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I wrote this awhile ago and posted the part 1... here's the entire thing.

title: committed.
type: m/l ish...
author: me.
summary: liz's actions catch up with her. you can't go through that much and not break down.

Liz saw Maria waiting tables, like normal. She saw Michael flipping burgers. Isabel was
reading a fashion magazine, Kyle looking at the jukebox, while Jim was going over some
police data. She felt something, she turned around looking for Alex. Alex should be here.
Where was he?
“Alex? Alex?” Liz called.
“Huh? Liz, shhh.” Maria said. “What’s the matter?” She looked into her best
friend’s brown eyes. She saw them the same.
“Nothing nevermind.” Liz grabbed her bottle of cleaning spray and cleaned the
“You know they don’t see me,” Alex said. Alex was sitting on the counter, Indian
style. “You only see me. Look at Michael pretending that his burgers are so important.
They all act... and look.” Alex pointed to the spot where Liz was shot. It was covered in
blood. “They all pretend like they can’t see, like the entire thing never happened. Even
you.” Alex snapped his fingers. Liz started bleeding from the spot she was shot. Liz
started to scream. She looked at her stomach and saw the blood oozing.
Isabel looked at Liz. “What’s the matter?”
“Oh my God.” Liz screamed. Isabel looked at her, then at her hands.
“Can’t you see it?” Liz grabbed the cloth she was holding and covered her wound
and tried to stop the blood.
Jim walked over. He grabbed her. “Liz?”
“They can’t see it. They forgot.” The gunman that shot her came out and brought
the gun to her.
“Please don’t!” Liz pleaded. The bullet flew out at her. She felt it puncture her
skin and it still bleed. Deep red trickling from her body. Her eyes weld with tears. Her
face drained of color and she fell on the Crashdown’s floor.
“Liz? Liz?! Liz!” Maria yelled.
“Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, you daughter experienced trauma related lunacy. Has
anything happened to her that would make her this way?”
“A freak out? What? Liz has never had anything like,” Mrs. Parker said. “She’s a
normal teenager.”
“Who is Alex?” the doctor asked.
“She calls out the name Alex.”
“Her best friend, he died last May,” Mr. Parker said.
The doctor paused. “Her condition... we feel that she should be here for the time
“No! I will not allow my daughter---”
“You have no choice Mrs.Parker. I cannot allow her to go out into the world.
Please, I think it would be best if you go.”
Mr.Parker took his wife out of the hospital.
“Our daughter is not crazy Jeff!”
“Her heart stopped Nancy. She isn’t sane either. Come on, let’s go home.”
Nancy sighed, let out a sob, and walked to the car.
“You know, they don’t know what you’ve been through.”
Liz looked at Alex. “No one does.”
“I do,” Alex looked at Liz. “Hospital clothes fit you.”
“Is the blood gone? Am I okay?”
“Of course not. The blood, the shot was the first part. Liz Parker you have issues.
You repressed them so much you can’t breathe. That’s why I’m here. You know that
you’re not okay. You just need me to tell you.” Alex looked at the room. “Isabel, she
knew how to repress me. That was weird. The one person you love tell you that you don’t
exist only when you are trying to help.”
“Isabel is a hard ass. Ice queen.”
“Yeah, she is.”
Max appeared. “I’m not from around here.”
“Max? I know. You’re an alien.”
“I’m not of this earth.”
Liz nodded. “I know, Max.”
Max turned into a big eyed short white creature.
“Oh my God!” Liz screamed.
“I’m not of this earth, Liz. I’m an alien.”
“Oh my God!” She cried.
“You’re my soulmate.”
“But you’re---!”
“You said you knew.” The creature came up to Liz.
“Go away! Leave me alone!” She ran to Alex.
The sterile hallway was empty.
“My destiny is with you.”
“No! Leave me alone.”
“You told me and acted like it was okay,” Alex said.
“Liz I love you.” The creature reached for Liz.
“Leave me alone! Alex help me!”
