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Title: Escape
Rating: Pg13 - NC17
Summary: Their secret is out, now Max and Michael need to make a decision. Go into
hiding alone or take the girls with them.
Category: M/L mostly, but some M/M
Spoilers: Lightly based on a few spoilers about Liz going to boarding school in Virginia,
but I highly doubt the show will go in the direction that this story will go. This will be
considered too much of a dreamer fic for the show to go the same way. Plus, my story won't
have much Isabelle at all, only in the first part. Which should tell everyone that there is
no way the show would go in the same direction.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, they sadly belong to the dream killer
himself JK.

Part 1

The three original pod squad members were now sitting in Michael's apartment, discussing
their future. "Michael and I aren't safe here in Roswell any more. They don't know about
you Isabelle as of yet, but it won't take long for them to figure out who you are too."
Max stated trying to make his sister understand.

"But, I can't just leave Jesse, Max! He's my husband!" Isabelle exclaimed.

"Isabelle, we can't stay. I didn't heal him. I don't have that kind of healing powers.
All I did was give him an extra energy boost, that made them believe he was healed long
enough for them to let us go and not harm Liz and Maria in the mean time. The energy I gave
him will only last for a day or two and then he will be right back in that bed. When that
happens we need to be long gone or we'll be right back where we were an hour ago. We need
to leave and we need to leave now!" The last sentenced was not a question if they should
go, Max was stating they were going.

Tears were forming in his sister's eyes and Max truly felt bad for having to disrupt her
new life so quickly after she had just found happiness. But, he knew in his heart that the
three of them needed to stay together and if Michael and himself were forced to leave, then
she had no choice in the matter. His sister would have to come with them and since her new
husband knew nothing about her alien origins that would mean he would be left behind. His
tone of voice grew soft as he spoke again. "Izzy...I'm so sorry, but we can't stay and I
can't leave without you."

Isabelle looked at her brother and then at Michael who she had always considered her brother.
"The three of us have been through so much and I can't even begin to imagine my life without
the two of you a part of it. I love you both so much, but I have another life now..."

"Isabelle..." Max began to interrupt his sister's speech knowing what she was about to say,
but he himself was interrupted right back by his sister.

"No, Max. Listen, Jesse is my husband. For better or worst, sicker or poorer, til death.
As much as I love you, I love my husband and I'm not leaving him." Isabelle knew what her
brother was about to say so before he even had a chance to say it she raised her hand up to
silence him and continued. "You can't protect me forever Max. I think I've proven time and
time again that I am more than capable of taking care of myself. And besides I think it
would be better that one of us is here to keep an eye on things here. We can set up a time,
like every Sunday at midnight. I can dreamwalk you and keep you posted on how everything is
going here. That way you'll know I'm fine and I'll always know you are okay too. That way
if either of you are in trouble, I'll know you need my help and if I don't contact you, you
guys will know that I need yours."

Michael had sat quietly listening to both Max and Isabelle. He knew Isabelle had made her
decision and he knew her well enough to know that once she made up her mind, not even Max
was going to be able to change it. So instead of trying he simply walked over to her and
took her into his arms. "I'm going to miss Is and I just want to set the record straight
here that I do expect a visit from my sister every now and then too."

With those words spoken Isabelle knew that Michael had accepted her decision to stay and
with a nod of her head agreeing to his request she hugged him right back. She then let one
brother go and looked to her other brother. She needed him to understand and support her in
her decision, but also knew that if he wouldn't that she would follow him knowing that she
would hate him for making her leave her life as she knew it to follow him. "Max?"

Max thought back to all the times that the two of them argued and laughed together. He then
thought of Cal back in LA and how his own self absorbed quest cost Cal his way of life. He
knew if his sister well enough to know that she was stubborn, but if push came to shove she
would accept his wishes and come with them. But, he also knew that he would lose his sister
more so than if he were to leave her here in Roswell. "Are you sure?"

Knowing that Max was going to accept her decision with that question, she gave him a warm
smile. "I'm more than sure." Was her reply.

Max shook his head and than took the two strides to reach his sister and pulled her into a
tight embrace. "I don't even know how to try to say good-bye to you."

"Then don't. This isn't good-bye Max, it's I'll see you later. Just do me a favor, on
Sunday's try to make your dreams not X-rated." She joked trying to keep the tears that were
in her eyes from falling. Now that the decision was agreed upon and knowing that time wasn't
a luxury at this point, Isabelle thought it would be best to help the two of them out as
much as she could. "Okay, first things first. The two of you need to get packing. Pack
enough for at least two weeks because for the next two weeks or more you will need to become
invisible to the world." Both Michael and Max stared at her, frozen in their spots. "What?
Get going."

Max shook his head, smiled and looked over at Michael. Both of them only had one thought in
their minds, they were truly going to miss Isabelle. Without taking the chance that the
wrath of Isabelle would be among them if they didn't get moving they both began the task that
was put forth for them. Isabelle then took the few twenty dollar bills that she had in her
pocket and began her own task. It wasn't long before the few were many and she smiled to
herself knowing that at least for a small time that neither of her brothers would be going
hungry. It wasn't long before the Cheville was packed with their few necessities and
Michael's motorcycle was hitched on the back with the help of a little alien genie magic.
Isabelle gave Max the wad of bills she had created and hugged both of her brothers one last
time with a final promise to keep in touch. The two male alien hybrids than jumped into the
vehicle and drove off into the night. Isabelle stayed and watched in the direction the
convertible had gone a long time even after it was long out of sight. "I'll see
you in your dreams." Was all she whispered before she turned and headed to her home, her
husband and her new life without her brothers.

As they passed the "Welcome to Roswell" sign just outside of their home town, Michael turned
to Max. "So where are we going first?"

Max didn't even take his eyes off the road, he simple stated, "Virginia." Then proceeded to
press his foot even further down on the gas pedal.

End Part 1

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, gals. I've missed writing Roswell fanfic and I figured if I can't get what I
want out of the show, I'm going to get by way of fanfic.

AmandaB - You are right, I think the boarding school was going to be in Vermont vs Virginia. Oh well, like I said before this fic is diffinently not going in the direction
of the show anyway.

Well, anyway. Here is the next part and hopefully it will
answer a lot of your questions so far.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt1

Part 2

Max and Michael had taken turns driving, stopping only when necessary for gas. Before they
knew it they were crossing the state line of Virginia. They had discussed their plan of
action regarding Maria and Liz in depth. Even though they both wanted the girls to come
with them of their own accord, they both agreed, one way or another Liz and Maria would
be joining them in hiding. Even though neither Max and Liz nor Michael and Maria were
actually together at the time, as far as Max and Michael were concern they had no choice to
make them come with the two of them. Their lives had been threatened already, well at Liz's
had been. Maria, just happen to be with Liz at the time so she would have been taken out
just as easily as Liz would have been if Max had not faked healing the elder man. Max knew
that once the energy boost he had given the old guy wore off they would come looking for
him and Michael. Once discovered they were gone, the next person to come after would be Liz.
They would use her to get to him and Max knew if it came down to a choice of either him or
Liz there would be no choice. He would willing give his life to keep her safe. The only
problem was, they wouldn't want him dead. They would use him and his gifts for as long as
they could and that would mean to keep him under control they would also keep Liz and there
was no way Max would subject her to that kind of life. So that meant even if he had to
kidnap her, he was determined to take her with him to keep both of them safe.

Their plan was to wait until after dark and then sneak into Liz's room, try to convince both
Liz and Maria to come with them willing and if not use their abilities to knock them out and
take them with them until they understood that they have to go into hiding with them. It
was a simple plan, but their simple plans of late were the reasons they were in this situation
to begin with. Both thought it would be better to get the girls to meet them outside, but
Max had tried to contact Liz by phone at the all girl's boarding school on several occasions
but every time he tried he was informed there was no Liz staying there. But, that night luck
seemed to be on their side because as they sat and watched the school from a safe distance
Maria and Liz appeared. The two guys watched as the girls walked to a near by ice cream
parlor and that's where they made their move. Just as the girl's were handed their cones
and reached the register to pay they both got the shock of their life's with one simple
sentence. "I'll get that." Max stated as he handed the clerk behind the counter a twenty
dollar bill.

Liz stood frozen as she stared into the soulful eyes of one Max Evans. Maria on the other
hand was never one to be shy. "What the hell are you two doing here?" She demanded as soon
as she seen Max was not alone, but was accompanied by none other than Michael Guerin.

"Maria, calm down. We just need to talk to you two...privately." Michael added that last
word quietly, hoping that she would understand his meaning.

"Calm Down! You want me to Calm Down! NO! NO WAY Spaceboy, now you better start explaining
yourselves right now!" By this time Maria was in full blown Maria mode and wasn't about to
let Michael dictate to her any more. She had wiped the slate clean when she left Roswell
for New York and there was no way she was going to be sucked back into the alien abyss easily.

While Maria was letting Michael have it Max and Liz had yet to take their eyes off each
other. It wasn't until the clerk cleared his throat loudly for the third time to give Max
back his change that Max realized how long he had been staring openly at Liz. He took the
change from the man and then returned his gaze back to the love of his life. "Liz, please."

Liz knew what Max was asking with just those two little words and even though she had just
as strong of feelings for Max as ever, she also felt the same way as her best friend did.
However, she knew an ice cream parlor was not the place to say anything. So it was Liz that
finally got Maria to calm down. Looping her arm with Maria's she stated. "Ten minutes."
With that she walked herself and Maria out of the parlor and over to the blue Cheville that
she saw sitting in the parking lot across the street. With her arm still looped with Maria's
they leaned against the vehicle. "Okay, you needed to talk, so talk." Her voice was quiet,
but Max understood she was now over the initial shock of seeing him and was back in control
of herself once more.

"There's been a situation." Max began quietly as he stuck his hands into his front pockets
of his jeans.

"A situation. There's always a situation with you guys, that's why we left. Don't either
of you get that? We can't continue to get involved with your kind of situations."

"Maria, if you would just let Max explain...." That was all the words Michael got out when
Maria took over.

Letting go of Liz, Maria started poking her finger into Michael's chest. "No, Michael. I'm
not going to sit here and hear about any situation. It's not my situation. It's not Liz's
situation. Your from above kind of situation doesn't concern us any more. We're out!"
Maria turned around to her best friend hoping that she wasn't losing her resolve by seeing
Max Evans again, but one look at Liz's face, she knew that she had already lost her to the
alien abyss. "Liz, you can sit here and listen to THEIR situation if you want. I'm out of
here. I'll meet you back at the dorm." With that she turned on her heels and began to storm

Michael looked back at Max, hoping he understood and with a simple nod from Max he took off
in the direction his one time blond spit fire had headed in hopes to at least have one more
shot at giving her the chance to come with him willing.

Liz watched Michael go after her best friend and couldn't help the smile that came upon her
face. Watching Maria and Michael like that reminded her of some of the good times when the
two of them fought and then kissed, fought and then kissed. It was their way. She turned
her attention back to Max. "Okay, let's hear the situation."

Max took a deep breath realizing that Liz was more willing to at least listen to him and the
current situation before running away from him, like Maria had. He slowly took the few steps
needed before he too was leaning against the vehicle standing next to Liz. "Liz, do you
remember when you were in jail in Utah and I came to get you out?" Liz nodded her head, not
needing to speak to let him know she knew what he was referring to. "Do you remember what
you said to me?" A nod once again was her reply. "You told me than that you weren't ready
to give up your family and go on the run for the rest of your life."

"Max, what's all this about?"

"What about now? If I asked you to come away with me now Liz, would you?"

"Max..I...I don't know. I'm not sure I can trust you with my heart again." Tears sprang to
her eyes and she quickly wiped them away not wanting Max to see how much she still cared for

"Liz, Michael and I have been discovered. The job Michael had at ChemLab, his job was a front
to catch him. But, it wasn't him they wanted it was me. They thought Michael was me. Long
story, short version. They wanted to use my healing abilities to heal a very rich very old
guy, but he wasn't sick he was just old. When I tried to explain to them I didn't have that
capability they made some threats. So I gave the old guy an energy boost that made it look
like I had healed him, but in realty it only gave me and Michael a 24 to 48 hour lead. So,
we're leaving or at least disappearing for a while. We don't have much time left before the
energy boost wears off and they discover that I deceived them and they come looking for
Michael and I. That's why we're here. Liz, I told you once that your my family. I meant
it then and I still feel that way. I know I've hurt you so much and I've done nothing to win
your trust in me, but Liz..I..I need you. Will you come with me?" Max didn't want to scare
her by telling her the threats that were made were a video camera of Liz and Maria here in
some type of bell tower and a rifle that was aimed right at Liz's heart.

Liz was quiet and knew that she was debating with herself about his request. A month ago if
this had happened Liz would have been packed and ready to go with Max in an instant, but now
things had changed, she had changed and as much as her heart still ached to be with Max. It
had been broken by him too many times to just get sucked back in. "Max, I can't. I know
someday I might regret this and as much as I do love you, I can't go with you Max. I hope
you understand."

Max more than understood her. As much as he hoped she would come with him willing, he knew
deep down in his heart she would say no. He also knew that he would now need to explain to
her that she really didn't have a choice and hope she would understand. "Liz..." That's
as far as he got when they both saw Michael approaching them with an unconscious Maria slung
over his shoulders.

Liz immediately ran up to the two of them. "Oh my gosh, Michael. What happened? Is Maria

"She's fine." Was all he said as he made his way to the car and gently placed Maria in the
front seat. As soon as she was situated he turned to Max. "Time to go."

"Michael! What are you doing? You can't just take Maria!" Liz was now getting angry at her
one time friend realizing that he was planning on taking Maria against her will.

Max immediately stepped in between Michael and Liz. "Liz, please. You don't understand."
He stated as he gently grasped her arm.

Liz tried to pull her arm away from Max, but when he held on tight she realized that Maria
was not the only one in danger from being taken against her will. "Max, let go of me." She
demanded, not willing herself to believe that Max would do anything to harm her.

Without releasing his grasp Max tried one more attempt to plead with the woman he loved more
than anything. "Liz, you and Maria are in danger too. They know about you Liz and they'll
come for you once they discover Michael and I are gone. Please Liz."

Liz shook her head no, not wanting to believe what Max had just said. Max pulled her body
up close to his and whispered softly in her ear. "I'm so sorry Liz. I hope someday you can
forgive me, but I can't let anything happen to you." Her body then went limp in his arms as
he had used his powers to knock her unconscious also. He picked her body up easily and climbed
into the back seat of the vehicle, holding her closely to him and letting the tears of having
to do this to her flow down his cheeks. Whispering once again. "I'm sorry." He kissed the
top of her head and then looked up to Michael, giving him a nod Michael backed the car out
of the parking lot and they were once again on their way. Escaping into the blackness of
the night. Escaping, but with the love of their lives and hopes that someday they would
understand and be able to forgive them for what they had just done.

End Part2
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer and Summary see Pt1

Part 3

Max had instructed Michael to go south. He knew they needed to get lost, he knew Liz had
enjoyed Florida, so he made the decision to head far south. Actually if they could find a
private island that would be the course, but since they didn't have a private island Max
thought the next best thing available. The Florida keys was their destination. Besides he
figured that some time on the beach would hopefully make the girls forgive them that much
faster. They barely made it to Georgia though before both males were feeling the effect of
hardly any sleep the night before. Even taking turns driving while the other slept didn't
give too much to them. So they sought an out of the way motel and decided to stop for the
night. Max gently released his arms from around Liz and laid her down on the back seat as
careful as he could and then went to check them into a room for the night. Once he had the
room and Liz was carried safely in and placed on the bed, Max informed Michael he was going
to go across the street to the store and pick up a few necessities for the girls
for the morning. He quickly made his purchases and went straight back to the motel room.
He half expected Michael to all ready be asleep when he returned, but wasn't really surprised
when he stepped back into the room to find Michael sitting on the chair in the corner just
watching Maria sleep. "She's never going to forgive me, is she?" He asked and Max could
hear the sorrow in his voice as he spoke quietly.

"I don't know, Michael. They may eventually understand why, but I don't know if they will
ever be able to forgive us. Hell, I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself. Did
you see the look on Liz's face. Even when I first told her about us, she never had the look
of fear of us in her eyes. Tonight...tonight, was the first time she ever looked at me as
if I were some kind of monster and you know the worst part. I am. What else would take a
girl away from everything and force her into a life on the run. A life without her family,
without her future."

"Max, you did it to save her life. You know and I know and eventually they both will know
it. We better get some sleep. If you thought Maria was bad tonight, you have no idea what
she is like in the morning and let me tell you. Tonight she was a kitten compared to the
wrath we are going to receive tomorrow." With that Michael rose out of the chair and went
to the bed that Maria currently occupied. As quietly as he could he settled himself next to

Max smiled at his friend and then followed in his foot steps. He laid next to Liz, but was
careful not to touch her in fear that she could wake up any moment. Yes, he had used his
powers on her, but only enough to sedate her for a short time. After all, the whole purpose
of this ordeal was to make sure she was safe and he for one had no intention of harming her
in any further way. It didn't take long before the tiredness of his body took over and he
fell into a deep sleep.

The room was pitched black and Max knew the sun had yet to begin to rise, but the feel of
Liz's soft body snuggled closely to his, one leg was draped over his and her arm was on his
chest as her fingers had found their way under his shirt and were currently playing havoc on
his chest. Max Evans became wide awake in many parts of his body. He also realized that
somehow during the night his arm had made it around her and his hand was cupping her bottom.
He hadn't even realized he had been caressing her soft mounds until he just thought it and
he stilled his hand immediately. Once his hand became still, Liz moaned out his name in her
sleep and pulled herself even more closer to him. "Max...Don't stop." Her hips grinded
against his and he could feel her heat touching his now straining erection each time she moved
her hips. "Oh Max..Yes." She moaned out as she came in full contact of his erection once

Max was at a lost as to what to do. It was obvious that she was still asleep and was having
a very vivid dream. Which made Max smile as his mind finally allowed it to sink in that even
though she was asleep and having what sounded like an erotic dream, she was in deed dreaming
of him? But, as she continued to move her hips, Max became more and more uncomfortable in
his now straining jeans. He was becoming rock hard by her movements and as much as this was
one of his fantasy coming to life, he knew it wouldn't be happening if she were awake. He
started to wake her by placing his hand on hers that was still caressing his chest when she
grabbed his hand and brought it to her breast and then proceed to squeeze his hand over her
breast. "Yes, touch me Max." She cooed out softly and then began to kiss his neck while
still moving her hips softly against his.

"Liz.." Max tried to whisper her name to attempt to awake her, but it came out more like a
moan as she touched her heat to his erection once again. All logical thought was lost the
moment her hand came down and cupped the bulk in front of his jeans and Max couldn't help
himself when he leaned his head down to hers and began kissing her jaw line while his hand
on her breast began to gently massage it and his other hand once again started to caress her
bottom pressing her even more closely to his erection. "Oh God Liz." This time it was a
moan of pleasure that escaped his lips.

Liz was having the most wonderful dream, not that every dream she dreamt of Max wasn't
wonderful. But, this dream felt so real. Max was seducing her, loving her so completely
that she could almost feel his touch, smell his scent and her body was in deed responded to
it all in every way. Best of all in her dreams there was no baby and Tess never ever even
existed. It was just her and Max and the love they always held for each other. It wasn't
until she actually physically felt Max's lips on her face and heard his words with her ears,
that Liz Parker realized this was no dream. Her mind began to remember the realty of the
situation. Max was asking her to run away with him. Then Michael had returned with Maria,
a very unconscious Maria. That was all she truly remembered and now she was in a strange bed
with Max. Her mind processing what it had just thought, a strange bed with Max and he was
touching her intimately. Oh God, I'm touching him intimately she realized as she felt his
erection press against her hand. That was all it took for her to sit straight up in bed,
with her eyes opened wide and quietly question what the hell was going on with only one word
said. "Max?"

Max immediately dropped his hand from her breast and also sat up. "I'm sorry Liz, I can
explain." He felt horrible about not stopping when he knew it was wrong. He simple had no
control over what had taken place, nor over his body when it came to Liz.

Liz's eyes took a quick sweep around the unfamiliar surroundings and in the dark room all she
could really tell was that it looked like some kind of hotel room and she was pretty sure
that the two bodies that were sleeping soundly in the bed next to them was one Michael Guerin
and her best friend Maria DeLuca. "Oh My God!" She exclaimed and she leaped out of the bed
and ran toward what she assumed was the bathroom, quickly securing the door as she shut it
behind her. Think Liz, think. You've been kidnapped by the love of your life along with
your best friend.

Knowing that he needed to get this situation under control and make her understand his actions
immediately Max was at the bathroom door within seconds of it being shut tight. Trying to
keep his voice low as possible as to not wake up Michael or Maria, he knocked softly and
stated. "Liz, please. Let me come in an explain. I swear to you I would never hurt you."

At first Liz was actually scared of what was happening to her, but as she heard Max's voice
gently reassuring her anger was the emotion that actually took over. She swung open the
door, surprising Max, grabbed his arm, yanked him inside the now lit bathroom and shut the
door just as quickly. "You better have one hell of an explanation Max Evans or I swear to
God, alien powers or not I will hurt you!" She yelled at him, but kept her voice to an
angry whisper.

Max knew by her tone that she was no longer frightened, but now she was extremely pissed.
"I just want to say, first off, I am sorry about..." He motioned his head toward the door.
"I..I would never take advantage of you Liz. I'm not sure how it even started. I...I...I

"Stop okay, we'll get to that in a minute. First you explain to me how I am in a hotel room
with you in the first place. I don't remember giving you permission to bring me to any
kind of hotel room and where exactly are we?" Liz was fuming by this time. Not only angry
at Max, but angry with herself as she had a pretty good idea of how the incident in the bed
a few moments ago had gotten started to begin with and even though she was pretty sure she
was the originator of the incident, it didn't mean that Max hadn't taken advantage of her.

"We're in Georgia."


"Liz, please. If you give me a chance, I can explain everything." Although Max could almost
see the smoke pouring out of her ears, with her slight nod he quickly continued with his
explanation. "Last night, I told you about what happened the night before at ChemLab, do
you remember that?" Another nod. "Well, the part I didn't have time to explain to you is
the threats they had made. Liz, they threatened your life and Maria's too."

"What? How do you know they weren't just telling you that to make you use your powers?"
Liz was far from not being angry, but her first concern for Max was taking over.

"The night before last, were you and Maria at some kind of bell tower?"

"How do you know that?"

"Because, I saw you or at least I saw the video that they were using to spy on you. They
had a sharp shooter or someone with a rifle and he was aiming it right at your chest Liz.
Don't you see, if I hadn't have faked healing that old guy, they would have killed you right
then and not even blinked an eye afterward. They know about you, about me and you and they
would have come after you as soon as they realized I hadn't really healed him. God Liz, you
mean everything to me, I couldn't take the chance that they might have harmed you once they
realize the truth." He pleaded with her for her to understand.

"So why didn't you tell me this last night, why kidnap me?" Although she did understand his
reasoning, she still was angry that he took it upon himself and took her without her

"I didn't have time, as soon as you saw Maria. You weren't listening to reason at that
moment and we were running out of time. Liz, the old guy is more than likely back on his
death bed or worst now. We needed to get you guys out of there before that happened."

"So you used your powers on me and what knocked me unconscious? That's what Michael did to
Maria isn't it?" Her voice was low but Max could hear the anger in her tone just as much as
if she had actually been yelling at him at the top of her lungs.

Max was at a loss for words, because it was true. He had used his powers to take her away
from her new life and in a matter of seconds she and Maria were right back in the middle of
everything that his very existence she had tried to escape from. "I'm sorry. Your right
I shouldn't have done that, I just..."

"I know, I know, you just couldn't take the time to explain everything to me and let me make
my own decision. You had to have it your way. It's always about you Max!"

"NO! Don't you get it, this wasn't about me or what I wanted? It's about you. It's always
been about you!" Now Max was feeling a little angry himself. Didn't she understand that
everything that had happened was about her, because it was always her?

Liz just gave him a glaring look. She couldn't believe this was happening, he was actually
trying to turn this whole thing around to make it her fault. "I can't believe you are going
to blame me for this Max!"

Once that sentence was out or her mouth, Max realized how she had misunderstood what he had
said. He wasn't blaming her, but trying to explain that it was because of how much he cared,
loved her that he would go to such links. It had always been that way and that was the
reason he had saved her life over two years ago and that was why he felt he needed to save
her life now. Max took one swift step in her direction and quickly pulled her into his arms.
Liz was quick to try to pull away, but Max tightened his arms around her not even allowing
an inch between them. "Liz, I'm not blaming you damn it. I'm trying to tell you I did it,
because I LOVE YOU!"

Liz stopped struggling in an instant at his words. "Max don't say that. I can' heart
it can't...please." Her tone this time was soft and pleading.

Max loosened his arms, but didn't move away from her. "I'll always love you Liz and I
respect you and your decisions. If you want to leave today, you and Maria, I'll respect
your decision. But, you can't go back. I have to know your safe or I can't let you leave.
Do you understand?"

Liz nodded letting Max know she understood. She could stay with him or leave on her own, but
she could never go back to her life that she was living. Stepping away from him, she stated.
"It's time to wake up Maria and for the record, you got it a lot easier than Michael will."

End Part 3

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 4

Max opened the bathroom door for Liz, leaving the light on to let some light travel into the
motel room. He walked over to Michael and shook him lightly. "Michael."

Michael popped awake immediately ready for action. He then saw Liz standing slightly off to
the side and knew it was time for the confrontation with Maria. "Liz, I..."

"Just wake Maria up, Michael." Liz had heard enough from Max, she knew the reasoning, she
even understood it to a certain degree, but that didn't mean she wasn't still upset with the
two of them.

Ever so gently Michael obliged and Maria DeLuca came to life in true DeLuca style. Slapping
Michael's hands off of her she started. "Get your hands off me." She did a quick look
around the room and the wrath of Maria was about to let go. "Where the hell am I? What the
hell did you do to me Michael Guerin? You abducted me didn't you? Where are we? What the
hell were you thinking? If you think I'm going to let you get away with this, you have got
another thing coming? Well, aren't you going to answer me?"

Michael couldn't wipe the smile off of his face as she rambled one question after another at
him, not allowing him time to answer, but of course, furious because he hadn't answered her.
This was the girl he loved and why he loved her. Liz was the one that came to his rescue
though. "Maria, we need to talk. Michael, Max, why don't you two go get us some breakfast?"

"Max, picked up everything you guys would need last night." Michael answered before he
really understood what Liz was trying to do. This of course, earned him a slap up side his
head from Maria.

Max understood all to well what Liz was saying. She would talk to Maria, they would make
their decision and either be here when they got back or not. "Michael, I think the they
would prefer a hot breakfast." He pushed Michael toward the door, gave Liz one last
endearing look and then shut the door behind him. He was half way tempted to use his powers
and lock the door to keep her safe forever, but he knew deep down she would have to make
the ultimate decision to stay or go on her own.

Once the guys had left Liz immediately went to Maria's side and hugged her best friend.
"How are you feeling?" She asked with concern in her voice. She knew that Michael had
obviously used a little more power in knocking her out, then Max had done to her. After all
she had awoken basically on her own, while Michael had to revive Maria using his powers.

"I'm a little freaked, but physically I'm fine. Okay obviously you know a lot more about
what's going on than I do, so spill it." With that Liz did. She told Maria everything that
she knew down to them having to make a decision that would affect the rest of their lives as
of that moment. Maria sat quietly on the edge of the bed and listened to her best friend.
"So, let me get this straight. One, we can go with them and let them take care of us and
make them feel guilty for the rest of our lives. Basically getting anything we want because
it's their fault we're in this mess. Two, we go our separate ways away from them, but we
can't go back to living our regular lives. Leaving us to always wondering and watching over
our shoulders. Or Three, go back to living our lives, forget tonight ever happened and
possible be dead before the end of the week or worst be taken by the good old folks at
ChemLab to use us as bait for them to get Max and Michael. Now do I have our choices

"Well, I wouldn't have put it quite like that, but that's about the jest of the situation.
And Maria, for the record it really isn't Max nor Michael's fault we're in this mess so it
wouldn't really be fair to make them feel guilty."

"Liz, babe, have I taught you nothing. Of course, we both KNOW it's not really their fault,
but do we make them believe we think that, YES! You know a little bit of guilt can go such
a far way."

"Maria, you are soooo bad. But, really I think you forgot one important thing here. The
minute either of us opens up to them they'll know our true feelings. It's not like you can
hide your soul when the person your with can see it. If you know what I mean."

"Okay, you got me there. But, it doesn't mean we have to give in easily. I mean if we're
going into hiding with them for the rest of our lives. We can make them suffer for a little
while, right?"

"Does this mean you think we should go with them?" Liz still hadn't made up her mind, but
from the way Maria was speaking it appeared her best fried had.

Maria looked at Liz trying to judge her best friend. "Do I have to go over the choices again
with you? Look you and I both know we're both still in love with them and as much as we
want to deny it, we really don't have any other choice. Liz, you faked sleeping with Kyle
to save their butts when future Max came back. Are you going to tell me you would chance
letting somebody get to Max, by using you to do it?"

"Maria, it's not the same thing and you know it." Liz said trying to deny the truth.

"Okay, okay I have just two words for you and then you tell me we have a choice. White Room."

At that Liz knew her best friend was speaking the truth that she was trying to deny. With
one look Maria knew that she had gotten through to Liz. She looked over at the table that
had a sack sitting on it. "Well, let's see how well oh Maxy boy knows women." She got up
and went over to see what Max had purchased for them apparently the night before. Inside
the sack was two toothbrushes, Liz's kind of toothpaste, her brand of shampoo and conditioner.
Some basic make up, all Liz's colors and brands. Even her brand of deodorant. "Amazing,
you know when you talk about the boy knowing your soul, you weren't kidding." Maria stated
as she emptied the contents of the bag onto the bed so Liz could see what she was talking
about. "Now if we could just get Michael to understand shampoo and conditioner are actually
two separate items we could all live happily ever after." She joked and then added. "Do
you want the shower first?"

Liz couldn't help but smile at her best friend. "No, you go ahead." Was her only replied
as she took inventory of all her brands of items that laid before her on the bed.

Max and Michael had returned shortly after Liz had stepped into the bathroom to find Maria
sitting on the bed, apparently freshly showered. "Maria?" Michael was afraid to ask anything
further, fearing what she would say.

Maria completely ignored Michael for a moment, but looked to Max. "You know her brand of
deodorant?" Max just blushed at the question. "Well, as good as you are. You forgot one
thing. Clothes. Now boys if we are going to come with you, I for one do not plan on wearing
the same pair of underwear for weeks on end. And since we weren't given the option to pack
or get any money of our own that means you boys will be buying. Now Michael dear, why don't
you get the keys and you and I will go find a near by store where I can get a few items for
myself and Liz for the next few days." With that said she hopped off the bed and walked to
the door as if to say come on let's go.

Michael looked over to Max who simply shrugged his shoulders, fished the keys out of his
pocket along with some of the money Isabelle had given him and handed both to Michael.
Without saying another word Michael followed Maria out of the room, leaving Max standing
alone all the while Liz was still in the shower. About twenty minutes later, Liz emerged
from the shower only to realize that Maria had used the clean towel that was in the bathroom
and all the rest of the clean towels were sitting out by the sink. "Maria, could you hand
me a clean towel?" She yelled into the motel room.

Max got off the bed and went to the sink area to retrieve a towel. "Uh..Maria went with
Michael to get you guys a few things from the store." He stated as he handed her a couple
of clean towels trying to keep his body from reacting to the knowledge that Liz was completely
naked on the other side of the door.

"Oh..Okay...I'll just be a minute then." She stated as she closed the door to keep Max from
seeing the desire she was feeling just at the sight of him. She quickly began to dry her
self off, but as she went to retrieve her clothes she noticed that they had become wet from
the excess water of the shower had leaked onto the ground. Since it was the only clothing
she had she considered her options. Carefully wrapping the towel around her body she cracked
open the door again. "Uh..Max...I..Uh...Have a bit of a problem here. Do you think I could
borrow one of your shirts?"

Max didn't even hesitate, he dug into his bag and pulled out one of his favorite T-shirts.
He quickly made his way back over to the bathroom door and handed it to her. She thanked
him and quickly pulled the shirt over her head. The shirt hung on her like an oversized
night shirt, but she immediately knew Max was not getting the shirt back. She planned on
keeping it for just that purpose. When she came out of the bathroom, Max couldn't help but
stare at how beautiful she looked. Even in his old favorite T-shirt with wet hair she was
a goddess in his eyes. She shyly made her way over to where he sat on the bed and sat on
the edge next to him. "Do you think, you could help dry my hair a little?" She asked in a
shy voice as she turned her back to him to give him easy access to her hair.

Once again there was no hesitation to his actions. If she asked him to walk over hot coals
for her, he would more than happily comply with the request. He let his fingers run through
her hair while using a very little amount of power to dry the luxurious locks of hair. After
all he loved her hair and he planned on making this wonderful torture last as long as
possible. Liz herself knew she was enjoying Max's touch a little too much, but she found
herself leaning more and more into his touch and finally a small moan escaped her lips from
the way his simple touch was making her feel. It didn't escape Max how her body seemed to
lean closer and closer back toward him, nor did the small moan escape Max's ears. At the
sound of her moan Max knew he was a goner. While one hand continued it's ministrations drying
her hair, his other hand moved around the front of her neck. Stroking her neck, up her jawbone.
His thumb caressing her cheek and then down over her lips seductively. It was when she
tentatively touched the tip of her tongue to his thumb that Max was once again lost in the
passion he felt for the girl in his arms. He pulled her back against his chest and leaned
over her and ever so slowly pressed his lips to hers. He lifted his head slightly and looked
into her eyes. "Thank you for staying." Was all he said as he pressed his lips to hers
once again. The passion they both felt for each other flared up immediately and the gentle
kiss became a heated one in mere moments.

Another soft moan escaped from deep in Liz's throat encouraging Max onward in his passion
and need for her. His hand traveled back down her throat and moved it slowly into the top
of his shirt that contained her body. Sliding it down until his hand had reached the lace
bra that held the treasure of his desire inside. Tentatively his fingers traveled softly
over the tip of the lace and finally when Liz didn't seem to object to his touch his fingers
slipped inside the lace and gentle began to massage her breast. "Max..Oh Max, we have to
stop." Liz moaned out as she pressed her breast more firmly into Max's hand. Her arms came
around to the nape of his neck and pressed his lips to hers once again.

Max was certainly confused, her words and her actions spoke completely different meanings.
He used his free hand that had been drying her hair to spin her body toward him all the while
he continued his ministrations on her breast. Her body seemed to comply with his request as
she turned easily in his arms. "I know." Was all he stated before he claimed her mouth
with his once again, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth and then jetting his tongue out
asking permission for entrance. Which was granted immediately. Their tongues started to
duel and danced together as their passion grew more and more with need. When Liz pressed
her hips into his now straining erection Max knew they both were getting lost in each others
touch and if they didn't stop soon, he wouldn't be able to stop. Her hand tentatively
reached down and she scraped her nails across his erection and that was all it took for Max
to know it was time to stop. Before he even had a chance to declare his thoughts, Liz
pulled abruptly away.

She stood up next to the bed and ran her fingers through her hair as if testing to see if it
was dry enough. "Thanks for drying my hair." Was all she said before turning back toward
the sink, not letting Max see how hard it was for her to pull away when she had. She took
a few quick deep breaths trying to get herself back together from the passion that was still
flowing through her entire body.

Her movements left a completely baffled Max still lying on the bed trying to figure out what
had just happened. Had he stepped over the boundaries once again forcing her to pull away
from him. After taking a few moments to get his body back under control, he finally stood
up and walked toward her. "Liz?"

"Max, just give me a minute okay." She answered, her voice still full of emotion she felt.

Max didn't reply he only moved over to the table where he had set the food Michael and he
had purchased earlier. "Are you hungry?" He finally asked her hoping that a change of
subject would help both of them settle their hormones a little better.

Hungry, yes Liz diffidently felt hungry, but just not for food. She knew this would be
difficult to keep Max at bay when she knew exactly how much he had desired her, but what made
it difficult was the fact that she desired him just as much. But, she was determined not to
give into her desires until she was sure this time with Max wasn't going to lead to another
broken heart. She knew if they actually made love and then Max broke her heart once again
she would not be able to handle it. As it stood now, her heart was just too fragile to even
try to recover from being broken by him again. Taking another deep breath she walked over
to the small table to see what the guys had gotten them to eat. She wasn't at all surprised
to see her favorite kind of donut, causing her heart to soar with knowledge of how much Max
really did know her. They ate in silence, stealing glances at each other when the other was
not looking. It was Max that finally broke the silence. "Liz, we need to talk."

She raised shy eyes to his amber ones. "I know, so where exactly are we going or have you
guys decided on a destination yet?"

Max tilted his head as if to judge her with his eyes. "Liz, that's not what we need to talk
about. I mean we need to talk about that too, but you and I both know what we need to talk
about. Did I step over the line?" He questioned with a worry glance. Wondering if he should
apologize or what.

"Max, I'm not sure if I'm ready to talk about our relationship just yet." Liz replied honestly.

"Liz, I'm just a little confused about what just happened and I..."

Liz stood up immediately stopping Max from going any further. "Your a little confused. Max
I feel like my mind and my heart are at war here. One part of me is saying to run and run
as fast as I can so you can't break my heart again and the other part of me is saying to
grab you, throw you on the bed and make made passionate love to you until the end of time!
So if you want confusion, then there it is!" She yelled at him as she paced back and forth
in front of him.

The light bulbs were going off in Max's head finally as he listened to her speak. He stood
up to pull her into his embrace and let her know that he had no intention of ever breaking
her heart ever again. Just as he reached out to take her arm the door to the motel room
opened and Michael and Maria came back into the room with Michael's arms full of packages.
Knowing his opportunity was lost, Max swore to himself that Liz's war inside her body would
be put to rest once and for all as soon as he had the next opportunity.

End Pt4
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary See pt1

Part 5

Taking note of her best friends attire and the way Max looked like he was reaching for just
as they had walked into the room, Maria couldn't help herself when she asked. "We aren't
interrupting anything, are we?" When the only reply she got was blushes from both of them,
she continued. "Well, Liz. I picked you up a few pieces of clothing unless you prefer
Max's old T-shirt." She stated as she grabbed a couple of the bags out of Michael's still
full arms and handed them to Liz. "Why don't we get changed and then we can start planning
our lives?" Pushing Liz toward the bathroom as she pulled a few more bags out of Michael's
arms and made their way to the bathroom, promptly shutting the door behind them.

"Maria, seems to be taking all this a lot better than I expected her to." Max stated to
his friend.

Michael only shook his head at his friend. Yes, Max knew just about everything there was to
know about one Liz Parker, but when it came to her best friend, Max didn't have a clue.
"Are you blind? She is playing us big time and you know what, we can't say a damn thing
about it and she knows it. Do you think I would have gone shopping with her if I had a damn
choice? NO! She shopped for bras and panties for a half an hour, Maxwell. A Half An Hour!

Max couldn't help the chuckle that erupted from his body despite the look of disbelief on his
friends face. "I would have thought you would have been happy that she didn't gouge our eyes
out or something like that Michael. I'm not sure what Liz said to her, but I would be
thanking my lucky stars if I were you and not question a gift horse when you get one."

"Oh don't act innocent Max, you are being played just as much as I am. But, the worst part
of all this is that you don't even know you are." Michael countered back to his friend.

"What are you talking about? Liz is not playing with me, I'm not the one who got dragged to
the nearest store."

"Oh no, Liz just happened to be in your T-shirt because of what reasoning?"

"Not that it is any of your business, but her only clothes she owned at the moment got wet
when she took a shower." Max defended.

"That's an original excuse. Let me take a wild guess here, wearing only your T-shirt she
more than likely came on to you and then pulled a step back scenario. Making you feel like
the guilty one. Am I close." Michael accused knowing exactly what had happened by the way
him and Maria had walked in on the two of them.

"It wasn't like that at all and just for the record, we should feel guilty because we are
guilty Michael. We knocked them out, forced them to come with us and basically took their
lives away from them in one night." Even though his voice sounded strong as if he truly
believed what he was saying, what Michael had said made him think back to what had taken
place in the motel room just a short while ago.

"Believe what you want Maxwell, but those two girls in there know what they're doing and
don't be surprised when it only gets sweetly worst. They have us by the balls and they know

Inside the bathroom Maria and Liz were giggling over the story Maria had just relayed. "He
actually sat there while I made a point of showing him each and every pair that I thought
about getting, asking what he thought. If I could have tried them on and modeled them for
him, I would have. He was squirming so bad by the time we left he couldn't even hardly look
at me without picturing me in one of them."

Then Liz relayed her story of how she had actually asked Max to dry her hair for her. "I
don't think I can play this game too much more Maria. I'm like putty in Max's hands when
he touches me. You have no idea how hard it was for me to pull away from him when I did.
My only hope is that he doesn't find out how easy it would be for him to figure it out and
then God help me, I'll lose this game hands down."

"You did great girlfriend, now just stay strong and before you know those two will have a
series case of blue balls before we're done with them." Maria stated and once again another
round of giggles poured from both girls.

After the girls emerged newly changed in their new attire, both of them wearing newly bought
sundresses and both made a point to go braless for the day just to add a little bonus of
frustration to the boys for a little while longer. Once they stepped out of the bathroom,
Michael gave Max a knowing look as they both took in the girls in sundresses that seemed to
fit them perfectly as both took note of the added bounce in the upper part of their bodies.
Max shook his head and knew it was time for the four of them to make a plans for where they
would go, do, ect... "We were actually thinking about headed down to the Florida keys, but
if you guys would rather go somewhere else..."

Both girls looked at each silently thinking the same thing, beach, bikinis, oh yeah this
could be a lot of fun. Maria was the one to speak up though. "Florida sounds good." Trying
to keep her voice steady and not sound to excited about the prospects she could already see.

By this time it was just about check out time in the motel room they were staying at so they
agreed to hit the road and stop somewhere in Florida when they got tired. When getting their
stuff together Max noticed that Liz hadn't given back his T-shirt, but when he asked her
about it she just smiled shyly and let him know that it was in one of her bags. Max stated
he would take the first leg of driving and after they stopped for lunch Michael could take
over. It surprised both the guys when both Liz and Maria hopped in the back seat, sighting
they wanted to have time for girl talk. Michael gave Max a knowing look once again as if to
say "see I told you so," but Max only shrugged his shoulders and the four of them were off.
The car ride that morning felt more like they were heading to Florida on vacation, rather
than running for their lives. They laughed, they joked, but when the girls began their
whispering in the back seat Michael knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Even though he knew
he was one of the main players of their game, he figured he might as well and have as much
fun with it as he could until they pulled the plug.

After lunch Max made a point to sit in the back seat and pull Liz in the back seat with him.
He had no intention of sitting the entire car trip with Michael by his side. They hadn't
even driven but a few miles down the road when Max made his move. His arm slid around her
shoulders and pulled her close to him. That smallest of moves was causing havoc on both
their bodies. Max still wasn't positive Michael's statement earlier was correct and Liz had
been playing him, but he figured if he was going to get played, he might as well do some
playing of his own. "I missed this earlier today." He whispered in her ear as he nuzzled
his nose into her long tressels.

Maria could see Liz was losing the battles of wills quickly with the way Max was holding her
tightly and whispering in her ears. "So Max, what do you say we stay a couple of days in
Panama City on our way to the keys? I hear they've got a great night life there." Maria
asked innocently all the while seeing the thank you coming from her friends eyes at trying
to distract Max.

Max looked up to Michael, then Maria and finally to Liz. "I guess it couldn't hurt, if it
sounds good to everyone else, I'm up for it." He stated as he took one of Liz's hands in
his and squeezed it lightly to ask her what she thought.

"I guess a little fun on the run sounds okay to me if you think it would be safe?" Liz

Max gentle caressed her face. Leaning back over to her ear he whispered. "I won't let
anything or anyone hurt you Liz. I promise."

Michael witnessed the exchange in the back seat and the attempt by Maria to disrupt it. He
was pretty sure he knew the score of what was happening and he figured it was time for a
little pay back. Especially after the episode in the lingerie store. "So Panama City here
we come. Maria why don't you take a look at the map and see which highway I need to take so
we don't get lost and end up in some swamp and then I suggest you try to get some sleep. If
you plan on staying up tonight to go out since we did get up pretty early this morning." He
thought his excuse sounded reasonable and hopefully she wouldn't pick up on what he was
trying to do for his friend.

"Michael's right, you should try to get some sleep also Liz." Max confirmed and pulled her
head against his shoulder. In no time at all both Liz and Maria were fast asleep. Michael
noticed how Liz now had her hand laid across Max's chest and Max had laid back more fully in
the back seat bringing Liz on top of him as he did. It wasn't long before Maria was leaning
her head against Michael's shoulder. Looking in the rear view mirror he stated. "You owe me
one Maxwell." Which Max only nodded in his agreement and then told Michael to move the
mirror out of view sight of him and Liz. He remembered all too well how he had been awoken
by Liz's erotic dream and if she started anything like what she had in the motel the night
before he didn't want to give Michael a show.

As he had predicted it wasn't long before Liz began to move her hand suggestively over Max's
chest. The way Max had laid back had brought Liz laying in between his legs with her head
and her hands on his chest. So she was already in a very intimate position to begin with,
but Max was determined not to lose control in the car with both Maria and Michael in the
front seat. Even though Maria was sound a sleep and Michael was driving he knew if he let
the fantasy he was having come to life it would be a very embarrassing situation for all
parties. Not to mention he had no intention of having another replay of last night to happen
again. No, the next time Liz and him got together in an intimate way he was determined that
Liz would not be asleep. However, as soon as Liz started to move her hips slightly against
his body Max could already feel himself growing hard as much as he was trying to fight
against it and when her soft moans that only he could hear came upon his ears, he lost the
fight. The growing swell in the front of his jeans was becoming delightfully uncomfortable,
but there was no way he was going to move an inch.

Liz was once again having the best erotic dream of her and Max making out passionately. Once
again in her dreams it was only the two of them and Tess never existed, Max had never had
sex with her and he diffidently didn't have a son by her. Their love for each other was
still pure and innocent and they were heading in the direction of what their lives would have
been. As usually in her dreams they were both ready to give themselves to each other freely
and Max always made her feel like she was special, the only one he would even consider
touching, the only one he would ever have feelings for, the only one he would love. As they
made out in her dreams Max had pulled her body on top of his and she could feel exactly how
much he wanted her as she moved her hips seductively over his ever growing erection. "Mmmhm
Max...Oh Max, yes." She moaned out knowing they both wanted more and she wanted him to know
that she was more than ready to take that next step with him. As she slowly reached out and
moved her hand to feel the mysterious hardness that she had so intimately touched with only
the movements of her hips.

When Liz's hand crept down to the front of Max's jeans, Max had to close his eyes and take
deep breaths to try to keep his own body from losing it right there and then. His hands
were caressing her body as innocent as possible, but his need to touch her back was driving
him crazy. He gently stroke her hair and back with one hand and the other was moving softly
up and down her side of her body. He truly was trying to keep his hands only on parts of
her body that could be presumed safe, but periodically he found his thumb barely touching
the side of her breast that was only covered by a soft flimsy snip of material she wore.
Each time he touched her there she leaned her breast more and more into his touch and would
moan out one word. "Yes," But, Max knew when she started to not just touch the bulge in
his jeans, but actually started to cup him and literally started to stroke on him he had to
stop her or he would be a goner.

"Li..Lizzz." He moaned out trying to get her attention, but to his dismay his voice had the
opposite effect that he had intended. Instead of stopping her hand movements she only
quickened her pace on him, but also leaned up and began kissing on his neck.

As she started to suck on the sensitive spot on his neck, Max could feel himself getting
ready to explode in pure pleasure. His hips began moving of their own accord against her
hand and when she released his neck only to take his lips with her sensual mouth, sucking
his tongue into her mouth, Max lost the battle of wills and knew he was going to cum any
moment, it was then that realty came into play as Michael shouts of "Were here guys!
Panama City! OH Yeah! Let the party begin!"

Liz's eyes popped open and she released Max's mouth at the same time she stopped all movements
by both her hips and her hands. She sat up abruptly looking highly embarrassed by her actions
and leaving one very unsatisfied Max Evans still laying back and trying to gulp air into his
lungs. When Michael asked where they wanted to go to first, it was a very strained voice of
Max that etched out only one word. "Bathroom."

End Part 5
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WARNING - Strong NC-17 For those of you that don't care for it, skipping this part is recommended

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 6

It was a strain needless to say to stand let alone to walk for Max and Liz almost felt sorry
for him, almost. But, as he made his way to the restroom of the gas station Michael had
pulled in Liz thought back to the position she had once again awoken up in. Yes, she knew
she probably started it once again, but that didn't mean Max had the right to take advantage
of the situation. She wondered if her dreams were in some way being provoked by Max himself
and that frightened her a tad bit. She had dreamed about her and Max being together for so
long she doubted it, but then again, her dreams had never been this erotic nor this real
before. Maria on the other hand couldn't help but laugh when she had finally took note of
Max's condition when he attempted to get out of the back seat of the car. Michael felt bad
for his best friend as he saw his predicament, but he also couldn't help the smirk that
crossed his face because of Max's situation. "Blue balls, man. Serious blue balls." He
thought to himself.

When Max got back to the car everyone was silent. It was Max that took over as the decision
maker once again. "I'll drive Michael and we'll look for a place to stay. Then I suggest
we make some further purchases to our wardrobes for our stay in Florida. Does anyone have
a problem with that plan?" He asked knowing no one would argue because he saw the look on
everyone's face when he had gotten out of the car and knew they all knew what was going on.
It wasn't like he could hide his obvious erection. Silently Maria climbed into the back
seat with Liz and Michael slid over to allow Max to get in the driver's seat. He knew
exactly what he was looking for and once he found it, he pulled in. The hotel was directly
on the beach, but it had covered parking so their convertible wouldn't be out in the open
and easily spotted. As he got out of the car to go check into a room, he used his powers to
change the license plates. Liz had noticed how Max hadn't even looked at her once since
their ordeal. Once checked in, he pulled the few bags they had out of the trunk and silently
the other three followed Max into the elevator and to their room for the next few days.

When they got inside Maria immediately ran throughout the condo to check it out. It had a
living room that had a view to die for of the beach, a small kitchen, two bedrooms that each
had their own private bathroom, but best of all each bedroom had a private balcony. Liz
watched as her best friend go goo goo over their mini vacation resort, she walked over to
the large picture window from the living room. "Michael, why don't you and Maria head over
to the grocery store and pick up a few things for us to have here to eat. Liz and I need to
talk for a minute. Alone."

Liz turned to her best friend, pleading with her eyes not to leave her alone with Max, but
Maria just mouthed, "stay strong" to her as Michael was pulling her out of the condo to
follow Max's order.

As soon as the door shut and the two of them were alone, Max took note of the unsureness in
Liz's face as he slowly approached her. His movements were like a lion that was stalking
his prey and Liz felt like he was looking at her like she was his next meal. "M..Max I..."

That was all she got out before Max was upon her and crushing his mouth to hers. At first
Liz struggled against his tight embrace as he pulled her body tight against his. But, as
soon as she began to kiss him back, he picked her up with ease and the next thing she knew
he was closing one of the bedroom doors behind them. Once inside the bedroom he lowered her
back to the ground, but didn't release her completely from his grasp. He released her mouth
finally from his and took a deep breath to get his body under some sense of control. His
emotions had still not come down completely from their earlier display. "Liz, I want to
make love to you, I want you so much I can't even begin to tell you how much. I love you
Liz, I've always loved you, only you." He stated hoarsely as he pressed her body against
the door he had just shut and began to kiss her neck. "Tell me Liz, tell me you want me as
much as I want you. Not just in your dreams, but the here and now." He continued to kiss
on her neck as his hands wandered up and down her body. Pressing himself more firmly against
her to show her just how much he truly wanted her. "Let me give you more pleasure than you
could possibly ever dream. I want to take your body to the heights of ecstasy and then
beyond your wildest fantasies." He untied the straps of her sun dress that held the dress on
her body while kissing and nipping along her collar bone.

The dress now held up only by the pressing of Max's body and the door which she found herself
sandwich in between. Liz was beyond stun by Max's words and more than anything she wanted
to give herself freely to the only man she would ever love, but that small voice in the back
of her mind just wouldn't let her give herself completely to him just yet. It was just all
too soon and too many unanswered questions still remained. Namely his son and what it would
mean if he found a way back home. Would he leave her? Then there was the question of Tess,
Max's heart was always huge and that was one thing she loved the most about him. What if
Tess did come back someday, with their son, would Max find a way to forgive her and if so,
would he decide he needed to be with her and his son? But, as Max moved his chest only
slightly enough away from her body to let the dress it held in place fall just pass her
breast and he bought one hand up and began to gentle fondle it while he kissed his way down
to her other breast. The war that raged within Liz was losing the fight. "Max please."
She half begged, half pleaded. Her fingers were running through his hair and at the same
time was pressing him more securely against her breast and also attempting to pull him away.
His hand, mouth and body were playing havoc on her senses making her urn for more. But, was
she really ready to allow him back into her heart completely?

He softly licked at her nipple and was amazed at how hard it turned by just the smallest of
touches. "Please what Liz? Tell me the truth, do you want me to stop or do you want your
dreams to come true?" He stated huskily as he continued his sweet torture on her upper body.
He stopped touching her just enough to remove his own shirt and brought his naked chest
flush against hers. The feel of their naked flesh pressed tightly against each other only
forced his need for her to excel to even a greater need. "God Liz, I love you so much."
Was all he said before he captured her mouth with his once again. Licking her lips asking
for permission to enter.

Liz couldn't control her own bodies movements and granted access to Max. Once she opened
herself to him, Max's tongue began to dart in and out of her mouth in a mimicking motion of
what his body wanted to do to hers. Liz's moans only encouraging his hormones to increase.
He moved his hips away from hers only long enough to allow the dress to slide to her feet.
The ache in his groin growing more deeply then he could have ever imagined. He unbuttoned
and unzipped his jeans in an attempt to release some of the pressure they held against his
once again very large erection. Once at least part of him was free he pressed his hips
back against Liz. Using his legs to spread hers and allow him access to her core even though
she still had her panties on, Max could feel the wetness of her excited juices on the only
part of his freed engorgement. Making him almost growl with desire for her. Roaming his
hands down her body until they laid upon the soft mounds of her bottom. Lifting her easily
until he was between her spread legs, pulling her body back down so her core touched his
aroused head. "Liz, I need you so much. Please say yes. Say you need me too." He pleaded
as his fingers moved her panties to the side just enough for his head to touch the tip of

Just with that simple touch against her sensitive bud sparked an orgasm of which Liz had
never thought possible. As one of his fingers dipped inside of her and her juices flowed
over it, a scream of pleasure escaped her throat and Liz knew there was no way she could
deny what her heart and body were screaming for. "Oh Max, yes, YES!" She moaned out as her
body began to move over his finger.

That was all it took for Max to turn her in his arms and walk her to the bed that lay in the
middle of the room. Not removing his mouth from hers nor his finger which was still embedded
deep inside of her, he laid her down on the bed as gentle as possible. He removed his finger
only long enough to help himself rid his own jeans and boxers and quickly resumed his
position between her willing body. His mouth began kissing her everywhere and his hands
roamed up and down her body, not leaving any part of her body on touched. "You are so
beautiful. Your body, your mind, your soul." He spoke softly as he continued to pleasure
her body with his hands and his mouth. His hips were moving against hers as his engorged
member pressed against her panty covered core in anticipation of what was to come.

Just as he was about to remove the final barrier that laid between their bodies a small
tinge of realty hit him. He stilled his motions and let out a cry of total frustration as
the realization hit him. "Max, what is it? What's wrong?" All of Liz's fears came
crashing back to her as she felt him stop all movements.

"We can't." He stated, his voice full of contempt for what he had started and had no way to

With those two words spoken Liz pulled her knees up to her chest as she thought that Max must
have realized he didn't really want her after all. The tears of fear swelled in her eyes
and she wanted to run as fast as she could away from Max Evans. Max witnessed her actions
and cursed himself all over again. He had lost so much control that he hadn't even thought
of what his actions were causing her to think. He took a few deep breaths trying to get
himself under some semblance of control so he could speak. "Liz." His voice strained from
his body not being able to complete the action, it still screaming for release. "I'm sorry."
He hushed out, still breathing extremely heavy feeling like he was going to die.

"It's okay Max, you don't really want me. I'm not like you, I understand." She spoke softly
as a large tear slid down her cheek.

Max was upon her in seconds after hearing her speak. "God NO, Liz. I want you so much I
can't even think straight. It's just, I...I don't have any way to protect you Liz. God, I
am such an idiot. I'm so sorry." He stated his voice full of love and concern, begging her
to understand what he was trying so badly to say.

As his words sank into the heartbroken fog of her brain and registered what he was saying,
she too felt the same need of frustration that he must have been feeling. Then the logical
side of her mind came into play. "Okay, so we can't make love right now. But, that doesn't
mean we can't give each other pleasure, right?" She asked timidly, not sure if Max would be
willing to go along with her plan.

Max met her eyes with love, longing and desire. He took her in his arms for a tight embrace
as he once again began to rain kisses along her neck. "Yes, we can." Was all he said before
he moved his hand down to the edge of her panties. He looked back into her eyes as if to
ask permission to touch her once again in such an intimate place. Liz was amazed at his
thoughtfulness and only slightly nodded her head giving him permission to continue, which
he did. He ran his fingers inside her panties and was once again greeted with the wet desire
that was Liz. He couldn't help but bring his fingers back up to his lips and suck them into
his mouth to gain his very first taste of the love of his life. With that one small taste
he was hooked beyond anything he could imagine. "I want to taste you Liz?" He asked as he
was already moving down her body, turning his body so his head was down by her feet and his
feet up by her head. He began to kiss her feet, then he sucked each toe into his mouth. Not
releasing one of them until he had completely tasted every square inch of them. He moved up
her legs, kissing, licking, sucking on them with precision. When he finally made it back to
her inner thighs, Liz was all but lost in the passion he was causing to course through her
entire body. She didn't even realize her panties had been taken off until his tongue took
it's first swipe over her lower lips.

"Oh Max, Yes. Touch me...Taste me..Oh God, Yes!" She moaned out as his tongue went berserk
over your sensitive nub. She found herself opening her legs wider and wider to give him more
and more access for his wonderful tongue and mouth as he continued to feast upon her. Licking
and sucking. Dipping his tongue deep inside of her like he couldn't get enough of her.
Which he couldn't, he was totally addicted to the taste of her from the very first lick of
his fingers. He actually couldn't imagine stopping this fantastic feast she was allowing
him to have. That is until he felt her upon his own erection. As her soft hands wrapped
themselves around his already strained member, a moan escaped his lips, vibrating against
her already pulsing flesh. "Don't stop Max, keep going." She moaned out as her hips bucked
against his lips that were still pressed tightly against her wet heat. That was all it took
for Max to continue with his desired feast.

With the position Max had moved his body, his erection was basically right in her face. She
touched him tentatively at first and watched in fascination as a droplet of precum escaped
from his tip. Which excited her beyond belief, so she continued to stroke him up and down
his hard surface and was amazed how hard, but soft to the touch it felt at the same time.
It was becoming harder and harder in front of her eyes and as the glistening drop grew she
knew she wanted her first taste of Max too. Her body was flying into the stars from the
pleasure he was producing in her and she soon couldn't help herself when her own tongue
slipped out and she took her first taste of him as she continued to stroke him. That small
action insighted such a full blown force of desire from Max that he let out a load moan and
sucked her bundle of nerves hard into his mouth. Amazed she could cause such desire in Max,
she continued to explore him with both her hands and her mouth. At first she took only the
tip of his head into her mouth, but as he continued to show her how much he was enjoying her
actions by the was he attacked her clit more and more with his own tongue, she began to take
more and more of him into her mouth until he was embedded deep inside her throat. Relaxing
her muscles she began to suck on him hard, then released him as she brought her mouth up,
licking his length as she went. Only to reengage her mouth upon him to repeat the process
over and over again. Her hands moved easily with her mouth and soon the two of them found
a rhythm made for just them. The desire, the pleasure that was coursing throughout their
bodies was almost more then they could have imagined.

It wasn't long before Liz could feel herself falling into an orgasm bliss and she found her
body releasing it's juices into Max's mouth as he continued to drink her completely. With
her release Max also felt himself ready to let go, he began to pull his body away from her
mouth not thinking she would want to have him explode inside of her mouth, but Liz only
sucked him harder into her mouth. Her hand ran down his shaft and caressed his balls ever
so gently and that was all it took before his own release shot into her wet mouth, filling
her throat completely not once but twice as she continued to suck him dry. When she finally
released her grasp of him both fell to their backs and moaned out with complete satisfaction.
Liz's body was trembling terribly for the amount of pleasure she had experienced by way of
Max's mouth and tongue. She was finding it hard to breath as all the air in her lungs seemed
to have disappeared as of the result of her multiple orgasm. Max quickly moved his body
around until their naked bodies were flush against each other again he pulled her tightly
against his chest. "Are you okay?" He asked tentatively, as he held her trembling body
close to his. Liz was still having a hard time catching her breath and could only imagine
what would happen to her body if they had actually had made love. Taking a deep breath
she smiled shyly up at him letting him know she was just fine. "That was..."

"Amazing." He finished up her sentence for her.

"Then it was okay? I mean, I never..." She knew that Max had came and came hard as she had
swallowed the evidence herself, but she had never ever even imagined herself doing something
like that and she obvious had no experience to know if she had satisfied him enough.

"It was more than okay, you were...God, there isn't even words to express how wonderful you
were. I love you so much Liz Parker." Then the same thought had occurred to Max as it had
Liz. Yes, he had had sex with Tess. He would never consider what the two of them did as
making love, but he had been with a female before. He had just never been intimate in that
kind of way with anyone else. To have sex with someone and to intimately take them in the
way Liz and he had been with each other was two very different things. "Was it okay..For
you I mean, I never...either?"

Liz's smile grew, realizing it was true. He may have had sex with Tess, but he had never
done to Tess what he had just done to her. "You take my breath away Max Evans and I love
you too." She replied honestly. That's when she felt his lower body beginning to stir back
to life. "Uh..Max?"

"Just so you know, this isn't over yet Liz Parker. As amazing as that was, I can't wait to
make love to you, to be deep inside of you and know that you are mine forever."

End Part 6

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I am so sorry that I haven't posted a new part. I seriously that I had lost my entire story when the big OOPS happened. So now that my thread was found my you wonderful people I am reposting Pts 7-10. I will add the new part in the next post. Hopefully everyone will enjoy it. Once again let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt 1

Part 7

Liz was awoken by the sound of the condo door slamming shut and two heated voices coming
from the other side of the bedroom door. She turned to her side and saw that Max was no
where to been seen and then she looked down and noticed that she was not naked, but she
was completely dressed still in her sun dress. Now she knew she had been having some very
intense and erotic dreams of her and Max being together lately, but had she just dreamed
her whole experience. No, there was no way that was just a dream. She slowly rose out of
the bed she had been laying upon and walked over to the door. Once she cracked the door
open she heard Maria screaming at Michael. "I told you you didn't need to buy that many
cases of Snapple. It's not like you can fit that many into the refrigerator and the actual
food at the same time. God Michael, if you would just listen to me once in your life!"

"If you must know, I bought some to take down to the beach in the cooler I picked up so if
you got thirsting while laying out, you wouldn't make me come all the way back up to the
room to get you a drink!" Michael shouted back.

"Don't even try to make this sound like you were thinking of me here Michael Guerin. You
are the one that drinks the Snapple around here, not ME!"

"Hey, you drank this stuff all the time at my apartment." He argued back.

Maria just rolled her eyes at her so called Romeo. "Well, maybe that's because all you had
to drink at your apartment was SNAPPLE!"

It was Michael's turn to roll his eyes, knowing he wasn't going to win this fight and he
figured it would be best just to remain quiet. When he opened his mouth that's when he
found himself in trouble. If he just remained quiet they got along much better. Liz stepped
out of the bedroom and walked into the kitchen. "Need any help putting the groceries away?"
She asked quietly not wanting to interrupt the two of them if they were still going to yell
at one another.

"Hey, chica. Did you have a good nap? And how did you know we went to the grocery store?
OH, the groceries." Maria smacked herself in the forehead.

Liz wrinkled her forehead at Maria's words. She was really starting to worry that one of
the most pleasurable afternoon's in her whole life had been real or had it been a dream.
"Uh..Wear's Max?" She still had not seen him and she needed to look into his eyes quick to
reassure herself she was not going insane.

"He's carry up the last of the groceries. I swear you should be happy that I went to the
store also, other wise the only food that would have been brought would have been chips,
cereal, tobacco and Snapple." Stating the last item with sarcasm. "They wouldn't have
even thought of ice cream. Hello, we're at the beach with these two." Pointing her finger
in the direction of Michael. "Like we wouldn't have needed ice cream, Oh Please!"

Okay Maria had said they as if she had gone to the store with both Michael and Max. Liz's
mind was spinning out of control trying to figure all this out. Max had remained here with
her, he had wanted to make love to her and in a very sensual way they had become intimate
with each other. Liz walked over to her friend and asked in a very soft whisper. "Maria,
did Max go to the store with you?"

Maria tilted her head and looked at Liz as if she were crazy. "Liz, are you feeling all
right?" She asked a little too loudly, because in that very moment Max walked into the
condo's kitchen carry the rest of the groceries.

The groceries all but forgotten as he dropped them to the floor and was by Liz's side in a
matter of seconds. "Liz, what's wrong?" The concern in his voice was obvious.

Liz turned to Max and flung herself into his arms, surprising not only Max, but her best
friend as well. "Max, I need to talk privately to you." She whispered in his ear. Max
pulled her back from the embrace she had started and looked her in the eye, trying to find
out if she was okay or not. Finally taking note that she was serious he only nodded his
head once, then took her hand in his and pulled her into the bedroom where he had left her
to nap.

Once the door closed he looked her right in the eyes. "Are you sure your okay? I mean
especially after earlier, I just don't want to take any chances."

The love that shone in his eyes were apparent to her and when he stated concern about what
happened earlier Liz felt she relief. She had really started to think she had only dreamt
their entire intimate episode. "Oh Max, I can't tell you how confused I was there for a

"Confused about what Liz?" Max was now becoming confused by her words and her actions.

Liz laughed lightly and then turned felt the blush creep up her face. "Well, you know how I
have been experiencing some dreams lately?" Now it was Max's turn to blush a little, knowing
exactly what kind of dreams she had been having lately. He didn't reply with words, because
he knew his voice would strain at the thought of her dreams. Instead he only nodded his
head to acknowledge he knew what she was talking about. So Liz continued and this time her
face blushed deeply and she let out another nervous laugh. "Well, when I woke up and you
weren't here and with me being in my dress..I..I almost thought..."

"Liz, what are you saying? Why wouldn't you be in your dress?" The confusion on Max's face
was clear that he had lost her in their conversation.

"Max? Did we?..Uh..Were we?..I mean you did send Michael and Maria to the store right?"
The fear that it had been just a dream came crashing back to her as she saw the confusion in
Max's face. Now she had know idea how to even ask Max if their afternoon together had
actually happened or not, because if it had, then how could admit that she wasn't sure if it
had happened or not. And if it had only been a dream, how was she supposed to admit that she
had dreamed of the two of them being together in such an intimate way.

"Liz, I'm not sure what we are talking about here, but yes I did send Michael and Maria to
the store and you said you were still tired and wanted to lay down for a little while....

"NO! That's not what happened. You...You and I...Oh God, NO! There is no way I dreamt
that Max. Tell me..Did we...we were together right?" Her eyes were wide while pleading
with his to tell her it wasn't a dream, but at the same time realizing it was.

As if a light bulb went off in his head, he brought a shaking Liz tight against his body
and held her for a moment while stroking her hair. "Liz, babe. I'm sorry, but we didn't
make love, if that's what your asking? But, I will promise you this. We will make love one
day and when we do, I guarantee you will know without a doubt that it's not a dream."

Tears swelled in her eyes as she now knew the truth, it had been all a very wild, very vivid,
very erotic dream, but a dream all the same. Shaking her head as if she couldn't even
comprehend the intensity of her dream and the pleasure she had felt down to her core. "Oh
Max, I can't believe I thought...God, this is so embarrassing."

"Liz, please don't be embarrassed. Do you have any idea how many dreams of you I have had in
my life? I couldn't even begin to try to count them." Max confessed trying to smooth
things over for her. He knew she was having erotic dreams of the two of them and he knew
that over the years he had some pretty intense ones of his own where he had woken up needing
to take a shower to clean himself up from where he had messed himself because his dream had
become so real he had actually shot his wad all over himself. Just thinking of some of his
past fantasy dreams of the two of them together and with Liz in his arms, his body was
beginning to react and react quickly. He quickly pulled her away from his body before she
felt what was happening to him. After all she didn't need him taking advantage of her
situation right now. She needed comfort instead of his lust.

It was at that exact moment that Maria knocked on the door. "Liz, Max, are you guys up for
a little shopping? I'm dying to get to the beach, but we are talking serious lack of beach
ware here." Maria stated through the closed door that separated the two of them.

Liz smiled shyly at her friends statement. The taking one last look at Max she answered her
friend quickly. "Uh..Yeah Maria, we're coming."

At those last words both Max and Liz laughed at the double meaning that it could have implied.
"Liz, you know I would do anything for you, but I only have one favor to ask of you when we
go to the store."

"And what favor would that be Max?"

"That when you choose whatever bathing suit you choose, that you'll remember I am at least
half human, 19 years old, male and totally in love with you. And with all this talk about
dreams and us together, well just remember as much control as I have, it could snap easily
if you know what I mean."

Liz gave him a seductive smile and as she opened the door to meet her fried, she turned back
to Max and stated. "Why Max Evans, that's exactly what I'm counting on." Then walked over
to Maria, looped her arm with hers and the two girls headed out the door of the condo.

Michael approached Max, slapping him on his back. "Are you ready for some shopping Max?"
He said in a mockingly girlie tone.

Max looked over at his friend and stated in his best leader voice. "Your right, they are
playing us, but this is one game I plan on winning." With that said the two followed in the
direction the girls had just gone.

Since Max had already inquired at the desk of the resort where the nearest mall was when he
checked in, he had a pretty good notion of where it was and drove them quickly there. Not
wanting to take the chance of being stuck in a lingerie store with Liz, as Michael had been
with Maria he handed Liz five hundred dollars and told her that he and Michael would meet
them in two hours at the food court. "And he means two hours, not two and a half or three.
Remember we don't want to worry that something of the unusually nature has happened to the
two of you if you get my drift." Michael stated knowing that even though they were all
acting like they were on a vacation of sorts, danger was still out there and they needed to
be careful. In fact Michael was surprised that Max had allowed the girls to go off by
themselves, even though he was thankful that he wouldn't have to see Maria model every string
bikini she could manage to pick out and slowly kill him, he was surprised by Max's behavior.

Maria went up to Michael and gave him a small peck on his cheek. "You know spaceboy when
you put your mind to it, you can be a sweet guy. We won't be late, promise." She crossed
her heart with her fingers and then pulled Liz away before Liz could even say good bye or
thanks for the cash or anything to Max. "Come on Liz, we only have two hours to find the
perfect bathing suit."

As soon as the girl's were gone, Michael turned to Max. "Okay what gives? Not that I'm
complaining about not having to shop with them, but I didn't think you would ever let Liz
out of your sight once you had her."

"I need to get something and I don't want Liz or Maria to know about it. It's only two
hours" Then silently thought to himself, besides after this afternoon, this mall isn't big
enough for me not to know where Liz is at any time, I can still smell her scent.

End Part 7

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 8

It was exactly two hours and ten minutes later when Michael started to loose all patience
and wanted to go look for the girls. They had picked up the few personal items they needed
and the one major purchase that Max had wanted to buy and were done shopping in a little
over an hours time. The rest of the time the two guys had spent in the arcade playing to
let the time past. Every time Michael had made a comment that they should go look for the
girls, Max had merely shrugged and stated. "Their still here, don't worry." It was when
their two hours were up that Michael really started to get nervous and by ten minutes after
their time had expired Michael was ready to go looking. Max knew the girls were close now,
he could still literally smell Liz. Her scent was now forever implanted into his senses
after their intimate encounter. Without even looking up to confirm what his senses were
telling him he simple said. "Michael, they are on their way."

Max really hated that he had deceived Liz earlier, but while they had held each other naked
in bed in the after glow of ecstasy Max could tell that Liz was feeling a tad guilty for
letting her emotions get the best of her. So he tried to make her understand that he loved
her, would always love her and only her. That was when she made the comment about how it
hadn't always been her when he had been with Tess. After all this time, she still thought
about his ultimately worst mistake of his life. He didn't want their time to be spoiled
with guilt and until he had time to make her understand it was only her that he would ever
want he thought it was best that he would make her believe what they had shared was nothing
more than another one of her dreams. After all he had been the one that was way out of
control and had forced the moment by playing with her emotions for him. Knowing he could
seduce her, because he knew no matter what she still loved him. Because the guilt for his
actions took over he gently soothed her to sleep once again using a touch of power and then
proceeded to dress her. He was just glad that they hadn't actually made love, because then
there was no way he could follow through with this kind of deception. No, when they made
love it would be with consent on both parties and not because he seduced her into it. The
only problem was now that he had had a taste of one Liz Parker he was completely addicted to
her and he didn't know how long he could go without another drink of her sweet nectar.

Just as Michael was about to ask how Max knew they were on their way, the two girls showed
back up. "Did you miss me?" Maria asked as she made her way over to Michael.

"We agreed on two hours, Maria! Your late." He stated sternly back to her.

"Give it a rest spaceboy. Were talking what ten minutes."

"Try twelve." Was Michael's only reply.

Maria's next movement took Michael by complete surprise. "You know how cute you are when you
worry about me like that." She joked as she reached up and placed a small kiss on his cheek.
Then whispered seductively in his ear. "Besides I had to find the perfect bathing suit and
a little something special for tonight." Then blew in his ear and finally pulled away before
Michael even had time to react.

Liz approached Max shyly. "Sorry we are a little late." She stated hoping that Max hadn't
started to get upset like Michael.

Without a reply to her apology, he just changed the subject quickly, after all he knew the
entire time she was away that he could locate her pretty easily. "So did you find everything
you needed?"

"Yeah, thanks."

After everyone agreed they had everything they would need for the next few days, they headed
back to the resort. They decided to go down to the pool in lieu of the beach for the day,
since it was already late in the afternoon and they wanted to get some sun. While shopping
Maria had insisted that the two of them buy not only one skimpy bikini, but a couple including
a thong bikini that Liz wasn't sure if she could have the nerve to wear in front Max, let
alone any one else. Maria assured her that they could wear them to take advantage of a late
night visit to the Jacuzzi that was at the resort they were staying at. They also picked
up a few pairs of short shorts, tank tops another sun dress each and then Maria insisted on
them going to Victoria's Secrets and getting something that would surely drive the guys
insane later that evening. Although Maria was pretty much complete control of her emotions
and intended to use that control to play Michael as much as she could. Liz on the other
hand was having a hard time with her emotions, especially with the dreams she was having.
She could have sworn she could still taste Max's essence in her mouth and it was causing
havoc to run wild with her body wanting more. She didn't know how much longer she could
keep this game of theirs going without giving in to what she knew her body was now craving
more than ever.

Once they were back at the resort, Maria insisted the guys go ahead down to the pool and
save them a couple of seats while she and Liz got ready. After the guys had left Maria went
over the plan once again with Liz to make sure she was up for the challenge. "Just stay
strong. We've got them right in the palms of our hands."

"I don't know Maria, this is going to be really hard." Liz was looking at herself in the
mirror and couldn't believe that she was about to step out side with so much of her skin

"Look, we'll were the cover ups until we get to the pool and then the games can begin. You
got the suntan lotion." Liz raised her hand showing the bottle in her grasp. Maria looped
her arm through her friends and stated. "We are going to kill them." As she pulled her out
the front door of their condo.

"Or ourselves in the process." Liz whispered softly to herself. Yes, she was probably sure
that Maria's plan would drive Max crazy, but at the same time. Max would also be only wearing
a bathing suit and once she asked Max to put some lotion on her, his wonderful hands would
be touching her and that would drive her crazy as well. Lifting her head up high she figured
she should just go for it and not worry so much over what may happen.

As planned the two girls walked over to where the guys were sitting reserving two other
lounge chairs for them. Maria gave Liz one finally wink, mouthed the word "ready" and the
two ever so slowly took their cover ups off in front of the guys. Max's mouth dropped open
and he just stared at the amount of flesh available for his eyes to feast upon. His mouth
literally started to water with thirst for Liz as he drank in the sight of her before him.
Michael on the other hand had been mentally preparing himself for this, knowing exactly how
Maria would look and how little she would be wearing. Even with all his knowledge he too
was taken back by the sight of Maria. Gasping to in hale enough air in his lungs to manage
to speak, he opened the cooler that sat next to him and in a hoarse voice asked. "Snapple?"

Maria was dying of laughter inside, knowing this was literally killing him and she couldn't
wait for what was still to come. Liz of course, took one look at Max's perfect wash board
stomach and had to take a few deep breaths of her own before she could even consider sitting
down. Max's growing lower anatomy wasn't helping her get control over her emotions either.
Max knew his body was responding to Liz standing in front of him in a very skimpy bikini so
before he got to the point of embarrassment he stood up quickly. "You up for a swim?" He
asked knowing he needed to get in the cold water of the swimming pool with no time to spare.

"Uh..Yeah..Some cold water sounds good right now." Liz replied seriously.

The two of them went to the pools edge, Max diving in immediately knowing he couldn't wait
another second, while Liz chose to step into the pool a little more slowly afraid her top
or bottoms would come off if she had dove in like Max had. Once she was in the pool it
didn't take a lot of effort on Max's part to swim right to her. As he found even in the
water he could still smell her scent. Upon reaching her he pushed her up against the side
of the pool and captured her lips with his mouth for just a second before she pushed against
him slightly. "I gave you fair warning Liz before you went shopping." He teased as he pushed
his body back against hers. "I guess you didn't take the warning seriously though."

The swell in the front of his bathing suit was now pressed against her stomach and Liz knew
she was in trouble. Thinking quickly, she wrapped her arms around his neck letting him come
even closer to her. She pressed hips back against hers in a suggestive manner and said.
"Well, Max. That may be true, but before you can have me. You have to catch me." And with
that she reached up and dunked him in the water and then quickly swam as fast as she could
away from him.

Max popped out of the water and smiled. He was more than willing to play this game. "Let
the games begin." He said silently and then took off in the direction Liz had swam, not too
quickly as he wanted to savor this victory for a while yet. Even not going at his full
potential it didn't take Max long to catch up to her. Once she was in his arms again, Max
had no intention of letting her go any time soon. "Now that I've caught you, does that mean
I can have you?" He asked in a husky voice.

"That depends, in what way do you want me?" She replied back in a teasing seductive tone as
she once again wrapped her arms around his neck and this time wrapped her legs around his
waist bringing her heat up close and personal with his hardening shaft.

Max knew that she was playing with him big time and he decided to see how far she would take
this little game of theirs. After all they were in the pool and other people were around,
not many but enough that their play time had to still innocent in the eyes of others. So he
arched one eye brow at her, pulled her body even closer to his and whispered in her ear. "I
want you in every way babe. The question is more in what way will you let me have you?"
Then pumped his erection into her heat more firmly. Making sure he hit just the right spot.
He knew her body down there very intimately now and was determined to use that knowledge to
win this game of hers.

His last movement had touched her in just the right spot, like he knew precisely where she
would get the most excitement from him and Liz couldn't help it when she a soft moan escaped
her throat. Making Max smile, knowing that he had in deed just won one battle. Liz knew
she was in big trouble and tried to shake her mind free of the emotions that were building
fast inside of her. "You know Max, I would tell you the answer to that question, but then
I would expect you to follow through with the answer and since we have an audience here I
think we'll just have to wait until another more private time." She let her hand wander
down the front of his chest, over his stomach muscles and let it softly scrape over the top
of his swim trunks before she unwrapped her legs from around his waist. "I'm going to try
to soak up some sun, would you mind putting some lotion on my back?" She asked as she pulled
completely free from Max and started to swim back to where their lounge chairs were not even
bothering to wait for his reply.

"That's one for Max and one for Liz." Max thought to himself as he started to swim a few
laps in the pool to try to cool his body down once again before he had to succumb to another
round of sweet torture.

When Liz began to walk back to the lounge chair, she saw Michael heading toward the water.
She noticed that Maria's back was covered in lotion already and she could tell Michael needed
the cold water just as much as Max had when she first removed her cover up. She bit her
lower lip to keep from letting the building laugh to escape before she got back to the chairs
and was out of hear shot from the guys. When she got back to the chair Maria looked up at
her and waved her hand in front of her face as if waving a fan. "Wow, talk about a sweet
torture. Man does Michael know how to use his hands. I thought if he lasted much longer I
was going to roll over and ask him to take me right here and right now!" Maria exclaimed.

Liz laughed at her best friend's statement. "No matter how much it affected you Maria, it
was no way near what Michael must have been going through. I saw his face when he was walking
toward the pool. Trust me, I'd say you diffidently won that round. Now if I can just hang
in there as well as you did we'll be sitting pretty."

"You will, trust me. I mean we're at a pool. What exactly can he do here? Nothing! So
just lay back and enjoy, because here comes Romeo himself." She whispered that last part so
Max wouldn't hear as he approached the two girls. Looking a little more relaxed now that he
had swam quite a few laps. Maria sat up and watched Michael swimming a few laps of his own
in the pool. "You know what, I think I need to take a dip in the pool too." She leaned over
to Liz and whispered in her ear. "I don't want him to tire himself out too much now do I?"
She rose up and walked over to the edge of the pool where she dangled her feet in the water
and continued to watch as Michael continued to do laps.

Liz took a deep breath as she watched the water bead drip down Max's chest and thought to
herself. Stay strong, just stay strong. "So are you willing to help a damsel in distress
out and prevent her from becoming burned on her first day at the beach?" She asked as she
shook the bottle of lotion in his direction.

Max took the bottle of lotion out of her hand. God she is beautiful, there is no way I can
do this here. If I touch her body again, I'm going to lose it big time. He thought as he
let his eyes wander over her almost nude body that was glistening with beads of water.
"Actually I was hoping you might want to take a walk down by the beach with me for a few
minutes. I promise to bring the lotion and take care of all your sun care needs for you
there." Max could tell she was debating his request, mainly because by now the beach was
almost deserted since people were leaving it to go out for the evening. He had already
noticed a nice little alcove surrounded by rocks earlier and if he was going to have to
caress her body with lotion, then he was determined to due it in a more private place. He
held out his hand to her to help her up. "That is if your not scared to be alone with me?"
He quickly added as if to challenge her.

At his challenge, Liz took hold of his hand and stood up. "Why should I be afraid? You've
saved my life how many times now. I think I can trust you enough to not take advantage of
me." She challenged right back at him.

Man she's good, he thought. "I promise not to do anything that you don't ask me to." He
stated firmly causing Liz to slightly choke at his words. Knowing she was going to need
help she looked over to where Maria had been sitting on the side of the pool just in time to
hear her friend's shriek from being pulled into the water by one Michael Guerin. Well, so
much for having Maria rescue her this time around. Max noticed the direction her gaze had
traveled. "Don't worry, Michael will take care of Maria and they'll figure we are together."
Max then picked up their towels and started to walk toward the beach, pulling a very nervous
Liz behind him. You can do this Liz, just stay strong. Liz kept repeating in her mind.

When they reached the alcove, Liz looked all around and became ten times more nervous as she
noticed how there was no one even close to them and where Max was laying their towels down
on the sand, it was just a tad too private. "Uh..Max, why don't we walk down to the water
for a few minutes and let the ocean touch our toes?" She tried to joke to keep the nervous
tone out of her voice.

"First things first. I promised to protect that beautiful skin of yours from the sun and I
for one intend to keep my promise to you. Now would you prefer to start with your back or
your front." He wiggled his eye brows suggestively as he said that last part.

Taking one last deep breath she laid down on her stomach. "Let's see what kind of job you
do on the back and then I'll let you know if I wish to continue using of your services." She
stated as she bit her lower lip to keep the giggle at the look on his face.

First thing Max did was move her chocolate tressels off of her back, then started to untie
the strings of her bikini top. Before Liz could even begin to question his actions, he
stated. "We wouldn't want you to have any unwanted tan lines, now would we?" Then he
squeezed just the right amount of lotion into his hands, heating it slightly with his powers
and then started up at her shoulders, then slowly and precisely he sought out every inch of
her back side. Massaging as he went until Liz was so relaxed under his graceful hands she
didn't care what he did to her as long as he didn't stop touching her. His hands slid down
her back and then up her sides careful not to touch the side of her breast that he wanted to
caress so badly at first. As her body became more and more relaxed his hands wandered further
and further closer to the sides of her breasts until he finally let his fingers barely brush
over the soft sides of her breasts for only a few seconds before he continued with his
massage. He continued in this fashion until he heard her breathing becoming deep and small
moans escape her mouth each time his fingers caressed that part of her body. By the time
he was done with her back Liz was screaming inside for him to take her in his arms and
touch her everywhere.

He moved down to her legs and once again took great care to not only cover every inch of her
legs with the lotion, but also massaged his way all the way from her feet to her upper thigh.
As he began to rub the insides of her thigh he noticed how her legs seemed to open just a
little more giving him more and more access to her. He continued to rub high on the inside
of her thighs waiting for her to ask for more, hoping she would ask for more. He noticed
how her body would move with his fingers, just as if she was begging for him to touch her in
the same spot that he desired to touch more than anything. But, he had promised her he
wouldn't do anything that she didn't ask him to do first. So he continued to rub her higher
and higher until he was as far up her legs as he could go without dipping his fingers into
her barely covered center. He thought he was going to explode if she didn't ask him to at
least touch her there soon. Her sex scent was oozing from her as he could not only small her
juices flowing he could see the wet spot starting to develop at her center. Max's mouth was
literally watering with the need to drink those so obvious juices that were flowing out of
her body.

Liz was on fire with need. She could feel the crotch of her bikini becoming wet with desire
from the way Max was touching her. "Oh Max..Yes, keep touching me. Don't stop." She
finally moaned without even realizing what she was saying. She was so primed for him to
touch her where she needed it the most she couldn't even think straight.

Those were all the words Max needed as his fingers pushed the thin layer of her bikini bottoms
to the side and with one hand he let his finger plunge inside of her, while the other hand
simply got the pleasure of rubbing at her sensitive nub. As soon as his finger was covered
completely with her nectar, he removed it, quickly replacing it with a finger from his other
hand and brought his covered finger to his mouth and began to suck it clean. Just like
before that one taste was just not enough. He knew he needed more, much, much more.

End Part 8

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 9

Liz's orgasm seemed to go on for ever as Max continued to work his magic with his fingers.
She would notice how he seemed to alternate one hand with the other constantly, but she was
too far gone on cloud nine to even try to open her eyes. She knew she should stop him not
only because she knew if he didn't stop soon there was no way on Earth that she was going
to allow him to stop with just his hands. "Oh God, Max.." She breathed out attempting to
state just that, but another blinding white orgasm hit her before she could even get the
words out to tell him they needed to stop. So it came out only in a breathy sultry moan
that said nothing about him stopping, but said everything about the delight she was feeling
from his touches.

Max kept alternating his fingers to suck the juices she would rain on one into his mouth,
only to replace it with a fresh finger full when the other was sucked dry. He was losing it
and he knew it. It took every last control he had not to just dip his head down and feast
on what his body thirst for. The only problem the more he got the more he wanted, no needed
would be a more accurate statement. He was literally craving her from the top of his head
to the tips of his toes. The only thing saving him so far, was the position Liz had been
in when he started this entire act. Lying face down on her stomach so she wasn't in a
position to see what he was doing exactly. But, he knew deep down that what he was able to
do she was enjoying herself. Considering the amount of her bodies home made juice that he
was able to obtain just by the use of his fingers amazed the hell out of him. Not to mention
how her legs seemed to spread wider and wider to give him better excess and how her hips
raised to meet his hand every time he would change hands, removing one finger to replace it
with another.

Liz's entire body was now on fire wanting to feel so much more than just his hands upon her
body. The images of her very vivid dreams soaring through her mind, so knew she had to stop
this now or she wouldn't be able to. So with all the will power she had she reached down to
stop his ministrations upon her body. "Max, stop."

Instantly he stopped his hand movements, but didn't remove his fingers from inside of her
wet heat. He leaned down on his free elbow so he was more in alignment with her face. He
could see the desire in her eyes for him and knew how easy it would be to seduce her again.
His body at war, with what was right and what was wrong. With heavy regret he finally
removed his finger. "Liz, look at me." He demanded which made Liz turn her head so she was
now facing him. "I want you Liz, I want to make love to you so much. But, I'll wait, I'll
wait until you tell me you want me, on one condition."

"Max, I..I.." Liz couldn't even make a complete sentence, her entire body was still heavy
with the desire he had stirred in her.

"No more of these games. I know the way Michael and I took you and Maria was not right, but
our hearts were in the right place. And I know the two of you have been doing your best to
get even with us, but no more." He stated firmly. He was on the edge as it was and it took
every ounce of his self control to stop when she had asked him too, but if things continued
the way they were going he knew he would not be able to stop himself from taking what he
wanted from her. "We're in this together now. If you want to come with us for what ever
reason you have, that's okay. But, if you want to be together with me, I'm here for you as
long as you admit your feelings and stop playing these games."

Liz knew Max was telling her the truth. She had the choice either way, but it was time to
stop playing. "I want to be with you Max, but I'm afraid." She admitted as she began to
tie the strings to her bikini top back together.

Max immediately helped her finish, then handed her the cover up she had worn down to the
pool at first. "Then I suggest we talk. I mean really talk, lay all our feelings out on
the table once and for all, because it appears we're going to be together for quite some
time and I think it would be better that we were honest about our feelings instead of hiding

"I think your right, but would you mind if we went back to the condo and got dressed first.
I think both of us would have an easier time talking if we had a few more pieces of clothing
on." She suggested.

Without another word spoken Max stood up and held his hand out to her to help her up. They
walked back to the condo in silence, both knowing what they wanted to say, but trying to
figure the best way to say them. As they passed by the pool Liz noticed that neither Maria
nor Michael were there. Max opened the door to the condo for Liz and just as he shut the
door behind them they both heard Maria screams of pleasure coming from the other bedroom.
Talk about not being strong, Liz thought to herself but found both herself and Max blushing
as they both realized what their friends were doing. Still not speaking Liz walked into
the bedroom she had taken her so called nap earlier, with Max following quickly behind her.
"I'm going to take a quick shower if that's okay?" She asked politely.

"Sounds like a good idea." Max replied and then realized how that sounded he quickly
corrected himself. "I mean..You go ahead and I'll take one as soon as your done."

Gathering her outfit she was going to wear and cursing herself silently for letting Maria
talk her into only buying outfits that just oozed I want sex. Finally deciding on another
sun dress that was a bit low cut and a little more skin tight than she would have normally
wore, but feeling it was a lot better than some of the short shorts she had bought. She
hurried into the bathroom and started taking her shower. Max noticed that Liz was taking an
extreme long time in the shower and was starting to get more and more nervous about their
talk, but he was more determined than ever to get through to her that she was the one, the
only one he wanted to spend his life with. As soon as Liz was done, Max quickly hopped in
a nice cold shower, especially seeing the way her dress fit her perfectly to a tee it was
quite obvious what kind of shower he was going to be taking. Unlike Liz, Max was showered
and dressed within fifteen minutes. As he opened the bathroom door, he saw Liz standing at
the mirror applying some lip gloss. He couldn't help but just stand and stare openingly at
her. When he saw her start to brush her still wet hair he stepped behind her. "Need some

Liz cocked her head to the side looking at his reflection in the mirror. "I thought you
wanted to talk seriously."

"Trust me. I do." He answered and then waved his hand down the length of hair and in just
one swipe it was completely dry.

Liz rolled her eyes and bit her bottom lip. "I knew it." She stated referring to the last
time he had dried her hair and had taken a long, long time to complete the job.

Max simply shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, I am half human." He joked back at her.

He was just about to take her hand when Maria screamed out Michael's name once again. "Uh..
What you say we go down to the restaurant and grab a bite to eat while we talk?" Liz
suggested knowing that neither of them really wanted to talk while listening to their friends
have hot alien sex in the next room.

End Part 9

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 10

The restaurant at the resort had the air of beach romance at it's best. Each table sat in
the middle of a palm tree hut for privacy with seats being a booth that were curved shaped.
Soft music flowed throughout the restaurant, that had not only tropical plants and flowers,
but also all types of tropical birds that flew around the huge bird cage in the middle of
the entire restaurant. The hostess escorted the young couple to a private booth for two.
Once seated, they were handed menus and both ordered a non alcoholic tropical drink. Neither
had said much as of yet, both were simply enjoying the atmosphere. But, both knew it was
time to stop pretending, stop playing games and stop avoiding the subject.

"Liz." Max started.

"Max." Liz stated at the same time.

"Why don't you go first?" Max suggested wanting to be polite.

"I'm not sure where to even start." She replied truthfully.

"Follow your heart Liz and start there." He encouraged, Max knew exactly how he felt and he
knew exactly what he wanted. Now it mainly depended on how Liz felt. Even though Max knew
she in fact did love him, it was now apparent that she hadn't completely forgiven him for
his past mistakes. His hope that tonight once and for all he could convince her just what
she truly meant to him.

