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~A Christmas treat~
Roswell babes not mine.
Christmas time always brings parties and delicious encounters. Mindless, Christmas, Fluffly Fun Purrrrr!!
This is for all you sweeties out there *giggle*

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She walked up the grand staircase as carefully as she could, her breathing short, her pulses pounding so hard in her temples that it hurt as she was now a little more than tipsy. Below her in the ballroom the masses cavorted to a heavy rock beat, in amongst a kaleidoscope of flashing lights dancing on bare flesh and giggly smiles. But she didn’t feel like smiling especially since this was another one of those ‘Christmas fancy dress parties from hell’ where the sensible of the few should have known better but to have stayed away as all were clad in fantasy - dress. The ‘best of the best’ were there Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder woman…the famous faces were endless, hired identities to cover the rash of blushes in the sober light of day. She felt her world tilt just a little with every step that she took as she now sensed that a man was close behind her. As the stairway curved towards the top, she caught a glimse of him, the blackness of his cape flowing from broad shoulders. He was following her.

Her heart raced as she then strode along the dimly lit, endless corridor the best she could muster, not knowing where she was going as she lost her race to get to the closest door first. Her pursuer took her hard by the waist and playfully began biting at her neck.
“No.” she struggled. “please..”
Strong hands now cupped her at her breasts, then fanning down the rest of her body, all too prominent in the tighness of her Catwoman suit. He bit once more at her nape to then kiss at her ear.
Her head went back on reflex. “No, please. You mustn’t. I can’t….”
Her foolish plea was halted as he spun her, pushing her back hard up the door. Her plea stifled further as his lips covered hers hotly. She gasped into his soft but insistent mouth, trying to push at him with tiny hands at his 'firm well-trained rippling from breathing' abdomen in order to get him away. The world began whirling once more as the door finally gave way against their weight so that they fell into a tangle of limbs clad in tight, black lyrca.
She squealed. “ No- please don’t. You….”

He suddenly laughed widely as his lips descended upon hers once more. Her mouth was now open from her heavy panting and anxiety as a strangely excited sensation of expectation now ran through her. She fought him bravely as one of his hands clamped at her neck while the other worked slowly at breast, kneading it harshly. But she quietened at the taste of his champagne- sweet breath and his whispered tones of 'god you’re so beautiful’ at her ear.
Amber eyes licked with gold from behind his mask closed for the briefest of moments as hers closed too and for a moment the world just stopped. Only the thump of heart pounding against heart, beating to the tempo of the music below filling that darkened room.

Suddenly she felt caressing fingers on her hardening nipples, a knee pushing her legs gently apart, the hardness of his erection pushing urgently against her inner thigh as they brought her back from the delicious to stone cold reality.
Wriggling hard, she finally managed to yank herself free, chocolate eyes flashing through the eye-holes of her mask as she found it inear mpossible to breathe.
“Don’t you dare touch me again.” she hissed.
He leaned back against the door, still laughing as his outfit was so sheer and tight that it left nothing to her imagination.

“Now you know you don’t mean that pussycat.” His smile widening, the only part of his face visable as his eyes fixed with hers and wouldn’t let go. He placed his hands leisurely on his hips which led her attention instantly towards his taut stomach, pumping in and out from exertion as she was unable to then stop her gaze from sinking lower…lower as she suddenly felt a flush crawl up her neck and burn at her cheeks.Barely disguised beneath his tights was the taut ridge of his erection, curving upwards towards his panting navel. Within seconds she sensed the surfaces of her inner thighs tingle, stirring little tremors deep in her womb.

“What do you want?” Her drowning mouth finally spoke, her words sounding weak and wasted in the bed chamber because she knew exactly what he wanted.
The wide smile flashed whiter.
“ I only want what you want pussycat.”
Her mind whirred as her body pulsed. Her mouth suddenly went very dry as she remembered them together before.

