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Hey all, Kat here! This is my 1st fic posted here and it's my first Zan-n-Liz fic too... soo... ya know, be gentle~

-Title: The Good Kind Of Trouble
~Catagory: Zan/Liz **Zan da man!**
*Rating: PG-13+
-Summary: Liz is new, and runs into a certain set of hott twins... it's a lot more than the crappy summary I'm giving, but I dont want to say to much.
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-AIM: TeflonTuffGrl77
*Authors note: I dont continue unless I see some SERIOUS feedback!

Part One:
As I walk down the halls of West Roswell High, I take inventory of myself.

Leg high boots, short black skirt, nice fitting black top with lace sleeves, jewelry, black eye make-up, glossed lips, and hair in messy twists. Tongue pierced, and eyebrow pierced. Yep I look good. Well, obviously not to anyone at this school.

How do I get that impression you ask? Well the strange looks and snickers say a lot, ok, more than a lot. I don’t give a fuck though, this is me.

Liz Parker, yep that’s me. New to the town of Roswell, and did I mention I was hating every minute of it. I thought when I left California, town of the All-American teen central that I would actually get somewhere where football and parties weren’t the only thing that mattered. Well I was obviously wrong.

My first clue was the pep rally signs, the football trophies, and who can forget the tall blond cheerleaders strutting around like they’re hot shit? I certainly cant. It makes you just want to “accidentally” stick your foot out and trip one of them. Flying pom-poms might make a pleasant picture. But I can’t trip anyone today; I forgot my camera… damn. I’m sure life will go on.

Roswell, I’ve learned, is one of those small towns where everyone knows everyone else… this is what I refer too as suffocating.

“Well, well, well, girls, what DO we have here?” I heard one girl ask in a rather snotty tone. I look over, and immediately I know, it’s the head cheerleader. First give-away, she has all of her “followers” behind her… 2 words- good sheep. Perfect make-up, bodies, skin, and of course hair… don’t you just want to shear it? I wonder if that’s a crime…

“Looks like something the gutter spit out,” One of her sheep responded curtly. This is usually when I continue to walk and just casually give them the finger, but being as this is my first day, and I’m already getting put down… I might as well have my fun.

“You wouldn’t know anything about spitting out, I heard you swallow.” I said flashing her a sugary sweet smile; the one you know is fake, because it’s the same one they give to everyone else worth their ass kissing.

The girl started coming towards me fist clenched, but the head sheep stopped her. “You must have no idea who you are dealing with honey.”

“Well, let me take a stab at it. You are the head cheerleader, correct?” she nods, “You think you own the school when really you are only a easy slut that has let everybody who can catch a football into your pants, and then some. You really have no life, and when all of this high school hell bull shit ends you will end up in Vegas on the streets begging for cash… on your hands and knees, one position you are all to familiar with. Yes, I think that must be it.”

That’s right, sheep, let that mouth drop open. I believe this is when she stalks away (how teen drama flick is this?) I wave to her and call out a simple hope to talk to you some other time.

As I walk down the hall I see everyone slightly moving back. As I get to the exit doors about to push through and get out of this hellhole, I can’t help but turn around and say-

“Like you haven’t been waiting to do that for years!” I smirk at them as I earn a few soft laughs. That’s when I notice some guy, staring at me, one eyebrow raises, wearing a smirk. I wink and head out… I would have talked to him, but the whole letter jacket made me gag.

I am a waitress. I am a waitress that has to wear alien antennas. Someone please shoot me now. This is what I would call cruel and unusual punishment, even worse than wearing pink… oh the crime in that.

So now I’m going from table to table filled with kids congratulating me on my speech to the head sheep, I picked up her name is Tess… figures. I just shrug, I didn’t do this for them, I did this for me.

The bells chime and I curse under my breath. I am beginning to wonder if everyday is going to be this busy, and if it is I’m wondering if I can quit anytime soon. Helping out my parents with this little restaurant venture of there’s wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for a job. I guess they don’t know how hot the plates are.

I look up, and to my utter shock (note the sarcasm please) is the head sheep, and oh now here’s the kicker (come on like you couldn’t guess, this IS teen drama at it’s finest!) There’s the letter jacket-wearing hunk from earlier. Now I really want to vomit, not just for the jacket, but the fact that we now have the captain of the football team and head cheerleader as an “item”. Feel free to toss your cookies at any time, I have barf bags to pass around, don’t worry, I didn’t let the cheerleaders decorate them.

