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TITLE: The Re-Arrangement
AUTHOR: Sydnie
DISCLAIMER: If it were mine, do you really think that Tess would have EVER have existed?
SUMMARY: The group is getting ready to start the next chapter of their lives.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: You can find The Arrangement at


The Re-Arrangement
Part 1 NC-17

July 24th
I can't believe that Max and I have been together for 3 months today. Let alone that we've been married for almost 3 months and that in 6 months we're having a baby. Yes, we moved fast, but our lives have moved at such a snails pace for 18 years.

Anyway, today we finally got to move into our house. We converted three of the apartments into one for Max, me and the baby. It looks really great. Our bedroom is now twice the size it was. Our bed is incredible. It took us practically all summer, but we found it in the last place we looked (of course). It's king-sized (we like lots of room to move around haha) and it's got a beautiful oak headboard that stands seven feet high with four glass, lighted mirrors and and the woodwork is just so intricate. On each side there are large cabinets. I haven't decided on what to put in them yet, but I just had to have them.

We both brought a few things from our bedrooms back in Roswell. I brought my vanity, everything in my closet and a few odds and ends and Max brought everything from his closet and everything that was tucked under his mattress and his bed. (I made sure of that.)

We made our bathroom bigger as well so we have both a huge jacuzzi tub and a large glass shower. I can't wait to try both of them out.

The nursery is pretty big too. Now all we have to get furniture for it. We won't find out if Parker's a boy or girl until October so we can't really do anything except get furniture, but I don't want to do that until I can figure out a theme and I can't do that until I know if the baby's a boy or girl. This whole parenthood thing is harder than I thought. (Just kidding) The nursery also has it's own bathroom with a changing area so WE'LL be able to have everything at our disposal when WE change our baby.

We also have a small guestroom and bathroom, a nice sized dining room and living room. It's all very homey and warm. I decided to go with earth tones. I know it sounds boring, but I'm thinking 3 years ahead when we have a toddler toddling around. I also had every piece of furniture scotchguarded. I don't know if that was for Parker or for Parker's Uncle Michael.

Speaking of my brother, he and Maria's apartment is in a term, different. Take their bedroom, on Maria's side it's kinda fluffy. Everything looks soft like Maria. Michael's side looks like Matallica threw up. But it works because it's them. It's who they are and that's why they love each other so much.

The rest of the house we left the same. We just added furniture. We did replace the mirrors, floors and bars in the studio because I wanted all new stuff. Max didn't want to at first. I pouted, that didn't work. I begged, that didn't work. So, I decided to make his dick into my personal banana split. Needless to say after I licked off the whipped cream, chocolate and strawberry syrups and nuts off of him, I got what I wanted. (If my children or grandchildren are reading this, remember, Max and I ARE married, so it's okay to be kinky.)

School starts in a few weeks. I can't wait. I'll be teaching a beginner's class which basically is a bunch of men and women who have always wanted to dance, but never have, and then I'll be teaching the freshman dance classes. I know originally I was only supposed to teach two, but they lost another instructor and so I decided that I'm just gonna take a couple of classes instead of a full load this year. I know that will be putting me graduating later, but I want to have time with Parker. And with all of the studying I'd have to do, I wouldn't have that much time.

I'll write more later. Max just walked into our new home and he looks positively yummy.

Liz shut her journal. "Hi baby. How'd your meeting with the coach go?"

"Not bad." He sat on the couch next to her and kissed her sweetly. "We start 'two a days' in two weeks."

She looked at him strangely. "What's a 'two a day'?"

"Two practices a day, morning and evening. That way, the players aren't on the field during the heat of the day. ... The coach mentioned something to all of us and it kind of pertains to you too." He pulled her onto his lap.

"What?" She asked as she nuzzled him like a cat.

Max cleared his throat. "Coach wants us to abstain from, um..." He took a deep breath. ", while we're in training and during the season."

Liz busted out laughing.

"Sweetheart, I'm serious."

She nodded. "I don't doubt that. It's just, I'm only 3 months pregnant and my hormones are already uncontrollable." She began unbuttoning his shirt. "I guess I'm gonna have to get me a few new toys because my favorite one will be unavailable." She unfastened his pants and let her hand enter them and give his cock a gentle squeeze. "Maybe we could take you someplace and get a mold made of this. That way, when I'm horny and you're 'in training', I can still have you inside of me."

Max scooped her into his arms and stood. Then he carried her into their bedroom. He placed her on their bed and pretty much ripped her clothes off. Within no time, he was naked and about to enter her. "There is no way in HELL I'm giving this up for a fucking sport." He pushed himself inside of her with a mutual moan. "I'll quit before that happens."

"Mmm ... oh yeah, Max ... right there ... harder... faster..."

He decided to tease her a little longer by moving in and out of her slowly. He loved the way the walls of her pussy pulled him deeper inside her.

"Max, dammit, don't tease me. FUCK ME!"

So he did. His pace increased as he slammed into her. "Is that how ... y-you want it, baby? You like it like this?"

"Yes, Max! Oh God YES!"

It wasn't long before Liz was cumming and Max joined her.

As they were coming down from their high, their bodies continued to move.

"Max, I can't go on, but I can't stop either."

"I know. I just don't want to lose this feeling yet." His breathing was still heavy.

Little by little, they drifted off to sleep. Their bodies still joined and moving against each others every so often.

When Liz woke up a few hours later, she couldn't help but smile. She had planned a big romantic seduction for the first night in their new home and their new bed. But just the thought of no sex during football season had thrown everything out the window.



Okay, so here's the thing, I had this whole first part written, but then I scraped the entire thing and just wrote this. I'm not sure that I'm happy with it. Please be honest with me and tell me what you think.


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Part 2

When Max and Liz made there way down to the kitchen the first day of school, they found that Michael had prepared a huge breakfast.

"Oh, thank God! I'm starved!" Liz said as she started eating everything in sight.

Max, Michael and Maria just watched in shock as she shoveled the food into her mouth. She glanced up to see them staring at her.


"Aren't you nervous?" Maria asked her.

Liz nodded. "Kinda terrified. Why are you staring at me?"

"Cuz you're eating like a pig." Michael observed.

"MICHAEL!" Max and Maria chastised him.

Michael tried to hold back his laughter. "I'm just saying that a couple of weeks ago, you hardly ate anything now, well, look at you."

"That's because I was queezy for for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Once I hit my second trimester, food just started tasting really good." Liz told him not missing a bite.

Max kissed the top of her head and placed his hand on her barely noticable tummy. "After we finish, I'll drive you to the dance building."

She nodded. "Okay. Oh, Maria, I'll meet you outside the building at noon and we'll go to lunch before our English class."

Maria swallowed her juice. "Sounds good to me. And then after that, I'll drive you back for your last class."

"Wait a minute. My last class lets out a 5. I'll be left without a car." Liz reminded them. "I'll just take my own car."

Michael put his arm around his sister's shoulder. "Not to worry, little sis. My art class lets out at at 4:45. I'll swing by pick you up and then bring you home."

She nodded. "That'll work."


Isabel stood in the living room of her apartment talking on the phone with Alex. "What do MEAN you've decided not to go to school here?"

"I got a chance to go to UCLA and I'm taking it. Look, Isabel, you KNOW I've always wanted to live in LA. This is my chance."

"How long have you known about this?" Her voice was trying to hide her emotions, but it was still shakey.

"Before graduation. I didn't want to ruin our summer. I love you, Isabel."

"How can you even say that? If you really love me, you would have told me the truth. Instead of waiting until the day I start college."


"No, Alex! Don't 'baby' me. Look, have a nice life in California. I've gotta go to class."

She slammed the phone down and began to cry. "How can he do this to me? I have spent the last 3 years with him and he didn't even see fit to tell me he was moving a thousand miles away."

Isabel grabbed a tissue and blotted the tears from her face. Then she took a deep breath. "Fine." She grabbed her books and her purse. "Watch out men of State. Isabel Evans is on the loose."


Liz walked into the studio where she'd be teaching her first class. A few students were in there already stretching out and loosening up. She decided to just act like one of them and get a sense of who they were.

A tall, thin girl approached her. "I know you. You're Elizabeth Parker, aren't you."

Liz smiled sweetly at her and reached out to shake her hand. "Yes, I am. I'm sorry, I don't remember meeting you."

The girl didn't even bother to extend her hand. "Patrice Barrett. Don't even think that you're going to be the teacher's pet. I've seen you dance and you're not as hot as you think you are."

"Well, I've heard that Mrs. Evans doesn't play favorites. She gives recoginition to whomever deserves it."

A very cute guy joined them. "I've never heard about this L. Evans. They say she's some kind of prodigy, I can't find anything about her anywhere."

For 10 more minutes, Liz walked around the room trying to get to know people. A few were genuinely nice, but the majority were like Patrice.

Lucinda entered the room. "May I have your attention please? Everyone take a seat on the floor."

Liz joined everyone as they took a seat.

"It is with great joy that I introduce the most talented dancer I've seen in a very long time. Liz Evans."

Everyone looked to the door, waiting for her to enter when Liz stood and took her place next to Lucinda.

"Thank you Lucinda." She looked at Patrice. "Isn't it funny how things turn out?"



Short, I know, but I'm trying to advance the story little by little. Oh and about the I/A thing, well, let me say that NOTHING is as it always seems.


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Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Thanks for the great feedback. I'm glad you're liking it so far. Liz's pregnancy is pretty much gonna go the way mine did. Boy I feel sorry for Max and everyone else who's around her.*big*

I'll try to get part 3 out tomorrow.

Peace and Love,
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Part 3

Two weeks into classes, Liz was really beginning to show. She had been able to hide her expanding waistline with sweats and cover-ups, but nothing could camoflage it anymore.

As she walked into the practice room, she was greeted pleasently by everyone, except of course Patrice.

"You know, we have to maintain our weight, you'd think that would go for the instructors as well." She said rather loudly.

Liz turned around to face her. "You know what? There are a few exceptions. Pregnancy being one of them. You see, Patrice, my HUSBAND and I are expecting our first child in 4 and a half months which would explain the roundness of my tummy."

Patrice huffed.

"Everyone to the bar please. Lets begin our warm-up." Liz clapped. That's when it struck her. Patrice reminded her of Pam Troy. She began laughing as she started the music.

As it was nearing the end of class, Liz was getting frustrated.

"Oh come on people! You should have this by now! Patrice..." As much as this girl got on her last nerve, she had to admit, she was good. "...would you please help me demonstrate the combination?"

Patrice moved in front of her and Liz counted off. "5, 6, 7, 8 and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ... stop!"

Patrice halted.

"Do you see how locked she is?"

The class nodded.

Liz looked back at the class. "If this is gonna come together, it has to be sychronized." She winked at Patrice. "Let's show them how it's done. Jason, start the music, please."

When the music started, Liz counted off and she and Patrice danced together perfectly. Every movement was precise.

The music ended and the room was filled with applause.

Liz felt two very familiar arms wrap around her waist. "That was incredible, baby."

She turned in his arms to face him. "Thanks."

Max gave her a tender kiss and the class began whooping and hollering.

Liz laughed. "Everyone, this is my husband, Max."

Max waved shyly. "Hi."

"Class dismissed. ... Patrice, may I speek with you for a moment?"

The girl sighed and turned around waiting for Liz to say something bad about her dancing or about what a god her husband was. "What?"

"You're a VERY talented dancer. You feel the music and that's what's gonna make you a great dancer." Liz breathed heavily. "They're announcing the cast for the Fall Semester Review. Only one male and one female Advanced Freshman are invited to participate. I would like for you to be the girl, but your attitude is going to have to change. Lucinda has told the staff that she will NOT put up with egos. Do you think I can do it?"

Patrice's whole demeanor seemed to change. "Are you serious?"

Liz nodded. "Very."

"Thank you so much! I'll do whatever I have to. I promise. I won't let you down." She then surprised Liz by hugging her and then headed for the locker room. "Oh, congratulations on the baby."

Liz looked at Max with an extremely shocked expression on her face. "Okay, who was that because that most definitely wasn't the same person who's been shooting deathrays at me for the last 2 weeks?"

Max laughed and kissed the top of her head. "Go change. We've got a doctor's appointment."


Isabel was on a self improvement kick. Gone was the long blond hair. She cut it to just below her ears and dyed it brown. She was dressing more studious as well ... in an Isabel stylish way, and she had decided to change her major from Fashion Design to Business.

But, she truely missed Alex. Every time a guy would show interest in her, she'd mentally pick him apart. All in all, none of them were Alex.


Michael and Maria were in the library. It was funny. They saw each other more when they lived separately they they did now that they lived together. So, even though they were working on different projects for different classes and hardly spoke, they were together.

"Hi, Maria."

She looked up. "Oh, hey Jonathan." Then she continued her work.

"What's up, Maria?" Another guy greeted as he passed.

"Just studying with my boyfriend, Charlie." She replied.

Michael just smiled and pretended that this didn't bother him. Besides, she was HIS girlfriend. However, after the 10th time it had happened, he'd had enough.

"Jeez, Maria, do you have your own fucking fan club? From the moment we sat down, guys have been coming out of the woodwork flirting with you."

She really wanted to laugh, but she knew better. Even though Michael had a mother that adored the ground he walked on, he still had that whole abandonment issue and he always feared that Maria would leave him.

"Babe, those are just boys that are in my classes." She caressed his face. "You're the MAN I love. The man who makes love to me, the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you." She kissed him sweetly.

This action halted the guy who was headed her way about to ask her out.


After Liz's examination, the doctor asked to meet with she and Max in her private office.

"Is everything alright with our baby?" Max asked.

Dr. Sawyer smailed. "Yes, everything's fine. But, I did hear something a bit different."

"What?" Liz swallowed hard.

"By any chance, do multiple births run in either of your families?"

Max and Liz looked at each other. "I have a twin sister. What does this have to do with us?"

"When I had the dopplar on your stomach, I thought that I heard two heartbeats, but to make sure, we'll have to a sonagram."

Liz's face was blank.

"When can we find out for sure?" Max qustioned.

"Now if you like. I have a machine in the next room."

They stood and Dr. Sawyer showed them to the room.

"Now, we won't be able to tell the sex yet, but we will be able to determine if you are in fact having twins and if you are, whether they're fraternal or identical. So, just lay down and we'll get started."

Liz did as she was told as a million thoughts were going through her head at once.



Happy New Year!

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Part 4 should be up tomorrow night unless there is some unforseen circumstances. Thanks for the feedback!


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Part 4

Isabel walked into her apartment. She adored living on her own. No one to answer to, no one to have to share anything with and most importantly, unlimited closet space.

She put her stuff down on the table and then checked her voice mail.


Hey sis, Mom, Dad, the Parkers, Caitlyn and Amy are flying up for dinner. Come over around seven, okay? Love you.


Hi Isabel. This is David ... Sims ... um, I was kind of wondering if you'd maybe wanna go see a movie tomorrow night? Call me at 555-6758. Bye.

Isabel smiled. David was a guy completely opposite of Alex. When she met him, she decided to stop making comparisons and try something new and different. That's why she gave him her number.


