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Something to Believe in – BY KAZZA
Part 24

Disclaimer: In the alternate universe that all Roswell Fanfic writers visit, I own Roswell. Sadly, in the real world, I own nothing, so please don’t sue me! I promise to return the characters good as new. I do, however, own the idea to this story.

Summary: Alternate Universe. Not set in Roswell and there are no aliens in sight! Just your regular love story!

Category: A bit of everyone, but swaying towards Max and Liz.

Rating: PG-13 (For now!!)

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Jo, my amazing Roswell e-buddy, whom I’ve had the privileged pleasure to meet. A wonderful person who truly has a pure heart of gold.

Authors Notes: This is my own story, generated from my own imagination. I apologise if any of my ‘American’ terms are incorrect, please forgive me since I don’t live there!


Putting the phone down, Max couldn’t help but feel intrigued. When he’d picked up the phone the last person he’d expected to find on the other end was Liz. For a few moments she’d stunned him into silence, her request for him to accompany her to one of the newly acquired hotels the next day totally out of the blue. He’d barely managed to tumble out the word yes before she had abruptly ended the conversation.

Curiosity filled every part of his being, knowing for sure there was some ulterior motive to her request. For the life of him though he couldn’t work out what it was. Despite his wonderings though, Max certainly wasn’t complaining at the opportunity to see the angel who had stolen his heart again. No matter what she had done to him, he still felt his heart shine at the prospect of seeing her once more.

That night, as he slipped into bed, his eyes drifted close and his mind wandered towards Liz. Her chocolate brown eyes, long flowing brown hair and shining smile filled his subconscious with immediate ease. In his dreams though he could control what Liz did. Never in his dreams did she walk away, but instead she fell into his arms with eagerness and happiness. Their kisses were endless and their loving perfect. It was the one thing he could control, and no matter how much she rejected him Max knew she would never stop him dreaming of what they could have if she just let him in.

And, unbeknown to Max, someone was also dreaming about him too. For in her unconsciousness, her mind took her to places her heart wouldn’t. No matter what she did, or how she reasoned, Liz still desired Max with all her heart and soul.

All she had to do was accept that in her conscious state and then there would be two more happy people in the big wide world of love.


It was a warm sunny November morning in Los Angeles. The morning rush to work had finally passed, and the tall, prestigious building stood proud in the centre of the bustling town.

Pulling up on the opposite side of the road, Max and Liz emerged from her black Mercedes and looked towards the impressive building that stood out in the LA skyline.

The Oreanna Hotel was the flagship hotel of The Edwardian Group, and now, after the takeover, belonged to the ever-growing Amber Inn Group. Taking in a deep breath, Liz allowed her eyes to survey her latest victory, her prize for all the hard work she’d put in.

Situated in the shadows of the famous Hollywood hills, on North San Vincent Boulevard, it was certainly a hotel that was a class above any around it. With over 250 rooms, each themed in unique and pleasing ways, the hotel oozed appeal. Luxury and class were certainly words people used to describe the hotel. It was always packed with sightseers, tourists, businessmen and celebrities alike. Whenever something big was happening in Tinsel Town, the Oreanna was always a popular choice for big names in Hollywood.

It was this hotel that had leant Liz’s pull to the takeover plan. It was the only real major rival to Amber Inn’s previous top hotel, The Chancery, Beverly Hills. The Chancery was a beautiful modern hotel that had only been built five years previously. It was a big, bright and breezy hotel, but somehow, no matter how glitzy and glamorous it was, The Chancery didn’t seem to project the same manor of prestige and sophistication the Oreanna had. It had been clear knowledge, inside the Edwardian Group, that the Oreanna had been the only real moneymaker keeping the hotel chain afloat for as long as it had been.

But now, Liz’s Mecca, the hotel she’d always dreamed of getting her hands on, was within touching distance of her grasp. Glancing at it from across the road, shivers ran down her spine and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end. Even through the dark brown of her sunglasses, the hotel still looked as magnificent as ever. The exhilaration of knowing it was her newest acquisition made Liz’s heart race, she was finally being let loose on her dream project.

Watching her staring at the hotel, Max couldn’t help but smile. It was clear this hotel was something special to Liz, and glancing back at the large building, he could see why. He liked the look of awe she was clearly displaying across her face too. It was the sort of look a child gave when glancing in a toyshop window on Christmas Eve, longing, wanting, and hoping for a treat.