Just then their waitress came over. She wore a very tight fitting outfit that appeared two
sizes too small. Her extremely large breasts barely being held within her. "Hi my names
Honey and I'll be serving you tonight." She stated in a sickly sweet voice and placed both
drinks down on their table. Since she was standing next to Max's side of the table when
she reached over to place Liz's drink down Max noticed how her breast were practically in
his face. The move was very obvious and didn't go unnoticed by Liz, nor did it go unnoticed
how Max seemed to be staring right at them. Honey, was a bleach blond, with blue eyes and
to Liz all she could see was another Tess. As she stood back up Max was blushing from
embarrassment. At first jealousy was the first thought that came into Liz's mind, but she
quickly turned that emotion into a plan. A plan to see once and for all if Max was true to
his word or would she once again just be a stepping stone until he found someone else that
he wanted to be with. Maybe it was that Tess was like him and he wanted to see what it was
like or maybe he just was simple attracted to blue eyed blondes with big breast. But, before
she gave her heart to Max again, she needed to know the truth. "So did you two have time to
look over the menu or did you need a few more minutes?" Honey asked as she stared right at

Honey had noticed Max the minute he had walked into the restaurant. She prided herself on
being able to seduce any male that stayed at the resort, family, wife, girlfriend, it didn't
matter to Honey. She had a sense of males and she could always pick out the ones that had
either wealth or power or both. When she saw Max, she knew immediately that he was a man
that had that certain air about him. She didn't care that he had entered the restaurant
with a petite brown haired girl. To Honey that only made the game more fun and Honey always
won the game.

Max didn't even dare to look at Liz after what their waitress had just done. He knew she
had seen him look at her breast, but it wasn't as if he had done it on purpose. He had looked
up to acknowledge a thank you for their drinks and the pair were right there in his face.
"The lady will have the salmon, bake potato with cheese sauce and I'll have the Shrimp
Florentine. The house dressing should be fine for both of us on our salads." Max ordered
knowing exactly what Liz would have chosen before she did herself.

"I man who knows what a lady likes, I like it." Honey winked at Max, took the menus from
the table and walked away swinging her hips a little harder than necessary.

Liz was more than surprised when Max had ordered exactly what she wanted. "How did you know
that's what I wanted?"

Max finally turned his head to face her. "Liz, I know your soul. You doubt that I would
know what your favorite foods are." He joked at her and raised one eye brow for her to even
try to argue his last statement.

"Well, you sure seemed to empress Honey." She stated and then chided herself inwardly for
having said it.

"Honey, isn't the one that I am trying to empress. I think that's something you need to
understand Liz. Honey or any other woman on this planet could be standing naked in front of
me and I wouldn't care. None of them would even come close to lighting the fire that you
ignite in my soul. I want you Liz, I've always only wanted you. Can't you see that. It's
you that I love, it's you that drives me crazy with want, it's you that my heart craves.
No body has ever or will ever come close to make me feel like I do when I just look at you.
I can't even begin to tell you what you make me feel like when you allow me to touch you."
He stated with all the love and sincerity he could.


"Liz, I know you still have doubts about my past mistakes. But, that's all they were mistakes.
Mistakes and regrets that I will have to live with for the rest of my life."

"What about your son Max?"

"Truthfully?" Max asked and when Liz only slightly nodded he continued. "Yes, having a son
with Tess was a mistake. But, that doesn't mean that I hold him responsible for my mistake.
He will always hold a place in my heart, because he is a part of me and if I could have him
here with me I would make sure he felt loved. Not because of who his mother is, or because
of the supposed feelings I held for his mother in another life time, but because he is my
son. Can you understand that Liz?"

Tears were forming in Liz's eyes at the sweetness of his words. "Yes, Max. I can and that's
one reason why I will always love you. Your heart is just...a wonderful heart Max. But,
that's also a reason I'm not sure if I can ever commit my heart to you again. I'm not talking
tomorrow or next week, but what about a year from now, five years from now even. What if you
found a way to be with your son? I would never ask you to choose between your son or me,
there wouldn't be a choice Max. If you could be with your son, you would have to go and
since he can't survive here on Earth, I would have to say good bye to you once again. Only
then, it would be too late. My heart wouldn't survive without you. Max Evans, do you not
know how much I want to be with you? You know everything there is to know about me, you
know my soul. If you and I continue being together, we will make love and it will more than
likely be the most beautiful thing I could ever even try to image happening in my life. But,
then you would own me completely. Heart, body and soul and when that day arrived that you
would have to leave to be with your son, that's the day I will die."

"But, that's the whole point Liz. If that day ever does come, your right, I'll have to leave
to be with my son. But, that day I will also die. We might not have made love as of yet,
but you already own my heart and soul now. That's why I want to share my life, what's left
of it with you, tonight, tomorrow, for as long as I can. Because if that day ever does come
when I must return for the sake of my son, I want to know that we lived the life we were
meant to live and not just in fear of that day's arrival. I can understand your reasons for
not wanting to commit your heart to me, but can you honestly sit there and tell me I'm not
already in your heart? That your heart wouldn't die that day if we are together or not.
Because I can't."

Before Liz could answer Honey arrived with their food and their conversation was put on hold
once again. As before Honey bent in front of Max to place Liz's food down. The difference
this time though, was Max's eyes were staring into Liz's eyes. The two young people
that sat at the table only had eyes for each other and no attempts made by Honey were going
to distract the moment. Even though she did try to get Max's attention more than once, he
only continued to look at Liz with all the love he held for her in his heart. More than a
little upset by the lack of notice she had gotten from Max, Honey huffed away from their
table. That had never happened to her before, never had she basically placed her breast in
front of a man that she had set her sights on and have him not even notice at all. After
waiting what seemed a life time for Liz's answer Max finally let his eyes wander down to his
food. Both seemed to blush at the fact that their food had apparently arrived and neither
had even noticed. Liz took the opportunity to act like she was starving to keep from having
to answer Max's question right away. It gave her time to think about what they had both
said so far and even though she knew he was right. It didn't matter if she gave herself
completely to him or not, he still owned her heart and no matter if they were together or a
part, she would still die of a broken heart when that day arrived that he would have to leave.

Their conversation put on hold, but hardly forgotten. Instead as they ate, they made small
talk about how beautiful the resort was, how wonderful the food tasted, ect.. "So how's the
Salmon?" Max had asked only to be offered a forkful for his own taste. After enjoying the
taste of Liz on her fork as he took the bite of food offered, he offered her a taste of his
meal. Soon they found themselves eating off of both plates and enjoying themselves completely.
Once their meals were finished, Max paid the bill then asked if Liz would like to take a
walk with him. They strolled down to the beach bar that had some raga music band playing.
"Dance with me Liz?" He asked as he pulled her toward the dance floor without waiting for
her response. The music had an erotic beat to it and the two of them found themselves pulled
into the beat. Max's arms encircled her waist and their hips seemed to gravitate to each
other in time with the beat of the music. They continued to dance in the middle of the sandy
dance floor, the rest of the world totally erased as they were mesmerized with each other
only. Lost in the moment of the feel of Liz in his arms and how her hips would grind against
his rhythmically, Max couldn't help it when his lips descended on her neck. He kissed, licked
and sucked on her neck as their bodies continued to sway to the erotic beat of the music.
At that moment Max Evans was truly in paradise.

Max's body and mouth was causing havoc once again on Liz's senses, as he was reigniting the
fire to burn throughout her entire body with need, desire, but most of all love. They were
both enjoying themselves immensely, that neither would have pulled away if the band hadn't
stopped playing to take a short break. Liz began to pull away from Max's embrace only to
find him not releasing her any time soon. "Let's go down to the beach." Max stated hoping
that she would agree. Once again without waiting for her reply he simply took her hand in
his and began to walk down to the beach. They removed their shoes and left them by the
beach entrance as they walked down to the ocean. The waves crashed upon the shore and the
two of them continued to walk along the waters edge. Finally Max stopped them both. He
wrapped one arm around her waist and brought his other hand up to caress her cheek. "Liz,
I just need you to know that I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I
wish I could promise you that we will always be together, that we will grow old together and
I would never leave you. But, I won't make promises we both know I might not be able to
keep. The one promise I can make to you that no matter what happens is that I promise you
my heart. No matter if the day arrives that we may have to part, my heart, my soul is yours.
I also understand if you want time to think about everything we've discussed, but I just
wanted to make sure you knew that." With that said he slowly bent his head and ever so
softly caressed his lips against hers with a feather like touch. He didn't allow himself to
even try to deepen the kiss knowing if he started to give into his passion he felt for her
he would never be able to stop.

"Thank you, Max. I appreciate that you understand and I promise not to make you wait too
long for an answer."

Max nodded knowing that they had both placed their feelings on the table tonight, now they
just needed to wait until a final decision was made. Without further words spoken the two
headed back to the condo hand and hand. Once back in the condo they were both pleasantly
surprised that it was quiet. "I'm guessing Maria's decided to sleep with Michael tonight."
Liz stated knowing that earlier Maria had planned for the two of them to dress in their new
lingerie and then once the boys seen them, they were supposed to retire into the same bedroom
leaving two very hungry boys alone for the night.

"Huh...Yea..It looks that way." The shy Max was rearing itself as he debated if he should
even attempt to just sleep in the same bed as Liz. Especially knowing the way her dreams
have been lately. "Why don't you go ahead and take the other bedroom?" He then offered
thinking that would make him a little more safe. Now that they had expressed their true
feelings Max didn't want to jeopardize his chance to be with Liz forever, by him losing
control if she started having another one of her so called dreams.

"Are you sure? I can take the couch or w.we could..." She wanted to say they could share
the bed, but she knew she would be kidding herself. There was no way that she could share
a bed with Max this evening and not want to do more than just sleep. The problem was, was
she ready to give her heart to Max? That was the question she needed to answer before she
knew she would be ready.

"Liz, I'll take the couch. I wouldn't even begin to trust myself sleeping next to you."
His words were sincere as he reached up and stroked her cheek once again.

"Thank you, Max. I had a really good time tonight." She leaned into his hand and then
brought her own hand up to run over his face.

The two of them stared deeply into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Neither
wanted the moment to end. Neither willing to pull away. Neither wanting to say Good Night.
Max leaned his forehead down to touch hers as they continued to look into the soul of the
other. "I guess this is good night." He whispered.

"Yea..Good Night." Liz whispered back, but neither attempted to pull away still. Max's hands
were stationed on her hips refusing to allow himself to even start to caress her body, but
not willing to let her go yet either. Liz brought her hand around Max's neck and let her
fingers play with the nape of his neck. Not really pulling him closer, but not allowing him
to pull back either.

With just those little touches her hands were causing his body to react to her. He knew he
needed to let her go soon or he wouldn't be able to stop himself from ravishing her body.
But, his mind wasn't winning the battle of wills that was warring inside of him. Her scent
was all around him and all he could think about at that minute was he needed another taste
of her. Slowly he pulled her body a little closer to his and allowed her to feel his ever
growing need for her. He didn't want to hide the fact that he wanted her, but held himself
in check by not doing more than that. He wanted her to decide the next step, knowing he
would accept whatever choice she made. As soon as she felt his harden front press against
her, Liz closed her eyes to not only enjoy the tingling feeling he was causing to flow through
her body, but also to try to calm those sensations down. "M..Max. God, I want you too.

"I know." He stated in a husky voice. "You better go." He added knowing that he wouldn't
be able to control himself any longer if she stayed in his arms.

"I..." Liz started, only to be interrupted when Max placed a finger upon her lips to silence
her. Having any part of his body on her lips, even just one finger. Liz couldn't help it
when her lips reacted the way they did. They kissed it."

"G..Go." Max moaned out at the feeling of Liz's lips pressing against his finger. But he
couldn't pull it away from her if he tried. Especially when her beautiful pink tongue made
it's appearance and softly licked the length of his finger. "Lizzz." Was all he could get
out before she sucked his finger into her mouth. That was all it took for Max to remove
his finger only to replace it with his own lips. His lips ravished her mouth. Plunging his
tongue deep inside her mouth. Their was no gentleness to this kiss, it was a kiss that was
full of pent up need. He needed her taste like he needed air, so he hungary devoured her
mouth with his own. Her moans of desire only making his need for her to continue to grow.
His hands caressed their way down to her rear and lifted her. Liz's legs wrapped around his
waist bringing her heat in direct contact with his now even bigger erection. Carrying her he
backed up toward the bedroom. Once to the bedroom door he pressed her against the wall right
beside the door. Pressing his hard on more and more against her heat, with much regret he
removed her legs from his waist. Once she was again standing on her own two feet he finally
removed his lips from hers. Panting and completely out of breath he stated heavily. "Good

Just as out of breath as he was from their kiss, Liz said the only thing her body, mind or
soul would allow her to say. "Come with me."

End Part 10

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Here's the new part and for anyone that as wanted Maria to finally speak her mind to Max - this part is just for you. I hope I did Maria justice here. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 11

As Max heard her state to come with her, his mind knew what she meant. But, in his mind the
only thing he could think was that he had every intention of coming with her and he wasn't
thinking about going to sleep in her bed with her either. He placed his hand under her chin
and forced her to look in his eyes. "Liz, there isn't anything I want more in this life
time then to join you in that bed. But, if I join you I will join with you. Do you

Liz understood all too well what he was saying. "God, Max. I want you to make love to me
so bad, but I..." Frustration was thick in her voice as they were right back where they
were just a few minutes before they had lost so much control.

"I understand, Liz. Now if you have any sense of compassion, you would get inside this room
before I'm unable to let you go." He stated as he turned her toward the bedroom door and
patted her bottom to get her moving. He knew he would be suffering big time tonight, but
he also knew she wasn't ready and he wanted her ready, willing and able before they made

Once inside the bedroom she turned to look at Max one last time said good night and closed
the door between the two of them. Both leaned their foreheads against the door knowing they
were both in for a long sleepless night. As if on cue, they both turned to their preordained
place to sleep, Liz in the bed alone and Max to the couch. Not able to bear to think of the
night without some part of Max, Liz pulled his T-shirt out of her bag and put it on. She
cuddled into the bed placing her arms around herself to pull the shirt as close to her as

With a heavy sigh Max settled himself on the couch. Her scent was still all around him and
he thought he was going to die a slow agonized death with the need to fill himself with her
tastes once again. He was literally craving her to the point where it was driving him crazy.
He undressed slowly down to his boxers and laid back on the couch. One hand under his head
and one hand on his straining erection that had been in it's current state for quite awhile
now. His boxers were tented from how it stood erect and at attention wanting release, but
knowing even if he relieved himself, he would be right back where he started without her to
give him the release his body craved. So he just held onto his erection hoping that some
miracle would happen and it would finally calm itself down enough for him to try to fall a
pitiful sleep.

Around three in the morning Max was awaken from his half sleep by his name being cried out.
He jumped to his feet and made his way to Liz's bedroom door. Throwing the door open, he
stood in the doorway in shock. Liz was sound asleep, but from the way her body was moving
and the moans coming out of her mouth, Max knew she was having another one of her dreams.
He swore to himself that she was going to literally kill him if she kept this up. He was
about to turn around and leave the room when she moaned out. "Please Max, I need you." He
was by her side in two seconds, closing the door behind him. Just as he knelt down beside
her Liz kicked the covers off of her body, revealing that she was only dressed in his T-shirt
and absolutely nothing else. The shirt had ridden up her body, exposing Max's greatest
desire to him. His mouth began to water with the need to quench his thirst. Fighting hard
against the temptation would have been a miracle for any normal male his age, but adding in
his alien side that wouldn't be denied another taste of her sweet musky juices he found his
head moving more and more toward the nectar he craved. Just as he was about to shake his
head free and move to get up and not take advantage of the situation, Liz's legs spread in
front of him, her knees bending. "Yes, Max...Please!" She half moaned, half begged in her

That was it, that was all he could take and he plunged face first into her wet core. His
tongue took one long swipe of her from one end to the other before it dipped deeply inside
of her. Liz cummed almost immediately and Max's tongue was ever so willing to suck her
clean, needing her juices almost as he needed air to breath. He was sure that Liz would
awaken any second and he thought for a second about stopping while had a chance. But, then
again he thought he could chance just one more release from her before he went back to the
couch. Just as he was about to dip back down for another round to feast upon he felt Liz's
hands on his head. "Max, am I dreaming?" She asked in a throaty voice.

Max lifted his head from between her spread legs and saw her eyes were half opened and knew
she had awoken. "Do you want this to be a dream or do you want this to be real?" He asked
wanting to give her the option of what she wanted.

"Oh God! Please tell me this is real." She sighed as she moved her hips toward his awaiting
mouth. "If this is real don't stop, whatever you were doing, don't ever stop." She moaned
out as she pressed his head more toward her already wet heat. Max obliged ever so easily
with her request. His tongue plunged back inside her for another quick taste and then licked
it's way up to her budding nub and his mouth sucked upon it. Then his tongue dug at it,
then sucked, then licked, then sucked again. He was fulfilling the craving his body so
desired as he drank her juices readily as she came and came against his mouth. Now that he
was gaining the much needed craving to settle his thirst for a while, he had a total different
desire of need take over his body. With his mouth getting the satisfaction of her nectar,
his lower anatomy was becoming more and more heated with desire to release it's own self.
It seemed to Max the more his thirst was quenched the more his body screamed for release.
After Liz orgazmed one more time and he got his fill of her by sucking her completely clean
again, he kissed his way up her body pulling his T-shirt up as he went. Once her perky
mounds were free for his mouth to cover he did just that. He rolled his tongue around her
nipple making it stand at attention before sucking the entire hardened nub into his mouth.
Only to turn to her other breast and give it the same attention.

Liz's entire body was in heaven as he continued to pleasure her body. She knew for a fact
that this time this was no dream. He was here in bed with her and what he was doing to her
was absolutely amazing. Once he left her very hard nipples and continued his assault up her
chest, neck and finally his mouth was upon hers. His tongue demanding entrance and once
granted easily he made love to her mouth the same as he had made love to her lower lips. As
he made his way up her body, his erection came in contact with her heat. True he was still
wearing his boxers, but he was way to stiff for that simple piece of fabric to contain him
completely. As the tip of his hard head hit her very wet lower lips, both of them let out
moans of delight. Wanting so much more, no needing so much more. Even though Liz knew this
was really happening she couldn't believe it was. One minute Max was making love to her in
her dream, the next minute he was here and this was really going to happen. Just as she
was preparing herself mentally for the real thing to happen, Max pulled away from her body.
"Max?" She asked out of breath and totally unprepared for him to stop when he did.

"I love you Liz Parker and I intend to make love to you, but not because your dream brought
you to want me. I need you to want me as much as I want you, unconditionally. Because when
we do finally make love, you will be mine from that day forward and there will no going back."
His statement was final and Liz knew he meant what he was saying. He gave her one last look
before he stepped out of the bedroom, taking a deep breath as he leaned his back against the
door he had just shut. Pulling away from Liz like that was one of the hardest things he had
ever done, but he knew it was the right thing to do. She had to make that final choice to
want him completely, before he would bond with her. Because one thing that he hadn't told
her as of yet was that he planned to brand her as his forever when they made love. Yes, he
had had sex with Tess, but to him it was meaningless sex. He was down, she was there and
that was the end of the story. He hadn't joined with her completely, allowing a bond to
form between them so they would be bonded together forever. They had only joined their bodies
not their souls. And in order to form that permitted bond they would have had to join not
only their bodies, but their hearts and souls. With Liz, he wanted it all. But she would
have to commit to wanting that bond before it would be sealed and her soul would be bonded
to his forever. Yes, he could have made love to Liz tonight, but he wanted so much more
than just her body. He needed her to be his completely, branded to him for life.

Liz laid wide awake breathing hard in bed long after Max had left the bedroom. Damn him,
she thought. How was it possible for him to be so in control? She was so lost in the
emotions he had caused throughout her body that she would have given herself more than willing
to him. God, I love him for that control. She fought with herself, not sure wish she loved
him more for. The thought that he had enough control to stop or the thought that he had lost
so much control to give her so much pleasure that her body still tingled from the after
effects of his touch. She was torn from running back into his arms and screaming for him to
take her or to be mad as hell at him for making her want to run in his arms to begin with.
She agonized over what she should do for what seemed like eternity, only when her body was
just too exhausted to even think any more did sleep finally take over once again.

It was extremely early the next morning when Liz awoke to find a note with a single white
rose laying on the pillow next to her bed.

My Dearest Liz,

Pulling away from you last night was the hardest thing in my life I have had to do. I
hope you can understand why I did. I couldn't stay in the condo, knowing how close you were.
Afraid of losing the last of my control. I'll be holding a chair for you by the pool if you
would like to join me, as I free that in public is the only way I would be able to face you
this morning without forcing myself upon you. I promised you that I would wait until you
made your choice and even if it kills me, I plan on keeping my promise to you. I love you
and I'll wait forever for you if that is your desire.

Love Always,


A single tear ran down Liz's cheek as she reread the note again. She knew without a doubt
that Max loved her and she knew that she wanted to be with him forever. The only problem
was that she wouldn't get her forever with him and she still wasn't sure if she could allow
herself the happiness she would find with him for whatever time period they had together
and survive it when he would have to leave. God, she wanted to scream at how totally unfair
the fates had been with the only true love she would ever know. Knowing that she would have
to face him sooner or later she began to get ready for the pool. Just as she finished getting
dress the bedroom door flew open and Maria came in, plopping herself down on the bed. "I am
soooo weak." She stated to her best friend.

"Maria, you love him. He loves you. You get to spend the rest of your life with the man
you love so stop beating yourself up and just enjoy." Liz stated cheerfully as she sat on
the bed next to her friend.

"Well, what about you? Have you caved too or am I the only weak one between us?" Maria

"Technically I'm still the only virgin on this trip, but that's not saying I've stayed
strong either." Liz confirmed.

"OH! Okay, spill it." With that said Liz did just that. She told Maria about her evening
with Max without going into graphic details and then showed her friend the note Max had left
for her. "So let me get this straight. Our once shy Max, takes advantage of you when your
asleep, but just as you wake up and give him the okay he becomes noble again? You aren't
seriously going to let him get away with that, are you?"

"First off Maria, Max did not take advantage of me or at least he didn't do anything that I
didn't want him to do. That's not the problem here. The problem is I don't know if I can
be with him knowing that someday he will have to leave me to go find his son. But, at the
same time, I'm not sure I can live without being with him." Liz sighed heavenly and laid
back on the bed. "I'm just so confused right now Maria."

"Well, then I think you should make Max choose. Does he want to find his son or does he
want to make a commitment to you?" Maria stated more than actually asked.

"It's not that easy Maria, I can't ask Max to make that kind of choice. Besides even if I
was able to even think about it, I don't know if I could handle his answer. Because you and
I both know he would have to choose his son and then where would I be?" The frustration in
Liz's voice was highly apparent.

"Liz, this may sound harsh, but at least if you made him make that choice now. You would
know exactly where you stood and even if he doesn't choose you, which by the way I personally
don't see happening. But, if he did by some stupid reason choose a son that is on another
planet that he has no way to get to in lieu of committing to you than I think in the long
run you are going to be better off. Even though it will hurt a lot now, it's the only fair
option. You know what you want, it's Max here that sounds like he wants to eat his cake and
have his ice cream too. So, I don't see where Max gets off asking you to make a commitment
to him if he isn't willing to do the same for you."

Liz was silent for a few moments as she pondered what Maria said. True, it wasn't really
fair to ask Max to choose between herself and his son. But, then again was it really fair
of Max to ask for a commitment from her if he himself wasn't willing to commit. "I need a
few minutes before I face Max, could you go down to the pool and let Max know."

"Yeah, sure." Maria stated as she shook her head, then left the room closing the door
behind her, knowing already exactly what she needed to do. As far as Maria was concern one
Maxwell Evans had gotten away with one too many things in the past and she for one was no
longer going to sit back and watch her best friend being miserable any longer. Since Michael
had already gone down to the pool she grabbed her towel and headed down immediately with a
mission ahead of her. Once there she saw Michael was sitting next to Max on one of the
lounge chairs and some blond bimbo waitress was leaning over Max with her boobs practically
in his face. Maria didn't hesitate she walked up to the three of them and as sugary sweet
as she could muster she smiled, batted her eye lashes and asked. "Max, do you happen to
have an extra twenty on you?"

Michael immediately stood thinking he was going to be in trouble from starring at Honey's
breast that were barely being held in by the very small bikini top she was wearing. "Oh hey
Maria, did you want to order a drink from the bar?"

Smiling sweetly still, she shook her head. "No, Michael dear, I was just thinking that maybe
Max could loan the poor girl here a few dollars to find a bathing suit that ACTUALLY FIT!"

Michael and Max's mouth dropped open, while Honey tried to stay in control even though she
was fuming on the inside at the small blond that had just insulted her. "I don't believe
that's necessary, I haven't heard any complaints about my suit before you arrived." She
stated as she batted her eyes in Maria's direction.

Maria walked right over to the waitress and stated evenly. "You put those fake balloons in
either of my friends face's again and I'll pop them. Do we understand each other?"

Honey was never one to back down to a challenge and she had no intention of doing so now.
She took another step toward Maria, but was stopped by the taller of the two men. "I wouldn't
even think about it, if I were you. We aren't thirsty and if we want something to drink
we'll get it ourselves, so I suggest you move on." Michael's words left no room for discussion.
Honey stomped off, leaving the three alone once again. "Maria, I..." Michael started to
apologize only to be shut up by Maria placing a lingering kiss upon his lips.

"Michael, I really need to talk to Max for a second would you mind taking a dip in the pool."
She scooted her body closer to his and rubbed herself seductively over his starting arousal.
"Besides it feels like you could use a dip before I ask you to rub a little lotion on my
back." She half joked, but Michael nodded his agreement, and went on his way toward the
pool. Once Michael was gone and she was alone with Max, she didn't even hesitate when she
sat down beside him and promptly smacked him on the side of his head.

"OW! Maria, I wasn't even looking at..."

"Girlfriend are you some kind of stupid here or WHAT? I know, I know, you don't have any
feelings toward the blond bimbo. But, do you have any idea how that would have looked if I
had been Liz? Well, let's just refresh your memory, shall we. Oh, Tess means nothing to me,
Liz is the only girl I'll ever love. Yes, Liz, I'll go to prom with you, oh sorry didn't
mean to stick my tongue down the alien bitches throat right in front of you. Or even better,
I coming for you Liz, oops sorry I came in Tess instead and got her pregnant. Man, Max, I
have always tried to stick up for you because I like you and I truly believe you think you
love Liz. But, girlfriend, I am really having some major doubts here. The first blond,
blue eyed, big breasted bimbo that comes your way again and are you doing anything to make
her know that your unavailable and here supposedly with the love of your life. That would be a
big fat NO! You let her stick those fake bazookas right in your face! Now do you want to
be with Liz or not?"

"Maria, I love...."

"Don't even start with the I love Liz crape Max. I have stood back and watched without saying
a word for long enough. Now the four of us are stuck together because of you. Now don't get
me wrong, I'm not actually blaming you and I'm pretty sure if the shoes had been on me, I
would have probably done the same thing here. But, let's get one thing straight right here
and right now. I am not going to stand back and watch you hurt Liz any more. If you truly
love her, then commit to her or back off! I will not allow you to use her, even with the
best intentions and then turn around and leave her for some wild goose chase after your son
in another month. So you better make up your mind what you want out of this life time. If
you want to be with Liz, great I know you love her and I know she loves you and the two of
you can live happily ever after with my blessing. But, if you still have an idea in the back
of your mind somewhere that it would be okay to be with Liz until you have a way to get your
son back, then don't even think about being with her now. For God's sake Max, it's time to
grow up and make a choice."

"Maria, it's not that simple. I..."

"Did I say I was through yet? No, I don't think so. Now I know you've put the decision on
Liz's shoulders again. So you can act all noble and everything. But, the thing is, this
isn't about what Liz wants, because we both know she wants to be with you." Once again Max
tried to defend his actions, but this time Maria wouldn't let him get two words in. "The
choice here Max is yours to make. Don't put this on Liz, it's not fair. She wasn't the one
that stepped over the line in this relationship, even though at one time she made you think
she had. Which by the way, to this day? I still cannot believe you would ever believe
that Liz would have done that with Kyle. Kyle, of all people, please! Okay, that's a total
different rant for another day. What, I'm saying here is that YOU made the mistake, not Liz.
So, it's YOU that should have to pay for that mistake. You can't have it both ways. Either
you want to commit to Liz, or you want to commit to finding your son. Either way we will
all back you in your decision. But, you need to make the decision and stick with it. Now,
do we understand each other?" She batted her eyes and smiled brightly at him.

Shyly and totally lost as to what to say, he finally just nodded his head in agreement like
a little boy that had just been scolded by his mother. "Good, now you know I love you or I
wouldn't have said anything. But, if you don't mind, there's a certain spaceboy in the pool
that's looking like he could use a good dunking." With that said Maria rose up and left Max
to think about what she had just told him. Michael had told Max on several occasions about
Maria's wrath and how he tried everything in his power to keep from feeling it, but until now
Max had never had to endure it. The one thing he had to give Maria credit for was that fact
that beside the rant she had just exploded on him, she was right about one thing, it was
time for him to make a choice.

End Part 11
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Thanks to everyone who let me know what you thought and for those of you that have stated it is wrong to put the entire blame on Max, don't worry. But, even though I agree that Max shouldn't be blamed completely. He was the one that had unprotected sex. I also wanted to point out that I too am a mother of three with one more on the way, so I understand how hard of a choice Max has. And if we weren't dealing with aliens/other planets/ect..The choice here would be a very different one. Anyway, here is the new part. Hope you all enjoy this one. Let me know.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 12

Max was still sitting in the lounge chair half stunned by being hit with the wrath of Maria,
when Liz finally came down to the pool. She walked right up to him with determination in
her steps. "Max, we need to talk." She stated simply and calmly. Max nodded knowing she
was right, especially since Maria's voice was still ringing loudly in his ears. Liz saw his
nod, but didn't bother to wait for him. She turned back on her heels and began walking
back toward the exit of the pool. Once she arrived at the elevator she waited until Max
caught up to her. Once the two of them were inside the elevator Max turned to face Liz
while she just watched the floor numbers climb as the elevator did.

"Liz, I..."

"Not here Max." She interrupted him without so much as a glance in his direction. The two
emerged on their floor and then walked to their condo in silence. Once inside Liz didn't
stop walking until they were in the bedroom that she had slept in the night before. Still
not looking in his direction, but hearing him close the door she stated. "Lock it, please."

Max didn't question her, he simple did as he was told. Max still didn't know which way
their conversation was going. Watching Liz closely, but not speaking as of yet trying to
gauge what she was going to say. "Max, I'm going to ask something of you and before you
tell me your answer I want you to understand my reasons for asking, okay?"

"I hope by now, you know that you could ask anything from me?"

"So, you won't be offended if I tell you that I want to have sex with you?" She asked shyly
as she took interest in the carpet of the bedroom, not wanting to see his face when she
spoke her request.

"You want me to make love to you?" He let out a heavy sigh not even expecting her to ask
something that he had wanted to do with her every since he was old enough to even comprehend
what that phrase meant. He took a step in her direction, more than ready to take that kind
of step with her.

Liz raised her head quickly, shaking it at the same time and holding up her hand to stop
Max's advance toward her. "No, Max. That's not what I asked from you. I want us to have
sex. Making love is what two people do when they love each other so completely they
become one and they commit themselves to each other forever. I don't believe you are ready
to commit to me in that way yet. But, even if we agree in the future we can't be together
forever, I still want my first time to be special, to be with someone that I care for and
that I know cares for me. To be with the only man I will truly love. It's you, Max. I
want my first sexual experience to be with you. Do you understand?"

Max knew deep in his heart that he would never be able to just have sex with Liz. If they
completely joined their bodies, their souls would join too. Bonding them together forever.
"Liz, I do understand what your saying, believe me I do. But, can you honestly stand there
and tell me that with the way we feel toward each other that either of us could just have
sex." He took another step closer to her until he was directly in front of her. Lifting
her chin with one finger and holding it there to force their eye contact to remain in tact.
"We can say the words out loud all we want, but you and I both know the truth. If we joined
our bodies together, we would be making love Liz. Are you are ready for our relationship
to take that step?"

Liz tore her eyes away from Max, knowing he was speaking the truth. She plopped down on the
bed in total frustration, placing her head in her hands. Max quickly knelt down in front
of her. He pulled her hands away from her face and swiped the single tear away from her
cheek. "I love you Liz and I want nothing more than to make love to you, to commit to you
and to claim you as mine forever if you'll let me."

Shaking her head once again, very softly she stated. "Until you leave me for your son that
is. Max, don't you get it. We can't make love, because I can't give you my heart completely
knowing that I'll never have yours."

"No, Liz, it's you that doesn't understand. You already have my heart, my soul and if you
would give me the honor, my body as well. I want to commit my life to you Liz, forever."
His words were spoken from his heart and he meant every word he said completely. Realizing
himself for the first time that there never was a choice to be made, because he had already
made his choose. It was Liz, it would always be Liz. "Liz, tell me what I can do to prove
to you that you are the one I want to be with?"

"Max, that's just it. There isn't anything you can do. I know you, I know you love me and
want to commit to me, but you can't Max. You'll never be mine completely. Even if you
truly believe what you are saying now Max, it doesn't change anything. You can't change the
past, you have a son out there waiting for you Max and no matter how many times you think
you would never leave me or say you want to commit to me, you can't. Because one day you
will find a way to get your son back, even if you don't go looking for it, it will happen.
And when that day comes, nothing you have said or we have done will be enough to keep you
from a commitment you have already made when you created that child with Tess. That's why
I can't make love with you Max."

"Liz, I made a mistake. Yes, it was the biggest mistake of my life and I will have to live
with that regret my entire life. But, please don't doubt my love for you."

"That's just it Max, I don't. I've seen inside your soul Max Evans and I know there will
never be anyone that will love me the way you do. Just as there will never be anyone that
I will ever love like I do you. And if your mistake was just about a one night thing with
Tess, as hard as it was for me to have to deal with that, I have. A one night stand of sex
can be forgiven if our love is strong enough and I believe it is. But, were not talking
about the fact that you had sex with another hybrid or any other person here. We are talking
about an innocent child. A child that you created, even if you didn't mean to or even if
you regret it, the child is still a part of you. That child will always need you and if he
is unable to survive here on earth, then someday you will have to leave me for him. That's
a fact Max and nothing can change that, nothing."

Max knew she spoke the truth, he couldn't change the fact that he was a father. Yes, his
son had tried to reach him only that one time and he knew how it felt. He knew how
desperate he had become to find him. He had even gotten Liz arrested for his quest to find
his son at one point. If his son ever contacted him again, would he be able to keep a promise
to never leave Liz and ignore the pleas that he felt coming from his son to help him. But,
on the other hand he already knew he was completely addicted to Liz. His body craved her as
much as it needed air. If he wouldn't be able to have her, he was sure he would be driven
insane with want. "So what happens between us now Liz? I mean where do we go from here?"

"Max, I don't know what's going to happen or where we will end up? All I know for sure is
I don't want to have any regrets and I know if we never together, I know that
someday I will regret it. I want to feel what it's like to have you inside me for real. Not
in some dream." Liz stated sincerely.

Just her simple sentenced was having an affect on Max's body. Imagining what it would feel
like to be inside of Liz and Max felt the swell beginning in his swim trunks. Not to mention
being so close to her and having her sexual scent surrounding him, his craving was beginning
to climb with the need for another taste. "How about a compromise to this request?"

"Compromise? What kind of compromise?" Liz questioned not sure what Max would say or request
from her.

"What if I make love to you and if you can honestly tell me afterward that it was just sex,
that you felt no emotion what so ever except for the physical kind then I'll respect your
decision that sex was all we had. But, if you know in your heart that we made love and
didn't have just sex then we commit to each other for however long it is possible. And Liz,
I've seen inside your soul too, so there won't be any doubt if it was just sex or if we made
love." He knew without a doubt that if they ever joined their bodies and gave into the
feelings of desire for each other that there was no way she would ever be able to say they
just had sex. He knew he was playing dirty, but he was desperate at this point.

Liz thought about her options for a moment. When she made her decision to have sex with Max
she thought it would be easy to turn off her emotions toward him. But, when she had made
that decision Max was down at the pool, not sitting next to her. Now that he was this close
she wasn't sure if she would be able to follow through with the decision she had made. "I..
I..Max that's not fair and you know it." She stated trying to let the angry she felt try to
override the love she felt.

"No, it's not. Because we both know what your asking is impossible. I couldn't have just
sex with you if I tried, just like I doubt that you would be able to. Liz, God I want to be
with you so badly it's killing me to even think that someday I could possibly have to leave

"So you aren't willing to comply with my request?" She asked trying to keep the frustration
out of her voice.

"I didn't say that, I simply stated the fact that your request is an impossible request."
He stated smugly, now feeling confident that he would win this battle of wills between the
two of them.

Seeing the smug look on Max's face, she knew he was assuming that he was going to win. That
only made Liz more determined then ever to get what she wanted for the time being. "Fine."
She stood up and went to her bag. "As much as I would have preferred for my first time to
be with you, I can see that isn't possible." She pulled out the thong bikini that Maria had
insisted she buy.

Max stood and begun to approach her. "What are you doing Liz?" He asked as he noticed that
she had pulled out a very skimpy looking bathing suit.

"Well, if you must know. I'm sick of being the only virgin on this little trip of ours and
since you are more than likely right about the fact that I couldn't just have sex with you.
Just like you know I'm right about us not being able to make love without a commitment that
we can never have. That only leaves me with one choice doesn't it."

"Liz, what are you saying?" Pictures of Liz in bed with Kyle began to creep into his brain.
If she really thought he would allow her to go pick up some strange guy just to have sex she
had no idea who she was dealing with.

"What do you think I'm saying? You said it yourself that you didn't want to play any more
games. So I tried to do the adult thing here, I had one simple request and it's obvious to
me that you still want to play. So if you want to play, then fine. I'm more than willing
to play. But, I will assure you here and now Max. I'm playing to win, one way or another
before we leave here I don't plan on being a virgin any longer." With that she turned on
her heels and went inside the bathroom, slamming the door in his face. Once inside the
bathroom she smiled with satisfaction, knowing that she had gotten to him. He actually was
thinking that she would go find a total stranger and have sex with him. Now as much as she
meant about not wanting to be a virgin any longer, she would never indulge in that kind of
sex. It just wasn't her. No, she planned on making Max lose control completely until he made mind blowing sex with her, without thinking about repercussions or thinking if they
were making love or not. She knew she was playing with fire, but she felt highly confident
that she would be able to succeed in her mission to lose her virginity to the only man she
would even consider losing it to.

She looked at the thong she held in her hand and then to the bikini that she had hung over
the shower rod yesterday to dry. It was still pretty early for the thong, so she chose the
other bikini already having a plan in mind for the thong and the hot tub this evening. Once
dressed in the bikini and the beach cover she took a deep breath and threw open the bathroom
door, coming face to face with a very distraint looking Max. "Where are you going?" His
voice just oozed jealously and Liz had to bite her bottom lip to keep from laughing at him.

"I'm going down to the pool to enjoy some of this Florida sun." She stated simply and began
to brush by him in an attempt to leave the bedroom.

She didn't get very far though as Max grabbed her arm and pulled her flush against his hard
body. "If you think I'm going to let you walk away from me.."

"You'll what, use your powers on me again? I don't even think you would be that foolish to
even try that one again sweetheart. Because as soon as I woke up, I would be removing a
part of your anatomy." She glanced downward for effect and then back up to his face to meet
his eyes. Batting her eyes sweetly at him.

"No, I wasn't thinking powers here. I was thinking more in the line of this." With that he
bent his head quickly and took her mouth with his. Urging her on by teasing her mouth with
his tongue for greater access. It didn't take long for the comply to come and in the next
seconds his tongue ravished the inside of her mouth. Kissing her hard and deeply, full of
love and passion. Keeping her body held tightly against his he turned her and began to
move the two of them back to the bed.

He laid the two of them down on the bed and left her lips only to claim her neck. His legs
had worked their way between hers and their lower bodies met. Max's hard as a rock and more
than ready to give her what she wanted. Liz's wet with desire and lost in the lust that
Max was seducing within her. As soon as she felt the hard throbbing of Max's cock touch her
intimately she knew she was going to win this time. In that instant she pushed up on his
chest to give her the ability to look into his eyes. "Max, I Am Not Going To Make Love To
You!" She stated, letting her fingers run down the front of his chest bone, over his tight
stomach muscles and then they dipped down just inside his swimming suit. Teasing their way
down to his lower hair line.

While in his swim suit, there was no way to hide his erection. That was literally standing
at attention by this time, tenting the pair of swimming shorts outward. He breathing all
but stopped as Liz brought her fingers inside of them. "Lizzz.." He breathed out as he
shut his eyes to enjoy the feeling of her fingers. He had heard her words, but her actions
were the exact opposite of what she had said. As her fingers started to play with his hair,
but keeping at bay from his throbbing sex he knew he was going to die a slow painful death
if he didn't turn this back around quickly. He needed some release because he knew he
wouldn't be able to take another round of blue balls. He had experienced that too many times
in the last few days and if he didn't get to release his need for pleasure soon, he knew he
would explode with frustration. Attempting not to move his body too much, he placed most of
his weight on one hand while he moved his other hand down her body until his own fingers
found their way just under her bikini bottoms and began to do a little teasing of their own.
"Are you sure you don't want to make love Liz?" He teased as he brought his head down to
her neck, nipping and sucking at it.

As soon as Max's hand caressed it's way down her body and made it's way under her bikini
bottoms Liz stopped her hand movements momentarily to enjoy the feelings his hand was evoking
upon her own body. Before she could even think about it, she heard her own voice moaning
out his name. His hand moved another inch lower until he was just at the junction of her
lower lips, teasing their way around the edge of her folds, but being careful not to touch
any part of the inside of her lucious lower lips or that beautiful tender bundle of nerves
that he knew was aching for his touch just as much as his own manhood was aching for hers.
He kissed his way up her neck, across her jawline and back up to her mouth. He kissed her
deeply, passionately and made love to her mouth with wanton need. All the while keeping his
fingers working on their own mission. After kissing her breathlessly for the second time,
he lifted his head to look down into the face of his very own personal angel. "Tell me you
want me Liz. Allow me to make love to you and take you to the stars and back. Let me give
you more pleasure than you could ever imagine in your dreams." He stated in a husky,
seductive tone.

Now it was Liz that was too far gone to even think about what she was or wasn't going to do.
All she knew is at that moment she needed Max more than she could ever even imagine and she
needed him right now. "Yes, Max! Yes, I want you to make love to me. Take me to the stars,
and make my dreams come true. Please Max, now." She pleaded with so much emotion that Max
almost lost control and came right there with only just her words. With those words spoken
Max moved his hand down to cup her heat completely, taking only a second to rub her outer
folds before he plunged his finger deep inside of Liz's extremely wet core. At the same time
Liz brought her hand down and wrapped her hand tightly around Max's extremely hard erection.
"YES!" They both moaned out at the same time in complete satisfaction. Knowing that they
were going to make love finally and nothing was going to stop them this time.

Of course, as usually neither expected the loud knocking on the bedroom door to come at that
exact same moment either. "Liz? Max? Hey, I hope you two are decent because Michael and I
need to talk to the two of you."

End Part 12
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I am so SOOOORRRRY for the delay in my update of this story. Without further a do here is the next part. I hope it was worth the wait and I promise everyone that it will not take me forever to post the next segment. Once again thanks for the FB - you all are the best!

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt 1

Part 13

Both Liz and Max halted their movements at the sound of Maria's voice at their bedroom door.
Both could see the frustration in the other's eyes knowing their time together would have to
in deed wait. Max rolled on his side and with much regret removed his hand for under Liz's
bikini, groaning the groan of all times in frustration. While at the same time Liz removed
her grasp on Max. She sighed heavenly and then answered her friend. "Yeah, Maria. We'll
be out in a minute." Swinging her legs over the side of the bed to stand, she found herself
being swept back against Max.

Leaning his head down to her ear, he whispered. "This is far from over Liz." He then let
go of her and stood up carefully, because in his current position he was already too far
gone not to be in actual pain from not getting the release his body was demanding of him.
Liz couldn't help the giggle that escaped her throat as she bared witness to his body's
current state. His swim trunks tented forward as much as the material allowed from his
erection that wasn't going any where soon. Ignoring her laughter he headed toward the
bathroom. "Tell them I'll be out in a minute." He stated as he stepped inside the bathroom,
slamming the door behind him.

Liz bit her bottom lip to get her own self back under control. She had almost succumbed to
Max's charm and made love to him. How was it possible that he could sweep her off her feet,
make her lose so much control with just a simple kiss? She thought and then shook her head
as she made her way to the bedroom door. Now under some control, she knew that in the
future she was going to have to do a much better job of controlling herself when Max was
around her. Taking one more deep breath she reached for the door knob to open the door, but
to her dismay it wouldn't open. She heard Maria giggling on the other side of the door
telling Michael to be good. "Liz, you two better hurry up and get out here!" Maria yelled
and then laughter filled the room again as Michael began teasing her body some more.

"Maria, the doors stuck." Liz yelled through the door and then turned back to look at the
closed bathroom door in her own bedroom. Max, what did you do to the stupid door? She
wondered as she continued to try to open the door.

Michael stopped his tickling of Maria and walked over to the door. He used his powers and
the door opened easily. As the door opened Liz fell forward as she was leaning against the
door and Michael caught her before she had a chance to hit the floor. "Are we having a little
trouble?" He joked as he placed her back on steady feet.

Liz ignored his comment and walked over to Maria who was sitting on the couch. "Okay, I'm
here. What did you need to talk about?" Liz stated trying to keep her voice even and not
let on the fact of what the two of them had interrupted.

"Where's Max?" This from Michael.

"Oh, he had to use the bathroom. He'll be out in a minute." Liz replied still trying not
to let on to what they had been doing or what they had almost been doing.

Blue balls again, man that guy has got to be miserable. Michael thought to himself, but just
nodded to act as if he accepted Liz's statement. Liz could tell Maria was dying of anticipation
to tell her something. Liz looked back over at Michael. "Why don't you go talk to Max for
a minute and let Maria and I talk?" Once again receiving only a nod from Michael as he
stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. "Okay, spill it Maria. I know
you're dying to tell me something, so what is it?"

"MICHAELANDIAREGETTINGMARRIED!" She screamed out in one breath and threw her arms around
her best friend.

"What? Did you just say you and Michael were getting married?" Liz wasn't sure if she had
heard her friend correct or not.

"Yes, Can you believe it? He said that since we were in this together, he wanted to make
me legally his forever!" Maria was literally glowing with excitement and even the rational
side of Liz, couldn't help but be excited with her.

"Oh My God, Maria! This is..Oh My God! I can't believe..MARIA!" Liz was too excited for
her best friend to even form a complete sentence. "So when?"

"ASAP Baby! I have so got that boy hooked. I'm going to be Mrs. Michael Guerin as soon as
possible. Do you think I would give him a chance to back out now. No Way! His mine and
I'm all his baby!"

"Oh My GOD! Maria, I just can't believe this."

Maria pulled away from her friends arms and looked into her eyes seriously for a second.
"Your happy for me right Liz? I mean I am counting on you to be my matron of honor and all
and if your not happy for me. Oh God, tell me I'm doing the right thing here." The more
and more Maria spoke, the more she realized just how impulsive she had been.

"Maria, calm down. Do you love Michael?"

"With all my heart." Maria answered truthfully.

"Well, if he makes you happy Maria. I'm happy for you and if this is what you want? Then
I've got your back." Liz replied honestly knowing she would be there for her friend no matter
what. "So, do you want to get married here in Florida or..." Liz smirked slightly before
continuing. "Would you prefer to fly to Vegas and use the Elvis chapel? I hear it is a
memorable experience."

Maria couldn't help but laugh at her friends joke. "I think I'll save that place for someone
else." Maria joked back at her friend. I haven't really had time to think about it really.
Michael just asked me down at the pool, I said yes and then made him come up here so we
could tell the two of you. So, I guess you have to help me come up with something special."
Then Maria thought about the locked door to her friends bedroom when they had come up and
for the first time it registered what that could have meant. "So...What about you and Max?
Any chance for a double wedding?"

Liz's eyes cast downward in sadness just thinking about Maria's suggestive question. "I
don't think so, Maria. You know Max and I don't have the same kind of future to look forward
to as you and Michael. Remember, Michael choose to stay for you. Because he loves you that
much. Max, stayed because he had no choice. He would have been killed if he had gone with
Tess." The last word came out along with a slight sob.

Maria wrapped her arms back around her friend knowing the pain she was still carrying around
within her. Inside she was cursing Max all over again. Thinking that when she had interrupted
them behind the close doors that maybe she had gotten through to Max after all and he had
finally made his choice known to Liz. "I'm so sorry Liz."

Liz pulled away quickly. Wiped the single tear away from her eye. Putting her shoulders
back and knowing now was not the time for her own self pity. Now was the time to celebrate
her best friend's news. "Hey, now isn't the time to be sorry, it's time to celebrate. I
can't believe your engaged!" She said happily trying her best to be strong and not bring
her friend down on what should be a great day for her.

Inside the bedroom, Michael knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey Max, it's just me. Open up."

"Come on in and shut the door." Max stated.

Michael walked in to find his friend sitting on the edge of the tub. With one quick look it
didn't take a genius to figure out what Maria had interrupted. "Uh..Sorry. Guess our
timing kind of sucks uh?"

"You have no idea. So what was it that you two needed to tell us anyway? It's not like I
can go out there right now anyway." He said as he removed the towel that was covering his
lower half, then replace it quickly.

Michael tried hard not to laugh at his friends predicament as hard as it was. "Well, actually
Maria and I are getting married." He stated a lot more calmer than Maria had done with Liz.

"Wow! That is some news. Congratulations, man!" He held out his hand to Michael, who shook
it easily. "I guess I won't hold the interruption against you this time, but Michael. Next
time that door is shut, either you or Maria make an attempt to even go within a foot of it,
one of you better be dead or I won't be held responsible for my actions."

Michael put a hand over his heart. "Promise." Then really took a good look at his friend
and could literally see the pain on his face. "Hey man, you going to be okay?" Max just
gave his friend a look that stated all there was to state, with that Michael nodded his head.
"I'll just." Was all he said as he back out of the bathroom. Heading out to the living
room. "Maria, could you give me a minute with Liz?" He asked.

Maria understood what Michael was asking and left the two alone. Stating she would be down
at the pool and told Michael to join her when he was done. Giving him a quick kiss and then
headed out of the condo. "So..You and Maria..Uh."

"Yea, I figured she was going to be on the run with me for the rest of our lives, I might as
well make an honest woman out of her. Besides she's a part of me, you know."

"Yeah, I know. So what did you need to talk to me about? You want my blessing or what?"

"Well, that would be nice, but actually I wanted to talk to you about Max." Michael eyed
her carefully trying to judge her reaction.

"Oh." Was all Liz could think to say.

"Liz, he's hurting man. You and I both know he has made some pretty major mistakes, but who
hasn't. Now I'm not trying to defend his past actions, they were stupid and wrong. But,
then again so were yours. I know what happened with Kyle and I know why you did it." Liz
stood up to ask if he knew about future Max, but Michael didn't even give her a chance. "I
know it all Liz. Now don't get upset with Maria, she didn't actually tell me. I kind of
got flashes from her and confronted her about them. The thing is Liz, as much as I do
understand that you thought you were doing the right thing, but you should have told us.
Especially Max. Without having the total story, he wasn't able to make the right decisions.
Don't get me wrong Liz, I really do appreciate what you did for all of us, especially me.
We've all done things that we have regretted, but isn't it better that we learn from those
mistakes and move on with our lives. Then to let those mistakes that makes us human, even
those of us that are only half human take our lives away from us."

Liz looked up at Michael and couldn't help the smile that came across her face. "You know
Michael, you really have grown a lot. Maria is one lucky girl. Now if I were you I wouldn't
leave her alone too long down at the pool. Have you seen her bathing suit on? Besides I
have something that I think I need to take care of?" She walked over to Michael and kissed
him slightly on the cheek. "Thank you." She whispered and walked back into her bedroom,
shutting the door behind her. Michael stood and watched the door for only a moment then
the words Liz had spoken seeped back into his brain. Have you seen her bathing suit? With
that last thought Michael rushed out of the condo on his way back to the woman he had asked
to marry him. Once inside the bedroom, Liz made her way over to the bathroom door and knocked
softly. "Max, it's Liz."

"Just give me another minute." Max stated still trying to get his body back under control.
Who was he kidding, he had a hard on the size of the building they were currently in and no
cold shower was going to take this one away any time soon.

Of course, Liz wasn't going to listen to him. She knew she was the reason he was in the
state he currently was in and even though she knew she would need to stay strong, she also
didn't want him to be miserable. So she silently opened the bathroom door and the sight in
front of her made her heart ache for her love. With just a look she could see he was in pain
and needed some kind of relief. Even though she was a virgin, she wasn't stupid and knew
just exactly what kind of relief the man she loved needed. Silently she made her way over
to him and knelt right in front of him. She reached her hand up and gently caressed the
side of his face. At her touch Max looked up to see the most beautiful woman he would ever
see. "Liz."

She placed a finger upon his lips to silence him. "Shhh.." She cooed softly, then replaced
her finger with her lips. Her kiss was soft and sweet. Her hand slipped down to the towel
that still covered his erection, removing the towel, then bringing her hand back to cover
his erection through his swim trunks. Gently she began to stroke him through the thin
material. When Max's hands started to guide down her body, she brought her free one down to
hold his. "No, Max. Let me do this, please." Knowing that it wasn't the right time for
them to be together, but knowing that Max needed her at the moment. With that said she
slipped her hand inside of Max's trunks and began to stroke him faster.

As much as Max wanted to touch her right then, he understood what and why she was doing what
she was doing. Without argument he reached his arms out and held onto the sides of the tub
to keep his hands still from grabbing her and having his way with her, while she continued
to help him gain the release he needed. At this moment in time Max wouldn't have argued or
disagreed with anything she was willing to give him. Once Max relaxed and Liz knew she had
free reign, her movements increased even more as her free hand now came down and pulled him
and her other hand free from the confining material, while she continued to kiss his neck
and then his chest. "Oh God, Liz, yes!" He moaned out and tightened his grasp on the side
of the tub to keep his hands in check. Her movements continued to quicken and in his
current state it was only a matter of minutes before he was exploding in her hand. In fact
Liz was working her way down to take a taste of him, but she had only made it to his chest
when his body exploded and began to tremble with the relief he finally felt. Letting out
a load moan of delight when his release came.

Liz started to stand to wash off her hand, when Max's arms encircled her waist. "I love you
so much Liz. Thank you." He then lifted her chin with his hand so her eyes were forced to
meet his. "Will you let me at least return the favor?" He immediately saw the war raging
inside of her, knowing that she needed her own release, but at the same time afraid that it
would lead her to do something she wasn't ready to do. "If I promise to control myself."

"Max, I don't think I would be able..." This time it was Max who silenced her with a finger.
Without saying another word, he lifted her in his arms, covered her lips completely with his
and gently sat her down on the bathroom counter top. One hand holding her waist while the
other tore the bikini bottoms she was wearing completely off.

Liz tried to push him away not knowing what he was going to do when he tore her bottoms from
her body. "Max, we....Oh God!" Her protests halted in mid sentence as his finger buried
themselves deep inside of her wet passage.

"Relax Liz, I'll keep my promise." He whispered against her lips, then let his mouth travel
down her body until he was kneeling right in front of his desire. He brought her legs up
over his shoulders and then gently kissed her lower lips. "God Liz, I love how you taste."
He stated as he let his tongue take one long slow lick up and around her entire essence.

That one simple move along with his fingers working their magic up inside of her had her
juices flowing overboard. "Max...OH Max!" Her breathing was becoming tiny puffs of air as
she tried to remember how to actually breath as Max's tongue continued to lick and suck her
bundle of nerves as his finger continued to pump in and out of her body. As with Max she
was so primed from their earlier encounter that it didn't take long before her own body was
trembling from the explosion Max had produced with just his finger and tongue. But, Max
was still enjoying his meal too much to stop at just her first orgasm. He continued eating
and licking her juices until Liz thought she would die from pleasure. Her body was literally
shaken to it's core, trembling to the point where she didn't think she could breath if he
didn't stop his pleasing her. Finally she found the strength to pull his head away from her
center. "Kiss me Max." She pleaded as she pulled his face up to hers.

As he stood between her legs she felt his once again hardened member against her core. In
her current position she was just at the perfect height for his hard penis to touch her wet
heat. Max felt his most intimate part of his body come in full contact with hers and knew
he needed to step back or he wouldn't be able to keep his promise. A promise he had every
intention of keeping, especially after what she had done for him earlier. Just as he was
about to move his position so he wouldn't be as attempted to do what his body was screaming
for him to do, Liz reached down and grabbed his throbbing manhood with her delicate hands
and brought him up close and personal with her own heat. "Oh Yes!" They both moaned out at
the first real feel of touching each other like that.

"Liz, honey if you want me to keep my promise you need to let go now." His voice deep with
desire, knowing it was taking all his will power to keep from plunging himself deep inside
of her.

Liz was so over come with emotions and desires she just wasn't ready for him to pull away
just yet. Even though she knew deep down that she was playing with fire, but she just
couldn't let go of the feeling of him touching her there. She rubbed her core against his
penis and used her own hand to guide him along and around her bundle of nerves. "Just
another minute." She pleaded as she leaned into him and requested his mouth once again.

Her request was granted easily as he covered her mouth with his. The sensation she was
causing from deep inside his body causing moans of wanting more as he tried to keep his body
from doing exactly what it wanted to do and losing quite badly. His hips as if they had a
mind of their own began to move against her hand, sliding his erection through her hand and
coming in contact with her sweet core over and over. His tongue swiping across her lips
asking for entrance as one hand caressed her body from her legs up and under her cover up to
until it reached her breast. Squeezing and massaging it with expert hands as his tongue
plunged in her mouth leaving no room for even air. All the time his hips continued to pump
against her wet heat as Liz's hand remained holding him in just the right place to maintain
the most pleasure possible without having him inside of her.

Max felt his release coming and knew there was no way he was going over that edge without
her right along side of him. Keeping his one hand on her breast, while he moved his over
hand down the underneath side of her leg until he was able to thrust his fingers inside of
her. That was all it took for him to feel her inside begin to clamp down on his fingers.
At the same time they tore their mouths away from each other and screamed out. "I'm cumming!"
Liz's head flew back as Max buried his into her shoulder and they rode out their orgasm
together. Exhausted and unable to stand for much longer Max sank down and sat upon the
toilet, removing his finger from inside of her and swiping his hand over her body to remove
his sperm that had shot out on her. Then placing his head upon her thigh. "I love you Liz
Parker." He whispered out as he continued to take deep breaths.

He couldn't help the grin that came to his face as he heard her repeat almost the same words.
"And I love you too Max Evans."

End Part 13

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 14

As soon as Liz and Max strolled into the pool area, Liz automatically headed over to where
Maria was lounging and Max went in the direction of the pool where Michael was just coming
up for air. "Your looking better." Michael joked as Max approached him. The smile of
satisfaction firmly planted on Max's face.

"I guess you could say that." Max replied, then sat down on the edge of the pool by Michael.
"Can I ask you something personal?"

"Depends, how personal?" Michael climbed out of the pool and sat on the edge next to Max.
Once he saw how serious his friend was, his tune changed. Max fidgeted with the edge of the
pool, trying to ask what he wanted to ask his friend. "Max, what is it?"

"Uh..Have you ever? I mean..I have this..craving...." Max had no idea how to ask Michael
if he had ever experienced the same kind of craving with Maria. Was it an alien thing or
was it just a Max needs Liz kind of thing?

"Craving? What kind of craving?" Michael asked.

"Can you smell Maria?" Max decided to go in another direction with his questions.

"What, you want to know how Maria smells?" The confusion on Michael's face showed how lost
he was on what Max was trying to ask.

"No, I mean can you smell her from here?" Max asked again trying to clarify what he was
getting at.

"Hey buddy, Maria does not stink!" Michael's voice grew a little louder than he realized
when he was under the impression that Max was making a crude remark about the woman he loved.

"Michael, keep your voice down and I didn't say Maria stinks. I meant that I can smell
Liz. Her scent, I smell Liz's scent."

"What? I stink, but you can smell Liz?" The voice of a very upset Maria came from behind
the two guys. Max shut his eyes, shook his head slightly and his face turned ten shades of
red when he realized that not just Maria stood behind them, but Liz was also there. He
could literally smell her. Standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at Max. "Max, you
better start explaining yourself right now! Or do we have to have another conversation?"

"Maria, calm down. I'm sure what ever Max was trying to say, he didn't mean it the way it
sounded. Right Max?"

Max looked around at the number of people that had already ventured down to the pool side
and knew there was no way he could explain himself down here with so many extra pairs of ears
around, but he didn't think the rest of the group would wait for an explanation. "Maria, I
am sorry if you thought I was offending you in any way. I don't think nor would I ever say
anything like that regarding you."

"You think I...smell." This coming from one very embarrassed looking Liz, especially after
what they had just experienced. She was truly mortified at the thought that Max that she

Max was on his feet in two seconds flat. "NO! God, No, Liz. That's not what I was saying,
please let me explain please." Liz stood still as a statue, not sure what to do or say.

He reached out to touch her arm, when she pulled it violently away from him. "Don't touch

"Liz, it's not what you're thinking. I love the way you smell." The look on her face told
Max that he was digging himself deeper, rather than helping explain his case. "I..God, this
is coming out all wrong. Please, I can explain just not here."

"Well, Max she's not going anywhere with you until you explain yourself a little better than
the way you have." Maria stated as she stepped up to stand next to her friend.

"Okay, fine. Since you two seem to be ready to kill me and I can't seem to say what I
mean why don't I just give you two a little demonstration before the woman that I love starts
getting any further unnecessary thoughts into that beautiful brain of hers. Michael go get
me a towel." Without arguing or even asking what Max wanted with a towel, he got up and went
to retrieve a towel bringing it back to his friend instantly. "Now, tie it around my eyes
and make sure I can't see a thing." Once again Michael obliged.

When Michael stepped away after securing the towel around Max's head and Maria began to make
unusually hand gestured in front of his face to make sure he truly couldn't see. "Okay,
what now Max?" She asked when she was sure he couldn't see.

"Now Liz if you wouldn't mind, go swim any where in the pool and I'll be able to find you."

Maria waived her friend over to the pool. Whispered in her ear and then Liz said out loud
by the pool. "Okay, I'm going swimming now." Then she stepped away from the pool and Maria
jumped in. Michael had to cover his mouth at the meanness of his fiance to keep from laughing
at his poor friend as he watched Liz walking away from the pool side and running down to the

Maria waived her hand to Michael to tell him to tell Max to go for it, which he did. But,
the surprise came to both Michael and Maria when Max turned from the pool and started to
walk in the direction of the beach. He banged his shin only once on a lounge chair, but he
continued on his journey to find the woman that's scent he could literally smell anywhere.
Michael helped Maria out of the pool and the two of them followed a stumbling Max as he made
his way out of the pool area and turned toward the beach. Liz saw Max coming in her direction
so she ran down to the water, walking out until she could lower her body under the water
so only her head stuck out of the water. But, to her dismay Max kept coming. In a matter
of minutes Max had Liz in his arms and he was pulling off the towel that hid his eyes. "I
don't think you smell bad Liz, in fact it's just the opposite. What I was trying to explain
up by the pool and doing such a bad job of it is that I'm addicted to your scent. It fills
my senses completely and makes me crave you, all of you." He stated the last part in a very
seductively low voice.

Maria and Michael caught up to the two of them to see Liz blushing badly in Max's arms.
"Nice trick Maxwell."

Max turned to his two friends who still stood on the beach. Leaning down to Liz's ear he
whispered. "It wasn't a trick, your scent is embedded in my brain and makes me want more
of it, if you know what I mean." He stated as he wriggled his eye brows up and down. This
causing Liz to blush even more when she realized what he was saying.

After Max's little demonstration the four friends hung out down by the beach for most of the
day, just playing in the water, laying out in the sun shine and basically having a very
enjoyable day. The girls discussed different wedding ideas for Maria and Michael while the
guys went body surfing in the waves. All throughout the day though, Max continued to be
able to smell Liz and her scent was making his craving grow as the day grew long. "So who's
hungry?" Michael asked and the entire grouped agreed they were starving. "Well, let's go
somewhere nice for dinner, since we're celebrating tonight." He added and was rewarded with
a sweet kiss from Maria. Max's thoughts agreed how hungry he was, but not for food.

When they got back to the condo, Michael and Maria immediately went into their bedroom to get
ready. While Liz and Max hung back not sure what their next step should be. Liz knew for
sure she wanted Max, and wanted him badly, but she was still not sure if she could have more
than just sex with him at this time. Could she really give her heart completely to him and
make love or could she really just have sex with him? That seemed to be the unanswered
question in her mind at this time.

For Max it was an entire different ball game. He was sure his craving was going to drive
him insane if he didn't get another taste of Liz and soon. But, there was no way he could
push the issue with her just yet. "Why don't you go ahead and shower now and I'll take mine
after your done?" He offered trying to be a gentleman, but knowing the entire time that she
was in the shower being naked so close to him it would take every ounce of control inside of
him not to join her.

"Uh..Yeah..If your sure you don't mind waiting?" She replied suddenly feeling extremely shy.
She wasn't quite sure why she was feeling that way now, especially after this mornings act.
She knew Michael and Maria would be awhile before they were ready, so she thought maybe this
was her chance to get Max to lose some of that control, for him to just react and not think
for once. The only problem was she knew for a fact the kind of fire she was about to play
with and her only hope and prayer was that she didn't get burned in process. Could she really
get Max to lose enough control that he would join with her in the dance of the old ages
without trying to make love to her? And if he did lose that control, would she be able to
stay strong enough to make sure their joining would only be one of a physical need, which
she desperately needed at this point, without feeling all of the emotions she knew her heart
wanted to feel?

"I'd wait a life time." He whispered mainly to himself, but Liz heard him all the same.

It's now or never Liz, you can do this. Just go for it. She coached herself mentally as
she walked to the bedroom door, just before she walked through it though she turned and in
a low seductive tone she whispered. "Or if you don't like the idea of waiting, you could
always join me." With that stated she didn't wait to see his response she turned her
back toward him and without closing the door pulled her cover up over her head letting it
land in the doorway. She walked to the bathroom door as she chanced a quick glance in Max's
direction to see if he had moved, while she unhooked her bikini top. With just that
glance she saw Max bending down in the door way, picking her beach cover up and then his
eyes went back to her body to continue to watch what she was doing next. By this time Liz
was removing the bikini top, while covering her breast with one hand she flung the top so
that it landed right at his feet, then stepped into the bathroom. Not needing to know if
Max would follow, for she already knew her answer by then.

By the time Max picked up her top and shut the bedroom door he heard the shower start. He
also noticed that the bathroom door had remained opened. She was giving him an open invitation
to join her. He knew exactly what that meant, if he joined her in the shower he would be
joining her totally. That's when it hit him, that's exactly what she was expecting from him.
He smiled to himself knowing she was expecting him to lose his control completely, take her
physically and not let his emotions for her come into play just yet. Did she really think
she could pull this off? He wondered to himself and only one answer came to mind. NO WAY!
He knew exactly how Liz felt about him, if she thought for a second that she would be able
to let him join with her and not let her emotions come into play than she was in for a rude
awakening and he was just the person to prove how wrong she was. Without any further
hesitation Max stripped completely and stepped into the bathroom. His eyes first noticed
the bikini bottoms she was wearing were on the bathroom floor. Then his eyes moved upward
and he could see the outline of her body through the shower curtain. His entire body stood
at attention at just the sight of the silhouette behind the curtain. Silently he pulled the
shower curtain back and stepped in behind the beautiful angel that had stolen his heart away
from him years ago.

He reached around her waist and pulled her back against his hard body, letting her feel just
how much she aroused him. "Max..." She sighed into his embrace and let the feel of his
body pressed behind her make her feel like she had died and went to heaven.

He leaned down and kissed her neck line. He wasn't in any hurry, because he knew it was
their time and this time he was going to make Liz Parker his now and forever. Slowly his
hands moved softly over her skin, being careful not to touch any intimate parts of her body
just yet. Yes, Liz had had a plan, but Max also had a plan and as much as she would try
and deny the truth, he knew they could never just have sex. As physically as he wanted her,
he wanted her emotionally a hundred times more. While one hand continued to roam over her
body in a seductive manner, his other hand reached out and grabbed her shampoo all the while
he was still kissing her neck and swaying his body against hers as if they were dancing to
a love song. "Since you asked me to join you, the least I could do would be to wash your
beautiful hair." He whispered in her ear as he poured some shampoo into his hands, still
keeping her body against his with his arms and swaying softly to the sound of their heart
beats. He lathered up her hair, careful in making sure no strands were left untouched by
the sweet smelling shampoo as he continued to rain kisses on her neck, shoulders and back.

Once he had massaged her hair and scalp thoroughly he spun her around holding her waist with
one arm as he rinsed the shampoo out of her hair using his other hand to deflect any soap
from running into her eyes. Liz was totally losing her control completely at the touch and
feel of Max's magic hands as he did wondrous things to her body and head with them. All
the while his lips continued their sweet torture on her and his entire body kept a beat in
his swaying. It felt like something out of one of her dreams, it was all so perfect. Just
like she always knew it would be with Max. Stay strong Liz, don't let your emotions get
involved just yet. She tried to encourage herself into believing once again she would be
able to pull this off. But, then Max's mouth covered hers in a sweet, tender kiss and all
thoughts of staying strong were momentarily gone from her mind. When he finally released
her lips all she could do was moan out his name. "I believe it's time for the conditioner."
Was what came out of Max's mouth. As he began the wonderful torture of running his finger
throughout her hair making sure once again each strand was well conditioned down to the very
tip as his lips sucked and kissed along her jawline, neck and upper chest this time.

After he was satisfied that he had done a good job on her hair he began the chore of making
sure every square inch of her body was washed completely and thoroughly, leaving any intimate
areas for the very last. He used his powers to remove any unwanted hair follicles from under
her arms and her legs as he washed. Not wanting to make her have to worry about shaving
ever again. Knowing from this day forward any time he wanted to run his hands over her
silky soft skin it would be as smooth as it is at this very moment. To always have a physical
remembrance of their very first time together. He showed her great tenderness as he washed,
massaged and kissed her entire body. By the time he was done washing her, Liz could barely
stand on her own two legs as her entire body felt like jello it was so relaxed. When he
finally got to her breast Max was literally holding her up with one arm and the moans of
pleasure he was producing from his touches and kisses kept pouring out of her. They were
soft sighs at first, then went to the sounds of purrs and finally loud moans from deep
within her throat.

Her moans edged him on in his assault upon her breast, first one then the other and back
again. He teased, licked, sucked and tweaked her nipples until they were as hard as they
could possibly get. The entire time moving his lower body in a continuos swaying motioning
against hers. When he knew she was just at the edge of falling completely into the alien
abyss of love he pulled back just enough to move his hand in between their bodies and let
it roam down to her center. Subconsciously her legs spread just enough for his fingers to
reach their goal and they plunged without mercy into her sweet depths. Screams of ecstasy
escaped her lips, leaving Max no choice but to cover her mouth once again with his knowing
that Michael and Maria were just in the other room getting ready. His tongue encouraging
her mouth open to give him access to her entire mouth and all the wonderful tastes he
would receive from it. His finger moving in and out of her body as his tongue mimicked the
same movements.

Liz hadn't even begun to come down from her first orgasm when Max was already stirring her
body into producing another wave of pleasure. Her mind was having trouble grasping any
thoughts and could only think of one thing at that moment. She desperately wanted Max
inside of her and she wanted him now. With that last thought realty came into play, how
much control she had lost, but on the other hand how much control Max still seemed to be
in? "Oh God...Maxxxx!" She screamed out as another orgasm hit her hard before she could
even try to think of her next thought.

With her last scream of pleasure, Max knew without a doubt she was ready. Removing his hand
from her wet passage, he moved it to her bottom and lifted her with ease. Stepping forward
until she was pressed between the shower wall and his body. His head buried in her chest
once again, still teasing her with his swaying motion, but not entering her just yet. "I
love you so much Liz. You are so beautiful, I need you. I need all of you. Let me make
love to you."

"Max...Please don't stop..Please." She pleaded as she moved her lower body against his hard
arousal, knowing if he stopped now she would surely die of need.

Lifting his head from her chest, he looked into her flush face. Her eyes shut tightly awaiting
for him to give her what they both so desperately needed. "Liz, open your eyes. I want to
see inside your soul, when I make love to you for the first time." He requested as he moved
his aroused cock right at the entrance of her feminine opening.

In that moment Liz knew she had lost this battle. If she didn't open her eyes she took the
chance of Max pulling away, knowing that she wouldn't be able to handle that. But, at the
same time if she were to open her eyes, he would surely make a connection to her and they
would in fact make love, bonding not only their bodies for the first time, but also bonding
their souls completely. With her mind racing, she thought of the only thing that would give
her a retrieve at that very moment. Breathlessly, she moaned out the one word, the only
word that would be her saving grace. "Condom."

End Part 14

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt 1

Part 15

Maria and Michael had taken a quick shower together, made love quickly and quietly then
got ready for their celebration dinner. Under the impression that their friends would more
than likely be waiting for them. To their surprise though when they emerged from their
room, neither Max nor Liz were no where to be seen. However, it didn't pass either of
theirs attention that the other bedroom door was closed. Maria started toward it to
knock and see if they were ready, but Michael stopped her before she got within a few
feet from the door. Remembering Max's earlier warning he had no interest in interrupting
anything that may be going on, on the other side of that door. Especially since neither
himself nor Maria were on their death beds. "Why don't we leave them a note to meet us
later? We both know they need time to talk things through and..."

"And, we already interrupted them enough, right." Maria finished his thoughts for him.
"Maybe if things work out, we can have a double celebration tomorrow night." She stated
as she gave him a wink.

With an agreement made, the two of them wrote a short note to their two friends and headed
down to the hotel restaurant to have their own celebration.

Meanwhile in the shower Max went completely still at the one word Liz had moaned out.
Cursing himself for what he had almost done. Without releasing Liz from his arms he turned
the water off. Opened the shower curtain and stepped out of the shower, while still
carrying Liz. "Max? What are you doing?" Liz couldn't help but giggle at his actions.

"I'm going to the bedroom, what did you think I was doing?" He asked in a joking voice.

As he took a few steps away from the shower, Liz questioned. "You do realize we are soaking
wet still, don't you?" She couldn't keep the gleam out of her voice at his antics.

Keeping Liz still wrapped in one arm he swiped his other hand over the two of them, drying
them instantly. "Now where was I?" He asked rhetorically as he lowered his head to join
his lips with hers, as he continued to walk the two of them into the bedroom toward the bed.
Once he felt the bed brush against his knees, he slowly began to lower her body to the bed.
Stopping just before she could touch the bed and quickly waived his hand over the bedspread
before he continued lowering her until she was completely nestled on the bed. He stood up
and waived his hand behind him, turning out the lights of the bedroom and ignited the candles
around the room. Then with one final flick of his fingers, soothing music played softly in
the background.

Liz felt the soft silkiness of something under and surrounding her body, but before she had
a chance to see what it was that she had been placed upon Max had begun his magic and she
was taken in by the romantic setting he had just prepared for their first time. Touching
the silky texture substance that she was laid upon once again, she pulled her hand up and
saw the rose petal that was in her hand. Her eyes quickly looking down on the bed, noticing
the entire bed was covered in the white rose petals. "Max...It's wonderful." She stated
with love in her voice.

"Nothing compares to how wonderful of a person you are Liz. You deserve everything your
heart desires and then some." His voice full of passion and love. Kneeling down beside the
bed he took her hand in his. "I love you, you are my everything. You own me completely,
from my heart to my soul. I want to make love to you Liz. All of you, not just the
physical joining of our bodies, but I want to join with you completely."

He waited to hear her response as he looked into the souls of her eyes, praying he would
hear the most beautiful word in the world to him. Yes, Liz reached up and caressed his
face with her hand gently. Softly, in a whispered voice she gave him her response. "Yes,
Max. Make love to me." With that reply Max leaned over the bed until his upper body
surrounded hers and kissed her breathlessly. His tongue mating with hers and they both let
their feelings to finally break through. In what seemed like forever they both shared their
souls and the flashes of their times together and a part played before their minds. They
felt each others happiness, their fears, theirs joys, their pain, but most of all they both
felt the over bearing feeling of love they held for each other. It was the most awe inspiring
experience that no words could even come close to describe as the unconditional love they
felt for each other surrounded not only their hearts, but their souls as well. When they
had no choice but to finally break the most intense kiss of their relationship for air.
Both took deep breaths, while they continued to look upon each other. With tears glistening
her eyes due to the over whelming emotions she was feeling, she whispered. "I love you Max.
You have no idea how much I've missed seeing your soul, it's so beautiful."

"No, our souls are beautiful together. We belong together Liz." With that said Max moved
his body so that he was stretched over hers completely. Gently roaming his hands down her
body, positioning her body to open to his and once again placed himself at her opening. "I
have condoms in the drawer by the bed, but I want to feel you becoming mine first before we
use one." He stated softly, meaning he wanted to feel her first time as if it was his first
time. With only a slight nod from Liz, he moved his hands up to her face and looked deeply
into her eyes forming a connection between the two of them. It came almost instantaneously
and then he moved his body forward piercing her opening with his manhood for the very first
time. Slowly he inched himself further into her blissful core and as he tore through her
maidenhood, their bodies joined completely along with their souls. Feeling her slight sting
of pain he froze for only a moment until all he felt from her was the fullness his body felt
to be inside of her. "Oh God Liz, this feels..."

"I know, don't stop." He moved slowly back out and back inside of her completely. "Yes,
Max. Keep going." She moaned out encouraging him onward.

He pumped his body into hers once, twice and then another. He was just about to pull out of
her to obtain the condom when her body began to move in sync with his. Producing a moan to
escape from his lips. Her head lifted, wrapping her arms around his neck and sealing their
lips to each others once again. Their bodies moving in complete sync with the other as Max
plunged himself in and out of her as her hips lifted to meet his and then lowered. Their
tongues mimicking their bodies movements. Liz's legs went around his waist, opening herself
more and more for him to thrust his body further inside of hers. Moving one hand down to
cup her breast as the other stroked her hair. The entire time their bodies moving in motion
with the others. In and out..In and out..In and out. Continuously to feel what the other
was feeling through the open connection that had never been broken. Their breathing in sync,
their hearts beating as one and their bodies moving in a rhythm that was only meant for the
two of them. They felt their souls joining first and it was an over powering feeling of
emotion that sent them far into the heavens and back down to earth. Their pace quickening
as their desires spiked to an all time need for each other.

Liz could feel herself falling in the abyss of sexual pleasure, having one orgasm build and
release only to find herself in the middle of experiencing her next orgasmic explosion.
Screaming Max's name until her throat could no longer produce words only moans of complete
ecstasy as she continued to release her bodies juices over Max's manhood that continued to
pump in and out of her body. Nothing in her dreams or in her imagination could compare to
what she felt as Max thrusted in and out of her body.

With the connection between them opened completely Max felt each and every one of her orgasms.
His own building to an all time high and knowing he couldn't continue without bringing on
his own release, he quickly reached over opening the dresser drawer that held the condoms
and blindly fought against his own release as he struggled to obtain one of the objects.
Just as he finally managed to grasp one, he felt Liz's finally release as her multiply orgasm
spun her out of control. That final release took Max completely over the edge before he had
time to even think twice about the condom that he held in his hand. His semen shot out of
his body into hers filling her completely with his warm, silky seed. Both letting out a
cry of complete satisfaction as their bodies trembled from the white blinding light that
surround their joined bodies. They continued their bodies movements as their matching
orgasms seemed to continued without any signs of stopping for the longest time. Max's seed
continued to spill inside of her as her juices continued to flow around him.

Both feeling completed for the first time in their lives, they finally collapsed into each
other's arms. Shaking with the indescribable pleasures that they continued to feel inside
their bodies. No words were spoken as none were needed as they held each other tightly.
Knowing that they had not only joined their bodies, but their souls and they were bonded to
each other from that moment on. Nothing and no one would ever be able to separate them
again. Taking her sweet mouth for one final kiss, he reluctantly removed himself from where
he had been buried deep inside of her. Both felt the lost as their bodies separated from
each other and within seconds Max was hard as a rock needing to be inside her body all over
again. Still laying on top of her, his aroused state couldn't be hidden and with just a
simply movement of her hips against him, Max knew Liz was offering him herself again. Not
being able to stand not to be inside of her for a second longer he pushed his body up and
inside her and began to pumping in and out of her all over again. Both were totally amazed
at how their bodies were reacting, considering what they had just experienced only moments
before. But, neither willing to question the reasons why, they simply made love again and
again and again.

It wasn't until they saw the sunlight just beginning to peak through their bedroom window
that they were finally able to pull a part long enough to eventually try to form words.

"I youuu." Max wanted to tell her in words how much he loved her, but his voice
still to unavailable for complete sentences.

"Luv u tooo." Liz tried to return the lovers oath, but found it just as difficult to talk
as Max did.

Both their bodies were spent from their night of love making, their throats raw from the
screams and moans they had moaned the entire night. But, unable to pull themselves away
from each other's touch. Instead they laid in a tight embrace, finally allowing their bodies
the sleep that was more than well earned. It was already starting to grow dark again before
either Max or Liz began to stir. Snuggling still in their embrace their eyes slowly opened
and immediately sought out the others. "Morning." Max stated as he leaned over and gave
her a quick kiss.

Liz looked out their window and correctly stated. "Evening."

"Are you okay?" Max asked concerned he had gone too far the evening before. No matter how
many times they had made love, he couldn't seem to get enough of her and as the night grew
into morning his passion for her just grew more and more urgent. By the time he had exploded
for the last time inside of her, he knew he had been driving into her like a wild beast and
still he was unable to stop himself.

"I'm okay. A little sore, but more than okay." She admitted truthfully. She was sore, but
it was a feeling that she had waited her entire life to feel and she was in a state of pure
blissfulness that any discomfort she felt was more than worth it. "I better go and use the..
uh..facilities." She then stated as she pulled herself out of his warm embrace.

Max watched as she slowly struggled to stand on her own two legs. He started to help her,
when she just turned and smiled at him. Letting him know she needed to do this on her own.
As she relieved herself for the first time since becoming a woman, she felt the burning
sensation between her legs. She had anticipated this, but it still took her by surprise
and she literally had to bite down on her bottom lip as to not alert Max to her situation.
She had saw the worried expression on his face when she had first stood up and knew he wanted
to try to take the pain away. But, even knowing that he probably had the ability to do just
that Liz didn't want him to. She wanted to remember everything that went with her first
night of true passion. As she wiped herself, she saw streaks of blood. Which she had also
expected, but what she hadn't anticipated seeing was the glowing irredisant substance that
her blood was mixed with. It was that moment in time that realty hit her and hit her hard.
Oh God, what did we do? She thought to herself as she realized for the first time that they
had lost so much control in their night of passion that neither had thought about the
protection that had sat in the dresser drawer not even a foot away from them.

Standing slowly she walked to the bathroom door and wasn't the least surprised when she saw
Max standing right out side the door. Her entire body shivered with desire when she laid
eyes on his naked form that stood before her. Her eyes taking in the view completely until
she met his eyes. His eyes had also taken their time to roam over her body before meeting
her eyes also. There was no doubt in either of their eyes as to what they were thinking.
But as Liz took one step closer to Max to close the distance between their bodies she couldn't
hide the wince of pain from Max's eyes. His arms circled around her waist holding her still.
"Are you sure your okay? I mean I could..."

Pulling back slightly but not completely out of his arms, she shook her head. "No, Max. I
want to remember everything. This part included." She stated, but she could still see
how her slight discomfort was effecting Max. "Could you just help me back to bed?" She
asked knowing he was feeling guilty about how he had lost so much control the night before
or more precise this morning. She could still almost feel what it was like to have Max
pounding inside of her with total abandonment of control, with the memory still so fresh.

Max didn't hesitate he lifted her in his arms and proceeded back to the bed. Laying her
down as gently as he could, as if she was a fragile piece of china. Which to him, she was.
"I didn't mean to..."

"Max, stop. I'll be fine. Besides I liked the way you felt and looked when you let yourself
go. Please don't say you regret what we did."

Wrapping his arms around her even tighter. "God, no Liz. You've made me the happiest man
alive today, I just meant that I hadn't meant to be so..Uh.."

"Animalistic." She finished for him and then gave him a wide smile showing him, that he
hadn't scared her or made her feel like he was too rough with her.

Max could only nod at her use of words, smiling back at her and stroking her face with one
of his hands. He looked into her eyes so full of love and knew from the moment they had
joined there was no turning back. "Liz, did you feel it?"

Meeting his eyes. "I felt it Max, but I'm not sure if I really understand what happened?"
She questioned, knowing what she presumed had happened between the two of them, but knowing
she needed his confirmation of what she thought.

"Liz, our souls bonded when we made love. There's no going back now, not for me anyway. You
are a part of my soul. I need you to understand that. Even if that day ever came where I
did find a way to get my son, I wouldn't be able to leave you."

Liz's face fell. "Max, I'm sorry. I didn't..."

Placing a soft kiss upon her lips to quiet her. "I did, Liz. I knew if I ever was lucky
enough for you to allow me to make love to you that this would happen. But, I'll never regret
my decision Liz. Your my destiny Liz. Your the one I've always loved. Your the one I want
to spend my life with forever. It's always been you." He stated softly as he leaned over
her for a soul searing kiss.

After feeling all the love Max had for her in that kiss, Liz was at a loss as to what to say
at the moment. Max had made a decision and he had chosen her, not his son, but her. Without
the ability to think of anything else, she simply whispered. "I love you so much, Max."
Leaning her body into his she could feel his lower body beginning to swell once again. Her
eyes widened with surprise. They had made love almost non stop throughout the night, her
body still felt the tingling affect from the aftermath of their love making and here he was
fully aroused again. How was that humanly possible? She thought to herself.

"Because I'm only half human Liz, but I think it's more accurate to say my body has always
reacted like this in your presence. I've just been able to hide it well over the years, but
having you laying here, in my arms, uh..naked. There is just no way to hide the way you have
always affected my body."

Liz tilted her head to the side with a questioning look, but chose to ignore the fact that
she hadn't asked the question he had answered out loud. Instead her mind just thought about
what Max's answer had been. If he only knew how much his sexy body laying here next to me
was making me want him just as much as he apparently wants me. She thought to herself, but
then thought how she wasn't sure if her body was ready for another round of love making just
yet. "I kind of know what you mean." She half joked with him, then added. "But, right now

"Right now, your going to lay here and relax while I go get us something to eat."

"Oh My God! Max, Michael and Maria!" She stated as the celebration dinner they were supposed
to attend the evening before finally became remembered and she started to move to get out of

Gently pushing her back on the bed. "You stay here, I'll go explain things to Michael and
face Maria's wrath. Besides once they hear there is going to be a double wedding, I think
they will understand." Max rose out of bed, grabbed a pair of jeans and began to walk to
the bedroom door.

"MAX?" Liz questioned as what he had just said filtered into her brain.

Max reached the door, turned back to face her. "You didn't think, I was going to join souls
with you and not marry you, did you?" He asked and before Liz had a chance to even
acknowledge an answer he walked through the door and left a very happy, but utterly confused
Liz sitting up on the bed. Wondering if that was meant to be a proposal or not.

End Part 15

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 16

Max had laughed out loud when he had read Michael's note that apparently he and Maria had
left the night before, especially about the part where Michael had stated since the door was
close he wouldn't let Maria knock to let them know both he and Maria would be downstairs at
the resort restaurant. After the quick chuckle he made a mental note to give Maria a hug
for not knocking on the door. He thought how wonderful his life was at the moment. He had
spent the most incredible night in his life, with the only woman he would ever love. The
two of them had committed to each other in such a permanent way that he almost felt humbled
by just the thought. The most amazing thing was now, not only was Liz's wonderful scent
surrounded in his senses, but her mind was also a part of his. He could actually hear her
most personal thoughts. He never thought their special connection could become any more
then what it had been, but to his delight it seemed to only grow more the closer they became.
He knew Liz didn't share the same ability as of yet, but he was confident that in time she
would more than likely be able to hear his thoughts as well. He walked further into the
kitchen and began to look for something to eat for both himself and Liz. That's when he
realized that the condo was empty. In passing he thought for a moment how the message that
Michael had left for the two of them was obviously from the night before, but yet neither
Michael nor Maria were any where to be seen. He didn't let his dismay at not knowing their
where about get to him as he figured they had more than likely went out to dinner once
again noticing how their bedroom door was wide opened. Grabbing a bowl of fruit, a pint of
ice cream, some chocolate and tobacco sauce he headed back to the bedroom.

"I didn't hear any screaming, I assume Maria forgave us for missing their celebration dinner."
Liz stated as Max came back into the bedroom.

"They left a note, stating we could celebrate tomorrow night with them instead. I'm thinking
they finally got a clue about interrupting us." Max joked to her, then held up the contents
of the food he had picked out. "Hungry?"

"Uh, Max, it's tomorrow night now. Do they want us to go out and celebrate with them or
not?" Liz asked.

"I think they probably got tired of waiting for us, they aren't here. Why don't we have a
little celebration of our own instead?" He wiggled his eye brows up and down as he came
closer to the bed. Placing the food down on the night table, picking up a fresh strawberry
he held it just above Liz's lips, tempting them open with the delicious fruit.

Liz could smell the scent of the delicious fruit as Max teased her with it, but more than
the scent of the strawberry, Liz's senses were full of the scent that what she could only
describe as Max. Taking his wrist by her hand she pulled the strawberry up to her nose to
inhale it's fresh strawberry scent deep into her nostrils and then pulled his arm up closer
to smell the difference. Even though she could actually smell the fruit itself, there was
no doubt Max's scent surrounded her scenes completely. "I can smell you." She said out
loud without thinking how her statement sounded.

Max, however knew exactly what she was saying without taking it the wrong way. "Could you
smell me when I was out of the room?" Max asked now taking a serious tone.

Smiling as she realized she had been able to smell his scent before, she just hadn't realized
what she was smelling until his hand came close to her nose. "I didn't know what it was I
was smelling before, I mean..I thought it was because..Uh...Us, being you know...together.
She stated as she blushed with embarassment at thinking that she had thought that was just
the smell of their sexual encounter. "This is what you were trying to tell us down at the
pool yesterday, isn't it?"

"Yeah, actually I was trying to ask Michael if he could smell Maria, the same way I could
smell you. But, I got the impression that he didn't know what I was talking about and then
you and Maria came up and well you know the rest of that story." It was Max's turn to
blush slightly at his remembrance of the difficult situation he had found himself in the day

"So, if Michael can't smell Maria, why can you smell me? Or better yet, why can I pick up
your scent?" Liz's mind was running crazy, trying to come up with a logical explanation for
this new twist, but since it obviously wasn't an alien thing then what was going on with her
and Max.

"I'm not sure Liz. I wish I knew, but I would only be guessing at this point. Just like
what happened when we made love. I'm pretty sure neither Michael and Maria nor Isabelle and
Jesse have experienced that." With Liz's thoughts running through his mind as quickly as
his own mind was processing the same questions. That's when he heard her questioning in her
mind if it had to do with him and did he have the same experience when he had been with Tess.
"Liz, I've only made love to one person in my whole life and that's you. Even though last
night wasn't actually my first time physically, it was the first time I made love." He
stated hoping to reassure her.

Liz's eyes widen. "Can you hear my thoughts, Max?" He didn't say any words, but only gave
her a slight nod. Not wanting to embarrass her with the new knowledge. "Okay, this is
embarrassing." She shyly stated as she dipped her head slightly trying not to think at all,
fearing that she would only embarrass herself further.

Max gently lifted her chin so her eyes met his. "Liz, I don't understand why this is happening
between us, but please don't be embarrassed. I love everything about you, that includes your
mind. Now come on let's eat, before this ice cream starts to melt." He stated trying to
change the subject and not allow her to think about closing off her thoughts to him. He
spoke the truth when he stated he loved her mind.

Liz looked over at the ice cream, realizing she really wasn't in the mood for food. She
wanted another taste of Max instead. Then she pictured him kissing her breathlessly and
before that thought could be finished, Max's lips were upon hers, kissing her breathless.
While his tongue probed delicately inside her mouth, the next thought that popped into Liz's
mind was Max licking some chocolate sauce off her breast. As soon as she thought it,
Max pulled his mouth away from hers. "You know, I was just thinking the same thing only
mine was mixed with a little Tabasco to spice things up." Before Liz could say anything she
felt the cool drizzling of the chocolate sauce being placed on her bare chest, then a few
sprits of Tabasco, then Max's tongue lapping at the dessert he had just created. He cleaned
her breast and nipples completely off, leaving just a small amount in the valley between her
breast. Reaching for another strawberry, he teased one nipple then the other one with it
before dipping it into the sweet and spicy substance that was still left between her breast
before bringing it to his mouth for a special snack. "Ummm..You taste better than anything
I have ever eaten in my life! Got any more ideas or would you prefer for me to pick one?"
He questioned seductively.

Liz was lost in the sensation of passion that Max had placed upon her body and mind. "Anything
just don't stop touching me." She whispered as she waited impatiently to see what Max would
do next. Her wait was not long.

"You know, I've always enjoyed the taste of ice cream and Tabasco, I can't even begin to
think how that great combination would taste ala Liz." He reached over and picked up
a small spoonful of ice cream with one hand, while his other hand pulled the covers away
from her lower body. Taking the spoon down to her lower lips, he ran the spoon covered with
ice cream around her intimate tastes. The difference between her bodies heat because of
what Max was doing and the feeling of the cold ice cream on her lower body was making Liz
crazy with want as she watched him sprits several drops of Tabasco on the spoon and take it
slowly into his mouth. Moaning at the sensation of the taste of his newest creation, he
licked the spoon clean. Now having the taste of Liz in his mouth, he knew he needed more.
"Looks like I left a little ice cream behind. I better clean that up, before you become to
sticky." He joked as he lowered his head and began to lap at her already flowing juices.

It only took a matter of seconds before Liz's entire body was trembling from another orgasm.
"Max..No, I can't..." She hoarsely whispered out, her body was spent to the point that if
she experienced just one more mind blowing orgasmic ordeal she would probably pass out from
sheer pleasure.

