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Heres parts 1-11 :

-----------------Part 12

Max wet the cloth again and dabbed it on Liz’s forehead, “What’s wrong with my legs?” Liz whispered. Max swallowed “They were crushed on impact and were cut up pretty bad, you broke two bones and there was a blood clot. They managed to fix it but there will be scaring”.
Liz closed her eyes “What else?” she asked. They didn’t care that it was early in the morning they needed each other right now. Liz ran her hand over Max’s knuckles as she begged him to continue.
“Your arm was dislocated and you have a long gash across the top of your head. Your side was cut open and has been stitched up like you leg” Max explained everything “I want to heal you so so much” tears formed in his eyes “This is killing me” his voice was weak and he sounded like he was about to break down. Liz held back a sob “You can't Max, it’s not safe” she wiped her eyes with her arm that wasn’t bandaged and looked up into Max’s eyes “Thankyou”
Max looked at her questioningly through the moonlight “For being everything to me, for looking after me.. I don’t want to think about what my life would be right now if it wasn't for you”
“You wouldn’t be in hospital” Max said
“Yeah instead I’d be in hell” she rolled her eyes “Just stop ok?” she demanded “If I could sit up I would slap you! you can’t possibly be blaming yourself! your stupid! I don’t know how you could possibly twist this to make it seem it’s your fault” She bit her lip “Things happen that we can’t control Max, we cant blame ourselves, we need to just get over it. I will get better ok?” she winced and held her arm gently.
Max swallowed, he knew she was right “I’m sorry” he said.
Liz closed her eyes and held her hand out and Max took it, she pulled him over to her side and he lied down next to her, “Have you been here the whole time?” she asked placing a kiss on his forehead. He nodded “Yeah, it’s been four days since you were in the ..” Liz pressed her lips against his “Thankyou” she whispered “I’m sorry for telling you off.. I just don’t want you blaming yourself it’s not your fault” Max buried his face in her neck “I know” he swallowed “I’m just worried about you”.
“Is there anyway you can get rid of the pain without healing the actual wound or make it heal a tiny bit faster?” she bit her lip.
Max shook his head “No I can only heal the wound” he explained “I’m sorry”. Liz closed her eyes “It’s not your fault”
“Yes?” he asked.
“Will you hold me till I fall asleep?”

Threw you the obvious and you flew
with it on your back, a name in your recollection,
thrown down among a million same.
difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed
and passed over

When I've looked right through
to see you naked and oblivious
you don't see me. but I threw you the obvious
just to see if there's more behind the eyes
of a fallen angel,
the eyes of a tragedy.

here I am expecting just a little bit
too much from the wounded.
but I see through it all
and see you.
so I threw you the obvious
to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel,

eyes of a tragedy.
oh well. apparently nothing.
you don't see me.
you don't see me at all

“Are you ready to try and walk today?” Liz’s nurse asked as she cleaned the sheets. Liz sat in a wheel chair by the window drinking tea “When Max gets here” Liz answered.
“You and him are pretty serious huh?” the nurse asked.
“Yeah you could say that” Liz smiled briefly and ran her finger around the brim of her cup “Are you involved with anyone?”
“No” the girl laughed “we aren’t all as lucky as you”
Liz chuckled “I am lucky, but you’ll find someone too”
“I hope so” The nurse walked over to the door “Can you have a break? come sit with me for a few seconds you must be exhausted” Liz asked.
“I’d love to but..” Liz cut her off “Just a few minutes till Max comes” Liz begged. “Ok” The nurse laughed and chucked the sheets down on top of the cabinet by the door and walked over to Liz, she leaned against the heater on the wall and folded her arms “This job is going to kill me.. but I have to pay my way through college some how”.
“College? aghh don’t remind me I’ll have to go there in a year.. I’m not looking forward to it” Liz put he cup down on the window sill and ran her working hand through her hair “I vow never to drive a car again once I’m better” she groaned. The nurse chuckled “You will drive again and grow old with your handsome boyfriend” The nurse stood up “I better get back to work, see ya later” she headed over to the door. She heaved the sheets off the cabinet and a couple of things fell on the floor. “Opps” The girl sighed, she bent down and picked up the hospital necessities and placed them back on top of the cabinet.
“Bye” Liz said looking at the tiny black object that had fallen on the floor that the lady hadn’t picked up. The lady walked out the door and panic screeched through Liz, No that couldn’t be what it looked like! she put he one hand on the wheel of her chair and started pushing herself across the room towards the door, it took her five minutes to get there and her arm hurt from being strained. She looked around for the object “Where are you?” she muttered. She bent down and looked around, she finally saw it and reached for it strenuously. “Just .. about.. there... aghh!!” she exclaimed as she fell from her chair. She hit the floor on her bandaged arm with a thud and she groaned in pain “Shit, shit, shit!” she cried. She looked up, her wheel chair looked so, so far away. She lifter her lift arm and full with effort tossed herself onto her back. “OW!” she moaned resting her head against the cold floor, she looked up at the ceiling.
“Hmm I wonder when Max will get here” she mumbled out load.
A few minutes later, like she expected, she heard the surprised voice of Max. “LIZ?!” he demanded looking at her sprawled out on her back on the floor “What are you doing on the floor?!” he dropped the flowers he had brought for her on the cabinet and kneeled down next to Liz. “Hi Max” she smiled “Be a doll and look under the bed for a small black gadget”
Max frowned “How’d you get on the floor?” he asked.
“I was looking for the little black gadget!” she exclaimed while laughing.
“Um.. Liz are you on some kind of drug?” he put his arm under her neck and her legs carefully then lifted her up into his arms. He carried her over to the bed and lay her down.
“I am not on drugs Max... well I am but only pain killers.. which BY THE WAY DO NOT WORK!.. anyway please Max I’m serious.. at the end of the bed.. a black thing.. you have to find it” she begged.
Max pecked her lips then walked over to the end of the bed, he bent down and looked around. All the hairs on his body stood on end when he picked it up “Liz.. what's going on?” he asked.
Liz lifted her head “Is it a..?”
“Camera?” Max asked “Yeah” he walked over to her and she took it from him “Crap” she exclaimed “Max you said the only time he’s been here was on the first day! this camera must have been here since then!” Panic filled their eyes. Liz inspected the camera “It’s turned off, when it fell on the floor it must have switched off, that means he doesn’t know we know it’s here” Liz looked up at Max “We have to get to him before he gets to us”


