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Title: What About The Humans

Author: rollergal20
E-mail: rollergal20⊕
Disclaimer: Roswell is owned by 20th Century Fox and UPN. This means I own nothing; except the few characters I’ve created for my own use.
Rating: PG
Category: M/M, with appearances by the whole gang

Summary: This takes place right before “Samuel Rising”. I don’t want to give too much away, but I plan on having a happy ending for all!

Note: I’ve been reading fic for a while now, so this is my contribution. I realize the title is lame, but it’s the best I could come up with. If you have a better one, let me know. This is my first fic, so please be kind with you FB, and if you have any questions, suggestions, comments don’t hesitate to share!

Part 1

It was the afternoon rush at the Crashdown Café. Maria was working today, and was wearing the usual uniform. Her hair was parted in two braids, and she had refused to where the antennas or even a smile today.

“Hello, welcome to the Crashdown what can get you?” Maria walked over to a table and greeted the customers. Her voice was dull and monotone, not full of its usual vibrancy.

Liz who was standing behind the counter noticed this, and grabbed Maria’s arm as she walked past toward the kitchen. “Maria, what’s the matter” she asked with concern.

“Nothing, just for get it” Maria shrugged off Liz’s comment as well as the grip she had on her arm.

“I know something is wrong” Liz knew that something wasn’t right.

“It’s Michael” Maria stated exasperatedly.

“What is he ok, what happened?” asked Liz concerned.

“No he’s not ok, I broke up with him”

“Wow, are you ok?”

“No, I think I made a mistake?”

“You mean by breaking up?”

“Yes, ok so I totally think it’s a good idea, then I actually do it and I’m like miserable now. And to make things worse, Michael’s all puppy eyed and stalker boy now.”

“So I’m guessing he didn’t take it well.”

“No, and now I feel bad, which just makes me mad at him for doing this to me. Agh!” Frustrated she walked over to the soda machine and started to get the order ready.

Liz was right behind her, continuing with her interrogation. “Ok, so let me get this straight, you love him right”

“Yes!” She slammed down the cup, spilling the drink on the counter.

“But you dumped him, because of extenuating alien related circumstances”

“Well ya” Abandoning the order she turned around, leaning against the counter, putting her hands in her apron, looking very depressed.

“Does he even know why you dumped him, I mean did you explain it to him” Liz was now finishing cleaning up the spill, trying to figure out what she could do for Maria. She felt sorry about what had happened, not just for Maria but for Michael too.

“Well kinda I tried to, but you know Michael”

Liz nodded her head in agreement, and then continued. “So are you upset just because you feel bad, or because you miss him?”

“What I don’t miss Michael, well ok may be I miss Michael a little, alright a lot. God I could just kill Michael for making feel this way!”

“You do realize that you said Michael three times, in one breath”

“What is that” Pulling out the piece of paper Maria was fiddling with in her apron pocket.

“Oh my God, Maria” Looking at the paper that turns out to be pictures of her and Michael.

“All right I’m sick, but you did the same thing last year with Max”

“Yes I admit it, but you Maria, I would have expected more” Liz was shaking her head, trying not to laugh.

“Give those back”

“Hey ladies” Kyle had just entered the Crashdown. Seeing his friends talking, Kyle walks over to them, taking a seat at the counter.

“What do we have here?” He grabs the photos out of Liz’s hands, and takes a peak.

“Kyle give those back, now!” Maria yells at him, trying to take the photos back.

“I’m getting a definite hostile vibe off you, it’s nothing a little meditation can’t fix”

“Shove it Budda boy!” Maria retorted angrily

“What are you doing with these; I thought you broke up with his alienness”

“Where did you hear that?” Maria asks defensively, getting upset.

“She did, but now she’s having second thoughts” Liz added.

“Oh, Isabel told me, I guess Michael was over having dinner there last night, he was all crabby and moody. I guess that would be his usual self right?” Grabbing a menu, he started read the specials.

“Kyle!” scolded Liz.

“Well when she asked him what his problem was, he took it out on her Christmas Tree.”

“He did what?” At this point Maria was both worried and upset.

“Ya it caught on fire, set the fire alarm off, burnt to a crisp; I saw the smoke marks for my self. Jesse ran in so Isabel wasn’t able to use her freaky alien powers. So can humans get service here, or do you two reserve that only for the aliens?” He then looked up from the menu smiling.

“Liz, do you mind if I go sit in the back for a few minutes?” asked Maria quietly.

“No, go on I’ll take care of the order”

“What can I get you, today human?” Liz laughed as she turned back to Kyle.

“Very funny, I’ll have Will Smith Burger and a coke”


Isabel is sitting on her couch relaxing, reading a magazine while Michael is painting over the black smoke marks that covered the ceiling and walls of her apartment.

“Michael it’s so nice of you to offer to paint, you really didn’t have too” Jesse said briefcase in hand, as he got ready to go back to work.

“Oh, yes he did” said Isabel looking up from her magazine smiling.

“Honey, it’s not like he set the tree on fire” laughed Jesse

“But what are friends for, right Michael”

“It’s nothing” he grumbled as he glared at Isabel.

“Well I’ll see you tonight honey, thanks for lunch, bye Michael it was nice seeing you again, and thanks for all the help” Jesse then kissed Isabel and left.

Once the door had closed, Michael put the paint roller down. He then stepped off the latter.

“Michael, what are you doing you haven’t finished”

“Did you really think I was going to paint after he left?” Michael stated sarcastically.

“Yes, cause Jesse will notice if the paint hasn’t been used”

“He wouldn’t notice if it came up and bit him on the ass”


“Fine, I’ll just dump some of the paint” He then moved and picked up the paint can, carrying to the kitchen. After he had dumped and sufficient amount of paint, he then erased the smoke marks. Once he had put the latter away, he grabbed his coat and was ready to leave.

“Where are you going?” Isabel asked blocking the door so he couldn’t leave.

“What it’s all fixed, picked up, and the little husband won’t know a thing”

“You can’t leave yet”


“Because I think my dad is having someone watch the apartment, so they’d wonder if you left so soon” she said flustered.

Not believing what she was saying, he replied agitatedly. “Isabel, what is this really about?”

“Michael I think you need to talk to someone, it’s obviously (she pointed to the spot where her tree once stood) not good for you to keep your feelings all inside, and since I’m like a sister to you, you can talk to me.”

Realizing he wasn’t going to get out of there without a fight, he threw his jacket on the couch and flopped down.

“Where’s the ice princesses when I need her” he muttered under his breath.


Maria was lounging on the couch in the backroom. As she sat there, thoughts of Michael kept entering her mind over and over again. All the wonderful times they’d had together, Las Vegas, the Prom, and their time at the Depree’s (well besides him getting shot), and so many others.

She didn’t even notice the soft knocking at the back door. It then became persistent, and much louder. Maria was awakened from her daydream and walk over to the door.

“Max, buddy haven’t you heard of the front door?” She said as she swung the door open, but it wasn’t Max who was standing behind it. For once in her life Maria was at a lost for words. She gasped at the sight before her, griping the door firmly to prevent her from fall to the floor. Her face went ashen white, as she stood there in shock.

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lani - I'm sorry to say that although I love Alex, I have no plans on bringing him back in this fic. I'm just going to let him rest in peace.
SpencerHopeful - I hope your not disappointed.
xmag - Sorry it took so long, I was having trouble on where to go from here.
roswellluver - I hope you will enjoy this next part.
sablaine - I'm glad that you enjoyed my story so far. To tell you the truth I was laughing while I was writing this part. Yes, I tried to stay true to the characters in the show, I find both Jesse and Max the harderst to write for. Jesse is just new and Max well he sometimes doesn't seem to have much of a personality. Can you tell I'm a M/M fan LOL LOL? *big*

Just to clarify:

- Jesse came home for lunch, that's why he was there in the middle of the afternoon
- at the end of Part 1 Maria is still at the Crashdown, she's just in the backroom

Part 2

Standing before Maria was a teenage girl and behind her were two teenage boys. She instinctively knew that some how that she was connected to them. They looked tired, dirty and liked they had been through hell and back again, and were dressed in a futuristic fashion, which was mainly comprised of worn out black leather.

As Maria opened the door they all smiled when they saw her face and youngest of the boys even shed a few miss placed tears. “Oh, Mommy!” he said as he pushed through the doorway past the other two and flung himself toward Maria, giving her a hug.

She was taken aback by his reaction, but soon found herself hugging him in return. When he had released her, she turned to the other two. Maria gave them each a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

By now she had tears streaming down her face, a huge smile as well as a million questions buzzing around in her head.

“How, what, why are you here?” Maria asked as she stared at them in wonder.

The girl took, a note out from the inside of her jacket, and handed it to Maria.

“Read this” she said as the boys guided Maria toward the couch and sat down next to her.

“Thanks chica” taking the note she unfolded it slowly. Maria then began to read it.


If you are reading this, then my/our children got to you safely. I know what ever happens they will be safe with you, in any timeline. I hope by now you’ve realized who their father is (Michael), just look at them.

Maria paused from reading the letter and looked at them. All of whom looked like they had a bit of Michael mix inside each of them. For some reason especially the girl. She looked like what you would imagine Michael would look like as a girl. She had brown hair, and seemed built unlike the boys who where rather petite, and had blondish hair. She smiled at them and went back to reading the note as the youngest wrapped his arm around her lovingly.

I realize that right now in your time, Michael and you are not together. If I remember correctly you just broke up with him and are feeling rather miserable.

“I’m not miserable” she stated, and then looking at the others added “Well ok, maybe I am”

Well don’t worry it’s only a matter of time before he’ll do something wildly romantic and it will melt your heart into a million pieces.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” Maria said sarcastically.

At this comment, the other boy started to giggle. The girl then gave him a killer look, just like the one Michael usually gives to shut someone up. He stopped laughing immediately, and went back to staring at Maria as she read the note.

I can’t tell you what year they are from; you can’t know too many details. Only what you need to be able to change the future. Alex is 15, James is 14 and Michael (Junior) is 13. Alex knows what the mission is and she’s is the leader of the motley crew we’ve sent you. She can be a bit bossy. I wonder where she gets that from?

Before you read the rest of this note, take them out the back door into the ally. Mr. Parker will be coming at any second. He must NOT see them!

They had already read the letter, so they knew what it contained. So when Maria had looked up, they all got up and silently moved toward the door. Opened it up and walked into the ally, closing the door behind them. As the door shut behind them, you could hear the sound of faint footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Mr. Parker, just like the note had said. Maria then went back to reading, as the three others stood around silently.

Since I know myself pretty well, I bet your wondering how they got there. Well the granolith is not as used up as we thought. Apparently it doesn’t have the capacity to send you to Antar, which about a billion miles away. However it still can be rigged to send you back in time. Go figure, what else could we accept from our alien counterparts. Of course Serena did all the work.

I know you hate being the last hope for the planets survival, but there it is. It all started when Max and Liz robbed that damn convenient store. Well by now you know that Max’s dad is investigating him. It’s worse than you all think. He’s not only investigating Max, but Liz, Isabel and Michael.

The only ones who are not on his bulletin board in your time are you, Kyle, and Jim (Mr. Valenti). That will all change in the next couple of months; soon he will have a full blown investigation going. We came to find out he thinks that Max killed Tess (we all wish he had), and that everyone is in some huge conspiracy to cover it up.

The problem is not that he’s investigating everyone; it’s that it leads to the pod squad’s enemies finding out where they are. Not the ones from Antar, but here on earth.

The reason I’m writing you this letter is to validate what they say, and that these are your children, with your and Michael’s help they might be able to change the future.

Good Luck Chica, Future Maria

After reading the letter, she turned to Alex.

“What enemies?, what are we supposed to do?” she said frantically.

“Get in the car?” Alex said as she walked out of the ally, with James and Junior following behind. Maria folded it up the note and put it in her apron pocket, and chased after them.

“Mom, is that really the Jetta?” James asked laughing.

“What, yes, what’s so funny?” Maria asked.

“It’s just worse then what we’ve heard about” Junior answered.

“Let’s go” Alex said as she walked toward the car, and opened the door.

As they all got in the Jetta, Maria turned toward Alex and said “Where are we going?”

“We have to find Dad” Junior said from the back seat.

“Don’t you know where he is; I mean you knew where I was?” Maria said skeptically.

“He couldn’t remember what he was doing today” James said laughing in the back seat.


“Stop here” said Alex authoritatively, as she sat in the front passenger’s seat of the Jetta. Maria complied, thinking that this girl was most definitely her father’s daughter.

“But the apartment is a block away; I’m not walking all that way in this dress” Maria stated.

“Mom, Mr. Evans has surveillance around the building” Junior piped in from the back.

“Oh, well why didn’t you say that, I’m going to go get Space boy and we’ll be right back.”

“Don’t tell Daddy, anything the place might be bugged as well” James stated.

“Ok, but could you please stop calling him that!, it’s really freaking me out.”

She got out of the car shutting the door behind her, and started walking toward the apartment.


Upon reaching it she knocked impatiently, and looked around to see if she could catch someone watching her.

The door swung open revealing a very scruffy looking Max.

“Where is he?” Maria demanded not so pleasantly.

“He’s not here” said Max quietly.

“What!, are you sure?” Maria asked she couldn’t begin to think where else could be.

“Maria, this apartment isn’t that big” Max stated, trying not to laugh.

“Well, where is he then”

“I think he’s over at Isabel’s, um helping her paint” Max answered trying not give away what he was really doing, with out lying to his friend.

“You mean fixing the mess he created?” she said sarcastically

“You heard about that, uh?”

“Yeah, well ok see ya later” Maria then left and walked back to the car, where she then drove everyone over to Isabel’s.


Sorry guys it took so long for this part. I hope you enjoyed who was behind the door. *big*
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SpencerHopeful Im glad you approve! Dont worry the Deluca-Guerins are here just to help, not make any disturbing changes. They wont be breaking any hearts, or leading to the death of any of our favorite characters (Alex *sad*).

Rapunzel I’m glad you are enjoying the show so far… hope you continue to read, enjoy and post more FB (I love FB!)

CandyGal417 I agree there is not enough Candy stories on this board! I intend to change that, or at least try.

Author's Note I just want to thank you all for reading and hope you enjoy this next part (3), better than the last one. Sorry it took so long to get this part out; for some reason I struggled to get this part finished. I know some of you voiced a concern that you thought Alex was a kinda of a bitch, well trust me she's not that bad she's just a female version of Michael. Who we all know is moody, crabby, and uptight. Ok I'm done defending my character now, on with the show...

FanFic is an addiction, and I need an intervention! *bounce*

Part 3

During the quick drive across town with her three futuristic passengers to Isabel’s apartment, Maria had had the opportunity to make a quick sketch of their personalities. Alex was just like her father proud and determined not to fail in her mission. James on the other hand was giggly, full of life and he reminded her of her. While Michael (Junior) was intelligent, loving and Maria could tell that he was a mama’s boy.

“Why don’t you come in, it’s probably not good for you to be sitting out here in the open where anyone can see you.” Maria said after she had parked the Jetta in front of the apartment building.

“Ok” both James and Junior said as they jumped of the car.

“No we stay here, you go get Daddy” Alex said as she got out of the car and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Junior and the others might do what you say - but I don’t” James spoke for the first time with out the giggles and very forcefully. He was now standing in front of his sister, and a power struggle was about to begin.

“What others” Maria asked worriedly, Junior who was standing next to her put his arm comfortingly around her. “If we told you, we’d have to kill you” he said with a hint of laughter in his voice. She smiled, at his attempt for humor.

“I’m in control of this mission, I won’t fail them” Alex spat out.

“Don’t forget who put you in control, and once we find him your little power trip is over chica” he said standing his ground.

“Hey, stop it you two, don’t make me get all parental on you” Maria said walking over to them.

They both looked at her apologetically, she walked over and put her arm around Alex and lead her off a little ways away.

“So chica, what’s really the matter” She asked, standing in front of Alex.

“It’s nothing” she said as she tried to walk away, but was stopped by Maria grabbing her arm.

“Alex” she said sternly

“You won’t understand”

“Try me”

“Mom, I’m just a girl from… I had a normal life up until recently, ya sure my dad an alien warrior hybrid from another planet, but other than that and some super human powers I’ve inherited, ok maybe my life isn’t so normal… Then this war broke out and… I just don’t want to fail him, or you. Everyone back home is counting on us to succeed; their very existence depends on it” Alex said with both a mix of nervousness and defeat.

At this point Maria could tell that she was her Daddy’s little girl and the thought of failing on this whacked out alien mission was scaring Alex to death.

“Oh, honey everything will be ok, I don’t know how I know that but, it will, Michael and I have always made a great team and will take care of everything… and I know for a fact we would have never sent you if we didn’t think you could handle it… now lighten up a little, it’s not everyday ya travels back in time and get a chance to see what your parents were really like, now is it?” Maria tried to comfort her, and gave her a big hug.

“I guess your right mom; it’s pretty weird to see you in that outfit, pictures don’t do it justice.” Alex said smiling at Maria, who began to laugh. She could tell that Alex was starting to relax as they walked back toward the boys arm in arm.

“Alex, I’m sorry, didn’t mean bit your head off – we cool?” James asked sincerely sensing his sister was upset.

“Yes, you did but that’s ok, I deserved it – we cool” Alex said as they proceeded to walk towards the building.


Maria knocked on Isabel’s door and waited for someone to answer. She just hoped and prayed that Jesse was not home. When someone finally came to the door it was an overly cheery Isabel.

“Oh hi Maria” Isabel greeted her not noticing the three teenage alien warriors standing behind her.

“Hi, Aunt Iz” Alex said with that sweet smile of hers, it was the kind of smile you knew could melt anyone. Isabel then noticed the children and her eyes widened and her face turned to one of questioning.

“Maria what’s going on?” Isabel asked, but her question was ignored by all.

“Where is he Isabel?” Maria asked as she stepped into the apartment, and Junior closed the door behind them.

Michael then walked into the room carrying his jacket. “Isabel, if it’s ok with you I’m going to leave now.” he stated sarcastically.

Alex, who had loosened up a great deal, saw him walking in and smiled, then ran over to him. “Daddy!” she exclaimed. As she came close to him, he grabbed her by the throat and pushing her up against the closest wall.

“Who are you?” He roared angrily, not letting go of his grip. At this point Maria ran over to him, trying to pull him off of her.

“Michael, let go her” Maria demanded as she signaled to the boys to back away and be quite. She didn’t want him to turn on them as well, and knew she had a better shot of convincing Michael of who they where one at a time. Isabel just stood there shocked as she watched the scene play out.

“Not until she tells me who she is” Michael said snippily

“She can’t if she’s dead, now can she… so help me Michael if you kill my baby girl there will be no place for you to hide on this planet or any other” she retorted angrily.