So now I’m heading over to the table, in my high leg boots, green uniform, and oh don’t you dare forget the attennas!

“Welcome to the Crashdown, I’m your server, so what do you want?”

“Nice greeting, and nice outfit, get it from goodwill?” Tess said sarcastically with a smug grin… now what does SHE have to be smug about, I thought I set her straight earlier…damn, these things are like indestructible robots! Ditch the sheep idea, now it’s all about robotics.

“Yeah this was all goodwill had in stock, I really wanted to snatch up one of those cheerleading uniforms but you see, you already got the last one, XL that is. And as for my greeting, I don’t see you giving me a simple hi.”

“You’re not worthy of a simple hi.”

“Considering that it’s you that is the judge of that, I won’t take it personally.”

Again the sheep/robot is speechless. Now I think I might actually like this town, I’m learning the folk here aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree if you catch my drift.

“So are you going to order?”

“Saturn rings and cherry cokes all around.” Answered the hunk of a man with the letter jacket.

Who came up with these names? I am going to say that they were submitted by some pretty doped up cheerleaders (is the cheerleading bashing getting a little much? Well it probably won’t stop… I know, heartbreaking isn’t it?)

Now I’m giving them their orders, yes they gave me orders, and now I am bringing what they asked for. I can see how this job will give me skills for the future, ass kissing skills. I don’t bend down and kiss any hinny; it’s just unsanitary.

Now I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but is that guy is staring at me? Oh well, he’s not my type anyway… but the guy who just walked in definitely is.

Messy dark hair, eyebrow pierced, lip pierced… nice. He’s clad in a nice fitting tank top showing off this to die for tattoo colored arms in the type of baggy pants I find oh so irresistible.

I watch him walk over to the table with the jock and head sheep/robot.

“Hey bro,” I hear him say in a heavy New York accent, “I’s home!”

That’s when I notice they’re twins… nice, I think as my eyebrow slowly rises.


TBC??? I dont know if ya like and want.. but if not, I'm not going to continue.. It's a waste of time to write something no one's going to read *big*

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Ok guys, I know I'm taking forever and a day to get another part out **puleze put all weapons back in their holsters...** I've accepted to do a challenge.. and its REALLY interesting so I hope you'll read it once I get the detail all worked out it's called Seasons Undone... ok. . but I really am working to get another part out.. so.. I'll try and have one out soon! -kat
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You guys amaze me with the feedback!! here's the next part sorry bout the hold up!

Part 2:

I, Liz Parker, have friends.

Now, don’t even bother to tell me how fucked up that is, because believe me I already know.

I didn’t come to Roswell with high expectations of becoming friends with anyone (as if that isn’t obvious). And I especially didn’t come to Roswell wanting to make friends with any stuck up blonde whether natural or peroxide made cheerleaders.

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

I have an ever-growing group of friends. Seems the whole school wants to make friends with the girl who put the cow known as Tess in her place. I think I’ve even frightened the little pom-pom carrying heffers. Imagine that.

I guess I should explain my cheerleader friends first… since I’m almost positive you’re sitting there just DYING to know.

Maria DeLuca and Isabel Evans. Seems they have a little club going, against the one and the only Tess Harding. Her name even sounds like she’d be a bitch… and when you’re actually face to face with her white trash ass… well let me tell you, it’s more than obvious you’re dealing with the biggest bitch in the world… besides me of course.

Isabel Evans has to hang out with her… I honestly and truly feel sorry for her, and I never feel sorry for anyone. Her brother (yes, we’re back to teen dream drama at it’s absolute best) is Max Evans… and very hott and sexy newcomer Zan Evans.

::Listens to heartbeat speed up::

Yeah I know, how unlike me you’re thinking… well get over it. Just one look at him and you’d be a puddle of liquid right before him… at least I’m keeping my composure.
Maria DeLuca… she’s a friend of Isabel and is as spunky as hell. That’s probably why I can stand her… that and she puts down cheerleaders and their letter jacket covered mutts almost as much as I do… another imagine that thought.

Through Isabel I met her boyfriend Alex Whitman… there’s one great guy… and believe me, I don’t find many guys great either. He’s a punk… which suits him well, and has this kick ass band the Whit’s (cute). Alex’s best friend, and also best friend of Max (one of the letter jacket clad mutts) is Michael Guerin. He’s also Maria’s boyfriend and they amuse the hell out of me when they argue (major foreplay action going on THERE…) So I can deal with him.

