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Title: Accept the Challenge
Author: LiLEvEe
Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters.
Summary: completely AU (no aliens and no destiny) and CC (mainly Max/Liz but everyone will have their moment to shine).

This is my first fanfic so be gentle. In this little world, it is Once Upon A Time land when guys were supposed to be courteous gentlemen and girls were to be proper ladies. Here’s some good info to know before we get into the main storyline:
Philip Evans is a well-respected, wealthy merchant who owns two large shops, one in the kingdom city, and one a small town near Mount Roswell. Philip and his wife, Diane, have two children, 18-year-old Maxwell and 17-year-old Alexander. Both boys were very close, as well as Maxwell’s best friend Michael Guerin. Michael is Max’s age. Michael’s father died when he was 14 and Philip Evans took it upon himself to look out for Michael. He took Michael in and cared for him as he would one of his own sons. The three boys hung closely together and they complimented each other well.
Michael was mainly brawn. He wasn’t as fortunate as Maxwell and Alexander as a child and didn’t get the privilege of a good education. He was very impatient and relied too much on gut instincts. He was quick-tempered but extremely loyal and trustworthy.
Maxwell took after his mother, who was a very skilled fighter. He had a huge ego and was always up for a good challenge. It was questionable who was a better fighter, Maxwell or Michael, but neither would challenge the other to see. Maxwell was highly intelligent, but what stood out the most about him were his strikingly good looks. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Girls would give an arm or a leg just to get noticed by him, but he tended to be oblivious to this.
Although Maxwell was smart, he was not as smart as Alexander. Alexander took after his father. He is very studious and educated. Alexander was basically a know-it-all genius. Although it was apparent in Alexander’s physique that he possessed more mental strength then he did physical, no one would dare pick on him without facing the wrath of Max and Michael.

Now that we have the basic info over with, I'm always open to comments and suggestions and greatful for all and any feedback! Part One is on its way!!

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Chapter One

The kingdom city is enormous with overcrowded streets filled with places to shop, eat, and sleep. There were hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops for everything you would ever need. The city was a vast place were everyone was in a hurry to complete some task or errand in order to go home. It was filled with all sorts of news and excitement. And at the center of all that excitement you would always find Maxwell Evans. Today’s excitement, just outside the city, some of the townspeople gathered to see what trouble Max would get himself into today.

And boy, were the people going to get their money’s worth. The city’s favorite young man was in a predicament today. The governor’s nephew, Sean DeLuca, has always been trying to outdo Max in anything and everything that he does. Sean’s been competing with Max since they were kids. He’s challenged him to everything from eating contest, to who could hold their breaths the longest. Today was just another challenge that Max just couldn’t decline.

“Looks like Evans is a no-show. Why don’t you pay up now Guerin. Your boy is obviously too chicken to even show up,” One of Sean’s goons sneered out at Michael from were they were waiting just outside the city. Sean stood waiting with an arrogant smirk on his face with his group of brainless cronies behind him.

“He’ll be here,” Michael said calmly, leaning against a tree a few feet away as he patiently waited for his friend. It was the usual routine. Sean and his pack would show up. Michael would meet them shortly afterwards followed by a small audience, mainly girls who would sit, watch, cheer, and try, although unsuccessful, to get Michael’s, Alexander’s, or especially Max’s attention.

“I wouldn’t blame him though. No one, and I mean no one messes with Sean here,” another goon droned out, which elicited another smirk from Sean.

“I said he’ll be here. Max never turns down a challenge,” Michael said followed by a long sigh. Max has always been fashionably late, but this was just getting ridiculous.

“Well, he’s going to wish he did after I pulverize him today,” Sean spoke out conceitedly. Apparently becoming more confident due to Max’s tardiness.

“I beg to differ,” Max called out of nowhere. He came galloping in on Dreamer, his gallant white stallion followed by Alexander a short distance behind. The crowd watched in awe as they always did as Max rode in, slowing his pace until he came to a stop next to Michael. The sun somehow seemed to shine brighter in each exact spot Max was, making his intense amber eyes shine brighter, his sparkling teeth whiter, and his wind tossed hair a glossy gleam. He was a vision that made all the guys envious and all the girls swoon.

“Maxwell. What took you so long?” Michael asked while Max dismounted from his horse. Alex, being the helpful little brother that he is, went to tie up his and Max’s horses before joining Michael and Max.

“You know me. Have to make an entrance,” he answered with a playful smirk. All the girls began to try and get his attention, waving to him, blowing him kisses, and flaunting their bodies, all the while being unnoticed by not a one of the three.

“That’s nice and all, but let’s get started,” Sean called out as he approached with his goons following. They stared each other down. Max, with Michael to his right and Alex to his left, and Sean with goon number one and goon number two on each side of him.

“What’s the hurry?” Max called out with a smirk on his face, casually leaning back on the tree. “Do you want to get beat that badly?”

“Cocky aren’t we? What do you say we raise the bet then?”

Max shrugged, “It’s your money.”

“Fine. Let’s double it to two hundred gold pieces.” Pulling out a money pouch, Sean waved it in front of Max’s face.

Max straightened up, “You’ve got yourself a bet. Michael will hold the money. Name your terms.”

“My horse versus yours. First one to reach the Mystical Pond wins.”

Max was about to accept when Michael muttered to him, “Mystical Pond? That’s over half a day’s journey.”

Sean snickered, “What? Maxi boy here scared?”

Max was never scared of anything. He was about to speak out again when Alex warned, “I don’t know if Dreamer’s up to it Max. She hasn’t been up to her usual speed lately. And two hundred gold pieces is a lot of money.”

Sean happened to hear Alex’s little comment, he smirked, looked Max straight in the eye and said the words he knew Max couldn’t resist, “I thought Evans men never backed out of a challenge.”

“You’re on,” Max said with a look that said he was not to be messed with. He mounted his horse. “Alex, run home and inform mother I’ll be arriving late to dinner tonight. I have a race to win.” With that, they were off.
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Chapter Two

After Max and Sean rode off, everyone headed back to into the kingdom city. Michael and Alex headed back home. Diane Evans will be thrilled to know that her son was off having yet another adventure while Philip would shake his head, sigh, and wonder how much he would have to pay for any damages Max gets into this time.

Philip let out a frustrating sigh as he sat down in a chair, “How is that boy ever going to manage the shops after I am gone if he’s never here to learn how.”

Diane walked over to her husband and tried to soothe some of his worries, “Philip, let him be young and free while he still can. Before you know it, he’ll be a grown man. He’ll get married and settle down when he starts a family.”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to him about that. You two too,” he said looking at Michael and Alex. “You are all growing up now and it’s time you start thinking about marriage. There are plenty of beautiful healthy young women in this city for you to pick from.”

“Dad, can’t we talk about this when Max gets back?” Alex said trying to postpone the inevitable talk as long as possible. Michael just slumped down in his chair. He knew once Philip started, its best to just let him finish talking than to try and interrupt.

“I know you boys want to be free and have fun, play the field and all, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to settle down. I’ve told you boys before that your mother and I want you to be able to choose whom you are going to spend the rest of your lives with. But if it comes down to it, I will not hesitate to choose for you. So I suggest that both of you boys take me seriously on this. I mean it.”

“Yes sir,” they both said together.

Philip nodded approvingly at both, “Good. Now go and remind Max that he is having dinner with the Governor this evening. He wants to introduce his eldest daughter to him. I hear she is a lovely young lady, the most beautiful in the entire kingdom city. That should get Max to at least arrive on time.”

“Umm…Father?” Alex spoke hesitantly, fearing his father’s reaction. “M…Max…he um…he can’t make it. He’s riding all the way out to Mystical Pond.”

“What?!” Philip erupted. “What do you mean he can’t make it?! He’s known about this for a week now! How could he be so irresponsible?! Is he purposely trying to defy me?!”

“Philip calm down. You know what the doctor said about your heart condition.” Diane said trying to console her husband.

After taking several deep breaths, Philip looked to Michael. “Michael, you will be taking Max’s place and joining the Governor for dinner this evening.”

Michael was about to protest, but the look in Philip’s eyes said that there was no room for discussion. Michael would just have to do his best to be somewhat conversational. He wasn’t really what you would call a people person. That was more of Max’s area. Boy, did Max know how to work a crowd. Alex snickered at Michael’s predicament.

It didn’t go unnoticed by Diane. “Alex, why don’t you join Michael? Didn’t you used to tutor the governor’s younger daughter a few years back? I know the governor would love for you to join him. I’ll send someone to inform him right now.”

“But…mother…” Alex’s appeal was ignored and she was already out the door.

Both Philip and Michael were chuckling now. They remember how Alex used to come home from the governor’s house complaining about some skinny little blonde, saying over and over again that he hated her with the vengeance of a thousand suns and if he never saw her again in his whole life, it would still be too soon.

What do you think so far? Like where the stories headed? I know I said the girls were coming up and I promise they will be in the next scene most definitely. Next part will be a Max/Liz scene I promise!! FEEDBACK PLEASE!!!

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Chapter Three

Max rode on faster and faster. He was miles ahead of Sean. It was laughable to think that Sean was any competition for Max when it came to riding. Max was the best rider in the kingdom. He only had a couple more miles to go. He would have already reached Mystical Pond, but Dreamer was tiring. He could feel her muscles tightening, her pace slowing, and her breathing more labored. Dreamer wouldn’t last the last few miles. Max’s competitive side was persuading him to easily just push the horse to its limit and reach the pond before Sean, but his compassionate side just wouldn’t allow himself to do so. Sighing, Max slowed to a stop, dismounted Dreamer, and walked her over to the nearby stream. He was hoping that maybe after a little rest, Dreamer would be able to complete the journey, but even that though was highly unlikely.

Max let the horse drink and then plopped himself down on the ground. He sighed and put his head in his hands. What was he going to do? He still had ample time to reach Mystical Pond, but he needed was a horse.

And as if his prayers have been answered, he heard a low neighing sound. He looked up and saw a beautiful chestnut horse a small distance away. He jumped up and ran toward the creature. Perhaps he can convince its owner to let him borrow it just for a short time. He was pro at handling people. With his good looks and his boyish charm, he could have anyone eating out of his hand.

As he reached the horse, he scanned the area for a possible owner but there didn’t seem to be anyone around. He was preparing to take the mare and simply return it later with a hefty reward to compensate for his borrowing. When he was about to mount the horse, he notice the clothes draped over the saddle. Max looked the clothing over. They obviously belonged to a lady, a pretty petite one at that.

Max abruptly came to a realization. If her clothes are here, where was she and what was she wearing? Only then did he become aware a humming a few feet away. He could tell her voice was beautiful even though she had yet to say a word. He was unconsciously drifting towards it like a siren’s call. As Max neared the stream, he saw her. She was enchanting. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. There she was, bathing herself while she hummed and twirled in the water. She let out a soft giggle and Max felt his heart flutter.

How could she be so beautiful? The tall grass and the water shielded most of her body but he could still see the smooth skin of her shoulders and neck. She had long dark brown hair that cascaded down her back, deep brown eyes, and her soft pink lips. She had a naïve carefree childlike quality as she spun around in the water giggling.

Max felt his heart quiver at the vision before him and let out a soft sigh. He heard his raven haired beauty let out a gasp and turned around abruptly to face him. Their eyes locked and he felt as though she was looking right into his soul. His heartbeat quickened as he felt a rush of emotion run through him. Her breath quickened and Max wondered that perhaps she was feeling the same way. Her lips slowly parted and Max awaited for the first sweet words to emerge from them.

“You PERVERT!” she fumed out while ducking deeper into the water, in attempts to shield herself. “How dare you spy a woman while she bathed! Have you no manners?!”

Max was too stunned to even speak; all he could do was stare at her. No woman has ever spoke to him with such condemnation before. But then what did he expect? He had been staring at her while she was bathing. “I…I was…um…I,” he stuttered out.

“I know what you were doing and I’ll tell you what you will be doing. You will turn around, walk over to that tree, and wait while I get dressed so that I can beat the living daylights out of you.” She snapped out with unmasked fury.

Max nodded and did as he was told while she was hurriedly to get dress. Max was thinking of a way to apologize and explain himself when he saw Sean riding towards him less than a mile away. He quickly turned around, eyes widening at the picture before him. She was only half way through dressing herself and she quickly crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

“I’m sorry but I must go,” Max said jumping on her horse.

“That’s my horse!” she tried to stop him but he was already galloping away.

“Don’t worry! I’ll bring her back!” Max called out, glancing back, he gave her a to-die-for smile that made most girls weak in the knees. It seemed to simply enraged her more as he saw her let out a loud sigh of frustration and anger and hurry to finish dressing. He shook his head and concentrated on getting to Mystical Pond. She was going to one hard challenge for him to win over, but Max was always up for a challenge. He was convinced that there wasn't anyone out there who wasn’t susceptible to his charm.
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Chapter Four

Governor Valenti lived with his two daughters, an 18-year-old and a16-year-old named Isabella, in an estate that was the largest in the kingdom city, except for the castle itself of course. It was a very prestigious invitation to have dinner with the governor so both Michael and Alex were dressed in their best outfits and had promised Philip and Diane that they would make a good impression.

“Why do I have to go? Why can’t you just go by yourself?” Alex complained as they slowly made their way through the city streets towards the governor’s house.

“Because, dear brother, you have a play date with the young miss Isabella.” Michael said, winking at Alex.

Alex groaned, “Don’t remind me. I still haven’t recovered from my last visit and that was almost three years ago.”

Michael chuckled, “It couldn’t have been that bad. Besides, they say that the governor’s daughters are the most beautiful in the kingdom city.”

“Well, who in the town would say otherwise, after all they are the governor’s daughters. If anyone ever said anything bad about them, he would probably throw them into jail.” Alex shrugged, “Besides, they are rarely allowed outside the house. How would they know what the girls look like firsthand?”

“So what does the governor’s eldest daughter look like firsthand anyways?” Michael questioned.

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve never actually met her. She was always in her room. And I was always with Isabel.” Alex said making a face when he mentioned Isabel’s name.

“At least you don’t have go to evaluate a girl for Max.” Michael said shaking his head.

“I don’t see why you didn’t just tell father that you’re already interested in someone.”

Michael stopped walking and looked at Alex. “And who, pray tell, am I interested in?”

“Maria.” Alex shrugged out casually.

“Maria? Maria?! As in, the blonde little pixie who always seems to get into trouble, Maria? The little sprite that I always seem to be saving from thugs and hooligans because she just can’t seem to keep her mouth shut, Maria??” Michael practically shouted.

“Yeah, that Maria. Also the one you can’t seem to get out of your head. The one you retell to me countless dreams about. And the one who is, and I quote, more beautiful than the goddess of love, who shines more brightly than the sun itself, and whose spirit is as free, caressing and gentle as the wind. Need I go on?” Alex said with a smirk on his face.

Michael found himself smiling at Alex’s words. They didn’t begin to describe how incredible Maria was. Michael’s eyes get all ‘spacey’ and he always has a stupid grin on his face whenever he thinks about her. But Michael’s far-off and longing look soon turned gloomy. “Yeah. She’s also the same Maria who always seems to keep disappearing, the one that catches the attention of every guy she passes, and also the one who doesn’t return my affection.” Michael said the last part in a whisper, but Alex heard all the same. He patted Michael on the back reassuringly and they both started back down the street toward the governor’s.

“AHHH…Let go of me you fiend!!” came a shriek from an alley not far from where Alex and Michael were. Michael and Alex looked at each other and both ran towards the cry.

They raced down the alley at lightning speed and what they saw before them made Michael’s blood boil. There stood Maria with her hands pinned to the wall above her head, her blonde haired tousled and her green eyes glaring at the man in front of her. That man happened to be Sean’s goon number two. He was twice her size and was looking at her with a smug smirk on his face and an evil gleam in his eyes.

“Let me go!” Maria seethed out through clenched teeth. Michael saw red. He stormed over and grabbed Maria and wrenched her from the scoundrel’s hold on her. Maria visibly relaxed after seeing that it was Michael that came to her rescue.

The goon was ticked off. Didn’t whoever it was that messed with his fun realize that he was one Sean’s guys? He turned to address his opponent, “Hey I don’t know who you think you are but…” He stopped when realized whom he was talking to. He stood face to face with none other than Michael Guerin and you could see fear instantly come over the goon’s face. Michael had a look that showed that he was more than just pissed. He look ready to kill.

Michael voice was deep and deadly, “Now, you listen here. If I ever so much as see you looking at her again, I swear I will…” Michael didn’t get to finish as the goon ran off. Michael was about to go after him when Maria pulled him back.

In a soothing voice, Maria tried to calm him down, “Michael, don’t go. He’s not worth it.” Maria had a pleading look on her face and he just couldn’t help but give in to her.

“What were you doing with that guy anyways, Maria?” Michael asked, his voice still had a hint of anger but was more laced with concern. He still hadn’t let go of her hand yet and was rejoicing in the fact that she hadn’t pulled away either.

“I don’t want to talk about it Michael.” She said giving him a shy smile that made him forget all about the whole incident. Her lips were moving and she was saying something to him but Michael wasn’t paying attention. He already had that look on his face, the goofy grin and spacey eyes. “Oh Spaceboy.” Maria said in a singsong voice, waving a hand in front of his face.

“Huh?” Michael finally snapped out of it. But the grin never left his face. “I’m sorry. I kind of spaced out there.”

“I know.” Maria said with a smile. She secretly loved that look, “I said, how about I take you guys out to dinner as a thank you for saving me.”

Michael just now realized that Alex was still there. “Well, actually…we umm…we…” he hated saying no to her but he couldn’t let Philip down.

Luckily Alex came to the rescue, “Michael would love to. But unfortunately, I have other engagements to attend.” Alex started walking off but turned around. “Oh, and Michael, have fun.” Alex said with a wink meaning that he’d cover for Michael with the governor and with his parents.

“So, I guess its just you and me Spaceboy,” Maria said linking her arm through Michael’s. He goofy grin appeared on his face again as they walked together down the street. He glared at every guy that tried to look at Maria. Maria was his and he would stand up to the of challenge any and every guy who stood in his way of getting her. That is, if she’d let him.
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I love getting feedback. It makes me giddy!! I was going to make the next chapter dinner at the governor’s house but since there is such demand in you feedbacks for Max/Liz, we’ll get to that first. See? Just tell me what you want and I’ll give you. Oh, and don't worry. You'll love the governor's eldest daughter!
Chapter Five

Max reached Mystical Pond with enough time to wipe off his sweat, catch his breath, and put a victorious smirk on his face as he watched Sean ride up panting.

“What took you so long?” Max asked faking a yawn to stress his smart-alecky remark.

Sean just dismounted with a smile on his face. “You sure are damn cocky after having lost.”

“Lost?” Max asked with a smile. “How, pray tell, did I lose if I arrive before you did Sean. You do realize that the person who takes the least amount of time to get here wins the race right?” Max said the last sentence very slowly, pronouncing each syllable for Sean to understand.

“The terms were your horse versus mine Evans. I don’t recall you starting out with this horse this morning?” Sean said walking up to the chestnut colored mare. I started backing off, apparently not liking Sean no more than the next person.

“You did not say that we had to ride one consistent horse throughout the entire race DeLuca.” Max said walking up to the horse, stroked its mane, and succeeded in calming the creature down.

“No, but it had to be your horse Maxwell.” Sean said, standing next to the saddle.

“She is my horse. Aren’t you?” Max asked the horse. It proceeded to nuzzle him with her nose. No female could resist Max.

“Oh? And I suppose this satchel is yours as well?” Sean asked giving Max an eye.


“Yes. It’s tied to the saddle right here.” Sean gave a mocking gasp, “it even has a name on it. Elizabeth hmm? New lover of yours?”

“Of course,” Max said, playing along. “The fair lady Elizabeth.” He said correcting Sean.

“Well then,” Sean said with a evil gleam in his eye, “You wouldn’t mind telling me what is in the satchel?”

Oh shit! Max thought. Hmm…If I was a raven-haired beauty with deep incredible eyes and soft smooth skin and a feisty little attitude, what would I be carrying with me? Max had a smile on his lips. He knew exactly what she would be carrying with her. “In that there bag, my dear Seanie boy, are many items.” He counted off items on his fingers “(to pay for items she needs…) a small money pouch, (that small of a person would eat healthy so she has…) bread, fruit, berries, and water, (and for the personal touch…) a book.”

Sean rummaged through the bag and then through it down with a large huff. Max inwardly sighed out in relief and outwardly showed a smug smile on his face. Two hundred gold pieces might help Max with his situation involving his beautiful Elizabeth.

Sean was just about to shake Max’s hand and admit defeat when they heard another horse galloping up in the distance.

“Hey you!” That voice was music to Max’s ears, even when it was laced with fury. He looked up and saw his angel riding down towards them on Dreamer. He couldn’t stop staring at her as she rode up to them and dismounted from the horse. Only then did he notice that he wasn’t the only one who was watching her intently. Sean was openly gawking at her. Looking her up and down as though she were a piece of meat. Max felt his anger bubble. No one should be looking at her that way.

“I am Sean DeLuca. So, you must be the fair lady Elizabeth.” Sean said, noticing her riding up on Max’s horse. He went to kiss her hand. Max was about to knock Sean over. He didn’t want Sean’s lips anywhere on her. Fortunately enough, Elizabeth pulled her hand away before Sean could even touch her. Good girl, thought Max.

“Yes, that would be me.” Elizabeth said warily. “How did you know my name?”

“Maxwell here told me.” Sean said tilting his head in Max’s direction.

“Maxwell?” She looked over in Max’s direction. So his name is Maxwell, Elizabeth thought. She was about to start yelling at him for running off with her horse, but a pleading look in his rich amber eyes told her not to. She had a feeling something was happening and her feelings were rarely ever wrong.

Seeing that she wasn’t going to give him away just yet, he risked it and hoped that she would play along. “Elizabeth, darling,” Max said holding out his hand for her to accept. Apparently Sean was also questioning Max honest. He watched intently to see if she would go to Max or not.

The suspense was deafening. There was obvious tension in the air. Max or Sean…Max or Sean…Elizabeth closed her eyes for a brief second and made her decision. She took a deep breath, licked her lips, and asked the gods to forgive her for what she was about to do.

“Maxwell, dearest,” she said with a sugary sweet smile as she accepted his hand. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing to worry over love. Sean here just didn’t believe that this horse belonged to me.” Max said as he put his arm around her. She tensed at first but soon relaxed in his arms.

“Of course Fate’s your horse.” Elizabeth said with a little giggle. “She doesn’t let just anyone ride her now does she?”

Max smirked at Sean. “Fine. The two hundred gold pieces is yours.” Sean said, still eyeing Elizabeth. It was obvious to Max that Sean took a liking toward Elizabeth. Sean was staring at like he was wishing he were the one holding Elizabeth right now. Max tightened his arm around her waist and glared at Sean, as if to say Back off, She’s mine! Sean glared back at Max and stormed off, mounting his horse and galloping away.

Max was enjoying the feel of Elizabeth in his arms. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and ran his fingers through her hair. Her hair was so silky and soft, her skin smooth. His nose was filled with the scent of vanilla. Mmmm…his favorite. He couldn’t get enough of her.

Then, she ruthlessly pushed him away. Max was so startled he lost his balance and fell to the ground. He stood up and wiped himself off.

“What do you think your doing? What was all that about?” Elizabeth asked backing away from him and her anger returned.

“It was just a bet Love.” Elizabeth stiffened at his last comment. It didn’t go unnoticed by Max. “Two hundred gold pieces and its all yours.” Max said smiling with out all his charm.

“T…two hundred gold pieces?” Elizabeth asked stunned.

Max smiled at this. “Unfortunately though, I don’t have it with me. So if you would accompany me to my home, and possibly have dinner, I would gladly give it to you there.”

Elizabeth let out a low chuckle. “I don’t want your money.” She started walking towards Fate.

“Well then, perhaps dinner, just to show my gratitude for helping me today?” Max asked thinking that, since she wasn’t screaming her head off at him, she must be growing fond of him.

She turned, looked him straight in the eye. “You should be glad I am not reporting you for theft. And as for helping you, I detested Sean a slight bit more than I did you. Consider yourself lucky.” With that, she mounted her horse and left leaving Max staring at her retreating figure as she rode off with her hair blowing in the wind.
Max picked up the satchel she left behind. It even smelled like her, vanilla. She was going to be one hell of a challenge for Max and one that he will never back down from.
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Chapter Six

Alex made his way down the street. He saw Michael when he was with Maria, grinning like an idiot. How could he not give Michael a little happiness and let him go off with Maria? Great, just great. Big brother Max was off having the time of his life on yet another adventure. Michael was having all his dreams come true by just being in the presence of Maria. And Alex? He was off to face the wrath of Isabel.

Alex was making his way up the governor’s walkway at a snail’s pace. He was dreading the inevitable. Isabel wasn’t that bad of a person, she just wasn’t the type that he would get along with. He was a book person. Isabel wasn’t. While he was tutoring her, all she did was stare into a mirror and put on makeup. He would try to get her to focus on the book but she just waved him away like he was some annoying pest. She would constantly talk about hair, clothes, and boys. Alex couldn’t believe how shallow and inconsiderate she was. And she was only thirteen at the time. Imagine how much worse she probably is now.

Alex eventually knocked on the door and was shown in by one of the servants. He was led into a study and was told to sit and wait while the governor finished up a discussion with his brother concerning his nephew. That was interesting news. Alex had to control himself from snickering too loudly while wondering how badly Max was beating Sean DeLuca.

Soon Governor Valenti stepped into the room and apologized to Alex for being held up. “So, it’s been a while since I last saw you Alex. Let’s have a talk. How are your parents? Is that brother of yours still keeping Philip on his toes?”

“He sure is. In fact Max is off in yet another competition with Sean right now.” Alex answered.

“Yeah. That nephew of mine just can’t accept defeat.” Valenti said shaking his head disapprovingly. “So that’s why Max couldn’t make it? Well that boy is always in search of adventure.” Valenti said with a far-off look in his eyes, reminiscing about his life when he was younger. And of a certain brunette. He shook his head to clear it. “I thought Michael would be joining us?”

“No,…he didn’t feel too well.” Okay, so Alex wasn’t the best at lying.

“Neither did my daughter. Must be something in the air. She’s been in her room all day and won’t be joining us this evening.”

Alex’s face brightened, “Isabel won’t be joining us?”

“No, Isabel is fine.” Alex’s face fell again. “It’s her sister that’s sick. You and Isabel haven’t seen each other in ages. I have to warn you Alex; Isabel has grown to be quite a young lady. I’m getting many offers for her hand in marriage. But you’ll be happy to know that I turned them all down. Your father has told me about your interest in my little girl. I knew you were a special little boy the moment I saw you Alex. I’m warning you now. You will not hurt my little girl. Is that clear?”

Alex was too stunned to say a word. Him and Isabel…together…married?? He suddenly felt nauseous.

“Is that clear, Alex?” Valenti asked in a more threatening tone.

“Y…y...yes sir,” Alex squeaked out. Could this get any worse?

Just then a servant entered the room. “Your brother requests your presence at his house at once sir. He says that it is quite urgent and had something to do with young Sean DeLuca.”

Valenti nodded at the servant and turned to Alex. “Accept my apologies. I must go. It’s been great seeing out again Alex. We’ll talk more about the situation with Isabel later.”

“It’s quite alright sir. We’ll simply have to reschedule this dinner for a later date.” Alex said standing up from his seat.

“No, that won’t be necessary. Although my daughter and I cannot make it, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind haveing a lovely dinner with Isabel.” With that, Valenti headed out the door. “Oh, and Alex?” He said stopping just outside the door. “I’m trusting you to be a gentlemen and have dinner with Isabel, nothing more.” He said with a small wink and left. Alex was still confused at what exactly just happened. His life was becoming even more confusing.

Alex into the dining area and took a seat at one end of the table. Isabel had yet to arrive. There was soft music playing in the background and a few candles lit on the table creating quite a romantic atmosphere. He was in one heck of a situation. God, he’d give anything to be Max right now. He was proud of his older brother, he really was. It’s just that Max always got all the attention, the fame, the glory, and the women; you name it. Alex, on the other hand, was just the sidekick. He was so far into the background, that people didn’t even notice him anymore. He suddenly came to a realization. It was his own damn fault. He let people ignore him. He let them push him around. He was always to shy to speak up. And frankly, he was tired of it. Things were going to change now. Starting this very moment, he was going to change his life around. He wasn’t going to let people kick him around, mess with him, or make fun of him anymore. This puppy is ready to bite back. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Alexander Evans is reborn. And if Isabel says anything, he was ready to put her in her place where she belonged.

Just then, the doors opened and in she walked with her blond hair and blue eyes. He was actually a little disappointed at what he saw. She was cute he supposed, but he had expected her to be prettier and taller. He stood up to greet her. “Good evening.” Alex said politely with a slight bow.

She looked him up and down with a disapproving look on her face. “Aren’t you a little skinny?”

That did it. The old Alex would have let that comment slide. But the new Alex? No way. He looked her up and down with the same look of antipathy on his face. “Yeah? Well at least I don’t look like a gerbil.”

Her face turned red with anger. She spoke through clenched teeth, “Isabel wanted me to inform you that since it was just you joining her for dinner, she decided to take her time in getting ready.” And with that the short blonde turned on her heel, sending little blonde curls flying everywhere, and stormed out of the room.

Alex was shocked yet again. His newly grown backbone somehow disappeared. All he could do was stare at the doors after she slammed them shut. If she wasn’t Isabel, then who was she?
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Chapter Seven

It was already getting dark when Max arrived back into the city. Some of the people he passed by congratulated him for yet another victory against Sean DeLuca. Max smiled and thanked them, but his mind was somewhere else, or rather with someone else. He couldn’t get the dark haired girl off his mind. He didn’t know what power she possessed that kept him so captivated by her. She was a mystery to him. She seemed to have caste her spell on Dreamer as well. Max didn’t know what she did, but Dreamer seemed to have recovered. She was even faster than before. His angel seemed to bring the best out of everyone whose lives she touched. Max was so deep in thought that he didn’t hear his mother calling him. She had to shake him to get him out of his daze.

“What…huh…mom…mother…what is it?” He asked after she finally let him go.

“I’ve been calling you forever.” Diane said smiling at her son.

“Yeah. I’m sorry mother. I was just thinking about something.” Max said, heading into the stables.

“Something or someone?” Diane asked with a smile.

Max looked up at her. “Mothers always seem to know when something is going on don’t they.”

“Always. Now tell me about her. Is she pretty?”

“Mother! I don’t think I should be discussing my love life with you. I mean I’m practically a man.” Max said, standing as tall as he can.

“Love life? Oh, she has to pretty for my son to be speaking about love.”

“Mother!!” Max’s cheeks were turning red from embarrassment.

“Oh, come on Max. You can always tell me anything.”

“I know, it’s just…I don’t want to jinx it.” Max said, getting that far-off look in his eyes again.

“Aww…that’s so sweet. My son, the romantic.” Diane said looking her son in the eye seeing him so grown up now. “You get it from your father.” She said with pride. “Which reminds me. Your father wants to have a talk with you. I tried to put in a good word for you were I could, but I don’t know how far it’ll get you this time Max.”

“Thanks mother.” Max gave her a reassuring smile, kissed her on the cheek, and started towards his father’s office.

I tear streamed down Diane’s face as she realized just how much her son was growing up.
“Oh, and mother?” Diane turned to see her son stop at the doorway. “She’s beautiful. Just like you.” Max gave her a loving smile and headed in to face his father.
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Chapter Eight

It was starting to get dark when Michael and Maria left the restaurant. Dinner was somewhat…uneventful. Michael was fidgeting the entire time. He just couldn’t seem to act normal in front of her. She would say something to him, but all he could do was stare at her. She was just so dazzling. Her smile would light up the entire room. Her eyes could hypnotize him for hours. She was just so…radiant…luminous…bright…words just couldn’t describe her. If only he would stop acting like such an ass in front of her!!

“Michael?” She reached and touched his face to get his attention. It was getting dark and she had to hurry and head home.

As soon as her fingertips grazed his cheek, he felt shivers run through him and head straight for his heart.

“I…um…I’m sorry. I kind of spaced out there.” He said nervously running his hand through his hair and chuckling.

“Yeah. I noticed.” Honestly, she didn’t want to disturb him. She’s so cute when he’s lost in his own world. His eyes sparkle and his lips curl up ever so slightly. Unfortunately, it was getting late and she really needed to head home. “I had a really nice time tonight. Thank you again for saving me.”

“Maria, why do you always get into these situations? You could seriously get hurt.” Michael said with concern.

“Do you really want to know Michael?” She asked with a small gleam in her eyes. She took a step closer to him and she can feel the warmth coming from his body.

Michael nodded his head, not trusting his voice. His breath was becoming more labored as she came closer and closer to him. She was so close that her lips brushed up against his as she spoke, “So you can save me.” And she kissed him.

Michael was too stunned to kiss her back or run his fingers through her hair. He was too stunned to even think. She was kissing him. Maria, the glittery pixie herself, was kissing him!! His heart was pounding a mile a minute, but before he could register what happened, she was gone. He looked around and saw her waving to him with a smile on her face before she disappeared around the corner.

Michael stood there dazed for probably half an hour more before he started heading home. He kept that spacey look on his face all the way home.

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Chapter Nine

After the incident with the short blond girl, Alex didn’t know what to do. He sat back and waited for Isabel to come down. It gave him time to think. Why was he so scared to see Isabel? There was something about her that sent shivers down his spine. Was it really shivers he remembered, or was it more of a fluttering feeling? Alex didn’t have much more time to contemplate. The door slowly opened up, he let out a sigh, stood up slightly bowing his head, “Good evening Isabel.”

“Good evening Alex.” The sweet voice reached Alex’s ears and he slowly started to lift his head. He took note of her long silky legs, her slim waist, and her shapely body, all the way up to sparkling blue eyes. He was openly gawking at the goddess before him. Suddenly, he felt those all too familiar shivers coming over him again. They didn’t feel like shivers anymore. Yes, it definitely felt more of a fluttering feeling. It felt like something flapping, tickling his heart from the inside.

To say that Isabel was slightly uncomfortable was an understatement. She felt like her knees were about to give out under his intense scrutiny. He was staring so much that it was making Isabel feel insecure. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if he thought she wasn’t pretty enough? Okay, take deep breaths. “So…I’m sorry I kept you waiting. I just wanted to look perfect.”

Alex immediately snapped out of his daze when he realized she said something. “You are worth the wait. You look lovely, Isabel.” He said it with such emotion that Isabel had to stop herself from literally jumping for joy. He started staring at her again and Isabel felt her knees weaken once more. She had to sit down.

She started over towards her chair but Alex rushed ahead of her and pulled it out for her. “Still the gentleman.” Isabel said with a remembering smile. He smiled back as he pushed her chair in and took his own seat.

Dinner was served. Over dinner he chitchatted with her about small things, how her studies were going, her hobbies, likes and dislikes. After dinner, Isabel invited Alex for a stroll in the garden.

Alex felt the fluttering shivers in full effect. He had yet to consider what they were yet. They walked in silence, taking in the beauty before them. Alex noticed rustling in the distance and saw a shadowy figure ascending up a nearby tree. He immediately went into defense mode and shielded Isabel from the intruder.

“It’s okay Alex.” Isabel said stepping from out behind him, “It’s just my sister.”

Alex pondered. That figure, it looked familiar.

“It’s getting late.” Isabel said, drawing Alex’s gaze back towards her. “It was a wonderful evening. Perhaps we can do this again sometime soon.”

“Of course and the pleasure is all mine,” Alex said, kissing her hand. He then looked into her eyes, gave her a sweet smile, and departed with the fluttery shivers never once leaving him. Frankly, he didn’t want them to this time around.
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Chapter Ten

Max stood outside his father’s office pondering about any possible excuses to make up for worrying his father yet again. He took a deep breath. He’s just going to have to trust his mouth to say the right words when needed. He knocked and slowly entered.

“Maxwell, take a seat,” his father said without even glancing in his direction. “I heard about your little contest with the DeLuca boy. I thought we agreed that you would cut back on you play and try and focus more on work.” Philip finally turned around and sat down in the seat in front of Max.

“I know father, it’s just…”

“Soon your play will be affected by your work and vice versa.” Philip interrupted. “How you are viewed socially will affect how you are viewed at work. How you are viewed at work will affect how you are viewed outside of work. I know the people love you now for your free spirit, but will they do business with a man who is known for his no work all play lifestyle?”

Max kept his head down and sighed. “I can only promise that I will try my hardest. I just…I don’t know if I can live the life you do. I’ve tasted adventure, and now I don’t know if I can give that up.”

Philip sighed and looked at Max, “I had my cravings for action when I was your age too. But son, I can honestly tell you it gets better.” Max lifted his head and looked at his father with hope. “My sense of adventure never died. When I was your age, I was more reckless than you were. But then I met your mother. Boy, is she something. I still can’t see why she chose me, of all people, but she did. I’m still grateful for that too. But falling in love, getting married, and having a family is an adventure in its own. Do you understand what I’m trying to say Max? When you fall in love, you’ll want more than anything to make her happy and try to give her the life you know she deserves. There are all the challenges in trying to please her, and it’s going to be tougher than a race with the DeLuca boy. You just have to find the right girl.”

“I already did.” Max whispered but Philip heard all the same.

“Who, the governor’s daughter?” Philip asked, noticing the far-off look in his son’s eyes. Max was growing up alright. He is going to make one girl really happy one of these days.

Max made a face at his father’s assumption. “No. I’m not partial to blondes. Even if they are the governor’s daughter.”

Philip sighed. If Max would only see the benefit of what a marriage her would bring him. It would profit him in more ways than one. But then Philip didn’t believe in arranged marriages; nor marriages for political reasons. “Who is she then?” His father queried.

“I don’t know.” Max said with a melancholy look on his face.

“What’s her name?”

“Elizabeth,” Max said the name with such longing.

“Elizabeth who?” Philip asked, wanting to praise the girl for being able to tame such a free spirit as Max’s.

“I don’t know,” sadness returning to his face.

“Then how do you know you want to spend the rest of you life with her?”

“I just do,” Max said with a shrug. “Father, don’t you believe in love at first sight?” Max looked at Philip for an honest answer.

Philip saw the pleading look in Max’s eyes. “How do you think I fell in love with your mother.” Max’s eyes sparkled more.

“So…” Philip decided to change the subject. “How was the race with DeLuca? Did you win?”

Max had a smirk on his face. “Do you even have to ask?”

Philip chuckled. “That’s my boy.”

“An Evans never turns down a challenge.” Max said with confidence.

Philip’s tone became serious again. “Max, I had a talk with Valenti and his brother about you and Sean today. They don’t like this feud between the two of you anymore than I do.”

“What do you want me to do? Let him win?” Max exasperated.

“I’m not saying that. I just don’t want it to be bigger than it already is.”

“Okay father.”

“Take me seriously Max. Sean already has a criminal mind. If his father wasn’t the judge and his uncle the governor, he’d probably already be hanged. The next time you beat him, I’m not so sure that he’ll just shake your hand and walk away.”

“Don’t worry father, I’ll stay out of trouble. I promise.” Max said sincerely.

Philip smiled, “Have you eaten?”

“Yes. I had some bread, fruit, and mountain berries.”

“Mountain berries? You can’t get mountain berries around here. They are only on Mount Roswell.”

“I know.” and so is she. Max sighed, bid his father goodnight and retired to his room.

On his way to his room, Max passed by Alex who was turning in early and complaining about some tickling shivers or something. Strange. Max stopped in Michael’s room to pick up the money but Michael didn’t even notice his enter. He just kept looking out the window with a goofy grin on his face. Also weird. Max will have to find out what happened while he was away tomorrow. He was too tired to do it tonight. The day really wore him out.

He entered his room and sat down on his bed. He pulled her bag out and emptied it out on his bed. He had eaten the food she had packed. All that was left was the book and a money pouch.

He opened the small pouch and two silver pieces fell out. Two silver pieces? That’s all the money she carried with her? You couldn’t buy anything with two silver pieces. You couldn’t even buy a drink with that amount. Max sighed and emptied his prize money into her pouch. It was hers after all.

He put her things back into the bag. He smiled as his fingers traced small, embroidered letters. “Elizabeth…” Sighing, he placed the bag in a safe spot and got ready for bed. There was just something about her that drew him in. He’d have to find out what.

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Chapter Eleven

Morning on the governor’s estate was always the same. Servants will come in, wake the girls up, and tidy up their rooms for them while they prepared for breakfast. Isabel would always be ready before anyone. She would run to her sister’s room and they would talk about the exciting things from the previous day.

Isabel never really had much to talk about until today. Her dinner with Alex was wonderful. He was cuter than she remembered him to be. But Isabel never had more to talk about than her sister. Her sister always had some exciting story about her life on the outside.

“God, I envied her,” Isabel said with a sigh.

“Then why don’t you ever join me?”

Isabel let out a laugh, “I wouldn’t dare disobey her father’s wishes.”

“So tell me about Alex. Is he everything you imagined him to be?”

“That and more.” Isabel said with a smile. “So, how was your day with Mr. Right? Did your plan work?”

“Like a charm.”

“Are you ever going to tell me who he is?” Isabel was interested to who had her sister so captivated.

“You will.” was all she said before they were interrupted and told that breakfast was ready.

Breakfast was the only time all three family members could spend quality time together. Jim Valenti worked most of the day, leaving the girls by themselves at home.

Jim sat down and looked at his two beautiful daughters. They were growing up so quickly. It had been hard for raising the two girls by himself. They reminded him so much of their mother. They had her compassion and her beauty. Isabel especially. She had her mother’s golden hair and blue eyes. Isabel had her gentle spirit. His other daughter on the other hand, had her mother’s golden hair but had his green eyes and his feisty character. His wife died when both girls were very young. She was murdered when she was out in the street one night. Jim was so afraid afterwards. He forbade his girls from leaving the house. Both understood why.
“Father? Is everything alright?” Isabel asked timidly when she noticed how he was staring at them.

“Everything is fine dear.” Jim said as he came out of his daze. “How was you dinner with Alex?”

“It was lovely. He said he would stop by again soon.”

“Good. I really like Alex. He is the fine young gentleman. Very intelligent at that.” Jim then looked towards his other daughter. “I had a chat with Philip Evans the other day about Max as well. He agreed that it would be splendid if you and Max…”

“Father!” She threw down her napkin. “I told you many times, I am not interested in Max.”

“Rosemary,” he warned, “Do not use that tone with me young lady.”

Maria pouted and sat back down. He only used that name when he was upset. “I’m already interested in someone.”

“Who?” Jim demanded, then changed his tone. The only way to get through to his daughter was to speak sensibly to her. “Maria, you know that it can’t be just anyone. We are highly respected in this town. Not only that, you deserve a good life with someone who can take care of you.”

“He can father.” Maria said pleadingly. “He’ll take care of me. He always has. He isn’t just anyone either father. He’s an Evans.”

Jim stared at his daughter.

Isabel was about to cry. “Maria, Philip Evans only has two children. If you don’t want Max, then you want…”

Maria looked over at Isabel. “Isabel, no. That’s not who I meant.” But Isabel ran out of the room before Maria could explain. Maria got up to follow her but her father called her back.


Maria let out a sigh. “It’s not Alex, if that’s what your thinking. He is an Evans. I mean…Philip and Diane did take him in.”


Maria nodded her head. She didn’t know how her father would react. Although he did become higher in society when the Evans took him in, Michael was still a Guerin and his real father was not that great of a man. He was the town drunk. Jim arrested the man on many occasions.

“Great. Michael is a fine young man. He’s loyal, loving, and he isn’t one to be picked on. He’ll take good care of you. I’ll have a talk with Philip soon.”

Maria couldn’t believe what she just heard. Her father liked the idea of her and Michael.

“I’ll go and talk with Isabel.” He said and got up to go find his youngest daughter.

“Father?” Maria called out. Jim turned back towards her. “Who is Amy?”

Jim began to panic, “How do you know is Amy?”

“I don’t. I just…I heard you saying her name in your sleep. I didn’t understand though. Wasn’t mother’s name Melissa?” Maria asked somfused.

Jim sighed with a sadden tone. “Amy doesn’t exist anymore.” And he vanished through the door. It wasn’t the first time she’s heard of that name. Her father muttered it many times when he had that far-off look in his eyes. Maria knew something was wrong and she was going to get to the bottom of it.
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Chapter Twelve

Alex was having the most wonderful time with his beautiful blonde princess. They were holding hands and just gazing up at the stars near Mystical Pond. The water was calm and peaceful and reflected the stars. It was incredible. From their point of view, they were surrounded by stars.

“It’s beautiful Alex.”

“Not as beautiful as you Isabel.” She gazed up at him lovingly. He ran his fingers through her hair and added, “You’ve captured all the stars. They glitter in your eyes.”

Isabel blushed slightly with a shy grin on her face. She looked back up at him and gasp when she saw the hunger in his eyes. She licked her lips and slowly parted them. Alex lowered his head slowly. His heart was beating a mile a minute. He could feel the warmth from her body as leaned closer and closer. His hands moved to hold her around her waist and she placed her hands on his chest. He could almost taste her lips when all of a sudden, he felt her pushing him into the water with a splash.

Alex woke with a start. Water was everywhere. He was completely soaked. What the hell happened? He looked up to see, standing in front of his bed, Isabel with a now empty bucket of water in her hand, and boy, did she look pissed.

“Isabel?” Alex asked still somewhat groggy “Wh…What happened?”

“I’ll tell you what happened. You leading me on while you were off seeing my sister.” She said with tears coming out of her eyes.

“Wait…what is this about your sister?” Alex said getting up to get a towel in an effort to dry himself off.

“Don’t worry. I’m not mad at my sister. I don’t blame her. I blame you.” She spat out and stormed out of his room. She sped down the hallway to get out of the house pushing both Michael and Max out of her way. They watched as a dripping wet Alex ran after her.

“What was that about?” Michael asked Max.

“Beats me. This day just gets more and more exciting.” Max said taking a seat and motioning for Michael to do the same.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked.

“Oh, nothing. It’s just that, this morning, I overheard father talking with governor Valenti. They were discussing the arrangements and details for your engagement to the lovely Rosemary.” Max said casually. Michael jumped up from his seat.

“What?!? Me and Rosemary? Engaged? could this happen?” Michael started pacing. “Are you sure you heard them right? Are you sure it isn’t you and Rosemary?”

“Positive. I had a chat with father last night and told him how I felt about an arrangement between Rosemary and me. I’m simply not interested in her. And apparently she isn’t interested in me as well. In fact, she seems to be in love with you, dear brother.” Max said with a smirk.

Michael stopped pacing and stared at Max. “With me? I’ve never even seen her before.”

Max sighed and shook his head. He sympathized with his brother. “You should have told father about Maria. You can never take his threats too lightly.”

Michael hung his head and pleaded with Max, “Maxwell, you have to help me get out of this situation. How am I going to explain this to Maria?”

“Explain to me what?” Maria seemed to have appeared out of nowhere like she always did. Michael just stared at her. She was beautiful as always; more so today than usual.

Michael was pulled out of his daze when his father and governor Valenti entered the room. “Maxwell, would you excuse us, we have some issues to discuss with Michael.”

“Gladly,” Max said, getting up from his seat and smiled a sympathetic smile at Michael. “Coming Maria?”

“Actually Max, this concerns with her as well.” Valenti said, shooing Max out of the room. Max was confused, but he’d find out from Michael later. He had more important matters to deal with right now.

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Chapter Thirteen

Liz woke up to the sound birds chirping in the distance. The sun shined through the window basking her in light and warmth. Liz smiled. She loved waking up to this.

She just couldn’t get enough it. She suddenly wondered where Kyle was seeing as how he wasn’t in bed. Typical. He was always up before the sun even rose. She heard feet shuffling and pans clanking in the next room. Liz smiled. Kyle was making breakfast. Kyle prided himself on his cooking skills, even after all these years.

“Elizabeth, sleepyhead, breakfast is ready.” Kyle called in a singsong voice from the kitchen. “You really should get used to waking up earlier.”

Liz got up, stretched, and went to go wash up. Kyle was so incredible. Her awful encounter with that …person, just left her so…frustratingly angry. It was even worse that she seemed to have lost her bag and with it what little money she had and her food for the evening. Hopefully, Kyle would have food out waiting for her. He always did. You would think he was her father or something, always making sure she had plenty to eat.

She arrived at the isolated small mountain cabin still fuming, thinking about her unpleasant day, but one look at Kyle and she couldn’t help but muster at least a small smile, no matter how fake, for his sake.

You just couldn’t be angry in front of Kyle. It felt wrong. He was just so calm, tranquil, peaceful, but then that’s how he had to be in his line of work. She would have to learn to be that way too, soon, one day. She sighed thinking about it.

She sat down as Kyle set the plate down in front of her and took his seat. She started eating her food. Bread, fruit, and vegetables; all she’s ever eaten her entire life. Yumm…

She looked up when she noticed Kyle wasn’t eating. He leaned forward and placed a hand on her forehead. “Are you feeling okay this morning Elizabeth?”

“Yes. Why wouldn’t I be?” Kyle removed his hand.

“I don’t know. Yesterday you looked a bit tired and last night you kept tossing and turning in bed.” Liz let out a deep sigh. She didn’t sleep well last night. It was the same nightmare over and over. She was running in the forest, being chased by something. It was her typical nightmare. Only this time, when she tripped and fell, someone saved her. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her off, taking her far away from all the darkness. He had such emotional, expressive, deep amber eyes. They were so soothing that Liz wake with a smile on her face.

Her staring off into space wasn’t helping to ease Kyle’s worrying.

Liz placed her hand over Kyle’s and smiled. “I’m fine.” She got up to clear their plates and Kyle left to the sanctuary to meditate.

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Chapter Fourteen

Isabel ran straight back towards her estate. She could hear Alex calling her from behind, but she just kept going. How could she face the humiliation of having him know that she liked him while he chose to have her sister instead? How could she have possibly thought that he would have chosen her over Maria? Maria was older. Maria had poise, beauty, and class. Why wouldn’t he go for Maria? Everyone would choose Maria. They always chose Maria. Isabel ran straight into her house and right up to her room ordering the guards on the way that under no circumstances is Alex to be allowed in. They nodded their heads and headed to their posts outside the gate.

Alex chased after Isabel. He was pretty sure everyone was staring at him, seeing as how he was running around soaking wet, in his pajamas. It didn’t make a difference to him though. He had to figure out what the heck was going on in that head of hers. What was she talking about? Him and Rosemary? He’s never even seen Rosemary before. Where would she get an idea like that?

Lord, could this girl run. Those long legs of hers sure do move fast. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to stop. His throat was dry. His lungs were deprived of oxygen. And his side was cramping. No wonder people called him a wimp. He couldn’t even outrun a girl! His breathing evened out but his side still ached, so he steed-walked as fast as he could the rest of the way to the Valenti estate. As he tried to pass through the gate, the guards stopped him.

“Oh, sorry guys. You probably don’t recognize me in my semi-wet pajamas, but its me, Alexander Evans.” Alex flashed them a toothy smile and tried to walk through but was once again not permitted to enter.

“I’m sorry Mr. Evans, but Miss Isabel strictly forbade us to allow you entrance onto the estate,” said one of the guards.

Alex couldn’t believe it. Isabel didn’t want to see him because he did something to anger her that he wasn’t even aware he did. Alex let out a sigh. “Women!” he muttered, shaking his head.

No. He couldn’t just leave it at that. He wouldn’t just let the shivers fade again. He had to do something. He wasn’t timid little Alex anymore right? He was the new and improved Alex. And the new and improved Alex wouldn’t back away with out a fight. That’s right. The backbone has grown back, and this time it’s not going to go away.

Alex made up his mind. He was going to get Isabel to explain herself one way or another. And if Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb out front don’t like it, then tough. He’ll just get in through another way.

Alex walked halfway around the estate until he found a large enough gap between two poles of the fence. He made sure no one was looking and slid through. “Being skinny had an advantage in this case, Miss Gerbil.” Alex muttered as he headed off in the direction of Isabel’s window.

Isabel was lying on her bed, crying into her pillow when she heard someone saying her name. She thought it was her imagination, but it was pretty damn insistent and annoying at that too. She made her way over to her window and saw Alex standing down below. She ducked onto the floor, hoping he didn’t notice her. No such luck.

“Isabel. I know your there. I saw you. Now tell me what is going on.” He yelled up to her.

Isabel continued to sit there. Maybe if she stayed very quiet, he’d get bored and leave.

“I’m not leaving until you at least tell me what I did wrong.” Alex continued.

Damn him. Why did he have to be so persistent? Because then you wouldn’t feel the way you do about him if he wasn’t Isabel. She sighed knowingly.

“Come on Isabel. Please? Are you really going to let me stand out here in my pajamas all day.” Alex said, twirling around in his clothes.

Isabel chuckled. She was already giving in to him.

“I mean, they are kind of tacky you know. They’ve got ducks and chickens all over them. I mean, seriously, what would people think?” Alex mock gasped and smiled when he heard her soft giggle from up above.

Isabel gave in. She stood up and leaned on her windowsill. “What do you want?”

He got down on his knee and looked up to her. “Forgive me?”

Isabel sighed. How could she not forgive him? He was so adorable in his duckie pajamas. “Fine. You’re forgiven.”

“Can I ask you something else, Isabel?” Alex said, standing up.


“What did I do to upset you?”

Isabel just looked at him and shook her head and said softly, “Come on in and we’ll talk about it.” Alex headed into the house. He had a feeling it was going to be one crazy story.

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I know you wanted Max and Liz, but I have to get Michael and Maria’s talk out of the way first. It has to be in the right time order. The bold "HE" in this story is a person.

Chapter Fifteen

Michael was beyond confused. This had to do with Him, Maria, his father, and the governor? What was going on? He glanced at Maria. The sweet smile on her face told him that she knew way more than he did about the situation.

“Why don’t we all have a seat?” Philip suggested. Philip motioned for Valenti to take the armchair while he pulled out a chair for himself, leaving the couch for Michael and Maria to sit down on.

“Am I right to assume that Maxwell has already informed you of what I wished to speak to you about.” Philip said, looking at Michael.

Michael nodded his head in agreement.

“That boy always seems to know everything that’s going on in this town.” Valenti said with a soft chuckle. He was greatly fond of Max. Max reminded him of himself when he was young. Back when things were simple and he had his whole life ahead of him. Everything was perfect. He was born into a very well respected family. He would take on his father’s position as governor when he grew older. He had the perfect job, the perfect life, and the perfect girl. Maybe just a little too perfect. Maybe…if Jim hadn’t taken her with him that night…if Jim hadn’t gone off to mingle and left her alone…HEmight not have seen her…wouldn’t have been given the chance to ask her to dance…wouldn’t have gotten the chance to whisk her away…and she just might still be with him…maybe…

“I don’t see what this has to do with Maria.” Michael said, interrupting Jim’s thoughts. His fingers were tapping away nervously.

Maria just kept a knowing smile on her face. She reached down and entwined her fingers with his. Michael visibly calmed and smiled.

She turned to him, gave his hand a squeeze, and spoke calmly, “Michael, my father and your father are here to talk about a possible engagement between the two of us. They thought it was best for both of us to be present in the discussion as well.”

Michael was still somewhat confused. “Your father?”

Maria smiled. “Yes, Michael. My father.” Maria said, tilting her head slightly in Valenti’s direction.

Both Philip and Jim watched on with curiosity. “Michael, didn’t you know that Rosemary was my daughter?” Jim asked.

Michael lifted and eyebrow and smirked at Maria. “Rosemary?” he questioned.

Maria gave him a warning glare. “Don’t even go there, Spaceboy.”

Michael chuckled. He let go of Maria’s hand and put his arm around her shoulder, pulling body to lean in closer to him. “So,” He said turning towards both of their fathers, “what part of our engagement should we discuss first.
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Chapter Sixteen

Max needed to come up with a plan to solve his dilemma. He needed to think. And when did he do his best thinking? When Alex thought for him. Problem solved. He needed to find Alex. But Alex was last seen running out of the house, chasing after Isabel. So that meant all he had to do was sit back and wait for Alex.

Max was waiting on Whitman Road. It was one of the busiest streets in the city. Alex would have to pass him on the way home, and Max can catch him then. Max sat himself down beside a tree trunk and leaned back to wait.

He watched the people go back and forth up and down the street. Some waved at him. He nodded at them in greeting. Almost every girl walked by strutting their stuff in front of him, winking and smiling seductively, but he seemed to not notice. Either that or he just did not care. He was only interested in seeing the brown haired head of two people. Alex and Elizabeth.

The girl haunted all his senses. The touch of her skin, the smell of her hair, the sound of her voice, the sparkling gleam in her eyes…Max sighed…the taste of her. That’s the only thing he was missing. Max unconsciously licked his lips. She probably tasted like vanilla. Mmmm…his favorite.

Lord, he hadn’t even spent more than half an hour in the presence of this beauty, yet she filled his every thought. He even carried her satchel with him everywhere he went in hopes of seeing her again.

He gathered the bag onto his lap and opened it. The smell of vanilla filled his nose. It was a rush for his senses. Mmmm…Max sighed. He was hopeless. Well, it didn’t look like Alex was going to show up for a while. Might as well do a little reading.

He pulled her book out, placing the bag on the ground beside him. The book was a royal purple color with a soft velvety cover. In small gold cursive letters at the bottom right hand corner was Elizabeth Parker. Parker. He didn’t know anyone by the name of Parker. He’d have to ask around later. He flipped through the first few pages and started reading something that caught his eye.

…Kyle snores so much. It’s hard to sleep with him snoring so loudly right there, next to me. But then again, it’s not like I get much sleep anyways. The nightmares are starting to turn up daily now. I’m too scared to fall asleep. Afraid that one time, they might catch me before I woke up. Heaven sake, Kyle’s snores have just mutated into some type of snore/cough/sigh. Why do I even put up with him? Oh, yeah. Because he’s my…

“Whatcha reading?” Tess asked plopping herself down on the ground close to Max, a little too close for Max’s comfort. But then, he didn’t feel comfortable anywhere within a mile of Tess.

“Nothing,” he said, closing the book and he scooting away from her.

Tess just scooted closer. God, couldn’t this girl take a hint. “Oh, what do you have here?” she asked, reaching out for the bag next to Max. He snatched it away from her before she could get her hands on it.

“Didn’t you ever learn not to touch other people’s things without permission?” He said scooting away from her again.

“Does that include touching you?” she asked, placing a hand on his thigh.

“Yes it does.” Max said with revulsion, “Now, please remove your hand.” Tess pouted but just ran his hand higher up his thigh.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Sean asked in a singsong voice, eyeing Tess’s hand where she was touching Max. Tess removed her hand and flushed with the embarrassment of being caught.

“So,” Sean started, “My uncle has informed me that you won’t be marrying my cousin. Apparently she liked Michael more.” Sean meant for the last comment to anger Max but it only made Max smile.

“Yes. I’m ecstatic for the both of them.” Max replied honestly.

“Precisely. I see how you’ve moved on to my sister.” Sean said glancing between the two of them. Tess blushed even more while a look of disgust came over Max’s face.

“Sean,” Max said in a low threatening tone, “Nothing is going on between Tess and I.”

Tess began to protest, “But…”

“Tess,” Sean interrupted, “why don’t you go on home. Father is looking for you.”

“Very well. Good day Maxwell,” she said batting her eyelashes at him before she scampered off. Max wanted to puke. He was not, in anyway, shape or form, attracted to the gerbil creature that is Tess.

“Since you’re off running around with my sister, I guess that means Elizabeth is up for grabs.”

Max’s ears perked up, his face stoned, and his anger bubbled. “I’ll only say this once Sean. I am NOT with Tess. And you are not to so much as look at Elizabeth. Do you here me?”

“And who is going to stop me? You?” Sean took a step closer to Max.

“Yeah. Me.” Max was about to throw a punch at Sean, but someone grabbed his arm.

“Whoa there Max.” Alex said still gripping Max’s arm, “Hold your horses. Remember what dad said? Is Sean really worth getting father angry over?”

Max weighed his options and Alex was right. Max sighed, getting his anger in check, “No, Sean isn’t worth it. Sean isn’t worth anything.” Max glared at Sean once more and grabbed his bag from off the ground.

“Come one Alex. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something,” Max said and the two brothers headed off leaving a still infuriated Sean behind.
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Chapter Seventeen

After the incident with Sean, Max and Alex found a more secluded area to talk.

“I still don’t see what you want me to do Max,” Alex said looking at his brother. It’s hard to say no to Max in anyway.

“Alex,” Max whined, “You’re my brother. We’re family. You have to help me.”

Frustrated, “Max, you’re the one with the devious mind. All I ever do is restate the facts while you come up with the plan.”

“Alright, restate the facts for me then.” Max said, listening carefully.

“Okay,” Alex began counting off on his fingers, “First problem, Father wants you to marry.”

“I’ve already found her.” Max said easily.

“Two, father wants you to focus more on work than play.”

“Hmm…that’s a tough one.”

“Three, the girl you want is on Mount Roswell.”

“So, we have to find a way to get to Mount Roswell.” Max said simply.

“Four, there’s some Kyle person. What is he to her anyways?” Alex asked, curious to know.

“I don’t know. His name is written in this book she had in her bag. I think it’s a diary or something.” Max said picking up the bag and placing it in his lap.

“Well then. Open it up and let’s find out.” Alex said smiling.

Max looked at his brother, “I can’t Alex. It’s private. I can’t go and invade her personal space.”

“Max, not only did you invade her personal space when you read her diary the first time, you also spied on her while she bathed.”

“I know,” Max said with a groan, “And look where it’s gotten me. She was ready to kill me then Alex. And besides, I didn’t know it was a diary when I first started reading it.”