“I’m Alex Deluca-Guerin” She gasped as Michael still had her by the throat.

She took her hands and grabbed his arm, trying to clear her mind. Then all of a sudden the flashes started to come, as Alex connected with her father in a ditch effort to reassure him who she was. Knowing full well she shouldn’t be showing him images of the future, but also recognizing that this was the only way he would ever believe her.

~ Flash ~

An infant Alex is lying in her crib, crying in the middle of the night. Michael walks in picking her up gently. “What’s the matter, my little princess… don’t cry, shh Daddy’s got you” he said soothingly as he walks over to a rocking chair.

~ Flash ~

Rocks are breaking as Michael proudly teaches a toddler Alex how to use and control her powers.

~ Flash ~

Younger versions of Alex and her brothers jumping on their parents bed, in the early morning. They are soon being lovingly tickled and attacked with kisses, as Michael and Maria wake up.

~ Flash ~

It was father-daughter day at work, so a young version of Alex was spending the day with Michael. They skipped going to work, and spent the day playing at the park, and eating ice cream.

~ Flash ~

Alex baking Tabasco swirl cooking with Maria in the kitchen, laughing and having a wonderful time, and are covered with flour.

~ Flash ~

Alex was making out with a boy in a dark room, when the door flies open and in steps Michael. Grabbing the boy by the ear and pulling him away from Alex, yelling “I don’t care who you father is, stay away from my daughter”

As the scenes buzzed through his head at lightning speed, Michael felt all the emotions connected with them. As the flashes started to fade, he released his grip around her throat instantly. The words ‘my daughter’ were still running through his head, as he hugged and peppered her face with kisses.

“Oh, my little princesses are you ok?” Michael asked as he let go of her, and she started rubbing her throat were there were visible finger imprints.

Isabel and Maria looked at each other with questioning faces. What had happened to the Michael they both knew, the one who never shows emotion at all. Let alone to a perfect stranger, even though Alex was not really a stranger. Since when did start giving people those annoying pet names?

“Ya Daddy, I’m fine” she smiled at him and nodded reassuringly.

“Ha ha, told ya… pay up” Junior. said to James as he danced is own version of a victory dance, which looked like the hocky pocky. It was clearly obvious that he had inherited his fathers dancing ability or lack there of. “I so, told you he’d go all alien warrior on us”

“Fine, here’s your fifty bucks” James reached in his pocket, and dug out some dirty looking bills and tossed them to Junior.

Michael noticed them and walked over, giving them each a manly hug, and calling them by name. While Maria just stood there watching in disbelief. He saw her standing there watching him and he instinctively walked over and kissed her. Which she allowed him to do, until the snickers and laughter erupted around them.

“Get off of me, you pervert” she said trying to sound angry, although she wasn’t very convincing and the laugher just seemed to get louder.

“Alex, ya remember that time we came home from school and found…” James started to say in between fits of laughter. He was interrupted by a loud “shut up”, simultaneously from both Alex and Michael as well as a warning glare from both of them. “Oh right, you can’t tell them too much about the future because it could result in changes we don’t wish to happen… blah blah blah” he repeated in a way that is sounded a lot like a lecture he had been given before he left to come into the past.

Maria was standing next to Michael and had allowed him to put his arm around her; though she stood there, acting as if she didn’t notice.

“Maria, where did you find them, how did they get here?” Michael asked turning towards her.

“WAIT ONE MINUTE, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU, AND WHAT’S GOING ON” Isabel yelled, leaving the room staring at her in silence.

TBC ??? Please let me know !!!

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Author’s Note:

Just wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about this story, and I do plan on continuing it. Right now I’m having trouble writing Part 4; this week’s episode left me a bit mad at Maria. I don’t want my characters to suffer because I’m pissed. *big*

Wish me luck, I’m applying to transfer to a different college. So I have been busying writing essays, and doing the usual nothingness. *happy*

If you have any suggestions for the next part let me know, I’ll try and have it up soon. I will also be posting my personal replies to your fb. So if you haven’t left any please do, and if you have thank you ! *happy*

Hope all is well ~ rollergal20 ~ *bounce*

FanFic is an addiction, and I need an intervention!
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Snippet 0f Part 4

Back at the Crashdown Kyle was still eating a leisurely lunch, not really wanting to go back to work at the garage. Mean while Liz was running around waiting on, twice as many tables in Maria's absence.

"Liz, where is Maria?" Mr. Parker asked in an annoyed voice to Liz as she approached the counter.

"She's on her 15 minute break; she's in the backroom." Liz replied.

"Well she's not back there or in the bathroom; so find her and tell her we need to have a talk, taking off in the middle of a shift is unacceptable." Mr.. Parker stated in annoyance.

"Jeez Dad give her a break, she just broke up with Michael." Liz said exasperatedly.

"Well at least one of you has the right idea, I'll never understand why Amy lets her run all around town and God knows where else with that..."

"Since when have you had a problem with Michael?" Liz asked interrupting her father.

"His choice in friends needs improvement, but at least he hasn't gotten Maria arrested, yet." Mr. Parker retorted.

"We never intended to get arrested." Liz said rushing to her own defense, not really knowing what she was saying.

"Liz we're not going to have this conversation here, don't you have customers waiting?" Mr. Parker said very condescendingly.

Liz turned to walk away but stops, turns toward her father and smiles, knowing that what she's about to say will really irritate her him.

"By the way Dad, Maria was telling me earlier what a huge mistake it had been breaking up with Michael so I'm sure they're getting back together as we speak, probably doing God knows what in his apartment."

"Liz, customers." He grounded out, then Mr.. Parker left and stormed into the backroom.

Kyle, who had been sitting at the counter listening to the whole conversation, was laughing silently to himself.

"What?" Liz snapped at him, as she could see he was trying to control his fit of giggles.

"Liz, would be criminals never intend to be caught." Kyle said with a smirk on his face.

"Well what was I supposed to say?" Liz asked, then leaned closer and said to him softly. "That we were there to retrieve a space ship, that had been stolen from Max to begin with, and that the only reason we got caught was because some alien shape shifter ratted on us."

"I guess not uh, do you really think Maria and Michael are getting back together?" He asked trying to change the subject away from the alien madness.

"Who knows what those two are up too." Liz replied shaking her head.


TBC ??? Please let me know !!!

Author’s Note:

Where's the love? I been feeling so bad, for not updating. So I thought I'd post the opening scene to part 4.

I appologize for lying about posting the FB replies. I have them all typed up on my computer, but it doesn't have internet access right now. I've been writing this part as emails and then emailing it to my self. *big* I guess I could save it on a 3.5 but I don't have one of those either. So you'll just all have to wait. *happy*

McGees Thanks for trying to leave me a message, I don't know why your access was denied. *sad* I'm glad you enjoyed the flashes, I had a hard time choosing which ones to use. There was a whole life time of possibilities. lol lol BTW - I'm loving you story.

Take care all ~ rollergal20 ~ *bounce*

FanFic is an addiction, and I need an intervention!

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Author's Note I just want to thank all those who have left me FB, you don’t know how much it means to me, that you are all enjoying my little fic. *happy* I also want to apologize for the type-o in the last part, and any in the future. Im so glad you all find this so funny ! Just as long as your laughing with me, not at me lol, *big* Here are the FB replies I promised you weeks ago. I was on vacation and just got back, so a completed part for should be up soon, hopefully!

FB Replies

CandyGirl – Thanks for leaving FB! I’m glad you’re enjoying my little story, and find it so funny.

KEmperor – So glad to hear that you are enjoying the show… you’ll just have to wait and see what’s going to happen… (I don’t even know you, have any ideas?)

Lorrilei1960 – I’m glad that you are enjoying the story, and you think it is so funny. I’ve meant it to be, I don’t think you can write M/M without some humor, that’s just the way their characters are.

jendansuer – I’m glad that your enjoying the show. I agree with you, I get lost sometimes in the sea of M/L stories.

roswellluver – I thought the only way that Alex would convince Michael would be through flashes… I didn’t want it to be a huge issue, but his character would never have believed her right away without a little convincing. Glad that you are enjoying the show, enough to read.

sablaine – I’m glad that you are enjoying your first M/M fic (are there any others on the board?), here’s hoping I can turn you into a Candy-er *big* BTW, I love your story Where the Heart Lives, and in my opinion youve done an excellent job portraying M/M. *happy* I hope you keep on laughing, because that’s what it’s all about. Since you didn’t read the snippet, I’ll post Part 4 in it’s entirety when I update.

SpencerHopeful – I thought Alex needed a little chat as only a mother can. I don’t think Michael would have believed her any other way, plus I didn’t want to make that a huge part of the story. Flashes have never lied, so I thought it was a safe way to go. Isabel is all weirded out, but that’s half the fun of it. She’ll find out who they are soon enough. I’m glad that you’re enjoying the show.

xmag – I totally agree that there is a lack of candy fics on the board, and that some of the M/L fics do come with some great M/M storylines. However I am also a 100% Candygirl, and would like to see more storied devoted to just M/M *happy*

Q & A

Q: Does Isabel know about Future Max?
A: I’m going to stick with the shows storyline and assume that she doesn’t.

Q: Who is Alex’s boyfriend?
A: I’m not really sure; I hadn’t planned on making him a part of the story, but since your wondering who he is… I don’t want to rush to any decision, so I’m going to say the jury is still out on that one.

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Author’s Note

Where’s the love? *big* Part 4 is finally finnished! I told my self I would finnish it before I went to bed. So here it is, I hope there aren't that many type-o's. It's a completed version of Part 4. I’ve enclosed the snippet that was previously posted as well. It's a pretty good size part, sorry it took so long to write. I had a case of writers block, as well as a shortage of time. I think it's a pretty good part, hope you enjoy it!

Part 4

Back at the Crashdown Kyle was still eating a leisurely lunch, not really wanting to go back to work at the garage. Mean while Liz was running around waiting on, twice as many tables in Maria's absence.

"Liz, where is Maria?" Mr. Parker asked in an annoyed voice to Liz as she approached the counter.

"She's on her 15 minute break; she's in the backroom." Liz replied.

"Well she's not back there or in the bathroom; so find her and tell her we need to have a talk, taking off in the middle of a shift is unacceptable." Mr. Parker stated in annoyance.

"Jeez Dad give her a break, she just broke up with Michael." Liz said exasperatedly.

"Well at least one of you has the right idea, I'll never understand why Amy lets her run all around town and God knows where else with that..."

"Since when have you had a problem with Michael?" Liz asked interrupting her father.

"His choice in friends needs improvement, but at least he hasn't gotten Maria arrested, yet." Mr. Parker retorted.

"We never intended to get arrested." Liz said rushing to her own defense, not really knowing what she was saying.

"Liz we're not going to have this conversation here, don't you have customers waiting?" Mr. Parker said very condescendingly.

Liz turned to walk away but stops, turns toward her father and smiles, knowing that what she's about to say will really irritate her him.

"By the way Dad, Maria was telling me earlier what a huge mistake it had been breaking up with Michael so I'm sure they're getting back together as we speak, probably doing God knows what in his apartment."

"Liz, customers." He grounded out, then Mr.. Parker left and stormed into the backroom.

Kyle, who had been sitting at the counter listening to the whole conversation, was laughing silently to himself.

"What?" Liz snapped at him, as she could see he was trying to control his fit of giggles.

"Liz, would be criminals never intend to be caught." Kyle said with a smirk on his face.

"Well what was I supposed to say?" Liz asked, then leaned closer and said to him softly. "That we were there to retrieve a space ship, that had been stolen from Max to begin with, and that the only reason we got caught was because some alien shape shifter ratted on us."

"I guess not uh, do you really think Maria and Michael are getting back together?" He asked trying to change the subject away from the alien madness.

"Who knows what those two are up too." Liz replied shaking her head.


Isabel was standing in her living room waiting for someone to tell her what was going on. Her head was spinning with confusion, and she had her arms crossed across her chest in a protective position.

“TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON!” Isabel exclaimed, loosing her patience and showing signs of fear.

They kept looking at each other questioningly; no one in room had any idea quite what to say. Finally James stepped forward, “James Charles Deluca-Guerin, at your service… I’m your dashingly hansom nephew” He said bowing and striking out his hand toward her, which she shock cautiously as snorts of laughter erupted around them.

James continued “This is my older and might I add bossy sister Alex Isabel Deluca-Guerin” He said gesturing over to her as she gave him a nasty look, but then stepped forward and shook Isabel’s hand politely. “Hey… Aunt Izzy” She said enthusiastically flashing her killer smile.

James then moved to where Junior was standing and pointed at him saying. “Then over here is my little baby brother, Michael Deluca-Guerin but we like to call him Junior.” Junior stepped forward and gave Isabel an awkward hug.

Then he moved over and stood behind Michael and Maria and wrapped his arms around them. “Here we have the future Mrs. & Mr. Michael Deluca-Guerin”

“If you call me that one more time, you are so grounded” Maria said craning her next to look at him giving him a threatening look. While Michael simply smiled, and rolled his eyes at him.

He took her hint and walked toward Isabel and using flattery to try to and win her over said. “Which makes you our favorite, and may I add most beautiful… Aunt Isabel”

“Ok that’s enough with the introductions; I want to know what happened for you three to have to came back here” Michael said letting go of Maria and walking toward the middle of the room.

"Michael, tell me you don't believe them?" Isabel said incredulously, looking at him questioningly.

"When I grabbed Alex... I got flashes" He stammered out, looking over at her and smiling.

“I’m still not convince; she could have mind warped you.” Isabel said flatly crossing her arms in front of herself again.

"Hey no fair, you cheated" James exclaimed turning toward his sister, pointing a finger at her disapprovingly.

"Ya, we were supposed to convince them with out revealing the future... remember?" Junior spoke up scowling at her.

"He had me by the throat" Alex said defensively, throwing her hands up in the air, shaking her head at their obvious stupidity.

"Wait, what did you see?" Maria asked excitedly, as she walked over to Michael, and began tugging on his arm as if she was a child.

"Just her throughout her life, you, James, Junior” He replied simply, trying to get his arm away from her unsuccessfully. Then using his other arm to point a finger at Alex warningly, Michael spoke to her sternly. “And Alex if I ever catch you with that punk again"

"No fair I want to see... what did I look like?... please tell me I didn't have wrinkles, gray hair, how was my figure?... wait, what did you catch her doing?" she said still tugging on his arm.

“She was sucking face with some punk, in a closet.” He said angrily and looked accusingly at Maria, as if it was her fault.

Both James and Junior where laughing. Then Junior turned to sister and said “wasn’t that yesterday… oh wait that was this morning right”

“Well now I know she is your daughter” Isabel said laughing.

“Oh, shut up” Alex said coldly, looking at her brothers.

“Michael really, that’s nothing we haven’t done... ok so seriously how did I look?”


"Michael, after having three, count that three, one two three... children, this body is not going to look the same.”

“You looked fine, ok… now tell me why your here” He said trying to change the subject, and addressing the three futuristic teens.

“What… just fine?” Maria asked feeling hurt.

“Mom, show Dad and Aunt Isabel the letter I gave you” Alex said, interrupting her little spat with Michael.



“No, there is some personal stuff in it.”

“Maria! just give it to me” Michael said getting annoyed at her childishness, then added in a sarcastically nice voice. “Please”

“Fine, here take it” She said reaching into her apron, and throwing the letter at him, and then went and sunk into the closest chair. Michael took the letter and sat edge of the couch in anticipation, Isabel who was still a little leery about the truth of what the teens where saying, walked over and sat on the couch next to him. James, Alex and Junior found comfortable places to sit, and then Michael and Isabel began to read the letter silently to themselves. Interjecting comments, much the way Maria had done when she had read it.


If you are reading this, then my/our children got to you safely. I know what ever happens they will be safe with you, in any timeline. I hope by now you’ve realized who their father is (Michael), just look at them.

“Now that I look at them, they really do look like you… especially Alex” Isabel said, being more and more convinced with each line she read.

I realize that right now in your time, Michael and you are not together. If I remember correctly you just broke up with him and are feeling rather miserable. Well don’t worry it’s only a matter of time before he’ll do something wildly romantic and it will melt your heart into a million pieces.

“Are you really miserable?” Michael asked softly looking up at Maria, who didn’t answer and was avoiding eye contact like the plague. Knowing it would give away how she really felt, or whether how miserable she really was. This only convinced Michael and Isabel that what was in the letter was true, and she was hurting since their break up.

“You, romantic… I can’t wait to see that.” Isabel said laughing.

“It says wildly romantic” Michael countered, pointing to the part in the letter and smiled slightly.

“I’m not getting my hopes up” Maria said drawly, trying to get a dig in. Michael ignored her and they continued to read the letter.

I can’t tell you what year they are from; you can’t know too many details. Only what you need to be able to change the future. Alex is 15, James is 14 and Michael (Junior) is 13. Alex knows what the mission is and she’s is the leader of the motley crew we’ve sent you. She can be a bit bossy. I wonder where she gets that from?

Before you read the rest of this note, take them out the back door into the ally. Mr. Parker will be coming at any second. He must NOT see them!

“He didn’t see you did he?” Michael asked quickly in a nervous tone.

“Of course not!” Alex replied, hurt that he thought she would let them get caught.

Since I know myself pretty well, I bet your wondering how they got there. Well the granolith is not as used up as we thought. Apparently it doesn’t have the capacity to send you to Antar, which is about a billion miles away. However it still can be rigged to send you back in time. Go figure, what else could we accept from our alien counterparts. Of course Serena did all the work.

“Who is Serena?” both Isabel and Michael asked in unison.

“She’s a friend of Mom and Aunt Liz… eventually.” Alex said quickly covering up the fact that Maria had already heard that name before. Maria just pretended to be oblivious to the revelation, she was still mad that he was reading the letter to begin with.

I know you hate being the last hope for the planets survival, but there it is. It all started when Max and Liz robbed that damn convenient store. Well by now you know that Max’s dad is investigating him. It’s worse than you all think. He’s not only investigating Max, but Liz, Isabel and Michael.

“I told Max that this quest for his son was a bad idea… he doesn’t even exist does he… why is he investigating me?” Michael asked, not really expecting a reply.

“I can’t believe it, my own father’s investigating me” she said softly.

“Dad, you’re Uncle Max’s best friend, not to mention the fact he has surveillance pictures of you and Uncle Max burying, the remaining of HER things, and all of our alien artifacts in the desert.” Junior answered him.

“What?” Michael asked

“He’s hired a private investigator, who’s been following you guys around… mostly Uncle Max though.” Junior continued.

“A private investigator?” Isabel said disbelieving, and deeply hurt by the revelation.