“Shall we go and take a look inside then?” Max suggested, realising Liz would stand on the sidewalk staring at the building all day unless he gave her a little push in the right direction.

Finally tearing her eyes away, she smiled warmly at Max before they started the short walk to the crossing a few yards away. No words were exchanged as they walked though, both still caught up in their own worlds.

For Liz, it was the awe of the hotel that she could now walk into and claim as her own. For Max, it was the surprisement that he was here at all. The call from Liz had been out of the blue and totally unexpected. She’d requested his presence when she went to look at the Oreanna, and who was he to turn her down. Any small moments with Liz were better than none at all. So, even though he wasn’t sure why he was accompanying her, Max wasn’t one to turn the chance down.

They were here to assess the hotel, walk around it and decide what changes were necessary to keep it in its rightful place as a flagship hotel, but this time for the Amber Inn Group.

Normally it was something Liz did on her own, or perhaps occasionally with Alex, but this time she’d decided to invite Max along. It was partly because she wanted a business executive’s perspective on the hotel, but also it was very nearly the last excuse she could think of to see Max one last time. For the takeover was now complete, their plan had worked and James was extremely pleased at the speed and smoothness of the transaction.

So now Max’s involvement as a consultant had served its purpose, his services were no longer required. That, of course, meant Liz had to accept her acquaintance with Max Evans was all but over. A tinge of sadness, therefore, edged the visit also; as Liz tried to accept her brief happiness was over due to her own doing. She’d decided she needed one more moment with Max to say goodbye for good, to finally end the brief affair they’d almost shared. And that was what she was here to do, see the hotel, but also close another chapter in her already eventful life.

Crossing the road, the two of them walked slowly up to the ever-looming building. It was a quiet, serene walk, both just content with the other’s company, no words needed to spoil the moment. For Max too could sense a finality in their meeting, he wasn’t naïve he could feel the vibes Liz was giving off. And no matter how much he tried to kid himself, they weren’t good vibes. Oh Liz was being sweet, kind, but there was a distance and a gloom surrounding her that he had picked up on from the moment he’d got into her car.

No matter what he had done to try to win her round, it hadn’t worked on Liz Parker. For once a woman had rebuffed the Evans charm and slipped from his grasp. Only, for Max, this wasn’t just another woman in a long line of average ladies. Liz was special, more amazing than any other woman he knew. He certainly didn’t want to let her go, but resigned himself to being powerless to stop her pushing him away if it was what she wanted, and that was clearly what she had told him.

“Liz ………” He started as they walked slowly along the sidewalk. “I know what you said about us …….”
“Max, please don’t go there.” She halted his words.
“Why not Liz?” He queried, taking grasp of her arm and spinning her to a halt. “Why can’t I go there?” He added, slipping a finger under her chin, and lifting it up so that he could stare longingly into her deep brown eyes.

It wasn’t his best plan, Max was the first to admit that, but he was powerless to stop himself. She’d rebuffed him so many times and pushed him away with emphatic ease. In his heart he knew another rejection couldn’t make him feel any worse than he did already. There were only so many pieces a heart could be smashed into, and Max was painfully aware his heart was only mere shards already. He had to touch her once more; he had to experience the softness of her lips and the tenderness of her kiss, no matter what the price.

Holding her stare for a moment, he searched in her soul for any signs of hatred or disgust at looking at him. There were none, which he took as a good sign at least. Bending his head down slowly, he closed his eyes a split second before his lips touched hers.

It was a simple kiss full of tenderness, but Liz was powerless to stop herself from becoming lost in him. His kiss ignited all the strong feelings she’d buried, all the dreams of love she’d dashed with harsh words. His hand tenderly stroking her silky brown hair and his gentle lips caressing hers sent shivers down her spine. The flames of passion were instantly stoked deep inside her stomach, her head feeling light from the feelings he was awakening once more.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” She said as they finally parted; yet her eyes deceived her as they danced with desire.
“I know.” He replied shrugging his shoulders and not regretting his actions for one moment. She’d said so many harsh and hurtful words to him, but in a kiss she’d informed Max how she really felt. The passion in the simple embrace was extreme and there was a clear response from Liz, No matter what words uttered from her mouth from now on he’d know they were lies. Nobody could kiss like that if they detested the other, of that Max was certain.

“Then why did you?” She enquired, her eyes narrowing slightly curious to see if an ulterior motive lay below the surface.
“I guess I wanted to give it one more try, to see if I could win you round.” He admitted.
“What? After everything I’ve said and done to you, you still think I’m worth it?” She stated, genuinely surprised.