Hi Iz, it's me. I miss you. I love you. Call me.


Suddenly all thoughts of David were gone.


Liz stood at the mirror in her bedroom looking at herself from all angles. Her hands rested on on her tummy.

"Hey Chica! Maria said as she bounded into the room and sitting on the large bed. "So what's with all the parentals? I came home from school expecting a weekend sex-a-thon with Michael and instead I walked in the door and was greeted by my mother."

Liz shrugged. "Max and I just felt like having a family dinner. ... Are my dad and Caitlyn ... do they ...are they like together?"

"Yeah, sweetie, they are. I saw them holding hands."

"What about my mother? Does she look..."

"Lizzie, your mom's gonna be okay."

Liz shrugged. "I keep telling myself that, but this has to be killing her on the inside."

"Come on." She placed her hand on her best friends belly. "Let's not think about this right now. Let's go downstairs and get the grown-ups reaction to this bulge here."


As Liz and Maria descended the staircase, all of the women oohed and ahhed over how cute Liz looked in her maternity clothes with her protruding belly.

Nancy hugged her daughter. "Sweetheart, you look beautiful."

Liz put her head on the mother's shoulder. "Thank you, Mommy."

"Max said you went to the doctor today. How did everything go?"

Liz smiled. "Fine." She didn't elaborate.

"Dinner's ready." Michael alerted everyone.

"Great! I'm starved." Liz said as she headed for the dining room.

"You're always starved." Michael reminded her.

Liz glared at her brother. "What happened the last time you teased me about my new eating habits?"

Maria whacked him on the back of the head.


The parents laughed.


After dinner, they all gathered in Max and Liz's apartment. The group stood outside the door of the nursery.

"Please don't tell me that I busted my ass cooking that huge meal so you could show us all wallpaper." Michael sneered.

Both Maria and Caitlyn popped him on the back of the head.

"Okay, that's really starting to piss me off."

"Max and I have something we want to tell you, but we decided to show you instead." Liz nodded and her husband opened the door.

Inside the room were two beautiful hand-carved cradles.

Diane got teary-eye. "Oh my God." She smiled.

"Are you sure?" Nancy asked.

Max's arms surrounded his wife. "We found out today."

"Wait a minute. What are you telling us?"

Caitlyn put her arms around his waist. "Twins, Grandpa." She kissed his cheek.

Liz looked at her mother and saw how those small gestures saddened her.

Nancy walked closer to her daughter. She stroked her face. "My baby. ... Do you know what they are yet?"

Liz shook her head. "Not yet. We do know that they're identical."

Maria stood hugging Michael. "Ah, Uncle Michael. ... Oh, wait a minute, twins only run in Max's family, right?"

Amy glared at her daugher.

"Just inquiring for WAY after graduation when Michael and I are contemplating maybe one day getting engaged."

Amy shook her head. "Funny sweetie. Max, Lizzie, congratulations."

"Thanks Amy." Liz smiled, but it soon turned flat when she saw her father kiss Caitlyn again. She faked a yawn.

"Tired?" Max asked tightening his grip on her.

She nodded. "A little."

"Get all of the rest you can now, Elizabeth. Twins are exhausting." Philip told her.

Diane let out a loud laugh. "How would you know?"

He shrugged and gave her a mischievious grin. "Well, you looked exhausted."

"If you'll excuse me, I think I'm gonna turn in now." Liz told everyone.

Isabel finally spoke. "Yeah, you know, I think I'm gonna go home. I'm kind of tired myself. ... Congratulations you two. I can't wait to meet my little nieces or nephews."


Max walked into their bedroom from the bathroom after brushing his teeth. Liz was crying.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"He doesn't even care."

He looked confused. "Who doesn't care about what?"

"My father." She sniffed. "He and Caitlyn were all over each other." He could care less about my mother's feelings."

There was so much that Max COULD have said to that statement, but instead he simply got in bed and held her.

"I love you, Max. Promise me you'll always love me and never leave me even after the Parkers are grown."

He got as close to her as he possibly could and placed his hand on the babies. "I want you to listen to me, Liz Evans. You and our children are my reason for existing. The whole arrangement that your parents and Michael's mom had was fucked up to say the least, but if they hadn't done what they did, I wouldn't have my family. I hate that you're so sad, and I'm pissed at the fact that my wife is the most effected by this." He wiped the tears from her eyes that were falling down to her pillow. "Always know this. As long as their is breath in my lungs, I will NEVER hurt you and I will NEVER leave you. Those are not just words, my love, they're my vow to you."


Isabel didn't go home after leaving here brother and sister-in-law's house. She wanted to clear her head so she decided to just drive. Before she realized, it was 3 AM and she was passing a sign that read LOS ANGELES 500 miles.



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Once everything is settled with the board, I'll post part 5. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

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Part 5

Isabel pulled her car into the private drive of Alex's condo. She'd only stopped for gas and restroom breaks on her impromptu trip when necessary. Looking at her watch, the time read 1 pm. She had made her trip in a little over 16 hours. She grabbed her phone. She thought she'd call him and see if he wanted to see her since she hadn't returned any of his calls. She turned it on, but then decided against calling him.

She got out of her car and slowly walked to the front door. Even though it was fairly warm, she was shivering as she reached for the doorbell.


Alex was lying in his bed reconsidering his move to LA. He was miserable. His heart constantly felt like it was being ripped in two every moment of the day. He desperately missed Isabel.

Hearing the doorbell, he sighed. This was the first time since he'd been in California, that his pizza had been there in less than 30 minutes.


Isabel's heart was pounding. About a thousand thoughts were going through her mind at once. She turned her back to the door.


Alex walked closer to the door. "Just a minute." He called out.

Looking out the peep hole, all he saw was brown hair. He opened the door. "May I..."

Isabel turned around. "I was in the neighborhood." She smiled nervously.

He was speechless. The only thing he could think to do was to wrap his arms around her.

"Would it be okay if I came in?"

"Oh, sure, please." He let her out of his embrace and moved so she could enter. "I can't believe you're here. Why didn't you call? I would have picked you up from the airport."

She laughed nervously. "I ... uh, I kind of drove ... here ... from New Mexico. You see, there's this guy and he called and asked me out. I thought why not go for it, but then, the next voice on my voice mail was yours and then all I could think about was about how much I missed you. Then Max and Liz invited me to dinner along with Michael, Maria and all of our parents. They found out that they're having twins and wanted to share the news with all of us and all I could think of was that you weren't there. So, when I got in my car to go to my apartment, I just kept driving. The next thing I know, it was now and I'm here."

Alex was once again speechless.

"I don't want to be without you, Alex. I can't. It hurts too much. I've thought about a LOT of things in the last 16 hours and if transferring here is what I have to do, then I'll do it. I love you, Alex."

He took her into his arms once more. "I love you too, Isabel." He couldn't wait any longer. His lips were on hers.

The kiss was quickly becoming heated but was interrupted by her phone ringing.

"Hold that thought." She said breathlessly. "Hello?"

"Isabel, Oh my God! Are you alright? Your father and I got to your apartment last night and you weren't there and then you never came home. We tried calling, but your phone was turned off. We've been so worried! Where are you?"

"LA." She said softly.

"Excuse me? Did you just say that you're in Los Angeles?"

"Yes, Mom. I needed to see Alex. I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone that I was coming here, but I didn't know it myself. Don't worry about me. I'll be home in a few days. ... Maybe."

Diane was quiet for a few minutes.


Sweetheart, I don't want you driving back on your own."

"I'll be fine."

No, Isabel. I know you're 18 and have millions of dollars at your disposal, but I'm your mother and you WILL listen to me. Your father and I will fly out there on Sunday. We'll talk about about what you're going to do after that."

Isabel smiled. Her mother knew that she was thinking about staying and wanted to give she and Alex time to make their own decisions. "Thank you, Mom. I love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart. I'll call you when we get to LA."

She turned off her phone. "My parents are coming out here Sunday. My mother wants us to have plenty of time to talk."

Alex smiled. "Hmm. That gives us three whole days with nothing to do but ... talk." He kissed her again.

Once again they were interrupted. This time, by the door bell.

"Pizza's here."

Isabel stroked his face. "Good. We can eat it after we've ... talked ... a few times."



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Part 6

Max woke to the most incredible sensation. When he opened his eyes, he thought he was still dreaming. His beautiful, intelligent, sexy wife was riding him.

"Liz?" He choked out.

Liz looked down at him seductively. "Morning lover." She continued moving on top of him. "I just thought I'd go for a morning ride. You don't mind, do you?"

He moaned.

"I'll take that as a no."

She began to raise and lower her body using her legs as she fucked him relentlessly.

Max's hands moved to her hips. His eyes closed as his head sank deeper into his pillow. "Oh yeah, baby ... Damn you're so fucking hot!"

His words made her move a little faster. "God, I wish I could lean on your chest." That was hindered by being 5 months pregnant with their children.

"Let me help." He winked at her as he used his gorgeous, muscular arms to help her out.

"Thank you. ... Oh YES!"

The friction between the pair was electric. He was pumping up into her heat as she'd slam down.

"I-I'm not gonna last much longer, Liz."

Liz flung her head back. "Ooooh! Mmmm!"

Max suddenly shot his hot cum deep inside of her as her body convulsed in orgasm.

A few minutes later, Liz was resting her head on his chest.

"I like waking up like this." He told her.

She giggled. "I just figured that this way you wouldn't get in too much trouble with your coach. I mean, it's not your fault your pregnant wife took advantage of you while you were sleeping."

He smiled. "What Coach doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides, some of the best games I've played this season were the one's after making love with you."

Liz sighed. "I love watching you play. You're incredible."

"And lucky. It's rare to see a freshman start. I'm sorry that 1st and 2nd string got injured before the season started, but it's such a rush running out on the field. Especially hearing that huge crowd yelling."

"You should here your fan club. There's this group of girls that ALWAYS sits behind me. Everytime the offense takes the field, they go nuts screaming for you." Liz started drawing circles on his chest. "I think you have a few classes with them because they talk about how shy and sweet and sexy you are and how they can't believe that you're married."

He kissed the top of her head. "There are girls in my classes?"

"Keep talking like that and you're not gonna have enough strength to put your helmut on this afternoon."

Max rolled her onto her back and looked deeply into her eyes. "Promise?"

His lips joined hers in a seering kiss. She moaned when he began kissing down her her neck, stopping at her swollen breasts, suckling each one as his hand caressed her rounded belly. He then moved his hand down to her drenched curls and started massaging her wet folds.

"Oh God, Max!"

He released her left breast from his mouth and quickly made his way between her thighs. Max smiled. "Yum, breakfast."

Liz gasped when she felt his talented tongue flick her clit. Within seconds, her body started moving uncontrollably against his mouth.

That's when he stopped.

"Please don't stop!" She begged.

He gave her a crooked smile. "I'm not finished."

Max got off of the bed and then pulled her to the edge. He thanked God that the bed was high enough off of the ground to where he could enter her comfortably while standing. "Just lie back and enjoy, baby. Let me do the work."

As he pushed and pulled himself in and out of his wife, she wrapped her legs around his hips and he rested his hand on top of her stomach.

Her orgasms came fast and furious pulling his cock deeper into her. Max was swallowing hard. His head was spinning and then he came as well.

"Wow." Liz said breathlessly.

He looked at the clock and slowly pulled out of her. "I gotta get a shower and get to the locker room."

She cocked her eyebrow at him. "Want some company?"


"Oh my God! Max Evans is SO incredible. I can't believe it's not even halftime yet and we're ahead 42 to nothing."

Liz smiled as Max's 'fan club' drooled over him. If they only knew that she was Max's wife and that they'd had sex 5 times today before the game.

"Doesn't that bother you that they're hot for your husband?" Maria asked softly so only Liz could hear her.

Liz shook her head. "Not in the least. He's their dream. He's my reality." She rubbed her belly. "I have proof of that."


During halftime, Liz and Maria made their way down to the restroom and the concession stand. The group of girls who were sitting behind them were in line in front of them. They were talking about, who else, Max, so they decided to listen in on the conversation.

"Have you ever seen his wife?"

"Nope. I heard that she teaches in the dance department."

"Oh. Is she like a lot older than he is?"

"No, they're the same age from what I heard. She's supposed to be some kind of dancing prodigy."

"Why'd they get married so young?"

"I heard she's pregnant."

"So she trapped him?"


"The poor guy."

"You know what, Maria, I'm not really feeling very well. I think I'm gonna go home and lie down."


"Tell Max I'll see him after the party." She left.

Maria was pissed. She tapped one of the girls on the shoulder.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, you can answer a question for me. Have the lot of you ALWAYS been bitches or is this a recent developement?"

"I beg your pardon?"

"That girl that was sitting with me in the stands in front of you and standing in line with me a few seconds ago is Max Evans wife. And for your information she and Max have been in love with each other since birth and she got pregnant AFTER they got married!" Okay, so Maria knew that Liz got pregnant a few days before that, but these whores didn't have to know that, "And the fact that you just said all of those things in front of her and made her cry, well, let's just say that Maxie is NOT going to be happy about that."

"What are you going to do? Run and tell?" One girl said sarcastically.

"No, I'll just tell my boyfriend who happens to be not only Max's best friend, but also Liz's brother." Maria shook her head. "I can pretty much guarantee that the rest of the year is going to be miserable for you." She gathered her stuff and left.


Max was back out on the field when he saw Liz heading for the gate. "I'll be right back." He told the coach.

Ignoring the protests, Max made his way out of the stadium and to his wife.

"Are you okay? Where are you going?" She was looking at the ground so he lifted her face by her chin. "Why are you crying?"

Liz shrugged. "I'm just tired. I'll see you at home."

"EVANS!" One of the assistant coaches yelled at him.

Max ignored him. "I don't believe you. Tell me the truth."


"Tell me Liz."

"You have to go. We'll talk later." Liz wiped her tears.


"In a minute! ... What's going on Liz? Is it the babies?"

She shook her head.

"Evans, you'd better get your ass back out on that field or you'll bench it the rest of the season!"

Max could care less. "My PREGNANT wife is upset for some reason and I'd like to know why. We're up by 42 points. Unless Davidson is a complete fuck up, it'll be okay!"

The coach just turned and went back into the stadium.

"Do you feel trapped?"

"What?" Max asked, not sure if he'd heard her right.

"Max, you're 18, a freshman in college and star of the football team. You shouldn't be STUCK with me when you should be having fun."

"Sweetheart, what brought this on?"

Liz shrugged. "It's not important. I'm just..." Liz suddenly grabbed her stomach in pain. She looked at her husband. "Max?"



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Part 7

Liz listened to her babies heartbeats over the monitor. The doctor had decided to admit her for observation even though she and the babies were fine. The pain was more than likely caused by stress.

She looked over to Max who'd fallen asleep in an oversized chair in the corner of the room. He had been so worried about her and the babies.

"How could I have ever doubted how much he loves us?" She said softly, running her hand over her babies.

As if responding, they kicked.

Liz had felt flutters, but this was the first time she'd felt actual kicking.

"Max! Max, wake up!"