“I told Maxwell we should have gotten a safety deposit box.” Michael said, then went back to his reading.

Knowing this was her chance to plant the seed in her father’s brain, Alex said. “That’s why we can’t tell Uncle Max, or Aunt Liz that we’re here.”

The only ones who are not on his bulletin board in your time are you, Kyle, and Jim (Mr. Valenti). That will all change in the next couple of months; soon he will have a full blown investigation going. We came to find out he thinks that Max killed Tess (we all wish he had), and that everyone is in some huge conspiracy to cover it up.

The problem is not that he’s investigating everyone; it’s that it leads to the pod squad’s enemies finding out where they are. Not the ones from Antar, but here on earth.

“I’m starting to think your right, Maria… he should have killed her” Michael said angrily, looking up to meet her eyes. She had been watching him read the rest of the letter, knowing that none of it was embarrassing.

“Michael” Isabel said quietly scolding him.

“Isabel, she’s the reason my family is in danger… not to mention you, Jesse, Max, Liz, Kyle, and Valenti” He snapped at her, then went and looked at Maria as if to tell her he wouldn’t ever let anything happen to their family. She acknowledged his gaze and smiled slightly in response.

“I can’t believe he thinks, that Max is capable of murder.” Isabel said both shocked and hurt. She continued to read the end of the letter, then got up and started to pace the room slowly.

The reason I’m writing you this letter is to validate what they say, and that these are your children, and with your and Michael’s help they might be able to change the future.

Good Luck Chica, Future Maria

Michael finished the letter, then walked over to Maria and handed it to her gently. She allowed him to hug her, and then moved so she was sitting practically on his lap.

“Alex, what’s the plan?” Michael directed his question to the leader of the group.

“I’m not sure, all I know is we have to stop Mr. Evans from continuing his investigation.” Alex answered him directly, standing now in a position of authority.

“We should call Max, and tell him.” Isabel said as she stopped, near the phone and picked it up.

“No!” Alex said loudly, grabbing the phone out of her hands.

“We can’t tell him anything, he can’t know” Alex said annoyed.

“Why not?” Michael said testily, not liking the idea of keeping secrets from Max. Maybe it was because Max was his best friend, or his King, he didn’t know why it was all subconscious.

“If its alien related, he’s in charge.” Michael said.

“He shouldn’t be King YOU should be!... didn’t you understand anything the letter said…you don’t get it do you, because of him our lives were screwed up… just because he couldn’t keep his pants on.” Alex yelled at him, exasperatedly.

“That’s enough!” Michael grounded out

“It’s not like you can keep your pants on either... yup, spaceboy, I think it’s safe to say we’ve found another Michael worshiper” Maria said, trying to lighten the mood and began poking him in the side.

“Maria, your not helping” Michael turned and looked at her, trying not to smile at all the attention, physical contact and affection she was showing towards him.

“Mom, but you told me that you and Dad never slept together before you were married” Junior said smiling at her, knowing she had been trapped in a lie.

Isabel couldn’t help but laugh, through all the serious nature of their task at hand. She turned to Junior and said “Oh, that’s a good one... more like”

“Isabel!” She was cut off abruptly by both Maria and Michael.

“I won’t betray him” Michael said firmly, turning his head back to Alex. Who knew all to well her father’s loyalty to Max.

“We aren’t asking you to” Alex said truthfully. “You can’t tell Uncle Max until after we are gone… that way he will go on with his daily life, and the PI will continue following him… and we can do what needs to be done without anyone realizing we’ve been here… all we are asking you to do is save him from himself… and save the rest of us in the process… by not telling him!” Alex spoke slowly, as everyone listened to her logical explanation for not telling Max.

Junior stepped forward and added. “If he knows were here, then that means so does the PI… for the same reason you can’t tell Aunt Liz… let them go on with their lives and that way no one will be looking at us and what we’re up to.”

“So they are a diversionary tactic?” Isabel asked Alex.

“Exactly, you know them… if they knew that something was up, they would do something crazy to try and change it… alerting the very people we are trying to hide from.” She said looking directly at Maria, who knew all to well what, had happened when they had messed with the future before.

“Wait, Isabel and I are also on the board.” Michael stated.

“Yes, but they are only watching you because Uncle Max is living with you, and only when you two are together… they just think you are trying to protect Uncle Max from what they think he’s done… they don’t think you were directly involved… they are watching Aunt Isabel yes, but we had to come here to find you, and couldn’t wait outside… so no Aunt Isabel was not supposed to know.” Alex stated, and then decided to take a seat in on the couch next to her brothers.

“So after we’ve done what needs to be done, how will you get home?” Isabel asked them curiously.

“We won’t, we’ll just disappear that’s how we will know whether we’ve been successful” Junior answered her.

“Disappear?” Michael asked nervously.

“The people we are today, will be different once we’ve changed the future… all the events that lead up to who we are will be different, and we will just disappear.” Junior said in an informed voice, as if he know all about the time space continuum.

“Well… I don’t know about you, but all this gabbing has sure made me hungry.” James stated as he lifted himself off the couch.

“What happens now, Michael?” Isabel asked him, as every one looked waiting for his answer.

“We have to change the future.” He answered, pulling Maria onto his lap.

TBC ??? Please let me know !!!

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Part 5 A

Mr. Evans is in his office alone sitting at the desk, staring out the window deep in thought, taping a pen against his desk in agitation. Suddenly he jumps up walks over to the door and locks it. Then standing in front of his chalkboard, throws it up to reveal his surveillance board, which contains every piece of information that he has collected on Max, Isabel and their closest friends. He stands and stares at it for a few moments, rereading every piece of evidence that he has tacked up, then he walks over to the desk and sits down.

He starts to thumb through the most recent pictures the PI had taken for him. The picture where mostly of Max and his daily routine, they started from the time he left Michael’s apartment in the morning to when he got back at night and if he had any late night visitors. Which after a while Mr. Evans started to notice a pattern, and he picked up a picture of Maria entering Michael’s apartment a few weeks ago. Stopping and staring at the picture for a few moments, what he was concentrating most on was the time stamp, which read 2:43 am.

Opening the top desk draw, he pulled out a red marker, a few thumb tacks and a small slip of yellow paper. With the red marker he circled the time stamp that was on the bottom right of one of the photos.

“Why would she there, at 2:43 in the morning?” He said quietly to himself. Then he picked up several more pictures of her entering the apartment, all of which had an either late or extremely early time stamp on them. After looking more closely at the photos he noticed that in everyone you could see who was answering the door, which you could barely see although there was no mistake that it was Michael. In some of them it was as if he was waiting for her, like he expected her to show up at such an odd hour. Again he picked up the red marker and circled his face on one of the pictures.

“What kind of relationship do they have?” He asked himself quietly, and then sat back in his chair to mediate on Maria’s involvement. What did he really know about her, who was she, was she involved in what Max was hiding?

He too the red marker and on the slip of yellow paper wrote down every thing that he knew for certain about Maria. Standing up he walked over to the board, and tacked up several pictures of Maria, under the conspirator heading. Along with the slip of paper in which he had written her theorized involvement, in what ever Max was hiding.

Maria Deluca
- Utah
- Las Vegas
- Isabel’s bridesmaid
- Crashdown Cafe
- Liz’s best friend
- Michael’s? (friend/girlfriend/lover)

Then he moved his chalk board back down hiding his surveillance board, walking over to his desk he placed the pictures in a pile burying them deep with in the bottom draw of his desk. Picking up the phone he dialed, and waited for it to be answered on the other end.

“Yes” said the man on the other end.

“Has there been anything new today?” Mr. Evans asks him.

“No, he hasn’t left the apartment.”

“Ok… keep me posted.”

“Yes sir.”

With that Mr. Evans hung up the phone, and went back to sitting and staring out the window taping is pen.


Hope you enjoyed this part, I realize it was short. It's really a stand alone part, that just was to show how everyone is being dragged into the investigation. Part 5 B will be up hopefully tomorrow.

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CandyGirl – Since you wanted more… here it is I hope you enjoy!
jendansuer – My idea behind Alex’s character is that she’s a Michael worshiper and thinks he should be King (she’s also Daddy’s little girl)… It’s safe to say that although she loves her Uncle Max, she thinks he can be an idiot when it comes to leading the hybrid throng… and thank you I did have a wonderful vacation!
Sablaine – I’m glad that it made you laugh, that’s what it’s all about… ya it’s kinda scary to think about how I’m going to write it as well, lol lol, but if you’re a dreamer don’t worry they will be in the story somewhere… as for Maria telling Michael about FM I’m not sure yet, I mean he’s got to suspicious why she’s not flipping out about time travel right?... I do want us to all have a chance to see him do something ‘wildly romantic’, I just have think of something that is Michael-ish while still being romantic, it’s going to be a tough one… any suggestions?
SpencerHopeful – I’m glad that your enjoying the show… hope you enjoy the next part as well… I’m a little slow, what did you mine 'placement'?

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Part 5 B

Back in Isabel’s apartment, they are still in her living room. She has now been convinced that the three teenagers are in fact Michael and Maria’s future children.

“So have you guys inherited any of Michael’s powers”, she asks curiously looking back and forth between the three.

“Ya, um… we’re really good at blowing things up.” James replies with a smile on his face, and then suddenly one of the couch cushions next to where his mom and dad are sitting blows up and stuffing fills the air.

“James!” Maria yells at him, standing up off of Michael’s lap to scold him for wreaking his aunt’s couch. Every one is laughing, except Isabel who glares at Michael.

“Chill, would ya… I can fix it… no prob.” With that he walks over to the torn cushion waves his hand over it and it comes together and turns an ugly shade of pea green.

“Opps, sorry Aunt Isabel… don’t worry I can change it back… I think.” With another wave of his hand the cushion changes back to its original color.

“Normally we wouldn’t have the same abilities as dad and you, since we are more human than Antarian… but we began our training at such an early age… we’ve been able to harness and expand on what little powers we have.” Junior said in answer to his aunt’s question.

“Oh” was all she said in reply nodding her head in understanding.

“Wait, you still haven’t told me what happened to make you come back here… where you found them Maria… or why you came to get me here, when you said Isabel wasn’t supposed to know… and who that punk is who had his hands all over you?” Michael blurted out addressing Alex.

“The whole you can’t know too much about the future because it could result in changes we don’t wish to happen… blah blah blah” James said the similar monotone he had used previously, when reciting the lecture that he had been given prior to leaving from the future “Can we eat now, I’m hungry!” he whined as he stuck out his lower lip and pouted.

“Michael, they came to the Crashdown to find me… and ah, you couldn’t, I mean the future you… well anyways you couldn’t remember what you where doing today… so we had to run all around town to find you… and here you are.” Maria said rather confused, since it’s not every day you talk about the future version of a person who’s standing right in front of you.

“Daddy you read the letter… we have to stop Mr. Evans’s investigation.” Alex said matterafactly.

“That was Alex’s, b-o-y-f-r-I-e-n-d... and yes they’re always like that.” James said in a mocking tone. That irritated Alex to the point that she threw a pillow at him, he ducked and it went toward Junior instead. Who raised his hand deflecting it, and hit Maria in the back of the head unintentionally.

“Hey, watch it!” Maria scolded them.

“Opps… sorry” Alex said picking up the pillow and putting back on the couch.

“Michael what are we going to do?” Maria asked, as everyone looked at him in curiosity.

“I’m not sure… we have to dig up the stuff that’s buried in the desert… then find out exactly what Mr. Evans knows… and stop his investigation.” Michael said getting up off the couch.

“Michael, you have to have a plan!” Isabel said incredulously, thinking he was heading out the door.

“Isabel, don’t you think I know that?… ya got anything good to eat?” Michael asked as he headed towards the kitchen.

“What?” Isabel cried, outraged.

“Food, we’re hungry” Michael said pointing to himself and James. He then began to walk toward the kitchen in search for something to eat.

“It’s about time… I’m starving!” said a smiling James who was following right behind Michael.

“Michael, we have more important things to think about than you stomach.” Maria countered shaking her head in disbelief.

“I think better when I’m eating.” Michael said coming to his own defense.

“I’ve got some leftovers from last night” Isabel said, thinking of what she could possibly feed them.

Maria started to freak out, after coming to the realization that she had just walked out of the Crashdown without telling any one. “Oh shit… I left in the middle of my shift, not just any shift but the lunch hour rush!... they showed up, and I just left… Liz is going to so kill me… Mr. Parker he’s going to be so pissed!... and what am I going to say?... I” She was cut off, when Michael turned around, walked back towards her and did the only thing he could to make her calm down.

He grabbed and kissed her, which shut her up instantly. He broke off the kiss before she could either protest, or enjoy it, and then walked into the kitchen saying. “I’m sure you’ll think of something… Iz are there any of those Tabasco swirl cookies left?”

“Oh, my favorite!” Alex said following behind Michael and James.

“mmm, mine too!” Junior stated, as they all made there way for the kitchen.


FanFic is an addiction, and I need an intervention!

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CandyGirl – I want to thank you for your continued FB and support *happy*!... I’m glad that you are continuing to enjoying my little story… since your request more, here it is…

jendansuer – I have to say your FB, had me cracking up laughing. I can see you thought that my little section with Mr. Evans was either totally crazy or intriguing. Yes I agree he has way too much time on his hands, maybe he should play more golf. Mr. Evans is most likely a pervert, maybe he should just rent some porno videos instead of spying on Michael and Maria. (just kidding) *happy* He doesn’t trust his kids, which I agree is extremely sad. Here is the next part, as you requested…

leaving_normal – I’m glad that you found my story and are enjoying it, and that I’ve turned you into a candygirl (that’s my ultimate evil plan *big*)… it means a lot, that you think I’m doing a good job, I’m a fan a huge fan of your story ‘Crash and Burn’!

sablaine – I haven’t actually read any of the books either, though I went and checked them out at like you suggested. It is truly inspiring to me that you feel I’m doing such a good job with my little story. I love your writing as well. Thank you saying all those nice things, it make me feel all warm and fuzzy! *happy* I think the whole stop the investigation scenario, interests me because the show has done a horrible job tackling that subject. I’m glad that I’ve inspired you to add more M/M to your fic, which I love by the way. Thanks for continuing to follow my story…

Author's Note

Hey everyone, sorry this took so long to get out… for some reason it was really hard for me to write this part. I’ll try and have Part 5 D, up later tonight or tomorrow. It will be the last section of Part 5. Hope you are all enjoying, on with the show…

Part 5 C

Back at the Crashdown, Liz is still waiting for Maria to show up or to call. Kyle is still sitting at the counter finishing his third soda, and second piece of pie. The lunch crowd has started to leave, which has given Liz the opportunity to chat with Kyle.

“I wonder where Maria is” she asks him, as she proceeds to wipe down the counter.

“The earthgirl, is most likely with her spaceboy… no big mystery there” Kyle says without looking up from his piece of pie.

“You’re probably right… I just wish she’d call and let me know what’s going on.” Liz said softly stopping to look at him, with a worried expression on her face.

“I am right… now answer me this, why did she break up with him?” Kyle said to her, as he took the last sip of his soda.

“Don’t get me wrong Maria loves Michael, she just felt like she was being sucked into the alien abyss… she has dreams for the future, and she feels like she’s being held back from pursuing them… but now, who really knows what’s going on” Liz said trying to make Kyle understand what it’s like to be in a relationship with an alien.

“Buddha knows, I always saw them… ya know, living together after graduation… Maria making Michael marry her… them having a few loud mouth little Deluca-Guerin’s running around… the whole family thing.” Kyle spoke honestly, little did he know that his vision wasn’t to far off.

“I wouldn’t let Maria hear you talking about her and Michael having any kids… I’m pretty sure she’d freak at that idea.” Liz said laughing at the whole idea, of Michael and Maria married with kids.

Kyle started to laugh as well and said “She’d probably smack me to death.”

“Do you really think it’s like, biologically possible?” Liz asks in almost a whisper.

“What possible… oh, the whole interspecies matting” he said understandingly, once he understood what she was getting at.

“Ya, do you think it’s possible?”

“You’re the scientist” he said, which Liz just shrugged her shoulders and continued clearing the lunch counter.

“She’s been gone for like an hour now… I wonder what’s going on” Liz asks, not really expecting a reply.

“Liz, maybe you should just call her.” Kyle said, in between bites of Alien Key Lime pie.

“Maybe I should” she said decidedly. Liz then walks the backroom, sat down on the couch and was closely followed by Kyle, who plopped himself next to her relaxing himself into cushions.

“Kyle?” Liz said questioningly, wondering why he was following her.

“If there’s and Alien invasion I want to know about it, so I can get out of doge” he said seriously.

She looked at him skeptically and said “I really doubt there’s been an invasion… and since when have you been interested in what’s going on with our favorite little green men.”

“And woman” Kyle said correcting her, for leaving out Isabel.

“And woman… well?” Liz asked still wondering why all of a sudden he was so interested in the alien soap opera.

“Well you know I’ve become friends with Michael and… ok, I’d rather see this week’s installment of ‘Days of our Alien’, than go back to the garage” Kyle said trying to spin out a believable story, but gave up and just told the truth.

“That bad?”

“Yup” he said nodding.

Liz then dialed Maria’s number on her cell phone, and waited for it to start ringing. When it did she whispered “It’s ringing” Kyle leaned in closer so he could hear the conversation.


Maria was still standing there reeling from Michael’s importune kiss, when her cell phone started to ring. She dug it out of her apron, and looked at the display to see who was calling.

“Oh my God, its Liz… what do I do?” she said starting to get hysterical again.

“Answer it” Isabel advised as she stood next to her.

“What do I say?” Maria whispered as if Liz could hear her, looking at Isabel in desperation.

“Say hello, see what she wants… just keep it simple, and short” Isabel whispered back in an annoyed tone.

“Ok, I can do this.” Maria stated still whispering.

“Hello” Maria said in the most cheery voice she could muster.


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Author’s Note

Hey all, here is the last section to Part 5. I’m not all that happy with it, I feel like the story is just stuck in Isabel’s living room. So in Part 6 they will be on the move to destinations unknown… even to me *big*. Hope you enjoy this part, now on with the show…

Last time on ‘What About the Humans’

Liz then dialed Maria’s number on her cell phone, and waited for it to start ringing. When it did she whispered “It’s ringing” Kyle leaned in closer so he could hear the conversation.


Maria was still standing there reeling from Michael’s importune kiss, when her cell phone started to ring. She dug it out of her apron, and looked at the display to see who was calling.

“Oh my God, its Liz… what do I do?” she said starting to get hysterical again.

“Answer it” Isabel advised as she stood next to her.

“What do I say?” Maria whispered as if Liz could hear her, looking at Isabel in desperation.

“Say hello, see what she wants… just keep it simple, and short” Isabel whispered back in an annoyed tone.

