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Back to the Way They Were

Authors Note: This is the very first fic I haveever written so please be kind.
Summary: Takes place right after the camera's zoom out on Michael and Maria sitting on Maria’s porch in Samuel Rising. It’s what you didn’t get to see ;)
Rating: PG - PG-13...
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, the characters, or the names!
Author: MariaG.


I’d just left Michael ‘Mr. Stonewall’ Guerin sitting on my front porch while I left to go make US hot cocoa! What was I thinking!

Maria Deluca ranted to herself while making some hot chocolate in an elf uniform on Christmas Eve.

Now normally she would have turned her X-boyfriend Michael away with some line like “It’s tradition for my mom and me to wake up Christmas morning and have some herbal tea together while we exchange gifts.” Nevertheless, she knew that he knew her Mom was out of town for Christmas morning when he asked to stay. So in yet another weak state around Michael she agreed, and SHE offered to sit and talk with him over hot cocoa.

‘But god when he was sitting with those kids on his lap today in his big Santa suit he just looked so adora- NO I can’t be thinking this way about him anymore! I have to be strong GIRL POWER! Strong, strong, strong!’

“Hey need any help?” Michael interrupted Maria’s pep talk to herself.

“Oh, uh no I’m good just another minute left in the microwave some stirring and our cups of cocoa are ready”.

“Oh ... OK well I’m gonna go change, this Santa suit is scratchy not to mention it’s heavy as hell to walk in. I’ll be back in a second.” Michael said as he walked into the laundry area where he knew he had a shirt
and pair of pants from the last time that Amy was out of town. Those were the good times he liked to remember. Not these occward moments that they seem to be having lately, sep that time they spent in ‘her little elf house’ wasn’t so bad he thought with a suddle moan. But he just didn’t understand what he had done wrong. Why couldn’t Maria be ‘her’ with him still in her life. He loved her more than he ever thought it possible for him to love anything.

Maria walked in the living room with two steaming cups of cocoa, one in each hand. To see Michael with his boxer-pants on but no shirt.

“Hey Maria, do you know what happened to my shirt? I though it was here with my pants but I can’t find it”.

As Maria set the two mugs with floating white marshmallow puffs on the top of the hot chocolate on the coffee table, she hesitated before she answered. “It’s in my room. I’ll go get it”. She said as she rushed passed him into her room making sure to avoid eye contact with him.

Well that was probably the last answer he was expecting, “So Ria why's it in your room”. He asked with a sweet but taunting voice.

“I might have slept in it a night back or so, don’t get a big head over it space boy.... it was the only thing clean.” She said with a confidant smile, praying on the inside that he wouldn’t see right through that little lie.

“Ok whatever you say, Snowflake." NOT! Michael said over and over in his head, what did she think he didn’t see through that one. But what bothered him was that if she’d missed him enough to sleep in his old ragged not to mention un-clean shirt. Why did she keep pushing him away?

“Well I’m tired, long night.... I think I’m gonna turn in. You can take the cou—

“Maria what did I do wrong?”

“What, nothing Ok if you don’t want to sleep on the couch”

“No, no I mean why couldn’t you be you with me?”

“Michael, I –

Michael was not waiting for answers, as he moved in and kissed her soft crimson lips. As he moved his hand up to cup her cheek, and when Maria realized she had put her hand on his back to pull him towards her, that she wasn’t doing that because it was automatic or on instinct but it was because it was Michael her Michael and no matter who she wanted to be or where she wanted to go in life she couldn’t do it without Michael. Because without Michael she wasn’t Maria.

So when he ran his velvety soft tongue over her bottom lip to silently plead for entrance into her familiar mouth, she knew that in the morning when things would be back to the way things were, she wouldn’t have a doubt in her mind that, that was exactly where she wanted to be.

The End -


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Thank you so much for the feedback everyone. That makes me very happy! *bounce*

Since you guys liked it and you want to read more, I'd be more than appy to keep it going. The fic was mean to be a one parter but what the hell right.

I'll write it tonight and proably post it tonight. But please give me your thoughts and opions I love them! *happy*
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Authors note: This part doesn't have much action. But I assure you that the next part will and it will be very funny *happy*

"There needs to be more M/M stories on this board!" Rollergal20 - I couldn't agree with you more!

Thank you for the feedback I love it!

Summary: Takes place right after the camera's zoom out on Michael and Maria sitting on Maria’s porch in Samuel Rising. It’s what you didn’t get to see ;)
Rating: PG - PG-13...
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell, the characters, or the names! If I did it'd be a lot better right now!
Author: MariaG.