Max had only begun to quench his new thirst for her tastes when he heard her pleads. He
climbed back up on the bed and stroked her body in a soothing sensation knowing exactly what
she needed at the moment. Grabbing another small spoonful of ice cream, he drizzled a small
amount of the chocolate sauce on it and then brought it to Liz's lips. "A sweet treat for
my sweet treat." He said as he fed the spoonful of the delicious dessert into her awaiting
mouth. Still reeling from the pleasure Max had just induced upon her body she wasn't sure
if she could even eat one bite, even if the food being offered was ice cream. But, at Max's
insistence she licked the spoon clean and as much as she tried to fight it. Her body needed
more sleep to recuperate from it's new experiences. Laying safely in Max's strong, warm
arms her eyes shut and she let sleep win.

Max watched her sleep, holding her tightly, stroking her hair softly for over an hour. Thanking
the stars above for allowing him to have her in his arms again. He found he really wasn't
tired and decided to clean up the already melted ice cream. After all the food items were
dealt with, Max leaned down and gave Liz a tender kiss on her forehead before heading out to
the living room to wait for their friends to return. He wanted to make sure to apologize
for missing their celebration dinner as soon as they got back to the condo so Liz wouldn't
have to worry about their friends being upset with them first thing in the morning. He sat
on the couch and turned the television on, got himself a large bowl of cereal and waited.
Popping awake by the sound of the television, Max looked over to the clock. Noticing it was
three thirty in the morning, then he noticed that Michael's and Maria's bedroom door was
still wide open. It was the first moment he felt uneasy about his friend's absence. Earlier
he just assumed they were out to dinner again or had taken a late night dip in the hot tub
together, but now it was even late for the two of them not to have returned to the condo by
now. "Damn it Michael, where the hell are you two?" He asked out loud to himself. For a
brief second he thought about going down toward the pool area to look around for them, but
there was no way he was going to leave Liz alone, unprotected just by chance something had
happened to their friends. At that thought he got up to check on Liz, seeing her still
sound asleep on the bed, he released the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding.

"Liz, babe." He whispered softly in her ear while he gently stroked her hair and cheek.

Liz's body automatically reacted to Max's scent and touch. She leaned into his hand, slowing
coming out of her sleep, her eyes fluttered opened. Smiling up at his face. "Morning."

"It's early morning and I didn't mean to wake you up, but we might a problem." He voice had
that worried tone to it and Liz immediately became wide awake.

Sitting up anxiously. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure if anything's wrong or not, but Michael and Maria haven't come back yet." He
saw the first sign of panic in her eyes and quickly added. "They could just be down at the
beach or the pool, it's just that I'd rather play it safe then sorry."

Throwing the covers off, jumping out of bed and quickly grabbing a sun dress to throw over
her body as she stated. "Let's go." Liz didn't even question or hesitate, she understood
what Max was saying. Even though the last few days they had all acted like they were on
some sort of a vacation, Liz knew they weren't. They were running for their lives basically.
Even though the guys had changed the color of Max's vehicle and the license plates there
still was no guarantee they were safe. They quickly went down the stairs, not wanting to
wait for the elevators. Once at the pool area they didn't see hide nor hair of their friends,
the same at the hot tub, beach and they even tried the resort bar that was apparently opened
all night. They looked around the vehicle, noticing Michael's bike was still parked in the
same spot next to the car, but still no sign of either of their friends. Since they were in
a strange city without any clues neither Max nor Liz knew what to do or where else they
could even begin to look for their friends. It wasn't as if they could call the police and
report them missing. So feeling defeated the two of them went back on to their condo to
wait on some word or to see if the two of them would show up. For the next few hours both
Max and Liz held each other without saying hardly any words. Waiting patiently for their
friends to either call, show up or worst.

By seven o'clock in the morning Max could not only hear how worried Liz was about their two
friends in her mind, but he could see it clearly on her face. "Liz, it's going to be okay.
One way or another, we'll get them back." The authority in his voice made Liz feel a little
better, but she was still far from being okay yet. "I was thinking about calling Isabelle.."

"Isabelle! She could dream walk Michael or Maria and then tell us what's going on!"
Excitement was in her voice as she hurried over to get the phone to hand to Max.

"Liz, wait. If we contact Isabelle by phone, chances are our location will be revealed. We
still aren't sure if Michael and Maria have been taken and if they haven't we could put all
of our lives in jeopardy just because we didn't wait a little longer." Max wanted to contact
Isabelle as badly as Liz apparently did, just so they would no one way or another and if it
did turn out that their friends had been taken he knew time wasn't on their side. But, he
wasn't ready to risk Liz's safety, she was his top priority. "Look, Isabelle, Michael and I
made a pack that she would dream walk us every Sunday night at midnight just to check in and
make sure everything was okay. That way if anything went wrong on our side, she would know
and be able to help us. And if she didn't dream walk us, we would know that she needed us."
Max explained the plan to Liz as she sat down next to him on the couch once again, placing
the phone on the coffee table before them.

"So you think we should wait until tonight?"

"I just think we should play this safe. If Michael and Maria don't show back up by tonight
we'll know for sure that something wrong happened to them. I want to know as badly as you
do Liz, but right now we really don't know anything.

Liz hated the thought of waiting, but she understood what Max was saying. She was struck
with an over powering feeling of guilt, that her best friend may have been taken while she
was in the throws of passion with Max. Instead of being there to help. Max could hear her
thoughts and it only made is guilty conscious grow more. But, there was no way he was going
to regret the best night of his life. "Liz, please don't think that our making love was in
any way responsible for Michael and Maria's disappearance. We couldn't have known this was
going to happen." He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head in
a loving gesture hoping to calm her fears.

"I know Max, but last time we were supposed to make love the world ending. This time when we
do make love, our friends may be endanger because we weren't there to help them." She
expressed her feelings outwardly knowing that she wouldn't be able to hide what she was
thinking from Max any longer.

"We don't know for sure if they are in danger or not yet. Liz, what we shared was beautiful,
erotic and something so special that words can't even begin to describe it. It's something
we should have shared a long time ago. Try as we might, we don't have any control over the
future nor should we try to take control."

His meaning was not lost on her, she knew exactly what he was saying. It was wrong of her
to try to change the future the last time and she should have come to him when the whole
thing was going down. She knew he was right, but she also felt a bit upset, because
the fact remained he was the one who had told her to change the future. Well, at least his
future self did. "So now it's my fault!" She yelled as she stood away from him, letting
her emotions get carried away with what was happening.

Max moved quickly to Liz's side. "Liz, that's not what I meant and you know it. We both
made mistakes because we didn't have enough faith in the other to follow our hearts then. I
just think we should learn from our past mistakes and try not to repeat them." He brought
his hands up to her arms and began to caress them gently. "I'm totally head over heels in
love with you. I love everything there is about you and I can't even image what you must have
gone through back then because of me. You are the strongest person that I have ever known
and to this day it still amazes me that you could even feel just a small percentage of love
toward me that I feel toward you. When we made love and our souls joined at the same time
our bodies did it was simply the most amazing experience I have ever had. I don't want to
feel guilty or feel regret about our making love. I want to embrace what we shared and God
willing I want us to continue to share that experience for the rest of our lives."

Liz turned in Max's arms at his words that he spoke from his heart. With tears in her eyes
she simply whispered. "I love you so much Max." She wrapped her arms around his neck and
brought her mouth up to meet his. Their kiss was gentle, tender and timeless. All thoughts
of guilt were gone and it was just the two of them once again. When they finally broke a
part, Liz whispered next to Max's lips. "So it looks like we have some time to kill. Do you
have any ideas on what we could do to make the wait bearable?"

Pressing his body closer to hers for her to be able to feel his reaction to her kiss. He
kept his lips as close to Liz's so they grazed each other when he spoke. "I think I can come
up with some thoughts. Would you like to come with me?"

Letting her fingers travel down and around his chest, she replied. "Take me to the stars
again, Max." With that their mouths fused together once again and this time their kiss was
a kiss of passion and hunger.

End Part 16

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 17

Max held Liz tightly in his arms as his mouth made love to hers. In one swift motion he
bent down and lifted her up in his arms and began to move them back to their bedroom when
the condo door flew open and laughter from Maria and Michael filled the room. Shocked from
their sudden entrance Max turned in their direction to face their two friends. "Where the
hell have you two been? We've been worried sick thinking something had happened to you guys!"

Michael took one look at Liz in Max's arms knowing exactly what the two of them had just
walked in on. "Yea, Max. You two looked really worried about us." He stated as he rolled
his eyes and pulled Maria back against his body.

Max slowly let Liz slide down his body. Before he could even defend Liz's virtue to their
friends, Liz was the one to speak up. "Excuse me, you two disappear for two days almost,
without so much as a word to us about where you were going...."

Before Liz could continue she saw the look of confusion that passed between Michael and Maria.
"Two days? Liz we haven't been gone for two days. You and Max have been the ones that were
shut up in that bedroom for two days with no sign of coming out any time soon. Not that I
don't enjoy having some fun, but girlfriend, I can't believe you can actually stand on your
own two feet after what we had to endure listening to." Maria joked to her friends. She
had waited patiently for almost two days to give them a hard time about all the moans and
groans she and Michael had heard the night before last that there was no way she was not
going to poke some much earned fun at that.

"MARIA!" Liz was totally mortified by her friends words. "I can't believe you said that."

"What? After one night of listening to you scream Max's name about a thousand times we
couldn't stand another night of it, so we rented a boat and found a small little shelling
island and allowed ourselves to have a quiet night out under the stars. By the way Max, I
just have to say. Very Impressive!!!" She wriggled her eyes at her friends boyfriend and
when both Max and Liz turned the deepest shade of red possible for a human body, Maria knew
her job of embarrassing her two friends was done.

Michael couldn't help the laugh that escaped his mouth at the looks of his best friend and
Liz's face from Maria's words. Michael's laughter brought Max back to the fact that the two
of them hadn't bothered to even leave a note saying anything about renting a boat. "Okay,
okay, are the two of you about finished. If so, then I think you two should explain why you
didn't at least leave a note for us? I mean have you forgot that we aren't really here on

Still trying to control his laughter Michael finally was able to explain that they hadn't
left the condo planning on being gone all night, they actually just decided to go for a walk
down by the beach when they came upon a guy that rented out small fishing boats and then he
apologized for not coming back to leave a new note stating where they were. But, then added
how he was under strict rules not to disturb them if the door was closed for any reason if
it wasn't life or death. Liz's head had been buried in Max's chest the entire time, not
able to look at her friends due to the embarrassment she felt at how much control she had lost
when Max had made love to her. How could she have been so loud and not even realize how her
friends could hear her? She thought to herself. Max leaned down and whispered in her ear
right at that moment. "I plan on making you scream like that again, I love how you sound in
my arms when I make love to you."

Liz pulled slightly away with wide eyes stunned by Max's words. "Max!" She spoke quietly,
but she couldn't hide the fact that those words had actually made her want him to take her
and make her scream his name over and over again.

Unable to stop himself, he raised his eyebrow and mouthed the word, "soon" to her. Then
looked back at his two friends. "Actually, we're both very happy to see that the two of you
are okay. Just please remember in the future that we all need to remember why we are here to
begin with." All parties shook their heads in agreement. "So, we have one more night here
before we move on. Does anyone want to due anything specific or...."

"Uh, Max. If you guys don't mind I think Maria and I are just going to take a nap for a few
hours first."

"Okay, why don't you set your alarm and we all meet here at six? We can have that celebration
dinner and then we need to all sit down and plan our next move. Remember Isabelle will be
contacting us at midnight." Everyone seemed to agree to Max's plan, Michael and Maria walked
to their bedroom at a quick pace and disappeared leaving Max and Liz alone once again. Max
turned his full attention to the love of his life. "Now about those screams of yours." He
joked as he pulled her back into his arms.

"Max Evans, there is no way on God's green Earth that you could possibly think that I am
going to allow you to seduce me to the point that I lose all my control again with our friends
in the next room. No way, no how!" She stated as she took a step back from him, but still
remained in his arms.

"No way uh?" He questioned as he dipped his head so his lips were able to come in contact
with the sensual spot on her neck. "Even if I would to say do this." His tongue darted out
and began to administer a torturous treatment of pleasure upon her neck. Keeping his
mouth upon her, he added. "Or maybe if I touched you like this." His hand came up and
softly brushed over her breast.

"Max, please." She moaned out as her entire body was being enticed with his mouth and the
touch of his hands on her body.

Now that they had made love, Max knew her body intimately and knew exactly how and what made
her body respond to him the most. The seduction had been started and he had know intention
of stopping any time soon. He wouldn't be able to if he wanted, as his body craved hers more
than it craved the air he breathed. "Please what? Please this?" He whispered as his head
moved downward, his hand moving the strap of her sundress off her shoulder to expose and
free her breast so his mouth could continue it's journey until he was able to softly kiss
and lick around her breast and aureola without touching her nipple just yet. "Or would the
woman I'm in love with prefer me to do this?" He whispered against her breast as he finally
sucked her nipple lightly into this mouth.

The sensations Max was making her feel was driving her entire body crazy with want and desire
for him. All thoughts of theirs friends lost as she let out a loud moan of pleasure while
pressing Max's head tighter against her breast letting him know she wanted more, oh so much
more. Max didn't miss a beat of her meaning and lifted her easily into his arms once again
without releasing her breast from his mouth. Blindly, but without incident he walked them
back to their bedroom and closing the door behind them with one wave of his hand. "I love
you so much Liz. I need you, tell me you need me too. Tell me what you want?" He asked

"I want you. Always you." She breathed out while Max laid her upon the bed, removing her
dress as he did. "I need you inside me. I need to feel you surround me. Make love to me
Max. Don't stop, don't ever stop." She pleaded as Max removed her panties and his clothing
in a quick haste. The entire time his mouth and hands wandering over her entire body only
making her desire to sky rocket to an all time high. He entered her swiftly upon her request
with the intention of not stopping any time soon. "YES! God Yes! Maxxxxx!" She screamed out
with total pleasure at the feel of him inside her once again. His name being chanted over
and over as he continued to thrust his hardened manhood deep inside her unable to control
himself any longer. His movements became faster, harder the more she screamed his name the
faster and harder he pumped inside of her. Their bodies moved together in an animalistic
manner, feeding each other's needs as well as their own. In and out Max moved his body as
if he would die if he stopped. Liz meeting his thrusts as her hips moved upward with each
downward thrust of his own. Their joined orgasms didn't stop their motions of love, it only
seemed to encourage them to continue on their joined journey. Their appetite for each other
grew as they continued to pleasure each other's bodies to the point where their hunger was
becoming insatiable.

It wasn't until Michael's pounding on their bedroom door that they were finally brought back
to the real world and collapsed into each other's arms. Breathing heavy and totally exhausted
Max lifted only enough to see Liz's face mirrored his own in exhaustion. Once again afraid
he had gone too far. "Are you okay?" His words only a whisper, but his concern for her was
more the evident in his voice.

Unable to form any words just yet, Liz simply smiled and nodded. Max rolled to her side and
embraced her body tightly against his as he whispered his love to her over and over as he
kissed the top of her head. "Maxwell!" Michael's voice broke their tender moment and Max
turned his head to see the small clock that sat on the night stand beside the bed. Wiping
the sweat off his brow, Max couldn't believe what had just taken place. There was no way
that clock could be right. "Max, could you come to the door please." Max heard Michael's
request but his brain was still trying to figure out how it was possible for the clock to be

It was when Liz pushed him slightly that he registered he needed to move or say something to
his friend, especially after hearing her fear that Michael could become restless and unlock
the door himself. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and began to stand only to
have to sit back down again. Hearing Liz's giggles, he threw her a look that pleaded with
her to stop. "I'm coming Michael, just give me a minute."

"You've been saying that for almost ten hours Max." Michael joked.

"Te..Tennn ho..hourrrss." Liz breathed out and then slowly looked over to the same clock
Max had only moments before. "Oh My Goddddd!" While her body was completely exhausted it
also seemed to have more energy than she had ever felt in her entire life. "Max, we didn't.
I mean, there's no way. How?" Her logical mind couldn't comprehend that her and Max had
made love steady for close to ten hours. It was just physically impossible.

Max gave her a wicked grin. "Only for you Liz, only you." He stated as he tried once again
to stand on his own two wobbly legs. "Let me tell Michael that we'll be out in a few minutes
okay." Having a difficult time standing, but strangely enough his body although completely
exhausted to some degree felt like the energy of an entire planet was running through his
veins. His movements were slow, but at the same time with each step he could feel his entire
body changing momentum. He looked back at Liz and saw that she was holding the covers of the
bed completely up to her chin, then slowly opened the door just a crack. "Sorry Michael, we
kind of lost track of the time. We'll get ready and..." By the shocked look on Michael's
face Max stopped talking mid sentence. "What? What's wrong?"

"Uh, Max have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?" Michael questioned.

Max pulled his hand up in front of his face to see if he could tell what Michael was talking
about. "Why? What is it?"

"Your forehead, the symbol. It's glowing on your forehead!" Michael exclaimed quickly, then
asked. "Is Liz okay?" His voice not one of accusation, but one of concern.

Max quickly turned to Liz to see if he could see anything wrong with her and wondered why she
hadn't said anything about seeing something glowing on his forehead like Michael. "She's
fine Michael. We'll be out in a few minutes." Max stated to his friend a little put back
by his question to begin with, but he could tell Michael was only showing concern. Closing
the door, he turned back to Liz and then proceeded to walk over to the mirror over the
dresser. His eye's were wide with astonishment as he saw what Michael had been talking about.
The symbol of the five planets, his five planets to be exact was in deed glowing out from
his forehead. He reached up to touch the symbol with his fingers, but he couldn't feel any
difference in his skin where the symbol laid.

"Max? What's wrong?" Liz asked concerned when she saw him touching his forehead in the

"You don't see it? The symbols, I..." He was frozen in mid sentence as he looked at her
forehead as she swept the hair that had fallen over her forehead to the side and he saw the
same symbol glowing on her forehead. "You have it too!" He stated as he looked closer.

"Have what? What are you talking about?" Now it was Liz's turn to try to stand up only to
find her legs unable to cooperate at the moment. Sitting back down on the bed, Max was at
her side in two seconds flat.

"Liz, are you okay?"

Knowing physically her body was completely drained from her and Max's love making, but feeling
the strange energy pour from her soul she looked over into the concerned eyes of Max. "I'm
fine, just give me a minute. What's this symbol your talking about?"

"The five planets from my solar system. The one the embassary used to verify that I am who
I was stating I am at the summit in New York last year. They were apparently tattooed on my
brain or something, remember when I told you about that?" With a slight nod Max continued
to explain their situation. "Well, apparently this tattoo has made itself known. It's glowing
on my forehead." Then very softly he added, "And on yours."

Now it was Liz's turn to examine Max's forehead more closely. Puzzled because she didn't see
anything out of the ordinary and kept looking longer and harder thinking she would eventually
see what Max was talking about. "Max, I can't see anything. I think your mind is as
exhausted as your body must be." She stated in a joking matter trying to get the nervousness
that was apparent on his face to go away.

"You can't see it can you?" He asked in a serious tone. When she shook her head no, Max
didn't wait to see if she could finally stand on her own. Instead he swooped her back up in
his arms and walked her over to the dresser with the mirror. "Can you see your?"

Liz looked into the mirror and examined her own forehead, but to her dismay she still couldn't
see anything, especially not any alien symbols. "Max, I don't see anything." She finally
commented. Max then noticed how they were both still naked and could tell his body was once
again reacting to Liz. Before they lost themselves in each other again he thought it best
for them to dress and talk to both Michael and Maria. He was curious if Michael would be
able to see the symbols on Liz's forehead too or if only he would have that privilege. Liz
agreed and the two of them dressed quickly and went to meet their friends out in the living

"It's about time you two. I..." Maria was going to give both of them another round of fun,
but was interrupted by Michael.

"Liz has it too!" He exclaimed as he saw the symbols of the five planets also glowing on
Liz's forehead.

"So you can see it on Liz?" Max asked his best friend and when he received a quick nod from
Michael he looked toward Maria. "What about you Maria? Can you see them?"

Maria looked at Max, then to Liz, then to Michael and then back to Max. "See what? What
exactly am I supposed to be seeing?"

"Liz can't see them either." Max stated ignoring Maria's questions for the moment.

"SEE WHAT?" Maria shouted not exactly liking the fact that she was apparently the only one
in the room that didn't understand what was being talked about. Michael immediately wrapped
his arm around Maria and explained to her what apparently only he and Max could see. After
listening to Michael, Maria approached Liz and ran her fingers over her forehead. "So, I
guess you have to be an alien to see this thing, so it shouldn't be a problem."

As Maria spoke both Michael and Max exchanged a knowing look. Yes, humans may not be able
to see the newly acquired tattoos, but what about their enemies? "Not a problem as far as
humans...." Michael started only to be interrupted by Liz.

"But, what about other aliens. Skins, shapeshifters or any other enemies out there that we
don't even know about yet." Liz looked over to Max and by the look on his face, she could
tell he was thinking the exact same thing. Liz's mind was working over time thinking of the
possible things that could now occur.

Max could hear every thought that was running through Liz's mind and he wanted to reassure
her everything would be okay. The problem was he was thinking the same things that were
running through Liz's mind at the moment. "Maybe they are only temporary, like the hand
print on Liz's stomach was when you first healed her." Maria stated trying to think of some
kind of positive solution.

"That's possible." Liz concurred to her friend and looked to Max to see if he thought that

"Well, until we know one way or another Liz stays inside." Max stated firmly, there was no
way he was going to take a chance of anything happening to Liz now.

"ME? What about you Max? You have the same symbol on your forehead also correct?" Liz
questioned why he would state that she was to say inside to keep her safe, but didn't say
anything about himself.

"I'm pretty sure most of my enemies know who I am Liz. But, with the symbol on you...."

"They'll know about me now too, right. Well, I don't buy that Max. If they knew about you
then more then likely if they did any research at all they would also already know about me
so if I can't go out then neither can you." She stated defiantly letting him know that she
had no intention of being kept safe if he wasn't going to stay safe also.

"I have to agree with Liz on this one Maxwell. I think both of you should plan on staying
in doors for a while and see if the symbols start to fade." Michael advised.

"Why are they there though?" This from Maria. "I mean, why did they show up now? They
weren't there this morning so why are they there now? Did something happen during your
extended bedroom activities that would have caused them to appear?"

Both Max and Liz blushed at the thought of how they had become so insatiable with their love
making that they hadn't even noticed that they had gone at it for nearly ten hours. "Maria,
stop okay. This isn't the time for jokes." Liz reprimanded her friend.

Maria saw how upset her friend was and knew she was having a hard time trying to keep it
together, but she needed her to understand she wasn't joking this time. "Look guys, I'm not
trying to embarrass the two of you. But, the four of us are in this together. We need to
figure out why this happened? I mean it wasn't like the first time you guys were together,
right?" Both Max and Liz looked to the floor and nodded letting Maria know she was correct.
"So we can assume it didn't take place because you two made love since both Michael and I
have and I'm pretty sure we can all assume Isabelle has been intimate with her husband. Of
course as wonderful as our experience has been I can't recall going at it for ten hours
straight though." Maria couldn't resist getting at least one little jab in.

"Maria!" Liz exclaimed letting her friend know to stop. She realized that one thing was
for sure, she was going to have to deal with her and Max's sex life with their friends if
they wanted to figure out what had caused the symbol's to form on both her and Max's forehead.
"Okay, yes Maria, you are correct. Today wasn't the first time Max and I have made love.
Except for the lost of time, I didn't feel anything occur differently this time, did you
Max?" She turned toward Max questioning.

"Uh..Not precisely different. It just seemed..Uh..I couldn't...Uh..I mean..No matter how
many times I..Uh..." Stumbling over his words not having any idea how he was going to say
out loud, no matter how many times nor how often he cummed, he couldn't stop the desire to
cum immediately again.

"Just spit it out Maxwell, what was different?"

Max turned to give Liz an apologizing look knowing what he was about to say was going to be
embarrassing to both of them, but knew he had to said it to try to figure all this out.
"Okay, look it's whenever know..I was instantly ready again and needing to release
again and again. Like something was driving me, making my desire to make love to Liz
intensify that much more each time I released or she..You know."

Even though Max's confession caused Liz to blush shamefully, her mind was processing what
Max was saying. All the while Maria's mouth hung opened in mere shock at what Max had just
said and Michael just smirked widely while rolling his eyes in a statement that simply said
unbelievable. The four stood in silence contemplating Max's confession, then without warning
Liz fell limp almost hitting the floor as blackness came over her, but Max was too quick
gathering her in him arms only to enveloped into the same blackness as soon as he caught her
causing both of them to fall in a heap.

End Pt 17

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Hey everyone! Thank you so much for the FB, when you're stuck at home it is very very very much appreciated. BTW - Still no baby yet. So instead you all get another update. Explanations are coming, but as usually this story started out as a fluff and took on a mind of it's own. I've written several more parts and I still see no end in sight quite yet. Hope everyone is in for the long all now. Well, enough babbling(I feel like Maria)HAHA. On with the new part.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary See Pt1

Part 18

"Holy Shit!" Michael exclaimed as both he and Maria rushed to their two friends that were
completely passed out on the floor. Michael immediately felt for a pulse on both his friends
and when he knew they were both alive relief flooded his system. He tried to revive his
life long friend first. "Max! Hey buddy, wake up!" He shouted as he shook Max's body, but
to his dismay nothing seemed to help.

"Are they okay?" Maria screamed out, nearly in hysterics.

"Their alive, I guess their just a little spent. Let's get them back on the bed and see if
they come around in a few minutes." He stated as he picked up Liz carefully first and
carried her back into her and Max's bedroom. Then came back to get Max. "Maria, help me
with Max's legs." Knowing Max was a little more heavier to deal with on his own. As soon
as they placed both of their friends on the bed they watched in amazement as their bodies
gravitated to each other almost immediately. Max's arms wrapped around Liz's waist as her
arms wrapped themselves around his neck. Their foreheads leaned into each other and as
soon as they touched both of their symbols glowed brightly. "Do you see that?" Michael
asked Maria not sure if she could see them or not since she hadn't been able to see the
symbols prior to this.

When he got no verbal response he turned back to look at her. Maria's eyes were wide in
shock as she lightly nodded her head acknowledging that she most diffidently could see the
glowing symbols on both Max's and her best friend's foreheads. "What's that mean Michael?
What's happening to them?" She asked more than a little worried about their two friends.

"I honestly don't know." Michael answered honestly as he himself was memorized by what was
taking place between Max and Liz. "Think I should try pulling them a part?" Not sure if
that was a good idea or not, but feeling they should try something.

"NO! Are you crazy? Look at them, obviously something major is happening, but whatever it
is I think it wouldn't be a good idea to break them a part in the middle of it. Oh My God!
Are they? Michael do something!" She screamed out as they stood transfixed as Max and Liz's
clothes dissolved between them and their bodies moved as if they were going to start making
love right there in front of both Michael and Maria and the worst part of it, they were still
completely passed out and they couldn't even yell at them to knock it off.

"What do you want me to do? You just said not to pull them a part, do you want me to stop
them or not?" Michael himself was totally baffled as to what he should do or not do as
Max and Liz began to actually make love right there in front of the two of them.

Maria finally pulled Michael's arm to pull him out of the room. "Liz, babe if you can hear
me, Michael and I are going to be right out in the living room if you guys need us." She
called out as she continued to pull Michael out of their friend's bedroom. Once the door
was closed she turned to Michael.

"Are we just going to leave them like that?" Michael asked totally perplexed by Maria's

"Michael, don't you get it? Whatever was happening between them before, we apparently
interrupted." Seeing the still puzzled look on Michael's face she continued. "They weren't
finished. I made you knock on the door and we interrupted them before...Well, I don't know
exactly what's happening between them, but whatever it is, they weren't able to complete it
because we interrupted them. Think about it Michael, have you ever heard of anyone being
able to physically make love for ten hours before. They aren't just making love, something
was happening between the two of them. You heard what Max said earlier, he said that
something was driving him."

"How do you know that it isn't something dangerous, maybe we should pull them a part?" Just
as he said the words a loud moan from Liz came through the door followed by a "Yes, Max!

"I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm going to say Liz isn't feeling any pain right about
now." Maria stated sarcastically. Even though she didn't really have the foggiest idea what
was going on between her two friends, she knew one thing for sure. They weren't in any pain
and they diffidently needed to complete whatever it was they had started.

"So what we do in the mean time? I would suggest we leave, but I think we should stay just
in case anything else happens."

"Well, I can only guess that the two of them will have one hell of an appetite when their
done, whenever they do get done. We could fix dinner in while we're waiting?" Maria inquired.

Just as soon as the words were out of her mouth, another round of moans came from the bedroom
of their friends. This time by Max. "God Liz! I'm cummmmmmingggg!"

Both Maria and Michael rolled their eyes and covered their ears simultaneously. "That's it,
we can cook dinner later, right now I think Maxwell has the right idea." Michael stated as
he moved to Maria quickly, picked her up and began carrying her toward their own bedroom.
"You know the old saying." He wiggled his eye brows up and down. "If you can't beat them,
join them." He joked as his lips descending upon Maria's as he kicked their bedroom door

Back in Liz and Max's bedroom, Max and Liz continued to make love. They were completely out
of control with their desires for each other. Over and over again they shared orgasm after
orgasm, but they couldn't get enough of each other. They had come out of the blackness they
were in the minute their bodies joined again and they only briefly heard Maria's voice in
the back of their minds stating that her and Michael would be out in the living room when
they were finished. Neither could think about what was happening to them or why, at the
moment neither cared as their need for each other grew rapidly with each and every orgasm.
Almost to the point were their bodies were slapping together in such wanton need that Max
thought he was going to pass out, not to mention how much he knew Liz was starting to feel
drained. But, to his dismay no matter how much he tried to fight the desire to continue
to make love to Liz, he couldn't stop. He moved in and out of her, thrust after thrust,
orgasm after orgasm. Needing to get deeper and deeper inside of her as his body continued
to pump in and out of her.

Their mouths merging together in deep, needy kisses of such desire, such hunger that one
wouldn't be able to tell where Max's mouth ended and Liz's mouth began. Their hands roaming
needing to feel ever ounce of skin available to the other one's touch. As much as their own
physical bodies were feeling drained from their continuous love making, like before an
enormous amount of energy kept being fed to them from where they weren't sure and for what
reason they had no idea, but they continued to make love. Like before time become still for
them, neither had the faintest idea as to how long they had made love this time, but as they
came together one last time and fell exhausted into each other's bodies the symbols that
were previously upon their foreheads glowed so brightly it lit up not only their bedroom,
but the image of the symbols glowed outside of their balcony, across the ocean and up into
the stars. Higher still into the outer atmosphere of the Earth and reaching into a galaxy
far, far away.

Maria, who was sitting on the living room couch by this time screamed at Michael. "Oh My
God! Michael, you've got to see this!" As she raced to the window that overlooked the
ocean in their condo.

Michael stopped his cooking to see what Maria was talking about, as soon as he looked out the
window there was no doubt what he was seeing. The symbol of his five planets flashed across
the sky into the stars. "What the hell?" He then turned toward the bedroom door of his two
friends where the light was growing still bright from under the door's crack. Just as he
was about to rush into their bedroom the light disappeared all together. He went to raise
his fist to knock on the door when Maria stopped him.

"No, Michael, don't. I think whatever was supposed to happen, happened. Maybe Max and Liz
will have found the answers this time, but I don't want to interrupt them again just in case
they haven't completed whatever it was that they were supposed to complete."

"This is big Maria, I don't think we should wait any longer. Apparently they finished since
the light under the door is gone." Michael reasoned with her as he once again raised his
fist to knock on the door.

The sudden knock on the door was what finally brought Max back to realty. He raised his
head from Liz's neck and looked at her sleeping form that laid underneath him. Stroking her
hair away from her sweat stained face his concern for her well being took on it's usual
manner. "Liz, babe. Can you hear me?" He stated softly just as the bedroom door opened.

"Max?" Liz whispered back not even having the energy to open her eyes yet.

"Maxwell?" Michael stated from the doorway not wanting to interrupt what was obviously a
very intimate moment between the two lovers.

Max didn't take his eyes off of Liz, but answered his friend as he pulled the sheet further
up around the two of them making sure Liz was covered completely. "We're fine Michael, just
give us a minute okay?"

Michael didn't answer, but as Max heard the door shut once again, he knew Michael had heard
him and had stepped back out of the room. "Liz, are you okay?" The concern in his voice
was highly clear as he moved his body off of her, but staying right next to her as he
continued to stroke her hair and her cheek with one hand as he popped his body up on his
other hand.

Still not able to open her eyes she whispered out. "I'm okay. Just...give me a minute."
Her body totally exhausted by the experience she had just shared with Max. But, before she
would allow herself to drift off again she whispered so softly it was almost as if she were
just mouthing the words in lieu of actually saying them. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Max
knew immediately what she was apologizing for and his heart ached for a few moments at what
they had just learned, but as he looked at her beautiful form laying in his arms still he
could only feel the love between them and the sorrow that was fleeting in his heart was now
replaced with such unconditional love he couldn't feel anything else.

Words of love and endearment were whispered into her ear as Max continued to caress her soft
hair and skin gently. Worshipping her completely with every ounce of love he felt for her.
Especially now that he knew no matter what came across their paths in the future they would
be together forever. They were bonded to one another with no exceptions to tear them a part.
No divorce paper could ever break this bond, no individual be it male nor female could ever
come between them. Liz was his now forever, for life, for eternity. She was bonded to him
just as he was to her. He needed her as much as he needed air to breath, his soul know
permanently bonded to hers in such a way that if he didn't have his daily dosage of her, his
soul would perish with wanton need. His heart soared with joy wanting to burst with joy as
this knowledge swept through his soul. God how much he loved her and he told her so over
and over again. They needed no papers, nothing as she was his wife, his queen, his soulmate
in every meaning of those words now. He kissed her softly on her forehead where the tattoo
symbol was already fading into her skin, like it was being absorbed into her brain just like
it had always been embedded on his. "Sleep my love. I'm going to speak with Michael and
Maria." Liz started to shift just ever so slightly trying to protest, but Max knew she was
in no condition to even lift her head let alone try to get out of bed. Guilt crept over him
knowing that her body was completely exhausted from their shared experience. Even the energy
his alien side had given them to continue until the ceremony had been completed didn't keep
her body from being drained of it's energy when they were finished with the bonding. "Rest
Liz, I'll be right back. You need your rest now, we'll talk later."

Drained of almost all her energy she could hardly manage a simple nod of her head as her
body fell into a deep sleep almost immediately. Kissing her one last time before he got out
of bed and pulled on a pair of shorts before heading out for what he knew was going to be a
long question and answer session with his two other friends. As he imagined, as soon as he
stepped outside the bedroom, Maria was on her feet. "Max? Is Liz okay?" Her concern for
her best friend was apparent as she approached him quickly.

"Liz is fine, she needs to sleep right now and I don't have a lot of energy myself at the
moment so I'm going to make this as brief as possible right now and we can discuss it fuller
later." Max stated quietly as he closed the bedroom door where Liz slept peacefully and went
to the couch to sit, knowing he himself wouldn't be able to stand too much longer.

Michael could tell Maria wanted a complete answer and she wanted it now, knowing her patience
for wanting to know what was happening wasn't her strongest abilities, but it only took him
one look at Max to know that there was no way he would last long for a complete answering
round so he stepped in between his soon to be wife and his life long friend. "Tell us what
you can Max. Do you know why the symbols were on both your and Liz's foreheads like they
were or better yet is Liz's disappearing the same as your is?"

Max smiled at his two friends and then began the explanation in the simplest of terms that
he could muster to satisfy them for the time being. "The symbol has always been embedded in
my brain, it's been with me since my birth of my original life as Zan. It does signify my
right to the throne on Antar. As long as I am alive Kivar cannot take complete control of
the throne because the symbol ensures that I am the proper King of Antar and not Kivar. He
may posess the throne currently, but he will never have complete control. That's why he
needed my son, my heir would also posess the symbols that would signify his rightful place
as the next King of Antar and Kivar would take control through him, raising him as his own
child. But, what neither Nasedo not Tess understood from the start when they originally
planned their deception was that in order for the heir to be conceived with the symbol on it,
the mother of my child needed to be chosen by me and I would have to chose to transfer the
royal symbol to her body before the next true heir can be conceived. Anyway to cut this
short for now, I never chose Tess. I mean yes, I had sex with her, but I never chose her
completely. I never passed the royal symbol to her."

"So your son that she conceived didn't have the royal symbol on him, did he?" Maria questioned

"No, he didn't." The sadness his heart felt, the guilt of the innocent child that was the
victim in all of this swam throughout his body as tears welled up in Max's eyes before he
finished his next statement. "That's why Kivar ki..killed him, when he was born." He choked
out as another wave of guilt passed over his heart.

End Pt18
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Just wanted to say Thanks for all the FB, the next part is another one of those everyone will get a lot of questions answered, but their are going to be a lot more questions they need to discover before this fic is done. Like I stated before, I don't see an end to this - it's like that bunny who keeps going and going and going. Between this fic and Purity(my current other one) I hope you guys don't get sick of me, because I don't have a whole lot to fill my time until the baby comes. So without further a do, here is the next part.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 19

"Your son's dead?" Maria asked in a whisper voice. She could see how heart wrenching it
was for Max to talk about, but the news came as such a shock to her that she wasn't quite
sure she heard him correctly.

"Are you sure?" This from Michael almost at the same time as Maria's question was asked.

A single tear escaped from Max's eye and began it's journey down his cheek before he quickly
wiped it away, trying to remain strong. "Yes, I'm sure." Max stated answering both their
questions with a single answer. Not really ready to have this discussion without his
strength, his soulmate sitting beside him to help him through it, so instead he changed the
direction of the conversation back to the symbols. "Liz received the symbol on her forehead
because Liz is my choice, she's the one I chose as my future. And with her complete
acceptance of me, the royal symbol began to regenerate itself into her."

"But the process wasn't complete yet, was it? That's why you two passed out the way you did
earlier?" Maria stated more than asked, proud that she had figured that much out of the
strange occurrence.

"Yes," Max answered swiftly, but his energy level was going down quickly and he knew the
exhaustion of his body would take hold soon. "I'm not even sure how the whole process was
possible, but I know it did."

"Why do you think the symbol shot out into space like it did?" Maria asked. She understood
what Max was saying, but she still didn't get that part.

"What? What are you talking about?" This time it was Max that was confused.

"Maxwell, a bright light in the form of the five planets, the same as the symbol that was on
both your and Liz's forehead shot out from your bedroom window, across the damn ocean and
up into the clear blue yonder. What the hell was all that about?" Michael yelled as he
demanded answers.

"Oh NO!" Max exclaimed as he rose quickly to his feet. "Michael, pack up NOW! We're

"Max, why? What is it?" Maria asked her voice now showing how nervous she had become by
Max's outburst.

Shaking his head. "I didn't know. God oh mighty, I didn't know." Was his reply as both
Michael and Maria could see how distressed he became in a matter of seconds right before
their eyes. "I've got to get Liz out of here. Please Michael, we haven't got time, we
need to go, we need to go NOW!" He screamed out as he rushed into his bedroom and quickly
began throwing his and Liz's clothes together in their bags as quickly as he could.

Michael and Maria stood there in shock for about two seconds as they watched Max frantically
packing, then the two of them looked at each other and in a silent agreement Maria ran to
their bedroom and began throwing the two of their belongings in their bags. As Michael went
into the kitchen and was started packing up as much of the food he knew they could take with
them in the car. Neither had any idea why the urgency came over Max the way it had, but
knowing now was not the time to ask questions. Now was the time for action and they would
get their questions answered later. Right now they were going on trust, on instinct that
their friend was right and knew what was happening. Michael was finished in the kitchen
within five minutes, waving his hand over the dishes and counter tops that he had been
working on to cook them dinner before all the light show to leave it sparkling clean. Then
went in to help Maria with their stuff. The soldier in him told him distinctly that their
next stop wouldn't be a fun in the sun vacation. They would be going into hiding.

The two of them packed in record time and had their stuff along with as much food as Michael
knew they could take with them sitting by the front door of the condo before returning to
help Max out. Max and Liz's stuff were messily thrown together and Max was in the middle of
trying to get a still very passed out Liz dressed as quickly as he could. "You ready Max?"
Michael asked as he stepped into the room.

Not bothering to answer him orally, Max lifted Liz into his arms and then grabbed the bags
in had thrown together in haste as he rushed passed Michael. "Let's go." Was all he said.
His body going on adrenaline of fear for Liz's safety now. He knew he would be passed out
in the car as soon as he got Liz there. Maria ran into her friends room and did a quick
check for anything that Max may have missed in his packing haste. Only finding a few odds
and ends she quickly grabbed those items up in her arms, threw them in the only bag Michael
had left for her to carry and rushed out just behind Michael, Max and Liz who was sound
asleep in Max's arms. Michael opened the trunk of the vehicle, threw his, Maria's, Max's
and Liz's stuff into it and then quickly hopped into the car. He looked into the rearview
mirror to ask his friend if he still wanted to head further down south when Max met his eyes.
"Roswell, Michael get us to Roswell." That was the last of Max's energy as his eyes closed
and his body slowly laid back in the back seat pulling Liz's body on top of his as he went.

"You don't think their going to start doing it again do you?" Maria half joked as she saw
how Max feel into a deep sleep along with Liz in his arms.

"Very funny Maria."

"Well, I'm sorry if I'm trying to keep my sense of humor over this entire situation. We
still don't know for sure what the hell is going on exactly and for that matter why would
Max want to go back to Roswell of all places? I thought those guys at the lab would kill
the two of you or the two of us for that matter if we ever went back there?"

"I think the old man and his goons are the least of our worry at this point. And I know
you've got a lot of questions, hell I have a lot of questions. But, until those two wake up
we're going to head in the direction of Roswell. I mean they can't sleep all the way there
and then we'll get some answers, okay?"

"Okay. I'm just a...A little scared I guess." Maria confided, before she had gone on trust
of her friend. Now that they were in the car, heading back to her home town all the rush
was gone and her brain was just now trying to play catch up to everything that had gone down.

"I know Maria, I know." Michael said soothingly hoping to calm his fiance's nerves down
just a tad as he reached over and took her hand in his. "Why don't you get out the map and
see if you can find us the most direct route back to Roswell?" He asked hoping that giving
Maria something to do would take her mind off of everything. Maria nodded as she squeezed
Michael's hand once to let him know she was going to be fine and then got the map out and
began to plot their course home.

True to her word at midnight, Isabelle laid in her bed in her apartment next to her husband
and began to dreamwalk her brother. She watched as Max paced round and round an individual.
It was like he was watching over the person that laid in the center where he was pacing. At
first Isabelle couldn't make out who the individual was until she stepped closer, seeing the
long brown hair she knew instinctually who her brother seemed to be protecting, even though the
persons face was covered by her hair, Isabelle knew. It was Liz Parker who laid in the
center of the area that Max was watching with hawk like eyes. "Max? Max, it's me Isabelle.
Can you hear me?" She called to her brother to get his attention.

"Isabelle? Is that you?" He shouted back to her.

Isabelle stepped closer to her brother and was caught by surprise at the speed in which he
stepped between her and Liz. It was almost as if he didn't trust her near Liz, like he
actually believed she would cause Liz harm. "Max, where are you?"

"I can't tell you Isabelle. Their going to be coming soon. You need to be prepared to
leave Roswell at a moments notice, can you do that?" He asked quickly.

"Max what's going on? Who's coming soon?"

"Isabelle, we don't have much time and I can't even begin to explain everything to you. Just
trust me. Our enemies will be coming looking for us, they more than likely will start
looking in Florida, but then they'll come to Roswell when they don't find us there. They'll
use you to find us if they catch you. We have what Kivar wants, what he needs to take control
of the throne and he'll stop at nothing to get it, do you understand."

The urgency in his voice made Isabelle realize how serious he truly was. "What do you have
Max, that Kivar wants so badly? She asked thinking that maybe they should just give Kivar
what he wants and be done with the planet of Antar once and for all.

"The key to having the next heir of the throne Isabelle. I'm betting Kivar either already
knows about what took place tonight or if he doesn't he will shortly and then he'll come
looking for us. I can't explain it any further tonight just please be careful and keep an
eye on the news in Florida for any out of the ordinary experiences. If you see anything at
all, get out of Roswell as quick as you can. Make up any excuse you have to, but go. Please
Isabelle, they'll kill you or make you help them if they find you."

"Okay Max, I don't understand why you can't tell me what's going on, but I trust you Max. I
contact you next week and...."

"No! Isabelle, keep in touch with me daily for the next few days only make sure you only
contact me or Michael at midnight every night. If you come earlier or later we'll know
something's up and that you're endanger. I love you Isabelle, take care of yourself and
remember anything, anything at all that tells you something is up, get out of Roswell quick."
With that their connection was broken.

Isabelle's eyes popped open as she came out of the dream walk. She had so many questions
now running through her head she didn't even know which ones to try to figure out first.
Max said they had the key to the next heir of the throne. Did that mean he had found his
son? Did you find him and rescue him somehow and now Kivar wants him back? Why was he
protecting Liz like she was his life line in his dream, if he had the heir that he and Tess
had created wouldn't it make more sense that he would be protecting his son so fiercely in
lieu of Liz Parker? The part about Kivar trying to use her to get to Max's son, she could
understand, but she wasn't Vilondra in this life time. She would die first before she would
betray her brother in this life time. She thought Max knew that, so why did he feel so
strongly that....Then the realization to that question was answered before her mind had a
chance to process the entire question. Max understood she wouldn't betray him this time,
she would give up her life first and he cared too much for anything to happen to her, he
didn't want her to have to take that risk. She laid down close to Jesse needing his comfort
at that moment, knowing that she may not have too many more moments with him and she wanted
to cherish each and every one of them while she still had the opportunity. Wrapping her arms
around her husband she hugged him tightly to her body trying to get as close to him as

Jesse rolled onto his side to face his wife, the moment he felt her arms around him. He
leaned over and kissed her head as he took her in his arms. "I love you Isabelle." He
whispered still half asleep.

"Hold me Jesse, please. Just hold me." She pleaded as she snuggled even closer to his body.
The two of them fell into a deep sleep, one more content then he had ever been in his life
as his beautiful wife pressed her shapely body more firmly against his and the other fearing
that this was probably one of the last nights she would get to feel the security of her
husband's arms around her. Finally feeling the safety of his arms, body and love surrounding
her she finally let sleep take over her body with her last thoughts for the night. "Be
careful Max."

End Pt 19

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Okay, Okay, I get the hint. Everyone seems to want another part. The FB has meant so much to me(Especially since I'm still stuck waiting for my little one to make his debut to the world). So without further a do here you go. Hope you enjoy it as this part will give a little more info. But don't worry, I'm sure any one who loves a good M/L loving scene will love the next installment after this one. Hint Hint!(What can I say-I'm nine months pregnant I have to live smut through my writing now adays-HAHA!)

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 20

It was past midnight by the time Maria finally fell asleep in the vehicle, leaving
Michael to a silent drive as he continued his way across the open high way toward Roswell.
By three o'clock in the morning he was nearly to the Texas border and his own body was
fighting the urge to sleep. He had been driving straight for close to six hours now and he
could feel the aches and pains of sitting in the same position start to take it's toll. But,
until he had some answers he wasn't about to stop. The warrior inside of him told him he
needed to keep going. He was concentrating so hard on the road to stay awake that he jumped
nearly out of his seat when he felt a hand tap him on his shoulder from the back seat.
Looking in the rearview mirror he saw his best friend's eyes were open and looking out at
the stretch of highway he was currently driving on. "Where are we?" Was the first question
out of Max's mouth.

"Close to the Texas State line. How you feeling?" He returned keeping his voice low, not
wanting to wake up Maria.

"Like I've ran a marathon for two days straight."

Michael let out a small laugh at his friend's joke. "So you want to tell me what's going on

Max moved his body so he was sitting more in an upward position as he gently laid Liz's head
so it was resting comforting on his lap. "What do you want to know first?"

"Start with why we left in such a hurry, why were heading back to Roswell and then we can go
from there." Michael had more questions then answers at this point, but now in the quiet
early morning hours he knew Max would give him as much answers as he could.

"I'm not positive, but the light of those symbols on both mine and Liz's brain now that you
stated went up into the wild blue yonder earlier. I believe they weren't just heading any
where. I think it was a communication system implanted to announce to our home world when
I had taken a wife."

"A wife? But when did you and Liz get married?" Michael interrupted quickly, now becoming
somewhat confused.

"The bonding process Michael. The symbols that I gave to Liz, it was a bonding type ceremony
Basically it's like a marriage ceremony on our world. During our love making, we were on
some other plane of existence. I don't know how else to explain it, but that's how we got
so lost on time, because even though our bodies were physically in that bed together, our
minds were far from Earth. I can't even begin to really explain it to you, because I don't
really know how to, but that's the basis of it."

"Wow!" Was all Michael could manage to get out. Because Max's explanation so far was not
what he was expected to hear.

"Wow, is right. Anyway because I have the symbols embedded in my brain and when they were
also transferred to Liz's brain it must have triggered some kind of communication system
that would notify our home planet when I bonded myself to someone else. Effectively telling
our world that I'm alive and I have accepted a wife that could bare an heir to the throne for
a future king." The only problem with this whole thing is that I'm not sure since Kivar is
now the leader of the planet if this information would go to him."

"And if he knows that there is someone that can bare an heir to the throne, he would want to
be the one to impregnate this individual so the child would be his, but would also have the
symbols acknowledging him as the future king because it would be passed down from Liz now.
Is that it?" Michael finished the story for Max, then asked for verification to his thought

"In a nut shell yes. My guess is that when Tess returned home pregnant with my child, they
thought she had become my chosen bride again and assumed the child would be the next heir to
the throne. No body questioned if I had choose her or not, because she was carrying my
child so until the child was born and verified that he didn't carry the symbols they didn't
bother to confirm or deny her claim."

"So the bitch played both sides." Michael stated with a bit of disgust in his voice.

"Basically, only I doubt that she knew about the symbols needing to be transferred to her
by my choice before she could transfer them to our son. In fact, I doubt Nasedo really knew
about the entire thing. Maybe since I had taken her as my wife in my past life, he figured
she would have already had the symbols implanted in her already just like I did."

"Well, obviously you must not have ever made that kind of permanent bond with Ava as Zan in
your past life or she probably would have carried the symbols on to this life just like you
did." Michael guessed.

"It's possible, in fact you properly are correct. We just have no way of knowing for sure
now. Anyway I'm also betting that if Kivar does find out about the communication of a new
bride, they have some way to track where it came from."

"Meaning why we needed to leave as quickly as we did from the condo."

"Right again Watson." Max joked referring to the old Sherlock Holmes stories, then continued.
"So if I'm right in my assumption, Kivar is going to stop at nothing to find were we are.
Or at least how to get his hands on Liz."

"You may not want to hear this buddy, but what if you got Liz pregnant, then Kivar wouldn't
be able to...."

"Michael! Don't you see Kivar would want Liz either way. If she was pregnant with my child
he would just keep her until our child would be born so he could claim the child as his own.
Keeping him in control of the throne for years to come. If she wasn't then he would want her
so he could..." Michael could literally see the shudders that were playing havoc on Max's
body at just the thought of Kivar or anyone for that matter getting Liz pregnant be it by
force or not.

"Okay, I think I got the jest of the reason why you were so freaked back at the condo, but
why Roswell? Why do you want to go to Roswell, especially now? Wouldn't that be like the
first place Kivar would look for you once he discovered you aren't in Florida any longer?"

Almost in a whispered silence, Max answered his friend. "Yes," But, then quickly went on
to explain why they needed to go back home. "Liz, was right you know. If our enemies did
any kind of research at all, they would know about her just as they know about me. Especially
if Tess is still helping Kivar, I doubt she would hesitate to give Kivar the answers to Liz.
It's not like the two of them were ever best buds. Think about it, Tess goes home thinking
she will get everything again. She'll get to play Queen, because she's carrying what she
believes is the next heir to the throne. Unfortunately she didn't know about the symbol she
needed in order to give birth to the true heir. Kivar gets pissed, kills the baby and more
than likely tries to kill her for her betrayal to him. But, instead of killing her he keeps
her alive for information about us. Now he discovers I've passed the symbols on to someone
else, he goes to Tess for answers as to who it might be. She tells him all about Liz, her
final revenge to get even with me for what she would believe is my betrayal to her for
choosing Liz once again over her and the rest is history. Now the question is, Michael,
if you were our enemy and knew about Liz, but didn't know where she was. Who would go to
first to get that information?"

"Maria." Michael answered without hesitation.

"Probably, but Maria's with us so they wouldn't be able to locate her either, next?"

Max saw the moment the light bulb went off in Michael's head for the same answer he himself
had already figured out. "The Parker's."

"Or Isabelle. Either way they're playing for keeps this time. I don't doubt they would
hesitate to torture or even kill to get information on Liz's where about. We're talking
about the future of the throne here. Think about it, our enemies have obviously known about
us for a while now, especially me since I went to that stupid summit in New York. Why haven't
they come and killed us yet? Why let me live?" The anger and guilt in Max's voice started
to become greater and greater as he continued. "Because I'm just the stupid pawn that so
happens to still have this symbol embedded in my brain acknowledging me as the true King of
Antar. They needed me alive so I could pass the symbol on so the next heir to the throne
could be born. That's why Nasedo and Tess were constantly bringing up that destiny crap.
The true deal with Kivar, wasn't just for Tess to become pregnant with my child, but to have
conceived the next heir to the throne. God, Michael, I've put Liz's life in more danger
than I ever thought possible. All the times she walked away from me knowing that she was
going to get hurt in the end, she was right. But, did I listen? NO! I just kept going
after her, hell I even kidnapped her, basically seduced her to the point where she could
even claim rape. All because I'm selfish and couldn't let her live her life without me."

"Maxwell, stop it! Liz is here because she choose to be with you. You said it yourself,
she had to accept you completely before the symbol would be passed to her."

"He's right Max." Liz stated as she lifted her head off of Max's lap, looking him straight
in the eye, she continued. "I had a choice here too, you know. It wasn't just your choice.
I could have said no, I could have said I wasn't ready, but I didn't. I don't care about
if it's dangerous, or if we have to run and hide from your enemies, or even if we have to
fight to our deaths. My choice is you Max, as long as we're together. That's all that
matters to me. And just for the record, I think it was I that in fact seduced you to the
point where you couldn't say no." She added with a smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Max looked her deeply in her eyes and when he saw no doubts, only her unconditional love she
held for him, he knew she spoke the truth. He leaned forward and whispered. "I love you."
Just before he captured her lips in sweet, loving kiss.

"As much as I hate to break up this Kodak moment you two, I think we need to discuss our
game plan before we go marching back into Roswell. Besides, I'm going to have to stop for
gas here pretty soon anyway."

Max could see how tired his friend was even through the rearview mirror's reflection. "Okay
let's stop at the next exit that has a motel, gas and a place to eat I'm starving!"

It wasn't long before Michael was pulling off the highway. He stopped to get gas first, at
a truck stop just in case they needed to make a quick get away later on. While the tank was
filling up he went inside the twenty-four hour diner and order them each a breakfast platter,
paid for the fuel and then the four of them drove across the street to the small motel.
They all agreed to get just one room, thinking it would be safer to stick together now that
the stakes were raised and then all four of them dragged themselves out of the car, stretched
and made their way into their motel room. They plopped down on the two beds and then Max,
Liz and Michael took turns filling Maria in on their situation so she was up to date with
as much detail as possible while the four of them ate their breakfast. "So what's our next
move?" She asked once she knew the entire story and was reassured by Liz that she was all

"We get close enough to Roswell that if we're needed we can get there quick, but just keep
a safe enough distance away to take any unnecessary risks and Liz goes no where alone. No
where." He turned his attention back to her as he said that last part. "No exceptions, no
arguments. Kivar doesn't need me anymore, you are the one that he truly needs now. I'm
as expendable as the next person." He added as he looked her directly in her eyes to let
her know how serious he was. He had already told everyone about his talk with Isabelle and
how he had told her to contact them daily so they could keep each other up to date on any
new developments. "I also think it would be safer for us to sleep in shifts. Michael since
you drove most of the night, I think you and Maria should take the first shift to sleep."

Michael didn't argue, he was physically exhausted from driving all night and he knew Maria
really hadn't gotten very much sleep in the car. The two of them climbed into bed and were
asleep wrapped in each other's arms almost as soon as their heads it the pillows. Liz stood
up, stretched and stated. "I need to take a shower." She started to head toward the bath
room when she turned toward Max and whispered. "Do you think I might need my body guard to
watch over me while I wash?"

End Pt20
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Things are going to get a little intense as the story unfolds, like I stated before this story doesn't seem to want to end. But, then again even with everything happening there still has to be time for that nooky. So without further a do, here is the next part. The FB has been great, keep letting me know what you think and I'll keep the parts coming.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 21

Max didn't hesitate in his actions, he sealed the door to their motel room using his powers
to prevent any unwanted guests and then quickly followed Liz into the bathroom. He closed
the door behind him and then turned to face Liz. She didn't acknowledge his presence even
though she knew he was there. Instead she began to undress herself slowly, seductively.
As tempting as her body was to his and as hard as he was getting because of her slow actions
to seduce him, he wanted to enjoy her show. So he leaned against the closed door and let
his eyes roam over her body in the same slow mannerism that she was undressing herself in.
Trying hard not to pay attention to how Max's eyes were roaming over her body, but finding
it utterly impossible as it seemed like every inch that his eyes took in, felt as if they
were actually touching her intimately. Stirring emotions of such desire she needed more.
"Aren't you going to join me?" She finally asked once she was completely naked and turned
to face him directly. Seeing how dark with desire his eyes burned for her she knew she was
going to face another round of mind blowing intimacy with your chosen lover.

When Max made no move toward her, but kept letting his eyes take in the sight of her body.
From her eyes, to her lips, to her sensual neck. Down to her supple breast, where they
boar into her twin peaks making them turn hard with just his simple stare. *Touch them.*
She clearly heard whispered in her mind and before she could even think about what and why
she had just his voice in her head she found her own hands moving up her body until they
both made their way over her own breasts. *Your nipples, twist them.* She heard the
seductive low voice in her mind once again and as before she had no control over her actions
and found her thumb and finger slowly twisting her nipples, making them harder and harder.
The entire time Max still stood leaning against the door, every ounce of his body concentrating
on the seduction he was enhancing through his mind. Liz had been the one to start this game
of seduction, but it was Max that was determined to win this time. As she twisted and pulled
on her now very hard nipples, Liz couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips.

That was Max's cue that she was just about ready for him, keeping his concentration up he
quickly pulled his shirt over his head before sending her his next request. *Lick them,
love.* She heard this time and as before unable to stop herself from complying. Bending
her head forward and lifting one very tight nipple upward she slowly let her tongue lick
around her own nipple. Lapping, licking and moaning all at the same time as Max kept his
eyes on her. Touching her with his eyes and mind just as if he was actually the one touching
her and licking on her. All the while he finished getting himself undressed until he stood
leaning once again against the door only this time completely naked. The effect of watching
her touching herself on such on intimate level almost made him cum just standing there. She
was truly amazing to him and his desire for her spiked to an all time high.

Not taking her hands away from her breast she lifted her head and took in the sight of Max's
erection immediately as she did so. It jutted straight out, yearning for her touch just as
much as she yearned for his at that moment. "Touch yourself." She whispered to him, wanting
to see him touch his self in the same intimate manner that he had requested from her. Unable
to deny her anything at this point, Max moved one hand to his hard erection and began to
slowly stroke himself.

*Come here.* His voice whispered softly in her mind and without removing her hands from her
breast she walked the short distance that had separate their bodies until she stood directly
in front of him. "Your so beautiful, I love you Liz." This time his words were heard by
ears, spoken out loud and his voice full of love and desire for her. She leaned forward and
placed her lips upon his.

Kissing his lightly, refusing to allow him to deepen their kiss she whispered against his
lips. "Don't stop touching yourself. Promise me, you won't stop."

His grip tighten around his own groin. "I promise, just kiss me." He requested wanting the
taste of her mouth that he was craving so desperately at this point. She opened her mouth
and teased his lips with her tongue, gaining access to his tongue immediately. As each
were treated to the taste of each other they both let out of moan of delight. Pulling back
her lips just slightly until only their tongues tangled seductively together. She moved her
hands down her own body allowing her breast to brush up against his strong muscular chest.
While she lowered her hands down to her lower lips. She moved her body closer until she
could feel the tip of his erection against her own hands that were currently spreading her
lips apart. His hand still stroking himself slowly now, trying not to lose control until he
was finally secure inside of her. But, as he felt his tip brushing against her sensuous nub
he allowed one finger to feel her ever so slightly with each time his hand stroked forward.
She was already so wet, so ready for him he thought he was going to lose it, he had to use
every ounce of control not to lift her in his arms and thrust deep inside of her. But, he
wouldn't break his promise to her no matter how much he wanted to be buried inside of her.

Liz knew what she wanted to do, but she wasn't sure if Max would hold out long enough for
her to finish. Especially with the way his fingers kept teasing her so seductively every
time he stroked himself to the tip of his head. Knowing she wouldn't be able to take much
more of this teasing, she finally began her journey. Slowly she kissed her way down his
chest, to his stomach and then dropping to her knees before him she kissed the tip of his
erection causing his hand to still it's action. "You promised." She stated as she also
stopped her movements waiting for him to start stroking himself.

Taking a deep breath, he began stroking himself again. *Lick me.* His voice commanding
once again in her mind, but this was a command she was more than happy to comply with.
Jutting out her tongue she circled it around just the tip of his head, careful not to disturb
the actions of Max's hand. She could taste a little of her own juices that had dripped on
his tip when it had connected every so slightly with her nub only moments before, but along
with her own taste she got a full taste of Max's precum causing her to moan and crave more
of him. *Suck me.* His voice still commanding, but low almost begging with need for her to
take him into her sweet, wet mouth. Once again the command was met with ease as her desire
for more of Max's tastes were growing with each passing second. Wrapping her lips around
his head she waited until she felt his hand come in contact with her own lips and then as he
stroked back, her mouth followed. Then creating a tight suction around him she pulled back.
It took Max all of two seconds to figure out that she wanted his hand to follow her mouth
back to his tip where he waited for her tongue to encircle around his tip for another taste
of another drop of his precum that had already been present. Max's free hand came down to
her hair and half stroked, half held her head to his throbbing cock. As his other hand
touched her lips requesting her mouth to follow his hand back down his shaft. This time
though he removed his pinkie finger allowing her to take him deeper into her mouth. This
process continued as one by one he removed his fingers, each time thrusting himself gently
forward as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. *Make me cum.* Was his final
plead to her mind, which was her plan all a long.

Liz could tell by the swell of his cock that he was about ready to explode inside of her
mouth and with one final deep sucking she took his entire penis into her mouth and pulled
his ass forward to cause him to go as deeply into her awaiting mouth as possible and held on
to him causing him to lose it and release his seed down her throat. As usual for Max, his
seed kept exploding out of him as she continued to drink her fill of his essence. She sucked
and licked at his dick until he was completely empty and she felt satisfied she had sucked
him dry, then and only then did she finally release his cock from her mouth. "God, Liz.
You are wonderful." He moaned out as he took a few deep breaths.

She looked up at him with eyes that were still heavy with desire. "Am I? I think I need
you to show me what you mean." She stated seductively as she stood up next to him. "Touch
me, Max. I need you to touch me now."

There was no hesitation in his actions, he lifted her straight up his body until her intimate
scent could be inhaled easily. Turning their bodies so she could lean against the door that
he had used for leverage only minutes before. Spreading her legs with his head until her
thighs were draped over his shoulders, he took his first taste of the night of her sweet
nectar. That first taste was all it took and his ultimate craving for her juices was running
rapid in his blood as his tongue swiped all along her length. His hands holding her up by
her bottoms cheeks, using his fingers to spread her lower lips to give him complete access
to her center core. His tongue moved swiftly, accurately hitting her in the spot that he
knew drove her crazy. Lashing over her sensual nub only to lick his way down to her opening
and penetrating her as deeply as he could go. His movements were quick to start and Liz's
first orgasm came quickly since she was so far gone from doing him earlier, but after that
first wave of pleasure, Max slowed his pace sucking her juices completely. Only to crave
more and more of her essence. Now that they both had released, the quest to rush was no
longer there, so Max took his time building her to her next wave of pleasure. He kissed,
licked, sucked and fingered her thoroughly in slow teasing motions. Letting her next orgasm
continue to build until she was literally screaming with need for her release. "Max, please!"

Keeping his lips against her lower lips he hummed out. "Please what love."

"Max!" She was so wet, so ready to cum she could almost taste the sensation just ready to
be release. "Please, I need..."

Still continuing his sweet torture in his slow lashing of his tongue, he asked again. "Please
what, Liz? Tell me what you want."

Unable to take any more she pleaded. "Please, I want to cum Max. Make me cum, please!"

That was all Max needed to hear as he jutted his tongue against her pleasure spot and moved
his fingers deep inside of her as he sucked hard on her nub. That did it, her release
crashed throughout her body as her juices poured out of her body. Saturating his fingers
and mouth with her sweet nectar as Max greedily drank every drop. Her body writhing against
his mouth, holding his head against her middle as she came and came into his awaiting mouth.
They both moaned in delight, Liz from the shear pleasure Max was releasing upon her body
over and over again. And Max, from getting the shear pleasure of getting his fill of her
that his body now craved as much as air. She barely had time to relax from that orgasmic
experience when Max was inducing her body to release again and again until she was to the
point where she was going to pass out from the pleasure being too much. "Max, you have to
stop." She panted out as she was completely breathless from the amount of pleasure she had
already endured.

Still sucking and licking her juices, he hummed against her core. "I can't." Which was the
truth, his craving for her tastes was too strong to fight against it and he physically
couldn't stop. He knew he was completely out of control, but he couldn't help himself, he
simply could not get enough of her juices.

Knowing how out of control he was and knowing he wasn't going to stop, Liz said the only
thing that would allow his body to quit his current actions. "I need your dick inside me,

That did it, her body was lowered in an instant until he was unable to thrust his now
throbbing manhood deep inside her very wet core. Still pinned between his body and the door
the only thing Liz could do was wrap her legs around his waist and enjoy the feel of him
thrusting deeply inside of her. They were lost in the pleasure of feeling each other's body.
Liz's lower lips surrounding him as his rock hard penis pounded deeply inside of her. Even
after he screamed out and she felt his warm seed being sent deep inside of her didn't seem
to waiver Max's thrusts at all. He continued to pump in and out of her as his erection
grew over and over again. His lips descended upon hers and his tongue thrust deep inside
her mouth as he continued to drive his body in and out of her wet core. One orgasm turned
into another and then another until they were wild in abandonment. Neither had any control
left and they're movements proved just how much they were out of control.

Knowing they were out of control and knowing nothing she said would be able to stop their
actions, but also knowing they needed to stop or they wouldn't be able to walk let alone run
if they needed to. So once again summing up as much strength as she possible could she
whispered out. "Shower." The main reason they had come into the bathroom to begin with.

Keeping her in his grasp and still managing to pump inside her he turned both of them in the
direction of the shower. Liz was the one to pull the shower curtain open as Max stepped in
the shower stall still holding onto Liz. His mind completely focused only on her and how
her body felt surrounding his. Liz waited until they released one finally time, but just as
she felt his erection immediately begin to grow with need again she reached back and turned
the shower on, leaning back so that the main stream of water went straight on Max. The very
cold stream of water.

"OH Shit!" He screamed out as he finally released Liz's body and came out of his Liz induced
state. Liz reached out and caught the shower bar to keep her body from falling since her
legs were to rubbery to hold her weight just yet from the amount of deep pleasure she had
received. It took Max only a few seconds to understand why she had done what she had done
and taking one look at her, he knew he had gone too far. "Oh God! Liz, I'm so sorry. Are
you okay?" His concern for her well being kicking into high gear once again. He reached
out to take her in his arms, but she held up her hand to his chest.

Still slightly out of breath, she smiled at him and stated. "I'm fine Max, I'm more than
fine in fact. But, from the looks of things I'd say you need to stay in that water for a
few more minutes." As she glanced down at his still standing proud erection.

It didn't take a genius to understand her meaning. He hadn't hurt her, quite the contrary
actually, but it was time for them to stop their love making before they lost another ten
hours of time. "Okay. Okay, I get it. But, just so we're clear here. I believe you were
the one that asked me to join you in the first place." He joked with her as he stepped
directly into the stream of cold water once again. Allowing the coldness to take it's
natural course and cool his body off.

Liz handed him the shampoo she had brought in and let him wash his own hair afraid that not
only his desires weren't under control yet, but she didn't trust herself just yet either.
Max finished shampooing his hair, then washed his body in record time. All the while staying
in the cold stream of water, allowing his body to continue to cool down. Once done he just
had to look at her naked from in front of him and he could feel his body already beginning
to respond. "I think I'll just step out and shave now." He stated as he leaned over to
placed a soft delicate kiss on her lips, careful not to deepen the kiss in the slightest.

Liz couldn't help the giggle that passed her lips as she watched him step out of the shower.
She herself then stepped into the cold shower for a few seconds to see if it really would
help cure her desires enough to be able to finish her own shower without asking Max to join
her once again. After a few minutes she was able to turn the water temperature up and enjoy
the relaxation of the rest of her shower. When she finally finished, she wasn't surprised
that Max was no longer in the bathroom, but written in the bathroom steamed filled mirror
was the words. "I Love You."

End Pt21
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I just have to say Thanks once again for all the great FB.
You guys make sitting around awaiting for my new arrival to make his debut that much easier. Thanks again. Well, it's time to get on with the story. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 22

As soon as Liz was dressed in one of Max's old T-shirts she came out of the bathroom now
feeling a little more refreshed, but still ready for some much needed sleep. The minute
Max saw her in his shirt his desire for her began to flare back up, but he was more than
determined not to lose total control again like he had before. He patted the bed beside
him inviting her to relax with him. As soon as Liz slid in bed, Max began stroking her hair
until it was completely dry again. "You do realize, I'm never going to buy another blown
dryer as long as I live now." Liz half joked, knowing that she much preferred Max's drying
abilities more than any high price hair blower. She glanced over at her two friends who
were still fast asleep. Then her eyes saw the clock radio that sat on the table in-between
the two beds. "Oh My God! Max, is that correct?" She asked already figuring it was, but
needing clarification.

Sheepishly he grinned at her. "Yeah, I guess you should have put me in the cold water a
little sooner." He replied in a joking tone.

"How is this possible? I mean, not that I'm complaining, but when that fortune teller told
me I wouldn't be left wanting I had no idea this was part of what she was referring too.
You do realize we are going to have to find a way to control ourselves in the future, I mean
how many times can we physically handle five hour marathons of love making before our bodies
give out completely?"

"Well, I doubt it would have only been five hours if you hadn't turned that ice cold water
on me. Are you okay? I mean...Is your body sore?" He knew how hard he had driven into her
and now that he knew for sure how long she had allowed him to do so, he knew she must be
feeling the after effects of their love making.

"Max, I love the way your body feels when your inside me. Even when you lose complete control
and turn into a tiger, you still manage to treat me and my body with such gentleness it takes
my breath away. So don't even start to feel guilty about our love making. I'm just saying
that we need to figure out how we can be together and not lose complete track of time for
hours on end. It's not like we will always have the conveyance of this kind of time to make
love for hours and hours." She finished her say and then moved to pull her feet up on the
bed and lay down next to him. The slight wince she made didn't go unnoticed by Max.

"Liz, please don't hide your discomfort from me. If your worried about me feeling guilty
for causing you any discomfort, you can stop now. I'd worry about you no matter what, but I
can help if you just let me know." He stated sincerely.

Liz looked into Max's eyes, knowing he was speaking the truth so she decided to be completely
honest with him. "Okay, I admit, my body is slightly spent, but it's a feeling I don't mind.
It's a reminder of what we shared together and I can take a little discomfort in trade for
the amount of pleasure you give me."

"Lie down." He requested.

"Max, really I'm okay." She reconfirmed.

Max looked Liz deeply in the eye and knew she was going to be stubborn, but stubborn was a
game he knew he could play right back with her. When it came to Liz's well being, no one not
even Liz herself would deny him the right to take care of her. Even her slightest discomfort
that he himself had impaled upon her. *Lie down, Liz*." She heard his command in her head
and without hesitation her body obeyed. Max kept his eyes locked on hers and moved his hands
down her body, soothing her muscles as he went. Every ache and pain even if it was only in
the slightest amount that he found was taken care of. When he reached the juncture between
her legs, he whispered in her mind. *Open for me, love.* Her legs spread almost immediately
upon his request, it was obvious to Max that this was were the majority of her discomfort
was and he began to repair her inner walls and to massage her inner muscles until he was
content that she felt not one ounce of discomfort in her most delicate center. He moved his
hands down her legs, to her feet and when he was completely satisfied her body had not one
ache, one pain, one slight discomfort, then and only then did we release his hold on her
mind. "Better?" He asked out loud already knowing she was, even though now his body was in
major discomfort because of the desire he had for her spiked higher and higher as his hands
caressed her entire body.

"What did you do to me?" She quickly inquired once she regained control of her body once

"I made sure you didn't feel more discomfort." He confirmed with pride in his voice, proud
that he had the ability to make sure she never ever had to feel any pain or discomfort as
long as he was around her. And he planned on being around her until they died of a ripe old

"No, NO! My body feels wonderful, thank you. But, how did you....?"

Max now understood what she was asking. He shrugged his shoulders and stated simply. "I
guess it's another new power." Then thought for a second before continuing. "Does it bother
you? I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. I shouldn't hav...."

"Max, it's okay. I mean yes, it would bother me quite a bit if I didn't trust you completely
with my body and soul. But, even though I trust you completely, doesn't mean you should
take advantage of me with this new power. I'll trust you until the day I die, but don't
think I'll let you get away with manipulating my mind any time you feel like it, okay?" She
wasn't really angry, but it did disturb her knowing how easily he could control her like he
had earlier in the bathroom and now here only moments before.

"Okay, I promise not to use my new ability on you, except for certain occasions." He wriggled
his eye brows letting he know he enjoyed the bathroom ordeal and wouldn't mind having an
encore of that again, but to just manipulate her mind for any reason he wouldn't do that any
more. "But, you have to promise not to hide any discomfort your feeling from me in the
future. Your pain is my pain now, we're one Liz. Deal?"

"Deal." She agreed softly as she smiled sweetly at him. She leaned over and kissed him
gently and began to move her hand over his well defined chest. "You know, you did such a
good job relaxing my body..Almost too good actually. In fact I think I could use a little
bit more relaxing of a different kind. Too bad we don't have another five hours to kill."
She knew she was teasing the hell out of him, but she couldn't resist playing with his kind
of fire.

As her hand roamed downward over his stomach and teased just under the top of his sweats,
Max knew he was going to lose it soon if she didn't stop teasing him. "Maybe since we might
not have as much time as we would like to make love, we could practice trying to learn how
to control ourselves a little better." His voice growing deep with passion as she continued
to brush her fingers lightly over his lower stomach.

Liz dipped her hand lower inside of Max's sweats until her fingers reached the area were his
lower hair line began. She could tell by the way his sweats tented outward he was more than
ready for her, but she wasn't sure if they could control themselves if they really did start
making love again. It wasn't like they had a good track record of controlling themselves so
far. She glanced over to her two friends who were still sound asleep. "You know as tempting
as that offer might sound, I'm not positive we could pull it off." She started to pull her
hand out of his sweats slowly as she made that statement.

As Max felt her hand begin to restrict it's journey, he let out a small groan. He could was
so ready to feel her inner muscles surrounding his manhood, he didn't think he could wait
another minute to be inside of her. Quickly he pulled his sweats down and off. "I think we
should at least try." He pleaded as he pulled her more flush against his body with the arm
he had around her back.

Being so close, Liz could almost feel what it felt like to have Max inside of her. Her mouth
watered with anticipation, but suddenly she heard a grunt and movement from her friends bed
and her eyes glanced over to see Michael shuffling around just for a moment before sleeping
soundly once again. It was then she knew for sure they didn't have much time, maybe if their
love making was like normal people, they might have had time to share an intimate quickie.
But, they most diffidently were not like normal people when it came to their sex life. "Max,
we really don't have time. I want to, but...We can't." She begged for him to understand,
she couldn't think of anything else in the world that she wanted more than to make love to
Max again. But, she just couldn't bring herself to do it with their two friends sleeping
not even three feet away from them.

Max could have read her mind even if he couldn't read her thoughts. He knew she wanted this
just as much as he did, but her reserve wouldn't allow her to give in. With a devilish grin
upon his face he reached over and pulled her lips down to his. He kissed her softly, lovingly
and passionately. As their lips finally parted he looked deeply into her eyes and whispered
in her mind. *Fuck me.* He knew he was being wrong using his new power and he would never
have even considered using it, if he hadn't in fact knew exactly how she felt.

Liz heard his command in her mind and without hesitation she slid her body over the top of
him and quickly plunged down on his hard erection, moaning with delight at every inch of him
went further and further inside of her. She lifted back off of him almost completely only
to slide back down his length, engulfing him completely. Over and over she slowly slid
herself up and down, enjoying every inch of him as she did so. A small part of her brain
knew now what Max had done and even though that part of her brain wanted to be angry with him
for once again abusing his new ability on her. The rest of her knew she couldn't be angry
because he had only made her do exactly what she really had wanted to be doing and as the
first wave of pleasure came over her body and her juices began to flow over Max's erection
she couldn't help the moan of his name that came deep from her throat.

The moment Liz's orgasm hit, it trigger Max's. As usual he began to grow hard almost
instantly. Gripping her hips he began his own rhythm thrusting up into her now very wet
heat. "I love you, Liz." He moaned out as he continued pumping up as he brought her hips
down onto him. Their tempo increasing with almost every thrust, it wasn't long until their
next orgasm struck only to drive their need for each other on and on.

When her third wave of pleasure coursed throughout her body, Liz knew she couldn't last on
top much longer. Reading her thoughts so easily with their connection opened completely
during their love making, Max immediately flipped them over without even skipping a beat in
their rhythm. "Max, Oh God!" She breathed out knowing they were losing it again. But, she
couldn't stop her body from thrusting up to Max's downward thrusts. As much as she knew
they were losing it and if they didn't stop soon they would still be going hours from now or
worst, Michael and Maria would wake up and find them in yet another compromising position.
She kept saying in her mind that they needed to stop, they needed to get themselves under so
sense of control, but she had no control over her body. It was as if she was still following
Max's command and that's when she realized she more than likely was. He had instructed her
to fuck him and until he released her from the command she had no choice, but to continue
making love to him. "Max, you've got to stop us. I ca..can't...Oh Yes!" She tried to tell
him, it was going to have to be up to him this time, but just as she began another wave of
pleasure raced throughout her body.

"I know." He grasped out, knowing she was right, but the feel of her body as he slid in and
out of her was just to perfect to even try to stop making love to her yet. Kissing her and
filling her so completely was everything he ever wanted in this world or any other. "Your
so beautiful. I love you so much." His words of endearment continued to be whispered in
her ears as he continued making love to her so completely.

As Liz felt Max release and harden yet again, she whispered right back to him her love for
him. She was so lost in the passion and pleasure she was receiving that she couldn't have
tried to fight for control even if she wanted to. They were in the middle of another wave
of complete satisfying pleasure when they were struck in the head my a pillow. "You know
some of us are trying to get some sleep over here." Michael stated in a sleepy voice.

Max immediately stopped his actions of love making to Liz, but Liz didn't. She knew Michael
was now awake and she knew Max had stopped, but her mind wouldn't allow her body to stop.
Mortified by not having any control to stop her own actions, she thrusted her hips up to meet
Max's as her eyes burned into his to show him that she was no longer enjoying his little
mind game and he was going to get an ear full as soon as he released her. It wasn't that
she had minded it at all to begin with, in fact she had loved it. But, he had let them get
out of control and with her under his spell she couldn't do anything to stop it, in fact she
still hadn't stopped as her hands continued to roam over his body and her hips continued to
move up and down for a few more moments until she heard his whisper in her mind. *Stop.*
It was only one word, but it was all she needed as her body collapsed back against the bed.
"I'm sor..."

"Don't even." She warned, she was too upset to even start to say how upset she was with him.
They had gone from making the most wonderful love she could have ever hoped for, to what
almost felt like a violation of not only her mind, but her body also. She pushed against
him, threw his shirt over her head to cover her body and then ran to the bathroom, slamming
the door loud enough for both Michael and Maria to sit up in their bed thinking something
sinister was going down. As they did, they both saw Max leaping past their bed toward the
bathroom door not even bothering to put a stitch of clothes on first.

"LIZ! I'm sorry. God, I am so sorry!" He yelled through the door.

Maria quickly made her way out of bed to go see what was wrong with her best friend, but was
frozen in her spot the minute her eyes landing on one very naked Max. It didn't take Michael
but a second to follow her and when he also saw his friend's state of dress or undress as it
was, he quickly turned Maria around and then yelled at his friend. "For God sakes Maxwell,
put some friggin clothes on!"

End Pt22
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how much it inspires a person to write faster. Anyway,
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 23

Michael went over to the door and literally pulled Max away, then nodded to Maria to go check
on what had caused the outburst to begin with. Max began to fight against Michael, but when
Michael once again made another comment regarding clothes it finally sunk in to Max. That
he was indeed standing in front of his two friends completely naked. He turned out of his
friend's grasp, going back over to his bed to find his sweat pants and immediately threw
them on. Instantly heading back to the bathroom door, where Maria was now the one currently
knocking on it. "Liz, babe. It's me, let me in." But, to Max's dismay, once again he
found himself being held back by Michael.

They all three heard the lock on the bathroom door click signifying Liz had unlocked the door
to allow Maria in. When Maria opened the door, Max quickly flung Michael away from him and
went toward the door. "Liz, please." His voice laced with panic and guilt that he felt
over his inability to control himself.

"NOT NOW!" Was Liz's only reply as she quickly pulled Maria inside the bathroom with her,
slamming the door behind her once again. Liz was so angry, not only with what Max had let
get out of hand, but with herself also for not being strong enough to fight it. She knew
deep down that in a way it was her fault, she had initiated it, but still it infuriated her
that Max had taken advantage of her in the way he had. Maria stood there for a moment not
sure what had happened at all, but knowing that her friend was upset and needed her so she
waited for Liz to begin. After a few deep breaths, Liz turned to her friend, threw her arms
around her neck and let the tears flow.

In the motel room Michael regained his balance from when Max had thrown him off and went
back to his friend. "Okay, what the hell was that all about?" He asked unable to comprehend
what had happened. First he was awoken hearing his friends in the middle of what was obvious
the two of them making love, only to hear the bathroom door slam shut a minute later and now
the sound of Liz's sobs filled the room.

Max sat heavily down on his bed holding his head in his hands. "How could I have done that
to her? What is wrong with me?" Asking himself these questions to himself, but out loud
where Michael heard them all the same. The guilt in his voice was highly apparent.

"Max, what happened?" Michael's voice a bit softer now still trying to figure out what had

"I'm an ass, that's what happened. I found the most beautiful woman in the world who actually
loves me for me and I use and abuse her like some Neanderthal. I'm surprised she's here at
all considering how much of an ass I've been to her in the past. Why would she put up with
an ass like me? I keep telling her I'll never hurt her again, then blam, Mr. Asshole shows
up again and I hurt her all over again. What the hell is wrong with me?"

Michael still had no real idea what Max was talking about, other than what he had done in
the past. How had he hurt Liz this time? It wasn't as if he couldn't hear her moans of
pleasure only moments before, what had happened in just those few short minutes? "Max, man
you've got to pull yourself together and tell me what happened?"

Standing up and pacing, he turned to his friend. "I discovered a new power and I used it on
Liz. On LIZ! God, I am such an ASSHOLE!"

Liz and Maria were still standing in the bathroom holding each other when the sound of Max's
voice came through the bathroom door. Liz immediately pulled away from her friend and opened
the bathroom door. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she whispered his name. "Max."

His pacing stopped abruptly and he was at her feet within seconds, wrapping his arms around
her waist as he buried his head against her stomach. "I'm so sorry Liz, I'm so sorry." His
tears now falling freely at just the thought of how he had abused her trust.

Liz fell to her knees holding on to Max. "No, I'm sorry. I over reacted, it was my fault."
She acknowledge.

Pulling back Max looked her in the eyes. "Don't Liz, you didn't do anything wrong, it was
me. It's always me. I knew I didn't have control yet, but yet I forced the issue. I swear
I will never do that to you again, I swear it Liz." The two of them continued to hold each
other while two very baffled friends watched, neither really any having idea what had taken
place between their two friends, but almost afraid to interrupt what was obviously a very
personal matter. "I love you, Liz. I didn't know...I mean I didn't realize, until..."

"I know Max, I know." She held him a little tighter and Max knew once again she had forgiven
him. The guilt still swimming rapid through his system, vowing to himself he would never
ever use his new power, no matter what the situation. "Max stop. You and I both know it's
not that I didn't enjoy it at first, it's just like every other new power. You need to
learn to control it. Then once you've got the hang of it, I will be expecting it to be used.
When the time is right, of course." The last sentence was an agreement made between the two
of them as Max nodded his head in agreement knowing exactly what she was saying. His heart
soared with love for her all over again at how truly amazing she was to accept him for what
he was.

"Okay, now that the crisis seems to be over with, can you two please explain what this new
power is?" Michael asked knowing any new power might come in handy in the future.

Liz blushed immediately and Max feeling the need to protect Liz as usually just looked over
at his friend. "Michael." His name stated firmly to let him know he didn't need details
right at this moment.

"Wait, you discovered a new power?" This from Maria, who was even further in the dark then
Michael was.

This time the question was answered by Liz. "Oh yeah. But, I think Max needs to practice
getting it under control before he uses it again." She looked back over at Max as the two
of them rose off the floor.

"Well, what is it?" Maria pushed.

"I kind of discovered that I can control Liz's actions by manipulating her mind to do...Uh.."
Max had no idea how to explain what he was trying to explain and not embarrass both himself
and Liz at the same time. So instead just stopped his explanation in mid sentence.

Once again Liz blushed, as Maria started laughing realizing what Max was trying to say. While
Michael began questioning not picking up on what Max was trying to say, but intrigued with
this so called new power. "Is it only Liz that you can accomplish this new power on or do
you think you could do it with any one?" He truly wanted to know, because this new power
could in deed come in handy if it was ever needed.

"I'm not sure." Max answered his friend honestly, while Maria tried hard to regain her self
control of laughter, but was failing miserable.

"Maria, please. This isn't as funny as you find it." Liz stated to her friend.

"I know, I'm sorry, but..." Once again failing to contain her laughter.

This caused Liz to roll her eyes and then an idea popped into her mind. "Max, maybe Maria
needs a little demonstration to make her understand the seriousness of the situation a little
better." Then she whispered in his ear what she her request was. "I mean, it would be a
good opportunity to see if it would work on anyone Other Then ME!" She finished as she looked
over at her friend who was still giggling at her expense.

Max nodded and then looked over at Maria, finally catching her eyes and held them as she
heard him whisper in her mind. *Kiss Michael.* That was all that was said, but apparently
that was all that needed to be said as Max and Liz watched Maria's giggles stop immediately
as she strolled over to Michael and began to kiss him senseless.

Michael's first actions as a look of shock, then his own passion for Maria took new heights
as she thrusted her tongue inside of his mouth. He kissed her back for a few moments, but
when he saw how Max and Liz were both trying hard not to snicker he pulled her arms from
around his neck and tried to end their kiss. But, to his dismay nothing he did seem to
detour Maria's lips from kissing him. Even once he broke the kiss from his own mouth, she
kissed him on his cheeks, neck, chest, fingers, anywhere her lips could reach she kissed him.
When he saw the look of confusion on her face, he knew something was going on. "Okay*kiss*
okay*kiss*Maxwell*kiss*we*kiss*Stop*kiss*it*kiss*already*long deep kiss.

*Stop*. Was the only word Maria heard in her mind, but her lips stopped kissing Michael
almost instantly.

Maria whirled around to face Liz who was trying hard not to release her own laughter and went
toe to toe with Max. "What the hell was that?" She asked a little upset with the fact that
she had so easily been manipulated.

"That my friend, tells us that Max's ability isn't just limited to me." Liz answered, then
quickly added. "I guess that will teach you to laugh before you truly understand what it is
that you're laughing at."

Michael, of course, was concern for Maria's own well being. "Maria, are you okay? I mean
did it hurt?"

Maria gave Max a dirty look before she turned back to her fiance. "No, it didn't hurt. It
just made me feel..Uh..Violated, I guess is a good way to describe it. It's like I couldn't
stop or go against the command, I heard Max telling my mind to kiss Michael and the next
thing I know I'm all over you. Not that I minded kissing you or anything spaceboy, it's
just I had absolutely no control over when to stop doing his bidding." She then turned back
to Max. "Is that why Liz was so upset earlier? Did you? You did, didn't you?"

The way Max's head hung low told Maria her answer without him actually having to verbalize
it. But, it was Liz that came to Max's defense immediately, surprising the other three
parties in the room. "Maria, this is a new development that Max didn't even know he could
do, let alone how well it actually worked. I felt the same way you did at first, until I
realized I couldn't stop and as soon as Max figured out that he was still controlling my
actions, he stopped it. It just took me by surprise and I over reacted. Besides, Maria I
was the one that asked Max to do it to you. So if you're going to be angry with any one, it
should be me. I'm sorry."

"I'm really sorry too Maria, I didn't mean to surprise you like that. I'd should have told
you what I was going to do before I did it. I promise, that will be the last time you ever
have to worry about me using my new power on you. Forgive me?"

Michael wanted to break the tension that had grown in the room, so he tried to make light of
the situation. "I don't know, it's sounds like a pretty neat trick. What do you say you
Maxwell, want to teach me how you do it?" This of course earned him a slap on the side of
his head. "Owww! Hey, I was only joking." He then pulled Maria against his body and hugged
her tightly. "Seriously, Max. This kind of thing could really come in handy against our
enemies, maybe you should show me how it is done."

"Not right now Michael, okay? Why don't we get something to eat then Liz and I need to rest
for a little while before we take off by again?" Max stated more than actually asked wanting
to change the subject away from his new power. He honestly didn't mind it until he realized
how it had effected Liz. Now he loathed it and just the thought of using it again made his
stomach turn. However, he did understand what his best friend was saying he just wasn't
ready to admit it.

Once again Michael volunteered to go grab the food, he still felt the warrior inside of him
and felt the need to protect both Max and Liz now. In the mean time Max went to take a
shower leaving Maria and Liz only for some girl talk. Maria was grateful for the time,
because she diffidently had questions for her best friend and as soon as she heard the shower
going she started. "Can I ask you something?"

"As long as it doesn't involve Max and mine sex life go ahead." Liz half joked, she felt
both Michael and Maria knew enough about that subject as it was to have to answer more
questions about it.

"It's about Max's son actually. I'm just a little confused, because I thought Max had felt
him this summer calling to him. How is that possible, if he was killed?"

Before Liz answered, Maria could tell her mind was trying to come up with the correct answer.
"I'm not a hundred percent here so bare with me. I believe that night that Max's son made
or tried to make contact with him was the night he was born and the night he died. I guess
as soon as he was born, Kivar must have had him tested immediately only to discover he wasn't
born with the symbol that verified him as the next heir. So Kivar had him killed or killed
him himself as soon as he discovered Tess's deception. I figured with Tess just having gave
birth, that would have been her most vulnerable time since she was more than likely too
weak herself to even try to protect her and Max's son from Kivar's wrath. At the time Max
assumed his son was reaching out to him because he had been born, but I believe his son
reached out to him just as he was dying. I mean if you think about it, that was the one and
only time Max had felt his son. Now that we know the truth, I can't help feel guilty for not
questioning why Max's son never contacted him again."

"Liz, babe, I know your heart is huge, but there is no way you should feel guilty about what
happened on an entirely different planet."

"But, that's just it Maria. I do feel guilty. If I had made Max make Tess stay here and
made her pay for what she did for Alex, Max's son would be alive today. But, I didn't and
the worst part is that I didn't because I was selfish. I didn't want to have to deal with
Tess or deal with the fact that she was carrying Max's child. I didn't want to face that
Max may have chosen to be with Tess after everything she did, because of a child he had
created with her. That after everything, I still stood a chance on losing Max. How awful
of a person am I to be that selfish?" Her tears were flowing freely down her cheeks as the
guilt began to consume her entire body, knowing that the fact remained that in a small way
she was glad Max and Tess's child was dead.

Neither girl heard the shower being turned off, nor the fact that the bathroom door had
opened. Liz hadn't expressed her most inner feelings of guilt out loud, but Max heard her
thoughts all the same. His own guilt also flaring at his past mistakes and now to make it
a hundred times worst he knew exactly how guilty Liz was feeling.

End Pt23

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Well, three more weeks to go until the baby is due to arrive. At the rate I'm typing these chapters up I might actually get finished with my story before Roswell is finished. Maybe, maybe not - Guess that's up to the baby. Anyway here's the next part. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 24

Maria sat stunned, Liz sat feeling guilty and Max stood feeling stunned and guilty. Maria
wasn't about to allow her best friend to think that what Kivar had done to Max's son was her
doing in any way. "You know what Liz, that's bull and you know it!" She yelled at her
friend. "The child wouldn't have survived here and we both know it!"

"Do we? Do we really know that? Why because Tess said it was so? Fact, Tess was a lying,
murdering bitch who would have done anything to achieve her goal. She could have just made
up that whole thing about the baby not being able to survive in our atmosphere to make sure
she got Max to take her home. God, we were all so blinded by her. Think about it, why
would a child created by two people who could survive easy enough here on Earth not be able
to survive. It makes absolutely no sense at all. Nasedo told Michael that their bodies
were essentially human, hell even Agent Pierce confirmed that much when he held Max captive."

