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Background: This story is a little different from the show. Just think ‘Pilot’; except Liz was never shot, and the secret of the alien’s being alien’s was never revealed. Max is still secretly in love with Liz, adoring her from afar.
So pretty much everything’s the same. Max, Michael and Isabel are still keeping to themselves. Everyone is in the middle of their senior year.
But here’s the catch: It seems that once the three aliens hit puberty around the age of 13; One day out of every year since, there alien side kicks in, and there burden down with the need to mate. I guess their desire and needs kick into overdrive and their powerless to control it(in other words). This one day a year was when they would reproduce on their planet.
Oh,… and the best part: No Tess!!!

When you see **** (four stars) it means the past. And I'm only going back within a two mouth span. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.

Part 1

The tiny droplets of rain were beading down the glass of her window, and suddenly Liz Parker took an immediate interest. Her life had instantly changed from normal, to complete chaos. She softly traced the droplets of rain with her index finger to see if she could connect the dots and make a picture. She new what she was doing. She was trying anything possible to get her mind off of the situation at hand. At this particular moment, her parents were on their way over to the Evans house, and more then likely going to kill Max once they saw him. And the sad part about it all, ....was that he had no idea what was coming his way.....

****Two months earlier....

“If my calculations are correct,…. Tomorrow is the day!” Isabel said as she looked her brother and only friend in the face.
Michael sighed loudly as he sat back in his chair. “I hate this.”
“You’re not the only one.” Isabel chimed in.
“Well,.. were just going to have to lock ourselves in our rooms again.” Trying to lighten the mood, Max felt reluctant, and knew this was going to be the hardest night of his life, especially when all he thought about was a petit brown haired girl.
Michael sighed again, before stuffing a chip in his mouth covered in Tabasco sauce.
“Great,… just great. I had tickets to the Metallica concert.”
“You’re going to have to cancel Michael.” Isabel voiced.
“No Shit!”
“So! What do you say?” Maria was so excited.
“I don’t know Maria.”
“Come on Liz, it’ll be perfect. We can go to the club, I can meet a hot guy, and we’ll come back here, no one will ever know what time we’d gotten home.”
“I wouldn’t be to sure about that.” Liz voiced as she continued to wipe down the counter.
“What’s that suppose to mean?” Her foot was tapping a mile a minute, as she steadied her hands on her hips. “You’re parents are going out of town … right?”

“Then what’s the problem?”
As if on cue, Kyle Valenti, walked into the Crashdown. “Need you ask?” Liz whispered as she made her way into the back room, and out of sight.
Maria turned to follow,… “I still don’t get it.”
“Maria, he stalks me,… everywhere I go.”
“Tell him to stop!” She was so direct at times.
Liz turned to Maria, and looked to her like she was crazy. “Yeah,.. Okay Maria, .. I’ll go tell him now.”

“No Liz, .. I’m serious.”
“Maria, He still can’t get over why I broke up with him last month.”
“Duh,.. it doesn’t take a genius. … Oh Come on Liz,…. Don’t let him ruin our good time.”

“Maria,… I just don’t feel like dealing with him. I’m running out of patience, and I’m about to flip out on him.”
A smile covered her face. “I’d give anything to see that.”
“This isn’t funny Maria.”
“No, your right,.. I’m sorry! But Please, We only get to really have freedom, and live when you’re parents are out of town,… And God Liz, I didn’t think they would ever go out of town again.” Liz let out a giggle, then turned to her friend. “Fine Maria,… I’m in.”
Maria started to jump up and down for joy, smiling ear to ear.
“But, I’m warning you,….” Her gaze suddenly turning serious. “Keep Kyle away from me at all costs.”
She shook her head, and brought her hand to her forehead in a salute manner,..
”aye-aye sir!”
Even though he himself could never have her, he was secretly glad that Kyle couldn’t either. Max couldn’t help the resentment he had whenever he witnessed her in Kyle’s arms in the past.
The boy was a fool to think he could lie about the two of them to his friends, and when Liz found out that she was at the center of gossip thanks to Kyle’s lies, she had broke it off with him. A sly smile covered his face, as he remembered overhearing her tell him off. To say she was pissed was an understatement, and he couldn’t help but laugh as he heard Kyle beg for forgiveness to take him back. He was proud that she stuck to her guns and avoided him, even though Kyle, still wasn’t giving up.

“Order up!” Jose shouted out , as Maria picked up the plates of food and carried them over to the customers.
“An Order of Saturn fries for you, … A will smith burger for you, and another will smith burger for you as well.” She stood up straight, and looked to the three of them. “Will there be anything else I can get for you?”
“No thanks!” Isabel responded without even looking up at her.
Right before Maria could walk away, Liz came to her side in an instant grabbing onto her arm to whisper something to her.
Max could feel his body tighten at how close she was to his table.
“What’s up chica?”
He could hear their conversation perfectly. And yet Liz didn’t even notice he was there. ‘She was perfect,… Way to perfect for him.’
“Please Maria!” She voiced low, as she nodded her head towards Kyle’s table.
“I got this Liz, don’t worry about it. I owe you anyway for tonight.”
“Thanks!” Relief flooded her face, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Max. She turned her face in his direction, noticing that he had heard their conversation, and before he could wipe that happy reaction off of his face, Liz had witnessed it. She smiled back at him, and headed on her way into the back room.
He felt like he had been hit full force in the chest, she had seen him, …had seen his smile after overhearing her rejecting Kyle. But then she had smiled back at him, and that was something he wasn’t expecting. His own smile grew even wider at the knowledge that she had noticed him.

“Max!… What are you smiling at?” Michael asked point blank.


“Are they gone yet?” Maria asked as Liz opened the door for her to come in.
“Yes! They left about an hour ago.”
Maria let out a sigh of excitement, “So, You like?” She asked as she took off her coat to show Liz her outfit.
She wore a pair of Black hipsters, with a fitted red and orange shirt, that hung low around her neckline.
“You look great.” Liz commented.
“Okay, so why aren’t you dressed?”
“Uhhh,…. I am.”
Maria turned to her as she entered Liz’s bedroom, and set down her bag. “Liz?” voicing her disapproval.
“Maria,… it’s nothing special. It’s just a club.”
Walking over to her closet, Maria started skimming through her clothes. She pulled out a cranberry fitted shirt, and a pair of faded hipster jeans that fit her perfectly. “Put these on!”

She stood back to look at Liz’s new look. Bringing her index finger up to her lips, and tapping it lightly,…”Hummmm, something’s missing.”

“A Belt. You need a belt. .. do you have one with a big buckle?”
She pulled one out of her closet and held it up. “Perfect!”


“You wanna hang out at my house tonight?” Michael asked Max, as he pulled the jeep up to his apartment. “We could play Nintendo or something?
“I don’t know. I’ll Probably go crazy sitting in my room all night.”
Jumping out of the jeep, and heading up to the front door, Michael turned to Max, “Well,.. it’s up to you, See-ya!”
As he pulled away from the curb, He looked to Isabel. “Are you going to be okay tonight, if I do go over Michael’s?”
“No, … But theirs nothing you can do for me anyway. It’ll probably do you and Michael both some good to hang out tonight. Just don’t leave his apartment.”
“What,… and leave the chance open to grope over every girl that passes my way?” He said with humor.
“Glad to see you see this as funny!”
“It’s anything but, Isabel. I’m just trying to lighten the mood. This is hard on all of us. Once tonight is over, then we can go back to normal,… “
Looking at her brother “Max, this is anything but normal,… and normal is something we will never be!”
Maria was becoming inpatient more and more by the minute. She turned her head to the side to get a better look at how long the line was to get into the club. “I can’t believe this. We’ve been standing here for an hour!” Her foot thudding on the concrete below displaying her irritation. “We could always leave!” Liz voiced with a smile.
She turned her head and forced a smirk. “Not a chance!”

Finally the line started to move some, allowing Liz and Maria closer to the entrance.
Maria noticed Liz’s face lighten up as she caught a glimpse of the bouncer at the door.
“Awwwe, Liz, … what’s with the bright smile?” Maria cooed in a teasing way.
“I know that guy.”
Straining her neck to get a better look, Maria turned back towards Liz. “The bouncer?”
“Yeah, … His name is Jake. He comes into the Crashdown a lot.”
“He does?” Maria had an idea. “JAKE!!!” She yelled out.
“Maria, What are you doing!?!” …”Shhhhh!”
“Getting us into the club!” She began waving her hand towards Liz, when Jake turned to see who was calling his name.
When his eyes landed on her, his smile grew. “Liz! Is that you?”
“Yeah.” She felt so embarrassed. Her face turning bright red, and Maria tried all she could to cover her smile. “Mission accomplished.”
Jake started to make his way over to Liz, Shifting people out of his way. It wasn’t hard at all for him, considering his huge frame.
“Liz, … I didn’t know you came here.”
“Well, it’s actually my first time coming here. My friend Maria, and I have been waiting to get in for like the past hour.”
“Well, you should’ve told me earlier, I would’ve let you in.”
Her cheeks were hot, and her throat became dry. “Thanks!”

“What are those?” Maria asked, as she pointed to the wrist bands he was carrying.
“Oh, these are for those who are twenty-one and older.”
“And you need one of those to drink in this place?”
“Yeah, exactly.”
Liz turned to look at Maria, wondering what was with all the questions.
“You know, today’s Lizzy’s birthday.” Maria said with a straight face.
Liz spun around to look at Maria with wide eyes.
“Oh yeah?” Jake asked with a wide smile.
“Ummm, … ummm, “ She was speechless, no good at lying.
“Just turned twenty-one today.” Maria was a pro at lying.
“Well in that case,…..- “ Jake removed two wrist bands from his grasp and give them to Liz and Maria. “Drinks are on me tonight.”
Maria thought she had died and gone to heaven. “Really?”
“Sure, but if anyone asks, I asked for I.D. Okay?”
Liz shook her head in confirmation, as Maria went on…”Oh … of course.”
Jake escorted the girls to the front of the line, and opened the doors to the club, Waving them to go inside.. “Have a good night ladies,… oh and Liz… Happy birthday!”


At first Liz could handle the amount of drinks Maria was ordering for them, but when she started to order shots, Liz knew that things were slowly getting out of control. “Maria, we need to slow down on the drinks.”
“Come on babe, lighten up.” Maria set a shot of vodka down in front of her, and handed her a lemon. “Here, take this.”
Liz reached for the salt, and poured it on her hand. She had watched Maria do it enough to know how to do the shot. She licked the salt, drank the vodka, then bit into the lemon.
Her face showed that the vodka was strong, and instantly she felt the affects.
“You liked it,… didn’t you?” Maria watched Liz, and knew she liked the taste, no matter how strong it was.
“Let’s do another……

Liz couldn’t stop laughing at Maria. Every time a guy tried to approach them. She started telling guys about how Liz and her were in the army, and how they fought in dessert storm. And yet, her speech was way off, Liz laughed the most when Maria had stood to go to the restroom, and fell flat on her face.
Sitting up on the floor, Maria looked up to Liz, who was laughing hysterically.
“Lizzzzz,…… I’m soooooo drunk!”
Liz continued to laugh all the more. She felt her head spinning, and knew that they had both had enough to drink. Liz bent down to help her friend up. “Come on Maria, it’s time to go home.”
“Maria, it’s three in the morning, and where both drunk out of our minds.”
…”Oh” …”Well, I told Alex, we would stop by.”
“Maria, Alex is more then likely asleep.”
“But I promised him.”
“What for?”
“He talked to Brian Anderson for me today, and I need to know what was said.”
“Your out of control Maria.”

Liz looped her arm with Maria’s, and made there way out of the club, and towards Alex’s house.

Liz tapped lightly on Alex’s window, but couldn’t stop her and Maria’s laughing.

Rubbing his tired eyes, Alex made his way to his window, opening it to see a very drunk Liz and Maria. “Oh my God,….. You’re drunk!”
“Alex” Maria yelled as she threw her arms around his neck.
“Shut up!… You’ll wake up my parents.”
“Alex, were hungry.” Maria voiced.
“No ,…your hungry.” Liz replied.
“Okay, both of you, be quiet.” Alex began to help Liz and Maria in threw his widow. Maria went straight towards his bed to lay down. “Alex, what did Bryan say today?”

As soon as Alex began to talk about his conversation with Bryan, Maria was fast asleep.
“Unbelievable! She just had to come over here right away to know what Bryan said, and she passes out.”

“It’s okay, you guys can just crash here tonight.” Alex went to cover Maria up with the blankets.
“I can’t, I need to get home. My Parents will call and check up on me bright and early.”
“Are you sure?” Alex didn’t like letting Liz walk home alone.
He went to grab his coat.
“Alex, I’ll be fine. I’ll just cut through the park, and be home in five minutes.”
“I don’t know Liz. It’s really late.”
“I’ll be fine Alex. Don’t worry.”
After looking at her briefly, debating weather or not to walk her home, Alex pulled her into a hug. “Okay, but be really careful Liz. There’s a lot of strange people out there.”

Part 2

Tossing and turning, Max Evans was going out of his mind. His body was overheated, and his mind thinking of Liz Parker in a way, that wasn’t appropriate. He was seriously starting to doubt weather or not he was going to make it threw the night.
If his body didn’t get what it desperately wanted, he didn’t know if it would just shut down, or what. Each year, it got worse. His cravings to make love to somebody. To want to feel that feeling so bad, it literally scared him and made him think that his body would shut down, if it didn’t get the attention it was screaming out for.
His temper was flaring, and his body humming. He quickly grabbed his T-shirt, and put it on, then bent down, and put on his shoes.
He looked behind him at the clock, sitting on his night stand, reading 3:20 AM.
He knew it was late, but he had to get out of his room. The walls were closing in on him fast, and he felt like he couldn't breath.
He decided he would go over Michael’s, and maybe get his mind off of his situation. Or at least try. He figured it was late enough, that no one would be out. That he wouldn’t slip up, even if given the chance.

“The quickest way to Michael’s is through the park.” Max thought to himself, as he turned into the parks entrance.
Making his way around the trial, Max could hear someone in the distance.

“Stop Kyle!… Leave me alone!”
He knew that voice instantly, and started running off towards it.
“I mean it Kyle. I just want to go home!” Liz knew it was just her luck to run into the one person she tried so hard to avoid.

“Just listen to me Liz… Please! I have something to tell you.”

“Kyle, Please! I have to go home.”

Kyle could feel his anger starting to arise. All he wanted to do was talk to her, and she wouldn’t even give him the time.
As she passed by him once again, trying to get away from him, Kyle grabbed her arm aggressively, and started to pull her towards his car.
“Stop,…. leave me alone!” No matter what, she couldn’t get away from him.
“I just want to talk Liz!” He continued yanking her towards his car.
Tears began to drip from her eyes, as she pleaded with him to let go of her.

He seen him dragging her towards his car with force, and it was at that moment, that Max Evans seriously thought about killing someone. He rushed across the field in their direction…..

He was going to talk to her one way or another. All he wanted was a chance to explain to her why he said all those lie’s about them. Finally reaching his car, he released one hand from around Liz’s waist to open the car door.
As he was about to shove her inside, Kyle was caught off guard by an arm engulfing him from behind, and pulling him down on the ground.
Liz felt someone pull her from his grasp, and push her to the side. She brought her eyes up to focus on who was helping her, but she couldn’t recognize him from the back.
He was on top of Kyle, punching him multiple times in the face.
When she noticed that Kyle couldn’t take anymore, and that he wasn’t a threat, Liz bent down to pull the stranger off of him.
“Stop,…. He’s had enough.” Liz voiced as she pulled the guys arms, trying to make him stop throwing punches.
Max looked back at her, and stopped pounding on Kyle.
“It’s you!” Was all Liz could say.

Max stood, his eyes never leaving hers. “Are you okay?”
She was transfixed on his beautiful eyes. She had known Max Evans, but not enough to the point of knowing how beautiful his eyes were. A place that obviously held all of his emotions. “I am now!” She replied, as she bent down to pick up his jacket. “Here!” handing him his jacket, Max took it from her hands, still holding her gaze.

Standing in complete silence for a few moments, Liz started to feel uncomfortable as the staring match continued.
Clearing her throat, Liz removed her eyes, from his gaze. “I better get going. It’s really late.”
Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Max tried to act causal. “Yeah,…..

As she turned to walk away, Max noticed her stumbling. He instantly pulled her towards him, in an attempt to catch her fall. “Are you okay?”
Feeling very embarrassed. “Yeah,… I think I’ve had to much to drink.”
“Oh!, well then, I’ll walk you home.”
“You don’t have to..-
Max cut her off mid sentence. “I know, But I want to. Besides, it’s late, and you shouldn’t be out here all alone.”
She wasn’t going to object again. She was secretly happy to have him walk her home. And maybe, just maybe, she would find something out about him. Then,… possibly put all those rumors about Max Evans being a mystery to rest. -

His whole body was perspiring, as his eyes hung low and heavy with craving. He shouldn’t be
here, shouldn’t be in her room. Of all nights, of all the times to be alone with the object of his
desire it was now, the one night he had no control over his temptations, over his wants and
fantasies. It was the one night he had no jurisdiction over his self control. She could barley walk
straight, and needed help taking off her heavy sweater. He finally approached her and helped
her with her sweater. She turned her heavy eyes to him, and thanked him. Her words were as
light as a whisper, leaving him even more breathless. “I should go, … you’re safe now that
you’re home.” He needed to make a clean break, he was slowly dying just being in her
presence. He turn to exit through the window,…. “Please Max,…. don’t go!”
Her plea alone made his heart stop. She really didn’t know the hold she had over him, and yet
somehow, she was able to pull him along on a string and have him under her command. She just didn’t know it. “It’s just that Maria was suppose to stay with me, … my parents are away for the night, and I don’t want to be by myself.”
“Oh!” What else was he suppose to say,….’ Yippie!’ He was scared of not only her, but what he would do with her being alone… just the two of them. He could feel his whole body thudding at the mere glimpse of her. And yet he could not deny her request. He had to keep his distance,… in some way.
“Umm,…we could watch a movie or something,…. Please, I just want some company.”
She knew she was asking a lot. Her head just kept spinning, but she felt real good, her buzz was still strong, and she felt no fear at all. Max Evans was a boy she new little of. She knew he would often stare at her, then look away shyly when she would meet his gaze. And tonight maybe,… just maybe she would know a little bit more about him. He was a mystery she was dying to figure out.
“O-Okay! I guess I could just hang out for a little bit.”
“Thanks!” She replied as she started towards the bathroom, and slipped on a shoe laying in this middle of her room.
Max rushed to her side to help her up, but found it hard. Her body was of dead weight, something that often happens when one is intoxicated.
She couldn’t stop laughing, and knew she must look silly. Her head kept spinning, as her laughter broke forth.

This was going to be a long night…..

Every time Max tried to help her stand, she started her laughing again, which made it hard for Max to pull, when he himself laughed every time he heard her. His whole face crinkled up as she smiled brightly.
He noticed how white her teeth were, and how beautiful she was when she laughed. He hadn’t seen her smile much, let alone laugh like she was. It touched him so, to see her share this side of herself with him, even if she was acting silly because she had been drinking.
As he tilted his head back in laugher, Max felt a deep twinge arise within him. His laugher quickly turned to seriousness, as the all to familiar feeling was starting to take it’s toll on his body. He tried to pull on his strength for self control, and yet it was failing him quickly.
He talked down to Liz, getting her attention. “Liz, … Umm, I really need to get home.”
She stopped laughing, when she heard his words. “Oh, o-okay. Could you please help me up.”
“Sure.” He pulled her up off of the floor, using most of his strength, But as she used her legs for leverage, The force of her coming off of the floor, sent her flinging right into his arms. The two fell back from the force, and landed on her bed.
Liz was suddenly sprawled out on top of him, panting heavily near his lips.
“Liz” Her named made it’s way off of his lips in a moan.
“Yeah.” She whispered softly, leaning closer to his mouth. He remained silent, as he brought his lips up to join hers.
He couldn’t help it, couldn’t fight it. And to be honest, in the heat of the moment, he just didn’t care. She relaxed herself in his embrace, as she looped her arms around his neck.
The moment his tongue was granted access to her mouth, his hands started to roam her body. And he knew that things were never going to be the same again…

She knew she was playing with fire. Max Evans was a boy she hardly knew. Someone she didn’t know at all. She knew of him, but that was about it. She had heard how he avoided all the girls who ever tried to get remotely close to him. Never taking their calls when they tried to call him, and always walking in the opposite direction when they ever tried to approach him. He was known as ‘unapproachable.’ Leaving many girls only to want him all the more. But Liz never bought into that. She always looked at it,..
‘Hey, if the boy wants to be left alone,….. then leave him alone.’ But to most of the girls, they choose to see this as a challenge.

He was becoming impatient with his hands. Wanting so much to explore her body. He wanted to see her, wanted to know her in every way. He roamed his hands from her sides to the top of her shirt. “Please.” He moaned, wanting so much more of her.

She shook her head in response to his plea, granting him permission to undress her. He slowly unbuttoned her shirt, leaving him more and more visual contact to her skin. The feel of her was driving him to the edge. Her skin was so soft to his touch, and the moans coming from her mouth as he caressed her skin was edging him further into a frenzy.
The passion that brewed between the two was not taken slowly, but more of a rush to fill the hunger between the two, that could not wait any longer.
She started to tug at his shirt, wanting him to remove it. He held up his hands and broke contact long enough to get his shirt off, then replace his hands back where they were, loving and caressing her body.
Pulling her shirt off of her shoulders and onto the floor, Max felt helpless from the sight in front of him. Her silky skin, her bare chest, only covered by her crème bra.
He wanted to see more…
He continued to kiss her with urgency, as he reached his hands around her back to unhook her bra. Pulling the straps down her shoulder blades, Max pulled back to look at her. Lust clouded his eyes, as he peered intently to her uncovered body.

The look in his eyes was driving her over the edge. The way he wanted her, the way he touched her, made her want him all the more.

He brought his arm around her back, and leaned her back onto the bed. Arching up her back with his arm, Max closed down on her breast, Taking it into his mouth.
He couldn’t help himself,… couldn’t stop himself. He was out of control.

She loved the feel of him and what he was doing to her body. The way she was left wanting more. An experience she had never had. No one had ever left her wanting and needing something so much, as Max Evans. She couldn’t breath, couldn’t think rational. She just wanted him so bad, her self control had died the moment he kissed her.

Her body was becoming his playground, and it left him wanting to explore it more and more. He continued suckling on her breast, as his hands wondered down to the zipper on her jeans. He unzipped her pants, and began tugging them off of her, She lifted her hips to accommodate him
Throwing her jeans to the floor, Max quickly pulled off his jeans, and laid back on top of her. He could feel her wetness through his boxers, and it drove him even wilder, He took her lips once again, then giggled into her mouth as he felt her small hands tug on the elastic of his boxers.
He pulled back and plastered a smile on his face, as he looked her in the eyes, giving her the go ahead to do as she wished.
She pulled herself up on the bed, Kneeling eye to eye with him, as she reached down to remove his boxers.
Her eyes grew wide at the site of him.
“No fair!” He whispered full of emotion.
Confused, with a lump in her throat, She was distracted by his beautiful body. “Hugh?”

He looked down, bringing his eyes up her body,… “Well, I’m completely naked,… and you still have clothes on.” His deep soulful eyes, gave away his desire for her.
She leaned back, resting her arms over her head, as she looked up to him, completely bare, with only a skimpy pair of panties on. “Come here.” She whispered.

His heart stopped beating the moment she whispered to him. The beauty that was penetrating off of her, was an image that would be burned into his mind.
He sprawled down on top of her, taking her mouth with his. The heat between their bodies, was almost agonizing.
He wanted her so bad. All of her.
He drew his fingers down her stomach, then tucked his thumbs into the sides of her panties, pulling them down, …never breaking contact with her mouth. He thrust his tongue even further into her mouth, tasting all of her.

Body to body, flesh to flesh, heat to heat,… There was nothing in their way.
He tangled his hands into her hair, as he tilted her head further back, then proceeded to kiss down her throat. Her soft moan, was music to his ears.
He pulled himself on her, positioning himself to her opening, but first looked down to her, and into her eyes. “You Sure?” He whispered, almost unable to hear.
She took her hands to his hips, and pressed down on him, sliding him into her.
The deep moan finding it’s way out of his throat, was indescribable. The feel of her, was beyond feeling. It was mind blowing….

He moved slowly within her, getting her use to his feel, as he tangled his tongue once again in her mouth.
She couldn’t get enough of the passion he was giving her. His taste alone was setting her over the edge, but the feel of him, inside of her body, was beyond words.
She found it hard to believe that she could attain all of him. Everything about him was perfect. The way he touched her, the way he kissed her, the way he moved inside of her. She gave her body completely to him, not holding back anything.

He was making love to Liz Parker. ‘say again’… He was making love to Liz Parker.
And his body was going into overdrive. He wanted to take his time with her, but he was too far gone. He didn’t want to rush, but he was so excited, so drawn, that he couldn’t stop. He continued his dance in and out of her body, and loving the feel of it. The way she was calling out his name in slow hushed moans was pure heaven to his ears.
He could feel her walls tightening around him, looking down on her, he wanted to remember the way she looked as she let her body be pleasured by his.
Her head was thrown back in pure ecstasy, as she griped on the sides, holding tight to the sheets, till her knuckles turned white. Her mouth kept repeating his name over and over again, until he was thrown completely over the edge.
The sweat that covered their skin glistened from the moonlight peering in through the window
His alieness was stirring and humming inside of him, beckoning him even further.
“Look at me!” He whispered to her. As she looked into his eyes, she felt him emptying himself into her.
He continued to stare into her eyes, blinking as he noticed the tears coming to her ears.
It touched him very deeply to see the effect he had on her.
As he slowed his pace down, then stopping slowly, Max leaned up to kiss her forehead.
He laid down beside her, gathering her into his arms. “Are you okay?” He asked, almost scared to hear the answer.
She shook her head yes, then leaned in for a reaffirming kiss. “Thank you.”
His eyebrows lifting… “For what?”
She wiped her falling tear.. ”For tonight.”
He was speechless, In complete awe of her.
He pulled her down, close to him, kissed her on the top of her head, and began to soothe her hair back from her face.
Silence began to take it’s toll, and he could hear her drifting to sleep. Her steady breathing becoming even. He gently kissed her softly on her still lips. Breathing in a breath of gratefulness, for this night with the only girl he ever wanted.
“Thank you Liz Parker!” He whispered softly, as he allowed his eyes to close, and welcome sleep.


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Parts 3-10

Part 3
Max Evans was slowly coming out of his hazy sluggishness, with a smile covering his
face. He had the best dream ever, He dreamt he and Liz Parker had make the most
beautiful Love, and wished that he didn’t have to wake up from it.
His eyes slowly fluttered open, but squinted quickly from the bright sun shinning in
through the windows. And at that moment, He knew he wasn’t in his bed. He hastily
Opened his eyes once again, as reality was quickly setting in. His eyes traveled down to
the dark brown hair that was covering his chest. His eyes shot up to his surroundings,
as he quickly recalled last night. ‘Liz Parker… Oh God!’ The thoughts were pounding
like a hammer in his heart. He wasn’t dreaming, He had indeed made love to her,
and it was wonderful. No,…It was breathtaking. ‘Oh, this is bad,… this is very bad’
He peered down once again, as she curled herself around his body. Her hair splashing his
Chest, as her arms were wrapped around him. He could see how the white sheet that was wrapped around their naked form, still left a lot of her skin bare for his eyes to roam. Her Creamy olive skin was almost glowing translucent, as her delicate face looked peaceful.
‘Did she remember what they did last night?’ The thoughts were bombarding him like a freight train. ‘She was drunk!’
His world was spinning out of control, and suddenly he realized what he was feeling.
Anger! He was angry. …… Angry, because he was what he was, and that entitled him no happiness. ‘Liz Parker wouldn’t have came within two feet of him, if she knew the truth.’
He felt like he was suffocating, and needed to run….. anywhere!
He gently removed himself from the tangles of her, and quickly pulled on his boxers, followed by the rest of his attire.
He stood over her, peering down onto her delicate features, as tears came to his eyes. He wanted this so bad, wanted her, and everything and anything that had to do with her. And yet, he was denied. By what he was, and how he was different.
His tears started to grow heavier, as he kept feeding to his resentment on who he was. He proceeded towards the window, and stopped short to turn to her one more time.
His eyes couldn’t stop staring, and his heart was soaring high. He had made love to the only person who had ever occupied his thoughts, his fantasies, and his dreams. And this moment would be his only memory of that. It had indeed been real…..

She could feel him move from under her, trying his best not to wake her. Fear raced
through her heart at the mere feel of him against her. 'What had she done?!' Doubt started
clouding her mind, and yet she kept her eyes shut, giving the appearance that she was still
asleep. She wasn't sure of his thoughts at the moment, wither or not he regretted their
love making. And finally, she had to admit it to herself.
That this time, she had gone to far….

Present day...

She turned from her window and walked over to her bed. Sitting down on the edge, Liz slumped over and held her head in her hands. Her tears started to fall once again, and she did nothing to stop them. She turned and laid in a fetal position on her bed as she held a raggedy old doll close to her chest.
She opened her tear streaked eyes, and stared into nothing. Her dazed glare stinging her eyes, Liz felt completely hopeless.

“I came by your window late last night, … You weren’t there.” Michael commented rather harshly. He leaned forward across the table. “Where were you?”
Isabel stood in the corner observing, as she started to bite her nails. Something she only did when she was nervous.
Max eyed the two, and tried to steady his heartbeat. He didn’t know if he should lie or be honest.
Isabel slowly approached him with caution, pulling out a chair to sit next to him. She gently placed her hands on his, and spoke with high emotion. “Max,… Please!”
His eyes turned downcast.
“Oh my God!” Michael had a bad feeling. “What did you do Maxwell?” His voice raising higher and higher.
“You didn’t…… didn’t..” Isabel couldn’t form a coherent sentence. As she studied her brothers eyes,… those eyes that betrayed him every time…. “Oh God….” She lifted her hand to her mouth in shock.
“What did you do Maxwell.” His voice shouting at him like he was a child.
“Michael,.. calm down!” Max pleaded.
Michael sat down, as he remained focused on Max’s face, the both of them eyeing the other with caution, with Isabel on the verge of tears. “We need to know what you did Max! It’s our lives at stake also… remember!”

His eyes turned guilty, … “I messed up!”
Isabel’s tears finally exploded as Michael dropped his head down and buried it with his hands.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t plan on-

Michael cut him off. “Who was it!?!”
Max remained silent.
Michael exploded as he slammed his fist down on the table with such force.
“WHO WAS IT!?!” Isabel grew scared at the authority in his voice, something none of them had heard before.

Max turned his eyes to Michael with conviction in them. “Liz Parker.”

“Liz Parker,…… You slept with Liz Parker!…. God Max, what were you thinking? We got to leave, we can’t stay here.”
“Calm down Isabel! We don’t have to go anywhere.” Max was trying to assure his sister.
“What makes you so sure,… I mean, You had sex with the girl, I’m sure she has some idea that your not normal.” Michael blurted with such harshness.

“She was drunk.” He hadn’t meant for it to come out that way.
“You took advantage of her?” Isabel piped in with wide eyes.
Max threw his hands up in defense,…. “Trust me… It was nothing like that. I would never do that.”

“So Your saying she may not remember.” Michael started to calm down (a little)
Shaking his head,.. “That’s what I’m saying…. Yes!”
“How’d this happen Max?” Isabel asked.
“Uhh, well,…. You see, when a boy and a girl-

“Shut Up !… You know what I mean!” She was growing angry right along with Michael.
He let out a loud sigh,… “I was on my way to Michael’s, I just couldn’t stand the site of my room any longer. I thought I could just go straight to Michael’s and not run into any trouble.”

“Well you did…” Michael cut in, then looked to Isabel and seen her annoyed look at him for disturbing Max while he explained. “Continue.. ”

“Anyway… I was cutting through the Park, since it is the quickest way to your house, and that’s when I seen her. She was so drunk, and she was trying to push Kyle Valenti off of her. He was trying to make her go with him against her will, and she was trying to get away from him.”

“And that’s where you,… I mean Lover boy stepped in?” Michael was throwing every shot he could at Max. He had pissed him off royally.

“I couldn’t just let him do that to her Michael.”

“It was none of your business Max!”

The shouting started up once again… Isabel stood from her seat, and put up both of her arms to keep the two apart.. ”Calm down.. NOW! Look, what’s done is done.” Isabel turned to Max with seriousness… “Max, You have to stay away from her.”

“Isabel, I can’t just---
Max tried to plead his case.
“Do you want us to get caught?”
“No!.. But-

“Max, …I’m sorry!… I know that you like her, but it’s not safe. Not for you- “ Isabel looked to Michael then back to Max.. ”And not for us! You’re putting our lives at risk too. You have to end this!”
Michael was shaking his head in agreement with what Isabel had said. “Stay away from her Max!”

“How can I just stay away from her after what we did.”

“That’s not our problem!” Michael stated as he picked up his jacket and walked to the back door. “Ignore her if you have to,… Hurt her feelings,… I don’t care! Just stay away from her.”
He left, slamming the door behind him.


Part 4

She slowly climbed out of bed, not wanting to face the day. She was holding her throbbing head with her hand, as she held the white sheet tightly around her naked body. She draped her head down, causing her hair to cascade down and around her face, hiding her sadden features. She could still feel his hands burning into her skin, kissing her everywhere.

She had no idea what to except from him come Monday morning. She even contemplated acting like it never happened, using that she was drunk as an excuse, But she knew deep down, she didn’t have the guts to do it. She wanted something from him, his affection, his love, his heart. Anything. She would take anything he was willing to give her. ..

Max had been dreading this morning for the past two days. It was Monday, and that meant the weekend was over, and it was time to go back to school. Correction! Time to face Liz Parker, and act like nothing ever happened. It was physically impossible to do that, .. So, Max, knew that the only way to stay away from her, was to make sure he didn’t run into her. And that would be fine, except fifth period. Biology. He had the same Biology class as Liz Parker. Granted he sat at the back of the class, and she sat at the front, But, that just didn’t make it any easier.

Picking up his back pack, Max Evans started making his way out to his jeep, with Isabel in tow. He felt her staring at him, ever since he came down stairs. He knew she was worried about him, or maybe worried that he would make contact somehow with Liz. Either way, it was annoying the hell out of him. “Stop it Isabel!”

Looking to her brother with wide eyes. “I’m just worried about you.” Her voice growing with emotion.
“I know,… but don’t be.”
The ride to school was silent, as Max parked the jeep, and him and Isabel joined a waiting Michael out front of the school.
He could feel his heart racing, and even started contemplating going back home, and playing sick. “What brings you to school today, Michael!” Max voiced only to get a dirty look from Michael.
“Remember what we discussed.” Michael reminded Max as he stared him down.

“Not now, Michael!” He wasn’t really in the mood for him today.

After his second period ended, Max started to feel a little relaxed. He hadn’t run into Liz at all today, and started to form a plan on how to get out of fifth period Biology.
Grabbing his English Book, Max shut his locker, and headed down the hall. As he turned the corner, his eyes locked with an approaching Liz from the opposite direction.
He started to back track slowly, cursing his feet for not moving faster. His eyes were glued to her face, and he knew that once she lifted her head, she would see him.
Thoughts started to swarm around in his mind, as he continued to walk backwards very slowly.
Michael stood to the side, watching the event unfold from a distance. He was curious to see exactly what Max was going to do. He could tell that Max was trying to flee away, but was having a hard time removing his eyes from her face. ‘He’s worse off then I expected.’ Michael mumbled to himself.

Walking up the hall, while trying to organize her History notes, Liz was in a hurry to her next class. As she rounded the corner, she felt goose bumps rising on her arms, and down the back of her neck. She had the weird sensation that someone was watching her. Lifting her head to observe her surroundings, Liz was caught off guard by the intense stare of Max Evans standing at the end of the hall.
Her heart started racing, as her face grew hot. She hurried up her pace to catch up to him, Hoping that they could talk. She stopped dead in her tracks, when she noticed him turning from her, and quickly walking in the opposite direction.
She felt tears sting her eyes, with the growing sensation to vomit intensifying in her stomach.
She turned and backtracked into the girls bathroom. Running into the nearest stall, she locked herself in and finally let the tears fall.

He didn’t look back, just kept walking; and walking till he found himself in the parking lot of the school. He bent down on the ground, and let out a thunderous roar. His face turned blood red from resentment, as tears streamed down his face. He couldn’t control his unleashed anger, and knew he couldn’t go back into the school, so he picked himself up off of the ground, and headed home.

He walked passed his Mother standing in the hallway and didn’t even acknowledge her.
“Max!… What’s going on?” She was in shock to see her son walking into the house with the way he looked, when he was suppose to be at school.
“Not Now!” Never meeting her focus, Max continued up the stairs and towards his bedroom.
She grew worried at his tone, knowing something was very wrong. Max had never acted the way he was acting in all the time she cared for him. She debated weather or not to follow him up the stairs or give him some space.
Finally settling on the later, Diane Evans returned to the kitchen to finished reviewing the work she had brought home to do. She would give him his space, but would defiently have a talk with him later.

He locked the door behind him, threw his back pack across the room, then slammed himself onto his bed with force. He ran his fingers threw his hair, pulling on it, hoping to feel some amount of pain, that could relinquish his hurt at walking away and avoiding Liz. He grunted out his moans of pain, making his face boil with redness once again, grief stricken at the amount of pain crashing over him in waves.
He was growing to hate himself more and more everyday. The thought of what he was putting Liz through tore at his heart, and he wanted to die for the pain the both of them were enduring.
He balled up his fists tightly, cutting off the circulation in his fingers. His teeth grinding together, signs of his fury and a feeling he hated to feel. But this anger was out of control. It was going to far, and he couldn’t control it, or suppress it. He stood from his bed, and went into the bathroom. Opening up the medicine cabinet, Max opened a bottle of Aspirin, that caused drowsiness. He needed to sleep,- anything,… just as long as he wasn’t awake to feel pain. He popped three aspirin into his mouth, and cupped water from the faucet to his lips with his hand. Turning off the light, and going back into his room, Max used his powers to lock his door securely so Isabel couldn’t get in. He needed to be alone, and seeing Isabel or Michael would only remind him why it was he hated himself so much.

She curled herself into a fetus position, wrapping her arms around her knees tightly. She couldn’t stop crying and couldn’t remember ever hurting as bad as she was ever in her life.
His rejection had tore a hole in her heart, and she blamed herself for it. She kept replaying over and over in her mind what had happened between the two, and what they shared. It had meant so much to her, and it was beyond painful to realize, that it hadn’t meant a single thing to him.
The one night that made her feel so alive, was killing her. She kept replaying over and over in her mind what she could do to get over him, and move on, But only leading back to the fact that she wanted something she couldn’t have so badly.
She started blaming herself, thinking she must not be pretty enough for him, or maybe not smart enough. She rolled over on her bed, staring up at the ceiling as her tears once again fell from her eyes.


Part 5

She turned to face the light streaming in threw the windows, as she pulled the blankets closer to her chest; losing herself in her thoughts of earlier in the week.
It had been two weeks of ignoring and avoiding each other, when Liz Parker finally realized she couldn’t take anymore. She built up her nerve, and picked up the phone. Her chest was pounding, and her heart felt like it was about to rip out of her chest. ‘What am I doing?’ She asked herself, as she was about to slam the phone down, only to be greeted by a woman on the other end.
“Hello?” Ms. Evans answered.
She had to ask for him now, and she would soon regret her leap of faith, in trying to clear up the tension between her and Max.
After hanging up the phone, Liz fell back onto her bed and cried. Ms. Evans told her that Max couldn’t come to the phone, and that it wasn’t a good idea to call past 9:00PM.
She knew it was Max’s doing. Maria never called her ‘ears’ for nothing. She heard Max whispering to his mother in the background, coaching her on what to say.

She couldn’t take much more rejection, knowing that her feelings for Max were betraying her, and reaching out to him, even though her mind was telling her not to. She couldn’t trust herself with these feelings. For the past two weeks, depression was overtaking her, causing her frequent breakdowns, and uncontrollable crying. She managed to hide her emotional state, but lately, Maria started asking questions.
She quickly wiped her tears away with the palm of her hand, as she slowly started to pull herself away from her bed. It would be so easy just to stay wrapped up in the sheets, and never leave your comfort zone to face the day, But Liz knew that she had to start living again, and get on with her life. Two weeks was long enough to mope and cry over a guy, but things needed to change. She could feel her sadness and depression start changing to anger, and it helped in some way. She remembered back to all the wise things her Grandma Claudia use to say to her. She never understood why she would say such things to a nine year old girl, but the more she reminisce on the wise sayings of her dead grandmother, that’s when she felt the comfort come. - ‘Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself.’ - She smiled to herself, reflecting back on old memories. At the time, she never understood her grandmothers words of wisdom, but now, ….. Well, now was a different story. She needed to look out for herself. If Max Evans didn’t want her, then she needed to deal with it. She tried all she could for him, even putting her own pride on the line to call him, after he avoided her everyday. She swallowed her pride, and still lost, and now she needed to deal with it and move on.

“Liz, I’m worried about you.” Maria eyed up her best friend as they pulled in the school parking lot.
“Maria, please,….. I’m fine.” She avoided looking into her eyes. Maria always had Liz radar, and knew when she was lying.
“I know that you like to deal with things alone,… But I only worry because I care so much. I want to help Liz.” She could see that Maria put off her questioning as long as she could, and now she was seriously worried. Liz just stared at her best friend, battling in her mind weather or not to open her can of worms. It was much easier to just sweep it under the rug for Liz, but it didn't work that way for Maria. She dealt with her problem’s head on, and Liz loved that about her friend. A quality she wished she possessed.
“Liz,…. I know I can help with this. I may not be able to fix your problem, but I can offer some comfort, and a shoulder to lean on.”
Liz felt her tears pool in her eyes from Maria’s touching words. “It hurts so bad Maria.”
“Come here!” She pulled Liz to her, and hugged her tightly. She knew something major was going on in Liz’s life, having never seen her friend so emotional. “What happened Lizzy?” She didn’t want to pressure her friend, but opening up was the first step to recovery.
Crowds of people started looking in through Maria’s car window, as they made their way to the doors of Roswell High. Maria could feel Liz’s uneasiness, so she started her car back up, and pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the road. “Maria, what are you doing?” Liz questioned stunned by Maria’s behavior.
She looked to her friend, and smiled,… “No School today. Let’s get some ice cream.”
Liz started to Laugh as the tears that pooled in her eyes finally fell down her cheeks.

“You had sex with Max Evans two weeks ago!!” Maria was shocked,.. stunned,… couldn’t believe what her friend was telling her.
Setting her cup of ice cream down, Liz looked around making sure no one heard Maria’s out burst. “Keep it down Maria!”
“oh,… Sorry!” Covering her mouth with her hand, Maria just stared at Liz wide eyed, continuing to listen to Liz’s story.

“I can’t believe he’s treating you like this.”
“Maria, please, calm down.”
“No Liz,…. I’m going tell him what I think!” She stood from her chair, ready to leave.
Liz grabbed a hold of her arm. “This is why I didn’t want to tell you Maria!”
Maria sat back down, and looked in Liz’s eyes. “It’s my fault.”
“It’s my fault! I should’ve never stayed over Alex’s house.”
“Maria, you were drunk.”
Maria reached out for Liz’s hand, and held it. “That was my fault to. I talked you into going to the club. If I never did that, none of this would’ve happened.”
Liz could see the wetness forming in Maria’s eyes.
“Maria,… Stop! None of this was your fault. What I did with Max, was my choice. Yeah, maybe I wasn’t thinking clearly, but I wanted him.”
Her boldness earned her a sly grin from Maria. “You wanted him! Well Elizabeth Parker, I didn’t think you had it in you.”
“This,… this-“ She waved her hand in the air,.. “This side of you, is something that I’ve never seen. I’ve never heard you talk about wanting a guy like this.”
Liz’s face turned downcast. “I’ve never felt this way before-“ She paused for a moment, then continued. Pulling her face up, and locking eyes with Maria. “And that’s what scares me.”
“Your scared?” The moment turned serious again.
“I’ve always been in control of my feelings.”
“And now you’re not?” Maria finished her sentence with sad eyes.
Liz shook her head in confirmation, her emotions running high made it hard to talk.
Maria sat up straight. “What can I do?” She wanted to help, and knew her way of helping wasn’t Liz’s way.
Liz thought for a moment. “I need you to not mention his name. To help me keep my mind on other things.”
Maria gave her a look, but Liz continued. “You know, …. ‘Out of site, out of mind.’”
“You really think that’s going to work?” Maria asked with a raised eyebrow.
“No,…. But it’s the only thing I can do right now, without breaking down, And I don’t want you talking to him Maria. He’s avoiding me, so I’m going to give him what he wants.”
“And,… what’s that?”
“I’m going to stay away from him, and I need your help to do it.”
“What can I do?” Maria still didn’t understand her part in all this.
“Get me back to normal!” It was more of a plea, then a request.
“It’s deep isn’t it?” Referring to her hurt, Maria needed to know what she was dealing with.
“Deeper!” Liz replied with serious eyes.

“Has she called you again lately?” Michael asked Max, as he put his books into his locker, and retrieved his Biology book.
“No, she hasn’t.” Max replied with disgust, giving Michael a dirty look.
“Lose the attitude Max.”
“Shut up Michael. I don’t need this right now.”
“Relax, Biology won’t be that bad.”
“What do you mean?” Max asked squaring his eyes into Michael’s.
“I mean, she’s not here today.”
“How do you know?”
“I seen her and that friend of hers Maria, I think her name is, that drives that Jetta.”
Max started waving his hand in the air, gesturing him to get to the point.
“Anyway, they were in the parking lot this morning, and it looked like they were in a deep discussion, and then all the sudden, Maria,… that girl,- pulled out of the parking lot, and left.”
Max felt his heart clenched, at the sound of Liz’s situation. “Well, what was wrong? Did it look like Liz was upset?”
Michael patted him on the shoulder, and started to walk away. “Get to class Max, you’ll be late.”
“Dam it Michael.” Max uttered, pulling him back by the arm. “Just tell me!”
Michael was caught off guard by Max’s reaction, and stared at his friend. “You need to get over her man. This isn’t healthy.”
“Healthy!.. Healthy! Your going to tell me this isn’t healthy! No shit Michael! I hate this as much as you do. Having feelings for someone that can’t be controlled. So please,.. for once,… could you consider my feelings, instead of your own.”
Walking away from a wide eyed, stunned Michael, Max punched a locker out of anger before turning down the hallway, towards his Biology class.


Part 6

Liz looked over at Maria, laughing to herself, as she tried to remember a song on the radio, singing it to herself. Sometimes she could just sit and watch Maria do her everyday things, and just laugh. She was a true comedian and everything she did made her smile. Reflecting back on one of her Grandmothers wise sayings- ‘Your companions are like the buttons on an elevator. They will either take you up or they will take you down.’ - And Liz knew that Maria definitely took her up. Just being in her company lightened the mood.

“My mother is seriously starting to scare me!” Maria voiced breaking the song she was singing.
Laughing out loud, Liz turned to look at her friend. “Why you say that?”
Waving her hand in the air, while the other hand stayed firmly on the steering wheel, “She’s really starting to get serious with the sheriff. It’s making me sick.”
Liz laughed harder. “Just think Maria, If by some chance you would ever get arrested, you could always call your new father. I’m sure he would have some connections.”
“Ha - Ha! Very funny Liz.”
Liz continued laughing as she looked out the window. Stopping at a red light, Maria looked in her rear view mirror. “Oh great!”
“What?” Liz asked.
“Uhhh, nothing!”
“What Maria?”
Maria turned to look at Liz, then looked back into her rear view mirror.
“Who’s behind us?”
Turning to look at her friend again. “You told me not to bring him up.”
Liz closed her eyes, and turned her face downcast.
A slight smile covered Maria’s face as an idea ran through her mind.

At the sound of a horn blowing behind them, Liz opened her eyes, and noticed that the light was green, but Maria wasn’t moving. Instead she was looking in the mirror fixing her makeup.
“Uh, Maria!” Liz spoke only to be cut off.
“This dam eyeliner. It always smears.”
Liz moved her eyes to look out the side mirror, and noticed that Michael Guerin was bending over Max, pounding on the horn. She couldn’t help smiling, as she noticed Max looking around ,embarrassed.
As the light turned Yellow, Maria peeled wheels, and went through the light, leaving an angry Michael, and embarrassed Max to sit through another red light.

She couldn’t stop laughing as she drove up the street, holding her stomach with one hand as the other gripped the steering wheel.
Shaking her head at Maria, Liz had to admit, the stunt she pulled was amusing.
“Girl, he looked pissed.” Maria muttered still laughing.
Liz just continued shaking her head. “Trouble maker.”
Her eyes grew wide, as she turned to Liz. “ME!… trouble maker. Please! Michael Guerin needs to lighten up. He walks around like he has a pole stuck up his ass.”
Turning her laughter into a sly smile, Liz nodded her head in agreement.


For the first time in almost three weeks, he didn’t avoid her stare. After hearing Mrs. Miller’s request of her assistance, Liz couldn’t help but look in his direction.
“Liz? Did you hear me?” Mrs. Miller asked for the second time.
Swallowing the lump in her throat she reverted her eyes from Max, back to her teacher.
“Yes, Mrs. Miller, I heard you!” Thinking for a moment before she spoke, Liz didn’t miss the worried look in Max’s eyes, and it left her dumbfounded.
“I just assumed you could take Kyle’s work home to him. I was always under the impression that the two of you were close friends. If it’s a problem, I could send his school work home with another student.”
“That won’t be necessary Mrs. Miller, I can do it!” She answered quickly, noticing Max;s eyes growing wide out of the corner of her vision.
“Wonderful, just stick around after class, and I’ll give you his assignments.”

She had hardly noticed that Kyle hadn’t been in school, since the confrontation between him and Max almost three weeks ago. She hadn’t seen or talked to Kyle, and knew that taking his school work home to him, would set the atmosphere for her to apologize for what happened. Even though Liz didn’t like the way Kyle had always bugged her about their relationship that had went soar, she never felt threatened at all by him. He had just become a nuisance to her, plucking her last nerve.
She turned her attention downcast to focus on the lesson being learned in class, when the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She tilted her head up and turned it in his direction, only to see Max still staring at her. His features turned to agitation, when he heard her agree to take Kyle’s school work home to him.
He hated the tension between them, and wished that they weren’t in the predicament they were in. He wanted to love Liz Parker publicly without any obstacles, but it wasn’t possible. He was different, weather he liked it or not, and it was something he had to live with. A pain that plagued him daily, taking away the things he wanted most in life. But it wasn’t just him it affected. It affected his sister and best friend as well, and he didn’t have the right to choose things for himself that would cast a life changing effect on their lives as well. He had to suck it up, and live with it. Liz Parker would always be that hole that hurt his heart, tasting briefing what it would be like to have her, but not being able to keep her.

Still, ..the thought of Liz around Kyle sickened him, and he had to make sure she was safe at all costs. He would watch over her secretly if it came to it….


Part 7

“Are you out of your mind?” Maria asked as she sat beside her at the lunch table.
“Keep your voice down!” Looking around at her surroundings, Liz moved closer to Maria, trying to keep their conversation as private as possible.
“It’s not that big of a deal.”

“Look Liz, I know your trying to get over Lover boy, but…’Kyle’..-“ Voicing his name in a distasteful way, Maria clearly showed her feelings.

“It’s complicated,.. Okay!”

“No doubt Liz. But come on!” Leaning in closer towards Liz, Maria looked her square in the eyes. “Why are you really doing this?” Flexing her eyebrows, Maria wanted the truth.
“Are you trying to make Max jealous?”
Liz laughed a little to loudly, leaving Maria smiling.
“NO, … that’s not it at all.”
“What ever Liz!”
“Seriously Maria. Kyle and I,… were,…. “ Maria eyed in on her. “Your what?”
“Were friends. Okay!”
Wrinkling her eyebrows, “Since When?”
Picking up her books, and standing to her feet, “We always have been Maria!”
Liz walked away, leaving Maria smiling wide… “Yeah right.” Shaking her head to her friends newly scheming ways,….. ‘your going about it all wrong.’ Maria voiced to herself, following in the same direction as Liz.


Rejection was an emotion she couldn’t handle much more of, and in spite of her previous dealings with Kyle Valenti, Liz knew Kyle would never make her feel rejected.
She silently encouraged herself to do what she came here to do, and finally she lifted her hand to knock on his door.

The door opened slowly, and Kyle’s eyes grew wide at the sight he saw. Liz Parker was the last person he thought he’d see today, and here she was in all her sunshine glory.
“Liz?” he spoke hesitantly, Not sure what to make of her appearance.
She lifted her head slowly to greet him, as she noticed a slightly faded bruise that occupied his left eye. Changing her demeanor, Liz winced at his face, as she noticed all the markings left from Max’s punches.
“Kyle..” She whispered as she brought her hand up to touch his face, only to have it pushed away . “Please don’t touch me.” He looked around at his surroundings, then back at her face. “Who knows what Max Evans will do to me if he finds out.” His sarcasm piercing.
She tilted her head to the side, and narrowed her eyes pleadingly, ..”Kyle…”
“Liz, what are you doing here?” Kyle got back to the point again.
Clearing her throat, Liz reached into her book bag to retrieve his homework. “I brought you your school work.” Handing him his books, Kyle took them, and started to close the door.
…”Kyle .. Please!”
It wasn’t the plea lingering in her request,.. but the brokeness pouring from her voice that gripped his heart.
He opened the door the remainder of the way, and peered into her downcast eyes.
For so long she held his heart in the palm of her hand, treating it the way she wanted, as he continually followed her around like a little lost puppy. He always wished she loved him, the way he loved her, but hated himself for always turning their relationship into something it wasn’t. Something it could never be. Forcing things upon her, making up stories to brag about to his friends, all for reasons that contradicted his actions.
He had never seen Liz Parker so crushed before in his life, and knew that now wasn’t the time to be playing his games. “Liz,….. What’s wrong?”
She place the back of her hand to her lips as if forcing her sobs to stay inside.
“Liz!” Kyle softly spoke her name again, as he pulled her inside his house gently.
She stood still, her arms surrounding her small frame, as her head hung low.
Her eyes carried a depth that was new to Kyle, something that had recently happened to her, that he had no knowledge of. “Liz,… D- Did…I do something to..”
She shook her head quickly, cutting off his notation that he was to blame for her sadness.
“No!” Her simple reply was all she could get past the forming lump in her throat.
Kyle gently encased his hand around hers, and led her to the couch in his living room.
“Here,.. sit down, I’ll go get you something to drink.” He quickly went to the kitchen to fetch her some water, giving her some time to calm down.

“Here!” Handing her a glass of water, Liz thanked him with a small smile, then brought it to her lips to taste. “Thanks!”
“Liz!….. What’s wrong?”
Setting her glass of water down on the coffee table, Liz turned to look at Kyle. “A lot of things. Everything.”
Lifting his eyebrows to show his confusion, .. “You don’t want to talk about it, do you?”
She displayed a small smile for him,… “You can still read me like a book.” Changing her features to show her seriousness,… “I just really need a friend right now Kyle.”
“No problem!” His gentleness evident in his mannerisms.

“Really,.. because-
Kyle lifted up his hand to stop her from finishing her sentence,.. “Liz,… Liz,… Please, .. you don’t have to worry about my pursuing. I’m done!!! That’s it!! Message received loud and clear.” He focused his eyes on hers to show his honesty,.. “I’m over trying to be your boyfriend. …. I wanna be your friend.”
“Thanks Kyle.” She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him . “Thank you!”

“Dam!” Max pounded his fist against his steering wheel for the third time. He could clearly see that she wasn’t at work yet, as he peered in through the full front windows of the Crashdown Café. He wondered if she was still over Kyle’s house. The thought of it made him sick to his stomach, and filled him with jealousy. He turned down the block and headed back towards Kyle’s house again. He made up his mind. If she was still in his house, he was going in to get her.


Part 8

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that it literally consumed your senses, controlled your thinking patterns, and caused insane insomnia? Max Evans was passed the point of rational thinking. He was being denied the one thing he wanted most in the world. Liz Parker! He’d give anything to trade places with a normal guy, just so he could love a normal girl, ..freely. And yet, he lived with the terrible knowledge of what he was, was the reason he couldn’t be with whom he wanted. Life was that cruel for him, and Isabel and Michael reminded him of that everyday of his life.

He rounded the corner of Kyle’s street, and pulled his jeep to a stop a couple of houses down from his house. It kept him out of sight, yet gave him full view of the house in question. He wondered what was going on behind the closed door, and curse himself for his position in life yet again..

Liz Parker absent mindedly rubbed her stomach as the familiar flutter feeling started to dance across her belly, “ugh..”
“What’s wrong?” Kyle asked as he closed his biology book.
“I guess I’m just hungry. But nothing seems to taste right.”
Kyle looked at her with curious eyes.
“I know, that sounds weird, but it’s true.” She smiled to him, as she tucked her hair behind her ears.
“Not even some of Amy’s famous peach cobbler?” Kyle asked as he wrinkled his eyebrows.
“You have some of Amy’s peach cobbler here?!?” Her voice giving away that it was her favorite. But it was only Amy’s pies that tasted the best.
Kyle stood from his seat and walked to the kitchen, talking all the while,.. ”You know how close Amy and my dad have been lately,.. right?”

Liz let out a giggle. “I hear it all from Maria. She’s really stressing over it.” unfolding her hands from her stomach, Liz stood from the chair, and walked over towards the window. The sun was shining in, and Liz closed her eyes and marveled at the feeling of the sunshine dancing across her face. Such a simple feeling to endure, Liz breathed in the warm feeling that captured her skin. Kyle stood from the kitchens entrance with a plate that occupied the piece of pie, and watched her graceful movements. He knew when Liz had serious issues on her mind, and by the way her eyes glistened in the rays of light streaming through the window, Kyle knew that she was keeping whatever pain she had bottled up tightly.
Clearing his throat, Liz opened her eyes and turned towards Kyle, her eyes growing wide at the sight of her most favorite pie. “Thanks Kyle!”
“No problem.” He handed her the plate along with a fork, and sat down at the table with her. She wasted no time plowing the fork into the golden crust and shoving it into her mouth. Bringing the fork back out of her mouth, Liz’s face crinkled up at the taste of the pie. “Even this tastes different to me.” She voiced as she set the fork down, slumping back into her chair.
“What!!! Different!!! I just had a piece before you got here, and it tastes exactly the same.” Kyle looked confused.
She shook her head, not able to understand her taste buds. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m practically starving to death, and can’t eat, because nothing tastes right.”
“Maybe it’s your nerves, or stress Liz. I mean, you don’t look too good.”
Liz gave him evil eyes, in reference to his comment. Kyle threw up his hands, “I just mean, you can tell you haven’t slept from the circles around your eyes, not to mention how you keep spacing out.”
“Spacing out?” She questioned.
“You just seem like you’re in a different world. “ Kyle started to grow more and more concerned.

She sighed, as she rubbed her hands in a circular motion on her eye lids. “What time is it?”
Kyle looked at his wrist, reading the time from his watch. “4:30, why?”
She yawned and scooted her chair out from the table. “I have to go, my shift starts at 5:00.”
“Your going to work?” He asked in a high voice.
“Yeah… why?”
“You need to go home and get some sleep Liz. It’ll do ya some good.”

She formed a smile with tight lips, as she piled her books into her book bag. “I wish, But I really need the money. Saving up for a car.”
“What ever,.. Just make sure you take it easy.”
She smiled brightly for him. “Thanks Kyle!”
“For what?”
“For caring. I just really need to feel that feeling right now.”
“I’m here for you Liz. … A friend!”
She continued displaying her smile, before voicing her goodbye and exiting through his front door.

She sighed pulling her book bag tighter upon her shoulders, and headed down the street towards the Crashdown.

Her retreating form grasped his heart, as he started up his engine, and eased out of the parking spot. He knew she didn’t notice him, and wished more then anything that he had the nerve to approach her. This was crazy, not even three weeks ago, his hands were roaming her bare flesh, touching her the way he pleased, and now he was petrified to even approach her. Didn’t have the guts to face her after the way he avoided her, and more then anything he didn’t want her to hate him. He quietly eased down the street, and onto the highway without her even noticing.