~They had laughed and danced till he pulled her too tightly to him, enveloping her in the scarlet and black of his Batman cloak as she then felt the heat and firmness of his body. At first she’d tried pulling away, but he held her fast on the dance floor looking down hard into her eyes before lowering his mouth to hers. It was like unstoppable magic as it was only the lightest of kisses hiddened by the masses when she then she felt the his hardness against her pubis, and like a bush fire a rush of sensual heat prickled uncontrollably at her skin. Her senses abandoned~

“I thought you wanted me to follow you?”
She felt her cheeks burn brighter, vulnerable yet exhilarated as his husky tones pulled her again from the brink. She shook her head firmly because if she were to talk then her words would betray her. She had wanted him too, so badly that it hurt so deeply inside that she had to shift her stance in order to ease her throbbing ache.
But now that the delcious moment was here there was no escape, she was trapped in a isolated bedroom of a castle, at a party she had been hijacked into and in a way too- revealing suit that she had been forced to wear. She felt quite naked under it, unable to cover any part of her throbbing body from his admiring looks and obvious readiness to strip her and to take her there and then as she blushed all the more as it bulged tighter.
He smiled again. “ no? So what is it that you want?”

“I want to go to bed.”
She mumbled out as her juices bagan to spill out. His mouth curved from her gaffe but he just let her continue to dig.
“ own bed... I want to go home and get away from this goddamn party.” her voice trembled, as she knew that he was enjoying her discomfort. Damn him, he had her mesmirised and he just didn't get to do that.
He grinned, flashing her a set of perfect teeth.

“So little Kitty why did you come up here when the door to home is downstairs?” From behind the mask his eyes shone. “ ...because isn’t this what you came up for?” He spoke as he then gently stroked his shaft provocatively, making it spring inside his tights.
She shook her head, trying to rebel against the sensations that the sight created.

“ I told you. I came up here to get away from the noise.” She bit out, already losing the fight that she had no attention of winning.
“You don’t like parties?”
“ I detest them.”
“Then why come?” He was now crossing his arms, interested to hear what she had to say.
“ Because my husband’s job demands it.” She spat out, her eyes snapping back to his face, having to or else she would burst. Trying to hold his gaze once there, only having to make the occasional foray back downwards. ‘It’ seemed to have swelled up to a greater size since she’d last seen ‘it’ seconds before as he stood with legs widespread beginning to gently sway his hips towards her. As if to hypnotise her with his essential hardness.

Suddenly she came back from the intoxication of adrenalin pumping through her veins that had sharpened her lust and dulled her reason for those few delicious seconds. That and the champagne, she’d be safer in the crowd downstairs. She had to get out of there as she took a step towards the door.
“there, happy now, now just let me pass.”

He raised a hand as if to block her. The heat of his obvious ned for her licked at her flseh as she saw that he was now blocking her . “But you seemed to be enjoying yourself so much downstairs... with me. When we danced I could have sworn that you were having a really good time, husband or not. And by the way that you rubbed yourself up against me while I held you close I thought you wanted more than just kisses.”
She had but things were so muddled and it must have been the champagne, making her senses come alive, heating up her skin, bringing tingles to her nipples, and a wonderfully curious tightening to her vulva. Liking the feeling of it she grabbed another glass , then another from the silver trays hurrying past as the party then took on a very pleasant haze. Normally she would never touch the stuff but this was exceptional circumstances. Once more she snapped her eyes away from the ridge now bugling painfully from within his black lycra.
He just shrugged and smiled at her again, swinging his hips lightly at her once more.
“And I suppose that you don’t like to make love either?”

Suddenly she stood up as high as she could, hard and fast while sucking in a hard breath.
“Where they hell did that come from? God I know what your after. All your interested in is my…”
“your body?” he stopped her dead.
Waves of sensation rushed up from the V of her parted legs, rippling over her stomach and driving her hardened nipples to painfully so. In the tightness of her suit she could feel her secret lips pulsing with the rhythm of her racing heart beat as she now felt them swell with a fullness that she had never felt before. She was now aware that their detail now showed through the sheer material of her tights. She never felt so wanton and she was trapped with it, and him as he still blocked her path.