“Well, I know it’s a diary and I don’t mind reading it, so give it here,” Alex said reaching for the bag.

Max slapped his hand away, “No one is touching her stuff.”

Alex let out a sigh. “Fine, fine. Let’s move on then,” Alex said, giving up. “Next, Sean’s angry with you and Tess wants you.”

Max looked at his brother as though Alex had gone dumb, “Alex, when has that not been a problem?”

Alex looked at his brother, “You’re right, scratch the last part. So all we have left is that Dad wants you to work and Elizabeth is up on Mount Roswell.”

Max smiled, “That’s just too easy, Alex. There has to be some kind of fluke somewhere.” Max said chuckling.

“What do you mean?” Alex said, looking at his brother as though he’s gone mad.

“Think about it. Father wants me to be more responsible and work, right?” Alex nodded his head.

Max continued, “He’s also been wanting someone to manage and keep a close eye on the second business, right?” Alex nodded.

“It’s the perfect way to gain responsibility and please father.” Max said, proud of himself.

“I still don’t see how this helps with the…” Alex began but Max interrupted him.

“Where is father’s second business located Alex?”

Alex smiled, finally understanding. “in the quiet little village of Zanstown which is located at the base of Mount Roswell.”

Max smirked, “Exactly. Let’s go tell father.”

Max grabbed his bag and ran off excitedly towards home. Alex just shook his head and watched his brother go. Max wasn’t even sure how this girl felt about him but he was already willing to jump off bridges for her. He must be I love.
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Chapter Eighteen

“So I guess it’s all settled then.” Philip said, clapping his hands together. “We’ll hold a ball in two weeks and announce the engagement.”

Philip stood to shake hands with Valenti. Maria and Michael looked at each other and smiled.

“I can’t believe we’re actually getting married.” Michael whispered to her, running his fingers through her hair.

“Me either,” Maria whispered back, throwing her arms around him, gathering him in a fierce hug, and placing kisses all over his face. Michael just held her tightly. He wasn’t ever going to let her go now that he had her. They stayed that way until they heard someone clear their throat very loudly.

Only then did they remember other people were in the room. Maria turned red and buried her head in Michael’s shoulder. Michael looked up to find the amused faces of Philip, Jim, and Max. Wait, when did Max come in. Michael was too busy with Maria to notice anyways.

“Okay. I should get going Philip. I have some matters to discuss with my brother.” Jim said, shaking Philip’s hand once again. “Maria, let’s go.”

Maria pouted, but did as her father said and headed towards the door, but not before kissing Michael again of course.

“Father, I have some business to discuss with you.” Max said as soon as Valenti left.

“I’d like to Max but I’m meeting with someone.” Philip said, glancing at his watch. “Here he is right now.” Philip said as a servant escorted a Sean into the living room.

“Hello Maxwell. It’s good to see you.” Sean said with a smirk.

“Why don’t we talk in my office Sean?” Philip said, leading the way up the stairs. He opened the door to his office and let Sean enter. “Your uncle told me that you wanted to speak to me about a job opening.” The last few words could be heard before Philip followed Sean in and shut the door behind him.

Max stared at the closed door. No, no, no. This will not due. Sean will mess up everything. Max let out a frustrating groan.

“What’s wrong Max?” Michael asked, coming from behind him and placing a hand on Max’s shoulder.

“This can’t be happening.” Max muttered still staring at the closed door.

“Is something wrong boys?” Diane asked as she entered he room.

“My life.” Max muttered as he plopped himself down on the couch.

Diane looked at her son and sighed. “Michael, why don’t you run along. I need to have a talk with Max.”

“Sure, I be in my room if you need me.” Michael said already heading up the stairs.

Diane waited until Michael was out of earshot before she headed over to Max. She sat down next to him and leaned his head on her shoulder. “Tell me what wrong.”

“Everything is wrong mother.” Max sighed out.

“Is this about the girl?” Diane asked, rubbing his back.

“Everything is about her. I can’t get her out of my head. It’s just so complicated. And then there’s Sean...”

“What happened with Sean?” she asked curiously.

“He wants her too. Of course he does. Everyone would want her. She just so…incredible.” He had the far-off look in his eyes again.

“Nothing but the best for my son.”

Max sighed, “He just messed up all my plans to get her.”

“What were you going to do?

“I need to go to Zanstown to find her. With Sean taking the job I needed as my excuse, I’ll never get father to let me go.” Max leaned his head on her shoulder again.

“Don’t worry about your father. I’ll handle him. You just try to find a way to win her over.” Diane said, smiling at Max.

Max pulled her into his arms. “Thanks mom.”

She hugged him back, “Just as long as you’re happy.”

“I am. Or at least I will be.” He smiled at her.

They heard a door slam from upstairs. “What was that?” Max asked, turning towards the noise.

“I don’t know. I saw Alex upstairs in your room earlier. He said he was looking for something.” Diane said glancing up the stairs.

“I’m going to go and congratulate Michael on his engagement.” Max said, heading for the stairs.

Diane looked at him with such pride in her eyes. Her boys were all growing up.

Max stopped halfway up the stairs, came back down and gave her another quick hug and left. What was Alex up to?

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Chapter Nineteen

Alex rummaged through Max’s drawers. Max might be too noble to read the girl’s thoughts, but Alex sure as heck wasn’t. Hey, if it helped his brother in his quest, Alex would do anything.

Now, where would Max put it? It’s not under the bed, in the closet, in his drawers. It’s not in his chest, his desk, or his hamper.

Alex did another scan over Max’s room, trying to find Elizabeth’s satchel. Aha! There it was. Alex made a dash over to the bed and pulled it out from under Max’s pillow.

He emptied the contents onto the bed and picked up the book. “Now let’s see who Elizabeth Parker is,” he said as he lay down on the bed and flipped over the first few pages.


He stashed the book under the pillow and jumped up looking towards the door. He was getting ready to explain himself but relaxed when he realized it was just Michael. “Michael! What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack?”

“What are you doing in Max’s room?” he asked, walking towards Alex.

“Oh, nothing. Just finding out who mystery girl is. That’s all.”

“And how, pray tell, are you planning on doing that?” Michael asked, suddenly curious as to Alex was doing.

“With this,” Alex said, lying back down on the bed and pulling the book back out from under Max’s pillow. It had an unusual scent of vanilla on it. Wonder how it got there?

“What’s that?”

“It’s her diary.” Alex said, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Oh, really?” Michael asked shocked at to what his brother was doing with it, but more curious as to finding out what was inside. “Start reading.” He ordered Alex as he sat down beside him on the bed.

“Go, shut the door first, I don’t want Max to be able to hear from downstairs.”

Michael got up with a huff and kicked the door shut. He walked back over towards Alex.

Alex was flipping through the pages. “Listen to this…

…Although Kyle doesn’t like it, he let me go into the next town to try and find some answers. He knows that if I want something bad enough, I’ll go through anything to get it. And this is what I’ve wanted more than anything. All my life I’ve been trying to find my family. I know. Kyle’s my family now. He watches out for me and cares for me a lot. It’s just that, I want to find out where I came from…”

“What are you two doing?” Max asked from the doorway of his room. Michael jumped up and Alex hid the book behind his back.

Max walked purposely towards the two. Both Alex and Michael were scared. No one ever messes with Max.

Michael began inching towards the door. “I was just…leaving.” Michael ran out of the room and out of the house as well. He didn’t want to be around to find out what Max would do to Alex. It wouldn’t be that violent. Max would just torture Alex a little.

Alex gulped. The way Max was staring at him, he knew he was in for it. “I…I was just…leaving too.” Alex made a mad dash for the door but Max grabbed him by the shoulders and kept him rooted to the floor.

“What’s that behind your back Alex?” Max asked in a playful tone. He liked watching Alex squirm; just as long as it was either he or Michael picking on him.

“N…n…nothing.” Alex stuttered out, gripping the book tightly.

“Oh really? Then you won’t mind showing me your hands then would you?”

Alex pulled both hands out from behind his back. “See? Nothing.” He smiled nervously.

Max quickly spun him around. He couldn’t help but chuckle at his little brother’s effort. There, in the middle of Alex’s back, was a very obvious rectangular bulge from under his shirt. Max pulled up Alex’s shirt and grabbed the diary.

Alex hung his head low in shame. “I’m sorry Max. It’s just that I…”

“wanted to help me out.” Max finished for him. Alex nodded his head. Max sighed. His mood softened, “Alright Alex. I understand. I would have done the same for you. But just try to understand. I don’t want you to go through her thinks. Lord knows I’m tempted as hell to read through this,” he said, waving the book around, “but I can’t. My conscience won’t let me because it’s wrong to be reading her thoughts without her permission.”

Alex nodded his head in agreement. “I know Max. It won’t happen again.” He promised.

“You’re darn right it won’t. Now get out of here,” Max said, ruffling Alex’s hair.

Alex headed for the door. “Oh, and Max? I hope you find her.” Alex said to his brother with a small smile.

Max sighed, “You and me both.”

Tell me what you think with FEEDBACK!! Ok, here’s a deal. I will come up with a Max/Liz scene just for you if someone can guess as to who Liz's mother is and what she’s doing now. I know we haven’t even introduced her yet but that’s part of the challenge. Will you accept??

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No one gave me the answer I wanted so the Max/Liz interaction will be postponed. Wow…twenty chapters and Max hasn’t even gotten to Liz yet. This is going to be one long fiction, either that or I’m going to have to shorten and cut out some of the plots and scenes I was thinking of putting in. What do you think??

Chapter Twenty

Michael made his way down the busy street. It was getting dark and people were hurrying to run some last minute errands before heading off to their homes. Michael took in his surroundings. The kingdom city was a large place, filled with markets and people. There was always some type of excitement running around. You never get bored. Michael loved it here, but it was just a little too noisy for him sometimes.

He always dreamed of living in a nice little town, where he can start a family and not have to worry about the dangers found in a dark and crowded city at night. He smiled thinking about all that’s happened today. Maybe Maria would like a quiet little town too.

Michael was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts when someone yanked him into an alleyway. He faced his attacker; ready to fight back, until he noticed it was none other than his little blonde ball of sunshine.

“Maria? What are you doing out? I thought you were home with your father.” He said, looking down at her.

“Wrong Spaceboy.” She said, “Rosemary is at home, in bed resting early. Apparently she was exhausted from all of the excitement from the day.”

She took a step closer to him with a seductive smile on her face, “Maria, on the other hand, is very much energized, pumped up and ready to play.” She started playing with the hair on the back of his neck.

Michael looked at her with a stern expression on his face. “Maria. You should listen to your father. He’s right in trying to protect you. It really isn’t safe out here all by yourself. I mean it’s getting dark out, and who knows what could happen to you out here at night.”

Maria pouted her lips. “Fine, my dear fiancé, I’ll run on home now. But that just means that I can’t do this,” she said as she pushed him up against the building and attacked his lips with hers. Their tongues dueled. God, did she taste good. He just couldn’t get enough of her. He ran his fingers through her hair with one hand and pulled her closer to him with the other. He started rubbing his hand all the way up to just below her breast and down again to her hip, liking the feel of her body, until she abruptly broke the kiss, winked an eye at him and scampered off.

Michael took a minute to gain his composure. He was going to follow her to make sure she made it home, but someone was blocking his way. It was too dark to see the person’s face from where he stood. But he could tell it was a woman from her shadowy figure; quite a woman at that. The shadow moved closer towards him and he instantly knew whom it was.

“Hello Michael.” The voice called out to him sweetly; a voice he hadn’t heard in so long.

“Courtney,” Michael whispered out softly, hardly believing his eyes.

Courtney took another step towards him, stepping fully into the light. “It’s been a long time.”

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Chapter Twenty-One

Maria made her way down the street. It was very sweet for Michael to worry about her and all, but him and her father really need to get it into their heads that she can take care of herself. She’s been sneaking out and walking around these same streets since she was twelve.

Sure, it would be very dangerous if she wasn’t familiar with the city streets, but she was. She knew her way around. She knew which streets to walk on and which alleys to avoid.

It didn’t matter either way. Everyone knew not to mess with her. They were probably even more scared of her now that she was Michael’s girl. She smiled at that thought. She was Michael’s. No, wait. Scratch that. Michael was her’s. Yup, she had him wrapped around her little finger. And no one was going to take him away from her.

Maria was about a block away from her house when she heard noises coming from an alley. She heard some vulgar cursing and what sounded like a scream. Someone was in trouble. Maria started off into the alley, but then hesitated. It was one of the alleys she was supposed to avoid, especially at night. She heard another high-pitched scream followed by a painful yelp. Maria dashed in without a second thought.

If it were her in that situation, Michael would have come in to rescue her by now, but Maria highly doubted that this girl happened to have her very own little knight in shining armor to save the day.

When Maria reached the muffled cries, the scene made her pale. There, in front of her, was one of Sean’s goons, ripping at the clothes of a very scared and helpless girl. Maria’s anger boiled. She hated to see helpless girls getting harassed by big ugly tyrants like this goon.

“Hey, Dim-Witt. Leave her alone.” Maria yelled out, trying to get the goon’s attention.

“Look’s like someone else wants in on the action.” The goon spoke out while turning around.

Maria saw a shiver pass through him when he saw that it was her. She smiled inwardly. “Touch me and I won’t stop Michael this time when he hunts you down and beats the hell out of you.” Maria threatened.

The goon knew not to take Maria’s threat lightly. After what happened the other day, if he so much as looked at Maria, Michael would pound his face in. He looked from Maria to the girl on the ground and ran away down the alley.

Maria looked at his retreating figure, making sure he disappeared before she sighed in relief. Maria’s heart was beating double-time. She was lucky the goon ran away. There was a good chance that he would have made it to where she wouldn’t be alive to be able to tell Michael.

She was still busy calming her nerves that she forgot all about the girl. Maria suddenly remembered when she heard a soft whimper come from her as she tried to stand.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked as she stooped down to help the girl to her feet. Maria grasped her arm to help her up, but the girl’s face contorted in pain and she pulled her arm away.

Only then did Maria notice the sore bruise on her arm. Maria gasped at the sight of it. It was already starting to turn purple. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you more.” Maria gushed out, really feeling for the girl’s pain.

“I’m fine, really.” She said in a soft voice as she painfully stood up. She looked Maria in the eyes, “Thank you for saving me. I was so scared.” Tears were pouring down her face again.

Maria didn’t hesitate to gather the stranger into her arms and try to wipe away all her fears. The girl was just so small and vulnerable even though she probably wasn’t much younger than Maria herself. “Sshh…it’s okay. Nothing’s going to happen. I won’t let him hurt you. Tell me what happened.”

The girl felt comforted by Maria and felt soothed by Maria’s gentle spirit. “I was just…I was walking and…and…and then he just…he grabbed me and I…I screamed but he…he just…he wouldn’t let go…” She broke down again and Maria continued to comfort her. When the girl calmed down, Maria wiped away the rest of her tears, dusted off her clothes, and brushed her fingers through her long brown silky hair in an attempt to try to make her look presentable. It wasn’t hard to do. The girl was beautiful. She had such adorable doe brown eyes and precious rosy cheeks.

“I’m Rosemary Valenti, by the way,” Maria said, extending her hand out for the girl to shake. “Everyone calls me Maria though. Call me Rosemary and you die,” Maria said narrowing her eyes.

Maria was rewarded with a soft chuckle and a warm smile. “You can call me Liz.”

Maria smiled, “Okay Liz. Let’s go get a cup of tea and you can tell me all about yourself. My treat.”

Liz relented and followed Maria out of the alley.

“So Liz, what brings you to Kingdom City?”

Liz laughed, “Is it that obvious that I’m not from around here?”

“Honestly, yeah. You’re too sweet. You’re not tough like us city girls.” Maria said flexing her arm muscles.

Liz just laughed. She liked Maria. Liz could sense that she had a generous and caring soul, “Actually, I’m just looking for someone.”

Maria and Liz walked down the street side by side. The way they were laughing and smiling and how comfortable they were with each other, you would have thought they’ve known each other all their lives, instead of just a few minutes.
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Chapter Twenty-Two

Jim knocked softly on Isabel’s door before he pushed it open. Isabel was sitting at her vanity in her long nightgown. She was brushing her long blonde hair getting ready for bed. She was looking more like her mother each day. Jim thought with a smile on his face and stepped into the room.

“I just wanted to say good night before I headed off to bed, Sweetie.” Jim said, walking over and giving her a kiss on the forehead before sitting down on her bed. No matter how grown up she becomes, she would always be his little girl.

“So, how are things with Alex?” Jim asked, looking at his daughter’s reflection through the mirror.

“They’re good. We like each other.”

“Did you fix up the little misunderstanding between you and Maria?”

“Yes,” Isabel said, embarrassed, “I can’t believe that I thought that Maria was with Alex. I mean, she’s even older than he is.”

“It’s alright. As long as your no longer upset.”

Isabel sat down on the bed next to her father, “I was surprised that Alex wasn’t angry at me. I embarrassed him a great deal,” Isabel said giggling. “Practically the whole town saw him in his duckie pajamas.”

Jim chuckled, he heard about the little incident from the guards. “Next time, just don’t jumped to conclusions like that, alright?”

“Believe me. I’ve learned my lesson.” Isabel said with a smile, “Alex would, and I quote, jump off bridges, juggle knifes, and walk through fire before he ever tried to hurt me.” Isabel giggled remembering his words from that afternoon.

“Walk through fire huh? That serious already?” Jim let out a deep breath, “I don’t know if I can give away both of my daughters so quickly.” A tear rolled down Jim’s cheek.

“You don’t have to worry.” Isabel said, wiping his tear away, “It’s not serious, daddy. I do like him….but I’m not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him…he’s just so…I don’t know”

“He’s a fine young man, Isabel. A little on the scrawny side, but he’ll take good care of you.” Jim said, patting Isabel on the head.

Isabel chuckled. Alex was a little skinny, but he had a big heart to make up for it, “Thank you, Daddy.” Isabel said, hugging her father.

“Sweet dreams, Sugar. I’m going to go head off to your sister’s room and wish her good night.” He said, getting up from the bed.

“No!!” Isabel practically yelled, tugging on Jim’s arm. “It’s just that…um…y…you know how cranky she gets when you wake her up. She’ll be moody to all day long tomorrow.”

“I know,” Valenti said with a chuckle, “It’s just that she won’t be my little girl much longer. I want to enjoy what little time I have left with her.” Jim left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Isabel prayed to God that Maria was already home in bed. Lord knows what her father would do if he found out about her sneaking out of the house.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Max was lying on his bed with the contents of her bag emptied beside him. To read the journal or to not read the journal. God, was he tempted. He traced his fingers over the gold lettering. Maybe he should take just a little peek, wouldn’t hurt, right? He’s already read part of it anyways, right?

Max gave in to the enticement and picked up the book. He opened it up but then heard a knock on his door. Max shoved the book under his pillow

“Come in.” he called out.

His father opened the door, stepped in and closed it behind him. He pulled a chair up next to Max’s bed and took a seat, “So, your mother told me that you had something to talk to me about.”

Max sat up, prepared to get down on his knees to grovel and plead with his father. “How much did mother tell you?”

“Enough.” His father said, his face unreadable.

Max feared the worst. If his father knew he his primary intention was to chase after a girl, he would never allow Max the opportunity to go off to find her. No matter, Max had to at least try to plead his case.

“Father, I…”

“Max, let me say something first,” His father interrupted. “I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you son. Your desire to jump into the responsibility is enough to make me hand the entire company over to you.”

Max’s eyes brightened. He should have known better than to have doubted his mother. She would never say anything that would make his father disappointed in him in any way. He’d have to thank her later. She was the best mother in the world and he loved her so much.

Philip saw the happiness on his son’s face. He didn’t want to be the one to squelch the bright gleam in his eyes. Philip sighed, placed a hand on his son’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “But…”

Max’s hope dwindled. Why is there always a ‘but’.

“…you need more than just ambition to succeed. I need to know that if I give you this opportunity, you won’t just toss it aside when the next exciting thing comes along. I need to know that you will dedicate and apply yourself to this responsibility. This job isn’t just any job. It’s a privilege. And I need you to see it that way. A lot of people want this chance and not just anyone can have it.”

Max hung his head even lower. He didn’t even have a chance.

“Now, I’m not saying ‘no’ Maxwell, but it’s not a ‘yes’ either. It’s a ‘maybe’. You’ll have to show me that you deserve this Max. I’ll consider you for the position, just like I’ll consider everyone else. There won’t be any preference just because you’re the boss’s son.” Philip added with a wink.

Max looked up at his father with a smile on his face. All he had to do was show his father that he was ready for the responsibility. He could do that. No problem.

Philip saw the glimmer of hope return to his son’s eyes. Philip smiled. He knew Max would prove that he was more than prepared to take on the responsibility. His son really was maturing.

Max suddenly remembered a possible opponent that might stand in the way of his dream. “Dad? Your not thinking about giving the job to Sean are you?”

His father smiled at him. “Max, didn’t I just tell you that I needed someone responsible for the job?” Philip chuckled at the thought of Max worrying about competing with Sean. When Max wanted something bad enough, Sean wouldn’t even stand a chance against him. Hell, no one would stand a chance against a determined Maxwell.

Max smiled. Things were getting good. If things continued the way he planned, Max would be with Elizabeth before she knew what hit her.

Philip saw Max staring off with a far-off look in his eyes and figured it was his cue to leave. “Good night Max” he said as he headed for the door.

“Good night Dad. And thanks.”

“Anytime.” His father called back while closing the door behind him.

Max walked over to the window and looked up at the stars. They seemed to shine more brightly tnight, giving him faith that everything will work out fine.

Max grabbed her journal and held it close to his heart. “Elizabeth Parker, where are you my love?”

As if by magic, the sweet sound of her laughter filled his ears. He thought it might have been his imagination, but when he gazed down at the empty street below, there she was, in all her beauty. She had a sweet smile on her face and was practically glowing. Like an angel.

He raced down the stairs, still clutching the journal tightly in his hand. He couldn’t believe his luck.

But when he got outside, she was gone. He ran up and down the street, checking every turn and alley, but she was nowhere to be seen. She just vanished into thin air. Like an angel.
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Chapter Twenty-Four

Maria and Liz laughed as they sat at the stable, sipping their tea.

“So, Liz. Tell me about yourself.”

Liz smiled and warmed her hands around her hot cup of tea. “There really isn’t anything to tell.”

“Oh, come on. I’m sure there is.”

Liz got a sad look on her face and shook her head, “No, there really isn’t.”

Maria saw the depressing mood settle over Liz and decided to aim the attention towards herself.

“Well, I am the daughter of this city’s governor. I have one sister, two years younger than me, named Isabella. She goes by Isabel. It’s only shorter by one syllable, but she likes it. My mother died when I was young. I’m eighteen. I have blond hair and green eyes. And I am madly in love with Michael Guerin. He’s my fiancé.” Maria smiled at the last part. She liked saying that. She liked being able to claim that Michael was hers.

“Wow, congratulations.” Liz said enthusiastically.

“Thanks. It’s only been a day but I love not being single anymore, to be meant for someone.” Maria said with such emotion.

“Maria, can I ask you something?” Liz asked, staring down at her cup of tea. “What does it feel like… to be in love?”

Maria waited until Liz looked her in the eyes before she answered, “It’s the most comforting and warm and just…the greatest feeling ever.”

Liz envied Maria. She longed to feel what Maria was feeling right now; to need someone as though they were the air you breathed, and then to have the feeling reciprocated. But Liz would never be able to feel that way. She had already promised her life to one person.

Liz let out a longing sigh, “It really is getting late and I should be heading off.”

Maria left a few gold pieces on the table and they headed out the door. “Why don’t you stay with me? We can have a little girl’s night. Eat fattening food while we do each others hair and makeup?”

Liz giggled. She liked spending time with Maria but she had to decline. “I would love to but I really don’t want Kyle worrying about me. Knowing him, he’ll probably stay up waiting until I get back. I really should hurry home as soon as possible.”

“Who is this Kyle person?” Maria asked, curious to know.

“I really should be heading off,” Liz said, going to untie her horse from where she left it earlier this afternoon. She didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing it. Other than that one incident the other day, Fate didn’t let anyone ride her; not even Kyle.

“Liz, your journey will probably take you all night and you’re still injured.” Maria said using her big sister voice.

“It’s all right. Really.” Liz said trying to reassure Maria. “I heal very quickly. I really should be getting back to Kyle. He won’t sleep without knowing I’m safe.”

“Fine. We wouldn’t want to upset ‘Kyle’ now would we?” Maria said mockingly. Liz was one stubborn little girl; even more stubborn than Maria. “It’s a pity though, I know this guy who would be just perfect for you. You need someone to look out for you. And he just loves being ‘the man’. He is Michael’s brother, so if you’re interested…I could get you an introduction,” Maria said with a wink.

Liz shook her head timidly. “I really not interested. I can’t be interested. I’m pretty much taken already.”

Darn, Maria thought. Max and Liz would have made such a cute couple. She could just picture the two of them dancing together at her engagement ball. Oh, that reminded her.

“Liz, before you go, I’m having a ball to enounce my engagement and I would love for you to come.”

Liz was excited. She’s never been to a ball before. But she wasn’t normally around so many people before. “I’d like to but...”

“Great. Come by my house,” Maria said, pointing towards her estate at the end of the street, “Come in the morning, thirteen days from tomorrow morning. Just come by and I’ll help you with everything…dress, shoes, hair, makeup…everything.” Something told Maria that this girl lived a pretty humble and modest life. Liz probably didn’t own an evening gown suitable for this occasion. She was way too pure and modest. No makeup on her face at all. Not even lipstick. No curls either; just straight, flowing, soft, silky brown hair. It was all natural beauty.

“Okay.” Liz agreed, gave Maria a quick hug, mounted her horse and left down.

Maria was making her way towards her house after they bid they adieus and went their separate ways. She paused for a second. She had this sudden urge to be at home, in her room, at like, right this second. Call it intuition if you will.

She ran as fast as she could down the street to her estate. She squeezed between the two poles of a large enough gap in the fence, climbed her tree, and slipped into her room.

As soon as she stepped inside, she heard footsteps down the hall. She kicked off her shoes and hurried under the covers of her bed.

There was a soft knock on her door before it slowly creaked open. Light crept through from the hallway and she could see her father peek his head in. When he saw that she was awake, he opened the door the rest of the way and stepped inside.

“Hey honey.” He said, walking up to her bed. He sat down softly beside her. “I’m sorry if I woke you. I just wanted to come in and say goodnight.”

“Okay. Goodnight.” Maria said hoping he wouldn’t notice her nervous fidgeting.

He stood up to leave, but then looked back down at her. “Are you feeling all right Maria?”

“Of course,” Maria said, a little too high-pitched, “Why…why wouldn’t I be.”

“Your sweating dear. Perhaps you’re running a fever.”

“I’m fine dad. Nothing a little more rest won’t cure.”

“All right.” Jim said and headed out the door, but before he left he added, “Maria, you really should change out of your clothes soon.” And softly shut the door behind him.

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Chapter Twenty-Five

Max stood there on the street in front of his house. Where could his mysterious beauty have vanished to? He was just about to start doubting her existence at all. Someone that captivating could only have been dreamed up. But then he remembered something. Still gripped tightly in his hand, was her journal.

Maybe he should just take a peek in it and see what power she held over him that kept him standing outside in the dark and cold street with nothing on but his pajama pants. He sat down on the ground with a huff. He had no idea, on earth, what possessed him to sit in the middle of the street, topless, on a chilly night.

Max shook his head. He was utterly hopeless. He would do anything to find this girl. He flipped open the book to a random page. It was the most recent entry. He started reading…

…I got closer today. Or at least I thought I did. I don’t know. Sometimes I just wonder why I don’t just give up. Amy Parker simply doesn’t exist anymore. Every town I’ve been to and everywhere I’ve tried, not one person has ever even recognized the name; except for today. Today in Kingdom City, I asked an old woman if she knew of an Amy Parker. The lady smiled fondly, recognizing her name. The only problem was that, after she admitted to having known her, the woman became suddenly frightened and changed her mind. I suppose some reaction was better than no reaction; which is what I normally get…

Max was so focused on the book that he didn’t hear a horse trotting down the road. Thus resulted in him almost being trampled on.

“I am so sorry.” She said as she swerved Fate to stop from stomping on the guy. “I didn’t see you there.” She stopped to make sure the person wasn’t harmed.

“It’s quite all right.” He said, dusting himself off as he stood up. “It’s my fault really. What kind of an idiot would be sitting in the middle of the road at night? I was just so engrossed in my reading that I didn’t see you coming.” He said finally looking towards her for the first time.

It was she. His Elizabeth. He stared at her. She seemed to be moving in slow motion as she gracefully dismounted her horse and began turning towards him.

“No, I wasn’t looking and…” She stopped, shocked to find whom her wounded victim was, “Oh. It’s you.”

“It’s a pleasure to see you again too Elizabeth.” He said, flashing his pearly whites at her. “Oh, and you too Fate.” He walked up to the chestnut colored mare and began stroking its hair. “You missed me, didn’t you girl?” Fate snorted and nuzzled Max.

Liz was astounded. Fate was never this nice to anyone other than herself. What was with this guy? But hey, if her Fate liked him, he couldn’t be that bad right? Liz would have to just give him a chance. “I’m sorry if I came off as a little harsh. It just stunned me to see you. I never thought I’d see you again.”

Max smiled at her. She was starting to warm up to him. Time to pull out the charm. “Are you happy you did?”

“Maybe not.” Liz rolled her eyes at him. His attempt to flirt with her wasn’t going to get him anywhere. His cocky attitude didn’t help either.

“Are you still angry with me?” Max asked with genuine emotion in his eyes.

Liz saw the somewhat timid look on his face. He was so adorable; like a little boy. She relented. “No, I’m not. I forgive you.” They stared at each other. His eyes looked so familiar; so comforting. She broke out of her daze when Fate started to get restless.

“I really should get going.” Liz said with a sigh. She was somewhat saddened to have to leave so soon. She mounted her horse to depart.

“But, wait. We haven’t even gotten to really talk.” Max pleaded with her. “Come have a cup of tea with me and we can get to know each other.”

“I’d love to, but Kyle’s waiting for me.”

“Who is Kyle anyways?” Max knew it was silly to be getting jealous. She wasn’t even his…yet.

“Oh, Kyle’s just my…is that my journal?” She asked recognizing the book in his hand.

Max, looked at the book, “Oh…um…yea…yeah it is…I was just…um…just trying…um…to give it back to you,” He said handing it to her.

“You were reading my journal?” She asked in disbelief, staring down at him. “I can’t believe you would do such a thing.”

Max feared this would happen. That’s why he told Alex not to in the first place. He chanced a glance at her. There was so much anger in her face. He had to make it right. He couldn’t just let her walk out of his life again, appalled at him. That would make for two bad encounters and one semi-good one. The incident at the pond might have been bad as well if he hadn’t gotten the chance to hold her. She felt and smelled so good.

Max shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. She was already halfway down the street.

“Elizabeth,” he called out to her. When she turned around, he dropped down on his knees and pleaded. “Please, please, please forgive me. I know I had no right and I will never intrude on you again. I assure you that it only happened once. Okay twice, but the first time wasn’t intentional. Please, don’t be angry with me.”

Liz looked at him. What a strange, strange person. Adorable, but strange nonetheless. She shook her head, feeling her resolve crumple, “I’m not one to hold a grudge.” She had a shy smile on her face. “Till we meet again.” With that, she trotted off.

Max smiled confidently. “I’ll make sure of it, my sweet.”
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Chapter Twenty-Six

He walked up to her when he finally saw her sitting under a tree. He’d been looking everywhere trying to find her. He sat next to her but she turned away from him.

“Look, I know you are probably semi-angry with me still. I know, I was wrong to go spying on you like that. It’s just. I love you. I really do. I don’t want to lose you.”

She turned to look at him, “You love me? I…I feel the same way about you.” She said timidly. He pulled her into his arms and held her tight.

“I want to make it up to you.”

She broke away from the embrace, her fingers grazed his cheek, “I forgive you. You don’t have to.”

“But I want to. My brother is having an engagement ball soon. I want you to come with me. It’s going to be a huge deal. Even the crowned prince will be there.” He said excitedly.

“I know. I’ve heard about it. But I don’t know if I should go. I mean…I wouldn’t know how to act.”

“Just be yourself. Everyone will love you.” He pleaded.

She bit her lip, trying to make her decision.

“Please?” He coaxed, running his fingers through her soft silky brown hair.

“Okay.” She said softly. How could she refuse him? He was so adorable.

When he picked her up the day of the ball, he was amazed at the beauty standing before him.

She noticed his intense gaze and felt unsure of herself. “Honestly, how do I look?”

“Too perfect. My angel. You look absolutely perfect.” He said with such emotion.

When they entered the ballroom, the room went silent. Heads turned and everyone stared at her. She was absolutely breath taking. He walked her over to their table and pulled out her seat for her before he took his own seat.

He took her hand into his. He had everything planned. Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night that he was going to propose to her. She was just too perfect.

After dinner was over and everyone congratulated the his brother and his new fiancé, he took her out into the garden. He was ready. He had practiced in front of his mirror so many times before and had everything he wanted to say memorized.

“This is just so great. I haven’t had so much fun in my life.” She said twirling around outside. “Dance with me?”

“Of course.” They danced together, their bodies close. When the song came to an end, he was about to get down on his knee, but his father came in and interrupted him.

“Son, why don’t you come here for a moment? Some businessmen would like to speak with you.”

“But, father, I was in the middle of something.” He said, fuming for being interrupted.

“Oh, she can wait.” His father said with a wink.

He sighed and pleaded to her with his eyes. “I’ll be back as soon as I can. Sit here and wait for me?”

“Always.” She said with a smile.

He went off to talk to his father’s acquaintances. It was just the usual mingling he didn’t see why it couldn’t have waited. They wanted to know what his plans were after he took over for his father, when he was going to settle down and have a family, and they were also curious about the doe-eyed angel that accompanied him here tonight and if she was as good as she looked. Those perverted old bastards.

He excused himself when it was appropriate and went hurriedly to go back to join her in the garden. He was confused when he saw two men standing guard at the door.

“Excuse me,” he said as he tried to squeeze past them.

“I’m sorry, but his highness directly informed us not to let anyone disturb him.” One of the men informed him.

“His highness?” he asked in confusion. When he looked outside through the window, there they were, the crowned prince and his angel, dancing away; their bodies close. He felt his jealousy and rage boil.

He tried to calm himself down. If the prince asked her to dance, she couldn’t refuse. It would be disrespectful. He had nothing to be afraid of. That was, until he saw the look in her eyes. It was the same look she used to give him. He saw her lean forward, lifting herself up on her toes, and kiss the prince. She kissed him. How could she?? How could she do this to him??

He stalked off in anger. Tonight was supposed to be their night, but she was off kissing someone else. And not just anyone else at that, she was kissing the crowned prince. He stormed out off the estate in a hurry. Tears slipping down his face. He sat down on a bench outside, his head in his hands.

He saw a vision of a blurred blonde haired, blue-eyed girl sit next to him.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

More tears slipped down his face. “No.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

He looked into her eyes and saw comfort in them, stability and loyalty. “No.”

She pulled him into her arms and to help ease his heartache. “Everything will be all right Jim.”

Jim jumped out of bed. Sweat covered his body. His heart was pounding and his breathing erratic.

He heard footsteps coming from down the hall followed by the creak of his door opening.

“Daddy, is everything okay?”

“I’m fine sweetie. Go on to bed Isabel.”

She stepped in closer. “You had that nightmare again, didn’t you?”

“Yeah. But I’m fine now Pumpkin. Go on to bed.”

Isabel walked over and hugged her father. She kissed him on the cheek and then headed off to her room.
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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Max stretched as he lay in bed. It was early in the morning, the sun had yet to rise, and Max hadn’t had a better nights rest in quite a while. He smiled thinking about his encounter with his sweet seraph.

He reached under his pillow and pulled her bag out from under it. With all the excitement of seeing her yesterday, Max had forgotten all about the rest of her things, which included her bag and money. Not to mention the food he ate. Maybe he can persuade her to go out to dinner with him to make up for it. It would take a lot of work, but he was confident that he could find a way to wiggle into her heart.

But first, there were matters to attend to. He got up and quickly got dresses. If he wanted to impress his father, he couldn’t just be on time. He had to be early. Nothing impressed father more than eager little workers.

Max headed out his room when he noticed Michael trying to quietly sneak by their parents’ bedroom to get into his room. Max smiled wickedly.

“Good Morning Michael!” Max practically yelled. Michael visibly jumped and glared at Max.

Michael put a finger to his lips and made a shushing sound in an attempt to silence Max.

Max’s smirk grew wider. “Why, Michael! What are you doing up and about so early this morning? And isn’t that the clothes you had on yesterday?” Max said, never lowering his voice level.

“Shut up Maxwell!” Michael hissed in a low and threatening tone. Through clenched teeth he added, “Don’t you see I’m trying not to wake up the parents?” He pointed towards their mother and father’s bedroom door.

Max snickered. “Relax man. Dad already left to the shop and mom left late last night to go visit her brother.”

“Uncle K?” Michael asked after he sighed in relief. He did not want to get caught.

“Yeah. The one and only.” Max said.

“Didn’t he like, disappear off the face of the face of the earth twenty years ago?” Michael asked, talking at a normal voice level now.

“Yeah, well apparently he’s been sighted and he wrote mom a lengthy letter of apology for loosing touch. They’re going to get together and discuss some things.”

Michael shrugged. He’s only ever heard stories about him.

“And where were you all night young man?” Alex asked, leaning on his doorframe. He’d been listening quietly since he first heard the commotion.

“Nowhere.” Michael said, wishing his brothers would leave it at that.

“Ten gold pieces says he was getting some luvin’ from Maria.” Alex said towards Max.

“It’s none of your business.” Michael said, obviously not wanting to discuss it.

“Sheesh, touchy touchy.” Alex muttered as he headed back into his room.

“We’re not going to repeat what happened here. Alright?” He said threateningly towards both of them.

Both nodded and everyone headed in his own direction.

“Oh, Michael?” Max called out before Michael could enter his room. “Dad already knows.” Max smirked as Michael groaned. “Plan on being in the house tonight. He wants to have ‘the’ talk with you,” Max wiggled his eyebrows for emphasis.

Michael’s door slammed shut and Max just chuckled as he made his way down the stairs.
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Chapter Twenty-Eight

“What do you think you are doing up father?” Maria asked, barricading the front door.

“Well, let’s see, shall we?” Jim said in a playful tone with his daughter. “I’ve got my work uniform on.” He said glancing down at his uniform. “I’ve got on my work boots,” He stomped his foot for emphasis. “And I’ve got my work briefcase,” he said patting the outside of it. “Yup, I think I’m going to work.”

“No, you’re not. You are going to go straight back up to your room and rest.” She said with one hand on her hip and the other one pointing towards the stairs.

Valenti chuckled at her authoritativeness. “Maria, seriously, I have appointments to make.” He tried to move past her but she stopped him.

“I am being serious. You are going to go back to your room. You don’t have any appointments today because I cancelled all of them for you.” Maria said, pulling him towards the stairs.

“You did what?” he asked in disbelief. “Rosemary. I can’t believe you would have the audacity to pull such a stunt. Do you realize how long it’s going to take to call all those people back?”

“Father, you could use a break. You work nonstop.” Maria said, frustrated. Jim saw the concern in her eyes and decided to give in. Maria saw his resolve crumble and inwardly patted herself on the back. “It’s showing too. Just look at those bags under your eyes.”

“Really?” Jim decided to play along. He lifted a hand, feeling beneath his eyes. “Lordy Lord, you’re absolutely right. Bring out the cucumbers.”

Maria giggled and hugged her father. “Now scamper on upstairs. I’ll bring a small snack up for you later. Now get going.”

“Alright. Fine. I give up. I’m heading off to my room now.” Jim said as he ascended the stairs.

“You better. And remember to get some rest and relaxation.” She shouted up to him.

“I will.” He called back. He mumbled something under his breath.

“Did you say something father?” Isabel asked as she came out of her room.

“I said that Maria can be really bossy sometimes. She’s starting to forget which one of us is the parent and which one is the child.”

Isabel just giggled, kissed him on the cheek and headed down the stairs.

Jim headed off to his room. Now that he thought about it, he had been a little more tired than usual lately. A small nap sounded mighty tempting.

He lay down in his bed and soon drifted off to sleep….

Jim pushed open the door and entered her room.

“Hello Jim.” she said in a seductive voice. She was sitting on the side of the bed with nothing but a short nightie.

“A…Nancy.” He said correcting himself. “I got a note saying you wanted to see me. What is this about?”

She walked over to him gingerly. “Oh, nothing. Can’t old friends just call each other up to say ‘hi’?” She ran a hand up his chest and whispered in his ear, “I’ve missed you.”

Jim stood stiff, “Nancy what are you trying to do?” He peeled her hand off of him and threw it aside. “We’re both married. Me, to Melissa, and you to his highness.”

Amy leaned into him again. “They don’t have to know.”

Jim couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Don’t you know you could be killed for this kind of betrayal to the king?” He angered, “Besides, you had your chance with me Nancy. You’re the one that turned me down.” He shifted away from her and headed towards the door.

“Jim, wait.” Jim stopped. “Just have a drink with me; just one drink. For old time’s sake?”

Jim gave in. What was one drink going to do? He accepted the glass from her hand and drank it. Nancy grinned wickedly. Everything went black.

Hours later, Jim woke up with a throbbing headache. He jumped out of bed not recognizing where he was. He looked to the now waking figure on the bed. Nancy just smiled at Jim.

“Dear God, what have I done?”

“Come back to bed, Jim.” She said, patting the space on the bed beside her.

“No.” Jim said, putting his clothes on, “I have to go home to Melissa. She’s probably worried sick.”

“What about us, Jim?”

“There is no ‘us’. You have to forget this ever happened.” Jim said, heading towards the door.

“We can run away together.” She said pleadingly.

“We can’t. I can’t.” He said, refusing to look at her. “Melissa’s nine months pregnant. I can’t just leave her.”

“But, it’ll be just us, Jim. We just made love. You can’t just pretend as though it didn’t happen.”

“Get it in your head woman! There is no ‘us’!! We did not ‘make love’!! What we did was a mistake Amy!!!”

The stone cold look that settled over her horrified Jim. He was frightened of what she might do in her state.

She stormed over to Jim, shoving him out the door, screeching, “Amy doesn’t exist anymore!!!”

When Maria entered her father’s room, he was tossing and turning in his bed. She placed the tray on his nightstand and tried to wake her father up from his nightmare.

“Father. Father. Father, wake up” Maria said shaking her father awake.

“Amy…” Jim muttered.

“Father,” Maria said more forcefully.

Jim sat up, “Maria, what? What’s going on?”

“Nothing. You were just having a nightmare. I brought you a snack.” Maria said, pointing to the tray.

Jim nodded his head in thanks and Maria stood up to leave. She was almost out the door when she turned back around. “Dad, who is Amy?”

Jim let out a sigh. His daughter could be very nosy. “I already told you Maria. Amy doesn’t…”

“Exist anymore, I know. But I don’t understand.”

“Rosemary…” Jim said in a threatening tone.

“Fine. Forget it!” she said, storming out of the room. If her father wouldn’t tell her, she would have to find out on her own.

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Philip has been swamped with work since he arrived at the office that morning. He had to prepare for meeting with the over-land distributors. That, in itself, was a handful. He also had to see over personal interviews with possible new workers, specifically someone he can trust to manage his other warehouse in Zanstown.

Philip wanted more than anything to be able to just give the position to Max, but he had to prove himself worthy first. He began reading over yet another contract needing his signature when he heard a knock on the door.

“Enter.” Philip called out and the door swung open. In entered Jim Valenti. “Hello, Jim. I’m surprised to see you. I thought that you were too ill in bed to work today. At least that’s what Maria told me.”

“Yes. Maria was worried that I wasn’t resting enough and put me under house arrest. I was only able to sneak out of the house when Maria left to her room.”

Philip chuckled, “Be glad she cares about you enough to worry.”

“Yeah, just about as much as I worry about her.”

“Yeah, that’s sort of what I wanted to discuss with you. You see, Michael was out the entire night last night. Do you happen to know where he was?”

Valenti pondered for a moment. “No, I’m sorry. I have no idea. Maria was in all night in her room. By herself too, I made sure of it, checking in on her about every ten minutes.”

“Where do you think Michael would have gone?”

“I honestly don’t know. But Michael’s a good boy. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do anything you would disapprove of,” Jim said reassuringly to Philip. “Is that all you wanted to discuss?”

“Yes. Thank you for stopping by Jim.”

“I should get going then before Maria finds me gone.”

“Oh tell me you don’t feel at least a little more loved with her being so concerned.” Philip teased.

“Yea. I do. But the over concerned bit is just to make up for her sneaking out of the house.”

“She trying to get some brownie points by being the loving daughter?” Philip ribbed.

“Speaking of brownie points. Max is up there working up a pretty good sweat.” Smiling back at Philip.

Philip was shocked. “Max? Carrying cargo shipment? Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I just had a little chat with him while coming in. Well, I should be heading off.” Valenti shook Philip’s hand and headed out the door.

Philip headed out the door and saw Max chatting with a worker while he lifted up another bag and carried it off into the warehouse.

“Maxwell.” Max looked up at his father. “Can I see you in my office for a moment?”

Max nodded his head, dropped the bag, and headed up to his father’s office. “Is something wrong father?”

“No, nothings wrong. It’s just that when I told you I wanted you to show me that you were responsible, I didn’t mean for you do be doing any manual labor. I thought maybe you’d help me supervise.”

“Father, if I didn’t know what it felt like to be doing the work of one of the lifters, how would I be able to supervise them fairly?”

Philip was astonished at Max’s remark. “How long have you been out there working Max?”

“Since about six thirty this morning.”

“Well, I’m proud of you Max. Consider yourself ahead of the competition at the time. I’m really considering you for the position. Keep up the good work son.” Philip said, patting his son on the back.

Max smiled, he was one step closer to his goal.
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Chapter Thirty

Kyle quickly walked up the trail. He had unknowingly spent an hour too long meditating at the temple. He was going to be late for his meeting in town with her and no one in his or her right mind was ever late when meeting with her.

Nevertheless, he had to check up on Liz and make sure she was safe first. Kyle didn’t like leaving Liz alone by herself but there was nothing he could do. No one knew; he made sure of that. And Liz was a big girl. But she was so small and innocent. He really should teach her how to defend herself. He’d have to soon, while he still had the chance.

He couldn’t believe how the years just flew by. It’s been seventeen years already. She’d been with him for that long.

Kyle opened up the door to the small cabin and found Liz sitting at the table writing in her journal. He smiled at the sight.

She probably couldn’t think without writing it down first. She had been writing in that thing ever since he bought it for her for her sixteenth birthday. It was probably the most richly colored item in the entire house, but it suited her. After all, she was special.

“Kyle!” Liz exclaimed, “You scared me!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He said, taking a seat next to her.

“That’s alright.” Liz said with a smile on her face. She closed her journal and faced him. “I thought you were going in to town today.”

“I am.” Kyle said while standing up to leave. “I have people to meet and matters to discuss. I won’t be home until late tonight. I just wanted to check up on you before I left.”

“Don’t worry about me,” Liz replied sweetly, “I’ll be fine. I’ll be sure to have something warm for you when you come back.” She opened up her journal and busied herself again.

“Do you need anything from town while I’m there? More paper, ink, feminine product of some sort?” he asked from the doorway.

Liz blushed, “No. I…I’m fine.” She hated discussing such things with Kyle.

Kyle just snickered and left taking the fastest trail down the mountain.

Kyle saddened thinking about Liz’s life. She deserved so much more than the life she was living. Perhaps, one of the two people he was meeting today could give her that.

Both meetings today were going to be really rough. He hadn’t seen either one of them in years and yet both held such great power over his life and Elizabeth’s.


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Chapter Thirty-One

“What took you so long? Where were you??”

Kyle was yelled at as soon as he came running up. “I’m sorry. I…”

“Don’t you remember who I am or what I can do to? I can have your life with a snap of a finger. Or did you just forget?” She yelled at him as she paced.

Kyle dropped to his knees. “I’m sorry your majesty. I assure you I did not forget. I just wanted to check up on Elizabeth before I left.”

Nancy sighed and motioned for him to stand, “How is she?”

“She’s doing fine your highness. She’s very beautiful and highly intelligent.”

Sadness filled Nancy’s eyes for a brief moment. “That’s good; very good. Now, what is it you wanted to see me about?”

“There’s a small problem.”

“Problem? What kind of problem?” She said, eyeing him.

“The Elders are not going to allow me at take residence outside the temple any longer. They no longer condone me taking care of Elizabeth now that she has…matured.”

“So? Do you take orders from them or from me?” Nancy said, lifting her head high.

“Neither, your majesty. I take orders from the gods. I am a devoted monk.” Kyle said, bowing slightly to the heavens.

“A devoted monk? That’s just a disguise to deceive others so that you can watch after her.” Nancy seethed out.

“You cannot deceive the gods. They see all. They know all.” Kyle said sternly, hinting towards Nancy’s wrongdoings.

Nancy laughed, “All right. What is this really about? What is it you want? More money?”

“No. I don’t want more money. It’s Elizabeth. She’s special Nancy. She deserves to have more than what I can give her. She needs someone to take care of her. Take her home with you, into the castle. She’s very special.” Kyle said the last comment with much emphasis.

“Fine. She can enter the castle as a servant.”

Kyle went livid at Amy’s offer, “A servant?!? How can you do that to your only daughter?!”

“She’s not my daughter!” she snarled at him, “She’s Amy’s mistake, not mine!”

“You’re right.” Kyle roared back just as fiercely. It didn’t matter if she was the queen or not. How could someone abandon someone as sweet as Elizabeth? “She’s not your daughter. You don’t deserve to have a daughter as incredible as her.”

Kyle smirked at what he was about to say next, “Elizabeth is a very special girl, Nancy. Unbelievably unique.” He stepped closer to her and whispered into her ear, “She’s of royal blood.”

Nancy gasped. “H…how can you tell?”

Kyle smirked. “Her resemblance to Jeffrey is uncanny.”

“That doesn’t prove a thing.” She spat out at him.

Kyle was enraged at her ignorance, “She has powers Nancy! She can do things that normal people can’t do. Things that you and I didn’t even know were possible.”

Nancy went white. “W…what am I to do now? We told Jeffrey that she died during birth.”

“‘We’ did no such thing. You did. And I don’t know what you are going to do and I sure as hell don’t care. But I’m warning you, unless you want his majesty, the king, to find out about your little affair, you won’t be going anywhere near her.”

With that, Kyle headed down the street, leaving a shaken up Nancy behind. He really did want Liz to have a mother, but not a mother like Nancy. He only had one more place to turn too. Hopefully, his sister won’t desert him.
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Chapter Thirty-Two

Michael stayed in his room and sulked. He tried not to think about her, but he couldn’t help himself. He only had a little while until he had to see her again.

Courtney wanted to meet with him today to talk some more. Michael had agreed although didn’t see why. They talked all last night. Michael didn’t even remember about what, but when he left her place, it was already morning. And he hadn’t even told her that he was engaged.

Courtney had asked him if he was married yet, and he said no. He felt like he betrayed Maria in some way by not mentioning their engagement. Well, they weren’t actually or openly ‘engaged’ until they announce it at the ball, so there really wasn’t anything to mention, Michael tried to reason with himself.

Oh, god. What the hell was he thinking? Of course there was something to mention. He’s to be married. He’s engaged to Maria now. He loves Maria. He and Maria are to be married. Maria will be his wife now. The person he loves finally loves him back for once. Michael’s face brightened but it soon sagged back down. He still had to meet Courtney.

Just when things were starting to look good for him, they go ‘oh so’ utterly wrong. He should just forget that Courtney’s even back and focus on Maria. His mind should be filled with thoughts of Maria. He belonged to Maria. He shouldn’t be thinking about other women. Courtney may be pretty, but Maria is and always will be beautiful.

She’s his fiancé, for crying out loud. His heart already belonged to her. Right? Then why did he feel such a strong pull towards Courtney?

He shouldn’t. He had no more obligations towards her, at least not anymore. ‘She’ was the one that walked out on ‘him’. ‘She’ was the one that left ‘him’. ‘He’ didn’t owe her anything. ‘He’ didn’t belong to her. He belonged to Maria. And he was going to tell her that right now.

Michael jumped out of bed and headed towards the door. He belonged to Maria. He will always belong to Maria. Now, to be able to say it to Courtney.


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Chapter Thirty-Three

Diane walked around the town. Zanstown was her hometown. She loved it here. It had plenty of excitement without the hustle and bustle of the city. This was where she grew up, fell in love, and married. Her and Philip started their business here. When it became overly successful, they expanded to the city. She’s always wanted to come back but didn’t wish to leave her husband’s side.

Diane entered the small restaurant she was to meet Kyle at. She scanned the room for him. Not seeing him, she decided to take a seat. A waiter showed her to an empty table and took her order before he left.

The waiter brought it out to her and she dug in. She hadn’t eaten all day and she was starved. She only looked up when someone slid into the seat in front of her. She looked at the monk, strangely.

“I’m sorry. But that seat is taken. I’m waiting for someone.” Diane said sweetly, trying not to offend the monk.

The monk remained seated. “Diane. It’s me.”

“Oh my goodness. Kyle?” Diane jumped out of her seat and hugged her long lost brother. “It’s been so long. What have you been doing with yourself? A monk?”

Kyle ran a hand over his baldhead. “Yeah. I was surprised myself. Your not mad at me for losing contact with you for so long, are you?”

Diane smiled. “I’ve already forgiven you for not disappearing on me. There’s no use dwelling on the past, just as long as you’re here now. So, what have you been up to?”

“Actually, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about. Something I need your help with. I know I have no right to ask you this, but I have nowhere else to turn to Diane. I don’t know what to do.” He was dreading that she might say no.

Diane placed her hand over Kyle’s to calm him down. “Kyle, what ever it is, I will do what I can.”

“Okay. You see? I have this girl that I’m taking care of. She lives with me in a small cabin on Mount Roswell. The only problem is that I can’t take care of her anymore. The Elders won’t allow me to live outside the temple any longer. So I can’t watch after her anymore. I can’t take care of her anymore.” He pleaded with Diane. “She’s special Diane. There’s no one else like her around. She’s a good girl, she just needs someone to keep her safe.”

Diane was already giving in, seeing how much her brother cared for this girl. “How old is she?”

“She’s seventeen.”

Diane smiled, “That’s the same age as my youngest son, Alex.”

Kyle looked at her, fully realizing how little he knew about his own sister, “You have children?”

“Yes, three sons. We’ll get caught up later. Tell me more about this girl. Where are her parents?” Diane asked, curious to know.

He didn’t want to lie to Diane, but he was sworn to secrecy and couldn’t tell a soul, a pledge of loyalty all royal guards took. “Her mother abandoned her.” It wasn’t a lie.

“Oh. How sad.” Diane already knew that she was going to help the girl in anyway she could. She couldn’t even imagine deserting one of her children.

“Can you help me take care of her Diane? Just until she can learn to live on her own. She’s a big girl and all but I don’t want to leave her on her own just yet.”

“I’ll try, Kyle. I honestly will. But I have to talk to Philip first. I can’t make you any promises.”

Kyle hugged his sister. “Thank you so much. Thank you Diane. Thank you.”

“Your welcome Kyle.” She said hugging him back.

Kyle broke away from the embrace. “So, you married Philip Evans?” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

She hit him playfully. “We’ll catch up on the last twenty years on our way up Mount Roswell. I want to meet this young lady. What’s her name?”

Kyle smiled at his sister. She was going to make everything all right for him, just like she always did. “Her name is Elizabeth. And she’s an exceedingly sweet and adorable girl. She’s the rarest of the rare, the most beautiful jewel in the world.”

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Chapter Thirty-Four

It was late at night when Philip finally started to leave his office. He stayed after for a couple of hours to finish reading through a few more contracts before he finally gave in and put up for the night. He didn’t really want to go home. Without Diane there, it just didn’t feel right sleeping at night. After all these years, he was still madly in love with her. And Philip was convinced that his feelings would never change.

As he locked up his office and headed out the door, he saw a shadowy figure, snooping around in the warehouse. Thinking it was a burglar; Philip grabbed a crowbar and crept down the stairs carefully. He made his way over to the person and lifted the bar and prepared to strike.

“Ahhhh!!! Dad!! What are you doing?!” Max yelled, gripping the bar just before it hit his head.

Philip stared at the person before him. “Max? What are you doing here this late at night?” He let Max take the bar away from his hands.

“I was just finishing up carrying some of the bags of cargo.” Max said

Philip chuckled, “I thought you were a burglar.”

“Obviously,” Max said, placing the crowbar far away of his father’s reach.

“Come on,” Philip said, patting his son on the back. “Let’s go on home. The workers can finish storing them in the morning.”

Max shook his head. “You go on home dad. There’s only about twenty or so left. I don’t want to leave it outside tonight. It looks as though it might rain.”

Philip admired his son’s dedication. “You’re a good boy Max; a really good son. I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks Dad.” Max said as he lifted the bag that he was carrying.

“How about I help you.” Philip said, rolling up his sleeves.

“You sure you up to it dad?” Max teased. “I mean, you are getting kind of old. That back of yours might be wearing out.”

“Old? I could lift twice as many bags as you can hotshot. Let a pro show you how it’s done.” Philip said, lifting up two bags.

“Oh, it’s on now, pops.” Max said, lifting up three bags.

They continued on until all of the bags were loaded into the warehouse. Both were panting and sweating while heading home.

“I’m really proud of you Max.” Philip said, patting Max on the back.

“You’ve said that already dad.” Max smirked. “I don’t think your back is the only thing wearing out. Your memory seems to be slipping too.”

Philip glared playfully at Max before put his son in a headlock. They probably looked foolish, wrestling in the middle of the street, but neither cared. They were both having too much fun together.

“Seriously Max.” Philip said once they made it to the house. “I’m very proud of you. I didn’t get to say it too many times when you were younger. I’m glad I get to now. You’re maturing to become a fine young man. You’ll make someone very happy someday.” Philip headed off towards his room.

Max shook his head and sighed, “Yeah. Now all I have to do is convince her that.”

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Chapter Thirty-Five

Michael was walking on the dark street alone. His visit to Courtney’s did not go well. He tried to tell her about his engagement to Maria, he honestly did. But every time he tried, Courtney would change the subject, talking about something else. It was as if she already knew about and just didn’t want to hear it. Michael sighed in frustration and kicked a rock that was lying in the road, sending it flying.

“Beating up on rocks? My, my, Michael,” came a sweet voice from behind.

Michael spun around and came face to face with his beautiful blonde pixie.

“Maria,” He said, walking up to her and grabbing her into his arms.

“Wow. One day away and you’re this happy to see me? I should stay away more often.” She teased with him.

Michael pulled back a little, but only enough so that he could look into her eyes. “I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I’d miss you too much. Don’t ever stay away from me. I’d die without you.”

Maria was swooning at his words, “Aww…my spaceboy; always knows what to say.”

Michael pulled her back into his arms. He really did belong to Maria; heart, body, soul, and mind.

“They were so engrossed in each other that they didn’t see someone walking up to them from down the road until she stopped right beside Michael.

“Michael, honey.” Courtney said, interrupting the two, “You left your wallet at my house. I thought you might need it.”

“Umm…thank you Courtney.” Michael said nervously. If he knew Maria, she was jumping to the wrong conclusions already, but then, were they the wrong conclusions?

“Anytime baby,” she kissed Michael on the cheek before heading back the way she came from, grinning an evil grin.

Michael didn’t dare glance up at Maria until Courtney left. He should have waited longer. Maria’s face was cold, her look unfeeling. But her eyes gave her away. Her green eyes were a mixture of hurt, anger, jealousy, and sorrow. Michael ached knowing that he was the one that put it all there. He was the one that made her sparkle disappear.

“Maria?” Michael tried to get her to say something; anything. Maria could talk for hours on end. So much that getting her to keep quiet was nearly impossible. Her silence was deafening. It was frightening Michael to no extent.

“Maria? Sweetie? Please say something.” He coaxed.

Maria sniffed and lowered her head, causing her blonde hair to fall over her face. But Michael could see the tears slipping from her eyes.

Michael’s heart ached knowing he hurt her. “It’s not what you think. Please let me explain.” He tried to lift her chin to get her to look at him but she jerked her head away.

“Please? I’ll tell you everything; everything about her, about me, everything I was too ashamed to tell you about before. I’ll tell you now. If you let me.”

Maria was too numb to be angered, too numb to even acknowledge a word he said, and too numb to protest when Michael lifted her up and carried her off. She just leaned into him, clinging on to him for dear life. It might be the last time she would ever get the chance to feel his heartbeat for her, if it ever did.

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Chapter Thirty-Six

Kyle and Diane sat at the table, waiting. They’ve arrived at the cabin for hours, but still no sign of Liz. Diane was a bit worried that Liz just left without leaving a note or something to let Kyle know. Kyle seemed to be calmer about it. They continued to just sit.

Diane stated tapped her fingers on the tabletop, impatiently. “Is she always out this late?”

Kyle shrugged, “Sometimes.”

“What does she do out this late?” Diane was annoyed at Kyle’s leniency. “Don’t you know how dangerous it is for Liz to out this late, at night, by herself?”

“I know.” Kyle said with a sigh. “Believe me I know. I worry about her a lot. But I trust her. She’s training her heart.”

