Title~Loneliness, Sadness and first Love
Author~Tessa (SpaceGirlHealer⊕aol.com)
Catagory~ M/L of course with a lil of L/S but if u know me I'm all dreamer
Rated~ R to NC-17
Summery~ AU The first maybe 2 parts are with Liz and Sean but then it gets to Max and Liz anyway It start off with Liz at the New Mexico fair read more to find out whats goin on wit Sean and Liz and how Max and Liz meet. all guys are 23 and girls are 21
Disclamer~ I own nothing please don't sue
Authors note~ Feedback is my cure of a writers block ;) oh and I changed the title a lil ;)

Part 1
Liz Parker waited inside the geat of Albuquerque New Mexico's fair grounds. 'Damn it where is he??' She asked her self as she wait for her formal boyfriend Sean Deluca. Thats right juvenile Deluca.

She'd been waiting there for an hour and a half for him to show up. He said right after his shift at work he would be right over.

Liz sighed in defeat and started to walk toward the rides. She noticed the looks she was getting from all the guys that were only looking at her low cut shirt. She shook her head and headed for the Space Spin.

'why not?'****************

As she got seated all alone in a 2 seated ride she looked around at all the couples. "We got one more seat! One more seat!" The man that was working the machine said.

"I'll take it," A voice said and stepped up. The worker pointed to the seat next to Liz.

Liz looked up to the guy and almost fainted. He was tall, dark and handsome. The guy smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Do I know you from somewhere?? You look really familiar??? I'm Max. Max Evans," He said as he got seated and hooked.

Liz smiled shyly. "No no I don't believe we have. I'm Liz. Liz Parker," She said. "Well, its nice meeting you Liz. Would you mind company on any other rides?? I'd be honored to go on with you. Me and my girlfriend just broke up after I think 2 months," He said proudly.

Liz smiled. "Well, that is very nice of you Max I'd like that. I'm sorry to hear about you ex-girlfriend," She said.

"I'm not," He smiled.*******

"Okay what do u want to go on next??" He asked. Liz smiled and looked around. Her eyes landed on what looked like a plan but it was in a circle. "How about the enterprise??" She asked.

Max looked and chuckled to himself. "All right the enterprise it is," He said. He put his hand to the small of her back and started to walk toward the funny looking ride. ******

"Five tickets," The worker said as he let Max and Liz on. They got seated in one and Liz almost laughed allowed as she noticed you had to sit in-between the person legs. Liz sat down in front of Max and leaned backward. She heard him grunt. Liz smiled and leaned forward again trying not to be to forward.

But then she felt warm strong arms come around her and pull her back. She looked up and saw Max smiling. She relaxed as if she didn't have a boyfriend that didn't give a shit about her. She liked the feel of warm arms around her. Liz closed her eyes and burned this feeling into her memory as if she will never beable to do this again.********

Max kept his moans to himself as she leaned back against to him. There is just something about her that made him feel so forward and that he can do and be whatever he wants to be. Unlike Tess he wanted him for his money. His money his looks, his bed(if u catch his drift ;) )

Max watched as Liz closed her eyes. When we was in line with his Friend and Sister he watched as Liz had gotten seated on the ride. She looked sad, depressed, He could see a dark cloud in her eyes as if she had never seen love before so when the worker asked for one more person he jumped to get the seat next to the beautiful girl.

He sighed in wardly as he could feel the heat of her body coming off of her. But then he could feel her sadness, loneliness. He pulled her tighter to him as the ride started. He leaned in to her ear and started to talk.

"So Liz what are you doing her all alone??" He asked her. He watched her open her eyes slowly. He could feel her shiver as he spoke into her ear. "I was supposed to meet someone here....but they didn't show up," She said in a sadden voice.

He nodded. 'How could someone be so mean to such a beautiful kind person?? I hope to find out more about her and this person,' He thought to himself.********

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