Max bolted from the chair. "What? What's wrong?"

She smiled. "The babies are kicking. Come here."

He moved over to her bed and placed his hands on her. As if on cue, both babies kicked. "Wow! That's incredible." He leaned down and kissed his wife.

"I'm sorry, Max."

A look of confusion covered his face. "What could you possibly have to be sorry for?"

Liz told him about what the girls said and how she let it get to her.

He sat on the bed beside her. His hand caressed her face. "Never think that, Liz. Who cares that we're 18. We don't have to worry about where we're gonna live, or how we're gonna be able to support our family. I've loved you longer than I can remember and that's NEVER going to change." He kissed her sweetly.

"I love you." The babies kicked again. "I think that's their way of telling us they love us too." Liz laughed.

He kissed her again. "What does it feel like?"

She smiled. "A little weird. I mean, there are these two little aliens inside of me, moving around, relying on me for everything and growing so quickly. Can you believe that in a little over 3 months, our babies are going to be here?"

"I know. I guess we should start getting the nursery ready." His hands rubbed her belly.

"Let's wait until we find out what they are first. Then we can work within a theme."

Max kissed her long and hard. They were interrupted by the doctor entering the room and his throat.

"Hi Doc." Max greeted.

"I'm glad to see that you're feeling better, Liz."

"I'm feeling much better, Dr. Sawyer. Aren't you here a little late?" She asked.

"Well, there's a reason for that. I wanted to run another sonagram on you, but the lab is completely booked tomorrow. Right now, however, it's empty. Wanna go see what you're having?"

Max and Liz looked at each other. "Yes!" They answered in unison.


Liz lay on the flat table as Dr, Sawyer was getting the machine ready.

"You look nervous." Max observed.

"Aren't you?"

He shook his head. "Not at all. We get to see our children. I can't think of anything more exciting."

Dr. Sawyer lifted Liz's gown and squirted the cold gel on her belly. "Ready?"

Max and Liz nodded.

The babies looked as if they were mad at each other, sitting back to back, sucking their thumbs.

"Aww..." Liz got teary eyed.

"Do you want boys or girls?" Dr. Sawyer laughed.

"Whatcha got?" Max asked.



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Part 8

Michael was busying himself by feasting on the honey that was oozing from between Maria's thighs.

"Michael ... oh yes, that feels dooo good!"

He sucked harder and her lower body jumped up on its own. He pulled away.

"God! Don't stop!"

He chuckled as he climbed up her body, his cock resting against her dampened sex. "Believe me, baby, I'm far from finished with you." He plunged deep inside of her.

Maria screamed with ecstasy. "Michael! Fuck, you're such a stallion!"

He stopped himself from chuckling and continued pounding into her.

He was frustrated and she knew it. She'd explained to him about the girls in the stands and he wanted to go find them and make them feel like shit for basically putting Liz in the hospital. But Maria told him that she'd handle them in her own way ... with a little help from Isabel. He hated not being able to do anything though and the frustration was coming off of him in waves.

That's when she went down on him, sucking his cock with her lucious mouth. She thought that he'd fuck her immediately, but instead, he returned the favorite.

"Harder, baby! Fuck me HARDER!" She begged. And he complied.

Michael's muscles glistened with sweat as his body slammed into hers.

"Yes!" She loved it when he was rough. Not abusive rough, but the kind of rough that he knew she wanted and desired.

His balls began to tighten. "I'm about to explode! You want it?"

"Oh yes! Please!" She yelled as her body began convulsing on the bed as her own orgasm started.

A few more movements and Michael spewed all he had inside of his lover. The cries of completion echoed through the house.


Michael and Maria's vocalizations hadn't gone unheard. Even though Max was staying over night at the hospital with Liz, Caitlyn, Nancy, Diane and Amy were spending the night.

Amy dropped her head and placed her face in her hands. "I'm going to kill my daughter."

Caitlyn laughed. "Oh come on, Amy. You know this isn't the first time our children have had sex."

"I realize and respect that. I just thought that once she moved out of my house, I wouldn't have to ever HEAR them again."

"They do tend to test the sound barrier." Caitlyn acknowledged.

Nancy had her head in her best friend's lap. Caitlyn was brushing her hair with her fingers. "How ya doin', sweetie?"

"I'll be better once Elizabeth's out of the hospital. I wish she would have let me stay, but I AM glad that Max is with her."

"The doctor said that she and the babies are just fine." Diane reminded her.

Nancy sat up. "I just ... I feel like it's party my fault she's there. Her entire pregnancy she's had to deal with all the secrets, the divorce..." She looked at Caitlyn. "Caity, what I'm about to say is going to make me sound like the jealous ex-wife, but I'm not. It bothers Elizabeth to see you and her father so ... together. I've talked to her and tried to explain everything that we'd discussed, it's just that, even though she loves you very much, she's seeing you as the woman that took her daddy."

Caitlyn put her hand over her mouth. "I'm such an idiot. I was so wrapped up in myself that I didn't even think what all this would do to her ... or to you. I don't know why you don't completely hate me."

Nancy grabbed her hand. "It's like I've told you before, Jeff never belonged to me."

Amy and Diane looked at each other. The conversation was making them uncomfortable.

Diane yawned. "Well, I don't know about any of you, but I'm exhausted. I'm going to turn in. Good night all."

"That sounds like a good idea. I'll see you in the morning."

After Diane and Amy departed, Caitlyn and Nancy laughed.

"They sit here and listen to the kids have sex, but when it gets a little serious on a subject that has nothing to do with them, they leave." Caitlyn laughed.

"Go figured."


Early the next morning, the doctor entered Liz's room to find her and Max in each other's arms in her bed.

Dr. Sawyer gently woke Liz. "Liz, if you wake up now, you can go home."

Liz didn't move at first, but she spoke. "I'm up." She said grogily. Then she rolled over to face the doctor.

"I just want to check you once more before you go. I've already signed your release papers."

"Thank you." SHe looked at Max. "I'll just wake sleeping beauty here."


When they arrived home, the house was quiet. There was, however, a wonderful smell coming from the kitchen.

Liz inhaled deeply."Smells like Amy's cooking."

She walked through the house and into the kitchen, leaving Max behind. "Amy, this smells SO good. What are you cooking?"

Amy wiped her hands, gave Liz a hug and a kiss and helped her sit on a stool at the island. "I'm cooking enough food for you guys to eat for at least a month. I'll vacuum seal it so it won't ruin in the freezer."

"I doubt it lasts that long. I'm under house arrest for the next 2 weeks. Doctor's order. I'll probably eat it all out of boredom." She pouted.

"I told you that you should call Lucinda and see if you can hold your classes downstairs. You've hardly even used it the studio since we've lived here." Max said as he walked into the room.

She sighed. "Fine, I'll do it ... AFTER I eat. I'm starved."

"Are you sure there's only 2 babies in there? I mean, you eat like you're having a litter." Michael commented as he entered the kitchen.

"Max, would you please kick my brother's ass?" She batted her eyelashes at her husband.

"Oh please, let me." Amy said with with her eyebrow cocked.

"What'd I do to you?" He asked Amy.

That's when Diane, Caitlyn and Nancy joined them.

"Hey there, stallion. Have a nice ride last night?" Nancy teased.

"Huh?" That's when he remembered that Maria had called him that the night before when they were fucking. "Holy shit." His face turned crimson.

Liz leaned back on Max who was standing behind her. "I think we missed something last night."

He kissed the side of her neck. "Me too."

Amy pointed ther large knife that she was cutting vegatables with at Michael as she spoke to Max. "I think you need to invest in some soundproofing in the area oc Michael and Maria's bedroom."

"I wanna be a cowboy..." Maria sang as she walked over to the table and sat down.

The entire room, except for Michael, began laughing hysterically.




Okay, that replaces all of the parts that were eaten by the board. Part 9 should be up sometime this weekend. The sex of the babies will be revealed. Thanks for all of the incredible feedback and I'd just like to welcome all of the stories new readers. My apologies if it seems a little warped at times, but then again, I'm a little warped most of the time.*big*

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Part 9

The coach called Max into his office.

"What the HELL kind of stunt was that Saturday?!" He yelled.

"There was something wrong with my wife. She needed me." Max said back in a calm voice.

The coach slammed his hands down on his desk. "We needed you! Boy, you'd better get your priorities straight! While it's football season and you're on MY team, you're married to football! You got that?!"

Max let out a sharp breath of air. "Yeah, I got that." Max stood and walked towards the door."

"I'm not finished with you yet!"

Max turned to face the coach. "Well, I sure as hell am finished with you! I quit! The health of my wife and our unborn daughters means a HELL of a lot more to me than you or this fucking team do!"

The coach sat back in his chair shaking his head as he watched Max leave.


On his way out of the Athletic Building, Max ran into a friend of his fathers.

"Well, hello there, Max. How's football treating you?"

"Like shit. I just quit." He replied.

"What? Why?" The man asked in disbelief.

"Why don't you ask Coach. It was good seeing you. I gotta go." Max headed out to the parking lot, got into his car and left.


Maria and Isabel were walking across the Quad. Maria noticed the beacher bitches and got an idea.

"Let the torment begin."

"What?" Isabel said in confusion.

"Just time to have a little fun." Maria pointed at the girls. One of the girls saw this and quickly looked worried.

"Are those the girls that sent Liz to the hospital?"

Maria nodded.

"Maria, what are you planning on doing?"

The shorter blond laughed as she continued to glare at the girls. "Nothing ... but they don't know that."

Isabel laughed. "You're good."


Liz was in her studio attempting to choreograph when Max came barreling down the stairs.

"Aren't you supposed to be at football practice?" She questioned.

He raised his eyebrow at her. "Aren't you supposed to be taking it easy? I thought we agreed that you were taking the day off."

She shrugged and pouted. "I got bored. Besides, I think the girls enjoy the exercise."

Max put his arms around his sweaty wife. "My three ballerinas." He kissed her.

"Only if it's what they want. If they decided they'd rather play sports or anything else, it's up to them."

He smiled at her. "Yes ma'am." He kissed her deeper.

When they finally broke apart, she inquired again. "So, why are you home?"

His silence told her it was big.

"Max, what's going on?" She caressed his face.

"I, uh, I kind of quit."

She looked at him strangely. "You quit? Football?"

He nodded. "The coach gave me an ultimatum, the team or my family."

A look of guilt covered Liz's face. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't. Don't do that, baby. This is NOT your fault. Coach is a dick. He's a 50-year-old bachelor who knows nothing about a family."

Max's cellphone rang.

Liz put her hand in Max's pocket.

"That's not my phone." Max told her with a grin on his face when she squeezed his cock.

She looked at him innocently as she pulled the phone out of his pocket. "Oops, sorry." She handed him the phone.

He gave her a quick kiss and then answered it. "Hello? ... This is he. ... At what time?" He looked at his watch. "Sure, we can be there." He disconnected the call.

"Who was that?"

"Dr. Shafer's secretary. He wants to meet with us at 4:00 in his office."

Liz looked worried. "Why does the university president want to meet with us?"



I know, too short, but this is kind of transitional. The next part will be have Liz a little further along in her pregnancy.


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Part 10

//denotes flashback

Liz watched excitely as Max ran 63 yards for a touchdown.

It had been over a month since their meeting with Dr. Shafer. When they arrived at his office, they were shocked to see the coach as well.

//"If you're planning on saying ANYTHING to upset my wife, we're out of here." Max informed them.

"That's not our intention at all, Max. Please, have a seat. Can my secretary get you something to drink?" Dr. Shafer offered.

"No thank you. What's this all about?" Liz asked getting straight to the point.

Dr. Shafer nodded at the coach.

"I want to apologize ... to the both of you and I ask that you reconsider quitting the team. You're a talented athlete and it would be a shame to lose you because of my stupidity."

Max knew that he was doing this just to save his job. The man that he'd run into in the parking lot was the head of the Alumni Association and he had a lot of pull on campus politics.//

As Max crossed the goal line, the crowd erupted ... even the babies seemed to be celebrating. Everytime the crowd reacted, they moved. This made Liz smile.

Maria made her way over to where Liz was sitting which was in front of her in-laws.

"Hey Maria."

"Hey chica." She rubbed her best friends ever expanding waistline. "Are the girls enjoying the game?"

Liz nodded. "Very much so."

"So, ya wanna go have some fun?" She said as she pointed towards the bleecher bitches.

"Sure." She excused herself and left with Maria.

They sat right in front of the girls and acted like they hadn't even noticed them at all. That was until Max threw another touchdown pass.

"Max is playing an awesome game today!" Maria said loudly over the crowd.

Liz laughed softly. "Well, you know how it goes. The more we fuck the morning of the game, the better he plays.

"You're seven months pregnant with twins. How is that even possible?"

"Mostly I ride him, but Max can be VERY creative ... especially in the shower."

"What about away games? I know Max doesn't like you to travel right now."

"Maria, haven't you heard of phone sex? Max is an expert at it. You and Michael should try it sometime."

All of a sudden, the girls behind them got up and left.

"I have to admit, your idea of doing something without actually doing anything is fun." Liz told her.

"Thank you, my dear."


Alex rolled off of Isabel completely spent. She turned to face him.

"What time do you have to be at the airport?" She asked.

"My flight leaves at 7:50. We have a few more hours."

She snuggled into him. "I can't wait until winter break. Then we can move my stuff to California and we won't have to fly back and forth every weekend."

"I like the sound of that. ... I can't believe that I almost lost you."

"But you didn't. ... Do you know that you're the only guy that didn't fondle me on our first date? That's the night I fell in love with you."

Alex smiled. "I fell in love with you at your 10th birthday party. I gave you that cheesy bracelet and you acted like it was the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen. Then you kissed me on the cheek."

She sat up and looked down at him. "Marry me?"


"Not now, but someday. Marry me."

He sat up and kissed her. "Of course I'll marry you. After all, it's what I've wanted since I was ten."



Since I got SO much feedback, I decided to write this really quick to answer some questions. I promise that the next part will be longer and there will be nookie in it. As far as the girl's names, you'll find out when they're born. But trust me, you won't have to wait much longer for that to happen. Thanks for your loyality to this story. It gives me joy.


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I cannot tell you how much your feedback means to me. It still floors me that there are people out there that actually enjoy what I write. I guess that's just my insecurity screaming at me. I'm very happy that this story brings you joy.

I'm working on part 11 and it should be done by tomorrow. Tomorrow's my birthday (shameless plug) so unless my family decides to take me out (doubtful) I'll have it up then.

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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted you to know that I'm very close to finishing part 11. Hopefully I'll have it up tomorrow.

My birthday has been pretty good so far. My daughter even took me out to dinner. Okay so she's 4 and I paid, but it's the thought, right?

I'll get back to writing now!

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Part 11

"That's why I'm NOT planning on being a doctor." Max said pointing at the television.

The others in the Lamaze class started laughing as they watched the infamous childbirth video.

Liz pouted as she looked up at him. "You don't want to see our babies being born?"

He knew he shouldn't have commented outloud. Liz's emotions were very fragile. "Of course I want to see our daughters be born. I was just making a joke."


