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Authors Note: I know there isn’t a summary and I did that for a reason. I will write one but probably not until I have the next few parts done. I don’t know if I really like this but I am like majorly bored here so I wrote this. I was also really unsure about posting this because I’ve never written anything like this before so if this is bad then let me know and I will stop writing this!


“Fuck” I curse out loud when my umbrella won’t open. Damn this weather. Why does it always have to rain? “Shit shit shit!” I realize that I probably look like a complete idiot standing here in the rain trying to open up my piece of shit umbrella. I’m going to ruin my new shoes! Ugh this day cannot possibly get any worse. “Damn it! Fucking piece of shit!” I mutter under my breath and throw it to the ground.

I know what you’re thinking. Crazy chick with the bad umbrella had a bad day. Big fucking deal. Why the hell should you care? Honestly you shouldn’t, but just in case you do, this is why I am standing in the middle of the street spewing off obscenities while trying to open up my umbrella.

This morning…sometime around eight am

I awake to the sound of constant ringing. This was supposed to my day off mind you. So I sit up groggily and answer the phone.

“Hello” I say while yawning.

“Lizzie! Oh my gosh you are never going to believe what’s happened! I can hardly believe it myself but I just” she paused there. That’s when I knew this news wasn’t going to be good. You see Maria has been my best friend for years. And if she pauses while gushing to you about something it’s usually because she is in dire need for air or she’s trying to say something that is hard for her to say. “well okay, do you remember Max Evans?” she asks me.

What the hell kind of question is that? Of course I remember Max. “Yes Maria. What kind of a stupid ass question is that? What’s going on?”

“Are you sitting down?”

“Yes” she is starting to freak me out.

“He uh he’s getting married.”


In case you wondering what that was it was me falling off the edge of the bed that I was sitting on.

“Liz? Liz honey you there?” I hear Maria’s voice through the receiver that is now next to me sitting on the floor. I absently pick it up and then place it back in the cradle without a word to Maria.

“Fuck” I say aloud to myself.

The phone instantly starts ringing again and I pick it up. “Maria I have to go” I say into the telephone and then hurriedly put it back down again.

I guess you’d like to know what the big deal is.

Well what I’d like to know is why Maria felt the need to disrupt my slumber just to break this news to me.

I can’t breathe. Oh my god I’m going to die. I can’t breathe! In, out. In, out. In, out. I coach myself and take deep breaths. I feel the tears making their way down my cheeks and brush them away. I won’t cry over him. Not anymore. I’m over him, I tell myself. It’s like a mantra. I’m over him. But it doesn’t matter how many times I say it I never believe it.

You see that was supposed to be me marrying Max. Once upon a time I was his fiancé and we were happy. It sucks how life is full of little surprises doesn’t it. A year ago my life was perfect. I had the perfect friends, the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect fiancé, the perfect life. But then I guess some people learn the hard way that nothing is perfect.


Work sucks on days like these. The weather is awful today and Max is getting married. I wish I just could have stayed home today. It was supposed to be my day off but Alex needed me so here I am.

“Liz, can you come here for a minute?” Alex asks from inside his office.

“What did you need?” I say while walking towards the chair opposite his desk. He gets up and closes the door then proceeds towards me.

“Maria told me about Max” he states

“Yeah. It’s great news really. I mean wow Max is getting married!” I say with fake enthusiasm.
“You don’t have to pretend your okay with it you know. I know how much he meant to you and how devastated you were when he left. You don’t have to put on a show for me” he said sincerely.

“Thanks Alex but really I’m fine. I don’t know why you think I wouldn’t be okay with this. It’s been a year and I’m over it. We broke up and I dealt with it. Now I’m over it. It’s easy really. You deal then you move on. It’s a great concept” I say this and I know he sees through me. He’s my best friend and the only two people who know exactly how much Max leaving me affected me are he and Maria.