Liz Parker was dazed in her own world, not giving any acknowledgement to the world around her. Walls were being built around her heart, and a lesson roaming in her mind, that she was the only one who was going to look out for her. …Herself! The only person she could count on, -was herself. Not that she couldn’t depend on her friends, or her parents, but the feelings that she was experiencing was something that would stay with her for a long time. Pain was never so torturous for Liz Parker, and her grief never felt so lonely.


Part 9

“I can’t take this anymore!” Maria voiced as she formed her hand into a tight fist.
“What’s wrong Maria?” Liz walked over towards her friend to see what she was looking at.
“Michael Guerin, that’s who!” Maria voiced his name with venom, as she started to clean off the table that Michael had occupied just moments ago. Liz peered over her shoulder and seen what had gotten her friend so worked up. ‘When I order my food, I expect it to be hot, …no tip today!’ .. was written out on a napkin.
“He’s just a jerk Maria, don’t pay him any mind.” Liz rubbed her tired eyes and stifled her yawn.
“Ugh,… Pee-u,… Here Liz ,.. Take this for me, Please.” Maria handed Liz, Michael’s left over scrapes of fries and a piece of hamburger bun, drench in Tabasco sauce. ”He’s got some major issues with eating…. Tabasco sauce, that’s just sick.”
Maria continued to hold her nose as she handed the plate to Liz. The smell of the Tabasco lifted her eyes, and opened her nostrils. Her stomach started to growl again, and the urge to taste the Tabasco was intensifying. She quickly made her way into the back kitchen, as Maria continued to clean up the mess and close up for the night.
Liz set the plate down, and continued to eye the drenched french-fries soaked in Tabasco from a distance. The thoughts of confusion roaming her mind, as she continually questioned herself of what was happening to her. Her stomach growled again, and Liz dashed towards the plate, and dipped her finger into the Tabasco and brought it to her mouth to taste. Her eyes lit up in shock when she tasted the spicy sauce. She quickly went to the large refrigerator and took out some fresh strawberries, and a new bottle of Tabasco off of the shelf. She poured the strawberries into a large bowl, then turned the bottle of Tabasco upside down and poured the contents of the sauce over the strawberries. She licked her lips in satisfaction of the aroma, and picked the strawberries up by her hand, to eat. Her eyes closed in triumph as she indulged on the strawberries dripping with the red sauce. “Finally, something tastes right!” She smiled to herself as she continued to pile the fruit into her mouth.

After Maria and Liz finished closing up the café, Liz Locked the doors behind Maria, and went back into the Kitchen. Taking two bottles of the Tabasco sauce off the shelf, and picking up the bag of food she quickly made for herself, Liz retreated off up the steps to her bedroom.

Closing and locking her bedroom door behind her, Liz quickly sat down on her floor, and unfolded the crisp white bag of food. The aroma of the french-fries and Cheese burger didn’t smell so tempting until she nearly emptied a bottle of Tabasco all over it.
She brought the burger to her mouth and bit down, swallowing the gooey sauce along with it. She couldn’t believe how much better the food tasted with the Tabasco. And even though she couldn’t understand the strange things happening to her and her taste buds, Liz simply couldn’t hold off any longer on divulging on her new food kick. Feeding her cravings and feeling her strength coming back as the food entered into her system.

“I tell you Liz, -“ Maria voiced as she pulled away from the café after picking Liz up. “I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do once we graduate.”

“That bad huh?” Liz peered towards Maria with sympathy.

“She’s never home Liz,… We got into another argument this morning. She told me her and the sheriff are talking about Marriage.”

“What?!?” Liz replied in shock. She never knew that Amy and Sheriff Valenti were that close. She knew they were dating but Marriage!

“Yeah, … tell me about it. I have a feeling she’s going to be moving into his house sooner then I think. And where’s that leave me Liz,.. huh?” Maria was clearly thinking out loud, as she continued to lay her problems out to Liz. “I mean, there’s absolutely no room for me and my stuff at the Valenti’s house. Not to mention Kyle!!.. I will not live under the same roof as that doofus!”

“Maria!” Liz voiced with a high pitch, covering her mouth with her hand to stifle her laugh.
“I mean it Liz! I can’t take this relationship between them. She’s never home anymore, we never talk.” Maria continued as she pulled into Roswell High’s parking lot.

“I thought you hated the mother daughter talks between the two of you. You always said that she needed to know a little too much information about your life, and it drove you crazy.”
“Well,.. yeah it does,.. but-“

“But, what?” Liz asked with a perched eyebrow.
Maria turned towards Liz with seriousness. “Where does this leave me? I mean, there’s no way I can live with the Valenti’s, Liz!”

“Well, what about just staying where your at.”

“What do you mean?” Maria asked curiously.

“Your mom has that house paid off Maria, Graduation is in less then a mouth, and you’ll be able to work longer hours.”

Waving her head in confusion…”And”

“And, maybe you can keep the place and make it yours. You know, live on your own. You know you love your freedom. And with the extra hours you can keep up on the bills. That way your mom won’t have to sell.”

Maria’s eyes went up in wonder at the idea, then quickly turned downcast. “But to live all by myself, That’s kinda scary knowing that I’d be home at night all by myself.”

Liz turned to look out the window, and seen Alex approaching the car. “What about Alex.”
Maria turned to look at Alex along with Liz, and wrinkled her eyebrows. “Alex!”

“You know he’d do anything for you. Plus he could help out with the bills.” Liz hinted.

Shaking her head in question… “Alex!” As if having a conversation with herself, Maria’s face turned into a huge smile. … “Alex!” Saying his name as if she had made up her mind.


Max could feel that ever knowing feeling once again, as his eyes fell on the back of Liz. Her shiny hair cascading down her back and around her face, shielding it from his eyes. She occupied his thoughts once again, of the brief time they spent together. A moment he would hold onto for the rest of his life. He knew that things would go back to the way they were, when he sat at a distance and admired her from afar. Only this time, it was a lie. The things she believed about him, and the way he hurt her. He knew she thought the worst about the two of them, and he only hoped one day that he could make her see just exactly what she means to him.
He reverted his eyes from her form, and noticed Michael staring him down. He quickly grabbed his books from his locker, and make his way down the hall towards his next class.


Part 10

Swirling her finger around in the sauce, then bringing it to her lips to taste, Liz Parker closed her eyes in sweet bliss to her new found likeness to Tabasco sauce. She couldn’t explain the changes she had been experiencing over the last mouth and a half, nor did she have the time to question them, being as she was graduating in less then two weeks. With a valedictorian speech to write, and her future to plan, Liz found little time to do much at all. She threw herself into her school work, in hopes in taking her mind off of other things, or shall I say, other people. And even though she was on the long and narrow road of recovery, Liz still couldn’t get him completely out of her mind.

Maria had calmed down a lot in regards of her mothers upcoming wedding to the sheriff, and even though it came faster then expected, Maria had been seeing it coming for a while now. She had finally convinced her mother to let her stay at the house and have Alex move in as a roommate to help with the bills and responsibilities. It took many heart to heart conversations between the Mother and daughter, to finally convince Amy that Maria could handle the responsibility of owning a house, and yet it broke her heart, that Maria was not interested in moving in with her mother and the sheriff, Amy had finally decided to give Maria the house as her graduation present. It was completely paid off, and renovated, and all that Maria and Alex had to do, was keep up with the mouthy bills, such as electricity, water, and so forth.

Liz sighed to herself, as she brought her finger back down into the sauce to taste again…
She put her bowl down on her desk, and turned to her biology book once again. Letting out a moan to display her disgust for the subject, Liz began to study her notes. She once loved biology with all her heart, and now it only reminded her of him. The class that was pure torture every single day. And even though it had been almost two mouths since their moment together, it still stung like a fresh wound to see him everyday. She realized a few weeks ago, that she had fallen in love with him. Hating herself for giving her heart to someone who clearly didn’t deserve it, and by no means was it her choice, but she couldn’t deny that it had happened. Max Evans possessed her heart weather she liked it or not.


He continued to stroke her warm arms with the palms of his hands. He closed his eyes to relish in the feel of her flesh, as he moved closer from behind. Pressing himself closer to her backside, Max breathed in her scent, bringing his mouth close to her ear, as he whispered his heartache,… “It kills me not have this freedom with you.”
She turned hooded eyes in his direction and laced her arms around his neck. “You have your freedom now!”
He swallowed the lump in his throat as he closed the distance between them, and pierced her lips with his own. “I need you.” He formed the words against her moist lips before deepening the kiss. Her hastiness met his at the plea of his voice, and Liz moved her tongue more fervently within his mouth, increasing the desire to new heights. He swiftly picked her up into his arms and carried her to his bed and laid her down gently before moving on top of her. He slowly kissed down her throat before gently placing his fingertips atop her cleavage that peeked out of her fitted crop top. He kissed along the edges of her shirt, before tugging down the thin straps that adorned her shoulders. She closed her eyes to relish in the emotions he was sparking up in her, as she lovingly
laid there for him, like a treasure chest about to be open.
He was captivated by her beauty, the love so evident, as he continued to touch her like a rare jewel. The more he seethed his fingertips across her skin, the more she burned with the intensity of raw need for him.
He proceeded in removing her top with care, as he returned his focus on her bare shoulders and continued to rake his eyes further down her chest. He licked his lips before taking her breast into his mouth and sucking it gently. Her firmness so evident to his touch, she began to dig her nails into his bare back from the intense desire raking her body. As his mouth continued it’s assault on her breast, his hands took on a plan of there own, as they moved down her body, to her pants. He slowly unbuttoned her jeans and removed them, before bringing his hands up to her hips, and tucking his hand inside her panties.
Her moans escalated into deep huskiness, as Max dipped his finger inside her, stroking her delicately. He removed his mouth from her firm breast to take her lips once again, as he felt her climax coming from the feel of his fingers dancing within her.
“Max!” Her moans calling out his name from deep within his mouth, he hastily removed his fingers from her, and tugged her panties completely from her body, before waving his hand over his jeans to make them disappear from his body.
Her mouth hung agape from his impulsiveness and urgency, to be within her.
She held onto him tightly as he took himself into his hand, to deliver to her entrance. He Sled into her slowly, releasing the breath he held onto, to enjoy the feeling of her.
He quicken his pace, holding her tightly by the hips, as she kept her arms looped around his neck, her head hanging back with eyes closed tightly. He couldn’t control his breathing, as he continued to take in large breaths of air, letting his emotions go to enjoy the feeling erupting through their bodies. He continually called out her name with each loving stroke in and out of her body. Holding tightly to her as he felt their completion come to a head, Max opened his eyes, at the feel of their climax, only to be blinded by a vision of a dark raven haired little girl, standing in a lighted tunnel staring at him.
Her emotion filled eyes peering deeply into his.

He sat up hastily, sweat pouring off of him, from the dream he wished he could return to .
Emotion gripping his heart from the delusion, he so wished was real. He wiped the perspiration from his brow, as he turned to glance at his bed side clock. ‘5:00 am’,
Sighing reluctantly, Max realized there was no way he could get back to sleep, after what
he had just experienced.
He laid back down with force, letting his head crash into his soft pillow. He felt annoyed that he could only dream about her and that was it. He continued to stroke his hair away from his forehead, as he breathed in and out with a sigh. It wasn’t the first time he had dreamt about Liz Parker in such a way, but the thing he couldn’t understand was what happened towards the end of the dream.

‘The little child he saw.’ … “Who was she?” He sighed to himself.

He stayed in such a state for a few more moments, before turning over and pulling the blankets back up his body. releasing his breath again, Max closed his eyes, trying his best to relax and fall back to sleep.


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Part 11

Her head wouldn’t stop spinning, as she desperately needed to sit down. “Maria, Maria, wait. Please!…sit down for a second.” Liz pleaded with her friend, as she sat down on a nearby bench.
“What’s wrong Lizzy?” Maria asked with raised eyebrows.
“I’m tired. Please,… let’s take a brake.”

Maria crossed her arms in front of her chest, as she released a sigh. “You sure have been tired a lot lately.”
“What are you talking about?” Liz looked at her suspicious.
Shaking her head, and waving her arms in the air as an act of expression, Maria explained. “Just that you’ve been tired a lot lately. Not acting yourself.”
Liz turned her head away looking at the passerby’s. “I just have a lot on my mind.”
“I understand that Liz, but it’s starting to take a toll on your health. I’ve not only noticed the tiredness, you know!” She expressed with distaste.
Liz gave her a look, before turning away, once again.
“Liz, talk to me!” Maria aligned her body frame to face Liz’s as she tried to communicate with her best friend.
“I’m fine Maria,…. Promise!” She tried her best to convince Maria, but found it hard, simply because she was trying to convince herself. The fact was, Liz had been starting to grow worried herself. The strange things that were happening to her, were starting to take it’s toll on her body. She found herself fighting fatigue, and was starting to feel dizzy spells when she would skip meals. Not to mention her new eating frenzy. Mixing foods together that was repulsive, and embarrassing. She found herself eating alone more and more, simply because she knew people would stare, and ask questions.
Her parents had started to notice a change, especially when her mother was picking her clothes up off of the floor to do a load of laundry, when out of nowhere bottles and bottles of Tabasco starting rolling out in every direction from underneath her bed. But It was her best friend who knew her better then anyone, and started to asked more questions.

Maria was growing tired by her friends sudden secrecy, and decided now wasn’t the time to grill her for information. She threw her hand up in truce and ended her questions.
“Look Liz,… whatever’s going on,.. or whatever your going through, … just know that I’m gonna be here for you. So whenever your ready to let me in, I’ll try my best to be patient.” Her eyes glimmered with seriousness, and Liz hugged her for backing off.
“Thank you Maria!”


“Excuse me!!!” Michael called out as Maria walked past his booth, acting as if she couldn’t hear him. “I’ve been sitting here for like 40 minutes now! Is anyone going to wait on me?!?”

Maria walked passed him once again to go into the back room, when Michael grabbed her by the arm. “Did you hear me?” He voiced loudly with wide eyes.

Maria pinched her lips together to form a fake smile. “I heard you!”

“Well, … are you going to wait on me, or what?”

“Sure!” Maria said with giddiness, as her eyes began to dance with mischief. “I’ll be right with you in just a moment.”

Michael removed his grip from her arm and returned to his seat. “Well, it’s about time.”

Pushing threw the revolving door that led into the back room, Maria plopped down onto the worn out sofa with a thud. Her arms crossed against her chest, as she released a loud sigh.
“What’s wrong with you?” Liz asked as she turned from her locker .
“HIM!” Maria screamed with distaste, pointing her finger towards the door.
Liz walked over towards the door, and peered out the window. “Oh!” She whispered as she seen Michael sitting at a booth. “I see!” Liz walked over towards her friend and took a seat beside her. “You know Maria, he sure is here a lot!”

Huffing to herself, Maria clearly was agitated. “No shit! … If he doesn’t like the service here, why don’t he go somewhere else and eat. “I’ll tell you why?” Maria answered herself. “Because, it would make my life a lot easier.”
Liz just continued to giggle.
“This isn’t funny Liz.”
“Your right, I’m sorry!” She said with a straight face. ”You know,-..” Liz looked at her watch. “Isn’t it time for your break!”
Maria’s eyes lit up. “YES, I believe it is.” Jumping off of the sofa, Maria removed her apron. "Are you going to wait on asshole, out there.”
“NO!” Liz replied.
“Huh,… but-“ Maria was clearly confused.
“He can wait until you come off of break.”
“But he’s been waiting for 40 minutes already.” Maria commented.
“And?” Liz could care less how long Michael waited. All she knew was that she wasn’t the one who was going to wait on him. She clearly had more fun watching the fireworks explode between her feisty best friend, and the guy who clearly got under her skin.
“Hey,.. Whatever you say.” Maria threw her apron down, and walked outback for some fresh air.
Liz finally made her entrance into the café, as she began to fill up cola’s to deliver to the new customers. Turning from the soda machine at the sound of the chiming bell that hung over the door, Liz’s face lit up when she seen Alex approaching.
“Hey Liz.” He looked around the restaurant. “Where’s Maria?”
“That’s what I’d like to know!” The sound of Michael’s voice caused Liz and Alex to turn around. “She said she’d be right with me to take my order.”
“Hummm…” Liz placed her index finger to her bottom lip as if she had to think where Maria was. “:Let’s see.” She continued to stall Michael, clearly seeing it was frustrating him. “I believe, she is taking inventory,.. No - no, that’s not it. ..Counting receipts,.. no, nope that’s Jose’s job. Oh Yes, that’s right,.. She’s on break!” Saying the last sentence quickly, Liz hurried and turned around to finish filling the cola’s.

“What! She left me sitting this long, and then went on break?” Michael was clearly pissed off, and wasn’t hiding it.
Liz turned back around to face Michael, and noticed Alex trying his hardest to stifle his laugh. “Yes, I do believe that’s what she did. If you want, I can get Edna to wait on you.” Liz offered with batting eye lashes.
Michael shook his head,.. “No! I want Maria to wait on me.” Venom spiking his voice, he turned , and walked back to his booth, clearly forming a plan in his mind.
“What was that about?” Alex asked with a laugh.
“Oh, …Nothing more then a boy who is afraid to admit his true feelings.” Liz said with sarcasm.
Setting down her dish rage, Liz looked Alex in the eyes. “So, How’s the move going?”
Letting out a puff of air, Alex rolled his eyes. “Well Amy is all settled in at the sheriff’s place now. It took us all day to move her stuff out and once we were finished, I was too tired to begin moving my stuff in. So,… I’m going to start moving little things over here and there over the week, and move my heavy furniture in this weekend.”

“I have off Saturday, so I can help if you’d like.” Liz offered as she placed a cold soda down in front of him.
“That would be so great Liz. I’d really appreciate it. My parents aren’t helping me move anything. There still pissed that I’m moving out before graduation.”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. Graduation is in one week. What’s the difference in one week.”
Rolling his eyes, Alex shook his head. “I have no idea.” Taking another sip of his coke, Alex set the drink down. “Hey,… you know there’s an extra room. You should move in. It’d be cool Liz. The three musketeers. No Parents, no rules, just pure freedom.”

“Yeah, well I can kiss my scholarship goodbye if I ever left home. My parents couldn’t function without me. When I told them I wanted to live on campus, they freaked. That’s when they finally agreed, to get me a car, and all I have to do is pay the insurance. No way am I moving out and giving that up.”

“Suite yourself.” Alex replied then headed into the back room to find Maria.


Liz quickly stuffed the last piece of her Tabasco covered pepperoni pizza into her mouth. Wiping the corners of her lips with a napkin, Liz felt a rumble from her stomach. She quickly pushed against her belly with her hand, wondering what was wrong with her stomach, when she felt something move.
Pushing thoughts to the back of her mind of what it could be, Liz tried her hardest to stay calm.
Maria watched from a distance and notices the panicked look that covered Liz’s face, and just stood silent and watched her actions.
Liz brought her hand up to her mouth, and quickly ran out of the kitchen and up the back stairs towards her apartment.


She couldn’t control her breathing as she vomited up the food she had just ate. Her face was perspiring and her strength completely gone. She reached for a towel to wipe her face, as Maria barged into the bathroom to attend to her friend.
“Lizzy, what’s going on?” Panic evident in her voice.
“I don’t know. .. I don’t know!”
Maria bent down to help her off of the floor, and carried her to her bed. Laying her down gently, Maria ran back into the bathroom, to get a cool washcloth for her face.
Sitting at her bedside, Maria continued to wipe her face with the clothe. “Lizzy, you need to go see a doctor.”
Liz shook her head no, as she pulled herself up off the bed. “I’m fine Maria!”
Maria stood her ground. “Liz, if you don’t go see a doctor, I’m going to your parents what happened.”
Liz stared at her best friend in horror.
Maria lifted her hand in defense,.. “Now, I’m sorry, But I’m really worried about you.”

Liz let the tears stream down her face, as she slumped back down on her bed.
Maria quietly sat back down beside her, emotion raging within her voice. “Liz,… what’s going on?” Her sincerity apparent.
Liz continued to let her tears fall. Finally lifting her face to her friend, Liz pushed past the large lump forming in her throat. “I - I think I’m pregnant!”
Her eyes grew wide, as she stood to her feet. “What!” Her voice growing by the minute.
Liz let her face fall downcast once again, as the sobs racked her body.
Maria sat down again, and embraced her tightly. “Are you sure?” She spoke softly.
Liz shook her head no. “I’m not positive.” Liz raised her head,.. “I’m so scared Maria!”

“Okay,… Okay,…. Everything’s going to be alright Liz.” Maria started to pace the length of the room, as Liz trained her eyes on a nervous Maria. She stopped suddenly, and turned her focus back on Liz. Lifting her finger in the air,… “First we need to find out for sure.”
Liz shook her head,.. “I know! I’ve just been putting it off, because I’m in denial.”
Maria grabbed her purse from Liz’s desk and proceeded towards the door.
“Where you going?” Liz asked above her sobbing.
“The drug store. We find out today Liz. No more putting this off.” She eyed her best friend in the whole world, giving her the feeling that no matter what Liz faced, Maria was going to face it with her. “I’ll be right back!”

Closing the door behind her, Maria made her way down the stairs, and to the drug store to purchase a pregnancy test.


Part 12

Wringing her fingers together with sweaty palms, Liz fidgeted as she paced her bedroom floor. Maria sat casually on the edge of her bed staring at her wrist watch as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Liz, …sit down PLEASE!”
Liz stopped pacing and faced Maria. “You do realize that my life may chance forever in a matter of -“ Liz picked up Maria’s wrist to look at her watch. “five minutes. Don’t you!”

Maria threw up her hands in a calming gesture. “Liz, I understand that, but you need to calm down.”
Liz nodded her head, and swallowed the large lump in her throat. Sitting next to Maria on the bed, Liz stared into nothing. “My parents are going to kill me.”
“You don’t know that.” Maria sighed.
Shaking her head with wide eyes. “Oh,… yeah I do.”
“Liz!” Maria smoothed out her skirt before talking again. “Just please don’t assume anything until we know for sure.”
“Easy for you to say, you life isn’t about to change.”
Maria showed a glimmer of hurt. “Liz, what ever that test reads,.. I with you.”
Liz’s forehead wrinkled up. “I’m sorry!”
“Don’t be! - Liz?”
“If the test is positive, what are you going to do?” Maria asked with nervousness.
Liz covered her face with her hands. “I don’t know! I’m so scared Maria.”
Maria pulled her into a hug, and smoothed her long dark mane back from her shoulders.
Her light sniffles made it apparent that Liz had began to cry again. “My parents will be so disappointed in me. And Max,.. God -“
Maria cut in.. “Hey, first off, I just want you to know if things get to bad with your folks, you know you have a room waiting for you at my house. No strings attached Liz. Alex and I make enough money together to take care of things. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything.”
Liz dried her eyes with the palms of her hands, as she smiled for her best friend. “It’s so comforting to know I have you and Alex behind me. Thanks so much Ria.” Liz pulled Maria in for another tight hug before releasing her to look into her green eyes.
“Well, it’s now or never.” Liz stood to her feet and reached down towards Maria’s hand to hold. Two best friends walked into the small bathroom together holding onto each others hands tightly.
Liz about to discover how her world was about to change forever….


“Hey Max, how’s the paper work coming?” Phillip Evans asked as he pulled a chair up to his son’s desk.
Holding up his application, Max smiled. “It’s coming together. I turned my applications for NMU, and I start classes one week from Graduation.”
“I’m proud of you son. It’s always best to get a head start on your career path.”
Max handed his newly filled out paper work to his father. “Here’s my medical forms and benefits. I finally finished filling them out.”
“Great, I’ll hand these in to Bob tomorrow, and get you ready for work. Bob said you can start anytime.” His smile was evident that he was delighted to have his son work with him.
“Dad!” Max grew serious.
“Yes son.” Phillip focused all his attention on his son, as he noticed the seriousness in his voice.
“I just wanted to thank you for helping me land a great position at your work. Not to many kids are making what I’ll be making right out of high school.”
Phillip placed his hand on Max’s shoulder. “Not to many kids are responsible like you Max. Their to busy partying at their new found freedom. But not you. Your starting college early and willing to work full time to establish a good working mode.”
Max smiled. “Just trying to learn the ropes. I’m just glad to be learning from the best. Majoring in Law with be tough, but I’ll be able to learn a lot from you Dad. Thanks for taking me under your wing.”
Phillip smiled and pulled Max into a hug.
Looking up from his Dad’s embrace, Max noticed Isabel peering in from the doorway.
Wrinkling up her face, Isabel was mocking Max silently. Mouthing Max with her mouth, ‘I’m an ass kisser.’
Isabel thought she was going to be sick and quickly walked away.


Liz started to cry impetuously, as Maria pulled her tightly in her embrace. “Oh God,… Liz- God-“ At a loss for words, Maria just stayed silent, and held her best friend close.
Staring down at the pink cross, Maria blinked her moist eyes, unbelieving what she was seeing.
“What’s all the noise about.” Nancy Parker voiced as she suddenly opened the bathroom door, at the hearing of her daughters uncontrollable crying.
Jumping at the sound of her mothers voice, Liz looked to her mother in horror, as Nancy noticed the pregnancy test laying on the sink.
Her eyes grew wide as she covered her mouth with her hand. “Liz …no,… Oh God!!” Nancy Parker was in shock.


Part 13

“Mom!?!” Liz Parker was truly scared! Her Mother peered at her with deep emotion searing from her eyes. Hurt, anger, confusion, pain, sadness.
“Liz?” Her name said as a question, Nancy Parker walked over to the sink, and picked up the pregnancy test that clearly display the bright pink cross. She looked at it as if she couldn’t understand what it was, or what it was doing in her house. She looked from the positive test to her daughter, and stared intently into her eyes.
“Liz? Is this yours?” Her mother peering between the two girls who stared back with wide eyes.
“Mom, Please!” Liz held up her hands in a gesture of calmness

“Liz!” Her voice growing, and her temper short.

Maria felt like a fly stuck to a piece of sticky tape. She slowly leaned over to whisper into Liz’s ear. “I’m going to go and give you some privacy to talk to your mom. Remember what I said earlier.” Liz looked into Maria’s eyes and shook her head. “I meant it Liz!” The offer to Liz still stood and always would, if she ever needed a place to stay. She was always welcome in Maria’s home. “Thanks Maria!” Liz hugged her best friend, before watching her turn and walk away. She felt like her lifeline had just been severed, as she heard her bedroom door shut.
She turned her gaze back to her mother, and lifted her chin higher. She was ready.! Ready to face whatever it was that her mother was about to throw her way.

She was in shock, as she rocked her body back and forth, her eyes shut tightly. But that didn't stop the tears from fighting it’s way out.
“Mom.” Liz uttered her name as a silent plea.
Her mother finally opened her eyes, and looked to her scared daughter. “Get dressed, and meet me in the kitchen!” She turned without giving away her manner, and walked out of Liz’s bedroom, slamming the door on her way out.

She slumped down the wall, pulling her knees firmly to her chest, and sobbed loudly for the situation she was in. She was only a teenager. Her eighteenth birthday was still months away, and the thought of what she was soon going to become terrified her. ‘Mother’, - she was going to become a ‘Mother’. She felt weak, not to mention, a failure, Something that Mothers weren’t suppose to be, and yet, the purpose of her being sent her into even more confusion. She always had high expectation of herself. Not because her parents always had her high on a pedestal, but because, she was never put into a position that she didn’t know how to get out of. She always got the good end of a deal, never having to struggle with problems like the one she was facing now, and Liz Parker never felt so much alone at that moment in her life.
In that one moment, the knowledge of her responsibility of another life scared her to the very core of her being. Her eyes quickly dried, as they widen in acknowledgement, to the very thought of her child. She took her hand and rubbed her belly lightly, a gesture that was so very new, as she pondered on her train of thought even longer.
This child that grew within her started to compel her selfish thinking. In that very instant it turned from a problem to a promise.
“I promise baby-“ She continued to rubbed her belly lightly. “Everything’s going to be okay.”
She didn’t know how she was going to make it okay, but she would find a way. She knew she was young, maybe to young to do what she made up her mind to do, but she would find a way. She knew she had nothing, no real money, no real home to call her own. Only what her parents provided her with, and that was something she couldn’t call hers. It was borrowed, not legally hers.
She picked herself up off of the cold tile, and headed towards her closet to get dressed.

She walked quickly into the kitchen, pausing as she seen her mother sipping from a coffee mug she held close to her face. She was deep in thought, looking out the kitchen window, when she turned at the noise of the floor boards creaking.
“Mom!” Liz uttered softly.
Her mother pointed to the table, a gesture symbolizing a long talk ahead. She was thankful to have this moment to talk with her mother alone about her situation without her father around.
Nancy set her coffee mug down in front of her, as she entwined her hands together. Looking her only child in the eyes, Nancy held back the tears. “Talk to me Liz!”

Liz could see the disappointment in her eyes and she cringed. “Oh God Mom, I’m so sorry. I-I’m still in shock myself. I can’t believe this is happening to me. You gotta believe that!”

Nancy shook her head. “How far along are you?”
Liz closed her eyes, as she thought back on the best night of her life, that caused her so much pain. “About two mouths.”

“Two Mouths! Liz how could you not of known before now?”

Liz closed her eyes as she spoke. “I suspected earlier, but I was in denial. I thought something like this couldn’t possibly happen to me.”

“Oh come on Liz, Please tell me your smarter then that.” Nancy’s voice began to grow, but soon declined as she seen the effect of her words on her daughter. She was very upset and disappointed in Liz, but one thing would never change, and that was her love for her only child. She would die for Liz, would lay her life down for her daughter, and now was the time that she could clearly see Liz’s pain.
“You have options you know!” Nancy stated firmly. Liz lifted her head to her eye level.

“Yeah, Option?” Nancy repeated. “There’s adoption, abortion.-
Liz throw her arm quickly into the air. “I’m not killing my baby!”

“Liz, I only want the best for you. A baby is such a huge responsibility.”

“I know Mom, I do.” Liz turned her eyes downcast. “I’m so scared!”
Nancy’s heart stopped at her daughters honesty. “What about Kyle. Does he know?”
Liz raised her face and widen her eyes. “Kyle?” She was confused. Did her mother think Kyle was the father?
“I presume Kyle is the father, right?” Nancy was starting to get confused. Kyle was the only guy she ever seen her daughter around.
Liz shook her head no, as she stared into her mothers eyes. “Kyle’s not the father Mom, I was never with Kyle,.. I - I mean, Kyle and I dated and all, but we never, - ugh, never..”

Nancy held up her hands,.. “Okay, Okay I get it Liz, but if it wasn’t Kyle, then who? I mean, I’ve never seen you around any other boys.”

Liz shifted in her seat, then finally opened her mouth to speak. “Max Evans is the father!” She made her statement boldly, laced with a pain that was hidden.

Nancy mouth hung agape. “Max Evans? Phillip and Diane’s boy?”
Liz shook her head in confirmation.
Nancy was even more in shock. Max Evans was the last boy she would’ve ever thought her daughter would get involved with. “Well does he know?”

Liz shook her head no.
“Well why not?”
“Mom, I just found out myself, and were,.. were not together!” Her voiced was low, and tinged with sadness.
“Your having sex with a boy, for what Liz! For the joy of it. You know it figures your in a situation like this. I can’t believe you Liz. I thought I knew you better then this.”

“Mom.” Liz cried out. Her mother had gotten the wrong impression of her, and it sent her spiraling down that road of depression even further. She crouched at the sudden pang in her belly, grasping for air, Liz felt her dizziness come in bouts.
Nancy hopped from her chair, and rush over to her daughter, helping her breath. “Liz, oh baby, I’m so sorry. “
Nancy picked her daughter up and carried her to her room to lay down.
She went into the bathroom to get a warm cloth to lay over her forehead, and patted the sweat away from her brow.

Liz looked up into her mothers worried eyes. “I loved him Mom! I still do!”
Nancy formed a tight smile. “I’m sorry Liz. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to get you so upset.”

“I’m sorry Mom. I didn’t mean to get myself into this situation.”

“It’s going to be okay Liz. We’ll work through this. Your father gets back from his business trip tomorrow. I’ll sit him down and talk to him then. In the mean time you try and relax.”


“Liz Parker?”


“No Way!”

“Yes way Alex!”

“I don’t believe you!”


“Oh My God! …..Your Serious!”

Throwing her hands up in the air from agitation, Maria was about to scream.
“Dead Serious!”


“Yes!” Her voice was growing by the minute.

“Pregnant!” Each time the same word came out in a different tone.

“For the love of GOD, Alex, YES, Liz Parker is PREGNANT!”

“Noooo!” Shaking his head in a subtle way, Alex still couldn’t believe what Maria was telling him. Digging deeper into the bag of chips in his hand, Alex placed another chip into his mouth. “Besides that would mean that Liz was having sex, and she just doesn’t do that.”
Maria rolled her eyes, and sighed loudly. “You are so stupid, you know that.”
Setting the bag of chips down on the counter, Alex looked closely at Maria. “Pregnant?”

“I give up!” She screamed and stormed out of the kitchen.
Following behind Maria, Alex was quiet for a few moments, as he pondered on Liz’s situation. Sitting next to Maria on the sofa, Alex looked over to his new roommate.
“She’s really pregnant?” He was in shock, and Maria could understand.
Shaking her head in confirmation, Maria gave him a sad smile.
Relishing in his thoughts silently once again, Alex’s eyes remained wide. “By who?”

“Max Evans!”

“Who?” He was in shock, and it showed.

“Max Evans!” She repeated herself.

“Get out!”

“Seriously.” Maria commented.

“Max Evans! As in Isabel Evans Brother?”

“That’s him!”

“But he never talks to anyone, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the boys voice before.”

Maria shook her head in wonder. “I know!”

“Max Evans!” Saying it as if trying to convince himself it was true, but clearly getting on Maria’s nerves.


“Sorry Maria, but Max Evans? What happened to Kyle?”

Rolling her eyes with distaste, Maria let out a huff of air. “That is so old news. God, Alex, don’t you keep up with anything. Geesh!”

Looking to Maria with still wide eyes, the news of his other best friend being pregnant was something that was hard to sink into his brain. “Pregnant! Max Evans!”


She couldn’t sleep, as the realization of her current life drama kept reeling in her mind. She still couldn’t believe she was pregnant, couldn’t fathom the idea of knowing she was going to become a mother. She looked up at her bedside clock, and debated weather or not to call Maria. She had forgotten to call her earlier and knew Maria wanted to talk about the new found situation, and how things went down between Liz and her mother.

She picked up the phone, and dialed Maria’s number, and wasn’t surprised when Maria picked up on the first ring.

“It’s about time you called girl, I’ve been waiting forever.”

“I can’t believe your still up, It’s 4:00 in the morning. I thought for sure you would chew me out for calling so late.”

“Nah, I knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep. And with everything that’s going on with you, I couldn’t sleep myself.”

Liz laughed lightly,.. :”Your unbelievable, you know that!”

“Taking from the sound of your voice, things didn’t go as bad as I thought they would.”

Switching the phone to her other ear, Liz laid on her side. “Oh, it wasn’t pretty, but we talked and talked, and finally my mother is supporting me. It’s my father that I’m worried about.”

“He still doesn’t know?”

“My mothers going to tell him tomorrow when he come home from his meeting, and believe me, I plan on being out of site at the time.

“What do you think he’ll do?” Maria asked.

Letting out a sigh, “I have no idea. I could pretty much always read my mother, but my father,… well, that’s a different story.”

“It’ll work out girl. Five years from now, your going to look back on this time and laugh.”

“I don’t think so Maria.” Liz was silent for a few moments. “I’m going to tell him tomorrow in school.”


“Yeah,… I need to tell him.”

“Yeah, you do. What’ll think he’ll do?”

Liz let out another sigh,.. “I have no idea. And that’s what’s scaring me to death.”

“I got your back Lizzy. It’ll all work out. Trust me!”

“I hope your right Maria. God, I hope your right.”


Nancy Parker was pacing the length of her kitchen floor, watching the clock with eyes slightly closed. She was finishing up on her fifth cup of coffee, debating just how to break the news to her husband of their daughters pregnancy.
She tossed and turned all through the night, contemplating the dramatic change this pregnancy would have on her family. It was a change she was worrying how her husband would take. Jeff had always had high goals for Liz, always pushing her to excel to new and higher depths in her studies. Teaching her to never be afraid to grab a hold of a promising future.
Nancy wiped the sweat that was forming at her brow, and turned quickly to the sound of the front door opening.
She held her breath, and prayed a silent prayer before going into the living room to greet her husband, and welcome him home.


Part 14

“It’s going to be okay Liz!” Maria uttered as she patted her friend on the shoulder.

Liz looked to Maria with sarcasm. She had gotten through most of the day without fighting fatigue or dizziness, but the thing she was mostly trying to prevent was a breakdown. Today was the day she would tell Max about the baby. Having little time to divulge on the reality herself, Liz had trembling hands and a pounding heart all day.

“When are you going to tell him?” Maria asked as the two rounded the corner and walked down the hall to their next class.
Stopping in front of Liz’s biology class, She turned towards Maria. “I have this class with Max. I’m going to talk to him afterwards.”

“Do you think he’ll talk to you?” Maria asked looking into the classroom to see if she seen Max inside.

Liz looked inside the classroom with her, and seen him sitting in his seat going threw his notes. “He won’t have a choice. I’m going to approach him sternly, and drag him to a private place to talk.”

“Eraser room!” Maria voiced hastily.

Looking confused, Liz shook her head. “What?”

Maria reverted her attention from Max to Liz. “The Eraser room. You can’t get much more private then that!”

“Oh, yeah … right!” She was in a trance like state, as she started to walk into her class. Her heart rate picked up a faster pace, and Liz thought she was about to have a heart attack.
Maria looked to her friend with sad eyes. “Don’t forget. I’m here for you Liz!”

Liz smiled for her friend, and walked into class to take her seat. She felt stiff, unable to move. She knew she had exactly forty-five minutes to build up what little nerve she had to tell Max about the baby. Thoughts roamed her head, as she contemplated the harsh things he could do to her, and with all the doubts she had, and with all the fear she felt, she knew she still had to tell him the truth. If he didn’t want anything to do with her, then fine, she could learn to deal with that. But if he completely turned his back on this baby, she knew she would have a complete breakdown. This baby that they had both created was innocent, and didn’t deserve not to grow up without a father.

She steadily open her folder to analyze her notes for the upcoming quiz before casting one more glance at the clock that hung high on the wall. 30 minutes left till class ended and she confronted Max about the baby. As she reminded herself, she felt her stomach flutter with nervousness. She turned back in her seat to cast a glance at Max, when she was interrupted by the knocking on the class room door. She moved her gaze to the front of the class room, as the teacher opened the door to the visitor. It was a student aid who handed a note to Ms. Miller. She carefully read the note, then lifted her head to speak.

“Liz,… Your needed in the office. Please take your things, it looks as if you wont be returning today.”

Liz was confused, she didn’t know what to think. As she piled her things into her backpack, she stood and slumped her bag over her shoulder, turning to push in her chair, she caught Max staring at her. She stood still, holding his gaze for a moment, before the teacher interrupted their moment.
“Liz!” Ms. Miller addressed.
“Coming!” She concluded before removing her eyes from Max’s .

“Dad Please, calm down!”

“This isn’t going to happen Liz!”
Nancy took a seat on the sofa, and watched her husband and daughter go in rounds. It was going just as she suspected. Jeff blowing up, and Liz standing her ground.

“It’s done Liz, I’m calling Dr. Elmore, first thing tomorrow morning. I will not let you ruin your future over this. We can keep this within the family, you said yourself that you haven’t told the Evans kid yet.”

“His name is Max, and he has a right to know. I will not let you do this Dad, it’s my body.”
“Dad, I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you. I’ve disappointed myself. And If I could put off what’s happening to me another ten years, I would… But,.. I can’t. Please, can’t you just please try to have an open mind about this. I can’t change what happened, I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

He shook his head in unbelief. “I’m sorry Liz, but I can’t except this. Please don’t ruin your life over this honey. You have your whole future ahead of you.” He gestured with his hands in the air, as he tried to reason with his only child. He couldn’t let her just throw her life away. “I’m sorry Liz, but I’ve made up my mind. Your still a child, and until your eighteen,--

Liz cut her father off,. ”If you make me do anything to my baby, I swear to God Dad, I will never forgive you!”

Nancy looked to her husband with wide eyes…

He stood still for a moment, his face hardened and free from emotion.
“You think you’re so grown, that you can decide to bring a child into this world,… and raise it. “ His words came out in uneven pants as Jeff continued his words of anger,.. “Then I want to see you get out there and do it!”

“What?!” Liz uttered, her eyes wide.
“That’s right Liz! You think you know it all, know what it takes to raise this child, because Lord knows, you’ll more then likely be a single parent with no help from the father.”

“What are you saying Jeff?” Nancy asked with confusion.
Jeff ran his hand threw his hair, then looked his daughter in the eyes. “If you decide to keep this child, then you need to leave my house.”
Nancy’s gasp was loud, as she brought her hand up to cup her mouth.

“You’re kicking me out!” Liz shouted to her father.

Jeff turned from Liz to Nancy. “Nancy, get your coat!”

“What!.. What for!” Nancy hated being in the middle, of her fighting Husband and daughter.

“Were going over to the Evan’s house to pay Max a visit.”
Liz’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her father. “You stay here until I return.”
“What are you going to do?” Liz asked feeling terrified.

“I stand by what I said, but if you think you can raise this child on what you make, your sadly mistaken."
“Jeff!?” Nancy reached out to his arm, and lightly tugged on it, “Please Honey, let’s talk about this some more!”
“No Nancy, This boy needs to take responsibility for what he’s done to our daughter.”

“But I’m just as much to blame.” Liz uttered.

“Yes, You are!” He said angrily, And that’s why you’ll be the one stuck raising the child by yourself. I’m going to make sure he at least pays for this child. Trust me, he’s getting off allot easier then you.”

“Jeff, you don’t know that. He may want to be a part of the baby’s life.” Nancy encouraged the situation.
“Come on Nancy, do you really believe that? He’s a teenager, Do you really think he wants to take responsibility for a baby, when he didn’t even want to stick around after what he took from our daughter. He got what he wanted from Liz, and never looked back.”
Nancy looked from Liz to Jeff with hopeful eyes, yet remained silent.
Liz let her face fall downcast, as her shoulders slumped back. Her fathers words stung her to the core, as she realized he was right.

Jeff looked back to Liz, and narrowed his angry eyes at her. “I’m not finished with you yet.” Grabbing his wife by the hand, Jeff left by the front door.


She couldn’t stop crying, and wished to god she had told Max first. Everything was falling apart, not just with her condition, but also by the way the whole situation was being handled.
The tension between them was to much to bare. The way he ignored her after what they shared was heartbreaking in and of itself, but to not be able to tell him before her parents, was just down right iniquitous. She was now feeling all the regrets she had, on how she handled this whole situation.

And the tears fell……

She wiped her tears with the palm of her hand, as she tried to convince herself, she could handle this on her own. She didn’t need Max’s help, even if her parents were going to go after him for child support. She wasn’t sure how she felt about him at this point. She felt off balance, not knowing weather she hated the father of her child, or if she loved him. Was it because it was his child inside of her, was it that bond between the two of them that drew her to him. It sure wasn’t the way he treated her. He still hadn’t said one word to her since that night when they made love, and conceived their child.
‘Was he ashamed?’ ‘Did he regret it?’ ‘Had he no idea what he was putting her through?’ The questions swarm around in her mind, as her tears fell.

She walked over to her desk, and removed a piece of paper and began writing a letter to her mother.
As she finished her letter, she folded it and tucked it into an envelope before writing her mothers name on the front of it.
Wiping the remaining of her tears that dripped from her eyes, Liz picked up the phone and dialed Maria’s number.

She choked back her sobs as she swallowed the large lump growing in her throat.
“Maria, It’s Liz! Please come get me!”


The loud banging on the front door, made Isabel drop her glass of milk all over the kitchen floor. Diane Evans spun around in place as the loud banging continued. “Who in the world could that be?” Diane wondered.

“I’ll get it!” Phillip Evans reassured her as he bypassed her and made his way towards the door.

As he opened the door, Phillip was met by an angry Jeff and a nervous Nancy Parker.
“Where is he?!?” Jeff Parker shouted, making a stunned Diane walk towards the shouting.
Isabel remained close towards the back door, as she listened intently to what was being said.

“Max Evans!… That’s who!” Jeff shouted, as Nancy pulled on his arm, trying her best to calm him down.

“I’m so sorry to intrude on you like this,… May we please come in.” Nancy looked around at her surroundings and noticed all the neighbors looking out their doors, and windows to see what was going on.

Looking stunned to the Parker’s. “Yes, Please come in.” Phillip cast a glance at Diane, and shook his shoulders at her wondering gaze.

Jeff was still upbeat, as he looked around once they were inside.

“What’s this,… about Max? And why are you so anxious to speak with him?” Phillip questioned.

“He ruined my Lizzy’s life. That’s what he did.”

“Ruined? What do you mean?” Diane Asked.

“Well he got what he wanted out of her, then left her, and now she’s pregnant!”
“Jeff, calm down!” Nancy piped in.

Isabel gasped as she held her hand over her mouth in shock. ‘Liz Parker is pregnant!’
She had to get to Max, before they did.
She quietly reached for her purse and slide out the back door. Once outside, Isabel removed her cell phone from her purse.

“Hello?” Michael answered.
“Michael, oh thank god,… Is Max with you?”
“Yeah, … What’s wrong?”
“Please, ….Just keep Max there, I’ll explain everything once I get there!” Closing the phone, and shoving it back into her purse, Isabel started jogging towards the park, and towards Michael’s house.

As he hung up the phone, Max turned to Michael. “Who was that?”
“Isabel!… She said to keep you here.”

“Why?” Max asked confused.
“I don’t know, she’s on her way.”


Part 15

Max and Michael continued to stare at an out of breath Isabel, as she slumped over the counter in Michael’s Kitchen.
“What’s going on?” Michael asked as he settled his hands on his hips. Max was behind him, staring on as Isabel held up her hand to signal that she was out of breath and to give her a minute.

She turned to face Michael and her brother, still gasping for breath. “Max….. Liz’s parents came to the house.”
“What!” Max voiced and a wide eyed Michael looked at him in wonder. Isabel was still gasping for air, as she tried her hardest to explain. “What are you talking about?” Michael asked, as Max continued to question her.
She positioned her palm over her heart, to feel how fast her heart was pumping. Walking over towards the sink, Isabel filled a glass of cold water, and proceeded to drink it. Max’s patience were wearing thin, as thoughts started to clout his mind. “Iz,… Please!”

“Okay,…. Okay!” Isabel set the empty glass into the sink, and turned toward her worried brother. “Max, your not going to believe this, but Mr. And Mrs. Parker are over our house at this very second, demanding to speak with you.”

“What for?!?” Max could feel his blood racing, as his heart pounded against his chest fiercely
Isabel raised her head, to look her brother in the eyes. . “Their claiming that Liz is pregnant, and you’re the reason.”
His eyes grew wide from shock, as he stumbled back until he fell on the coach.
“Max!” Isabel voiced as she ran to his side. “Are you Okay!”
He shook his head no, as he drew his hands to cover his face. He couldn’t think, couldn’t slow his thoughts down fast enough to concentrate on one thing.. He rubbed his hands over his face multiple times, “Oh my God!” Was all he could say.
Michael walked over and sat beside him on the couch, and just laid back looking into nothing. “This is now way out of our control.” Michael mumbled as he turned to look to Max.
Max shook his head, and stood to his feet. “Out of Control!….. Out of Control. What the Hell are you talking about. Liz is Pregnant. PREGNANT MICHAEL!” He couldn’t stop shouting, as he started pacing the floor back and forth.
“Max,… calm down!” Isabel voiced from Michael’s side. “This is hard on everyone.”
Max turned towards his sister, as his face grew angry. “Hard on everyone! Is that what you think?” His voice growing louder with each word.
Isabel looked to her brother in panic. “Max,… I just meant that-
“Shut up!…. Just shut up!” Cutting her off in mid sentence-
Max continued to pace again, as thoughts swarmed his mind.
Things weren’t just happening to them, It now involved Liz’s safety, and that scared Max to death., --Max picked up his coat, and headed towards the door.

Michael stood up, and headed in his direction. “Wow,… wow,.. Where you going?”
“I’m going to see Liz. I need to see her.”
Michael held up his hand to stop Max from leaving. “Max, please, I know this is a shock, but we really need to talk about what’s going on.”
“I’m through talking Michael.”
Michael tighten his grasp on Max’s arm. “Please Max,….. Please!” Displaying a sincere look on his face, Max agreed to talk. “Fine, but we get something straight right now. I’m not keeping my distance from her. I will be there for her.”
Shaking his head in agreement, Michael released his grip from his arm. “Fine….. Fine.”

Setting a cup of coffee in front of him, Max lifted his red eyes to his sister. “Thank you!”
Smiling at him, Isabel took a seat at the table, as Michael continued to pace in front of them.
Running his hands threw his hair, Michael wanted more then anything to blow up, but knew that wasn’t the option. No matter how far things had gotten out of hand, his best friends life had changed, even if it was costing them their lives. Questions were coming to mind, that Michael needed answers to, before they even thought about what move they needed to approach next. One thing was sure, Liz was human, and the knowledge of her carrying a half alien baby was something not to be taken lightly.

“Max.” Michael stopped pacing and stood in front of Max. Lifting his downcast face, Max met his gaze.
“She’s going to know about us for sure now.” Michael was being very calm under the circumstances, and it didn’t go unnoticed by Isabel or Max. But Michael knew that if he wasn’t calm, Max would just walk out, without thinking twice.
Shaking his head, “I know.” Max had already thought about it, and it made him even more nervous. Telling Liz the truth about himself was something he daydreamed about many times, and yet his daydream always had a happy ending, he knew in reality, things were a lot different.
Max suddenly sat up straight as his face fell into a hurt status.
“What is it Max?” Isabel asked as she noticed his change in appearance.
“Two months.” He whispered as he continued to look into nothing.
Isabel stayed silent, as Michael squinted his eyes. “Two months?”
Max turned his head to Michael’s question. “She’s two mouths pregnant.” He turned his gaze downward towards the floor. “How long had she known? I mean,…… she was all alone,….. I wasn’t there for her. I should’ve been there for her.” Max continued to talk as Michael and Isabel watched him have another break down.

“Okay well look,… We first need to find out if she’s seen a doctor, or if odd or weird symptoms have occurred.” Michael narrowed his eyes toward Max. “Max, this takes us into a whole new territory. It’s not about the three of us anymore.”
Max shook his head in confirmation. “I have to tell her either way, she needs to know about me, it’s her safety at stake. I can keep you two out of this. I’m telling her about me, but I don’t have to bring up your names. It’s your choice.”
Max continued to stare at the two, as Michael and Isabel exchanged glances.

Michael released a loud sigh. “Where in this together. But is there anyway I could convince you to just kidnap Liz, and the four of us leave town, and never come back?” He asked with raise eyebrows. Even though he was joking, the idea wasn’t half bad.


Max rushed out of the Crashdown Cafe in frustration. Rubbing his eyes with his hands, Michael looked over towards him with wonder. “What happened?”
Max had tried to convince Michael and Isabel to stay at home, but the two quickly disagreed. They couldn’t sit at home and wait to find out the fate of their future, so Michael and Isabel followed along, and waited out front of the restaurant till Max was done meeting with Liz, not caring how long it took.

“I went up to see Liz, but her mother told me She left.”

“Left! What do you mean she left?” Michael asked in confusion.

Shaking his head, Max tried to calm down, He needed to find Liz. “I don’t know, she was whispering the whole time. I think she didn’t want Mr. Parker to know it was me at the door.”

“He’s pissed!” Isabel chimed in.

“Ms. Parker said something about her moving in with Maria.” Scratching his head in wonder…. “I think that’s her friend,.. you know that blond headed girl, I always see her with.”

“Yeah, that’s her!” Michael said out loud. Isabel gave him a look.

“This is just great!” Max uttered his frustration, kicking the side of the jeep.

“What’s the big deal?” Michael was getting agitated.

“I have no idea who her friend is. How in the world am I going to find Liz, when I don’t know where to look.”

“You said she moved in with her friend Maria, Right!” Michael asked.
“Well, Let’s go to Maria’s!” Michael said like it was the easiest thing to do.
“No shit Michael. I don’t know where she lives.”
“Oh!” Michael said with easiness. “I do!”
Max and Isabel turned to look at Michael with a questionable look.
“What!? Look we don’t have all day, and we going or what?”

Looking up at the house, Max took a moment to calm himself down a bit. He looked back at Michael. “Are you sure this is the place?”


Letting out a breath of air, Max turned back around. “Okay!” Rubbing the palms of his hands on his jean legs. “If I take too long, just go home, and I’ll meet you later!”

“What ever!” Michael uttered before stretching his arms out across the seats.

Turning back towards the house, Max started walking up the steps that led to the front door.

He Knocked on the door and took a step back as he waited for someone to open the door. He swallowed past the forming lump in his throat before stepping forward to knock again. Growing inpatient, Max stuffed his hands into his pockets hastily, as he started to tapped his foot against the concrete underneath him.

Maria could see him through the peep hole, as she turned to Alex with wide eyes. “It’s him.”

“Max?” Alex asked. His question confirmed by the nod of Maria’s head.
“Go ask her, if she wants to talk to him.”

Alex quickly ran down the hall way and turned into Liz’s new room.
He didn’t have to ask his question, as Liz stood from the bed.
“It’s okay Alex, let him in.” She knew why he was here, He had found out about the baby.
He nodded his head, and made his way back to Maria.
She stood still by the door as Max’s persisted knocking never ceased once.
Finally opening the door to come face to face with Max, He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. “You knocked!” She greeted.

Shaking his head, Max fidgeted, clearly showing his nervousness. “Is Liz here by any chance?”
“You know she is!” Maria’s direct comments made Max feel uneasy, something she didn’t have to try hard to accomplish.
“Oh, … umm,.. May I speak with her please?”
Maria held the door open for him to come in, as she pointed to the location of Liz’s room. “She’s in there.” Maria turned to face him. “Break her heart, I’ll break your face!” Alex stood beside Maria, standing proud and tall.
Max blinked by her sudden aggressiveness, as he cleared his throat. “Thanks!” And made his way to Liz’s new bedroom.

He peeked his head in threw the doorway, and easily seen her silhouette outlined by the light shinning in threw the window. She looked distant at first glance, and Max felt his heart simmer with the want to hold her tightly to him.
He cleared his throat to give knowledge of his presence, as Liz turned to the sudden noise.
He let his eyes turn downcast from the shame he felt, as Liz stood from the widow seat to approach him.
“Hi!” She whispered, at a loss for words. The moment felt tense, and unreal, almost like the situation the two were facing at becoming new young parents.
She bit her lip at the thought that it took her getting pregnant to finally get his attention.
He lifted his eyes to look at her, and felt his throat tighten. “How you feeling?” He sincerely wanted to know.

She looked around to her new surroundings, then back to him. “Strange!”
He walked further into the room, to get a better look at her, before stuffing his hands back into his jean pockets. “I went to your house, but your mother said you moved out.” He voiced with sad eyes.

She let out a sarcastic giggle. “More like, got kicked out!”

Swallowing past the lump in his throat. “Because of the-

She cut him off, “Yeah!” She shook her head in tiredness as she continued to peer out her window. “My father wanted me to have an abortion.”
Max’s eyes grew wide, and he felt his first emotion as a new father… Pain! “Liz!” He voiced her name in compassion. More for her benefit then his.
She turned her head from the window to him. “I’ll understand if you want nothing to do with the baby. I’m willing to take full responsibility for it.” She turned her face back towards the view through the window. “I just couldn’t bare to do what he wanted me to do.”

He tightened his hands into a fist, as he struggled with his next words. He needed to say what he wanted in a right way. The thought that she had about him not wanting anything to do with a baby that he was thrilled about hurt him in a way, that was troubling. She really had so many wrong thoughts about him, about his actions, and everything about him. It was only natural, since he gave her that impression. God - He was so in love with this girl,… who was turning into a woman right in front of his eyes. She was carrying his baby, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t ecstatic about it. Scared, but happy non the less. This child would bound them together in some way for the rest of there lives, and that knowledge made him feel so secure.
Yet here she was standing in front of him, at a distance. She was different somehow, more alert, stronger somehow.

He cleared his throat as he moved closer towards her. Standing straight in front of her, Max rubbed his hands together, before tucking them back into his pockets.
“I’m here….. I’m not going anywhere!” God, he wanted to say so much more, if only he could calm his heart down some. The racing feeling going through his body felt like it was pulling him in every direction. His heart, his blood, his adrenaline, … He felt like he was about to explode.
She smiled slowly as he continued to look into her eyes. “That’s good! I’m glad you’ll be here for the baby!” His eyes were still trained on hers, as she broke eye contact to look back out the window.

There it is again, the difference he noticed before. Her distance, her newly built walls that were blocking every entrance way into her heart. It saddened him to finally acknowledge the difference, and to know that he was probably the one who caused it. He knew he shouldn’t of expected anything, he would be a fool to think otherwise, but Max was always a dreamer…..

He decided to try a different approach, a way to get her to at least open up, and be friends. Some sort of a start to ignite some kind of a relationship.
He calmed his heart again, and knew there was a long road ahead of the both of them. If she wasn’t going to be open, then he was about to open himself up to her, and show everything he had inside. Something that scared him to death, …something he had never done in his life.

He twiddled his fingers together as a walked around her new room, looking at everything. “Have you been to the doctors yet?” He asked a more serious question, something she knew nothing of. Her answer would be much more life impacting than she could ever imagine.

She turned from the window once again, her newly escape goat. The truth was, she felt the tension from just being in the same room with him, and she was trying her very best to keep a straight stance. The mere image of him in her eyes, sent her into shivers, and boggled her mind. “Not yet!” She turned her head downcast, with sad eyes. “I have no insurance, and I know my father won’t cover the charges.”

“Give me some time, and I’ll put you on my insurance.” Max replied.
She looked up at him with shock on her features. “Really?”
Shaking his head,.. “Yeah, I just got a really great job, and I already handed in my benefits. I just need some time to change them and have them reprocessed.”
She continued to stare at him in wonder. He really was a mystery. She really knew nothing about the father of the child she was carrying, and she wondered if she ever would.

He knew he had bought some time in telling her about him. He knew he should just do it now and get it over with, but he was scared straight out of his mind. He would tell her, just not today.
She whispered his name. “Max!”
Looking up at her in shock to his name on her lips. “Yeah?”
“Are you mad?”
He narrowed his eyes at her in confusion. “Mad?” What did she mean.
She placed her hands on her belly. “About the baby?”
His mouth hung open to the affectionate way she was caressing his child that laid nestled inside of her warm body. The first gesture the proved real of the baby that they had created. Closing his mouth, his eyes began to water. He shook his head no, as he looked deeply into her eyes. “No Liz, I’m not mad! I’m just sorry that you were the one who got hurt.”
She looked away from him, not sure how to take his mannerisms.
He continued… “I’m sorry Liz!”
She looked back at him, after hearing his apology.
“I’m so sorry for the way I’ve treated you. Not to mention making you a mother at such a young age.” He started what he wanted to really say, and tried with everything in him to not stop, but continue in showing her what was really in him. “I-It wasn’t at all what you think. It wasn’t what it appeared to be.”
She looked at him in confusion, but didn’t dare Interrupt him.
“There’s things about me Liz, that I was scared to show you. And after we did w-what we did that night two mouths ago,… well,.. you gotta believe that It meant everything to me.”
She still stared, unable to interrupt and ask the millions of questions she cried about every night.
“What I did Liz,…. The way I treated you afterwards, … I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t want it to be that way. Really!”

“Then why?” The first time she interrupted him.

He paused and closed his eyes. He knew she would ask. It was only natural to know why.
“It has to do with me Liz. About who I am….. Who I really am!”
“I don’t understand!?” She murmured, still confused at where he was going with his answers.