Finally he spoke again, his honey like tones making her body hum. “Yes I want your body. But if its not a come on, not what you want then why are you wearing that suit?”
“I....I...I.. didn’t mean my body. I meant my money.” She snapped out quickly changing the flow but despite her tone she was melting as as she placed her hands upon her hips, mimicking his posture. She had to do something, her heart was pumping from the sensations that the readiness of his body for her was instilling in her.
He scratched his head, as it tilted to one side.

“I’m sorry you’ve lost me. What are you talking about? I’m not a burglar, I don’t want your money, why would I when I have plenty of my own. Besides that’s not that kind of treasure that I’m after.” His voice was mellow and husky with a tone that would turn any woman’s head.

“Don’t pretend you don’t know who I am.” She shook her head hard.
He chucked out loud. “ I don’t give a damn who you are pussycat, although isn’t it your husband that has the money, not you." Her mouth gaped as he continued on.
"All I know is that your body’s telling me that you want me to strip you naked and take you to bed.”

She laughed. “God, listen to it! Have a word with yourself because your imagination is running away with you.”
“Is it?”
Suddenly their eyes lost their mischief. The situation was getting out of hand. She was scared. She was scared of her reaction to him and the loss of control of the situation. She had allowed foolish desire to run away with common sense, something she never did. She stepped towards him, unable to breathe unless she got out of that room now. her stedded one way as he followed. She went to his other side as he blocked her again.
“Please...just let me pass.”

He caught her hard in his arms as she tried to push him aside.
“Oh no you don’t. You don’t give me the come on then slam the door in my face.”
Painful milliseconds passed as his mouth then seized her neck before she had a chance to respond. He bit her tenderly, breathing in her silky chocolate hair as it spilled out from him pulling her cat eared hood away from her head.

She quivered at his touch once more, as waves of energy coursed through her womb while the inner surfaces of her thighs burned once more.
“please...” she begged, her voice trembling as her body shook from his feverish touch.

“Please what?” he dipped his lips to her cheeks and began kissing her there in feathery caresses as he continued to whisper. “please make love to me?”
She lightly shook her head from side to side. Then his lips just took hers as she went limp from his enclosing arms.
At first the kiss was again fleeting as if to test till he felt her not fighting back. He came at her again, his lips now working hers in a delightful, rhythmic movement as he then increased his pressure. As his lips became crushing and bruising one arm tightened around her shoulders while the other a round her waist. The pressure of his erection against her nub increased as his hand slipped over her bottom, the fingers working in unison with his lips. Her legs opened further, she wanted to feel him there. Her secret lips craved contact with his shaft, they needed to sense it and rub along the length of it.
His fingers now ran up and down her spine, fanning out then diving between the cheeks of her buttocks so intimately that she gasped, breathe beginning to pant.

She was trapped by his powerful grip, his insistent mouth and by the scent and allure of this enigma behind the mask. She was melting under the sexual heat of the man, something deep inside of her had wanted this from the moment that he had whisked her into a dance.....

~He had said nothing at first till he began whispering words into her ears while holding her tighter.
how do you make love? he had asked with lips at her cheek.
long and soft and gentle or do you just want fucking hard little pussycat?
She had squirmed at the sensations that his words had brought between her legs, but he just held her tighter. Every squirm only worked her harder up against his sex throbbing beneath his tights.
As they continued to dance he whispered once more Do you want to be kissed all over?
Again she wriggled as the music pounded through them..
Shall I make love to you right here on the dance floor? Shall I strip away this suit and take your nipples into my mouth, suck on them hard. Bite at your pretty neck. Shall I lay you down and spread your legs to lick you slowly up and down the insides of your silky thighs?
At that she was lost, trembling harder.
or shall I carry you off to bed my beauty?
At that she had fled~

Now his lips were eating her alive, as she opened her mouth to breath. The tip of her tongue touched his, withdrew then touched again. That was all the encouragement he needed as they now duelled. Her legs were of jelly as her stomach heaved. Her heart was now pounding as her hips thrust outwards with every kiss.

