disclaimer : not mine
category: m/l au probably r
summary: liz moves to Roswell with issus with men.


I was sitting on a swing in a park still crying when I saw a jeep
stop next to the park I looked up. I saw someone get our of the
car but couldn’t see them clearly it was raining to hard and I
was cryinbg to hard mhy eyes where all misty.

“ Liz?” I heard a voice ask

I wiped my eyes and saw Max standing over me looking

“ What do you want?” I said coldly

“ Are you okay?” He asked and that was it I was so annoyed will
people stop asking me that!

“ Will People shut up abolut me being okay! I’m not okay! And
don’t think that you can make me better becasue I’m screwed
up! So just get lost and leave me the hell alone!” I screamed at

“ Hey it’s okay,” Max said and he put his hand on my shoulder.

“ Don’t you dare touch me,” I said and pushed him off me.

“ Liz what’s wrong?” He asked looking worried

“ I juts don’t want you or any men touching me,” I said and
then stalk off.

“ Liz wait,” Max called god he doesn’t even know my surname
and he thinks I’ll wait for him he’s got to be kidding.

“ Why are you beiung such a bitch?” Max asked as he ran to
catch up with me.

“ You don’t know anything about Max you don’t even know my
surname and I don’t know yours,” I said not looking at him.

“ Fine Hi I’m Max Evans I was adopted when I was six my real
parents hated me so much they abandoned me naked in the
middle of the desert so not matter how much you think your
life sucks becasue you don’t have the right gucci watch think
there are people who were like me but never got adotpeted
they where left out there to fend for them selves. You are just
a stuck up bitch who thinks the whole world revolves around
her, but I’ll tell you Liz it sure as hell don’t.” Max said

“ Shut up I don’t think the world revolves around me I just
want to be left alone,” I said how darre he think he knows me.

“ Yeah well you made my friend cry and I was all prepared to
come and see if you were okay but you just threw it bacxk in
my face,” Max said.

“ Who did I make cry,” I didn’t know about that.

“ Maria how rude where you,” Max said

“ Oh my God Maria is so pathetic if she had to deal with half
the stuff I’ve had to deal with she would kill herself.”

“ Arrrr can poor little Liz not find somewhere to buy crack?”
Max asked

“ I don’t do drugs,” I said still not looking at him. We were
walking down the street soaking wet.

“ God Liz you are going to find that if you stay such a bitch
then you will never make friends and will die old and alone,”
Max said he then stopped walking with me but I carried on.

“ Fuck you Max Evans!” I screamed at him , and then ran to my
car. I don’t believe that barstad he thinks he can just yell at me
and I’ll magically be nice and sweet again and what was that
crap about Maria crying how sad!

I got back to my car and start crying even more than before. I
switched the engine on and turned the heating on suddenly
feeliong so cold I hadn’t realised I was so cold before when
yelling at Max.

I decided to go home so I started the car.

When I got home I quickly ran upstairs not wanting my parents
to see how much I had been crying.

God I hate my life.

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