Diane didn’t find any comfort in Kyle’s words, “Kyle, how stupid can you be, letting a young woman stay out this late. Do you what kinds of people are out this late at night? Drunk and perverted men who probably can’t resist grabbing her.”

Kyle saw his sister panicking, “Look, Diane. You know how I said that Liz was rare? She’s special.”

“How special?” Diane said, eyeing her brother, “She’s not blind or deaf is she?”

Kyle shook his head, “No. She’s just exceptionally unique. She has these…gifts. If she’s in trouble, she’ll get someone to help.”

“But what if no one around ‘wants’ to help her? What if there is no one around ‘to’ help her?”

“Diane, calm down. If she is in trouble, she’ll call out, and the whole town will come running. Heck, if they were miles away, they would hear her.” Kyle burst out.

“What do you mean?” Diane asked curiously.

“Umm…nothing. Look, Diane I have to go. I’m going to meet with the Elders one more time to try and plead my case. I don’t see why they are even giving me one more chance, its not like they are going to change their minds.” Kyle said, heading out the door.

“What? You can’t just leave me here Kyle.” Diane said sternly. “She doesn’t even know who I am. She’ll be scared to death to see a stranger in her home.”

“She’ll be fine. Just tell her who you are and why you’re here. She’ll take one look at your gentle soul and know she can trust you.” Kyle left out the door with Diane still curious as to what he meant.

I know. They seem to be getting shorter and shorter, but there just isn’t much needed interaction until Max and Liz meet, and it’ll be soon. I promise.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Michael began pacing in his room. He brought Maria here to talk, but he didn’t know where to begin. He stopped and looked at her. Maria sat on his bed. She looked dead inside. All of the sparkle and shimmer had disappeared from her eyes. All that was left was pain and sadness. She had given up on him. And if he knew her well enough, she was now blaming herself.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He kneeled down in front of her.

“Maria?” Michael tried to get her to look at him but her eyes remained vacant.

Michael tried again, “Maria. I want to start explaining, but I need to know that you’re listening to what I’m saying.”

He reached out and laced his fingers through hers, “Please don’t give up on me just yet.”

Maria lifted her eyes and looked at him. She opened her mouth and mumbled something.

“What did you say love?” Michael asked, lifting her hand and placing it over his heart.

Maria’s eyes turned cold, “I didn’t give up on ‘you’. ‘You’ gave up on ‘us’!” She yanked her hand away while tears streamed down her face.

Her anger was finally coming out. She stood up and began screaming at him, “How could you Michael? Not only do I find out that you’re out with some whore all day, at her house, nonetheless, but that your also keeping other things from me? Keeping things that I, as your fiancé, should know about you. I thought we didn’t keep secrets Michael?”

“I thought we didn’t either.” Michael whispered, sitting down on the bed.

Maria lowered her voice at Michael’s somber state. Her anger slipping, “What do you mean? Are you still mad at me for not telling you I was the governor’s daughter? Is that why you’re punishing me?”

Michael shook his head. “I’m not punishing you. There’s nothing going on between Courtney and me. What is in the past is done. You have your secrets and I have mine. We keep things from each other for a reason. Sometimes it’s better to not know. Sometimes, you only get hurt. And sometimes, its best to just forget about things.” Michael said, never lifting his head.

Maria let out a sigh, “I thought Evans men never back down from a challenge.”

Michael didn’t even acknowledge that she had spoken.

“Michael,” Maria sat down on the bed beside him. She placed her hands on the side of his face and made him look up at her. “I love you. But if you’re not ready to tell me these things, then we shouldn’t be getting married.”

Michael looked ready to object; to plead with her to give him a chance. But Maria continued on, “Michael, you’re going to have to grow up and take the challenge.” She paused for a second, “Do you love me Michael?”

Michael nodded his head fervently and was about to tell her so, but Maria interrupted him, again.

Maria stood up and began her lecture; “Do you REALLY love me? Because you need to know that you are taking a BIG risk when you love someone. You are opening up to them and letting them see all of you, both good and bad. Granted, they might not like what they see, but you still have to take the challenge and chance it. You have to let me see you, all of you. Leaving out no information, whatsoever, no matter how insignificant. Nothing. And you have to chance it that I will still love you just the same, it not more, afterwards.”

Michael was scared. Maria looked very intimidating, almost violent. She looked down at him and continued, “You know all my secrets. Are you going to tell me yours? Are you going to step up to the challenge Michael? Are you going to take the chance and risk it?” Maria leaned over and looked him in the eye, “Are you man enough to love me?”

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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Elizabeth walked carefully along the path. The trail up the mountain could be very, very dangerous, especially this late at night, with only a lantern to light the way. But Liz has been traveling up and down this mountain all of her life. She practically knew where each bump in the road was.

Liz hiked up the mountain leisurely, taking her time. Kyle told her this morning that he had people to meet and not to expect him home until late, late. That meant that she shouldn’t wait up, but then she always did, or at least tried to.

She was surprised when she saw a candle lit in the cabin. She hurried in thinking it was Kyle, home early.

“I’m so sorry I’m home so late. I was in town all day and I thought you weren’t going to be home until later.” Elizabeth called out as she entered the cabin.

“That’s quite alright Elizabeth.” A warm voice called out.

Liz stopped in her tracks and looked to see whom the voice belonged to. Sitting at the table was a woman, probably in her forties. Liz could tell she was probably very wealthy seeing the fine clothes she was wearing. She had a warm and motherly smile on her face.

“Hello. How do you know my name?” Liz asked warily.

“Kyle told me.” Diane called out warmly to her.

Liz gasped, “Are…are you…Amy?”

Diane was confused. Who was Amy? “No, dear. My name is Diane.”

Liz’s face saddened, but she quickly covered it up with a smile as she came and sat down on the table across from Diane. “It’s just that you looked familiar. Like I’ve sensed you somewhere before.” Liz thought for a second, “You remind me of someone, a man.”

“That’s probably Kyle, I’m his sister.” Diane said extending her hand for Liz to shake.

Liz shook her hand, “It’s nice to meet you finally but it’s not Kyle you remind me of. It’s someone else. Someone I met recently.” Liz shrugged it off. “Kyle’s mentioned a lot about you over the years. He’s missed you. I’m glad you’re here to see him but he won’t be in until late tonight. He’s meeting with someone.”

Diane smiled warmly at the girl. She really was such a sweet girl. “I know, dear.”

“Great. Then, you’re welcome to stay and wait. In fact, I insist. We don’t get company often. It’s always just Kyle and me.” Liz got up and poured Diane a cup of tea.

“Actually, I’ve already spoken to Kyle.” Diane said. She still hadn’t taken her eyes off of Liz. Kyle wasn’t kidding when said she was beautiful. This girl was stunning. She was so captivating that even Max would notice.

“Oh you have?” Liz placed a cup in front of Diane before sitting down to her own.

“Yes. Has he mentioned anything to you about not being able to live out here in the cabin anymore?”

Liz sighed and put her cup down. “It’s because of me isn’t it?”

Diane nodded her head.

“I thought so. When I went to go visit him last week, everyone stared at me oddly. I guess I look different than I did when I last visited five years ago. Kyle didn’t like me going to the temple. Something about being a girl.”

Liz was actually taking this better than Diane had thought she would. After all, Kyle was the only family she had. “Well, Kyle wanted me to look after you now that he is no longer able to.”

“Really?” Liz asked excitedly. She was going to miss Kyle and all, but she could always visit him in the temple. And Diane was a woman. Liz will be able to discuss things with Diane that she couldn’t with Kyle.

Diane was happy to see that Liz was pleased with the news. “Yes. You’ll move out to Kingdom City to live with my family. I live with my husband and my three sons. It’ll be so exciting. Now, I’ll have a girl to talk about things with. A house full of boys is exhausting. I know it’ll be a little strange living in a house with more than one other person. But I’m sure you’ll love it. You’ll never be lonely.”

Liz let out a sigh. “I’d love to Diane, but I really don’t want to leave Mount Roswell. It’s my home. I’ve lived in this cabin all my life. I just don’t think I can leave.” Tears slipped down Liz’s cheeks. “I’ve lost everything else, I can’t just leave this house too. It’s all I have left.

Diane nodded her head and wiped Liz’s tears away. “Don’t worry. I won’t make you leave. We’ll figure something out.”

Liz smiled back. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Now, it’s getting late and I don’t think Kyle will be getting back anytime soon. We should be getting to bed.”

“Oh, you can share the room with me. We’ll kick Kyle onto the couch.” Liz said with a smile, directing the way towards the bedroom.

“You share a room with Kyle?” Diane asked warily. Kyle may be her brother and he may be a monk, but men were men.

“Yes. His bed is on the right and mine is on the left. You can have your pick.”

Diane looked at the two twin beds in comprehension. They were as far away from each other as possible. “I’ll take Kyle’s bed. You can have your bed for the night.”

Both got ready for bed and slipped under their sheets. “Good night Diane.”

“Sweet dreams Elizabeth.”

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I know ya’ll are probably hating me, but I’m not going to go into the Michael/Maria thing. Alex and Isabel have been neglected too, but their relationships aren’t as prominent as Max and Liz’s, so there will be more focus on them now that we’re getting them closer together. Don’t worry though, we will deal with Courtney and the engagement ball and everything else all in due time.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Max woke up before the sunrise once again, wanting to go to work early. He was just one step closer to his Elizabeth. He could just feel it.

His dreams were becoming more lifelike, as though he could actually feel her. He could feel how perfect she was for him. How their minds just seemed to click and their bodies just fit together. Perfect. Utterly, utterly perfect.

Max gave out a longing sigh before he got out of bed and began to get ready for work. He put on a pair of work pants and an old shirt. No matter how much his father protested, Max was going to work another day laboring. That way, he can get to know the workers and work out a little while he was at it. Who knows? Maybe Elizabeth will like what she sees.

He stepped into the hallway, closing the door behind him, just in time to see Maria leaving Michael’s room with tears in her eyes. She didn’t even notice Max as she headed down the stairs and out the front door.

Max walked over towards Michael’s room to see him wiping tears from his eyes as well, before groggily plopping himself down on the bed. Max closed the door to Michael’s room gently. Something was definitely up.

He walked over to Alex’s room to try and see if Alex knew anything about what was going on. He opened the door to find Alex, without a shirt on, striking different poses and flexing what little muscles he had in front of the mirror, murmuring words of encouragements to himself. Max gently shut the door, trying his best to keep from chuckling. He couldn’t help but smile at his little brother attempts.

Max shook his head and sighed. Mornings sure were getting stranger and stranger in this house. Max walked across the hallway towards his parents’ bedroom and knocked softly before opening the door. His father was sitting on his bed, putting on his socks.

“Morning dad.”

Philip lifted his head and looked at Max. “Good morning Max. What are you doing up this early?” Philip asked, putting his shoes on and standing up.

“I thought we could catch a ride to work together. Maybe get some coffee on the way.”

Philip yawned as they headed down the stairs together, “Coffee would be good.”

It was then that Max noticed the bags under his father’s eyes. He wasn’t sleeping well. “When’s mom getting home?” Max asked, knowing exactly where the problem was.

Philip sighed and scrubbed his face, “She was supposed to be home this morning. I guess she decided to stay the night. It’s for the best. It’s dangerous out at night.”

Max knew his father missed his mother and was worried about her. He yearned to have the type of love that his parents did. And he will, one day.

I know…short short short…but at least it gets up all the closer to our Max and Liz moments.

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Okay, okay. I’ll give you a little Michael and Maria, but I have to keep in time order.

Chapter Forty

Michael wiped away the tears in his eyes as he plopped himself down on the bed. He was tired. Him and Maria stayed up all night talking. He told her everything; every thing that he held back from her, all his feelings, his thoughts, his dreams, everything.

He told her about Courtney. About what his relationship used to be with her. About how she left him a long time ago, and how much he wished she hadn’t come back.

She smiled lovingly at him.

He told her about his childhood. He told her about what it was like to grow up with a father like Hank, the town drunk. He told her about how his father used to beat him, and how it only got worse as he got older.

She held his hand tighter.

He told her about his mother. How he missed her so much. How much he wished she were still alive. He told her how he wished that his mother hadn’t pushed him out of the way as some maniac drove his carriage at high speed, not even noticing where he was going. How he knew it should have been him that was trampled by the horse. How his father blamed him for her death. And how he blamed himself for her death.

She wiped away the tears streaming down his face.

And he told her about his feelings for her. How he was so sorry for hurting her. That it should have never happened. How he loved her, needed her. How much joy she brought into his life. How seeing her just brightens his day. How beautiful she was to him. How happy she made him. And how he wanted to make her happy too.

She kissed him, tears streaming down her face.

Michael drifted off to sleep. He was tired, physically and emotionally. But he still smiled, remembering all they talked about. They had no more secrets. He told her everything, and she loved him more for it.

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Chapter Forty-One

Diane woke early in the morning. She got dressed and crept out of the room quietly, careful not to wake Liz.

She heard noise coming from the kitchen and noticed Kyle making breakfast. Some things never change.

“Morning.” She called out quietly as she sat down at the table.

Kyle placed a plate in front of Diane before joining her at the table. “Good morning. Did you talk to Liz?”

“Yeah. I told her yesterday.” Diane said, taking a bite of her eggs, “How did your meeting with the Elders go?”

Kyle sighed, “I move into the temple before next week.”

Diane frowned, “She doesn’t want to leave this house. I won’t make her either.”

“I can’t just leave her to fend for herself, Diane,” Kyle pleaded with his sister, “She’s too special.”

“I didn’t say I was going to just leave her Kyle. I know she’s special. And I meant it when I said that I was going to help her out. I just have to have to have a talk with Philip when I get back, which by the way, I should be leaving now.” Diane said as she gathered her things.

Kyle showed her to the door.

“Tell Elizabeth I said goodbye and take care of yourself Kyle,” She said, hugging her brother, “I’ll be back soon and we’ll deal with this.”

“Thanks Diane. You’re always looking out for me.” Kyle said as he hugged her back.

“Hey,” she replied as she pulled out of the embrace, “what are big sisters for?”

Kyle watched as she headed down the trail. He stood there long after she saw out of sight. He had missed her so much, but there wasn’t anything he could have done about it then. He had to pretty much forsake his family when he entered the palace decades ago.

He was broken out of his thoughts when Liz came and stood next to him.

“Did she leave already?” Liz was pouting, she really liked having someone other than Kyle to talk to.

“Yeah, she said to tell you she said goodbye. But don’t worry kiddo, she’ll be back soon.”

Liz brightened but then her face fell. “She’s not going to come back just to take me away is she? Your not going to make me leave to Kingdom City, are you?”

Kyle shook his head. “No one’s making you do anything. Now, go eat your breakfast, it’s starting to get cold.” Kyle said, pointing towards her seat.

Kyle watched Liz as she sat down and ate her food. “What do you think of my sister?”

Liz swallowed her food, “She’s nice!”

“I knew you’d like her,” Kyle said with a smile, sipping his tea. “She likes you a lot too.”

“She does?” Liz asked excitedly.

“Yup. She looked just about ready to drop everything and come stay here to take care of you.”

Liz smiled, “That’d be nice. No offense Kyle, but you don’t make for a good girlfriend.”

“Yeah, well you can’t blame me.” Liz just giggled.

“She’s got two boys, you know,” Kyle said with a gleam in his eyes. “One of them is your age, the other, a year older.”

Liz put her fork down with a frown. “Kyle, you know I’ve already promised…”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Kyle interrupted. “I was just trying to convince you to think about what you’re doing and how much you are going to be missing out on.”

“Kyle, I’ve lived this way my entire life and nothing is going to convince me otherwise so far.” Liz said confidently. “And I highly doubt anything or anyone else will in the next few months.” Unbeknownst to Liz, faraway in Kingdom City, someone was thinking just the opposite.

I know, this chapter was pretty weak, but at least we’re moving the story along right?

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Chapter Forty-Two

“Welcome back to the palace, your highness.” One of the royal servants called out to her, with his head bowed.

“How is he?” Nancy asked.

“The king’s condition is still unstable. The doctors have insisted that he remain in bed. I was told to inform you that he requests your presence immediately as soon as you returned.” He kept his head bowed.

“And he is in his quarters?” Nancy asked.

“Yes your highness, at doctors’ orders.”

Nancy sighed, “Very well.” She dismissed him with a wave of the hand. She had the entire kingdom at her beck and call. No one dared to displease her, or she would have his or her heads.

Nancy got up and headed off towards the King’s bedroom. She entered the room to find Jeffrey sitting up in bed waiting for her.

“Nancy,” he called out.

She walked over towards the bed and sat down next to him. “You should be lying down, Jeffrey. You’re ill.”

Jeffrey ignored her, “There are matters I must discuss with you.”

“Rest first. Your kingdom needs you. What ever it is, it can wait.” Nancy said, truly concerned for Jeffrey.

“No, it can’t. I’m dying Nancy. And I need an heir.” Jeffrey said, looking expectantly at Nancy. Nancy looked away with tears in her eyes.

He regretted having mentioned it so soon, “I know. I’m sorry dear. I didn’t want to bring it up, but I’m running out of time.”

Nancy sniffled, “You know what the doctors said.”

“I know.” He said, taking her into his arms.

“I can’t…”

“I know dear.” Jeffrey said, running his fingers through her hair, “I can try to heal it again.”

Nancy pulled back, alarmed that he would even suggest it, “No. That’s what got you sick in the first place.”

Jeffrey pulled her back into his arms and continued to stroke her hair. “I was already ill.”

“But it made you worse,” Tears filled Nancy’s eyes.

“I can’t let my brother take the throne Nancy. I just can’t.” Jeffrey said, thinking for the good of the people. How can an irresponsible and selfish brat manage an entire country if he wasn’t fair and just himself? Jeffrey needed an heir, “If only our daughter hadn’t died.”

Nancy tensed. If she would have just kept Elizabeth, none of this would be happening. How could she tell him now? Jeffrey is usually calm and gentle, but if she told him, he’d go livid. Could she risk being hanged for her affair, or would Khivar ruling the kingdom be that unpleasant?

Tell me what you’re thinking. I know, another short one, but there's not much to talk about with the queen, not until later that is.

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Thanks for the FEEDBACK to those who sent it to me. Hopefully, all the updates today will make up for posting so little yesterday. To answer some of your questions that have already been stated in previous parts:
Liz is Jeffrey's daughter, only Nancy didn't know that. She couldn't tell that Liz had powers. She thought that Liz was Jim's daughter, so she gave to Kyle, one of the royal guards, to raise. The monk bit was a disguise, but Kyle got to liking it. Why Nancy changed her name will be revealed later. Anything else?

Chapter Forty-Three

“One…ugh…t..two…ughh…t..t..three.” Alex grunted as he did another pull-up on the bar in Max’s room.

“Well, well…what have we here?” Michael teased, leaning on doorframe of Max’s room.

Alex dropped his legs and stood up, looking towards Michael, “Morning Sunshine. Or should I say good afternoon?” Alex walked over and picked up one of Max’s dumbbells.

Michael chuckled, “Alex, what are you doing?”

“What does it…ugh…look like?” Alex said as he did a few arm curls. Alex put the weight down, “I’m working out.”

Michael smirked, “Since when do you work out?”

“Yeah? And since when do you have girls in your room all night long?” Alex smirked back. He picked up his shirt from off the ground and pulled it over his head.

Michael got defensive, “It was just Maria, and all we did was talk.”

“Sure you did lover boy.” Alex slapped Michael on the back while passing him out the door.

Michael just rolled his eyes, “Where are you going now Mr. Body-builder?”

“I’m going down to the warehouse.” Alex said, jumping down the stairs, taking three steps at a time, “Hey, if Max can get to look how buff he’s been getting lately AND get into dad’s good graces by lifting a couple of bags of cargo, I might as well do it too.”

“Have fun.” Michael called out with smiled as Alex walked out the front door. Wow, alex sure did have a lot more confidence lately. He was starting to get cocky, like Max. Alex was looking up to Max so much lately that Michael was starting to wonder if he was going to start dressing like Max as well.

Michael laughed at the vision of puny little Alex in big brother Max’s wife-beater tanks and one of Max’s pairs of jeans that Max has been wearing to work lately. The clothes would literally fall off of scrawny little Alex.

Michael went back to his room still chuckling. He changed his clothes and got ready to go. He had to go pick Maria up. They were going to go out to eat, and take Isabel with them. Maria said something about Isabel being a little depressed lately and both of them wanted to cheer Isabel up.

That was strange, Alex had been overly cheerful lately, and yet Isabel was feeling down in the dumps. What was going on there?

Tell me what you think. Another short one but Max and Liz parts are the only ones that seem to be long these days.
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To answer your question: Amy and Nancy are the same person. Amy changed her name to Nancy when she married the King for reasons that will be revealed later. Tell me any more things you are uncertain about.

Chapter Forty-Four

The sun was beating down hard and Max was busy lifting one of the last few bags left. He finished with the cargo from this shipment and went to go join the rest of the guys in the shade. He sat down with a huff and pulled off his shirt and used it to wipe some of the sweat off of his face. He was exhausted.

Someone handed him a water bottle and he thanked them for it. The guys started talking about some job positions opening up in the Evan’s other warehouse. They needed young workers in Zanstown. Max ignored their conversations and closed his eyes to rest.

“Hey guys.” Came a chirpy voice. Max opened his eyes and saw Alex standing next to him.

“Alex what are you doing here?” He said, eyeing his suspiciously.

“I just came to help out.” Alex replied with a smile.

Snickers came from some of the guys, but Max stared them down. “All right Alex. Great to have you here.” A chorus of ‘yeah’s’ and ‘great ta have ya’s’ followed Max’s comment.

Alex smiled and plopped himself down beside Max. “Thanks. So what are you guys doing now?”

“We’re trying to think of something to do while we wait for the next shipment to come in.” Max said, lying back again and closing his eyes.

“I know…” Alex chirped in, “Now, let’s all get drunk and play ping-pong.”

Max chuckled as did everyone else. They were warming up to Alex. That’s good. But there were still some that Max will probably have to defend Alex from.

Before the guys fully recuperated, another large shipment came in from Zanstown. Max sighed. That’s were he needed to be, in Zanstown, with her. He felt a burst of new energy and eagerly continued to work while the other guys, eyeing the new shipment containing extra-large and extra-heavy bags, decided to take off for the day. At least Alex was here to keep him company.

Max chuckled as Alex tried to move one of the cargo bags. His little brother had a lot to learn. Max came back after depositing the bag into the warehouse to find Alex still struggling with the same bag. Max snickered and walked up to Alex.

“Alex, you can’t lift the bag from above and throw it onto your shoulder. It’s too heavy to do that. You have to bend your knees and lift under the bag. Here, let me show you.”

Alex watched in awe as Max squatted down, pulled the bag onto his back, and carried it off with ease.

“Now, you try.” Max said as he carried his bag into the warehouse.

Alex rubbed his hands together. “I can do this.” He squatted in front of the stack of bags, and pulled the top one onto his back. He almost lost his balance; it was a lot heavier than he thought. He made his way into the warehouse and threw the bag down where Max had thrown his.

Max slapped Alex on the back, “Easy, right?”

“Piece of cake,” Alex huffed as they headed back towards the shipment.

Several hours and several more extra large, extra heavy bags later, Max and Alex plunked down on the ground, exhausted. It was already pitch dark outside, so neither noticed the figure coming up to them.

Alex felt someone slap a firm hand on his shoulder. He jumped back and screamed in surprise. “Ahhhh!!!”

Max caught Alex and steadied him before he fell. “Dad, what are you doing here? I thought you left after lunch.”

“Yeah I did,” Philip looked over at Alex, “What are you doing out here Alex?”

“Oh, I was just helping Max out.” Alex said, lifting his head up high and trying to stand as tall as possible.

Max slapped him on the back. “Yup, Alex is quite the muscle man.”

Alex smiled proudly at his big brother’s compliment. “Is mom home yet?”

Philip smiled at both of his sons, “Yeah she’s home. She was worried about the two of you and so sent me out on the search. Let’s go home, your mother and I have something we want to discuss with the two of you about.” Philip said, patting both of his sons on the back, leading them home. They walked down the street together, a father and his sons, side by side.

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I hoped everyone liked that I posted so many times yesterday. Thank you to all of you who do give me FEEDBACK every time. I really appreciate it. FOr those of you just joining us are are more confused than the rest, I will explain somethigs again:
Liz is the daughter of Nancy and Jeffrey.
Nancy sent Liz away with Kyle, one of the royal guards, because she thought that Liz was the result of her affair with Jim.
But Liz isn't because she has powers that only royal blooded people have.
Nancy used to be Amy, I'll explain the name change later.
Kyle's disguised was a monk but he actually liked it.
Jeffrey is ill and needs an heir.
Nancy is unsure to tell him about Liz.
Kyle can no longer live with Liz because she's grown.
Diane wants to take care of Liz.
They will have a talk about it later.
Am I missing anything? If not, you can always go through and reread right? Ask me any questions.
Now on to Isabel...

Chapter Forty-Five

“I really wished you would have come with us Isabel. It was pretty fun.” Maria taunted when she arrived home from her date with Michael. After Maria mentioned earlier that afternoon that Michael was going to be coming as well, Isabel had refused to go with them.

Isabel just huffed and turned the other way, not looking at Maria.

Maria gave out a sigh as she sat down on Isabel’s bed. “Aren’t you going to at least tell me what’s going on with you lately?” she asked as she patted the spot beside her on the bed, motioning for Isabel to come sit down next to her.

Isabel stood up from her seat at her vanity and stormed over towards Maria. But she sat down faced away from her older sister.

“Isabel,” Maria said with a hint of warning, “If you don’t tell me what wrong, how am I going to fix it?”

Isabel slowly shifted facing Maria with a solemn face, biting her lip to keep from crying.

Maria took one look at the girl’s heartbroken face and sighed, “Is this about Alex?”

Isabel timidly nodded her head.

“Did he hurt you in someway?” Maria asked, wiping at a tear that slipped down her sister’s face.

Isabel shook her head no.

“Isabel, tell me what happened and we’ll talk about it.” Maria said, bringing big sister mode into full effect.

Isabel crumbled. “It was awful Maria.” Isabel wailed as she leaned onto Maria’s shoulder.

“There, there.” Maria said, rubbing Isabel’s back. “Tell Maria all about it.”

Isabel pulled back, openly sobbing, “I was…with him…in the…the marketplace…and I…I saw…saw him…another girl looking…at him. I got mad…and yelled at him because…he glanced at her too.”

“It’s okay Isabel. It’s not your fault. He shouldn’t be looking at other girls when he’s with you,” Maria tried to reason with her little sister.

“That’s the thing,” Isabel said, wiping away her tears, “He’s not WITH me Maria. We’re just talking right now. We’re not official.”

“That still gives him no right.”

“No, Maria, you don’t understand. I told him earlier that he could.” Isabel said quietly.

“Why would you do a thing like that?” Maria looked at her sister as though she’d gone mad.

Isabel lowered her head, “Because I kind of waved at Eddie the other day.”

“Eddie? But he’s old!” Maria cried out, “He’s twenty something. Even I wouldn’t go for Eddie.”

Isabel looked up at Maria and started sobbing again. Maria just sighed and patted her sister’s head.

“I’m so stupid.” Isabel exclaimed.

“No you’re not.” Maria comforted her little sister, still patting her head.

“NO, I am.” Isabel held her sister’s hand still. She pronounced her words slowly so that Maria could understand the full meaning of them; “I just broke up with Alex over Pam Troy!”

Maria burst out in a fit of giggles. Isabel huffed, “It’s not funny.”

Maria stared at her sister. “You just broke up with Alex, over Pam Troy.” Maria doubled over in laughter.

Isabel grabbed a pillow and hit Maria over the head with it. Maria grabbed another pillow and a pillow fight ensued. Both girls giggled as feathers went flying.

After they both calmed down, Maria looked at Isabel seriously, “Just talk to Alex and explain things. Everything will turn out okay.”

Isabel hugged her sister. “Thank you.”

“Anytime,” Maria said with a smile.
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I hoped everyone liked that I posted so many times yesterday. I wasn’t so sure, seeing how little FEEDBACK I received. I’m sorry; I just don’t know what you’re thinking about the story unless you tell me. Thank you to all of you who do give me FEEDBACK every time. I really appreciate it.

Chapter Forty-Six

Philip, Max, and Alex entered the house and found Michael and Diane waiting patiently on the couch. As soon as Max and Alex spotted their mother, they ran to her. Diane pulled both of her children in a fierce hug.

“I know I was only gone for a short time, but I missed the both of you so much.” Diane said to the two, squeezing them tighter.

“We missed you too mom,” Max said as he hugged her back.

“I missed you to mom,” Alex strained out, the pressure from being wedged in between Diane and Max becoming too much, “I need…to breathe.”

Both Max and Diane let go and Alex fell to the floor. Philip and Michael just snickered from where they sat, watching.

“All right, all right,” Philip said, breaking it up. “We have matters to discuss.”

They all scampered to their seats. Philip sat in the armchair, Diane in a chair next to him. Leaving the boys on the couch. Michael sat on the left, Alex on the right, and Max sat in the middle. Just like how it’s always been.

“Okay, let’s start.” Philip began, “First, I’d like to bring up the situation with Max.”

Max leaned forward, listening intently.

“Son, I know how you were working hard and how much you were looking forward to the managing position in Zanstown, but I’m sorry, I can’t give it to you.”

Max stared at his father with a sullen expression on his face, “Dad. You said…”

“I know and I’m sorry Max,” Philip said with a sigh, “I sympathize for you, I really wanted to give you the position. It’s just…well…I found someone more suitable for the job.” Philip said, looking over at his wife. Diane just smiled.

Alex looked between the two, “Mom’s going to Zanstown?”

Diane and Philip just nodded their heads.

Max jumped up, ran over, and kneeled in front of Diane, “You…you can’t just leave us,” Max pleaded.

Diane patted his head and smiled sadly at her son, “Max…”

“No!” Max said sternly, “I NEED my mommy.”

The rest of the guys snickered but Max kept his face solemn. “Mother, you can’t just leave me and go to Zanstown all by yourself. Who is going to open jars for you or get things for you that are too high? Who is going to protect you? I need you mother. I need you to take care of me. I need you to help me with ‘the thing’.”

“What thing?” Diane asked, confused.

“THE thing,” Max said with emphasis.

“Oh…OH…THAT thing.” Diane said with realization. “Don’t worry honey, I’ll take care of it.” Diane patted her son on the head again before he stood up and took his seat with a smile.

Diane turned toward her husband, “Philip, you know how you said that it wouldn’t be safe for me out there by myself?”

Philip nodded his head slowly, not fully understanding what Diane was getting at.

“Well, I was thinking. Maybe Max can come with me.” Diane said sweetly.

Philip sighed, not wanting to lose his son too, but looked just about ready to give in.

Alex jumped up, “If Max goes I want to go too.”

Philip lifted his eyebrows, “You want to go too?”

Alex had a shy smile on his face, “I hear they’ve got some very hot girls Zanstown.”

“You better believe it.” Max said, slapping Alex on the back.

Philip was shocked, his wife and his two sons wanted to leave him. “Both of you want to go?”

Max and Alex looked expectantly at Michael, they made a pact as little kids to stay together, the three of them, no matter what.

Michael grimaced and slowly raised his arm. “Me too.” He whispered.

“You too?” Philip stared at Michael, “What about Maria?”

“I’m sure we can work out something with Jim.” Diane said excitedly.

Philip turned and looked at her. He sighed, “That’s enough discussion for tonight. I’ll have a talk with your mother and we’ll discuss it again in the morning.” He turned and stormed up the stairs with Diane following slowly behind him.

Once their parents were out of sight, Max and Alex jumped and high-fived each other. They were on their way to Zanstown. No matter how much their father disapproved, he was putty in their mother’s hands.
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I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t get frustrated because I don’t get FEEDBACK, it’s just I’m not sure if I should even continue the story if people aren’t reading it.
Okay, to answers your question, Michael left because Max and Alex made him. I mentioned it in the last part. Plus, he's always wanted to live in a quieter town. I think I mentioned that in an earlier post.
Any more questions?

Chapter Forty-Seven

Max walked down the hall and banged on both Alex’s and Michael’s door. It was still early in the morning for them, so when Michael and Alex opened their doors, they looked about ready to pound Max in for disturbing them.

Max just chuckled, “Father wants us downstairs so he can talk to us.”

Both boys grimaced and went back into their rooms to get dressed as Max headed down the stairs. He stepped into the kitchen and found his father sitting at the table, drinking his coffee.

“Morning Dad,” Max called out as he poured himself a cup.

“Morning,” Philip grumbled back.

Max sat down across from his father, “Where’s mom?”

Philip sighed, “She left already. She said she had something to take care of.”

“She did?” Alex asked as he and Michael entered the room, each taking their seats.

Philip nodded, “Now, lets get to the matter at hand. I talked with your mother last night and we both agreed. The three of you are no longer children and you can take care of yourselves as long as you three stick together.”

Alex and Max exchanged a knowing glance.

“Since all of you think that you can manage by yourselves, you will no longer be receiving an allowance. You will be earning your own wages working at the warehouse. We need healthy young men who are capable of loading and unloading bags of cargo and you three look healthy enough to me. You can handle the manual labor. Max and Alex, you both know how this works and you can show Michael the ropes later.”

All three boys nodded.

“I managed to get you boys a residence near the warehouse. Here is a copy of the key and one thousand gold pieces for each of you,” Philip passed each one a key and a big sack on money.

“That’s all the money I’m giving you. So spend it wisely. You will not be asking your mother for money. And if at any time you feel as though you can’t live on your own, you will pack up your things and head back home. Is that understood?”

All three of them nodded their head and replied, “Yes father.”

“Now, are there any questions?”

Alex raised his hand, “Mother’s not staying with us?”

“No she will not be taking care of you. That is part of the deal. You will be taking care of yourselves and each other and living on your own. Your mother will be staying at her brother’s cabin on Mount Roswell.”

Max looked up, “Uncle K lives on Mount Roswell?”

Philip sighed, “Yes, your mother will explain everything to you later. Now, I suggest you all get packing. I want you out of your rooms and gone by tonight.”

All three boys stood up and headed up the stairs to gather their things.

“Michael, can a have a word with you?” Philip said, stopping Michael before he headed up the stair.

“Of course. What is it dad?” Michael asked, taking his seat again.

“I talked to Valenti earlier this morning. He has agreed to let Maria go with you all to Zanstown. Isabel managed to convince him into allowing her to go as well. They will be staying with your mother.”

Michael nodded his head in understanding.

“Jim only agreed because I promised that Maria will be safer in Zanstown then in the city. I promised him that you would take good care of her.”

Michael nodded his head again and thanked Philip before heading up the stairs to pack his things for his new life in Zanstown.

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Sorry but these next few parts are going to be short, but that’s because we are going to go into what everyone is thinking/doing right now. Thank you for all your FEEDBACK. It keeps me writing. Oh, and to answer you, Michael isn’t the Evans’ son, he was taken in by them when he was fourteen when his father died, but they love him all the same.

Chapter Forty-Eight

Max finished packing the rest of his belongings in his one suitcase. He wasn’t taking much him. He had his clothes, his books, some personal items, her stuff, and that was pretty much it. He looked around his room and sighed. He was really doing it. He was really leaving everything behind to go chase after a girl. Was she really worth it?

Max closed his eyes and envisioned his angel when he had first laid eyes on her. She was beautiful, twirling around in the water. Her soft, silky brown hair cascading down her back, the ends wet beneath the water. Her large grown eyes were sparkling with light. And her soft pink lips were turned up at the ends in a smile as she hummed with a voice that was a melodious lure.

Max sighed, “Yup, she was definitely worth it.”

“Who? Our mystery girl?” Alex asked as he lay down on Max’s bed.

Apparently Alex had let himself in while Max was busy daydreaming.

“Aren’t you going to pack?” Max frowned at his brother while he gathered a few of his remaining items.

“Already done.” Alex said with a grin. “I went to see if Michael needed any help but he already headed off to Maria’s. So I came to see if you need any assistance. Did you know the Valenti sisters will be joining us now? Well, not us, they’ll be joining mom. And not right now, but later.”

“And where did you hear this from?” Max asked eyeing his brother.

“I was spying on dad,” Alex said, quite proud of himself.

Max smirked at Alex, “You’re learning.”

Alex shrugged, “What can I say, I take after the best.”

“Flatter does help,” Max replied, “Oh, by the way, thank you for going to Zanstown with me to help look for her.”

Alex just rolled his eyes, “Like I said last night, I’m not going for you. I’m going for the girls.”

“Oh, really? And what about Isabel?”

Alex groaned, “I don’t want to get into it right now. So, did you need any help, or shall I go back to my room?”

“Actually, there is something you can do, oh genius brother of mine.” Max said. “Lift up the floorboard near my bed and pulled out the sack under it.”

“My, my, dear brother, what have you been hiding?” Alex got up from Max’s bed and squatted down to the ground. He lifted up a loose floorboard and pulled out several large and heavy sacks.

“I’ve saved up a great sum of money over the last few years, the majority of it winnings from Sean.” Max said, sitting down next to his brother.

“Wow Max,” Alex remarked as he dumped out the large sum of money from their bags. “How much do you have saved here?”

Max shrugged, “I don’t know. I haven’t even counted it yet. I haven’t had the need to. Father has always given us more than enough to live by.”

“This’ll take forever to count.” Alex said, staring at the mini-mountain of gold coins.

“Which is why you are going to do it for me little brother and you’d better start soon if we are going to leave by tonight,” Max said as he stood up and ruffled Alex’s hair. “Break out that abacus Alex.”

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Thank you for your comments and I know. It’s confusing, especially the time periods and all. But this story doesn’t really exist in a time period. This is just how this world is in my head. Granted, it's a mixed up and strange world, but this is an AU fiction, anything can happen. Thanks for putting up with it though, and don’t worry, Max will meet Liz soon. I know, forty-nine chapters and they’re still not together. No matter what, I will promise that Chapter 50 they will meet, even if I have to skip everything that happens in between. Thanks for putting up with me and my weird and mixed up story.

Chapter Forty-Nine

“I’m not going anymore,” Isabel shriek as she slammed her bedroom door.

Maria stormed in and shut the door behind her. “Isabel,” she said sternly, “I did not spend all last night convincing father to let you go just so that you could change your mind.”

“But...” Isabel complained, “I can’t leave all my friends.”

“What friends?” Maria yelled back, “You don’t have any friends since father doesn’t let us out of this house.”

“What about Tess?” she said smartly.

“Oh, so you’d rather stay here to be with Tess than go to Zanstown to be with your big sister?”

Isabel kept her face grave before turning her head away with a huff.

Maria sighed. Isabel is a very stubborn girl. “Besides,” Maria lowered her voice, “I thought I was your best friend?”

“You are.” Isabel said, sitting down on her bed. “I just don’t know if I can leave father by himself.”

Maria sat down beside her, “He’ll be fine. He’s at work all the time anyways.”

“I know. It just doesn’t feel right.”

Maria sympathized, “I know. You have a few more days to think about it. Father won’t let me leave until after the engagement ball.”

One of the servants came in and informed Maria that Michael was here to see her.

Maria got up to leave but stopped at the door, “Just remember that I really want you to go with me.”

“I’ll think about it.” Isabel said with a smile.

“Okay,” Maria said before she closed the door and headed down the stairs to meet Michael.

He was sitting in the living room waiting for her. He stood up as he saw her descend the stairs. She walked up to him. “So…you’re leaving.”

Michael pulled her into his arms and kissed her lightly on the forehead, “Yeah, but don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. The guys want me to go with them and get settled in first. With everything for our ball taken care of, there really isn’t much for me to do here anyways.”

“I’ll miss you,” Maria said, holding him tighter.

Michael chuckled, “You’ll be joining me in a couple of days.”

“I’ll still miss you.”

Michael smiled lovingly at her, “I’ll miss you too.”

“I wish my father would just let me go with you.” Maria groaned out.

“I’d like that too. But they still have to get everything arranged for your stay. We can’t have you sleeping on the floor now can we?”

Maria sighed, “I suppose not. I can’t wait until we’re married. Then we can have a house of our own.”

“I can’t wait either,” Michael said smiling.

They stayed in each other’s arms until Max came in and interrupted them.

“Michael, the carriage awaits.” He said as he headed out the door giving them a few more minutes alone.

Michael squeezed Maria tighter. She clinged to his side as they walked out to the front porch, “I’ll see you later Love.” Michael said caressing her cheek.

“I’ll see you later Michael.” Maria said, realizing he didn’t want to say goodbye. She kissed him softly and he headed into the carriage. She watched as it drove away and out of sight. Sighing, he headed back inside.

Michael watched out the window as the city disappeared behind them and they headed into the forest. He sighed and slumped back into his seat.

He looked over next to him and found Max staring out the window at the stars with a thoughtfully look on his face. Michael snickered, he was probably thinking about his dream girl.

Michael looked in front of him. Alex was still busy, fiddling away at his abacus. His brow was wrinkled in thought, writing down on a sheet of paper and shifting beads back and forth. He had been like this since Michael had entered the carriage.

“Done!” Alex yelled as he put his things aside and picked up the paper. Both Max and Michael leaned forward and waited for Alex’s results. Alex’s face went numb.

“Alex!” Max said, shaking Alex on the shoulder. “How much do we have?”

“Well, um…” Alex swallowed, coming out of his daze. “It’s um…umm…”

“Spit it out.” Michael said, also curious as to how much money they had.

“Well, umm…according to my calculations, combined, Michael’s, mine, and mainly Max’s, we have about roughly…t…th…thirty thousand gold pieces.

Both Michael and Max stared at Alex in shock. Then they glanced at one another before leaning back with a cool smile placed on their faces.

Alex just stared at the two of them before leaning back and putting a big smile on his face as well, “We’re gonna live like kings.”

Confused anyone??

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The much anticipated, Max and Liz encounter. It took me fifty chapters to get to it, but it’s finally here.

Chapter Fifty

“So how did you like it around here?” Liz asked as she set down a cup of tea in front of Diane before settling down with her own.

“I didn’t remember there being so many things in this town when I was young,” Diane said with a huff.

Liz just giggled. They spent the entire day together. Kyle left to the temple yesterday so as soon as Diane arrived at the cabin, her and Liz set about cleaning up the place and moving Diane’s things in. It was now more homely with a woman’s touch to things.

Afterwards, Liz showed her around town when they went grocery shopping and stopped to talk to everyone along the way. Who knew there were that many people in this town!

They stopped in for Diane to check up on the warehouse in the middle of town until it got dark. Then, they hiked their way back up the mountain. And frankly, Diane was exhausted.

They sat there, enjoying their tea, when Diane stood up and walked over to the window, looking outside.

“Are you expecting someone?” Liz asked Diane curiously.

“Yes,” Diane said with a sigh, “They should have been here by now.”

“Who?” Liz said, standing up and looking out the window as well.

“Oh, dear. I’ve been so busy all day I forgot to tell you. My sons are coming today.” Diane said excitedly. “They should be stopping by soon.”

They both sat back down. “Tell me about them.” Liz said, curious to know.

“Well,” Diane started. She could talk hours about her children, “I have three boys. Well, one of the boys was taken in, but we treat him all the same. They all have brown eyes and brown hair, though Michael seems to have more hair than the other two combined.”

Liz giggled.

“Okay, Let’s start with my youngest. His name is Alexander Charles Whitman. He’s highly intelligent and very charming. He’s a great people person with a great sense of humor. Although, his jokes can tend to get a little corny sometimes.”

Liz smiled, “Me and Alex will get along fine.”

“Then there’s Michael. He took him in when he was fourteen. His father died and Philip really adored Michael. Michael tends to keep to himself. He had a rough childhood so he doesn’t trust very easily. But once he gets to know you, he’s deadly loyal. His only real flaw is that he tends to act on things without thinking first.”

Diane sighed and Liz just smiled.

“And last but not least, there’s Max.”

“Max?” Liz asked, she’s heard that name somewhere before.

“Yes, he’s such an adorable boy. He’s can be cocky at times, but he has a very big heart. He’s…” Diane was interrupted by a knock at the door. “That must be them.” Diane said, getting up to answer the door.

“I’ll go set the tea.” Liz stood up excitedly.

Diane opened the door and Alex and Michael came in holding some of her small bags of luggage. “Where’s Max?”

“Oh, he lost the coin toss and so he’s still out there carrying the biggest box of luggage.” Michael said snickering.

Alex shook his head with a sigh, “I told him that the probability of an outcome of receiving three tails on three consecutive tosses of a fair coin was not statistically equal to the probability of receiving two tails and one head within three nonconsecutive tosses of that same fair coin. But did he listen to me? No.”

Diane just sighed, “Come on, you can put the boxes down in the bedroom, I’ll show you the way.”

Michael and Alex followed their mother through the house, taking a good look around at where she will be staying.

Max kicked open the door and tried to squeeze in, the box was just too big. He couldn’t even see where he was going. Damn that Alex! Him and his logic? Why did Alex have to think so much?

The box started slipping out of his grip again. Why on earth did his mother have so much stuff?

“Here, let me help you,” Max could hear a muffled voice from the other side of the doorway. He felt the box getting lighter as someone grab onto the other side of it while directing him into the house. They placed the box down on the ground with a thud. Both looked up and gasped when they saw the other, “It’s you!!”

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I hope I didn’t make you wait too long. Thank you for the FEEDBACK!!
From Chapter Fifty:

“Here, let me help you,” Max could hear a muffled voice from the other side of the doorway. He felt the box getting lighter as someone grab onto the other side of it while directing him into the house. They placed the box down on the ground with a thud. Both looked up and gasped when they saw the other, “It’s you!!”

Chapter Fifty-One

Max stared at her, his angel. He was in heaven. And she was smiling at him. Life just couldn’t be better. He was so infatuated with her that he barely noticed her saying something to him until she was waving a hand in front of his face to get his attention.

“Wha…huh…um…sorry. I…I kind of spaced out there.” Max said with a chuckle.

Liz eyed him warily, “I noticed. Are you okay?”

“Y…yea…yeah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be…I mean…” Max ran a hand through his hair nervously.

“What’s this?” Alex asked, “Max not know what to say to the pretty lady? I never thought I’d see the day.”

Alex then turned to Liz and stuck out his hand, “Hi, I’m Alex. And you are?”

“I’m Liz.” Liz said as she shook his hand enthusiastically. She liked Alex. She could sense his continuously happy spirit. He will be fun to hang around.

“I see you met my brother Maxwell,” Alex said pointing in Max’s direction.

Liz nodded her head. “Several times in fact.” She said, sending a smile in Max’s direction. It was just a brief smile, but it was enough to make him forget about everything else. He zoned out again.

“Max…Max…Maxwell.” Alex said, shaking his brother.

“Wha…what?!” He asked his brother angrily.

“Sheesh, someone has an attitude.” Alex said.

Liz giggled and Max just about lost it again except Alex yelled at him.

“Mom wants the box in that room over there,” Alex said, pointing towards the bedroom.

Max let out an angry sigh, picked up the heavy box, and rushed off towards the room. He didn’t want to waste a second that he could be spending with his angel.

Max hurried out of the room to get back to Liz. When he entered the kitchen, the sight he saw made him stop in his tracks. Alex had his arm around Liz and he was whispering something in her ear. And Liz was giggling back at what ever Alex said to her. Max saw red. He took several deep breaths to try and calm himself down. Alex was his dorky little brother, he shouldn’t be jealous of Alex.

Max plastered a smile on his face and entered the kitchen. “Am I interrupting something?”

Alex and Liz broke away from each other in a flash, both had a guilty expression on their face and neither would look in Max’s direction.

He walked up to them, “What’s going on?”

“N…nothing,” Liz replied and risked a glance up at Max. As soon as she did, she started chuckling, and quickly covered her mouth with her hand to try ad suppress her giggles, but failed miserable. Her harmonious laughter filled the air and Alex quickly followed suit.

“What’s so funny?” Max asked, curious as to what was so amusing that it got them both in this state.

Alex threw his arm over his brother’s shoulder still trying to calm down his laughter, “I was just…tell Liz here…about the time…when we were little, and you…clothes…the mud…” Alex bursted out laughing again, as did Liz.

Max turned red all the way to his ears. He had sworn his brother to secrecy about that incident. When they were little, all three of them, Michael, Alex, and Max, used to go swimming in the stream out in the forest. But one time, Michael and Alex just happened to think it would be funny if they grabbed Max’s clothes and ran. Max couldn’t walk back to town naked, so he did the best thing he could, he made some temporary clothing, out of mud and grass. He never lived it down.

“Oh yeah? Well, I’m pretty sure Liz here would love to hear a little story about you as well. One involving a horse’s ass and your head.”

Alex paled. “You wouldn’t.”

Max smirked, “watch me.” He made it over to Liz in two short strides and leaned in close. He lifted his hand and gently pushed her soft silky hair behind her ear. He let his hand linger there a little longer than necessary, but Liz didn’t seem to notice. That, or she didn’t seem to mind.

Alex watched as Max whispered into Liz’s ear as she broke out laughing.

“Oh, Alex. That is so much worse.” She was laughing so hard; tears were coming out of her eyes.

Alex huffed, “Oh yeah? Well Michael…”

“Say one more word and I’ll guarantee you that you’ll regret it later.” Michael said, finally speaking up from where he sat and watched.

Alex closed his mouth and lowered his head. Max and Liz just laughed harder.

Liz kept giggling until she stopped to introduce herself to Michael. They both shook hands.

Liz chanced a look at Alex and busted out laughing again with Max joining her shortly after.

Diane finally came out of the room after organizing everything to find quite a sight. Alex was fuming in one corner, Max and Liz were both red from laughing in another, and Michael was smiling, watching passively at the table.

“I see you are all acquainted.” Diane said. Max and Liz looked at one another. Then they both turned and glanced at Alex before breaking into another fit of laughter.

Diane looked at the two. She would have to have a talk with Max soon but right now, it’s getting late. “I don’t want to break up the commotion, but shouldn’t you boys be getting on down the mountain?”

Michael got up first, hugged Diane, kissing her on the cheek, and waved to Liz before heading out the door.

Alex walked over to his mother, looked over evilly at Max and Liz, and then whispered something into his mother’s ear before hugging her and kissing her on the cheek. Both Liz and Max glared at Alex when he stuck his tongue out at them while he headed out the door.

Diane looked disappointedly at the two of them, “Stop picking on Alex! You know he’s sensitive about that incident.” She said sternly.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied both Max and Liz.

“Little snitch,” Max muttered under his breath, just loud enough for Liz to hear. She giggled.

Diane eyed them both, “Maxwell, say good night.”

Max turned to Liz and gave her a quick hug goodbye. He rejoiced because his time, she hugged him back.

He then went over to his mother, hugged her, and whispered in his ear, “It’s her.” Diane looked at her son and then looked at Liz. Liz was Max’s dreamgirl? Figures. Diane smiled at Max and ruffled his hair. Silently telling him that she would do what she could.

Max mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to her and left, winking at Liz on his way out the door. Liz smiled back at him.

Max headed down the mountain with a smile on his face. Mommy would make everything better.

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Chapter Fifty-Two

Apparently their father wasn’t being all too serious with that lecture about them working hard and being able to live on their own and not in the lap of luxury. The place he arranged for them to stay in was huge. It wasn’t as large as their old home in Kingdom City, but in this house, they weren’t going to have parents to watch over their every action. With this house along, with the money they had, life was going to be good.

Their father wasn’t even going to make them show up to work until next week, after Michael’s engagement ball. He left a note for them telling them that he wanted to get them settled in and adapted to the change in environment before they had to go off and deal with life.

When you got down to it, their father was such a sap, he didn’t want his boys to grow up, but he knew it was inevitable. He knew they would have a bumpy road ahead of them, but he wanted to make it as much of a smooth ride as possible.

“Remind me to thank dad when we get back to the city,” Alex said as he yawned entered the kitchen.

Max was sitting down at the table with a cup of coffee and Michael was making breakfast.

Alex looked towards Michael with a smile before he sat down, “Thank god one of us knows how to cook.”

“Amen to that,” Max said as Michael placed a plate in front of him.

“Yeah. You just remember that later when we worry about who’s going to do the cleaning.” Michael said as he sat down.

Max shrugged and said simply, “Alex will.”

“What?” Alex asked, lifting his head, “I’m sorry but ‘Alex’ and ‘cleaning’, just don’t mix well. Besides, why don’t we just hire someone to do this stuff for us?”

Max put down his fork, “Because we have better things to spend our money on than trivial things such as that.”

“Yeah,” Michael agreed, “Mom told me yesterday that dad’s having her secretly pay us more than the average laborers. So if dad found out that we can afford to pay someone to do the housework for us, he might dock our pay.”

“I guess we’ll just take turns between the two of us Alex.” Max said, “Since Michael’s going to be doing the cooking and shopping.”

“Shopping?” Michael asked.

“Yeah,” Max nodded, “grocery shopping.”

Michael just shrugged and continued eating, “Hey, at least I don’t have to clean the toilets.”

Both Max and Alex looked at each other and grimaced.

“I wish Mommy was here.” Max sighed out loudly. All three boys held their breaths and froze, waiting.

After a few minutes passed they gave up, “Damn it, that normally works!” Max pouted.

“I know,” Michael exclaimed, “It’s like some kind of built in Max radar. Anytime Max wants her, she just magically appears.”

“Hold on, let me try it. I am the baby in the family and all.” Alex cleared his throat and said loudly, “And as if by magic…”

“Sorry I’m late, boys.” Diane said as she rushed through the door with bundles of groceries in her arms, “but we stopped by some stores on the way over.”

Alex smiled smugly as they all got up and helped her with the groceries.

“Who is ‘we’?” Michael asked.

“Help.” Liz called out as she tried her best to balance the tower of shopping boxes in her arms.

Both Alex and Max hurried over to take the boxes from her.

“Wow, mom.” Alex said as he placed the boxes in a nearby chair, “What did you buy, the entire store?”

Liz giggled. “I’ve got it,” Liz said as Max tried to take the rest of the boxes from her.

“Let me get it,” Max said, lifting the boxes from her arms. “That way I can prove to you that I’m a lean, mean, muscle machine.” He said with a wink.

Liz just rolled her eyes and giggled before they made their way into the kitchen.

Michael placed a plate in front of his mother. She took a bite of the sausage, swallowed it before nodding her head in approval. “Thank god one of you knows how to cook.” She exclaimed as she dug in.

Michael fixed Liz a plate while everyone sat down to a late breakfast. Diane took the seat between Michael’s and Alex’s and Liz took the other seat between Alex and Max.

Michael placed a plate of sausage, bacon, and eggs in front of Liz before settling down in his own seat. Liz picked up her fork and ate all of her eggs before she pushed her plate aside.

Max looked at her, “Liz, that’s all you’re going to eat?”

Liz nodded her head and smiled shyly, “I grew up living with a monk. I’ve never eaten meat in all my life.”

Everyone nodded in understanding.

“Why didn’t you tell me Liz?” Michael asked. “I could fixed you up something else.”

Michael grabbed her plate to go into the kitchen, but Liz reached out and stopped him. “No. It’s all right.”

“No need to be modest Liz,” Alex said, turning towards her, “We’re practically family here.”

“I’m fine. Really.” Liz said with a smile.

“You really should eat more,” Max added, “You’re way too skinny.” He said, looking her up and down.

“I’ll try to eat more.” Liz said, looking Max in the eyes. She was touched that they were all concerned for her. “But right now, I’m fine. I’m already full.”

“It’s okay guys,” Diane said, breaking it up, “I’ll make sure Liz gets something to eat after our second round of shopping.”

“Second round?” Alex asked. “Didn’t you get enough the first round?” Alex asked pointing towards the bags filling the living room.

“Nonsense,” Diane said, standing up and heading towards the door, “We still have to get Liz a whole new wardrobe. For goodness sake, she was living with a monk. No offense to Kyle, but how much taste in clothes could he have when he walks around in that yucky robe all day?”

Michael chuckled. His mother was starting to sound like Maria.

Alex sighed, “How much of father’s money are you planning to spend?”

“Not another word,” Diane said playfully pointing a finger at Alex, “It took me all morning to convince Liz to let me take her shopping and you are not going to say anything to change her mind.”

“I think it’s a good idea,” Max voiced timidly.

“You do Max?” Michael asked.

Both Alex and Michael turned to look at Max with raised eyebrows. If they remembered correctly, Max had just said something to them just this morning about not wasting money on trivial things.

Max chose to ignore both his brothers. “Yes. Go on.” He said to Liz, “Go with my mom and have a girls’ day out. Go shopping. Do each other’s hair and paint each other’s toenails. Go and have fun. Buy a few dresses, on me.” He said, thrusting a bag of gold coins into Liz’s hands and motioning for them to leave.

“All right. Then we’re off.” Diane said, heading for the door. “Oh and you boys will be dears and bring these bags up to the cabin later for me, right? Love you. Bye.” Diane left hurrying out the door with Liz timidly following behind her.

Max turned around, after waving them off, to find Alex and Michael standing there, looking pointedly at him.

“What? Let them have their fun.” Max said. “We’ll suffer the consequences later.” Max said with a sigh.

“No,” Alex said chuckling, “You’ll suffer the consequences.” He walked off to his room.

Michael smirked and headed off as well, but not before turning around and calling out behind him, “I hope you have fun carrying boxes, mama’s boy.” Michael said with a wink.

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Chapter Fifty-Three

Diane and Liz went from store to store, buying anything and everything that would fit on Liz.

“Maybe we should slow down.” Liz said motioning for Diane to stop before she headed off into yet another store. “This is already a lot of clothes. It’s going to take me forever to pay Max back.”

“If that’s what you’re worried about, then don’t,” Diane said to Liz, “Max gave you the money to spend. You don’t have to pay him back.”

“I wouldn’t feel right.” Liz said, shaking her head.

“Fine.” Diane said, thinking, “I’ll pay Max back, and you can take these new clothes as payment, for letting me live in your home.”

Liz smiled and agreed.

“Besides,” Diane said, pulling Liz into another store, “We still have to find you a gown for Michael’s engagement ball this coming up weekend.”

“This weekend? Engagement ball?” Liz gasped in realization. “Michael is Maria’s Michael.”

“Yes.” Diane said, browsing through the different gowns in the store, “Do you know Maria?”

“Yes. I met her last week when I was in Kingdom city. She’s very nice. She saved my life you know.” Liz said.

Diane froze, “Why? What happened?”

“I was being harassed by some goon and Maria stopped him.” Liz said, browsing through the racks, pretending as though it were nothing.

“Liz, you shouldn’t be out alone, especially at night.” Diane said to her. “What were you doing in Kingdom City anyways?” Diane asked focusing back on finding a dress.

Liz sighed, “I was just looking for any clues as to where my family is.”

“I found it!” Diane exclaimed.

Liz stopped and looked at Diane, “What?”

“The perfect gown for you, dear.” Diane said, pulling the gown off of the rack.

Liz looked at it and gasped, “I’m surprised no one has bought it yet.”

“It’s probably because no one can fit it. It’s so small.” Diane said eyeing the waist, “But it will probably fit you. Go try it on.” She handed Liz the gown and ushered her into a fitting room. “You try it on while I go look for shoes.”

Diane browsed through the shoes, looking for the right one. She spotted a pair of heels that perfectly matched the dress. It was high enough for Liz to gain a few inches, but not too high, so that she won’t fall. Just a little taller, picture perfect height next to Max, Diane thought deviously before she headed back to the fitting rooms to hand Liz the shoes.

“Liz, are you done putting the dress on yet?” Diane asked impatiently. She wanted to see how perfect Liz looked in the gown.

“Yes.” Liz said hesitantly. She sighed and stepped out of the fitting room.

The sight made Diane gasp. Liz was gorgeous. But when Diane looked up at her face, Liz was frowning. “What’s wrong dear? Don’t you like the dress?”

“No, that’s not it,” Liz said softly, “I really want the dress but it’s just a little tight.”

“Well, that’s nothing we can’t fix.” Diane said with a smile. “Now, go and change back out of it, and we’ll go get you some accessories.

Liz smiled at Diane before heading back into the fitting room. She carefully changed out of the dress so that the storeowner could wrapped it up for her while Diane took her around to look for accessories.

They bought everything they could find that would go good with Liz’s gown. They bought white, satin gloves, a matching shall, earrings, a necklace, perfume, makeup, and a small tiara.

Liz was going to look perfect, Diane would make sure of it. They passed by a tux shop and Diane told Liz to go on and buy something to eat while she ran in and ordered a tux.

Liz walked over to a small food vendor.

“What will it be, Liz?” The vendor asked her.

“The usual,” Liz said with a smile, but then looked down at the bags in her hands, specifically, her dress. “On second thought,” she stopped the vendor, “I really shouldn’t.”

“Are you sure? It’s on the house.” He said, thinking that Liz might not have enough money on her.

“No, thank you,” Liz said, ignoring the growling of her stomach. “I’m in a hurry and I really shouldn’t stop to eat.”

“Okay, Liz. Come back anytime,” He said, smiling at her.

Liz walked away and headed back towards the tux shop. She reached it just as soon as Diane stepped out, packages in hand.

“Liz, didn’t you get something to eat?” Diane asked as she walked over to Liz.

“Oh, I already finished eating,” Liz lied, “You took quite a while.”

“I’m sorry I made you wait.” Diane said apologetically.

“It’s quite all right.” Liz replied as they started walking back down the street.

“So, Liz.” Diane began, “Do you plan on taking anyone to the ball with you?”

Liz blushed and shook her head, “No. I really didn’t think about taking anyone.”

“You really should think of going with someone. There will be lots of dancing, and you don’t want to miss out on that.”

Liz sighed and thought, “Is Alex going with anyone?”

