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Author: AlwaysStarGazing aka Lisa
Title: Simple Kind Of Life
Pairing: M/L most definitely!
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell and I don't own the song, "Simple Kind Of Life." That honor goes to No Doubt.
Summary: The pain Liz feels over Max's betrayal is eating her up inside- and changing her into a different person. Will she ever be able to forgive Max? Post season two.
Author's Note: I'm thinking Liz's instant forgiveness of Max was a cheap move by the writers. This is the way things should have went. Feedback is always encouraged! Oh and BTW, this is a HAPPY ENDING! Hooray!
Distribution: You want it? Take it!

A Simple Kind Of Life

For a long time I was in love
Not only in love, I was obsessed
With a friendship that no one else could touch
It didn't work out, I'm covered in shells

And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life
And all I needed was simple man
So I could be a wife

I'm so ashamed, I've been so mean
I don't know how it got to this point
I always was the one with all the love
You came along, I'm hunting you down

Like a sick domestic abuser looking for a fight
And all I wanted was the simple things
A simple kind of life

If we met tomorrow for the very first time
Would it start all over again?
Would I try to make you mine?

I always thought I'd be a mom
Sometimes I wish for a mistake
The longer that I wait the more selfish that I get
You seem like you'd be a good dad

Now all those simple things are simply too
complicated for my life
How'd I get so faithful to my freedom?
A selfish kind of life
When all I ever wanted was the siimple things
A simple kind of life

-No Doubt

Part 1

Moans of pleasure sounded from a bed, where two figures lay. Sweat slicked skin caressed in a timeless dance of passion. Max Evans reached up and stroked the mass of blonde curly hair, pushing it away from creamy skin and blue eyes. The smile was just like the one he used to give to L-
Liz stopped her thoughts as tears blurred the stars in her vision. She used to love watching the night sky, but now all she felt was hate for the shining masses. She loathed them because she knew Tess was up there somewhere. Liz walked inside her room from her fire escape, not being able to take the sight of them anymore. Their beautiful light seemed to mock her.
Maybe the pain wouldn't be so unbearable if she didn't have the visions of Max and Tess to torment her. Liz liked to think that Max didn't mean to send her those memories through their connection. Thinking she was kissing her love goodbye forever had been hard enough without those visuals thrown in. After the kiss she had ran into the Crashdown, allowing the feelings of disgust to adorn her face. Then Liz was heaving, bending over as wave after wave of crushing pain slammed on her.
And now those memories were all she saw. Max and Tess, Max and Tess, Max and Tess. Sometimes she couldn't sleep because it was all she could think of.
Anger burned through her as she remembered how Max had acted after Tess had left. Sure, Max loved Liz now that Tess was gone. Now that he was alone. Liz's anger grew to a fever pitch and her blood seemed to boil in her veins. How could he betray her so much?
With a yell of fury, Liz lurched across the room and flung open drawer in her desk. Everything in it had to do with Max- pictures, gifts, letters. Seething with anger, Liz attacked the pictures. Ripping noises sounded with her gasps for air as she tore every picture. Then the letters. A loud crash rang out as Liz threw a ceramic heart Max gave her against the wall. It shattered and shards flew in all directions. She hurled the jewelry off her rooftop, never wanting to set eyes upon it again. Liz ran back to the drawer to obliterate more things when she realized it was empty. She looked up, her eyes wild, to find herself looking right at a picture of Alex.
Her harsh breathing was the only sound as her rage drained from her, being replaced with overwhelming sadness and despair. Heartwrenching sobs spilled from her lips and she sank to her knees under the weight of depression. And all the while Liz wondered- what was happening to her?


