
said knowing exactly what Nasedo was thinking.
“Yes,”He said,”Tess is in my care,so she wouldn’t be a
problem,but the thing is Michael,Isabel and Max have
human conections,It’d be harder to explain there
“Well can’t you like I don’t know put like a delay of
somekind in them,”I said wondering if I was making any
“What are you trying to say Liz?”Nasedo asked trying
very hard to be patient with me.
“I’m sorry let me think,”I said thinking of the right
words to say,I smiled and added,”Give them a warning
before they passout,so they could leave without making
a scene,like a sound or a picture.”
Nasedo shook his head in understanding but looked
pretty grim.He looked at me and replied,”It’s risky,but
“Risky how?”I asked giving him a look of confusion.
“If I give them too much of a delay,they could still be
discovered,if it’s not long enough...”
“They can be discovered too,”I replied wondering if
anything will ever be simple.”So what are you going to
“I’ve got alot of thinking to do,and you need to go
back upstairs,”He said opening the door and peeked
outside,it was clear.”I will discuss this with Max,see
what he has to say.”
I nodded and fallowed him upstairs.Nasedo will sneak
into Michael’s apartment.He’ll be in the room with the
boys and be there to explain things to Max. I went into
my apartment and went to the bathroom to brush my
teeth.It’s almost two o’clock in the morning and I have
to be up in exactly four hours. My father is going to
kill me if I look like I’m going to pass out.Tomorrow
is definately going to be a coffee day.
Maria was asleep when I snuck in the room.AS I laid on
top of the sleeping bag. I knew I wouldn’t sleep right
away. My brain began to analyze tonights events. I
really wanted to be with Max right now.What’s going to
happen to him,Isabel,Michael and Tess. They don’t even
know what’s happen yet.Will Nasedo be able to fix this
problem?Will the skins leave? Will they try to find
them again? What will happen if they get caught? I
didn’t have any answers to these questions.Just alot of
diffrent senerios reeking havok in my brain.What did I
get myself into? I don’t really know exactly,but one
things for sure. I’ll be by Max’s side no matter what.

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Peace Carolyn
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Okay,I love how things start coming together!I hope you enjoy this chapter! I know I'm pretty proud of it!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover[/b

Chapter 21~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
The twin sisters smiled brightly as I snapped a polaroid picture of the two of them with Jonathan Frakes.They took the memento of thier vist, and I waited patiently nearby to see if the next fans in line wanted thier own picture with the Star Trek star. The proceeds of the pictures go to help cancer research.It was a very nice thing for Brody to do.It was hard to remain focus.Last nights events we replaying in my head. I was suprise to find myself on the floor in Michael's room. The last thing I remeber was talking to Liz in the Crashdown.What even suprise me more was having Nasedo's face appear over me.I knew something was wrong.
He told me of what happen to us,a mindwarpping attempt caused us to shut down.Nasedo informed us of this little failsafe that was program into us when we were created. Least to say Michael was a little pissed off.
"It would've been nice to tell us about this,"He relpied going to his closet to grab his work clothes.
"To be honest with you,I forgot about the program,"Nasedo said in fustration,"when it was triggered,so did my memeory,I'm sorry about that."
"Whatever,"Michael said,not beliving his explaination.
"It doesn't matter,"I said palcing my hand on Nasedo's shoulder,it was obvious he felt stupid by his mistake,"What matters is that we know that they're out there and we've got to think of a way to prevent this from happening again."
"So exactly what do you have in mind?"Kyle asked,standing by to do his part.
"Nasedo,"I asked hoping he'll have an answer.
"Well,I would prefer if you guys lay low for awhile,"Nasedo suggested,however he knew we wouldn't go for it by the look on our faces,"So...your friend Liz suggested something that might work,but..."
"I don't like the sound of that,"Michael said with worry.I was suprise by Nasedo's sudden turn around. Taking suggestions from a human,what has he been taking?
"It's risky,yes,cause you could be discovered,"Nasedo replied a bit hesitant,"basically I put a delay on the failsafe program in you minds,however if the delay is long they could have the time needed to discover you,"
"So if we don't get away in time they could also find us."I said,crossong my arms across my chest,thinking about what I was told.
Nasedo shook his head,and began to pace again. He stopped and added,"Plus eventually the mindwarps attempts could have an effect on you,"
"What do you mean by that,"I asked,not quite sure if I wanted to hear what he had to say.
"You're half human,you'll be able to take a licking,unlike humans,but the longer this keeps going on,the more likely you could stay uncouncious."
"They could just give up eventually,"Alex said from the chair by Michael's desk.
"Highly unlikely,they know the royal four is here,"Nasedo explained as he began to pace the floor again,"The communication orbs were activated,theres only one way out of here for you guys and honestly I can't activate the granolith."
"The granolith!?"I asked wondering how many other things Nasedo's been keeping from us?
"What the hell is a granolith?"Michael asked,speaking also for everyone else in the room.
"Your one way ticket out of here,"Nasedo explained,not really wanting to reveal this part of our alien heritage right now.Michael had alot on his mind to say,but Nasedo stopped his bombardment of questions,"I will not tell you were it is,I will tell you that it's a very powerful piece of machinary;if Kivar and his henchmen knew you had it,this world would suffer some major carnage."
"You speak of it like it's a weapon,but I thought it was a spaceship,"I asked feeling utterly confused.
"Oh it can be a spaceship,it can be a weapon,I've heard it can even be used to travel in time,"Nasedo explain,"The major setback is it can be used only once,so lets not pursue further about the granolith okay."
"So if you can't activate it ,then who can?"Michael asked,wondering if this is what we have to do...leave Roswell.
"Only you can,but I wouldn't recommend it,"Nasedo warned with a shake of his head,"You are far from ready to go back to Antar,Kivar will defiantley be able to destroy you,and we can't afford to lose you now."
"Prepare the delay Nasedo,"I said sternly,"Untill we have something else plan,this is what we do."
"I'll need the healing stones,"He said putting the plan in motion.
"They're in the pod chamber,do you want me to get them?"Michael asked
"No,whoever's working,do so,I will take care of the peperations,"Nasedo replied,then turned to Kyle and asked"Do you have any plans today?"
"I'm free,what do you need?"Kyle asked excitedly,happy to be part of the plan,"Stay with Max at the UFO center,keep a close eye on him,get him to safety if trouble arises."
Kyle shook his head,I don't know if I like the idea of having Kyle in charge of my safety
"I will have Tess and Isabel stay at my place,I'm sure your sister will be able to handle your parents,"Nasedo asked looking at me,I shook my head yes and then he added,"Liz and Maria can keep an eye on you Michael,who knows when they'll strike,I want everyone at thier homes in soon as possible,no late night activities,"He said while looking at me especially. Knowing full well a certain human is on my mind."Max,I'll leave you to inform everyone else."
"No problem,"I said then asked,"So when are you planning on doing the reprograming,"
"Tomorrow morning,very early,Michael has tomorrow off,and I know the UFO center doesn't open untill 10:00,"He anounced,looking down at his watch.
"Yeah,I'm not in untill 12:00,"I said wondering when Liz and I will have our much needed talk.
"Max,are you okay?"It was Mr. Frakes,I must've started spacing out,well at least I wasn't in a alien comma.
"Oh my god,Mr.Frakes I'm sorry,I'm Just-"
"It's okay Max,"Jonathan frakes said waving his hand,assuring me he wasn't mad."I know Broady has you running around doing god knows how many things,do you need a break?"
"No,"I said with a sigh of relief,"I'm find,shall we."I held up my camera,awaiting the next Star Trek fan,to pose with Riker.
He gave me a smile and said,"Okay,if you're sure."
Mr. Frakes went back to his table and I tried to focus on not going into a daydream again.I didn't enjoy feeling edgy like this.All I wanted to do was live my life as a normal teenager,instead I'm looking over my shoulder wondering who was going to kill me?This maddness has got to end.
"Okay,say number one,"I asked the fan dressed like a Klingon and Mr.frakes.
"Number one,"they replied in unision,I clicked the button,and as the flash went off from the camera,an idea started forming in my head.I now know what I've got to do.The thing is will it work?

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roswellluver originally wrote:
I hope Max's plan is workable! Thanks for writing!

I want to thank you for always reading!I appreciate you support roswellluver
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Working on the next part right now.hopefully it'll be up today!Taking a little breather to read some fanfic!Thanks for everyone's feedback! I greatly appreciate it!
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Okay,I'm a little nervous about posting this part. My first attempt at writing a love scene.Yes some M/L action folks and I hope I don't let you down! Thanks for reading!
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 22~ Has to be~By Carolyn sawyers~Always in my head~By India Arie,(Copyrighted cause I didn't write this song)

You’re like a cool breeze, on a summer’s day
You are a river running through the desert plain
You are my shelter, from the pouring rain
You were my comfort, even before the pain

I can hear the sound of five drummers in the wind
The leaves blowing in the breeze, ring out like guitars
A tin can rolls across the gravel like a tambourine
I am but a vessel, so I sing, because you are

In my head, you’re always in my head
In my dreams, you’re always in my head
In my pain, you’re always in my head
In my peace, you’re always in my head

Maria and I sat in her Jetta.It was about three blocks away from the Evans residence.I was trying very hard to get enough courage to get out of the car and go to Max's room window.Things are beginning to get crazy.Now is the time to finish our talk that was started in the Crashdown last night.I couldn't get Max out of my head,not that I wanted him to be.I would feel better if I told Max what was going on in my mind,in case things happen to prevent us from ever talking again. These skins obviously meant business.I was scared for him,I was also scared of revealing so much of myself and having it be all for nothing.I loved him so much,I wanted to be with him so much,and god help me but I need him so much.Going to Max now will seal what has been happening to us since that first time we locked eyes in the crashdown.That we were connected in ways we'll probably never really understand,not that it mattered.Nothing mattered but spending what little time I could get with him.That's why I'm here,I'm staying the night.For I know he is what I've been waiting for.
"Liz,"Maria said bringing me out of my thoughts,"I hope you're not trying to talk yourself out of doing this?"
"No,that's why you're here,"I said turning to her with a grin.
"It's getting late Liz,"She said touching my shoulder,"Maybe you should leave."
I nodded my head as I open the door. I went around to the driver's side and stood there as she rolled down the window."Wait about ten minutes before driving off"Maria shook her head,Amy Deluca is in Las Vegas gambling,she of course is with her boyfriend of the week.Maria of course isn't to thrilled with this,but it gave them a great cover. I told my dad that I was spending the night over Maria's house,and there wouldn't be a parent to tell him that I wasn't there. So if he decided to call and check up on me,I'd have my alibi.
"Remeber Liz,"She advised before I started to walk away,"There's a small wooden step stool in front of Max's window."I nodded my head,and made my journey to the house. Michael knew what I was going to do and gave his support by giving Maria the lay out of Max's backyard,so I could easily located his window,and not suprise Max's parents by knocking on thier window instead. Michael was a little nervous about thier enemies being out there,and our inability to indentify them.I think he agreed to let it happen,because it wasn't in public.The house loomed into view,I nervously looked around the area in case I was being watched,not that I would know if I was.I went to the left side of the house where Michael told me to go.Behind a huge bush that blocked most of the view from the street sat Max's window,I knew this because of the stool underneath it.Here's the point of no return. This is my last chance to walk away and leave things still uncertain.However I didn't really want that to happen.Knowing that Max exsited in this world, and the possiblitiy of him not being in it,made me very unhappy.....

A rainbow of rhythm stretches across the sky
An airplane in the distance, plays a beautiful cello line
It’s no coincidence; it’s in tune with the music in my head
If you were a shoulder you’re where I would rest, but I am your vessel so I hear, you

In my head,you’re always in my head
In my fears,you’re always in my head
In my joy,you’re always in my head
In my tears, you’re always in my head

I took a deep breath and with determination walk over to the window. I raised my fist up and rapped lightly on the pane.I looked nervously around hoping a neighbor didn't see me and call the cops. That would be alot of fun to try and explain this to my dad.Then I thought what if Max couldn't come to the window cause he's uncouncious? I again rapped on the window,wondering if ten minutes passed yet?I'd have to walk back to Maria's house if he didn't answer and she took off.That was about fifteen minutes away.Just then I saw a light get switched on in the room.I was excited and scared at the same time. I still had no idea what I was going to say. I kind of figured to just wing it.Knowing If I rehearsed too much I would sound dumb,then again
I could still babble profusedly and get the same effect.
The blinds went up and Max stood there in shock.He probably thought Michael was the one disturbing his sleep,He open the window slowly."Liz,"He said with a yawn,he looked at me with concern and asked"What's wrong?"
"Ah nothing,I just needed to talk to you,"I said going up on the stool,"Can I come in"I asked before assuming it was okay to just go into his room.
"Yes absoultely,"He said putting out his hand to help me,I took it quickly,it was very akward getting myself up on the ledge of the window.I tried to get my legs in a position so I could sit down,but I lost my balance,and fell.I let out a squeal as I tumbled into Max's safe embrace.He was wearing nothing but green plaid boxers,and I was enjoying the feel of his very smooth and hard chest. We both swung our heads towards Max's door,wondering if my not so eleagant entrance woke up his parents.After about five minutes,Max gently placed me to the side so he could close and lock the window.
"I'm sorry for disturbing you,"I said folding my arms in front of me,watching Max put on a t-shirt. I almost told him to leave it off,but decided now wasn't the time to act like a sex starved vixen.
"It's okay,"He said,going to the door and waved his hand over the knob,"Just in case one of my parents want to make an unexpected vist."He went over to his bed and sat down,then asked,"What's on your mind?"
"Well,"I said with a pause,I let out a sigh and decided to sit next to him.I looked his way and nearly melted when I looked into his amber eyes,"Things have been a little crazy these past couple of days."
Max nodded his head in agreement.He remain silent as he waited for me to continue.
"I know I've been acting kind of freaky,distant---"I said,Max started to say something,but I put up one of my hands to silent him,"Please let me say what I have to say before commenting,I'm nervous as it is,"I said hoping he didn't think I was being rude,He nodded his head and after a sigh I continued on,"The fact that you're an alien actually isn't whats bothering me,"Max arched an eyebrow in suprise,I knew he thought that,"What freaked me out is the fact that I was told you're going to be leaving eventually,to free your war torn world,That another person I cared so much about is leaving my life,"I looked down at my hands watching as I wrung them together,"I guess you can say I have this issue with being deserted,"I looked up at him trying without much sucess in not crying.

You’re like a cool breeze, on a summer’s day
You are a river, running through a desert plain
You’ve been my shelter, from the pouring rain
You were my comfort, even before the pain…’cause I hear you

In my head, you’re always in my head
In my dreams, you’re always in my head
In my pain, you’re always in my head
In my peace, you’re always in my head

"My mom died,then Jason left me to be with one of my friends,My father dragged me away from my friends,I needed these people to be there for me,yet they weren't,"I took one of my hands to wipe my tears,that wouldn't stop flowing,I haven't been able to look at Max yet;God he must think I'm a total idiot,"I know it's selfish to blame my mom for dying,but she always knew what to do or say when I needed advise,I-I'm not angry anymore,because I know it wasn't her fault,it was that drunk driver that took her away from me.I haven't thought about Jason since that day I first laid eyes on you,"This is when I looked up at him,not caring what my tear streaked face looked like.Max looked at me with saddness,he lifted his hand up to my face and wiped a stray tear with his finger."I'm glad now that my dad brought me here,cause I wouldn't have meet all you guys,especially you,Max.I hate that you may leave me,but I would hate it even more if I didn't take a chance on being with you.I would forever regret not being able to see you face,you eyes, your smile,your lips,"I bravely took my hand and lightly brushed my fingers over his lips.I hear Max's quick intake of breath.I slowly went to his ear and whispered,"You're Always in my head Max."