“Umm…probably with Isabel.” Diane said. “Since you don’t have anyone to go with and Max doesn’t have anyone to go with either…” Diane hinted to Liz.

“Max doesn’t have anyone to go with?” Liz asked surprised. “I thought he would. He’s obviously very attractive. And many girls go for those kind of things in a guy.”

“Max isn’t interested in any of those kinds of girls.” Diane said, scrunching her nose at the thought of Max with girls like Pam Troy or Tess DeLuca. She would much rather see Max with a nice and sweet girl, like Liz.

“I guess if he needs someone to go with, I could go with him.” Liz said with a sigh. “Other than that, I guess I’ll just have to miss out on the dancing.” Liz giggled, “I don’t even know how to dance.”

“Well, we’ll just have to teach you,” Diane said, continuing to walk down the street. “Liz, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure,” Liz said in a cheery voice.

“What do you think about Max?” Diane asked, stopping to look at Liz.

“He’s nice.” Liz said with a smile. But she didn’t say it with the excitement that Diane had wanted.

Diane pushed further, “Do you like him?”

“I guess I like him,” Liz answered, not fully understanding what Diane was getting at, “He’s fun to hang around.”

Diane smiled and they continued on down the street until they passed by the flower shop. She paused in thought.

“Liz why don’t you go on and get us both an ice cream.” Diane told her as she headed into the shop.

“Okay,” Liz called out as she went to go get it.

Diane walked up to the counter and placed an order before heading back out.

She saw Liz standing outside holding an ice cream in her hand. She handed it to Diane.

“Didn’t you get yourself one?” Diane asked as she started eating hers.

“Oh, I already ate it. So what do we do now?” Liz said, changing the subject. She was a terrible liar and just hoped that Diane wouldn’t notice.

“Well, I’m starved. How about we stop at a restaurant and have lunch?” Diane suggested. At the mention of food, Liz’s stomach growled.

Liz tried to cover it up. “Actually, I wanted to go visit Kyle today.”

“You really should eat something Liz.” Diane said, concerned.

“I’ll grab something on the way, I promise.” She said as she headed off in the direction of the temple.

“Okay. I guess I’ll see you at home later.” Diane called out before heading down the street. She still had a few more shops to stop by. After all, she had to get everything ready for when Maria and Isabel would come to stay with them.
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Thank you for all your FEEDBACK. About the Liz not eating thing, there was a hint:

The sight made Diane gasp. Liz was gorgeous. But when Diane looked up at her face, Liz was frowning. “What’s wrong dear? Don’t you like the dress?”

“No, that’s not it,” Liz said softly, “I really want the dress but it’s just a little tight.”
“The usual,” Liz said with a smile, but then looked down at the bags in her hands, specifically, her dress. “On second thought,” she stopped the vendor, “I really shouldn’t.”
Hope you figure it out.


Chapter Fifty-Four

Nancy made up her mind. No matter how Jeffrey reacted, she just had to tell him about Elizabeth. He was dying inside and she needed to at least give him this small bit of hope.

She made her way down the hall and knocked softly outside their bedroom door before slowly entering.

Jeffrey was sleeping soundly on the bed. Nancy tiptoed over and softly sat down beside him. He looked so peaceful in his sleep, not the walking ball of stress like when he was awake. He had the weight of a country on his shoulders and he just refused to let them down. Nancy admired him so much. The man would do anything for his people. Even put aside his own wife, no matter how much he loved her.

Nancy sighed thinking about it. Back then, years ago, the country was going through a military crisis. Jeffrey was pushing her aside and focusing on work. She wished she hadn’t been so weak as to go to Jim. But she was feeling insecure and lonely, thinking that Jeffrey didn’t want her anymore. She regretted it later when she realized what was going on. That Jeffrey did love her. And she loved him too.

Nancy lifted her hand and softly brushed aside a few strands of his hair. He started stirring in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes, allowing them to adjust to the dim light of a nearby lamp.

“Nancy?” He whispered, lifting a hand to lovingly stroke her cheek and run his fingers through her soft, silky brown hair.

She softly nodded, tears slipped down cheeks at his affection.

He gently wiped them away. “What’s wrong dear?” His eyes filled with concern.

“Jeffrey,” she whispered. She softly bit her bottom lip as it quivered and took a deep breath, trying to find the courage to go on, “There’s something I have to tell you dear.”

Jeffrey could sense that it was a serious matter and tried to sit up but Nancy stopped him, “You need your rest. Just let me say this and please try not to be angry with me.”

“What ever it is Nancy, just tell me.” He said pulling her hand up to his lips and softly kissing it.

Nancy’s eyes began to water again, but she had to tell him. “Jeffrey. Our…our daughter…she’s alive,” Nancy said, biting her lip.

“What?” Jeffrey gasped out, squeezing her hand harder. “H…how can that be?”

Nancy slowly pried her hand from his grip and looking away from him, dejectedly. “I lied to you. S…she didn’t die. She’s alive.”

There was a long period of silence as Jeffrey thought. “Where is she?” he was trying to calm his anger but couldn’t.

“She’s safe, living with a monk. DeLuca has informed me that she will be in Kingdom City soon to attend Evans/Valenti engagement ball. Her name is Elizabeth.” Nancy said softly.

“Why?” He asked through clenched teeth.

Nancy scooted away from his in fear, “Why what?”

“Why everything!” He screamed out, “Why did you lie to me? Why did you hide her? Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

Nancy cringed at his fury. He had never raised his voice at her before. But she knew it was her own fault. “I lied to you and I hid her because I thought that she wasn’t yours. But I was wrong; she has powers.”

Jeffrey thought about what she just said. “Who?” He whispered out, his voice barely audible, his heart breaking.

“Jim.” She said softly.

“For how long?” He asked, tears streaming down his face. He made no attempt to wipe them away.

“Just once, during the military crisis years ago.” She looked over to him, her eyes pleading with him to forgive her.

Jeffrey looked away from her, seething with anger.

“Jeffrey, please.” She beseeched him. “Let me make it better.”

He turned to her, his eyes cold as he spat out, “Bring her home to me and we’ll discuss whatever else later, but not until then.”

She nodded her head obediently and left out the door. Jeffrey lay back in bed and closed his eyes tight, tears streaming down, as he willed himself to sleep.

From a shadowy corner of the room, a figure smirked at the dimly lit form of the now sleeping Jeffrey. He made his way out a secret exit of the king’s quarters. Hurrying off to give this new found information to his boss.

He waited patiently in his quarters for his informant to return with any useful information. He remained seated as the secret entrance to his quarters was slowly opened and his spy walked over and kneeled in front of him.

“Khivar, your great, I have much to inform you.”

“Excellent. Now, report.” He commanded.

“You were right. The queen did have an affair; with the governor, at that. But I have bad news for you, her child is still alive, and she said that she has powers, is of royal blood.”

Khivar banged his fist and cursed in anger, then signaled for his informant to continue.

“The daughter’s name is Elizabeth and she will be attending the Evans/Valenti engagement ball this weekend.”

“Good.” Khivar said with a smile. “We’ll just have to make sure we attend. You will obtain an invitation for me. We’ll eliminate her then.” Khivar motioned for him to leave with a wave of a hand.

“Oh. And Sean.” Khivar called out before Sean left the room.

“Yes, you highness?” Sean said with a slight bow.

Khivar tossed a small bag of coins at Sean’s feet. “Buy yourself something nice to wear.” Khivar said with a wink. “It is your cousin’s engagement ball, after all.”
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Thank you for all your FEEDBACK. To answer your questions, Liz isn’t anorexic; she’s just not eating so she can fit into her dress.

Chapter Fifty-Five

Max kicked the door of the cabin. He would have knocked but both of his hands were filled with boxes his mother left in his living room that morning.

Liz opened the door, smiling widely at Max. “Hello Max.”

“Umm…hi Liz,” he managed out as one of the boxes was slipping out of his grasp. Why his palms were always sweating and he always seemed to be tongue-tied around Liz, he’ll never know.

“Oh, let me help you with that,” Liz said as she grabbed a couple of boxes before they fell. “See? I’m quite the muscle girl myself.” She said with a wink.

“I can see that.” Max said to her with a smile. Was it his imagination, or was Liz flirting with him. Max shook his head. He had to be imagining it. Liz was so naïve and innocent, she probably didn’t even know what flirting was.

They both set the boxes down on the table before Liz went and settled down on the couch.

“So did you girls have fun?” Max asked as he sat down on the couch beside to Liz, sitting so close to her, their arms and thighs were touching. It was a pretty small couch. Or at least, that was Max’s excuse.

“Oh, we found Liz the perfect gown for Michael’s engagement ball.” Diane called out from the kitchen.

“Can I see it?” Max asked, curious as to what it looked like. Perhaps so he can coincidently match with her.

“Sure.” Liz said excitedly as she grabbed his hand, stood up, and started pulling him towards her room.

“Freeze!” Diane said to them from the kitchen.

Both Max and Liz stopped, Liz’s hand still holding on to Max’s, and Max not complaining.

“Liz, you are not going to show Max your dress. And Max, you are not going to see Liz’s gown until you escort her down the stairs the night of Michael’s engagement ball.”

Max’s ears perked up, “I’m taking Liz to Michael’s engagement ball?”

“Yes. You are,” Diane said with a smile towards her son.

“You don’t have to,” Liz said shyly to Max, “I mean…if you’re already planning on going with someone…”

“I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone else and I’d be honored if you would join me.” Max said, bringing her hand up and kissing it.

Liz blushed and shyly pulled her hand away. “I would loved to,” she said, smiling widely at him.

“So, it’s settled.” Diane said as she entered the living room, clasping her hands together. “You two will be going to the ball together. Which reminds me, we have to teach Liz how to dance.”

Max groaned. He could master any sport in the world, but dancing just didn’t agree with him. Good thing Sean never learned about his two left feet. “I should get going.”

“Don’t be silly Max.” Diane said, smiling at Max. “It’s not that late Honey. Stay.”

Max hesitated. “I really shouldn’t.”

“Oh, come on. You can critique us,” his mom added in, “Liz won’t mind, will you?”

They both looked towards Liz. She smiled and said simply, “Stay.”

“Okay,” Max said as he plotted himself back down on the couch, kicking himself for giving in to her so quickly.

Diane pushed the coffee table aside to clear a makeshift dance area.

“Okay Liz. Come here.” Diane said, holding her hand out for Liz to take.

Liz stood in front of her and placed her hand in Diane’s.

“Okay,” Diane started, “Slow dancing is fairly simple. It’s just taking three steps in a triangle, like this.” Diane showed her. Liz got the steps down effortlessly.

“That was good.” Diane said as they came to a stop, “Now, all you have to do is let the guy set the pace and you follow his lead.”

Liz simply nodded her head and smiled.

“Of course, I’m not a guy, and so I wouldn’t be sure about what guys do when they lead.” Diane looked over wickedly at her son, “Max, you’re a guy. Come on up here.”

Max paled, “No. Mom. That’s okay. I…I’d rather not.”

“Oh, come on sweetie.” She said, pulling him up from his seat on the couch.

“Mom,” Max complained, “I don’t know how.”

“You dance fine. Now, come on. Liz needs a partner.” Diane said pushing him up next to Liz.

Liz was smiling at Max. Max smiled shyly back at her.

Diane saw the exchange and excused herself, “Umm…I have a…a cake baking in the oven.” She disappeared into the kitchen.

Max looked back at Liz and saw that she was waiting for him, expectantly. “I’m not all that great at dancing.” Max said, placing his hand on Liz’s waist as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Their other hand intertwined.

“It’s okay. You obviously know more than I do,” Liz said with a chuckle.

Max let out a sigh and decided to chance it and take the risk. Evans men never back down from a challenge, right? He pulled her closer to him, placing her hand on his other shoulder before he placed his around her waist.

He smiled brightly and his heart fluttered when she didn’t object and clasped her hands together behind his neck.

Diane sneaked a glance at them from the kitchen. Her heart melted at the sight of them. The way their bodies were so in tune with the other and the way they held each other, made it seem as they they’ve been dancing this closely all their lives.

Max looked down at Liz with her eyes sparkling. He glanced down at her soft pink lips; they were curved into a sweet and gentle smile. Time for the final plunge, he thought as he took a deep breath and prepared himself for the possible rejection. He licked his lips and leaned down, slowly tilting his head to the side. She wasn’t backing away, so that had to mean a good thing right? But then, she probably didn’t even know what a kiss was. Their faces were so close; they could feel each other’s warm breaths. It was making his drowsy. She licked her lips and he could almost taste her.

But a knock from the door interrupted their moment. Liz took several steps back, a shocked and scared expression on her face, staring at Max for a second before rushing over to the door.

Max groaned in frustration. He was so close. He could kill the person at the door right now. He headed off into the kitchen and sat at the table while Liz opened the door.

“Maria.” Liz yelled out. A big smile on her face as she pulled the girl into a fierce hug.

Max scoffed. He was happy to see Maria and all, but that should have been Liz in his arms right now.

“I thought you weren’t coming until next week.” Liz said, as she pulled away from the embrace.

“I convinced my dad to let me come out to visit.” Maria said, waving to Diane.

“That’s great,” Diane said. “I’ll go get things ready for you in the room.” She headed off into the bedroom.

Maria looked over at Liz again. “They told me that I was going to be staying with an Elizabeth, but I didn’t even consider the possibility of it being you.”

“Are you disappointed?” Liz asked playfully.

“Ya’ll are awfully chummy,” Max said, still a tad bit angry. “How do you know Liz, Maria?”

They only then noticed Max, sitting at the table a few feet away from them.

“Oh, hi Max.” Maria said, going over to give him a hug before sitting down in the seat next to him. “I met her in Kingdom City.”

Liz sat in a chair on the other side of Max, “She saved my life you know.”

“Why? What happened?” Max asked concerned.

“I was attacked.”

Max’s anger boiled. Who would be so vile as to hurt someone as precious and sweet as Liz? “Who?”

Liz shook her head. “I didn’t know the person, but I think Maria did.”

“Tell me who, Maria.” Max said, already planning out a way to torture Liz’s attacker.

Maria groaned. She didn’t want to bring up the incident. It would only begin by getting Max angered and end bloody and violent. She sighed and lowered her head, “One of Sean’s goons.”

Max’s rage rose, “Sean, huh? He’ll pay.” His voice was calm and sweet; it scared the hell out of Maria.

Liz’s face paled. She didn’t think Max would actually do anything. And she definitely didn’t want Max to get hurt over something that happened to her. Liz was about to plead with Max to forget about it but Diane entered the kitchen.

“Max. Can I see you in the room for a second?” Diane said as she headed back into the room.

“Excuse me ladies.” Max got up and followed her into the room as Maria and Liz chatted away.

Max walked in and sat on the bed as Diane pulled out some boxes and placed it beside him, “I got you something today.”

“What is it?” Max asked, eyeing the packages.

“It’s your tux. It matches perfectly with Liz’s dress. All you have to do is go to the shop down the street from the warehouse and get it fitted. I have also taken the liberty and ordered for you a dozen white long stem roses.” Diane smiled smugly.

Max looked at his mother in awe. “Have I told you how much I love you mom?”

Diane smiled at him. “What’s a mother for?” she winked at him.

“Oh. And this too Max.” Diane said as she tossed a sack of gold at him.

Max caught it. “What’s this?”

“Your money.” She said simply.

“I thought I gave it to Liz.” Max said, confused.

“She wouldn’t accept it.” Diane said with a smile.

Max’s face saddened and he let out a heart-wrenching sigh.

Diane walked up to where her son sat and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Hey,” she said, lifting up his chin, “I said she didn’t accept your money. I didn’t say she didn’t accept you.”

Max lowered his head again. “Same thing. She wouldn’t accept my generosity so she won’t accept me. I bet if Alex would have given it to her, she would have accepted.”

Diane sat down next to him. “I was talking her about you today.” Diane said, trying to cheer him up.

“Yeah?” Max asked, still depressed.

“Yup, and guess what,” Diane leaned into his ear and whispered, “She likes you.”

Max was ecstatic, his hopes rising. His mother wouldn’t lie to him about something this serious, “Really?”

“Straight from the horse’s mouth,” Diane said with a smile.

“Hey,” Max got defensive, “She’s not a horse.”

“You know what I mean,” Diane said as she ruffled his hair.

Max smiled brightly and hugged her tight, “Thank you mom.” He whispered into her ear.”

“Anytime,” she said as she hugged him back.

Yup, Max was right. Mommy would make everything better.

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Chapter Fifty-Six

Maria walked into the kitchen yawning. Liz was already seated at the table, staring at the plate of food in front of her.

“Good morning Liz. Did Diane make us breakfast?”

“Good morning Maria.” Liz said cheerfully. “Yes she did. She had to go down to the warehouse though. I hope you slept well.”

“Like a baby,” Maria said while she took a seat. “I really wished you would have let me take the couch, Liz.”

“Nonsense.” Liz said, shaking her head. “You’re my guest.”

“Yeah, but the couch can’t be comfortable.”

“It’s fine. Besides, I’ll only be staying on the couch until we can get Kyle’s meditation room cleaned out and turn it into yours and Isabel’s bedroom.”

“I can’t wait for you to meet my sister. You’ll get along great.” Maria gushed out.

“I can’t wait either,” Liz said.

“You’ll meet her at the ball.” Maria said with enthusiasm, “she’s going to look so cute on Alex’s arm.”

Liz made a face, “Diane mentioned something about them going together, but Alex never said anything about it. He’s never mentioned Isabel when we talk.”

“He’s never mentioned Isabel to you?” Maria said, somewhat worried. “How often do you talk to Alex?”

“Oh, all the time,” Liz said with a smile. “He’s so funny and easy to talk to.”

“Okay,” Maria said eyeing her warily.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Liz said, jumping out of her seat. “He wanted to meet me to talk about something this morning.”

“Really?” Maria asked.

“Yeah. I should be going now. Bye Maria.” Liz said as she started closing the door behind her. “Oh. Before I forget to ask, when do you plan on leaving back to Kingdom City?”

“I’ll be leaving tonight.” Maria said, taking a sip of her tea, “Why?”

“Oh, I was going to go Kingdom City to visit someone. You don’t mind if I join you do you?”

“Of course not.” Maria said.

“Okay. Thanks.” Liz said and she headed out again.

“Liz.” Maria called back out.

Liz popped her head back in through the door. “Yes?”

“You didn’t even touch your food.” Maria said pointing to Liz’s plate.

“Oh. I’m not hungry.” Liz said and left without waiting for Maria to reply.

She made her way down the trail, humming softly. By the time she made it down the mountain, her breathing was a little more labored. She had to rest a bit before she continued on to the guys’ house.

When she reached the house, she knocked softly. Max answered the door.

“Liz.” He said happily, “Your just in time for breakfast.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the kitchen.

Liz slipped her hand out of his grip, “Actually, I already ate.”

“Okay.” Max eyed her warily but decided not to push it. “Oh, I have something I’ve been meaning to give to you.” Max grabbed her hand again, only this time he held it a little tighter so that she wouldn’t let go. He pulled her into his room and motioned for her to sit on his bed.

Liz did so obediently, “So, what did you want to give me.”

Max smiled at her as he began searching his room for it, “Well, remember when we met each other.” Both Liz and Max blushed, thinking about their first encounter where Max was spying on Liz while she bathed. “Well, not the first time we met, but at Mystical Pond, you left your bag behind. That’s how I had your journal.”

“So, you were the one with my bag.” Liz said, leaning her arms back on the bed, a sexy smile on her lips.

Max’s imagination was running wild. How often is the girl of your dreams in your room alone with you, on your bed? He shook his head to clear his thoughts and ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Umm…yeah. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.” She said, smiling at him. He was so adorable. “As long as I can get it back. It’s the only bag I have.”

“If I can find it.” He said rummaging in his closet and under his bed.

“Oh, it’s right here.” Liz said, lifting up his pillow. “What’s it doing under your pillow Max?”

Max wanted to give her a logical explanation, but he just couldn’t think of one. “Umm…” he started chuckling, “see…see it’s kind of a…a long story. You see…”

“You sleep with my bag under your pillow at night?” Liz asked, standing up in front of him.

“Yeah, Liz. You see…” Max fumbled with his words. He was turning red from the embarrassment.

“You are so cute.” Liz said as she brought her hand up and lightly brushed his cheek.

Max looked at her. She was looking at him with a sparkle in her eyes. Her lips were curled up slightly at the ends. She was biting softly on her bottom lip. Max wanted to taste her lips so badly. He licked his lips and slowly lowered his head. Liz tilted her head slightly, and slowly parted her lips. Max could feel her soft breath on his skin.

“MAX!!” came Alex’s voice from the hallway. Max and Liz broke apart, the moment ruined once again.

“GODDAMNIT ALEX! What the hell do you want?!” Max yelled as he ripped open his door.

“Hey. Calm down man.” Alex said, putting up his hands to protect himself. Max looked ready to kill. “I just came to recapture my Liz, since you stole her away from me.” Alex reached out to grab Liz’s hand.

Max stopped him. “Your Liz?” he asked, staring down at his little brother.

“Yeah,” Liz spoke up. “I came to meet Alex today. But we were so busy, I completely forgot.” Liz slipped her hand into Alex’s outstretched one, and let him lead her away.

Max stared after them. He wanted more than anything to grab Liz back into his arms, and never let her go again. But then, she obviously didn’t want that. She wanted Alex. Max swallowed hard and closed his eyes, letting the anger and sorrow sweep over him.

It hurt so much. He lay down on his bed put his arm over his eyes as he let a few tears fall. Mom lied to him. Mom never lied to him. So why would she start now? He closed his eyes tight and willed himself to sleep.

Max let out a low groan as he felt something softly graze over his cheek. He tried to swat it away. He heard a small giggle and then felt someone flick his ear. Max tried to swat it away again. He still refused to open his eyes until he felt gentle lips pressed softly against his cheek.

It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light, but when he looked up, Liz was leaning on him, her elbows propped up on his chest.

“Finally.” Liz said with a smile. “I’ve been trying to wake you up for fifteen minutes now.”

“Hmm?” Max still wasn’t fully awake yet.

Liz giggled and sat up but still kept her hand on his chest. “I wanted to say goodbye to you before I left.”

Max reached up and held her hand in his, “Left?”

“To Kingdom City with Maria and Diane.”

“They’re all going?” Max asked, sitting up.

Liz smiled at him, “Yeah. We’re all going.”

Max yawned and stood up, “Then, I’ll go too.”

“Max, we’re leaving right now. You don’t have enough time to pack. The carriage is waiting for me outside as we speak.”

Max pouted, “But I wanna go with you.”

“Awww,” She lightly brushed his cheek. She looked at him thoughtfully “I’ll see you at the ball.” She headed for the door.

“Liz,” he picked up her bag and held it out for her to take.

She smiled at him. “Keep it. I wouldn’t want to take away your bedtime buddy,” she said with a wink before leaving out the door.

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Chapter Fifty-Seven

“Driver, let me off here.” Liz called out as the carriage came to a stop.

“Liz, what are you doing?” Diane asked, as Liz was about to exit the door.

“There’s someone I wanted to talk to.” Liz said as she stepped off the carriage.

Maria jumped off too. “Don’t worry Diane, I’ll make sure nothing happens to her. She’ll stay at my house.”

“Okay.” Diane said warily. The driver closed the carriage door and left.

Maria and Liz waved to Diane as the carriage as it took off.

“You didn’t have to come with me, you know.” Liz said as she turned to face Maria.

“I know. But I’ve been wanting to talk to you alone.” Maria said, following Liz as she walked off down the street.

“Really? What about?” Liz asked, smiling at Maria.

“About you…and Alex.” Maria said shyly.

Liz looked at Maria, confused. “What about me and Alex?”

Maria pulled lightly on Liz’s arm, bringing her to a stop. “Liz, I know I’m not being fair, but I really don’t want you going out with Alex.”

“Going with Alex?” Liz still had a puzzled look on her face. “You mean to your ball? In that case, I’m not going with Alex, I’m going with Max.”

Maria shook her head. “I’m not talking about the ball Liz.”

Liz was confused again. “Then, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you and Alex, together.” Maria said sympathetically, “I know, I can’t stop the two of you from anything. But just know this. You may gain Alex, but is he worth upsetting and losing so many people over?”

“Upset what people?” Liz asked alarmed. “Who would be upset by Alex and me?”

Maria tried to look Liz in the eyes, but Liz’s sad gaze remained on the ground in front of her. “You would be upsetting a lot of people. Specifically, you would be upsetting me and Isabel, and especially Max.”

Liz’s head shot up at the mention of his name. “Max? Why would he be upset? Alex is his little brother.”

“Exactly,” Maria exclaimed. But she knew that Liz still didn’t understand all that she was giving up. Sure, Alex was great and all, but Maria has seen how both of then act around Liz. Max treated so much better Alex did. Max treated her like a goddess.

Liz shook her head, “I still don’t understand.”

“Liz, think about what you’re giving up for Alex. Think about Max. Don’t you see how hurt he’d be by you and Alex?”

Liz was still confused, “Why would Max be hurt? Alex and I never hurt him.”

Maria stared at Liz. “Liz, if you are with Alex, it’ll hurt Max more than anything. Don’t you see how he feels about you?”

Liz shook her head no.

How could Liz be so oblivious to how Max feels about her. “Max worships the ground you walk on. He would literally jump off bridges, juggle knifes, swallow fire, he’d do anything and everything for you. All you would have to do was ask. Hell, you don’t even have to ask and he’d do it. As long as it would put just one small smile on your pretty little face.”

Liz shook her head in disbelief.

Maria looked at Liz and sighed. Liz lived such a sheltered and naïve life. No wonder she couldn’t tell how Max felt about her. She looked her straight in the eyes and said straightforward, “Max loves you.”

Liz looked at Maria in shock, and then slowly lowered her gaze to the ground again.

Maria saw this. She was starting to worry. “Liz? How do you feel about Max?”

“What do you mean?” Liz’s gaze still remained on the ground in front of her.

“Do you love him?” Maria asked bluntly.

Liz shook her head, “I…I don’t know…what does love feel like?”

Maria lifted Liz’s head until she could look into her eyes, “Love is the most incredible feeling. You getting fluttery butterfly feelings in your stomach every time you see them or even think about them. You want to make them happy. You want to take away all their worries and never let anything hurt them, ever. You worry about them all the time. You want to spend every second of every day with them. You need them.”

“Need them as though they were the air you breathed?” Liz asked softly. It was always the analogy she wished she could feel.

“Yes.” Maria stared at Liz’s face, trying to see if there was even a small flicker in Liz’s eyes that might mean that she reciprocated at least a fraction of Max’s passion. But there was none. Liz’s face remained emotionless. Her eyes didn’t get any brighter. She wasn’t even smiling.

Maria sighed in surrender, “You obviously don’t.”

Liz lowered her gaze and bit her lip, trying to calm the new feelings inside her. “You should get going. It’s late. I still need to visit with someone first.” Liz started back down the street.

Maria quickly followed after her, “Who?”

“Claudia Parker?” Liz said, remembering the name of the old woman she met on a trip to Kingdom City earlier. “I think she might know something about my mother.” Liz said excitedly.

“Who is your mother?” Maria asked, curious to know.

“I don’t know,” Liz said, shaking her head with a sigh. “All I know about her is her name. It was all Kyle would tell me. That’s where I got my last name from.”

“I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but what if your mom isn’t alive anymore?”

“She is.” Liz said simply. Maria was still skeptical. Liz sighed, “I know this might sound strange, but I can feel her, Maria.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t describe it. It’s just a feeling I get. It’s like a soft, warm, motherly vibe that she sends to me. And every time I’m in Kingdom City, it gets brighter.” Liz sighed. She wanted to find her family more than anything. It’s all she’s ever wanted.

“Okay, let’s go find her.” Maria asked. No matter what, she would help Liz. “What’s her name?”

“Amy Parker,” Liz said with a bright smile.

“AMY…Parker?” Maria asked.

“Yes. Do you know her?”

“No,” Maria said, shaking her head, “But I know someone who might. Let’s go see this Claudia Parker first though. Do you think she might be related to your mother?”

“I’m hoping so. But the last time I saw her she wouldn’t tell me anything. She did recognize my mother’s name though.”

“Do you get any…what do you call them…” Maria scrunched up her nose, thinking, “…vibes…from her?”

Liz smiled at Maria. She didn’t like telling anyone about her unique gifts but she was glad she told Maria. She didn’t think anyone would accept her for them. They made her feel different.

“Not much of a vibe, but more than I get from most strangers. It’s a really loving and warm vibe; friendly too.”

“Is this the place?” Maria asked as they came to a stop at the door to a small house in the bad side of town. “So this is what you were doing out here when I came to rescue you.”

Liz nodded her head at Maria before she knocked softly on the door. They waited a couple of minutes and were about to knock again when they hear the door slowly creak back. A pair of eyes peeked out at them before the door opened wider. An old woman appeared from out behind it.

“Elizabeth,” she said in a cheery voice. “It’s so good to see you. Come on in. You girls shouldn’t be out around here this late at night,” she said, ushering them inside the house.

“Hello Claudia. This is my friend Maria.” Liz said, pointing towards Maria, who was standing beside her.

“It’s nice to meet you Maria.” She said while motioning for both of them to take a seat on the couch. “So Elizabeth, what brings you by this time?”

“I wanted to see if you remembered anything about an Amy Parker yet.” Liz said, pleading with her eyes for Claudia to tell her anything possible about her mother.

Claudia sighed, “Elizabeth, you really should stop this search. Amy Parker doesn’t exist anymore.” Maria’s ears perked up at the phrase.

“Please Claudia.” Liz walked over to where Claudia was sitting and kneeled down in front of her. “I need to find her.”

Claudia sighed and looked down at the girl, “What so important about her?”

Liz looked up at the old woman and said softly, “She’s my mother.”

Claudia gasped, holding her hand over her mouth, and staring at Elizabeth.

Tears were forming in her eyes and running down her cheek as she picked Liz up off the ground and pulled her into a fierce hug. She ran her hand down, smoothing out Liz’s dark brown, silky hair and whispered in her ear, “Honeybear.”

“Claudia?” Liz asked confused, as she pulled out of the hug.

“Now that’s no way to address your grandmother.” Claudia said with pride, as she looked a Liz.

Both Liz and Maria gasped and stared at the old woman, who simply smiled. “Sit down, I’ll go fix us some tea. We have a long story ahead of us.”
Chapter Fifty-Eight

Claudia handed a cup of tea in front of each girl before she sat down with her own cup. “Now, where to begin?”

“How about, why does Amy not exist anymore?” Maria asked, very curious to an explanation, since her father refuses to give her one.

Claudia sighed, “Because she doesn’t.” Both girls stared at her, not understanding.

“Then, she’s dead?” Liz asked fearfully.

Claudia shook her head. “Amy doesn’t exist because she isn’t Amy anymore. She goes by the name Nancy now.”

“Why?” Maria asked. “And do you know anything about her connection with Jim Valenti?”

“Jim Valenti? Yes, I remember little Jimmy. Amy and Jim, they were an item. They were together for the longest time. Amy loved Jim a lot. She really did. I remember feeling so sorry for him after she left. All of us were hurt by her decision.” Claudia said with a sigh.

“What decision?” Liz asked, even more confused.

“To marry. It was the night of Jim’s brother’s engagement ball. She was very beautiful, all dolled up. She told me all about it when she came home.”

“I still don’t see why she changed her name though.” Maria said, shaking her head, “Or why she left Liz. Or where she is now.”

“You have to be of high status in order to marry royalty. That’s why she changed her name. They made up an identity for her where it would be socially acceptable for her to marry the prince. I think they said that she was a high priest’s daughter in some far off city. I don’t know. I never saw her after that. Everyone who knew her was forbidden to speak of her for ten or so years, and she was just forgotten. No one cared anyways, just as long as the queen was beautiful. In this society, looks count for everything.”

Liz was still too shocked to speak, so Maria did for her. “So she’s the queen now,” Maria said, realization dawning on her. “So that makes Liz…”

“A princess.” Claudia filled in for her.

Both Liz and Maria stared at each other in disbelief.

“But…why would she leave me with Kyle, then?” Liz asked dejectedly. “They obviously have enough money to raise me. It wasn’t because they were poor or unable to. They didn’t want me. Was it because I was too different?”

Maria went over and hugged Liz. “You aren’t different. You’re special. There is only one of you in this entire world. And there is no one who wouldn’t want you. You have a good heart Liz. The world loves you for it.”

Claudia sighed, unsure of why her daughter hadn’t kept Liz, but glad that Liz found someone to help her, especially someone as nice as Maria.

“You girls must be hungry. Why don’t I go and make you something to eat, and you can tell me all about yourselves.” Claudia headed into the kitchen and followed her, with her arm still draped over Liz.

All three sat down at the table with a bowl of ice cream for each of them. It wasn’t much of a dinner, but Maria suggested it, seeing how Liz needed a small pick me up. And what better food is there to put a smile on your face than ice cream?

“So, how long have the two of you been friends?” Claudia asked while taking a spoon of her ice cream.

“Actually, not very long.” Liz said as she swirled the ice cream around in her bowl. “I met her the last time I was in Kingdom City.” Maria noticed that Liz hadn’t even eaten any of her ice cream, but decided not to confront her about it now. She’ll have a talk to Liz about it later.

Claudia was surprised. Maria and Liz seemed as if they’ve known each other their whole lives. “So, I want to hear all about you girls.”

“I’ll start,” Maria said, knowing Liz didn’t like too much attention. She was hoping she could break the ice for Liz, she that she would be a little more comfortable. “My name is Rosemary Valenti. I am 18 years old. I have one younger sister named Isabel. My mother died when I was young. And I’m engaged to Michael Guerin of the Evans family. And it will be announced this weekend at my engagement ball.”

“Wow. Congratulations on your engagement. Love is a beautiful thing.” Claudia said, smiling at the two. Both Maria and Claudia then turned, looking towards Liz.

Liz bit her lip subconsciously under their gaze. “Well, my name is Elizabeth Parker. I am 17 years old. I’ll be turning 18 in a couple of months. I grew up on Mount Roswell and was raised by a monk, named Kyle. There isn’t much else about me left to say.”

“No special person in your life Liz?” Claudia asked with a small grin.

Liz just shook her head.

“Oh, come on. A young woman as pretty as you? You have to attract guys like bees to honey.”

Liz just shook her head again, “There’s not much to attracted to.” Liz stared down at her bowl of ice cream. Maria had to be wrong. Max couldn’t love her. Someone as smart, sweet, loving, playful, good-looking, charming…the list goes on and on…and overall just incredible person as Max couldn’t feel that way about her. She just had to face it. Her own parents didn’t even love her enough to want to keep her. She was just too much of a freak.

Maria sighed seeing Liz’s dejected look. Liz had such a low self-esteem sometimes. If only she could look at herself through someone else’s eyes. Then she’d see what a great, loving, and beautiful person she is, especially if she saw herself through Max’s eyes. Maria sighed thinking about Max’s situation. She wondered why Liz didn’t see how much Max loved her. It was so ironic. Max could have any girl he wanted. They would come from miles around, throwing themselves at his feet. But he wanted the girl that Maria wasn’t sure he could have.

“It’s getting late.” Liz said with a sigh, still staring at her melted bowl of ice cream.

“Yeah, we really should get going.” Maria said towards Liz. “Thank you so much Claudia. I really would love and stay and chat more, but Liz and I have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. My engagement ball is the day after. You should come. I’ll have an invitation sent to you.” Maria said while Claudia walked them to the door.

“That will be lovely dear, but I’m afraid I can’t make it.” Claudia said, giving Maria a hug goodbye.

“I’ll send you one anyways, just in case you change your mind.” Maria said as she stepped outside the door.

“Goodbye Grandmother,” Liz said as she gave Claudia a hug, “I’ll come visit you tomorrow.”

“I’d love that Honeybear.” Claudia said, hugging her back. “Whoever he is, he’ll come running back, like bees to honey.” Claudia gave Liz a knowing glance.

Liz was uncertain of what she meant but offered her a small smile and left with Maria down the street.

Liz and Maria hurried down the street at a fast pace. It wasn’t good to be out in this part of the city late at night. They made it onto the main street that lead to Maria’s estate and walked up to the gate.

“Miss Valenti.” A guard greeted Maria. “It’s rather late. I was expecting you home sooner. A carriage has stopped by earlier this evening with your belongings. I had them delivered up to you room.”

“Thank you,” Maria smiled at the guard as he let her inside, “Is my father asleep?”

“Governor Valenti is spending the night at his office to finish up some paperwork before the ball.”

Maria sighed. Her father worked too much. “What about Isabel?”

“She’s waiting for you in your room.”

Maria thanked him again before heading off with Liz into the house.

Maria told a servant to prepare a guest room for Liz to stay in a they headed up the stairs.

“I can’t wait for you to meet my sister. Isabel is just going to love you.” Maria said as they reached the top of the stairs and headed into Maria’s room. When Maria opened the door, she found Isabel asleep on her bed.

Maria tiptoed over, putting a finger over her lip to signal for Liz to be quiet. She grabbed a pillow off the bed and began attacking Isabel. Isabel sat up startled as she was repeatedly hit by a pillow. She grabbed the one she was laying on and began retaliating. Soon, both girls were knocked out on the bed. Liz just watched on, giggling.

Isabel hadn’t noticed someone else in the room until she heard her soft laughter. She froze and looked in Liz’s direction, somewhat embarrassed at her childish behavior. She got off the bed and walked over towards Liz.

“Hello, I’m Isabel. And you are?” Isabel asked as she extended her hand for Liz to shake.

“Elizabeth Parker,” Liz said politely as she lightly shook Isabel’s hand.

“Liz?” Isabel looked towards Maria, who nodded her head. “So, you’re Liz. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Likewise,” Liz said with the same evil grin adorning Isabel’s face. Both girls broke out in a fit of laughter.

Maria watched on with a smile. She was right; they would all get along great.

Liz and Isabel were still busy talking that they didn’t see the sinister smile on Maria’s face. Maria slowly grabbed two pillows, stealthily walked up to the two, and succeeded in knocking them both down before running out the room laughing.

Liz and Isabel shared a knowing glance before grabbing the pillows and rushing out the door after her, knocking a few things over on their way.

Chapter Fifty-Nine

That morning, after Liz left, Max, Michael, and Alex had to go up to her cabin and prepare the room for Maria and Isabel to stay in while they were here in town. They hired some people to help carry the beds up the mountain. They cleared out Kyle’s meditating room and put two beds in it and did a small amount of decorating. It didn’t look all too feminine right now, but they were positive that once Maria and Isabel move in, they would fix it up with girly frilly things.

After that, they had to go get their tuxes fitted, which took hours to do. Their mother had taken the liberty to getting all of their tuxes for them. All three of the tuxes were basically black, but they had different colors within the different parts of the tuxedo to match with their respective companions for the evening. Apparently, Maria’s dress was going to be green, Liz’s was going to be white, and Isabel’s was going to be blue. Or at least, that was the colors that the guys had within their tuxes.

After they were done at the tux shop, they had lunch together. They were quiet most of the meal. They each had different things on their minds, or different people for the most part.

Michael was still having doubts about his engagement. He loved Maria and all and he wanted more than anything to marry her, but what if she suddenly realized whom she was marrying? What if she decided he wasn’t good enough for her? What if she called it off last minute? What would he do without her? What if she decided she didn’t love him anymore? He would just have to put his heart out on the line and risk it. That’s what Evans men do right? They never back down from a challenge. Michael’s mind was so crowded with thoughts.

Alex was nervous. He only had one more day to get things right. Liz helped a lot, but she wasn’t going to be there to hold his hand through this. She was going to be out there dancing with Max during the ball. Alex was just going to have to face his fears. So what if he was kind of scrawny and sort of geeky? If she liked him then she would like him for him. He would just have to tell her. They’ve known each other for so long now. If the feelings are there, they would have developed by now. He’d just have to see. He would have to tell her and face the consequences. That’s what Evans men do right? They never back down from a challenge. Alex’s head was so crowded with things to do.

Max was more confused than ever about his Elizabeth, but he was still hopeful. I mean…there were plenty of signs that said that she liked him right? After all, she came to say goodbye to him before she left. She didn’t have to do that, but she did. She gave him her bag. It was her only bag, and she gave it to him. They almost kissed. Twice. And she kissed him. Granted it was on his cheek, but she still kissed him, not the other way around. And she was going to be his date for the ball. Okay, his mother set that one up, but still, it’s the thought that counts. Max shook his head. None of that meant a thing. It only meant that she was his friend. Hell, at least he had that. He didn’t know what he would do if he could have her in his life. But would he be able to take the rejection if he told her he loved her and she didn’t say it back? Could he just stand there and watch the love of his life walk out on him. No. He’d have to put his heart out on the line and hope that she won’t step all over it too much. That’s what Evans men do right? They accept challenge. They embrace it. Max’s momentary confidence soon dwindled. His thoughts were so crowded with emotions.

After lunch, all three split up and went there separate ways.

Michael went home to think out some more things. He said that rest would do him good and help clear up his mind and prepare him for the ball. Apparently, Michael thought more rationally in his sleep than he did awake.

Alex went walking around town to think. He decided to stop by some shops on the way and stepped into a music store. He spent hours inside. He always thought best with a guitar in his hands.

And Max headed off to the warehouse to check up on things while his mother was in Kingdom City. He could always think clearly when he busied himself with something else. And carrying bags seemed more tempting than dwelling on how pitiful he was. He stayed there after all the laborers left for the day and finished up loading a couple more bags before heading home.

Max opened the door to his house and walked in. Imagining what it would be like to come home to his own house with his Elizabeth waiting for him inside. Max chuckled, playing out the scene in his mind.

He would walk through the door and shut it behind him, calling out, “Honey, I’m home.” And Liz would appear in the living room welcoming him home with a hug and a kiss. They would talk about their day and anything else over dinner. Spend the evening in the garden, looking up at the stars. Or in front of the fireplace, just enjoying each other’s company. Then they would both get ready for bed and slip in under the covers together. Holding each other as they fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

Max sighed. He would give anything to have his blissful fantasy life. But if he told Liz about his dream, would she want the same thing too? Or would she laugh at him?

Max walked into the kitchen and poured himself a drink before heading up to his room.

He stopped by Michael’s room and found Michael already asleep. His bags were all packed. They were to leave for Kingdom City early in the morning so they will arrive around the afternoon. That way they can prepare any last minute details before the ball the next day, and get well rested.

Max went to go check up on Alex. He creaked open Alex’s door, but Alex wasn’t in his room. His bags were all packed as well. Where was Alex? Max walked around the house in search of his little brother. It was beyond late, and Alex should be asleep. They had a long journey ahead of them tomorrow.

Max heard noise from out in the garden. He headed over to the window and peeked outside. There, in the soft light of the moon, was Alex, gently strumming his guitar and softly singing a song.

Max smiled, glad that Alex picked up his old hobby again. Not only was Alex a genius, he was one hell of a musician. When did Alex ever stop playing? Max thought for a while. It was a couple of years ago. Back when Alex also stopped tutoring too. Max wondered if there was a connection, but decided not to ponder too much on the subject. His mind was already filled with so many things to figure out, he didn’t room for Alex’s situation. At least not about Alex and Isabel. There was already a huge part of his mind fathoming about Alex and Liz.

Max shook his head to clear his thoughts. He didn’t have time to think about the Alex and Liz situation. There shouldn’t even be a situation. It was late and he still had to pack his things. Max headed off to his room. He walked over to his bed and pulled his suitcase out from under it. He placed it on his bed, unzipped it, and starting packing some necessities for the trip.

He packed three extra pairs of clothes, his money, cologne, and deodorant among other various items. His tux was baggaged separately, as not to get wrinkled. He walked over too his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. He pulled out a rectangular jewelry box. He snapped it open and stared at it. The diamonds sparkled. It cost him a pretty penny, but it was worth it. It was beautiful, but not as beautiful as her. Nothing would ever come close. He bought it the other day, to give to Liz on the night of the ball. And Maria had assured him that it matched well with Liz’s gown for the evening. He would give it to her and confess his love for her. But would she accept it? Would she accept him? Max snapped the box shut and placed it into the suitcase. Lastly, he pulled her bag out from under his pillow and placed it in the suitcase before zipping it up and putting it down, beside his bed.

Max went and took a quick shower and got ready for bed, stripping down to his boxers, and slipping under his covers. He sighed, finally getting to relax and sleep from the long day. Closing his eyes, he tried to will himself to sleep, but he just couldn’t. He tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position, but something just felt wrong. His heart was yearning for something just out of reach.

He clutched his pillow tighter and inhaled the sweet smell of vanilla, but it just wasn’t enough. Max got up out of bed and blindly opened up his suitcase, pulled out her bag. He climbed back under the covers with it placed next to him. He sighed and finally closed his eyes to sleep. He was content. He found what was missing. Her. It was always her. His angel. Her smell just wasn’t enough. He needed to hold on to her, anything of hers. Max longed for the night when it’d actually be his love that he was holding in his arms. What would it feel like to be in heaven with his angel? What would it be like to be able to touch her skin and run his fingers through her soft, silky hair? To feel her body fit perfectly in his arms again. It would be heaven. Every part of her filled his senses as he drifted off to sleep, dreaming about his Elizabeth.

Chapter Sixty

All three girls were sprawled out in Maria’s room. Maria was lying on the bed, leaning over the side. Isabel was lying on the floor propped up on her elbows. And Liz was sitting up, leaning against the side of the bed.

They were all exhausted from running around the house, chasing Maria. When Isabel and Liz finally caught her, they pummeled her with pillows until Maria surrendered.

“So Maria,” Liz began, “what does it feel like to soon be the fiancé of the charming Michael Guerin?”

“Michael Evans.” Isabel corrected her.

Liz looked at Maria, “I thought his last name was Guerin?”

“It is,” Maria said, confused. “You do you mean by that Isabel?”

Isabel groaned, she wasn’t supposed to mention anything about it. “Nothing.”

Both Maria and Liz looked at her expectantly, knowing that she was hiding something.

Isabel gave in, “Fine. Dad and Mr. Evans are working on a surprise for Michael but you didn’t hear it from me okay?”

“Congratulations Maria. You’re going to be an Evans,” Liz said with a wicked smile.

“You know what they say about Evans men,” Isabel said winking at Maria. “Just imagine what they’ll say about Evans women.”

Maria hit Liz’s arm playfully and threw a pillow in Isabel’s direction. “I wouldn’t be talking if I were you. You’ll both be Evans women too, sooner or later.”

Isabel mock gasped, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Isabel huffed and then started giggling.

Liz just looked at Maria confused, “What do you mean Maria?”

“Well, I’ve heard from both father and Mr. Evans that they are already discussing Alex’s engagement to Isabel.” Maria said winking at Isabel, who threw a pillow back at her.

Liz was still confused, “But you said we would both be Evans women.”

“Liz, darling.” Isabel began, “Maria will be engaged to Michael. I will possibly be engaged to Alex. Whose left?” Isabel asked with a big toothy grin.

Liz gasped. “Are…are you implying that me…and M…Max…engaged??”

“I thought that was what you wanted.” Isabel said, confused. “Don’t you like him?”

“Yes. But I don’t think…”

“Isabel,” Maria interrupted her, “Just drop it. Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

“Let’s talk about the ball then.” Isabel said, not wanting to mention anything that might upset Liz.

Maria had an excited look on her face. “It’s going to be so great. I’m going to wear the green gown I had made. Remember the design of mother’s dress, Isabel?”

Isabel nodded her head.

“I had it designed somewhat like it. It’s gorgeous.” Maria said think about it.

“You’ll be the bell of the ball,” Liz said with a smile.

“What does your gown look like Liz?” Isabel asked.

“It is sooo beautiful,” Maria answered for her. “It’s a satiny white with bits of gold in it. Liz will look just perfect. She’ll catch the eyes of more than just one person. All the guys will be drooling.”

Isabel giggled, “Gives everyone just one more thing to envy Maxwell Evans for.”

Liz blushed and smiled politely.

“I’m telling you Liz,” Maria said to her, “Max is just going drop dead when he sees how gorgeous you are going to look. He’s already swooning when ever you are even near him.”

“That bad?” Isabel asked. “I never thought I would see the day that the charmer himself, Mr. Maxwell Evans, would fall head over heels for a girl. But then, there couldn’t have been anyone better. You’re such an incredible person Liz.”

Liz blushed again. “Stop, you’re embarrassing me.” Liz said softly.

“Oh, come on Liz.” Maria added in. “There’s no need to be modest. You are drop-dead gorgeous. Look at you, that skin, those cheeks, that hair, and your eyes? Too perfect. All you have to do is pout that lip of yours and guys will come, throwing themselves at your feet.”

Isabel mock gasped, “But then we wouldn’t want to get Max jealous, now would we.”

“I don’t know Isabel. Evans men are pretty cute when they get jealous. Why do you think I flirted with so many guys in front of Michael back then?” Maria said with an evil grin.

“Why?” Liz asked.

“So he could see what he was missing out on. It was so cute. Michael would go crazy and start glaring at every guy we passed. As if to say, ‘back off, she’s mine’. But then Michael never really acted on it though.” Maria said with a sigh.

“Oh, but Max,” Isabel began, “Max is a very active person. He has the whole, knight in shining armor, must find my damsel in distress kind of thing. He would knock down anyone in his way.”

“You know what we should have her do?” Maria suggested to Isabel. “We should have her dance with someone else at the ball. Then we could see how Max would react.”

Isabel brightened at the idea. “If she kept dancing with other guys all night, Max would just freak.”

Maria giggled, “He’d probably throw her over his shoulder and carry her off.”

Isabel laughed and Liz just leaned back and sighed. They were talking about her as though she weren’t there.

Maria’s laughter stopped and her face became solemn. She looked at Isabel, “She can’t dance with Sean though. We have to make sure that Sean is far away from both Max and Liz.”

“You’re right.” Isabel said, “Max would kill Sean if he even looked at Liz.”

“Not only that, one of Sean’s goons attacked Liz.” Maria said with a sigh. “Max knows about it and already swore to make Sean pay.”

“Oh God,” Isabel gasped.

“He wouldn’t really do anything, would he?” Liz asked worried.

“Max’s threats are never to be taken lightly.” Isabel said softly. “Especially against Sean.”

“Liz, when Max gets here, talk to him. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” Maria told Liz.

“I’ll try, but you know how stubborn he can get sometimes.” Liz said, biting her lip.

“Liz, if you told him to jump off a cliff, he’d do it without question.” Maria said.

Isabel giggled. “I bet he’d walk through fire for her.”

“Juggle swords.”

“Eat worms.”



Both Maria and Isabel broke out laughing. Liz just shook her head.

“I’ve got one.” Isabel said, straightening up. “Would he dance with Tess for her?”

“Oooo…that’s a good one. Would Max do it for Liz? Hmm…we’ll have to ask.” Maria asked.

Liz shook her head and stood up, heading towards the door.

“Liz, where are you going?” Maria asked.

“I’m surprised you even noticed me, seeing as how you were talking about me as though I’m not there.” Liz mocked anger and put her hands on her hips.

All three girls just started laughing.

“You’re right though, it’s late.” Isabel said as she picked herself up off the floor.

“Yeah. We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.” Maria agreed. “Goodnight ya’ll.” Maria called out.

Both Isabel and Liz stopped at the door and called out before shutting it, “Good night soon to be Mrs. Michael Evans.”

Maria smirked at them, “And don’t you forget it.”

Chapter Sixty-One

Jim finally finished the paperwork and placed it in his briefcase. He spent all night working on it for Philip. Philip told him that there wasn’t rush, but he wanted to do this for his soon to be son-in-law. He was glad Maria found someone as good as Michael. Michael will take care of Maria even better than he could.

Now he only had Isabel left. He had already been discussing with Philip about Isabel and Alex’s relationship. They agreed that both kids are very fond of each other, but they decided to wait and see if their feelings lead to where Philip and Jim hope they do.

All of his children will be married then. Philip still had Max though. Jim just couldn’t think of a girl good enough for the boy. Max needed someone special he could care for. But Max was already certain that he found the perfect girl. At least that’s what Philip told him.

Jim was convinced that the girl had to be special to catch Max’s attention. And it’s a good thing Max found someone too. His brother had wanted to set up a meeting with Philip to discuss a possible engagement between Max and Tess. Jim shuttered thinking about it. He liked his niece and all, but she just wasn’t good enough for Max. She was just too…superficial. Max was charming and daring. He needed someone soft, sweet, and loving to be with. That just wasn’t Tess.

Jim sighed thinking about it. Maybe his niece and nephew would have been better people if they weren’t raised by such a power-hungry bastard as his brother-in-law. What his sister ever saw in him, he had no idea.

Jim made it to the house later that morning after he dropped off the paperwork at Philip’s office. The guard informed him of Maria’s return as he entered through the door. Immediately, he heard laughter and felt the warmth and love in the house.

He headed up to Maria’s room, and knocked softly on the door before opening it. He pushed the door open and saw her. Long, silky dark brown hair. Bright deep brown eyes. Soft creamy skin. Lips curved in a small sweet smile. She was beauty decked in the flowing white dress that made her perfect, too perfect… “Amy?”

Liz just stared at him. Maria got up from where she sat on the bed. “No dad. This is Elizabeth Parker.”

“Parker?” He asked Maria, giving her a look.

Maria nodded her head knowingly at him, “Parker.”

“We are getting some last minute things together for the ball. Liz was modeling her gown for us to see. Doesn’t she look beautiful?” Isabel asked her father.

Jim looked at her. She was the spitting image of Amy from that day. “Too perfect.” Jim said softly before heading off to his room.

Maria just sighed and closed the door. She walked over to Liz. They were deciding how to tell the hairstylist to do Liz’s hair.

“It’s definitely going up.” Isabel said, “Formal, has to be up.”

“Adorned with flowers?” Maria asked Isabel.

“No. I’m thinking more along the line of beads or pearls of some sort.” Isabel said

Maria nodded her head in agreement, “You’re right. Flowers wouldn’t look right. It’d be too much.”

“What else do you have to go with the dress Liz?” Maria asked.

“It’s all in that trunk,” Liz said pointing to the chest near the bed.

Maria opened it up and pulled all her things out onto the bed. “These are perfect. Did Diane help you pick them out?”

“Yes.” Liz answered, nodding her head.

“Good. Diane has excellent taste.” Isabel said while picking up some of the items.

Both Maria and Isabel helped Liz try on the rest of her ensemble. Both were in awe at how gorgeous Liz looked, even without her hair and makeup done. They let Liz change and told her to join them downstairs later.

Maria and Isabel sat on the couch in the living room.

“Liz looked so beautiful.” Maria said to Isabel.

Isabel nodded in agreement, “That dress was so small though. How could she fit it?”

Maria sighed. “I needed to have a talk with her about that. I don’t think she’s eating.” Maria said concerned.

Isabel sighed knowingly. “She wants to look perfect for Max.”

“Yup,” Maria agreed, “No matter how much she denies it. She loves him.”

“You saw it too?” Isabel asked her sister.

“Yea.” Maria said with a smile. “She had that look in her eyes when we were talking about him.”

“The look of longing.” Isabel said with a sigh.

“I’ve seen it on Max’s face one too many times. He loves her too you know.”

Isabel was confused, “Then why don’t they get together?”

“She’s scared of something.” Maria said with a shrug. “Probably scared of getting hurt.”

“Aren’t we all?” Isabel asked with a sad face.

“Don’t worry Isabel.” Maria said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Alex will come around. He’s head over heels for you. You just have to show him that you feel the same way. Guys are the biggest chickens out there. They have the biggest egos.”

Isabel giggled, then sighed and nodded her head.

“How about we go get something to eat?” Maria offered.

“Yeah. That sounds good.” Isabel started up the stairs to tell Liz they were all going out to eat.

She knocked softly on the door. “Liz, are you ready? We’re going to go get something to eat.”

Liz opened the door, “I’m not really all that hungry.” She said as they headed down the stairs.

“You have to eat something Liz.” Maria said sternly from the bottom of the stairs. “You barely touched your food at breakfast.”

“I’m just too excited to eat.” Liz said, trying to brush it off.

“Please, just eat something.” Maria pleaded with her.

“I will. I promise,” Liz said, nodding her head.

“Let’s go then.” Isabel said, waiting for them at the door.

“Actually, I wanted to go visit Claudia now.” Liz said, following Isabel out the door.

“We’ll go with you,” Maria said, “I needed to give Claudia her invitation anyways.”

“I kind of wanted to talk to my grandmother alone, if you don’t mind.” Liz said softly.

“No problem. Maria and I will just go get something to eat, and you can meet us at the Evans’ estate after you are done.” Isabel said, smiling at Liz. “The guys should be here by then.”

“Alright.” Liz said as she headed off down the street.

“Remember to eat something.” Maria called out to her.

Liz nodded her head at Maria and left. Maria and Isabel headed to a restaurant.

“You think she’ll eat something?” Isabel asked.

“Nope.” Maria replied sadly.

“Should we tell Max?” Isabel asked, concerned for Liz.

Maria sighed, “We don’t want to worry him too much. So only if we have to. He won’t like it though. Not one bit.”

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Chapter Sixty-Two

Max stepped out of the carriage and stretched his tired muscles. He had been stuck on sitting for hours, and frankly, his ass was hurting.

Michael playfully shoved him out of the way. “Some of us would like off this moving box too you know?”

“Ahh…fresh air.” Alex said with a smile as he jumped out of the carriage.

Max smiled at his little brother and then went to help with the luggage. He wanted to make sure nothing happened to his suitcase. If he lost it, he wouldn’t know what he’d do. It would get his entire plan off balance and then he’d start panicking. A panicking Max was not a good Max.

He grabbed most of the bags and hauled them into the house. Working at the warehouse had many advantages. He was a lot stronger now. Max could probably kick Sean’s ass twice as fast now. And boy was Sean going to get it.

Max placed the bags down in the living room and brought his bags upstairs. Michael and Alex could get their own bags.

He stepped into his room. Everything was the same as he left it. He smiled at the familiarity and plopped down on his bed with a sigh. He missed this. He missed his life here and his father.

But, wherever Liz would go, he would follow. Max groaned. His obsession was really getting out of hand. He loved her more than anything, but what if she didn’t want him following her around on his hands and knees, worshipping her. Maybe he should just back off of her a bit. Maybe that’s why she’s always so anxious to get away from him.

Max laughed at himself. Even if he decided to stay away from Liz, he just couldn’t keep from being around her. Hell, a whole Roman army wouldn’t be able to keep him away from her.

He heard a soft knock on his door before it slowly opened. Diane came in and sat down next to Max on his bed. “How’s Liz?” he asked her.

“I don’t know,” Diane said shrugging, “I haven’t seen her since the carriage dropped her off with Maria the other day.”

“Really?” Max asked sitting up. “You don’t think there could be anything wrong with her do you?”

Diane smiled at Max’s concern. He really did care for Liz. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

Her response didn’t comfort Max any. “I just…have this weird feeling. It’s probably just nothing,” he said, dismissing it while lying back down.

“Well, your father wants to see you after he has a talk with Michael.” She said, getting up and heading towards the door. “Your father misses you a lot. He wants to ask you to come home. Do you think you would?”

“Only if I can tie Liz up and keep her in my closet.” Max replied, not even looking at his mother.

“Max,” she said with a hint of warning in her voice, “I’m being serious here.”

“So am I.” Max answered her.

Diane shook her head and sighed. “The girls should be over in a little while.” She told him before she headed out the door and down the stairs.

She walked into the living room and found Alex waiting patiently on the couch. “Eager are we?”

“Just waiting,” Alex said with a smile on his face. His mother knew he was anxious to see Isabel. Hell, the whole world probably knew he was anxious to see Isabel.

“Mom, can I ask you something?” Alex asked timidly.

“Anything Alex.” Diane said, giving him her full attention.

“Do you think I’m…geeky?” He asked fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “Honestly mom.”

“Nope.” Diane said ruffling his hair. “I think you’re the coolest guy in the world.” She leaned in to his ear, “Don’t tell him I told you, but you are even cooler than Michael.”

Alex’s face brightened. “Really?”

Diane nodded her head with a smile.

Alex narrowed his eyes at her, “What about Max?”

“Way cooler than Max.” Diane said spreading her arms wide for emphasis.

“So out of the three of us, who do you love the most?” Alex asked, giving her the pouty lips and the puppy dog eyes.

Diane rolled her eyes and sighed, “You know I love you all the same.”

Alex smiled widely, “I know. But you can’t blame a guy for trying. I mean…sure Max is a mama’s boy, and Michael’s every mother’s dream, but I’m the baby in the family. You’ve gotta love me.”

“No comment,” Diane said, rolling her eyes.

“But mommy…” Alex whined.

“I’m not listening…” Diane said in a singsong voice.


“Look, Isabel’s here.” Diane said pointing towards the door.

Alex jumped up and ran to the door and swung it open. He turned away from the empty doorway and gave his mother a look.

Diane just sat on the couch with a smug look on her face.

“Very nice, mom.” He said, still giving her the look.

Diane shrugged, “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re so head over heels for Isabel.”

“Head over heels?” Alex asked.

“Yup.” Diane said, smiling.

“Hey, I may like her a lot, but I’d hardly describe it like that.”

Diane smiled, “Hi Isabel.”

Alex scoffed, “I’m not falling for that one again.”

Diane just snickered.

“So you like me huh?” came Isabel’s voice from behind him.

Alex slowly turned around. He blushed a deep red as he came face to face with Isabel. Maria was standing behind her, snickering.

Alex rubbed his neck nervously. “Um…hehe…h…hi Isabel. H…how are you?” He stuttered out.

Isabel smirked at him and Maria just laughed harder as she pushed past him to join Diane on the couch.

