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summary : liz has moved to roswell with parents, her mother is pregnant and liz let say has issus specially with men.

Part one

Wow Roswell hasn’t changed one bit in ten years.

Still just as much of a hole as it was then.

“ Isn’t it great moving back here?” Mom said as I stare out of
the window of our new home.

“ Oh yeah who needs L.A when you have party capital of the
world Roswell NM,” I said sarcastically.

“ Are you okay?” Mom asked me.

“ Fine I’m going out,” I said and then walked out of the house I
got into my car. I drove around looking at all the things I went
to the mall I have no idea how I’m going to live here they have
only one good shop and that’s tiny!

I end up in this little café thing called the Crashdown café it’s
quite funny.

OH MY GOD is that who I think it is? Is that Maria she’s the only
that I kept in touch with since we moved away when I was
seven. She was my best friend.

“ Maria?” I ask she looks at me and then a look of recognition
appeared in her eyes

“Lizzie?” She asked

“ Yes,” I said and she hugged me

“ Oh my god how come you never rang me to tell me you where
coming back?” She asked me

“ Maria we haven’t spoken in two years I didn’t even know
whether you still lived here,” I told her

“ So why are you visiting?” Maria asked

“I’m not we moved here last night,” I told her

“ Wow that’s great it’ll be really cool you living here again look I
have to work I mean my mom owns this place but make sure
you’re here at 10:00 and I’ll introduce you to some close friends
oh and are you alright?,”

“ Yes I’m fine I’ll be here later Maria,” I said not very intrested I
think Maria was abit put out about the fact I didn’t seem that
excited that we had met up again.

“ Bye Lizzie,” she said and as I walked out of the cafe


“Hey mom,” I said as I walked into the kicthen

“Hey Liz you have fun and are you okay?”

“Yeah it was okay I met Maria DeLuka,” I said

“Really?” Mom asked I decided to keep back a sarcastic remark

“Yeah I’m going to meet up with her later with some of her
friends,” I told my mom who I suddenly relised looked really
tired. Noticed her leaned against the table and put a hand on
her rounded stomache.

“You okay?” I asked

“Yeah just feeling a bit faint,” She said

“ Okay look mom I really hate the idea of you beein pregnant
but I don’t want you to like have a miscarrage so go be lazy put
your feet up make dad do everything,” I said

“ Liz sorry but I can’t put all my problems on other people
unlike some people,” She muttered the last bit but I heard her

“ You think I put my problems on other people Mom I was ra-”

“ What’s going on?” Dad asked as he walked on our argument

“ Nothing Jeff,” Mom said

“ Nothing? Liz will you stop arguing with your mother can’t you
see that she is pregnant?” Dad yelled at me

“ Jeff stop it, it’s not her fault,” Mom said

“ Yeah yeah yeah that’s always the excuse, look Liz what
happened to you was terrible but it happened two years ago!”

“You have no idea what it’s like to be me dad you have no idea
how hard it is to get up in the morning to be able to look at
myself in the mirror without gagging, you have no idea! You
think that moving me away will help me? Yeah well it wont
nothing will! I’m sorry I’m such a terrible disappointing
daughter!” I scream at my dad and then ran out of the kitchen
and upstairs to my room. I fell onto my bed and started to cry

Why did it have to happen to me? What did I ever do to
deserve this. It’s not fair.


It was 9:30 when I realised that I was going to meet Maria and
her friend probably all sad freaks. I had spent the rest of the
day in my room Thank God for locks. Mom came up and started
knocking on my door earlier I just put my HI-FI on the loudest

I looked in my mirror at the reflectiion I had tear stains on my
face and my skin was all red . I went into the en suite
bathroom and sort my face out.

“ Liz, are you okay?” Mom said as I walk past her

“ I’m going out,” I said and slammed the door shut as I walked

I got to the Crashdown just as Maria was about to lock the

“ Liz hi,” She said and let me in.

“ Hi Maria,” I said and looked at a booth where a WOW!!! God I
didn’t know they made men that good lookiing. Hre’s proabbly
a complete barstad all men are.

“ Well Liz this is Michael, Alex, Max, and his twin Isabelle,” Maria
introduced the sexy guy was called Max. Suits him.

“ Hi,” I said not sounding intrested

“ Are you okay Liz?” Max asked with such genuine concern in his
voice I almost smiled at him but he said that fucking question.

“ Yeah why you saying I don’t look okay?” I ask

“ No you just look a little upset,” Max said

“ Sorry just had a really bad day,” I said I didn’t add that
everyday of my life lately is a bad day.

“ I’m not surprised I remember when I moved and that was only
four blocks not from LA,” Alex said

“ Yeah and I bet your Mother wasn’t up the duff,” I said

“ Your mom’s Pregnant!” Maria exclaimed

“ Yeah all those lectures on safe sex and her and dad don’t
even us a condom,” I said

“ I take it you aint too happy about your mom’s pregnancy?”
Michael asked

“ Oh where did you get that from?” I said sarcasticly

“ So any cool clubs in this hole?” I asked sitting next to Max

“ Not many,” Max said

“ God I’m going to hate it here,” I said and then stood up.”
Lovely meeting you people but I should proabbaly go see you in
school tomorrow.”

I walked out of the Crashdown and back to the car. When I got
in the car I stared at the rain outside. I could hear it drumming
on the roof of the car and I soon started to cry. Why was I such
a bitch? Oh god I hate this town. With that I got out of the car
and started to wqlked in the wet night. Tears where running
down my face but if anyone sw me they would just think I was
a freak walking in the rain with water dripping down her. Why
I walked I don’t know but I didn’t want to go back. I didn’t want
to be asked for the one hundreth time if I was okay. Of corse
I’m not okay! I was fucking RAPED! And you don’t get over that
sort of thing. Why wont my family realise I’m completly
screwed up forever and no fucking move to some hole in the
ground is ever going to change that. God why don’t my
parents realise? And then I realised why they don’t care.

authors note : I'm not sure if this is any good I wrote it ages ago and decided to post it. please leave fb.