In my head,you’re always in my head
In my fears, you’re always in my head
In my joy, you’re always in my head
In my tears, you’re always in my head

Max knew I was done talking.He took my face in his hands and pulled it close to his,he stopped when we were but mere inches from each other,"Liz Parker,I will love you forever."
"I love you too Max,"I started to cry with happiness,his lips began kissing my salty tears,saying he loved me after each one.I somehow found myself staddling him,my arms wrapped around his neck.WE looked at each other knowing exactly what was going to happen tonight.We were going to make love,and I knew that I wasn't going to regret a single moment.
Max, however was a little hesitant,but I knew why."Go in my back pants pocket Max,"I said with a grin,he gave me this half smile as his hands glided seductivly down my back,and went into both pockets. His right hand found the foil wrapped condom.He placed the square package on the end table,then held my face in his hands."Are you sure?"I shook my head,knowing my mind was up.
"Max,when I saw you the other night,lying on the floor,you looked so helpless,I didn't know Nasedo put that failsafe in your head,I thought your enemies hurt you,realization,It hit me hard,I didn't get a chance to tell you how much I love you,I didn't know if you would wake up.Max I need to feel you inside me,I need to know every part of you,I need to have you imprinted forever in my head,my soul,my very being Max,please make love to me."I whispered,kissing his forehead,his nose,each one of his cheeks,his chin,then after a brief pause and a glance in his eyes,I kissed his lips,softly.I pulled back and dared him to stop me."I think that answers my question,"He said huskily,grabbing me by the waist and flipping me on my back in the middle of his bed.Max claimed my mouth,I moaned in excitment as his tongue found his way into my mouth,his hands moving all over my body.Feeling his arousal made me very impatient,I grabbed the hem of his shirt and took it off in one swoop,his fingers tried to unbutton my shirt,after many failed attempts he hastily grabbed the top of my shirt and ripped it apart,I felt a few of the buttons bounce off my face."sorry," he mummbled, as he began to kiss my neck,he lifted me off my back and the two of us where this entwine enity trying to get very naked but not fast enough.
After some time,I was in nothing but my Bra and panties,and Max was very naked.We sat across from each other,I placed my hands on his chest,he closed his eyes as I caressed his skin,I bent down and kissed his chest,bitting occasionally,which I could tell he liked from a few of the moans that escaped,we were trying very hard not to be loud. His parents were in the next room over.With his eyes closed,I nervously brought my hand down his chest to his arousal.I gently caressed his shaft,causing him to gasp. That didn't go on for too long, he jumped me causing me to fall back,he kissed me hard,we were trying so hard to go slow,wanting the moment to last,something tells me,that that idea may not last long.He kissed me hard,pulled away and took his hand down to my shoulder,his index finger brought down my strap,he kissed the bare shoulder and repeated the gesture on the other side.His lips found its way to my neck, causing me to rack my fingers down his back.Max's hands went behind my back,found the clasp,taking care of my bra,it got tossed to the floor with the rest of my clothes.His hand found my breast and softly he caresses it.I hated them cause they were so small,but I had a feeling Max enjoyed them very much.His lips went to other one,his tounge finding the nipple,I ran my fingers through his hair enjoying the sensations that raked through my body.Max went and kissed me again,causing me to gasp for air,but wishing it would never end.He stopped,and gave me this evil grin.With gave me another long kiss,I felt his hand caress my body,slowly making it's way below,I was wet and ready for him,a few of his fingers penatrated, causing me to arch my back,with his lips still kissing me and his fingers assulting my insides,I thought for sure I would die,his thumb found my clit,increasing the sensations to insanity.I was out of breath,my body couldn't stand this assult,but at the same time I didn't want it to end.He pulled his fingers out,I was reeling still by the incompletness of his caressing."Why did you stop?"I asked in between his bombardment of kisses.He didn't answer,he just lightly nibbled my lips,kissed my chin,then he went to my neck and slowly made his way down to my stomach,I felt his hand on my legs,he spread them out,and kissed me where his fingers were seconds before.The assult of his tongue caused me to grab his hair,I prayed I didn't rip any out.With each creative stroke of his tougue brought me closer to completeness,I bit the bottom of my lip,god the need to cry was great.I put my feet on Max's back,instinctivly I began to move with Max's tounge wanting to feel the end,wanting to feel the satisfaction,but as I began to release,Max stopped,I clutch the sheets in fustration,I knew what he was doing,and I wanted him to hurry.I heard the tearing of foil,and within seconds Max was over me."I love you."Max said looking lovingly in my eyes,he kissed me passionately."I love you too,"he poisiton himself over me,I felt him penatrating a little inside me,not wanting to rush,wanting to stay in control,I arched my back,wrapped my legs around him,and urged him to complete the union.I sighed as he finally filled me of himself,it hurt a little,but the pleasure outweight the ending of my virginity,he palced his arms on each side of me,we fit so perfect,we were in sequence with each others bodies,he kissed the whole time we made love.Soft moans escaped our lips,trying so hard to not wake up his parents.I urged him to go on his back.Without breaking a beat I was the one on top,enjoying the control,loving his hands on my hips,slowing me if I was too fast,urging me to go fast if I was slow,I felt the sensation of completness nearing,it started off very it was never going to get here,then I exploded,I felt like I was literally floating,flashes bombarded me from all directions,I quickly buried my screams of ecstacy in his chest,Max came not to soon after.I laid there on top of him,feeling him playing with my hair.Exhausted,but energized.I wish I brought another condom.I slowly went off him,after he got rid of the condom,he gathered me in his arms and kissed my forehead."That,was amazing."I looked at him and smiled,the two of us glowed like the stars in the sky.I kissed his lips,laid back down on his chest and said,"I flashed at the end."
"Really,"He said looking down at me,"So did I,"
"Max, now that I think about it,something is kind of freaking me out,"I said with concern,something from Max's head flashed in my head when I was climaxing,and I didn't like it one bit.Of course now that I'm level headed again,It haunted me.
"What is it,"He said leaning upon his arm,he was playing with my hair.
"Tell me you not going to use yourself as bait,to try and get the skins,"I asked hoping I was just misreading the flash,however looking at Max,I knew that was exactly what he was going to do.

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It's a short part,but I like how it came out.Enjoy!Thanks for reading!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 23~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers

Liz and I walked into the pod chamber hand in hand.We decided to not keep us being together a secret.Besides, the only two people that would be upset by it are Nasedo and Tess.I just want everything out in the open,let them get use to the idea that its happening and pray that they get over it.
Reluctantly, Liz dealt with my plan of using myself to get to the skins.She's probably hoping Nasedo would raise a stink about it.Praying he thought of another plan.The meeting was already in progress when we arrived.
"This is great,how did you figure this out,"Michael exclaimed,he had in his hand one of the amber healing stones.
"The theory came to me last night,"Nasedo replied proudly,"Now that it's been tested and it actually works,we can breath somewhat easier and come up with a plan to stop Nicholas and his lackies."
"What's going on?"I asked causing everyone to turn our way.The expressions on thier faces were priceless.Nasedo of course was upset but he didn't show it.I could just feel the disapproval from his eyes boring into me.Tess however was a diffrent story,she had turned red with anger upon seeing us,but held back what was on her mind.Everyone else was a bit shocked,but happy to see us together.
"Glad to see you finally joining us,"Nasedo replied,tossing me my own healing stone,"Keep this on you at all times."
I bearly caught the stone using one hand,the other still held onto Liz's,I held it up to Nasedo and asked,"Why,what are we using these for?"
"That my friend is the thing that'll keep you up and protected from any mindwarping."Nasedo replied pointing to my stone."Just keep it on you,or it won't work."
I placed the stone in my pocket as I listen to Nasedo's explainations,"When you were installed with that failsafe,it kind of brings you out of balance enough to block enemy intrusions,but not enough to harm you,I found a way to delay the unbalance enough to counterreact the failsafe;hence you are up and kicking and undetected."
"So what are the downfalls,"I asked knowing things are not always good to be true.
"Well,the stone has to remain on your person, the whole time period when you're suppose to be unconsious,otherwise,you immediately fall into the alien comma,like a couple nights back."Nasedo replied,then added,"In fact, I'd like you to keep the stone on you at all times,we may never know when they'll strike."
I tossed the stone back Nasedo's way,he caught it with no problem.He looked down at my stone and then at me,he was confused by my action,"What are you doing Max?"
"Giving you back the stone,I don't want it,"I replied causing everyone to give me concern looks.
"Max,have you gone mad,this will-"
"I know what it will do Iz,"I replied interupting my sister,but with this great news that Nasedo has bestowed to us.I think now would be perfect to tell them what I have planned.I felt Liz tense up beside me.I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it reassurringly,"However,I've got a plan."
This got thier attention,and as I stared at thier confused looks I told them what I had in mind,"We are not going to be relying on these stones to protect us for the rest of our lives,something will happen,a stone gets misplaced,damamge,something bad will happen,I know it."I let go of Liz's hands and position myself in the middle of the circle formed by my friends,"The only way to stop this maddness is to fight back."
"You're going to let Nicholas capture you,"Isabel replied,I should've know she'd caught on to my intentions.When it came to us, we always knew what the other one was thinking.I shook my head in agreement,this didn't sit well with everyone,I could tell by the silence,Isabel was the only one protesting,"That's maddness Max,Are you trying to get yourself killed."
"Actually,didn't Nasedo say they didn't want to kill you guys down here,but up in Antar as example for those who rebel against Kivar?"Kyle asked,causing Isabel to give him a dirty look,"What,I was just saying.."
"Look,"I Interupted,throwing my hands up in fustration,"Kyle is right,They won't kill me,and I'll be in a safe unconscious state untill the calvary arrives,If by werid chance I awake before you can get to me,I know I can hold my own."
"Nicholas is very powerful Max,"Tess warned,knowing by Nasedo's teachings this could end very badly."He has amazing mindwarping capabilities,you may not be able to resist him long."
"All the more to make sure everyone knows what to do and not screw up."I replied,pressing my lips together,concentrating on the plan that formed in my mind and what everyone is suppose to do."Nasedo,you've been awful quiet,what are your thoughts."
"Well,"He said,his expression was unfazed by the chaos going on,"It's a plan more than we had before,and it could work,lets go over what you have,and see where we go from there."
I nodded my head, and proceeded to go over the details with everyone.Each person had a part,and if one person screwed up,then we can kiss our alien and human butts good-bye.I looked at Liz the whole time,endless of course I was instructing someone on thier assignment.
She was worried for me,yet I could tell that no matter what,good or bad,I'd have her support.
"So,if there's any questions,now would be the time to ask them,"I ,looking around,no one spoke up,everyone seemed to now what to do."So,we just go about our lives and wait untill they make the next move."

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Thanks roswellver and starwbehry shortcake for your constant support.
I'm having sooo much fun writing this story.
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Short little part,I guess you can call it filler.
Next part is going to be long,so it'll be awahile,depending on how my muse is feeling!
Thanks for everyones sypport!
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 24~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
"So tell me,what happen,"Maria asked,she stood next to me by our lockers.After the little meeting we had at the pod chamber,we had to book it back in town to get to work.Lately,I've notice my dad has been a little impatient with me.Of course, I've been up and out untill wee hours of the morning,coming to work looking like I was run over by a truck,and now Maria and I were about thirty minutes late.No, not good at all,I'm sure my care free days will end when my shift is over or when it dies down long enough for him to make up an excuse to bring me out back for a tounge lashing.I rolled my eyes knowing full well this conversation was going to happen. She was the one who drove me to Max's house.
"I'm not gettting into this with you right know Maria,especially since my dad's on the war path,and I'm not willing to give him any more ammo,if you know what I mean."I said,hoping she'd get the hint and drop it for now.
"Rightttt,"She said shaking her head,having this huge grin on her face,"So did you do it or what?"
"Maria,"I exclaimed slamming my locker shut,I covered her mouth with my hand and looked nervously around,I stared right into her eyes and through grit teeth demanded"Are you crazy,not now."Maria's eyes widen in suprise,"No more,or your dead."She shook her head,her eyes promising me she'll leave well enough alone,for the time being of course."Good,"and went out to the resturant to start my shift.
It's the last day of the crashdown festival,and the place was insane. Sensefield will be playing later tonight on the stage on the other side of main street.The band came in for lunch,Maria nearly passed out from joy when they sat in her section.
"Look,they all sighed my order pad,"She exclaimed,waving it in my face,jumping up and down excitedly."I got passes for us to go back stage afterward,wanna come?"
"I'm not quite sure if I can,my dad may not let me,"I said looking at my dad who was running the hostess station."and besides we have to be in front of the stage,Nasedo is counting on us."
"Regarding your dad,just sneak out of your room if he grounds you,,"Maria replied "As for my backstage passes,I can dream can't I."
"Yes you can,"I replied with a smile,I shook my head and began to clear a booth for the next anxious patrons that have been waiting in line.I snuck aother paranoid glance at my dad,"Luckily for me it's been too busy for him to give me the third degree.""
Maria put the pad in her pocket,and asked"So,did you hear anything from the Czechosvakians?"
"Everything seems normal,"I said placing the dishes in the bussing tub,"Everyone is at the UFO center with Max,while we wait here wondering,"I exclaimed glancing towards the front window,I bearly made out the UFO centers sign,it looked very crowded over there.
"Orders up Maria!"Exclaimed Justin,the cook for today,Michael somehow got the day off.
"Do you think it'll happen today?"Maria asked,ignoring Justin.
"Who knows.I'm just want to see Max again,"I replied glowing,aimlessly placing the last of the dishes in the tub.
"You did do it didn't you,"Maria replied dreamily,the girl is just plain incouragable!
"Maria!"Justin shouted agian,causing my friend to jump.
"You better go before my dad finds us slacking off,"I replied making my way out back.Of course my dad came through the doors a minute behind me.Well I knew this conversation was going to happen sooner or later.
"Hey dad,"I said dropping my dishes on the table for George the dishwasher to clean.
"Liz,I need to talk to you,"He said seriously
"It's really busy dad,maybe this can-"
"Elizabeth Ann Parker,"He excalimed,uh oh he used my full name,this is definately not good",In my office,NOW!"He walked ahead of me,I fallowed him with my head low,as if I was walking to my execution.He was already sitting behind his desk when I entered his office.I slowly closed the door and creeped my way to the chair in front of his desk.
My dad took off his glasses as he looked up from some invoices in front of him,he gently placed them on the desk,and with a sigh of disapproval said,"Where were you last night Liz?"
"Dad,I was over-"
"Try again Liz,"He said calmly,knowing all too well things were going to get chaotic like a summer thunder storm,Quiet at first,but windy,loud and very destructive."Maria's mom came home early from Las Vegas,she called last night looking for Maria."
Shit,not good,Maria didn't know about this because,when my ten minutes were up,she went over Michael's,she told me on the way here.So since we came straight from the pod chamber to work.I guess I'm not the only one that's going to be in trouble here.
"Welll Liz ,what do you have to say?"My father ask sternly,okay I can't stay silent too long;I didn't want him to think I was trying to think of an excuse.
"Well,originally we were at Maria's,"I started,trying to buy some time,then the words just flew out of my mouth as if they were the truth,"But the,Tess called,asking what we were doing,cause Isabel was over her house,and they wanted to make it a girls nite out slumber party,"I said with a smile,that sounded pretty good.Of course My dad arched his eyebrow with suspicion,I had a feeling he was going to call Nasedo, Mr. Harding,as he's know to the townfolk.I'm sure he'll cover for us,not because he approved of Max and I,but that he needed me not grounded.Just then Amy DeLuca, fallowed by a very distrught Maria, came bursting into the room.Nancy wasn't too far behind.SoI guess Maria found out her mom's home.
"Jeff,I need to talk to you,"Amy replied,her whole body fumming with anger.Maria looked at me with distress in her eyes.I gave her a reassuring glance and prayed that this will all work out.
"I do too,I'm glad you're here,"He said,glad that Amy saved him a phone call.
"I don't know what's going on here,"Nancy replied in a panic,"but whatever trouble the girls may be in right now,I need them out front,cause the resturant is a mad house."
"Sorry Nancy,"My father apologized,he galnced at me and said,"You heard her girls,get back to work,Me and Mrs. Deluca have alot to talk about."
Nancy left the office satified,Maria and I reluctantly fallowed her,when the door slammed into our faces,Maria quickly whispered,"Dude,I told my mom we were at Tess's."
I breathed a sigh of relief and told her I made up the same excuse.She gave me a huge hug. I'm glad that we were thinking alike.We might actually get away with this.I hate lying to my dad,but I see no other option here.Nasedo still has to do his part,and I have a feeling he'd take this oppurtunity to pay back the debt he owes a human.

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Chapter 25 is being worked on.Give me a few days,and it'll be up.Complicated chapter,I want this to be perfect. Alot of stuff is going down!
Thanks for everyones support
Heres a little teaser....
The pain was unbearable.It felt like my whole entire head was about to explode.I knew it was important to resist Nicholas onslaught of tourture. I hope Nasedo and the others get here soon.Nichloas wants the granolith,he wants to know the identity of the others.I may not know where it is,however I do know some aliens that Nicholas would probably like to tourture,soo I think resisting his entry into my mind is a good thing.I will not fail.Another wave of pain shot through my brain,I screamed in agony,yet I stayed strong.Even knowing if I gave up the pain will end.However,knowing Nicholas and how evil he is.The earth and the people living on it,will meet an untimely end.Liz was what held me together.What kept me strong.
my body went slack as Nicholas ceased his tourture.The chains that held my arms were the only thing keeping me from falling on the ground.