“Ok, I can do this.” Maria stated still whispering.

“Hello” Maria said in the most cheery voice she could muster.

Part 5 D

“Maria, where are you?” Liz asked her in an annoyed tone, while Kyle listened intently to the conversation.


Isabel was still standing there listening to the conversation, trying to guide Maria through the conversation. While Michael and the rest of the gang where in the kitchen fixing them selves something to eat. They were of course making the biggest mess possible, of her spotless kitchen.

“Oh, I-I’m at Isabel’s, ya I’m really sorry for just leaving like that”


“Isabel’s?” Kyle mouthed to Liz, who then said it aloud into the phone.


“Ya…I was sitting in the backroom, and I just had to leave and find him… so I went over to the apartment, Max said he was here… so here I am” Maria said rushed, as Isabel motioned for her to hurry up and end the call.


“What’s all that noice in the background?” Liz asked, as she could hear laughing in the background behind Maria’s voice.


“What noise, so um anyways look, I’m not going to come back in today… Michael and I um where going to hang out and a talk… I’ll call you later” Maria said as she looked nervously at Isabel.


“Um, ok… I’ll talk to later than.” Liz said confused, and before she could finish she heard the phone click on the other end. She then looked at Kyle and said “She just hung up on me.”

“What… what did she say?” Kyle asked intrigued, sitting on the edge of the couch now.

“Oh, she’s at Isabel’s, and um her and Michael are going to go and talk… she said won’t be back in today… it was really weird, she just hung up.” Liz said giving in an odd look, like she really didn’t understand what had just happened.

“Talk… Michael is going to talk?... or is he just going listen to Maria blather on?” Kyle said laughing.


“How bizarre is this sight?” Maria asked motioning over to where the others, sat eating in the kitchen.

“What part?... the one where those are your three kids, or you and Michael actually get married?” Isabel asked giving Maria a questioning look, as she was trying to hid a smile and stifle her laughter.

“All of it!” Maria answered emphatically, then walked into the kitchen to see what the others where eating.


In the kitchen they were all sitting around the table, eating anything that they could find for leftovers in the fridge. There were plates, cups, food containers, and Tabasco sauce bottles strewn all over the table.

“So have you guys come up with a plan yet?” Maria asked as she plopped her self down at that table, in between Michael and Isabel.

“Maria, we’ve been a little busy here” Michael said motioning to the table, and all of the food.

“Ya, I see you’ve been busy making a mess of my kitchen” Isabel added looking disgustedly as she watched all four of them hunched over there plates.

“Hey, we were hungry” Michael stated, not even trying to coming up with any defense for himself.

“Mom” Alex started, but was cut off abruptly by Maria.

“Don’t call me that” she said testily, reaching for a piece of pizza that was on Michael’s plate. Though her hand was slapped away, and when she glared at him, her relented and politely passed her a piece.

“Well, Maria… we thought we’d start by digging up the artifacts, and finding a better home for them.” She said in between bites of cold pizza and chicken pot pie.

“Ya, cause I really want to spend some quality family time digging, in the dark cold desert.” James said sarcastically, as he gulped down what looked to be a glass of Tabasco sauce flavored milk. Junior just shook his head and went back to finishing his plate of spaghetti, chicken wings.

“Shut up, James… we came here to do a job, and that’s what were going to do.” Alex said looking up from her plate for the first time, to give him the evil eye.

“Chill, would ya… it’s not like Mo-Maria really wants to go out there either” He said correcting himself for starting to say Mom.

“Ok… we better get going” Michael said as he finished off his plate of food, and pushes it away.

“Do you think that anyone is outside watching us?” Maria asks.

“No, they are mostly watching Uncle Max… as long as we stay clear of the apartment we should be ok.” Alex adds, as she finishes her last gulp of Tabasco sauce flavored milk.

“Michael, if you need my help let me know… keep me posted on what’s happening.” Isabel said as she stands up and begins to clean up the mess they created.

“Ya, ok… thanks” Michael sputters out, as he walks out into the living room and everyone follows.

They all make there way to the door, Isabel gives each of the kids a hug and kiss. When she got to James he had a huge grin plastered across his face and said. “Aunt Iz, the next time we meet if I happen to throw up on you and start to cry… it’s not because I don’t love you.”

“Let’s go” Maria says as Michael holds the door open for them, and they all walk out.


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Part 6 A

The five would be Deluca-Guerin’s were all crammed into Maria’s used and battered Jetta. They were now heading out of the parking lot of Isabel’s apartment, Michael was driving; Maria sat in the passengers’ seat, while the three kids where barely fitting on the back seat. Both Alex and Junior had the window seats while James was squished in between them.

“Michael where are we going?” Maria asked as she twisted in her seat, so she was now facing him.

“To the desert, to dig up the stuff… remember” Michael replied in agitation, looking at her sideways, giving her annoyed look.

Maria turns to look out the windshield and says flatly “Stop by my house first”

“No” Michael said outraged.

“Michael I have to change, you can’t possible expect me to go digging around the desert in this dress… not to mention the fact, we don’t exactly have a shovel” Maria tries to reason with him, mean while getting agitate with him for not seeing what was obvious.

“What about Amy” he said more calmly, but with a hint of agitation in his voice.

“Well lucky for us, she’s out of town this weekend… some sorta conference; I wasn’t really listening to her when she told me.”

“Fine, but you’ve got ten minutes, and I mean that ten, not fifteen or twenty, TEN!” Michael stated as his voice raised slightly at the end, and he looked at her intently.

“Message received” she said slightly hurt.

Mean while in the back seat the three kids where jostling around in the backseat trying to get comfortable. They didn’t even notice the conversation that was going on in the front seat. The confrontation in the back became slightly violent, when James tried to physically move Alex over into the car door.

“James!, move over” Alex yelled loudly, as she pushed him and in avertedly kicked the back of Maria’s seat.

“Hey!, stop it back there” Maria said loudly, turning to face the back to witness the their childishness first hand.

“It’s not my fault you’ve got such a fat ass!” James rebuked, using his whole body to move her over.

“I do not have a fat ass!” Alex said as she elbowed him in the ribs causing him to hit Junior, who then shoved him back.

“Would you two act your age… SHIT!” Junior said as he was elbowed in the face accidentally by James and his nose started to bleed. He automatically placed his hand on his bleeding and painfully throbbing nose, healing it instantaneously.

“Michael!” Maria said annoyed, as he seemed to be oblivious to the goings on behind him.


“Do something, about them” Maria said pointing to the back seat, looking at him coolly.

Michael adjusted the rearview mirror so he could look at what was happening in the back seat. “Don’t make me stop this car!” he said loudly to the three back seat passengers, as they continued to argue. His voice seemed to register with them, immediately the elbowing, and shoving ceased.

“Sorry” James said, as he took one last swing and smacked Alex on the back of her head. She just glared at him, with her famous icy stare. Junior was still cradling his nose protectively, even though it had been healed completely.

Once they had reached Maria’s house, Michael parked the car. Maria got out of the car and started to walk into the house; Michael got out and followed closely behind her.

“You better get comfortable Alex; I think we’re going to be here for awhile” James says as he moves into the passengers seat that Maria had just vacated.

“Why, he said ten minutes” Alex said questioningly, leaning back into the seat crossing her arms across her chest.

“These are our parents, we’re talking about” James replies mattereafactly turning to look at her with a annoyed expression.

“I think he’s right” Junior added stretching out and getting more comfortable on the backseat.

“Their not even like that, right now… she just dumped him” Alex stated not believing what James was implying.

“Didn’t you notice her sitting on his lap?” he said questioningly.

“Or that kiss” Junior interjected, helping James build his case.

“Ya that kiss… what about the whole giving her a piece of his pizza; that I definitely noticed… you know he doesn’t share food, not even with us anymore.” James spoke passionately as he turned in his seat to face them in the back.

“What about the whole missing him, and being miserable thing?” James asked her, giving her a knowing look.

“He’s right those were all classic M and M moments” Junior said as he reached into his coat pocket taking out a bag of M&Ms and a tiny bottle of tobacco sauce. He opened the M&M’s, offering them to the others then he uncapped the tobacco sauce and shook some into his mouth and then ate several M&Ms combining there flavors. He then handed James the bottle and he did the same thing.

“Told ya, Junior agrees with me… they are probably didn’t even make into the bedroom” James said smiling.

“Which happens way to often” Junior said laughing, and nearly started choking as he had a mouth full of M&M’s.

“Fine… you are probably right, happy now?” Alex said as she through several M&M’s at both of them, and then grabbed the bottle of tobacco sauce from James. The three sat there in the car munching on the candy, waiting for their future parents to get back.


Inside the house Maria had walked into her room, with Michael at her heals. Instinctively he closed the door behind him, locking it with his powers. Then he grabbed her arm and swung her around. Kissing her, they start stumbling toward the bed as she moaned loudly in contentment. Maria then ran her hands through his hair, and pulled him closer to her.

“Stop it, Michael” Maria said as she began to notice that he was unbuttoning her dress. She placed her hands on his chest and gently pushed him away.

“I thought you missed me, us?” Michael said softly, still holding her waist firmly in one arm. He then bent down and gave her several delicate kisses along her jaw and neck, while ran his free hand down her side.

“Michael, I do miss you, I love you… but it doesn’t change the fact that I have dreams” she said as she stepped out of his embrace. She raised her hands and cupped his face affectionately. Michael then stepped back, pushing her out stretched hands away.

“Why can’t I be apart of your dreams” he said sadly as he opened the door, and walked out.

“Michael!” Maria called after him, as she followed after him.

“I’m getting the shovels; I’ll be in the car” Michael didn’t even turn around as he yelled backed to her, not even trying to hide the anger in his voice.

“Michael!” she called after him, as he slammed the door behind. She tried to fight back tears, but just couldn’t control them. Maria then turned and went back into her room closing the door softly, as tears started to stream down her cheeks.


The three teenagers sitting in the car witnessed Michael storming out of the house, slamming the door as he left. He then stalked off heavy footedly to the corner of the house to retrieve some shovels from the garage. They looked at each other nervously and James said “This doesn’t look good for us”.

When he came back to the car with three shovels in hand, James got out and opened the trunk for him silently. No one said a word; as they sat in the car waiting for Maria.

She came out a few minutes later dressing in a pair of jeans, a low cut black top, and a sweater jacket on. Her hair was still braided, and she was wearing her work sneakers. Maria walked to the car slowly, with her arms around her chest in a protective fashion. Once she had slid into the passengers seat again, she turned to Michael reached out to touch his arm and said “Michael, we need to talk about this”

“Not, now” he barked back, snapping his arm out of her reach. In the back seat, their three future kids where looking at each other nervously, but remained silent.

“Michael, I didn’t mean…” she started pleading with him, giving him that pouty look she knew worked every time. He stopped her mid sentence gave her a slightly softer look and repeated himself saying “Not, now”. She nodded then reached out and gently touched his arm again, this time however he didn’t pull away. They drove into the desert in complete silence, except for the occasional elbowing in the back seat.


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Part 6 B

Back in the apartment, Max was lounging on the couch lazily watching TV. He jumped up, turned off the TV and went to grab the phone. As it rang he paced back and forth across the living room. There was no answer; rather a recorded message could be heard.

“Hello, I’m not here right now please leave a message at the tone…”

“Hey Liz it’s me, I miss you… I was wondering if you wanted to come over after your shift… just call me back, I’ll be waiting here by the phone… I love you” with that he sadly hung up the phone and flopped back onto the couch.


The Jetta pulled off the road, and drove into the unknown wilderness. Stopping abruptly, leaving a trail of dust behind it. The five passengers disembarked, from the car not wasting any time getting doing what they had come there for. As Michael exited the car he called “Alex...”

“I’m on it” she replied anticipating what he was going to say, as she got out and went behind the car to open the trunk, retrieving the three shovels.

“So, where’s is it?” Junior asked, as he followed Michael a little ways from the car.

“Umm… I think its right about here” pointing to a general area on the ground.

“You, think?” Junior asked questioningly, looking at the large area Michael had pointed to.

“You don’t know?... figures, well I’m not going to be apart of this haphazard expedition… I’m going back to the car” Maria asked incredulously, shaking her head and then stalked off back toward the car.

“Hey it wasn’t my idiotic idea to bury the damn stuff” Michael rebuked, as he called back after her. Alex then walked up and handed both him and Junior a shovel and they began digging.

James was back at the car leaning against it, when Maria walked up.

“Aren’t you going to help?” she asked a little more harshly than she intended.

“I don’t do manual labor… it wasn’t my idea to go digging around out here in the cold… plus I’d much rather keep my wonderful Moth-Maria company” he replied looking at her laughing, and crossing his arms around his chest in defiance. She just raised her eyebrows at him, snorted and laughed.

“Thanks… so is there anything you can tell me, you know about the future?” Maria asks, trying to weasel information out of him. She gave him pouty look that always seems to work with Michael.

“You know I can’t… my lips are sealed… my trap is shut...” James started to ramble on, but Maria interrupted him in a winy voice “Please!”

“Nope, no can do” James said, but she continued to try and persuade him by saying “Please I promise not to tell anyone… ok how’s this, when you ask me if you can get a tattoo I’ll say yes, sound likes a pretty good deal to me.”

“No!” he started loudly, “Plus, you’ve already said yes” he says smiling, lifting up sleeve to reveal a tattoo that looked like a family crest.

“What!” Maria screeched grabbing his arm to get a better look at it, then before she could continue her assault he distracted her “Hey, are those the earrings dad, I mean Michael gave you, one year for Christmas” he asked pointing to the pearl earrings she was wearing.

“Yes, how did you know?… and you aren’t off the hook yet buddy… what kinda mother am I to let you get a tattoo like that?” Maria rattled on and he just listened to her as usual.

“You wear them all the time… and you’re a best mother on this or any other planet” James said taking his arm out of her grasp.

“Oh, really that’s too sweet… so, tell me what it is” Maria asked still trying to pry information from him.

“What, what is?” he asked not questioningly.

“The tattoo, what’s that symbol” she said pointing to his arm, that he had covered up.

“Oh, let’s just say it’s a family crest… and if you tell anyone, Alex will kill me… you don’t want to get on her bad side, trust me I’ve seen what happens when you do” James said seriously, she shook her head in understanding. Then turned to her and softly spoke “You know he loves you more than anything… he’d do anything for you, he will.”

“Honey, I know he loves me… love isn’t the problem… I guess sometimes love just isn’t enough” Maria said quietly, crossing her arms across her chest and looking downcast at the ground.

“Well, some one once told me… that if there is enough love then you can over come anything, that love is the only real thing in this life” James replied looking at her with a goofy grin.

“Who’s the sap that told you that?” Maria asked skeptically, looking up at him and turning her nose up at the idea.

“My mother” James said smiling, and kissed her gently on the cheek, and then he proceeded to walk toward the others, in order to lend a hand in digging. Maria just stood there shocked, as she tried to let what he had said sink in.


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Note - Happy Tuesday all! Here is the next part for you, in honor of the new Roswell tonight. Hope you all enjoy, now on with the show...

Part 6 C

Once James had reached the digging party, Alex turned to him and said “Well it’s nice of you join us.” He chose to ignore her remark, and instead went up to Michael taking the shovel from him and said “Go make nice” pointing toward Maria. Michael nodded and walked back to the car. While the others continued to dig, trying to discreetly spy on what was happening between Michael and Maria.

When Michael had reached her she looked up, and smiled slightly. None of them knowing what to say for once, not wanting to say the wrong thing to make the situation worse.

Maria was the first to speak “Michael, I’m sorry… it’s just I don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling anymore and sometimes I feel like I don’t know who I am… I’m not the same person who you scared half to death in the ally that night”

“Maria we all change, that’s what growing up is… I’m not the same person I was back then either”

“I know, it’s just I had this dream once … and maybe I still do, I don’t know… all I do know is that I can’t live without you… I don’t want to”

“I never asked you to stop dreaming… do you really think I would?”

“No, but then this morning I was sitting there missing you, and the next thing I know they show up, and they’re so sweet, kind, funny and I absolutely love them… I’m supposed to be their mother, which by the way scares me half to death… did you know James has a tattoo, what…” she continued to ramble, on and then he interrupted her, mid ramble.

“We should wait” he said abruptly staling the conversation.

“Wait for what?”

“To talk about this whole relationship crap” Michael said in a defeated tone.

“Crap!” as Maria spoke she throw up her hands.

“God Maria, you know that’s not what I mean!”

“Then tell me Michael, what do you mean when you called our relationship crap!” Maria asked angrily turning and giving him a hurt and somewhat vulnerable look.

“I meant, that it’s not as simple as I want you, you want me… there is a lot of other crap… and right now we’re a little busy saving everyone’s ass, so once the troops leave we can figure it out together” he said as he pulled her into a comforting hug.

“Together?” she said into his chest with a smile, realizing for the first time that everything would work it’s self out in time. She then felt him pull back, just enough to look her in the eyes before he gave her a tender kiss.


Meanwhile the three diggers were anxious as they continued to dig, and watch their parents. The kept stealing glances over at them and giving each other worried looks.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, they’ll work it out… trust me!” James said trying to calm down his bother and sisters nerves.

“You didn’t tell her anything did you?” Alex asked coolly, as she gave him an icy stare.

“He’s not that stupid… are you?” Junior asked, with a smirk.

“Shut up… no, I just reminded her, of what she’s always told us” James said plainly.

“Which is?” Alex asked

“You know her little rant on how if there is enough love, yada, yada, yada… it’s the only real thing in this life… that one” James said as he leaned against his shovel, giving himself a rest from digging.

“Oh, that one… I think that’s one of my favorites” Junior said as he began to uncover what they had been looking.

“That’s all you, told her?” Alex asked sternly, moving over to Junior helping him move the rest of the dirt away from the black trash bag of artifacts.

“I also told her about how Uncle Jesse dies, how dad proposes, oh yeah and how where we come from in the future she’s five months pregnant with our brother” he said seriously as he watched Alex’s eyes bug out of her head, and Junior trying to repress all out laughter.

“You what!” Alex screamed, in a whisper not wanting their parents to hear them.

“Chill chica, I was only kidding” Junior said shaking his head, not believing that she really thought he’d divulge all that information to her.

“This nothing to kid around about!” Alex says seriously acting very condescendingly.

“Hey, she asked and I wouldn’t tell… yeah know you should be damn proud of me, I kept my fucking mouth shut… and she even tried giving me those eyes she uses on dad to get her way… but no sir re I wouldn’t budge… is that really what you think of me, that after all shit we’ve been through… I’d do something that stupid, to ruin all the happiness we’ve have had, or worse than that jeopardize our very existence… God is that how little you think of me?” when he had finally ended his rant, which was more or less in one breathe.