The nurse noticed her. “Elizabeth Parker?” She reached for Liz. Liz started to
fight the mousy nurse. She jarred her arms in a chaotic way.
“I’m not okay with you! Leave me alone!” Liz cried. Her face was red.
Liz woke up in a bed. She looked around. She tried to move her arms. They were
above her head.
“They cuffed you,” Alex said.
“They said you were a hazard and or danger to yourself and others.”
“I’m not.”
“The nurses thought you were.”
“It’s not me though. They---”
Jim appeared. His mirror glasses looked through Liz’s soul.
“I know your secrets.”
“You do.”
“I’m going to hunt you down until I find them out.”
“I don’t know anything.”
“You know about the aliens. You’ve been healed by one of them.”
“It was ketchup.”
“No your dress was ripped. You know more than you’re saying.”
“Mr. Valenti I don’t know anything.”
“I’ll hunt them down. I’ll hunt you down. You’ll be arrested for perjury.”
“And he’s serious.” Alex walked behind Jim.
“I’m not lying.”
“You are and you know it. I wonder what your parents would think of their only
daughter in prison. You’ll have a girlfriend or two.” Jim walked away.
“That was fun,” Alex said.
Isabel and Kyle walked in the white room.
“They are together and I am not even cold yet.”
“Hey Liz,” Isabel’s voice trembled.
“You’re not here,” Liz’s voice was steady.
“Actually they are real. They aren’t part of your mind.”
“Liz, the doctors said we were the only people you could see. You weren’t mad at
“Alex is here.”
“Uh- yeah, yes he is here.” Kyle agreed and then shifted uncomfortably. “You
“I’m sad. Your dad was here. He said he’d hunt the aliens.”
“My dad wasn’t here.” Kyle looked at Isabel. Isabel walked to the bed and sat at
the edge.
“You know they were together even when I was alive. I just didn’t see it.”
Liz laughed. “You’re so mean.”
“What’s so funny?” Kyle asked.
“Alex. He... nevermind.” Liz giggled.
Isabel looked at the blanket. She brought her hand underneath and lightly touched
Liz’s foot. She saw chaos. Images were scattered. Colors flashed. Kyle grabbed Isabel’s
shoulder to pull her out, but he got caught. The nurse walked in. She saw the three of
them, blank faced and silent.
“Miss Evans.”
“Hi nurse, they are connected to Liz’s crazy. Blame the alien in the room.”
“Miss Evans?’
“I am not a home maker. I am a model,” Isabel said.
“Liz, what’s going on with you and Max Evans?”
“Mr. Valenti? Miss Evans?”
“They’re like Liz, lady.”
“I was healed by an alien. I am 17 years old and died 2 years ago.”
“Liz, what the hell is going on with you and Evans?” Kyle’s face became enraged.
“They’re after me, all of them. They’re after me.” Isabel started to shake. She felt
a force pull her hand off Liz. She looked around. Kyle blinked. Isabel got off the bed.
“That was weird.” She grabbed Kyle’s hand and raced out.
“Elizabeth are you okay?”
Liz looked at the nurse. “Yes. I am fine.”
“Are you sure?”
Liz nodded.
“Can I release you from your cuffs?”
“Yes. I am fine.”
The nurse looked at the placid Liz. She went to the cuffs and undid them
“The therapist wants to see you.” She got Liz up and walked her into the doctor’s
office. Liz looked around. A balding man with too thick glasses looked at her.
“Hello Elizabeth, sit down.”
Liz sat on a leather chair. “Okay.”
“I am Mr. Tate. Let’s talk. Who was Alex?”
“He’s my best friend.”
“I’m here. Hi.”
“And he committed suicide right?”
“Wrong. He was murdered.”
“No Elizabeth. He killed himself.”
“He was murdered.” Liz’s tone changed. “He was murdered.”
“Elizabeth he----”
“He never went to Sweden. Tess Harding killed him. Tess Harding sent him to La
Cruces University, mind warped him, and killed him. His mind couldn’t handle months
of being mind warped.”
“Elizabeth, calm down.”