Alex still stood there, frozen in his spot. Isabel smiled, grabbed his hand, and tugged him towards the stairs, “Come on. We’re going up to your room. We have some of talking to do.” Alex nodded his head and followed her obediently.

Maria and Diane laughed harder from where they watched on the couch.

“Isabel’s got him whooped.” Maria said, shaking her head.

Diane sighed, “All my sons are suckers for love, just like their father.”

Maria smiled warmly at Diane. “I hope me and Michael are as happy as you and Philip are.”

Diane smiled at her soon to be daughter-in-law, “You will be. Trust me, you will be. I can sense these kinds of things. You and Michael will be happy. Alex and Isabel will be happy. Even Max and Liz will have their happily ever after too.”

That reminded Maria, “Has Liz come yet?”

“No, she wasn’t coming with you?” Diane asked.

“No. We split up. She said she’d meet us here. That was a couple of hours ago though.” Maria said, concerned.

“Where did she go?” Diane asked.

“To visit family.” Maria was starting to panic. “But she’s going to the bad side of town. It’s where she was attacked the last time.”

“She’s where?” Max asked from where he stood at the bottom of the stairs. He walked over to Maria. “Where is she Maria?” he demanded in a stern voice.

“The third alley on the right off of Main Street.” She yelled out to him as he raced out the door. He should have gone with his gut instinct. He always trusted his gut instinct. And it was telling him something was wrong. Very wrong.

Chapter Sixty-Three

Max ran as fast as he could down the busy street, trying to avoid bumping into people in his way. Some of the citizens tried to greet him and welcome him home to the city, but he just rushed right past him. He didn’t want to be rude, but Liz was calling him. He could feel it in his heart. She needed him.

He made a sharp turn, nearly missing the alleyway and knocked over a small cart in his path. But he didn’t have time to apologize. He’d find the person and pay for it later. Right now though, Liz needed him. And nothing will stand in his way of finding his angel.

He made it all the way to the end of the alley, but he still saw no sign of Liz anywhere. He started panicking. Dear God, where was she. Max closed his eyes tight. What was that corny saying. ‘Let your heart guide you’ or something like that. Let’s hope it works, Max thought as he tried to feel any signal from Liz. Any sign that might tell him where she was.

That’s when he felt it. The feeling from earlier. Liz was calling him and she was scared. He raced down the alley, took a sharp turn down the street and turned down another alleyway. He made it halfway down the alley when he saw them, and the sight made his blood boil.

Liz was lying still on the ground. And someone was hovering above her. Not just someone, Sean freaking DeLuca.

Max stormed over and launched himself at Sean. Knocking him across the ally, away from Liz. Sean hurried to his feet and fled down the alley. Max wanted to go after him and permanently disfigure for what he did to Liz. But he couldn’t leave Liz, not in the state she’s in.

He kneeled down next to Liz’s body. She was so frail lying there helpless on the ground. Max lifted her up in his arms with ease. Was it just him, or was she lighter than she was before. She shifted in his arms, snuggling up closer to his chest.

She opened her lips to say something. She spoke to softly to hear, but Max could make out a soft murmur. He must be imagining things because he could have sworn he heard Liz call out his name.

Max brushed her hair away from her face and gently caressed her cheek. He ran his fingers through her hair. Thanking whatever gods in the heavens for letting him find her before Sean could do anything worse.

He slowly stood up and made his way back home. Everyone stared at him in the street, but he didn’t notice. His thoughts were all on Liz as he held her close to him, walking towards his home.

He kicked open the front door to the house and carried Liz in. Everyone came running up to him, worried about Liz. But Max just ignored them and walked up the stairs to his room.

He placed her gently on his bed, adjusting her arms and legs to a more comfortable position. He pulled his desk chair over next to the bed and sat down, holding Liz’s hand, waiting patiently for her to wake up.

He didn’t want to think about it yet. He didn’t want to think about what Sean could have done to Liz. He didn’t want to think about what he will do to Sean. He just wanted Liz to wake up and tell him everything was going to be okay.

Diane came in with a tub of water. She placed it on the table beside his bed and starting wringing out a towel. She started to gently clean off Liz’s face and arms. She worked around Max, who still never moved from his position next the bed, holding Liz’s hand.

Max just stared at Liz. Diane sighed, lifted the tub of water, and headed down the stairs. Max was a wreck. He looked as though he might lose it any second now. But there wasn’t anything else Diane could do. The only person who can help Max right now, was Liz.

Diane walked to the kitchen, and dumped the water out before she reported back to everyone else in the living room. Philip was seated in the armchair. Isabel and Maria sat on the sofa, while Alex paced back and forth.

They all looked up as Diane entered the room.

“How is she?” Alex asked, voicing the question that was on everyone’s minds.

“She’s breathing fine. She’s a little pale though. And she hasn’t wakened yet,” Diane sighed as she leaned on the armrest of Philip’s chair.

Philip held her hand and offered her a comforting smile. “I’ve already sent Michael to call for a doctor. He should be back soon. Jim is also on his way.”

Diane nodded her head and leaned back onto Philip shoulder.

Alex stopped pacing and headed for the stairs. He had to see her for himself. He crept up to Max’s door quietly. He didn’t want to disturb Max. Alex knew Max needed his time alone with Liz right now.

Alex creaked open the door and took a peek inside. Max was whispering to Liz quietly. Alex could barely make out what he was saying.

… “And then I’d hold her while we both fell asleep, warm and happy. The end. And that’s my happy fairytale life with my wife. My wife…the only problem is that I don’t have her yet, to hold. So the position’s still open if you’re interested. The only requirement is that it’s you. So that means you more than qualify Liz. But you have to wake up first. I need you to wake up for me. So we can live our happily ever after.”

Max closed his eyes as the tears came down. He gripped on to Liz’s hand even tighter, bringing it up to his lips and kissing it gently.

Alex watched the scene with tears in his eyes. Max really, really loved Liz.

Alex didn’t want to intrude anymore. He quietly headed down the stairs. Everyone lifted their head and looked at him when he entered the room. He just shook his head, no, and sat down next to Isabel on the couch.

Isabel pulled Alex into her arms and let him lean his head on her shoulder. Alex let a few tears slip down his face and just pulled Isabel to him. He would never want to be in the situation Max is in right now. He wasn’t strong enough.

He wasn’t too sure if Max was strong enough either. But Max had to be, for Liz’s sake.

Chapter Sixty-Four

Sean sat in the chair, holding an icepack up to his face where Max punched him. The blood stopped and it was caked to his face now. His lip was swollen and bloody. He had a black eye that was bruised and purple. And he had scratches all over his back from when Max rammed him into the wall.

“What the hell were you thinking you incompetent fool!” Khivar shouted at Sean as he paced back and forth in the room. “You weren’t supposed to make a move until the ball. That was the plan. Stick to it. Learn to follow orders you dimwitted nincompoop.”

“I didn’t make a move.” Sean said, defending himself, “I saw her heaving and panting in the alley and asked her if she was alright. I didn’t even know that she was the Elizabeth you were talking about. I knew she looked familiar though. I mean, she resembles the queen so much.”

“You know her?” Khivar asked as he stopped pacing and stared down at Sean.

Sean squirmed in his seat. Khivar was quite intimidating. “Yeah.” Sean nodded his head slowly, wincing at the pain it invoked. “She’s Max’s girl.”

“The Evan’s boy?” Khivar asked in surprise.

“Yea.” Sean said, “Who else would dare give me such a bruise.” Sean lifted the ice pack and showed Khivar his face.

Khivar laughed. “The boy did nice work. I probably could do better though.” He added with a smirk.

Sean groaned. “You’re royalty. Royalty has powers. Can’t you heal this or something?” Sean pointed to his face, pleading with Khivar to help him. How was he supposed to impress anyone at the ball with a face like this?

Khivar rolled his eyes. “Apparently you don’t know a thing about the royal family.”

“What does that mean?” Sean asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Khivar answered, “Besides, you aren’t worth the effort.”

Sean murmured something under his breath as he slumped down in his chair.

“Just remember the plan for tomorrow night,” Khivar said as he left the room. He needed to make sure the rest of the arrangements were made for the ball, when he would eliminate his competition.


Chapter Sixty-Five

Max waited impatiently outside for the doctor to get done checking on Liz. It took a great effort, but at everyone’s insistence, they were finally able to get Max to let go of Liz’s hand and managed to get him to leave the room so the doctor can do his work. But they couldn’t get him to go far. Max was now pacing back and forth outside the door of his bedroom.

Alex was leaning against the wall in the hallway, staring at his older brother’s frantic behavior.

Valenti made it here shortly after the doctor arrived and he, as well as everyone else, retreated to the office discussing what to do about the Liz’s situation, the ball, and everything else. Alex had volunteered to keep an eye on Max to make sure he didn’t go completely berserk. And inform the others as soon as the doctor was done.

Max’s pacing was getting Alex dizzy and frankly, Max was only getting worse.

Alex straightened up and walked over to his brother.

“Max,” Alex said, grabbing him by the shoulders. “You need to calm down. Mom isn’t going to like it if you put a hole in the floor from all your pacing.” Alex tried to joke, but realized that it wasn’t the time to be funny by the evil death glare Max sent him.

Max let out a deep breath, “I’m just…worried.” He squeezed his eyes shut tight, to get a hold of his emotions.

“I know,” Alex said while nodding his head sympathetically, “But your no good to anyone of us panicking like this. She wouldn’t want you to stress out too much. She needs you to be strong.” Alex said, looking Max in the eyes. Making sure Max understood what he was saying.

Max nodded his head and took another deep breath. Alex was right. He had to be strong, for Liz’s sake as well as his own.

Max ran a hand over his face and turned his body towards the door, staring at it, willing it with his eyes to come open. But no such luck. Max let out a huff.

Max sighed and tried it again. But this time, glaring at the door. Still no such luck. Max said in frustration again.

Alex snickered at his brother’s attempts. “You want me to try?” Alex offered Max. “I’ve been getting better at this than you lately.”

Max stepped aside, welcoming Alex to try his luck.

Alex smiled widely. He stretched his arms over his head and rolled his head around a good measure. “Okay,” he said waving his hands at the door. “Abracadabra.”

The door swung open, as if by magic. It startled both Alex and Max. The doctor stepped out and stared at Alex, who was still standing in a ridiculous magician stance.

Alex straightened up and smiled nervously at the doctor, rubbing the back of his neck, embarrassed at being caught acting like such an idiot.

Max was trying his best to look past Dr. Davis and see Liz.

The doctor just smiled at them both before turning to Alex. “Tell Philip and Diane that I’d like to talk to them about Liz’s situation now.”

Alex nodded his head and headed off to the office.

Max tried to walk past, to check up on Liz himself, but the doctor stood in the way, not letting him through.

“Doctor Davis,” Max pleaded with him, “Please. I just want to see her.”

“Max,” Brody said sternly, “She needs her rest.”

“But…I just want to see her.” Max begged. “I won’t do anything to her.”

Brody sighed, shaking his head. “I’m sorry Max. But if you want her to recover as soon as possible, you’re going to have to let her rest.”

Max conceded with a sigh. He wanted Liz to better as soon as possible. She had to get better. “How is she doctor?”

Brody smiled at Max and patted him on the back, “She’s fine.” Brody’s known Max ever since he was born, but has never seen him this worked up over a girl. She must be one special little lady.

Everyone emerged from the office, each of them desperate to know Liz’s condition.

“Let’s all go downstairs and we’ll talk about it in the living room.” Philip said as he led the way down the stairs and out of the crowded hallway.

Brody walked down. Diane followed close behind him with Michael and Maria after her, and Alex and Isabel after them.

Max waited until everyone was out of sight before he quietly pushed the door slowly open.

Liz was lying peacefully on his bed. She looked a lot better than how he found her earlier in the alley. There was more color in her cheeks. She looked healthier, more alive. Liz seemed as though she were simply sleeping. Not as if she were attacked.

Max’s anger rose thinking about it. As soon as Liz recovers, he would go after Sean and make him pay for even looking at Liz. He wanted to make Sean bleed for doing this to Liz, but he couldn’t leave her side, not until she was better.

After a few moments, Max hesitantly made his way down the stairs, but not before getting another quick glance at Elizabeth, his angel, dreaming peacefully on his bed. Maybe one day he could join her, holding her in his arms while she slept.


Chapter Sixty-Six

Everyone was seated when Max made it down the stairs. Michael, Alex, and Isabel were on the couch. Maria was sitting on Michael’s lap. Philip sat in the armchair while Diane leaned against its armrest. Diane pulled a seat up for Max to sit down in on seeing him enter the room.

With everyone situated in the living room, Dr. Davis began. “Now, I know you are all concerned about Liz’s condition. I need you all to know that she has a very serious problem here.”

“What?” Max jumped to his feet. “You told me that everything was fine. That she was fine.”

“She’s fine now Max. But if this keeps up, she is going to need critical medical attention.” Brody said, looking at each person, making sure they understood how grave the situation was.

“Don’t worry,” Max said with a low growl, “Sean won’t be coming near her ever again.”

“Max,” Maria spoke up hesitantly. “I don’t think the doctor’s talking about whatever happened with Sean.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked, turning towards Maria, “What else happened to her?” Max suddenly became fearful. What if someone has been hurting her and he hadn’t even realized it?

“Who?” Max hissed out. “Who’s hurting her?”

“Liz.” Isabel whispered out.

“Who is hurting Liz?” Max asked through clenched teeth, trying to restrain his anger, but failing miserably.

Maria let out a deep breath. “Liz. She’s hurting herself.”

“What?” Max asked, not understanding what Maria was saying.

“She isn’t eating.” Maria whispered out to him. “She’s been starving herself.”

Max’s face fell and his breathing quickened. “How long?” he asked as he slowly sat himself down in the chair.

“I’m not sure, but it’s been a while now.” Maria said, looking down at the ground in front of her. She felt ashamed that she hadn’t tried to stop Liz, or at least sat her down and fully talked to her about the deadly consequences. Hell, if she could have, she would go back in time, tie Liz down to a chair and stuff her mouth with bon-bons, forcing her to eat.

“And no one thought to tell me? To talk to her? Anything?” Max spat out.

“We tried Max,” Isabel spoke softly, “We really did. But every time we mentioned it, she would change the subject or avoid talking about it completely, walking away from us.”

Max leaned back in his chair with a groan. He was right. Liz was skinnier than before. God, why didn’t he notice it sooner? You’d think he would have been able to see it coming. All the signs were there. He doesn’t even remember seeing her eat before. Max ran his hands over his face and let out another groan.

“We have a very serious situation on our hands here people.” Dr. Davis spoke up, getting everyone’s attention. He looked over towards Max. “Now Max. I know that you believe that Sean may have done something to Liz, but there are no signs of an attack in anyway. Liz does not have any bruises or any other markings on her.”

“But I saw Sean there.” Max protested, “He had his hand on her.”

Philip looked towards his son, “I’ve already spoken to Valenti about this. He says that Sean could have just been simply checking to see if Liz was okay. Unless Liz says otherwise, Sean was just a concerned bystander.”

“Well, she can’t really say anything while she’s unconscious now can she?” Max exploded.

“She isn’t unconscious.” The doctor spoke up. “She’s merely sleeping. Liz was lucky. Her body was weakening due to her lack of nourishment. But as soon as the medicine entered her body, she reacted to it immediately, about ten times sooner than most young girls would. It’s miraculous even.”

“When will she wake up?” Maria asked from where she sat.

The doctor thought for a moment. “At the rate that she is recovering, she’ll probably wake up any second now.”

“So she’ll be able to go to my engagement ball?” Maria asked, being very hopeful.

“I wouldn’t recommend it.” Dr. Davis replied, shaking his head. “I think she should remain resting, at least the rest of this weekend. Even after that, I would advise that she refrain from doing any strenuous activity.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

“Thank you Brody.” Philip said standing up to shake the doctor’s hand. “Is there anything else we should know about Liz?”

“I’d advise that you find someone close to her, that she would listen to, and have them sit her down and discuss the full impact of what she is doing to herself. Other than that, just make sure she drinks plenty of liquids and gets plenty of rest.”

“Thank you doctor.” Philip shook Brody’s hand once more before looking towards Michael’s direction. “Michael, would you take the doctor upstairs to the office and get the prescription and payment for the bill.”

“Yes dad.” Michael said, nodding his head and heading for the stairs.

“Oh, Jim should still be up there finishing up paperwork. I think he needs your signature on a few more things. I’ll be up shortly.” Philip said to him before turning to the others in the room.

“Now, you all heard that right?” He asked to the group, but mainly towards Max. “Liz is not to do anything to overexert herself. That means no getting her to do anything tiring okay?”

Everyone nodded their heads, understanding fully well what he meant. That meant no taking her out to play, no horseback riding, no shopping, no running around, no nothing.

Diane sighed, “Who do you think should talk to her about her predicament.”

“I think Maria should do it,” Alex suggested. “They seem to be the closest.”

“Isabel and I have already tried,” Maria said shaking her head. “Liz wouldn’t listen. I think the person she would listen to the most would be Max.”

“I agree,” Isabel spoke up, “I think Max should. She’ll listen to him. I mean she pretty much remembers every word he’s ever spoken to her.”

Max ducked his head a little, blushing. His lips curled up slightly at the corners and he started getting a dreamy look in his eyes. If Maria and Isabel suggested that he talk to Liz, she had to like him right? If she remembered their every encounter? Their every word exchange? God knows he remembered it all too well. Her face was permanently etched into his brain.

“Now Max,” Philip spoke up. Max lifted his head and looked towards his father. “I know you’re very disappointed, but Liz can’t go to the engagement ball. We would postpone it, but the night before is just too late to cancel and get notices out in time. And before you even say anything, yes you will be going. You are Michael’s brother and your presence is necessary at the ball. I know that Liz was your date, and she can no longer go, but you need to be there. You understand right?”

Max let out a deep and saddened sigh before nodded his head in agreement.

“Good,” Philip answered. “I know you probably won’t like what I’m about to say next, but…Tess is still available to be your date to the ball.”

Max got up with a huff, disgusted that his father would even mention such a thing, “Dad!”

“Max,” Philip warned, “I’m only letting you know.”

“Fine,” Max spat out.

“Max. This is a very formal occasion. I merely suggesting…”

“I’ll think about it.” Max said, interrupting his father as he rushed by him and up the stairs. There was only one place he wanted to be right now. And only one person he wanted to see.

Max leapt up the stairs, taking them three steps at a time. When he reached his door, he took a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. He didn’t want to be angry in the presence of Liz. What if she could feel him like how he felt her this afternoon?

Max quietly turned the doorknob and slowly inched the door open. The doctor said that she would be waking up any moment now, but he didn’t want to awaken her just yet.

Max peaked inside his room. Liz was still lying peacefully on his bed. He tiptoed over to the bed and sat down on the chair beside the bed. He took her hand into his, caressing it gently. She was so beautiful. Max stared at her intently. His intense gaze was filled with so much longing that he even startled himself. He knew he loved her, but he didn’t know to what extent his love was. That is, until he almost lost her. That’s when he realized that she meant everything to him. She was his whole world…his angel…his Elizabeth.


Chapter Sixty-Seven

“…So…um…Liz…um….I…um…” Max tried to stutter out. They were sitting on a bench outside in the garden. The moon was shining brightly, stars flickered in the dark night sky, the sweet aroma of flowers surrounded them everywhere, and Liz sat there next to him, utterly, utterly beautiful.

“Yes Max?” Liz asked, leaning towards him. She was so close that her hair brushed against his arm. He wanted nothing more than to run his fingers through it, feeling the soft silky strands slip through his fingertips.

Max swallowed hard. He just had to tell her. If only he could work up the courage. “I…um…I…just wanted to tell you…that um…y…you see…there’s this…”

“What ever it is Max, just tell me.” She said with a big smile, giggling softly at his nervousness. She bit her bottom lip slightly.

Max stared at her cute little habit. Liz noticed his gaze and ran her tongue over her lips slightly. Max wanted so much to kiss her, to taste her, to be able to feel her lips against his. But there was no way that was going to happen unless he told her.

“Okay. Here goes.” Max cleared his throat. “I…um…I got this for you,” he said as he pulled out the box from inside his coat jacket.

He held out the box to Liz. She looked at it quizzically. Max took a deep breath and snapped open the top to showed her the beautiful diamond bracelet that he bought for her. The diamonds sparkled in the moonlight. Max held his breath, waiting for her reaction.

“What’s that?” Liz asked, pursing her lips and looking at the bracelet.

“It’s…um…it’s…for you. I…I bought it as a…uh…a…token …of my love…for you.” Max managed out, still waiting to see her reaction.

Liz looked up at him with questioning eyes. “Max?” There was a soft twinkle which Max interpreted to be hope. Maybe, she wanted this as much as he did. Maybe, she was just as unsure of herself as he was of himself.

Max’s heart was beating a mile a minute. He looked into her eyes and said the words he’s only dreamed of saying to her. The words that he has repressed for too long. The words that simply rolled off his tongue. The words he’s been longing to tell her. “I…I love you Liz.”

Liz stared up at him, gasping. “Awww…that’s so sweet of you Max. You’re such a doll. But you really, really shouldn’t have done that.”

Max smiled, “I wanted to um…”

“Really. You shouldn’t have. See this little thing?” She said lifting up the diamond bracelet, swinging it back in forth in front of his face to taunt him before throwing it over her shoulder. It disappeared into the rosebushes. “It’s nothing compared to this.” Liz flashed out a diamond bracelet on her wrist. The diamonds on it were ten times the size of those on Max’s bracelet.

“Sean gave it to me.” Liz said with a big smile. “We’re getting married next week!!”

Max’s mouth dropped open as he stared at her. His heart stopped beating.

“Isn’t that right honey?” Liz called out.

Sean popped out of a bush and came and hugged Liz from behind. “Yup. That’s right sugarpie.”

They shared a kiss as Liz leaned back into Sean’s embrace, “Max, you really should come.”

Max woke up with a start. His breathing was rapid and there were drops of sweat all over his face. He used his sleeve to wipe his forehead. That was one messed up nightmare. How on earth did his subconscious come up with that one? Max had to shake his head to get his thoughts straight. His Liz would never act like that. His Liz was sweet and kind. She wouldn’t hurt him like that, would she?

Max looked down at the angel sleeping soundly in his bed. No, she wouldn’t hurt him like that. If anything, she’d find a way to let him off gently.

Max sighed thinking about it. What if she doesn’t like the gift he got for her? What if she didn’t like him? He closed his eyes tight and took a deep breath. He’s not going to know unless he tells her.

Max sat up and straightening his back, wincing at the aching pull in his muscles. He fell asleep sitting in his chair, while he leaned his arms and head on the bed. His back was cramping from sleeping in the uncomfortable position. He stretched his back a little and slowly let his muscles adjust.

Max looked back down at the sleeping form in his bed. She still hadn’t wakened up yet. Dr. Davis had said that she was going to wake up soon. But that was last night. She hadn’t even stirred at all. But the color returned to her face. Her breathing was normal and her cheeks were rosy, but Max was starting to worry.

What if she stayed like this, a sleeping beauty. Max smiled softly at the thought. What if, all she needed to wake her up was a kiss? It was worth a shot, right? Max was thinking about Liz’s well being here, not how much he wanted to taste her lips. He might as well try give it a try. After all, what was a little sacrifice if it’s for a greater good?

Max gently sat down on the bed beside her. He placed his arms on the bed on either sides of Liz’s shoulders, and started to lower his head. He ran his tongue over his lips and parted them. He could now feel Liz’s warm puffs of breath on his face. He could almost taste her lips, but his conscience was restraining him. His bottom lip grazed hers before he pulled back up.

How the hell did Prince Charming do it? It just didn’t feel right without her permission. Max groaned and opted in going to get the doctor instead of furthering his experiment with fairytale mythology.

Max stood up and turned towards the door, about ready to break out in run to get the doctor and bring him here to check up on Liz again. But then, he didn’t want to leave Liz here without his supervision if something should happen to her. Neither did he want to be gone if she should wake up either. But what if something was really wrong with her and she never woke up?

Max was just about to head out his bedroom door when it swung open.

“Morning dear,” Diane whispered, “Is she still not up yet?” She asked, tilting her head towards Liz.

Max shook his head no. His eyes were cast down, a look of distress on his face.

“I’ll go get the doctor.” Diane said as she shut the door softly behind her.

“Oh, Max.” She called out as she opened the door again. “You really should help get things ready for the ball. You’ve only got a couple more hours. Did you find someone to take with you yet?”

Max let out a long sigh. He nodded his head. “Yes,” he said with his head bowed down, ashamed of his answer. He didn’t lift his head until he heard the soft click of the door being shut completely. He never liked lying to his mother, but he just refused to go with anyone other than Liz. His heart belonged to her and he couldn’t take it back now, no matter how hard he tried. And going with someone else just felt as though he were betraying her in some way.

Max walked back over to the bed and solemnly sat down in the chair. He lifted her hand into his, brought it up to his lips and kissed it. “Don’t worry Liz. Everything will be fine. You’ll see. Mom will go get the doctor. She’ll make everything better.”


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Chapter Sixty-Eight

“Yeah. Sure. No problem man.” He said, patting Alex on the back.

“Great. So after the announcement tonight?” Alex asked the group.

“Anything for you Alex,” one of them answered.

“It’ll be like old times,” Another one commented.

“Thanks guys, I owe ya,” Alex called out as he headed out the door.

Alex made his way down the street with a big smile on his face. Everything was going as planned. Perfect even. Well, except for the whole Liz thing.

Alex’s face fell. Why is it that bad things always happen to good people? And Liz was as good as people get. She was so sweet and kind. She wouldn’t even hurt a fly. But she did get a little feisty every now and then, but that was only when max was around.

Alex was pulled out of his thoughts by a voice in front of him.

“Can you direct me to the Evans’ home?”

Alex looked up and saw a monk asking a few townspeople in front of him. He walked up to the man, “You are looking for the Evan’s estate?”

Kyle looked at the boy in front of him and nodded his head, “Yes. Can you tell me where it is?”

“Yeah. In fact, I’ll show you the way. I live there and was on my way home right now.” Alex said as he started down the street with the monk at his side. “Was there someone specific you needed to speak with?”

“Are you one of Diane’s sons?” Kyle asked.

Alex nodded his head, wondering how this man knew his mother.

Kyle smiled, patting Alex on the back, “Then you must be Alex. I’m Kyle.”

Alex stared at the monk for a moment before it hit him. “Uncle K!” Alex pulled him into an embrace. “Mom’s told us a lot about you. How did you know I was Alex?”

“Well, she did mention that you were kind of scrawny.” Kyle said with a teasing glint.

Alex rolled his eyes playfully, “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Kyle laughed. He remembered Diane saying that Alex was quite witty.

“So you’re here about Liz right?” Alex asked with a sad expression on his face.

“Yeah. What happened?” Kyle asked, “I only received a small message from your mother saying that Liz was ill and she needed me to watch after her. I came right away.”

“Well…” Alex started, not quite sure how to tell his uncle, “…umm…she…she hasn’t really been…eating…all too well.”

“Not eating well?” Kyle stared at Alex, confused, “She has told you that she doesn’t eat meat right? She’s in training. She hasn’t eaten meat in her entire life.”

“It’s not that she hasn’t been eating meat,” Alex said warily, curious as to what Kyle meant by Liz being in training. “It’s that she hasn’t been eating at all.”

Kyle stopped walking and stared at him. Liz not eating? Why would she not eat? Liz always ate. Heck, she even ate more than he did. They always used to joke with her about it, asking her where she fit all that food in her bony self.

Alex saw Kyle’s confusion. “She fainted the other day. Max found her passed out in an alley. She still hadn’t waken when I left this morning. Although, she looked a lot healthier than she did yesterday.” Alex kept walking, past the gate. “You can see her for yourself though. She’s right upstairs in Max’s room.”

Kyle ran past Alex through the front door. He raced into the house. He saw a few people standing up and looking towards his direction when he entered the house, but he continued on his way, running up the stairs. He was in such a hurry he ran smack into someone at the top of the stairs.

Kyle looked at the half-dressed boy he almost knocked over. He was most likely one of Diane’s other sons. Probably Max. Diane said that Max had the tall dark and handsome Prince Charming look. And this boy’s hair was definitely more tamed than how Diane described Michael’s hair unruly hair.

“Whoa…watch it there.” Max said as he leaned onto the wall for balance. He was on his way to the bathroom when to get his shirt when he was almost knocked over by someone. He stared at the monk that stormed into his house. “Umm…” Max thought for a seond, “Uncle K?”

Kyle nodded his head. “Where is she?” he asked, panicking, and out of breath.

Max frowned, knowing exactly whom Kyle was referring to. His sleeping beauty. His angel. Max sighed, closed his eyes and pointed to the opened door of his room. He stayed in the spot long after Kyle raced off in Liz’s direction.

Max let out a deep breath. The ball was only hours away and Liz hadn’t even waken up. Doctor Davis came by earlier. He did another check on Liz and said that she was fine. A lot better than yesterday but that she just needed rest. She would wake up when she was recovered. He made a special note to Max, not to rush Liz, and to let her wake up on her own.

Max hung his head low, how could he not want her to wake up as soon as possible? His whole plan…everything…was ruined. Max kicked himself. How can he be selfish now when he should be hoping the best for Liz’s recovery, not that she’s dancing with him at the ball tonight? The ball…Liz was supposed to be his date. Now he’d have to settle for the next best thing. Max groaned, eyes still cast down.

Alex walked slowly up the stairs and saw his brother, gloomier than ever. Alex knew how much Max liked Liz. He could tell. Heck, the whole world could tell by the way that Max treated her and how he acted around her. It is the only time that anyone has ever seen the cool, calm, and suave Maxwell Evans in a nervous sweat and at a loss for words.

Alex sighed and made his way over to his brother. He put a comforting hand on Max’s shoulder, “Max. Mom and Dad already left to the Valentis’. You should finish getting dressed, and we’ll head down there together. Okay?”

Max shook his head, “Liz still hasn’t waken up yet. Who is going to watch her?”

“Uncle Kyle will.” Alex said, steering Max into the bathroom, so he could finish changing. “Mom had him come. He’ll take good care of her.”

“But…” Max began to protest.

Alex shook his head as he forced his brother into the bathroom. “Max. You know you have to be there to support Michael. It’s his big day.”

“Max sighed, “It’s just…”

Alex interrupted him again, “I know, believe me, I’m worried about Liz too, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. You’re just going to have to let her rest, like the doctor said.”

“But what if…”

Alex stared his brother in the eyes. “Even if she woke up, she wouldn’t be able to be at the ball, dancing with you. She would still have to spend a day or two more in bed. But Michael needs you there.”

Max nodded his head in defeat. He knew Alex was right. There wasn’t much more he could do. He already stayed by her side all night and day, talking to her, holding her hand. Heck, he even sang to her, and he is as terrible singer as he is a dancer.

Alex patted Max on the back and shut the bathroom door behind him as he headed towards his room. Max stared at the closed door for a second before he threw on the rest of his clothes. He didn’t even bother with his hair nor did look in the mirror before heading out the bathroom to see if he looked presentable. He could care less. His mind was focused on more important things…or rather…a more important person.

Max made his way over to his room and peeked inside. Kyle was sitting in his chair, beside Liz’s bed, holding Liz’s hand. Max felt a small pang in his chest. He shook his head and laughed at himself. Only over Liz could he ever get jealous over a monk.

Kyle heard soft laughter coming from the hallway. He looked towards the door and spotted Maxwell standing just outside the room. Kyle stood up, placing Liz’s hand softly on the bed.

When he saw Kyle stand up, he walked into the room quietly. Although he wanted Liz to wake up, he didn’t want to be the one to wake her. She just looked too peaceful in her sleep. He couldn’t bring himself to try and wake her now.

“Are you and Alex fixing to head off?” Kyle asked as he met Max halfway in the room.

Max nodded his head. “Yeah. At least, I’m ready. It’ll get dark soon. There’s a lantern on the table. Umm… you can find matches in my desk drawer. Make yourself at home. Anything you want, just help yourself. Okay, Uncle K?” Max said to Kyle, but his eyes were glued on Liz’s sleeping form.

Kyle nodded. He noticed the yearning gaze Max was giving Liz. He would have to have a little to with Liz when she woke up. He raised in such a sheltered environment, she probably didn’t even realize how much longing was filled in those looks Max gave her. Kyle sighed. Young love. It’s the sweetest thing.

“Max. Don’t worry. I’ll watch after her.”

Max sighed, forcing his gaze away from Liz. “Can you do me a favor? Will you send someone to get me if…when she wakes up?”

Kyle smiled and nodded his head. “Of course.”

“Max.” Alex’s voice came softly from the hallway. “We should get going.”

Max let out a deep breath and took one last glance at Liz, lying on his bed, before heading out the door, away from her. His sleeping beauty. His angel.

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Chapter Sixty-Nine

Michael was seated on the stairs as he watched his soon to be announced fiancé run back and forth between the rooms, clearly panicky and nervous about the ball. She was running around so much, it was starting to make him dizzy.

Maria counted things off on her fingers as she entered the ballroom once again. “The flowers are set. The decorations are done. Candles are up. The caterers are here. Music is…where the hell is the band?” Maria paused and looked around frantically. “How are we supposed to have a ball without music?”

Michael snickered at her distress. Why women get so anxious and worried, he would never know.

Maria spun on her heels, facing the crude hyena. “And just what on earth are you laughing at? I don’t find it funny that we are without music for our own ball. Do you? Because if you do, something is definitely not right.”

Michael stood up and held Maria by the shoulders, looking straight into her dazzling emerald eyes. “Maria, dear, sweetie, the band still has over an hour before they have to be here. Don’t worry so muhc. Alex knows the guys. They will make it on time. We will have music.” Michael snickered again.

Maria let out a huff and pouted, knowing fully well that she was overreacting. She leaned into his embrace, throwing her arms around his neck. “I just want everything to be perfect.”

Michael leaned his head down so that their foreheads were touching. “Everything will be perfect, so long as you don’t decide to back out of this last minute, and leave me.”

Maria looked to the side, as if contemplating the thought before looking back and smiling at him. “That’s a very tempting alternative, but I highly doubt that you can get rid of me that easily. Besides, if I left you, who would be here to knock some sense back into that thick skull of yours oh love of mine?”

Michael chuckled and leaned down to softly kissed her lips. He tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her body up against him. He lifted one of his hands to run his fingers through her hair when he heard someone clear their throat.

Michael and Maria pulled apart at lightning speed, both beet-red, embarrassed at having been caught being so intimate in public.

Isabel simply giggled, amused at her sister’s flustered state. “I can just imagine what would have happened if father had caught you making out with Michael.”

Isabel giggled again, earning a glare from Maria.

Upon seeing the scowl on Maria’s face, Isabel suppressed her laughter as much as possible. “Maria, the hairstylist is here. We should be getting ready.”

Maria nodded her head, tiptoed up, and give Michael a quick peck on the lips before following Isabel up the stairs towards their rooms.

Michael watched her as she ascended the stairs. She was so beautiful. How did he ever manage to become engaged to such golden-haired goddess as Maria? Not that he was complaining at all. In fact, he was thanking his lucky stars that she chose him to be with.

Michael stood their long after she had disappeared from his sight. He finally come out of his reverie when he heard a servant open the door and footsteps approaching from behind him. Michael turned around and saw Alex walk up towards him.

“Hello Michael. So…today’s a big day …isn’t it?” Alex asked, slapping Michael on the back.

Michael rolled his eyes at him. “You should see how stressed out Maria is.”

“I could imagine.” Alex said, laughing at the mental picture of Maria pulling her own hair out. “So…where’s Isabel?”

Michael smiled at Alex. “Very subtle Alex. I was actually expecting that to be the first thing out of your mouth.”

Alex blushed and rolled his eyes.

Michael laughed again, “She’s upstairs with Maria, getting dolled up.”

“Great!” Alex replied with a toothy grin.

“I’ll bet,” Michael said as he sat back down on the steps. “Oh. Your friend came by and dropped off your guitar. It’s in the living room.” He said, looking up at Alex.

“Great!” Alex replied with another sparkly smile.

Michael eyed Alex curiously. “You’re a little too chippery today. What’s up?”

Alex shook his head wildly. “Nothing. Why would something be up?”

Michael shrugged his shoulders with a smile. “You’re just a little too happy is all.”

“Hey,” Alex said, making a face and putting his hands on his hips with a huff, as though he was offended by the comment. “I resent that.”

Michael just laughed.

“Besides,” Alex said, his face falling, “better to be overly chippery than to be like Mr. Gloomy Gus over there.”

Michael looked to where Alex was pointing and saw Max, leaning against a wall with his back turned towards them. Michael hadn’t even noticed Max come in. That’s how you knew that something had to be wrong with him. Max thrived on the attention of creating big entrances, and making his presence known to all. And Michael knew exactly what was bothering Max, or rather, who. “So…Liz not awake yet?”

Alex shook his head, his eyes downcast. “I had to practically drag him here.”

Michael nodded his head in understanding.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Alex said upon seeing Michael’s dim expression. “You know Max wants to be here to support you and all, it’s just that…”

“I know,” Michael interrupted, “He’d rather be with Liz. I don’t blame him. Heck, I’d probably rather be there too.” Michael let out a sigh.

Alex smiled sympathetically. “Uncle K is watching her.”

“Yeah. I know,” Michael replied, “Mom already told me.”

“Where is Mom?” Alex asked.

“She’s probably upstairs with Maria and Isabel, critiquing the stylist. Dad’s with Governor Valenti in his office with more paperwork.” Michael said, his mind clearly somewhere else.

Alex sighed, he didn’t want to bring Michael’s mood down. Today was his big day. Alex gulped thinking about it. Today was his big day too. Maybe he should just go over it one more time. “I think I’m going to go kill some time in the garden. Where was my guitar again?” Alex asked as he headed out the room.

“In the living room,” Michael called out to him.

“Thanks,” Alex called back before disappearing through the door.

Michael sighed and shook his head, thinking about the Liz situation. He looked at Max, who hadn’t moved an inch since Michael first saw him. He didn’t even look like he was breathing. It didn’t matter anyway. Max was dead already inside. That is until Liz wakes up of course.

“Max.” Michael called out as he stood up and walked towards him. Michael stopped in front of Max and threw a comforting arm around his shoulder as he began steering him out of the room, forcing Max to walk with him. “Let’s go out to the garden. It’s beautiful outside today.”

Max nodded his head reluctantly and headed out into the garden with Michael.

“So…” Michael began when they were both seated under a tree in the garden. Michael wanted to sit down with Alex too, just the three of them again, but Alex seemed to have disappeared. “Did you find a date?”

“I already have a date,” Max said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Is it Tess?” Michael asked with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Max grimaced and gagged at the mention of her name. “Michael, how could you even suggest that?”

Michael laughed. “Come on Max. You and I both know that you didn’t ask anyone to go with you to the ball. Heck, you probably even turned down all the lovely ladies that had the courage to approach even you. But…” Michael said, leaning back, “that’s not what you told Mom, now is it.”

“No,” Max said, shaking his head guiltily, “but, I DO have a date.”

“Max,” Michael said softly, “I know who you are implying, but she can’t. Even if she was to wake up, you know what the doctor said.”

Max nodded his head, “I know what the doctor said. It’s just… I asked her first. I can’t just turn around and go with someone else now. It just…it doesn’t feel right.”

“I know,” Michael said, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I support your thinking completely. And I’m pretty sure mom and dad do too, they just wanted you to go with someone so you can forget about all that’s happened and have some fun, even if its for a little while. They really had the best intentions, Max.”

Max just nodded his head. “But they don’t understand.”

“I’m pretty sure they do. It’s just that…we’re still young, and they just want us to be able to have fun while we still can.” Michael said as he stood up and offered his hand to Max.

Max pulled himself up and brushed blades of grass off his pants.

Michael laughed, “Sorry about that. Not a good idea to sit on the ground in a nice and expensive tux. You look nice by the way.”

“Yeah. Don’t I always?” Max asked with a smile.

Michael smiled, “great to know you’re back to your normal cocky self.”

Max chuckled. “You should go get dressed. I’m going to go find Alex.”

“Okay.” Michael said. He patted Max on the back before heading off to the guestroom to change.

Max sighed. He was still worried about Liz. Everyone was worried about Liz. He didn’t need to have them worrying about him as well. He’d just have to be more lively, even if it was all just an act. He would just have to suck it up, smile, and play nice, while his thoughts were far away with a certain beauty asleep in his room.

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Chapter Seventy

“Is everything set?” Khivar asked as he buttoned up his shirt, looking at his reflection in the mirror.

“Everything is ready, your highness.” Sean replied.

Khivar smiled wickedly and walked over towards his chair and retrieved a jacket that was draped across the back of it. “Has the Queen left yet?” Khivar asked casually as he walked back over to the mirror to button up the jacket.

“Yes. The Queen’s carriage has already departed.” Sean said, bowing his head slightly. He remained standing in his spot, a few feet away from Khivar.

“Excellent. Have you sent the assassin to the King’s quarters?” Khivar asked impassively as he inspected himself in the mirror.

“Actually…um…” Sean took several steps away from Khivar. “The King is…isn’t…um…he’s no in his quarters.”

“Alright then, send the assassin to where ever in the palace he is.” Khivar said, turning around to look at Sean, becoming slightly irritated.

Sean stared down at the ground while he timidly replied, “Umm…you see…he…he isn’t IN the palace.”

“Where is he?” Khivar asked, his anger rising.

Sean backed several more steps away from Khivar. “He left with the Queen to the ball.” Sean closed his eyes tight, embracing himself for whatever pain Khivar would put him through for his plans becoming disarray.

“What!?” Khivar shouted, causing Sean to flinch. Khivar started pacing, taking several deep breaths to try to clear his mind. He abruptly stopped and looked at Sean.

Sean cowered, fearful of what Khivar might do.

Khivar shrugged his shoulders and walked back over towards the mirror. “No problem. It’s just a minor glitch in the plan. Besides, the man will die on his own. No need to have more blood on my hands. At least, not to where it can be linked to me.”

“Yes Sir.”

Khivar glared at Sean’s reflection through the mirror. The bruise that Sean had received from Max was still highly visible. “How’s your eye?”

Sean turned his head to try and cover up his face.

Khivar just snickered before his face stoned. “Make sure there are no more slip-ups tonight. The girl must be eliminated.”

“Yes sir.” Sean replied, visibly relieved that nothing was being hurled at him.

“Good. Now, to more important matters…” Khivar said in a cheery tone as he spun around to face Sean. “How do I look.”

“Like a King should, your highness,” Sean said, bowing his head.

Khivar smiled. “Perfect then. Let us go.” He said as he walked past Sean, out the door.

They walked to the carriage and a servant opened a door for him. Khivar stepped in and took his seat. Sean started to enter as well, but the coach driver stopped him. “I’m sorry sir, but his highness never rides with others.”

Sean looked at Khivar, who had a look of superiority on his face. “Oh, and Sean. Make sure you do not address me in public. Don’t even come near me at the ball. We don’t want anymore slip-ups now do we? And we don’t want any of this linking to me. Besides…” Khivar said, looking Sean up and down, “you look tacky.”

Sean nodded his head obediently, stepped away and watched as the carriage rode off.

“Tacky my ass,” Sean cursed after it was out of sight. How was he supposed to get to the ball now? That was his carriage that he took to the palace. And now Khivar has it. He could walk, but it was a rather long way to the Valenti estate. Maybe he could take a horse.

Sean looked around and spotted someone. “You there!” Sean called to a servant standing nearby.

The servant turned around realizing he was being addressed and groaned when realizing it was Sean calling him. He never liked Sean. The boy was just too arrogant. Not the charming Maxwell Evans type of arrogance, but rather the kind that made you want to punch him in the gut.

Never the less though, Sean was higher in status than that of a lowly servant. “Yes sir?”

“Run along and fetch me a horse,” Sean said, waving a hand in a gesture for him to go.

The servant rolled his eyes. It’ll be a cold day in hell when he followed orders given by this brainless twit. “I’m sorry sir, but the royal horses are not meant to be ridden by others without permission. And the King and Queen have already left for the Valenti and Evans engagement ball.”

“Don’t you realize who I am?” Sean asked, glaring at the servant.

“Fully well sir. But the rules still apply. Even to spoiled brats such as yourself.” The servant added the last part under his breath. “So, unless you are royalty, which would be an immense felony to claim to be as such when you are not, I can not and will not retrieve a royal stallion for you.”

“Fine!” Sean huffed. “But I will be royalty someday and you will highly regret this!”

“I’m sorry sir, but you just don’t have the manners or the looks to be royalty, especially with that enormous bruise on your face. How, pray tell, did you get your face bashed in anyways?”

“It was nothing that would concern that of a servant.” Sean sneered out. “Bring me what you DO have then.”

“Well…” the servant chuckled, “I think I can find something that will suit you just perfectly.”

“Fetch it then and bring it for me,” Sean spat out, “I don’t wish to be late to my cousin’s engagement ball. Why, practically everyone will be there. Everyone that’s of high status that is.” Sean said, holding his head up high.

“An ass for an ass,” the servant muttered under his breath as he rolled his eyes and walked away. It was just like Sean to remind everyone that he was born to a rich family. This is why everyone is always cheering for the Evans boys. They were always friendly to everyone. Everyone except for Sean that is.

But lately, there hasn’t been much news about them, other than the engagement ball. But there was some rumor as to where and how Sean received that bruise on his face. The servant snickered as he entered the stables.


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Chapter Seventy-One

Th ball started a while ago with guests of all kinds; from high royalty to lowly sluts. Well, that was a little mean of a thing to say about Tess, but he just couldn’t help himself sometimes. They way that she flaunted her body and threw herself at men, especially him, just reminded him too much of a cheap whore.

Max knew he should be inside mingling. It would really help his father’s company to get into the good graces of some of these prestigious businessmen, but he just wasn’t up to it. Not when his mind was somewhere else.

So he was sitting outside, getting a breath of fresh air and greeting people as they arrived to the ball, fashionably late. Some of the lovely women offered to stay outside and keep him company, but he dismissed them all, as nicely as he could. Declining their dance offers as well. He simply didn’t dance.

It took a little more effort to get rid of Tess though, but Alex helped him out. Of course, now, Tess had a very lovely crystal blue dress, with a very red punch stain on it. Normally, Max would have felt bad, but it was just Tess. Besides, she would probably go home and change anyway. That and go tell Sean about what happened and somehow persuade him to get revenge on Alex.

Nothing that Max couldn’t handle though. Where was Sean anyway? He didn’t see him arrive with the rest of the DeLuca family. Sean wasn’t going to miss his own cousin’s engagement ball would he? Max was very anxious to finish the little brawl he started with Sean in the alley. Very VERY anxious.

“Hello Maxwell,” came an obnoxiously husky voice, disturbing Max’s thoughts.

Max turned towards the voice and saw a very voluptuous, very blonde, and very skanky, Pam Troy. Couldn’t she see that he wanted to be alone? And no matter how much Max wanted to tell her off, he couldn’t. It wouldn’t be good business, afterall, her father owns one of the shipping companies that his father worked with. So he had to at least play nice, even if he despised her.

Max plastered an obviously fake smile on his face, “Good evening Pam. That’s a lovely gown you have on.” Max inwardly gagged after commenting on her dress. It was so tight on her figure that it looked like she painted it on herself.

“Why, thank you Max.” She said running her hands over her hips in an attempt to entice Max. But Max, as always, was not susceptible to her advances. But that didn’t stop her from trying. “You look very yummy yourself.”

Max wanted to hurl. Yummy? What kind of a compliment is that? “I’m sorry Pam but I…”

“Maxwell!” Both Pam and Max turned towards the voice and saw Alex, standing a few feet away with another cup of punch in his hands and an evil glint in his eyes.

Max was greatly relieved to see Alex, but Pam looked more…annoyed. “Alex, don’t you have somewhere else to be?” she sneered out.

“Nope,” Alex said cheerily, shaking his head as he approached the two, taking his steps very slowly.

“Well, Max and I very much want to be alone right now,” Pam said, linking arms with Max. Max tried as much as he could to slip his arm away, put she had a pretty strong grip.

“Well, in that case, I’ll just…” Alex pretended to accidentally stumble on something, causing his punch to fly out of his hands. “Oh, my god!”

Pam screamed as the liquid came out of the cup and splashed onto her, drenching her with a large, red stain, right on her chest.

Alex and Max suppressed their laughter. “I am so sorry.” Alex said as he step towards her, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket. “Her let me help you.”

“No.” Pam said, backing away from Alex, tripping backwards on a low shrub, ripping her dress and causing another shriek to come from her lips.

“Oh my god, Pam.” Alex came towards her again. “Here. Let me help you up.”

Max was snickering in the background as he watched the two.

“No. NO!” Pam almost screamed as Alex approached her. “I…I’m fine. Don’t come near me.”

“At least let me…” Alex began.

“No!” Pam interrupted him, holding her hands up, trying to ward him off.

“You’re a mess. You can’t go back into the ball looking like that. I’ll get a carriage for you.” Alex said, raising his hand to call a driver forth.

“No! You’ve done enough Alex.” Pam said, trying her best to keep even a little bit of poise. “I’ll get a carriage myself.”

“If your sure,” Alex said with a toothy grin.

“Yes,” Pam replied, nodding her head. She turned towards Max, “Good-bye Maxwell.” She bowed slightly, and turned on her heel, adding as much hip to her turn as possible before strutting off. Apparently too much hip as her heel caught on her dress and she tripped and fell flat on her face.

“Pam!” Both Max and Alex yell.

Pam picked herself back up and stormed off, utterly embarrassed.

Max and Alex gave each other a look before they both doubled over laughing.

“Oh god, Alex…I thought that…the Tess thing was funny… but this…this was over the top hilarious!” Max managed out between his spurts of laughter.

Alex took a deep breath after his laughter died down. “I actually would have felt bad for her, if it wasn’t for what she did to Isabel.” Alex said with a sigh.

“What did she do to Isabel?” Max asked, concerned for the girl. Whatever Pam Troy did, had to be bad for Alex to do what he did to her.

Alex sighed again. “Pam tripped her out in the ballroom. Isabel was so embarrassed that she ran to her room and won’t come out. Not even when Maria pleaded with her.”

Max shook his head. Appearances are everything to girls. He wondered if that’s why Liz didn’t eat. Was it because she wanted to get skinnier? But she was already thinner than most girls he knew. Max frowned. He didn’t even get to see her gown. She was so excited about it too.

He sighed and shook his head. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about what he was missing out on with her asleep. He’s supposed to just want Liz to wake up.

Alex noticed Max’s expression and knew where his thoughts were. “Don’t worry Max. Uncle K said he’d send someone as soon as Liz woke up.”

Max nodded his head. “Yeah.”

“I think they are going to make the announcement soon. We should get inside.” Alex said, directing Max towards the house.

Alex and Max started to head inside, but stopped when they heard a noise and an animal’s hoofs clanking on the ground behind them. They turned around and both were dumbfounded at what they saw.

“M…Max?” Alex asked, his mouth hanging open.

“Y…yeah, Alex?” Max replied, gawking at the sight before him.

“Do…do you…am I…?” Alex stuttered.

“I don’t think you’re imagining it, if you’re seeing the same thing I am.” Max said, still shocked.

“Sean DeLuca riding in on a donkey?” Alex asked.

Max nodded his head wildly, “Yup.”

Sean dismounted. Brushed off his jacket and straightened up his stance. “Not one word!” he threatened as he brushed past the two.

Max and Alex stared after him as he entered the house. They looked at each other. The scene that both of them just witnessed was too ridiculous, neither of them knew how to comment on it.

“So,” Alex began, “I…I didn’t imagine that, right?”

Max shook his head. “I saw it too.”

Alex nodded his head, “Sean rode in on an ass.”

Max burst out laughing and soon had Alex following.

“That was the highlight of my day.” Max chuckled. “It was more hilarious than that time that you went up to that horse and…”

“Hey! I thought we weren’t going to mention that incident anymore.” Alex said, glaring playfully at his brother.

Max threw his arm over his little brother’s shoulders. “So long as you drop the mud clothes story.”

Both agreed before entering the house, side by side.


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Chapter Seventy-Two

“Where is she?” King Jeffrey asked as he scanned the crowd of people once again.

“I’m not sure,” Nancy said, as she too looked over the mass of people crowding the ballroom.

“I thought you said she’d be here.” Jeffrey said, getting somewhat irritated.

“She’ll be here.” Nancy tried to comfort him. She knew he was anxious to see his daughter. And it was all her fault. She sighed heavily, regretting more than anything her mistakes. She would do anything to make it right again. Even give her own life, if it would make Jeffrey happy.

“I’ll go see if she’s arrived yet.” Nancy said as she stood up from her seat and left the small area, reserved especially for them. She entered the ballroom and glanced around for a familiar face, for any familiar face.

Nancy spotted Jim mingling with a few other men off to the side and headed off towards his direction. She almost reached him when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her to the center of the room.

She was finally able to see whom it was that grabbed her when he pulled her into his arms and started swaying to the music.

“Khivar! What is the meaning of this?” She whispered furiously.

“What?” He asked innocently. “Can’t a guy dance with his sister-in-law?”

“Since when have you even wanted to speak to me? None the less admit to me being your brother’s wife?” She asked venomously.

“Since never.” He chuckled out, “So there wouldn’t be a point in starting now. I’ve found out some very interesting information about you.”

“Like what?” She spat out, trying to pull herself away from him, but he tightened his grip on her.

“Like what a whore you’ve been.” He sneered out evilly. “Sleeping around with men behind my brother’s back. What wrong? The royal bed is not enough for you?”

Nancy gasped, “W…What…what do you mean?”

“You know very well what I mean Amy.” Khivar spat out.

“I am not Amy!” She bit out threw clenched teeth.

“Oh, but you are. Amy Parker. Amy the whore.” Khivar tightened his grip around her waist. “I warned my brother about you. But did he listen? No! Now look where it’s gotten him. His only heir was thrown out. Imagine that. A royal princess mistaken by her own mother to be a bastard child.”

Nancy slapped Khivar hard across the face. “Don’t you ever speak that way to me!” She snarled at him.

“You’re in no position to make threats Nancy!” Khivar spat at her. “Once Jeffrey is gone, I will be King! And you will suffer the consequences of ever having crossed me!” Khivar stormed out of the room, leaving Nancy standing there, the center of attention.

Nancy looked around at the people staring at her. Her and Khivar had caused quite a scene. She was fidgeting under everyone’s intense scrutiny. She locked eyes with Jim, pleading with him to help her in any way and get the attention off of her.

He nodded his head and walked towards the stage, signaling for Philip, Michael, Maria, and everyone else to join him. Nancy snuck away as inconspicuously as possible and took her seat back next to Jeffrey, who watched her suspiciously.

Philip and Diane walked together, their arms looped, and followed Jim up the stage.

Maria and Michael followed as well, large smiles on both of their faces.

Max followed after them with a bright smile plastered on his face waving at people on his way to the stage. He looked behind him and saw a very happy Alex walking up with an equally cheery Isabel clinging to his side.

They all stood on the stage. On the left stood Alex and Max, their parents beside them; then Michael and Maria, with Valenti and Isabel beside Maria.

“So,” Max whispered to Alex. “You managed to get Isabel out of her room? Or did you simply join her inside? That smile on your face is leaning me towards the latter.”

Alex glared playfully at his brother. “I told Isabel what happened to Pam.”

“Did she thank you and kiss you senseless?” Max asked with raised eyebrows.

Alex rolled his eyes but grinned widely, “She called me her knight in shining armor.”

“Aww…how sweet.” Max said, pinching Alex’s cheek.

Alex swatted Max’s hand away. “Yeah. And after she sees what I have planned, she’ll be mine.”

“And what, pray tell, do you have planned in that devious head of yours little brother?” Max asked curiously.

“You’ll see,” Alex said, refusing to tell Max any more than that.

When everyone was up on the stage, Jim began speaking in a cheery and loud voice, clearing his throat, “As you all know, you are all here to celebrate and announce the engagement of my oldest daughter, Rosemary Valenti…”

Maria cleared her throat loudly.

Jim chuckled, “I’m sorry…Maria Valenti, to the son of Philip and Diane Evans, Michael Guerin!”

Everyone cheered and applauded as the couple smiled and bowed slightly to the crowd.

“Aren’t they a lovely couple? I know my wife is smiling down upon us from heaven. She’s as proud of my daughter as I am. She’s no longer a girl anymore. She’s a woman now.”

“Daddy,” Maria whispered as she gave Jim a hug.

Everyone in the crowd smiled at the sweet show of affection.

“Now that I’ve given away my oldest daughter, all I have left is to wait and give my youngest daughter, Isabel away.” Jim said, pointing towards Isabel as she smiled and blushed nervously.

All of the young men in the room straightened their stance and held their heads up high, trying to catch the attention of the beautiful blond on stage.

Alex glared down at them all, sizing each of them up, and deducing that he could take them all on.

Max chuckled. “I don’t think you’ll have a problem there, Governor. Alex, here, has pretty much gotten that area covered.” Max said, tilting his head towards Alex’s direction.

Everyone looked at Alex questioningly, with raised eyebrows.

Alex turned red, all the way to his ears. Max laughed harder at Alex’s discomfort and was rewarded with an elbow in the side. Isabel just smiled a sweet smile and Alex, causing him to blush again, and Max to laugh harder.

“Before we get out of hand here,” Philip started, “We also have another announcement to make.”

“STOP!!” Came a cry from the crowd. “I’m calling off this engagement!!”

Everyone turned to look at the intruder and saw a blonde haired girl standing at the doorway.

“He can’t be engaged to HER!!” she screamed out as she stormed towards the stage. “Michael’s engaged to ME!!”

A shock gasp emanated from everyone in the room and a hush fell over the crowd as they held their breaths, watching the scene as it transpired before them.


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Chapter Seventy-Three

The room was filled with silence as everyone waited for a reaction, for an explanation, for anything.

“What the hell are you talking about, Courtney?!?” Michael asked, furious that she interrupted his big night, uninvited.

“I’m talking about our engagement, dear.” Courtney said in a sickly sweet voice.

“Michael?” Maria asked through clenched teeth and a fake smile on her face, trying her best to hide her anger. “What is she talking about?”

“Nothing, baby.” He said as he leaned in and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t ‘baby’ me,” Maria said softly as she gently pushed him away. “Not until you explain what is going on.”

“Isn’t it obvious, you green-eyed hussy?” Courtney spat out. “Michael and I are engaged. That means that your engagement…does not count.”

“Green-eyed Hussy, am I?” Maria asked. “I’ll show you what a green-eyed hussy can do,” she said as she stormed towards Courtney.

“Maria, stop!” Michael called out as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back away from Courtney.

“Oh, so now you’re DEFENDING HER!?!” Maria asked, tears streaming down her face.

“He damn well should be, after all, I am his fiancé.” Courtney said with an evil grin.

“No, Courtney!” Michael said sternly. “WE are not engaged! Me and Maria, we’re engaged.” He looked down at Maria, pleading with her to forgive him for allowing Courtney to disturb their night. Maria smiled up into his loving eyes.

“But Baby,” Courtney pouted out.

“Bitch!” Maria screamed as she threw herself at the girl. Luckily for Courtney, Alex and Max were there to stop her before she mauled the girl.

“Alright,” Valenti yelled out angrily, his lips in a tight line. “Michael. I want to know what’s going on.”

“We’re engaged is what’s going on!” Courtney spat out again.

“SHUT UP!” Both Max and Alex screamed at her. They all wanted to hear what was happening with their brother.

“Michael?” Philip asked.

Michael let out a deep sigh, his gaze to the ground as he spoke. “This is Courtney.” He said as he pointed towards her direction.

Courtney held her head high, until Maria glared at her, causing her to cower her head somewhat, fearfully. Word on the street was to not mess with an angry Maria. And Courtney wasn’t sure if she could take her on now that she’s seen just how feisty Maria can get.

“I see that!” Valenti said, still staring at Michael. “Would you mind explaining to me what it is she is talking about?”

“Umm…” Michael bit his lip. “About how me and her WERE engaged.”

“So what she’s saying is TRUE?” Both Philip and Jim asked.

“No!” Michael tried to clear up. “We WERE engaged. As in, past tense. As in, not any more.”

“Of course we ARE!!” Courtney screamed once again.

Alex turned around and glared at her, grinding his jaw. Courtney cowered her head and bit her lips.

Max snickered. Alex may be scrawny, but he could be very intimidating.

“Michael, would you please explain?” Philip asked, irritated that he was beating around the bush.

“It was back when my old man was still alive.” Michael said, referring to his biological father, the drunk.

“Hank?” Valenti asked.

Michael nodded his head. “Yeah.” He smiled sorrowfully, “Way back then.”

“I’m sorry Michael,” Philip said, coming up to him and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. “I know how you don’t like talking about your past. We all know you had a rough childhood.”

“I’m going to have to face my ghosts sometime.” Michael said with a sigh.

“So, how did you and Courtney become engaged?” Valenti asked cautiously.

Michael laughed. “Hank and Courtney’s father were drinking buddies. My father…obtained…her for me when we were little.”

“So, are the two of you engaged still?” Alex spoke up from where he was blocking off Courtney from Maria’s grasp. Maria glared at him. “Sorry,” Alex said to her, timidly, fearful of the intent behind Maria’s look, “I was just curious.” Alex shrugged.

“No.” Michael answered with a somber smile. “Shortly after my mother passed away, she ran off with some old rich guy. He promised her gold, jewelry, things I couldn’t give her, in exchange for…her.” Michael squinted his eyes trying to think of the name, “Nacedo.”

“Michael,” Maria said, shaking her head, “you weren’t even a teenager when…” Maria paused and thought about all that Michael had implied. She gasped and gave Courtney a dirty look, “…ewww…that’s disgusting.”