.Peace Carolyn
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Okay originally I was going to have one huge Chapter 25 but it has gone insane and wasn't happy with the last part of it. So I'm posting the first half as Chapter 25 and Chapter 26 will be the second half.
Thanks for your patience and support!
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 25~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers

I saw Nasedo talking on his cell phone,the look on his face was of unhappiness.Something didn't feel right,something was wrong.I was at the UFO center,and I had the sucky job of manning the information booth.I decided I needed to find out what upsetted Nasedo. I put out my "Be Back In Five Minutes"sign,and made my way towards the restrooms.That's where Nasedo went to probably get some privacy and get away from the noise.I found him just as he folded up his phone.
"What do you want Max?"He asked,as he stuff the cell phone angrily in his inside jacket pocket.
"What's going on?"I asked
"Liz and maria that's what's going on,I swear I-"
"What happen are they all right,"I interupted starting to panic.
"Yes,they're fine,"Nasedo replied waving a hand in front of him impatiently,I breathed a sigh of relief,he added"They just almost got grounded,I asume because they weren;t where they were suppose to be,"He gave me this knowing look,and I kind of averted my eyes guiltily. ooops,busted.
"I've come to terms that everyone is going to do what they're going to do,I'm just a protector and adviser,what you do with what I think is best is your own business,"Nasedo replied running a hand across his head."Just please for the love of all that's decent,make sure your cover story is reliable next time."
"I'm sorry Nasedo it won't happen again,"I replied softly,I nervously placed my hands in my jean pockets.
"Whatever,I'm just feeling alittle overwhelmed by everything,"He said shaking his head,"The next thing you know Tess will hook up with Kyle,and that would just put the final nail in my coffin."He just walked away,mumbling to himself, leaving me to wonder if Nasedo was actually starting to lose it.
"What's up with him?"Michael asked from behind me,I turned around and saw him munching happily on a bag of popcorn heavily dosed with Tabasco sauce,you can smell the spiceness in the air.Kyle was with him ,looking silly wearing a glow in the dark alien attena,and eatting a alien shaped ice cream."Should I be worrying?"
"No,no,Mr.Harding has alot going on that's all,"I replied,trying very hard not to laugh at Kyle.
"Never would've thought Mr. Harding stresses out."Kyle replied oblivous to his ridiculousness.
"I guess there's a first time for everything."We all nodded our heads in agreement,then Tess ran up to us,very upset.
"Thank god I found you Max,"She excalimed causing us to become defensive.
"Relax,"Tess said realizing we were preparing to battle aliens,"it's not Czechosvakian related."
WE all relaxed a little,however that didn't mean that we weren't confused still,"What's wrong?"I asked,it's got to do something with the festival then.
"Amy went to the Crashdown five minutes before Chris Thomas's wife called to say he was in a accident."Tess replied placing her head on her face,this definately wasn't good.
"So he's not wrestling today."I asked,Tess nodded her head.She waas running the booth for The Boutique,this year it's sponsering "The ALien Showdown"A popular event to the festival, Brody picks a local business to Sponser and run it,half of the festival proceeds go into the business.It was pretty much a sure thing However,If the fight doesn't take place,Amy Deluca could lose everything!I knew the reason she was dying to sponser the event because she wanted to expand her store some more.Yeah she was doing good business,but still the money to do something like that was even past her means
"She's screwed,"I replied causing Tess to whine.
"No,WE need to find a replacement Max,"She said through grit teeth,"I like my job,and Mrs Deluca is kind,we can't have her business go under like this."
"Where am I going to find a replacement on such short notice,"I replied looking at Kyle and Michael to see if the could offer any help,they shrugged there shoulders.Looking baffled
"You've got to know someone Max,"Tess asked hoping for a miracle to enter my brainWhere will one find someone to fight in 20 minutes.Then my eyes did a once over at Michael.He's perfect. Michael is almost Charlies size.He could do it.Michael saw me looking at him and immediately put the pieces together.
"No way,"He protested waving his hands wildly.
"Yes,"Tess replied gleefully,"Come on Michael she is your girlfriends mom,"
"I don't care,"Michael exclaimed not wanting to humilate himself in front of the whole town of Roswell.
"It's a fixed fight Michael,you take a couple of bumps,you lose,what harm will it cause."Tess asked going to his side,her eyes pleading.Kyle beside him was liking this idea alot.
"I think you should do it."He added with a grin.
"Why me,"He asked,gestring his thumb Kyle's way,"Why not sparky over here, he's the athlete."
"He's also to small for the costume."I added,hating to tell Brody the Alien showdown is not taking place.
"I've seen that horrible spandex costume,I'm not doing it,"He replied firmly.
"You'll get paid Five hundred dollars,","Tess replied, wondering why she didn't think of that in the first place.
"Really,"Michael said,his intrest peaked.Tess nodded her head.he added,"Can you get me a mask?"
"I'll make one if I have to,"Tess replied impatiently,clutching his arm,"Come on Michael Please!"
He thought about it for a one minute then slamed his bag of popcorn in Kyle's chest,and announced"You've got yourself a wrestler."
"Yes!,"Tess excalimed with happiness,"come with me,I'll explain what you have to do"
As the two walked away arm in arm,Kyle threw away the popcorn and his half eatten ice cream and announced,"Oh I'm so getting a dispossable camera,"
"He may be masked Kyle,"I replied knowing Kyle would like to tease Michael with the pictures.
"I know,but Maria should at least see some of it,"He replied walking away.I smiled and headed back to the information desk. Luckily for me,I have great seats for the event. The desk is pretty much across from the ring. I should probably at least call Maria and tell her what's going on. Maybe she can sneak away for awhile.I picked up the phone under the desk and dialed the number for the crashdown.
Maria came up to me all excited,"Liz,you've got to cover for me."
I put the cover back over the pie of the day tray,"Why,"I asked wondering what's going on.
"Michael Is wrestling in my mom's Alien Showdown."Maria replied bursting at the seams,"You've got to cover for me Liz,I have to see this!"
"What happen?"I asked walking to the table to deliver the pie,Maria fallowed me.
"Max told me Mr.Thomas got into an accident,Tess bribed him with money to fill in."Maria explained,her hands entwined in prayer.
I looked around to see my dad was no where in sight,I shook my head and said with a sigh,"You better go now,I'll tell my dad you went on a delivery."
"Your the best,"She squealed giving me a quick hug and stormed off,before someone could stop her.Of course I'm missing out. I hope someones video taping this,or at least taking pictures.Not to soon after Maria left Alex and Isabel came into the crashdown. I saw that no one was at the hostess station,so I went over there to seat them.
"Hey Liz,"Alex replied grinning,"What's up with Maria,she flew past us like there was a fire."
"Michael is wrestling in the Alien Showdown,"I informed,picking up two menus.
"No way,"Isabel replied laughing in disbelief,"Michael would never do anything like that."
"It's true,In ten minutes Michael will be wrestling as 'the Invader'"I said with a chuckle,it's kind of ironic actually that Michael who's an alien will be wrestling as an alien.
"Then what are we doing here,"Alex excliamed,"I'm sorry Liz but this is too good to pass up."
"Hey,I would go too,but I'm covering for Maria,"I said putting back the menus.
"I think I still have some pictures left in my disposable camera,"Isabel said as the two walked out of the resturant.Great everyone will be there but me. Maria owes me big time.I took the check from a customer waiting pateintly for his turn.Our hands grazed each others and I suddenly got a flash,it was of a cave and a face of a man,he had this evilness about him.Max was there in chains.This was creeping me out.Was I overtired?Was the heat of the resturant getting to me?
"Are you okay?"Asked the guy in front of me,bringing me back to reality,how long did I black out?
"Yes,um sorry long day,"I replied a bit flustered.I looked at the guy and smiled,he gave me this weird look and as soon as I gave him his change he walked away.I looked at his check,it was in Becky's section.Something told me to go to his table. Luckily David,the busboy didn't get to it yet.Three empty bottles of tabasco sauce laid on thier sides.Liz knew of her alien friends unique condiment consumtion.For one person that was alot of tabasco sauce,however she had a sick feeling this guy wasn't a person.Max,she had to warn Max and the others.Something was going to happen,and soon.Why did she know this,Why did she know this?
"Liz,where's Maria?"My dad asked me a bit annoyed.
"Making a delivery,"I lied trying to find a way to leave.
"Great,I told you guys to let David do deliveries,"He exclaimed his hands firmly on his hips.I had a feeling I'm not going to be able to leave untill after Maria comes back,I could make a phone call,however a crowd of people suddenly found thier way into the Crashdown.Great,what am I going to do know?

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Taking a break for a little while,but I'm definately going to post the next chapter on thursday! Thanks for your support!
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I'm a little early,but I even suprised myself! Very long part. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for the FB! It's apprecitated!
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 26~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers~Save yourself~By Sensefield(Coyrighted)

"Michael,are you going to lie there all day?"I asked standing outside the wrestling ring,holding onto the rope.
"I just might,"Michael groaned,his arms were streched out on his sides,he was still in his costume,a red and black spandex jumpsuit,he did manage to take off his mask,it laid in his hand.The match has been over for about twenty minutes now,the spectators have gone on to other things,Michael got his ass kicked,and boy did it show.He could've used his powers to soften the many blows and throws he took,but with Nasedo's insitance that he act like he was a human,knowing all to well that Michael wouldn't back out of the fight.That made Nasedo very nervous,thier enemies could be lurking around anywhere,looking like normal people.Everyone was impress in how Michael just grinned and took it.Even though it was fixed and he had to lose,that didn't mean the people weren't going to get a show.Max knew that Michael could've very well kicked;Ray the destroyer's ass,with his hands tied behind his back.
"Well Michael you can lie there as long as you like,"Amy Deluca exclaimed,she was standing next to me.Just as the fight was beginning,Tess filled her in on what happen and how Michael came in to save the day,and not a moment to soon."You saved me and my daughter from becoming homeless,I'm in your debt."
"Thank you,and it's the least I could do,"he winced as he made an attempt to get up.Michael laid back down,deciding that maybe he should rest just a little while longer.I told myself that when I get a chance,I'll heal his aches and pains.He deserved it for being a real trooper and all.Even though at first he didn't want to do it.
"Should we get a doctor?"Amy asked,a bit concern.
"No,I'll be fine,"Michael quickly answered,bringing a doctor would not be a good idea."I-I just got the wind knock out of me that's all."
"Where's Maria?"He asked,finally sitting up,he looked around through slitted eyes,for his girlfriend.
"She had to get back to work,"I replied making my way into the ring,I sat down beside him. knowing I should really be at the information desk right now,but I wanted to make sure Michael was okay.We didn't need any suprises right now."Liz was covering for her,and she was gone longer than she anticipated,she told me that she'll meet you at the stage tonight."
"Meet her at the stage?"Michael asked a little disoriented,he was trying to stand up.
"The Sensefield concert remeber,you need to meet Maria and Liz there at 7:00 tonight."I replied,supporting Michael on his feet.He seemed to be feeling better.
"Oh yeah,"he said remebering,walking towards the ropes with my help.Michael looked down at his costume and said in horror"Jesus,I need to get out of this thing."
Just then Kyle and Tess walk up to the ring."There's the man of the hour,"Kyle exclaimed with a grin,"Man,that guy really kicked your ass."
"ha ha,very funny,now I'm going to kick yours,"Michael announced,practically diving out of the ring to get to Kyle,who stepped back in suprise.
"Relax the two of you,"I replied holding Michael back,I stared a warning to Kyle who threw up his hands in a kind of truce,I added"Now's not the time to be at each others throats."
"Max hes'-"
"Michael,please,"I begged,patting his back lightly,"We need to focus,now why don't you go change and get something to eat at the crashdown."
"It's on me Michael,"Amy said,smiling,glad this time that there wasn't going to be a fight,"I'll meet you there in an hour okay."
Michael nodded and made his way towards the back.Amy went to look for Brody. Even Tess forego her chance to flirt with me and went back to the boutique's booth,Kyle went to keep her company.Deciding that things were in order I walked back to the info desk.Isabel was there waiting for me.She didn't look very happy,in fact she looked very troubled."What is it Iz?"I asked concerned.
""It's Liz,she had quiet the intresting thing to tell me when Alex and I went back to the Crashdown."She said,looking around nervously.
"She's not hurt is she?"I asked in panic.
"No,she's find,it's just-"He words trailed off leaving me wondering what the hell is going on,she looked at me seriously and said,"Max,Liz had a disturbing flash."
"A flash?"
"Yes,"She replied with a nod of her head,"She was taking a check from a customer,thier skin touch,Liz had a flash of you being tortured,and the man who was doing it,she thought at first it was nothing,but she went to the guys table,he was alone Max and there was alot of empty Tabasco bottles"
"What,"I said in disbelief,"How could she-"
"Who knows Max,"Isabel interupted,crossing her arms across her chest,"I try not to think about it,but obviously you two are connected,since you know, cemented things.She's changing Max,she says she can feel your emotions."
"I see,"shaking my head knowingly,it would make sense that Liz and I would have a connection,Something is probably going to happen tonight.A skin here,this is not good,I looked around,wondering if they're here now."Find Nasedo,tell him what's happening."
"Are you sure Max."she asked in suprise.
"Yes,I think tonight's the night,"I said deep in thought,"We need to stay alert,spread the word Iz,"
"I will Max,"Isabel said,hugging me hard,I could feel her fear,she was afraid I may not come back,"please be careful Max,"
"I will,now go,"I said,pulling away,"It's time to take our lives back."
Isabel reluctantly left to find Nasedo.Leaving me with alot to think about.Liz has seen the future,my future.She's somehow connceted to me.It was unbelivable,but I knew what she saw was true.Even Isabel belived her,came here to warn me.I wonder if I too could flash with visions of Liz?When we made love,we somehow bonded with each other.I could start to feel her presence across the street at the crashdown.I'm beginning to change myself,it was weird.Liz was scared for my saftey,confused at what is happening to her,and feeling overwhelm with work,they're very busy right now.I closed my eyes and concentrated on her,wanting to send her reassurance,to show her that I love her and that we will get through this together.I smiled when I felt her response,she was still scared,but had confidence in our sucess,had confidence that I could do this,and her love for me sent tingly sensations through my body.I could get use to this.To have Liz with me no matter what.To have her strength in me,knowing that I won't be alone and that I can get through this,because of Liz.
Something was happening to me.After I had that flash,something inside me switched on.I suddenly became very aware of Max.Not that I could read his mind,but I could sesne his feelings.Right now,he was concerned,regarding Michael.Probably because Michael took a beating in that match.Isabel and Alex came back,with Maria,they told me what happen play by play.I wish I was there I bet it was fablous to see.Alex said he took some pictures,and that Kyle was there snapping away with a disposable. As I went to get thier drinks,I didn't realize Isabel was behind me untill she stated,"What's troubling you Liz?"
I quickly turned around,almost dropping the glass,"Isabel,ah,what do you mean,"I asked bitting the bottom of my lip nervously.
"Liz,I couldn't help but notice that you seemed a bit..distracted,are you okay?"Isabel asked eyeing me curiously.Should I tell her what I saw,I know I was quick to assume the worse,but I was starting to doubt what I saw,It could be my nerves creating senerios in my head,but then I thought about the empty tabasco bottles,and the weird connection I was beginning to form with Max,it was getting stronger,I could feel Max changing too.I decided to just tell her,the worst thing that could happen is that she laughs in my face and tells me I'm overreacting.I sighed and with detemination revealed what I had seen,when the customer touched my skin,Max being tortured and the man who was doing it,and how suddenly I'm feeling Max's emotions.I Even told her about the tabasco bottles,which have since been remove.
"Am I just losing it,or am I actually seeing this?"
Isabel took my hands into hers,she looked into my eyes,feeling what I was feeling.Max told me that when emotions get heighten they could pick up on certain memeories,feelings.By the look on Isabel's face,she belived what I saw."I need to go to Max,he needs to know about this."
I shook my head,glad that I wasn't going crazy,but at the same time scared that what I saw regarding Max wasn't pretty.She stormed out of the Crashdown causing Alex and Maria to look at me questionly.They both came up to me and asked what was going on?I told my story,each time I tell it,the more I fear that it's actually going to happen.I didn't like it one bit.
"Are you okay Liz?"Maria asked touching my shoulder,concern in her eyes.
"I don't know it's-"
"Liz and Maria,what is going on with you two today!?"My father exclaimed,causing Alex to bolt back to his booth."I am not paying you two to run off to alien showdowns and gossip!"
Maria and I looked at my father sheepishly,Maria was gone for forty five minutes,and told my dad she was sorry,but her mothers event was taking palce,and she just meant to stay for a little while,but got into it.Maria did say to punch her out for her break,and that she wouldn't take another one for the rest of the day.He reluctantly said it was okay,but pissed off neverless,now here we are talking,and the resturant was packed with hungry patrons.Maria grabbed a full coffee pot and quickly went back outside the main dinning area.I turned back around to fill my soda order.Knowing all to well I was going to hear it.
"Liz,this better not happen again,"He scolded
"It won't dad I'm sorry,"I apologized.
"No more screw ups,or you will be grounded,"He stated giving me that look of warning,he has reached his final level of tolerance.
"I understand,"hating that this crazy new part of my life is making me look really bad with my dad.
He took a deep breath and with his hands perched on his hips said,"Mr. Harding told me you were over his house last night,"I smiled inside,glad that Nasedo covered for me,however I knew I was going to be getting one of those world famous lectures I heard so much about,my dad contiued,""He told me if you were still going to the concert with his daughter tonight,I assume you were going to tell me about this."
I nodded my head ethusically,explaining,"Dad,I was going to after my shift,but with-"
He held his hand up to stop my explaining and said,"but I was yelling at you,and you didn't have a chance."I nodded glad that I was scot free,he added,"Well,I told him you can go,since you have the next couple of days off,Tess wanted you to stay the night again,so have fun."
I hugged my dad and kissed his cheek,"Thanks dad."
He pulled away and with a stern look lectured,"I only agreed to this cause I know Mr. Harding will be there to supervise."
"I know dad, thanks again,"I said,thank god Nasedo had everything covered,he's very handy to have around.
"Alright,now get back to work,"He exclaimed heading over to a empty booth to clean it.
I grabbed my tray full of drinks and walked to a very crowed booth.They were nice about the delay,realizing it was busy.After I placed the drinks with it's owners,I pulled out my pad and with a huge smile asked,"So are we ready to order?"
"I can't belive how close we were to getting busted,Liz."Maria exclaimed to me. We were about a few rows from the stage,it was still early for the concert to begin,but since it was free,people started arriving early,in hopes to get a good spot in front of the stage.
"Tell me about it,I was sweating major bullets."I stated looking around for signs of Michael and Tess.They better get here soon,or they're going to have a hard time finding us.
"Sooo,"Maria said looking a bit nervous,"about what you saw today,"
"I don't think nows the time to talk about it,"I said having a tough time myself with my premonitions regarding Max,and my close encounter with a skin.I kept wondering all day,if that guy knew I had the flash,would he try to find me?Would he torture me also?I would feel alot safer when Michael and Tess finally get here.
"I understand,it's just so weird,"Maria exclaimed pulling out a vial of cedar oil.I nodded my head,as I looked around again for our friends,Maria squealed and I panic for just a moment,I relax when I realize it was Michael,he must've snuck up behind her.
"Jesus Michael,of all the times to be stealthy!"She shreiked, slapping his arm,he tried not to laugh,but he couldn't help it.
"I'm sorry babe,I just wanted to hold you,"He laughed encircling her in his arms.
"Right,Look what you made me do,I dropped my vial,"She pouted,looking at her smashed vial on the ground,"Lucky for you I have a back up."
"I'll buy you another,"He promised kissing her cheek
"I'm holding you to that,"She said,pointing to me she added,"I have a witness."
"Where's Tess?"I asked,wondering where the blond curly hair nightmare was.
"She's closing up the booth,she'll be here with Kyle,"he said,looking around the primeter,keeping an eye out for anything unusual."When's this thing suppose to be starting anyway?"
"In about ten minutes,"Maria said,getting excited,Sensefield is one of her new favorite bands,shes been talking about this concert for awhile.
I could feel that Max was a bit on edge,wondering if things were going to happen tonight. As instruted we are to not aknowledge him or speak about him at all.It's going to be hard to restrain myself from going up to him if I see him in the crowd,but he was right.We needed to be as far away from him as possible.I had to have faith that Nasedo will find him.That Michael,Isabel and Tess would be capable enough to rescue Max and destroy these bastards.He was nearby,I could feel him.I closed my eyes,letting his assurance,and love envelop me.I tried to relay to him a good luck feeling,to give him encouragment,to show him that I love him.I felt him smile,and glowed,I'm glad my message was recived.God as soon as this maddness was done with,I'm going to grab him,demand that we get into his jeep and drive as far from Roswell as possible,I want us to make love to each other untill were spent.Approval assulted me,I chuckled to myself,glad that he liked my plan.
Just then the lights on the stage went off,the crowd cheered wildly glad that the show was about to begin.I suddenly felt crowded,people were trying to push through to the stage.God I hope a riot won't start. The lights went back on and the band was on stage,the crowd erupted with excitment.I was also glad the crowd stopped moving so wildly,but for how long though.
"You okay Liz,"Maria asked next to me,I nodded and watched the stage.
"Greetings Roswell New Mexico,"Jon Bunch,the lead singer of the band shouted into his mic,the crowd went nuts,and he continued,"we're going to start things off with Save yourself"
The palce went nuts as the band went right into the song,I looked over at Maria who was singing the words,leaning against Micahel,in bliss.It was a great song,but it made me sad,I longed to have Max here with her,to be embrace,in the safty of his arms.
turn out the light
just say goodnight, to yourself
may I remind you
when you find you, you're all alone is when you've got to be strong