“He won’t get it.”
“Alex didn’t commit suicide.”
Doctor Tate saw Liz’s enragement. “Let’s change the subject. Why do you think
you were bleeding?”
“I was shot.”
“Your health records don’t---”
“Of course they wouldn’t.”
“Elizabeth, you are obviously di-llussional.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I wonder if he’s an alien.”
“You’re a skin!”
“A skin?”
“You tranquilized me to stay here,” Liz’s eyes got wild. “I’m part of something
with the Royal Four. That’s it!”
Liz stood up and got her face within two inches of his nose. Her hair was frantic
and her eyes were primal.
“You know I’m something! You’re Kivar!”
“Elizabeth, shhh.”
“No ‘cause if I tell Max, then he’ll realize your grand scheme and kill you. You
know it! He loves me! I know it!”
“Shhh. Nurse!”
Two large male nurses grabbed and pulled Liz out. “He’s Kivar! He wants Max
dead! He took the devil child” She lifted her legs up and struggled.
“Shhh,” One said.
“Crazy white girl, you aren’t Miss Ryder.”
“Her mind is weird. All these images. The bad images are in permanent rotation.”
“So she’s---?” Maria asked. She looked around the Crashdown.
“Crazy. I couldn’t get myself out of her mind. It was so hard. I felt myself going
“I tried to pull Iz out, but I got caught.”
“Will she be okay?” Max asked.
“I don’t know Little Brother. I have absolutely no clue.”
“Why did you go there?” Michael asked.
“I wanted to see why it was happening. If she’d reveal us.”
“She’s crazy, no one would believe her,” Michael said.
“Don’t say that,” Max said.
“Is this fun yet?” Alex asked. Liz had been in the psychiatric ward for three days.
“I want to go home,” Liz said childlike. She looked out the window, the night sky,
and touched the glass.
“They won’t let you.”
“Elizabeth Parker,” a female voice hummed.
“I don’t know anything. You’re dead.”
“No, no I’m not,” Agent Topolsky said. “You’re the all knowing link.”
“Tell the FBI I don’t know anything.”
“Liz Parker, you’re on hit lists. You tell me what you know and you won’t be on
those lists.”
“I don’t know anything.”
Topolsky walked around. “Yeah right.” She smiled. “They have reports about you
at HQ. Tell me where the other communicator is.”
“Have no idea.”
“You know. You and Max Evans. You two know where the other one is. They’re
going to kill me. Take me with you.”
“I’m not an alien!”
“But you know them. Take me with you.” She grabbed Liz. Liz fell to the floor.
“Leave me alone.”
“Take me with you! They’ll kill me if I don’t go with you. I’ve seen things!”
“Please leave me alone.” Liz sobbed.
“I’ve seen things that you’ve only had nightmares about.”
Two guards grabbed Agent Topolsky. They dragged her away. Liz laid in a ball
“Elizabeth, are you okay?”
“No. She is freaked out. Sorry to disappoint you nurse lady but this isn’t
something drugs can fix.”
Liz laid in a huddled mass. She closed her eyes and saw black. She opened them
and saw chaos. People were rushing around her. She felt the rush under her.
“What’s going on?”
Alex looked at her. “So you didn’t die?”
“You went into shock. The doctors say your mind is making you do it. We both
know it’s something else.”
“Elizabeth, rest.” The nurse checked her pulse. “It’s strong.”
Liz looked over at Alex. “What’s happening to me?”
“I don’t know it’s your mind. You’re healing.”
“Lizzie Parker, you have been one weird girl over the last two years. You have to
come and face your demons.”
“Topolsky? Demon?”
“No there is no Topolsky demon.” The nurse felt Liz’s head.
“Yeah, she caused you some fear. I wonder what else you have in there.”
“Make it stop.”
“I can’t. You, my dear, you need to see this.”
“We can calm the voice.”
“Don’t let them do that. Drugs will make you worse. You need the full recovery.”
“No drugs.”
“Good girl.” Alex looked at her. “How do you feel?”