There now seemed to be a line of energy that ran from her heated lips to her heaving breasts. From erect nipples as the flash electrically connected with the nub of her wet folds.They swelled and throbbed to match her lips as it wanted to be touched, needed to be kissed just as badly. She was that lost to him that she didn’t even feel her full-length zip slide. It was only the coolness now on her back that alerted her to him having unzipped it. Her skin now felt warm as he slid his hand into the gap and cupped her bottom, fingers sliding up and down her back, opening and closing as it went. She moaned.

His lips still held hers as her mouth was now devouring his, her tongue lashing harder with every stroke as her fingers were now clawing at his back. She wanted him as much as he wanted her, like no other. Her mouth then tore from his now sucking and biting in small movements at his face and neck before seizing the deep recesses of his open mouth once more. She had lost control, like a thing posessed. A few moments later she was naked to the waist, her catsuit hangling loosely at her hips as they suddenly began undulated uncontrollably against his. They now had a mind of their own, set in motion by the need to feel him, as she opened herself wider so that she could press against the ridge of his hardness. She needed to feel it, she had to rub her sodden suit up against it, all her attention now focused in this burning need.

His calf- length boots were then shed, both moaning at the contact having to break to do so as the cloak was cast to the ground, his eyes never leaving hers as he slid out of his hugging suit.
He now stood proudly, naked of all but the batman mask. The shaft between his legs reared like a corba, curving upwards as her stomach fluttered uncontrollably at the sight of him. God he was so beautiful. She continued to stare, gob smacked as it seemed to grow another inch since a moment ago. She swallowed hard as the giddiness caught her once more. How big could it get?

Sensing her, he moved in closer, slipping his hands about her shoulders as he pulled her to him in one smooth motion. She fell towards without protest as her breasts now rode his chest, the sweat of their rising passion lubricating their skins. Her nipples grew harder with the contact, sensitising the erect buds so that even the pink-brown stood proud.

The sensation of his hot skin against hers set up a delicious tension that pulsated through her body, her breast becoming painfully tight with it. Her waist was taut, as was her insides as they pulled up higher with every wave that began to take a hold of her. Her tights were now pulling at her secret folds until she felt them opening, slippery and wantant with the slightest of touches. She wanted to feel him there. Her primal instinct wanted him deep inside of her now.
Feeling her body calling, its needed over powering her leg automatically came up around his hip, so she could force his thigh between her own legs, widening the lips of her dripping sex to feel his heat through her lycra.

“So do you want me to fuck you hard or to love you gently?” It was so simply said, like ordering wine as he let hissed out a smile. Her legs wobbled as he teased her some more, her body now begged for him to take her. Ride her. She bit his neck hard unable to say her needs in words.

“Alright…” He whispered. “ shall I have you by the door or shall we use the bed?”
He growled, raking fingertips up and down her inner thigh. They gingerly ran across her opening, back and forth as she shuddered hard. She couldn’t breathe, lungs fit to burst as she clawed at his strong back, muscles rippling hard under her touch as he ran a line of love bites down her neck.
She felt strong hands slowly slipping into her suit and tights, slowly pushing them downwards inch by inch. Over the hips and long the thigh as she trembled with every motion in anticipation of her most private self becoming naked to him.

Her head fell forwards in order to watch him as he now crouched to his knees in front of her, holding her eyes all the while as the skin- tight fabric peeled from her heated flesh. She then found the wonder of movement as she stepped out of the now wrinkled mass pooled at her ankles, she threw her head back as his lips were now against her moist curls.
“oh god” Her hands were now wrapped around him, digging into his thick head of hair. His hands instinctively worked up her bottom, pulling her further into his mouth as she widened her legs reflexively, bending her knees, thrusting her pelvis forward, throwing her head back, her eyes closed as her mouth panted open. God she wanted him even more with every lick that he took if that were possible.

