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Title: The Horrors of The Fifth Grade
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I'm only using the characters for fun... don't sue!
Summary: I'm making this up as I go along so I don't know.
Author's Notes: Like the X-mas one, Michael and Liz are brother and sister as are Max and Isabel. Kyle is Michael and Liz's cousin. Tess isn't evil, but Michael, Max, Isabel, and her are still aliens.

First Day of the Fifth Grade * Max POV*
You know how to tell a good year from a bad year?


Well, when your teacher looks like she should retire and she doesn't get your name right even if it's only three letters, you definitely know it's going to be a LONG year. You also know it's bad when you're not sitting behind a certain brown-haired girl with doe eyes no more.

NOOOOOOOO! The stupid teacher wouldn't even let me have a LITTLE joy and instead sends me straight to what should be called hell by sitting me between the two Valenti horrors ( Michael and Kyle) and sitting Liz all the way across the room...

... Right in front of Maria and behind Alex and to her right side is Tess.

They're gonna poison her mind!

"Mr. Evans, pay attention!"

The teacher snaps her hand and gives me a cold and evil-hearted look. What did innocent ol' me do to deserve such a place like this?

"I was ma'am."

She gives me this evil look before turning to the board and writing something.

"My name is..."

I dunno what her name is! You expect me to pay attention to this... this ancient lady? She looks like she's a hundred years old!

The whole board screeches and everybody covers their ears.

She's probably a witch. You think she's related to Tess or Maria or maybe be even the person Isabel got her human genes from?

"Mr. Valenti!"


Kyle and Michael pipe up both giving the teacher the most innocent look they can come up with, which still looks evil to me.

Isabel, Tess, Alex, Liz, Tess, and I try not to crack up.

I don't know how the eight of us ended up in the same class for three years in a row and not have burned Roswell Elementary down yet!

"I meant Mr. Kyle Valenti!" the teacher snaps turning her evil stare onto all 8 of us.

What is it with this lady and this whole Mr. and Miss business anyway?

"That would be me." Kyle raises his hand, " What'd I win?"

More muffled snickers and an even more colder gaze.

Haven't teachers learned their lesson from last year's disaster yet?

"Do you want detention?"

"Is that something to look forward too?"

More laughs.

The teachers gives him one more icy glare before righting DETENTION in really big letters and putting Kyle's name underneath.

"I wanna go too!" Michael whines, " If Kyle gets to go to this detention place, I should go too!"

Oh god.

Michael and Kyle share secret smiles and smirk at Liz. She gets the message and raises her hand.

OK so it's not just two Valenti horrors we have in this school. There's three, but Liz... she's diffenrent.

"Hey if my brother and cousin gets one, why not me?"

"Yeah, I should get one too. It's not fair that only Michael and Kyle and Liz get to go."

Maria yells trying not to crack up.

"Isn't it against the Constitution to do things for some people and not for others?" Alex pipes up grinning from ear to ear.

The teacher somehow can't shut up a group of rowdy kids. All she does is stare and right more names on the board.

Now she's got 7. All 7 of my (as the kids in the school call it) friends.

All of them are staring at me.

Do I look like I'm as crazy as them? Don't even answer that!

When the teacher turns her back around, Michael hurls a piece of paper at me and it bounces off my hand onto the floor...

... Only problem is, the teacher saw it bounce of my hand and onto the floor and now she's walking over, picking it up, and uncrumpling it.

She stares at it and turns red and glares at me.

Innocent me!

Michael and Kyle start laughing hard. They've turned red and they look like they want to roll on the floor in laughter.

"You want to be a comedian Mr Evans? Why don't you try joining your friends in detention after school today?!"





Great! I'm in trouble, I don't know what's so freakin' funny, and it's only the first day of the fifth grade.

I told you it was going to be a bad year.

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izzylizard There was an X-mas part. I think I posted it on the repost board so if ya want you could check it out there *happy*

Detention *Liz POV*
What do you get when you mix an old hag with a group of 8 unobedient and wild kids?


"When do we start that quiet time, ma'am?" Kyle grins staring at the clock.

It's been only 5 minutes into detention, but my moron for a teacher (somehow I get stuck with the idiots every year!) has already driven me crazy.

"Mr. Valenti, if you want to get out of here while you're still young, I suggest you quiet down."

"Why don't you talk English?" Tess stares at her hard.

"Quiet down. Is that understood!?"

Moron. Don't you think we can understand English?





"Do you want me to call no Principal in?"


"Nah, can you call Michael Jordan in instead?"


"You already said that."

She glares hard at all eight of us like we're a bunch of criminals on the loose and starts working on some papers again.

Michael hurls a piece of paper towards the teacher and starts cracking up.

I wonder if my brother has a conscience or if it's on vacation somewhere.

"That's it! I've had enough."

"Enough of what?"

"All eight of you let's go!"


"Road trip!"

"I ride shotgun!"

"I want silence."

Stupid idiot, silence isn't bought anywhere!



"Whatever you say!"

"I meant it!!"

"So did I!"

"Me too!"

"And me."

"Count me in too!"

She knocks on the Principal's door hard.

The fist day hasn't even been finished yet and she looks like she wants to kill all eight of us!

Wow, must be a record for us "hooligans" as I've heard so many teachers refer to us.

"These... these..."

Mr. Jones takes one look at us and sighs.

"Get in. Take your seats." He orders us and tells the teacher that's he's got it covered.

Ri-ight. We don't take orders from anybody!

He closes the door behind Max who's the last one to walk in.

"Can one of you explain how it is you eight are in my office on the first, THE FIRST-"

We're not deaf, damn it! We heard you the first time!

"-Day of school!"

"It was all his/her fault!"

Fingers start pointing all over the place and everybody's glaring at each other.

"Now do I have to call you parents?"

"No sir."

"And you'll never do this again?"


We all share a look. He's asking for the impossible and he knows it!

"Yes sir!"

"And you won't drive your teacher crazy?"

Another impossible! With all of us in one class, how can we resist?

"Yes sir!"

"Seeing that it's the first day, you eight are getting of on a warning. Is that understood?"

NOOO! Like we can't understand English!

"Yes sir!"

He gets up, opens the door, and off we go out to cause more trouble...

... Lectures like those never last in our heads!

Hope you guys liked it *big*
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Threats seem to work everytime with our group!

It's been one boring month since all our parents threatened they would punish us if they got one more call from the principal. Not just any punishment. NOOO they couldn't just ground us like any normal parent would. They were going to make us work in the Crashdown, the restaurant Liz and Michael's parents own, for a week!

ALL 8 of us. Together. Cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, waiting on people. In one room. Did I mention together?!

Now who wouldn't be scared of us 8 in that restaurant?!

So we've been like angels for the month, OK more like little demons disguised as angels.

Anyway today's the day before Halloween... by now I'm dying to do anything. Anything to break these rules!

"What are we doing for Halloween?"

"Try not to poke our eyes with sharp little sticks from boredom." Michael replied smiling sarcastically.

"I gotta go trick or treating with my little cousins," Max muttered laying back on the grass.

"Yea, we're stuck with a bunch of brats," Isabel pipes up frowning.

We're out at our usual hang-out. Right on the lawn in front of my house. We've been attached to this place partly because the guys can't get enough of my mother's pies and partly cuz hell, we have nowhere else to go!

"What's witta Maxie gonna dress up as?" Kyle smirked.

"At least I don't wear my Halloween mask all year like you Kyle."

"Evans, you better run!"

"Oh I'm so scared."

Kyle made a grab at Max's shirt, but Max being all smart and geek-like had already ran away in fear for his life.

"Anyone else going trick or treating?"

Gotta make a list of houses to avoid just in case any of them go. My Mom's got this crazy idea that since I'm growing older this will be my last year to be able to go ( I though last year was my last!) so she got the worst costume imaginable... A freaking little fairy with those little wings!

I'm going to die of shame if anybody sees me in it!

"We're helping at the Crashdown," Liz grumbled, " I'm stuck in one of those little waitress uniforms passing out candy."

So the Crashdown is outta the list, but it has been added onto Max's. I don't think she knows she just made his day just by mentioning she'd be dressed up in a little mini-skirt.

That boy is totally whipped.

"At least your human!" Michael groaned, " Dad and Mom are making me where the alien costume! The freaking alien!"

Wohoo, he's gonna me in those stupid alien costumes. Maybe a peek into the Crashdown won't hurt!

"I'm watching some horror movies," Tess grinned.

I hate her. Why can't Mom stop trying to humiliate me, and be all cool?!

"Crashdown duty." Kyle grumbles, " I swear, this Halloween is going to go down in history as the most boring!"

"What a bunch of dorks!"

That voice belongs to none other than Pam Troy, hoe extrordinaire!

"Don't you have corners to be at Pam?" I asked standing up and glaring at the little blonde slut.

As you can tell I hate her even more than I hate Michael and that's saying something.

"Are you saying I'm a slut?!" Pam screeched.

Oh god I shoulda brought ear plugs!

"You sure act like one." Tess replied.

Pam glared at all of us.

Little Ms. Priss whatcha gonna do now?!

"You all better watch it!" She huffed storming down the street.

Oh I'm so scared. What's she gonna do that I can't get revenge on?

"You know I think Pam just gave us something to do for Halloween." Liz grinned sitting back down on the grass next to Max.


Anything a Valenti comes up with usually leads to trouble.

"Halloween night when everyone's done what they gotta do... we're gonna be teppeing someone's house, and guess who that person's gonna be?" Liz smirked.


Alright! Screw the punishment! I don't care if I get in trouble because this, this is worth anything!

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scifidreamer Two parts!! I just counted them and two parts! Let's not hope it happens again*wink*. Anyway Liz and Kyle know about Michael's alien status. Michael doesn't know about Tess, Max, and Isabel, yet. Hope that answers your question *happy*

Teppeing 101 *Michael POV*
"Wake up!"


"Wake up!"

"I don't wanna."

"Michael, wake up!"

Don't you hate it when your sisters bug you when you're trying to get your beauty sleep? It's not a miracle that my hair looks good, I work at it ya know.

"Stupid, we're suppose to be meeting up with everybody right now!"

For what?! I just spent 3 hours being humiliated in that alien suit! 3 hours! Now she wants me to get up... Oh yeah!

"Coming." I mumbled groggily running my hand through my hair.

It feels like a mess. I peer into my mirror and I almost begin to scream.

Liz's hand clasps over my mouth, " Will you just fix it with your vodoo?"

"They're called POWERS. P-O-W-E-R-S." I muttered.

Her and Kyle think my powers are some sorta crap and undeserved ever since they found out about me being an alien.

"Whatever." She shoves me out the door. Too bad she isn't freaked by it. I know I'd be getting away with a lot of things if she were.

"Why are you wearing a tank top?" I stared at her outfit appalled. Baggy black jeans with a black tank top that showed a little of her stomach and was tight.

"Michael, we're in Roswell. It's hot. What am I supposed to wear?"

"Anything that will cover your skin would be nice."