“RING, RING, RING, RING .... ‘Where the hell is the phone! Oh there, there it is’, Maria’s mind echoed as she fumbled for the phone on her night stand.

“uhhh Hello?”

“Maria, hun is that you?”

“Of course it’s me, who else would be answering our phone.”

“Well sorry you only took 15 rings to answer the phone, I was about ready to hang up and call Jeff Parker to go over there and check on you. Are you OK?”

That’d be great for Mr. Parker to walk in and find me with my boyfriend in my bed half naked and him only in some boxers. Maria thought.

“Yah, Mom I’m fine guess I’m just a little exhausted”. To say the least, that was certainly a wild night.

“Yah, you sound it! Well I’ll be home in 3 days. Again honey I apologize for missing Christmas. I really hate being away from you on such a special day.”

“It’s cool Mom I have the Parker’s party to go to later tonight, and I was helping Isabel all day yesterday. Nothing to worry about or apologize for.”

“Ok, I’ll see you when I get home. Love you babe.”

“You too.”

Maria rolled over to see a totally dead the world alien with his grasp still firm around her waist. He looks so pensive when he sleeps like he’s fighting his own aliens in his dreams. According to the red demon numbers on her alarm clock it was only 7:00AM ‘no point in getting up just yet.’



With a hard smash from her fist the furry alarm clock shut off. ‘Hey, I didn’t set that thing for 8:30AM!’

“Hey Snowflake time to rise and shine”. Michael called from the kitchen.

“Am I ever gonna outlive that nickname!”

“Not if I have anything to do with it. Now come on out here I have a little suprise for you.”

“Hmmmmm what’s that, Santa”.

“Hey I’m not jolly, or have the red nose thing going for me, but you see, Snowflake fits you, cause every snowflake is different ... just like your moods.”

“How long it take you to come up with that one?.”

“God, I could do this forever.”

“mmm whats that.” Maria said as she entered the living room which quickly led into the kitchen. Where Michael was cooking over the stove in only his boxers.

“This, you and me going back and forth like this, I love it.”

“Well that’s good to know, Santa”. Maria whispered into his ear as she lightly licked his earlobe.


“So where’s my suprise?”

“I’m making it. Christmas breakfast for two is coming right up.”

“hmm, what you making.”

“Eggs, bacon, and ‘pop’ toast.” He said gesturing towards the newly toasted bread.

“Sounds great.”

“Well good since thats all I can make.”

“So .... I have a plan for the day.”

“Yah me to you get a little less comfortable in that cute little gag gift from Liz and we re-treat to your room for the rest of the day.” He said with slight sarcasm, but not much since if she wanted to take him seriously he definitely wouldn’t protest.

“ha funny, but no.”

Well there goes that idea, maybe next time he’ll just be serious.

“I figured we could go down to Hi Ho Market and both have a $5 dollar spending limit for each other. Sound fun?”

“Yah sure, but aren’t they closed? It being Christmas day and all.”

“Nope, they have special Holiday hours they are open till noon. So I suggest we hurry on over. But remember whatever we buy we get to use ...” she said with an evil little grin directed only to him, and he knew exactly what she meant.


Stay tuned to see what Hi Ho adventures there will be *happy*

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I'l be post the new part after the New Year. Have a safe and good New years eve!
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Sorry I'm working on this fic I'll be back with in the week with 2 new parts promise! *happy*
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Part 3:

After they final finished breakfast and got cleaned up it was about 11:00. So Michael hopped into the driver side of the Jetta and Maria with much protest into the passenger side.

“It’s my car I don’t see why you should get to drive.”

“First of all its not your car, Deluca its your Moms. And second I get to drive because I made breakfast.”

“Last time I let you drive my car your friend Courtney decided to go psychotic in it causing me to replace the visors and have this dent in the dash!”

“Whatever, it was your idea to lock her in here. So what are you getting at hi-ho and what are the rules of this little game?”

“Well we get 10 minutes in the store and 5 bucks. Whatever is purchased we have to use in a creative way. And it has to be used tonight before 7 o’ clock when we go to the Parker’s for Christmas dinner.”

“OK then lets go.” Michael said as he pulled into Hi-Ho markets parking lot.

“K see you in 10 minutes right here on register 1.”

“See you then”.

And with that they were off. Maria down isle 3 and Michael isle 6.