After class, Max helped her into his car and then got in himself. As he drove down the road he began what he thought would be a harmless conversation. "I'm thinking about getting an SUV. We need something bigger."

"You mean we need something that I'll fit in, don't you?"

Max breathed loudly. Liz's ever changing emotions were frustrating. "That's not what I meant and you know it. I need something with a back seat and room to carry all of the girls stuff when we go on family outings."

Liz's face looked sad.

"What now?" He sighed.

She started crying. "Nothing. You'll think it's stupid."

He caressed her cheek. "No, I won't. Tell me."

She sniffed. "Our babies were conceived in this car and you're just gonna get rid of it like it doesn't mean anything at all to you."

"Liz, baby, I don't need my car to remind me of that evening. You were very seductive that night." He smiled. "Trina catching us ... Baby, that'll be with me forever."

"I guess you're right. But promise me you won't get rid of it until we're able to fuck in here at least one more time." She placed her hand on his inner thigh.

"I promise."

She squeezed his leg. "Why don't we see how fast you can drive us home."


Once they arrived home, they moved as quickly as Liz's size would allow.

When they got to the staircase, she let out a huge size.

"What's wrong?" Max asked stepping back down the 3 steps he had just gone up.

"Do you know how long it's gonna take me to get to our room?"

A half smile claimed Max's lips. He led her into one of the guest rooms and began kissing her the second after he closed the door and locked it.

His fingers skillfully unbuttoned her maternity blouse and slid it off of her. Then he reached behind her and unfastened her bra and removed it from her body.

Cupping her breasts, his thumbs brushed over her sensitive nipples.

"Max!" She said breathlessly.

His mouth replaced his hand, making her moan louder.

"Max dropped to his knees and placed his hands in the waistband of her stretch pants and pushed them off of her. He loved that she didn't wear panties.

He pulled his mouth from her and took her in. "God, you're beautiful."

She looked down at him. "I'm a whale."

He stood so he could look down at her. "Whales are beautiful creatures, but none could EVER compare to you."

"That's swe... Wait a second..."

"I just said you're beautiful." He stopped whatever train of thought she was on.

"Oh. Okay. ...So, am I gonna be the only one naked or are you going to join me?" She wiggled her eyebrows at him.

He led her over to the bed. "Have a seat."

After she sat on the bed, Max turned the stereo on and began stripping to the music.

Liz was trying to keep her composure which wasn't easy. Her husband definitely had the body, but not the talent.

I'll have to give him a few private lessons after the girls are born. She thought with a grin on her face.

"See anything you like?" He asked standing infront of her.

"Yes." She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

Liz scooted up the bed and spread her legs. Being seven and a half months pregnant, their sex life had become less adventurous, but it was still incredible.

Max knelt beside her and ran his fingers over her soft curls. When he felt her moisture begin to dampen his digits, he slipped his fingers into her one at a time.

Her body started reacting with some urgency. He removed his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

She arched into his mouth. "Suck my clit! Please!"

His mouth covered her tight nub as he inserted two fingers back inside of her.

"Ooh, Max ... oh yes! ... Suck HARDER!"

He did and within seconds her cum flooded his mouth.

Max moved to her side, his hand encompassed her large, rounded belly. He placed warm kisses all over it.

When he was done showing affection to their children with his kisses and by the words he softly whispered to them, he helped her sit up.

Max then lay on his back and helped her mount him. As his cock entered her, they both groaned.

She placed her hands on his thighs as she leaned back. Their bodies moved swiftly into a perfect rhythm.

It still floored her that he desired her as big as she was. This made her love him more and more.

Without warning, Max spewed his seed deep inside her.

"Shit!" He said breathing hard. He looked up at his wife who had stilled her movements. "I'm sorry, baby. I can't believe I just did that."

"There's a first for everything." She said sounding very annoyed. She removed herself from his now flacid member and lay on her back and putting her hands on her stomach.


"At least they seem to be asleep now." She told him. "I think I'm gonna crash here for a while."

Max watched as she rolled onto her left side facing away from him. He got out of the bed and found his clothes that he'd trown around the room. He dressed and waited until he thought she was asleep. Then he left the room to go up to their apartment.

Tears began falling from her eyes as she turned back onto her back.

"I love you girls so much, but I really don't know how much more I can take of being so over emotional. I don't know how much more Max can take either."


A couple of hours later, Liz finally trudged up the stairs to the apartment. As she entered the bedroom, she overheard Max on the phone.

"I'm not sure, Mom. We haven't really talked about it."

"Talked about what?" She interrupted.

He looked up at her. "Christmas. Mom wants to know if we're going to Roswell or if we want them to come here."

Liz shrugged. "Whatever you decide is fine with me. I'm going to take a shower." She walked through the bedroom and entered the bathroom.

"Mom, I'll call you back."

He walked into the large bathroom to find his wife fully dressed and sitting on the toilet, crying. He immediately knelt in front of her. "Honey?"

"I'm sorry I'm putting you through hormone hell and I'm being such a bitch. I'm just ... I'm miserable, Max. My back hurts, my feet, well, I can't see them, but they feel swollen, I'm peeing ALL the time and I've gained fifty-three pounds. I don't even recognize the person I see in the mirror anymore."

Max pushed her hair behind her ear."Liz, you are the same, beautiful girl that I fell in love with only now, there's more of you because you're pregnant. After the girls are born, you'll get back into the shape you were in before, but that doesn't matter to me. I love you, all of you."

"You're so sweet. It's just..."

"Look, now that finals are over and I only have one more game left, why don't we go home, visit our parents and let them pamper you?"

She shrugged. "I guess. It would be nice to sleep in my old bed."

"So we're going home for Christmas?"

Liz nodded. "And I promise that I won't try to cook the whole meal by myself like I did at Thanksgiving."

Max kissed her. "Oh, I don't know, I kind of liked having pizza. It could be our new tradition."



Thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday. It was the best one I've had in a LONG time.

Just to let you know, the babies will be born soon, Probably in the next two parts. I really hope you like the names I've got picked out.

Next part should be up this weekend.


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All of part 11 is posted together.
Hope you enjoy!

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Part 12 should be up tonight. I'm also writing another story that popped into my head Thursday night, but I won't post that one until after the babies are born.

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Part 12

Christmas eve day, Liz was sitting on the side of her old bed, rubbing the underside of her belly.

Max walked out of the bathroom clad only in a towel. When he saw the grimace on his wife's face, he became concerned. "Are you okay?"

"I'm not sure. I'm hurting."

He moved across the room swiftly and dropped to his knees in front of her. "What do you mean hurt ?

"I'm cramping. Kind of like I do right before my period, ... but you wouldn't know about that because I've pretty much been pregnant since we got together." She rambled. "Just go get my mother please."

Max didn't even think about what he was wearing, he just ran out into the hall and down the stairs yelling for Nancy.

He found her and his mother having coffee in the sitting room.

"MAX!" Both women said said when they saw his state of undress.

"Liz! Pain! NOW!"

"Huh?" Nancy said.

Diane translated. "Liz is having pains?"

"YES!" Max yelled.

The three hurried upstairs to Liz.

When they ran in, Liz was laughing in between cramps.

"Are you alright, Elizabeth?" Nancy asked.

"What's so funny?" Max inquired.

Liz pointed at Max with one hand and held her belly with the other. "Feel a breeze, honey?"

Max then realized he was practically naked. He excused himself, grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom to dress.

"Where's the pain at, sweetie?" Diane asked her daughter-in-law.

Liz winced. "It's kind of low."

"Is it constant or every once in a while?"

"Off and on, I guess." She bit her lip. "Is that bad?"

"I'm not sure, but just in case, let's go to the hospital." Diane suggested.

"Why are we going to the hospital?" Max asked with panic in his voice.

"Just as precaution." Nancy assured him.

Liz groaned. "Let's go now. This really hurts.


Max was pacing the emergency room waiting to find out about his wife. He wanted to be with her, but they wanted Liz to relax and Max was anything but calm.

"What's going on?" Maria asked bursting into the room with Michael on her heals.

"Where's Liz?" Concern was obvious in Michael's voice.

"They're running tests and monitoring the babies. She's been back there for an hour and they let me back there."

Michael put his hand on his brother-inlaw's shoulder. "If there's something wrong, they'd come out and tell you."

Nancy and Diane entered the room with Liz in a wheelchair.

"It happens all of the time." Nancy told her.

"What happens all the time?" Max questioned.

Liz lowered her head. "False labor."

"You mean we got all worried for nothing?" Michael commented. Of which in return, Maria swatted him on the back of the head. "Ouch."

Max igonred them and knelt by his wife's side. "So all three of my girls are okay?"

She nodded. "But when they're born, they're grounded for playing tricks on me."

They all laughed.

"I'm hungry. I want nachos from Senor Chows." Liz licked her lips.

"Michael's paying." Maria said.

"I am?"

Maria gave him a stern look. "You are."

He sighed. "I'm paying."


Liz inhaled all of her food and most of Max's.

"I can't wait until Mic..., the girls are born. Then maybe I can get a chance to eat once in awhile." Max smiled at her.

"Funny Max. I was going to tell you this in private, but I guess now is just as good. The doctor said no more sex until after the babies are born." Liz stuck her tongue out at him.


Michael chuckled and patted Max on the back. "Poor guy. I'll think of you when Maria and I..."

Maria slapped him on the back of the head. "Finish that sentence and you won't be having sex until after they're babies are born."

"Yes, dear."

Liz laughed at her brother and her best friend.

"Liz?" Max said to bring her attention back to him.

"The doctor said that he doesn't think that it will be much longer. Two weeks at the most."

"Two weeks? Our daughters will be here in two weeks?"

Liz nodded. "That's why our moms didn't come to lunch with us. They're getting a nursery together in the room next to ours."

"Two weeks." Max smiled and kissed her hand.


That night, after they'd exchanged gifts with their family and friends, the parents to be snuggled into the large wooden bed of Liz's childhood room content to just be in each other's arms.

"So next week we're going to the New Years Eve party at the club?"

Liz nodded. "Our parents want to show us off." She laughed. "Or in my case, whale watching."


"I'm joking. My size doesn't really bother me that much anymore. Especially since I know I'll look human again soon."

"My girls." He smiled. "I hope they look like you."

"I don't know. I think you'd make a pretty girl." She joked.

He puffed his chest up and gave her a sexy half smile. "I think I already made two."

"You are so full of yourself. You had a little help making them you know."

His lips descended on hers and they were locked in a heated kiss. His hands began roaming over her round body.

"We can't do this Max."

"I know ... I know." He said breathlessly. Merry Christmas, baby."

"Merry Christmas, Max." She rested her head on his chest and soon they were both asleep dreaming of the day when their daughters would be with them.



Yes, I know this sucks, but the births are coming up soon and I'm trying to get there as fast as I can.

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Part 13

Liz rubbed her sore back as she looked at herself in the mirror. "Do we really have to go?"

Max walked out of the bathroom in his boxers. "Yes, we have to go. We promised."

She shook her head and turned sideways. She was wearing a long, black evening gown that seemed to flow around her pregnancy."Wouldn't you rather stay here ... alone ... with me. I'll make it worth your while." She wiggled her eyebrows.

"Very funny. You know the doctor said that sex can cause premature labor for you. He wants you to carry the girls for as long as you can."

Liz began pout. This is NOT fair. No sex 'til their born and no sex for 4 to 6 weeks afterwards."

"We'll be sexless together." He said putting on his pant.

"My back hurts."

Walking over to her bare chested, he put his hands on her back and started to rub it.

"Thank you. That feels good."

He kissed her neckand put his arms around her the best her could resting his hands on her belly. "We'll go tonight, ring in the new year with our friends and family and then we'll come back here and just be together, you, me and our girls."

He leaned back on him. "That sounds nice. Well, the last part anyway. Get dress. I'm gonna start waddling my way down stairs."


Max helped his wife into the limo and then got in himself.

Liz seemed to be making faces.

"What's wrong?"

"My back really, really hurts."

He looked at his watch. "It's almost nine. Why don't we go make an appearence and then our excuses and come beck here."

"Oka..." Her eyes grew wide. "Or maybe we can just go to the hospital. My water just broke."



Liz was admitted to her room immediately. Max had called everyone on their way to the hospital as she lay on her bed, her family and friends surrounded her.

"OH FUCK! This hurts."

"Lizzie, watch your mouth." Jeff told her.

"Watch my mouth? I feel like my guts are being ripped out from the inside out and you want me to watch my mouth?"

"I-I, uh, I didn't mean..."

Nancy covered her mouth to hide her amusement. "Don't you remember how verbal I was when I was in labor with her?"

"Oh yeah." Jeff smiled.

"Look, I know everyone wants to be here for support, but she's getting closer to delivering and it would be easier if only she and her husband were in here."

The group wished them luck and finally left.

"Thank you." Liz told the nurse.

"No problem. I know how family can get on your nerves at times like this. I was in the middle of delivery and my mother actually shushed me."

Max and Liz laughed. Then another contraction hit.



11:52pm New Years Eve

"Don't hold your breath, sweetheart. You have to breath." He began breathing with her.

The pain wasn't subsiding. "This breathing shit doesn't work! I want something for the pain!"

"I thought we agreed to go natural?"

"You go natural. I WANT DRUGS!!!" Liz yelled loud enough that even her family in the waiting room heard her.

Dr. Sawyer walked into the room. "You know, you gotta like a patient whose father-in-law personally picks you up and flies you in. ... How are you feeling, Liz?"

"Not good." She pouted. "May I please have something for the pain?" She begged.

"Let me just check you first and see where we stand."

Liz assumed the position, feet in stirrups and the doctor examined her.

"Prep the room." He told the nurse. "Liz, I'm afraid there's no time for pain meds. These girls are ready. Okay, when the next pain hits, push."

About 3 seconds later, Liz was pushing and Max was there with her for every single pain. That's because she was digging her fingernails into his hand. As the first baby ripped her way out, Liz screamed.

The actual birth of the girls went very quickly.

At 11:59 Claudia Isabella Parker-Evans was born. Two minutes later, her sister, Michayla Marie Parker-Evans, joined her.


The nurse had given Max all the information on a card to tell everyone who was waiting.

When he walked into the waiting room, he was bombarded with questions.

"Wait a minute!" He said lously to get their attention. "If you be quiet for a few minutes I'll tell you."

They all sat down.

Max read the card in his hand. "Caudia Isabella Parker-Evans was born at 11:59pm. She weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces and is 17 and 3/4 inches long."

Isabel clutched her hand to her chest and had tears in her eyes. "You named her after me?"

Max just smiled and continued. "Michayla Marie Parker-Evans was born at 12:01am. She weighs 5 pound 3 ounces and is 17 and 1/4 inches long."

Maria popped Micheal on the chest. "The other one's named after us."

"Max, how's Elizabeth?" Nancy asked as her grip on Diane's hand grew tighter.

"She's fine. They're stitching her up while they're running prelim tests on the girls. You can see the girls through the window of the nursery. When they're done they'll bring them back into Liz's room. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my wife."

As Max turned to leave, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see his father.

"I'm proud of you son."