“Tired.” Liz yawned.
“You should be. You gave us quite a scare young lady,” the doctor said.
“I’m sorry.”
The male nurses called and switched her beds.
“What are we going to do with you Miss Parker? What’s going on in your
“Bad stuff. Really bad stuff.”
“Ever been chased by the FBI, Doc? How about been hunted down by evil aliens,
who want to kill the people you care about the most? Wait... let’s see let’s try this one
ever had your best friend killed by a mind warping gerbil who slept with your soul mate,
she’s carrying his spawn and took the kid with the only way your alien soulmate knows
how to get to his alien planet? Haven’t well darn,”Alex said with a tone to his voice.
“Like what?”
“You wouldn’t believe me.”
“Try me,” Tate said. Everyone left the room.
“Where to have to listen it makes sense if you let it.”
Tate nodded.
“All my life I thought Max Evans was a normal guy. Then one day I was shot. I
was left for dead. Max Evans healed me. It became us against them. He’s an alien. Like
any alien with a destiny and a soul mate. A partner, who suddenly arrived, with a plan.
Max was taken to the----”
Pierce looked at her. “You know if you tell this they’ll send you to me. I will have
so much fun manipulating you. I could test your DNA for alien cells. I could test you for
powers. Hell I could take you apart limb by limb, cell by cell and I would get away with
it. You couldn’t do a thing.” He smiled devilishly. “Elizabeth Parker,” he walked up to
her and touched her skin. Liz felt goosebumps ripple. “I always wanted to see why an
alien like Max Evans wanted a normal girl like you.” He paused. “Unless you aren’t a
normal girl.”
Liz swallowed hard.
“Scared? How human or alien of you. Since Max Evans is a hybrid...”
“He isn’t. You’re wrong.”
“Right. I am wrong. You know the one you guys called Nasado? He never
actually killed me. I am still in the S.U. ready to pounce. I could stomp the group apart
like bugs. But this, this is so much more fun.”
“They won’t fall apart because of this,” Liz said.
Tate looked at Liz as she was talking into the air. She was having an intense
conversation with a figment of her imagination.
“You’re wrong little girl. See if I take you apart I know Max Evans will come
charging for you, like you did for him.”
Liz grunted. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I do. See Elizabeth I know all. I am powerful, unlike you.”
“He’s smarter than me, he won’t charge.”
“Right...” Pierce looked at Liz, touched cheek, and smiled. “A normal human
“You don’t know what you’re taking about. You don’t---”
“Why are you fighting this?” He took Liz’s IV.
Tate took a seat. He pulled out a notebook and started to jot notes down.
“Alex, please help me.”
“I can’t Liz. He’s one of your demons.”
Pierce smiled. “Come on Lizzie Parker, I’ve had my eye on you. You know it
“You don’t know anything then.” Pierce relented. “Fine. Someone else’s list.” He
walked out of the room.
“Who was that?” Tate asked.
Liz sighed in relief. “Agent Pierce.”
“Who is he?”
“He hunted and tortured Max.”
Liz nodded.
“Why would he do that?”
“Because he’s an alien.”
“You believe in aliens?”
Liz looked at Tate.
“Stop patronizing me. I maybe loony but I am not dumb.”
“So aliens?”
“And you know this...?”
“We went over this.”
“Elizabeth, this is hard to believe.”
“Yeah, well I had to deal with it.”
“And who are the other people you’ve seen?”
“They aren’t seen. They’re here. They are with me.”
“Who are they?”
“Agent Topolsky, Jim Valenti, the person who shot me, and Max Evans.”
“And Alex.”
“Alex isn’t bad.”
“Then why do you see him?”
“Because she needs me here.”
“Because he’s my best friend.”
Tate didn’t push it.
“What do they do? What are they telling you?”
“Things I know. Re-inacting what happened.”
“Like you have to---”
“I don’t know!” Liz snapped. “I don’t know anything.”
Tate looked at Liz. “Then can you explain anything?”
“I want to sleep.”