She shot me a look as we got to the front door of the house. Why is it she's always giving me a hard time as her brother?

"Well, why don't you open the door with those powers?"

"Put on a sweater!"

"I don't have a black sweater."

"You can use mine!"


"If Max... "

"Michael he doesn't like me, just open the door."

"Will you two quiet down?"

I turned around and almost screamed as Kyle jumped up from nowhere with a flashlight under his chin making him look like a ghost.

"How'd you get in?"

"I have the key, remember? Now open the door with your powers so we won't make a sound!"


With a wave of my hand the door unlocks quietly and opens without creaking. I love my powers!

"Why the hell are you dressed..."

Liz shoots Kyle a look that could kill, " I don't wanna hear it!"

Kyle just glares back at her as we walk over to the corner where everybody's waiting.

"Hey pixie." I grinned at Maria. I had found her taking pictures of me in get this a little fairy suit.

I'm not going to let her live it down!

"Shut up, spaceboy!"

"Shut up both of you! We're all gonna get caught if you two don't quiet down!" Alex glared.

I stuck my tongue out at him and peered over at Max who was eyeing Liz with this twinkle in his eye. Oh I'm gonna beat him up so bad one of these days.

"Max you have anything else interesting to stare at other than my sister?!" I hissed glaring at him.

He ducked his head blushing like crazy.

"Max did you buy the toilet papers?" Liz asked while glaring at me.

Damn I thought she wasn't looking!

Max nodded and held out his backpack to show rolls of toilet paper.

"Who got the shaving cream?"

"What's that for?"

"We're spraying her bike up with it!"

"Alright. Shut up we're here!"

The Troys have one of the largest houses in Roswell, and they have more enemies than friends. I always hear Dad saying how much he hates Pam's parents because of something that happened when they were kids and their arrogance.

"Toilet paper ready?" Kyle whispered as if it were one of his football practices.

Everybody grabbed a roll each.

"Ready. Aim. Fire!"

You shoulda seen it! 8 rolls of toilet paper going over their house. It must have been 30 minutes later when we finished the job without waking anybody up.

"Shaving cream. C'mon." Liz hissed walking over to Pam's bike on the driveway.

So you musta noticed how much we hate her. Ever since we met her in the third grade, it was instant hatred. Not the way I hate Max for liking my sister. It was more of that I wanna kill you hate!

"OK, OK, c'mon. Shhhhhh!" Isabel whispered trying hard not to start cracking up as we slipped away from the house undetected.

5 blocks later...




Yup, that was us doing our little celebration dances.

"That little hoe won't know what hit her!"

"I can't wait to see the look on her face!"

"Max quit staring at my sister." OK, OK, OK even through it all I was still making sure Max would stop staring at her, but he wasn't! Those two are going to end up tiring me out when they hook up when they're older. Much.Much. MUCH older.

Maria walked over spraying with me shaving cream, " Take that, Michael!"

Nobody, and I mean nobody gets away with doing that to Michael Valenti. NOBODY!

I grabbed one of the bottles from Alex's backpack and tackled Maria onto the lawn of the house we were in front of.

"Nobody gets away with that, DeLuca!" I sprayed her with the shaving cream while she started laughing from under me.

Soon we were all on top of each other trying not to get covered in the cream, but failing misrably. Liz was trying to wiggle out of Max's grip as he sprayed a can of it on her face and tickled her mercilessly. Tess was running from Kyle whose hair she had messed up with a can of it and Alex had pinned Isabel down on the ground covering her up entirely with the can.

"Isn't it a little late for you kids to be out?"

There's a flashlight on us. This bright one. Is that one of Uncle Jim's deputies?


Caught * Kyle's POV*
Do you know what I hate about my father's office?

When I'm in it, I know I'm a whole lot of trouble.

"What were you 8 doing out in this ungodly hour?"

"Aren't you going to read us our rights... ugh... Sheriff?"

That's right my father's the Sheriff of Roswell. He's the freaking sheriff !

"Alex, you weren't arrested."

"Sir I might only be 10, but I know that we have the right to remain silent unless our attorney's our present."

Thank god one of us listens in history class!

"Yeah Dad Max is right... It's ugh... it's one of the amendments!"

"Kyle, when you're not living under my roof, under the house I pay for and eat the food buy and only when you become independent will I give you your rights! Right now, I wanna know why my son, nephew, neice, and their friends were out during 3 AM in the morning!"

"Yes sir!"

I didn't know whether to bow or salute him so I did both before sitting back down on my sit between Liz and Tess.

"Michael, Liz!"

And the parents start streaming in.

"MOM!" Michael and Liz run getting away from Dad's evil look for the time being.

Maria's mother strolls in looking as pissed as ever.

"Maria DeLuca!"

Maria doesn't need to be told twice and gets her butt over to where her mother is standing.


Maria grimaces as her mother goes on ranting and raving about the dangers of being out late at night.

Hello? This is Roswell. The smallest little town you've ever been in! But I don't say this cuz Mrs. DeLuca bakes the best pies in the whole world!

Tess's foster mother marching in next and she doesn't look oh so happy either.

Shouldn't they be happy that at least we didn't go out and rob a store or kill somebody?!

Tess is unfazed by the whole yelling and screaming bit. I give her a small smile when she turns around and sits back next to me. She returns it whole heartedly before staring back at my tyrant for a father.

Max and Isabel's parents come last and hoo boy I thought my Dad was pissed! Max's father was all red in the face and was screaming up a storm, and I do mean screaming. Dad had to calm him down a bit and before I knew it we all had our own little staredown.

The parents on one side and us kids sitting on the benches just staring back at them.

Whoever's going to blow it is dead.

"What were you kids doing out this late?"


"Miranda rights!" Liz mumbles staring at the ground and biting back the grin.

From the looks on their faces we might have to serve at least two months in the Crashdown... unpaid and overworked! Before we went on our escapade we shoulda checked up on child labor first!

"Sheriff," one of Dad's Deputies knocks on the door to his office with this look on his face, " Mr. Troy called screaming about his house."

And with that said the whole office erupted into fits of laughter, well from us kids of course.


"I just thought you would like to know it was covered in toilet paper and shaving cream."

Damnit Deputy couldn't you keep it to yourself.

The 8 of us start cracking up while we all share looks. Hey is it our fault we sometimes lack a conscience and can't tell what is right from wrong?

It finally dawns on Dad what the Deputy is talking about and his whole face turns bright red as he stares at us.

"D'you know what sorta trouble your in?! You can get..."

"But Dad, it was Pam's fault."

When all else fails, blame it on Pam and watch as your parents go easy on you!

Dad's face softens a bit and so does everybody elses.

"Put him on the line," Dad tells the deputy as he walks over to his desk and turns on the speaker.


"I want those... those.... those little monsters in jail. You here me, Valenti? Prison! This... This is an outrage."

I tried not to laugh. Really I did, but listening to Mr. Troy... well it set me off.

I was rolling on the floor along with Michael as he continued on his rant.

"They're.... they're menaces to society, Jim! That boy of yours and your brother's children and their friends. Menaces! Locked up! They should be locked up."

I'm laughing harder now. Tears are streaming down my eyes.

"Yeah, Mr. Troy, and maybe you can throw away the key and let us rot!" Michael howled.

"Are they mocking me?!"

"No, sir."


Uncle Jeff pulls us up and drags us out of the office so our laughs wouldn't be heard, but there's an amused smile on his face.

"I wanna see his face. That bald bitter old man must look like this." Michael continues on his laughter as he makes this face that makes me laugh harder.

Even Uncle Jeff is quietly laughing.

Yeah, there's something about the Troys.

There's more yells until complete silence falls in the office and they let Michael and I go in again.

"So what did he want? Lock us up in an asylum?" I asked sitting back on my seat.

"I don't know what that girl of his did to provoke you, guys, but what you did was wrong."

It was?

"I think we can all agree that you 8 will be helping clean the mess you made everyday afterschool until the job is done and you will be working 2 months in the Crashdown. Everyday afterschool and on the weekends. You can't go anywhere for two months either. NOWHERE!"

Told you.

"We understand." We say in unison sincerely.

Sincere is good. Sincere is the crap adults buy.

"We won't do it again." I nodded.

Ha did I say that?!

I don't really mean it... I hope the world knows I didn't mean it because by the time punishment is over... Look out world!

Edited cuz I'm a moron and didn't know the difference between toilet paper and paper towel

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Secret Identities *Tess POV*
"Max c'mon hurry up we need more dishes!" I grumbled as I sat on the stool for my 5 minute break.

It's been 6 weeks. 6 weeks since our punishment started. 2 weeks of the 6 were spent over at the Troys house cleaning up our mess while Mr. Troy screamed in the background about the 8 of us being dangers to soceity, how we all should be locked up in an asylum. Let's say we spent more time laughing than working there. And it's been a month in the Crashdown.

I wonder how we haven't died or any of these customers since it's the 8 of us and something is bound to go wrong.

"I'm hurrying!" Max glared hosing down the plates, " Hey your five minutes are up."

"No. I have four more minutes left." I grumbled.

I don't wanna go back out there! It's like a warzone except worse. All those hungry customers wanting to eat greasy, fat-filled Crashdown foood.

And all those teenagers out there watching your every move like your some sorta science experiment. I don't need to know what they're talking about. I can tell from their laughter and finger pointing they're laughing at the 8 of us working our asses of with no pay!

"It's Liz's turn for a break." Max mutters under his breath.

That's all this geek wants? To stare at Liz Valenti? Doesn't he already stare at her endlessly at school?

"Why don't you just kiss the ground she walks on literally, and put up hidden cameras in her room to watch her at every waking moment of the day?" I rolled my eyes, " You, Evans, are whipped beyond belief."

"I don't like her," He insisted, " We' she's that girl who doesn't piss me off as much as the rest of you do! I just thought she might want her break."

"Oh yeah and Santa Claus exists! Right Max."

"Will you just get out there?!"

"Make me."

Liz walked in eyeing Max and I oddly.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"Nothing much unless ya wanna jump in on the fun and tease Max about his crush who..."

Max kicked me on the shin.

"She's just lost it. The gas fumes are really getting to her," He explained turning bright red and glaring at me.

"Well, hurry up with those dishes will ya?" Liz sighed staring at the still unwashed dishes.

"If you two be quiet I'll go back to my work! And where's Kyle?! He's supposed to be helping me!"

"He's cleaning the bathrooms. Some little kid puked," Liz smirked walking out of the kitchen again.

"She didn't look like she needed a break, Maxwell or do you just wanna stare at her or up that mini-skirt?"

"Tess, shut up."

"Like I said before make me."

"What about you and Kyle?"

Hey, he doesn't have to play that card! What did I ever do to him? Other than bug him, tease him, smack him on the head occasionally.

"We're... He's Kyle. I don't know what you're talking about!"

"Oh and that wasn't you in class yesterday staring at him? Musta been another blonde haired blue eyed girl."

"Shut up."

"Make me."

The conversation just did a complete 180 didn't it?

