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Author:AlwaysStarGazing aka Lisa
Title: A Future Unknown
Rating: R, just to be on the safe side
Pairing: Kinda M/L-you'll see what I mean!
Summary: Liz's thoughts at the end of season two. Keep reading, the ending is worth the wait.
Author's Note: I couldn't sleep because I had this idea rolling through my head, so I decided to get it down. Please excuse me for any bad grammar or spelling mistakes- it's late and I'm tired. This fic takes place a few weeks after the events in Departure.
Distribution: Ask and you shall receive!

Part 1

Dear Journal,

I'm Liz Parker and in less than an hour, I have no idea where I'll be. It's funny that only a few months ago, my entire future was planned out. I was going to be a molecular biologist and (hopefully) marry the love of my life, Max Evans. You know, have some kids, house with a white picket fence- the whole deal.
But then another version of Max, all the way from 2014, comes back and tells me that if I have the future I planned out, the whole world will be destroyed all because Tess Harding leaves town. Sound impossible? Come on, this is Roswell, New Mexico.
So what would most girls do? Most girls would say, "Screw that, I'll make sure Tess stays in Roswell so that Max and I can still be together." But instead, Liz Parker makes it look like she slept with her ex-boyfriend so that Max would turn his back on her. And guess what? It worked.
Not only does Max despise me, he goes and sleeps with that whore Tess and gets her pregnant for good measure. And then that fucked up bitch kills my best frend, Alex. Luckily, I realized the truth and Tess decided it was best to leave, taking Max's unborn son along for the ride.
Now these last few weeks have been a hazy fog. There's not a moment I don't see Alex's face, because his entire death is my fault. If I hadn't pushed Max away, none of this would have happened.
Alex would still breeze into the Crashdown every morning for his breakfast of Flying pancakes. Alex would still make me laugh as we sat together, cramming for a math test. Alex and Isabel would still be the cutest couple, talking on the phone endlessly with each other. I ruined that. I ruined everything.
Max is in denial about it all. He thinks life can go on as normal, but it can't. I can't sit there and put on a bright smile while I die inside. And it really doesn't help that everytime I look at him, I see the flash he gave me when we kissed in the jeep outside the Crashdown. I saw him and Tess having sex. Not only did I see it, I felt it. Afterward, I felt so sick and disgusted that I couldn't stand it. I ran into the Crashdown and became violently ill, throwing up all over the floor, shaking head to toe.
And despite that and everything else he put me through, I still love Max Evans. I know deep down in my heart that I will always love him, even with my dying breath. And sometimes that's even more scary than a future unknown.

Part 2

Max Evans briskly climbed up the ladder to Liz's fire escape. A smile spread over his face as he mentally went over what he had planned tonight.
He peered into Liz's room and saw her asleep, sprawled across her bed. He silently crept inside and walked over, then kneeled beside her still form.
Sighing blissfully, he watched her sleep for a moment. Sometimes the love he felt for her was so overwhelming that he thought he would split in two. Liz Parker was the only woman he loved and would ever love, and tonight she would know that for good. After tonight she would never have to doubt his feelings for her again. They would be together for the rest of their lives.
Max reached into his pocket and pulled out the velvet box. He opened it and watched the way the small diamond sparkled in the light. As he reached out to touch her, his heart was so elated it could burst. He had never felt so happy in all his life.
His hand gently stroked Liz's cheek and he was shocked at how icy cold it was. And as his eyes landed on the small object next to her, Max realized why her skin was so cold- why it never would be warm again.
Because lying beside Liz was an empty bottle of pills.

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:reads it over and sighs:
It's crappy, I know.

Sorry...I'm a depressing writer.

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Yep sorry bout the depressing ending. But do you wanna know how many happy endings I've actually written? One. One out of maybe 26 fanfics. I'm so bad. I should seek professional help.