Tate checked the IV and made sure everything was okay. “You can sleep? You
want anything? Meds?”
“No, no drugs.”
“Okay,” Tate left the room. Liz started to drift asleep Her dream was stars,
endless stars.
The nurse walked in. She checked Liz’s IV.
“You look happy,” the nurse smiled.
“I am happy.”
“What happened?”
“I dreamt about stars.”
“That’s good right?”
Liz nodded.
“I’ll bring you breakfast.” The nurse walked out.
“Lookie here. Little Miss Zan’s girl.” Nickolas walked into the room. His head
was too big for his body and Liz was scared by that alone.
“Nickolas, Mr. Growing a Pube.”
“Cute, but remember who’s in the crazy house. Yep, you. You are here by force.
So where’s Zan? Where’s his little ruler self at today?”
“Why do you care?” Liz asked. She was annoyed at his ways.
“I need the Granolilth of course. Haven’t you learned anything Liz?” He walked
up to her bed. He quickly and forcefully grabbed the rails and came within six inches of
her face. “You are nothing in this. You’re some little girl who got shot in the process of
something bigger. Zan shouldn’t have saved you. You should be dead.”
“I’m not though.”
“That can be easily arranged.” He walked to the window. “I want the Granolilth. I
really do. Now either you give it to me nicely or I take the information from you.”
Liz didn’t say anything.
“Fine, make this hard.” He put his hand on her head and dug into her memories.
He gave a smile. The nurse walked in and saw Liz cringing. Liz gave an exasperated sigh.
“Very interesting,” Nickolas said.
“You are a horrible freak of nature Nickolas.”
“Of course I am Liz! I’m an alien. I’m a Skin for Christ sake! I am not of your
nature Girl Scout.”
“Don’t call me Girl Scout.”
“Don’t mess with fire,” Nickolas said. “Girl Scout.”
“Fire? Barely there teen alien?”
Nickolas laughed as he walked out of the room. “Whatever you say, Girl Scout.”
“Elizabeth are you okay?”
Liz looked around. She saw the nurse with her food. “I am fine. Have a
headache.” She sighed. For a figment of her mind that was painful. It shouldn’t have
“If you’re sure you’re fine...” The nurse looked around. “Who is Nickolas?”
“This midget alien.”
“Ahhh...” the nurse tried to understand. She didn’t though. She put the tray down
and did a final check. “Well buzz me if you need anything.”
“Okay,” Liz said. The nurse walked out and Liz ate her gross toast.
“Liz, how are you?” Maria walked in.
“Maria! Oh my god! I wanted to see you for days! How is everyone? What’s
everyone doing? Is everyth---”
“Shut up Liz. I was being nice. Something you never are. Max Evans 24/7.”
“Liz! Don’t make this any harder for me than it already is. I feel like we’ve grown
apart. We are only friends because of this alien thing. I mean our boyfriends have an
alien desti---”
“You’re not saying this Maria. You’re my rock.”
“Rock what?” Maria looked at Liz. “You aren’t my friend Liz. You have never
been. I am one of your minions. I am so over that. So whatever Liz. We’re done.” Maria
walked out of the room. Liz broke down in tears.
“Maria DeBroka,” Alex said.
“Leave me alone!” Liz screamed. She threw down her meal tray and cried in the
“We can’t leave her there.” Max said.
“Look Max, I love Liz to death but I think she needs this. We all have massive
issues since you guys came out of the closet,” Maria said. “The truth is she needed to
break down. We all need to.”
“But she is in a crazy house, I am not going to allow that.” Max’s face was still in
a panic.
“Rushing in charging for Liz isn’t going to get you anywhere, King Max.” Isabel
looked at her brother. “She isn’t well. It’s too crazy.”
Maria grabbed a few cups and filled them with soda. “I was thinking of going to
visit her yesterday but since Isabel and Kyle’s trip four days ago I’m too scared.”