I was about to wet him with water when it happened. I leaned over and all the plates came crashing down. A piece of it cutting my ankle.

Before I knew it I had bent down to heal it... right in front of Max Evans.

It was too late to stop it cuz my hand had already begun glowing. Stupid freaky silver glow!

"You're..." Max's amber eyes became huge as he tripped over some fallen glass.


I clamped my hand over his mouth thinking he was about to scream.

"I'm an alien. Yes, look please you've gotta... Max?"

He wasn't listening anymore he was pacing back and forth and talking to himself.

"This isn't possible. There can't be any others. There just can't be. There was only Isabel and me. Me and Isabel. The other two had died. They died... but if they... There's another one! Oh my god! There's more."

"MAX!" I began shaking him a little maybe give him a crash course back to reality.

"You're one of us."

I looked at him weirdly.

Had he not seen my powers? Had he not seen I'm not like him? Not human.

"You're alien like me!" He whispered.

Did I hear right???

"Yea, Max." I stared at him getting a creeped out look.

He bent down and waved his hand over the broken plates and before my eyes they became whole again.

OOOKKK, I've never seen a human do that before!

"How'd you... Holy crap you're an alien too!"

"So is Isabel."

"There's more out there?" I stared at him, and he just stared back.

"Hey, hurry up in here, Tess, your five minutes are up!" Liz mumbled walking in looking at Max and me suspiciously again, " You're not making out back here are you?"

I glared at her, " You think I'd go that low, Liz?"

She nodded as she sat on the stool.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ri-ight. Me? and Evans?

Not unless you want this planet blown up!

Aliens Galore *Isabel POV*
I stared at Max's window waiting for Tess to come. She's late!

"So she's alien?"

Max nodded not exactly paying attention to me. I followed his gaze and found myself staring at a picture of the group taken during the summer.

He's over at Planet Liz again. When is he ever not anyway?

"God, Max get over it already."

I can't believe I'm even related to him.

"I wasn't thinking about her."

Ri-ight. I just stared back at him.

"I wasn't! I was thinking about how many of us are out there."


"I'm not in-love with Liz Valenti!" Max screamed.

Mom popped her head in the door, " Everything OK in here?"

I nodded with a grin while Max turned 40 shades of red.

"Alright. You two better go to bed soon OK?"

"We will Ma, give us 5 minutes."

She closed the door behind her while I dissolved into fits of laughter. Having Max around making a fool out of himself isn't so bad.

"It's not funny."

"You shoulda seen your face."

"Hey what'd I miss?" Tess opened the locked window with her powers and slipped it.

"Crap, you are an alien."

"No Isabel I'm just a freak with powers."

"Well yea your that too."

She smiled sarcastically while taking a seat next to me.

"Hey were like one of those secret societies except our one isn't even human," Max grinned while Tess and I glared at him.

"What are we here for anyway?" Tess asked sitting next to me on the bed while staring at Max.

"What are you looking at me for?!"

"You, stupid, called this meeting!"

"I knew that."

"Was he thinking about Liz again?" Tess asked turning to me with a sigh.

I nodded while Max glared at the both of us. It is true! It's like he's lost it obsessing over her!

"Will you two shut up. Alright we have to make a pact that this secret stays between the three of us. None of our friends can find out about our alien status."

"Max do we look like idiots to you?"


A pair of pillows flew his way.

"You don't use your powers in public."

"No Max we're going to go out there and wave our glowing hands around screaming we're aliens." I mumbled sarcastically.

He shot me a look. Just cuz he's the one pulling the A's don't mean I'm stupid!

"We can't get tied down on earth, which means all three of us have to be ready in case the mothership wants to take us back." Max said seriously.

"Mothership? What are you?" Tess asked looking at him weirdly.

"Don't even ask." I shook my head.

"And we have to act normal."

"Isn't that too hard for you to do?"

He grabbed one of the pillows we threw at him and threw it at Tess.

"You shut up."

"Whatever oh fearful leader." Tess muttered.

Max glared at Tess as she continued to tease him about Liz and his state of obsession. The two of them hitting each other with pillows.

I'm going to be spending time with these two dorks?! What is earth coming to?!
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The Hazards of Packing *Alex POV*
"You know if you..."

"Alex just shut up and help me!" Liz glared as the both of us peered into her cloest again.

"You coulda called Maria, or Isabel, or Tess, or even Max, but NO you had to call me. ME!"

I stared at the dark haired, doe eyes girl next to me who's clearly lost it. My room is a helluva lot worse than this, and she's asking me. To help her pack and fix her room.

Yup, she's lost it.

With punishment over (which was cut short since it's the holidays), Michael, Liz, and Kyle were going to visit their grandparents. They're going to New York. New freaking York, the exact opposite of Roswell. Big city, lots of people, and away from the people we hang around with.

"C'mon, it's not that hard. We just have too... avoid anything that falls," she shrugged opening the door again, but quickly closing it as things started falling off.

The floor can be barely seen with clothes all over it even her bed is full of clothes.

"Easier said than done."

"I know."

We sit back on top of some of her clothes and stared at the closet.

"What's wrong with the clothes covering the floor."

"Those aren't good for New York City! It's cold, freezing cold."

"Yes, and you're going to be away from Max, Maria, Tess, and me for two weeks. You're complaining again about what?"

I stared at her with an eyebrow raised.

"You forgot to mention Isabel."



"You like her don't you."

"Liz help!"

We go running to Michael's room across the hall. It's not much better than Liz's with his Metallica posters on his wall and clothes of mostly dark coloring on the floor covering everything.

"Michael where are you?!" Liz screams.

It's like a danger zone. Maybe these two should put up a sign on the door of their rooms saying, Don't come in unless you wanna get hit on the head.

"In the closet. I'm in the sticking closet!"

I open the closet door only to have toys fall around me.

Wow, I think this room is just as bad or worse than mine!

"Where exactly?"

"In the pile of clothes."

"There are lots of piles in here."

His hand sticks out and we help him out.

"I am never going back in there!"

"Don't you two ever clean up?"

They stare at me like I've grown two heads.

"Are you serious?"

"What are you doing here anyway Whitman?"

"This lunatic called me over to help clean. I declare this place uncleanable due to health hazards."

Michael just stares at me like I've spoken some language he's never heard.

"Me no help. Place dangerous." I explained slowly.

What? Did he not understand that either?

"So we should get started." Michael grins as if we're actually friends instead of enemies.

"You must have fallen too hard because this place is dangerous. I don't know what you're growing under these clothes or what the hell is in here or what's gonna fall next"

Liz climbs over a pile of clothes and sits on it. I'm thinking that's where the bed should be, but who really knows.

"So this is a real problem ain't it Michael?"

They're sharing these two evil and wicked grins. Grins that are leading me to believe I shoulda stayed far away from their place today. Far, far, far away!

"Yeah. Alex is the only guy who's free today. Max and Isabel gone somewhere. Tess off in Alberquerque for the Christmas break. Kyle packing up himself. What are we going to do?"

You know that little voice inside your head you should listen to sometimes?

Yeah, since I spent time with the gang I sorta forgot to listen to that voice screaming Run for your life, Alex. Run. Run. Run

Stupid group.

"I don't know Michael maybe we could give Isabel Evans a call. See what she thinks and then maybe... you know, the topic of who's got this huge crush on her might slip into the topic."

"Yeah, but who knows. Maybe Alex has something else in mind."

They stared back at me with their trademark smirks.


You know that voice is still screaming run, but I can't hear it. Damn voice. Why can't it talk louder and sound like a kid instead of my mother?!

"Fine. I'll help," I groaned glaring at the two, " But if any of your things fall on me, I am gonna sue!"

"Whatever Whitman." Michael grinned grabbing some clothes and throwing it over at the corner.

I grab a pile of clothes and throw it over at the corner and something gooey drops on the floor. It's cold and it leaves something sticky on my hand.

"I've been looking for that!" Michael grabs it as if it's something to be happy for, " Cool."

Yup, I shoulda listened to that voice telling me to run.

Airplanes and Embarrasment * Liz POV*
Did I ever tell you how much I hate to be up on the air, miles away from the ground?

No? Well, I forgot to mention that to my parents before they stuck me in this flight with Dumb and Dumber. We're going to spending 3 more days than they are since they're not flying over til Christmas Eve.

It's probably punishment since Dad and Uncle Jim's parents are beyond scary.

"Liz, we're not gonna crash." Michael rolled his eyes.

Kyle stared at the window, " Oh my god look Liz we're falling, we're falling."

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Michael and Kyle start laughng hysterically while I grip tighter onto the seat.

"I'm going to get you back for that, watch it!"

God, what did I ever do to deserve this? I really didn't mean to drive my teachers crazy. They already were!

The plane starts shaking.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

"It's just turbulance." Michael explains trying to the crappy brother he is.

I glared at him, " I'm not stupid."

"We're not gonna crash. Look just ask her."

I stared at the teenager across the aisle from us.

"Hey Miss, we're not gonna die right?" Michael hollered at the teen dressed in all black with dark lipstick and black eye shadow.

"We all gotta die someday, kid. Maybe today's the day." She yelled back with a smile on her face.

I'll be good God. I'll be so frigging good you won't know it's me!

Well duh cuz it won't be you

Don't listen to that stupid voice inside my head! I'll be good.

Hell, I've been good the three hours I've been on this flight! Isn't that enough?

The planes starts coming down. We're gonna die!

"The plane is now on its descent to JFK airport."

I knew that. C'mon this is me, I didn't think we were crashing when the plane was landing.

I can see the land coming closer and closer. When I get off this flight, remind me never to step on another airplane again!

Kyle and Michael are yelling and screaming about how much of a wuss I am as we step of the airplane.

"You shoulda... What the hell?!" Kyle's eyes grow wide and he turns red.

There's this huge sign that Grandpa is holding. Freaking huge sign with the words:

Welcome to New York! And our freaking pictures on it.

On second thought, that plane is looking real nice right now.

Grandma spots us staring at the sign in horror, but dismisses it and hugs the three of us and kisses us in front of hundreds of people!.

Is it really necessary to embarass your grandchildren?

"That... that's not us up there." Michael tells a girl walking by giggling. Pointing and laughing at him.

Maybe they just noticed his haircut and not our pictures.

"Nope, those are our twins," Kyle joins along while trying to grab it from behind Grandpa.

"How was the plane ride?"

"Can you put the poster down?!"

"I told you they wouldn't like it." Grandpa glares at Grandma, " I told you, but no you just kept on yapping and ignoring me! That's all you do... Yap, yap, yap, yap..."

"Oh hush, they love it don't you kids?" Grandma turns to the three of us. I'm not really mean to old people, but my grandmother, she scares the hell outta me! " It's kinda welcoming isn't it."

We just stare at her before nodding our heads.

"Oh yeah, it was great."


Kyle gives her a thumbs up while forcing a grin on his face.

"It was uh very welcoming."

Michael tries to keep a smile on.

"Good, good," Grandma nods, " Now how about we go and eat something for lunch."

Finally something that actually sounds good.