“Yes Liz, I do think you’re worth it. That’s what love does to you, it makes you want to walk to hell and back for one small kiss or gentle hug.” He said honestly. “You see, no matter what you say or do, you’ll always be worth it to me.” He added looking directly at Liz so she’d know he was being one hundred percent truthful.

She stared back at him, mouth open and eyes blazing with amazement. She’d hurt him, scalded him with terribly hurtful words, yet he still cared for her? He was someone special; she knew that now for sure. So why couldn’t she let him into her life? Alex’s words of the day before swum around her mind mixing with her emotions, “you can’t fear love, you have to grasp it with two hands and hold on to it for dear life.”

Could she let him in? Could she risk everything to taste a little love and happiness? If she was going to do it, Liz was sure there wouldn’t be anyone better or more equipped than the suave Max Evans. For he had shown so many times his sweet, caring side, and he clearly felt deep emotions for Liz.

He’d made her think, Max was sure of that. The lost, dreamy look on her face was evidence that his words and that kiss had perhaps started to sink in. Maybe there was hope for them, perhaps a few more kisses and she would finally be ready to open up to him. It would take time, he was prepared for that, this was Liz Parker after all, and he was prepared to wait forever if that was what she needed.

For the first time in a long while Max actually felt happy with himself. It had been a snap judgement to kiss her, but definitely one of his better ideas. He’d tasted her once more, experienced the passion that ran deep inside both of them. If he died at that moment then he knew he’d die a happy man. She’d entered his life, turned it upside down and ripped out his heart on many occasions, but she was still a beautiful angel in his eyes.

Walking on quietly they were both lost in their own dream worlds, both thinking of the other and the illicit kiss they had just shared along with the emotions it had conjured up.

Neither could have imagined or expected the surreal moment to be shattered so violently and dramatically though.

The next few moments seemed to happen in slow motion, almost like a high-octane movie playing on maximum reduced speed.

The squeal of locked brakes reverberated around the quiet street, and a puff of smoke rose from burnt rubber tyres as a speeding car jumped a red light. The sound of another unsuspecting car hitting the side of the runaway car then filled the air dramatically.

Crunching metal, shattering glass and dull thuds were mixed with the sound of the first car’s tyres locking and skidding quickly across the road, hurtling at a very fast pace.

As it slid, it was clear to any onlooker that there was very little in its path to reduce the speed and take away some of the power of the inevitable impact.

Turning to see the accident unfold, Max could scarcely believe his eyes. Both he and Liz stood there, watching what was happening, grateful they were safely on the sidewalk.

It was Max who was shaken out of his haze first though. The runaway car was still continuing on its quest to destroy everything in its path. A parking meter, the bumper of another car and a trash can, nothing seemed to halt its onslaught towards the sidewalk.

But the out of control car wasn’t just endangering stationery objects; it was heading straight to the sidewalk, or more importantly heading straight towards Liz and Max.

Quickly thinking, he grabbed Liz’s arm and pushed her out of the way, barely moments before the car mounted the pavement. Instead, it hit him, throwing his body up onto the bonnet of the car, over the roof and back down to earth in the middle of the road with a big bump.

For moments afterwards the area lay dormant and still, the hissing of boiling water from a car radiator pouring out onto the sidewalk. The only noise that broke the silence was the sound of a car alarm ringing and the horn of the runaway car blasting out. Passers-by stood looking, stunned and shocked at what had just unfurled, all too astounded to move at first.

Opening her eyes, she tried to focus on something around her, trying to work out where she was and why she was lying on the sidewalk.

Liz was dazed for a few moments, unable to work out what had just happened. She’d heard the commotion behind her, but then suddenly Max had grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. She’d hit the wall of the building behind her, bashing her shoulder, gashing her arm and hitting her head on the solid concrete.

Lifting her battered body from the ground, Liz sat up and lent her back against the building. The pain in her head appeared immediately, and was extremely intense making her feel dizzy and disorientated. Instinctively, she lifted her hand to the route of the discomfort, and instantly felt the warm trickle of blood coming from a cut just above her eye. Blood was also dripping from a large gash on her arm, due to broken glass by where she had fallen, and her shoulder and ribs were definitely painful too.

It was only then that Liz also realised she was very much alone. Max was no longer beside her, no longer in her view. Scrambling uneasily to her feet, panic fuelled her body.