"Liz..." Max's voice only a whisper, not wanting to invade their conversation, nor wanting
to upset her, but needing her to know. "I connected with my son, Liz. It was only a few
days after I found out Tess was pregnant. His hand touched mine from inside of Tess and
when we connected I was the one that figured out that he couldn't survive here. It wasn't
Tess that said it, it was me from the connection I made with my son."

Liz turned to face Max, she had never heard that part of the story. Up until now, her and
Max had never really had a true conversation regarding his and Tess's relationship, the
pregnancy, nor his son. It was a conversation that Liz had tried to avoid, thinking she
could deny that it ever happened if she didn't talk about it. But, it was a conversation
that needed to be said so that they could finally put it to rest. "I'm sorry Max, I'm just
feeling a little..."

"Guilty, I know. I am too." He looked into her eyes and the two of them knew exactly how
the other one was feeling. "I don't think I'll ever be able to tell you how sorry I really

"Okay hold on here, not that I mean to interrupt this heart felt moment, but I'm a little
confused here." Maria stated as she stood and approached Max. "You said you touched your
son's hand while he was inside of Tess after only a few days of finding out she was pregnant,
did I hear you right?"

Max looked down to the floor of the motel room, his guilt over what he had done filling him
once again. Then he gave Liz a look of apology once more before he answered Maria. "Yeah,
that was the first time I connected to him."

Now it was Liz's turn to have a confuse look upon her face. "How far along was Tess in her
pregnancy?" She asked knowing that she must have gotten some fact wrong, had Max slept with
Tess months before she had thought.? Because a newly developing embryo after only a few
days wasn't developed enough to have arms, let alone hands.

Knowing this subject must be killing Liz to even talk about it, but not wanting to keep any
secrets from her, Max answered quietly. "About three days along."

"WHAT?" This came from both Liz and Maria at the same time, as both girl's were thinking
on the exact same wave length.

"Oh No No No No! Girlfriend, that's impossible." Maria responded.

Max looked at both the women standing before him with doubt in their eyes, not understanding
why they were denying what he had just said. "Maria, it is possible. I know what a baby
looks like and I'm telling you I placed my hand on Tess's stomach because she was in a lot
of pain and I not only connected to my son, but I could see his hand from inside her body."

This time it was Liz that spoke softly, not wanting to doubt what Max saw, but at the same
time knowing it couldn't be possible if it was true that his son had only been conceived
three days before. "Max, what Maria was trying to say is that at three days outside of
conception a baby isn't even formed yet, it would still be in an embryo stage of the
pregnancy. So something isn't added up here." She made sure to keep her voice calm, steady
and soothing not wanting to make this any harder on Max than what it already was. "Are you
sure you and Tess hadn't conceived your child earlier?"

"No, God NO! Liz I swear, Tess and I were only ever together that one time, that was it, I
swear!" Max rushed to answer, he didn't want Liz to think that the two of them had been
sleeping together the entire time that she and him were apart. The one time had been more
than enough in Max's mind, it wasn't something he would ever want to do again especially
after the way he had felt the following morning. The entire thing made him feel nauseated
just thinking about it.

"Okay, then something's not adding up." Maria interjected. "I mean how could a baby barely
conceived already look like a completely formed baby?"

"All I know is that Tess stated that Nasedo had told her once that our pregnancies weren't
like human pregnancies. The time of gestation was only around one month." Max informed the
two of them.

Once again receiving a, "WHAT?" From both of them together.

Then Maria started laughing hysterically, while Liz sat back down trying to think logically
and process the information Max had just given them. Not being able to hold it back any
longer, Maria finally stated still in a fit of laughter. "We were right, she was a gerbil
after all. Gerbil's gestation is only about a month long isn't it?"

Liz had to bite her lip to keep from laughing along with her friend. Her and Maria had
called Tess a gerbil for months, long before any of this mess had started. She couldn't
even bring herself to look at Max, because she knew he wouldn't have any idea what Maria
was talking about, but she needed to get them back on track. "Maria, stop. This is serious
we need to figure this out, because obviously hybrid or no hybrid that one month gestation
had to be bullshit." She finally looked over at Max. "Max? Is it at all possible that the
child you connected with wasn't yours?" Once again posing her question as softly as humanly

At that statement Maria stopped laughing and both girl's turned their full attention toward
Max awaiting his answer. Max, of course, wanting to be noble immediately wanted to say yes
to Liz's question, but was he sure from the connection he had formed with the child inside
of Tess's womb. As he continued to think, to try to be positive, Maria asked the bomb shell
with the next question. "Was Tess a virgin when you two did it?"

Max hadn't even thought about that until Maria had asked the question. If he had only been
with Tess, he once again wouldn't have been absolutely positive about the answer. But,
after being with Liz and knowing without a doubt what it felt like to be someone's first.
To actually break a woman's maidenhood, he knew without a doubt that Tess was no virgin when
they had been together. "No." He answered quietly.

"No to which question?" Maria asked knowing this subject was just too hard for her friend
to try to ask these kinds of questions, so she asked what they both obviously wanted answered.

With his head down Max answered as honestly as he could. "No, Tess wasn't a virgin. A fact
I hadn't really known until a few days ago myself." He looked over to Liz in hopes she
would understand how he was positive about his answer, then continued. "And I assumed the
child I connected with was my son, but there's no way for me to be positive about that now."

At this point Liz was positive that the child was more than likely not really Max's and she
was pretty sure that the one month gestation theory was totally a lie, but if the child
wasn't Max's whose was it. Counting back nine months from June which was when the baby was
supposedly born, it appeared the child had to have been conceived in October. "October."
Liz stated out loud without even realizing it.

"What about October?" Maria asked a little confused as to why Liz would bring that month of
all months up now.

"Count back nine months from June, it's October Maria. Tess's child was more than likely
conceived in October. You do realize what month that was, don't you?"

Under his breath, Max whispered. "It was the month half of my soul died."

Max had spoken so softly that Maria hadn't heard him, but Liz did and her heart broke all
over again at the thought of what had taken place during that month. Liz immediately
went over to where Max was standing. "Max, I'm so sorry." She whispered to him as she
placed one hand on his arm to show how truly sorry she was for the deception she had caused
and the pain she had made him endure on that fateful night in October.

He looked down at her hand where it laid on his arm and covered it with his own hand. "It's
in the past, it didn't really happen so let's leave it where it belongs." The two of them
once again were caught up in gazing into each other's eyes when Maria interrupted.

"Not that I want to interrupt again, but I don't understand, I mean I do understand what
October means to the two of you, but where does Tess come into play and another thing, if
Tess was like seven or eight months pregnant when you two got together how was it possible
for her not to look even the slightest pregnant."

Max looked toward Maria to acknowledge her question, then looked back at Liz for the answer.
Liz shrugged her shoulders not being positive herself of the answers to those questions.
"I don't know, I wish I did but I just don't. I can tell you during that time Tess and I
did have some interesting conversations, but I couldn't say they really meant anything for
sure. It would be purely speculation at this point."

"Well, spill it. What was said during these so called interesting conversations?" Maria
inquired now ready to start putting some more pieces to the puzzle together.

Liz gave Max a look of apology before she began, then went and sat down in one of the chairs.
"As you both know at that time I was trying to get Max and Tess together. But, Max wasn't
showing any interest in that way toward Tess at the time, so I thought I could give Tess
some tips to help her get Max." Once again Liz gave Max another look of apology before she
continued. "Well, I went over to the Valentin's to talk to her and I'm not sure, but it
looked pretty clear that I had interrupted something between them or at least something that
was about to get started. Anyway when I stepped into the house I remember Tess stepping
pretty close to Kyle and saying something about them trimming their lamps together later.
At the time I was kind of on a mission, so I really didn't think much of it and I could be
way off, but I'm thinking they weren't talking about actually trimming any lamp."

"I always knew Kyle and Tess had something going." Maria jumped in quickly.

"Maria, we don't know if they did or didn't. It's purely speculation at this point, we have
no proof." Liz was just as quick to add.

"Was there anything else?" This from Max who also was trying to put the pieces together.

"The only other thing that I remember at the time was when you, Tess, Isabelle & myself went
to Copper Summit, after Congresswoman Whittaker had been killed." Max nodded his head to
signify he knew when she was referring to. "Well, when you and Isabelle had gotten out of
the car to go up to the Leagues door, Tess turns to me and says 'So you and Kyle'. At first
I was shocked that she had even known about it." Seeing the guilty expression on Max's face
they both understood what she was referring to, so Liz decided to continue. "After I get
over the fact that Tess knows about my little deception, I nodded my head and then she asks,
'So how was he?' Now this question alone obviously took me be surprise, but at the time I
couldn't deny the fact that Kyle and I hadn't really been together in the way she was asking
me about, so instead I tell her he was great. But her reaction was what shocked me more
than anything. She got this really odd look on her face, nodded and simply said, 'Noted.'"

"Oh Man! Those two did it, come on this is soooo obvious." Maria interjected.

"It's a possibility Maria, but we really don't know for sure. The only one that would know
would be Kyle and he might not even know the truth." Now Liz continued just speculating
out loud. "Even if we assume that Kyle and Tess had a thing going, she could have mindwarped
Kyle into believing they hadn't done anything."

Maria picked up the speculation immediately. "Okay, let's look back. I remember my Mom told
me she noticed how the two of them were giving each other the eye when she went over there
for dinner around Christmas and they were sitting next to each other during the Christmas
Eve service. And you both have to admit that the two of them did look pretty cozy together
dancing in Vegas. But that's as far as I can remember seeing those two together, I wonder
what happened after Vegas?"

"I happened." Max stated frustrated at himself knowing that both Liz and Maria's speculation
were sounding more and more possible as they went. "Remember when Brody started to remember
things about being Larek and held us in the UFO Center." Both girl's nodded. "Well, that
was the first time I actually began to have any kind of memory of Ava in our past lives. I
remember going to her room that night and letting Tess know that." Max hung his head as he
revealed the next part that he remembered that more than likely altered Tess's relationship
with Kyle, but before he could even bring himself to say it Liz did it for him.

"Then Prom happened. Kyle and Tess went together, but I remember Kyle punching Brian for
saying something about his sister. I bet Tess had been with Kyle up until the time that Max
acknowledged that he started to remember their prior lives."

"So she mindwarps Kyle to make him forget that the two of them were ever together in that
way and makes him think of her as a sister rather than a girlfriend." Maria added to her
friends story obviously getting into the role of detective.

"That's what I'm thinking, anyway her goal had always been to be with Max, so the minute he
tells her he was starting to remember their past lives together she takes it as a sign. The
only problem being that she had been with Kyle, possibly pregnant already by him, but without
anyone knowing because she hid her pregnancy from everyone. Either she wasn't showing as of
yet or she more than likely was using some kind of mindwarp on everyone when they were around
so they didn't see her condition."

"And I'm the fool that played right into her trap. Prom was when I...I remembered our first
kiss from our prior lives and somehow we ended up kissing like we had then." Max admitted.

"One thing leads to another, you two get together and then Tess reveals she's pregnant.
By George I think we got it!" Maria claps her hands together as if to signify they had in
deed solved the mystery and then adds. "By the way Max, just for future reference when you
take a girl to Prom, you don't play tonsil hockey with another girl. That was just wrong."

Max's face once again took a look of guilt, Liz's of sadness and just as Maria was finishing
her statement Michael walked back into the motel room his hands full of food. He took one
look at the faces before him and asked. "Okay, what I miss this time?"

End Pt24

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Just had to say thanks once again for all the great FB. Glad to hear so many liked my thoughts on how they should have gone with the whole Tex/SPoT scenerio. And I also wanted to say thanks that so many are hoping the best for my soon to be bundle of joy. 3 more weeks, after all this time I'll probably end up in labor during the series finale. Oh well, enough of me babbling, I'm starting to sound like Maria.HAHA Any hoots here is the next part. Hope you like. As always, let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 25

The three of them filled Michael in on what they were discussing while they ate. "I never
trusted that bitch." Was Michael's statement on the discussion, then added. "So, what's
our next move?"

"Liz and I get some rest, we've got the room for another three hours and then we need to get
moving again. I want to be as close to Roswell as possible before midnight, so if Isabelle
or...If we're needed, we'll be close." He amended his statement in the midsentence not
wanting to bring up the fact about Liz's parents being a possible target and upset Liz any
more than necessary. He knew she already knew the possibility was there, he just didn't
want to say the words out loud. With that said he led Liz over to their bed where they
laid down together. He wrapped his arms protectively around her body as she laid her head
on his chest, both completely exhausted from their earlier activities it wasn't long before
they both were fast asleep.

Maria decided she needed a shower desperately and feeling a little turned on still from all
the kissing she had done with Michael earlier she didn't even hesitate to ask him if he
would like to join her. Seeing Max and Liz sound asleep, he followed the same steps Max had
done earlier when he and Liz had gone into the shower together. He went to the door, sealed
it with his powers and then followed his future wife into the bathroom. They made love
under the steamy hot water then to Maria's surprise Michael not only washed her body and
her hair, but then he reached for the conditioner. "I guess that answers that question."
She joked to him.

Confused by her statement, he inquired. "What question is that?"

"You can be taught after all." She giggled has she held up the bottle of conditioner that
he had just sat back down on the shelf. Still seeing the confusion on his face, she added.
"Our first official date. Remember, you bought me..."

Realization dawning on him he finished her sentence. "Shampoo with conditioner all in one."
They both laughed at the memory. "I have no idea how you ever liked me then, I'm just one
very grateful alien that you're as stubborn as I am and didn't give up on me."

"I don't know about stubborn, a little insane maybe. I guess it's because I saw you, the
real you and Michael Guerin, your a wonderful person. I'm glad you kidnapped me. I can't
wait to tell our grandchildren that story."


"Yes, Grandchildren. I plan on us having a full house of them when we're old and gray."

"I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead in our future yet. I mean, we don't even know if
we can have children together yet or not and you have us having a house full of grandchildren."

"Michael, we are going to have the beautiful children in the world, or should I say the
universe now. Anyway, I'm keeping a positive attitude about the future. I'm not saying
our future isn't going to be a rough road ahead, but I just know somehow someway things will
work out. And just for future reference, I think you're going to make a great father someday." She leaned over and kissed him once more before rinsing her hair and then turning off
the shower.

Even though Michael wasn't as optimistic about the future being so rosy clean as Maria was,
he didn't argue with her. He only prayed that if they weren't able to have the white picket
fence and the house full of grandchildren that Maria wouldn't end up regretting her decision
she had made after he had kidnapped her. Only time would tell and until they knew one way
or another, he wasn't going to argue and crush her dreams.

The two of them dried off and redressed quietly. Michael stated he was going to try to see
what was on the television to pass the time until they needed to pack and get back on the
road again. He turned the television toward his and Maria's bed, away from Max and Liz's so
as not to disturb their rest, muted the sound and then began to flip through the channels.
The motel did have cable, not every channel, but the main channels were there. It was when
he flipped to CNN that he immediately sat up and turned the volume up enough to hear what
was being said.

"Once again, the top story of the day is the evacuation of the Panama City Beach area at
this time due to the strange meteor shower that entered Earth's atmosphere
at approximately 3:30AM in the Northwest portion of Florida. It has been confirmed to be
isolated around the Panama City Beach area. All communications from that area are still
blocked from what scientist believe to be an electronic magnetic pulse that appeared the
same time as the meteor shower began. We now take you live to our correspondent who is
currently just outside the Panama City area where communication has yet to be effected from
this truly phenomenal occurrence."

Michael didn't hesitate, in the middle of the broadcast he went over to the other bed and
shook Max. "Maxwell, Wake UP!"

Still half asleep, but hearing the urgency in Michael's voice, Max blinked once and then he
too heard the second half of the broadcast.

"Truly phenomenal is the only way to describe what is taken place here in the beautiful state
of Florida. The national guard are currently setting up camp 30 miles outside of Panama City.
They haven't been able to set up any closer, due to the electronic magnetic pulse that seems
to disable any type of communication system the moment they get any closer. The President
has declared a state of emergency for the entire Panama City Beach area and the residence
are being evacuated at this time. He has already confirmed to the public that this is not
an attack on our nation by any other country in the world. Also, confirmed is that there
doesn't seem to be any kind of release of radiation, nor any other type of chemical weapon.
The pulse that eliminated all communication is believed to be from the meteor shower. At
the present time no meteors have been located and scientists believe they did burn up as
they entered Earth's atmosphere. We will be updating you on this story as it continues to

Max turned to Michael. "You know what this means don't you?"

"Our enemies have arrived?" Michael half stated, half asked.

"Oh My God, Michael. This is really happening isn't it?" Maria asked scared out of her
mind as the realization that they were truly going to have to face their enemies hit home
and her voice let it be known exactly how she was feeling.

Michael immediately wrapped his arm around Maria's trembling body to try to give her some
sense of comfort and to also try to keep her calm. Max was already holding on to Liz. "I
don't think we should wait until midnight Max, we need to get a hold of Isabelle now."
Michael stated seriously.

"We can't Michael. We can't take the chance that something could have already happened in
Roswell. As much as I want to, we can't risk it. We have to assume that Isabelle already
knows what has happened and has already left Roswell or at least hidden somewhere undetected
until she can communicate with us. Let's just stick to the plan and see if she still is able
to contact us at midnight. If so we'll make plans to meet, if not we'll know and then we
come up with another plan." As much as Max's instincts were on the same page as Michael's
if not more to get a hold of his sister and protect her. He knew right now their enemies
ultimate goal wasn't Isabelle, it was the woman he had held in his arms and she was the top
priority to protect at all cost. Even with his life if that's what it would take.

"Max, what about our parents? They don't even know what kind of danger they could be facing.
You and I both know they will more than likely be targeted if they know the truth or not. I
think it's time we let them know what kind of danger they may be in and why. It's no longer
a matter of if they accept your origins or not. It's their lives that could be at stake."
Liz stated firmly, knowing that one of Max's greatest fears was that his parent's would look
at him as a monster, but at this point it was one of the least of their worries.

Max knew in his heart Liz was correct, their parents needed to be informed of what was about
to go down. It still didn't help the fact that in order to do that, he would have to take
the risk of seeing the look of disgust on his parent's face. He looked down into Liz's eyes
for just a second, then closed his and nodded his approval silently. While he knew facing
his enemies was going to be hard, the thought of telling his parent's the truth seemed that
much worst to him though at this point. That didn't even include what Liz's father would
say or do when he informed him what kind of danger he had indeed put his only daughter in.
"Hopefully Isabelle contacts us at midnight. When she does, I'll tell her to get a hold of
Valenti and he can get our parents somewhere safe where we can meet them and let them know
what's going to go down. I think for the time being we need to get going."

As frightened as they all were, no one argued. All four quietly began packing once again
for their journey. Max took the first turn driving with Michael sitting shot gun and the
two girl's in the back huddling close together. It wasn't long before both Liz and Maria
were back to sleep as the miles past by in a blur. They only stopped once for gas, to use
the restroom and to grab some fast food which they ate in the car. The car ride for the
majority of the day was driven in silence as all four parties were lost in their own thoughts.
They stopped at a motel just about 45 miles outside of Roswell, checked into a room and all
waited for the midnight hour to come. Watching CNN constantly for any and all information
they could acquire during their wait and to see if any knew developments had occurred. At
exactly midnight Max seemed to go into a deep trance and the other three knew immediately
what was happening. Taking it as a good sign, Maria and Liz sat patiently, while Michael
began to pace showing his distaste at having to wait for any information.

Approximately fifteen minutes later, Max was bombarded with questions the moment he came out
of his trance from the other three members of his group. But, his revelation of what
transpired during Isabelle's dream walk with him was put on hold when the correspondent voice
from CNN came over the television set once again.

"That's right, all communications have been restored in the Panama City Beach area as of
11:55PM. There's no explanation as of yet how the communications were restored. Scientists
believe the electronic pulse evaporated from the atmosphere that was disrupting any kind of
communications. The national guard is at this moment verifying all possible dangers are
eliminated before allowing residence of the area to return to their homes. Residents of the
area are relieved that this truly phenomenal occurrence has past and it seems hopeful that
they will be able to return to their homes again shortly. Once again we repeat all communications
systems seem to be back to normal and at this time no evidence points that there are any
lingering side effects from the electric magnetic pulse that disabled an entire community
less than twenty-four hours earlier."

"What's that mean?" Maria asked unsure what the other's were thinking.

"It means they figured out we're not in Florida any longer." Liz speculated out loud.

"That be my guess. Max, I think now would be a good time to let us know what Isabelle had
to say." This from Michael, who was now in full warrior mood. He actually amazed himself
how his mind automatically began thinking of ways to deal with their enemies. Almost as if
it was second nature to him, like this was what he was raised to do and then with that thought
Michael realized this was exactly what he was reborn to do.

"I believe you're both right. As far as Isabelle goes, she's left Roswell. She took off
the minute the news broke about the meteor shower in Panama City. Right now she's holding up
at the motel just outside of Roswell. She didn't think she should go too far until she had
a chance to talk with us. I told her we would come get her and then we can make arrangements
to get our parents somewhere safe. Michael..."

Max didn't even have to finish what he was going to say next. Michael already instinctually
knew what he was going to request. "Rosco's motel?" He asked to make sure he had the correct
motel. As he knew he was going to be the one to go pick up Izzie, they couldn't all go the
risks were too high now. Out of the four of them, he knew he was the most expendable.

"Yeah, room 139." Max replied realizing Michael had already figured out what he was going
to say. "She doesn't know about Liz yet though, we didn't have a lot of time and I figured
we could explain it once we're together. But, Michael, we need to be sure. There's no room
for any mistakes."

"I understand, it shouldn't take more than an hour, hour and a half tops, if I'm not back
within two..."

"We'll be gone. Good luck Michael and stay safe." Max finished his best friends own thought
process. Knowing if it took longer than that something went wrong.

Michael immediately went over to Maria and kissed her hard. "Stay safe for me." He whispered
in her ear before turning and heading for the door of the motel room.

Just before he got there, Maria screamed out. "Michael!" She wanted to yell for him to
stay with her or at least take her with him. But, she knew this was one of those times he
would have to do this on his own. Finally she gave him a half smile and stated. "Just
remember you already promised to marry me and I plan on holding you to that promise."

Michael smiled back at her and then threw a look over in Max's direction. Max nodded in
response, the silent communication that Max would watch over Maria the same as Michael would
have done for Max in his absence was stated without words. With that Michael was gone and
the three of them were left to wait until his return with Isabelle. Max suggested almost
immediately that the two of them got a few hours of sleep. He knew they both had to be
exhausted from the day of driving and he also knew Maria needed her friend's comfort right
now. Liz held Maria silently until she was fast asleep and with one more look toward Max
for reassurance she too fell into a fast sleep. Max kept a watchful eye on the two of them
while he waited for his best friend and sister's safe return.

End Pt25

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 26

It was a little over an hour Max had watched over the love of his life and the love of his
best friends. They were still holding each other, comforting each other in such a way Max
could see how strong their bond of friendship was, even in sleep. He knew it was getting
close to the time where he would have to wake them, but he also knew how exhausted they both
had to be. So instead he kept a close watch on the clock to give them until the last
possible minute before he had no other choice but to wake them.

During his time alone, his brain went over everything that had happened in the last few days.
Everything they had discussed, he felt like such a fool. Was it possible that Tess's child
wasn't even his? If not, then why would the child reach out to him at the time of his
death? And if the child wasn't his, then how was it possible for him to have had sex with
her and not have any idea she was that far along in her pregnancy? Both Liz and Maria had
made a good case against the child not being his, but could it be a real possibility or was
it just his hopeful imagination. There were just so many questions and no answers to be

Sighing heavily he glanced at the clock once again, it was time. Slowly he rose out of his
chair and headed over to Liz. He barely touched her arm when she popped awake, sitting up
instantly and in doing so bringing Maria up with her and waking her in the process. "What?
Are they back?" Maria looked around frantically scanning the motel room for Michael.

"No, Maria, I'm sorry. It's just..." He couldn't find the words to say that Michael's time
was running out and they would need to get ready to leave in such a short time. Knowing the
possibility that something must have gone wrong for Michael not to make it back in time and
his guilt began to consume him all over again.

Tears began to fill Maria's eyes as the ramification of what Max said or didn't say started
to sink in. Liz understood her pain and did the only thing she could, she held her friend
as tight as she could. Still holding Maria, she stated softly. "He'll be here Maria, he
knows what's waiting for him. He'll be here." Not knowing if she was saying it to help
soothe herself or her friend more. Right now as terrible as she felt, she knew the score
and knew she needed to stay strong for both her best friend and the man she loved.

At that exact moment all three were startled by the knock that came from their motel room
door. Max motioned for the two of them to get inside the bathroom door, he sealed the door
and then threw out a shield over the door. Satisfied that no one was going to get through
that door, then and only then he went over to the motel room door and slowly began to open
it. "About time you opened this stupid door, it's freezing it here." Isabelle whined harshly
as she pushed her way past her brother and then froze the moment she laid eyes on the other
door in the room surrounded by what looked like Max's green shield.

Michael quickly closed the door behind him and also froze at the sight before him. "What
the hell?" He then looked back at Max.

"I'm sorry, but no room for errors this time remember." He stuck out his hand to Michael
asking permission to connect with him. As much as his mind told him this was Michael and
Isabelle, he wasn't going to take any chances with Liz's safety and until he knew for sure
he wouldn't let his guard down.

Michael understood, he was down right insulted, but he understood. He grabbed Max's hand
and the two locked eyes, the connection made almost immediately and Max released his hands
with a smile on his face. "Glad you made it back." Then he approached his sister, reaching
out his hand to her in the same manner as he had with Michael. When she didn't take his
hand right away, he pleaded. "Isabelle, I'm sorry. But, I have to be sure. Please."
Isabelle was unsure what Max was talking about, as Michael wouldn't say hardly anything to
her on their drive here. But, she trusted her brother so without further hesitation she
held out her hand to him. Just like Michael, the connection between brother and sister was
almost instant. Max was so relieved, he pulled her into a tight embrace. "God, I've missed

"Okay Max, I get the picture. Need air, need air badly." She joked as Max finally released
his hold he had on her. "Now can you explain what the heck is going on over there." She
motioned to the other door still surrounded by Max's powerful shield.

"Just a safety precaution while I answered the door." He stated shyly as he scratched the
back of his ear. Then walked over to the door, removed his shield, unsealed the door and
then opened it.

He only got it half way opened when Maria brushed past him and threw herself at Michael.
"Don't you ever worry me like that again, you hear me." She demanded while kissing him all
over his entire face.

"Hey, I'm only five minutes late and I remember a blond hair chick that didn't seem like it
was that big of a deal when she was ten minutes late." He defended himself only to be hit
in the arm and then smothered in another kiss.

Liz also had come out of the bathroom and was in Max's arms glad to see everything had worked
out okay and trying hard not to laugh at her friends antics. "So how's everything in
Roswell?" She asked Isabelle needing to find out some kind of information on her parents.

Isabelle took a deep breath and then started. "Everything was fine when I left, but we
found out something when Michael called Valenti." Pausing for a moment, knowing the next
piece of information was more than likely going to come as a shock, but before she had time
to say it, Michael did it for her.

"Tess is back."

"WHAT?" This from both Liz and Maria.

"Yup. That's what I thought too when Jim told me. Anyway, I thought it would be best to
call from Isabelle's motel room since we we're leaving there anyway to tell him to get the
Evan's, Parker's and even your Mom Maria to some place safe. Valenti let me know Tess was
there, probably standing in the same room as he was pretty subtle. He told me that he didn't
know if he could help out tonight down at the plant because his adopted daughter just got
back into town and he wanted time to visit with her. I didn't want to go into details with
him obviously, but expressed that it was urgent that he get them to safety as soon as
possible. He said he would see what he could do, but he couldn't make any promises. I'm
sure he could have used work as an excuse to get out of the house without making Tess
suspicious, but that didn't leave any excuse to get Kyle out. So I figure he is kind of
stuck until he can think of something."

"What about Jesse?" Max asked as he looked over to his sister, not wanting to think they
would forget about her husband.

"He's find Max. He went to New York two days ago for both business and to visit some of his
relatives. Besides being a little upset with me for not wanting to go with him, especially
with the lame excuse I used about the senior shelter needing my help. He's upset, but at
least I know he's safe. He planned on spending the rest of this week there and next, so we
don't have to be worried about him for a while any way. I called him just before I left and
told him I was going with Mom for a quick shopping trip to pick up some stuff for the shelter
so he wouldn't suspect anything if he couldn't get a hold of me."

"And my parents. Have you seen them at all?" Liz couldn't hold her need to know about her
parents any longer.

Isabelle smiled up at the girl who had stolen her brother's heart. "Well, it seems they
know your off with my brother again. Your school must have called them when you showed up
missing and they immediately started looking for you. Apparently some guy who worked at an
ice cream parlor near your school claims he remembers seeing you there with Maria and that
the two of you left with Max and Michael. Your Dad has quite the temper let me tell you.
He pounded on my front door and demanded to know where Max was. He threatened to have me
arrested for aiding Max in kidnapping you. Thank God Jesse happened to be home at the time
and basically threw him out yelling that he would get an injunctive against him if he ever
tried to threaten me again, yadda yadda yadda. Anyway after a couple of days I went over to
the cafe and had a heart to heart with him. I told him that I honestly didn't know where
either you or Max was, which was true at the time. I also assured him that Max would never
need to actually stoop to kidnapping you, because you two lovvv...." She looked at the
guilty expressions on both Max and Michael's faces. "Okay, I give what?"

Liz and Maria both began giggling, before Liz began to explain to Max's sister exactly how
they started out their journey with Max and Michael. Isabelle looked sternly at both the
men that she felt were her brothers. "You have got to be kidding me. What? Did you two
just give up thousands of years of evolution and turn into cave men or what? You think you
could have taken the time to explain the situation a little more thoroughly before going all
caveman on these two. How they're still with you guys I have no idea after that stunt?"
Isabelle was on a roll and she let the two of them have it.

Michael tried to defend himself. "Isabelle, you weren't there. We didn't have time, you
know what was at stack."

"Oh clam up Michael. Obviously once they heard the truth they went along with the two of
you at their own free will. You just didn't give them a choice to hear the truth and make
their own decisions. What were you two afraid they would actually choose not to go with
you?" Both Maria and Liz were trying to suppress their laughter at the way both guys seem
to be cowering at Isabelle's words. Then she turned to the two of them. "I'm assuming you
two at least made them pay for their Neandratheral tactics."

Maria began to open her mouth, but was immediately stopped by Michael's hand. "Okay Iz, we
get the point, we were bad. Yes, they made sure to punish us for being bad. Now can we
get on with the story, because as much fun as it is to remember my punishment from Maria, we
have a little more serious issues to deal with right now."

"Fine." Isabelle threw her hands up in the air to emphasize her word. "But, just so you
guys know, the three of us will be having what I'm sure will be a very informative talk."
She winked at both the other girl's before she began again. "Any way by the time I left the
cafe your Dad seemed to understand that Max hadn't forced you to go with him. Granted he
was still upset with the fact that you and my brother ran away together, but after a few
more days past his anger seemed to turn to worry about you. He really is a great father Liz,
he cares a lot about you. I haven't really had a chance to talk to your Mom Maria, but she
may think your still in New York, I'm sorry." Then she turned to Max. "Mom's really worried
about you too Max. Dad's a little more on the upset side still, but Mom's really worried
and I can tell he's softening because of her. That about sums it up from my side, now it's
time I hear what's really going on. Obviously it's something big."

Max gathered Liz's hand in his and the two sat down and began there long story of what they
believe is happening and why. Needless to say Isabelle was stunned silent by the time they
finished their tale of what had gone down in just a little over a week's time period. "So
you believe Kivar is now going to come after Liz?"

"Yeah, I do. And I don't think he is going to stop until we either stop him or he..." Max
couldn't even bring himself to finish what the entire group now understood. What Max didn't
say was now it had been almost twenty-four hours since he had been together with Liz and his
body was letting him know it. His craving for her had yet to be disappear and with each
passing minute he could feel the need to be with her growing more and more. Even though he
was still keeping himself together on the outside for appearances, his insides were literally
starting to ache with the need to be with her again. He had no idea what was wrong with him
why he was feeling this way. Especially with everything that they were currently dealing
with, it made him feel guilty that with everything else going on all his mind could think
about was the way her skin feels, the way she her smell was almost intoxicating him with
lust. He could almost taste her essence and it was driving him slowly insane with want. He
knew there was no way he could act on what his inner body was telling him to do, but he had
no idea how much longer he would be able to hold it together without being with her. It was
like he was linked to her in some way that he couldn't control it and if he didn't have his
daily fill of her he would slowly lose it.

While the others sat around discussing a plan of action to get their parents to safely, Max
became more and more quieter. The inner turmoil he was fighting between the need of what
his body wanted versus his mind trying to keep it together was driving him to the brink of
losing it and no matter how hard he tried to fight off his desires, he couldn't. Ever so
slowing his physical appearance began to show signs of his discomfort, his breathing became
more and more erratic, he started to slightly sweat. Nothing major that anyone else would
notice, no one except for Liz that is. She felt the slight tremors in his hand that was
still holding hers at first and as the other's continued in their discussion, she started
looking more and more closely at Max. Not wanting to alert anyone else just yet, but needing
to find out what was going on with him she finally leaned over and whispered in Max's ear so
softly only he could hear her. "What's wrong?"

Max gave her a look of apology, knowing how hard this was going to be for her to hear. But,
knowing he couldn't take much more of the turmoil that was continuing in his body. He stood
up and excused them for a moment then quickly pulled Liz into the bathroom. Still trying to
keep himself in check on the outside he closed the door quietly before turning to face Liz.
"I need you Liz." Was the first words that came out of his mouth.

"You have me Max." She replied not understanding what he was saying.

"No, I need you." He restated huskily. His eyes turning dark with desire and it took Liz
only a second to understand what he was actually saying.

"Max, we can't. Everyone's out there." She pointed to the door. As much as she love Max,
she just couldn't see how they could possible do anything now.

"Liz, you don't understand. I'm sorry, but I really need you. This craving I've been having
for you isn't going away. I can't explain it, I just know that I need you and if I don't
fulfill this craving something's going to happen." He tried to explain to her as he took a
few steps closer to her.

"Your serious aren't you?" He only nodded his head in response. Knowing he was serious, but
not knowing how they could possible due what he was asking when everyone was just in the
other room, especially now that his sister was here. "Max, I love you and I would do any
thing for you, but I just can't. You and I both know that we aren't able to control
ourselves once we get started yet."

Max knew she was right and right now the way he was feeling, he didn't think we could stop
at just a sweet quickie. But, also knowing he couldn't hold out much longer with his desire
already swelling in his lower region to a point where he was about to pounce with or without
her permission and that frightened him more than anything. Quickly he poured a glass of
water from the sink and used his powers until ice began to form around the glass. "Here,
if I start to lose control you can throw this on me." He rounded in front of her and lifted
her swiftly on top of the counter top.

"Max, stop. We are not doing this." She began to argue, but before she could continue Max
kissed her, hard and deep opening up a connection with her as quickly as he could for her to
feel what he was feeling. She was immediately flooded with his turmoil and what he had been
trying to hide for quite a while now. His craving for her invaded her mind and she was
literally blown away by the intensity of what he was experiencing. His emotions, his
desire for her, his feelings of guilt for his personal need at a time like this, his own
personal inner fight to try to contain his craving. Everything he was going through she
felt. Finally Max broke the kiss and only prayed that she understood what was happening.
While she did understand what he was saying, she didn't understand why it was happening to
begin with. Making a snap decision she lifted her sundress and unbuttoned his top button
of his jeans. "Okay, but we are going to control this. One time and that's it, understand?"
She held up the ice cold glass of water to make sure he understood what she was saying.

End Pt26
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 27

"What was that all about?" Isabelle asked as she watched her brother pull Liz into the
bathroom and close the door suddenly.

"I'm not sure, but maybe we should fill you in on how Liz received the symbol from Max."
Maria stated unsure if it was her place to tell Max's sister about his and Liz's sex life,
but knowing there was no way either of those two would mention it and it was something that
needed to be discuss. So she began the tale of all tales to Isabelle.

Inside the bathroom, Max took a deep breath, breathing in Liz's essence that was now exposed
to him. Liz knew by the look on Max's face as soon as he started he was going to literally
inhale her soul and she wouldn't be able contain her moans of ecstasy once they started. So
before Max attacked she halted him. "Max, wait."

He knelt down before her, his mouth already watering with need for her sweet nectar. "I
can't." He whispered as he leaned forward to quench his thirst.

Placing her hands on both sides of his head, she pulled his head up so he had no choice but
to look into her eyes. His eyes pleading with her to understand that he couldn't wait he
had to have her and have her right that second. "Max, use your new power, make me be quiet."

"Liz, don't ask me to use my powers on you. I can't do that to you." He had already vowed
to himself that he wasn't ever going to use his new power of Liz ever again just a few hours
ago and here she was asking him to do the one thing he just couldn't. Liz immediately
snapped her legs shut. "NO!" Max's control gone, he could still smell how close her essence
was to his awaiting mouth and immediately began to spread her legs apart again for him to
take that much demanding first drink.

Liz knew what Max was going through. She had literally felt it when he had connected with
her, but she wasn't about to be the blunt end of their friends sex jokes once again. "Max,
I don't want everyone to know what we're doing. Please, if you touch me right now, I'm
going to moan and moan loudly. Please, make me be quiet." She pleaded, then added. "Then
you can drink to your hearts desire."

That last sentence was all Max needed, without hesitation he looked her directly in the eyes
and she heard him in her mind. *Be quiet.* Not a second later his mouth was attached to her
lower lips and he was sucking her juices into his mouth with wanton need. As soon as he had
taken what had already been pooling around her surface, he began to use his tongue and fingers
knowing the exact spots that drove her over the edge in the fastest amount of time. It didn't
take long for Liz's first orgasm to hit and he eagerly drove his tongue inside of her to get
every drop she presented him with.

As with all the other times, Liz was in state of complete escasty by Max's mouth and fingers.
When her first orgasm hit, she opened her mouth to scream out in pleasure, praying she could
at least contain her moans to only the confines of the bathroom. But, as she rode out the
first wave of her orgasm and she heard no sound escape from her she realized Max's new power
was working. Smiling happily when she knew everything would be okay, she decided to lean
back and simply enjoy the pleasure Max was evoking on her.

Inside the motel room, Isabelle was floored by what Maria had just informed her. "You don't
think they are?...." She motioned to the bathroom door.

Michael answered jokingly. "I doubt it, believe me if those two start, you would diffidently
hear them."

"I have to agree there. I mean either the two of them haven't figured out that sound carries
or they just have no idea how loud they actually get. They probably wanted to discuss
their current situation in private for a few minutes. Besides they should know by now if I
hear one moan come out of Liz's mouth, I'm going to be pounding on that door so fast that
they wouldn't even have the time of day to finish anything they may have started. I for one
have heard enough to last me two life times and I don't intend to have to listen to them get
it on any more." Maria stated in a joking tone, but was serious all the same.

"I guess they have been through quite a bit, let's give them some time. But, I agree with
Maria, one sound of any moan and that's it. I have no intention of hearing my brother and
Liz get it on." Isabelle agreed.

In the bathroom, by now Max had lifted Liz's legs over his shoulders for better access to
her now very wet heat. He continued to suck, lick, nibble and drink her juices. Savoring
her distinct tastes into his mouth with each drop she rewarding him with. Liz of course by
now was writhing in such pleasure that she was dying with need for Max to pound his large
cock deep inside of her, but she couldn't utter even a moan let alone any words to tell him
what she wanted. In her current position, she couldn't even reach any part of him except
his head and everytime she attempted to pull his head away he would induce her to peak in
another orgasm where she was helpless to do anything but push his head closer to her core.
Finally after she rode out one orgasm and before Max had time to bring her to her next one
she recalled Max telling her he could read her thoughts. Concentrating as hard as she could
she had one thought and one thought only going through her mind over and over again. 'Inside
Max, I need to feel you inside me.'

Almost immediately Max dropped her legs, but didn't stop his sweet torture as he blindly
removed his jeans. Then waiting until she released one final time into his mouth, he swiftly
stood pulling her legs with him and thrusted inside of her in one quick smooth motion. Their
bodies were so insync with each other that the change of position was almost effortlessly
done and then Max began to pound into her as hard and as fast as he could. He watched in
amazement as Liz's mouth moved as if she was moaning loudly, but absolutely no sound came
out of her mouth. Of course now Max had to contain his own moans and that was a lot easier
said than actually done especially with her tight passage surrounding his thick member with
each thrust. Not breaking his rhythm in any way he pulled her sundress over her head to
reveal her naked body for his eyes and quickly sucked one entire breast into his mouth to
squelch his moan as he came inside of her for the first time. His penis growing erect almost
instantly as in all the other times they had made love.

Max continued pumping inside of her, in and out, in and out, in and out. Each time he felt
his release start he either latched his mouth onto one of her breast or captured her mouth
in a soul sealing kiss to drown out the sounds of his own moans. After he hardened for the
fifth time Liz slowly began to reach for the glass of ice water still sitting on the counter.
She knew they had already been in the bathroom longer than necessary and knew Max wasn't
going to be stopping any time soon. But, as she reached for it, Max grabbed her wrist gently
and whispered. "Not yet, please." Not able to refuse him she only nodded and then raised
her hips to meet his. Their bodies continued to slap together as their desires for each
other continued to wash over them. Their passion continued to grow and grow with need each
time they're bodies released with pleasure. Neither could even try to comprehend why this
was happening or how, they both just knew they couldn't stop. They were moving in animalistic
need while Max pounded into her and she lifted up to meet his thrusts every time. "I love
you, Liz." Max whispered in her ear as he nibbled on her ear lope, then latched his mouth
on her neck and sucked hard while he shot yet another stream of his hot seed deep inside of
her yet again.

Unable to voice the term of endearment back, she did the next best thing she could, she used
her mind and thought it to him. Liz could feel her body draining of energy, even though she
could feel Max's alien energy being fed into her to keep her going, she knew if they didn't
stop soon she would be so drained when they finally stopped that she would need to sleep
again for hours and hours. Knowing they didn't have that kind of luxury and as much as she
was enjoying the way Max felt inside of her body she knew it was time they stopped. Once
again she reached for the glass of ice water only to discover it was no longer ice water,
it was now luke warm and in that instant she knew they had completely lost control again and
had more than likely been making love for hours again. She picked the glass of luke warm
water up and waited until she felt him release one final time then threw the water into his
face and screamed in her mind at the same time 'STOP.'

Stopping his movements immediately he leaned forward and captured her lips in a sweet loving
kiss. Not one of need or desire, but one that simply said how much he adored her. "You are
simple amazing. Thank You!" He whispered as he kissed her forehead one final time before
withdrawing from her body. Half his body felt rejuvenated and felt like he could take on an
army all by himself while the other half of his body almost felt drained to the point where
he may collapse. He was about to voice what he was feeling when he felt a tap on his shoulder.
Looking at Liz she motioned with her hand to her mouth. "Sorry, forgot." Then with his
mind he told her to *Speak*.

Immediately Liz started to talk. "That was amazing. I wonder how long we've been in here
though. Do you think they realized what we were doing? I know by now Maria has probably
figured it out, but Michael's a little slow and Isabelle, we didn't even explain this part
of our relationship to her so she has got to be wondering what we have been doing in here
this entire time. You do realize I can't stop talking, don't you. I mean I'm rambling on
here sounding more and more like Maria every minute and if you don't stop me soon I am
going to hurt you badly." *Speak Normal*. "Thanks." She finally said with a smile.

Max smiled back at her and gently lifted her off the counter, then reached for her dress and
helped her into it before he reached for his own pants. "No, thank you Liz. Thank you for
understanding. I have no idea why this is happening, but we do need to figure it out. It
seems I can only go so long before I need another dosage of my Liz fix."

"Your Liz fix?" She questioned while she reached forward and buttoned Max's pants for him.

"Uh..Yeah. It's like I'm addicted to you and if I don't get a daily dosage I start to feel,
I don't know how to describe it." He stated sincerely, not sure how to even try to describe
the hunger his body starts to feel for her.

"You don't have describe it to me Max. Remember, you showed me exactly how you were feeling.
It was a pretty convincing argument if you ask me. Not that I'm complaining, but I do think
we need to figure this out or at least try to control ourselves."

"You said that before and so far we haven't had much luck."

"Well, let's look at it logically for a second. The last time we made love was almost twenty-four hours before we started this time and obviously that was way too long of a time frame
considering how much control we lost this time around."

"So, I need a little Liz fix sooner than twenty-four hours or maybe I just need it for twenty-four hours a day." He joked as he raised his eye brows up and down acknowledging he was
more than up for the challenge.

"Very funny. Now can we discuss this like adults or do I have to start really acting like
Maria and smack you around like she does to Michael." Max held up his hands in a fake
protective gesture, then lowered them and nodded for her to continue. "Okay when did you
first start to feel this..Uh..Craving?"

"Honestly, the desire is there twenty-four hours a day since the first time you allowed me
the pleasure of..Well, pleasuring you. But, the craving itself this time started to take
hold while you and Maria were sleeping. At first I just thought it was male hormones watching
you sleep like I was, but now that I think back that was when it first hit me."

"Max, that means you were fighting this...Craving for almost four hours right?"

"I guess, but it built slowly. I mean I didn't even realize how much it was effecting me
until we we're talking to Isabelle. Then once it took hold, it took hold."

"Do you still feel it? I mean now after we..."

"The desire yes, the craving no. But, I do think you should know that I feel split down the
middle. I'm guessing my alien side you could say feels like it's been given a shot of
adrenaline, but my human side is feeling the effects of our love making." Max admitted,
still not understanding why, but that seemed to be the best way to describe it.

"Okay, I can't believe I'm going to suggest this, but what if we try smaller dosages of the
fix you need." Liz started, but was quickly interrupted by Max.

"You mean we make love more often, but not as long and see if that fixes both problems. And
for the record you do realize my fix is you, don't you?"

"Basically yes, that's what I'm suggesting. Now we know twenty-four hours is too long of a
time period so let's cut that in half. We also need to find out how long we've been making
love and see if the next time we can also cut the time we make love in half also. Who knows
maybe if we get the timing down right, I won't have to throw water on you to get you to stop."
She joked with him and then started toward the door.

Max's protective nature took over immediately, stopping her so he could look out the bathroom
door first. The motel room was dark, but the light from the bathroom brightened the room
just enough so Max could tell Maria was asleep in one bed, Isabelle the other and Michael
was sitting up at the table. He had obviously taken first watch. "What time is it?" He
asked as quietly as possible.

"Almost seven." Michael answered and Max immediately calculated that he and Liz had been
making love for close to five hours.

He turned to Liz and mouthed the words five hours, then stated. "You need to sleep. I'm
going to take the next shift and let Michael get some sleep." He knew at least half his
body still felt rejuvenated so he could stay awake for a few more hours, then he would wake
his sister up and let her take a turn watching while he and Michael slept. They had already
paid for two nights ahead of time so he wasn't worried about needing to check out on time.
Then he turned to Michael. "I've got the next watch, get some sleep."

Michael didn't argue, he was more than ready to sleep. Without hesitating he climbed in
quietly next to Maria and was out almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. Liz wanted to
argue and stay up with Max, but she knew she was about to fall asleep standing up. Especially
after making love with Max for five hours. "I hope your sister doesn't mind company." She
joked, then gave Max one final kiss and crawled in bed with Isabelle being careful not to
wake her. Just as Michael had, she fell almost instantly asleep. While Max took the chair
Michael had previously occupied and sat about watching over his friends, sister and soul
mate as they slept.

End Pt27
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 28

Isabelle had woken a few hours later and agreed to take the next watch, while Max climbed
into bed with Liz. Maria was the next to wake and she was the one who went out for some
breakfast. Michael and Max both seemed to wake up at about the same time a few hours later,
but Liz continued to sleep. Only Max knew why she was so drained, but kept the true reason
to himself. Instead he informed the group that he and Liz had stayed up late discussing
their situation. After eating Max stated they needed to call Valenti and see if he found out
any information on Tess and to see if he had come up with any way to get their parents to
safety. They also tried to figure the safest place for them to meet up with them. They
knew they needed to come up with some place that Tess didn't know about. All the obvious
places were no good, the pod chamber was diffidently out. Michael thought of the cave that
Riverdog had taken them to, but that was also rejected since Nasedo had left the symbols
there and they weren't positive that he hadn't informed Tess about it before they got to
Roswell. Isabelle suggested Atherton's place in Marathon knowing that neither Tess nor
Nasedo had been around when they had originally driven there. They agreed that it would be
a good place to hold up once they talked with their parents, but Max didn't think his dad or
Liz's for that matter would drive that far without knowing enough details and he didn't want
to leave the explanation to what was happening up to Jim. They knew time was running out so
Max made the final plan.

Michael would be the one to contact Valenti, let him know to take their parents to the motel
Isabelle had stayed at the previous night. Max then stated that Michael, Isabelle and Maria
should greet them, leaving him and Liz here until they were sure no one had been followed or
compromised by their enemies. He figured Isabelle could calm their father down, Maria
could take care of her own mother, leaving only Liz's parents for Michael, Jim and Kyle to
deal with. He knew Liz would have probably been the best candidate for the job, but they all
understood the risk was too great to expose Liz until they knew for sure everyone was safe.
Then they would all come back to this motel, where they would explain the situation and
hopefully their parents would understand. After that it would be their decision to make.

Within the hour Michael was back from contacting Valenti. He didn't hesitate to make a
quick connection to Max so that there was no question he was indeed Michael. This was now
understood by everyone in the group, if you left for any amount of time, you were verified
that you were you when you came back. It was the safest way they could think of to know
that no one in the group was compromised by their enemies. "Okay, here's the deal. Valenti
didn't go into much detail about Tess, apparently she was around again when I called so his
side of the conversation was kind of inscriptive. He said that he could deliver the package
later this afternoon, but needed directions on how to get there. I told him the plan and
he agreed by saying he knew the place and could have the package there by eight."

"So we still don't have any information on Tess, why she's here?" Max asked.

"It's obvious why she's here Max. She's working with Kivar. She of all people would know
who you would have chosen and she wants either one of two things. To hand Liz over to Kivar
to get even with you for not choosing her in the first place or to kill Liz herself for
taking what she still probably believes what should have been rightfully hers. Either way
the bitch is bad news." Maria snorted out, knowing that Tess was the one person in the
entire universe that had caused her best friend more pain than any one person deserved in
any life time without so much as touching her.

"I'd have to agree with Maria on this one. She either wants Liz dead or she wants to make
you pay for not loving her." Isabelle agreed quickly.

Anger boiled in Max's blood at just the thought of Tess even trying to hurt his Liz. She
might have been able to know how to use her powers better than he had at one point in their
lives, but not now. Now he was better prepared and as he looked over at Liz's sleeping form
he knew he wasn't just better prepared because of how much they had spent practicing and
developing their powers, but because he had a new strength inside of him. The strength of
his and Liz's love, made the power he had always carried within him a hundred times stronger.
The four of them discussed their current situation, began to make more plans for what was to
surely come and after several hours it was time for Michael, Maria and Isabelle to leave.
Once again agreeing that if they weren't back in a few of hours Max and Liz would no
longer be waiting for them.

Max watched the three of them pull away in Isabelle's car and as soon as they were gone Max
knew it was time to wake Liz up. She needed to know what they had discussed, besides he also
knew this was probably their only opportunity to be alone and it was going on the twelve
hours. He just hoped Liz's theory was correct and he wouldn't lose as much control when
they made love this time around. As always he had the desire to be with her and he the back
of his mind he could feel his craving for her slowly building, but it was no where close to
the intensity that he had felt the night before yet. He laid down on the bed beside her
and slowly began to stroke her hair and face. "Liz, babe. It's time to wake up."

Her lips turned up in a smile and she began to stretch without opening her eyes yet. Her
body turned into Max's and she whispered. "Morning."

"Actually it's evening." He corrected.

Sitting up quickly she awoke almost instantly, looking around the motel room and seeing no
one there except for Max. "How long have I been asleep and where is everyone?"

"It's seven and everyone's gone to meet Jim and hopefully all of our parents. They actually
just left a few minutes ago. We thought it would be safer for the two of us to stay behind
until they can be sure everything went according to plan." Liz nodded and got out of bed to
use the restroom and freshen up just a bit. After sleeping for that many hours she needed
to at least brush her teeth and wash her face. Max continued to explain the plan that they
had come up with while she freshen up.

"So this means we have a couple hours to ourselves?" She questioned with a hint of teasing
to her voice as she let her hand slowly move across his chest.

"Uh...Yeah. I was thinking maybe we should take the opportunity to test your theory." His
body already reacting to just that small touch from her.

"Are you feeling the craving?" She asked sincerely, all teasing was put a side for just a

He knew she was being serious, so he tried to be as honest with her as possible. "Not like
I did last night, but I do feel it starting to build. Right now though I don't think it's
my alien side that's wanting you as much as my male hormones on my human side does." He
spoke the truth, but in a joking term.

To his surprise though, Liz removed her clothing without any hesitation, leaving him stunned
by her action. "Well, my human body needs some attention too." She stated seductively as
she moved over to the bed, laid down and spread her legs. "Think you might be willing to
help a poor lonely human girl out with that attention problem." She joked as she let her
own hands move slowly over her very naked body.

"You take my breath away." He whispered out and quickly removed his clothing also. Just the
sight of her dressed made his stomach do flip flops, but to see her like this literally drove
him crazy with desire for her. He bent down and kissed her deeply, but before he even had
the chance to move over the top of her, Liz pushed him back on the bed.

"I haven't had my breakfast yet and I'm hungry so if you're a good boy and feed me, I'll give
you a special treat of your own." She teased and without letting him respond she already
swung her body around and took his aroused cock into her mouth in one swift movement. She
sucked upward hard one time before she began to lick around his head and down his shaft as
she moved one leg to the other side of his head. In doing so, revealing her already wet heat
directly in Max's view.

That was all the invitation Max needed and he grabbed her hips, pulling the triangular
treasure that held the sweet nectar of his desire to his awaiting mouth and plunged his
tongue deep inside for a quick taste. Both began their feast upon each other's bodies,
neither knowing which was more satisfying, giving the pleasure or receiving it. It wasn't
long before they both went over the edge, filling each other's mouths with their own juices.
It truly amazed Liz, when she had sucked him dry completely only to feel his cock turn
instantly hard again while still inside of her mouth. She had felt him do this over and over
when he was buried deep inside of her, but to feel it in her mouth simply amazed her. She
wasn't about to complain though, she was more than ready to continue her feast upon him just
as Max was continuing to feast upon her even after she had already exploded into his mouth.

After they shared another exquisite flood of pleasure Liz could barely hold herself up. She
began to move down his body more than ready to feel him inside of her body. But, Max was
no where near finished with his feast, so as she moved down his body, his mouth and tongue
followed his craving until she was laying almost face down on the bed with her beautiful
ass in the air all the while Max's body moved into a more sitting position to be able to
continue licking and sucking her juices greedily down. Their change in position was so
graceful the way they moved insync with each other's bodies. As she orgasm one more time
and Max licked every drop available, Liz needed him inside of her desperately. "Max, please.
I need you inside." She half moaned, half pleaded.

Still not missing a beat he pulled his body to a kneeling position behind her and in one
swift thrust, he plunged deep inside of body. In this position he was able to get deeper
than he had ever gone before and they both let out a shrilling moan of delight. Liz's walls
tightened around his shaft almost instantly, her homemade juices flowing over his cock as
she did so only to cause Max's release to come just as quickly. Instantly hard again, he
continued to pump deep inside of her wetness unable and unwilling to stop. Liz reached
underneath her body and could easily grasp hold of his wonderful sacs. Squeezing and
caressing them gently as with each slap of their bodies together she could feel them hitting
her back side triggering yet another orgasm to wash throughout her body. This one hit so
hard and so suddenly she had to throw her arms out to keep from collapsing onto the bed all

Leaning over her, he quickly flipped her body while not skipping a beat in his rhythm. Now
able to have the opportunity to get his hands on her breast he quickly took hold of them
while his mouth descended upon hers. Their bodies electric rhythm began to slow and became
more sensual in lieu of animalistic, but just as glorious. Up and down, in and out, their
bodies moved together enjoying every touch, every movement, every kiss, every caress. Now
they were truly making love in the most defining meaning of the words. Sharing orgasms,
sharing their bodies, sharing their hearts and sharing their souls. Moans of pleasure,
screaming of their names, cries of joys were tossed from deep inside their mouths and throats
As they continued to make love slowly, completing one another to the point where they no
longer knew where one began and the other one ended. They were one in the same.

While Max and Liz continued to make love the other three were just arriving at the designated
meeting spot. All had different anxieties, Michael because their enemies could have
discovered the plan and followed any of the parents. Maria, just because she knew her own
mother would be throwing a gasket before she even had a chance to say two words. And then
there was Isabelle, she had wanted to tell her parents the truth for so long, but just like
Max one of her greatest fears were that they would look at her as a monster instead of their
daughter. The three started to climb out of the car when Michael told the two women to stay
put until he knew everything was safe.

It was only a few minutes later that Valenti pulled up in his cruiser with Amy and Kyle
accompanying him, with the Evan's car pulling up directly behind his. Jim was the first one
out of the vehicle and Michael approached him carefully. The two shook hands and as they
did Michael formed a quick connection, giving him a small smirk within just a few moments.
"Glad you made it safely." He responded pulling his hand back.

Amy DeLuca immediately climbed out of the car. "Where's my daughter?" She screamed out as
she scanned the parking lot. Michael had parked their car just around the corner where
Maria and Isabelle could see them, but no one would know they were there just in case any
thing went wrong. Michael could tell that Amy wasn't just angry that her daughter had basically
disappeared, but her voice and facial features also showed she was scared.

Michael went over to Amy, touching her arm to verify she was indeed Maria's mother quickly
before commenting. "She's safe." He barely got those words out before both the Evans and
the Parkers were upon him demanding to know where their children were also. One by one he
made his way around the group as inconspicuously as possible touching them either on the
arm or patting their back or shaking their hands. He assured each individual as he did so
that everyone was currently safe. He turned to where Maria and Isabelle were and nodded.

Both girls came running out from around the corner, Isabelle was caught in a hug with both
her parents while Maria was not only pulled into a tight embrace, but started getting the
third degree immediately. "I don't know who you think you are young lade, but this is the
last time I'm letting you out of my sight." Amy cried as she continued to hold her daughter
tighter than it was possible for air to come in-between them.

Jeff spoke up the instant he realized that Liz wasn't there. "Where's Liz?"

"Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, Liz is safe. She's with Max and they're waiting for us to meet
them." Michael tried to assure Liz's parents, without going into any details. Details would
be forthcoming soon enough and now that he knew all the parents were safe, he knew it was
best to get moving just in case anyone had followed them. "Why don't we get going? We still
have a short drive ahead of us and then we can explain everything once we're all together."

He motioned for everyone to get back in their cars, but Amy wasn't about to leave Maria for
another second. So it was decided that Maria and Amy would ride with Isabelle, while he rode
with Jim and Kyle. He thought that way he could at least have time to find out some
information on Tess. Jim's car took the lead, followed by the Parker's with Isabelle's at
the rear. In Jim's car Michael began his questioning. "Were you able to find out why Tess
showed up?"

"No, she really hasn't said too much of anything as of yet. But, I can tell you this much.
She's scared. Really scared."

"Yeah, I bet she is." Michael replied shortly, he was pretty sure that she knew now that
both sides that she had been playing knew about her deception and knew her days were now
numbered. Either their enemies were going to find her and kill her or they would. She just
simply knew too much about them for them to ever be truly safe as long as she was alive.
And Michael had no intention of falling for her tactics again, if Max couldn't do it, he
wouldn't have any problems taking care of the Tess situation once and for all.

"I still can't believe you let that bitch into our house again Dad? She murdered Alex and
chances are if she continued to play her little head games with me, I would be in the same
condition she left Alex before he died." Kyle had yet to get over Tess and how she had used
and abused him from day one. His anger went deeper than probably any one's, because his
feelings for her had been deeper than any of them. His feelings that were once of love, had
turned to bitter hatred toward her. When he had come home from work and saw her there, he
hardly looked at her, just walked into his room and slammed the door shut.

"Kyle, haven't you ever heard the old saying. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.
I'm not as nieve as you may think I am. I know what she did, what she's capable of doing
and there was no way I was going to let her out of my sight until I had a chance to speak
with Max, Michael or Isabelle. And if you remember, none of them were around for me or you
to talk with when she first showed up." He argued back with his son. The only regret he
did have was the inability to warn his son to stay away from their house without alerting
Tess that he didn't trust her either. He loathed her as much as the rest of them, if not
more for what she had done to his own son, but he couldn't take a chance on letting her get
away before he knew why she was there. The only problem being he didn't really have a chance
to any information out, as she was too nervous and scared to even say two words the entire
time she had been in his company. When she had arrived at his door she basically fell into
his arms and begged 'Help me.' Before she literally collapsed, passed out completely. He
then told Michael exactly what had happened, but since then she hadn't said hardly anything
at all. "So, why don't you tell me what's really going on? Why the disappearing act?"

"I'd prefer not to get into too much detail at this time, but our enemies are here on Earth
and I'm not talking just the few skins that were around any more. We believe Kivar's here
or at least an army of his soldiers are. Did you see the report about Panama City?"

"That had to do with you guys, didn't it?" This from Kyle.

"Yes and we think their next stop will be Roswell. That's why we needed to get everyone out
of there. Max is going to tell everyone what we think is about to go down and even if they
didn't know the truth..."

"Your enemies would come after them, because of their link to all of you." Jim finished the
thought process, now understanding the urgency begin his and Michael's previous phone

Both Max and Liz were on a completely different plan of the universe. While their bodies
still physically were making slow passionate love to each other over and over again, their
souls were also joining. Intertwining with the other, giving each other not only pleasure
on a physically level, but also on a spiritual level that went beyond anything they could
ever have possibly imagined. Bonding them to one another for all eternity. When they
experienced the bond between their souls sear together, they screamed out from the shear
force of the pleasure they shared. Slowly coming back into their own bodies, their eyes
entranced with each other's as their bodies slowly began to stop all movements.

After a few more minutes of still lying joined, Max was the first one to come back to reality.
"Wow! You okay?" He asked still completely out of breath.

"Yes! You?" She panted back trying to get her own body under some semblance of control.

Giving her one final soft kiss, he removed himself from her body and rolled onto his back
bringing her body with his as he went. "I always knew when we made love, it would always be
the most mind blowing experience of my life, but that was..."

"Amazing." Liz finished for him as she began to kiss his chest and run her hands over his
shoulders. "Your a wonderful lover Max." She whispered sincerely.

Kissing the top of her head, he whispered back. "Only because you make me one. I love you
so much Liz."

"I know." She replied honestly for his soul was now forever bonded to hers and she knew
without any doubts how he felt for her. "I love you too, Max."

Smiling he simply answered. "I know." He looked over at the clock and noticed they had
once again lost a few more hours during their love making. "We better get dressed and get
ready for everyone's return" He stated regretfully, not really ready to release Liz from
his arms. But, the knock on their motel room door got him moving in lightning speed.

End Pt28
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 29

His first priority being Liz, Max didn't even hesitate as he swiftly rushed her into the
bathroom, along with a bag for her to get dressed while in there. Once again swiping his
hand over the door to seal it shut and then raised his shield surrounding the door, before
going over to answer the motel's door. He opened it just a crack, held out his hand and
then quickly opened the door wider allowing Michael to enter. "Is everyone here? Are they
safe?" He asked once he knew Michael was for sure Michael.

Michael didn't even get the chance to respond before Jeff Parker was pushing past him and
Max. "Where's My Daughter?" He shouted out and then froze as his eyes came upon the green
substance covering the other door inside the motel room. "What the hell?" Jeff had watched
Michael approach the motel room door from his car and even though the other occupants of the
car told him to wait, the moment he saw Max, he knew Liz had to be around and he wasn't about
to wait another minute to make sure his little girl was safe. So before anyone could stop
him, he was up and out of the vehicle and pushing his way into the room. Now he was truly
transfixed by the sight in front of him.

Max looked to Michael for reassurance and with a quick nod from his best friend, Max knew
Jeff and the rest of the parents were fine. "It's time then." He stated and Michael left
to bring the rest of the group into the room while Max walked over to the bathroom door and
removed his shield, then unlocked the door.

Quietly a redressed Liz stepped out of the bathroom to come face to face with the two most
important men in her life. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Jeff Parker screamed just as he lunged
toward Max and threw one punch directly into Max's face knocking him back away from his baby
girl thinking he had indeed kidnapped his daughter and was keeping her hostage.

"DAD, Stop!" Liz yelled back as she went to check to see if Max was okay. "Max? Are you
okay?" She asked as she started to look at the swelling around his left eye that was already
starting to form. Before she could get a good look at his eye, she felt herself being pulled
away from him.

It was at that moment that the rest of their group walked into the room, witnessing Max on
the floor holding his hand to his eye and Liz being pulled away from him. "I'm going to
make sure you spend the next twenty years behind bars. Don't you ever come near my daughter
again!" Jeff was shouting at Max.

Isabelle ran to her brother. "Max, what happened?"

"Now hold on there Jeff, what happened?" This from Max's father, the lawyer in him coming
out when he heard Jeff's threats to his son.

"Your son, kidnapped my daughter and has been holding her hostage by some kind of green lock!"
Jeff snapped to Philip.

Liz was trying to wriggle herself free from her father's grip on her arm. "Dad, stop it.
Max didn't kidnap me, he has been protec...."

Not even listening to his daughter, he held his firm grip on her and began to pull her toward
the door. Cutting off her protests, anger flowing in his veins. "Your coming home with us
right now!"

"Dad! Your hurting me, stop it!" Liz argued as she tried to pull away from him one more

Jeff Parker was furious and his anger not allowing his brain to function clearly. All he
knew was that his only daughter had been locked away by Max and he needed to get her as far
away from him as quickly as possible. The other parents had moved out of the doorway and
to the side of the room to allow him to pass, obviously not sure what else to do. But, the
instant Max heard Liz's words that someone was hurting her, even if that someone was her own
father was not something Max could allow. He stretched out his hand and slammed the motel
room shut as he stood back up on his feet. "Let Her Go!" His voice low, demanding and as
authoritative as he could achieve.

All eyes turned back to Max, then back to the motel room door, then to Jeff and Liz, then
back to Max. Liz shrugged out of her father's grasp the minute it loosened from the shock
of Max's display of power. She immediately ran back into the safety of Max's arms. He
caught her in his arms and held her gently. "You okay?" He asked softly as his hand ran
over the spot where her father had held her only moments ago. She nodded and then he turned
his attention back to the rest of their parents. "We have a lot to tell you and we don't
have much time, so if everyone could please sit down we'll begin."

"Now you wait just a minu..." Jeff started to protest only to be interrupted by his own

"Dad, if you would just be quiet and listen. Max will explain everything." She gave her
father a look that asked him to trust her. Seeing how upset he had made his daughter Jeff
took a seat on one bed next to his wife. Diane and Philip Evans sat on the other bed, while
Amy DeLuca, Jim and Kyle Valenti stood by the window.

"First off, Jeff, let me assure you I would never harm or let anyone harm Liz as long as
there is life in my body." Max started.

Jeff stood up once again, still angered over the thought that Max had kidnapped his daughter.
"That's not what it looked...." He started to argue, only to be cut off by Jim Valenti this

"Jeff, you need to calm down and listen to what these kids have to tell you." Jim stated
in a calm voice.

"You KNEW!" Jeff whipped around to face Jim. "All this time, you knew he had my daughter?"

"I suspected Liz was with Max just like you did, but no Jeff, I honestly didn't know for
sure." Jim wanted to add that he did have an idea of what Max was about to tell them, but
he kept quiet knowing it wasn't his secret to tell.

"How did you do that thing with the door?" This from Amy DeLuca who directed her question
to Max at almost the same time that Jim was talking to Jeff.

"Mom, if you just give Max a chance to explain...."

"Don't you Mom me, young lady....." Amy bantered back at her daughter only to be interrupted
by Michael.

"Mrs. DeLuca, we'll explain everything...."

Amy cut him off immediately. "I don't think you can explain to me why my daughter has
obviously lied to me and is shaken up with you in some low budget motel room mister!"

"Isabelle, honey what's going on?" Diane was asking her own daughter at the same time all
the other conversations.

"Max, I think you better start talking and I mean the truth this time!" Philip yelled rising
from his position on the bed to face his son at the same time.

The motel room was buzzing with questions from all sides and no one was waiting to listen to
any sort of explanation from anyone. Voices were rising quickly and nothing any one said
could get everyone back into some kind of order so all could be explained. It was Kyle who
finally got everyone quiet with a very loud whistle from deep inside his throat. All
conversations halted as all eyes turned to look in Kyle's direction who was standing on a
chair by the window. "The floors all yours your majesty." Kyle said with a smile and all
heads whipped around toward Max once again.

Max couldn't help but smile at his one time foe now turned friend. "Thank you Kyle." He
then faced his own parents. "I know this is going to come as a shock to most of you and you
may even find it hard to believe, but our lives are in danger and we feel your lives could
also be in danger because of your relationship with us. Michael, Isabelle and myself are
alien hybrids."

"What?" Philip and Diane had always known there was something about their children, but this
was more than even their imaginations could have come up with.

"It's true, we were in the '47 crash, but we hadn't been born yet." Isabelle added quickly.
"The night you found us in the desert was the night we were actually born."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Jeff asked, his tone still full of anger and skepticism.

"Dad, please let Max explain." Liz pleaded with her father, but Jeff was still going to try
to argue when Diane stepped up this time.

"For God's sake Jeff, could you just be quiet for a minute and let my son talk!" Her usual
quiet manner lost in shock at her children's confession. She could see how hard this was on
them and had wanted them to share their secret with her for so long, that she didn't have
the time or the patience for Jeff Parker at the moment.

His mother's out burst took Max by surprise for a moment, but the knowledge that she had
still referred to him as her son even after he had admitted that he was in fact an alien
made him give his mother a grateful smile. He mouthed the word thanks to her and then he
began once again. "We are from a planet called Antar, where we lived a life before. Upon
our deaths, we were recreated from the essence of our past lives and mixed with human DNA.
We don't really know the exact details of how our people were able to do this, but we can
tell you why." Max began slowly, but waited a few moments to gauge the reaction of their
parents by the small amount of information he had just revealed.

Stunned silence invaded the entire room at Max's beginning of his tale of who he truly was.
After a few moments of tortured silence Max was about to begin again when they were all
taken by surprise by a soft knock at the motel room door. Jim turned toward Max who
immediately placed Liz behind him, Michael doing the same with Maria and Isabelle taking a
stand directly in front of her parents all at the same time prior to Max nodding his head
for Jim to go a head and answer it. To Jim's surprise the current sheriff of Roswell stood
on the other side of the door, along with a few of his deputy's. "Hanson?"

"Please, step aside Jim. I've got a warrant for the arrest of Max Evans." Sheriff Hanson
stated as he pushed himself further into the motel room.

Philip Evans was on his feet instantly. "On what charges?" He demanded.

But, Sheriff Hanson didn't even get a chance to state the charges when Jeff Parker was on his
feet. He had listened to Max and all he knew for sure was the fact that his only daughter
was endanger because of Max Evans again. "I'll tell you what he is doing here. I called
him the minute you called Jim. I knew Max had to be involved with Liz's sudden disappearance
and I don't give a damn about where he's from or what he is all I want is my daughter to be
safe. And as long as she's with your son, she won't be!" Jeff then quickly moved over to
his daughter and pulled her away from Max.

That was all Kivar needed, for as soon as the would be chosen queen was out from behind the
protection of the stupid boy king he made his move. Sheriff Hanson's hand rose instantly
and sent Max, Michael and Isabelle flying back and smashed them into the back wall of the
motel room taking Maria and both the Evan's with them. While the two deputy's grabbed Liz
away from her father's grasp. "You pathetic humans." He spat out at the adults who still
stood, shocked at the power they had just witnessed.

Jim being the closest to the sheriff knew immediately what had happened. His one time good
friend Hanson was no longer his own self. Max, Michael and Isabelle's enemy had taken over
his body. Without hesitation he rushed forward to attempt a surprise attack back and take
him out, but his attempt went to the waist side at a simple flick of the wrist by the sheriff
and before any further attempts could be made a red shield a rose from the alien known as
Kivar in Sheriff Hanson's body blocking himself, his soldiers and Liz from the others. The
other's including Max watched in horror as Kivar roughly grabbed Liz and pulled her in front
of his own body. Placing his hand under her stomach they watched as his hand glowed. "Her
body has not completed the transformation as of yet. Zan must be brought along to finish
his job." He ordered talking to his deputy's. Then turned toward the group of humans and
alien hybrids still on the other side of the red shield. "I'll give Tess credit for one
thing before have her killed, humans are pathetic creatures." His gaze set on Max before he
continued. "Zan, you always were such a fool. You made this almost too easy for me. Now,
you will come with me and finish preparing this human whore's body or I will have no choice
but to kill those that you obviously care for starting with her." He stated in a menacing
tone as he pointed directly at Diane Evans.

Max stepped forward placing himself in between his love ones and the red shield that held
Liz captive. "My name is not Zan, it is Max." He stated firmly not wanting Kivar to see
how really scared he was.

"Max. I've waited for over fifty years for this moment. Do not try to toil with me, for if
you hadn't chosen a pathetic human as your queen or had finished her body's transformation
you would be dead by now. But, since you didn't I am forced to wait until you finish her
transformation before my seed can be planted in her body. But, do not think that I will not
torture or kill those that you love if you deny your duty." Kivar spoke with such venom in
his voice there was no doubt he meant what he threatened.

Max looked over his shoulder into the eyes of his very scared human mother. There was no
doubt that Kivar would kill her in a blink of an eye and not think twice about it. The only
problem was Max truly did not know what his enemy wanted him to do. Liz already carried the
seal inside of her, so what else was it that he needed to do to prepare her body? "I don't
know what your talking about." He finally admitted hoping to stall for more time to come up
with some kind of plan to get them all out of there safely.

At that admission, Kivar began to laugh realizing for the first time how nieve the young boy
who stood before him was. "Well, it seems a lesson is needed to make you understand who you
are talking to then." He waved his hand and a pulsating light shot out from his palm directly
toward Max's mother. Max's defenses were just as quick and his own green shield raised
instantly causing the pulse to be deflected into the ceiling of the motel room that left a
very large whole in it's wake. Kivar took note of Max's shield as if studying it. He shook
his head and let out another menacing laugh. "It looks like the boy has a few tricks of his
own after all, but do not think you are any match for me boy." Letting go another pulse of
light even bigger than the last one only this time it split in four different rays. One
directed at Diane, one at Amy, one at Jeff and the last at Michael. Since Max was only
standing in front of Diane and Michael that left Amy and Jeff both easy targets. The impact
was quick with Amy being hit in the stomach and Jeff in his upper shoulder, the smell of
charred flesh engulfed the small motel room.

"MOM!" Maria yelled as she ran from behind the protection of Michael toward where her mother
laid on the floor.

"Maria, NO!" Michael tried to grab her back, but was too late. The minute she was out from
behind Max's green shield of protection Kivar's goons in deputy's body's had her and she too
was held now behind the red shield of Kivar. "Oh God, please don't hurt her." Michael
begged feeling completely helpless as he watched Maria being dragged out the door.

"That's sweet Rath, you have your own human whore and to think at one point in my life I
envied the fact that Volandra was to be your mate instead of mine." Kivar shook his head in
disgust. "How pathetic you royal's are? To chose these lowly humans as your mates versus
Ava and Volandra." He turned his attention back to Max. "Now, you will lay down your shield
and come with me to finish the transformation or your second's chosen one will be killed."

"All right, I'll come with you just let the others go." Now it was Max's turn to plead for
the lives of the rest of the ones he cared for.

"Max, NO!" Isabelle shouted from behind him.

"I think you are mistaken. I have no intention on letting any one go until the transformation
has been successfully completed. If you refuse, I will kill them one at a time until you
willing complete your task. If you come willing I will allow the humans to live. Just so
there is no question about your fate. You, Rath and Volandra will be taken back to Antar
for an immediate public execution. Now make your choice, do I kill them now or do we all
leave together alive?"

End Pt29

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Okay just for all of you that are worried about the story when I do have the baby, I will try to ease your mind by saying that I am typing as fast as I can to get several chapters written in advance. The storyline is only going to get more intense for the next several chapters and I don't want to leave you all hanging out there. Especially with all the wonderful FB you guys have so graciously left me. So I am at least trying, hope that helps a little. Anyway here is the next part, I hope you enjoy it. As always let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 30

Unable to allow any further harm come to those he cared for, Max's decision was made and
before any of them had time to blink an eye blankness engulfed the entire group as Kivar
used his powers to knock them out completely. Max was the first to waken, he took in his
new surroundings carefully. No way of knowing how long he had been unconscious, but figuring
it had been several hours. The room itself was covered in darkness and Max had to blink
several time to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once his eyes could focus he
noticed how each member of the group were hanging from what looked like
some kind of advance steel walls. Although he could see no type of chain or bondage material
holding any of them captive, he was unable to move his head, legs or arms and suspected they
were held with some sort of alien device. He took note that neither Maria nor Liz were in
the room with them and his concern for his love and her best friend heightened instantly.
He could see that Amy DeLuca was in bad shape, even though she appeared to still be alive
for the moment, he could tell that she didn't have long to live if she didn't get some kind
of help. Jeff Parker, although wounded wasn't in any immediate threat. Looking around at
the rest of the group he noticed how Michael hung directly to his right, while his sister
was on his left. His parents, the Parker's, Amy, Jim and Kyle hung on the wall on the other
side of the room.

A door slid open allowing a bright light to come into the darken room, making Max blink once
again to make his eyes adjust. A large muscular man stepped into the room first followed by
another good size man who was followed by two more very large muscular men. The man in the
middle walked around the other man, obviously the man in charge since he waved the other man
back. The light stirred the others awake and it only took Michael a second to comprehend
Maria wasn't in the room. "Where's Maria?" He shouted at the tall, blond hair man who looked
like he was in charge. The man simple snapped his finger and the first large muscular man
stepped over to Michael and punched him hard across his face.

"You will speak only when asked to speak." The blond voiced.

Max eyed the man carefully and knew immediately that he was Kivar only now in a completely
different body. "Very good Zan, you recognize me." Kivar stated, then continued. "I had no
intention of using that skimpy sheriff's body to plant my seed in your whore queen. No, this
body's DNA is a much better specimen of this pathetic species. Who knows, she might enjoy
this body enough to bare me a second heir." He baited at Max to see what kind of reaction
he would get from the young wanna be boy king. But, to his surprise Max kept quiet not
taking the bait, he just continued to stare at him. The two men squared off for a few more
minutes before Max finally looked away from Kivar and looked over to where Amy hung on the
wall. "Worried about her fate?" Kivar teased.

Max lowered his eyes and in a humble voice pleaded. "Please, heal her."

Shaking his head, Kivar replied. "I should make you watch her die a miserably slow death,
but I will allow you to heal her if you drink this." He brought out a small tube that looked
similar to a test tube that had a very small amount of liquid inside of it. Max figured it
was a solution that would take away his powers, much like he had experienced when held
captive in the white room by Agent Pierce and the special unit of the FBI. Unable to take
the risk of Amy dying Max slowly nodded conceding that he would do as told. With another
snap of his fingers the invisible restraints that held Max's right hand against the wall
released. Kivar held the tube out for Max to take then took a step back.

Max looked at the small amount of liquid once more, then lifted it to his mouth. Once close
enough to his mouth where he could smell the contents, he swiftly turned his head toward
Kivar. "You bastard." He swore at him.

"Drink and I will release you to heal the pathetic woman or let her die. The choice is up
to you." Hating the man before him, but hating himself more for wanting what small amount
of the contents he was offered and not just because he would be allowed to heal Amy. He
simply could not resist the aroma of the contents in the tube. With a tear running down his
face he quickly drank down the sweet nectar of his desire, licking inside the tube to make
sure he got ever last drop there was to get, then let the test tube drop out of his hand and
cried at his own weakness. "Ah..I see you recognize my offering. Don't worry, there will be
plenty more for you in due time." With that Kivar turned and began to walk out of the room.
Before the door shut he snapped his fingers once more and Max's entire body fell to the

Max laid on the ground, sobs escaping his body at what he had done, knowing he enjoyed every
drop he had been given and feeling sick because of that fact alone. "Max, get it together
and get over there and heal Amy." Michael whispered in a yelling manner. Wiping the tears
from his eyes he slowly picked himself off the ground. Walking over to Amy he placed one
hand over her stomach and found the wound seemed to only be flesh deep but was slowly burning
it's way inside of her. He healed the original burn quickly, then went on to repair all the
damage that had grown from the original burn. Amy was thankfully still passed out so she
hadn't really had a chance to feel the pain that she would have felt if she had awoken prior
to Max being able to heal her.

Jeff Parker on the other hand was now awake and he too was experiencing a slow burning of his
skin. Max now understanding what type of wound he had from his healing of Amy. "I can heal
you if you'd like?" He asked not wanting to assume Liz's father would want anything to do
with him.

Jeff simply nodded and Max quickly went to work healing his wound as well. When he was
completely healed, Jeff stated softly. "I am such a fool."

Max gave him a penetrating gaze. "Yes, you are sir." He answered solemnly before turning
toward Michael. He healed Michael's broken nose and black eyes. He tried to use his powers
to release him, but found to his dismay he wasn't able to. He then went over to the wall
that Kivar and his goons had walked through before and tried to open the door, only to find
once again he didn't have the capability. Slowly he sank down to the ground and placed his
head in his hands feeling completely disgusted with himself as he could tell the effects of
that small drink was having on his body. His craving for Liz while still not bad was slowly
building and knew he wouldn't be able to stop it until he had enough to sustain the craving.

"Son, what was that stuff that guy had you drink?" His own adopted father asked.

Max looked over at Jeff Parker and then shook his head. "I..I can't tell you."

"Max, can you at least tell us what's going on?" This from his mother. "I think it's time
we knew, don't you?" Her voice was soft, not demanding but full of concern.

Nodding his head Max slowly stood up on his feet and began. "My name was Zan. I was once
the king of a planet called Antar. Isabelle is my sister, her name was Volandra in our past
life and Michael was my second in command, his name was Rath. Tess was also one of us, she
was supposedly the young bride of Zan's in this past life. During a conflict on our planet
our enemy Kivar tried to take over my throne by killing me, Ava or Tess as you know her,
Rath and Volandra. Our real mother the queen combined our essence with human DNA to recreate
us into who we are today. She sent us to Earth so that we could stay safe until we were old
enough to go back to Antar and take back the planet. The only problem with Kivar's plan was
that I have a royal seal on my brain that signifies I am the true king of Antar. Without this
royal seal, Kivar could take control of the throne, but he would never be in complete
control since my people would never recognize him as the true king without the royal seal.
Nasedo who was supposed to be one of our protectors that came with us on the ship, betrayed
us by making a deal with Kivar. The deal was to get Tess pregnant with my child and bring
the rest of us back to Antar where Kivar would have us killed and raise my child as his own.
Giving him the power he needed to contain control through my son."

"But, I thought Isabelle told us that you had gotten Tess pregnant already so why does this
Kivar guy want with Liz?" Philip now asked not completely understanding the full picture as
of yet.

"Yeah, she was or at least it's possible that she was carrying my child, we don't know for
sure. What we do know is that even if she was carrying my child, the child didn't have the
royal seal signifying him as my true heir because what neither Nasedo nor Tess knew was that
before she could give birth to my heir, I would have had to given her the royal seal before
the child was conceived. In other words I would have had to choose her as my queen, transfer
the seal to her and then conceive a child with her where she would have transferred the royal
seal to child."

"But, you didn't choose Tess did you? You choose my daughter. Liz has the seal or she has
part of it and this Kivar guy wants you to finish giving her the seal so she can pass it on
to your child, right?" Jeff spoke with disgust thinking how Max could have gotten his own
daughter into such a situation if he truly loved her like he always confessed he did.

"Yes, and no. Yes, I never choose Tess as my queen and yes, I did choose Liz. I had no
idea about the transfer of the royal seal until after it had taken place. But, the thing I
don't understand yet is, I know for a fact that the transfer of the royal seal has already
taken place so I'm not sure what other kind of transformation Kivar is talking about. The
one thing I do know though is Liz bares the royal seal and her child will be the next heir
of Antar, but that doesn't mean it will be my child."

"Oh My God! You mean that monster could be raping and impregnating my daughter this very
minute?" Nancy Parker cried out unable to comprehend the hell her only daughter must be
going through at that very moment in time.

"I don't think so, well, not yet anyway. Apparently Kivar needs me to complete some kind of
transformation before Liz can become pregnant. That's why we're here. I just don't know
what else I have to do in order for this transformation to occur." Max spoke honestly truly
baffled by what else Kivar needed him to do. There was so many things that Max still didn't
know about his alien origins. The one thing that perplexed him more than anything was the
craving he had for Liz and why. But, there was no way he was going to mention that in front
of Liz's parents. The only person that knew about it was Liz, Maria and Michael and the
last two didn't even know how intensely strong it gets.

"So how do we get out here Maxwell? We've got to come up with some kind of plan to get out
of here, rescue Liz and Maria and get rid of that bastard once and for all." Michael said
stating the obvious. The only problem was both Max and Michael knew it wasn't as easy as
that considering how inadequate their powers were compared to Kivars. They both knew they
hadn't even seen half of what he was capable of.

"I don't know Michael, I just don't know. All I know for sure is that I'll die before I let
that bastard touch Liz." At least anymore than he already had Max thought to himself.

The group fell silent all trying to come up with some kind of escape plan, but each plan
seemed futile at best. Several hours later the craving that Max had was slowly making itself
known again and he felt sick to his stomach at the mere thought of it. With ever ounce of
will power he had, he attempted to keep the craving he had for Liz to a mere minimum.
Without any warning Kivar and his goons came back inside the room and before Max could even
make a move he was thrown back up against the wall and his restraints fasten to his legs and
wrists. Kivar approached him suddenly, he looked him thoroughly over before reaching in his
pocket and pulling out another vile. The contents just as small as the time before, but this
time Max knew for sure what Kivar was carrying. "Are you ready for your next dosage or do
you need to be persuaded to drink?" Kivar looked around the room and noticed that all the
hostages seemed to have been healed quite nicely. Max made no offer or any other kind of
movement to signify that he would willing drink the contents. As much as he wanted it, he
knew the more he had the more his own body would demand more until his craving all but
consumed him. Realizing Max needed a little push he nodded his head in the direction of
Nancy Parker this time.

The large muscular man approached her and her eyes widened in fear. The man wretch her head
back and brought his fist up in line with her face, then turned back to Kivar for the final
nod. Kivar raised his eyebrows at Max asking silently if he would drink willing or not.
This time Max closed his eyes and nodded ever so slightly accepting his fate, not willing
Liz's mother to be harmed if he could prevent it. Smiling Kivar held the vile under Max's
nose for just a few moments, he could see how Max's face turned into need with just the small
smell of the contents. "Do you want this?"

Feeling sick because he could not control his desire now that he had smelled the contents.
"Yes, please." He whispered his plead.

Kivar smirked at him knowing it would in deed only be a matter of time before this boy was
begging him to allow him to finish the transformation to prepare the human girl's body to
be able to conceive and sustain an alien pregnancy. He held the vile out to just above Max's
mouth and immediately Max opened his mouth that was watering with need for the contents of
the vile. Ever so slowly Kivar tipped the tube and allowed just a small drop to drip on
Max's tongue which Max swallowed greedily and then opened his mouth instantly for the rest.
Knowing the how the substance was going to affect him, Kivar easily complied with the request
and tipped the rest of the contents into Max's mouth. Max couldn't prevent the moan the
escaped his mouth as he drank what little of the sweet nectar he was offered. His tongue
reaching for the vile in order to get the last droplet of his desire. But, Kivar had other
plans and pulled the vile away from Max. "NOooooo!" Max moaned out needing the rest, but
unable to do anything about it as he was held by restraints against the wall.

"Don't worry Max, I'll be back later. I don't believe you are ready quite yet to deserve
any more than that for now." With that Kivar turned on his heals and left the room. Once
again leaving Max crying for his own selfishness and damning himself for his no self control
at all.

"Damn It, Maxwell! What the hell is he making you drink?" Michael demanded to know once
Kivar had left the room. It hadn't gone unnoticed by Michael, nor any other members in the
group how Max had reacted to the liquid in the vile that Kivar had offered to Max. Michael
just knew it had to be some kind of drug, but what kind he wasn't quite sure. Maybe some
alien kind of drug that their kind responds to. Michael wasn't sure, but he damn well wanted
some answers and he wanted them now.

By now Max's body was becoming more and more dependent with the need of his craving. Those
small dosages only encouraging his craving to come more and more alive within him. His
guilt for his lack of self control when it came to his craving weighing almost as heavy on
him as the craving itself. The worst part for Max though was he knew it wouldn't be long
before the craving that was building more rapidly at this point would be boiling within his
veins until it was either satisfied or it drove him crazy. Which one would come first Max
had no idea? Max turned his tear streaked face toward his best friend and mouthed only one
word to him. Liz.

End Pt30
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Okay the pregnancy hormones are diffinently effecting my imagination, but you know what? It's only going to get worst - if you can imagine. Anyway thanks for all the FB, it makes me want to write faster than I can type.
Anyway here is the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 31

Michael had a quizzical look upon his face at Max's revelation as to the contents of the
vile he literally begged Kivar for. Liz, what exactly did Max mean by Liz? He thought to
himself. Looking over to where the adults and Kyle hung on the other side of the room he
realized that whatever Max was talking about, he didn't want them to hear. So as quietly
as he could he questioned. "What about Liz?"

Max sighed heavily and whispered back to Michael what was in deed happening knowing that
Michael should be made aware of what was going to go down so he wouldn't freak when the
craving the was building more rapidly by the minute took total control. "Remember how I
said I could smell Liz?" Michael nodded so Max continued. "And you know how Liz and I got
lost in time whenever we got together?" Once again another nod. "Michael, I don't think
we were just making love, I think that's what Kivar was saying about me completing this
transformation of Liz's body. Maybe because she's human, her body wouldn't be able to handle
an alien or hybrid pregnancy. Think about it, we made love for hours on end straight and
never once have we used any kind of protection. Tess and I have sex one time, one time
Michael and she states she's pregnant with my child. Even though we don't know for sure if
she was lying or not, hell we'll never know probably. But, why hasn't Liz gotten pregnant?"

"So you think that everytime the two of you were together, you were transforming her so she
could get pregnant?" Michael asked trying to comprehend what his friend was saying.

"It's a possibility. Think about it Michael, have you and Maria ever made love for five
hours straight without stopping? When I'm with Liz, I don't stop. I mean the minute my
body releases inside of her, I am immediately ready to go again and again and again. That's
not normal Michael, not even for us. Something was driving me to continue. I think every
time I released myself inside of her, I was changing her body. Preparing it some way so that
her body could sustain a pregnancy."

"But, you didn't finish this transformation yet. That's what Kivar was talking about, and
if what you're saying is true then you simply don't finish it." Michael stated, not sure if
he believed Max or not, but at this point he felt the solution to their problem was easy
enough to deal with for the time being until they had time to figure a way to get out of this

"That's where the problem is though, I don't know if I'll be able not to make love to Liz if
given the opportunity." Max said in a soft defeated tone.

"Why? What haven't you told me?"

"I crave her Michael. I'm not talking horny teenage hormones here, I'm saying I literally
crave her. Her tastes, her body. Last night in the motel room when I took Liz into the
bathroom. We weren't talking all night Michael. I had to have her. This craving it takes
over and I can't control it. Kivar must know about it, because those viles he wants me to
drink. They contain...inside them is Liz. God forgive me, but I can't control it. When he
let me smell the contents I knew immediately what it was and had to have it. Once I had
that small amount the craving has been building slowly ever since and sooner or later it will
take over and no matter how hard I try to fight it, I don't think I'll be able to."

Michael stared at his friend dumbfounded by the information he had just been told. He could
see by the distraint look on Max's face that he was telling him the truth. He had no idea
what to say just yet as he himself was completely baffled. They knew so much, but so little
about themselves at the sametime. How were they ever supposed to come up with a plan when
they didn't know exactly what they were up against? "Max, how long before this craving takes

"Liz and I were trying to figure that out. It seems twenty-four hours is the breaking point.
We haven't gone past that time frame though so I'm not sure how much worst it can get. But,
at twenty-four hours it had gotten pretty bad."

"Was last night the last time?"

"No. In the motel room after you guys left, for close to two hours straight. Liz and I were
trying to get it under control by trying to do it more frequently so I wouldn't need to
release for five or ten hours at one time."

Suddenly Isabelle spoke up loud enough for the entire group to hear. "Does anyone have a
watch on?" She asked.

Philip answered. "Yes, it's about 7:30 in the morning, why?"

"I was just curious Dad, thanks." Then she whispered softly to her brother. "That gives us
about twelve hours to work out a plan."

Max looked over at his sister mortified that she had heard his conversation with Michael.
Then he looked over at the others to see if they had also heard. "They didn't hear, Max.
It's okay." Isabelle stated to reassure her brother, their conversation didn't carry over to
the other side of the room. She saw her brother giving her a questioning look as if to ask
if she understood any of this any better than he did, but it was obvious she didn't. "How
close to you think Liz and Maria are to us?" She then asked.

Max closed his eyes and both Isabelle and Michael could see he was concentrating hard. "Liz
isn't in the next room, but she's somewhere near by." Max finally stated. "I can't hear her
thoughts, but I can still smell her."

"Wait, you can hear her thoughts?" This from Michael.

"Yes, usually, but I guess it only works when we're in the same room. We haven't really been
separated before now so I don't know if Kivar is doing something to block our connection or
if she just isn't close enough for me to hear what she's saying."

"But, your sure she's close." Isabelle asked this time.

Taking a large breath, he reaffirmed his first statement. "Yeah, I'm sure."