"... I made some really good food at home. You'll love it. All vegetables. It'll be good for growing children."

Damn! This vacation is going to be so long.

Alone with Girls *Max POV*
They've been gone for one week.

One freaking week without nothing to stare at. One freaking with only Maria, Tess, and Isabel to hang out with.

With Alex taking a vacation somewhere in the mountains, I have to suffer being with 3 girls.

3 girls all at once...

... It's like I've been sent straight to hell.

"Max are you paying attention?!" Tess snaps as she drags me over to another store following Isabel and Maria.

It's really unheathy for a guy to be shopping with girls to long. You begin learning things you shouldn't. You know things like how to apply nail polish, the different colors there are, scary things like that.

"Which one looks better?" Maria asks holding two blouses up just as I come in.

I just stare at the ground.

This ladies and gentlemen, is what torture is.

I can't believe I've been doing this for a week. The girls have decided to waste all their money they got at Christmas today. Well, what's left of it anyway.

"Maxwell!" Maria screams at me.

"I hate that name."

"Liz calls you that, sometimes." She glares still holding up the two blouses and advancing at me.

I mutter a very colorful four letter word under my breath while glaring at her.

I can't believe Liz has been gone for a week! I miss how her hair smells like strawberries and her eyes and... ugh, Tess was right. I'm an obsessed man.


I leaned against the wall staring at the blouses before Mount Maria erupted once again at me.

"Er... that neon pink isn't exactly your color and the style of the shirt sucks..." I told you it was unhealthy for me to hang around them too much. " I like the light blue shirt. It's nice..."

I held my breath waiting for her to say something and strained my ears to listen to that familiar giggling behind me.

Those would be the humans in the store who find this torture funny.

"I thought so too. Thanks Max." She grins as if nothing happened and hurries back into the dressing room just as Tess comes out dressed in an all black outfit.

"That is definitely your color. Now add little tentacles, a horn, and grab a pitchfork and you'll be in your true form," I smirked.

She smacked me in the head.

"Do you want your life or not?!" She hissed almost landing a kick to my head, but thank some mighty alien up in space I ducked just in time.

Damn the karate lessons she takes.

"Not since you three invaded it," I yelled after her as she disappeared back into the dressing room.

Some people really can't handle the truth!

Two hours of torture later...

They spent two hours picking a shirt and matching pants. Two freaking hours!

I don't get how they can manage to do that. Spend half the time we spent in the mall in a clothing store... just picking two pieces of clothing.

They're crazy. That's what they are.

"Now wasn't that fun?" Isabel smiles. The look on her face is daring me to say something like No, it was hell (which it really was!)

"Of course, a guy like me enjoys his time helping girls pick out their clothes," I mumbled sarcastically all giving them looks of death.

All three of them witches roll their eyes at me while grabbing a table in the food court.

A group of girls two or three years older than us walk by our table giggling... probably at me!

Yeah, did I forget to mention that since I've been spending quality time with the three witches, they've been giving me make overs too.

Like today, my hair was filled with gel, mouse, and a bunch of other gunk that kept it really spiky. They made me wear this honest to God ugly freaking white shirt with a pair of my faded blue jeans. I also had to wear this silver chain around my neck.

They treat me like some frigging doll and make me look like a dork- against my own will!

"Max, you've gotta help us pick out more make-up next time. You were so great at it today." Maria says LOUDLY just as the group of girls pass by.

They all stare at me and dissolve into fits of laughter just as I slide down my chair wishing I could use my powers in public right about now.

Is this torture going to end anytime soon?!

Getting Even *Michael POV*
We visited every famous tall building including the Empire State Building. We froze our asses of going to the Statue of Liberty and I even had flashes of pushing Max from the top if he ever tried hitting on Liz again.

We went to Ellis Island, Time Square, Rockefeller Center, that big Macy's store, and some other buildings in Manhattan.

Not once did I see a huge apple.

What's the point of naming the city the Big Apple if they seriously lack some BIG apples!

Isn't that called false advertising?

I don't know why I'm thinking about that when I've got other things to worry about. Like where the hell Liz has disappeared to.

See, Dad and Uncle Jim decided they just had to get away from Grandpa and Grandma's constant nagging and bickering so they took us to the park that's about two blocks away from Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Oh yeah did I mention there's about 2 inches of snow on the ground? It snowed last night so by the time we woke there was white stuff everywhere.

Yeah so that's why I'm worried about where Liz has gone to while trying not to freeze my ass of.


I clasp a hand around Kyle's mouth before he gives away my position to the enemy. Liz is probably thinking up some sorta plan to get back at us or something.

She's been quiet for a couple of days now. That's a bad sign...

... A very, very bad sign.

"What are we doing?"

I'd expect a stupid question like that from Max or Alex, but not my cousin so I give him this weird look.

"Hiding from Liz."

"You're scared of a girl?! Of your own little sister?!"

Kyle must have been out in the cold too long cuz he's forgotten what Liz is like when she's really set her mind to getting back at someone.

"It's Liz... who wouldn't be scared?"

He thinks for a minute, and groans.

"We're dead aren't we?"

I place a finger to my lips to quiet him before he begins ranting as Dad walks by the tree we've climbed. Him and Uncle Jim start talking again about something, but I can't really here so we just sit up here quietly.

Damnit, I gotta go bathroom.

"Dad can we go home now?!"

Liz comes running from where ever she was at all out of breath. Is that an evil smile on her face?!

"I'm freezing cold!"

Dad says something before they start walking slowly away.

It was! It was an evil smile!

Wait, wait, wait... they're not actually going to think of leaving us do they?

Haven't they heard stories?! You can get jumped here!

"Where's Michael and Kyle?!"

Good ol' Dad of course he wouldn't forget about us. He cares about us too much.

Wohoo, Liz's plan ain't gonna work...

"They left already. They were really cold so they walked back home."

"Aw jeez, they didn't even come to tell us?!"

"They were too cold."

No. No... They're not gonna leave us. C'mon Liz you wouln't do this to us. She wouldn't leave us here hanging on a tree. Kyle and me could get jumped walking home by ourselves!


They don't turn around.


They're too far away to hear us, now.

When I get down here, I'm gonna kill her!

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They're Back *Maria POV*
You know there are some days where you just don't want to get up from your bed because you know what day it is?

That's today. That's today and everyday after today because guess what, Michael came home yesterday.

The bonehead came home around midnight and had the nerve to call me around that time!

Does he think I would be ecstatic to see him?!

He called me sounding happy and perky... and I'm gonna kill him the next time I see him!

"Maria hurry up, you're going to be late!"

If the first thing you hear in the morning is your mother's voice screaming about school, then you know the day is going to be beyond bad.

Oh well, might as well make the most of it.


Yeah, yeah I here ya. I just don't wanna get up.

I'm still in my bed. In my PJ's. Trying to fall asleep. But my mother's voice is loud.

C'mon school can't be here already! I still need a week... no a year.. no a decade... how about we just not have school?


Now she's at the door glaring at me.

Is it a sin to hate school now?!

"Your friends are already downstairs waiting for you! Get up!"

"I don't have friends!"

"Michael, Liz, and Kyle here!"

I would love to point out that they don't count as friends because I'm forced to hang out with them, but she gives me that Get-up-or-else look so I'm forced to get ready for school and meet up with the three hellions downstairs.

"Hey." Michael smiles like it's gonna be a happy day.

Kyle and Liz are sorta just standing there staring into space looking as bored as ever. Yay, at least I'm not the only one looking at life in a bad way today.

"I said HEY!" Michael says louder.

Did I mention I'm about ready to lunge at him?! If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be so sleepy. I woulda gotten some sleep if it weren't for him calling at midnight all freaking happy!

"Do you have a watch?!" I growl sitting down at the table.

What happened to my breakfast?!


"Do you know what time you called me last night?!"


My mother glares at me like I'm the one at fault here. It was all Michael's fault.

See my motto in life... if you're in trouble, you blame it on Michael!

"Get going, you kids will be late!" Mom scoots us all out the door.

"My breakfast!"

"Maria, get going."

She slams the door in my face and what follows is Michael's laughter.

Yeah, I'd love to wipe that grin of his face.

"I thought you'd be happy to have me back," Michael smiles innocently when he notices I'm not laughing and still glaring at him.

I laugh sarcastically. When that happens, the world would have ended and hell woulda frozen over.

He just shrugs and the four of us began our trudge to school.

Left... Right... Left... Stop.

"Hey Alex."

I don't have to look up to know that he's joined the group and that there's now 5 of us walking in silence.

Yup, it's like this everyday. It's the 5 of us walking to school. Meeting up with Max and Isabel and Tess at the door, walking into the school, walking into the building, and taking our respective seats all the while trying not to create havoc!

"Who pissed of Hurricane DeLuca?!"

Alex's eyes fall on Michael immediately when silence is the only answer her receives. Hell, it's no surprise, Michael can just stand there and piss the world off!

"It wasn't me!"

Hahaha... Right.

"Anyway I heard that Mrs. Gonzalez is subbing for Mr. Jones as principal for the week." Kyle grins slowing down our already sluggish trudge.

"Yeah?" Michael looks around the school parking lot. We're late-as always, and Max and Iz and Tess haven't even showed up yet.

"She's an idiot so we should have no problems this week!" Liz pipes up.

"Complete dumbass!" Kyle agrees.

There they go making fun of teachers again! Isn't it enough they torture these poor teachers?! Isn't it enough...

Oh wait I do it too... and boy is it fun!

"Isn't that her car?!" We sit on the steps not caring that we could be 10 minutes late already.

Can you tell we don't like school much?!


"It looks really clean."


Michael, Kyle, and Alex sit there staring at the red shiny car in thought. Well, as much as they can think with that brain they have!

"It looks too clean." Alex agrees dropping his bag on the steps.

"Maybe Max and Isabel and Tess already went inside."

No help, the guys and Liz are too attracted to that red car to even take a small step towards the school.

I drop my bag and follow them. There's only a total of four windows over looking the Faculty Parking lot, and c'mon, we lovable kids won't be snitched on right?

Michael grabs a piece of dirt and sorta smears in on the car. It doesn't look very shiny anymore.

"I dunno it kinda needs more of this..."

"And this..."

"And.... Shit, let's go! Someone's looking!"

We took off like our lives depended on it back towards the front steps, grabbing our backpacks, and running into the building.

I can hear screaming in the background coming from the outside and I can't seem to wipe off that smirk just as we enter the classroom.

My mother's right, we're a bunch of little terrors!


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New Year? Crappy Year *Kyle POV*
"You're late."

The teacher lowers her glasses and glares at the 5 of us.

Max, Isabel, and Tess are already in there seats. They made us wait outside for nothing?! Wait... not for nothing... we got to screw up a car!

"We can tell time," Liz nods.

She stares at the five of us for a couple more minutes before (finally) letting us sit in our seats.

Did I mention she creeps me out?

She's always looking at us like we, we cute little children, are bad little demons.

"Well as I was saying before I was interrupted."

