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Under The Stars
by Max+Liz

Rating: PG to PG-13, although it could get higher in upcoming chapters if you know what I mean.
Couples: This is Max/Liz centered fic, but I might throw in dashes of M/M and I/K.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. The characters are that of Roswells, not mine.
Type: AU
Summary: Liz is a poor working class girl who gets a job as Housekeeper for the Evans. There she meets their son, Max Evans, and is instantly connected to him, although she senses he could be hiding a secret from her.
Authors Note: Hey everyone! Well, as you can see, this is a brand new fic, and I hope you will enjoy it. The first chapter just basically lays the foundation for everything. Oh yes, feedback is cherished, hint hint. ;)

Chapter One

It looked like something out of a fairytale, Liz Parker thought as she gazed ahead at the sprawling mansion only a few feet away from where she was standing. The elegant white marble walls gave the place a lavish appearance; as everything about the place oozed of style and class. This was a far cry from the small, two-story house in which she, herself lived in, back in the lower class area of Roswell.

Letting out a shaky breath, she fastened the purse that was slung over her shoulder nervously. This was just too much. She couldn't even remember the last time she had been in a place as fancy as this; probably never.

That was why when Mrs. Evans had accepted her job application to be their new housekeeper, Liz had felt like she had been dreaming. She had never expected to get the job in the first place, but her best friend Maria had urged her to at least try. So she had.

And here she was, standing at the entranceway of the place she would now work from dawn til dusk every day. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would soon be employed by one of the richest and most powerful families in New Mexico. That just didn't happen to smalltown girls like herself.

Truth be told, she wasn't overly thrilled at the prospect of being a housekeeper, but the pay was good, and thats all that really mattered. Having just graduated from high school the past year, she found herself with little income and no money to her name, so if she wanted to attend college, she would have to get a job.

Besides, this wouldn't be so bad; she'd get to mingle with the uppercrust for a change, and gain some hands on experiance. Who knows, she might even meet her own Prince Charming!

Stepping forward, she rang the doorbell once and waited for a response. She couldn't help but feel a little insecure in her plain navy blue housekeeper uniform; her brown hair tied back in a casual ponytail.

The door swung open suddenly, revealing a handsome boy around her age with jet black hair and intense dark eyes, which seemed to be clouded with trouble unknown to most of the world. He was quite humble in his appearance, although she couldn't help but notice the Ralph Lauren sweater he wore.

"Hello." He gave a polite nod, gesturing for her to come inside. "You must be the new housekeeper Mother was telling me about earlier."

Shrugging out of her coat, Liz couldn't help but smile. She never knew the Evans had a son. What a pleasent surprise! "Right. I'm Liz Parker. And you are?"

"Max Evans," he said, putting his hand out to shake hers.

She hesitated only slightly before resting her dainty hand in the palm of his, preparring to shake hands.

But she never got that far.

A jolt of electricity surged through both of their bodies, causing time to stand still for a moment. It felt like an eternity to Liz.

Flashes flooded their minds; some of their distant past, memories they had kept buried within the depths of their minds, and some of what was to be; the future.

Liz saw Max as a child, lonely and scared; an outcast to the rest of his peers. Just standing behind a big maple tree, while watching the other children play a game of hide and seek. She felt his lonliness, his desire to be like the others, and her heart went out to him.

Then she saw something that utterly confused her. She saw him as a six year old boy again, but this time he was deep in the desert; emerging from a pod chamber with two other children by his side. They were stark naked, except for a thin layer of filmy white stuff that hung over their bodies like a spiderweb.

"Why hello, Liz, I see you've gotten aquainted with Max already."

The voice cut through the vison, breaking the connection instantly.

Liz turned around, startled, to see Diane Evans standing in front of her with a welcoming smile on her face.

Feeling a deep blush creep across her cheeks, Liz nervously tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ears that had fallen loose. What the hell had just happened there? Her mind was whizzing 90 miles an hour, and she couldn't really make sense of anything except that she had never felt anything like it before in her life. It was amazing and scary all at once.


Snapping back to reality again, Liz inwardly groaned as she felt her newly aquired job slipping through her fingers. If she kept zoning out like she had a moment ago, she might as well kiss that job goodbye.

"Sorry," Liz forced herself to smile, even though she really didn't feel like it. "What was it you were saying again?"

Mrs. Evans arched an amused eyebrow at her. "I see you've already met my son Max."


"Good. He will be here with you at the mansion most of the time while I am away on business. I'm sure it will be no trouble."

"No trouble at all..." Liz mumbled under her breath, sending a glance Max's way. He had his eyes fixated on the floor, as if there was something terribly interesting about carpet.

"Good, good," Diane's cheery voice rang out. "Come then, let me show you what your duties are for the day."