“I know, It is confusing!” He turned from her, as he scratched his head with his head. He walked over to the bed, and sat down. He brought his hands up to his mouth as he carefully thought out his choice of words. He felt at a stand still. Should he tell her, or shouldn’t he. He know he had to approach the subject sooner or later.
He thought about Isabel and Michael. And how they had been his only real family up to this point. Was this situation a God send in disguise?

Liz could tell he was in turmoil. She turned from the window, and walked over towards the bed to take a seat next to him. She kept her face turned from him, still not able to look at him. She desperately needed answers from him, yet, she didn’t want to push him. She could tell this was difficult for him.

“Liz!” He turned on the bed to face her, and even though she kept her face turned straight, he continued to talk. “There’s allot I need to tell you. Things that I’ve never told anyone before.”
She shook her head in confirmation that she was listening to him.
“It’s really hard for me to tell you these things when you won’t even look at me.” He was honest, and had to be.
She turned her head in his direction and glared hard at him. “I understand that you feel the need to explain yourself to me Max, but the way you treated me,… changed me.”
“How?” He asked softly. He wasn’t questioning her, but rather needed to know where she was emotionally.
She turned her head away again. “It hurt!” Her answers were short, and to the point.
He looked down at his shoes. “I know! I hated hurting you Liz!”
She shook her head, and kept silent, willing her tears to dry before they fell.
“It hurt me too!”
She rolled her eyes and sighed. “What are you talking about?”
“Trust me when I say it wasn’t my free will to treat you that way.” His voice was dry and emotional.
“Wasn’t your free will? Max, do you know how that sounds?”
Shaking his head… “Yeah, … but it’s true Liz!”
“Okay Max, then tell me, What was the reason why you had to treat me the way you did?” Her full attention was on him know, and he stared at her with wide eyes.

Still not saying anything, Liz stood from the bed. “Just what I thought. Look, this isn’t about us anyway, our conversation needs to stay on what’s important.”

Max stood from the bed next, and peered at her. “I’m going to tell you Liz. I’m just scared, Please,… give me some time.”
Liz turned to him. “Time? You need time to grow balls and tell me about your little secret.”

“Liz please, it’s not just about me.”
“What?” She was really confused. Was he with someone else. Was she just a side fling or something? Questions started flying. ”Did you use me Max?” Her eyebrows flared in anger.
Max held his hands up in defense. “No … No way Liz! It’s nothing like that at all. Look, Michael and Isabel are right out front.”
“What? Why” She was confused.
“Liz, they are the others that are involved.”
“Okay, now I’m really confused.” She narrowed her eyebrows tightly.
Max rubbed his index finger across his lip as he thought about what Isabel and Michael said earlier. That they were apart of this as well. He reverted his attention back to Liz with seriousness. His heart racing a mile a minute.
“Are you sure your ready for what I’m about to tell you?”
His seriousness scared her. “Yes!”
He walked back towards her door to exit.
“Where you going?” She asked.
He stopped to look at her. “To get Michael and Isabel. They need to be here when I tell you about us.”
‘About us!’ That didn’t sound right, she thought to herself, as she followed him out of her bedroom, and into the hall way. She continued to follow him to the front door, and watched as he waved Michael and Isabel in.

Alex and Maria stood in the kitchen entrance and watched with wonder…..


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PARTS 16-18

Part 16

Maria gasped as she seen Michael walk into her house. “What the hell?” She uttered grabbing everyone’s attention.

Liz and Alex looked on in confusion.
Max looked at Michael and Isabel. “I wanted the both of you to be here when I tell Liz the truth.” Isabel nodded, and Michael looked uncomfortable. “Here!” looking around at all the eyes on him, Michael noticed Alex and Maria staring.
“Can we go somewhere private Liz?” Max asked in a low voice.
Liz was still confused. Everything was happening so fast. “Liz?” Max called her name again, trying to show her how important this was, he was desperately putting himself out there for her, especially while he still had his nerve.

Coming out of her trance, Liz shook her head. “Oh yeah, about here?” She pointed towards the living room.
“Max!” Michael called out, almost in a warning tone.
Max looked back at Michael and glared before pulling Liz by the arm to talk to her to the side. “Liz, I don’t think you understand. What I have to tell you is very private.”

“I understand that Max.”

Max looked around. “Maria and Alex can’t know.”
She pulled out of his grasp, and Maria’s voice was heard. “We don’t keep secrets in this house.” Alex could be seen standing by her side shaking his head. “That’s right.” He concluded.
Michael rolled his eyes, as Isabel continued to bite her nails.
Turning back to Liz with wide eyes. “Liz,… please!”
“Max.” Liz sighed,… “When no one else was there, Maria was. Alex has went out on a limb for me as well. They are the closet two people in my life.”
Max flinched by her words, wishing he was apart of that core group closest to her heart.

“You don’t understand!” Michael piped in, with his stern voice.
“Oh Please!” Maria voiced with her hand on her hip. “You think you can walk into our house, and order who can and can’t hear your little secret.”

“Max!” Michael voiced in an agitated tone, before everyone started to argue.
“Shut up!” Isabel’s first words.
All eyes shifted to Isabel. She turned her attention on Liz. “Look, if your gonna be mad at anyone for the way Max treated you, then be mad at Michael and I!”
“What?” Liz uttered, before looking at Max. “What do you and Michael have to do with Max and I?”

All eyes remained on Isabel. “We had forbidden him from seeing you.”
“Forbidden?” Liz voiced in distaste.
“Isabel, don’t say anything else!” Michael ordered. Isabel glared at Michael. “Oh come on Michael, think about it. As soon as we tell Liz, she’s going to tell them.”

Maria and Alex shook their heads. “She’s right!” Maria voiced with sarcasm.

Rubbing his forehead with his hand, Max looked to Michael. “It’s your call, But I agree with Isabel.”

“Why is it his call?” Maria asked. “Who died and left him in charge!”

Everyone turned towards Maria, after her outburst.
“Because it’s his life at stake also!” Isabel uttered.
It was apparent that this left Liz, Maria, and Alex very confused.

Michael looked at Max. “I hope you know what your doing!”

“So do I!” Max voiced to Michael, before walking into the living room, leaving everyone else to follow.

He took a deep breath before turning to look at the three faces staring at him. Max was scared, it was now or never.
Maria, Liz and Alex all sat together on the couch, waiting to hear what was a life changing secret.
Isabel remained by the large window that over looked the front yard. Her fingers still in her mouth as she continued to bite her nails.

Letting out a breath of air. “Michael, Isabel and I,…. Were not from around here! We,…. Umm,.. well, were different!”

“Different, .. how?” Liz’s eyes narrowed in on the father of her child. So many emotions were swirling around in her heart. Confusion and fear at what she knew she was about to hear, Happiness, that Max was here, now ,… Making what ever sort of effort it was, to be apart of the baby’s life. And dare she hope, … apart of her life as well.

He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans for the second time that day. “Well see, this is the hard part!”

“Just spit it out!” Maria voiced sternly, glimpsing Michael rolling his eyes at her outburst.

Michael stood to his feet. “Were aliens!” Getting right to the point. He couldn’t lie, he was scared himself, and knew that it had to be said the way he said it.
Maria and Alex started to laugh, as Liz looked to Max confused. Isabel, Michael, and Max looked to each other when they realized they didn’t believe them.

Isabel walked away from the window. “He’s serious!”
Alex stopped laughing, as Liz’s squinted her eyes in irritation.

“Shut up!” She was angry. They were putting her through this,… playing with her, telling her jokes, and she just wasn’t in the mood. She didn’t have time for pranks.

“It’s true Liz!” Max spoke softly. His world at that moment was pushed in high gear. Everything revolved around Liz at that moment for him, and he was feeling flushed and edgy.

Maria kept quiet just staring at the others, as Alex looked at Liz, as she unleashed her feelings. .
“This isn’t funny Max!” Liz was furious.
Max walked over towards Liz, and bent down on his knees in front of her. “Liz, don’t you see, this was why I was so scared to get involved with you. It’s because of what I am, of what we are.”

“Are you like really green and slimy!” Maria asked, she wasn’t sure if she believed them or not, but she felt really goofy at the notion.

“No, What you see is what you get!” Isabel answered, as she stared at the three humans.
“Maria, there lying!” Liz screamed at her friend.
Max pulled her face towards him, with his hands, and looked into her eyes. “Liz, it’s true!”

She broke out of his embrace, and stood to her feet. “When your ready to be serious with me, then we’ll talk!”
She was about to walk away, but Michael grabbed her by the arm. “We’ll prove it!”

“Prove it?” Alex chimed in. “How?”
Michael looked towards Max. “Change something!”
Max shook his head, and walked over towards a small statue sitting on the mantle.
He changed the appearance from a blue porcelain dolphin, to a green frog.

“What the f-“ Alex was in shock…
Cutting him off in mid sentence, Maria stood to her feet. “How’d you do that?”
Max turned to look at Liz, who appeared to be standing frozen. “We can change the molecule structure.”
“Molecule what?” Maria asked, Feeling for her cedar oil in her pants pocket.

“Oh my God!” Liz was freaking out, as she ran away and into her room, shutting the door forcefully.

Max was crushed, as he closed his eyes, and let his head fall downward. Isabel stood to the side taking everything in, as Michael continued to talk. “We can change the appearance of objects.”

Maria stood still with her mouth agape, still unsure of how to act.
“Your serious!” Alex uttered.
Isabel and Michael shook their heads, as they watched Alex and Maria sit back down on the couch, flabbergasted.

They needed time to endure everything they were hearing. Michael was surprised that Maria was silent for the first time since knowing her.

“What else can you do?” Alex asked.
“You mean, your not scared or grossed out by us?” Isabel asked, stunned to his reaction.

“I’m not sure how I feel, but I’m not grossed out by it!”
Isabel was shocked, …still timid, but shocked. She always thought that her real identity would gross people out.

Maria hit Alex on the arm. “Ouch, what was that for?” Alex uttered as he rubbed the area Maria had just hit.

I’ve been your best friend in the whole world, besides Liz since kindergarten , and when I tried to tell you that Liz was pregnant, it took you forever to believe me. And these,.. these-“ Maria circled her hand in the direction of Michael, Max and Isabel. - “these alien people, or what ever they are, - that you hardly know by the way, … come in here and tell you they are aliens ,..and you believe them right away.”

Alex just looked at Maria. “They had proof. They changed the molecule structure,.. thingy over there.”

Rolling her eyes back as she threw her arms in the air. “Unbelievable!”

“Give her some time Max!” Michael said, as he put his hand on Max’s shoulder.
Max shook his head, and took a seat in the chair by the corner. He sat back and kept silent, listening to all the questions Alex was asking. He seemed to be the only one taking the news of what they really were, well. He wanted to go to Liz so bad, explain his reasoning to her, but knew that she needed this time to herself.

He was living in his own private hell, as he sat and wondered what Liz was thinking about him. ‘Did she regret their child now, knowing that it was part alien?’ ‘Did what he was, sicken her to her very core?’ The thoughts bombarded his mind, and he hated what he was even more.

“How did you get here?” Alex asked.
Isabel and Michael looked towards Max to explain.
Max looked up, and could hear Liz’s door open. He knew she was listening from a distance. He gave her the piece of mind of thinking that he didn’t know she was listening from down the hall, and continued in explaining to Alex about how they got here on Earth. He quickly calmed his nerves before beginning.
“We were in the 1947 crash, only we were placed in incubation pods.-
He continued to tell the tale old story of how they ended up here on earth, Alex looked fascinated, but Maria looked like she was on the verge of panic.

After everything was said, Max knew Liz was still listening to everything that was being said. “Max?” Maria called his name.
“Is Liz going to be okay?” Swallowing past the lump in her throat. “I mean, the baby, it’s part … well, part you!”
Max turned his face downcast. “I know!” He whispered softly, ashamed of what he was once again.
Maria continued. “Will this baby hurt her in some way? I mean, she’s human, and she’s carrying a baby that’s not quite like her.”
“We thought about this as well.” Isabel voiced. “We don’t know if it’s safe for her to carry this baby.”
Michael looked at Isabel and Max with worry, before turning his attention towards Maria and Alex. “Some of us, don’t think it worth the chance of her even carrying this baby to term.”
“Michael!” Max voiced his name in a warning tone.

“Well that’s too bad, because I’m going to have this baby!” Liz’s voice caused everyone to turned at her appearance.
Max looked up at her in surprise.
She stood her ground. “I don’t know what to think about you three yet, it’s all so unreal, but I believe you are what you say you are.” She had all sorts of emotions running through her.

“Liz,.. Please!” Max uttered moving closer towards her.
She held up her hand to stop him. “It’s been a long day! I think I just need some time.”

“Time?” Michael asked in agitation.

Liz turned towards Michael, not in the mood for his ignorance. “It’s not everyday that someone finds out that they lost their virginity to an alien, only then to discover their having a half alien baby.” She was stern, and growing quit tired of the way people were treating her.

“Okay,…. that was just a little to much information!” Alex replied with squinted eyes, as he scratched his forehead with his index finger.

Isabel looked at everyone with scared eyes. “I know that this situation is surreal, but please, …. We really are just as much human as you three.” She let her face turn downcast. “At least, I would like to think so.” Lifting her head high. “And would like to know what it feels like, for once,… not to have to look over my shoulder every second, in fear of our secret getting out.”

Alex spoke softly. “I’ll never tell anyone!” Everyone turned to look at him for his sincere words. Isabel glared at him with wet eyes, before walking out of the front door.

Maria was still speechless, remaining quiet as she continued to sniff her oil.

Liz turned her focus towards the floor tile, as she felt Max’s presence come up beside her.
“I’m sorry for who I am. I always new that what I was, was never good enough for you.”
He stared intently at her face, as she raised her head to meet his gaze. The things he was telling her, she knew he truly felt by the searing emotion in his voice. It suddenly became oddly apparent to Liz, that these were the things that tormented and plagued
Max Evans.

“I just need time. Just please,.. give me some time!” She whispered for him to hear, as Max shook his head in confirmation. “Of Course.”
He wanted so much to hug her before he left, to go home and face the drama from his parents. He continued to stand there and stare at her.

“Coming Max?” Michael asked, as he waited by the door.
Breaking eye contact against his will. “Yeah, be right there!” He turned his attention back to Liz. “If anything weird happens, or if you need me-

Shaking her head.. “Yeah, … I-I’ll call you!”
He stared point blank into her eyes. Something so personal to do, and yet, he wanted to get as personal as possible with her. He wanted to learn every intimate detail that made her who she was. But that would be an ongoing process, something that would take time to learn.
Shaking his head, feeling confident in the answer she gave him. “Okay!” He whispered before slowly following Michael out the door.

He hopped up into the drivers seat of his jeep, and started the engine. He turned sideways at the feel of someone’s hand on his shoulder. “It’s going to work out Max. I think she just needs time to digest everything that she learned today.” Isabel voiced with a tight voice.

Max shook his head, knowing that deep down, …she was right!


Part 17

He slowly closed the front door behind him, as he glared into the kitchen. Seeing his parents sitting at the kitchen table, knowing they were waiting for his arrival, Isabel turned to her brother lovingly. “I can talk to them with you, if you’d like?”

He smiled for his sister. “No, .. this is something I need to face myself.”
She hugged her brother tightly before starting for the stairs that led to her bedroom.

He sighed deeply to himself before walking into the kitchen. His father stood from his seat as he seen his approaching son. Diane turned in her seat to look at her son, evidence of crying on her face.

“Mom, Dad!”

“Sit down son, we need to talk!” Phillip was not happy.

Max pulled the chair out and sat down. His face hardened by the new turn of events in his life. He knew he should feel bad, feeling he was letting his parents down, but the truth was he was going to be a father. He felt like he should be handing out cigars instead of hearing a lecture from his parents.

“The Parkers were here a while ago!” Phillip added, as Diane kept a straight face.

“I know Dad. I’ve done talked to Liz,… I know everything.”

“And!” Phillip was confused. He couldn’t tell how his son was feeling, but most importantly he had no idea what to say to Max. He never expected this to happen to his son at such a young age.

Max fidgeted in his seat. “And, I’m prepared for the responsibility.” He was at a loss for
words. What do you say to your father, at a time like this. Max felt like he had to apologize about something that made him ecstatic.

Phillip felt like his eyes were about to bulge out. “Max! … Your only 17 years old!”

“Dad, I’ll be 18 in less then a mouth.”

Phillip began to pace the floor. “I can’t believe this,… Diane say something!”

Caught off guard, Diane’s eyes grew wide. She suddenly turned her sad eyes towards her son. “Max!” Her words were laced with hurt. “This situation, .. It-it completely took us by surprise. We never even knew you were in a relationship with the Parker girl.”

“Her name is Liz, Mom, and,… well our relationship kinda confused me as well.” Max didn’t want to go into detail about the night his child was conceived. He was ashamed how he treated Liz, but most important he wanted his parents to except this pregnancy.
“I know it’s shocking,… believe me, I’m shocked myself. I totally didn’t see this coming, but please believe me when I say that I’m going to take full responsibility for my actions.” His face was contorted from his pain. “And, …. I’m going to work extra hard to give my child a good life, I know I’m young, and I can’t change what happened, All I can do is except it, and go on.”

Phillip continued pacing. “Max, How can you possibility go to College full time, work at the firm, and raise a child. It’s too much Max.”

“What are you saying Dad? Your acting like your trying to talk me out of being the father that I am, like I have a choice.”

“I’m just trying to show you how difficult this is going to be.”
“I already know that It’s going to be difficult, Dad. It’s also going to be demanding, and more then likely I wont be able to sleep for another four years, but that’s life. I’ve accepted my responsibility.”

“What about Liz?” Diane asked. “What does she want to do?”

Diane saw Max’s face change from the mention of Liz’s name. “She got the worst end of the deal.”

Phillip stopped pacing. “What do you mean?” His eyebrows narrowed together.

Max raised his face, looking his father in the eyes. “Her father kicked her out.”

Diane gasped, as Phillip widen his mouth in shock. “She got kicked out? Where she staying?” Neither Phillip or Nancy could believe the outcome of Liz’s fate. They were angry at there son for being so careless, but never could they be so cruel as to kicking him out.

“She’s living with a friend. She’s okay now, but there’s no way she can go to the college she was going to attend now. This pregnancy is really going to change her life, but she’s excepted it, and I’m going to help her the best I can.”

“Good honey, I’m proud of you.” Diane voiced with sincere eyes.
Phillip glared at his wife. “What?”

Phillip shook his head. “I’m just not happy about this!” Phillip voiced with frustration.

“Do you think I am?” Diane moaned to her husband, as Max watched the two. “But what’s done is done, we can’t very well ground him Phillip.”
Shaking his head in agitation, Phillip was at a loss on how to handle this situation. He felt like he had failed his family, that he hadn’t guided his only son the way that he should’ve.

Max eyed his tormented father. “Dad,.. Please. I didn’t mean to let you down, I-I just really need to have you behind me on this. Because if you’re not, well,… it’s going to make this whole situation even harder on me then it already is.”

Phillip started pacing the floor again, as he let his son’s words sink in.

Max continued. “You’re the one person in my life that has confidence in me Dad! And that means a lot to me. It kills me to know that I’ve disappointed you, as much as I have, but please, …You have to know that you’ve taught me enough to take this situation and make it work out. I don’t know yet what’s going to happen, or how it’s all going to turn out, but I’m going to make it work. I’m going to take care of this baby, and take the responsibility seriously. Something you’ve always taught me to do.”

Diane started to tear up at her sons heartfelt words to his father.

“This baby is innocent, and doesn’t deserve the treatment that Liz’s parents are giving. Please, …don’t treat my baby the same way.” Max blinked back his tears, as he pleaded with his parents. His parents were speechless, so he continued. “I love you both so much, but this is my baby, my blood, someone that I created, and I already love this child so much.”

Nancy spook as her tears seeped from her eyes. “Max! We would never do that. Your father and I would never turn our backs on you, for any reason. I admit that I feel to young to be a grandmother, and that I would rather attend your wedding before the birth of your first child, but I would never dare treat you or this baby in such a manner. Please,.. you have to know that I love you … unconditionally!”

Phillip was at a loss for words. He had never seen or heard Max speak so personally or emotionally about anything before. It was very apparent where this child laid claim in his heart. “Your mothers right Max! “ He rubbed his face with his hands, before stuffing them into his pants pockets. “Where here for you always. That includes this baby as well.”

Max stood from his chair. “Thank you!” Uttering his thankfulness, Max pulled both of his parents into his embrace.

Diane pulled back from her son to speak. “Also, I would really love to get to know the mother of my grandchild a little better.”

Max smiled. “I’ll see what I can do.”


Setting the hot cup of Tea down in front of her, Liz continued to stare into nothing, lost in her thoughts. Her dark raven hair still wet from the shower she had taken earlier, Liz pulled her white cotton robe more snug to her cold body.
“How you feeling, Chica?” Maria asked, as she took a sip of her tea.

Liz slumped her shoulders. “I don’t know. Confused, Lost, “ Turning her head in her friends direction. “Scared!” Liz narrowed her eyes, in reference to her last word, showing how true it was.
Maria shook her head, showing she was listening. “I bet! Well, I can understand the scared part, but,… What’s confusing you?”

“Well, It’s almost like I feel much better knowing the reason for the way he treated me the way he did, after sharing.. umm” Liz cleared her throat,.. “After what we shared, Knowing that it wasn’t his feeling that turned him away from me, but rather something much more life impacting.

“Yeah?” Maria listened intently.

Liz continued,… “He certainly had a good reason for how he treated me. I’ll give him that,…But an alien……” Liz made a face that clearly showed she was still in shock.

Shaking her head,… “For real!” Maria was definitely on the same page with Liz’s thoughts. “How does that make you feel?”

Liz had to think about that question for a moment. “I don’t know!”

Maria extended her hand out to cover Liz’s. “Does it make you love him less?”

Liz was still a moment. Then started to speak slowly. “I don’t think so. It just puts me into a whole different situation. I mean, …… I’m starting to question myself. Do I really love him? I mean, I really don’t know anything about him Maria!” Liz narrowed her eyes, showing her agony.

“Well,….. Why did you think you loved him before?”

Liz thought for a moment. “I think I loved the way he handled me.”

“Elaborate on that Please!” Maria was to the point.
Scooting her chair closer towards Maria’s, Liz continued. “That night,… God Maria, it was awesome.”

Setting her cup down. “I see!” Still listening, Maria knew that her best friend and her were about to go into personal territory, and she couldn’t lie, She loved it.

Liz started swinging her hands in the air, gesturing her emotions. “It was like, ….like,… we didn’t care if we didn’t know each other, we just wanted each other badly. We wanted to feel the other in a way that wasn’t wrong. It’s so hard to explain it Maria, but it was a moment that I’ll never forget.”

Maria stared at her friend, completely lost in what she was saying.. “Go on!”
Listening to Liz was like reading a romance novel, only it wasn’t cheesy.
She kept her face propped up on her hand, as she listened intently to Liz’s words.
Hanging on to each one.

Liz smiled. She sat back in her chair and sighed. “It was a moment that was short lived.” She sighed again, as she brought her hand to her belly to rub. “And it brought life changing consequences.”

Maria frowned. “There’s no doubt that Max hasn’t fallen for you.”

“Maybe?” Liz voiced. “But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m carrying a half alien baby,… and it doesn’t make this situation any less scary for me!”

Maria lifted her hand in the air, showing she was about to make a point. “No!,… But it does mean, he’ll be here for you. You may be scared Liz, but you’ll never be alone. And I’m not talking about me, because you know I’ll always be here. But I’m talking about him. Something tells me, that this baby means everything to him.”

Liz leaned forward. “What gives you that idea?” Maria always had a way of reading people.

Scratching her eyebrow, Maria looked to Liz like she was blind. “Come on Liz! Think about it. This boy never had no one who knew him completely except two other people that fate threw at him. Two other people who are just like him. It certainly wasn’t his choice to have the life that was destined for him.” Placing her palms on the table, Maria leaned forward. “But now,…. Now, the tables have turned for him. Suddenly the girl he had always admired from afar knows about him, and is carrying his baby that will be his family. His true family. Someone that he doesn’t have to hide who he is from. Someone that he can love unconditionally. And yet it is the girl who he had always wanted who is giving him this gift.”

Liz narrowed her eyebrows .

“Face it Liz, he may be scared shitless, just like you,… But Max Evans is on cloud nine…. No,… scratch that,… cloud ninety-nine.”

“Noooo!” Liz couldn’t believe what her friend was saying. “This baby only puts a damper on his life.”

Maria took another drink of her tea. “If you really believe that Liz, then I feel sorry for you!”


“Because, if you keep feeding yourself that lie for too long, you may just miss your chance at the only happiness life throws your way.”

Liz looked at Maria, yet remained silent.

Part 18

It’s not professed to know how to handle things thrown your way in life, and yet you’re suppose to do the best you can. Handle life’s flaws that make there way into your life, claim them, then turn them into your strengths. And some how, in some way,… you move forward.
Liz rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes, as she dipped her toe into the hot bubble bath that awaited her. She slowly slide down the white porcelain tub, until she touched bottom, and released her long awaited sigh. Somehow, it seemed as if she had held it in all day.
Right now, at this moment, she was relaxing in a wonderful hot bubble bath, when she really was suppose to be in Biology class. It was Monday, and Graduation was Saturday,
And the week in between, was basically a week to say goodbye to your friends, and teachers, and also to make sure your lockers where cleaned out. She really didn’t see the point why Maria, and Alex continued to go.
Liz breathed in deeply, rubbing her hands up her shoulders, as she dipped her head back. The steam from the water started to envelope her, as Liz fell into a haziness…
She hadn’t ate properly in two days, mainly, because the things she liked, Maria didn’t have in the house. She needed to go to the grocery store, and buy a boat load of Tabasco sauce, and pig out. And she would, …as soon as she had her moment of relaxation.

Thoughts of him invaded her mind once again, and she wasn’t sure yet how to feel about him. With her heart, she still felt so much love for him, but with her mind, … that voice, … just kept reminding her how different the two were. She wasn’t scared, wasn’t disgusted by the notion, but more like,…. lied to.
She rubbed her eye lids with the tips of her wet fingers, as she kept her eyes closed. The talk she had with Maria the other day played over and over again like a broken record player. The thing that scared her was not what she already knew, but what else she didn’t. If she felt this strongly about Max, how much more could she feel once he did show her everything else about him. You certainly can’t learn all there is about a person in a short amount of time. She soon began to wonder what he smelled like after a warm shower, how he looked when he woke up in the mornings, and what was his favorite color.
It was the simple things that stumped Liz Parker. The small things in everyday life, that so many seem to over look. She wanted to know those things, feel those things, and be apart of those things with Max Evans.
The hard part was letting herself. Everything seemed to be right there at her fingertips. The things she had cried over night after night because she wanted them, but couldn’t have them. Suddenly, Max Evans let her into his secret world,… Only it happened a little to late. The walls were already built, the tears had already been spilled, and the brokeness already endured. It was the strongness that outlined Liz Parkers existence. Put there because her trust was abused, and trampled on, only crumbled and waiting for her to fix it some how. And she did, but with a consequence. It made her hard, stern, with a heart, protected by many yield signs.

She soon began to think about this baby that linked her to him. This precious child, that she was giving her dreams up for. She knew it was worth it, and she would fight to her death to protect her baby. It saddened her, that her father wouldn’t support her on this. It made her feel even more rejected, and insecure in herself. It’s the fathers love that a girl needs. That acceptance, and understanding. She only hoped that Max could provided that for this child that she was carrying.
A light smile swept across her face as she wondered about the sight of Max and their baby together. She wondered what kind of father he would turn out to be. He was young, and so was she, …and she could only hoped that they would do the best that they could.

“Maria?” Max tapped on Maria’s shoulder.
Turning away from her locker , Maria smiled for Max. “Hey Max, what’s up?”
He smiled, glad that the tension was gone between the two. He relaxed some before releasing his breath.
“I was wondering where Liz is today? I didn’t see her in Biology. Is everything okay?”
Maria could see the concern on his face, and knew that he was worried, only he did a poor job of hiding it.
“She’s okay. She’s just…. I don’t know,…. I just think that this place is depressing her.”
“But she loves school.” Max replied.
Shaking her head, “Yeah, ….she does.”
Suddenly his eyes grew wide. “Is this because of her scholarship?”
Maria gave a sad smile. “I think it is, but she wont admit it.” Maria turned to put the rest of her books in her carrying bag, as Max walked around to her side.
“Why is it that she can’t go to school, I mean, there’s lot’s of students attending UNM, Who are excepting.”

“It’s more complicated then that.”
Max crossed his arms in front of him. “Explain it to me!”
Maria sighed, then place her book down, to give Max her full attention.
“It all boils down to her parents. See,…. Her parents were providing her with her transportation to and from college. And, her scholarship didn’t cover the cost of her books, and some other items.”
“So, that’s it!” Max felt bad.
Maria placed her hands on her hips. “I think she’s also scared to be in public with this pregnancy.”
“What!” Max felt hurt, ‘Was she ashamed of carrying his baby?’ The doubts started flying.
Maria threw her hands up. “Calm down Lover boy!” Maria looked around at her surrounding before speaking again. “I think that she’s scared that abnormal things may happen with this pregnancy. I mean,… none of us really know what to except…. Once this is done, and she gives birth, I’m pretty sure, she’s going to proceed with College then.”

Max turned his face downcast. “She’s really dealing with a lot. I’m worried about her.”

“Yeah, so am I!”

Max looked up at her again. “Did you tell her I called last night?”

Shaking her head, “Yes, and the night before, and the four times that day.”
Looking at her with sarcasm. “So, I should be taking the hint, huh?”
“No!” Maria grabbed Max’s arm. “Don’t you dare give up on her. I know she’s a tough cookie, but if you give up on her too, then I’m scared of what may happen.”

“Help me out here Maria, … What should I do.”

“Exactly what you’ve been doing. .. Look!,… Liz is going through a lot. Her future plans have changed, she’s pregnant, her father disowned her, and she has no source of income. She feels like a failure Max. I mean, … think about it, I know that the only thing that brings a smile to her face right now is this baby.-

Max cut in,.. “She’s really happy about the baby?” He was hopeful.
“Yeah, … she talks about the baby all the time. It still seems surreal to her that she’s going to be a mother, but she’s happy nonetheless.”

Max smiled, and Maria looked at him funny. “Your whipped!”
Max turned to her with wide eyes. “What!”
“You heard me!” Maria uttered, before shutting her locker.
“Where you going?” Max asked, following behind her.
She turned her head. “Home to check on Lizzy! ….Wanna come?”


“Yeah, come on. I’ll just tell her that you gave me a ride home, so that Alex could use my car to drive himself home after school.”
“You mean lie?”
Shaking her head. “Pretty much!”



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Part 19

She pulled her white cotton robe tighter around her waist, as she walked into the kitchen. Pulling out a pen and piece of paper, she began to make a grocery list. She suddenly felt that all to familiar pang in her stomach, and she started to panic once her head began to spin. Her dizziness was growing stronger, and Liz quickly walked into the living room, to lay on the couch, while she still had control of her knees. She didn’t want what happened last time to happen again, when she got so dizzy that her knees grew weak, and she fainted.
She laid her head back on the cushion, and tried to steady her breathing. She hated how these spells came along out of the blue without any warning, and wondered how in the world she was going to get around this dizziness without anyone around. She needed food, her body was demanding it, and she couldn’t provide. She knew she had no more strength left to pick herself up, and go to the grocery store, and get what she needed. She looked at the clock, hoping Maria and Alex would be home soon, but they had two more hours left, till school ended.
She sighed loudly, rubbing her face with her hands. She felt like crying, screaming, anything that reflected her agitation.
Soon, the hunger had intensified, and Liz felt like she was about to pass out. Her eyes clouded with haziness, and soon, all Liz could see,.. was black…..

Maria closed the front door behind her and Max and called out for Liz. Max stuffed his hands into his pockets, feeling very nervous. Turning his head, Max glimpsed Liz’s limp body sprawled out on the couch. He called her name… “Liz!” First quietly, until he got a better look at her. “Liz!” Calling her name more loudly this time, Max came to her side, with Maria in tow.
Her lips were starting to darken with a blue tint.
Maria started to panic, as Max began to tremble.
“Oh My God, Lizzy, what’s wrong?” Maria fell to her knees, beside the couch. Max looked horrified.
“I’m -hungry. I-I need -to go -to the store!” Her words were coming out in little puffs.
“What,… but I’ve kept the fridge stocked since you been here.”
Shaking her head, as the sweat misted on her brow. “No!…. It doesn’t -taste -right.”
Max lowered closer to her, and placed his hand over Liz’s belly. His hand began to glow green, as he closed his eyes in concentration. Liz and Maria’s eyes grew wide in shock.

“What the-“

Max cut Maria off. “The baby’s starving! Liz why aren’t you eating?” His eyes were wide and wet, as his voice grew emotional.
She could hardly breath,.. her strength was gone, and she was stunned to here the news about the baby starving. “I-It doesn’t -taste -right…Need Tabasco!”
“What?” Maria was confused.

Max smiled unsteadily. “Your eating habits have changed?!?”
When he seen Liz nod her head, he quickly stood, and pulled his keys from his pocket
“Where you going?” Maria called out.
“To get her some food!”
“I still don’t understand!” Maria throw her arms up.
“I’ll explain later.” And Max was out the door, running towards his jeep.

Maria turned towards Liz’s frail body, hard to believe a little baby lived in there. “It’s going to be okay Liz. I knew I shouldn’t of left you.”
Going to the kitchen to retrieve a cold rag, Maria walked back into the living room, and began to pat Liz’s forehead. Soothing her with encouraging words.

Max quickly returned with a bag full of groceries. Running into the kitchen, He opened every cabinet for a bowl.
“What are you looking for?” Maria asked stunned by his hastiness.
“A bowl?”
“Here!” Maria opened the cabinet and retrieved a bowl.
Max quickly snatched it from her, and poured some fresh fruit in it, that he got from the market. Then he pulled a large bottle of Tabasco sauce from the bag, and opened it. Pouring the red spicy sauce over the fruit, Maria gasped.
“Max!…. Your not going to give that to Liz,.. are you?” Her face tighten by the smell.
Max had no time for Maria, and her questions. “Trust me Maria!”

He quickly walked into the living room, and kneeled beside a weaken Liz.
“Here Liz, I got you some fruit.”
Her eyes opened slightly from the smell of the Tabasco, and she smiled weakly.
“Here!” Max held a fresh strawberry drenched in Tabasco to her mouth. “Eat this Liz!” He was stern, and terrified that something could’ve happened to Liz or the baby, had not Maria and him left school early.
She opened her mouth to Max’s fingers that held the fruit, and bit down.
His eyes were trained on her lips and how they lightly grazed his fingers. Shaking his head, he picked up another piece of fruit and continued to feed her, until Liz had eaten everything in the bowl. Max slowly reassured himself that everything was going to be okay. The fear that gripped his heart at the site of her, was something that he never wanted to see again.
Her strength was returning, and it gave him some comforted, but fruit wasn’t enough to go on. He stood and looked down to Liz. “I’m Fixing you more to eat, You need more then this fruit.”
She went to stand, but Max pushed her back onto the couch.
“Max!” She was feeling much better.
“NO Liz! Stay on the couch, I want you to rest.”
“But I’m fine. … Really!”
“No, …..I mean it Liz. Lay back down, I’m going to cook you some dinner.” He wasn’t giving into her, and even though it was killing him, her safety was more important.
She gave him a look, but quickly laid back down, once she seen his seriousness. “Fine!”

Maria followed him into the kitchen. Stopping in front of him, she quickly sniffed the oil from her tiny capsule, then stuffed it back into her pocket. “What’s with the Tabasco Max, and what the hell did you do to her stomach? Why was a green light coming from your hand?” Maria was scared, and wanted answers, tapping her foot on the kitchen tile, Maria stared at Max sternly.

“That’s what I want to know!” Liz voiced, standing in the kitchen entrance. Maria and Max looked to where she was standing.
“I told you to-“
Liz cut Max off,.. “I know!” She uttered, as she raised her hand. “I really do feel much better.” She walked closer to him, her eyes trained on his. “How did you know the baby was starving?” Her voice was tender, and concerned.

Max shuttered by the way she peered into his eyes with her own. His throat constricted, as he noticed once again, what he always had noticed. …Her beauty! It seized him at times, and held him captive. Moments when he would loose himself staring, and escaping into a daydream about her, in the past when he admired her from a distance. She was absolutely perfect in his eyes,… absolutely beautiful, by his definition.

He looked from a nervous Maria, to a curious Liz.
Clearing his throat. “There’s still a lot that you don’t know about me!”

“Really?” Maria uttered as she placed her hands on her hips. “Do tell!” Her mood was more calmer. “But first, … should we prepare ourselves for a life changing secret?”

“Nooooo!” Max rolled his eyes. “Nothing like that!”

“Then what?” Liz sat on one of the stools that rounded the island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Well….” Max relaxed his shoulders some, and walked around the kitchen to prepare Liz’s dinner. He continued… “I can do other things, besides change objects.”

“Really?” Dragging out her sentences,…Maria was interested. “Like what?”
Liz was also highly curious.
Washing off a tomato, then taking out a knife to slice it, Max continued ,,, “I can connect with people, and-

Maria held up her hand.. “Wow, wow, wow,…. Connect?” She was confused.
Setting the knife down, then going over to preheat the oven, Max turned to Maria. “Yeah, connect.”
“Explain!” Maria was to the point.
“Well,… For instance when I connected with the baby,--
Liz cut him off this time. “You connected with the baby?” She was astonished. “What was it like?” She wanted to know every detail..

“Well,.. she let me know that she was hungry.”
“She?” Liz uttered with wide eyes.
“Oops!” Max’s hand flew to his mouth. “I’m sorry Liz, … Did you want to be surprised?”

Liz turned her shocked face sideways, almost lost in thought.

“Liz!” He called her name, and smiled, as she turned to him. “What else do you know about her?” She wanted to know everything.

“Not a whole lot, I didn’t stay connected to long. I only wanted to make sure she was okay.”

“So,… anyway … explain what it is about connecting?” Maria was still confused.

“It’s sort of like looking into someone’s life. I’m able to see everything.”

“Everything?” Maria voiced slowly.

Shaking his head in confirmation, Max pulled some chicken out of the freezer, and put it into the microwave to defrost. “Yeah, pretty much. It’s like looking at a photo album and seeing that person’s life, right in front of you. Except,… well, you don’t only see things, you feel them.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked with curious eyes.

Max loved being in her company, having a conversation. It was all new, and he was loving it.
“Well,.. like,.. I could feel what the baby was feeling. I could sense her presence strongly, and because she hasn’t been born yet, it wasn’t much to see, so in the babies case, there was more to feel. I could feel her hunger, and agitation."

Maria giggled. “Just like her mother.” Max smiled widely, as Liz glared at her.

“Enough with questioning me, I want some answers from you Liz!” Max looked pointedly at her.

“Me?” Liz said pointing to herself.

Shaking his head in confirmation, Max smiled. “When did you start eating Tabasco with your food?” He needed to be more involved in this pregnancy, and even though the tension was still high, he needed to be more aware of the occurrences that Liz endured. He wouldn’t be able to undergo another episode like today. And who knew what else would happen.

Maria looked pointedly at her friend as well. “Yeah Liz,… what’s up with the Tabasco, and why didn’t you tell me?”

Feeling the pressure of their gazes, Liz looked away as she talked. “Well, when it first happened, I didn’t understand it myself. At the time, I didn’t even know I was pregnant.”

“Didn’t you find it weird that all the sudden you were eating the stuff?” Maria muttered.

“Yeah, I found it very weird, but I dismissed it,… I had no time to figure out what was wrong with me. Then,.. I started to notice other symptoms.”

“Like what?” Max asked, narrowing his eyebrows.

“Like,.. Dizziness, and I was more tired then usual.”

“Yeah you were!” Maria added. “I remember!”

Liz continued. “I suspected that I could’ve been pregnant, but was in total denial.”

Max looked to Liz with concern. “Is there anything else that’s been happening? Anything at all?”

Liz thought for a moment. “Nothing major, just some strange mood swings,… I guess that’s what you would call them.”

Max looked intently at Liz, almost like he was about to dissect her. Pulling up a stool next to hers, Max leaned against the counter for support. “Explain them to me,… these…these…. mood swings.” He wasn’t taken any chances. This wasn’t a normal pregnancy, Liz was very much human, and he wasn’t. He vowed to himself that he would watch her very carefully threw this ordeal.

“Well,… it’s like these feelings,…. Only there strange to me,.. I don’t understand why I’m feeling them.” She knew she wasn’t making any sense, but that was the best why she could describe her current position.

“Okay!.. Could you be a little more confusing? Maria stated, as she stared at Liz.

“See, I told you, it was strange!”

Max gave Maria a look, scooting his stool closer towards Liz’s. “No,… no it’s not strange Liz. Come on, .. try to explain it a little clearer to me.”

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear,.. Liz continued, feeling flushed under Max’s intense gaze. “Like earlier,.. One minute I’m sad, and depressed, and the next thing I know, a happiness shoots up within me. Like it consumes my senses,.. almost like overlapping my emotions.”

“But you have no idea where it came from, or why?”

Shaking her head,.. ”No,… I don’t understand it.”

“Liz!… I think the baby’s connecting with you,… you don’t know it, because you don’t understand it.” Max could see the chances in her facial expressions. From confused, to curious, to anxious to understanding.

“She is?” Liz spoke slowly.
“I’m pretty sure, she is. I mean, that’s what it sounds like to me. And if that’s the case, then this connection between the two of you, tells us a lot about our child.”

“Like what?”

“Like, she’s growing at a rapid pace, if her emotions and feelings are already fully developed to be able to overlap yours. … I mean, when I connected with her, even though it was brief, it was pretty strong. She should be only a little over two mouths , and already she’s showing signs of maturity.”

Liz looked astonished, as she stared down at her flat belly. She moved her hand warmly over the surface of her smooth skin, as a smile captured her lips. “I want to learn more Max!” She raised her face to look at him. “Tell me more!”

Max smiled at her openness, and curiosity to learn more about their child. Their was no doubt in his mind of what kind of mother she was going to be to their daughter, and it made him feel like things were starting to change between them. Maybe, just maybe, this was the start of something big between them as a couple…


Part 20

He smiled at her hand gestures when she tried to explain herself, and yet it never came out right. He just stared at her, as she picked over her food that Max had made her,… and openly loved the freedom of it. She noticed his eyes trained on her, when she spoke, and loved how he gave her his full attention,.. making her feel as if she were the most important thing is his world. And if only she didn’t deny herself to believe what was so evident, maybe she would see what everyone else saw in there newly made group,… was that she is the most important thing is his world. He sat beside her on the couch as she continued explaining the different feelings and cravings she’s had so far while being pregnant, all the while occasionally shoving vegetables into her mouth, drenched in Tabasco sauce. She explained everything that had come over her in the last two mouths regarding the baby, and tried her hardest to stay away from matters of the heart. She wanted so desperately to get through her conversations with Max on a dry note, and didn’t want to talk about what really hurt her. She wanted to sweep it under the rug, and not deal with it. Her life was already In enough chaos as it was.
She picked up the sharp knife from the side of her tray, to cut her chicken, when the phone rang and startled her, making her drop her knife, cutting the side of her wrist in the process.
“Oww” Liz screamed, as blood began to seep through her fresh wound. Max’s eyes grew wide, as he jumped off of the couch, and pulled her to her feet.

“Stay still!” Max ordered softly, as he covered the wound with his hand. Liz watched him stare into her eyes, not knowing what to expect next.

He was in,… the connection was made, and it was easier then he thought it would be, maybe because of the link between the two, that was growing in her womb.
That’s when it hit him, … HARD!
The emotions … the pain that she’s felt over the past two mouths,.. it was too much.
He received images of her crying on her bed night after night over the way he avoided her, and knew that her pain had went deeper then he imagined.
He healed her wound, and seen the questioning look on her face.
“That’s another thing I can do!” He softly spoke.
She looked up from her healed wound, and looked deeply into his eyes. “You healed me!”
He smiled… “Yeah!” The silence was .piercing., his heart felt heavy.
She felt different, .. inside,…… like he was there. “I- I-“ Her eyes looking everywhere but at him.

“I’m sorry!” He cut her off, knowing what she was thinking.

She looked at him hard, with wonder,.. she needed someone, … wanted someone, .. and yet, she was scared to turn to him for comfort. She wanted to be held, .. wanted to cry her eyes out at the situation she fell into, but she felt alone.
It was her own fault, .. she was scared, and know he knew. She knew he did. It touched her that he healed her, and wondered if he felt the same spark that she did when he did it.

He reverted his eyes downward, as she uttered her mouth movements, trying her hardest to say something to stop the tension.
He looked up at her with deep saddened eyes, that pierced deep into her soul, causing her to gasp loudly. She’d never seen anything so beautiful, and yet it wasn’t the way he looked, but the way he looked at her. He was venerable, only because he was laying his heart open for her to do what she wished to do. It was scary, and hard, but he was doing it on his free will.

He wanted something from her, .. he sent it to her through the brief connection he formed with her to heal her cut, and she wondered if he did it on purpose or by accident.

“Hey guys!” Alex interrupted as he walked in through the front door. “Where’s Maria?” He noticed he had interrupted something between the two, and use Maria’s name as an scapegoat.

“Oh,.. Alex,… Hey what’s up?” Liz voiced cheerfully….” Maria went over to visit her mother!”
Alex looked at her with weird eyes, wondering what was up with her.
Liz swallowed hard, feeling saved by the interruption. Max was feeling irritated.
“Umm,… oh, okay Thanks! Ugh,..Liz?”
“Yeah Alex?”
“What’s wrong with you?”
Max looked to Liz in wonder of how she was going to answer.
“Oh, nothing,… just glad to see you.”
“Umm, hmm,.. Well, okay, see ya.” Alex said before walking down the hall and into his room.
Max crossed his arms, and turned fully towards Liz. “Liz!” He wanted to talk.
She ran her fingers through her hair. “What time is it?” She looked over to the high wall, to look at the clock.

“It’s early!… Liz, please sit down.” He pulled her by the arm to the couch.
She let out a breath of air, and closed her eyes.
“Why are you so scared?” Max whispered. He didn’t want the rest of the house to know the conversation he was about to have with her.
She looked at him. “Max,… I’m pregnant, and don’t know anything about babies,.. not to mention I’m only seventeen myself.”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about Liz!”
“What Max!” She hated this,… and knew where he was taking this.
“Liz,.. Please,…. Talk to me. Tell me what I did to you.”
She pointed towards her belly, trying to humor him.
“I’m not joking Liz. … I know your scared about the baby, but I also know your happy about her also.” He moved closer towards her,… “Tell me what happened to you. …Tell how to make it the way it was.” She turned tired eyes towards him. “We can’t go back Max.” She looked down at her hands laying in her lap. “We can never go back. What’s done is done.” “But the way I feel,-“
She cut him off,.. “I know how you feel –“
“Yes!… Because you feel the same way Liz! I felt it!” His words were laced with certainty.
She looked away from him. “Max, Please!”
He pulled her face towards his quickly, then slowly eased his lips to hers. He kissed her sweet lips with all the love he had for her, and she fell deeper into his arms. She wanted so badly what he was giving her, but she felt uncertain if she should take it. She wanted to trust him with her heart again, but found it hard to. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as he pulled her closer to him. Wrapping his arms around her small waist, he revealed in the feel of Liz’s mouth. It felt good,…felt right,…. Felt like home. The wetness between the two connecting lips was pure bliss. It was him and her mixed together, … joining together at the lips, and creating a sweetness that tasted like heaven. She moaned at the taste of him, tasting him for the first time in over two mouths, and she never remembered him tasting so good,… feeling so good. His mouth was warm and soft, with a hint of Tabasco mixed in, that sent her taste buds craving more. She moaned softly, forgetting everything around her. His tongue rubbing softly against hers…Her moan excited him,… He held her tighter, loving the feel of her mouth, .. something he missed dearly. He moved his hand down her body, and rested on their child, that laid nestled in her body. The thought send chills down his back, … ‘Liz Parker was carrying his child. His baby daughter, that he hoped looked like her.
She pulled her lips downward, causing them to sever the connection from his.
‘What had she done?’ ‘She needed to be more careful!’
His eyes grew wide, and scared. He hated the feeling of losing the closeness to her.

“Liz!” He called out to her, in a silent plea. “Please, Liz,…. Talk to me!” She couldn’t look at him.
“Please don’t do that again,…. Until I’m ready!”

He closed his eyes in hurt, from her harshness. “I’m sorry!” He searched her face for answers. He hated how closed off she was. Liz Parker was always so open, and friendly, Had he ruined her? Dear God,… He hoped not!
“This is about me Max. I just need time.” She turned sad eyes towards him. “Be my friend ,.. Okay!”
“Friends?” He uttered the word like it was a disease.

She looked at him with seriousness. Crossing her arms over her chest. “Max,…I- I know there’s an attraction between us. But,… We hardly know each other. If there’s ever going to be anything between us, .. we need to go about it the right way.”

“What do you mean?” He was concerned that she was using this as a way out.

“I was really hurt by the way things went down between us before,..-

“Liz,… that was out of my control,.. You know that!”

She raised her hand up to silence him, and let her finish what she was saying.
“I know Max,.. But still,… It hurt ! Bad! It changed me Max!”

He let his face turn downcast. “I know!” He felt hopeless again.

“We rushed into things before, and look what happened. It blew up in our faces. We shared something special Max. And we should’ve waited.”
He looked up at her, fear glowing bright in his eyes. “You regret what we did! .. Liz, our baby.”

“I didn’t mean it like that Max!” She looked down at her belly, and rubbed over her child that lived within her. “All I meant was that,… “ She looked up at him. “We weren’t ready for what we did, so early on. I would’ve liked to have a relationship first. Gotten to know you better. … That’s what I want Max.” She looked at him sincerely. “I want to know you in a different way first. … I already know your body. It just should’ve been the other way around is all.”

He shook his head. “I understand!…… You want the person’s heart, .. before the intimacy of the body.”

Shaking her head,…”Exactly!”
He stared intently into her eyes. “Okay ,..Liz!”

“And that starts with being friends first Max! … Not Lovers!”

“I understand that Liz!” He knew how he felt about her, and it wasn’t just about the intimacy between him and her body, it went way deeper for him. But this wasn’t just about him, it included her as well. He wanted her to feel the same way for him, that he felt for her. He quickly realized within himself, that he had known her inside and out. He had been watching her since the first day he started school as a child. He watched her daily from a distance, and observed her character closely. He could almost bet that he knew her, better then she knew herself.

She looked up at him with unsure eyes. “Thanks Max!”

“Liz,… if this is in any way a plan to get me out of the picture-“

She shook her head no, as her eyes grew big. “I-I need you Max!” She stop herself from saying more. His heart warmed, and felt happy. He needed to hear that so bad, and she said it.

She cleared her throat. “I-I mean, … I-.. well, I do need you,… Because I’m scared to death,. .and- and .. well, you seem to know how to calm me down, and make things better.” She looked closer into his eyes. “But that’s not the only reason,...” She rubbed her hands over her belly,.. “I want you to be apart of everything,.. I want us to be a team,.. raising this baby together,.. and, I may not know yet how that will turn out just yet, but somehow,.. in someway, … I know that I need you more then I need anyone else. And- and that scares me,.. to-to need you in my life that bad.” She did it,.. she aloud herself to be open ,.. briefly,.. and he needed to hear it.

He smiled brightly, as tears stung his eyes. Her words filled him with hope. “Thank you Liz!” He whispered with sincerity. She smiled at him. ”But,.. I’m still terrified,.. not only about becoming a Mother, but- but also,.. “

“Say it Liz!” He was encouraging her.

Her eyes were venerable. “I’m scared to feel hurt again, .. L-Like I did,..”

“Oh Liz,… I’ll never be able to tell you how sorry I am!”

“No Please,… I do understand why you had to treat me the way you did,.. But the pain was so deep Max,.. That the only way I can overcome my distrust,.. is to start over again. And we might as well do it right.” She started pacing the floor, then stopped and turned towards him to speak. “I-I just don’t know that much about you. I mean, I know your biggest secrets Max,… but that’s really it. We,.. need to turn all this around. Start out normal,.. find out the small things, then build up to the life changing secrets.”

Max smiled,.. she was right. A normal couple don’t go into sex, and having a family before going out of their first date,.. and surly, you don’t find out what’s in a person’s deep dark closet, before learning their favorite color, or their interests first.

“Ahh, excuse me!.. I don’t mean to interrupt.” Alex spoke from the corner of the entrance.
Liz and Max turned,.. and Alex could tell they were in a deep conversation. He of all people, knew that the two had a lot to work out.
“It’s okay Alex, what’s up?” Liz asked.

Scratching his head, Alex grinned. “I seem to have misplaced my key in the move from my parents house to here.”

“Key?” Liz asked with wondering eyes.

“Yeah, .. my key that unlocked my safe. It’s kinda important. My SAT scores, and transcripts are in there, and I’m trying to get all my paper work ready for college.”

“Oh!” Liz commented.

“Yeah,… ah, Max,.. Do you think maybe you could help me out?” Alex asked, flexing his eyebrows.

Max looked confused. “Alex, I’m not to good with breaking into safes.”
Liz turned to Max. “I think he means, use your powers Max!”

His eyes widened. “Oh?” Realization dawning on him.

“Do you think you could help me out?” Alex was desperate.

“Actually Alex,.. I’m not too gifted in that department. But Michael’s pretty good at blowing things up.”

Liz looked at Max intently.

“B-Bl-Blowing things up!” Liz repeated.
“Yeah!” Max answered like it was any normal question.

Alex looked stunned. Blinking his eyes a few times. “Yeah,.. Umm, okay!.. I’ll just give him a call. Thanks!” He left the room, to go into the kitchen, and call Michael.

“Michael can blow things up,.. you can heal people, .. what exactly can Isabel do?” Liz was curious,.. There was so many questions she had about him, and his gifts.

He picked up her empty dinner plate, and carried it into the kitchen, with Liz following behind. “She’s good at using her mind.”

“What do you mean?” Liz stared at Max.

“She can dream walk,.. enter into people’s dreams, without them knowing. She’s also starting to learn how to get into people’s minds.”

“Wow!… How does she do that?”

Max slumped his shoulders. “I have no idea,.. I’ve kicked her out of my dreams a couple of times last year. She was trying to find out what I got her for Christmas. She did the same thing to Michael.”

“I thought you said, that no one knew when she was In their dreams?” Liz’s eyebrows raised.

“They don’t,.. but for some reason, Michael and I know. Maybe because where the same.” He turned at the sink, to wash Liz’s plate. “I know she dream walked my parents, and they never knew.”
“Do your parents know about you?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head. “No! Only you, Alex and Maria knows.” He turned towards her. “No one else can know Liz!”
“I-I know Max!” She looked down towards her belly.
“What’s wrong!” He noticed the demure change in her body language.
“It’s not about protecting just you Isabel, and Michael anymore.” Her hand starting rubbing around her belly.
Max placed his hand over Liz’s that cradled their baby. “I know!.. I’ll die before I allow anything to happen to our daughter.”

“I’m just scared for her. I want her to have a normal life Max!”
His face fell downcast. “Together Liz,… we’ll do everything possible to make that happen. Okay!” He raised her chin with his fingers.
She shook her head. “Okay!”

Alex couldn’t help but overhear their words, and it made him feel better knowing how Max felt about Liz. It was so obvious how deeply he loved her. But love almost always was never easy. And it was no exception for these two. Life threw them a hard blow, but they were surviving, and learning more about each other, then anyone could imagine..
All three faces turned towards the front door, as they heard someone entering. “I’m home!” Maria yelled, as she closed the door behind herself. “In here!” Liz voiced loudly from the kitchen. Maria walked into the kitchen and smiled as she noticed that Max was still there. “Hey guys!” “How’s Mr. And Mrs. Valenti?” Alex asked with a smug smile. Maria glared at him. “Very funny!” Turning her head towards the door, at the sound of the door bell ringing. “I’ll get it!” Maria called out, as she walked over and opened the large front door. She crossed her arms, and began to tap her foot against, the wood floor beneath her. ”Tsk!.. What do you want!” His arrogant smile grew wider, as he himself crossed his arms over his broad chest. “Now, …is that anyway to greet an old friend.” Michael asked, very enthused. She rolled her large green eyes, and formed her plump lips into a tight line. “What ever Michael!” “Move Maria,… Come on in Michael!” Alex was not only her and Liz’s best friend, he was also considered a brother, and it showed most of the time, especially after all three started living together. Michael smiled even wider, something you didn’t see much. She let out a loud sigh, staring with wide eyes at Alex. “God Alex,.. I expected the rudeness from Him!” She pointed her long finger in Michael’s face. “But certainly not from you.” “Sorry Maria,.. I’m just having a crisis with my safe.” “Umm Hmm,… What ever!” Maria walked off, with her hands still glued to her hips. Alex led Michael down the hall and into his bedroom. “God, .. the nerve of some people!” Maria uttered as she opened the fridge for a soda. Max and Liz stood still, just staring at her, trying there best not to laugh. The chemistry between Max’s best friend, and Liz’s best friend was unreal. It was almost life watching a sappy comedy special. She went on, blabbing about anything… “These guys think they rule the earth,.. Ha!.. And he’s not even from this earth,.. Who does he think-“Maria was cut off from the loud blast coming from Alex’s room!
“Awesome!” Alex yelled, through out the house. “Thank you Michael!” “What was that?” Maria screamed and ran down the hall to investigate. Max and Liz followed.

Their eyes grew narrow, as they seen the smoke coming from the room. “What Happened?” Maria voiced as she noticed the door blown off of Alex’s safe. Alex walked over towards Maria, standing by the door. “Michael blew my safe open!” “Okay!… WHY!?!” Her sarcasm always made Michael smile. Alex went on explaining… “I lost the key to open it, and I needed some paperwork. God Maria!…. Don’t you ever listen?.” Maria rolled her eyes. “Great! Our neighbors are probably calling the police by now, thinking a bomb just went off.” She continued to talk to herself, as she walked back down the hallway… “Will my life ever be normal again?……..”



Part 21

The night was coming to an end, And Max could tell Liz was starting to get really tried. It had only taken her yawning about fifty times before he was finally able to convince himself to go home, and let her get to bed. Maria was still throwing comments Michael’s way about being rude, and Max wondered just how long it would take before the two became an item.
“Max, .. can you give me a ride home?” Michael asked.
Shaking his head yes, Michael walked out the front door, and stood by Max’s jeep waiting for him
After saying good night to Liz, Max waited till Liz went to her room, and closed the door, before turning towards Maria, to speak.
His voice was hoarse, and wasn’t sure wither or not he was sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. “Umm,.. Maria,.. I was wondering what the money situation’s like with Liz?” His hands were stuffed deep in his pockets.
She squinted her eyes in uncertainty. “Money situation?”
Clearing his throat. “Umm, yeah! See I know that she doesn’t have a job right now, and probably wouldn’t be able to get one, until the baby is born,…. And …. Well,.. I’m feeling like I need to do something about this.”

“What do you mean?” She was still confused.

“Well, .. I’m starting my new job the Monday after Graduation, and I wanted to start paying you rent for Liz to live her.”

Maria narrowed her eyes. “Max,…. Have you discussed this with her?”

Scratching the back of his head with his hand, Max felt stuck. “Well, no, … and I’d appreciate if you didn’t either. “ He could see her mouth pucker up, about to rant and rave. He continued. “You know she wont take anything from me Maria, and I feel that I should be providing for her.” He let his face turn downcast. “It’s the least I could do.”

Maria softened her mood, and spoke softly. “Look Max, … I think that what you want to do for Liz is really sweet. But really, Alex and I make more then enough to take care of things around here. It’s really no trouble at all for us.” She placed her hand on his shoulder. “But,… there’s probably something more promising you could do with that money for Liz.” she wiggled her eyes up and down.



“Maria, have you seen my speech?” Liz uttered from her bedroom. She was nervous enough as it was, she didn’t need the anxiety of losing her valedictorian speech.
“It’s on the counter!” Alex spoke for Maria, as he stood in the hallway, watching a nervous Liz tare through her room. She stood straight, and still, trying her best to calm her composure.
Alex laughed, as he made his way into the kitchen, and took a seat next to Maria at the table. “Can you believe her. She’s making herself a wreck.”
“Ugh huh?” Maria muttered as she took another bit of her pancakes. She was already accustomed to Liz’s mood swings by now, and was wondering when Alex would be.

