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Name: Our Love, Our Wedding.
Author’s note: This is an adaptation of Danielle Steel’s “The Wedding”. I recently read the book and could totally see Max and Liz in these roles. I don’t own “the Wedding” but I did put in my own bits and pieces of twists. Neither do I own Roswell or its’ characters.
Category: AU, M/L and maybe others. Somewhat of a future fic.
Summary: Please read to see. As I go along I’ll add a better summary.

Chapter one A

The traffic moved along the Santa Monica freeway at a snail’s pace as Elizabeth Steinberg lay her head back against the padded seat of the shiny black 325 BMW convertible. At this rate she wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. Eventhough she had nothing special planned, it had been a hard day at the office and she was longing to relax in the comfort of her one bedroom apartment. She stretched out as best she could, putting on the radio just as Brian Morrison ‘s latest song - started to play. He had been one of her first clients when she had entered the law firm three years ago, and his success had only grown with her at his side. Liz had a lot of important clients, yet at the age of twenty-eight none of this was new to her. She’d spent most of her life around famous people because of her parents and after graduating law school at Harvard, she’d been happy to join Madison-Hertz-Larson. Now she was a junior partner and she was happy. They were one of the most important firms in L.A in the area of Entertainment Law, which Liz enjoyed.
Most people had expected Liz to go into acting, after all both of her parents were in the business at that time, but it never seemed to interest her. Her mother Nancy Steinberg had acted for most of her life before deciding that she’d wanted to be behind the scenes for a difference. Now, she was responsible for writing and directing one of the best mini drama series running on prime time television for the past ten years, receiving the highest ratings for eight of them. Her father Jeff Steinberg was always behind the camera, yet he was so well known in Hollywood that the mere mention of his name would earn you respect from any individual there. He’d been directing and producing award winning movies for the past fifteen years. His reputation for making box office hits was irrefutable. He was great at it and he loved it. It had also been argued that he had a very rare quality in Hollywood, he was a gentleman and well loved for it.
The existence that Elizabeth had known in Hollywood was very rare among its natives. She had a wholesome, closely knitted family. Liz had a twin brother Michael who was the only one who actually wanted to get completely out of California. He wanted to build his own reputation and in a completely different field- Medicine! She smiled at the thought it all, remembering the look on her parents’ faces when he said that he wanted to be a Doctor. They were shocked to say the least, since the boy was always out playing basketball or some other sport. He and Liz had gone to Princeton together for their bachelor’s degree, but separated in Grad school. She missed him now, thinking about him practicing Pediatric Medicine in New York Hospital, Cardiology Department. Maybe she’d go visit him one of these weekends when she finally got a break.
Elisabeth also had an eighteen-year-old sister – Maria, fresh out of high school and with dreams of a glorious singing career. It always made her smile when she thought about her sprightly sister with her big dreams. There was no doubt that Maria had a great singing voice – “she had talent” – one of the agents who worked with Jeff Steinberg had said, to which her father had just laughed and replied, “Lord knows who she got that from!” But Maria was stubborn and somewhat spoilt. She went out behind their backs and started singing in small clubs around. It wasn’t until the same agent came back to their father asking to sign her on contract that they found out about it. Eventually both parents agreed to allow Maria to sing, but only if she went to college. So this past September signaled her young sister’s freshman year at California University.
The blaring car horns from behind her reminded Elisabeth of where she was, and she drove off following freely the rest of the way home. It was eight thirty when she finally turned into the driveway of her Spanish style villa in Beverly Hills. It wasn’t as glamorous as some of those nearby, but she loved it. Its cozy nature suited her and was a welcoming place to come home to. Laying her briefcase near the bar, she moved to her answering machine and pressed the play button before stretching out on the sitting room loveseat and listening to the voices that came out loud and clear.
The first two were from her secretary reminding her of the appointments that she had for the following day. Serena had been her first and only secretary at the firm and besides being very good at keeping Liz on schedule with her clients, she had turned out to be a very good friend. Her mother’s familiar voice came over the line next, she stated that she didn’t have a lot of time just then, but she wanted to personally invite her to dinner the following evening, and to please let her know if Kyle would be attending. Liz shook her head and closed her eyes for a minute. She could have heard the barely hidden disdain in her mother’s voice at the mention of Kyle’s name. Despite all of Elisabeth’s efforts, her mother completely disliked him and wasn’t afraid to show it. Her father had been much more subtle about it, but Liz knew he didn’t like him either.
As Liz thought about him, Kyle’s deep masculine voice came over the phone. His was the last message. He just wanted to let her know that he would be working late that night and wouldn’t be able to have dinner with her that night, but he would try to still come by if she wanted him too. “Of course I do/” she whispered into the silence of the room in reply. She loved being with him. She loved him. They had been together for the past two years but he had yet to make a real commitment to her. Secretly, she knew that was among the reasons her parents disliked him so much. One of the others may just be that he’s still legally married. Liz sat up as she tried to clear her mind from that thought. They were separated. He didn’t love her anymore and soon he would make it official and divorce her.
Liz looked up at the Grandfather clock that her Grandma Claudia had left for her in her will. It was already nine fifteen; she’d take a nice long shower and come back down to have something to eat while she waited for Kyle. Maybe he’d still make it here to see him – she hoped, walking up the staircase to her room as she stripped from her work clothes.