Michael thought to him self for a while in the car as to what to get. But now he was sure what it was while standing in front of the long glass fronted freezer that held all of the dairy items. Whipped cream in the can can’t get better than that and it was only $1.99. So he’d still have 3 bucks left. What a deal.

Maria on the other hand had something a little more romantic than whipped cream in mind. Bubble bath, strawberry scented to be exact. A nice relaxing bath with Michael would sooth anyone’s aches. But it only costs $2.50 so she still had $2.50 left. Maybe a few candles would set the mood she was trying to go for a little better.

Meanwhile Michael was deciding what else to get with the $3.00 he had left. As he walked by the floral section he thought he’d get Maria some flowers. Her favorites Daisies. Since they cost $3 a dozen he was broke again.

They met back up again. At the counter register one just like they said.

“So what’d you get Michael?”

“Well I have these lovely flowers for you, and some hipped cream for us to share.”

“Wow I hope you plan on eating that.”

“Among other things.” he said jokingly. “So what did you get?”

“I got some candles and bubble bath.” Maria tried to say through strangled laughs.

“So I get to play with the whipped cream and then clean it off of you sounds like a deal to me.”

“Ditto.” Maria said as she placed her items on the counter to be rung up.

“6.50 please mamma.”

“Oh shit.” Maria muttered as she got the money out of her bag.

“So someone went over the set limit huh. Something needs to be done about that.”

“Shut up spaceboy. You couldn’t have expected me to actually only spend $5 on you could you.”

“On me!”

“Point taken, shut up.” she ended as she got her bag from the clerk and Michael placed his items on the counter.

“That’ll be $4.95 sir.”

“See un like you I know how to spend my money.” Michael said as he handed him a crisp $5 bill. “Keep the change”.

“Yah I guess it’s not often you get to say that huh Michael.”

“Thats cute”. Michael said as he took Marias hand and walked out the door of the market.

They drove back to Marias in mostly silence while Maria sung to the radio. Which Michael didn’t mind cause he loved to listen to Marias soothing voice.

They walked through the Deluca resident door and knew the games were about to begin.



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Sorry my bad I forgot to change the title before.

I'll be back on Valentines day with P4 *happy* And thats when everyone gets to have dinner at the Parkers!
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Hehe I'm sorry. I kinda forgot about you guys :::ducks incase things start flying::: But I swear I'm writing on it right now I even have the Microsoft Word open *happy* I'll post the next part very soon!

-- Heather
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Authors Note: Ok this part is NC-17. This is the first time I have ever written Nc-17 so be kind *happy*

Back to the Way They were Part 4 –

“So who gets to go first?”

“Well, Michael I think the messier of the two should go first, don’t you?” Maria said with a mistevous smile as she tugged on Michael’s shirt to bring him into another one of their earth shattering kisses.

“Mmmm yah I think your right.” Michael said as they ended their kiss.

“You get the whipped cream and I’ll take care of the rest.” Maria said as she headed towards her room.

Michael went back to the front door were he had dropped the plastic bag that held his treat for Maria. Then followed behind her.


- Maria’s room –

‘Oh god this is really happening oh god, oh god. Ok think quick Deluca ..... music we should have some music on in the background something to get us going ....’ Maria carefully thought as she ran over to her radio/CD player. And turned on the radio.

“I love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you d ....”

“Probably not the best song for the moment”. Maria carelessly thought outload.

“Well I don’t know, I mean I haven’t really ever had my ass smacked before.” Michael said with a start to Maria.

“Hey! how long have you been standing there?” Maria quickly said as she cut the music.

“Long enough, look Maria we don’t have to do this. I mean it has been a fun game but if you don’t want to then I understand, and I mean we could use this stuff for actual sundaes. No pressure OK.”

“Woah, woah, woah! When did you start taking lessons from Max?? Come on Michael, its me I’m not about ready to start something and end it right before all of the fun begins.” Maria said as she casually walked over to Michael and linked her arms behind his neck. To meet her forehead to his.

“You ready to get sticky?” Maria asked with a smile.

As she turned him and pushed him back on her bed. “Hmm an Aliens on my bed what to do now?” Maria said jokingly as she started to take off Michael’s shirt, he of course was obliged to help by lifting up so she could get it off easier.

After his shirt and pants had been removed and Maria was straddling his hips it was time to bring out the whipped cream.

“So Mr. Guerin were do you want me to put this?” Maria said as she squirted some of the whipped cream out on to her finger and licked it off. Definitely an action that hadn’t gone un-noticed by Michael.