"You know if you were doing something important you could've just let us wait outside. We wouldn't have minded."

Any minute away from her is greatly appreciated.

"Now that it is a New Year I would like to switch some seats, and I would like the behavior in this room to change. Is that understood?"

She stares at our group of eight.

"Are you implying that we have bad behavior?"

She stares at me with her evil eyes. You'd think she was like Michael and have super powers with the way she looks at me.

"No, Kyle, I know you have bad behavior."

Wow, well she's certainly grown a spine!

"And since I'm talking to you, I'd like you to come sit up front."

Not the front! Anything but the front! Please!

Everybody knows it's the geeks who get the front row. The front means the teacher can look at you all she wants. The front means I can't cause much undetected trouble!

"Do I hafta?"


She points to the seat that Tommy use to occupy.

"But Tommy likes it there better!"

I trudge their and sit in my seat.

I hate teachers.

She moves everybody around, and makes sure the eight of us are not close.

I'm sitting next to Pam "Slut" Troy. Pam Troy!! This isn't fair!

Pam smiles at me and I just stick my tongue out. Does she not get the fact that I don't like her?!

"Today, I have a writing assignment for you."

She turns her head around and writes on the board.

The Truth

If she wants to know the truth about herself, I can tell her the facts straight out. She's an old bitter woman who doesn't know a great kid like me even if he or she is right in front of her!

"I'm going to pair you up and you're going to write something good about the person that has to be true! I want a page, and you'll present it to the class!"

She looks at the eight of us again pointedly as we groan.

Why do I get the feeling that we're being accused of something here?!

"You'll be working with the person right next to you. That means Kyle you'll be working with Pam. Tommy will be working with James, and so on."

No... no the horror!

Pam turns around and grins.

I look at her then turn to the teacher, " What if there's nothing good about the person you have to write about?!"


She glares at me from her desk while I stare back.

I know, I know we've only been out of punishment for a couple of weeks and I'm already getting myself into deeper trouble. But I can't help it!

My work is not complete until there's is mass chaos!

"What if it's the negative traits that he finds a compliment," Alex speaks up.

He got paired up with Paulie.

"You two quiet down and start your work."

"But what if they have no good traits. What if..."


As soon as she says it a clutter of pencils drop from the back. Liz, Max, Tess, and Alex had dropped 3 or 2 pencils on the ground each.

She turns her evil old gaze from me to them.

"My pencil dropped!" Liz said trying to muster up an innocent look.

"I heard."

Her jaw is clenched and oh boy is that a vein I see throbbing on the right side of her forehead?

Work is almost done for the day!


This time I drop my pencil on the ground and the rest of them follow my example.

"It was an accident!"


Courtney's one of Pam's evil henchwomen... she follows everything Pam does. Is annoying as Pam. And follows exactly what the teacher tells her to do.

She doesn't need to use her head to figure out it's the eight of us again being sent to that principal's office for the fifth time in this school year.

Like I said, my work is not complete until there's choas and from the look of things. It's more than complete!

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Punishment *Tess POV*
"Think of it this way. Punishment won't start til two weeks from now," Alex mutters hurling a rock at the ground.

"Yeah... we've got to weeks before hell comes around, great. You know that makes me so happy." Michael mumbles sarcastically.

We're all walking towards the Crashdown. We sorta gave up on hanging around the front of Maria's house ever since Pam and a bunch of other annoying people kept passing by.

"Detention for a month is looking really good right about now."

"Don't remind me."

So we're all not that happy with what the stupid lady subbing for Mr. Jones gave us.

I mean who would?!

Standing around like idiots. Actually going and having to be part of it!

That just sucks big.

"She's such a...." Max mutters under his breath.

And everbody choruses with a Hell yea!

Max pushes the door to the Crashdown open and we all walk towards our favorite booth. Right in the back where no one really tries to bother you.

"Hey, Mrs. Gonzalez called." Michael and Liz's mother walk up to our table smiling.

Does she enjoy torturing us too?

"I'm glad you're enjoying this cuz were not."

"Aw c'mon you guys don't have to pretend."

We stare at her like she's grown another head or is an alien. Maybe there was static on the phone and she didn't hear right or maybe the world's turned upside-down.

"She told me how you eight volounteered for it."


She told her what?! Wait this is going to far! She's trying to ruin are reps!

"Yeah, that you guys we're so excited in going," she gushes on, " Oh, we've gotta go shopping."

She's staring at Michael and Liz you know with that sparkle of pride in her eyes.

This was worse than we thought.

"Mom, mom you've got it all wrong!" Liz shakes her head this look of dread on her.

She just walks away leaving our table in utter silence.

"Are we on the right planet?" Kyle mutters.

"If she's gotten hold of all our parents... then..."

"I saw we kill her-"

"-This must be what hell-"

"-WE can't kill her, but we can-"

"-I'm not doing crap-"

"- gonna have to wear nice clothes!"

"Nobody wants to-"

"-we're gonna die-"

"- the Valentine's Day dance!"

Yeah, fine laugh, but that's what our hell-like punishment is. Having to decorate for the stupid crappy dance. Having to be going to the Valentine's Day dance, actually going to have to act like we're having fun...

Actually going to do something good for the school!

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Day Before Valentine's Day *Isabel POV*
"I'm going to die soon."

"I'd be happy to kill you myself."

Max just glares at me while he looks over at the Valentine's Day cards in my hand.

Is it my fault I want to find the perfect one for the people I hang around with?

One that would make them laugh, and not scare them to death like Kyle and Michael are planning to do. I saw the crap they put in their cards, bugs that would pop up, something that sounded like gunshots when you opened them, and anything else they got their hands on in the joke shop.

"We have to decorate the gym for the dance, I'm forced to wear clothes Mom picked out, and now you're forcing me to actually... to actually pick out a Valentine's Day card for the group?!"

Everybody's been unusually unhappy about V-day especially the guys.

I dunno why. I find it amusing that the boys have to clean up nice for a day!

It's not like it's going to kill them... well maybe Michael cuz that boy has no fashion sense.

"You already picked out a card for Liz!"

"That's different."

"Of course it is!" Tess rolls her eyes handing Max and me a can of soda each while looking over the Valentine's Day cards all over my bed, " Which one did you pick anyway?"

Max turns red and tries to change the subject.

Keyword in that sentence is tried.

"Oh here." I toss the card Max had picked out himself over to Tess while he tried to tackle me down.

"Give it here Tess."

"Oh how cute... Dear Liz, Will you be my Valentine? Love, Your Secret Admirer" Tess reads aloud smirking at Max.

"Gimme it, Tess!"

"Aw, you gonna give it to her anonymously and I bet you're gonna give her flowers and chocolate too huh?"

"Gimme it!"

Max glares at Tess and me while he retreats to the chair he had been sitting in, staring at the cards again.

"Fine I already have them picked out, Isabel, can I go back to my room now?"

He looks at me pleadingly. He even tries to use those puppy dog eyes on me.

Hey, hey, hey I used that first! You can't use MY techniques against me!

I would feel sorry for him, though. I would...

... If I actually had the heart, to not torture my baby brother.


He groans and sits back down knowing he'd be defeated anyway if he tried to put up a fight.

"I wanna see what style you should have your hair tomorrow."

"I'm not your barbie doll!"

His comment goes ignored as Tess and I flip through magazines while he grumbles to himself in the corner.

"Now this looks like a torture chamber." Liz looks over my room and grins at Max trapped in the corner staring at Tess and me in panic.

He shoves the card he had been holding under my bed and turns bright red even to the tips of his ears.

"What ya doing here?"

"The person formerly known as my mother is talking to yours about the upcoming dance." She explains grimacing, " She's chaperoning for it."

Wow, I think it's safe to see. Her life sucks more than mine! Ha!

"Oh. You wanna help?" Tess grins holding up one of my magazines, " We're trying to find a hairstyle good for Max."

Max is shaking his head with this look of horror on his face. He shouldn't have done that.

"Yeah c'mon Liz it'll be fun won't it Max?" I grin turning to my brother who's frozen still.

"Yeah," Max mumbles sarcastically, " Complete fun."

When Liz turned around, Max glared at me and I swear if looks could kill I'd be dead by now. Fortunately, it doesn't and my brother is still going through torture.

"Hey you know what would be so cute on you?" Tess smiles wickedly, " If you pierced you ear one day. Don't you think he'll look cute Liz?"

Max has this look on his face like he doesn't wanna know what Liz thinks of him.

"Yeah, Max you'll look even more adorable than you do now." Liz smiles at him unaware of what kind of image she has just set in my brother's little brain.

He tries to hide his grin, but it shows and I swear if she weren't standing 3 ft. away from him he would be doing cartwheels, back flips, and front flips screaming: She thinks I'm adorable!

"Yeah? Really?" He smiles.

God he is so obvious. Why is she not picking up on the signals?

"She said you look adorable already! Are you deaf?"

He glared at me as his ears turned pink again.

"What if I am is there something wrong with that?"


Liz and Tess stayed silent not getting in between our little brother and sister squabble, which is smart. You do not wanna get in between me when I am having mental flashes of seriously hurting my brother when he's annoying.

"Gee Isabel I didn't you already had that monthly thing." Max glared.

You could almost see the fire blazing in my eyes. I am going to pound that boy inches to his death!

He took off with me not far behind and Liz and Tess trailing behind just to watch something that would look close to WWF Smackdown.

"I'm gonna kill you!"

"Isabel, it's a sin to kill! I'm shocked and displeased by your... AH!!!!!!"

He ducked as the magazine almost hit his head.


"I'm sorry mom, but a world without Max is better!"

I almost reached my brother when Dad came in and stopped me. Doesn't he know the trouble I'm saving him for killing Max?

"Not today." He shook his head while Max hid behind him sticking his tongue out at him mouthing the words crazy little asshole.

Tonight that boy better sleep with one eye open!

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Decorating *Alex POV*
"The balloons look crooked, Alex."

"I'm tired!"

"They're crooked."

She pouts and stares really hard into my eyes.

I swear to God, Isabel Evans has this spell on me!

"Later." I groan looking around the gym to see how much progress we've made.

Suprisingly it's none.

See, today's Valentine's Day. The dance is in 3 hours and guess what?

The gym isn't even close to ready.

Max and Michael are suppose to put the banner at the door up, but they haven't started that.

Kyle, Tess, Liz, and me have been taping up balloons. Maria and Isabel in charge with making sure there's enough paper cups and plates and all that other junk, and the grown-ups who's also helping are in charge of everything else they haven't made us do. They're over at the DJ booth trying to figure out what they did wrong with the wiring right now.

So there's not been much progress.


She takes a seat a couple of inches away from me on the floor.

Does she have to be that close?

"I forgot to give you your Valentine's Day card."

I just stare at the ground. I think I know that!

"Whatever. Valentine's Day sucks anyway."

She inches closer to me so we're sitting like right next to each other. Skin touching.

"Uh... well I kinda have it here, but if Valentine's Day sucks for you..."

I knew it. She couldn't forget me!