But alas, I have yet to meet the other two people that make up the Evans triplets.

Max Evans: Obvious jock, good at every sport, teachers love him, girls want him (no really, I’ve seen them drool in the hall and become weak in the knees just by one of him smiles… gross) and boyfriend of the one and only Tess Harding (hey, doesn't mean he will be for long.)

Right now, I would just like to thank god that there is only one Tess Harding. Yes, I have actually become a religious person just to thank god for that. So once again thank you.

Zan Evans: Hot, sexy, the epitome of sex appeal. ::sigh:: Damn it… did I forget to mention that he’s also sigh-worthy? (I have never sighed over a guy and just the utter mention of his name and I’m melting from the insides out…) Anyway, he’s the one of the triplets with an actual interesting story. He just returned home from juvenile hall… in New York. Yes, his parents actually had to send him out of state because he is such a hooligan (my sexy little hooligan… that has a nice ring to it). Turns out Zan here fell in with the wrong crowd; stole some cars, was a definite pyro, and had one too many run ins with the law. According to Isabel the only reason he’s even out before his 18th birthday is because of “good behavior”… I have MANY questions about that.

So there you have it.

My friends… ugh that word REALLY sounds weird coming from my mouth, but I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

Right now, I’m throwing clothes all over my room trying to find the one outfit that will turn Zan into as much mush as I am right now just thinking about him.

You see, I get to meet him tonight.

Yeah, I’m happy about it too.

Isabel is having a “slumber party”. Okay she didn’t call it that because she probably knew that I would hands down I would say no. I know this because that’s even what she said when she brought up the idea.

Truth be told the last thing that convinced me was her saying:

“Zan will be there….” In that annoying sing-song voice knowing she had won.

Yeah, Maria and Isabel know all about my little, er, large crush on Zan, not that I mind.

I plan on making it very known to him tonight.

Now I just have to find the perfect outfit.

Oh my god, was that a PINK shirt?

What the hell?

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Muwhahaha, and I return.. dont I feel special, why yes yes I do.. I've been on a writting high so here goes some more.. >>is in awe that this didn't get moved to the dead thread cuz she's hasnt posted in sooo long<<

For all of you Zanatics, and Kari, because she's my grown up grasshopper!!


Part 3:

So yeah, that would be a pink shirt, and yes, I have to repeat: What the hell?

Alright, so now I'm going to Isabel's slumber- er.. thing, house, for that thing.. oh fuck it, I'm going to a SLUMBER PARTY.

Geesh, gimme a's not like I'm going to be wearing Powerpuff Girl pajama's singin Nsync as I bake cookies with them... I hope not..

So now I'm practically skipping, which you should have picked up by now, is not a Liz Parker thing to do, infact I dont do anything but walk because after all, I have been forced to discover that I, Liz Parker, not only run, but play sports like a girl..


How devistating right? Heh, I'll get over it, like I'd ever go out for anything school related >especially not cheerleading<

I'm walking I'm walking.. and I glance down at what I'm wearing for the millionth time. So, what I picked out isn't the worst possible thing, and if I'm oh so lucky enough to run into the 'sigh-worthy' Zan, it'll get some sort of reaction out of him.. drool maybe?

I'm clad in a tight midrff red top and some baggie black Dickies with a red belt that ties at the side, with of course, my beautiful black boots. Topped off with cherries around my neck, red leather wrist bands, and my hair in loose curls, I'd have to say I look decent.. drool-worthy? Heh, who knows. And you know what? It was of course the first thing I had picked out.. but now I'm second guessing myself.. god sometimes I'm such a girl I scare myself.

As you can tell I'm getting pretty lost in my thoughts, but I get knocked out of them pretty quick as I stop infront of the Evan's household.

Hello wholesome America in a roof-topped box... perfectly set off with a wonderful white picket fence, and daisies in the windows. Remind me again why I'm doing this? Ahh, yes..


So I force myself to not grimmace at the all too wholesome scene before me and make my way to the door pausing on the doorstep and finally knocking.

And I'm waiting..

And waiting..

I knock again.. no dice.

I figure, forget this, Isabel knows I'm coming, and reach to grab the door handle only to watch it dissapear from my view. Glancing up, I realize that someone has opened it before I get the chance >yes I was bright enough to come to that conclusion< And it's hmmm... nice nice view.. oh, I mean it's Zan.