I suddenly felt as if two arms were wrapped around me.I knew he wasn't there,but I could sense he flet my saddness.I knew I found who I wanted to be with.I kept thinking about how I almost screwed it up with Max.Trying to distance myself,thinking that I could find someone else,someone normal,someone who I guess was safe.
cause that's when they call you, in the night
he's got your picture in his mind
he's got your number on a paper at his disposal anytime
is it really true
could you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you
so many times we just give it away, to someone who
someone who you

Then I thought about Jason,I thought he was safe,I thought he would love me forever.I thought wrong.Max was more normal,more of a man then Jason will ever be.I'm glad he was who I saved myself for,and despite all this chaos surrounding us,I knew we would make it.I knew that no matter how much the odds were against us,we would get through this,and we'd be stronger because of it."I love you Liz Parker,"his voice in
my head said.
"I love you too,Max Evans always,"I thought back,then realize I heard him I heard his voice,in my head.Max was shocked by it too.
met in bar
the back of a car
and for a moment you felt important but not in your heart
my self esteem, it's been low, go ahead and count it's been lower than low
I know the feeling of it stealing life out from under me
I want to learn, how you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you
so many times we just give it away to someone who, couldn't even remember your name

Than I couldn't feel Max anymore.I mean nothing.I reached out with my mind trying to find a connection,anything."Max,are you out there?"I screamed in my head,hating the emptiness that I was feeling.I looked around the crowd in a panic.I know I was suppose to act like I was just a normal concert goer,but I couldn't help it.Max was gone,he had the failsafe delayed so they knew who he was.I must've put out major freaking out vibes cause Maria looked at me,so did Michael. Tears began to streaked my face and they knew it happen.It was time to find Nasedo,Michael,Isabel and Tess, had to play cavalry,While the humans waited at Nasedo's house for thier return.It's going to be a long night.
could you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you, loves me for me
give it away to someone who someone who will cherish your name
cause I want to learn, can you save yourself for
someone who will love you for you so many times we
just give it away, someone who, couldn't even remember your name
you save yourself for someone who, loves you for you,
loves me for me
give it away to someone who, someone who will
cherish your name
cherish your name


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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 27~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
I woke with a jolt,gasping for air,my lungs burned as if someone prevented me from breathing.I coughed,feeling the pain in my chest,I didn't remeber this happening the last time I came out of the alien coma.I think they found a way to pull me out early,this didn't look good for me.My arms felt strangly numb,I looked up and saw that they were chained to the celling of some cave.I looked down to see that my feet were also chained down,I was definatley someones prisoner.For the moment,I was alone.However I'm sure they'll be coming for me soon,I've got a feeling that, I'm being monitored in some way.The shadows in the cave could hide anyone from view.
"Max,can you hear me!?"It was Liz;God, it was good to be connected with her again.Though it was rather risky,what was she doing?I told Liz earlier, that she couldn't contact me while I was away.
"I can Liz,what's going on,"I asked sensing a evil pressence near by.This conversation has gone on long enough,I didn't like being exposed right now.
Max,tell us where you are,are you hurt?"She was panicing,why would they ask where I was? Endless for some reason they couldn't.?It's pretty obvious that this Nicholas guy,Nasedo mention,might know all about the mind barrier,maybe even found a way to prevent Nasedo from tracking me.Of course there's got to be a snag to our plan.Why would I think for a moment things would go smoothly.
"I'm fine Liz,I don't know where I'm at,I've got to go."I blocked my mind quickly,just like Nasedo taught me.Ending my connection with Liz,hoping it wasn't to late.I didn't want to risk them knowing about her,or anyone else for that matter.I would die if they found a way to capture Liz or the others!I hope they come up with a back up plan and quickly,I'm not sure how long I can resist whatever they got in store for me.
"Zan,nice of you to finally join us in the waking world,"Replied a voice from the shadows."I was hoping I could reverse that troublesome little mind barrier,I didn't want to wait untill morning for my fun,"He came into view,standing face to face with me,he was my age!With spikey brown hair,green eyes,and the energy I felt from him was powerful,very powerful,I'm defiantely in over my head here,but I've got to focus,stay calm,and remeber to keep my guard up.His hand went directly to my head,his touch was warm at first and the longer it stayed there, the hotter his hand became,it was so painful,like tiny hot pokers beating against my skull,demanding to be let in.I heard screaming,then I realize it was me,I was screaming,the agony of his attempt to mind probe me was intensly painful,but I didn't let him in,I felt energy building inside me,all my nerves and senses were just absorbing what power I had inside of me and then,his hand flew off of my head and I relished in the disconnection,wondering how long it'll be before he starts up again.
"Well,that was a suprise,"He exclaimed shaking his hand,I was glad he felt some pain,but it was probably nothing compare to the achingly dull throb forming in my head at this moment.
"This might actually be fun,"He said with a laugh,"I love it,that you're putting up a fight Zan."
"My name is Max,"I spatted through grit teeth,god the pain was unbearable.
"Whatever,Max,"he relented,shoving his face into mine,"What's in a name,you can call yourself anything you like,the fact remains you're Zan,exile king of Antar,and my torture victim for as long as I want."
"Fuck you,"I screamed,spitting in his face.He calmly took his pointing finger and wiped it off,then flicked the residue onto the ground.
"Well that was pointless,"He chuckled,then quickly formed a fist and smashed it into My stomach.Totally catching me off guard.I started coughing,feeling like the wind was knocked right out of me,Oww that hurt!
"Do you even know who I am?"He asked raising his hand up from his side,the dirt around him on the ground started swirling into a condensed funnel,untill it formed into a solid chair,he sat down,keeping his eyes on me the whole time.
"An asshole,"I countered,with a cough.
The asshole laughed,enjoying himself way too much,what a sicko,he shook his head and replied,"I'm Nicholas van,I use to be one of your soilders back on Antar Max." So this is the infamous Nicholas,Nasedo was telling me about.I should've known.
"Use to be huh,so you betrayed me."I exclaimed,I too kept my eyes fixed on Nicholas.
"I betrayed no one Max,"He said quite agitaed"I was only looking out for my homeworld,which is more than I can say for you, you were making us look weak,you Max you, were the one who betrayed us."
"How,by wanting Peace!"I shouted,wishing I wasn't chained,I would really like to punch him right now.Not very peaceful,I know,but he was pissing me off!
"Oh please Max,like that's the answer,Peace comes with a price,you wanted to cut back on defensesless,leaving us fair game to anyone,We were and still are the superior planet,you wanted to make us weak,what the hell were you thinking Max,arranging some stupid peace treaty,actually wanting to give in to thier demands!"Nicholas snapped,getting up and got into my face,"Your intentions were good,but you were doing too much at once,setting up the palnet for a major fall,you were such a moron,"He said with a laugh,"Now Kivar,theres a man who knows what he's doing!"
"Oh yeah,lets have a tyrant whos war happy,that's real cool,"I said sarcastically,knowing I was going to pay for that remark.
"I think this conversation has gotten old,"Nicholas announced roughly,"Rest time is over with."
His hand went back on my head,I knew what was coming this time,put it still didn't prepare me enough for the searing pain that shot through my head.
We sat in Nasedo's living room.The minutes seem like hours,the hours days.I hated not knowing what was happening to max. I can't feel him at all.The more time passed,the more I began to think,and that wasn't good. All kinds of bad senerios were invading my head.Maria sat next to me,feeling my aggitation.She too was worried about Michael.What if we don't see them again? What if they failed?How will we know if they didn't suceed?What would we do?We've no idea where they were heading too.
ALex on occasion would peer out the curtains to the window near the door.That was making it worse,almost like watching a pot boil.Kyle came out with a serving tray containing a kettle of hot water and a assortment of tea bags. He was worried bout Tess.I knew Kyle wished he told her his true feelings,now he may never have that chance.He placed the tray in the middle of the coffee table,sat on the recliner chair near the couch,not taking a cup of tea for himself.None of us did.Tea was the last thing on our minds. We wanted our friends and significant others to return safely back to us.
"Ah guys I think they're back!"Alex replied excitedly,dropping the curtain back in place,went to the door and swung it open. We all jumped from our seats,fallowing Alex outside.It was defiantley them,however my face fell when I didn't see Max with them.I looked at the jeep,maybe he was lying in the backseat,maybe he was still uncouncious,that's why I didn't feel him when they came up the drive way.However I knew it was all wishful thinking on my part. The look on thier faces told me that they have failed.Maria wrapped her arm around my shoulders and squeezed reassuringly.
"Inside all of you,"Nasedo demanded walking past us in a fury.We did as we were told and sat down waiting for Nasedo to fill us in.
For about five minutes Nasedo paced like a cage animal,I had a feeling he was trying to reach out to Max.but not being sucessful."I don't know why,but I lost him"he finally said in fustration.
"We think the skins found out about the mind barrier and put up some kind of force feild to block any singals for us to fallow."Michael excalimed with a huff,he looked like he was ready to explode.
"So what are we suppose to do now?"Kyle asked from behind the recliner chair,Tess was sitting in the chair upset that they returned without Max.
"Well dreamwalking is out of the question,I tried but what ever they got up is preventing me any entrance,"Isabel exclaimed snuggling up against Alex's,content to be in his embrace again,he was stroking her hair, having this look of being powerless,escape his eyes,he wanted to ease Isabel's worry. Her brother is out there and god knows what's happening to him. I too hated not knowing.
"There's got to be something we can do"I asked in desperation,I was still trying to make a connection with Max,the harder I search and felt nothing,the more fustrated I became.
"I'm sorry,but nothing comes to mind,"He announced angrily,pacing again on the rug floor.
"That's Bullshit Nasedo and you know it!"Tess screamed causing everyone to look at her in confusion,then the a sea of faces simutaniously turned to shoot questionable looks his way.
"What is she talking about?"Isabel asked,wondering what He's hiding from them.
"I've no Idea Tess I th-"
"Theres one person in this room who has the power to find Max,"She replied cutting Nasedos sentence.
"Wait Tess, do you know where my brother is?"Isabel asked in disbelief.
"No,I'm not the one who slept with him."She sputtered looking my way,I felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden. "Liz here is bonded with him right,she can feel his presence,read his thoughts."
"I can't now."I exclaimed saddly,what was she getting at anyway.
"I'm certain that when he wakes up, you'll feel it."Tess said pouting,I realize this is what she wanted,to be connected with Max,the man she was married to in her past. Instead a human girl got her husband,and it didn't sit well with her.
"Tess,they may be connected,but Liz is after all human,not alien,what could she do that Isabel or myself couldn't,"Nasedo pointed out.
"I'm tired of this,why her,"She said gesturing her hand angrily at me,"I do nothing but want to be with the man I was married to,I'm sorry if I love him,I do what I'm told and get squat!,fuck you all figure it out for yourselves!"She got up angrily then stormed out of the house.Kyle decided to chase after her.No one objected.
"Could I find max?"I asked queitly
"Honestly I don't know,maybe if -"
That's when I started gasping for air.It felt like I was forced to hold my breath and at the last possilbe minute was allowed to breath again.Maria held onto my arm,asking if I was okay.
"Max," I manage to choke out,"I feel him again."
"He's early,"Nasedo announced uneasily,"They obviously know about the mind barrier,this is not good!"
"Quick Liz,ask him where he is!"Isabel ordered,knowing that he'll put his sheild up,who knows if Liz can break through that.
"Max,Can you hear me?"Relief coursed through my body,he was alive!
"I can Liz,what's going on?"He answered back,he was confused,worried,anxious.
"Max,can you tell us where you are,are you hurt?"I asked quickly,he was nervous about them finding out about her and the others,he wanted to break thier connection.
"I'm find Liz,I don't know where I am,I've got to go!"He was gone agian,but I knew he was okay,but for how long?
"I lost him,"I gasped holding my chest,"He was afraid for our safty,he put up his shield."
"Nasedo what are we going to do?"Isabel asked,"We've got to help my brother!"
"I know Isabel,and Tess is right,you Liz are Max's only hope."