I mean you don't go giving Michael, Kyle, Liz, Maria, and Tess cards and not me! ... right? Or is she just practicing her flirting skills like she does with Kyle and Michael?

"No. No. I'd wanna keep it."

Did I sound to hopeful?

"I'll give it to you if you straighten out the balloons now."

I glare at her.

I can't help it. She knows exactly what to do to get her way!

"It can wait."

She doesn't move from her position next to me.

She knows I like her doesn't she.

She knows. Oh god, she knows! I'm going to die in humiliation!

"Hey you two get up. We haven't finished!" Michael screams glaring at us.

"You took your break! Our turn!"

"Isabel you haven't done any work! You just walk around acting like those people in World War II we learned about today!"

Isabel gets up and advances at Michael while he runs towards the adults in the gym to keep from being beaten up.

Did he have to ruin my fun?

Our gym still looks pretty crappy. I know the dance is gonna be even crappier.

"You didn't even fix the balloons!"

"Isabel give it up! I'm not going to. It's fine the way it is."

Maybe if you beg a little more I'll do it!

"Fine I'll fix it. Here's your card."

She sounds annoyed as she gets up on the chair and tries to fix the balloon while she threw the card at me.

Is she pissed at me?

I shove the card into my pocket. I can read it later. I can't believe she's pissed at me!

She's almost done fixing the crooked balloons when the chair sorta wobbles.

It was like in the movies. Everything's in slow motion.

She fell on top of me and we both landed on the floor with her on top of me.

You know like in the movies where the girl and guy stare at each other and they kiss, but she didn't kiss me.

She just sorta muttered some curses and got up of me and helped me up.

Did you know Isabel's got really nice eyes, and her hair smells like flowers, and...

"Alex, ya in there or did you hit your head hard?"

I just stare at her and wipe that dreamy smile of my face while she looked at me weirdly!

I always knew helping out the school was dangerous!
OK the next part will probably out on Thursday, Valentines day...

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Dances Suck Anyway 1/2 *Max POV*
"I look geeky."

"You look nice." Mom tries to make me feel better as she stares at my reflection in the mirror.

If she starts crying and talking about how fast I'm growing up, I am so out of here!

I stare at my reflection again.

I do look like a dork. I have my hair all gelled down thanks to Isabel. Khaki pants, nice black shoes, and a black button-up shirt.

I look really stupid!

"You're growing up so fast. I still remember when you were so small."

I start heading towards the door.

"Mom, I'd love to chat, but I really gotta go. We've gotta be early for last minute stuff."

Of course I'm lying, but when parents get emotional on me... I head for the hills.

Mom nods still with that teary smile.

I'm really getting uncomfortable here!

"Isabel, we gotta go!"

Isabel comes out in this red dress grinning at me like it was the most exciting day of her life, " I can't wait!"

I roll my eyes at her. Why is she so happy anyway?!

Dad drives us to the school gym a little too fast. It was like one minute we were in our driveway the next we were in front of the gym and my heart was pounding, and my head was spinning, and Liz was standing there with Michael frowining, but still looking really... OK gotta get hold of my thoughts now.

"Max hurry up."

Isabel grabs my arm and practically drags me towards Liz and Michael.

"What are you so happy about?" Michael growls at Isabel.

I try not to laugh when I see how Michael's actually made his hair presentable tonight.

Isabel just rolls her eyes and walks into the gym with the three of us trailing (and grumbling) behind her.

Isabel must enjoy being in hell because this is what it is.

It's complete and utter hell... and little did I know it was just about to get worse...

"Michael come over here!"

Michael and Liz's dad, who's gonna be chaperoning us tonight too, is standing a few feet away with a camera. Oh lord no. It's bad enough were here, but is evidence really necessary?

"C'mon you three. Smile and act happy."



Glad that's over. Now 2 more hours of hell to go. 2 hours of sitting around watching people dance and trying to keep my secret to myself...

... I can't dance.

Yeah, that's my other deep dark secret. I can't dance for crap.

"Michael, let's dance!" Maria's joined us in the corner just standing there complaining to ourselves.



"No. It's lame."

"It's not! Michael, I swear, if you don't I'll tell them..."

Oh this sounds interesting, but Maria doesn't get far in the sentence and Michael's quickly dragged her to the middle of the gym and dances with her.

Hahahaha. Too bad for him.

OK you know how I said it was going to get worse... this is the part where it does...

"Hey did you see anybody by my desk yesterday?"

Liz and me are the only ones left at the corner. Kyle and Tess haven't arrived yet. No surprise there. Those two are late for practically everything!

"No why?"

I'm forced to stare into her eyes and you know that cereal with those three little elves? That's what happens to my thoughts... snap, crackle, and pop.


"... Why?"

Tess and Kyle have come in and Tess has already dragged the poor guy into the dance floor. Guess, she was a lot more excited about this thing than she was letting on.

Hopefully unlike them... I'll survive this without dancing.

"Uh... I just wanted to know who left me that...." She mumbles the last words under her breath and blushes a bit.

Keep that grin of your face.

Keep that grin of your face.

Keep. that... damn... the grin just showed.

"What are you smiling about?" She stares at me curiously.

My head's still spinning and my hearts still pounding. Wonder if she can hear it?

"Nothing. Who do you think left it?"


"The thing."

"I dunno."

"You can tell me. I won't go tell anybody."

She stays quiet a bit and just watches most of the population of our school dancing and talking to each other.

Please say she thinks its me. Please. Please. Pretty Please.

"I dunno maybe Paulie or Tommy."

WHAT?! No. She can't think those knuckleheads came up with... with... with what I did!

"Yeah? You think they have crushes on you?"

Don't sound pissed.

Don't sound... why is she glaring at me?

"What the hell are you mad about about?"


I walk away from her and head for the door.

Jeez, I can't believe she can think the dumbest of the dumb could come up with something like what I did! How can she?

This is not fair.

See I told you the dance got worse!

Dances Suck Anyway 2/2 *Max POV*
I'm sitting here.

I dunno exactly where here is because I am so pissed at Liz.

She can't think Tommy or Paulie came up with it can she?

What signals are they putting off huh? None that's what!

"Max, you're supposed to stay inside."

It's Michael and Liz's dad. This cannot get worse. I mean that's what I figured you know. You're stuck in a dance wearing dorky clothes, the girl you're obsessed with just thought some other guy likes her, what else can go wrong?

"I know. I know I was just thinking."

We start walking towards the gym until I open my friggin big mouth. I have been hanging out with Maria way too much!

"I have a question, sir, see I like this girl. I like her a lot..."

Can you believe how stupid I have become?!

"... She's really cool, but I... I can't figure out without spazzing out how to talk to her."

He just shakes his head and smiles at me.

"Aren't you too young to be thinking about girls?"

"I really like her sir."

I cannot believe this.

I cannot believe I have become as stupid as Michael and Kyle!

"For starters you can ask her to dance..."

That's as far as he got with talking with me after we entered the gym.

Michael and Kyle began running towards him away from Maria and Tess who looked as pissed as hell.

OK, I have to ask her to dance... I gotta ask her to dance... After she finishes dancing with freaking Paulie.

The song's going to be over soon. Gonna be over soon.

It's over and she's heading towards me.

She's right in front of me.

Say something you moron!

"H-hey." Smooth.

"Where'd you go?"


I shove my hands in my pockets and stare at the ground.


"So you... ugh... what... Paulie... um..." I told you I completely go crazy when I have to really, really talk seriously with her.

"It wasn't him or Tommy."


I would so do some sort of happy dance, but remember I can't dance!

She nods her head.

I can do this. I can do this. I can ask her to dance with me...

"So who do you think it was?"


"It was probably just someone playing a joke."

No. No. That's not true! C'mon why does she have a hard time believing it could've been me? What does she want me to do? Throw myself at her feet and scream I like her?!


I can do this. I can.

"So... um... would... you... are... Youwannadance?"

I push away some bangs falling in front of my eyes, and stand on one foot and stare at the ground.

I'm going to end up looking like a total dork.


Wait did she jsut say OK? Did she just say OK?!

Am I in the right place here?

I'm walking towards the dance floor with her. Wait... what the hell have I just done?

I can't dance... I don't know how to dance... I'm going to die.

Anybody wanna come to my funeral? And you better not just be there to make sure I'm dead!

"I... I just remembered something." Breathe. In. Out. Remember breathing is important! " I sorta don't know how to dance."

She stops for a minute...

...Please don't let me die. Please...

"Fine c'mon."

She's heading for the door! Alright you can cancel that funeral!


"Hey, we can't go out."

She tries to pull of an innocent look. " Says who?"

I am not gonna get roped into trouble. I won't. I have a mind of my own...

Damnit! I took the step.

Now we're outside... All alone... And it's quiet, and she's sitting too close.

"So you really can't dance?"

I shake my head.


Awkward silence. OK think of something to say. Think of a nice conversation that won't have me looking like a complete moron.

"You... y-you...youlooknice."

I am an idiot! Now she's looking at me like I'm some weird person. Great going Max!

"Uh... thanks... I guess."

"What I m-meant was... um... w-well... y-you s-see..."

Great. Just great. I'm alone for the first time with the girl I've been obsessed with since I've been stuck on this planet and what do I do?!

I completely screw up!

Must be some defect in my alien genes!

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Gift of Healing *Liz POV*
"Choose or I'll kick your ass!"

Max gives me this look for what seemed like forever before turning back to our list of what we could do.

Oh yeah, guess what?

No takers?

We're going to have a science fair! Don't blame my lack of enthusiasm on me! It's not my fault I didn't whoop for joy when the teacher told us about it today. I mean c'mon was she really expecting us to cheer and jump up from our seats when those words flew out of her mouth?!

It's one of those annoying things you have to be all scientific for. It's not the whole science fair that manages to annoy me. It's not that bad. My partner is what is bad.

"Why do I have to pick?" Max groaned.

See what I mean?

"Because... because... cuz... just pick!"

Can he get anymore annoying? It's been like this for like two weeks. Ever since the stupid Valentine's Day Dance happened... he's been out of it. (Not like he was in it much to begin with anyway)

"Alright! I pick... This one!" He points something out on the paper he's been holding since we walked to the store. " I don't wanna do this."

"Too bad."

So I don't exactly want to do Why are plants green? either, but hey if it makes him suffer, I'm happy with it.

"We won't find anything in there!"

Guys are so weird. One minute they can be really nice and sweet to you. The next, they do a complete 180 and be so annoying. I've really lost faith on ever knowing a perfect guy... unless of course he's gay.

"What are you so afraid of? Look I've gotta be home in 15 minutes and all we're getting are the stuff for the display not the stupid experiment!"

He does realize that he's this close to getting even more friendlier with my fist.

"I found a display board just grab whatever other crap we need." He keeps his voice low and keeps looking around.

What is it with him and being so freaked out anyway?! It's like he thinks someone is going to beat the living crap out of him!

I walked as slowly as I could towards the aisle where I know the contruction papers are kept.

