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Title: Christmas Awareness
Author: Danielle M.
Email: Opel70⊕
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don’t worry I don’t own any of the characters . . . Roswell belongs to Melinda Metz and Jason Katims, but I can only dream of what I’d do to Max/Jason if I owned him!
Summary: This is just a one part Christmas fic I wrote. I got the idea from a Christmas song. What would happen to Max if Liz wasn’t in his future?
Category: Max/ Liz (of course, have I ever actually written about someone else?)

Author’s note: I know, it’s been a while! Enjoy the story and feedback would be great!

It was Christmas Eve, but that didn’t stop the rain from pouring.

Thirty eight year old Max Evans stared out of the window at the Tumbleweed Motel. Here he was, back in Roswell, and he didn’t have the courage to go home. He hadn’t seen his parents in fourteen years. They had gotten into a fight and he had left. He left Isabel and Jesse and his niece Rosie. He left Michael and Maria. Kyle and Jim Valenti.

And he left Liz.

Leaving Liz Parker was the one thing he never forgave himself for. So, he drove back to Roswell on Christmas Eve, the night of miracles. He would see his family and friends and all would be right once again. But as soon as he made it into town, he lost it and checked into the Tumbleweed.

Max stood up and grabbed his jacket. He put it on and took his wallet and room key as well. He walked out of the building and down the street. The rain still fell and he put up his hood and shoved his hands in his pockets.

He walked for a while, with no real destination. Max looked up, realizing where he had walked. His old home. The lights were on and he felt himself move closer. He made it to the window and saw his parents first.

His mother was setting a turkey on the table and his father started to carve. Then he saw Jesse and Isabel. They were laughing and Jesse placed a kiss on her cheek. There were two children sitting as well. Rosie and another boy, my nephew, Max thought. His eyes misted with tears and he turned around, running away from the place he had once called home.

Continued walking until he made it to the main street of Roswell. He saw the grocery store was open and stepped in. The place was almost barren except for a few people frantically doing last minute shopping. Max roamed the aisles until he made it to the beverage aisle. There he stopped dead in his tracks.

Her back was to him, and she was studying a bottle before placing it in her cart. Max took his next steps slowly toward her. He paused a moment and then touched her sleeve.


She turned around and stared at him, her purse dropping to the floor.
“Oh my God. Max.”

She was still so beautiful. He had to touch her. His hand gently cupped the side of her face and then tucked her hair behind her ear. Max looked into her eyes, remembering how he could gaze at them forever. Now, the light that used to dazzle in her eyes had faded.

Liz had to touch him as well. Her fingers traced his forehead and over his brows down to his cheek and strong jaw. “It’s really you.”

Max nodded.

“What made you come back?”

Max brought his hands back to his sides. “I don’t know. I just came on impulse.”

Liz nodded and looked at the floor. She bent down to get her purse as Max did the same and their heads bumped. The two smiled and stood back up.

“So why are you grocery shopping on Christmas Eve Liz?”

“I uh, just needed a few things for Christmas dinner tomorrow.”

“Oh, um Liz?”

She glanced up at him. “Yes Max?”

“Did you want to go get a drink or something? If you have time I mean.”

“I thought you couldn’t drink.” Liz said.

Max nodded, remembering the night he did so many years ago. “I don’t, but we could still go.”

“I don’t think any bars are open. We can get some sodas from the vending machine.” She gazed at him. “You’re all wet, you didn’t drive did you?”

Max shook his head.
“Okay, we can drink them in my car. Let me just pay for these things.”

“Yeah, okay.”

The two stood together awkwardly at the checkout stand until the groceries were bagged and paid for. Max carried them in her car and they got in.

They sipped at their soda quietly until Liz spoke up. “So, what have you been doing these past few years?”

“I live in Phoenix, and I work for an insurance company.”

“Oh, and you like it?”

Max shrugged. “Not really.”

Liz nodded and gazed down at her drink. Max saw the ring on her left hand. “You’re married?”

“Yes. Almost 12 years.”

Max glanced out the car window at the still pouring rain.

“His name is Nick and he’s an architect.” Liz paused and looked at Max. “You left Max, without even saying goodbye or where you would be.”

Max swallowed, he felt his eyes watering again. “I’m sure he treats you well.”

“You could say that.”

Max looked at her then. “Do you - do you have any kids?”

“Yes. A daughter, she’s ten.”

“What’s her name?”

Liz didn’t answer.


“Her name’s Maxine.” She lowered her head.

Max eyes’ widened. “Do you have any pictures?”

Liz nodded and reached into her purse. She opened her wallet and handed him the photo. Max stared at the little girl. She looked just like Liz did at that age. “I bet all the boys are swooning over her.”

Liz smiled. “Not yet.”

“She’s very pretty.” Max told her.

“Thank you.”

She took the picture back and they sat in silence once again.

“Liz, do you love him? Nick?”

A single tear fell down her cheek. “Not like I love you.”

Max slightly smiled and brushed away her tear.

Liz bit her bottom lip. “It’s getting late. I need to get home.”

Max moved away and nodded. “Okay. It was uh, good seeing you again Liz.”

“You too Max.”

He looked at her one more time before stepping out of the car and into the rain.

“Wait Max!” Liz got out of the car and went toward him. Rain instantly soaked the both of them. “Merry Christmas.” She placed a kiss on his lips and then got back in her car.

Max watched as she drove away and suddenly the rain stopped.


Max woke up with a jerk, causing him to fall off of Michael’s couch. He crawled up and ran for the bathroom looking into the mirror.

Eighteen year old Max Evans stared back at him. “It was only a dream.” Max repeated to himself. “Liz.”

He hurried toward the phone and dialed the number he knew by heart. “Come on Liz, pick up.” Max said after three rings.




“I love you Liz. Please know that.”

“I love you too. What’s going on? It’s 2:30 in the morning.”

“I know. I just wanted to hear your voice. I want you to know that I’ll never leave you. I promise you. And I know at times I can be selfish or ignorant and I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay Max.” Liz replied.

“And someday you’re going to be the girl I marry and we’ll have children together and I’ll treasure every moment we have together.”

Liz smiled. “Oh Max . . . ”

“I love you Liz. Forever.”


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