I have not seen very many Christmas stories this year, so I thought I'd repost this one. I wrote it LAST YEAR; right after the Christmas episode. IF UPN can re-run part of season two, why not me?

Title: A Little Roswell Christmas Story
Author: John
Rating: C for Christmas
Summary: The writer gets serious this time of year.
Disclaimer: Roswell characters belong to UPN. No infringement intended.

Max left the late night Roswell Christmas service with mixed emotions. He had been a part of something and yet he hadn't. He had done as the ghost had bid him. He had gone to be with those he loved and those who loved him. The smile on his mom's face as he joined them told him he had made up for a lot of the hurt he had caused his family lately. And he truly experienced feelings of relief and assurance when he told Liz he believed in her. Staring out his bedroom window, looking alternately at a city decked out in Christmas lights and then up to the sky where the falling snow made the stars and planets twinkle, Max felt alone. He knew there were people who loved him. But he also felt like there was so much of himself that he was unable to share. And the one person that he always thought he could entrust his total being to shared herself with another. Why, he wondered aloud, should I have to carry so much by myself? He turned off the light and sat down on his bed, faint echoes of Christmas carols running though his mind. Suddenly, a bright glow appeared in the corner of his room. The glow outlined the image of a being. At first, Max felt afraid. A few seconds went by and the fear left him; replaced by a feeling of all encompassing love.
"Max", the being spoke.
Max couldn't tell if he'd actually heard the word or if this being was communicating with him in some other way.
"Why don't you believe in God?"
Max looked stunned. After a moment, he replied, "I…I'm not sure." " I guess it's because God is a human concept."
"God is not a concept at all", said the being. "God is the source of all that is." "Do you think He doesn't know where you are or what your life is all about?"
"If there is a God who knows about me", said Max, "it's a different one than my human friends think about this time of year".
"Don't be so sure of that Maxwell Evans. God created many worlds and he created many inhabitants thereof, all in his image".
Max looked surprised. "I don't think God created anything". "Even humans expound the theory of evolution".
The being replied, "But who are you to assume that evolution was not God's tool to accomplish his purposes?" "Tell me something Max, do you love?"
"I did…I do".
"And how do you know how to love?"
Max paused again before answering. "I…I don't know. I just do.
The being said, "God is the source of all love in the universe. He gives it to his children, wherever they may be from."
"Are you saying that the same God who people worship here on Earth had something to do with my home world?"
"He had everything to do with it, Max. Why do you think you look like people born on Earth? You were created in God's image, physically and spiritually".
Max replied, "I'm not a very spiritual individual".
"In that you are wrong my friend. Do you think you have a soul mate?"
"I thought I did", said Max.
"And if you have a soul mate, that means both you and she have a soul, right?"
"I guess so", said Max.
"And where did those souls come from, Max?
"Max, living beings create physical bodies but the soul inside them comes from God."
"Makes sense, I guess".
"If you say you have a soul mate, then you agree there are souls. If there are souls, then there is a God."
Max took a long time to answer. When he finally did he said, "There was a time I might have agreed with you. But not now! A true soul mate would not forsake someone for another."
"Is that what you think happened?" said the being in the light.
"I…I don't know what I think anymore".
"Liz did not forsake you, Max"
"I wish I could believe that"!
"Deep down you do; you told her you believed in her".
"That was something I said to break the icy feeling I had", Max replied.
"Don't lie to me, Max. You can not lie to God".
"Of one thing I am certain, you are not God", Max told the being in the light.
"You are correct", said the being, "but I am His servant. I am akin to the servants that appeared to the shepherds 2000 years ago to tell them the good news. That there was one born who would love them like no other."
"Are you saying there really was a Savior born of God to this world?"
"Exactly! And He controls the soul, the ability to love, the agency to live for others."
"But I'm not of this world", said Max. He can't possibly be a savior to me".
"Max, he saves souls from the sins of this world". In case you haven't noticed, this world is where you are. And don't tell me you're immune from the world's sins. I've seen you and Liz…"
"What has Liz got to do with this?"
"Everything, Max. Everything! She is the one who will allow you to conquer anything this or any other world will throw at you".
Max looked puzzled as he said, "How?"
"It's her love for you, Max; and yours for her. It's the closest thing to heaven you can experience while you're in mortality."
"But why…why did she turn to…"
"Kyle? Because he was a friend and she knew she could. I'm going to bend a rule here, Max but there are things you need to know. God does not ever take away your agency. Nor does he give you things to do that you cannot handle. Your strength; not only yours but the strength of those you call friends will be needed to accomplish that which is set forth for you. Liz was told something, she believes it, and is acting on it. She was told that the one you call Tess must lend her strength to yours if you are to accomplish one of your life's purposes. That is true. But Liz is wrong in trying to make you go to her as a soul mate. You don't love her, although there is one who does. Neither you nor Tess can have the necessary strength that comes for the love of another if you two are forced together. Rather, you must each follow your heart to the one God has given to you."
"That…that thing with Kyle. It was a setup to force me to Tess? And you're saying I should be with Liz?"
"I'm saying that you won't be able to do what you have to if you're not. God is counting on you two to save millions of his souls, Max. And he's counting on Tess, Kyle, Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex as well. You must make sure the group stays together. You must make sure each individual gains the strength that only the unconditional love of ones soul mate and of each other can give."
"I don't think I'll know what to do, even if I have the strength to do it", said Max.
"That's why you have to believe in God, Max. He's giving you the means to gather the strength. Through the advice of the others and through guidance from him, you WILL know what to do. All you have to do is ask. Seek and ye shall find, Max."
"I…I'll try".
"No Max, you will do it. I know you…God knows you…we know you will succeed and you will be blessed along the way".
Max paused a long time as the being in the light began to move away.
"One last thing, Max", said the being. "This was not a dream. Don't let someone or some thing lead you astray…in this or anything else."
"I won't. I can't wait until tomorrow. It's Christmas! There's someone's birthday I need to celebrate with my soul mate, my family, and my friends."
"Merry Christmas, Max".
"Merry Christmas"!