His tongue explored her tentatively as she trembled from head to toe. She opened her legs wider till her hips hurt, her hands continuing to knead at his thick hair as her pelvis thrust even further forward. Her breasts were so tight that she felt every little movement of them as they gently swung to and fro. As the tongue came again she rocked herself up and down it by springing on her knees. The pain ebbed her on faster and harder. His fingers raked her thighs, each stroke of his nails sending a trail of fire in the flesh.
“Oh my god” she whispered as tears came to her eyes and her whole body began to quiver while he drank from her folds. She heard him growl as With that he rose, placing a line of little licks up her stomach to her breasts. Each nipple was taken in its turn, teasing tenderly with in-turned lips as they pulled and sucked her into ecstasy. He now came upwards again, lip- biting her from under her chin until he found her mouth, open, panting, ready with the sensation of what he had done to her body.
“....fuck me.”

She shocked even herself as her words that were banging through her head escaped through parted lips in a heated hiss. She felt his smile as his chuckle bounced around the wet recesses of her mouth.
Without a word he moved away, his eyes transfixed upon hers as he now cradled her strongly to his chest carrying then laying her gently on the bed. He looked down at her, his whole body holding her prisoner, hangng on his every movement as he saw her arch up to him. He smiled as he dipped down slowly, his tongue circling round one of her hard peaks as she felt a tingling in her clitoris.

She let out a strangled cry as his mouth was on her stomach now, laying feathery kisses at her skin as his hand slipped between her open legs. The slightest of touches from his nibble fingers upon her throbbing bud was marvellous as she could do nothing but open her legs wider to him. His tongue now sucked at her chin as she saw him gaze upon her, looking down her exposed body taking in her full breasts and soft mound. He sucked in hard.
“ god your so beautiful…” He ran his hand over her taut stomach, tiny waist and curved hips. She jerked from under his heated palms and nimble fingertips.
“…your husband's a very lucky man pussycat.”

She let out a hard throaty sigh. “Your…just… saying… that… to....get… round… me.” She stumbled out not thinking, her words failing her as her body was shutting down. This continued as he ran his finger up the inside of her silky, sweat covered leg caressing the hollow between her loins and her already dripping folds as he began rubbing her there in tiny circles that grew in size and intensity as he responded to her moaning.

“ I don’t need to say anything to get round you kitty now do I” he chuckled, shaking his head as he slipped his fingers slowly in and out of her.
“You are already so wet for me…what would your husband say to that? Does his touch make you as wet as mine?” He teased as he pushed in further through her folds.

She was about to respond, arms waving about as if to strike out at him as he quickly hauled himself up beside her and took her mouth in one swift motion. He took her continuously that she had to breathe hard through her nostrils in order to stop her lungs from popping. His hand took her firmly again between her legs, the heel of his thumb hard against her nub his middle finger curling deep inside of her. His two outer fingers now working the hollows of each side of her lips as his whole hand moved slowly up and down.... Up and down, in and out, harder and faster, her feminine juices already soaking his fingers. Immediately she felt her hips rising, bending her knees harder as her feet lay flat on the bed to give her better leverage to met him.
“ahhhh..“ She inhaled deeply as she tremored with ever increasing spasms.

She now was fully aware of just how it was affecting him as his tip rubbing hard against her hip bone now feeling it go wet there as he dribbled out a little.
"..please, god..." She moaned as he gazed upon her beauty as she was now lay completely for him. He could no longer restrain himself as she took his thumb into her mouth and sucked on it hard.

Now on top of her he held his weight on his arms with only his body from his hips down touching hers.
She lay her legs open to him, desperately needing to feel him inside of her. He only slipped his hardness over her slick opening, as she arched her back away from the bed straining her body up to his, trying to make him enter her. But he only continued to slids over her sex lips, each stroke ploughing lushly through her groove, each heave upwards that she gave only pressed her clitoris harder against the throbbing shaft.
“mmmmmmmmm” she moaned, her body slick with sweat as her sex-mouth tried to capture him at every tantalising stroke.