"Thanks Dad. I'm kinda proud of me too. I gotta get back to Liz."

The group watched through the window as the nurses tested the girls in the back of the nursery.

"They're so little." Michael smiled. "Which one's mine?"

Everyone laughed.

"Well, Nancy, we have one year to plan the most spectacular birthday party that Roswell has ever seen."

That's when it hit Maria. "You might want to plan two. They have different birthdays. December 31st and January 1st."


Max walked in to find his wife lying on crisp, clean white sheets, rubbing her hands over her once huge stomach.

"Hey you." She smiled as she saw him.

"Hey you. How ya feelin'?"

She sighed. "A little empty. It's weird to be just me again."

He sat on the side of the bed and kissed her. "They're almost finished with the girls and then they'll bring them back in here."

"Good. I miss them."

There was a quiet knock on the door.

"Come in." She said looking towards the door.

Jeff walked in alone. "Hey Lizzie."

"Hi Daddy. Did you see them?"

"I caught a glimpse. You did good."


Jeff suddenly had tears in his eyes. "Thanks for naming one of the girls after Momma. That means a lot to me."

"She was a great woman, Daddy. I only hope that my daughter can live up to her name."

Jeff moved closer to her. "If she's anything like her momma, she will. They both will."

The door opened. "You've got a couple of visitors here that really want their parents."

Two nurses rolled in two clear plastic bassinets with a tiny baby girl in each. The nurses handed both parents a swadled baby.

"If you need anything, just push your call button." One of the nurses told them as they left.

Liz immediately began to unwrap the baby she was holding.

"What are you doing?" Max asked.

"I just want to look at them. Could you unwrap..." She looked at the wrist bracelet of the baby she had. "...Michayla and lay her on my lap."

Max did as he was told and placed Michayla next to Claudia.

"My God, Lizzie, they're beautiful." Jeff told her as he kissed her on the forehead. "I'll leave you guys alone to get to know your daughters."

"Thank you, Daddy."

Jeff left them alone.

"Look at them, Max. They're perfect."

Max smiled down at the little dark-haired babies that lay on his wife's lap. "Of course they are. They look just like you." He kissed her sweetly and then took Claudia in his arms. "Now Claudia, you're the big sister. It's your responsibility to take care of your little sister."

Liz licked her dry lips as she carefully took Michayla in her arms. "Michayla, it's your job to as the younger sister to annoy your big sister."

Max and Liz looked at each other and laughed.

"I love you, Liz."

She looked into his eyes. "I love you too, Max."

It was then that the room was suddenly filled with family, flowers and presents.

Everyone oohed and ahhed over the girls who were sound asleep in their parent's arms.

Michael walked over to them and looked at both babies. "So, which one is mine?"



Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted and my abs are killing me. Writing about childbirth reminds me of my daughters birth. In fact, the comment the nurse makes about her mother shushing her during delivery, actually happened to me. I hope you approve of the names. Give me feedback. It's become my drug of choice.


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Part 14

Max stared down at his 4 say old daughters. They were dressed in matching outfits especially made for them. One was in pink, the other in purple so they could be easier to tell apart.

"Okay girl. As soon as Mommy get finished in the bathroom, we're going ho... Well, actually we're going to Grandma Nancy's, but in a couple of weeks we're going to take a trip to where we live."

Liz walked out of the bathroom and over to her husband. She wrapped her arms around his waist and looked down at her sleeping babies. "Daddy telling you stories about how great an athlete he is again?"

He gave her a kiss. "Very funny."

A nurse came in with a wheelchair. "Someone call for a limosine? There's a huge white one out front with EVANS on the license plate."

Liz sat in the wheelchair. Max carefully picked up Claudia and sat her in his wife's arms. Then he slowly picked up Michayla. She immediately began to cry.

"Kayla, you are DEFINITELY named after the right people. You're loud just like your Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria."


Once in the limo, they fastened the girls into their infant seats and instructed the driver to take them to the Parker estate and to please drive carefully.

Liz snuggled into Max and gazed at their identical little girls seated across from them. Then she looked up at her husband and saw the wat he was looking at them.

"I never thought my husband would be in love with not just one but two other girls." She smiled.

Max just smiled. "They're just SO amazing. My life just feels so complete now, you know?"

"Yeah I do. For the first time in my life I know what contentment is. I have you and our daughters."


"I thought for sure that everyone would be waiting on the front lawn for their highnesses arrival." Max said as he carefully lifted Claudia's infant seat out of the car and set her on the ground and did the same with Michayla. Then he helped Liz out of the limo.

"Please don't put our babies out on the curb so soon." She laughed.

Max pursed his lips together and flared his nostrals in mock frustration. "I'm just one guy waiting hand and foot on a sea of women. I'm doin' the best I can."

"Max, there's something that I really need to tell you." She sighed.


She stroked his face. "You look so sexy when you make that face."

He made the face again. This time it was involuntary. "Six weeks, baby. Please, no teasing."

She laughed. "Grab your daughters. I'll get the door."

When they entered the house, everyone yelled surprise which of course woke the sleeping babies. The babies started crying.

"Thank you, really." Max said sarcastically.

"Hey, I told them not to do it, but they just didn't listen." Michael told his sister and his best friend.

Liz hugged him. "It's okay, really." Max handed her Michayla. "They'll fall back asleep in a minute."

And they did.

Isabel and Alex were holding each other and looking at the sleeping babies.

Diane walked up to them. "Don't EVEN get any ideas. I already have two grandchildren. I don't need a third calling me Nana just yet."

Alex's face turned red. "You don't ... um ... okay."

"Oh come on Mom. You know it's more then likely that they'd have two. I mean, Claudia and Michayla are proof of that."

Alex looked at Isabel. "Uh..."

"They're kidding, Alex." She glared at her brother. For your information, we're not planning on having a family until AFTER graduation."

Liz laughed. "Like Max and I PLANNED to be parents at 18."

"Could we PLEASE change the subject." Alex begged.

A little later, Jeff was holding Claudia. "I can't get over how much they look like Lizzie when she was a baby."

"I know." Nancy smiled at him. "I still can't believe that we're grandparents."

Philip joined them. "Weren't our grandparents really old. I mean, the had gray hair and all those wrinkles."

"And just a few years older than we are now." Diane said as she held Michayla. "I'm actually looking forward to this. There is so much we can do with them because we are young."

"And just think of the fabulous shopping sprees with the girls we can have." Nancy lit up.

Jeff winked at Philip. "These are going to be some very expensive little girls."


For the rest of the day, the group enjoyed and celebrated the addition to they're family. But it was also exhausting.

Maria tapped Diane on the shoulder. "Excuse me, but have you noticed that all four of our guests of honor are sound asleep."

Everyone looked at the couple sitting on the couch, each holding a baby. Max, Liz, Claudia and Michayla Evans were sleeping soundly.




I realize this is short and not up to my usual standards and probably makes no sense. I promised a part and since my little girl has the crap that seems to be going around, I rushed it. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks for the fantabulous feedback. You guys are the BEST!!!

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Part 15

It was 3am and Liz was in the nursery, sitting in the rocking chair and nursing Michayla. "You sure do like to eat, little one. Daddy's right, we did name you after the right people."

Max laughed as he finished changing Claudia's diaper. "Now go to sleep." He said with a yawn. "I'm done with mine. I'm going back to bed."

"I probably still be here with 'jaws' when you wake up in the morning." She pouted.

He sighed. "Okay, I'll stay up with you." He kissed her sweetly and sat beside her.

Fifteen minutes later, Liz had finally put Michayla to bed.


For some reason Liz couldn't get to sleep so she decided to do something that she done since the twins were born; write in her journal.

January 8th
Michayla and Claudia are a week old. It's still hard to believe that I'm 18 years and the mother of twins. Don't get me wrong, I love it, it's just the hardest thing that I've ever done in my life. When one's hungry, the other one needs to be changed. Thank God for Max.

He's such a wonderful father. He gets up with me when the girls wake up in the middle of the night and helps me as best he can since I'm breastfeeding. It will easier when school starts back up because I'm going to pump. That way I won't have to rush home and feed them.

School's a whole different issue. I'll be teaching my classes here so I can be with the girls, but I'm still going to have to go to class. I haven't told Max yet, but I've been toying with the idea of taking the semester off. I'm not sure how he'll take it. A couple of days ago, some people from high school called up and invited us to a party. We didn't go of course because the girls are so little and I can't stand to be away from them just yet. But Max got this look on his face. It was almost a guilty look. He loves our daughters, but I think he's afraid that I'm going to end up resenting our life because it's not normal. But, what's so great about normal.

Is it normal that our families are multimillionaires? Is it normal that one of my best friends ended up being my brother? Is it normal that I married the man my parents arranged for me to date because of business? Is it normal that the last thing I wanted to do when I got to college was dance and I ended up teaching it? I think not. I think I'll wait until we go home before I mention anything to him about school.

Speaking of home, I can't wait for the girls to be in their own room. It looks so incredible. Michael painted a blue sky and clouds all over the room. I was going to do some dorky character theme, but Max pointed out that looking at the same thing day after day would get boring. I hadn't thought of that.

Liz looked over at Max. His bare chest rising with every breath.

I probably sound like a sex starved teen, but I can't wait until the girls are 6 weeks old. Hopefully I'll look a little more like my old self and then I'm going to seduce my husband. I don't really think it will take much seducing though. Poor guy. I went into the bathroom last night when he was in the shower and I saw him jacking off through the door.

A smile played on her lips

Maybe there is a way I can help him out.

Liz closed her journal and walked over to her bed. She carefully pulled the covers off of Max and then climbed up on the bed. She unsnapped the fly of his boxers and the reached in and pulled out his flacid dick. Licking her lips, she took him into her mouth. Within seconds, his cock came to life, hardening.

Max thought it was a dream. Soon to be a wet dream at that. But when he opened his eyes, there she was. His beautiful, sexy wife. The mother of their newborn twin daughters, giving him head. "Liz." He groaned.

"Mmm." She moved faster. Her head bobbing up and down.

Soon, Max's eyes rolled back and he spewed his salty goodness into her mouth and down her throat.

After catching his breath, he pulled her into his arms. "Not that I'm not grateful, but what brought that on?"

"I just thought you needed it." She smiled. "I know I did. I missed your taste."

"I love you." He rolled on top of her and began kissing her passionately.

Of course at that exact moment, Claudia and Michayla starting crying.

"It's starting already." Max laughed.



I know this is short, but I wanted to give you something. My daughter has tonsilitis and I now have a cold because she has a tendency to cough in my face when she gives me a hug. Ah motherhood, gotta love it.

I am going to start focusing on the other couples as well as Max and Liz. Of course the storylines will more than likely center around their lives coexisting with infants in their lives, but who knows...

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Part 16

Isabel carried the last of her stuff in from Alex's van and looked around her new home. When she put the box down, she felt arms wrap around her waist.

"Welcome home, Isabel." Alex said kissing her neck.

"It feels good to be here not having to worry that I have to get on a plane in 48 hours and leave you again." She yawned.

He turned her around to face him. "Why don't we take a nap and when we wake up, we'll order pizza."

She perked up. "Does that mean that we can have our 'waiting for the pizza' ritual sex?"

He kissed her sweetly. "We can do whatever you want."


The foursome and the two additions were back at there own home. The girls are two and a half weeks old.

When Liz came out of the bathroom, her breath caught in her throat. Max was standing in the middle of their bedroom in a pair of sweatpants holding one of their daughters to his chest and trying to stop her from crying.

"What's wrong?"

Max gave her an exaperated look. "She's hungry, but she won't let me give her a bottle. I tried explaining to her that it's your milk, but that got me nowhere."

"Hand me my baby." She took the baby from Max. "Michayla, why are you giving Daddy so much trouble?" She dropped the towel that was covering her and brought the baby's mouth to her nipple. Michayla began eating greedily.

That's when Claudia started screaming at the top of her lungs.

"I'm gonna try and give her a bottle." Max said holding the full bottle in his hand.

A few minutes later he returned with the crying baby and the full bottle.

Liz smiled. "Wanna trade?"

"What are we gonna do when school starts next week?" He asked.

She bit her bottom lip as they traded babies. Her face was full of guilt. She had yet to tell him that she was taking the semester off.


"Um, I'm not taking any classes this semester. I'm just gonna teach my classes here."

Max put Michayla's head on his shoulder and began patting her back. "When did you decide this?"

She looked down at Claudia as she nursed. "Right after they were born."

He looked at her with disbelief. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't want you to be disappointed in me."

He sat beside her on the bed. "Liz, I could never be disappointed in you. What you want to do is up to you. It's your life. But next time, let me in on what you want."

Liz leaned her head on Max's shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you too."


Max looked down at the tiny child on his shoulder and laughed. "Yep, we definitely named you right."


Michael and Maria were having sex when he belched.

"Michael!" She hit him in the chest.

"Sorry." He continued moving in and out of her and then he exploded. He then collapsed on top of her and fell asleep.

After quite a while, Maria finally wiggled out from underneath his weight and pulled his t-shirt over her head.

She decided to go down stairs and raid the fridge in the kitchen because she hadn't stocked her and Michael's mini-fridge yet. She had a lot on her mind and food would help her think.

Maria was on her second pint of ice cream when her lover came through the door.

"Hey." He said scratching his head. "Any ice cream left?"

She handed him the barely eaten pint and her spoon.


She stared at him.

"What?" He said with a mouth full of ice cream.


She got up to leave but was stopped by his hand.

"Maria, tell me what's wrong."

She glared at him. "You really don't know?"

Michael's face was full of bewilderment as he shrugged.

"Michael, you just climbed on top of me and started fucking me. No foreplay, you just fucked me, got off and fell asleep. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" Tears brimmed her green eyes.

He bit his bottom lip. "I thought you liked it when I was spontaneous."

"Spontaneous, yes, but you were just being a horny teenager. Did you notice that I didn't cum? Do you even care?" Her voice was shaking.

"Of course I care, Maria. I love you."

She let out a nervous laugh. "Sometimes I wonder."

"What's that supposed to mean?" His voice was filling with nervousness and anger.

"Michael, we've been together for almost three years and having sex for two. All we ever do is eat, sleep and fuck."

He pressed the heel of his hands over his eyes. "What do you want to do, Maria? Are you breaking up with me or something?"

"NO!" She answered quickly. "Michael, you're my life. I can't live without you. I want to take a step back. I want to start dating you again."

"You're confusing me." He scratched his eyebrow. You want up to date?"

She nodded.

"Do you still want to live with me?"

Maria sat on his lap. "Michael, of course I still want to live with you, but I don't want our relationship to revolve just around sex anymore."

Michael thought for a second. "I do anything you want me to do as long as I don't lose you."

"Baby, you're never gonna lose me. I'm yours forever."

Her lips descended onto his.

"Oh, sorry." Max said.

The couple broke apart. "Hey."

"The only thing in our freezer is breast milk." He said as he opened the large freezer. "Where's all the ice cream?"



Just a little transition. Thank you all for your concern for my daughter. She's 100% better. I still have a cold, but I took some purple pills yesterday and slept for 12 hours so at least I'm rested.