“Is your Mother, and Jim meeting you at the school, or are they coming by here first.” Alex asked, as he opened up the newspaper.
“There meeting me there. Just as it should be!” It was no secret that Maria and her mother weren’t tight anymore, not since the marriage between her and Jim, but there were no more hard feelings.
“Do you think Liz’s parents will show?” Alex asked in a low tone, making Maria look up at him for the first time.
“I hope so Alex,…. For her sake! She’s taking things pretty hard, with the way her father has treated her.”

“I still can’t believe he kicked her out. That’s not like him at all.” Alex felt bad for Liz.
The relationship between Mr. Parker and his daughter was always tight. He was the one who always supported her in everything she’d ever done, that was until she came home pregnant. It was Ms. Parker who stood beside her daughter this time.
Alex continued to shake his head in unbelief.

“Come on Liz, were going to be late!” Maria yelled from the door way, as Alex went to start up the car.
“I’m coming,.. I’m coming!” Liz was out of breath.
Maria held up her hand firmly. “Stop!”
Stopping quickly, Liz looked at her friend with curious eyes. “What’s wrong Maria?”
Maria rested her hand on her hip, .. a usual gesture these days. “When was the last time you ate?”
Liz rolled her eyes. “I had a glass of milk for Breakfast.”
Shaking her head in disappointment. “Look chica, when I promised Max, I would look after you, … I meant it.” Passing Liz in the hallway, Maria went into the kitchen, and opened the cabinet, to retrieve a bottle of Tabasco Sauce. Stuffing the sauce into her large purse, Maria passed by Liz again, and opened the front door for her. “Were stopping at McDonalds, and getting you some breakfast.”
Sighing loudly… “Okay MOTHER!!!” She voiced the comment with sarcasm.
Maria rolled her eyes back at Liz. “Look Liz,… I can roll my eyes too!”
Liz couldn’t help it,.. she felt like crap, and had to laugh at Maria’s gesture. It work,… Maria always had a way of helping people out of their bad moods,.. or in other’s case,… putting them into bad moods.

Maria, tightened the cap firmly to Liz’s head, and smiled brightly for her. “Are you ready Chica?”
Liz felt like she was about to cry. “What if I mess up?”
“You wont!” Maria pulled Liz into a tight embrace.
Pulling back from her friend, Liz looked once more into the crowd of Parents, and didn’t see her mother or father. Her heart tightened once again.
“Hey!” Max was worried about her.
Liz turned to look at him, and tried her best to keep her eyes dry. “I just wished they would’ve came.”
“I know! … I know!” Max felt bad for Liz. “There’ll regret it Liz. …. In the long run, there’ll regret not coming.”

“He’s right Liz.” Looking at his watch once again, Alex sighed. “Plus, there’s still time,.. they might just be running late.”
Liz looked at him with worried eyes. She wanted her parents to be here so desperately. Swallowing the lump in her throat. “Yeah!… Maybe your right.”. Emotion running high in her voice, giving away how stress she felt.

Max worried even more. Pulling her by the arm, Max whispered in her ear. “Liz,… This is the only time you’ll have this moment,.. and no matter what you say, I know it means allot to you. … Please,… just do the best you can,.. and you’ll never regret any of it. … Give your speech Liz,… You’ve worked so hard to get here,… If you can’t make your parents happy,… then at least make yourself happy.”
Liz looked at Max with thanksgiving… “Thanks,… I needed that.”
“Go give your speech,….. You’ve earned it.” Max spoke with pride, showing how proud he was of her.

She walked slowly up the steps that led onto the stage. Holding tightly to the sides of the podium, Liz cleared her throat, and wiped away and signs of worry.
Looking out over the crowd, Liz breathed deeply, and started her speech.

---“It seems that the years we have spent together at West Roswell High are finally coming to a close. The end of high school is here, and yet the word commencement means initiation, a formal beginning. This is one of the few days that really is the first day of the rest of our lives. We will all receive these diplomas that show that we did all of the work necessary to graduate from high school.
Today, we show off all of that determination when we as seniors reach the pinnacle of our high school career. We have worked hard to make this day possible. We lift our heads up high and show pride in all of our accomplishments here at West Roswell High School. Today we say good-bye. However, this is not an ending for us. It is a beginning, the beginning of the rest of our lives. Tomorrow is another day and there will be important choices we'll have to make.” Max, Isabel and Michael all looked at each other and smiled, before turning their attention back to Liz.
“Some of us may decide to go to college, then again, some of us may decide to go straight into the work force, or maybe a few will choose a life dedication in something unforeseen. No matter what we want to do, our future is wide open and new opportunities are waiting for us. Some will be good opportunities, while others will not. But it’s those difficult times that we find our strengths. It’s in the hard times, that we get to see what were really made of, and I encourage us to give our best to whatever we decide to do with our lives. But these accomplishments will not come easily. It will take a lot more hard work and dedication than we have previously put forth. We will have to earn our place in society, just as we have earned the right to stand here today as graduates. Even in the face of this challenge, I have faith in us and all of our abilities. And I am confident we will succeed. Our class motto is: "Do not follow where the pathway leads. But go where there is no path, and leave a trail." I believe this describes our class as we have always been independent and original thinkers, or so our teachers have told us. Now I challenge us to carry this to a whole new level. I challenge all of us to be pioneers of new technology and procedures in our chosen professions. We must strive to better mankind as a whole. We inherit a world with so many problems. These problems can be solved by some great and original thinkers. And I believe that we are those thinkers; that we can and will build new paths to the future. We are not going to adapt to society, but be absorbed by it. Each of our personal traits and qualities must work together to change and mold society to this generation's needs and interests. Hopefully along the way, we may solve the problems of the world. We have the power to change the world and bestow a better one to our children.” Liz absentmindedly rubbed her belly. Max looked on in delight. Liz continued..
“By doing so we will leave a permanent mark on society and history. I believe our class has what it takes to succeed. We will not only succeed, we will conquer all future obstacles. The character of our class is related strongly to William Faulkner's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech of 1950. "I decline to accept the end of man. It is easy enough to say that man is immortal simply because he will endure; that when the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening, that even then there will still be one more sound: that of his puny inexhaustible voice, still talking.” I refuse to accept this. I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice,” Liz looked up for the first time, and stared at Max..
“But because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.
And, as we walk down the road of our destiny, and the time comes to choose which road shall it be, the wide and crooked, or the straight and narrow, remember, we've got only one voice to give and one life to live. So stand up for something, or lay down in your game, and listen to the song that we sing, because now it's up to you to make it be, I guess then, that I'll see you when you see me……”

She noticed her parents for the first time, in the back, as the audience stood and clapped loudly to her speech.
She walked off the stage with tears in her eyes. Knowing that the piercing gaze of Max was all over her.

He was so proud of her, as he stood to his feet quickly, and clapped for her as loud as he could. She was so bright, so intelligent, that her mind alone amazed him. He looked over at his parents, and they to, stood and clapped proudly. He wondered what they were thinking, when he noticed his mother wiping a tear from her eye.
He smiled to himself, as he looked around to his surrounds, and noticed the rest of the audience giving a standing ovation. He knew then, that this was something he had burned into his mind, … to remember in years to come.

“Girl, … I don’t understand everything you said,…But, it sure was good.” Maria uttered loudly, as she wiped away some wetness from her eyes.
“Great speech Liz!” Isabel commented, as she passed by her.
Liz smiled, “Thanks!” Hugging everyone who approached her. She looked towards the back where she last saw her parents, and sighed sadly when she no longer seen them there. She wondered if they left and went home.
Turning quickly, Liz felt a hand pat her on the shoulder. “Lizzy, baby, I’m so proud of you!” Ms. Parker, voiced with tears streaming down her eyes. “Mom!” She was ecstatic. She pulled her mother into a tight hug, when she noticed her father standing behind her.

Max was about to Approach Liz, to introduce her to his parents, at his mothers request, when he noticed her talking to her own parents. He turned around towards his Mother and Father. “She’s talking to her parents,… Let’s give her a moment with them.”
“Sure, dear, no problem.” Diane voiced, knowing all to well, the situation between Liz and her parents. Phillip just smiled for his son. He felt bad for Liz, and hoped that everything would work out between them.

“Dad!” Liz uttered with a tight voice.
He shook his head, but refused to hug her. “Liz! That,.. that was a nice speech you gave.”
She smiled. “Thanks!”
Nancy looked between the two, and sighed. She hated the situation her family was in, and wanted the turmoil to be over with. “So Liz,… how have you been?” Nancy smile brightly for her daughter. She missed her terribly.
“Good!,… I guess under the circumstances.”
Looking around, Jeff glared at his daughter. “You know, if things get to hard, you can always come back home!”
“Really?” Liz missed her parents so much, and wanted them to except her baby.
“Sure Liz,… I know that you only want the best for your future.”
Liz looked at her father with hurt eyes. ”What are you getting at.”
Jeff stepped closer towards his daughter. “I don’t see the father around Liz! I can take care of things, you wont have to worry.”
“Jeff!” Nancy spoke his name harshly. She had no idea what had gotten into her husband. She knew he worried about his only daughter, but this was over the line.
Her eyes grew big, and seeped with fresh tears. “Daddy!?!” His behavior had started to frighten her lately.
Max could feel Liz’s distress, and excused himself from his parents side.
He walked over towards Liz, and wrapped his arm around her tightly. Jeff and Nancy looked on in surprise.
“Mr. Parker,… Ms. Parker,.. How are you!” Max greeted in a friendly tone, that seeped with sarcasm. Jeff glared at the boy who impregnated his only daughter.
“Max!” Jeff greeted him in a harsh voice.
Max held Liz tighter to his side, as she sobbed. She was fed up, had enough of everything, and everybody around her. “I’m so sick of this.”
“Liz,… what’s wrong!” Max asked, knowing that her parents must’ve said something.
Liz glared from Max to her father. “HIM!” She uttered, making it clear that her father hurt her.
Nancy looked around and noticed people starting to stare. “Liz,.. Please, .. people are starting to stare.”
“I don’t care!” Her voice growing louder. “I’m so sick of this!” She glared at her father. “I will never hurt my baby in any way, is that clear Daddy!” She looked him point blank in the face. His face reddened, by her outburst, something Liz, had never done before, and he wondered what had over came her. “What is wrong with you. Keep your voice down!”
“NO!,.. I’m sick of you telling me what to do,… What’s wrong Daddy, does it bother you when other people know what you want me to do to my baby. Huh,.. is that it?”
Jeff just looked at his daughter in unbelief.
Liz continued. “I’m not going to tip toe around you anymore Daddy! I’m a parent know, and It’s my turn to protect my child at all cost. The difference between you and me, is that I will do it in Love, and not control.” She stormed off, with Maria, and Alex following her.
Max turned from Liz’s retreating form, and looked at Jeff Parker. “I can understand how you must hate me,… Lord knows, that when my daughter becomes a teenager, and comes home pregnant, … I’d feel the same way. As a new parent,… that is one of my fears. But, please, … this is killing her Mr. Parker. Don’t think that you are teaching her a lesson by this,.. this tough love that your giving,.. because it’s just going to back fire. She knows your disappoint Mr. Parker,.. and believe me when I tell you that no one is harder on her, then herself.” Max looked down at his feet, before looking back up and continuing. “For what it’s worth, .. I do love her,… and I’m going to be by her side every step of the way.” He turned from them and walked away.

Turning back and looking into the crowd, Nancy smiled. “He said daughter. … Does that mean that Liz is having a girl?”
Nancy looked at Jeff, and noticed for the first time, his tears falling from his eyes.


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Part 22

She was gasping for air, ..her sobs turning into hiccups, and Liz Parker was franticly looking for an exit. She had to leave, needed to get some air, … anything to get out of the same facility as her parents. “Liz, … Liz … Please slow down.” Maria voiced from behind, as she and Alex tried to keep up with Liz’s frantic movements.
Liz kept walking, as she turned towards her two best friends. “Don’t worry about me, go back and spend some time with your families.” She didn’t want to take away from their day, just because hers was falling apart. Alex grabbed a hold of her arm firmly, and stopped her from walking any further. “You are our family, Liz!” His eyes displayed his concern for her. She looked back at Alex with warmth in her features, “I don’t know what I’d do without the two of you!” She was thankful that she had friends in her life like them, and wanted them to know that she appreciated them.
“You’ll never have to know, … because you’re stuck with us!” Maria voiced with a tight smile, trying her best to hold back her tears. She hated what Liz was going through, and would do anything in her power to make it better for her. Liz pulled them both Into a tight hug, and Isabel’s words rang forth. “Liz,… Are you okay?”

Liz pulled away, and looked to Isabel. “Yeah,… I’m going to be fine, Thanks!”
Isabel smiled, and walked closer to the three friends. She didn’t want to intrude on them, but was concern for Liz, after hearing the yelling match between her, and her father.

“I- I think I’m just tired.” Liz voiced. “I’m just going to go home, and take a much needed nap. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and it’s catching up with me.”

“Well, …okay” Maria muttered, searching through her purse. “I’ll get my keys and-..”
“-No!” Liz cut her off… “Go to your mothers Maria, like you planned. She spent a long time getting this graduation party together for you.”
“But Liz,… I want you there too!”

Liz let her head turn downcast, before lifting it again, and noticing Michael and Max approaching. “I know Maria,… I want to be there,… I just need some rest first. I feel like I’m about to fall over.”
“Well Okay!” Maria continued. “We’ll go home, and you can rest, then we’ll all go over my mothers for the cookout.” Alex shook his head in agreement to Maria’s plan.
“No!” Liz felt bad. “You can’t do that to your mother Maria. I’ll just go home by myself. I don’t need you there to help me rest.”
“Liz,.. I’m not letting you go home by yourself.”
Liz was starting to get agitated, and Maria was ready to take her on. She loved Liz to death, and vowed to guard and watch over her at all costs. This pregnancy was something to be monitored. Liz was not to be left alone, unless if it was highly unavoidable.

“I’ll take her home.” Max spoke up, as he listened to the end of the conversation.
All eyes turned to him. “Maria, … go to your party,… Alex and everyone else, can go to. Once Liz has rested I’ll drive her over.” Max voiced with serious eyes.

“We weren’t invited!” Michael concluded, as he pointed to himself and Isabel.
“She was!” Maria voiced, pointing to Isabel. “I invited her!” Her voice dripping with sarcasm, as she peered into Michael’s eyes. Isabel smiled, liking the feeling of being included.
“And I invited Michael.” Alex voiced as a matter of fact. Maria just glared at him.
Michael smiled in triumph yet again.

“Well,… okay ,… great, so ….are we set?” Max asked as he focused on Liz.
Liz looked like a deer caught in the head lights. “What about your parents? Aren’t you doing any thing with them?”
Shaking his head. “No!” Leaving no room for argument. He wanted to do this for her, wanted to watch over her, and care for her.
Liz looked at everyone around her, their eyes trained on her, waiting to her answer.

“Well,… um,… okay then, ..I guess that will work. But, are you sure you don’t mind?” Liz asked Max.
Isabel spoke up… “Believe me when I tell you, that he doesn’t.”
Liz smiled. “Okay,.. then let’s go.” Liz hugged Alex and Maria goodbye, whispering her Thanks to them both. “I’ll see you soon.” Liz concluded before walking away with Max.

Maria peered at Max over Liz’s head, and wink at him. He smiled, and gave her a thumps up. Liz had no idea what was in store for her, when she got home.


He helped her up into his jeep, holding her hand firmly in his. He wanted to introduce her to his parents, but knew that under the current circumstances, today,.. wouldn’t be a good day for that after all. He had hugged his parents goodbye, before running after Liz, and glad that they understood, that now, her and the baby were his main priority.
He placed her bag and other items in the back seat for her, before walking around the drivers side, and getting in.
Starting up the engine, Max looked at Liz once again and smiled.
He felt good,… looking up at the sky to witness blue skies, and sunshine,… Today,.. was going to be a really good day!

She unlocked the front door with her key, as Max stood behind her waiting.
She felt her dizziness for the first time that day, and stumbled back into Max’s arms.
“Liz, you okay?”
She rubbed her forehead, and squinted her eyes. “I’m hungry again.”
He smiled, “Okay,.. go change, and I’ll fix you something to eat.”
“You don’t have to Max,.. I can do that.”
“Okay!” She still wasn’t used to others attending to her every need, but also didn’t feel like arguing. She was hungry and tired.
She walked down the hall into her bedroom, as Max walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face.

“What’s this?” Liz screamed from her bedroom.
Max didn’t need to ask, he already knew what she was referring to. He gracefully, shoved the frozen pizza into the oven, and walked down the hall to Liz’s bedroom.

Leaning against her door frame, with his hands shoved into his pockets. “What’s what?” He asked with a smile.

She was standing with her hands on her hips looking at the brand new computer that occupied her desk. “This?” She answered turning towards him, as she pointed to the new computer.
“Oh,…. That!”

She arched one eyebrow up, and looked at him intently. “Max!…. Do you know anything about this.”
His eyes grew wide, “Me!” He voiced innocently as he pointed to himself.
She began tapping her foot against the floor. “Max!” Her voice grew stern.
He held his hands up in a truce gesture. She turned around to look at the computer once again, when an envelope with her name caught her attention.
“What’s this?” She mumbled out loud, as she picked up the envelope and opened it.
Pulling out a credit card, with the name Maxwell Evans on it, Liz looked up at him with hostility. “What’s this?” She asked, waving the credit card around in the air.
“Calm down,.. my,.. you are a feisty one lately.”
“Max? … Tell me,… what’s going on?” Her voice had calmed down, and Max took notice.
He removed his hands from his pockets, and walked further into her room. “It’s a credit card, that I got approved for.”
“Okay!” Liz looked at him still confused. “Go on!”
“And, ..The computer is for you. I figured that you would be home for awhile, awaiting the babies birth, and I thought you could put that time to good use.”

Shaking her head,.. “I don’t get it!”

Max smiled. “I thought,.. maybe you would be interested in taking some college courses over the internet.”
She looked at him closely. “And the credit card?” She was still confused.
He walked over towards her, and took the credit card out of her hand, and held it up. “This is how your going to pay for it.”
“Oh,… I get it, a loan!” She voiced.
Shaking his head, he looked at her strangely. “No Liz!,… Not a loan.”

She was confused, as she repeated what he said, trying to make sense of it. “Not a loan?” Her eyes following him closely.

“Nope! I want you to purchase what you need for the courses you sign up for, and use this credit card. The bill will come to my house, and I’ll take care of it.”
“You’ll take care of it!” She mocked him.
“Yeah! I’ll take care of it!” He reminded her.
“Max!” She uttered his name, while shaking her head.
“What?” He asked in the same tone, she was using.
She stood in front of him, and looked at him in wonder. “I can’t stick you with my bill. This is my situation Max,… I can’t except this. Not this” She said while pointing to the credit card. “And certainly not this. This probably cost a fortune.” She said while pointing towards the computer.
Max wasn’t about to take back what he wanted to give her. “Liz,…. I got this computer for you. Because, well,… because, one- I wanted to,.. and two, because you didn’t get where you are right now by yourself.”
She continued to look at him,.. listening …

He turned from her and started pacing. “I thought you said the other day, that we were a team now!”

“Yes,.. but!” Liz tried to talk, but Max cut her off,.. “But what Liz?”
He continued, “Look,… We are in two different positions right now. You-“ He stated, pointing at her. “ are the one who has it the hardest. You have no clue what’s going on with your body, and you certainly don’t know what this pregnancy is going to be like. We have no idea if any other side affects will occur. Which leaves you stuck in this house.“ He uttered looking around, like she was stuck in a prison. He continued. “I,.. on the other hand, am the one who is able to get out there and make the money for the time being.” His face grew more serious. “Liz,.. what your doing, … it’s serious. It’s preventing you from going out and working,… from starting college with the rest of your friends. Please,… let’s work together on this,… be a team,…like you said we were. I want to do this for you. .. I- I want to take care of you. I mean, … your sacrificing all this to take care of our baby…. I need some of that responsibility Liz.” He noticed her eyes soften.

She walked over towards him. “Are you sure you want to do this?” She questioned.
“Yes!…. Let me be apart of this Liz. ..It can’t just be you taking care of everything. I know it’s hard to let anyone in, to help you,.. but what I’m doing for you is nothing in comparison to what your doing for me.”

Shaking her head,… “Okay!” She turned from him to look at her new computer, and turned back to face him , with a smile that covered her entire face. “Thank you!” She was sincere,.. but most of all happy, and he could feel it in the vibes she was sending him.
He smiled back… “Your welcome!” He knew she loved school, and even though this wasn’t as good as being in the actual class room, with other people and interacting, this was just as exciting to her. Now she could get some college credits, and not worry about putting herself and their baby at risk, out in the public. “Now, come in eat. I made pizza.”
Liz smiled, and followed him out into the kitchen. She secretly couldn’t wait to get signed up, and started on some college credits.


After eating, Liz excused herself and went to lie down. She was so exhausted, and Max told her he would be in the living room watching TV while she slept. That if she needed him, he’d been near.
She smiled, and thanked him, as she made her way down the hallway, and into her bedroom.

She was so tired, and yet couldn’t understand why she felt so uncomfortable. She tossed and turned in her bed, becoming agitated. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, and why she couldn’t go to sleep, if she felt so tired. She quickly stilled herself, as she contemplated that maybe the baby was doing this. Making her feel this way. She suddenly sat up in her bed, and called out loudly for Max.

He came quickly to her door, and knocked. “Liz,…. Are you okay!” She could tell he was out of breath, and worried.
“Please come in Max!” She said in one breath.
He opened her door, and peered in, looking at her in wonder.
She waved him in. “Come here!”
He walked over to her bed, and kneeled down beside her. “What’s wrong Liz?”
She smiled at his current state, and wanted to reassure him that she was fine. “It’s okay Max,.. I-I just wanted you to maybe,… find out if everything is okay with the baby.”

His eyes grew wide. “What!… What’s wrong with the baby.”
She held up her hands. He sure did worry a lot. “Calm down Max,… nothing like that.”
She seen his shoulders relax some. His eyes still focused on her face, then occasionally wondered down to her belly where his child lived.
“I just think that maybe the baby is connecting with me. I’m still so new at this, that I don’t understand what she’s trying to tell me.” Liz continued. “I feel agitated, and so tired, … yet I don’t understand why. I can’t get to sleep, …. So, I thought that maybe the baby was agitated,… and that was maybe why it was overriding my emotions, and keeping me up. Could – could you maybe connect with her?” She arched her eyebrows when asking him to connect.
His heart warmed at her request. He smiled brightly for her, as he stared lovingly into her chocolate eyes. “Yeah! Lay back and relax,… okay!”
She hoped that she wouldn’t tremble at the mere feel of his hand on her body like before.
She felt scared, and nervous, only because this life that she suddenly found herself in, was all to unreal. Her baby could connect with her, and she had no idea what to think about it. How do you digest, knowing that the baby that laid so nestled in your womb, that wasn’t fully formed yet, could be so intelligent that it controlled every emotion you felt.
She still had so much more to learn.

She rested her head back onto the pillow, as she released her breath, in hopes of relaxing.
He watched her carefully, before pulling up her shirt midway, and placing his hand on her flat belly. She propped her head up, to watch, and noticed him closing his eyes to concentrate. She moved her eyes down her own body, and watched the glow illuminate from his hand into her belly. It was almost like being able to see into her stomach, like an x-ray. Her eyes grew big, as she seen the glow outline her tiny daughter, and tried to keep her emotions under check from the exhilaration. She noticed Max still in deep concentration, and felt her heart quicken at how handsome he looked. Then,… she noticed a smile on his face, and wondered what he was thinking.
“Liz,.. I’m connecting with the baby,…. I can feel everything from within you.” He paused for a moment, before continuing. “That includes thoughts and ideas.”
Her eyes grew wide, with embarrassment.
“Don’t be embarrassed.” He concluded, as his eyes remained closed, and his connection still going strong with the baby.

“Stop doing that!” She wasn’t used to her privacy being invaded like that.

When he felt her feelings overwhelm him, he stopped the connection from the baby,… and Liz could feel the babies agitation even stronger, once he broke off the connection.

He turned to her,.. “I’m sorry!” He was sincere. “I didn’t mean to pry,.. it’s just what happens when I connect with the baby.”
“I’m just not used to things like this.” She felt flustered.
“Oh,.. I,.. can understand that.” He could only imagine how strange this was to her. Something so bizarre to her, and somehow it was thrown on her, to become a part of life for her. But to him,…. It was all to normal,.. and he wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible in his presence, when displaying and using his gifts around her.

“Well,… What did you find out?” Liz asked,… trying to override the tension in the air.
He looked up. “About the baby?” His eyebrows taking on a questioning form.
“Yes!” She looked at him closely. “Max,…… did you see something through me, when connecting to the baby?” She didn’t know how to feel.

Max shook his head slowly. He wasn’t sure weather to feel scared or what. But he wasn’t going to lie. “I thought you knew that.” He continued. “To reached the baby, I need to go through you first.”
She looked away. She wanted her pain to remain hers alone, without prying eyes. She turned back towards him. “What did you see?” Her eyes wide.
His eyes turned downcast. “Everything. You become an open book to me, once I’m inside.” He was honest,…
She swallowed hard, as she stood from her bed. Rubbing her temple with her fingers, Liz suddenly felt very uncomfortable in her own body.

“She’s agitated, because she wants me near.”
She turned instantly to him. “What!”
He cleared his throat, and stood to his feet. “She likes to feel my presence. When she connects with you, she want’s you to understand, but you don’t, and she knows that I do.”
She glared at him. “Does that make me a bad mother!” She was harsh.
His eyes grew wide. “No!…I- I never meant that.”
She closed her eyes, and silently regretted snapping at him.
He walked closer towards her. “I hate that you feel the way that you do.”
She looked up at him with glazed eyes. “So do I.”

He thought quickly of the things he felt within her, when connected with the baby, and did the only thing he could think of. The main thing that she needed the most. And for once, Max didn’t care of the consequence,… weather it was too soon, or not. She needed comfort, … needed affection, and healing from her fear of loneliness, and rejection.
He closed the distance between them, and pulled her into his arms, and held her. He soothed her with his hands, caressing her hair back from her forehead, and hoped that she didn’t cheat herself and pull away, because this was what she needed dearly. The comfort of his arms.
She relaxed, and didn’t pull away, taking note of the change in emotions within herself. It seemed that the baby was happiest when Max was in their presence. She wanted so dearly to understand her daughter, and knew that it would take time to grow accustomed to her.
She attached her arms around him, and leaned deeper into his embrace. It was comforting, and offered healing to her troubled soul. She began to feel at ease with him, and she knew that a crack was just starting to take form in the strong wall she had built around her heart.
Happiness engulfed him, as she excepted his embrace, and even returned the gesture by wrapping her arms around him as well. He always wanted to be the one to hold her, and calm her fears,.. and this was the start.
He brought his cheek down to rest on the top of her head, as he closed his eyes, and breathed in her scent.

After a few moments, Max led her back to her bed, so that she could lay down. He sat beside her on the bed, as he still held onto her hand firmly.

“Max?” She whispered his name.
Her eyes fluttered at the sound of his voice. He still had a firm hold on her attention, and she was sure that he knew it,… he knew everything about her now, she was sure of it.
“Will I ever be able to know you,.. L-Like the way you know me?” She felt shy around him sometimes, like a young schoolgirl.
His long lashes rested against his cheeks, then opened slowly to look into her eyes. “That depends!”
She frowned. “On what?” Her forehead wrinkling.
“If you want to know me like that.”
She smiled. “I think – I think I do.” Her nervousness made her repeat her words.
He smiled innocently. “You sure!” His stare still intent. “Because, .. once you see, .. you’ll know everything.” If she wanted to see him,… He would show her.

“Everything?” Wondering what he means, Liz questioned.
“Umm, hmm.- Everything!” He kept his eyes locked on hers, a gesture that was intimate. “My fears, … My wants,…. My dreams,… My regrets….. Nothing can be hidden, once you look, and see me.”
“You’re willing to show me?” She whispered amazed. He was being so open with her. Being completely open was an intimidating thing.
He shook his head, and swallowed past the large lump in his throat. “Yeah! ..I want to show you everything!”

“I want to see you Max! …. Show me!” She was going into something personal with him, He was showing her something, he had never showed anyone before, and the bond that, that would create between the two, sent chills down her back.
He moved closer towards her, cradling her face into his hands. “Just relax!” He whispered, and yet, she found that hard to do with his warm hands on her face. Her heart quickened, and her belly fluttered. She evened her breathing, and willed her tension from her body.
His soft soulful eyes, a mixture of gold and hazel, stared intently into hers. He was so close to her face, she could feel his sweet breath on her lips. The subtle smell of Tabasco, sent a moan working it’s way up from her stomach.
She willed herself to concentrate on him, wanting ,.. no craving to see him for everything he was. Pushing past the gold shinning in his eyes, Liz was in.

Flashes, feelings, emotions overwhelming her senses, Liz was processing Max’s life, from the beginning. She felt like she was flying through his world, Seeing things, the way he sees them, and feeling the way he felt.
She felt his loneliness, and knew without a doubt that her loneliness only shadowed his. This man, ..this beautiful person that she was seeing so intimately new what pain felt like. He knew what grieving was,.. and she felt selfish for never noticing it before.

He hated what he was, for so many reasons. Hated that he could never be normal for
her, … that he had to protect his unborn daughter from the same fear he always had,.. being different.
She was able to sort threw his fears, and his biggest one was her. That in someway, though happy about his baby, He was terrified that she was going to be hurt by carry their precious daughter. He felt torn, love he had always had for Liz, and by the new love he had for his baby.
Liz moved onto his wants,.. and it was clear, that his only want was her, ..completely.
She smiled at this, and tightened her hands on his forearms.
She seen flashes of his life, the fights he had with Isabel and Michael, over not being able to communicate with her, after they made love. She seen how depressed he was, and noticed for the first time, that he felt the same way she had.

She went deeper, and seen the daydreams he had, along with his fantasies. She giggled, as she seen him constantly remembering their only night together. It had meant so much to him, and it warmed Liz, that her worst doubts were put to rest. It wasn’t a mistake what they shared,… It was as beautiful to him, as it was to her.
Through all the flashes of images in his mind, she was in most of them. At different moments in her life, Max had watched her from a distance for so long, secretly admiring her,… something that wasn’t a secret anymore.

The fear, and happiness joining together at the knowledge, that he was going to become a father,… and Liz was the mother, left him ecstatic.

He showed her openly how long he had wanted her,… yearned to know her, …to hold her, and show himself to her, ..without fear,… without condition.

She closed her eyes, severing the connection, seeing everything that there was to see,… Liz started to sob softly.

“Liz?” Max looked at her in wonder. “Tell me what’s wrong?”
She brought her hand to her mouth to cover her heartfelt sob. “I’m sorry!”
His eyes widened. “For what?”
“Don’t hate who you are Max,…. Please! I except everything about you. Your soul Max,… it’s – it’s so beautiful.”

Her emotional words, sent chills down his spine. He felt his eyes mist, from the words, he had always yearned to hear from her. Words that she only spoke to him, in his daydreams.
She forced her hand tighter to her lips, as her sobs grew more emotional. “You’re so pure,… your actions, are so selfless.” She raised her hand to his face. “Thank You!”

He wiped the tears that fell from his eyes. “For what?” Sniffing back his stuffy nose that his crying caused.
“For sharing something so beautiful with me.”

He looked at her with love, unable to grasp how accepting she was of what she saw.

“Thank You!” He uttered back.
She wiped her face with her hands, wetness everywhere. “For what.” Her voice was choked.

His hand wondered down her body, and stopped to rest on her belly. “For this!”


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Please, encourge me and let me know what you think. (THE TRUTH, Good or bad)

Part 23

She couldn’t hide her smiles, and for the first time, in a long time, she felt secure. When she glanced in his direction, her heart sped up, her blood pumping ever so violently through her veins. He had a love that was reserved only for her, and she couldn’t fathom what that knowledge meant to her.
“Are you going to tell me or what ..Liz!” Maria asked, severing Liz’s thoughts, as she stared at Max from across the yard.
Looking to her side, where Maria laid in the lodge chair, She cocked her eyebrow high. “It was unexplainable Maria!”
Maria pulled herself up by her elbows. “Well try,…. I want to know!”
Liz moved closer. “Remember how he told you, what it was like when he connected with the baby?”

Maria shook her head yes. Her blond hair flying in the light breeze, around her delicate face.

“Well, it was just like that, only I could also see everything,…. Thoughts, …images from him,… from his life,…His memories,.. from the things he sees through his own eyes.”

Maria stared at Liz with wide eyes. “Are you shit’in me!”


Maria looked from her gloating friend, to Max, who stood on the other side of the yard, talking to Michael, then back to Liz. She noticed the look on Liz’s face. “You like him,…. No scratch that,….. You’re in love with him,…. Aren’t you?” Maria already knew the answer, … but until she could get Liz to admit it, she knew she would be in denial.
Liz looked to her friend sincerely. “Maria,…. I could see everything there was to see about him.” Maria could see that whatever Liz seen in Max, through the connection, left a massive affect on her. Liz continued. “YES!,…. I do love him.” Maria’s eyes grew big,..
Liz continued,.. “But I want to take this slow.” Liz warned her friend, before she got all goo-goo on her.
“Of course!” Maria smiled wide. Her eyes curving in mischief. She noticed how her friend kept reverting her eyes back to Max, and watching him intently.

Maria laid back down on the lodge chair, and pulled her sun glasses from the top of her head, to her face, that shielded her eyes. “You’re a goner!” She proclaimed proudly.
Liz’s head swiftly turned to look at Maria…. “What?” Confused at what she meant.
“Oh nothing!” Maria mumbled, her smile glued to her face.


Max smiled to himself as he caught Michael sneaking peeks at Maria, across the yard. “Why don’t you just go talk to her!”
Michael snapped his head around. “Hugh?”
“I know you like her!”
Michael wrinkled his face. “like who?” His tone, annoyed.
“Your crazy,…. I don’t like her!”
“What ever, Keep telling yourself that Michael!” He noticed Michael’s posture straighten when Bryan Anderson, walked into the back yard, and over towards Maria, and Liz. Max took in the scene before him, noting the hurt look on Michael’s face, when Maria stood to hug Bryan.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Alex greeted, as he loaded his plate with more food. He looked up and noticed their gazes over towards Bryan and the way he hung around Liz and Maria. “No need to get uptight!” Alex spoke to Max.
“What do you mean?”
Alex smiled, as he took a bite out of his Cheese burger. “Bryan and Liz are just friends.”
Shaking his head. “Oh,… I know that!” Max was worried about Michael, and what he was thinking as he watched Bryan hang all over Maria. Max spoke up. “What’s up with Bryan and Maria?” Causally asking, Max poured himself a drink.
Alex looked over to Maria, and shrugged his shoulders. “Who knows,… one day, she thinks he’s God’s greatest gift, then the next she can’t stand to look at him.”
Max seen as Michael looked away, trying to show that he didn’t care what Maria did, when deep down, Max knew his best friend sometimes better then he knew himself. He so desperately wanted to put his fears to rest. He looked at Alex intently. “Your one of her closes friends, what do you think is going on between them.” Max asked Alex.
He smiled, then threw his plate away in the trash, once he took the last bit of his burger. “She used to have it bad for him,… Now, I don’t think that’s the case anymore.”
Max noticed Michael listening to what Alex said, yet remained quiet. “Why not, what changed!” Max questioned.
Alex shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not entirely t sure yet,… But I’m watching her closely to find out.”
“She’s just weird, if you ask me!” Michael piped in.
Max stared at him, with a smile. “Yeah,….. sorta like your stubborn.” Alex laughed.
Michael just glared at him, turning his attention back across the yard.

“So, Liz Parker!….. I heard your pregnant,… Tell me the rumor isn’t true!” Bryan asked, as he took a seat between Liz and Maria, casually wrapping his arm around the two.
Liz looked troubled at his statement, and looked to Maria.
“It’s true Bryan.” Maria answered for her.
Bryan looked from Maria to Liz, and noticed how she looked away.
“Liz!…. Who?… Are you and Kyle back together?”
Liz’s eyes grew wide. “No! … He’s not the father.” She whispered.
Bryan looked confused. Liz Parker wasn’t one who had a bad reputation. When she was with someone, it was well publicized. He continued to look at him questionably.
Liz looked towards Max, and noticed how he was watching her intently, and how he stared at Bryan’s arm draping around her. She suddenly felt uncomfortable.
“Max Evans is the father.” Liz stated proudly.
Bryan’s eyes grew wider. “Max Evans! Liz,…. How in the world did you get mixed up with Max Evans?”
“What do you mean by that comment?” Maria asked in a protective tone.
Bryan looked between the two. “Well,… I mean..” Suddenly feeling trapped, Bryan just stated what he thought. “Are you two even together?”
Liz looked at him in confusion. How could she even answer that,…. She didn’t even know the answer to his question. She suddenly stood to her feet, and ran into the house.

Max saw this from across the yard, and quickly ran after her. Running through the house, Max passed by Kyle in the kitchen, and suddenly realized that he hadn’t seen him in mouths, and felt bad even being in his house, after what he did to him. He pushed that to the back of his mind, as he called out for Liz.
He passed by the bathroom, and heard sobs echoing lightly from inside. He paused, and walked over towards the door, gently laying his head against it, to listen closely.
“Liz,…. It’s Max,… can I come in?” He was so worried about her.
She remained silent, pressing her hand to her mouth to cover the muffled cry.
He knew it was her inside, and that she was crying. He looked around, to make sure no one could see, then waved his hand over the door knob to unlock it. He silently crept open the door, and slid in, locking the door behind him, to give him some privacy with Liz.
She looked up at him, with a wet face as she wiped it with the palms of her hands. “you can unlock doors too?” She asked with a choked voice.
He shook his head yes, as he kneeled down on the floor beside her. He looked at her with worried eyes. “What’s wrong Liz?”
She couldn’t look at him, … she felt uneasy, .. very uncomfortable. She looked down at her belly, … Max noticed,.. then on instinct, placed his hand to her stomach, and closed his eyes.

Opening his eyes, he seen Liz looking at him intently. “What’s wrong with her?” Knowing he had just connected with the baby, she wanted answers.
“She’s worried about you,…. She knows your upset.”
Liz looked at the floor, trying her hardest to stop the tears.
“Liz!…. Why are you upset at what Bryan asked?” Max stared at her with his full attention.
Liz looked up, as realization dawn on her that he more then likely knew everything by connecting to the baby,.. he must go through her first.
“I just, … I just hate how people assume that I’m pregnant by Kyle. I guess, I’m just feeling sorry for myself, because we have no history,…I know that I shouldn’t care what others think,… But I can’t help it! I have no idea how to answer their questions. I just freeze.” Liz uttered softly.

“Was his question about weather or not we are together confuse you?” He asked boldly, He needed to know.

She looked up at him, and shook her head in confirmation.

“Oh!” He whispered low, as he picked up her hand to hold it, He didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. He knew that they had just made a lot of progress before they came to Maria’s graduation party, and didn’t want to assume anything, until he heard it from her directly. He was aware of her feelings for him, just as she was very aware of his feelings for her, but still,…He wasn’t sure what pace she wanted to take their relationship at.
“Liz!,…. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable or confused when answering about our relationship.”
She listened as he spoke.
“I know this situation is tough,.. but we’ll get through it. We just need to be clear where we stand.”
She shook her head. “So,.. where do we stand?”
He looked at her with weary eyes. “Liz,…. It’s quite clear where I want this relationship to be at the moment,… but it’s you who decides.”
She looked away, thinking …..
He watched her closely, remaining silent.
“I just want to take it slow,…. “ Liz muttered.
Shaking his head to her request. “Okay!” He spoke softly.
She looked up at him with her deep chocolate eyes. “But I think we can do that, as a couple. …. Right?” She remained hopeful.

He smiled widely,… happily. “YES!,…. I believe we can!” He pulled her to him, and hugged her tightly. Both noticing the spark igniting between the two.

Liz pulled back… “What was that?”

“I have no idea!”


“Bryan, … the status of Max and Liz’s relationship is none of your business!” Maria remarked hastily, after her friends departure.
He looked at her in shock. “Maria,… I only meant that this is so out of character for her. I’m still surprised that Liz Parker isn’t even a virgin any more,.. Let alone her giving it up to Max Evans of all people.”
Maria stood from her chair abruptly. “How dare you judge her. Look at you!”
Bryan stood along with her, grabbing at her wrists to calm down. “That’s not fare Maria!”
“I’ll tell you what’s not fare,… It’s people like you who ruin reputations. Your sitting here commenting on things you know nothing about. Don’t judge Lizzy, because you know nothing about her, or Max Evans for that matter. … Your only jealous because Max Evans has been pushing the girls away for years,.. giving you room to move in for the kill.” She pointed her finger in his face. “Get out!”
He looked at her with wide eyes. Michael and Alex noticed the fierce words from across the yard, and proceeded towards Bryan and Maria.

“Maria, come on. Let’s not fight over this, I still want to take you out.” He grasped for her arm, and held her tight.
She curled up her lips, and greeted her teeth. “GET OUT BRYAN!”
He still held tightly to her arm.
“Let go of her!” Michael voiced sternly with his hands curled in tight fists at his side. Alex stood to the side of him, with his arms crossed, staring hard at Bryan.
Bryan looked at the two men in wonder. “What’s this?… Am I supposed to be scared?”
“I would be!” Alex spoke harshly. Michael continued to stare at him,.. daring him to give him reason to attack.
Bryan slowing released Maria’s arm, and hastily picked up his things, and walked over to the back gate. Isabel opened it for him, and slammed it shut before him. “And don’t come back!” She uttered with a smile.

“Are you okay!” Alex asked Maria. “Yeah! I think so!”
“What he say to Liz, to make her run away?” Michael got to the point.
Maria looked up, as she rubbed on the redness around her wrist. “He just made rude comments about her getting pregnant. I’m sure she’s okay now, I seen Max run after her.”
Michael shook his head in agreement, and stepped closer towards her. Picking up her hand, Michael applied pressure to her wrist with the palm of his hand.

Blinking at the feel of his warm skin, Maria wondered what he was doing. After removing his hand from her wrist, she noticed the redness was gone, along with the pain.
She looked up at him with sincerity. “Thank you!”
He looked away from her, feeling uneasy at the nice gesture coming from her. “Yeah, .. don’t mention it!” It wasn’t everyday he seen Maria’s soft side, and for the first time, he hoped he hadn’t seen the last of it. He knew it was probably just as unusual for her to show that side of herself, as it was for him.


MARIA: The point is that we don't know anything about these Czechoslovakians. Are they good Czechoslovakians? Bad Czechoslovakians? We don't know. Are they just random Czechoslovakians? For all we know, they don't have their ... passports.

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Part 24

He gazed out his bedroom window, with a tight smile capturing his lips. He was happy about a lot of things, but also concerned. Tomorrow, is the first day of his new job at his fathers company, and next week,… start college. He certainly had a lot on his plate. But it was the other things that held his mind hostage-. Liz! -His baby!
Yes,… Liz and him were just starting their relationship as a couple, and even though it was so new, they were embarking on a life changing situation.
His mind ventured out further, when obligations seeped in. Once the baby was born, where would Liz and his daughter live? He knew that a lot of his time would be dedicated to his new job, and courses at the college, but he knew that he needed these things to at least provide Liz and his daughter with some kind of security.
He scratched the back of his head with his hand, as he walked back over towards his bed. It was so late, and Max was finding it so hard to sleep. He laid back on his bed, staring at the ceiling, as the thoughts continued to roam through his mind.

He soon became agitated, because he had no idea what to do about the birth of his baby. Liz very well couldn’t go to the hospital, and how in the world could they explain this to other people, concerning doctor visits, and check-ups. Something a normal pregnancy expected. But all was known to him,… this was no normal pregnancy. He didn’t even know how long Liz would be pregnant. He wondered if these same thoughts roamed her mind, …he hoped that she wasn’t as scared as he was. Liz was brave,.. he knew this,.. but the notion of her going into this,.. without knowing what to except, .. not knowing if her safety was being jeopardized, scared him beyond belief.
He exhaled deeply, rubbing his face with the palms of his hands. If only he could protect her,… shield her from every bad thing that exists. He knew that was impossible, and the only thing he knew he could do, was walk every step of the way with her.


She smiled to herself, as she opened her eyes to a new day. Turning on her side, Liz pulled the thin sheet that covered her body away, and walked over towards her widow, ..opening it midway to welcome the breeze in from outside.
She knew Maria and Alex were at Work, and soon they would be starting their courses at NMU. She peered over at her new computer that Max bought her, and smiled to herself. “Looks like I can get started early.” She spoke to herself, as she walked over and turned on the computer. As she waited to log onto the internet, Liz started to gather up her dirty laundry in a basket, before walking into Maria and Alex’s room to gather theirs.

She knew that they would insist that they could do their own laundry, but Liz was living under there roof, rent free, not to mention, everything she used, she didn’t pay for. This was a way, to give back to her two best friends. Keep the house clean, along with their laundry. Not to mention, it gave her something to do.

Filling the washer up with darks, Liz poured in the laundry detergent, and made her way back to her bedroom. She felt comfortable, sporting a fitted white cotton tee shirt, along with her white cotton panties, that had gray trim outline. The perfect breeze blowing in through her window, Liz closed her eyes, and relished in the beautiful spring mourning.
She started to soon realize, that this was something she could get use to.
The quiet house all to herself, .. working at her own pace, and just relaxing, not worrying about fetching anyone’s order, or staring out through the large café window, at the beautiful day, wishing she were anywhere else but there.

The birds chirping outside her window, brought her out of her comfort zone, as she turned to noticed the internet was ready. She started scanning different site, pricing the different course she could take, … as she sorted out her new schedule.

She was so excited…..

He ran his fingers threw his short hair, as he once again looked at his wrist watch. First days were always horrible, and he couldn’t wait until he started doing some real work. He started to grow anxious as he reached over for the telephone that occupied his desk. Picking it up, he dialed the all to familiar number, he had been dialing all day, trying to get through, but hung up, yet again, from the sound of the busy tone.
He smiled to himself, knowing what she was doing. Looking for college courses, over the internet,.. and even though he was happy that she was happy, he hated not being able to talk to her. Today, was the first day she was being left alone for a whole day, while he, Maria, and Alex worked, and he wanted to check up on her, and was finding that hard to do. He hadn’t seen much of Liz the day before, having many errands to run, and preparing for his first day at work.
He checked his watch again, and decided to check up on her personally, during his lunch hour. Picking up his keys and stuffing them into his pocket, He stopped at the Secretaries desk, to let her know he was going out to lunch, and would be back shortly.

“I’m coming,…. I’m coming!” Liz voiced loudly, as she fetched her robed that hung on the bathroom door knob. Pulling it around her body, and fastening the tie, Liz peeked through the peep hole, and smiled when she noticed Max standing there.

She opened the door, and smiled as she noticed him wearing a suit.
“Hey!” She greeted him, then looked him up and down. “You look nice.”
He smiled, and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Thanks!,.. You too!”
She looked at him questionably. “I’m in a robe Max!”
“Yeah! But you look good.” He felt nervous, and had no idea why.
Liz opened the door further for him to come in.
Sitting down at the kitchen table, Max watched Liz as she poured drinks for the two of them. “So, Are you on your lunch break?”
“Yes,.. I’ve been trying to call you all day, but-“

“Yeah,… It’s been busy, right!” She added, feeling bad as she noticed for the first time, that she wasn’t watching how long she was on the internet.
“I was just wondering how your day was going,.. but I pretty much guessed, from the amount of time you were on the computer.”

She smiled, and placed a cold drink down in front of him. Her achingness returning.
“So,.. have you found anything yet?” He asked.
She shook her head, “Yeah, I’ve found all the courses I want to take. It’s so great, Max,.. I can’t believe how excited I’m getting.”
He watched her face light up as she spoke about her studies, and knew he made the right decision on getting her that computer. He listened to every detail she said, concerning her day. “Has the baby been quiet?” He asked wondering.
“Yeah, I haven’t felt a thing from her all day.” She suddenly stopped speaking, as she thought on the matter further. “Maybe you can connect, just to make sure everything’s okay.”
He shook his head, and stood from his seat.
Bending down in front of her, Max placed his hand on her belly, and closed his eyes.
Liz relished in the closeness, of Max, and loved the feelings of their new found relationship. The warmth that surrounded her, lifted her high, and feelings of desire clouded her emotions. She found it hard to breath, hard to talk, … she just felt.
Max opened his eyes, looking panicked. “Liz!”
Her eyes snapped opened. “What’s wrong?” She knew he felt what she was feeling.

“How long have you been having these feelings?”

She had to shake her head free from haziness,… gathering her thoughts were becoming harder and harder for her to do.
He watched her with wide eyes, wondering about her condition. “Liz!” He called her again, trying to conjure up an answer to his questions.

“Ugh,… yesterday. I started to feel like this yesterday. But it’s not strong.”

“No, but it will be soon!”
“What are you talking about Max? Tell me what’s going on?” She was starting to grow scared.
“Okay Liz,… please,.. just calm down.” He closed his eyes again, and connected with the baby once more. Liz started to feel the burning of her skin once again, then jolted out of her seat, when she felt a tingling sensation pour forth from Max’s hand, into her stomach.
“Max!” She shouted, … scared.
He grabbed her tighter,… “Liz! Please, it’s okay,.. sit down, let me finish. I’ll explain everything.”
She started shaking, her hands trembling, as she sat back down.
Max looked at her intently. “Do you trust me?” He asked, almost pleading.
Her eyes lingered on his for a moment, before she replied. “Yes,…. I do!”
He released his breath, then closed his eyes, and continued pouring his energy into Liz.
When he was finished, he opened his eyes, and noticed Liz, had fell asleep. He knew that the transferring of his energy to his child, would drain her. He gently picked her up, and carried her into her bedroom, and laid her down. He paced back and forth, around her bed, worrying.
Scratching the back of his head, Max peered out the window, lost in thought. He was more worried now then ever. What if something like this happened when He wasn’t around. He didn’t feel right about taking the other course of action. It was to soon. Things were finally going great between the two, and at a good pace. He didn’t want to put this on her, but he couldn’t always be by her side 24/7.
There was two ways of taking care of this, and the way he did it earlier was the hardest.
He started fidgeting, feeling uneasy. He sat down, and let his head fall to his hands. He had to find a way of giving his baby what she needed, without draining his own energy. He felt dizzy, and needed to rest. He stood to his feet with ease, and walked over to the bed, and laid down next to Liz. He hoped that he didn’t scare her once she awoke, but he needed to lye down, and knew that her bed was the closest.

She opened her eyes, and looked over towards the warm arm that encircled her waist.
Seeing Max laying next to her gave her a peaceful feeling. She suddenly remembered what happened, and as much as she wanted Max to sleep, she needed answers.
She gently shook him. “Max!.. Max, please…. Wake up!”
He slowly opened his eyes, and looked up into her eyes. She looked scared. He sat up, slowly, and turned to look at the clock.
“Max,…. What happened!”
He leaned over, and pulled her into his embrace. He wanted to comfort her, and knew that any news concerning their baby, would effect her tremendously.
“Liz,… it’s okay!” He cooed in her ear, as he soothed back her shiny hair. She tightened her grip on his arms. “Max,.. Please. I need to know!”
He knew she needed to know, .. but he didn’t know how much to tell. He knew she would panic,.. and that was the last thing he wanted to do.
“The baby just needed some energy.”

She turned in his embrace, and looked straight into his eyes. “Energy! What do you mean?”

He skimmed her face with his fingers. A gesture that proved to calm her a bit. “She was growing weak, due to her rapid growth. This child is growing so fast Liz. I have a feeling that this wont be a normal nine mouth pregnancy.”

Her eyes grew big. “How long?”
He shook his head,.. “I have no idea. Maybe it doesn’t take as long for my kind to grow within the mothers womb, as it does for humans.”
She hung onto every word he spoke, looking for some kind of answer to her many questions. “What happens if she needs energy again?”

“I’m going to have to be here, to give her some of mine.” He tried to keep his words calm, for her benefit.

She looked away, thoughts roaming her mind. “What if I can’t get a hold of you?” She turned her focus back to him. “What happens to me Max?!?”

He tried with everything to keep the horror out of his features. “I don’t know Liz!.. I don’t know!” He whispered softly. “But that wont happen. I’ll make sure that I’m never to far away from you!” He pulled her chin around to face him. “I promise!”

“I believe you!… I’m just scared.” Her eyes showing the evidence of her words.

“I’ll call out of work, and stay here the remaining of the day.”

“She shook her head, showing him how much she wanted his company.”

He walked into the kitchen, leaving Liz in her bed, to call his work, and explain to them that he wouldn’t be returning to finish out the day. Saying that he felt sick after eating his lunch, and that he would try to make it in tomorrow.
Walking back into the bedroom, Max noticed Liz hunched over a large pillow, and staring out her widow.
“Hey!” He whispered to her, as he made his way back onto the bed. She moved closer towards him, and crawled into his lap, like a baby kitten curling up to her mother. He was thrilled at how close they were becoming, but worried over their child, and her health. He wrapped his arms around her, and rocked her back and forth, whispering encouraging words into her ear. “It’s going to be okay Liz! Our daughter is strong.”
She wiped away her newly fallen tears. “She needs to be Max!… I need her!”
He tightened his arms around her firmly, and snuggled his face into her hair.

And he held her……


MARIA: The point is that we don't know anything about these Czechoslovakians. Are they good Czechoslovakians? Bad Czechoslovakians? We don't know. Are they just random Czechoslovakians? For all we know, they don't have their ... passports.

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Part 25

It had been almost two weeks, of walking on egg shells. Max had watched over Liz intently, looking for signs of distress, with either Liz or their child. He’s heart ached for her, wishing he could answer all of her questions, about this recent ordeal concerning the amount of the baby’s energy level. It was just as new to him, as it was to her, and he knew she was being patient, taking each day as it came, and recording every moment of her pregnancy in a journal, that Isabel had bought her.
On the nights that Max had to go to classes at NMU, Isabel and Maria, sat by Liz’s side, attending to her every need. Between Maria, Max, Isabel, and Alex, Liz was never left alone, even with Michael, hanging around the house a lot more lately, making sure things were running smoothly, when Max was away at work, or with courses at the local college. Maria even started looking at him differently. It was like the six of them were growing into a family of some sorts.

Since the ordeal, Max had purchased a cell phone, for the sole purpose of Liz being able to contact him at any time, that he could not by her side. She rolled her eyes at him, when he taped his cell phone number by every phone in the house, even going as far as taping it next to the phones in Maria and Alex’s bedrooms, as if putting it on their speed dial wasn’t enough…

“Max, ..come here please!” Liz yelled from her bedroom, knowing full well he was in the kitchen with Alex, and Michael.

It was Saturday Morning, and it was becoming routine. Every weekend, as soon as Max woke up, he showered, dressed, then would come right over to be there when Liz woke up. Then Michael started doing the same thing, …. After growing board doing the same thing every morning, waking up, eating a bowl of cereal, then watching cartoons all day.

No,…. he had it much better over Maria’s house. Once Max got there, he made breakfast for the whole house, with all the best fixings. Eggs, with jalapeno peppers on top, with bacon, sausage, biscuits, and pancakes. It was only recently, that Michael, would stop off at the market on his way over and pick up some fresh fruit. Everyone knew why, but he denied it over and over again. It seemed to have only started when one morning at breakfast, Maria had made a comment about some fresh strawberries or blueberries would be perfect on her pancakes. And wouldn’t you know it, the next mourning, Michael started stopping at the market for fresh fruit, using the excuse that it was for Liz,… ‘it’s what every pregnant women should eat.’ He would say, .. and Liz,.. along with the others would act like they believed him.

He opened the door gently, and peeked his head in. “What’s wrong?” His eyes were curious, as they watched her face closely.
She waved him in. “Come here! And close the door behind you.”
He closed the door and made his way over to her side. Kneeling down, he softly spoke. “Good morning.”
She smiled, and stretched her arms, releasing a yawn. “Good morning to you.”
She pushed the blankets away from her, and watched as Max’s eyes grew wide. “Liz!”
She blushed quickly, then swatted him on the arm. “Relax Max. It’s not like you haven’t seen me in less then this.” He couldn’t deny that the two haven’t grown a lot closer lately, yet they were still just taking their time.
Her pink matching tee-shirt and panties, outlined her curves sensually, setting off her glow for the tone of her skin. Or some would say, the glow of being pregnant.
He noticed for the first time her belly expanding some, and he thought she had never looked more sexy. She noticed his eyes brighten, wants he seen her belly peeking out from the bottom hem of her tee-shirt.

“I wanted you to feel this.” She grabbed for his hand, and placed it on her exposed skin.
His face showed his excitement, while his smiled captured his emotion.
“Oh my God!” He shouted, causing her to smile widely along with him.
“She’s been moving all night Max! It feels so amazing.” Her voice was giddy. She knew this moment meant so much to him, it was evident in his mannerisms. He had been so worried about her lately, and she couldn’t wait to share this with him.

His large hand laid flat against her belly, as he felt for the first time, the movement of his daughter. “She’s getting stronger.” He voiced as he looked up into her eyes.
She shook her head. “I know.” She grabbed for her journal that Isabel had bought for her, that laid on her night stand. She opened it up. “I wrote everything down last night. I couldn’t sleep.” She paused, and looked at him closely. “I was so excited, I wanted to call you last night, but … it was so late, and I knew you were really tired, from work, and school.”
“Hey!” He stood up from his bending knee, and sat beside her on the bed. “Please, don’t ever hesitate in calling me Liz. I want to experience everything that you experience with our daughter.” He lifted her chin up with his fingers. “I don’t care how long of a day I worked, or how much studying I have to do. You, and this baby are more important to me.”
She shook her head, showing that she understood his point. “I’ll call you next time. Promise!”
He smiled, and rubbed his hand around on her belly, feeling how much his baby was growing within her.
She loved how he handled her, .. how he touched her so delicately, making her skin so warm. She watched him staring at her growing belly, as he rubbed it so lovingly. “I love how you do that.” She stared at him.
He looked up. “Do what?”
“Touch me. You make me feel so special.” She wanted him to know what he meant to her. Especially now, when his worries and fears were caving in on him.
He smiled. “You are special!” He looked away, as if swallowing past the lump in his throat, then turned back to her. He rubbed the sides of her face with his thumbs, as his hands cupped her face. He slowing leaned in, and lightly brought his lips against hers.
He kissed her slowly, before parting her lips with his tongue. He loved this. Loved being here with her.
Without a doubt in his mind, she was his family. His home, … his heart.
She was the one who brought joy to his life,.. His one reason why waking up in the morning was so exciting.
She leaned back on the bed, bringing him down with her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Liz deepened the kiss, occasionally letting her moans escape from deep within her throat. “Liz!” He uttered in a hushed voice.
“What?” She asked without breaking contact with his deep kisses.
He pulled back from her and looked at her adoringly. She was breathtaking. He waited a moment before speaking, so that he could remember the way she looked.

“I love you!” He voiced with emotion.
Liz stared at him,… unable to form a coherent word. He had said it. She knew it, but still, it was different when hearing it. And this was the first time, he had said it to her.
Her serious face had turned into a smile, as she peered into his emotional features. She tightened her arms around his neck, and pulled him down closer to her face. An inch away from his lips, Liz looked deeply into his golden hazel eyes. “I love you!”
He finally released his breath, and collapsed his head down onto her chest, breathing heavy. “Oh thank God!”

She raised her eyebrows. “What!…. Did you think I didn’t feel the same way Max. You’ve’ had to of known,… “
Shaking his head,.. “I did,…. But you sure where taking a long time to say it.”
She giggled, as he laughed, bringing his lips back onto hers, he held her tightly, in his embrace, showering her with his deep affections.