Alex looked at with a softer look saying “We just can’t jeopardize the mission… we can’t change all the good things that will happen… the three of us were chosen for this mission for a reason”

This time Junior stopped what he was doing, and looked at Alex saying coolly “Don’t get so high on yourself, we were their second choice… they wanted to come themselves but couldn’t”

“More like he wouldn’t leave her” Alex retorted “James, get over here” she called and he complied, left his shovel and kneeled on the ground to help them go through the black trash bag, which held the tokens of their alien heritage.

“Oh come on, she’s ready to pop any day now, he wasn’t going to just leave her… plus they both couldn’t come cause they couldn’t run into their other selves” James said as he helped Junior open the bag. “I know that, we are still the only ones they trusted to accomplish this mission... and we are not going to fail them” Alex said as she checked the hole in the ground to make sure there wasn’t anything else buried. “Check the bag, there is nothing else buried” she said as she began to fill back in the hole with the removed dirt.

James and Junior started taking all the artifacts out of the bag, and inspecting them making sure they where all there. “Should we, get them back over here… I think they’ve been in timeout long enough, what do you think?” James asked both Junior and Alex simultaneously. They then all looked over toward the car, just in time to witness Michael kissing Maria, then hugging her tightly.

“Well, you can both thank me now if you like” James, said smiling at his parents. Both Alex and Junior turned to James and said simultaneously “Thank you Dr. Love”, and Junior added sarcastically “I don’t know what we’d do without you”.

Just then Michael and Maria walked over to them, with Michael arm around Maria’s waist as if it had never left. Michael then left her side to kneel down, and check to out the artifacts. “Is it all here?” he asked.

“Yup, everything’s been accounted for” Alex responded

“We’ve got two communication orbs, one metal book, the translation to that metal book, five healing stones, a necklace with a silver pendant, a scrap of the metal from the ship, letters from Nascedo, and the key to said ship – in the form of a diamond” Junior listed off what they had found in the bag.

“It’s all here, where do put it all now?” Michael asked the surrounding group.

“We’ve got a few options” Alex said, as they began to put all the artifacts back into the black trash bag. Then Michael, then stood up and went back to stand next to Maria again.

“Which are?” James asked “Junior a little help here”, he said as he and Junior began to wave their hands over the ground, making the place where the hole was seem as if it had been undisturbed.

“Well, we could get a safety deposit box, or put it at Aunt Isabel’s… we weren’t told what to do with the artifacts” Alex said trying to think, of other options.

“What about the Granolith chamber?” Maria said casually, finally interjecting herself into the conversation.

James looked at Michael he said “I agree with Maria, it’s the best place”.

Junior who had been standing there absorbing all the possibilities now took the opportunity to speak. “The Granolith chamber is the best place… you’ll still be able to get to the stuff, but no one will know where it is… if you put it in a safety deposit box, then Mr. Evans, the FBI or anyone else could possibly be able to get there hands on it… the same goes for if you stashed it in the apartment, or Aunt Isabel’s… so if we are now going to vote, then the Granolith chamber is mine.” Junior finished his little rant, which sounded much like one Maria would have spewed, which cause both Michael and Maria to snicker.

Alex however didn’t seem to like, what Junior had just said. Stepping forward, she looked him squarely in the eyes saying “There is no voting here, this isn’t a fucking democracy… we do as he says” she pointed behind her toward Michael and continued.

Trying to calm down the situation, Michael stepped forward and pulled her away from a slightly frighten looking Junior. Saying “Whoa… chill, every one can have a say… Maria what’s your vote?”

“Well since the Granolith chamber was my idea, then it’s got my vote” she said smiling.

“So, we’ve got two votes for it, then mine which makes three, what about you Alex” James asked.

“I vote with Da-Michael” Alex said mater a factly.

“Figures” James snorted out.

“Well I guess we all are voting for the Granolith Chamber, lets go” Michael said as they all marched back to the car, but called out “Grab all that shit, don’t leave anything behind” James grabbed the black trash bag containing all the artifacts, and Alex and Junior picked up the shovels.


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Note – ok, here is the last installment in part 6, phase one of the mission ends, part 7 will begin with phase two of the mission.

I have to be honest, I had started to write this part and it totally didn’t make any sense. I had it that the troops had never been to the granolith chamber, which wouldn’t make sense since they used it to get to the past. ::shakes head:: I don’t know what I was thinking, so I had to rewrite the whole thing, lol…

I just wanted to clarify that I have alien/human pregnancies only lasting 6 months, that’s why Michael had to stay with Maria in the future. Since she’s 5 months pregnant he didn’t want to leave her. If you didn’t notice before, that’s the reasons the kids are so close in age… oh, I made her pregnant to show that that aspect of their relationship hasn’t fizzled out over the years, and I thought it would be funny. As for Jesse being dead in the future, all I can say is I’m an InCrowder! *big*

FB Replies

limegreenli - glad you like my fic, for a M/M one, lol

MMGirl - here's some more just for you...

jendansuer - yes I agree Maria would flip if she knew that she was pregnant again in the future, it’ll be our little secret, lol

Part 6 D

Once they arrived at the spot near where the pod chamber was, they all got out of the car. The troops pilled out of the car, and Alex went around and grabbed the bag of artifacts from the trunk. Then she and the others started to follow Michael who had already started to walk up the hill, toward their destination.

“Hurry up!” Michael, called coolly as he made his way toward the rock formation that secretly held the two chambers.

Maria sped forward, to catch up with Michael. As she approached him, he grabbed her arm and helped her up the steep cliff. Only letting go in order to put his arm around her waist; she neither noticed nor protested the action it was natural and seemed right.

When they had reached the door, Michael waved his hand over it to reveal the silver hand print and the door magically opened. Once they had all clambered inside, they all stood and stared at the broken pods. Junior instinctively walked over toward the one that had housed Michael. “This one was you’re, right?” he asked.

“Yup, and that’s Max’s, Isabel’s and Tess’s” Michael stated pointing to the appropriate pods for each of the aliens, and when he got to Tess’s his tone was slightly disgusted.

“Who’s got the all the alien crap?” Maria asked, with an upbeat tone.

“It’s not crap!” Michael retorted.

“Whatever Spaceboy… let’s just get this over with” she said smiling, as Alex stepped forward holding the black trash bag.

They all carefully stepped through the pod, and into the Granolith chamber. They all stared in awe at the massive room, which was hidden from human eyes.

“So, where should I put this stuff?” Alex asked, as she circled around the huge, dull black cone that once was so full of energy.

“Over here, in the corner” Michael said, as he moved to the far end of the chamber and pointed to a spot on the ground. She then walked towards him, and placed the bag on the floor with a thump.

“So are we done here… this place feels like a tome now, and is kinda creepy… can we leave?” Maria asked the group as a whole.

“Some how I thought this mission would be harder” James said thinking aloud, but was given a dirty look by Michael who said “Now you’ve done it”

“Done what?” James asked in ignorance.
“James could you just be quiet for once… do you think you can do that?” Alex said, as she continued to walk around the room in awe.

“Hmm… I wonder if you can get reception in here” Maria asked as she took out her cell phone.

“Who the hell are you calling?” Michael asked in reply, turning towards her.

“Isabel… she wanted to know what’s going on” Maria replied as she held the phone up high, trying to get a signal.

“Give, that to me” Michael said grabbing the phone from her, and started to walk out of the Granolith chamber and into the area where the pods where.

“Michael!, give that back” Maria screeched as she followed after him, trying in vain to grab the phone away from him.

“Maria, I have to make a phone call” Michael said as he began to wave the phone around trying to get a signal.

“And who are you calling” Maria asked, with her hands on her hips in defiance.

“Izzy” he said as he walked closer to the mouth of the cave, where he could get better reception.

“I told you I was going to calling her” Maria said outraged as she walked over to him, in order to listen into his conversation.

“Make sure you call her cell” Alex added, as she came out of the chamber with Junior and James trailing behind.

“Yeah, her phone could be tapped” Junior added as he struggled to get through the hole and back into the pod chamber.

“Well, now that’s done… I say we grab something to eat… I could really go for a piece of Men in Black pie” James stated.

“Are you always hungry?” Maria asked starting to laugh.

“Yes!” both Alex and James said simultaneously, and Maria continued to laugh.

“What, so I have a healthy appetite… what’s wrong with that?” James asked in a somewhat hurt voice.

“Healthy, like a tape worm” Junior shot back, by this time everyone was giggling.

“Hey, I’m on the phone” Michael said loudly, and the room fell silent. Maria who was standing next to Michael mouthed to the other “It’s ringing”.

“Phase one of the mission is complete” Michael said in a serious military tone.

“It’s me… Michael!”

“You asked to be kept update on what, Maria, the troops and I are doing… so I thought I’d call” Michael said taking all the credit of the idea of calling her.

Maria just stood their shaking her head, knowing exactly what he was doing and yelled “Don’t believe him, it was my idea to call!” Michael then wrapped his free arm around her covering her mouth with his hand, she tried to pull his hand away but he had too strong a grip on her, and she really wasn’t trying all that hard to get away from him.

“The troops… Alex, James, and Junior” Michael explained, in annoyance.

“mmhmm… eat”

“Yeah, we are going to get some food”

“I don’t know... I haven’t thought that far ahead… I’ll call you back”

“Ok, bye” Michael then hung up the phone, and let go of Maria much to her disappointment. Handing the phone back to her, he saying “Let’s go… I’m starving”

“Where are we going to go?” Junior asked.

“I wish we could go to the Crashdown” James began to complain as they all clamored out of the pod chamber, and made their way back toward the Jetta.


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I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about this story. Quite the contrary I’ve been typing away working on the next part. I’m not sure when it is going to be done, and won’t promise anything; although I’m going to try desperately to get it out to you before next week.

Thank you all for the wonderful, FB! I’ll be writing individual responses as usual when I post Part 7.

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Author’s Note

I just want to thank the following people for their Feed Back, support and the much appreciated bumps *wink* Christinana, Heather, Jendansuer, Mudshovel 5, Sablaine, BrieCrow17, MMGirl, Joliedreaming, & char It means so much to me that you are all reading and enjoying my story ::sighs::

Sorry this part took, sooooo long to get to you. I hope I didn’t loose any of my readers, or your enthusiasm.

Part 7A

The used a battered Jetta, pulled into a brightly lit parking lot. The car then found its way to a space near the entrance and came to a complete stop, it was put into park, and the engine was cut.

Maria turned to Michael who was driving and said "The bowling ally?"

"What, it’s perfect"

"Why, would that be?" she asked sarcastically.

"No one we know comes here, they have food, and I for one know that you are partial to the tuna melt"

"Arrgh... if you mention the damn tuna melt one more time, and who said I’m in a tuna melt kinda mood? uh, and what about Kyle?, doesn’t he play in the bowling league with you?"

"Yes, but today is Friday; the bowing league doesn’t play until Saturday; so I doubt Kyle will be here"

"Fine!" she said as she unbuckled her seatbelt and began to exit the car.

"So what kinda mood are you in?" Michael asked her smirking.

"I’m in a pizza kinda mood myself" Junior answered from the backseat, as he unbuckled his seat belt and began to exit the car along with the other troops. Maria chose to ignore his question, rolling her eyes and smiling back at him.

"As long as it’s meatball, pepperoni, hots and smothered in Tabasco sauce" James said happily, practically skipping along the sidewalk toward the door.

"Yeah, pizza sounds really good right about now" Alex answered, as she reached into her back pocket and grabbed a small wad of cash. She walked up to Michael and handed it to him saying. "Mom told me to give this to you, cause she knew you wouldn’t have any money on ya."

He took the money with out a word, and shoved it in his pocket saying "What ever"

Maria over hearing the conversation, started to laugh saying "I guess things never change do they, Spaceboy?"

"Hey, I’ve got money"

"Oh, really then show it to me" Maria said as he held the door open and they walked into the bowling ally, while Michael scowled after her.


Meanwhile back at the apartment, Max is sitting there reading a text book, and doing what looks like studying. There was a soft knock at the door, and he jumped up to answer it saying "Maria, he’s not here", but when he opened the door it was Liz standing on the other end.

"Oh, hey" he said as he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss before stepping out of the way and letting her in the room.

"So I’m guessing Maria stopped by earlier" Liz said laughing as she walked into the apartment.

"Yeah, she was her looking for Michael and seemed quite determined to find him" Max said laughing and then added "You don’t know what’s going on with those two do you, cause frankly living here with Michael these past few days has not been my idea of fun".

He then lead her toward the couch and they both sat down, she turned to him and said "The abridged version is, Maria dump Michael and now she’s miserable and wants him back"

"So that’s why he was upset and blew up Isabel’s tree," nodding his head in understanding.

"Yup, so I got your message and I miss you too," Liz said as she moved closer to him.

"What about your parents, they let you just come over here?"

"Ah, NO!... I told them, I was spending time with Maria, after she ran out in the middle of her shift to go find Michael, it convinced my dad that she really needs a friend right now."

"Is that so."

"Yup, so now you are free to take me bowling."

"Bowling?" Max asked disappointedly.

"What’s wrong with bowling?"

"Well, I thought since it looks like we’ll have the apartment to our selves tonight, we could rent a movie, get some pizza and be alone together."

"Yeah, you’re right that’s a much better idea," she said as she leaned over and started kissing him.


They were now all sitting at the table with food spread out before them. Which brought the three teenager alien warriors into silence. However both Michael and Maria found time to start a conversation about there plans to stop the investigation while the troops simply ate and listened.

"So anyone got any ideas, how we can stop Mr. Evan’s from getting us all killed?" Michael asked as he took a bit of his pizza and followed it up with a sip of his soda. As he said before, he does his best thinking while eating.

"What about if we find Ava?" Maria suggested as she nibbled on her piece slowly. Thinking that she has to do more to teach her would be family better table manners.

"No" Michael said in between bites not even bothering to look up at her when he spoke.

"What, why?"

"I don’t trust her, or any of those New York hybrid rejects" he countered this time looking up at her.

"Why not, she helped save Max, and she was really nice" Maria said putting down her pizza and looking at him, questioningly.

"First of all the only reason she helped save Max is because he’s Zan’s dupe, and she had the same sick obsession for Zan as Tess had for Max, secondly she probably met back up with Rath and Lonnie, two people I would rather not met again." This time Michael put down his pizza and answered her, trying to explain his twisted logic.

"What, I kinda liked Rath," Maria said sarcastically knowing that it would provoke him.

"Maria!" Michael put on an annoyed expression not sure whether he should be happy that she said she like his twin, or hurt because Rath’s a sick murderous psychopath.

"Fine if your so smart, what’s your idea?" she said with a smirk, picking up another piece of pizza.

"Let me think, would ya" Michael said grabbing the last piece of pizza off the tray, and dousing it in Tabasco sauce, looking at Maria as she rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Got nothing do ya?"

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," Michael finally said, as Maria looked questioningly at him, not understanding where he was going with that train of thought.

"If you can’ beat them, join them," Junior said haphazardly, adding in another one of his father sayings as he slurped up the remaining part of his drink.

"What did you say?" Michael asked, intrigued looking at him severely.

"What, oh, I said if you can’t beat them, join them"

"That’s perfect!" Michael yelled leaning back in his chair, and slamming his drink onto the table. Finally a real plan was beginning to form in his brain, a plan that might actually work!


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Author’s Note

I just want to thank my beta, Christiana for being so great! Can you believe I have another part for you so soon? It’s a miracle *angel* Hope you all enjoy!

roswellluver – don’t worry all will be revealed!
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Wow!, after reading everyone’s FB. I found that you guys really like all the same parts, which were actually my favorites as well! That makes me feel so great to know I’m writing what you like.

Part 7B

“What, Michael what are talking about?” Maria asked looking at him questioningly wondering what he was so excited about.

”Yeah, what are talking about?” Alex asked as she took her last bit of pizza, and picking up her drink.

“Maria, is going to join the investigation,” Michael stated proudly, looking at everyone around the table and smiling; proud of himself for having come up with such an ingenious idea.

“What?, no, no, no,” she said shaking her head in disbelief, wondering what possessed him to think she’d do such a ridiculous thing.

“Wait that’s perfect,” Junior said looking up from his plate, and smiling.

“No!” Maria said continuing to protest, the idea.

“Yeah, since she’s not on the board,” James stated, getting excited about the plan.

“She can pretend not to know what the big conspiracy is all about,” Alex said finishing James’ thought as she began to realize that finally they had come up with a feasible plan to stop the investigation.

“No, I’m not” still protesting, Maria held a firm ground that she was not going to have any part of there cockamamie plot to stop Mr. Evans.

“Exactly and in the mean time, change the course of Mr. Evans investigation,” Michael said, happily proud that his idea was so well received by the other, Maria still need convincing though.

“Wait, he’s never going to buy that I want to help him out,” realizing that she was not going to get them off the idea by simply protesting, she decide to try and use logic instead.

“Sure he will, we’ll come up with some sappy story and really pull on his heart strings,” Michael said smiling, knowing full well that she would go along with what ever plan the group came up with, eventually. It might take a little persuasion, but he was noting if not persuasive at least when it came to Maria.

“If he has any,” Maria snorted.

“Yeah, like your so in love with Da-Michael but he has all these secrets and you just can’t live with it any more, all you want to do is help him,” Alex said in a dramatically sappy voice, that made everyone laugh including Maria.

“We’ll have to find out exactly what he knows first, that way she can feed him information he already has, and discount anything incriminating,” Michael said thoughtfully, as he started to plan out there strategy in his head. If done carefully this plan could actually work and work well.

“That means breaking into his office,” Alex said, as she leaned forward resting her arms on the table.

“We can do that, it’s not like we’ve never done a B&E before,” James said confidently, as he relaxed back in his chair.

“Breaking in without getting caught, now that’s another story,” Junior added smirking at the other two, remembering one of the last times they broke into a building as a family. Other families went to the zoo; they broke into government buildings to steal information that proved the existence of aliens.

“I bet he’s installed an alarm system, maybe Isabel knows about the buildings security, we’ll ask her,” Michael added, thinking about what the building’s security and what it could possible be like.

“Michael, don’t you think he’ll suspect that one of us was responsible for the break in,” Maria said as she watched her would be family, get all excited about pulling off a B&E. Shouldn’t that frighten her, at least a little?

“We’ll all need solid alibis then,” Michael stated realizing that Maria was correct in her thinking.

“What if the three of us do the actual breaking in,” Alex said excited at the possibility and realizing that this one way their presence in the past could be of some benefit. They don’t exist in this time; there fore Mr. Evans and company couldn’t suspect them.

No one noticed that a dark haired man was walking near the table, with his arm around a shorter dark haired woman. The man noticing the group at the table started walking toward them smiling.