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Part 17

School was back in session. Max and Michael were taking classes and playing baseball, Maria was going to school and working on her music and Liz was teaching her classes in her studio.

The girls were five weeks old. Liz had an area in her office with cradles, changing table, rocking chair and everything that they could possibly need while they were down there.

The University was letting her hire a student assistant to make it easier on her. She was finding out that it was good to be the daughter-in-law of a beloved alumnus. Anything she asked for, she got.

She was in her studio working on choreography when she was interrupted by Patrice. She'd obviously been crying.

"Patrice, what's wrong?"

"I need to talk to you. ... I'm leaving ... school and I ... I just wanted to thank you for everything done for me and taught me. I'll never forget you."

"Why? What happened?"

Patrice took a deep breath. "My dad lost his job right before Christmas and he hasn't found anything else yet. My scholarship covers tuition, fees and books, but no living expenses. There are seven other people in my family. My parents are having to use there savings for the normal stuff and there's no extra money to pay for me to stay here."

Liz felt awfu. "There has to be something..."

"There's not. I've been looking since my dad told me the news. I'm not qualified to do anything. I couldn't even get a job at a fast food restaurant." She told her teacher as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Liz suddenly smiled. "I might be able to help you. I've been authorized to hire a student assistant. You haven't withdrawn from school yet, have you?"

Patrice shook her head. "I'm going there next."

"No you're not. You're the most talented dancer I've got and I'm not going to lose you. Let me see what I can do."


When Max got home from baseball practice, Liz was doing double duty in the nursery. She was nursing Michayla and rocking Claudia.

"Need some help?" He said softly so as not to startle them.

She smiled. "Why don't you take sleeping beauty while the bottomless pit finishes sucking me dry. You'd think she hadn't eaten all day."



He kissed his wife sweetly on the lips and gently took his daughter in his arms kissing her soft forehead.

"Sibling rivalry. She's trying to out do her sister."

Liz raised her eyebrow. "Psyche 101?"

Max shook his head. "Twin sister. Mom said the competition started at birth."

"When did it stop?"

He gave he a sexy half smile. "I'm three up on her."

Liz shook her head.

"So how was your day?" He asked as he placed Claudia in her cradle.

"Exhausting. At one point today I didn't know if I was coming or going."

He knelt down by her and stroked Michayla's soft, dark hair. "At least you're gonna get some help."

Liz took a deep breath. "Speaking of that, I need to call a house meeting when I finish feeding her."

Max looked concerned. "Is everything okay?"

She nodded. "Yeah. I just need to throw an idea I have at the three of you."


Twenty minutes later, Liz walked into the living room of their apartment with Michayla on her shoulder. The baby was whimpering.

"What's wrong with her?" Maria asked.

Liz was patting her little back. "I think she ate too much too fat and now she's gassy, but of course she won't burp."

Michael held out his arms. "Gimme the kid."

She eyed her brother, but handed her daughter over to him.

"Your mom's just not doing it right." Michael laid his namesake across his lap on her tummy and began rubbing circles on her back. Within seconds, she burped ... quite loudly. Michael picked her up from his lap and cradled her in his arms. "That's Uncle Mikey's little girl." He kissed the tip of her tiny nose.

Max shook his head. "Could the two of you BE anymore alike?"

"That's my boyfriend. If there's one thing Michael knows about, it's gas." Maria put her head on his shoulder. "So what's the meeting about?"

"Well, I've found an assistant. Patrice. You know, the girl that gave me a hard time at the beginning of last semester. Anyway, her father lost his job in December and she's gonna have to leave school because she can't afford to live on campus. The job won't pay enough for her to live anywhere decent so I was wondering if you guys would mind if we fixed up the garage apartment and let her live there."

Max instantly moved to his wife and wrapped her in a tight embrace. "You amaze me. I think it's a great idea."

"Maria, Michael?"

"It's your house." Michael told her.

"I say go for it." Maria told her.

"Thanks. Now all I have to do is convince her."

Max held her tighter. "You are the most kindhearted person I've ever known."

Michayla started to cry in her sleep. Michael held her out to her parents. "I don't do crying."



As usual, awesome feedback. FYI, Patrice is no threat for either couple. I just needed to get her into the mix.

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Sneak Preview of part 18...
Max/Liz ... SEX SEX SEX*bounce**bounce**bounce*

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Part 18

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

Maria patted Max on the back. "Max, Max Max. Liz got her a-okay from the doctor today. You and she haven't had sex in 8 weeks. Of course we'll babysit tonight. Do I look like I have a death wish?" She laughed.

"So it's okay?"

She sighed. "Max, you and Liz have a wonderful evening. The girls will be fine. You know how much Michael and I adore them."

Max kissed her on the cheek. "You're the best."

"Yes, yes. Iknow, I know. Now, let's pack the girls overnight bags and bring their cradles to my place."


That evening, Michael and Maria sat on their couch each holding a baby.

"You know what this reminds me of?"

She was rocking Claudia on her legs. "What?"

"You and me babysitting Mrs. Thompson's kids for that extra credit project our junior year. Of course, her kids weren't half as beautiful as these two." He stroked Michayla's little face. "Is this what you meant by us dating?"

Maria laid her head on his shoulder. "It's a start. ... Our children are going to have the best daddy in the world."

"Uh ... is there something you're not telling me?" His heart started pounding.

She lifted her head up. "About what?"

"You're not..." He pointed at the girls.

"No, I'm not. I'm just making an observation for much, much, MUCH future reference." She looked at the girls. "I'm in NO way ready for motherhood. I mean, I don't know if you've ever noticed, but I can be a little..."

He shut her ramble up with a kiss. "When the time come, Maria, whenever we do have kids, you'll be an awesome mom." He kissed he again.

The moment ended when Michayla grunted. Michael looked down at her. Her little face turned red and then she smiled.

"Het cutie, what was that all ... Aw man! That is funky!" He looked at his girlfriend. "Wanna trade?"

She laughed. "Sorry buddy. We had a deal. I take care of Claudia and you get stinky pants."

Michael got up holding the baby as far away from him as he could. "This sucks!"


Max and Liz were having a very romantic candle lit dinner at The Stratford. Unfortunately, Liz wasn't enjoying it very much. This was her first night away from her babies for longer than a couple of hours and it was killing her.

"We can always call and make sure every things okay." He told her.

"No." She sighed. "I don't want them to think that we don't trust them."

"It's up to you."

She bit her bottom lip. "I guess they'd call if something was wrong."

Max nodded. "They'll be fine."

"I know, I know. You'd think that since I'm with them practically 24/7 I'd want a break, but I'm having major separation anxiety."

Max took her hand in his. "You're a wonderful, attentive mother to our girls. You deserve and need this." He kissed her hand. "And what's to come after dinner."

She laughed. "I definitely need that. You have no idea how much I need that."

His thumb was rubbing circles on the back of her hand. "I can only imagine. Have I thanked you fo keeping me VERY satisfied during these last few weeks?"

The waiter interrupted them. "Would you care to see our dessert menu, Mr. Evans?"

Max looked at Liz with sudden desire. "Well, Mrs. Evans, will we be having desert?"

Liz wet her suddenly dry lips. "I believe we'll be having dessert at home."


It seemed to take forever to get from the restaurant back home. The whole way, they couldn't keep their hands off one another.

When they reached the top of the stairs, Liz hesitated and looked towards her brother's apartment.

"Do you want to go check on them?" Max asked, kissing the side of her neck.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "No, they're in good hands."

Max scooped her up into her arms and headed into their apartment.


They wasted no time in undressing and finding the bed. Their bodies quickly tangled to gether. It had been too long since they had been face to face.

He brushed her hair from her face. "I missed being this close to you like this."

"Show me how much. Make love to me Max."

"With pleasure my love."

He entered her slowly and she gasped.

"Are you okay?"

Pure ecstasy filled her her eyes. "Oh God yes." She became completely dizzy as she thrust her hips forward to incite his movement.

Their bodies danced together in the mating ritual of the young lovers. They were completely lost in each other.

As Max slid in and out of her, her legs rose higher, bringing him deeper within her.

"Ohh ... Max ..." She moaned. "Mmm..."

"You feel so good."

"Faster Max! Please!" She begged.

He obliged. In and out. In and out. Faster and faster. Their bodies moved in a fantastic rhythm.

Liz was writhing beneath Max. Every nerve in her body was on fire.

"Let it go Liz."

And she did. She came violently.

Barely recovered, she rolled them over and began riding him.

His thumbs brushed over her nipples causing the secretion of milk. Without missing a beat, Max sat up and swirled his tongue around her nipple, savoring the taste of her milk.

Liz started grinding into him harder.

Max felt himself suddenly tightenand then he released himself inside of her. Seconds later, she joined him.

They collapsed. They're bodies still entwined.

He smiled. "No wonder Kayla nurses so long. You're delicious."

She shuddered. "I'll just take your word on that. ... It's hard to believe that less than a year ago I was a virgin and now I'm a wife and a mother."

Max kissed her. "You'd never know you had twins just 6 weeks ago. Your bodies perfect."

"My breasts are different."

He moved down and began to lick her the curve of her left breast. Definitely a good different."

Liz suddenly pushed Max off of her and sat up. "Did you hear that?"

"Michael and Maria will take care of her."

She got out of bed and put her robe on. "Max, that's not Claudia's normal cry. Something's wrong."



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Part 19

Max and Liz had a realization. Claudia was like her Aunt Isabel. She demanded what she wanted and she got it.

It seemed that little Miss Claudia wasn't happy until her parents brought her back to her room. She screamed bloody murder up to the point when her daddy lugged her cradle back form her aunt and uncles apartment and her mommy laid her down in it.

Claudia Isabella Parker-Evans fell fast asleep.

Max and Liz walked into their bedroom.

"Should we go get Michayla?" She asked.

"Nah. She and Uncle Michael were watching TV together." He wrapped his arms around her waist. "I guess the moods broken, huh?"

She nodded. "A little..." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "...but I'm sure we can get it back somehow."

He pushed her hair behind her ear. "I know we can."

Their lips met with such passion that they lost their balance and crashed to the bed.

They both laughed.

Liz brushed her fingers over the features of Max's face. "This might sound incrediblt stupid, but when I thought that there was something wrong with Claudia, I suddenly felt like a grownup."

Max nodded. "Kinda like you've just been going through the motions of being an adult?"


"Liz, it's not stupid. That's how I felt the night the girls were born. Actually, the first time I felt like an adult was when I walked off the field during the game. I knew that my repsonsibilities were to you and our daughters."

She kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too."


Maria came into the kitchen to find Michael and Michayla both staring at the hockey game on television.

"Only six weeks old and you're already corrupting her." She shook her head.

Michael feigned being hurt by her words. "I'll have you know that I am teaching her to appreciate the greatest sport on the planet. I am NOT corrupting her." He looked down at his niece. "Am I Mikey Marie?"

Maria laughed. "You're calling her Mikey Marie?"


"What are you calling Claudia?"

He thought for a second and smiled. "Izzy Jr."

She shrugged. "That fits." She sat next to him and put her head on his shoulder. "This is nice. Not the hockey part, that sucks, but this is kinda a family thing."

He kissed the top of her head. "It is a family thing."

Maria was quiet for a few minutes. Then she took a big breath and spoke. "I wanna get married."


She lifted her head. "I don't want to wait until after we graduate. Let's get married this summer."

With his free hand, he cupped her face. "Sounds good to me. Just tell me when and where and I'll be there."

Had he not been holding the baby, Maria would have jumped into his lap. "Really?" She squealed.

Michael nodded. "I wanted to marry you last summer, but with all the Max/Liz, Jeff/Mom/Nancy stuff, I didn't think it was a good idea. Now, there's nothin' stoppin' us."

She kissed his cheek, got off the couch, ran to the desk and grabbed the calandar and then went back to the couch and sat on her feet. "Okay. This is February. If we have the wedding in June, that gives us a little over three months. Do you think that will be enough time?"

He smiled and kissed. "Knowing you, it'll be more than enough time."

She kissed him again and jumped up. "I gotta call Mom."

"Don't ya think it's kinda late for that?"

Maria looked at him as if her were crazy. "You're kidding, right?" She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello? Deluca residence." The man's voice answered breathlessly.

"Who is this?" She asked bluntly.

"Jim Valenti. Who's this?"

"This is Amy's daughter. May I speak with my mother please?"

Maria heard muffled voices.

Maria, honey? Is everything alright?

Thoughts of her impending wedding left her head. "I don't know, Mom. Why don't you tell me. Why is the sheriff of Roswell answering your telephone when it's almost midnight?"



Sorry for the delay guys. I hope this wasn't too weak. The first time I spent the day away from my daughter, she ran a high fever the entire day. Five minutes after I got back, no more fever. Now she's almost 5 and she's still dramatic. Claudia's little outburst was her way of getting her parent's attention.

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Sorry it took so long to get this out. I'm having major writer's block.

Part 20

Maria slammed the phone down so hard she cracked the base.

Michael stood up and took the now sleeping Michayla into their bedroom and put her to bed.

He came back into the living room to find Maria pacing and muttering to herself. "What happened? Amy not like the idea of you marryin' a low life bum like me?"

Her glare was deadly.

He quietly walked over to her and put his arms around her. "Let's just remember, there's a baby sleeping in the next room."

Maria took a deep calming breath. "It seems that my mother has been living this whole other life and didn't tell me about it. She's been dating Jim Valenti for over 6 months."

"Sheriff Valenti?"

She nodded.


"Mom hasn't dated anyone seriously since my dad died. ... What the hell is she thinking?"

Michael gave her a confused look. "Are you upset that she's serious about the sheriff or the fact that it makes it real that your dad's really gone?"

Maria looked at him like he was stupid. "He died when I was 5, Michael. I know he's never comng back."

"Maria, I'm just saying that it's easier to pretend that he's still out there when your mom's alone."

She pushed away from him. "I think you've had one too many Psych classes." She sat on the couch. "Oh yeah, by the way, what we want has to be put on hold yet again because Mom and JIM are getting married June 15th."

He sat next to her. "We can always elope. Spring Break is coming up soon and..."

"Funny, Michael. Why should I have to give up my dream wedding because my mother's acting like a horny teenager?" She shook her head. "No. You know what? Fuck this. We're getting married in June and if it happens to conflict with her little thing then that's too fucking bad!"

"What's your problem, Maria?"

Maria looked at him in shock. "Excuse me?"

"You're acting like a brat."

She jumped off the couch and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?"

She turned around and huffed. "Downstairs to the guestroom."

"Thus proving what I just said."

Maria's legs collapsed from beneath her and she fell to the floor in a sobbing heap.

Michael got up off the couch and sat on the floor in front of her. "Tell me what this is really about, baby." He brushed the hair from her face.

She started playing with her thumbnail. "Do you know how many times my mom's mentioned my dad in the last 6 months? Not once. It's like she's wiped him from her memory."

"I don't think that's true." He pulled her into his lap. "Baby, your mom's been single for thirteen years. Maybe she was just waiting until she thought you were old enough to handle it."