"Well, if Liz is close. I'm betting Maria is with her. So we come up with a plan to get
out of here first. You use your Liz radar and we track down the girl's, rescue them and then
get the hell out of here all before the twelve hour mark count down. Now anyone have any
kind of plan?"

"That's if we get twelve hours. Every time I get a small taste of her, my craving grows more.
Before I wasn't feeling it half as strongly as I already am now and I know it's because of
those damn viles." Max admitted.

The three went silent again, a few more hours passed and both Isabelle and Michael could see
Max was beginning to show signs of his so called craving. If they hadn't been looking for
it, they wouldn't have really noticed, but as of now they were watching him with eagle like
eyes. Isabelle noticed his forehead beginning to have a sheen of sweat on it, while Michael
noticed the slight tremors of his hands. But, before either of them could question him the
panel door of the room opened once again. Kivar came entered the room and immediately began
to eye Max. "Aah, I see it's begun." He pulled out another vile and Max could feel his
craving deepen at just the thought of the small taste that was inside the vile that his enemy
held in his hand. "I'm betting your mouth is already watering with anticipation of this
small gift I have to offer." He held the vile up for Max to smell it's contents and he licked
his lips without even realizing he was doing it. Without any further hesitation, Kivar
poured the contents of the vile into Max's very eagerly awaiting opened mouth.

Just as he finished one of the large guards came into the room and whispered something into
Kivar's ear. "What do you mean she's vanished? FIND HER!" He screamed out and both he and
the guard left the room.

"Which one do you think got away? Liz or Maria?" Isabelle asked as soon as Kivar was out
of the room.

Max's head hung low wallowing in the guilt he was feeling by not having the strength to fight
his craving. "Maxwell, snap out of it. Feeling guilty isn't going to help us right now.
Liz or Maria have escaped and is out there right now running for their lives, we've got to
get out of here!" Michael yelled at his friend, he felt bad because he could only imagine
what Max must be feeling, but right now they needed to figure a way to get themselves off
the damn wall.

Max closed his eyes trying to get himself under control, which was a lot easier said then
done. He took a large breath and then turned to Michael. "It's not Liz. She's in the same
place, it must be Maria."

"God, why does she think she can take on everything? I bet she thinks she's going to be the
one that rescue us all by herself and she's going to end up getting herself killed in the
process." Michael's concern for Maria was highly apparent in his voice.

Suddenly the panel door raised once again and a small figure in a cape strolled into the
room. "Maria?" Michael questioned softly.

"No, but it's a good guess considering we're just about the same size." The woman removed
the hood.

"TESS?" Isabelle questioned loudly shocked by the fourth pod squaders appearance. "You
Bitch, how can you be so cruel?"

"Stuff it Isabelle. I'm here to help so knock off the princess attitude." Tess spat back.

"Why would we believe you?" This from Michael.

"I don't think you have much of a choice now do you? I should let you three rot for all the
kindness you showed me." She spoke bitterly as she walked over to Max. "I was your wife.
All I ever wanted was for you to love me like I was told you would, but you never did."

"Tess, I..."

"Save it Max, I've been to hell and back because of you. You don't love me, well guess what?
I don't love you either. I never did in this life time." She turned to look over at Kyle.
"I was stupid and naive to think what Nasedo said was true. I did everything I was supposed
to do and you still didn't keep your end of the bargain. Now my son is dead. Dead! All
because you couldn't love me. You and I are going to have it out someday, but not today.
I'm here to kill the bastard that murdered my child and I can't do that alone. Just like the
three of you can't. The only way we can finish Kivar off is if the four of us combine
our powers together. I may hate you and you may hate me, but right now we can't afford not
to work together. I want revenge for the death of my son and your going to help me get it.
Now will you help me defeat Kivar or do I leave you to be killed by his hands?"

"I don't give a shit what your reasonings are, but get me off this damn wall and I'll help
you kill the bastard." Michael spoke up eagerly ready to fight.

"I'm ready also." This from Isabelle.

"Max?" Tess questioned knowing that no matter what the other's said, he would need to make
the final decision to agree to trust her.

"Get us down." He ordered.

"I can't, I'm not strong enough to break his bonds by myself. One of you are going to have
to get him to release you. Then I can combine my powers with yours and we should be able to
get everyone else free."

"Why don't you just connect with us now?" Isabelle inquired.

"Don't you get it? As long as he has you held in his powers, he has control to block any of
you from using your own powers. Until one of you are released we have to wait."

"What kind of time frame are we talking here and how are you going to keep Kivar from
discovering your here? Isabelle asked knowing her brother was only going to get worst the
longer they waited and she didn't want to try and go up against Kivar if Max wasn't at his

"I can hold a mindwarp around me to prevent him from knowing I'm here, but that's the best I
can offer my own. As far as time table, I haven't got a clue. In fact I'm surprised that
he hasn't killed the lot of you already, especially them." She stated as she looked over to
the other side of the room that held the adults and Kyle. "Kivar isn't known for his
compassion." She stated bitterly at the thought of how easily he had killed her new born
son without any thought of it being right or wrong. "But, I can assure you this much. How
ever long it takes, I'm not planning to leave here until he is dead or I am." With that
said she walked over and sat down in the far corner of the cell room.

Two hours later the panel slid open, Max cautioned a look over in the direction that Tess
was at and could see her eyes closed in deep concentration. But, his attention was quickly
caught by the sight of Kivar, his two goons and the person they were holding in their grasp.
It was Maria, her upper lip had dried blood on it and her eyes were almost swollen shut. It
was obvious that she had been beaten. "MARIA!" Michael screamed out as he wriggled against
his restraints in a desperate attempt to get to her, but he was powerless to do anything as
long as he was held in the restraints. "You bastard, what did you do to your?"

Kivar smirked at the young king's second in command, hoping to get just the reaction he had
from him. "Well, you see the king's human whore needed to be persuaded to give me what I
needed. But, with this little one's help she finally agreed." He looked over at the two
body guards that still held Maria. "She's served her purpose, place her over there." He
pointed to an empty portion of the wall on the other side of Michael and almost immediately
she too was bond to the wall. He then walked over to Max and held another vile in front of
him. Not even giving Max an option or asking if he wanted it he held his head back and
poured the sweet nectar of Liz's juices into his mouth forcefully before turning away to
leave. Just as he got to the doorway though he turned back around. "It's good to see you
decided to join your friends after all Ava." Before Tess had time to open her eyes she
found herself flung upward on the wall and in restraints the same as the rest of them. "Your
pathetic mind games won't work on me." He stated coldly and then left the room.

"Maria, baby, it's Mom can you hear me?"

"She's passed out, don't wake her." Michael's heart ached at the thought of how much pain
Maria had to be in and he would rather her be asleep and not feel the pain then have her
awake. "Max, we've got to get out of here." Michael stated desperately, now with Maria
strung up beside him he couldn't bare waiting another minute before they did something.

"Don't you think I know that Michael." Max didn't want to argue with Michael for he felt
his pain. He knew how he would feel if that was Liz instead of Maria, but he had no idea
what to do or how to get out of the situation they had found themselves in. Not to mention
his craving that had slowly began to build inside of him was now coming alive more and more
and he knew he didn't have much time before it took hold of him completely and that in itself
scared him more than anything. The last vile Kivar had forced down his throat barely held
a few sacred drops for his craving, only wetting his thirst for more to grow faster than
before. He knew his biggest fear was exactly what Kivar had planned. To wait until he was
so out of control he would make love to Liz without hesitation or thought. Hell, who was he
kidding, if she was in the room with him and he was free he would be more than happy to make
love to her right in the middle of the room in front of each and every one of his friends and
loved ones, consequences be damned.

End Pt31

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 32

It was after twelve noon by the time the panel door slid open again. This time Kivar did
not make an appearance instead only a single girl came in with a plate of bread, a pitcher
of water and a single glass. One by one she offered each one of the humans in the room a
bite of the bread and a drink of water. At first they were reluctant to eat or drink not
knowing if they could trust to eat or drink. But, the girl took a bite and then drank the
water in front of them in an effort to show them all was okay with the food without speaking
a single word. When the food and water was gone she turned back to Max, lowered her eyes as
if to apologize for not being able to offer any of the royal four anything and then left the
room. Maria was not fed as she was still passed out. Amy was beside herself wanting to be
able to help her daughter, but no one felt worst than Michael did. His inner hatred for
their enemy grew by leaps and bounds and all he could think about was how much he wanted to
kill Kivar for what he had done to his Maria.

Although Max was worried sick about Maria too and prayed he would be released sometime soon
so he could heal her wounds. He was also scared out of his mind what Kivar had done to Liz.
He knew she was still near, but he hadn't seen her and the not knowing part was killing him.
The craving inside of him was now starting to show more and more physically. He tried to
push it to the back of his mind to keep his thoughts clear, but with each passing hour it
grew more intense that he knew it was only a matter of time before it would consume his every

Several more hours passed before Kivar made another appearance. This time he brought no
vile for Max, but only came and eyed Max carefully as if he was inspecting him to see how he
doing. Smirking once he saw the condition Max was in, he turned and was about to leave when
Michael pleaded with him. "Please, don't leave Maria like this."

Kivar turned back to Zan's second in command. "Your pathetic, pleading for a life of a
lonely human." He spat out at Michael. "Fine, you want her healed so be it, but it won't
be for free." He nodded over to the large muscular man that always accompanied him into the
chamber. Kivar stepped in front of Maria and swiped his hand over one of her swollen eyes,
then stood back. The large man than stepped forward in front of Michael and punched him
directly in the face, then again and again. Blood flew from Michael's mouth and nose. His
eyes were already starting to swell. Kivar stepped forward again. "Are you satisfied now
or do you wish me to continue with the healing?" He asked in a nonconcern voice.

"Is that all the better he can hit?" Michael goaded, he didn't care if he was beaten to
death at this point. All he cared about was the fact that Maria would be healed. Kivar
laughed a deadly laugh, then swiped his hand over Maria's face once again healing her face
completely this time. Then as before he stepped back and the muscle man stepped forward.
Michael took a beating of a life time as the large brut plummeted his face and body with
blow after blow. Just about every one of the other hostages were yelling for the man to stop
pleading and begging, but the man ignored there pleas and didn't stop until Kivar waved his
hand. By the time the man stopped Michael's body hung almost lifeless by the restraints.
Without further words spoken Kivar and his grunts left the room.

"God, Max. What are we going to do?" Isabelle cried out, she knew Kivar was evil but she
hadn't realized just how brutal he could be and for the first time since their captive she
was truly scared to death.

Tess seemed to be the only one not effected by the brutality of Kivar, but then again she
had seen it many times before. This act was nothing compared to what she had laid witness
to in her time with the evilness known as Kivar. Instead of his cruelty causing her to be
scared for her life, it only made her hatred for the beast grow that much more intense and
she allowed the hatred to flow through her body so when the opportunity arose she would get
her revenge for her son's death. "Stop your whining Isabelle. What Michael did was stupid?
Kivar could have had him killed easily and not even batted an eye, then where would we be?"

"You uncaring BITCH!" Isabelle yelled out.

"Yell all you want, but if Michael dies we all die. Don't you understand? It will take all
four of us to defeat that Bastard and I want him DEAD! So if your going to get upset, make
sure you save your anger for Kivar not me."

"STOP IT! Both of you! Fighting among ourselves isn't going to get us out of here." Max
ordered then spoke to Michael. "Michael? Can you hear me?" No reply came, Max could hear
his wheezing breath in takes so he knew he was at least still alive, for how long he had no
idea though.

Much later the panel slid open once again, this time Kivar and his goons weren't alone and
for the first time since their capture Max laid eyes on Liz. She was strapped to some kind
of gurney and unconscious. She was covered in a red silk like sheet, but it was obvious by
the way it laid over her she had nothing on underneath it. It was tied across her breast
and fell open just at the beginning of her thighs so that most of her bare legs were exposed.
Besides being unconscious, she didn't appear to have any kind of physical injury. Just the
sight of her made Max's body react and he cursed himself for being so weak, but by now the
craving he had for her was physically taking it's toll on him. "Liz!" He shouted at her,
but she didn't hear him or couldn't he wasn't sure which was the case.

The way Max's body automatically responded to the human girl excited Kivar, knowing that it
wouldn't be much longer before the boy king was begging him to let him complete the
transformation of the human's pathetic body. Then once completed he would plant his own
seed inside of her body and the rightful heir to Antar would be his. "She is quite exquisite
isn't she. This human body responds nicely to her beauty." Kivar goaded as he let his hand
trace over her cheeks, down the front of her body until he came to her stomach.

"Don't touch her." Just the thought of that evil monster laying even a single finger on his
Liz made him physically ill.

"Or your what? I could allow this body to take her over and over in front of you right this
very minute and there wouldn't be a damn thing you could do about it." Kivar bated Max and
to prove his point he leaned over her body as if he was going to do just as he had stated.
But stopped and looked over to Max.

Max knew at that moment Kivar was only trying to get the better of him. He also noticed how
Liz hadn't moved a muscle during the entire episode and his suspicion that Kivar had done
something to knock her out was more than likely correct. In a small way he was grateful that
she wasn't awake to bare witness to what Kivar was doing. But, Max wasn't about to be goaded
into saying anything else, knowing that was all Kivar was waiting for before he would follow
through with his threat. The two men stared down at each other, waiting to see what the one
would do. Finally Kivar climbed off of Liz and turned the gurney so Liz's feet were just
about touching Max's thighs. "Let me know when your ready to complete her transformation."
Was all he stated before he left the room again followed by his goons.

As Max took in Liz's position he groaned knowing he was about to suffer a slow death. With
her feet slightly spread apart on the gurney and nothing on under the silky material that
was opened up to her thigh, Max had a perfect view of her center core. Try as he might not
to stare at her, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her scent invaded his nose in waves
and his body reacted ten times worst then when he first laid eyes on her. As hard as he
tried to fight his own desires, the sight of having her laid out directly in front of him
was his undoing and the craving he so desperately had tried to fight took complete control
over his body.

Even though in the position Liz was in no one except Max could actually see any personal
parts of her body, but it was obvious to Isabelle what Kivar was doing to her brother. With
her knowledge of his craving and how he was reacting to Liz's presence, especially in the
position she was placed in front of him. Isabelle knew Kivar was torturing Max in the worst
way and by the look on Max's face she knew Kivar understood exactly what he was doing to Max.
"Max." She tried to whisper to him to get his attention in hopes she could distract him
from the play of hand Kivar had dealt him. When she got no response, she tried again a
little louder. "Max! Please, you have to fight this."

Still not taking his eyes off of Liz, in a very shaky voice he replied. "I can't Isabelle.
God, help me I can't." His mouth was virtually watering for another taste of Liz and if he
wasn't held by the restraints he would be feasting upon her sweet nectar until his thirst
was completely quenched and then he would make love to her over and over again. His mind
could almost feel her inner walls creaming around his erection, tightening until he cummed
deep inside of her again and again as she screamed his name in total ecstasy. He no longer
even recognized that any other people were in the room, not his sister, Michael, his parents
and especially not Liz's parents. All his mind could comprehend was that Liz was right in
front of him and he needed her more at that moment than he could have ever imagined. With
each passing moment of time, his need for her increased more and more until he thought he
would die if he wasn't able to take her soon.

Isabelle looked over at the other's that were held captive on the other side of the room and
she could tell her parents were trying to figure out what was wrong with Max, while Liz's
parents were both shouting pleas out to their daughter to get her to wake up. It was her
adopted father that finally asked the question she knew would be coming sooner or later.
"Isabelle, what's wrong with Max?"

Knowing she couldn't tell them the truth with Liz's parents, but knowing she had to come up
with something she answered the question with as close to the truth as possible. "Kivar's
been drugging him. It's a mind control drug and he is going to make Max do something pretty
soon that Max would normally never do."

Jeff could see the way Max's eyes seemed to turn dark and the way he was literally staring
at his daughter like she was his next meal. Afraid to ask, but needing to know. "What's
he going to make Max do?"

"Jeff, Kivar needs Max to complete the transformation for Liz's body to be able to carry
the next heir on Antar. The only way Max can complete the transformation is to..." Isabelle
looked over at her brother who was now in his own world completely unaware of his surroundings.
She took a big breath and finished her statement. "Is to make love to her."

"What? Here? You can't be serious?" Nancy yelled out in a shocked tone. Finding out that
aliens really do exist. That one was actually your daughter's boyfriend and being held
prisoner of a really evil alien was nothing compared to the thought that said alien/boyfriend
was going to take advantage of her baby girl right in front of her and there wasn't anything
she could do about it. No, this had to be some kind of nightmare. She would wake up in her
bed at home any moment now, because this just wasn't happening.

"MAXWELL PHILIP EVANS! You Can Not Let This Happening!" This from his own mother who could
only imagine what Liz's parents were going through. She looked at her son more closely than
ever and she knew what Isabelle was saying was correct. Max, was no longer Max at that
moment. She could see how his body was shaking and even from across the room she could see
the sweat pouring out of his body, but as she continued to observe her son she could see one
part of his body that said he in deed was more than ready to have sex.

Jeff wasn't sure who he wanted to kill more at this point, Kivar or Max. "If he lays one
finger on my daughter, I swear to God drugs or no drugs I'm going to kill him!"

"He's already killing himself Jeff. Look at him. Do you honestly believe Max would willing
do something like that to your daughter if he had any choice in the matter? No matter how
much you want to deny it, I believe Max honestly loves Liz." Jim stated sincerely, he knew
Max would rather kill himself than harm Liz in any way and by the way he looked, Jim could
tell Max was trying to fight whatever was happening to him with ever fiber of his being and
because he was fighting it as hard as he was, it was killing him.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Jeff snapped back bitterly, but all in all he
knew this time though what was happening to his daughter was his own doing. He was the one
that had led their enemy directly to his daughter, he was the one that had pulled Liz away
from the protection that Max was providing. But, even with the realty facing him that he
was one of the main reasons they were in their current situation, he just couldn't fathom
not being angry at Max for what he so obviously was about to do to his only daughter.

"Jeff, Jim is right. Max loves Liz more than you could even try to comprehend. Just like
Michael loves Maria. Look at Michael. He allowed himself to be beaten within inches of his
own life just so Maria wouldn't feel any pain when she woke up. My brother loves her
daughter, he would never EVER do something like this to her if he had any choice. This is
not Max's fault. Kivar's the enemy here, he's the one that's going to make Max do this.
Please you don't understand." Isabelle cried out in a pleading voice for not only Liz's
father to understand, but for all the parents.

Amy had listened to the conversation that was going on around her as she continued to keep a
watchful eye on not only her daughter, but the man that had come close to risking his life
to help her daughter out. As she listened Isabelle's pleas for them to understand, she
heard and understood what she was trying to say. These teenagers weren't monsters, they
were individuals just like the rest of them and it was more than obvious to her how much the
two boys loved her daughter and her best friend. "She's right, Max may not have a choice
but we do. This monster wants to humiliate our children and he's using us to do it. So I
say if he makes Max do what Isabelle thinks is going to happen then the least we could do
is not let our children be humiliated by this monster. He might make us be in the room with
them, but that doesn't mean we can't give them the privacy they deserve."

"Well, that's easy to say when it's not your daughter lying there on that table." Jeff

"Damn You, Jeff Parker! Did you not see my daughter's face? Who the hell do you think you
are talking to here? Like it or not, Max loves your daughter and she loves him. He is not
going to be raping her, he is going to be making love to her so just grown up and act like
the adult you are!" Amy was furious at Jeff's attitude, although she understood being a
single parent, she also knew if it wasn't for Jeff none of them would be in this mess to
begin with.

Maria who had finally gained consciousness had to bite her lip from laughing at the way her
mother had put Liz's father in his place. So did Kyle and Jim Valenti, as Jim always knew
Amy was a hell cat. "Mr. Parker, if it makes you feel any better. When we were in Panama
City and Max choose Liz. They went through this bonding ritual. Liz had a choice to accept
Max or not. She choose Max, she's always chosen Max. So even though they aren't legally
married here according to our customs, according to Max's planet they are husband and wife."
Maria tried to explain in a soothing voice to try to help Liz's parents understand Max and
their daughter's relationship a little more better.

Nancy, Diane and even Amy had tears in their eyes at the honesty in which Maria spoke about
the love that Max and Liz shared. There was no denying it any further, Max loved Liz, but
Liz also loved Max. It was Nancy that finally spoke up. "I agree with Amy. No matter what
the situation is, I am not going to let this Kivar guy have the satisfaction of using me to
humiliate my own daughter. So if it comes down to where Max is forced to make love to my
daughter in front of us, I'm asking for every person in this room to allow them to make love
in private by agreeing to shut our eyes until they are finished."

No one argued with Nancy's statement, however, Maria knew what was coming. She considered
warning the other of how long the possibility was for Max and Liz to finish as she had first
hand experience already at having to wait on them to finish. But, for the moment she decided
it was best just to pray that some miracle would occur and Max and Liz could control their
lovemaking for at least this one time.

All throughout the conversation that was taking place around him, Max was completely unaware
as his total mind, heart and soul had only one thought and that was Liz and Liz alone. The
more he tried to regain control of his senses the more he seemed to lose them that much more.
Logically he was trying hard to come up with a solution, but the desire he felt for Liz was
so strong that his logical thinking mind was unable to process anything and all he could
think about was becoming one with the angel that still laid out before him. His inner
struggle was about to come to an end though as the panel door slid open and Kivar stepped
into the room. "So Max, are you ready yet to complete the transformation?" He asked with
a bit of victory already laced in his voice as he knew the answer by just taking one look at

End Pt32
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 33

Kivar released Max from his restraints and walked back to the door. "Have fun you two, I'll
be back for her later." He smirked out as he once again left the room for he had already
scanned Liz's body to see how much more of Max's essence she needed for the transformation
to be completed. Max fell from the wall landing at Liz's feet. He crawled up her body
knowing there was only one hope for him, for her, for all of them. Unable to stop the craving
inside of him, he began kissing her. He continued to kiss her, trying desperately to open
the connection between the two of them so he could pull her out of the state of unconsciousness
that Kivar had placed her in. He knew he wasn't strong enough to fight the craving that
had taken over his body by himself, his only hope was to awaken Liz and use her strength to
help him.

The connection didn't take but an instant to form and Max was inside her mind begging for
her to wake up. Of all Kivar's planning, the one thing Max hoped he didn't realize was how
strong of a bond he and Liz shared. Not to mention when they were connected how much
stronger he himself felt physically.

Liz felt like she was being held captive in the darkest recess of her mind, unable to escape.
She felt as if she had been in hell and time didn't seem to exist where she was. She felt
alone and vulnerable and as much as she cried out for help, her cries seem to go unheard.
After what felt like hours or days, she wasn't sure which, she knew she was a prisoner in
her own mind and try as she did, there was no escape. After giving up all hope of ever being
rescued, he came. Max was suddenly there in her mind and instead of the darkness that had
enveloped her, light began to shine in her mind once again. "Max? Is that you?" She cried
out desperately wanting to believe he had finally come to rescue her.

"It's me love. I'm here. God, I love you so much." He too had tears of joy in his eyes as
his mind, heart and soul found hers. They embraced each other in her mind and neither could
stop touching or kissing the other. "Liz, I need you to wake up. Kivar's put some kind of
block on your self conscious. I need you to follow me out, feel my love for you and follow
me out." He stated softly all the while continuing to place soft, sweet, loving kisses all
over her face inside her mind.

All the while his mind was connecting to hers to free her from Kivar's hold over her, his
physical body continued to kiss her as deeply as he could to make sure their connection grew
continuously as well as trying to satisfy his own personal battle of his craving. He knew the
moment their connection flared up between them that he was successful in trying to get her
awake. Even before her eyes opened she was returning his kiss and Max had hope for the first
time since their capture that they could be strong enough to defeat Kivar. Slowly Liz's
eyes opened to look into Max's deep dark eyes filled with desire. Desire for her and that's
when she felt how far gone his craving for her had gotten. She tried to move her hands to
wrap around his neck to pull him even closer to her as she didn't even hesitate to help him
out of the unbearable agony she could feel he was going through, but soon found that she
couldn't move her arms or legs for that matter. With her mouth still pressed to his she
whispered in his mind through their connection. 'My hands, can you free them?'

Max understood what she was requesting. He let his hands roam down from her face, over her
shoulders and down to wear he could feel the restraints that held her hands in place. His
lips never leaving hers, he used both his powers and the strength he always got from Liz
when the two of them were connected and with both sources of energy the restraints were
quickly dissolved and her hands wrapped around his neck as quickly as they could. He pulled
his mouth away from hers only to begin kissing down her jawline and neck. Never missing a
beat or stopping his assault on her lucious skin he tried to explain the situation.
"Everyone's here, in the room with us. I need your help, I can't control this any longer.
But, if I make love to you we complete the transformation. This is what Kivar needs in order
to impregnate you himself. Help me fight this Liz, please." He begged hoping she understood,
for she was his only hope to think straight as his mind was too preoccupied with need for
her to come up with any sort of plan to help them out of their current situation.

While Max's mouth was evoking her own desires for him Liz heard what he said. She quickly
looked around the darkened room they were in and could see their entire group was there
chained to the wall, including her own parents. She had already felt what Max was experiencing
with his craving and she understood all to well what he was saying. Then she took note of
Michael, she could see how badly he had been beaten and knew he needed Max as much as Max
needed her. "Max, I want you to listen to me carefully. We need to get to Michael, he needs

Max knew she was right, but he couldn't break himself away from her. The craving was simply
just too strong. "I know, but I can't stop." He felt horrible, he knew his best friend
needed him, but he wasn't strong enough to fight against his craving.

"I know Max. We're going to work together here. Help me release my legs." She stated as
she pushed him up and began to kiss and caress his chest. The feel of her mouth on his skin
made his entire being soar with desire, but also it gave him strength. While she continued
kissing and loving him tenderly she also continued to push him farther up follow him as he
went. Soon Max found himself kneeling between her legs and Liz was now sitting upward with
her legs still stretched out and held down by the restraints. She took one of his hands
and ran it down her right leg as far as she could reach. Then she raised her mouth to his
and stated. "Now Max, release my legs." Just before she brought her mouth up to his and
kissed him deeply allowing their connection to flare high between them once again.

Max slid his hand down to her ankle and within seconds her right leg was free. He then
moved his hand back up her leg and as soon as it was within her reach she took that hand
and placed it upon her breast, while at the same time used her other hand to guide his other
hand down her left leg. The entire time never breaking their lips apart. Her entire body
was soon free and Liz quickly wrapped her legs around Max's waist. Finally leaving his
mouth, she pulled his head back down to her neck. "Walk us over to Michael now." Liz knew
what she was doing or at least had a plan. She knew in her heart what was happening to Max
was not his fault and knew they couldn't make love or Kivar would win. So she needed to
give Max some release so he could function and heal Michael, but with her parents and everyone
else in the room she didn't know if she had the guts to pull it off. Max followed her
instructions, with Liz in his arms and his mouth still attached to her neck, he maneuvered
the two of the over to where Michael was still held against the wall. Once there Liz looked
over to her best friend that was on the other side of Michael. "Maria, I need to help Max
so he can help Michael." She stated in hopes that Maria would understand what she was saying.

Maria watched as Liz began to slide her hand down the front of Max's body while Max held Liz
between his body and the wall in-between her and Michael. It didn't take a genius to figure
out what Liz was about to do so she yelled out the only thing she could think of. "Okay
people operation privacy NOW!" She watched as all the people in the room closed their eyes,
then she whispered for her friend as soon as she saw everyone had complied. "Okay chica,
the balls in your court." Then she too closed her eyes tightly.

Liz unwrapped her legs and slid her hand inside of Max's pants all in one fluid motion.
With one hand she began to stroke his manhood, while taking his other hand and lifting it to
the bounds that held Michael's closest wrist against the wall. As hard as Max was, it didn't
take but a few quick strokes of her hand before he could feel his own release begin to shoot
out of his body. "Ye...." His moan of pleasure was silenced almost immediately by Liz's
lips and at the same time that he released his seed into her hand and his pants, Michael's
body fell to the floor. All his restraints taken care of at the same time due to the extra
boost of energy Max let flow from his hands upon his orgasm.

The relief wasn't going to last long though as Liz could feel Max literally begin to swell
as she still held his penis in her hands. "Max, you need to heal Michael. Heal Michael
then more pleasure." She removed her hand from his manhood, but kept inside his pants for
the time being.

Heal Michael, get pleasure. Heal Michael, get pleasure. This mantra played over and over
inside Max's mind. He didn't hesitate as he knelt before his best friend and healed him
completely in only a matter of seconds. Liz had removed her hand and stood behind him the
entire time he was taking care of Michael. The moment Michael stirred, Max stood back up
and once again crashed his lips to Liz. The drive to be one with her still running rapid
in his system. Liz willing accepted his tongue in her mouth as she once again wrapped her
legs around his waist. Breaking the kiss after a few moments, she kissed his neck and
whispered. "Isabelle, go to Isabelle."

Still not able to refuse anything she requested of him, Liz soon found herself once again
pinned against the wall only this time next to where Isabelle was being held. As soon as
Maria heard her friend telling Max to heal Michael, she opened her eyes. She watched how
Max had healed the love of her life then took her best friend back in his arms. As the two
of them walked over to where Isabelle was, she couldn't stop herself from calling out to
Michael. "Michael! Michael, can you hear me?" She had been so worried about him. She had
no idea what he had done to have been beaten as bad as he was because at the time she had
been passed out because of her own beating.

As soon as the other's heard Maria they also opened their eyes and to their amazement, they
saw Michael released from his bonds and also healed. It also didn't go unnoticed how Max
now had Liz pinned against the wall next to Isabelle. The entire time they had their eyes
shut, they had all assumed Max was taking Liz right there in the room. Now they weren't
sure what to think.

By now Max didn't think he could wait another second to make love to Liz. He pressed his
very hard lower anatomy into Liz's center. Liz was quickly losing her train of thought as
the passion Max was causing in her own body was becoming difficult for her to think straight.
Isabelle knew exactly what Liz was trying to do and she could also see how hard it was for
her to resist her brother's obvious advances. She could also tell Max was too far gone to
try to talk any sense in him so she pulled a Maria. "Privacy time." She shouted out to the
others as soon as she saw her brother's hand begin to move down Liz's body. Liz went to
give a thank you look, but Max's fingers were inside of her body and all she could do was
close her eyes and enjoy. With all the teasing and kissing the two of them had been doing
in the past few minutes Liz was all to ready for her own release and the minute Max's finger
started to pump inside of her Liz began to feel a wave of pleasure building.

Using the last of her control she reached for Max's hand that wasn't currently occupying her
body and just as her own orgasm crashed over her body, together they touched the restraint
that currently held Isabelle releasing her instantly just like they had done with Michael.
Isabelle felt herself falling to the floor and opened her eyes just in time to catch herself
from slamming into the hard ground. She didn't even look back to see what was happening
between Liz and her brother, for she really did not want to see anything as she was close
enough to hear the muffled moans coming from Liz already and that was enough for her to know
she didn't need to see what was taking place behind her.

"Liz, I can't wait any longer." Max voiced huskily out as he began to kneel before her. He
was completely out of control by now and there was nothing he could do except satisfy his
thirst for her

Isabelle ran over to where Michael was still laying on the ground. She helped lift him to
his feet and then pulled him over to where Tess was. "You listen, and you listen good. We
are going to release you and then you are going to mind warp Max and Liz some privacy as
soon as your free or I swear to God, I will kill you myself right here and right now. Do you
understand me?" Isabelle threatened to Alex's killer.

At this point Tess couldn't care less about giving Max and Liz any privacy. They weren't any
concern of hers. But, the need to be able to get revenge for her son's murder was greater
than her hatred toward Max and Liz. "Fine, just get me the hell off this damn wall!" With
that said Michael and Isabelle joined hands, letting a connection of their powers build.
Concentrating hard on one of Tess's restraints, they were able to break it's hold. Unlike
the power Max and Liz had when they combined their strengths, they weren't able to break all
the restraints at once and had to continue the process with each of the restraints until
she was completely free.

"NOW, TESS!" Isabelle shouted as soon as she was completely free. Tess closed her eyes and
Isabelle could tell she was already concentrating on the mind warped. Slowly she turned to
where Max and Liz were and she couldn't help but smile when the only thing she saw against
the wall she had been held captive was Maria. "Come on Michael, let's get Maria down." She
stated a lot more calmer now.

Michael took only a moment to kiss Maria hard and to ask her if she was okay and once she
told him she was fine and just to hurry up get her free did he and Isabelle connect one more
time. The two of them worked their way throughout the entire group releasing all of their
friends and family. "Where's Max and Liz?" Jeff had asked as soon as Michael and Isabelle
got to him. He didn't see them in the room with them any longer and his fear of the worst
possible scenario was seeping inside his head.

"Their okay, it's just...never mind, they're okay." Isabelle didn't have the time or even
want to try to explain where Max and Liz were or better yet what they were doing.

The entire time that Isabelle and Michael were freeing the others from their restraints, Tess
continued her mind warp. While Max continued to feast upon Liz's sweet nectar. He had
brought one of Liz's legs up on his shoulder for better access while he sucked, nipped,
licked and probed her most inner passage with his tongue and fingers. Quenching the thirst
and his craving as he did so. When Liz lost count on how many times she had cummed, she
knew she needed to stop Max or she wouldn't have the strength to stop him from continuing
and if they continued she knew they would end up making love and that would mean the
transformation would be complete. Leaving her vulnerable for Kivar and there was no way she
was going to let that scum touch her even once. "Max, you've got to stop now." She pleaded
with him, but got no response so she tried another tactic. "Max, kiss me. I need you to
kiss me."

Lapping up the last of her juices quickly, Max put her leg down and kissed his way back up
her body until his mouth took hers in a deep, hard kiss. His hand was already working on
his own pants to release himself in order to take her as he continued to kiss her breath
away. 'Max, don't.' She tried to reason with him in his mind, but he still had no control
and continued to free himself. Knowing she had no other option, she whispered. "I'm sorry
Max. I love you." Then with all of her might she lifted her knee up and swiftly kicked
him in his groin as hard as she could.

Max went down instantly, crying out in pain as he held his very, very sore and beaten groin
area in his hands. As soon as Max hit the ground, Tess stopped the mind warp and all eyes
went from Max, to Liz and then back to Max again.

End Pt33

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 34

Liz's heart went out to her love and she felt terrible about what she had to do to stop him
from doing, what she herself wanted him to do. Her body still trembling with pleasure that
he had just bestowed upon her, she quickly made her way across the room. Her father stepped
over to her. "Honey, are you okay?" He asked not quite sure what had happened, but all he
knew was that Max was on the ground and Liz was moving away from him. "Did he hurt you?"

Liz was actually on her way over to check on her best friend, when her father had stepped in
her path. When she heard his question, she was beside herself with anger at her father. He
actually still believed Max would physically hurt her. "Dad, Max would never hurt me. I
don't have the time nor the energy to explain to what's going on right now, so could you
just trust me for once and trust that Max is NOT the enemy here?" She scooted around her
father and ran up to Maria. "I'm so sorry Maria, if I had known..."

Maria pulled her friend into a hug, cutting her off before she could continue her apology.
"You did what you could, don't blame yourself. You did nothing wrong. Look at me, I'm
fine." She tried to reassure her friend as she pulled away from their embrace so Liz could
see for herself. Maria could see that Liz was feeling guilty about what Kivar's goons had
done to her, but she also knew that Liz had only given in and given Kivar what he had requested
from her because of her.

"Liiizzz..." This moaning plead came from Max, who was struggling to get off the floor, now
with the help of his own parents.

Liz turned to face him and knew she didn't have much time. She knew exactly how much the
craving had taken over him as she herself had felt it through their connection. And as much
as she wanted to give in and help him out, she knew she couldn't. For if she did, Kivar
would surely win. She turned back to Michael. "How much do you understand what's happening
to Max?" She wasn't sure if Max had told anyone, but knew if he had it would have been his
best friend Michael.

"I know enough. Is there any way we can stop it, the craving I mean? He isn't going to be
any help to us if he can't think straight and we need him if we are going to get out of this

"The only way I know of is if we...Uh..."

Isabelle didn't let Liz finish her statement, because she already knew what she was going to
say. "But, that's what Kivar is counting on and if you two being together is what causes
the transformation, then you can't do it."

"I know that Isabelle, why do you think your brother is over there in pain right this minute?
God, do you think I would have hurt him like that if I could have thought of some other way
to control this craving? I love him!" Liz shouted back.

"Okay stop it, we have to think how to get out of this situation before Kivar gets back here.
I for one don't plan on being hung up on any more walls so what's the plan?" Maria questioned
trying to keep it together herself.

"Liz let's Max complete the transformation." This from Tess.

"Shut Up You BITCH!" Yelled both Isabelle and Maria.

"She's right." Liz whispered, knowing that in Max's current state of mind he wouldn't be
able to help them escape and without Max's help they wouldn't be escaping at all.

"Liz, NO! You can't, if that happens, Kivar will win. You know what he is going to do to
you don't you?" Maria argued back.

"I know that Maria, but without Max's help, none of us are going to get out of here and he
is too far gone to be able to help without this damn craving being taken care of first."

Everyone went quiet for just a few moments as they all knew Liz was correct. Max was now on
his feet, but everyone could see how bad of shape he was currently in. And it had nothing
to do with the kick Liz had given him a few moments before. His eyes were dark with desire
and focused solely on Liz, unable to resist the scent of her any longer. He was completely
out of control and even with both his parents, Liz's parents and Jim Valenti trying to hold
him back it was becoming an impossible factor. "Whatever we're going to do, we better do it
quick." Jim shouted back at the group of teens that were trying to come up with a solution
to their current situation.

"Here, I've got an idea." Michael stated digging into his back pocket. He pulled out his
wallet and quickly retrieved the only condom he had on him at the time. "Max, needs Liz in
order to be able to think clearly, but maybe we can stop the transformation with this." He
held up the condom.

"God, I love you space boy." Maria threw her arms around Michael's neck, acknowledging she
agreed with his idea.

Liz grabbed the condom out of Michael's hand. "I hope for all our sakes one is enough."
She spoke quietly, knowing that one time around wasn't going to satisfy Max's craving. But,
maybe it would be enough to let him gain some kind control so they could get out of there
before Kivar came back.

Kyle had listened to what they other members of the group were saying and he saw the look on
Max's face. "Here." He reached into his wallet and also retrieved the condom he carried
with him just in case a time came when he would need it. But, just as he was about to hand
it over to Liz all hell broke lose on the other side of the room. First, Jim went flying,
then all four parents fell to the floor and Max began to stalk toward Liz like he was some
kind of wild animal and her being his prey.

His own mind completely gone and the craving had taken over completely. The only thing he
could think about was becoming one with Liz. Taking her as his and in his current state,
there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. Michael tried to use his own power to deter
Max for another minute, but Max quickly raised his shield against Michael's attempt as he
swiftly moved in and lifted Liz into his arms. Liz barely was able to grab the condom out
of Kyle's hand before Max was upon her and she found herself surrounded in Max's green shield
and pressed in-between the nearest wall and Max's body. To say the least everyone in the
room was shocked at Max's actions. Never had any of them, including Michael, Isabelle and
Maria who knew far better then anyone else how much Max loved Liz. Now to see him man
handle her in such a way, was beyond even their comprehension. Liz on the other hand knew
exactly what Max was going through and knew it was only a matter of time before the craving
took control of him. Even though she was surprised at first, she did understand. In fact
she understood better than anyone could possibly have known.

"Oh my Lord." Nancy said as she buried her head into her husbands shoulders unable to watch
what was about to happen to her own daughter. Jeff also turned his head, tears fell from
his eyes at the thought of his daughter being taken by Max. But, his daughter's words from
before, 'Max is not the enemy' kept ringing in his head and he only hoped and prayed that
Liz was right. One by one every person in the room turned their heads away from where
Max had Liz pinned against the wall.

Max quickly released himself from the constraints of his pants by just undoing his zipper.
He didn't bother to pull his pants down, unable to wait another second before being buried
deep inside of Liz. He thrusted his very hard erection inside of her and then halted all
movements. "I'm so sorry Liz." Once inside of her, his mind was beginning to clear from
the haze of the craving.

"Max, I love you. You don't need to apologize to me. But, we need to get a condom on you."

Max shook his head no. "It won't work, Liz. I need to feel you surround me, to get strength
from you. Do you trust me?"

"I trust you with my life." She replied honestly. She could also tell that Max was becoming
more and more in control and returning back to his old self and he hadn't even moved a muscle
once he had joined with her.

"I love you Liz Parker. I have no intention of letting that bastard lay one finger on you.
Tess was wrong you know. It's not only the four square that can defeat Kivar, it's us. Our
love, our joining gives me strength unlike anything I could imagine. When I'm inside you
like this, I feel like I could take on the world and you know what, I think I can." He gave
her one of his classic half smiles.

"This is going to be awkward, isn't it." Liz stated motioning her head over to where the
other's in the room were standing.

"Only for another moment, now kiss me and give me your strength so we can get out of here."
He stated with a smile on his face. In that instant Liz knew Max was back in complete
control and she trusted him more in that moment of time than she had ever trusted him before.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Giving into all the passion and love
that she felt for him as she did. Max placed both hands on the wall that was behind him and
Liz, taking strength from her love that she was currently giving him in their kiss, he let
the extra strength build inside of him. He began to pump his body into hers, also building
more strength and the minute he felt her walls tighten around his manhood, he let himself
go. Shooting his seed deep inside of her, but at the same time releasing the energy of
power the two of them had built together from their love through his hands and exploded the
wall outward behind them. Immediately pulling Liz around to the side of the explosion at
the same time.

The instant the others heard the explosion behind them, they all turned and were shocked by
what they were looking at. Not only had the wall next to Max and Liz exploded outwardly
exposing an obvious escape route as they could see the night sky shining through the hole.
But, also next to the wall stood Max holding Liz who was still wrapped around his body and
the two of them were literally glowing over their entire bodies. "MICHAEL, Get Them Out Of
Here!" Max shouted without taking his eyes off of Liz. He was in control for the moment,
but knew just being inside of Liz, nor the one major release he had already shot inside of
her wasn't going to be enough to satisfy this craving. As usual with their love making, he
was already hard inside of her again and the desire to start to pump into her body was growing
with each second that past. He only prayed he could keep it together long enough to get
everyone out of there.

Max's voice brought the others out of their shock and Michael was in motion. "Let's move
people we don't have much time!" He shouted out and no one hesitated as they quickly moved
to make their escape. With the way Max held Liz so close to his body and with the silky
sheet material wrapped around her legs where their bodies were joined, they were completely
covered and no one could see that the two of them were actually joined. The entire party
was through the hole in the wall in a matter of minutes leaving only Max and Liz to bring up
the rear. But, instead of moving forward with the group Max held back with Liz still in his
grasp. "Come on Maxwell! What the hell are you doing?" Michael shouted back at his friend.

"Keep going Michael, we'll be right behind you." Max yelled over his shoulder and as soon
as the others were out of sight, he leaned over to Liz. "We need to close this back up to
give us some extra time while they try to figure out how we got out of there. But, I think
I'm going to need that condom about now." He knew he would need her strength once again to
reform the wall, but he didn't want to take the chance of releasing himself inside of her
body again and complete the transformation.

As quickly as Liz could she opened the condom package she still held in her hand. Max
withdrew his body from her, placed the condom on his erection and then zipped his pants back
up. Praying he could with stand the need to be with Liz long enough to get away. He grabbed
her hand and together they started to reform the wall back into place, leaving no trace of
how they had gotten out to begin with. As soon as their job was completed he pulled Liz
behind him and the two of them ran to join the rest of the group that was hidden on the side
of the building behind the police cruiser that was the property of one Sheriff Hanson. "Jim,
you'll need to drive. Everyone in the car, the four of us need to take the very back to
cover." Max commanded and the entire party hopped into the car. Jim, Amy and Kyle in the
front seat. The Parker's, Liz, Maria and the Evan's in the back seat. The four original
pod squad members lowered the back cab of the vehicle and climbed in the very back end with
Isabelle and Tess more on the inside, Max and Michael seating on the tail gate. "Okay, time
to show them what the Royal Four can do." Max stated, then added. "Let's connect then blow
that place apart."

Michael stretched out his arm, and the other three placed their hands on Michael's arm. The
easily connected and allowed their energy to pool into Michael. As Jim started to drive the
cruiser away from the compound they were being held in, Michael released an energy blast
directly at it and the explosion was so forceful it shook the ground the vehicle was driving
on. Men that had made their way out of the compound were shooting their own blasts back at
the cruiser as it sped away, but Max raised his shield to protect the vehicle from being hit.
With the four of them still connected the shield was more than strong enough to deflect any
type of blasts that came their way.

Once they were at a safe enough distance and were pretty sure no one was following them, Jim
looked back at the group. "Where to?" He questioned, not really sure where they were
exactly or where they should head to.

"Tess where are we?" Max questioned, knowing that she was the only one that knew where they
were as the rest of them had been knocked out cold when they had been taken to the compound.

Tess told them where their location had been, it turned out to be just outside of Clovis.
Mr. Evans spoke up as soon as he heard Tess and he thought the area looked familiar to him.
He had several clients in Clovis and both he and Diane had gone there on several occasions.
"I know a place we can go for the night." He informed the group, he turned to Diane.
"Howard's place isn't too far from here, I doubt anyone would be there during the week."

"That's a good idea honey." Diane agreed knowing exactly where her husband was referring
to. Howard Burns was an old client of theirs that owned an old fishing cabin just outside
of Clovis. Her husband had been invited there several times over the years. It was secluded
and more importantly, it wouldn't be some place that any one in the party would be traced
to so they would be safe there for the time being. Philip began to give directions to Jim
as the rest of the party in the vehicle was giving each other reassurances they were okay.

Back at the compound Kivar had just arrived back to see it had been destroyed. He had gone
to check on the portal for their return trip home. He knew how much time would be needed to
complete the transformation of the human wanna be queen and he wanted to make sure as soon
as he planted his seed inside of her they could return to Antar post haste. But, as he
arrived back at the compound and saw the destruction, his anger surpassed any that could be
rivaled knowing the boy king had somehow managed to escape from his grasp. The first of
his men that tried to explain was blown to bits as Kivar let loose his fury on him just for
the simple fact that he was there. Only after releasing some the anger that flowed through
his veins was he able to control himself long enough to inquire how it was possible for them
to have escaped. He had waited over sixty years to be able to take complete control of the
throne and it had been so close in his grasp he could literally taste the victory. Now the
victory had been taken from him, he swore at that moment he would not stop until he found
the human that would bare his child, his heir. No, Liz Parker might have gotten away from
his grasp for the moment, but he was more than confident that he would find her quickly. He
pulled out the tracking device monitor and held it in his hand. "Soon Liz Parker, very soon
I will have you back."

End Pt34
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 35

The fishing lodge of Henry's was pretty impressive. You could tell he had spent a lot of
time and money fixing the place up. The back of the house just looked like a large two
story log cabin home when they pulled up to it that was surrounded by trees. Philip took
charge on giving everyone a grand tour of the place. There was a living area, a den, the
kitchen and dining room on the ground floor. Along with the master bedroom and joining
bathroom. While the upstairs had four bedrooms, two on each side of the house that had
joining bathrooms in-between the two bedrooms to share. The view from the front of the
house was absolutely breathtaking as the entire front side of the house was nothing but
full size windows that looked out over the lake. A large porch deck framed the front of the
house. If it wasn't for their current state, the place would have seemed like the perfect
weekend get away place.

Although Max had kept it together during their escape, he knew he was still under the
influence of the craving. In his current condition, Isabelle and Michael had to help him
into the house. While Jeff kept his daughter securely tucked under his protective arm. He
had witnessed enough of Max lusting after his daughter to last a lifetime, there was no way
he was going to let Max anywhere near Liz until whatever drug that sick alien Kivar had
given Max had worn off. What Jeff still didn't understand was Liz was the drug herself and
no matter if they were held captive still or not, nothing was going to make the craving Max
still had for Liz go away except for Liz herself. Yes, he had already satisfied a partial
of his craving, but not enough to sustain him for any length of time. Once everyone was
gathered in the living room, Isabelle asked the same question Max had heard so many times
before. "So, what do we do now?"

Anytime that question had been asked before Max hadn't a clue how to answer it, but this
time Liz's life and her future depended on him knowing the answer to this particular question.
"Right now, none of us are at full strength to take on Kivar. We need food and rest. We
also are going to need supplies for the next few days." Philip stepped forward offering to
go on a supply run since he was most familiar with the area.

"A few days. I have no intention of waiting a few days to kill that murderer." Tess argued
back, she wanted Kivar dead now for killing her son.

"That's the cat calling the kettle black." Maria stated sarcastically. Tess calling someone
else a murderer, when it was she herself that had murdered Alex.

"You'll do exactly what Max tell's you to do or I'll take you out back and make you suffer
a worst fate than what you did to Alex." Isabelle stated firmly, she hated Tess more than
she thought it was possible to hate another living soul.

"Isabelle." This from her own Mom that was shocked to hear such threatening words come out
of her own daughter's mouth.

"Mom, you don't understand. She murdered Alex in cold blood, she's no better than Kivar."
Isabelle informed her mother.

"Enough, we don't have time to argue amongst ourselves. Tess, you can't take on Kivar by
yourself, you already know that and until we are all at full strength, I'm not willing to
take a chance with our lives so we wait. Isabelle, you should go with Dad for supplies. I
don't think it would be wise for anyone to go anywhere without one of us to protect you.
Everyone make up a list of essentials that you'll need for the next few days. We're going
to have to use cash though, credit cards can be too easily traced." Max pulled out his own
wallet and took out all the cash he had and the other's followed suit agreeing with Max's
assumption on the use of cash. Isabelle used her powers and changed a few of the one dollar
bills into hundreds to give them enough money for the supplies. "Nancy would you and Jeff
mind making up the food supply list. I think you two have the most experience at how much
it will take to feed all of us. Jim, you and Kyle take first watch. Mom, Amy and Maria take
a quick inventory around the house to see if there is any extra clothing, blankets and stuff
that we will need to get us by for the next few days. While Michael, Isabelle, Tess, Liz and
I have a quick planning session. Once everyone has their stuff taken care of I suggest
everyone that can, get some rest. We can discuss everything else later. Any questions?"

Even though the parents had numerous questions, they all silently agreed they could wait
until later, especially the comments made regarding Alex. But, in the end the safety of
their children along with their own lives out weighed the need to know every factor of this
equation just yet. Even Jeff had resided himself knowing that the time for questions and
answer were for later, after they had rested and had some food in their stomachs. All they
had to eat or drink in the last twenty-four hours was a small drink of water and a little
bite of bread. Which most of the kids didn't even get. Each member of the group quickly
moved to attend their task that Max had given them, grateful to actually have something to
do. When it was just the five of them alone they adjourned to the den, but as soon as they
were inside Max shocked the others with his next statement. "Liz, I'm not sure how to say
this, but I think Kivar put some kind of device in the back of your neck."

"WHAT?" Liz asked shocked at the news.

"I saw it in a flash when we..Back at the compound. I'm going to assume it's some kind of
tracking device he implanted in you when you were passed out." Max stated in an apologetic
voice. He had already caused so much pain and stress in her life and now to have to explain
to her that there was a good possibility that their current safe haven wouldn't be safe for
too much longer because of something that she had inside of her made his stomach crawl. He
could already see the guilt forming on her face.

"Then he already knows where we're at, we can't stay here." Tess stated the obvious.

"Tess no matter where we go, he'll follow us unless we can remove the device and destroy it."
Max argued back, because there was no way he was going to leave Liz tracking device or no
tracking device. He especially didn't want Tess making Liz feel any more guilty then she
apparently already did.

"Wait, instead of destroying it why don't we use if to our advantage. Max, you can probably
remove it easy enough. Then when Dad and I go for supplies I take it and place it on a car
or something that was heading out of town. That way Kivar wouldn't know he was tracking the
wrong person for a while at least." Isabelle suggested thinking it might at least give them
so kind of time to prepare.

"It's a good plan except for the fact, how would you know who would be going out of town and
we would ultimately be putting an innocent person at risk. Besides if Kivar is already close
then he might catch up to you and Dad before you had the chance to plant it on someone else."
Max reasoned knowing Kivar would be more than happy to have his hands on Isabelle.

"How about some kind of animal, like a rabbit or something." Michael said thinking out loud.

"Or a bird." Liz interjected, knowing that sometimes birds were known to fly hundreds of
miles in a day.

"Okay, where exactly do we get this bird from?" Tess snidely asked, her true feelings for
Liz Parker coming out loud and clear.

"From you Tess. I'm sure if you can mindwarp a human being into doing your bidding, you
should easily use your mindwarp abilities on a bird couldn't you?" Isabelle replied back
just as snidely. Knowing how she had manipulated Alex's mind into decoding the stupid destiny
book that meant absolutely nothing in the end.

"Tess, go find a bird and you better make it quick." Max ordered, but when she just gave
him a look that asked if he was serious and made no effort to move, he commanded once again.
"Are you deaf? Go, get a bird now!" Max had no intention of taking any crap from her.

"Fine, but I just want to say..." Tess began to argue, but Max quickly cut her off.

"You have no say Tess. You do as we tell you to do, end of discussion. Now Go Get The Damn
Bird!" She let out a huff, then marched out of the room to follow the direction she was
given. "Is it just me or does she annoy everyone?" Max half asked, half joked once Tess
had left the room. "Michael, why don't you go out and change the police cruisers color so
Isabelle and Dad won't be spotted easily if one of Kivar's goons happen to be around."
Michael nodded, then went to do his task without even attempting to argue like he always had
done in the past at Max's decisions. But, at the moment Max was actually making sense, his
true leadership skills finally surfacing. "Isabelle, why don't you start gathering everyone's
supply list together. Remember this isn't a vacation, so get in, get out and get back here
as quickly as you can." He reminded his sister, wanting her to know he worried about her
and her safety meant a lot to him.

"What about the two of you?" Isabelle asked.

"I'm going to try to get that device out of Liz." Max stated simply, then added. "I would
appreciate it, if you could make sure no one disturbs us for a few minutes." Isabelle just
gave the two of them a small smile before she too left the room, leaving Max and Liz alone
for the first time since yesterday at the motel room. "Liz, about earlier..I just wanted
to apolo...."

"Don't, don't apologize about something you have no control over. Besides considering what
could have happened versus what did happen, I think you controlled yourself pretty darn well."

"It's still inside me. The craving, I mean. It's not controlling me, but it's far from
being finished." He explained hoping she understood his meaning.

Liz walked over to the couch without hesitation. "So, why don't you lock that door and let's
finish it." She wriggled her eye brows up and down, then crooked her index finger and made
a motion that said come here. Max not only used his powers to lock the door, but also placed
a shield in front of it, then walked quickly over to the couch she was now laying back on.

"God, I love you. Have I told you that lately?" He reached like he was going to bring her
body up to meet his, but instead he turned her over. "But, first things first. I don't
want that thing in you for one moment longer than necessary." As gently as he could he
removed the device using his powers to make sure Liz didn't even feel the slightest ounce
of pain. Placing the device on the coffee table, he turned back to Liz and smacked her
lightly on her behind. "You've got such a great ass."

Liz laughed at his statement. "Is that any way for a king to speak to his queen?" She joked
back at him, then added. "Besides I think we have other things to take care of before we
get interrupted. I have no intention of being the center of attention in another compromising
position with you around mine or your parents."

Max ran his hands down her body, lifting the silky red sheet that still covered her body up
enough to gain access to her femine folds. It only took him a few seconds to free himself
from the confines of his own pants, the condom still in place upon his erection and in a
graceful movement he slid inside of her wet heat. As much as both of them loved the feeling
of being joined, there was no doubt they could tell the difference with the small rubber
barrier between them. It didn't take long before they were both flying in ecstasy from their
love making, but unlike before Max didn't feel the craving inside of him being satisfied.
Liz could also sense through their connection the craving growing in lieu of being taken care
of and she knew it must have something to do with the condom they had used. Max felt guilty
once again as his body screamed to become one with her without the use of any barrier, but
knew if he did the chances that the transformation would be complete. The battle between
not wanting to complete the transformation before Kivar was taken care of and the need to
complete it was raging a war inside of his body. "Liz..It's not..."

"I know." She stated without allowing him to finish his own sentence. "It's because of the
condom it's it?" She asked pretty sure she already knew the answer but needed to hear him
confirm it.

"I think so. God, I'm so sor..."

"Don't, I already told you not to apologize for something you have no control over. We both
made this choice, I am as much to blame about what is happening between us as you, so stop
feeling guilty, Okay."

Max reluctantly pulled himself out of her. "How did I get so lucky to find someone as
understanding as you are. I love you so much Liz and I promise we are going to figure out
a way to deal with all of this, the transformation, Kivar, all of it." He then leaned down
and kissed her deeply. When he pulled away from her he pulled his shirt off and handed it
to Liz. "But, until we do, I think you would be a lot safer dressed in something the covered
you a little better."

Liz giggled at his words, but accepted the shirt. She buttoned it down half way, then tied
the ends together at her stomach. Then took the red sheet and wrapped it around her waist
to make a long skirt out of it. "Better?" She asked when she was finished redoing her new

Max shook his head. Knowing even if she was dressed in a burlap sack she would still be just
as desirable to him. But, with her dressed in his shirt was almost just as bad as her being
wrapped in only the sheet. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he looked over at the
device that was still sitting on the coffee table. "I guess I should check to see how every
one's coming with getting their list together and see if Tess successfully got that bird yet."
He restraightened his own pants, removed the shield, unlocked the door and went in search of
the other's in the household.

Meanwhile Kivar and his army what was left of it, was currently on the road following the
direction of the beacon that Kivar had planted inside of Liz when he had first taken her.
He could hardly contain his laughter at their stupidity of thinking they could get away from
him that easily. They appeared to be stopped for the moment and he figured they thought they
were safely hidden away from him. He had previously agreed to release the humans that the
royals felt so much for, but after this little performance he couldn't wait to kill them in
a very slow and painful way that he could think of. Especially the blond spit fire that the
second in command had taken such a liking to, he would torture her endlessly before allowing
her to die and make sure that Rath, or Michael as he was called now, knew what it meant to
defy him again. He watched the monitor carefully, making sure they were heading in the right
direction when suddenly the beacon started to move once again. From the look of it, they
were now heading north and they were traveling quickly. "DAMN!" He screamed out, as he
realized they must have gotten some means of air travel, due to the speed they were going.
"You may have gotten away from me for the moment sweet Liz, but I will find you. No matter
how hard you try to escape your destiny his to carry my heir and by the Gods I swear I will
have you soon." He then turned to his driver. "We need to head north and step on it." He
shouted out his directions in angry.

End Pt35
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 36

Everything was proceeding as planned, the necessary items had been picked up by Phillip and
Isabelle without any problems. Nancy and Jeff had taken the responsibility of cooking a
very large lunch for everyone in the group. All the adults still had many questions that
they wanted to ask, but they all worked to get their current place of residence set
up prior to sitting down for a questioning and answering session with their children. Even
Jeff finally understood there was a lot more going on than what they had been told as of yet,
but knew priorities had to be taken care of first. One of those priorities was to get some
food in everyone first.

Max was grateful that everyone seemed to be withholding their questions for the time being.
Giving the pod squad and their friends time to discuss how and what they were going to reveal
to their parents. But, before they spoke with their parents Max wanted some answers of his
own. "All right Tess, I want the truth and I want it right now." He demanded as he roughly
grabbed a hold of her arm.

"Max, your hurting me." Tess tried to pull her arm away, but Max held on firmly.

"Hurting you? I haven't even started yet. Now I want to know why you did it?" The anger
in his voice didn't go unnoticed by anyone in the room and everyone knew exactly what Max
was referring to. The son she had led him to believe was his.

Trying to act innocent and still unsure which of her deceptions Max was referring to, so she
went with the one that she knew they were already aware of. "I already told you, what
happened to Alex was an accident. I never meant to kill him." She tried to protest.

Hearing her admit to Alex's death once again made Liz's stomach want to hurl. While the rest
of the group became angry, but it was Isabelle that had had enough of Tess's bullshit. Before
anyone else could even react to Tess's statement, Isabelle rose up out of her seat and
slapped Tess across the face. "Don't ever say Alex's name again! You murdering bitch! Alex
was the sweetest person I have ever known. You don't deserve to speak his name." She yelled
out, before she collapsed in a pool of tears.

Max wanted to comfort his sister, but at the moment he needed answers from Tess. He watched
Liz and Maria has they made their way to Isabelle. The three girl's took comfort for the
lost of their friend in each other's arms and was grateful that the three had each other for
the moment. His attention turned back to Tess. Taking a deep breath to try to calm himself
prior to questioning her. Once he felt more in control again, he began his questioning all
over again. "Tess, there is no excuse for your actions. You betrayed all of us and I want
to know why?"

"WHY? Because you betrayed me, that's why! All my life I was raised to believe that I was
your wife, your queen and you were supposed to love ME!" Tess shouted back, she knew what
she had done was unforgivable in Max's eyes, but she no longer cared about what Max or any
of the other's thought of her. She had a mission to complete, to kill Kivar and get revenge
for her own son's murder. In fact if she didn't need the other's help in killing Kivar she
wouldn't even have bothered to come back to them. "Look, I can't change the past and I'm
not here to ask for forgiveness for my actions. Kivar murdered my son in cold blood minutes
after he was born right in front of me, because you betrayed me. So you can hate me all you
want and blame me for whatever you want, but the fact remains you need me to help you kill
Kivar just like I need you."

Max wanted to argue the point that she was no better than Kivar. She had murdered Alex the
same as Kivar had murdered an innocent baby. That she deserved the same fate as Kivar and
when all this was finished, he was going to see that she did pay for her crimes. He had his
doubts that they truly needed her to kill Kivar, as he was pretty sure that with the help
from Liz he would be strong enough to kill Kivar on his own. But, he wasn't 100% positive
in his assumption and he wasn't going to risk Liz's safety on a gut feeling when he knew for
sure that the four square was strong enough to end Kivar's life once and for all. He made a
decision that now was not the time nor the place to deal with what Tess had done in the past.
They needed to plan on how to take Kivar down once and for all, then he, himself would deal
with Tess and her betrayal. "This is getting us no where. Kivar is our number one concern
right now, but know this Tess. After we deal with Kivar, you and I will be having a
discussion. This is far from over." He promised, then turned back to the others only to
find that their parents had joined them in the den where they were currently holding their
meeting. "I know you all have a lot of questions. I'm going to try to answer as many as I
can, but we don't have the time right now to go into specific details about everything you
want to know."

"Honey, just tell us what we need to know for now. The rest we can discuss after we're all
safe and sound back home." Diane Evans spoke up hoping that the rest of the adults, including Liz's father would cooperate.

"We've told you the jest of most of it, meaning mine, Isabelle's, Michael's and Tess's origins.
And you've already met one of our greatest enemies. His name is Kivar and I can only assume
you realize by now that he not only wants the four of us dead, but his main reason for
coming to Earth is Liz." He stated with regret in his voice. No matter how many times Liz
told him it was her choice, which he knew was true. He couldn't help but feel guilty about
putting her in the kind of danger she was in now.

"Why Liz exactly? She's human, why does Kivar want her so much?" This from Jeff, who now
seemed a lot more calm in trying to understand why an alien would be so interested in his

"Mr. Parker, this might not be the easiest thing for you to hear and believe me when I tell
you I didn't know this was going to happen and if I did..."

Before Max had a chance to finish his sentence Liz spoke up. "Don't Max." She warned him
with only a look to let him know she wasn't about to allow him to try and take the whole
blame on something that she herself had just as much of a choice in the matter if not more.
She then turned to her father and mother. "Mom, Dad, what Max is trying to say is that we
choose each other in a bonding ceremony. Max, choose me and I made the choice to be with
him. During this ceremony of sorts, Max passed the royal seal that verifies his status of
the King of Antar to me and I accepted it willing. By doing so, I can now give birth to an
heir of the throne. A true heir can only be carried by someone that has the royal seal prior
to conception. The main problem is that since I now have the royal seal too, it is possible
that I can conceive and give birth to an heir by passing the royal seal to my baby, but that
doesn't necessarily mean that Max needs to father the child. Well, at least that's what we
are assuming and why Kivar wants to get a hold of me."

"So he can impregnate you himself and have you give birth to an heir, his heir to be precise."
Philip stated more than asked.

"Yeah, that's basically it. At this moment a war is still raging on Antar because the
individuals loyal to the house of Antar refuse to recognize Kivar as the true King because
he doesn't bare the royal seal. But, if he has a child that is his that does bare the royal
seal, the ones who currently don't accept him will have no choice but to accept his child
and in doing so will also accept Kivar himself as the new King of Antar." Max confirmed to
his father and the others the true reason why Kivar wants Liz.

"Okay, so if Liz already has this so called royal seal, then what's the deal with this
transformation that this Kivar was referring to earlier?" Jim Valenti asked, he knew more
than the rest of the parents about a lot of what had taken place with their children during
the past few years, but he didn't understand what this transformation was all about.

"Because Liz is human, her body wasn't design to bare the heir to throne. It was supposed
to be me, but Max refused to follow his destiny and choose Liz instead. So now Liz's life
will always be in danger, because Max just loves her soooo much. Putting his own selfish
needs before the safety of the one he states he truly loves. That's true love Max, I hope
your happy with your choice in life." Tess spat out, her voice held no remorse for her words
as she had never had any sympathy for Liz Parker.

"Tess, that's enough." Michael warned, but her damaging words had already spoke volumes to
not only Max and Liz, but also to Liz's father.

"Is that true, you put my daughter's life in danger knowing that this would end up like this?"

"NO!" Max immediately denied. "I would never had put Liz's life in danger if I had known..."

"Dad, STOP IT! Your acting like this was all Max's fault, well it's not! I had a choice,
Dad. ME, I had the choice to accept Max or not and choose to be with him. As for what that
choice meant, Max didn't know what would happen. I love Max, I have loved him for so long
that there never was a choice and even if I had known what would have happened I still would
have said yes. I still would have chosen to be with Max, can't you understand that?" She
pleaded with her father as she reached out and took Max's hand in hers. She also choose to
avoid the statement from Tess. At this point Tess wasn't worth her time or energy to even
reply to her hateful words.

Up until this point Max had done a pretty good job keeping his craving under some semblance
of control, but the moment Liz took his hand in hers, the craving sky rocketed right back
through his system. Max closed his eyes and tried to calm his own bodies urges to mate with
Liz again, but being denied for so long prior to this and only having a short amount of her
to keep the craving satisfied for a short time period. Which apparently was now up.

As soon as Liz took his hand in hers, their connection flared and Liz felt every bit of the
craving that was taking over Max's body. She knew there time was growing short and knew they
were going to have to wrap this up quickly or she was going to find herself once again in a
position she had no desire to be in with anyone else in the room.

Jeff Parker looked his only daughter in the eye and knew without any doubts that she was
telling him the truth. It was in that moment of revelation that he understood finally the
love his daughter shared with Max and no matter what, the two of them would stand by each
other. But, he still didn't like the word transformation where his daughter was concerned.
Lowering his voice, he spoke with sincerity in his voice. "I understand Liz, at least I'll
try. Now what's the transformation."

"What Tess stated earlier was partially true. Because of Max's alien origins and me being
100% human, my body wouldn't be able to carry Max's child or any other aliens child unless
my body is transformed with enough alien energy to sustain a pregnancy the child or me wouldn't
survive the pregnancy. Apparently since Max was the one to choose me, he alone is the only
one that can feed my body enough of this alien energy to transform my body in order for me
and my child to live through the pregnancy."

"How does Max feed you this alien energy?" This question from Liz's Mom who had been rather
quiet during the entire discussion so far.

Liz looked up to meet Max's eyes causing her to smile brightly. "Mom, I think at this point
I would just like to say that's a personal thing between Max and I."

Max could see that Jeff wanted a more direct answer than what Liz had just given his wife,
but he couldn't wait any longer to be with Liz. "Look, right now I think we all need some
rest. We need to be prepared when we go after Kivar and we can't do that without all of us
being fully rested. There should be enough places for everyone to find somewhere to be
comfortable." He went to the den door and opened it, announcing to the rest of the group the
meeting was finished.

The rest of the group began to file out of the room, Philip taking on the job of giving room
assignments as they went. Nancy and Jeff Parker along with Liz got one of the front bedrooms.
Kyle and Jim Valenti the other. Isabelle and Tess got one of the back bedrooms, Amy and
Maria the other one. Max and Michael were offered the den with the pull out couch, while he
and Diane took the downstairs bedroom. At first no one seemed to argue until Jeff reached
out to take Liz's arm to guide her to their bedroom assignment. It was Max that stepped up
at this point. "Liz stays with me."

Jeff rolled his eyes at the nerve that Max had. "Max, you can't be serious to think I can
allow my teenage daughter to stay and sleep in the same bed as you and Michael?"

"Jeff, this has nothing to do with us being teenagers. The fact remains, Liz's life is in
danger. I can protect her, you can't. I understand that is hard for you to hear, but it
is a fact at this point. Liz stays with me at all times." Max's voice was one of authority
and one that wasn't going to back down. Even if he wasn't effected by the craving, his
stand would remain the same.

Jeff was once again about to protest, when Liz spoke up. "He's right Dad. I need to stay
with Max until we can at least take care of Kivar."

Very reluctantly Jeff finally agreed. Once it was only Michael, Max and Liz left in the den
Max turned toward his second in command. With only a simple look, Michael nodded and left
the room. Using his powers he moved the living room couch in front of the door to the den.
Taking his position on the couch to protect his King and his Queen with his life if necessary.

Once everyone was out of the den, Max once again locked the door and raised a shield in front of it. He was not going to take any chances of the two of them being interrupted in any way, because he understood now without a doubt that once he started to make love to Liz. He wouldn't be able to stop again. He turned toward Liz. "Liz, I..."

He didn't even get to start his statement as Liz was quick to stop him. "Max, we're in this together."

"But, I need to know you understand..."

Once again he was cut off by Liz. "I understand. Your going to have to complete the transformation. I don't think there was ever going to be a way to stop it, once we started
the process."

Max took her in his arms knowing she was putting up a brave front, but deep down she was
just as scared about finishing the transformation as he was. Both understood the true meaning of her body being completely transferred. Not only would she be able to become pregnant, but she would be changed on a permanent basis. The truth of the unknown was what scared both of them more than anything. They understood she would be changed, but in what way and how would that effect her. "I just wish we knew more about this transformation."
Max stated softly and sincerely.

Liz raised her head so she was looking Max directly in his beautiful amber eyes before she replied. "Max, I trust you. I'm not going to try to lie to you and say I'm not nervous, but I trust you. And while I might be nervous, I'm not scared."

Max only nodded in response, knowing that she spoke the truth. In silence the two of them
made their way over to the pull out couch and begun to remove the cushions. Max then pulled the bed out of the couch, while Liz stood to the side. Once the bed was ready, both felt shy at what the sight of the bed meant. Sure they had made love several times before by now. But, for some reason knowing this time was going to change Liz made it feel like it was their first time. Slowly Max held his hand out for Liz to take, he wasn't going to force this issue with Liz. As much as his body was demanding he take her, if she said no or refused to take his hand he wouldn't force her. Once again allowing her full choose to be with him or not. Liz smiled shyly at Max understanding that he was once again giving her a choice. Without hesitation she accepted his hand and moved to stand directly in front of him. "I love you Max. I'll love you forever."

With her choice made, there was no turning back. Max leaned down and kissed her lips softly and sweetly. He ran his hands through her hair and cupped her face. "I love you too Liz.
I'll always love you." He whispered against her lips before covering them with his own lips and began to kiss her deeply, while moving them both onto the bed. This was the moment of truth, the moment where Max Evans would change Liz Parker's body and life forever.

End Part 36

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 37

The two of them continued to look deeply into each other's eyes as they lowered themselves onto the pull out of a bed. Both knew what the consequences of their joining was going to mean, well at least that Liz would be changed forever. But, both understood there was no stopping what they had already begun days ago. Even though the craving was now once again
taking it's toll on him, Max refused to let it rule over his actions. He loved Liz more than anyone could ever try to comprehend. She was his everything and knowing what she was willing to do because of her love for him, made him want to make love to her for her, not because of some weird alien transformation ritual. Slowing Max lowered his lips to hers and they shared an awe inspiring kiss as Max poured every feeling of love he had for her into the passionate kiss. His hands slowly roamed over her body, starting with weaving them through her soft silky hair that he loved so much. Down to cup her face, allowing his thumbs to caress her face ever so delicately. Then he ran his hands over her shoulders, down her arms until they came to her hands. He held both her hands in his for a moment before he squeezed them with tenderness before traveling onward. His lips began to follow his hands journey and before he ever touched one intimate part of her body, he had caressed or kissed every other inch of her body. From her hair to her fingers to her toes, he touched, kissed, sucked and licked. Worshipping all of her completely, letting her know how much she meant to him in every way.

Even though the cravings were effecting Max, his soft touches and kisses were driving Liz crazy with need. She needed his touch as much as he needed to touch her. "Max, please."
She half begged, half pleaded with her need for him to pleasure her in the areas on her body that demanded his touch by now. But, Max just continued to softly caress her body and face, but made it a point not to touch neither her breast nor her center core.

"Soon, my love. Soon." He reassured her that he had every intention of satisfying ever need she could ever want, but he made sure she was worshipped properly like she should be before venturing onward. He once again covered her mouth with his, this time requesting entrance that he was easily granted. As soon as their tongues met, his hands were quick to cover her much aching breast. Her loud moan sang in his ears the moment his hands came in contact with her mounds. He took time to pleasure her entire breast before he began to concentrate solely on her nipples that were already hard and ripe for him by the time he begun to tweak them with his magical fingers. All the while their tongues continued to mate with one another's. Leaving one hand on her left breast, his other roamed down to her center. He touched her ever so gently and just barely began to explore her lower region when the craving for her intensified so much that just that simple touch of her most private of all parts was enough to literally drive him insane. But, as much as he was in need to join her, he still wanted her to know how much he loved her. He didn't have to wait long to hear her cries of ecstasy as she came apart in his arms the minute his finger entered her wetness.

By the time Max had made his way to her core, Liz was so hot and ready for him it only took one simple touch from Max down there to make her loose it. She couldn't help the scream of pleasure that escaped her lips although the sound of it was muffled by Max's mouth that was still kissing her. As she trembled in his arms and the smell of her sex invaded his nose,
the craving tried to take control of Max, but Max still refused to take her like some savage animal. Even as his body began to tremble he just held her tightly until she came back down to the reality. At first Liz had been so wrapped up in the sensations Max was causing she hadn't paid attention to the way the craving was affecting Max. But, as her body started to calm and as he continued to hold her so close she was hit full force with the feeling of his craving. "Oh Max." She finally whispered against his lips feeling guilty that she had let her own desires take precedence over his need. She also felt humble at the fact that he would show her so much tenderness when she now knew how much he was suffering from holding back. Pulling his face up just enough so she could look him in the eye. She was amazed at the amount of love she saw as she looked in the deep amber pools. "Love me Max, love me now."

"Are you positive?" He needed her to confirmation one last time that she truly wanted this.
Liz didn't answer with words she only nodded slightly before she took his manhood in her hand and brought it to her opening. That was all it took for Max to understand she was more than positive and in a slow motion he entered her completely. His eyes closed as he held perfectly still and reveled in the feel of being completely sheaved inside of her. Neither moved for a few moments as they held each other closely. "I love you Liz." His voice barely a whisper as he spoke the words, then as if knowing it was time the two began to move in unison together. Slowly and tenderly as if each movement was a show of love to the other. Neither in any hurry to rush the moment as they continued their love making. Their hands roamed over the other's body, touching and kissing. Limbs were tangled together as they moved their bodies to a building sensation of pleasure. There was no hurry to succumb to their eventual releases as just the ability to be one was enough to satisfy their souls for the time being. As much as they both wanted to make this time last and not give in to their own bodies needs, human reality came into play and they both felt their own orgasms begin to take hold of their bodies. When they couldn't hold back another minute, together they allowed their bodies to fall over the edge of pleasure. Both trying to bury themselves in the other's mouths to muffle as much of their screams as possible.

As soon as Max had cummed he felt himself begin to grow hard almost instantly due to the craving still trying to take hold. With sweat being produced on his forehead he lifted only slightly enough so he could look into Liz's eyes. "That one was for us." He informed her and waited for her to nod showing that she understood exactly what he was saying. They hadn't made love because of the any alien need to, they made love because they loved each other and wanted to share the most intimate joining a man and a woman could share with one another. Max continued to look into her eyes and Liz knew by the way they grew darker and darker their time was coming to an end. It was now time to complete her transformation, but
she could still see that Max was still trying to deny doing what he knew he had to do. That he still had that small amount of doubt that she truly did want this and wasn't being pressured into the transformation by him.

Knowing what she had to do, she reached up and weave her hands in his hair. Looking him straight in the eyes she stated. "Take me Max, I trust you." Once those words were spoken all the rest of Max's resolve was gone. He lifted his hips and thrusted inside of Liz hard and deep. He did exactly what she had told him to do, he took her. His body moved quickly as there was no more slow and tender, now their love making took on a whole new aspect. The need, desire and craving came full force and Max's body transferred his essence over and over inside of Liz as he continued to pump vigorously inside of her body as he would shoot his seed inside of her then grow hard instantly only to build back up to that release and became hard again. His movements were more animalistic and he couldn't stop sliding in and out of her if he wanted to.

With the first hard thrust Liz felt the tingling sensation deep inside of her soul begin to ignite. She knew instantly that Max was now completely the transformation of not only her physical body, but mentally and spiritually. Neither could contain their cries of ecstasy that they were sharing and neither cared as Max continued thrusting deep inside of her their minds seemed to go onto another plane of existence from where their bodies were joined. Neither noticed how their bodies began to glow and each time Max experienced another orgasm the glow grew brighter and brighter until the den their bodies were in exploded in light that was brighter than the sun. The symbol of the royal seal burned outward from their foreheads, penetrating from their bodies to become one over them simmering in the explosion of light that had taken place in the den. Even as all this was taking place neither Max nor Liz took note of any of it as neither could see with their eyes. It was as if they were both blinded, but their other senses took over. They reveled in the sensation of touch as Max continued to move in and out of Liz. The sense of sound was also heightened, but only to the point where they could hear every cry, scream and moan of the other one's pleasure. They were also invaded with a greater sense of smell as the smell of their sex took over and all encouraged them to want to smell more.

The moment the light exploded outward from the den, Michael jumped off the couch he had positioned in front of the door. He knew instantly that Max was completely the transformation of Liz and knew it was only a matter of time that the other occupants of the cabin would be coming. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind when suddenly the entire cabin began to shake as if they were in the middle of some kind of earthquake and that was the minute all hell broke loose. Philip Evans was the first one to arrive as the bedroom he was sharing with his wife was just down the hall, but before he could even get out one question Jeff Parker, Liz's father came barreling at Michael for answers. "What the hell was that? Has Kivar found us? Where's Max and Liz?"

The other's were in front of Michael before he even had a chance to answer one of Jeff's questions. Michael looked over to see the small smile Maria was giving him, then turned back to look at the door that stood between his king and queen and the other members of their group before turning back to answer Liz's Dad. In a calm voice he simple stated. "Max is completing the transformation."

"WHAT? The Hell He Is, Get Out Of My Way!" Jeff screamed at Michael as he attempted to move him from his position.

But, Michael didn't move. In fact he didn't even budge an inch. "Jeff calm down. Michael, let me speak to Max." Philip stated trying to play peacemaker on both sides.

"I'm sorry Mr. Evans, I have my orders. No one is to enter this room until my king and my queen give their consent." Michael stated authoritatively and as much as he understood the concerns of the parents, his first priority was to the safety of Max and Liz, his king and his queen.

"Who the hell do you think you are? I want to see my daughter and I want to see her this minute!" Jeff yelled, angered at the thought of Max changing his daughter into what he had no idea, but there was no way he was going to allow whatever it was to take place.

Still standing his ground, Michael stated once again in an authoritative voice. "I am the second in command to the King of Antar. I understand your concerns, but I will not betray my King nor my Queen so I must request that everyone back away from the door."

"Why you son of a bit...." Jeff started to yell and throw a punch directed at Michael's face, but was halted instantly as if frozen in place. He could still see and hear what was happening around him but he just couldn't move.

All parties turned their head to see Isabelle standing there with her palm stretched open.
"I'm sorry, but Michael's right." She dropped her hand and Jeff turned to face her with a look of unbelief upon his face that she could do what she had just done to him. Before he could even question, or become anger with her Isabelle began to apologize to him. " Mr. Parker, I'm so sorry, but please try to understand. Max loves Liz, he would never do anything to harm her and Michael's not trying to be rude and mean. He his simple doing what your daughter has requested him to do in the first place."

Her words seemed to help Liz's father understand and he started to back off willing to wait
for the time being. He looked down to his watch and noticed that it had been almost eight hours since he had left his daughter in he hands of Max and Michael. How was it possible for that much time to have already pass when it only felt like he had just fallen asleep only moments before? He was about to question if his watch was correct when a loud eruption could be heard coming from the doorway behind Michael. The doorway that his only daughter was behind with that Max Evans. He turned back toward Michael and was once again about to demand that Michael allow him to pass through the door to see his daughter when another loud eruption came from inside the room that shook the entire cabin once again. This time it wasn't just Jeff Parker that was demanding entry into the den, Philip and Diane, plus Nancy were yelling at Michael to get out of the way. It took everything inside of Michael not to use his powers to keep the parents at bay, because he didn't want to cause any of them harm, but he was slowly losing his ground and was just about to use any means he needed to when the door opened to reveal a very distraint and exhausted looking Max.

End Pt 37

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 38

The minute one very exhausted looking king stood in the doorway Jeff Parker pounced. "What the hell have you done to my daughter?" He shouted as he lounged toward Max, but stopped the moment his eyes went to the den behind where Max stood. He could see his daughter lying on the pull out couch's bed wrapped up in the sheets. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be asleep, but what had caught his attention was the glow that was illuminating from all around her body. Is breath caught in his throat as he inquired softly. "Is she okay?"
The anger he was demonstrating only moments ago gone, now replaced with concern for his daughter's well being.

"She's fine. She'll be asleep for a while." Max answered still feeling drained from their love making, but also feeling an over powering amount of energy that was flowing through his veins now that the transformation had been completed.

Michael was the one that asked about the transformation. "I take it the transformation was successful?"

Max nodded his head. "I think so." He wouldn't be able to know for sure until Liz woke up and he could verify it, but the craving that had been tormenting him for so long now, was completely gone. His desire for Liz was still has strong as it had always been, but the craving had been satisfied completely.

Jeff turned his back away from his daughter and looked directly at Max. "How could you? How could you do what that sick bastard Kivar wanted you to do to her in the first place?"

Max wanted to crawl under a rock, Jeff Parker was right and Max knew it. The only thing that made him from dying of guilt at this point was the fact that he knew without any doubts that there was no way for him to stop what he had already begun. Even if he had fought the craving until it killed him, Liz's body would not have survived if he hadn't completed the transformation. She was literally in an in-between status and if they hadn't continued the transformation she would have more than likely been dead within the month. As her body would have shut down, not being able to survive in it's current position. So has much as he felt guilty about starting the transformation, he would not feel guilty about completing it and allowing Liz to live. It was Tess that spoke up before Max had the opportunity to think of how to defend his actions to Liz's father. "I guess you would have preferred your daughter to die?"

Jeff whipped his head around to face Tess now. "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is, that once Max started the transformation of Liz's body he had to complete it or your precious Liz would have died." Then quickly mumbled under her breath. "Not that I would have lost any sleep over it."

It was Philip that approached his son in a much more calmer tone, placing a hand on his shoulder he asked. "Son, I think it's time we knew everything."

Max nodded to his father, then gestured for everyone to have a seat in the living room area, but held his sister back. "Keep an eye on her." He instructed. Isabelle nodded her agreement and went to sit in a chair beside the bed that Liz was currently sleeping. Once everyone was seated Max began. "I'm pretty sure everyone knows the basics by now. I chose Liz as my queen and when she accepted me the royal seal that I carry was transferred to Liz. The seal would normally allow my chosen queen to bare the heirs of Antar, but since Liz was human and had no Antarian blood her body would not have been able to survive a pregnancy of a child that had alien DNA. Without knowing it, I had begun the transformation of Liz's body the minute the royal seal was transferred to her. Once the process had begun there was no way to stop it. I had to complete it or Liz would have not be able to survive."

"Why?" This came from Maria who was just as curious as the rest of them as to why Max had to finish the transformation of her best friend.

"Since I had already begun the process, her body had already begun to change. The transformation is basically the changing of her blood DNA. Making her blood more adaptable to sustain an alien child's DNA in her body. Before the transformation was complete her own bodies white corpuscles would have fought against the change the same as they would have fought against any other infection that invaded a persons body eventually. So it was either complete the transformation or allow the inner war to take place inside Liz's body until her own body's defenses would have killed her." Max finished his explanation the best he could and then turned his attention to both of Liz's parents. "Mr. Parker, Mrs. Parker, I love your daughter and if I had known any of this would have happened..."

Nancy stopped Max before he had a chance to say any more. "You would have what Max? Denied your feelings forever or made Liz miserable by making her deny her feelings for you. I might not have known exactly what was going on, but I'm not blind. I knew how Liz felt about you and your not exactly subtle when it came to your feelings for our daughter. I've watched you watching her for years." Then she turned to her own husband. "As have you Jeff." She wanted to make a point that her husband's carrying on has done nothing but hinder them and even put their lives in danger and it was time for him to knock it off. Of course, she wasn't going to put her husband down in front of everyone else so she left it at that hoping he would get her meaning. Which apparently he did as he nodded his head in agreement and closed his eyes letting out a sigh of defeat as he did so. "Now, I'm assuming Liz is going to be okay?"

"Yes, she's just tired and needs sleep to allow her body to recuperate." Max stated wanting to reassure Liz's Mom that the transformation itself hadn't caused Liz any physical harm. Of course when he made his statement, Maria had to hold back her laughter since she of all people knew exactly what Liz's body was recuperating from.

"I know you guys think you've given this Kivar fellow the slip for now, but how long do you think it's going to be before he realizes he's on a wild goose chase. I mean he will be coming back for Liz, won't he?"

"Yeah, he will. He wants the next heir to the throne to be of his blood, but even if we succeed in defeating Kivar it won't end with him." Max said with despair, knowing what he was going to have to say next was only going to upset Liz's father all over again.

"It won't end until Liz is pregnant with the next heir. Whether it be yours, Kivar's or someone else's. Liz is the key to the future of Antar now and until she is with child, there will always be someone out there that will try to get her, won't they?" Max's adopted father asked, but pretty sure he had already answered his own question.

"More than likely. In the whirlwind galaxy there are five planets. Antar being the ruling planet. So who ever rules Antar, rules the entire galaxy. An heir to the throne would ensure that individuals right to rule Antar along with the galaxy. So even if we defeat Kivar, Liz would still be endanger." Max tried to explain leaving out the most obvious choice to ensure Liz's safety from future attacks.

It was Liz's own mother that spoke the unspoken truth. "Unless Liz was already pregnant with your child."

"Nancy, think about what your saying." Jeff couldn't help but speak up against what his wife was saying.

"I am Jeff, apparently more than you are." She snapped back at her husband before she turned back to Max. "How would have all this worked out if say, this had happened when you were back on Antar and there wasn't a war going on?"

"Once a King choose a Queen and they complete the bonding ceremony that Liz and I went through. The queen is then place under the protection of the King's second until she is pregnant with the King's heir to ensure no one other than the King can impregnate the Queen and ensure the next heir to the throne is the rightful heir. And to prevent any of the King's enemies from gaining access to the throne via the heir."

"That's why I've had this over powering drive to protect Liz at all cost." Michael added, now understanding what was making him feel the way he had been feeling. He had always felt protective of all of them, but since Florida and the royal seal had been transferred to Liz.
Something deep inside of him had been driving him to want to protect Liz even if it meant his own life needed to be given.

Max gave Michael a small smile of thanks, knowing he had actually been protecting not only all of them, but especially Liz for a while now and not even knew why. "So are you going to impregnate my eighteen year old daughter now. Is that what you're trying to tell us?" Jeff was trying to keep his anger under control since his wife had called him on it, but the more and more he heard the harder it was for him to maintain control of his anger.

"No, sir. That's not what I'm saying, that's just the way it would have happened had we been on our home planet. I would never take advantage of Liz just to ensure my future as King of Antar. I already have the royal seal, I don't need an heir to ensure my position.
What I'm saying is that if there is someone else out there that wants to take my place needs Liz, like Kivar in order for them to gain control of the throne."

"But, if Liz were to be pregnant with your child, would that keep Liz out of danger." Diane Evan's asked this time. She was understanding what her son was saying, but as a parent she also felt concern for Liz and if it would keep Liz safe then she thought it might be better for Max to go ahead and impregnate Liz now. After all the two of them were married or at least they were bonded to each other according to Max's home planet.

"Liz possibly, but that doesn't solve the problem. Liz might be out of danger once our child would be born, but our child would then become the next target. If Liz and I were to have a child, it would be the next heir to the throne of Antar. Anyone wanting to control the throne would then need our child to do that and I won't put an innocent child's life endanger." Max answered his mother as honesty as possible.

"So what's the solution then Max?" Michael asked, not sure what Max had planned, but it was obvious to him that Max had some kind of plan in mind already.

"First off, we defeat Kivar. Then I take back my planet." Max stood firm in his decision,
knowing now he had no other options. He had never cared about being a King of a planet that he had no true memories of and he never really cared if he ever took control of that planet. For all he cared, Kivar could have it. But, now he knew that wasn't an option any longer. If he did take back his rightful throne, then Liz and their future children's lives wouldn't be threaten any longer. He was the true King of Antar so once he took back the throne from Kivar he would then have the power and the control of the planet. That would include the backing of the people of his planet and the other planets. Backing that Kivar never had, because he had no legal claim to the throne. Yes, there would always be threats, just the same as there was a threat to any one who ruled. But the people of Antar were about to get what they had waited almost sixty years to get. Zan, King of Antar was ready to take back his throne.

End Pt 38

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 39

"Are you serious?" Michael couldn't believe what he had just heard Max say. Ever since they had discovered who they were, Max had fought tooth and nail against being the *King*.

"Michael, it's the only way. As long as I deny who I am, it allows any power hungry individual the idea that they can use Liz and her children to get control of my throne. I can't continue to put Liz in that kind of danger any longer. Once we deal with Kivar and I stake my claim to the throne, my claim can't be denied because I carry the royal seal to prove I am the rightful King of Antar." Max begun to explain.

"But even if you stake your claim and regain your planet, how is that going to make everyone stop wanting to still gain control by getting Liz." Maria asked unsure of how Max taking back his throne was going to stop anyone from trying to retake the throne away from Max by using Liz and her future children to do it.

"Just me taking back the throne won't ensure it alone..." Max started to explain, but Nancy finished Max's train of thought.

"Liz will need to be pregnant with your heir too, won't she?"

Max nodded to confirm what Nancy was thinking. "Yes, Once I have control again and Liz is pregnant with my heir, then even if someone tried to use Liz to gain control of the throne it would be too late. Even if one of our enemies would kill me, Liz would already be recognized as the Queen because she would be carrying the next royal heir. Since she would be the true Queen, she would then have the power to choose if she wanted a new King the same as I choose. That's why Kivar wasn't able to use Zan and Volandra's mother to gain control of the throne. She had already had Zan as an heir, which gave her the choice of choosing a new King or not. As it stands right now, Liz is at the most vulnerable state. She's been chosen as the future Queen, but won't be recognized in the position until she has given birth to the next heir. This is the main reason why the chosen Queen is kept under the protection of the King and his second in command until she is pregnant with the King's heir."

"Okay, say we take Kivar down, just how are you going to take back a throne that's on another planet that we don't have any way of getting to?" Michael questioned.

Max gave Michael a half smirk, then turned his attention toward Tess. "Oh, we have a way to get back. Don't we Tess?"

"Wha..I don't...I mean how do you..." Tess stumbled out her answer unsure how Max would know for sure she had the granolith.

Shaking his head at her, he gave her a penetrating gaze. 'Tell me where the granolith is?'
Tess heard him command in her mind and before she even knew what she was saying, her mouth was opened and informing him the exact location of where she had hidden the granolith down to the last detail direction.

After she had finished, her eyes went wide with understanding. "You've learned how to access the mind command power." She stated more than asked. Max didn't answer with words, he simply nodded. Trying to act as if this knowledge meant nothing, she shrugged her shoulders and then added snidely. "You still need my help if you want to defeat Kivar."

Max let out a small laugh at her words. "I do? I think we both know the answer to that question now don't we." He stated in a menacing tone, then meeting her eyes once again in a penetrating gaze. 'Sit down.' Tess sat immediately in the nearest chair and was about to open her mouth when she heard. 'Don't speak.' Her mouth closed tightly and she watched as Max knelt before her. Tess wanted to tell him to go to hell, but she was unable to gain the ability to speak. She thought it would be in her best interest to get as far away from Max as possible, but she was unable to stand. So she remained seated and remained quiet. Max wanted answers and knew Tess had them, but also knew he had the control now and there were more important things that needed to be dealt with besides Tess and her lies. He turned back to the others in the room. "Kivar won't be fooled long, I suggest we come up with a plan before his return."

Jim Valenti had watched how Tess had told Max where the location of the granolith was and how Max seemed to be controlling her with just a simple look. He knew Tess wasn't the type of individual that gave in so easily. Something Tess had said earlier about a mind command power made him curious, as he had known what most of their powers were and this wasn't something he had heard about before. "Max, what's this mind command that Tess referred to?"

Not wanting to hide anything anymore Max explained his new ability, not only to Jim but the rest of the group. "You mean, you can tell anyone to do something in their mind and they obey your command?" His adopted father questioned, not sure if this was a good thing or not. Something as powerful as that could easily be misused and even though he loved his son unconditionally he wasn't sure if anyone should have that kind of power.


"Why didn't you use it on that Kivar guy when he held us captive and make him release us?" Jeff asked wondering why Max had allowed Kivar to do what he had done to everyone, if he had the power to stop him.