Have a Merry Christmas guys! I'll post more in a couple of days. Don't worry this WILL have a happy ending!
And oh yeah, the more feedback I receive the faster the new parts come up. *angel*

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Hi guys and gals! Sorry it took me so long to update but I have been one busy chica, plus I've been rewriting this fic because I am a hopeless perfectionist. Anyway, this part will be extra long. Enjoy!
Part 2

The day was like any other as Liz Parker walked into West Roswell High. The only difference was Liz's appearance and the catcalls and whistles directed at her. Liz wasn't surprised- she figured her outfit would attract some attention. The black leather pants hugged her hips and showed off lean legs. Her top wasn't much of a top at all- the small black fabric was strapless and exposed her flat midriff. Black boots completed the look.
Maria bounded up to her, that look in her eyes. The look Liz used to have when she was with Max.
"Wow Liz- what's up with the drama look?" Maria asked, her voice practically oozing with happiness. Liz felt her upper lip curl in disgust. She hoped that she had never acted this nauseating when she was in love with Max.
"What's the matter Maria? Scared that little mousy Liz might be getting all the attention for once?" Liz replied nastily. Maria's smile faded.
"What? okay? You wanna talk?" Maria put a comforting hand on Liz's arm, looking concerned. Liz yanked away as if she had been burned.
"I don't think so Maria. Unlike you, I don't feel the need to sicken people with my feelings." Her brown eyes seemed to be drained of any warmth. Liz sharply turned and walked away feeling a pang of guilt. She didn't know why she said those things. She only knew that she never wanted to be vulnerable to hurt ever again.

Maria stared after Liz, totally stunned. Some people knocked into her as they walked past. Tears blurred her vision as she blindly stumbled toward her locker where Michael was nonchalantly waiting. However, upon seeing Maria, he knew something was wrong.
"Maria, what happened?" he asked, concerned. The tears in her blue eyes spilled over, streaking mascara down her face.
"It's Liz. Michael, she was mean to me! Liz is never mean to me!" Maria sobbed. Michael pulled her into his embrace, shielding her pain-filled face from his eyes. Michael's jaw tightened and he knew Liz wasn't gonna hurt Maria this way again. He would make sure of it.

Liz sank deeper into her seat. Usually in math class she would be rapidly jotting notes or enthusiastically answering questions. But today the class seemed to be taking a lifetime. Out of the corner of her eye, Liz noticed Isabel staring at her. She wondered if Isabel had heard about her incident with Maria this morning. Or maybe she was staring because Liz wasn't behaving like normal. Either way, it was annoying.
Liz rearranged her seat noisily and gave a deep sigh. The teacher noticed this and turned his attention to her.
"Miss Parker, is there something you would like to add? How about you answer this problem for us?" Mr. Peterson pushed his thick glasses higher on his nose. Liz narrowed her eyes. She was so not in the mood for his attitude.
"Nope, don't feel like answering the question. Being in this class is bad enough without that." She met his gaze unflinchingly. Mr. Peterson seemed startled by her biting tone and several people in the class snickered. His eyes tore from hers and he quickly called on another person. 'I won,' Liz thought smugly.
She turned around in her seat to get a pen from her backpack. Liz paused, feeling like someone ws boring holes in her skull with their stare. She looked up, pen in hand, to see Isabel giving her an icy glare. Instead of shrinking away, Liz simply gave her an innocent smile. Turning around, her smile morphed into a smirk. Perhaps she wasn't as weak as everyone thought.

Liz strode down the hallway after U.S. Government. She quickly walked to the cafeteria, ignoring the curious or leering looks she received. Liz had brought her lunch, not in the mood to stomach the school's awful food. She walked across the courtyard and saw by the looks she was getting from her usual table, that she would have to sit elsewhere.
As Liz walked past the group, Max caught her eye. She felt a jolt of electricity run through her body just from his eyes. Forcing her gaze away, she quickly moved to an empty table.
A light breeze fluttered her hair and Liz began to unpack her lunch. Realizing she wasn't hungry, she threw her lunch into a nearby trash can. She was just sitting back down when she heard footsteps approaching.
Liz looked up- and was surprised to see Michael in front of her. Looking at her like she was a bug.
"I'm gonna get right to the point. You seriously hurt Maria this morning. Now I really don't know what your problem is, but I suggest you go over there and apologize," Michael said, anger flashing in his dark eyes.
"Don't think I will. And here's why: I don't ever want to be associated with you aliens ever again. Now go off and brood about how hard your life is because I don't want to deal with it," Liz said, just as angry. Something like sorrow appeared in his eyes, but was quickly hidden.
"And next time you need help, you know who not to call," Michael replied. Then he turned around and walked away.
"You owe me more than you'll ever know," Liz muttered to his retreating back. Her thoughts soon wandered to the whole Future Max scenario. She was so absorbed that she never registered the figure next to her until he spoke.
"Hey cutie. This seat taken?" Tommy Wilkins asked with a leering smile. Captain of the football team, Tommy thought everyone shoud fall on their knees in front of him. Liz was about to respond with a cutting insult whe another person took a seat on her other side. She turned to see Justin, Tommy's best friend.
"Yeah, a sexy little thing like you shouldn't be sitting all alone," he added, looking her up and down. She felt like he was stripping her with his eyes. The guys moved closer and Liz panicked. They were a lot stronger than her.
"Is there a problem here?" demanded a familiar voice. Liz's head snapped up to see Max in front of her, looking at the two guys menacingly.
What's the matter Evans? Don't want to share?" Tommy laughed and grabbed Liz's butt. Then his lewd touch was gone as Max's fist connected with Tommy's face. Justin, not wanting to get involved, scurried away. Tommy fell on the ground, clutching his heavily bleeding nose.
"You touch her again and I will kill you," Max growled at Tommy. Grabbing a dazed Liz's arm, they walked to the front of the school, away from the crowd.