“How’s right her?” Maria said as she squirted some whip cream out onto Michael’s chest in the shape of a heart. She leaned back on his legs to look at it. When Michael noticed her doing that he decided to look also, he had to smile at her gestures, after all it was Maria.

But his though train quickly ended as Maria leaned her head down towards his chest and her tongue darted out to lick up the whip cream portrait she had made. Her tongue was like velvet on his skin and he loved that feeling. As soon as it had started it quickly ended, and he was disappointed at the loss of the warmth that her tongue created on his chest. But soon enough it was back again only this time it was on his lower abdomen just above the waistband of his boxers, now there was no picture just a stream of whip cream from his belly button to the stopping point of his boxers. She quickly made her way all the way down and stopped when she reached the waistband.

She scooted back so she was now resting her wait on his knees. And slowly started to pull his boxers down, she pulled them up sure not to hurt his growing length and soon enough he was at her disposal, in all his naked glory ....



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I'm working on the next part, slowly but I'm working on it. I'm not really very good at writing the NC-17 stuff, so I'm kinda just going to go soft on it so that they can get to the Parker Christmas dinner *happy* Thanx for all the feedback I really love it!

-- Heather
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*Authors Note* -- Ok here goes. So I know that this fic has been dead for a while. But thanks to Rollergal20 I just got insperation to bring it back to life. So you can all thank her. I will surely be updated more often and with longer parts. All of the characters are coming into the stories and beasically I'm just going to deal with some of the stuff that went down in S3 but chamnge it the way I want it! *happy* So please read the next part and let me know what you think, and I should be back soon with part 6.

Back to the Way They Were

Part 5

“That was incredible”. Michael breathed as he rolled off of Maria onto the other side of her bed.

“I know I will never look at a sundae the same way again.” She joked as she cuddled into the crook of his arm. He automatically put his arm around her and started rubbing his large hands up her back. But noticing the sticky feel he halted his movements.

“Maria, I think we need to use your purchases.” Michael said dramatically rubbing his sticky hand on part of the sheet behind her.

“Not a sticky kind of person huh?” Kissing him on the cheek she quickly got up and went over to the forgotten bag next to her door.

“I’ll meet you in there.” Maria questioned raising her eyebrows and descending to the her bathroom down the flower printed wall papered hall.

With no hesitation Michael scampered right behind her into the bathroom, to find her starting to fill the tub and light candles.

Michael took in his surroundings never had it occurred to him before just how incredibly girlie her bathroom really was. With the flowered wall paper in pink and purple pastels, and all of the yellow pastille toiletries, all the pink and maroon candles that she was carefully lighting all around the medium sized room. “You know I feel all sorts of manly in here, not only am I letting you talk me into a bubble bath, but I’m surrounded by smelling candles while I do it.”

Maria just laughed. “I didn’t hear to much protest earlier.” She said as she put one leg over the side of the tub and then the other, and sat down in the warm water. “So are you going to join me or stand there all day?” She asked.

No further protest needed Michael hopped in the tub behind her and she leaned back against his hard body. He casually brought his arms around her waist and linked his hands together just below her breasts.

“I’m glad that you stayed for hot chocolate.” Maria said as he peppered her neck and ear lobe with sweet kisses.

“So am I.”


“But Dad!”

“Elizabeth, please we have a mire three hours before this event and now is when you want to discuss those in attendance.”

“If he doesn’t come then neither do I!” Liz said in defeat as she slumped down on to the couch in the Parker’s living room. As her father went back and forth between the diner downstairs and their apartment. Preparing for the annual Parker Christmas Dinner.

“Look Liz.” Jeff said setting down the box of Christmas decorations and taking a seat next to her on the couch. “I know you want him to come to dinner tonight... but I just don’t like the idea of you two right now. No on second thought I just don’t like him and what he’s done to your life lately.” Jeff said trying to reason with his only daughter.

“I know Dad. But you have to give him a chance. I love him. Nothing you say or do is going to change that. So you can try and keep us apart, but I know that you know me better then to think that that would actually keep us apart.” Liz said to her father with a knowing smile.

“Fine Liz if that’s how you want it. I will give him tonight. He can come to dinner and so can his family, since I’m, quite sure that they were all ready invited. But on one condition.” He said pausing, and then letting his voice lighten. “You have to help get things ready down stairs.” He said stretching out his hand.

Liz took his hand into hers and shook it. “Deal.”