The day was going by so fast, …at least it was for Max. It seemed like the day always went by so fast when he was with Liz. He lived for the weekends, with it being the only two days, he could be with Liz the entire day. He usually brought his school books over and studied when she would take her daily naps, then run her to the store, whenever she was in need of things. Mainly Tabasco sauce. She was going threw two bottles a day lately, and Max loved the fact that she was eating the same foods as he was. She had even showed him a couple of new combinations of foods, that tasted perfect together. It was these things that he cherished. The small things that he could share with someone.

Isabel had came by as soon as her shift ended at the bridal boutique. She loved working there, and seeing all the latest fashions in the wedding industry. It had given her the chance to discover what she really liked doing. Designing gowns. She then signed up for some courses in designing at NMU, making her parents proud that she finally picked something to take. She had started sketching some designs, but wouldn’t show anyone. Saying, that she still had to change some things around and make them better. The others knew that she felt insecure, and left her be, knowing that when she was ready to show them, she would.

The night was coming to an end, as the six friends said there good byes, knowing that they would see each other tomorrow.

“Remember, call me if anythi-“
Liz cut Max off as she silenced him with her lips crashing into his. It was the same thing with him, always reminding her to take it easy, get some rest, reminding her to eat, and to call him if anything happens, or if she just wanted to talk. She found it so adorable, that she had to show him.
She pulled back, and looked at his flushed face. “I know, Call you if anything happens. I got it Max!”
He smiled, and shook his head. “Your amazing!” He snuggled closer to her, masking his face into her hair. He whispered affectionately into her ear. “I love you!”
She smiled brightly, wishing he didn’t have to go. She tightened her grip onto his forearms, and held him there. “I love you too! Make sure your butt is over here early tomorrow.”
He couldn’t smile any bigger, even if he wanted to. “It always is!”

She sat up hastily, knowing that something was wrong. She tried to get out of bed, and fell to the floor, as her knees buckled on her. She had no energy, .. she couldn’t walk, couldn’t pull herself up off of the floor. She called out for Maria, with the small amount of energy that she had left.
Alex opened his door, peeking his head out into the hall way. He knew he heard something but didn’t know what. He looked into Liz’s room, to check on her, and came to his knees beside her, once he noticed her on the floor. “MARIA!” He yelled, loudly.
He reached over and turned on the light, and noticed for the first time, that Liz was shaking violently. Sweat poring off of her in waves.
Maria, came running down the hall, and into Liz’s room. “Oh my God!” She voiced as she brought her hand up to her mouth.
Alex was breathing heavy, … scared to death. He was next to her on the floor, trying to help her up. Alex turned to look at Maria. “Call Max! NOW!” He shouted in an order, and she turned quickly, and ran for the phone. Her hands trembling nervously, as she searched for his number. She couldn’t think rationally, from the fear consuming her body.

“Speed dial,.. Maria. Number 7.” Alex yelled from Liz’s bedroom, knowing very well, that Maria, couldn’t think normally in times of distress.

“Oh yeah! Right!” She uttered to herself as she picked up the phone, and pushed seven.
Hearing the phone dial the numbers quickly, she waited a few seconds for him to pick up, and it felt like eternity.

After the third ring, Max picked up. “Hello?” His sleepy voice answered.
She felt like she couldn’t breath. “Max!… Max!” She was out of breath.
Max sat up in bed. “Maria!… Is that you?”
She shook her head, knowing that he couldn’t see her. “Max. ….. It’s Liz!”
The tone of her voice, sent panic threw his body. “I’m on my way!” He voiced, before slamming the phone down, and jumping from his bed to find his pants.
He ran out to his jeep, in nothing but his pants.
No shirt, no shoes or socks. There was no time.

“I’m coming Liz,… hang on!” He said in a silent plea, as the jeep screech out of the driveway, and onto the road.

He tore threw the front door, and raced to Liz’s room. His eyes narrowed in pain, when he seen her stiff body laying on the bed. His throat released a deep moan, showing that his heart was in pain. He picked up her head, and cradled her face into his hands. “Liz! …Liz!” His voice full of worry, he called out to her to open her eyes.
She opened them slowly, and it broke his heart to see how scared she was.
His lips trembled, as he tried to keep back his sobs. He placed his hand firmly against her stomach, and connected through her to the baby.

Alex and Maria held onto each other as they stood behind Max, and watched the scene
unfold in front of their eyes.

He poured everything he had into her, so that the baby stopped taking Liz’s energy. Her eyes were wide, piercing into his, trying to hold on with everything she had.

He knew he would never forget the fear in them, it terrorized him, to know she was that scared. And he knew why, when he connected to her. She had really thought that she was going to die, and that killed Max’s heart, to know that she was that scared.
When he finished pouring his energy into Liz, he closed his eyes, and sobbed loudly into her neck. Tears streaming down his cheeks, falling from his chin, and sliding down the side of her neck, onto the blanket that laid under her. She wrapped her arms around him, and tried to comfort him, knowing that he was as scared as she was.
She looked over towards Alex and Maria, and smiled tightly, then pleaded with her eyes for some privacy.

Once they left the room, she started to caress Max, rubbing his back, and up and down his arms, knowing that he wasn’t going to let go of her any time soon. “Shhh,… it’s okay!.. The baby’s okay now!” She whispered soothingly.
He pulled back and looked at her with shock,.. he was hurt, and scared,.. for so many reasons. “Liz!” His voice was so low and soft, it tore through her, that he called out to her like that. “I’m lost without you. “ His words were starting to run together, as his emotions grew. “If anything ever happened to you—“
“Shhhh..” She silence him, by placing her finger to his mouth. “I’m fine! The baby’s fine, you handle everything Max! You did it!”
He blinked at the way she was talking to him, like he was some sort of hero. He wasn’t no hero,.. He was a scared boy, who didn’t know what to do.
He shook his head, staring at her in unbelief. “This can’t happen again Liz. I won’t be able to see you like this again. It’ll break me!”
She looked at him with curious eyes. “But what do we do?”
He slumped his shoulders, still holding her tightly. “I don’t know,… Maybe,.. Maybe I could give some of my energy daily to the baby, …like a little every day, so that it doesn’t drain me, and it wont have to draw upon your energy.”
She shook her head in agreement. “Yeah!… That sounds like a good idea.”

He looked at her, with serious eyes. “We’ll start tomorrow, … I’ll give a little each day, and while just have to monitor it that way.”
He could see that she agreed with everything he was saying.
“C- Could,.. I just,… umm,… h-hold you tonight.”
He seen her smile.
“I – I mean, I don’t think I can go back home tonight after what just happened. .. I-I could sleep on the floor, or on the couch, if you feel uncomfortable with that,.. I- I just—“

Liz cut him off again,.. knowing that he would explain himself until he was blue in the face. “Hold me Max! … I want you to stay!”

He smiled with trembling lips,.. reached over and turned off the lamp, and gathered her into his arms. He knew he would never forget tonight, and even though the fear of seeing her like that haunted his sleep, he took great comfort with her nestled warmly in his arms.


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-Also, In almost every piece of feedback I received, everyone wants
Max to move in with Liz. I have just one word for ya! PATIENCE.
And to also, Trust me!

Part 26

He woke up from the warm rays of light streaming in through her bedroom window. A smiled touched his face, as he looked upon Liz curled snuggly to his side, her arms wrapped around his bare broad chest. Her small hands where so warm, as he cupped them under his, and brought them to his face and laid them upon his cheek. He watched her sleep, as he listened to her breathing evenly, and loved the peaceful look on her face.
He was so concerned about her, laying awake all through the night, trying to come up with a way to be near her more. He wanted to wake up like this all the time, but knew that was pushing things.. Was he imposing, when wanting to stay with her through the night, or was it something that she wanted just as much. This relationship between the both of them meant the world to him, and he didn’t know just how far he could push things yet.
He was slowly putting money away from his new job, in hopes of getting an apartment for them, once Liz was ready. Things were hard on him right now with School, but it was something that he wanted to keep pursuing, … knowing that it was the key of securing a future for his daughter, and Liz,.. If she would allow it. He wanted his daughter to grow up in a house, with her own pink room, and a big enough back yard filled with toys. He wanted to provide the absolute best for Liz and their baby. He found himself constantly figuring out ways in how to obtain this objective faster.

He gently removed himself from her, and covered her back up with the blankets. He watched her for a moment, noticing that her sleeping habits were changing slowly. She wants was a light sleeper, and lately not only was she sleeping more, but also,.. she fell
more into a deep sleep as well, sleeping more soundly at night.
He turned to go start his ritual of making breakfast, when he heard Liz call his name.

“Max!” She whispered, as her eyes squinted open.
He crawled back onto the bed. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
She focused more on his face. “Where you going?” Her voice evident that she didn’t want him to leave. He pointed towards the hallway. “I was going to go fix you some breakfast.”
She smiled. “Stay for a little while longer…. Please!”
He blushed. “Okay.” He got back under the blankets and pulled Liz closer to him, and held her.
She wrapped her arms around him, and noticed he didn’t have a shirt on. She thought for a moment, and remembered he didn’t have a shirt on last night either. He noticed the look on her face. “What’s wrong?” He asked gently.
She looked up at him. “Your jeans!”
“What about them?” He asked.
“Nothing,…. Are those the only things you wore?”
“Well,.. I didn’t have much time, so I grabbed for the main piece of clothing I needed.”

“What about your shoes?” She asked.
“I didn’t have time Liz.”

She looked at him, with love. “Thank you. … thank you for all that you do for me.”
She was falling more and more in love with him. The small things he did, that didn’t mean much to anyone else, touched her heart so deeply.
“Liz,… those things didn’t matter. I needed to get to you.”

She cupped his face in her hands. “And you did!”
He looked away, and she knew that he was carrying a lot of burdens on his shoulders. Going threw all the ‘what ifs’. She knew the routine. She’d done it a million times herself, but when she looked at him, and seen the weight of the world on his shoulders, it saddened her. She knew that was evidence of her love for him. The way she reminded him of his goodness, and the things that meant a lot to her. She needed him to know, in hopes of the burdens becoming lighter in some way.

“Hey!” She uttered, as she pulled his face to look at her. “Don’t do that!”
“Do what!” He asked, but knew what she was taking about.
“You know what.” She looked intently into his eyes. “This is new for both of us. You don’t know what’s going to happen any more then I do. And somehow, it all turns out okay. Yes,… we have some scary moments,.. But we move on, and prepare ourselves for what’s next. … Were a team,… remember!”
He rubbed his thumb along her jaw line. “I know!” He whispered. “I just love you so much!”
Her eyes twinkled. “And that’s what gets me threw Max. Knowing that that’s how you feel about me. It means so much. Your love for me is my happiness.”
He looked at her with wetness in his eyes. Unable to believe that the girl that he loves more then life, .. the girl that he had always wished for, looks at him in such a way.
He grabbed her in his hold, and brought his lips down on hers, gently showing her his want. He whispered his love for her against her moist lips, as Liz pressed her lips harder to his for deeper contact.
She opened her mouth for his tongue to enter, .. relishing in the feel of being in his arms.
He rolled over on top of her, bracing himself up on his elbows, as he continued to kiss her, soothingly caressing her face with his hand.
She moved her hands up and down his bare chest, caressing over every taunt muscle in his chest, and back.
He continued kissing her more passionately, as his need was intensifying for her,.. needing for her…. “I can’t…. s-stop..” He uttered, as he licked her lips with his soft tongue.
She smiled, at the feel of him, as her eyes remained closed. “Then don’t!” She moaned, still running her small hands down his body.
He felt out of breath, as their simple kiss turned into something much more. His eyes snapped open, when he heard the sound of his zipper. Looking down, he seen her big brown eyes shinning into his, and a sly smile pleading with him for more.
“Liz?” He huffed her name, due to lack of breath. Steadying himself higher up, he looked down, at her small hands working down his jeans.
“I ..need you Max,…. Please!” She whispered with emotion.
He continued to stare at her. “Liz!” His face turning sideways. “I-I don’t-“
“Shhh!” She uttered, before pulling his face back down on her, and ushering her tongue to his already moist lips, for entry. “Make love to me!” She whispered between kisses, resulting in his expanding eyes.
He pulled back from her, holding her hands down, so he could speak to her without the distraction of her hands. “Liz!…. Are you sure?”

“Yo- You don’t want to make love to me?” She asked with tension in her voice.
He smiled softly. “More then anything,.. I do! … I just,…. I thought you wanted to take things slow,…. And if we do this, … it wouldn’t really be slow. I don’t want to jump into anything, and you regret it.” He looked more intently into her eyes. “I couldn’t bare it.”
She pulled her hands out of his grasp, and brought it to his cheek. “I know what I said before, But I can’t help how I feel.” She gently pulled herself out from underneath him, and sat up on her bed Indian style. Facing him, she spoke from her heart. “I’m coming to realize that things need to happen as they come between us.” She started rubbing her belly, as a smile captured her lips. “We make beautiful things together Max!”

His eyes lifted, and sparkled with glee at her statement. He wanted her so bad.

She noticed his features liven up at her words. She continued. “I love you so much! And I’m very aware of your feelings for me,…. I don’t need to live in a big house, with a white picket fence to feel like where a family. Because I feel it in here.” She cupped her heart with the palm of her hand, gesturing where she feels the worth of their relationship. She crawled over towards him, and draped her arms around his neck, settling comfortable in his lap. “Let things happen as they come,…. Okay!”
He wrapped his arms around her lovingly. “Okay!” He whispered, feeling his heart accelerate at the closeness. He felt like he was on top of the world.

“Liz!….. Phone!” Maria’s voice could be heard through the entire house.

“I don’t think she heard you,… maybe you should yell a little louder!” Michael just had to comment.
“Oh shut up! … Why are you still here!”

Liz and Max started laughing. “They need to just get together, and end this tension between them.” Liz voiced, as she shook her head.
“Tell me about it!”

Liz hung up the phone with a tired sigh. Rubbing her belly soothingly, Liz walked over towards the fridge to find something to eat. “Where’s the pepperoni’s?” Liz asked loudly, as she continued to pick threw the fridge for some of her other cravings.

Max walked into the kitchen, once he knew for sure she was off the phone. He wanted to give her some privacy, knowing that it was her mother who had called. “Michael ate them! I can go to the store and get some more.” He was trying to be helpful, not knowing what kind of mood her conversation with her mother had put her in.

Liz turned away from him, as she continued to rub her belly. “I’m really craving something spicy.” She looked at him with pleading eyes, then turned back towards the fridge. “What else would be good!”
He walked up behind her, and engulfed her into his arms, shielding her belly with his large hands. He started kissing along her neck, as he continued caressing their baby that laid nestled in her womb. “Are you okay?” He whispered into her ear soothingly.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back onto his shoulder, exposing her neck for his lips to take. She realized that as soon as he pulled her into his arms, her weariness left.
“I am know!” She turned around in his embrace, and draped her arms around his neck. “Thank you!” She looked into his eyes lovingly, as he brought his forehead to hers, and whispered. “Want to go for a ride. It’ll be good to get out and get some air. I’ll stop at the market, and pick you up some pepperoni’s.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her.

She smiled. “Are you trying to bribe me with pepperoni’s?”
He leaned in and kissed her affectingly. “I just you to be happy.” He pulled away, and looked at her with some concern. “You’ve been holed up in this house, for a while now, getting out and getting some fresh air, may do you some good.” He laced his hand into hers. “Come on,… I know this great place I want to show you. ……. Let’s get your jacket, … it may get chilly.”

The moon glowed with a translucent whiteness, that made the lake sparkle.
Max Evans pulled his jeep up to the end of the dirt road that overlooked the lake, and parked, shutting off the engine. He looked up into the night sky. “It’s beautiful tonight, isn’t it?” His expression was thoughtful, as Liz peered up at the bright stars. “Yes.” She commented then turned her attention towards him. “You come out here much?”
“Only when I wanted to be alone.” He commented before looking at her. “But, I’m not alone anymore.” His voice was soft.
She shook her head. “No! …Your not.” Her smile flirtatious. “Why did you bring me here Max?”
He looked at her with love. “I just wanted to take you somewhere that was peaceful,.. Someplace where maybe you could feel normal again.” He looked back up at the stars again. “When things would get really crazy for me, .. when times in my life would get a little out of hand, and I was reminded just how different I am, I would come here. This place,… it’s so peaceful, … It would at times make me forget how much I hated myself.”
She looked at him with sad eyes. “And now!”
He turned back at her,.. “Now,…. it’s different. I’m thankful.”
“For what.” She questioned.
“For you!” Staring intently into her eyes, he noticed that she was blushing. “That you except me for who I am, and love me for it.”
“I do Max!” She wanted to make it clear how she felt. She brought her hand to his face lovingly. “I love you! And that includes what you are.”
His face crinkled from the emotion taking form. “Thank you!” He whispered softly.
She tilted her head sideways questionably. “For what?”
“For making my dreams come true.”

Her heart sped up from his heartfelt words, as her reflexes took hold. She pulled his face closer to her, and stared intently in his eyes, as she brought her lips to his, in a soft warm kiss. She covered his moist lips fully with hers, as she did what he always did to her. She caressed his face lovingly, as she eased her tongue slowly into his mouth. He moaned against her lips, and tightened his embrace around her body. He pulled her closer to him, readjusting her legs to straddle him where he sat underneath the bright shining stars.
His blood was pounding in his veins, as his skin was craving more of her touch.
She felt his need for her growing more and more through a newly formed connection, that he made from the close contact. She eased her body closer to his, tightening her thighs tighter to his sides, as she felt his straining want, hard against her middle. She sighed into his mouth, knowing what this was doing to him, and wanting him just as much.
He moved his warm hands up the side of her hips, then under her shirt, to caress her soft bare back. Tenderly, He loved on her flesh with his hands, as his mouth made love to hers.
She felt her skin burning under his finger tips, as her want for him increased. She started grinding her hips to his, feeling everything there was to feel through his jeans.
He moaned louder, sending her completely at his mercy. Bringing her fingers to the top of his shirt, Liz started to unbutton his buttons.

“Liz!” He spoke against her wet lips, yet continued to kiss her deeply.
“What?” Still trying to remove his shirt.
“We cant!…. Not here!” He grabbed her hands to keep her from going any further.
She pulled back from him. “Why not?” She wanted him right now.
He looked at her in awe. “I want it to be special for you.” He looked down at his growing need, probing up in the front of his jeans. “look what you do to me!” He wasn’t going to play it off, he wanted her to know the effect she had on him.
She smiled. “Max,… I want you too!”

“I know! But we were together only once.” He reminded her, as he removed his hand from her face, to rub on her belly. “And we created something amazing….. A beautiful daughter.”
She smiled at his words.
“But the next time we come together again,….. Well,… it’s been so long, that I just don’t want it to happen in this jeep. I want to love you in a bed, Where you can lay before me in all your glory, without the worry of prying eyes.”

She looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed. He pulled her by the chin to look at him. “Hey!…. I love you!”
She smiled, then removed herself off of his lap, and back into the seat next to him. “I love you too!”
He continued to look at her from the side, as she reverted her attention up at the sky. “I like it out here.” She looked back at him. “Thank you for sharing this place with me.”

He smiled sincerely at her, and focus on the moon once again. “My Mother’s been asking about you.”
Liz’s eyes grew wide. “She has?” She didn’t really know how to take his mother,.. she had never met her.
“Yeah! …. She wants to meet you, and every time the moment arises, something happens to prevent it.”
Liz smiled sweetly. “What’s she like Max?” She knew so much about him already, and everyday, just being in his presence she was learning more.
He closed his eyes in thought. “She’s very caring. Always giving praises to the people she loves.” He shifted in his seat, to face her more. “She’s defiently there, when you need her. Always willing to help out in any way possible. And no matter what circumstances come her way, she always looks at the positive side.”
“Really?” Liz asked.

“Umm, Hmm! She’s very loving, You two would get along perfectly.”

“I’d like to met her!”
“Just tell me when, and I’ll introduce you.”
Liz looked away, then back to him. “How about now!”
He raised his eyebrows. “What,… like now!” He asked slightly confused.
Liz shook her head. “Yeah!…. What is it to late?”
Max looked at his watch. “No, It’s not to late.”
“Great!… Let’s go.” Her excitement evident.
Max watched her with wonder. Turning on his jeep, and pulling out of the parking spot, Max headed towards his house.

Max opened the front door for Liz to enter. “Mom!” He called out. “Mom,…Dad,.. are you here?”

Phillip walked into the hallway to greet his son, and smiled when he seen Liz. “Why hello!… You must be Liz!” He smiled, ..happy to finally meet her, as he extended his hand to introduce himself.

She smiled widely, and nodded her head, extending her hand to shake his. “Yes,… It’s nice to meet you Mr. Evans!” She was happy at how excepting Max’s father was making her feel.
“Please,…. Call me Phillip.”

Liz smiled shyly. “Okay,…Phillip.”

Mr. Evans, waved Max and Liz in. “Please,… Come in and take a seat. May I get you anything,…. Something to drink,….eat or—“

“She’s ate Dad,.. Thanks!” Max looked at Liz. “But, would you like something to drink?” He held her hand, wanting her to feel as comfortable as possible.

Liz shook her head,… “Sure,.. a glass of water would be nice.”
Max shook his head, as Phillip led them both into the kitchen.

“Here I’ll get it Max. Take a seat.” Phillip insisted,… happy that he was finally meeting the mother of his soon to be grand daughter. He looked up at the clock that hung above the stove, as he poured some water into a glass for Liz. “Diane should be home any minute know. She was stopping off and picking up a pizza for dinner tonight. That’s why she’s running a little late.”

“Are you sure you two aren’t hungry? I’m sure there will be plenty more?” Phillip questioned, wanting the gathering to last as long as possible.
Max was about to answer, when the sound of the front door opening caught his attention.
“In here Diane!” Phillip called out, with a bright smile on his face. He felt giddy, almost excited, knowing that Diane had been wanting to meet Liz know for a while.

Diane walked into the kitchen, carrying two large pizza boxes, and stopped unexpectedly, when she noticed Max and Liz sitting at the table. She looked at her son with happiness. “Max!” She moved her eyes to a shy Liz. She formed her lips into a tight smile, and extended her arms. “And you must be Liz!” She walked over towards her. “Come here.”

Liz felt surprised, as Max’s mother extended her arms to her in a hug. She hadn’t expected his parents to be so excepting of her. She felt tears come to her eyes, as happiness, engulfed her, with the hopes of feeling like she was starting to fit into a loving family,… but even more happy, that her daughter would have loving grandparents.


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Part 27

The evening was going by too fast for Diane Evans, as she sat at the Kitchen Table chatting with Liz. She smiled when she seen Liz dipping pieces of her pie, into a blob of Tabasco sauce, that she had poured on the side of her plate. “I see my son has most certainly rubbed off on you.” Diane commented with a raise eyebrow.
Liz giggled. “I guess you could say that.”
Pushing the plate away from her, Liz started to rub her belly, knowing that she shouldn’t of ate that last piece of Pie.
Diane rubbed her chin with her finger, staring at Liz with curious eyes. “Liz, Darling, how far along are you?”
Liz wiped her mouth off on a napkin, removing any traces of pie on her face. “I’m going into my fourth mouth.”
Diane smiled brightly, “May I?” Her forehead wrinkled up in anticipation.
“Sure!” Liz concurred, moving her arms out of the way, so that Diane could rub on her belly, in hopes of feeling a movement from her grandchild.
“She gets pretty restless around this time, so you have a pretty good chance of feeling her move.”

Max walked back down stairs from his bedroom, as he slumped his bag over his shoulders that carried his school books. He was going to finish up his studies over a Liz’s house,… and just relax in her company. He stopped suddenly in the kitchen entrance, as he seen his mother and Liz bonding, over the baby. He couldn’t help the feelings that coursed through his heart at that moment, as he just stood, and watched the site in front of his eyes. This was a moment, that meant so much to him,… He never felt so much apart of a family, in all his years, as he did in that moment. The way his mother, … whom he loved dearly, sheltered over the girl who processed his heart, .. caressing her belly, to feel his unborn child growing. The way his parents were excepting her, and his child, and treating them with respect, and love, like they belonged to their family, the way Max and Isabel did.
He turned sideways, at the feel of his father patting him on the shoulder.
“Thank you for bringing her here Max!” Phillip voiced.
Max remained silent, as his throat was tight, and his emotions running high. He nodded his head in compliance.
“Look at them!” Phillip commented, watching his wife with Liz. “It means the world to your mother to have this time with Liz.”
Max turned to look at his father. “Why?” He was happy, but confused.
“It’s like,.. she wants so badly to be apart of this pregnancy. To feel involved!…. I also think that this means so much, because, it’s something that she has a chance of being involved in, from the very beginning. …..She wants so much to be apart of her grandchild’s life, …..she doesn’t want to miss a thing.”
Phillip looked at Max sincerely. “It’s like she missed out on these moments with you and Isabel….. So many first times, and all the new and exciting things, that women so badly want to endure and experience in a child’s life. These times were unable for her to experience between you and Isabel.” He looked back at the two women in the Kitchen. “She’ll love this child as much as she’s able to love. This baby, is apart of you Max,…. Which means that it’s apart of us.”

Max had never felt so grateful in his entire life, for having the parents that he has. “Thanks Dad! … This means a lot to me!”
Philip smiled.

“Hey,….. I felt that!” Diane voiced with laughter, as she spoke to Liz’s stomach.
Liz laughed. “So did I.” She commented, as she rubbed along her belly, feeling her child’s movements. “She’s getting restless.” Looking up at the clock, and noticing how late it was getting. “Which is about on schedule.”

Diane looked up at Liz. “You mean, she starts moving this much around the same time every day?”
“Yeah,…. It’s almost like she sleeps through the day, and wakes up at night, and moves around so much, that I’m usually up through the night with her.”
“That’s amazing Liz! …. Wow,…. “ Liz was sure that Diane would’ve found this much movement in a normal pregnancy odd so early on. But since Diane never was pregnant nor gave birth in her lifetime, Liz was sure, that she didn’t suspect anything abnormal. Liz knew her daughter was far more advance then a normal baby her age, which made her very protective of her daughter, yet, she didn’t fear anything with Max’s parents.

“Not when your really tired, and want to get some sleep!” Max commented, as he followed his father into the kitchen.
Liz waved at him with her hand. “Oh, I don’t mind. I’m soaking up everything there is about this baby. …It’s just amazing to me, that this tiny person is growing inside me.”
Diane looked at Liz with Love. “I bet it is. That’s such a special thing Liz!”
The two woman were bonding beautifully, not going unnoticed by the men.

“How about we have a cookout next weekend, and invite the rest of the family?… You know so that they can met Liz, and get to know her, …. I mean,- You know, since she’s apart of our family now.” Phillip commented.
“Oh,… That would be a wonderful idea!” Diane stated, then turned to Liz. “How about it? You up for meeting the rest of the Evans’ clan?”
Max looked at Liz, gesturing to her, that it was her call.
“I think that would be nice. Thank you!” Liz replied, with a smile.
Diane jumped out of her seat, and grabbed a pad and pen, starting her planning already.
“This is so great,… We’ll invite, Aunt Pearl,.. Uncle Harry,…. Sally, Mark, Tom, oh, oh,.. and Mary. Yes, Mary must come.” She paused and spoke to Liz directly. “Oh Liz,… You’ll love Aunt Mary.”
“Yes,… you will!” Max commented, with a huge smile. Shaking his head up and down. Liz took in all that was around her, and felt totally comfortable in the Evans home. And she felt grateful for that.

Max noticed Liz trying to hide her yawning, as she sat and listened to the chatter around her. It was getting late, and he remembered that they were going to do the energy transfer tonight for the first time, to see if it helped any. He scooted his chair out, and stood up, stretching his arms in the air. “Liz you ready to go. It’s getting pretty late.”
She looked up at the clock, and noticed that it was two in the morning. “Oh my,…. We been here that long. Time really flew.” She noticed Diane smiling, as she stood to her feet, and thanked the Evans for the nice evening.
Diane didn’t want the night to end, but knew that Liz needed her sleep. She stood, along with Phillip to see them to the door. “You come by anytime Liz, you hear.” Liz shook her head yes. Diane cut in. “And you don’t need Max here with you, if you ever want to stop by. Your welcome here anytime.”
“Thank you!” She voiced, with sincerity.
“I’m probably going to crash over at her house tonight, so you don’t need to wait up.” Max said as he faced his parents.
Mr. And Mrs. Evans knew that he was an adult know, and didn’t question him when he stayed over at Liz’s. “Okay honey.”
“I guess I’ll see you Monday morning then, at work.” Phillip added. Max shook his head, and watched his mother hug Liz goodbye.

She laid back onto her bed with a thud. “I’m so tired!” She confessed, as she looked over and noticed Max looking at her. “What?” She asked, as she raised her eyebrow.
Max slumped his shoulders. “Nothing!.. If your to tired to try this, we can do it tomorrow.”
Liz shook her head no,… “I want to do this tonight!…… Now!”
“Okay.” He answered her, as he sat beside her on the bed. “But if it gets to be too much, let me know Liz! Remember, we need to careful with this.”
“It’s okay Max!….. Lets do this.” She held his gaze for a moment before picking up his hand, and holding it with her own. “I trust you Max!…. Besides, If I start to feel funny, I’ll tell you. “ After looking at him and noticing the worried look on his face. “I promise!” She insisted.

Max held up his hands. “Okay,…. Okay!…. Sit back against the headboard, and try to relax.” Liz did as he told, and Max repositioned himself next to her. He picked up her hand and kissed it lightly before reminding her that he loved her. “I love you too!” She replied, before giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek.
He released his loud breath, “Okay,…. Lets get started.” He gently lifted up her shirt, high enough to only expose her belly. He looked at her reassuringly before placing his hand flat against her. “Look into my eyes, and try to relax.” She nodded her head, and did as he asked. She calmed her breathing, and relaxed herself, as she peered deep into his eyes. Instantly a connection was made, and Max’s hand started to glow green. Slowly, he released some of his energy into Liz’s body, little by little. Liz gasped for breath, feeling the newly bout of energy surge into her small frame. He noticed her gesture, and slowed down the steady flow of his energy, dwindling down to nothing, he pulled back. “Are you okay!”
She shook her head,…. “Yeah! … I feel a lot different.”
He looked at her strange, tilting his head to the side. “Different?….. How?”
She stood up, and starting jumping up and down on her bed. Swinging her hands in the air. “Like I have enough energy to run a marathon.”
He scratched his head, in concentration. “But, I didn’t give you nearly as much energy as I had to before.”
Liz stopped jumping, and sat back down onto the bed. “Maybe you didn’t have too!… Before I was so far gone, having no energy left, from the baby sucking it all up, that it took a lot from you, to restore my full energy level, and give to the baby what more she needed. … But this way, It’s,…-it’s different. I still have most of my energy, and you gave me more. So this way, …. By you just giving me little by little of some of yours, that when the baby starts to draw upon mine, it wont be like before.” She said everything in one breath, showing just how much energy she did have. Max almost laughed.

He still looked at her worryingly. “I still want to monitor this closely,… just to make sure that nothing else happens.”
Liz shook her head. “Trust me, I’m monitoring everything about his pregnancy.” Lifting up her journal, as some sort of proof of her statement.
Max Smiled. “Come here.” He pulled her into his embrace, and hugged her closely.
Liz giggled, and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, snuggling as close to him, as she could get.
He whispered into her ear,… “I hope that this works.”
She smiled widely, as she kissed little kisses around his face. “I feel real good Max! I feel like I use to before I got pregnant.”
He pulled back. “What do you mean?” He always asked her a lot of questions when it came to her health.
“I mean,… that ,… I can remember not feeling my usual self ever since I find out I was pregnant. I only thought that it was normal, to feel so tired, and drained,… But it’s not. I only realized this when I found out that it was the baby that drained me so much. But now, when you gave me some of your energy just a moment ago,…. I’m started to realize that I’m feeling like my old self again…… I really think that it’s working. …. That this is what the baby really needs. …. Is your energy,… not mine.”
Max pondered upon what she was saying,…. Silently.
Liz continued,… “Which,.. also makes me start to believe that she’s more like you,.. and not me.”
Max’s eyes snapped wider. “What!”
“I just thought that maybe, she would be an equal mixture of the both of us.” Liz continued,… stating seriously what she thought. “But the more I pay attention to what goes on with her,… I’m starting to think that she’s more alien, then human.”
Liz noticed the horrid look on Max face, and felt bad for him.
She kissed his nose lightly. “Hey!…. This notion doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m just sharing with you what I’m thinking. I love our little girl so much.” She caressed his face lovingly. “I just want to understand her Max,…. And it’s really starting to hurt me, that I don’t.” She looked away sad.
“Then I’ll teach you.” He replied quickly, once he seen her pain, at not being able to be close to their daughter, like he was. She looked back at him sincerely. “Do you really think I could learn?”
“Why wouldn’t you?”
She shook her shoulders. “I don’t know! Maybe I can’t because I’m fully human, and—“
Max cut in. “And I’m not,…. neither is the baby?” He asked with raised eyebrows.
She nodded her head in confirmation. “It just depresses me Max!….. I want to connect with her, like you do.”
“I think that you can,… You just need to be taught how to.” He answered her truthfully.
She looked hopeful. “I hope so, Max!” She looked down, playing with the buttons on his shirt. “I hope so!”

He moved in to capture her lips in a kiss, hoping that it would ease some of her weariness. He moved his hands to cup her face fully, and lean her back onto the bed. She draped her arms around his neck, and continued kissing him with open mouth kisses.
He could feel his skin heating up, and fully charged, when soft moans started to erupt from deep down in Liz’s throat. He was already past the point of hard, and the urgency of his hands, started to roam all on their own. He started to ease her shirt up and over her head, then disposed of it in a heap by the side of the bed. He moved his hands down, to cup her breasts, before moving in and taking one into his mouth, to lightly suck.
She let her head fall back, as the pleasure that Max caused her body, started to intensify.

“Oh- oh, God!” She hissed over and over again, as Max moved further down her body. “I love you!” He whispered in between the kisses that he planted along her belly, trailing down,…. Down further until he came closer to her throbbing middle. She looked down with hooded eyes, and couldn’t believe the feelings that were pulsing through her body. “It- It feels so good!” Her sighs and moans, excited Max even more, as he continued his assault on her body,… shaking his head in agreement to what she whispered to him.
He continued to kiss along the outline of her jeans, until he could unbutton them with his hands, and pull them down.
She swallowed hard, finally closing her hooded eyes, and prepared herself for the pleasure she knew was coming her way, when a knock brought her out of her haziness.
She snapped her head up, noticing Max did the same thing, then quickly pulled the covers up to cover her bare chest. “Who is it?” Liz called out in a highly flustered voice.

“Sorry,….. It’s- it’s me Michael. I-I really need to speak to Max Please!” He instantly felt bad, knowing from the deep throaty voice, that he had interrupted something.

After a moment, Max opened the door half way and peek his head out. His face was flustered and red. “What Michael!” He was frustrated.
“I’m sorry Max!…. But,.. But, I’m really worried about Maria!”
Liz had heard this, and quickly threw on her shirt, and made her way over to the door behind Max. “Michael!” She called out, as she opened her bedroom door wider. “Where’s Maria?” She was growing worried from the look on Michael’s face.

He slumped his shoulders. “I have no idea. It’s already four in the morning, and she’s not home.” Michael was panicked.
“Maybe she just stayed over a friends house or something.” Max uttered, not wanting to get carried away.
Shaking her head. “No!… It’s not like her to not call.” Liz looked at Michael more serious. “When’s the last time you seen her.

“I’ve been here all day, you know,…. Just hanging out. Alex and I started watching a movie, and it got to be real late, so he said I could crash on the couch. Well,…. Around 10:00, she left, saying she was going to meet up with someone, …something about needing to get some notes on a project for school, and that she would be back no later then midnight and left, …not saying anything else.”

“Did she say what friend?” Liz was really worried.
Michael shook his head no.
“Come on!” Liz voiced, grabbing for her jacket. “We need to go look for her.”
Michael, and Max followed behind Liz, to get Alex out of bed, and search for Maria.


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Just updating... Here's part 28 and 29!

Part 28

A loud screech erupted in the cold night air, as Alex pulled out of the drive way and onto the road. Liz quickly buckled her seatbelt, as Michael looked out the window, in hopes of finding what they were looking for. Maria! -She was missing, and Everyone was worried. Max had called Isabel, and told her the news, asking her to come over, and sit by the phone, as the rest of the gang went out looking for her. They were hoping that she would come walking in the front door at any moment, putting their fears to rest.

Liz couldn’t stop biting her nails, as her eyes search franticly at the scenery out her side window.
“Liz,… We’ll find her!” Max commented in hopes of calming her down. He knew that the baby was aware when Liz was stressed over something, and as much as he wanted to find Maria, he’s baby’s health was a main concern of his.
She stopped biting her nails, and looked at Max with apprehension. She was scared, … worried about the possibilities of what happened to Maria.
He picked up her hand, and brought it to his lips to kiss gently. He seen the all to familiar fear shining brightly in her eyes, and he wanted to take it away. Shield her from all the bad things life offered.

“STOP THE CAR!” Michael shouted from the passenger seat. Alex slammed on the brakes, jerking everyone in the car out of their seats, … grasping onto anything they could hold onto. He pushed the door open with some might, as he sped over to a patch of grass. The others jumped out of the car quickly, and followed Michael, .. anxious to see what he found. They held their breath, not knowing what he seen, as the darkness enveloped them, the further they ran.

For the first time in his life, Michael screamed with a heartfelt loudness, as his heart began to crumble. He ran faster, seeing closely what he assumed all along, as he came crashing down on his knees next to Maria’s beaten body,…. laying limp on the cold ground.
“Nooo!” Liz screamed, as Maria’s abused body came into her view, … Grasping her mouth in shock, Liz also came to her knees.
Alex ran around to her side, picking Maria up into his arms, as tears streamed down his face. His voice was hoarse from the emotion erupting. “Maria!…. Maria!” He began to shake her, in hopes of her opening her eyes.
Max, released Liz from his arms, and made his way over to take a look at Maria. “Let me see her!” He spoke demandingly to Alex, wanting to see if he could heal her. Alex was shocked, unable to loosen his grip off of his best friend, fearing that she would die. His mind blanking out on him, from letting Max do the rational thing. “Alex please!” Max was pleading with him, and yet Alex couldn’t fathom the idea of letting her go. Max turned to a panicking Michael, and gave him a stern look. Michael stood, and quickly made his way around to Alex, encircling his arms around him, and pulling him back, … making him release Maria. Max, place his hand on Maria’s forehead, and closed his eyes, hoping that he could spark a connection.

-Instantly flashes raided his sense, giving Max a front row seat to the details of Maria’s injuries.
Maria, ..walking home from her friends house, pulling her jacket more securely around her, … the night chill, making her shiver.
A brown pick up truck, stopping and offering her a ride. Maria agreeing, seeming as though she knew the stranger, Maria got into the truck.
The driver passing Maria’s street, and still driving, heading out into the dessert.
Maria starting to panic.
Maria demanding he turn around, and take her home. “It’s late,… I have no time for your games,… Take me home!… Now!”
The stranger pulling over, and locking the doors so Maria couldn’t get out. The panic evident on her face. She was scared now!
Her attacker forcing himself on her, then becoming violent, when Maria fought back.
Punching, slapping, holding her wrist above her head, he was able to pull her jeans half way down her body. She could smell the alcohol on his breath, and smell of stale cigarettes. “Please,…. Oh God Please,… Stop!” She was crying uncontrollable sobs, as her world came crashing down around her.
The moment he released her to pull his jeans down, she kneed him in the groin area, making him scream in pain. She tried with the life of her to open her door, before kicking him with all her might in the face.
Finally getting the door open, Maria fell out of the truck, and onto the hard ground, stumbling from her jeans being pulled so far down. She quickly stood to her feet, and pulled her jeans up, and ran as fast as she could.
She was almost there, almost home. She felt around on her face, the throbbing almost to much to bear. She pulled her hand away and seen the blood, knowing that he beat her badly, she still held her head high, knowing that the scars on her face would be much easier to heal, then the one that could’ve almost happened. She got away, … before he could’ve got any further, and started to cry, knowing that it could’ve turned out worse.
It was cold, and late. Her lips were turning blue, from the cold air, and she felt weak. Her coat was back in the truck, and she was freezing. “Just a little further.” She kept chanting over and over again, until finally, she couldn’t walk anything further, and her weak body, fell to the ground.

He gasped as he opened his eyes from the horror that Maria endured.
“What did you see Max!?” Michael demanded.
Max looked at him with hurt, as he turned back to Liz and spoke. “Hold her eyes open Liz, I need to heal her!”
Liz shook her head franticly and did as Max asked.
He made the connection, and healed her cuts that occupied her face, then skimmed his hand over her chest area to heal the beaten bruises, finally sending a spark of his warmth through the connection, instantly heating her body up. Her lips and cheeks started to turn back to their normal color, as she started to cough on her own blood, opening her eyes in freight, then relaxing once she noticed she was in safe company.
She looked around her, seeing the worry on her friends face. “Where am I?” She mumbled weakly.
Liz cried harder, and Alex stood to his feet, peering down at his friend. “Who did this Maria?”
Max waved his arm in the air. “Not now Alex!” He gave him a stern look, knowing that right now Maria needed to get home, and get some rest. She needed to heal.
Alex looked at him, and shook his head, but Michael stood back, with his arms folded against his chest. He knew Max had seen what happened to her, and one thing he knew for sure, was that it was bad. He knew Max was keeping calm, for Liz’s sake.
As Alex lifted Maria up in his arms, he carried her to the car, with Liz trailing behind him. Max started to follow Liz, until Michael pulled him back by the arm. “Wait!” He demanded, as Liz looked back at Michael.
“I need to speak with him Liz!” Michael voiced, as Liz looked to Max wondering what this was all about. Max nodded his head to Liz, and she turned and proceeded towards the car to help Alex with Maria.
“What did you see?” He was to the point, as Max let his head fall downcast. He remained silent.
Michael voiced again,.. this time stern. “What did you see!”
Max lifted his head, hearing the warning tone in Michael’s voice.
He shook his head. “It wasn’t good!”
He formed his lips into a tight line, shaking his head in disgust. “Tell me Max!” He demanded again.
Max shoved his hands into his pockets, and looked Michael in the eyes. “She was attacked…-
“Wa-Was,, Sh-She Ra-“ He couldn’t even say the word. Michael was torn.
Max cut him off by the shaking of his head. “No!”

He released a loud and heavy sigh, turning his head up toward the sky, as his eyes drifted closed. Sighing again, Michael looked back at Max. “Attacked?.. In what way?” He needed to know.

“He tried to rape her,….. But she got away!” Max said with caution.

“He?” Michael shook his head, wanting to know who it was.

“Michael!” Max uttered his name in a plea, .. his friend was being tortured. And it became so very clear, that his suspicions were so very true. Michael was indeed in love with Maria.

“WHO WAS IT!” He was loud, and hardhearted.

Max looked at him with tears in his eyes. “Bryan Anderson.”

Michael looked at him in shock, as he remained silent, taking a moment to process the person who caused this hell.
“Michael?” Max uttered to his friend, shaking him out of his shock. Michael connected his eyes to Max, making him almost chock on the lump in his throat.
The anger was so evident in his eyes, and it scared Max. “Michael!” He voiced again, as if it would snap him out of his insaneness.
Michael turned away, and started running down the dark street, faster then he had ever ran before. Max stared with wide eyes, as Michael disappeared right before his eyes. He never even had a chance to stop him….He knew his best friend was about to do something crazy…..


He sat on the chair, still and unmoving as he watched her sleep. He took comfort in seeing the peace that was now evident on her face, and gripped his bloody hands even tighter around the jacket he retrieved from Bryan’s truck. He had snapped, and momentarily went in sane all in the act of love for the girl sleeping in front of him. There was no more denying it to himself, he had fallen for her, hard! He couldn’t recognize himself anymore, He was losing himself little by little everyday, until finally he became who he was now. An alien man, in love with a human girl. Never would he imagine it would happen to him. Never in all his life, had he ever felt the feeling of loving a person so much, and it scared him to his very core.

She opened her eyes, and drew her hand to her face, smiling when she couldn’t feel the throbbing any longer. She remembered that Max had healed her, and was thankful for that. She sighed, as she remembered that Michael never came back last night, and she was worried about him. Max had told them, that Michael went off after hearing what happened to her, and she felt terrible about it. She had sat and listened to Max and Liz’s comforting words, but still she didn’t feel at ease none. Michael was out there somewhere and she knew he was up to no good. She tried to control the growing anxiousness in pit of her stomach at the want to just see him again, but knowing that she could no longer keep lying to herself anymore. She was feeling things for him, that she just couldn’t understand. It was feelings that she had never felt before, and it scared her.

She looked up at the sound of a creaking floor board, and jumped when she noticed for the first time that Michael was sitting in the corner of her bedroom, watching her intently.

“Michael!” She called out, as her eyes grew wide, at the sight of him covered in blood.
He was standing up slowly, and he was shaking. “I did something Maria!”
She jumped out of bed hastily, and went to him, with open arms. “Oh my God Michael! What did you do?” Her eyes were wide, and her hands trembling at the site of him.
He looked at her absorbedly, his eyes unmoving from her face. “He wont ever hurt you again Maria,….. I promise!”
She looked at him in shock. “Michael, What happened!” She was almost scared to know.
Tears came to the surface of her eyes, as she guided him to her bed, to sit down.

He still kept his eyes trained on her. “I looked all over for him Maria,… And,- And I found him.”
She nodded her head, for him to continue.
For the first time, he looked down at his bloody hands. Blood that didn’t belong to him. “He didn’t even see me, … He was sitting on the hood of his truck, drinking a bottle of whiskey. Then- Then,… I took him down.”

“You took him down?” She repeated, showing that she didn’t understand.
“Yeah!” He nodded his head, looking at her once again. “I beat him down.”

She looked at him with affection, not wanting to add to his shock. “Michael,… is he still alive?” It was a question that she had never asked anyone before, and it almost sounded silly coming out of her mouth, but she needed to know,… she was thinking the worst.

He stared at her for a moment, before answering. “I don’t know!” And he was honest.

“How long has she been sleeping?” Isabel asked Alex, as she spread the hot mustard onto her pastry.
Alex watched her bit into the pastry, with curious eyes, wondering how something so disgusting could taste so good to her. “About three hours. I don’t think she’ll sleep long though,… she’s been through a lot.”
Isabel nodded her, glad that Maria was now safe,.. but it was Michael that she worried about now. They hadn’t seen him since yesterday night, when they went searching for Maria.
“Are you going to your classes today?” He asked as he flipped to the next page of his newspaper.
“No!” She shook her head,… “And I’m not due back to work ‘til Tuesday, What about you?"
He folded the paper he was reading back up, and place it beside his plate. “I called out of work today.”
“Your worried about her still?” She asked with gentleness.
He nodded. “Yeah! This whole situation is bad. I’m just glad that she’s safe now, but Michael,… well, he’s still missing in action, and probably doing something crazy.”

She watched him intently, realizing just how tightly knitted they were all becoming.

“Guys, Michael’s in my room.” Maria stated, as she suddenly appeared in the kitchen entrance.
Alex and Isabel stood from the table. “What!” Isabel mumbled, as she made her way passed Maria and down the hallway. Alex followed.

Her eyes widened in anticipation, as Alex cupped his mouth with his hand. “Oh my God!” He voiced, as he took in the site of Michael.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked, as she pulled her white robe tighter around her body, Max was behind her yawning, before seeing the condition Michael was in. “Michael!” He voiced once he got his bearings, and moved past everyone to get a better look at him. At first Max thought he was injured, due to all the blood that was on him, but once he noticed his health was fine, realization sunk in. “Michael,… who’s blood is this?” He asked with a shakingness.
Michael looked up at him with black eyes, and remained silent. Maria moved, and stood next to Michael. “It’s Bryan’s blood!” She spoke up for him, knowing that he was still in a trace like state. Grasps were heard through out the room, and yet Michael remained silent. Max took in his appearance and knew that Bryan was either dead, or close to it.
He crouched down on his knee to become eye level with Michael. “You need to tell me what happened, so I can help you.”
Michael looked up past Max to Maria, with tears in his eyes. “I couldn’t stop,… Once I started,.. I just couldn’t stop.” His voice was tight, and filled with emotion.
Maria crouched down next to Max, and looked intently into Michael’s eyes. She placed her hand on his cheek. “It’s okay,… No-one’s mad Michael. I just need to know what happened, so we can make sure you don’t get into any trouble over this. Do you understand?” She asked with sensitivity.
He nodded his head in understanding, and took a deep breath, then began telling the chilling story of his manhunt for Bryan Anderson.

“So you have no idea if he’s dead or not?” Alex asked.
Michael shook his head in confirmation. “That’s right.”
“And you just left him on the ground, and ran once you heard the sirens.” Isabel clarified.
“Yeah!” Michael responded.
“Okay!” Max replied, before turning to the others. “First we need to find out if he’s still alive, then we need to find out if anyone suspects Michael.”
Alex shook his head,… “I’ll call the hospital, find out what I can.”
Max nodded, “Okay, that’s a start.”
Maria spoke up, before looking at the clock on her night stand. “Sheriff Valenti works the night shift on the weekends, he would have more then likely made out a police report if there was any….. I’ll head on over to my mothers, usually when he comes home late, he lays all the paper work on the kitchen table, before turning it in the next work night.”

“Wont he suspect something if he catches you snooping through it?” Liz asked with curious eyes.
Maria turned to Liz. “No,… he’ll be sleeping all day, from working all night. Plus, I don’t need an excuse to go over his house, His married to my mother for crying out loud.”
Max nodded his head. “That’s good!” Then looking around to everyone. “Okay, let’s see what we can find out.”
Everyone started to turn and leave the room, as Michael started to follow behind Maria. Max grabbed his arm. “Wait,… where you going?”
“With her!” Michael answered as he pointed towards Maria.
Max shook his head no. “No Way! You need to lay low for awhile, until we know what’s going on. Plus, look at you! You need to take a shower, and burn those clothes.”

Max looked to Alex. “Do you have anything he can change into?”
“Yeah!” Alex commented, and started heading towards his room.
Max turned back towards Michael. “Take a shower Michael, clean yourself up, and give me those clothes, so I can get rid of them.”

“Maria can’t go out there alone.” Michael voiced.
“I’m fine,… really!” She felt touched that he was being so protective. No one had ever made her feel that way.
“I’ll go with Maria!” Liz spoke up. Max looked at her. “Liz!”
She lifted her hand to stop him from saying anything else. “Max! I need some fresh air anyway. Plus, it would look weird, if Maria started showing up at her mothers house, with anyone beside me or Alex. And at the moment, Alex has his own investigating to do.”
He looked at her for a moment, debating weather or not to let her out of his site.

Maria stepped in. “Look, we’ll take the cell phone with us, If anything happens we’ll call. Were not going far.” She looked at Michael. “You take a shower, and get cleaned up.” She then looked at Max. “You burn his clothes, get rid of all evidence that would link him to what happened to Bryan.” She then looked to Alex and Isabel. “You both start calling hospitals to find out if Bryan is still alive, and if he is, what kind of condition he is in.” Then she looked to Liz. “And you come with me. “
She turned once more to look at everyone. “Any questions?”


Part 29

Sorting through the papers scattered all over the table, Liz and Maria, tried to find what they were looking for before Amy Valenti got home from the store.
“I found it Liz!” Maria whispered with glee, trying to control her satisfaction, that they had finally found what they had been searching for. Liz walked around, and looked over the papers along side Maria. Flipping through the pages of Bryan Anderson’s police report, Maria couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face. Liz looked from the police report to her, and smiled with her. “Michael’s name isn’t mentioned once in here.” Maria commented.
Liz looked closer, “It says that he didn’t see his attacker, and that there wasn’t enough evidence that led them to any suspects.”
Maria turned towards Liz, and they immediately hugged each other, jumping up and down laughing. “Ha!… Serves him right for messing with me!” Maria commented, as she place the papers back onto the table, in the order they were in.
Liz looked to her friend questionably. “Are you really okay about all this? You can still press charges you know!”
Maria shook her head. “No!…. I just want to put this whole thing behind me.” Her face appeared sad.
“Oh Ria!” Liz uttered as she pulled her into another hug. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you.” She pulled back and looked at her friend sincerely.
Wiping her tears away with the side of her index finger. ”I’ll be fine.”
Liz formed her frown into a tight line. “Of course you will,.. I mean with Michael watching over you like a hawk now!”
Maria’s eyes grew wide. “Can you believe him!”
“No Way Maria!” Liz pouted as she waved her forefinger in the air. “Don’t even try it.”
“Try what?” She uttered.
Liz placed her hands on her hips. “You are not going to stand there and say that you don’t have feelings for him.”
“WHAT!” She tried to appear shocked.
Liz continued to stare, daring her to deny it. Maria knew Liz wasn’t buying it, and finally retaliated. “Fine!…. You win!”
“HA!” Liz pointed her finger. “I knew it!”
“Fine,… Fine.” She rolled her eyes, waving her hand in a circular motion. “Look, can we please just get out of her, before my mother gets home, and makes us stay and eat breakfast with her.”
Liz’s grin still remained on her face. “Sure,… after you,… Michael Lover!”
Maria turned around with wide eyes, and an open mouth. Letting out a loud sigh. “Liz!… No Fair!”
“All is fair in love and war!” Liz uttered before racing her out to the car.

Maria pulled out her cell phone, and dialed home, but not before, making Liz promise to keep her feelings for Michael between the two.

She closed up the phone, and shoved it back into her purse. “Looks like everything is okay!” Maria voiced before starting the car.
“What did Alex say?” Liz questioned.
“He said that Bryan is alive,.. Barely.”
“Really?” Liz’s eyes grew wide. “That bad?”
Maria nodded her head. “Yeah!,… He’ll make it though, and that’s the important thing.”
Liz sat back, and looked forward. “So, Michael’s out in the clear.”
Maria nodded in confirmation. “Yup! …Lucky Bustard.”
Liz looked at her with a grin, Maria noticed. “What?”
Liz shook her head. “Nothing!”
“Tell me Liz!”
“I just don’t see why you can’t be honest with him. It’s obvious he feels the same as you do!”
“He’s an alien Liz!” As if her statement was making her point.
“What’s your point Ria!?” Liz was staring hard at her.
“Oh come on Liz!” Maria’s voice was growing. “You can’t say that it didn’t freak you out at first.”
“Yeah, it did,….. But I took someone’s advice, and came to realize that love doesn’t come along every day.” Liz narrowed her eyes on Maria, Showing that it was her advice that she took.
“That’s not what I meant!” Maria tried to explain. “It’s just that I never expect that when the time would come to where I would finally fall in love, it was going to be with an alien. I mean, come on Liz,…. I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I was born.”

Liz narrowed her eyes, as her smiled deepened. “LOVE!,… Oh, this just keeps getting better.”
Maria started to panic. “Love,… what!…. I didn’t say that!”
“Oh, yes you did!” Liz voiced, feeling very giddy. “You are in love with him.” Liz stated in a high voice.
“No way!” Maria yelled.
“Yes,… You Love Michael Guerin.” Liz opened the side window, and poked her head out. “Everyone,… Maria loves Michael!”
“Get in here!…. Your crazy!” Maria was embarrassed.
Liz couldn’t stop laughing…

“Are they on their way home?” Max asked Alex, as he hung up the phone.
“Yeah! … Maria said the police report was clean, no mention of Michael at all.” The sounds of their relief was heard, as Alex finished his statement.
“Thank God!” Isabel mumbled. “Tell me about it!” Michael uttered, sitting down at the table, as he ran his hand threw his hair. He was so close,… so close to the edge, and was scared to death, nothing was going to be able to pull him back.
Max looked at the clock, in anticipation of wanting Liz back home, in his site, where he felt comfortable. He felt so much as ease, having in his girlfriend, and unborn child in his presence, where he was able to watch over them, and keep them safe, and even though they were not in harms way, he still like knowing they were being watched over, and protected.


“Oh no!” Maria uttered, as she swapped her forehead with her hand, a gesture of forgetfulness.
“What is it?” Liz asked.
“I forgot to get the literature for my essay due on Tuesday.”
“On What?” Liz questioned.
“Bernstein.” Maria voiced with disgust.
“Oh, … just go to the library, there’s a lot of books on him there.”
“You don’t mine If I stop there now do you,… I’ll be real quick.”
Liz shook her head. “I don’t mind.”

As they made their way into the entrance of the library, Maria quickly made a beeline for the isle she needed. Liz looked all around in interest, remembering to herself that it had been awhile since she’d been in the library.
She skimmed down the isle of old literature books, with her index finger, as a faint smile appeared on her lips. She had loved to read, and remembered that she would just pick out random books and read them, just to see if it sparked any new interests in her.
She came to the end of the isle, as her eyes quickly scanned the next sign labeling the new isle of books. “Motherhood”. Her eyes grew big, as her heart sped in anticipation, … her feet quickly taking her to the new isle. “Giving birth,… Preparing for motherhood,… Baby names,… Home remedies in parenting,… -“ The titles went on and on, as Liz started to pile the books in her arms,… walking down the long isle. These were things that she needed to learn,.. things that she hadn’t really given any thought to. It was obvious that she wouldn’t be able to give birth in a hospital, but at home,.. with no health care, with no doctor,.. her heart started to lurch within her body, at the scary thought.
A numbness hit her hard, as she realized that she never even gave that part of her pregnancy any thought.

“Whoa,.. Whoa,.. Liz,… what are you doing?” Maria uttered, from behind her.
Liz turned around, as some of the books fell out of her arms, and Maria noticed the tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong Liz!”
“I- I can’t go to the hospital!” Her simple statement confused Maria. She stared at her, wondering what Liz was thinking. “Liz,… Calm down,… Tell what’s going on with you!”
“I – I don’t even know how to give birth,… I can’t go to a doctor Maria.” Liz was obviously panicking.
Maria caught on, and bent down to pick up the books, reading the titles along the way. She stood up and looked Liz in the eyes. “It’s going to be okay! We’ll get through this, and educate ourselves on what we need to learn.” She tried to sound reassuring, but knew that it wasn’t working. “Come on Liz,… I got what I need, let’s go check these books out, and go home.” Liz nodded, as Maria patted her on the shoulder, urging her along.

Max was growing concerned that Liz and Maria weren’t back yet, as he paced the kitchen floor. He looked up and noticed Michael looking at the clock, and he knew that he was getting concerned as well, … It’s just that he wouldn’t admit it.
He turned around, as he heard the front door opening, and heard Michael sigh a breath of relief. He quickly walked over to the entrance into the hallway to greet Liz, but instead noticed her walking quickly down the hallway and into her room, shutting the door behind her. He looked to Maria in wonder. “What’s going on?” His heart starting to pound.
Maria hung up her coat and turned to Max, noticing that Michael was standing in the entrance way, behind him. “I think she’s starting to realize that having this baby is going to be harder then she thought.”
Max looked at her in horror, and didn’t bother asking anymore questions, as he quickly made his way to her room.
He poked his head inside, and noticed her standing by the window, looking at some book. He knocked lightly with his knuckles. “Hey!… No hello Kiss!”
She turned to look at him, as he realized the stressful look on her face, He walked fully into her room, his eyes trained on her face, as he closed the door completely behind him. “Liz! What’s wrong?”
She set the book down on her bed, and he noticed all the other books that occupied her bed for the first time. He leaned down to look at the titles, noticing what it was he looked back up at her. “Talk to me!”
Her forehead wrinkled, as her eyes slightly lowered. “I never realized,… there’s so much I don’t know.”
He walked around to her, and pulled her into his arms. Kissing the top of her forehead, Max sighed. “There’s so much that neither of us know.” He pulled back to look at her. “But we’ll learn them together.”
She smiled, as she sat down on the bed, skimming threw the books, she picked one up, and held it up for him to see. “This one!” She uttered. “This one scares me the most.” She was honest, and knew she had to be. Because he was the only one in this situation with her. He was the other half.
“Giving birth!” He read out loud, then looked at her.
She nodded her head. “Because, no doctor can deliver this baby. What if something happens to me Max?”
He walked over and took a seat beside her on the bed. He couldn’t say that the knowledge hadn’t crossed his mind already, it did!…. It was just that he had to put it on hold, in order to deal with the issues that were at hand, at the time. He took the book out of her hand, and held it to his chest. He took his one hand, and gently ran his finger down the side of her face. “Nothing will ever happen to you Liz. … I wont let it!”
She seen the promise in his eyes, but knew that he couldn’t very well guarantee it.
“Have you ever delivered a baby before Max?” She asked with seriousness.
He shook his head no.
“Then how can you say that to me!” She was scared, and couldn’t hide it.
He stared at her with a deep intensity, knowing that he would be responsible for bringing his baby daughter into the world. “I’ll learn everything that I need to learn. I’ll start taking extra courses that pertain to this.” He continued to stare deeply into her eyes. “I wont let you down Liz! I promise!”
She nodded her head, forming her lips into a tight line. “Good!….. Because this is my life Max,…. And now it’s in the palm of your hands.”
“I’ll take care of it!” He uttered before laying back onto the bed, and opening the book to the first page. Liz laid back beside him, placing her head next to his on the pillow, and began to read along with him.