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 28~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
The pain was unbearable.It felt like my whole entire head was about to explode.I knew it was important to resist Nichola's onslaught of tourture.The thing is how are Naesdo and the others going to find me?Was he the one who told Liz to connect with me?It was risky,but at least I now know,that I've got to come up with a plan and quick.If I only knew where I was,but the cave they put me in didn't really offer any clues.Nichloas wants the granolith,he wants to know the identity of the others.I may not know where it is,however I do know some aliens that Nicholas would probably like to know about,so I think resisting his entry into my mind is a good thing.I will not fail.Another wave of pain shot through my brain,I screamed in agony,yet I stayed strong.Even knowing that if I gave up the pain will end.However,knowing Nicholas and how evil he is.The earth and the people living on it,will meet an untimely end.Liz was what held me together.What kept me strong.
My body went slack as Nicholas ceased his tourture.The chains that held my arms were the only thing keeping me from falling on the ground.
"You are a stubborn prick aren't you,"He exclaimed,I could bearly make out Nicholas face in front of me,I open my eyelids as far as slits,and his image before me was out of focus.
"Fuck yourself,"I replied my voice hoarced,and unfamiliar to my ears.If my mouth wasn't so dry I'd spit in his face.
A fist made contact with my jaw.I could taste the blood in my mouth.God what I would do for five minutes of freedom.
"You seem to be forgetting,I'm the one in charge here Max,"Nicholas replied patting my face,"You are in chains,not me,You are being tourtured,not me."
"You're an asshole,not me,"I replied sarcstically,knowing all too well I was going to be rewarded with another punch to the face.Well instead,his fist pounded into my stomach a few times.This is what Nicholas did when he wasn't using his mind powers to find the granolith.
"For a half breed you're pretty strong,"Nicholas pointed out,walking around me,sizing me up,"I'm impress Max."
"You're not going to win Nicholas,I'll die first."I gasped licking my dried lips.
"Oh,I won't let that happen Max,"He replied patting my head,then grabbed a handful of my hair and jerk my head up to look at him,and shouted,"YOU WILL REVEAL WHAT I NEED TO KNOW."then let my head go with a hard push.I smiled to myself,glad that I could at least fustrate him a little,but I'm weak,and I'm sure he'll break me eventually."Serena!"he suddenly shouted.Though I haven't been able to see Serena,I knew she was a servant of some kind for Nicholas.Bringing him food,and whatever else he needed.
"Yes my lord,"She asked softly.
"Bring some water,and that awful soup you made yesterday for the prisoner."Nicholas demanded,from what I could make out from my blurry vision,Nicholas was sitting down,probably thinking some new ways to torture me.
"Yes,my lord."Serena replied,I heard her soft footfalls leave the cave.
"I hate to admit this,but you have exhausted me Max,"Nicholas annouced relucatnly,"I'm going to take a little break,but don't worry,I'll be back."Then he left me,but I kept my guard up,not knowing who may be lurking in the shadows.
Serena came back after some time.She kneeled before me,I heard her place objects on the floor.
"Here,drink your highness,"she whispered holding my head gently,I felt the ladel near my lips,I greedily began to slurp the water,thinking it had to be the most wonderful thing I've ever tasted,"drink slowly your highness."I was upset that she took away the ladel,but it was replaced with a spoon full of some kind of food,"Eat,it's not very good,but you need to keep your strength."
"Thank you Serena,"I said thinking that it was not good,but wonderful.When she was done feeding me and giving me more water she began to take a cool wet cloth and wipe my face clean of sweat and blood.
"That feels good Serena,Thank you."I replied in contentment.
"My pleasure your highness."she answered,putting some kind of jelly like ointment on some of the cuts on my face.Then something hit me,for a servant of Nicholas,she sure was nice in her administrations,and calling me your highness,was she here agaisnt her will,was she a loyalist of Zan? I decided to take a chance and brooch the subject.
"Why do you call me your highness Serena?"I asked,glad that my vision was getting a little better.Her hand stopped above my face,then slowly she put it down,cautiously looking around the cave,and at the only entrance to it,when she felt it was safe Serena whispered,"Cause you are."
"Well am I not your enemy?"I asked wondering if I was going to far.
Serena gave a fustrated sigh and softly answered,"No,you are not my highness."
That's when Nicholas foot steps began to echo against the cave walls,Serena quickly gathered up the things she brought with her and stood at attention.
"What did you do Serena?"He demanded looking at my clean face,with bandages.
"I-I- g-g-gave him water and food l-l-like y-y-ou told me my lord."She stuttered,becoming very much afraid.
"Yes I did,Serena,but did I ask you to clean his wounds,and put bandages on them?"Nicholas demanded grabbing her chin and forcing her face up to look at him.
"I-I-I'm n-n-not sure my lord,"Serena sputtered out,tears were forming in her eyes,he roughly let go,then took his hand and smashed it agianst her face.causing her to drop the items she was carrying on the floor.I hated seeing Nicholas do that to her,I wanted to tell him to leave her alone,but he may think Serena would be a asset to me,which I think she could,and he may actually kill her.I kept my mouth shut reluctantly.
"I did not tell you to cleaen his wounds Serena,"he spatted slapping her again.
"I'm s-s-orry m-m-my lord for assuming,but you wanted to keep the prisoner alive, his wounds could've gotten infected and it could've spread-"
"Enough Serena,"He screamed gesturing his hand to silence her,"I will forgive you this time,be lucky I didn't kill you."
"I'm very thankful my lord,I will not fail you again."She replied bowing at his feet,"I will give up my food rations for two days as penence my lord."
"Very well,clean this mess up and go to your chambers,I will not be needing you untill I go to bed tonight."Nicholas announced waving a hand to dismiss her.
"Yes my lord."Serena answered,quickly picking up her things and left the room hurrily.I smiled to myself,thinking how quick on her feet this girl was,now that I know I may have an ally in this place,it gave me new strength to carry on.
"Now,Max where were we."Nicholas asked,walking up to me,rubbing his hands together.
"I think you were trying to break me,"I replied defiantly.
"Oh Max, but I will,that is something you can count on,"He promised ,raising his hand to afflict me with the searing pain again.I gritted my teeth and willed myself to be strong for all our sakes.

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 29~Has to be~By Carolyn sawyers

I felt really uneasy about piggybacking Isabel's powers,so that mine could be augmented.Yes,I know that I'm hardly an alien and my power is to feel Max's emotions and hear his thoughts,isn't what you call impressive,and hardly useful,but the gang was all on board to at least give it a valiant effort.It's the one and only plan we could come up with.When we connected,Max had no idea where he was,and with Nasedo unable to track him,like he thought he could,What choice do I have? Max is out there,god knows where,in the custody of his enemies,doing god knows what to him? I just hope something comes out of this procedure.Cause I'm hating to say this,but Max is good as dead,if it doesn't.
"Are you ready Liz?"Isabel asked next to me.We were on Tess's bed.I nodded my head hesitantly,and felt her grab my hand."Close your eyes Liz,clear your mind,I want you to think nothing except for Max."I turned my head to look at her,communicating with my expression that I'm not sure if I could do this,"Yes you can Liz,just breath,clear your mind,think of Max."Isabel raised a picture of him to my face,she told me this is how she'll get into Max's unconsious state,or semi-uncousious state. She concentrates on the face,and with a touch,she gets entrance.I took one final glance at the photo. Wishing to god he was here.Filled with a new dose of healthy determination,I looked up at the ceiling,then with a deep breath,closed my eyes, cleared my mind,then thought of Max...nothing but Max...nothing but Max.
I felt myself being pulled by somekind of force,dragging me for awhile untill my body crashed onto something hard.I woke up with a groan,and found Isabel standing over me,"Yeah that's how I felt the first time too,"She offered her hand to me,and pulled me up to my feet,"It gets easier each time."
"Well that's a relief,"I said sarcastically rubbing my sore back,then for the first time got a good look at my surroundings. It was completely white,and pretty hard to determine, where the walls or the celling began or ended,the only colors were in the clothes me and Isabel were wearing."Where the hell are we?"I asked sizing up the place.
"Were inside Max's conciousness,"Isabel responded,going forward,hands outstreched,trying to find the something."I'm figuring this is Max's version of a mind block."she stopped suddenly,smiling she motion me to come to her.
"Do you think we'll be able to break through?"I asked from behind her,looking at her hand propped on a wall,that didn't appear to be there.
"Don't know,but we're going to find out,"Isabel replied,then asked,"Put your hand over mine."
"o-okay,"I said a bit afraid,slowly going to her side,and hestiantly placed my hand over Isabels.No sooner did I do this the wall,started to do this ripple effect,an unfocus picture in the form of an 12 inch oval,started to appear.We both saw a face,then I realize it was the guy who I recongize from my vision,the one I saw torturing Max.
"Not now,"Screamed Max's voice that echoed in his white conciousness,then Isabel and I were thrown off our feet,and for the second time this trip,I landed painfully on my back.
"I guess it wasn't a good time."Isabel groaned meekly sitting up.
"What gives you that idea,"I said sarcastically,hating that we were so close,but Max,is making it diffcult to go any furthur.
"Well,at least we know,it's possible to get to him."Isabel said,getting up,putting her hands on her hips and got this look of deep concertration on her face."The thing is should we wait here hoping he'll talk to us later, or do we wake up?"
"I vote that we stay."I replied,deciding to remain seated.
"So do I ,"Isabel agreed with a nod of her head.
With a sigh I pulled my legs up to my chest, and propped my chin on my knees,thinking that we're in for a long wait.
Nicholas left me ten minutes ago,deciding to continue his torturing bright and early the next morning.I was relieved,because I had a feeling he was about to break me,especially the suprise vist from Liz and Isabel. I had no idea how I got the strength to keep Nicholas' mind prods from entering the space Isabel and Liz made,and to block it up again.I could feel the two still roaming around in there,and I must be honest it was a bit distracting.When I thought it was safe enough,I transfered myself into my conciousness. Isabel and Liz were both suprised,and bolted up from sitting down,and ran to my side.
"Max,Oh my god,"Isabel shouted hugging me firecly.Liz stood a few feet away,obviously relieved,but very much afraid of what has been happening to me.
"I'm sorry about being abrupt earlier, but Nicholas is not someone to be messed with."I stated letting Isabel go."He almost got in,and I couldn't let that happen."
"Were sorry Max,it's just-
"It's okay Liz,I knew you guys were just trying to help."I interutped,taking her hand and pulling her into an embrace,even if this wasn't Liz's real body,it still felt pretty damn good."However,I'm still unsure where I'm being kept,but I may have someone who's actually on our side."
"What do you mean?"Liz asked,touching my face lightly.
"Nicholas has this servant girl named Serena,she's been kind to me,and when no ones around calls me Your highness."I explained,kissing the top of liz's head,enjoying her smell of strawberries.
"Be careful Max,It could be a trap set up by Nicholas."Isabel warned,
"I know,but I can't just dismiss her,in case she's the real deal."I replied reluctantly letting Liz go,"I've got to leave,but come by this time tomorrow,I'll fill you in on any new develpoments."
Then I left them. Immediatley opening my eyes,just to see if anyone was on to my little meeting.It was quiet and still.So I'm thinking I got away with it.
Just then Serena came into my part of the cave,a finger went over her lips to silence me.Catiously Serena looked behind her ,to make sure no one was fallowing her.When satisfied,that no one else was around, she quietly walked in front of me,holding a small bowl of water.
"Drink your highness,"She demanded holding the bowl up to my lips,"This is the best I can do,I fear I can't clean your wounds this time,I don't want Nicholas to know I'm here."
"It's okay,I understand."I whipered inbetween sips.
When I finsihed drinking all the water in the bowl, I asked,"Why risk being nice to me Serena?"
"Because I hate what Kivar is doing to our planet,I hate doing the every bidding of Nicholas,I want our king to stay alive so we are saved."Serena whipered angrily,"My parents were killed by Kivar's army because they refuse to take Kivar's side,I was little then and was raised by Nicholas's family as a servant,"
"I'm sorry Serena."I said saddly,hating to see bullies like Kivar and Nicholas get away with being evil.
"Your highness what do you have me do?"She asked,looking at the entrance,hoping no one will find her here.
"Tell me where I am,Please."I asked softly,knowing I was right to belive in her.
"In a cave on the south side of Frasier woods,the exact location,I'm afraid I do not know,for there are many caves in this area,"she willing revealed,then quickly got up,"I must get back,Your highness,I'm sorry." She was out of the small room before I could say anything.
So now the question is,What do I do now? I have a whole other day of being Nicholas' play thing.The thought of going through more torture wasn't pleasant,but I had no other choice.Endless I risk to connect with Liz tonight.However,I was really weak,could I go through it without being caught by Nicholas,or whoever else could be lurking around.The answer was no,I don't think I could.I knew that I'd have to wait and hope I'm strong enough to get through another day,untill Liz and Isabel come by tomorrow.

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It's not very long,but it's something! I hope you enjoy it!
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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 30~Has to be~By carolyn Sawyers
Thank god I had the day off. I don't think I could of gone through a minute of working ,knowing Max was being tortured,my tips would've been lousy. Maria and Michael were there,bearly going through the motions.Ocassionally I would get check up vists from the both of them. I was sitting in a booth,at the Crashdown of course,it was the day after the week long crashdown festival and things were starting to slow down.Isabel went to the UFO center with a doctor's note for Max,that she made out of a order form,from some kind of book club,she clipped from a magazine.Brody bought the excuse and wished him well.Saying to her that it was good that he got sick at a slow period. How very thoughful of him.
A crashdown hamburger platter, sat before me,bearly touched.I didn't want it in the first place,but Maria brought it over to me,demanding that I eat something,and that since I was sitting in a booth,I should at least look like I was a paying customer.
"How're you holding up Liz,"It was Kyle,he sat across from me,a concern look was on his face.I haven't seen him since he ran after Tess last night.
"I'm okay,I guess,"I replied,absently swirling a french fry into a dob of ketcup,my free hand propping up my chin,I wanted to sleep,but was afraid I'll miss news regarding Max.So all last night,after me and Isabel woke up from visting Max,I did nothing but toss and turn the rest of the night.I paused my swirling and glanced up at him,while I added,"How's Tess,"
"Okay,she was pretty mad,but I think I calmed her down."Kyle answered,giving me this grin.
I arched my eyebrow in curiousity as I asked,"Yeah really,how did you do that?"
"Well she was just steaming mad,cursing so bad,she could've made a truck driver blush,so anyway,I-ah well-I kind of kissed her,"Kyle looked up at me kind of sheepishly,scratching the back of his head,he went on" well it worked,it calmed her down,I think I suprised her."
"You suprised me,"I replied in shock,dropping my french fry in the ketchup."I'm suprise she didn't like kill you or something."
"No,actually she kissed me back."He said beaming mischeviously,"Which suprised me,cause well I thought,well like you said,she'd do that Czechosolovakian voodoo on me,if you know what I mean."
I shook my head,still processing the knowledge of Kyle actually getting the guts to kiss Tess,and the fact that she kissed him back.I shook my head,knowing that I've got to tell Maria about this as soon as she gets off of work.Which is in about 2 hours.I wonder how long I can nurse this hamburger,before my dad demands I give up my booth.
"I know right now Tess is probably using me,she's hurt,upset,and wanting some kind of rebound thing,but"He said with a small pause,"I'm hoping eventually she'll want more."
"Well,I wish you well,"I replied honesty,I would be lying,if I didn't hope Kyle could get Tess off of Max's back,so we could be together without her leering at us,and making us feel we have to be guilty because we love each other.
"Thanks,In fact I'm going by the Boutique to suprise her with some lunch,"Kyle announced racking a hand through his dark brown hair,then grinned"One baby step at a time."
I nodded,glad for Kyle,but hoping he doesn't get hurt,when Tess get's sick of him.I hope she doesn't.They do look kind of cute together.
"Here you go Kyle,one flying saucer taco salad,with extra cheese,there's a bottle of tabasco sauce in the bag."Maria said suddenly,plopping the takeout bag in front of him,"I'm assuming this is for Tess."
Kyle nodded and looked in the bag,to check out his order,"You assumed right,thanks Maria."
"If you want I'll take the $6.50 for the salad,now."Maria offered stoically,holding out the bill in her hand,the other arm hanging limply by her side.God she looked like she rather be anyplace other than here.I know the feeling,but I rather be here then in my box of a room,going crazy with worry for Max,as the four walls,closed in on me. No,at least here,I'm among friends.
"Yeah,thank you,"He said with appreciation,lifting his bottom to reach inside his back pocket for his wallet,Kyle pulled out a ten dollar bill,and told her to keep the change.
"Hey,Thanks,"Maria replied,stuffing the bill in her apron pocket,she turned my way and said,"You okay Liz,need anything?"
"I'm fine,"I lied,knowing I probably wasn't fooling her.
"Yeah,I could tell,"Maria replied sarcastically,giving me a look of disbelief.Luckily Michael rang the bell and announced her name."I'll come back later."she promised,before turning around and walked away.
"You know,it's okay ,to not be okay."Kyle advised grabbing a hold of the bag,"You have firends here who are great listeners."
I gave him a small smile,and said"I know,thank you."
Kyle gave me a smile,as he got up, touched my shoulder,and with assurance said"He'll be fine Liz,Evans is a pretty smart and strong guy.I have total faith,he'll come back to us."He peck my cheek and I looked up at him in appreciation.With a wave, he walked away,to go see Tess.
I started to yawn uncontrollably,knowing I should probably go to sleep. I just wasn't quite ready to make the journey up to my room.My eyelids became droopy and the next thing I knew Max's voice echoed in my head."LIZ"
"MAx,Oh my god ,what's wrong?"I asked in conern,he isn't doing well at all,I can feel he's lost alot of power.
"Liz.I'm in frasier woods,"He said weakly,and went on"south part,in one of the caves,please hurry,I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on"
"Wait Max,I love you,"I screamed in desperation,knowing that he was going to leave again,I hate not feeling his pressence with me,I was lost without him.
"I love you too Liz,"He whispered before I felt him slip away.
"Max."I murmered,half asleep and quite disoriented.
"Liz,snap out of it,It's Maria,"She shook my shoulder,and my eyes snapped open,Maria was staring down at me,obviously upset.I looked back up at her,still feeling a little daze from my connection with Max"What happen Liz?"
"It's Max,I know where he is."I announced in a whisper,not knowing if we were being watched by some unfriendly aliens.
"Oh my god,"She whispered back,a hand went over her mouth.
"We need to find Nasedo,Max isn't doing very well,we don't have alot of time,"I excalimed scooting out of the booth.
"How are Michael and I suppose to get out of work,your dad is so not going to let us just leave."Maria pointed out,moving out of my way so I can leave the booth.
"Find a way Maria,I'm going to the Boutique, to tell Tess and Kyle what's going on,"I ordered,grabbing my jacket and purse,"call Isabel and Alex and fill them in on what's going on,and to meet up at the abadon railroad tracks."
"Yeah sure,"She replied nervously bitting her bottom lip,I gave her a hug,grabbed her shoulders in assurance.
"I'll see you soon,"I said firmly,then turned to leave the Crashdown,as I walked down the sidewalk to Amy Deluca's store I kept praying that Max could hold on untill we got there.