"You alright Liz?" Max asked, searching her over quickly. As he did, she noticed him swallow hard as he took in her revealing clothing. Liz bit back a smirk and decided that this was a prime opportunity to have some fun with him.
"Sure I'm all right Max," Liz declared as she stepped closer to him, her voice husky, "thanks to you." She brought her body against his and slowly ran her fingers down his broad chest. Max took in a deep breath and his eyes locked with hers. The desire Liz saw in them made her feel like she was on fire.
"Max, could you do me a favor?" she asked, her voice maintaining innocence even as she pushed her hips forward to meet his groin. Max groaned loudly and squeezed his eyes shut.
"Sure, anything you want babe," he panted. Liz brought her lips dangerously close to his. Max held his breath in anticipation.
"Think about what you lost," she snapped, her voice turning as cold as ice. With that, Liz pushed away from him and swiftly walked away, leaving a dazed Max in her wake.



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latahart originally wrote:
I like the idea of Liz changing her life and getting control . . . I love the idea of torturing Max . . . by getting him all hot and bothered again and again . . . but I have one request and one question . . .

Question . . . Why was Isabel at school . . . didn't she graduate? If I read correctly Alex is dead . . . right?

Request . . . Does Liz have to be bitchy to everyone . . . I mean it was kind of cruel what she did to Maria . . . (imho) . . .

MORE PLEASE!!!*wink*

Thanks for the feedback. Okay, I wrote this like right after Departure and I wasn't sure if Isabel was going to graduate early or not. I guess I forgot about that while writing this. Anyway, am I the only one who thinks that Isabel graduating early is the stupidest idea ever? So I think I'll leave Isabel like I have her, I probably won't have anymore scenes with her anyway. After all, this is an M/L fic.
About Liz's meanness to Maria, it is just there to show how much Liz has really changed. She's sick of alien crap, she's sick of love and all that stuff. Liz needed someone to yell at, Maria was there, and heck...I don't think anybody can say that they have never gone off on a friend of theirs! Don't worry, in the end everything will work out! And Alex is dead, did I mention him being alive by accident? Sorry if I did.
Thanks again for reviewing!
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Sorry for the long wait but I have been very busy and things have been crazy. I'm kind of taking the story in a new direction and I hope you like it!

Part 3

Max stared down at his textbook that night. With a sigh, he realized he had read the page five times and still hadn't absorbed a thing. Max slumped down in his chair and replayed the incident with Liz in his head over and over. He could still clearly feel the way her touch had spread jolts of electricity through his body. The weird thing was that when Liz was gone during the summer, Maria had made it very clear that Liz hated him. He didn't know what was going on.
Picking up a picture of Liz from its permanent spot on his dresser, he made a decision. He had slowly been developing his powers more over the summer. If dreamwalking Liz was the only way to discover how she felt about him then so be it. He slowly touched the picture with his fingertips and was instantly sucked into her dream.