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Part 30

Liz sat at the kitchen table, lazily rubbing her expanding belly in a circular motion, as she sipped on a cup of hot cider, laced with chilly pepper. It had been days since she had spent any real quality time with Max, and she found herself desperately missing him. She smiled to herself, knowing that he had stayed true to his word, in exploring every avenue out there available for him to learn all he could in preparing for the birth of their daughter.
She sat her cup down, and looked up at the clock again, wondering when he would come walking in threw the front door. It was getting late, and she knew he would be tired. It had been the same routine day after day with him, between going to work, going to school, then attending the extra class that pertained to the baby. He was soaking up a lot lately, and she knew it was draining him, and yet, some how, in some way, she knew he took time out of his sleep, to give her the energy she needed for the baby, as she sleep at night.

She turned quickly towards the entrance way, when she heard the sound of the front door opening. “Max,.. Is that you?” She could only hope.
“No,… It’s us!” Maria answered, as she and Isabel walked into the kitchen to sit down at the table along with Liz. “Hey Liz!” Isabel greeted.
“Hi Izzy!” She turned back around to face the two girls in front of her, as she tightened her robe more securely around her belly.
“How you feeling?” Isabel asked, as she seen the tiredness on her face.
Liz rubbed her eyes, and yawned. “I’m really tired, but I’m trying to stay awake long enough so that I can at least see Max when he gets here.”
“You miss him huh?” Maria asked, as she patted her hand, that laid flat on the table.
Liz nodded, and turned her head downcast.
“He’s really been working hard lately?” Maria voiced.
“Yeah,… And I’m so glad that Alex is doing this with him.” Isabel stated.
“I know, that shocked me when he volunteered to do this with Max.” Maria said.
Isabel shook her head. “Uh huh,… and the real weird part was that he’s really liking it.”
“He is?” Liz asked, raising her head, arching her eyebrows up.
Isabel and Maria both shook their heads. “He’s even went as far as changing some of his other courses around to attend and explore the field of healthcare.” Maria added.
“He’s also seriously thinking of changing his major.” Isabel concluded.
Liz looked and listened between the two chatty girls, absorbing all this new information about what was going on in Alex’s life. “I had no idea, he was interested in this.” Liz stated.
“It’s neat Liz,.. you should see him and Max. With all the new courses that Alex is taking, he’s coming home, and teaching it to Max. It’s so cute, it’s like they have their own little group study.” Isabel told her.
Liz was confused. “What!… But when?”
“Oh!” Maria voiced, in between shoving corn curls into her mouth. “It’s late at night, when your asleep.”
Liz’s eyes grew wide. “But,… it’s so much on him.” She was worried that he was overworking himself to death. She never thought that when she brought up the issue of what he needed to do, that he would be so consumed with it.
Isabel nodded her head. “He only wants to take care of you Liz. He really worries about you.”
“I know, ..but, … he’s really over doing it. He needs to sleep some time.” Liz voiced with concern, Then turned around at the sound of the front door opening again. She instantly heard Alex’s voice.

“I loved it!”
“Yeah, it was pretty bizarre.” Max concluded.
“These pamphlets will come in handy, their packed with information.” Alex voiced as he waved the material in the air.
The two stopped, as they seen the three girls in the kitchen, sitting together.
“Liz!” Max was surprised to see Liz up so late.
Liz stood up, and walked over to Max, and instantly threw her arms around him hugging him tightly. “I miss you!” She was sincere, and emotional, as she whispered into his ear. He smiled faintly, as he smothered his face into her silky hair, holding her just as tight. “Mmm, … I miss you!” He pulled back from her, looking her up and down, just taking in her appearance. “It’s been hectic lately,.. huh!” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. He looked at her intently, realizing that he hadn’t really seen her lately, except while she was sleeping, and wanted so much just to kiss her.
She laced her hands in his, and pulled on him to follow her. “Come on, let’s go relax some.”
Max looked to Alex, then back to Liz. “I was going to watch some video’s that Alex got from his class today, about giving birth at home.”
Liz looked to Max. “Max, maybe we can both watch it tomorrow,… together.”
“Are you sure?” Max questioned. She nodded her head. “Yeah!… Let’s go!”
She pulled him by the hands down the hallway, and into her bedroom, closing and locking the door behind her for some privacy.
Max sat back onto the bed, and watched as Liz walked around, to close the curtains. She turned to face him. “I don’t want you overdoing it Max!”
He could tell that she was worried about him. “I’m not Liz.” He didn’t want her to worry, but she knew better.
She stood there, and watched him, as she placed her hands on her belly. “We miss you!”
The gesture touched him, as his lips formed into a smile. He stood to his feet, and pulled her to him, relishing in the feel of her in his arms.
“I want you to relax tonight Max!” She voiced, as she rubbed her hands up and down his back soothingly. She pulled back to look at him. “Aren’t you tired?”
“I was,… until I seen you.”
His comment made her smile, then she pulled him by the hand to the bed. “Lay down,… take it easy, and try to relax some.”
He laid back onto the bed, and looked up at her. “Come here! … Let me hold you.”
She shook her head no, and crawled onto the bed, sitting up on her legs under her.
He looked at her questionably. “No!…Why not?”
She whispered softly to him. “Because I’m holding you tonight.”
He smiled at her words, as he pulled his shirt off over his head, discarding it on the floor. She untied her robe, to reveal one of his tee shirts occupying her body.

“Your beautiful!” He uttered out of no where. She smiled, as she crawled over to him, placing her smiling lips on his to kiss him. She linked her tongue into his mouth, rubbing delicately along the softness of his warmth. He moaned at the contact, as his hands started to roam her body. He felt his heart rate start to accelerate, as Liz settled down onto his lap, straddling his waist, as her legs wrapped around him tightly, pressing herself closer to him. He could feel her intimate area, burn into his stomach, leaving him breathless. He couldn’t form a rational thought, as his mind chanted her name over and over again, like a love song. “Liz!” He whispered like a life line.
She smiled at the way he was calling out to her, as she started to delicately lick on his soft lips, making him even more breathless. She could hear his panting, and loved the way he starting stroking up and down her thighs. She let her head fall back, as he moved to her neck, and began kissing down her throat, sneaking his tongue in to lick.
He slowly moved his hands up her thighs and around her hips, feeling that she had nothing on under his tee-shirt that she was wearing but a pair of thin panties.
He moaned breathlessly, at what his fingers were feeling, and knew that if he didn’t pull away from her now, that he wouldn’t be able to stop later. “Liz! …. Please, … I-I”
“Shhhhh!” She commanded, as she lowered her head, and sealed his mouth with her lips, filling it with her tongue. “Just let yourself feel Max!”
“I can’t stop Liz!… Please!”
She pulled back from him, to look intently into his eyes. “Who said anything about stopping?” She was serious.
“But- But I want you so bad,.. and-“ He was out of breath.
“Then take me!” Her statement scared him, awaking him to his very core.
She lifted her arms up, pulling the long tee-shirt off of her body, then discarding it on the floor, beside the bed. She sat on him, in nothing but her panties, showing him everything she had,… proving to him that she meant what she said.
He couldn’t remove his eyes, and yet he was having problems getting past the lump in his throat. His hands started to shake at his sides. He had never wanted anything so badly in his life, and right know he was able to just reach out and grab it. “Touch me Max!” Her voice came out in a whisper, as she stared at his shaking hands, and wanted them so badly on her body. He reverted his vision from her body to her face, seeing the seriousness,… the desire all over her.
With full eyes, and shaky breath, he slowly picked up his hand, and delicately started at the base of her throat, slowly touching her with the tips of his fingers. His eyes remained focus on the area he was touching, then slowly moved lower.
She closed her eyes, and could feel his stare all over her and it moved her to new heights, deepened her want for him. She grasped for breath, as she felt his fingers skim over her breast, springing it to life, in front of his face. She looked down just in time to see him lick his lips at the effect of his touch on her body.
She breathed his name as she breathed air into her lungs, a source of her survival. “Max!”
As on command, he finally took her into his mouth, and lightly sucked on her breast, causing her to clutch tighter to his shoulders. Her head fell back once again, and all she could do was hold him as tightly to her body as possible. She grunted, forming her face into a pleading look, as his mouth took more of her in, swirling around her nipple, then sucking harder, before lightly biting down on her.
He was growing more possessive by the minute with her body, as he started to take control of the situation. He was having his way with her body, and bringing pleasure to the both of them. He roamed down her chest to her belly, and lightly rubbed, caressing
his child lovingly, then moved down further to her hips, to press her closer against him.
“Oh God!” She uttered, at the feel of his hands on her in such an intimate way. She was so ready for this, so ready to go deeper with him, and give herself to him,…. For the second time.

He moved from kissing her breast, to her mouth, opening her lips wider with deep kisses, as he used his hands, to steady her hips from rubbing up against him. He was already beyond ready for her, and if things didn’t move along soon, he didn’t know how long he could hold out. He lifted her up off of him, and laid her down beside him, as he sat up, and removed his jeans. He looked down at her laying there, with her hair splash all around her face, loving the way she looked when she wanted him so badly. He sat beside her naked, and looked at her for a moment before proceeding any further.
She arched up her eyebrow. “What’s wrong?” She asked concerned.
He shook his head. “Nothing!…. I just want to remember the way you look right now,… forever!” He let his hand fall to her face,… and gently cupped her cheek. “I love you!”
She smiled,…. “I love you too!” She held his gaze, until he moved, and crawled back onto the bed. He moved up her body, and slowly tucked his thumbs into the sides of her panties, to pull them off of her. She lifted her hips up, as he slowly pulled them down, noticing his eyes staring at her, with his lips parted,.. almost panting.
He slowly bent down to kiss gently on her intimate area, before slowly working his way up her body, to her mouth. She held her breath, no one ever being down there on her before, and welcomed him with her mouth. He settled himself on her, holding most of his weight up on his elbows. He stared down on her features, smiling before focusing on her eyes intently. In that moment, as he held her gaze so strongly, almost as if he was examining her eyes, he moved himself to her entrance, and slowly eased himself in.
He watched her closely, for any signs of pain, and when he didn’t see anything but pleasure mirroring in her features, he picked up his pace. He noticed her mouth hanging open, in awe of the feel of what there were sharing, and he couldn’t resist slipping his tongue in the opening, and licking the insides.
He moved in and out of her body, … emotions running high, as he locked eyes with her once again, wanting to watch her face as he took her over the edge with him, but what he saw there shook him to his very core. Unconditional love,.. and it brought tears to his eyes, making his whole body shutter. She felt it, …. The way his body was responding to her, and never in her life, had something touched her heart so profoundly. It was like he was skimming along the recess of her soul. Dancing a slow dance with her, as he loved on her body, with his. She was moved emotionally, as tears came to her eyes as well.
As they both hit the break in their resolve, Max held onto Liz tightly, as they both took that journey together, … tears streaming down both their faces, as their bodies shook together, giving into their need for one another. They held tightly, loving the feel of the other, … the way their hearts soared, and their bodies tingled, as their orgasm hit hard. Harder still,….. and yet, they held on for dear life….

Finally relaxing, Max pulled back. “WOW!” He uttered, in between his panting, grasping for his heart, against his bare chest, wondering if it was ever going to slow down.
Liz couldn’t speak, so she nodded her head in agreement to his statement. She was moved beyond her barriers, and needed time to calm down. Her heart was pounding in her ribcage, Her body tingling from the lovemaking.
Her face was pink, her body misting all over, Liz turned to Max on her side, and stared at him with a huge smile. Her eyes danced and mirrored her love for him.
He smiled back at her, and loved the look on her face, as he wrapped his arm around her, and pulled her closer to him.
She laid her head down on his chest, … still trying to catch her breath, as his fingers comb there her hair. And even though they remained silent, it was because no words needed to be spoken. No words were necessary for what they had just experience, and shared.
No words could explain what had just happened to them.
But yet they both knew,… They were connected, and this time,…. Liz understood.


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Part 31

Awakening with a smile of satisfaction on his face, Max reached out for Liz, and sat up quickly when he couldn’t feel her. He looked around her room, taking in his surroundings, then laid back down with a sigh,.. knowing that she was near, from there newly formed connection. He breathed in deeply, as he rubbed his bare chest, … his smile enveloping his lips. He had make love to his girlfriend last night, and loved the new feeling it caused between them. Everything had changed last night,… as they took their relationship to new heights. Things happened between the two of them, that never happened the first time they had made love, and even though this made Max curious as to why it was different the second time, opposed to the first, Max was just happy, it had happened.
He sat up, and looked around the floor for his boxers, and smiled when he noticed Liz’s panties laying there. He closed his eyes, remembering when he took them off of her, … wondering if he’d ever seen anything so beautiful in his life.
He shook himself, then stood to his feet, and grabbed for his jeans, and tee-shirt.
Making his way down the hall, he glanced into the kitchen, and smiled, when he seen the beauty who had cast a spell over him, sitting at the kitchen table, looking through the pamphlets, He and Alex had brought home from their class.

“Hey!” He whispered, not wanting to scare her, from his sudden appearance.
She looked up, and smiled shyly. “Hey!” Knowing he was there all along.
He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked over towards her. He bent down, as he lifted her chin delicately with his fingers, and joined his lips unto hers, for a morning kiss. He slipped his tongue inside slightly before pulling it back. He looked at her with loving eyes. “Good morning!” He couldn’t stop staring at her.

She quickly reached up for his hand, and swiftly pulled it to her expanding belly, and rested it there. “Feel it?” She voiced with enthusiasm.
His eyes grew large, as he fell to his knees in front of her. Every time he felt his daughter move within Liz, he couldn’t help the tears that welled in his eyes every time. He smiled widely, and shook his head in confirmation. He rubbed his hand around the surface of her skin feeling for any more movement from their child. He sighed lightly knowing that his child had calmed down, then moved beside Liz to take a seat.

“Are you still up for the cookout at my parents house today?” Max asked, wanting to know if she was up for the gathering. His parents had to cancelled twice already due to inconveniences in everyone’s schedule, then finally agreeing on a date when everyone was free.

She nodded her head, then took a sip of her orange juice that was laced with Cajun pepper. “I’m anxious to meet all of your family.” She smiled, as she looked at him fully. Choosing her words carefully, Liz felt the need to tell him what last night meant to her, wanting him to know the love that was humming through her body for him. “Last night,…. Was,…” She felt emotionally, as she averted her eyes upward, trying to find the right words,..
He leaned in closer to her, and settled his hand on top of hers softly.
“There’s no words Liz!” His voice was low and gentle. She looked back at him and tightened her lips into a tight line, trying to hold back the tears of joy. He smiled knowing the emotion that was roaring inside of her. He leaned in even closer to her, as she brought her forehead to his, and closed her eyes in satisfaction to the nearness.

Handing Liz her coat, Max watched her with loving eyes.
She looked all around, then back to Max with a questioning gaze. “No one’s here!” A simple gesture that seemed to astonish her. She wanted to let someone know where her and Max would be. Max looked all around also. “Yeah, I guess they all had something to do today.”
She arched her eyebrow. “But,… usually every one knows where everyone is. It’s almost like an unspoken rule around here.”
Max slumped his shoulders, trying his best to act casual. “I guess they were to busy to leave a note or something. I don’t know Liz.”
“Hummmm!” She sighed, tightening her mouth. “Well,… let me just leave them a note, letting them know that we will be over at your parents house. Okay!”
“Okay!” Max uttered, saying anything to go along with her way of thinking.

“SURPRISE!!!” The voices were many,…. And loud, as Liz jumped in shock. Out of reflexes she grabbed on Max’s arm and held on for dear life.
Taking a moment to take in the scene in front of her, Liz gasped for her mouth, unable to control her amazement. Her eyes roamed to the huge banner that draped along the entrance way. ‘Congratulations!’….. Letting her eyes roam a little more, she seen the other banners that draped along the walls. ‘Baby shower’ It was then that she noticed the tables of food, a lined in the kitchen area. And the huge pink umbrella that sat a top of the white rocking chair, with presents all around it.
She squeezed Max’s hand tighter, not realizing she was doing it. Her heart was beating so fast,… it was then for the first time that she noticed, Alex and Maria’s, smiling faces,.. and Isabel and Michael standing behind them. Liz giggled, knowing that they had helped put this whole shower together,… she felt so blessed. She continued to scan the many of people, not even knowing some of them,.. then she felt her whole body tense up, as her eyes stopped roaming,… and a burning sensation was taking form from not blinking.

It was seeing her Mother and Father standing over in the corner that overwhelmed her, and brought tears to her eyes. She stood for a moment, staring, … gathering her thoughts and trying to control her way of thinking. Max stood still beside her, knowing that she was trying to control the battle that laid within her. He knew different emotions were coursing through her at the sight of her parents, and even though she wanted nothing more from them then their support, there was still an anger that she felt towards them, and that was the toughest part of it all. Forgiving someone who,…. at one time was the closest to your heart. She felt as if they had turned their backs on her, when she needed them the most. Max had on many nights tried to sooth her crying when it came to her parents, trying in some way to make sense of it all for her, but he knew he couldn’t make excuses for them, or justify why they did the things they did. It was them that had to explain that to her.
He stood still,…. watching her face intently, looking for any signs of distress. He breathed deeply, when he seen her smile, watching her tears stream over her pink lips. He lightly rubbed her back with the palm of his hand, giving her what strength he could from the contact. “You okay?” He whispered, knowing that she was, but wanting to hear it from her.
She nodded her head, unable to talk due to the lump in her throat. She turned her gaze from Max to the rest of the people standing around her in silence, and smiled even wider.
She couldn’t form the words to thank them for this, for thinking of her in planning this surprise baby shower. “Thank you!” Her words were choked, and everyone silently smiled, knowing that she was touched by the gathering.

“Well, come on,…. There’s plenty of people who are dying to meet you!” Mrs. Evans voiced, as she swooshed Liz deeper into the party. Max stood back, and smiled as he shook his head, in amazement.

After Liz greeted some new faces, and held some small chit-chat with some of Max’s relatives, She awkwardly walked over towards an uncomfortable Jeff and Nancy Parker. Her Parents! – She swallowed hard, and smoothed out the wrinkles in her skirt, a gesture of her nervousness.
Max was looking around for Liz, with a drink for her in hand, and having noticed that she was standing over with her parents, he set the juice that he had just poured for her down, knowing that now wasn’t the time. He knew she needed to have a talk with her parents, and he would try to give them as much privacy as possible.

“Liz!” Nancy called out in a shaky breath, as she stood to her feet. Jeff stood behind her silent, staring at his daughter, with sorrow.
“Mom,… Dad!” She greeted, with uneasiness. She so didn’t want this to be another confrontation, especially here,.. in Max’s parents house, in front of a lot of people, most of which Liz didn’t really know.
Nancy took another step towards her only child, with trembling hands. “You look really good Liz!” She let her eyes turn downcast to the obvious expansion to her belly. “Wow,… How far along are you now? Five Months?” Nancy questioned, asking away at the questions she’d been wanting to ask, .. wanting to be apart of her daughters life,.. but also,… to be able to be apart of her granddaughters life.

Liz shook her head. “I’m six months.” She concurred, as she automatically placed her hands to her belly to rub.
Jeff smiled, the only gesture he was able to do, to give his daughter some easiness.

“Umm!” Liz tightened her lips into a straight line, feeling at a loss of words, as her eyes went to look anywhere but at the source that caused her pain.. The awkwardness just wouldn’t go away, until they settled their difference as a family.
Jeff took his cue, knowing his daughter well, and stepped forward. “Liz,… can we go somewhere and talk?” Nancy turned to look at Jeff, a loving smile on her face, proud that he was putting his stubbornness aside, to reconcile. It had been what she prayed for many of nights. She just wanted her family back again,.. and it was obvious that Jeff needed to take the first step in making that happen.
Liz looked around, and knew that they wouldn’t be able to have any privacy in a crowded house. “Let’s go outback.”
Nancy smiled, and Jeff nodded, as they followed behind Liz to the back of the Evan’s house.
Liz felt nervous, only because she had no idea what was going through her fathers mind. No matter how mad she was at her parents, she loved them dearly,.. and couldn’t bear the thought of them walking out of her life completely. This talk was either going to go one of two ways. Either, Her father wanted to reconcile, or he wanted to cut the ties completely as a family. Her heart started to race at the possible notion.

Max lifted his head in wonder, and started to look around for Liz. He had been sitting with Alex and Michael, talking about Basketball when the feeling of dread started to hum through his soul. “I’ll be back!” He voiced to Michael, before getting on, and searching for Liz.
He finally seen her as he stood by the back door, looking out into the back yard. Standing there with her parents, Max wondered if her father was upsetting her, causing the feelings to course through him, from their newly connection. He didn’t know weather or not, it was the case, being that this connection between the two was so new, they were still learning how to handle it, but he couldn’t take the change.
He opened the door, and proceeded towards Liz with caution, staring at her serious face intently. He stopped midway, allowing her to notice his appearance, letting her know that he was there for her. Liz reverted her eyes from her father to Max, and smile,… nicely excusing herself from her parents for a moment.
Jeff and Nancy stood and watched as Liz walked over to a waiting Max.
He grabbed a hold of her hand, and brought it to his mouth to kiss. “You okay?” He questioned seriously.
She tilted her head to the side in wonder. “I think so…. My Dad wants to talk to me about something.”
Max released his breath in a sigh,.. “That’s what’s bothering you.”
“What?” Liz asked confused.
Max smiled, then ran his index finger lightly down her check. “I sensed some of your emotions, the hurt you were feeling and-
“Oh - Yeah!” Liz nodded her head in remembrance. “I’m sorry,… I keep forgetting that things are different now. I need to learn how to control that.”
“So your okay then?” Max needed to make sure.
Liz nodded her head. “It wasn’t anything that happened. I was just getting myself all worked up, over what could happen. I’m sorry Max!”
“Don’t do that!” He voiced with downcast eyes.
“Do what?” She asked curiously.
“Don’t ever apologize. I love you Liz,… Don’t ever apologize for how you feel. Yes, I do want to protect you from hurting,… But I also want to help you when your in doubt also.”
She smiled with the feeling of settlement coursing through her. “Thank you!”
He lightly closed in and pressed a soft kiss on her lips. “Go talked to your parents,…. I’ll be right inside if you need me.”
She nodded her head, and quickly approached him for another small kiss, before thanking him again, and proceeding towards her awaiting parents…


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SO thank you all!


It wasn’t the fact that he didn’t know what to say, or how to begin, it was knowing the time he had wasted with his only daughter. Precious time, that he could never get back, and that’s when he began sobbing…

The consent sniffling of his nose, was stifling his words, making it unable for Liz to hear what his heart was saying. “Dad.” She whispered in a soothing voice. Placing her small hand on his shoulder, she looked over to her mother, with a relieved gesture on her face.
Nancy had the pained look on her face, knowing that her husband was in pain, but also, knowing that he needed to deal with this, … the family needed to move past this.

“L-Liz,… I-I’m,… I’m so sorry!” Jeff uttered with deep emotion, still shaking all over. Liz knew that it wasn’t the fact that it was hard for her father to apologize. It was the truth in knowing that it had pained him, to know what his actions had put his family through. He fathomed in his mind that he needed to disciplined his child when she was careless with her actions. But in all reality, it didn’t sink in his brain that another life was involved. A life that he wanted to be involved in. He shuttered when he realized that it wasn’t just a simple mistake that his daughter had made,.. it was a life impacting change,… and when he finally understood that his daughter wasn’t looking at what had happened to her as a mistake, things started to unravel in his mind. Things started to change his way of thinking,… and it wasn’t the times he had overheard his wife’s crying,… it was when he took a good look at his life, and started to realize that there was only two people he truly loved in this world. His wife,… and his daughter,… and he couldn’t afford to lose either one.
“Oh Dad!” Liz started to cry along with her father,.. as she finally heard the things she so desperately wanted to hear. Just seeing in his emotions what she had meant to him, warmed her heart. She grabbed a hold of her father, and pulled him into a hug, and as she did, she could feel his grip tighten on her, like this was what he had wanted to do, for the longest time. She peeked up at her mother, and seen the tears fall down her face, and the smile spread across her lips. She was truly happy.
“Please,….. Oh God Liz,…. Will you ever forgive me?” Jeff voiced with high emotion. The pitch in his voice rising.
Liz gripped her hands tighter around her fathers neck. “I already have.” Her voice tightened,… and low.
He shut his eyes closed tightly, letting the drops of tears hanging there fall freely. “I love you.” His voice was coming out squeaky.
She sniffled. “I love you too Dad!”


“Okay here’s the next one.” Maria voiced as she handed Liz another present. Max was sitting next to her with a smile on his face, noticing the way Liz was getting excited at all the new baby clothes. Her smile had only grew in size with each new present.

She delicately unfolded the pink tissue paper. Her gasp erupting once again, as she seen the new baby item displayed in front of her eyes. Liz looked up, and let her eyes roam the room for Isabel. “Izzy,… It’s so beautiful.” Liz set the present down and walked over to Isabel to give her a hug. “Well,.. what is it?” Ms. Evans asked,… knowing how excited Liz was, but wanting to see what the present was. She couldn’t help smiling at the way Liz did something special for every present she received. Wither it was hugging the person who gave her the gift, or giving that person a special smile or thanksgiving.
“It’s a dress.” Liz uttered as she returned back to her seat next to Max. “The Most beautiful baby dress I’ve ever seen!” She held up the tiny pink dress, and gushed at all the ohhs,.. and ahhs. It truly was beautiful. But the thing that Isabel wasn’t telling, was that she had designed the baby’s garment herself, and made it with her own two hands. It was a desire of hers to design gowns, yet she didn’t feel secure enough yet to share this information with others. “There’s another gift there Liz, underneath the same box.” Isabel uttered.
Liz looked, and smiled when she started to unwrap the other gift from Isabel. Her eyes grew big, as she held up the tiny socks. “Ahhh,… there so little.”
Max held a pair of the tiny pink socks in his hand, . “These are so little.” He whispered with a smile. Liz just watched him, and loved the feelings that she could feel coursing through him, from their connection. He was starting to get really excited,… almost to the point where he was dying in anticipation for the baby to be born. She smiled, and cupped his cheek with her hand lovingly. “She’ll be here before we know it.” He bent closer to her, and kissed the tip of her nose. “I know,… I just can’t wait.”

“Here,.. open this one.” Maria voiced, breaking the eye contact between Max and Liz. She knew how them two got once they started to stare at each other,…. And now wasn’t the time, especially since a whole room of people was staring at every move they made.
Liz cleared her throat, and started to unwrap the next present handed to her. “Ahh,.. It’s a bassinet.”
“Who’s it from Liz?” Isabel asked.
Liz unwrapped the card that was attached to the present. “It’s from Aunt Joan.” Liz uttered with a look of confusion on her face.
“Oh,… That’s my aunt.” Max voiced, answering the look on her face. He looked out into the crowd of people, and thank his aunt,.. as did Liz.

“Open that one Liz.” Michael uttered from the corner of the living room, as he pointed to a large box, wrapped in purple wrapping paper. Maria slid the present towards Liz.
Max pulled the card off of the present and opened it to read aloud. “Congratulations,… Michael.” The card read, as Max folded it back up, and flashed Michael a bright smile.
He had never seen Michael like this before, and if Max truly knew his friend, like he was positive he did,.. he could clearly see that Michael was excited over the fact that he was going to be an uncle,.. in some sort of way. He had been a brother to Max , in every way,… and Max also knew that Michael had been on cloud nine lately with his new found feelings for Maria.
Liz started to peel away the wrapping paper, and smiled happily when she seen a picture of a stroller on the box. “It’s a stroller!… Oh Michael,… Thank you!” Liz was sincerely happy. She knew Michael didn’t have a ton of money to spend on a present for the baby, and yet he spent more then he could afford. A gesture that truly touched Liz’s heart.
“Thanks Michael!” Max voiced with gratitude. Michael just nodded his head in confirmation, and yet Maria’s bright smile didn’t go unnoticed as she warmly looked to Michael from across the room.

“Okay, this is a pretty big present,… so your going to have to stand up and unwrap this one.” Maria stated, with raised eyebrows.
Liz stood up, and walked over to the present, and retrieved the little card that was attached to the gift. She smiled to herself as she read the little writing inside, letting her know that it was from her parents. She looked over towards them and smiled, saying aloud , “This one’s from my parents.” And started to rip off the wrapping paper. “It’s a crib.” She voiced with excitement. “Oh,… I love this. It’s the one I wanted too.”
She turned towards her parents and uttered her thanks, before hopping over the mounts of wrapping paper scattered all around the room. She opened her arms widely to hug the both of them. “Thanks guys…. So much!” She voiced with happiness. “This means so much to me.” And even though no one else in the room really understood the true meaning of Liz’s words to her parents,.. Max did,.. and knew that this was a very special day for Liz. And seeing her this happy, only increased his happiness more. He looked all around the room, feeling his heart leap inside his chest, in the process, as this moment started to really sink in. Everyone in this room, was celebrating the new life, that was coming soon. His child,… his flesh and blood,… his heart. He couldn’t wait,… couldn’t wait to see the beauty that he and Liz had created together. His heart warmed from the vision he remembered having all those months ago. A vision of a brown hared little girl, who he now knew as his daughter, and she was the most beautiful little girl he had ever laid eyes on.

As the shower continued, Liz’s excitement continued to grow, as she received a high chair from Mr. And Mrs. Evans,… A baby bath filed to the top with baby shampoo’s and lotions, along with every thing else thinkable, from Alex. A play pen along with every color baby blanket from Maria,.. and crib sheets, and tons of tiny baby diapers from Amy,.. Maria’s mother. But that was only a small portion of some of the gifts she had received. Tons and tons of baby clothes and toys laid all around the living room, along with baskets filled to the top with baby items, Liz had no time to search through.

“Oh,… here’s one last gift that was shoved in the back corner.” Maria voiced as she walked the gift over to Liz. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that one.” Ms. Evans voiced, as she sat straighter on her chair to watch Liz open the gift.
Max watched Liz open with curious eyes. “What is it?” He asked as he watched Liz stare at the open gift, that only her eyes could see.
Liz delicately lifted the item up, for everyone to see. It was an old teddy bear with a pink ribbon around it’s neck. Liz heard Max gasp out loud, when she turned to see his reaction. Max looked over towards his mother with love in his eyes. “Mom!”

Diane stood. “I know! I almost couldn’t part with it,… but..” She let out her breath. “I knew that you had loved it so much when you were small, I figured that your daughter might fall in love with it the same way.”
Finally dawning on Liz. “You mean, this teddy bear used to be Max’s?”
Diane nodded her head. “Uh-huh. He took it every where he went, and refused to sleep with any other stuff animal but that one. … It once had a blue ribbon around it’s neck,.. so I just replaced it with a pink one. I hope you don’t mind that I tampered with your favorite teddy Max!”
Max gave his mother a cooed expression before telling her that it was okay, but only because it was for his daughter.
He looked to Liz with a smile, and noticed how she stared at the teddy bear with heart felt eyes. He knew that this was the gift that left the most impact of her,.. as it did himself.

Liz had finally finished thanking everyone of the gifts, then laid back tiredly in her chair, yawning. She wasn’t sure what tired her out mostly,… unwrapping the gifts, or individually thanking everyone who came to the shower. She unknowingly started rubbing her belly, as she slumped back in her seat. Max noticed Liz rubbing her eyes, and he reached for her hand, and stood them both to there feet. He looked around and noticed everyone going back into the kitchen for more food, so he signaled for Liz to follow him upstairs.

He closed his bedroom door behind him,… then walked over to Liz, as she sat on the edge of his bed. He kneeled down in front of her, and wrapped his arms around her wide stomach, and softly laid his head against her belly,… hearing the sounds their daughter was creating inside.
She sighed, in satisfaction,.. always feeling at home when Max was near her.
He poked his head up, and looked at her staring at him. “Your tired!” He voiced.
“I’m fine.”
He stood up, then sat beside her on the bed. “Liz,… I want you to rest some. I know it’s been a long day,… and you haven’t even had your nap.”
She laughed. “Are you keeping track of me Mr. Evans?”
He smiled sweetly, as he tucked a strand of her long hair behind her ear. “I’m always watching you,…. You know that. I don’t what you over doing it Liz.”
She looked at him with blinking eyes. “What!… Like the way you have been over doing it?”
He tilted his head to her. “Your carrying my baby,…. And that means that it’s okay for me to over due it,… but you can’t.”
She stared at him. “What!”
“Auh- auh,..” He uttered as he lifted his hand to silence her. “There’s no room for discussion here.”
She smiled, shaking her head at his words.
“Come one Liz!” He cooed her with his soft words, pushing her back onto the bed gently. “Lay down for a while.”
“But all the people down stairs Max!” She was so tired, but couldn’t very well be missing from her own shower.
“Liz,… there not going any where for a while still. Once they start eating and talking with one another,.. there’ll lose track of time. You won’t miss anything,… just take a small nap, and then you can rejoin your party. They probably wont even know that your missing.”
“But what if they notice?”
“If they notice,… I’ll tell them the truth,… that you needed to rest.”
She still felt uncomfortable leaving her own shower. “But what if-“

“Liz!” He cut her off with his voice. Bending down on his knees to her level. He softly started to run his fingers threw her hair. “You and this baby mean the world to me. You need to understand the responsibly I take when it concerns you or our child. -When your upset,… I’m going to comfort you,…. When your sick,.. I’m going to heal you,… When your weary,… I’m going to soothe you,…and,.. When your tired,… I’m going to tuck you in bed.”
She stared into his gentle eyes, then blinked hard, to hold back the tears. “I love you!”
He leaned in to kiss her forehead. “I love you!” Then pulled the blankets up her body. “I’ll keep checking on you,.. okay!”
“Okay!” She voiced, before closing her eyes,.. and welcoming sleep.
He watched her for a moment, knowing that she was trying to fight off her tiredness all day. He knew he had made the right decision in making her rest. He closed the door quietly, and made his way back down stair to the guests.


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Part 33

He closed the door quietly behind him, after checking on her for the third time. She was still sound asleep,.. and it made him smile at how peaceful she looked cuddled up in his bed.
He made his way downstairs once again, and noticed His parents talking to The Parker’s
over a cup of coffee. He debated weather or not to approach them,.. then finally feeling saved by the phone ringing. He made his way over to the phone and answered it.

Pushing the hold button, Max called out for his father. “Dad! It’s for you.” Max voiced clearly.
Phillip Evans excused himself to take the phone call in his den. As soon as Max heard his father pick up the other phone, he hung it up on his end, and made his way into the kitchen in search of Michael and Alex.


He looked over to the clock hanging high on the wall, and noticed that it had been a good two hours that Liz had been asleep. He excused himself to go check on her once again, knowing that the people were getting ready to leave. He knew she would feel bad for not being there to say goodbye.

Easing his way into his bedroom quietly, Max seen her eyelids fluttering open, as she came out of her sleep. She slowly looked over to the side of her, where she seen Max just standing there looking at her. “Well,… Hello, sleepyhead!”
She smiled as she stretched her arms above her head. “What time is it?”
“Close to 6:00!”
Her eyes grew wide. “Six o’clock!” Her eyes wide. “I’ve been asleep that long!”
“You really needed it Liz. Don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything.” Max tried to convince her.
“You mean everyone’s still here?”
He nodded his head. “Yeah,… but there all getting ready to leave.”
She pulled the blankets off of her to stand up, when Max quickly bent down to help her. “Thanks.” She uttered low. He stared down at her with loving eyes. “Anytime!”
She smiled, knowing that he was flirting with her in his own little way. She loved when he would say the cutest little things to her, but it was the way he said it that made all the difference.
After saying goodbye to all the guest, Liz turned to walk back into the Evan’s house to start packing up all of the gifts.
“Lizzy,.. your going to need a truck to get all of these gifts home.” Jeff Parker voiced as he stuffed some new baby blankets back into there boxes.
Liz stood up, and scratched her head, as she looked all around the room, at the many presents. “I think your right Dad! How in the world am I going to get all of these presents home?”
Jeff laughed. “Don’t worry,… I’ll hurry, and go get the delivery van from home. I’m sure there’s enough room in there.”
Liz looked up at her father. “Really Dad! That would be perfect.”
Jeff reached into his pocket to retrieve his car keys. “Do you need me to come with you Jeff?” Nancy asked.
“No,.. Just stay here and help Liz get these gifts together. I shouldn’t be long.”
“Okay!” Nancy concluded. “Thanks again Dad!” Liz voiced before he went out the front door.

“This dress really is beautiful Liz!” Nancy added as she picked up the tiny baby dress that Isabel had made to put it back into its proper box.
“I know,.. I love that outfit. I’m gonna have to find out where she got it. Maybe they have more dresses like it.”

“Well here!” Nancy said, as she tucked her hand into the dress to look at the tag inside,…. Hoping to maybe find the name of the store or the designer embroidered there. Liz was peering over her mothers shoulder to see what they had both wanted to know. Where was the dress bought from. “Huh!… There’s no tag.” Nancy concluded. “That’s odd.” Liz added, just as Isabel walked into the room. “What’s odd?” She asked innocently.
Liz took the dress out of her mothers hands to hold it up for Isabel to see. “This! We were trying to find out where you bought this.”
Isabel choked on her soda.
“Are you okay?” Nancy asked, as Liz looked at her with worried eyes.
Isabel held up her hand. “Yeah!… I’m fine. Must-a went down the wrong hole.”
Liz held up the dress again,.. a gesture for Isabel to answer her question. “Oh yeah,.. the dress,… Oh- well,… I really don’t remember where I got it! …W-wh-why Liz?”

Liz looked at Isabel in a questioning way,… wondering why she was acting so strange. “Because, I love it. I want to buy more clothes like it.”

“Oh!” Isabel mumbled, as a smile started to take form on her face. She debated to herself weather or not to reveal the true designer. “I’ll try to fine my receipt and let you know where I bought it.” She just wasn’t ready yet. Maybe when she grew a little comfortable with her own talent,.. then she could feel more comfortable with others knowing.
“Thanks Isabel. That would be great!” Liz added, before dropping the topic, to go back to packing up all the remaining gifts scattered all over the floor.

Maria remained in the kitchen helping Mr. And Mrs. Evans clean up all the food, as Max, Michael, and Alex proceeded in carrying out the heavy presents,.. taking them out front to wait while Jeff brought back the van to load them up.

Alex wiped his forehead, ridding it from all the sweat. “I think Liz was surprised.”
“Yeah!… We fooled her.” Michael added, as he took a drink of water, from his water bottled.
Max smiled to himself. “Today was a good day!”
It could only get better from here,…. Right?


As Mr. And Mrs. Evans waved goodbye to cars leaving their driveway, they could only smile,.. knowing that they had done what they had wanted to accomplish. Surprising Liz,.. and giving her the best baby shower that they could.

“Was that Mr. Taylor on the phone Phil?” Diane asked as they both turned to walk back into the house.
Phillip nodded his head. “Yeah!…. How could something that the both of us have wanted for so long, come at the worst possible time?”
Diane tightened her smile into a tight line. “I know honey. Did you give him an answer?”
“No! I told him that we would get back to him.” Phillip scratched his brow. “What do you want to do Di?”
Diane shook her head. “I don’t know! This is something that we have wanted for so many years, and now the chance of a lifetime has fallen in our laps.”
“Yeah!” Phillip cut in. “At the worst possible time.”
“You know that the kids wont want to relocate.” Diane added.
“I know!” Phillip poured some coffee into a mug, and handed it to Diane, then proceeded in pouring himself a cup as well. “Let’s just take some time to think this over, before we tell the kids.”
“Sounds good!” Diane voiced before taking a sip of her hot coffee.


“Thanks again Dad!” Liz said again to her father as the last baby present was carried into the living room. It had been the only place big enough to hold all of the baby gifts in the mean time, while Liz sorted through them and put them into there proper places.
“You don’t have to thank me Lizzy,.. it’s the least I can do for my daughter,… and my grand daughter.” Liz looked up at him with misty eyes as he mentioned her baby in such a loving way.
Nancy looked on with a smile, as she turned to Max standing beside her. “You two should come over for dinner some time this week. I’ll make Lizzy’s favorite.”

Max was surprised. He knew that Liz and her family were growing close again, but he never thought that once they finally excepted the baby, that they would except him. In his mind, he would always remained the bad guy in their eyes.
He looked at Nancy in shock. “You’re inviting me too?”
Nancy laughed loud. “Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I?” She looked at him with questioning eyes.
“I- I just thought that-“
“Max!” Nancy cut him off. She placed her hand on his forearm, and whispered to him. “Things are still going to feel weird. But- But,.. Jeff truly is sorry for the way that he treated Liz.”
“Well,… it’s not that!” Max voiced.
Nancy looked at him in wonder. “Then what?”
“I just didn’t think that I was welcomed in your house.”
“Max!… I know that none of us were able to have a sit down chat. But weather we like it or not, my daughter has choose you in her life. I don’t know what your future will be with my daughter,… but one things for sure. No matter what happens,… you will always have a tie to this family. Your daughter, is my grand daughter.”

Max let his face fall downcast. “I love Liz very much Mrs. Parker.”
“Call me Nancy,… and believe me Max,…… I’ve noticed!”
Max looked up, and smiled widely.
“So what do you say,… Dinner?” Nancy asked again.
Max nodded his head. “I’ll talk to Liz about it,.. but I’d love to come.”


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Part 34

She couldn’t sleep, not without Max by her side, and she had tossed and turned for the last time. She let out a loud sigh, in a frustrated tone, as she rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes once again. She sat up in her bed, and felt around for her white cotton robe, before slipping her bare feet into her slippers. Her stomach was expanding more and more everyday, and as she tied her robe straps around her belly, she couldn’t help but smile as she remembered the way Max had talked to her belly last night, as if he was having a one on one conversation with their daughter.
She quickly wiped the smile from her face, not wanting Max to see, she had to be stern with him. For the past three hours, she had been waiting for him to come to bed, only to be put off by his consent hand gestures that he was looking over Alex’s new health care information. Alex had finally received his medical bag, and Max was eager to learn how every piece was used, and for what purpose.

“Max Evans!” She voiced sternly, as she tapped her white cushioned slipper against the hard wood floor.
He looked up, and tried his hardest not to smile. She was a site lately, never more beautiful in his eyes. She stood standing straight with her hair in disarray, as her small body with a very large tummy stuck out evidently showing her heavy with child. Her olive skin glowed against the whiteness of her bed attire.
“I don’t want you telling me five more minutes either. It’s been almost four hours! Now you know how hard it is for me lately to fall asleep with out you.”

“I know Liz!” His voice evident that he was trying hard to hold back his smirk.
She continued- “And I don’t understand why we can’t just look over this stuff together,… tomorrow!”
“I’m just excited Liz!”
“Yes,… I know Max! But please,…. For the love of God!”
“Five more minutes Liz!” Max uttered with softness. “Please sweetheart,.. I know you’re tired, and-“
“Urghhhh” She was about to pull her hair out by the roots. She stumped back into her room and shut the door. A smiled suddenly captured her lips as a plan started to form in her mind. She started to giggle as she removed her robe and slippers, .. finally reveling her bed attire. One of Max’s tee-shirts. She instantly pulled down her panties and discarded them onto the floor then smoothed out his long tee-shirt that occupied her body, not giving away that she was completely bare underneath. She turned towards the door, and silently peeked into Alex’s and Maria’s room, to make sure they were sound asleep. Seeing that her friends were deep in sleep, Liz quietly made her way back towards the living room, where Max was looking through Alex’s medical bag on the sofa.

Max jumped when he seen Liz standing in front of him, staring at him intently with a smile on her face. “L-Liz?” He uttered her name in a questionable fashion, and completely caught him by surprise when she reached down, and pulled him intimately through the hole in the front of his boxers. His eyes grew wide, and his hands thrown in the air in a surprising manner, as she leaped onto his lap and straddled him where he sat. It all happened within a matter of seconds before it registered to Max that he was suddenly inside of Liz, and she was beginning to move upon him wantonly. His eyes and mouth grew wide, at the sudden behavior of his girlfriend, taking him so surprisingly. His hands dropped the papers he was clutching, to the floor, as they moved to her hips to rest. His head fell back onto the cushion of the couch as his eyes slowly closed at the feelings overtaking his body. This was so out of character of Liz, but he couldn’t help it,…. He liked it. He finally opened his eyes to look at his beauty, and noticed the wide smiled on her face. He smiled, knowing now what she was trying to accomplish.
“Do I have your attention NOW!” She moaned as she moved up and down on his lap.
He couldn’t speak, the feelings felt to good to his body, so he just smiled wider with hooded eyes, as he nodded his head up and down.
“Good! – I think it’s time to come to bed now,… don’t you think?” She added,.. almost breathless.
He nodded again,….Obeying in any way he could, just so she wouldn’t stop the havoc she was causing upon his body.


“Lizzy,…. Please pass the carrots!” Jeff Parker voiced from the head of the table.
“Sure Daddy!” Liz went to pick up the heavy glass dish that carried the candied carrots, when Max seen that it looked quite heavy, he reached over and picked them up himself and handed them to Jeff.
“Thanks Max!” Jeff said as he smiled. “No problem Mr. Parker.” He smiled then looked to Liz, and noticed her glaring at him with a sweet smile. Jeff watched the two with curious eyes before speaking up. “Please,… call me Jeff.” This earned him a surprised look from Max, “Okay,.. Jeff!”
“That’s better!” Jeff replied, and smiled when he seen the happy look on his daughters face.

“So Liz,… what doctor have you chosen to deliver the baby?” Nancy asked with excitement. Liz looked to Max with wide eyes as she swallowed hard. “Well,… I’m…. were not exactly having the baby in the hospital Mom!” Liz said softly before stuffing another bite of chicken into her mouth.
Jeff and Nancy looked up in shock. “What!” Jeff voiced in a confused tone.
“Huh,.. yeah!” Liz uttered before looking to Max for help.
Max quickly took his cue from Liz and spoke up. “Yeah,.. see,… we’ve,.. I mean,.. Liz and I have decided to…- to have the baby at home.”
“At home?” Jeff said, as if he didn’t hear right.
Liz looked from her Mother to her Father, then to Max with large eyes. “Yeah, it’s much more private that way.”
Jeff and Nancy looked at each other as if not believing what they were hearing.
“Liz!…. why?” Nancy questioned.
“I just,… just think that it’s much more intimate that way. I really don’t want to be drug all out in God knows what kind of weather,.. just to have a baby,… I mean-“ This was not coming out the way Liz had wanted it to.
Max quickly cut in. “See Mr. And Mrs. Parker, it’s like this,…. A friend of ours had her baby at home, ….she had a mid-wife deliver her baby,… and she said the experience was much more enjoyable for her out of the comfort of her own home.”
“Yeah Mom!” Liz cut in. “I just don’t think that I would be as comfortable at the hospital, as I would in my own bed at home.”
“Oh!… well,…-“ Nancy voiced as she looked to her husband sitting beside her, being at a loss for words.
“If that’s what you really want to do.” Jeff finished for his wife.
“It is Dad!…. I mean, …it’s what we both want to do.” Liz added as she clutched onto Max’s arm for support.

After dinner, the four gathered in the living room at Jeff’s request,.. simply saying that he had something for Liz.
Liz took a seat next to Max on the sofa, as Jeff and Nancy sat together on the love seat.

“Liz,…. There’s something that I’ve been wanting to give to you. I wasn’t going to give it to you until your graduation or wedding day, but under the circumstances,.. I’ve decided that this is a better time,.. if any.”
Liz looked to her parents curiously. “What is it Daddy?”
Jeff let out a tired sigh, as he rubbed his belly,.. displaying to his wife that he was full from dinner, and ready for an afternoon nap.
He reached down into his brief case and pulled out a folder marked ‘Liz’. Reaching inside the folder he pulled out an envelope, and set it down in front of her on the coffee table. Liz reached down and picked it up, then opened it.

“It started off being just something that your grandfather had left for you in his will. But over the years, I’ve invested it, and almost tripled the value.”
Liz looked up to her father with a shocked gaze. “It’s hundred thousand dollars!”
Jeff shook his head. “Yeah!” Nancy smiled, happy that they were able to give her such an investment.
Max looked from Liz to Jeff in shock.
“There’s only one problem.”
Liz and Max looked up from the paperwork to Jeff at the same time. “What?” Liz asked, still in shock that she had just received the large amount of money.
“If you withdrawal any of the money before the ending time period,.. you’ll lose almost half the value.” Jeff concurred.
“Well,… when’s that?” Liz asked.
“I made it so that it would end on your twentieth birthday. I’m sorry Lizzy! I never thought that you could use the money before then. I just always thought –“
“I know Dad!” Liz lifted her hand to silence him. “I understand.”
“Well,… it’s only two years away, but I figure I’d give it to you now.”
Liz began to stand, when Max quickly stood up, then began to help Liz up from off of the sofa. “Thanks Dad!… I really appreciate this!” Liz voiced as she wobbled over to her father to give him a hug. Max watched her from behind, loving the way she walk from being pregnant.


“I cannot believe the amount of money I am holding in my hand!” Liz voiced from the passenger side of the jeep. Max looked at her with a smile. “You should lock that away in your safe Liz.”
She looked over towards him from the corner of her eye. “We should start making plans with this.”
He looked at her with curious eyes. “What are talking about?”
“I’m talking about a hundred thousand dollars Max!”
“Yeah!” He uttered,.. looking from her to the road in front of him.
She nodded her head fiercely. “Yeah!… Yeah!…. is that all you can say. Max!…. This could be like a down payment on a brand new house or something.”
He looked at her with funny eyes. “Liz!” As if saying her name,… show’s her how silly she’s being.
“What!” She yelled,… starting to get annoyed with his attitude. “What’s your problem!”
He looked at her, like she had completely caught him off guard. “This is your money Liz! … Money that belongs to you!”
“I get it Max!.. I understand!” She said in a low tone. Crossing her arms over her huge stomach, Liz suddenly felt naked. “Take me home Please!” She continued to look out of the side widow,… keeping her gaze fixed away from him. Anywhere,.. but at him.

He picked up quickly on her tension. “Liz!… I didn’t mean –“

“Max please!” She cut him off quick. “I don’t want to hear it.”
She finally reverted her eyes to him, and focused intently. “I thought we were a team!”
“We are!”
“I thought we were in this together!”
“We are!” The sentences going back and forth.
“Then what’s this about ‘My Money’?”
“It is!”
“Oh,… then I guess the computer sitting in my room isn’t mine,… it’s yours.”
“No,… it’s yours!”
“See what?” His voice growing as loud as hers.
“This is what I’m taking about.”
“What Liz?” Acting as if he was confused,.. He wanted to hear it,… hear her say it.
“First you say that were in this together, that were a team,…I envisioned that,.. that meant that we were together in every aspect.”
“What!” He uttered.
“Oh,… first you lead me to believe that we were together, that what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours.”
“Liz,… that money is yours.”
Liz went on,.. not even listening to Max cut in. “I thought we had an understanding,.. God Max!.. Were having a baby.” She was intently rubbing on her belly,.. caressing her child,.. when the tears started to roll down her cheeks. Max noticed her sudden crying, and quickly swerved the jeep to the side of the road.
“I thought we were going to live happily ever after.”
She went on,…. Totally blocking him out. “If I’m not good enough for you , I gave you my body,.. I gave you my soul,… I even went as far to imagine that I could be your wife,..”
“MY WIFE!” He screamed in shock that she had been thinking that. He wanted to hear good things about their future, but that was a dream come true to hear.
“Liz!” She wouldn’t stop talking, as she continued to mumble on about him not caring.
He did the only thing he could. He grabbed her by the face gently and brought his lips to hers, and instantly made a connection with her. His love bubbled over into her , and she instantly moaned from the reaction.

Finally, he pulled back,. And before she could get a word out, he placed his finger to her lips to silence her. “Let me speak sweetheart!”
She nodded her head, as she stared at him with her large puppy dog eyes sagging with hurt.
“I love you more then words can describe. When I make love to you,… It’s like being at home,… no matter what kind of stress I’m feeling,… no matter what kind of day I’m having,… you make me forget all of it,…. All of the bad things, …you make good!”
She continued to stare at him intently….Her eyes changing….
He started to run his fingers down her arm lightly, then moved them over to her belly, lightly skimming her skin over the expansion of their child. “This beautiful body is more then pleasing to me. Not only does it shelter my child from all the bad things this world has to offer, but it’s also my safe haven. –These arms,…” He gripped his palms around her arms. “these little arms hold me tight, and make me forget. These lips,…”He moved his fingers to lightly skim across her lips. ”Bring the sweetest taste to my mouth, and these eyes,… oh Liz,… these eyes of yours,….. they bring me to my knees….”

“But!” She uttered, earning his fingers to return to her lips once again to silence her.
“Liz!…. I never imaged that you seen us married.”
She instantly looked down, embarrassed that he never envisioned her as his wife.
He pulled her chin up with his fingers. “Once this baby is born,… and our little girl is here with us,… I’d love nothing more then to make you my wife.”
She looked at him with tears. “It’s because of what I said.”
He shook his head. “Liz,.. I didn’t want to do this like this.” He looked away. Upset with himself.
“What,… do what like this.” She was curious now.
He looked back at her. “I already have your ring at my house, under my mattress.”
“What!” She couldn’t believe it.
He smiled to himself. “Yeah!” He looked up at her with seriousness. “That day, after we made love for the second time,… I thought you were maybe ready for my proposal. So,.. I went and bought a ring for you,… and every time I was going to propose, it just didn’t have the right setting,…. I wanted it to be perfect Liz, You know,… for you. I didn’t care about me,… I’d purpose in the middle of Lamaze class,… just knowing that we were getting married was excitement enough for me,.. but for you,… I wanted it to be a time to remember.” His head fell downcast.
“But the money,.. you said-“
He lifted his head again,.. “Yeah,.. I said it was your money,… because I want you to buy yourself something with that money, …. God Liz!… you deserve it. Buy yourself a new car, or put it towards your college for after the baby is born. Anything,…. As long as you spend it on yourself.”
“Max,… that’s what’s in your heart,… you want me to treat myself,.. and I can understand that,.. Really,.. I can! But,.. But, it’s not what’s in my heart.”
He looked at her with loving eyes. “What’s in your heart Liz!”
She smiled softly,.. as she leaned in close to his face,… leaning her forehead against his. “To have a life with you!”

Max shut the door behind him, after knowing that Liz had finally fallen asleep.
“Afternoon nap,.. huh?” Isabel asked with a raised eyebrow, as she seen Max quietly making his way down the hallway and into the kitchen.
Max smiled. “Yeah,.. she’s had a pretty long day. We had dinner earlier over her parents house.”
“How’d that go?”
Max nodded his head in confidence. “It went really well.”
Isabel smiled,.. feeling happy for her brother. “Hey, I’m going home to get some movies to bring back here to watch, do you need me to pick anything up for you?”
Max scratched his head in concentration. “You know what, I think I’ll just go along with you,… I need to get more clothes.”
“Okay,.. let’s go!” Isabel voiced, as she picked up her keys from the counter.

“Max,… Isabel, could you please come in here!” Phillip Evans called out from the kitchen.
Max and Isabel looked at each other, then proceeded towards the Kitchen. Diane was seated at the table, with a cup of coffee placed in front of her, slowing sipping from the rim.

“What’s this all about?” Isabel asked, as she looked on in wonder.
Phillip pointed towards the chairs, signaling them to take a seat. “Please sit down,… Your mother and I have some news for you.”
Taking a seat Isabel and Max looked up at their pacing father.
Phillip stopped and looked at his two children, amazed at how fast they have grown. They certainly weren’t his babies anymore.
Rubbing the newly grown stubble on his face, Phillip spoke sternly. “A huge case has presented itself in our Chicago branch. Our top executives have asked a few of us from different firms if we would be interested in coming aboard for a piece of the action.” Phillip stopped, and looked at his wife. He continued. “Your mother and I have been waiting for something like this to fall into our laps for quite a while now.”


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From part 34

“What’s this all about?” Isabel asked, as she looked on in wonder.
Phillip pointed towards the chairs, signaling them to take a seat. “Please sit down,… Your mother and I have some news for you.”
Taking a seat Isabel and Max looked up at their pacing father.
Phillip stopped and looked at his two children, amazed at how fast they have grown. They certainly weren’t his babies anymore.
Rubbing the newly grown stubble on his face, Phillip spoke sternly. “A huge case has presented itself in our Chicago branch. Our top executives have asked a few of us from different firms if we would be interested in coming aboard for a piece of the action.” Phillip stopped, and looked at his wife. He continued. “Your mother and I have been waiting for something like this to fall into our laps for quite a while now.”

Part 35

Max stood from his chair. “What are you saying Dad?” He was confused.
Phillip sighed. “Well, it looks like were moving to Chicago, until the Case is resolved.”
“What!” Isabel uttered, as Max looked on in panic.
“Dad!” Max’s voice was a plea.
Phillip held up his hand. “Max, I’ll understand, if you don’t want to come along. I’ve already talked to Bob, and your position at the firm is secure. I had a feeling that you wouldn’t want to come, considering Liz, and the baby.”
Max released his breath. Isabel was stunned. “What about me!”
Phillip looked at his daughter. “Izzy, you can attend college in Chicago. It’s not as bad as it sounds.”
“But this is home, Daddy! All my friends are here.” She was about to cry.
Diane stood from her chair to hug her crying daughter. “Shhh…”
“It’s only for a year, at the most,… We’ll be back here before you know it!”
Phillip turned to look at Max. “And if you change your mind,.. Which I’m pretty positive that you wont, but if for some reason you do,… I’ve secured you a great position already, making double what you’re clearing here…. Something like that could come in pretty handy, when expecting a new baby.” Phillip arched his eyebrow.

“Dad, I can’t leave Liz.”

“I understand son.” Phillip looked to his wife with antagonizing eyes. “This was a very hard decision for your Mother and I to come to, since knowing that we are becoming Grandparents.” Phillips eyes fell downcast. “Please, ..Please,… keep us up to date on our granddaughter.”

“Yes!” Diane piped in. “I want pictures, and detailed letters, about everything once she is born.” Diane looked to her husband for strength. “We really want to be here when she is born, we know that, that would probably be impossible, but we’ll fly out as soon as we receive the news of Liz going into labor.”

Max laughed. “Okay!”

“But son, there’s one more thing, that we need to discuss, since you are staying behind.” Phillip added.
“What’s that Dad?”
Rubbing his brow with his fingers, Phillip hated doing this to his son. “In order for this deal to go through, an attorney that works out of our Chicago office, and his family, needs to come here to New Mexico, to continue working my cases.”
Max shook his head. “What’s that mean,…. Dad, .. What are you telling me?”
“I’m telling you that, … that,… this attorney and his family, are going to be renting out our house while were away. It was the only way. …I’m sorry!”

Max sat back down into his chair, as Isabel stared at him with defeated eyes. She wanted to stay in New Mexico so bad, and thought that maybe she could convince her parents to leave her behind, and let Max and her live in their house, and keep it up, until there return. But her father quickly put that thought to rest.
“I can continue to pay the payments, and insurance on your jeep, so that you have transportation, but this move is going to dry a lot of our finances, since we wont get compensated for our work on this case, until it is over. So, we’ll be using our savings to live off of for the next year. But it will pay off in the long run for us, since, this case is worth millions.” Phillip added.
Isabel looked at her brother with sad eyes. “Maybe you could stay with Michael, Max!”