"Jeff, if I had been in complete control of my mind I might have been able to use it against him. But, Kivar isn't an enemy that should be considered easy to take out. I think we've all witnessed how powerful he can be. He knew exactly what he was doing." Max answered him remembering how Kivar had so easily used Liz to manipulate him with his own craving to get him to do what he wanted. "I'm not even sure if I could use it on him. I didn't even know I had this ability until just a few days ago. As it stands right now, I have to form a mental connection to the individual prior to being able to place a command in their mind. I doubt Kivar is going to allow me inside his mind, he's more powerful then that. Maybe if I had more time to practice with it, I could learn how to use it more effectively, but right now..." Max let his sentence trail off on purpose. He knew how powerful this ability could be, but he just didn't know how to control it completely yet and it scared even him. As with all their powers, it seemed that once they got complete control of them, they became stronger and stronger. In time he might be able to use it without even having to form the mental connection first, but right now it was just too new to him to know the extent of the power. He threw another look at Tess, knowing how powerful her mind is and how easy it was for him to control her took him by surprise. Of course, Tess didn't realize before it was too late that he had the ability and that probably meant Kivar didn't know about it yet either and that could give him the upper hand.

"If Kivar is as powerful as he seemed to be, then what makes you think you can defeat him?"
Philip inquired.

"Because we have the power of the four square. Max, Isabelle, Tess and myself are a complete four square unit that has more fire power behind it than even the likes of Kivar could ever have." Michael spoke up knowing without any doubt how powerful the four of them were when they combined their powers. Especially after he had released that power when they had escaped, he had felt exactly how powerful they were and he was more than confident that they could defeat Kivar easily.

"Michael's right about the four square it has more than enough power to defeat Kivar, but the four square doesn't include Tess any longer." Max stated confidently.

"What?" Now it was Michael who was a bit confused by Max's statement.

"Tess isn't part of the four square any longer, because she is no longer part of the royal four..." Max started to explain, but Maria jumped in figuring out where Max was going.

"Because she isn't the queen, Liz is now. So Liz is the fourth member of the four square isn't she?" Maria felt proud being able to figure that much out and it showed in her voice.

"No, she isn't. Maxwell, I felt the four square power when we connected back at the facility. I know how you feel, but Tess was a part of that connection. As much as I hate to admit it, we need her." Michael argued. He knew he felt the power of the four square and that power had indeed included Tess and no matter how Max wanted to believe that they didn't need Tess, Michael knew he was wrong they did.

Max understood Michael's fears, but he knew the truth. He knew how much more energy and power he had when he was connected with Liz. He also knew how much power he got from Tess.
Remembering when she had tried to help him back in Copper Summit to strengthen his shield when they were up against the skins. There was no comparison between the two. Yes, Tess's powers offered some help, but even in his weakened state due to the craving when they escaped from Kivar, Max knew without any doubt that had they been connected to Liz instead of Tess how much more powerful they would have been. When he had first felt the amount of power he could posses when connected to Liz it surprised him. The problem now was not only convincing Michael what he knew to be true, but also to inform Liz's parents that their daughter would be fighting against his enemies. Not to mention that he still needed to inform Liz of this fact. A fact that he was pretty sure she would understand because of their joined experience when they went through the bonding ceremony. Still when it came to Liz, her safety was all that mattered to Max and he was tempted to just use Tess in the four square to keep Liz from the upcoming battle they would have to fight. But, knowing that they would need all of the power available to them to defeat Kivar, Mar knew Liz was the one that would have to take the fourth place in the four square. "Michael, Tess was only part of the four square because of her position in our past lives. She doesn't have that position in this life. Trust me, Tess isn't part of the four square any longer."

"Now just wait one minute Max. I know I haven't exactly been understanding in all of this,
but you are talking about my little girl in there going into a battle." Jeff's concern for his daughter could be heard in his voice and Max understood Liz's father more than even Jeff knew as he had the same concerns.

"Jeff, I understand your concerns. I do. But, the fact remains that Liz isn't your little girl any longer, she is My Queen." Max stressed the last two words in hope that Liz's father would also understand what he was saying. "I swear on my life, I won't let anything happen to her."

Before Jeff could reply, Michael spoke up again. "Max, are you sure about this?" He still felt the need to protect Liz and having her go into a battle against Kivar wasn't the ideal way for him to give that protection. As much as he wanted to trust Max, he just couldn't go on faith that Liz could give the kind of power to the four square they would need to defeat Kivar.

"I'm sure, Michael. Once we connect with Liz in the four square, you'll know for sure also.
As soon as Liz is awake we'll connect. You'll see for yourself then." The more Max pushed the idea the more he was positive it was the right one.

"How long will Liz be asleep?" Maria questioned.

"I can't be sure, but I would guess several hours. I think until Liz wakes up and we've had a chance to talk there really isn't much else we need to discuss." Max was done talking for the time period on the subject of Liz. He felt uncomfortable talking about as much as he had without her present to speak up for herself as it was. He looked over to where Tess still quietly sat and knew it was time for him to deal with her lies and betrayal once and for all. "Jim would mind relieving Kyle on guard duty, I need to speak to him." Once Jim nodded and left the room, he then turned to the rest of the group. "If you would excuse us, Michael and I need to speak to Tess for a few minutes in private." He looked pointingly at Tess and commanded in her mind. 'Go to the den.' Tess rose out of the chair and even though she wanted to run she had no control over her own body as it walked into the den with
Michael and Max following directly behind her. Before he went into the den where Liz remained sleeping and Isabelle sat watching over her, he turned back to Maria. "When Kyle comes down I would appreciate the two of you joining us." Letting Maria know she was welcome to join in the conversation if she so wished to and knowing Maria, he was pretty sure she would want to be there.

It was only another minute before Kyle made his appearance in the living room looking for Max. "So where's his majesty at?" Was the first thing out of Kyle's mouth upon entering the room.

"We're having a pow wow in the den." Maria replied as she took Kyle's hand and begun to led him into the other room.

"Oh great, another pow wow with El Presidenta." Kyle joked as he allowed Maria to escort him into the den.

Once the door to the den shut the remaining parents stood in shock. "Does anyone else feel like we've switched places. When did our children become the parents and when did we become the kids?" Amy half questioned, half joked to the other parents in the room.

"I'm still trying to process everything our kids have been through in the past. Part of me feels like I'm in a terrible nightmare and can't wake up. While the other part of me knows I'm fully awake and wishing it was all just a terrible nightmare." Philip stated honestly.

"You do realize we're going to lose them forever after this. According to Max they will be going back to their home planet and will probably live the rest of their lives their forever." Diane said sadly realizing these next few days with her adopted children would be the last she would have with them.

"I don't know about the two of you, but I'm not letting my daughter go to some alien planet
with your son. Not if I have anything to say about it." Jeff spoke his mind, even though he doubted his own words even as he had spoke them.

"Do you really think you'll be able to stop Liz from joining Max?" Nancy asked her husband.

"She's MY DAUGHTER!" Jeff yelled back.

"She may be our daughter Jeff, but she's his Queen." Liz's mother spoke calmly and quietly already accepting her daughter's place was going to be by Max's side.

Defeatedly Jeff whispered. "I know."

End Part 39

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 40

Once everyone was in the den, Max approached Kyle. "Hey Kyle, how you holding up?"

"Better then them." He replied while motioning with his thumb in the direction of the living room where the adults were. "But, then again I've had a couple years to get use to the alien crap. So how's Liz doing?" He inquired as he looked over at her sleeping form.

"She just needs to rest for a while, then she'll be fine." Max answered his one time rival.

Kyle then noticed Tess sitting quietly in the room. He found it strange how silent she was being. The Tess he knew was never ever this quiet. He turned to her. "Tess." He stated in a monotone voice with no feelings what so ever. The hurt and betrayal he felt toward her was still raw inside him. He knew she was here to help defeat Kivar, but he just couldn't get over what she had done. He had opened his heart to her and his home and the way she had played him, he just couldn't let it go.

When Tess made no movement to even acknowledge Kyle's attempt to say hi, the way she just sat there so quiet was getting to weird for even Michael. "Yeah, why are you being so quiet? Cat got your tongue?" Michael sneered at Tess as the rest of the group still didn't know that Max had used his new powers on her and now was easily able to control her completely as if she was a simple rag doll.

"Michael, she won't talk until I tell her to." Max stated, letting them know what he had done without actually saying it in words.

"What do you mean, she can't talk until you tell her to?" This from Kyle who hadn't heard about Max's new ability. Max then explained his new power to Kyle. "Wow, that is so cool! Wait, you're not going to use that shit on me are you?" Kyle was really excited when Max first began to explain his new power to him, thinking that would be totally cool to be able to control someone just by telling them in their mind what to do. Then he thought about what it would be like if Max would do that to him and he started to get nervous at the thought.

"No, Kyle, I won't be using it on you. Unless you really piss me off." Max couldn't help but joke with Kyle. When he saw the look on Kyle's face he couldn't hold back the laughter, which made everyone in the room laugh.

"Well, at least this way we don't have to hear her whiny ass voice." Maria commented, her and Liz had on numerous times complained to each other how Tess's voice use to crawl up their spines every time she opened her mouth.

"How do you do that anyway? I would like to try to see if I can do it." Many of their so called gifts they all could do, but then some were unique to each of them. Michael wanted to see if this was a Max only type thing or if this something they all had the ability to do it. Max tried to explain how he did it the best he could, but when Michael tried it he got no response. Isabelle then also tried it, thinking she had more control over her powers then Michael did and was able to do more things mentally in lieu of physically. But, try as she might, she was unable to get anyone to do what she commanded of them.

"I guess it's just a king thing." Kyle joked.

"Well, your lucky, because I was going to make you rub my feet." Isabelle joked back.

"Yeah, well as long as his majesty doesn't try to make me rub his feet I'm okay with it."
Kyle stated in a joking manner, but the look he gave Max made Max realize that Kyle was far from joking.

Max decided it was time to put all joking aside and get down to the real reason he had asked for the private meeting without their parents. "Guys I think it's time we get seriously for a moment. Kyle, there is a reason I asked for you to join us without our parents present. While Maria and Liz were with Michael and I they had brought up some interesting questions about some things that had occurred and I think it's time we found out what the truth is. If Maria and Liz are correct, what we might learn may be upsetting for you to hear, but I think you have a right to know."

"Right to know about what?" Kyle just knew whatever it was, by the way Max was talking it wasn't going to be good.

"About Tess, the pregnancy and her mind warps." Max watched Kyle closely trying to gauge his reaction wondering if he suspected what Max was leading to.

When Kyle just stood there not picking up on what Max was trying to say, Maria helped him out. "Look, some things just don't had up about the whole pregnancy timing. Liz and I think Tess mindwarped Max or you or possible both of you."

Kyle still didn't get the full meaning, but he heard Maria talk about him being mindwarped by Tess and he was almost afraid to ask what she had done to him this time. "What are you saying?"

"Kyle, I connected to the baby the day after Tess told me she was pregnant with my child. The baby was fully developed. Hands, feet, arms, legs." Max stated hoping Kyle would get what they were trying to say.

Once again a blank look was on Kyle's face, so once again Maria picked up where Max left off. "What Max is trying to say is that there is no way the baby would have been that far developed if it had just been conceived the day before. Alien baby or not, it's just not possible. So either Tess mindwarped Max to make him believe the baby couldn't survive here on Earth to get him to leave the planet with her or she was a lot further along in her pregnancy then just one day. Meaning it's possible Tess was already pregnant long before her and Max ever got together." Maria could see that Kyle was trying to think about what she was saying, but still not getting it completely. "In other words, it's possible that Max wasn't the baby's father."

"Then who....Oh NO! No WAY! You think..Tess and I..No, it's not possible. Don't you think I would know if I had....OH SHIT!" The realization of what they were saying finally sank into Kyle's mind.

Kyle was quickly losing it and Max knew he had to calm him down. "Kyle, we don't know for sure. That's why we're going to get some answers and why we thought it would be best that you were here and know what the possibilities were before we got those answers so take a couple of deep breaths and calm down."

"Calm down, you want me to calm down. I just found out that not only is it possible that I'm not a virgin any more, but that Tess and I had sex and then mindwarped me to forgetting about it. Not to mention that I might be a father."

At that Max hung his head, realizing that Kyle didn't know that Kivar had already killed Tess's baby. So even if he found out today he was a father, he would also be finding out that his son had been killed before he even knew about it. Sadly he informed Kyle what had happened to the infant and the true reasons behind why Tess wanted Kivar killed. Now it was Kyle's turn to sit in a state of shock. They all sat in complete silence for a moment, finally Max knew it was time. He walked over to Tess, knelt in front of her and then in her mind he gave the command 'Answer my questions.' "Who was your baby's father?"

Tess smirked before she answered his question. "You, Max. You were my baby's father."

Max sat back on his heels silently for a moment, coming to terms that Tess's baby was in deed his and he had in deed betrayed Liz in the worst possible way. For a while now he had begun to believe that there was a possibility that he hadn't betrayed Liz, the he wasn't the baby's father. Now, that he had discovered the truth he wasn't sure if he needed to even continue his questioning. He looked over to where Liz had been sleeping to see that her eyes were opened and a single tear was running down her cheek. The look of sadness that was upon her face, broke his heart. He immediately went to her side. "Are you okay?" He asked wanting more than anything to take her into his arms, but not sure if she would allow him to after what Tess had just revealed.

The other's in the room all had different reactions to Tess's answers. Kyle felt relief upon hearing he wasn't the father. Isabelle was deeply sadden that Tess's baby was her nephew and he had been killed by Kivar. Maria was shocked, she was sure Tess's baby wasn't Max's and to hear it was just shocked her. She too seen the tear on her best friends face and also went to sit by her side and offer her support. She knew Max wanted to comfort her friend, but she could see he was being hesitate. She touched Liz on the shoulder to get her attention and then gave her a hug in support while whispering in her ear. "Hey, we all know she's still a lying, murdering, manipulative bitch no matter who was the father."

Upon hearing Maria's comment, Liz pulled back and looked right at Tess who was still sitting quietly with that same smirk on her face. "You lying BITCH!" She turned back to Max. "What was the command you used before she answered your question?"

Max was shocked from Liz's outburst to say the least, but answered her question quickly. "I told her to answer my questions."

Shocking everyone in the room, Liz began to laugh. Ignoring the rest of the group she spoke directly at Tess. "I've got to hand to you, you are good at what you do." She spit out at her nemesis. "God, we are so stupid." She mumbled to herself thinking how Tess had almost did it to them again. She then turned to Max who was still sitting next to her on the bed. "Max, I want you to ask her another question." She then whispered the question she wanted him to ask her.

Max gave her a questioning look, not understanding what had come over her. But, as soon as she informed him what question she wanted him to ask he once again felt hope. He went back over to Tess and asked. "Tess, was I the first person you had sex with?"

Without hesitation Tess answered. "Yes, of course. I would never betray you by being with someone else." The sincerity in her voice was sickly sweet and Maria shivered at having to hear the sugary sweet voice again. But, then the answer she gave Max made Maria smile as she began to understand Liz's behavior just moments before.

Max looked back toward Liz and the two of them smiled together. Max then shook his head when he looked back at Tess. "Liz is so right, you are a lying bitch." He said in disgust, as he knew positively that Tess was not a virgin when he had slept with her. Being with Liz and knowing what it felt like to break a woman's membrane, there was no way to deny that fact. He just thanked the stars above that Tess hadn't thought of that when they had done it or she could have easily made him believe she was in fact still a virgin. "I say we try this again." He said out loud, then looked Tess directly in the eye and gave her a new command to her mind. 'Answer my questions honestly.' "Tess were you a virgin when you were with me?" He asked once again.

Everyone held their breath awaiting Tess's answer. They could all see her trying to nod her head yes as the sweat began to form on her forehead. After a moment of obvious conflict she finally blurted out. "No."

Max once again sat back on his heels only this time instead of guilt, relief flooded through his veins. After releasing his breath, he began to ask the question of the day once again.
"Who was the father of your baby?"

End Pt40
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 41

Once again each member of the group that was in attendance in the den held their breath waiting for Tess to reply. Each could see how she was straining against having to tell the truth until finally the mind command was too difficult to hold back her answer. "I..I don't know." She answered honestly

"What?" Max was stunned to say the least by her reply, he knew he still had control over her and knew she was forced to answer his question honestly, so with this knowledge he truly was baffled by her response. So he decided to try a different tactic. "Was I the father of your son?"

Hanging her head in defeat, she answered honestly. "No."

Max's heart soared with relief upon hearing her answer. Her first answer still confused him though. How was it possible for her to know he wasn't the father, but at the same time not know who the father was? He looked over to Kyle and thought maybe he could give Kyle the same relief that he felt when he found out he wasn't the father, so his next question was for his friend. "Was Kyle the father?"

"I don't know."

Max could see the confusion on Kyle's face at Tess's reply to his question. As if a light bulb finally went off, he asked the only logical question he could think of. "How many men have you been with?"

Tess sat quietly for quite a few minutes as if her mind was trying to think of the correct answer. Finally she just shook her head and gave her standard answer. "I don't know."

This answer was even more confusing then the last few times she had said it. So Max decided to rephrase the question. "Have you had sexual relations with more than five guys?"


"More then ten?"


He looked over to where Liz was sitting next to Maria, he saw Maria draw the numbers 1-0-0 in the air.

"Have you been with more than a hundred men?" He asked thinking Maria was a little crazy for he felt sure there was no way she could have possibly been with that many men. But, he was soon shocked with Tess's next answer.


"Oh my God, what a slut?" Maria couldn't help saying under her breath. She then wrote out the numbers 5-0-0 in the air.

Max almost felt like a heel asking, but figured he might as well. "More than 500?"

"I don't know." Tess answered honestly once again. All the time that she had lived with Nasedo he had told her how her body now didn't matter, because it wasn't really her. He had also always informed her how humans were nothing but an inferior race that should be used for whatever they needed. And Tess, did just that. She had used just about any male she deemed worthy of giving her the pleasure she wanted. Nasedo and her had moved around so often that she knew she never needed to worry about anything superficial as her reputation.
After all she was supposed to be this Queen, so she looked at the human male's she used as sort of her concubines in a way. She knew she couldn't get sick, so she never worried about catching some kind of disease and Nasedo had always told her she was made to be with Max. She always assumed she would never be able to get pregnant by some lowly human male since her body fluids were a different DNA structure then humans. Needless to say once she figured out she was indeed pregnant, she freaked. By the time she had finally succeeded in getting Max to be together with her she was almost six months pregnant. Thankfully due to her alien DNA, the pregnancy didn't hardly show at all, so it didn't take a lot of mind warpping ability to ensure Max was none the wiser to her deception.

Max decided he didn't really need to know any more in this line of questioning, but he still wanted to give Kyle some sort of relief. Changing tactics a tad, he questioned. "How many men were you with around the time that you conceived your child?"

Knowing she couldn't fight the mind command she simply answered. "Nine."

Now understanding why she had answered the way she had to his question of who was her baby's father was. She had answered his question honestly. She honestly didn't know who the baby's father was. Max felt bad for Kyle, for the possibility was still there that the baby may have been his, but without any further information they just may never know the truth.
He wanted to ask if she was sure that Kyle was one of them, but knew she already had really answered that question. "You BITCH!" Kyle yelled out before Max had a chance to ask any further questions. "I can't believe I once cared for you!" The sting of her betrayal was apparent in Kyle's voice. It wasn't just that she had used him in the most intimate way, but that she had done that to him, knowing how he had felt about her.

Isabelle stepped over to Kyle and put her hand on his shoulder wanting to give him some comfort and show him his true friends were still there for him. She looked over to her brother. "I think we've heard enough on this subject, why don't you ask her what she can tell us about Kivar or better yet what she can tell us about Antar?"

Max nodded in agreeance, he had already decided to do just what his sister had suggested, so he did just that. For the next hour Max asked and Tess answered until no one could come up with any further questions for him to ask. They had learned more about their home planet in that hour than they had learned in the past eighteen years of their lives. Once Max was satisfied he had all the information he could get from Tess he was ready to start planning their next move. But, before they started he needed to have a chance to be alone with Liz.
Not only to check her out physically and mentally to make sure she was okay, but to inform her of his decision to take back over his throne. "I think that's enough for now. Why don't you guys take a break? We'll figure out what our next move should be in a little while. I need to speak with Liz for a few moments now." Making it clear their meeting was now over and everyone should leave. As his friends and sister began to move out of the den, he pulled Maria over to the side. "Let Jeff and Nancy know Liz is awake and she'll be out to talk to them shortly." He had already commanded Tess to return to the living room and once he was alone with Liz he made his way to her in a few quick strides. "Now, how are you feeling really?" His concern for her was at full force again.

"Still a little tired. How are you feeling?" She knew Max well enough to know that Tess's admission to being with all those men had to effect him in a small way. Even though she had no doubts that Max loved her completely, he did in fact have some feelings for Tess at one point. Plus, the fact that Tess had been his past life wife, this sort of information had to have an effect on him.

"A little shocked." Max answered her honestly, there were no secrets between them any longer and Max wasn't going to go back now. He knew she would not only know he would be feeling strange about Tess admission, but he also knew the type of person Liz is and knew she would understand why he would feel that way. Even though Tess really meant nothing to him at this point.

"I bet. I'm sorry, that must have been hard for you to hear." Max looked at Liz with more admiration, she was just too wonderful of a person for him not to. He said a quick pray of thanks to the stars that brought him to this beautiful, caring person. No matter how much he swore he would do everything in his power to make her feel happy and loved for the rest of his life, he knew in that instant he would never be good enough for her. She was so pure at heart that he knew he couldn't have chosen a more perfect queen.

But, not wanting Liz to take his feelings the wrong way he replied. "Not so much hard to hear, just strange. You remember when I told you Tess could never be you, I was right. Your heart, your soul, they radiate beauty in the most purest form. Where Tess's heart is empty." He leaned over and placed a tender kiss upon her lips. "Now, enough talk about Tess. I need to make sure your really okay, okay?"

Liz knew Max wanted to check her out for any signs that the transformation may have caused her harm. She knew she could tell him orally a hundred times, but until he physically checked for himself he wouldn't be satisfied. Nodding her head she laid back on the bed and allowed Max's magical hands to sweep over her body as he verified what she already knew. She was fine, at least she was until she felt the warmth of Max's touch upon her. Now she needed a whole different type of release. Thinking to herself how she had just made love to this man she loved for several hours and the moment he simple touched her slightly, she wanted him to make love to her all over again.

"Your wish is my command, my queen." Max replied to her thoughts, but just as he was about to join their bodies as one Max stopped. "Liz, we need protection now, the transformation has been completed." He reminded her, although he had no doubts that the two of them would create a child together in the future, he wasn't about to take advantage of Liz's trust before he had a chance to explain what lies ahead for the two of them first.

Liz gave Max a reassuring smile. "No, Max, we both know what needs to be done." She stated simply and Max understood he didn't need to explain anything to Liz, not now, not in the future. She was a part of him, just as much as he was a part of her. What he knew she knew, her thoughts were his and vice a versa. With unconditional love she whispered. "Make love to me Max. Our future begins today."

More than anything Max wanted to obey his Queen and plant his seed inside of her, make her pregnant with his child, with his heir. The unconditional love he felt from her simply amazed him. "I love you so much Liz. I'll always love you." He assured her prior to leaning down and kissing her passionately. He moved his body into position while Liz worked on releasing his erection from the constraints of his pants. But, just as he was about to slide inside of her body realty of what they were about to do made him stop.

"Max?" Liz, questioned the moment she felt him pulling away.

"Liz, we can't. As much as I want to, I can't do this to you or to our child." Max stated regretfully.

Liz was a bit confused by his statement. Was he pulling away because he thought she wasn't ready or because her and the child would be endanger? Quickly wanting to reassure him that she was ready, willing and able to do anything for him she told him just that. "Max, I love you. I want to be with you, now and everyday for the rest of our lives. I want to help you regain your throne and I want to stand beside you when you do. We both know what the stakes are."

"Do you? Do you really understand what I'm asking of you? Because I don't. I don't know what to expect our lives will be like once we return to my home planet. Think about it Liz.
I'm not asking you to move to another state or another country, but another planet. A planet that has been at war for over sixty years. I'm asking you to allow me to impregnate you with my child at the age of eighteen. A child that will be the heir to a throne that will always be in danger. That will be raised on another world that we have no idea what to expect of that world. What the values are, what will be expected of him or her. God, Liz, even with everything we've learned from Tess. There are still so many unanswered questions that we should know the answers to before we even begin to think about creating another life." All the frustrations of the unknowns were finally taking their toll on Max. How could he possible ask Liz to take this kind of leap of faith with him, when he just didn't know what that leap of faith would consist of?

Hearing his fear of the unknown begin to take root and feeling the way he was once again wanting to pull away from her because of those unknowns made Liz want to scream in frustration all over again. "Max, STOP! I'm not going to stand here and listen to you question yourself. Or have doubts about us anymore. We are in this together, you and me.
We can't go back now and we sure in the hell can't afford to have any doubts about what we both already know is too late to change. Your enemies are my enemies. Your home planet is going to be my home planet. Your children will be my children. Together Max, we're in this together. Maybe we should have known more before we got to this point and maybe we should wait to create a child until we do know more about the planet our child will be calling home. But, I don't want to wait Max. I don't want to take the chance...Max, I'm scared."

Max had her wrapped in a tight embrace the moment she admitted she was afraid. Max understood exactly what her fear was and he understood why she was so willing to allow him to impregnate her so quickly. If he didn't, if anything would go wrong, she would be at the mercy of Kivar. And they both knew Kivar had no mercy. He held her tighter wanting to soothe her fears. "I know babe, I know. I'm just as scared as you are. That's why we can't let him win. Liz, you are part of the four square now, not Tess. You are my chosen queen and as much as I hate it, you will have to help in the battle against Kivar. That is hard enough for me to accept. Please don't ask me to allow you to go into that battle pregnant. I need all of us to be at our best and if I knew you were with child my mind wouldn't be where it needs to be."

Liz understood exactly what he was saying, he would be so concerned about her and their baby that he wouldn't be able to give his all to the fight. "I understand Max and I agree we should wait, but I will only agree to this under one condition." Her mind was made up, if anything went wrong, no matter what Kivar would never have an heir to the throne because of her. If it came down to it, she would rather Max took her life then allow Kivar to have her.

Hearing her thoughts, Max sat back with a look of horror on his face. "Liz, No! I couldn't. As much as I'd rather slit my own throat then to allow Kivar to be with you, I would rather die a thousand horrible deaths then to harm you."

"And I would rather die a thousand horrible deaths than to allow anyone but you to impregnate me. Promise me Max, promise me that if we lose this battle you will take my life before you would allow Kivar to have his way with me."

Tears formed in Max's eyes at just the thought of Liz dying, let alone to die by his hands. He wanted to argue the fact that even if they lost, Kivar would never allow her to be killed. Even if they did lose, she would still survive. But, as he looked into her eyes, he knew she was speaking the truth. Not able to say the words out loud he simple nodded his head once.

Once she had the confirmation from Max that no matter what she would not have to worry about ever being in the hands of Kivar again. For she knew, now that Max had in deed completed the transformation Kivar wouldn't hesitate to rape her in hopes he would impregnate her so the next heir to the throne would be his child and not Max's. Her only hope now was that she was strong enough to be the fourth member of the four square so they would win.

Without hesitation once he heard her thoughts, Max simply stated. "You are."

End Part 41
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 42

Both Max and Liz made their way back into the living room to find the rest of the group standing around waiting on them. The moment Jeff saw his daughter he jumped to his feet to verify for himself that Liz was indeed okay. He engulfed her in his arms, then pulled away to give her a good look over. "Are you okay?"

"Dad, I'm fine." Liz answered her father honestly.

"Max, I think it's time we put your theory to a test." Michael stated, not one known for his patience, he needed to know that what Max believed about Liz being able to take Tess's place in the four square was correct and the only way Michael knew to test his theory was to connect with Liz like he had done with Tess upon their original escape from Kivar.

Max saw the way Jeff was holding his daughter tightly and even though he knew Michael was correct, that they did need to practice with Liz, he still wanted to give Liz a moment with her father to ease the elder gentleman's mind. "I agree Michael, but why don't the two of us check out the area first to see if we can find a good place to practice." He figured this way he could give Liz the time she needed with her parents, while still putting Michael's need to keep them safe in tact at the same time.

Michael wasn't born yesterday and knew exactly what Max was doing, but he didn't argue. "Isabelle?" Max began to ask if she would mind staying with Liz to make sure she was safe if he went with Michael. No matter what Liz was the top priority and he needed to make sure someone was with her at all times. Someone with fire power.

Max didn't even need to finish his question as his sister already knew what he was going to say. "Go with Michael, Max. Liz will be fine." Max nodded and he and Michael left the cabin to scout around their perimeter.

"Why don't us girl's go make some lunch for everyone?" Amy stated more than asked, she needed something to do to occupy the time. She was truly scared, not just for herself, but for her daughter as well as everyone else that was there. She went over to Maria and placed her arm around her to urge her into the kitchen with her.

Nancy went over to hug her daughter also and the two of them started for the kitchen area.
She wasn't really surprised that Isabelle and Diane were directly behind them, but was surprised when she saw that Tess wasn't following them. "Tess? Aren't you coming?"

"She can't." Isabelle stated softly.

"Why?" The question that was on all three mother's minds was asked by Max and Isabelle's mother.

"It's kind of hard to explain, but basically Max ordered her to the living room and until he tell's her differently she will stay in there." Isabelle tried to explain, not sure if it was her place to explain Max's new ability to the three women.

As they walked into the kitchen Diane needed more of an explanation. "What does that mean exactly, Max ordered her to stay so she stays?"

"Mrs. Evans, one of Max's powers as King is the ability to control others by controlling their minds." Liz explained further.

Amy dropped the bowl that she was currently upon hearing this, she wasn't sure if she liked what she was hearing. "You mean he can make anyone do anything just by telling them to do it." No, Amy DeLuca didn't like that idea one bit.

"Mom, it's okay. Max isn't going to take control of your mind or anything like that." Maria tried to reassure her own mother that her fears were way off base. "Besides it's not like it harms you."

"Wait, has Max used this mind control thing on you?" Amy watched her daughter's reaction to her question and knew immediately that he had. "What did he make you do?"

"Mom, it was nothing, trust me. He had just discovered he had the ability to do it and I wanted him to show me how it works." Maria stated in it was no big deal type voice hoping to appease her mother before she got worked up over nothing.

"What did he make you do?" Amy was not backing down and wanted to know exactly what Max had ordered her daughter to do.


"MARIA, tell me."

Rolling her eyes, she screamed out. "Okay, Okay, he made me kiss Michael. See no big deal." And to Maria it was really no big deal, hell she would gladly kiss Michael anytime of the day.

"No Big Deal." Amy was about to blow a fuse at the thought that Maria was made to perform some kind of intimate act rather she wanted to or not. No, this was diffidently a big deal.
But, before she had the chance to even voice her disapproval, Nancy Parker jumped on board.

"Liz, has Max used this ability on you?" Fearing that maybe all this time that she believed Liz had chosen to be with Max on her own accord wasn't really the way things were, maybe Max was making her daughter chose this life, because he wanted her and Liz really didn't have any choice at all. Maybe Max had been controlling her daughter all along. The more and more she thought about it, the more she needed her daughter to answer her. "Answer me Liz.
Has Max ever used this mind control on you?"

Liz wasn't sure if she should answer her mother's question or not. It wasn't like she could tell her exactly how he had used it. Yea Mom, Max told me to make love to him and I did until he let me stop or Yea Mom, I asked Max to make me be quiet while he made love to me so everyone in the motel room we were at didn't hear me moaning in the bathroom for hours on end. No, Liz, didn't think either of those answers would go over very big with her mother. So instead she remained quiet.

"Elizabeth Parker, I need you to tell me. Has Max used his mind control ability on you?"
The tone of her voice left no room for argument and Liz knew she wouldn't be able to take the silent route any longer.

"Yes, but..." Liz didn't even get a chance to say another word as she was pulled away from the kitchen and back into the living room.

"Jeff, we're leaving NOW!" Nancy stated as she continued to pull Liz out the front door of the cabin.

Jeff didn't even attempt to argue with his wife, for he had had enough of all the alien mumble jumble and he wanted to get his wife and daughter as far away from it as possible, especially Max Evans. Isabelle however, had no intention of letting Liz's parents drag her away and was immediately put on the defensive when she tried to block their paths. "No, you can't take Liz away, she needs Max's protection."

But, to Isabelle's dismay her own parents were the ones who stopped her from stopping the Parker's from taking Liz. Philip and Diane Evans each took a hold of her arms and held her back. Isabelle struggled against their grips, but short of using her powers on her own parents there was nothing she could do and she just couldn't bring herself to use her powers against the two people that had given so much to her in her life. To use her powers against them now might make them see her as the monster that she believed they would see her as if they had ever found out the truth about her origins. Suddenly Isabelle was that same scared little girl that needed her parents love and not look at her as she was a monster. "Mom, Dad, please you have to let me go. I have to protect Liz."

"Isabelle, it's not your place. Jeff and Nancy will take care of their daughter." Philip tried to reassure his daughter, along with himself as he said the words.

Maria on the other hand was fit to be tied as she watched the scene unfold in front of her.
She knew the score, hell everyone knew the score and yet, Liz's parents took Liz away from the only people that could protect her. She watched her best friend trying to struggle away from her parents, she watched Isabelle struggling with her own parents to get to Liz, she watched as Tess sat in the living room not moving a finger, she watched as Kyle stood shell shocked at what was happening. Max and Michael had only been gone ten or fifteen minutes and already everything was out of control. Knowing she needed to do something, anything she immediately started to run after Liz only to find herself being pulled away by her own mother. "MOM, let me go. I've got to stop them!" She screamed out.

"No, we need to go with them." Amy yelled back at her daughter as she continued to pull her toward the front door of the cabin. Amy could see the member of the Parker clan already half way down the dirt road dragging a very upset Liz behind them.

Maria watched as they reached the main road and how Jeff had flagged down a truck passing by and when she saw Liz being shoved into the back of the truck with her father and mother in tow she couldn't stop the scream that finally penetrated from her lungs for her best friend.

Michael and Max were on their way back from finding a good enough spot down be the fishing lake that was secluded enough for the four of them to practice using their power when they combined with Liz. They walked up the back of the cabin and seen two piles of ash close together behind the cabin, knowing instantly what were, skin remains. The two inspected them closely to make sure their first instincts were correct. "The explosions." Michael voiced out loud, but mainly thinking to himself.

"What explosions?" Max asked not understanding what Michael was talking about.

"The explosions that came from the den when you and Liz were..well, during the transformation. I didn't think anything of them at the time, I thought it was just part of the process. But, look where they are." Michael pointed to the back of the cabin that just happened to be the exact location of where the den that Max and Liz had occupied to complete the transformation. Still thinking out loud Michael continued. "You must have sensed their presence subconsciously and released some energy that destroyed them."

"Not my energy Michael, it was our energy together, Liz and mine." Max stated knowing he had felt two surges of their energy release during the transformation, but didn't really think about why it had. His mind had been a little preoccupied at the time to think at all.
He figured it had to be a self defense release that he and his chosen queen had when they were in the middle of an intimate act or maybe it was just like that during the actual transformation. He wasn't sure which it was, but for what ever reason they had saved themselves against an attack without even knowing or realizing they had. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Realizing that even though they had killed these two skins, it was a pretty sure bet that others now knew of their location, which meant more then likely Kivar knew where they were.

"I'm thinking Kivar won't be chasing that stupid bird for much longer and play times over." Michael stated still looking at the two piles of ash.

"I think your right." Max confirmed they were indeed thinking the samething. It was at that very moment they heard the ear piercing scream that came from the front of the cabin.
Neither hesitated in their actions as they took off in a sprint around toward the front of the cabin. Max didn't even have to ask, he knew, Liz was gone. Dropping to his knees he couldn't hold back the cry of despair that came out deep from inside. "NOOOooooooo!"

End Part 42
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I understand how a lot of you are feeling. Jeff Parker is seriously upsetting even me, but I just can't seem to get him to understand. Here's the next part, hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 43

Looking down the road Michael could see Maria struggling to get away from her own mother. It only took Michael a second to make his decision. He took off at a sprint to catch up to his future wife. "MARIA!" He shouted.

"MICHAEL!" Maria yelled back as she finally was able to get free from her mother's grip and
turned back in the direction Michael was coming from.

"MARIA! Get back here!" Amy screamed, she like the Parkers felt her daughter had been involved in this alien madness long enough and all she could think about was she needed to get herself and her daughter as far away from them as possible. Losing her grip on her daughter's arm and as she watched the tear streaked face of her daughter being soothed by the hands of Michael Guerin, Amy knew at that moment she had lost her daughter. It no longer mattered if she was able to get her away from them any more, because she knew that Maria would always return to them. Maria had made her choice and now it was time for her to make hers. As she stood there trying to make her decision she was sure Michael would pull her daughter back to the others, but she was shocked when Michael just held her daughter in a tight embrace and comforted her until her sobs receded.

"SSSHhhh..It will be okay Maria. It will be okay. I won't let anything happen to you." Michael spoke softly as he caressed her face, hair and back trying to reassure his Maria he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Once he felt Maria's body stop trembling and knew she was calming down he turned his attention toward her mother. "I won't stop you if you feel you need to leave, that choice is yours. I know you've had to deal with a lot of things in the past few days and I know you must be scared, but I love your daughter and I only ask that you allow Maria the same choice."

Maria knew Michael had no idea what had happened that had caused the current turn of events.
She turned her head to face her mother, but stayed in the protective arms of her future husband. "Mom, it is my choice to stay. They aren't forcing me to do anything. I'm in love with Michael, Mom. It's my choice to be here with him. Please Mom, please stay with us. I love you too and right now you need their protection as much I do. Trust me Mom, Max, Michael, Isabelle, they won't hurt you or me. Please trust me and stay." She pleaded with her mother.

Amy's heart was torn in two. She wanted to protect her daughter by taking her away, but at the same time she wanted to trust her daughter's judgment. Still unsure of what to do, she asked. "How do you know it's your choice, Maria? How do you know for sure they aren't making you think you can trust them?"

"What? Mrs. DeLuca, I would never make Maria do something against her will." Michael spoke up immediately when he heard Maria's Mom ask her if they were making Maria think.

"Mom, I trust Michael more than I trust anyone else in this world." She almost added including you, but held her tongue not wanting to upset your already upset mother. "He would never do anything to harm me and allow me to be harmed. He's a good man and he loves me, for me. Just like I love him for him."

"What about Max?" Amy countered.

"Max? What about him?" Michael asked a little confused why Maria's mother would suddenly not trust Max.

"Max forced Maria to kiss you, didn't he? What else has Max forced my daughter to do against her will? Stay with you? Trust you? Fall in love with you?"

Now Michael finally understood what had caused all this uproar. Amy had learned of Max's new ability and what he had done to show Maria how it worked. He wondered if the Parker's had learned what Max had made Liz do and wondered if that was why they had taken her away like they had. Smiling now that he knew the source of the problem, he answered. "Amy, the ability to use mind control is a new power to Max. Maria and I fell in love long before he discovered he even had this ability."

"It's true Mom. The one and only time Max has controlled my mind is when I had asked him to do it. He would never misuse his powers. I mean think about what it for a minute. Think about all the things they can do and what they could do if they ever wanted to abuse their gifts. Hell, Michael could probably blow the city of Roswell to smithereens in a matter of seconds if he wanted to, but that's not who he is. They aren't monsters Mom, their individuals just like you and me."

"Uh...Maria, I don't think telling your Mom that I have the capability of blowing her home town to dust in seconds is going to help gain her trust."

"Well, it's true, isn't it. Think about what the three of you could do if you really wanted to. Hell, you could probably take over the planet in a matter of days if that's what you wanted."

Shaking his head. "Still not helping here Maria."

Ignoring his comment, she continued. "What about the money situation? Man, you guys with the ability to manipulate things, you could be filthy rich by just waving your hand over a ream of paper and turning it into thousands and thousands of dollars. But, where do you live? In some skanky one bedroom apartment that you used candles for lighting a few months back because you didn't make enough money to pay your electric bill." She turned back to her mother. "Mom, Max healed Liz, Kyle and Jim with a touch of his hands. He can just as easily kill someone with those same hands, but has he? NO! Why? Because, that's not who he is. Don't you see Mom? Max, Michael and Isabelle are different from us in many ways, but they aren't so different. They are kind and good and even though they have the ability to do all these things, they don't use and abuse their gifts. They don't want to harm any one, they just want to be able to live their life's like everyone else."

Watching as her daughter took control over the conversation, Amy began to wonder between the two of them who was the actual one with the power. Hearing her daughter's rant, Amy came to one resounding realization, no one was controlling her daughter. Maria's mind was no doubt her own and as she continued to listen she finally understood what Maria was actually getting at and as she watched the shocked expression coming over Michael's face at Maria's ramblings the fear she had held against the unknown slowly began to fade. "Okay, Maria. I get it." She looked directly at Michael. "I'm sorry I doubted you. It's just when I heard what Max had done to Maria, I guess I just snapped. Let's just call it temporary insanity, shall we."

Michael nodded his head and the three of them made their way back toward the fishing lodge they were currently staying.

Meanwhile down on his knees, Max anguish turned to anger in a matter of seconds when his father laid a hand upon his shoulder and stated. "She'll be okay, she's with her parents."

Standing abruptly at his adopted father's words and shaking off his hand from his shoulder.
"She's with her parents! Is that supposed to make me feel better? Don't you get it? Don't any of you get it?" He shouted to the rest of the individuals that were gathered around him. "Kivar will do anything to get his hands on Liz. ANYTHING! The only protection she had was us. Me, Michael, Isabelle and even Tess." He turned his anger toward his sister.
"How could you have let them take her. You knew I completed the transformation. You knew how vulnerable she is right now. HOW?"

Isabelle hung her head in shame, she had betrayed her brother in their past lives and now she had betrayed him again in this life. All because she was afraid of what her human parents would think of her if she had used her powers. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Max, I just..." She was so ashamed of herself she couldn't even finish her apology.

"MAX! You have no right to yell at your sister like that." Their father stood between his two children.

Whirling back at his father. "No RIGHT! Liz is MY WIFE! She has an alien monster who will stop at nothing so he can rape her and impregnate her so she can bare a child that will allow him to remain in control of our planet and keep our people enslaved forever. The skins have already found us and I'm pretty sure by now Kivar knows exactly where we are and it won't take him long to get here."

"Then maybe it's a good thing Liz isn't here." Diane spoke up softly for the first time.
"If all Kivar wants is Liz, then maybe it's best that she isn't here."

Maria, Amy and Michael had arrived back to the rest of the group by this time. "What do you mean the skins found us?" Maria asked unsure when this develop had occurred.

"Max and I found a couple of piles of ash behind the cabin when we were coming back from the lake. It seems Max and Liz had taken care of them while in the middle of completing the transformation. Max and I are both betting if a couple of the skins found us, it won't take long for Kivar to find us." Michael answered Maria, then leaned down and whispered. "I'll explain it more later." Not wanting to go into details about the transformation with the adults around.

Getting his meaning, Maria then inquired. "Do you think that's a possibility Max? I mean that it's better that Liz isn't around right now."

"No." He stated in a low whispered voice. "Liz is a part of the four square now. The only way we can defeat Kivar is with the power of the four square. We can defend against him, but we won't be able to defeat him and if he discovers Liz isn't here or that I've completed the transformation..." He let his words trail off, not able to say what could happen out loud again.

"We still have Tess." Michael reminded Max. "We could use her as part of the four square. I know she still has the ability to stand in as the fourth."

"But, she isn't part of the four square. We would be able to pull her energy to use in the four square, but she wouldn't be able to pull our energy to use herself." Max explained.

"I don't get it, what's that mean exactly?" Kyle inquired not quite sure what Max was trying to say.

Once again Max explained, this time going into more detail with regard to the four square itself. "Each of us as individuals have special unique powers. When we combine in the four square we can use each other's powers as needed that is unique usually to only that individual. Like Michael's energy blast, when we are connected in the four square, I could draw his power and use that energy blast. Just like Michael could draw upon my shield if he needed it, when he needed. Since Tess is like us and has power, when we connect to her we could use her gifts as needed as well. But, since she is no longer a member of the four square she wouldn't be able to assume our powers as if it were her own if or when she needed to. As it stands most of our powers are offensive, the only power Tess would have defensively would be her mind warp ability, but without the ability to draw upon our energy she would only be able to hold a mind warp for so long and I wouldn't be able to lend her my energy shield that is our main defense. It wouldn't take Kivar and the skins to figure out that she is no longer a part of the four square."

"And if they figure out Tess isn't part of the four square any longer, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out who replaced her." Michael continued, then Maria added.

"And if they know Liz is really part of the four square instead of Tess, then they would know that the transformation has in deed been completed."

"Leaving Liz unprotected if she isn't with us to help her." Max finished the explanation.

Everyone stood in silence for a moment pondering what had just been told. Finally Max spoke up. "I need to speak with Tess for a moment. I know what she wants, but I'm not sure if she understands the risks." It was true, Max knew for certain that Tess wanted revenge for her innocent son who Kivar had murdered right after his birth, but he didn't think Tess understood for sure that she was no longer a part of the four square and what that would mean if she remained to fight against Kivar with them. "Jim, I think it would be best if the rest of you would were to find another hiding place. Don't tell us where you plan to go, we can find you when we're finished here. Let me speak with Tess, if she wants to leave I'll give her that choice, but I'll make sure she won't cause any more harm before she goes." Max assured Jim, knowing he had complete control over Tess. He knew he could command her to stay and help them fight, but if she stayed it would be a suicide mission and he just couldn't give that kind of command. Not even to Tess, as much as he himself loathed her, it just wasn't who he was.

Max returned to living room where Tess still quietly remained. "Tess, I need to tell you what's going on and what we can expect." He continued and explained about Liz being taken away by her parents, the completion of the transformation, the skins finding them and then he went on to tell her abou the four square situation. "We need your strength if we are going to have any chance to defend ourselves against the skins and Kivar, but I can't offer you ours. I know you want your revenge, but without any protection the chances of your survival aren't great. I'm going to give you the chance to decide, you can stay and lend us your abilities or you can leave with the others to hide out until this is over. We don't have much time so you need to decide and you need to make up your mind now."

"The first energy blast that hits me, they'll know I'm no longer part of the four square."

"I know."

"They'll go after Liz."

"I know, but we have one chance. That we are strong enough to take them out before they figure out the truth. That means you will have to fight and deflect any energy blast by yourself, so they don't figure out the truth."

"And if I'm not strong enough."

Max hung his head not wanting to say the words, but they both knew what the out come would be. Their only hope would be for them to end the battle prior to Tess getting hit and they would have to end it quickly before her own individual energy would deteriorate. "Like I said Tess, the choice is yours. You can stay and we can all hope that we defeat them quickly so you can achieve your revenge or you can leave and we wait another day to defeat them."

It didn't take Tess very long to make her decision. It didn't matter if she stayed and fought today, tomorrow or next year. She would always be in this same position from here on out. It would be her and her alone that would have to defend herself. The only difference would be by tomorrow or next year, she wouldn't have the others to help at least fight with her even if she couldn't use their abilities. Looking Max directly in the eye she stated her decision. "I'm staying."

End Part43
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I understand everyone's concern for Liz and it probably is only going to get worst after you read this next part, but remember - I have a plan. Anyway here is the next part, hope you all enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 44

Liz couldn't believe this was actually happening, her world had been turned upside down by the people she had always trusted and looked up to, her own parents. She hadn't really realized what her Mom was doing until she was being pulled down the driveway of the fishing lodge they were all hiding out in flanked by her parents on each side of her. At first she really thought they just wanted to get out of the house to discuss the issue of Max's new power, but when her father flagged down the truck driver she knew she was in trouble. She had fought tooth and nail against getting into that truck, trying to reason with her parents that they didn't understand, that she needed to stay with Max. But, both her mother and her father were too far gone already and try as she might, she simple wasn't strong enough to over power them. Her father had told the truck driver she was a run away and they were taking her home against her will and asked to be driven to the nearest police station. So here she was sitting in the back of an old pick up truck, heading down the highway to God only knew what town with her father still holding a tight grip on her arm to keep her from trying to jump out of the moving vehicle. As the vehicle got further and further away, so did her only chance of survival. Neither Liz nor her father had even seen the other vehicle that smashed head on into the pickup. All they heard was the shrilling scream of Nancy Parker and then Liz's world went black.

"LLLllliiiiizzzzzz!" Max suddenly screamed out shocking everyone in mid step. They had all been helping the human members of their group pack the few belongings they had acquired during their short stay at the fishing lodge into the only vehicle they currently had. When Max's piercing scream stopped everyone as they watched Max once again fall to his knees in agony. Crying out, "No Liz, please God NO!"

"What happened to Liz? Max, is she okay?" Maria was almost hysterical as she tried to shake Max out of his current state. She for one, knew not to try to even figure out the connection her best friend and Max shared. So when he screamed out her name and fell to his knees she knew it was something bad.

"Maxwell, what is it? Does Kivar have her?" Michael also tried to get an answer from Max.

His body was visibly trembling as he rocked back and forth on his knees. "Oh GOD, I can't feel her. I didn't protect her. It's my fault. I can't feel her. It's my fault. I didn't protect her. I can't feel her." He kept repeating over and over.

Unable to bare witness to her only son's distress, Diane Evans wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "SSShhhh, Max you need to calm down and tell us what happened." She spoke softly as she continued to hold her son in a protective motherly manner.

Maria heard what Max was saying and also began to quickly lose it. "No, not Liz. Please, not Liz." Michael was torn, he wanted to comfort Maria, but he also needed to find out what Max knew with regard to Liz. Maria's sobs tore at his heart strings and his decision was quickly made. Scooping her into his arms, he held her tight as she continued to cry. "Michael I can't lose her, I can't."

Surprisingly enough it was Amy DeLuca that insisted on answers from Max. Liz had always been like a second daughter to her and if something had happened to her, she damn well wanted to know about it. Lifting Max off the ground, she shook his shoulders. "What about Liz? Tell me right now Max Evans or so help me God..."

Repeating his words again, he looked into Amy's eyes, then his own mother's. "I can't feel her. One minute she was there, the next she was gone. Just gone."

"What does that mean? What do you mean you can't feel her? Liz isn't even here?" Amy was still knew to this alien mumble jumble so she had no idea the kind of connection that Max and Liz had, so she was more than a little bit confused by Max's words.

Now almost in a trance state of shock, he replied numbly. "I could always feel her, no matter where she was I could always feel her presence within me. But, now. It's gone, I can't feel her soul anymore. She's gone. I was supposed to protect her, it's my fault. I can't feel her." Tears were coursing down his cheeks as his mind could only come up with one reason why he wouldn't be able to feel Liz any more. There was only one explanation for it and at the moment his brain refused to come to terms with that explanation. "I love you so much Liz, come back to me. I love you." He begged as the tears flowed from his eyes in complete misery as his soul knew it had lost it's other half.

Liz felt like she was floating in air, as her soul was transcending from her body to heaven.
There was no more pain that she had momentarily felt when her head had hit the hard substance when she had been thrown from the back of the truck at the moment of impact. It was faint at first, but as her soul flew further and further from her body the sounds became words. The words a chant. "I failed her, I didn't protect her, I can't lose her." Filled her soul with the sorrow that it felt as another soul reached out to hers. "Come back to me." The words cried to her soul, then her soul heard the three words that would force her body to fight to regain the soul it had lost. "I love you." "I love you." The words, his words were not only heard by her soul, but with her ears also, as her eyes popped opened and the pain that had been gone was back in her head as she took her first breath of life again.

He felt her immediately the second her soul had come back, the tears of sorrow stopped instantly only to be replaced the tears of joy. She was alive, he didn't know what had happened, but he was as sure as the sun that rose each day that Liz, his soulmate was back.
"YES! Oh God, Liz. Thank you God, YES!"

Even though Michael was still holding Maria tightly, he was the first one to notice the change that had overcome his friend, even before he spoke. "Maxwell, what is it?" He asked anxiously in hopes that neither Max nor Maria would have any further reason to suffer.

"She's alive. Liz is still alive." Max sounded so sure that she had been taken from them, had died only a few moments ago and now in an equally sure sounding voice he exclaimed that he now knew she was once again alive.

Maria pulled away from Michael's arms and grabbed a hold of Max's. "Are you sure? I mean I thought you said..."

"I know, I know. She was gone, I felt it. But, now she's back. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm not going to stand around here wondering about it. I'm going after her and bringing her back now!" He began to move quickly toward the only vehicle they had, when Michael stopped him.

"Wait Max!" He shouted to his friend as he reached over and grabbed him by the arm. "Kivar's coming, if you leave we're all as good as dead." Michael had no idea how he knew Kivar was close, but he could just feel it deep inside that he spoke the truth. As much as he regretted having to stop Max from going to find Liz, because there was no doubt if it had been Maria he too wouldn't have thought twice about leaving.

"Michael, let him go. If Kivar is coming, we need Liz." Isabelle argued as she tried to help Max pull free from Michael's grip.

Whipping his head toward Isabelle. "We don't have time!" Michael shouted back, then turned to Maria's Mom. "Get her out of here! NOW!" He commanded as his gut extinct as the groups protector take over naturally. They only had minutes to spare before all hell broke loose and Michael had no intention of Maria being any where close to that mad man again. He wanted her some place safe away from the battle that was going to be going down soon. Amy saw the seriousness on his face and didn't attempt to argue. She pushed her daughter toward the vehicle.

To her surprise Maria didn't put up a fight this time, for Maria had also seen the look on Michael's face and knew without a doubt they were out of time. "Michael?"

Michael knew without her even having to ask her question. Knowing he no longer had to keep a hold of Max, knowing he understood what was about to go down. He let go of his arm and walked with Maria and her mother over to the vehicle. "Stay safe for me, I'll find you after we're done here. Do you hear me? You stay safe." He spoke quietly with such emotion if Amy had any doubts about Michael's true feelings for her daughter, his soft spoken words took the last of them away. With a quick, but tender kiss Maria was safely placed inside the vehicle followed closely by Amy.

The Evan's moved a little slower then the DeLuca's had still fearing for their own children. They still seen them as their little girl and boy, not an alien princess, nor a king that they weren't able to protect as a parent would normally choose to do until their dying breath. "We'll be all right Mom, Dad. Just stay low until we find you." Max assured his parents while ushering them also to get in the vehicle. His mind had been so preoccupied with what was happening to Liz, he hadn't felt his enemies close presence. But, once Michael had stated they were close, Max allowed his alien senses to take over and he too knew instinctually their time was almost gone.

"I love you Mom. I love you Dad." Isabelle said in a tearful voice at the thought of being separated from the parents that she loved whole heartedly.

Mr. & Mrs. Evans gave both their children a quick hug and they too jumped into the vehicle along with Amy and Maria. Neither Jim nor Kyle hesitated in their movements, both Valenti men tempted to stay and offer their hand to help the four pod squaders. But, both knowing they were needed elsewhere to offer protection if it came down to that. Max walked over to the drivers window where Jim Valenti sat. "Take care of yourself." Max stated while motioning to the others in the car. Jim knew exactly what Max was saying, without the words spoken Max had just issued the trust of all the people in the vehicle in his hands and he had every intention on keeping them safe. He started the vehicle and barely put the car in gear when the first fire blast came roaring toward Max and the vehicle.

Thinking fast on his feet, Max spun around and threw up his shield a split second before the blast hit. Keeping his shield raised in front of the vehicle, Max turned his head toward Jim and yelled. "GO! GO! GOOOO!" Gravel rocks went flying as Jim floored the engine to life and took off in the opposite direction away from the main road, thanking the heavens for the vehicle being a four wheeled drive as he drove toward the woods to escape the skins that had already arrived.

Michael didn't hesitate with his energy blast as he took out the skin that had sent the original blast in the direction of the now moving vehicle. Seeing another one talking into some of kind of object Isabelle quickly took out the other skin that was apparently the back up. Not seeing any other movement the three came together watching carefully for any further signs. Now more than ever they had no more doubt Kivar knew of their where abouts.
When they didn't see anything for a few moments, Max stated. "Let's get Tess, it's time to end this once and for all."

Tess heard Max command in her mind it was time to fight and to join them. Once the four were together, Max took the role of commander. "Listen up, in order for them to believe we have the power of the four square, it's important for us to deflect as many blasts away from Tess as long as possible. Without her being able to draw on our power, her own energy will drain quickly and once it's gone the jig will be up. Michael, Isabelle, only draw from Tess's power when it's absolutely necessary just in case we need to stretch this farce out longer than we think. I want us standing in a square formation. I'll be in front so my shield can protect all of us, Michael you're on the North side since that will be the direction most of them will be coming from so you can take them out easily. Isabelle on the South to take out any that circle around to try to take us from the opposite direction. Tess you stand directly behind me so I can protect you with my shield as much as possible. If any come up from behind, you'll have to take them out yourself. Is everyone in agreement. Each member of the pod squad nodded letting him know they were all in understanding. "Okay everyone hook up." They each moved into place without any arguing, the connection between Max, Michael & Isabelle was instantaneous, but they had to actually pull Tess into the equation unlike when they had escaped from Kivar the first time.

Michael noticed the change immediately and looked over to Max for an explanation. "I hadn't completed the transformation as of yet." Max stated to answer his second in command's unasked question. "Isabelle, I want you to pull some of Michael's energy into you and extend it out on that tree." Max pointed over to the tree line.

Isabelle thought that what Max was asking would take a great deal of concentration, but as soon as she tried she could instantly feel an extra burst of energy flow inside of her. Raising her hand, her body became as powerful as Michael's and she let fly a blast of fire that took out not only the tree Max had pointed to, but the three trees behind it. Amazed at the amount of power she was able to execute she looked over to Michael wide eyed. Shrugging his shoulders as if it wasn't anything, he joked. "I guess you'll be thinking twice the next time you want to slap me over something stupid, uh?"

Not able to allow Michael to think she was as shocked as she was at how powerful his blast could be, she replied. "In your dreams."

Max knew they were only trying to ease the tension a bit, but now was not the time to let their human side come into play. Getting them back on track, Max directed his next command to Michael. "Now, I want you to draw upon my shield." Using the same assumption Isabelle had, he began to concentrate to gain access to Max's power to be able to use his shield. Max noticed almost immediately and stopped him. "No, Michael. You don't need to try so hard, let it come to you naturally. Just let my energy flow into you and use it as if it was your own."

Once again Michael attempted to use Max's shield, this time doing just as Max had stated for him to do and within seconds Max's green energy shield was flowing out of his out stretched hand directly in front of him. The smile on his face faded instantly as the moment the shield was in front of him another blast of energy came directly at him without any warning.
Not hesitating, Max absorbed Michael's blast power into him and let another huge blast go toward the skin that had sent the blast toward Michael. The skin went down easily, but it symbolized that their practice time was over. It was time for the battle to begin.

End Part 44
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 45

With only a few actually minutes Max had to explain how to use the true nature of the four square, Isabelle and Michael both seemed to use their new found powers easily. Almost like it was instinctual, which of course it was. They barely had time to fight off one set of skins when another, then another came at the four aliens from all sides. Max was correct in predicting that the majority would come from the North, the direction he had Tess send the bird with the homing device. The first round seemed rough, but between Max's shield and Michael's energy burst they easily took out their enemies as soon as they made their presence known. Tess easily was able to maintain her fire power against the skins herself at first, but as they continued to come out of all directions she could tell her powers would eventually dwindle. In fact, if any of their enemies were paying too close attention to the power of her blast versus the power behind the blast Michael's, Max's and Isabelle's they would have been able to notice that she didn't have the same amount of power behind hers. As she was unable to draw upon Michael's energy to use his kind of fire power like Max and Isabelle were. The battle didn't last long, only about fifteen minutes or shorter if they had actually timed it, but all four of them knew this first round was only the beginning. The true battle really hadn't even begun as of yet. Mainly because Kivar had yet to make an appearance.

This knowledge worried Max, for even though he had been preoccupied with their current battle, his mind was still worried for Liz and where her where about were. As long as she was out there somewhere alone and Kivar was unaccounted for the threat of her being taken by him was still a very real possibility. As soon as Max was sure the last of the skins that were in the area were dealt with, he quickly withdrew the connection he had formed with his sister, his second in command and with Tess. Knowing they would need to keep close just in case, but also knowing they needed to reserve as much energy as possible and to maintain the connection it took energy. "Is everyone all right?" He asked as his eyes took in the weary look of his three companions.

"Hell Yeah! That was some kick ass shit Maxwell. How did you know how the four square worked?" Michael asked still on the battle high as he looked around seeing the floating skin particles all around them.

"That's exactly what I want to know, not that I'm complaining, because...Well, WOW!" Isabelle added, her adrenaline still pumped after what they had just been through.

"Remember the night Liz and I both had the seals on our foreheads in Florida?" Max questioned Michael, when he nodded, Max continued. "When we choose each other, somehow Liz was shown and since we were connected to each other, I was shown what Liz was learning. I guess it was assumed I already had the knowledge so when Liz accepted the seal, she was shown how it would work so she could fulfill her part of the four square."

"What do you mean shown, shown by who?" Michael asked as Max hadn't mentioned anything about this to him before and he was more than curious as to what else Max had learned that he hadn't bothered to tell them.

"It wasn't a who Michael, I don't know how to explain it. It was like this particle of energy that just gave her the information. It was the same thing that let me know that the child I believed at the time was my son, was dead. In fact, I didn't even remember the part about how the four square worked until the moment I started to instruct you and Isabelle on how to use it. It just came back to me and I knew exactly what we needed and how we needed to do it. I wish I could tell you more, because I'm sure between Liz and I we gained a lot of knowledge during the choosing ceremony. I just can't remember it detail for detail, it's like when I need the knowledge it's there, but until it's needed it's dormant in my brain or something." Putting his hands to his head, trying to recall what he had in deed learned that faithful night that he had committed himself to Liz and she had accepted and committed herself to him. "God this is totally frustrating. I wish I could remember everything at once." He cried out in frustration.

"Maybe it's too much information for your mind to be able to process all at once and that's why you can't remember everything. You said yourself that you and Liz had lost all track of time." Isabelle offered trying to come up with a pausible explanation to what her brother and Liz had gone through. Of course, she had not been there when it happened so she was only going by the bits of information they had told her about.

Tess's eyes looked down to the ground trying to hide the disappointment she felt that Max hadn't chosen her to be his queen. Her movement didn't go unnoticed by Max. "Tess, do you know anything about this?" Max questioned, but when she didn't reply right away he lifted her head so she was forced to look him in the eye. 'Tell me what you know.' She heard his mind command hers and jerked her head away from his, but unable to fight against the mind command she heard her own voice begin it's explanation.

"The particle of energy you talked about is an oracle of sorts that represents the Royal House of Antar. Nasedo talked to me once about the oracle, he stated it stores the entire knowledge of our star system inside of it and only the King can gain access to this knowledge when he chooses a mate and the mate accepts the King. Then the Queen also gains the oracles knowledge. That's why Liz was implanted with the symbol of the five planets. It not only symbolized that she is your chosen mate, but also that she has also received the knowledge of the oracle."

"You knew that only my chosen mate could conceive my child, that only she could carry my heir. Didn't you?" Tess nodded her head confirming she in fact did have knowledge of this.
"Then how did you think it was possible that you could fool Kivar with an heir that you knew didn't exist in the first place. How could you have possibly put an innocent child in the hands of that murdering bastard when you knew he wouldn't pass any test?" Max was done right irate at the thought of how heartless Tess truly was.

"Because it was a possibility." Tess snapped back, taking Max by surprise.

"How? How was it a possibility? You knew I hadn't chosen you, you knew the child you carried wasn't mine! How was it a possibility?" The more Max thought about it the more he wanted to strangle Tess.

"Because you had chosen me! In our past life, you wanted the knowledge of the oracle and knew you couldn't get it unless you choose a mate first. Like it or not, Zan choose Ava as his mate. You CHOOSE ME!" Tess loathed the man before her, for not choosing her again in this life time and she wanted him to hurt as much as he had hurt her. So she used the only knowledge that she knew would strike him where it hurt the most, his heart.

"YOUR LYING! Tell me the truth Tess, what was really Ava to Zan?" He stood towering over her, his stance threatening as his voice. For he knew without any doubt that what he and Liz had gone through. The ceremony of choice, from that moment on their souls were bonded and it didn't matter how many life times they would live, they would be bond together. If what Tess was saying was true then the two of them would have been bonded in the same manner and Max knew without any doubt Liz was his soul mate and Tess wasn't.

Before Tess had time to answer, Isabelle spoke up. "She was your whore." Her words shocked both Max and Michael. "It makes sense. In order for Zan to gain access to the oracle's knowledge he would have to choose a mate, but Zan was unable to find his life mate. Because Liz wasn't there, so he choose his whore to marry him just to gain the knowledge. But, the oracle didn't accept Ava, because it knew Zan didn't choose her out of love. He choose her for more power. I'm right, aren't I?" Isabelle questioned Tess.

When Tess remained quiet, Max pressed her. "Answer her. It's true isn't it?"

"Yes, okay. Yes, you only choose me for the ability to gain the knowledge of the oracle, but you still choose me. No one knew for sure if we were successful in gaining the knowledge of the oracle or not though, because that's when we were killed. Kivar killed us during the ceremony. He knew if you gained the oracle's knowledge, he would never be able to defeat you." Tess confirmed.

"That's why you were sent with us when we were recreated. No one knew for sure if you had been accepted by this oracle or not. Not even Max and Isabelle's real mother, that's why she referred to you as his young bride, not wife, not mate, but young bride in the message we got from the orbs in May of 2000. Nasedo didn't even know for sure, that's why he pressed the issue of you and Max getting together. He was banking on you having the symbol and the ability to carry Max's heir."

Tess turned her back on the three of them. There was no need to continue with the discussion as they all knew it hadn't worked. Zan hadn't chosen Ava out of love, it was a marriage of convenience to gain knowledge they had no right to access to. However, Max had chosen from his heart in this life and his heart was accepted with love from Liz. Liz. Once again Max's mind drifted to thoughts of his soul mate and where she was. Seeing Tess in her current state, he knew they wouldn't be able to keep up the rouse any longer. She would never last another encounter, they needed to find Liz and they needed to find her quick. Not just to defeat Kivar, his soul literally needed her. Until this very minute he hadn't realized just how much she meant to him, how much he really truly loved her with every fiber of his being, physical, mental and spiritually he needed her. He could feel it beginning again, deep inside of his soul. He thought that once the transformation had been completed it would have taken care of it, but he was dead wrong. His craving for her was back and Max knew without a doubt if they didn't find Liz soon they were all as good as dead.

End Part 45

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 46

Kivar was more than furious, first the damn kid king and the lonely human he had chosen as his mate escaped from under his nose. Then the idiot he had placed in charge of the tracking device he had placed in the women, tracked the wrong signal. Which of course, he paid for with his life. When word came from his scouts that they had found the true location of the boy king and his mate, he dispatched a brigade of soldiers. Now he had just received word that the first wave of attack he had sent to recover the human girl that would bare his child with the royal seal had lost to the stupid royal four. The only good news was that for their incapability to fulfill their direction he had given was the fact they had perished at the hands of the royal four so he didn't have to waste the time to do it himself. Because of all the blunders that had taken place since he had come to this insignificant planet, the boy king was looking like a worthy opponent. While he himself, was looking like the idiot.

He cursed himself for leaving to check on the transport before he had the boy king they called Max finish the transformation so he could have impregnated his human mate with his seed. What made matters worst was the untimely and unnecessary death of one of his top commanders. After all the battles he had fought in, his life taken in a car accident of all things with a pickup truck. They were driving back themselves to retrieve the human that was named Liz, his commander in the last vehicle bringing up the rear. When Commander Gark had notified him he had information on this Liz's where about, Kivar had instructed him to come to his vehicle, but to his dismay he never made it to give him the information.

Currently he sat in-between where they had lost Commander Gark and where the royal for were currently located at. His troops waiting patiently for him to give them their next orders.
At first he was sure the young king would never allow his mate to be out of his sight, that was why they were heading to due battle against him. So he could finally defeat that Max once and for all, then take his human mate and plant his seed inside of her. But, the way Commander Gark had stated he had information on location of the young king's mate. Even though he hadn't gotten the actual information from Gark, it was almost as if this Liz was no longer with that Max. And if that was the case, should he waist his time going into a battle that was no longer necessary at this point. After all the deaths of the royal four could always come later, right know the whole point of this mission was based on getting the King's chosen mate. But, if this Liz character wasn't with that Max, then where was she.

Making a decision, he sent another wave of soldiers to once again attack the royal four with one main objective. To verify if the chosen mate was still with them. He also decided to send a car back to where Commander Gark had met his fate to retrieve his body, knowing the people on his planet had feared and respected the commander almost as much as they did him. So it only fitting that the commander have a proper burial dedication. Plus, he sent out a team of scouts in all directions to find out any news they could on the where about of this Liz, if in deed it was found out that she was no longer in the protection of the royal four.
He was determined to quickly find out exactly where she was, so he could get off this stanchion planet and return back to Antar. His thought being this Liz being a stupid, lonely human, it wouldn't take long to find her without the boy king to guide and protect her. After all his race was so much more superior in brain power than the ignorant human race. Taken notice of the sun going down, he decided they would make camp where they were and wait to hear more information

Opening her eyes once again, Liz laid there remember the strange dream she had. First her mother and father had taken her away from Max, then the car accident, her dying, Max's soul reaching out to hers and bringing her back to life. As she started to lift her head, the stinging pain that she felt and her surroundings she took in, it all came back to her. It hadn't been a dream at all. Holding her head, she sat up slowly trying to get her barring.
She was laying on a patch of tall grass on the side of the road, she looked behind her seeing the good size rock that she assumed she had hit her head on causing the only pain she felt. Apparently the tall grass would have saved her life if it hadn't been for the rock that happened to just be laying where she landed. Knowing she had to find out what happened to her parents, Liz started to stand up.

Immediately she seen the pickup on the opposite side of the road, laying on it's side and still smoldering. Another vehicle, what looked like an army humvee also laid on it's side.
Liz's first instinct was to run to the pickup and check on the condition of her mother, but the sight of the army vehicle made her be more cautious in her movements. Making sure to verify no one or no other vehicles were around she slowly made her way to the pickup truck.
The sight before her once she got there, scared her to death. Reaching the driver's side of the pickup as the truck was laying on the side with the driver's side up, she could see the man that had picked her and her parents up was obviously dead. His eyes were wide opened, but no life was in them. Liz of all people knew the eyes were the windows to one's soul and this man's eyes were black and lifeless. His head had a large opening where it had apparently been split open by hitting the steering wheel.

Not able to look at the driver any longer she looked beyond him to her mother. In the trucks current position there was no way she could reach her Mom. It appeared she was unconscious, but looking carefully at her chest she could see the rise and fall of her chest.
Liz sighed in relief knowing that at least her mother was alive. Her hair was matted with cake blood over her face so Liz couldn't really see what kind of injuries she had sustained.
Moving around to the front of the vehicle to look inside the broken windshield, she gasped at what she saw. One side of her face looked as though it was smashed, Liz assumed she had hit her head where the windshield was broken. It was obvious from this angle that her mother was in deed unconscious and Liz thanked God, knowing that if she had been awake the pain she would have been feeling would have more than likely killed her. Her first thought was of Max and that he would be able to take all the pain away and make her mother better. With that in mind, she quickly looked around for anything that she could use to pry the already broken windshield off the car so she could get her mother out of there.

In no time she had found a crow bar by the truck's spare tire. With her head still throbbing in pain she used all her strength to pry apart the windshield. It took several attempts and her whole body weight as leverage against the crow bar, but eventually the adrenaline to help her mother won out and she finally removed the windshield. Reaching in she first touched her mother's neck to verify the pulse. Then she ran her hands along her arms, chest and stomach to see if she could feel any other injuries. Her legs were swung over to the side and didn't seem to have any injuries to them either. Which actually was a blessing in disguise, as the vehicles front was smashed inward and if they had been stretched out in front of her like you would normally rode in a car they would have surely been smashed too. She must have been swung around so she could keep an eye on her husband and daughter, Liz assumed.

Not sure if she should try to move her mother or not, Liz finally decided she had no other choice. Careful not to put any pressure on her mother's face, she reached in and somehow found the strength to pull her free of the vehicle. Without hesitation she removed her own shirt to dab at her mother's bloody side of her face. She could see her nose, cheekbone and jaw looked to be shattered. Her head had a deep gash in it and her eye was swollen shut. How she had sustained such injuries and still was alive, Liz had no idea, but she was grateful to still have her mother.

The side of the road that they were currently on was covered in gravel. Making a decision that until she could get help for her mother, she would be much more comfortable on the other side of the road she pulled her over to the tall grass from which she had only a short time ago been laying in. Once her mother was settled, Liz knew she needed to find her father, knowing he must have also been thrown from the pickup the same as she had. Gathering up more energy while trying to ignore the pain in her head, she began to stand to begin to locate her father. But, her search was quickly halted when she saw another army humvee careening down the road toward them. If there wasn't the threat of Kivar, she wouldn't have hesitated to jump up and down for help. But, as much as she wanted to get help for her mother, she was still smart enough to know to ask first before taking a leap of faith. She knew the wreckage of the two vehicles would be enough to stop the up coming vehicle and so she waited in the tall grass as coverage until she could find out for sure if who was in the army vehicle was friend or foe.

The moment the vehicle was close enough to see the wreckage, it was then that Liz saw her father. He two was on the same side of the road as her and her mother were only about twenty feet down. Unlike Liz though, Jeff Parker's mind wasn't on Kivar, or any other alien for that matter. He was slow in standing and Liz could see he was limping and one arm was bent at a strange angle, while he used his other arm to flag down the approaching vehicle.
When the vehicle came to a skidding stop and the two occupant climbed out of it with their hands raised in the direction of her father, Liz knew the answer to her friend or foe question. She watched as the two so called men roughly grabbed her father and threw him to the ground. She could hear her father scream out in pain, but knew there was nothing she could do for him now. Even if she turned herself in, they would more than likely kill him the moment they had her. Then she would be in the hands of Kivar and that was a fate she was desperate to avoid at all cost.

One of the men stayed with her father, his foot holding him down on the center of his back, while the other went over to the wrecked humvee. Staying as low as she could so she wouldn't be seen, she watched as he pulled a body out of the vehicle, leaving the driver where he was. This actually confused Liz, not understanding why they would take one and not the other, but she wasn't about to stand up and ask them. Still watching, she saw the one place the body of the man he had pulled from the vehicle in the back seat of their vehicle.
She couldn't hear what was being said between the two, but remained watching as they raised their hands and sent a couple of energy blasts into the pickup truck causing it to explode
upon impact. When they began to look around the area, obvious searching for someone else.
It didn't take a genius for Liz to know who they were searching for, she quickly ducked down as low to the ground as she could and prayed the tall grass she and her mother laid in was enough to cover them from being discovered.

After what felt like an eternity she chanced a peek through the grass. She could see the same man who had taken the body out of the vehicle looking around the wreckage, while the other man was searching the area where her father had been. Her father was still on the ground yelling at his captors that he didn't know where she was. Liz knew he was speaking about her. The one by the wreckage begun to walk in her direction and Liz quickly in a hap
hazardly way threw some of the tall grass she had smashed down upon her impact over her and her mother's bodies and prayed with all her heart he wouldn't be able to see them. With the sun almost completely set and the shadows of the tall grass, Liz and Nancy Parker remained unseen by their wanna be captor. By the time the two men climbed back into their vehicle along with her father as a hostage the darkness of the night was upon them.

Liz was torn between being grateful her and her parents had survived the crash and being fearful just how much longer her parents had to live and how long it would be before she was in the hands of Kivar. Knowing good and well once Kivar got his hands on her father, it wouldn't take him long to discover from her father that she was indeed in the truck along with him. As much as she knew her father loved her and would rather die than betray her where about to Kivar, she also knew he had no defense to keep Kivar from scanning his mind.
She was sure once Kivar discovered that information, no grass, nor darkness would keep her safe from him. Her only chance was to get back to Max, but with her mother still unconscious and with her injuries there was just no way she could drag her that far. Not to mention her own head was still throbbing in pain. "Max, please I need you. Oh God, please Max." She cried out loud.

Knowing she couldn't stay where she was and knowing she wouldn't be able to drag or carry her mother all the way back to Max. Left with no choice she decided to take her mother as far as she could. She only prayed that she would be able to find some place safe for them to hide or at least some place she could put her mother to be safe until she could get to Max and bring him back to heal her. Using all of her strength she grabbed her mother under her arms and lifted her up the best she could do, still being very careful of her injuries. She figured if she could make it to a near by home that would be her best bet, but not knowing the area personally and the fact that no one showed up when they heard the crash nor the blast from the skins that had taken her father, she figured that was probably an unlikely possibility.

She first walked with her mother further off from the road before she turned to head back in the direction they had come from to get back to Max. The entire time she silently pleaded for Max to hear her cry for help. She dragged her mother for a good hour before placing her gently back down to the ground so she could rest for just a few minutes before she started moving again. Liz's full survival instincts were the only thing pushing her forward at this point. Her body sore, her head throbbed in continuous pain, the weight of her unconscious mother had long ago taken it's toll on her, but yet she was determined to continue her journey. The darkness of the night, her only veil on protection. For there was no doubt in her mind that once dawn broke, her and her mother would be easy enough to be spotted. Each painful step she took, brought her one step closer to Max and that was the only thing she allowed her mind to process. Unwilling to leave her mother for fear of never being able to hold her mother in her arms alive again if she did, she pushed her body to continue. One step more, one step closer to Max, one step more, one step closer to Max. Was the mantra that she said over and over in her mind.

As Liz was making her painful journey back to the man she loved, her father was in the middle of his own painful nightmare. The two men that had taken him hostage, took him back to his worst nightmare. As soon as they arrived back at the enemy alien camp, Jeff was taken to Kivar. At first the two men were sure they would met there demise at the hand of their leader the moment he learned they hadn't been able to locate the reincarnate of King Zan's chosen mate. But, the moment they brought Jeff Parker in for Kivar to see their newly acquired hostage, Kivar only smiled hauntedly at them. For Kivar had recognized the man before him as the father of the human mate. It only took Kivar a few minutes to know that Jeff had taken his daughter Liz away from Max. He wanted to laugh at the stupidity this human displayed in his judgment. If it had been him in Max's place he would have killed him for his stupidity. He knew the mind rape had been painful for the human male to bare, but he was too angry over the last few days events still to not take some of that anger out on him. Although he knew it was to his advantage to keep the male human alive to bargain his life for the chosen mates life, nothing would stop him from inflicting as much pain toward the human without killing him as possible. By the time Kivar left Jeff alone, Jeff was begging him to kill him he had been in so much pain. Kivar assembled his men together and within minutes of taking his angry out on Jeff Parker, Kivar and his men were heading back toward the crash site to find one Liz Parker. Come hell or high water, he swore before he was finished with her, she would be begging him to plant his seed inside her. This planet had so far made a mockery of him and Jeff Parker would not be the first human to feel his wrath before he left this planet. He had no plans to kill Liz, but just like her feeble father, he did plan on making her suffer for her actions.

At the same time Max, Michael, Isabelle and Tess were once again in the middle of round two against their enemies. With the knowledge of how the four square worked now, they were once again able to hold their own against the second wave of skins that were currently attacking them. But, this time the battle was lasting longer then the first one and without Liz to fulfill for true fourth square spot it was starting to take it's toll on all four of them. Especially Tess, after her confrontation with Max, her emotional state was already drained and unable to gain access to the other's powers, she was literally on her own. The four of them had taken out the majority of the skins with only a handful left to battle against when one of the skins sent an energy blast directly at Tess. In her weaken state she didn't have enough energy left to block it completely from hitting her. As soon as the skin that sent the energy blast saw that he had actually penetrated the defense of the four square and hit her, he knew without doubt that she wasn't truly a member of the four square. It didn't take him long to see that they were not fighting a four square, but against three of the royal fours and one impostor. Knowing this information was vital, he pulled away from the fight. He needed to get back to Kivar and inform him of his discovery. Without the power of the true four square, the three remaining royals could still be defeated. Not to mention that since they were using an impostor, that meant only one thing. The chosen mate of the young king was not here.

When Tess was hit and went down, Michael gathered his energy to a higher level. Combining not only his, but Max and Isabelle's along with his and let go a blast that any military commander would love to have on their side and blew the last of the standing skins into pieces of skin particles instantly. The only one to escape was the one that had left the battle after hitting Tess. As soon as the coast was clear, Max attempted to heal Tess's injuries. It was an attempt that wasn't met with success. Seeing the draining of his powers at the attempt to heal her wounded shoulder, Tess placed her hand on top of his to signal for him to stop. She knew this was coming and wanted Max to know she didn't blame him for what he had no control over. She only prayed she would survive long enough to see the revenge she so desperately wanted for her only son. The wound wasn't a fatal wound and she knew she would live to fight another battle. It was just that there was no doubt the next round they needed to fight would be her last for sure now.

End Part 46

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 47

Kivar and his goons were still in route to the location his commander had lost his life. It finally fit together why Commander Gark sounding the way he did with regard to the location of the chosen mate. He must have picked up a trace of her body's signatures, which had been installed in the commander's computer system when they had first captured the human girl. The system would be able to identify when Liz Parker was near, but that was the end of it's capability. The tracking device that was installed in the base of her neck was much more high tech, but that seemed to have a problem they didn't know about. Just a few more minutes and he was sure they would be able to use the computer system in the commander's wrecked vehicle to track down the location of one Liz Parker finally. The buzzing of his communicator rang loud and clear in his current vehicle. Noticing the call was coming from the one he had put in charge of the second wave of skins he had sent to seek information if the Parker girl was in deed with the boy king or if his suspicions were correct. Turning the communicator on, he answered. "Kivar here. What do you have for me?"

"Sir, the previous bride was standing in with the other royals, but it was obvious she didn't have the power of the four square." The skin answered.

"So the transformation has been completed. Are you sure?" Now there was too much at stake for receiving any wrong information, Kivar needed to know if what he was hearing was in fact correct.

"Yes, sir, that is affirmative. The one they call Tess was standing in the four square pattern with the other royals, but I was able to sustain a direct hit even when she was in the four square. Which means..."

Kivar quickly cut off his explanation, not needing to be told what it means. "It means, she is now just an impostor and the transformation has taken place. Did you see any sign of the human girl?"

"No sir, Liz Parker was no where to be seen. But, I am assuming if she had been there, the one they call Max in this life time surely would have completed the true four square to give them the complete advantage."

"I agree. So were your men successful then in taking out the remaining royals?"

"I'm sorry to report, but I have failed you. I left the remaining members of my squad to perish, without telling them this new development. My only thoughts were to serve you and see to it that you gained this knowledge as soon as possible." The skin was obviously unsure if he had made the right decision and now was scared at what his master would do to him upon his admission of his failure.

"You were correct to make sure I got the information you had on Tess Harding. Although I do admit my disappointment in your failure to take the royals down when they were not even to full power. You sir will need to be punished, but I promise to not inflict as great a punishment due to the information you were able to give me." Kivar had never liked to hear about any man under him unable to fulfill one of his commands so even though the soldier had provided the much needed answers, he would have to punish him for his failure.

"I understand master. I am grateful for you lunacy of my failure." The skin replied respectfully.

With that Kivar turned off the communicator not even bothering to say another word to the man, the turned to his driver. "Get me to that crash site pronto!" He barked out the command.

Within minutes they pulled up next to the commander's vehicle and Kivar was quickly scanning the area for any trace of the girl who would be barring his child soon. The computer sensors were quiet, showing no sign of the human girl in the immediate area. So their next move would determine his success or failure and Kivar was never won who enjoyed to fail. "I want the human girl found. She's at least one mile away, so spread out. I want her found before dawn!" He commanded to his thugs and without hesitation they followed his orders, efficiently forming a circle to end out in all directions to locate this Liz Parker before dawn. Kivar himself had a suspicion that if the girl was even half way intelligent she would be heading back toward Max. But, he was bound and determined not to let her reach her goal. For if the transformation had been completed that would enable the young king to complete the four square and Kivar had no plans on letting the young king become that powerful. Going on gut instinct he pulled a few of his men plus Jeff Parker back toward his vehicle along with the device and headed back in the direction toward where the other royals were currently at in hopes to be able to pick up her signal on the computer system and use her stupid human emotions for her worthless father to succumb to his way of thinking.

Liz's harrowing journey was long, painful and tiring, but she pushed forward. She also figured it would be quickly to walk a direct path to Max, then to stay walking along the road. Both ways had there advantages and disadvantages. If someone had happened to be driving along what appeared to be the deserted road, she might have been able to flag them down for a ride to get back to Max faster, but on the flip side, the person stopping could easily be a skin working for Kivar. Then again going off the main road like she was now, she was finding it to be a lot more dangerous journey as where the side of the road was more smooth and easier to drag her mother with her. The path she was taking now was full of small ditches and foliage to have to move around. But, in the end the fear of being captured by one of Kivar's men or Kivar himself was greater then the fear of being in the middle of no where in the middle of the night was, so she kept moving further and further away from the road. Taking the time to look at her watch, she noted the time was close to four in the morning, which only would give her the cover of darkness for another two to three hours. She had no idea how far she had actually walked, but it felt like a hundred miles to her body. In the distance she could see a small trace of light and hope soared through her body. Her only hope was that might be another fishing cabin along the lake so she could call Maria's cell phone and let everyone know where she was at.

As she moved in the direction of the light, the foliage got more and more dense and was making the journey more and more difficult to continue on while dragging her mother. Seeing a clearing up ahead a few yards away, Liz decided to try to make it there and then she would rest for a few more minutes before continuing on. But, when she reached the clearing, it wasn't just a field, it was a body of water. "The Lake." She stated out loud to no one imparticular. Hope filled her soul as she realized that Max and the other's were at a fishing lodge off of a lake. Not knowing the area she wasn't sure if this was the same lake that the fishing lodge was on or not, but she was more than willing to take the chance. As it was, Liz knew it would be easier to wade through the water floating her mother than to continue to dragging her. She still thanked God, her mother had yet to wake since the crash. She had checked her Mom's pulse each time she stopped and knew she was still alive, so as long as she stayed unconscious she wouldn't feel the pain she would be in if she was awake.

As she continued to look downward at the lake that's when she spotted a small row boat down the hill. She assumed it was someone's fishing boat and Liz almost felt giddy at the thought. If she could make it to the boat, she could place her Mom inside it and row the two of them down to where Max and the other's were. Her only problem was getting her Mom down the hill to where the boat was. Slowly and carefully she began her journey down the slope of the hill, taking extra caution in her footing not to fall. That would be all her mother would need to add to her already injured head. When she finally reached the bottom, she noticed a tent and assumed the boat belonged to the campers. Her first instinct was to wake them up and ask for help, but how could she really. She couldn't explain that there was an evil alien after her, wanting to impregnate her with his child so her could take her chosen husband's throne away from him. She couldn't let anyone see her mother and the condition she was in, because then what if they wanted to take her to the hospital. Then she would never be able to allow Max to heal her so she would be fixed back to her usual beautiful self without raising suspicion. Not to mention the fact that she had no shirt on and not knowing who was in the tent could be just bad news if it turned out to be someone who couldn't care less about helping her at all. She heard too many stories in her life about an individual being taken advantage of when they were at their weakest and right now Liz diffidently considered this her weakest point of her life.

No, there would be no way she could ask for help and take that chance. Instead she made her way over to the lake as quietly as possible with her mother. Using the last of her strength she lifted her mother in the boat, untied it, climbed in and paddled down river in the direction she knew Max was when she had left him. As soon as she was sure she had safely made it away from the campers she let out a sigh of relief and collapsed inside the boat, letting the current move the boat for her. Even though all she wanted to do was fall into a much needed sleep, she knew that couldn't happen. She needed to stay awake, her body ached, every muscle was sore, even ones she didn't realize she had. Her head throbbed in pain, but she was determined to make it back to Max. Once safely in his arms again, he would make all her pain and soreness go away. Then and only then would she sleep soundly. Until then she leaned back against the boat and let the slow current of the water do a little of the work for now. "I'm coming Max, I'm coming." She said to herself mainly, but as the tiny fishing boat continued to float down the lake she swore she could feel herself getting closer to Max's presence.

Kivar, Jeff Parker whose lips had been sealed closed by Kivar so he wouldn't have to hear the man's cries of pain any longer and two other skins drove along the deserted road. Kivar paying close attention to the computer monitor in his possession waiting to receive a signal of the chosen mate's where abouts. By the time they had reach the area from which they had originally started to make camp, Kivar was fuming with anger. He was so positive that Liz bitch would have tried to make it back to where Max was and he was sure they would have been able to pick up her trail by now, but as in the rest of time since he had come to this planet nothing seemed to be going his way. He was no closer to locating the chosen mate, then he had been over an hour ago. Then it happened, it was only one beep. It had come and gone in a matter of seconds. But, it was all Kivar needed to get a fix on where the human bitch was. He had to give the female human more credit than he thought, realizing that she hadn't stayed to the main part of the road as he had originally assumed she would have. Instead she had traveled inward before heading back to the wanna be kid king. "STOP! Turn here." He commanded and the vehicle swerved to the left, driving through foliage.

By the time they reached the clearing that was the lake, Kivar once again saw the beeping on the computer screen of the bitch's location. Smiling now that he did in deed have a fix on her location, but his smile grew to anger in a matter of minutes when he was told the vehicle wouldn't be able to make the sloop of the hill side to follow the path the human girl had taken. Cursing loudly at how close they were, but still too far away to claim victory as of yet. He melding the seat to in case Jeff's body to the back seat of the vehicle and then the three of them set out to reclaim what he considered rightfully his. They reached the bottom of the hillside in record time only to have their journey interrupted by a couple of lowly male life forms.

It took Kivar about a second to decide their miserable fate as his frustration was growing and he needed to take it out on someone. The two body's of the campers laid in a heap by their tent once Kivar had taken the necessary information away from one of them. They had a boat at one time, that was no longer there. It was easy to figure out what had happened to the boat. The human bitch was actually thinking she would make it back to see her beloved, well Kivar was more determined to have his way and he swore when he got her back in his clutches he would make sure she paid for causing him all this trouble. He ordered on of the skins with him to swim in the lake until he caught the girl, while he and the other one headed back to their vehicle to gather the rest of the men. There was only one place that Liz bitch was going and if she was heading there, so was he. But, he decided he would be waiting there with the dead bodies of the royals when she got there. Now that Max had completed the transformation, he was no longer needed. And as long as they continued to use Tess in the four square, they were vulnerable and Kivar had every intention of taking advantage of that vulnerability.

Another round had come and been defeated, but everyone was feeling the affects of the battle. Max tried to rest, like he had ordered the others to, but he simple couldn't. His mind was being affected by the craving again and it raced with the images of Liz all around him. What Liz tasted like when he kissed her, what her body felt like when he touched her, what she smelled like when he held her and more than anything else he could almost imagine exactly what it was like to make love to her. His forehead was already showing signs of the craving as his brow began to sweat. His body already slightly shaking with small tremors that he knew would only get worst as the craving continued to grow. The worst part though is that not only did he know where Liz was, he knew Kivar knew exactly where he was. If they had to go through another battle without Liz, he wasn't sure if he could keep up if the craving took over. He knew for sure Tess wouldn't make another round and as much as he felt hatred toward her, he couldn't help but feel guilty that he would be able to do nothing to save her from being killed if they had to fight another battle. No, their only chance was Liz. He had asked Isabelle to try and dream walk her, but to his dismay that had only succeeded in tiring his sister even more than she already was and hadn't helped since apparently Liz wasn't sleeping.

As the craving continued to grow inside of him and he knew it wouldn't be long before he lost all conscious thought. He needed Liz, they needed Liz. All their lives depended on it. In the back of his mind he could almost hear her voice saying she was coming. His only hope was that he had in deed heard her and it wasn't just his imagination.

End Part 47

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 48

Just as the sun was starting to rise and a dawn of a new day lay before them, both Max and Liz felt each other at the same time in very different places. The craving was starting to take over and Max knew it was only a matter of time now, before he lost it totally. The part he couldn't figure out though was why it was happening. Both he and Liz had come to the conclusion that he had been experiencing the craving to be with Liz due to his basic instinct inside of him to finish the transformation. But, he knew for a fact the transformation had been completed. So why was he once again being driven to be one with Liz again. The need to taste her essence, to feel her body wrapped around his was growing more and more urgent by the minute. By the time the sun began to rise, his body was sweating and trembling so bad, he wouldn't be able to hide it from Michael, Isabelle and Tess any longer.
Suddenly his soul was being filled with a presence it needed more than his physical body needed air and he knew without any doubt what that meant. Liz had to be near. However, he was so busy trying to use his mind to think of where she was, he wasn't listening to his heart that could have easily told him to look down to toward the lake.

Liz could only see the beginning glow of the dawn's light come into view and knew she had to be close to the fishing lodge she had last seen Max at. The day before had been one of the longest days of her life. She could almost feel Max's presence and just that thought made her heart soar. Closing her eyes she let her mind blank out to allow their connection to open and let her heart guide her path for her. Almost immediately she could feel Max's anguish over losing her, the love he carried for her in his heart and soul. But, she could also feel the instinctual need he had to become one with her. It was almost like what she had felt when she was connected to him when he had his cravings to complete the transformation. But, that couldn't be, the transformation had already been completed so why would he be having the cravings again. Confused, but certain of one thing. Max was close.
She wasted no time in taking hold of an oar and her adrenaline pushed her forward. No matter what was causing the craving inside of Max, she knew no matter how much she needed him, he needed her even worst. She only prayed that she could get to him, before Kivar did. In his current position there was no way he would be able to defend himself against an attack from Kivar's men, let alone Kivar himself. "I'm coming Max, I'm coming."