He stood at the end of the aisle tapping his foot and drumming his fingers on the wall staring at me impatiently.

"Hurry up!" If he says hurry up one more time, I will honestly take longer than I already am!

It took another 5 minutes for the both of us to actually head over to the cashier and pay for our stuff.

"My mother is going to kill me! She said I could only go out for 30 minutes!"

And that jerk has the nerve to glare at me for missing his curfew! It's not my fault he didn't pick what topic we were going to do faster.

"It was your fault!"


"I wasn't the one taking forever to pick out the stupid topic!"

We walked out screaming at each other at the top of our lungs while people walked by looking at us like we've lost it.

Beep. Beep. Beep

Looking over at my trusted watch, I notice I had the stupid thing in alarm 10 minutes after I was suppose to be home.

My dad is going to kill me! Not just the Your never going to be trusted again! for missing curfew for the umpteenth time since I have been allowed to be able to go about 7 blocks away from home, which was only just a few months ago. No this would the screaming kind of bad since he's been in such a bad mood the whole week.

"Damn you! I was suppose to be home 10 minutes ago!"

I take off in the direction of my home not caring about the people I accidentally bumped into. Hey my freedom was at stake, here!

"I know a short-cut." Max runs ahead of me all out of breath in his blue jeans and this navy blue shirt that reaches to his knees.

"Where are we going?"

He turns a right at the corner and takes off down the alley.

"It'll take you home shorter. It ends right at the block to the right of your house."

"Stupid your home is the other way."

He shrugs and just keeps running faster. I think hanging around Kyle and Michael too much was bad for his mental health.

"I could take you home." He yelled over his shoulder.

I lost my footing while trying to catch up with him and because of stupid gravity that some guy with an apple found out about instead of going up in the air... I hit the ground. Hard.

Crap, did it hurt like hell and I don't take pain well. Trust me on that so what did I do? I sat there using every cuss word known to man and screaming in pain watching my bleeding knees.

Max stood there he was for a good five minutes just staring at me screaming and hopping around and cursing colorful four letter words.

I could barely walk without feeling that stinging pain shoot up from my knee.

"Look calm down." Max inched towards me looking a little unsure with what he was about to do next.

Calm down?! Did he just say calm down?! Well let's see him have a huge wound bleeding like crazy on both he's knees and let's see who's calm then!

"I can help," he muttered it really quietly and makes me sit on the ground with him.

If he starts saying meditation will help, I really might be tempted to punch him.

"You just... you have to look at me," he mumbled shyly.

If I wasn't bleeding like crazy, I wouldn't have even listened to a word he said. Who would think looking into a friend of your's eyes would help? But I was desparate.

The moment my eyes locked with his, there was this weird, warm feeling in my knees and Max's hands were like a pair of light bulbs.

My mind left me when I tore through the alley and towards home after he healed me.

There couldn't be any more aliens... can there?

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Late *Michael POV*
I kept one of my eyes on the front door and another on the TV while I waited for Liz to come home. I wonder if Max took my threats seriously.

The clock says 5:01. She's exactly 16 minutes late. Maybe I should call the police now...

"Michael are you paying attention?!" Maria's voice screeches from the speaker phone.

I forgot she was even talking to me. I had the luck of picking her name from the hat! See, the teacher thought we shouldn't be allowed to pick our partners and she didn't want to assign them herself (being the lazy person that she is) so she put all the girl's name in a hat and had the boys pick! How annoying is that?!

"Yeah. I gotta go now Maria. Have fun doing the project by yourself!"

"Michael Valenti if you hang..." Click That would be me hanging up.

Oh yeah I'm good! When I'm older, I should write a book! Ways to Avoid an Annoying Girl for Morons! I'm thinking best-seller!

Liz stormed in moments after I hung up looking like she'd seen something really bad.

My hands curled around the metal bat that laid by my feet as I walked over to where she was leaning against the door trying to catch her breath.

"You OK? Where is he?!" I looked over the window for any signs of that dumb piece of crap.

"I'm gonna beat the living daylights outta him." I swung the bat around for emphasis and looked at her with the most serious face I could muster.

Unfortunately, Mom decided to walk into the living room around the time those words came outta my mouth. She stared between me and my baseball bat with this undescribable, but often seen on her when I'm up to something look.

"Michael Daniel Valenti put the bat away now!"

She knows me way too well!

"And you..." She turns her gaze filled with that menacing glint on my sister. " You're 20 minutes late."

"17." I coughed sitting myself on the couch shoving the bat underneath the couch.

Mom gives me a glare while she starts on her lecture about being on time with my sister. Screaming about how she wouldn't be able to go anywhere ever again. Like that threat is going to stick long.

"I'll make it next time," Liz protests while trying to catch her breath. She keeps staring at the floor.

Mom still looks pretty pissed, but she walks back into the kitchen letting out an exasparated sigh. Liz got lucky Mom and Dad decided to discuss about the bills today and when they talk about bills... let's just say nothing gets in between those two arguing.

"What happened?"

"What?" She slumps on the couch and stares at the TV.

"Just gimme the details and my bat will do the rest." I was deadly serious when I said that. " If he touched you..."

"God, you've been watching too much TV!"



"You look like you've seen something."

She stared at the TV again avoiding my eyes. Alright something's up and I know Max has something to do with it.

I reached under the couch grabbing the bat. My fingers curling tight against its handle as I pulled it out ready to jump on Max and make believe he was a baseball the next time I laid eyes on him.

"Max is..." She stops and stares at her jeans.

I notice for the first time that there's this huge tear on them right at her knees with a dark red stain around it, but whatever caused the blood stain isn't there.

Why isn't there no friggin woun- Holy crap, he can't be an...

"...An alien," she mumbles under her breath so only I could hear it as we both just stare at the TV.

I'm trying to keep any thoughts from slipping into my sometimes twisted mind. I know I'm an average 5th grader with superpowers. But how do I know Max isn't in a disguise. What if he's like really old and a kidnapper? What if he's trying to take over the world? What if he's...

"Stop it." Liz grumbled.


"Whatever you're thinking."

Dang, why is it my family seems to know me better than... me?

"You have to talk to him." She adds finally facing me. " He might know things you don't know... you know weird creepy things about your um... you know."

I hate when she becomes all responsible and logical on me. I hate it cuz I know she's right even though I don't wanna talk to Max about it.

Why do we have to do the things we hate instead of the things we want to do in life?

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Among Us 1/2 *Maria POV*
Today is the day Michael is finally going to lift a finger to do work even if it kills him. I am not going to get stuck doing this good for nothing science fair project by my lonesome self!

I'm not!

"I think we're early." Alex glared at me sarcastically as we reached the school grounds.

It was only me and him for the day, which almost made me jump for joy that morning. It's a lot quieter and more peaceful in the morning when Michael and Kyle aren't screaming up a storm.

"You should be used to it by now." I rolled my eyes pulling open the huge oak doors at the front of the school.

Alex began walking as quickly as he could up the stairs to our right and down the hall to our classroom while I took my time.

Hey I still have to come up with something that will get Michael to actually do some work for our project.

"Hurry up!" Alex hissed.

He was already two steps away from the door while I was still standing at the top of the staircase.

He waved me off as he pushed the door to the classroom open and disappeared into the room. I really was going to hurry up and follow him into the room and settle for lecture on why it's bad for being late. We were only 3 minutes late so nothing harsh, but I saw Max and Michael at the other end of the hallway ducking into the Janitor's Closet.

That's a scary sight. Wouldn't you be freaked out when two guys are trying to find privacy in a small, dark room?

Hell, I would! I watch enough TV to know what they could be doing in there. I did see that segment in the Discovery Channel not to long ago.

I walked over as casually and pressed my ears against the door to hear whatever they were saying. It was really mufffled, but I could overrhear a few phrases here and there.

"I didn't touch..."

"... Not here for that."

"... Not beating me up?"

"...Liz kept annoying me until we talked... can't believe you healed her."

What kinda crap has gotten into their minds this time?

Some muffled whispers that I couldn't hear.

"You're not- not gonna tell anybody are you?."

"I'm one ... too."

Silence and a broom falling on the ground.

Then what followed gave me the biggest scare of my lifetime.

"You're... you're an alien too?"

Aliens aren't real? C'mon they're probably playing some sorta dirty joke on me... you know... something we can all laugh about...

"Maria what are you..." Michael stared at me as he pushed the door open while I stumbled back. His eyes narrowed at me as I stood there staring at both of them with my jaw almost hitting the ground.

"Ha... would you look at the time... Gotta go." I mumbled nervously running down the hallway towards the classroom.

Was that a tentacle I saw on Michael?

Wait til Alex hears this!

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Among Us 2/2 *Maria POV*
"I heard what I heard!" I screamed at him as we sat in the tabe farthest from our usual one..

"You've lost it DeLuca." Alex rolled his eyes sipping more of his orange soda.

Why does he have a hard time believeing that there are aliens among us? I mean, aren't I a reliable source of information? I'm just as sane, normal, and trustworthy as everybody else!

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Because at times your crazy."

Way to break it to me, Alex!

What does he mean I'm crazy anyway?

I stared at him, my green eyes beginning to blaze with anger, " Alex Whitman, do you really want to see crazy?!"

"Hey guys." Michael walked over forcing a smile as he took a seat next to Alex. "What are you two doing here ?"

Alex shrugged, " Ria's going crazy."

Michael smirked, but it didn't reach his eyes and there was no teasing or taunting or any sarcastic remark.

I think he knows and now he's probably going to take over the world. He's going to suck our blood... No wait those are vampires.. No he's gonna abduct the humans and make them into his loyal subjects and...

"Maria did you come up with a topic for our project yet?" Michael stared at me. The smirk disappearing and his face became dead serious.

I wonder if he can kill me with his eyes. Maybe I should duck.

Alex began choking on his food, " You're asking her about school work?! Are you OK?"

I kicked him under the table and shot him a shut up look. If he pisses Michael off, there's no telling what kind of danger we could be causing on our planet.

"No. B-but I'll do it. You know later."

Can he detect fear?

"Hey I know what topic you guys can do!" Alex grinned, " Something about static electricity! Michael seems to know lots about it seeing his hair looks like it's on static every day!"

I kicked him again. I don't think making fun of an alien will score good points with his planet.

Alex rolled his eyes as he looked between Michael and me, " Did you two loose the part of your brains that worked overnight or something? First it's Maria thinking Michael and Max are aliens then it's Michael asking for schoolwork! The freaking world is going insane!"

I kicked Alex harder for the third time and shot him a death look while Michael sat there frozen unaware of Alex yelping in pain and glaring at me.

"It's not like it's true, Michael will you just explain to her that you're not a freaking alien!" Alex glared.

Michael wasn't talking anymore. He was sitting there staring at me like he was in shock.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. This isn't happening. This isn't happening."


Oh my god, he's going to kill all of us now for finding out his secret. Oh crap. Oh crap. Oh crap. He's gonna kill us with his alien superpowers!