He still hadn’t spoken, he was just goading her, torturing her to the point of explosion as she wound her legs around his tensed thighs. They both moaned as they could now sense each others heated needed better. He then lowered his athletic body on to hers as if he was doing press up…certimeter by centimeter. She shivered as she felt his heat settling along the whole length of her. He took her arms above her head, fingers weaving between her own as he pressed her hands deep in to the covers. He‘d pinned her to the bed as his mouth worked again at her lips, her breast now sliding up…then down his chest. Their hips were meeting then grinding hard. Their nipples kissed and pressed together as she fought to capture him again, finding it harder to breathe as he teased her more. The pleasure now building into pain as her want for him as comsuming her whole. She'd never felt like this before as her body spasmed.

Her body was bucking with desire which made her gasp with every stroke of his skin against hers.
“oh god, oh my god please fuck me.“
She still had no control over her own body and mind as she could feel his heavy pouch thud against her as he came to the end of the upward stroke of her ,his sacs brushing at her cheeks.
She strained again her legs tight around his slim waist, her ankles now interlocked.
“please?” she begged.

“please what pussycat?” He nibbled at her ear.
“ know”
“say it again.” He almost pleaded as his shaft bore down on her, pushing her heat upwards, stretching it, making it ache with pure pleasure-pain as his sacs nudged at her loins, she began to shudder uncontrollably. She racked his back, drawing blood as he hissed between gritted teeth. She threw her head from side to side ,tears of frustration now running hotly down her cheeks.
“take me..please...” she moaned. “ I can’t stand this any longer, just do it.”

He took her quickly, stealing breath. She stifled a scream, arching off of the bed hard as a sharp pain then shot through her body. His fullness stretched her walls instantly as he pushed in further. The music from below thumped through out the room as lights cascaded and blurred in her head. The base beat matched her heart beat which in turn matched the thump of his hips slapping hard against her own. She was so slick because of him and as he slid in deeper she felt his mushroom head ripple inside of her as he continued to swell inside of her. Her folds were crushed with every thrust as he stroked into her harder and faster ,the tension building to an explosive pitch.

He didn’t show her violence, but he’d pinned her to the bed and drove into her so powerfully that she juddered with the sheer force of it.Her inner walls began to tense and close around his shaft the way that she’d yearned to put her lips to as he took her again, driving into her harder…faster…deeper…longer over and over as she opened up her legs to met him ,stretching them wide.
His face was nuzzled into her neck, a case of having to as he knew that he would come just as soon as look upon her, his hot breath lapping furiously at her already prickly skin, his relentless panting now meeting hers.
He drew almost all the way out again as she then clamped around him harder which only seemed to make them work more urgently. His ramrod was so hard as he plunged deep into her again that it hurt. But she could do nothing but raise then lower her hips to meet him as her fingers splayed out on his chest. Her knees were now held fast at his waist as he cupped on of her breasts. She could feel herself begin to fall, needing to feel his too but he was holding back, seemingly refusing to lose control as she now had completely lost hers threatening never to return.

“Harder.” She whispered in his ear as he bit at her shoulder. She arched herself upwards with the intensity of it.
“ God! Just…let…go...come with me.” She pleaded through clenched teeth, shuddering harder as a bolt of pure pleasure rushed through her tiny body. Tingling energy now consumed her clitoris as he pushed down on her harder. Their movements already synchronised, her movements with his as she lowered herself, he withdrew. As he pumped her downwards she thrust upwards. Her inner walls, filled with juices that made her so wet that she had to grab at his firm buttocks to hold him there. Clamp herself hard over him to feel the thick stem of his veined, throbbing flesh spasm as if wanting to discharge itself deep within her already. She'd never wanted a man as much as she wanted him at that delcious moment.