“There’s nothing to be afraid. This is Liz. Liz who risked her life for all of you---”
“Exactly Max, you act like this is normal. You act like rushing around, running
from the FBI, from the Skins, hell even weird crystals is part of everyday life. It isn’t. She
is in the hospital for that reason. I would rather have my best friend back as a whole than
someone who escaped from it and still isn’t able to function.”
Michael sighed. He looked at Maria. “We’ll have a last resort plan. Something
that in case we find out something bigger is the cause. If Liz is just in there because she is
crazy, let her be.”
Max couldn’t believe this. They weren’t going to help Liz Parker.
Sean walked in. “Ria can I get some Mars Slide Pie and a MIB burger to go?”
“Where you headed?”
“No where. Just don’t want to be stuck here with the Super Secret club.”
“Yo. Eliza Parker,” a voice said.
Liz looked up from her pillow. “Rath? Why the---?”
“I was thinkin’ we could talks.”
“How did you know where I was?”
“I’s got the hook ups.”
“What did you want to talk about?”
Rath looked at her, he did the street walk up to her. “Sees the ways I see thins,
we’s gots a history together.”
“Yeah. Me and yous. We’re connected. Kindred.”
Liz was suprised by Rath’s use of the word kindred.
“See we macked that one time and sees I can’t forgets---”
“Oh my God. Please don’t finish that.”
“Whys? Eliza, you knows we had some stuff goin’ on. You know you want a
hunk of Rath served up rare.”
Liz felt herself want to hurl. “Oh my God. No! Ew! No!”
“Whys not?”
“Because! You’re like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on crack!”
He leaned in and kissed her. Liz pushed him away.
“Yous weren’t exactly greats either.”
“This isn’t my life. Oh my God, ew!”
“You just lost that touch y’erself.” Rath looked at Liz’s IV. “Maybes it’s this.”
“Touch my IV and die mullet boy.”
“Yous no fun.” Rath walked out.
Liz sighed. “Ewwww!”
She looked out the window and pressed a button. It was for the light to go off. She
snuggled into her blankets.
“Hey Parker, busy?”
“You’re a figment. Go away.”
“Come on would a figment bring you food?” Sean sat on her bed. He looked at
her and put something on her tray. She turned over.
“You brought me a MIB burger?”
“No wait it gets better. Your crude friends haven’t visited. Look in the bag.”
Liz looked in the bag. “Mars Slide pie? What brought this on?”
“Roswell is boring without you. I didn’t want to cause trouble so I decided to
come here.” He handed her a balloon, deflated. “The nurse said you might try to strangle
and or hang yourself with the ribbon, so she popped it. But it was full of air.”
“So what’s going on Liz? This isn’t like you.”
“I don’t know,” she let out her breath and dug into the burger. “You remember
how weird stuff always rolled off me?”
“Yeah. So?”
“It isn’t.”
“So what? Parker, you can get out of this. It isn’t that hard.”
“You don’t get it.”
“Maybe I don’t. But you need to get that bad stuff out of you.”
“You sound like Whoopee Goldberg in that one movie.”
“Maybe she was right, I don’t know Liz. I just don’t like seeing little Parker in the
nut house.”
Liz looked at Sean with half the burger in her mouth.
“I am here because I am crazy.”
“You aren’t. Maybe you are a little but out of all the people in your super secret
club you were the last person I’d think that would actually be committed.”
“You’re just saying that.”
“No I’m not. Want me to give my diagnosis of your friends? Michael, paranoid
freak. I’m sure he’s doing drugs of some kind. Isabel, she is a control freak, obsessive
complusive. Max, depressed obviously. Maria, she is the worst. I think she’s on speed.
But see you were always the sane one.”
Kyle walked in.
“Hey,” Kyle said.
“Hi Kyle,” Liz said. Sean turned around. No one was there.
“Liz look I think we should get back together.”
“I am kinda’ in the nut house right now. I am kinda’ with Max Evans.”
Sean looked at where Liz was talking to. There was air and air and air. Nothing
“Still, you know we belong together.”