“Wait, if were actually going to go through this insane plan then…” Maria said, realizing that she was in fact going to go through with this plan and becoming more and more convinced that Michael was actually thinking about the plan not just flying by the seat of his pants.

“Michael, hey man how’s it going?” the man asked. The whole table turned and stared at him, wide eyed. Maria put her best fake smile on, and Michael did the same. The troops tried to fade into the background as best they could, not wanting to be seen.

“Hey, Steve,” Michael answered him, trying to not sound as if he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Maria, right?” Steve asked, looking at her questioningly, although he already knew who she was. Wasn’t she the reason, Michael had been so moody the past few days? Although he didn’t want to talk about it all the guys knew something was going on between Michael and a certain local waitress.

“Yeah, hi,” she answered back smiling for real this time, breathing a sigh of relief knowing that there was no way that him seeing the troops would cause any problems. Looking at the woman, next to him and smiling sweetly being uncharacteristically shy.

“Oh I’m sorry, this is my wife Cheryl, honey this is Michael, and his Maria,” Steve offered, realizing that Michael and Maria had never met his wife before. They both nodded a silent hello, smiling back at her.

“So you’re the one who got them all fired, over a case of Snapple, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Stevey talks about you and the guys all the time,” Cheryl told Michael laughing.

“Hey, I got them our jobs back,” Michael said defensively.

“Oh, please Spaceboy, how many laws did you have to break in the process?” Maria asked raising her eyebrows at him, and touching his arm lovingly. The action didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

“So what are you guys doing, tonight?” Steve asked, noticing the troops. Michael and Maria both looked at each other panic stricken. They both didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, ah we’re here taking my um, my ah cousins bowling,” Maria said trying not to stutter, and pointed to the troops who all smiled politely and gave a little nod in acknowledgement

“I’d get a lane quickly, they are really starting fill up” Cheryl offered sweetly to Maria, who smiled back.

“Oh, thanks, yeah we probably should,” Maria said then turned to her would be children saying “Why don’t you guys go get a lane, and some of those gross communal shoes”

“Sure,” They said at once, and getting up quickly the three stalked off toward the lanes. Leaving Steve and Cheryl to chit chat with their parents, and hopefully forget all about them.

“Maria, you look so familiar… I swear we’ve met before,” Cheryl said looking at her questioningly.

“Probably, I’m a waitress of at The Crashdown Cafe you’ve most likely seen me serving up all that disgustingly fattening greasy food to the masses,” Maria answered her chuckling.

“Hey, that’s my cooking you’re talking about,” Michael bantered back at her, taking a sip of her drink.

Turning her attention to Michael, Cheryl said, “Oh, that’s right you work there as well don’t you, now I remember Stevey telling me that… is that where you two met?”

“Sorta,” Michael answered her.

“His best friend used to, well still does drag him in The Crashdown, so he could sit there and stare at my best friend who also works there, but we’ve know of each other for years from school,” Maria answered her question entirely, smiling as she remember what it used to be like with Max sitting there staring at Liz, and Michael just sitting there moody.

“Oh, I remember where I know you from, your Amy DeLuca’s daughter… she’s friends with my sister in-law, they protested the creation of the new City Hall last month,” Cheryl smiled remembering, who Maria was.

“Yup that’s my wacky mom for ya,” Maria said smiling, shaking her head at the thought of her crazy hippy mother. Michael snickered knowing Ms. DeLuca all to well.

“She still owns her alien themed gift shop right?” Cheryl asked.

“Yeah, we love our aliens, don’t we Michael?” smiling she gave Michael a knowing look, that just made him roll his eyes at her.

“Well, we’ll let you get back to you’re date, it was nice meeting you both,” Cheryl said, as she smiled and gave a little wave goodbye.

“Yeah, have fun… hey man you still playing tomorrow, right?” Steve asked.

“Yeah!, were going to kick their ass, Tobey’s Garage is going down,” Michael said enthusiastically.

“Michael!” Maria screeched.


“Have you forgotten we have plans!... GOD Michael, sometime I wonder,” Maria said both shocked that he could forget what was going on, and annoyed that in her opinion a stupid bowling game seemed to be so damn important.

“On second thought, I think I’m going to be busy,” he said defeated.

“Bye,” Both Steve and Cheryl called in unison, laughing at the arguing couple.

“It was nice meeting you both,” Maria said smiling as the left.

“See ya later Stevey,” Michael called after him smirking, as Maria gently smacked him upside the head.

Turning towards him, she said indignantly with a mocking tone “Don’t worry, it’s the perfect place,” Michael just scowled at her, and grabbed her drink finishing it on her.

“We probably won’t even know them, in the future,” Michael said in his own defense as Maria rolled her eyes, and went to take a sip of her drink to find that it was empty.


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This next part has some bowling in it, and seeing as I’ve only bowled once or twice in my life, I really didn’t know what to write. Sorry if it's stupid, I tried!

Part 7C


While Michael and Maria where chatting with Steve and Cheryl the troops where over by the counter getting a lane and bowling shoes for everyone. Standing there trying to blend in reminiscing about their past, and speculating on the direction of their parents relationship.

“Who where those people?” Junior asked the others almost in a whisper, looking at them questioningly. They had never met, Steve or his wife Cheryl.

“Don’t know, he must work with dad at that place where he was a security guard for a few months” James answered him, shrugging his shoulders.

“Must be, that was along time ago… well at least to us” Alex said as she took money out of her pocket and handed it to the woman at the counter.

“Hey do guys remember when Mom and Dad, used to take us bowling when we were little?” James asked, smiling as he noticed a family with small kids bowling. They looked like they were having a great time, even though their balls kept going into the gutter.

“Yeah, I remember the time Junior walked down the lane and kicked all the pins down” Alex said snickering, noticing the happy family as well.

“Hey, I was like five and I was sick of rolling the damn ball into the gutter every time” Junior said in protest. “Anyways, Dad thought it was cute”

“That’s before Mom started freaking out that you were going to get hurt and made Dad run down the lane after you, where he slipped and fell on his ass” James said laughing at the memory, the other joined in giggling.

Sobering the mood Junior add “That was before all the shit started, and instead of Friday night bowling, we were running for our lives”

“That’s why we’re here, to change that… to save everyone” Alex added, trying to comfort Junior.

“Exactly!... it’s too bad we didn’t bring our bowling balls” James added.

“Yeah, it’ll be weird bowling without her” Alex said, refereeing to her purple bowling ball that was sitting in her room back at home, in it’s custom bag that was decorated with little green aliens.

“Thanks” Alex said to the woman behind the counter, as she handed them a pile of shoes. They each took a pair or two, and walked over to sit at that the lane they had been assigned. This just happened to give them a good view to be able to watch Michael and Maria more closely; not wanting to go back to the table until Steve and Cheryl had vacated the premises.

“So what are we going to do next” Junior asked Alex, as they sat and watched their would be parents.

“Just wait and see what his plan is” Alex said as she relaxed into her seat, stretching out her legs in front.

Changing the subject James turned to them and said “So what do you think is going on with those two?” pointing to Michael and Maria.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked turning toward him confused.

“There little time out session in the desert, do you think it helped?” he asked.

“I don’t know, it’s not like it really matters” she replied flippantly.

“WHAT!” James screeched, then added in almost a whisper “how can you say that, it’s our very existence you’re talking about”

“James, please just think about it for a second… come on, these are our parents you’re talking about” Alex said looking at him annoyed.

“I’d have to agree with her on this one James” Junior said nodding his head, then added “those two are so in-love it makes ya wana puck”

“They were meant to be together… no matter what shit goes down, they’ve always got each others back… sure they argue, but when it really counts they are always on the same side… and I mean even with everything that’s going on back home they are ok, just because they have each other” Alex stated passionately.

“I guess your right, it’s just it’s so unnerving to see them not together” James said as he shrugged.

“What, you want them to see them rolling around on the floor?” Alex asked him raising her eyebrows in disgust.

“God, no!” James shouted loudly, looking at Alex with disgust.

“I bet you fifty bucks that they are back together before we leave” Junior told the others, as he sat back smiling. Knowing that betting on his parents was a sure thing.


After Steve and Cheryl had left, Michael and Maria cleared the table and then walked over toward where their kids where waiting patiently for them.

“So we’re actually going to bowl?” Maria asked questioningly, taking a seat next to Junior who passed her a pair of shoes that where exactly her size. Noticing this she looked over at him saying “We do this a lot?” He smiled and nodded his head.

“What, it’s a lot of fun” Michael said sitting down and putting on a pair of shoes that the troops had gotten for him.

“Yeah, come on you love bowling!” James said in a whining tone, as he began to tie his bowling shoes on.

“It’ll be fun” Alex said smiling as she stood up, from having tied her laces. She started to do her warm-up stretches, really getting pumped up for the upcoming game.

“Alright” Maria stated unenthusiastically, which caused an excitement among the rest of the group, she quickly added looking pointedly at Michael “but I thought we were supposed to be stopping Mr. Evans, not having Friday night family bowling fun?”

“We’ll just bowl a game, and blow off some steam… then we’ll go back to your house and come up with a plan” Michael said as he joined Alex in some warm-up stretches.

“I mean we are in a bowling ally right, might as well bowl” Maria said smiling watching the two of them, as they acted like they were about to run a marathon.

“Great, so it’s you two against the three of us… and we go first” James stated as he jumped up and joined his teammates.

“Wait a second… this isn’t fair, you guy all have an advantage over me with your powers” Maria said indignantly.

“Hey we aren’t cheaters, we never use our powers when we bowl” Alex stated in a hurt tone.

“Yeah, that’s cheating” Junior said trying to defend themselves, as he tied his shoe laces.

“So let me get this straight, you won’t use your powers to cheat in bowling, but you’ll commit a B&E without even thinking twice” Maria asked the group, looking at them suspiciously

“Exactly, our parents taught us right from wrong” James said, seriously crossing his arms in front of his chest protectively.

“Fine, but if I see any hand waving or balls mysteriously coming out of the gutter…” Maria rambled on but was interrupted by a choirs of “We promise, no powers” which sounded like they had repeated it once or twice before.

“Well it looks like it’s you and me Maria” Michael said as Maria tied her shoes then walked over toward him, and putting her arm around his waist.

The game progressed animatedly with a lot of trash talk from both sides. One minute the troops were winning, the next the parents were. It was a dirty vicious and very combative game.

Michael and Maria where bowling the last string, all they need was a strike to win. The other team was trying to distract them by whistling, and yelling out cat calls.

As Maria stepped up to roll the ball down the lane for a strike, James who was really getting into it, not really knowing what he was saying said loudly “My mother can bowl better than that” this of course that the opposite affect he intended as everyone start cracking up laughing.

This relaxed Maria, and as the ball went rolling down the lane it knocked over ever single pin.

“We won!... Michael we won!” Maria said as she jumped up and down in excitement, hugging Michael who was actually smiling broadly. She then turned to the other team saying “We so kicked your ass”.

“Real mature, MOM” Alex said sulkily as the three of them sat down in defeat. Not believing that they had just lost the game, how could they lose when it was two to three?


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Part 8A

When they had arrived back at Maria’s house for the evening they decided that some ice cream, was a definite must have. So they all sat down at the table surrounded by bowls, spoons, hot fudge sauce, whip cream, open ice cream containers, and Tabasco sauce bottles.

The sat there discussing their options animatedly, coming up with a plan to stop Mr. Evan’s investigation, and thus saving the world. So they made sundaes, and sat there stuffing their faces. For some reason they all seemed to think better while eating. If that’s true then the plan that they are coming up with should actually work.

“I think it’s a do able plan” Alex stated confidently as she scraped the bowl clean with her spoon, trying to get every last drop of ice cream.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but actually agree” Maria said sitting back in her chair, eating the last of her ice cream. “I mean I think we’ve covered all the bases, right?” she asked turning toward Michael, whom she noticed was deep in thought.

“We’ve just gotta tell Aunt Isabel” Junior added, as he reached for the carton of ice cream adding more to his bowl.

“I’m sure she won’t mind hosting an alibi, opps I mean Christmas party” James added smiling, placing his hand over his mouth when said opps, and was basically acting like a goof.

“James, ya know sometimes, you’re really not that funny” Junior added, setting his empty bowl on the table with a bang, and raising his eye brows in disgust.

The rest of the table snickered, except for Michael who was quietly staring into his empty bowl, appearing to be deep in thought. Maria, who was sitting next to him, rested her hand on his knee gently “Michael?” she asked gently, with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

“I’m just making sure we haven’t forgotten anything… it’ll work don’t worry” He tried to comfort her; leaning in he gave her a kiss on the cheek, then took a hand and rubbed her back gently. In response, she leaned her head onto his shoulder cuddling into the safety of his embrace.


Mean while Isabel is sitting in her apartment, anxiously waiting to hear from Michael. On the outside it looked like she was zoned into what was happening on TV, but her mind was far away in another place. She was worried that her niece and nephews had somehow been found out, and the idea that her father was responsible for the hellish future they were all stepping into with each passing second, made her sick. How could he investigate them, follow them, loose trust in them, his own children.

“Isabel, honey what’s wrong?” Jesse asked as he noticed his wife was definitely not in her usual sprits. He sat next to her on the couch and moved over to put his arm around her.

“What, oh I-ah nothing, nothing’s wrong” Isabel answered unconvincingly, looking back to stare at the TV. Not even knowing what she was watching.

“Does this have anything to do with your brother?” Jesse asked agitatedly, turning off the TV, and making Isabel look at him.

“Um, no-yes, well Michael” Isabel stammered, trying not to lie to her husband. So she offered him a half truth.

“Michael?” Jesse asked perplexed, Michael was not her brother, even though they did act like siblings at times.

“Yeah, well you know Max and I consider him our brother, we’re the only family he has, I mean besides Maria.” Isabel started to explain, trying to form a convincing story in her head. The truth seemed like it might work best.

“Wait I thought she dumped him, wasn’t that why he was all upset last night?” Jesse interrupted her story.

“She did, but while he was here painting, she sorta stopped by, well it’s more like she tracked him down” Isabel relaxed, telling the truth was easy, all she had to do was edit out the part about their children from the story.


“I guess Maria realized that she made a mistake, Michael’s a great guy once you get to know him, ah-anyways I guess she left work to find him, she showed up here, and he left with her for places unknown” she paused for a second regaining her composure, then continued.

“He promised he would call and let me know, ya know how everything went, the past few days have been” At that moment her cell phone rang where it sat on the coffee table in front of her. She lunged for it, to answer it quickly.

“Hello” she said excitedly. “Oh, hi Max” she answered deflated tone. “Oh, nothing, nothings wrong” she tried not to sound too disappointed.

“Yeah, he was here - he left with Maria”

“They probably went over to her house, to talk things out, get some alone time”

“No!, don’t bother him, he’s supposed to call me anyways”

“I’ll tell him”

“Yeah, goodnight” with that she ended that call, getting annoyed that Michael would be so careless as to have Max want to go out and search for him. With the way he’s been acting lately, it’s no reason why Max would be concerned.

No soon had she hung up with Max, the phone rang again. This time she took, it and walked toward the bedroom leaving a perplexed Jesse sitting there staring as she left.

“Hello” Isabel answered the phone this time in an aggravated tone, this time knowing it was Michael.

“Max called here looking for you!”

“Why?, he’s worried about you, you hadn’t come home yet”

“Would you calm down, I told him you were with Maria”

“God, it’s no wonder we were all killed in our last life, between you and Max I wonder why we aren’t all being dissected in a white room as we speak.” Isabel ran her hand threw her hair, as she sat on the edge of her bed.

“So have you come up with a plan yet?” she asked in exasperation, pausing to listen to the plan that they had come up with. Her face was intent as she listened, nodding her head and resisting the urge to comment. It was best if she just went along, adding her opinions at the end.

“Sounds good, now tell me what you need me to do” Isabel asked coolly as now paced around the room, stopping suddenly when she saw Jesse in the doorway. She smiled slightly, wondering what he had over heard. He was probably wondering why this phone call was taking so long, it was just supposed to be a quick check in.

“Yeah breakfast sound like a great idea” Isabel added, trying to hint to him that Jesse had entered the room. So she couldn’t continue their discussion, right then.

“Oh, by the way Max told me to tell you good luck with Maria” she stated as said goodbye and hung up. Looking up at Jesse she tried to give him her best innocent look, as he was standing there listening to the tail over her conversation.


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Note: This part will answer some of Michael’s questions, you’ll just have to read to find out! Hope you all enjoy it, please don’t forget to leave FB ::bats eyelashes, sweetly::

Part 8B

Michael had just gotten off the phone with Isabel. He and Maria where now cleaning up the kitchen, while their three children had gone off to get some sleep. It had been a tiring day traveling through time, and emotionally draining convincing the parents they loved who they were. Not to mention, the hours they had spent digging out in the desert, and having there parents beat them in bowling.

"Maria, I’ve been thinking."

"Michael if this is about the whole us thing, I thought we were going to wait…" Maria stated softly looking down at the dishes she was clearing from the table placing them in the sink.

He took her waist and spun her around to face him. "No, it’s just why you weren’t freaked when our kids arrived, about the whole time travel thing."

"Oh," she said softly looking at her hands, trying to come up with a convincing story, "Well, I-I guess, um, I don’t know… I felt a-a connection with them," pausing she added laughed sarcastically. "If I believe in aliens then, then why not time travel right?"

"Maria," he said sternly.

"What?" she said sheepishly, still not looking at him.

"I know your not telling me something," Michael stated with a hint of amusement, mixed with annoyance.

"Please, are you really that paranoid?" she said turning away from him, trying to avoid his gaze.

"No, I just know you all to well, and I can tell when you hiding something from me," Michael stated knowingly, as he noticed she wouldn’t look at him.

"Please, what makes you think I’m hiding anything?" Maria asked trying to sound angry but her voice came out with nervousness. She was back at the sink trying to keep busy rinsing off the dishes.

"First of all you avoid eye contact, like you’re doing right now," he stated, taking the dish out of her hands, then grabbing her waist and pulling her toward a chair, sitting Maria on his lap. She let him man-handle her, knowing it was useless to try and lie to him. They had always been honest with each other, and she didn’t want to start lying now.

"And you don’t use your hands when you talking… so out with it," Michael stated playfully as he hugged her body to his.

"It’s not my secret to tell, I-I promised Liz I wouldn’t say anything," she said still avoiding eye contact.


"Oh, God! I’ve said too much," she said putting her face in her hands.

"Maria, if this has something to do about not having Max know, I won’t tell him… but I need you tell me," he said sternly, giving her a squeeze to emphasize his point "please," he added softly, whispering in to ear, then kissing her neck.