From below the beat was getting deeper and faster as if to accompany them, ride with them. The creaking of bed strings, the music from down below, his thrusting meeting hers built into a heated mix as she felt her first climax take hold of her.
“ohhh jesus…” She moaned, eyes wide as his thrusts grew becoming more urgent. Sensing her, feeling her spasm hard around him and with an animal like growl he lifted her from the bed so that her sex was upwards, and that he could drive down into her even harder. He did as words just escaped her.
“Fuck me.” she whispered, just the new thrill of using that word, from his thrusts making her use that word seemed to goad him on. So she whispered it again and again as he gave her a greater pace, more force, more pressure, more of the delicious pain that continued to knock at inner core.
But he was still keeping himself in check.
“oh my god… please…just fuck me.” She now screamed it, not caring who heard as the music pumped harder. He stroked her again as she took his whole length deep into her.
“oh, that’s so beautiful…. don‘t ever stop” She managed to moan as he then took her with one strong stroke gliding into her slick heat with a rising passion that made her breasts quiver. She couldn’t help but claw at his shoulders, his back, his bottom, his thighs as she violently closed over his sex once more. Still he said nothing, his head still buried deep at her neck. Suddenly he just stopped, withdrawing his dick quickly from her as he then pulled to get up. She cried out.
“What the… hell…are you stopping for?” She panted as their eyes met once more. They were still held deep within the masks as they both gasped at the sight of each other again, both ready to come there and then.

“I.. haven’t.. got… a.. condom !” He confessed breathlessly through a painful chest as his sex felt like it would explode, missing her feminine touch. She could see the anger held behind the mask as he cursed breathlessly. She jerked towards him hard as she slowly shook her head from side to side, her eyes never leaving his.

“..just make love to me…please...” Her voice barely audioable as her eyes strung with tears. She shook with lust, craving to be filled by him once more. He saw her legs then slowly open wider to him as without a second’s pause he took her, pumping into her with such a force that she gasped.
He was close, she made him close…too close as she felt his fluid heat deep inside of her. It set a fire which flickered and licked in the core as he continued to thrust, grabbing her butt cheeks hard as he finally began spilling his warm seed deep into her.

"God! ....oh god I'm coming.." He screamed as his final orgasm that ripped through him.
"..come for me!" He strained out through gritted teeth as the tightening walls of her feminine entrance then began to ripple with the feel of him, each small wave so wonderful that she tossed her head from side to side. Over and over now in time to her shallowing moans and his pounding as they rode each other clinging on for dear life. They sent each other over the edge together in the next moment, clashing downwards as it eploded deep within them. It throbbed then spread rapidly sending wave upon wave till their bodies trembled as then everything just stopped on a dime. As then came the avalance of intense sensations which made her back arch right if the bed, pushing him up as if he weighed next to nothing. Her sex closed on him once more, then again, then again…blinding her more with each full stroke. Tip to halt as he with drew fully out one last time then took her full, to the hilt as she milked every last drop out of him.

“oh my god, my god….yes!” They both cried out as their final released took hold of them, banging against each other. He grabbed hard at her buttocks yanking her down, closer to him as he plunged in deeper. He held her high up off the bed as they screamed once more while his hands where now digging into her waist. Her back then twitched then totally relaxed as her head went back, she sucked in air gasping in hard as if her life depended on it. Then the rigor came again, as they continued to pant deeply together, bodies enmeshed as smaller ripples ran between them, from her to him then back again. Still he felt so hard, held deep inside of her as he continued to beat at her swollen core. Her hands stroked the muscles of his back as he pushed inside of her again, still kissing at her neck. She pecked at his cheek, all she could muster as she closed her eyes now basking in the heat of his body and the tickling of his balls as they nestled against the folds of her swollen lips. She was in pure lust. In pure heaven as they slowed down.

He stayed like that buried dep inside of her, still pinning her down till he knew it was time to finally leave her as reluctantly, seated within a kiss he slow withdrew out of her both moaning into each others mouths as he did so.
He rolled onto his back heavily taking her with him in one smooth motion as they just lay there, heated bodies tangled as they gradually came back down to earth.
Then everything suddenly seemed to go silent as she toyed with his nipple before tracing the contours of his powerful jaw.
"I suppose we better go back and join the party!" She bit out about to rise as he encircled her harder in order to stop her.