Max rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands. Standing abruptly from his chair,.. “I need to see Liz!” He grabbed his jacket and left.

Rubbing his forehead, Max was overly worn out. He felt stuck, unable to fulfill his duties as provider for Liz and their baby. It was clear that he didn’t have enough in savings to start living on his own, while trying to finish college. He was thankful that he had the job that he did, that provided him with a lengthy paycheck every week, but it just wasn’t enough to support him, Liz and the baby, while he continued to go to school.
“I’ll just drop out,.. It’s the only way!”
“No Max!” Liz was convinced that there had to be other options.
“Liz, there’s nothing else I can do. I’m certainly not going to move with my parents, just to make more money. I’m never going to leave you, … were family.” He added, as he placed his hand over her expanding belly.
“That’s not what I meant Max. Look, let’s just take some time, and look over everything, I’m sure we can come up with something better.” Liz pointed towards the bank book. “Hand me your statements, and let’s see how much were working with here.”
Max looked at her with a smile, and felt genuinely happy, … not for the situation that they faced, but that they were facing it as a team, … together, … like a family.

She set the statements back down on the bed, and closed her eyes, in silent thought.
He watched her, and grabbed for her hand. “Hey, are you okay?” He was concerned for her.
She opened her eyes, and stared at him with love. “We have to find a way for you to stay and make it here. I can’t lose you Max. I wont allow it.” She was growing scared. “We can use the money-“
“NO!” He said sternly, knowing that she was referring to the large amount of money she had just received from her Father. “It’s not a smart move Liz.” He moved closer towards her on the bed. “It’s not that I don’t want your help, because I’m not afraid to ask for help from you,… It’s just that it’s not a smart move. You’ll lose like half of that money Liz,… and that’s a lot of money. I mean,… if we were only talking about a few hundred dollars, I could see it,… But-,… But Liz,…. Were talking about almost fifty thousand dollars you would lose, just by cashing in early. I just don’t think that’s a wise move.”
She let out a frustrated sigh. “I know,… your right! …… I just can’t lose you Max!” She let her face fall downcast.
He lifted his hand to her face. “Hey! That’s not an option. If worse comes to worse, I’ll stay at Michael’s.”
“There’s no room there!” She concluded.
Slumping his shoulders. “Yeah! But I could always sleep on his coach.”
She looked at him sideways. “Max! You know you can’t do that. Plus, What about Isabel? Is she going to move with your parents to Chicago?”
Max looked down, with a sad look. “She don’t want to , but she sees no other way. My parents basically are paying for Isabel and I while were still attending College.” He looked up at her. “But that’s not an option for me. I’m not going to move away from you for a year, …. I’m staying right here!”
She shook her head. “I know Max! We’ll figure something out. Okay!”
He looked at her with weary eyes. He was the one who was suppose to be strong, and yet, here she was,.. taking on that role. “Okay!” He confirmed, as he grabbed for her, and held her tightly to him.
He whispered low near her ear as her head stayed pressed against his shoulder. “I know you want me to stay here Liz,… but what about when the baby is born. This room is not big enough for you, me and the baby. It works great now, cause it’s just the two of us,… but the baby will be here soon,… and already were using the living room to store all of the baby’s things. There’s just not enough room.”
Liz silently started to grow scared.
“My baby comes before me Liz.” Max uttered as he started to soothe her by caressing her back lovingly.


Liz walked lazily into the kitchen, and took a seat at the table along with Maria, and Alex.
Reading the morning news paper,.. Alex cleared his throat. “Another long night?” Alex asked with laughing eyes.
“Very funny Alex,.. but yes, I guess you could say that!”
Maria looked at her with curious eyes. “What’s wrong Liz?”

Liz looked at her two best friends in the whole world,.. Letting out a sigh, Liz explained what was going on with the Evan’s.

“He’s not going to go, is he Liz?” Maria asked.
“No! But he has no where to stay!” Liz was clearly upset.
Alex laughed. “What do you mean? He’s here all the time, … Why in the world would he think that he had no where to stay?”
Liz smiled. “I don’t feel right just inviting him to move in, when it’s not my house, but other then that,… there’s seriously no room. I mean, this baby is going to be born in like three more mouths, and there’s just no room for three people to share that room.”
Maria placed her hand over Liz’s. “Liz,… Don’t feel that way. This is just as much your house, as it is ours.”
“Maria,.. thanks for saying that,… but,… I don’t pay for anything. I-“
Alex cut her off. “Liz,… Money has never been an option in our friendship,.. you know this.”
“I know!… Really,… but,…I’m going to be having this baby soon,… then what! I mean, how can Max, me and the baby all fit in that one bedroom. Believe me, I’ve thought about making room for the baby already,… but this new situation with Max, it would just be to crowded for the three of us. I was hoping that we could afford a place for the three of us by then.” Liz looked up with droopy eyes. “But it’s not looking to positive for that right now.”
Alex spoke up. “What about the basement.” Looking at Maria, Alex raised his eyebrows.
“The basement?” Liz questioned.
Finally getting what Alex was saying,.. Maria smiled. “That’s perfect Alex.” Turning her head from Alex to Liz, Maria continued. “Yeah! The basement. We don’t use it for anything. We could rearrange it into a little living area.”
Alex cut in. “Yeah!,… There’s already a bathroom down there. We could all chip in and fix it up for You and Max. And it would be a big enough living space for when the baby arrives.”
Maria took over. “That way, Max can continue going to College, and working, then come home to you and the baby.” Maria started to grow excited. “Oh,.. he would love that! I mean, he’s got at least another three years of college anyway. … You could easily turn the basement into a little living space,..” Tapping her finger on her bottom lip,.. Maria continued.” You could build a little living room, a kitchen,.. your bedroom, and a nursery easily down there. And fix up the bathroom that’s already down there of course.”
Liz looked between a talkative Maria and Alex, laying out plans that would easily solve Max’s problems. Not to mention, make Liz very happy.

“She’s right Liz!” Alex concluded. “Plus in the mean time, while your living here, you would be able to finish your courses as well, all the while saving for that house, you’ve always dreamed of living in.”

Liz was finally able to get a sentence in. “I don’t know guys. I mean, this plan certainly sounds appealing,.. but are you sure that you wouldn’t mind the extra people living here. I mean, with the baby coming, that’s one thing, but—“
Maria waved her hand in the air. “Nonsense Liz! We look at Max like family. And he’s always over anyway,… it’s like he lives here already. Plus once we get the downstairs all fixed up, you’ll both have your privacy, not to mention us here to help look after you,… I mean,.. the more the merrier.”

Alex shook his head in agreement. “So, what’s the story with Isabel?”
“Oh, she’s miserable. She doesn’t want to go to Chicago with her parents, but she has no choice. She’s attending NMU also, but she doesn’t make as much as Max does, and has no chance of surviving without her parents.”
“Where does she work?” Maria asked.
“She works part time over at the wedding boutique.” Liz answered.

“You know,… Once you and Max are settled down stairs, Your room will become empty!” Alex stated with a nonchalant gesture.
Maria peered at him questionably. “What are you getting at?”
Liz looked at him as well, wondering the same thing.
Shaking his head, and slumping his shoulders,.. Alex tried his best to appear casual. “Oh, nothing,… Just that like you said earlier Maria,… the more the merrier. Liz sure could use all the care with this baby as she can get. Not to mention the help she could provide around the house, once it’s become hard for Liz to get around like she does.”
Liz and Maria smiled widely, knowing fully well what he was getting at. Alex seen the sly gestures they were throwing his way. He continued. “I mean, it would only be for a year, right?”

Liz looked to Maria,… knowing that the final decision did lay with her. This house, was paid off, thanks to Amy DeLuca,.. But it was in Maria’s name. Something that was done, when Amy gave the house to Maria, when she moved out, and in with the sheriff.

Lifting her eye lids high,.. Maria looked at Liz, and knew she was waiting to hear what she thought. “I guess, it would be okay, to offer her the room, if she’s willing to help out with her share of the food. I’m sure she could handle that much.”
Liz smiled widely and hugged her best friends. “Thanks guys. You both are truly the best.”
“Yes! We know!” Alex concluded, as he looked to Maria. “What do you say, we go in business and open up a half way house. “
Maria laughed. “I think we already have our hands full Alex. But I’ll be sure to get back to you on that!”

Liz stood from her chair. “I’ll go tell Max now, and see what he thinks about the living arrangements. Then he can talk to Isabel, to see if she’s interested as well.” Liz was happy, as she ran down the hall and into her bedroom, to wake up a sleeping Max.


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Part 36

She jumped happily onto the bed, waking a startled Max up. He shot up in the bed, with his hair in disarray, looking around anxiously. “Liz?”
She couldn’t stop laughing, and held her hands over her large belly for support, as her laughter wracked through her body, making her shake. “I’m,.. I’m so sorry Max!”
When he seen her laughing, it made his nerves calm down a bit. “Liz,… What are you doing?” He laid back down and pulled the blankets up to his chin, as he watched Liz try to calm herself down from laughing.

“I have some great news Max!”
He arched his eyebrow up, yet remained silent, Just letting her do all the talking.
“I’ve talked to Alex and Maria, and they said that we could transform the basement.”
This earned Liz both of Max’s eyebrows to lift high. “Huh!” He rolled onto his side, and lifted his head up, and held it there with his hand. “Why would I want to clean out the basement, when I could spend some quality time with you?” He asked slyly.
She leaned in closer, and nipped at his dry lips. “Because.” She kissed him lightly, then pulled back to finish her sentence. “That’s were where going to live.”
He sat up straight, and looked at her. “Live?… What?” He was confused.
She nodded her head. “Yeah! It’s perfect Max. It’s huge down there.” She stood from the bed and started to pace around her room. “I mean, it’s perfect for the three of us.”
“The three of us?” Liz could tell that Max was still half asleep.
She stopped suddenly and stared at him. “You, me and the baby.”
He nodded his head at his stupidity, and quickly apologized. He listened carefully to everything she was saying, hoping that it was a good plan. He was desperate, and would do anything to be close to Liz and there child.
“It’s got two bedrooms down there, a small kitchen and living room, and a bathroom. All you have to do is work some of those abilities of yours and we’ll have it fixed up in no time.”
He gave her a sly grin, teasing her. “Yeah,… good thing I have those abilities of mine,.. huh!”
She smiled teasingly back, as she crawled onto the bottom of the bed, and up towards him, on all fours. “Yeah,.. it’s a good thing indeed.” Leaning in towards him, she went straight for his mouth, and pushed him back onto the bed,.. devouring where ever her mouth landed.
“Hmmm,…. Don’t stop!” Max whispered lightly against her hair.
“I wont!”

He couldn’t stop smiling, as he looked at Liz once again before closing the door quietly behind him. She had fell asleep right after their love making, and Max knew that she would be out for a few more hours. It seemed from Liz’s journal entries from lately, that she burned a lot more energy during their love making at this stage in her pregnancy, then ever before.
He walked down the hallway and into the kitchen, and smiled when he seen Alex sitting at the table. “Hey Alex!”
Alex looked up and grinned. “Hey Man,… from the smile on your face, I take it your having a great mourning.”
“Yes,… indeed I am!” Max scooted his chair in closer to the table, and crossed his hands in front of him. “Hey,… I just wanted to thank you,.. you know for-
Alex waved his hand in the air, cutting him off in mid-sentence. “No need to thank me Man,…. Seriously!”
Max smiled, grateful for having a new friend in his life, like Alex.

“Say-“ Alex chimed in, casually. “Have you told Isabel yet!”
“I’m getting ready to call her now! Are you sure you don’t mind her taking Liz’s old room?” Max eyed him, not wanting it to seem like they were moving in to fast.
Alex shook his head, and leaned in closer. “Yeah right!…… Do you really think I would mind having Isabel Evans staying right across the hall from me?” Alex slumped back into his chair, as if proving his point.
Max laughed. Standing from his chair, he walked towards the phone, to call his sister. “I don’t know why you just don’t tell you how you feel.”
Alex looked at him coyly. “Yeah right!…..I can see it now, when I tell her that I,… Mr. Geek of all Geeks,… have a crush on Miss. Popular of Roswell.” He rolled his eyes, in mock to himself. “Please Max,… She would laugh right in my face. No,… I’m just fine admiring her from a distance,.. thank you very much!”
Max hung the phone up, before he even attempting to dial, and sat back down to approach the comment Alex had made.

“You know Alex,… I tried the admiring from afar tactic for years!”
Alex looked up at him in seriousness, knowing full well who he was talking about.
Max continued. “I’m not saying that it’s not the safest way to go,… but I can assure you it’s the loneliest way to go. And until you step out and take that risk, …. That risk of exposing how you really feel, then your always stuck wondering.. ’what if’.”

Alex let his face turn downcast, taking in what Max was saying to him.

Max leaned in closer. “I know that my sister has a way of intimidating people. But,.. well it’s only because those people don’t really know her. They only know the image that she projects for them to see.” He slumped back into his chair, crossing his arms in front of him. “But you have seen her Alex,… I mean really see her. You know her secret,… and by knowing that, … she doesn’t act in front of you. She has no reason to. And I know what a relief it is not to have to act like something that your not,…. If even for a little while.”
Alex lifted his head. “What are you saying,… that because I’m one of the few that knows her secret, that this earns me privilege status in her eyes.”
“No!” Max shook his head. “I’m saying that she takes great comfort in your company. A peace,.. or a relief, knowing that she can be herself, and no one else.” He leaned in once again,… “But most importantly,… expectance. And if I didn’t know better,… that is one of the pathways to her heart Alex.”
“What!” Alex was on alert.
“Everyone has a certain aspect to what they crave. And Isabel has always craved Expectance, and you give it to her freely. So why wouldn’t she look at you differently as well,…. Like the way you look at her differently?”

He was at a loss for words. So he remained quiet.

“I’m just saying,…. I know my sister,… I know her very well. And if I were to give you any advice,… it would be to tell her how you feel.” Max stood once again from his chair, and approached the phone to call his sister. He turned towards Alex with the phone in his hand, dialing while speaking to him. “I just don’t think you would be disappointed.”

Once he heard his sisters sad voice come in over the line, he couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah,… hey Max!”
Max felt so bad for his sister, but was happy to give her the good news, knowing that it would cheer her up. “Listen Isabel,… could you come over Liz’s house right now? I really need to tell you something.”
Isabel slumped back against her bed. “Sure, I mean, it isn’t like I’m doing anything worth wild. I’m only packing,.. so that I can move to a place that I don’t want to move to.”
Max rolled his eyes. “Okay Izzy, I get it. Just come over here right away. Okay!”
Isabel huffed loudly. “Okay!”

Max walked down into the basement with Alex behind him. Boxes upon Boxes were scattered everywhere. The cold dripping of pipes were exposed, and Max could clearly see how it needed a lot of work.
Alex shoved his hands deep into his pockets,.. a habit he quickly learned from the shy Max Evans. “I know it needs a lot of work, but were here to help out the best we can.”
Max’s eyes roamed all around the surroundings, taking in all that he could do. He nodded his head, and turned to face Alex. “Yeah, it does need a lot of work, but it’ll be great once it’s finished. It’s just perfect for what I have in mind.”
Alex smiled,… “Good!”
They then moved into each and every room in the basement, as Max took in exactly how he could transform it into something really cozy for Liz and him.
As they walked into the last bedroom, Max smiled,…knowing that this was where his baby daughter was going to sleep. He walked around the room, eyeing up the texture of the walls, then the floor, then lastly inspecting the lighting in the soon to be nursery.

“So, … what’s ya think?” Alex asked, as he to looked all around the room.
Seeing the bright smile on Max’s face,… Alex knew that he was happy with the new arrangement.
“I think it’s going to be great. Not only will this hold all of the baby’s gifts from the baby shower,… but it’s more then enough space for the three of us to live down here comfortably.”
Alex nodded. “Yeah,.. it is a big space. And I know that Maria will be happy to know that we have found a larger facility to store all of the baby’s new gifts,.. rather then keeping them sheltered in the living room.”
Max laughed whole heartily. “My daughter hasn’t even been born yet, and already she’s being spoiled.”

“And what’s wrong with that!” Both Alex and Max turned at the sound of Liz’s voice. Standing in the entryway of what would be the baby’s nursery. There stood Liz and a confused Isabel.
“Your awake!” Max voiced, as he walked over towards Liz to give her a hug.
“I think I’m to blame for that,… sorry!” Isabel grinned slyly.
“I told you that it was okay Isabel.” Liz commented, knowing that she felt guilty.
Isabel smiled, then straightened herself when she noticed Alex staring at her. “So,….. what’s this all about?”
Max looked to Liz. “You didn’t tell her?”
Liz shook her head. “No,… I thought that it would be best if you did.”
“Oh,.. Okay.” Max turned to Alex. “Do you want to tell her?” Max wanted to give his friend some kind of encouragement to approach his sister, in some way.
“Would someone just tell me…. “ Isabel was growing inpatient,… wondering what all the fuss was about.
Max rolled his eyes. “Okay,… Okay. … Well-“ He started walking around the room. “Liz and I,.. will be moving down here, in the basement. Were going to be fixing it up of course. So,… what do you think!”
Isabel looked around. “That’s nice Max!.. But please tell me you didn’t call me all the way over here to tell me that!”
Liz giggled. “No,.. he didn’t!” She gave Max a sly stare, knowing that he was torturing her with his procrastination. She turned once again to Isabel. “The basement would benefit Max and I with the space that we would need once the baby arrives. My bedroom just isn’t big enough for us.,… so that’s why we come up with moving down here and reforming the basement into a small apartment. And….- ,… that leaves my bedroom vacant.”
Isabel eyed her carefully,…. Taking in everything she was saying.
Alex piped in. “That means Isabel-“ As he said her name, he glanced at Max and Liz. “That if your interested,… you can have the room.”
Isabel stared at him like he had two heads. “You mean-…”
Max nodded his head,… laughing. “Yes Izzy,… you can live here and use Liz’s old room..”
Alex stepped forward. “That is,… if your interested of course!”
Isabel’s eyes grew wide, and damp. She covered her mouth with the palm of her hand. “Thank you!…. Oh God,… Thank you so much!” She uttered as she hugged first Liz, then Max,.. finally Alex. And as she hugged Alex,.. Max noticed that she held him just a bit longer. He smiled,… happy that his only sister was happy.

Isabel finally pulled back. “Where’s Maria? Did she say that this was okay?”
Alex nodded his head. “Maria is running some last minute errands as usual,.. but yeah,.. she’s totally cool with it.”

“Well!” Max threw his hands up in the air. “I guess we need to get to work on this basement ASAP. We need to move Liz’s things out of her bedroom, in order for Isabel to move her stuff in.”
“I’ll go home and finish packing,… Also,… I guess I need to tell Mom and Dad that I wont be moving with them.”
“Yeah,… I think that would be good!” Max said in his playing voice.
“Well,… I’ve got nothing to do all day,.. I can help you with the basement.” Alex stated.
Max nodded. “I could surely use all the help I can get. Plus,… I’ll call Michael,.. He’s good at blasting things,… I need a few of these walls knocked out.”

“Well Okay,.. let’s get to it!” Alex uttered.
“I can help!” Liz offered.
Max wrapped his arms around her snugly. “Yeah,.. you can start packing up the SMALL things in your room, so we can get them ready to move down here.” He emphasize ‘small’ to her, not wanting her to over due it.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay,.. fine!”


As Maria pulled up into the driveway, she seen Isabel run out of the house and over towards her. Throwing her arms around the pixie blonde, Isabel hugged her tight. ‘Thank you,.. thank you,… thank you!!”
Maria hugged her back, smiling. “Your welcome,… your welcome,… your welcome!!!” Pulling back she looked at Isabel honestly. “But,… what are you thanking me for?”
Isabel shook her head, rolling her eyes at the same time. “For offering me Liz’s old room.”
“Oh yeah!… Oh, it’s no problem,… I’m looking forward to having you right down the hall from me.”
Isabel truly felt lucky. She looked to her newly close friend, and felt truly blessed. “You have no idea how happy I am right now!”
Maria smiled proudly, glad that she was able to help in making her feel that way. “Hey,… do you need any help getting your things together?”
“Yeah,… actually I could use a lot of help.”
Maria nodded her head. “Okay,… Just give me a second, to go tell the others where I’m going, and I’ll ride over to your house with you to pack.”

“Thanks Maria!”

Michael walked into the front door, without knocking,… making himself feel right at home as always. Walking into the kitchen, he approached the fridge, and opened it. Glancing in between the shelves he let out a tired sigh. “Someone needs to go grocery shopping!” He voiced to himself, after not seeing anything pleasing to the eye.
“That’s Maria’s job!” Alex voiced from the hallway, as he passed by. Michael followed behind him to his room.
“Hey, where’s everyone at?” Michael asked, as he sat down at Alex’s desk.

“Liz is in her bedroom Packing,… Maria is over Isabel’s house packing, and Max is downstairs in the basement waiting for you.”


Alex stop looking threw his pile of clothes for an old pair of jeans, to face Michael. “He needs your help!”

“With what?” Michael asked,.. getting right to the point.

“Something about knocking down some walls!”

Michael raised an eyebrow, wondering if he heard Alex correctly. “Really?”
Alex nodded his head in confirmation. “Uh-huh!”
Michael quickly stood to his feet, and practically ran down stairs to find Max. Alex just shook his head, finding it amusing that nothing really phased Michael much, but when he got the chance to destroy something, it was like a kid opening gifts at Christmas.


“Alex said something about you needing me to knock down some walls?” Michael said all in one breath, … his hands already surging with power at his sides.
Max was still bent down on his knees, patching up some holes that were in the lower walls.
“Yeah,… I wanted to knock out the wall the separated the kitchen and the living room. I wanted it to be more open, and right know the wall there just makes the rooms seem more stuffy.”

“Yeah,.. okay… just take me to the wall!” Michael demanded, trying to control his hastiness.
Max looked at him confused. “Yeah,… right this way.” And led him to the wall that needed to be knocked down.
Michael lifted his hand up mid way, feeling the power surging within his palm. “Stand back!”

“Wait,….. Wait!” Alex yelled,… running down the stairs,.. then came to stand beside Max. “Okay,.. now!” Alex replied, wanting to see the blast with his own eyes. A devilish grin passing on his lips.
Michael turned back, and raised his hand once again, … then releasing the all too familiar green blast from his hand, resulting in a blast that shattered the whole wall.

“Is everything okay down there?” Liz called out at the top of the stairs, knowing that she heard all three of their manly giggles,.. when she noticed Max clearing his throat to answer her. “Yes honey,… everything’s fine.”
Liz just shook her head, knowing full well just what kind of excitement they liked. “Such little boys.” She voiced to herself as she made her way back into her room.


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Part 37

Folding Isabel’s sweaters neatly, Maria piled each one of them into a box and taped it up with duct tape, before marking it with a pen what the content was. ”Okay, twenty boxes done,.. and-“ Maria lifted her eyes to look around the room that was is disarray and frowned. “-A million more to go!” She sat back onto the unmade bed feeling tired. She was exhausted, and was no where near finished.

“Here you go!” Isabel voiced, extending a cold drink towards her.
Maria’s eyes grew wide. “Thanks!” She gulped the cold liquid down her throat before sighing in content. “Just what I needed!”
Isabel watched her and smiled. “We got a lot done today,… thanks Maria!”
“Yeah,… but we still have a lot more to do!”
Maria sat her empty glass down onto the night stand, and walked back over towards Isabel’s closet. Reaching up onto the shelf above,.. Maria grabbed for some of the items to start packing them up. As she reached up, she lost her footing and dropped the contents in her arms everywhere. “Oh,.. I’m sorry Izzy!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Isabel voiced without turning around to even see what Maria dropped. She was getting used to Maria’s clumsiness.

As Maria kneeled down to scooped up the scattered papers, she couldn’t help but take a look at the drawings. Looking at one after another, Maria couldn’t believe her eyes. She was looking at actual sketches of fashion, and as her eyes traveled to the bottom of the sketch, it was signed and dated.
Her eyes grew wider and wider with each new design. She had never in her life seen anything so eye catching, and moving before. She looked up to make sure Isabel was still occupied, and after seeing that she was, she looked through more of the material scattered among the floor. Her eyes roamed to a black binder marked ‘Baby clothing’, and opened it up to peek inside. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The beautiful dresses that Isabel had bought for her unborn niece was sketched on paper right before her eyes. Different samples of colors and materials laid beside each drawling, as if comparing what would look best with what. She keep skimming farther towards the back of the pages and came across a bright pink divider clearly marked, ‘maternity’. Opening it up, and looking, Maria noticed the beginnings of the workings of maternity clothing. She couldn’t believe this. Isabel’s name was clearly on these sketches, and some of the designs were marked as long ago as her freshman year.

“What are you doing!”

Maria jumped, startled from Isabel’s voice. “I- I – I was just-“

“Maria!… These are private!” Isabel yanked the binders from her grasp, and shut them closed quickly. Standing to her feet, Maria watched her closely. “You drew them!” It wasn’t a question,.. it was a statement,.. but Isabel wasn’t as sure of her meaning. She stayed faced away from her, packing the binders away quickly. “It’s just something I do,.. it’s not important.”
Maria walked around to face her. “Isabel,… there very good!”
Isabel looked up, hearing the sincerity in her voice. “It’s nothing Maria,.. really!”

“Those baby dresses you gave to Liz,.. you made them. I seen the sketches for them in that binder!”

“I was just experimenting.” Maria could tell Isabel was trying to brush this off.

“Whatever Isabel. Look!,… all I’m saying is that your really talented,.. and I’m not just saying that because I’m your friend!”

She was caught off guard. For so long she needed a boost in the right direction with her designs. She felt insecure about them, and not to sure about herself. “You mean that?”

Maria nodded. “I do!….,.. there very good! At first I didn’t realize that you sketched them, until I seen your signature at the bottom. Isabel,.. I thought a professional sketched them, and maybe you were trying to make the clothing or something.”

Isabel looked at her carefully. “It’s what I love to do Maria!” She sat down on the edge of her bed.
Maria sat by her side. “Why haven’t you told anyone about this desire of yours?”
Isabel smirked. “I just didn’t think they were good enough to show anyone.”
Maria looked at her funny. “Your crazy!”
“Am not!” Isabel uttered, feeling the easiness flowing off of Maria. She loved that about her new friend. Maria could always take an awkward situation, and turn it completely around.
“I think you should pursue this!” Maria voiced with seriousness. Isabel turned to her hastily.
“I – I don’t think so!”

“Why not. Is this just something that you couldn’t see yourself doing for the rest of your life?” She wanted to understand what Isabel was feeling and thinking inside.

“Are you kidding? It’s only my dream.”

Maria watched her closely. “Tell me your dream Isabel!”

Isabel was shocked. She’d never talked about this with anyone before, and here she was, reveling her most wanted desire. She focus her eyes into nothing, staring straight, as she gathered the intimate details of a dream she had always dreamt about for as long as she could remember. “I can’t remember when I first started to design,.. it’s been that long.”
Maria nodded, as she listened.
“I used to always daydream about owning my own boutique, and designing everything in it. Purses, jewelry, shoes, baby clothes, wedding dresses,.. you name it,…. I want to design it.” She turned her head to look at Maria, and smiled as she noticed Maria listening intently. “Do you remember that blue purse I had, with the matching shoes?”

Maria’s eyes grew wide. “The ones you wore to my graduation party!… You designed them?” She was surprised. She remembered complimenting Isabel on the accessories.
Isabel nodded her head.
“Oh Isabel,…. I can’t believe that. No wonder you would never tell me where you got them. I kept asking you all night,.. and it turns out they were ‘one of a kind- Isabel made’.
This made Isabel smile. “Yeah,.. I guess you could say that.”
Maria continued. “And those baby dresses you made for the baby, that you gave to Liz at the baby shower.”
Isabel nodded again. “Yes,…’one of a kind- Isabel made’.” She voiced with giddiness.

“It’s settled then!” Maria voiced. “You need to do this Isabel. For the good of all woman.”
“Wow,…. Wow,.. calm down blond pixie girl. I-I don’t know yet!”
“What don’t you know?” Maria stood to her feet, crossing her arms in front of her chest.
“I’m just still not sure about everyone knowing.”
“I don’t feel confident about it!”
Maria threw her arms up into the air. “Well of course you’re not! Because you designed it. Isabel,….. You’re a perfectionist. Your work will never be good enough to you,… but to everyone else, it will be perfect.”
“You really think so?” Isabel was taking in everything Maria was saying.
She nodded. “If you weren’t such a perfectionist, then your next creation wouldn’t be better then your last. It’s almost like a God given talent. But Isabel,… you really need to approach this gift of yours and do something with it.”
Isabel was silent for a moment, then nodded her head in agreement. “Your right!” She looked up to Maria with serious eyes. “I’m taking your advice,.. but I do this my way. I tell the others when I’m ready.”
Maria slumped back down onto the bed. “Great,… you’ll take forever!”
“No,….. I wont!”
Maria turned impulsively to Isabel. “Okay,.. I’ll agree ,But only under one condition!”
Isabel narrowed her eyes. “What’s that?”
“You design me my own blue purse with matching shoes!”
Isabel laughed , throwing her arms around her friend, and hugging her tight. “Deal!”


As Liz continued to lay the shelving paper inside of the kitchen cabinets, she couldn’t help but laugh as she overheard Alex and Michael’s voices coming from the bathroom, as they were laying new tiling down for her and Max. It was so completely obvious what the two of them were up to. Alex would occasionally asked questions about Isabel, while Michael would answer them, then follow up with some of his own questions about Maria. It was starting to sound like the two were coming to an understanding with each other. -
‘I’ll tell you,… if you tell me.’

As steady hands wrapped themselves around her large belly, Liz sighed, leaning back into the warm embrace that had held her every night. “Don’t overdue it Liz!” Max whispered into her hair. He had been watching her intently ever since they starting working on the basement, and Max knew that Liz had been keeping herself busy with getting things ready.
“I’m not!”
“When was the last time you sat down?” He questioned with authority, yet in a loving tone.
Liz thought for a moment before answering. “Earlier.”
“uh-huh!” He nodded his head, her answer not good enough for him. “Why don’t I take you up stairs and tuck you in for a nap sweetheart?” He nuzzled in closer to her ear, breathing in her precious scent.
“But I want to get our new place ready to be moved into, so Isabel don’t have to wait forever before she can start moving her things over.” Liz bit her bottom lip, in hopes that her comment was good enough for him to stop pestering her.

“Not good enough Liz,… try again…” He was becoming playful with her, and yet she knew she couldn’t get one past him.
She turned in his arms and moved even closer towards him. Wrapping her arms around his strong neck, Liz brought her lips down onto his. Opening his mouth for the loving caresses of her tongue, Max sighed,… deeply in love with the taste of her mouth. He held her close and moved his hands from her belly to her face, and softly rubbed his thumbs along her cheek bone. She probed her tongue deeper into his mouth, rubbing it against his tongue slowly, taking her time with the way she loved him so thoroughly.
“hmmmm…” She sighed against his mouth, taking in all she could.
“I love you!” He whispered in between breaths. “I love you too!” She replied back with a sly smile, before connecting to his perfect lips yet again.
“But- Liz!” He uttered in broken words, as he continued loving her mouth.
“What?” She voiced, before going deeper into his mouth.
He pulled back and looked at her, his lips evident of their passion. “Your still taking a nap.”
She stomped her heal against the floor, in defeat, and made the frown on her face evident for him to see. “Fine!” She voiced and stomped up the stairs with Max closely behind her, smiling. He loved when his lady was feisty.

After he finished with laying the new carpet in the living room, Max stood straight, focusing on a sound he had heard coming from upstairs.
Laying the box cutter down on the table, Max made his way up the steps to see who had just came to the house.
Opening the connecting door wide that lead out into the rest of the house, Max smiled widely when he seen Michael and Alex standing there talking to his parents.

“Mom!…. Dad!” He was surprised to see them.
“Max!….. Isabel told us about you and Liz fixing the down stairs up into an apartment.” Phillip voiced, with a smile on his face.
Max nodded. “Yeah,… it’s coming along pretty good.”
Diane was looking around the house. “Where’s Liz?”
“She’s taking a nap. She’s had a long day, with getting the down stairs ready an all.”
“Can we see it?” Diane asked with a smile. “Sure!” Max concluded and led his parents down the steps, as Michael and Alex took that as their cue for break time.

“Play station 2?” Alex voiced to Michael. “I’m with you buddy!” Michael added, as the two walked down the hall way towards Alex’s room to play a game.

“This is great! And it’s big enough for the couch Phillip!” Diane voiced to her husband. Max heard his mother’s comment and looked to her in confusion. “Couch?” He asked.
Diane nodded, as she continued to look around the small apartment. “Yes, after Isabel told us that you had a living room and a kitchen, Phillip and I thought that you may be interested in the couch your father always kept in his den.”
Max’s eyes grew. “The Maroon couch?” It was a nice couch, and if his parents were offering it to him, he was taking it.
“Yes dear! Would you be interested?”
He nodded his head hastily. “Of course! Wow,…. Thank you guys!”
Phillip patted his son on his shoulder. “We also have some dishes for you if you want them!”
He nodded again…. “Thank you again,… really,… this means so much to me!”
Phillip and Diane smiled at their son, happy that they could at least help. “:You just look after your sister while were gone, okay?”
“Oh,.. of course Mom!”
“Come on Max, you can help me carry the couch in.” Phillip voiced.
“You brought it? It’s here?”
“Yeah, it’s out in the truck, along with the dishes.”

Max couldn’t believe his luck. Everything was turning out in his favor,…. He knew Liz would get excited when she woke up and seen a new couch in their cozy new place.

After getting the couch in the door, and down the steps, Max sat down on it, taking a break. “It’s certainly heavier then it looks!”
“Yeah!…” Phillip chimed in. “That’s for sure!”

“Here you go!” Diane voiced as she handed Phillip and Max both cold drinks. “I hope you don’t mind me going into the fridge to fix you guys some cold drinks!”

After Max gulped his drink down he turned towards his mother. “Of course not mom,.. thanks!”
Phillip set his drink down, then stood to his feet. “We better get going Max,.. I told Isabel I would move some of her things over as well, and I want to get to it, before it starts getting dark.”
Max stood as well,.. “That reminds me, since I got pretty much everything down here ready, I need to start moving Liz’s things down. Then I’ll be by the house tomorrow, to pack up some of the things in my room.”

“Sounds good!…. If you need to use the truck,… just let me know!” Phillip added.
Max nodded. “I probably will need to use it Dad,.. thanks!”

“No Problem,… We’ll see you later son!”

After Max showed his parents to the door, he decided to go check on Liz…

He walked slowly into her room, trying his best not to wake her. He had to see her. He closed the door behind him, and walked across her room, to take a seat in the chair at her desk. Turning towards her sleeping form, Max watched her intently. He couldn’t help it, when his eyes purposefully scanned her from head to toe, noticing the little attire she always slept in. Her belly was showing as her shirt was scrunched up, and Max found himself taking pride in that. Knowing that it was his child that grew within her.
Her olive skin looked like it glowed to his eyes, and his fingers wanted nothing more then to touch her. He swallowed back the lump in his throat, as he continued to stare at the beauty in front of him. Her long raven locks splash over her pillow, and Max felt the urgency to run his fingers threw it. His eyes lowered to her fitted tee-shirt, noticing the growing size of her breasts, that peeked out, showing some of her cleavage.
Her bare stomach was visible, and showing every indication that she was with child, and as his eyes lowered, He took in the site of her smooth thighs. Her white colored panties setting off her skin color, making Max unable to keep restrained.
He stood to his feet, finding himself in battle with his want to just touch her. He slowly walked over to the bed, and kneeled beside her sleeping form, just taking in her splendor, and sniffing to find her scent. He smiled to himself, as he let his eyes fall to her stomach that encased his child. He lifted his hand, and softly skimmed his fingers across her belly, relishing in the feel of her skin. He couldn’t help but not noticed how low her panties fit on her stomach, as he skimmed his fingers softly down her belly. He couldn’t help himself, …. Couldn’t stop himself, as he continued to trace even lower, working towards her thighs. He brought his fingers back around to her belly, and looked up at her face, to see if he had woken her.
Her eyes where still closed, as her face showed all signs of peacefulness. He continued his assault on her body, as he dropped his fingers even lower, scanning them above her panties, over her middle, and down the center. Feeling her heat, radiating … Max felt his body heat up quickly. He continued to massage her center, over the clothe covering, looking up periodically, watching for any signs of her waking up. Her eyes remained closed, so Max took it even further. He moved his massage, over to the inner sides of her thighs, then moved the side of her panties over to dip his fingers inside. His mouth fell open in awe, once he felt her moist heat, on his fingertips. He couldn’t believe what he was doing to her, she should be awake, he didn’t want to stop, but yet, he didn’t want her to feel violated. He battled with himself yet again, and pulled his fingers away from her intimate area quickly, before he changed his mind, and proceeded in his lingering.

“Aghh… no!” She sighed softly, yet kept her eyes closed. She felt around for his hand blindly, and placed it back onto her heated center. She spread her legs wider for him, giving him the permission to do what he wanted to her.
He smiled widely, knowing now that she was awake for the whole thing. He moved closer towards her, and placed an affectionate kiss on her lips, as his fingers dipped into her panties once again. He eased his tongue into her mouth smoothly in the same rhythm, as his fingers dipped into her body. Pulling back, then in again,… then back, and holding it there until she moaned for him.
His whole body was on fire, as her moans pushed him even further. He was loving her with his fingers, using his other hand, to pull her face closer to his. His tongue was as far into her mouth as it could get, and yet, he wanted to get deeper.
Liz started to pull at his shirt, wanting it off of him immediately, along with the rest of his clothes. Her mouth was wide open, as Max’s mouth hovered over, with deep mouth kisses. She looked down between there bodies, and couldn’t help the excitement that coursed threw her body, once she seen his hand bulging from underneath her panties, in and out of her. She sighed into his mouth, at the feel of his fingers pumping within her core. She continued her task of trying to remove his clothing, starting at the base of his jeans.
She unbuttoned them, and somehow maneuvered them down his legs with her feet. He kicked out of them, and shoved them to the floor using his feet, followed by his boxers.

Pulling his fingers out of her, Liz suddenly felt empty, but understood why, once she felt his hands removing her panties from her body, followed by her tee shirt. He bent down lower, gently, holding back as much of his weight as possible, and began kissing her softly at the base of her neck. Skimming the tip of his tongue along with him, Max proceeded down the middle of her chest, between the valley of her breast,.. down further to her protruding belly. This was his favorite place on her, and loved the fullness of her there. It was a daily reminder of the things their love was capable of.

“Umm,… You smell so good!” She whispered into his ear, as he made his way back up to her lips. His crooked smile showed just how much her words effected him, as he took more of her skin into his mouth.

Deep open mouth kisses, followed by the suction of his tongue, Max made sure that he covered each and every spot on her body, before moving back up to her mouth.
“I love you ….” She mumbled in heaps of breath, as his mouth continued to bring havoc to her sense, from the things he was doing to her body.
He smiled, Breathing in her scent. His lips close to her hip area, he kissed her delicately, moaning his love for her. “Umm,.. I love you too Liz!”

She closed her eyes, readying herself for what was to come next. She could feel her wetness gathering at her middle, and wondered when he would fill her.

Almost reading her thoughts, Max’s smile turned slanted, as he pulled himself up her body, and laid above her steadily. “You ready?” His voice low, and husky, turning Liz on even more.
Her eyes were about to roll to the back of her head, from the sensations over taking her. The words wouldn’t come out of her mouth, so she just nodded her head swiftly, wanting nothing more then for him to enter her, and fast.

He noted her hastiness, but beyond that, he could feel her desire for him coming off in waves of passion. He positioned himself at her center, and moved forward,… entering her body in one long smooth stroke. Her mouth moaning out his name, from the sensation of him finally within her,.. he lowered his face down closer towards hers,.. as her face was turned upwards, grabbing onto the sheets beside her in the fist fulls, as shiver after shiver consumed her. He lowered his lips down by the side of her ear to whisper, as she continued to moan,.. chanting her name over and over again. “I know .. baby!…. I know!” He whispered with his hot breath into her ear, knowing what she was enduring, from them finally joined as one, because he was feeling it too.
“Oh God!…. Oh God Max!…. Max…. Max,… I love you Max!”
“I love you Liz!” He would never tire of telling her how he felt, and he loved telling her he loved her the most when he was inside of her, meeting everyone of her physical needs, everyone of her desires,…. But most Importantly, knowing what it did to her. Seeing with his own eyes how she would at times lose so much control, going so far over the edge because of what his hands, his mouth, or his body could do to her.
It was the only time she lost control, ….was during their lovemaking. It had no limits, no boundaries to what she could do or feel,…. And that’s when the two felt the most freeing.

They both reached for the stars together, crying out their undying love for one another, and smiling, knowing that their future was only going to get better from here on out…


I'm going to really try to post another part of "A Sacred Agreement" but like I said,.. today, is my first day back, and I'm really busy. I was lucky to find what little bit of time I could to post this.
And Again,... Thank you for all the feedback,... and happy new year to all!*bounce*
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I'm really upset when I think about this story right now, because ... this was the story I was working hard on when the board was down. I had written two new parts to this story, ... I mean ... things were just flowing along with this,... and then I go to save it, and BAM... something goes wrong, and everything I had type was erased. So,... I'm pretty pissed. I tried to retell everything, and type what I had already had, but ... it wan't flowing,... and it just didn't sound right. So, right now, I'm just going repost what was erased,... and take time to cool off, before I try to type anymore for this story.

Part 38

Maria looked both ways before walking further into the house. Hoping that someone would be up, to help her. Seeing that no one was around, she slid the large box down the hall way and towards Isabel’s new room.
Knocking lightly at first, before opening, Maria called out to Isabel who was hanging here clothes up in her new closet. “Pssst… I got something for you!” Maria uttered, as Isabel smiled, and walked closer towards the door to see what it was. Seeing the large box that Maria was dragging in, Isabel went to close the door behind her. “What is it?”

Maria stood straight, widening her smile. “Open it!”
Isabel narrowed her eyes, before bending down to open the flaps on the large opening. Peering inside, Isabel was confused. “What is it,… I can’t tell!”
Maria shook her head, before pulling out the contents that were wrapped in bubble wrap. “It’s a designer’s mannequin. You know,.. a dressmakers dummy,… so you can design clothes easier.”
Isabel stared at her. “I can’t believe you did this!”
Maria lifted her head. “Why not!”
Isabel shook her head again,… shocked at the way Maria was continually supporting her in her dreams. It seemed that every time she turned around, Maria was in some way or another giving her that little push that she needed. “I – I just,… … Thank you Maria!”

“Your welcome!…. now help me put this thing together!”

Isabel giggled, as she untangled the bubble wrap that Maria had somehow got tangled in.


Liz rolled over in bed, Smiling to herself when she catch glimpse of the single white rose lying beside her head, with a note attached underneath the delicate flower. Unfolding the edges, Liz sighed that dreamy sigh that only she made after a night before spend in endless passion. Her eyes came into focus as Max’s handwriting came into view.

Good morning sweetheart-
I had an early class this morning, and found it almost unbearable to leave your side. I’ll be home by lunch time.
I love you,

Setting the note down, Liz brought the white rose to her nose to smell, ….. closing her eyes and reflecting her mind on last night. The way Max had made love to her so slow that it seemed to last for hours on end. The way his hand gripped for hers, as he moved upon her body in the most intimate way possible.
She tore herself away from the memory, and pulled the sheets away from her naked body, once she heard the all too familiar sound of her belly growling. Her baby girl was hungry, and she couldn’t deny her anything.
Pulling on Max’s tee-shirt, the only thing left that Liz could fit into, Liz started making her way upstairs, when she paused at the sound of Laughter coming from Isabel’s new room.

“Hey,… what’s going on?” Liz uttered as she slowly opened the door.
Isabel and Maria stood quickly, throwing the bubble wrap to the floor. “Just trying to put this dummy together.”

“Dummy?” Liz was confused.

Isabel held up an arm part. “Hey, Maria bought me a dummy to help with my designs.”
Liz smiled, and was happy to hear about Isabel’s love for fashion. She couldn’t understand why,.. when Isabel had told the others about her dream about being apart of the fashion industry, that she was so nervous. Everyone had simply embraced her, and raved about how proud they were for her.

“Really Liz,….. must you wear that tee-shirt everyday. I mean, are you really that lost without him, when he’s not at home?” Isabel asked, tapping her foot against the floor, in playing mode.

Liz looked down at her attire. She was as big as a house, and took to wearing Max’s oversized green tee-shirt. “It’s the only thing that fits!”

Isabel’s eyes grew wide… “You should’ve said something!” Pulling a confused and startled Liz deeper into the room,… Isabel starting calling out orders. “Maria!… Measuring tape!”

“Right!” Maria voiced, as she reached over to the crate full of different designer tool, and pulled out the measuring tape. Liz stood still, her eyes moving everywhere, wondering what was going on,… when her eyes grew even wider, as Isabel lifted her shirt up, to reveal her large expanded belly.

“Isabel!” She voiced, as she tried to pull the shirt back down.

“Honey,…. It’s not like I don’t have the same equipment.”

Liz felt embarrassed. “It’s not that. It’s just that I don’t have any bra on, and –“

“Have you grown out of your new bra’s already?” Maria uttered,… she had hunted all around the store with Liz last week, buying new bra’s and panties.
Liz nodded her head. “It’s very hard to find my size. It’s like I fit into it one week, and the next week, I go up a size.”

“I’m sure Max isn’t minding this!” Maria chuckled.

“No,… he’s not!…. But it’s very annoying for me. I mean, within the last mouth, I have grown larger then I have yet. Totaling,… almost in size as I was at seven mouths.”
It had been true,.. and it was something that everyone was taking into consideration to being a part alien baby. In the first seven mouths of her pregnancy,.. Liz looked to be only like she was around four mouths along,.. at the most,… and when she hit her eighth mouth, everyone was sitting on pins and needles, thinking that she was about to burst. She had literally grown so large in size, that many were questioning whether or not she was going give birth to twins. She needed help doing most things now,…. And Max had hated leaving her side day to day to attend to his daily routine of school and work. It became obvious to him that the only comfort she felt lately,.. was when he made love to her. It annoyed her to no end when he would protest,… wondering if making love this far along in the pregnancy was a good idea. He didn’t question it again, after she almost had a break down,.. in fear of not being able to be intimate with her lover. ‘Every pregnancy brings cravings’,.. she would tell him,… and he laughed when he reminded her that usually pregnant woman craved food, not sex.
He became her drug,… and she had taken to dragging him downstairs to their new apartment, when ever one of her cravings would hit.

Isabel had been listening to her, and pulled out her sketch pad. “Tell me what kind of materials your mostly comfortable in?”
Liz eyed Isabel, noticing that she was still sketching something. “Well, I like light fabrics,.. like cotton. I seem to get hot really easy,… so short sleeves are good!”

“Um-hum!” Isabel mumbled, nodding her head, as she continued to sketch.

Liz went on, talking about her predicament, to Maternal fashion, … what she wanted, but what the stores didn’t’ offer. Isabel took it all in,… trying to create for Liz,… both what would be comfortable, and stylish, for what she new of Liz’s choice of style.

Finally finished, Isabel set down the sketch pad, face down so no one can see. Walking over towards a large crate sitting inside her closet, Isabel slid it out, and opened it. Pulling out many different fabrics, Isabel walked back over towards Liz, handing her one piece of fabric at a time. “Owww,.. I like this!” Liz commented as she rubbed the light silk textures between her fingers.”

“I’m thinking sleeping attire?” Isabel voiced, with a raised eyebrow.
“Yesss- That would be great!” Liz voiced, excited!

Isabel continued to hand Liz different fabrics, and took notes on everything she commented on. Finally happy with the newly brewed plan in her head, Isabel then went and pulled out a book,.. that held scrapes of colors, on different fabrics, trying to get an idea of what Liz looked good in. Isabel knew that most people bought clothes that were in their favorite color,.. but that wasn’t necessarily what people looked good in.

She was happy to see that the earth tones worked best on Liz,… along with brighter colors like orange and yellow to set a happy tone. And if there was one word to describe Liz Parker now-a-days,.. it was ‘happy’.

Isabel turned to Maria,… “Have you put my dummy together yet?”
Maria looked up confused. “I’m right on it!” She was starting to see not only how much Isabel loved to design, but also how serious she was about it.

Liz clapped her hands together, feeling overjoyed at the new creations Isabel was about to created for her.
Hearing the grumbling once again in her tummy,… Liz patted her belly softly. “Okay Honey,.. okay!” She voiced lowed and proceeded towards the door, to leave.

“Where you going?” Maria asked.
Liz turned. “My daughter’s hungry!” And left.
“Oh!” Isabel replied, and went back to her sketch.

She sat back, and looked out the large bay window that overlooked the front lawn. Liz laid back in the lazy boy, and plopped her feet up. She was exhausted, knowing that this pregnancy was getting harder and harder for her to move around with. She smiled softly,.. not caring,.. because the last eight mouths of her pregnancy had been wonderful,.. except those first bouts of energy scares she endured. Other then that,.. Liz had loved the experience, and cherished the time as her daughter continued to grow stronger and stronger with in her body.
She continued to rub her belly soothingly, over the soft skin that encased her baby girl. “I love you baby!” She whispered to her unborn child. “And your daddy loves you to!” And for the first time, she noticed that for eight mouths she hadn’t referred to her daughter by name, but my what she was,…. Her daughter, or her baby! ‘She needs a name.’ Liz thought to herself, and wondered endlessly on girl names, and decided to wait and ponder upon it more when Max got home.


Michael couldn’t believe his luck. Exiting out through the large glass entryway of ‘Cadora and Cadora’ Michael eased onto his bike with pride. They had actually bought it,… something that he had created, they thought was a master piece. He snickered, not able to grasp the bundle of cash he had just made, as he ran his fingers over it once again, trying his best to let it sink in. He thought that he could make a quick buck here and there selling some paintings that he had done at an action for office décor, when an agent approached him, handing him his business card. ‘Simon Cadora, he introduced himself as.’ It turned out that the agent was an art dealer at the gallery on 23rd, and Wilson, owning an art gallery with his sister. A family business handed down through the generations.
Not taking him seriously at first, Michael just brushed him off, until Simon had made him an offer, and when money was brought to the table, Michael’s attention had finally caught on, that the agent was trying to make a deal with him.
“You produce two of your paintings by the fifth for me, and drop by my gallery ,.. and we’ll talk!”
Nodding his head, Michael agreed,.. thinking that the worst that could happen was that Mr. Cadora simply wouldn’t be interested. But if he was,.. well,… that was a whole different scenario.

His time had finally paid off, as he turned his bike onto the busy freeway, a smile plastering his face. Finally he was able to pay off his never ending bills, and maybe be able to save for a real place to leave,.. not to mention,.. being able to finally take a certain blond out for a real date,.. that is,.. if he could finally work up the nerve to ask her.

His heart starting pounding when ever thoughts of her came to his mind. He had only recently began thinking ahead, trying to find ways to save money, and provided himself with a better future, then the one he had working late nights at The Crashdown, and at Chem lab on the weekends. If things continued to go as they were, he wouldn’t have worries anymore. Simon Cadora had been ecstatic with Michael’s ‘Master pieces’ he had called them, and had demanded three more, to display at his art show taking place at his gallery at the end of the mouth. Michael agreed, with ease, knowing that pay day had finally came, and he had finally found his calling in the career field.


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Finally,... a new part. It's not very long, but it 's something. I'm still crushed at all that I lost with this story. I'm slowly recovering. Thanks for all the feedback, and bumping.....

Part 39

Her lips curved up into a sweet smile, as she relished in the feeling of his big hands smoothing cocoa-butter along her body. Circling his hands around her Protruding belly, Max smoothed the white crème delicately, … knowing it soothed her endlessly.
“That feels so good!” She sighed.
He increased his rubbing, in longer strokes, …. Leaning down to kiss her on the forehead, Max hovered near her face. “Are you feeling better today?” He asked worriedly.
She nodded slightly. “I am now!”
He pulled back to look at her more closely. “Be honest Liz,…. I need to know for sure.”
She pulled herself up more into a sitting position, and looked to her worried boyfriend. “I haven’t felt any more cramping since last night. … I’d tell you Max,… don’t worry!”

He looked away, … looking around their bedroom for Liz’s journal. A book that Liz had been using to document her pregnancy. Max often looked over what Liz would write, day to day, just to make sure he hadn’t overlooked, or missed anything. He was happy, when Liz had secured him his own little section in the back, … giving him room to document his own little notes, or theories. He also used the space to write his feelings, or emotions about the whole ordeal that he and Liz were living through, and Liz couldn’t lie,…. She loved reading the things he wrote,… it was like receiving little love notes from him.

He opened the journal and began reading what she had written last night,… making sure she hadn’t left anything out. His face twisted in concern when he read the area of where her pains first started. She had said it felt like tight knots twisting in her lower abdominal area, and achy-ness all over. He had Liz lay back down, as he positioned his hand over her belly once again. Closing his eyes he concentrated on her,….Keeping his breathing even.
He panicked inside, once he felt a burning heat rise up within her. He opened one eye to peer down on her, but noticed she didn’t feel anything, which struck him odd, considering how hot her stomach was getting. He closed his eye once again, and concentrated harder.
He received the slighted impression tugging at the recession of his mind. He knew his tiny daughter was trying to communicate with him, and he was trying his beat to understand her. Suddenly the knowledge hit him hard, as he fell back from Liz, and laid beside her, his eyes wide. “Max!” Liz started to panic…. “What’s wrong!”

He sat up straight, and scratched his head. He didn’t mean to scare her, but he was a little shocked. “Nothing’s wrong.” He looked away, then back at her with a smile on his face. “She’s ready Liz!”

She arched her one eyebrow up high,…. Wondering what he was talking about. “Who’s ready,… for what?”

He vaulted his hand over her belly, and couldn’t hide his excitement. “Our baby!…. It’s almost time for her to be born!”

Her eyes grew wide. “A-Are you serious!”

He nodded his head like a little boy, excited at Christmas time.
She stood quickly,…. “I’m not ready!” Liz started to pace franticly around their new small apartment,… with Max in tow. “What do you mean your not ready,… We’ve been planning this for mouths Liz!” He grabbed a hold of her gently by the arm, and turned her around to face him. “Talk to me Sweetheart!…. your scaring me.”

“Her room!…. It’s not ready!”

He laughed, feeling relieved, and leaned in to kiss her forehead. “We’ll work on it today… okay!” She nodded her head to him, releasing her breath, trying her best to calm down from the sudden news that her daughter was coming soon. “Max!” She sighed in his embrace. “When exactly is she coming?”

He pulled back, and slumped his shoulders. “I don’t exactly know,…. I just know that it’s soon. So you really need to take it easier then usual.”

“How is that possible?” She giggled at him, reflecting on the fact that he waits on her hand and foot, and wont allow her to lift anything, or do anything constructive without him fussing over her.

“Hey!” He eyed her out of the corner of his eye. “It’s only because I worry about you.”

She sighed. “I know Max!…. I love you for it!”

“We really need to pay attention to everything now Liz. Every pain , Every emotion, anything, we need to give it our full attention. Okay!”

She nodded her head. “Okay!” She leaned into his embrace and hugged him tighter,… happiness engulfing her heart.


Isabel giggled, at how Maria twirled in the new creation she had just designed. It was her best yet, and Isabel was ecstatic. The only finishing touch that needed to be added was some simple beading at the bottom, and Walla,… her first wedding gown was complete. Maria was more then obvious to try it on, once she learned of the latest creation taking place in Isabel’s room. She had watched a simple piece of crème silk fabric turn into a masterpiece right before her eyes. It astounded her at how creative Isabel got with the gown, the simple elegant trim that outline the neck line, and how she curved out the back and made it bare, only for the fabric to ruffle up at the bosom and flare out. It was breathtaking, and Maria knew that she had a talent that the whole world had to see. Isabel giggled as she watched Maria swoosh the bottom of the gown along with the movements of her body twirling, and knew that she had loved the gown as much as she loved making it.

“Breakfast is rea-“ Michael was cut off as he barged into Isabel’s room to announce that breakfast was ready. All air left his lungs, as he seen Maria standing before him in all her splendor. A beautiful dress adoring her body, that curved her in all the right places. He had never remembered seeing anything so beautiful in all his life.

He tried to recover quickly, but his attempt was fatal, as Alex came in behind him, his eyes wide, and mouth hanging agape. “Maria!….. “

Isabel was smiling ear to ear. “You like?” She wiggled both her eyebrows, as she displayed her latest creation to the two guys. She noticed how Maria briefly lowered her face, and how pink her cheeks were, … she seemed to notice, that the more Michael’s stare became intense, the more Maria became flushed. ‘Something was defiantly up with them two!’ She thought to herself.

Michael began to back away. “I have to go!” He voiced to everyone as he made his way quickly out of the house, and hopped on his bike. His sudden loss of inspiration to paint, had come back, and he was suddenly inspired. He had till the end of the mouth to produce ten new paintings to Simon Codora, and he had been walking on egg shells knowing that he only had four completed. He spurned on his gas petal making his bike jump into higher gear,… he had to get home,… and put on canvas the virtual vision in his mind before it faded away.


Each stroke brought him closer and closer to his reason for painting. His new love, and cherished hobby. His movements were frantic as he viewed more and more the reason for his obsession. As her face turned away from him, almost mocking him,… his insecurities kicked in. He was getting greedy with this one, wanting to keep it for himself, instead of hanging it on a wall in a gallery for the whole world to see.
The whiteness that surrounded her body, against the darkened background, brought out her glow, that much more. The simple stoke of yellow, that blew above her, was the wispy strands of hair, that surround her head, and yet her face was turned away from him, blocking his perpetual view. He had complete control of his paintings, but only when it didn’t revolve around her. And it wasn’t until Simon Cadora pointed that out to him,… when asked if he was bringing the young lady that held his heart to his opening display. The statement of his new agent threw him for a loop, and when he denied such accusations, that there was no one, Simon simply pointed it out in each and every one of his paintings, a knowledge that smacked him hard across the face.

He swiped the bright silken color around her body, flaring it out below, just like he remembered. He realized that he would never lose that image from his mind. It was burned, intensely to his soul.

He hated when she would ask him to show her his paintings, only because then she would know. Everything that he was, and everything that was in his heart, mind, soul, …the stuff that was deep down, was displayed in each and everyone of his paintings. He wouldn’t be able to hide it, … wouldn’t be able to make excuses for it. All would be revealed, and that frightened him.
His agent kept asking him who he would be inviting to his opening show, wondering if he would be able to get a glimpse into the life of what made Michael Guerin paint the way that he did.
He contemplated asking Maria to be his date,… but then that would only happen, if he was finally ready to be straight with her. Because once she seen his paintings,…. It would be the point of no return for him.


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I'm sorry my updates are so few, like an update a week, but behind the scenes, I'm still updating "A Sacred agreeement" and I'm also starting a new fic, but I'm not even going to start posting that until I'm done with this one, and my other one. I'm kinda excited about it, because it's the first time I'm writing Max, as "a bad boy"
So, I'm kinda nervous about it, and trying my best to due it justice. I really don't like having fics that are so drawn out, and stuff, like this one is becoming. -Don't get me wrong, I like reading them, when other people do them, but Me,... myself, I don't really like it. I grow board ,.. quick!
Anyway,... here's the next part,... and thank you for all the feedback.

Part 40

He was bursting with inspiration, yet in desperate need of new brushes, and a few colors that he had run out of with his last two paintings. He was closing in fast, in completing his last painting, and he feared that if he walked away from it, he would lose what he was trying to create on the white canvas in front of him. Big money was coming his way, if all went as planned at his opening at Cadora & Cadora, and this opportunity was to big to pass by. He could make dreams come true with the money he would be raking in, and it was all riding on the paintings he produced.
Turning from the start of his new creation, at the sound of knocking at the front door, Michael set down his paint brush, and wiped his hands down the front of his jeans. “Coming!” He commented, already knowing who it was.

He opened the door, and sighed a sigh of relief, at the sight of Alex holding a brown paper bag in his hands. “Thanks Man, I really appreciate this!”