She then turned to him, looking at him coolly she ranted "fine, but you have to promise not to tell anyone what I tell you, not Liz, not Max, not Isabel, not Kyle, not…"

"I get it you don’t want me to tell anyone, just tell me", he said looking at her, knowing that she was going to finally give in, he didn’t even have to worry about it being the truth. With them it was always the truth, even if it hurt like hell.

"You have to promise first," she stated looking at him sternly.

"Maria!" Michael cried exasperatedly, she simply raised her eyebrows not giving in, until he relented stating sarcastically "fine, I promise I won’t tell a single soul what you’re about to tell me, are you happy now?"

"Yes, um I don’t know where to start," she turned to face him, looking into his eyes this time.

"The beginning usually works best", he smirked.

"Well I guess sometime last year, Liz had a visitor from the future," she start, but was interrupted.


"Would you let me tell the story," she smiled, and shook her head exasperatedly.

Nodding his head, she continued. "Well anyways, this visitor was Max."


This time she ignored his interruption, and continued with the story. "Yes Max and he, well the future version told her to make Max, the younger version that is, fall out of love with her."


Relaxing into the story, she became more animated with her narrative, moving her hands about like usual. "Yeah, cause apparently in that timeline, Max and Liz were together and that pushed Tess to leave, and when your enemies came you all weren’t strong enough without her, blah, blah, blah."

Maria paused for a second, letting him absorb the story. The he finally speaks after a few moments. "That doesn’t make sense; because she was never on our side, all she wanted to do was go back to Antar and bring us along as booty."

"I know," she cried excitedly, then continued with what Liz had told her in confidence. "I guess before he came, future Max that is… Isabel and you had just like died," she added the end she said quietly with a definite sound of sadness, in response he hugged her tightly letting her know that he was still there.

"Wait!, so our enemies came, Tess wasn’t there so we all where killed, then Max used the granolith to come back right?" he asked still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

"Yup, that pretty much sums it up… Liz said that he told her that their friend Serena manipulated the granolith so it could be used for time travel," she added to the story.

"Serena? She was mentioned in that letter of yours."

"Yeah, I guess she’ll be a friend of Liz’s some day," she concluded, seeing as she didn’t know anyone by that name.

"So wait, Tess is really our enemy, so she must have sent them when she couldn’t get to Max cause Liz was in the way," he surmised, Maria nodded her head in agreement saying "Probably."

"So did he tell her anything about us?" he asked curiously trying not to sound to excited, he wondered what would have happened to them in that timeline. Cause he would have not had to chose her over going home, so would they have ended up being together?

"No!, it was all about them, and how they ‘cemented’ the night of the Gomez concert and got married in Vegas at some Elvis Chapel at nineteen," she said incredulously, flaring her arms dramatically.

"Really?, I can’t imagine those two running off and eloping," he snorted.

"I know!"

"It’s more something we would do?" he added bluntly, knowing that they tended to be impulsive.

"Ok, now your turn, tell me what you saw," smiling at him, as she held his hand that was in her lap.

"What?" he said innocently, knowing all to well what she was talking about.

"The flashy things, Alex gave you," she said rolling her eyes.

"Oh," he said smirking.

"Michael, please tell me what you saw," she pouted, and batted her eyelashes at him.

"What if I show you?"

"Ok" she said cautiously, not knowing what he was going to do.

With that he grabbed her waist and moved her so that she was straddling his lap. His hands where on her hips pulling her body closer to his. Leaning his head down he kissed her, at first she rested her hands on his shoulders much like their first kiss, so long ago in the Crashdown that fateful night. After a few seconds as the flashes started.

The flashes showed how much he loves her - misses her, how all he wants to do is make her happy - to have a family with her. How seeing their children gave him hope that it might come true on day. That she was/is the only woman he’s ever wanted, will ever want!

As the flashes ended he broke the kiss and they stared into each others eyes, not saying a thing to each other. She was still processing the flashes she had seen, and unbeknownst to her he had seen exactly how she felt as well.

He had seen how much she wanted him back, her fear that she was drowning in him, that she was loosing apart of her self, and how it scared her that he loved her so much. No one had ever loved her enough to stay, enough to be jealous, enough to be hurt if she left.

"I’m back Spaceboy, I’m back," Maria stated emphatically as she leaned into kiss him again, this time more passionately pouring all her love for him, into the kiss.

"What?" He asked curiously not getting her meaning, as she started kissing his face moving down his neck.

Pausing, she held his face in her hands saying "You asked me if I would ever come back to you Michael, and I am, I’m back, this time I’m not leaving."

He didn’t need any more persuasion; he attacked her mouth with a firm passionate kiss.

Sure they both knew that they still had things to work out, to talk about, but that didn’t really matter. The outcome was always going to be the same. They belonged together!

Running his hands along her back, he lifted the back of her shirt needing to feel her skin. Maria moaned in his mouth, as she felt his hand graze her skin.

"Maria!" a woman’s voice cried from the kitchen door way, as she walked in their impromptu make out session. The two froze instantly, and Maria turned to face the woman. On seeing who it was she quickly detached her self from Michael’s lap standing up, and he followed suit trying to seem innocent.

"Mom?" she asked questioningly.

"Hey, Ms. Deluca," he said trying to sound innocent, like he hadn’t just been ravishing her daughter in their kitchen.

"Michael?" she said angrily, but also questioning why he was there. Hadn’t Maria been crying all night about how she broke things off with him.

"Mom, what are you doing here… you said you’d be gone all weekend," Maria said trying to turn the tables on her mother. She shouldn’t be here; it was all Amy’s fault that she walked in on them.

"The convention was cancelled," still looking at Michael questioningly, and giving Maria disapproving look.

"Cancelled?" Maria asked unbelievingly, this wasn’t happening. Didn’t the troops know that Amy would be coming home?

"Yes, a water main broke and the whole place was flooded… but now I’m glad I got back when I did, what are you two doing?" she asked her voiced raised in anger as she throw her purse on the counter.

"Just cleaning," Maria said trying to sound innocent.

"That’s not what it looked like when I walked in… Michael would you give me and my daughter a minute," she said sternly, glaring at the two of them.

"Ya sure, Maria, I’m just gonna..." Michael said pointing to the other room; he then walked out of the room. Walking into the other room, going to wake up the troops, this wasn’t a place they could all camp out in anymore; they would have to find someplace else.


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Last Minute Packing
by: rollergal20

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Roswell is owned by 20th Century Fox and UPN. This means I own nothing; except the few characters I’ve created for my own use.
A.N: This is Maria’s POV and takes place right after they left in ‘Graduation’.
Summary: What did Michael pack before he left Roswell?

After riding in a cramped stuffy van for hours, we finally stumble into a motel room tired, dirty and emotionally exhausted, but at least we’re together. My mind is still reeling from the events of the past 24 hours. I’ve not only graduated from high school, but have nearly watched all my friends be shot in the process. Not to mention that I’m now on the run from the FBI, and probably will never see my family again. It was my choice, and it will most likely be the best idiotic thing I’ve ever done.

Michael and I haven’t said much too each other, since I decided to follow him. Mostly because we wanted to wait till we were alone. However after spending hours cuddled up in his arms as we rode on into the night, I’m pretty sure he knows how much I love him. I think he does - I hope he does! I mean I gave up everything to be with him!

I step into the room, which looks like all the other nookie motels we’ve ever been to; tacky, musty smelling, but surprisingly clean. Michael walks in behind me and drops his bag on the bed along with his jacket. I briefly wonder what he has in that bag; he’s the only one who had time to pack.

Walking up to him, I put my arms round his waist resting my head comfortably on his chest. He puts his arms around me, pulling me even closer, holding me tightly to him. Kissing the top of my head he whispers softly, “It’ll be ok,” because he says it I believe it. He’s never lied to me; I know he won’t start now. He’s not going to tell me it’ll be easy, that we’ll have a great time, that the FBI isn’t going to find us, cause none of those are guarantees. I do, however, believe him that everything will be ok, because as long as I have him it will be.

“Why don’t you take a nice hot bath,” he tells me softly, still holding me tightly. His hand is gently rubbing my back in tiny calming circular motions.

I shake my head no saying with a pout, “Only if you join me.”

I can’t bear to be away from him right now, no matter how short a period of time. I need to be able to feel him, smell him, and know he’s real. To think I almost lost him forever, I just can’t even think of what it would be like to never have him there. I don’t want to think such negative thoughts, because they aren’t going to happen. We are together now, and that’s the way it’s always going to be.

He pulls back slightly “Maria, are you sure?” I can hear - I can feel the caution, hope, desire in those words.

“Yes” I answer quietly, still holding onto him tightly hoping he feels the same way, hoping that he hasn’t fallen out of love with me.

Both of us are just as confused as to what we are to each other at this moment. Are we friends, neither of us ever did well being just friends. We never seemed to pull that off, after months of trying we ended up hurting each other worse trying to deny our true feelings, then we ever did when we where together.

I decide that maybe I should take the initiative, so I tentatively reach up taking his face into my hands. Then I gently pull him down and kiss him gently, he seems a little shocked by my actions. He pauses slightly, neither pulling away nor kissing me back. I can tell he’s trying to decide what he should do next, should he pull away building back up that stonewall of his. Or should he kiss me back, like he’s been dying to for weeks now.

He’s suddenly made his choice as he pulls me closer to him, and bends down further; kissing me like we used to. I can feel his tongue, entering my mouth and everything seems right in the world. Nothing has changed, he tastes and feels the same. We stand there just attached, moaning, neither wanting to be doing anything else at that moment except being.

I’m not sure who pulls away first, maybe at the same moment we each need to catch our breath.

“How about that bath now?” he says, and I can tell he’s a little surer of himself. Maybe he knows that there is no where I’d rather be than in his arms. Oh, wait I forgot he’s Spaceboy, he never has a clue.

I smile nodding; taking his hand I lead him into the small bathroom. As we enter, Michael drops my hand. Standing behind me he wraps his arms tightly around my waist. I can feel his hot breath on my neck, as he kisses it tenderly. I shiver slightly, as his hands beginning to move under my shirt. Now I can feel large hands moving across, caressing my stomach. Moving out of his embrace I walk over toward the bath tub, I hear the door click as Michael shuts it. As I bend over to turn on the water; I feel his eyes burning on my body. He’s watching my ever movement, memorizing it. Standing up, I flash him as smile, which he reciprocates although his always looks more like a smirk. I take that as a good sign that he wants to be here with me, that this bath is just what each of us needs to relax.

Turning around, I reach down and start to help him pull of his shirt. Silently telling him that at least for now we are going to go back to the way things where.

When we’d go back to the apartment after our shifts, and take a hot bath. First undressing each other slowly, kissing, touching, then resting in the tub together were we’d talk softly; about our day, and a mountain of other things. It was the time when we were most open to each other. Sitting between his legs, with my head rested on his naked chest there was/is nothing I can hide from him or that I want to. I know he feels the same way; he used to love those baths. Since I left him that day in the park, I haven’t taken one. It just won’t be the same with out him, it’s our special thing.

Once he insisted we stay in there so long we looked like prunes, and my skin started to peel. If I remember correctly that was sometime right after Max and Liz where arrested. No one really understood how that deeply affected him. I knew - I listened to the pain in his voice, the disappointment, and being torn both wanting to help Max and not wanting to be involved.

He had chosen where he wanted to be, he was at home with me! I guess I just needed to come to the same realization; I needed to not only think, but know that he is my home.

His shirt has now been tossed aside onto the floor. I then begin to kiss all the way down his chest, when I get to his waist I blew a raspberry on his belly button. I feel him shiver under my touch, and I then start to unbutton his pants.

He suddenly grabs my wrists, and I begin to panic thinking that he’s not on the same page as me, that he doesn’t really want to be here with me. To my surprise and relief, he steps forward bring my arms behind my back. Kissing me hungrily, he hugs my body to his. Letting go he lifts ups my shirt, pulling it over my head expertly in on full swoop. He’s done that a couple of hundred times - as they say practice makes perfect.

Now we are fully de-robed and resting comfortably in the soothing hot water. I’m sitting in between his legs with my head resting comfortably on his chest. We haven’t said much of anything too each other since we entered the bathroom. Except for the occasional "I love you", "I’ve missed you", "God you’re beautiful" and other such sweet nothings we whispered softly too each other as we unwrapped one another from our clothing.

We sit there quietly not saying anything, not know what to say. Our arms are resting on the sides of the tub, his large hands covering mine.

“Why did you come?” he asks me softly as he rubs his thumbs gently over my knuckles.

“You know why?” I whisper back, barely able to control the emotion in my voice.

“I need to hear you say it,” he whispers back as his hands glide up my arm slowly, and I know what he wants to hear. The truth-that I came for him, only him; I know he believes it in his heart but he needs to hear it so he know it’s not just wishful thinking on his part.

We sit there in silence for a few moments, while I calm my self and build up enough emotional courage to tell him how I feel. For some reason we are better at showing our feelings than expressing them. Maybe that’s why Liz and Max always thought our relationship was based on the physical. That’s how we communicated with each other best, through action not jabbering away about our feelings and dissecting every little aspect of our relationship. We’re both vibrators, doers.

I slowly turn around so I’m kneeling between his legs, our faces are level as I reach up and cup his face him my hands. Moving forward, I kiss him softly feeling our wet bodies touch sends a pulse of electricity through me. This causes me to assault his mouth further, when I feel his gentle hands grabbing my hips and bringing me closer to him it just adds fuel to my fire. Taking a breath of air I look into his eyes, and say truthfully.

“I - I love you, and I just couldn’t live my life without you in it... I want to be with you, only you" I emphasize the last word by grabbing his face and peppering it with kisses.

Looking into his eyes I can see the real Michael, and he’s letting me. He’s letting me connect with him, not on a flashy level. Something that runs much deeper, I see my self inside of him, how a piece of his soul is reserved just for me. I know that’s he’s seeing the same, a reflection of himself that’s burned into my soul.

He takes a piece of my hair and pushes it behind my ear, whispering, “I like your hair this way, it reminds of when we where younger before you went blonde.” I smile shyly at him, and he takes a breath, pulls me even closer, hugging me tightly. I rest my head on his shoulder; my arms are around his neck. I know he’s trying to figure out what to say, and his comments about my appearance are merely to illustrate that he does pay attention to me, he always has.

I can feel his fingers sweeping gently along my spine, as he begins to speak. “I know I don’t say it often enough, but I do love you, Maria… everything I said to you when I came to say goodbye was true… you’re the only one I’ll ever love, that I ever want to love!”

We sit there for a while, just holding each other. Then a thought comes to my mind, he had left already, he had said goodbye. Why had he come back, maybe I don’t want to know. More than likely it wasn’t for me, he just realized that the others where in trouble and came back to save the day – again.

For some unknown reason I can’t control my self, I pull back slightly and look at him questioningly. Turning the tables on him I ask shyly “Why did you come back?”

He looks at me and his eyes begin to sparkle and he does something that doesn’t occur often enough. He laughed! “What?” I say annoyed beginning to thing that he’s laughing at me, I pull away slightly.

He senses that I’m annoyed and stops laughing immediately, looking at me he says seriously. “It was just something Madam Vivian said to me.”

“What?” I say not believing what I’m hearing, after he called her a fake, crack head and numerous other names he actually took her advice. I just couldn’t believe it, and was starting to think he was playing some game with me. So I pulled away and sat on the opposite side of the tub, looking at him questioningly.

He pulls himself toward me, hovering over me and kisses me sweetly before saying “She told me to ‘believe in the love’, and so I did.”

“Believe in the love,” I countered back skeptically, not believing what I was hearing. He was actually saying he followed her advice.

“Yes, I couldn’t leave you either… damnit I love you too much Maria… I wasn’t about to lose you again.”

I can feel the tears start to fall down my face, unable to contain my emotions any longer. He loves me - he’s loved me the whole time. I feel his tongue gently flicking away the tears as the start to fall. I pull his body towards me, needing to feel him plastered to my own. I can feel him pulling me towards him, trying not to push me under the water, and drown me. Although I won’t mind him giving me mouth to mouth - that could actually be a very pleasant experience.

I can feel his excitement pressing into my stomach, so I lift up one of my legs and wrap it around his waist trying to pull him in even closer. He’s holding him self up with on hand on the side of the tub, and the other was slowly moving up my body. My hands were roaming his back, and I slid them southward along his waist. Not once breaking from assaulting his mouth with my own.

Taking a breath, he pulls away slightly and rests his forehead on my own. We are both breathing heavily, from our naked wet make out session. Smiling, I reach up and cup is face kiss him sweetly before saying softly “I love you.”

“Ditto,” he replies with a smirk then adds seriously as my hands start to travel along his body suggestively “Maybe we should start over, you know go back to when we first feel in love… get back what we lost along the way.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t take long hot baths with guys I just met,” I said smirking, knowing what he was saying. As much as we both could just jump back in the sack together, and things would be OK again. It wouldn’t ever be the same, we need to work out our problems before we where intimate again. We needed to get back to that place where were when we first made love. Without even saying anything I knew what Michael was saying, and as much as it hurt me slightly thinking he didn’t want me I knew it wasn’t that. He did want me, he wanted us, and I knew he was right.

In retaliation for my comment he grabs my sides and starts to tickle me, as I squeal with laugher; splashing water out of the tub, and all over the bathroom. I don’t mind though, because having his hands on me feels just like coming home again.

I leave the bathroom, in search of some thing for the both of us to wear. He’s still in the bathroom, rinsing off and from the looks of things he needed a cold shower, a very cold shower. Looking around the room, I spy his bag resting on the bed.

Walking over I open his bag, and the first thing I see is a CD. Of course it’s Metallica’s Greatest Hits double CD volume. I start laughing as I place it on the bed and resume looking for something resembling clean clothing. I spy one of my favorite T-Shirts he owns, and taking it out I slip it on tossing the towel I was wearing aside.

Everything about it feels familiar; I wonder how many times I’ve slept curled up next to my Spaceboy only wearing this flimsy t-shirt. It’s soft and worn from all the washings, and smells just like home/Michael. I continue to search the bag, grabbing a pair of boxers for him. There isn’t much in the bag, only a pair of jeans, the button down sleeveless shirt I bought him for his birthday last year. I wonder if he brought it intentionally or if it was just there and clean?

I place the CD back in the bag, and then let it drop to the floor. Which it did with a bang! I turn around wondering, why it made that sound all that was in the bag were clothing right, a copy of his favorite book, and his CD right. I pick the bag back up, fishing into it trying to reach the bottom. When I do I can feel something cold, hard and unmistakably metal. I grab onto it, pulling it to the surface.