Liz frantically looked around, whipping her head around in a desperate attempt to find her friend. Her hair flailed around her face blinding her view and hitting her face somewhat painfully, her eyes full of fear, her heart beating so fast she could practically feel it jumping out of her chest.

After a moment of blind terror, she suddenly saw him. He was lying face down on the road; arms sprawled above his head, legs bent and contorted, not moving a muscle.

People finally started to gather around the scene, one calling 911, all trying to take in the accident and deal with the casualties.

“Max!” Liz piercingly screamed, finally finding her voice.

Forcing her feet to move, she giddily pushed through the ever-growing crowd to reach her friend. Drawing up beside him, Liz paused for a moment, trying to take in the unbelievable sight in front of her.

Max’s body wasn’t moving, his wrist twisted in a broken way, his leg also bend in an uncomfortable position. Blood was pouring from more than one outlet, a nasty cut on his head, a deep gash on his leg that had sliced through his trousers, grazes and bruises already showing on exposed flesh. It was clear to any onlooker he was seriously hurt.

Sinking to her knees, Liz stretched out her arms and gently rolled Max over. Protests from onlookers not to move him went unheard, Liz didn’t care what anyone said or thought, she only cared about Max.

Lifting up his battered head, she placed it gently on her lap to cradle it. Pushing his hair that was damp with blood out of his eyes and stroking his face gently, tears slowly fell down Liz’s face. He looked so pale, so fragile, his body so terribly battered ……… all for the sake of saving her.

Liz’s wracked sobs continued until the loud siren of two ambulances finally drew up the street. The crowd parted, allowing the paramedics to reach the injured people. Two paramedics headed towards the runaway car, to the injured driver, the other two headed to Max and Liz.

“Mam, are you ok?” A thirty-something paramedic asked Liz.
“Y ….ye ……. Yes.” She stumbled, clearly in shock.
“We need to treat your friend, is that ok?” He asked gently, needing Liz to relinquish her protective grip on Max. The nodding of her head and relaxing of her tight hold signalled this was ok, as Liz finally let go of Max for the first time since the terrible accident.

Quickly administering initial first aid, the two paramedics cautiously lifted Max onto a stretcher before whisking him into the waiting ambulance. Urging Liz in also so her injuries could be treated, the ambulance sped off once again, rushing through the streets of Los Angeles.

The trip to the City of Angels Medical Center in Downtown LA was something of a blur to Liz. The Paramedic administered first aid to the cut on her head, and gently bandaged her lower arm, but she barely noticed. Her sorrow filled eyes were fixed constantly on Max, trying to will his eyes open or give her some sort of sign so she’d know he was ok. All she wanted was a flicker, a sign that he was still with her, but nothing came, and no comfort was found, as he lay lifeless on the stretcher.

From the moment they entered the hospital Max was quickly whisked away. Liz tried to stay with him, wanting to be right by his side in case anything happened, but the nurses refused, insisting she received some medical attention of her own. Still dazed and in shock, she was escorted into a cubical to receive attention, all the while her thoughts were with Max and the perilously situation he was in.

Once her head had been stitched, her arm bandaged and her grazes tended to, Liz stumbled out to find a telephone. Calling Maria, she informed her secretary of the important points, trying to stay calm and keep her mind focused as she instructed Maria contact Max’s firm to let them know also what was going on.

It was clear to Maria, as she put the phone down, that the accident had been very serious. Liz’s voice was non-descriptive, quiet, emotionless monotone. She’d never heard her boss so shaken up, Liz normally so self-assured. Quickly picking up the phone, she called Isabelle and informed her, before dashing down the hall to James’ office to let him know of the unfolding situation.

Finally flumping down into a welcoming chair in the waiting room, Liz lowered her head buried her face in the palms of her hands.

The tears she had shed earlier returned with vengeance, stinging her eyes as she tried to keep them at bay. She tried all her might to remain in control; to not loose it in the middle of the hospital, but it was to no avail as the inevitable pain engulfed her and the tears began to course down her pale, stricken cheeks.

Seeing May lying in the road had been awful, never in her wildest nightmares did she think she’d have to experience anything happening to Max. He was so big, strong and full of life, like nothing could ever hurt or cut him down. But seeing him lying helpless in the road, and then strapped into the stretcher, being wheeled into ER at near death’s door, it was clear he was in very grave danger.

The tears continued to pour out, as Liz just sat and waited for news. It was all she could do, just wait, hoping and praying that Max would be strong enough to pull through and flash her that sexy smile once more.

TBC ………………..?

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