Courtney crossed her arms over her chest and lowered her head, feeling a bit filthy at what Maria had said.

“So. By doing that, she called the engagement off?” Philip asked Valenti.

Valenti shook his head and shrugged. “It could still apply. Michael did obtain her, and since her father has passed away, she no longer has family to take her in.”

Michael groaned and glanced over at Maria. “I’m so sorry honey. I never meant to hurt you.”

Maria turned her face away, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“There’s nothing set, yet,” Valenti continued. “Do you have any paperwork?” He asked Courtney.

Courtney lowered her head and walked slowly towards Valenti while pulling a small piece of paper out of her pocket and handing it to him.

Valenti chuckled when he looked at the ‘document’. “This is written on a napkin.” He said, looking at her with skepticism and then chuckling again. “It’s on the back of a Crashdown Tavern napkin. It’s even got the logo right here.” He showed Philip.

Everyone in the room burst out laughing. Courtney ducked her head shamefully. “But it has everything there, stating that me and Michael Guerin are engaged.” She said quietly.

“Well, you’re right there.” Valenti said, looking the paper over once again. “You and Michael Guerin may well be engaged. But there is no Michael Guerin here.”

Courtney looked at the governor as though he’d lost his mind and pointed her finger towards Michael.

Valenti chuckled once again before standing back on the stage. “Ladies and gentlemen. Like we were about to announce, before we were so rudely interrupted. Michael is now…officially…an Evans!”

“What?” Michael and Courtney both asked.

“It was a surprise son.” Philip said as he patted Michael on the back. “All that paperwork we’ve been doing, makes you now Michael Evans. That is…if you want to be. What do you say?”

“Of…of course,” Michael said with a wide grin on his face. Michael and Philip embraced each other.

Everyone in the room cheered and applauded.

“No! Even with a name change, the engagement should still apply!” Courtney screeched out.

“I’m sorry,” Valenti said, shaking his head, “But a note written on a napkin in highly unreliable.”

“Wait, wait.” Max said as he stood up on the stage. “We may get a little rowdy sometimes, but we are not uncivilized people.”

Everyone nodded their agreement.

“Now Courtney,” Max said, turning towards her, “I’m sure we will be more than happy to repay you what ever Hank paid your father in order to settle your engagement to Michael.”

Courtney lowered her head, ashamed and Michael burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Max asked Michael.

“It’s just…” Michael shook his head and continued laughing.

Max rolled his eyes at his brother and turned back towards Courtney as he pulled out his money sack. “How much was it?”

Courtney didn’t want to say. She knew her lying about it wouldn’t be any good. Especially since Michael knew about it. She mumbled her answer under her breath.

“You’re going to have to speak up. I can’t hear you.” Max said, leaning down closer to her in an attempt to hear her better.

Courtney rolled her eyes and spoke, “Never mind.”

She started to turn away but Michael stopped her. “No, Courtney. It wouldn’t be fair now would it? Go ahead,” Michael said with an evil glint in his eyes. “Tell Max what your father traded his beloved daughter for.”

Courtney crossed her arms over her chest and let out a huff before whispering it to Max, barely audible.

“W..what?” Max asked, chuckling. “I don’t think I heard you right. Repeat what you said.”

“A shot of whisky, okay?” Courtney screamed at him. “My father traded me for a shot of whisky.”

Everyone in the room burst out laughing yet again.

Max stood up straight, “You hear that,” he called out to the bartender, “get the lady a drink.”

Courtney pursed her lips and huffed before storming out of the room, thoroughly embarrassed, with everyone still laughing at her.

“All right everyone. Let’s get back to the celebration.” Max said signaling for the band to start playing music.

Everyone in the crowd cheered. Some couples began dancing again. Others went up to congratulate Michael and Maria. And others started gossiping over the entire situation.

Max scanned over the crowd and shook his head. Everyone will be talking about this for weeks to come. Maria did want a memorable evening, and boy did she get one. Max froze, he thought he saw a glimpse of someone sneaking up the stairs. But when he looked back, the figure seemed to have disappeared. He must be seeing things.

“Well,” he decided as he jumped off the stage, “time to mingle.”


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To answer your question, Sean DeLuca is not royalty because he is not Khivar’s son. He is the son of Valenti’s brother-in-law and is Tess’s brother. Which also makes him Maria and Isabel’s cousin. But he is one of Khivar’s spy/errand boy.


Chapter Seventy-Four

Max sat back in the chair as he watched people socialize all around him. So much for the mingling idea. At least he tried. And he did, with great effort too. After he jumped off the stage, he left to join his father and a small group of businessmen.

The men were gabbing on about how much he had grown since the last time they saw him. Max thanked them and held his head high, though he still felt out of place in the gathering of bearded men, though not as much as when he was younger. Maybe he really was growing up.

They asked him if he planned on following in his father’s footsteps and managing the Evans’ business. He nodded his head and said that he only hoped he would be able to fill such big shoes. His father looked at him with such pride in his eyes, it made Max smile.

They then asked him when he planned on moving out and getting a place of his own. Max told them he already had one in Zanstown with his brothers, thanks to his father. And if things worked out the way he wanted them to, he’d be able to return to it soon, and help his father with the warehouse they owned there. Philip smiled again and patted him on the back.

Then they started commenting on Michael and Maria’s engagement and how they made a beautiful couple. Max smiled and nodded his head in agreement. He was ecstatic for his brother and future sister-in-law. Max has never seen Michael so happy before. He knew Michael has always wanted a family. Sure, he was a part of the Evans family, but Michael wanted a family of his own. He wanted to be a father, a great father. One that was not like Hank. Michael wanted to be the best father to his children, like Philip was to him.

The men then went on to ask Max when he planned on getting engaged himself and how the women were probably throwing themselves at him, trying to stake their claim on him. Max smiled despondently and nodded his head. His heart slightly stinging. He just couldn’t take it any longer and excused himself as politely as possible.

As Max walked away, he heard the men talking to his father, trying to persuade him that their daughters or their granddaughters would be perfect for Max, Tess’s father’s voice the most dominant of them all. Max grimaced at the thought of him with Tess. He grimaced at the thought of him with anyone that wasn’t Liz. He just couldn’t see himself with anyone else.

Max groaned when he heard his father tell Tess’s that he would consider it. His father wouldn’t do that to him would he? His father knew how much he cared for Liz. His father knew how he would do anything for her. His father knew that Max would drop dead before he would even kiss Tess. But then, he father did suggest that he accompany Tess to this celebration. Maybe his father didn’t know. Well, Max will just have to make sure that he did as soon as possible.

But not now. Now, he wanted to get away from the overbearing group of men. To get away from the young men, trying to buddy up with him, just to be able to claim to know him. And mostly, he wanted to get away from the all not-Liz’es, asking him to dance with him.

Max walked away and found an empty chair to sit in. And that was where he was, leaning back in a chair, by the door, waiting. Waiting for one of their house servants to burst through the door. Waiting for them to announce that Liz had waken up and demanded to see him before she saw anyone else, so that she can profess her undying love to him. So he would admit to his devotion to her.

They would kiss, a real kiss this time. It would be mind-blowing. Like nothing he was ever experienced before. She would tell him about how sad she was that she missed the ball. About how much she wanted to go and was looking forward to dancing with him, just one dance. He would smile at her and pull her into his arms as they swayed to the music of their hearts. And then he would stop, pull the bracelet he bought for her out of his pocket and give it to her. She would be so happy and kiss him all over, and they would dance the rest of the night away, until she got tired. Then he would lay her down on the bed, and she would fall asleep in his arms, where she belonged.

Max chuckled at his own thoughts. Only in his dreams would something like that transpire. It was ridiculous to think that such a thing would happen. Nevertheless, the romantic in him wanted…more than anything…for his dream come true. Hell, he even brought her bracelet along with him in his jacket pocket, so he can give it to her…just in case.

Max chuckled again. She just might possibly request to see him when she woke, but most likely not implore that he be the first one she saw. And Max highly doubted that she would profess her love for him, though Max sensed… or more so hoped… that Liz had at least some kind of feelings towards him. In the general vicinity of love? Hell, he’d even settle for a slight attraction. A fondness even?

The way she acted around him made him think so. Even Maria sensed it. Around everyone else, Liz was very timid and modest. But around him, she was more…dare he say…playful. That had to be a definite plus, right? Besides, if you love someone that much, as Max did, how could they not love you back…even just a little?

Max was pulled out of his thoughts as a pair of white heels materialized in the spot on the ground in which his eyes were transfixed. He slowly lifted his head, running his eyes over the figure in white, before him…hoping…praying…


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Chapter Seventy-Five

Max ran his eyes up her body until he reached about around her knees until he noticed that something didn’t seem right. His pulse wasn’t racing. His palms weren’t sweating. And his heart wasn’t pounding away, like it usually did. And that was when he heard it, a voice that made him shudder with revulsion, an obnoxious and completely unwelcome…

“Hello Maxwell.”

Max wanted to gag. The voice she used was meant to entice and somewhat arouse him, but it only succeeded in appalling and sickening him. But still, none the less, his parents had raised him to be a gentleman. So no matter how much he wanted to just tell her off, no matter how much she couldn’t take the hint, he had to at least be civilized to her.

“Hello Tess,” Max muttered, not raising his eyes to look at her. Instead, he turned his attention to a fine, marbled and very shiny floor. Hell, it was easier on the eyes than looking at the gerbil in front of him. Max chided himself once again for his cruel thought. Of course Tess wasn’t as bad as a gerbil. She was worse. Gerbils were at least furry and cute every once in a while. Tess was just annoying and squeaky.

Max scolded himself again. But he realized that he couldn’t help himself. It was just that…after having met Liz…everyone else just didn’t seem as attractive anymore. Not that Tess was ever attractive. But Liz was just…so gorgeous…so sweet…so kind…she was just…everything to him.

Max was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts when he realized that Tess was still there and was talking to him. Apparently she was expecting some sort of response from him. He stood up and finally looked at her. “I’m sorry…did you say something?”

“Yes, silly,” Tess squeaked out as she pouted her lips and ran a hand playfully over his chest. “I want you to dance with me.”

“I’m sorry Tess. But I don’t dance.” Max said as he grabbed her hand to remove it from his body. Just the thought of her touching him made him shudder. It made him feel…dirty.

Apparently, grabbing her hand was a bad move. Much to his dislike, Tess clinged to his hand, even after he tried to pry it away from hers. The girl just would not take a hint. And soon, he was being dragged, by that hand, onto the dance floor.

“Tess…” Max complained, trying, yet again, to pull out of her grasp, but the girl held on strong. Before he knew what hit him, Tess let go of his hand and clasped herself to his body, her hands gripped tightly around his waist as she swayed to the music.

Max groaned as he stood there, muscled tensed, standing as still as possible. Why was he always getting into these awkward situations? His eyes darted around the room, searching frantically for his little brother. Normally by now, Alex will have came to his rescue and found a way to pry the wretched wench off of him, either with another glass of punch…or a crowbar…but Alex was nowhere in sight.

Without warning, Max felt someone grab his arm and spin him around, startling Tess as she tried to steady herself, to keep from falling. A hand suddenly placed itself on Max’s shoulder and the other reaching for Max’s hand. Max stared down at Isabel smiling up at him. He sighed a great sigh of relief upon seeing her.

Tess stormed up to Isabel. “What do you think you’re doing?” She asked, raising her voice.

“What does it look like?” Isabel said with a cool smile, “I’m dancing with Max.” She tilted her head slightly towards Max’s direction.

“I don’t think so,” Tess said. “ME and Max were still in the middle of our dance. And besides,” Tess added, standing as tall as she could, though still very much shorter than Isabel, “I highly doubt that Max would want to dance with you.”

“Oh, but you’re wrong there, dear cousin of mine,” Isabel said in an obviously too cheery voice, “Max has already promised me a dance. Haven’t you Max?”

Both Isabel and Tess look towards Max for his response. Hmmm…dance with Isabel, or get mauled by Tess. Did he even have to think about it? Nope. “I’m sorry Tess…”

Tess, with her hands on her hips, pursed her lips, and huffed before she stormed off, fuming.

After Tess had left, Max glanced down at Isabel. They both laughed.

“I’m sorry,” Max said, apologizing, “I didn’t mean to have you be crude to your cousin like that.”

Isabel rolled her eyes. “That’s alright. She deserved it. How that girl is related to me, I will never know.”

Max chuckled. “Thank you, by the way.”

“No problem. Really. Don’t think anything of it. After all,” Isabel said with a sly gleam in her eyes, “I had an ulterior motive.”

“Oh really?” Max said, raising his eyebrows playfully, “And what, pray tell, was that?”

Isabel smiled. “Alex was in the bathroom, so he was too occupied to come and help you like he always does, being the loyal little brother he is. I, on the other hand, was free and saw your distress and came to free you from the evil clutches of the she-devil.”

Max chuckled again. Isabel reminded him a lot of Alex. They were both always so cheerful. They suited each other perfectly. “So, you were just doing this for Alex?”

“Yup.” She answered with enthusiasm, “Just racking up the brownie points.”

“Are you sure that’s it?” Max asked, narrowing his eyes. “Are you sure you’re not just secretly in love with me? Because I have to warn you, my hearts already taken.”

Isabel rolled her eyes at him and laughed. But soon her expression dimmed. “I’m really sorry about Liz.” She whispered to him.

“It’s not your fault.” Max said with a sigh.

“I can’t help but feel as though I could have done something to help though.” Isabel said sadly.

“You and me both.” Max said, equally gloomy, if not more.

“I wish she could be here,” Isabel said, her eyes downcast.

Max brought his finger up and lifted her chin until Isabel was looking at him in the eyes. “She will be.”

Isabel smiled and nodded her head.

Both Max and Isabel chatted a little more before the room got quieter as someone approached them. They both turned their gaze to the side as the person stopped right in front of them, before uttering, “May I have this dance?”


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Chapter Seventy-Six

Isabel looked towards the speaker and then nervously back at Max. Max was somewhat apprehensive as well. Max didn’t want Isabel dancing with that…person. Max didn’t want anyone to have to dance with that creature. Everyone has heard wild stories about him. The worst part of all the stories was that they were all true. He was evil. But then, how do you turn down royalty? How do you say no to the King’s brother, or half-brother, anyway?

“Khivar,” Isabel greeted him with a slight bow. “It is a great honor to meet you.” Max could tell Isabel was very uneasy, but she didn’t dare upset the man. Who knows what he could do to you? The man could probably get away with murder…and probably has…many, many times.

“It’s nice to meet you as well.” Max said as he extended a hand for Khivar to shake.

“Likewise.” Khivar said to Isabel, completely ignoring Max. “But, it would be an even greater honor for you if you would dance with me.” Khivar extended his hand for Isabel to accept.

Isabel glanced at it, unsure what to do. She didn’t like that look on Khivar’s face. Nor did she like the way that Khivar was eyeing her, like she was a piece of meat. But what else could she do?

Isabel squeezed her eyes shut as she slowly and shakily slipped her hand into his. Khivar began leading her out towards the center of the dance floor. She glanced back pleadingly at Max. Praying that Max could think of something…anything…to get her out of this situation with Khivar.

Max silently apologized to her for the predicament she was in and nodded his head, assuring her he would do his best to come up with a way to help her, like she did for him.

Max’s mind was working as he watched Khivar pull Isabel into a close embrace…a little too close…make that WAY too close…and began swaying to the music. Max could always ‘accidentally’ spill punch on Khivar, but then who would bring a cup of punch out onto the middle of a dance floor with them? And Khivar would definitely be upset if he happened to get soaked in punch. An angry Khivar is not a good Khivar. And there is the slight chance of getting Isabel wet as well. There was a definite chance of getting Isabel stained, seeing as how Khivar is now manhandling her.

Max’s blood began boiling. In Max’s eyes, Isabel already belonged to Alex. It might have been fine if the person touching her was his little brother. If Isabel wanted to be touched that is. But even Alex should be grabbing at a young lady like that.

Max just couldn’t take it anymore. He started towards them. Isabel saw him coming and her eyes widened. She shook her head at him. Signaling for him not to interfere. Max was hesitant, but backed down and moved back towards the side of the ballroom, walking towards the bar.

The bartender handed him a drink. He gulped it down and hung his head low, irritated that he could not do anything.

“Yeah, me too.” Came a voice beside Max.

Max looked up and saw Jim standing there with a drink in his hand.

“I want more than anything to walk up to them and break them up.” Jim said, pointing towards Isabel and Khivar. “But even I can’t do anything.”

“Why not?” Max asked. “You are her father. And you’re also the governor of this city.”

“That’s still not enough.” Jim said, shaking his head. “Khivar is…infamous for his zero tolerance of anyone who got in his way of getting what he wants. He has numerous resources at his fingertips being the King’s brother and all. Mercenaries, businessmen, law makers, you name it.”

“Really?” Max asked, glancing back towards the two on the dance floor.

“Yup.” Jim sighed out. “I think he’s even got Sean working for him.”

“DeLuca?” Max asked, his anger rising more, “DeLuca is working for Khivar?” Max’s mind was whirling. “Do you…do you think that Sean and Khivar may have something to do with Liz?”

“Max…” Jim started, shaking his head.

“I know,” Max said, interrupting Jim, “I know the doctor said that it was because Liz wasn’t eating, but I just can’t get that picture of Sean standing over Liz’s slumped body in the alley out of my head. What if he did something to her?” Max asked, fear creeping up his spine.

“Max…” Jim placed a hand oh Max’s shoulder. “She’ll be fine.”

Max took a deep breath. “I know. I just wish she would wake up already.”

“You can’t rush these things,” Jim said sympathetically. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and get a cup of punch, the redder the better.”

“You already have a drink in your hands,” Max said, pointing towards the glass in Jim’s hands.

“The punch isn’t for me. It’s for him,” Jim said, tilting his head in Khivar’s direction. “Or…rather his tux anyway.” Jim smiled an evil grin and walked towards the punch table.

Max laughed and shook his head. Valenti will probably get himself into a lot of trouble with what he was planning to do, but did Max really expect Jim to stand around passively while his daughter was being harassed by a man, no matter who he was? Nope. A father would do anything to keep his children out of harm. He just had to look at his own father, who would probably endure any amount of torture, if it meant his sons’ happiness.

And Max will do just the same thing for his children, if he has children…when he has children, Max thought with a smile. He was going to have a perfect family. A more than perfect family…with Liz. His Liz. It’ll be great, Max thought as a goofy grin began to form on his face, like it always did when he thought of her. They were going to be the best parents, so loving. Liz would make a great mother. She’d have the family she wanted, he’d give it to her. If she would just wake up!

Max started getting frustrated again. He groaned. How much longer did he have to be here? He didn’t know if he could endure anymore. That’s it. Max made up his mind. He was leaving. He was going to go home…home to Liz. The goofy grin started forming again.

How does she do it? How does she manage to captivate him so? It was like he was under a spell. Like she’s forcing him to think thoughts of her…and only of her…of the way her rich brown hair cascades down his back…her smooth silky skin …the way her eyes sparkle when she’s happy… the way her perfect pink lips curve upwards when she smiles… how badly he wanted to be the one to make her smile.

Max groaned again. He slammed his drink down and pushed away form the bar. He took thunderous and deliberate steps as he headed towards the door. He was going to Liz, anyone in his way be damned, especially if it’s Sean. He still had a score to settle with Sean.

Max was on his way out the door when a hand grazing his arm stopped him.

“Max, I’ve been looking everywhere for you…”


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Chapter Seventy-Seven

Max looked back at the person behind him. He groaned and spun around.

“Maria…” he whined, “I’m on a mission.”

Maria giggled, “Mission?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

“Maria…” Max said, wanting to leave, now.

“I’m sorry agent Evans,” Maria said, chuckling and pushing him towards the ballroom, “But your mission has been postponed. You have bigger things to worry about right now.”

“Like what?” Max asked skeptical about the thought of something being more important than Liz.

“It’s Alex…” Maria said gravely.

Max’s ears peaked up, putting Liz aside for a moment. He never said that Liz was more important than his duties as an older brother, to protect Alex, and it isn’t like she wasn’t just as important. But Alex could really need him right now.

“What’s wrong with Alex?” Max asked anxiety creeping up on him.

“Take a look for yourself,” Maria said as she pointed towards the dance floor. “Michael was trying to talk some sense into him, but he won’t listen. At least Michael’s managed to hold him back. But we need you to talk to him Max.”

Max rushed over to the area in which Maria directed her to and saw a very upset Alex. He was more than just upset though. He looked like a rabid dog, ready to attack. Michael just barely being able to hold him back, despite how much bigger Michael was than Alex. Max looked towards where Alex was glaring, his eyes practically leading a dotted line towards the middle of the dance floor, where Khivar and Isabel were dancing.

Max hurried over to Alex. “Alex…”

Alex jerked his head towards Max, fuming. And for the first time in his life, Max was actually a tad bit scared of his little brother. Alex looked as though he could rip Khivar to shreds.

“Thank goodness Max,” Michael said upon seeing Max walk up to them. “Here,” Michael pushed Alex over towards Max a little, but still keeping a firm grip on him. “See if you can knock some sense into him. Apparently, he doesn’t believe me when I say that he could get himself killed if he tried to do anything to Khivar.”

“I’m willing to risk it,” Alex bit out through clenched teeth.

Michael laughed, “You may be willing to risk your life, but we’re not willing to risk losing you over this.”

“Look at him,” Alex spat, his face scrounging up in disgust, “Look at the way he’s touching her. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near him.”

“Alex.” Max grabbed his younger brother by the shoulders and looked him square in the eyes. “You cannot just go over there and anger Khivar.”

“Why not?” Alex whined out.

“Because, Khivar could say one word and you’d be dead. Do you really want that?” Max asked him honestly. “I know I wouldn’t. Neither would Michael. Mom or Dad. And I sure as hell know that Isabel wouldn’t want that either. How are you supposed to protect her if no one is there to protect you?”

Alex stopped struggling against Michael and stared down at the ground, taking deep breaths, trying to calm his anger. Deep breaths.

Max closed his eyes and took a deep breath as well, glad to have calmed Alex down. He snapped his eyes open when he heard a loud gasp.

“Oh…oh my god…I am so sorry.”

All three of the boys looked up and saw the governor standing next to Khivar and Isabel with an empty punch glass in his hands. “I wasn’t watching where I was going. Please forgive me your highness.”

Khivar looked down at the red stain on his tux, and then back up at the governor. His eyes were narrowed and he was grinding his teeth, ever so slightly. In a normal situation, Khivar would have had the man annihilated immediately, not caring if the man was a governor or not.

But in this situation, he had everyone’s eyes on him, waiting for his reaction. His brother was also looking on from a far, waiting. Khivar weighed his options. To demolish the governor and gain everyone’s hatred and be dubbed as an evil ruler. Or to not demolish the man, and try to get into the people’s good graces? Khivar gave in.

He started laughing. No one on the entire estate had expected that. They had all thought that Khivar was going to have the governor decapitated right before their eyes. Boy, were they glad that they were wrong.

“Well, this has been a very eventful night,” Khivar said towards the governor.

Jim let out a sigh of relief. “Let me call a servant and we’ll get you cleaned up and into another tux.”

“That’s quite all right,” Khivar said, stopping Jim. “I was just about to leave anyway. I have some…business…to attend to.” A corrupted grin on his face.

“Well, then, if you must leave, I’ll have a servant call a carriage for you.” Jim offered.

“I have my own,” Khivar called back, already walking out the door.

“Just send me the cleaning bill and I’ll take care of it.” Jim proposed.

“”Quite all right, really.” And Khivar was out the door.

Everyone let out the breath they had been holding.

Jim plopped into a chair, running a hand over his face. “Wow…tonight certainly has been one heck of a night, and it isn’t even over yet. Wonder what’s going to happen next.” Valenti muttered as he leaned back into his chair.

Suddenly, a few of the candles were blown out, dimming the room even more. A low strumming of a guitar was heard, coming from the band area. Everyone turned around towards the stage. There, up on the landing, was Alex with his guitar, playing with the rest of the band. Everyone looked on, amazed.

“This is a song I wrote, with the help of a really good friend, for a very special person whom I care deeply about…Isabel,” Her name slipping through his lips, he hadn’t meant for them to.

There was a moment of silence as they stared at each other from the distance. Isabel could not believe what was happening. This was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life, but it is also the sweetest. She wanted to just rush up there and kiss him senseless. Alex was just too good to her.

After he broke from his daze, Alex cleared his throat a little, nodded to the rest of the band behind him, and starting strumming his guitar.

“This ball just keeps getting weirder and weirder,” Maria muttered under her breath as Alex’s music sothed her.

“You wanted a night to remember,” Michael whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. “And I have a feeling that this is one that you will never forget.”

Maria twisted around in his arms, looked up in his eyes, and kissed him softly on the lips before leaning up and whispering into his ear, “Never.” She then leaned her head onto his shoulder and they began swaying to the music.

Max looked around him as other couples began dancing. He had never felt lonelier in his life. God, he wished Liz was here. Maybe…maybe if he just…if he closed his eyes really tight…maybe…

Max did so, but then snapped them back open when he heard murmuring around him and a few gasps. What was going on now? He thought as he tried to figure out what caught everyone’s attention this time. He followed everyone’s gaze towards the staircase, still not sure as to everyone’s speechless gawking.

His eyes traveled upwards until they reached the top few steps when Max’s eyes bulged at what he saw. Like everyone else, Max couldn’t do anything but gaze in awe at the sight before him. He…it was…indescribable. There, a the top of the steps…


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Chapter Seventy-Eight

“So much for sneaking down unnoticed,” she whispered under her breath as she scanned over the ballroom below her. She had everyone’s gaze on her as they openly gawked. Even the band had stopped playing and was gaping up at her. She fidgeted nervously, not liking to be the center of attention.

That was when she spotted him. Dear god…did he look good…all dressed up…like Prince Charming. She smiled at her analogy. It suited him perfectly. He was all that and more. Sweet, kind, charming, loyal, all neatly wrapped up in a cute little package. And his eyes…what girl wouldn’t be captivated by them. They seemed to put a spell on her when ever she caught his gaze, making her melt with just a glance.

Then, she saw his eyes traveling upwards until it locked with hers. Her breath caught in her throat at the intensity of his gaze. She watched on as the corners of his lips tun upwards, curving into a smile, the same one that he always gave her.

Even from where she stood, on the second floor, she could see his emotions…through his eyes. How can someone have so much emotion flickering through their eyes? It was like he was bearing his soul through them. But then again, there’s no one quite like Max Evans.

“Well, here goes nothing,” she murmured to herself as she began descending the stairs, careful not to fall, but her gaze never leaving his.

The music started up again. At least, he thought it did. But then he could be imagining it. His imagination did tend to run wild when she was near. He watched as she slowly moved down the stairs, like an angel…his angel…floating down towards him.

He was gravitating towards her as well, just as slowly, afraid that, if he made too sudden of a move, she might disappear.

Her white gown fit perfectly to her body as it flowed around her. She really was an angel. He had to be dreaming. How could someone be this perfect if not existing in a dream? Not that he was complaining or anything. Even if this was a dream, he was still going to take full advantage of this moment. Max patted him jacket, making sure the bracelet was still there. Maria was right, his gift went perfectly with Liz’s gown. Not that she needed the extra accessory, she was already gorgeous enough on a normal day.

The last few steps took a little more effort on her part. She had to slow down her already slow pace to catch her breath a little. She still felt a tad bit weak, but she wasn’t going to let that stop her. It had taken a lot of persuading to get her here tonight, and she was going to enjoy the most of it that she can.

Tess saw the ravenous beauty as she descended the stairs, curious to know who she was. As she came closer, Tess noticed her eyes were locked on something in the room…or rather…someone. She looked over to the direction of her gaze and saw that she was staring lovingly at Max…at HER Max. But what Tess noticed more, was that Max was staring right back at the mysterious stranger, with the exact same look in his eyes. No, this was not good…not at all.

Tess stormed over to the stairs. She was going to stop this right now and show that little hussy that Max was her man, not anyone else’s. She brushed past Max and reached the bottom of the stairs just before he did.

Max broke the staring contest between him and his angel when he felt someone bump into him. He saw Tess rush past him, towards the stairs. He looked at her, curious to what she was doing when he saw it. He saw exactly what Tess was planning do. There were only a few more steps left, and Tess was there, at the bottom of the steps, her dress hiked up a little, and her foot lifted out, ready to trip the love of his life. And all the while, his love being oblivious to it all, because her eyes remained on him.

Only a few more steps, she thought. Almost there, and at the bottom, she’d take a breather. Why did there have to be so many steps to this staircase? But then she supposed that there had to be a long journey in order to get to a great prize like the one at the end of hers. She was down to the last step, but as she lifted her right foot to carefully place it on the ground, it caught on something. But unfortunately for her, she realized it too late. Her left foot gave out. She was already losing her balance and came tumbling forward.

She took a sharp intake of breath as she closed her eyes and braced herself, bringing her hands out in front of her, trying to help block the fall…but it never came. Instead, her hands came in contact with something more…cushiony than the hard floor she had expected to feel.

Max’s hands instinctively came up to grab her around the waist as he held her up.

She slowly opened her eyes and met those of his, mere inches away. Once their eyes met, their gaze locked and they were drawn into each other, staring intently. Emotions were rolling off in waves.

The rest of the guests were still staring on, waiting for a reaction. They noticed the deep stares, the longing in both of their eyes, the comforting silence between the two. Like a princess, finally being reunited with her prince, after being separated for years. Both lovers were rendered speechless, not sure what to say.

Max still just couldn’t believe his eyes. He was totally engrossed in Liz. His arms still haven’t removed themselves from her sides, hers still remained on his shoulders. Max wasn’t sure if it was him or her, but they seemed to be drawing each other closer.

She finally came out of her daze when he heard a loud huff, and saw an angry little blonde storming off. She turned her head back to look at Max and found that he had never taken his eyes off of her. It was very…unnerving…but exciting at the same time. Her heart was beating away, a mile a minute.

She finally noticed where her hands were and quickly removed them from his firm shoulders muttering a quiet, “Oh,” and looking down, abashed. But Max’s hands refused to let go of her and remained around her waist.

She could feel herself being drawn her in closer. She looked up and met his intense and steady gaze. “Max,” she murmured softly, unaware that she had spoken it out loud.

His breathing became more labored as he heard her whisper his name. Hoping he wasn’t imagining the longing that was put into the word, the same longing he felt for her. So many emotions were running through him as her name softly rolled off his tongue, “Liz.”


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Chapter Seventy-Nine

“Liz…,” he spoke in a hushed whisper, speaking any louder seemed inappropriate. “What are you doing here?”

“You’re not going to back out on our date now, are you?” she joked with him but then suddenly realized something. “Oh, you probably already had another date didn’t you? I…I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

Max just stared at her, yet to comprehend what she was saying.

“Was it…was it that girl…a while ago…with the blonde hair? I…I’ll just…leave.” She started to slowly back away from him, looking around nervously. But his hold on her stayed firm, yet oddly gentle.

He shook his head slowly, smiling at her. “No, Liz.” He whispered to her. “Don’t go.”

Liz stopped backing away from him, lifted her head and looked into his eyes. He was practically glowing. He looked so…happy. His lips curved up at he looked at her intensely. Liz couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“I’m not here with anyone else,” he kept his voice low and spoke softly, soothingly. “I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone but you.”

“Really?” Liz asked, smiling. She was surprised by his words. Did he really mean it? Did he really have feelings for her?

Max nodded his head slowly. Everything he did, he did softly and slowly, as if in a dream. “Really,” he answered, taking a small step closer to her. He smiled at her, a genuine and full-out smile. When she smiled back, he lowered his head.

Liz gasped softly, suddenly not sure what to do. Max was lowering his head as though to kiss her. She’s never been kissed before. She closed her eyes and ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips.

Max watched her as she licked her lips. He had to catch himself before he did something he yearned to do, but was unsure if it was what she wanted. He wanted to kiss her lips so badly, but settled for simply being in her presence.

He leaned his forehead against hers and watched her as her eyes fluttered open. It was probably his imagination when he saw her pout her lip a little, seemingly…disappointed. Did…did she…want…him to kiss her. Max kicked himself for losing such a good opportunity.

He suddenly let out a deep sigh and gazed down at her with a sad expression on his face.

“Is something wrong?” She asked, concerned at the sudden woeful look in his eyes.

He nodded his head lightly, eyes cast down. He lifted his forehead from hers and finally looked into her eyes. “You shouldn’t be here Liz.” Max said, hating to have to say this to her. The sadness that entered her eyes was enough to make him kick his own ass for making the smile disappear from her face. “You should be in bed, resting.”

Liz suddenly had a mischievous look in her eyes as she spoke, “But you’re not going to make me leave, are you?” She challenged him.

“Liz…” he moaned. “You know I want you to stay. But…” He was having a fight between his logical self and his selfish self. Nevertheless, his heart won the battle, Liz was supposed to be resting, not exhausting herself simply for his sake.

Her lips pouted in a way that Max thought was absolutely adorable. “Please Max,” she pleaded with him.

The quivering lip was enough to break him down. Now he knew why his mother always got her way with his father. How can you say no to someone who meant the world to you? Sadly, Max knew he had to do the right thing. He had to. It would be better in the end. Better to have her recovered completely soon, than to risk it.

“Please Max,” she beseeched him again, seeing that he was starting to crumble, “Please don’t send me away.”

“Liz…” Max moaned again.

“I just wanted for you to see me in my dress.” Liz whispered softly, her eyes downcast as she sighed. “To dance with you, just once.”

That did it. What little resolve Max had deteriorated. He lifted his hand from her waist. Grazing it along her bare arm and shoulder, sending chills down her spine, as he lifted her head gently with his finger, forcing her to look up at him.

Her eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the room…sparkling with unshed tears, causing Max to hate himself even more for ever denying her anything.

He smiled apologetically to her as he leaned his head in closer to her to whisper in her ear, “Just one.”

Liz smiled up at him, blinking away her tears. She slipped her hand into Max’s as he led her out to the dance floor.

Everyone around the room, sighed at the heartfelt scene before them before they returned to their mingling and dancing, wanting to give Max and Liz their privacy. Liz looking awfully familiar to them, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

The crowd seemed to part and clear as Max lead Liz onto the dance floor. He settled on an area near the center of the room before he turned around to Liz.

She placed her other hand on his shoulder, like she was taught, as Max placed his free hand on her hip, pulling her closer to his body. They swayed to the music, completely in tune with each other.

After a few seconds, after he could sense that Liz was completely comfortable with it, he brought Liz’s hand up around his neck, and put his arm around Liz’s back, his hands completely encircling Liz’s waist. He pulled their bodies closer and leaned his chin to rest lightly on Liz’s shoulder, liking the feel of her silky smooth skin under his.

Liz tensed at first, but then relaxed in Max’s comforting embrace, leaning her head on Max’s shoulder with a sigh of content and closed her eyes. They danced for several songs, neither noticed though. Max completely overlooked his agreeing to only one dance. When Liz suddenly lifted her head from Max’s shoulder, he lifted his head as well and looked down at her, alarmed.

“What’s wrong?” His concern growing, “A…are you tired. I…I could take you home. I shouldn’t have kept you out here.”

Liz frowned and shook her head. “I don’t want to leave yet Max. I’m not tired.”

“What is it then?” Max asked, glad that she didn’t want to leave him, just yet.

“Oh…I was just…curious about…what’s this?” She asked poking at the bracelet box that was in the inside pocket of Max’s jacket.

“Oh…that…” Max said, blushing and flustered. “Umm…that’s just…it’s just…” He took a deep breath, knowing fully well that he needed to articulate his words for Liz to hear them.

“It’s a…” Max paused. He looked around him at the crowded room, deciding that this isn’t where he wanted to be when he declared his love to Liz. He wanted to have her all alone, all to himself. “You know what? Let’s get out of here.” He said with a mischievous smile on his face. “Would you like to join me for a stroll in the gardens Miss Parker?”

“I would love to Mr. Evans,” she said with a smile as she slipped her hand into his, for him to lead the way.

“Good,” Max said, smiling widely, “There are some…things…I have been really wanting to tell you.”

“Like what?” Liz asked as they stepped out into the crisp and cool night air.

“Well…it’s just that I…” Max started, but decided that they had better sit down before he told her. That way, he can see her reaction to what he was telling her.

He spotted a bench and led them to it, motioning for her to sit down. Liz shivered as she settled herself down on the bench. Seeing this, Max shrugged off his jacket and placed it around Liz’s shoulders with a smile, his hands lingering on her a little longer than necessary.

“Thank you.” Liz said, looking at him as he sat down beside her.

“Your welcome,” he replied back, “So…like I was saying…”

“Oh my gosh,” Liz exclaimed as she stared down at the bracelet in her hands.

“Oh, yeah.” Max said, forgetting about the bracelet he had bought for her.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Liz said, snapping the box shut. “I didn’t mean to…I was just… curious.” She held the box out for him and looked away. He probably bought it for that other girl, the blonde one he was most likely spending the evening with earlier, until she showed up.

“No, it’s fine.” Max said with a shy smile, “I…I bought it…for you.”

“Really?” Liz asked, lifting her head to look at him, shocked that he would buy, simple little her, something that probably cost him more money than she’s ever seen in her entire life.

“Yeah. Here let me help you.” He snapped open the box and gently removed the bracelet. Liz held out her arm and he fastened it gently around her small wrist. “How do you like it?”

Liz twisted her hand around, watching the diamonds sparkle in the moonlight. “It’s beautiful,” she smiled. But her face soon dropped, “Max, I can’t accept this. It probably cost you a fortune.” She held her hand out for Max to take the bracelet off of her.

Max took her hand, but didn’t unfasten the bracelet. He held her small hand, twining his fingers with hers. “No, Liz. I bought it for you. Take it. Please?”

Liz was still unsure though. She shook her head, biting her lower lip. “I can’t. I mean…I don’t understand…why would you waste so much money on me? I don’t deserve to wear something this beautiful.”

“Liz, you are the most incredible person. And you’re right, you don’t deserve that bracelet. You deserve so much more.” Max said sincerely, making sure she heard every word he said. Liz needed to believe in herself more, and Max was going to help her to see just how incredible she really was.

“The reason I bought this for you…is because…I…” Max took a deep breath. It was now or never and Max was going to do it. He was going to take the plunge. He licked his lips and took another deep breath to prepare himself, “It’s because…I love you Liz…”


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Chapter Eighty

“Liz?” Max was starting to panic. After he had said what he had been dying to say to her, she just gasped a little and remained quiet. Not a good sign. “D…Did you hear what I said?”

“Huh?” Liz asked, coming out of her daze. She didn’t know how to respond. How was she supposed to respond to something like that?

“Liz, I…I said…I love you,” Max said, staring at her intently, trying to read her thoughts, to feel how she was feeling. “I’ve loved you since the moment I first saw you, by the river that day,” Max admitted, smiling in remembrance of that day, so long ago. It’s seemed like years ago, not just a couple months.

He was silently praying to the gods above to please give him this. Just this one moment of happiness and he won’t ask for anything else. He’d be content for life.

Liz stared at him with her mouth hanging open again, before turning her head away, biting her bottom lip as it quivered slightly. “Oh,” she remarked softly, almost inaudibly.

“Oh?” Max asked, his voice quivering. “W…wha…what do you mean Liz?” He had no idea what was going on in her mind. And Liz normally wore her emotions on her sleeve. But he couldn’t gage any of her feelings with her looking away from him like that.

“Liz…” Max whispered. He used his free hand to clasp her chin and gently forced her head up to look at him. He locked gaze with her and took in all he could. He tried to read her eyes for any emotions, and what he saw made him crumble. Her eyes were pleading with him… begging him for forgiveness. They were so full of sorrow, of regret… of… pity.

Max couldn’t keep the hurt from coming. His heartache washed over him in wave after wave of sorrow. Drowning him in despair. She pitied him…for loving her? How could she pity him?

Of course she could. She had every right to. She was this incredible, gorgeous person. So sweet. So kind. So above everyone else. Unlike him. His mind was completely focused on himself and his wants. He wasn’t a good person like she was. And he actually thought that he could give her the life that she wanted when it was only the life that he wanted. He laughed thinking back on his dreams. She deserved a better life than anything he could give her. She deserved better than him. She deserved better than everyone.

How amazing she was, how could she not have a gazillion other guys head over heels for her, as well, as she strung them all along on a leash? He probably wasn’t the first guy who has bought her expensive things. Not the first guy who was completely devoted to her and her alone. The first guy who admitted to her that he would do anything for her. Walk on fire, juggle swords, even kill. And definitely not the first guy to get his heart stomped on and ripped to pieces by her.

“I’m so sorry Max,” Liz apologized while shaking her head slowly and biting her bottom lip. “I never meant for you to.”

“You never meant for me to?” Max laughed cynically, nodding his head. Whatever gods that are up there must really have it in for him. “You never MEANT for me to fall in love with you!?!” he bit out coldly. He closed his eyes tight to stop the tears from coming. He wasn’t going to cry in front of her; not now; not ever. He was already humiliated by her enough as it was.

“Max…” Liz pleaded again. She placed her free hand on top of their joined ones, rubbing his hand gently, trying to apologize. She needed to explain to him…to explain to him everything. “Please try to understand…”

Max looked down at their linked hands in disgust. “ I don’t want to hear it.” He spat out at her through clenched teeth, his voice dead and heartless. The brightness in his eyes earlier all but died out.

Max jerked his hand away from hers, jumping to his feet as he stormed away…away from her, the source of all his agony. He ran deeper and deeper into the garden. He had to get away. To think. To wonder over where he went wrong or whether he was ever right when it came to Liz.

Liz stood up and stared after him as he walked away from her. She watched as he disappeared past bushes and trees, into the darkness of the night.

She sniffled, biting her lip slightly, before slowly sitting back down on the bench. She pulled Max’s jacket tighter around her shoulders as she shivered, wrapping her arms around herself. The night suddenly seemed a lot colder.


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Chapter Eighty-One

Liz remained seated on the bench long after Max had left. It was getting colder and colder outside and Max’s thin jacket wasn’t keeping her from shivering. But she refused to leave the spot, not until Max returned. She couldn’t just leave things as they were, with him angry with her. She had to explain. She had to make things right again between them. She just had to.

“Liz?” A voice called out.

Liz turned and faced the voice. “Isabel, what are you doing out here?”

“Looking for you actually,” Isabel said, taking a seat beside Liz. “Alex said he saw you here tonight. I wouldn’t believe him unless I saw for my own eye though. So…are you feeling better?”

“Much better, thank you,” Liz smiled. She was touched that Isabel was concerned. Liz didn’t think many people even noticed her or even wanted her around. Heck, her parents even abandoned her.

“That’s great. Everyone was so worried about you,” Isabel said, looking Liz in the eyes. “Especially Max.”

“Max…” Liz whispered with a sigh. Her face fell and her eyes lowered to the ground. Max was worried about her…Max loved her. How could this be? He wasn’t supposed to love her. No one was supposed to love her. It wasn’t in the plan. Liz would just have to make Max see that he was mistaken.

“Yeah. You should have seen how distressed Max was. He was freaking out so much, refusing to leave your side for even a moment. It was like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He must really like you,” Isabel said, winking at Liz and elbowing her lightly in the side.

“Yeah…” Liz murmured. “He might have, but he…he doesn’t anymore.”

“What are you talking about?” Isabel asked, “Max is head over heels in love with you. You should see the gift he bought for you. He showed it to me. It is absolutely gorgeous. I almost fainted when I saw it.” Isabel said, her eyes growing wide.

“You mean this?” Liz asked as she lifted her arm for Isabel to see the beautiful diamond bracelet as it sparkled slightly in the dim moonlight.

“Yeah.” Isabel said with a smile. “He already gave it to you? So…did you hug him and kiss him all over when you saw that?”

Liz shook her head sadly. “He gave it to me all right. But I didn’t…I didn’t get to thank him.”

“That’s okay. Max is probably ecstatic just by you wearing it. It’s like claiming you as his. Where is Max anyway?” Isabel asked, glancing around the garden. “Wasn’t he out here with you? Alex said he saw you sneak out here with him.”

“No. He..he was…but he left,” Liz spoke softly.

“Left you here by yourself? I doubt that.” Isabel said, shaking her head slightly. “He probably just ran off to go buy you a set of matching diamond earrings or a necklace or something.” Isabel teased, “Or at least a fur coat. It’s freezing out here.” She rubbed her hands up and down her arms to try and warm herself.

Liz nodded her head in agreement. Max’s jacket was slipping and she pulled it tighter around her shoulders. The smell of his cologne was embedded in the jacket. Liz smiled at the thought that she was totally engrossed in Max. But then she sighed heavily.

“Why don’t we go inside? Everyone’s still there, and there are plenty of people for me to introduce you to,” Isabel said, standing up and grabbing Liz’s hand in an attempt to pull her inside.

Liz slipped her hand out of Isabel’s, “No. I need to wait here. I have to wait for Max to come back. There are some…things…I need to tell him that I didn’t get to earlier.”

“Liz,” Isabel said with a warning in her voice. “It’s too cold and too late at night for you to be out here by yourself. This is your first ball, so I have to warn you that there are a lot of drunk and delusional men loitering out around here at night. It’s not safe. Besides, you’re still ill. And I highly doubt that the good Doctor Davis would approve of you out in the cold.”

“But…” Liz protested.

“No buts.” Isabel said as she grabbed Liz’s hand again. This time, successfully pulling Liz towards the house with her. “Don’t worry. Max will find you. He’d probably search hell and back just to get to you. And in the mean time, you can come spend time with me. There are some very handsome young men attending this event that I’d like to meet, and I guarantee that youw ill want to meet them too.”

“What about Alex?” Liz asked, teasingly.

“What about Alex? It’s not like we are actually interested in any of these fine young men. We are simply getting to know the members of our community…friendly mingling.” Isabel said with a mischievous smile.

Liz sighed, “fine,” she slumped her shoulders in surrender, agreeing to follow Isabel into the house. She would just have to sneak away later to wait for Max. And judging by how angry he was, he’ll probably be outside a little while longer anyway.


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Chapter Eighty-Two

Max pounded his fist on the hard trunk of the tree before him, succeeding in bruising his hand in the process. But he didn’t care. Nope. He needed to relieve some of the anger building up inside of him. He wasn’t angry with Liz. No, he could never be angry with Liz. He was more angry with himself. Angry that he wasn’t a better person.

If he were a better person, maybe…just maybe, Liz would like him back…or at least show some type of fondness towards him. Any emotion, any fucking emotion other than what she felt…pity. He saw PITY in her eyes. Like he was just some pathetic fool, which he probably was. Max took another punch at the tree, blood now dripping out of his knuckles, before he slowly dropped to the ground, hanging his head between his pulled up knees.

Why did this have to happen to him? Of all things, he wanted her more than anything else, but she didn’t want him. She probably wanted Sean. Max was disgusted at the notion. Liz would never go for someone like Sean. He knew she wouldn’t. But then again, he had thought that she wanted to be with him. Oh, god. She probably did want to be with Sean.

But he bet more than anything that she wouldn’t want to be with Sean if he proved to her just how corrupt Sean was. How much of a better person Max was than Sean DeLuca. Max stood up, a plan forming in his head. Granted, it wasn’t a very thought out or a calculated plan, but it was a plan nonetheless. And he was going to go through with it. Afterall, Evans men never back down from a challenge. And right now, Sean was his main rival, as they challenged to win Liz’s heart…if it was even obatinable, Max thought with a groan, his shoulders slumped and his resolve dwindling.

No, he thought firmly. He was not going to lose. He was going to prove to Liz what a great person he was, and he was going to do it now. And if she didn’t see just how great he was and fall as much in love with him as he was with her, he would just have to make her see.

Max stomped towards the house, completely motivated to do just about anything.

But when he heard voices calling, not far away, he ducked to the ground and hid himself. Everyone knew that these balls always had drunk and delusional people out around. And that was exactly what he was …a drunk…drunk off love.

Max held his breath as the people came closer towards him. He could hear them rustling past the bushes.

“Where is she?”

Max heard an authoritative voice question. He recognized it.

“I…I don’t know. I saw her coming out here earlier.”

Now there was a voice Max definitely recognized. Sean freaking DeLuca. The worming scumbag himself. What was he up to now?

“Well you had better find her. I want her eliminated. No mistakes!”

Who did he want to get rid of? Max wondered

“I don’t see why you want her gone that badly. I mean…Elizabeth isn’t all that bad. She’s really pretty.”

What the hell? Max thought. Did Sean just say that they were going to eliminate Liz? His Liz?

“Sean. I am going to pretend I didn’t hear that and walk away without bashing your head in. You know damn well that I need her gone. Now…you find that girl and you get rid of her, or else, I’ll get rid of you.”

“Yes Khivar!”

Khivar…Khivar wanted Liz gone? Why? What did Liz ever do to anyone?

“Good! Now go and find her.”

Max heard the voices drift off as they headed in a different direction. Once he was sure they were out of sight, Max jumped up and ran towards the house. He had to find Liz. He had to save her.

Max made it to the bench they sat at earlier, but there was no sign of Liz. Why the hell did he ever let her out of his sight? She was still not fully recovered yet.

Max made a mad dash for the house. He rushed through the door and looked around frantically for Liz. Max heard laughter a few feet away from him, a sweet, harmonious laughter. One that made his lips curl up and his heart soar.

He turned towards her, his angel, wearing her white flowing gown. Her hair done up in a simple and yet elegant twist. Her face was glowing with a sweet smile on her lips. She had his jacket casually draped over her arm. But his bracelet still shone out slightly, sparkling in the candlelight, claiming her as his. She was absolutely breathtaking. Normally, when he looked at her, his heart would melt.

But what he saw made his heart crumble and his face fall. His Liz was talking with another guy. What hurt more was that she was laughing at his jokes. The son of a bitch was making her laugh. And he was touching her too. He was running his hand up and down her bare arm. Anger and jealousy filled Max as he stormed over to her, fuming.

When she spotted him a few steps away, she turned towards him with a smile. “Max. I’ve been looking all over for you.”

“Yeah. I’ll bet,” He spat out at her.

Liz’s face fell at his sharp words. He was still angry with her. “Umm…this…this is Brad.” She said, motioning with her hands the person whom Max felt like punching in the gut this instant.

“Hey. Max Evans. It’s great to finally be able to meet you.” Brad said, extending his hand for Max to take.

Max looked from Brad to Brad’s hand and back to Brad again, before he spoke. “Leave,” Max said, annoyed that the boy would even try to stick around after Max had arrived to stake his claim.

Brad quickly spun on his heel and left. He might not have known Max personally, but everyone knew not to mess with Max Evans. It was like playing with fire.

Liz turned her head and watched Brad scamper off. She needed to talk to Max, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to do so while he was in the nasty mood he was in.

“What? You want to follow him?” Max asked, noticing her gaze after the jackass she was talking to. “You want to stop him from walking away? Go ahead. Stop him. Tell him you want him to stay…and that you love him. That you want to be with him. God knows you didn’t even try to stop me.” Max spat out, his hurt shining clearly in his eyes.

“What are you talking about Max?” Liz asked, shaking her head. “I just met Brad.”

“Yeah. And what does he have that I don’t? What makes him so special that he can make you laugh…make you smile like that?” His voice got lower as his lip started quivering.

“I don’t know Max.” Liz shook her head. “Why don’t you ask yourself that question. You always made me smile…made me happy…anytime you were near, except for recently.”

“And whose fault is that!?!” He bit out through clenched teeth.

Liz stared at him, tears shining in her eyes as she began to crumble. “Who are you? You’re not the Max I know. You…you’ve never been this cold to me before.”

“Yeah? Well, the Liz I knew wouldn’t have hurt me like you did,” Max snarled out. “I don’t know what I ever saw in you. You are nothing but a manipulative bitch, stringing guys along like they are nothing. I wish I had never met you.” Max snarled at her.

Liz couldn’t restrain her tears anymore. They came flowing down her cheeks. She was right. Max didn’t like her. Liz lowered her head and fidgeted with her hands. She smiled ruefully and bit her bottom lip to keep it from quivering.

After the hurtful words came pouring out of Max, he could only watch Liz as she broke down in front of him. A small whimper coming from her made him crumble. More than regretting every word that came out of his mouth. Max reached up and ran his hand up and down her arm, trying to soothe her, trying to apologize. “Liz…”

Liz spun on her heel, her hands coming up to cover her sobbing and wipe away tears as she ran out of the room, into the garden.

“No.” Max yelled after her. “Liz, don’t go.” She couldn’t go into the gardens. They’ll get her there. He was supposed to be protecting her, keeping her away from them, away from everything evil in the world. He loved her, no matter how much it hurt, how much he wished he didn’t anymore, he still loved her more than anything. And he was more than willing to risk his life for hers. Max ran in after her without a second thought.


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Chapter Eighty-Three

Liz ran through the garden, past the trees and bushes, hiking up her dress so that she can quicken her pace. She could hear Max calling for her not far behind, making her run even faster. She brushed past a few rose bushes, hissing as the thorns scraped her across her bare arms and clung to her dress. She still had Max’s coat jacket in her hand, still holding on to it. Why? She did not know. She could feel blood dripping out of her arms. But Liz ignored the sting as she kept running, not wanting to be anywhere near Max. She didn’t want to be around to hear any more of his hateful words.

Max ran after her, calling her name and trying to stop her, but she was always just barely out of his reach. And when he could almost scantily grab her arm, she slipped between two fences in the garden. It was too narrow of a space for Max to slide through, so he was forced to go around them, allowing Liz ample time to increase the distance between them. When he finally made it around the wall, he was able to catch a glimpse of her as she disappeared into the bushes. Max ran in after her.

Liz couldn’t last much longer. Her breathing was laborious, her pulse was erratic, and her heart was pounding harder than ever before. If she didn’t stop soon, she would faint. Why did the Valenti’s have to have such a huge estate? But up ahead, she could see the outline of carriages, parked in the long driveway, the coachmen standing around mingling with one another as they awaited their masters to call upon them. Actually, one person was going around to the different carriages and talking to the other coachmen.

Liz could hear Max’s footsteps several meters behind her once again. She waved her arms around frantically to the coachmen, trying to signal them. The one she took note of earlier nodded towards her as he hopped onto the front of a carriage and turned it around, ready for her to hop in and ride away immediately.

And Liz did just so. Hopping into the open carriage door and shutting it as she stepped in. She sank down onto the seat, trying her best to catch her breath and calm her heart before she passed out. The coachman sped the carriage off, down the road, and away from Max.

Max watched as Liz signaled the coachman and headed straight for the carriage. He prayed that he reached her before she could get to it, but he knew praying was useless. The gods just weren’t on his side today. He watched as Liz entered the carriage and slammed the door shut. Max still raced towards her, looking on as the seemingly familiar outline of the coachman waved at him. Even in the darkness of the night, the moon shined brightly enough so that Max could see the smirk smeared across the coachman’s face, as if claiming his victory. That face. It made Max freeze in his spot. Max wanted more than anything to pummel that face. The face Max will always remember. The face he will despise for eternity, along with the reptile it belonged to…Sean DeLuca.


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Chapter Eighty-Four

Liz woke with a start as the carriage ran over a large bump in the road. She must have fallen asleep after the carriage took off. She was so exhausted. Tonight was just too much for her, and it still wasn’t over yet. Liz peered outside the window and took in her surroundings. What she saw scared her.

The coachman had taken her deep into the forest, not where she wanted to be taken. Come to think of it, Liz hadn’t told the driver where she wanted to go. The driver had simply taken off after she entered the carriage.

Liz carefully moved to the bench facing her. There was a small window above it, where the coachman sat, so that you could speak to him. She knocked on the glass of the window before pulling it back. “Excuse me,” she spoke politely.

“Yes?” Sean asked glancing down at her.

Liz gasped, recognizing his face. He was the man Max was competing with the first day she met Max. He was also the last person she saw before she blacked out in the alley. What was his name…Sean…was it?

That was strange. The way that Sean was flaunting in front of Max that day, made Liz believe that Sean came from a very high-class family. And that wager that the two made was a lot of money. So why was Sean a coachman for a carriage? And where was he taking her?


Liz heard Sean curse and looked around to see what was the matter. She could hear a horse galloping up at a distance, but could not see anything in the darkness of the night. She tried to make out who was riding upon the galloping horse by looking through the back window, but couldn’t tell who it was. She started panicking. What if it was a thief? Or a hijacker?

In her distress, she began praying, begging for help.

“W…who is that behind us?” Liz stuttered out. She had moved to the seat closer to Sean.

“No one for you to concern yourself with, my dear,” Sean said with an evil grin, “That should be the least of worries on your mind right now.”

“Where are you taking me?” Liz asked. She didn’t recognize this part of the forest. She’s never taken this route before.

“You shouldn’t be worrying about that right now. You should be worrying about how much longer you have left to live.” Sean smirked at her. “Or whether I feel generous enough to give a quick and easy death.

Liz gasped and backed away from Sean, taking the seat near the back window. Oh, please, no. Someone help her.

Sean whipped the horse again and sped the carriage away. But Liz could hear the galloping horse come closer. She looked out the back window again and could make out the faint outline of a figure on a horse. A very familiar figure. Liz stood up shakily in the moving carriage and pried open the back window.

“HELP!” She yelled out to the horseman. Praying to the gods that, who ever the person was, they were coming to help her.

“HELP ME PLEASE!” She managed out before she let out an ear-piercing scream as she felt a sharp sting to her back. Liz turned around and saw Sean’s hand through the window. The whip that Sean had used to whip the horse, he had used to whip her as well.

“SHUT UP YOU WHORE!” Sean yelled at her from where he sat. “No one is going to be able to help you! Just wait until I get my hands on you! We’ll give Max something to really be jealous about!”

NO!, Liz thought. There had to be another way out. Liz’s mind began to work in overdrive as she considered her options. She could stay in the carriage. Then, Sean would either kill her quickly or painfully. Then there was the horseman. He could help her, unless he was also out to get her.

Or she could get out of the carriage. If she jumped for it, she would definitely get hurt. There was a high chance of broken bones. And there was a chance that Sean would still run after her. There was a chance she would be able to get away. There was a chance the horseman might save her…or kill her. And there was also the chance of her dying from the impact. But was it a chance she was willing to take? YES! Anything was better than to have Sean get his hands on her. Sean’s evil vibes were coming off so strong, Liz was becoming nauseous.

She made up her mind and pushed open the door. The speed of the wind as the carriage whipped through the night air made the door jerk open and slam into the side of the carriage with a loud bang.

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?” Sean yelled back to Liz. But before he could say anymore, Liz jumped out the carriage, throwing herself out the door and trying her best not to break any limbs.

She landed on her front side with a thud, wincing and moaning at the pain that was coming over her body. She could hear the carriage coming to a screeching halt, a horse neighing nearby, and the thunderous gallops of the horseman stop shortly after. Liz could faintly hear footsteps coming at her from both sides, and the sound of someone yelling out her name before her body gave into the pain and she slumped to the earth, blacked out.


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Chapter Eighty-Five

Max rode on as fast as could. He had to get to Liz. He would have already caught up with Sean, but it took him a while until he finally snapped out of his daze of having realized he had just lost Liz. And then he had to find himself a horse to go after them and save her.

Max finally started to catch up to the carriage upon exiting the city and entering the forest. Where the hell was Sean taking her? How far was he planning on going?

Suddenly Max felt it, the fuzzy feeling he first felt the other day in the alley. It was Liz. She was calling him. Begging him to help her. Max quickened his speed. Liz needed him.

As he started getting closer to the carriage, he could see Liz jumping back into the seat through the back window of the carriage. If Sean did something to her… Max felt his anger rising. Fear was coming off of Liz in waves. She was terrified and panicked.

Max saw her pry open the back window and stare right at him. Some fallen strands of her hair were whipping around her face. He could hear her yelling out to him, “HELP!”

Don’t worry, love, Max thought. “I’m coming!” He yelled back, but it was drowned out by the sound of her loud shriek. Max saw it. Sean was hurting her. That bastard. When Max gets his hands on Sean… Sean was a dead man.

Max was almost there… almost to her…when the door opened with a bang and out came Liz’s body. What the hell was she doing? Max thought to himself. He stopped the horse abruptly, causing the horse to neigh loudly in protest. The carriage had also stopped and Sean was already running towards Liz.

Max jumped off the horse and ran towards her. He needed to get to her before Sean could lay another finger on her. Hopefully, she was all right and the pain from the impact of the ground wasn’t too much for her. But then, she was still so weak.

Max saw her head fall to the ground, passed out just as Sean reached her. Max was only a few steps away. He slammed his body into Sean’s, shoving the filthy bastard away from his Liz. Max hurdled towards Sean and started pounding, letting out all his built up rage and anger about all that’s been going on. For Liz hurting him. For Sean hurting Liz. And for everything else that’s been going wrong with his life.

Max used one of his hands to hold Sean up, and the other to pound at him. His hand was already sore from his bashings on the tree earlier that evening, but he didn’t care. He welcomed the pain. It helped him forget about the other aches his body’s been subjected to lately…specifically his heart.

Max finally stopped himself when Sean slumped to the ground, unconscious. Now, Max had someone else he had to deal with right now. Someone else he had to take care of.

Max turned around towards the spot where he had last seen Liz, but she was no longer there. He looked around frantically before spotting her, her dress flowing around her, her hair, a mess, flying back behind her as she ran deeper into the woods. She was running away…away from him…again. Max bit down on his heartache at seeing her retreating figure…fleeing away from him, not wanting to be around him, Max noted painfully… before he ran after her… again.