“Liz he called me today. He wants to come in and draw up a prenuptial agreement”

“Here? He has to do that here? Come on Alex! There are like a kijilion law firms in this city he could go to, to get that done!” I start pacing and then I start to hyperventilate. Breathe Liz breathe. “Oh my gosh! He’s punishing me! He’s still punishing me after all this time. God I told one lie! One lie and now he wants to see me suffer! I swear he is doing this on purpose!”

“Liz!” Alex places both of hands at my sides and stills my pacing. “He isn’t punishing you. You know Isabel works here too and that’s why he still comes here. That’s his sister Liz. He isn’t doing this out of spite. Okay.”

I shake my head dumbly and he smiles softly at me. His secretary beeps in and lets him know that a Mr. Evans has arrived. SHIT! That is the only thing going through my mind right now! Alex looks at me pleadingly and I smile graciously at him, I stand up straight, and then I walk right through the door that Max is coming straight for. He sees me and I smile at him then look away as if he had no effect on me. Ha no effect my ass!

I think he was expecting me to be a bit less composed. Well take that Mr. Evans. I sigh and look up again and that’s when I see Max Evans headed straight for me. FUCK! I have got to get out of here!! Fuck fuck fuck!


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Okay. I can totally handle this conversation…I think. I’m trying to look inconspicuous right now. I guess there really is no point in that because he’s already seen me but hell I can try can’t I?

“Liz” he says approaching me and smiling

“Max” I say in an equally friendly tone while giving him my best fake smile. The thing about my best fake smile is it looks a lot like my best real smile. So this way he doesn’t know that I really do not want to see him right now.

“You look great” he says to me

Yeah I already knew that Max.

“Thanks. So do you.”

“So how have you been?” he asks

“Good. Great actually. And you?”

“Oh I’m good.”

“That’s good” I say smiling. I don’t really care how the hell he is. Alright so that isn’t entirely true.

Now there is this awkward pause where neither one of us know what to say. Amazing that I was actually going to marry this man huh?

“So I hear your engaged” I say diving right in

“Yeah. She’s great. Her name is Tess.”

Ha what kind of name is that? Tess. Please!

“Oh I’m sure she is. Well congratulations!” I say with fake enthusiasm

“Thank you. I-“

He started saying something and I cut him off. “It’s actually kind of funny” I say.

“Why is that?” he asks

Oh shut up right now Liz! Do not open your mouth and say what you’re about to say. Too late. I’m talking again. “It’s just funny that this time last year you and I were engaged to be married and now we are both planning wedding to other people.” I say smiling. It’s my best real smile this time. He looks jealous almost.

Yeah that’s right Max, what did he think I spent this last year pining over him. I mean I did but he doesn’t have to know that.

He’s hesitates and then says “Wow. Congratulations.” His smile is tight and now I know he is jealous. What the hell. I don’t think I will ever understand this man.


“Well, we should all get together sometime then.” he says

“Yeah that would be fun” I agree.

“How about this Saturday?” he asks

Um shit.

“Saturday is no good. He’s busy that night so I was planning on having girls night with Maria.” I lie.

“Who is ‘he’ by the way?” he asks

“Oh! Right I’m sorry. His name is Kyle Valent” I say.

Right then Alex walks up to us.

“I hate to break this up but Max I have another appointment in a half hour so we have to start yours.”

“Alright. Well Liz it was wonderful seeing you again. Tell Kyle I said hi.” as Max says that Alex gives me a look.

“I will. Bye Max.”

“Why don’t I stop by your office before you leave so we can make plans to get together?”

“Sure sounds good” I smile then walk into my office closing the door and sinking into my chair.

Holy mother of god what have I done. I don’t have a fiancé! Kyle is going to kick my ass when I tell him what I did. I just hope he decides to go along with it for me! Now I have a half hour to figure out an excuse not to go out with Max and Tess. Tess…blegh. I roll my eyes and then pick up my phone. I better call Kyle.

I’ll post another part of this tomorrow if I get feedback! Thanks!