She lay her head on his shoulder. "I'm not handling it all, am I?"

"No, you're not." He kissed her forehead.

"I'm starting to forget him, Michael. My memories of my dad are fading." Tears were beginning to fall down her cheeks. "I can't even remember his voice."

Michael rocked her. "Tell me something you do remember."

She swallowed. "He, um, he'd come home ... from work and no matter how his day was, good or bad, he was always happy yo see me. ... And he'd bring me something. A rock, a wildflower, it didn't matter what, just something." She lifted her head. "There's a box at my grandma's in a closet. My mom was gonna to throw it out when we moved, but my grandma knew how special it was to me so she put it in the closet in her sewing room."

Michael tightened his grip around her. "How about instead of eloping..." He wiggled his eyebrows. " about we go visit your gran and get your box?"

Maria kissed him. "Why do you put up with me?"

"Because I love you and I know this is eating you up inside."

"I love you too, Michael. ... You know, if you really do want to elope, I'm all for it." She put her head back on his shoulder.

"I think my mom's missed too much of my life. If I don't include her and Jeff in my wedding, there'll be hell to pay."

She sat straight up again. "Then let's invite them. Come on. We can everyone together in Santa Fe at Grandma's and get married over Spring Break."

Michael searched her eyes for any hint of her joking, but he found none. "You're serious?"

"If you want to."

"It only gives us two weeks."

Maria chuckled. "Please, I'll just give a call to the Party Nazi and she'll have me organized in no time."

"Then let's do it."



Short I know, but I did manage to make myself cry.

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Part 21

Isabel squealed when she hung up the phone.

"Who's calling the woman I love and making her so happy?" Alex questioned grogily.

"That was Maria. She and Michael are getting married in two weeks and I'm helping to plan it."

He scratched his head. "You're in California and Maria's in New Mexico."

"Your point?" She asked.

He shook his head.

She jumped out of bed and began talking to herself. "There is so much to do. Maria wants to have it in Farmington at her grandmother's, but I think it would be easier to have it in Roswell. I wonder if she'll go for that. I need something to write this down." She opened the nightstand drawer. "okay, okay, okay. Come on Isabel, clear your mind." She took a deep breath. "I gotta call Maria back."


"What do you mean you're getting married in two weeks!?"

Maria put the phone back to ear. "Mother, if you'll calm down, I'll tell you."

"Fine, fine. Now, would you please explain to me why you're getting married in two weeks. ... Are you pregnant?"

"No mother, I'm not pregnant." She took a deep breath. "I called you last night because Michael and I decided to get married in June, but then you told me that you and Jim were getting married in June. By the way, I'm really sorry about reacting the way I did. Anyway, Michael and I were talking and he jokingly suggested that we elope over Spring Break and I thought, why not."

"But Maria, I thought you were going to wait until after college. Why now?"

"Why not now? We've been together since we were 15. We're already living like we're married, we just want to make it legal."

"Maria, I just ... I don't..."

"Mom, I love him ... just as much as you loved Daddy. That's not gonna change."

Amy was quiet.


"Where do we start?"

Tears filled her eyes. "I love you, Mommy."


Max and his brother-in-law were in the gameroom, shootin' pool.

"I can't believe you're getting my sister involved in planning your wedding. You realize that it's gonna be blown way out of proportion, right?" Max teased.

Michael knocked a striped ball in a side pocket. "But who better to pull this together in such a short time. Your sister may have a tendency to go a bit overboard, but come hell or high water, Maria will get her dream wedding.

The girls entered the gameroom. Each carrying a baby.

"Speaking of beautiful women." Max moved over to his wife and kissed her, then each of his daughters.

"I talked to Isabel again and she suggested having the wedding in Roswell instead of Farmington. She's gonna call your mom and see if we can have it at Chez Guerin."

"I guess I should call and tell her we're getting married then, huh?" Michael smiled.

Maria's eyes widened. "You haven't told your parents yet?"

"I, uh..." He fumbled. His cell phone rang. "Saved by the bell. Hello?"

"Were you going to tell me before or after your wedding that you're getting married?"

"Hi Mom. I was gonna call you, I promise."

"Well, Isabel just called and said that Maria put her in charge of getting everything organized. Then she wanted to know if you could have it here. I told her I'd have to check on a couple of things first, but they shouldn't be a problem and I'd call her back. I didn't tell her that one of those things was my sone because he'd yet to inform the woman who gave him life of his impending nuptuals."

Michael smiled and rolled his eyes. "So, can we have the wedding there or not?"

Caitlyn laughed. "Of course. Just please don't make me a grandmother anytime soon."

"You got a deal. I love you, Mom."

I love you too, baby."

Michael turned his phone off. "Caitlyn's onboard."

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get that." Max went to answer the door.

Michayla started making a sucking noise, signaling her growing hunger.

"Okay, Kayla. I hear you." Liz turned her back to Michael and unbuttoned her top and opened her bra. The baby latched on immediately. "Ow! Slow down, sweetie."

Maria laughed and cuddled Claudia. "Your sister has manners like your uncle." She kissed her head.

"Anybody here wanna go find a wedding dress?"

Maria turned at the sound of the voice behind her. "Mom? How'd you get here so fast?"

Amy hugged her daughter and took the baby. "Hi..."

"Claudia." Maria told her.

"Hi Claudia. You're grandad's gonna be shocked at how big you've gotten." She looked up at Maria. "Philip has a meeting with the University President so I hitched a ride on his plane."

Maria was staring at her.

"Don't just stand there. Go get some clothes on. We've got a dress to find."



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Part 22

Liz was finishing dressing Claudia. She and Michayla were wearing identical off-white dresses with different colored headbands.

"Okay you two, listen up. Today is a very special day for Uncle Michael and Aunt Maria. So let me lay down a few rules. No crying during the ceremony, no spitting up on the beautiful dresses that Aunt Isabel bought for you and most importantly, no throwing up on Mommy. Now, you two are 8 weeks old. I think you can handle this."

Max wrapped his arms around her waist. "They look beautiful, baby."

She smiled. "They do, don't they? ... Watch them so I can get dressed. I don't want to be late getting over to Caitlyn and my dad's."

Max noticed the pained expression on his wife's face. "Liz..."

"I'm okay. I know this shouldn't bother me, but it does. It's like everyone gets to be happy but my mother. She's alone in this huge house with no one to talk to ... well, except Amy, but she's only here when she's working on scheduling for Mother's appointments." Liz took a deep breath and let it out. "It's just, we weren't really close until last year and now that we have the girls and we live so far away..."

"Honey, you're babbling."

"Sorry. I just hate the fact that my mom's alone, okay. I gotta go get dressed."


Amy entered the room that her daughter was using to get ready. Maria sat in front of the mirror, staring at her reflection. Her hair was down and curly with a halo of flowers and ribbons and her make-up was perfect.

"Wow. You look almost angelic. ... Except for the push up bra, garter belt and heals."

Maria laughed. You think Michael would like it if I walked down the aisle looking like this?" She stood up.

"I think a lot of men would like to see you walk into a room dressed like that, but that's why you're getting an education. So you won't ever have to. ... That and marrying a young man who comes from money." Amy joked.

She smiled. "I wouldn't care if Michael was dirt poor. I love him so much, Momma." Her smile grew. "I'm marrying Michael in an hour. I'm gonna be his wife."

Amy hugged her daughter. "Daddy would be so proud of you. You've turned into quite a young woman."

"He'd be proud of you too. You did a great job raising me. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for you."

"And believe me, that wasn't easy."


Michael was pacing his bedroom. "I don't know why I'm so fucking nervous. We're just making legal what we've already comitted to. ... Why's I quit smoking?"

"Because Maria told you if you didn't, she'd kill you herself." Alex said as he entered the room.

"Oh yeah."


Maria's grandmother arrived and was escorted to see her granddaughter.

"Grandma!" Maria moved quickly to the older woman and hugged her.

"My beautiful, beautiful girl. You make an exquisite bride."

"Thank you grandma."

Christina DeLuca looked at her daughter-in-law. "You look wonderful, Amy."

"Thanks Mom." Amy hugged her.

"So am I going to meet Jim today?"

"Wait a minute. Mom told you about Jim?" Maria looked uneasy.

Her grandmother nodded. "Before they started dating."

"And you're okay with this?"

Christina took Maria's hand. "Sweetheart, your mother didn't stop being my daughter when your father died. She will always be my family, blood or no." A huge smile grew on her face. "I'm happy that both my girls found someone to love."

"You amaze me, Grandma."

"Oh, before I forget." She picked up the bag that she'd brought with her and hande3d it to Maria. "I believe this is what you asked me to bring."

Maria took the bag and pulled the box out of it. She moved to the bed and sat down. Carefully opening the lid, she smiled when she saw it's contents. "It's still here Daddy."



Sorry this took so long and that it's so short, but I've been really busy with work and 5 year old stuff. Thanks for hanging with me.

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Part 23

Maria very gently pulled out the gold locket.

"Oh Maria." Amy sighed.

She looked up at her mother. Her eyes were shining. "This is the last thing Daddy gave me. Remember, he was late getting home that night. He came into my room and told me he was sorry he was late. I looked up at him and asked him what he brought me. He got down on the floor with me and pulled this from his pocket." She showed everyone the locket. "It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Inside there's a picture of the two of us." She opened it opened and looked inside. She noticed the inscription. Daddy & Maria Together Forever "He never read it to me. He wanted me to read it when I learned how. He died the next day and I put it in my box."

"And I wanted you to throw all that stuff away. I'm so sorry." Amy hugged her.

Maria shrugged. "You didn't know what was in there, but Grandma put it up for me and kept it safe. I had forgotten about it until Michael... Oh SHIT! I gotta finish getting ready. I'm getting married in 15 minutes."

"Don't worry my precious girl. We'll get you downstairs on time." Her grandmother assured her.

Maria smiled as she clasped the necklace around her neck.


"Five minutes." Michael mumbled. He and his brother-in-law were in the den, waiting for their cue to enter the large ballroom that had not been used since Davis Guerin died.

"Getting nervous?" Max asked him.

Michael shook his head. "Anxious. I'm ready to get this thing over with. The quicker it's over, the quicker we're on our way to Orlando."

Max laughed. "Disnet World was Maria's idea, right?"

He shrugged. "I've never been there."


The ballroom was filled. Isabel had done a spectacular job making everything perfect. Flowers and ribbons decorated the room.

Michael and Max were standing with the minister waiting for the bridal party.

Amy appeared at the doorway. She walked up to Michael and whispered in his ear causing him to laugh.

Michael turn towards the guests as Amy went back out of the room. "Um, there's gonna be a little delay. It seems that my nieces both got hungry at the same time so the matron of honor's been detained."

Max excused himself and went to find his wife.

"She's in the lounge." Isabel told him. She looked a little annoyed.

"Iz, it's not their fault. They're two and a half months old."

She put her hands on her hips. "I realize that brother dear, but they're throwing my schedule off."

Max shook his head and opened the door to the lounge. The sight before him was amazing. His beautiful Liz with her back to the door. The bodice of her dress was around her waist as she nursed Claudia and fed Michayla a bottle.

"Need some help?" He asked softly.

She smiled as she looked behind her. "I'm thinkin' these girls completely ignored our little talk this morning. They just ate 45 minutes ago."

Max took Michayla and her bottle. "Are you being a handful, baby girl?"

The baby cooed and grabbed at her bottle.

"How's Michael dealing with the delay?"

"He was laughing about it. Isabel on the other hand..."


Ten minutes later the ceremony began.

Throughout the entire thing, Micahel and Maria stared at each other. Complete adoration was in their eyes.

When the minister pronounced them husband and wife, Michael smiled. "It's about time." He kissed his wife and then they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guerin.



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Part 24

Liz watched her best friend and her brother dancing.

"Whacha looking at?"

She smiled when she felt her husband's strong arms wrap around her. "My brother and new sister-in-law. I don't think I've ever seen them look so happy."

"I know. Michael's never smiled so much for so long." Max agreed. I Shall Believe began playing. "Dance with me?"

"Do you really have to ask?"

He kissed her and led her to the dance floor. "Now, none of that fancy stuff." He teased.

She lay her head on his chest. "I too tired for that fancy stuff." She closed her eyes and listened to his heartbeat.

Max placed a kiss on the top of her head and took a deep breath. He than scrunched up his nose. "You changed shampoo." He observed.

She laughed and looked up at him. I forgot to pack mine so I borrowed my mother's. You don't like it?"

He shook his head. "You're strawberries and vanilla, not lavandar. I like it when you smell edible. Flowery smeels just aren't you."

"I'll remember that."

He rubbed his chin. "What do I smell like."

She her bottom lip. "Home. Safety."


Liz shrugged. "It's not really one particular smell. It's just..."

His lips stopped her when they began kissing hers.


After a little more dancing, it was time to do the traditional things, complete with Michael gently feeding Maria cake and her shoving it in his face. His retaliation was to kiss her until her face too was covered in icing.

Maria threw her bouquet right into Isabel's hands causing everyone to ooh and ahh.

As the paty began to wind down, the newlyweds went upstairs to get ready for their honeymoon.

Maria flooped down on the bed. "Today was perfect."

Michael sat next to her. "Yeah, it was." He chuckled. "Leave it to the girls to delay it though."

"They were just annoying their Aunt Isabel." She wrapped her arms around him and yawned. "How long until we have to head off to the airport?"

"An hour. You wanna take a nap?" He stroked her hair.

She shook her head. "Nope. I just got married. I want to have wild monkey sex with my husband."

"Oh ya do, do ya."

Maria nodded. "Mmmhmm."

Michael began unfastening the buttons on his wife's dress. Soon, she was left in her under garments.

"You like?"

He nodded. "I like. I like a lot."

She gave him a sexy look. "Why don't you get nekkid and show me how much."


Liz could not stop yawning. She was so tired that she hadn't realized that Max had sat beside her until he spoke to her and brought her out of her daze. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I said that my mom wants to know if she can keep the girls tonight."

She nodded. "What'd you tell her?"

"That it's fine with me, but I needed to check with you first." He kissed the top of her head.

"Okay." She placed her head on his shoulder.

"Why don't I tell her to stop by your mom's and get their stuff and then you and I leave."

"We have to wait until Michael and Maria leave before we go." She reminded him.

Max sighed. "Well, they've been upstairsfor thirty minutes. What could they be..."

Liz smiled at him and wiggled her eyebrows.



"Oh Michael ... Oh yeah ..." Maria moaned as she writhed beneath her husband.

Michael began moving faster.

She lifted her legs higher, making him touch her in places inside her that made her toes curl.

"Oh God YES!" She shouted as she began to fall over the edge.

A few more thrusts amd Michael joined his wife. When he finished emptying himself inside her, he collapsed on top of her.

Maria wrapped her body completely around him. "Wow."


Fifteen minutes later, the newly married couple re-entered the ballroom.

Max nudged his napping wife. SHe had fallen asleep in his lap with her head on his chest.

"Mmm." Liz's eyes opened slowly and yawned.

Max laughed. "That's what you get for staying up last night with those two party animals of ours."