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 31~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
I knew that contacting Liz,drained alot of my already depleating energy.However I knew it'd be a matter of time before Nicholas did suceed in entering my mind.Yes,he'll find out I have no idea where the Granolith is,but he will know that Nasedo does.If it wasn't for Serena,I'd have revealed all alot sooner.The times Nasedo let me have water,she'd take a hold of my hand,look into my eyes,to form a connection,and nonchalantly give me this little energy boost.Not to much to tip Nicholas off on what she was doing,but just enough to get me through a torture session.Wheh Nichaolas left all of a sudden,about ten minutes ago, that's when I let Liz in on my loctaion.
"My lord has permitted me to let you have more water,"Serena announced suddenly,I tried to open my eyes,but the pain was too much,even lifting my head was torture.I felt her gentle touch on my face,and she whispered,"Your highness,I so wish I could heal your wounds."She placed the water ladel to my mouth,I drank.She took my hand,and told me to look into her eyes,"I know it will hurt,but it'll only be for a few seconds."I did as I was told,her image was blurry,and the pain was searing,but I grined and beared it.
The familar signature of her warmth entered my body.I immeditaley felt a diffrence.The pain in my head dulled slightly,and my vision cleared.Serena broke contact,her breath was shallow,these little sessions were very strenous on her."I must go before Nichoals comes back,good luck my highness."
"You're just like you parents,you treasonous Bitch!".Nicholas screamed,taking her by the throat,and lifted Serena off her feet.In desperation she grabbed his wrist with both hands,struggling to break free,her legs kicking wildly beneath her.
"Nicholas leave her alone,"I shouted,tugging at the chains,hating that I could do nothing to stop him.
With a laugh Nicholas tossed Serena like a rag doll across the cave,she laid unmoving a few feet away from me,"You asshole,you killed her!"I looked at Serena,feeling guilty that she risked her life for me.
"Oh,she's far from dead Max,"He laughed,walking closer to me, grabbing my face,roughly and said,"she's just uncouncious for now,but her fate is going to be alot worse than death."he went on,"Serena will be screaming for me to kill her when I get a hold of her."
"You're one sadistic bastard!"I excalimed in disbelief,not knowing why I kept tugging at my chains,I was going no where,and endless Nasedo and Company get here very soon,I have a feeling Serena and my days are numbered.I don't care if Nasedo said Kivar wants me alive,accidents happen,and Nicholas will have no problem coming up with an excuse of my untimly demise.I can feel it in every blow,every mind prod,Nicholas is going to get what he wants from me,and kill me.
"You sure you want to waste your energy like that Max,"Nicholas asked with a laugh,"Not going to be getting anymore jump starts I'm afraid,"He looked at Serena with an evil leer,than placed his hand on my head,and I screamed as the hot pricks try to enter my mind.
Maria and Alex,decided to saty behind and cover for Michael's sudden disapperance.Alex has been known to help out once in awhile, on the grill,at the Crashdown,when they've been short handed.The cover story for my dad and Nancy Lewis,was that Max was stranded on the highway and needed a jump start.Isabel couldn't be reached and his parents were out of town,which was the only thing truthful about the whole story.
The rest of us,were driving recklessly fast towards Frasier woods.Michael was behind the wheel of max's jeep,Nasedo,Isabel and myself rode with him,while Kyle and Tess,drove in his camero,behind us.
"It would be nice if we'd arrive there alive Michael,"Isabel screeched,holding onto the door handle,as Michael swirved expertly in the next lane,so he can pass a few cars.
"Well It won't do Max any good if we arrive five minutes to late now wouldn't it."Michael shouted going back to the correct lane,before an oncoming car,crashed head long into us.Michael took the exit to Frasier woods,and ten minute later, we screeched into the parking lot of the camp site,the south side of Frasier woods,was a twenty minute hike from here.Grabbing flashlights,we started our trek hoping the cave wouldn't be too hard to find.
Michael took the lead,disappering from time to time,to make sure no suprises awaited us on the path.
"I found the cave,"Michael announced,after disappearing for about five minutes.
"Are you sure,"Nasedo asked,shutting off his flashlight,we all fallowed his lead.
"Yeah,"Michael sighed,raking his hand through his spikey brown hair,"Two guards are patroling the area,I almost didn't see them."Five minutes later,we were hiding behind some bushes,the two guards were in the front entrance of the cave talking to each other,but thier eyes remained forward,daring for anyone to try and get past them.
"So what do we do now?"I asked,feeling a little anxious about this nature hike.
"Tess,will mind warp them so we can enter the cave without announcing ourselves."Nasedo ordered,he turned to Tess and added,"You'll stay here with Kyle,wait for my signal and come join us."
Tess nodded her head,took a deep breath,closed her eyes,and did her Czechosolovakian voodoo on the two guards.Nasedo motion his hands to fallow us.We stealthly made our way towards the cave entrance.The guards didn't even see us there at all.We arrived inside the cave and went deeper into it's depths,staying alert in case we had anymore suprises.It seemed like we were walking for hours,luckily,Nicholas had put lights on the tunnel floor ,to guide our way into the darkness.Nasedo stopped suddenly,I looked up to see about twleve feet away from us,an opening to a cavarn of some sort,skins were bustling around,two more guards block our entrance.We lurked in the shadows,and I was wondering what was next."Michael,Isabel,on the count of three I want you to summon as much energy as possible and shoot it towards those guards,"He whispered,the nodded thier understanding,"One...two...three."
The three of them bounced out of the shaodws,raising thier hands and tossed, the very suprised guards deep into the cavran,chaos accured. Michael took my hand and lead me into the mass confusion.
"Hang on Max,"I thought to myself,"Where coming."

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 32~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Nicholas removed his hand,from my head,when the commotion started.A guard came in,out of breath,and announced"Nicholas,my lord it's Nasedo."
"Damn it,how..."He let his sentence trail off as he snapped his head towards me,"You found a way to contact him didn't you?"
I just smiled smuggly at him,and didn't care that he took his fist,and smashed it across my face.Nicholas abruptly left.Leaving me to wish,that there was a way, I could get out of these chains.I looked over at Serena who was still down and out.
"Serena,you've got to wake up!"I screamed,feeling totally useless."Come on Serena please get up."
It was Liz,my god Nasedo brought her with them.That was not a very bright move,especially if Nicholas got a hold of her.
"Liz,"I shouted happily,and a bit anxious at the same time.She looked at me in horror,seeing what Nicholas had done to me.She quickly went up to me,placing her hands gently on my face,"Oh my god Max,I can't belive he did this to you."
I know my eyes were swollen,bruises and cuts spread throughout my features,chest,arms,etc..etc..I was one beaten man,because Nicholas used me as his own personal punching bag. I hated Liz seeing me like this.By looking in her eyes,she was upset that I was hurt, and sicken that someone could do this to me,but there was also relief and love.I smiled,and soaked in her wonderful energy,I felt energized by her pressence.
"Hey,you found him,"Kyle suddenly said,appearing in the entrance,he stopped abrubtly ,upon seeing my condition,"Jesus,what the hell did he do to you?"
"I'm alright,please try and wake Serena up,she can get me out of these things,"I explained,shaking the chains that kept me from embracing Liz in my arms.Kyle shook his head and immeditaley kneeled beside the uncouncious girl,Liz stayed at my side,holding my face,and not taking her eyes off of me.
"Serena,"Kyle said softly, shaking her gently,I hope no one unfriendly comes in to see this.I couldn't bear it if Liz or Kyle,was harmed in anyway because of me.
"Oh I think she's waking up Max."Kyle announced,his hand on her arm.
"What's going on,,"Serena mummbeled holding her head,she realize Kyle was leaning over her and started to raise her hand in defense,"Who are you what is-"
Kyle held up his hands,showing her he meant no harm,"Whoa,I'm not going to hurt you,I'm here to help Max."Serena looked up at me to confirm this,shock raked her face upon seeing Liz there with me.
"It's okay Serena,he's on our side,"I quickly replied,not wanting to see Kyle get thrown across the cave."They both are."
"My Lord,"Serena started to say,hearing the battle just out side this cavran's entrance,"What is going on?"
"That would be the Calvary,"Kyle quipped,holding out his hand to help her up,she took it without hesitation,"They're not going to be able to keep everyone busy for long."
"Indeed, we need to leave now"I said,then added,"Could you prehaps,you know."I shook the chains again,and her eyes widen in understanding.
"Oh yes my lord,"She gasped,bolting to my side,nearly knocking Liz to the ground,she waved her hand over the chain on his wrist,then the next,both snapped open,I fell to the ground,not that I was weak,but I was practically hanging by these things,and forgot to stand properly.
"Can you walk on your own Max?"Liz asked,picking me up from underneath my arm,while Kyle was immediately on the other side.Serena kept her eye on the entrance.
"Yes,but we really need to go,"I announced,pulling away fron thier grasps,I turned to them and ordered,"I want the three of you to leave and go back to where the cars are."
"Are you nuts,I'm not leaving you!"Liz defiantely replied.
"You're not going to get rid of us that easily Evans,"Kyle said,crossing his arms
"I will not leave you either,your highness."Serena agreed calmly,and added knowing what was upsetting him,"I will protect your friends with my life my lord."
I really didn't have time to stand here arguing with them,I quickly kissed Liz and ran off,bearly hearing Liz asking me what I was doing? Well I had a mission of revenge in my head.I wanted Nicholas to pay for what he did to me..Being free and no longer tied up gave me a new surge of power.
His back was facing me as he was putting a sheild up,it was absorbing blows from Nasedo(Who by the way was suprise to see me there),I raised my hand,causing him to fly in the air,but I let him suspend for awhile,then I swung my hand back and threw Nicholas across to the other side of the cave,I made my way towards him,anger filled my body,not caring what was going around me,I felt Nicholas' guards dashed in my direction,in an useless attempt to protect thier leader.I didn't even have to look to see where they were coming from,with a flick of my hand here,and there,they soarded through the air.They
were just an obstecle,to my goal.To make Nicholas suffer,no matter what I had to do.No matter what my morals was telling me.I was tired of everyone torturing me whether it was a Alien hunter from a secret goverment organization,or an evil alien enemy from my home planet,cause I threaten his control of a throne.Enough was enough!The battle continued around me as I walked toward Nicholas,who was just recovering from me tossing him across the room.He looked up at me from the ground,wiping blood from his mouth,grinning evily,readying himself for a fight.
"Impressive Max,I never thought you had it in you."Nicholas said,then it was his turn to toss me across the room.landing on the ground was painful,but I didn't scream,I just grinned and went to my feet,ripping my tattered shirt off.I stood with my hands clenched into fists,a green glow appeared around my hands.When he tried to attack me again,I was ready for him,I brought my shield up.
"There's alot about me that might suprise you Nicholas."I declared,disengaging the shield,"You couldn't break me,and now,I know you can't beat me."I threw up my hand at the same moment he did,our powers locked.,almost like swords.My green power and his yellow power were battling to get to thier target,and neither one of us was backing down.We both stared at each other,hoping the other one will become weak enough to kill the other.Sweat beaded on our faces,the energy of our powers crackled in the cave.How I manage to still be on my feet,and using so much energy was a mystery,but I felt this new coarse of energy travel through my body when Serena released me from my chains.Did Nicholas put an inhibator on them,to weaken me,did he know I had the power to beat him.I could feel the fear from him,I could feel him losing control,he was using his second hand,trying to stay in control,I raised my second hand,and that caused my power to break through his,Nicholas was on the ground gasping for air.A scared look on his face,knowing it was the end."How the tables have turned Nicholas,"I declared,taking my hand crackling with the green glow and lowered it on his head,he screamed as we connected,flashes of his life on Antar,flashes of Kivar,My wedding,of my death,and the many people he killed,including my family and friends.It was time to end this,to finally be free of this hate,I managed one final burst of energy to enter Nicholas mind,and then I passed out,knowing that we were safe once again.

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Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 33~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
I was in the back seat of the Jeep,stroking Max's sweat damped hair,his head laying on my lap.Nasedo healed what he could,but Max was still pretty exhausted from his ordeal.He had remain uncouncious,occasionally mummbling something inaudible, since he killed Nicholas in the cave.It scared me to see Max act ruthless,and uncaring that way,but who knows what I would've done if I were in his place.Max was brutally tortured,and from what I learn,this wasn't the first time.He had been tortured by a goverment alien hunter,named Daniel Pierece.Isabel said it was a while before he could sleep a whole night without screaming himself up with nightmares.I was amazed he decided to get captured,even after past experiences.
"How's he doing,"Isabel asked from the front seat,turning her head to check on her brother.She's been doing this every five minutes,worried sick,ever since she saw Max's battered body.
"Still asleep."I replied,giving her a smile of assurance that he's okay,however I was connected to him now,and his nightmares were disturbing me.She smiled back,glancing at her brother's form just to make sure she saw him breathing,then turned back to watch the dark road before us.Michael drove the jeep not saying a word;since we started making our way back home..However,I could tell from the tense way he held his body,and the amazingly fast speed he was driving the jeep,told me he was upset what had happen to his friend.
Behind us,Tess,Nasedo,Serena,(the girl who aided Max through this ordeal,even with the knowledge, Nicholas could kill her if he knew.Luckily we showed up when we did),and Kyle,were all packed in his camero,bearly keeping up with Michael's insane driving.
At Nasdeo's request,we all drove to his house.We called Maria on the road to tell her that we found Max,and to not worry,that we were coming home.Alex came on line and warned me about my dad,"Liz,he's pissed off and unhappy that you went to help Michael jump start Max's jeep, without telling him first."Knowing this is the excuse,they come up for me.Yeah,I'm pretty much grounded for the rest of my teenage life.However,that was the last of my worries right now.
Upon arriving at the Harding house, Michael,Kyle and Nasedo, carried Max up the stairs,to the house.They situated him on a folded out couch,located in a den near the livingroom.Max remained out,the whole time.Nasedo assured me he was just find and that he used alot of power,this is the way thier body regenerated thier energy."He could be asleep for awhile Liz."Nasedo said,placing his hand on my shoulder.I sat on the edge of the fold out mattress,not taking my eyes off of him.
"Why don't you go upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms,get some rest."Nasedo suggested,looking at me sadly,knowing I've been through alot, these past couple of days.
"I'm not leaving him,"I replied firmly,grabbing his hand.
"Okay,I understand,"Nasedo said,removing his hand and walking to the door,turned around and said before leaving" if you change your mind,it's up stairs,third door on the left,right next to the bathroom."
"Thank you,"I said,nearly in tears.Hating to see Max in this state.Wishing I could end the inner turmoil he was experiencing,in his dreams.Max's skin felt warm to the touch,sweat beaded his forehead.Of and on he would say my name.Hesitantly,I left Max alone.I went to the kitchen in search of a bowl to fill with water.I open cabinet doors untill I came across a stainless steel bowl.After filling it with water,I went to the bathroom,right next to the den.I grabbed a few washclothes hanging on a towel rack.then went back to see Max.I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Tess sitting there next to him.Hearing someone come in she bolted up and turned her head towards my way.Seeing me,made her felt uncomfortable,I could see it in her eyes."I'm sorry,I was just worried about him."Explaining her pressence here.
"As you should,you are his friend,"I pointed out with a smile.Tess gave me a look of suprise,that I was being nice to her.Now wasn't the time to be bitchy and demand she leave him alone.I knew she was doing things with Kyle.I'm still not really sure if it progreesed into anything more than just rebounding from being rejected by Max.I felt sorry for her,for the first time,since meeting her.Begining to Realize,that it wasn't her fault that she was raised to belive Max was her true loveWhat's not to love about him.He was a caring,loving,gentle man,who thought of others before himself.I walked across the room,towards the bed,thanking Tess as she moved away,so I sat could sit down, to wipe the cold cloth across his face,hoping it soothed him.
I felt Tess watching me as I administer the cold wet clothes to his forehead.He seemed to be more relaxed,but I still felt the pain,hidden deep inside,waiting to be the main focus again.I pushed away some damp hair from his face and kissed the top of his head.I turned to look at Tess,who seemed to also be having alot on her mind.
"Is it okay if I talk to you about something,"Tess asked unsure if she really wanted to,but with the question out there,it was too late to turn back now.
As I placed the bowl on the end table,I nodded my head and replied,"Okay,"wondering If I really wanted to hear what she had to say,but I braced myself and decided to hear her out.
"Before you arrived,I knew what I wanted,"Tess stated,taking a seat on the bed next to me,so that we were staring face to face."I was in love with Max,and just like in our former life,we were to be husband and wife,and live out our lives,fighting to save our planet."with a sigh,she went on,"I hated that he showed you the love, that I thought was mind."Standing up,Tess walked to middle of the room,I fallowed her with my eyes,turning my body around so I could see her.
"I'm sure you know about the white room,and Agent Pierece?"Tess aasked,holding herself tightly with her hands.I nodded remebering the tale Isabel told me."He didn't tell anyone what happen that night,but we knew it wasn't good."She pulled a chair away from the desk,near the door, and pulled it toward the edge of the bed,sitting down,Tess continued,"I went to Max the night he came home,wanting to support him,comfort him,make him realize he didn't have to go through that nightmare alone."she went on,her eyes were begining to mist,but she stayed strong and the tears didn't flow."That night he held me,crying,not telling me what happen,but glad that he wasn't alone,he kissed me and I was thrilled."
I looked at her wondering why she was telling me all this.I remain silent,letting her finish her story,that was obvious important for me to hear.
"That was the one and only time,we were close like that,he distance himself after the morning we woke up in each others arms,apologizing for leading me on,hoping I understood."Tess said,her face became sad,"I knew I was going to make him see we were meant to be together no matter what,"Tess paused for a moment,then stated,"but now,I'm begining to think that maybe Max was right,that the night on antar when we got killed,was the ending of our short lived relationship."
I tried not to look at her in shock,but by the way she was smiling at me,I knew it was apparent.
"The night,the skins took Max and I took that tantrum,running out of the house.I was angry!,I couldn't understand what was wrong with me,what was wrong with Max?Why did he chose a earth girl over his own kind!"Tess exclaimed gestruing her hands out before her,"So I was out in the back yard blowing up rocks,hoping to release some of the anger inside me when I heard Kyle behind me...."