“But Liz can’t get there, she can’t even walk!” Maria explained “How are we supposed to pull this off without her?”
“We can’t” Michael rubbed his forehead “She gets released from the hospital in 2 days.. they said she should be in bed for at least a week before going back to school”
“Well .. Max could heal her then and that night we can go and get it done.. we couldn’t wait any longer than that” Isabel rubbed her hands together. She was sitting on the couch at her house along with Michael, Maria and Alex. Max was at the hospital (surprise, surprise)
“Yeah” Alex cut in “that’s the only thing we can do.. we don’t have a choice”
“So that’s it? Max will heal her and that night we’ll go get rid of Pierce and his evil partners?”
“Yip” Isabel answered.
“I’ll go fill Max and Liz in” Michael stood up “Anyone coming?”

“Are you ready?” Max asked kneeling down in front of Liz, she breathed in then nodded “Ready as I’ll ever be”
Max stood up and Liz held her hand out to him “I know that last time we tried this it didn’t happen and it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t this time, It will eventually” He pulled Liz to her feet and she winced “I don’t have to worry about not.. ahh... er.. not doing it, Because I will do it” Her voice was strained and sweat formed across her brow and above her lips. Max brushed her hair away from her face and pressed a kiss against her lips “I have faith in you Liz, it’ll happen”. Liz breathed in a shuddered breath and smiled “Thankyou”.
Max smiled and started to step backwards “No.. wait, I have an idea” she pulled him closer “If I try and walk while I’m kissing you, it will keep my mind of the ain” she lifted her working arm and rapped it around his neck. “Do you think it’ll work?” he asked a grin seeping across his features. “Sure it will” she whispered while closing in on his lips. She moaned in satisfaction and Max rapped his arm around her waist “Ready?” he asked into her mouth, which was still fastened to his, “Mm hmm” she mumbled. Max took a step backwards and Liz closed her eyes tightly and slipped her injured leg across the grass. She growled in pain and Max flicked his tongue across hers in hopes to distract her, she moaned and pressed her body against his. He stepped back and she slipped her two feet along the ground again. Liz broke the kiss and heaved for breath “ahh” she cried. Max wiped the sweat from above her lip “Come on let’s try again” he whispered. Liz nodded and pressed her lips against his, Max stepped backwards and Liz followed groaning in satisfaction . Max stepped backwards again and Liz followed. They repeated their process a few more times before Max bumped into someone.
“Max, Liz I would like to asked what the hell your doing but I’m afraid of your answer”
Liz broke away from Max’s lips and rested her forehead against his “I told you it would work” she whispered. Max smiled “So did I” she kissed him again “I walked again!” she exclaimed happily. Max kissed her passionately and ran her hand through her hair “I knew you could do it”.
“Yeah.. hello? person waiting here” Michael grumbled resting his hand on the side of the tree trunk. “I think their busy Michael” Maria smiled, she was happy for her two friends, they deserved some happiness.
“What is it guys?” Max Lifted Liz into his arms and carried her back to her wheel chair.
Max filled then in on the plan and they both agreed that that was the only thing they could do.
“I’m just happy I’ll be able to run again!” Liz smiled.



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