The room around him was cloaked in darkness. Max squinted his eyes, trying to see anything. He heard a small sound to his right, so he walked quickly in that direction.
Max came upon her so suddenly that he almost walked into her. Liz was hunched over in a corner, sobbing. She rocked slowly back and forth, muttering to herself.
"Liz?" Max touched her shoulder gently. "It's okay, I'm here." Liz peered at him through a mane of disheveled hair.
"You made it all...fuzzy?" Liz said, her voice confused, eyes darting around warily. Max realized through his shock that she looked insane.
She slowly stood up, swaying on her feet. Max grabbed her arms to steady her and Liz jerked away with astounding strength.
"Don't...touch. YOUR FAULT!" she screamed crazily. Her eyes seemed to flash in anger until they grew brighter. Max gasped and stumbled away from her in horror.
"Liz...your eyes- they're glowing!" Max said, unsure of what to do. The eyes seemed to burn him like a flame. He slowly moved farther away but the eyes followed him, staring right into his soul. Liz started towards him menacingly. She looked like a wildcat about to pounce on her next meal. Suddenly, the glow faded and Liz stopped abruptly. Max found himself looking into her warm brown eyes. Her shoulders slumped and she tore her gaze from his, looking downward.
"Your fault Max Evans," she repeated, sadly. He came closer to her, more confused than ever.
"Liz." Her eyes shot straight up to his, startling him with their intensity. Then her voice changed, until it was no longer hers. Until it was not Liz Parker's voice but a voice that sounded unspeakably evil.
"Or should I say King Evans?" she sneered.
Then manical laughter was all he heard as a white blast of power sent him hurling through the air.

Max slowly lifted his head from his desk. He stared dumbly at the picture in his hand of Liz. Some of the haze lifted from his brain and he remembered that he had been trying to dreamwalk her. Shaking his head, he laughed, realizing he must have fallen asleep instead. Try as he might, he couldn't remember having a dream.
It was then that Max felt a searing pain throbbing through him. Groaning with pain, he lifted up his shirt- and froze as terror shot through him. Because for some unknown reason, Max had horrible burns covering his chest.

I'll try to be better about getting part 4 out sooner! Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm sorry for not updating this one in awhile. I know where I need to go, it's just writing it out that will be a difficult thing. I'm writing a new story (I'm venturing into my first NC-17 work), so that's brewing in my head right now. It's called "Excellent Service" (shameless self-promotion alert!) so you can read that if you would like to tide you over until I get my lazy behind to work. Doesn't high school bite? I have this weekend free, so I will get to it! Thanks for your feedback, you guys are great!

Cookies and gold stars for everyone,
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Okay, I promised a new part, and I delivered!
Hope you like it!

Part 4

"Max? Max!"
Max suddenly snapped out of the fog his mind was in.
"What is it?" Max asked, confused as he started at Liz next to him in Biology class. Liz shifted in her seat, absentmindedly playing with a lock of her dark hair.
"It's just that I've never had anyone stare at me for five minutes. Is everything okay?" Liz asked. She actually looked...worried. Max smiled, trying his best to act normal. There was no way he could tell her the thoughts that had been running through his head.
"I'm fine," he said, looking down at his notebook. He was surprised to find that he had filled a whole page with scribbles. What was going on?
"Whatever you say, King Evans," Liz replied in a teasing tone. Max's head jerked up at her words as he stared at her in horror. Like a tidal wave, it all came rushing back to him. The glowing eyes. The searing pain. Liz's face twisted in rage. The evil laughter that chilled him to the bone.
Max shot out of his chair so fast that it toppled over. The loud clattering of the chair gained the attention of the entire room. Liz gasped as Max lurched forward and grabbed her roughly by the arm.
"Get out of her," he seethed in anger, as he tightened his grip on her.
"Max, you're hurting me!" Liz cried, tears of pain filling her eyes.
"GET OUT OF LIZ NOW! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Max thundered, shaking Liz lightly. He noticed one of the students running out of the room to alert the teacher.
"MAX, STOP!" Liz's scream broke through his rage. Suddenly he noticed the painful expression on her face and the look in her eyes. She was terrified- of him. He quickly dropped her arm which was bright red from his grip. One of her tears spilled over and a sob burst from her throat. Shooting one last frightened glance at him, she ran for the door.
Not pausing for a second, he caught up with her. "Liz! There's something wrong with you! Last night I-"
"The only thing wrong with me is you," Liz interrupted, her voice cold. She slowly turned to face him, the fear replaced by a burning anger. "I don't ever want to see you or talk to you again, Max. All you ever do is hurt me, and make me doubt myself. Don't ever come near me again. Just stay away from me!" She stared at him with a disgust that he had never seen before. Then Liz turned and walked down the hall, her footsteps fading in the distance.
Max leaned against a row of lockers, feeling stunned and ashamed. Something had to be wrong with Liz- and he didn't know how to fix it.
Entering the classroom, he slumped into his seat, trying to ignore the curious looks from his classmates. His gaze dropped to his notebook and his head began to swim. Panic shot through him. It had to be a nightmare. A horrible, horrible dream. He stared down at the page he thought he'd just scribbled in earlier as he read the words he had written over and over again:


Thanks for all the reviews!
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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, but I'm on spring break now, so I can get writing! Some of your questions will be answered in this part. Enjoy!

Part 5

Liz looked into her bedroom mirror, taking off her dangling alien earrings. Work had ended, and she was exhausted. She was just about to peel off her waitress uniform when she heard it.
"Liz...Lizzz..." The faint whisper made her spin around. She knew that voice anywhere.
"Liz," Alex said, smiling brightly as he stood in front of her. His eyes twinkled with happiness.
"Alex!" Liz's eyes filled with tears until Alex was just a blur. He stepped closer, still smiling. His hand grazed her arm and she jerked back. Why was his skin so cold? She slowly shook her head, staring at him.
"Alex,'re dead. You can't be here. You're dead!" Liz exclaimed as she remembered. She tried to move away but it felt like she was glued in place. Suddenly, Alex's grin transformed into a scowl.
"Is that any way to talk to the friend you killed, Liz?" He moved closer, clenching and unclenching his fists. "It's your fault and you know it," he hissed, "If you hadn't been so wrapped up in yourself, you would have noticed that something was wrong!"
"No..." Liz moaned, as a horrible feeling of guilt enveloped her.
Alex got right up in her face, his lips just inches from hers as he screamed. "Where were you, Liz? Where were you when Tess was destroying my mind?"
"Stop, please stop," Liz gasped out as tears rolled down her cheeks.
"You could have saved me, but you didn't! YOU LET ME DIE!" Alex screamed. His face was a demented mask of rage.
"STOP!' Liz shrieked, losing control. She thrashed her headed from side to side as Alex continued to rant, her hands clamped tightly over her ears.
Then suddenly, Alex flickered, then reappeared. Disappeared, and reappeared again. Liz slowly lowered her hands from her head, awareness dawning on her face.
"You're not real," Liz whispered. As if to prove her point, Alex faded. 'It was just a plan,' Liz realized, 'A plan so they could take control.'
A whimper escaped her throat as her feet slowly turned her around. She stared into the mirror, into her eyes. And then they started to glow. Brighter, brighter, brighter with an inhuman white light. And she couldn't scream, couldn't speak a word as her world faded to black.

Max's heartbeat accelerated as he approached the Crashdown. He was going to apologize to Liz for the episode in school, and he knew it would be hard to get her to forgive him. Max still couldn't believe he had let his rage control him like that.
The sign at the Crashdown read closed, but he tried the door anyway. To his surprise it opened, bells ringing at his arrival. Max jumped as the lights suddenly turned on. How had that happened?
Max found Liz sitting at the counter, her back to him. He walked toward her slowly, his footsteps sounding loud in the silence.
"I knew you'd come," Liz said, running her fingers across the scratched linoleum counter.
Max shifted slightly, wishing she would turn around so he could read her eyes. "Yeah...I wanted to apologize."
"No need," Liz said, chuckling lightly, "You made it so much easier to take control."
Max felt a series of tremors run down his spine, and a feeling of dread settled over him.
"What are you talking about, Liz?" Max asked cautiously, fearful of the answer.
Liz's voice grew harsh. "Don't call me by that name. I prefer my real name."
And even though he knew he shouldn't ask, the words spilled from his lips. "What's that?"
She turned slowly to face him, a smirk tugging at her lips. And as she locked eyes with him, he saw her eyes were not a warm shade of brown, but gray. The color of steel.
"My name is Khivar."


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