Alex looked a bit freaked out when Michael finally snapped out of it and grabbed us both by our wrist and began dragging us out of the cafeteria and into an empty classroom.

"Look both of you shut up and listen." Michael's face was pale as he stared at the both of us, locking the door behind him.

Did that lock just melt?

"Get away! I won't let you fry my brains! Maria get behind me!" Alex screamed.

Oh yeah, now who's going crazy?

"Shut up! I'm not gonna kill anyone! God, this is getting out of hand!" Michael hissed advancing towards the both of us.

"Michael, remember you come in peace," I reminded him cowering behind Alex. Hey he's the guy. He gets to be the hero!

"Calm down! I'm not a three feet tall green alien with black eyes and zap guns OK? You two have to shut up about this." Michael glared.

"You won't kill us if we don't tell?" I stepped behind Alex and narrowed my eyes at Michael. He's not exactly the trustable type.

"No." Michael sighed in frustration. " This is between, me, you two, Max, Isabel, Tess, Liz and Kyle."

That many aliens?! What is this some sort of invasion?!

"Are you guys invading?" Alex asked. His fear beginning to wear away and replaced by fascination. " Has your home blown to pieces and now you're gonna live on our planet? Can we like be ambassadors or those people who bring peace between your planet and ours?"

"You can be anything you want, but this is between us you know? We gotta keep things low." Michael snapped.

"We'll keep our mouths shut." I nodded.

Michael looked at the two of us for a minute before walking towards the door of the classroom. The doorknob going back into it's regular round shape as he pushed it open.

"Maria, it's not possible for YOU to keep your mouth shut," Alex hissed. His face filled with mock worry as we followed Michael out.

And with that I slammed my elbow into his stomach and let him stumble back. Serves him right! I can so keep my mouth shut about a secret!
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Alien to Human Chat *Kyle POV*
Weird is an understatement of what's happening. First off, Max, Isabel, and Tess are aliens. Freaking little people with green skin, weird powers, and duh! not from this planet. You should have seen me when Liz broke the news.

Shocked is an understatement of what I was.

How would you like it when you find out that there are more aliens and they're the guy you've been teasing since he landed on this planet, the girl you continuously get into fights with, and the girl you think isn't so bad for a girl. Yeah, you'd probably have handled it a lot worse than I did!

And there's also Maria and Alex to worry about. They've been avoiding us since this lunch. I think they're scared of us or something for god knows what reason. Michael could barely seem to notice that Maria and Alex keep staring at us like we're weird people.

Actually, nobody's talked to each other since we found out about the breaking news well. It was like the first day of the 3rd grade all over again! The 8 of us giving each other suspicious looks as we sat in class not being annoying pests.

The only people I've talked to are Michael, Liz, and Tess and the only reason I'm even on speaking terms with Tess is cuz I'm forced to.

"I can't believe you fainted like in the movies," Tess rolled her eyes as we sat in her living room looking through Science books.

OK, so I fainted when I heard the news. I bet you'd have called the FBI and had yourself committed! I took it better than some of the people on this planet would! I can't believe she was standing behind me when Liz had reported it.

"I didn't faint. I lost my balance!"

"Yeah if that's what you wanna call fainting," Tess mumbles sarcastically.

It's bad enough I'm doing a science project with a girl. But an alien chick is a bit worse cuz she can hurt you with her psychic powers.

"You think you can create a volcano out of thin air and make it explode during the science fair?" I asked hopefully.

It couldn't hurt to dream.

"I'm not gonna cheat my way through school!"

"You should use your powers to your advantage." And mine, but she doesn't have to know that.

"So we're doing volcanoes?"

What is she deaf now?

"Were you paying attention to a word I said?"


"Hey you two, not up to trouble again are you?" Tess's foster mother, Sara Harding walks in eyeing us sprawled on the floor with chips and soda and science books around.

Why is it adults expect the worst from us?

"Nope we're just boring our brains out with the science fair coming up," Tess informed her without even looking up from the book she was reading.

"Don't stress your minds out too much."

"Don't worry, Kyle doesn't have one to screw up anymore." Tess grinned.

Oh hahahaha, is that how it is now? Just cuz I'm a human and she's got super powers, I'm the one lacking a mind!

Sara just left it at that and walked into her room to grab her stuff for her second job.

"Tess, your dinner's in the fridge, just pop it in the microwave, and Jes will be coming in to check on you every once in a while OK?" Jessica or Jes is Tess's baby-sitter, well sort of. She just makes sure Tess hasn't burned the house down or blow the roof off the place.

With that said the door closed behind her and I was stuck alone again with the blue-eyed alien of Planet X.

"She don't know about the ET thing?"



"So you gonna buy the baking soda and vinegar or will I do that?"

"I'll buy 'em. How come she doesn't know?"

I sat myself on the couch and stared at her for a minute before turning the TV on.

"Well, she might hand me over to the government for testing, I'll buy the stuff for the display. You wanna buy the glue to make a paper mache volcano?"

"Sure. What makes you think she's gonna ship you off to the government? She's been kinda like your mom since you martians crashed your ship."

She slammed the book shut and glared at me, " What's up with the 20 questions?! Isn't your cousin an alien too?! Why the hell don't you ask him?"

"Touchy today? I know Michael's reasons already! So do you look like this all day or do you transform?"

"Yeah, I transform into a green skinned monster during the night" She replied sacastically.

"Well, I guess you do have to improve at one point of the day."

I ducked as a book flew towards me.

"I was kidding!"

"You're an idiot."

"You're an alien freak!"

"Proud of it."

I rolled my eyes at her and kept my eyes on the TV as she sat next to me on the couch.

"You're so weird."

"Yeah, but what would you do without me?" She smirked as we sat there, science project forgotten, the mess we made left on the floor, and just absorbed in cartoons.
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Cinder-I was kinda thinking of doing a fic after this one that's during their teen years.

Aliens Aren't Hair Geneis *Tess POV*
It's been a week since the 8 of us have actually had a normal civilized conversation as a group. It's always just a couple or maybe three of us talking at the same time. The only people I'm even talking to right now are Kyle and Isabel.

Maria and Alex will just nod their hello's now. Michael said they found out and he had to tell them about our secret so I guess they're scared to death. Either that or someone pressed that mute button on them whenever we aliens are around.

Liz and Michael will occasionally say hi or bye or what's up to be polite, but that's as far into a conversation they'll go. I think they're still not used to knowing that there are three more aliens.

Then there's Max who is so lost in his own world he can barely keep up with reality. He worries that now that there's so much of us knowing it will be really bad.

So the days are pretty much just dragging by longer than usual and no one's laughing or goofing around anymore. Except when Kyle comes over and we do the stupid science project.

He's always coming up with some schemes to get out of the project. A threat here and there works magically so he stops.

"Is anybody going to talk?" Michael stares at the ground.

Because Sara's got work today and Jessica had other stuff to do, I'm at stuck with Michael and Liz for the day. It's the first time since the awkward hi's that anyone's tried to start up conversation.

And just so you can get the picture of how bad it is. I got here 5 hours ago. 5 hours of complete silence with exception of the TV which has been on the whole time.


I stare back at the TV. Coyote still has yet to catch Road Runner. The 8 of us still have yet to figure out how to go back to normal again.

"I'm bored."

Liz just ignored her brother and kept watching. From the corner of my eye I could tell she kept watching the clock. I guess she can't wait til I leave.

"Anyone wanna play catch?"

The both of us just keep ignoring Michael. Silence is golden. Doesn't he know that?

He sits himself behind Liz who's sitting on the floor, back against the couch.

"Ooooohhhhh crap." Michael's eyes got huge as he sat there suddenly closing his mouth and staring over at the television. He sat like a frozen statue trying hard not to stare at what he'd done.

He had changed Liz's hair color by accident.

Liz's eyes just widened as she stared at a strand of neon pink hair that got in front of her eyes.

Oh this is going to be good.

Shock soon turned into anger. Anger turned... well, it made her lunge at her brother and try to kill him for changing her hair pink while Michael just ducked and tried hard not to laugh at his creation.

"Change it!"

"Why? Pink suits you."

"Change it Michael or I swear to god!"

After five minutes of staring each other down, Liz managed to tackle him down on the floor. Her hand hovering dangerously close to Michael's gelled hair.

Oh god, this is going to be good.

"Change it!"

"I can't! What if I make you bald?" Michael asked laughing harder. " Ask Tess!"

"I dunno how to change that!" I protested when Liz's murderuous glance turned on me. She looks ready to rip us aliens apart! " Max and Isabel can fix it!"

That wasn't exactly true, but don't you think it would be incredibly funny if she went walking through town with pink hair on? She'd look like a freak!

"We're not exactly talking much," Liz let Michael sit up, but kept shooting him looks of death.

I think she's refraining from killing him.

"We can't go either! Maria's supposed to come so we can actually get started on the project!" Michael grumbled, " Besides, Mom won't let you go anywhere anymore!"

Liz stared at him. Fists clenched around a strand of neon pink hair. " Michael see this? This is what you did. Now, I'm gonna say this once and I hope it goes through your head. If my hair color doesn't change back, I will kill you. I will make sure you die bald or with multi-colored hair ranging from neon pink to bright green."

Michael just froze in his spot and I sat on the couch staring at the whole exchange with a grin on my face.

This is better than TV!

"I'll call Max. You're hair color will be back to normal before you know it!" Michael tried smiling at her, but all he got was a death look.

"Hello can I talk to Max?... I changed Liz's hair to pink and if you don't come and I can't fix it cuz I don't know what I did!... Can't you sneak out?!... Not a life and death situation?! This is my life on the line!!!... 5 minutes or you're a deadman walking!" Michael said into the phone.

While Liz grabbed the baseball cap hanging by the door to hide her now bright pink hair in case her parents walked in, Michael and I sat on the couch bursting into laughter every so often.

15 minutes later...

What was worse than having one pissed human and two aliens who can't stop cracking in the same room?

One pissed human, two scared humans, one laughing human, three aliens who can't stop laughing, and one worried alien in the same room. A pretty small and chaotic room might I add. See we all crammed ourselves into Michael's room with the door locked so his parents couldn't just barge in and find that their daughter's hair has magically been transformed into pink.

Maria, who was so scared of Michael she decided to bring Alex along, stood by the door with her hand on the doorknob ready to turn it in case it got freaky.
Kyle, who arrived out of the blue cuz his Dad got called in to work, is laughing his head off as he notices it.

Isabel's been laughing so hard I think she's gonna go pee on herself now.

Michael and me have tamed down a bit andd we've just been cracking up every so often.

Max has been pacing around trying to figure out what to do and Liz wants to kill us all.

I guess someone thinks it would be funny to stick all 8 of us in a room and watch as we slowly explode, which I'm guessing will be happening very soon.

"One of you help me before my parents find out!" Liz hissed taking the baseball cap off for a moment and letting the 7 of us get a glimpse of the neon pink hair.

4 roars of laughter explode. Max looks even more panicked. Maria and Alex more scared. Liz more ready to shoot us all.

Maybe this is how the bing bang started up!

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