As soon as Liz opened the connection between them, Max felt it. He could feel her anguish over her parents, but he didn't know the true reason. He assumed it was due to the fact that they had taken her away from him and the protection he could provide for her. He could feel her love for him all the way inside of his soul and his soul was giddy with relieve as her feelings flowed over and through him. Then he could feel her concern for him. It was obvious that she already knew what was happening to him, that the craving was back and she sent a wave of love to him through the connection. Letting him know she was coming. In fact he could almost hear her voice in his mind telling him she was coming. With the connection opened between them, Max let his heart take over instead of his mind and he immediately could breath in her scent. Now there was no doubt in his mind at all, it was Liz's smell he breathed in with each breath. Turning toward the lake, he knew before he even saw her that was the direction she was coming from. Max immediately took a step toward the lake when out of no where the voice he knew all too well called to him.

"Going somewhere?" Kivar took a step out from the foliage he had been hiding in. He had been watching the boy king for some time, waiting for his men to meet him there. He knew that human bitch was somewhere on the lake and he had no intention of letting Max get any where near where she was. So the moment he saw Max turning toward the lake and take a step toward it, he knew he couldn't wait another moment to surprise the young king with his presence.

Michael, Isabelle and Tess had all heard Kivar's voice also the moment he had spoken to Max and were immediately by Max's side starting to form their positions in the four square. Kivar couldn't hold back the sick laugh at the thought of the four of them trying to bluff their way into letting him believe they had the power of the four square between the four of them. This was going to be so easy. He was going to enjoy taking them out and then taking the chosen mate for himself back to Antar so she could bare his child with the royal seal on it, making him himself the true King of Antar. Not knowing that Kivar knew that Tess was just faking being a part of the four square and not knowing that Kivar also knew that Liz was on the lake somewhere, Max tried to bluff his way out to give Liz the time to get here.
His senses were totally linked to Liz and knew that she was just a few more minutes away.
"I hope you're still laughing when we take you and your slimy skins down."

"AH, such empty threats from a boy king. You would be wise to accept your fate now and I promise to kill all of your kin quickly. I'm sorry I won't be able to keep the same promise to you however, Max. You, I will need to take back with me so you can be publicly executed properly this time." Kivar sneered.

Max could feel Liz getting closer and closer, he just had to keep up the charade for a few more minutes and tyranny Kivar had caused his people would be at an end. "Sorry to disappoint you Kivar, but you'll never be able to defeat the four square and you know it."
Max taunted back, wanting his voice to sound as menacing as he could muster.

Another evil laugh erupted from Kivar. "Maybe I'll make sure you have a birdseye view of your chosen mate as she screams my name when I plant my seed deep inside of her. I have to admit she gave me more difficult of a time tracking her, then I had originally had given her credit. I due have to commend you on your choice of a mate. She's so much more than your whore there ever was."

"FUCK YOU, KIVAR!" Tess shouted out as she threw one of her own energy blasts directly at his head only to have him easily shield himself away from it.

The moment he deflected her energy blast so easily, they all knew the jig was up. Kivar knew that Tess wasn't a member of the four square any more. "At least I was able to enjoy Ava in bed in your last life Tess. You on the other hand, I wouldn't take you to my bed if you bed ME! My only mistake was not killing you at the same time I killed that bastard you bore and tried to pawn off as the true heir. Well, I've certainly learned my lesson, let's see if you have." With that said Kivar sent a powerful energy blast directly at Tess so quickly no one had time to react at all. The blast hit Tess straight in the chest causing her to go down instantly. The other skins came out of the foliage and they too began to send wave after wave of energy blasts directly at Tess.

Max threw up his shield, but as he feared would happen, the shield never came close to even protecting a small portion of Tess's body. Her body jerked and spasmed with each hit and even with Michael taking out as many skins as he could, nothing could be done to keep them from their continuous attack upon Tess. Liz had made it to shore just in time to see the first blast hit Tess and she watched in horror as the skins continued to attack her. She noted how every blast wasn't strong enough to kill her, but strong enough to make her wish she was dead. Her death was soon to come, but everyone knew what Kivar and his men were doing. They were torturing her to death in a slow agonizing fashion. Tess withered in pain on the ground until she could feel no more pain as every nerve ending in her body had been scorched and her body simply jerked at response to the energy blasts as they continued to strike her body. Tess looked over to where Liz was hiding in the foliage and she knew there was only one way she would get her revenge for her son now. Making eye contact with Liz she spoke through pain filled eyes, hoping that Liz would understand what she was about to do. Tess held up her hand with three fingers up. One by one she counted them down, then closed her eyes in deep concentration.

It only took Liz one finger count to figure what Tess wanted from her. She watched her count down from three fingers to two, from two to one, then watched as she closed her eyes and Liz knew she was trying to form a mind warp on the skins to give her a chance to get to Max and others and complete the four square. Knowing Tess wasn't going to be able to hold the mind warp long, Liz jumped to her feet and began to race toward Max.

Max saw Liz jump up and his first instinct was to yell at her "No!" To stay down, stay safe, but as she raced across the gravel road from the foliage toward them he saw how Tess appeared to be in deep concentration and how the skins seemed not to even take notice of Liz's appearance when she came out of the coverage of the foliage. The only problem was Kivar, apparently Tess's mind warp wasn't strong enough to fool him and Max watched in horror as Kivar raised his hand toward Liz. He knew Kivar wanted Liz alive, but he wouldn't put it past him to take off her legs with an energy blast to prevent her from reaching the safety of the four square. "Isabelle, draw on Tess's power of her mind warp on Kivar. Michael shoot that son of a bitch!" He commanded as he concentrated on throwing his shield out in front of Liz to protect her from Kivar's blast.

At the same time, Isabelle extended the mind warp and Kivar lost sight of Liz. He was smart enough to know he was being mind warped and let an energy blast fly in the direction he knew she was currently running. Just as he let go of his own energy blast, he was hit square in the chest of one of Michael's blast and Max's shield went up in front of Liz just seconds before Kivar's blast would have hit her. Liz wasted no time in flinging herself in the safety of Max's arms. "NOOooooo!" Kivar shouted out as he laid on the ground and watched as Liz made it to the safety of the four square. "Kill Them! Kill THEM ALL!" He shouted out as he made his way back to the coverage of the foliage to recoup himself from the blast his body he was currently in took. He knew the human body he was processing didn't stand a chance of surviving, in fact it was only still alive due to Kivar's presence himself. But, he couldn't hold onto the body if it perished and Kivar knew that. He needed another body and he needed one quickly. The only available human body even close at this point was the chosen mate's father, one Jeff Parker. Making a quick decision he quickly jumped bodies, then healed the wounds that Jeff had sustained from not only him, but from the accident he had been in the afternoon before.

The skins were more than willing to follow Kivar's as they stopped blasting only Tess and began an all out blast party toward the young king and his companions. With Liz in his arms, Max felt the strength of twenty armies within him, he didn't even bother to look toward the skins, he simple waved his arm behind him and his energy shield came alive and looked stronger than any of his other shields that Michael and Isabelle had ever seen. Michael looked on in amazement and was sure not even a nuclear weapon would be able to by pass the shield. Wanting to test Max's theory on the true amount of energy they would have with the power of the true four square formed, he reached over and laid his hand on Max's shoulder. The connection was instantaneous and the amount of energy he felt blew him away. Isabelle followed suit and she too couldn't believe the amount of energy she now felt. Both wanting to try it out, test the waters sort of, raised their hands together. Once again Max blew them away when his energy shield shimmered open two holes only large enough that their hands could show through and they both let the power of their new four square flow through them and out their hands. Both blasts were so powerful that it knocked out one-third of the skins they were battling against instantly. "Holy Shit, Maxwell!" Michael commented, but Max's mind wasn't on the battle any longer.

Max's only thought was that he had Liz in his arms and he was kissing every part of her face, neck and shoulders that his mouth could reach. Needing to quench his thirst for her, like a man in the desert needed to quench his thirst with water. Liz could feel everything that Max was feeling and she knew how much he needed her. Not wanting to waste another minute longer in a battle that was futile now on their enemies part, Liz whispered. "Max, honey. Remember when Nicholas told you how you use to decide the fate of an army with a blink of an eye. I need you too much right now, blink your eye at them."

Pulling his mouth away from her neck, he looked her in the eye unsure of what she was meaning. "What?" He knew what Nicholas had said, but had no idea what he had meant by it.

"The mind control. Tell them to kill themselves and once their gone, we can have all the time in the world to be alone." Liz stated in a matter of fact tone, more than sure this was what his new power was meant for.

Still holding her in his arms and not willing to question why she sounding so sure that it would work. Max looked over his shoulder and as he made eye contact with each skin, he stated in their mind. 'Kill yourself.' Two simple words, but to his, Michael's and Isabelle's utter amazement. One by one the skins held there palm of their hands to the small of their back and released an energy blast causing their husks to fly apart before them. The battle was over in a matter of seconds, until Jeff Parker stepped out from behind the foliage. Liz started to pull away from Max to run over to her father, when Max stopped her. "No, Liz, it's not your Dad. It's Kivar."

They watched on as Jeff raised his hand and sent an energy blast directly into the shield. The blast was more powerful than they had come across before. Max's energy shield shimmered slightly, but held in place. None of them knew what to do, they couldn't blast Liz's father to smithereens, yet they knew they couldn't keep Max's shield up forever. Max tried his mind control ability in hopes he could get Kivar to leave Jeff Parker's body. Looking him straight in the eye, he commanded in Kivar's mind. 'Leave that body.'

Jeff laughed an evil laugh. "Your mind control games are for the weak minds you fool. You will never be strong enough to use that against me."

Max, Michael and Isabelle were at a lose as to what to do. All three turned to Liz wanting her to make the decision. If they took out Kivar they took out her father as well. As much problems as Jeff Parker had caused them in the past few days, he was still Liz's father and there was no way the three of them felt they had the right to take his life. Liz knew the fate of all of them were in her hands, including her own father's. Suddenly an idea popped into her head. Somewhere inside her father, her father's mind was still there. Max couldn't use his mind control on Kivar's mind, but he should be able to reach her own father's mind that must be under Kivar's own control. "Tell my father's mind to stop breathing." She stated once again in that same matter of fact tone she had used before.

"WHAT? Liz, I can't..He's your father." Max began to protest as Jeff, aka Kivar sent another energy blast directly at them, weaken Max's shield once again with the power it had behind it.

"No, Max, listen to me. You tell my father's mind to stop breathing. When he dies, Kivar will be forced to leave his body. We blast Kivar's spirit, killing him using the power of the four square and then we revive my father. The brain will stay alive for a few minutes after the heart stops. It will work. I trust you Max. You can do this. If not, we are all going to be dead or worst. Please Max, you have to try this. I trust you." She repeated her words of trust, knowing that was exactly what Max needed to hear.

Looking over to Michael, then to his sister. You guys ready, we need to do this quickly or the outcome will be unacceptable." Meaning the death of Liz's father wasn't something he would be able to live with. Both Isabelle and Michael nodded their heads in understanding.
Kivar released another energy wave, then another. Max's shield still held strong, but all four of them could tell it was weakening and they wouldn't be able to keep it going forever.
"As soon as Jeff goes down, watch for Kivar's spirit to leave his body. He'll try to make a run for it, but this ends today. Everyone ready." With nods all around, Max made eye contact with Kivar once again. This time his mind reached out to find Jeff Parker's in lieu of Kivar's. Amazing to him, it didn't take long to reach it and he gave the command Liz had instructed him to do. 'Stop breathing.'

Liz held her breath as she watched her father's skin begin to turn a bluish tint and she bit her lower lip in prayer when she watched her father's body fall to his knees as the lack of oxygen caused his heart to stop beating. She paid close attention the moment she saw him let out his last breath of life and was amazed when she saw Kivar's spirit rising out from inside her father's body. But, to her dismay no one did anything. Michael, Isabelle and Max all stood watching as Kivar's spirit rose further and further away. It was at that moment she realized they probably couldn't see it. She alone could see it, but she didn't have the power to blast it. "Michael eight o'clock." She yelled out.

"Uh..What?" Michael was in full concentration looking for Kivar's spirit when Liz yelled out the time. He had no idea what she was talking about and right now he needed to keep his concentration on when Kivar's spirit left Jeff Parker's body so he could blast him and end this war once and for all.

"MICHAEL, TEN O'Clock! BLAST AT Ten O'Clock!" Liz screamed in panic. Every second counted at this point and she didn't have time to explain to Michael in detail what was happening.

Michael still seemed confused, but it was Max that caught on to what Liz was saying. For some reason she was able to see the evil spirit within that his mother had spoke to them about all those months ago, where they weren't able to. "Michael SHOOT!" Not understanding still, but figuring he could ask questions later, he let go a wave of energy in the direction that ten o'clock on a clock face would be from him.

"You Missed. Eleven O'Clock. SHOOT NOW!" Another wave of his full energy blast was released immediately and all four of them heard the connection of the impact even though only one could see it.

End Part 48

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 49

Max didn't hesitate in his movements. He understood the importance of what he needed to do.
No matter what Jeff Parker thought of him or what he was or if he disagreed with his and Liz's relationship. None of that mattered, what mattered was the fact that Jeff Parker was Liz's father and even though he was a major pain in the ass and Max wanted to strangle him sometimes. Liz loved her father and Max could feel Liz's fear of losing her father.

The moment he heard Michael's blast connect with something, Kivar's essence he assumed he took off for Jeff's body. He didn't look back, but knew Liz was right on his heels. The two of them knelt beside Liz's father and Max quickly placed his hand on Jeff's chest to restart his heart. "Hold his eyes opened." He commanded to Liz, knowing he needed to make a connection to use his mind command power to command Jeff to breath again. He could get his heart started again, but if his mind wouldn't allow him to take a breath it wouldn't do any good.

Liz held her breath while she watched Max working on her father. When she saw her father take his first intake of air back into his lungs, that was when she also took her first breath again. Slowly Jeff opened his eyes to see his daughter hovering over him. "Dad? Can you hear me?"

Jeff didn't answer in words just yet, he was still unsure of what exactly happened. One minute he was in so much pain he wanted to die. The next thing he knew was opening his eyes and seeing his only daughter's worried face hovering over his. He gave his daughter a small smile, then his mind went to his wife. "Nancy?" He questioned as he tried to get up.

At the mention of her mother Liz's eyes went wide. She hadn't pulled her mother from the small fishing boat when they had arrived at the fishing lodge. Her mind was focused on getting to Max, then the battle that followed with the Skins, then her father not dying. Now that her father seemed okay and was asking about her mother's where abouts, it brought her back to the reality of what she and her mother had gone through in the last twenty-four hours. "Oh My God, Max! She's in the boat!"

One look at Liz's face and Max knew her mother must be hurt. He nodded his head toward Liz and was about to go help her out, when Jeff jumped up. "What boat? What happened to her?"
Jeff didn't think about how he didn't feel the pain he had been in before, nor the fact that he was seconds from dying only a mere few moments before. It didn't even occur for him to try to think what had just happened to him, his only thoughts was for his wife.

Liz was afraid of what her father would do or how it would effect him if he saw the condition her mother was in at the moment. She wanted to save him from having to lay witness to the disfigurement of her face and having to live with that memory. "Dad, Max will take care of Mom. You need to rest." She motioned for Max to go ahead down to the boat that was still by the lake while she kept a hand on her father's arm.

"No, Liz. I'm fine." He pulled his arm away and ran in the direction Max already started to go. The two men reached the small fishing row boat at the same time, one crushed and one determined to make things right. "Oh God No! Nancy. Nancy, I'm so sorry. I love you." Jeff confessed as he knelt beside the boat and pulled his wife into his arms.

"Jeff, I need to heal her." Max stated softly, not wanting to intrude on such a private moment between husband and wife, but knowing that he could help make things right.

Still holding his wife in his arms and not really listening to what Max had just said, he turned toward Max. "We need to call an ambulance. We've got to get her to the hospital."
He stated without evening thinking about Max's abilities. He had been told that Max had healed his daughter from the gun shot wound all those many months ago and he had been told that Max had the power to heal, but he was so caught up with getting his daughter to safety that he hadn't really listened.

By this time Michael, Isabelle and Liz had also made it down to the small row boat. Isabelle immediately gasped at the sight of Nancy Parker's face. Liz was also affected more now than she had been in all the time she had been dragging her throughout the night. She had been so driven, so determined to get back to Max so he could heal her mother, that she really didn't let her mind process what had actually happened to her. Max tried to tell Jeff once again that he would take care of Nancy, but Jeff was too shocked and upset at the sight of his wife to really hear and comprehend what Max was trying to say. Finally Max looked to Liz for help, knowing that now wasn't the time to try to reason with Jeff. Now was the time for action. "Dad, please. Let Max see Mom. Come on..." She once again pulled at her father's arm in hopes of getting him to relinquish his hold on his wife so Max could do his magic.

Liz's efforts were in vain though, as Jeff refused to leave his wife's side. Michael was the one that took control of the situation though as he gave Max a knowing look and the two of them approached the two elder Parker's. Michael pulled a screaming mad Jeff Parker away from his wife, while Max gently lifted Liz's mother into his arms to lift her out of the boat. He only carried her a few feet away from the lake before placing her down on the gravel road. As strong as Michael was, no amount of strength in the world would have kept Jeff away from his wife at the moment. He shrugged out of Michael's grasp and knelt beside
his wife on the other side from Max.

Max on the other hand was having a difficult time forming the needed connection to heal Nancy with her still being unconscious. "Liz, I need your help." Liz didn't hesitate and knelt next to him and her mother. "I'm going to connect to her, through you. Place your hand on her head and don't think of anything, but your Mom. Okay?"

Liz nodded her head in agreement and did what Max asked. The moment Max laid his hand on Liz their connection roared to life easily. Max used their connection and the connection between mother and daughter to gain access to Nancy. Once the connection was formed he went to work. Jeff watched stunned at how Max seemed to miraculously fix his wife's broken jaw,
broken nose, swollen eye and head wound. Max also fixed the hemorrhage that had formed on Nancy's right side of her brain that no one could see. The healing of Nancy Parker took quite a bit of energy and by the time he had healed all of her serious injuries, Max was completely wiped out. He sat back on his heels and his head practically fell into Liz's lap as he lost conscious. "MAX!" Liz yelled, the concern in her voice for the man she loved highly apparent and she feared he had pushed himself too far.

Michael was quick to step in and take command of the situation. "He'll be okay, Liz. He just over did it. Let's get him inside so he can rest. Isabelle, why don't you help Jeff get Nancy inside and Liz and I will take care of Max." The two women didn't argue and surprisingly neither did Jeff. The four of them helped the other two into the fishing lodge.

Liz laid on the pull out bed along side of Max, while Jeff laid his wife down in the bed the two of them had shared the day they had arrived. Isabelle then walked up to Michael. "Do you think it's over now?"

"It will never be over." He answered shortly. He knew that until Max reclaimed the throne on Antar and Liz was recognized as the Queen, pregnant with Max's child. There would always be the threat that someone would try to take the throne from Max using Liz. "I'm going to take care of Tess's body. You should rest too." He finally stated, changing the subject.

"If you don't mind, I's rather tend to Tess's body." Isabelle stated, but before she left she asked. "What was it like in Florida when Liz received the symbol?"

"It was...amazing. Maria and I were sitting on the couch, when we seen this bright blue light form over the ocean and went up toward the stars. We were both awestruck from it..Well, until we realized it was coming from our condo. Actually from Max and Liz more precisely. I've never seen anything more amazing in my life, nor do I think I ever will witness something as spectacular again." Michael's face took on a serene look as the memory of what he had witnessed took over. "I know we both thought Max was wrong to get involved with Liz in the beginning, but I never really understood the connection the two of them had.
I mean, I love Maria with all my heart, but it doesn't even touch what Max and Liz have. Did you feel it? I mean their connection, when we were connected together in the four square."

Nodding her head in agreement, she answered. "Yeah, I did. I never felt so much power in my life, but it wasn't just power, it was love. True, unconditional love. It was almost too overwhelming to control. I love Jesse, just like you love Maria, but your right. There is no comparison. I don't even know if the two of them realize how strong their bond is."

"Can you try to explain it to an old fool?" The question came from the hallway, where one Jeff Parker stood looking solemn. Anyone could see the guilt he felt over what he had done
or worst, what could have happened to his daughter because of him.

Isabelle spun around and was shocked to see the look that was on Mr. Parker's face. "I'm sorry, we thought you were lying down. Uh..How's Nancy?"

"She's perfect, thank you for asking. Your brother does good work. I wish...God I was such a fool. What was I thinking when I took Liz away from here? Away from Max." His words spoken with regret. He hadn't realized just how big a fool he had been until he was taken to Kivar and literally tortured to the point where he wished Kivar would've just killed him.
Then as he watched Max heal is wife. He also realized Max must have healed him too, even after everything he and his wife had done to separate Max away from his daughter. Max still healed them both. He had misjudged Max, not trusted his own daughter's voice of reason and almost got his entire family killed because he couldn't accept that his daughter was better off with Max, then with him.

Isabelle was about to tell him it was okay, she understood that he was only thinking of his daughter's best interest when Michael spoke up. "Yes, you were. What I don't understand is? Even after we told you what could happen to Liz, even after what you yourself had already witnessed how cruel our enemies could be, you took her away. You say you love your daughter, but then you take her away from the only people that can protect her. If you haven't noticed there is a war going on and it's not just on a planet far far away. It's right here, right now and we are all you've got to help you fight against it." Michael's voice was calm, but the angry underlying tones were highly apparent. Liz was his Queen and
father or no father, the man that stood before him put His Queen in danger and he wasn't going to sugar coat that fact away from him just because he was feeling all guilty about it now. It was just the same as Tess, sure she said she didn't mean to kill Alex, it was just an accident. But, the result was the same. Alex is still dead and Michael had no intention of seeing any more of his friends and loved ones be killed because of something so stupid as the *I didn't mean for it to happen* excuse.

"Now wait just a min.." Jeff started to argue back.

"NO! Because of you, my family, your family, were almost kill and God knows what Kivar would have done had he gotten his hands on Liz. Like it or not, Liz is a Queen. My QUEEN and I don't care who you are, you will never place my Queen in danger again!" Michael was vivid with the nerve of this man before him.

Michael's words struck deep inside and Jeff stopped arguing finally. How could he argue the fact that Michael spoke the truth? Eating his pride once and for all, he nodded in agreement and lowered his head in shame. "I'm sorry." Those two words just didn't seem enough, but that's the only thing he could think to say.

Isabelle on the other hand could see how much guilt Liz's father was feeling and although she did agree with Michael, she knew it was time to make peace. "Mr. Parker, Jeff...My brother Max loves your daughter. He would never harm her or allow anything or anyone to harm her. Love doesn't even sound strong enough for the feelings the two of them share. They have this connection, this binding connection that I doubt death would even be enough to pull them a part. I know it's hard for you to accept, you still see Liz as your little girl....."

Isabelle's speech as put to a quick halt when Max appeared in the doorway between the den and living room. "Jeff, I think it's time the two of us talked man to man." Max had regained consciousness within minutes. His body automatically responding to being in Liz's presence. One of her arms was draped over his chest, one leg laid across his and her head rested on his shoulder with her face pressed close to his neck. The burning desire to be with her had ignited rapidly with her body so close to his. The craving was getting intense and Max had no qualms about satisfying the craving his body so desired. He lightly stroked her hair, letting the satiny locks to drift through his fingers. While his other hand immediately started to roam up and down her petite form. As his fingers wove through her hair, they came upon a mass of tangles and a dried sticky substance. Lifting his head so he could see what it was that his fingers had found, shocked him to his core. There on the back of Liz's head was a large knot and the dried sticky substance was dried blood. Liz's dried blood. He was about to ask Liz what happened, when he noticed for the first time how deep in sleep she was. Without thinking twice he quickly ran his hand over her head wound and healed her. The flashes came quick as lightning and replayed what the woman who was laying in his arms had gone through in the last day or so. He could feel her fear, her determination, her love. Not only for him, but for her parents too. They ended almost as soon as they had begin, but Max now understood how much she had been through and craving or no craving there was no way he was going to wake her up to appease him.

It was at that moment he could hear Michael's voice being raised in the other room and decided to check up on the rest of the group while Liz slept. He had opened the door just in time to hear Isabelle's speech to Liz's father and knew it was time for him to take over this conversation. He waited for Liz's father to acknowledge his request and when he saw his head nod, Max motioned for Michael to watch over Liz. Knowing the conversation between Jeff and Max was long over do neither Michael nor Isabelle hesitated to give the two of them the privacy they deserved. Michael went inside the den to watch over Liz as she slept and Isabelle walked out the front door to take care of Tess's remains.

At first both men simply stood in an awkward silence. It was Max that spoke first. "Do you want to sit down?"

"Actually I was thinking about having a cup of coffee, care to join me?" Jeff actually thought about having a stiff drink to help settle his nerves, but since there wasn't any alcohol available he went for the next best thing. Max nodded and the two men walked in silence toward the kitchen. Max sat at the table still remaining quiet, while Jeff went about preparing the coffee. Both understood the importance of the conversation they were about to have, but neither were really ready to begin it just yet. With two freshly brewed cups of coffee placed at the table, Jeff began. "I want to know your exact intentions toward my daughter." He stated in his best fatherly tone. He had already heard most of what was going to happen, but he was still Liz's father and he had a right to inquire about his own daughter's future.

"Jeff, I want to make one thing clear here and now. Liz may be your daughter and she loves and respects you more than you realize, but Liz and I are already bonded together. She will be the Queen of Antar and she will bare the next heir to the throne. If she wishes us to be married according to the laws of this planet, I will marry her without hesitation. If the day comes that I have to return to my home planet, Liz will be by my side." Max answered confidently. He wasn't about to allow Liz's father to try to deny what was already set in motion. So Max laid out the facts as truthfully as he could, without leaving the elder gentlemen a way to argue against his intentions. Especially what they had just been through.

Jeff was stunned by Max's admission, he had always thought of Max as the quiet, shy, individual who could be easily intimated with a fatherly tone or a fatherly look. But, now Jeff was seeing a whole new side of Max Evans. A more forceful, powerful and determined man sat across from him then the boy who would frequent the cafe he owned regularly. "What if Liz decided she didn't want to go to your home planet? Would you force her to go using that mind power thing of yours? How do I know that you didn't force my daughter into making the choice to choose you in the first place? You've been obsessed with my daughter for as long as I can remember and the last thing I knew was that she wanted to get away from you. She left her home, her family, her friends to go to a school in another state just to get away from you. Now suddenly out of the blue, you claim she choose to bond to you at the same time that you discover this so called new power to be able to control people's minds. How do I know for sure the choice that you claim Lizzie made was her choice and not what you wanted her to make? Liz, herself admitted to my wife right here in this kitchen that you have in fact used your power on her." The more Jeff thought about it, the more logical his argument seemed to him. No matter how the facts came about Jeff knew he couldn't just take Liz away from the protection Max had to offer. He had seen first hand how ruthless Max's enemies could be and he had no desire to see his daughter wind up in the hands of another crazed alien. But, he still wanted the truth from Max.

Max was now the one stunned by Jeff's words. It was at this moment in time that Max understood why Jeff had taken Liz away the way he had. Placing himself inside Jeff's shoes, he more than understood his fears. Knowing he needed to reassure him, but also knowing that just his word might not be good enough. Hell, if the roles would have been reversed would he accept just his word. "I can assure you the choice Liz made was of her own free will. I didn't even know I had the power to control people's minds until after we had gone through the bonding ceremony. I'm going to be honest with you Jeff. You are right about Liz leaving to go to school out of state because of me and the fact that I have indeed used my new power on Liz. The first time it happened, was the very first time I had ever used it and I didn't even really know I was using it. As soon as I realized what I had done, I stopped. The second and only other time I have or will ever use my power on her was when she had requested me to do so. I understand how you could doubt my word about this, but you have to understand. The bonding ritual that Liz and I experienced could not be completed unless both parties choose each other willing. The transfer of the seal could not have been done if Liz hadn't accepted me completely as her choice. The bonding comes from not only the mind, but from the heart and the soul also and I have no way to control either of those. The choice was Liz's."

Jeff honestly wanted to believe Max, he had witnessed Max healing his wife. He had been told the story of how Max had healed Liz, Kyle and Jim Valenti. He also learned about the healings at the hospital of all those children with cancer. If anything, Max was no evil monster out to destroy a planet. He was kind, caring and placed other's before himself. "I want to believe you Max, I do. Explain to me what you made my daughter do when you did use your power on her the first time?" Jeff thought maybe if he knew the exact way Max had used his power on his daughter, maybe, just maybe he would be able to move past the thought of Max commanding his daughter to make a life commitment to him.

Max was in the middle of taking a drink of his coffee when Jeff had posed his question and immediately spit the contents of the drink out of his mouth. "Wh..What? Mr. Parker, that really isn't relevant and I...."

"Max, I want to know and I expect you to be honest with me." Jeff had noticed how nervous his question had made Max. Suddenly Max was that shy, quiet young man he had known for so long again sitting across from him.

Closing his eyes Max recalled the first time he had actually used his power on Liz. He had seduced her in the bathroom of the motel room they shared with Michael and Maria after they had left Florida. Then they had climbed under the covers in their bed and began to make love. He could almost feel her body sliding up and down on top of him, riding him to complete blissfulness when he had looked into her eyes and told her to fuck him. He hadn't even realized that he had used his new power until after Michael had thrown that pillow at them, making him stop and seeing the look of devastation on Liz's face when she couldn't.
How was he supposed to look Liz's father in the eye and explain that one to him?

End Pt49
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 50

Isabelle stepped around Tess's body. "I guess we are supposed to be thankful to you for your help and I guess I should feel sorry for you for the way you perished. But, I can't.
You killed someone that didn't deserve to die, someone who was the very first person to care for me, the real me. Someone I didn't have to hide who I was, someone who made me actually laugh. I will always remember Alex and I will always mourn his death. Alex and I may not have ended up together, I probably would have still fallen in love with Jesse. But, Alex will also hold a spot in my heart. But, you. I feel nothing for you. You lied, cheated, betrayed and murdered. You were selfish, power hungry and deceitful. We should have been friends, we should have been there for each other through thick and thin. Perhaps things would have been different if you hadn't been raised by Nasedo, if you had come out of the pods the same time as the rest of us. But, ultimately you choose your own path and for what you did, what you took away from us. I will never feel sorry for you, nor will I mourn your death. I feel nothing for you. Good Bye, Tess." With that she raised her hand and fired. The body of Tess Hardin turned to dust instantly and Isabelle put the memory of Tess behind her once and for all, but the memory of the one she took will always stay locked in a special place in her heart forever. "Alex Charles Whitman, I will always love you. Rest in peace now my love as your death as finally been revenged." Isabelle looked to the heavens and swore she could see a star twinkling at her, even though the sun was up and shining brightly.

Inside the fishing lodge's kitchen, Max was still trying to figure out exactly how to explain to Liz's father in what way he had used the mind command on the man's daughter. "Max, I want the truth." Jeff emphasized the last word, letting Max know he would accept nothing less than the complete truth.

"Jeff, as much as I want to be completely honest with you. This is one thing I just can't
tell you. I'm sorry."

Jeff sat back in his chair, looking Max over. He could see the battle the young man had been having with himself. Debating how to answer Jeff's question and as much as he could see how hard it was for Max to tell him, he still needed the answer. "That's not good enough Max. I feel, you owe me the answer."

Max eyed Liz's father, knowing for some reason he wasn't going to let this go until he was told the truth. But, was the truth something he really wanted to know. "Jeff, it is personal between Liz and I."

"Are you telling me you forced my daughter to do something personal to you, as in intimate
personal?" Max could literally see the steam coming out of Jeff Parker's ears. His eyes were blazing with anger and Max knew he was thinking the worst and Max had to make sure he understood he would never ever force Liz to do something like that against her will.

"NO! I would never...I mean, we were already...It isn't what your thinking." Max was blabbering like an idiot trying to defend his and Liz's honor.

"Well, what I'm thinking right now is pretty bad. So I suggest you start talking and I mean right NOW!" Jeff's mind was racing with images of Max raping his daughter and if Max didn't start correcting him immediately. Evil alien enemies or not, he was going to get his daughter away from Max Evans immediately.

God, he was such an idiot. He never should have said anything, now he was sure that Liz's father believed he raped his daughter. From the way he was looking, Max was sure Jeff was about to grab his daughter and leave without looking back again. He needed to get things back under control and he needed to do it quickly. "Jeff, I swear I didn't do what your thinking right now. Liz and I were making love. We made a connection during our love making and I..I.."

"You what?" As hard as it was to hear that his daughter had intimate relations with Max, he needed to hear exactly what Max had done to his daughter. "What did you command my daughter to do?"

Max turned his head away in shame, remembering the look on Liz's face when she continued to make love to him and having no control to stop her actions. "I didn't know about the mind command power, I didn't know. We were making love, she was...I told her....God, I can't tell you this." How could he tell Liz's father, that she was riding him like there was no tomorrow and it felt so good that he told her in the throws of passion to fuck him and she did just that? "Just know that as soon as I figured out what was happening, I stopped it. I would never have done that to Liz." Max tried to reassure Liz's father, but one look in
his eyes told him he hadn't achieved that goal. In fact, as far as he could see it was just the opposite. Jeff Parker was getting ready to either hit him or worst, so Max quickly blurted out without thinking. "I didn't know I had that kind of power. Kidnapping her from school was worst. I at least knew I was using my powers on Liz then."

Jeff stood up, slapping his hands down on the kitchen table. "YOU, KIDNAPPED MY DAUGHTER?!"

Shaking his head at his own stupidity, to tell the man before him who already had visions of him raping his daughter that he had actually kidnapped her to begin with was not the smartest move on his part. One second they were sitting and talking, now Jeff was turning to leave. Luckily Max's own personal savior walked into the kitchen in the spirit Max had always come to love about her.

Michael had called Maria's cell phone almost immediately to let them know Kivar and the skins were dealt with and they were okay. He had let her know about Tess, but her reaction was about the same as theirs, she felt nothing for her. As soon as Maria had gotten off the phone with Michael, she and the other's hopped back in the car to return to the fishing lodge. Jim, along with Kyle, Philip and Diane Evans and the DeLuca women hadn't really gone that far away in the first place. None of them felt right about leaving the four teenagers to fend for themselves against an enemy that was as powerful as Kivar. So when they had left, they drove to the next town over and rented a few rooms for the night awaiting to hear news from the others.

Upon arriving at the fishing lodge, the six human members of the I know an alien club couldn't believe their eyes. The fishing cabin itself remained in perfect tact, but the foliage and the trees surrounding the place looked like it was some kind of war zone, which of course it was. Jim had barely gotten the car stopped, when Maria was running for the front door of the lodge to throw herself into Michael's arms. But, the minute she walked inside she heard Liz's father yelling at the top of his lungs about Liz's kidnapping and it only took a second for Maria to figure out who he was yelling at. Not wanting to waste any time and knowing that Liz's father and Max's conversation needed a little tension breaker she headed straight for the kitchen. She saw the look of anguish on Max's face and knew her first thoughts were correct. Putting on her best smiling face, she began to laugh and breezed further into the kitchen. "Oh you have got to hear how Liz and I got even with him and Michael, even though they did it to save our asses from being killed, it really is a great story!"

Jeff Parker spun around to eye his daughter's oldest and dearest friend, laughing apparently in memory of the situation. Then her words sank into his head, 'even though they did it to save our asses from being killed.' "Killed?"

Maria knew that would get Liz's father to calm instantly and it worked. Wording her words as carefully as possible so Jeff wouldn't go back to blaming Max again, she began the explanation. "Yeah, see Max here saw a sniper aiming his rifle right at Liz. Well, you know how Max would do anything to make sure she was safe, so he and Michael come to the boarding school to try to warn the two of us of the danger we were in. Of course, we were both still upset with them for them being, well guys. Anyway, we didn't give them a chance to explain what was up or why they were there so they kidnapped us away so that sniper guy couldn't kill us. But, that's not the good part of the story....." Maria then went on to tell the tale of how her and Liz played on their guilt about kidnapping them to make them go shopping and stuff. She made sure to explain that both Max and Michael had given them a choice to leave of their own accord, once they were out of immediate danger. She also made sure to leave out the way they had teased them reliantly with sexual over tones. By the time she was done, every one in the room was in tears laughing at the way the girls had taken advantage of the situation.

Max was so grateful for Maria he wanted to hug her to death. Reliving their time together through Maria's eyes made Max remember all the other times Liz and him had been together during their little trip. As his mind wandered, the craving came back full force. Being able to hold and kiss her a short while ago had sustained him in order to have the conversation with Liz's father like he had been, even though thinking of the first time he had used his mind command power and picturing Liz's body moving over his had made the tinge of the craving start. Now, however, there was no mistake what he was feeling. There was also no more time as his craving didn't just creep up on him slowly like it had in the past.
No, he had already denied it for way too long, when it returned, it returned full force. His body temperature rose at least five degrees within minutes and it began trembling with desire. His loins began to ache for release and knew there was only one person who would satisfy what he needed. He found himself having difficulty seeing, due to the sweat of his over heated body dripping from his forehead into his eyes. Liz's scent from the other room filled his senses and he had one focus and one focus only, Liz.

Maria was still going on about their escapades when she took a good look at Max. She knew what she was happening and looked over to see that Isabelle too, had already seen the condition her brother was in. The two girls shared a secret agreement, so Maria kept talking while Isabelle went over to Max. "Max, I need to ask you something. Can you come into the other room with me?" She stated out loud so everyone in the room could hear her, then quietly whispered in his ear so only he could hear. "I'll taking to the den."

"Ca..Can't seeee." Max slurred out, his mind was completely taken over by the craving to be one with Liz. He couldn't even open his eyes any longer, his other senses taking over control of his body. Even though he was grateful for his sisters quick thinking, that thought was quickly taken away as another wave of lust hit him completely. If it hadn't been for Isabelle's tight hold on his arm as she led him out of the kitchen where everyone had been gathered except for Liz and Michael, he would have surely collapsed right there in front of everyone.

Within another minute, Michael and Isabelle rejoined the group. "Where's Max and Liz?" Amy
asked as the other two aliens came back into the kitchen.

"Liz is still resting, so Max is standing guard while she sleeps. I kind of wanted to..Uh..
Hey Maria." Michael finally got out as he went over to the woman he was going to marry and embraced her in a tight hug.

"He really does love her, doesn't he?" Jeff questioned, having Maria tell the story of how this whole adventure had begun made him finally begin to see the light.

Maria turned to Liz's father. "Mr. P., Liz owns Max's soul at this point. She's means everything to him. Now that they're bonded and you do know they are bonded, right?" As he nodded to confirm he did understand that part at least, or at least he thought he did, she continued. "Yeah, well, now that they are bonded, Max can't survive without Liz. I mean how long could you survive without your soul. Like I said, Liz owns Max's soul."

Isabelle and Michael threw each other a look of understanding at Maria's words. Maria had been speaking in the look into my eyes soul mate type of relationship that she knew her best friend and Max shared, unknowing how accurate her statement literally was. Max and Liz weren't just bonded, they weren't just lovers, nor just soul mates. Max and Liz's connection together surpassed anything they could ever dream of having. Now they understood why. Max hadn't just given his mind, body and heart over to Liz Parker. He had given his soul to her and his own physical body can't survive without a regular rejoining of his soul.
The only way that could happen now, was when Liz and Max's bodies joined. In doing so, their souls would join also and during that time Max's physical body got the energy boost from his soul it needed. Now more than ever, both Michael and Isabelle understood the importance of Max being able to be intimate with Liz on a regular basis. If not, his physical body would eventually shut down. Unable to survive without his soul to sustain it.

End Part 50

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Okay, as promised here is the Max/Liz moment. Hope I did them justice, let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Liz awoke with a sense of need, not her own, but there was no doubt in her mind who's need it was. Max and he needed her badly. When she was still on the lake, she had first felt his need. Then when they had connected in the four square it was apparent that what she was feeling on the lake was correct, Max's craving was back. But, with the immediate need to win the battle against the skins, then Kivar, then the fight to save both her parents. Max had been able to reign in his control of the craving and just having her connected to him seemed to sustain it. She remembered helping Michael place Max on the bed in the den, laying down next to him and then the exhaustion from the previous twenty-four hours had caught up with her and she had fallen into a blissful sleep. Now not fully rested, but not totally exhausted as before she was awaken with such a sense of need, it was even blowing her away. She knew without a doubt that it was Max's craving for her once again and knew it had hit him full force and hit quickly. Stumbling out of bed, knowing she needed to get to Max and help him, for she was the only one that would be able to help him now. Her body not yet 100% rested was making it difficult for her to move, but the more awake she became, the more she could feel Max's need for her. And the more she felt his need, the more determined she was to get to him. She felt a hand on her arm, offering support. So in tuned with Max's craving she hadn't noticed Michael at all in the room with her until she turned her head toward him once she felt his hand on her. "M..Max. Need to get...Max." She was still so tired from her adventure, she could barely speak.

Before Michael had time to even process what she was saying, the door to the den was flung open and in the door way was Isabelle holding up one very shaken looking Max. "What the hel..?" Michael began to question, not totally understanding what was happening as of yet, but Isabelle cut him off before he could even finish his question.

"Not now Michael, come on. Max and Liz need to be alone." That was all the explanation she needed to say, since Max and Liz had already gravitated toward each other and were already in a lip lock, devouring each other like there was no tomorrow the instant they came in the same room together. It didn't take Michael long to figure out his own question, as he had already witnessed the two of them like this before. Quickly Michael took Isabelle's arm as she was in awed staring at her brother and Liz, never having gotten the pleasure to see them actually gravitate toward each other like they had just done. Giving Isabelle's arm a good tug, he pulled the two of them out of the den and closed the door behind them.

"Did you see that?" Isabelle questioned the minute they were out of the room.

"Yeah, I've seen it before. Let's just let the other's think Liz is still resting and Max is watching out for her as she sleeps. There's no reason to alert Mr. P. about what's about to happen in there." He nodded his head in the direction of the den's door they had just walked out of. Isabelle agreed quickly and the two of them walked back to the kitchen to join the rest of the group. Upon seeing Maria though, all of Michael's thought processes were gone. He managed to mumble something about that Max was guarding Liz while she slept, hoping he had said it in a calm enough manner. However, his insides were anything but calm. He couldn't wait to be able to hold Maria in his arms again.

The moment Isabelle had opened the door to the den, Max's entire body gravitated toward Liz. He still couldn't really see, but his sense of smell led him directly to her. Engulfing her in his arms and capturing her mouth with his, he set out to satisfy his craving for her. Not caring who was around or where they were, the craving he had for her in his system was at full force and nothing was going to stop him from taking what he needed. His mouth and tongue literally devoured hers, fulfilling his need for her taste almost instantly. He couldn't remember anything in his life ever tasting so good to his system. But, that was only the start of what he needed.

Breaking away from her mouth for only a moment, his voice deep, husky filled with desire. "Liz, I can't wait. I need you babe."

Replying in a seductive tone. "Take me Max. I'm yours." That was all Max needed to hear and he attacked. Her shirt was ripped away from her body almost immediately, her pants disintegrated with a wave of his hand as he lifted her body against his in raw animalistic need to be inside of her. His own jeans were taken care of in the same manner as hers as he plunged her hips downward and thrusted his stiff erection into her awaiting heat so swiftly, that neither could help their moans of pleasure at the feel of being joined as one again.
Turning their joined bodies he moved them against the wall and used it as leverage so he could fulfill his need completely. Pumping in and out of Liz's wetness, while continuing to devour her mouth, his craving taking him over completely. It had been just too long since he had felt his soul come alive. As he joined her body, their souls mingled together also.
Moving his hips as quick as they could go, moving in and out of her slick passage, his entire being began to feel complete, as if coming to life once again.

Max hadn't even taken the time to remove his shirt or allow Liz the pleasure of doing it as of yet, but that was something Liz was determined to fix immediately. Once Max had pressed her against the wall, Liz was able to use the extra leverage the wall gave her and ripped Max's shirt wide open down the middle. She didn't bother to try to remove it as Max's body was moving against hers at such a fast pace that she couldn't bother actually trying to remove it. So instead she did the next best thing, pushing the shirts open sides apart she began to caress his newly exposed chest with her hands, reveling in the feel of his hard body as he continued to pump in and out of her so furiously.

At the pace Max had started, it didn't take long before both he and Liz had reached their first orgasm. But, as usual one total satisfying release was just the beginning. Liz felt Max growing hard while still inside of her almost immediately after his release. Gasping for breath, still trying to recuperate her body from the ultimate orgasm her body had just experienced, she moaned out. "B..Bed."

Still deeply embedded inside of Liz, he spun their joined bodies around and moved them to the couch/bed. Keeping Liz's legs wrapped high on his waist he laid her upper body down on the bed, but he remained standing and continued to pump in and out of her moist lips. At this position he was able to move himself as deep into her core as possible. Liz was sure he was touching her womb with each and every thrust, his head hitting just the right spot
causing Liz to scream out in pleasure. "Yes, Oh God! Yes! Yes! YESSSSS! Oh MAX, YES!"

Liz had never felt such ecstasy as she was experiencing from Max at that moment in time. He moved exactly how and where she needed him. With their connection wide open, their bodies joined and their souls entertwined, Max knew every wish, every desire, every need she wanted and made it is sole purpose to fulfill them. The pleasure from their love making was so intense neither knew nor cared what was going on around them. Their only focus was on each other and making sure the pleasure they were giving was just as intense as the pleasure they were receiving. Another orgasm rippled throughout their bodies and Max quickly changed positions once again.

This time he climbed on the bed along with Liz, moving his body directly over hers. Cupping her breast with both of his hands, he loved them both completely with his hands tenderly, but thoroughly. From underneath to the tip of her nipples that stood at attention, so erect with pleasure that it took no time at all for Liz to feel the beginning of another orgasm.
Not wanting to go over the edge without Max, she reached between their bodies and took hold of his family jewels and squeezed lightly. That was all it took for Max's control to burst once again and his movements became frantic with need all over again. He simple could not get enough of the woman he loved, the woman that had stolen his heart the moment he laid eyes on her, the woman he had given his soul to completely.

Rolling them over so Liz could take control of their love making, knowing she wanted the pleasure of giving him pleasure just as he had given her. Closing his eyes, he continued to thrust up inside of her as she rode him to completeness. Nothing in this world or any other could compare to the way she made him feel as she moved her hips up and down, sliding herself over his rock hard shaft. Knowing exactly when she needed him to help her accomplish her consequence, he moved his hands from her breast to her hips and helped to raise them up and down in a rhythm he knew drove her crazy with desire and soon the two of them were shouting out in unison each other's names as another joined orgasm washed over their bodies.

Liz all but collapsed against Max's chest, her body so completely satisfied she could barely breath much less talk. For Max though, he felt revived. Basking in the after glow of their love making, he soothed her with words of love as he held her gently in his arms. Stroking her hair as he did. His need to remained joined with her still there, but satisfied enough for the moment he had enough control to allow her to regain her breath while he kissed her lightly on her face and head. When he heard her breathing start to even out, he cupped her face with his hands and whispered. "Ready for round two?" Moving his hips slightly to relay just exactly how ready he was as he said it.

Liz giggled softly against his chest, joking back at him. "I think we past round two a while ago and round three and four."

"Uh..Okay, but when we get to round ten, I promise to be very gentle." He joked back, causing Liz to laugh at his words. Knowing that most guys would only be able to joke about making it to round ten, where she knew Max was speaking the truth with his words. Sliding to the side of Max, she kept her leg propped up over his hip and moved her hips in a sultry circle. Showing Max she was okay and ready for whatever he wanted. Now that his craving had sustained the much needed satisfaction, Max was more in control of his own movements and
the next few times they made love, he was able to softly caress her as he worshipped her entire being with the feeling of love. Physically, emotionally and spiritually the two moved in sync with each other. Even though his movements were slow and tender, he easily brought her complete pleasure again and again.

By the time they reached round ten, Max had kept his promise and was as gentle and caring with her body that Liz had never felt so much love in her life. Afterwards they laid holding each other. The two were so satisfied with their love making that barely heard the knock on their door. They looked over at the clock on the desk and noticed it was almost eight o'clock the next morning. They shared a look of amazement when they realized they had made love continuously for almost twelve hours straight. But, what amazed them the most was how neither felt any exhaustion from their all night excursions. In fact it was just the opposite, both feeling total revived and ready to face another day. "Liz, honey. Are you up yet?" The voice of her mother brought them both back to reality of where they were and you was there with them.

Not wanting her mother to think something was wrong, but wanting to verify her mother was indeed all right, she answered her mother. "Yeah, Mom. We'll be out in just a minute."

"Thank God, it wasn't your father." Max only half way joking.

Liz was about to ask Max why, when the images of the previous evenings conversation that had taken place between Max and her father replayed in her mind. Their connection was still wide open and Max had been thinking about his conversation with Liz's father when he had joked about her father not being the one at the door. "THAT's IT!" She screamed out. "He
had NO Right treating you in that manner."

"Liz, it's okay. I understand how he must have felt." Max stated softly trying to calm her down.

Getting up and grabbing a new set of clothing, she started dressing quickly. "I don't care,
what his reasons were. You saved his life, my mother's life, MY LIFE! I will not allow him to continue to treat MY Husband in that kind of manner. Now get dressed. We are going to have a little talking to, to my father and if he doesn't listen to reason. You are going to use your mind command on him and make him understand. Do You Understand?"

In all the times he had known Liz, he had never seen her so forceful and Max wasn't about to argue with her. After all this was her family and it was her choice on how to handle them.
From past experience, he had learned to trust Liz and as he usually discovered, she was usually correct. So he followed her instructions and began to also get dressed. Knowing this was one conversation with Liz's parents he was actually looking forward to for a change.

End Part 51
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 52

Liz took a deep breath as she swung open the den's door and stormed out of the room. Max followed quickly behind her, wanting to be there to support her, because he could feel all of her emotions running rapid throughout his own body. Her anger, her frustration, her disappointment. But, mainly he followed after her, knowing she was about to explode and even though Liz's father deserved the wrath he was about to get, he was still her father. Knowing Liz as well as he did, he knew as much as he deserved her wrath, it would still affect her afterward and Max had every intention of being there for her.

Walking swiftly into the living room area, Liz noticed the only two people up at this earlier morning time was in deed both her mother and her father. The Parker's were use to getting up earlier than most people did, because their lively hood with the restaurant they owned had them up before the sun to prepare for when they opened the Crashdown for the morning rush.

For a second Liz's emotions calmed dramatically as she saw her mother sitting on the couch
looking as beautiful as ever. Knowing that Max had taken care of her mother, just as she knew he would. Made her feel proud of her bonded mate and that thought alone was enough to calm her emotions for that moment in time. But, as her eyes drifted over to her father, all her anger came back full force. Marching over to the chair he currently sat in, she pointed her finger directly at her father, something she would never imagine herself doing before now and let go. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? How dare you question MY HUSBAND about something that is NONE of YOUR business? What Max and I do behind close doors is between us. GOD!" She screamed out in frustration, then continued not letting her father get in two words. "Max has done nothing, but save YOUR Life, MOM's Life and MY Life and how do you repay him? By making him feel like a low life criminal."

"Now what just a DAMN Minute, young lady...."

"NO! I will not listen to another minute of your ignorant arrogance. You knew what Kivar wanted to do to me! You knew Max was the only one able to protect me from being raped, RAPED Dad, by that sicko. We explained to you over and over and over again what the deal was, how dangerous Kivar could be. You seen it for yourself, yet you dragged me away from the one person in the world that would be able to save me from a fate worst than death. Not to mention that you almost got Mom killed. I am going to say this to you one final time. I
LOVE MAX, I LOVE HIM!" She shouted out in hopes that her father would finally hear the words and they would actually sink into his brain this time.

Jeff Parker had always known his daughter was tough minded and fought for the things that were important to her. Over the years he watched her challenge herself, believe in her convictions and set out to prove them to be right with a scientific manner. But, when it came to Max Evans, she was just plain stubborn. He wanted to believe her, he wanted to trust her. But, as much as he did believe her and wanted to trust her judgment, there was still that sliver of doubt that Max was using his power to control her actions, control her thoughts, control her feeling and that small part of him was what needed to be convinced. Yes, he felt guilty about what could have happened to his daughter. The thought that she would have been the one found after the accident and taken to Kivar, in lieu of himself. Not to mention his guilt over what had happened to his wife. But, in his mind none of this would have happened had it not been for Max in the first place. Now the question was, had all this been his daughter's decision to begin with or had Max put his daughter in this danger because he had selfishly wanted her for himself and he used his power to get what he wanted? Standing up he asked the one question that he needed to know as calmly as he could. "How do you know for sure you love him?" He turned to Max and redirected his question to him without waiting for Liz to answer him. "I know you love my daughter, even I can see how much you care for her. But, how can I be sure that my daughter loves you because of her own feelings and not because you've told her to love you?"

"ARRGGG!" Liz threw her hands up in the air as she screamed out her frustration. "I can't believe you! After everything you have seen, after everything we've been through. You still doubt my love for my HUSBAND!"

"How can you NOT? For God's sake Liz, think about this for one moment. How can you ever be sure what you are feeling for him is what you truly feel or is it what he has commanded you to feel?"

*SMACK* The quick slap across his face made her father's head turn sideways. "I guess Max must have just commanded me to slap you then." Liz's voice was cold vivid with anger due to her father's previous words.

Jeff was stunned to say the least at his own daughter's actions. Without thinking he grabbed her by her upper arms and that was all it took for Max's protective nature he held for Liz to come into play. Just as Jeff grabbed a hold of Liz without thinking, Max didn't hesitate to come to her rescue. Shoving Jeff away from Liz and placing her behind him in a protective manner that came naturally to him. "You can say anything you want to me. You can think anything you'd like about me, but don't ever touch my wife in that manner again." Max's voice was calm, but commanding all in the same.

Jeff lunged forward. "Why you son of a bit..."

He didn't even get to finish is statement or get near Max as Nancy Parker stood between her husband and the her daughter and Max. "JEFF! Stop IT! This young man has done nothing but love and protect our daughter, save your life and mine. Why are you acting this way? Just look at your daughter. Look At HER! Can't you see with your own eyes what Max means to her? We should be thanking him and her for their actions, not prosecuting them." Nancy was shocked and appalled at her own husband's actions. Yes, when she had heard that Max had used his mind command power on Liz she had overreacted and badly. She had been the one that actually had forced Liz away from Max, but now there was no doubt in her mind what was happening between her daughter and Max. There was no mind control going on, they were simply in love. A true, honest, deep love that only an idiot wouldn't be able to see and right now that idiot just happened to be the man she was married to and she was determined to make her husband act like the intelligent man she had been married to all these years. She turned toward her daughter. "I'm so sorry honey. I'm sorry I didn't have enough faith in you or that I didn't trust in your judgment. When I heard that Max had used his new power on you, I immediately thought the worst. I should have known better, I should have known you better than that. I know Max was the one that healed me, but Liz. Honey, you saved my life!" Tears were flowing freely down Nancy Parker's cheeks at the thought of her daughter dragging and carrying her to safety. Even after everything she had done to her daughter and all the doubts she had about Max. Liz still loved and cared enough about her to keep her safe in her time of need. The guilt she felt at just the thought of Liz being in the hands of the mad man they called Kivar, sent shivers down her spine. "Can you ever forgive"

"Oh Mom!" Liz's own tears split down her face as she threw her arms around her mother's neck. The two women embarrassed each other in forgiveness.

Jeff hung his head, he hadn't meant to go off like he had at all. In fact, he and Nancy had just been discussing how wrong they had been in their judgment of Max and Liz's relationship. But, the next thing he knows, he is being a total ass to his daughter all over again. Not to mention the fact that he had attempted to physically harm Liz without even realizing what he was doing. "Oh God Liz, what is the matter with me? I'm sorry too honey. Your mother's right, I just...I love you so much and I wanted to be the one to protect you." Jeff had never felt more ashamed of his actions, that he would put his own pride in front of his own daughter's safety.

"Daddy...I love you too, but I need to know that you can accept Max as my husband and stop treating him like the enemy."

"Well, I guess there's only one thing left for me to do. I know you and Max went through his planet's bonding ceremony, but I still want to walk my baby girl down the aisle. If I'm going to accept Max as my son in law, shouldn't he be my son in law? I mean according to the planet Earth's laws."

Liz's eyes grew wide with gleam at the thought of her father walking her down the aisle. But, then again a thought came to mind. Sure Max had chosen her as his mate and she had accepted it, but had he ever really asked to marry her. Would Max want to marry her? Self doubts started to form in her mind suddenly. Only a half a second later those doubts were thrown out the window when Max reached out and gently took her hand in his. "Liz Parker, I'd marry you on every planet in the entire universe if you would give me that honor."

Releasing her arms from her mother and turning toward the man she loved, she reconfirmed. "And I would be proud to be her wife, on any planet." The two locked eyes in one of their soul searching glances, Liz's parents forgotten for the moment as they stared deeply into each other's eyes.

Max's hands made their way to cup her cheeks, he placed a soft tender kiss upon her lips. "I love you Liz." He stated warmly in a quiet whisper against her lips.

Liz wrapped her arms around Max's neck in a loving gesture. "Oh Max." She sighed into his embrace and the two locked lips once again.

"AhUmm. Parents are still in the room." Jeff said as he cleared his throat again to gain their attention back to the conversation at hand.

Max immediately pulled slightly away from Liz, not quite ready to release her totally, but nothing could stop the crimson red of embarrassment that crept up his face to the tips of his ears as he realized how lost he had become when he had locked eyes upon Liz. Liz, too turned a few shades of red. Jeff and Nancy threw each other a knowing look. It wasn't the first time they had seen how the two young adults looked into each other eyes, but it was the first time they really looked and saw what was so obvious before. If there had ever been any further doubts about their daughter's feelings for Max Evans, they were quickly thrown out the window at that moment in time. Sticking his hand out for a sincere gesture,
Jeff asked for his unworthy forgiveness. "Can we start fresh? I was an idiot. Can the two of you forgive an old fool?"

Max looked to Liz for her approval. He wanted to believe Jeff, but this call was totally Liz's and he held enough respect for her to make it on her own. With a simple nod of her head, Max grasped Jeff's hand firmly. "I think we've all made mistakes. It's time to forgive and start again." He answered thinking about not only Liz's parents mistakes, but his and Liz's. The two men shook hands to confirm their acceptance of each other. A new round of tears welled in both Nancy and Liz's eyes, but these were tears of happiness. "I
think it's time I did what I should have done a while back. Mr. Parker, Jeff, may I ask for your daughter's hand in marriage?"

Liz held her breathe, waiting to hear her father's reply. She was actually shocked at the formal way Max had asked for her father, of course, she should have known better than to expect Max to honor her in such a way. Jeff looked over at Nancy, who nodded her head, then turned his attention to his daughter, who had the most hopeful look upon her face. His answer came quickly when he saw the love she held in her eyes for the young man asking for her hand. "You have our blessing Max on one condition. I want to be able to give my daughter away properly. That means no more running away to elope or some quickie wedding by a judge. Liz deserves more than that and I want to give her the wedding day she deserves."

"But, Dad. I don't nee...."

"I couldn't agree more." Max agreed at the same time Liz tried to state she didn't need a
fancy wedding day. To her, just being with Max was more than enough. But, as far as Max was concerned, Liz was going to be his Queen and as a Queen she deserved to be married in a royal fashion.

At that moment Diane Evans rushed into the room. "I'm so happy for the two of you. Liz welcome to the family!" She threw her arms around her soon to be daughter in law, wanting to show her how much she approved of her son's choice.

Philip Evans slapped his hand around his son's shoulders. "Congratulations son."

By this time the other members of their party were making their way into the living room. Unbeknownst to the Jeff, Nancy, Max nor Liz, everyone had been awaken by Liz's early outburst at her father. Everyone seemed to understand it was a moment between the four of them and no one bothered to interrupt until now. Maria was giddy with joy and thoughts of a double wedding flew through her mind as she happily grabbed Liz for a hug. Michael, Isabelle and Kyle said their congratulations to both Max and Liz as Amy and Jim made their way over to the other parents who were all talking at once about weddings and dates.

As usual their joyous moment were interrupted by the sharp knocking on the fishing lodge's front door. "FBI, OPEN UP!"

End Part 52
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 53

All eleven members held up in the fishing lodge froze in their spot. "Max?" The fear was noticeable in Isabelle's voice as she looked to her brother for the answer of what to do."

Not waiting for Max to make a decision, Philip Evans spoke up seeing and hearing the fear radiating from his daughter. "I'll feel them out." He approached the door cautiously and slowly cracked the door opened. "May I help you?" He asked, his voice masked in concern and confusion.

The front man at the door peered around the elder gentleman that had answered the door. "We received reports on explosions in the area. From the looks of things, I say we just missed WWIII. Now in the name of national security I must insist everyone inside step out here."
The FBI agent had no idea exactly what he and his men were walking into, when reports of the explosions started coming in and they were told to investigate. As the individuals started to file out of the house one by one, they appeared to look like every day normal family members. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, not some facias individuals or terrorists that looked harmful to the nation. But, one thing about their body language spoke louder than any words could have, they were nervous. Almost scared, scared of him and that in itself said there was more to this seemly harmless group than just the average American family. "Any one care to explain what happened here?"

Philip took a step forward, his need to protect his family came into play instantly. "Sir,
I'm Philip Evans, my family and friends arrived only a short while ago and we were attempting to figure out what had happened when you folks showed up. One of my clients owns this fishing lodge and has been inviting me here for years. This was the first opportunity I've had to take some time off." He hoped his friend and client of many years would confirm his story, sure that the FBI agent before him would be checking into it.

Jim Valenti also stepped forward, his instincts to protect Max and the others also kicking into play. "I'm Jim Valenti, I was the sheriff in Roswell and I took the opportunity to look around the place just a few moments ago, but saw nothing or anyone around at that time.
Who ever was responsible for this destruction is apparently long gone by now.

To everyone's surprise Jeff Parker was the next one to step forward. "I'm Jeff Parker, this is my wife Nancy and my daughter Liz. Philip invited my family for a weekend of fun, but as you can see we are all a little nervous by what we arrived to see. In fact we were just debating if we should stay or not." Jeff had noticed the nervous nature they all seemed to have and felt his explanation would explain why they all appeared to look so nervous and guilty.

"I'm Amy Deluca and this is my daughter Maria and her friend Michael. I'm not sure what went on here, but I really would rather not stay around here if it is okay with you." Picking up on the cover story that Jeff had started, she let her voice take on a shaky tone to show how scared she was at what the area looked like.

"Are you all from Roswell then?" The FBI agent asked.

"Yes, sir. Obviously something has occurred here, but I would prefer if my family was not made to stay any longer than necessary until what ever it was that occurred has been dealt with." Philip stated showing his fatherly concern for the well being of his family.

"I understand your concern, but I will need additional information before we release any one." Special Agent Franks stated.

"Philip and I can stay if you'd like to answer any questions we can, I just don't want my children to be in any sort of danger. Now until you can guarantee my children's safety, I'm going to have to insist they head home, where I know they will be safe." Diane Evans spoke up for the first time.

"You don't have a problem with our children being out of harms way, do you?" Asked Nancy, who also took a step in front of the group of young adults.

"Uh..No, Mame. It's just that..."

Before he could even finish his sentence, Philip turned to Max. "Max, go get your things. I want you to take your sister and your friends home. We'll get this matter straightened out and then be home as soon as we can. Amy, Jeff and Nancy would you mind going with the kids to make sure they get home okay." Turning back to the federal agent, he continued. "If you need to search any of their things to verify we have nothing to hide, I can understand that. But, I have to agree with my wife. I don't want my children to be around any danger. This has nothing to do with us in the first place and I'm sure your superior's would agree with my judgment on this matter."

The admission that they would be allowed to verify any wrong doing in their possession prior to leaving made Agent Franks admit the adults were only looking out for their children's best interest and quickly agreed to their request. All of the adults had already been told the story about Max's experience in the white room and none of them were about to let any government agency submit that kind of cruelty upon their children again. Max, Isabelle and Michael were shocked to say the least at how all of the adults seemed to come to their defense almost instantly. After years of trying to hide in plain sight, because of their own fears that if anyone was to find out about them would look at them as if they were monsters soon was replaced with the knowledge that no matter what their parents and friends would be there to help them whenever possible. Not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, Max was quick to respond to his Dad's request. "Okay, Dad. Michael, Kyle, you guys want to help me out getting the bags. Liz, why don't you, Isabelle, Amy and Maria go ahead and get in the car." His need to continue to keep Liz safe apparent by leaving her in his sister's care once again. By doing so, he also let his sister know he didn't hold her responsible for the last time.

Once inside the fishing lodge, Max barked out orders quickly. "We need this place to look like we had just arrived. Kyle, keep an eye out while Michael and I do a quick sweep over the place." A little alien magic went a long way to getting the fishing lodge back to how it had looked, prior to them arriving. Max thought it best to leave the groceries in the sack on the table to look like they had just been purchased. The beds were made instantly and all their possessions were packed in a matter of minutes. With one last look around to double check nothing was out of place, the three guys walked back out of the front door with their arms loaded with the few bags they had originally purchased for their stay. Max walked over to his mother in pretense to give her a hug good bye, while he whispered in her ear. "We'll be back."

Hugging him tighter to her, she whispered back. "No, go home and send Jeff back for us once your settled." Max could only nod, knowing he couldn't argue at the moment. Jumping in the back seat next to Liz of the disguised army SUV, the six teens, the Parkers and Amy DeLuca drove away quickly to get away from the threat of exposure to the government.

Once on the road, Michael questioned. "Okay, what's the plan? I take it we aren't going home."

"No, Michael. That's exactly where we are going. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm tired of running like I've done something wrong. We took our lives back once before and I say it's time to take our lives back again. Jeff, Mom thinks it would be best if you went back for them. But, it's up to you." There was no way Max was going to make a command upon Liz's father, not after just getting him to accept him with his daughter.

"I have to agree with your mother on this one Max. I don't want any of you kids any where around that place until the FBI has been long gone. Michael, drive to the Crashdown, it's a public place so I doubt any of your enemies will make any moves on you there. Just stay inside at all times. Nancy and Amy can run any errands that need to be made, but I want you kids to stay put until I get Philip, Diane and Jim back." Now that Jeff had finally accepted Max and everything that went with him, including his relationship with his daughter, his natural protectiveness over all six of the teens in the car came to play and he was determined to make sure his daughter and the young man she chose as her husband would live to have a long, safe and happy life.

As soon as they got back to Roswell, four of the them felt relieved at the ability to once again see their home town. Michael, Max, Maria and Liz had all expected never to be able to return home again. Diane Evans had called Isabelle on her cell phone to let them know they would be waiting for them at the police station and to pick them up there. Within fifteen minutes of arriving at the Crashdown, Jeff was ready to return to retrieve the two older Evan's. He motioned for Max to follow him out the back of the cafe. "I know I was wrong, I won't make that mistake again. I'm trusting you, Max. I'm trusting you to take care of my daughter. Don't make me regret the decision I should have made days ago."

"I'd protect her with my life if needed." Max answered honestly, as there was no question in his mind if he would give his life to ensure Liz would be safe and sound.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, then all of us will need to make some plans. Remember, no matter what, I plan on walking my baby girl down that aisle." With that said Jeff hopped back into the same SUV and headed back for the Evans.

Max walked back inside the back of the cafe where the other's were still hanging around, unsure of what to do next. Nancy and Amy had a look of lost in their eyes, like they weren't sure if they would ever be seeing Jeff and Jim again. Kyle and Michael both looked agitated at having to play another waiting game, both apparently ready to get the show on the road. Maria and Liz had obviously been giving each other comfort and to Max's surprise the two girl's pulled his own sister into their tight knit friendship of comfort. Michael speaking up wasn't any surprise to Max though, in fact he was just waiting for someone to ask the question he was beginning to loath. "So, what do we do now, Max?"

"We wait. Once Jeff gets back with Mom, Dad and Jim, then we decide our next course of action. In the meantime, we simple wait." To his surprise no one argued with his direction, not even Michael. Without evening thinking about it, he stepped over next to Liz and she was in his arms with no hesitation. That simple touch of her was all it took to start the desire he held for her to begin to take it's toll on him.

Liz felt Max's emotions change from commander mode to a male with needs the minute she went willing in his arms. The rush of desire for her flooded every nerve ending in her body. It was almost too overwhelming to keep from collapsing in his arms. She raised her head to meet his eyes with hers and whispered lightly. "Max?"

Leaning down to whisper back in her ear. "I know, I'm sorry." He knew that she had gotten the full dosage of his craving the moment they touched. It amazed even him, how quickly the craving rose this time. Many times in the past, he had always been able to sense when it was starting, but this time, it came upon him so fast he didn't even have a chance to try to control it.

Without hesitating, Liz spoke up keeping her voice as natural as possible, given the circumstances. "I need to speak to you in private for a minute." Then turning to her mother, she added. "We'll be back in just a minute." Without even missing a beat, she grabbed Max's hand and literally pulled him up the stairs and into her bedroom. Before Max could even get out another apology, her lips attacked. With his desire flowing through her veins, all she could think about was Max making love to her and she wasn't going to let anything stop her in her quest.

As much as Max knew this was wrong, they had too many other things to deal with right at the moment. Logically thinking he should be able to control the craving until a more appropriate time, his resolve was lost the moment Liz's tongue caressed against his. That was all the prompting Liz needed for Max to lose his control. The animal urge of the craving was released and before Liz even had a chance to blink an eye, she was naked, lying on her bed and Max was pumping wildly in and out of her. Thrashing about underneath him, she had no control to stop the shouts of pleasure that she screamed out of her mouth as their souls once again formed as one.

Down in the back room of the cafe, Maria and Isabelle gave each other knowing looks, as both of them had seen the intense look of passion that had consumed the face of both Liz and Max.
Michael on the other hand was more preoccupied with the sounds that were coming from outside the back door then to worry about what was happening between his best friend and his chosen mate. When the back door knob began to jiggle, Michael instinctually stepped forward in a protective manner, ready for any kind of threat to those he cared for and love. Kyle surprisingly took a stand directly next to Michael. Even though he had no kind of alien power to help, he held his father's pistol tightly in both hands stretched forward, ready to battle if needed. But, the threat never came. The back door remained closed. The group stood in silence wondering what their next move should be. "Kyle, go upstairs and get Max
and Liz down here, NOW!" Michael ordered, knowing that if the threat did come they stood a better chance if the true four square was intact. After their battle against Kivar, Michael had no doubt about Liz and her place in the four square any longer.

Kyle hadn't even gotten a few steps under his feet before the back door swung open and he was held in place by some unseen force. Michael turned quickly around to face the new threat of danger that was upon them, but the sight before him made him halt his attack. The individual stood straight, but his head was bowed. The individual's arm was crossed at his chest, hand fisted tightly. "Commander Rath, it is an honor to see you alive and well again."

Isabelle stepped forward and the individual now bowed deeper at his waist. "Princess Volandra." He acknowledged her formally and then redirected his stance, standing tall and proud.

"Who are you?" This form Isabelle, who was taken back by being acknowledged by her former
life's name.

"I am General Garock of the Royal House of Antar. I was selected by the Queen Mother, to serve and protect King Zan's chosen mate until...." His explanation was halted when a small metal device on his wrist started to beep. "Garock, here."

"We've located our future Queen. She's with King Zan sir, they are procreating at this moment."

"Good, keep watch and report back when they have finished." He ordered, then turned back to the stunned looking faces that stood before him. "Our King's mate will be well protected now." He stated confused about their shocked looks, wanting to reassure his commander and his princess that the situation was in good hands.

"WHAT? What did he just say my daughter was doing? ELIZABETH PARKER, Get Your...." Nancy,
like Kyle was held, was silenced by an unseen force. She wasn't sure which she was more upset with, the fact that some unknown alien stood in her home, the fact that her daughter was upstairs in her home having sex with an alien King or the fact that she was unable to utter a single word in protest over both the first two facts.

Isabelle could see the scared look that came over Liz's mother and immediately spoke up not wanting the adults that had just began to accept them to start fearing them all over again.
"RELEASE HER. This is the mother of your future Queen and you will show her the respect she deserves. And while your at it, release my friend and the friend of King Zan." Motioning toward Kyle, who was still stuck in place. She had no idea if she truly held any power or not over this individual, but the way he had formally acknowledged her told her she did.

At the same instance, both Kyle and Nancy could move and speak. "I apologize, your highness. But, my job is to see to the protection of King Zan's chosen mate and to see that she is cared for until she can take the title of Queen." Garlock explained, he had no intention of defying his princess, but his number one priority was the safety of the chosen mate until she was pregnant with the true king's heir. He was having a hard time figuring out why Commander Rath would allow anyone to interrupt a mating ritual between their King and his chosen mate, even the mother of said chosen mate. Back on Antar it was common knowledge no one was allowed near a chosen mate of the King except the King himself or the King's second in command until the mate was impregnated with the King's heir.

The loud explosion from the apartment above interrupted any further questions, commands or answers as every member that was currently standing in the back entry way of the cafe found themselves being rattled by the effects of the explosion. Without hesitation all members of the group were off and running up the stairs to find out what the hell was going on upstairs.

End Part 53
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 54

Since Kyle was already two steps ahead, he of course was the first one to make it inside the Parker's apartment and to Liz's bedroom. Without thought of the danger he may come face to face with, he rammed into the bedroom door, shoulder first and was immediately repelled back into the wall opposite the door. Michael and Garock were the next, with Nancy and Maria a close second, while Isabelle stopped to check Kyle's condition. The sight in the room caused all four of them to stop in their tracks upon proceeding through the doorway. The window leading out to Liz's balcony from her bedroom had literally been blown outward. Max was half sitting, half leaning over Liz with his hand raised in a defensive manner as his green shield surrounded himself and Liz who was lying beneath him. It was more than apparent what the two of them had been in the middle of doing, in fact what the two of them could possibly still be doing as they were still in a very compromising position. Even though Liz's mother raised a shocked hand to her mouth and Maria shouted out "Oh My GOD!"

The fact that Liz's bedroom window was blown out, that Max and Liz were in the middle of what looked like a very intimate moment, that Max and Liz were surrounded by Max's green shield didn't faze Michael as much as the sight of Liz and Max being consumed by another deep blue shield that surrounded them inside of Max's green shield. Looking out the hole in the wall that was once Liz's window, Michael saw another figure standing his hand extended outward, extending the deep blue shield that extended to cover both Max and Liz. The instant they came into the room, everything happened at once, but seemed to happen in slow motion. As Nancy raised her hand in shock and Maria screamed, both women were instantly thrown from the room. Michael raised his hand to immediately defend the woman that he loved, Nancy and his best friend and mate, when Garock quickly held Michael's hand at bay and commanded out as he dropped to his knees. "Tetro, STOP!"

The blue shield disappeared instantly and both the figure that was apparently called Tetro fell to his knees, head deeply bowed and his right arm crossed to his chest. Garock followed suit, his head too was deeply bowed and his right arm also crossed at his chest. "Forgive our intrusion, your majesty."

The two men remained on their knees while Max scrambled to his feet, making sure to cover Liz with one of her sheets as he did. Not knowing exactly what was going on, but his gut telling him the two strange men before him were not a threat, but he was not about to take any chances with Liz's safety. One look at his beloved and he could see the embarrassment of the situation clouding over her face. "GET OUT!" Was the only thing he could think to say at that very moment. The man that went by the name Tetro instantly backed away from the window, not willing to disobey his King's command.

Michael saw the initial intruder back away, now knowing for sure there wasn't any immediate danger. He wanted to reassure Max that the two men were not their enemy, but there to help them so he tried to start to explain. "Max, their here to...."

"GET OUT, NOW!!" Max he began to lift Garock off his knees and was literally shoving both Garock and Michael out the door as he shouted out his command. The anger in his voice leaving no room for argument.

Liz on the other hand saw her own mother and her best friend being thrown out of the room by some unknown force and the minute the blue shield was withdrawn, she rushed toward them with her sheet wrapped securely around her body. "MOM! MARIA!" Her concern for them far out weighed her embarrassment of the current situation. But, she was blocked from exiting the door by Max who was still shoving Michael and the man she had never seen before out the same door.

Michael bent down and helped an already recovering Maria up to her feet as soon as he made it out the door, while Isabelle and Kyle were helping Mrs. Parker to her feet. Neither of them seemed hurt in any manner, both slightly shaken by what they had just experienced and what they had just seen. It was Liz that put a stop to all the ruckus that was going on at the same time. "STOP! Everyone just stop." Everyone halted all movement except for Garock who dropped to his knees once again. Once she had everyone's attention she took control of the situation. Seeing Max standing next to her still completely naked, she quickly offered him part of the sheet she had around her, which he accepted gratefully. Then she calmly spoke again. "Now, who are you?" She asked the man before her and Max that was on his knees.

"I am Commander Garock, I have sworn an oath to the Queen Mother herself to protect you until you have the protection of the title yourself, your highness." Garock immediately replied.

Mumbling under her breath, Maria stated. "Just a tad late, I'd say."

Liz quickly threw her friend a stop it look before she continued. "Who was the man that cast the shield upon Max and me?" Liz suspected the two of them were together, but she needed to know for sure.

"His name is Tetro, your highness. He too has taken the oath to protect you."

Now that Liz had gotten enough information from the man before them and the immediate threat had passed, Max thought it best that the two of them get in more appropriate clothing then just the simple sheet that covered the two of them. "Liz and I will be right back, then we'll continue this."

He moved the two of them back inside the bedroom door and went to close it when Garock made a move to join them, but was held back by Michael. Insisting he be allowed to follow, Garock argued. "I have sworn an oath. I must follow our future queen."

Knowing that both Michael and Max were about to blow another fuse at the man's insistence to follow them, Liz spoke up quickly. "I have the protection of your King. If you feel the need to protect me, watch the damn door." With that she shut the door in his face, along with the other members of the group that stood in the hallway. She had enough of all this talk and just needed a moment alone with Max to calm her nerves.

"Remind me not to get on your bad side." Max joked, then quickly changed his tune to concern. "Are you okay? I'm sor..."

"Max don't apologize. You can't control what's happening to you any more than they can control why their here. Just hold me for a moment, please."

Her request was granted easily enough and Max quickly pulled her into his arms, holding her tight against his body. The craving had yet to be satisfied and being forced to stop making love to her in the middle like they had been, spiked his need for her to raise that much more. Being this close to her naked body wasn't helping the fact much either. The moment she stepped into his arms, she felt how strong the craving was effecting her. In fact, it was so strong she was surprised how he had kept it together for as long as he had during their interruption. Knowing they didn't have any time, but knowing she had to do something to curve the craving for a small time period, she gave him a small kiss than quickly dropped to her knees before him. Max had no idea what she was doing until her lips surrounded his manhood and nothing could keep him from growling out her name as she sucked him deeply inside of her mouth. His logical side was telling him he should stop her, they didn't have time, people were right on the other side of the door. But, the need to release was just to demanding and the feel of her mouth sliding back and forth on him felt to incredible to try and stop her. He had been so close before their interruption, that when her fingers tenderly massaged his sacs that was all it took for him to explode. Liz swallowed quickly and licked him clean only to feel him begin to harden at the feel of her tongue's cleaning job. Without even thinking twice about it, she sucked him back into her mouth. "Oh God, Liz." He moaned out as he felt her take him back into her mouth. The feelings she was evoking inside of him was amazing. She had taken him to heaven and was going to take him there again and quick, but Max needed to please her just as much as she was pleasing him.
Barely able to have a conscious thought, Max rasped out. "Beeeddd."

Liz looked up into his eyes and saw the look of raw hunger in them. Knowing instantly what he needed from her, she released him from her mouth, pulled him over to the bed and climbed over his body. Immediately she sucked him back into her mouth and then sucked hard as her own moan sent her lips trembling around him as she felt his tongue entering her. Max's need to drink her essence was sky rocketing, his quest to fill his thirst unbearable. His mind unable to process a single thought except to give Liz more and more pleasure so she would continue to feed his craving with her sweet nectar. He lapped, licked, sucked and nibbled exactly where he knew would give her the most pleasure. From their experience together, Max now knew Liz's body intimately. He knew what she liked, what she loved and what made her explode in excitement and with that knowledge he took full advantage. Even after she had taken him over the edge several times, he couldn't stop his mouth's assault against her feminine folds. In fact, his releases came second to the wonderful sensation she was giving him everytime she cummed for him.

Liz was in pure ecstasy as Max continued to pleasure her orally. She had already orgasm so many times, she had lost count. Not to mention how many mouthfuls of Max's own releases she had swallowed and he was still hard as steel awaiting his next release. She loved the taste of him and had no problem continuing giving him pleasure. But, unlike Max, her mind was able to process what was happening. Not only what, but where and who was still around.
They were only supposed to get dress, then return to the group. Time was lost on her as her body continued to spasm with delight, so she had no idea how long the two of them had actually been going at it. From their past record, she knew they had a tendency of losing track of time when they started their love making and ended up going at it for hours on end.
Her initial reaction was just to release some of the desire that flowed through Max's veins to allow him to think more clearly when they spoke to the gentlemen known as Garock and Tetro. She didn't want his mind muddled with the craving so she thought she could relieve him enough so he could think straight and then later they would continue to fulfill the craving more thoroughly. However, now that they had started, she had no idea how to stop them. Nor, was she really in any hurry to stop them. Another wave of desire shot through her and she knew what Max needed. His craving wasn't stopping and it wasn't going to stop until he was buried deep inside of her. The worst part about it was the minute they started to make love, she knew all thought processes she currently had would be lost and she would be as driven to continue their love making as Max was. Now the dilemma was, did she pull away and hope she had satisfied his craving enough to get dress or did she pull away long enough to turn her body around and to hell with the consequences of having to face everyone afterward.

Coming to the only conclusion that was possible for her to make, Liz quickly lifted her hips away from Max's ever eager mouth, that moaned in protest until she swung her body around and
plunged downward over his straining erection. His moan of protest went instantly to a moan of pleasure as he felt her wet warmth surround him completely. "Oh God, Liz, YES! YES!"
Max screamed out unable to stop himself.

The minute Max screamed out it was obvious to the people standing on the other side of Liz's bedroom door exactly what Max and Liz were doing in her bedroom and getting dressed wasn't it. Kyle rolled his eyes with a 'Oh Brother' look, while Michael, Isabelle and Maria shared a knowing look. Amy looked embarrassed for her daughter's friend mother, who stood in shock not sure what her next move should be. The mother inside of her, wanted to storm into her daughter's bedroom and ground her until she was old and wrinkled. The woman inside of her felt she should be happy that her daughter had found her true love. But, the parent inside just wasn't able to accept the fact of what was happening behind her own daughter's bedroom door. Knowing she didn't stand a chance at getting through the male alien that stood guard in front of the door, she did the next best thing she could think of, she started to yell. "That's it, ELIZAB..."

"I wouldn't do that." Garock stated solemnly, not so much in a threatening tone, but one of caution.

"Excuse me, but that is my daughter in there and I am not going to stand out here and listen to her boyfriend's huffing and puffing. Now I would appreciate it, if you would step a side and let me by." Nancy bit out.

"Then I suggest you go wait in the other room until their mating has been complete if it bothers you so." Garock stated abruptly, there was no way he was going to allow his King's mating ritual to end in the middle again. He was already going to have to punish Tetro for his earlier blunder as it was. Garock knew without a doubt Tetro must have gotten to close to the window upon his inspection of looking for their future queen, obviously triggering their King's self protecting power to be released during the middle of the mating ritual.

"How dare you? Just who do you think you are talking to? This is MY house and that is MY daughter in there." The more the man before her protested her putting a stop to what her daughter and Max were doing, the more appalled she became.

"I am merely trying to protect my King and his chosen mate, along with yourself. I do not to repeat what happened only minutes before." Garock tried to soothe the mother of his future queen, hoping his explanation was enough to get her to back away from the door.

"Wait, what happened before?" This from Isabelle, who was concern for the safety of Max and Liz. She had seen how the window leading to the balcony had been blown out and still didn't understand how or why it had happened.

"Their energy together was protecting them from your man outside the window wasn't it?" Michael questioned, remembering how he and Max had discovered the ashes of the skins outside the den at the fishing lodge. Max had said that it must have been a self protecting power that ignited itself to protect him and Liz when they were in the middle of making love. Garock steady his gaze on Rath or rather Michael now, nodding his head slightly. "Tetro got too close, didn't he?" Another nod confirming what Michael was saying. "If anyone gets too close, would the same thing happen?"

"No, only one person would be allowed to enter in the middle of the king's mating ritual without causing their defenses to react." Garock stated, his eyes still locked on Michael.

Maria had listened and watched the conversation between Michael and this Garock guy intently. "It's Michael, isn't it. Michael is Max's second in command and only the King or his second in command are allowed around the King's chosen mate until she is pregnant with the King's heir or at least that's how it's supposed to be if they were still on Antar." Garock nodded his head confirming what Maria had just voiced. Once Maria got the confirmation from Garock, she turned her attention back to Michael. "Well, what are you waiting for? Get In There!"

Holding up his hands in surrender. "Oh NO! You don't want me to...You don't expect me to...God, I'm going to kill Max, if he doesn't kill me first."

Upon hearing the threat to his King's life, Garock immediately took on a defensive stance, but Maria was already one step a head of him. "Relax ObiOne, he didn't mean that literally." Then turned back to speak directly to Michael. "Just keep your eyes close, I'm sure Liz has had enough of people barging in on her." She warned.

Caving, because he knew Maria was right, they needed to stop and he was the only resource available to get the situation under some semblance of control. "All right, but just remember this, if Max kills me you can't hold it against me for not marrying you before I died."
Slowly he approached the door, as Garock stepped slightly to the side to so only the second in command could to enter. Under his breath he mumbled. "Max, you so owe me."

End Part 54
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 55

Michael approached the door as if going in slow motion, his hand just hovered over the door knob. Just as he was about to grasp it and do the unthinkable to him he heard Max's warning in his head when they had been in Florida. "Either you or Maria better be dead or dying before you interrupt us again or you'll be the one dead." The warning rang loud and clear in Michael's head over and over again.

Instantly pulling his hand back away from the door knob. "No! I'm not going in there, you people can just forget it." Michael stated firmly before he turned back to face the rest of the group that still stood in the hallway outside Liz's bedroom. He looked over to Garock for guidance. "If we were on our home planet of Antar, what would be the normal procedure?"
He asked truly curious as to what was actually happening to Max.

Before Garock had time to answer Michael's question, another round of heavy moans and another "Yes" made it's way clearly through the door, obvious the two lovers were still going strong.

Liz's mother once again had a look of shock on her face, but she too looked for an answer to what was happening to her only daughter, besides the obvious so she remained quiet awaiting the answer. Maria, however, had seen the disapproving look upon her own mother's face and tried to ease the two mother's comfort. "Michael, pleasssse." She wasn't beyond begging at this point.

Turning around to face Maria, he replied. "Maria, this is important. Just...Garock, I need to know."

"Once the King of Antar chooses a mate and they go through the bonding ceremony. The King and his chosen mate are secured inside the royal mating chamber by the king's second in command until the heir is conceived. Until conception of the heir only the second in command is allowed inside the mating chamber and that is only usually to provide nourishment to the couple as needed."

"Nourishment as needed? What the hell is that supposed to mean? How long are they usually secured away?" These questions from Maria, who also knew what had been happening to Max and her curiosity was getting the better of her.

Garock paused for a moment before he replied to Maria's questions. "The mating ritual lasts for a full moon cycle ensuring the heir is conceived by the king."

"Oh Lord!" This from Amy DeLuca, her thoughts were not only concern for her friend Nancy, but also for her own daughter.

"What?" This coming from Nancy at the same time, now understanding what this alien man before was actually saying. Max and Liz were supposed to make love until she is pregnant with Max's child.

"Oh My God!" This from Isabelle, who had been quietly listening to what Garock was telling the group.

It was Kyle's comment that brought everyone's attention away from Liz's bedroom door to him though. "Man, Max is just like the energizer bunny, but instead of keeps on going and going. He keeps cumming and cumming." He said it before he even thought about what he was saying or who he was saying it in front of, but quickly threw his hands up in the air as if surrendering when he received the death glare look from everyone. Everyone except Michael, who was having a difficult time trying to hide his laugh at the comment. "Huh...Sorry. It just kind of came out."

"God, Kyle, could you be a little less rude." Isabelle barked out, then turned to Michael.
"And you, stop laughing. This isn't funny, this is serious." She finally turned her attention back to Garock. "Look, I don't know if you realize this or not, but Liz is human.
This isn't going to cause Liz any harm....I mean...In the past few days when they had...When they were...I mean..." Isabelle was stumbling over her words badly, wanting to ask her question, but not wanting to say it in front of Liz's mother.

"What she's trying to say is that when Max and Liz have started making love this past week or so, it would literally drain them. We all assumed it had to do with Liz going through some sort of transformation, but she went through the transfer two days ago, so how is this going to effect Liz? This isn't going to hurt her, right?" Maria jumped in to help Isabelle out of an obvious awkward situation for her.

Once again everyone fell silent awaiting Garock to reply, everyone a little nervous about what his answer was going to be. Garock just looked at the group standing in front of him like they had just lost every brain cell in their bodies. If they had the capability of mating for hours on end, basically days on end, then wouldn't they be exhausted also? He kept his face as professional as possible and stated calmly. "Our King future Queen will be unharmed."

Another loud grunt and a "OH GOD, Max! YES!" Following close by a "LIIiiizzzz!" Came through the bedroom door and that was enough to get Michael moving.

"Okay, that's it, let's go." He began pushing everyone out of the hallway, back toward the living room. When he started to push on Garock, the alien sent to protect their future queen held his ground.

"I will remain. I do not have the same emotional ties as the others, but I have to fulfill my pledge."

"Fine, suite yourself." Michael stated as he continued moving the others on down the hall.

"So how long are you going to postpone breaking them up?" Maria whispered softly to Michael, knowing he only had so much patience and would only take listening to Max and Liz's moans and groans for so long before he finally caved.

"For as long as I can." Michael mumbled back in reply. Making a mental note to make sure to break them up prior to Liz's father coming home.

"Nancy, why don't you and I go make some coffee and maybe some sandwiches for everyone. I'm
sure you'll have an opportunity to speak with Liz pretty soon yourself." Amy was trying to help keep Liz's mother from having to think about what her daughter was doing at that very moment.

"Want to place some bets here?" Kyle joked when the two mother's were out of ear shot. I've got twenty says they only last another hour with the way those two are going at it."

"Kyle, I cannot believe you. Besides you have no idea what you're talking about. With those two no less than at least five hours." Isabelle stated confidently.

Maria and Michael looked at each other and laughed then at the same time remembering their time in Florida with the two of them and quickly both placed their bets. "Fifty on ten hours minimum." Michael bet.

"Fifteen hours easily." Maria said.

Kyle looked at Michael and Maria like they were crazy. No one made love for ten hours, let alone fifteen hours straight. "Fifteen hours? Maria, are you nuts?"

Maria winked at Michael before replying. "I guess that's where your lack of knowledge in the alien stamina shows, Kyle." Michael and Isabelle were both about to acknowledge that neither the two of them had THAT kind of stamina, but then again, neither thought that a little envy from Kyle went a long way.

"Oh Man. That just totally sucks!" Kyle stated as he turned toward Isabelle. "You've been holding out on me."

"Don't even think about it Kyle. I'm a married woman remember. I very Happy Married Woman, with a VERY Happy husband." Isabelle stated in her best Ice Princess voice, keeping the charade going for a tad bit longer.

"Fine, but you guys got to give me double or nothing odds on how Jeff's going to react when he comes home and finds out what his sweet little innocent daughter is doing in her room with one Max Evans. Maria, Liz's Dad doesn't own a shotgun by any chance does he?"

Inside Liz's bedroom, neither Max nor Liz had noticed how Liz's bedroom window was now a newly made brick wall that Tetro had formed before taking his guarded position at the edge of the balcony. Neither noticed how the voices that had been on the other side of Liz's doorway were no longer there. No, the only thing they knew was the feeling of each other's body's and the sensation of their souls being joined as one in such a permanent manner. Neither held back anything for they were well beyond the point of caring or being embarrassed by being walked in on only a short time ago. Their pleasure of becoming one was greater then mere words could describe and their shouts, moans, grunts and screams of that ecstasy could no longer be held back. With each thrust and every release of their body's human fluid of pleasure, they were rocked to a new level of intimacy.

First Liz had taken complete control in their love making session as she rode Max and herself into ecstasy several times. When she felt her body unable to sustain the pace both needed, she never had to ask for assistance as not only were their bodies joined as one, so were their souls. In a graceful roll, Max then took the control. His powerful muscles working hard together to give and receive the most pleasure that the two of them wanted and needed. Pumping deeper and deeper inside of Liz's sweet core, kissing her long and passionately and cherishing her body with his hands as they roamed freely. Their climaxes building, releasing and then rebuilding all over again, as wave after wave of pleasure swept not only their bodies, but their minds and souls together.

What started out to be a quick release for Max's craving turned into a love making session
that seemed to have no end. With each overwhelming and totally satisfying climax, the hungry drive to make love to each other again, continued over and over. Neither could stop themselves, nor did they feel the need to try to stop what was happening between them. Their minds and souls totally focused on only the other one. Seconds, turned into minutes.
Minutes turned into hours as the two lovers continued their lovers dance of old time. Hips rocking, bodies slapping, hands roaming, tongues dueling. Time went by unnoticed as pleasure was received and given continuously.

Jim, Philip and Diane had spent quite a few hours being questioned by the FBI unit. Philip was stunned, but grateful to hear his old friend and client had backed up his story when the FBI had contacted him to confirm Philip's story about the fishing lodge. Philip knew he would have to contact his friend for some answers later, but was amazed how easily he went along with the cover story, no questions asked. Jeff had returned within just a few short hours to pick them up and return them back to their home town. The return trip seem to take forever as all four of them couldn't wait to get back to Roswell and check up on their children. By the time they arrived at the Crashdown all four were taken back by the fact that there was a man in a suit standing outside the front of the cafe's doors, but also at the Parker's home residence door and the back door of the cafe. Diane quickly gave Jeff the cell phone they had and Jeff made no hesitation in placing a phone call to his home number.
He was relieved to say the least when his wife answered the phone and assured her husband the men were allies and not a danger to the group of teens inside.