“Kyle, I can’t--- I am not mentaly able to handle this.” She reached for Sean’s
Sean felt something. A pulling of the mind. He began to strum his fingers. He saw
a weird image. It was like he was first seeing himself. But it wasn’t from his percepctive.
He saw Alex’s funeral, himself looking at himself talking to Liz Parker. But it wasn’t
himself. He opened his eyes and saw Kyle talking to Liz. He let go of Liz. He didn’t see
“Kyle, I think you should go.”
“Liz I need to go. Bye.”
Sean walked out and raced out. He drove back to Roswell. He sat at a table in the
Crashdown Cafe. He looked at a piece of paper.
“Liz was there, I was there,” he started to draw the diagram. “Then Maria and
Michael were over there,” he drew two Ms slightly away. “They weren’t looking at us.
Isabel was sulking by herself. Here,” Sean drew an I. “Max was with Mr. Valenti here.”
He drew the corisponding letters. “No one was facing us...” he paused. “The blonde girl.”
He smiled. “I saw her vision of myself. How?”
Sean got up and walked around. No one noticed him. He didn’t care if anyone
“How can I see what Liz is seeing? They tested me for that stuff when I was a
kid.” He struggled.
Kyle sighed. Max looked over.
“I am going over there.”
“Why? Max, you can’t---”
“I am.”
“Evans you go and you’re a dumb ass.”
Sean looked over. “For Parker?”
Max’s brow narrowed. “Yeah. Why?”
“Something’s not right. I don’t know what it is, but something---”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know.”
“Then why do you say anything?”
“Because. I went there this afternoon. I somehow saw Whitman’s funeral from
Blondie’s percepctive.”
“Blondie?” Kyle exchanged a look with Max.
“Short blonde.”
Max, Kyle, and Sean walked into Liz’s room dressed techs.
“Hey Liz,” Max said.
Liz looked over and saw Rath with two thugs.
“Yos Eliza,” Rath said.
“Go away.”
“They want to take you away,” Alex said.
“Liz, we’re here... things are okay,” Kyle said.
“We’s wants to make you our Earthling bitch,” a thug said.
“Go away,” Liz said a little louder.
“Parker, what are you seeing?”
Max reached for Liz’s hand. Liz socked him in the chin. Max stepped back.
“Leave me the hell alone. I don’t want to go.”
“Oh look a mad Rath,” Alex said.
“Jesus, Liz is fiesty drugged.” Kyle looked at the wounded Max.
“Want to fight wench?” the first thug asked.
“Bring it on.” Liz took out her IV. She started to bleed. She left hooked Kyle.
“Crap! Buddha says not to fight.”
“Bitch yous goin’ down.”
“We are going about this the wrong way,” Sean said.
“Yous our Earth girl sex toy.”
Liz side kicked Sean.
“And the hospital gown is showing everything.” Sean closed his eyes, in pain and
to be nice.
“Yous knows you being a royal pain. Just ‘cause she’s his maj---”
Liz back fisted Sean. “I don’t want to hear how I am your girl.”
Max looked at Liz, then touched her hand. Liz kneed him in the groin and
punched him straight in the face.
“Maybe we should go,” Kyle asked.
“Yous gonna’ get it. Bitch, yous gonna’ get it.”
Liz elbowed Kyle in the back and as he fell she kicked him in the butt.
“She’s kicking our ass. Liz Parker is kicking our ass!” Sean said. “I only had
fantasies about that.”
“You need to hurt them. Show them never to come back. Especially Rath,” Alex
Liz grabbed Max and threw his head against the bed railing. She put his hand
under the bed and started using the reclining function of the bed and let the matress
squish his hand. She went to Kyle and grabbed him by the shirt colar. She threw him
against the wall. She back fisted him and head butted him.
Liz kicked Sean in the shins and punched him in the stomach. Sean looked at
“I’m thinkin’ that we go.”
Kyle groaned. “Uh, yeah.” He grabbed Max.
“But Li---”
“Shut up. She kicked our asses when we were going to break her out. She needs
to be here.”
“Parker is one tough---”
“Come on.” Kyle pulled Max out. Sean sighed as he limped out.