"No rock stands a chance against Tess Harding."
"Kyle,why are you here?"
"Thought maybe you'd like to talk."

"So I turned around and stood face to face,toe to toe,eye to eye,with him,demanding that he leave me alone,that he has no idea what I'm going through."

"Well of course I do,"Kyle replied matter of factly,"I too love someone who's not in love with me."

"I looked at him decideing that I needed to talk about it so I started to rant..."

"I'm so fucking tired of having to deal with this Bullshit!That bitch has a lot of nerve moving in on my man!!"

"I vented and cursed like a sailor, at Kyle,kind of glad he was there,he was always there listening to me bitch and moan about my displeasure of not having max love me...

"....Not that Max isn't an asshole,cause he is,and If I didn't love him so much,I'd kill him for falling for that cunt!"

"That's when Kyle grabbed me by my arms,looked into my eyes and kissed me,hard,deep and with so much passion,that my toes curled.."Tess exclaimed,a smile on her face."We must've kissed for about ten minutes before he pulled away,his hands in my hair,he looked at me smiling,then said.."

"That's to calm you down."

"I didn't know what to say,I was stun,but I knew I wanted to feel his lips again and so I kissed him back,It wasn't as long as the first kiss,but when I pulled away,I notice how suprised Kyle was.When he kissed me,I think he thought I was going to melt his brain or something."She laughed,"So after staring at each other for a minute or so I said..."

"Well It worked,I'm calm."

"Well good,"Kyle replied a grin on his face.

"But maybe you should calm me down so more,just to be sure I'm completely calm."Tess suggested,falling into his arms,a smile of contentment filled her face.

"Kyle took my face in his hands,gave me one sexy smile and said..."

"That sounds logical,we don't want you to relapse,"His lips edging closer to mine.

"No,relapses are not good.."

"..Kyle kissed me again,and I felt my world turn upside down inside out,I was traveling across the universe at warp speed,and of course my toes curled."Tess looked at me with a sigh,"Max didn't make my toes curl Liz,he didn't give me a case of vertigo,that's when I realize,I never was in love with max,I just did what I was told,Please forgive me for making your short time here hellish,"
"Tess,I-I-this is weird."I replied not knowing what to say.
"I know it is,but I felt you needed to know this,to make you understand, I'm not going to interfer with you and max anymore."Tess proclaimed,standing up,looking at Max's sleeping form,"I know you'll take care of him Liz,I can feel the calmness you project to him,you are his anchor,I hope he'll let you help him."
"So do I,"I replied softly,changing the old cloth with a new one.Feeling quite taken aback with Tess' revelation.
Tess beamed me a smile,and I was glad to see this new and improve Tess.Kyle will no doubt be happy to hear she's as smitten with him,as he is with her.that what she's feeling has nothing to do from being rebounded.
"Good night Liz,"Tess replied,then left the room,leaving me shaking my head in utter wonderment.
Max began to mumble in his sleep again.I felt his restlessness, pain,anger,saddness,and panic,hit me hard.I laid down beside him.Resting my head on max's hard chest,placing my arm across his stomach.Wishing there was something more I could do.My eye lids felt heavy,and soon I was sleeping.

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UruzBerkana originally wrote:
I just found this message board and your story. It's a really good story (I really enjoyed reading it and was quite upset when I had to take a break to go to work *happy*) , please keep writing. I love the different twist on how they came together, personally I'd be curious to know how they all come together without the "Liz magnet" (did he save Kyle first is that where it started?)

And I just love this line..."Oh you’re an
alien king of a troubled planet and one day you’ll hop
in a spaceship to save the day;with your alien bride
who’s the bitchest person on two planets,but that’s
okay lets’ make out"

Personaly I think you have all sorts of sequel options....going home to antar (with or without human allies - maybe they are key to winning the war), consequences of liz and max's intimacy and liz's "changes"(there is all kinds of scifi fun available here), your Kyle/Tess thing (I'm sure Nascedo would be pissed about that)

--BTW, I hope it's not presumptious of me to make suggestions on a story I just found , if I offend I do apologize.

OMG no I love suggestions!Please tell me everything that's in your mind when you read any of my stories.I have two more,Nobody knows & Come to me. This is the first actual fanfic I wrote and posted. It's definately full of stuff,a sequal is working out in my mind,that is if people would like to see one.
Yes Kyle was healed by Max,that was how he got into the group.I didn't really get into that,but maybe in the sequal I will elaborate on it more,who knows.Liz moved from Boston after her mom's death.I wanted the attraction to be without the connection of the healing.However I still wanted the same draw to each other feel also.
On Michael's quote,yeah it came to me and I laughed so hard,one of my better lines*happy*
Anywho,thatnks so much for your feed back.I love it!
Peace Carolyn*big*
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Okay ,so I'm going to start writing the next part.
Thanks again for the feedback!
Peace carolyn*big*
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Here's the next part!Thanks everyone for thier support! Feed back is good!Enjoy!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 34~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
I found myself back in the cave,stripped down to nothing but a pair of boxer shorts.I was cut and bruised everywhere.The smell of my blood waft to my nostrils,God,there was so much blood.Nicholas was there raping my mind,finding out all the hidden secrets,krpt in my head,finding out who he would toruture next.
"Please,leave them alone,"I pleaded,tugging at the chains,they chaffed my wrists painfully."Why can't you just leave us alone!"
"Cause you're a threat to the very exsistance of our planet!"Nicholas exclaimed,glarring at me with disdain.
"So am I going to get a turn or what?"It was agent pierce,he's dead,so is Nicholas,why are they here,why am I going through this again!
"Yeah,hold on,He's from my planet not yours!"Nicholas snapped,peering from the cornor of his eyes,daring for the human to defy him.
"Whatever,but I think you're being unfair,he did kill me you know!"Pierece stated,folding his arms across his chest.
"Hello,"He said breaking the connection,turning to face him angrily,"He killed me too!"
"Well okay,but I'm bored,I don't want to just wait around,I'm feeling antsy."Pierce exclaimed,gesturing his hands out before him,"Give me something to do."
"Well you can always go and kill his friends,"Nicholas announced matter of factly,
"No,leave them out of this,"I screamed,hating this helpless feeling.
"Really,"Pierce said excitedly,ignoring Max's pleas,"Can I bring them back here,kill them in front of Maxie boy."
"Hey,that's not a bad idea,"Nicholas exclaimed gleefully,"your okay pierece for a human."
"Thanks,"Pierece said rubbing his hands gleefully evil together,happy with is new task.
"Maybe I should kill that Liz girl he's so in love with!"Pierce thought outloud.
"NOOOO,you can't!"I shouted,tugging at my chains wildly.
"Do you hear something?"Nicholas asked,tilting his head to the side.
"I don't think so,"Piercec said quickly,"So what do you think,snuff the girlfriend."
"I'd save her for last,"Nicholas suggested,rubbing his chin thoughtfully,"Torture her,that would be a hoot to watch."
"Hey,that's brillant,"Pierce gushed,clapping his hands
"Thank you,"Nicholas beamed proudly.
"Don't you two think you've done enough to him when you were alive,now you torture his dreams!"
Three heads,looked at Liz Parker,dressed in a white flowy dress,her feet were bear,her hair blowing around her face.She glowed and I screamed at her in fear,warning her"Liz,you need to leave,please they'll kill you!"
"No they won't,"Liz countered,smiling at me with assurance.
"Ah,yeah we will!"Pierce bawked,rolling his eyes.
"I want you to stop,"Liz ordered,a hand raised out before her.The glow around her,shot out of the palm of her hand and surrounded Nicholas and Pierce.The shot up at attention.Eyes forward,they couldn't move.
"H-h-ow did you do that?"I asked softly.
"This is a dream Max,you can do anything here,"Liz replied,suddenly she was in front of him,touching Max's face,his wounds began to heal immediately.
"I don't undersand what's going on?"I asked,still in a bit of a daze.
"I'm helping you Max,let me help you."Liz proclaimed,touching the binds,causing them to fall from my wrists.I looked at them,expecting to see damage hands.They were not to be found.I rubbed one of them, confused with what's going on.She touched my bear chest and soon I was dressed in a white button down dress shirt,the sleeves rolled up just under my elbow,I know wore tan khaki pants,and I also wore no shoes.
"That's better,though seeing you half naked was nice."Liz said,linking her arm with mine,and started to lead me out of the cave.Suddenly we were in a peacful meadow,the grass was bright and green,flowers of diffrent varities and colors bloomed,trees danced in the wind,birds sang,and cute cuddly animals,grazed and romped playfully around us.Suddenly a bed with white linnen that match Liz's dress came into view.She laid down, her dress blending with the sheets."Come lay down Max."Liz demanded patting the space beside her.I did as I was told,and laid my head on her bosom,sighing contently,"Will you be here when I wake?"I asked,closing my eyes,breathing her smell,relishing the feel of her body,glad that she brought me some sanity.
"You know I will Max,"Liz whispered softly,playing with my hair,"Now rest,they won't bother you anymore."
With my nightmares I,Max Evans, finally after many years had a peaceful sleep,knowing Liz was the reason for it.I knew I would love, Liz for the rest of my life.
I've been up for hours,sitting Indian style on the bed,watching Max's sleeping form.He was so beautiful,I'm so amazingly lucky to have him in my life.Not once after I banish his bad dreams from his consiousness, did he stir with restlessness.Not that I really understood how I entered his dreams,only knowing that our connection allowed me.That I had to do what I could to make Max feel whole again.What other obstcales will we face?Doesn't matter,I'll without hesitation stay by his side and see them through.
I smiled as his eyes fluttered open,he grinned at me as he stretched his tired musles,his arms resting over his head."Morning,"Max replied with a sigh.
"Morning,"I returned,placing my hand on his flat stomach.Enjoying the warmth of his skin.
"Thank you,"he said remebering the weird dream he had last night,"I don't know how you did it,but thank you."
"Well neither did I,"I replied,postionong myself,so I was now nuzzling against his chest,"I wanted to end your suffering Max,that's what I was thinking about before I fell asleep,the next thing I knew I was in your dreams,taking control,saving you from yourself."
"I guess maybe I shouldn't have thought I could take care of the deamon's on my own huh?"Max replied,a little embaressed.
"Max,that's why you have friends, family...and me,"I said softly then added,as I lifted my head slightly,to look deep in his eyes,"you experince so much,that a man at your age shouldn't have to go through,but your not like alot of teenagers Max,but you're also not alone."
"I know but,a leader needs to show strength not weakness,people are counting on me,breaking down like a blubbering baby doesn't really show that."Max countered,touching my face with a hand.
"Well Max,a leader also trusts the people he's leading,prehaps you should have more faith in the people around you,that they're not going to stop trusting, or loving you,because you're going through a tough time." I countered back,placing a soft kiss on his lips then added,"I dont think any diffrently of you Max,I think you're an amazingly strong man,what you did for us showed outstanding strength,and leadership,you didn't give in."
Max held me close to his chest,kissing the top of my head,"Thank you for saying that,"He whipered,choking back his tears.
I lifted up my head to look at him.I touched his face lightly and said,"Go ahead Max,you can cry."
"I don't want to,I--"
"Max,you did once,Tess told me what happen after what went down with Pierce,cry let it out,only this time,don't distance yourself,let us in"I whipered interupting him,"Just let it go."
"Tess told you about that!"He asked in disbelief.
"Yes,we had alot to say to each other last night,and I think maybe we have reached a understanding with each other."I replied with a smile,"If Tess and I can forgive each other,you can stop being serious guy,who needs to take on the whole world by himself."
"I love you Liz,"He announced,this time he was crying.I laid down beside him and took him in my arms,his face on my chest,stroking his hair just like in my dreams,telling him everything was going to be okay.

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Sorry just testing something.

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Well I've posted on two of my stories today,I'm on a roll.So If you read Come to Me&Nobody KnowsYou've got some reading to do*happy*
So by tuesday the latest I'll have a new part for Has to be up!*happy*
Thanks for the support! It means alot!
Peace Carolyn

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Here's the new part!
I think there's one more chapter and a epiouloge left!
Thanks to everyone's upport!
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 35~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Liz and I were sleeping,when the commotion in the living room,just outside the den,stirred us awake.
"I appreciate your care of my daughter,but I would like to take her home NOW,"Screamed a very fimilar voice just outside the door.
This caused Liz to bolt up in terror,and whisper through gritted teeth,"Oh my god Max,it's my father!"
Liz and I,bolted off the couch,and started to dress with what clothes weren't on,and to make the room look like we weren't sleeping in the same bed.
"I know,but I don't want her getting in trouble for a call that I made,"Nasedo said,trying to stall for time,"They came back late,and the battery died on thier cell,that's why I left the message on your machine."
"And I appreciate that,but I would like to get my daughter now."Jeff excalimed impatiently.
"Dad,"Liz said trying to act suprise,"I was just about to call you."
I decided to stay in the room.Booting up the computer in the den to make it look like we were on it just in case.
"Liz,you know you're going to give me a heart attack one day!"Jeff parker exclaimed hugging his daughter,spotting me at the desk near the computer from the cracked door.
"I'm sorry,Dad."Liz apologized,seeing that he spotted me,"I went into the den to call you,but Max was on the computer,I didn't mean to worry you."Liz prayed he'd buy it.
"It's okay,lets go home,I need you to work,Angus called out sick this morning,"Jeff said,satisfied with the cover story.He turned to Nasedo and said,"Liz will be staying home for awhile,no offense to you,Mr.Harding,but all these late nights,have got me a little concerned."
"I completely understand Mr.Parker,don't want to be stepping on any toes here." Nasedo replied,raising his hands,"Tess loves being with your daughter,but I'm sure she'll understand,that you'd like to spend time with her too."
"Thanks Ed,"Jeff said gratefully,leading Liz out the front door."Will we be seeing you around the resturant soon?"
"Of course,I'm addicted to those Galaxy subs of yours,"Nasedo replied jokingly,waving under the open doorframe.Going back inside when the Parkers drove off.With a sigh,Nasedo looked at me,I had since made my way into the livingroom,"Quick thinking Max."
How're you doing?"He asked,placing his hand on my shoulder with concern.
"I'm okay,"I said with a sigh,stuffing my hands in my pants pockets,"Liz really got me through a bad time last night."
"Yes,Liz parker has definatley pulled her fair share around here."Nasedo agreed,then asked,"Want some breakfast,Tess is making tabasco sauce pancakes."
"That sounds like heaven,"I replied with a sigh,almost tasting the sweet and spicy goodness in my mouth,fallowing Nasedo into the kitchen.What we walked into,through us both for a loop. Kyle and Tess were kissing heavily near the sink.
The two jumped away from each other, when they heard the swinging door swish open."Nasedo,Max,ah hi."Tess giggled, turning around to face the sink and began to wash dishes.
Kyle was a beat red,but grinning like a chesire cat."I'll go wake up Isabel and Alex."Kyle said,quickly leaving the kitchen,but not before giving me a thumbs up.
"Here's your coffee Nasedo,"Tess said nervously,placing a steaming mug in front of him,"Four sugars,and tons of tabasco sauce just they way you like it."Her hands were clasped behind her back,she chewed her bottom lip nervously and waited for the reaming of her life.
Nasedo shook his head,and willed himself not to laugh.He wasn't suprised in the least to see Tess and Kyle have an attraction towards each other.Three of his charges have hooked up with the humans in thier circle.Of course this was bound to happen.Well if you can't beat them,join them.He took a sip of coffee,enjoying the strong liquid sliding down his throast.Taking his time in saying something,letting her sweat just a little,"The coffee is wonderful Tess."he went on,directing me to the empty chairs,"Max,take a seat,Tess get him some coffee."
"Of course,"Tess said,jumping to the task,wondering what game he's playing.Nasedo gave me a playful wink.I smiled knowingly,he wasn't thrilled about our choices,but he has decided to just let us be,and be supportive.It was nice to see nasedo,dare I say,act human.Tess placed a cup in front of me.along with a bottle of tabasco sauce.She had no clue how I took my coffee.
"Tess,won't you sit down please,"Nasedo asked,drinking more of his coffee.Tess pulled back a chair on the other side of nasedo,the legs scrapping the floor, filled the silence in the room.I think Tess was expecting a lecture about our destiny,about how involing ourselves with humans was not part of it.I however,had a feeling,he was going to give us his blessing.
"We've been through alot these past couple of years,"Nasedo began,setting down his mug,"More so this past month,and we are lucky to live to tell the tale about it,we owe alot to the humans you've let in our little secret."he went on,ignoring Tess' look of astonishment,"In my mind the orders were clear,to take care of you,teach you about Antar,strengthen your gifts,so you could go back to your planet and free us from Ki'var."
Nasedo looked at me then at Tess and with a sigh continued,"But the space craft crashed,changing the path completely,the pods hatched early,and I thought you,Micahel and Isabel,were lost to me forever.Tess and I searched many years to find you.Then River dog saw what you did to Kyle at Frasier woods,and I was releaved that not all was lost!"Nasedo grabbed my hand and Tess's before going on,"The three of you were raised by human families that took very good care of you,but I knew I had my work cut out for me,years of training you, were lost,your human characteristics out weight your alien.When I saw you with the humans,and how closely bonded you were to them,it scared me.I experince torture by the earths goverment,as did you Max,but unlike me you still trusted them Max.I didn't think I could trust anyone from this planet,untill I met River Dog,and even still,I couldn't,or should I say wouldn't understand them."Nasedo let go of our hands,leaned back on his chair and with a sigh of defeat announced,"but,I guess you can say,I've seen the light,seen how the humans risked thier lives to help save yours,I was humbled,and my new founded respect for them suprised me.I still think getting emotionally attached is a bad idea,when the time comes for you to leave,I hate to see your friends get hurt."Nasedo gave us a half smile and added,"I just wanted to say what was on my mind,and hope you kind of understand where I'm coming from."
"We do Nasedo,and I'm sure I speak for Max and the others when I tell you ,that....this feels right,being with them,I don't understand it myself,but I don't want to stop,I want to explore it more."Tess replied with a smile,she turned to me and I nodded in agreement.Tess has offically begun to experience love,real love and I was happy for her.
"Well,then I guess we just wing it untill we cross that bridge huh,"Nasedo proclaimed,slamming his hand on the table,and said"Now what about those pancakes,I'm starving."
"I made the batter,all I have to do is cook them up,"Tess beamed getting up from the table,and walked over to the fridge.
"I hope you made some regular batter,I don't think the humans would appreciate tabasco flavored pancakes,"Nasedo joked,picking up his mug.
Tess turned around from the fridge and showed us two tupperware containers.One had a big red T on the cover,for tabasco sauce,and the other had a big red H as in humans,"I'm way ahead of you Nasedo,"She exclaimed walking toward the stove,preparing the pan with oil to fry the pancakes.
I took the bottle of tabasco sauce and dumped a healthy amount inside my coffee.Smiling to myself and thinking,that this is the beginning of a beauitful relationship between humans and aliens,that I hope would never end.