Isabelle had eagerly made her way to the back door of the cafe to escort her parents and the other two adults into the Parker's residence. As soon as the phone call came in from Jeff, Kyle took note of the time. "Damn, Isabelle's going to win."

"Hey, they aren't done yet. Why do you think Isabelle's going to win?" Maria asked noting the time herself. Yes, it had been almost five hours and Max and Liz were still going strong at the moment. Although the sounds of their moans and groans weren't as noticeable in the Parker's living room, they could all still faintly hear that they were no way finished doing what they were obviously doing in Liz's room. So Maria, was confused as to why Kyle would make the statement that Isabelle was going to be the winner of the bet.

Before Kyle could answer, Michael jumped in. "I think what Kyle was trying to say, was the shits about to hit the fan. Liz's Dad is about to walk through that door."

After a few seconds the reality of what Michael had just stated sank in and Maria looked toward the Parker's door that connected to the stairs that led to the cafe below, then to the hallway that led to Liz's bedroom and stated the only thing she could think to say at that very moment in time. "Oh Shit!"

End Part 55
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Here's the next part, hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 56

Jim, Jeff, Diane and Philip walked into the Parker's residence and immediately sensed the tension in the air. "What happened?" Philip asked knowing something had to have happened by the way Isabelle, Michael, Maria and Kyle were sitting in the living room with a look of doom upon their faces.

"Where's Amy and Nancy?" This from Diane, but her question was answered when the two women walked into the living room just as soon as she had asked it.

"We're here. Why don't you guys come back to the kitchen with us, we've just made a fresh pot of coffee?" Amy stated more than asked, not wanting to get Jeff all upset by hearing anything he didn't want to hear that would most definitely upset him. As the adults started walking toward the kitchen. Jim looked down the hallway and saw a man he didn't know.

"Who is that?" Jim asked looking down the hallway and seeing Garock standing just outside of a door.

"His name is Garock, he's here to protect Liz supposedly." Nancy stated as she continued to lead her husband and the other adults past the hallway as quick as possible so her husband wouldn't go ballistic if he heard what she and the other's had been hearing for the past five hours. Amy and her had discovered the moans from Liz's room wasn't as audible in the kitchen and they had both been discussing what they should do the minute Liz's father got home. Keeping him from knowing until they had time to explain the current situation or as much of it as they could.

As Jeff walked with his wife, he asked. "Where's Max and Liz?" At that precise moment another moan of Yes's and Oh God's came from the hallway. Jeff stopped immediately. "What the hell was that and where the hell is Max and Liz?" He shouted out as he started to move toward the hallway in lieu of the kitchen where Nancy had been leading him.

Garock immediately stepped in between the door to Liz's bedroom and Liz's father. "I must request you to reframe from going any further." He stated in an authoritative tone, he had no idea who this individual was, but it didn't matter. His first priority was the safety of his future Queen and making sure she did in fact get the protection of the title.

"Excuse me, just who the hell are you and what the hell do you think your doing in my house? And where the hell is My Daughter?" Jeff shouted out, his temper already flaring.

"Michael do something!" Maria screamed out, knowing this wasn't going to be pretty, but knowing Michael was the only one allowed to do anything about it.

Michael knew he was only avoiding what needed to be done, for as long as he could get away with it, but the time of avoidance was now over and done with. "Mr. Parker, I can explain everything if you allow me a few minutes. Max and Liz are fine, but they are currently under the protection of the Royal House of Antar, so if you try to interrupt, you could be harmed. Please, let me have a minute to explain, before..."

"...OHHHH! MAXXXXX!! YESSSSSS!!!" Liz's screams of pleasure could be heard easily by every person standing in the hallway again.

Jeff didn't bother to listen to any more of Michael's or anyone else's explanation. There was no doubt at this point what was happening inside his daughter's bedroom and even though Jeff had finally agreed with Liz and Max being together. This was just asking way too much for any father of a teenage girl to be all right with. He quickly pushed Garock out of the way and went to grab the door when he was thrown back just as quick and his hands were held fast against the wall by an unseen force. Everyone stood shocked still as their eyes roamed from where Jeff was pinned against the wall and Michael's out stretched hands. Michael's eyes turn to black and his voiced boomed in authority. "The King of Antar and his chosen mate will be unavailable until the future Queen has been granted the protection of an heir."

"What?" This from Philip wondering if he had heard Michael correctly. He had never seen Michael look the way he did and for a moment Philip was nervous. Quickly getting over his nervousness, he demanded. "Michael, let Jeff go NOW!"

Michael shook his head to clear it, blinking his eyes a few times until he was back to feeling like his normal self. He had no idea what had just come over him, but something in his alien side had taken over and it didn't matter who it was that was trying to interrupt Max and Liz. Michael felt the need to protect them and something inside of him snapped. He quickly released Jeff Parker from the wall. "I'm sorry Jeff. I don't know what happened."
He turned around and seen the shock look on Maria's face and his heart plummeted, knowing that he had scared the one person that meant the most to him. The one person he never thought would be scared of him, but now was. "I'm sorry." He stated as he ran out of the hallway and down the steps of the Parker's residence that led to the cafe downstairs.

"MICHAEL!" Maria recovered immediately and knew she had to talk to him, explain to him that he didn't scare her. It was just a shock to see how his entire being had changed from being her Michael to something totally different. She saw the way his eyes turned black and heard his voice beam in an authoritative tone and it had taken her completely by surprise. That's when she realized, she had seen who Michael really was. Max maybe the King of another planet, but Michael was the king's second in command and in those few seconds Maria understood what exactly that meant. He wasn't just some soldier, he was the soldier, the big man on campus sort of speak. Max might be king, but Michael was just as much a leader. He answered to only one person and his job was to protect the only person he answered to. That person being, Max. Not waiting to see what the reaction to what Michael had done, she ran after him.

Knowing that they would only have a few minutes before the moans and screams of pleasure from her daughter's bedroom would start back up again, Nancy quickly approached her husband. "Jeff, let's go into the kitchen and I'll explain."

Jeff wanted to argue, wanted to storm into his daughter's bedroom and beat the crap out of Max. But, he had heard with his own ears what had already taken place. He decided it would be better if he heard the full explanation, thinking that Max and Liz would be out in a few minutes anyway and then he would have his chance to lay into the two of them. Nodding his head in agreement, he allowed his wife to lead him into their kitchen. "Fine, but just make it quick. I want to make sure, I'm the first person that Max sees when he comes out of there." He motioned to his daughter's bedroom door with his thumb.

Nancy simply shook her head, knowing her husband was never going to believe that what he had just heard was only the beginning and it was something that she had been hearing for at least the last five hours or so. She didn't have the heart to tell him that she didn't think neither Max nor Liz were going to be making an appearance anytime soon, so she just went about getting coffee cups out of the cupboard to pour everyone some coffee. Knowing good and well, this was going to be one long day and possibly even longer night.

"Michael, STOP!" Maria shouted as she rushed after him.

"Don't Maria, don't act like everything's going to be okay. I saw it, I saw the look on your face. I never wanted to see that look on you. That's why I tried to stay away for so long. But, you were always there, you tore away every wall I had ever made so I would let you in and now you there and you know the truth and it scares the crap out of you. I scare you."

"STOP IT! Michael Guerin, you know more scare me, than a pesky fly scares me at a picnic. Was I shocked? Yes. Did it take me by surprise to see you like that? Yes. But, scared? No, I'll never fear you Michael. I love you. I know who you are. I know what you are and I love every part of you Michael. Don't you get that yet? I L.O.V.E. You, Michael Guerin.
So don't try to put up that stonewall of yours now. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than your eyes turning totally black and the true soldier in you coming out than that to get you out of marrying me, so just stop it right now." Maria told him. Now, you have a job to do, you have put it off long enough. It's time that you face your responsibilities and take care of your King and my best friend. So get your butt back up there and let's get it over with, okay?"

Michael couldn't keep the smile of his face at his feisty fiance's words if he wanted to. He loved her so much, but never had he loved her more than he did at that very minute. "Can't we at least wait for another four hours, that way Isabelle doesn't win the bet?"

Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, she stated. "You are unbelievable, you know that. Even if I agreed to that sick twisted way of thinking, I doubt that I could last another four hours up there listening to them." She half joked.

"Well, we could do what we did in Florida." He retorted.

"I don't think there are any boats or private islands around Roswell for that, Mr. Guerin."

"AAH! But, soon to be Mrs. Guerin, I was thinking more in the line of what we did on that private island, than the actual island itself. Remember the old saying, if you can't beat them..."

...Join them." Maria smiled and stepped closer to Michael. "So?"

Michael took her in his arms. "So."

Looking around she asked. "Where?"

The two of them looked around and their eyes landed on the same door at the same time and together they announced. "Broom Closet." With that the two quickly disappeared behind the broom closet door in the back of the Crashdown cafe to make their own private moans of their own.

Back in Liz's bedroom, Max and Liz were having there own private discussion. While they were totally lost in their love making they both knew what needed to be done. Until Liz conceived an heir to the throne, Max would continue to crave her relentlessly. The only problem being Liz wouldn't conceive no matter how often they made love until they mutually agreed it was time. Even though Liz wanted to be pregnant with Max's child and knew that as long as they delayed it, she could be endanger. She had doubts and no matter how much she voiced she was ready, Max easily read that she really wasn't. And until he knew without any doubt that she was without any doubts ready to be a mother of their child, he wasn't going to force her into it because of some alien craving. Besides he had no qualms about needed her so intensely. He loved to make love to her and it showed in every touch, every kiss and every thrust he made inside of her wet passage. He would take her to the stars and then take her again and again and was loving every second of it. They had no idea what was going on outside of the bedroom, nor did they care. Their souls were joined and it was the most amazing feeling each and everytime they made love.

Max had given his soul to Liz literally and he needed to make love to her to sustain his life or at least that's the way it felt to him. Each time the craving got strong and stronger in him to plant his seed, knowing once he did he would leave another part of himself with her and be able to safely take a small piece of his soul back to eliminate the craving from becoming so intense he had to have her. They would release, change positions and before they knew it they would have the pleasure of their release again only to readjust once again. They had no idea how long they had been making love, they didn't care. They were focused only on each other and how much they loved each other.

In the kitchen Nancy and Amy had just finished filling the other adults in on what had happened, who Garock and Tetro were and why they were here. Then Nancy dropped the bombshell on her husband and Max's parents when she explained that their children have been going strong for almost seven hours now and she had no idea how much longer they would continue. Isabelle had tried to explain about Max's craving earlier to Nancy and Amy, but she really didn't know for sure why it was happening or how long it took for Liz to deal with the craving when it began to get as intense as it had when they went into Liz's bedroom. Now it was Amy and Nancy's turn to try to explain the unexplainable to the other adults. By the time they were done, Jeff, Philip and Diane sat shocked beyond words at what they had just been told. All the adults who had have sexual relations with their respective, wives, husbands or partners in the case of Amy and Jim. But, none of them could even try to comprehend how it was possible for Max and Liz to continue making love for so many hours at a time. It was just physically impossible or so they thought. Then again the soft moans that were murmured with the walls in the kitchen, continued and there was no doubt what was happening.

"Let me see if I have this straight. Max will continue to have sex with Liz until she's pregnant with his child?" Diane asked not sure if she could believe what her own ears were saying.

"It looks that way." Amy offered, knowing how hard this had to be on both Max and Liz's parents. It was one thing to know that your child is having sex, it's a totally different thing to have to sit and hear it happening for literally hours on end.

"But, what I don't understand is how it's possible that she isn't pregnant already? I mean it really only takes once doesn't it? Or is it different because Max is different?" Philip asked still not sure he was even understanding this at all.

By the questioning looks on the other adults faces, it was apparent that none of them understood or had an answer to his question. Even if they were using some kind of protection like condemns, even Philip knew there wasn't enough condemns in that bedroom to sustain them for a seven hour love making session.

End Part 56
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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

After ten hours, Garock called to Michael. Up until this point, Michael had done everything he could to avoid what his call to duty was. He had no interest in walking into Liz's bedroom nor did he even want to think about interrupting Max and Liz. Periodically the moans of the bedroom would subside and everyone would let out swooshes of air at the thought of them finally being finished, no one more than Michael of course, thanking his lucky stars that he wouldn't have to actually go inside Liz's bedroom after all. Those thanks soon flew out the window when within minutes the sounds of two people making love would engulf once again throughout the Parker's residence. So when Garock called him down the hallway, Michael was reluctant, but knew he could no longer excuse his duty away. "You must provide for our King and our future Queen." Were the words Garock spoke once Michael was close enough for him to say for Michael's ears only.

"What?" Michael wasn't sure if he had heard the newest alien to join their group correctly or not.

"Nourishment will be needed soon and it is up to the King's second in command to accommodate those needs." Garock stated as if it was common knowledge. If they had been on their home planet of Antar, it would have been common knowledge. Garock was still finding it hard to believe that the Royal's were so uneducated in the ways of their home.

"So what am I supposed to do, fix them a meal and hand feed it to them as they do it in front of me? I Don't Think So!" For one he wasn't sure if he wanted to do that and two he was positive neither Max nor Liz would want him to do that.

Shaking his head at Rath or as he was currently known as Michael in disbelieve. "I feel you misunderstand what is happening." Garock started to acknowledge, but was quickly interrupted by Michael.

"Oh, I understand all right and I'm telling you it ain't happening." Michael stood his ground. There was absolutely no way he was going into that bedroom unless forced to by some act of God.

"Then our King and our future Queen will die." Once again Garock's voice held little to no emotion and his facial expression held even less.

Michael's face immediately took on a puzzled look, clearly not understanding what Garock was saying. He understood the craving Max had for Liz. Hell, he had witnessed it first hand, but he still didn't see how he needed to provide food and water to Max and Liz while they were making love. If they got hungry enough, surely their stomachs need for food would eventually make them stop long enough to eat. As for him serving them food, he didn't see any reason besides the embarrassment of having to face their parents to come out and get their own food. Finally he asked the question, he just couldn't seem to grasp the answer to. "What do you mean, they'll die?"

"You do understand the mating ritual can last up to a full lunar cycle, correct?" At Garock's statement, Michael nodded his head showing he did understand what that meant. Max would have this craving to be with Liz for an entire month so make sure he was the one that would impregnate Liz and not some other want to be King of power. "You also understand the human body can only go for so many turns of this planet around it's sun before it will be able to survive without any type of nourishment?" Once again a nod from Michael. Understanding that the human body can only go so long without food or water before it would perish. Seeing how Michael was still with him, he continued. "And if you are using more energy then usually you need more nourishment to sustain that energy."

Another nod, then the light bulb finally went off in Michael's brain. "Wait a minute. Are you saying that Max and Liz won't stop fucking, even to the point where they could literally starve themselves to death. You have got to be fucking kidding?" He had to have misunderstood, he had to have. There is no other explanation for it, that was just plain insane.

"What I am saying it is the King's second in command to provide for his King and his future Queen during the mating ritual. It is your duty Michael, you are the only one allowed this honor of trust."

"This honor? You say that like this is something that I should be thankful for, like..."
His words quickly halted by Garock's.

"It Is An Honor! Only the second in command is entrusted to be present during the mating ritual. You, Michael, are the only one that Zan or Max as he goes by now, would allow to enter the Royal chamber and be close enough to our future Queen prior to the conception of the heir. Anyone else would be considered an immediate threat and would be rejected by the Royal couples own self defenses."

"What about Isabelle or Maria? How would they be considered a threat? It's not like they would be able to attempt to impregnate Liz? Why does it have to be me?" Michael knew he was being difficult and he knew that both Maria and Isabelle were probably throwing him death looks right about now for even suggesting that either of them have to do what was being requested of him. But, he didn't care. He simple did not want to have to do this. Period, end of story.

"Michael, it is you the King trust. It is you that the King has faith in. It is your honor, your duty and yours alone." Garock stated solemnly.

Maria came up behind Michael understanding exactly what he was feeling, knowing it was probably the last thing Michael wanted to do. He would be more comfortable facing down an army, then having to enter Liz's bedroom. But, protest as much as he would, she knew he was only delaying what they both knew he was going to do. If there was one thing about Michael Guerin that Maria DeLuca understood, he would always fulfill his duty. "Come on Michael, I'll help you prepare something easy and something they can eat quick." She tried to reassure him and give him the support she knew he needed at this moment in time.

"FINE! But, Damn It. Max, is so going to owe me for this one." Michael huffed back down the hallway toward the kitchen with Maria following close behind him.

Inside the bedroom, Max continued to feed his craving of the woman he loved. Being driven beyond any means possible. He had no idea how long he and Liz had already been making love, but the strangest thing was, he didn't care. He didn't care that Liz's mother was there and more than likely both his parents and her father was there now too. He didn't care how much they moaned in ecstasy. All he knew was the way Liz felt to his body, the way her mind blended with his and how their souls wrapped eagerly together in the same manner as their physical bodies did while making love to each other. Becoming one in the same, through mind, body and soul. Energy seemed to be constantly rejuvenated by some unknown source as if his logical mind had been thinking at all, would know without any doubt how physically impossible it was for the two of them to continue to make love like had been and were still doing. Yet, here they were without any knowledge of the span of time or any care with regard to it still making love. Their connection was as wide open as it could possibly get. Of course, having their souls blended the same as their bodies, it was as if they were one being instead of two separate entities. Max knew Liz was fine, both spiritually and mentally with what was happening between the two of them. He did have concerns about her physical well being. Although her body was moving in sync with his and he could feel her enjoyment of their love making surround him, he still had reservations after such a long period that he could possibly physically hurt her.

He pounding his hips into hers, up and down, in and out, pushing and pulling. The craving never ending, the need never stopping and the desire always as strong as ever. "Oh Ye..yesss." Liz moaned out as another rippling orgasm sent tingles throughout her body, but her throat was becoming so hoarse from the hours of moaning and screaming. Although her mind was still more than willing to continue and God only knew how it was possible that her body was still going strong. Liz was starting to feel the effects of what making love for such a long time was having on her body. With her throat feeling raw and her voice becoming hoarse, she had no idea how it was possible that she was still wanting Max. Still urging him to continue to make love, still able to move at all for that matter.

Max heard her voice, but knew what was happening before she even moaned with the slight rasp to her voice. As reluctant as he was to stop, he knew he had to. They needed food, water and rest before they killed themselves. Still unsure how they hadn't died from the pleasure they were giving each other all ready. "Liz...We have to stop...We need..." He started to say as he also began to pull out of her body for the first time in who knew how many hours.

"NOOoooo." Liz's protests came quick, the minute she felt Max even begin to withdrawal. Having his soul wrapped with hers only came when they were connected in the most intimate way a man and woman can connect their bodies and she didn't ever want to stop having her soul intertwined with his.

Feeling exactly what she was feeling, knowing without a doubt that she didn't want to stop, but physically needing to, he kept their bodies connected. Keeping this souls connected at the same time, only he stopped moving. He knew this was risky, for just as in all the other previous times, his manhood only stayed somber for a minute if that before he felt his need for her begin to grow again. "Liz, honey. Listen to me, you need something to drink. Let me..."

"I..I don't want to lose us." She revealed, even though she really didn't need to for Max already knew what she was feeling. Her soul was his, his was hers. They were one.

"I know, I feel the same way. But..."

"Max, please." Liz couldn't even imagine losing the feel of her soul joined to his. She didn't even want to think about it. She knew she was being unreasonable, knowing they couldn't remain joined in body and soul forever. But, she couldn't, not yet.

Max couldn't deny her pleas as he felt the exact same way. His body already beginning to grind against hers. His craving beginning to build all over again. It was crazy, he was still inside her, they were still joined physically, mentally and spiritually, but he was still craving her. His appetite for her unbearable, he started to pump his hips up and down slowly trying to figure out how it was possible for him to feel like he hadn't made love to her in weeks, months or years after having made love to her for the past how many ever hours it had been. Within only a few minutes the two of them were once again in a frenzy pace and completely out of control.

Nancy had come into the kitchen to help Maria out, along with Diane as she tried to explain the situation to both mothers. While Michael got the burden to explain what he was about to do to the fathers. "Let me get this straight, Max and Liz could possibly be in that bedroom for the next thirty days? Non stop?" Philip questioned, just the idea alone was inconceivable to him.

Jeff on the other hand didn't even have the words to say anything for once. He was just too shocked at the thought of what was going on in his daughter's bedroom and what would most likely be continuing to happen. Not to mention that now he finds out that Michael was planning on going in there and giving them food to sustain them as they continued on their merry way. No, his brain just couldn't even fathom what it was being ask to accept.

"Or until Max impregnates Liz." Michael finished lamely.

"WHAT?" That was the straw that finally broke Jeff's shocked state.

"Look, I didn't make the rules up. All I know is that on Antar, when a King chooses a mate,
that would be Max choose Liz. If the chosen mate accepts the King, they go through the bonding ceremony. Liz accepted Max and they went through this bonding ceremony already. Since Liz is human, Liz also had to go through the transformation prior to her body being able to carry the next heir to the throne. Which she has already gone through. On Antar the transformation process isn't usually necessary as most of the individuals from the five ruling planets of our system all have genetically compatible DNA. So once the bonding ceremony has taken place the King and his bonded mate retire to the Royal chamber, where they remain until the King's bonded mate has conceived his child. Making sure that no other individual can have claim to the throne by impregnating the King's bonded mate instead of the King. That's why Max has had this craving to be with Liz..."

"Wait, back up a minute." Philip broke in, he had been listening to the story they had already been told parts of already, but he hadn't heard anything about Max craving Liz before. "Just what exactly does that mean? Max has been craving Liz."

"I don't how to explain it or why, but it means exactly what I said, Max craves Liz. I'm guessing it has something to do with the fact that he subconsciously knows that he has to impregnate her so she has the protection of the granolith..."

"Explain that, how is Liz going to get the protection of this granolith thing? Wouldn't she already have that now that she has been certified as Max's bonded mate?" Jeff asked, he needed to know exactly what was happening to his daughter and with the words like protect and his daughter in the same sentence, he needed to understand exactly what they meant.

"Being bonded to Max gives Liz the ability to carry the next heir, but until she is actually pregnant she won't have the protection of the granolith. Right now, Liz is the most vulnerable to attack, because she carries the Royal seal that will be past to her child when she becomes pregnant. Max doesn't necessarily need to be the father, he just had to choose Liz. So anyone who wishes to have the power of he granolith can make an attempt to impregnate Liz instead of Max, kind of like Kivar did. But, once Liz is with child the granolith will also give her the choice to choose, just like Max had. Because once she is pregnant she gains the actual title of Queen, instead of just being the King's bonded mate."

Both Philip and Jeff listened intently, neither could even try to conceive what their children were currently going through. It was Jeff though that shocked them though with his next words. "Then why isn't Liz already pregnant? I mean it's not like they haven't been going at it for..." He looked at his watch and calculated quickly. "Almost eleven hours. How many times do they need to...I mean...The child is conceived in the normal way, correct?"

"Yes, the child is conceived like a normal human pregnancy, but a woman cannot be impregnated without the father's consent. It's like an in home birth control. And Max being Max..." Michael's explanation was interrupted by Nancy, Diane and Maria walking into the living room with a tray of food. "Look, I don't know for sure....I better get in there."
He nodded his head down the hallway toward Liz's bedroom door. He took the tray of food from Maria, gave her a quick kiss on her cheek, then whispered in her ear. "Wish me luck."

Giving him a sympathetic smile, she mouthed the word luck to him and watched as he made his way down the hallway. Michael stood just outside the door, took another deep breath, closed his eyes, then reached once more for the door knob. Stating over and over in his mind, you owe me so much Maxwell.

End Part 57

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 58

Keeping his eyes closed Michael held the tray tightly in his hands and stepped into Liz's bedroom. The bedroom door was slammed shut the second he was inside without any help from Michael. The sound of the door slamming behind him, made Michael's eyes fly open as he turned back toward the door. It had startled him, as he wasn't expecting it at all. "Michael?" Max's questioning voice had brought him back to the reality of what he was supposed to be doing in the first place and why.

Once again his eyes shut tightly and his voice creaked slightly as he began to explain his intrusion. "Max, I..."

"It's okay Michael, we're covered." Max quickly interrupted his best friends' voice. The moment Michael had stepped inside the door, Max's craving had stopped instantly. Bringing both himself and Liz back into the real world. As quickly as he could he removed himself from being joined with Liz and throw the covers of her bed over the two of them before he even began to question Michael's appearance inside Liz's bedroom.

Letting out the breath he hadn't even realized he was holding, he opened his eyes and admitted. "Oh Thank God!"

Liz bit her bottom lip as the reality of what her and Max had been doing as Michael had walked in her room. Suddenly wanting to escape from the embarrassment of having to face Max's best friend, knowing that he knew exactly what her and Max had been doing. "I..uh.. Michael, could you turn around for a moment..I need to...Uh.." She was finding it hard to complete any sentence, but she was desperate to get to the cover of her bathroom.

Michael's mind wasn't thinking clearly as he didn't understand what Liz was trying to say, until Max explained it in laymen's terms. "Michael, close your eyes and turn around so we can dress please." It still amazed Max how it was possible that the desire and need to be with Liz had stopped so suddenly and how his brain was actually processing in a logical manner again. Only moments before he had been so consumed with nothing but making love to Liz, that nothing was processing in his mind except being joined as one with her.

Nodding his head in agreement as Max and Liz's request finally sank into his brain. "OooH!
Yeah, right. I'll just turn around and close my eyes, sorry."

As soon as Michael did as they had requested, Liz ran for the bathroom as Max hunted down his boxer's and pant's. Once he heard the bathroom close he gave Michael the okay to turn around. "What time is it?" That was the first question out of Max's mouth.

"Almost midnight." Michael implied.

"Holy crap." Max stated, obviously shocked as the realization that he had been actually making love to Liz for at least eleven hours plus. Not to mention that if Michael hadn't come into the room like he had they more than likely would still be going at it.

"Holy crap is right Maxwell. Talk about endurance, Shit Man!" Michael didn't know if he was joking, jealous or just pissed as all hell that he was the one that had to come in here and put a stop to it like he had. "You do realize that both your parents and Liz's are out there having a cow at the way you two have been moaning all the 'Yes's and Oh God's' that no parent should have to hear coming from their children. If it wouldn't have killed him, I'm betting my ass off that Liz's father would have been in here in a heart beat to beat the living crap out of you. Not to mention how the rest of us have to listen to it and to find out that it's going to continue on for possible a month and..."

"What? I'm going to have this craving to be with Liz for an entire month?" Max was flabbergasted at the thought of what Michael was implying.

At the look of panic on his friend's face, Michael realized that Max had no idea what was happening or why. "You do know your in the middle of what is known as the 'Mating Ritual' don't you?"

"Mating Ritual?" This came from Liz who had came out of the bathroom wearing her robe as she hadn't bothered to stop to pick up her clothes prior to running into the bathroom. She had stood by the door listening to Michael. When he had mentioned the mating ritual, she needed to find out what he was talking about.

"Yeah. Apparently if we were on Antar the King and his chosen mate would be secluded until the heir is conceived after the bonding ceremony had taken place. Garock says it could take up to an entire month and during that time the only person allowed to interrupt you guys is lucky me. Being the King's second in command and all." Michael stated while giving Max an evil eye letting him know that when this was all said and done that he was going to owe him big time.

Now Max knew his body was craving Liz, in fact they both understood it was because of a need to impregnate Liz. But, neither had any idea that they could be feeling this pull to mate for up to a month. Liz plopped heavily down on her bed as the realization of what Michael had just said sank in. She had been starving just a few minutes ago, especially needing some kind of drink to quench her thirst. But, now her appetite seemed to vanish. "And our parents?" She could only imagine what her father was saying right about now.

"They're still a bit confused as to why you aren't pregnant already. I mean it's not like they don't know what's going on in here." Michael sarcastically stated.

"That's enough Michael." Max stated firmly, he could feel Liz's embarrassment of the situation already and he didn't need Michael making her feel worst. Especially since he could feel the craving already beginning to creep it's way back into his system. It was far from taking over his body like it had previous, but Max knew it was only a matter of time before it did. He took note of the tray of food in Michael's hand, more importantly the glasses of juice that sat upon the tray. "Is that for us?" He asked as he motioned to the tray. At Michael's nod, he stepped over and took both glassed of juice off the tray, turning back he offered one to Liz. To his dismay though, Liz shook her head. Her thoughts clearly on her parents and what they must think of her. "Liz, please." He begged as he held the glass out for her once again.

Liz went to take the glass from Max's hand and their fingers barely touched, but that was enough for Liz to feel it. The craving was coming back and she had no idea what to do. Was she supposed to just lay back and allow Max to impregnate her as every person that she held dear to her heart stood right outside her door? While Max had been making love to her, she hadn't felt the effects of their long love making session, but now her body was feeling the effects and she knew she wasn't ready to continue what Michael had interrupted. Was it possible to make love for an entire month? Was she ready to be a mother? What would happen if they denied the craving? Question after question ran through her mind, she couldn't even attempt to try to answer them. In one quick movement, Liz found herself back inside her bathroom and the sound of the bathroom door slamming shut rang in her ears as she dropped to the floor and brought her knees up to her chest and felt the first of many tears begin to fall.

Liz's abrupt exit brought Max to his senses. It didn't help that he could literally hear her thoughts running across her mind. God, what kind of animal was he? How could he do this to her? His own self doubts were growing like wild fire and he vowed that he wasn't going to touch Liz again until they had an opportunity to talk about what Michael had just told them. There was no way he was going to impregnate Liz against her wishes. Liz meant everything to him and even if it killed him, he would fight this craving until his dying breath. He was not going to take advantage of Liz. He was not going to impregnate her just because of some alien pull inside his body was demanding he did so. He wasn't even going to touch her or kiss her or...God, he wanted her so badly.

Michael had watched the scene unfold in front of him, he knew they were both having reservations regarding their situation. In that single moment, Michael finally understood how this was tearing them up inside. His mind drifted to Maria and he put the two of them in Max and Liz's places and the light bulb went off. They obviously loved each other, but what was happening to them wasn't really their choice any more. Sure they had made a vow of their love to each other during the boding ceremony, but that didn't mean they shouldn't continue to have choices. They shouldn't be forced into making love, they shouldn't be forced into making a baby. But, they were and as envious he had been of Max a few short hours ago, he now understood the cruelty of the situation. This was as bad as their previous destiny. Having no say in their future, no right to decide when they would like to begin a family. He stood next to his friend who was staring at the closed bathroom door. "I'm sorry Max. I know it doesn't help, but I think you should know. Everyone's behind you guys."

"Yeah, I'm sure Liz's father is out there right now, rooting us on." His voice dripping in sarcasm. Then his voice grew serious once again. "What happens if we don't? I mean I do have a choice of the conception correct? What would happen if I refuse to impregnate Liz?"

Taking a deep breath, Michael answered his long time friend as honestly as he could. "Then your putting Liz's life at risk Max. Kivar wasn't the only enemy we have. Right now, Liz is vulnerable. In fact she'll be at risk until she's pregnant. With or without you. She has no protection of her own against what's happening to her. She has the seal inside of her, the seal that you offered and she accepted. The seal that allows her to give birth to the next heir of Antar, let it be your child or not." Michael knew his words were harsh and he did feel for his friend, but the facts remained and either Max allow himself to impregnate Liz or someone else would if given the opportunity. "Besides, do you really think you can fight this craving thing. I've seen you try and it's not pretty Maxwell." Changing his tone, he continued. "Look, I know you. I know how I would be feeling if this was happening between Maria and myself. Even Liz's parents understand it to a point. You can try to deny it and Liz can try to deny it, but the facts remain. I can't tell you what to do, that's your decision. I can tell you what I would do if it was Maria. If I could do something that would prevent her from further harm and ensure her safety, I would." With that said Michael walked out of Liz's bedroom, leaving the tray of food on the night stand.

The second Michael walked out of the room, the craving that had been slowly stirring inside of Max hit full force. There was no more denying it, when it came, it came fast and it came hard. All of Max's senses went out, all he could feel was Liz's presence close by. He could smell her scent and it was intoxicating to him to the point where he couldn't smell anything but her. His need for her skyrocketed to the point where he had no control over his actions, all he knew was his craving for Liz had to be satisfied. Try as he did, nothing was stopping the desire that flowed into his veins. His wants, his needs, driving him in the only direction that would cure his appetite that had nothing to do with the tray of food Michael had brought in and left. His mouth literally began to water with the need that was driving him and before he could stop himself, he was standing in front of the bathroom door. "Liz, please forgive me." He whispered against the door.

Inside the bathroom, Liz could feel Max's presence on the other side of the door. She knew he needed her. Hell, she needed him just as badly. That simple touch of his hand when he had offered her the glass of juice, had stirred her emotions so deeply it scared her. It was as if she had no control over her own body any longer and that was why she had run to the sanctuary of her bathroom. Not to keep Max away, but to keep herself away from Max. If she had remained next to him, she wouldn't have been able to control herself and that meant jumping his bones right there and then. Michael being there wouldn't have made any difference to her. Her body, her mind, her soul begging for a life to be created. Screaming inside of her for Max to allow her body to be the vessel for which he would plant his seed. All her previous questions that had run through her mind, did she want to become pregnant with Max's child? Was she ready to become a mother at such a young age? Every single answer came out in a resounding yes. That's when she finally realized what was happening to her. Max was craving her, because it was his own bodies way of telling him that he should impregnate her. But, she was craving Max because her entire being was telling her that she needed to become pregnant with Max's child before it was too late. Placing a hand on the door behind her, she whispered his name. "Max."

The locked door was unlocked and the door knob began to turn. Liz quickly stood up and pressed against the door. She needed to hear Max say it out loud what his intentions were.
She no longer was going to agree to help sustain his craving, if he wouldn't allow her craving to be satisfied in the same way. Holding the door closed with all her might, she yelled out. "Say it Max. Say that you want this as much as I do."

Max was being driven by a force unknown to mankind. He had to have her, there was no stopping his desire from being fulfilled. The weight behind the door felt no more than that of a feather that would be easily removed, but her words sank into his uncontrollable brain.
"I do Liz. I love you. I want you. I need you." He began to push the door open, but Liz held firmly against it.

"Tell me you want our child to be conceived." She shouted back through the door.

Max's mind blended with hers, he could feel her need, her desire for him to impregnate her with his child. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs that he did want that too. Just the thought of planting his seed deep inside of Liz's womb and creating a child was almost too much. His craving skyrocketed throughout his system to an even greater desire if it was at all possible. But, he wanted their child to be created because they wanted it, not because of some alien destiny that was forcing them to do it. He wanted their child to be created out of their love, not because of a pull demanding they conceive a child. With one final nudge the door was pushed open and his hearts desire stood before him with nothing but a robe. All conscious thought was gone and in two large strides Liz was in his arms and his mouth sought out the taste of Liz that it needed.

Liz was taken back by the way of desire that flowed through her from Max. She desperately wanted to fulfill his needs, but she was just as much in need and wanted him to acknowledge that he would give her what she desired. A child, his child. She wanted him to give her the gift of himself and until he agreed, she was determined to be stand firm. Tearing her mouth away from Max's mind blowing kisses, she stated firmly. "No, Max."

"Yes, Liz." He rebuffed as he lifted her onto the sink counter and parted her legs. Stepping in between her opened legs, he began to release his straining manhood from the confines of his jeans.

Liz could not only see with her own eyes how far gone Max was, she could feel it. As much as she wanted Max to make love to her, she wanted to know that he would fulfill her desire first. Grabbing a hold of Max's face, she looked him directly in the eye and stated. "I want your child to grow inside of me. I want you to be the father of my children, please Max. Allow me the choice to bare only your children. Tell me, you want me to have your child. I need to hear you say it. Please, Max. Please!"

Looking into her eyes, Max saw the truth of her words in her soul. Alien pull or not, he could no longer deny what she was asking of him. "I do, Liz. I want all those things too."

"Then make love to me Max." Was the last words she spoke as she leaned forward and placed a tender kiss upon his lips. Together they worked to free Max from his pants and when Max took his place once again in-between her legs, both understood what was about to happen. Both more than ready to fulfill a destiny that was meant to be and as Max embedded himself deep inside of Liz there was no going back. A child that would be the heir to the throne of Antar was about to be conceived. The father the rightful King, the mother to be the Queen.
"I love you Liz. I love you so much."

"I love you Max, only you, always you."

This time their love making was slow and tender, despite the need, the pull, the craving. Nothing was going to sway the way their child would be conceived. Out of love, pure and simple.

End Part 58

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 60

The entire group had been sitting quietly trying to decide if they should just try to go to sleep, but knowing the sounds still coming from Liz's bedroom would make sleep impossible for any of them. Everyone had a passing thought to leave the two love birds and find sleep at another residence and return in the morning. But, even as they thought it, none of them were willing to take the chance to leave the couple alone and unprotected.

Both the Parker's and the Evan's had grilled Michael upon his exit of the bedroom, wanting reassurance that their children were okay. Wanting to reassure them, but feeling highly embarrassed about doing so, he had asked to speak to Maria in private first. "It's your turn." He stated to the woman he loved once they alone in Jeff and Nancy's bedroom.

"What do you mean, it's my turn? I can't go in that bedroom, only you are able to do that." Maria understood Michael better than anyone and knew how hard it was for him to go into Liz's bedroom with Max and Liz obviously going at it like hound dogs, but she had no idea why he would think she could take a turn doing what he had just done.

"Not with Max and Liz, with the parents. Look, I might not have any choice in having to go into Liz's bedroom and I've accepted that. But, I DO have a choice as to being the one to have to explain what's happening in there to both Max and Liz's parents. Now, I've done my part, but it's your turn to do your part." Michael explained, thinking he had the right to ask Maria to face the parents. After all she at least had a mother that she was use to dealing with. Where he had never had a parental type relationship to even try to understand how they might be feeling right now. He didn't think getting Hank a can of beer while he sat around in his underwear watching television was enough experience to earn him the knowledge of tact to handle parents. So he turned to the most logical choice, Maria.

Maria was about to tell him there was no way she was going to be the one to have to face them and try to explain things to them. She knew what it was like to deal with her own Mom and her mother hadn't been listening to her having sex for the past twelve hours. But, as she looked upon Michael's pleading eyes, she caved. It they were going to have a long lasting relationship, they would have to share the burden of responsibilities that would come their way. "Fine, but now Max and Liz both owe me and unlike you. I won't forgive and forget this, I plan on collecting on this debt. So tell me what's happening so I can go inform their parents."

Michael went into a rough description of what had occurred during his time in the room with the two lovers. Talking with Maria was always a lot easier than anyone else, so it wasn't very difficult to give her the details she would need to inform the parents of the situation.

After Maria was secure with enough details, she leaned forward and gave Michael a sweet kiss on his lips. "Your the bravest alien I know." She responded, then let Michael remain in the bedroom as she faced the adults with the knew knowledge Michael had just given her.

Her mother was the first one to approach her. "Honey, where's Michael. Jeff and Nancy are really concerned about Liz as are Diane and Philip. He owes it to them to let them know how their kids are doing."

"Mom, I'll tell them. Michael did his part, now I have my part to do." She stated easily as she walked toward the kitchen. As soon as she found the four parents of her friends, she went into machine mode. Thinking it would be a lot easier for her to tell them if she didn't think too much of what it was that she was about to say. "Michael's told me everything that he knows and wants me to share those facts with the four of you." Maria then just stated the facts as she was told and tried to keep her story simple and to the point. Which for Maria was a feet all in it's own as she was one that usually liked to emphasize on things when she would tell a story. But, this was a time for tact and she knew all too well the way Jeff had responded to all this alienus already.

All four of the parents sat and listened quietly. By the time Maria was finished she began to ask if they had any questions, but from the look on all their faces, she knew none of them even knew where to begin to ask the questions they had. Besides the fact that she had told them as much as she knew and there really wasn't a lot more she could reveal to them. So quietly and quickly she excused herself from the kitchen and sought solace in Michael's arms who was still waiting in the other bedroom for her to come back. Michael had been quick to wrap his arms around Maria and hugged her tightly to his body to show how much he loved and appreciated what she had just gone through for him. When he pulled back, he commented. "Your the bravest human I've ever known." Replying back her own words to him from earlier and sealed his statement with a tender kiss.

Knowing one set of them going at it, was more than enough for the adults to handle the two regretfully separated and left the privacy of the bedroom to discuss what their options were. That's where they had been now for the last half an hour. As they sat there debating leaving or staying they saw a light beginning to shimmer from beneath the bedroom door that Max and Liz had been occupying for the last almost twelve hours. The shimmering stream of light suddenly exploded and the entire residence was lit up like the sun had crashed inside the Parker's home. Covering their eyes to try and shield the brightness of the light from blinding them, Michael was quickly on his feet and moving toward the bedroom thinking something was going down and his King and Queen needed him. He didn't even realize that he had thought of not only Max as his King, but Liz as his Queen and what that meant until he was met at the door by Garock. "The seed has been planted." Was all the other worlder had stated when Michael reached the door to Liz's room.

"What the hell is going on?" Michael shouted above the noise that the exploding light was causing. His mind only thinking of getting to his Kind and Queen and not what Garock had just said.

"Let us be witness to this glorious event." Garock stated calmly as he motioned for Michael to follow him down the hallway. Michael, was beside himself with what he was supposed to do, his protecting nature wanted him to check on Max and Liz. But, somehow he just knew it was unnecessary. "Come, we should all bare witness to the new blessing." Garock encouraged not only Michael, but the other members that had remained waiting patiently on his King to allow his heir to be conceived. Or at least that was what it seemed to Garock, the parents concerns for their children was not something he understood, so he assumed they had stayed to witness the conception seal to form.

Not sure what to think, the entire group. Philip, Diane and Isabelle Evans, Nancy and Jeff Parker, Jim and Kyle Valenti, Amy and Maria DeLuca and one flustered Michael Guerin all filed out of the back alley way door and looked up in amazement at the sky. The bright light that had exploded inside the Parker's residence was streaming up toward the heavens.
The seal of the King, the star system that was of the five planets took shape within the stream of light and then they witnessed how another seal of the same joined the first. Merging the two together and becoming one that lit the entire sky above them as if it were day light in lieu of the darkness of the night that had been there before. Tetro had climbed down from his perch on Liz's balcony and ran to Garock. "Do you see? It is true, the stories, the myths are all true." Tetro began to recite the prophecy that he had heard since he was only a small lad on Antar. "The one true King will take a Queen and together they will create an heir that will rule the galaxy with truth and justice."

The light show was mesmerizing and they all watched in awe at the sight before their eyes.
Only when the light began to shimmer away were they able to finally look away and attempt to understand what they had just seen and what that meant. "Does this mean Liz is pregnant?"
Maria asked, knowing it was true, but needing to ask to be sure just to make sure she was assuming correctly.

Garock turned away from the fading light with a smile that reached his eyes. "Our Queen is with child." He confirmed, then added. "The King and Queen will rest for quite a while, I suggest the rest of you take advantage and rest too. Tomorrow will be a big day and you will all need to be well rested if you want to look your best for the Queen Mother's arrival."

"Wait! What are you saying? Our real mother is coming to Earth?" Isabelle quickly spoke up, making sure she had heard and understood what Garock had just said.

"Yes, it is her duty to pass the Queen's crown to our new Queen." Garock answered as if it should be common knowledge of what was to come.

"Oh My God! I can't believe this, I'm going to finally meet her. I'm..." Isabelle stopped herself from saying anything more as she looked over and seen the look of fear upon Diane Evans face. A look that said how afraid she was to have to give her adopted children back to the woman who gave them life. Isabelle approached her mother cautiously, not sure how she was going to handle the situation, but knew in her heart how she felt about the woman that had raised her. "You know, no one can ever take your place. You do know that, don't you. I mean, Max and I wouldn't even be who we are today without you. As much as I want to meet her, you'll always be my mother in my heart." Isabelle stated quietly as she stood in front of her adopted mother, waiting to see how she was going to respond.

Tears filled both women's eyes as they wrapped their arms around one another. "Oh, Isabelle, I'm so proud of you. I'll always love you, no matter what. You'll always be my baby girl." Diane spoke softly to her daughter as she held her close in a tight embrace.

Not wanting to disturb the two women from their moment together, but noticing how the light show had raised some attention from other members of the community. Not just a few, but quite a bit, Jim Valenti was quick to take notice and quick to respond. "I think we better get inside the diner people. This little light show isn't something that we will be able to cover up easily and we need to start thinking of the best way to deal with the consequences."

The entire group agreed easily enough and had just barely gotten back inside the cafe, when they heard the sirens. Within minutes it seemed the Crashdown was swarming with policy, firefighters, newspaper reporters, television crewmen. Half the town was trying to get a glimpse of what was going on inside the cafe. The parents had sent the kids all upstairs, along with Garock and Tetro, stating they would deal with the press and the authorities.

It wasn't long after the first siren had been heard, that Max emerged from the bedroom for the first time, looking a bit shaken, but needing to find out what all the commotion was all about. "What's going on?"

"Don't tell me you missed the light show, you and your Queen produced." Kyle stated with sarcasm.

"Light show? What light show?" Max asked in confusion. He tried to recall what had happened, but all he could remember was him and Liz agreeing it was time to conceive a child. They had made the most beautiful love together, it had actually gotten so intense the two of them had passed out from the actual experience. The only reason he had come to was the fact that there was so much ruckus going on around the cafe, his instincts to find out what was happening took over and he had left a very sated Liz still sound asleep on her bed. Knowing instinctually that she needed some much needed rest, he had given her a soft kiss on her forehead before leaving her in the care of Tetro and Garock to venture out to see what was happening.

"Max, did you by any chance conceive a child with Liz about fifteen minutes ago?" Maria asked with a bit of laughter to her voice.

Feeling slightly embarrassed at her question, Max's face blushed a deep red before he looked down and asked. "How do you know that?"

"HOW? You want to know HOW? Well, Maxwell, your little conception caused a beam of light to explode and now every person within a hundred mile radius is either already outside the cafe or they are currently on their way. Oh and by the way, your real mother is probably on her way as we speak too. Just in case your interested." Michael couldn't believe how out of control the situation had turned so quickly. Max's old attempt to act normal wasn't going to happen this time. This time they were stuck and there was nothing they could do about it.

Garock approached his young King and fell to his knees in front of him. "Your majesty, it is true. It is time for you to take your rightful place as our King."

Max still really didn't know who the character that was knelt before him was as he hadn't really had time to gather that information as he had been a little preoccupied for the past several hours, but for some reason he knew he could trust the individual before him. "I believe your right." Max placed his hand on the man's shoulder before him and the man rose to his feet, but kept his head bent as a show of respect toward his King. "Liz, needs to rest. Can I count on you to make sure she is not disturbed unnecessarily?"

Garock was quick to place a bent arm to his chest and tap it once before nodding his head to Max. "I will guard her with my life, your majesty." Then took his leave to do as his King had bided.

Max looked over to Michael, then smiled to his friend. "That was weird." He admitted, before asking. "Okay, we need to get a handle on the situation. Michael, I think the two of us should go down stairs and see what's happening. Isabelle, I think the rest of you should stay up here and make sure nothing happens while were gone. As much as I feel we can trust Garock and Tetro, there are only a few individuals I would trust with Liz's life and they are all in this room with me."

Isabelle knew what Max was saying. "I'll make sure she stays safe, Max. Just let me know if you need me for anything." She stated sincerely.

Max nodded his acceptance to his sister. "Kyle, it's your choice, but I would appreciate it if you would join Michael and me down stairs. That way if things get out of control, you could act as a liaison between us and them." He pointed to Maria and Isabelle as he said this.

"I'm with you Max. Just tell me what you need me to do." Kyle stated serious. He was one that gave Max a hard time most of the time, but when it came right down to it, he was behind Max one hundred percent and no matter how bad things got, Max knew he could count of Kyle if he needed help.

With that the three guys made their way down the back of the cafe. They stood behind the swinging door that led into the cafe for a few moments, listening and trying to get an idea of how things were going. Or more importantly, how their parents were handling the situation. At the moment, the man Max never would have guessed to be the one to stand up for him was currently in a shouting match with a man that appeared to be in charge of the
military unit that had arrived. The one and only Jeff Parker.

"....And I told you, unless you have some kind of warrant, you will not be allowed to search my home. I don't care what kind of damn signal your system received from this location. I own this property, which according to the law includes the air space directly above it, so anything that's taken place in my home, is my business!" Philip had managed to reveal at least that much information to Jeff prior to the military storming into the cafe. The six adults were standing in a defensive angle preventing the soldiers that arrived to bypass them and they were still remaining firm in their stance for the time being. But, to the three teenage boys on the other side of the swinging door that led to the back of the cafe, they knew it was only a matter of time before the military men before their parents would no longer be kept at bay.

"Sir, I don't think you understand the seriousness of the situation. Now, I'm going to ask you people one final time what you know regarding the signal of light that came from this location or my men and I will be forced to find the reason behind it on our own."

"You have no right to force your way into my home. I know my rights and unless you..." Jeff started in the same speech he had been going into for the past fifteen minutes since the military had arrived when he was interrupted by four individual's in dark suits that had made their way into the cafe and moved to take control of the situation themselves.

"Mr. Parker, my name is Special Agent Douglas of the FBI. The officer has every right to inquire as to the nature of which the signal that took out a satellite came from. This is a matter of national security, we have the right to protect the citizens of this country and we expect your complete cooperation or you will be arrested. If you continue to disrupt the current investigation or resist any further, I will give the order to shoot." The special agent of the FBI stated seriously. He had flashed his badge to the adults standing in front of him and was more than ready to take the necessary action that was needed to find out what the signal was and exactly how it was sent.

Max knew that was his signal to step in. No matter how much he wanted to hide behind the safety of his Earth parents, he knew all too well how serious the FBI could be and exactly what they would do in order to locate the source of such a powerful signal. Garock had been correct when he had told him it was time for him to take his place as King. He instructed Kyle to remain back, then giving Michael a nod letting him know it was time for them to take a stand once again. The two hybrids stepped out into the cafe causing all attention to turn in their direction. "I believe I can answer the questions you seek better than Mr. Parker or my adopted father Mr. Evans can." Max stated as he moved closer to where the others stood.

Philip Evans first instinct was to protect his son and immediately stood between the military and the FBI agents and his son. "Max, you don't have to say a word."

"Dad, thank you for everything. But, this is something I knew was going to happen. This is my battle, not yours." Max gave his father a small smile to reassure him, everything would be okay. Then turned to the FBI agent that appeared to be in charge of the investigation.
"My name is Max Evans, I am the one that created the signal you speak of and I will try to answer any questions you may have." He motioned toward a booth to the side of the cafe indicating he was willing to talk, but he would be talking here and not somewhere else.

"Special Agent Douglas, Max." The agent introduced himself and reached out a hand to greet the young man before him as he made his way to the booth Max had motioned him to sit at.
"You claim to have created the signal in question. May I ask why before we get to the how?"
Mark Douglas had no idea what or who Max Evans was, he knew nothing about the special unit of the FBI that had captured the young man before him at one point in his life. He was assigned to investigate the signal that knocked out a good portion of communication when it had destroyed the satellite outside of Earth's atmosphere. He was about to get the shock of his life without any pre warning of what was to come.

"The reason for the signal was to confirm the conception of my heir." Max stated straight faced with complete confidence in could handle anything this planet had to offer. The strength he felt running through his veins from his bonding with Liz was unparalleled to anything that the government, military or even FBI could throw at him.

"Con..Conception. Wait, back up, what exactly are you trying to say?" Max's confession was probably the last thing that Mark Douglas had expected to hear and the surprise of Max's admission was obvious to both men.

Max knew the man before him wasn't one that got shocked or unnerved easily. It was almost funny the way he reacted to his statement, but Max knew it was only the beginning of what was to come. If his real mother, the Queen mother of another planet was due to arrive on Earth, it was time for this planet to know exactly what was coming and hopefully he could prepare them for the knowledge that life does exist beyond this world. In doing so, allow his true mother to arrive in peace without fear that the military would be tempted to do her harm. Max held the other man's eyes with his, prepared to use his mind controlling power if the need arose. "Special Agent Douglas, I am the true King of a planet called Antar and tonight, my Queen conceived the next heir to the throne."

End Pt59

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 60

Max's words were the last thing Special Agent Mark Douglas thought he would ever hear. He still wasn't sure he had heard the young man before him correctly. "Excuse me, what did you just say?"

"I believe you heard me correctly the first time. Now I was born and raised here in the United States. I consider myself a citizen of this country, but I'm not entirely human. I'm an alien human hybrid to be exact." Max watched as the color began to drain from the man's face. It was obvious the man hadn't expected to hear what he was hearing and the more time his mind had to process what he was hearing the quicker he was becoming agitated with the thought of who Max really was. Max could also tell the man was a little hesitate to believe what he was hearing, so Max continued to shock the Special Agent. "I have powers, I have the ability to do things that most of the human race cannot." He grabbed the man's hand and within seconds the man's skin color on the hand Max was touching went from a neutral tone to a bright purple.

Agent Douglas pulled his hand away instantly, his eyes went wide with fear at what the young man had just done to him and his first instincts were to move swiftly away from him and draw his gun. Although the agent moved quickly, Max was prepared for his reaction, his mind immediately commanded the agent to sit back down, to be quiet and listen. Just as quickly as he began to exit the booth he had been sitting with Max at, he sat back down and watched helplessly as Max took the his hand back in his and returned the coloring on his hand back to it's normal coloring. Once again the man's eyes went wide, his entire body was trembling with fear, but he was powerless to move, to speak. All he could do was sit and listen to the alien on the other side of the booth.

"I mean you no harm. I'm not here to take over the planet. I don't feed on human flesh or anything else you may have seen on movies regarding aliens. All I want to do is live my life just like every other citizen, but I know I can no longer hide among you as one of you. It is time the world understand what is coming and what can happen if we are not prepared to defend ourselves. Now I understand you were not prepared to hear what I am saying and most of this is going to come as a shock to you and to most of mankind here on Earth. I will ask that you make the proper phone calls to the right people. I cannot stress the importance of what will most likely happen within the next twenty-four to forty-eight hours. It is imperative we unite and act before it is too late. Now, make whatever phone calls you feel is important. I will await your response." With that Max got up and begun to move back toward Michael and his other family members.

Agent Douglas stood also and watched the young man walking away from you. "What makes you so sure I won't just shoot you now and be done with this?" He asked, not having any intention in doing so, but wanting to hear the young man's response.

Max turned back to the agent. "I wish you no harm, but I will defend myself if need be and I guarantee my defenses are stronger than anything you could use against me. Now, I believe you have a few phone calls to make." Although it was a statement that many could have taken as a threat or a boast of arrogance, it was the truth. The more Max understood the power of the four square, the more confidence he gained with that power. If need be he could use the power of the four square to energize a protection shield surrounding the entire cafe from any harm. He just hoped it wouldn't come to that, because he was more than sure his mother wouldn't be the only one that would attempt to come to Earth. Kivar was only one enemy that they had to deal with, he was sure their would be many more to come. Just like when Liz became his mate and the seal's sent that information to his home planet and alerted Kivar that he had chosen a mate. The signal that an heir being conceived would more than likely also bring more enemies to take Liz and his unborn heir to gain access to the throne.

Agent Douglas immediately turned to the other three members of his group and commanded. "Give me the phone!" For the next hour and a half Agent Douglas talked to his section chief, who set up a three way phone call with the head of the FBI. From there he went on to speak to the Department of Defense, the Secretary General of Defense and finally he found himself speaking with the President's assistant. He instructed his men and the local police to clear the area of all the on lookers that had showed up and within the next few hours helicopters carry a barrage of several high ranking military commanders, government officials and representatives of the white house were being flown into the nearest government facility which just happened to be Eagle Rock military base. Discussions and arguments endured as to how to handle the newly acquainted information. Much to the governments dismay, it also became a media circus. Though no word was leaked as to the true nature of what had been discovered, speculation of the light show was the talk of the news from the local channels to the national networks.

Garock and Tetro informed the soldiers that had arrived with them to take a defensive perimeter surrounding the cafe with instructions to only notify of any action against them, but not to take action themselves per Max's orders. Now was not the time to go ballistic and show power, but to negotiate and ensure trust be formed. Garock couldn't agree more and issued the orders accordingly.

Isabelle and Maria remained with Liz and watched over her as she continued to rest. Garock had given Isabelle a communication device so she had access to contact Max and vice a versus in case the need for the power of the four square became necessary. While Amy, Diane and Nancy took it upon themselves to start to make the gallons of coffee, they all suspected would be needed before this all ended.

Max, Michael, Philip, Jeff, Jim and Garock took their positions in the Crashdown to discuss what the next steps were going to be like. While Tetro remained posted at the front doors.
After his initial phone calls, Agent Douglas also remained inside the cafe with Max and his crew hoping to get more of a feel of the individual that had more power than he could ever imagine a single individual being capable of sustaining.

As the new day's dawn began, the military vehicles began to roll into the small town of Roswell. Several members of the government, including the Secretary of Defense and members of high ranking military commanders from different branches of the arm services arrived. All speculating the truth of what they were told, all unsure of the possibilities and all a tinge fearful if what they had learned was in fact the truth. It was Agent Douglas that met the members assigned to discover the truth at the cafe doors as they approached. Max, Garock and Michael had taken position next to each other and slightly in front of the others as the men began to enter the cafe one at a time. Armed soldiers lined the street in front of the cafe and Garock's men informed them of the number of soldiers that were taken position surrounding the building. It was obvious a stand off between the soldiers, but no one dared to take action prior to hearing the proper commands. As everyone knew the importance of this first initial meeting and no one was willing to be the one that caused an inter planetary conflict.

The Secretary of Defense approached the three men first that stood in front of the other men in the room. Noticing how the young man in the middle seemed to stand outward just a step in front of the other two, he presumed this was the man of the hour, or alien of the hour. "Max Evans, I presume." He held his hand out to the man in the middle in a gesture of good nature. "I'm Richard Mannero, the Secretary of Defense." He then went down the list of the other men in the room that stood behind him. "I believe you've requested a word with us, as we do with you." Max accepted the offered hand and made the introductions of the other people in the room. After the greetings, Mr. Mannero began again.

"Before we begin this conversation though, I feel it is necessary to inform you there is some skepticism to your statement among us and others."

Max understood exactly what the powerful man before him was saying, he wanted proof of Max's claim. Of course, Max didn't want to show all his cards before he was sure of what was about to go down. Being in the middle of the Crashdown, surrounded by the military wasn't making him feel all that secure, but he knew if something were to happen they would be able to handle it. Defeating Kivar and his army was proof of that. "You want proof, in other words." He stated firmly, showing he had already expected as much.

"To be blunt, yes. You've made claim that you have the ability to defend yourself if threatened. What exactly do you mean by this statement?" The secretary knew little about the young man before him, except what he had been informed of, which at the moment was not a whole lot. And he knew better then to make any further decisions prior to knowing exactly what he was up against.

"Very well." He turned back to Jim Valenti a man he trusted inside and out. "Mr. Valenti was the town sheriff here in Roswell for a number of years. He is well trained in fire arms and understands my capabilities. If you gentlemen would mind, standing off to the side I will give you a small demonstration." Jim slowly moved to the side of Max and stepped back a few feet. Then slowly reached into his pocket and pulled his gun out of it's holster. Making sure the men in the room were aware of what he was doing the entire time. He even offered one of the men in uniform to examine the gun for verification of it's authenticity.
Once everyone was satisfied the weapon he held was a true fire arm, he aimed it directly at Max. Max threw up his green energy field and the ex sheriff fired six rounds directly at Max. The energy field held firmly as all six bullets hung in mid air for a second before dropping to the ground. Max withdrew the energy field and looked back at the group of men that were standing there obvious in shock at what they had just witnessed. "Once again, I do want to emphasize that I do not mean you or anyone here on this planet any harm. But, I do have enemies. Powerful enemies, that I'm afraid will be coming to this planet. I do not believe their intent is to harm the people of this planet, but merely to cause harm to myself, my family and my friends. In their pursuit of us though, I fear for the safety of those around us and what they would do to get to us. I cannot confirm nor can I deny these facts." Max stated honestly, he knew down deep more enemies would come, but he couldn't offer this as fact. All he could do would be to prepare the people of this world with the knowledge that it could become a possibility.

It took Mr. Mannero just a few moments to recoup from witnessing the display of defense the young man had before he was able to process what he was being informed. He saw the three woman standing behind the counter with coffee cups lined up, waiting to serve them. There was no doubt in his mind that the young man named Max, had a lot more abilities than he had just witnessed. He also realized today was going to be one of the longest days of his life.
"Then I suggest we get comfortable as it appears we have quite a few things to discuss. Do you mind if I have a cup of that coffee? It smells wonderful."

Together the six men that came to meet with the elusive Max Evans and the five men that Max trusted with his life sat down to discuss, learn and come up with a plan that would prevent the loss of lives. Once everyone was settled, Max once again took the lead. A roll he was becoming more and more comfortable with. "I guess it would be only fair to start at the beginning and inform you of the facts that I know of." Max began his tale, from how he came to Earth, to who he was in his past life, about the seal he carried inside of his brain confirming who he is. He then explained the strange occurrence that had taken place in Florida and informed them that was an enemy that had already come to Earth intent on killing him and taking his family hostage to gain access to the throne. He told them of how his enemy had discovered his location in Florida, was due to a signal that signified he had chosen a mate. He then informed them of the reason behind the earlier signal and why he feared it will once again bring another of his enemies. This time the intent would be his unborn child. The last bit of information that Max spoke of, was the fact that he believed his true mother would also be coming to Earth and that was why he knew it was time to expose himself.

When Max was finished the Secretary of Defense asked the one question he had wanted to know all along. "Why didn't you come to us before now? Why hide?"

Philip Evans was the one to answer this question. He had spoken with Jim quite a bit regarding the incident Max had dealt with during his capture and torture of Agent Pierce in the white room. Max confirmed small pieces, but still to this day did not speak openly about those forty-eight hours of his life he had endured. "My son needed to hide, because the same government that he is willing to help protect, is the same government that tortured my son and would have gladly murdered him first out of fear before they bothered to ask questions." The mood at the table shifted as the adopted father told about Max's white room experience.

After all was said and done, Mr. Mannero looked toward Max with a new awareness. This wasn't some monster from outer space, he was someone who had endured a lifetime of experiences for a man at such a young age and yet he was still here trying to keep his head held high. "I am truly sorry Max. That should have never happened and I do apologize, even though apologies cannot begin to remove what has already occurred I hope you do realize not all of mankind is that cruel and unjust."

"Thank you for saying that. My..Uh..Experience is not something I like to discuss often, but I do realize not everyone is the same. Especially considering my chosen mate is human."
Throughout the mornings discussions, Max had been careful not to mention Liz by name. He felt the need to protect her identity for the time being and the other's were quick to pick up on that fact.

So at Max's admission of his mate being one of this planet, another look of surprise came over the other men. They had all just assumed the individual Max had spoken of was one of his own kind. It hadn't even occurred to any of them that he would have chosen an Earth girl. "Is she a citizen of the United States?" This was important, for it she was then there was even more at stake here. If this Max Evan's story was true and as of now, he was more then willing to believe it was. A union between this reborn King of another planet and an individual to the United States, would in fact be an important issue. Especially considering the fact that the other planet had technologies far more advanced then they had, this could only be to the government's advantage.

"Yes, she was born and raised here, just like I was." Max informed him, then added. "Although I was not originally from this planet, I do consider Earth as my home and I would like to make sure that this planet does not fall into the same fate as the other planets of my solar system have apparently fallen into."

"What fate are you referring to?" Mr. Mannero had to ask, fearing he already knew the answer was not one he was going to like, but now that things were starting to be known, it was time for them to learn as much as they could.

"There are five planets in my solar system as far as I am aware of, I come from what is called the Whirled Wind Galaxy. The planet I was originally from is called Antar. It is the ruling planet, but there has been a war between the five planets since the demise of my previous self. From what I have learned, many people were enslaved and await for my return to free them. Of course, I cannot give you an accurate estimation of which planet would be friend or foe to me and to the planet I currently reside. I can only speculate that those who are against my return will go to great lengths to secure my throne for themselves. That I can only presume would be the attempt to take this planet by force if need be to gain what they would need in order to obtain the throne." Max tried to make the man before him understand the importance of what he was saying.

"The heir, your unborn child." It wasn't a question, more a statement and at Max's nod the Secretary of Defense began to understand the bigger picture of all this. It wasn't the fact that he was sitting here speaking with an alien, but the fact that other alien's would more then likely try to take possession of the throne using the unborn child as a way to keep it.
More importantly it also became obvious that the young man before him believed those individuals wishing to gain control away from him, would be willing to use whatever means possible to make that happen. "You've showed me a small demonstration of how you can defend yourself, but from what I'm understanding it isn't just you that is in danger. It sounds like our entire world could become a target. What can you tell me of their technology?" Now this is the information that Richard Mannero was needing and he only hoped that the individual before him could give him enough information to defend not only the nation, but the planet in a whole from an alien invasion. "I mean you don't have the capability to defend the entire planet on your own, do you?" He asked after a second thought, knowing he still knew so little about Max Evans to assume anything at this point.

Max eyed the man before him carefully, almost as if he himself was in great thought. He looked inside of himself and knew the answer to the question that had been presented. "I believe my family and myself are more than capable of stopping any attack that may come, but my main concern is knowing who will be friend or foe as they arrive. That is why I felt the time to hide in plain sight is gone. We need to be prepared, all of us for what is sure to come to Earth, but we also need to be smart and not be threatened by all unworldly travelers that will be coming."

"While I admit that I do not know all of your capabilities, I find it hard to believe you and just your family would be able to protect our planet. How can I honestly take your word for something, that obviously effects all the people of not only this nation, but of this planet as well without knowing more of the facts?" So far, the young man had only showed a small demonstration. As sure as Max seemed to be in his conviction, Richard still had obvious doubts that it was possible for one individual or even a handful could protect an entire planet from an enemy that held such advanced technology.

"Mr. Mannero, I understand your concerns and a week ago, I probably wouldn't have been able to make such a bold statement...." Max began to explain, but was quickly interrupted by Michael.

"Max's statement is correct." It was a small statement, but his tone said it with such conviction that it was almost too powerful to try to argue with. Michael had felt the power of the four square within him and he had no doubts that they wouldn't be able to handle anything that was thrown at them. It was amazing really, the kind of power that he had when the four of them were connected. Although he was pretty sure that once Max got the mind control power down to an art, his fire power would no longer be really necessary. Add the enhancement that the four square power and there would be no stopping Max. Sitting there listening to Max talking to the powerful government personality before him, Michael could see the diplomat in Max taking hold. He had always looked up to Max, but now he could truly see the King that Max was born to be. It was becoming more and more obvious to Michael why their planet had them recreated to begin with. Max was a true leader, one that held the respect of their people so much that he had been recreated to rule once again as King.

Before anyone else could say anything further, the communication device that Garock had given to Isabelle in order for her to contact Max beeped. Without hesitation, Max stood up.
"Mr. Mannero, please excuse me. I'll return as soon as possible." With that Max heading toward the back of the cafe toward the back stairway to the Parker's residence.

"Max?" Michael immediately questioned, it was obvious to him that it was something to do with Liz. His concern for both his King and his Queen.

"She's awake." Was all Max said before walking through the swinging back doors of the cafe.

End Pt60

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Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 61

Max took the back stairs of the cafe that led to the Parker's residence two at a time as he rushed to see Liz. It had been almost ten hours since he had left her sleeping form while he had literally turned their entire world upside down with his news. He needed to tell her what all had happened since they had made love that one final time and he had planted his seed inside her womb to create a new life. He only hoped she would understand why he felt the time for hiding was gone and accept that it was time to take their place as the rightful King and Queen of Antar. He was almost halfway up the stairs when he knew instantly that he didn't need to explain anything, for Liz already knew.

Liz knew all that had taken place, the same as he knew exactly how she had not only accepted and backed up his decision. But, he could feel the sense of pride she felt for the way he had handled himself. For they were truly bonded now in a way that he had never known possible. His thoughts and feelings were hers and hers were his. They were one, united together. Before he even reached the door to the Parker's residence, the door swung open and Liz was in his arms once again. The two embraced tightly as both let the other's feelings of love surround them and let that love bring complete peace to their souls. After a few moments Max finally pulled back just enough to look her in the eye. "Your sure you're okay with this?" He asked out loud, needing to hear with his own ears that what he knew in his heart was the truth.

Giving him a small smile, she simply responded. "You know I am." She had known he had purposely kept her name from the government to protect her from being caused harm and as much as she wanted to stand by his side she could still feel his need to keep her safe. She knew he wanted to keep her identity a secret still. "Max, we're in this together. I need to be with you." She placed a hand on her stomach before looking back in his eyes and stated. "We need to be with you. As long as we're with you, we'll be fine."

Placing his hand on top of hers, he asked. "How's our prince doing today?"

Teasingly she replied. "Our princess is doing just fine."

"Liz?" He had assumed when he felt them create the new life that lived inside of Liz's womb that it was a male, a son, his son and heir. With Liz's statement though, he second guessed himself and he wondered if she knew more than he did. "I assumed..."

Knowing what he was about to say, she stopped him by placing a finger to his mouth. "I know, but it's possible isn't it? I mean, you don't know for sure yet. Do you?" After the conception, they really hadn't taken the time to connect to their baby or at least she hadn't and she wondered briefly if Max had while she had slept. With the shake of his head she knew he hadn't and she smiled knowing that neither of them were really sure if they were going to have a boy or a girl.

They were so in tune with each other, their connection was wide open and both realized that at the moment neither were really sure about the sex of their baby. Rubbing her belly softly he stated. "I guess we could always..."

Gripping his hand gently with hers to stop his movement, she answered. "Not yet, I kind of like the thought of the gender being a surprise. Besides, what if we're having one of each?" She teased, but as Max's eyes widen in surprise, she couldn't hold her laughter in any longer. "You do realize you'll have to work on your poker face, if you don't want everyone to know what your thinking." Another look of surprised passed his face before a sheepish grin escaped his feature, making another giggle erupt from Liz.

Realizing what he had just done, Max also chuckled at how easily Liz could read him. Even without their connection, she knew him better then he knew himself. "Don't worry, I believe you are the only person alive that can make me loose my control." He joked back at her, knowing she was having a good time at his expense. His facial expression took on a serious tone after that as he stated. "You know I want you by my side always, but I think it would be best that you remain in the background while we finish up down stairs. I know we can trust Mannero, since I've connected with him and know how he feels." He didn't need to explain Mannero's thoughts and feelings to Liz as she knew already. Being bonded to Max like they were, she was also part of the connection that Max had formed when he connected to the secretary general.

"But, you haven't been able to connect with everyone yet and you're still harboring doubts with the military involved." She finished his thoughts out loud. With only a slight nod, Max let her know she was correct. Even though she already knew. It felt so strange to know exactly what Max was thinking, why he was thinking it, even as he was thinking it. Strange yet right all at the same time. The two of them had also shared a special connection and after they had made love for the first time, Max could read her thoughts. But, now their bond was so complete that she too had the same capability and as overwhelming as it could have been, it was anything but overwhelming. It was more exhilarating than anything else, to the point where it made her entire body excited just being around him. "How long do you think it will be before your asked to leave with them?" Liz finally asked knowing deep down now that Max's secret life wasn't a secret any longer. There would be know way the government would allow him to live a normal life. No, now that the knowledge that alien beings did live on Earth and with the knowledge that more would be coming. Their lives would never be the same again.

Max could feel her fear, not for herself, but for his sister, for Michael and especially for him. Trying to reassure her that he had no intention of ever going through another experience like that of his time that he was held captive by the special unit, he stated. "I'm not sure, but we both know our time here in Roswell isn't going to be long." Hugging her tightly within his strong arms, while stroking her hair, he admitted. "But, where ever we are fated to go, we'll go together."

Nodding her head against his chest to his statement to confirm she would be accompanying him no matter where their future took them. Pulling back just enough to look him in the eye, she replied. "And that's why I can't stay hidden."

Max began to argue that he didn't want her identity revealed until he knew he could trust everyone that was present, but with one look he knew she was right. As much as he wanted to keep her safe from any danger, he couldn't keep her locked away to ensure that safety. Taking her hand in his, he simply nodded his consent for her to join him down stairs. "You ready then?" It was a question that needed no answer as they both knew the moment she placed her hand in his, she had already accepted her place by his side.

Isabelle and Maria had stayed behind in the Parker's home, giving Max and Liz a moment of privacy, but as soon as they saw the two of them join hands and heard Max ask if Liz was ready they both knew it was time to join their friends and family in the cafe also. Maria reached over and took hold of Isabelle's hand, giving it a quick reassuring squeeze, she tried to help her friend's anxieties. "Everything will be okay Isabelle, Max knows what he is doing? He wouldn't have said anything if he didn't. Liz is too important to him to risk her being taken away from him."

"I know, it's just..." The white room experience that her brother had gone through was Isabelle's worst nightmare come to life. She had feared exposure to the government and military all her life. Now to have to come face to face with the fact that both the government and the military now knew her secret, that fear wasn't going away any time soon.
Although she trusted her brother 100% and knew Maria was speaking the truth about Max keeping Liz safe, it was still a very nervous Isabelle that gripped Maria's hand like a life line as the two of them followed Max and Liz down to the cafe.

Together the two of them walked down the stairs and Max held the cafe's swinging door open for her to step through with him right by her side. Isabelle and Maria were a few steps behind them and as they approached the door Isabelle was hit with a wave a fear unlike anything she could have every imagined. It only took Isabelle a millisecond to understand it wasn't her fear of the government or her own anxieties making her feel the fear that swam over her senses. In that millisecond, Isabelle knew where the feeling of fear was coming from and she was in motion without hesitation.

Michael had sat quietly at the table when Max had gotten up to check on Liz, as he had the same kind of fear that Isabelle was harboring. While Max had been in the cafe and doing the talking, Michael's fear had taken a back seat to the need to protect Max. In fact he had been quite impressed with the way Max had handled the entire situation so far, but as soon as Max had left, his own anxieties had begun to rise once again. Amy DeLuca had been the one to soothe him, when she had come over to refill his coffee cup and placed a reassuring hand upon Michael's shoulder. It was a small gesture to everyone else in the room, but Michael knew that Amy in her own small way was showing him that she understood what he was feeling.

With Maria still upstairs with Liz, Amy knew it was up to her to help her future son in law keep calm. So she had stepped next to Michael in pretense of giving him a refill on his coffee and tried to let him know that he wasn't alone.

The moment Liz stepped through the swinging doors, along with Max. The over powering sense of fear rippled throughout Michael's system immediately. Just like Isabelle, Michael was in motion instantly. His need to protect, his sense of protection came into play and within a second Michael was moving toward his friend, his family, his King and his Queen.

The moment Liz stepped through the swinging doors that were in the back of the cafe, separating the cafe from the back room. Liz's eyes swept around the cafe and upon those individuals that were inside of it. It was a natural thing to do, one that she had done a thousand times when she had stepped into the cafe. Until her eyes landed on an individual Liz knew instantly wasn't human. She had no idea how she knew it, he looked like a high ranking member of the military. He also looked human on the outside, but with just one look Liz knew he was anything but human. Her fear for everyone's safety that she loved and cared for flew through her veins just as much as the blood that sustained her life line did. Her own safety was the last thing she thought about.

Max on the other hand felt her fear ripple through him and with their connection still opened so wide, he knew instantly what was happening. Not thinking of herself, Liz immediately went to take a step in front of Max to protect him, but Max's need to protect her was too great. Those few seconds, everything seemed to go into slow motion. Max pulled Liz directly behind him as Isabelle took her place on his right side and Michael took his place on his left. The four square power was completed instantly as the man everyone had thought was human raised his hand aiming his lethal energy to take Max out of the picture.

Max's shield grew strong and wide protecting himself, Michael, Isabelle and especially Liz as Michael shot an energy blast directly at the high ranking military officer just a millisecond before Max's shield was raised.

Major Patterson had led two separate lives his whole life. Commanding men under him in the military of the United States government was only a front of his true identity. In reality he took his directions from a skin named Nicholas. Even though the two individual's had never actually met in this life, he was loyal to Nicholas and the moment the call came in regarding Max Evans. He made sure he was one of the military members to be assigned to head to Roswell knowing that was what Nicholas would have wanted. He was tempted to take the boy would be King out immediately, but though it would be best to wait for the future Queen to be revealed before he took action. He knew of the four square power, but thought he had the element of surprise on his side and as soon as the human girl that carried the future heir was revealed he raised his arm to take action. His own life meant nothing in the scheme of things, it was his job to remove the boy King and so without hesitation he had set out an energy burst toward the young King.

What Major Patterson hadn't anticipated was the human's girl ability to acknowledge his true identity. In doing so, she had taken away his element of surprise and it was easy to see the other members of the powerful four square forming their stance. Being in the military for the number of years he had been had given him the ability to think and move quickly. So when the second in command had aimed his energy blast in his direction, Major Patterson was quick to duck out it's way. With element of surprise gone, the power of the four square in tack and his cover blown, Major Patterson knew his time in this body was up. With the knowledge he had of the four square power, he knew he couldn't defeat them and knew he had failed in his mission. The only thing he could do now was to hurt them the only way he could before they took his own life.

Other military personnel were coming to the defense of what they believed was a threat against one of their own, weapons were raised ready to take out the threat of the alien beings that stood behind the green shield of protection, but no bullets were fired. Mr. Mannero, the secretary of defense was pulled behind the line of military individuals as soon as the conflict had began. The military personnel always blocked the way in front of their Major without even realizing the danger they were putting themselves in by doing so. In a matter of seconds the peaceful harmony that had been among them, was quickly escalating into an all out war before them and no one knew for sure why it had happened.

Philip and Jeff had run around the counter of the cafe to get to their own wives who were standing behind the counter and the four of them had taken cover there. While Jim Valenti threw himself at his son Kyle to protect him and the two men took cover under one of the near by booths. Leaving only two individuals really unprotected, Maria who stood in the doorway obviously in shock and not sure what to do. She was just out of reach of Max's energy shield for it to protect her. The other individual was Amy her mother who was stood in shock by the table they had all been sitting at only seconds before.

Max was concentrating on using his mind command ability to order the other military personnel to put down their weapons while still trying to locate the alien enemy that was in the disguise of a Major. It only took a few minutes for Max's command to be complied with and even those who tried to fight against it, their weapons were in the process of being lowered by their own hands. Max knew he had to get the immediate threat of the military taken care of before he could concentrate on their enemy. As soon as he knew he had the personnel of the military under his command, his eyes sought out the enemy that had threatened harm to him and his family.

Michael on the other hand watched the Major continuously as he skittered to find protection behind the military troops. With his eyes on him, he could see what he was plotting. He watched as the Major's eyes swept back and forth between the love of his life and her mother. Knowing instinctually what was about to happen, Michael was stuck. He couldn't leave the four square, yet he couldn't just stand there and watch the two women that he loved be killed either. "Max! AMY AND MARIA!" He shouted out their names praying that Max understood his concerns.

Max looked over to where Amy DeLuca stood, then over to where Maria was. In a split second Max divided his mind command to both women at the same time, as the alien enemy took his own action.

End Pt61

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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback, I really meant to post this part last night so sorry for the delay. This last part was difficult for me to get everyone's reaction done accurately, I hope I did it justice. Anyway here is the new part, let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 62

In the next instant, Max's mind control went out to everyone in the room. Stopping all motion at the same time with one simple word in his mind. 'STOP!' It was all he could think to command at the moment. He wanted the alien enemy to stop his attack, he wanted the military personnel to stop their advancement, he wanted to stop the threat against his friend, family and loved ones. So he simply shouted out with his mind for everyone to stop.

In that instant Max realized how powerful the mind command he wheeled was, for in that instant everyone stopped dead and a silence engulfed the room. Whereas only a moment before all hell seemed to be breaking out, now seemed at peace like there hadn't ever been any kind of occurrence at all. Max looked around the room at how all the individual's seemed to be standing in statue form the way they had been when he had shouted his mind command. Turning back to Liz, he looked her in the eye first. He didn't even send out a command, but simple with that look released Liz from his original command. Liz took the moment to look around the room, noticing how everyone was standing exactly in the motion they had been in prior to Max's command. "Max, this is amazing." Was the first thing that came to mind. If she hadn't experienced it herself and seen it with her own eyes, she would never have believed what Max had done. It simply was truly amazing.

Max gave her a shy smile, somewhat embarrassed by the way he was able to command every single person in the room at the same time. His new power was definitely getting stronger and when added in with the four square there was no doubt in his mind, how much stronger it could get. Max then looked over to his sister, then to Michael, then to Maria, continuing on until all those who he felt was part of his family were released from his command. The military, the government officials and their enemy still held in the same position. Michael of course, was the first one to speak up. He too had been taken back by Max's ability just the same way Liz had been. "That is flipping unreal, Maxwell!"

Philip Evans walked around to also acknowledge his son, just like the other's he too was awestruck by the power his adopted son had. "I would have never believed it. But, son it's time to release everyone." Philip knew the military and government were still very leary when it came to his son and what he was. He was a little hesitant to say anything, as he feared the government might see his son as a danger because of his gift and react.

Max nodded to his father, knowing he was right. Before he gave the release command though he looked their enemy in the eye. 'Stay.' He commanded to him, then closed his eyes and let the one word command float to the other's still in the room. 'Release.'

With one large swooshing sound everyone seemed to come to life instantly. Voices of confusion, fear and panic a like could be heard coming from the military personnel that were once again scrambling for the weapons. The major still stayed in the form of a statue with his hand still extended like he was about to let loose an energy boost. It was the secretary of defense that stepped through the crowd of men, much to the higher ranking officers dismay. "Everyone settle down, NOW!" He shouted out and similar to what had just happened when Max had given his command everyone froze instantly. After a few second's he stated in a softer, more diplomatic voice. "Mr. Evans, I'm assuming that was one of the powers of self defense you were referring to earlier."

Max nodded his head slightly before he begun to speak. "Mr. Mannero, once again let me assure you that I do not wish to harm any of the people of this planet. But, I will defend myself, my family and my friends from harm. That man is not of this Earth and while he may indeed look human and may have a high ranking position within your army, he is not human." He stated as he motioned toward the man that was still standing with his arm stretched out.

"How did you know?" The secretary of defense had witnessed how the major had used unearthly abilities to attack the group of teens standing before him, so he didn't doubt Max's word about him not being human. He just still felt so in the dark and being in the dark was not a good thing considering what they were up against. He needed answers and he was not going to leave until he got some.

Max turned back to Liz and once he received the okay through their connection that he knew she would grant him. He turned back to the man before him. "I didn't, Liz did. She could feel his presence, that's one of her gifts."

Liz stepped from around Max's backside, but Max moved right along her side to keep her protected just in case something else happened. He didn't care how protective or possessive he looked, Liz and his child was his first priority and he had no intention of letting anything happen to either of them. He had to keep the smile off his face as he noticed how Michael also stepped up next to Liz, as if he too was bound to protect her. He didn't even have to turn around to know that his sister had fallen into place behind Liz. Without needing to be told or even asked, they were their for him, for Liz and for their unborn child. Liz extended her hand. "Liz Parker, it's nice to see a friendly face from the government for a change, Mr. Mannero."

Nodding his head to her as if to acknowledge her importance. The way Max, his friend Michael and Isabelle had all stepped around her like she was the most valuable person on the planet didn't go unnoticed by the secretary. They were like the secret service to the president, the way they guarded the young woman before him. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Parker, please call me Richard. I do have to admit, I'm a bit confused by Max's admission. It was my understanding that you are human yourself. How was it possible that you were the one to sense the difference in Major Patterson, when even Max and the other's weren't able to?"

Sensing Liz's distress over how to answer his question, Max stepped up. "Richard, I understand your curiosity, but I believe there are more important issues to deal with at the moment." He glanced back to the alien before returning his attention back to the man before him.

Nodding his acceptance for the time being, but more determined then ever to find out all the facts he could before anything else happened. Especially the facts regarding one Liz Parker who appeared to be the key to everything that was currently happening. This was all new territory for him and he wasn't quite sure how the next few minutes were going to play out, but he knew the young man before him was one that held great power. The past few minutes proved that much and not having all the information just made the situation that much more unnerving. His years of experience as a diplomat were being tested to the limits as he could tell the military personnel surrounding them were becoming impatient and scared. Knowing those two emotions could wind up causes more harm then good if not controlled, he stated. "I take it, Major Patterson is one of the enemies you had referred to earlier this evening."

"Yes, and no. Yes, he is an enemy of mine, but one that has been on Earth for quite some time. The ones I referred to earlier were ones I believe are still to come to Earth." Max confirmed while keeping one eye on the major to make sure his mind command was still in-force. "I believe this individual to be what we refer to as a skin. Meaning his true self is unable to survive in Earth's atmosphere alone and needs a protective barrier to cover his body. Much like a glove covers a hand, his is a shell that looks like a human skin, giving him the appearance of a human being."

At Max's confession the other military personnel that had been standing close to Major Patterson unconsciously took a step away from the individual, not sure what to think at the moment. Their movements didn't go unnoticed and it was becoming apparent that their fear of the unknown was rising. General Reynolds that had been standing quietly at ease listening and experiencing everything that had happened in the room, finally spoke up. "That's biggest load of crap I've ever heard. I've worked side by side with Major Patterson for years. He is as human as I am. What kind of game are you playing here?"

Not liking how the situation was once again becoming heated, Michael took a step in front of Liz and immediately came to Max's defense. "We're not the ones playing General. We're the ones trying to help your race survive!"

"MICHAEL!" Max's voice rang out to stop Michael from saying more than he already had. Just like Richard Mannero, Max had seen how the soldiers in the room were becoming nervous and he also knew if things didn't calm down it would be only a matter of time before things got out of control. He also knew his friend had a tendency to speak before thinking and right now he knew how important it was to think things through before jumping in feet first.

Wanting to ease their minds, Jim Valenti stepped up. "If you need proof, there is a release mechanism that is located in the middle of his lower back." He turned to Max before approaching the individual. "You still got him?" He asked making sure Max was still in control of the individual.

"It's under control." Max assured the exsheriff.

Together Jim and General Reynolds approached Major Patterson. The so called man was still frozen in place, but his eyes were darting looks back and forth from Max to following the two other men's actions as they approached him. Jim lifted the man's uniform jacket from his back side, along with his shirt. Seeing the small patch where the release mechanism would be located, he pulled at the patch of skin that covered it. The General's eyes were wide with shock as Jim pulled the small patch of skin away to reveal a metal looking knob that laid underneath the patch of skin. "What the hell is that?" The General finally asked as he found his voice.

"That my friend, is how you destroy them. It's the only way they can be destroyed. I've unloaded a full round into one and all it did was slow them down for a few seconds before it came back after me. I can assure you General, this man is not a man." Jim offered wanting to help the General understand just what exactly they were up against.

"My God, I can't believe it. I mean, I'm seeing it, but I still can't believe it. Major Patterson has been on my staff for the past five years." The General's bewilderment wasn't the only one in the room. The other soldiers that were close to the Major were taking their own look at the revealed release mechanism and they too were totally blown away by what they were seeing. General Reynolds then turned toward Max. "And you, what the hell was that shit you did to my mind? How were you able to do that? Just who the hell are you?"

Before Max could even begin to defend himself or attempt an explanation of his mind command power, Richard Mannero was the one to jump to Max's defense. "General, apparently you haven't been listening. This is the young man that has offered to save our planet from an alien invasion. So I suggest you get yourself together and listen up." The secretary of defense was appalled at the General's outburst. He himself was having enough difficulties dealing with everything that was being thrown at him, the last thing he needed right now was one of his commanding officers to go over the deep end. "Max, my apologies. I guess we're all a little shaking by what just happened."

Max could tell both men were having trouble coming to terms with what he had just done. It was also apparent though the secretary of defense was trying to keep up a diplomatic front, he too was quite unnerved by his powers. "I can understand that and I do apologize about using my power on you and your men General. I didn't mean to frighten any of you, I simple reacted to the situation at hand and did what needed to be done to prevent any harm to come to myself or my family." His head motioned to both Maria and Amy DeLuca who were currently holding each other tightly, acknowledging that he considered both women a part of his family. Turning his attention back to Richard Mannero he confirmed. "I stated before that I had the power to protect me and my family if the need arose. Let me assure you once again, I do not mean you or anyone on this planet harm. But, I will defend myself and protect those I care for and love with my life if I am force to."

At Max's words both men seemed to calm quite a bit and with the two of them calming down, it was only a matter of minutes that the tension in the room from all the soldiers began to edge away. "I understand Max. I'm not even sure what we should do with regard to Major Patterson at this point. How long can you keep him from causing any further problems?" Richard asked, not sure if the spell Max had cast upon the major was permanent or temporary.

"As long as needed, sir." Was Max's response, but that small response told so much more. It said just how powerful Max Evans was and what they needed to know was going to take a lot more time then just a few hours here at a cafe in the middle of Roswell, New Mexico.

Accepting Max's reply, the secretary of defense than inquired. "Max, I think everyone here as had a very long night and I believe it would be in everyone's best interest if we could relocate to a place that was a little more accommodating to everyone. Would you allow me to make a few phone calls and get things prepared. I promise, no white rooms." He stated with a sincere face, letting Max know he had no intention of letting Max turn into some kind of science experiment by the government.

Just the mention of white rooms made Max tense up physically. Liz knowing exactly how Max was feelings reached out and touched his arm slightly to reassure him she was behind him no matter what he decided. It was her soft touch that gave Max all the encouragement he needed. Looking over to Michael, then to his sister, before reaching back and pulling Liz close to his side. "Okay, but on one condition. Liz doesn't leave my side at any time."
It was his only demand, knowing he could get through anything as long as he had Liz by his side.

Without any hesitation, Richard Mannero stated. "Agreed."

End Pt62

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Thanks so much for the FB from that last part. I was so unsure if I had captured it correctly or not. Razz just to put you at ease, yes, Kivar is dead. But, he was not their only enemy and he was not the only one that wanted the power that came with being the true king. Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Escape
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 63

Richard Mannero took it upon himself to place a few calls after Max agreed to move their conversation to a more suitable establishment. After the calls, he filled Max in on what he had arranged. Without even needing to ask, Richard had assumed Max wouldn't want to be taken back to Eagle Rock for obvious reasons and he felt an army facility wasn't really the most ideal place to maintain the trust that had been formed so far. No, instead of heading toward a military base, he felt it best to use a location that wouldn't seem so hostile to the group of individual's who had already been through enough at the hands of their enemies, which included the military. So he arranged for another type of safe haven for them. For the night, the government booked the entire Brook Inn for them to use. It wasn't the Ritz hotel, but it did have conference rooms and until further arrangements could be made, it was the best he could offer.

"Since we will be together for a few days at least, may I suggest everyone that will be going to pack a few essentials that you may need to make your stay a little more comfortable." Richard offered, then added. "I can arrange to have an escort drive you to your homes to gather your things if that would be helpful." He didn't want to pressure them, but with Max's nod he knew Max understood they wouldn't be coming back to their homes for a while. Now that his government learned the truth, or as much of the truth that they knew so far, Richard was more than sure Max Evan's and his group of friend's lives would never be the same.

The adults agreed to allow their children to remain together as they all took Mr. Mannero up on his offer to drive them to their respective homes and gather a few essential items. Maria wasn't surprised at all, but Michael was highly surprised when Amy DeLuca herself offered to go to Michael's place to pick up some of his stuff. All his life, Michael had a hard time trusting any human, especially adults. But, Amy was slowly worming her way into Michael's heart just as her daughter had and a form of trust and respect was growing before the rest of the groups eyes. Max had insisted that Tetro be allowed to travel with the group of parents, not wanting to take any chances just in case another enemy came a calling.
Feeling more secure knowing they would be taken care of by someone who had other worldly power to defend them if the need arose.

While the other parents were gone, Jeff and Nancy Parker also took the time to pack a few of their things. They were still shaken by the turn of events their lives had taken and the life of their only daughter, but even they could see how important their daughter's life was and the love she held for Max. Not sure what the future held for them, but not willing to stand by their daughter any longer, they silently agreed to follow the other's until they knew for certain their daughter was safe and sound.

Max, along with the rest of the teenagers gathered in the Parker's living room to discuss and try to come up with plans. Max informed the other's of the offer to go to the Inn versus going to a government facility which was met with an obvious sign of relief. None of them were feeling really secure about the fact of venturing into a government facility where they would feel like their lives would be taken from them at any moment. Max knew the hard part was still to come. Although he knew without any doubts that Liz would be joining him as he already knew her acceptance of being by his side no matter what through their connection. But, he still wanted to give the option to the other's before they made this journey into the unknown. Without needing to even ask he was sure Michael and Isabelle would also be accompanying him and Liz. He wanted to think the two of them had a choice in the matter and they would be willing to follow his lead in lieu of them being forced by the government and taken against their will. He was pretty sure Maria would also be joining them, but the rest he wouldn't blame any of them for wanting to stay and try to regain their lives back to the normal of what they had led.

Mr. Mannero continued to make phone calls and make arrangements, not wanting anything to get out to the public just as of yet. He felt it was his duty to keep this group safe from harm as he had already started to feel a need to protect Max. He had no idea where these feelings came from, but it was just Max's presences. A special sense about him that just made you want to serve him. Although Richard had a sense of responsibility to his own government it paled to the way he was beginning to feel about the young man he knew so little about. It awed him that he felt this way, but at the same time it didn't really surprise him. Max Evans was probability the most powerful individual he had ever met, yet he was kind and just. He knew that kind of power could destroy a normal man, turn a regular man into a monster, with greed to use that power to obtain more. But, that was what made this young man so special. With all the power he held within his mind and body, he knew without any doubt the young alien King, was not one to take advantage of the power he held. That was why he felt such a strong need to protect and serve him. To his dying breath if need be.

The most amazing thing was, it wasn't just him that felt this sense of need to be there for Max Evans, to serve him, to protect him. As he watched the other people still lingering around in the cafe as the small group of teenagers had gone upstairs to gather their belongings, he knew without any doubts. It wasn't just him that felt it, he could see it clear as day on their faces too, they felt the same way he did. Everyon