It was a square metal box; it looked like a small version of lunch box. Looking over my shoulder to see if Michael was looking, I slowly open it, and gasp at what I see. Inside is a mountain of pictures and in each one I’m the focus. Looking at them more closely I notice that they went all the way back to when they had first been going out. Pictures of me at the Crashdown, in his apartment, our prom, Christmas, birthdays, every event and even one of us sleeping curled up safe in each others arms. Moving the pictures aside I notice a variety of other objects. A tube of lip gloss, an earring ’I wonder where that went’, the receipts from every nookie motel we ever went to, a used condom wrapper. ‘Ewww what’s he doing with this?, I hope the used condom isn’t in here as well!’ I look at the box skeptically, then looking at the wrapper again, I notice something. It wasn’t just any wrapper; it was one from the first box of condoms we ever bought, before we knew anything about them. So it must have been from the first time we made love thinking about it, I guess it’s sort of sweet in an icky sort of way.

So I begin putting things back, when I spy as small round wooden box. I pick it up and notice it has a bouquet of wild flowers painted on top. I take off the top, and gasp at what I find inside. Resting on a pillow of black silk, is the most beautiful platinum diamond ring I’ve ever seen. The diamond was neither showy nor cheap looking and sparkled even in the dim light. Not being able to resist, I take the ring out the box. Looking at it more closely, I notice that there is an engraving on the inside of the band. Turning it so I can read it, tears that have already started to fall begin to rush from my eyes blinding me so I can barely make out the inscription. Which read ‘Forever yours love Spaceboy’ by now I was shaking, not being able to hold in my emotions. I’m not sure when exactly he walks out of the bathroom, but I look up and saw him standing there.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asks, and I know he’s angry because I was going through his things. He was wondering if I had found his Maria box or worse if I had found the cute little wooden box that held the engagement ring he never got around to giving me.

“What is this?” I demand, waving the ring in front of his face. Which went pale very quickly, and he stared at me his eyes searching me for my feelings. Wondering what was going on in my head, was I mad, scared or just plain confused.

“You know what it is?” he answers simply, picking up the box I had left on the bed and taking the ring out of my hands he starts to put it back in it’s box.

I grab his hand saying “Wait.”

“Wait, what?”

I can tell he was getting mad, not because I found the ring, but because it’s bringing back all the memories of how he never asked me.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I say with my voice cracking, barely able to control my emotions.

“What am I supposed to say?” Michael asks as he steps forward toward me.

“I don’t know, you can’t, you can’t just show me that and not, not say anything,” I say flabbergasted, unable to put a coherent thought together, let alone tell him how I’m feeling.

“I didn’t show you anything, you’re the one who went snooping around in my bag,” he snaps at me angrily.

“I was not snooping!... I was just getting some clothes,” I rebuke, loudly knowing that our arguing wasn’t going to give me the answers I was wanted to hear so desperately.

“And you just happened to open my Maria box, and then you just happened to open…” he mumbles nearly incoherently.

“Your Maria box?” I say quietly, I already know that’s what it is. There is just something about having him admit it, saying it out loud it had a whole other meaning. I feel another rush of emotion, and start to tear up again.

“Yes, what there is nothing wrong with keeping a few souvenirs?” he asks defensively, and I can feel his fear rolling off him in waves.

“Nothing,” I answer whispering softly.

He sits on the bed next to me, and was silent for a few minutes. I can tell he’s trying to figure out what he’s going to say. So I wait patiently, although I pick up the boxes cover and stare at the beautiful wild flowers that where depicted on it. As I begin tracing them with my finger tip.

“I thought you’d like them,” he says softly, as he broke our silence.

“I do, their my favorite.”

“I know.”

“Where did you find it, it’s so perfect.”

“I had seen the boxes before, but they always had roses, or other things painted on them, nothing that reminded me of you... so I just bought a plain box, and painted those flowers on it, cause I know how much you love wild flowers.”

“Wow, ya I do… I can’t believe you painted this.”

“Why? 'Cause it’s actually good?” he asks smirking, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“No, it’s just so romantic,” I say honestly, surprised by all the thought he had poured into it, “have you been taking lessons from Max?” I ask smiling back at him.

“No… he doesn’t even know about it… no one does,” he says quietly, looking down at the ring.

“Really?” I ask surprised, not believing he wouldn’t talk to anyone about such an important thing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that he had planned to ask me to marry me. Now to hear that it was all his idea, and no one knew about it.

“Yeah, plus lately I don’t think Max has really been pulling off the whole romantic thing really well,” he says seriously, than adds sarcastically “I mean, unless you find getting another girl pregnant, then getting arrested together for armed robbery romantic.”

“No, your version of romantic is perfect,” I say smiling at him, knowing he’s right. Max hasn’t been the best boyfriend everyone thought he was lately. Where as Michael has, why didn’t I ever see that before? Why didn’t I see that my alien was the better more stable one, the one who once he made a commitment would keep it? He’s the most responsible, loyal and the sexiest alien on the planet - not that I’m bias or anything.

“Plus he’d just try and talk me out of it,” he says with a downcast expression, fingering the ring.

“Why do you say that?” I ask surprised at his disheartened attitude, surely his best friend - his brother would be happy for us. “He’d be happy for us,” I say confidently.

“Maria, be realistic they’ve never supported our relationship… they’ve always told us that we’ve got nothing in common… he’s always saying what we have is purely physical,” he says bitterly, and I know exactly how he feels. No one’s ever supported us in our relationship, except surprisingly my mother. She’s the one who told me Michael would come around eventually, that let him take care of me when Alex died, she didn’t even have him arrested when we took off together for Arizona she just told him to make sure I had a good time. Having a private hot tub and a fooling around sexy alien in said hot tub is defiantly my idea of having a good time.

“That’s exactly what Liz thinks… they don’t understand do they, it must not be love if it’s not some fairytale,” I say sarcastically knowing exactly what he means.

“Complete with a wicked witch,” he adds as an after thought, and it make me smile slightly. He’s still holding the ring, and I figure it’s as good a time as ever to ask him about it.

“When did you buy it?” I say barley above a whisper, and wait patiently for his answer.

“Hhmm… well I bought it on the installment plan… I had finished paying for it but they hadn’t done the engraving yet… so I had to wait a few weeks… I went to pick it up a few days before Christmas, I had originally planned on giving it to you then.”

I smile sadly thinking about how if things had been different, and he would proposed on Christmas. I know wholeheartedly I would have said yes, there isn’t even a doubt in my mind. If he had been so committed as to save the money, pick out the ring, the box and plan a proposal I would have known/I know that he wants to be with me. That he wouldn’t leave me, that I’m the most important person in his life and always will be.

“Why did you keep it?” I ask hopefully, trying to hide my enthusiasm. Someday I’d love to be able to wear that ring, to have him ask me to be his forever. Hopefully that day won’t be too far off. I can hope can’t I?

“I don’t know… I guess I was hoping some day I’d be able to use it,” he adds haphazardly, trying not to give away his true feelings. I already know how he feels; we spent an hour in that bath talking. I know he still loves me, that he wants to start over, to get back to where we were. Where we where was exactly at the point where he was going to ask me to be his WIFE! Just the thought of it freaks me out a little, a lot!

“I’d like that,” I said seriously, as I stood in front of him. Bending down I gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, as I went to break the kiss he cupped my face with his hands and kisses my forehead sweetly.

“Maybe we should get some sleep,” he says awkwardly, as he stands up and places his things back in the bag. I watch him knowing that what we’ve both said was pretty major. Basically we’ve admitted to where we want our relationship to go, that no matter what we want it to end in the dreaded M word marriage! We want us to be forever.

I start to undo the bed as he turns off the lights, instinctively falling back into the same patterns we’ve had for months. He crawls into bed on his side, pulling me towards him. Cuddling closer I look up kiss him sweetly flashing him a smile saying “Goodnight Spaceboy, I love you”.

He hugs me tighter kisses me and says “Night, love you too”. With that we drift off to a peaceful sleep, forgetting for a moment that we are on the run, and being hunted by the FBI.

I woke up in the middle of the night, startled by my surroundings. With out even opening my eyes, I could tell that I was right where I was supposed to be. My head was resting on Spaceboy’s shoulder, while my hand rested on his chest. He had both arms wrapped securely around me holding me tight.

Closing my eyes I fall back to sleep, we might have a lot of things to work out before we are back to the way things where between us. I know we’ll get there in time, we are starting over and that’s perfectly all right with me; as long as I can spend everyday and every night by his side.

I’m Maria DeLuca and I’m madly in love with an alien…

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A.N: I know I'm shocked as well by this update!, hehe... sorry I didn't leave any FB replies, but I'd like so say thanks to all who left it, as well as those who where kind enough to bump the story as well...

As a side note, I wrote a post 'Graduation' fic (Last Minute Packing), and it is on pg 8, of this thread if you want to check it out!...

Part 8C

Once Michael had left the room, Amy rounded on Maria.

“What the hell is going on young lady?” she said angrily, advancing on Maria, who slumped into the nearest chair.

“Nothing!” Maria said vehemently not letting her mother gain control of the situation.

“Oh that’s why I walked in here and see you plastered all over Michael” Ms. De Luca said throwing her hands in the air in front of a nervous Maria.


“Don’t mom me, Maria… what is going on?” she demanded, shaking her finger at Maria angrily.

“Where were just cleaning, and talking… the next thing I know I’m kissing him, and that’s when you came in, honestly mom nothing was happening,” Maria tried to explain as best she could what was not happening between her and Michael, or at least convince her mother that.

“Maria, do I look stupid to you?... because I know what I saw, and that was not just kissing!”


“OMG, you’re having sex with him aren’t you?... aren’t you?” she asked Maria sternly. Maria sat there silently, refusing to answer the question.


“Yes,” Maria said quietly, suddenly finding her hands very interesting.

“Was he the first?” Amy quietly, not believing that she was having this conversation.

“What do you think I am? A slut?” she asked angrily.

“Maria, just answer the question.”

“Yes he’s was first, the only,” she said truthfully.

“Alright, on Monday we’re going to go down to the clinic, and you’re going on the pill young lady, I can’t stop you from what you’re obviously already doing, but I will not have be making the same mistakes I did… I love you too much,” Amy ranted as Maria sat there letting her mother get it off her chest and out of her mind.

“I already am,” Maria said meekly, still finding her hands extremely interesting.

“What!... since when?” she asked out raged, and shocked. Although from her tone you could tell she was happy that Maria was being so responsible.

“Umm… after Vegas,” Maria said timidly.


Meanwhile Michael slipped into Maria’s room to find Alex sound asleep on the bed, while the boys where on the floor asleep as well. He quietly shut the door behind him. He stood there for a moment and watched them sleeping peacefully as Maria and Amy’s voice filtered through the door.

Walking over to Junior, who was the closet to the door, Michael bent down and shook him awake. Junior instinctively raised his hand in self defense; blasting books off Maria’s book shelf that was behind Michael.

“⊕#%$!” Michael screeched, nosily as he jumped up and away from Junior who was still waking up and becoming aware of is surroundings. The commotion woke up the other two who where quickly standing in defensive positions, ready to protect them selves against their attacker.

When they finally noticed who it was that had caused the disturbance, they lowered their hands.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked gruffly, pushing past James to come face to face with Junior. Junior backed away from her, as Michael came to his defenses.

“Shh… Amy came home,” Michael said in a whisper trying to quiet them down.

“Can my day get any better?” James asked dramatically, as be plopped himself on the bed.

Moving closer to Michael, Alex asked in a whisper “What are we supposed to do?... we didn't know she'd come home!”

Michael then moved toward the window, and opened it. Pointing too it he said “Wait for us out in the car,” They nodded their heads in understanding, each of them silently slipped out of the window not before grabbing their jackets.

Junior who was the last to go through the window paused looked at Michael and said apologetically, “I-I’m uh, sorry about, um… you know...”

Michael cut him off saying “Don’t worry about it,” then, reaching in his pocket he grabbed the keys the car, handing them to his son he said “Here, just in case.”

Junior took the keys, smiled then made his way out of the window, which Michael closed behind him. Then taking a deep breath he opened the door and walked out of the room ready to face Ms. De Luca.


As Michael walked into the living room, he could hear their voices from the kitchen. He decided that it would be best to wait in the living room until it was all over, it was safer that way. So he sat there quietly and listened to the conversation going on in the next room.

“Please tell me it wasn’t in the back of my Jetta,” Ms. De Luca said as she slouched into a chair next to Maria’s.


“He didn’t force you to do anything you weren’t ready for did he?... that’s why you broke up with him wasn’t it?” Amy asked concerned.

“NO, GOD mom, this is Michael we’re talking about… we’ve done nothing that I didn’t want to do… it has nothing to with why I stupidly broke up with him,” Maria explained.

“When and where?” Amy asked somewhat calmly.

“What?” Maria asked out raged, not believing that her mother actually wanted to know these details.

“I need to know my baby girl didn’t loose her virginity in some nookie motel, drunk on prom night,” Amy stated emphatically.

“Who are we talking about, me or you?” Maria asked coldly.

“Maria!” Amy said giving her a dirty look.

“Fine!... it was end of school last year, in his apartment, and no we weren’t drunk,” Maria gave as small amount of details as she could.

“Was he good to you?... he didn’t hurt you too much did he?... did you enjoy yourself,” she said in a ramble.

“That’s enough, I’m leaving now before I’m scared for life,” Maria said getting up from the chair and walking toward the living room.

“Spaceboy,” she called out, he stood up from the couch pretending he was just walking into the room as well. She walked up to him, putting her arm around his waist.

“I put that stuff in the car for you,” Michael said in code, knowing that she would catch on to what he was talking about.

“Good idea, I almost forgot about it,” she said giggling, and then gave him a quick kiss. Knowing her mother was watching, and wanting to make her annoyed. It was just too easy!

“Come on we’re going to be late for the movie,” she said lying through her teeth, knowing that Michael would catch on.

He smiled and said “Yeah, we better hurry, it starts in like 15 minutes.”

The whole time as Maria put on her coat, and grabbed her purse Amy was giving Michael a dirty look. Which he tried to ignore, he wasn’t supposed to of heard what been talked about in the kitchen.

“Good bye, mom, don’t wait up,” Maria said to her mother as she pulled Michael toward the door.

“Bye Ms. De Luca,” Michael said somewhat politely.

“Michael,” she said coldly, liking the man who took her daughters innocence less and less.

“Don’t think we won’t be talking about this again, young lady,” Amy said called after them, as the walked out of the door, and down the front steps.


The troops sat in the car along with Maria, as Michael went to get them a room. Once they saw him walk out of the motels office, they disembarked from the Jetta. Maria had her arms wrapped around herself, shivering in the cold as she walked across the parking lot to meet Michael.

As they approached their room, Michael wrapped his arm around Maria’s waist holding her tight. They all quietly slipped into the room. Alex and Junior busied themselves shutting the blinds and locking the door, while James settled himself on the edge of the bed flipping the TV on with his powers. Turning toward the room he exclaimed happily “Look, Roswell’s on!” then shaking his head he said sadly “I still can't believe they canceled it.”

Michael still had his arm around Maria, and guided her toward the bed. After Michael gave James a disapproving look, he moved onto the floor, in order to allow a place where Maria could sit down. The other two quickly moved to sit next to him.

Maria crawled onto the bed, and cuddled up against Michael. Not before throwing two spare pillows down the occupants of the floor. Taking the clicker from the bedside table, Michael changed the channel.

“Hey, I was watching that!” James exclaimed hotly, turning around to face the man who dared to change the channel, from his favorite show.

“Well now you aren’t,” Michael replied.

“I was watching it first… Mariaaaa make him turn it back!” James whined.

“Michael,” Maria said sternly giving him a dirty look.

“What?” he tried to sound as innocent as possible, then giving up he tossed James the clicker. Not wanting to get into it with Maria tonight, she looked tired enough.

Grabbing her he hugged her closer, and said softly “Why don’t you take a nice quiet, hot bath?” He then kissed forehead, gently.

Maria looked at him smiled, and then before she hopped off the bed she gave him a kiss, giggled and said “Behave yourself, while I’m gone.” He smirked at her, then threw a pillow which hit the bathroom door as she closed it behind her.

When Maria stepped out of the bathroom an hour later she found all three of her children sleeping soundly on the floor, with just the beds comforter draped over them. It was barely covering them, except for Alex who was in the middle.

Michael was lying in bed, waiting for her. She bent down picked up his discarded shirt. Slipping it on, she tossed her towel aside and crawled into bed. Snuggling up to Michael, he hugged her close.

“Night Spaceboy,” Maria said giving him a kiss, “love you.”

“Love you, too,” he answered back, they then closed their eyes and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.


Isabel is sitting at a small table in the Crashdown waiting for Michael and Maria to show up. She’s having a bagel with cream cheese, Tabasco sauce and coffee. Suddenly the door swings open and in runs Maria. She scans the room for Isabel and quickly flops herself down in a chair opposite her.

“Where’s Michael?” Isabel asked, wondering why he wasn’t there to join them.

“He’s with the troops getting ready for tonight, mmm... is that a toasted bagel with cream cheese it looks great!”


“What?… oh, yeah here’s a list of guests that Alex wrote up, the ones with stars are the ones you have to make sure come, the others are just for show, you know to make it look like an actual party, if you don’t mind you can just cross off the last one… after last night I don’t really need to spend
anymore time with her, or do I want her anywhere near Michael, I would like to actually be able to have our kids some day…” she rambled dramatically.

Curiously Isabel scanned down the list on the small folded piece of paper Maria had passed her discreetly.

Mom-Maria *
Dad-Michael *
Kyle *
Liz *
Max *
(any friends from school)
Mrs. Evans
Mr. Evans *
Mr. Parker
Mrs. Parker

Isabel snorted and asked “What happened with your mom, I thought she loved Michael?”

“Yeah… well that was before she came home to find us making out in the kitchen,” Maria spoke in annoyance as she flagged down a waitress to bring her some coffee.

Isabel looked at her skeptically, not understanding why she was being so dramatic over her mother seeing her kissing Michael. Sensing that she didn’t understand the full extent of what had happened; Maria continued her rant.

“I don’t think it was that we where kissing, but maybe the fact that I was straddling him on our kitchen chair, and my shirt was about ready to come off… which of course led her to giving me the ‘sex’ talk… normally parents avoid that topic, but being who my mother is she wanted to have the whole
girl talk thing.”

“What?” Isabel asked in surprise.

“Yeah, like when, where, did I enjoy myself?... if you don’t mind, I really don’t want to relive the nightmare ok,” Maria said dramatically, taking a sip of her steaming coffee.

By now Isabel was in a fit of giggles, as she was able to picture the whole thing, as Maria looked on in annoyance.

“So wait does this mean you and Michael are back together?” Isabel asked hopefully, realizing what Maria had just implied.

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