Liz looked at the thugs leave.
“Now then. You showed them.”
“I was all ninja girl!”
“Good girl,” Alex said.
“Miss Parker is everything okay?”
“Yes!” Liz said with annoyance.
Liz sat on her bed and put her IV back in. She looked around. She opened a book
and started to read.
“Me here,” a familar voice said.
“What?” Liz looked up and saw herself, only not.
“Yeah it’s me, errr you sorta’.”
“How? I thought we---?”
“You’re messed up in the head. I don’t think it matters much. Anyways why are
you here?”
“Because I am crazy.”
Future Liz laughed. “You think you’re crazy?”
“I don’t think. I know.”
“Really? You really think you are a nut job? Get the hell over it!”
Liz squished her brow and saw something fading into her future self.
“Don’t even try it Bitch.”
“No. The other bitch. The blonde one who is crazy.”
“There is---”
“You aren’t crazy! Je-sus you may have some issues to work through but you also
have a lot of stuff you have to do.”
“But you’re from the other future.”
“Still I know who I err you are. I know what has to happen.”
“I am crazy.”
“No!” Future Liz grabbed Present Liz’s head. “You want to play? Play with the
big girl.” She looked in Liz’s eyes. Liz saw Tess. Future Liz let go of Present Liz.
Liz saw Tess laughing.
“You aren’t going to listen to her right?” Alex asked.
Liz looked at the two.
“Who do you think is real, Liz? Me or a dead reincarnation of your best friend
who is telling you to freak out?”
“I thought the Granolilth could only be---”
“I didn’t use the Granolilth. You need to get out of here. Got that? You need to
figure out what’s going on.”
Liz looked at Future Liz. Alex flashed into a blonde girl. She bit her lip. Alex
went back into a tall lanky boy. Liz sighed. She focused her mind and felt something. She
focused on that. She pushed it out.
“Get out!” Liz screamed.
Alex turned back into the blonde girl, Tess.
“Tess?” Liz asked.
“Whatever,” Tess said. “Took you long enough.”
“What the---?”
“You know this was fun. Nickolas is the best. Love that guy.”
“Why did you---?”
“Liz Parker isn’t so bright is she?” Tess batted her eyes. “Think about it. Rath and
thugs? Sean, Kyle, and that pathetic version of a king Max. You beat the crap out of
them. The rest of the loser patrol thinks you are a freaking crazy bitch. No one will want
to be your friend.”
“So? Why?”
“Liz Parker alone. But look my time here is done. I did what I wanted. Bye.”
Tess disappeared. Liz looked around. Future Liz was no where.
Two weeks later.
Liz walked into the Crashdown. Eyes from patrons hit her.
“I heard she went crazy and all Hailey Joel.”
“Well I heard she thought she had been shot.”
“I heard she has a lot more shit to deal with than you two put together,” Liz knelt
on the ground next to the table. The girls looked at her and suddenly went quiet.
Maria saw the brown locks of her friend. She cautiously went up. Maria turned
“Maria!” Liz squeled.
“You aren’t going to like kick my ass right?”
“I had an evil mind warping alien in my head for a week and I am dubbed crazy.
Now if that doesn’t suck, what does?”
Kyle, Sean, and Max looked over. All of them were bandaged up. There was fear
in their eyes.
“I am not going to beat you up.”
“Are you sure?” Kyle asked.
“You know you kicked are asses really well for a non underwear wearin---” Max
hit Sean.
“I was just saying that---” Max hit Sean again.
“Ow. Now come on!”
The group stood cautiously.
“Guess who just called?” Michael walked into the main area of the Crashdown
from the kitchen.
“Huh?” Maria asked.
“My dupe errr twin brother Rath.”
Everyone looked at Michael.
“He said that he came and visited Liz. He kinda’ felt bad with the way things
turned out.”
“Crap.” Liz words struck hard.

I want to be a sugar high...gotta' have it really need it to get by.
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I want to be a sugar high...gotta' have it really need it to get by.