She swatted him. "You were up with me. Why are you so rested?"

He smiled. "After you went to Maria's this morning, I went back to sleep."

Liz shook her head. "Let's say goodbye to Michael and Maria and then go back to Mom's."


Diane cradled Michayla in her arms as she fed her a bottle. "I can't wait to get you and your sister tonight. It'll be nice to have babies in the ouse again."

Nancy laughed. "Are you sure you're ready for this? Those two seem to get their second wind around 2 AM."

Diane smiled. "It'll be like riding a bike. Their personalities are a lot like their father's and aunt's." She noticed the look on her co-grandmother's face. "You're going to miss them, aren't you?"

Nancy nodded. "It's nice having someone other than myself and the servants in the house. It just gets lonely sometimes."

"I've got an idea. Philip's going on a business trip tonight. Why don't you stay with me. We can have a ... a grandma/granddaughter slumber party."

Nancy smiled. "Okay, but could you not use the 'grandma' word. It just doesn't sound right for women our age."



Okay, I'm not really happy with this part, but I wanted to get something out to you. Thanks for all the feedback and the bumps.

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Just wanted you to know that I'm still writing but it's coming along slowly. I started reading this from the beginning and was petrifide at the grammar, spelling and mechanical errors. That's probably why I'm only teaching English on the junior college level. So right now I am going through and correcting all of my mistakes. If you have this saved, you might want to wait a few days and get the edited version.

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Part 25

Liz lay on her stomach wearing only a white thong on the bed in the room she grew up in. Max straddled her legs as he massaged her back.

"Mmm ... Baby, you hands are magic." She moaned.

He leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck. "Anything else you need massaged? My hands aren't the only magical appendage I possess."

She smiled and laughed softly. "Really?" She rolled over to face him. "Well, I do have a few other places that are achy." She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him down for a passionate kiss.

Max hardened quickly beneath his green boxers.

"Is that for me?" She kissed him harder when his stiff member pressed against her damp thong.

"You and only you. ... God, I want you." His breathing was heavy.

Liz's body began moving beneath his. "What are you waiting for? Take me."

With that, Max ripped the lacy material off of her body. He kissed down her breasts, her stomach, then to the patch of soft hair between her thighs. He parted her lips with his thumbs and licked his lips when he saw how drenched she was. His tongue lapped up her juices.

Liz arched into the sensation as his mouth latched on to her. "Ooh ... MAX!"

He shoved two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucked her until she came, flooding his mouth with her liquid.

He climbed back up her body. "You taste incredible."

She rolled him onto his back and grinned evilly. "My turn." She removed his boxers and greeted his erection with light kisses and licks.

Max took a quick intake of breath through his teeth. Sucking him. Scraping her teeth gently over the delicate skin of his cock.

His hands fisted in the sheets. Max let out an almost primal growl. "Don't finish me off, baby. I wann cum inside you."

SHe sucked his dick to the head and released it with a pop. Teasingly, she rubbed her pussy over the head of his prick.

He halted her hips with his hands and slammed her down on his painful cock.

Liz's head began spinning. She placed her hands on her husband's chest and was quickly on her way to her second orgasm. Her body spasmed as ecstasy hit and she vocalized ... loudly. "OH FUCK! YES! MAX! GOD YES!"

Before she was finishing her climax, Max flipped them over and began pounding in and out of her.

"OH GOD!" She began the descent again.

Max didn't relent. He needed to cum and he needed to cum soon. He quickened the pace. When Liz didn't think she could take anymore, they both came violently.


Nancy and Diane each held one of the girls as they sat on the floor eating popcorn and watching a movie.

Diane looked down at Michayla. "I think this one's partied out."

Nancy laughed, "Claudia's not too far behind. ... Thanks for letting me stay here tonight. I really appreciate it."

"It's my pleasure. I know today was hard on you."

"Seeing everyone so happy ... It's just..." She sighed. "Jeff and Caitlyn deserv happiness. I went into my marriage knowing it was a sham, but as the years went by ... I thought I was enough for him. Then everything fell apart."

"Have you thought of dating?"

Nancy shrugged. "Amy set me up a couple of times, but it was ackward. I've been Mrs. Jeffery Parker for half of my life. It's who I am ... was. Now I'm just Nancy Parker, Jeff's ex-wife."

Diane carefully put the sleeping baby on a pallet on the floor. "You're more than that. You'er an intelligent, creative, beautiful woman. You'll find someone. It'll just take time."

"You're a good friend, Diane."

Diane smiled. "That's what a co-grandmother is for."

Nancy winced. "Let's find another term for us."



Sorry this is so short, but I wanted to get something out to you.

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What do you think I should call my 3rd installment of The Arrangement series?

Help! Please.

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I'm going to post the last part of this story tomorrow. I've already started the third installment, but it still doesn't have a name. No offense to those who gave me titles. It doesn't necessarily have to have the word 'arrange' in the title. It moves ahead 3 years if that helps.

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Part 26

Spring Break had come and gone and the month of May was upon them. Everyone was busy with studying for final except for Liz.

She was busy diong what Maria called her 'teacher stuff'. Each of her students had to choreograph and perform a five minute routine. Liz thanked God for Patrice.

Patrice had been a godsend, not only as her teaching assistant, but as a babysitter as well. There had been a few times that Liz had had to run to campus and Patrice was the only one who was able to watch them.

The girls were now 4 months old and were becoming quite a handful.

At the moment, the huge domicile was quiet. Max, Michael and Maria were in class and the girls were asleep. Liz decided to make a phone call.

It rang twice and then was answered. "Hello?"

"Hi Mom."

"Elizabeth. I was just thinking about you."

"Uh oh. That can't be good."

Nancy laughed. "Actually, I was just wondering what you and Max are doing for your birthday and anniversary."

"Nothing that I know of. Everyone around here is busy. Finals are next week." Her voice was filled with disappointment.

"I'm sorry sweetheart. Perhaps I can come up this weekend and we can take the girls shopping."

Liz smiled. "Sounds good to me. The girls are growing out of everything they own fairly quickly. It will also give me a chance to get some new leotards. Mine are all a little tight in the boobs."

"Breast feeding will do that. I'm sure Max is enjoying your ample bosom."


"Elizabeth, you'll be 19 tomorrow, you've been married for a year and you have two children. I think you can talk to your mother about your sex life."

"Fine." Liz sighed. "The few times Max has seen me naked since the girls were born, he has paid close attention to my breasts. There. Are you happy now?"

"Yes, I am. I like the relationship we have now. A year ago, we were just going through the motions."

"We were different people then, Mother."

"Yes we were." She gulped. "I wasn't that ... 'G' word." She laughed.


Max and Micahel were heading into the library. They both had the same History class and they were meeting with their study group.

"Man, this is a busy month for you." Michael said out of the blue.

"How do you mean?" Max questioned as he set his books down on the table.

"Well, Liz's birthday's tomorrow, your anniversary's Friday, Finals next week and then Mother's Day."

Max plopped down in a chair. "Fuck!"

"D'you forget your anniversary?" Michael teased.

"No. Her birthday. I've NEVER forgotten Liz's birthday." He grabbed his books and stood back up. "Take notes for me. There's something I have to do."

Before Michael could respond, Max was gone.


When he got home, Liz and the twins were down in the studio.

As he walked down the stairs, he heard music. He smiled at the sight before him. Liz was dancing and the girls were in their exersaucers playing and dancing to the music.

The music ended and Max began to clap.

She turned to see her husband. "Hey."

He didn't say anything, just grinned.

"What?" She giggled nervously.

"Just remembering the first time I came down here and saw you dancing."

She smiled. "When we were looking at the house with our parents."

He nodded at the memory.

Liz picked up her towel and patted down her face and upper body. "These two hadn't been conceived yet."

"And here it is a year later and the three of you are dancing."

"Max, they're spinning." She corrected.

He moved to his wife and took her in his arms. "But they're spinning to the beat." His lips met hers with a sudden passion.

"Wow! We should dance more often." She smiled up at him.

He kissed her again. "I'd rather you dance for me privately."

"That can be arranged." They kissed again.

Claudia and Michayla started babling to each other.

Max and Liz pulled apart and looked at their daughters and laughed.

"You see, that's why you two have your own room." Max told the babies. He released his wife and picked Michayla up out of her exersaucer. Liz picked up Claudia.

"Can you even remember our lives before them?" Liz nuzzled her baby.

Max shook his head. "No and I don't want to. My life didn't begin until we becam a family ... first the two of us and then the girls. The three of you are my world."

When he leaned forward to kiss his wife, the babies latched onto each other. Holding onto each other tightly.

"Aw." Liz expressed. She put her head on Max's shoulder and he rest his head on her head.

"Liz!" Patrice came barreling down the stairs, disturbing the family moment. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you guys."

"It's okay, Patrice. What's up?"

The girl took a breath. "I got excepted into the summer dance program. Not only as a student, but also as an instructor for the younger students. They're gonna pay me to dance all summer!"

"Congratulations." Liz told her.

Patrice bit her bottom lip. "Would it be okay if I stayed all summer in my apartment? I mean I don't know what your summer plans are, and if you don't want me here when you're not here, I'll understand..."

Max put his hand to stop her ramble. "You are more than welcomed to stay, Patrice."

"Thanks! Okay, I'm gonna go call my parents." She walked towards the stairs. "You guys are the best." She ran up the stairs.

Max looked down at Liz. "You got her the job, didn't you?"

She nodded. "Kinda. She has to save money for next semester. Her father's working again, but he took a major paycut. I talked to Lucinda and she agreed. Patrice had to go through the whole application/interview process, but the job was already hers."

"I love you." He kissed her forehead and looked at his daughters. They were still holding each other, but were sound asleep. Max took both girls in his arms, carried them up two stories to their apartment and laid them both in Michayla's crib.


As the girls slept, Liz went down to the kitchen to start dinner for she and Max.

She was standing in front of the sink when she felt Max's arms wrap around her waist.

"I got a question."

She turned in his arms to face him. "And what would that be?"

His hand brushed his face. "What do you want to do for your birthday?"

Her eyes lit up. He hadn't mentioned it and she'd thought he'd forgotten. "As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter. Surprise me." Her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him.

The kiss began to grow in heat and desire. Max lifted her up to the counter and her legs engulfed his waist, pulling him closer to him.

He kissed across her cheek and down her neck. His thumbs slipped under the straps of her leotard and he pulled them down her shoulders and her arms until her breasts were free.

Liz's head fell back as Max's mouth began to suckle her milk filled breast. "Oh Max..."

"There is no part of you that doesn't taste incredible."

"Max ... guestroom ... NOW!" The last thing she wanted was to get interrupted by Michael and Maria.

He lifted her from the counter, grabbed the baby monitor and walked swiftly through the 1st floor to one of the guestrooms.

Once in the room, they quickly undressed and were making love.

As they lay wrapped in each others arms afterwards, Max started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

He kissed the top of her head. "I'm just incredibly happy with my life. Growing up I was pretty much miserable, loving you and not being allowed to be with you. Then a year ago everything changed. Kissing you in the chemistry lab was the best thing I ever did."

The girls began to cry over the monitor and they both smiled.

"Second best." He corrected.


The next morning, Liz woke to the fragrance of roses. When she opened her eyes and sat up, she was in awe. The entire room was filled with white roses.

Max walked in carrying the girls. "Happy birthday, Mommy." He said placing the girls on the bed with their mother.

"Thank you." She kissed her babies and then her husband. "The flowers are beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you are." His lips met hers again softly.

She smiled. "So, what do you have planned today?"

He frowned. "Class. I'd skip, but Finals are next week."

"That's okay. I'm testing today. Getting mine out of the way so everyone has time to study for their real classes."

"Okay. Then tonight, how about we have a private celebration, just the two of us. Maria already said they'd watch the girls."

Liz smiled. "Didn't you get enough yesterday and last night."

He shook his head and gave her a sexy half smile. "I can never get enough of you, but what I was thinking was that I could take you for a nice, romantic dinner at teh Stratford."

"That sounds wonderful." She sighed and picked Michayla up when she heard a sucking sound. "You hungry, Kayla?"

Max looked at his wife with desire as their daughter latched on to the same nipple he had the day before. "Save some for Dad, kiddo."


Maria walked into her living room and found her husband in the floor with their nieces. He was trying to explain all of the cool stuff that they could do if they would just learn to crawl.

"Michael, they can't even sit up by themselves yet. Don't rush them."

He pushed himself up. "Hey, it doesn't hurt to try." He reached his hand out to her. "Come play with us."

She plopped down on the floor beside him. "So what should we play? Peek-a-boo is always fun." She covered her face with her hands and then pulled them away. "Peek-a-boo!"

The girls giggled.

Michael shook his head and laughed.

"I think your Uncle Mikey's laughing at Auntie Maria." She told the twins.

"Nope, just thinking what a great Mom you're gonna make someday."

Maria pointed at him. "Don't you even think about getting me knocked up anytime soon, buddy. Your dad and Nancy might have let Max off for impregnating your sister with these two, but I can guarantee that my mother will shoot you is you make her a grandmother before she's forty."

He raised his eyebrow. "Can we at least practice getting you that way?" He overly pouted.

"Oh hell yeah!"

Claudia and Michayla seemed to start a conversation. Babbling and cooing back and forth.

"I think they're talking about us." Michael lay on his back and picked Claudia up and held her above him. She giggled making her sister giggle too.

Maria melted. "Okay, two years. Minimal."


"A baby, Michael. I want to have a baby in two years."

His mouth opened to say something, but he was stopped when Claudia took that moment to spit ... down."


Liz placed her fork down on her plate. "I'm stuffed." She looked across the candlelit table. "Thank you. This means much more to me than my birthday last year. Then again, this time last year we were flying to Las Vegas to get married, so I suppose that my 18th birthday wasn't a total bust."

Max squeezed her hand. "Liz, you're babbling."

She smiled. "This is just the best birthday I've ever had."

Max suddenly felt an enormous amount of guilt wash over him.

"Liz read it on his face. "What's wrong?"

"I ... uh ... I kind of forgot about your birthday until Michael reminded me yesterday. I mean, I was getting everything planned for tomorrow and next Sunday that..."

"What's next Sunday?" She asked.

He kissed her hand. "Your first Mother's Day."

A smiled grew on her face.

"It doesn't bother you that I forgot your birthday?"

Liz laced her fingers with his. "Max, You could never disappoint me. You've been so busy being an incredible husband, a wonderful father, a straight A student and a star athlete. I love you so much."

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a box. "Happy birthday, Liz."

She took the box from him and opened it. Inside was a large oval locket. "Oh Max, it's beautiful."

"Open it."

When she did, she gasped. On one side was a picture of her and Max and on the other was one of Claudia and Michayla. "Thank you." She handed it to him. "Would you put it on me?"

He smiled at her. "With pleasure."

After Max clasped the chain around her neck, he kissed her. "Let's go home and celebrate some more."

Liz stood and clasped her husband's hand. "This has definitely been the best arrangement of my life.


The End ... of The Re-Arrangement. I'm currently working on the third installment. I am close to a name, but more ideas are welcome.