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Chapter Eighty-Six

Liz ran as fast as she could, or rather, staggered. She knew she wouldn’t be able to last much longer, but she had to. Something was after her. Something evil. Her senses were fuzzy, warning her to get away...far away.

When she woke up, she was in pain. Her whole body ached. She looked up and saw the horseman attacking Sean. He looked familiar, the horseman did, but her vision was still foggy from her fall and she couldn’t make out whom he was.

That was when she felt it; the fuzzy feeling that crept into her head. Warning bells ringing through her ears…telling her to leave. She picked herself up, grimacing at the pain that shot through her from every part of her body, staggering her first few steps. But her fear pushed her on and kept her moving.

She was only able to limp a few feet before she heard footsteps following close behind her. She could hear someone calling out her name. At least she thought she did. It was hard to tell with her senses still hazy from the impact from the ground and the warning bells ringing in her head.

Who ever it was, was close. Liz heard her name being called again. This time she was positive she heard a voice calling to her. That voice, it was so familiar. It soothed and comforted her, even with the harshness and anger evident in its tone.

With her breathing more labored than ever, Liz turned her head, glancing back and saw him. He was standing only a few steps behind her. Though she could see hurt and anger in his eyes, she was more than pleased to see him. “Max…”

Liz moaned and cried out as a she felt a sudden sharp pain in her back. Max was at her side instantly. “Liz…” His voice was full of concern, all anger gone. “What’s wrong? W…where are you hurt?” He spoke, looking her up and down, taking in all the scars and bruises that were forming all over her body. “Oh God!”

Liz clenched her teeth hard and grimaced as another pain shot through her. This time, she felt it in her entire body. Max was frantic, not knowing anything better to do, he gently put his arms around Liz, pulling her into an embrace, trying to take away all her pain.

At first, Liz tensed as she felt his arms go around her, but she soon relaxed as Max seemed to take all the pain away. It was like he absorbed it all into himself, just so that she would feel better. She didn’t expect to feel warmth and comfort in Max’s arms…but she did…she always did. So many emotions were running through her head as she leaned into his embrace.

Suddenly, the fuzzy warning rang in her head again. Warning bells were going off in her mind. The person that she sensed, coming after her earlier, wasn’t Max. It was someone else. And that someone was still after her. Evil was pulsating off this person. Who ever this person was, they were after her and would stop at nothing until they got to her. They’d even kill…

Max was loving the feel of Liz in his arms. This was how it was supposed to be…his life with her. He forgot all about Sean, about the ball, about everything. He was completely engrossed in Liz. It was blissful to feel her smooth and honeyed skin underneath his fingertips, to be able to run his fingers through the soft and silky strands of her hair… it was heaven… until she pushed him away.

“N…no…Max,” Liz panted out as she tried her best to push him away. But she was so weak. Her throat felt so dry and her body ached again without Max’s arms around her, to take away the pain. She wanted nothing more to just stay in his arms, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t do that…not to him. She cared about him too much, Liz admitted to herself. She couldn’t put him in harm’s way.

“Liz…” Max murmured softly, pain in his eyes. He removed Liz’s hands from his chest, holding them gently in his own. “You can’t push me away forever…” He whispered out to her.

Liz nearly broke down at how much pain was in his words…in his eyes, but she couldn’t hurt him…not now…not ever. She slipped her hands out of his and threw them around his neck, tiptoeing up to whisper in his ears, that way she wouldn’t be able to see the look on his face…the pain in his eyes.

“Please Max. Just leave. I need you to leave. I don’t want you here.” Liz slid down Max’s body and hurried off again, the aching of her body went ignored as she focused more on the aching she felt in her heart when she saw the devastation in his eyes, but who ever it was, was coming for her, not Max, and she had to get away from him, to save him. Liz staggered off into the night again, not glancing back…not once.


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Chapter Eighty-Seven

Max stared on in disbelief. How could this girl be so fickle? Didn’t he just feel her responding to him? Didn’t he just feel her relax in his arms? He didn’t just make that up. He knew he didn’t. He felt it. So why does she keep changing her mind about him.

Max was still too shocked to feel her slip down his body, to feel her push away from him, or to noticed her stagger off. When he finally did come out of the little pity-party playing in his head, it was too late. She was already gone.

Max turned in circles looking around, trying to find any clue to which direction she went. She may not want him near her, but he’d be damned if he was going to just allow her to walk away from him like that, especially in her condition. Did you ever notice how stubborn he could be?

Max closed his eyes tight and tried to sense her again, like he did before with the fuzzy warm feelings. Max smiled thinking about it. He loved how he felt around her. It was like she would enter every pore of his body and leave him so…happy…overly content. And he needed to have that feeling again.

“Which way did they go?!”

Max heard a voice yell from out of no-where. He hid behind a tree, sucking in his breath and trying to make himself as small as possible, so that he wouldn’t be seen.

“I…I…I don’t know,” another voice sobbed out.

Max’s eyes widened. He recognized that voice…those voices. He peeked out from behind the tree, and sure enough, a good distance away stood Khivar, as he towered over a cowering and bloody Sean.

“What do you mean you don’t know?!” Khivar shouted at as he flung Sean to the ground, causing Sean to yelp out in pain. “I send you out to do one simple task, and you can’t even do it?!”

“M…Max…h…he…” Sean sniveled out, backing slowly away from the enraged Khivar.

Khivar walked slowly and deliberately, circling around Sean, like a hawk closing in on its prey.

“Max?” Khivar said in a wickedly calm voice.

Max held his breath, thinking maybe Khivar had spotted him.

“That sniveling little twerp did this to you?!” Khivar boomed out.

Max saw Sean violently nod his head.

Khivar let out an echoing evil laugh, “YOU were beaten to a pulp… once again… by that little punk?”

Again, Sean nodded his head.

Khivar laughed again. “You feasible little weakling. I thought maybe you were ambushed by a group of wood bandits, maybe that they did this to you, and maybe that they made off with the girl, but this was all just Max’s doing?”

Sean nodded his head slowly, not liking the sinister look in Khivar’s eyes.

Khivar huffed angrily before holding out his hand to help Sean up. Sean looked at him warily before accepting the hand and pulling himself to his feet.

Once Sean was standing, Khivar still held onto Sean’s hand in a tight and painful grip. Max could hear Sean moaning in pain as Khivar’s nails dug deep into Sean’s skin. “You’ve messed up one too many times, and I don’t tolerate screw-ups.”

“B…but Khivar. Y…you need me to…” Sean tried to plead.

“Everyone is dispensable to me, especially you,” Khivar spoke, pulling out a knife and jabbing it in Sean’s gut.

Sean yelp out and then grabbed his stomach, falling to the ground, and crying out in pain, blood gushing out of him.

Max closed his eyes tight, leaned back against the tree, and covered his ears. He did not want to be witness to the murder of a man, even one as vile as Sean DeLuca.

When Max finally uncovered his ears a few seconds later, he peeked around the tree to find Sean lying motionless on the ground. Max glanced around for any sign of Khivar and could barely make out the faint outline of his retreating back. Khivar was going after Liz now, Max thought frantically.

Max was going crazy with concern. Max had to find Liz before Khivar did. The good thing was that Khivar didn’t know where Liz was, but then neither did he. Max stopped pacing and took several deep breaths to clear his thoughts. He needed to get to Liz now, but where would she be?

“Think of Liz…think of Liz…think of Liz…” Max muttered to himself over and over again. He thought about her, about how he first met her, about how gorgeous she was, how her dark brown hair cascaded down her back, how her deep brown eyes tended to draw him in.

Max’s eyes suddenly flew open. He sensed her. He could faintly feel that fuzzy feeling inside of him again. Max made almost a one-eighty degree turn, close to in the direction Khivar headed, Max noted dreadfully, and headed off in a hurry. Liz was calling him, and he’d be damned if he didn’t answer her.


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Chapter Eighty-eight

Liz’s body was aching. Her side was hurting so badly, and she was so out of breath. She didn’t think she could go on any further, but she had to. She had to get as far away from Max as possible. She wasn’t going to get Max hurt while he tried to defend her, which she knew he would. Max was sweet like that, always thinking about others.

Liz stumbled a little on her dress, but managed to catch herself before she fell. The scenery… this part of the woods seemed awfully familiar to her, but from a fuzzy part of her mind, like from a distant memory…like from a dream… Liz gasped realizing that it was just that. This was her dream… her nightmare actually.

Terror suddenly came over her. She’s had this nightmare one too many times. Liz knew what was coming up… she knew what was going to happen next. But there was no way she could stop it. No way she could prevent the inevitable from happening.

That was when she felt it. She felt her foot getting caught on the root of a tree. She felt herself lose balance. And she felt the hard dirt ground as she fell forward, with not even enough time to brace herself for the fall.

Liz let out a loud moan and closed her eyes tight. Wincing at the pain from her fall and at what was to happen next. She knew what was to come. This was the part where whoever it was that was chasing her, caught her. They would reach her and hurt her. But this wasn’t a dream, this time. This time, it was real.

It was real and she wasn’t going to wake up soon in her bed and find that it was all a dream. That everyone she has met, even Max, was all a part of her wild imagination. She wasn’t going to wake up to the birds singing and the sun shining through her window. Or to the sound of Kyle singing as he cooked her breakfast. She wasn’t going to even get to see Kyle anymore.

Liz tensed as she heard the pounding footsteps behind her, tears streaming down her face. She gave up. She gave into the pain of her body. She let it wash over her as her mind drifted to a far off place. Where she could live her happy life… with Max. She was completely gone when she felt warm hands lifting her into their arms. Hands that were oddly comforting and soothing… hands that could help take all the pain away… if she let them…


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Chapter Eighty-Nine

He carefully and tenderly lifted his beautiful angel into his arms and noticed her eyes slowly shutting. She fainted again. She was so weak. She felt so light and frail in his arms… but still so beautiful.

But he didn’t have time to think about it now. He had to hurry. He could sense Khivar’s presence not very far behind, lurking in the darkness. Since when was he able to sense people?

But it wasn’t really him that sensed it. It was Liz. These feelings were coming off of her. Max could feel her body vibrating; warning him in some way as she unconsciously snuggled up closer to him.

Max tightened his grip around her possessively and continued on through the forest and the never-ending maze of trees. He wasn’t sure where he was headed, but this was the direction Liz was running off to before she collapsed. Liz grew up in the woods of the mountains; she had to know something about it right?

After what seemed like days of running, the muscles in Max’s legs were tightening. Max’s legs were starting to wear out. He wasn’t sure if Khivar was still close on their trail, but he wasn’t going to risk it and wait to find out.

Max felt a small drop of water hit his face and roll down his cheek. He glanced up at the sky, and sure enough, rain clouds were forming above him. “Just perfect,” Max muttered as he pulled Liz closer to him, trying his best to shield her body from the light sprinkle of raindrops.

Up ahead, he could see the trees giving way to a small mountain or a large hill and a river. The gods were smiling down on him. Max recognized the area. It was where he, along with Michael and Alex, used to go fishing and swimming when they were little.

Max reached the bottom of the hill and made a sharp turn right, raindrops beating down harder on him. There was this place that he used to play in as a child. It was a secret lair that they happened upon one day, long ago, hidden away by trees and shrubbery. And that was where Max was headed.

It took him a while until he finally found the entrance. What little moonlight there was, was dimming due to the downpour of rain/ A lot of the wilderness has changed since he last visited with Michael and Alex. The trees were larger with more leaves, the entire outside was hidden behind vines and weeds, and the entrance was now a lot smaller than he remembered it to be. It was hard to believe that Max used to know this place like the back of his hand, and now it took him forever to find it. With any luck, Khivar won’t be able to find it at all. Hopefully, Khivar gave up on trying to find them all together when it started raining.

Max carefully squatted down and lowered himself and Liz into the cave. It was way too dark in the cave to see, but hopefully, things were still somewhat in the places he remembered them to be.

Nevertheless, he inched his way through the cave, holding Liz close to make sure he didn’t accidentally bump her into anything. He could hear thunder echoing in the cave and feel the coldness of his soaked clothes down to the bone. Liz’s skin was freezing as well. Although he tried his best to shield her, her gown was almost as completely drenched as his was.

“All right,” Max muttered once he got to his spot, “five steps forward.” He said out loud as he ventured out five steps, slowly feeling the ground in front of him before stepping forward, careful not to slip on anything. It couldn’t do him nor Liz any good if he tripped in this dead of night.

After the fifth step, Max smiled as he felt the cool wall of the cave on his back. He scooted to the left three spaces, using the wall as a guide, before he slowly slid down the wall until he was seated on the floor of the cave.

Max shifted Liz up in his arms until she was seated on his lap, her head leaning on his shoulder. He wiped away some of the water damping her skin before he blindly felt around on the floor. The last time he was out here was years ago, but, with any luck, his things were still here.

His fingers brushed against the contours of a hard wooden object. The gods were definitely on his side. Probably making up for their slip up earlier this evening, Max thought, thinking back on the night’s events. This was definitely the longest evening ever, and it wasn’t yet over.

Max shook his head and cleared his thoughts. He had things he still had to do. He had to get his old treasure box open, in the dark, and make sure there are still matches inside and that they still work. Find their old oil lamp and light that so that they can have light while Max works on getting a fire started from whatever dry wood there was in the cave, before they freeze to death. All while holding onto Liz for as long as possible.

He didn’t want to have her lying down on the cold, damp and dirty floor. It’ll only make her condition worse. It took her so long to finally wake up the first time. Imagine how long it’s going to take this time.

But this time, no one was going to force him to stay away from her to let her rest. This time, he’d be able to watch after her and he’d wait for her. He’d wait for her to open her eyes. Open her eyes to wake up and to realize just how much he cared about her. How he risked his life like he did, all for her. How he’d do anything she wanted him to.

Max placed his hand on her upper arm, running it up her shoulder, lightly tracing her collarbone, up her neck and cupped her cheek. If it were possible to feel beauty, he just did. Yup. He would most definitely wait… he’d wait an eternity.


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Chapter Ninety

Max stared down at the beauty before him as he ran his fingers through her hair. After he had the lamp lit, he found that there was plenty of dry wood in the cave. He had the fire started in no time. The cave was now lit up and warm. It wasn’t much different from how he remembered it to be. There were a few more cobwebs and weeds around, but other than that, It was still a nice cozy hideaway.

It’s been a few hours since they’ve arrived at the cave and Liz still had yet to stir. Max was leaning back, his bare back against the cool wall of the cave. He had taken his shirt off a while ago to lay in on the ground for Liz to lay down on. He had a feeling that she might be a little frightened if she woke up, wrapped in someone’s arms. The last thing Max wanted to do was to scare her. And he didn’t want her running away from him anymore either.

Though it was probably about an hour before he lifted her head from his shoulder and laid her down. But Max kept her head propped up in his lap, instinctively running his fingers through her hair, brushing loose strands away from her face and neck, caressing her shoulders, her collarbone, her neck and her cheek on the way. Her skin was no longer cold or damp, but nice and warm again.

Max ran his fingers through her hair one more time before he gently lifted her head and lowered her carefully onto the ground, his jacket vest as her pillow. Max reluctantly rose to his feet, his eyes never leaving her. He sighed and turned around, walking around the cave and gathering more firewood. The fire was burning low and he needed to keep Liz warm for however long she was asleep.

The rain was still pouring down hard outside. Max wondered if it would ever lighten up, but was somewhat praying that it wouldn’t, so that he could have more time alone with Liz. The rain was the only thing keeping them in the cave. Khivar should have long given up on trying to find them by now. And most importantly, the rain is what would keep Liz from running away from him…again.

A plan had already formed in his mind as he tended to the fire. When Liz woke up, he would sit with her and tell her exactly how he felt, only this time it would be in a non-pressuring and non-frightening kind of way, unlike how he did before.

He was a fool for thinking that she would jump for joy at his confession of love earlier. She was scared and she had the right to be. He should have known to think of a better way to tell her that he liked her… that he loved her. They went to being friends one second, to him practically proposing to her the next. Who wouldn’t panic? Well, it wasn’t actually a proposal, but it was close enough. Him, professing his never ending love for her and giving her a rather expensive, but utterly beautiful piece of jewelry, and her, successfully running away from him.

Max glanced over at Liz, then at her wrist, still adorned with the bracelet he had given her. Although she didn’t know it, the bracelet was pretty much Max’s way of claiming her as his. It really was. Everyone who will see it will comment to her about how beautiful it is. She would in turn thank them and tell them that it was a gift from the love of her life. Max scoffed. At least that’s what he wanted for her to say.

Max glanced over at her hand again and noticed her fingers moving, curling slightly. He dropped the stick he was poking the fire with and rushed towards her, nearly stumbling over his own feet on the way. He was kneeling down beside her when her eyes began to flutter.

“Liz…” he whispered her name softly, gently placing his hand over her upper abdomen, feeling her chest rise and fall with every breath she took. He could feel the warmth of her body through the satin-y thin material of her gown.

Max lifted his hand to brush the stray strands, sticking to her face. His fingertips barely brushed against her rosy cheek when he heard her speak. He felt her body suddenly tense under his touch, her eyes squeezing together tightly, and her sweet heavenly voice ringing through his ears as her harsh and cold tone chilled him to the core. “Don’t touch me…”


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Chapter Ninety-One

Max jerked his hand away from her and jumped back. He chuckled sardonically at the situation he was in. Here he was, planning on talking to her rationally about their feelings towards one another, while she didn’t even want him touching her. He scoffed. Love is anything but rational.

Max looked back towards Liz. She was tossing and turning on the ground, her arms flinging about around her, as if to ward off something. But what he noticed most, was that her eyes were still squeezed shut and she was murmuring and moaning. She still wasn’t awake yet.

“No…please….stop…” She tossed and turned more.

Max leaned back towards her, shaking her gently, “Liz…”

He heard her whimper and saw tears coming out of the corners of her eyes.

“Liz…” he called out her name again, this time, bringing his hand up to brush away her tears and caress her cheek. He heard her sigh in content, her lips curving slightly into to a smile. Was it his imagination, or did he just hear her sigh out his name with a smile on her face?

It had to be his imagination, he thought, at least that was what he thought until she started leaning her head into his hand and turned her face to kiss his palm. Whoa… You do not understand how incredibly sweet and… sexy that was. Max had the goofy grin back on his face. This cave ordeal was getting better and better.

Max’s fingertips lightly traced her features, the slope of her nose, the softness of her cheeks, the featherlike touch of her lashes. All the while, Liz lay passively, her soft pink lips curved in a sweet smile, giggling every now and then from Max’s sweet caresses. Her eyes closed remained closed, as if not wanting to wake up from her dream just yet.

Max laid down beside her and draped one arm over her stomach possessively while his other hand continued exploring her, waiting for her to open her eyes and see him. His fingers softly traced around her ear and traveling downward to her collarbone as his thumb ran down her jaw line to the base of her throat, eliciting another giggle from Liz’s sweet lips, followed by a soft moan.

Max continued his exploration. He ran his hand across her smooth shoulder, traveling down her arm, his wrist accidentally brushing up against her breast. Max blushed, but Liz didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were still shut, still refusing to wake up just yet.

Max’s fingers traveled down to her hand, he lifted her hand lightly softly kissed her palm in a show of affection. He heard her gasp slightly. Apparently it had the same affect on her as it did on him.

Max intertwined his fingers with hers and kissed it once again before setting it softly down at her side. He ran his fingers through her hair, tucking a few strands behind her ear, whispering to her, “Liz…”

Liz made a small whimpering noise in response.

Max smiled at her reluctance to open her eyes. “Liz… sweetheart… it’s time to wake up…” He murmured softly to her. It didn’t seem appropriate to speak any louder than a soft whisper.

Liz whimpered again, pouting her lips, and shaking her head slightly.

“Please Liz?” Max asked, his hand tucking an imaginary strand behind her ear, fingers running down the side of her face, and his thumb grazing over her pouty lips, softly.

She still shook her head.

“But…” Max pouted, “I want to see the heaven in your eyes. The stars tonight just don’t seem to shine as brightly. They don’t sparkle the way you do.”

Liz’s lips slowly curved into a soft smile as her cheeks blushed slightly. She finally opened her eyes, but they were looking in the opposite direction from Max, a smirk on her face.

“You’re such a flirt…” she teased before looking up at him while he was partially on top of her. She should stop this, she thought to herself, but she didn’t have the strength to. “I bet you say that to all the girls, sweeping them off their feet,” Liz whispered, batting her eyelashes playfully at him.

“No,” Max said with a smile, shaking his head lightly, “just you.”

Liz’s smile widened. There was something in the way he said it, or the look he gave her when he spoke, that made this feel so good… so right. Her… being here… with Max. “So…” Liz began, neither of them having moved from their stop next to each other, “What other lines do you have, Romeo?”

“Plenty,” Max said with a smile. “Want to hear them?”

“No…” Liz said shaking her head uninterestedly.

Max’s face fell, his lips frowning as he looked away from her.

“But…” Liz said with an impish grin on her face, “Since we’re stuck here, I might as well hear a few of them. Just to make sure you aren’t making a fool of yourself in front of other people. You know. Just for your sake, of course.”

“Of course,” Max said grinning at her. So… she wants to be playful… he could be playful all right.

“Are you going to just stare all night?” Liz asked, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

Max smiled again, she was so incredibly adorable. “Well, if I had my way, I would gaze into your eyes for an eternity.”

Her breath caught in her throat. The way he was looking at her as he spoke… “Nice,” Liz said, letting out a deep breath after finally coming out of her reverie. “That line will definitely get you into the good graces of plenty of beautiful young women.”

“It’s not a line,” Max spoke sincerely. “And the only beautiful young woman I want is you.”

Liz was getting drawn into his eyes once again, but shook away her thoughts. “I’ve got one,” She said, clearing her throat and looking into his eyes, trying to turn him into putty with her words like he did to her. “Looks like my prayers have been answered, God made you just for me.”

Max just stared at Liz. God…the way she was looking at him, the sexy glint in her eyes. “I… I don’t know if I heard that one before…”

“I thought it up all by myself,” Liz smiled smugly.

“For me?” Max asked, pouting his lips, and sniffled, “I’m so touched.”

Liz looked away, blushing. She cleared her throat. “So… you think you can beat it?”

“I don’t know…” Max said shaking his head playfully, “That was a pretty good line.”

“Well, it doesn’t look like the rain will be letting up any time soon,” Liz said glancing out the entrance before looking back towards him, “So you’ve got all night to try.”

“Just a night?” Max asked, his face solemn, there was so much more underlying in his words than just pick-up lines.

“I don’t want you to get bored,” Liz teased.

“I’ll never get bored,” Max spoke with so much intent.

Liz’s breath caught in her throat at how much emotion there was running through his eyes. How much he was saying in just those few words. He was pleading with her… begging her for something, but she didn’t know what.

“Okay. My turn,” Liz cleared her throat and smiled, trying to lighten the mood. “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.”

Max smirked before he let out a long sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Liz asked concerned.

“Why is it that I have to climb a hundred mountains to get you, but all you have to do to get me is smile?”

Liz’s smile widened, laughing as she blushed slightly.

“Liz?” Max asked, his tone serious. “I like this.”

“Me too,” Liz said, looking him straight in the eye, just so he knew she was speaking truthfully.

“How much longer are you willing to play with me?” Max asked, wanting to know exactly where they were headed.

“Until you get bored Max.” Liz smiled up at him.

“Good…” Max said with a smile, “an eternity then.”

Liz rolled her eyes, “Or until you run out of lines.”

“Is that a challenge?” Max asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, Mr. Evans, it is.” Liz said with a cool smile on her face. “Do you accept?”

“Always. Evans men never back down from a challenge.” Max said, raising his head high.

“Is that so?” Liz asked mockingly. “You’ll never back down?”

“Not until the day I die. But…” Max said with a mischievous look in his eyes, “I think I might have already died and gone to heaven because I see an angel before me.”

Liz hit his arm playfully and rolled her eyes. There were so many hidden meanings in what they just said. Hopefully, he won’t take them all too seriously. She was getting herself into something deep. She knew it. But maybe… this is where she should be. Maybe…

She looked back over towards him with a smile. “I can top that one.” She grinned seductively at him, “I’m going to have to arrest you Mr. Evans…”

“Why is that?”

“You’ve clearly stolen all the stars from the sky. I see them sparkling in your eyes.”

“Oh yeah? Well Miss Parker, love is a very complex word, but I think I just found the meaning of it.”

Everything seemed to freeze as they stared at each other. Max was waiting for any type of reaction from Liz. He hadn’t meant to say what he did, but he wasn’t going to deny what he felt. He saw Liz glance around nervously before her eyes settle back on him. She bit her lip slightly before she spoke, “Max…”

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Chapter Ninety-Two

“Where are they?” Maria screeched as she paced back and forth in the now empty ballroom. The ball had ended hours ago and neither Liz nor Max were accounted for. Maria paced more and more, practically losing it. Too much had happened in one night. First the Liz thing, the Courtney thing, The Khivar thing, and now the Max and Liz thing.

Maria pretty much pounced Michael and Alex as they entered the house. “Did you find them?”

Alex lowered his head and walked over to the living room, where Isabel was sitting, waiting for any word on what happened to Max and Liz. Isabel looked up at him, her eyes hopeful. Alex shook his head and pulled Isabel into an embrace as she cried her eyes out.

Michael looked at Maria, closed his eyes and sighed as she shook his head back and forth.

“Are you sure?” Maria asked, frantic, “Are you sure you checked the entire garden? They were out there earlier weren’t they?”

Michael sympathized with his fiancé. Heck, everyone was worried about Max and Liz. They had all seen the harsh words exchanged between the two before Liz ran out into the garden. “Yes, Maria. They were out there. But…”

“Good,” Maria interrupted, “Then I’ll just have to go out there and find them.”

Michael grabbed a hold of Maria’s waist before she even reached the back door that lead out into the garden. “Maria, baby, it’s pouring rain outside. You can’t go out there. You’ll get sick.”

“But what if they are out there, Michael?” Maria sobbed out as she leaned into his shoulder. “What if they are trapped out there somewhere, waiting for us to find them?”

“I’m sure they’re fine Maria.” Michael assured her, pulling her closer to him.

“How can you be sure?” Maria blubbered out as she let him soothe her and take all her cares away.

“I’m not,” Michael admitted, “but I have faith in Max. And I know that Max would never let anything happen to Liz. Not if he could help it.”

“Does he really care for her that much?” came a voice from behind them.

Michael broke away from their hug and spun around to face the voice.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude,” the man apologized to Michael, “but I heard you speaking about my Elizabeth.”

“Michael, this is King Jeffrey,” Maria introduced her fiance to the king. “His highness, as well as the queen, have offered to stay with us and help in our search for Max and Liz.”

Michael bowed his head to greet the king, “Your majesty. I thank you greatly for your help in searching for my brother. Umm…Pardon my asking, but what is this about Liz being YOUR Elizabeth?”

“I’d like to explain it just one time tonight. I suggest me find Elizabeth first, and then I’ll explain myself, to her and to everyone else.” King Jeffrey explained. “Now, what is this about Max with Elizabeth? Are they… involved?”

“Not exactly,” Maria offered, “They both care deeply about each other though neither will admit it. Or rather Liz won’t admit to it.”

Jeffrey nodded in understanding. “And still no word on where they are?” King Jeffrey asked with a frown.

“No,” Maria shook her head, “I’m sorry.”

Jeffrey sighed, closing his eyes. The king’s breathing became more labored. He let out a deep breath, inhaled greatly, and let out another deep breath.

“A…are you… all right, your highness?” Michael asked. Both Michael and Maria were becoming concerned.

“I…I…I’m fine,” King Jeffrey huffed out, holding a hand over his chest. He turned and glanced around the room. “Nancy?”

“I’m here. I’m here,” Nancy called out as she rushed over to him. Jeffrey leaned towards her, slumping over. Nancy looked towards Michael, “Could you help me get him to the couch?”

Michael nodded his head and stood over next to the king. Michael threw one of the king’s arms around his neck to hang on to as his arm went around the king’s waist. And together, they hobbled over to the couch. Michael laid Jeffrey down on the sofa and Nancy sat down beside him.

Michael and Maria watched on in wonderment as Nancy intertwined her fingers with his with one of her hands. Her other hand cupped his cheek, Jeffrey smiling at her touch. It was as though she were taking away his pain. Nancy’s hand traveling down to his throat and to his chest. Jeffrey’s breathing seemed to clear up instantly at her touch.

They continued the process for a few more times before Jeffrey sat back up, completely refreshed again. He smiled at Nancy and she smiled back.

“Umm…what just happened?” Maria asked, her mouth still hanging open at what she saw.

Jeffrey smiled at her and began his explanation. “It’s a part of the magic that the royal-blooded possess. It’s hard to explain. When you give your love to someone,” Jeffrey glanced at Nancy, “it’s like you give them a part of yourself. Your life is in their hands and you have to trust them. They can either hurt you or heal you. That’s why I needed to know about Max. If Elizabeth loves him, like you say, it’s best that he’s there with her, especially if she’s hurt in anyway. It’s the only way she’ll heal, if she’ll even heal that is.”

Maria and Michael nodded in understanding, although they didn’t actually understand.

Just then, Philip, Diane, and Kyle entered the room.

Michael was the first to see them. “Did you find Max and Liz?”

Philip shook his head. “They aren’t at the house. Kyle says that they haven’t been back to the house all night.”

“Kyle… you look familiar…” Jeffrey said, squinting his eyes at he monk. “Were you ever in the palace?”

“Umm…” Kyle cleared his throat. “I…I…umm…”

“Where’s the governor?” Michael asked upon noticing his uncle’s discomfort.

“Oh. He’s sending out a search party,” Diane informed them.

“We also have people out looking for them,” Jeffrey said, standing up. “My men are to inform me immediately upon finding any information.”

“That’s good.” Philip spoke up as he started pacing. “The more people out there looking for them, the sooner we’ll find them.”

“Philip…” Diane walked over to her husband and tried to console him.

Alex motioned for her to take the loveseat he and Isabel were seated in. Diane nodded at him and led Philip over to take a seat.

“I know everyone’s worried,” Alex spoke to the group, “but we aren’t going to help Max and Liz any if all we can do is panic. We have to keep our faith and hope for the best. Pray that Max and Liz are fine.”

Everyone nodded their agreement. Isabel walked over to him and gave him a soft peck on the cheek. She loved how he was always so levelheaded, especially in situations like these.

Everyone waited patiently after Alex’s little speech. Correction, they waited patiently all for about thirty seconds until the king stood up and started pacing. He had just now found his daughter and she had disappeared before he could even approach her to speak to her.

He still couldn’t get over how beautiful she was, and how grown up. Nor could he get over how much of her life he had already missed out on. But that was going to change, as soon as he found her, he was going to bring her back to the palace and give her the life she deserved as the princess and the heir of a vast land of people.

Suddenly, guards burst into the room, tracking mud and water into the house. “Your highness,” the chief guard spoke while the rest of the guards kneeled down until Jeffrey motioned for them to stand. “We’ve found something.”

“You found her?” Jeffrey asked, his voice ecstatic.

“No, your majesty,” the guard spoke, shaking his head from side to side. “We’ve found a body.”

“A body?” Maria gasped.

“Yes. A dead body. He hasn’t been identified yet, but he is a young man, looked about eighteen, wearing a tux, so we think he was at the ball before.”

“H…how did he die?” Philip asked, fearing the worst.

“Stabbed, sir. Bled to death. He was also badly injured with many wounds. He was obviously attacked.” The guard informed them.

“Dear god…” Maria muttered as she sank to the floor.

Michael stooped down and gathered her into his arms. “W…w…where did you find the body?” Michael asked reluctantly.

“In the forest,” the guard notified them. “But we still have yet to identify the body.”

“MAX!!” Diane screamed as she jumped from her seat next to Philip and rushed out the door before anyone could stop her.


Different voices called out to her. But she ignored them as she bolted out the door to find him… her son… her Max…


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Chapter Ninety-Three

“Max… I…I…um…” Liz looked around the cave frantically. Things weren’t supposed to be this way. They were getting complicated. Complications were bas. She was supposed to be preparing to live the simple life of a…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the low grumbling of her stomach. Liz bit her lower lip and looked away, embarrassed.

Max just smiled at her. She was just so adorable. “Hungry?” He asked, smirking slightly.

Liz nodded her head, still not looking at him.

“I’ll be right back,” Max said as he jumped to his feet before she could stop him, not that her mind was working well enough for her to be able to. Her eyes took in the sight before her. She had the most incredible view of Max when he stood up before her. There he was, standing tall, his chest bare, gleaming in the firelight. His muscles were sleek and well defined. He was like a Greek god, an Adonis, a perfect body that was so well defined and toned. Liz wondered where on earth he was hiding such a beautiful body like his.

Max smiled under her intense scrutiny. Her small smile and her glazed over eyes told him that she liked what she saw. He was suddenly very thankful for all of those days of hard labor he endured when he went to work for his father in the warehouse. He had done it all for Liz in the first place, anyway. She looked like she was just about ready to pounce on him. He probably had the same look on his face the first time he laid eyes on her.

God… that look in her eyes. He was so tempted… But he had other things he had to take care of first. He couldn’t just take advantage of her now… not yet at least… Max thought with a wicked gleam in his eyes as he turned and left out the entrance, welcoming the cool rain that poured down on him.

Liz was pulled out of her thoughts as she noticed his slight shiver upon stepping out into the rain. He had to be crazy. Or just praying to get sick. Where was Max going in the rain? It had died down a little, but was still pouring hard enough to where they were still confined to stay within the cave walls. At least, Max insisted that she did. Apparently the rules didn’t apply to him as well.

Liz sat up, pulling her legs close to her body. Max wouldn’t let her sit up earlier, saying that she needed the rest, but she felt fine, completely recuperated back to her old self, if not better. But she shivered suddenly, her heart started beating a little quicker. The cave felt so empty without Max with her. Liz’s body was trembling. She felt so cold. She tried shifting closer to the fire, but it didn’t have as much affect on her like it had earlier. Or maybe it was just Max who was keeping her warm, comforting her.

When Max came back to the cave, he was soaking wet from head to toe. His arms were filled with wild berries. He saw Liz lying down on the floor where he left her, her head leaning on one of her arms, and her legs pulled p close to her. Max smiled. She was probably tired. She was still ill, she needed her rest. He dropped the berries into his jacket vest and set them aside. He stood up near the fire, opposite from Liz and tried to wipe some of the water off of his skin and dry his clothes before he went near Liz. He didn’t want to get her wet.

After Max was somewhat dry, he walked over to Liz and sat down beside her with a smile. He laid down next to her his body brushing up against hers. That was when he noticed it. Liz was shivering, her body shaking. Max straightened her legs, getting her to lie on her back. Her eyes were closed and her lips were quivering. He placed one hand on her abdomen and felt her chest rise and fall at a frantic rate as she breathed. He lifted his other hand to feel her forehead and her cheek. Her skin was so cold.

Max started to panic. He shifted her closer to the fire. “Liz…” he called out to her, trying to get her to wake up and tell him what was wrong. She was perfectly fine before he left. Why the hell did he leave? Max kicked himself for having ever left her alone. This was how the whole thing began in the forst place, when he left her.

“Liz… sweetheart… you have to wake up,” he pleaded with her. “Open your eyes for me baby. Tell me what’s wrong.”

Liz’s eyelids fluttered slightly, but she didn’t open her eyes. Her lips quivered more, “cold…so cold…”


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Chapter Ninety-Four

“This is it, right here,” the chief guard pointed to the cloth-covered body on the ground.

Everyone was gathered around the body, protected from the rain by umbrellas, though there wasn’t much rain left, it seemed to have died down greatly. Alex held an umbrella over him and Isabel. Michael over Maria. Philip over Diane. And three guards holding umbrellas over the Queen, the King, and the Governor.

“Are you ready?” The guard asked as he bent down, grabbing a hold of one end of the cloth covering. He saw the women basically covering their eyes and leaning into the shoulders of their respective others, while the men nodded their heads desolately.

The chief guard pulled back the sheet slowly, and only enough to see the pale and bruised face of the body, in order to identify him. Gasps were heard from everyone. The women turned their heads away as did the men.

The governor stooped down, staring at the face. He lifted the sheet up slightly, to where only he and the chief guard were able to see the bloody body, before dropping the sheet carefully, covering the entire body once more.

“It’s Sean…” Valenti said softly.

The King and Queen stared at the governor, a confused and questioning look on their faces.

“Not Max…” Valenti said shaking his head. The king and queen nodded their heads.

Everyone closed their eyes, saying a silent prayer for the young man. The women cried while the men bowed their heads in grief for the loss of such a young man. A young man who had his entire future ahead of him.

Sean may not have been liked by many, but everyone, excluding the queen and king have known him for almost all of his life. They have all learned to tolerate him. How could they not but be mournful?

Everyone was silent for a long period of time, no one sure of what to say, until Alex voiced what was on everyone’s mind, “So… where’s Max?”


Thank you for reading. I already have the rest of the story plotted out in my head. I’d say to give me maybe one more week, more or less, and this story will be done with. Thank you for reading. Give me FEEDBACK…PLEASE??

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Chapter Ninety-Five

Max was frantic. Liz was cold. What was he supposed to do?

“It’s okay…” Max whispered to her, more so to reassure himself rather than to reassure her. “It’s going to be okay.”

Max lifted Liz’s body into his arms, shifting closer to the fire. Liz sat in his lap as he pulled her body closer in contact with his.

Liz leaned her head on to his shoulder and pulled her legs up closer to her body, so that she was clinging to Max, not that she really wanted to, its just… Max was so warm.

Liz’s shoulders curled in towards his and he could feel just have cold she was. He grabbed his shirt from off the ground and draped it around her shoulders. He felt her body shiver and shake, her lips quivering against his shoulder.

“God…Liz…” His hands around her held her tighter. His arms rubbed fiercely against her skin as he tried his best to keep her warm.

Liz’s body suddenly heated up, her breathing calming to normal. Max was more confused than ever. He loosened his grip around her, but Liz still held onto his body, her head never leaving his shoulder.

They sat there for a while, Liz just enjoying being in his arms. Max had started to wonder if she had fallen asleep. But when he tilted his head to look at her, she found her eyes gazing right at him.

Liz smiled at him, but kept her head on his shoulder, lifting a hand grazing her fingertips lightly down his chest as she whispered to him, “If I told you, you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?”

“Where did you learn that line,” Max chuckled, the worry and tension leaving him as he gazed down at her. He just couldn’t ignore the fact that her body fit so perfectly against him.

“Where I learned the rest of them,” Liz said nonchalantly.

“And where was that?” Max asked playfully, keeping the mood light.

“From the guys,” Liz said shrugging her shoulders.

“What guys?” Max asked, the playfulness all but gone from his voice.

“The ones in town,” Liz said, offhandedly as she fiddled with the gold chain around Max’s neck. “You know them… most of them are from the warehouse your father owns.”

She could feel Max’s body tensing under her, his voice tight and somewhat… enraged, “those guys?”

“Why?” Liz asked lifting her head to look at him. “Are you jealous?” she wiggled her eyebrows at him.

“Not at all,” Max said with an obviously fake smile on his face. “I’m just… curious,” he shrugged.

“Oh, well in that case,” Liz leaned back onto Max’s shoulder with a smile on her lips.

“Yea…curious…” he let out a long sigh, “so…what do you say to them when these… guys… say these things to you?” Max tried to ask casually, but failed miserably.

Liz chuckled at him, and then lifted her head so that she could look into his eyes. “I tell them the truth.”

“And what is that?” Max asked with a sigh.

She leaned in closer to him and whispered, “That I’m already taken.”

Max smiled, relaxing as he leaned back on his arm, Liz still sitting on his lap. “Anyone I know?” he asked with a smirk. He glanced down at the bracelet around her wrist and smiled even wider. She was his… finally.

“Of course,” Liz said, tilting her head teasingly. “Everyone knows him.”

Max sat back up and leaned closer to her. “No need for flattery, sweetheart. If you want some this Max lovin’,” he flexed his arms, “all you have to do is ask,” he winked, smirking at her.

Liz laughed and slapped his arm playfully. Wow. His muscles really were… hard… nice… very nice.

He stared at her with a smile on his face. Then sighed and looked at her intently. “You really had me scared there,” Max said with so many emotions in his eyes.

Liz mocked a gasped and widened her eyes, “The great Max Evans… scared?”

“Yes,” Max said sincerely, staring into her eyes just so that she would see that he meant every word he was saying.

“Now why would you be scared?” Liz asked with a smile. She wanted to keep the mood light, but with the way Max was looking at her, she doubted it would anything but a frivolous conversation.

“I was scared because I was so worried about you,” Max said, licking his suddenly very parched lips. Every time he’s said anything about his feelings for her, it would always be just a one sided conversation. Hopefully, this time… it will be different.

“You don’t have to worry about me,” Liz said with a shy smile on her lips, shaking her head slightly.

“I can’t help it,” he said, raising his hand and tucking a few loose strands behind her ear, his hand remaining there, his thumb grazing her cheek, his palm near her chin, his fingers softly caressing her neck. Liz wondered if he could feel just how fast her heart was beating.

“Liz…” Max said, waiting until she would lift her head and look into his eyes before he continued. “Liz…I love you.”

She stared at him. This wasn’t fair. He wasn’t being fair. How could he keep doing this to her? There was so much emotion in his eyes. How could she tell him? How could she tell him now? Liz had tried to earlier, but he started to change the topic. And now…

The silence was deafening as Max stared at her. Liz lowered her gaze and closed her eyes. Max started panicking. Not again, not again, he thought to himself.

He saw Liz bite her bottom lip softly, as if she wasn’t sure about something. Then he saw her sigh, her shoulders slumping, not a good sign. Her eyes opened, and all that he could read from her was… guilt… definitely not a good sign.

She licked her lips, sniffled, and looked away from him, as she spoke, “Max…” she shook her head slowly from side to side, “you can’t…”


Don’t worry. It will all be fixed. Do not… I repeat… do not get angry with me. I promise you this if you’ll trust me… Max and Liz will be on ‘good terms’ when they leave the cave. Please, please keep reading. Give me more feedback if you want more.

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Chapter Ninety-Six

“I’m so sorry Max,” Liz whispered to him as she tried to slip out of his arms, but his kept his grip on her hips, tight. The look on his face told Liz that he didn’t quite register what she had just said.

“I…I’m sorry Liz, but…” Max stumbled out, shaking his head back and forth, “…I…I just… I don’t understand.”

“Max…you…you can’t love me…” she said, lowering her head, she felt so ashamed of the way she’s been acting around him in the cave tonight. How could she have led him on like that and expect him to think it was just casual? She should have known better. She should have known that Max wasn’t that type of person that just flirted for fun. He was just too sweet… caring… loving…

Max placed a finger under her chin and gently forced her head up to look at him. “But Liz… I DO… I love you,” he said every word slowly and carefully, letting everything sink in.

“Max…” she whispered to him, tears slipping down her face. Max lightly brushed them away from her cheek. His touch was so soft… gentle… loving…

Grr… everything about him was loving. Why didn’t she see it sooner?

“I can’t Max.” More tears streamed down her face as she shook her head away from his touch. “I can’t…”

“Why not?” Max asked coarsely. If she didn’t love him, he still needed an answer. He needed to know why. He needed to know what he did wrong. Maybe he could change, be better, fix it maybe. She wasn’t going to just walk away from him this time. He would make sure of it.

Liz bit her bottom lip, trying to stop it from quivering. She closed her eyes tight, trying to stop the tears from coming. She held her body rigid, trying to stop it from trembling. All attempts were oh so unsuccessful. She couldn’t answer Max. She couldn’t even look at him, nevertheless speak to him. Liz just shook her head fiercely, from side to side.

“You’re not being fair Liz,” he ground out through clenched teeth, fuming.

“I’m not being fair?!” Liz berated him as she jumped up from his lap and began pacing in front of him. “I’m not being fair?! You’re the one that’s not being FAIR!” She pointed at him.

“What?” Max asked, standing up to defend himself. “YOU are the one that keeps pushing ME away and I’M the one not being FAIR?”

“YES!” Liz started her pacing again. “I had my whole life planned out. Everything was set. Everything was planned. Everything was perfect. And then YOU came along,” she said pointedly at him. “YOU come into MY life and mess EVERYTHING up. You made everything so… COMPLICATED!”

“Well I’m sorry your life is now, oh so, complicated, but love is complicated, so I guess I’m sorry for loving you,” Max spat out sarcastically.

“You should be,” she spat back.

Both of them turned away from each other, taking deep breaths, trying to calm down. Neither one of them wanted to be yelling at the other… or to be angry with the other.

After a few minutes, Max let out a heart wrenching, dejected sigh. He spoke to her calmly, his words soft and gentle, he could never stay mad at her long, he loved her too much…

“So…” Max started. They both stayed facing the wall of the cave, seemingly not looking at each other. Though both were secretly glancing at one another through the corners of their eyes.

“Why can’t you love me.” He winced at his own words.

Liz noticed it and her face softened. “I didn’t say that,” her voice sounded so frail and hurt that it made Max’s heart sink. He hated raising his voice at her.

“Well then…um…why can’t you be with me?” he asked, recalling her words.

“Because…” Liz spoke with her voice just as faint as his, “I’ve already promised myself to someone else.”

Max closed his eyes tight, bracing himself as his heart tore to pieces. She couldn’t love him because she loved someone else. Just perfect…just fucking perfect… Max thought, nodding his head sorrowfully. “Who?” his voice came out strained and hurt.

Liz lowered her head even more, knowing that she was the one who made it that way. “The gods,” she said softly.

Max turned and looked at her. Liz turned her head sideways to possibly gage what he was feeling. Also so that he could tell her to her face how much he hated her. That he despised her now. Hell, that he never liked her at all and that he only pitied her. She deserved it all. But to her surprise, he was laughing, a smile on his face.

Liz looked at him questioningly and noticed that it wasn’t happy laughter. It was laughter of sorrow and pain. And it broke her heart.

Max’s face was adorned with a contorted smile and he sniffled, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath before he spoke. “It’s funny. It’s just so fucking hilarious,” he scoffed, “It figures I’d lose to them,” Max spoke his lip quivering.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked cautiously.

Max laughed and shook his head, “Nothing… it’s just… the gods have it in for me.” Max said, raising an eyebrow and chuckling some more, “I think it was all those times I fell asleep during prayers when I was little.”

Liz laughed, her lips curving up in a big smile.

Max loved her smile, her laughter. It made her look so heavenly. Max scoffed… heavenly… yup, that’s what she was… heavenly.

He took two large steps and stopped right in front of her. “Liz…” he brought his hand up and lifted her chin until she was looking at him. “Are you sure that is the kind of life you want.”

Liz bit her lip and looked away from him. “I’ve already promised myself…”

“But people can change their minds,” Max interrupted.

“I don’t know Max.” She said with her bottom lip quivering. “What should I do?”

He would have told her that he wanted her to be with him. Wanted her to forget about ever having promised herself to anyone but him. But he couldn’t. He loved her too much. What was that saying? If you love something, set it free. If it come back, keep it forever. But if it doesn’t it was never meant to be. Well, this was exactly the case.

“What do YOU want Liz?” He asked her. “Listen to your heart, not your head.” Max said leaning his forehead against hers. “What do YOU want?”

“Max… I…” she wanted to tell him but was interrupted by Max’s lips coming down on hers as he kissed her thoroughly, his tongue caressing hers.

Max didn’t know where he got the courage to kiss her like that. But he was just thankful she was kissing him back. Hey… he had to show her exactly what she would be missing out on… or just to see exactly what HE was going to be missing out on. Either way, he was glad he went for it.

Max’s hand on Liz’s waist traveled upward until he was cupping her breast before he felt her place her hands on his chest and push him away.

Max backed off dejectedly as he tried to catch his breath.

“Max…I…” she wanted to tell him. She wanted to tell him everything and put her heart out on the line, just like he did for her… multiple times.

“Well, who am I to compete with the gods? You can’t blame me for trying though.” Max interrupted her, throwing his hands up in the air. He still wasn’t able to convince her. Even after that incredibly… mind-blowing kiss. What else did he have left to offer her? He’s given her everything already. Max glanced down at her wrist. Even expensive jewelry.

“What? Competing with gods?” she asked shaking her head, “Max, I…”

“How much longer do I have?” he asked, letting out another heart wrenching sigh.

“What?” Liz asked, still confused, shaking her head to show that she didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“With you,” he clarified, “How much longer do I have with you.”

Liz still looked at him, not comprehending.

Great. Just great. She still wasn’t WITH him. He should have known better then to refer to it like that. Max sighed, “How much longer until you go off…with THEM?”

“Well, I HAD planned to commit myself not long from now, BUT…”

He interrupted her again, “So how much more time do I have left? Months, weeks, days?” Max cringed thinking about how little time he had left with her. Anything short of eternity just wasn’t enough for him.

“MAX, I HAD planned on maybe two or three months from now, BUT…”

“Good,” Max interrupted her yet again, “Than can we just… be together… until then?” He asked, pleading with his eyes, begging her to just give him this, whatever little time there was. “Please Liz?”

She gave into his puppy-dog eyes. “Max, I would love to, BUT…”

“Good,” he said taking a step closer to her; if that were even possible with what little distance there was between them to begin with. “So… you’re mine?”

“Always, Max,” she said, expressing just as much emotion as he was, “BUT…”

“No buts Liz,” he said pulling her into his arms. “You’re mine… and I’m not letting you go…”

Liz snuggled up in Max’s embrace. She felt so safe and perfect there and she never wanted to leave.

“You’re mine Liz…” he whispered to her, wrapping his arms more tightly around her, “…finally… you’re mine…” Max sighed, “at least for two months anyway…”

Liz groaned and pushed Max away. She was getting tired of this. “Max. I need you to just… shut-up and listen to me,” She said in a tone that dared Max to not comply with her commands. But he knew better than to mess with a ticked-off Liz.

“If you would interrupting me, I would be able to tell you,” she stopped and let out a deep sigh before calming herself in order to talk to him. When Max nodded for her to go on, she continued, “Max, I…”

“I found you!” came a booming voice from the entrance of the cave.


So…again tell me what you think. I had to cut out some cave scenes nothing you can’t live without. This story is just getting way too long. But hopefully, if it goes the way I want it to, it will be over in a week, maybe two. Then I can start on my other stories. Hopefully you’ll read those too. So…give me FEEDBACK if you want more.

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Chapter Ninety-Seven

“I can’t believe I’ve found you!”

Both Max and Liz turned their heads to find a very cheery Alex, coming right for them. Alex pulled them both into a tight embrace.

“You don’t know how worried we’ve been!” Alex said, hugging them even tighter, if that was possible.


“Yes?” Alex released them from his tight grip. He gulped when he saw Liz’s face. She looked… well, she looked just about ready to kill, and the target seemed to be him. He gulped again.

“Alex,” Liz said again, her voice sugary sweet, “Would you kindly give us just one more second alone?” She smiled a sugary sweet smile at him, but her eyes were glaring.

Alex took the hint and turned to leave immediately. A mad Liz was a scary one.

After Alex left, Max turned to Liz with a smirk. “Feisty, aren’t we?” He teased, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Liz rolled her eyes playfully. “I’m just getting so tired of being interrupted. Now… Max…” She made sure that she had his attention, “I know, I’ve been running away a lot from you, every time you would tell me how you feel,” she wasn’t sure how to tell him, but she knew she wanted to tell him… everything.

“Yea?” Max nudged for her to continue.

“Well,” she took a deep breath. “It’s not that I don’t feel the same way… it’s just…”

“Liz?” Max asked, his eyes very hopeful.

“…It’s just… I’m scared… I’m not supposed to feel these things for you… but I do, and I just can’t ignore them anymore. They won’t go away because what I feel is just too strong,” Liz said, looking away from him, fidgeting with her gown, which was now beyond dirty, ripped, and torn.

Max reached down and grabbed her hand in his and brought it up to his lips, softly kissing her palm before curling her hand back up into his.

Liz felt so light-headed from that simple show of affection. “Max…” she whispered his name.

Max grinned at her, lifting his hand to tuck a few strands of hair behind her ear before leaning close to her, “Exactly what do you feel for me?” Max whispered to her.

Liz glanced up at him. He knew she loved him. He just wanted to hear her say it. Just to make sure. “Max…” she smiled shyly at him, “I love you.”

He smiled at her before pulling her slowly into his arms. “I love you too, Liz.”

“I’ve made up my mind Max.” She whispered to him. “I want to be with you. I can’t devote myself to the gods when my heart belongs to you.”

Max’s smile grew at her words before he lifted her up and spun her around. Both laughing happily before Max put her back down. Tucking her hair behind her, “So… you’re really mine then? Not just for two months?”

Liz nodded her head slowly. “I’m yours, until you get bored.”

“Never Liz,” he said shaking his head, “never.”

Liz smiled and tiptoed up to kiss him. Max leaned down, tilting his head to capture Liz’s lips with his own. When they finally broke away for air, he whispered to her with a smile on his lips, “Mine. All mine.”

Liz rolled her eyes, smiling at him. “I should say the same.”

“You know it.” Max said, running his fingers through her hair. “I’m yours, and your mine.”

“Forever?” Liz asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

He nodded his head pliantly, “Forever and always.”

“I think Alex is waiting…” Liz said, nodding her head towards the cave entrance.

“Just one more minute?” Max asked, pouted his lips and making puppy-dog eyes at her.

“Max,” she said as she took his hand and led him out the cave, “We don’t need another moment. We have the rest of our lives together.”


Although it seems like a pretty nice way to end it, this is not the end. There’s still a lot more that needs to go down. We still have to deal with Sean’s death, Khivar, Liz meeting the King, etc. I’m praying that I can finish it in a week. But I doubt it. Thank you for reading and send me FEEDBACK. Please??

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Chapter Ninety-Eight

“Now that everyone is here ad accounted for, we have a lot to talk about,” Jim said, addressing everyone in the room.

They were all seated in the Valenti’s living room with guards at every entrance, apparently for the King and Queen’s protection. The King and Queen were seated on one side of the room. Jim was standing at the center, facing everyone. Philip was seated on a love seat with Diane leaning on the armrest. Michael, Maria, Alex, and Isabel were squeezed together on the couch.

And Max was seated on an extra chair that a servant managed to bring out. Liz was seated on his lap. A servant offered to bring out another chair for Liz, but Max had declined, telling them that they were just fine. Max and Liz have been very comfortable around each other, one not leaving the other’s side since they left the cave. No one has commented about it, other than Alex, who just kept winking at Max.

“So…” Jim said, clasping his hands together, “where to begin?”

“Umm…question,” Liz said, raising her hand timidly. “Um…where’s Kyle?”

“Oh. He left after we told him that we found you and that you were safe,” Diane told Liz, “He said something about having to be back to the temple as soon as possible.

Liz nodded and frowned. Max put his arms around her and leaned her head down on his shoulder. He knew how much Kyle meant to her, and she didn’t get to say goodbye to him before he left.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered to her, “We’ll see him again.” Liz nodded her head and offered Max a small smile.

Everyone wanted to sigh at the sweet show of affection. Though they felt as though they were intruding on a tender moment.

Valenti cleared his throat. “So…are you feeling better Liz?”

Liz nodded her head, smiling politely at him. “Much better.”

“Are you sure we don’t need to call a doctor? Just to check you out,” Diane asked, concerned.

Liz nodded her head. “I’m fine. More than fine. Really,” she said, trying to reassured everyone.

Max smiled at her and rubbed her back soothingly. After having changed into something else, her shoulders and arms were no longer bear and silky smooth for Max to touch, but he like it all the same.

“She should be feeling great. As long as Max is with her,” The King spoke up.

“What do you mean your highness?” Liz turned, nodding slightly and asked, giving the King a questioning look.

“It’s very complicated,” he began, “You see, because you are of royal blood, you have these… powers… magic if you will.”

“Wait. What?” Liz asked thoroughly confused. “Powers? Magic? So the reason I can do these weird things is because I’m a princess.”

“Princess?” Max looked at them in shock. “Liz is…”

“She is,” Jeffrey confirmed Max’s thoughts. “Elizabeth is my daughter.”

Everyone stared at him in shock. They all suddenly stood up, all but Liz. Max would have too if it weren’t for Liz, seated on his lap.

“I think we’re going to… go,” Maria said as she headed out the room, everyone else following. This had to do with Liz’s family, which didn’t include anyone other than Liz, Jeffrey, and Nancy.

“Liz,” Max whispered to her, leaning forward, “I don’t think I should really be here.”

“No, Max. Stay with me. Please?” She pleaded with him, whispering loud enough for only him to hear. “I’m scared.”

Max nodded his head with a slight smile and sat back down, pulling her to him.

“Elizabeth…” Nancy tried to explain.

“If I’m your daughter, then why was I raised by Kyle? Why am I not with you? Did you not want me?” The questions poured out of Liz. Questions that she has been seeking answers to her whole life and only been able to get answers to.

“Don’t ever think that Elizabeth,” Jeffrey said moving his chair to where he was seated right in front of her. “You are MY daughter and I would NEVER not want you.”

“Then why aren’t I with you? Why did you leave me to be raised by Kyle?” Liz asked, tears streaming down her face, all her insecurities coming forth. “Was I that terrible of a child for her parents to have abandoned her.”

“No, sweetie. You’re not.” Jeffrey said, shaking his head, wiping away her tears. “You were not abandoned. And you are not terrible. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. And from what they’ve told me, you are the sweetest, most compassionate, and gentlest person that exists. But I’d rather find that out for myself.”

“Why did you leave me with Kyle then?” Liz asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I didn’t want to. Believe me. I didn’t want to.” Jeffrey said, shaking his head slowly. “I didn’t even know you existed. Because, believe me, if I did, I would have climbed the highest mountains, swam the widest rivers, just to get to you. You are MY daughter. MY child.”

Tears kept flowing down Liz’s cheeks. There were so many questions swirling through her mind. So many answers she’s been searching for. But right now, she forgave him for everything. She finally found her family. “Daddy,” she whispered to him before she jumped into his arms.

“Lizzie,” he whispered to her, kissing the top of her head. “You’ll come stay with me right? Come live with me in the palace? Because now that I have you, I’ll never let you go again. Sorry Maxwell,” Jeffrey said, looking over at Max, “But you’re going to have to wait a long time before I’m willing to give her away to you.”

Liz rolled her eyes and nudged her father lightly. “What makes you think I want to marry Max?” She turned her head and looked Max up and down. Quirking her eyebrows at him.

“Hey…” Max protested.

“You’re right,” Jeffrey mocked gasping, “After all, you are a princess. And I don’t know about letting a princess marry a merchant’s son. Even one as impressively gentlemanly-like as Max.”


“You know what I think?” she asked, glancing at Max again. “I think it’s all just an act. He’s just conspiring to take over the world and using me to do it.”

“What?” Max asked, his eyes widening.

“You know what?” Jeffrey asked, nodding his head. “I think you’re right.”

“Hey…” Max tried to defend himself again before giving up with a sigh. “Forget it. There is no arguing with you two.”

Liz and Jeffrey laughed at Max. Jeffrey smiled and brushed his had over her cheek. “My Elizabeth.”

“I don’t know,” Liz said in a singsong voice, “You might have to fight Max over me.”

“I think I can take him,” Max said, flexing his muscles.

Liz mocked a gasp. “That’s treason, threatening the King.” She narrowed her eyes at Max, shaking her head disappointedly. “Shame on you Max.”

They all burst into laughter. Liz was the first to control her giggles. She looked towards Nancy. “So, does that make you my mother?”

Nancy slowly nodded her head. “Yes, that does. You are my daughter.”

Liz nodded her head. For some reason, she didn’t feel as comfortable around Nancy that she did with Jeffrey. Maybe it was because he approached her first. He was willing and wanting to make her a part of his life before she said a word.

Or maybe it’s all she’s learned about her mom from Claudia. Or at least how Amy just left Claudia, never even writing. “Amy suits you better.”

Nancy gasped, “How…how did you know about that.”

“I’ve met my grandmother.” Liz said shrugging her shoulders.

“Oh,” Nancy said, nodding her head.

The room was suddenly silent. There seemed to be some tension in the air. Liz stood up. “Maybe we should… go get everyone else to finish the rest of the business at hand.”

“Yes,” Jeffrey agreed, nodding his head. “The sooner we get this all over with, the sooner I can take you home. I’ve already had someone prepare a room for you.” Jeffrey told Liz with a smile. Liz smiled back at him before heading off to call everyone else back into the living room.

“Let’s get something straight Max,” Jeffrey said once Liz left the room. “You will not be hurting Liz. I can tell that you like her a lot. You will treat her the way she is meant to be treated, like a princess. You will be worshipping the ground she walks on. Are we clear on that?”

Max nodded his head obediently. “Wow. You are really growing into this parental figure thing aren’t you?” Max asked, very scared at the moment.

“And loving every moment of it,” Jeffrey said, leaning back with a smile. “It’s good being a dad.”

Max smiled dreamily, “Yea, hopefully I’ll get to know the feeling someday soon.”

Jeffrey eyed the boy in front of him.

Max coughed loudly, clearing his throat. “I mean… umm… not… not that soon… hehe… he… yea…”


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Chapter Ninety-Nine

“So Governor, what else do we have to discuss?” Philip asked, yawning. “It’s almost dawn and none of us have slept. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are all very tired.”

“We only have one more thing left to deal with,” Valenti said with a sigh, “Sean’s death… or rather… Sean’s murder. I’ve already spoken with my brother-in-law. He wants to keep updated with any finds, even the smallest clue. He wants vengeance.”

“I’ll tell you. That Whittaker DeLuca,” Philip said, shaking his head, “Violence is not the key to anything. You got that boys?” Philip asked, looking at each of his sons pointedly.

“Brains before brawn,” Alex said with a salute, “Gotcha pops.”