Author's note: Tell me if you like how this is going so far and I'll continue. If not, I'll stop. I still have She Cries your name to continue.*angel*

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Author's note: Thanks to all of you who replied and seemed interested. Here is part B of chapter one. I hope you like this. It's just a build-up, don't worry it will get spicier as we go along. *wink**wink*
Please continue to let me know what you think. I love reading it.


Chapter one B

Later that night, Liz moved around the kitchen wrapped in her thick purple robe, her hair still wet from her shower flowing down her back and the scent of strawberries mixed with the dinner she was preparing filled the air. She’d had a lot of late dinners for one lately because of Kyle’s schedule. He was also a lawyer, but his field of practice was Corporate Law and took up a lot of his time dealing with white-collar crimes in the business world. Kyle always claimed that he was the one who truly dealt with the law, and she was more of a babysitter than anything else. It was something that Elizabeth was used to hearing. She had to admit that to some extent that was true. Her clients were like teenage children a lot of the time, who came calling on her at all hours of the day and night to solve one or more of their problems – business and personal.
Take for instance her latest client Isabel Matherson, Hollywood’s new blond bombshell. She was so new to Hollywood and California as a whole, growing up in small town Orange County USA. At twenty-six years of age she was kind and uncommonly innocent and very talented. In the less that year that she’d been in L.A acting, she’d gained such a large fan base that it shocked Liz sometimes. She’d started out doing small parts in television series, but her recent part in the box office thriller Hunter, had made her an overnight success. Isabel had been referred to the firm by a producer on the last series she did, and one of the senior partners had introduced the two. They had immediately hit it off, becoming quick friends and Isabel felt that she could turn to Liz for anything, and she did. She’d have problems with hairdressers, schedules, contracts, tabloids; Isabel just didn’t know how to deal with them and she’d always end up calling Liz.
Elisabeth didn’t mind and she had to admit that Isabel was good at what she did; not to mention she had been blessed with the looks of a Greek goddess – the cameras and all who knew her loved her. Isabel would sometimes complain that it was all some sort of curse though, because she always had problems with men who turned out to like her only for her looks and the million dollars or so that she was worth lately. She was also quite terrified at night, eventhough Liz had made sure that the house had a great security system and was fully guarded, she could always expect a phone call from terrified Isabel at some hour of the night.
Setting the table, she suddenly realized that Isabel hadn’t called her yet. It was almost a routine for the phone to ring at least three times before Liz could get to bed and at least twice afterwards. Maybe Isabel was finally getting settled [I/] she thought, then chided herself mildly amused. It wasn’t likely.
The sound of a car engine driving into the yard and shutting off brought a smirk to Elizabeth’s face – Kyle had arrived. She had forgotten all about her meal and headed to the front door to greet him.

Kyle Peterson flipped his navy blue suit jacket over his left shoulder while reaching into his pocket for the keys to open the front door. He didn’t have to though, for before he could get them out, the front door swung open the reveal the most gorgeous site he had gazed his tired eyes upon all day. Elizabeth Steinberg stood leaning against the door, her robe partially sliding off her shoulder and failing to hide the golden color of her smooth skin. Her long black hair lay, wet from the shower she had taken, and framing her small face. In one step, Kyle pulled her into his arms and kissed her hungrily, breaking away only momentary,
“Hi.” He said quickly, not feeling much for conversation.
“Hey.” She replied just as briefly.
It didn’t take long for them to reach up the stairs and into Liz’s bedroom. Clothes were being scattered everywhere – the floor, over the bedside lamp, on the dresser…they couldn’t care. All each of them wanted was to ravish the other completely.