“No problem!” Alex replied. “I know how it is when your on a roll, and afraid to walk away from something!”

Michael scratched the side of his temple with his paint streak fingers. “Yeah!… I just,… I have a deadline,.. you know?”
Alex nodded. “So,… can I take a peek?” He asked with pleading eyes. He was dying to see just what Michael could do with a talent he had never seen. He was so particular, when it came to his paintings, almost secretive.
“I- I don’t know Alex!” Michael felt evasive, almost like his privacy was being disturbed, but he knew that was ridiculous, Alex had become one of his closes friends. He had to open up to someone sooner or later about his ordeal, and with Max occupied with Liz, and their unborn baby, He knew he could talk to Alex about his conquest.

Alex lifted up his hand. “It’s okay Michael,… I understand!” He was about to walk away, when Michael called out to him. “Alex,… wait!” Alex turned to him with curious eyes. “Did I get the wrong paint?”
“No,… No,…you got the right paint.” He waited a moment, then continued, once he talked his inner self into opening up to him. “It’s just I haven’t shown anyone, but strangers my paintings, and I'm still a little afraid.”
Alex arched up his eyebrow. “Afraid?” He was confused. “About what?”
Michael wiped his now sweaty palms onto his old worn paint infested tee-shirt. “Come on!” He waved him in. “I’ll show you!”

Alex smiled,…. And followed him into his house.

He looked around the messy apartment,… The smell of fresh paint lingering in the air. old brushes laying around, caked with dry paint, and rages adorning the table,…. Easily used to clean up the flying splatters.

“This way!” Michael uttered, as he waved him into what appeared to be a dinning room, that was turned into a painting room, storing all of his painting tools and appliances.
Walking into the spacious room, his eyes lit up. It was the most colorful area in the whole house.
His eyes splayed around the room in a matter of seconds,… taking in all the array of paintings. “Wow!” He uttered, as he slowly started making his way around the room,…. Eyeing each painting carefully. Michael stood back, ….. watching.

He was amazed,… completely taken back by the art he was so intensely eyeing. He noticed one thing in common about each and everyone of his paintings. “The girl!” He voiced out loud, as he squinted his eyes, at each painting. He noticed that in each one, the girl was the same, yet her face was turned away, slightly, making it hard for him to make out her features clearly.
Michael kept watching his friend trying to figure out what was so important about the image of this particular girl, that occupied his paintings,… his mind, his thoughts,… and each and every one of his fantasies. He knew that Alex knew just a little about his feelings about Maria,.. only due to the questions he asked about her, but not enough to make the conclusion, that she meant anything serious to him.

It was only when he came to the painting, Michael was most proud of that made Alex’s eyes widen. The black contrast of paint, made it easy to see the translucent of her face, glowing into the darkness. The white gown that surround her body, was much like the wedding gown, Isabel had created, and Maria had tried on. The blond hair blowing in the wind, made it that much more revealing of his mystery woman. He turned once again to his other paintings, .. eyeing back and forth between them, and the one of Maria in the gown, and he knew who was Michael’s inspiration. He turned swiftly back to Michael, who by then was biting his nails, watching,… and waiting.
“It’s Maria!” Alex voiced, as plain as day. Sounding so obvious, like Michael didn’t know that.
He nodded his head. Alex continued. “Michael!…. What’s going on?”
Michael turned from him, almost acting as if he didn’t’ hear him, and continued to pulled his new supplies from the brown bag Alex had brought by. Alex walked over towards him, standing just sideways from him. “There really good Michael,….. I – I had no idea,… that-“
“No body does!” Michael cut him off,… already knowing what he was about to say.
Alex looked at him strangely. “Are you going to tell her? I mean,… she needs to know!” Alex commented, watching Michael proceed on his next painting.
He slumped his shoulders before stroking red paint onto the canvas. “I don’t know!….. I want to ,.. but-“ He looked away,… eyeing his favorite painting once again. Alex followed his train of vision, and notice the tortured look on his face. “I really think you should Man,…. I mean,… She may feel the same!”
Michael turned to him. “Yeah,… but what if she doesn’t,… then what?”

“Then you go on!…. but you need to at least find out.”
Michael nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah,.. that’ll be fun. But Hey,. Look, the meantime, keep this between us, okay!”
“Okay!” Alex agreed.

Liz smiled brightly, as Max screwed the last screw into the dark cherry wooden crib. It was all coming together, and she was growing more and more excited by the minute. She had finished hanging up all of the new baby clothes she had received from her baby shower, plus the latest designs from Isabel, and Liz was still at ends with her self with wall décor.
“It’s just so bare Max!” Liz voiced as she opened the box, of brand new children’s books, she had ordered over the internet.
Max turned from her to the walls, to look.
“It’s just white,…. I mean,… blah!” She commented.
“Well,… what do you want to do to the walls then?”
Liz was about to answer, when she quickly got distracted by her favorite child hood story. “Look Max,… ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’!….. This was my favorite story, when I was a little girl.”
Max smiled at her, … loving the way she lit up. He walked closer towards her to look at the book, and noticed all the colorful pictures that adorned the pages. He thought for a moment, then smiled at her. “I have a great idea Liz!”
She turned to him. “What?”
He held up his index finger, showing her to wait a minute, while he walked over to the stairs, that led to the upstairs, and the rest of the house. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, and yelled out for his sister. “ISABEL!” He yelled loudly.
After a moment, he heard the footsteps above making their way to the door, adjoining to his apartment downstairs. “Do you need me Max?” She asked, as she peek her head inside.
“Yeah,… can you come down her Is?”
She nodded her head, and walked down the steps. “What’s up?” She asked.
He grabbed her arm, and led her into the new nursery.
She looked around. “Wow,… you guys are really working hard,…. This looks great!”
“Yeah,… but were not really happy with the walls!” Max voiced to his sister. “Do you think you could help us out?”
Liz looked to Max,.. wondering how Isabel could help.
“Sure!…. What do you want me to do?”
Max grabbed ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ book from Liz’s hands, and flipped through the pages till he came to a picture that satisfied him. “This!” He voiced to Isabel, as she nodded her head in understanding. Liz was looking between the two, curious, and completely lost to the conversation.
Isabel took the book from Max’s hands, and held it open with one of her hands, while she used her other hand to touch the picture with her index finger. Liz watched as her index finger glowed a bright white color, while pressed against a picture in the book, then watching as she then walked over to the plain white wall, and extended the same finger to the wall, … illuminating right before her eyes, an enchanted forest,… the same exact picture from the book, displayed on the wall.
Liz’s eyes grew wide in excitement. “Oh my God!” Her palm extended to cup her mouth in shock. Max looked over to Liz, and loved the look on her face. “Do you like it,… or did you want to use a different picture?” Max asked.
Liz shook her head. “I love this!” She turned to Isabel. “Do you think you could change the picture on the baby comforter to match the walls?”
Isabel nodded her head. “Of course!” She handed the book back to Liz. “Just pick out the picture you want me to change it to.”
Liz flipped through the book, and handed it back to Isabel. “Just the rabbit. Can you just put the picture of the rabbit on the comforter, then use this picture of the rabbit surround by the flowers and butterflies for the sheet?”
“Okay!” Isabel replied, as she first touched the picture, then extended her index finger to the warm blankets that laid inside the newly fastened crib. “How’s that?” She asked, once finished with the task.
Liz was so happy with the nursery she felt like she was about to cry. As tears came to her eyes, Isabel smiled, knowing that she had been really emotional lately, due to the baby.
Max walked closer to Liz, and wrapped his arms around her. He nuzzled his nose in close to her ear. “You okay?”
She nodded her head in confirmation,… unable to talk, due to the lump forming in her throat. She swallowed hard, then locked eyes with Isabel. “Thank you!”
“Your welcome Liz.” She felt overcome with joy at her emotional state, because in some small way, Isabel had made Liz very happy, and she loved knowing that. She walked closer towards Liz, and extended her arms to her. Liz obliged, and hugged Isabel to her. She was looking at her more and more like the sister she never had. Max stood back, watching. He was so happy, and proud.


“Are you scared?” Maria asked as she shoved another corn curl into her mouth. This was the first time in a long time that Maria was able to just sit down with her best friend and have a one on one chat together,….. something that was hard to do now-a-days.

Liz nodded her head, as she grabbed for another corn curl out of the bag her and Maria were snacking on, and dipped it into a bowl of Tabasco, before shoving it into her mouth. “But it’s more nervousness then anything.”

Maria wiped her cheese fingers onto a napkin, before speaking. “Any names yet?”

Liz smiled widely. “Well,……. Every time I bring up names with Max, he just smiles and says ‘That’s a nice name.’,… but that’s all,…. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Has he made any suggestions?”

Liz shook her head. “No!….. He just says that once he sees her for the first time, he’ll now what to call her.”

“Oh!” Maria voiced with confusion. “That’s weird!”

Liz swirled around towards her on her chair. “Speaking of weird,…… what’s up with you and Michael?”

Maria stood from her chair, to put the snacks away. “I don’t know what you mean?”

“Don’t play dumb with me,….. Isabel told me about the way his eyes about bulged out of his head, when he seen you modeling one of her gowns.” Her eyebrows arched. “What’s up with that?”

“So,…. Where’s Max at, on a day like today Liz?” Maria asked, trying to change the conversation.

“Don’t you dare!” Liz voiced, trying her best to stand from her chair.

Maria leaned back against the counter, with her arms crossed. “Need some help?” A smirk on her face.

“No!… No!” She was steadying herself with one hand on the table, and the other against the back of the chair, as she balance herself, and stood properly to her feet,…. Her huge belly getting in the way. “I got it!”

Once she successfully stood to her feet, Maria walked closer to her. “The real question you should be asking,…. Is what’s up with Alex and Isabel?” Her eyebrows raising up and down.

“Nah,… not them two!”

“Why not?”

“Well, … because,….. well,… there just way different!”

“Opposites attract.” Maria voiced, a smirk on her face.

“I know,…. I know all about opposites attracting,…. I’m human, and I’m attracted to an alien. How more opposite can you get,…. But,… Alex,… Isabel,….. I don’t know!”

Just then both girls turned to the sound of someone entering through the front door, laughing and carrying on. When they came into view,… Maria couldn’t help but grin widely, as she so daringly stared at Liz. She watched as Alex and Isabel, walked in, laughing, and apparently growing closer then she had ever seen them. It was obvious they were incredibly comfortable in each others presence. Not like two friends, or two siblings, but like two lovers,.. who were completely blind as to what was going on, right in front of their faces.

Maria laughed, and walked away, leaving Liz staring.


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Part 41

“I hope she has your eyes!” Liz said matter-of-factly as she laid beside Max on the carpeted floor, staring up at the illuminating glow-in-the dark stars, that adorned the ceiling of the nursery.
He smiled to himself. “Hmm,… I hope she has your hair!” He reached beside him, to grab a hold of her hand, and held it tight. “Were going to be great parents Liz!”
She turn her face sideways,… staring at him. “I hope so!”

“Hope!” Max said almost to himself. Liz narrowed her eyes. “What?” Wondering what he was saying, and the meaning of his gesture, Liz watched him, lost in thought.
He turned to her. “We hope for so many things when it comes to our precious little girl.”
She smiled at him. “It’s like we center the word ‘Hope’ around her all the time.”
Liz looked away, pondering on what he was saying to her. The corners of her mouth curved up into a small smile. “Yeah,…… We do,.. do that!”
He turned his whole body sideways, facing her, as he slouched his head up, with his hand. “Hope,…. Hope!” He kept repeating the word,….. the possible name, …. Trying it out on his tongue, getting a feel for it.
“I –I… like it!” Liz voiced, as she also pondered upon the ‘Hopeful’ name. “But I thought we were going to wait until she was born to name her?”
“Yeah,….. I thought so to,…… But,…. I don’t know,,…… it just already seems to fit.”
Liz looked back up towards the glowing stars. “Hope!” Still testing the name out on her tongue.
“Hope Elizabeth Evans!” Max stated, like it was the most beautiful name in the world.
Liz looked at him intently. “Elizabeth?…….. Why Elizabeth?” She questioned.
He leaned in close to her, mere inches from her lips, he looked into her eyes lovingly. “It’s only fair that our daughter is named after the most beautiful women in the world.”
Liz rolled her eyes. “But wont she like hate that once she’s older,….. you know,…. Being names after her mother?”
Max shook his head,… and formed his lips into a tight line. “She’s just going to have to live with it.” He sat up, in an Indian style position. “Unless, you don’t want her to be named after you?…. I just really think that it’s a strong name,… you know!”
Liz sat up along with him, continuing their conversation on names. “Elizabeth,… strong?… How?”
“Well,…. Look at you,….. you’re the strongest person I know!”
“I am?” Her brow creased in wonder.
“Yeah!….Theirs not to many people I know that would endure the things that you’ve agreed to endure. ….. like for instance,…. Our baby.”
Liz was listening intently,… wondering where he was going with this.
“In the beginning,….. when you found out you were pregnant,…. And you then found out that I was truly an alien,….. this whole factor put your life at risk. No one knew what was going to happen, and yet, you took on the part,…. No questions asked.”

Liz’s hands automatically went to her full belly,…. Rubbing over her child protectively. “Their was never an option,….. I’ve always hoped for the best when it came to us, and our baby.”

Liz started to giggle again. “What,…. What is it?” Max asked.
“Theirs that word again,….. Hope!”
“It fits!” Max voiced.
“Yes,…. It does,…….. Hope Elizabeth Evans!” Liz called out as she rubbed her belly lovingly,…. And at once she felt a warm feeling on the side of her belly.
Max noticed her face change. “What is it?”
Liz looked from him to her belly, and lifted up the shirt to inspect the warmth, she was feeling,… Max watched in wonder.
Lifting up her shirt, Liz gasped when she seen the glowing handprint, illuminating on the side of her belly. It was so tiny, and so bright.
Tears sprang to her eyes, as Max moved closer. “I think she likes her name.” Max voiced, as he moved his hand to cover his little girls smaller one, as it glowed brightly from the inside of Liz’s stomach.
Once he laid his bigger palm over the much smaller one, he closed his eyes, and enveloped the love his daughter was sending through the connection. Liz instantly felt it, and cried more tears.
“Oh,… I can’t wait,…. I can’t wait until she’s here.”
“Me either Liz,…. Me either!”


“I need to just do this!…. Do it now!…. Come on,…. Do it Guerin!” Michael voiced sternly to himself as he paced back and forth, along the front porch!”

“I thought I heard someone out here!…. What’s going on Michael?” Isabel asked as she poked out of the front door.
He looked at her, feeling slightly on edge, he brushed off her question, and walked right pass her and into the house. “Is Maria home?” He asked, not even looking at her.

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah,…. She’s in her room!”
Michael started walking towards Maria’s room, when he heard Isabel called him ‘rude’ in the distance. He ignored her, and kept walking.

Knocking softly on the door, Michael poked his head in. “What are you doing?” He got right to the point, not use to feeling timid in times like these.
Maria looked up from her magazine, and smiled. “Oh hey Michael,… How’s the paintings going?”

Michael walked completely into her room, and stood before her, his hands churning together out of nervousness. Maria didn’t seem to notice, as she kept her face buried into her magazine.

“Actually I’m finished,… and my opening is tonight.”

Maria looked up for the second time. “It is?…. How come I didn’t know,… and why aren’t I invited?”
“Well,…. I’m inviting you now,…. You wanna go?” His eyes were wide, stinging from not being able to blink.
Maria swung her legs around to the side of the bed, and sat up. “Of coarse I wanna go,…. Oh God,…. I have nothing to wear.” She stormed over to her closet,… and frantically pushed her clothes aside one by one,… not liking any thing

She turned to Michael. “What is Liz and Isabel wearing?”

Michael took a step forward. “Umm,…. I didn’t invite them!”
Maria’s eyes grew wide. “Why not? I don’t understand!”

“You know me,… I just don’t like that kind of thing,… Maybe down the road, If I have another one, but just,.. not this one,…. It’s to personal.”

Maria crossed her arms,… looking at him intently. “But,… But,… I don’t understand,… Why invite me then?”

Michael stood still, unable to think of anything to say,… as Maria’s eyes stayed trained on him
Finally he burst. “Forget it.” He went to turn around and leave,… frustration wracking his brain,… he wasn’t no cut out Romeo like Max,….. He was different,… more edgy, and rough around the edges,… not the type to just let anyone close to him.


He stopped, and slowly turned around,… the negativity burning bright in his eyes.
“What?” He asked,…. Hating that he didn’t have much courage when it came to expressing his feelings.
Maria walked towards him. “How long do I have to get ready?”

Michael leaned from one leg to the other, his heart began to pound, and he knew instantly that she was starting to read him like a book. She knew that now wasn’t the time to bombard him with questions about why he was asking her, and no one else. So she simply let him know she wanted to go, without the need to push him further then he was already pushed. It became one of the many reasons he was falling for her,….. Hard!

“About three hours!”

Her eyes about popped out,…. “Three hours!!….. Okay,….. Okay!” She started to run around her room like a chicken with it’s head cut off,… finally running past him swiftly, Michael wondered what was the big deal. Still standing in the middle of her room, Michael then heard in the distance, Maria calling out for Isabel,…. Saying something about a ‘Fashion emergency’.

A smile appeared on his face, and he felt confident.

“Stay still!”
“I said stay still!”
“Okay,…. I get it!”
Isabel smiled,…. Feeling the pressure on getting the black gown to fit Maria perfectly. “I can’t believe he only gave you three hours notice!”
“I know!…. Men,…. They don’t appreciate the need for woman to get the proper bearings in place for their beauty to shine.”

Isabel stood up, crossed her arms, and looked at her in wonder. “What!”
Maria slumped her shoulders, and released a breath of air. “I don’t know Isabel,…. I’m just nervous,…. Okay!”

“About what?” Isabel asked, as she went back to pinning the hem of the gown.
“He’s just so unpredictable!”

“Michael?” Isabel asked with a raised eyebrow. Maria nodded. “I mean, What is this night suppose to mean.” Her arms were flying in the air, gesturing her words as she spoke. A sign of her confusion. “Why is he just asking me, and no one else. I mean,…. Is this normal behavior for him. Tell me Isabel,…… you know him pretty well….. Spill!”

Isabel stood up. “Okay,… done,… take it off so I can sew it!”
Maria started taking off the dress delicately, so she wouldn’t get stuck by another pin.
Isabel fumbled with her sewing supplies, as she started to answer Maria’s question.
“I only know half of Michael,…. He keeps the other half private. …. It’s like, he’ll only give you half of himself. That is unless-“
Maria turned to her, wearing only her undergarments. “Unless what?”
Isabel carried the gown to her sewing area, and began to place the fabric under the machine. She paused for a moment, and turned to face her friend. “Unless, he’s fallen in love with you!”

“What?” Maria voiced, as she pulled her robe around her, and fastened the ties.
Isabel nodded,.. “It’s true,… all though, this would be a first for Michael,…. It’s almost hard to believe his capable to feel such feelings.”

“This is impossible,…. I mean,….. Michael doesn’t feel that way about me,…. It can’t be true!” Maria was starting to become jumbled with her words. Her face growing flush.

“Well,…. What if it was true? How would you feel about it?” Isabel was curious,…. All though, it seemed in possible for Michael to fall for anyone,….. Isabel couldn’t lie, ….. stranger things have happened.
For the first time, Maria was speechless,… her face growing brighter red by the minute.
Isabel couldn’t believe the sight. Standing from her chair, she walked over towards her. “Well, well, well,…… Look what we got here. I’ve never seen you so speechless.”

“Don’t rub it in!” Maria uttered.
Isabel laughed. “I think it’s cute!”
“Cute,…. Cute!” She pointed to her face. “You think this is cute!”
Isabel nodded. “I can’t wait until it happens to me!” She voiced in a dreamy sound.
Maria rolled her eyes. “Please!” She started towards the door, to go get her hair and makeup done in her own room. “It already is,…. You just don’t see it yet!”
“What are you talking about!” Isabel voiced sternly, stopping Maria dead in her tracks.
Maria turned around with a wide smile on her face. “It’s no secret the way you and Alex look at each other.”

Isabel’s eyes grew wide. “What,….. That’s not true!”

Maria rolled her eyes yet again. “Yeah right!….. keep telling yourself that!” And exited out of the door, and down the hall to her own room.

Isabel stood still, fuming over what she said. ‘It wasn’t true.’ She thought to herself. ‘Was it?’


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Part 42



“You sure?”

“Umm, Hmm!”

“Okay!” Alex cleared his throat then focused his eyes back onto the Medical magazine he was reading. He had no idea what was up with Isabel, but ever since he’d gotten home, she’s been acting strangely around him. Staring at him intently, he caught her looking,….. almost studying him from across the room.

Isabel quickly grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl, and made a quick dash down the hallway towards her room. Closing and locking her bedroom door behind her, Isabel was seriously losing it. ‘ What has gotten into me?’ She thought to herself, and knew that Maria’s words had truly gotten to her, making her nervous now around Alex, she had no idea what was going on with her.

The sudden knocking on her bedroom door, made Isabel jump in nervousness. “Who is it?” She asked with hoarseness lacing her voice.

“Isabel,…. It’s me Liz. Are you okay?” Liz noticed the jumpiness in her tone.

She went towards the door and opened it wide. “Oh,…. I’m fine,…. Just a little tired.”
Isabel seen how Liz was looking around her room. “I missed her,… didn’t I?” Liz so badly wanted to see Maria off, before she left with Michael’s to attend his showing.

Isabel nodded. “Yeah,… sorry!. They left about fifteen minutes ago!” She seen Liz’s face crinkle up in disappointed. “But if you stay up long enough, I’m sure you can catch her when she gets home.”

“Yeah right,…. And have your brother standing over me the whole night, reminding me how important my sleep is? No thanks!”

Isabel laughed. “He’s still not letting up,… is he?”

Liz shook her head. “No!,….. and it’s only getting worse Izzy. I’m serious, … If he makes anymore fuss over me, I’m going to scream.”

Covering her laughter with her hand, Isabel truly felt sorry for Liz. Max was becoming way over protective when it came to Liz,… and even though everyone knew it was only because he loves her so much, she still felt sorry for her, especially when Max would get on her for so much as stretching across the table for the salt.

“I’m really sorry to ask you this, but … How are you doing?” Isabel asked sincerely.
Liz smiled, as she rubbed her full belly. “I’m fine,….. except I think my daughter is getting a little restless. She’s been kicking me all day.”

“She’s going to be a natural butt kicker,… watch!” Isabel commented, as she took a step forward, to extend her hand, to Liz’s belly.

“It’s that feistiness in her. I swear, I know she gets it from her Aunt Maria!” Liz sighed in a teasing manner.

Isabel narrowed her eyes. “Yeah right!…. You can be pretty feisty yourself!”

Liz laughed,… “What,…. Me?” She smirked as she pointed to herself.
Isabel nodded.

“Nah,… it’s only the hormones. I’m not usually like this.”

“Could’ve fooled me. I see the way you get when we try to help you.”

“It’s when everyone treats me like I’m crippled, instead of pregnant, that gets me so annoyed.”

Isabel continued rubbing over her tiny niece. “It comes with the territory, besides it’s only because we love you so much!”

Liz looked up. “I know,….. and Thank God for it,…. I tell ya,…. These mood changes are enough to do me in. And poor Max, he has no idea if I’m happy or sad day to day.”

“It’s just his payback for fussing over you all the time!”
Isabel and Liz both laughed.


The illuminating glow cascading down from the lights above, set the mood for the evening. Maria pulled her black translucent shawl tighter around her body, as Michael led her to the front entrance. Neither were prepared for the crowd of photographers that littered about in front of the gallery, waiting to take their prized picture of the new artist. Maria clanged tighter to his arm, as she used her other hand to shield her eyes from the sudden splashes of lights from the cameras all around her. She was neither prepared or ready for such an occurrence. She had no idea Michael’s opening was going to be so huge, and as she looked over to him, she could tell by his looks, he had no idea himself.

“Come!….. Hurry!” Simon Cadora ushered Michael in, along with his date, through the huge entry way, and away from the cameras.

“What’s with all the camera’s Simon?” Michael asked, confused, and curious.
Simon waved his hand in the air, as if dismissing such a foolish question. “It comes with the territory,….. why,…. Your already popular Michael,…. I knew it wouldn’t take long,… but I never guessed it would be this fast. ….. Come,….. People are awaiting your entrance.”

Simon grasped both Michael and Maria by the forearms, and proceeded towards the show room. “Hey watch it,…. This is a one of a kind dress. …. You wont find another like it!” Maria spook with pouty lips.

Simon stopped dead in his tracks, and turned to Maria for the first time,… as if he was just realizing that she was standing right in front of his face. “You?” He uttered, as if just discovering a treasure.
Maria continued to smooth the creases out of her shawl that Simon had made with this hold on her. Maria looked up. “Me?” Asking and answering his question all at the same time.
Simon looked from Michael, then to Maria, as if making a connection for the first time. Turning back to Michael. “It’s her?……. Isn’t it?” His smile growing by the minute. Michael let his face fell crestfallen. His heart accelerating. He remained silent.
Simon began to walk ever so slowing around Maria, his eyes glued to her features. “I can see it now!” He uttered.
Maria was growing very uncomfortable. “Michael?” She uttered in a whisper,…. A low plea for Michael to explain his agent’s behavior.

“Is she the true treasure you paint her to be?” He stood straight,… unmoving,….”A spitfire indeed, with a heart of a precious pearl! A uniqueness! “: Simon continued. “Yes Michael!…. I see it,…… I see the inspiration!”

“Michael?” Maria voiced loudly this time.

“We should go,…. People are waiting!” Michael spoke for the first time, snapping Simon out of his reverie of examination of Maria. He was enthralled,… captivated, and only able to see in Maria what Michael seen, through the obviousness of his paintings.

Maria stared at Michael,….. wondering if he was going to explain. He grabbed a hold of her hand, and walked her towards the show room. He knew that once she glimpse his paintings, she would know everything,….. putting all questions to rest.
“Just come on Maria,…. I’ll show you everything?” He whispered to her, knowing that she wanted him to explain His agent’s behavior.
Maria nodded, and walked along with Michael. She knew this was a big night for him, and she wasn’t going to ruin it with her many questions. But make no mistake, she would get her answers before the night was over.

She could see the start of splashing color on the canvases, ….. a wonderful assortment of paintings that adorned a dull white wall. Her eyes moved around the room, never giving herself time to focus on one thing. Their were so many people,…. And soon she found that they were all turning,… and staring at her and Michael proceeding towards them. She instantly felt Michael clamp down on her hand tighter,…. Making his nervousness obvious. She squeezed back, and gave him a bright smile.

People started to crowd around them, and Maria started to feel suffocated. She looked to Michael, and noticed how he was going about answering the many questions his new admirers were asking. The tone in his voice, clearly gave Maria the conclusion that he was uncomfortable with so many people around him, and yet he still held his head high, and did his best to answer each question.

With ease, she slowly left his side, and started walking around the room. Stopping in front of the first painting, she stood still, staring. Her eyes squinting, trying to make out the contrast. She seen strokes of blond hair, mixed with brown,… but a face that was turned away. It was clearly a picture of a woman, obvious from the curves to the body.

“Ma’am.” The polite server voiced, shaking Maria out of her examination of Michael’s painting. She turned green eyes to a young man, with a serving tray of champagne glasses. She smiled her glossy lips his way, and casually grabbed for a glass of champagne. “Thank you!” She voiced to him, and with a slight smile, and a nod, he was on his way.
She took a drink of her champagne, and focused her eyes back onto the painting.
Taking three small steps to the right, Maria found her mouth hanging open, at the next painting. The colors were a brilliance of electric,… a painting that was the same as his others yet different. Where his other paintings were of a woman, in some shape or form, this was of a hand,… a women’s hand,.. with a shade of fingernail polish, that was so familiar to her.
It was a lavender color,…. With specks of gold. Maria smiled, knowing that it was a color that she often wore,… a lot,… yet it was a color that she mixed together,… never finding it in any store. It was unique, something only she noticed , and made it a color all of her own.
She slowing ease closer towards the painting,… her campaign glass half empty in her hand. She noticed the woman’s hand holding something,… and as she eased closer, she noticed it was a heart. The hand was holding a heart,… of what looked like crush stone laying all around it.
She bit her bottom lip, trying to understand the message behind the painting. This whole era of paintings and hidden messages was so brand new to her. Her eyes wondered to the bottom of the painting, and read the name of it. “Taken by surprise.” She read to herself, before looking back up, and staring once again at the painting. Her mouth fell in awe, as she finally gotten the hidden message. It was so beautiful to her. Like a new pair of eyes staring,….. seeing for the first time.
‘The hand,…. The woman, …. Had taken this man by surprise, …. Making him love her,… without evening trying’. The thoughts were running threw her mind. ‘The walls around this man’s heart were broken, from this woman.’
She smiled to herself, …. Only to stop, and frown. Her confusion evident in her features. ‘How could Michael paint something so open, and beautiful?’
The Michael Maria knew was so closed off,…. She instantly felt jealous. ‘Who was it? …. Who was he thinking of, when he painted this?’
Her heart was pounding,…. Her throat parched. She instantly guzzled the rest of her champagne, before stopping the server boy,… to grab for another glass , then moving on quickly to the next painting.

The lightness of the blond hair, swaying evident against the dark background. Maria blinked, … happy to finally see the side of the woman’s face that graced each and every one of Michael’s paintings. She moved closer, and gasped out loud. Her world stopped spinning, and for a moment, just stood still. Her mind blank,…. Her blood rushing,… and her knees weak. She quickly turned her head around the room, and glanced at each of his paintings, as if realizing something for the first time. It was apparent now to her,…. The knowledge undeniable. Their was something deep and personal about her in each painting. It was unmistakable.

Finally,…. Frantically,…. She knew,… with trembling hands, she slowly set her glass down, and tried to smooth the palms of her hands on the sleek fabric of her gown. She could feel sweet on her brow, and the strands of her hair falling from her bun, sticking to her neck.
She turned wondering eyes around the room,….across the crowds of people, and finally found the deep brown eyes of her favorite artist staring back at her. He knew she knew, the knowledge apparent in both sets of eyes. And without words, or condition,… they stared at one another,… without blinking…time stopped!


He slowly skimmed the tips of his fingers down her thighs, and stopped just above her knee. The slight grin on his face was obvious to Liz, that Max was being mischievous. “Don’t tease!” She clearly added, knowing that his touches more becoming unbearable to her. It had been a little over a week since they had made love, and decided that it was best to wait and come together again, once the baby had arrived. With the cramping that Liz had started to feel, and the coming arrival of their daughter, Max and Liz, felt like they were sitting on pins and needles.
Max softly bent his head down, and planted a small kiss just above her knee cap. She lifted her eyebrow, before turning her focus back to her parenting magazine. Max continued,… only this time easing his tongue along the inside of her thigh. The sudden gasp from Liz’s mouth only curved his lips up further,….. making his hands come into play, holding her firmly by her hips.
His body encased her lower body, as she sat slumped up against the head board of their bed. The only illumination coming in, was from the night light next to Liz’s bed,… used only when she stayed up to read.
She sighed,… allowing him to play his game a little while longer.
The further Max moved up her legs, the more he became aroused. But, he wanted this to be for her. The agreement they had made, … not to make love again until the baby arrived, was just torture for him,…. But he cared more for Liz and his child,…. Knowing that Liz was in the very last stages of her pregnancy, not to mention the cramping and triggers of pain, that she would feel at odd times. It was best in the end, to sustain from love making for a time, until it was safe, and pain free for Liz.
He softly kissed his way up her leg, nipping at her smooth silky skin. “Umm,…. I love you Liz!” He moaned before dipping his tongue down, and up the inside of her legs.
Her head fell back,…..Her magazine falling from her hand onto the floor, ..forgotten.. “Oh God!” Her voice was hushed,… once his tongue almost touched her sensitive area. He was close,….. so very close to her heat.
He could feel her heat radiating threw her panties,… coming up against the side of his cheek, as he continued to nipple on her flesh. He was just inches away from his target, … taking his time, he wanted Liz to just relax. He gently, moved the palm of his hand up, and inside of her night shirt,… smoothly sliding towards the roundness of her belly,….. where his daughter laid. He caressed her,…. With loving circular movements of his hand. He knew that it relax Liz, when he caress their child like this,…. He instantly felt her muscles become less tense.
Moving his face over, he opened his mouth wider, coming down onto her middle, against her heat, and on top of her panties.
Her fingers moved to his hair, …. Tangled. “Max!” It was a plea,… and it drove him wild. Her husky voice prompt him to move her panties to the side, and lick up her middle, in one stroke. Her breathing labored, and heavy.
He licked up and down, before sucking on her delicate center,… bringing it all into his mouth.
Her eyes searing with passion, as she looked down to see him putting all of his focus and energy on her. He was laying straight out on his stomach, … between her legs, as she sat slumped against the head board, with her night shirt hiked up, and her panties pulled to the side, as her boyfriend was having his way with her. It was driving her mad,… the sight she breathed in before her, was enough to send her over the edge. With that last swipe of his tongue, she was finished. She held onto his hair, as she trembled,….. her body radiating with pleasure. He continued to lick and suck, never removing his mouth, as she burst with her orgasm.

He slowly moved back and sat between her legs, ….. fixing her panties, by putting them back into place, and pulling her night shirt snuggly over her huge belly, and down her thighs. He loved when he noticed how satisfied she looked, and knew that she would sleep like a baby.
“I love you!” She mumbled, still in her satiated state, and snuggled into her warm blanket.
He smiled, loving what he was seeing. “I love you too!” He replied, before turning off her night light, and laying next to her, engulfing her into his arms.


She woke suddenly,…. Her throat parched. She turned to look at her clock next to her night light. ‘2:00 AM’ She sighed to herself, and gently, moved out of Max’s embrace. She stepped into her slippers, and tied her robe around her before, heading upstairs to get a glass of water.

Walking lazily into the kitchen, and turning on the lights, Liz rubbed her tired eyes before yawning.
Opening the fridge, she grabbed for the pitcher of water, and poured herself some into a glass.
Throwing her head back, and guzzling the refreshment, Liz set the glass down, and noticed for the first time, the bright green liquid oozing down her leg. She started to tremble,…… Her mind calling out for Max, …. Her mouth unable to open and call out audibly. She was scared, ….. her heart pounding like thunder in her chest.

Max shot up in bed, calling out for Liz. Reaching beside him, he felt nothing, and quickly ran out of his room, and up the stairs, in search of her.
He stopped dead in his tracks, staring at a frighten Liz,….. a bright green puddle at her feet.
She looked up, hearing Max’s heavy breathing.

Staring at him with scared eyes. “It’s time!”


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Thanks to all the bumps,... and all the feedback. It's what modivated me to write today.

Part 43

He pulled her against him, his body trembling. He needed to get control over himself, ….. if not for himself, then definitely for her. Carefully walking her into the living room, Max laid her down on the sofa gently. Her pleading eyes spoke volumes of fear, and Max needed to comfort her in some way. Falling on his knees beside her trembling body, his voice broke with emotion. “Shhh,… baby I’m here.” He lifted her shaking hand into his and held it. “Everything’s going to be fine!”
He could tell she was trying her best to keep her sobbing silent,…. And with the sweat trickling down her brow,… Max jumped to his feet and proceeded in preparing for his daughters arrival..

He pounded on Alex’s door, waking the whole household in the process. Isabel opened her door swiftly, curlers in her hair, as Maria run out of her door, bumping into Max’s bare chest.
“What’s going on????…… What’s going on?????”
Max turned to her, grabbing Maria by the shoulders to steady her. “Liz is in labor.” His voice spiked with panic.
“Liz is in Labor…. Liz is in labor…” Repeating his words, running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off….. Stopping suddenly,….. it finally sunk in. She turned to Max. “Liz is in Labor?!”
Max nodded his head, … running into Alex’s room, helping him gather all the medical supplies needed.
“Max,… what can I do?” Isabel asked, as she pulled her robe on and tied it.
Max turned to her. “Grab some clean towels, and meet us in the living room.” She nodded and quickly ran towards the bathroom.
Alex looked up at Max, still gathering his implements in the process. “It’s gonna be okay Max!”

“I know!” He voiced in a panic tone. More for his benefit then Alex’s.
Alex stopped and stood straight,…staring intently at Max. “Max, … I need you to calm down. …. If you go in there and act like this around Liz,…. It’s going to freak her out.”
Max paled,… and stood straight,.. eyeing his friend. Alex continued. “I know your freaking out right now,….. but we went over the time and time again. “ Alex placed his hand on Max’s shoulder. “Breath Max……. You need to get yourself under control,.. before we go in there, and deliver this baby…… If you don’t,… you know Liz will pick up on your panic, …. And…”
Max slumped his shoulders, and sighed,…. “I know!” His face fallen.
Alex shook his head,… and bent back down, to gather the supplies, he and Max had from their courses at the university.
Max said a silent prayer,….. breathing in and out,…. Calming his nerves,… then followed Alex out to the living room.
Maria was bent over Liz’s body, holding a cool rag to her forehead.

“We need to move her onto the floor!” Alex piped in, quickly spreading his implements out onto a clean pad,… and started to sterilize them one by one. “Isabel,…. Spread that blanket out on the floor, so we can lay Liz on it……. Maria go get her a pillow,…” Everyone quickly moved,… following Alex’s orders,… and working together. Max stayed bent down by Liz’s side, holding her hand, and smiling for her. “It’s going to be okay….. Your going to be fine Liz!” He was glad that Alex had cautioned him to calm down,…. He needed to be encouraging to Liz,… and have a clear head when delivering his daughter.

With careful hands, and steady breaths,… Max and Alex moved Liz to the floor,…. While Isabel and Maria placed pillows around her,… trying make her as comfortable as possible. Alex looked up to Max,… nodding his head,… silently telling him to get Liz ready.
Max moved around to Liz’s legs, looking her in the eyes. “Just relax sweetheart.” He whispered for her to hear. She shook her head,…. Trusting him completely. She felt his hands travel up her bare legs under her night shirt to the elastic of her panties,…. Pulling them down, and off of her. Staring the entire time into her eyes,…. He shoved them into the pocket of his elastic shorts. Placing his hands onto her ankles, He soothingly rubbed his thumbs into a circulator motion,… trying to calm her nerves,… While in the process,… waiting to hear the results of her heart pressure, as Alex listened intently. “Her heart beat is good!” Alex concluded, as he placed his hand onto Liz’s belly….
It seemed like days to Liz,… when in fact,.. it had only been a few hours. Liz started to Pant,… squinting her eyes shut tightly. Max looked at his watch, then looked up to Alex,… nodding his head. Alex nodded. “Get ready.”
Max bent down, and placed his hand above her belly,…. Sending her warmth,… and taking her pain away. A process he had been doing for the last two hours. Breathing hard. “Th-thank y-you!” Liz uttered to Max. He smiled at her,… “Your doing great Liz!”
“Pi-Piece of-of cake!”
Maria couldn’t stop biting her nails. She was so nervous for her best friend,… and silently thanked God above, for Max and Alex,… Liz was definitely in good hands. She watched how they worked together, and seemed to be able to understand each other by a simple nod. She took her focus off of them, and put it back onto Liz, when suddenly she remembered Michael. “I should call Michael!” Maria blurted out. “He would want to be here for this!” She looked to Isabel,.. then to Alex, then to Max. Liz moved her hand to cover Maria’s. “Go call him!” Liz smiled for Maria. Maria beamed,… and quickly stood to her feet, and ran into the kitchen to dial his number.


“Come on Liz,…. Push!” Max voiced lovingly,.. as he sat between her spread Legs. Alex sat by her shoulders, constantly monitoring her heart pressure.
“I am!” She voiced loudly,… grinding her teeth. Her face bright red, her brow dripping with sweat.
Max remained silent, and just smiled for her,…. Not daring to say another word to her.
He sighed to himself,… and moved his hand above her belly to rub.
Liz laid back for a quick breather, then sat up again, and pushed with all of her might,…. Her grunting causing the blanket that was draped over her lap to raise,… until Max pulled it back down quickly to cover her. Only he was going to see what was under that blanket.

The crown of his daughters head was peeking out of Liz’s opening,…. And tears started to moist Max’s eyes. “I can see her…… Her head,….. “ He bent down,… closer to Liz…. “Liz,…. Push,…. Push!”
She grunted loudly,…. Squeezing Isabel and Maria’s hands,…..

Michael stayed close to the corner of the room…. Observing, and feeling real bad for the pain Liz was enduring. He would never look at her the same again.

Little by Little,…. The little girl was easing out of Liz,… and coming into full view. Max had his hands under the tiny infant,…. Urging Liz on,…. “She’s almost out Liz,…. Oh God,… She’s so beautiful Baby,…. One more push…. Come on Liz,… You can do it!”

She urged forward,… her face turning red from the pressure of her push,…. Her eyes squinting.
Isabel and Maria sat on each side of her,…. Cheering her on,… soothing her cries.
She couldn’t take anymore pushing,… she felt like she was going to pass out and die. The heartwarming cry that erupted for her tiny daughter,… shot straight to her heart,… pumping her adrenaline. “She’s almost out Liz,… come on sweetheart,… one more push!” Max voiced,… tears streaming down his face.

She pushed with everything in her,…. Her baby’s cry giving her the much needed energy.
“That’s good Liz,…. Yes!!!” Max’s heart was pounding like thunder,… His infant daughter was draped in his hands,… as he steadied her ,… as she came into the world. He noticed the patch of dark hair on her tiny head,… her eyes tightly shut, as her mouth echoed her cries. He noticed how he quickly counted ten fingers and ten toes,… looking her over ….

Alex quickly came around with a blanket,… and wrapped it around her,… taking her quickly to the kitchen table, to clean her up.

Liz fell back,… her hair matted to her forehead,… she was exhausted.
Isabel and Maria silently cried,…. A joyous time,… and Max carried his new daughter back into the living room,… wrapped in a pink blanket.
Maria quickly moved out of the way,…. Giving the new happy parents their moment with their brand new daughter. Liz looked over,…. Tears streaming from her eyes.
“There’s your Mommy!” Max cooed to his new baby. Liz couldn’t form words,…. She was speechless,…. Instead,… she pulled herself up onto her elbows, and kissed her new baby daughter on the forehead.
Max watched with heartfelt bliss,….. they were a family. The three of them,… they made the core bond around his heart. The love that was bursting from him,…. It was indescribable,… and he knew that Liz felt it too.
This tiny baby that he was holding was his,….. it was amazing to him,….. the knowledge that he and Liz had created this perfect tiny baby. He was overcome with emotion.

Isabel,.. Maria,… Alex,.. and Michael,… watched with adoration for the new happy family. It truly was a happy time.

Max kissed Liz on her forehead, breathing in her scent. “You did so good Liz!…. I’m so proud of you!”
She sighed,… “Trust me,… it was harder then it looked!” She grabbed a hold of his hand. “I would’ve never been able to get through this, if you weren’t by my side.”
He smiled for her. “I love you so much,…… Always!”
She smiled,… yet still notice her face twist in pain.
He gently laid their new born daughter down onto her chest,… and moved around to her legs.
He lifted the blanket draped across her legs back a bit, so that he could moved between them. Gently moving his hand up to her middle,… he noticed how much she tore from giving birth. His face grimace,… as he carefully laid his hand over the torn around,… and started to repair her flesh. She closed her eyes, as the warmth started to spread all through her lower area,… her pain finally leaving….. She sighed in relief.

When Max finished repairing her,… he pulled her panties back out from his pocket,… causing Alex and Michael to turn around in embarrassment.
He looped her feet through her panties, and slide them up her legs, bringing them into place.
Liz looked up to Max. “Thank you!” Max nodded,…. And smiled at her. Sitting there,…. He just stared, as Liz cradle their baby. It was a sight he was burning to memory.

“Oh Wait!” Maria uttered,… running into her bedroom,… and coming back into the living room with her camera. Michael rolled his eyes. “I’ve seen enough camera’s to last me a life time!”

“Come on!” Maria uttered,…. Waving everyone into the picture,… as she set the timer on her camera to take the picture. Maria ran and got into place, next to Michael. “Smile!” She uttered to everyone,… right before the camera flashed.

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I'm alive,.... I'm alive...

-Seriously people,... thank you all for the encouraging feedback, and bumps. It's my work that has been keeping me hostage. I know that I could go on and on, and tell more and more of this story, ... but it's not fair to everyone for me not to be able to post updates on a daily basis. My work load has increased so much, that It's really held me back from doing a lot of things. So, I thought that this would be a good place if any to end this. So, thank you for letting me tell this story, that was dear to my heart,... and keeping me on my toes with all the bumps.

At least,.. I finished it! I can say that.

Part 44

-He would never grew tired of looking at her. A moment in time that captured his heart, and held him captive. -

It was getting late, and he thought their company would never leave. He understands perfectly well how excited everyone is, at the arrival of his new daughter, but he could see plain as day, the lack of sleep in Liz’s eyes, not to mention Hope’s fussing due to being hungry.
As Liz gracefully excused herself, with their child, she said her good-byes to everyone, before going down to their apartment to feed their daughter. Max smiled to her, nodding in silent understanding, that he would take care of everyone leaving. She smiled back, and held their tiny daughter close to her chest, as she made her way down stairs.

“What a day!” Maria echoed through the kitchen, as she dried off the last dirty dish.
“I’m so tired!” Alex added, as he slumped back into his chair with a sigh.
“I thought they would never leave!” Isabel got into the conversation.
Max smiled,… at the gang, as he felt compelled to let them know how much they had meant to him. “Thank you guys!….. Really,…. Today went smoothly,…. And that was because of all of your help!”

They all smiled at him. “Hope is quite the charmer!” Michael replied. “I thought I would never get to hold her!”
Max laughed. He couldn’t believe how much his friend had changed. He noticed something different between him and Maria, and didn’t know what it was. He would ask later,….. when the right time arose,…. But for now,…. He had other things on his mind. “Yeah,…. I know!…. But if you’d like, I could let you hold her..” He lifted up his wrist to look at his watch…. “Say in about another seven hours.”

“That’s 3:00 in the morning!” Maria chimed in.
Max grinned. “Exactly!”
“Uh,…. Yeah,…… I can wait!” Michael sighed in a light hearted mood.
“Okay,…. If you insist!” He didn’t mind,…. It was times when he woke up in the middle of the night with Liz, attend to their daughter, that he had gotten the precious time to just admire her. He often found himself saying little prayers over her, and sharing things with her, when he knew she couldn’t understand anyway. It was the fact that he was watching her every move,…. And watching how Liz interacted with her. The way she cherished the gift that their love had created.

He throw the dish rag into the sink, once he was finished wiping down the table. “Well, I’m turning in for the night!” He was exhausted.

After everyone said their goodnights, he made his way downstairs, in search of his family. Walking into the bedroom, he smiled widely , … as he noticed Liz sitting in the rocking chair, as she breast feed their daughter,….. a low lullaby coming from her lips.
He didn’t dare disturbed her,…. A quite moment between mother and child,…. He stood still, and watched. His heart filled with emotion.


Tip toeing up the stairs, Liz was trying her best to be quiet, not wanting to wake Max up. He needed his sleep, after the night he had up with their daughter, and Liz knew he had an afternoon class tomorrow at the university. Her throat was dry, and she desperately wanted a glass of water.
As she poured the cool water into the glass, Liz was startled from the moan coming from Maria’s room, followed by the opening of her bedroom door. She quickly reached for the kitchen lights, and turned them off, and ran to the pantry to hide. She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle the giggle, knowing that her suspicions about Michael and Maria were true.

“Will you be here for breakfast in the mourning?” Maria asked as she leaned in to nibble on his ear.
His eyes closed in sweet bliss, as he relished in the feel of her warm mouth on his flesh. “I always am!”
“I miss you already!” She mumbled.
“I haven’t left yet!”
“Yeah,… so why don’t you stay?”
He leaned back from her to look her in the eyes. “You know why?….. Are you ready to tell the others about us yet?” He asked,…. A subject they had been over a lot lately.
She looked at him thoughtfully. “You know I want to tell them,…. It’s just been crazy around here lately.”
He nodded. “I still don’t understand what that has to do with us,…. Besides, …. It’s not like they haven’t noticed the time we’ve been spending together.”
“I know,… I know,…. And it’s not that I think anyone’s going to mind,…. It’s just with the baby just being born,… and the stress with everyone’s hectic schedule,… I just hadn’t had the time to really sit down and tell anyone.”
“Then I think tomorrow at breakfast would be the perfect time to tell everyone.” Michael whispered low, so he wouldn’t wake anyone up in the house.
She looked at him and smiled. “Yeah,…. That would be the perfect time.”
He wrapped his arms around her tighter, and pulled her in for a deeper hug. Kissing her one last time, he turned and walked out the front door, ….. leaving a silly grin on Maria’s face.

She watched him through the front window, as he got on his bike, and drove away.

“You both have gotten really close!” Liz spoke from the dark corner of the kitchen.
Maria jumped,…. Startled. “How long have you been standing there?” She question.

Liz walked closer to her best friend,…. A smile gleaming on her face. “Long enough to know that I wish I would’ve come to you sooner and asked how the night of the showing went.”

Maria smiled. “You’ve been busy!” She spoke sincerely.

Liz slumped her shoulders. “Still,…… you’re my best friend Maria.” She walked into the living room, and sat on the couch, tapping the side of her,… gesturing Maria to take a seat.

Maria smiled,… happily, rolling her eyes, knowing that they were about to get deep into issues of the heart. It was traditional for them,… especially when it came to the men that mattered most to them.

Maria started going into detail about the night of Michael’s showing,… her delighted smile apparent to Liz.

“Your falling in love with him,…… aren’t you?” Liz asked,… a simple question, yet hard to answer.
Maria took a moment to reflect on her question, before answering. “If I’m not already,…. Then it’s the closes I’ve ever been.” It was an honest answer,… and Liz knew that Maria was the type of person that didn’t jump to conclusions when it came to her feelings. When it came to her emotions, Maria was certain not to label something that it wasn’t. She was careful on what she choose to believe was love, and what was just infatuation. Lord knows there had been plenty of times where she thought past relationships were winding their path towards love,… when in the end, it turned out to be something else completely. She respected the notion, that sometimes in the beginning of a relationship,… you may not know what the feeling is yet,…. Until you go deeper, and charter into unknown waters.

“I’m so happy for you Maria!” Liz commented, as she pulled her best friend into a hug.
Maria pulled back, and looked sincerely into Liz’s eyes. “And I ,.. you!”
They hugged again, pulling tightly. “We’ve come so far!”
“Yes we have,…. And we still have a long way more to go!” Maria concurred.
“But one things for sure,…… We’ll always be best friends.” Liz pulled Maria’s hand into her own, and held it to her heart. “You’ve been there from the beginning Maria. You were the one who bought the pregnancy test, … by my side when I took it, …… you have no idea how much you’ve helped me over the past year. …… right down to holding my hand through the entire birth.” She swiped away the tears that began to spill from her eyes. “You’ll never know what our friendship truly means to me,… there’s no words!”
Maria watched as her best friend spoke from her heart. “I have a pretty good idea chica. … besides,…. We’ve helped each other. Life has thrown us some pretty wicked curve balls lately,… but in the end,…. They’ve turned out to be a blessing in disguise.”

“Yes!…. that’s true!” Liz agreed,…

“How are you doing?” Maria asked. “Are you getting enough sleep?”

Liz smiled. “Enough,… given the situation. …. But,….. I’m doing really good. Max has been so wonderful,… I’m telling you Maria,… he’s so supportive,.. and eager to do for Hope and I.”

“Can you blame him. I’ve never seen him smile so much since Hope’s been born. It’s like she was a missing part of your puzzle. …. Like it was always suppose to be the three of you.”

“Yeah,… I see it too. … and she is such a blessing,… whenever Max is at school, or somewhere,… all I do is look into my baby’s eyes, and I see her father looking back at me. ….. God Maria,….. I’m a Mother,…. Can you believe it!…. ME,… Liz Parker,…. Mom!”

Maria laughed. “It is quite unbelievable. I must say,… I always thought it would be Alex before you.”

Liz turned to Maria, and swatted at her arm. “What!”

“Yeah,… I mean think about it. He is the forgetful one. He’d be the one to finally get lucky, and not even think of putting on a condom. He’d be to busy, worrying about doing it right.”

Liz fell back in a fit of giggles. Maria joined her, as they both relished in the funny times that there relationship brought.


He pulled the blanket up her tiny body, and tucked it around her form. Leaning down he softly kissed her small temple, and breathed in her fresh scent. Closing his eyes, he whispered. “I love you baby!…. Daddy loves you so much!…. sweet dreams!”
He turned and closed the door gently behind him,… leaving it cracked slightly.

Walking into his bedroom, he noticed Liz sitting up reading,… her night light shinning into the last pages of her novel. She looked up, as she heard him enter. “She asleep?”
He nodded his head. “Sound asleep.” He placed the baby monitor down next to the bed.

She giggled. “I should hope so,… I think you blowing raspberries onto her belly all day, … really tired her out.”
He smiled…. Pulled his tee-shirt off his body, and discarding it into the hamper. “She wouldn’t stop laughing. “He couldn’t help but remember her toothless smile,.. with the most exhilarating laughter ever. His daughters laughter was the sweetest sound to his ears. Well,… it was pretty high on his list, compared to some of the sounds he’s heard come out of Liz’s mouth.

Liz marked her page, and closed her novel,… setting it down onto her night stand. “You must be tired honey,… why don’t you come to bed.”

He pulled off his jeans,… and moved in beside her, under the cool sheets. Laying his head next to Liz on her pillow,… he just wanted to be close.
Liz reached over and turned off her night light,… before snuggling in close to Max.
“I love you Liz!”
“I love you too!”
A nightly ritual ,…. A saying that the two had grown very accustom to saying right before the two would drift off to sleep. Max pulled her in closer to his body,… a humming starting in the pit of his stomach, and he wondered if Liz felt same neglect to her body, as he was feeling to his. His daughter was already three weeks old, and he wasn’t sure of the length of time, Liz wanted to wait until they made love again. It was a subject that he didn’t want to throw on her. He felt selfish, …. Thinking that he needed to control his body, and his own wants, … knowing that their was more responsibility in both of their lives now. It wasn’t like before, where when they both wanted to come together,.. and make love that they had to worry about waking up a new sleeping infant in the very next room,… or not knowing just how much sleep they were going to get that night, before starting there next day. Things were just different,… and together they were both trying to find out how to adjust to it. It was almost like relearning how to live.

He could’ve sworn that she was sleeping,… her even breathing was normal, like any other night.
He snuggled his face close to her face, and softly rubbed his nose to her cheek, breathing in the precious scent of the woman he was so completely in love with.
“I miss you so much!” He whispered, not really noticing the words coming from his mouth, but from his heart.

It surprised him to no end, when he felt her turn her face towards him, and lurch towards his mouth,… expecting him to open to her without demand.
He wasn’t expecting this,… thinking that she was asleep, he was simply admiring her peacefully. He opened to her, without condition, and warmed at the feeling of her lacing her arms around his neck. The heat starting to build once again within his stomach, once he felt the deepening of the kiss,… and the pure desire coming off of Liz in waves. He was instantly aching with need for her,… not able to hold back any longer,… he pulled back to look her in the eyes. “Liz,.. baby,…. I need you so bad. … I’m sorry,.. I -,…”

She cut him off by the smothering of her mouth, as she took his mouth once again. She moved her hands down his bare chest, burning his skin in the wake of her touch.
Moving his hands up her thighs,… he gripped a hold of her hips, and grinned into her with his own, needing to feel her against him in some way. He could feel her tiny hands curling around the elastic of his boxers,… tugging them down the best she could. “Off,… now!” She demanded, hastily in between their smothering kisses. He smiled against her wet lips, as he gladly helped her remove his own boxers.

Kicking them onto the floor, Max moved his naked body on top of a very clothed Liz, and slowly, undressed her, without leaving her lips. He caressed his big hands up and down her body slowly, before, positioning himself to take her, the way he so badly wanted to.

He could feel her trembling under his touch,… an indication that she had been feeling the neglect as well as he had, from not feeling his touch. She had missed this,… just as much as he had.
He laid so very still on top of her, licking and sucking at her wet lips in an erotic manner, that Liz was about to explode, if he didn’t push into her soon. “I love you so much Liz!”
He uttered before pushing his way into her,… a sigh demanding to leave their mouths, at the utter bliss of it,… the feeling so very overwhelming,… that they had silently made a commitment, that no matter how busy their lives tended to get with the new addition to their family,… they must always make time for this,… no matter what. It wasn’t only just a want,… but it was a need,…. It was demanded by their bodies.

He took her to new heights with him,… after a mouth apart without the joining of their bodies,… Max and Liz, made love over and over again,..


She leaned further back into the sofa, stretching her lean legs out, as she snuggled her sleeping toddler closer to her chest. She nuzzled her nose into her daughters neck, breathing in her precious scent, before leaning back, to stare at her sleeping face. She smiled to herself as she noticed the way her baby brown hair curled around her pointy ears that reminded her so much of her husband. She tried to stifle her giggle, as her daughter started to squirm in her arms. Slowly she watched her little girl calm herself once again, and drift back into sleepiness.

Lifting her head to take in the surroundings, of her beautiful new house, Liz truly felt blessed. So many new things had come her way within the last year. Her and Max had finally gotten married, but both agreed to wait, and take their honeymoon when their daughter got a little older. They thought that they just couldn’t leave her side, because she was still so small, and so young,… but as time passed by, and their daughter’s first birthday came and went, then her second, they both had realized that the three of them were just joined at the hip. They were a family in every sense,.. and Max and Liz carried their baby girl with them every where they went.

She could hear the delicate sound of raindrops just outside her window, making her feel all the more relaxed. She laid her head back on the soft pillow, snuggling her daughter closer still, as she started reminiscing on her life. Her mind conjuring up the things that she once thought was important, and how life had a way of throwing things at you, and showing you what was indeed more important.
There was a time when she wanted to go to Harvard, and study to be a microbiologist. She nodded her head in mockery to herself, as she stared down at the softness of her child’s forehead. She kissed it lightly, and knew that this precious tiny girl that was laying in her arms, fast asleep,… a child that her and her husband had made together, …was her life.
She looked around her new home, and smiled contently. She loved her new house, loved how it shelter all that was dear to her.
No,… she could never go off into a career, and leave her baby girl behind, for someone else to watch, and see grow more and more with each new day. She wanted that privilege for herself. Her parents questioned her time and time again, about her choice in throwing all her goals out the window, to be a stay at home mom. She cringed when she remembered Max asking her as well. She new he just wanted her to be happy, and quickly apologized when he knew deep down what did really make her happy. It was being his wife, and a good mother to their child that brought her joy. She knew how time would fly by, and how quickly her baby girl would grow, she still couldn’t believe that she was two years old already. There was no way she was going to go into the work place, and miss even a minute of her growing up.

She looked around her living room, … her eyes falling on a picture of their once small group of loved ones, growing larger and larger. She stared at a photo of the day Hope was born. Isabel and Alex were standing off to the side, his arm draped around her affectionately. Noticing the look on Isabel’s face, Liz knew that at the time the picture was taken, that Isabel had no idea what her life was going to throw at her. When Alex had purposed to her, Isabel went into shock, and finally answered him two months later. Liz was happy for the two, they were truly happy with one another, and when Isabel and Maria went into business with one another, opening ‘De’Bella’s boutique’, that was just the icing on the cake.

Her eyes focused on Michael and Maria, … in the photo, they were standing side by side, with wide smiles on their faces. Liz shook her head at the two,… their love had blossomed, into something that no one could quite understand. Michael had purposed last summer, and two weeks later, one night out of no where, Michael and Maria had called everyone up, and told them to meet them in Las Vegas. Liz, remembered how she was worried,.. wondering if they had gotten into some trouble, gambling or something. So, they had frantically dressed themselves, and woken Hope up out of a deep sleep, and the three hopped into the car, and drove all night to Las Vegas. Later they had found out that the reason for the gathering was to celebrate a wedding, … Michael and Maria’s wedding. And they did,… they celebrated into the night.
But no one thought that the two would start a family so soon,… Miky, Jr. came into the world, exactly eight mouths later.

She felt blessed,… truly blessed. She was right were she wanted to be,…

The End