Michael scoffed. “That’s good since Alex here has too much brains and not any brawn.”

“Hey,” Alex protested, throwing a cushion at Michael.

“I can help with the Sean murder,” Max spoke in a hushed voice, not only because the topic was not one he would like to discuss, but also because Liz had fallen asleep with her head leaning on his shoulder. He didn’t want to wake her. She’s had one hell of a night and needed her rest. But they had matters to deal with first. “I witnessed it.”

Everyone gasped and turned to Max.

“We’ll have to ask you some questions Max.” Valenti told Max.

Max looked worriedly at the Governor, “Oh. Okay, Governor.”

“Don’t worry Max. It’s just procedure,” the Governor reassured him, “I’ll need to have to talk to Liz too.”

Max nodded his head with a sigh. He didn’t want to have Liz dealing with these things. He wanted to let her live in a plastic bubble and not have contact with anything bad or evil. She already had enough to deal with. She had to get acquainted with her parents, moving to the palace, deal with being royalty and the etiquette of being a princess, not to mention having to deal with him, constantly wanting to be around her and touching her, Max added with a smirk.

He glanced down at his angel lying peacefully in his arms. He brushed the hair off of her face, rubbing her neck soothingly. “Governor, if you don’t mind, can we talk about this tomorrow? I really think Liz should get some rest.”

“We really have to deal with this Sean issue as soon as possible,” Valenti said with a sigh, “But, since Liz isn’t feeling well, I guess we’ll just have to put it off until tomorrow.”

Max smiled appreciatively towards the Governor. He stood up, lifting Liz into his arms on his way as he headed towards the door.

“Max,” Maria called out to him with a smile. “Where are you taking Liz?”

“Yes. Where are you taking her?” The King spoke up, “She’s coming home with me.”

“With all due respect your majesty, but it does take a while to get to the palace and Liz is rather tired,” Maria said, pointing towards Liz, “And her things are already here, her room is prepared. I suggest she remain here.”

“But…” The King sighed in submission, “You’re right. She’s tired. I’ll just send for her tomorrow. Let’s go.” He called for the guards and headed out the entrance, Nancy following behind him. Jeffrey stopped in front of Max, placed a soft kiss on Liz’s forehead and wished her good night before heading out the door.

Philip and Diane stood up. “Thank you, Jim,” Philip said, patting Valenti on the back. “I’d say this ball was a success… very eventful… but a success nonetheless. It’s one that will have everyone talking about it for ages to come.”

“I agree,” Valenti said, waving to Diane and Philip. “Just wait, everyone will be dying to come to the next Valenti-Evans Engagement Ball.”

Alex and Isabel blushed and looked away from each other. Isabel glared at her father.

Valenti shook his head with a laugh, “I’ll see you tomorrow Philip. You rest up now.”

“We will,” Philip replied before heading out the door.

Alex and Michael stood up, each kissing their significant other, bidding them goodbye before heading for the door, waving to Valenti on their way out.

“Well, I’ll be going now,” Max nodded towards them before turning to head out the door.

“Max,” Maria called to him again, “You’re still holding Liz.”

Max turned his head and looked back at her before replying. “I know,” he said simply and turned to leave out the door.


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Wow… one hundred parts. Wouldn’t it be funny if I ended it with a bomb coming down and killing them all? Hehe… that’d be so wrong. Well, anyway, hope you like it.


Chapter One-Hundred

“Max,” Diane called after her son as be headed towards the stairs. “What are you doing with Liz? I thought she was staying at the Valenti’s.”

Max shook his head nonchalantly. “No. She’s staying with me.”

“Max,” Diane warned. “I don’t think…”

“Mom, please,” he interrupted her. “I need her to be here with me… so that I can watch after her. A lot has happened and… I just… I just need to know that she’s safe. Please?”

Diane sighed in defeat. She could never say no to Max. “Fine. But at least put her in the guest room.”

“We’re fine mom,” Max said, heading up the stairs again.

“Max,” Diane stopped him. “Now that is definitely not a good idea.”

“Please mom,” he begged her. “Just let me have this. I want to be next to her, just in case anything happens. Please trust me and let me have this.”

Diane shook her head and threw her hands up in defeat. “Fine. Do what you want. But you better be glad that I am one hell of a mom.” She said pointing her finger at him.

“The best,” Max said to her with a wide smile. “Good night mom,” he whispered to her as he ascended the stairs up to his room.

“Good night Max,” The called up to him. “Good night Liz.”

Max kicked open his door and carried Liz in with ease. God, this girl weighed next to nothing. No wonder she fainted… twice. Max would have to get her to eat more. She was just too skinny for his liking. Not that he would love her any less or any more. Max chuckled, was it even possible to love her more than he already did? He’ll just have to wait and find out.

Max lowered her onto his bed, laying her down gently and covered her with a blanket. He stood up and looked around his room before sighing. He supposed he was going to be sleeping on the floor.

He heard a soft knock on the door before it creaked open, slowly.

“Hey Max,” Alex whispered as he entered the room, holding sheets and blankets in his arms.

“Alex,” Max said, nodding his head at his little brother.

“Mom told me to bring you these,” Alex said handing Max the bundle. “She said you would need them.” Alex glanced over at Liz’s sleeping form with a smirk on his face.

“Thanks,” Max said, taking the sheets from Alex.

“No need to thank me,” Alex said, the smirk still plastered on his face. He started snickering again.

“Good night Alex,” Max said, waiting for Alex to leave already.

“What… oh… okay… good night Max,” Alex headed for the door but then turned back around. “I almost forgot. Mom also said to remind you that you both have to meet with Valenti tomorrow, or should I say today,” Alex added with a yawn. “So… make sure you get lots of SLEEP.” Alex winked at Max and left the room.

Max rolled his eyes and shut the door after Alex left. He spread the sheets and blanket down on the ground and was about to get undressed when he stopped to reconsider it. Would Liz mind if he took off his clothes? He normally slept in his boxers. Would she be uncomfortable?

Max shook his thoughts. She probably wouldn’t. I mean, he spent the entire time in the cave and she never once said anything about it. Max took off his shirt and pants and threw it to the side. He moved over to the bed to grab his extra pillow.

Max looked down at her. She looked so peaceful, lying there, like an angel. Her lips suddenly started to curl up at the ends and he smiled. She must be having a good dream. Max wondered if she dreamt about him. God knows he dreams about her all the time.

He lifted his hand and softly brushed her hair out of her face. He didn’t mean for his hand to linger there and start to travel down to her neck, caressing it softly. He heard her whimper softly, leaning into his touch. Yes, definitely had to be a good dream.

He heard her softly murmur, what sounded like his name, and he smiled. Was she dreaming about him? No hoped so. When he gazed down at her again, he saw her eyes were open.

“Max…” Liz whispered.

“Hey there beautiful,” he said, running his fingers through her hair again.

Liz glanced around at where she was. “This is your room,” she said to him.

“Yeah,” Max smiled at her.

“Your bed,” she stated, shifting around a little.

“Yes siree,” Max nodded his head.

“You are also… on the bed… with me,” Liz said, raising her eyebrows at him.

“Oh… yeah… um… I was just… getting a pillow,” he stuttered out, very aware that he wasn’t wearing much at the moment.

“That’s very kind of you,” Liz said to him with a smile.

“What is?” Max said, using the pillow to cover some of himself up.

Liz tilted her head over to the floor where he had sheets spread out. “You giving me your bed and sleeping on the floor. That’s very gentlemanly of you.”

“Why thank you. But I’m not sleeping on the floor,” Max said shaking his head.

“You’re not?” Liz asked, her eyebrows scrunching up in confusing, “But I thought…”

“No silly,” he smiled at her, “I’m not sleeping on the floor. You are.”

“Oh,” Liz said, blinking her eyes multiple times before sitting up to move to the floor.

“No, Liz,” Max said, chuckling as he gently pushed her back down to the bed. “You’re not sleeping on the floor.”

Liz was confused, “But you just said…”

“I was kidding sweetheart.” Max said with a smile.

“Oh,” Liz sighed and pouted her lips. “It’s too early in the morning to play tricks on me.”

“I know. I’m sorry,” Max leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. “Good night Liz.”

“Good night Max,” Liz said snuggling up in the covers. “Sweet dreams. Do you dream about me Max?”

“Always,” Max said, settling down on the floor.

Liz smiled, “I dream about you too.”

“Really?” Max grinned, laying his head down on the pillow. “What were you dreaming about?”

“It was the strangest thing,” Liz said shaking her head. “You and I were stuck in a cave together all night,” Liz said with a yawn.

“Really?” Max asked, glancing over towards the bed.

“Uh huh,” Liz nodded her head. “A lot of strange things happened. We had a fire and berries. And we talked about the weirdest things…” Liz finished up with a yawn.

“Like pick-up lines and guys from the warehouse hitting on you, and you becoming a nun?” Max asked.

“Uh huh. How did you know?” Liz asked, her voice trailing off.

“Lucky guess,” Max whispered, blinking his eyes and shaking his head. “Maybe you should go to sleep Liz. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

“Uh huh. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning,” Liz said, drifting off into sleep.

Max laid there, staring up at the ceiling, not knowing what to think. Maybe she was right. Maybe it had all been a dream…


This chapter was pretty much pointless, but hey, it’s a Max and Liz scene. Good enough. Thank you for reading. Please give me FEEDBACK and tell me what you think.

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Chapter One-Hundred and One

“Is what you’re telling me true?” The governor asked, staring at the boy, in shock.

“Yes, governor. I’m dead serious. I heard it with my own ears,” Max said, leaning forward in his seat

“Then Khivar…”

“Was the one that killed Sean and is now after Liz,” Max’s anger started to rise upon thinking about it. If Khivar ever even lays a hand on Liz…

“Where is Liz now?” the governor asked, suddenly worried.

“The guards came by this morning and took her away,” Max said with a sad smile on his face. He sighed thinking about the events of this morning. Max had woken up with his dreams coming true. Well, not quite. He had woken up beside Liz, several feet away, but it’s the best progress he’s made yet.

He was seated beside the bed waiting for her to wake up and him be the first thing she see when she opened her eyes, but guards came rushing into his room before that could happen. And the thoughts that were entering the guards’ minds upon seeing Max seated on the bed, with Liz, in only his boxers, was definitely not a good one. They’ll probably report to the king exactly what they thought happened that night. Liz will probably get into some trouble.

But then again… Max’s conniving mind began winding as his lips turned up in a mischievous smile… if the King thought that Max and Liz had… ‘done it,’ he would probably force him marry Liz. Not that Max wouldn’t be more than happy to oblige. The king would either have them marry or force them apart forever. Max groaned, he wasn’t liking the latter choice.

Max was thrown out of his thoughts by Valenti jumping out of his chair. “You let Liz go to the palace while Khivar is off to kill her?!”

“I am not a completely incompetent fool,” Max defended himself. “I wouldn’t let them take Liz anywhere near Khivar, but they assured me that Khivar has left the palace off to visit another town on business. I even paid a few of them to keep a close eye on her and make sure no one hurts her in any way.”

“What business would Khivar have elsewhere?” Valenti wondered.

“I don’t know. But what are we going to do about Liz?” He said, changing the subject.

“I don’t know what we can do,” Valenti said shrugging his shoulders. “He’s royalty. The king’s brother, Or rather, half-brother, but royalty nonetheless.

“But Liz is the princess, heir to the throne. She’s higher rank and of more importance than Khivar. If he’s attempting to get rid of her…” Max was growing frantic and started pacing around the room, trying to think of a plan. He had to find a way to get Khivar out of the picture.

“That’s still not good enough Max,” the Governor shook his head sadly. “Khivar is still royalty. Besides that, we need a lot more evidence on him. One witness against a member of the royal family is not enough, especially not you. And I doubt we can get him to confess to his crimes…”

“Wait a minute,” Max stopped his pacing and interrupted the Governor, “why am I not a good witness?”

“Honestly, Max,” Valenti took a deep breath and continue when Max shook his head. “You are still one of the suspects. One of the possible murderers of Sean DeLuca.”

Max laughed, not believing what he was hearing, “You’re kidding, right Governor?”

“Sadly, no,” Valenti said, shaking his head. “If I didn’t know you better Evans, I would have good reason to believe that you had done it.”

“Like what?” Max asked, still in denial.

“For instance,” Valenti began, “You and Sean have been at each other’s necks since you were little.”

“That’s just friendly competition. And it ended there. Everyone knows that.” Max defended himself. “Everyone is always witness to these duals that me and Sean have… had.”

“Yes, and everyone knew about you beating Sean up in the alley,” Valenti contradicted him.

“That was because of Liz,” Max whispered softly.

“And this time, Liz was kidnapped. You went after her. We know how angry you can get when someone messes with you family,” Valenti said.

Max nodded his head slowly. “But… I would never kill someone.”

“I know that Max,” the Governor said slowly, looking the boy in the eye just so that Max can see that he really did believe him.

“What else is there?” Max asked, seating himself back down in the chair, taking this all in.

“There is also reason to believe that you may be framing Khivar if you blamed this on him.”

“How?” Max asked, making a face.

“Well, if for some odd reason, Liz could not prove herself as the King’s daughter, Khivar is next in line to take the throne.”

“But, what would that matter to me?” Max asked, confused.

“With Khivar out of the picture, and the King ill, Liz would be the only one left to take the throne,” Valenti explained.

Max shook his head. “I still don’t see…”

“Max. You have managed to get Liz to fall head over heels in love with you. Though many will see you unworthy since they don’t see how much you love her in return. Thus they think that you’re only with her to…”

“No,” Max jumped up from his seat. “I’m not using Liz. I don’t care about any thrones or about royalty.”

“Still,” Valenti sighed, “If you marry her…”

“So…” Max said, nodding his head, “you think I’m using her. You think I’m only with her because I’m conspiring to take over the throne?!” Max pounded his fists on the desk.

“That’s not what I think Max,” Valenti said in a gentle voice. “I’m just telling you what I see from the outside in. This may be a royal concern. And in that case, it’ll be the Royal Court who decides and this is probably what they will think. But until then, unless we can get more witnesses, Sean’s case will be left unsolved.”

Max nodded his head with a sigh and turned towards the door to leave.

“I’m just giving you a head up, Max,” Valenti called out to him.

“Thank you Governor,” Max replied softly as he left the room. How was he going to tell this to Liz if he… when he sees her again? WHEN he sees her again… WHEN…


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Chapter One-Hundred and Two

Liz was strolling down the street. She was finally able to get away from all the pesky servants. They were nice and all but she didn’t know if she liked them being there all the time, waiting on her hand and foot.

She was just about to turn the corner when she saw him, standing there at the end of the street, smiling at her. She thought she might faint. Her knees were getting weak. He could always do this to her, just with a glance.

He reached her with just a mere few steps. Hadn’t be been at the other end of the street? How did he get to her so quickly? Oh, well. It didn’t matter.

“Hey there beautiful,” his words melted her.

“Hi,” she managed out, though her heart was beating a mile a minute.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispered into her ear.

“I’ve missed you too,” Liz whispered back. She unconsciously licked her lips.

Max smiled wickedly as he lowered his head, parting his lips slightly as it brushed against hers.

“Elizabeth, please pay attention,” the tutor tapped lightly on Liz’s desk to get her to wake up.

Liz jerked her head up, startled. Her eyes scanned around at her surroundings. She groaned when she realized where she was. And that she had been daydreaming. Darn that tutor. And she was just getting to the good part too.

Don’t get her wrong. She didn’t mind learning. Not at all. She loved to learn. She agreed completely when her father had suggested for her to get a tutor this morning. But this tutor wasn’t going to discuss philosophy or read Shakespeare with her. No siree. He was here to tutor her on the etiquette of being a princess. And it is the most boring thing Liz has ever had to endure.

“Now… Let’s continue. Rule number thirty-six of being a proper young lady, table manners. A princess must always eat her meals slowly, savoring each bite of her food. Never stuffing food down her face. Only ever taking small bites at a time. And when eating, she must always eat from the outside of her plate, inward.”

“Why?” Liz asked the tutor, curious to know what was so important about which part of the plate you start eating from.

“There are many reasons,” he explained. “For one, there is less chance of spilling your food.”

“But I never spilled my food before,” Liz protested, “What’s so special about eating it that way?”

“Well, before you were a lowly little girl and now you are a princess,” the tutor stated simply.

Liz lifted her hand and glanced over them, she lifted her hair to look at it, she stood up and glanced down at her feet, and then lifted her arms out to the side and spun around before sitting back down. “Yup, I am still me.”

“That brings up rule number fifty-three, proper grammar,” the tutor said, opening up his book again and flipping through a few pages. “You will speak clearly and correctly. Articulation is of utmost importance. For example, you will say the word clearly, ‘yes.’ Not ‘yup.’ Slang is not tolerated.”

“But why, as long as people understand me?” Liz asked leaning forward with her head in her hands.

“Tisk tisk Elizabeth. Did we already forget rule number twenty-seven? No slouching?”

“No,” Liz said, jaded as she sat up straight. “Being a princess is hard work.”

“It is a lot of hard work,” the tutor commented, “but it is what you are forced to endure, being royalty. Now, on to the next rule.”

Liz groaned, “How many more rules are there?”

“Well, there are about one-hundred, give or take a few,” the tutor said, adjusting his glasses.

“W…wha…w…what?” Liz coughed out. “You have to be kidding me. I am not sitting around for that!”

“Rule number Forty-two, Elizabeth, no complaining,” the tutor berated.

“I can complain if I want to complain,” Liz said pouting. “When do I get a break? I’ve been sitting here for hours.”

“I hate to inform you Elizabeth, but princesses don’t get breaks. They have to be princesses for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty-five days a year.

“So I only get a break on leap years?” Liz asked, crossing her hands on over her chest. She didn’t normally dispute with people. She normally complied to everything, but this tutor was just so testy.

He rolled his eyes at her. “Next…”

“I’m taking a break,” Liz said as she stood up.

“No, you are not,” he said, staring her down.

“Yes, I am,” Liz said, flashing him a sugary sweet smile.

The tutor huffed. “Just… do as I say Elizabeth,” the tutor spat at her, getting a little annoyed at the girl’s curiosity.

“Who would dare raise their voice at the Princess?” the King asked as he strolled in through the doorway.

Liz jumped over towards her father with a smile.

“Elizabeth, how are your studies?” he asked her, sitting down together on the couch.

Liz pouted her lips and glared over in the tutor’s direction. “They’re very dreary.”

“Why don’t you go take a break then?” the King asked, brushing aside a few strands of her hair.

“I wanted to, but someone forbade me from it,” she said the last part loudly enough for the tutor to hear. He tensed, afraid he might be punished for it.

“Lighten up on her Nicholas, it’s her first day,” the King said towards the tutor.

“Yes, sire,” Nicholas said, bowing his head.

“I still don’t see why Alex couldn’t be my tutor,” she whispered to her father only loud enough for him to hear.

“I highly doubt that Alexander Evans is capable of teaching the proper etiquettes of a princess,” Nicholas answered smugly. Apparently, Nicholas’s hearing was a lot better than she thought it was.

“And how would you know?” Liz looked at him wide-eyed. “Are you secretly a princess in disguise?”

Nicholas would have remarked back, but the King was still there. And the King was laughing at his daughter’s joke nonetheless.

“Why don’t you go for a stroll in the garden Elizabeth? It’s rather nice this time of year.” Jeffrey asked once he stopped laughing.

“Actually,” Liz said, biting her lip, “I was hoping to go into the city?”

“Rule number ten, Elizabeth,” Nicholas interrupted.

“No going out of the palace,” Liz mouthed along with him, rolling her eyes.

“Please father?” she begged him.

Jeffrey sighed, “No Elizabeth, that’s one of the rules that you just can’t break.”

“But I want to go see Max,” she protested.

“Max can come visit you during the day, when you are not busy studying,” the King said, standing up. “Now, we only have a couple of hours until dinner, why don’t you go to your room and rest up until then?”

“Can I send for Max to keep me company?” She asked, her eyes hopeful.

“No, not today, Elizabeth,” the king shook his head. “It’s your first day in the palace and I want you to get acquainted with the palace today.”

“Yes, father,” she droned before she headed off to her room grudgingly.

No Max for Liz. No Max for Liz. No Max for Liz… she chanted a song in her head. How was she supposed to go without Max? She scoffed, her father would allow him to visit when she wasn’t busy with her studies. If every day were going to be like today, she’d never have time for him to visit.

How was she supposed to live without seeing Max? It just wasn’t possible. You just don’t have a Max without a Liz. And no Liz without a Max. Just having Max by himself or Liz be herself was just so incomplete. It’s ludicrous I tell you. Ludicrous.

She would bet her life that Max would think just the same. If only she could ask him…


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This is one extremely long part, but it’s all Max and Liz, so I hope you like.


Chapter One-Hundred and Three

Max was lying down on his bed, wide-awake. It was hard to believe that Liz was lying right where he was just a few hours ago. Except for the faint smell of vanilla on his pillow. Mmm… vanilla… mmm… Liz…

He missed her. She hadn’t come back to see him like she promised she would today. Max sighed. She was probably to busy off being a princess to spend any time with him anyway.

Unlike him, who had been moping around the house, waiting for her to come. God he was pathetic. He should go out. Just so she didn’t think that all he did all day was think about her. Even though it was true.

But then where would he go? Where did he used to go to play B.L.? Max snickered. That was the way he referred to the time Before Liz. He couldn’t seem to remember much about it though. His head was too full of During Liz moments. Oh, God. He hoped there would never be an After Liz time period.

No. He couldn’t even think about it. It just wasn’t possible. You don’t have a Max without his Liz. Or a Liz without her Max, for that matter. Max by himself or Liz by herself was just so… incomplete. Ludicrous. Completely ludicrous.

Max let out a heart-wrenching sigh. But now that she was a princess, where did that put them? They were right, whoever THEY were. He didn’t deserve her. Max let out another sigh and rolled over on the bed, burying his head in his pillow.

He heard a noise in his room and tensed, turning his head slowly towards it. Something had just entered his room through the window. Max could see a shadow lurking in his room through the corner of his eye.

He didn’t dare move, afraid to alert the intruder of his presence. The person walked around the room a bit, looking through a few of the things. Opening up his desk drawer and searching around in it, before closing the drawer shut quietly. Max shifted somewhat and the person glanced over in his direction.

He lifted himself up slightly and prepared himself when the person headed towards him. Whoever it was should know better than to mess with an Evans and Max was going to show this prowler exactly why.

The trespasser reached their hand out towards Max and Max grabbed the person’s small arm and flung them on to the bed, tangling them in the sheets with him. The person struggled a little, but Max was able to pin them down with ease. It was a little too easy.

And this intruder was really, really small. And smelled really, really good. Never the less, the person was still trespassing in his home and going through his things.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Max questioned the prowler, pushing them harder onto the bed.

“Well, that all depends,” her sweet voice sang out to Max’s heart. “I HAD come here to see you, as promised, but right now I am HIGHLY reconsidering it.”

“Liz?” He asked out with a smile on his face. “Hey. I was wondering where you were.”

“Max…” Liz called out to him.

“Yeah?” he asked, still smiling widely.

She shrugged her shoulder, pointing out Max’s firm grip on her.

“Oh,” Max exclaimed and he loosened his hold on her, but didn’t remove his hands.

“Max?” Liz asked. “Aren’t you going to let me up?”

“I don’t know,” Max said in a singsong voice, “I kind of like it here, tangled in the sheets with you. It’s like a dream come true.”

“Well,” Liz said in a sugary sweet voice, “You’re dreams going to turn into a nightmare if you don’t let me up.”

“I don’t see how that can be,” he whispered to her. “Any dream with you, me and a bed has to be good.”

“Let me up Max,” Liz whimpered.

“Say the magic words,” Max whispered to her.

“Now,” she ordered.

Max shook his head, “Nuh uh.” He lowered himself a bit more onto her, just enough to where more of his body was in contact with hers, but also to where he wasn’t crushing her.

“I’ll scream…” she threatened.

“Incorrect,” he leaned his head down and nuzzled her neck, letting the smell of vanilla excite his senses.

“Please?” Liz used the most innocent and scared voice she could muster. It almost did Max in, he was just about to let her up, except for the soft moan that escaped her lips when his lips grazed across the sensitive skin of her neck.

Max was elated, he was the reason why Liz gasped softly and why she closed her eyes in pleasure. He continued his soft exploration of her skin.

“Please Max?” he heard the soft murmur come from her lips, but he wasn’t sure anymore whether she was pleading with him to stop or pleading with him to keep going. His senses were in overdrive, paying special attention to what made her moan and respond the most. God… she even tasted like Vanilla…

“Max, max,” she called out to him, enticing him to go on. “Max,” Liz squeezed her eyes shut, trying to gain control. Why was it that he could do this to her? “Max,” she said, her voice more composed.

“Hmm?” he asked absentmindedly, still working at her neck.

“You…you have to…have to stop Max,” she managed out through deep breaths. But Max didn’t acknowledge her as he moved lower, gently sucking on her collarbone. Liz tried to suppress a moan before crying out, “Stop Max!” as she pushed him away.

Max tensed, stopped for a second to catch his breath, and then lifted himself off of her, sitting up. His mind was running wild as he took in what just happened. Licking his suddenly parched lips. God… he could still taste her on his lips.

Liz sat up slowly, watching Max as he stared at the ground in front of him. She wondered what was running in his mind. “Max…” she spoke softly, “I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s okay,” Max said dejectedly, “It’s fine if you don’t want…” he took several deep breaths, “Maybe I should go…”

Liz chuckled, “Max… this is your room.”

“Oh… right.”

They stayed sitting there in silence.

“Max…” Liz called out to him, softly. She didn’t know what happened. Why was he being like this now?

“Was there anything else you wanted Liz?” He asked her, his voice equally soft. My heart to stomp all over again, he thought softly.

“What are you thinking?” Liz asked timidly as she drew her knees up to her body, wrapping her arms around them.

Max shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. “If I’ll ever be worthy of you,” he whispered, almost inaudibly, but Liz heard it all the same.

“What?” Liz asked, shaking her head.

“You’re a princess, Liz,” he whispered to her, his eyes still locked on the ground.

“But I’m still me though,” she reached for his hand and covered it with her own.

Max moved his hand away. That one act almost had Liz crying, right there. “I just don’t know if I can take this rejection all the time,” He whispered to her. “All you seem to do is not want me.”

“That’s not true,” she said, shaking her head. “You should have been there earlier when I was begging my father to let me see you.”

“He didn’t want you to see me?” Max asked, closing his eyes tight. Her father didn’t like her being with him. She was probably here to break up with him right now. God… this is when the After Liz time period begins. But the During Liz period was so short… way to short. Max clenched his teeth to keep his bottom lip from quivering.

“He didn’t want me to see you, so I snuck out, just for you,” she said, scooting herself closer to Max, to where her leg was touching his back.

“I love you Liz,” Max whispered out to her, turning to look at her. He may be losing her, but he’d be damned if he didn’t go down without a fight. “Don’t leave me.” He leaned his head on her knee, his arm wrapping around her legs.

“Max…” she said, shaking her head. “I would never leave you. I love you too much.”

He still didn’t believe her. Still pleaded with her. “I know, I don’t have a lot to offer, but I… I have my heart. I just… don’t know if that’s enough…” his voice cracked.

“It’s more than enough Max. Max, look at me,” she waited until he looked her in the eye before she continued. “I. Am. Not. Leaving. You.” She said each word slowly, letting it sink into his head. “I. Love. You. I. Will. NEVER. Leave. You.

Max reveled in her words. She really wasn’t leaving him. She was still his. Still belonged to him. He let out a sigh of relief. “So, you’re not leaving me?”

“No,” Liz said, chuckling softly, “Didn’t you hear me? I broke one of the rules of a proper princess, just for you. What would make you think that anyway?”

Max shrugged his shoulders, “You rejected me and I feared the worst.”

“Max…” she said with a small smile, he could be so adorable when he wasn’t being his cocky self, or even when he was. “I didn’t reject you.”

“Yeah huh,” Max said, nodding his head. “You pushed me away.”

“I was just… that’s just because…” Liz took a deep breath, “It’s scary… sometimes… how close we get. And it’s new to me and all and I just… I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know how to react when I loose control like that. It scares me. Because I always want to be in control, you know?”

“Yeah…” Max said with a small smile, which soon turned into a wicked grin. “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll let you take charge. You can be on top any time you want. All you have to do is say the magic words.”

Liz rolled her eyes with a sigh. A soft smile appeared on her lips, “Max Evans is THE MAN?” she winked at him.

Max contemplated it for a while. “Hmm… that could help, but I’m sorry, that’s not what I had in mind.”

Liz bit her bottom lip and thought for a while before her lips curved into a smile. “I love you?”

“You have to question how you feel about me?” Max asked, feigning hurt.

Liz rolled her eyes. “I love you,” she stated this time.

“What’s my name?” he asked, cocking a smile.

Liz coughed out the word “Stuck-up,” with a smile.

“What was that Liz?” Max asked, turning his head towards her, “I don’t think I heard you right.”

“I love you Max,” she said in a sugary sweet voice.

“That’s what I thought I heard,” Max said, smirking at her. “So, what were you doing looking through my things?”

“Oh… umm… I was just… looking for candles,” she stuttered out, nervously playing with her hair.

“They’re over here in the night stand,” Max said, getting up and lighting a few to brighten the room. “You should know that Liz.” He stared at her, his eyebrow raised, calling her bluff.

Liz was able to stand off with him for a few seconds before she gave in. “Fine,” she said, throwing her hands up in the air. “I was looking for any old girlfriend things. Handkerchiefs, pictures, love letters, any other kinds of memorabilia.”

“Why?” Max asked with a smile on his face as he sat back down on the bed.

“Because…” Liz said with a sigh, pouting her lip, “You only keep things of people if they meant something to you. If they were… special. And I wanted to know who I had to compete with for your… affection.”

Max leaned closer to her, bringing his hand up to tuck her hair behind her ear. “Liz… you should know better. There’s only you… there’ll only ever be you.”

Liz melted upon hearing his words.

“And all my Liz things are in there,” he said, pointing towards the drawer right beside his bed. “For easy access to them at night, when I’m missing you. That way I have something of yours to hold on to. It’s second best to the real thing.”

“Awww… That is so sweet Max,” Liz just wanted to pinch his cheeks. Could he get more adorable? She thought. Apparently yes, upon seeing him duck his head slightly and blushing too. “So… what all is in your Liz collection?” she asked, leaning back on her elbows.

“You don’t want to know,” Max said, shaking his head.

“Come on, can’t I see?” She asked heading over towards the table.

“No Liz,” he grabbed her waist and stopped her from reaching the drawer. “You’ll end up taking some of it back. And your not getting any of it. It’s all mine.”

“A bit possessive aren’t we?” Liz asked, smirking at him.

“Deadly,” Max winked at her and she rolled her eyes. “So did you get into a lot of trouble today?”

“You mean about us having wild, hot sex on you bed last night?” Liz asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Liz…” Max pouted his lip, “we did none of the sort. And even if we had, We wouldn’t have been ‘having sex,’ we would have ‘made love’.” He said with a sweet smile.

Liz rolled her eyes and scoffed, “That’s what you think.”

“Liz…” Max whined, his face falling.

“Okay fine,” she threw her hands up in defeat. “Not much. It only took me an hour to convince my father that nothing happened.”

“That’s what you think,” Max said, using her own words against her.

Liz rolled her eyes and laid down on her stomach on the bed. “Nothing else really happened during the day. Except for this tutor who was just so… grrr.” Liz said, making a face.

Max chuckled, “What was he, a cat?”

Liz rolled her eye, “You know what I mean.”

Max laughed again. “Yeah. So what else happened?”

“Basically the tutor took up most of my time. I got in trouble because of you, you know.” Liz told him matter-of-factly.

“What’d I do this time?” Max asked, lying down on the bed as well.

“I was daydreaming and the tutor didn’t like it all that much,” Liz said with a sigh.

“So… you were daydreaming about yours truly?” Max asked, smirking.

“So what? You dream about me too,” she rebuked.

“Oh, that reminds me, about that…dream… you had… the other day. You do realize it wasn’t a dream… right. And that you actually did promise yourself to me? So you really are… mine.”

Liz smiled, “Of course. I was just messing with you.”

“Hey,” Max complained, “It’s not nice to mess with a guy’s feelings.”

“Aww,” Liz pouted her lip, “Did I break your heart?”

“More times than you know,” Liz melted yet again at his words. God… how many times could he do this to her.

“It’s getting late,” she said with a yawn.

“Yeah,” Max agreed, sitting up on the bed. “Maybe you should head back to the palace now.”

“Are you kicking me out?” Liz asked, not budging from where she lay, on the bed.

Max shook his head. “No, I was just…”

“Because I was kind of hoping that I could spend the night here. I mean, it’s dangerous for a girl out in the city at night.”

“Y… you want to… spend the night… here?” Max stuttered out.

“Can I?” Liz asked in her most seductive voice. “Please Max?”

Max stared at her with his mouth gaped wide, dumbfounded, but then quickly covered it up with a smirk. “Only if we can both sleep on the bed.”

Liz narrowed her eyes at him before giving in, “Okay.”

Max was again at a loss for words. “I… um… I was just kidding Liz. You can stay. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“It’s okay Max. I don’t mind.” She said with a sexy smile on her lips. “And you shouldn’t either.”

Max had to swallow hard, “No… I… um…”

“I insist Max,” Liz interrupted him, standing up to take off some of her outer garments and getting ready for bed.

Max stared at her before he started to get undressed himself. He hoped she wouldn’t mind him in his boxers. Sure, last night he had slept like that, but this time they were sharing a bed… his bed. I mean, if she had something against it, she would tell him right?

“Oh my gosh Max,” Liz exclaimed.

Max quickly pulled his shirt back over his head. Apparently she did have something against it. “I’m sorry. I just…” he started to apologize to her, but froze when he glanced over at her. She was sitting on the side of his bed, looking through his Liz drawer. Oh no…

“Liz… I can explain…” He started over towards her.

“What is all this stuff Max?” Liz asked as she poured the contents of the drawer out onto the bed.

“Um… just… stuff,” he stuttered as he sat down on the bed as well.

Liz stared down at the things. She cleared her throat and blinked her eyes a few times before looking up at him, shaking her head. “M…Max. Some of these… things… this… this isn’t… this isn’t my stuff…”


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Chapter One-Hundred and Four

Liz’s heart tightened, her eyes started watering. “Max… It’s not that I mind… I mean… I don’t care if you have other people’s things… it’s just… I wish you wouldn’t lie to me…” she whispered the last part, her voice breaking as well as her heart. He was just feeding her another line and she had fallen for it. She wasn’t as special as he made her out to be. A betraying tear rolled down her cheek.

“Liz…” Max lifted his hand and gently wiped away her tears. “What are you talking about? Of course these are your things.”

“No it isn’t,” Liz said, shaking her head. “How is all this mine? I don’t even recognize half of the things here,” she waved her hands over the objects on the bed.

“Liz,” he said with a smile as he tucked her hair behind her ears. “You probably wouldn’t, but unlike you, I remember everything about you. Every word, every moment.”

“Another line…” Liz said with her lips still pursed as she fumed slightly.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked her, shaking his head from side to side. “It’s not a line.” She didn’t believe him though, he could tell by the way she was looking at him. How her eyes were still angry and the way she was looking at him, with a ‘don’t mess with me’ kind of look. He sighed. “Look. I’ll prove it to you.”

He picked up an object from off the bed. “This,” he pointed towards it, “is your bag, that you gave to me, which you are not getting back by the way.”

“This,” he picked up another object, “is your money sack. Which I will give back to you.” Max tossed the sack on the bed in front of her.

Liz picked it up. It was heavy. She pulled it open and glanced inside before tossing it back at him. “That’s not my money in there.”

Max sighed. She was obviously still mad. He picked up the sack and threw it back on the bed in front of her. “Yes it is. Remember? I promised you two hundred pieces of gold. From that bet I had with Sean. When I borrowed Fate from you.”

Liz shook her head back and forth, not recalling.

Max sighed. “It was the first day I met you. Remember. By the river,” Max shook his head. “How could you not remember?”

Liz took a sharp intake of breath and smiled widely. “I remember.” She pursed her lips again. “I still owe you a beating. You were spying on me bathing.”

Max chuckled. “Hey, you can’t blame me. I thought I was dreaming. I mean, since when, in reality, do you see the most heavenly being, fully undressed? You were practically calling for me to come and feast my eyes on your beauty.”

“Well, when you put it that way,” Liz blushed. “But I don’t want your money.” She threw the bag back at him.

“Liz, please?” he picked up the bag and placed it in her hand, curling her fingers around it. “I promised it to you and if I don’t keep my promises, that means that your promises don’t necessarily hold value either. And what you’ve promised me is definitely worth more than all the gold in the world.”

“What promises?” Liz asked him. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. Everything he was telling her just made her melt. But she had to shake her thoughts. After all, they were just lines. She’s had plenty of guys say all sorts of lines to her. Except none of them were Max and none of them had that look in their eyes that Max had when he looked at her. It was like he was seeing right into her soul.

“You don’t remember?” he whispered to her, brushing his finger softly over her cheek and down her jaw-line to her chin. It sent chills down her spine. “You promised yourself to me, and I’m holding you to it, Elizabeth Parker.”

Liz smiled, gazing into his eyes. “Bastard…” she whispered.

“What,” he asked, perplexed.

“You did it again,” she whispered, her eyes never leaving his. “You always do that. How do you always do that?”

“Do what?” he asked, still confused.

“Melt my heart,” she smiled at him.

Max ran a hand through his hair as he ducked his head, blushing slightly. Too adorable. He had to have been a fluke in God’s creations. Everyone had their faults somewhere, but Max Evans was simply too perfect. He was probably an angel in disguise, sent to earth to brighten up her life.

She sighed happily before moving on. She laid down on her stomach on the bed. “Okay. Those two things I knew were mine. I’ll pick something this time.” She scanned through the items.

“They are all things about you Liz,” Max said with confidence, “I assure you that.”

“This?” Liz asked holding up a pebble.

“From the pond the first day we met,” Max said with a smile.

“You picked up a pebble?” Liz asked, not believing him.

“It was in my shoe, okay… I just… I kept it. Now leave it alone.” He took the rock from her hand and placed it back in the drawer.

“Shampoo,” she held up a small bottle.

“It’s the kind you use,” Max replied, taking it from her and putting it in the drawer.

“How do you know what kind of shampoo I use?” Liz asked, eyeing him.

Max shrugged, “I just… happened to be in your room… and saw a bottle… I liked it so I… um….”

“Moving on,” Liz said, picking up the next item. “Hey,” she said, picking up a shirt, “this is mine.”

“Exactly,” Max replied, nodding his head, “That’s why this is my LIZ drawer.”

“But…my shirt,” Liz said, hugging it to her.

Max huffed, “This is why I didn’t want you going through the drawer. You’ll probably end up taking half of the stuff back with you.”

“Fine, fine.” Liz said, narrowing her eyes at him. “I’ll trade you. I want one of your shirts. It’s only fair.”

“Okay, ” Max agreed, “but what are you going to do with one of my shirts?”

“That’ll be none of you’re business,” she rebuked.

“Well, I have to make sure that my things will be taken good care of.”

“Fine,” Liz pouted, “I’m planning on sleeping in it.” She smiled at him.

Liz, sleeping in his clothes. God, that was one hell of a visual. Max groaned, how much more possessive could he be? “Okay. What shirt do you want?”

“The one you’re wearing,” Liz said with a wicked smile.

Max nodded his head and peeled the shirt off over his head and handed it to her.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Liz accepted it with a bow.

They zoomed through a few more items. Liz would pick it up, Max would explain it, and then Liz would hand it to Max to put away in the drawer. Some of them had some very bizarre connections to her, but they were still feasible ones at that. A brush, a candy-wrapper, a rose, a napkin, a letter, a pencil, a drawing, a picture of a bird, a few coins, a book, a key, the list went on and on. It was a surprise he could fit all of it into one drawer.

Liz picked up one of the last of the few remaining items. It was a small piece of white fabric. She hadn’t even seen it since it was camouflaged with the covers of his bed. Liz picked it up and gasped. “This is mine,”

Max let out a groan, “We’ve established that already Liz. This whole drawer is filled with LIZ things.”

“How’d you get this Max?” Liz asked, running the handkerchief over and over in her hands.

Max ran a hand through his hair nervously. “I… um… I stole it.”

“This is mine,” Liz said, holding it to her.

Max felt bad. Liz was getting a little angry. The handkerchief must have been important to her. She didn’t get angry that he stole her shirt or her brush or anything else in his drawer, but this was upsetting her. Not a good thing, Max thought to himself. “I’m sorry Liz,” Max attempted to apologize.

“Why did you take this Max?” she looked at him, her eyes sad.

“I’m sorry Liz. You can take it back, I didn’t mean to upset you or anything.” Max said shaking his head.

“Why did you take this Max?” Liz repeated herself.

“I shouldn’t have. I know. It was a stupid reason anyway.” Max hung his head low, ashamed at himself.

“Just answer the question Max.” Liz said in a soft voice. She didn’t seem angry. No, Liz wasn’t the type to get completely angry, not for long. She was more… sad. That was the worst, when she was sad. It made him know he did something REALLY wrong.

“It’s a stupid reason Liz,” he shook his head.

“Tell me Max,” Liz said, still using that tone that made Max want to stab himself a thousand times over.

He sighed. “It’s just… this thing.”

“What thing?” her voice was actually getting fainter, getting worse. He needed to stop beating around the bush before she stopped talking to him in all.

“Do you remember those fairytales with knights and fair ladies and all?” Liz nodded her head and Max continued. “Well, you’re like my lady, my damsel in distress, and I’m your knight in shining armor. And the knight always has his lady’s handkerchief as a token of her love for him when he’s off ridding the world of evil in her name.”

Liz smiled at him but Max didn’t see it. He was too busy staring at his hands as they fiddled with some of the things in the drawer. “It’s a stupid reason. It’s just a stupid fantasy.”

“Want to hear my fantasy since you told me yours?” she whispered to him.

Max nodded his head.

“You know how the knight is always off, ridding the world of evil in his lady’s name?” Max nodded his head and Liz continued. “And on his adventures, he always sends his squire off to deliver to her ballets of love he wrote for her?” Max nodded his head again with a smile on his face. “Do you have any to sing to me?”

“I could think of some,” he whispered to her.

“I’d love to hear them someday,” she told him with a smile.

“Soon,” he told her, nodding his head. “Do you want to finish going through the rest of the things?”

“No,” Liz said shaking her head. “We’ll save them for tomorrow night.”

Max looked at her. She had just agreed to come back again tomorrow night. He smiled at her and nodded his head. “Okay.” And replaced the drawer back in the night stand.

“We should go to sleep now,” Liz said, slipping under the covers.

Max stripped down to his boxers, blew out the candles, and slipped under the covers beside her. He wanted to wrap his arms around her, but was hesitant to do so. “Liz?”

“Yeah?” She turned and faced him.

“It’s also been a dream of mine to wake up with you in the morning,” Max said, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I know, you told me,” she said with a smile. “You aren’t the only one who remembers the special moments.”

“When did I tell you?” Max asked, furrowing his brow.

“When I was asleep,” She said yawning.

“You heard that?” he asked, surprised.

“Every word,” she rolled back around with her back towards him.

“Liz?” he called out to her again.

“Hmm?” she asked, hazily as she was already slipping into sleep.

“I just realized something,” he said, his lips pursed as he thought.

“Yeah?” she murmured softly.

“You came in through the window,” he said, glancing over towards it where the moonlight was shining in.


“We’re on the second floor.” He stated, matter-of-factly.

Liz turned to face him, leaning up on her elbows. “Max, I’m ashamed of you. I thought you said that you remembered every word I’ve ever spoken to you.”

“What does that have to do with…” he said, shaking his head.

“I’ve told you,” she said with a smile as she snuggled up to his side. He turned to his side and draped his arm around her. This is where she was supposed to be, in his arms. Liz snuggled closer to him, leaning her head against his chest as she whispered to him, “I’d climb mountains to get you. But all you have to do to get me is smile…”


Again… tell me what you think. All this ML fluff… *SiGh*… it takes up time, but its so damn cute, them together… should I keep adding it in once in a while or go on with the storyline quicker? Your choice. All you have to do is tell me.

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Chapter One-Hundred and Five

The sunlight filtered in through Max’s window. He groaned and rolled over, burring his head in his pillow, not yet wanting to wake up. Never the less, he slowly slipped from his dream. Upon remembering what was so important about this morning, a slow smile crept up Max’s face.

He turned on his side, eyes still closed, reaching his hand out, expecting to feel the warmth radiating off a soft body beside him, but all he felt were cold sheets. He opened his eyes, blinking a few times as he stared at the empty space on his bed. The space were Liz should be, but wasn’t.

There were no dents, wrinkles, or creases in his sheets. No evidence that she had been here at all. Had it all been a dream? Was last night all in his head? Max wouldn’t put it past him to have imagined all those sweet moments with her. He’s done that many times before. But there is a difference between a dream and reality.

Reality was filled with concrete moments. Moments that were still vivid, tangible. Dreams weren’t. He could still smell the faintest scent of vanilla in the air and his shirt was nowhere to be found. He had given it to her last night, to compensate for hers. He remembered.

After lying in bed for a few more minutes, he grudgingly stood up. He had things to do today. His dad wanted to have a talk with him, Michael, and Alex today. He couldn’t just stay in bed and mope, no matter how much he wanted to.

He slowly stood up, glancing around the room, hoping to find something, anything to tell him that Liz had not just left without a word. That she didn’t just reject him once again. He stretched some of his tense muscles, bringing his hands over his head as he leaned back, his boxers shifting slightly lower.

Max adjusted them when he noticed something. He looked down, and hanging out of the waistband of his boxers was Liz’s handkerchief. How did it get there? He pulled it out and felt something crinkling. He unfolded it. Inside was a small note, written in Liz’s handwriting. It read:

“To Maxwell. Please accept this as a token of my love. Your lady, Elizabeth.”

Max had the widest grin on his face. Yup. He knew it wasn’t a dream. Max smiled and shook his head while walking over to his nightstand and softly placing the handkerchief and the note gently into his LIZ drawer.

He got dressed and headed down the stairs for breakfast. He hopped down the steps, taking them three at a time while whistling a happy tune. Everyone was already seated at their spot at the table when Max entered.

“Good Morning everyone,” Max said with a bright smile, walking over to kiss his mom on the cheek before taking his seat.

“Well, someone’s in a cheery mood this morning,” Michael said, giving Max an inquisitive look.

“What?” Max asked, picking up his fork and poking at his food, “It’s a beautiful morning. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“I don’t think it’s the morning that’s making Max happy. I think it has more to do with last night,” Alex said, winking at Max.

Max glared at Alex. Although his mother had accepted the notion of Liz and him spending the night together, alone in his room, his father was a different matter all together. And alerting his father of this was not something Max wanted anytime soon.

“Why?” Philip asked, his curiosity peaking, “What happened last night Max?”

All eyes were suddenly on Max. He chuckled nervously. “Oh, nothing.” He busied himself with his food.

“Nothing my ass,” Alex muttered under his breath, resulting in a kick in the shin under the table from Max.

“What was that Alex?” Philip asked, turning his attention to his youngest son.

“Oh, nothing dad,” Alex said with a smile, “I want just commenting on why Max is in such a good mood this morning.”

“And why is that?” Philip asked, folding up his paper and putting it away in order to focus solely on his family.

“Didn’t you know dad,” Alex’s eyes widened. “Maxy-boy here is over the moon that he was finally able to sleep…”

“In my old bed again,” Max quickly interrupted his little brother. “I’m just so thrilled to be able to sleep in my old bed again.” Max was nodding his head. “Yup. It’s only been a few weeks but I’m just so… excited… to be home again.”

“That’s not the only thing he’s excited about…” Alex muttered again before receiving yet another kick from Max.

Michael was snickering and shaking his head while from where he sat, watching the exchange from the other side of the table. “Yeah dad. I miss home too.”

“That’s good to hear,” Philip said, putting down his fork. “Because that is what I wanted to talk to you boys about.”

Everyone lifted their heads and looked towards Philip.

“Your mother and I have talked and she is going to stay here in Kingdom City with me. I’m going to send for her things today. But it is the three of you all’s decision whether or not you wish to return to Zanstown. I’m not going to put any pressure on you and neither am I going to make your decision for you.”

All three boys nodded their heads in understanding before Philip continued. “I’m just going to inform of some things. That’s all. And you can make your decisions from their. I trust you. You are all grown men.”

Again, they all nodded their heads, signaling for their father to continue. “First of all, I want you to know that I’ve missed you all a great deal while you were gone. The house is just so empty without you.” All three boys lowered their heads, remorseful for having left their father alone in a large empty house to himself. “But don’t let that affect your decision.” All three boys rolled their eyes. How could that not affect their decision?

“Secondly,” Philip continued, “with your mother here, we need someone to watch after the warehouse in Zanstown. So if you all go back to Zanstown, the job will be split between the three of you.” All three sons stared at their father. They were not expecting that. He was giving them an actual reason to go back. A pretty good reason at that. Philip could see the smiles forming on their faces. They were really considering going back.

Time to pull out the big guns, Philip thought. “And lastly,” he continued with a wicked smile. “I’ve talked with Jim. The girls will not be moving out to Zanstown with you all anymore. Maria is going to get married soon enough, and Jim wants to spend as much time with her now as possible.” Michael’s smile dropped and he lowered his head.

“And with Maria not going, Isabel will be staying at home as well.” Philip said, glancing at Alex. Alex seemed to have to think for a second before his wide grin slowly shrank down. Two down, one to go, thought Philip.

“And as you know, Max. Liz now lives in the palace where she belongs. She won’t be living on Mount Roswell anymore, at least, not right now. I know you’ve been wanting that job to watch over the warehouse, but I also know how much you love Liz. So it all depends on where your priorities lie, Max. So, it’s your decision. Just remember Max. The palace is a lot further from Zanstown than it is from Kingdom City,” Philip glanced over at Max, expecting to see his face fallen as well. But it wasn’t. Max still had a large smile, plastered to his face. The same one he’s been wearing since the subject came up. Philip sighed. It looked like it wasn’t going to be enough to get Max to come home.

“So, boys. Have you made your decision now or do you need more time to think about it?” Philip looked at each one of them in turn. “Michael?”

“Well dad, I really liked it in Zanstown. It was quieter than it is in the city. The people there are more friendly,” Michael said honestly, “But, I just… I can’t be without Maria.”

Philip nodded his head.

“I have to agree with Michael,” Alex commented. “I liked it in Zanstown. But the truth is, I really miss it here. The quietness was fine, but unlike Michael here,” Alex pointed his thumb towards his brother, “I don’t think I’ve had my fill of the hustle and bustle of the city yet.”

Philip again nodded his head and smiled at his sons. With both of them staying, Max would have to stay as well, right? After all, the three of them always stuck close together. Right?

“Max?” Philip looked towards his son, who still had a smile on his face. “It’s up to you son. This is your decision.”

“Dad,” Max exclaimed. “I’m surprised you have to even ask. That’s a no-brainer there. I’ll be in my room,” he stood up and left the table, leaving everyone perplexed.

There was silence once Max left the table.

“W… was that a yes… or a no?” Philip voiced what was on everyone’s minds.

“He… he wouldn’t actually go back to Zanstown, would he?” Diane asked, looking towards her other two sons. “I mean… you boys always stick together. You wouldn’t split up now, would you?”

“I don’t know,” Michael shook his head, “he wanted that job in the warehouse, badly.”

“But he loves Liz,” Alex rebuked.

Everyone sat silently in thought until Max entered the kitchen. “Bye everyone, I need to go have a talk with Liz.” With that, he left; the rest of his family still wondering.


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Chapter One-Hundred and Six

“Now, again. The alphabet,” Nicholas said, pointing towards the sheet of paper.

Liz groaned, “But I already know my alphabet and my hand is starting to hurt.”

“We’re not checking on whether you know your alphabet or not, we are trying to improve your penmanship,” Nicholas berated her.

“Fine, then I’ll be able to write whatever I want, as long as I’m writing?” Liz asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yes.” Nicholas answered her.

Liz smiled graciously, picked her brush back up, and started writing away. After a few minutes, Nicholas walked over to see what she’s written. “What have you gotten done?” Nicholas asked, peering over her shoulder.

“Look,” Liz said, holding up the paper for him to read. All over the page were the words “Max loves Liz” and “Liz loves Max.”

Nicholas narrowed his eyes at her. “Couldn’t you have done something more… productive?”

Liz looked over her work. “I think this is pretty productive.”

Nicholas rolled his eyes. “I want you to practice your signature.”

“But I’ve been sitting here for hours, can’t I get a break?” Liz asked her tutor.

“I don’t know Elizabeth,” Nicholas said, shaking his head.

“How many times have I told you to call me Liz?” Liz said with a small frown.

“Alright, Liz,” Nicholas smiled. He liked how the name rolled off your tongue.

“Now, can I please go? Pretty, pretty, pretty please?” Liz pleaded, betting her eyelashes at him.

Nicholas gave in. “Alright fine. Go on.”

“Thank you,” Liz said, jumping up from her seat. “I’m going to go to the garden.” She said with a smile as she headed for the door.

“Do you want some company?” Nicholas asked, hopeful.

“No, thank you,” Liz said shaking her head and left out the door. “Oh,” she popped her head back in. “If Max comes though, would you send him out to the garden?”

“Sure,” Nicholas said, his voice filled with spite. “I’ll tell him alright.”

“Great. Thank you,” Liz said as she skipped off to the garden.

Nicholas sat down in her spot with a huff. It was always Max this or Max that with her. That… boy… must have put her under a spell or something. How else could someone as great as Liz, a princess none the less, be so head over heels for a… a… a merchant’s son?

“She should be right in there,” Nicholas heard someone say from outside the door.

He also heard a polite “thank-you” before the door slowly opened and a tall, dark-haired, young man entered.

“Hello, um… I’m looking for Liz,” Max said to Nicholas. “They said she’d be in here. Is she around?”

“So, you must be Max.” Nicholas said, clasping his fingers together on the desk in front of him.

“That’s right,” Max said, nodding his head. “Maxwell Evans. And you are?” Max asked extending his hand.

“I’m sorry. But I do not socialize with commoners,” Nicholas said, glaring at him.

“Alright,” Max said, stretching out the word. “Then, if you’ll kindly tell me where Liz is, or tell me who I can talk to that would know.” Max normally wouldn’t take such a comment from anyone. But he was in the palace, Liz’s home. He couldn’t be disrespectful, no matter how crude the people were. He wanted to make a good impression.

“What business do you have speaking with Liz for?” Nicholas asked, raising his eyebrows at Max.

“I came to pay her a visit,” Max said, his voice rising. He really didn’t like this guy.

“Ahh, but does she want to see you?” Nicholas said with a smirk.

“Why wouldn’t she want to see me?” Max asked, grinding his jaw slightly.

“Well, let’s think about that shall we?” Nicholas spoke with his smirk still in tact. “She is a goddess, a princess. One that is loved and worshipped by all that meet her. And you,” Nicholas looked Max up and down, “are nothing but a lowly merchant’s son.”

“My father owns one of the largest businesses around,” Max got defensive, “I’m much farther from ‘lowly’ than you’ll ever be.”

“I don’t know about that. One day, I’ll have you bowing at my feet, Evans,” Nicholas said maliciously.

“Sure,” Max said with a smile. “When hell freezes over.”

“What makes you think that you deserve someone like Elizabeth… Liz anyway?” Nicholas spat out.

“I don’t deserve her,” Max said, shaking his head coolly, “No man does.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Nicholas said, smirking at Max.

Max’s eyes narrowed, “Meaning?”

“Well, someone has to be King. And whomever Liz marries shall don the crown,” Nicholas said, “And who do you think Liz would prefer more, a boy-toy fling she had back when she was uncivilized, or a highly-scholar that can show her what a real man is all about. Teach her things. Even things you don’t find in books.”

Max’s anger was boiling. He snickered and shook his head. “What make you think she wants you?” Max spat out at him. “She positively hates you. Told me herself last night.”

“Oh, but you see, I control her life. Whether or not she sees you is my decision. If I keep her studying, she doesn’t have time for you. And when she spends day in and day out with her charming and handsome tutor, she won’t be able to help but grow fond of me, and pretty soon, I’ll be able to weasel my way into her heart as well.”

“You lowdown bastard,” Max spat at him. “What makes you think you can do such a thing? Liz lives her own life. Things don’t go like that. You don’t make people love you. You can’t force love…”

“Maybe you didn’t hear me before,” Nicholas interrupted Max, “I control her.”

“Like hell you do,” Max said in a low voice, filled with hate.

The two men were staring each other down when Liz walked into the room.

“Max,” she exclaimed as she rushed to him, throwing her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug. “I was wondering when you were going to get here.”

Max glared at Nicholas before hugging Liz back, burying his face into her hair and neck. Letting the smell of vanilla calm him. “Mmm… I’ve missed out.”

“Me too,” Liz whispered back before abruptly pulling out of the embrace. She was smiling shyly and blushing slightly. “Oh… um… Max, this is Nicholas, my tutor.”

“Nicholas huh?” Max asked, glaring at the other man.

“Yeah,” Liz said nodding her head. “Nicholas, this is Max.” She put her hand over Max’s arm.

Max turned towards her, his back to Nicholas. He leaned his head down and whispered into her ear. “I’ve REALLY missed you.”

Liz giggled. “I’ve REALLY missed you too, Max,” Liz whispered back, bringing her arms around his neck.

“Let’s go talk somewhere,” Max said as he placed light kisses on her neck. “There are some things I really need to discuss with you.”

“Okay,” Liz said softly. She was feeling a little hazy from Max’s kisses and soft caresses of her neck.

“Actually,” Nicholas’s voice broke in, unwanted. “You haven’t finished your studies yet Elizabeth.”

“Nicholas,” Liz looked towards him, “I’ve told you, don’t call me Elizabeth.”

“I’m sorry Liz,” Nicholas said her name slowly and with longing, looking intently at her before glancing up and smirking at Max’s enraged face. “You still have your studies to tend to.”

Liz let out a loud huff. “Okay. I’m sorry Max…”

Max interrupted her, spinning her around gently to face him. “Liz. Please? I really need to talk to you.”

Liz wanted to go off with Max, she really dud. She glanced around Max towards Nicholas and saw her tutor shaking his head at her.

“I’m sorry Max…” she started to apologize.

“No, Liz.” Max interrupted her. “I NEED to talk to you.”

“But I…” Liz tried to explain.

“Look Liz,” he lifted her face so that she was looking into his eyes as he whispered to her, “I really don’t like this guy.”

“I didn’t either at first,” Liz said with a reassuring smile towards Max, “But you get used to him, I guess. He isn’t that bad.”

“Can we just… can’t I just talk to you alone for a second?” Max pleaded with her.

Liz looked away, trying to make up her mind. She sighed and pouted her lips. “I’m sorry Max. But can it wait?”

Max looked at her with disbelief. “You are going to just put me aside… for him?”

“No, Max. No,” Liz said, putting her arms around him. “it’s just… the sooner I get my studies done, the sooner I can go see you, and the more time we have later tonight.” She had a mischievous look in her eyes.

Max sighed and gave in. “Alright. I guess it can wait… until tonight. So, you’re coming over?” Max leaned his forehead against hers.

“Of course,” Liz whispered, giggling softly. “Now, go, before I call the guards.” She threatened, playfully.

“You wouldn’t,” Max dared her.

“Max…” Liz whined, “Go. I have to finish my studies.”

“Okay, fine,” he gave in, leaning down and kissing her lips. When they finally broke apart, they were both smiling, trying to catch their breaths. “Liz, stay away from this guy as much as possible.”

Liz rolled her eyes.

“I’m serious Liz,” Max said, bringing her hand up and kissing it softly. “Don’t spend too much time with him. He’s a creep.”

“So are you,” Liz narrowed her eyes at Max playfully.

“Hey,” Max protested, “at least what I want to do to you is of your best interest.”

“And what, pray tell, is that?” Liz smiled up at him.

“I want to lock you away with me forever,” Max said, his arms going around her waist.

“That makes you worse than him,” Liz whispered to Max.

“How’s that?” Max asked, his eyebrows knitting together.

“Well, you want to lock me away all for yourself, for an eternity. That’s very selfish of you. Where as Nicholas would want to lock me away only to force me to study for an eternity,” She said, faking a yawn.

“I think he wants to do more than just that,” Max muttered through clenched teeth.

“What?” Liz asked, suddenly concerned.

Max sighed. He didn’t need her to worry about it now, when she’s about to spend a few more hours with this guy. “I’ll tell you tonight. Just make sure you come.”

Liz smiled at him. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Max leaned down and kissed her one more time. “What would I do without you?”

“You’d do great things Max,” she whispered to him honestly.

“But I’d do even greater things with you,” he whispered back to her. “God. I’d do anything for you.
. I’d climb mountains, slay a dragon, walk through fire, juggle knives…”

“Why?” Liz asked, pouting her lips.

Max shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. People do crazy things when they’re in love.”

A slow smile appeared on Liz’s face. “I love you too.” Liz tiptoed up, lifting her lips and tilting her head slightly. Max leaned down and was just about to capture her lips with his when they were interrupted once again by a very obnoxious person clearing their throat.

Liz groaned and leaned up, and gave Max a quick peck on the lips before heading off to her desk to finish her studies and working on her penmanship. She watched Max walk away. He turned back to wave at her and blow her a kiss before disappearing through the door. Liz sighed and picked up her brush, dipping it in ink and started writing. Only a few more hours until she’ll be able to see Max again. Only a few more hours…


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