As the bed stirred later that night, Liz groaned slightly at the loss of body contact turning to see where Kyle was going. She glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside table then turned to meet him getting dressed.
“Where are you going?” she asked stunned that he was considering leaving that late.
“It’s late Elizabeth, and I have an early meeting in the morning with a very important client.” He stated, picking up his shirt.
“Then why don’t you stay and leave from here in the morning.” She half moaned, finally sitting up.
“No, you know how I get when I don’t wake up in my own bed. I like having time to collect myself before meeting people.” He stated matter-of- factly. Liz knew what he was saying was true, but she hated when he left her alone in bed. She felt alone
As if sensing her unease, Kyle moved back to sit on the bed and kissed her forehead. She raised her eyes to meet his,
“I’ll call you tomorrow.” He stated moving to gather the last of his stuff.
“What about dinner at my parents? What do I tell them?” she inquired.
“I don’t know Liz. This case is really big. I want to get the preliminary stuff done before I leave for New York on Saturday.”
His remark made Liz sit up straighter in shock. He was leaving for New York and didn’t even mention it.
“What do you mean New York?” she asked still shocked.
Kyle turned back to face her,
“Elizabeth, don’t seem so shocked about this. I told you that I had to go see Leanne about the house and other stuff.”
“No. No Kyle you didn’t. You can’t leave this Saturday; it’s the Golden Globes. I told you about that over a month ago.”
Liz stated, starting to get upset.
“I don’t see what that has to do with me leaving.” He remarked, a confused look on his face.
Liz almost couldn’t believe it, “I have to go to these awards Kyle. Both of my parents are nominated, as well as two of my clients – Isabel Matherson and Brian Morrison.” She announced, looking directly at him. “You said that you’d escort me.”
“I can’t Liz, not this weekend.” He simply stated, moving towards the door.
Liz was left stunned into silence. She was certain that she’d reminded him about the Awards only two days ago. How could he forget? She groaned to herself suddenly thinking that she’d have to tell her mother something about dinner and later the Golden Globes. Nancy Steinberg would have a field day if she knew, and Liz just couldn’t take that right now.

The ringing telephone brought Elizabeth out of her daze.
“Hello.” She said, hoping that it was Kyle calling from the car to say that he’d reconsidered. But it wasn’t him.
“Liz?” came the familiar female voice in a whisper over the phone.
“Liz, I think someone’s in the house.” The young actress whispered.
“Isabel, are you sure? Did you call the guards?”
“Yes, they’re checked the house but didn’t find anything.”
“Then there’s nothing to worry about Is. I’m sure it was just your mind playing tricks on you.”
“Yeah, “ she started, beginning to feel better. “I’m sorry Liz, it’s just been a hectic week.”
“Tell me about it.” Liz replied, passing her hand through her dark hair and thinking about Kyle again. He always managed to get to her.
“It’s just that I’m extra nervous since that letter.” Isabel remarked, not having heard Liz’s little comment.
“I know Is, but you don’t have worry about that anymore.” Liz reassured her. It had been quite a scare that night when Isabel had called. She’d just walked into the house and found the note on her bed. It had said that she was betraying him and that he’d make her pay. They’d called the FBI in on the case, but they never found the sender. Isabel hadn’t received any other notes, but the police still make routine checks to her house, and she had her own bodyguards now. “We took care of it.”
“You’re right.” Isabel remarked, staring to feel guilty for calling. “I’m sorry about this. I always seem so concerned about myself. How are you Liz?”
Liz smiled, “I’m fine Is, just tired…don’t worry about it. Are you ready for the Golden Globes?”
“A little nervous, but I’ll make it. “ she remarked, excitement evident in her voice as she continued. “I can’t believe that I actually got nominated.”
“You know that you’re good girl!” Liz stated, stroking her ego. Isabel laughed.
“Thanks.” She replied, “Look I’ve kept you long enough.”
“I’ll talk to you tomorrow about driving arrangements for the Awards okay.”
They agreed and Liz finally hung up. The conversation with Isabel had taken her mind off of Kyle and the situation she was in for a while, but lying back against the sheets it all came back. The cool breeze following in through the cracked open window and over the bed left Liz reminded that once again, she was there alone.

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