"No, don't. I want to stay here, like this..forever." He sighed urgently. She looked up at him reaching up with a shaky hand to finally remove his mask. It caught and twanged at his face, hitting him hard as he let out a yelp. She giggled.

“god I’m so Sorry.” She said between muffled laughter, her hand now at her mouth. He rolled towards her pretending not to be able to see as he then slowly relieved her of hers.

“yeah you sound it! There that’s better" He gently pushed her fallen hair back and behind her ear as his eyes sparkled. "Hey you." He flicked a finger at the tip of her nose, resting his forehead against hers after.

"Hey." She whispered back as she lay herself tighter at his side. Her pulsating warm made him feel like he was already ready to take her again just by the way that she now looked at him.

“…although the outfits were kinda funky this year, and excellent choice of mine don't you think?” He gave a knowing, cheekly little smile as he then pouted at her.
“Can we keep ’em this time? Can we..plllllllllease?”
He had a face like a kid in a candy store, like when he was 6 and they were at high school as his look just knocked all the air from her lungs. He was so beautiful, so sweet, so sexy, so cute and so hers. She tried to resist him only suceeding in melting to him, that look that he gave her she had no choice but to gently nod her head. They both burst out laughing.

She squeezed him naughtily. “How on earth did I ever have the luck to find a man like you Max Evans?” as on impulse she suddenly slid her hand over his still semi hard hot shaft, forming a ring tightly around it with her thumb and fingers as she then began to work him there. His foreskin moving in time with every tiny stroke of her hand as she felt him harden, a trickle of its pearly liquid now mixing in with her movements.
He growled, kissing at her temple, sighing hard as his grip around her intensified.
"Johnny stiff never sleeps does he?" She stroked at him harder as he then had to literately yank her tiny hand free of him or else have to take her again.

“ no Liz, I’m the lucky one.” He said hoarsly, kissing lightly at her hand taking each fingertip in turn. “ ..I’m just so sorry that we had to spend another one of our Christmas’ here. Your right, you do put up with so much from your husband's job but I promise you that next year we won‘t have to come …..”

She silenced him with a finger as he then gently took it onto his mouth. She sucked in hard as his tongue and teeth now danced at it, having to take a hold of her senses or else never be able to say what she had to.
“ I know that Max besides we’ve already got plans for next year.”

His face was a picture of confusion as her smile broke wider.
“What?.... I don’t understand.”
She leant in closer, her warm breath lapping at his face, making him grow even harder as she then began laying slow, random kisses all over it. Her touch making him giggle.

“Its my Christmas present to you Max..." He interupted her flow.

"..and what we just did wasn't?" He slowly shook his head, his eyes now filled with wonder and expectation as she mirrored his movements.

She giggled. " wasn't Max, this is well to the both of us…well to the both us actually from the both of us…..” She was stumbling, playing with her hair as she pulled away so her face as only inches away from his. Her eyes licked with fire as her smile just blinded him, making him glow everywhere. Head to toe, inside and out as she teased him some more.

“God you know I hate it when you do this Elizabeth Evans you little devil..." His loins spasmed as she continued to look upon him with hooded eyes that darkened with lust at the sight of him.
"....will you stop looking at me like that. Stop teasing and just tell me what have you gone and done now my woman?” He looked side wards at her as she continued to just smile at him, her tongue darting out slightly between parted lips. Then from no where he just began tickling her at her waist now unable to keep his hands off of her as she squealed with joy.

“ *giggle* okay okay *giggle*… just stop it Max *scream* ….please…Max...” She laughed harder as he rolled her into her back so he could gain a better excess.

“No... not until you tell me.” His smile sparkled as his laughter just made her insides dip further. She screamed again louder this time as his hands feverishly covered her body. Fingers now dipping into places that made her heart soar as she felt his hardness poke at her waist.


~the end~

...unless you want more Kitty fluff???

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