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Thnaks for the feedback! Yeah I've got a sequal outlined in my head,but we'll see how it goes!
I'm writing my other story Nobody Knows right now,so the next part will probably be up sometime during the weekend!
Peace Carolyn:silver_hand:
posted on 3-Aug-2002 12:23:40 AM by RosWool
Okay I've been doing alot of writing today.I hope you enjoy it!
OH BTW this next part is dedicated to musiChic and Robyn who always has nice things to say about my stories over on the dreamer thread!You guys rock!:D
Peace Carolyn

Fanart Cover~By Leery's Lover

Chapter 36~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
Max came to see me later that day at the crashdown.I was just about to punch out, when I saw my dad sit him in one of the booths.I walked over to him,a huge grin on my face.
"Well hello there,"I greeted,sitting in the booth,facing him.
Max looked up at me and smiled,putting down the menu he was reading ,took my hands in his,and asked"You almost off work?"
"Your timing is impeccable,I was just about to punch out."I said,enjoying the feel of his warm hands in mine.
"Well since you're not allowed to go anywhere tonight,I was thinking maybe I can buy you dinner."Max asked,rubbing the top of my hands with his thumbs.Staring me down with those intense amber eyes.
"Oh I think dinner would be a wonderful idea."I beamed,taking one of my shoeless feet,and started to raise it seductivly up his leg,stopping at his inner thigh,causing him to jump a little in suprise,when I reached my target,and gently rubbed his growing arousal.Max looked around nervously wondering if anyone,especially my father saw what I was doing to him.He looked at me with need,and I gave him a mirrored glance back.
Max licked his lips and after a short cough stambered out,"I-I was worried your father wouldn't let me in."
"Well,he bought the excuse Nasedo and I conjured up,so it's safe to assume he's none the wiser."I replied,dying to find a way to get Max somewhere private so I could kiss those beautiful lips of his.I stopped my torturous afflictions on Max,got up relucatantly,went to his side,bend down and whispered,"I'm going to get out of this uniform and put on some real clothes,give me ten minutes."Max nodded,I bent down and bravely kissed him softly on his lips.When I pulled away he had a huge grin on his face.I turned away,knowing Max was watching me walk away.Before I entered the back room,I turned around,and stared at him,he looked like he would run after me,if my father wasn't in the resturant,eyeing me after the display I made by kissing Max.
I was in the employee break room,near my locker,putting away my headband and apron,when my dad peaked his head through the door.Seeing no one was around he went inside,and cleared his throat.I turned around,not really suprised he had fallowed me.Well he had to know sometime,that Max and I are together.
"So,ah, you and Max are an item?"He nervously asked,standing beside me.
I closed my locker,turned to him and said,"Yes we are dad."
Jeff parker paused in thought for amoment,then with a sigh said,"Well,he seems like a nice boy,maybe we should invite him over for dinner one night,so I can get to know him better."
I ran into his arms for a hug,and as my dad encircled me in an embrace,I said"I would like that dad."
"Good,ah,you're not going-"
"Out tonight,no,Max just came by to buy me dinner,if that's okay?"I asked,knowing he wouldn't mind.
"That would be find,"Jeff said,pulling away from me,and with a grin added,"but the dinner is on me okay."
"Thanks dad,I love you."I replied,turning away to leave the room,so I could go upstairs and get dressed.
"I love you too baby."He replied after me.
I bounced up the stairs,glad to finally have things back to normal. Nicholas is dead,my dad approves of Max,Nasedo seems to have lighten up,and Tess is no longer intrested in making Max hers.
School will be starting soon,and I'm even looking forward to that.What with all the alien chaos that's happen these last few months.Homework,worrying about my grades,collage applications,SAT's,pep rallies,football players,cheerleaders,the popular and unpopular crowds,Cafeteria food,the prom,that all seems like a walk in the park.and I Liz Parker will enjoy ever normal moment of it.
Liz walked me too my Jeep after we finished dinner.Letting me take her hand,as we strolled across the street to the UFO center,where my jeep was parked.Brody was outside smoking a cigarette.He waved when he saw me and I waved back.
"Well it seems you're feeling better Evans,"Brody asked,flicking his cigarette butt on the ground,even though there was a ashtray right next to him.
"Yes,much better,"I said,knowing about the doctor's note Isabel created for me.
"So I'll see you tomorrow at three o'clock then."Brody asked,putting his hand on the door handle.
"Yes you will,"I replied,glad to be returning to work.Yeah the place was a chessey tourist trap,but I enjoyed my job and the people I worked with.It'll be nice to go back to normal,now that Nicholas was out of the picture.
"Very good,Night Evans,"He replied,as he went back inside the building.
I immediately took Liz in my arms and planted one on her lips,enjoying the feel of her mouth,and the taste of her vanilla lip gloss,I pulled away and gasped,"I wanted to do that all evening."
"So did I,"Liz sighed,resting her head on my chest.
"I couldn't belive you were playing footsies with me,in front of your dad!"I exclaimed,kissing the top of Liz's head.
"I couldn't help it,"Liz replied trying to act all innocent,"you just make me want to do all kinds of naughty things."She gently nibbled my bottom lip,before taking my mouth fully with hers. I moan,and ran my hands through her hair,longing to feel her skin,to feel the warmth of her surrounding me.Relucatantly I managed to pulled away,my eyes were closed,trying so very hard not to throw her on the hood of my jeep,as Liz's hand found it's way to my arousal,that was strainning in the confines of my jeans.
"Please,stop Liz,or your father,and everyone else will be getting a show,that may put us in jail,and me banned from ever seeing you again."I gasped,removing her hands from my crotch and grazed her knuckles with my lips."God I want you so much."
"I wish my father didn't make me stay home tonight,"Liz replied,putting her hand on my chest,"I need to be alone with you in the worst way."
"We'll just have to wait untill tomorrow,"I replied,taking her face with my hands and kissed her hungrily.
"No,I can't,"Liz decided,pulling away just a inch from my mouth,just the feel of her breath on my face drove me insane,"Get in your jeep,park out of site and come to my balcony."
"Your father Liz,if he-"
"My father will be downstairs in the resturant,"Liz said in between kisses,making it hard for me to concentrate,"Please say you'll come."Her hands found it's way under my shirt,and erotically stroke my chest.I knew I was going to do exactly what she said.I nodded my head,agreeing to her plan.Liz smiled and kissed me deeply one final time,before she made her way back to the crashdown.
I leaned my head on the hood of my car.Trying to calm my erratic breathing,knowing it was a lost cause.I was anxious now, knowing soon,I'll be making love to the woman,I knew would be mine for the rest of my life.Liz has been so amazing these last couple of months.Pretty much being there for him,and the others,more than once.Ending the nightmares,being my sanity,when I thought I would surley lose it.
No matter what happens,I knew Liz will be there for me.If it came between Antar and Liz,Thier was no doubt in my mind,I knew I'd choose Liz.Nasedo would not be happy with that if he knew,but I've got a good thing with her.There was no way I was ever going to leave her !If they wanted me back in Antar,Liz would have to come with me.If she didn't want to leave earth,then they're going to have to find another king.,cuase I'll be staying on earth with Liz.

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Leery's Lover Was kind enough to make a fanart cover for Has to be. Isn't it Lovely!
Peace Carolyn

posted on 7-Aug-2002 7:16:12 PM by RosWool
Okay after a few days of taking a break from writing,I'm finally back in the zone. I just posted a new part to Nobody knows,and I'm working on the next part to Has to be.Come to me will be next,hopefully posted by weekends end! Thanks for everyones FB and support! It's much appreciated!
Peace Carolyn
posted on 9-Aug-2002 2:27:03 AM by RosWool
Fanart Cover~By Leery's lover

Epilogue~Has to be~By Carolyn Sawyers
It's September 7th,I'm Liz Parker,summer has finally ended and the first day of school was today.It was uneventful,and I relished in the normalness of it all. Max and I walked hand in hand as we entered the school quary.People couldn't help but gawk,thier eyes asking who in the hell is Max Evans with?He kept to himself mostly,never wanting to get too close to the wrong people.So he never really associated outside the group.Now it seems,an outsider has offically become a memeber of thier strange little crowd.
It's obvious they're wondering,how someone not even from Roswell,got Max Evans to open up?How is it that she manage to do what alot of girls dreamed of doing?They all thought he'd end up with Tess.God knows she made it perfectly clear to the female population of west Roswell High that he was off limits.They anxiously looked around wondering when the blonde hair vixen would arrive?What a way to start the first day of school.A catfight,between the new girl,and the very possevive Tess.I smiled,because I knew the real story.
So when Kyle and Tess arrived not to soon after,holding hands also.I thought the entire student body was going to explode with confusion.What the hell is going on?Were they suddenly in a twilight Zone episode?
Michael and Maria were on again.She told me that there's this on going pool going around the school to see how many times they would break up and get back together.I'm seriously thinking about getting a piece of the action.Towards the end of the school day they were fighting again! About what? I've not slightest idea.I just knew it was going to be a long and intresting time,seeing first hand the bizzare relationship of Michael and Maria.
Isabel and Alex also had the mouths of the student body wagging.It was clear that the honeymoon of thier relationship was far from over.The buzz around school had Isabel dumping Alex,in a month.I however knew the two will be suprising alot of people by being together for a very long time.Hell,I'm even betting that they'll get married,but maybe I'm being to much of a romantic.Beliving that true love will conqure all.I'm thinking about starting my own little pool.
Nasedo,and his new found intrest of the human race,has decided to open a book shop downtown.How he got the money,I don't want to know.I just hope no one died.Tess will be helping him out of course.Along with Serena,who he has graciously taken under his care.Looks like Amy Deluca is in need of a new salesgirl. I think Isabel is going to apply.
Then there's my dad. He's totally turned the Crashdown around.In the few months he's been there.It has made more money since the resturant's grand opening.The Crashdown broke even for the new quarter,which made Nancy Lewis a very happy lady! Max did come over for dinner,and the two have gotten along beautifully! Can I breath a sigh of relief!Though it is kind of fustrating that when Max picks me up for our dates,that I have to practically drag him out the door,cause he and my dad have these intense conversations,about football.Sometimes I joke with the both of them by stating,that maybe the two of them should date.I usually get rewarded with a annoyed sigh,fallowed by an eyeroll.Hey I can't help it!They make it too easy!
I'm laying on my favorite full length lounge chair,I position it in the middle of my balcony.Getting a lovely view of the star filled night sky.I placed my journal on the ground beside me,happy to finally be caught up with all my enteries.Max should be showing up soon.The UFO center closed about fifteen mnutes ago.I can't wait to hold him in my arms again,to feel the softness of his lips.I'm so unbelivablly lucky to have Max in my life.The man was amazing! I couldn't ask for the perfect boyfriend.I could see myself spending the rest of my days with him.Our unusaul connection is still there.I can even now feel his anxiousness of leaving work to be with me.Well the feeling is mutual,and I could feel him smiling,sending out his love to me.I hugged myself,reeling in the closness of him,even though we were apart.I've no idea what I would do if this connection suddenly stops between us.I've become so use to it,I know I would be lost.
Suddenly the night sky was filled with the flashy, glowy blue,alien lightening,just like it did that night,when Max took me to that lake in Frasier woods.
They were being contacted again.My normal exisitance with Max,has offically ended.
Has the day that I've been dreaading fianlly arrived?Will they be asked to leave Earth?Or is another evil alien like Nicholas,coming to try and kill them again?
I sat upright in the lounge chair,swinging my legs to the sides.Max sensed my saddness and asked what was wrong?I just told him that Nasedo would probably be calling him,and that coming here will probably not be wise right now.Max quite confused began to send me questions,when they abruptly stopped,knowing Nasedo was indeed contacting him.That he was telling Max to go outside.That he will look up in horror at the night sky and see the familar blue lightening,and watch as it ended abruptly,and see the V star shape formation beaming forlornly in the night sky before it too disappeared.
Our future that was once so clear has become offically unknown.
Coming soon~Where are you going~The sequal.
I'll be back with a Author's note tomorrow.

Peace Carolyn

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posted on 10-Aug-2002 10:05:16 AM by RosWool
It's kind of weird to finally finish this story! It was the first fanfic that I posted here, It was a blast,and I hope to write another arch to this AU that I've created!
Thanks to everyone who supported me with bumps feedback,and advise! I would've been happy if just one person read it! WEll more than one did and I'm thrilled!
Thanks to all! And thatnk for Roswellfanactics for being herE!
Strawbehry Shortcake,Roswelluver,Hibby,UruzBerkana,
Star Princess,FrenchKiss70,AngelBaby6977,LeagalAlien,
MaxiesDreamgirl,TD DreamerBaby,Gizmo12989,Shorty828,
Thank you
Well I've defiantely got a sequal forming in my head. Where are you going is the title for now. it'll take place not to soon after has to be. I've got two more storie to finish up...
Nobody Knows

and Come to me
Like the shamless plugging?*happy*
Peace Carolyn
posted on 13-Aug-2002 5:46:14 PM by RosWool
Authore note
Okay so it's finally over! But should I continue with a sequal?
Let me know!
I will be revising Has to be,for errors and such.
If anything major changes,'ll let you know!
Peace Carolyn
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QueenBee05 originally wrote:
Of course we want a sequel!!! I love this story!!!!!!!*happy*

Alright One guaranteed reader!*bounce*
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posted on 14-Aug-2002 5:47:55 PM by RosWool
UruzBerkana originally wrote:
Your better do the sequal, that ending already has me impatient to read it. *bounce*
Thanks,I will defiantely wrtie it.
Hey,Check out Come to me.
I think you may like how it's turning out. I was thinking about what to do to make the story a little more Sci-Fi. So tell me what you think.
Peace Carolyn
posted on 15-Aug-2002 11:42:14 AM by RosWool
kittens originally wrote:
There has to be a sequel, you left it with a cliff hanger.

And that is annoying BTW!!!!

And what else did Liz inherit from Max???

I'm sorry,but I felt this perticular story was told.
Yes I left it a little hanging,but I also felt the next story is seperate from has to be. Am I making sense.
Just think of it as the T,V series Quatam leap,at the end when it leaves you with Sam in the next body...That's what I'm doing,letting you know there's more.
Thanks for you r intrest and fb,I hope I won't disapoint you.
Peace Carolyn

posted on 20-Aug-2002 11:45:39 AM by RosWool
Strawbehry shortcake!
I'm glad you lie it!
Well I'm working on the sequel now,and hopefully by weeks end it'll be up!
so far the title is Where are you going?
Peace Carolyn*happy*

posted on 22-Aug-2002 6:46:08 PM by RosWool
Well here's the link to Where Are you going~Prolouge and Part one is up!
Peace Carolyn

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starlady originally wrote:
Thanks for writing this story.

I really enjoyed it and look forward to the sequel.
I really have enjoyed all of your writing. I have read both come to me and Nobody Knows (as well as it's sequel).

Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

Aww thanks you rock! I'm glad you enjoyed this story,and I'm happy you'll be joining us over at SOmewhere in between!
Peace Carolyn
posted on 25-Nov-2002 4:28:53 PM by RosWool
Just doing some revising, mostly spelling ad grammer. Heres the link to the sequal.

Peace Carolyn

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Part two has been revised

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Part three is revised.
Man am I a lousy speller. lol
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posted on 11-Jan-2003 9:15:32 PM by RosWool
Part 4 is revised

Peace CArolyn