Against her better judgement, Liz let Mrs. Evans lead her out of the room and up the stairs, away from Max. But she couldn't think of anything else.

She knew it was only time before they had another encounter, and this time she planned to ask him exactly what those flashes meant. Because she sure as hell didn't know.

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Under The Stars
by Max+Liz

Authors Note: First and foremost I would like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback you all left last chapter. I never imagined I would recieve such kind comments about my story. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the latest chapter and the next one should be out probably sometime tomorrow night, but I'm not making any promises. ;)

Chapter Two

The mansion seemed eerily quiet sometime later, as Liz sloshed some soapy water around with a mop in an almost monotone pace. Mrs. Evans had just left, leaving Liz full instructions of what was to be done for the rest of the day.

Well, one hour into it, and her back was already killing her, much like her feet.

But that wasn't the real reason for her lack of enthuasiam towards the job. She couldn't seem to get her mind off one spefic person; namely that of Max Evans. It's true that she had barely spoken two words toward him in the course of their relationship, but she couldn't help feeling as if she knew a part of him, a secret part that nobody else knew. Maybe it was all in her head, but she had to find out for sure.

The only problem was she hadn't seen him since his Mother had dragged her out of the entranceway some time ago. She had to wonder if he was avoiding her.

Sighing, she arched her back forward; moving the soapy mop along the floor in slience.


He watched her from across the hallway, not daring to make a sound. She mustn't know he was there, or she would surely ask questions...questions he sure didn't want to give the answers to.

So he stayed hidden in the corner, just observing her while she worked, in silent fasenation. The way the light reflected off her chesnut brown hair whenever she bent down, the gentle curves of her hips, or her cream colored complexion which was as clear as the morning sky. It was all beautiful, and so was she.

When they had connected earlier that day, Liz wasn't the only one to recieve the flashes. Max hadn't dared say a word, but he had gotten them too. Oh, had he gotten them!

He saw Liz as she was as an 8 year old, in her handmedown clothes and messily braided hair. She had been in a toy store with her Mother, just gazing at all the aisles of toys that she could never own. Running her hand over old fashioned teddy bears and grand dollhouses, pleading with her Mother to buy one, just one toy. But she never did.

In the next flash he saw 13 year old Liz secretly peaking out from her bedroom doorway while her parents fought. About money. Always about money. Her Dad had lost his job again, and money would be tighter than ever that year.

Max didn't know what to say to her at the time, so he didn't say anything. She was a total stranger after all, and here he was, taking a gilmpse into her very soul. That had to be just a little uncomfortable.

He wondered what she saw of him, if anything. That thought was very scary, because there were things of his she must never, ever know.


Liz Parker was standing right in front of him now, oblivious to the fact that he had been watched her. She wore a determined look on her face, and he knew what was coming next.

"Yes, Liz?" He stuck his hands in his pockets nervously.

"Look, if you have a moment I'd like to talk to you in private."

Max shrugged, trying to look casual, but failing. "Sure. What is this about, exactly?"

Liz led him into one of the back guest bedrooms, which was of course gracishly furnished with a lacy canopy bed, wood oak study, and a private bathroom with a hottub. This one room was almost as big as the entire downstairs of her house.

"I don't know exactly where to begin, so I'm going to come right out and say this," she fiddled nervously, shifting her weight from one foot to the other while occasionally glancing over her shoulder to make sure noone was listening in.

"Go ahead."

"You know when we shook hands earlier? I didn't get a chance to say anything then, because your Mother dragged me away, but...I got these flashes, Max, and I don't know quite how to describe it except to say that I felt things. Amazing things."

She blushed quickly after she had finished, realizing what that had implied. That sure hadn't come out right at all!

"Felt things?" Max asked with an amused smile, although he knew what she meant.

"They were like these visons, I mean. Of your past, or your future. I know it probably sounds crazy, but everything felt so real. I need to know if you felt anything too."

Max was afraid it would come to this. The last thing he wanted to do was lie to Liz, but he couldn't risk his cover being blown. There was just too much at stake to let one little incident ruin everything.

"Liz, I'm sorry," he began, realizing just how true those words were. "But I think it was just your imagination playing tricks on you. You're probably overtired from starting your job and everything, so that could have contributed towards it"

He couldn't help it, his voice had cracked halfway through. He didn't know why, but he found it almost impossible to lie to the girl standing before him. And the scary part was, he barely knew her.

A moment of silence passed between them, before anyone made a move.

Liz suddenly reached for his hand, catching him off guard. She grabbed it quickly and clung to it, waiting for something to happen...
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Hey guys, well I'm not sure if the next chapter will be up tonight or not. I'm starting to write some of it now, so we'll see how things go. Just thought I should let you guys know.