I just stand there paused as he shrugs on a beat up black leather jacket, and then I realize that he's backing up.. right into me..

Whoa buddy, I dont think that this is a position where both of us can find it pleasurable...

Then he turns around right before he hits me.. he's so close I can smell him, and he smells good. You know what I mean, that boy smell..

"Um.. Hey?" I say with a raised eyebrow.

"Liz right? You's here fo' Isabel's-" He says in that oh so sexy, practically melting me into a puddle, voice of his

"Say it and you're a dead man" Hey, I've already admitted it to myself, I dont need to hear other people say the "S" word.. ugh..

He smirks.. nice... very nice... cocky... but nice. And then he starts looking into my eyes all intense like, and then I hear Isabel's voice, "I thought you were going to get the pizza?"

Zan backs away from me and turns to Isabel, "Pizza?"

"Yeah for my-" Isabel begins.

"Dont say it!" I hold up my hand telling her to stop.

"Thing.." Isabel finishes with a smile, "Hey Liz" and then she turns back to Zan, "So..?"

"So?" Zan questions looking at me again.

"The pizza Zan, the pizza. You said you'd go get it" Isabel says glaring at her brother.

"Naw naw, I's neva said dat, Maxie volunteered for dat, you's musta mistaken 'im fo' me, aint dat right duke?" Zan calls into the living room as we make our way into it.

And I seriously almost gag at the sight before me. This is worse than the wholesome house, worse than the words slumber party' it's even worse than the pink shirt! It's Tess on Max's lap.. ugh.. I always knew she looked like a lap dog.. WOOF. WOOF.

I notice Michael sittin on the couch looking ready to hurl himself throwin me a "hey" and a grimace.. oh I know how you feel buddy.

Alex looks way to grateful to see me and runs over to me hugging me tightly "Thank god you're here.. er... I mean, glad to see ya!" Ahh, so we're all feeling slightly sick here? Good to know. I see Zan eyes darken as I wrap my arms around Alex. I could so see him becoming a best friend of mine.

Max stands up almost knocking Tessie to the floor, which would have been great because she's in this really short skirt.. wait, scratch that, she's the type that probably doesn't wear panties and I for one dont wanna see that...ever.

"Liz, hey" He says with a smile. Ugh.. cheesey.

"Hi" I smile back. What the hell? He's still hot, and hey, this time he's not wearing a letterr jacket.

Then Zan steps towards me throwin a glare at his brother. Hmm.. interesting.

Then I hear 'Ria's voice as she strolls into the room, "Well, as lovely as this glaring contest is becoming, I'm starving, so one of you's are gonna have to get food, is that clear?"

Hmm.. demanding.

And I swear, I cant even not laugh, as Michael scurries off with his tail between his legs at her command, followed closely by Alex, Max, and finally Zan.

Zan locks eyes with me as he walks past, trailing his fingers across my lower back before heading off... and I shiver..

Now I shiver, sigh, and smile.

Ugh.. look what these people are doing to me.

After they've gone I glance around the room, and my eyes land on Tess.

::evil snicker::

Hope she's staying..

Let the fun begin.

Alright, so that majorally sucked some non-pantie clad Tess ass didnt it? LoL.. ack, gotta stop listening to this weird mood music.. *big* Sorry if it sucked too bad, but I just REALLY was anxious to get another point out >too anxious maybe? most likely<

Leave feedback and I'll... love you forever? *wink*
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Heh, dont I feel special with my lil authors note...

Alright, so here goes. I wanna write more today, infact, I would kill to et a new part out of Mr. Destiny as well... but here's the thing. Dont you hate that when you say you're going to do things over the weekend you HAVE to do them... and then of course, something goes wrong and you, oh I dont know... get sick? Yeah well, I have to clean this suddenly too large house spotless today, along with making some of my friends cd' I'm throwing up, which isn't pretty >I wont go into details!<

So I guess I can't make any for sure promises to everyone, BUT, I will try to get another part out just because I love you all, even my grasshopper!

So that's all, go on with your business! Kat
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Hey just thought I'd tell everyone that I'm not going to be writing anymore.. probably for a long time.. probably even forever, since I suck so horribly at it. I guess if you want an end just write it because I'm sick of trying to do something I'm horrible at... so bye. -Kat-